Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1857 Page 1
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TIT WHOLE NO. 7534. jafKBTttEK.Vn RBMgVn WRY MY. BUA1LD1KU AN J U)D(>TVO. A AHHLANI) VL.ACS; FSTWRKN ??VIRLT ?7 asd Greenwich avenue. -De*.ral)x pvms w.ta full or par M board, la a Oat rlaee modern half, bv.iw RefArta-ti #tM ud required flt) UNION HOC ARK?A BUTT OK BOOMS ON TH* SBSi' enod Hoar. beaii'lfully furnished, with RM. bath room, ?i with board, o/ tr desired, prtrate table. A loo, roonslfar ?da Mo efrgle prUNaiiin -|<7 ffHARlTON BTRICBT. NBAB MaCDWYOAL.XI a*>4 Myteelly inr?.?bed apartments. to le , <B partial board. Iboso dealrtng bane cocatertt will do wall apply. OA WKhT TWKN1H KIGHTH STRKKf. ON THK OOR?M arr of ttresdway.?De?irab>* nulla uf famtabr 4 rooms | %M wllh,board. suitable for teanUfea ajtdmnyle genaefn- a. at tow prices. a)?o two desirable nail* of rounto to let lrom the Aral af May OA NIJNTON PL.ACIC KilRVIBHKD RO'IMH, FOR Zrx aaly. with an the modern ta>i i-oyomenta (barnioD trans lledrit of Kay. t OBBM1HS CTRRET. B?T<*KSN USaNI) AND CAjOO aaL Gentlemen and taair wives, ar a lew srttg'e aeoAamen, eat be aec.rainio4.yted wi'h handuomely furnhlied saaaM, wt?h-breaktANt, ifdettre-i. Teruta moderate. Ilul eud aaM battw. aan. Reference eihanged q? BaBT IWRNIlBrn STRFF.T. A FkW DOORS OO east of Broaiway.?Desirable suits of rooms em now he oHstned, ?IU) i-oard, fa- j-e-itlamn i a id t -eir ?1vi or sin* pie gentlemen. 7be ho mo is b.u>d?omely lurnmtud and ton at Ibeaaadi rn improvement. OQ W8'TRBVKNTHK..NTH STRJCFf. HKrWK-lN K.FTH OO aaO BlitA aveaner,. undies an-1 rootle sen or litre# or MaeaeBlUmen c-m r'.nd pleasAiit a no desirable rooms, with Ran. for the sammer. A*7 AB1TT S-IRKKT.-BLRGANTL* KUaNlHIIRD aariorH and l-edrocroa, large and small to le ; g.ia. batba, ?e.. lor tbo use of gentMiinen o! respectability who re aaare psrtlsl boud-r./.., with or wltbont breskinst and let atMe asd oairtape room II' required. Near aimer of Wooeter asd Amity streets iO UNION BQfYAR*. CO R.N ICR (IF hKT.:i?ri?KNHI HO street and Ka.tnh avenue ?a jrentleioan and hi* wile, aba slayl* gentlemen. nay obtain desirable rooms, whh Mad g A UI.NHT KTRCKT.?FINK AIRY ROOKS, FUR *r at*bed or nnfurtiiehed, hAvfofr (u. ho'- and njid o uh, wbb beard, lor pe.v.leroen and U.oir wlvoa or alatfle gio'liaaaa. To permanent botrdera OLxelleni. Vei tna noli beoucr m* MMMMlNtami 171 WBBT TVRLETH 8TRRHT ? ROOM# FbiR His W X gle cr married Koiitlrmrn whro the onin nrW of h'uoe mm bo fcaid bv re:<pe:-Ubio P?ni? Inline l>v?t cUu. Ta ndy anil aao arler*. Dinner at ?' . Ilrforen',t*H eichaiicrl n m rant twenty third htrkkt ?a hakrhorkIT If lomki- ft parlor and bedroom, on the aeotmd flo?r, Mr bo in 11, with board 1 he bonne contains *li the mrlr-i: fettMvrtiicnia and in loeatod between Fourth and WaattmUm avenue*. lf)1 BLEW.'*KR STREET. NKAK AMITY FI.A 'b?rt* B mSf I above lir-it claa" hnnee ktTk| 600*1 rrooiUy titled no, ban In readiness for the re vp.itn at families and slngio jMlleruen. Tartu a desiring hoard will tind eupervir a>M>*G MMkM f.A <) EIGHTH STRKKT. BETWEEN BROADW AY AN D JB"0 Kcorth arosne ?Kavtrral pleaaant rooma with board M bo had. Hjcivmm anunr. fronting ok ar jouri Jntt) ?a??ro? iwktu to lot with board, tor fnraftn rr sin tfuntroii. buiinr baa modern Improvement*. Kefer*oa*-a SBaceA JQO BROOME STREET -KKW AND NEATLY RIB* OOai niabod room* to lot t< gentlemen, without board, in a private family Foxaofialon to br had on tho lirato'Mav. MM BROADWAY - nShXmam AFARTMBNTS, I OO lartt" and email. No moving in Mity. ABBNTTBMsN and wife cr two esn br accommodated with hoard and roona, Am M or emfa-rtebed, b> a private iami v. T? I- bonne contains all Wta aaadero ImaroTomrnta aad la in a genteel nelgbborleail. A|pb at 171 mm #*bteeatb etraet AM KLJeOANTLY FUBNIBHBD ROC>M, rOB C.ENTLKuien, noar the Me'ronnliian. Hotel, on second etorv. Abe ape* r mom*. nestly tornlaned for lodging rooms is nakeaeap. Apply at H l'riace atre A GENTLEMAN AND III* WITH OR TWO M8U BeaUeaaon can be accomm* slated with beard and pieaaant oaewm. home with all tbe modern improvrurata. on *pr'a?Wpa at Hmt ariamd 21" Weal Fifteenth ?t. Reference* eitbaaa'rA a ri*>LX srrvATKD tvrr or booms to bkntJk WW? arwlfbbwt beard, ca die #rw and eeeoo-toewr# wm pNHMMini V W)II>|?4, el Mo. > Waat Twewlv fifth alreei, ?Mr ef Medlaon ptrk Heat of raterw leeetred. a fbont room and bbpboom on the rk.cuvp jHL dear, with pa?lr,eM attAebed. Womid be tec naf imUbed mImN a'. I*> Raet H.- >*dway, alao furatabed imoiiji on Ma arevad or third Ho>r for tamlLee or dncle ren in nee n. f o. D. y w. Aoknilswan and wife, anp one OE T.vo a tail* (tent am. n e*a be acted man dated with rlew*<a aoeate ead lewd at y. h otb etreei, between Fl'te aJti.s u> MM Am amkrwan lapt is PKsifturs or takino aaa or ' wo children w> board where tier woe la h-ee JMd eare and the rom'.orta of honta. Ad Irene Mr?. ' lerwil Hernia oiiee. A FEITaTE F ?*n.T?IJVINi- IE THEIR OWN A hnna. on oae o' u.e wld>-?t and i ."wtanbwt amej la mm al*r (Waa Twenty tlxri ?.reeO wtmM In an eleeaaity Mmfahed from oar lor and bedroom, wtia ma a ten be uee ol bed, aald and thoear beU-.e a.1 ntoina. lu one ar two my-.e aaaliaarn who are whine lojiar far eapert>r aacoaunadeiaaa xMr ? i>e> 3.1?ti B< w fori Faat oAcr. A rrENIRHEPBfOMORRTITOr EOOXN. WITHOUT A board. Mr tb?- eeaeca mar be had by jynt.eaian only. Eialaaml haoar Well t irniahed, and certified by a t'lvate Meetly; looe am near Came a.tuare. addroaa VI. C , I'mun ifw Featoflme. AEEETLKMAN ANP tWFK OE A OOOVUI of nil(tie Rentlewten mar be actum mn>fcu?fi w1tb bo&rd aad aaaoaa ta a nrtiete tamily. in a Lotiae with all the mod*r<t ten mtraaaut Eeiaranrea re n red In inirv at K: Weat 1 weniy aeegad fur eat. bet w. en nuth and bet eath are i tea A ENTl.CNtN AND WIFE OR A VEW HINtlhR A aantlefiea can obutl.) o.-nannt mwi" with A No I Eeara, la the flrat elaaebntw 131 Weal Twenty h'rd etrrei, Obahiaa aj< domeatx-, and not dependent <>n bakara' ihoiie. U^aaa Ml A n'nlru>k Aobrtijchak n*x ikr.< fartiat. boabi? abovk Fourth atrooi. PrtrAtr family protarroil. Hoapnwdnvo all gw? fall partenlAro; no otliura will rn'T? auenia* Rolrrdwro f*von and rr .ulrod. adilira B Mnraid oriAe Aim ALL FB BROW f A.VILV WWH1W To LKT TO ateglo pratlomon a wal> fornlobod r.uta w'.Si b-jrtio.n MmM. Mil > <tngi Iiwrmi-a! imiLib> for an oILrr lr>. a Ma vara aloaoant and ba-.ina I.rat ouma. Mo olhnr soardrra hMmi' Aprr *' >'Ami y ? roe: A KRTT OF rilRRlAHCO BOOMS TO LBJ -TWO OB M. Wro? grnUomoa can abwtn >"r u>?vvi r ?.n ? w .. M?d * roy apart to a f.rwt r.ara keaao ccmv.mlaai to Uw cam ?airn>i. Apply at 71 Wrpt FounaantA atiwi, brat bona* PMI dm Si MIAMI TO LBT with boaad. thf kkurt JD aN/ari nam. with Sodro- ro aixt i?nu> attaibad; DM. M aad acid wator la tk* mom, of bona* ?, Bant hnmi way, arar Marbrt atroot. MO A BO- A ABRTLRMAM Al*P HIM Will cam II D aroaaanodotod wKb board at Ha TV Weal Mtl> atmrt. TMa kaaaa H Hoa'iLfnfly kmaiod aad coatalaa ail tha m dura Wyiytawn'A Rofotrw- r rayairod and |ina notll) -A OKMTLF.MAM A*i> wifr WAV hi 10 D oamatadobrd with board la ooa af Uro ptowmntrr parta ad Baat Broadway- tar aad hatn. Befwaacca rtriuufr,. teaatro at IW Baal Broadway. f>c a bl.?a okrtlbxar amd wild ob two ob JD Wraa aio?le K?nUrw?o . aa ba aprotnmodatad wi-b a ploaaaat rait of rooara. or woml m <r? lri? . w Ith full o- parka) baard, aiaa otbor ronma la a Brrt eiaaa bonaa, wltu all taa w<v Chapr#-aaroolr Apply at 76 Wnat i woa'y third atraoC ' rrwra rr '<ao|rd. _______ BBAIO. A OBHTLRBAN AMD WITH CAR HAVR A rapartn.- ran of rxmt oo Iho are rod wnry nf a ' mTrmm alaaa otodom both four story brown swao b with board. Ri a prfrato fatrtfr, without rhOdrrn TA h .iiar A atapaaUy WMort. aad fwrntahad ihro'iaVw Nona bit raaprrvdblr aadprrmaaawt par" In-. aoo a- ply, and who a? will.t? to pay a fair priro far apart* hoard aad ?? oarmtrUtwa. boot , oBy rafrroa aa <*iehaad?d. Addrwna Owaor. Herald ofl.oo HOABB.-rrRRIMFKO llOfdR TO LKT-IHR AO rorllsar will lot kia b->tiro and fnrnllnro. ahirh la t.rwt Ma. aad location la a arrsl noUkborf.nod tip town in t amali aaWato fbm'dr naly, and board out tbo roat. ?h.chw worth m *10: a Ifkoral arraa?anwmt wlU bo ma le w A roaprrW'lo pwtl wbo nan aTura to ap?rod abou. Sr amount at rank Add I " Mutual, boi 7W Font nfller MBARD-WAMTKD. BT A TOt'RQ MAM AND WTFt, JD a farnShod mrroi with baard tor wife. In a mrt>?V.abld pHrato family, baiow Vrankbn, wow of liudn ?, J?? or liar rtaaa itrwa poforrrd (loo rnflaroiro firm an i ro a rod. f, ABM W aa< br modcrato Addroaa alaUctr lonrta. W 1 bmay m. A > Murray P root. IbCARP - A FB1TATR KAMTLT WOrf.D L?T M1TH K> aartwi board, a Inmtahod third fbwwbark mn-a, to a poa Smmmrn wtfa In Imi hl?hi?*aiA ivn Ivivan Mmwd?it M?t rink llttRD riFTtKlflfHTmClBT *B*B?TrY XJ raaaari park ami *1 Oaorfa'i .,'jrr.i. <n pn*aV ttm lr, A ? * of marna rm ironM flour. with n'Jl roan. ? ! nnlM, *n?. An . tar ajrrotlroMir and wtfa; tM, room tar a nub krailinM. B rvnal, totwaaw Ho*mm wl nraMh?Handan a arwi aaaata nn to had. nifty or In anlla. rhr horwa la ?kn dhw aad lom.rd m plMMntir ut In Brooklyn. I>mb w to Um'lDMa walk ft tan all tto Vrtlaa. E>ARl> in RROOK1.VW -I'LKASABT POOKH. WTT1I I hoard, nan to tod a?K!> iriekA atroat nrar <>r? ? rkar-A imniliu aad rn?riir?-d pOARr* I* HROOKI.TR A BOUM T" trr m'TTA | JD Mr tar a or two alnylr intran. a* t Haary ahraa* ?>rn nufaa walk M Puloia or Wat. ?trr?t farrtan pcunn r* rrookly* -i,AB<>r roowr wmi P ?ll a kkkhad. na aaaua I Amp. fo- Ann 'tar wpic* MMlMMd, la a Amt niaaa honae within fm atian * >M o< , Wan atrao: ar Mi ith 'rrrlna. ralaraiwaa ?1mn 'JS R*n, / Man* taarih dtmr iram Ami r MiiD o* r*anil. ?o**r> WArrr.f) b pvtenlaM ?<Mnw wtttl mm m*I Utr-m. N?i m iBiiln ifMN NX Xtw __ TfOAAO WAATID-ArTI* ri**T MAT, ro* A nw*' ?pg3^3?^^&Ks CwTiS* * InkuV I- r VTUI mot require r^rSr'rgricya syasncras E WW f HUAKDBWt MO LUOUlfU. BO*11) IN A FRENCH IMUlLT.-A flKNTl-EH AN and iady -An be acrommtdated with a furolthed ro >m en I)* aec-jad noor of a ttret ciaee bouan eta > a a.rutte roAtn fo-a KonOemaa. acceas bv the Amity taxi Kieecker ??**t stages end filth avenue care; refereaee rescue 1 Apply *1 Nu. 11 xahlasd place, Faery at?eei. BOARD WANTED-A YOVM MARRIED OENTLV man wboee tonally la absent, watts a nicely iun??h?d room ?l'h piiiiAl bwrl in New York or B*ook>vn. reran about 170 a month. Address it. D. O., Herald on we. BOA..11 WANTKU -IN BKviOh LY N. FOR A (IENTLKman wife, child and servant. A sn!' of pleasant rooms where there arc 'ew or ao boarders, for which a liberal pnoe wi.lbeoanl. A no'e addreMAd :?i New \ o A t'cml uiboe box 1,242, itatfng location, An., will receive attention Board wanted?by a lady whose nrssawd is absent a part of ll.e time; an .ini'irntahfil room w> a private family, or where :htre are hnt few hoarder* rtx'U factory reierencr required. Andreas C I,, box Ibl Herald rfliio. BOaII) WANTED-BY TWO TOUNO MKJN. IN A PR1vale family, located between Fln-enth and Twenty se ?a id atree.a and Hroadwav and 1 hirl avenue. aUttrg tern *, whioh moat t>? moderate H. at, Herald nfllnn. BOAAD WANTED-A PARTLY OIVINO UP Don-K fceeelng will give tlt'J a mouth for board In New York, 'or K> n. raian wife, Burse and three rhiMren, a?*4 I, li And 9, owe Billing room and two chambers nan double bedded t. in a Ktoti hoove, with vas, A ; mi extra*. Tl'aui ?U will remain permanent y. Addrr?s box d 162 N. Y Poet Board wxnitd in Brooklyn -by an amrrman ladv iwho ran fui niiih her own toov if desired). m n nrt .ale Ihmlly orwhe?e there are but lew hoarders. Addieev lb- one week MWt Savdani, 199 Atianue It.. Brooklyn. BOaRDINO.-BEVKNTH WARD.?MRS. A. m HtTRD having taken the house 179 Past Broadway, will be gl*d io k.'-commodate thone who wiah 'o secure tood wntrd, p)ea#ru.t rtv am Ac. i-be will be u eased to aee aay who may call, at All hast Broadway, until May 1. BOABDINO.-THKKNriRKSli.yOND FLOOR, TUB rooms deep, with every nonvi ulerce, wid be let by a wutet Binall family tr a respectable party wiilius to pay lur superior seconunedatiou*. References be <i-te>seo iHionhie. fn.|0i-e at No. 10 Nel?>n plaea, ear block treui Broadway. between Waverley place and Eightc street BOaRDtno -a parlor and hkdhoom offfimt Moor: ano Irom v'.' vh April a hanils'-me1 v furnished front parlor .. d bed room on sc.- >nd tlnor, a'. 61 Went I wenty Be ('end rtre> t; tbe house Ib tlrat class and several yetrs estabtmbed heferewce* required. Ifnijur.iiin. ? n n. r. i r.n, a ni/.r.w runni-'MM* D rtiom for ft lady of retired habit* with ft private i tmilv o> a Widow ;tt y; distance about eight mlnutea walk fnni Pulton ferry ; terns not to e > roe, 1 Reference* exchanged Addn hk Home, Herrjd ottioe 'or two day a (NOUNTRY HttftRl) WaI?TKD~KOK A PAWIbY OF .) e ght pereona, In Greenwich. Rye or any othe- plane within one hour'" ride of liie city. Addrowt K. W. 8.. box Iji I*. Pew ottioe. ("HH.'NTJlY BOARD WANTED?BY A OKVTI.hMAJf, ' b.ft wlie, neubew ftiul octe aerv.-a: u-nm the la: of .Inly till the lat ol September A private .amily, living comfir-ftbiv, vel'rtiTed. Do * Ion inum be wtthtu tweotv mmtt'ee reach of the city, and tetma mod)'m e. Addtvea I tali ino, He-aid ollive. TWINTY FIKTH STRKKT-FITIA. HRT8 OK j J rnoma. en unite, lor genUeme.u and their win*, or for ] Ingle gentlemen, the beat fa-e, with eve.ry accommodation, for thoae wiahlng to pay for It Ke'e-enrc* reu u i red ?.nil given. Addrea* E. H., M Kftftt Twenty hrth atrcet or l'J KlitU atreet FDRJHSDKD ROOMS TO LKT AT Ktl BROADWAY, BKtwnen Twelfth and llvrteenl. fiL-eetc. Meala given If retimmd. Alan, a basement to let lor an ofBoe. Reference! exchanged. fcvURNIHHKD ROOMS TO DAT ?<1 KNTIeBMKH RK r quiring pleaaant rooma In a enovealent and 'tentral loo a Uon will tmi every fteeommndailori bv applying at No. tl9 Broome?ireet, Mar I'.road way. No removal lat of Hay. FI7RNISHRD ROOMS.--PARI.OR8 AND BEDROOMS, ! aleo an g.V n? mi, for genth men. wcho'it board new and handsomely farriianed In the !?* . oiam browuaune ireiaw No. lb Great .tonea utreat Hath. can. and hot tux. oold water a panlriea ol ear.h room. No t nor nig In May. lilVRMIRHRP ROOMS TO LPT?TO HINtll.K OENTl.R r men, n a beautiful private realdenoe In Vt'eat fourteenth ftrret. an entire a'ut, wiui evrry modern convenience and t --s w... ?I ir .1 - I k<- _,k w , Andrew- V. W. H., Colon ?<|nara Pott oBw. FtRNI-HKD OR UI4KURNI8HR1) ROOMS TO LRT. wHA board. iwniw of Fonr'h ivnu* and fwee?r-nlo?h trw . iMoWfi at h Rat Thlrtj M..nd itrmL or <>t Mra. 94; Urooroe atieei. FCRMRHRD ROOMS TO Mf-WITH HOT AND COM km. Ac , at btai Vintlw?\, two doom above I'ntTO winare. Y^oon board iND e<?on rooms can bk had \1 t* ?*> O'umbia ?lree . Brooklyn Hrigh t near the Pal to iicrr* family private and hut tew boarder* taken D.n oar at (j.1-, e'eks-k. HOBOKKN.?ORN1I.EMEN CAM BR AOOOMODATRR wl<h t ajwo* r. 'mm and hoard In a mcmt ploaaant loottwn. eomtrtaad'."* a beautiful view of the rlror. Appqr at Mi mod 111 Hodotm it/xtt. P MARA NT ROOMS. I'NPI RNTfiHKD, WITH BOARD, oaa lie obtained 011 node-ate larmt. on the lot of Mot. at No. 24 en "h 'Ihlro air***.. W.lliaomniir* Uiroa m-nnua' walk from Park thp and H-atel otrart terr>ea. ROOMR TO !,rr-DKHIP.ABM ROOMS TO MT ON the firat of May. wt'ti or v. itbou'b< %rd. to yrnlemvn. at 79 Oreoaa rireet aaar Rprla? The bonve tvae al' the modrra ror venleueee. The front baeemeal wuuld be lot lorp pbyal claa'a oltira |>OOMR TO LKT-IR POIRTH A VKNCE. NEAR IV Twenty tirst at/vet fnratahed or nnfitrolnhr J, alnrta or I In rnIt, with or gtthnut partial board. Addrer* bo< AM Herald | 00 -A. rko OR T1IRRR PINOLE ORNTLRVKN CAR PINO IrnSahrt ruama aod partial l>?ard with a private taaal'y , at lis Prince atnat. Ilooaa <aauliut aao aad bath. TWO OR THRKK Or.VTM.MRN OAN OBTAIN Rl AC ttfullj f rr.iabed a.rple rootna In a pr.vate f.uallv. with 1 artlal or OvlJ board bo'iar aa.l fumK ire nvvlora Do w-l am tba Ami of May. Apply at 11V*? N.n Ji itiart, atx tan writ nl Broadway. TWO IM.KAkANT RfKIVH. HUITAHLKPOR A OKNPI.I nan and wlf. . on the aoeond Hour of n modern (irvi rlaaa bc'iae, la lat with tiiJI or partial Istard Also twnaliifln gen tloaten > ao be wall ireomioodaied Convenient u> < trn aod lagee Apply at I. tlamibtad etre-t, between L meeker aod PoijsJi alrretv. TWO ToURO ORNTMMRN WISH A I.ARUE, WdU, f imivimd foom with partial tnonl.ui a pftva'e fam'ty, derate. Addr*. VC. A C . liarald t.Bi-w, atai.t. lieatioo and rliWU OH THRKE AIRfllJC OKETLWfKM CM* HI AOI rmaun ia'ed wilh rood board and pieaaaat ro.nM. la a I p?' rm b' ,? HP" H;e?e..?, ? dun- ai A ,, < >t Krawh aa<) Jtnibah daakao. a.?> a larfa ,rvru liaar ? it aul able for an oft, - iTr tow* boaediro.?rtairtMHsn or cure* l> vtabad n? t??. wi ll if wttbn.t beard. Ht a (rat r.laaa m oar. a nb al' (be mrdrra in rwarn ?. al Va 4 Iw an aert<ad irW, bet warm Siilh a ran or aad II road war artS) aMa 4'KRT PKRtRARLB ACO iMMOJl ATIORH TOR KAMI 1 l,e*and r.aflc yent.ewm. raa he obtained al *2 CUnuta piare. corner al a aleeraty plaea. Il< -iaa timl elaaa Wartrd a orrtirma* wawtr a ?orronra Mr f jarkwt rmt, ar ro'tn aw! b> '.rotai a Kb braab Caaln loom peat erred Ponae modara hudl; (amity pr:r,oa Addraaa K, Wt. Kb! licra'd aflim. nmomitk wn *. AM- RH'A, BbLorrM AMP RNOLAWO Wl *. nb<*m|aia frain bar* and fbnm > raiv*. Hara glean their prerrluma aad madala Tb? pee. der'? wide famr to eabaaew, Knnr ullait! tenia an tbe wrapper, Wit.:, aatawraph written bnlaw. Win ba 13 ail abeata aad deira i-be* A Ib'al awl death flrtpf hlnW. l Leone' rr.ayneUr prwder awf pills, toe (ba deetrw'Wo af : bad liu?a, roarbns aantbs aaU. nana and sJ tnaeeta, alae raw , aad mloa, at 434 Brand way. A lyom. AWVTBOfl ARP TRRTH.-TORIaK A PABBOBW ART) ' atddew preaf awnien. water pront aaaeww oatus As. atade and Dor Mia al 111 'a: and PA l>?r awaua. Raw tarb . Cedar* wur audi prenpuv RRMW m. rf \F HRRO"R RO. I AMJKiVIATBDarrRB PROdPRATR JL' a' tme.?Tble wet. known IcrUliear. aaw main* Mm* lara af aaeiwv ran be eaynlted by (be inhtrrCwiRla Iwao at Mi no?nan aad barrel* af T\< rownde PampliXbawniAlUtag (ba Innb*?t teaMmnatala tn Ita Itrnr forward*] an aprlteeUoa. I .'AMICR R. BAMI...U 11$ Peart atrnrt. Raw lwk. 1pkrrt..rrru vboktarlb r\tract for thr i 1 (ireaerrrlaa aad raatarattsn af (b? hair bae barn tried Ml mnaerena eaaaa by pereona bald foe a a am Par at' rears aad alwaya Ibuad la halaAdllbla. It UaWa Rfitlil tn pee vm wiHia iiu Of >ui<n ana iti<um 1 "h.o? or b Mifcy rjaf.mwa tirpo* l.T Armor B For aalr al | all ik* irinalaal *rt.( alaraa PrIra B?" . aa* ? a bouia LAMM WTIHIBO TO 1J(AKV 01 WHIF.L.FI A WBiin't trwia* maoktaa. ran Or taahl it. all ! " >?" 01 31# Wrat I'lrtj tlrw atrrat. A ) bind* of Nmtlr a-w^n? Roto On madrraia Mmt Ladtaa walla* no at UirW owa f Hiinor bj tr r ? MARCFAorumiowi' A*?r.??CT.-A rornd arb aoItra man, wall wooaalnta* ?1 h altr On jam. an* wka 1 ran |f?a Uw> brat rrlbroaraa. brln* about 'a ofm an nfcv m ! Bin;*! war for tl>a?air of Amarwaa an ' athr.r taaaafafiaroa a Irfcra m aaka airmoj-'fi?ait'? wttk n.aamfaotorwa tor <ka tala of tbrr roofU by *a?pi?a VU. a .an ba abto la arwara a* ranm*. Addraaa ba S.ffT Fool atk.a. Raw Tar* Mir. rawtm bhbomatic rmbiocatior -rot rkramatam. eblitrina* lamhaao. old ijnkii itWma rioaa,, Aa.. far aair al tha aawa aa* prrtodtaa *rpot ?PtiWlaa KiaaL f?w tat. aa* If Bra >vi mak.rr_ N' RW mi.*. laa f itotoa At rrdwa* rfraa Manor trta. fill f aa a*tA Al. Taliat arta fl. Al Hf.I.lRAl'it, fraarfwat aid T??v.f avjrb'A aL v or FOB A BAT. BTT BOB ALL Tivr. f'AAW FATB I . B In# Alit lAMnBtWm *f AAV Itf* illil Mmnkte a.. Mai M i jjaltwnfca~im*"wir? vtmrnrmfmii ? *' I (. HAl'HCHt M A?n Mr??. f t? liMnmni 1 OTTOV OA KM. BOPT*A? A fHMfl RIOV -'**? K.*r?l ' ahnv t m?toiif M U>4. ??? Mfem to nAnn pnw??<JT rllON PI.ATI ?fPrPA<TW?**?-Tn?*? w?o *M to Ml' hiPf?r?wee At (Mr M m j i'. wi.'Vtnt?lk? AM *? pMA I ?t?iM l? | ag>,Sa">^*Magvffia'iS^! ha r? ?y,o? *: .liKfs*;. % w' vn V i MORNING EDITION?Fl HOt NKN, lUHKH*, ^ WAKTBB, An aPAHTKKVT wartio by a OSNTLRMaN II* . ? private fbm.>v, unrr.ratabeJ, wltbo"tb.i?rd. A aVinw tatle preferred. Frlm no oGeft He'ere <>. ** MMMRMa A ddreaa M Johnson. Dtjk <1 H HOIS* WASTED-ROB A -IKSMK I. BOAKDI.SO Ikiiim. If furuvitisd iIm i' i nllure wuk! be ourcluwid, ur rented 10 ?u> the ??nrr. Kotuired iaafOO<^ loo time, wt(h modern Imyroremen'Jt. AJdrea* B'kird.n-.: llomie, llerad oilic?, abating rent And m-ulon, lor eon week. Wanted hcmbdiatblt-a nkar oottaob, in be ettT of riroektyn. In a pl'Miil li.-.utUo>i, and ibereot no', to exceed (9M. i). kt-Rnrray. Jr , 212 Pearl ktreet Pew York. W'ANTRD?A SHALL ORNTKRL HOD IK OR OOr- ; l*Re, either In New Turk or HeioklTn, flirnlabol. nn furriaheo or pa. lially i'arni*h< d it-11' on i?t lie vteumt'ila. Aerei tiger r?H!ioo?lble. Add'exa be* I'.iat eili ;e. or J no M. Perkira, WorlHandl afreet WaNTRD? * ROOM, TO KTORR KDRMTCRB If*; atete rnl"n ?<iaare preferred. Ad?lrem a. B. O , Ma <11 ton a<iuare Poet olt.-e. naming terme and location. Wanted- tub riiuir on hbcdbd floor op a en'eel bonre oona n'tng nfa'i or ae?e<t rooine, >? the neighborhood of l weotv-lbbd atrvet and Dlflh aenmi* nr on the ro'iie of tl?e Stx'h aa< ow railroad or a'-agea Hu and Crotoo eater Addrnaf M , Herald eilne. Ken', nottoexoeed UNI WANTRD TO HBNT-A B"VRB ON THB WHT SIDE ol the oltv. below Fourth a'r<>et; aniLable f?r a readier table boardliK hnuee; rcixi mrde-a'A Ad-Ire-*, itlAllox term* and local km. K. K. A., boa 1?7 Herald ofta liOHNKd, CAlHUAUMN, <M.. AHADDLR HOMfaK WANTKD-ONKTaaT IS ORNTUC and of rood onallvy; a etn?le font trot prefe-r?d: an fancy color A note to box l.liS) Poat ollice will rrnctte attention Black or iron gray hor*b wanted -thk >0 vertiaer waola to uorchs'c a blank or dark gray iHKae itto 10 band* hl^ta with a full natural tall snout a>x yetri o1< , ajund m all rrepecba and kind in xugle and doiihle bar km Rormirh a homo, of pood action, tbat nan travel a mi'e i Inali'e of lour wlnnlea a fa'r p> -o? will be paid. App'y at the I kiab e, l.'n llmiroe atreet. imuo id. moo. from < ight to ten. A. M ftox HA IK -A HANDHOME CL.OSB OOallH. BKKN nred In private; a handmtnie tailing top ImojA- a tit rat carryall, a four wnt box wagon, four top wagons * nd i three wagon* wltaoat lopa. Apply at 68 Wert Twenty third >uwl. It> the ?milh ?hup. MtlAlA-AOOVn KOCKAWAY, WITH HOVBAr ble paiUt>m, with pnle and nhaltf. suitable lor one or two bom-* Can bo *ee.i at Mr. PauaN'H lrtery *; ?ule, 7ti Wow T wertv * oom l r root. F*OK HALB-A 8TYI.18H AND HANDHOdB SPAN, well hrok" ?.nd matched elooo pleasant driver* and can travel together in?de et three niton to* uy the watch AJ Iron* i Private, box 11 313 Poet cflico. fc>OB HACK?A PaTR t'F HAMOMOMB dark HAY F bur***, iix years old. sixteen band* hli;h. long tail* *! > !t.*h d ivers, aim, a handsome nalr of bob utll bar* sl> sad *e,vrn year* d, IS>? ban.'* high Those boroes are warranted la tverv reined. To bo **e n a' UK htrr ?txeet FyOR Si!,K-ONK HI.ACK UORfK, )l, HuNIH III'lll. 1 oli;bt yonre oM. snl'ab e ior a hack or would intko a trooil I 1 doc'or * borro. To be *een before II o'clock a. M.. or alter 3 | P. M.. at the stable on Thirty-slilb suee:, aeoond door from Ifodtoon INNA FOR 8ALE-A PF.COND RsSIl MUTTON) TOP KO\ wagon. bill tittle tiled. made nv one ol'the host boo Yore ninker* Iiniutre at elnb stable lty i anroaoer root, Brooklyn. Ij'OR BA1J)-S0 HOBtsRH SL'ITaBLK KOR Bl'.*IYK48 P or famlty ore; also a number oi ponies some but pacers; alto harness, hghi wagon*, tainily est riago* sn kto*. business wsgor.i, Ac. Oorner ot Roving *1x001 and Button avenue. I Brook yn i |S1'JR MALR-A BROWN HaRI HKYK* YKaRS Ol,D, I P aound and kind, Mien hand* h gh, 01 grea. endurance , anc can irot hrr mile in mlnutoa. Apply at UK , | Fllteontb *,r?et. FOR SACK *T A ISMAU-S U HIT TIOTKM , wagon only If-'. "j? . t.'.v rnaao Ciut ha seen b> Ibo rear 1 of he paiel autre I'd t.raud atrect, between the hour* of * ! I and IZ, { For falr?a vert ilandsomk phaeton doo ; eatt, lour wheels, tern used but three, made by | I Rrewiber A Hon* last fall; I* Hie handsomest vehicle o' lb hind In the oily. In,u,re ol URKAilflrt A HOKH, ddt. | Brnndwey. I IfOR PJ?LE?A GRAY HUMI, IS HAND* HIGH, i r eljbt >raia old, perfectly aownd, and A verv tin* -sidle i honeiiatnllo! apUUaitda feat tie.ruler. FnmftTd Alan i a aquark body b.ipp) wi'h Lip. Pru <- $i Ui, and a > erv It*at 1 mad wetton prior t<l. Apply at Tkiwnr *m'a ataxia, llu Kaat Ifctneenth aireet Fob hale curat??s the owrkr is doing to leave tka city a pvod *i .are but war on two ahiliinp I aeate. ?cd In Kiwd order. Can be wen ull aold at 1J7 Weat ' KotU'th ?treat. HOHHKB KO* BALK -A LOT Of BOMM JITST from tie eoontrr, at lk? corrter of Bayard and Kb/Jtbeth tree a. I pair 01 blark pomoa weilmw.'bed a ad ran arm very laal; 1 bay poor. IS Unix a hlph, can trot taat; I dapple pray. Mi vaeraold, white at an.- and tail, IS hand* blab irma feet, thtreer feor pood road bortea and aeveral pood ear. hortea I Ah will bo told reasonable and pood aeeurtty given aa to tfeeir . i maltUea _______ HOB* * H ANDCARBIAUBB FOB BALE-ONB HOm peldtrp, eight yaara old. lft\ haado aiph, yery pi woant driver, aud a perfect road bone, can trot ka 2 40. Aiao. a . brown peldlap, all year* eld. IS hand* blpb. very .eal o and I lie? ami to drive, and en i ml nr. anddlr I oroa. Although perfectly nntralrod. can tret la about 3 ml n ulen. Alan a bay gelding, atne rear* obi. IS', head* hipb, eery atyttah aad ptoaaani d?l/or. would make a One earriapa or road boroa, . can trot la 3W mlnnteo. A loo, a bay Maaabrtao mare, nla* I year* old. lb ban da hlph, anttable for a brood m ant, f.* vrbtab otirpono abo hoa boon . *ed for the hurt two yeera. Alan, one coupe rorkaway. Bar one or two horse* noaiiv aew. aad la perfect order oa# I'gh'. road wapoa, built by Ford; a set of Urht deuh.e karaeta; a art of ainpie barneaa, ae 7be aboro , 1 oraaa are all warranted aoun.L, kind and paatle In all bar 1 neaa. aad are oflWeed far aale aa aeeo>ia' o' tke owner a to* v. trp the . tty. Apply at tbe private atobta in Bntlar otrveb (rot deor aaat ot Court atreet, Hou'k Brooklyn. MATCHED noun. Ar-A RCFKRiO* rAlB OF BAY korooa. 15*, ! aud- higk. ri yean old. of prnoi atr.e an.I beauty. aad pe. e.ojv wind. with a rorkaway ton wapon and bar near Alao several vary attper.o.- Mrs pan komw. ynat fro a i Yemeni. apply at wo > dorruaa street. Brooklyn Pom BR Jl ST ABBTVID rROAl KT'ROrR-A VA- , rlair oi She'land ponton for oair; a Oinall one the' pallou* tin.lei tbe aaihile. o9? 11 head* luph for a yoonp l?4y, war ranted pen Lie an. I wand, a mate o?l pair, w ith hv ana? and wapon. apply at Tf Healer atrert. llKO. T. HALL. ?AIB OF MCLEB FOR Bat B.-A MCHT HI FKBIoR pair of malea, live vrara old Id baail* b ph, and well I broke f r all kuidr or work. rar aale at C. Vgjentlrv'c Ills BaetTvrea'v lourih atrrsL HKkkl .1 BOWMRs ClIlUS MORGAN HORHIC. BI'ITABLR FOB oorrt. P aadltary or ibe road, evr> styles , * veara xd a er It 1 i.a'ida. werrxoed sound an ' kind, ike property .p a nnais pant -man, ? ho will pive a moponalMa p .araatee Call ai B". Franklin afreet. betwraa " and 11 o'rloek. 1 ADDLE HOBBX FOR EALFr-JIsT ABBIVBD ABO I ft lor eal.'.at DtflBb OWs Rldlnp Pobeo'. ?ir.r of F.itk avenue and Yfeir'y ninth atreot . Ike well know* watte hro mho wall broke to aad die aad harwaa., and warranto I In ewry reanoot. SADDLE BORBB WaNTED-OR* BUTT A BLR FOB rMllren and lad lea; any caw aartnp one to dwpoo* of. very low for r?ah, aan a I.Lrraa II. 11.. Herald oAire. au'top price dr. I SAlim.r. *i?i' run RUJI-* HIT aiar*. tflnnn fcanda k gk ?"mri ;aan> oij amnio aa<: Iiik ?/-w o well broke cad great rnSxmor* noil I* ? wo of iae flu bn eeea M K) l ag Aeadenr. Flfia a*an m, mraar oi Tk*rr latfc riraat Aab f* Ruby. WATdUlKW,, Al . I /toiiwmoii ai?d itou) ran. wboc awd pot i V/ akalaa. warraatrd m\ If tnrafch. or Jm mm; wuniM prwaM BM.uf It M Nl( bLm*u "> ?? pan a' tka world. t. A H. r. iAO#**, ?*? lraMwif. ! J^aI ipokkta niA?owp*.-ni*f<, r? TO tw; RUM*. %** ' Mb. aamagr f< w. AM. aloda #;w. rrnaana, hraoeiata. nook area, bu'toaa. Ar rent 1.7 a ail to aaj pan af IM MrU. J. A R. f. .'APOBrt, M7 Rroadway IjMXIC OOLI? jrWid.1T. VHRV !,i)W TWR KTMIfe r bar to nailing all dnarrtptioaanf ilae jrnU jttwnirj at lav tkaa u? ial prWww Lo'ltaa' raid ouwn, oarhwn-ln, ami-, pnar' and V.raawil pa'a'.nr rata, narriaca. plaa and hra-*to a, lad to*' and graOamea'a goti valnh "kataa. w<al rtora, loeknt rlnga, puun aad ctaan-i gotd na?a Tarn gold wedd'nr nana, gtdd thtmbbw. "id pea* aad p<md)i. gold nvta aad nart rkton*. flntd and atnaa ulnar? bar oca aad aiuta. Hold kr knta paid kpecnaolaa and eraglaeeea, tiiamoad ftagarrtag* aad plan OKO r. ALLM. larwtor ?f walafcna and inwnlrr. wbolaaa a aad r**fl Wo. II Wall ataaat. noand floor, nanr dr at<?r r.lRWlt.tJIRd.?TTTK AP\ RRTIRFR Ha- Off >AWn a law ? iboar ralebratnd t' vraa toroa p *m warraa'nd gannlna, ala?. 0 rannra; ??wr -naa" o! ,ewn: an ki.1wai. li wakrr> ww 1 j aad mt'Tikia af tlmbaw inai'.tf PFTRR A. ifl. iRHR. "?*. Fm on rtaatfl. - - ? - | ITATCBlV, WATOHIW. WATCTTRF-RKTaIMW At wknlaaa.'' prwt at I,. .1 AOi'RA, ltd Ohaiham wfmat. Fir.a aaM wataAa* at flit). S'A fJO SJA, aad 1*0 -o AIM. Flan 1 alNar watobna at M. P. 119, ID. 118 No. lib taSoil 11 ATMHRR AT ARTAR. AT WHOLKdALa rKJOft l? rilvar nrbnder walaaaa, fawr knlna iiiaailad.. Jr no , Alrar rtllndnr boating ?*aa " MS M : ae#ww torer. ihinaati taw-ahk warraaind f|0 OA 1 a - hnaMnwaaaaa... K M ' pakrat tarrr. np?a Cmw aad baatta* mmb. .... f|J m m ilnld platad na ailraf h intiajt aaaaa iu to at flatd grid w laa waiebaa. f> nr koiaa Mwallad ? no i. io'ipf caaaa _JN M 1 - aarVir larar toni mmi ^MOtotO " pn??T larar h taUaff. anfrwmd $78 00 " _ . rw7 baarf ~*K> lo A* irvvVrmir doamra aaopuoo wmcm mm ?a My pan M :ho U a Wert '*? bjina l or eipraat _ J. A II. r. Jano*. maa faetarln# jowoBmp m4 Import am or oortia towrhrr. VT BPoeAvar , g I.KUAI. RUTICKI. Statb or ?*? to*k ?*ri-Rm oovbt. cttt and Conaty of Bm? Tort -Idward A. Oonld pMabrt apeJaet .'aenph T?nA?rv?M i md tarr K OmiM, 'itfrart op'* - A unmone MrmJnf.?To Joaoph B. \ adpi ?m ud Karri Ooul- Ton ar? b-ra,>T omaaoaod and raq<itrrd to u?'f (ho 'imptaint In (hla arfioa. of wklaa a eipy la ho* whh orrd 1100a rmi. aad (o potto aotmr of ywir aaao?i to (ho paid aomcMlat no tha mborrlhere af thoir omra , }f? Mob, la Ihecitr of Row Tort, wtlhto tweety .lay* eft or 'ho aarrdro hereof, fi-lnetro of Iho Bay of i<tnb OOmoo: and If too fail to asewor the aatrt ontn-dalat within lha tidpeadwo aid. tha pieiauf ta urn aefcoe wiu apply la tha Oourl far tha i reMaf demaadodta Iho romp lata! Know* Hil' A ViintliDti. TtahMHTa At'oraay. At Broadwtty, Wow Tort I Rat foao, [W. A mat To tho Po?artam M.?? B. rtnr n Tha aaapWat la lha ahava aat'tod aattaa woe Mad la Iho < olooaf iheCiarhef tho<*>r and reaat? af Bow Torh, oa Iho i m titYl'ULT i ftjniavm, rtr, hn im

RK R tlDAY. APttll. 17. 1857. ffKAAMif tuBwiirraiu $OOC -TO LKT, IN BROOKLYN, A TWO STORY and i>t?ea?nt brisk bouse, ou Van Brno' et-eet. first feou?c north ot Degrtw street, tltr?e ukiaatta trnm limniiton terry, nine roeaw. paint**! and p?it in Uborouf* order ibietpniiM. Apply toll a WaURIN, 13 Oki slip. d[4/;a -to LET. A NEW HOUBKWITH ALL TUB P tc/U modern !m|irav<"iw>ritn gtich M hot and oold wa'er all through baths yau, innge, Ao. ; hnuMtn cum :> lets oi d?r Inquire on ih- premises. us West Forty-tlith street, erof D. OOHITJ, > o 8 Cortlaudt street 10 l*T- TBRKB HTORT BASBMRNT sP*JOvf, brick bon*a No ) i i 1 him third hutiriwa . everlh a, d t i,;hib t tenure rouAl'ilu? all (be mtWii inpro*fmente: paeaessi m trnni.diairly. Apply to WM. KR.1MI.LY 4S William street. a TUItNISUKD HOI'flR TO LBT?TO '-JIT, TUB A neaty loreI to*d tbr*r atorr bonne. No. MM KourUi B're?i, Pi a an in. 1 ?enterI i.ud'iit. Hoard and offloe room wan led in it (or a gcnileaian. laemrence* en-hanged 8 >MliKL HstMKbl., Dentist. AKPBNIHHKD HOL'hB TO LKT, fOR BIX SOUTHSIhe bouse is Ibroe stories, ih'?e rouou deep, with all (be modern improvements; it will be let furnished Ut a ?ri vale responsible pai iy, at a moderate rent, apoly at 118 West Plfieentii B'-rtrL BROADWaY HruRM AND A abAdl jDNBIHaMJI baaemenl to let ?The property Ml and ?4.1 Broadway, near Prb?ce atreet, .io? oroupled bv K. V. Bough wont, will he eo al:?red ae 'o give one or two 'atso stores; sIno.basen>eril r.-ireaurlrc 157 feet deep and no rpot arte. with large entrance from Prince Street, mating !t dosbafcla ftir a first i'hks rrfoolorr. Itesponatbie parties may (earn terms. Ae . by applying p? T1 WOOD. i4A broadway. BULK HKA It, PIRR aKI> WUaRF LOTH.-TO LKA8C, for r. term of tears, tbr bulkhead from Fortieth >o Forty (bird street, No'th river, and the adjoining upland; alto, the pier at Forty third street, (IIcRLsrt Kit. A. PiJtiiY. Metiopoll'au Fire Insurance Company. Broadway, eorner of Pine street. BKOADWAY-TO LKT OR LKASC NO. ?io BROAD way in ihe be?t business location ol tin city. It bain..; I> * tween 'he Metiopoliten sud 8t. Nicholas Hotels?a new buildinc. havlt.g tbe most ocospb'ucu# and handsome*' ammarane d front and store lu Broadway Inquire of A aKH/., No. 5'> First Htieel, bi lore !l A M. and afleri t. M. ICOUNTRY RBdTnFNriC TO LiCT?AT NOKWALK. \ ) Conn . trora the 1st of May Tbe house Is large and co n modlona odtb gas thronehout it Is oleaiaull' ? .uated holr.g I u' li<' groen Good aktlilnaon the iiremmee r'jr iull parti r.n'ara apply to B. AHt'liKK, t'l Broadway, or to C. C. ReliT*, Norwall ClOUNTRY HRAT.-TO I.KASK. TllK COUNTRY H^AT J i f ;h- Late darnel n imton. on Rergen Hill, m Htilaon about a ml e Had * iiuajter Irim !b>-Jrraev City leery. oom billing tbe advantage* of h city and oo'inry rowidoner, ?ith every Oonvemrnee appertaining to pi ire* of tlna ilwrijucia. Kor nartii'ulaia apply to W. H. H?RKlMjN, 79 an1 SI Oort landt atteet DWKLL1WO HOUdlM TO LKT ?THR HOUHK. NO. n Went Mnc'etntb ?tre?t <>u Ibe north aide. hi" ween Klf.i? and Hlaih avenoea; it ia bulit In the beat manner for a private dwelling ! r the owner, in replete w ith every modern oouvenlmre, baa g ut lit! urea, aud ia a apael ma and very deor.?ble reetdenee alao the twine 7? Naa'- h llteauth a'r ft nortli aide eaato' Irving |i)aee and oppoatte 'lie chnmi. Ul?tbr?c atone* with bniahad attic and oaffment.Uiry and eniivrulent, h?? (wt lixturi'H Ac. ForpiUer* to ?ej'ne hiMi.e* and'tarum apply to OaMX'i Ij<)RI>, H2 Men haute' hiobange, or ui IOHNC. LORD A RhO. fyi Water free!. 0 IN IMO HA LOOM AND 1IOTKL TO l/AT ?THOSE TWO very derirable bntldpiva Nob. -to and I4>; Fourthavenan, between Thirty rat an", Hurt'' seejnd atreefa, known Mthe (Vnnmerr'Ai Hotel near the ranoad depot: poweaai m Cart be had tin me la'ely. tw U?ny have been one \ ore flly vac.wij Appiv to N. UaWRRNlK. tt ?atl lw-.nw ninth atrre:.'>e foie ; o'clock, at I o'nlo'tt, htkI In the ?t rung. or a*. HI Natoiau Htrre* third attry, lrom 111 1112 o'c'nik. LH'HNlgHKD IIOl'BE TO i.ET ?HOUSE X> WHAT BIX r Icenth mrcet, furotn!ir i throughou'. Rent gi.fltiu pi r anno n. Can be aeen be'ween the boira Oi I and 4 P at. In.' i|.lire to WW. A. HTKHRlNn ilWllli.una .ee'. lornerWall tjVURNIRHRO HOP-tE TO RRNT-2Y? FOURTH AVK C nue to a private family only, a' a reaaonab'e reot to a de?'rable '-own Frrmiae* ran he e"en from II to 1 Apply toU. A. bblfiH X Ilk HOT M> Wiiluun aireet Y.M'RNlHlirH OOTTACK TO I,KT ON BfATKN C I aland?In a retired, genteel neighborhood, ten minute t walk from either the Quarantine or Htapieton landing* to a aniall family only, trom the middle of June to the end oi Hep tOfiber. Tne bonse ia aeatlv furmabed. only three jeara old baa ten room* and romnuanda a . lew of live bay. Ad-t -eaa t? A.. bo. 1.901'.Tortoutre fjiCMMUD OOTTAOB at NKWPORT To l.KT?TitK U handaonie and Bnmndioua cottage No. Kay atreu;. Newtmn, coMiidetelv furntahed, will be rrniid for the routing . t??aon b> a good tenanu Term* molerate Apply to E. O. i BAIUD4T. No. 4 Wa'l aUeet , *mx1d h9vh1c at a low rrht.?a young phyhil T rtan dt-elrei to let hie hoove 111 1 hit tjr fourth >treet, Mar rrverrin* the oHh-e and a entail bedroom; ua ; ftunebro bow., now, Rnpltab bwmeai, brown none, with all tlw midorn Improvement* fart of the rcn* wo'tldhe taken In board It deeu-eA. Apply hi b. C. UhPrtl'HK, UJ Hi dad way HODHON R1VFR fROI'KKTT TO LET OB FOR HA1.K ? A larpa hnuar with barn etablea, with toe ? more i?t| of i?od. will be let >or the maimer or year. It U beam] I folly located, wlu. eeerr rartety of fr-i?t tlirtr Hirer ml lee ft.>tn New Verb, and a ahert illa'Aac from two dep-t'e. Amir to Mr VCIU.NO. ,1tH Oiuadway; K B. (on war e irner wf Nl ie teenlh atreet aid Broadway ortoR. ttkman 67 Bowery. Alto, bentitiful localittee, la lota to anil pnrchaaera- Apply Inunedlaiely HOt>? TO l.hT-IB HI XT1RTH HTKRHT. BRrWHRN Firm and ?ec.,itd avea>ire tar>' convenient to Nt'ond *0d Third avenue > ui Hn-iee rootaina ihireen ro rue I'naaemloti Immediately A t>piv a' 'J. H.e. rher atrert. near How err 1AWTBBK- OFF ICR TO Mt.-AT hj BROADWAY J re rood do?r bakvw Wall ? reet A nuH o! 'brae or on ~ea on ib> noor ovar the rlewia* Ixtuaa. at J>.t ao l II Ala meet, la the new halldln* ?iti<eaiat! Niveau ur<? aeve r?j ortieev cnoactin* inJ well Lpbted. AP>Uy > MKNRV HILTON. HI Hroadwar I oft* TO LRT-LaROB ANIl HPAfnotTH LOFTH. J anl'nbla tor carpenter* (telr builder*. Ar. At'olv <>a he prrtmeae. ta the a:ab>e a?ee, 7p and HI Wid f wrnir third at Jott- to in.? hryfral drhirahlk lopth. with J ?t?l hplil ft* ttiKthanieai worhahope, Will be le- 'heap, trfeUier or vrparate a 2- Heaie matei, near Rrnutway. 1>ART OF aR OPKlrC TO I.KT-1N K AMAU MTRKRT. .1 aer-md lioor, dlreetiy opnoatte the ArtiAeii itank. Ill* nit' i f the B)ea??n'eai roi.nie In the vicinity of the I 'v H i!!. Apply '0 0. A WilOllWdKfH, oa Hie premiere, ||r N.otaan 11 reel l>taTb OF I!OC?KH to I.F.T ?TIIK HRCOHI) FLOOR I and >>aeement All Fourth avenue. Kent fit a month. alwt t?e third floor. wl'b bath, at flu SO Alai ntoe apartm- ula a*. I4? Aaat t ony blth atreet nAir Th rd aveo ie I. R. KINdHIMRR, Alt Fourth avenue. RKKT LOW -to I.RT, THR UPPKR PART OF BUILD ln( 'r-t Broadway, between -lal and ? i vtraeta for anv Dti'pear or b'taineaa. or hotrdtar houw. foai'ttrl taurn It III t>? lot ??n tow Honor urw. Aim lmoo?Oii to lot ?Ptly to C. K. COTIRT. ROOM, WITHER WITHOl'TOffTW * * POWRB. TO UCT . ?10 ft hrt' k lajiorr 2b hy tn, llguirl on tfcrwft, |? Hrat 1 wroty 01 nth rrn?t. boot k'iovou'h ftvra.ft Apply pon?r Twrpiv n'nih ntronl Hd Klr?oaUi ?? ??? SrACiooit RKOADWAT To in in thw ma?nlo bulling No I.E. or*r Hinr krr tuno. with ft mom or lofty IT Roovtd. 1 k. oalmr'wfB lo #0 i>y IT) loot, with two eetrioene from Rrat I > ft*. tl?n?mo raliur* SrlftOT POWBB AND UOHT ROOM*-IN TH1 UNIX ft bmtflMO. nrr-ner o# Nlm ud Noaakltn iftrweu. oao qntrrowi of Broadway; (><Ana water, gmm n Ho dWN ad ?*? / roBtfoiwwft. Bfttitd by warn ftp? laoulra or T BKNlfNTT, oatbommUm. STONt AND KAMWIirr OP 14 DITCH NTRRBT TO lot For u-nr.ft nop it to BkTNOLDft. OKTOI A CO. I(*. ftn.l 10ft r niton fttrnoC CTRaM PoWBA-LOPTR Wit I J, UIOHTPD, TWRI.TII 0 ?taHuwo ?o Oftrk, wRh (toady otoaa , to Ko. A on Ir ftt JOHN KKNNRDI'n ataam marlilo wo-ko. 75 Thirty Mbot. wfl of Hmftdww, STORK 1W M*ANB RTSKkT TO LPT. THIRD POOR . Ifcwr W afthmgUin fttront. ft rood kwfttlna fnr HIT And of fcokwftift i> 'iQioooA Apply at vaP WaaMajrtoa atroot. rl.rT IKMIP VMM, < r>*x|JfrMO or IOT-R r intt and bnonoftnot w.J> i?at/v?, of biunn R... 117 Ka,t Twrulf tn irth ttrrrt Hnni >_*l TJ LPT-TBR prKBI.'OIKD VOONR* W* ITTW "TON* Crrnt dwftlt ap bwnao No. (.1 KiW Thirty ' b grim In o'l.rr * 'uHN t. CRAIO. Nauoaal Imuran r tV.mtaof.3J W <:i u?l rpo l kT-TIlIt RtCONO FLOOR AND PLNA? ART 1 fto.i' hftftft mnnt of O'W i? A am to 0 mail tomilo .Alt; i-ot *Vii. To bo ftwoa from i to 4 oc.on|(. TO LKT-THB/BCORD fLOOB A M.RFPINO BOON in ?b? lonfth ft'orr ooil Iron. b. oomoot o' tA- now tad Hat < ,%m boiiOo No. 15 Honrman flaw. Ik.r.y tht.-d drw. no twooa ft ?k'A And N.nih a -nw*, p anoMlon ft. aay unto; rwnt l.O It?n tiro on lb? prnmlnoft rlLRT POUR ftTOR\ HTOK ft'oOP BRICK LOfOR Bo lk> Wno forty i,i?h w.or'. Iwwr-n I'.mcwft (way t*d Hnkwffl'A liao i.ftiha raoao mart io mita'o Ac. R?al 4Ht Apply to RAT BBOTHbftfl No ft Doyft.rryft TO LPT-1HK N* AT AND ftl N.*rA?rri aL HI'ILP ino ft'orr Aaft atl.e traam r-ftupn b?u?o |fp "V armnrbjr.i mrrot Hr-mklfb, wltb olpfet raom* aador n. or with pan niinroft and kftoloomo far tor. A, ply oa tbn p'.'.aAnn, or at iftiT I'nai ?* trort. Now York r) LIT?TWO T.ABOB AND WKLL LIOTTBD LOFTR ad oi.roa la Uio flro pri nt c/ro Ja > W??ai' .a r/wft ( ? a if 1.H ?r; MiiMn Ain'lj to ill OA. M'ut ItKl.b. oa th.- prraaiara ru.' t TiiKKunir rRKwtRt* or ikab or ivi j IX> am' ly. W<*? Pi imrh mrmt, auHaklr for a'ant>rr or llTrry alAbl-'. la^mr* at or aAtram 1*7 W?ai KHiamlA atiaa. rn.n thk vrpun part or the Hor?* ??? i-. A> *B .tr o, aoraar m i ik rowi. Ala-, a Ivca a'.-rr . itikftwn- |!?-?. OaII on It. norvVAK, TU IltW utrow, or on ftaarr Wtihr. 119 Haw Oaaal mrwm Irtf Brararv rl I.FT-l'ABr or A TRRKI ATOAY HOUBK IR WK*r Tktry avath mm, la a lair k>wlt m a -a?;< ?? ' dr* or ?:i n?<?ia wl h car. hat*. Ae. km. rm*m .*> ma road lar.aat. I?'i?ll? M llif At<ifrriaa ianii*. MV Bmadaay. rLRT-THR VRAT PMIRAHI.R Til ARK RTOAT 1 k>Mn*ni k <ta#M :M' an* HI r mrtk irmu?; rati n> (a rfrra r? ?? auk hatka, gaa A* A. A. KMHhlMRR. r.i? rminl a r-.oa rLRT-THR MODKKN BOr<K- AO* ! ARP CM I * arrrlOT Plata, naar iPiA armor ka?la? flaa. raai*- | haiAa. A<~ , Ae.; aiao aim liar hoiwr Ro. 10 Raamml atraac. rar tlrr?awtrk; alan. |t?taa>- Pa. fl l?al*V airrat, appo^ta rar*1. Apply lo I. butda M. iah Warmly plam. irrana. am a-ropiaA hy Aa mia* Arae* rrae^Ttrrlaa kcah. AMaaaqf AmaPHt banaa aa PmrAaay. tlaara rtlf**'* J*- ri"' ?0 Mraala la< '? of 0 (10. r en. UjR, Rai n Okailaai MraaA, o?rr oovfeaaa Baat. Raaa iw HA. m. [ ERA] r?uTr? tuHiinrnv. To f^t-bta?ii}r hteam i*o*it& m> ooon (Month, brw BroiIway, on Canal nod Walker I'/uf't; mm ] Hoio on Oannl street, <rie. second ttjor, Irnnllntf on both ! IM nrd'cF point nod basements, by 'OHM Q AU* i I)aE, e?ft?eer, lui Walker street. rUT-O.N THE PAST RIVER. AT EATKNNWOOD, L. I., Iiree hennUful eoUagea, In complete order, nut i eo mini'* Hoaeu rtamih the other two fifteen rooms each, i Ihelr lo'S'km, for aitre/-t'an and oouve iienne to the oily, can\ not be snrpano'd ol'htn the ctclnHy. Tor t. mi*. apply t? !? : Hol'EIRM otBre No. 40 Peck slip, np stairs, from 11 la . o'clock or at hsvenawuod r) lbt-in CON4k<?1'EN<?ic op the p'tkaknt Oilonpnnt fitM io Retime the aieasol fcnr s'orv Kntt'uh I basement Wea ihiriy tlih street, near Kith avi on1, i 'I he bo-tre will be painted u Retired. a| ply to P. r OuU1 DKKT. 39 and 41 Ann atree*. i , rro let? aftkr 1ht ok may, twi? fprnhiiko i j room*. without board, on second lioor, m house 11 >v?Hiieentta at-eat, occupied by a private lamliy. apply to<'. i : H. W aTBOI'H, XIO Cham he ra street. tr TO LET?THE THREE 8tory KK1JK OA 'till AW tf moan factory, Ac . suitable fur any nirc'iailck' business t situated in blc*a street, re ir Atlantis, Routh Hrotklyn. Apply at 30 Front street, Mrookly u IPO let?tbe clash fopk htuhy and ii.wfl x basement house Eo. 41 ilreen.iic'i avenue; hm itl) tho t modem tmpruremnnls, chandeliers, Ac. also the three star* hikh baaement bouse no 1:1 troy streo'. has all the m<r r.-n i improvements, khs, flvturcs, to. Alao 'tie Core no i'.'k He vor.'a avrtni", near Twenty tblrd street, no> as a tea store, nnd u nn old stand. Apply to john rohh, h Ktabtb avenue. T) UiT-llir, I'A H l.tlKH * NP NK\r FLOOR AHOVK and tYert ba>ement, of a i tsi cps-i basement house fi?* all 'he modern tmintyvemenis, cue, hot and cold w ater, w iter ; rlo eta, bsth rooms WEeh mm wsnii m*. etowm. ? , Iniinire nit the premiers. 011 hirty lifUi sheet, hrst house west rf llrosdwu* Pos<rr*lon r?n be had hninrdistety. n oat Vim). , rro lkt a RaVMOM* parlor mit op lit | i furnished rooms, set k'is. >as ijtrtnreK and rhwndeliersf Onion ? ater and nee of l a h tali rooms) 1 Ue remainder o, tbe h'lite o<\ a|iied br the owner- Apply ?>o the i>n jaiscs i ifle . roadway, near Madison aqtMME rro LIT?TO A PSTVATE FAMILY A OOMMWDIOU j i first rlass and el,-ssjiUiv f irn'ahed hmia> . with all the mo deru improvements and evert ihlntf tor ho isekeem *. Mo. 4'J | heven'h street, cue door from reonnd aven ts. Also the nea'ly ' Itirioahrd house (Si kas'. M'teentn s'reet. Maybe seen front 13 > 4 o'c'oek I'. M. Pur particulars h;<ply to A. A H i'Kl*L>4, t.'i Wall aireet! mtl t.k.T-PHl,M TUP PI ART MP M?Y TWtd F,'JV|tlE J <-l the welt lighted hmldirg No Nonh William ? rout, nmniug through to Z?\ William Btvet, ?t h o? with.y 1' tee. < i?*it. Apply to HliAilN A BKO., Kf and M Boilrau it I riH) I.RT-1 WO FIRST OLA8S FOI'K HTOSY WQL1AR ( A bMmm boiim-a 111! and 221 Weat Thirty nro atrer Kmwn auina towecnd Hour, large na; window. marble reajI bu'e, handtomi- auiuar<. marble mnutala, w-tUa elegantly i hung u llli go d and pear' paper; all the modem ImLM-r. ' meut*. HentJTi O. Apply to H. hPA KKH, 1,1 <Ve*l Tlnrlv. , ' lillli atreet I " i rrn> lat-that rlroaNT stork north*.*st I A corner of Br.iedway anu Twenty aLUh atre-t, to ?i g'?->d I tei nil. For a gen I eel bnamm* It will he let low and le iw given. Apply on the premier* r> LBT-lflB HKCONP STORY ANir SaCK B asB I menl ef the Iwe atorv an I attlo h . i I. s<> I I Itrat avenue to a *ntall gr.oieel f lodly. l.niatn from 2 till t 1*. M. ItefereocrH ryi|iticed. ffiO LET-TDI FOUR STORY AVIr HA'KURAT ItOVBK A ho. 173 Hndain atreet. within three dtei-a of Vt. .loom'* Ki'iare; haa pan, ba'h, rauge, Ac , a id large yard. l'onara rlun immediate A lea the three aliry dwelling No. trio llud ten atreet, *?<-ept ofllee. t"???na'.on Immediate. Hnst m> aerate. Apply to JAMhH I'rtlt'C, 2uo lludn?n alreet, TO LRT-A FIRST PLASH FOUR STORY HOl SK. IN good order. with vl the modern uno'meme i a. No IVH Hiith aveeue he'.w e< n Twrntv tiret a"d 1 wenty mwoad atreeta. inn litre oi AM. R. MoKiMM, oororr of llleecker aid Par mine atreea. TO LKT-1HR KOl'R BTORY KFOUfH B A'rlCWSN'T h w. lid ham *1 hiny ninth rtreet, be.weon munition and't h.m avennea. Il'atll the mtxleri iracroveri'mtA Kenverv low Apply at the houno, or of U. O. liuBhiUd.jN, 13i Water atreet. ' 'fs. rar-l* a ran ate Family, hkai riri'i* 1 Imnlahed front ron n g|-j tvtn<< ba'h e.acbad t, p. | | aim a mint haaement, well auapten lor an oitca. Inquire at I I old ltoiiH'.oti etreat J rpO LRT-THE TWO STORY AN It ATTIO HRIOK I 1 tm tae, with lea room attached, to one or two fimlrt '1 ! Rent modern" to a irapnneihle tenan' Apply on the pre I mora. _'J Nortolt atreet lg?t31 by lotl fed. TO IRT-THK FOUR STORY RROulRB HAhKMIvMT home No. lie We*t Twent.. eighthat-eet Rem Bxtlo ? I gtvel truant ln<(idr?of O B SMITH, No I'll Went irert, I near Dunne atreet. rLKT-IN HOl'hR K VANDRWAtKK STRECT. a Iron* tiaeemen front and back parlor* on the Drat nonr, together with one ir two bedrooma in lha attar In I <|nire aa aboee between the Lour* o. Id aid i o eloci, beta I room. a. rjnd I'oor TO LPT? A LaHi.I: WKL'i AKRAB'IEO I! At V.MB.V l\ mri imiwrmi'iMiii atra-t >t*a ImMhw lor a raataurniu, can he m*ed lor u.her purpurae ale. a bap. in Tan k air wl n-ar a.ruur C a.j.iahir for ba-t.?r, *i??i,)?kar, or other light huMaaaa. Apply l)C. A R. Mil, LON. i2t r oolh atreat, or to II. A. Darrla. ZU Sr?rnih aireel . rfiO LBT?THE WHOLE OR PART <>F 111* TURKS J. i. .Jin' clana Irons, i.i line or r, ha- ll ( Id- . i. iinnroramrntf. Rao. hot and onkl bathe. ? Mo kalia. dr/ nnda -relaw aa-l arat yard. Rent very reaaina i? to an awria' l* mail lastly. <aa b? sea Cram ll to!o lo t. or 7 to "J o r*, k in the evening, at LJ Waal Thirty ornt taran. aoer Ktghib avenue rLRT-WlTII *TKaM roWRR, WTI.L LltllfTKIt room* id thr Raw York Hourting and Pia-Hig Mil . JK1 to 1 L'Kt *?el thirty nevrolh tlraal. lov.l'eof A. f. t-SKKAl.i,. on Ihe preailaea i f|K> LST?OR HROADWAY. BKIWEEK FORTY *E i i i mill and Sony eighth ?i,iaa. 2 a.ury h > .ar* w h j all the modern isiiroTesirnta: Una' bourn-- am plraaau'ly imaird. 1)<i ieet Iroin the alrevl, aad have at. on<n pan Ln frout 111) tar* atw*. Inoi.'ra m the moire hv.?e or tr ! lltl).)) ROB. DMrrrtann kirl.urr, liia'v?riViai. - TO 1 ?T-P"R THE AlMJdKR. SKtH NEW BRIUFITOY, Rtaian Island, a apaai mm, wal tarntaber , , i*r, wtiha al..t> ! anil nua, h bmiw., r.tena' e en nda, *' ?? rr.r ) . troll tree*. lit, Addrraa Proprietor Ila.-?'H oihre TO t.KT THE IM'O HIOIIY BAtKMIlU'l AMI ATTIO lirtek koota, ihl'i Wooatrr aireo'. ooaMewn 'mmixlUtsly, rrmRviO lni|nlra at room S, Ro JH W.lnvn r.*t. TO LET-PART OF A HOURS IN FIFTY THIRD trret he'amen ) mirth and PitJi af-niwi re ind ilot-r, par', o* Iblrd Itnat, and hark birTOM; < rn'oi Id taa lunar. to a > all A merman anlly. wlJvr.' <h,..)-an Ken: fijii. Ir.ulre at Ro. I In 11" hlorA, or at Art Ro it it aUTV. TO LIT? RON VAT LA ROOM TO RTOB'1 PCRR1. In*e. In-pure lu the croraary avwa *1 Four A avrnun. I above Irak ?treat. r' >UIT OR LSaRH?A RMALL THRKB irOBT RRI7K ! bonne, routatnlrt a autre an. twal a mnio. lacln nr ! I ba?eroent nad ent< en iar, la rompiete order, n.lh KMlbrough I out, otfiiaiiv dattr ibla aa a ra?l laora ar (ilara of hnaliiaia to a ' ! roi'l taana- wouM ba let or teaaad low. Im, ilrv of f. II. | IK -?)F.HR In Rarrlay etreet. or on lAr preius Ro.AtU traad tree', W litanarkiirt i -Jul LET TUB RECORD FwOoR OHU THE BI.4CK | I ?milb )??, l.".i Kant fwn'r ih.rd rrra atiNnbia for a to"-*. rI LET-TUB M a NI ftTORf VI ANO A WX4r Twsaly l.oirlii NMl iisar sls-smb aT*?'i- nu rtrr r?A sosabls mil. IS IS cumuli* nrd?r win. every omnanlrnr* together with mgtmr. ahar ,n(. I. arbautl h lures Ulin, drills. Mala. Apply A* ths pr- ralsr. sr a: 11- Tourh Ar*M, bobs# s M and a fins (iP M. IIMl LIT TO * PNALL KaM'I.T NOAllVM 1 Twnlj ftiwt rrsst, ' ttjluj twsla# riwis wnh nm'n (mprot?n?u. and nsnrly rslntad. by s d# rjat, Who rrorns 'Its (MBra mms ?'<! lbs or ntars nt no# parlor as rs , caputs roost, ana wl?b#s bus -d ia jm> so iov. forms #sat. I ffN> LET?I'PFaB I'AHT OF A llor-F. ON WMflni I I of ibs so.tor M-iriag *on e-*i.? m.ajt eI frail, barb Sod hall HMwts 'is irnirid lbs# fun' bnarajro' with U*?# pantry. sad I root si U<- room Man. tlA*. or a.iluntaUsllil a pol t at ,VA llm:sts xraoL r'.rr?A LaB-lf BILLIARD rwi, IORTT riKT I'lnam. f?r ths Inn of flat ysara; not Its k.rai for snr i btialnsaa ohs'-"0*rr. Apply t> Alifilfll l'L/?k. Fourth STtnur iisrhot, hofossn Ninstrsntl. and Tossti thstmots ' l<0> W SOS ths ho ?r a of 7 And 1- o'c.yk A.* I s? r*i!ia| U 11 ISM bisk. window* front And roar. Rri *' 'per J Bar. T\> LhT-tr ainot r obhTlrmbn o>k acit or a par,firs'> frat '?*, richly nrnobsd. lani 1/ pi-Ira'#. kouss ' *? rlaas Ro Ft) atr##' To lbt?part oi tmb Hornr Tfcs '? foLK sTirrr. | I i a afnail rraorr ?Mc lami'r. wt h paa, bail rftiai, A* Ti." rstnali.iS'i '>aiI O' tor honor r*r ips-ii or tv oonrr. Is 'isirr on tbs prOB'sss T) LIT ON Nl'RRA V niMr-THI TO 'A STORV ' brpwn mom front hours ml Kaat Thjrtr alyh'h ?."Sr'. h? isrrs lAflnsltm and Fo-irtft Arm-is#. all ttir modrrtl Irs Ervr,?rn'i ho - In p?7p?*t nr<X* r. sbAttdrlfSra and ru ill,rsa rsmahilss Rmip Oto n frl ftar' ar-'r t*> T. A L HOAR, W Trap! a'rrat, fnissss jo annul the XVi last rLVT hint IAA a mp oh'.r ikatornob IN j he rsinolrj. a ttri> skrr donlils bonus. >kli a'ns m ma a brlr* hiam atta< hsd. and 10 by MO rem around far a anr i dsn. sllansr.1 no n.ihots strsst. Is Washawhsn misas Maw ' Jereet. aboil ifu tarda from ths llobobsa and llnrfesMasM i nana load and about two aad a half mlrs Amos l ahokna I psratssiia rirsn on lh? 1* of Bay fsit IhU prr yrv' anr aMaoaartsnf hi ad-anr.- lbs (.'aton HU1 iranlb isfa la aad f.-aas ii. hsks tpaaa ators by arrty hair hour Irani i a. i an lilt p.m. ram ii ssb'a or las Srkrio to- fi. Inotilrwaf Ihs aaliarrlbrr. vtsshawksn llalaMa, a^isd.honaa as lbs sA band aids sf Ihs piash rand, as Uka mountain, two mtlas doss fir hob SB, JOHN I CRN 1 rro f rr rmoM mat i?trbkb coTTAfii iioraNsTia I ?t',i .?*;> m, ?*?r r*!?m>n, Hroofch a. Otra (Mi Ik* 4mii* Will b* />? In arm1 o-4t tad r-niod tow k> rood | lAPMi'r I?<jnlr*> of Mr. FAJfNINtJ, Ms Bna^rjr. ( rhii* bwookltx-two tos?k jtout mat bona* wtU iiuttMHl Mtrt im)> MSM, * SSKSSSs Kra~ >2Ss?ctK : ggPjaja&?arya.7ar.i, I SSK^shcssriA Svss?M?tis Tour gmur-?c? nut Ajurnr-rr? rmp fa mi j rurr, LMAira on nau^-m aui*i btrmwt. * Iwe AeeW* i*U<flreiel*6oi*MeMrfW*<kr, rt LD. PRICE TWO CEOTS. iMRa viv MHtumtn. ^ 1M> LET Or l.C.AUK THE TWO 8TOBT AEI> ATTIO brlek boxkni C.I Waahington aod >'l Watte alreel*. Have Jn*t been painted iit.d are In vary ni. e order. Apply At 97 Wfter atreet rl.RT Oil I.E VhK-TIIK yr;W FOUR STORY HOOSR, .till I l/in avenue. bun *11 the m.tdern ' om eo ?ne?d, tnI'lu.iiPi; lirnv.' two dlnlnc room. ami plate mm Rani >1.11*1. Apply on the pren TO I.KT OR LEARE~A I.AROV, riKST CLASH BOObio hottae Ml feet front, three ?uk a* ae.l hae-.ioer.l, aoatalnlnt; aboulitblrty rmmK vi itb the mod-ia lir;.' rvt-.mrnta. pa* t'lt'ire* At; I*oe#w?? ion given the middle o' eprl|. Well cir iPd fox A nrat el*** training Uoune. In I'rre at .Ml Wrat Ti eniyxeennd atreet, or pf JOllfr B. AOK aR, p.ialer, M?. 9 Mvdiegal atreet. TO LET OR I.KA8K--K >it TWO YKARS Pftnd THE In o: Mac, |."47, the thr.'e a'.irv frame bo > . >d lot on tte north hide of Beirut, i tot: e'.rnet, Hrat k >t. * * ? of t hird a\ te. together Willi the 'wo lot* an t t? ElRhLetl rtreet In Ilia ot iho n'.ove App'ytoH. H BKLiSRA C(i , "62 Broadway, or at Inn fvtrry on Tn.rd aver .o, at Suva nn atvtli atreet. rtiO I.KT. I.E A IK OR RKTjN-riKST CLASH iIO'JSE VdH X Broadway. I tr*i Moor or banometit moat *...tA'ile for pmleaAlooal or hnmnri* po-piee. wli1 he let aopyraelj lt'reiinl'.d. Water and k*? Apply to the o? nor, 3hl Jreetjo l.lmt TO RENT -tHERROOVri FLOOR aNI> HACK HaSEmrnt oi a small home h. Maodon|al aire*L en Ami V and Bl. linker. Rent 6. .VI. Applo at 116 h-rp .'ret, bam ir.rnl .[ouw BTrn?Rre,_r?w ok and li.iba.ry I and special. Inn'ru" .on * >"> for attendance I. otnoe d n rirp biinlneaa boon and ocot.alnnaleppv.nK Art. run tCrrV tn?. Herald r.niee rO HINT UP TOWJf?THR 8R00KD KLOJB, CON lalntng two lar.te nonti. bath room and pan', lea, bar.* baaernent and one large Iirom on third door iu too drat brie* bot no on ihn north aide of Kilty urat street, *n of Ntnlli avenue. Kent $lli6 WMciAi. mrriviub HROOKLTN HoRTICm.TlfBALMOOTBTY.?d HEHXHIbtdon of tin* irotlrty will open thlea ternr a a ? o'eloek, and on llttirafay and Kridav at II A. M , at the Atbdaenm. el-.ring raeh ereninf a*. I'I o'rloc.a. Admbn on to toe pobbe 2." ' iiita. A band of pitin.e aich evenlmr. nkHRRW riRMRVOLKNT MOOIBTV OK THR OrrT of Nf w York ?1 be iioniia! pentiral mee. og o tae above a icinly waa held at the Oreeoe 'reel Bvnaao o? nana her n. ilenet ItuMi .>r. b?.iii/lA tf A ttrll 12 In cA-viiv ii Lhf? A flliltAP'tf report *n.I the tleoln n of Hrenldent, Vloe troailent and ^ tbira directum m cr ur*am atlon'.be nlnn'oa of the former mc* wt were r?*d ard ainro'.e. hue nudiutr* then pre*eit?d llietr annua! repot*which, on ir.o l. n, wa? read and adoitel 11 i'itiiuN ubi'oi ii? ru* i iKinriii. < omuno.N rue nr. m:r? utM imiM mhiiit. IV.. .. . , ... at. April n, ll-N. Dr. To rath In bund 0113 90 > I rli 1. IriT. To rt omit Ian-; and anbentlpUon 3W 04 Intereet* rom bond a and ii'wt agea, Ac 1,091 01 < all p vratraent 000 00 IW irtgage irpnid l.y r n, r?fUlon B'ue. Jeaho- u o 0 000 00 T.itaJ 01 April 1, ISiT. Or. f'\ ch?rltj 11,HV 75 L.K"'! 17d Tft Min lry etpente* 113 00 1 ? lire* "I dinner 530 0ft < olierlgr 101 9ft 1?. iwiry ISO 00 1 ii?> en d 2 AoO Oi l alanee In luu i 3 720 Id Total *. ?I0,<*>? 01 I / ../''A. S'-i-'h. ! l or. bold and'I. * *?? ?t, percent .. ..110,6.0 00 Sn per rent Centra! par atnoa 2 100 011 Hi .i in hand of Colltcor 700 00 Cath in Pan.: 3 720 Id %r 320 id 7 ee iioderngti'I audi or* in pre?? nung v? Ui-1 member* of the Htbreiv Henetnlon'- r >-.e.y tlie a.ioeiad annual rnoort, ronlri aureri wl'b p ?a?ur.'I > be prment prwpeietM ooudl in i ol the aoclety, tOoiigli compelled P> admit 'hat 'he receipt* during ihn | wit year haie not tieen epuiil In t'. ae the prerrdin; nne. 1 lie evil of Ih.a baa, Puwever. heea In a amwirn iaire.i|..ii ty tlie director*. . enrcialr* '-in*-'r dt*e*etlon. I. ?e 'een mure pa ueular than m ual In their toiilrtet ai to ;be character and cij"n.n*'ai.*'?a of hne? applying ior relief. 1 be audlura would nla? take Hit* opportune of unnreeelag on ih? memln re the propriety of In-re** ne the aiming fund ol the w.ely, aaln tV e em if fail nr to in treaae the *ere , mi a! Ita erfivraoitet the amount oflnte.-?*d dented from lurried property would a Id ruabte the eociety lo beep on lie ' ou.*< , and if an|0m.g r large I t *phe>e of n.ei daeaa. i li will he area by (lie a ore abatement that the Cen<ral Park 1 (1 iurria*ionera hate redeem !'he bite that were In t'te p ie?ee *ion ol the *> >', kiting or Hie tone atoek to lb aeMiiuit of ' tJ.ei , hrariag inuee*: at a.i per een' per nutnmn 'Ihua ad i. op uiU.e Income of thi ao"teiy Otli per annum), and the ' bait ore In eaah. 'i he audliort would f.ri'er remark thu' the amount of eaah in Paiid will he renoc t aa anon a* praeJeabie rj an invent ' r.i<-nt of f-.fOO mi bond and mwpif. I.i r nr.l in on. we 'be inrtennar <*4 would, reive-'fully nrt" | on tV into, ben Ihn iter-Mil* of promptly paring W d w. ; unit r>- | ir?: ? cut.Utviane of the;- former l.j?*w dy, an by ! 1'iirr mxni and thoneo-il> r-tn -oe Hebrew Beie-etont Bo 1 nb-'y le'ntn M?pmnd pre rinfu nee among laeUtr one u. to" wrffrrn world All o. which le r> nper.. ill/ pti' slt'-ed. H. H. Haute, Jr., f A ,-lln_ J. Ooi.neeiTH, s A L? / ihi i, Berrrnarj If. ii. B. 1 he meeting thee entered Into e (ballot fir on. tare, aad the foJ'"? !>(/ wee the molt of the e eetton ? l? J. .'aanhimiwep, a* i./Pr-nfdea'i vice II. Art ntoa, who det Hn. d re-elect on. W. J llerl, R?I|.. Vlo# I'mtdenl, tlee I'. J. Jo.-h tnuei, J. I eber, E* .. TrrtfiitT. rl- n J. Mere. Mr. P Pihe, director. ripe J Hebe*. Mr K. J Hint in-tcor; tic.- H Dettooa. Mr. 11. B. Herut Jr , inmctnr, re elected l he meeting then went into e Oummlttoe of toe Whole, Mr. t. l>rr/f*i.ela ilie chair | It eve then reeolted the' e eoPable tentlmmlal he precaoleI I le H. Anon, Kn>i . the rrt.r leg Pr??. lent, lor toe btnwireb' I aieaner In which be hue for : i /eera peat discharged toe erO'K-nn d itlea of 'lie' nSiee H w.i- tnrtheim ire ("-wilted that e commitb-e ef tire he appointed to art In run -mCoii with the Bo u"d ef Olreetarn to rerr* on' red reaolatton 1 h>- ' hel.-?ne.. apt' iteted e? ?uth -omm'tee, Heaere ft. Me-.vwm./. Herat.r.ia let/, a, U. JicHm iwl J, Pe?ere. t t tt nl thanha ?? 'leu i *? ?! to the chairmen. who tweeted hm ?e%', end In 'he e mte of the Prte dent the Viee Preeldii t 'nob the c^elr. I'una then Hiteo.vel. Ilml lettere of toieke he sent o Mrftre. J Mark, the intirfrtg Trt eenrt'r. end II Dettnon, toe re'lHiiK Hueiior lot ih? ret nidi raemiT In which they had' doebei red the r dntlen dirtng the t'.tne thej bed boea to Mid ' ofti rrr. It tit lortoer llewitte.i, 1 bet a full it y of l?ene proerr.J lr?? be pnhllnbed in th<- Ar lumein Oc den I Jr wli Vteaaenfer end Mew fork Herald r ibirt trim the minute*. a. 1. k/ABi;-, aner-'.v'T H. B. B. I TAKE TIIW oprOBICMlTT <?P RCTI'Blim'l VT I t'oreie tbankn to the nO'twr* of'ho Brcoalrn eat A ami! tiw. Hre lonnmne.-1 omnetilet, (httiie-r promp-.eee>-| aeUlinf n r e'e in eee ni< thru; eW for their ?-nt|?mar jr ooadoet ntani'reud toward nrlaoi b iitnote rettllorr. IV Kill W. ?1 Get "-fee e'reet \f K.Ri'Aimi.V. I IHKaIIV?IH'BCl 41. J?Or|t'?-TUB X?1 It iifvi In-r 4? a Impreeee ! wl b toe Be "WUy ef get t ng In ell l-rxite lw' totting to the anno -le'lut thn-. hato keen n -?'i?eir? ( r ?-rinrtiereh e >n.-th n' tleir ?o t.rgeeUy ra |tw?t metal e-s aed an <dh-rn htttoc recb In toeir p<eeeanloe to in' rn 'hn.-n wMho-.lde'nt. nod 0 0 Boar.l of nlreethm do hotel order thn' no fan 'it" treed no s etirh t?> >kn will ho a 'ti ed to t-nee toe/ v etentd before toe let ot May, Irg;. H/ ener. Jt|M. V. HAMPOHt>, Ann. *wr*ntary N'ivaik bat novr.-trie trjiniM mnBAi. pa'wften 'e hetaa placed In >i.e mm*, p-rt -r" order for pl-'te-r nad otoer pertm when the Idea ef A, rt aheU hat* n?*a d The (rati,Hop open toe rround In t> whipea tor pleaneietrntwl. (tapI HtneN t'roprte-nr IN Pnard of rv>*a wl" kntd nnlx n# PrlAoy. April 17. ?' 2 P. H . ? mk? la rinaxleroJoo '?? fai.ew1o* rMil?i!n ? _ . . I>nu<4 thai It ba reler?d to tha( ?mmMu? ?e ftr*nto la Ira ino and re| or upon Uw upoillwn-a of t-nantllok nodn Anolna* from < ortl* <11 atmo* to llatonn too- nod tM no*nr Haooitwa? frt m 1 oli-m giro* an the aoot to Paltoo i.n n r-n The awl of Hroo.1 u a?. ? ror..*l? noldnca in IV- ?i m*T. nod tktoa fnollo? ao Uttornaitbrrnln ?ra lart-nd to nil m o. p. i a wolt 1 J. A. r.T*OL|M. ? <i r. flicuroftp, > tn "'HA loum, I NriM I.. AVIaT. J \-irnri to Ran.B'.an ooataa* to*?.-p?opo. i> ma ?l!l k? now rod %\ kllaatown.le kij't Oo at?, Paon , t.fll l. o-ce* oo?r???*dn? ?>n /it l ot. f?r ifea ( a?'l marmtrj on Ifeo Al'?nte--r\ Rallmod. orlf a m - Itoank 111 ?ak ?mi? IM fnr ear a or r aok bonaA r n<i and la !*'??( ' rnmU erm ran ? to niprdeooad e minor ?n inly who a - praparaA to do Uw wort An nub oul ba pormtw ???1 Dalfl* , TTLAu, Uwonrol kfom. I'llK oomilTTKK on, PTAAn aip oi.ipa 1 of ti>* Poor* of Onuiie Ira? i oil! tor) a ??* oa on Prt da?. April 17 a< .IP * . % rivwr An 17 Cl'.v HA' to toko to ronUero-ior. I a propria" of ? lattioif ihn ano -n?'. tor tko alter < art a*tinmen Pot' an Id'on**#! are In. ?d In anao I ' i?P ItAi rf-B. | tmmttter *0 W.JlPAorf, I m tiaAAT bHTH. 1 atom, A. orbitl* I P art ao 1 M. Mite. J Altps. ORTTHTRV | viurrrptbt -pa. a. a. uvukir, oaaai. friot, I / mai VarVk. MA An. 17V anw an.' B?n?a aonoMoo A hia too* and aoe-moful nipr-moan. iAdl? >pnn am wM ton anw a ad haraalrao konnoAbtoo a#aai jam froomagX pa* mn'n* all polo. PHiaa aodorala. A li. pbat* i. or*aatio?? pt tpoamco 1a th? t aunt aklbal art win?* rnaaoar Ihtt nrW m tootV A ami and part* al ami, taa-rtod an on? and mprneaO Pflneil'lea br t?r. VaPOLKO" PAPTKaaa, *M iikrnolway. eomnr of Pcward low Pa rrnHanaol prtoao i STKJttWK rfC* S^T-SwaT3 ?