Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1857 Page 3
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4etao<Cnioriloi*iifT roproooato la Vtag oud bta ta?U mmtj mm * prooorod tar ml anno. Mr Qiao to? Im toja> notiM of look 1?d?d ataMIn of M ptalty isg Ue potato upon vtoiob km k taedod-e be ezMBtaed, okoll bo ghroB la wvtttac M tko m >mm pony. Boo. %. Xtkta act akaU toko oflMt taoaMdtatoly. THE XBW LIQUOE LAW. Organization of a Board of Ixeiss?Applicant for Liconsoa to bo Hon of Good Moral Character ?Petitions for Licences to bo Signed by Twenty Freeholders?Ho Liquor to bo Bold to MinorsPains, Penalties and Restrictions on Dealers and Consumers, do., fte. AN ACT SO gwppeeao InUmp?nu>M end HognUaSe Ute Sale of In to ilea ting Uqwea meFeopleof the Slate of N?* York, repremted ta t* ale and isiembly, do caaet aa follows:? 0?<unu?tiu!i or *na Btuaa or nana Ssetfoa I. There ohoti be eppoteted on the iscond Tuetday at Mai next, by thooeaoty Jaego aad the too in* tee* of the session*, or a nxjomy of the?, or whioa the ooaaty Judge ball bo oae, la eaoh of the oeuatles or ta?s late ( xcrpt tie city aad oeoaty cf New York, wh iretn ma obi l ju?i oe of the ssperkw ooort, the preotding judge of tee ec ori of coirmon pleaa and the recorder of too oily, or aay two of thorn, abaU appoint,) at tho place where tee ooouiy oocrts are required to bo neld, teMO rrpuUbe IreebolUero, roateente Of the ooaa a, who shut bo the coamhaioaers of exoise r their re pect've eons les, aad abail he kuowa aa tea board of ooounasioMra of exalre. The aa d *>oa:y Cgo tnd justices. and In the oily of New York, tho cbter dee cf tl'eeuper or oou'l, tee presiding Judge of toe aawtoroeBBGB pleaa and ins rro.rder ot tte city, aba ) acet ? ?"o Use and 'laie afomsid. and dlvletae aa*d aaaaatestosera into three elMtes by lot. Yoe corners tea* r Mslgned lo the first a at* anal) bold bia oifloe until tee flr?? day o> January, o'gitenn hundred ?nd sixty ouo; tea oeamtoiopcr la the sooond oi'sa until Pie first day of Smeary, eiybUxn hundred and *lxty-teo, ao i the on? ate sneer in the ihtH otaa* udtll too flrat day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty tbree; and one commtsrloner te every two year*, bei oaftar. ae tho ttr a of otlt so (hall expire, shall be appoint*d, on iba second Taowlay of ?tf ta each year, at the place and by the eateortAm above pruv ideJ, who shall bold bio offlje for six year* Iran tee first d?> of Jaoua?y felowli g hi* appointment to eaae of a vacancy la tee rffloo of oounty judge the apaotaim'D' cf oomm'srloner* shall bo made by ibe JnSte el the se- ei.aa In cat# of a vacancy by deata or oberwlto in the board of ooasmimioeeo soon vaaancy stall bq filled by tee said Jadge and juit'oo ar by tbe said chief jus tea ot tee superior court, tho pre*Id!sg joJgo of Ibo coort cf ooinmoa pi-an, aad tr.o reoorcer or too c.iy or Mew vors, tor toe unexpired term of nuch o intoilulonera. e? otr oosnwuelaner, befora be ebeli osier opon bis duilee, shall take and nubaorlbe fee eevb prieonocd by section one, article twelve of ice eeanfentioa nnriifc or thb rinse oovMirviaiin? fee 9. Tte r.omtnlaalpnnra of exalte ihell moat la tbetr eepeettre conntiea at the plaae aforesaid, 01 tbo tb'rd finna> of nuy id cnoh j ar, and un snob otter days at nanjrtiy of tb* comalMloBera tbtll appoint, not ex >eo oays in any one year, an t la tie city el Mew York, not < xcoedir y lift y d*> a. tor tko pnrpos? of Ctaattng l\o> uses aa hrretaa tor prescribed. They fball here po'-er to ?rant 'to? ne?? to keepers of inn* tavern* ar botria. bOr g rra denia of tbo loan or elty where aneh lee, tavern or tr.Ul la proposed to be kept, to tell it roc g a?d rp'rlto sua Hqncra and wlaea to be la their aee* < a >etp>cil??iy; * a to storekeeper*, using snob re Wrap, a I'-ecre to rel a -oh I'qnorn aid ntnos la qaeiffete* w>? v an five ?el on?, bo; not to be drank in the r fea, beorea or M'Ucuaee, yarJi or gardcna; and tb?y akall nsve poter to determine tbo min to be paid tor a keecte by r?*n >? rr-.n applying, wMr i ?, n aba 1 b > a? Mtewtle town* ant tnojrpt rated villages n t 0*1 f an thtiiy deiiara n< r more than one hundred debar*, and to j attte* not l?*a li an thirty Col are nor more than two ban : feed and fifty do Urn. No liocaae ebatl be (-anted to any pen on or 0m to a-. U In more than on plans fee. 3. m?y ahall keep e book 01 nmntas of ell their ! pveeaedlria, in which abeil be entered every reeoiotloa rK? by U>m granting e bcenae to any paraoa, with ren rrqnlred to be paid, whioh mtnntee a ball be ve rfeed by Ibetr signatures and filed with the lown clerk af fee toon for wbiob scih Usenet eo?'l be granted, and j fe fee ?< vcrai clues of (be Stale, with Use oity oterk, wifeln eight days thereafter. ina >uuaT?.i o> uoaran feed All Heentri rkall be tlgord by tbo oromlaBkm , are giautlag tbo name, rheyahail lo t bo limed oatll ! fee Kpuirefeeate fixed by the hoard shall have baee 00a feted w.tb: when issued, they shall be In l??oe, nnle s ! twvakfd, nhtll Un days after it a third roeoday la May ut eaeoeedtcg ''>< greaMag cf scan license, mi In tbe My M New Turk nntll Wty day a thereafter. po mi oa MtwAtm to ?a n - ax. MM 6. naok ol re'd board# of ommlaetoonro of etcaw . Mall hero the right to appoint a ol- rk lor the Vis? they : May bo aoinally la scaelon, la eooirdaaoe wi.b tbo pr> vMaeoa of tbla ee?, aach c>ek to rooalra tte same coa ; ycaifatlna aa I ? ??<1 by this tot to etoh ol tbe rone MmInn i a TMr aball ktepabo.kof Minn*# of prtv I eaadtegs, on which iball ba retard too nemo* 01 all ap ei'i for Moarto; and they aba I alao rnter >a ?aU a fat of all 11 ears yraatad, with tbe nana a of the art We to whom tbe lame are granted, aa J tbo neotoa of a to I be bead rrquired la ear.b ceee Ths aald book or Mlaaie* a ha 11 ba <'*poalted in tbe oMse or 1 Moona.y clerk. No fo? or raward a ball ba takea by aay board of ?ini?a or by aay member ttcnof, or by amy 1 abrl tboroof, or aay Oeoaao to keen an Inn, tarora cr hatet, or to aoli alroag or aplrttou I qoora. or Ior aay ear otea required ol loen linard, aor rhall aay oiiiipeorat'on ha retained by aay inch board, or by aay member the e af, ar by any ekik thereof oat of Ueoiclae money, bat mm wheto amount thereof aball bo paid orer to I be earn<t treaanro-a. lor tbe uao of III poor la tbe teeeraJ aaaatlia; bat the pcraoaa ooapoeltg each beard of esrtse MM ha eautkd eaob to raortra tba aaaa of ihrea doPer* par day for earrtoaa aetaally pertormad. to be alio eel 1 Md pa>d la tike maarar ae other oouaty charge#, aa1 ao other ar greater Pompeeaa' oa aball ba altowM Tbe aayaaacaaf praoaritg a*. c< start book# Tor ? ant*a and aooaaaarr blaakf. wbca eotnelly tncarrod, eball bo ao j MM aad paid la tike wanaer as wher canity e.nargea. who ?n# TO Karaiva luiimH Sac. Lineaaai stall ao; ba'.ad to any person la eel) aiong aid tpfrltcns B jucra as I aiaot to ba dtwak on the premlaos of tbo person II waned, naieaa aaol pO'lfit propoMd to keep aa tea. larora or hotel, war a aire# tba oomasleeloiare are aa; is led that the eppt! mat W ef goo I more'ehareotor, that so laa raffiotaot ahMMy t? keep aa Ira, tavern or bvlel, aad t'i? aoocatary . MMMMMMW to enteraia trevuilera, an l thil aa lad, lawn or hotel la rrqnt-cd lo- tbo actual aoooMModatloa af traveler#, M the pltce whore tuoh epni1 aa; real las Mr prftpOMi (o k??p tkltamo- alt ablota shall no tapraaaly Mated la inoh llornae; and do (teh lie use eka'l !> treated creep; ? ibe pc hma or am imdu tww:y ro epeoUkh Crooboldera of the stole, rftWa* la Ibeelei Ha etetrtot wbire rueb laa. Uetru c-r box i? propened M bo b? pi, b# U*n da!# i'^-ac end tortile J b# the oein ?T eobocnbi.f whao't ?c< n?H Itan uuiwe In Ibo opto loo of U>c "oaun'eitoe.jre e tch inn. iot#.-? ?r Inline MB Or# or piooor, end tot nvor.i thee owe Itoeeea ?> %i< be treated on I be meBMitU of Ibo suae p? titMee #, or to# of then on piturr? opoo nllobkneb L'?**?ah*h n.< 11 oaled thall be Clod * Ilk Ibo ooaaiy elw k withio elf tat dope, bod la omo ike KiemiMVoe tbel ..reel air im coalrerr to ibo protoieae oi lata o>j* to*; eke'; bo deemd tellijf of o in ideioooaor. ibo 1 Nor aboil fiob iioeaee to i"r m ins, tarera or bote' be f rente i ntitl ibr ?op' ehe.ll be re oxoo'led aad deterred tot-.e bro-d of ton nm tore, e of i.n m horolo jtrtvio#.) o b*a u> the iMnie ?>f ibl? HU'< a it. > peaol loot of twi bead red ee<l W# doterr. w.j? eaol Beat eorelte*. a bo thell rfat# j*evf# a Ibo ana uf Ire baa dud do I tore, ie be appeared by the n.enl of Oooi nbdetoi. a lib e noadMteo taeloeeb oppttnorn, darleg Ibo Mae lb el be eheli beep ee/ toe. to rern or botet, will aol enffr r tl to be Uoirder/i or (after en# t?T>bhai. or hoop o RtaeWmi toble of ee# deoortpiloa w: in ibo toe Meaner b?e< eo krpl bj bin or In ee# -..ihoueo, yard op pordea boieeflag tberefo rew*o< wfM or mo aithost* roe a wnwa. Me. fror# beeoo of eo lne, torero or b<.ei, le ae# of Ibo tawni or nii*t?e of tble net*, ehvi: b'?pte h e boon tl keet three eparo be^e f* b r (uoole wiiagrod aad earn 'eel beddloi, end ehtl' prat .2o ee.: keep ?o. <1 Md eoWorrt Moh1e|, bad pfvrMd'>r of be# la lUm Mr, aerf bay or peeia-e?? m 'bo Manor, end preln Mr Mr bntoe or ?Hber ctetlo more thee hie own einca, hw Cho ooaotnaKrtolloo of treerHere; and orer# *.<eper of on too. torero or boa I la the '.Wee of two Stole, aba I Ban el teept three tpere bed* ead tbe e. oee?a-# beddlap. Mr tee a eemno'e'vn ireeulter?L for eror j eagle a #f (Nnoiin ri^r( rt?*'er n uw >ru.k'fi ?v fr> l rp?ju ria, ofe if opar iball frvrfiH te* dotlara. 11 h?r norsul hy Mm twnm at tbn poo? 'or ft- n.r at tfeo n?r. fen 9 ?>er? taa, torero or botrl boepor i>o?m?i a? Oar tbo yrnxbioaa or u>i? ahxl'. wubto tb.rty dp/. Aav pbtantrf b'a bornan. yiil p a proper n m-.r Mini t# lb# trout of h!? boon, wit hi n*m? ihorona, fefcattri that ba korpa aa Ma. Iit ui or bo.rl, pod h? ahoti loop ap an* '!" dr.rtkf 'bp ilnr tba' h? k *pa a* tap, tar-ra rr b?d?i For or try a'oatb'a n*e"ri v% ktaj op ao#? ?tf a, ?0 tba" brfeft top dnltart an t> otaat ix <.Axa ? tai -i. Mm M. B?o taa. tarora or bot-'l b?oyir, aao abati root aay poraor bibor tbao tbar* wbo ay br i dyorr n h boat* or aa; tort a? at oaf pr aptr'tnou* Itnuora or artaar tball bo oapapie of rrwrerlaf ln? ua ; tar a* >tl prearlttaa flora fbr auob dobta a* til bo r*iJ nad fb* ma. larrm o- b-?ol topper tafelif iw^irvt ttao, ttnb tatrat U or ad# UHe prortato# ana'l fxpfati Maabta lb# ui? tatond'd to to oocorot 'brrrsy no THjfO* ro atr'injra ox txi raaw, <? > fea 11. 1p bit Poppa** trpt war bp (*?niod (otnort'ay tp Mb, Utoh or bo>1 k-ep.?r#> to aall ptron* or MtotMbaa tvi'jprp or wtoea, ta <(naatu:?a I ? ib?a *?. fat* taw, ibora aboil bp lofartod mi o*p*o:? <t? .tt-atoa ha aaab Itooaoo aba * tot bo dooaaod to antbortrp Uu> aoio p aay par oaf or py'rttoata Mnnr. or irtno, to >>o <traat In tha beat# or abop of too ptrroa ropp'rirg ar Vi l^craoe avtauf ooUoapp, pant ??r |ard*o appor*la'at tbarov ar aanotod tborownh HPS It. bao* boaaaoa abaU pot bp raatot nx-noo tap opaaaa aatonora are aoHa9<>i vai top app^oart W of f ran aarrai nhara.n <r aor ont'l am ti ap Vtoaot that' bara ota ootad a bead to Ibp poopio of ih<? aU?? In lbo poiMi pma of too hapdrat 4ottara, wltb aamp?0BMvrpt?ap obo aboil tat; j?ulj la Iba aaa of oaa tbonatad d^flxr*. to bp ap pramd by Mm ooaiaitaalaaera, and to bp <fottrnr?d to tbe aa?tal lama. aoaitiMBPd that dnr<ny Mm torn far ObNh Mi tteaoao aboil bp graao d bp wW oat infer hta fbar af twin ta banana dtaardo^y , tna* b? wl'l not oft OP tofer to bo paid, ar v atrooy pr ayr'tooot poor or atoaa to b' draafe to bit Pb"p or bfi. or ta aay ootbaoap, yvd or yardaa MbfeWfeaf ttnrala aad tbal bo put aot aaiar bay aonb *gmr, MM by rtrna of aaab nana a, ta ba n bb !*?? bfoaa, ar la aay aatboaaa, ya'd or p?r<lea bo 2fiPNr UMIHI; fkmmr aay ywm la mm K? wSfc lia mi akop or Mnn. MibM?r>. yard ? (**lai, wntuikmfmmt tpiHt' ana maara or wivaa far ??aw af ><7r?A aUrato. II atoU M primm /** rrl 2**j5*l*eli ilqaor IP ?!*? war?aaM by ZLS22^**?'*e*#rfa^eeB e? Mlaaawal wiiaaea la Z21r * waa aftcwM M Uil iEwm 0* wty sRs^fafssaaKir'''^ ?,v-ir - l^L* ST? OZSuSm tmm ?27* !g"**yL^r? SLmam ?i|lll. (MM M wtu w?nr3*4. ??5fl? r?h any dollorolor ?uk Oft WO*. STTrnJoIinwa* uowM*w?? MweowooM. ?u_ .. ? w^wift Mil Ml* mtm* mm nvmlvllMiiifl Honors or wfnan to M drank la kls house op shop, or so/ o boos, yarior gordoe appertaining th* eto, or aaall suflry or permit nny look Hqoon or wtws sold 0/ btaa, or uMw StvooMoa or authority, to bo drank la bis toots or ahoy, or la say onihoose, yard or gardea tbv? to botoai log, wlthont having obtained o Ikoooo tborotor so sa its, a?>ra or bote! ke par, sbsJ forfrk flfcy < ousts tor oscb sffenoe. 10 wsom LKvaa suu. taooi 0 Sco It. No tan, uroi n or bowl keepo'. or so/ other person licensed to sail ss/strong or rprl'nono Mqsva or wines, sbsll tailor giveaway an? suob rqoors or wlit a to any Indian or apprentice, knot? Is g or baring rrsaoa to Dt ttcvo bun to bo snob, without the earnest 01 bis nasi tor or mfctrasr, nor is say minor under the ago of tlgbtoon /oars, without ibo diluent ol b'a Ibtbaror nokr or gnsrdlna Whoover shall oOOnl against ettber of tboss provisions shall tor loll un dollars, to bo rooovorod by the sassier of saob appraa h? or servant, or by Ibo parent or gnardlaa of snob minor; and an/ parson who shall soli o' give away an? itrong or aptrltnona ilqaor to any Indian la this dials sbail bo dm mod guilty of a sal-demeanor, and oa coo v let tea sball bo ibbie to a Use of twen/ttve dollars for eaob asd every offoaoo. HOW O' CSSOH JOAISfcT IlIS IJtW BUS TO lit TRSlTSTl. See Id. It shell bo toe only of every sheriff, under s*onff, deputy abend, 001 stable. nasrtbsi. policeman or offlorr of polios, to arrest all pe-soae luaad seiuslly on goged tn the oo?a>tiston of any on nos In vlu'stlon of tbis so*, sod foribwttn to oarry aooa person before any agbtrato of tie tsnao oily or town, to no d alt wtih so core lag 10 toe previsions of this sol; and M shell he tho duty of sucb megtstrsto, on sufficient proof that snob oil. noe baa boon commuted, unless aoib parson sbsll elect fo be tried before soob magio rato, to require s bond to bo eaocuted by a01b ur.nder In ibo penal sum of noe b ndrel dollans w th woo fhsl J or If) m double theamouo' severally, ooeHttonod, tbtt sccb r.fbader will appnu- ssd onswor tboous'ge at the stn term of the t.oori ct Oyer and lorm nor or Bettors lo be held In aald oouoty, and ahids the ur.ler and judimrut of tb? co. n iberccn, or locoum't saoh t'Ccncor to ibe ootuciy jell utn'.i tech jodgn?.it of a?ll court or onlll bo be ditjharge-i aoeora:ng to U?. Aid it if all be Ibo duly of ibo rcaytstraie to entertain a-.y complaint of a vlcl (lion 01 inta sc,i nmuo oy ?n> pcrion i uide/oavh, ana rortiwtui to usie a ?arrant and o*u:o such oOeroer to be brought b?f re bin, too"mpiy wnb Up provisions of .Lit a#u I >u, and suao uiegitire.e aba"1 withta t.n da>a, canto auco bond togeibjr wtlb all j pert atd tlH ad't with a list of tb? pe ,eon? aod res denote of the ooraplnUants and witness-a c>atnlned he fort blm, to bo crlt/ered to tbo Oieirmt Attordey of die oooLty, nboae ditty It ate!1 be turibnUh to proatcuthe Uie same &0- 17. It shall to the duly of ercy n-jh ntfl wr, whenever be sb?L C.-.d an/ peraoo iu.o- nisum in any public paoo, to apprehend mob penoo and UKp nlin bo tore some mag'atrate of the tarn ) oo? ttHTSf and If inch mag at ate sua!', after due e*?m<nat on deem ultn ten mnob intoxicated to be eaim'ael, or t? answer 00 oaib c rr.c ly, be shell dlrrot raid otCeor to keip btm ta scnoejaU. look-up or ether safe and out venlent pi hop, until br null bcoone anbor, and thtrcupm lo-ltnntn to bring tim before aaid magistrate; end wbvnerer any person (ball be breach! before any magistrate, an provided to Uile aeot.on, It abalt be tbe duty of aoob magistrate to ado laiatar lo such person an oath o? niUmstoo, and examine b m as tbo caore of auoh Imouca'.ioo, and to ascertain tbe poison or pertooe wbo told ovgavetnell quor to tucb person; euch inDmoa.loa being uereby do cm< o to be an offeno* against the p'otwiiu of tbla est. punishable, upon connoiKm, by n doe of ten dollars, and ooatt at tho same rate aa tn caorta of apce al evitoua, and Imprlaacioeat In tbe ooanty jet', woisuo or past Pottery until paid, not, bowovor. to ticecd ten day a It abau be tbe ?my of mob r tticere to arrest, or oaoee to be arretted, all iron persona when so intoi cated. and of the magistrate to entertain and) com pla ints and mua inch rumination, under the penalty of tlfty dollars, with fall can ol it it. tor any aegieot to oomp<y w'tb in > p.-o visions of tail aeoUoa -co. IS. tv to-.ver aba)! ae!l or give away acy strong or sph hones llqu ro or winea. or abalt softer aay aoob liquors or wiaea to be sold or given way, enaer fcta dtreotlon or authority, to any Into at ated parson a ball forfeit not lew Uan tea dot mote Uton twenty Ore dollar* for canh r ff?a*e. o uqi'oa to ra moiai ro wives on Bcwuor* who a an Hiir.rtai. . ?v-. 8m 19. 21 hail be tte duty of Magistral* a and I ovrrreera of tbe poor lu say loan or otiy, on oomptatnt and ta'ltfiotory proo: byanUethat bar bonbsad tana fcnDilual drtnki r of Inb aw lag l'?|5*r, to *aoe wrtlen note ? to all dealt rs In taioMoaiing liqnora aaainat wbom nth oomptalo; la made, foib.d ding tna sale or giving of torn liquor to t in buiband for lha term Oi a i montui irom ttic date ol U?o notice, under a penary of fitly doiiart, anb ooaia, for as-ib and ertry aa.e or gfviag of each llqcor, after arob notice iball bare boon given; to be turd J or In bar one nane and for ber ber own oto. ft at alt bo ina >lmy of soab ma| strntas and imrtoera of too poor ?o forbid ibe aala la I'.bs manter In a'l naeeo I en a toiband tfeall mika Uba aatisfaolory proof ooa earning tbo wlfo, ned a l tne pr?vtetooa oi tola lamtoa abail apply tbo nctia el'bor oata. It st*i; ba too duty 0 r.ptntratoa aid uverarera tf tbo poor, when lite proo. ia made by a pa'out cna<-eraiag a child. wbo it a miser sorer tbo age et twenty ene year*, or by a atil>d oonrt iniag a pvcoi. to forbid tboaa'e mine aaaanar; and a!' tlio p-orlttoca of lb la ad tbali apply at la ojior cares saved abort. hec 90 It iball aotbe lawtai, under lbs prarMit of txis tot, to soil taieatoetlog nqaora to aoy persoa gatUy of habitual dmtkraacea, nor bo nny person ogeinit wLoai tbo seller may hart beaa adlted by parent, gtarama, bet band or wife, from aaillaf tatostaatleg i'q?-o; and every party to ati'ng or rata Hag latorim tlx k llqiora aball, oa proof tbereaf. bolbro aay eonrt if eoMpewnt juried frttoa, be dtp I red of bio Itoonae to rail, and trail net bo allowed a rsaeaal of aatd Hornet, aad la adt,iil(.a. en ocntrfnion. sbeil be poatabed bv a Roe of not less than ttrsaty doHanfaor mere I baa Bfiy do ia*a, for <aob aad every vielatlaa af tbo nrovle-oaa aaratn id tortb Ii aay tna, tavara or aotel keeper, or aay otbar prrana or ptraocs wta>soerer, knowingly (ontavre of any petr aooae.) aball sail or giro to any pae.wr or timet* 01 any porr boost or almabonts, atmeg or ap.ritnona liqnora and wines, anofe peraoa or ptraise at attending aball be Onid twonty Ave dollara and be g 'Ity of a mti demeanor, aad oa oonrtoxtoa abaU set be Imprisoned mere ibaa an y days. raon amua miainm uqno* ibluk. an bubiut. the 21. be tea, tavern or betel keeper, or pomes IVonisit ftA Mil I ARM ahall Mil MP >tf? ftVftT MT la t xiiauag Ihowre or wore on Homeay, or apoo il; day co wbtcb a general or apodal eirctioa or loiro <?(. ? iboll be fcild, ood within ooo quarter of o uo Iron tlw place where neb general ?r epeotal elecueaer town rating oboll bo hold, la aey or ibe Kdoo. nuagea or torn of I bio fioio, to uy penoo wbeU ear, m o bore rage In raaeUc el*wthwi or towa'meeting eheli nw ha gfu*'bi ?hp"?taoet Uo *tate, Uo prorle<rtia of lb* oeo V.Cb, <{1 ?tel1fcl?, inoi; w'." e?j>i? Utbe-Uy.awiniy, rll'bfr or t?wuo tb nbieh tueta rlegOcMi ?T (org *?ool if -Holi bo bold. Wbrerer abtll oil- tit bgeW the 0/1 rkrtnoe f>) I Mo eertl >n oboll be snilty of o nmaemeenor, ood oo eowrtruen OfeoM bo imp'Snrod !o ihf etnatr jot), work Ik no* or potiUnilary not acoie isen ( air d?yo ok' r iBT or iwtr.iib. m . >'ec kt. Ilto poaoliieo lajnnei by Ulo a. a, u uey iho 1 i* an" It a prjrlled lor by oooUcro eight, 1"?-w ocd a.aoierh, aaeli be eoed for a d mere ad inlno name ol iUo board nf romo'lot'oooio ofen'oe, aa<i pa d nw K if ttro? .?er ?>' Ue voonty lor We oi.pp ft ? if poor , ; iko cobbiy. fee bo Kieryboml taken parental to U? |>m* one : ol ibio oO. atoll, b! bin leu <uya olor Uo or-uitoa of li-' niiit, bo (bod la Uio oflmn sA Uo trtork oi ia? to en or tragi' o ol'-U lite IMMOM thai; ho graa otf ao M ' (iixo la Ur ni y o'rrb'o oflra. tko S4, W to merer a breoob of I bo co?dh-t.? <W oaofe i bond, gtva opoo U* granting ol any lice too ibo i bap | n. .1 troll be Ibe dr.y <* Uo ornmnomora ?' (lean, I lt>eiuprfla?r of Ike looa, a>aj?r ??: the J iy or ti ' itooo ol Iht tillage la which Ue perooa wko aba I laaar tko pt noiiy at r> a da, u prvta'?W Uttaoaeead mooter U c penally uar. ior. See. A Wtwaerer any iwetlefion or y.dgu at tha< bo obta'aed agaiaolaay pare on Union to ee,i airiing or rplri?tt'iM)lq?tOT0 or o.aoo, foraay rloUUeo of Uj pro rialoaa of Uto w t, okber ta o ia t tor a penalty or la a oo'l i]<oa a bead g<roa by aeob poraoa, it ibail bt Ibo ilaly o Uojaatire or oo?rt brtora waeat ihaaaBiagaU It had, t> irabaotU ta Wit ac-xl court o> ano'.tbi or lb (uootjr a tlbtobMBt cf "00b ooai.ellon or ^odgbtaat, and U UK fc 'Mi* ? r ?t>'? I WM OTMOIOM. j*#r 48. Tke mpI eoart itoU caosc lb* rr?r< or p r iom arvnt wlr.m eoe-fc i 01 tu oi> UJ'M, 10 kc HlHH til oprckf ? <eb d?- M toe lOu*t efeoll appclat. to ofenw eooie wfey erf i-i h \ e nre Utol too; bare broo giaaled to l-ini or Ue-n ob iui tot bo ,# rok'.U At tbo i>djr apputa.ed, ud u? r>. n otter do.'* * I bo ooort kbou appolat, it ?b*t jirooao; to lo ;ulre JiW tbo chotMtucN, eon ofeoj: reroke tt? < lo lfe? ton a or pertcna eie.B?'e? Ut pre- u em of to t -1 Me. 47. rbo roreee wboe* rtreaee (feet be re.wfee.l b?u be u-opoh. of reotlriog oaf roefe icaoe v* tell in ager opi'ltnoa I loofoor oiora ie? i?e *i?k or tkr-e f<t-e fmia tot Unto of roott rov-toe' ' i fro. VI. Aay port-a wta eb*n o?U ?-r otroeg ?r epittiae <i n-i'-ore or ulneo to atj <>.' the tfedlT'dufeie to feem h h declared b* tola oot to ue uoloeiul lo to**? ' ti eb ia!o, afeail bo ttoo> for oil 'omofo; w b m?? bi ar^tetied OoagpivwiMO o' inch ante, oo-i ih t forll -e <> eNae'eg *?aj be toed *1 oaf of -In. eouilo of tbla H vM >f otf 'adteldaol rnototolof an-fe IijiitVO, Or bf toe orererert ot tb? poor of tbetooa w ioro ina laj red po?.f ? f r?eide ood tbo e-m reoorered ?b*u bo (jc im M.-e tt of the nortf ta-nrcd MTioa or < >>i ate jrr u?i*n a'ki** ^ce it ]t tboll bo tao <ta?f ofc -uto ,o t?ewt ntrot 1 h ??' to Int-ire toto oU i e^eae in* |> rtetoio of III oot. tad to pre oot e.S <tff.acfi? "Oder tie ?st. ocl oen oil perrooa ?U uif be eho-fed wife odnte rot'of imported or to'.iei . dotln* Kai'.iiN villi mnteAOAno cm aIoIo*1 ,i o A,. or or aollto( u? oa*o,<. or wl b ktiomni'y tisportlrf or taiHif loti*'..-*! ?| r tjora or w!m? ratad ?HH potaooooo or >iokot*rt<ma druga * Oil*'aria; ohiob tfl?a<-uO or* boraby Bariarad to or wU-eoaoam.rt, to bo paatabod by loiprit- am tot to Uio iwoltantlary, trnrbboota or toll, for port-)'! o* tbreo ma t1*, ??t ay a ftoatf aoa bnadrod to'Wro Pro M laoaaa tha partiaa or portooa wbooa d.-ijr H * by I bo proawtoo* af law aol, to proaocuio, aaoli <>a*ioct to prntaont* Bar toy prmatty pronoad b* UHa ao. fir I'm prnodot wm day a after oompiaiat ti thoart laat p.iy p ?Tlotoo of thta art hot He related. a<mmp?al<<l with raoooi ahie proof of tbr aator, any r tur jh mm mo/ pynareoM A*?brt? tbr tamo if if>a '.win voiaala atoorra of ooolao 1M? -alwaiOOttO loorwoo to no Otrrunoo nm autumn* O; w? fll AH fonnrporatoo aootmotaoood format la tow fboto. raga#*' o ""I'Mtf paaoaogar*. ia;|* rap*, rial y ail rattrood. aioaaaooat aad tarry owopaOWB. tod au kaida of oattwraOtoa oooroytoo b r Mrap-jrrooo or prn*orty aboO bo tat bortby wa ray . aad to rafaoa as ploywm to all awaooi who, oo good aorf t.moaht i>roir, Aon bo dim to lodaigo to tbo latowporato obo or latoitoUaf ottakii. aod toy oar* oawpaOy which atwtt r? tola la tto atoolot any porooo or waw ?m Bba'.l. oo MfMOat proof, ho Wt*t to bo rator'nolil at aay ag. riad white fit tbo ootira oarrtao or ntd I'ftijr or porooo. oftbor BO togteaoo, BOO doctor, fUootooawUBO itNrr, ooaaaooOrr. ptvw, aoato ao bmw, or M la onr way ifiri?' ?M oirbf paw* or ommaol. or ' wSi7 aot, M MVOOIOO WO?M IMMi ?bo OOd JUT, Y9KK. 1 mw?; of mo, imr fi??ig mnHM >wm, ntt coapoay or eorp, ratta .ball bo *o*o to fV mm tt Mlmtbu My tflMi Mr Mro IMi im butdtd doUor olotboooooty trooowor lo tbo too air Mm* tbo off boo my bo ooMMlitod m4 prorod, bottro ooy ooort of o< apotooi ;u?too><-Uou Ac. tl. la oay jWpMol imfwi or ibooivoI oa toy boi 4 io bo gtroo oajcr tola oof, or Mo oay pooiHy looo'rod uador Ute oot tbo portoo or poroaaa ogoiaot wbo? nob Jndgmenl iboll bo 'onderod noil aot bo oatuiod. oador ooy oicootioa too nod oo tan jodgaoat, to tbo Moorttoo of tbo j?ll. Hot. tl TMio oioe of adopter twoaty of tbo brat port oI the Bovitcd HiiUlto, ood too oot obUUoO, "Ob oot Mr tbo I'rnnnitu vi ivivpvrm, ?|nniu w *- ?1 Saaed Apt II 9,1M6. Hi all other up laMoelatowl vab proTtetoca o( ibta mm, berebr repackd. fee. R Tfeia Ml aboil take rflaet Imaaedlalaiy. w ton iiwiinroa BctiitCi Auujii, April 16, 1997. Mr O. P. 8am- reportad k'tril y lb* Aaaea*ly Mil far IPs proteottow ol emlsraole. ul esoadtag tbo law eatavltabiag lb# Oommtaatoaara of Kataratkm; oka, ibo Ml rtktlrr it Itita M mbmbbmbIb B Brooklyn. Tbe Mil allow lag lb* ladoatrlel tooooa of Noo Ywh lo partlelpato la lb# dtatrlbctkiB of ibo tobooi money hob re.iotleo up. ucfavorably, and ibe i sport was agreed lo. Io tppolol Comuiiiatoacra lo ore el o now (My Hell la Now York To :t corporate ibe No* York Harbor Bieam Towboet Compwy. Helaiive to ibe Ueorta of Hpcchl Broaloaa. For ibe proeo ion of cmigranb, tod amoadlag Ibo aw relative lo Commiittencre of KajywUon. Mr Riciabiwum reported favorably ta writing oa the politltaa foi a bridge over the Kaat river. Tbe .~?ate agreed mtb tbe report el tbe commutes of . coaieicbeeoB ibe bill tor in* ngalattoa of ibo barsor of Now Yo. k llr. Binckt moved to reooiiatdar tt* vMO on tbe Ctty Hall Ml), and to lay tbat motion oo Ute lento. Motlcu cart!, d. To iresrpoiaio the fori Kwbmond a rgec I* hot Ftrrj Company. * or tbe rtt'elef tte PraakHo aii.o) l>?r a loan to tba Ante, rp More* tiati.uU*. to en mole ibe Naw Yoib tfooorvliore .o ralao money by tlx. TO incur po< ate I Bo Ki3elalo? f'Ooijegi.New Vifk. A menu tar in# oOorter or B.flaio. Tbe hilt gtree the Mayor iba ooatrol of ibo Potloe. Mr W/i?w(ini moved to bmd I ho Now York ul liuiiaio (hartr-a in ono volume. Mr. Noon? rbey ?iil bo aoboaud. Mr. HKmrx? lbty ought to be I rawed u> brara The U>yeraor ietaraoJ with hta veto the bit) (or the pe> m it ot certain A. note eomrnl.teee. Tt e b'll itu Uion peaaed over the wovernor'a veto, bp ayra 30. nay a 1. Two Ui mmitlea ot Conference in Ibo Control Pork bill reported net tboy bod agreed to Mil tbo doh- of W K Htrong tod Jamie Hogg to iboOomnilM'HMdro agreed to Tbo pen ate thoo wont Into earoattre oen > The achate continued to Ii'outiye Boonv- until the ore a lor aopper. Not ono of tbo He-trot Hooter eppolot' iiDta hi ocndrinsd. the tight la aeppoaed to be oo ibem Mr Toller > likely to be reiootet. The proep< ot to thot there will ho o protracted eicealire oeoatoa. there oermo to be lilUe coubl of oil tbo New York Police Oommtaotonem. Aa none of the Supp'y bt la bay# *et been acted apoa In tbe denote It la not IIKely tbot no od inurnment nlli take piece beloro to to or to 0 uigiit or Motart <ty. Twm v? o'Ouxm Tbi aT'outire teenoe cored about t> I*, u W J. A. Fuller aad J. V. Jtj.ige, coniooted tor barbor maaiert, ?ere r?'j-.oted. All |be romoio'og dom'ne* ware con grmee. on the re opening o* tbe doaro tbe following bl'to were pa-reO ? for the more . ffcotuo) preveiutoo ot Oret in the ftaat em diatrlot ot Brooklyn To amend the New York tMnmon Softool law. To too lira the oration >( ?b oena. tbroagh Port Byron. To inarceee inu pay ot toe itab-kirn uaa a-rein. Ibe b II reia'lye 10 tbe rtdemp loo of notee of ro-intry banka rotrlhg np for o third reading. Mr. morel to roaian-1 it, a ban 0 tong de'oou ontnod. AwemOly. A'iumt, April 111, 1WJ. I Tbe Alterably remained In merlon eU laat oigbi nod i entli A o'clock tula morning, perfecting tbe Papply trill. Mr. Jokos mode ti eflor to 001 down the pot ot oil | oibcera to tbo acmaoPowed by Ino, on tbo ground ot Jeal'iagio toot tbo booeoty of tbe nmyrrtty, a bo bod dooiared when reporting toeMepply bill ef ltW tbai they would atrletly adhere to tbe iow to framing two bin. Mr. Ph?mu.w/it be1 d thatw'-eo the wmsi t'et bad <vt do>. d the xopt ly bin of Hit to tteoo toma tbo flown hod orem-w 4 them Tt e ami admeot waa leat. Some bom Itema were I hen added and o.bert etrtrkoe 00V The bui aa reported opjirop toted o little oyer 9J20, OCO (CO for \K? p 'rhM* ?f ih# Ave?>H ore OmI ?h itrtoken cm. HKlifM Ikti ordered to * iMrt rfttlr(. MOKWItO SBMIOW. inn# nanaaaD ro a imm b*at>t<i<i. Va? i-i ibe A-.u. ?r or the Uaia) Depart aaal 0 ftata ctibvr Halite f ?li? talarlre of D* ludgaa of IU? -*upreuta Court n.<* Ooort of Appeal!. *o irgktiae the widening of Bat'vry pla^a Mlv ii| ike roarent of tba -Ha e to ibe UaUed s*Mm to 1 p>'n h-ie a aite lor a r..?i onto? la Kaiv York. f r be api otu iu at of orn>aDaat-mo<a to ta<i>.ira into , Ike i .r> heea af the Ian la of too Arfrtlt era bed To prorl to for the payment of la >or d oe oa oaaali. To aaicsd tbe too ??. ): laitve to CommteaioDort of Deadi ? otber suiac. ' To 'ovnd a Worcea'a Hate flcapital. Ina Now Vcrk and Brook'/n Far j 0*1' waa reported apon tir favorably aa<l ibe rrport waa agreed to. Mr TA'inrve (fared for the .vmrMoration of iho Hvnae a crtaa of reaomt-naa reiattvo to tne DreJ Sana com. I a?* oa the labia ihb aaw xob* araeou rc;i_ The Ciftmttteo ef Conferee?* oa ifta bill ta aatobltab rogo'attoao (or Uta port of Now York reported that the 1 senate bad rerec ao from the bob ooaeorraaoa ta the Aa armbiy amradmerta, and that the bill atood an tt paaaa-l the Hroaa no Ttoaaa aoaeorrad la the Senate amendment! to the b lla far the tormatloa of town taaaraaoa aampaatea. aad far (be protaotiea af amigraMa. him* rAoran To nrorpotavc tha New York liar noaio foeidty To aaucd tba eeia'Uutten or Uio 'owa* boapUat. Miking i rot'?'on tor mjmont lor oertata aa:t>AUU pn o?ae?U by lie SUtr?ft being one of tba Sapp*? buia To provide meana tar the aopport of govoramaai ?beof tbr it'll tad a quarter tea bill. In rc>al'cn to me tnrrpite raa?la ta Havana oouaty. The b'll Mikli g anwi pnetiona lor r?rtan ventre <* 1 tbe govcrnaaat?it betig tho mata body of the ?'pp'y | km?waa road tor tea tktrd tino. *r d'.'Mf y>ovca w f?vuni'Tiu wiw isatri.miona u> i tii Ike out til m< bfpiop/latloat koi by low Mr. Wo .tib defended Iba appropriat'-oo* tnaiaiy cn Ua tbal ibay hac alwaja bwn aliovad la tormerftoo 6j ti l l. lie dcelarad thai Iba mot.oa via only mad* by ' r. Jonrt, u a kndrr of Ibe Ueai'-nratto par.y la lb? | H me to maka cayu.1 Mr. J'laaa repudiated lay auefa talent**. lie mad a Ibi aiWKT la grodiaHb. Tb# a??ou waa leak?i?aa IIS, aaya #4?aadibe Mil wee It"4' Mr wri> iaa rote la a oaeettea of yrtotie?e. H? aadar food tbil tic bill eh |?Hf I ) ealemay or.-r tba ' I mor't r?4o bait born aaai.ialad ta lla puiip betaeoa , a Haute and tba Aetata by bartag Ma Oral page wra nut. fie mo \ * I for a ooaaaitlea of laraatigalioa. b?t tt waarubaiquaaUy diaaaeaead taat the Aral para of IV btil ?ad railaa oal, aad aa tba mat tar una dranped. Mr >oo? aioiad to tab* ay tba Drat MaaM raaalatiaa aid bill, fbe mat oa tu toak ibt bill a ah tag anprapHattcaa lar biata aad charitable J taititi.ilara aaapeaaad by fcaaM, aayab Ita bill laeo/yorat ag tba lalaraaMaaal H^it ua pool *?? called ap for a third reKltag. Mr. IliTri.# mo red la atrika aut tba raac**( claaaa. leak kKrawonit matin*, mite rjmn. lor ?au to tba Naqaebaaaa, ttooadag* aa<< Orl aaaitmb i. lacgaid la tba ripuama of aat-graau, aad apnro pt kaiir.g caruu moaayu la Ua aaa of tba Ooaaaaai.naie f in ?n *nn Tt* Perau returar <i Ibabtll |iro?lt?*g tor tba par m-?? afctrla'a < *p???ea ai Acnnla eomatitaie, with tba <n*e it* ti at iba ikraiacr bat vataa i tl>a olii, and that tba , A aai? ba<> fiaif it ore* Iba rata. Tba louaa tbaa a* > | ) * *<il Use bl.J Of Or T?UV r t Hcum *wt isto of iba wiiiit hj i>ok ap ib? KNlit UH la the 0?M fowl mm. Kr '??i? adored aa amendmuat Mai iba rMW*. aa* did act IMtad In apply It pariaaa patting through laa italc with it?lr aiavaa, nor to laroi.da't tb? I'ugilra "larr laa lie (Jocaa) vaataiaad ibr aiaondnani bp ra maila Iru-oraif la Mairo larma aa* ln.-ind*r/ aitfmptlo pla. o'it ncniaaiM tbei'aauioui or Iba Haprrme Oeari or m*i oT U>? 1'awad P'-atra. An n iitical I rat r U>a ?taua? ofTtif <i a tahatiiala iot Uiaann ?J ro loin a report** bp ih?- OmBfitM. He laongM na ee?a? >ii*r r<t?t?uei?a nail in* 'ar la gociar'ag loot 1'ie Sip>ta>< ?* ?.n U i Milted iba reapf! of the paipt* aad lhal Ibty ahooid hare <l?si<Ud in ymlloa the aiprt* i a 01 tL*lr t'laapprobaiioo 10 iba dmia of iba JoJget ou ' p Mnal n-m.-a ia wbitb Wey bad ra'a.fted r. glory ael malign d Iba frami ra ol the amotiiwt on Mr yo. r aarmiy o.'j.uaed tbo aabaUlula oa ibf groi-.rvi '.ball! d'.d ant r >(rtaa immgb aad ibal U?a tu on tbr

| n to ai ilea a or.ia Mr l'a m-ia ibrngbt tbo toooal r*a?* o'tkio-n miliar i?n e?ir.-?a?fll la vorda, a? I tbal va. tenia of M.ap<'0ptr *?uhi mi ti Urtu II. Tha Mb Ida a Vat ) utl Mr V tiara fib-red a i.ihtviaie, <v a-|. me n * l ie ira.l u.r .1. |?*| o??IU ll> paaalliW ab,et ibry vera Milt d oa la Icmuo Tba tub* J:a a wa? I l?l Meaara. B b u?i? hi A o?n tioataxd iba OOMBilWa at.i |t>c>4maa Mraira H*?r,.a.> aad Worn* ".po^-d h<a rantr tiioa Mr KTTii* dranaroad lha raMt tl ma u roe In.Prii'y n Uiel* allorkt n M>e Pop-*?e ?)oarl and lava af lha I sued f.aiea Jla brld thai U? iVmUitnt B.%*. a aero no* ire oatl, ba ante a?Ttry ?a< i..trial ?d th.aay Ibr rovitltoilnn. 1 itrio Maua w?-ro tenUnoai m r tial ' vcold violate tbo <>'nai l.^ia Mr P.r,ri mrrid la add In iba reeotal-uot a itrorle-oa . 4nr *h? rpo*?s ftl Rtr'oH or ?* u*|?rf*i ??> < i f iii? rMgUcn p*-t/ i? Ik* yrtipf My ? 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Uvs lb?M mbm ttell Mif U*o tn sw appry to any amwmm ? a ? w ~? luia ?ha stall km b*ti laafally MM M owe tabor o* n rrloa la say other Mate ea4m IN Nwi thereof la e?'orally with ike iHklllrta. ffce WAS HM!< Mr Knua spoke sgstnot the Ml), aad afler remarks ft* m serrral otkr r asakara Ike eaaeaMtee nn. la ike B ore Mr. Joraa reaewed kN aMN a add a eoratitatkaal prcrtao a Um Mil, Hd called foriheajee aad aaya Ike aottea waa tost by ayea M. aaya M The rtftaal bill, aa repwwd by the rwasmittde, waa Ifera erdersd >e a third reading. The Mil pro* id tag for it* k> rptag of tfea words rn '.bo eireatlro depart meat, aad Using wta aa'artee in the doparimeai, waa ordered a a third reading. The attob pi a lake aa the reealaUoa for ike Ban) ad joerBBsal tailed. Adjourned. THE BURDELL ESTATE. fianogatt'a Court. Before a. W. Bradford, Ks-i. Ai-kji Id.?The ease of Mra CapniBghnat's aw1 salioe tor letlcra of S'lmiDauslioa upon uo eatato ol iMiak array Borde-t aaa broogbt oprgnlnln tbla Ooortai 10 A. M. Tee partita coatrsilag tnai appiiOMtos opened ueir case. Mr 1 lidra made somo of onlay rrajtrkf ikat be lataadtd to prore Uet lb? marrtaee aii?>grd w have Iskia p'ico belveta Mrs. a^ Ur Rtrdeil Is a flouos. Be ocestdered It tbo nrta. pa'pool) CotUa .that waa ercr attempted to be proven In a o >ml of >ua Ilea. Trere Is s mssa of testimony oats do of tbe 'a-all. of Ike olelmaot wt leu will ooao oeiroly prore Uto offer e OoIIcb. Bo for as the young lady w^e wne<>n l&e sunt oe tbe II'st da? or lb a work, when we ooioo to reriee ber Itilhn'oy <t will appear U>al sbe wt?l oe 'I* 'y om 11 icWhj srl on >mma(era? o? tbe ovr Im.n tui. pi ble ot b< r usttmonr. Me will show, sw d as. bv>? prrtoo# s Ih eg It te to nemo oa n?? els>oi * tb lelse testimony Wo brpo ic e*te > teb, urr?>* we are done witb tbla wilacai, tb'tl sbe ta c.ilittiy oowertby ol year Maftdedgk Wo aosii cMMa tor to collect from tee ne'.? ol thoso j?s?t*>e separately sad fgoibnr fiom a yariety ol iac>? sod jv> tvidttee or wtoi-ei)* wno are em- eijr ?i? r: r 114], vtti tbe no'ure rf tii* retailor.* ?i?d r >>*?:'<mi <>r P? Buadel) and Mra. Cunningham I belt'ivr e^nltlaodf nil at ongly tl- jonr honor will be aoi? toaa> pwiMatiy ' inert ? ua marriagetboro ?<?abVl b?a >.? to overthrow tltli torc-nil n not unly b* 1 >a*r ?! *100 at pott-Ire'm-ijy !>ni from tb-j w?"|tb<, ?T it v -n DluOfbt agalDfi -ut-m TtflriMOfiY op riiTun v. vootmiH. Ex A'detniai- ft lor V. Voo:ma ba'j* cai.e ' Tlld< n and only t* rn ?ihl ?I raa-aa at N 4i lltr,, oin J 1 iieet, ?m fony r r? >*ari old, I on *< 'iiatme> wi n 1 the Rev. K-. Mtrvloe; I bave n* 1 ounver-ai.oaa ?i h b'm about tbo alirtel wtn ?gi 0: B-'?0 ' w d*i llitltikim, tbo Ur*( dm ciitMMRM VWIMfeltM ; btforotbu Coroaer's jury Q Will, bow iid laat wu'nrtf.'M -.slut 'Mf Mr. CIlntim--I oh;;-."., If be iu'e..',? |g iaMKg)l|f. Mtrvli e bo unit put tfcr qneatt-n dirr ?. <J Did ban war* to jot ihm t? dll |<H w atiMea Illy ibe Dortur at ihr pomn Ho n u?nolt A Y >'-, nr. be raid no, nil it ai be 000U aeo tbat Ic-jkeJ ba? a.oi w~l a alight rticmbianco about th.- m neb Vl P d bo a?y ho lo< led i me libr hint (fltrJa I.) but ll at It *aa t iji'i'i-t A P.< tall lb a', all - <ioiu>il teowaa a ??;*) rrtrmblan o a ? nl the m .n it a.i-t rot up Ma Argoe to but ni- alb, ??: teg ?j>.u !? rru Habi: to aatd b<. wan not Rood a IdruilfyiBf t>or">ro Q Did ho tay wbeo perpie ??ero tour't-i bjio woo prrfoimtd the witmoay trer,oruf>icd with a/moth-jig tlao tbac Icobtoa at itae p?raun? ' Mr. Clinton or; 0 od to ibo f lett'r a? no e. ?j?a'?ai. QntatloD allowed Wlti oaa ?A. Yea air. U Did beaay tbe be icar-rad ?a? alow tpiikan ardetooje;? A V ? air Q Did be ?ay to ion tec war/ be inarrHo e^vxi >v?,a, ttrrrmlbawniMit A H? Hid tbe nun run-r barb of the wocian do; a ice e by bnr at)e Q tnd be ray the u an tcicd ru? rf Mr. CUMon?We ail) aim!, tb it Mm Col; a eajra a tod queer Mr. Ti'drn?Bvt tba? wax not BurJeli, he wirno ocr. ta'Bty have noted veer tf ce haJ ma*rwu Mr* tHnuog. ham Witaeaa?Yne air. Q Dkl be ?xpr*aa. n an thai '/ie*ei Mikio, toe opiu'me that U wea Buret)! be bad aaarrieot OoetUoe ov jeeted so? objection overruled TVitnert?N<>, etr n<t at he fi'tt e mrcrvv'ia I bad with llm, that coDTenattoo waa Ik o or met.7 BitButeatoif; 1 tad a anbvrquert ooarfrstitoa ?1 Ji btei onjb'a eobject; It w?b a):er be bad boon to tbe rovtb# to , ait Tin. Cuai:'B|ha and to U taken aoi j>rcaja"i for 1 Dr Hacdgieta; Tt wea oae II >mny wo'nteg; be aa<J he bad bora opto are nr. FooCftatr g )>d ba lay to yoa |li*t. from the r'e.rimeteaoa of j htt.ri found out lb? r< aeon why the pa-noa cane to Mm to yti warned, be wih It clmed to itui optatiu tuet wax ready lir. Bare'ell be mart let 1 ((be q leetl. a waa oh j it to, km a:lowed oj tbe Dour. ) A Yet. atr;nndit 1 way be aiUiwet to espia'n 1 will woke thai ma her pla a; Mr Marvtre eatd be bad bceaep to Dr Houdgntaa' end prceebad, aad that be cool.) a-eocet wbr toe? oam > to liaa in yet mMl tt waa becaaae Mia tuxl/met bad |trfn Mra Otiaaingben bta n-tdreea; ba pieaobtd lor Pr. baoe*raea ea tne *tb ef Drtooer, and catba VT'b Mia. Uoaaintbeai weal np aad toqired for l>r. Baodgiaar, who waa tbea 10 to ?n; M>e Mj'g em tug grab d teat 1 Us (Mra. 0 ) ebnu'd call open Mr. Marvlae, wba p'eaebad terra tbe da* befmn, aad than gave bar bte tdJreat: 'ben Mr. Marvlae ad do-1, be uagaa to thiok tt waa Burden be ararrted after a>t g Idd yea ilea eay to aim, Toa eont than bring aaytbieg were tw year reooDeotion to identify tbe raea teas berortf" and etd no uiwr tbara w?e aetatag abeat tie maa to ktaU y biaa, aaapt a Uttie abeat but 1 mru b, wb'tb 1 bave mentioned be wet Mr. Olnteo objected lo Ibo qoea.ioa, ee tt did ant occur la tbeaxamlanUoa 01 Mr Marrlae waew be wwa M fore tie Court. Tie Surrogate tamieod bia mmatea but ltd AmJta.' II rwilll m 1Kb mmbmmI dfi.t<*M tart I nal |Mm r.naa. lloa bad beea iiktd Hr Mar? Iaa. Tee Owirt allowed the queailoa. Wiiaito?1 pui lb at qoeaitoa to him, eay .og, * II from thie cireumelatoe aboai lb# addreae that jo>. hetlayed U waa Burden you me-r* 1 -run tram eay taiog tba icq rtmeaabrred " be uaW from lb la otreaaittaeoe aad from a net tola tod/ dcaorlbiag Dr bar dull'a appee*1Mb tew kailocd ard atoua-d, be begaa to banarait waa I?r r rdt be mamurf; ha aa 1 iba i.w *? ? >>> ab' ni tba ?outo waa all ba bad aeaa about the naaa ra atnbi'igDr Burden, Ibal ioaIMWiMI'>f iaa aaooUi : ucJ lit i aa of ike lo'.j oorroepoodr.l aoarer to IV. Hir dril tkaa lokei <j. Li.a ycu aab L:a aerural tuaaa whahec bacoail l UNaWflM l>od)? aad <n<i ka aat io?vu era* "Piliag wbai a*?p i-a ypt iba ?,/ - tlif a i aakcd h|i? uooa el IbUtiaieif t a rte dlrctod eaylhi.g mw aboal i<t.o>fy top allied r iba baly or daguerreotype q f)td ba al any l>aaa uurion ilia* later new re Ay to i as; 'iiiuailoa pal by you, thai there waa polling what ever ?ice pi il... il/.e if iba i??a aid ibaa'igtii roarm blence abou. ifcemouib wb'.cb be oould ideut'r f a He i aa'.d ibal, *nd Ibal ru a'l b> whlub be wold Id-anty him of ha ewa bao* bilge. W:la<wa eroae aiaaaiaad by br. Hi ue -hud jii aa/ jarbaular tauieet in qoeet tag Mr la ? w ua lb a 1 enWrtf A Nothing wore thaa o>?ionby; 1 bat aarar heard tktra were each people la aiWaoe a? >v H irdAii I "ad lira Uuat egfc..m bc'are the ma. der of ibt refiner t ! a< var haaw at brr or heaa till after that; a* KTtoohwiu rid mi V iba Brat later:!, w. 1 lu! bh one* orer i>> iti? ocua 01 Brad etrocl dnrlrg Ui? lr riat *atiou h\*e at I beta la thai eirett t? Ua d?y too* the , murder; to ore w*a pratiul wlh aa <>n ibe itc-iB aratailda; 1 hit area a paer aal al-ed act la Dr. furt.'a'u r.iu r.ili I ana ao nitmorai.dBui of ibecarrrta'.laa; I oenM no; Iaa Ify to erary wwd that panted wtwui Mr Mariar acd myaoif. boil aaa to ib? avba'aaee "T ?T?r) that waa aaM; I pro; -a* to bare a aoid memory , ibe trooad ernriraatoe waa tea or (If k?B wlaaito mg: wea'.MUUad uonr,* a'out Dr Ka.>1- , grata, faaa'.itorty; 1 ceo r.ptel the aaa aad enbetaare <f 1 rrtiytb'ag Ibal waa aald. acd ?r Ibe laugwug* pre o^ay. g lad yoa aad Dr Man or aa thte atoned talerrlew, eatortato nmwtal netveaa at at the bum be nu l a>%* rWd? A. I lonod thai h a opto,one bad (headed r*ry aioch, aad aa to hit riewe about tba I laelity of Dr Harral', 1 eerta'nly d'ff.rad r.-om h.m, fer I d.4 oei buN-ya | at ttat Ha? rum iha Uaprciatoa I Jaatvrd fme bla tora?er eeettraaeae, ital N waa Hr. rior-iuii ba bed mani d; eur ooeraraa ire aaaa net wane ua.i ap ritad, i*vi poq dhroaa ibe trHle' at .oh or we'.nly; 1 ar'y waelrd DldH'V trwt*?j TdVl ??l lruow a;y ta i 'uairy 4, itw and how did toa "rm<*-n> mms V-mo , rkf U 14 <te hi..oJ rrltl fi of IV Purtai.f A I Aid *o*y ! irooh obliged 10 yon for asking m U.V ?j-.?o'"n?: I I i?nr? irmtin?%'ol to lb* rood I of IV B iTiloli'A rW lAt'.Tto About tbio oo Mr; 1 trot roooired a ??ma fro-n Mr THdro maIdc wo to mil At hM eBleo; 1 d-d #< f? fo Mr. 'Udrt'i cdVw, ii*of*M'.og wAot AO ni^h. ?*"' Of r?: OW ItO fofWwMg IMA I AT moralor M? Wdoi At .ny fcOAOA Aid rnt'.d III tWOtMKr Mr MAT* 'ao; | I AAid 1 did: bO JNIOAlltod dOWA lOOAOWttBt Of ?t?|l AAtd (? A oa- A At W WAaI jrm OOtl hf INO WAf AtdA). Ho might bor* hrro It. iat h-mao *b ml I fit AO I boor; ihoro tai a i#tb??? |m ir?an i"i h a, dnl ktow obo il ww; don I o*o him ??#: a anort 1'mo Afto* wirdl I ooI'od lo At my MitorM. ood mot Mr. TiMoo tbrro; b? apobe to tr.a o?o ttxxil ibo moMw 1 boyo Ktlltt hlWOlAOO t'lllh a Wiring, I hATrt Alt a.st01 >'-M to tel toy AHoAAMO In thlo "AT-; I hOTO Anown Mo. Mn ?too tor two yoora; ho fmmn to **y o3lw b> bay ooai frtqwMf. ymtimftwr nr w*. bavtcl c itanhwr. ramrtl C H ATT lot, Aolag AoWad by Mr ill ??A Aid do yowor* Mt-t?i ror At No 7MM HAWWt liroit Am A! y?-?ro All; J know the Rot I f'Ab Morrtoo; f brro hod ro?iy?raotloo With hitn oo h- to'ijo^' or ?HV tli?H WAirVfr; bo atoot'otod to mo thai bo ?>l |M?| -Iota ,1 the Tcmho to ?oo Rotol y lid bo ooy to yt>- ttat ?rb*o ho ib-mld too r gni bo ft orril bo ohoo'd ooo tbo km b? morrtod t A. Hedtt. ?r thto ??T<>roottoA nfTrt-i oa tho tvdo TAlk tt rr wt O' (Af bOUOA: bo WAA tboo (OlAf dow* to TOO B-Okl ViuotA orom OAAwla...) by *' Ol'itoo?My hoi < k "Ki hot hooi I Hot or go-cor: 1 ham i?n? VfMa.v a# for Ab. nt | y?A' o'ld A h#'t: | At .101 h i obirnfc ?matonai)y it war d'.orotty U fntot i o* my do-*: ho tOofipoo *td ?o'-t b? wka <i? bn j Wty down t > t*o iomho to oo.- Fk*', I It'll I <m J* "*'7 rorlf rowmobor tio of- it -roof h? t rod o* tb%t w kMB;Vr I -dfti on tbo ??o? pmrm ? > i o-h ?s t wimoTrmotioo; ttwiob < fort Mr HattIao g*r? n>? tottimnoy bi ra; it no Wtva AMormoo ?t>drti ?w pr'tent, A' i. ri?i?A Vaopmo bAOtd tbo #r Mr T-idow 1 with wo; M waa bo* nr a?t wo-tto Afwr th? ?-?ott m -? ; i bod wttb Mr. Mat una i hod om too of d -a fbo ro w 1 I'wo to my fAmliy Inoamooi mow too frwim wordi thot Mr. flhlOB oood to ow> at Ihot tot ttVW: 1 Woe mb ; f Mid to altoad boro; I bar* hA1 AOONIW OgnrwrAO una wtlb ABM ol tbo OATtVt to tow 0N0O r 1-otd WtM Wtitnb !' ? htm; ami. ?r ?" NiilO N IM rr**** *? ? *' n?*i tMartv* '-anr**" ? tue ?*?** * A. t #rf. r ?? M |k*| M|tm( Mr. omtd-Ou j?? I??r p mH OMU that k? mm im wori A. f m?Y ka wi ?- W??| U MM Ml ? Mf *? * ???. MM Ml rtMUMlMt Mr Mukikiwin at IM Mm imM KB*"- ?? To Mr MwarJa?I MiMlintMl^ HurrlM wm ouM Mm oa diflaroat ??yt. Mr. TUirn ?flor?a la riad lha d paMM of MUa *a fua Oniiirilia li Oh aa n regard to too app'toaoa aift fey tlM PaWto Adalntrmior 'or tM atto of lakm *Mld lantlara, M, or Or. Dardail. n>i aoaasel aid gurragato dtoldod to admit tba affidavit as toainoay fer Tildia tian o? ltd Heajiuto t tlcguiro, wdj 9j trg laty a won, aatd?1 It*# at Na 1 Uatea square as 30 yrara ofigr, and am a daatlot; 1 know too lato lUr*?y Burdal); am a eoatta of bla; I had earn* aaararou ttoa with the Re* Mr. Marvlaa alxmt Ihto marriage; 1 drat paba to biai cf it at felt bouse on Huana?, tba ta< o re? iaar/; I bad toots ooa venation wub hut on Ida umu ray asd auMrcl at >1 Biui ?t'#a--; ? was about 9 o'el ok y it, bafora bo bad bran to rae toe boly U Old M dnciita to y iu or to your praaeios too ap pearaaos or toe man ba bad ?w r'edt A Bo did . ba laid ba wai a Ibto, apa's a?*a. Q II d ba say, ,facUg bit baud on Mi breast, ha a but era mended to bar f A. Hi dt.t; ba plaooJ bla band oa bla broait about ?la luobea balo* at? gfbte, bla laca beta* bald hods totally, aad tbay wtro Tiry think; ba a.'J the mao'a ?bit bar* w?ro fall, vary foil; I did r't pratob to M-. Marylaa tb?t It vat tot Or Rurdrll tost be bed irs'rve-1 to Mrs OuonlQehatt Q. aba aai iii? ofcataot-ir 0/ Dr. B irde) 'a ahli beta al or aboui the 2').* or Oo. >U:rf l Uil l>ib o bin abeul thai ll??; luoaa D*. HiiJe li'nuuino' fourteen year*; lb* Nut lima I m* <)r ltide:l l> l ;ro Mo denM c *f on no l b d?y a' v .y bo I rim wf '" htr iboit. ih >> were l? light g.ny oM.r; ha'rvaa ilgtil Mil b* w'->lakara *r?y ana rsoiy; 0m wblthrra ca the at.'e if kl* f?oa ahora nia asm i f ro It in. i?nlto ihlu and ?h jrl; the dcolor'i liaite r.-ro q not la moTrmibt and ipamb. aud <3 oU nol beauyl'iiog ? a ; 1 alaayn ngar ad bin* as ai .ra ght man. cSroai fiaiuln-il by ?lr. Cllo'ou? I nave *>eo* tn'inuta Wi b Dr. Bur. ell pari of tbo Vina tlnrmg allien 1 <rM a* i;r?lt(ei aitb hliu; I wai farolltr ?lin htm fir ibo flrf. two yoara; Ibo e? il ibrai 1 ear* I bit nolb a< w .10 with blm, bieavae I aa# a lib .ban 1) irdo'l, with a "oi bo n*rf?jr, a*a 00 bad u-rma; nrioa noil M?m> op ot >c*?? I w#a fairlliar aim bitu, 1 loo refna-d 10 mir'? * w?M? bim, ?%d novi r lid tharaaftar} Mi* *to ?r May, IWtd, ?? tbo ail tm.i I apola ink mi: I had n a rand oiii h'n. bo t??< r leO'iveraJ a j vigni >nl agi',at tut n tba llaiiceCi>a/f,; bio'l 1r a .? o.a.i an 1 i>?lt itur.-al; h' oal'i d < p< a ine t?a or tbraa t'm- f dortog i.nii'oa "Sra, hot I 'poke lUtle t? H'm; I tn: i? na nenally aor* whMlbrr on (00 a'do of ;-t# fair, th ?ngn ib ir ?ari ?*ry li la and abort; ba i?ia< ttaara ?.?d the* not < t fb? tnontrta at a itm*; h novo- wora a nwa'aob > Ibat I in >* V, ox <?i i 1 no ihrr.1 y in ago; I do not i.msld 11 io?; bo aa? a rrirtriabl* rt'Dqit ?>r M>p|i"? r ni *m a? neuabia man; b*- la1 k?d hastily anJ quiet: Dr. Hurjo't'a n> rtnnr aid tj mother aro alalira; Dunta tifu*b?'d 'a mr ocMn; > baie icon Inr ao?:?al Uuaa: I uiva kro?n bcr Tor two or two at<1 a ba'f ym-a; ? >6 a*a a marr'e' lity, and i? now divrcol frca? tj-r bvabani; 1 don't irooa alio' Dr. .tu dill an "ii'ar raiidin a#ob'ain(d bcr 4taoM?, Hero aaano. a *ool ' (lira be *?y loon and D?r?.?y Di-lril; Wi iian an I Johu Biii< <l> aero aiwayn rrl*Dd*, ao lar ?<i I know, and J' 11 aid Jlirvey ?rta not; I Jo nol kc o* 'bai <*! 1 am >-4|Jhr i ii ' airatfar 01 gaod u- m* ifi'v y iinatl sto? tl wnh Mra. J.ibn B'ird?li axalot'. nor b s land ah n H ?? lor i -Mi. o:m, an t a^aln it b?r a U n l o ib<;e|til U * r?? for b's laioraai. A.ontp?i'" li.a Oiianingbam ta'J tbat wi 1 ;u?l llko tJMvry lb" 11 forbowai f11.Inn; to marry Urs C11 t I'gfiin w'?.-> bo tbooib'. he -roan got tlOO O'tOby it. (1 a op'ill r ) III Inr Mr Mirflu ) laa'.o 1110 r-'Oll'l nal b x Miiy.ko - oforrd bla 0 --vat To Mr riilro?7'iirrn baa tHirn no s.iiftla! intltvy ba la era on- It and IV,U am Baid'U; I do not know -bat Wi Cam Purtoll ink any pari in ibo <1 iflmfy ontaosn John otii darrry Hurdeli. rirrrrya'r?wr tbrra anjt'nox pcculU". r>tiarkv>lo or d'lt'Bo Iro abniil Dr. Burd^ll'a fuaaolbiloo or aooem 1 A. \ot llr, Ibtru *11: n.eio wm aurl of taacg to his lire; h'a rolce a&a < fioa lb?l of msni port >31; be mi very pprui RT in ami n.ionor fmutl w. Par.uly fcrlag c%,??<t by Mr. Tliden and duly aorrr, rv'd?1 r<*|/!e at No JO B m 1 atrcet; am M yfare n'lg" tad a d. nl'.tl, I koow hi It'o Harr <y Bur tcli for U'uen yca??; h!? hco*? i* opposite ma-; I troll 11 nt'y ii* b'm m tee rrc*t; 1 bad cuitrrea iou with the Kit. Mr. Marvinee*. 31 B >ud eue-1, an 1 while w.lx I or ii?i that hovae to the prleut wbere be VMfulfu: to ior Mr tic* I; 1 wa? pretent a. a t* wltu tiokel; tie coetc ill ? *>i Irotu *n bo-ir to anbourml * qiar tcr ;n Iruf ill. g II (1 he taj ho vat ret guz.l at recafn'a'eg ,tt re cell cHrr. ye a utf A. beiatd ttnilio area not g Did In tay to yon I bat be lid not particularly inline lie mu bo marrl dT A Ho m l be iild ant at the time lie oiasr.ed tboai, but betpokeoflwoo?.hernocenk>Be when lie caw the man that hi dM ptrttcdariy iioilis kin. g. Did lioiay that the lltlng eypreaMon hMe^'gooi ho did rni km w he co* d ncogb se b in even II Itbal b ao l)r B rdel.V A Tbj p-crlao vo-d? I caenot Kite, t>o. tie Icta an tba'. death eoeua'ge' ibe rounteuauog an t ??pre*f I'lo that bo ccntd cot wrll rer. qrntsi Ibe eorpa* of n ]Mi?rn be wat Dot r?y aoiillar w'.tn when it 'ey g. Durlig hat o-mrefiainu tld be mpreee any ?ot i-aClon I bet It aaa IV b rili I! bum be tna'r'edf (Mr. C latin obj olrd t< the qooiloa. UjJiotion orerrnxi ) A Nr.l'r. Q n d be lay aaytbing about the wbiekera beir* fa'ee* A Y<?, In daeit on that, g uii be describe iba nan bs married? A Yx s'r g BMMM) the MbMMMdM mam, ww io * In bin weik ami tn bti apercb, aid bta general a pear ? oru *aa irob that ticep. In bis ta:e be V>o?ei >& or N ! jrare?fa|'T A Yen 7t ynra ol ?|e wart the wo; de g Ihd be nay that hie w blatters wore what yog woo!J call loe| esd :????t A. llo Mid an wii.tAen woro iiog, bl elf, aid what oa world call baa*y. g iHii l e at a.y lls.o do lig ibtt rotroraa iOj ex pr.aatbe epulis h?t 'b<- body ei HariaI was thai of >n.w.a k. watnted* A M? ale I ll.lek i( ?aj lha . .? of tba bu>laI. H via lb. dial <>e ore Mi (Ma*r lo-'t) turn <1 cua/iaiiloa bemro it Ua.-oner; 1 ?m preacai M jji. Dnl riaudwai on before lb. C~v >anr. Q Cu you o'iMorvu U?. jieriooa u ifea liiaae No. 31 Couu strict In in year wludon < A. Wb.'i ia? n >ia? aiu koouliou iii' < i.ior lb? ?r!a.low or few fk?!'. ft um It, cxcrp. I* lb' atoning wb nU.ega* li light >d. g Hietu woe'iirr ynu bat* to a an; wan la loo laird tiary fmat roowf A. I bats tre<|uooiiy aaaa a lady sad gel womaa Ui?ro wltb a?aM cbiidraa: I with V) ba n.deralo.d Itial I oarer tad ih? laatt ansp-ctaa of any ibirg wrong ta that bans*, I hawo aaaa a lady aad g< a Ik una 1 i>ara aarly aad lata la ifea day, aad ao fraqoaaiiy i feat I U.ofe It ? Q to ba roaa aad wda: I saw oalidran if re tfonag ifca day; I oaa t tay wbofe I Bare aaaa there ifea amst, ilia aiaa or woman, 1 fear a aaaa thorn thara logttber, aa<1 aarfe ifetra singly, or win I conld aoi t-? taa, ifeat waa waa ant l)r. Sardall; fea'ora Djr.em fear 1 d.d not aae ibam, aa 1 was la ifea e uairy, at Mortialoaa; 1 tbiat I feawa aaaa a partwa tfeero beVtr> 1 I ret Mat I I waa la Ifea frail iwaa, Iroaa wfe-ofe I o?uU | no the oi tui a clook la lie mo oing aad a<Vr 4 f. M. Mr. CbM aiada a gereral object'* U all ouetiloaa bcartig oa tfea eacJaet or aoU ?M Ifea yv'Va n bti Wildcat?1 feawoaaaa btm|>'B< rally drtsaad, aad a.mi llmta wbaa Isnpyciad blm drroi'ng; I daa't feaow as I nw a era Ibaa one lady la ifetl room, I did no', oup oar Ibare ware aay wnacg ladlaa ibaro, tail waa a middle- ay id, abonl. ? or id yti't old. I n w Mra Cnan'ughtot alter lh? 'trail- of Dr. B.irlall, and reoogelEiHl her ta Ifeat woasta, I bava iten fear tc-va'al umea ? noa, 1 arvcr ?aw a p< raoo la tbal little rorm adjoining g. ltd yea * vnr tea Uie light tbiia U rough 'rom oaa rreaa to aawb?r f W- l^HJ VCB vtfjrr: IU 119 '{ ?i>'#U, ?U I . ?rriQl'-f(J 0B.? tare,* Ib'.agi ?|* r.ti Paoi *7j, ml .oh lbr> w'?i-ia b">IO WltbDat f IMIN. aUoeod. A. I Mall ?<H Uli I Ml. a ??* uuii'iii <>* rna *>* a 1 cm la l#*a an .?? init ilaj ml oAoMr laal. I n? <a If M?f to*a at 4 o etna*; I I r% il*i day lidaata aa* ? o'< nek, I i?w a t ; ?l ur?# (real room a* Ota Uilrd tlory a1 No 31 H-t <1 air col, u ? a tie*; ha trie a t (knell; ha e?a u ,***:?? b:<m h. ha a'.doe ?*a u *a and an * a< ana*; ledaal I baa aotire earth)** peculiar ta l. e ?r??i; 1 ?a* to >114 la lb* daj aed ' ??? la Bimb a brrr> i* a< that I marrt/ a?itl-od a pat?a !? >a <"l, ib?a 'taaed I ho tn-kad i-.a daor it. , Un iho barao, a* t I ih* ihpe I td i op aal ti* iba >>*n ?. n aard; bit dp a* bat m oba^od b i api-c vmo< tirat I oomtd^rad b m a par *? ?fc wean 'l *nb i?o .hoaira aad bai j < drtiaad hlaMrif tar N, my b'rr-ia ih*r>ty P a'eh ah A H m 4 ' H.*r?* par* aa mMlo ai aad laatrd mt lu da lomr mm fa> '.horn twm d auiy. I foetid by rafaraaoo my hoote load I ooald rtiM1 toikia or rita'ii aaya: l hay wear a* Maine logo beat* that I'ad ia? m u thay wand eetae I tea aid t'.v* ! U t m a lalo b< ft it <1 go h ue* t.y ta* a***; km e; loey dk' ao, a* 11 aa l* laa >at y if?e ?r l?< *r u>a hour ' aad cay t*< y r?re 'o aoaaa jny iapt tttir a ,gay m at 1 aad i* (fid J. 1 mala ueratir 'a my ba?h a i la* ST h af I 0* ?.?k' 1 ?aa tha oh?a|* f *rtwt?d it Iba mau'i tax i tad brae '< <ba atfhtaf t*r wr-b af 'irkMr l al rea?at ! m* to i*t it-aa b* cm d/<ai?d rj* n* iboatr*. ira airrrt tmm .im* lyre i*"l ar t tha ana* ad Jr nraod ll'l lQn'Ol rk If-ley. I.i. naar ? ? i eiui* ? ibr utri irortia of i r? lyc^.t ' the l*al t'dv* l"pa?iet'al arr flcpiirat'ekeg. hi 11? a at j ml !* m?*r*r ?'*? 4 r dtt'oek o.'t* ml**a f ?air? a a ta a aitrmltg ra ml aa#t? -aJiy ? ergo *>M**, r--leadi'di b> irroctoaa tie fwanaa ax|?.?fAd to MX : ? . CM. I I Kit I t " Jl '< * I* of tb /r ?? of iiiiua n?i-? Ai n orar M to 't nrvijo f lh. (mL 'e. Mot omr. p3*'i?->U *? ? <?raw m r>? ?|?l **d ' IM root m o' ih > a a ? < ?. I?4 V?*t. ttal MM W* ? ?H??r U- i.*! % ?ij?.4lfc?> Port iHBCt l"p Mill ? 1 ?' ' ' ?t MOtod -.a' a . tonorti*, M A'l (Tfnto, ? fa- ?>>"> <?? ? ?fr o-a r?iifl ft* dajaaHtaMAfrf hifl tf t* I V- *to rnwpaiia t, frnai ran# of jaatt*. In ?* ??ia\t a <ta'.ta oarnl i?tf <Mmm a I ?*"? ral i>" t)oft ?? rrc?'tt> i?? bi iti?>4 'rt' 'if im> mu ra I prf.'Ji >?1 ? !?' ?"Am A? > b?f ?>< <ar .?a| e? IM \m kwt irar,?d ky i ?o??i rm ,f n MMM. i? a iwfmm nm-tur it in i.oaat Of t*? ! H#k?v tin** Tko* I. VMM anato*. baro io* ft *o war**, m Al? aud > ( ?/, M i ? vri ?Mi'h > ? - nara hi,->h rfiNi i.afp a wttor?-ar? ?. hot* i>? ?!v> II i\m a* mom ttl i proptily la ma |.oaaaaali?a, an t a tun*. i?o?i f tl t, >a ioaaii a af lila ??t I fan! b .air. at ,??n rt?r*ian *+ ?tor rnou>?o M to ?boto 'May oi lr wt tfc-? t wodr >r ir.??r carrftp ndrron, Mo iwrat'tfri m, n??f Hanfi'f u? ?a aofatcaai.d kt? will irgai* la full K .v, ??,I .t* aii.'ta t wtk ? to kf atj iiVf Haaw I Ptiwaal lfltrlll(riirt. Pi<M IJrorpooi In Dm Aran*. - Ntr TV *> ;. , ?M tony. IW?? ohlVron and nnvaa; Mr* .1 If fltoi'ia, fr Wo il run. Arckiba'<t PowMa, Jlto> A ojrn Mm w<w*?- ; 1I lfhrnarorMd !*. /, Mto. Voa').^a\t r. *r U<4tUr. U.l? an l fanfbiao. Mr tjw'arn and Mdr t*o rbtt-lr wi and nunv <tr I ?v<l Mr ,M'? 'iMluf.iwo c .ii irv ivi nnrto p Wf"* I U'*** 'WO"*1 tdr?<a ?-dIwnfNK ? -or ?- ? Mr IJ. '. .. 1 fapllAaaUa. Nra Ikorbarn. throa aMMrp and a r? , ? 'B. *rt CmntleWtoiaond. Mr 'aa Uloiuiti, Mr t inT.^a ?a Mw?r i *r "STf1"*, Btr'Itof'nijtoi'a. 'Hvort Mr I'ranhaH Mr ftai?. Mr m?b. n ?r i>' ? i-i!? r. * 3 ARRIVAL OF THE ARABIA. TBRBB DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. Ill OBZmil WAl. ^ i# IBB lirOITID rilCK. THE SPANISH-MEXICAN QUESTION, The English Elcctioifl Still 1'avorahle to Palmerston. The AuHtro-Sardiniau Difficulty Widening. THE CASE OF THE LYOMAIS. The Bank of England Discount Rate* Advanced to 6 1-2 per cent. (?(( Steady?BreadMufl'n and Pravhlena Firm. Connola, 03 1-8 a 98 1-4, 4c., Ac., Ac. The Ctrnit vail eieainib'p Arte*. fraai I vcrpoot, a o'otork ?f fracoa of Situ- l?y, tho fib laat., arri *1 penult* 7 n.cinttj[. Tbe a rlvd aid A. M. lit lift. The K < rtoi tie tilled 0 e'rjoofc morning of Htuirdey, lb" I b, far SI. Jahtu, f.awroandlMid, Bt'if**, Nova Scrlla, a d PrillaBd, Maine. In Ki| and, lb? c'orvona vera ovor tad tbe on;nt y elcot.une pregr. *?ln?. TUe Falmcruu-nltn* say ther viil bare a f ok! ?oikU>f majority in the bov liroie of C murm, li d Out the oppoiltloa kirt lost 19 Mill; wb l? '.he cpp. ?I.!pb inert that ml/ i-a'.i aru toil, aad thai r?;iiTnca n Ul litre tee amaJl a aiaro'ty logo on with Nrtieeo Iron tbo liberal ilde bar > bam already giren to coot<at tweaty Ore ooaacrratiro ntnrae. M T. Baiata It Oo; rial read). ate fcr apeak er, and will beoppoerd by *r, KMaroj. The tola) temper of n eaifc yh returned to I bo aaw i*arlamert up to the 3i laatan', at aooa, waa 6',5. The Onl, uja ba'. of tboae 32) a-e li'rerala and 310 tortee. Tec revenue rr.urna ahow an laoreaae of i. 111,009 as th? put qvartcr to tb< 31at of Mirth. The ralilkatl.oa of the doea treaty turo Moa ei"?.?r?' d OopMdiagca. bio trto 'ho rr sr'pt of payment of the Bo ant oano was cone'.dt red tqalta'eat to a p.arinlloe oortlSrati to the Ruatlaa porta of thiBalilj; but tbo Bound tfuea hartal bow bt-i n iuppr?a?ed, the Imperial goreraaaoat baa taaood anMlre'o the < ft*at (Aof all foreign wtmli btuod io ike Uutiian ) rtt of .'*? Baltic, art to tie pnvUotl uniA MUe of kiai'h fu m ?*< > rt qf departura. ti eao raaaala which, oa tbilr way, tare pot into trench, Brltlab, Dotal, or j Neiwt gtiti p>ru, moat p>ovKo Uioauolroa wl.a qnaraa tine co/tlflrate (torn tliaee p.iria, ant oaaae thaw to be all< ?t-d bf tne KmIui Owwui Ibc Mctiolsaicl Conference baa bold Kb alatb moeltag, at which, tl waa aappoied. U.e a rat protocol vat paragraphed From Madrid, Maiob 21, It la rti ortod tbat ?r?a '.a tba caic of an a'raagrveBt with Meiioo, a 3pa?Mb ferae ?Ul ooenry iG.-rr t?"ion of tba Me i can territory to protbbl Hfatiab aofj-r'a. jto'lrlt tui tatued a new eirrniar ooatpJCaiag af Bar dinli'a coniirued training comic K. The Priise'.tn gortrameat baa arnouaced tbat Praaata will perrlat la her aonria ra?p*o<iag tba Daatab ltoobtaa, and vba l'rmeiaa porta and ooaat ara to ba plaoed la a atata of daft am Pe'at'.a of cewa fro at China ara alto received, oonlrae'ag Ho prneicai lelegaphtc bow wary. Tba raport tbat tba CblLtae Kmperor baa ordarad Ombiaataaw Y?b la conc.u> peace attb Ua Brliiab 01 aay tarar, larepeated; btt ?toq ii mo definite lafbrice'loa la ratrelrtd far U ta oMain boltal. It nan rjwU fraia Moeg K?ay, febrwary Id, tbat a* Am'roar ahtp, eoppoard to bo ba BigbByrr, waa wreaked la tba 'ail cf Ittt at ?orn.nea, wiera tba araw wora araaaecred rod Iba bun baroed by tba aatlraa. I he flmrt**g OquV? annrui > ce a dlwiapttan ta Ht* pRitlra euetowa tar R WeatWaa aad ?o4ai ara rad'leed by oao ba'f; rlbbaaa cf ail klada flraaa 4 roubiaa ta f; elotb from 1 rouble ta ?o kejxoka, alb gooda aad pr nied anWa rema'a at 4 rouble*; ertielea of llaaa ara re dentil from to 10 36 por o*j>?; t'aaa oiotk la iaor?aa*d kf lb per cat Tr* tavt H'iMtaa re porta ca operailowa ta Ikt Oaaaaaaa i tat* that ta* Hum tax.* tm i ro*< rtd lw|t rtlafcrnaaaaata The 1 iat rrgla*at of ib*(Vtatnka of ikt Daa, ?Wtk dtatlcgabbet rta.IT in tb? Crtaaa, bat alraady arrtoad far a, aad it la oe?tati.t7 act Ik* o*ty Oanaak i iglmaal wktek baa malml that drattaat** Tk* troop* of Ik* Mik ?BTlalca. coraseaflded by '<*aaral lewdaktaoff, aaa lataw^M to act la ike Ctuoana, ar* wtr* aaiaaiaaa tkaa tkgpa er ib oid itry ca?, battiy 1*K katta'taw of Ik. tantry aaa ala* cmpaa *a of niitmaa, ta *Uoa of M b*'. attoaa, th* g??er*l ollowaio*. PaaMoa aU tkta, tk* dope 1 mil reetrt* ba UHona bit* )ata*d thia oarpa. Oa the Whole th* K natana bat* almoat doaH* u>* faro** tkay had Uat yur la UtaOtooaana, aad ar* b?ld*aaa> ' ted ?y t tec I la* t mmik r*?**<t ream aaetpt th* **b poj?? ?ti?a The rtrMth ifrrt haa u*liy left uto h *n<toru*, tkaa araonaliag he Tarklab waters raa la jnt/y ia?o tka nit bcatarisg eipedtitoa liCtrct-M .a Ua ?t*am?r tfaagarao la twmtaatod, aad forbad r*>H* aad itwae< Bay ar* I* b* triad aa tk* tmaligaio** The bwed'tk pmiieil bt* ?*; d*aia*d*d 'raaa Ik* Ptortklag of Narway * eairtord atry ar*dit of oa* aril do* of*, to be amrioyad b*tw*a* tit* lat of laly, 1MT, aad tk.- lit of Jaiy, ! **. '* aa/o-aaaa* aa? ad* paoiabia warlike arm owe at* <? tk* oaoeaioa of tk* rrooa B?troilaiM*a at :*ar a wttk lervk Kbaa, troyaoeaof Beg *?< raaaaMMwdad that a god aa idbot, tarteWod wita d.twoada tkoald b* pra oated I* the .6 rotary'? to'crpret** ailatktd t* tit* frerek Mialatry of tk* Koralf a DdRot. The Ioadoa fir ? of April 1. uri ? lb* pr?pa-a ton? for A'.*m -b W? roaatr* to I f r->?p*t- a b? lb? time arUfnk l? iw*w, juyyn An toll** of Ihe <-?>*! oat't th" 1,70' ar* a i?r Ci.stto I, tad to* ?|]n yai* rat* of tcn Urnc-Wm at ib* worfca nt ttan tnjm k *>>.. b> UraanWrh, and Maaara Hawaii br?. at JUraaab-*4, m m rm than JJU aiiin par aaak. I hi *b<><* lUa .a or Mr.'.iarad br U?* atd of .?rna and '* a.. *m*i itodMMI M kayad to fta t?tbbllab*d by lb* u.iddr* of July. A lapatu from Borlm, of i\a il laat, MN ^ Ibatmunrartf I'Mria haadali. >'y taaiibu radbla I daadil r1*H to #H"fl lim.-ra, Tr\n" i.nn^MUKT. IV* ipua MtaMar m rnrturi a"*lr* aao <J.*n**al b-i-bmanr, df.totar tl War. ara *M>*?t*d haia abort'?. Ad< V aa froto Mb'itd of lai Id*, up tt la not eirr.ct that Nar*b*i O'thaaail lotamda i* laataa a*?nli*?f *. Tka l*JMd* M otpaoator baa /Iran ap hH f*a?a tour. Ato?Jbl? ti* ot adta at*.t? U>u iba Aaa.rtett foray* vat on boar a| ot lb* r.ota^o af b?.r writlbry ay lb* No* I*arf .?, lb n? d ata y roar* I (by u:?(*apb) M?ia fb' da N?a Jb, lioaaraar af Ua'aaav.% la daatal o*m piri* a* iafbct.aa.UAl la, Vba n'.aaaa a' [?n?a Bvt irnab. atd tba (?at?5*fb?bl *i lit* tf*u<W'? la naaaat rafaabi. Aurir.a a*u<sj *a btaoba.1* *b? f-abjan > ( K'> wca n a ailbrbi'br fbacaiuoM ?f imNI bit, Nfi Ordm war* r*a*taad >?i r la/ by Hi tm^tr mbia loyal II .iKnMa u - < v.minor l?r in < **. lor (Udl Vxdal *u bo > MT.O. ?.? *o MU< . V MWHlltM , t%rr ?oa. loprcotrl lu < k'aa by a* tV'atntr taa^otlii ih* * roittno. wbrra k? ia t> *a o a anaii^ri/Mfc, ?i m v PT?rbf'.i# ia Ktg'wf 10 tw Mtnt n- UtSptcEa , Tha Ri?k a? ?4ypc. auatttM, o? tit wfitv ?a? Kfliaae trtta-a a I.aaUo, I'.fr t <4 Itf ia#-. T-" art, aa<W<iv.T*ibai to ?ta*k |a *f ??*?* IMKr-* ?a*au. war auw. Tha ifk> .rl thai tha Kttg al ? n '??! "otpi ?e ?t a* b amy katr%>r navy to 0tir?>|ta ? i??a. raa e-oiao af tha *??f a?a thJtaa aa mo af *t prtaaiya1 iWwra a * of Ul? UonaclMd. tamad 0 :?M'ik'taka. ?> naif , lata t? >ai k J ta ti?a aba h taoary ta at b'H1 ah i ahtp Ik* Au? mo hafltat'* Ua it, rp* iVnHaai I Trt a Ukr abalr. fa# k.u rtotr# to e**?t*Vaf ; lata law tUf troroaa raaa-w ? too fana /? ! ?#, a-.?Mrtitf i aMiaf ?arf*a aaa Uro>irat 'arvart lap 4onuarut*a a*4 II e .*i?a?? 4.* ara* a?aato. ptnly I; *| thai H * 4 obtoaa^raat.- t* ?<TWuh*o f^an-fait* J fa Itkt ?v. iha 4aiatit? ryHJff. ? Ua4?at af tha Daaato '* l?? *aa adapt** ioaetaaeee'y. *raa ra, fn-'t ?u fPtir?"M fut'uf ha** ifSHHtd Ol t>-? 'fata ad j laupaoa talk Ik k af Apr*. V tM f " ? IM ?? MW or fmtM bMM. i irb?j urtyt hi tM mm M vir. U*4ar *wn?*7 art, *MM?1 f'wns Ul b ?? '? "?' < <* t? f>'? l?*4 Hti '?T Obr^? tf Mil ?*'"? ' Sj Oil H?? f?. I?rl>* (VMMb|. A UlMr Trm ' bTMM of Vb? V I M *W |UIM iM tM|<rvtr>?MtfcMI MnHarMtrctotoll* rbM mm M VjlM r%TlHr??n# an I Rbftib ?f N f? **. TM IhifMVr Rr?<M,Jtrtatsr *< ??> f tH?.u?rb) Ifi fin. M M|?M nrmi ?f Mm m4 MM fMMli ? Mil. hiiMllOMM** ? ?* " >M? >Mya ?M? ? mm tm MMM-, MM ?# immm