Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1857 Page 1
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TH WBOLB NO. 7536. NOTICES OF SOKE OF THE LEADERS Of THE HKW FAftUAXENT OF GREAT BRITAIN, Ac., Ac., Ac. LORD PALMERS TON. UN Palmcretmi's appeal to his country to decide bcNm him ami the late House of Common.", upon the <tu?# Mm ft iho Chinese hcotibtiee, hoe been responded to by a Urge nru^mity in bis favor; whilst such men as Tayard, MMo), height, Koundell Palmer, and Cobden havo been put aside and replaced by men propitious to the preset mtatstry. On casting our eyes over the new Uti of rej reUMiitlisa we And that Devizes, Falmouth, Manchester, Newark, Norwich, Rtpon and Sandwich have changed nut M, hut both of their opposition members, for others favorable to-the government The election is a great triumph lor UN Palmer*too, and we trust that he will have the good mho to use it worthily. The attach made on him and his ministry, as regaids Me Chinese question, was most unfair, alul is one or the At u-l ..h tgjantMMi will extend vbra rachiess u ttviry ?n Merattcu but the attainment or office and MMluiwiit That Great Britain should tam-dy about to a sera-a of the grossest insult.-:, capped by murder, from a barbarous and cruel government, whose uctoal weakness and imbecility are glossed ov?t bv the Met overweening self conceit and ignorance, ought not tor an instant to be tolerated. We rejoice that die British |b*j|?to have responded so nobly; that they liavo shown so Biuch spirit and manliness; and that whilst a sad and chastened reflection may puss across their memory at the remembrance of the mismanagement and disasters of the en muni war, they spurn the idea of an ignominious peace "at any price''?that their .-toi>ls have not descended into their pockets, and titat none shall beard and insult thorn with impunity. There is every ground for bn|xi atni tmlldence in a nation so fertile in courage and genero-il) Itie severe rebuke received by Messrs. Brigiit, Gibson, Oubdeu and their clues may teach a valuable leseui. Ibeeo men were useful in their day, "a long time , ago;" but Young England, like Young America cad Young France, is progressive; site itired of old fog) ism, and will not put up with insult and injury, either to save or put a little money hi her pocket. She "feels that there Is something ub<n e money saving at the expense of character. There Is other point of view in which the large majority accordMl to I>ord PRlmerston becomes very important. His krdsbip is not favorubie u> reform; he Is a friend of the aristocracy, and has refused an extension of the franchise. BCil ibe people prefer him, because he shows some spirit, to those miserable pien whose motto is "Peace at any yrice;" and this leads the writer to offer a brief sketch of few of the leading statesmen of Great Britain, with some tf whom he has long been personally acquainted. Fksxtunt Palmcrstou, a Grand Cross of the Hutb. Knight ?f th<? and Prime Minister of Great Bruaiti, has wen known ** many years in the fushlonabie circles oi London by the iiar"*? ' Cupid," from sttme transactions ?T gallantry in his ,la5 H- advanced in life Me was styled " Hderly c^bitl, and B'uco he has turned evenly " OW Cupid," k> wh!l'*U JiM tfevp wlded a line t>i M>e ucng? " Love, th-y say. is grewin? old ! Heigh-ho, neigh ho ['? Be has also been called Lord Prc^nrnl from bis sotitf what exteqpve manufactory of that official article. Lite Mi predecessor and anciout colleague, the Karl of A her era, be held office in the ram)>atii day s of lory win. in the ate ef Casllercagii, Dearly forty yearn ago. and has been more than his Scotch friend, Aberdceu, ail ttuug- to all parte-s and to all men, having paasoil through the phase* of torvi-in, conservatism, whigu-iu and very moderate liberalism. The writer h.w alluded to the great Lord Castlcfeagh, who 10 his time wan looked upon an the incarnation ot an tron handed, iron hearted and corrupt despotism. He was hated in Kngland with a degree of intensity only exceeded by that of his own countrymen in Ireland; and, Indeed, he gave the Irish people great cause for di-llkc, f; be 0' >|i\ VeMt'd U> many UlV'if Tees w Ith hanging brancha . It in not unlikely that the American people may feel a little curious to know what sort of a looting man I/trd Ch-ite reigh was. Beautiful in his person, elegant In his man sent, calm, pale and |>enetratiug. he was the bean ideal of a gentleman His (hie wan an unhap|iy one; he destroyed himself. Even here be preserved that which the Bnglieh are no tond of?propriety: he performed the ?ad *l la a quiet and artirtie m/uiner; by a very email wound he erered the carotid artery, and died almost nn-Wuloueov -h Bach Ik i be world t Until the spring of 1K">5, I/?rd Palnierston. aliltough he hod held during ine long |mti<*I of his hie a \ .11 :et v Of appoinliueiils ot' importance, had never been Prime Ri Bieter. Elevated hi that high position by the dis-olutiou of the wretched governnient of his friend Lord Aberdeen, the country entertained 11 hope that the war with Krw?nt woi.'ri be prosecuted with vigor aud aoooewe, particularly on tin- new pi 1 mler had acquired the character of a boiiiiible at I Hiarlniy statesman, with whom It w.i- flange* rooa to i odic rashly into collision. Russia, however, wit* a great despotic empire, and was considered to require d?acate|hjtndltng Accordingly, his old friend nnd colleague, lord John Russell, was despatched to Vienna, somewhat 10 the surpri C ot the tutivu. to Uv-uUtl'- a 1 * -f poH-.hle. The Court of Rus-ia at that prnoq. untamed fcyrevww.exhibl^ its perfect confer h, di <Uimng even to make a reply, and Urn ^ ^,nUonH,.,, (M ^year, precipitately concluded, to the TPgMof thy great Itody of the people, who spoko with htUfttoCs* and mMempt or the illuminations ami lire works exhibited to gloss over the want of ability and energy. As the writer was in KhgUnd at the time, he tan vouch for ttis statement from personal knowledge. A considerable advantage which Ix>rd Palmer-Ion pomwm-s ove^ tiu predecessor, consists in his Cu t ami ploalog maif.icrs ft?r lie rah be very agreeable when be chooses; there ta aisli a smartness about hint which comi.sfil fhviWably with the stollil pride and heavy dubious of l/ml Aberdeen, who in his best days went by the d- lunation oT ??a roll of foolscap tied with red tape." At length, It may now be hots'd tliut I/?rd Valnierston, remembering his age aj>d elevated po-ihon, will lay aside that pert smartness and Jocularity which now di-tiuguiih him, lor a calm anil dignified bearing ?o much more apprtmrgue |ii oad smbitfie to origlnoHtyt of muni and high talent hw lord-hip has d< ( made any serlou* pret< n*.on< Hi.iee.i, ?> carefully weighed and understood are the qualifications of Ikf leaders of lh. different poliiu al pwrUe- wbo alternately kohl ufllnn in (Sreat Britain, thai the present pert ml hi* "been emphatically rtvM 'lh> agf tf iiUic mfu." Pcrius the ia.-<t maimer Lord Ptilmeaiti'O did an act. wMcb created considerable Kurpri-c, ate) wa* not exis-chd ot him. Hie colleague, Sir B? njamln Hall, the CoiumUiooti.'r Of l*ubt?r, Work/-. Park* and Building*, had kin U) peln> t 4*4 Um baud of Um> Life boards to pUy for a couple ot hour on th? aiicrnoon of Sunday in Kcnungton llandan-. la London, where every place la atrirtly closed, wtili the aaceptien of the puhlle house* and gin shops, U|f?v eoc-iriered a? a favor, the pnhltc attended In large number*, ami conducted themselves with perfect propriety. X 'in* of rigidly righteous and religious people took nth-nce, Igiw ever, and exerted tbcnu-elviv to have it rtopped, lUthaigtl they would neither clone the public hou?*a nor the gtn twin, for tbe?e bring In revenue to the Kxrliequer; hut fir ft n jamn Hall would not give way. lord Palmeraton did not object at first. and the public hoped that so innocent a rwreation would be continued to them, and such promi.-.*! go be the core, until the Archbishop of Canterbury, Who bean the pleasant apt*'Ualiou of ? tHd bkinttitw."' wiotc a letter to hia lonUhip. which turned the m ale. This prolate otight go amongst bin reverend brethren in the Jlcm-e of ^een. the Brnrti of Bishop*, and If hi* letter were not attend. ,i to he might make up a party and throw ih<- ad ml n? I ration on aome political question. To avoid such a rtak lord Palmer*totl gave way lh. band was not permit tmt to play, ami the wishe- of the people were aa.ieiftr.-d ft wax rather humiliating that no one had the charity to Imagine that religion had anything to do with the m.dor, ? r? ... . wu.hln'a ennduct wax coneernod With *o large A majority a* lord Palmer dim will now ktr* iu the Nvum of tommone, Ifc" lino of conduct, to A . aaaa of energy ind?rr?o|ution. become* ample and ri'; 8r m bound to demand ample rrdrev of the Chinew . government, with *eourlty fgw tlie future, or if ?urb ho refbeed to arm. r the country to tho Brrti-h crown, as ha* bona <k>nc in the caw of India. To giro the Chin#-.- pm 6an alphabet of letter*, and to inti-oditro the Clvllim of Europe among them. with the benefit of g<x?t government and Chriitionltj, wouM offer a magnifr eat and lioritnw flohl for Hrittah talent and eulrrprtw If Die writer were in I<ord Palmer-ion'* alt nation, he eboald greatly prefer the chance of annevng China to the BriU ti ? t crown to a tomi?>r*ry peace, almost oertuin to be violated la a *hort time Whether a pert. Jorular man of aereidy our have Urn Iron determination to adopt nuch a lip- id V&T, which, of I lee If. would probable be half th? s*w ceae, In a doubtful matter, ('.real tailor- are rarefy great doer. At all event* the period ol delay aiul lcn?|?.n .ng ha* mimed; there miirt neither he paltering nor eurcumbing to obtain ample redrew* I* the leai object to ho aorotn Bhe.l After the arrangement <>t the pr~-nt difttc Kv iordeh'p niti*t he pn pored to go on witli prigi-eove Imfirovenienbt and reform at horn.-, or to give pie:- V Bather THE KARL OK CLARRWPON. | The Karl of Clarendon, Brrrrtory of Sum for RM flbir*. appear* to *uunl flr?t a* U?e leading member ol taed Palmerwton'N Othlnci. Hie |oe4*hip ha* ehown eon aid arable ability In diplomatic, mi lb nt ttf importance wkliat hi* digmtted and courteous manner* and gonih itvut Ijr bonrlnf harr rauxod him in ho rrRardrd with re?por, try all parUa*. A* be hw hail ll?o *no<t h?iwo uoilb?T f commit htmo.lf hjr poll Ileal Imprudence mw hiundrhnjc ah?iUI U>rri Palmer* ton be nbhfi-d in ho will *tan' ?bo beet rhanoo of he in* tho Prime mi?it?t< r. Ho hiw n.? aa pet boon tried, liho otliem, and found wauling. onn-e WuentlY tJwro m r<?*o for bopo o( Improri moot ami |>ru fprmmtm. LORD PANMURE. THE RECRETARV 01 STATE, FOR WAR. This fortunate Heotehman In a Tory differont oliaracto Prom Uio nobleman Ju?t menU'UMtl, |4?r?t Panmuroonterm hi* prooont ofTtco a* tho * noons* or of tho fhiko of Jfew cootie, who hold u under l*?rd Aberdeen* MinielTT. hie If tttlla moro efficient than tho fhike^he ha* obnwn hitn ar If mora (Troope* 1n ho half of hW relation* In hi* fir* dorpefh In ?en. etntponn after tho darame nf lord Ran Mi, aaaotdKwf to lh? Uenera) the command of tho Britiol V . E i\ E oftny in the fYiruea, he particularly enjoined hjm to be p . areful f f the iut?TW<te of his nephew Dowbiggin, in the p nienvmubkj wd?rdn, which have since passed into a pro u verb? Tkbe care of Ikiwb," and the iDtereata of Duwb e< were shewn to have been udteu particular care of by tun b rapid promotion. n It was the precipitancy of Inrd ranmiire in recommend c! log decorations to bo conferred on officers because they were tiic.u of rattle, whgte conduct wiwt found to be co bbtineabie, which threw ridicule and contempt over the transaction, and it was his blundering carelessness in neglecting U) rood over the report by )e v r John McNeill an d t'ol. Tullock, before sending it to jj the printer, which led to the disgraceful whitewashing . Board of irielsea Commissioners. This individual, born with what is called "a silver s|mnu in his mouth," is coarse J< in his uppearnio o and manners, which, joined to a stroqg t| Northern accent, embodies the representative of a common , place .Scotchman. C I.ORD JOHN RUS9BLL. a Re is a younger son of the Bedford, or Russell family; p has been repeatedly Prime Minister, and owes the great f? appu.miueuls which he has held more to family influence h and con-L-lent whigisnt than to anything appertaining to ^ lngh talent and energy. In fact it is from the repeated ex- h< jieciuiioii of great things as announced by him, but ending in come tutting arrangement, that of late years lie lias p been ns'Weii of under the denomination of '-the Utile tin trumpet," bating previously, from hit diminutive bis*, been called "the modern TOtu Thumb. al * It ma) not be know it to all iliat tho distinguishing namas \\ of whig and lory t amo il'- t into usu during die reign pi It Charles IT. The former (tore the opponents of tit* erowrn, fc< and the latter worn its partisan*. Kach |<arty, as in tac v liuus of later days, carried their prinelples to an extreme, w till Ut length thi consptritry formed in the above ri-ign by in Mhattebbury. Russell. Sidney, and the Duke of MouiuouUi, n no tbu preteiiei ol vindicutmg the national liberty, being ci discovered by one ol their associates, elided in the cxeou- it, lion of lords William Russell and Sydney; the merry and kind hearted monarch, tormented beyond endurance p b> the turbulence of the whiffs, having been reluctantly r< obliged to niv e Ui- eoiiiient that I tie sentence should be car- tl rlod into rtt'eet. Rarely indeed has a death occurred prov- p, nig so fortunate tor a family as that of lord William Rub hi sell. It has literally been an inexhaustible stock iu trad" hi to the house of Bedford. Kvon to the present day Lord John hi hiui-elf lias written volumes in glorifleation of his ances th tor. although the writer must candidly state tliut lie never m could lind an indiv idual who had taken the trouble to read Ht them. -I Many lielieve, If tliey dou't actually know it. that jia jn trioiism is a line thing; that it is, us the Jew expresses b in.-clf regarding honor in the poor soldier, "An iinoom- th monly line thing." It is true thatjlhe great Dr. Johnson, q, alter he had received a pension, and was made indepeQ H| dent for life, sourly described it ?.s " tlie last refuge of a In : Frnundrel:'' hut we, w ho hold no pension, and perhaps r< < hope that the like virtue our patriotism may prove its own ai ' substantial reward, be nourished awl kept warm by the M , sw. its and emoluments of office, will not*(>eok disrespect- p, i fully of it. Here, however, the writer would otter a cau- <M i I'll M mi*. IIU.- K'rttl >ntuc, jsurioil-ni; lie OllSCrVCS g| iltat in the Untied Htutcs, it to not unusual to put the ac- pi i cent on the second sy liable, when In Kurope it is placed on Ml i the first, which makes it i>at liot-ism; tins the American r?i | p<si|ile may In* aw are from Home experience, is a very <lif- p, : fereot thing from patriotism, having neither sweets nor K, emoluments attached to it. Is vulvar, and chiefly Ulsnn <;i | gashed by bruises an^ ^rotrn heftdf. w For u^y> or bVjuart^r of & century the whigs had boon , iilino-i ofijxdesrly wandering in the desert wilderness el I fipl'O-itiou to the fortunate tory party, until tliev hart oC- ^ come known as * his Majesty's opposition." The land of , promise, flow ing with offices and jiensions, appeared bei y rnxi iheir n ieh; indeed, ho barren was their prospect, thai. in oltieiitl language, even the candle cods and cheese I'1 ' parleys o! tin* party in j*o\vor could not be obtained by them. At length their leader, 1/ird Grey, or some of ids M I I sou. pot hold of an idea w hich he was hnally enabled to ar carry out, called "the Ketorm bill,'1 whieli tratisferrod M , power from the executive lory government lo ilic landed ** w log interest, and aoompiihed the darling pro|is;l oft be *'l whips by pincitip litem in ofliCC. Here the lory party s" were caught napping on their good fbrtutie. They had fc , hi en so long ill fniwor. were grown so richaud rospectnhlfl ?men with money in their jax kets arc cousidured to * be?thai Oiey aiul their leader, the lhike of Wellington, ! luol become over-aeenre, and iu declaring that lie should resist any change iu the representation or extension of the 011 franchise, he turned Ivr a umc the expulsion of his party Uein uniee. w I Tlie Rotorm Will, which pa-sod into law ?n the 7th of , June, 1882, has turned out, like other vaunted reform-, to >' In lilth' more than a resjieetable itii|snrture, there being at ' the fwenout day in Grout Hiilain upwards of six millions ? adult iimles who have no vote for a tnemlser of the '' i House of Ommnns. A very lew years after the act had j w |ku ?cd. a fietition -o numerously signed that it acquired | J' Use nam*'of Uie people's petition, was pre-enied to Cat'lla j h irwnl; it contained the following sentence, w hich has been [ allowed W> lorm a totem l?ly correct dciuiiuoii;?-flie t|u ' ; form bill hue oRecled a trnU'ter of pow er from one doi*i t* j neerlng faction to another, and left the people as helpless I' ! as before. The fruit which leaked so fair to the eye hk-< turned I? du>i iu<l ashes when gaUiercd." The paternity j ' of this gift to the British people w as rimmed by the Istv i ' Lord Grey, in cotUuiu'tteo with lord John Russell, and ! j islurs of the whig party; and l.ord John, at I xv j length In office, snugly seated on the soft cushions i ' j of a high up| >iutmerit, inatniiliei.nily remunerated, and , I with great patronage, nwipiel much of this time in * (writing on the |?itriotic virtue- of decapitated a nceetofs, until hi" illu-eai was rudely mterrupted by a , ' j demand lot futther reform, to which he replied that the i ^ j Keionii hill was a UIwl measure, which procured Itlin for j I the time the name ot ' Uleilllyjh.liiiny," Oh-crviOg I ^ : however, thai por*t*uinre in such * convenient opinion i livery io l""'l i" Ur- J*>-- of |m|mlaritv nxl |*iwer, bi-t (ord"hlu'a oytj WilfC ho btscaim- a convert to thw i'n? Unit that 111- lid'orBi lull w?-only # pioi(ri-.~-ivt! 1,1 tnoa-uTe. ami ma a Unit I tmc, Acot tm unity -oiii.tinw ajo, ' in-pro-cntoil a -icon.I rntorrn act lo Uio Hon#? of t'utn I' moil', lait wh:< li wa- of -?trilling ml winii|?>vt*iit a ?.i * Uirc lis to provoke ri-tlculc aii<1 routon?l4 f rom nil |urti?t 41 inn- ot Uio mo-l -i/iuil lanim- l>y lain. John, after lo4<t- " iiiK out cxtrauriliiiary e.vpcclaliotot, w.v- to n r-iptriliiic * Cardinal Wi-cnnm, ami the KoiiihIi Catholic, H:-bn|?- f Hi- lontflilp nitric out ?? the wa-ton mi lioiinribly *' nml wilh iii li 'i|i|miiiit ili'lorniiiMiiloii to -top i% lint * iiwitiy ? im?iiloi> il ,<n unwarrantable unl daiigrrmiH * liimnoilofi. ilmi iUr- fji/h-li pic wore preparing for an u ampin ffraiilMiMion <a tint mo-1 In-' linllii.t of liilinuli tin < j?o-turi- religion- pcr-eculiou in.| liitnlnraocr It ill ilicij " away, itow vi r, tu an act of farUam^nt, which, atmr n '' b? r.Uoc law . tui rn j Out a ih atl k-Mcr ktoi utterly n-eloc ' In no-iiuff our ? >? < tm r llw different epoch- of hl-tofv, it ud Mirrt itr tlii?r |a<ti?- whit li hat tnort -trough in ' Ihirmitl nnuik no. tt i- npiMiy -a-i ainl irtrangc n> Mml Unt " rcl'lli'tl. pttSffltum kit'I llitvivnt'K' have fori noil the -tar U liny Itupo-nni ImiUi ?f tin aiKM-nt* ami <4 Uio in-ah-rti-. ? Hk niia il?.ii w Inlet ffratity lug rvry fbnliwii'tal ami crnW 11 pr<>|? n'tty Vi A' 1" tmn l?c.?rt in tin torno-nt of our t> 1 w km creature-- *c a. p -iniiig i,.?j M-rvlce, nml actlnc in a " maimer l-li u-ttiy U-Hint, form* uti- of iW? charming d< 11 In-Into which ha- hereto! are provt-tl inv-i"tibl? in'ail r; kjjfit, although it timy c.iuei- i-Von a |4hIo-oj4im il in|ri<i ( tu karri t?? Uw nnxiwnl w latter h?- ought to bo-ntue a ll< iwlit'i- or % muraitt a w ping in a iMUkhiny nti. 1 l<?epiWT Th< atila-1 politic*! art < hi? lord-hlp't car-oof m- the * nmuin i in which h. fumjitoo-ly broke tin lathe-vile ?uin n " i-traiioii o* liHit Almritaon in tin- <iir.nK 'I*'1 Tint mim-rkktW-tfiwarnt?ii-nt luivtnjt tR>?o.| it- li.i--t?p> lotn-y f Um illrcfnl ?-nb> winch dm-innito-i the Hrilirh ?rt?y, anH iwiny naahto to nmty Um m. Umutrlit lin- t??t |4nii HIL. JO-. J Ihinw, ami MuehiUlC <1< nuil but when l/if! Joliti RtH<ell root ill hi' place Id the ({'Hire of rotnnwiH, :?u<t after commenting on lix -liiuu* lui hii miuwyrini lit, mid ol rivity. of the i xectilive, fluxiuft hi- rprrch with the ??*crUoti Ifiat the noldier.i were dying up* at J* of otx; hundred u <tr>v, from want of tlx common rx-t>- -ario> of life, denial coukf ! in- longer b< pri-iidi 'l In, and the Abt fdeeti Ministry itn( tncdiaUdt It'll! T< a Uo ink*- * eatirtcal niid (initio I rt?u- vk>tr ol utit^tlirrt* this pisliticaliitroke nt l/irtl .feitm appealed Them *? ?uch It ootulhnatkm rf I envc .?Ievrmr*? and ?pitr bmopht p> bear upon the wo ik J M?ti'of the party attacked that the uhnr.k proved Irrc-d-itI Mr. 'lite public pitieially *it?' urx.-itly amuwd, at ' they dhl iiirt texport ^uch :< Ohbi.-drvphO, while it I- Hud ' Hint Inn if Aberdeen Hinl tlx- finite ?I NcWt ns'tle dkl n<< rc j wivrr from tin Ir n-iiHiitliimnl for a |ierK*l tlwl ueed not h- nxntmni'it Winn Lord Itdmerston. who Morctded lo-r<l Abci rteen. hewimc Prime Mini dor. b" proved him or If rot nitcruWul. He deapntidxil I/ird John to Victim,, J n> mprataii n pence if powlblc?* ix-w nay ol carrymp ou ] thenar anil allb'-utli Ins lord-hip na? unable li>4fb<i j any rood, tlx' nruiiH ,t . i, wlinii ved !<>e lii uip i nahk'il him In dame ?ith riw to tlx lone of " Money I It Knth Pocket*" Irtrti John Rn.' -ell I* Final! m person nml insignificant in | fl|Turr. a.-'nn orator, although he dot - not show tap of I i xeiiue. his delivery Ir poor and uiouihmir. Hi* mtubior* are pi-nth-manly. oonrc<ii trolly he hat not. bean unpopular nlth hi? < oileasni . He H rather celebrated for tint <i rewivrtjr high vohi* he acta upon Inm-elf and bin On(w bilMM* ; he may be a man rt sumr taodenty?If o, r d tier -<) deeply thai it hetnr yet lute la-en dicivrred neither a man ol high intnllcct nor nf I ol greai energy. he I* in* a weak man In time of pence, and under (Miam rtTrinrdamu ?' he i - ma the n or t mm that h?? (tiled Uie imiaalant oftlro of Prime Mmirttr In OrMrt Britain Hi- lordship ha* |ti?t 1w on reiurwil In I'ar baiuanl. * ilb nnii?nl?-inMn <lvrtt<-tiIty, by Uia r??i iitunn.y i ?f l/.uil.x,, To tarry )n- niai-tton l?? h*. boon ohltirr.l to i how nut I'lpNtaMlii of brmrintr forward Utmral ma**urn yt ratortn Ar hi* l.mlihlp i- ad nun nil in yaar*. and hi day |k ron<i<lornil t?y many as gnnn by. (I I* iloqbtfit wliathai it nuiy bo ill tii?< |??w*t hint lo afroct aucll ah oh tart. KU? tal'' oppnnitlon to MWMOO, mi.I th? ina 1 foii* for It rorm tha mo t foolish and itnprt.lao ' htiyn nl hia politim! lift'. That ooUTav an ImpraMOtt lha I anvy himI r<*i.M hi Im'U^i out of ottV-n tiavf U?l linn fa tin- | vnraa uf itnki'eilily . K\*L OK DEN BY. J Jha K*i I ot Ibrhr?pr.oawtuoa.1 Imrliy?v Hoi of . > 1 tha cmwrt aura party. ami ha* lwnn Pnton llinbtor In , j i frwtnar tuoai. baforv the r<"pnnl of tlia antna tairg Hid ttw I dart . i nf hi" lather, ha wax Utr int.mula uoiVii?(%r nf 1 Uia bt? Mr HiAn'ti hral. Tha wi itai ha* ottan anno U. m I : \t Uia Houir o< Common?. alUma on t)v ?im> bnm h, ?id? I ! hy -Hla. It? a apaaias of J*iim?aa fwlmhlp, and wh?l tJ?n I ' ina M-nti'il tlia olhnr randy toswaar to. Thla inn rr-lnif stala of party fallowvhlp anil anmhtnad intnmst, 1 Ul?r nfh.-r unions. oaa* Ml Ihtail to nuilnm, hrlnj; rant . r whan Sir Robart, in hia iMcksltding, antra up tha II ran rtatlva" hy tha raj>a#l ot tha rum laws lord la-rhy iv a man of ra*|iartabla ability, and lint a hail daliatar i Krom his proud. pasatonata and suparailioua haarlnt? ha in tint u lavontn odh hl? party His bin un.nn with Mr. ' tntsb ti for tha purpura if mating lord falmanVm and f t irrnattny oft Wo, was nna of tha mod imprudant a>-t* of whVh ha aouM ba (r Hv. tha motiva bniof 'O aVarty f I or slant as "? oanruy itn aontb'atv* <i the frutn W YO SUNDAY MORN1N' opte in hn integrity. to mh men in im-ib * ootttun an low kn-debp no rochlew in the* attempt^ i obtain power and emolument in certainly hnmi Mating it lory potnl of view. Their conduct m a grout political lunder, bonKU'n iU?|ir<'H?iltg oil tho in.ode of their country >cii the convkitoo that bule deponotwee in to bo piaoo# tho.r iu their honesty or print'ipie. DISRAELI. Benjamin D'Israeii, or Benjamin of 1-racl, Is afc*> t ?der amongst the conservatives, anil n political friend ft ord Derby. To whieh of Urn Twelve Tribe* he bckmga mi writer cannot slate; ax lie lute become a ChrMuvn the uwii consider him to be one of the lost tribes. This U one of m moot oxlraordiiury individuals of hie time; his father. ve elder D'lstach, madesome repnUUnu hv his work,"Th? urioiities ol' literature," or am-odoted of literary penj, ltd bad he lived to lite pre,-rut day he might justly have Utced his son iu bis book as the greatest cur iosity to mild in ibi pa (res, both in literature anil polities, and style# ini "the two-fold curiosity." Mr. fVIrraell was bred to to law, but finding that a tedious and UiieoiuiD rofession, and bating been able to get hit? ttite society, froni the moderate literary nicrtl I his father, be obtained the hand of tin- widow ut fe rower, whose handsome income enabled him to get int? iirliniiM>iit. to this instance l.itUe Cupid took lika stand c pi hi a widow's juuiluie iaiut, [though ho wax probably a sharp Idtle Jewish Copal nth his literary career ah are acquainted. lie is the ?.> tor of a few novels, or works of thslon, which, not to use > liarrh an expression as trashy, are certainly of no great a)nc Few men of any age have risen to such a position ith so trilling a capital either in talent or merit; and lib an excellent iltulratimi of tip; manner in which a man lay push himself forward when arsiyted by adventitious icnnuioiun.-;, an uiilaud opinion of himself, and utterly rviitute of modesty. Tolerated, nay, even applaned, by the bitterness and itl loraitco 01 jiarty feeling aniougat tie- conservatives at the peal of the corn laws, Mr. lihrtieli was enabled to sting ie feelings and lower the dignity of the late Sir Itobeft eel, who happened to tie defective in those pow ers of lighting sarcasm by which Pitt or Canning would easily r\ e |iut him down. It. galled sir Hubert that e, repeated I'riuie Mini-ter, and by wbnse name lat large and influential party, the moneyed tcrest, were in the habit of swearing, should be b.'.irded ul iiLsiilted by olio that ho looked u|ion as a vulgar upart, whose celebrity he enn-idered to arise from natnnll ipudence and a want of decency. From this period, Imvg cr, D'Israoli became a useful jmrty nun; he had shown ial he could lie iusuUitit, ugctL-tic'aud sovi rely auimy nig? lalltiCRUWs from which proud and bvpsitive natures u-uly shrink. Iu person Mr. It'Israeli is rather above the iddlo height, w ith a very Jew ish face and a dark brown implexton. w hich soems to Ultimate lliat soup and water e not too frequently used. Tlie writer lets often felt \ nosed at seeing him enter the House of Comuious with is hair carefully parted iu the noddle of tho head, copliv)y oiled and elaborately enrlcd iu small ringlets ou each de of hi-: head; ho recalled to his memory tho Persia? overh, *'a twister of ringlets pte-seth by;" his appcorice was incompatible with auperior intellect. Mr. D'H ieli has been Chancellor of the Exchequer. We has been trly tried and found wauling. Ho can he abusive anil reastic. and he cau be nothing else. That the destiny of n-at Britain should lie greatly indue need by such a ui.ui ould present but a miserable und unbuppy prospect. ^ cry Correct VlfW-'rhr Integrity of Jlr. Btr 1 clianmi'* [From the IVtuv-ylvaina, April W.J We cannot refrain thanking the Nkw Yokk HtnutJ) for J a- following sr/swc which appears in that paper of ye* I <iu.,?..<. v.. , ...... ] c how wy nit anonymous asgnikint may l*< det<**tod til exposed, ami also how many of the most injurious atolls iijxin public nu ll are concocted anil Circulated. Mr. niMU wiw expected to print only tin- iuiony tnous letter, L'Tiud "<J In a rortiur." assailiug the Secretary of llioTrea iry, Mr. IXthb, and bis assistant, Mr. Clayton, and i> im cal the author's ntaac; hut hi a spirit which cannot he 0 warmly rommeinlcd, he published the teal name oi'lift riter as a key to his ealuitmy. This etfort to damage the aduiinl-trattou of Mr. Rite ha in at the start, by attempting to cover it with the sairm Liuiu which dishonored thai ul' timer J Taylor and Mr. i Union . i titl> ktteMla Monti and was, M will la I m. expected to bo so carried not as to remler it imped I I. to dboowr tinea? who ware at llui bottom of It. Tim ivtnwiw fll ?lti'iti|tlng to discriminate between Mr. Ha lianaii and hi- Cabinet, so as to sow the seeds of disscdon bctwwu them, is a fair Imitation of the jsdlcy w hioh .1 becueaircd on by some other reckless politicians., ho hare vainly, though uol die W?- indusirsiu-l) . toiluil 1 produce alienation between Mr. Hnehanan and some 01 i tno^t rberi' lied and dL-interested friends. We are rejoiced that the pnrtcs engaged ill liiia bud hate lain caught at the very threshold of l/sgr lop , ?ud, while we are tiot disposed |o holu thein up a? nhlli contempt, leaving that to those a ho uiuierstatnl line illations w hich they sustain in Washington, wo cannot nt -ay that the spectacle of a clerk of an im porta it i muriatic coiniuitire of the flcuate of the lliitid italtt, time down deliberately to impugu, in an amaivneuts at. the reputations of highly distinguished di*, 1 h- honor ol a t b timu* and w idelv resjs*ebs| ndminUira ntt. and to Insinuate thai tiiat administration is j ittlttg to do wrong tor tlx* purpose of reward If JolllHal i>|i|s>tients like Mr. H. W. TlwHiiis-on, Of idtana, lor their setticon in the iatm|?ign 01 j ot einbet?tliis sj?<etaele is one winch cannot be i ? prom(siy or n*> severely rebuked and punished. | ? ran n"i what the mntite of the wnbu of those tiers btay l?e? it is not a good mm. or ohm he would not. i ave nought the convenient cloak vl an glue. QrMilily |o r. Clayititi. the a tistant of Secretary Gdih. is no doubt ue of the reasons w hirh promised him. But we have yrt i ienra that Ml Oaytoo waa iniplk aicd m inj way la the jlphiti business of lk.'sj <m the contrary, we have l?a\s lieard tiun s(?,ken of as au accomplished otttcar nil thomcf-ir hfflfM man. and it i . hntrrv.r, rnnngh ttor - tn know that In- *si )?laoo<l whore Ik is by Unwell nbb, of t.enrgm, to who* to ?how that ho ilo-orvoil llil-i r)'iinitun>. ami that lie wil fully luuiutoiin it under tin- u< inu ti.tlion id' Jiuue* Buchanan. Tlii-i uorrauiomlont, it illlii win, i* noi content with ebowiug hi Wiillty to lr Colilt Hint to Mr Clayton, and with trying to hllrh the i*lon iliHt tin- * Imrn alliiili'il to wtit eorriiM, ml wa- milt (wiul In i'm11-tin' |mrty who received ilm i"in y Iihu iriuloreil niUitn nervicov in th. elootnm winch mini on tin Uli i?l Novi tulior fct-t; hut ho eeelU to create 0 itnprc-ion ruch Henatoie ?* Mr IVirnh*. of (i?*H in. ami other old lino whig* who train in/oil with Alt. utili in the I'liiuti moretinuit ?f lnjo. urged tho ,ip|ioint tout ot Mr. Clay urn in tin UMi place, ami hi* retention hi no ?eooftii place; not "for political nm u Jo rata eat aU4**'." ui tor purpiwe-. of oorrti|>t"ni o( tho hooit and im*-l tufa imi* character. An nBrit of the Momto <M Uio thilnl. In!'- who thu* traduce an iwlnuniArttom honor* Atwl twimN by a n*a)?iiiy oi that hrnljr, on giuittil hh -a apparently |*'tuiiu), euvnni* ami malignant, and wb? ? olaitde*lim I) ilietil hi- a-|iei -ion- up-m o%r. at tant.o'i Ho nu-t iti-tingnmlioil umt oliHtui nt imuiitwr* 01 ilwul"?l> . tumid (hi iHomt'tly ami at auce ilUtnl--ed, wo >vc in* iow In uiay tot backed or t-ndor d. or -iimuhiietl But when Uio tn. n whd undertake tin* iww ion* lniui.? loot How oil inWi ?- tho otoyvt oi in. ruin lake a timet -oriou- enterprise. tVo know nuthtn_: or h? lmiian riitlm (and to Mr Tbomfean. nfliahajet no pakl no attention to it. But tine muoii w*- venturnto > . il, it ?hMmr *lay have l> n Hi. Mttaa af ;>r \ u*. lilhiut ration- in re I. rewt to it. Uie actum of tie pro- ant k* ivtary ot tho Treaawry will too justified by audi ruanan* Will ealiefy the country and ?to honor to him*elf, like ill chief, the veteran etal?man wh-i presides ut tlie helni if Htuto, U.. life of Howell Cbbb hue been o?e lone, can tent and blilliant tribute to that exacting and ? rer*ichool of democratic eialeemoa ?ho rougm-ie tl<eileral government an the trustee of a groat pro ,?le bound 10 re'let extravagant wx|e,n.|tiupr* ?t 'very ha /aril, and to protect the jienple against halmm i eglelaUon, ao'i' Otru|d ilalni* There la not a vote etrcr til i? toy .laliu- Hui hanan ill Uli ilnii Or in Uie .Henai . here ie not a vote ever given toy Howeli Ootoh in UoH'.Ui-t ol Rrprr-uulallvc-, there i- m* an * I |<.-rte>t ne'd toy .me ot U?e other, personally or politically, to which Uo ilighto-t taint tan attain. It' was becnm-i the ltat*1 id the American f*>oplo reongtu/ad in Mr Buchanan Ui" . ... -.I e*.t.t,mii e. . Ilftl tolith Iht national tww i of thf %nw|ni<li. and rtnidiii)! <?tt In audi (void and rtgnitkant rotitri I with ttM pevihiliow- ami |>reulntK*i? of the candidate <t the, *i. U"i lie was carried Uito the l*re?i?lrui*jr; and it I l?e iiu?r tin- uruUmi ni MhW #4 till moment, er> | in * ftronger decree, that the MTimii of he- npJWId'nt* will fall hiirtle-e at hie Iwt The name loaliny !? V l?i the Detection of Mi (Mid. ai .drnrrtarv of the TV, < miry, that wi'le eprrail approval which hailed tb? an BtmMtfBentof the fta t. and that feeliti# will pfrtrrt him ayaili-t evi iv a-eanM IwuudOd in iuallentity dw hiUiod in M-rrrt We are let authorised to -pe*V for ?hl' a?ltt>ii>l 'WaMoa, hul we bettrre that it would gtvr to the PltilMail and hi." Mtvhrn unbounded uatl> faction if every Charco mmlr ayaiiot them could tm tbnv proclaimed to the World ufeiter tt Mpn>ible name, roUinitUn whole facts' mi^Ul >m? torth. Ttial Uterr i? a png of nprrator* ll> Wii-hmfnm. wtm -ei'k to ronupt t'onyi and rnrrua the d*)virl ment?, la doulitliae true ruouyti Tlir?c campy rot ui teat the totitdea n1 te?lh hwiw. and there i- e'lreel/ iin hdercM n|io?i wtiteh they do not levy tribute, >uid every hiHH -t tbuniaul In roinpelled to pay toll to three wnuliea before he IWI yei ni-two dwae, or elee tlinm -ulitnil to their eelli-b ami oorrnpl opposition Rut il erer litem who ati a<lmlni?tiKtHm wlileii eame into |io*rr surrounded Willi a'i-|>*< 1 eutri uih erotiPtiiy. retrenchment and fefbrm, atel .tyam-t ,?nrdi in tlnem os ue thorn- w< have referred to. il i> Ui.U ot Mi. Hu Wmrviu. and we wn ffnl> nndcr-ttart Un- *pn nv?lii at I'florl. no hunl-orm-Iv rtpeed la the Yew Vokk JMuin o< e-e-itri-dat. ? the'di-at4>pr.oted rwetn;* of men who <si in the imoienr admiaiatration. not ? omhiimtion iBb-nt 14*111 > ietdinit to epn olnUv> ami to fraudulent inii rr.-n, lull a re-oluU and i Oil i mnltou* body id i>u, -oa Minty committed to n Juet. wpi ,yht and teartt*-. ats-tienr* H -J then (tube* under the lOn-ditntnni \% iiu?i"?tPHr? < Mgr I'll** ^?KR?I fjwnntrr*--Ob ItwfMl*? 1 n-i?:* _ tw. Huixtrrd fnmi *W'h tf Ui>- |w?l?tb? p?v?> *11 rntorl* Mm-nt in thi fV? or tf>.? pro l? nr ^ fll wMv hanripd Id tlMt at lb- Willliim-b* ^ ? k*rj?* WJ Ulld*l>lr (?b|?*t li *r|il oil ?r () v. nal(. ?lat ? iKirally Itr-ndP thi~-o rrtuWi'dii \ ^ |hl, M?,n, Ihc roarriUn- of o':r ctnllrin t or , tj,. n nliiKtDK nobis in , jj*. - . ri -yn, j ,, mIk for Ibf-ir futitr.- T>.< ^ # , r.tu.? ft"* ' morbid - pint of cnnitatno noil P i jr,i * ,J. m In rp.-nlof lb. iidollocUi.l ai d- ipo ^ ntomlrnt nf th?- |w.blto wbool* ? *? w VorK hfri - IW" il,p prorr n> 01 .bo: ti fT ,, . ;,od wr M lli.l tf>* MMT *-?J '*/ l*r ? pmimi h> *0 -ISP ? 71 >Y * RK H G, APRIL 19, 1857. THE BUROELL ESTATE. The HumUod of Mrs. Cunnlitgtosna's Mwrf yt* ? Or. Hnrd?U-/rasMJMny of Mr. INikI antf Mrs. C. Mtonabury. RCRHOOATK'n COURT. Before A. W. Bradford, F>q. ArviL 18.?Thw case wan resumed to-day at 10 o'clock A.M. A deure crowd forced tlieunelv?*i into the liule c< irt room, to U.<-arnw vhih:.) and inconvenience of

tiki Court, coudm.'I and report" r?. nWlMUNY OK Hk.'ttAKn C. K-YOO. Mr. Kh lwin. C. >':!?? hemi? railed hy Mr. TiUlen, anf duly rworn, uaid:?I live at Id < J rand street, iud forty -llvd yrirt* of a*??; ! have known U?n late Harvey Horded for i the (art i.ii years; I knew him intimately: 1 raw him tw? ! | days before his dentil; I went to his house, at 31 Hood | street, to w h:in on business, either OS tho '27th or j 29th of OctolH r last, 1 urn not certain which; I weut to tint door mid asked the boy who answered to the bell, if the doctor was in, and ho khU "no, ho tuw gone away;" I then asked if Mr. Hmith wns in, and he said "yen;" I ? Wed to nee Mr. Smith; lie come dowu stors; 1 told Mr. Smith Llni 1 ronic tonec Itr Burdell, hut us he was not present I boufhl 1 a be* of tooth |*>w der from Mr. Smith and paid him the j^irv rf it, 30 cent , I bought tooth powder IYon\ Ih\ Bur tell before tlut hum; 1 bought it from him when he w;<$ on Brundwuy; 1 remember this purchase very well, Eur I | could Dot make quite the change*; there a rent or two wanted to make it, aud ho preferred taking that rat ho# than to change a hill; 1 never had any conversation wltlj | I>r. Hurdell abont Mrs. (Mnmngluitn or aliout any dllUnh | ibm in tho bouse; I was with Dr. Burdell the day win d j the Artiians' Hunk wa* opeiied. Witness; cross examined by one of tho counsel for 1 Mis. Cunningham, 1 had certain buiiinco* reUtiutil j with Dr. Burdell; I have borrowed money front himj the lakt business 1 had with him was to settle with him tor I money thus borrowed; that was tho year lie moved into | Bond street; the amount of the transaction was $700 or $800; T remember the time I bought the tooth powder, because I drew u nobs that day; 1 had not been well for several days before, and I just got out that day; don't re| member the amount of the note, or exactly by whom d I xvns given; tt wnt drawn nt my house, to ('.rand street, | and given to Mr. Bluisdell; it wus in relation to some of hi* business; 1 don't exactly know what; 1 don't know how long it was to run before payment; it was dated tho i '27th or '2hlU of October; 1 gave it to Mr. Hl?isdel),ut the I Washington Hotel, on the Jwme day or fhe next day; I ha\e not got that note: 1 don't reentrant whether I have I e\er seen It since, or whether I have taken It up; I don't | know whether It was intended to bo discounted or not; I .... >w> vi,. in..! ^iiini-ai-iy iinyiiiing ui mat iini'': llie amount of the note was live hundred and something:! dvu't know wh.'ilit'r tlio note is yet duo or nut; I luive no ol her way ol' living the date ofthii nolo thin from my reeolleetion; I don't know where Una nolo payable; I think it was made payable to my order; 1 took no order or ue morandum from loin win n I let him have the not'1; 1 don't know whether 1 have recelvoil a part or the whole of the proceeds ol that note; Mr. |Hlaisde|l and 1 were boi in partnership lust lad; I was in the liquor business. and he had a small interest in it; the business w.i.s in Broad street; he is not in that business now; I Imd nothing to tit' with the Web lei lire Insurance Compauy at that time. >lr. (Union objected to the witness being examined in regard to the Uv-t or similar matters, as tliey were entirely irrelevant to the rase. Objection sustained. " q. Who resides at 111 firand street beside yourself? a. I don't know; I can't recollect half of their names; 1 don't keep the house; n Mrs. Collins keeps the hort?e, I (j. hi she married' A. i don't know whether she is of not: von can go there and ask her. 1 (J. "Does slid pa-s a.s your wife? .V I don't pa-d her af Uiy wife; I lion i know wliat others do. y. I*, ion live i.v.etliei a- i<i.iit and wife? Mr. Ti'hteii ohys'Ksl to the question as irrelevant. Tlif witness also oh>s-ti'd to answering the question. The Omit biistuibed the objection. Q. Did you formerly live in So. Z- Douuun k street wilg Mr*, t'olhns? A. 1 tswrrted tin-re. y Ihd yon posh by the name of Coliina wlicn yon In .-4 there? A. >ly name l? Vai'g; I don't pass for anything | else; t don't know what other people call loo by. y, Bid you ever board at No. Ull7 llud-on street with Mi s. Collins ? A. 1 boarded lilt-re; 1 an-wend to my ust name and no other. y. Did you rujirc out yourself a.- Mr. Collins? A. No, 1 sir. tw er. y Did you represent yourself as the husband of Mrw. I Qpllliuf A. 1 ne\er hiiie; I don't know wlia otimr people havo rwpreevutcu rue a,, my only name ta Uu liurg C l ?|* y. l>i'l yen and Mrs. Collins at any time keep a house it j XV. lti (fraud street, for the pui |>oeo of boarding ki pt , j mistress?? ? A. I don't keep any house; I board y. Did she or either of you keep such a home a? I hue* I alluded to? A 1 U-lt you I neicr kefk a hou c. y. Did she keep such a house? A. I don't know that site 1 did Mr. Clinton at the close of his crnrs exaniiiiahon .ml? If the cour-el on the other aide wish to out inlet Mr. Miirvuie h testimony oy tin* witm- , I think they had imp <r gc ahead, be i- a character well qunliUnd to do it. flic witness on leaving the stuud replied?My r lure-tor I? aa g?od xi y our-, 1 wtU warrant you, 1 want to talk to you -t.nv linw. nmmmr or catturink T.c.vsnrttr Mr. TIMeti railed Catharine MCan-bory, who, IhUiu? duly I sworn, said:?f reside at Mi tireen*' It avenue; ain the I a ilc 01 Wm. II. Slan.iburjr, of the A'rjovsf; I U'1* the 1?te Harvey Burdi-ll, I retiU'd hi" house, 31 I (on . I street, on lists I l-t ot May. lb.'.", tor on*' year, at I1**) v?r annum; the | wriling were But signed. tiiey were to lucre hern *igm*l i tlie ttcttt morniBx at tt o'clock, the morning alter Burd.ll *?u. kilkd, the avre\W nt was Hilly made on Friday after noon in the second story hark room; 1 was at that linu-r, 31 Bond street, la t November, to yet .-one work done; 1 thought about moving in the spring, and ->> In going o<tt, ii lfsi the doctor if In knew anyone who had a house to let III the nmnticr Unit )m dl'pfwod of hi-; tint l?, to he orrtipli'd by a mail family, wltlt rooms (W the |ht on owning It: ^ anl I should like to take a hotn" that way In the : |>fing; " What." wild lie, < Mr*. Mian-bury for your -eji and lainlly < I-aid "Ve?;" he a-kesl flow in itiy* ar< He re ? ! yon V " I raid. Vt e ar<' three m family; " he -aiil, "1 shall have this boti*o to di-]??-e of in tip. spring. a# I <lo led like Hn> party Ui it; if yon will ssiII again, 1 will gee you aliotit it" I railod again lu lite ineidU' uf IMiuIkt; he n??k too through the second Klefjf it the hou-e; let raid that woman .n tie* hou-e ?. ? a. ry had woman and I wi*h to get ht'r out; alio ha* got the hon-< till the flr-t of May, therefore -ho will havt to temaiti here till ihat title ; if alio will not go out then by fan moans I w ill pat In r out by loree, Uie oo t .upI tuning,-- U< be paid, for out ol the hou-e she shall go, tor when I mn in tfie hoti.-e. she oontinuMlly throw- hermit'In niy way : 1 do nothing that 1 am ashamed of and will bw jtrhed by no woman;" 1 ayaln ralM In the latter p?rt j of Hrcetnls* r for none dena-try; he watt engaged; be , cane to 'lie door wlwn I left and it war agreed that I | -tumid call in a h w day*; I did led call again till the l'Jth ' of .binnary; when | ttr-t tml id, I wv u-teTiel ! into lie- hack parlor. I raw a lady there whom 1 have since tearued wa* Mr-. Cuunuig i liam. when I went into tho doctor'* rosDn up rturs he a-k'sl tw if Sir*. I unntngham had been to m- tiiat -he was in the biek parlor; I -aid t do not know 1 the lady, ami then ?.-kcd htm if he bait told her who bad | taken tie* home ; he want "Ye . I told her It was yon. -h< -aid 1 fu?d noright to rent lite hou-e nil the tir-lof January; I md to her I Willn n^lle- bouse wle-n I plea#<>, -he then want- d to know know w ho Mr- Mtan bury wns ale I where * be lived; I would not tell lice. -he -aid she would go to every Mun-biirc in N. w York till -lie found . the rtubt .'lie, liir ha taken |?|*T* trum tuy desk; she ha- a key u> every rtaon a my hou-e; when I go out she | * or into tny room*; aim v?j * she ha? got a lea-e of gty hou<o for nevt year and will" not go out" I ? had, " Has -lie dortor?" He said. "No: -he will ?ev *0t I thing awl h. r daughter A igurtft i* at hot tnt t ah* f, far all Ui.' lit.41m r ouvm lit.' | tor *Mra with, Mm Sl.ih*l?urjr," MMwd hw, "iJW I inn Mta Ukon tJiw- hottao ?lto m*v ?mr to vou wuit rant it wottum in It;" I Maid, " Iiuotor^ho oltull not lutvo ii ' ho *nl, n?ty offer you a vory hi go nrhv1, v tnou?y l? ! no oit>H t u> her ?. long k? ahf :n<wnptiJ?o< W ntijci*;" I .'lit, "Shi ahull tx4 h?v? room in A no \ do not ?hh ?nt htwrdtwa^" to ram?rk.?l thai It 1 lot hor hat a a rflhm ti. w milil ili.pi> ' ? mo of th" h'wtno at any co?t; Im wild ' -liv !kv'ttl<t B<1 h?to a room in tho h"u^o if ah* -iKOjirt hfhr ; in. I'.f*' a work; I replied, ' That U lie ri>{Ut ktn?l of In Ik I im rti*;" It* ?ai.l, "Mia h..- doftaQutd/akl rverytUIngmlite w<*M .tgi.inn mo?ha- wrrithn anou) rwou* I.-Moo about mo; ho th.nk I am au old W ben.t. worth floh.oni), ami | , .t< in mittoal 1 hall iritri v hor tint I am dotermiiicil I , ahull not Ittitity ku. L will t[\\ warty hf; I h?' u Ifotnf," rowtintivil lie. '"(g tdtoo a party bore, atvI | ?h< want* toy rootu to or opened *hr the oomnany, ft* tlio la?lio? ti.jmt tlioir honnot , rftak *r . In;'' 1 told li*r KhottniMind Uire thom writhotn alio ,?iirtir?l a |W|? t re hi. in* ?H fdmnu to ihi hwuw, flvlnr it up freely aiivl t4 hoi own moot it on tin l?t or May, 1*'.?, 1 t II aou, Mr*, ftoii-ti'iry, | tun continually w.tlcbetl by litis n.?r-l vtfir.'t for! hrr. ?whi n KnoutrJu h .u my room ami whnp imr "no rnm?'"< twee -hw l* in thin rvifti i n*im. at tho donf, *vt m tho ataire; If we should ? out now wo wtitH Mil Iter wt Uto door or no the *tairjand fa1 ??t W| die /tail whrti 1 wonl out; aho rinikt ftavo h.'Ai'.t ry tror.1 tho doctor Mid ; Uo ttpoko kn a lew . clear vein ; w*q very quirk and low apokf.-i ; 1 wru to call, t?r .it l.'in my ntwhutw war In ?4J1 acwtn tn oigll the leare, I ?-keil I>T. Hutdoll how j n<? r >Tiir m vt nrr na\ <? tli<* laniar -uic>- ? wtMv n "? ' ' * 'ftirin: N> mid hp wa*' mit to Hrr*??>??, nnd rhttfatuc l/mrrBdh h*r dantrhtnr who wa? to gn to ?.<-l?onl; ah die 1 xlrm* he *:ntPci njww h?*r, ahr atVrwkat' wrid trtlna ) hnn- ?* a bm?rrtoi wi{h Mr > !?? ?, who tu*. il Dim. m I . ill 1*1 thai waal. d to taVu Or bvurv; Imt reft i awe** ? *? rood. *art fcHttg a widow tUi a family and rwiawd'ila, ' h? he ??r'<n<i an ?mt?k?t?nt fx Mod Ir-r Ixt : 11*.! It rotinn , mn.iiv dnw n l> >m Pf, ?,nmu> wt" *r?ul<l ' aid ? hot**. and that ah? W4(ht ?> flwma l? hit* * fix , a h * -trt t>f pnWartr* tn her; h* laid * t'uftfcif him ' ' ,* ht would M ?h, pawn* My ha\? a room ,n tW fourlh ^ j rhty h" would in enrtoupi trtrv lair lb* ixalri-dui oti t, tt.p Hoof; h^ wntrdw ra?v* and howrdiwt t>i<mr and " did th* do* tin*, Hut whan h" fwnlliiwl to Walk 'nil \ with Di* lady Mr*. CviWiitiv'im'i haewtua JaaknM <>( Irtm h i thru his ttoublarV^an; wit Kthfhwj a litt ffwtdi ntu?t r ' *o. wt aht- yr\, and tiHt -h* did |<i; UiBn Ihr d<? tw i j aim w nit. and lam mid hr "f MB bownillif at th-M?drn II pnltUtiI irit vt-ota.l Wh> dm tor on Priih?) , thr **h n a I JaM Mi > uiaaa til, ? rka k P. M . a lid Ml aln?td o 1' M |hr dfa-aw *?wn word down In tlx" hark |*rW wh'ra 1 wa r I t-dliWf, than >. would -a* mr IB a f''W twinnlx*; I w<*r at Ut*n ttmi 'law Inania th* dwior wanted m* *> rnnx- an jm f<> il*i?*ifti Ox* lx?r?; h* ran.*- down m tlx* Ka* k (wrltx ar I wmt wdti Km y? ll?* tli rd -lot> t'nwit rwitn, than int U * h*r* txtmii ? > lli?! >*11.** Mtmr. U**'H **p kl lb* fotirl [ERA] ttory, we Unit came down and went into the back parlor, when a little tioy canto ill and said tie re was gentleman wi lled i/i xoe him (the doctor) in anoUier room. ("Die next few w? nlencoH of Uie witness could not be heard )' He <ume into the par lorn again, and tokl me which was hi-j Airniture; Mr Htansbury .ahl ho would like lo toko tlx) room anyhow , In rjienking of Mm. fnuuilighnm, the tjoctor ground his tooth ast If he waa very angry at tier; ho did not grind his teeth :t though he was enraged, hut :i* ihoi'gh stm wan a vory bail woman; iu my hut interview with the doctor, on the I i.duy pn-c/sling hie death, T did not m o either Mrs (utiiiitighatn or her daughters; the agreement to take the liou.-e win t'onrtUllllnMted; it wuS written and read over, and Mi Huudmry was to i ill next morning and sign it. Mr lkirdell Mod 111 tliat conversation that all d.JUcuity with Mr- Cunningham wa nutted. in reading over the lea-e he said h< had been in 10I1 docelved and httmhtigged. ntul that lie t over Intended u> ho no ugain, and that U" would never let the liottso to a woman alone; he pointed to sot no tm|>eri on tlic tablej and said- lliro are Um leasesMr. Horded did not stoop, ho wa erect this gentleman here) Mr. C'tntnn) Itsiks as much like fir. Ilurdell as a man can; hie (Clinton's) whisker* are hmj-or and blinker than the Doctor's were; the I'n aid- whiskers were rather light, von could plainly mo hi n>< lii wluu he Uill.ed; ou Unit l-Yidnv the Iks tor's whisker* wore hlurk, they had been dyed or colored; they were nev-T colored before I know ?f; at all other ilmo* his will- kers w?t?- sandy an?| gray, that day they ami his hah and moustache were dye-l; he stood "P erect when speaking to me with his eye lunk ing right into uiino. Wiuu-ss crors examined by a counsel for Mrs. ('mining ham, I have ts en impguuted w ith IV. Lurdt it for twomy years, seeing him frotpn ntly; I saw Is mis Huhhwrd tfi<t ^ lust day I wist there at Dr. Bw'ell's hou-a ; ?h<- sat by while this pa(tcr (l-ma ) was read ; fie Introduced mo to her;she wax in the room whoa I arrived: I l-ft h?r llierej i inei fi<"i ?iii inn cortn r m howl?and Broadway l was waiting l<ir .111 oiniiibiu<; she name up t?> where I stood ' and went duw 11 the street; tin Hector del urn s|? ak to me about Dr. Cox's case; I know that Mi s. Cunningham i ould p hear w hat tic Iioctur said to inn on the occa.-lon when I wan there in January, bocuu o .-he win in the hull ami the Doctor spoke very loutl; ho generally > <okedjp>uplo right in the eye and held bis head up wrl en bilking u> them. JhA ca?e was lb"n Adjourned ltd T'li'ado) the IXUi of April. Intelligence fiom Mberln. TIIK I.ATI? W A It AT CAI'K VAI.MAH? I'llACK HRSTORRD ?ANNKXATKIN (IK MARYLAND IS MKKKl.V TO TBK Kf I'l'BI.IC?TUB IRTBIttOK HKTTLKMKNT?I'KOKOSKD THKATY WITH KNULAND? CAPB MOUNT?COMING M KCTIOV?HTATK OF TltAllR, ETC. IFrom the Baltimore Sun, April 17.] Hy the colonization ship Mary Care line Stevens, Captain Daniels, of ihis |?irt. Ill days lroiu Monrovia to the Capos, * we have intelligence limn lliut place up to the l'itli March, nt w hich time affair J were generally iu a prosperous con ( dilion. | The war which had existed at Cape Pulmas for the post t few months between the Maryland settlers and the Grebe tribe hns been brought to a close, and we trn.-t a |>ermu nent peace established. At one [HMlod the settlement at < Cnpe Palttiu- was ceu-idered in imminent peril, and Gov. Drayton applied to the republic for aid of men and muni- ' limis of war. The government promptly res|miide<l to this rail, and a eomjMiny of lib men. well armed and equipped, was forthwith enrolled and des|?atehed to Cnpr I'almas iu the Society's ship, which happened to be in port at that tiliu# Tlie timely appearunce of this force, the able and Judicious course pursued hy General Huberts, w ho went down in charge of the troupe, and other eoneurreiit causes, put all end to actual hostilities, and Induced Iho e-tabh.ab tiielit of peace on a bans w hich promises permaiieiicy. The friendly feelings shown towards tin' people of Cape Pa I mas by the government of l.iberia, ill furnishing a-Ristaticc in time of their great need and the dangerous cri sis they had just experienced, induced the citlwns of tluit pluee to take into serious ring*)deration the subject of unluxation to the republic Accordingly a petition wu- draw n up and signed hy a large majority U' the people rwplMtlng the legislature (then in se-siou) Ui liave Mm qui-tinu of county annexation submitted to the voice or vote of the people, which was granted, and a unanimous vote given | ior immediate annexation to the repuhlie as ? county. A iMllWU IW Hiliui-.:K>U W Uw republic was drawn up ami forwarded to Pre blent Benson, wlui forthwith called i? -|s < i?l session of the legislature to act u|s>n it, and no doubt the measure will be s|>ecdily emisuniuialed. Thld change in the government of "Maryland in Liberia," how ever, iu no degree affects the free operations of the Marya?.l sua. Culiuiiikluiu So islv?the reiiiildie assuming the I po-Uimi Mitti rexporvibihlbs of lit*' MxU: Uroanb lie) hex iety. The interior pHtlommt <w expnrlmenl, as it tui? been j termed, to t> -t Um: clinwb in thouiderior and eomfwro it with that of the com*, bun fhlr way of consummation. i [ Tito direction of tin' undo rink in?, it will he rooolWctrd, wii rnmmltrd Ui the He v. John Sow, no loon and favorably know ii ?' llm miperiirtendent of the l.i?M-riH niH-mn, ami travelling agent ol the M.irv land Htate CokxiuutUnu N* ioty. Alter vi III lie various regim* interior tr lira" .a and Monrovia he A'.t d tpnn an elevated pivdttnh?mmt twenty-five mill na-t of Mil L burg?ua tlio mre-t -utltaMn imalion lor Um> new s? I'd-mini, and for ill Willi made prepa* tu?n- tor new . ilium limiui d MnltfTtiM". of winch twenty. I two worn eehs-tisl ft win the ex|iediin*i by tin* M. i'. Mru'lw. Hoy torn United at daylight on the 4WIi nf January, and tinder lh< immediate rare of Mr. Hey/ canme need the Ir mareli fbr lite interior, expecting to lodge " liut one night mi tliiir way to Chruyabury, tie le w niihment. .tdvii es from Mr Soya under the date of March {*, announre but one in-r of levor, and lint very Lghi, yielding leadily to tiietliewl treatment. In tie- meantime at least lour tittle of the other emlgiantx by tie' ame ex|S<:inoil, located elsewhere, have suffered severely from the fever. Tbur fat tlie ? vponm< id lia- succeeded beyond the most Kenifllllie ho|?W ot itr friend- alid promoter'Itie new sell lenient at tills- Mount ap{?-ir? to be III a jirosjieroti- rendition. and promlsi-- n> b< a heaiiby ore* ' Pmktent BetvoO was on a visit to that place when tin 1 till" Kft. Trade was vatv dull; aim->d all the small ran ting ' ve -I'ir In-longing to Monrovia and l*l>e I'almac were la.d nptnthe river*; the |wlm nil trade being mainly tot thr ) hands of foreijrtHis?ftiyli-'h, Ikitch and American. It was currently rejmrted In Monrovia Ui it a tr.-sty , was in progrt.-s between the repnbtte of IJberlii and kiiKiatid, hy wlticll lie subjects of tlie latter , government are to he allowed free trade at all tlie por#? , and ulnhg tlie entire nutet of l.|herla, illConsideration o| >n I illlllllal stipend of SpHI IKMI to lie |Ni|i| to tie' republic, tile J treaty to routlnm: in operation for ten yr ir*. Tin effect of lln-arrangement, U it g" into operation. Will be In niOIMipolUK lie eliUre trad* It) lie KllffU 11 XImj I're-nli tidal election wax elo-- at hand, t>ut or a ' r mned tint intle interest. .Mr. ieti-on'- ad mint/, (ration h? , been very popular. and he will have little or no , tion. Jlrrurex IlltV* In i n taken for the ens' ot til" III w colu e. hut from vun<"i? can-' Of dtlay tt will not go up tttdil tlie next dry ne?-oii Thragrh ulturiit ln?? r. "t ' id the govern tie. lit are nmu i tally Improving Pie neon, of m ar rake 1<11<1I1<I1011 iv id- nt In , e n an I tt; 1 ?i< m re- are rotuiuon <ai tie- H Paul'* river. and 1 wn pianta to>n~ have over uttv arri i.nli ot g <an? lit lot mind nig (ttir sleain lulll 1? In ois'taleai. mat a vi iy U'go oo> Is i\|x rv d mil fiw Mr Italiaril <ai. lie- Urv <1 eigar planter on the Ml. l*aul'a. City iNtrlllgriMr. CnvaaKK i? fnunna?hat M'Aanr.\a' Hut.?A >i?? tal I mmm of nua trpuaum ?? nuim m uw*i n m mmrluirtf' Ksdunn* y"trt>liy, but owing ki Ur a4rrru? IBwnl bring lu-ertrd in an obi fogy Wall -Irwl pap" r, re <6 of the merchant* ?*w it. and lhT? wore not enough m< B l?er* In allen/tabec (> form a wiorntn. The rubpil ti[<on I whnh ilir Chamber w .v ealVd K-i ihi r *v In relation to | I lie l'orl Wardi n't bill, a III. It Ua.-> rt<*'ully b? f -tio- a !. ? i ll iV'tn tkil ktrritfuif, 4mt IIm' inaMcn of fort War ' lira Ita* become a political appointment, Ui" lour j chant* bav" twi n compelled to employ miriue -ui vryor*, ?hfl arc ai>|MMiiW"l liy Ux iVntrl of ' I'ttderwrlter* and the (lumber of (Inmnieeoi loudly. niol who arr men competent to do the hi: ino* I mtrufctixi to Uii-m. anil ihuM Ho Port Warden* Pwtnd th? tn I e. Ire* without anything to do, and cnosrqneMly without | fiwr. which worr |?wh'Wi| by the mtrveyiff. fbebw. ne<e of the Port Warden is to examine when tltrj ; arrive, to ice if the good* arc properly atonal, and to ) report on any damage to Ihv Tt" '?!, and their r-tum are > made tie Ino-m o( the claims wlncji are allowed by the ' ! Hum d ot I mterw rU?T<. 'Hi" new law comKh ibt'iurr f i elmnts to employ the Port Wardein. ao that titer omi 1 |ssket the rcei>,whHh it ! Mod amount to |?'>.iw yr j I year?a handome mini to he divided between sir peng. ' The no/ling yerterday wa., to d< viae tome mean- to era I" [ the operation ot the law, but there uo tp.urum tie f I meeting adjourned over. Rgin? U tuMi Hn ttrt.?Titer# are a number schemes for r? U< vlng Uie great city thoroughf?r?. hut we have not heard ax )"'i it any MTtBMt for the rt< hef of Pnlion tfori.whieb la fart Iteeomlng an crowded and iinpe.atahic a thnrimghfari" ne Hrmdway, In o>d?o qucBcc ot lie being the tua'ite. 1 Into which lite traffic of kT.tton market and the pittacnger lintel of I'ultnn fairy llbdt. ite way Thi-hi th" mor- remwrkahW a, it would l?e an racy matter lo relief e Fulton street ami the name time j diminish the perils ot Ihv " middle Hgw" at im lodfli. j wnkuaig .\nn street from Broad l way to (bid, and lb" eltect On.nigh to the Fa-1 rlV'T. flu" eouhl l?c don*' t ery i lieapiy, an tin pio|* rty h<>lri. r" I wpuld t" gtid to |*?i lor an tHi|*oe*atout that woukt so I much cull III" tin 11 p ,srty We would then have a I,lie Ml, tuiiiiiiu If'tii i im i !>, m IT, ami w nun wmim uiw> :? ; l?r*f i?ir?nm oi' thr vchb le--which mrw arr r<itn|?>tb'ft to u-i, 1'uhon -trrcC awl i*wti i.i* Promt n a) at it tiwri/Wc t T*nrt*Miic>t Oii^Rv *4 Vmnmn rtiuwt.?Tho oottji* nu< (tiki have hi par.idc urulff U?? r-mmkiM of Cnmmabhi r in rhirl WlV-'m, will K?v? a pnn? V inT lln-ir ow n I" morrow, momr noitmwiul of Thomas IVunott TU'i will hin t nl 11 nVbirl^n i^t, rylit i o-Uii# . rm IMt? at r art, ami will mirt h thrnui(li Km-l BrrWwvy to ! firamf *tr?wf, ,m? u UtjutJ u> Hi,wit) . up IViwarjr tn Imir H l?k iWti -V?-wt. itanrn to Hriwln ay, ttwii w? lltatilmc 4rwrt. >#ml ?lf*r a rwrtcw m Uw Pjuk w iU to* hi n*<-i'i| | ^litr Cuwtua iturum.?Ttl'i to no wwiwtttin* W wwi*f : ji'hQrn??n wM air, ft* itv two* port wirtmit ,? tho Kit* ( At ?i)aii>y. U hit* t>ci>ti in tti Ww ?ntu? tiro or *it yoar*anii iiirwitwr> Mwiwii wviHy ami ritlity rrjfular mm i | tirrr. TVy mr<1 >vr? I'rviay'rrmmtt in CltBt'* M*H ; ft*thr (Idii uiwiim of K?mI, nathwial, political aroiifthrr '1"^ I tiMi" mHi* ahirh vntuitf m ww(J aa obi trait* ?>"" r la-it lYvttwy ttnmii the mitvikm nntii'r li-ru^ ?"fi ??-' Urn <t?k l-tbwi iai ilm I'krtari toalo* Supra** OwWlwi UwtDTwt f J?rnWfW, whwh wai tfi-hwiml with * kimwM* <H lb" ; Kwal awl nfhrt point- thai wawM hare linw- crrtlil to obit* ami tnori- r> ) rW-wtl haatt* Thorn '? mimlwi of if latfit" |irr?t M, ami among Ilia atl4toWW WB* "r Htwwrt J U ttalki-r, llr i#?l) *|*?>nit"l UwWW " Km * . It ; ( i.i m?;h?i , fVnIV Wrto-Wi ami l?, an'* ??!n Mi *1, aM ortu r ?tr loigut-hiwt gai'tW Bwr fft hj<M i ih to b. xwiua ml at If o nwnt wwi rg LD. PRICE TWO CEOTS. The Tammany Trembles.# T UK Mi.KT !N(i At 'I ILK C'UINKXK lit 1L PI NO Tim CbiiK'Ko Building euiM->w mirmiuuiil the I'olJdWiaf ? K'R HidlklH. John J. M.inil nt;, Albert W Smith, Jnme* C. Wlllet, Gideon J. TV-lrer, John C. Mather, Daniel C Pi nt/., .Joseph Cornell, William YfoMurrny, 1'hllip J. Werkl#*, James Murphy, * Thomas Wbeelun. Hubert H. Boyd. ('. Godfrey Guiltier, roll TUttCT H. FOR FUiiMlXUt. Wilson Small. Charles Milk. roil ?kirftlry. ror wwrirkric. Stephen C. Duryea. lb .ratio N. Parker. It also ununimonsly adapted the following rnaolntiOM;? Resulted, That the members of Tammany K.m>mty liwre mri mlileil jiriM'loim anew ihoir de.t.iiton to the great pnrr-iplei ol the national demoej-ntlc party upon which die pras.-rtt a.1 ministration name lino power, and hereby pledge to Ibeir Ko .e. democratic rhlel', Janu;* Hie lumen, their le.crty and i>riW support. Resolved, Tim I we hnll an the harbinger of peace and local will among the member* of tllia aociety the prompt anil an ihuslitstle. response which Ihe.y hara given l>i UmoaV under which we are assembled, iitdientlug as It doe*, In earnest and unmklnkeahlc language, that "past dksen Ions are to (JO for gotten and all sympathy with late division* for ever obliMsratetl.'t Resolved. That it Is the pnrtimom.1 duty of Tammany So Olely, (Specially *( this time, when tihe k r. pMhtemfisjn, in otter disregard of the right* and htterests of the people, .a ?iinetlng law < o|ipre*s Ivw and ty. snnl.-al in their character. for purpose* at war with every prineiple of jiistke and oomtrwitt noueaty, in the spirit which aetuao-d its founders, to restnus peace mid hsi ntor v to lis distraeted counsels, und In rnti?nii lis lit. 11 Hp- detiasn Site party In one eriiato/altou, thus tiflmj in the fnTirrw newt son ntftt brilliant tHtimp'ts hi the e'rty and Rtnte. The roIlowlDK is tlio corrpsjajiidcnco, w liicli -> o. 1 be tvwn Hie two cnueuseH of members of Uie linniuaiiy Ho ciety on Friday night. ' The Westchester House caucus sent tl?o Chinese BuilUioij CAUCUS tllC following:? To Tiir Cihirmis or T'rr Mrrrtsn or Mrasrns or rim T*??(?rv Horinr <o*vrN*n at thk i' Hi iijmsi;s i d m li ne n?With a Mew to promote the union and harmony if the democratic inn mid to secure tin; ejection of a council it the Tntiiiiuiity Society for the emuing year, wtio will harry nit the reform miaiilniottsly recommended by the present Council, the tltldef-llflied have heett appoint'''! a unimllteo 'lorn it meeting of brothers of III' Society, held tin evening at he Westchester House, Willi power to confer wlib a Minder onunlnee from your hod;, Very respectfully, Isaac V. Fowler, Kdwurd Cooper, K. It. Hurt, John Cochrane F. I'urily, I'eter H. Sweeny, ti. , ne V Kand-us, On receipt of this, the chincou Uuiliting cAiHiu* pneacil tml transmitted the following:? Resolved, That a committee of seven to* tvppolu . J hy tola ^invention to meet the committee appointed iiy ,? meeting of he Brother* of the Tammany Society, now in session at llio Westi heeler House, mid lo proceed with thet Collin.Itlec lo that meeting, and Invite tie ui to attend tlit. uiecnug in a hod). Hie Westchester House Committee transmitted to tho Chinee? Building caucus tie' following:? To VcursTts Schsi.1., Fvo , Chairman, Ac: -Tl>" ne. jog at die Westchester llnusc tin Mug delegated to ihis committee |u,| pnwer to confer with a similar cunmittco to be appointed hy the meeting at the Chine .>' Budding an I to agree upon a lackct for a < nunctl of Surle ins w ho will perfect the reform in tint aysIt m ot primary election reisiniiucu'tcd hy the ut uiuiwus w Uon of the present Council of Sachems, and ilie m> > liiig at the Chinese liiiildlng hating .'lined the proposition, iu ptinoi unci of the pow er with which w. are delegated and ben i{ unw lllhig to adjourn without it further e/tbrt to se< ore harmonious action iu favor of reforms among the members of our venerated society, we. offer the following addilioio.l proposition, vU:? That six candidates for arheins lie named on the part of the meeting held thin evening at the Chinese RuUdtut,, and that a like number he named on the part of the meeting If hi tbla evening at Westchester House, and that the twelve so named he voted tor on a united ticket and that a candidate be named iui the part ol each meeting for tlm thirteenth sachem, and th.u the contest be thus cotiliiusi to the elt'CUou of the thirteenth woh'in. We w ill add. In eonelusloii, in respect to the proposit.on em tinieis) In the resolution appointing the committee of the mect11,1 at the Chinese Building* ihe an'Werthat i' i? tmpneaibl? tow to accede In said pt'tpo-iiioti, he aus -we Ictvmif hwu lotbed by the meeting we represent with full power pi act hir la III, they have, til a great degree, dispersed We reaped ully reijuevt an answer in writing, and await pnr rr|n| al la West' bestrr Mouse ISAAC V. FOMI'KK. ALIJAH F I'l KltV, 1 It It AllT 1'F.TFR It StAl l-.SV, Jl?HN CtH'tl\I>K, KltW A Kit CSHH'KK, I.KllltllK N SAMIFMS A fill. 17, iMff. Thl OillM*'' Building c.u ni' ijyliVd this mt.m' u.c.lnm, knit Uu?m'A4mI llt? lullow lot' i?|il> lo lot ?viil l>> iloir Bill or uuin, Mi'. Kelly ('NlirriR Hciinixn, V>-? Yor*. Yrril '7. '(87 To Tiir r?*unii> n? in?: \<ii. or Mi oi.m or rim TmyiAT A.Kirtr, son iMorita ir in. iVnrin??TrH IU.CM.-~Mr?The lomlug or phVu* of mmiloTR ' > ? Tain> SorWy, ixiv. *lninif ?' !?' I'hlor^o lluiMiiiir, I^wux ro u liTil III* k'tur h) Mi'??ni In** V K?#wr, *Vy?U. K. Purfll, K. M. II*r>. IVU I H Momu) . J'?n C.?ihrnn?, Ml*Ml llwrM v. MO'lxi ib>- . ninmltur jinprdaMd from ll r mrritinr pi ini'lt H o\?r hy you, nml Ii*mtik <iul> it lio Nim#, liuvt lur'riK'K'U uir, 41 rli.iu nun. ru-p Ifuiiy 10 "fliT ?ifKm the rerrlpf of ?hr fLr?t hv wK?rh wp n?ff tnfurlTili?l thr eiMrure ot y?w?f idiPttii|, t|** Iwijr itrmr whirl1 i Iiuvp the h??n?n to pn <odr iihiii?^imu J> 11I *# vijii. < uttftMuff at r* Aiuften'Mi rohril JiiMi'fiii K<*r, Jr . JMi? Thoiii# >, John II. OieAhar*, Joerph forMii, .1 Tuefcer, nikI KHmnl H 4 *rtMft**Jy,) whftMl committee %mi darfil m tender K)(Jm iu? mbn% of your or filml/?ti??n the l^iiraMVi tH the IiIkIi re??i>e?rt ?ii<1 ruiiMd< iHint-<1 tor thrftv, brother* >1 the T?mnt?ny rtaictrfty end |rli?W uemurrAta. mhI hi.* *?pe<ieJ4jr liw?lr'?cUni hy r*:?oTuUoo to nqtuoi \< ur U<mJ> Id imtu* iIUiuum 441 on*- * >?o?oi?hftLr?i c<ti\ lUMi lor thr ii'iii'Miyj'f. of aut||!i' tl? kcl, to b'l plw<| In thr far id tit the Appro*<*hiu^ fts.'nC linn f<r M*r i?? ni< O >r Ohio loltK't hiding dr|>?r{< i wl'h .heny hi?f ru< ri?* I your ?*>m mit er An hp are ii.f t m* !, a* '"M SU-hola* Hotel itiMloum IliUMUiU U to th? lalU 4 the poW*T* tuul pLUptMU.-. \\*Ji * hit It Uiry w*}v tmryfrd. (in rv*pir*i#*d >o*ir cumimilwe 10 I oiy tMHi to flic WkM ?>ii r llimai fw th* lwri.enp'ef 'ho miw Th* nje*fhig o\# r *Iimh I prrMde h?n Iranicl tuurli dlvi4|<|M?(ritin( ut . ii?l r?*<r? t that your ruttuait or nrrfimpfiriy r*??!?tnlff? o? ?! ? Vfntnh* -itrr l(Aua, i?i ludrr Uiut <>ur moJaUofi ot UiXiUti ?o, fruiii'*'! u, Im frVoU*l hp.1 it mihI rarii* ?*lv *0 ? k?u^r a ?u*MHi BIB oft'' t*?irni-?'4.?M*? ot ftintjtht b? ImVI bffuit Mir n*r?'iiiii; o%rr wbkii )* ??! hide, flooti af*? r thh ar t.* m 'writ had b^rn aftad** mw uo r? Invert <t ulth th?* h t^'-r fn?m Mr Four If r and hi? m? % ?tf<> iih??te tuiiUkfd, frei.i ih * \ ?>f vrhk'h ?v , nwrttiuc U fiiwhlrd to pjithi r that y ir body lw<4 tfUiiwtt ti|wwi uu (oti.inlttfr full pouor i? M?i t^r lt% before toiviuu "m .4 <r* ?i irfiee dUper*? '1.M th?' in- 'HiU nvrr Hlik'h I m otuft M? to ri ('' fCitiM' Hi thU IWet .my ai|?'?|U.iie umiwii ul?y tb?' cwu niiti kniton uliuli we have Mtunhi (thnMtKli our otvtn?ittff*) t" fiHike fo your inei'tln^?(ft eiptMnuink-.ftfl'm eot' rlnK w piofH it toil which e uib' Ml p. Ml ?ruiK?i? lorwunt itiel ea-'y ft j'inn < r fin ii.? n?" ri pu-itj ?:v?n 10 be ?*<? iv? <1 by >?>ur Ufcl k* \**r*5 join- m? ?*tt' 1 . 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