Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1857 Page 5
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? 4 ? __________________ b> arret the -fellow,* but *u unsuccessful, lor < they b<>tb made good Uieir escape. l'|?on ;ui examination < 0( u?e pretnn** u large quantity of at Ik*, packed up tu a hack. und valued at $'2,000, w.w lonml near the-ton1 door. I TU* hurglaw had placed tin* l>.>< (> there and wore about I making their <?>ca|>e from the place wheu U>* Une'ly ar- I tr'vml of Ut* of the officer fru tiMM their plan. and avej ?lr Mfcacblkl (tMMWIM Im. < RtUgtoiu lidMUgtntt. Rev. C. F. Remington will preach Una evening in the JHenoral church, corner of Hammond at reel and WaverIt-f place. on* block from the junction of Fleveoth afreet, fcrecuw iclt and Seventh aveuutw. Profe6*or K. I?. Hitchcock, It It., of ['uion Theological H rmnar; , will preach in tie We.-tniinster Freabyteriati ciiureh, Hulk iirooklyn, Ui.> tire noon, andKcv- Hugh fctnith Carpenter, junior elect, in the pvcniog. Messrs. 0. K. Loderer ami Kphr. M. F.p.uin will continue to hold meetings fur frw di-.cus.-uon on the subject? "Christianity the only true Judaism." Tlio meeting will l>e hold this evening, at lOi I'nr. ire street, opposite the TouDh. Ample oj>iK>rtunriies will bo tUTorded for objections, qua-dions und answer-1 to be made by any of the audience who may clioose to do so. Please come with Bible in baud. ^ Rev. T. I.. Harris will preach to day at Academy Hall, 6fsl Broadwuy, ojijxisito Komi street. Moruiug subject? ' Internal sense of the Ninth and Tenth Commandments." Kt eniag?-flte l-tnal Result oC,hpiritu*l MaiulestaUous." APPOINTMK>TH IV THK IMtOTKaTANT KPUtCOI'SL BISHOIS To day forenoon, at St. Paul's. Troy ; afternoon, at St. John'a, Troy: ev eniiig at Christ church, Troy. Tuesday afternoon, at Betliseda, Saratoga springs. Thursday evening, at the church of the Holy innocents, Albany. Friday atV rnoon, nt Grace church, White Plains. YNVfTATtONtk The pwridt of St. John t Kptpv?|>?lj, in Reugor, Maine, h;is friended a unanimous call to Rev. A. Hilton, of Newport, Kb ode Islam!, (formerly of Augusta, llama,) to becomo their rector; and the call is accepted. Mr. Daltou has preached for the society during the past winter to general acceptance. Rev. Rutgers Van Brunt has accept the call from the Reformed Dutch church of Waterford, New York. Mr. Van Brunt is now supplying Die pulpit of tho 1st Reformed Dutch church of fitlerson, New Jersey. I Rev. P. Hammond, late rector of St. Ann's church, Mor- ' rL-iana, and St. Mary's, Methavelt, New l'ork, 1msaccepted ' a call to the rcetorsbi I St. Junn-s the Lesa, falls of 1 ISchuj Ikill, Peuusylt am. iud lias eutered on the duties of 0 the same. 1 The Congregational church of Dover, 111., lias extended ! call to Rev. I. Hascom, lately of Galesburg, and now agent of the Illinois liouie Mission Assocmtiou, to become their pastor. . Rev. J. M Scbreckhise hits accepted a call from several 'Churches in Augusta county. Rev. E. Carpenter, editor of the American National ' JVrachrr, New Vork, hits accepted an invitation from the Congregational church aud society in Southbridge, Mass., to MUM) hi-, pastoral labors among them. 1 Rev. P. 0. Headley, of Sandwich, Marti., lias accepted a , Call from the Congregational church in Greenfield, Mass. Rev. I?r. F Horsey bob ocpttXcd a call from the JetTer on charge, until recently i*?ki the care of Rev. B. Apjtleby.. Rev. Joel Swart/, late of Woodstock, Va., has accepted a call from the Evangelical Lutheran churches iu aud near OrcteviUe, Ohio. Rev. Amos If. Coolidge, of the last class at Andover, has been called as the associate pa-ior of Dr. Nelsou, of Leicester, Mass. Rev. Mr. Spalding, of the Whltefleld Congregational SoOcty tn Newburyport, Mass., has lutd a call to be the sucrcfesor ol Rev. Rulus Clark, over the JU. crick church of fcucl Boilon. INSTALLATIONS. Rev. Rufiis W. Clark, Into of tin Maverick church, BosU*>, was installed pastor of the South Congregational church, llrookljn, on Tuesday evening, April 14. The occasion was ouo of great iuterest, the building beiug crowded to its utmost cajmcity, while hundreds of persons ' went away unable to oblinu entrance. The order of exeiv ' ctsea was the following:?Invocation by Rev. Mr. Fretu&i 1 readum of Die Scriptures by Rev. Mr. Tompkins: praMr < by l>r. Itr, : .111 herinou by" Rev. It. S. Stores, Jr.,"ii.Ti.; Installing prayer by Kev. Mr. Hay lis; charge by Kev. i Hear; tVnrd Beecber; right baud of li-Uawship by Rev. ( Joseph I'. Tli<>iu|<m'U, It I).. address |u *e church by Rev. ( W.I. Rudolf toe, It. IX; c.NKiludmi; prayer by Rev. F. M. Rarhrter The |mstor w ill begin bis public duties to-day, preaching morning and evening. ' 77^ installation of the Rev. Theodore Tehbets as pastor trf the I "Uriah chnrcli, Mrdtord, Mass., took place on , Ibe 1Mb inn. Senwm by Dr. Huntington. The Rev. Hr ft. Jl- Kerens having been called to the perioral cItargt of die j'lymmth (orthodox) church iu thcUa, 1U-.1, the bervtoe'ot >?^UUaUon took place on the 1Mb mat. The installation of the Rov f?r. Riddle, of Pittsburg, ovef the Dutch Refbrmed church In Jersey City will Lake place tills evening. Rev. Itr. Mrflure deliver* the sermon. ITio tio?>e war dedleati-d Sabbath before hint Rev. D. D Fro t was installed (Nestor over the Congrega. lioaal church of West Stockbicige village, Maw., on the ll.lh ulk Rer. KU-tia H. Mierwond ha.s been iu-itailed pastor of the ITiwby b rum cnurolt in Kd\i*rd>burg, Mich. Iti.S ll.NATIOVH. Th"NV> -'re. t chin ell in Portland, Me., have un.aul rni.e l, a-- . } .I it a re-:gnnti'>n of tliclr late Rpstor, Kev. Mr. Uul? 'I ae\ ban not y el selected a successor to lum. Hie llev s-.dl has resigned Uic charge of St Flu b.u - - vli reii, Naugatuek, tonii. Tlie Kev ft K Howard has resigned the rectorship o Hi Peter's church, Itansville, At . N. Y., and accepted a call to St. Thomas' church, Hath. The Rev. J. Hay ley has resigned the parUhe* of Christ church, 0-ulford, and St. lVlor's church, Uaiubridge W. N Y Rev. W. Robins, assistant minister of St. Mark's, Phlladelptua, lias resigned that, the resignation to take sdfect on Uie let June next Rev. Mr Rutin, who lips resigned his rharge of the Chapel street church, New Haven, Conn., lias been unanimously resjuc-ted lo withdraw his resignatiou. UK AT II l>i THK MIMSTRT. Rev. James tba|>tnali. formerly rector of Sl Peter's church at IVveil Atubojr, N. J., died on the 7lh Inst., sged TJ year. Nnr enrwrnrs. The comer stone of the new Catholic rhtirch of St. Miry N, si Clifton, Stolen bland,will be laid on next Sunday, April 'Jfl, M thro" o'clock 111 lilt' iu?rri???>ii, " 1:1 m >-t Iter. Archbishop Hughe* The boat* run every hour fr<>in New York Mid tb" Hand. The church w III oecupjr rme of (lir tiio-1 beautiful alUuliotu aruuud Uio hay uf New York. Tli" ti'" Mi tho'l-? Fi'i'-rnpnl rbureh at Cone<tfni'a Center, IV, of which K??v. Wm. Major Is pastor, will be dedicated (by dirlne penm-sinni to Hi" ? or-tup of do t on :*unday . Ui" JAh m-t Dev. Wm. Cooper, presiding elder, will preach at 10 o'clock A. XI., and Her. Corfu I. TarB'-r, ot Hi.Lull i|^? *.i 4 and 7^ o'clock IV M A oow Catholic rhtirrh it e?nn to be built is Springfield < Mm U * i.. C?M about Mm.'*10. nMuuraon. Among 111" lYe.-bybrian rhiin be* dcatitule Weater* Ni w York, are the Ftr-t and rat nod rliumhen of Auburn, for lb" prevent supplied by llir ITofea-or* of tli" Tlic<4ngi<,u imaary, I< I in) , Nuuda and (1. ie v? Ttic Iam ban Is .-n drxUlut" lor more than (wo > iiu-m , Ium had a largo iiuml>"f candidate*, and baa called several imauu-ra who bare declined their call. The OvUs-U" Arrhbi-hop of Near (Vienna ha* mvelvcd Dull* n inii'X i- Hi h"p el N it. In r. Hie llev (Vlllinn Hrlrr, D P , Cndemor wIVlliHJ, he , at Mount fb Mary'a, frmatltebiirc. Md The Kev Mr K.bler l? an rltr* of the Cropagiwda in Know, and a member uf lh" well kn iwn | family of bin name In Maryland Ren. R W Clark, of the Maverick church, Fad Boston, wbo I* about l" remove In Hr>nl>lyii, N< ? York, pmck cd bit farewell aermoo m Hundiy la?d. During the Are team of hi- ministration, Iwn hundred and aeveoly lire {tare been added tn |be fhurrh?(be present number Ik lug four hundred. Mr Clark la about to remov e on at count of Uk IU biakli of hi< wife. At the annual meeting of 81 ,fo*rph Preuhytery, at ?(l-liawaka. litduna, April k, IHAT, Mr leeorg" Hrown, a II c "ntiale of tin- budt, wan ot (lamed ax an evugoliat, and Wi nanm; -loued to libpr *? a gen-ral y wi'.hm lb" tin?ill of Uie ay nod of \t aliasti. At the name meeting Mr. S|*iiocr 0 Dyer was llill?ud to prrorh the gospel. Iter Wm T Mcnrov, who has hern supplying the rml fnle of IVortdenc" and Hnlvlta churches, K> , goes to M? loort or Kan ie, to enter a ucw bekl of evang ik al labor*. tl*r .Joseph It Joh?. lab' of Plymouth, baa declined tbe InvlUUon to the | suitor Me id the Drtlwdot UotigregaM> not church and aooety iu W.?l|*?l , Ma s. Rot Tlmm-v" Woodmw, D D , baa l ik"U cluirg" of p>e Freak? lerian church of Nlebotartlle, Ky. Rer j8hn fl Fee ha" been l iboring for a week or two tn t in Ni ?p>rt, My , wlure Ik- ha" orgntildud a ITtwbyto 1. ?- tririiv anu -lavert liaau ao coiniuu run inini ii - ?_, , n.n wlUi ?UvrboMera. ; Jler. A l? an, Jr , wa* dlinivmd from iho paatoral cara l>f the Ownrofatjonal ehnrcli tn Newfoiry, Vt . on the Stat lilt. The |<riuii|?J narou aligned ?m Ufedetpiary of B'lpport. * A rffierahlo rl<*rrymnn from tToreeeter coonty, mm* H'Hiin Grottoi on *in<tay la<t to fulfil a f?iil|Hl rnraicemetif fin hl? way hi* mrpot b;,# ? i i M'hiti ^ for on? tiwt, i>n trolryr opened, dl*plnV"'t I Mf't Piplit np ,trvf other Mh In of It minute Mlet. The g<??l <>1-1 gentleman hud to apologise for tlio Don-prndueUon of hip witlbai serin n. and favored bin hearer* uitli on Mtrmpnti' <H<muiw on the evil* of life, of which tbn annoying ov.1 of rjrhinitmg rarpet b*JO> fM not fbrm * part Whit the t?d, who pro l>nbly (rot the rarpet bag of llic el'-rgj man, thought cf the " swap" in yet to ho toM. Intelbft' r? e war. received by the Niagara of tlv loth of the Rev l?tv i>l T Htotlriart, >( 111" N- torian nv- -non tn (Xirominh. He died after a long illno** of t> pboid favor. Tim pan tori I relation liaa b.en iliynob I1 ti P.?T. Watruiel f porter at,a tin p . n riaa OTUfTWgntloii* al K.ogwood and Krenchlown, N j. rwrov wrrn rn* o. a. hp.vkru. asakmBoT. Trio ftoforrivil Upwhrtfiy. at their lit* ! to ottng at I Bio R e?t, 8.C., adopt,*1 the following rt'pnfl.? rofnnduon rnl'dto iml??ljr tin- nor.iin >?? ?' i?" rrwhf U?f) , Hi (Onwrr lo (ho qttrslidO whothiT IhfWbK nrif nllior >li-<Urlo In union bolwoon our IhwIjt Mid llio JYontijrVrtnn fliurrh. b? nld * Hint of fNnltnoJf, would lo p |nn*i? U> nrrvont Un? following ** n Mimirmrjr o*|ir?\?u<?n of our mind ? 1. "Hint the .lifToronor |n prlwlpln and prnelino on l>i? fohjort of pKftitnod}- doo* r?miU(ok> U?e clilel bar Hi union , 9. rtlirr do rtl-d, tin! thai lliry ?r" n d of ' r "h m?gn Ulr ik lo procoi'lo Ui li..|v Mini in Uio rveul if the removal of Uic former hindrance, thi> , iu the en -r 'toe of mutual brotherly love, may In^urmounled 8. TKit we believe the phnct|>al attention of our dm nittee of Conference ntiouId lie directed to the reioos ?1 of he greatent obstacle a.t the means luo.t likely to ewult in a happy imue. 4. We nominate Rev. If. T. Sloan at our member of tii 3ommittee ou t'uiou, Uo ordered by S) noil Mlnalon to FmkUIv* Sto?M In uaiMtiu. A meeting in aid of Oil- branch ol tho Colonial Um-.-h ilnl K'liool Niciet) V operations wn-> held at the residence* the Hon. Arthur Ktuuaird, M. I'., london, on tl ? ;iNt ill. There were present tl??- Karl and Countess of Nlwfics>ury tin- lord Bishop ol 1/jmlon and Mrs. rail, lln Hon. K and Mrs. Kiunaird, He v. 1 llollond and M.s. Ho loud, lev. C. J. Kyiios Clinton and Mrs Clinton, Mrns Matin* s, Ccv. C. V. Childe, Kov. I'. CMukoslcy, He v. K. (iarbeu mil Mrs. (kirbett. Kev. M. Thomas and Mr-. Thoiuas, Kev. tr. Heliwuth, Kev. C. Molyneux, he.. *c. The Hon. A. Ki\naiiu> introduced tli? mihjcet or (he meting by explaining the origin ol' the mission. He re erred |o Uie Interest exciled in the year IKod by the tm-mo -ial of tlie women of Kngland to I in i,mi of the United Mutes >u Ihe subject of slavery. It had been suggested to (lie adies that Blicb a protect ought to lead to practical imasur , or the benefit of the fugitives who had found a rufufe or he froe soil of Canada, and that finding had led t > the >rganixation of the mission in connection with the Obbnlal Jhiircb und School Society. The time had now arrived for unking a fresh ettwrt to strengthen and extend this work. [Hear, hear.) The Karl of StmnwnrRv tlien rose and avid, the evanfelization of tucso fugitives, exceeding 60,0110 ,u to.iriber, rait indeed a noble Christian enterprise. (Hear, hear.) A Alack mail's soul wits as valuable tu Co t's sight as that of t white man. These fugitives had hecorne our followdihjects, aud io send them the (los|K'l was a duty, Uio coninued neglect of w hudi would he our shame end reproach. [Hear, hear.) He adverted to their capability of iutellecuai culture. Some in that room would doubtless live to ice the day wheu Christianized negroes would take a prominent position among Hie civilised races of mankind. [Hoar, hear.) lift earnestly commended Uie work to the lympnthy and co operation ol all who feel an interest iu nissions. ^ i.irin'1. n, UMW III (nr, -i-,i ruin-riuiruurut ... uie .oloiiial Church hnil School Society's Missions iu British s'orth America,) j-avf a graph:. .m l iuteriv-htig ar.ount of lis visit to tin' mission, and his torn among the other negro Wment Western Canada. Heches examples of MM legr.i.lalim, t<. which c\ rit educated negroes had someinics to submit in the fnited Mates, and related aOMing ases of (lie hunting negroes w ith bloodhound*. One poor ellow, thus pursues!, leuped into a river und was drowned, referring to face death rather than to commit himself to tin fellow man. These negroes were many of them oa|>a lie of high mental cultivation, and were characterised by ndustrious habits and by great eagerness for knowledge, ie bad seen grown up men come direct from their labor t> the evening school and (place their mplcnignt* f husbandry at the door, while t' went in o receive instruction. (Hear, hear.) British Ca Indians evinced a lively interest iu the mission, ud several committees had been formed iu the colony to 0 operate with the society. The Rev. M. Thomas, (Secretary of the Colonial Clmreh Ad School Society), slat .si tliat at its commencement the nission was necessarily an experiment. Tit" mixture of rhite and c' d children in the central schools at 1 Anion, Canada . st, hail produced beneficial results, and it vas now time to establish schools on the same plan in other mjKirtant townships. (Hear, hear.) He had been revested to intimate that gifts of clothing for the fugitives rould be very acceptable, as many of them, corning from be Southerly States, felt the severity of the Canadian wiu er. He read a letter from n colored man, conveying re-o utioiw passed at a meeting inviting the society to establish 1 mixed school in one of the settlements, on the ground hat the experiment in I/vndon (C. W ) had convinced hem that the plan was the heat lor the welfare ol the ace. The Rev. Prebendary Bntogft (rector of Cpiver Oleics) read a document giv ing the opinion-. of Frcoch Proestants condemnatory to slavery. He expressed hU Ooflial approval of the mission Several new subscription.* towards the mission evinced he interest created by these statements. It was deter niued to form three additional ladies' committees in bunion. The Bishop ofl/wnosr closed the proceedings by offering ip a most earnest uud appropriate grayer, and prouounc dv the benediction. Theatrical and Mualral Matter*. Ooi?r*kt To wiuht.?Tlio Buckleys are to give another sacred concert in their new hall, &8o Broadway, 1110 eveaing. Their selections are both tine nn?l appropriate, and u addition to their own superb musical corps they a ill be isi-Utcd by Noll's band. Broadway Thkatrk.?The patrons of this e.Ubli-bTtnnt will, no doubt, hull with pleasure the return to its board.-, of Mr. and Mm. K. 1. flaveujiort, who are to appear to- . morrow evening in Mr. Miles' national play of " lie Soto." Nnao> Gardkx.?Mmr Gatraniga haa auflV-iently re Doveri-d to warrant the management in announcing Iter for die heroine in lite opera of 1la Traviaft" to morrow night. Mie will be aupported by irignors Brig noli, Auradm, &r Bowkby.?The " Wiiard of the Wave," the reyival of which was received with the liveliest ib-mon-tralions by a large audience last eveuiug, 1* to be repeated to morrow, ti "ether with Mr. Barr> '? thrilling drama of " U.ok Ta.Iotoh. or the 1 A>t of lha race." BnrroaV? Manager Burton la to perform two very eomica? tharacters to-morrow evening, .vvw: Pawl Shack, iu a ne w tw!??* piece l ulled "Master 's Kival.or Fun iu France," and Jem 111 "Wandering MtUsirel." "rUc Kuloa of the House" gfcw annottacod. Wa clack's?Morton'* /toe comedy of "Twrfl t^l Conn try," U to be performed <0 Morrow night, by a e*-i At>?braring ei.i h nrli-n- as Mc-*r?. Pluke, Brougham and Is-ster, MeHdiuiiee Hoey, Wernon. kr Tlie little coiaMy called ilie "IVt <*f the IVttioant- follow i. LaCka Kiknk's.?The pleasing drama ei-.'.lt! -d "The ,/vvn of a Prlnoc," and the charming m'i-iui play o(* "T!. ? Hves, or Uo- statue Bride," w hit li delighte-1 auJ fashionable audiences every night lu-t week, are ig.iu ou the b.lls lor to morrow, Ammuca* The amusing pieces stji<st "an Cn lucky Mortal," and "That B.Vse.-l Baby" acrl' bt-enacted tomorrow afternoon In the evening we are promised the 1 'harming o|>eratic pit f of "Cinderella," in wlin h Miaa Mestayer, Mr. Clarke aud other favorite* *|pear. Owv Ciiri-wt ami Wood's popular baud of m:a-trel* st ii manage to till their rapacious hall every evening with pe* sons who Mt'4'in highly uouguim m mi tuetr anuieiug dance*, Ac. "Black * Blunder*,"fin which George ha* a wrjr comical port, la their anerpoce for to morrow Brotunr'a StaurtAMnt* ? Mr. \\. Porclval, one of the DUMt popular alLtchett "I Una celebrated company of tic-lo dt-la, Itua imu?I a line (Rvrammt for hi - farewell b. ucht tomorrow The Uuioua burU.-^uo ou "Uodorellh" u Iho Cheung piece. llwHAMfw' IlAtl The admirer* of thnae Inveterate okerr the Brother* Bryant, ennn fill tin* honae to overflow* Ing every uight after lite o|? ii.iu ot Uie door*. A* a g*nerai thing it Ik lm|<^?blc to obbun a, a hen the enterUinmeul* be|(1n. Mr. Harry Sajtikrhoi a 111 be a*'.1 trd by Mm*. tie W!| hotel ami varloue other diatihgulidifd artlxle, on the neca hlou of hiM comert at Nlbl? At Tut . > ? u. i* Ntijxilor (bnrt?tlinrml Tt rut. Before a full Bench. OKNVKAI. IfE>'Nth'IKKv IN A CIVIL dCT. Arm. IN ? Theodore X. Urttvrrrt. Ctuirlr.I K llmn%rtqim and wa/r ?Judge Woodruff "dcl.vt r. il the Of ruon <A th? O'Uli m thla cane. Tlie plaintiff -oied rj a -liri * of Mr I Oanrton, of the New York hotel, for tall tor hoard and j money loaned Mre lleni nr n. am aint on alto.: tl er ti j al-out $.' (??nod f'f tint lady gat e a n<>te of lt*r I own. The plaintiff abtaJKtl an order at ajierial tcru? dim ling Mre II. to p1vn an erptonation of her ihibm-t pcraooal property. Ttint order wae granted at M*<ial term, frotn which an apj- al waft taken Thit court now revereee that i!ect?lon on the ground that the debt l? Uie deld of the hue band. tint e\ea for the wife'* note It* alone la rerpotiriblc; nnlihtt in the proacCMtcm "?f the auit the wife could not be ncvle a wltrieaa agaia-t the hue band. Otiler of c|aiial htrm rcraraML Ullrr from Aala.? I'hr rullowlng la an Kf tract of a letter from one of llie' men. In character and position, any country tan b"*?' The tn'gpvle truth It * >n uiina will prevent me from doing more In Iwua latrodu tag It to the general reader, (to eolne otherooraxiofl I ahall give the w' .-vie n< the tu'ereetin* letier u|x>n the bi nefue derived fr.Hn Hrandrrth'a pill*, with perbapa the name-ol the dieuugtyahed wrtu-r, but at urt acat thla u. tai aulScr ? It RRANPRFTTT Mv elne< re?t thanka are due you for the boie? of itran dri tit'" pi lie that yeu arere so kind ae to "end me prevtnua to m) ill V*r U" I I "II* ?'? ' * m 'rr rill " Iiirn .mm m pi r\rBUTr of illiraMi upna Utr muwmniic Mnrr. ol u<- l>n ntibp, or ihp if atrlrkrn riU< a of KfifP' nod Ai I* M nor, t do not bcUrep nnn r*fr nor* My oho|p porly knot Uirrn fn rly. and whllp whom wpro III mid dplnyi I, wr kpp' w<?U. Kncloapd yon ?111 find th? lr?o?lw|on of * l?wr from 4rhm?t lUUilln, nu A rob bhrik. lo whom I prnwnhil apcprni I?oip? ? Troop bp onto ton nn ! Irrixtlt of d \y*. iii> lunlrmo (Iran dn lb piUnl ? m n Hrrrr for lo Airnpf, both in ppatllmrr nnd rirnw ?lcknp?*; thr lllli# OTba worn rirh with Uip ntrip of hmltb. Ipi Uip mnkor wr*r thin p .Idon rlrrlp, Ibnt ho mny know I mm w< nndrd with Uip nrrnwa of dlapnn* but nm now hralii! Mar hp (raw ui the aunahinr nnd di"PPn?ui( Id an lata, be moof bimetal. AlHMol li AI.Hl>!. A. Iw. IIKAMIKKTH'N principal COWP, A3 llrmidi*'-i B oldlax. 414 nnd 417 Krnadway KapenarhrM, Matfrr, Wo. Ill * Annan Mtmrt. Invlira ilw nitPuUoii of Rvnunio n Ui Inn apr riR alytpothnl* I'M IdM II allot jrprw. FUOTOORAIM1N, DAOt'TRRKOTVf'KH .1 orTlVKT rbniionirp* ih' |ib"ior"'t>ldP w. .14 to product plrtnrpn la thr ?bn?p aivlp ?-qiinl to th"?o made nt hi? ph .lo graphic pnlnrp of ?n. No ."Mil Mroadway. TIw Imparl t*J I'lralORrnpli^A fnlqur Appllrn'lon of llir nri. anrpMaaitK in plfppt, of iinnaun! airr. and pr?miln( ihr n mldiiad nUvainngr ol painting no I Jlnidi wlia tap ini'h of Uirmmrin. To bn procured nf BRADY'S, .Mt Broad* ay City laidlra and l.mllra Vlnltlng Our (Iff will Im mh ice vnrii iy of Hprii\( honnnfn II II V lU.KT'fi, H John nfpppt Drnmgnltl A Kha li, Uu^rml depot ftir line Hit! f?*iin)imlil>i clotting. IV i nl'im ntmot, brim* Mwmi. P. I)rrt?jr ?V i'Mn|wiiy, lui|ortlrm Tullnn, of Park |il?rc, Mill rt-ni?<i< nl ? r lint I'r.i of Ma/ lo Ihr n wl/ Mr Kiinritimciit bnlMinir It vIV. r Mrrc4? JtceouU MfMi beloM CmomI, mikI ? r? "Mr nl l>r?M<lw?v !V. It Cnlllin .v t?.'? 4kill Nlniiil. (nnirr of I John Wl Mahhoi ?K|>niig (Inbinfc. ruiMim. Irrrk it>?im, b'l -tan? en?. p?ni?. tii'M. n it iXim.iNh A tli> fkrllfi til fill -WhHl U Ikrllghtfnl t?To ObIMin Hi """ ?I"|| 1'ir br?t tilling -Irl ml b??t fiirtti 'bin* roila n Un ciljr. ami ?!? Arllcli * oi *11 d.yrrtp.Min ri i|uir??l h> run r> r?, mnt I m I *lti? cluMlnrc. Him cui I a nr ,nl/ MIIRKKM'I N. I *?tnr It. It... (for liootl lilting' ?tll hamlf MhirU, of all ?|\ y? Mini nxtwriiK, rr .ail .1 if ? V nlo arte"*, g<. in Ui" KIKMK'I V'?, bVl riMJimm Ulnrnc DrnmgnM At l?tw h, the grrnt ftrpot fhr fin* Mill fiwdiliHutbM rlnlhing IV k'tiltnn item. Iiniutr Numii Kn?hloimhlr ? nrrt KnMrnvlng?WctftH?>R( vKIiImc HI' ! I"."* "unit, I Ml'll'illr cureitivl by Pl:g,i IKK Iv r IIKK ITT. HrrnvlM.'), rrr.-r ?>f It. i.lf dz-ng up pdMirn. Al' "i prf mi''!? " "tlidl M NEVY YORK HERALD, S Kuliultt Htrnw li.U VV *r< U(iiw .?H ?- nr? no* |>ri'|mre<l to <>fli?r (he rrUiil toxin* l? >Ui in till* rit V t?i?l roumr) to ootiroj, u. ? ,uid vcrj ! ?>ti- inuitifx tllml 1 >r ttiu? M-Onoa'a rvi?vl tfn.le . <mt>rvalii< l? |n.' nwu>> now nnd wry dm.mtili' Mtyle. f >r in. t and Iwiyr to^ftlirr v> illi tin- Ltrucsi tod mufct r<>iH|ileto a^aurtiurnt ol HaUlm.'* rn hi) ti tutiunl nl.-ix h*W rvrr i.ili-mt ..?or> urtii-U' I.? . . .- -nil .1 ...... ...... i. ....... - iinr! '.''II '. (.1 ltf.Uh lift o'hfrul. i' ntu-ibu-il, mid eiubfcrii: u* Ui mlW grva rr atlVanlug. ? U. buy. r* A I.Ki. tNIi A CO , I HO Hro.?di?*y. Dniui^nlri iV. t'riM li, tin- ?;r? ul ilt|>ol for llur itaJ f ishioon :?.r clothing. I'5i Fulton k'i wh, below Ntut*aii. Itlch l';i|wr Hnniftntp* for the Krtnll Trade, hi! n.-vi h'ylhh, ol room! uiiitorl.U. >n Wink douu in tin* nio-i luHisiir Iii.iiiin'r, by TUOM Lh K iI'M A 'HI , J!S7 Ilroadivay. fharlr*' Uiminn < nrdlal Uln U kIvow n hy lilt* rivonl, i.l lilt* I'ithlnni House to be tin- only London cordial Kir Ifiipnii.d .ktul Mtid tn bolde* AU other* are uotioua miv lili'i'4, Hi,.do here ui luiiiikUoii ol i'. I' i h derision.. ionic beverage, md by I'a per u 1l.'ir II,iv ip (so iHllerett! troni olli -r gmai i< universally esteemed bv nil who like I' Ii'is adopted vt ,'b gre.ti siiri-osk in case, ofoyspepsii gout, HietiinnMaiii, dropsy, gravel, colic, cholera lever and ague. Mi inure, diseases of Uu* urinary orgau.s. epilepsy. At' l?r. tali-uUnc Mott, oi Mr? Kork. Ui a loUef Ui lot- proper U'f h.'iy.i ? I tuu'liV liui.Ui rordiitl gin l.s tin- purest, bout iku.l mo-t rcl! aide extract ofjiinlpfr 1 have keen. Charles' Ixnidon gin is hold by all druggists ' gro rort in thr ViiMhI Htutm, and ho aim) are numerous poison, rao. il laaidiui roeill.U gin; I" auad tlieui tiny on!) 'Charles Ki'ji ci rt.ry otlifr olle red to you as you \ tlur Join health. Prior our .lobar lor unarm, li!U rents lor pint,. KIWI N'D C. < HARI.VN, Sole Importer, No. 40 New Yoric. Mtoiild ?m- lii fvrry KoiiM-^-Thr Conllal Cognac hitler* give relief, wi'iuu 8vc mtuu'ea. to coif- dhw ibaa, bilious aback* an I fever*, aul tn s short lime effect a adieal cure. K sTKI NKKLIf, ?b Nenknn *u -el. N. V , anie ftgcui lor Ihe DtMilMw I iud W wk bu* Onr.w(Jiu Klrturea, l ampi, hrnnrcu, inaairl ornaments, Ac., retailed ai 'A) |iur ceot le?* loan Cue civpuliu whuieaa. r nru ca unlit Ap. U *1 WM ti. MAiltXS, assignee, 117 William street. UHi?iir? tiMUmuxtor MaAw-wltlt Patent powder prool defiance kicks and reeaa burs. Depot I'.ti Peart Uv?, ouedoorbt :ow Maidm lane KOKKKT U PATRICK. Jonfl' Coml Hair ?MI Kestoratlvo?Itist thing made Tor Ike hair, >. Jones' Italian soap for Uie skin, >, 1 .alum's liquid alstia-itec fur Utiles, 1 . Popot W Ho wary. I rlHladoro'it Hair Oyr>, and Tu?|Mri stand (iii.surj>ai.M-tl nn/w hervv Wholesale and retail, aod Urn dje prlvkliJy applied. No. 6 A>inr Halrhrlor'g Hair Dyr, Wlfi and Tonprri, the lirst m thu world, surpassing ah. Hade, void and applied Hi tin* ?it factory. 2S1 llruadwiw lliilr.?It* lMnam, Pall, f biutge of Color, embellishment, the whole treated rareliilly by iiK A.YDJK AN, 34 t'burcu hired, near llarcfay. Blurrajr d lanman'i Klorlda Water?There it more \ itaiity in Una perfume than in Mat ia i arltm'a ooloipn . Kv ajiorHlinn flora not rxliauai it. A b uidkerehlcf aprinkled rttii it lo<U; wlii trod li.rth iu. fragrance, at of oduri:. rout btoksrmis, for a month Wa*hmc alone wrill remove lie it n am Soid by 1). T. I.ANM A N A w holraaie druggist*, fi'.i W titer birm, New YotV and by ail druggist*, at 60c. par bo Uie. Dr. K. J. UiawriiUui'a Water t urf, Bergen Heights, Hudson county, New Jersey, fifteen minute* from euutr Uie ltoOokro, or Jersey City ferry. KVnnt tli* National Kra, WMhlnatonr> HItOWN'N llronehial Troches.?' We so far deviate Irorti our custom n? In sij of Ihe above article Uiat we have seen il tried knd Ibid n an eirelienl preparation, in a very convenient form, fir eoug'is, eoida and horsene**." A lorenge dissolved in lit mouiii has a direct influence lo the nffrcted parts, allaying pulmonary Irritation, and givuic relief in roughs, mid*. anil (he various Uvrnal alfeetJon to which public speakers and ainy.s a. 0 liable. All druggist* sell Ihem IIollo?va)-'n PI 11a and Ointment have been eo .uterf iw-dl There is a sure lest, however, w iiereny In tell tiie geuuuie, vir. the waler mark. ' llolioway, New York and l/.udoii," that einsU m every leaf of Uie bonk of direction*, 'ill. wonltare scm. u iiispnrcti'i. in Uie paper, a id vuible by looking through the leaf lo ihe light. Tad man'a Compound Nagnrtla I.ozengea art like a charm in acidity of ulomach TADMAN A COg bt Hleerkee street. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOttKY KARKKT. HaiVKoar, April It?8 P. If. Hie Stock {fctfaange ?t> almost ia * sW-.of jmuic to day. It w?f wcari) itnpoWhJe to uell tli->fui-y order of railroad stocks except at much lower pno.v, than ruled at the close yr.-terday. Notwithstanding the decline, tli>re wore Urge sellers, but the abort., fortunately atepjed in and supplied th ui ?>he.> liberally, and arroeted the downward course of the mark -l. With tin* support the fall ia price;; t? conildernble. Cumberland Coal receded ,' ? pev cent.Nctf ' York Central, *{; Erie, 1; M.rlLjraD Southern, 1V?; 111 not. (Vulral Railroad, I; Cleveland and PttUtraif, Cleveland and Toledo, 2; Chicago and Rock I.'.and, <4, Hudson River ltuJlrund, There woe a sale of Erie Railroad at M tj, nel erto* m>nUw. IUinob, Central rjghta sold at 132 per pent, ra.h DlinoU Central Railroad bonds clo-iod firm at W?>? P* c''nt- '* t'finee arid Mllwaukie Railroad privilege InWMU |WP In demand, nnd daify picked up in euiall lota lor peim.ment iwvcutnietil Tho bad grant feature give* Uiem the preference, nltd th? probability U u..?l they wttt all be aV<o-bed in a quiet way a? they ap|w-ir on the mark-t Railroad b >ndo, properly secured, rn'i d rominih 1 publ * atten'.on more ger??Ttlly, a. tb> stock. arc down Whitover poti a stop to the pre?ent ru.o >u.? ry-.tem of floanricri-ig for dividend* will lu-lp Uie boiidh oderi, and in the end help the stockholder*. >t the secor d board tb -re Wlw- a very btu? market Cleveland and Toledo aold at 69, u a decline of 2 |>er cent frotn the open ng prioe tb.* morning Ma'lr.gan Southern fell of H per cent; New York Central Railroad, 1; ClovoUad and IlUehurg, Chicago and Rock T-Und, yi\ Ilbiiot* Central Railroad, Michigan Central Railri'Vl, 'i Hie market closed heavy, with a strong downward tendency. Well may a compatriot of the ill us e AM"- la'Aor??i.i<ft r*riAjm '1 tlft boofL?" uouL TM Wkfertowa ul M*dia>o Railroad Oaapaar tin dlBpMOd Of $1M,000 at Ma $200 000 0t fftUTMWI Clif bicdataaad la aid af that road, at rwrr aatlWantorr rava>. Tkar km alaa aald a parta of Ma Madtaoa onp tiati Tbla uagaUalna piaoar Ma ooapiaUaa at Ma raai to Ms 4lcea l?ar>a<; dmM by Ma lat af OstoMr a* it Taairaa fa all proru'ad, aad Ma grading n two thlrdi flalab td Tba morehandlao waraaonaad la Ma dtitrlat or Boa to a durttg Ma waok an-ting oa Ma MM at Apru waa aa roi lawaj Urj gaada . $W,Ul 00 Al) otbar anraUudUa 347,400 ?c $10$,no $$ Worafeaeaod for Oaaada-*Dr? gooda ? AlloMaraMrcOaaiiaa MOO Total *ai?? i $*o$,4io oo Tba Uiioatt$aOag at?I tin of Mo atoekbaldara or iba Nawoaatio Bam of Penaoftraaia, raoaatir oaapwdad, bora aagOo a wftrt, fraaa wblah wo aogf Me eaaoaiiai patiioa:? Awtm turn Uasoutiwi oo ra Im oa Nawourta. Atmh. Bbla utoooaaiad aad aot aaatorad $0t 001 to no mdrr port?l aad Ut oanroa ot oottooUoa ?> SI I ti Oaa rroai baai* aad Oaakaraaadaaih aa baad 30 on 41 Pntrrttoa laaa aatas... st '00 00 Auihaala oraodrawa..? 0,000 oa Iad#aiada*aa ol Jofea M. WagaaaaUar aa Ikr as awtalaad D.llt 74 Total - Oloi.itl 71 Tatar Itabittbaa or wMM Mara are $104,100 antra la oirooiailoa $00,004 ta Aaaeual ot aaoo<a oror UaMUtiao $40 1 00 M mm tba boot aat mats wiueb eat bo atta at p-oerat Mora or* $18,*0 of Ma ooaoto wtiaj aaa/ bs ooodlorrd bad or daablfbl Ibo (oilowtag la a Mataaaaat * tba Saratoga of Mo Now Tc. k Caairal lUllroad Coaapaaj lor Uo moatb at Idtrob, 1$$), crmpwad wttb aa aaraiaga for Ma aerroapoadiag wooM of iba procad'ac psar ? $?74 Ml 41 iim >n *? ?7 Tecrvw* $tlt,i?1 08 Tm import* at roraiga g oadj at ifen port o( Bmwi tat lb* ?wk ?Miag Ami 10 w*** 11 roiit**_ ItrrXX $3rs,861 Ilaai* 881,t'l Iwotf 37.P"! itDUnH 84,*87 Onppc* la bar* .. m ??T W'tfna >10 1 I'lMrd 18 887 0.di?r artic.**.. ..104.811 9?>tp?tr* M,P*> ? Talal I'M m tV trt,port* of U.* o'rrwpowi'ag *wt ir. 18f>? wrr I1U17I1 dwano Ir 1057 $178,110 Tb*0at?a*g<n JHwr of U? 7 A tat.. aa>i ? IVtr* Wi M Iramrnt* mam "1 par* roppor ?*[ ->*?$ la i>? MUlManta *?'?*. ahirft <a "on 48 f?*t t* IrnrH m l U unrtcat part w rmc? * eight 0* r'r- toat to thlcKMa* If i? ia pur* * It app~a<* 10 b? M o"att"i* probatty aipr* Ma-< 80 r> mn 0' artai, and '?la ntrltii If >rtk, aa It lira, wwra taan 8.40,000 Tbr La C ?#?? Dtat/vraf aaja tfett lb? l a Crotte ??i Ml'waaikl* Rail.nad ooow npiaia Unat'ag laair r?at to MaoaUM, w.ibit about alary mica si LaCrotaa, by tbj n|n*n of nar'ga aa a# it fail T>? Cblrtgo rtm of lb* lite Inibant aayr ? \T# loam Uwi Ui? nroamptatM p*?>"t*a ?'th? g Ma ard Mum* 8 Pal'r**4 bar*)*tt t>-*r tar -i 15 bait by a wealthy aad wall kt 8?* party o* raliroat mo* la '.oaten Albaay, r>?4r<M< and Cfctcagi?Ui? aatn? t > a** iwart'p Intr-*** **1 la It* Rnioi aa<*. t?#???r* Naa Vera Oaoiral. MWbigaa OmtraJ, aod Ca'ragi tad n iriirm-aa loaa Tl?* all' vorfe It praatlaaliy ai fliiatim f torn* ta<?ra*t throat 1 tin. Biat* of Ia*a 10 th? a* r V fiwiry ?4 Kanaaa A rata atari at-i'im * > f* 5 tJ ai > ' -a girso tbo?? piiitm la- ooowot of W.o i? oo ?<r*fcM? ?*?i tlx> owooot of U>M WliloU loo p?T,?? Jj wl'l 1 r*?wloww?ftor <bo oo? of Oor>?tM ?o %'.* of Mi? Ijoo Rot rcM will rooet oOom 4W ooo ?<r?? Monro T>,cti?o K Wolkar, of Now Vo *, C r !? d RtimocJ, of Ft.ok'O o#?1 No ton or W kO*-'1, of No-' >s, lowo, WOTOHooo oronlnfM if <' -*? *i too tlWO C'l'O o' # UNDAT, APRIL 19, 1867. Rtilroan C BPM7, 10 wLmi itogia.,tuf u?bJi rucelrad b/ It, e*>noBtt<<f t? about one biii.'cb of acre*, baa beta deeded m iiuh. Jbey ?r? to lune bond- baevil ape* tinlei da, to tbe am uicoT mJliOt* of doll*'*, eibleb H la tboaibl wtJl be etiilletent t? oomplete lb* road Tbe Metropolitan Bank of tblt city, In aniwer to a reoetuttob of tbe anembly or tble Hiate oaltlag (Or a report 01 It* boolaeie wlU tMeoantry bailu, <lree tbe Mwrtng (ten t o< tto ope?eUoe* ? Amount ot redemption* (taring t>?e ye*r of ell bill* at tbt* Htet? rrotHreJ a; e<]<oa?>iot ( * rept bill* o( b?nh* in Albany ea< Troy).... W> ACd tboae ot Albany end iroy bank* MOO 000 Total Tbrre bao been paid fnr taiarle* to tbln <J?- *1 parusent o( tbe bank, for tbe year, tne nam or.... tlij|n A lea for *np>een charges Lam by ooonteifetle. eboru. ka l,J4o Interest on cephel empliyed la tble department for one year.. dt.-OO |

Te* raid lb* oil* on taid capital, aay 6,600 Una Item of rent char god (or banking room.. 2,000 Total $10,221 Tba oa* quart* r per oral received on the moony ?f ibii Stair, taken at a dlmoaat, amonala <o $146 860 00 Lfhi eaa balf paid to banka T t. 6M 60 Total $11,604 $0 Tba oaaaighth par cent reoetred on Albany aad troy bit a it,816 00 loan cental! paid to back* 3 687 60 2,867 60 Total $76,813 00 Cfpraaaaaaabom 60.311 00 Hbawtag a nat gain for one year $6,169 09 1 bartonlpta of tba Delaware, Lackawanna aad Wont ara Railroad for tba throe monthi past worn aa follow* ? f 10,413. Kabrnaiy 04.018 March 122 3ll Total tbrap moatha $367,TIT AgalMtaabaa oaontba la 1856 06,284 Inorra<e 9310,818 The aanaal report of (be Loeg Ulead Kellread ehewe Um fallowing retell of the baataem of the loot year ? allee ran by train* 318/88 Somber of pomengere carried la care 877,738 Keooiptafrtm pa?gen 9100,808 83 Keoetpte frt m freight 100 OH 08 Reeeljdn Iran mall aid. oih eonr'a. 10,87b 89 9807,780 41 KcpeaMOoondoettog bealacH ... 108,481 14 New?qntpment of bat'diap 11,737 68 lateral ou beaded debt 84.049 18 Beat of teaeod road so. 04 04 184,639 44 fiarptaa nbore all expaara 938,Ml 07 Tbeearalago of the Olareiand and Toledo Ball road for (he fliol weak la April ware 634.0?8, quit 930,787 but pear. The roerth annual report of the manager* of the Delaware, Lack*war a aad Weal era Ball road Company baa J eat baea pabllibad Tbia, aa la already kaowa, la both a railroad aad ooal eaaepaay, and their report emhraoea the dalalia of beth braaohea of their operation*:? Th - paid oo rapttal atook af thla oompaay oa the plot Dei., 1IM, waa 83,303,773 60 Tb* faadod debt 4 608 600 00 The *?"~f debt?balaaoe alter deducting oaab aad other aaaeta oa head 830.406 9f Total 93,131,007 60 Tbe ooet of tbe railroad aad equipment waa. 8,011,701 09 Tba oo?t of tbo ooal Ihada acd mining tm proteaMala 306,337 84 the traaoportaMoa earning* for I860 were. 816,300 00 Tbe expaaaaa of operating, repair* of road*, bo.. 406,007 78 Nat aaralegB 9410,188 17 Tbe enaauty of ooal told daring tbo year waa 378,til ton*, whlek ytoided a proBl of 8143,307 63 Bwlde pay lag tbo tatoroat aa their debt, tba oompaay wan aaabiod to pay two dlrldaadaaa their daplial otoak of throe peroral eaoh, m addition to rooorratiana lor tbo boo til (their "renewal Had" aad "oeal deport land." A ami baratag taoomatlra aa tbe I ft loot* Centra: Bailread raaaolly ran 194 mllca, aad tared 931 60 la coot of real, by bwralag oeal bwtaad of wood. Tbo ooal need la HBaota ia the hltamlaona, which la abaadaat, bat wood la arery year beeomlag dearer, no that tbe oee of the former j a'tlole baa beoome almoat Indnpaambla la locomouaa. 13c aalaa el tbe lltlaola Oaatral Railroad Oompaay la Hank were very large. Tbo dolalil an aa Bat } lain-.? AOOUOATI Afet. Principal InUrtit. lbMri. 01,1M 88 Ooeet recti oe leede, Ill 41 per eon DMK1 11,441 196 978 11,Ml U Free lUdt, arena ( t 914 M par aera 191,999 19,447 191,944 999 97 later est lisdfl, it*. |17 99 per seta.... 11,717 999 19,799 9*999 99 loUl. Ml4 for 9M0.9. S 62,097 491.994 AM was Ms, Mil lar 9,149 999 9,441 Titsl Of Sli 9449*999 99,899 498 81* Raoerntn.?nov. Aert* /'rin-ieet. /itureK. reel Aliretale hwt report. ??970 iMoloe 94,49a 916.440 AffrefS a ifeM report. 39.8M 448 999 69,899 499,096 Total lo 199T 77,939 991)9 899 114,747 1,118,919 Tie prlaetpsl Iteme or the quarterly sUMmst of the Newark atty bsske, Uti oa the 9th lee lea l, ore se loUowe ? Urum* Statu Mar Hornet' City Bomk'g Oe. Be*. Hmok Htm. Capital 9408.960 660 000 900,000 360 tOO Speed 99.411 84,916 4T.944 98,190 B19 Otoreul'd 1,198 139 1,1S9,1^3 1,4)1407 411,181 rtreelet'ea 383 819 901,184 970 930 341 434 Dep-elV 447,493 417,398 914,909 389 469 Sarpltf 91,114 81,131 91,117 19,904 A orepartees ef the affrcralre with Ibsee if tha I iter* mi quarter I f eta tew eat the we the tetlowLaf recall* ? , .ran., 1997. Jp'l, 1967. 'erew. /Va-eatr. .hptUI 91,779,419 1,909,960 66,340 ? Hpeele 161190 141 836 ? 13,946 Dieoeente 8.997,499 4 le* 64!? 108.199 ? Creeletlea 9/3 484 987,384 34,381 Dtp WHO 1,477,890 1,709,093 119 803 Berplue SC4 190 808,969 (1 799 j The annua; report of he Mlaaasoia Km firee a highly MlitriaMTf MHMlMtM prof rani IM raaultaaf Wat atarpnaa. It prKim mini larpar wil0unaMl, lfttUXH ?latgat HM? of P?r? oappar (Ma u; imu Ika Gated Otataa Tka airM tiIii ?ru? p># ?w <a1*11, tea TO# ?allr? *?atad tart of tba poor 99*1,090. laaHat a halaaea or 9319.00* ot net eara tago, rq?M ta 911 M par atan Tka ataatal mtatd waa 18?0 laaa, aaaiMft 1,494 lata ta 1SII. Tka dlrldaad of Ikt year waa 919 par akin, ^ti' It 30 par Mat, ul tka Ira out dltldad aaMap tka atoakfcoldara la lha laat In yaara ana 0100,000. Taa aaaaat at aiaaral aa haad lai Mara* waa TM laaa, warlfc akaat 9110,000. Tkraar piaa taaata aflat tkla oaoteraMoa at Uka dtrldnad in aai data MOIiO.UO Morb Knhanfff. Strtnuiiir. April 10, 1007. p.MOO VlrtfwallV... IT 3j00 alu Reading KR. 00 6.V00 M(.*eour1 6'a.... M 1300 da H('V 600 California 7 V70 MM SOO . do ?*l M% TtM) UiiBwaln6V76 60* d? *? tw l HAi NY t ea KK 6'a. 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H f nifUrl in RH la j.? d,, j, Ai I I k <'o I2W 4?mnof4Tnb<d?KR. MS MoRrMlinf Mll>,dil9 71'v, v?>o do ?0o C'? I '.(?i dn......?M 7''W s&?) i!o ... i'40 70 1<? do TnjJ 2('l do 60 f??i do f,io 7^ |o,) ,in . N10 fl? l'X) 'So bfO Ro loo d.. l>-" 66 f 0 V. ! ?> It RK .. -:Ht I t Oil K U IIUI "X> 0 < ' "> ?" 1*4 M3?'V ft h!l| UK. . bl I 1? ' "l> 1 v rilLOBW. AtittlUbMlfcTa. ? o(Kr?ai | .4 luueprou-ot, tprtl >o | Tb f ?DllO?loe l>? Ihe ropor ? Ul.ure* te , Cor U? ??ek >? B. H Bleacher d, UM?v?r, V>. felled Riaelnw, Ball ft ICr.ijlii, HmIW. Min . toepeoded , MeMurrey ft fan Now Vork en?, tu*p?sa?a. ilab'U.oa reported (150 0(0 1 3?eb0too ft Co., New Vork off. etalfaed J. V. 0 Wjrkoir, Nee Torfc otty, felled and eotKued. | Otort,o B PairHeid, Nob Voik otty, aea'taed. .leoiue 3 rtuilivoB, Now Vork oil?, eoopoadod Diirtr Leonard, elmo, N. Y , aaopeaded lirariet Per'?, 8cko?h*lo:ko, N Y , luipeatfed N. 1* Kaoe, l.reru, N. Y , eatlfued. t Loalt Dehnii, Jofeaeoibirg, M j., oontoued .atUueaU , [-teionntid'rob e amount Hon aet B BnOoruniok. Philadelphia, Peon , Iftltol. li?looln Mevload, Pblladolpalo, Peaa., tuapcaaed; He- i bilUrt tall about Itt.coo PcoV, Bakor ft On , Philadelphia, Pran . aaapeaded Hemoel Moant ft On . Watbuigtoa, Pona , tatpondod. Joba dbepoord, Plttebu'g, I'ooo.. teopeodad Michael Borr ft Co., Baltimore, 111, tuiptadod. Ilabt- t rttrt reported rory large Himou A. Idwardo, Ood?r Rata, Via., ro'led Loamta ft Oemtbs'i Cmciaaetl, O , auepeodeu. ilaWilUoo nald abcut $160 000. jean* Dukt, IadtanepoUa, tod , eealgatl to Maaanr *oo. E Wroter Prtaeat-ia, til , reported la prerloua laano "aaiigted, llabUtiha about $11,040," ebonld road, **aa a!ga?a to W B Heoel. Ilabuitlea about 6?,C30 oaaala nominally, Krrdioaad K wh, Ballerina, III., anipmdai. Atbel r ft Wooo. TtmbecrUle. Ill , auapeoded Pot Mm ft Andre, Grand Rapid*. Mien., aaslcnad (o rial211 o 8ha?, llatulhtaa aooot 834 0C0. 1.18. MoUormtok, Halifax, NR. faUad. Jauea Hardy, a Jobn'e, N. B , ratted. Green ft Co, Amortoaa bam.era, Parl?, auapendad. The llaMlthea are not exactly xnoarn, bxt itif are baary Uarh loodarealeeoe wld tx expi tenoed by Amtrletaa trareillnj: nn.tbe Co ml neat who are prortdad *nm .etierx of or ad 11 ftx>? the arm la qnentlon. ciii' c?nnKBdAL RKPimr. S*1xr(mv, April IS?6 P. M. I'' continued llrm for all lb'' bett^ grades, and w ilh out < ii.m.' in common brands. There wan n fair demand from the trmle, va till Home purrluires for e\|K>rt. The Hales ruiirtrisl hImhiI 6,001) a 7,000 6bU., including common to good State at >' 6(1 a $.> 75, and extra do. at $.' 00 it $H 10. Wheal?>Stleo ol two iwrcols of Southern were made, in chiding white at 81 f?H and red .it $1 4H. Corn?The Hales luliiaced about 20,000 btblirlll We iter li mixed, eluelly ut "It., with Home kits at "'A;., uud lam a <1,000 Soutberu new yellow ut "in,-, a 7.s\ Rye?oalt* of S.000 a 10,00*) IniHlieU were made at SHe. a Pur Pork?The market wua HliMiIy , Willi Mice ol loo a 'JXl kbit now MM ut (S3 17 l4'j prime wan at #10 bo Cotton whs Mendy, with moderah* rules, closing without change in price* YVhmkcy?The market w.iu tinner, will) rulu* of aboul 1,000bbls. at 28>.,>'. bBtl loiuoco Li more ia requeal; Kentucky xtill advancing; other sorts held quite llrm. The sale- included 188 hhds. Kentucky at 14c a 10c. ; 7S hales Havana at p. t ; &0 bales Cuba at p. t.: llflcxsw need leal at 13,S|C. a o?>40., ii b ile* Havana i-crapa at p. t. Wool.?T7v market continue* languid, re pee (ally for fine wool-, there being hardly Hiiy Inquiry for lliem, of either I jfntn <r iloineHtlc description*. Some Krn.OOO lbs. carpel qualities, out of bond, found purchasers at full rates, but particulars have been kept private. Operation* In Krai Katntr. Hie real e*Lab< market U V ery dull. Noll not; was of fered at auction at the Kxeltange on .Saturday lust, and the attendance war very rtnall We notice Urge salos adver l. si si for next week, among which Hre three hundred and iifiv Id. iu .limes' WihmLs The brokers lire douii/ hut Ut tie, niui Uie employment ol their time m 1o.iii.iik money on bowl ikllil mortgage is mil full) tuk> n up A leiu.-?e Hull lot oti llaiuuioint street, (irecua ell, w n.i s ild ut private sale for $11,boo. Hie total amount of salen of real eelale for the |Knt week ut mioti *11 wtin $7J7,'J70. ADTEBTISKlWtNTS tEREVBB EVERY DAY. For situation# and Help Wanted,#rr tod page. NIM'KliLANRtll'H. Saws.?bok a civs patknt ckound sttVh, plivtu-i*l.i^ trov*?*ia, Ac., ran li.ul, wU<?lc*?;t o anil retail, at the principal hantwHTf* *tor*t, at the c>l Uie in* iiilfncturfCM, ?V and Itl Ctokl htwt, c>r at the worfcg, ronicr *1 J itfomc, SJtcrilf and 4'c4uniM* Mreotn, fc. V. ADMIKAJU.Y ARRSANUKI* OWVU-M AMI A LAliUK . . i i -w it !v iLi windows fr. f. im i t . Ui k It a-r. Rtdj* k>tft A|>iiy at 4<? BroArfwjtj", \i[> ntsir*. AUaiOITX KASTjIM'IA Tf*W? AI.K \H Kgrtft, I leui article for rtmp* pties aed pancalrapenla, on draught, lu I he w1w vault, I? W?-l alrrrl. (lAbTlUN AND Ari'KAi. TO THK IT MAC. / Hie mere attempt to unpose a a p ursuia rouimodllr upon the pi otic aa a (p u uije i.rie Iij assuming Hi nmnr, Imitating tia label* Will style of parkage, ami claiming for thr apnrwtai our the name kind of qualities and use, ?* Uie genuine, Is Just aa strong a proof of iniertoftOr a* tt t, v{ U't'ci OUierwwe. | wh> not let the roiuptUag aj-Urie stand upou tta own meet1#' If ft lie not the artiele which it rlatma to be. we OTurl (IN better proof that it tuta not Uie niialmea which u claims u> I Lave H. atdea this, It muatbe evident to an uilrlllgt lit public lliat the pven ?h<y wpvifcl Ve btlfS enough to counterfeit would be vlln etiruiRh U? amtlterate. In the case of the Innumerable tml'au ms of the genuine Schiedam Aromsile kchuapp-t, U?'* la actually done by mean* of drug* openly advertised for such remsi-i. The wrrtrhed slutt impudently ottered to Uie pubI' as ** IiOftden (Visl at Win," ,'Iiondun t*lub house 1,1a," "do ordain Sctuiappa," Ac , are of llua ohameirr Only one i f tlieiu u n p.-e'emta to be, as can tit fully proved at toe Custom Hotue, thtyr are made with drugs from Urn com n.ou. ooaiae and pernicious liquora, a* llinve who have bei-u tmp"sed upon soon 'tnd l>y deplorable eapecienee The eel,, bte'isl ar'iele manufactured at Schiedam, in Hi i/uid, and km |u*sed eaeliialvely hy the undersigned, ka the only prrlerliy pure drink of Uu kind in this or any other ounlry , sinre u is MMhr purified by a rhrinlral process, knewo only lo him self, of the leant Iran# of fusil oil, horelnfore iiiliereni In (lie beet and oldest distilled liquors of every kind, and li ve also ,SI a ad valuable found in no nther, ,i ,u > t-< rn the aepi rtor quality, flat or and aroma of the berry for tirst l.tne employed in Uie loaiiulaeturr nl this rvi'il.she k m I . I gin Mistical'no n ivirywhere acknowledge. 6/ let ters wtileh they are willing to have pubiiehisl, and liiiudrnta ut whteh I liave published, thai no article of ispial purity, and rcnsequently of equal ?alue In Incipient dropsr and gravel coinplelnts. and a rraoiratlve fri oi general Mfflf, was t ier Ill rf m?<lo. ant thai tney uu <w c.i mi (ran mi which uin I le.t.ini" (UU lie rt n od ?Inn ini-drd in I'u-lr practice, llenoo tlio Inii'imi-ralilo Puliation* ol It, again-! ?h?-k liu-rubli are auillonfil, tod lietirr the no sitv of tin ?o p?>ii|..??, tipMulte lu Un proprlrliif u Uir; iu?. Tin geu'iioi- i-flne mm Aromatic Hcnnapp* ran be < blamed on!) ol i be under big-Mat lui<1 hi* appointed agent* UDUi.niO WOl.KK. a Beancr KtirM. M Y nYHPKKM!A, HiRhKl KNKH OK OONHUMITION, H cured hy taking QiWirdfr'i d)?pep*i* Nneoltir made Iron garden legetablo*. doe* net purge. nue In thr- * 'lovi? id * d oe, Sd ITU'* i? bottle, by *11 dr HK'nUt. Depot 101 Wali *lrret, If T. I^ANTY DKKSR AND WAl.KINti HMOKS, Jtt 10? AT F .'OA1- 10 Anr. iltifl A now *l>!e of *-uani*r !?< ? r *4 will !>* rr*'ly lu * lew IMIIA mnUIKR OI.OYKM AKK VKRY IHKKtJI. IX I II,, k nii-. l i liiiuarwnrk, protecting the lunula *galimtcor r?*lir nr dyeing ?til>?t*ne? * and keeping then nit, *mnodi mill while; p?iliruUrly tiaeful In Hardening mid e*m Of Cum era. For *ul* ?t ail rubber *Uin-? mid at .'Id John ulrnet, M I Hf'liHT \NT TO WlfOOfX AN'li KAMII,IliH ?fJYMM VH 1 Ural *(>| uatuo, in I'irftrt order, belonging n ? ? duplet* gentlemen'* And ladle*' gynmaidum. run ho -old > ery rhenp. Ko, imrtiruW* Apply lollKNRY Oi'.HII ARD, i'?kl Hrnndwty. J" KHoMK'H HAIR l.'Ol.OK UKdTOUkU i? f 11K liloT nrtlrle K Trt d--.-o? i-red for the ?peedy and rer> in K ?-*tor*'ion A ?:m> hair to Ho origin*! ftmr, ]t II 0 lily UP) cent* n?r ? Uryr l-Mile. li *1 ej lio u?ed *? freely ** water, olid n Uie ben' arMei* K ?or known for drowlng tin- li*lr. S i id by Will* A < o.. II* Franklin utrpr-; Riot. IKJ ami |i?inr? 1 CiAo. HH Hrmwtway; Ouloo, TRpwrry ami Uiund Wfiftn, llatlland. 9 John etrvet, Mo. 11 * > ?, IIS Kul'mi i'hrl, Hio k'jtv u1 h? dj" ggl*U C\ of) whore. Addi .a *11 KlH W I1AYKH nh s ioR. Mtrin AI*I> noun HPARKUMO kihnrpro AUIUI **lc b) Q. R MKMrtVM. le Wall itrm. N'oth k ?trie won n rkcomvk.vo oi*r hkapkh-i I., wao. if *< *! rut gold im ii* and pencil*, In o*JJ 4 Mi',KY"A *o!d ren m*nur?rfary, I? Rrondw.v Hoo hi* oir 1 u In yr?lrnl?y'? lloraJd. *lnoo-l hy oror I If*) of our b-.l r . ott*. roo*-mni-rwllof Ikon ** tuprrtor Hi m; poim yr* i do rod If Ute puMln. OI'RtNO n (iTHim*? i5 mw'K ?h)ATH \T KT AXSV M AMD do KTf.TOX ST. Ii-Mknala at Ktan*', to *ad M Kuluwi i.-oot. r.-ock mdta at Kvai*1, ft. nt.d n rulvm ?trcei. rrock ooat* a! Kr*iw', M and IM Knlinn alroot. Prork roata at K* an*'. M ami lilt l uluai ?IOi-u Kna-k loala at K-*n?, Nh and to Kulum xrooi. fmkoMti a- i'oaii*. tin raid lot Pidmn atr -i . r rock Coat* a*, i - an-', lio and M Knlion f; ic? itaU at I -aim, to, mid It Knlton aire t. Knok roat* at F-aaa', id and da Knlton atrw-' I m.k ocat* at Kvmia', to and f* i'ilium -*'ltail KitrkronU at fAana', 116 and lot K . 'on ?ir- '-l i'rtaktaabi at K?an*', fd and 66 Kni'iai K"ork ooal* at Krana' H6 and M K-iHnn atroot, } ifi a on tail at K-ana, Mi and M K'lltoti drool. K <-k o'aU at Roam'. 66 a.?d id f ultmi croo 1 -ia'k o, au at K an*', tM and Co ftiltin anal r'i k o ,u at Krani', 6* and fot Kollou airo i. F-ia-kct aU at Kaaaa', id and tot Kinain atroot. IV'-'k oi a*? ai F- ana', 16 aid 6'/ Kul'oi air-' Ill -.!> .V. I KAT* HI ?>?? <, Oh H'l'Tli.ivi ~.. )'"?|K *? ' ikM at Ktuu', * *wl t?4 Fiil'/at *tr> et. Rualneae CO* 10 at ltd and M 'ttlum ?4r??'. I -r-Aln at t:-w, Oh and 6< In. n' eat. I" -i' 4. rt*w at Kvatw', dd and If 11 I'ol atre '. Ii.aineaa ?oatn M K ana'. M and if f"tjm a****Refweett Hold and t'IMt rtrreV*. Tic aMMnt of _ _ c P?, and r> >o f tnth Renm Coin. ? d< ap ami 1'in1 t>mni4f? llvemraa t .i?fit, ("imp and fne < 'aaalidef* Pin**, I'hrtp and Kino Vt.tll*M? C< n'stnfd In 'Ma ' i atamlJ*imnat i? in 'ft n , not ona man in a hnndeed mtla t< f' a?l?M hf raerr r?awt. The ?m> nr vmema mote In Ufa mar ''ar'urr of r! .thlnr, ln*e?hnr w'tiila rrrfuatcr ? f irarmaola. arr Mich 'hat an* man lutil wa, ln li'< I, lie (>e a i Vtiral defurmlti, r ut b" lit' d th i . . i;r (4 ctf'ien'h nfar inch; and aa regard* prim', fit A*?t Rat ,-ra hi If that he ev and drrn undo nit rtn 1 nther rlidhh r in h - rttt of f?rw Vni I Knr tn?tatice-? ITi,. r-'u rw'i n m?de i're?? fn* * e ".?a 11 I no to pi .it K. . . r b'tc< ami ta'irt tl-ith frt? 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(bill no agency 0 Phru, Krriore. or dcsJrtitjr lWN bio iiieHH Ip.iiisiioted ihi*4*4*, inn/ ment *i'h :> p 'niNg v bo ih (loini? hi foHide iheee, hy sd-litMHin* K. X, tlrrnld m Imo. lor li14 <lu?v KpIpiiHu'et io to rvli:iiiillix fimi, im h security, u needed. (1IIMM.KS' (Jf N't HN T1IK HoTTl.K OK CASK. AT llfl ' v?ino inult", IS Wall -'root. T YONK' MAONKT1C POWDKK KOK THK DKHlHIfl!* Ji tioii of bedhii^H, rorkrotchNi. mhLh.H, He in, *nu, w.r ?, inr-, !" ?> < ......... w-. ? ...... pills lor rat* and mice. K. I.VON, f'l Brood**/. MOTOR?HJlKWKllVi MOT)! J'OWDKH, APPUKDT* furs, rarpetw, and moolli'ii good*, will protect them VV* Ino e never known it full. Prepare*! mil/ by II A J. IIKHW KR, HyirinvfiHd, Wjimh. Hoht In bv M. \V unl, ill**# ft i'n., I.??/ II. A ilium, and Hetfetniui, Clark A Co., Mem Ytuk, It. J. l)a vies, corner o4' Kultou miiJ I' I in too tilt t ?0i. Hn-okl.yti; and by tin i "Agist* fgenrrally. Nkkvops ihskahks op kvj-'rv form. pains in the iiinhn and liod/, want of streniph, spirit. ?4?*ep, fmi.elite and kindred nlliiifiii". llrMlt a hl^sswl |miuwea la lfc\ \\ KHHKK'H ij)\i#oraliriK sangwilier; ii semis an ciectno tllfflfl ol \ out hi ill strniiph ihroujrtiout the whole bud/ ?twsUog, too. <4d at JUJ How riy. Price flL' 90; two, $4. VfATIONAJ* POI.H'K IIAIKTTK. IX no voi* *ri. Tin* Rreai JiMirnAl ol cHtm* lor the prr^at week wii.* roauta a PirrirRK or no mukdik or rwaiKMASi HiHOMiniiili Blackmailing Hi ok Nolo Inai*. Tin* liwrdell Murder New and imporiant e.i.f'oce Kekel ;?iu1 Mrs. Cunningham, mm given betor* toe Suceo*?*o all tin* testimony. Sketch** ol tin* new Police Commissioners. C< irrupt ion in liio last Legislature. Loan reeeivinjf places lor stolen good*. A Wail alruel ca!p*, brokers pidUnl. The Dalion divorce oiif in Boston. Angtdiqtie Csrlier, the tin .band uuinlftres:* , her 1 trial, torture and etecutloa Philadelphia, New Orleans and other e (ported m a their cnnunnliiy. Hundred* ol stMrilinj? facts in the comuU'J. P' itish criminal new a California crime* and criminal?. An. waUMiiidinx In* lory. l'o lerrnin.iie crime h- ?rn '??-? horror* and unWer . illi/ AU liew>men h>iee the N ATION \l. POLH'K ClAAWTm. i?uhs< ripuon, per annum; $1 lor six mnn h* \drc*?ns I \ HKYMOI P. Kd.ha 1 P? ? N P viawdltk. New York cl?y T>OTIt'IIOM A NIK?J ITST OPKNKD SIXTY NKW M J algn* beautiful Trench flowers and rieh oriental nh.*4% superior to any hitherto imported, nUu? large lot ol IiaoJmbO tHM*a, Ac. Book of instruction on the fashionable art of <W# rating gin** to resemble fine painted chins, a pair of r**es mmA milt rial* loi w.mlcd mi rts eipt ol &1 _ 1 'm.?-horn our e?*pori'lin. fit# Broadway TO K -TO K-TO K?TO K -TO K TO K -TO K -TO V (Ki.lI.'S lokui. hum nriijtred ui .4 tuiM f?tia ?a.l <#Mflh i ,< T 1 ' 111I1<<111<1I<I ami >"<ins, ll.n I'doom* piaitibir, I'VMI Willi fill" fair HP! It li.ii ill lilim CtinmdiiitiiiUI purlnef Ihn Uutixi. All who won III Wpm iiuan M'ivin iruni Lk<- iIj^m.oih and n\jt<riouA bnOM in chaMNK lu iJ il. J It. it' Hi II ?1 III MV II auU lit lit MINT*. WtillMl* 412 llrt>;.<lw:ijr, up ulrnn. STKMIKNfc' I'M.KUK ATJ-'ll WIUTIJfO i'l.t'TIW AN* copying Ink.-, IimkIoii, and 175 IVirl ?'n-<-t. Nr <r Y?k. N..1.I by tin* prlni i|>?l ntntKUK-in. Xllt'KR.tTKI.X liltKAT TRUNK KJU'OitlUM M 1 UUIIIli il'IKII SUl lu tail) HlUaiiwM/. Martlet!? Riattytt?<jp*nt.KX4irr,>-AX Vppr Hynck, 00 Timlin y pvming, April ID, iiy the Rrv. Mr. lord, Mr. Mm 11u?p\>i.t, 01' Cl.irL-iowu, ItiK'kl.iiul rount), lu Jua j QtACKKMil'MH. youngiM-t U uinhU-r ol Sir . {autucl QnatifcdWbu-h, lain of Now S orV rity New Jcrary paper* i>t<?-.? copy t<k.\??IU**i.?Oil Friday, Apr'I 17, by Hip IV*. Juai !"rc ilry.Tii* <"i amvibiutr, of New York, to l.n<u Kam, ol iidiiiliurK, ^tiiUund Haiu* i.-m - Mii *< iav.?In Alorindm, Ktti, m Qui ' fHli n( March, M lUJAM Jom.y H oum'aTU., of I. inland. M | Mi.' Knim St<< ai u.t, daughter of 4l>. I <:< Ii. a, MoOu*|cy, Uiiiiixl M.iIim ISniiul (icwrtl of Hni place. horrr?- liiiA.Mii--Ui ivici -burg, Virginia, 00 Tuxdjw, April 11, Ckijuuo II. .Sirrr Id Faji.mi, daughter of TUjimw Urn nidi, Kru., all of (but city Rioi.icr?lavunurroi. ?On Thir-<l.-ijr evening, April II, At III!' Hamilton 1||>U-I', '.41 VA <?>l Tw only eighth '4n?4, kg IbrHo Tlmiui Towril, liuMUt W mtiiir lu J*A< LayiMm<<A, both ol Uii? my DM. I'iuiwn ?On Friday, April 17, after a ?iioi1 toil xf%we illlH'vi, AMtii'M I H1WM, a^rl 4<> year-. anil f. uimih .. 'ilu* friend 1 hhI malt < r?, al o Hid iiii'iiiIh'O ol tiieNev Ymk foul l.\< liaiitto, w re..1? U'jily InilM to tUeoJ Mm fuiii 11I, I rian In. late mitinC", Jo I'.trk -irret, to 1 narrow 0101111114:, at ten O'clock. >Mi< 11 lf?i< h"ng ii|?>n llie liw, In Ma?nip< aod li.<??l. Ill III I| 11.1 I.IIV ."J ' IIP , An ur u Hm crow I lUnl Snrr iip* i-r 'lit! til J I tU~?t brinCi, Out I iorqi-1 Urn knit, It Mi-m'd in i hv(f ma wi?h HK dr tUi, lUinicti nn< k word lie *f?ikr. A look Hp e?vp, wtufh said, " I freely all furuirc, lint binnl H for III) Mil MM1 pari, I iito Ui it Uinu nitty'm| Uvp. i'i it \ 11 mi >ii'ir'li) ui i'*i liini'i, A(i tl IH, Cow unapt C ikMit, ride I mi ui Ibe Uui Capt Joiia T. Cartlei, in An ttolh )i nr of bid ;?ni.. Tlii- friend* 01 Ui", t*i<- im mixr* of the I el.-pea ilrin.i' fitia/d noil ill tin. Voiiiik SI n - iK'inorratic I,'lob, ara uit litil lo Htii ii'l Uip IttfiTi'il, on Tin- 'Uy tiflrnwM, at Itaf o'clock, frun lu* ktle n . I m n, No. 'Si Riuu^toa inek. wilbiMil t.iui tb' r inn latum I drt :>?: ?im Siiui da; . April 1*, Mr. t)? am C. Portal aged HI >(?r?. I1i? iii.i am.o fraternity ire re Jly IbtiHIlMp the (Ml tribute of rr*par1 in ntir lite "immtag bmAdMf l*-*itt C. Ik tiiir, ui I ta n lai-l-p- No. IT, from Ibe Ivnm Ibil' I, iirri iiM li b -tin t, lb.< ailrriumo, at ball pad law o'lurk Ik- n u ill br l iken In I lira, N V. Of wili r. KuV.lI. 0 MUJ.A1UI.W M. Hvtvan i.rnvr I/>ljf VTS. N-nrwr On Snf inlay, April ik, Jou.t.sna Prartrr. Ili-r In. i*J.i and ri Un - am rcpcetAUly lilt itcd to a IpmI Iter f inCi ;il, from lu-r lain n -ti'k'ar.p, ."!r. (Jnuuiartdh ntrn t, Uu> ..iu.ii.avo, at l*u o'cluik, In Calvary OeOM lory. tun/act - -.fninstii I lunacy, ui the Will yrv of her af* llcr luieiaJ a ill Mo |?!.icp ibi-t afternoon, at Urt o'clock, from 177 Sui.tli Un t, rnraor of Witrrao nOHt, Pi ?ikljn 'P? fn'-n I of Ui.1 Utility uv rr*p-?ctf illy In tinal k> attend, i ork p?p rt plane n ropy * Jowju ?On prija) , April I?, KvAltiX juaww, in 47Ui year Of lia .upTin fiicint of tic> fm.'y, and Iho r of h. fvh-r in latr, i iiln ml Miorlock, ara r> -|?eil illy lot il.*l lo aiUout tlie ftl nrral, from la. L?t<* fiuotii utv, No. 'Mi Out er at. cot. Cut MfI U'lTinnn, al Into oYtnrk. TTny |upci i pii-a-a cony .'t.tMv.i?On Srfiiiili. , Ajifi. Ik, alVr abn?t i.Lim, Mr- (aaoujrr, wife of I anr Jciuung-<. 11., in,.u.i. uui ri w iJinn.n.l/, al o III.- OM.yr kf 1 Oll>l Kriinwi, I-11 ibo fiattvo Al.iTlCwiu, am ianWud IK Inn I iU? fiiM-ril, from lior lilo ro*iJo?tw, 9i Nrciii k* Bin-, JvTH't Ml> , !? lUl'. " hi At V. i Km 01 rri'l.iy, A;?otl 17, Hi Ita ik> M OMU , w ! of Mown IL (Moil, in live MUl )>v ?T A TV- friond* of lh" r?o !jr iff rfqwctPiltf hri'M In li t'li'i i? r i mi now kfU'rnooa, >1 t?iiuWt, Urn In r Lor rr.nU I >, l\.v imwv ? Moriit VO, miiMooit, it .on bwl tin fln|i iVoitctt I I?i>i, b? .wk tx iivirvai, fiAMflin. R., *44i?i moi i.f Willi.iin r .m 1 bwriii .Ua IVich.'KVk. s'4 M. }n?m mill & I k?wi.. ; it to , ? .'- itiri*/, April 11, W mm I>ik?wi, V"l lit ji-?n, MM of Frucii IVcitiretL < > c* uul. 'ITin ri UUym ?nil frtiii'l of i.V fmllf, ilKtlf AM 11 i-i nnil on nipt notiibor* of llionlt II., OmpMf N# ?ri> r<wlivU'aU> mviloi in ill. iwl 1..i fun tbI, fr?>-n twx ?' r'wnl mi No l.u. li i I orl. ' i 'r- t, 'hi T . ?1.^ *!* riMMi, wt two li mi. |iu rtniAi will bo i o-tmI ti (iri'i iiwioul t-ijirrwuT ?Ob Aitufita/, April 1?, ofi" 2un i?i. n/A? Jiu.% I. Mutmutl, !' ..llMIO. Kilnmro I "tUtfc, Court} (:iur , I .iml. II.. I. . I It w , I . I U. I rr 1 |. . Nw . H..>uiw.ij; tlu. iifkTl out, ut II o o ci ?m, ti (x.i \rj fVm t.rj Tin lr- l- f ?'. f. , * i - * Tit'il Hi nil' uii w iUiUUt liiflln* i. ? ' liUnitik mJCluit'l , i ~ pi J T, M'UI.V: VI y . >,?.?, Ml, .'li 1 '' " ""? t 'i>w, imii>|1i?i tin *u* ! i f C!t?<.. ' * I? " ~ <1 '1 A } i ?iv niul iii.H-'J i llmlo* panore flum copy. N.jji ir. tin Ai? ??. ' L>*' ' * *l'ii yi?r H In r iu'C. ? ? ,. Hi r ri'Miivi* iint Iniluli / m-.Hcil to at> tf.nltoi fun. w, t-.w ? f tr ?*ci w limit f'ir?hir nivtUii ia, fi?? in ' fiwi U'UQC 01 Kutouft Inriii), 191 'fi'i.lli .-link. ... _ -li. K:M?/, A- ' I'.of Mvim,.!.*, IisUmb Oi IHJ II- * MO XT i o? * 12 .? O^l .Ul'l ft UWWIiil*. II,. I |.|.,?. II. f ! il.i an I iT-'iUTO of luw firWtf, ,, ,11 i' ll.i 1,1 ft !' f "Til, Ioioow nwonion 4 ill vVhi k, fr i ill.- r*.H,ii,oil Ini biiMnei ui i*w, Mb ik in .i. ri. n Hi. riBMkw *u li? Wub u Jmi U. I 1 , rin. ul tw >" ??' m i mifi, A ,?r?J IS, ft." mur?* 1 ,,1\ i, ? .t? w >? V> R. \iN >4, >a t*? MUi f?f < li V . .t r , i, i." ?i r. i ,, i > o>i4^ l- >.I-U I I.I I I , I'HK 111 ..H-? f "-wltKiU*, h ?> *.... .-..fu <n4>.v* ?* aw?? j