Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1857 Page 3
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* Aminr^ vw Rrinrrarrm n\v. B? Mi ,*\U ..tMnJi W*J. V Ci ASHLANl) PI.ACK, HKJWKKN WAVKKLKV PLACK <7 and (irmwleh aviinif.?Dr?irabl<' rooms, with lull or fjarua: ooara, in a liral c1um? uuhIitu built Iaoum:. Kt*lemioea given Hud required. lO UNION kquark? a suit or ROOMS on tub sk A-aJ cond tl(Hir, beautifully furnished, with gas, bath room, Ac., Willi board or il desired, private Labia. Also, ruouut Bur ?po or two single gentlemen. 1Q FIFTH AVRNUB-A SUIT OF RLKQANTI.Y FURuiahwi rooms 00 first floor, to let Inr the ensuing season: a parlor aud bedrom on second and third floors, also swell lurniahed basement lor a prolessiouol geutlenxau. Kelercucea inquired. WKST TWKNTY RIOIITH 8TRRRT, ON TITK CORXU uer of Bit 1S1I\\ ay.?Desirable suits of furnished l ooms to let, with board, suitable for families aud single gentlemen, at low prices. Also two subs of rooms to lei from the first of May. JC KA8T TWKNTI K'l'H STRKKT, a FKW DOOK.H Fvl east of Broadway.?Desirable suits of rooms can now Ac obtained, with bouru. for gentlemen aud their wives or single gentlemen. The bouse Ut handsomely furnished and has all the modern Improvements Dinner at <1 o'clock. JO WKST KIXTKKNTII STKKKT.?PI.RASANT FUR hXj nished rooms on the seeoudltloor. Also, very desirable Fooma on third lloor for gentlemen and their families or a party of gentlemen, W illi the best of board. tin WKST TWKXTV TUIRD STKKKT -TWO OR T11HKK (J I families ami a fevy gentlemen run now secure stills or ingle rooms in one of the most delightful hs-atlons 10 the elty. Twenty-lhird 1 is one of the broadest in the city, and the bouse Is delightfully located between Broadway and Sixth arenue. References exchanged. f*A AMITY 8TRRKT, NKAR HROADWAY?SROOND floor, handsomely furnished, 10 let, to single gentlemen. Ibe loestiou Is very desirable, Hatlm. gas, Ac. tj(\ FRANKLIN STKKKT, FIRST HOUKK WKST OF 4 vf Bnsidway.?Front parlor oil first lltsir, also front par tor, bedroom sua large wardrobe pantry on second Uoor; al neatly furnished for gentlemen. Inquire as above. ?7Q SIXTH AYRNUR.rYOUNO MKN W.I SIX I NO THK Ad pleasures Hiiu conuon* 01 a oiimr, anouip aunty cariy In onlar to secure good aud well aired bedroom*. No moving * the fist of Ma* Terms moderate *7Q 81'RINO STREET, FOUR POORS FROM RROAIV I t7 way.?To let, sevcrnHiandsomely furnished rooms, to Ingle gmtlpmen . The locution is near all the lirat class hotel*. Inquire in the building, of ANSON HOI,"NR. Oil EAST BROADWAY.?A I.AROK ROOM TO LET. OU with board, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or two or three single gentlemen; also, one single room. House cou tains batli. gas. Ac., Ac. I rtP WEST TWENTY FIFTH STRUCT, BETWEEN SIXTH and Seventh avenues.? \ gentleman and wife or sin *le gentlemen, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and Hoard (dinner at <>*, o'oloek), 011 the Ural of May next, b> applying at the above ahhv-s. QQ SPRING STREET, NEXT TO THE PREHOOTT VI/ House, and oppoatte the St. Ntcholaa. An office for a pbytdcisn or dentist. Also a few handsomely furniabed rooma for gentlemen. First clasH hotiae. t TOf CLINTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE ? J.U I Furnlahed rooms, m suits or single, with or without board, for families or single gentlemen. Unexceptionable reference* given and required. 70S BLEKOKKR STREET.?HANDSOMKLY FURNISH J.UO ed suits of nanus and single rooms to let. tvilh board, to families ami single gentlemen. Reference required. Ill EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET ?A KINK SUIT III ol rooms on the lirst'tloor of an English basement bouse, suitable for a physician's office, and one or two single room*. House lirst class in every respect. Refereuces given and required. |1Q LEONARD STREET. EAST OK BROADWAY".?A Jdt/ front room on second floor, with board, for n gentleman snd wife, or two single gentlemen. Also, a few gentle sea ran be *eromm?dnlcd with meals or dinner. TOO WAVKRLKY PLACE.?FAMILIES AND A FEW if single gentlemen can be aeeoiumtalaied with pleasant room* and board at the above address, pinner at six o'clock. No moving in May. ! STREET, NEAR AMITY PLACE -THE _LO_L alsive Hrsl class house Itavlng been recently fitted up, 1* now in readiness for the reception of families and single (endemen. Parlies desiring board w ill liud superior accum- j 1^?J KIUHTH NTIIKKT. HKTWKKN BROADWAY AND A aU fourth avenue. Several pleasant rooms, with b<lant, ttaay br hud Dinner at six oYlork. References exchanged. 1AE\ Hl'DSON STKKKT, KRONTISU O.V ST. JOHN' S A lU square.?Room* tn let, with board for fnmilleti or toglr pm'tenf it. House has m'?1 itu improvements. Reformes exchanged. EAST BROADWAY.?A PROMT ROOM ON THK | AtAv/ second Iksir, xvtth pantry attached, suitable for a JetlUemau uu<l hia wife who desire permanent hoard; also Won for twnslnglc grntlrmen mtvv be had tn a desirable fs ur Relerenees glxru "lid required. Ap|ily as a bore. W?A RAKT POCRTKRNTH KTRKRT? FAMILIK8 OR l\J Muffle gentlemen ran oblala handsomely furnished rooms. xritii rail or partial board. fiftl HOI'STOX CTREKT, A MtW POORS BKI.OW Ovl gtr'sr.-Two small and one larffe attie room, neatly furnished, to let to single gentlemen, without board. Apply from 2 ta 5 P. M. rr ro hroadwat ? fcrnishep apartments, f I/O 1st u>- and small No moving in May. A I.ADY AND OKNTl.BMAN CAN HR AftCOMXOJV dated with a handsome furnished room; board for the Sady only; ?r two single ladiea Address KatelLa, Broadway Kat offer "7 UKMIKMAN AND WIPE CAN UK ACCOM MOJ%. daost With hoard nt HITS Wast Twenty tlrat street, frout4ng Chelsea square, new house with all the modern improve tenia ____ AQKXTLRMAN ANDWIPKCAN BK ACCOMMODATED with pleasant rrs.ins on second lloor, furnished or iinfur niched. wub board?rooms and stiuaiion pleasant, family Biall and nn children-*i Inj tliidaon afreet, near Hi. Jotiui park Two elniile KialUnen ran be nrenmmi*laled. A FRONT ROOM AND HKItROOM ON THE RItOOND Hour, wtifi |iiinlih - attaehnd.'would be let onfurnUhed Mk board. at Ph? Keal lli.adwav; *l?n furnlshe.1 rO"rn? Oil Ike mcmd ir thud Boor, tur ImiiiiIu* or aluKle gentlemen. K (). U. f W * kriT or FWRNISHKD ROOMS TO LlfT-TWO OR (CL Ihrre gentlemen c?? obtain very pleaaant moau, with bowd If required. In a flr?t cine* houae, convenient In the nut and Ma*e?. Apply at 71 Weal Fourteenth MnM, Oral houae traM of Sixth avenue. k RTIT OF ROOMS, CONSISTING OF A FARI<OR AND Jl me or two bedr.aan*. on the aeeond ti<?>r, lo let. with board, to * gi'titleniiio and wife or a party of aingle gentlemen. Apply at 77 S( Mark'* place. Flv'hih *irr?u Arplknpid sriT or furnished rooms. or a handwme parlor and bedroom to let to one or two aingle gentlemen In the ttrat elxx hoit*e V t'llumu pbtee. Aobnti.kman and wifk, hk a corri.K or single euilemeo, ran be accommodated wtih board In a prlpain Tamil), In a houae with all Uw modern ImpmeeaienUt. Bafcwtice* required. Inquire at 19 Wi*t Tvmlyaanmil M. A I* ENGLISH ANI? HIS WIFK RF. A qnlre two furnlahed rnotqp, without hoanl. Would pre far lite houae nf a private f iinily In Hri?iklyn. Tertna muei be Moderate Addre** C. 1. !?.. box JtH I'oat ofllre. New York. A SPLENDID FURNISHED SUIT OF KI40MS. CON aletlnc of two parlor* and three aleentng rootna. to Irt to tngte gentlemen, In a pro or houae, with all the mi*l*m nn mvevneu'- Inquire at lb Prince Mreel, u few dour* went o mad**.. A PRIVATE FAMII.T WOULD LPT A ItANPROMKLY furnUlud parlor and middle room, on firm lloor, to a ?ln Ir gen'Ieman: brcakfhat and Sunday m. vl? erve.l in room If deified h ration, Waverlei plane, went of sixth avenue; none weed aiiawr bm thoae wilflna lo pay a lair price, ffaa and kalh. AddreaaTJLboxJT* llenvtittflce fV>ARD-W\nt4). HY A OKNTLEN AX AND HIS wife, a pb aaant n*?in wllh board. In a plain private fhakUg, not near than ten mlnttteegwnlk from city 11*11. Ad 4rm A. H C , Herald ofllee, lallmr Ineathm, term*. Mr BOARD-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFK OR TWO OKN 1 llenna. ran be amaiiinodatcd with h??nl ami rooma, fumlab.-! i iiu!iirni?li. I. m a private family. The bou*e e..n Ci all Un modern Improvement* and la In a genteel I Apply at 170 K**l F.iithteenih *treef AJOARn-A FI'RNISHF.D ROOM, WITH PARTIAL Jl hoard, wanted, by two young men. In a private r unity tip town; weW of Stxih ar.nue preferred. Addre**. with Iron*. ir R. H. Or*bam. Herald otllee FIARD-A PRlV.ATK FRENCH FAMILY CAN AC main late a feW ^-'ltlene-n web pie vent n nv* and partial heard. Apply at M M<wt<m atrcet. near lllrvcker. fur aeweefe. 20ARP-A t.APV AXP UKNTI.^RAX OR TWO altiglr rnU'mi-n ran detain araii? furflfc'1'^ rrv-nvi. with hoard In a priratr family. hr applying al W hrrrolrrnih rrrt, brtw,I ? I ., Board-a ofxti,f.mfx axd his wivf r\x obtain nor or mom n?una, on thiol floor, in a or-t CAM how. rrtth all thr m -l. ni i? nU Applr at IW Waal Fonrirrnth atrrrt. Dtanrr at d o'clock. rARD-A nKXTl.KMAN AND WIFF. OR TWO OK thrrr alnflr frntlrinon. ran hr armmnvatatr.1 wltli a rirwant *011 or rooma on ?ir.w| ?torv, front, wleh full <t par U>1 board, aim othrr p?im? In a Aral rlema h..ii?r, with all thr aatrrn IraprrtrmmU. Apply at It WrtK Tannj thiol alrrat Jl'frrrorr, rirhangnd. rard-iw KART FIFTFFXTH RTRFFT, XF I R RTl'Y rraant park and St. lirnrgr'a rhurrh. In a priratr lam.ljr. A rait o( r?*?ni? cm wtvl th- r. with hath n?.?n adjotniinr. una, 4k., for a gnitlrman and wlfr, alao, nunc fur ? aln^'lr grutlr aur Rtmrmrr n-imn cl FIARD.-VKRV PI.FAS IXT Roods AXD OTffFR anrnnernndafkma, fur l ernlllra. to hr hr luol at |Wt .Kmirt c al?o. a alngl''rcami l.>r a arntlcmcm Thr location healthy and pleaannt, artel hotiar haa nil thr loir I rnpro remote! < B3ARD IX RROOKI.VX?AT lot RTIIKRMFRIIORX atrort, hrtwrrn llnoriim and Smith ? lliiudanm*' apar rarota ran hr had, alnglr or In auka Thr hmiae la mmiRiat otn and loratoet aa plraaantly aa any In llrcwAlyn, frtcrn 10 I*. VMN' walk frcm ell thr A erica Board ix rrooki.yn two rixhi.f ukxti.fmfx r an hr ar".mm.?li I w till a large} fnoit r. * en With gar. hy applying at 7'i Sent.- afreet. ea.rir i e.t ll-nry. lee twrrn Sfteiih and Wall atn e-t le rrira. Reference exchanged. Board tx roi tii iirooki.vx -two i,\rof rkd rorema and a nlrrly furulahed parlor roljolntngonent'the m nlahlr |fec a gentle-man with partial ibo-trd, In a meal, r i ho?ee, newly lilted em ? h w mlnulra walk Iretm South and Wall airwrt rerrlea. No. 21 Vn rr plarr. pOARD CAN RR HAD BY A TaMII.T. IX A XKR MJ and handanmrly furnlahrd honar, remaining all thr mo J*a? ?n,i niatLMAiiilv Inralrcl trithln twnhlorkao Broadway Tlrr rmmi onWirt of tflrrr parl?r? and two nea rorrnn Thoar a tehlng a mftnod and rnmfnrtahlr ho?n m*l t>yly at Hn W hut Twmtjrawmd alrmt woarp-a rriT or parlor? or rrRxT ruxtfl II mnatattnR o1 thrm p*.m?, handnonvly fnrnbihnd. *l?" r**n? rammnntmtln* on ?>. ml Apply at *' *nd 1 Wrat Twenty arrrmd atrort. hrtwaon Klfth and With ara. BOARO m RROOKl.YN-A 0R8IR A Hl.P Rt'tT Ol front mom* on arrnnd floor, for a (rrnt)rm?n and wlfi Alan roomn for alnflr frntl?-mrn, In a flrrt rlnna hoti?n. pin* *?tly tnraird, ana rrry mntrnltatl to thr Smith and Wa Jmot frrrlra. IW Watn atreot, botwnon Htrka and Hrnr rrrrf Rofnronroa otrhanffnd. ?IOARO IB RRPORT.TB.-A OKRTI.KR A If A RP 01 nr a frw atnr'r r'-ntiomr,, ran t r nr. mo>nfl?,? VmSrm7^|>L |Rr^<-rrnoa rv^ntrarV Abe,Aptrfc rl hoarding and lodging. "doard IN CLINTON PLACB?A GENTLEMAN A <!) J) v ti*>, and one or two single ?euUj*an. can obuun dt* ra ble apartments, with board, at 61 Clinton place, near F .ii> avenue. No removal oo the lat of May. ____________ Boardin brooklyn.-one or two gentlemen can obtain board In a genteel private family, within ten minutes' walk Of South and Wall street ferries. Dinner ou Sundays. Apply a' ^ Atlantic street, Hpwiklyn. a Board in hobokkn.-two gkntl.emkn can kk accommodated in a private family with a large square room in a tired class bouse near lh? lorry, w Ith breakfast, lea and dinner on Uundaya. Adiireaa F. J. A., boi U7 Herald office. _ Board or furnished room wanted?for a gentleman and wife, wltli it plain, quiet family, when* Ihere are lew or no boarders, m-sr Broadway, between Houston and Seventeenth streets. If board, it must not exceed lid per week. Address Houston, Union square 1'ost olitre. Board wantkd-by a merchant, in a private family; a good room and bath attached. I .oration between Twenty third and Thirty fourth streets. Fourth and Mtxlh avenues. Breakfast during the week at an early hour. Dinner and tea on Sundays. No boarding house keeper need apply. Address bog 2.UH9 Post office. Board wanted -wanted, a parlor and two or three bedrooms, with hoard, in a small family, above Thirteenth street snil west of Broadway, for a family wlihou small children Address box lffi Post office. Board wantkd-v row or mirmirnwiD rooms, on third tloor, with one hsll bedroom attached, and board forftotir grown persons and two children, between Kotirtli and Twentieth street and Second jand Sixth avenues. Terms must tie low. Address C. J., Herald office. TJOARD WANTED?BY A PARTY OF SIX SINGLE IJ gentlemen and one boy, iu n strictly private faintly or highly respectable boarding house. I locality lietwecu Washington square and Fourteenth street and Broadway and Sixth avrnne. Address, blatnig terms, N. B., Madison square Bos oilier. Board wanted?for a gentleman, his wife one child and sister-in-law, iu a private family; west aide oi the city, below Itleeeker street, preferred; will furnish their own rooms; partial board for the gentleman. Address, stating terms and location, J. A. Starr, 65 Bedford street, New York. Board wanted?by a single gentleman; a neatly furnished room, with partial board, in a private family.. Location between Hleecker and Eleventh streets and west id Broadway. Address F. C., Herald office. ijoard wanted?by a lady and gentleman, JJ w Ith board for the lady only, n parlor and bedroom, in a -null tamily. wiiere were art' no oinei m ;i. a ui'.him Mr party inn\ be lound by addressing C. O. K., Union square Post i'ilii i'. Board wanted bt a single gentleman?a private social l?mily willing to let one room, with partial board, at abou $6. may have mi agreeable and permanent occupant. Intention central, and above Tenth atretic. Kpisro naltana preferred Adilreaa a. A.. Herald offlna Board wantkd by two gentlemen, brothers A nice unfurnished room with board in a plain private family, or where there nre but tew boarder*, Location maid not be ubore fourth street, and breakfast at 6 o'clock far aae, who is a mechanic. Any respectable prseon who haa the shore acroiiimodaunn* may pns'ure^two very desu-able beard ets| who will he permanent and pay a fair price if thejr And the right place. Address f. M. K., Oerald ofbee, with gorwolUara. Board wanted in Brooklyn?by a you no man, where he can enjoy the comforts of a home, a neat room, w oh partial hoard. I'Hvate house preferred. I,orailoii eon venient to Wall street or South ferries. Address A. K. O.. lierald Board wanted in Brooklyn?by a single genihanan in a private family. where lew boarders are taken, near f niton or \t all street terries. References given and required. Address llenry. 1'iwt office, New York. Bmardino.-two rooms, furnished OR UNFVW nished, to let, with board for a man and bis wife nr sinifle gentlemen. House uenrly new. All the improvements. P?# sessim immediately. No removal. Apply at HOI Weat Num 'reuih street. BOARDINO.-A LADY, HAVING TAKEN THE HOUSE 4~ Eleventh street, between fifth avenue and I'uiverslty place, would let to single gentlemen or famlliea rooms in aulta or single. Apply at 'lit Thompson street. BO tRDING ?ONE SI IT Of UNFURNISHED ROOMS in a first class house nnil neigMiortwssl in West Twentl.nU street. Risiins can lie liad iiuineilistelv if desired. Refei enres ichanged. Apply ?' " '? VM Twenty Mk street for iius week Hoarding.?a parlor and bedroom on the first fit or: al?o, two frtml rissm on lh? second floor al 19 We a Twenty sci mid street; the house is tirsl class and a tic llglnliil summer residence; references required. Boarding ?a gentleman and lady uan be au. eiantrushited with a handromely fiirnl-le d liack parlor, or front chamber, with board lor the lady only. by applying ai .Mrs. Yeoman's, 37A Usual street, near YV'oneter. Brooklyn.?to rent with board, at m kidney place, between Slate luid .iorttleiuon streets, rooms ^ukta Me for single gentlemen; (lie ha'ataiu la plracaul and quite near the South ami Wall street I err lis. CYOUSTRY BOARD WANTKD?IN THE VICINITY OF J J'oughkeepsie view of the Hudson preferred, for a pen tleiuati, w ife, ehlln (twenty months nidi and nurse, from 1st of May until October, in a private family. Terms iihotu $.M| per inoiith. Addres* t'oiinlry Board, bov 1,1 tb font (Mice, N. *. eurnisued rooms-parlors and rrdrowmh r also, a single r>*>m* for gentlemen, without board, new snd handsomely fumiatied. in the Unit cluaa brown sumrhwwt Mi Great .hairs street. Hath, gas. lag and cold water in paw trie* of each room. No moving In May. ijh'rnihhed roomf* to let-to single oknhjc aired, an entire auH, with every modern eontenlenee and comlort, and partial hoard tf dealred. No other boarder* Addrraa V. W. H.t Union square Pust nfflre. FrRNISUFD ROOJIS.-TWO flKNTI.KYKN WrSlirMJ to mom together, ran have a third story r<*>in. no* I y tnr niched, with gu* and attention, at ht per week: famtle alrietly private; nlao. a tingle room at $2 25. Call at 49 KidrtJge street, between llratrr ami Canal. IrTRVTSHKP rooms TO LIT -TWO OR TIIRKK OKV 1 tli?n< n ran obtain very pleasant mom?. with board If required, In a llrat rlaaa lioiiae. rourrnleui lo the ears and aiaire.-. Apply at "1 Wrat Fourteenth street, llrat home.- weal at sinii iwavk TiH RMSIIFD OR UNFURN1SHKP ROOMS CAR RF F had, with board, at No. 4 Union place; food reference re <1 ulre-l. HI mm ANIMtOMKLT PVRN1RRRD BOO MR TO LR TO single gentlemen, without board, at Madden s Hlxel, m and AM llroadway, in front of I .aura Keenea theatre, alas S handsome auH of room*, mutable for a club. HANDSOMK FURNISHKD PARI.OR A NO RFPROOM. with gas and bath, warned about the 1st of May, by a gentleman and Lady. Hoard for the lady only. Add reel ata rma Hint sIMialtnn. Ilayton. Ili-j-ald oltii-e N'O. ^ AI.HION I'l.ACK.-SKCONP AND THIRD SToKV front room* to rrnt, with board. XJO. S HORATIO STRKKT-Pl.KASAVr ROOMS IN A it private family, with bath attarhod, ran be obtained Im tiK-diaiely for three gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, oa reasonable terms No mowing on the 1st of May. Hetween Fourth alrnet sod Rtghlh avenue, on a rar and alivge route XTO. If WMf Kt.KTK.VTH HTRNRT?Pl'RNIHIIRP if mom*, without bonrd or with bii-.ikihat, gas. luttli, Ai-,, In the lioiiae. PLEASANT ROOMS, UNFURNISHED, WITH ROAM, ran be obtained on m/alerale terms on the 1st of May, at 24 South TMrd alreid, Wllls>mabsrf, three minutes' walk no l'? <-k i..|- find Ur ind cU-era tern- s ROOMS TO let-desirable rooms to let on tmi 1W of May. Willi or without board, to gentlemen, at 79 I.raene Hlreet, near Hiring The bou?e hi.? all the miters ennrenieucrg. The front bs?rm?nt would be lot lor a pkgr# rian'a oar*. Rooms to lkt.-a small fritatk familt. wrai out rliiMrm. mauling 111 Bond alrrct. baring mom mas 'ban tbcr rnauirr. anuld rrnt the Mm* U> gentlemen tu a ana r a.nglr u ith or without partial board. The renma are rtrhb fumtrned. Ilnoae mn'aloa all the modrra Uapmrosiwla aai la nrwly painted Refi-renrea eichaajpd A note addrmarg o k H . Inks aqaara Pes oOca, will seel with prosy! at rntks. RftOM.S WaNTI'IV-WITIIOI'T HOAR 11. ItV V UFNTt.M man and hta wife K'?>tn and bidn?m alMrbid. ??i'h prlrili .-i'i f bMhn-i-m, arr. mt or third then?belne Twi i."h'i 'I Hi.fli villi u.ii'luTti pr i :i?i.t'i ?1'? A'Mn hU u.g trrraa. tliarlra Henry. hot 730 K T. I'nvl pfllec. iiif'M \viNrri>-rM'i RVMiin si it uti.i:i on t I* l it' "fip uncut, b? km HlecvWir atjee All. Hopeful. lit ruld oftier Htd.\t> ? ANTFP?A r.KVTI.1 tf IN A NO His tVIF K require A large front roooi. r>r parlpr and boloum ?l:li i i.?M-t aua'lied. nnftimiahrd. wltb hoard fur tho lady onlr, in a rt'M ' ?1.?'P0 prUatc limil tir ?lu tU. i ;>rr ?p(t I. ? I.. <ir I a,?. ' *.? ' n l-i .wmn T- iii,i ind Tl n u< .? >.? - . I and STWRli atftiin a K. fcr. tirr- it.hinr' >1, Addro- ? ln? htpm, Ai* . taLlch tauat bv m Irrato. Jatuca lullou, Cut o aqua re Fnat idtirh ^ Koomm to i.rr. with hoaIW ? a sri.Fvntn srtr pf I - >na i n -< I 111 II ->r. al IDI p . ?. and till ir will ?. in it lust r! i !> dr i nIiIi U- iiiil. Apply at Fourth airctt, belwrrn Bowery and Scrotal arrntir. TWO rrRMSITFP rooms to i.kt-with hrrar f?! and va In a private family. Inquire al K llcatrr. rnrnrr id kidrldgr atrrct. r) I'ARPtNTS AVII OfARntANS-A LAtlT OF LOMH ripi iti it? In thr rare nnd nit I n p! rblldn a ?i?hr? to nri lvn tar pr thrrn liup l -r family to lunrd nod i-di To a voting lady whoa* education h:ih b''ett niL'liilcd pr one nltiwut'i it di -lrtnia of ti nrliing, thU idb r< |" < ulLir nd i lagi ? ph naalcraii" Irtax Apply or addrraa 7? ICa?? Thirty i, bib Mnrt, Murray IIHI. bitami Ir-iluglPti and f aww> \" KR V I'KMRARLF AfPOMMOO ATION's FOR FAMf lie* and Mnrle gentlemen ran be obtained at Jfn. ?J t'lln ten pla< c i FiphUi alrreK. corner of t'nlveraity place Uinnwr at A p'rlnr* llnttar Aral rlnaa. U'AXTItl>-BT A TOI ff<? <.KVTI.KMAV, A ri RNISII f? rd ri- m, a Ith full or partial board, in n private family; 1 < it! n pridem I ? rat of Itowlw a \ :unt hi ' a n I a it iml K' urth allrrta Addreaa W. J., Mnnwlway hmt nlllce, ataiing trrtna U'ANTFP IMMKniATKI.A IIV A YlUMl UFAMtN kimiiIi'iimii a furnlabrd morn without hoard, nltli a prl \?lr family, and m a ho>i*e wtth modern linpn vi un i. - Ail drroa. wltk full particular*, for two day. William Herald other "|irAffTKT>?BY A PARTV OF TWO, A RMAM, I !* "t forntrhrd hnuae or part of a honae, In admiral htratinn, fornhtrh a fair rent will he paid In advance, lu llru of refn| renoea. Addrea* R. If., Broadway Boat otOer. U'ANTFP-A FtHKlUHKnnOOM. WTTHOIT IW)ARI?. h) four young mm; lucatioii below Canal turret. wr?t abb- of Broadway. Addm* Ororfr, llerald idBrp. \LrARTFD?BV A MKoi.Rorfrn.iiMA?r, TWO ROOW>< I f f on the f\r?t floor In a irrntrrl home. either west and n.-ar Broadway. between fflrite and Hnutnn ?t? or hrlam itu Infttnn ft ml nun fti* , rn-nr ik.witj. ftiinn-M wnn Fu?n-T??-ni s o( root nod nthrr pftrttculftrn, T. II , HnrftM often, f?? two tori tlMSTFI?-BOARD I* A FIRST Ct.AS* FRKM'ft It family, by ft Tniing mftti who tt i?he? to trwrn the l?, imitrft Bfftt of referetuw Rtrrn. A<ldm*? K. A. F ifllir HRNOVAM. ' M, . Vi.RTtMFR t.ITTROrrOR *11,1, RFM(<TK 11 l.i M So. Mto >n. 7 Broadway, on the IMof May. * urviiVftt -t?o ornrr ni tit kfw vork at i li. It tin i s 'iip f , . f-.-. s< u 11 Pc. su Ut u: o. Ma. NEW TORE HERALD, T SPECIAL NOTICES* AP A.-T11K OFKICKR8 AND MKMUKR8 OK PH? nix lodge, No. lli, A. I*. A , ati' here!)} nclifit'd (o attend punctually at their lodge room, this (Tuesday) evening, At 7*4 1 o'clock, aa business of inipjihxucc will l?p tj .maneled lly order. U A. M AX WK1.I., W M flBOUUK I.FN.V, R S Armory indkpkndknok guard. am and a* Houston etreel?NVw York, April 19. 1S57. ?'The active and exempt members of this con* are hereby noUtted l? assemble at their armory, 62S and 5." Houston street, In Ml uniform, blue coals, Independent Cluartl cap and waist plalm while pumpoo and gloves, with Ilia usual badge of moarnlML on Tuesday, April 21. at i (/clock P M . to pay the last tribute of respect to our laic much beloved associate, t'oracBma Comes. By order, JAB. A. BOYLK, Captaia. Kuan. T Iaxsk, F. S. A NY PKR80N WHO WITNK88KD TUK KNOCKING il down and running over of an elderly woman, on the Hunt da) n( November last, b> one of the Amity street stages, :it about fl I*. M., in Broadway, near I.eonatd street, will confer a favor by rommtmirating their address by note to Mrs. MeQuekln. 226 Third street, city of New York i OI.UMHIAN UTKRARY CI,I'll v hixlh smilversary on Tuesday evening, April 21 at ,the apvltftM New York University. MANONIC NOTICK.?THK RKGUI.AR MKKTINIt OF New York Lodge No. .110. will he held this Tuesday evening. April 21, at o o'clork, in the Corinthian room, O. F. llalL corner of Grand and Ceulre streets By order of CHAh V. BROWN, W. M. Sort.. A. Roar Secretary. Masonic notick -mystic tik loook, no. 2:2 F. A A. M.'s.?The members'of the above'lodge are requested to attend their regular meeting al their lodge room his (Tuesday / tuning, at 8 o'clock precisely. By order. ROBT. I). UOI.MK8, W. M. Ciiahi.w A. Kf.vtwh. Secretary. MINNESOTA 8KTTLLKMKNT ASSOCIATION.?NOTICK ia hereby given to members of this asaiadation remaining here, to attend a meeting, on Wednesday evening, April 22, at 16.1 Bowery, at 7l? O'clock, for the purpose of procuring their deeds. Country members will please send their add rase* to .11 ill V H IlKKHV. Seeretarv. 21h West Twenty.seventh alreet NOTIOK.?AT AN ANNUAL ELECTION. HKL? AT the otlice of the Knickerbocker Ice Co., on Tuesday. Aprt 14, ISS7. the following persons were unanimously elected as trustees for the ensuing year, tit:? RleliardT. Oomp too, Alfred Harm ore, Samuel Hisosa, U. K Wortendylte, Moses (}. Leonard, Anthony ComptM, Jiwcph ltritton, Theodore ltrownlng.Horiice Dennett. At a meeting of the Hoard of TruHteea uf the Knickerbocker Ice Co.. held at their office on Wednesday, April 15, KiohtN T. t'ouipton and William J. Wilcox were unanimously Hooted President and Secretary, for the ensuing year Hy order tt 'he Board. R. T. COMPTON, President. W11 j.iam J. Wincos, Secretary. <TT. GEORGE'S SOCIETY Of NEW YORK-ANNWAL O featlval.?'The St. George's Society will celebrate ita aerrniy lirst anniversary by a dinner, at Delmnniro's, corner ad Hrosdwav and Chamber* street, on Thursday, April B. rukets tor tlie occasion may be had from tike stewards Arthur Kendall. 5 South William street; J. H. Mllford, 131 Pearl street, J. C. Wells, 374 Broadway. Also of Jaseph fowler, Esq , U. K. M. Acting Consul; at the Albino office, 18 Hccckinan street, and at the ottice of the Society, 17 Braad way. English and Coloulal rtsielrs to this oity are particularly nvite.l to attend. TIIK COMMITTEE ON LANDS AND PLACES WILL meet on Thursday, Ztd Inst., at I o'clock P. M , room No. Ij City Halt, in relation K> the proposed ennliiiualion of the Crystal Palace on Reservoir square. AH parties interested are tn\ vied to aUeud. WM. \\ 1I.SON, WM. COULTER, jamks GRipprrns. mo PRINTERS?A GENERAL PUBLIC MEETING OP A tlie cratt wtll be held, on Wednesday eveaing, at TSi o clock, at Tammany Hall, tor the purpose of considering mat tors vitally afi^ctiug tlie Interests oi thetrade. By order of b rty member* ot the ltook and Job Printers Co operative L Vim-o DAVID A Cot IK, President, \rOUNO MEN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB.?TUB X members ed the Club are tuvtW to attend the funeral of our lamented brother. Cornelius Carnes, on Tuesday after* uoon. at 4 o'clock precisely, from his late residence. Si Kb vingnsi street. b. W. CONK, President. J una K. W hits. Secretary. THE TURK. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING?ON TUESDAY, April 21. at 2l. o'clock, s purse of AV). mile heals, beat ;l in flv toiarneaa. Mr, Peri in names s. g. Artel; is. MeLaiightiu uauies b. g Gen, Darey; J. Conway names !> m . SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. HHCELUNROV8. AWNINGS AND TENTS?TOBI AS A PARSON S ANTI mildew proof aw tunes, waterproof canvas* rovtrs Ac , nsol- and lor sale at 121 Wed au<l f5 Dcy streets. New York, orders thmiiah mall Dromntlv attended hi. CIl'T GLAN8, I French chin*. Fancy article*. Ac. Also a large aaaortment of plain and moulded glass. Kngtufe ilmr clufta. Ac., at reduced prices. No making up of cheap dinner seta. made up of half cliina and half atone ware, and sold aa chins. but every article sold hy the subscriber deliverrd as represented. I'll Ari. JiTOUVKNKL. No. fW Broadway, near Twentieth street CHIANDKUKRS, PENDANTS, BRACKETS, LAMPS. ) mantel ornament*. l?ron/e?. Ac., now selling at Iweiny per rtaii below regular wholesale prices, at 117 WlilUin street, by order of assignee Do tor WANT to BUY CHINA'?GO to D All.FY'S. Btl and Kit Broadway. They are selling off Uteir entire stork at and br'.ow cost. Make jour purchases ot tlietu and save lull 90 per t cut. DO YOU WANT TO BUY OAS FIXTl RKS1?OO TO DAILRY A I'O'S, (iai and Kit Broadway They are sell log oil llielr entire at<rk at and below mat. Make jour pur rltasea of them and save at least 2U per <-nit. Do you want to an tarj olammw to PAIt.KY'S Ahl and SVl Broadway. They are selling 08 their enure stock at and below coat. Make yottr purchases is them and save a handsome commission. DO TOU WANT TO BUY MIA KR PLATED WARK?Oo to PAILKY A OO s. (all ?nd 6AI Mnasdwav. They are seldng oO their euttre stis-k at .nut below r<?t; at cost t .r U10 (holi est goal* and below ixat for Unsaleable article*. Make jour purchase of them and save ?t least 31 per rent. FENHTERFR'S VEGETABLE EXTRACT FOR tm9 preservation and restoration of the hair ha' been tried la numerous case* by person* bsld fur a numbnr of years, and always found lo he Inlallible. It la also recommended to per sona "wishing lo obtain a lull growth of whisker* and tnousta ches or bushy eyebrow*. Hep>4 1.T7 avenue H. For sale at all the principal drug alore*. rrtce She. and 25r a bottle. HOOEKKKPISG HARDWARE. ("utlerv. atlver plated ware Japrinnery, German silver and llritan'tA ware. enamelled and Iron hollow ware; Brnnred, copper and bra?? good*: Bathing apparntit*, tin, Frond and Willow sir?re*, brushes, mats, basket", <*< ftefneerslor*. "Of.Htriff t:trkle Ar For Mir by J. A (' IIKKIW IN, Gill Hnwdway. V T. ICF. CREAK?ICR CRKA* MAPR FRO* PCRE I'KKA*. hi .V 6H per q'lart. in form* *rut to anr part of the cKy. Monument lee rrram eMabliahment, 149 fourth areoue, on* <Vor imn Fonrleenth ilim. MRR W.I.IOTT8 RltKI'M ATtfl EMBROCATION?FOR rhruniau*m. chilblain*. lumbago, old ?|>rHliui. dirkica Hoiw, brnl***. Ar Ar tor ?al<- h< inn new* and peridural depot. W Phihhjo Hirprl Mew York, and by Mn Haywe. Hwokljm. _____ PAWN BROKER'S TICKETS lKH'OIIT, AT 80 SASH AC Mr. is, i (*-m Mo. L SEW I NO MACHINES-rKRSO.N* WHO HAVE HKFS Intlm-ed In purrhaae cheap. low pnredMie *>lug mnrMn. a, and who hare found In their regret tlial they are northle**. ran etrhongr Ihem for nrw and improved machine* of any mannf.nHnre f t which the* may tu??e a preference. by applying at ilw Sewing Machine KtrUaugr. 411 tin-adaa), out Kiw Loreacod A Soq'i b<a>k aiicr b Mcf'l'RPV. Proprietor SHOW CARRE ?ftTHMIPTI A BROTHERS. UANVFAC lory and varrnvani. Nn I North William ?trrrl, era' FreokfoH. New York, and 17 Weai Third aims. ClaciaMt Ohio; a large a*n.?-u*eni ronataoll. on hand; old aboweaaw 1 takrn la r lohanjrr. Ordrra promptly eircuiel rlRON Pf.ATR MANrEACTURRM-THONR WH Wiah In maha ImpwrrwaenWi In tfcair nanulvu nr? an a* i man m far' re lha kind of KnaaWn imo plain, f pr itnlae It i prere It. and will naake the aetswaary arrangement* Aw usable reward. Addreea Ale lender Rehoeelelder, Mil weuhle Wia. TIIF HV-r FtT.TFR FVFR MAPI* TOR C'RVTON OK IIYPRANT WATER rATastro 1M? Tlil? filter r'ean$r-. and pur!"?* w*ler from all aolnhle and lo<"taoG i' ??anr'-? I* n?lf * axle d from r* owe r -ii. n ?| : "? ? * I rr ' Itr fa*' a 'n.fn i uar j laurel and artr r>? a perfect .tnp rnrk bv rlmiilr TI RNTXI THE II VMM.t. rf l!i? in-'mmen! W1 point* n? dr.lenated oti the tip i f the fl Irr. by IN- eonl- Inter, t*n?h wnirr, Mop II r'areu all oilier* in point of mnrenlenre and dorabllHr. nod ,? nflorr | the prlilm a* lie III *1 and no ,1 rib . i cm I nr. run I beet aajwhere on receipt of the price. S?ni?II aire A", targe A*, bolf areii' for tie proprietor*, J. AC RERRTAK, 601, Mroadaay. Ne? York. ' III*. *n' diwmint ( the (rule TIIF VATFNT I<F PITl'HFR -I'.K kt'TIFt'l, A1-' A parbr or dlalng rum ilMUt rllrerplafed. and war l ' I k< l In I. fie.ft hour* Ui?' I' 1 -1 ila) (' li dre.l for ?al? a< rnat TP.V? ARW'R \IT.?; AIJMA. A l.ARttP A? Mirlnwil of rvrrgrron ornamrntal and fruit trrra 9 r r.'-bi CHAPMAN. jAl'kooN A CO., No. 116 ItraUw* . Now York. INKTRKTION. 4>1 ?Y| -WRITINU CL.AH8KR -HOOKRRKPtRU. ID, rPA.I/V. ttmr unllmltrd tirntirmrn or Indira wlahlnf portal Inatrvrtioo In rrading. aprlliug, arithmrtlc. algebra. or ifr rlaaalra preparatory to any parlirtilnr bnalnraa. ran r? orltratrtcily pmatr tranona at ant or rrrnlng, at PAIKV'M atadrmtra, U Iluwnry, or H P ulU.u atroat. Brook Irm. Al'ARP ?THK RrHSi'RtBKR WII.I. RWKrVR NKW pnpii* daily tbla wrrk Ctr rlaoa or prlnur laatruci. o la penmauaUip and h.-tiiaaaing OLTVW H. (1QI.WW1TT1. MO Roadway^ BOORKRKPINU-UF.RTl.KMKR CORVKRSART RMT'I thr detail* of areonnta may altnln at PORtPR R Mrrran tile <V||rr<\ ,A?fi Mrnad* ar, a masterly knowledge of do'.nr rrtUr In U"- ahort apare of onr work Ofl|r? honra f to II A M.llof P. *1 , and 7 to 9PM Priratr lr?*oti? in writing and arithmetic an i tonal Row rrndy, " Footer a Ponbln En try Elucidated." allth edition 91 BNRPNCH A >' P ItKR* IN ?A"<A IIKO.APWAN KSTAH lt*hvd 1V?2 Private InMrvictbm to Indtr. and gentlemen in I bo nhf.rr Innr'tage* al?o. the Kngllah bratv h> ? !< I fen '" ?* M<?t prarUcal method and fir?! clae* reference*. Translating. y TEt.l.KRIMU R LPRUKARP A At.'h PRP.RCH ROARPIRU Ri'lHMH. for young gentlemen Hudaaa irrrarc Hnhoken. R Eial attention to thr commercial branche*. and l?> the eh language. t'lrculara at Ro < Broad kireet, llor i I l.w.r IWwMMWIlMtyMI H"aVMORI) COI.l.RUl ATR INsTtTl'TK fnlt VOI NI lad Ira (tannrl. Putnam county. R T ?Rummer *e??l< n open* gth Mar Cirr ilara git nc p..' <iettalng Rot W B Rtrwari R r 1 , via t'armel UHl.Rlt P AHT1.T WHWIK-* LAI?> HHHtplHH I* ?1 Ilia onnnlrjr, who U an rtprrlrnprd irarirr. tnhoainlo hor bn nap ah or or ron lltUc g\r\* h> board and biau-uct Tbr P*"? hi paroailal and no palna aparrd to odranpr Uio pupil* ih mft ?indir? ana rendrr U>> n comfurubl* and happj w?i " und?r hor rharpr Ho da; whniara artmiui-.: (brrr Wli) bo am rorauctr* tbr nrri u-rw wta.rh oonmiwirra lh* Mh ? JM Pi' He i m- r?fr r'l-dO k~., hipi frr of Trirh ' H" ** , Tv.-^ /*? * l*4 Wa * , 0 PESDAT, APRIL 21, 1861 unwk STRAW TO l.;VKK|>(M?, TUB . AVOHITK STtvV hhipOTTT or WArtlllNOTOV I ?. ill from N-? YoHi rm Thinwljj ,11. 801 ol Apt : 0 n pi?u:?\ tCti thtM or li urn 11 lo 1, 'n ?il upply i? K Mil l, A i' KTKrt. 177 Hmarfw?y__ I/?UK l.lYKKFOOl THIS hay \T Kl.KVKN O'n.i'l'K r The III:..-*. Hill line packet shin WKKAT W1NTKKN. Captain Furbci K.u :- < , cal at $#. steerage SIS, iii'dwl lug rooked provisions. K >: i.. go apply lo J till WII-SON, lOt South slr'ot CTRKAT RKIHJCTION IN K\KK TO KUUOl'K.-KI11HT T cabin, $W, seoon I do., *? . third do,. $.10; in the first rises paddle wheel steamships AKIKl,. 2,0UU tone, and WORTH STAR, 2.561) tons, from piej Ni 3 North river, at tesin precisely, as follow*:? la-ate New York for Rremen for South Southampton for Nouth'ton & Bremen. I amplouANew York New York. Ariel Til's. AptU 111 Tuesday May 12 Saturday May II N'lli Star, Sat,Nay If, Saturday turn- fi Wednesday .lime 10 Artel, Sat June 6 Tuesday ..June 2S Saturday.. .June 27 N'lh Star, Sat. July 4 Salni-day....July 6'Wednesday.July H Artel. Sal'i, July 11 Saturday . August HI Wednesday. Am. 12 N'tb Star, Sat Aug 22 Saturday . Sept. 12|Wednesday Sept. If Passengers for Havre ?11! be sent on In a first chtaa s learner connecting on arm al at Southampton. Specie delivered in Ixvudon and Paris. la-tters for Knglaod and Kurope prepaid, 21 rent* each half unee (by rnolutuire of postage Camps If from other cities wtu be received at No It Howling Oreen, New York, up to liti o'clock of the morning of sailing >or passage or freight apply to D. TORRANCK, No. 8 Rowling Oreen. New Yigk STKAM HKTWKEN NKW YORK AND OI,ASOOW.-KI> IMil'Htl, 2.NJ0 tons. William Cummin, commander; NKW YORK, 2.150 tons, Robert Craig, commander; OR.VHOOW, 1,962 tons, John Duncan, commander. The Olaagow and New

York Ste.uuship Company Intend sailing these new and pow refill steamers from New York to Olasgow direct, as follows.? New York, Saturday, April 11, at 12 o'clock, msm. Olasgow, Saturday, April 25, nt 12 o clock. noon. Kdintnug, Saturday. Mai 2, at 12o'clock, uoou. R4TKS Or P1SSA0K. Fiqst rlasa, $75; third class, found with cooked provisions K?. An experienced surgeon attached to each steamer For freight or passage apply to JOHN MoSY.Mt>N. 17 Hroadway. New York city bills or gold only received for passage. r?R SOUTHAMPTON ANT? HAYRK?THB UNITKD Stales mall steamer KIT,TON, J. A. Woden, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land Um malls andpsssengers, on Saturday, May 2. at 12 o'clock, from pier No. 37 North river, fool of Beach street. rKICK OP PAASAGK. Fir*t cabin f^fond cabin ?? This fjiip ha* five water tight ompartmrnfa, enctoolnff fho eogiiiea, ho that m the ewnt of rollUinn or fffranrlinjt. Uie wator could not reach thorn, and the pumps boing fro* to work thr aalety of the vosaol and passengers would be secured. Bag 5age n0' wanted during the voyage should be ?ent on board le day before sailing. marked " Below." For fi-right or iitt age Apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, ft'i Broadway. N. B ?The steamer Arago will succeed the Fulton, And sail May 30. THE LIVERPOOL AND NEW YORK AND PHII.A delnhiA Steamship Company's Clyde built Iron screw steamships CITY OF BALTIMORE 2.3RT tons, Oapt. R. Wtcfc. CITY OF WASHINGTON 2.:W>" Capt. W. Wylle. CITY OF MANCHESTER 3,11* " Capt. 1* O. Petrie KANGAROO 1.H74 " Cant. Jeffrey. ?The uuderuoted or other teasels Are intended to aaII as fol Iowa:? FR0? LIVERPOOL, Crrr or MiirrtrsTRR Wednesday, March 21 ClTT OF WiSlUKGTOK " April 8 Kangaroo " April 31 Crrr or Msnaukster " May 6 Oiir of Baltihohk " May 30 An.l each alternate Wednesday. FHnn AMERICA, Citt or Mahciimtir troin Nee York, ThursdAy, April 14 Crrr or Washington " " " April 30 Kangaroo " " " MAy 14 Citt or MANniitSTCR ' " " May 28 Citt or Baltimore. " ? June U Ami each a lie mate Thursday. Rates of Cabin Passage ? From New York And Phtladel phla ni: from Liverpool it gutueas, 17 guineas and 15 gul nens. according to the accommodation* In the state rooma?all bavlug the sauu: privileges in the an loon?Including steward's fees. Third Class Passengers.?A limited number of third clan* passengers will be taken and found la as much provisions aa required. From Philadelphia and New York 930; from Liver pool 940 Certifieatei of passage will be Issued htwe to parties who are desirous of bringing out thurr frienda. At oorrespottdiag rales. These steamers are eonstniete<! with Improrad water tight eompurtmenta, and each vessel aarrtea an eiporteuced tor gene. Drafts on Liverpool from 11. upwards. All goods sent to the agents will be turwarded with eeoAOlay And diinpn'rh For freight or passage apply to JOHN O. DALE, 13 Broadway. New York ageul, of wK. INMA.N, land 13 Tower Build I rig, Liverpool STEAM TO SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.?THE MAO nifirent steamship VANDKRBILT. 5,4111 tons, will sal From NKW YORK for Fnjm SOUTHAMPTON and SfHTHAMl'TON A HA\ RE, HAVRE bar NKW YORK, Tuesday May ft Tuesday June 3 Saturday June 2d Wednesday .....July 8 Saturday Aug. 1 Wednesday Aug. 13 Prion of passage?First ratSn. according to location of atel? mom, 91U) lo 9U0; second cabin. 975 Specie delivered la London and Paris. For passage or frrtght apply to D. TORRANCE. Agent, No. 6 Bowling Green, N. T. Letters fur England and Europe prepaid, 25 cents each half ounce (by enclosure of postage stamps if from other dttea) will be recelred at No 6 Bowling Green, Now York, up to 11H o'clock of the morning of sailing. SUTTON k OO.'B DESPATCH LINE FOR HAN FRANCisco, sailing regularly and positively on or before the day advertised?Clipper of Saturday, Nh May ?Hie magntft rent A 1 first class Nrw York bulk rhpmw ship ADELAIDE. Wskcman master. Is loading at pier 19 East liver, and will poaitivrly sail as above. This favorite clipper baa route Uie asssge lo Han Francisco In 113 days, delirering Iter cargo la the nu>al perfect order. Shippers desirous of the boat COO vevauce to be bad will tiud the Adelaide unequalled. SUTTON k CO.. 88 South street, corner of Wall street. Australia pioneer line-established isjj. Carrying Hie Untied Slates malls, bailuig irgutarlfon Its- day advertised. The noble A I clipper ship K AMBLER. 33t?t tons rapaeitv. Isdhrup master Is now receiving cargo lor Melbourne, and llobsri Town, at nler No. P East Rlier. ilemg |>ositlvely engsgod three-fourths full. ll|MIS(M8M|ltliik. The Rambler, for model, strenfflli and sailing f|UiiB*je?, U far superior to any ship now on the berth. Passengers and shippers are nqu< dad in eutiuine the ship and Insurance reports tag-lie tgigiigemruw The A I clipper ship CONTINENT, tilhbs commander, W ill succeed the Runnier For frelgb' nr pae^agr, baling elegant acromm-stslloa*, apply <Mi U-ard. or to R W. CAMERON, No ft Rowling tlreen. Sight Mils for sale, and c.uth advances made u loiisignDPVdS. t'< -sie.-aes In Anrtratla Wilkln?on Bros A Co tSTRAI.lA-KANOAHOO I.IN E ^PACKET OF MAI ft-Tbe elegant A I r.inper ship GOLDEN HORN, 3501 nrv> i , )>)< (ij ^ ^FWllwirr, mi)ir|V|; HUOJ OJT | * iiii mm n< rllrnt arr.ingrmrut* tor ikn tramrnHlulm a# fcumlira, bring now nrarly L a.lnd, will br dr?r>at<-h*d aa bora, and b? ihr lr?t ?hip lo Mil Ttw braiuirul nirrmr ehpprc ahlp RKA NYMPH will atirrmd, aad nail In Jnnr lairawling rtnigranta will do wrll to iu(f rarly application U IIAIIJ.KB l.oKD k Ql'KRKAr. N-v MR Wall Mrm, or li OnnWCVK. AHkKI.I. k KI.I.IOT. lid Prarl iUM Al'KTRAl.lA INPRPKNTHtNT LINR?PAHA AiVK TO Hydnry dlrrrl Tim rllpnrr ihlp YANKKK K AHKIKR will Mil April SS. The maunlArrnt rllpprr ?hlp UOIillFN Units, for Mriimiirnr. Mai ft Kit pa?mgr hating ?p)rndtd r<-<>niiU'"lai>otui, apply to IHHIIIKVR, ARK KM. k Kl.l.fOT, KB Prarl atrnrf. 5<ilt HAT ANA AMI MOHII.R Tbe 17Ditto! rami Mrninnhlp QCAKKB CITY, H. W Wmh-ldt. r. mnuimlrr, Will Iratw for the aborr porta mi Thiir?dny, May 7. from h?r pi' r 44 North rltrr. ford of bprlng atrrnl, at 12 o'rlmk. nr*>n 4 < i|(hi for Sew Orleatui ukm nod fur Wanted (root NoUtlr fm of rrminlwlon. tv,mp*ay'K bib of lading ran br procured at tha r?rr of tlaa KSS' iii*. Dinar othrra Mgned I'nrhagra mrrltrd at Ihr oIRrr nnlll I0VJ o'clock and bll'.t Of lifting rikiwd up to Ihr hour of Mllilig. For Irrtglil or paaMgr apply tn iHwr, km mi k co. ?(mt< AA Rniith ?trrrt. K B?TVna will ?4Dtiuore rcornuig tralght ? Fi irtii). I?i ln?i L'nk HATANA AITD-NKW^flkl.KANW THK CNITIU) r mall Kramrr Rl.ACK W ARRIOR, I'nptaai J W ??iilth W11 rommrnrr receiving frrlght on Thiirwi.iv AprU ?V nod Mil for the above porta on Monday, April 17. at I] n rkvh prrft??'|r flo m hrr plrr font of Rohluai.n atrrrl, N. R No bula o( lading aignrd afirr rtraarr Mlla. LITINliHTON. CHOCHKRO* k CO. U Park plarr Fi iR >AY.\SSA|I ANP M4IRIII.1 -IMTKII KT t TKA m ill line?The Hlemnrr Fl,< iRIOA, Cap'oln l?aar Crow rll. will Ir <vr on Nat'inUr, April 2S. at 4 n clock I" M . from plrr Si 4 North rlvrr Hill* of Inilmg ?lrnril on hoard. For Irtlflit or pa ?*cr apply to H. I, VITI'IIKM,. IJ Broadway. Tbrtrigh tlrkita from fee >T 1'ork lo J?rk?oni lllr $.11: if FNai it. feci Steamer* for Florida ronnect at RavaapaD with liie learner* from New York on Tue?d?y? an<l Swlnrdara. LW'H Nl'RPOI.K A Nil PNTRRNMURll -THR CNfTRli r btalra mail r'aimhip ROANlIKR. Cap! TV* 8kln?rr III trarr for ihr horn pbmra cm WwlaMday Ihr Oi ln?l*ol. I 4 n'rbwk P. 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F^A *11.1 Kb IR ARH Ol T l?F TIIK tITl W IIO I \ Fkr7> dUpnlnr of their houwhotd fiirultnrr, A' . run m?kr fa tcr?Mf hi raiiiirinrnl* for an iiarardlair di-i?-?i?l bt applying 0 T Xr , No 5 Itrrkman "rtfrt, mom* 1.1 and IS 1ROAR1. A A. Rt*AR<>A IMrORTKR OF ClfOHTt MAVAR % *rgir* Wo A Art or M?rr, 24 Kntion alrrrt, and nhnlr**la warrhou?r 21* Fjiit *trre1, oflhr* In ilralrr* ihr folio* Ing brmd*'?Unban*. > trlorl*. Rio llnndn. I'giw*. Rrpttum, 1 /nil** Miller, I a Flora dr Ia Hahan*. Mdermontn, ('midline, \ rnieian* I Weenie. Waahlncton and Vnreuncdad All Ihr ai-me brand* arr of ihr Br?l. *rrond and third cl?*? Al?<>. I lj>< r*?. I'onrha*. Itondnn*. 1'illndrailo, l'rrn?ad.*?. Traburr* I i.r-idorr*. Mrdra, Rrgnlia. Rr -alia dr Icnvlnn, Re??lta of arr** *4*r. paprrrrirar* a**<irted brand* Harana Friwereea in.iHr* and m pound ana ball pound bote*, and wgar ribbon* /IVMI I I Ri-HASF.RH C IS I'RlMTRK IIA \ * * K. I*' \ ? moMr and Hrrm?n arirar*. at mnrb te?? than market r,?'r*. Thr Hock la large and con-alne brand* 'hal arr famr*hly knna-n. O. rilKKKM. 17 Broadway H AVAR A RfcOARS. CAR ARAB. PART ROAR, ri??A rnr, refMla. Itrtlannira*, injur*. rnbargaa, ragalla da . c rotwha*. *l?n?u eonwtta - m, aricrtoa, operas, tooOre, and Diimrrixit other braud*. in lots tf> suit purchaser* R l?. ROORRH, 70 BfMer ilrKi. DINTtmiT, .... . v . e r? ? AHMRTiriltAL TRUTH. - M 1.RVRTT < NKW ANH (Tthi imprrwement for arUirlAl teeth, remarkable fr* im rei??o<i nrmnis* and adhesion I" the cms, poaer "f maetl < :i'0? ami Intinttele snpertur In the ordinary enrttoti plate, am at I adapted 'or the continuous eta if d??ired Thrive a-ear n? or eeqttirinf arttdetal teeth will find It mack tn th*l? advance to examine thit (treat Improvement before encasing e!-a*lieee M f.RVRTT, dentist, No. It Warerlejr place in nr Brwdtta} Kamhliehed itrvt | \KNTIfT1T - PR R II. PIRKIN, CANAL NTRRRT, L' no-v farlrk. (nld No. ITA, n? * ?*L) Intdtea attention tn | tie lone and sucenaafiil etperienre l>aih nperali ne wdth iH new t d ha n>?? hTii.mhln* a?eit (not trr-ai w Bra . What**.*** f AMrramcirrs. \T 11 1 < 'S ?. IHDKk J.Y IA/its o|? ii at 7; lii riiriimt-Mi'f *i H. TJck? Ut GO ctow. v \ \ II NIGHT Irwin* Vm'mmi, A run. 21, IHfff. TUr UOMMUGTl. KA\Kl.b, W'MK MONPLAfHI*. L KSPlKoNA lu A NKW PART yyy makzktti, lina windku <irr?t ri'VUKi of TUP ORKKN MONHTKR kI'Ii lli> iinul nrUot AM'OINK iu thn WU1TK KNIGHT, hta orl.riiml riuu?aolrr. J KROMV n? THK BARON. Grriit Mirresa ot Hie now balM, by .lrri?a? Ravel, IIIK (liNTRAHANDIKT, In* run cmhrnnnp 'lie name. of M'mr Mmtplabur, M'mo I Ji'lli, Idiia V nidi I, I.. KkuIiioha, Paul Urtliiuit, Hint Kmlle Nliingui K1 Ol.lTloNN ON TilK TIGHT ROPE by V A. I hlurlni, Younfr Ainerlr* and Yimmik llrnrlrr Italbin i;)irr? nirhi*- Monday*, Wiitnrwlaya and Krulayi I Puvi I nlrhiu? Turudaya, Tlmrmtajrii and baiiirdnyw. Y\! Ai.l.ACK's THKaTRK. T* APRIL 21. MR. I'.I.AKK, MR. I.HPTKR. MU RKOliUllAM MR. WAIAOT. l.u.i night nf HnlrrotVa KOAl) TO RL'IN, a rtH I'M. TKIiL YOUR WIFE. To morrow?Hrnrlll ol vi u e/ppiiL'uu' night of lU.ur' U uuU'n lon don asslkanck. ffllU nil tlir cniiiedbuis; and, tii-st lime hero, KAMII.V JARS. Scats secured tlir?-?- day* hi iidiiiuce LACKA KKKNK'H NEW THEATRE, hole lesitre and dirrcireas Minn Laura Keflne I'urlalu rise* n* 71,. T11E NKW DRAMA AN IMMENSE SUCCESS. I T1JK l.< VK ok A PRINCE. 1 he two pieces which have been performed id Laura Keene' Theatre during the pnst w eek are probably " mounted," as t in relied, in h more rompleleaml perfect uuumer than ban eve bence been M en 1" tliie city. King Kredrrick ol Prussia Mr. Burnet I'HIwri I KKOKHIL'K Ut J'Ml'SSIA. .... MlSa I,AURA KsStlB To l>r followed by THE ELVER, IdCGrnn.?-The moiinteln forest* of Pastorta arc Inhabited, It I* said hv Plxle*, Sprites and Five*. who, like the Phantom Dani-trs of Germany, delight to entrap traveller* Into thefr renlnie, end torment them with their mischievous antics. Harin* die power nl transferring the spirit, they often, in thetr tnaUrhm* gambol*. (live life to the newly dead. Statues, rocka ami . re en are M'en Inianatieitlly moving In the forttat. but it la only during the nay lliry retain their lietitloiii eilatenoe, at ti l approaeh ot they reaitme thetr immobility. Till MONEY ylTKST'ON will be produced immeiUatelf, BAKNlMS ML'SKUM.?GRAND REVIVAL OP THE beautiful fairy, (uieratle romanoe no well known and popular a- CINDERELLA; OK. T11K LITTLE GLASS SLIP PER, produred with music, new acrnenr, innate Illusion*, trick* and arleuilllr feala. thia evening, at 7S o'clock, with the whole alreuiith ol the company. AtU-riiooii, at 3, a new faroe. lilt. V'NIXt'K Y MORTAL, and also THAT lltLKSSKD It A It Y. The target companion'parade may bo aeeu to ureal advantage. aoil without expense, to .Muaeuna visiter*. today, from the fine baleonie* and window* of the building. Admit'aiiee 'IN ceuta; children under ten, 12% cent*. BU? KLEY'S SKKKNADKKS' NKW I1ALL, MS UKOAD way, opposite the Metropolian Hotel. Kvruv Nigiit Tina Wr.KK, R BISHOP BVCKLKY. wi'li his pupil, YOI NO AMERICA. THE FOLKS CONCERT, ESSENCE OF OLD Y1RHINNY. Previoua to wtiieh, KKCRO MINSTRE1AT Commenrr* M 7.J* o'clock. Adudsatow, 25 cents; Orchestra Seal*, Ml rent*. On Sunday evening, April 215, A SACRED CONCERT, by Noll's Hand mid the Buckleys. Bryants minstkeix, Meobauir*' Halt, 472 Broadway, above Grand street. Every night during the week. Crow ded house*, immense hit ol the ninuiaUoa arena DOWN IN ALABAMA. Shafcsperran Reading*, Horse Combat, and that InimRabla ESSENCE OP OLD TIRilINNY, pronounced by all to be the best Klbiopean rrprcwutlai ever introduced. New tealnre* by Uu? Drouauai JERRY ltR Y A NT mid DAN BRYANT A dmiaston 26 een * To eonimeuce at a quarter to B '(Book. NIHLO'S SALOON. HARRY SANDERSON baa the honor to anm>un#e tluu his UK AN II CONCER will take place on Twasnxt Evbsimg. Aran. Jl. 1A87. Aaatsted by the foliowwig eminent arUala M'MK CORA 1>K n'lLIIOHST, 8IO. MOKKI.L1, HIU. UIANNONT, MR Al'iOMMAS. HIU. MANZOCHI, Conductor. PROGRAMME. ri?T I. 1. Fnataata? Pianoforte, " II Truvalore," arranged by Q. Saad'Tr on. harry sanderson. 1 Romania w Lombard!?(I* uualetizia la (bodereL ...TertU Sl.l <11 A vanKl 1 An*-" Betty Donizetti MA HAM K 1 > K WXL.UUKST. 4. Koto? Harp. Malum Vehidlea AWer* NK. AXTuMM AS. 8. Aria?" II TroTAtorr" Verdi HMl MORK.U.I. 6. Romania?(Ella < In p. wterMH llarharo) AttUa Verdi KM). U1ANNONI. 1. March?" l>u Karre," from the " Prophet" Meyerbeer (Uyn-uutM ) UAKRf MaKuKKAON. 8. Qntnd Duo?" low I'awiuale" Dnnlxeltt MADAMK UK WlUlOKST AM) SIO. MORKLLL Ma* tTAKT II. I. Sbto?ll*rp, A ( MnmIm Joke Thmoa II1 tar. tttclla Apunnna* t Grand rhio-" Nrtla Vestaic" Mercadaote KM.. RIAKMIM AM) S1U. MOKK1.I.L 8. Aria?" H Troretorc" .....Verdi MAIIAUK UK WII.IIOKST 4. Catimttr?(1* INmn* r Metii) ItirnleUo" Verdi KM). (IIANNUM. A 8et??ri*an, A 4 lullaby Mason li I Serenade -,'4 liAKKY KAMHiltSON. fl. RoDiUA. 910, Ml)RKIaLL Conductor Rig. Maazoehl TU krlM, H. May be procured at the oniaw atom* of W. Hail A Hop; Plr'h, Pond A Go , HrruMnrV and at the door on trie evening I the ooDccrt Beat.. a.< ured without eitra charge. I Area open ai 7 o'clock, to romim-nre at 8 o'clock. The planoionr uaed o<i ihla or.wakai U in<m the manufactory of Krard. Pana, I root the muatc atoce of Mr. lirrnatua. 701 Broadway J^RANKI.IN Mt'KfCl'M 137 OK AND STHKKT.-U8 TOUffU f ladiea warned u> appear KaTOaut* Ktarnna. April 2S, On occaaion ?f MADAMK tVAKTo.VS HHNKriT. When a great blU will be presented. Appt) in the aTernoon and e remit* NlUl/Jh OARllh V ITAMAN OPERA. JVxtra open at V; (>|o r? riiuinaucra at B o'clock. Admtcaion *i h rcwrtod ?. Va (I 80 AitauawMMJ. without rracrvt 1 arata 1 08 Kami) etrcic truiranrr In t'ruaby alrreti 80 Bona from 918 to 988 Hoi oAIC" op. u from 8 A M. U> 8 P. M. Wiioi-mt, Armt 11, w 111 '>c rrt < ntcd f.r the third umc, Vrrdt'a (rand opera, la three acta, I.A TKAVIATA. Madame M vRIKTT V G.t/.Z VMGA, Mlaa KbKA N I'fNK HRI'tffOI.I, Kigtmr AMOPIO, and (Manor GoLMTTT. lu the principal rolee. Musical director end coudurtnr, MAX MAHKT7-KK. Ravel nlp-hla?Tio-?U?j . I hurmla)* anil HatnrrlajrA. lUtUen Opera ?Motldajr. VnimKlk|lt?d Prklaya. L'KANkl.iN MlbKlM. IT, fiMAMD HTHFKT, UP N? AI HA. r ? Tlie M??lri Arttmee apt mar retry aftinvmn Ml X. Mart t irry en nine WA Hup your urkeu up ilaira IW-uit erven y<nui? 1m* 11* ? 'Ibe n*?( bmiitlful prrformMner In lax euy. I me i lot yet u. mom*. 1 be glwlwl Mmioo-Rvrot In the ctky. BriWKKX FARPTIFw T<>MIUt|.A b VWMiN. |J A NO 19 Immrrt pt rt* rrn?!i<'''ti fi-tiimeucUty M iJK?'rl<ti P M Ailmt*.?> o #n r RiMTtid M< *t 25 * * np nnlilm* to the fill* hixI tree m*'uiIj>u><u l>*rt<<da) nn<i to umrrunv, ilajr of dlMrlliutkm. THAV KLIiKM'9 UI'IUK. HUDSON KIVKR BAII.RoAII?P'ROM APRIL U. 1*57. train* will leavr ? hamtirr* atrert ataUun a? follow*? Ki|>rr?? traniadaml II A M an.l 6 P M Alb*u? i taara Rr lr?ln. X :?J P M . i* r ton* ton*. 7 A M *u 1 IP II , for lughkrrpeta, *1 A X nntl I and ! P. X , tor Pp 'bkill, A 3UI' M It * Pnurlik' * ( ?ir. I'*f*.?il| mi*.i -uur -Aimr iraiiu mt<V At Id* *AJ MMIM'tUt PaMrn*rr* tafcre Bl < luUIItnTe, I Mlud, 11irt?l?>tihrr Aiirt Thirty flr?t ?,r.rtn. Tram* I** M?*? York k-MTt Irui At A *4 And lu ii A. M Attd lliif M . and Allien/ At (Rao J 10 St A.M. and 11*. M A. f. RMITfl. Ritprrin'riwl-oi \TBW YORK AND KIUK RAlI.ROAP -ON AND A FTKR il Moti'Ui April A, lni.J. And until furibcr >? A rt, p?***-i*er will frm*1 pier, fa** of linear alrcr' m follow*. nee* unkli k tiirm, *t t.itf A. M , for Put.kirk I it It Ml*1 Mpreea At S> A. M.. for H*dM? Mell, *17 3'A M. for Pimklrk And HulTkln And Intrnan di r iit'lw Paaee n*. r* bf tku treln ?Ui rraaain over m?M At .nor*. At at procrr.1 ihr m it ewrntnc H*vfc land i,i*w??*T, a' J P M . via Pirraaoet, ft.r Hnffrrna *a Hi I rtrifrtbiK oad<<a* Wei | A??rnr* - a' I P M . for Newborn, Mld.llrtown nnrt la l*ftr>? AtMiM'tia Kan* rant, el I F. * fop Dunkirk And llu/TV". and U?rriMdin*r MMttotui Thr A bora wain* run dally Hun,'ay* rirryord N edit cipre**, ai 4 Ai I' M , for Dunkirk, rvrrr day, (ft cepi that u?a train on Naturrta) run* Ml) to H*rroall*vUl?~ tto noe k> Hndalo ) _ _ Nik hi ripree*. at ? Jl' F Mr Rulfalo, rrary rtar. TWa* eipree* tralna r* nm > t at Kltnira, atth tha Kmlrv CtruuMlat?iiA ao*1 A arara Fall* Rallroan, n*r Niagara Fall*, At HinkheMKai al'fc 'to* Ajraruar and Ulurb.inoat Kailrned, for S?racu?a, a> tt.mlnt *fdi HntTaki, llornlna and Nrar Y'irk Railroad, for Rnclw-mrr a? (irrat H-nd with [Vlawara, lxa.-k aaannaand Vtaatan Railn*a*l. f**r Srraui/ui ai If >niallavtlla alth the Hi.aaif and Na? Yi*rk Uij Ra*lrua?l. for Relfalo, a* Buffalo an*) Dunkirk wl'fi th? I ikr *hnrr Kallried Rir Clxrx lend. I tnrlnnaU. Tidndo, IMrolt t fiVra?*i, Ac. H(iklKit IkAllSDKfa^ Fr-atrtxnt HIM.I A KIM. 5?> ANN stRM.l M< M f ttT< >RY PF PHICI.AN'N nv -Irl Miliar*' ' '*lr? ?,d r n Umaixn riwhlima Selaa ri>?w "rv, anil ; * l.r. vdwajr l',irch??rni are earn.->e?l a?i!un?i no?rrabk imiiati n? ,'Wr-rt for aalr unrtiT a aimtlar name and < lib lb<- *rnH? WFrlienlral" prrturrt, ilwr?bj rv?iiini wr ?w, mn " "l <tn nuvrnn^'w "winnif npna thepiibllr MIOHARL PHRI.AN, Patentee. Cifl A"N NTRKKT. 17\J The he?i billiard tab In lr. the world f'trntohed with the unHealled mechitnt tl fxitahliiAiinn n.tiatanUr ? hand aa alao nil anr-? of ficn, bal'a, leather and trlmmlnca ?l price* mnoh l>ob.? the atandard nu?j be bad of the *ttbarrlber, at Rn Ann ?tn e?. The public are cautioned arama! aruahton called "entnhtaptbn," now In the m.Hift, which t? known to crumble at d break i*>r when load uoed. Coll and examine (bono made bj L PKt'KRR. BIU.IARD TABORR TOR N Al.R WU.I. HR HOLD Al public Auction, on Wedneaday. rjrt At Atlantic (tardea, Hrnodwa. threw billiard tahlea -oil all the omenta of the rradn Tbe table* would be hired t a re?p"nilbb> pwrnoo. Inquire of COX A DKRRY, ?i <)re?n*lcb Mreet. taieeota menee* At 11 M. TO TIIOKR IN WANTON RIM tA RP T t NT JCR-WOCI^ do well by calllr* At SHARP S maufAetnry, MJ fhN"* atrect, where he W ha-vt a tare ??? r-n?nt of'*?"* with aboe And marble beda, And on impmeed atyle <w unable for public or prlrate uae Second hand ioMaa me COAk i tO A I, * cm TON T? Tl ).NH * t^Wlta'fW r, "a V Nat I Alan, A ep?n cream ll'.r?e? , ^ on. IOC raddle |? r.r ft'.s nne hi * he*e.*t c. tnbltfd r 'Hv t-'-***** T 3 j AJnrSKHHVTM. , 1|h<?aj?wat 1hhatbk. ' J) K. A M Arab All .. "j"* 1 Don oueo at Porlormaare to begin wtilfc the BiMtH Ml ' 7>i o'clock. I KanAOCinirt o? tub Potvlab PumMk Mlt ANI) MKc K. L. DA VRWKOBT. Tdkhdav kvbbibo. Aran. a, taw. . Kind time in thin theatre, and 11a uaoat aimniwarPtly pMBBi { In Dm principal cities ofUtt) Uniou.lhe new tiwgto ptag. ?T* Amerlcau Htnhitr, (tiao. U. Mu m. Kso. or Bauiaouh) I BtiDllcd dk roto. J Hi t nandn de Soto, the discover of the Mla- _ siwdppt Mr B. (,. IMMi ; rinh.. Mi*. B. I* ImBI The full luieiit of Die company in the dialribulkat <dMB - tert), 1 New mid characterl-dlr wene* by Ueo. Hflater. ___ III canes, properties, appointment c, Ao., BOW MB WBNh pritiie. To conclude with the farce of thk hi- ndr8vo0r Several attractive novelties In pr pi rBllBB a ueklMB of lu'cuhf Intercut will l>e acted (mm i atelr, oallad thk son ok tub itirft. Brougham's bowkry tueatre. . Sole Mr. JafcM BtMBM sinirt- manager. Mr. R. JBkMI Orcneatrs (oalra, MMVnUt; I)re?? Circle and Bum, b mk| Bit and tlntlcr), I-', rente, I'rioite Boxes, IB P?BX* OpBB at 7; to conniienre mi 7o'clock. Tt t.-RAT Kvkniku, A nut II, wnr, HATKKI). Olt. A KATIIKR'B CVR8K. nick ok tiik woods. BllHTON H NKW THEATRE. KAKKWKI.l. HKNKKIT OK MR. W. HARRISOIf, Mud laul ulgbt but two of Die kakkwkli. Br.itroitif *rtcM or tub PYNK ANO HARBISON OPERA company. Turanar, Amit a, ma kl'l'an a. _ ('< lid iif'or on thin occasion Mr. W. T. WBW Who tin.. Kindly voliinteered h in nil liable service*. TIIK ftl'l.KS OK THK HMUKK. Wedtieaday?MASTER'S HIVAi,, and 1IHARTS Hfll TUT MI'S. I'hunutny-I.A SONNAMBCl.A. Place* Ki-cui'itl without extra charge. Gt to. CliltlHTY A WOOD'S r MINSTRKIR. 441 Broadway, below Orand atreet. Henry Wood Iluelnaaa WMRB Oeo. Christy .Stage inaaiBRi A MAMMOTH BIM* Kt*bt kveniko diikino tub Wbbb a well aelccted programme ol Ethiopian Song*., dka Introducing ho nttrdj i*m ptdee. rtllM HAOKWOOI) KCHOKS, Combining AroiutUc KnisdB. wMk HEAR FIGHT, A I.A liroKGK am) TUB OuagOB, tuij Bu. Concluding h lib? On ?TIIK MUKMT. W dm unlay - W EKKO. TIIK SENSIBLE MONKEY, 'ilmn-day- NEW VKAK CALLS. Vrilay-MAHIJl'EKADE It ALL. Hulnriiay?HAPPY MAN. _ lh?c* i.pen at t>S. to ooumietice at o'clock. TMMl cniln. hAKl.utiRON, Nil 257 .HOWKRY, CUKAYMBT ft II 1VI (if Rmiuu until in Ihe world. KKKE CONCERT SALOON. I sink at the talenl engaged at thla popular IdlMMMAMh pearm* every ulgbt, oouunrucuig at 5 o'clock a*d leraMIc ai 12. Madame La horde In her fanttudea on the hnrp. Mir? < alherUte Me wart, the rinuiuut reiaallel .Hot Kiley, "The Original Jim." Millv Jamb* III hi* California songs. Idcfc llerthoif lu Ida baigo solos, wlili a \ nriei) of aiuging aud (lancing every evening, *hd kMMl banning a Grand Mammoth Performance unequalled In the cliy. The beet behaved aud preUlMl Female attendant* are etigngedAn wait oii|vu.iierB, who will he happy U MTT* tliWu w nil ble Heel of Wine*, Liquor* and Segars. Ijiger bier tread every day In in Philadelphia. NeM*BB*f milled hatred Coucurt every Sunday. Nouoe. ?TheaamkMB fee id HII OK NTH It charred for admlnalon In order to maintain nrdar aad kd^ a respectable pla amusement. lleullemea will pteaae give tie a call, and they will go away delighted. lJKltlH.HA.M S HoWEKY THEATRE. J) MISS El.I.EN GREY reeoerifullv announce* te kM> lruknis Hinl Ute public game-ally iWl her hcniNIt mil lakeglM* oa Kuiutr, Aran St. wl..wi w ill he produced, for the Ural tune in maoy yrw% thfl gorgeous eitri lacle drama of Montr orirto, wi ll other enierlalnmeuUi. Inn bm.k now npru. V* KKY l.Ml'OKTANT TO THE MILITARY AN* Mi public in genria! Mr iienhn t. eitll a rh, proprietor of the National oye?t? mm and Keiirlng Academy. ims hit.ail way, begs to UlfhTUi iltt public and aiuuieiira thai ou WKuavsntT, Arait 21 lie will give Ihe second ctMhillon of lite Art of fndaf* Academy Hall, ltd llioadway, tqipisjte Hon.1 street, wbna ho will lie assisted by lila celebrated professors and pupila wko hate nuole a mlll|ary odiiranon aud the use id artna a slushy the perlt.miaiicev will rompriae fencing with fittls. rafdM^ hnsntsw<aaU, lnil*krt, and aabre agalnal bayonet 1 he Professor* will also perforin a complete BroadaW# Ihiei, ereeiilrd by ten peratals, aiel a oombal In whiik aoo nan will desperately defend hlmsidf against twelve asaallaOkk Gymitaeilr rierctsea w ill be ertnbltrd by the celebrated MOklutele of the Iiudtliite l'rol. Wagtwr'a band will abend and pocfortn a gelecMM mttsie In ill the most ltoptllar oom|an>er?. lkstrs open at 7l? orlork, rnnimcure at 8 o'clock. AttinW"i\ Jb cent,. Tick's*, numbered, can be obtained A the Aradeoiy. (AARIA?FRANKLIN MCKKUM. 1X1 URANO RIB* J April I*. Henefll hf MADAtfK WARTON, Ob which ooraahm an ealra troupe at Model ArUatea sriB ?* pear. Alao a truupe of nearly One Hundred Young Lodlod will appear. The "Tablenur Vlvania'Tlntnahielng a new Mkh IcBiJ t.irsdIima.o mikilitFiU liar tkii fUf nnlr. 4 in>HIIIIII aftft flunk iormcd women ui the world will appear on the anrrnmm ami 1 ill hi. "Puwcra' origin*! Urwfc Ray" hg Mttif Wattio*. with Tiiuin, Rendering Raiurda? afternoon nod evening the at!* ?f Ra rum Plenty of other parlonnanrrs. See hUto M Ike flag. TJIK I.ATKST NOVKI.TY. Juat arrltrd from Kitrtip*, and will npeo for eskihMMB THt-aenar. Aran. lit. a enperh roll> rtion of the tied beautiful hud finnhnfl tMt d'truere of Un? I.ONflON HTKRKORCOl'IC COMPANY, rienprtidiig a curious ?artet* of I.b*thti4b Pn-rvnim enow l.tra, far etirpa Ming anything of the kind nrr eUilhHed Maell Almrka. a tot pnaw-ntlitg alrruet a Milan aaiuiariow ar rttKt oajn i annataaa. transferred Iran uature with *A ks fidelity ol those Imprinted on the Ran** t?r rat Kt?. Th. New York agenry o| tile le-ielnu .Htrpmarnrlc Compaq will lie round .* Hall'* innate xore. No XW llr-ndwaj. earaRr ot Park plaee where tho eililliUam will lake place (N KO. CHRISTY A WlStP M MINKTRKM, 444 HKOAkJ way, !,?*.' n..' r? -ed 'hetr prt. e? t,?r the present wwwfe. ATHRKK I.Kt.i.kD IIORSK. Vn nppidimliy for a aitrnni man to make money hf ? a >| ? . : I *1 .1 mi) < lee lea. A (4nwk ic apply to J. Cl.osK, lSUKMith Second nrcet. williaiinhniR. /HI). CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINN I It KM, 444 NROaD\J way, line- mode etery preparation lor the present ?wh Ki ra *i ate mar be prorur*d from u>bera itenllergMl * pleaae n<A crown passage way during erenmga 'if thla waafe. TjLMirrK'H OPKRA HOUHIT. 49 HOWKRT-A URSA II wok f<w fun. Anew burlesque eniilled the "ltagtuw reo'ypi Painter," with Wldie"* Nrr-nabr* and Hill/ (( ja, Rl ehaaiplou Jig'laneer. Opt n at 7. rnrammre at A Acaio-my or Ki'wt: to i.kt pur opkrah, oqmoertn. balls leetorea and atiwltar rmpertahie purpaaam Apply U> N il. WOl.PK, No 9 m.wlh mreec C-t Mi CHR.STY A WOOD-* M1NHTRKM At VgPT THR J I Iter id lA.ntJ and will e. nwro ore with Holiday eeimtwm | rll X> ll le hoped tlui p arise numbering mora than ual rucnpany will pii*ore their Uekela early on each trMhg Tick eta shad remain at nana! price. JB rents. WtHlRI. TMTIMONtAI. Till TK-flMi i.VIAT. TO O. W. Si "'HI. I Chri?l>'? Mln?'rcl? lake* plaee on Mwwlagr .. Ap /: . A. I 'nv II li.I Headway Thirty perlt*nu ra bate volunteered, < tght Voile*. Ticket* 2D eenla. l.V.UM. VflK KH. Nttiik or aiti.k vtiom nut rut-: nivii\mm ?4 an m*<>lrrnl ft tn k? d-M*, |iumi*nt to the ! II I I \! I r-i '! ..I ! ?.. I I >1 i li . t? r < r i I lb* anroad furl of the W?'im . II. fl- ? h?f Nrdioy I r?t | nli|l>M M*rah 17. KIT iVolHirt appear b*f.a?* Ila. A II Kti**rll. I My Jtrtoe %> Hi* -> * , No ? ( unMN *lri? t, it,a Mi d*y iA May. ?l I" " < > k A < PUNffANTTO Ah oNfiKNor TIIK MUllinUKTiir Iluoti. atmi* la (Mm- ?ai' attain*! Death. M t li : ' l.n IWtih th* of l> m.ui I math, the half tn-tin-r <4 lh- ov<to-r >4 M*ry Jarob*. tale of Urnal Hmai ay. In >b< H'tiufj of Imrl. I* T-nitland. ?pln*i*r. th* l**t*jrt? !? tht* rauw-, whu died oB th* l?h Oaf of January. IM1 aad *o r t*i p- raunai rt urom-nloUr** of *urh of thftn a* ar* 4 vd. arr by heir ollrb.w*. on or hef-re ?U* Braf day Of July. ilC, to in and t>r ?* tlaar roywiW cl*ua* at th? rhaai an of Ibt- R?*t*r of Ih* Roll* In tn* Roll* card, fit* mat I la*-, ta Lh<> county of Mkhlloari. in Kaaland, or In dHbult thereof bay aui lo-i? rt mtiu-rtly rtrl-ulod from th* b*fk*IR of th* aald ? lor. 1no??ld John I math la *ut>paa*4 In bat* Ml '-y-' b-r An? rtra a Ith hi* ctuldren about the y*ar IT?, and to aa?? dud ta ht* p**?*(* oat Wodn*?tay. th* a? day of July, Uk>7, at on* o'alork lu th* afternoon. at itui anul i iaalui la ay p'.uMod Rm bearing and adfudirntina ttpno th* chlm* D-ml hbHlfiid A?rfl I* <)*) <* HltM? thWtVA ~ HunciA CII.A RKh [K > HtlTR!.. rtHRTTI ATKWU1. COR ITU / of ITtfhWnth utrooi, N T ? Th* nnd?r*lga*4. fn tamaM ina tbotr numon iia frb nda ?ad th* put >e tor th* very liaornl ?up port th*j bar* received during th* paat far. wnuld add tha>. having mad* a*r*ral Improvement* and addllona la Ida Internal arrangement* of th* bo?el. th*y f*?l oonftdeai thai hi potfii of .t?i?-. ah fanon aod comfort MM unaurvaaaad hy any (a ihla wnatry Tb* ctiUune I* rondaetod on th* mom enlarged and lib Mi ar*l* by a Ami rat* Freach arttat. famili** ar* aarved ewhar nrtth prlv-at* tabl* or at table d hot*, a* dedred. . Th* iparmw-nt* ar* epartnu* eiueedfngty wall veatri****. and earn autt ia provided with bath room. vmt*r rloa*t, rlaaaa? aad all oth*r appointment* yat deviant W atak* It a da?ratib oiano-r revldenc* . _ . ? It* location h*tnf In 'h* Immediate vp-trtffy of vllea *1*^ aurvunded hv b-anttfoi far-ten* and xre?lbl* *" "** ***n*?* part of th* rlty by car or nmntbn*. wbtc* (?""wy minute, prr**nta unnattal attrarttooi to traretlara ri?iua? m city cither for flll'Tov 1 t II rrt | V *t>d Hfhtb *trr-*t.?The tinJemtinieJ ha ' Cho*ed dt- abt.T* h-rel. *-?f r,mrle.eil tie.r arranyrya Mw I th* rrrrptloo of fiu-aa. f' ^ n" "'tmtSXy ?h? <"?*? vnrMl tJXi-VtL ?nrv<-*m of bn?me#a and |-lea*ura. l-.tnlt^^r- m* for Nmi.f *. awl "* rtafld moaa, rapaMa or Jrlm^da tM with coovi-nleoro from two hundred aad 1 Mjmroe b ~r*;l arj. ^ -pa^'-. "HI Ufhand *p4 trrMUfrrl. ?mJ fnrni*k*d [ J*; '*1?* bo4* 10 * .,4?. ?;*, r? n*'?n fnmJpl^d with cu urcrsfflvsnis br?n'i?'" "fSXUwk** m* *11 of ewli rhorw^w? "r'"^X irmvrltr T?k<-? r-?.nf r1*-*; J^'1 w *' JT.TSr .-, ml r?* .ndtMTrrtJ* Of ?^jjrrt -g ^ UouM* nx>">* I1 r ,1,T ,., j,. MuirMKf ' ii,,i, artmrny wrr-l *t ?W *"? * . ?? " * "*"* b?im?i# nmn*. *i 'b?" opiwb p ii^om uv?-?>m Jhwrtot%q,|^t}rr. Minrrrw * m,r ^Wn?y Kormon, n-rrMW ?f *T't loforw htn 1r?"vH t??r. Offhmil ?" pA" ? 4 V ? tV- ?bv,f