Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1857 Page 3
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) mwimim unrvti fvfrv m, DfcUM At ll'll'UM. a l Ukin li niivii iv ii'i rnivvvR wir.l. ski.I. A this day, April 23, at li}? o'clock, at the Morch-.uLa ??jhange, for amount of whom ft mnv concern? 933,000 Ores; Western (111.) Railroad I at raort, 7 per cent bds. 6.000 ftdcagn and Mississippi RK 11*1 mort. 7 per cent bonds. 8,000 Cfcleago anj Milwaukee RR. 1st mort. 7 per cent l>onda, 26,000 Delaware, Ijick and Western KR. 3d mort. bead*. 7.000 Ureal W catem (IU.) RR. 1st tuon. 10 per oeni bowls. 8,000 Manchester Mining A anufac'i; Co.'s 0 per cent lionilg. I 2,000 Buffalo, Corning and New York RK. 3d mort. bonda. 1,000 California State 7 per cent bonJ, due H7814,000 Orerkeuridge Cannel Coal crtlticalcs, 97.000 each. ZflOU Hlnctiumti. Isigsnsport and Chicago. ' 9720 Oreat Western Marine Inaarance scrip of 1857. 90,006 Cincinnati and Chicago KR. ikl mort. bonds. 9,000 Northern Indiana (lloshen line) RK. 1st uiorl. bonds. 90,000 Hancock Ilounty (1U.) 8 per cen' botida. 10,000 Warsaw (Sir (111.) H per cent bonds. 200shares, Norwich A Worcester Kit. Co.. preferred 8100 40 Memphis and Charleston KR. Co 25 14 Newark India Rubber Manufacturing Co 100 20 Now York loe Co 26 209 Manhattan Oil Co 100 16 Importers'uud Traders' llank 100 80 Farmers and Citizens' Hank of tssng Islaud 23 60 Ureal It rsterii Marino Insurance Co 100 90 In lie mint,' Fire Insurance Co 100 89 St. Nlrholus Kire Insurance Co 2 90 iKlnit Kit; insurance Co 8 60 K men's Insurance Cnmpnny 1 I 10 Commonweslih Kire Insurance Company 10 20 New Werld 1'lre Iusurawe Company 10 25 Mechanic*' and Traders' Insurance Company.; 2 20 Pscitir Kire Insuranae Company jj K) People's Kire Insurance Company Jj 11(1 Pbenii 1'iri- Insurance Company 8 21' Home Kire Insurance Company 10 20 St. Mark's Kire Insurance Company 2 40 laifsrgc Kire Insurance Company 6 60 Peter Cooper Kire Insurance Company 2 40 LoriUai <1 Kuo Insurance Company 2 Terras of sale?Ten per cent Oils day, and the balauce be fore 1 o'clock to morrow. The accrued Interest on all lii .bonds will he rlmrged to the purchaser. Next ragular sale 00 Monday, April 27. Al.HHRT H. NICOLAY, Auctioneer ami Hanker, No. 4 Kroad street. A LBKRT H. NICOLA Y, AtOTIuNBfcR.?KOK A PR It n maueuit Investment WH,?W Klgnt per cent city ana county bonds at auction. ALBBRT H. Nli'OLAY will sell on Thin day, April 23, At o'clock, at the Merchants' Kxoltange, . iflM.OOO Hancock county, Illinois, 8 per nent bonds, dated July , 1 lAaa and redeemable at the American Kxrhange Hanlt, In New York, July 1. 1876; Interest ooupons payable annually, on the lot of July, $1,(100 each. $10,000 Warsaw City, Illinois, 8 pej Mat bonds, dated May 1, 1866, and due at the American Kx ghssn Bank, In New York, May 21, 1876; Interest coupons payable January and July 1. $1,000 each. The above bonds were issued In conformity with nn act of the State legislature, authorizing the issue of bonds to aid in the construction of the Warsaw and Rocklord RnJIroud. The amount of taxable pro party la the county for the year 18.16, was $5,31*1,W.I; taxes WTS.aK; papulation, about 25,000; area in acres, The Btnortaed issue by the county Is HilO.OUO. The amount of lai able property in the city la $1,OUO,UUO; taxes, $8,1160; population, 11,40$ Ilia authorized issue by the city Is $60,000, and no more Saa be Issued by either the city or county, without an act by the legislature, ana sanctioned by the people, so that every pre- | saabon has been taken to make these bonds unquestionable, in paint of security, and they cannot be repupioied under any T*r*T*"**? ** Hancock county is one of the most prosperous la the State, and it is expected that fifty miles of the above railroad, from Warsaw to Oquawka Junc'ion, will be finished and In full opera on in about sixty days. The sale is to be made tor aoeotint of th e Warsaw and Rocklord Railroad contractors, who received these bonds at par and must realize to meet their Obttgnttons. The bonds will lie sold without reserve. For a aopy af the act under which these bonds were issued and full particulars, apply to AI.BKRT H. NICOI.AY, Stock AuctlBaeer and Banker, No. 4 Broad street. f. H.?I have fully examined the strength of these securities, and I can recommend them to my friends and the public with the utmost confidence, believm:; that they will compare wl'h anything In the market, and, for a permanent Investment, no ganr bond' esn be found. AI.BKRT H. MOOI.AY. A O. TIM TLB, ADCTIONKKR, -A . Offloe, M Broadway. Assignee s sale of lumber, horse, wagon and harness, Ac.? A. OTUTTI.K will sell on Thursday (postponed from Monday), at 111 o'clock, at the yard, corner of Hammond ami Wed beets, all the remaining stock of lumber, yard and office Uxtares. bnese,wagon and harness, lately the property of Win. W. Wlnani. Terms cash In bank thle money. CHAR J. FOX. Assignee. A C. Tl'TTT.K, AUCTIONKKR, Sn.KNDID 8AI.K OF il, fleet da's fashionable row wo. si and mahogany furniture, being the entire stocks of Meesrs. M. A J. A. Walters, warrunted ta every respect, aivl to be sold without reservation. A- C. TUTTI.K will aell on SuUiriUy. at 1H>?o'clock, at the Store corner of Hrood way and Broome street, the eutiie atocfc ol the above manufacturers, removed from the'r factory for convenience of sale, consisting ol a largo and general asaorUneti; of rosewood, oak, blurk walnut and mahogany parlor, hall, library, duiing room and chamber furniture, in every variety, nil ol which is warran'."l of the firstelaea and t to enactor each: may be examined any time before the sine. x. B. The public will pinnate lake notice "that iMs U not n m ele tup kale ot diilcreni manufacturers, but only the flock* ot M Walters, whose reputation for inauufacturing linn class furuilore, has bri ll estoblishcd for the past lilV-cu years. AC. TITTLE, AUCTIONEER, OKKICB M BROAD way.?Genteel furniture, pbnio, large mirrors. A<*.. of a ftuniiy lrtoiiiJT- the city. A. (' TITTLE will aeh on Ertday, A 10% o'clo k. at 114 West Thirteenth -Teei, a general assortment of furniture, nonsuiting of large pier glasses plan'-, lace curtains and cornices, centre tables, -<a.s ami chairs, Bros aela and ingrain carpets, marble *1 ib* ahd brackets. bureaus and wash-stands, beil tivids, b Ls and he ldlng. enurhea, crock ery and glass war*, dining table, basement and kitchen utcnWin, Ac., of a family leaving the city. Terms cosh, aud de poaltes required from all purchaser .. A j nnm auctioxmbi ?>alk ok ninr valuable Third at cnue lou, comprising the west front, between Twenty tilth and Twenty ~nih sti-ei-ta, at auction.? A. J. B1.K1-.CKKK A CO. *111 e-11 on Thursday. April 23. at IS o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, th ab*ve very desirable property The corner loir are 24 leet 4 Inches front and rear, the balance iu*2l fe*M 3 im-Jew. depth of each M feet. Trims very liberal. Maps, Ac., ut tin- otiice, No. 7 Broad rL AUIP BRAGG, AUCTIONEER -A. BTtAilO a 00. will sell hi auction, on Friday, April 24, at MS A. M., at tbeir aatonneim .13 I'ortlandl street. .1*I rases Women'*, patenlad 0 ogr gnliers; also a Urge lot of hoots, ahoea. Ac. a ntiiont j bi.kik kkk a co w1i.i. ml AT THK A Merchant-' k*nuuig?. on Monday, April 27. at 12 o'clock, toe very nnpnrtor tomanll Wist Twenty tnih street, kmnaa IpMh even II adwny, nsor Trinity chapel: lot 25 feet by half the blis-k; house lift by till feet, lour stone* high, basement and tinder cellar. The parlors are fttiixhnl in the miMt elegant manner with etaiuary marble ntantc-Ls. pUte glass, expensive aoroiees and arched doors, and the building is replete with very-thing that the 'arte of the builder ro.ild suggest. Maybe en' al an-, time during lie- day. Tww tiiusla uu iriauu. TJU? prrftrt. Auction notick. KitcDH4ri< and perrfnptnry aaln of furniture, raj"] I't*. Ac. HAMl'KI. OSi.iMilt A OO., auctioneers, WUI iwU at 'heir aalr?mntn. 91 N*a?ru -treat, i<o Saturday, at BHk o'clock, a large roll.-ruon of houei-hold furniture, Ar ., eiunpnalng ihr entire furniture, A<* . of a Windy reinorcd from Twenty rerond street for roaTennTCo of ~tla, together with a superb rollrrtlon of flrat rltw row furniture, the whole eon Mn| of riKTWimd parlor out'*, dre-?mg bnrenua, waabauuida. rgtruaion table* wardrobe*. rlusmher nulla, hair mat muaara and bedding, aofaa and aula hedairada, aard lab Ira, boohoaar*. per and other mirr m, oil paintings. oilrl..ih?, Broaarla. uprstry, rrlrrt and niter r--rpeU, mahogany bed atrada, loungra. plaird warr, cuilrry, Ac. Catalogue* morning of aalr. AUCTION NOTICK.-nOC8KKC*NWHINU (KMfDS, eutlers. hardware, Ae, bAMl'Kl; OflOOOD A CO., nnrUooorra, Htorn hi Nih?ii atreet. Will aril al iiurllon on Wcdnaadav April '.19, at lO1^ nVlnrlc, af >e llnwer) between Klflh and wlvth atreeta, ihr enure ati'-k f hnuaefurnlahmg goods and bardie ire rontalnrd In a tld atom, untwisting In part of allvrr plul<?i warr, Hrltauu ? m a warr, Un, a malm and Japanned w arn, fine Ivory handle and Other table cutlery, fancy aud staple Bard warr, gas lutnrra, aofaa, gla-? eaara, Ac. Catalog n < morning of aalc. AUCTION NOTICK-TW* FOIJAlWINil SAI.K II AS ,A brru poaiponrd to to-morrow (Thursday) morning, af JOS o'clock KfiOKNK H FK ANKUN auc tfconrer. Mr. Baudrtaa I run tha anwunrrrial honae of feud ring A Oo.. Taris. haa tha honor 10 Inform thn ladlm and catlrmm of tha rt'y and rletnl'y of Now York, that, aa fa la about to I rare tha attr for rani**, ha haa Inatructod dean. K B. FRANKLIN A CV) . auctioneers, 95 Nassau IM, to aril without mast-re. thr whole of hla rtorA, anuatel lag flf a large aaaortmeni of rlrh ami mstly mantnleta collar*, ahwrna. prrlcrlnra, caaaka. b-rthoa, hmdJtrrrhU'fa, '-apa, aaara. morning dmaara a ad svsny other aislclm made of thr maul and moot fhahtnnablr Vabmeteane. appUnallon. point Taji oil 11 mualin, Ulln and potnt d1 Abmmn lams and em hrotdartaa. Tha aala will lake place al Ihr ainrr Nr. 7M Broadway, adjoining thr pianoforte w area-vane of L. A Das pome Ran . on Tbumday. April 21. at ||)U A M . and as rnry article win poaitreely br sold to Ihr highest blddrr, without any regard Cn Ihe original mat and sinenses of imputation. there will br aiwat MiwameatS for I hoar wiahing to bay h> attend Ik la sale All avrtot'd aa ierrribrd on thr catalogues which can br obtained al thr oWna of the auction wan, Bo M Naaaau atma Tha goods ara now oh rtrw at Nr. JMlWnadway ACCT10B BOTTCR-W*. B. JONKB, AUCTIOBKKR.By Tirtaeof a rhaltrl mongarr, 1 will raporr for aalr, tmThurdar. April B, at Ulo'c .u N > 1.1 leonorunr lam. In Tweaty ninth atreet, brtwrm Klghth ami Mmh ate. auar, all ihr furnlturr In arid houac, ?>uala<ing of Hrtrerla carpe*. Ingram do , rrlr^ do . k>Atag gluwt. aofaa. rhatra laaoftwir. together with a grncrnl arrorhn -at of Itourrhtld rnrnloire YARKIdl H, AO i't Horti'oo' A UCTION BOTICF..?TIIOB. BFIJ^ ACCTIONKKB?BT A HKI.I A Hl'HIl on KrliUy. at tnt< n'rtork, wr will art] thr handaiane furniture ronatlund In th? mob-rn lamar No 99 Barrow alert, near Hudron. c.imprlalng an etcellent rarlrty ofedatmbec parlor, hall and iMa ineai Voangment. id Ihr Brat claa*. nerd only two yrara; Ir'chru iwenslla. Ac. Full par Mf-lara d?yof anlr. ^ A CATION fffiTKK -THOR BKT.L, Al'CTIOJfKMl?BT A HKI.I. A RCSII *artfcm aalo nf fiirnlttu-a. tbla day. at TOW o'clock, wr will aril tbr excellent furnlt'ira contained In lAeVmac Hi SUA armus, near Wurerley place. bvnnprtalng (An aupertor arriuigritirnta of lwe|v?. well .oml?h.?l brdronma, band anon- ' uwpIa. I rmrh and other brdatrada, hair maitreai are, brdii and Heddlnf rhalr*, Inlil.w, plain arid marine lop Mdai Mirrnna, waahalAnda Ui match. Milri aria. kx>klngylaaara alan, Sir elegant faraHnranf Ihrrr parlor* and dining -own?frill aiiiUi roarwmd. In rtrh 'Uuuok sarin, antaa, rluura, t Ar , lo mairli aplendkl curtain*. mirror* r?>*.'i?..?l pl mof ?r", Ar Salr wlU ornate net with iKi? excellent kitchen ulroaUa. Drpaatta required. rotakvwn ready ai ill" auction rr?>m. Al'lTloN KOTICH-Olf FRIPA T. A I'lt 11. 24 AT MH o i k- k, at AH K.ighih amine, -ale nf thr rtehiv and be*-Mark ol r hii a, *la? Mid earthenware, alirrr platrd w..rr, Ac. ITi" aale xa Hi lie in Iota to anil dealer*. S i! SI4K. AlKtlnnenr. A^H^HI'ITIOK NIITIIJC?J. IMS,ART. AUCTtOlfKKR ?BT S Bfsi ART, lhl? *day, al In', o'clock, at 111" aoctioa pmbm, Bioripxgn aaie of HnuaehnMi iirniiiirn ol pwd <j.|*llty, laahoeaiiy imr a tclaa, anfaa, mail.winy French rhalr*. ma ho ?oy bureau*, marhln top tahl.-a, Rrtiaarl* rarixda, oilcloth, Bewteadi, bod* and bodi'ln*. Ala". Sheriff"a aala of forty eight ra*< * of brandy Iran a Aral rlara hoirl; atari, at 12 '(dork, a large quantity of clothing, and a rarletr of other gooda Alw>. at lo'clat*, at lh?- northcaxl rumor or Frankfort nod William mrrrla, th? at. irk nf a bird slorr. eounUUng of flattary lilrda. larka. Iliruara, mocklnf hlcda. rare*. Ac. ACcrriOl* KoTICK?RAMI n. OHtlOUD A CO., At'CMonrrra, Sioro Kn ,*l Kaaaau atrert, will roll to morrow fFrldnel, at mi o'rlirk . the furniture remained in ihr linn-!M Mm I mrart nrar Urand, cnmprtslnr dinhiftiaaa, bnlii .ru rind 'kitchen furnitttrr, AMnrwaro, rrnrkerv, Ac. Alan, One anprrh rrwrwond parlor anil, mrrrrd In 'ho (lnc?t French eailn bncatol, wUli slip Mini man ul art need lo I'.uia, mat taw A I iTH.N kiiTU-R A M ' HI I il.AK, AH. ri.inKKH, jO. talent** an n Rowrry, will ?r||, on Friday, April 24, *Wf. at tn ami IT l''anal atrrrA, nnr Bnwdway, at III o rlnrk F-an raomatrr and wall arirrtnd alnrk or roar wood and 1P~*,7. aa AjWowai? Km (IB fr?i roarwnnd n'lwn. *!'?) wi moUIrd "kada and plain malt'njnny rrnrn-ra. tH*? fTi l h "Mdvyrany ".uytra, IMW ?< rt crwi b Mark walnut rrnrrra; a largr and tlrai ram uH^r.n.^1 T* ' map I., and m hlio holl. of dni.-r -nl itnok aia.. JJ ' rf^ of mnii'^nny r. (In Mark walnut plank ind wnmram. in*n WlnA IndhfB ihkrk IA lUki .??! .mMhakirLnp rimb wood m1 walnut car-rod mou Mill** Term* four month* PI'mvod rotra, nrcr Wm under !*>. r*?h. <tatnlr>au> r-oadv " * prorfoua to aalc, at the a* tearoom. te Honor*. No IKjafpooaemmt rm account of the trr-nther. Thlo aalc la wall wormy the attonUnn n< lumber dralcm, rdannfnrto c*?n and sBblnet mokofj, oo?n and looking |iui (rm?t wafcrra ai Um> rK' k-aglUwly be Mil ? IALM AT AOOTiOB. AftTrON NOTICH. Hotel nn<1 o fnrnlturo, b?r fir'ure*. Ac. u tuitw n/uunm AuLMiooAcri. bio <t. HI Nat. ii street. Will ml! this day. Tut' day, " ?> clook. Uih whole of 'he furniture in the hole' nor of Fo and Ihnmp-ow streets, opposite Wiu.hli.gto I grade Uro consisting of parlor chamber and other f> miture, plan ite, some very One ml paintings, Ac. Algo The bar Art urea, liquors. Ac. Auction notice. Household furnltuMk rosewood boudoir pianoforte, Ac. tl AMU Kb OSGOOD A CO., Auctioneer*, Hloro No Hi Nassau street. Will aell, al No. IS Knht Thirty third street, near Madison are nue, no Monday, April 27, at HH4 o'clock, the whole of the lutnilsomt) household furniture, comprising Itrussels, three ply and slair carpets, two rose wood parlor suits, laoe window curtains, marble top centre tables, etegeres. tnireor front; mir rors. oil paintings, mahogany ana other chamber furnl.ure, diuiug room and kitchen furuilure, Ac. Also, One excellent toned boudoir pianoforte, from the manufactory of the celebrated Krard, I'aris. Terms of sale, cash. Auction notice.-tho8. hkix, auctioneer?hk 1IK1,I, A HUSH ?Saturday, al ll)C| o'clock, in our salesroom, 12 North Williams street, u beautiful stock of superlogentlemeu's wearing apparel, all made to order, and w ill bsold in lots to suit; dry goods, Ac. Auction notice.-snog. hf.u,, auotionkkr-kv ItKI.I, A IIUSH.?l-arge sale of the sUick of an importer of fine liquors, w ines, Ac.?On Monday, at 11 o'clock, will b sold, without reserve, by order of Moncr A Co., In front ant in their store, till Greenwich street, near Hubert, as follows:? UK) octaves choice brandy; 25 quarter and 50 kegs do.; SM de tnljohns; 150cases do., ajo do claret; .'10 quarter casks snpprio port w Ine and pure juice; Its bids and kegs French coloring 80 dozen liort wine, sherry and Madeira; 19 octaves brandy, in bond, ami a great variety besides. Terms liberal, at sale Auction notice.?thomas hki.l, auctionkkr? By B81X a BC8H. Hale of goo^lltofd hMm. Mnftday *i 2oYloek precisely, will be wold wiMut reserve ,f excelled billiard tables, with all the arrangement* complete, at the wel known billiard saloon, Atlantic tiurdens, No. 9 Broadway, uca the Itattery. Auction notion.?thomas rill Auortomnm? lty liKUU A MUSH.?Tuesday, at 10'a o'clock, at 21.' Uowerv. opposite Rlvington atreet, the stock fixtures, show rases, Ac. <>1 a watchmaker, jeweller, silversmith, Ac. Auction notick?standard iiosks and othkr flowers.?KA.Ml'KI. OS(IOOI) A CO., auctioneers, will sell at their salesrooms. SI Nassau street, to morrow, (Kriday.) si 1U o'elock, a large and rhoice collection of standard roses, fit tut litis, honeysuckles, and other fancy and choice plants, Ac., from tliu nursery of Jir. William Wilson, Uurisl, West Fourteenth street and Astoria, U. 1. Auction notice.?eugene h., auo tloneer.?Hy K. It. Krtinklin A Co.?Extensive sale oflirst tdtiss household furniture, velvet tapestry carpets, mirror*, oil pain'lilts, pianoforte. Ac. On Saturday morning, 2ftth lust., at l()t^ o'clock, at the priiate residence 177 Kast Thirteenth street, near Second avenue. The undersigned have ueen in orueted to sell ai auction the whole contents of the ahovi house, which is furnished in flrat style; in 'he parlor* ar?. su perlor la pes try, Hi usael* carpets, rosewood plan, forte, etegere, secretary, mirrors, paintings of superior merii, line cngraviugN. nnd other parlor furnttore; the bedrooms throughout the house are furnished with rosewood an.l ma botany furniture, comprising everything useful and MM mental; also dining room, library and basement furniture, the whole comprising an assortment seldom olfercd at auction, and well w orthy the attention of intending buyers. Auction notice.,?kcgenb h. crankun, altcUoneer.?By K. H. Franklin A Co.?Tomorrow (Friday) morning, al 10'| o'clock, ?l sales room bf> Nassau street, sale of second hand lurniiure, carpets, mirrors, Ac , consisting of the Itintitiire.Ar. of a faintly, removed for convenience of sale; also large Mock of new cabinet furniture, parlor and chamber suites. scrrctnrT and library bookcases, etegeres, wardrobes, ciitlia, glass and silver plated w are, clocks, hair mattresses, paliax s, fancy gisida, Ac., Ac., to he sold to pay .advances. \tVTION NOTICK.?M. DOUGHTY, AUtTloNKKR. wiU n 11 this tuiy. ut 1()<ai rlock, at 27 Centre street, a large assortment of boarding house and saloon furniture, viz : nobis, mahogany bur., > .mirs, about lire be.lstea.U, hair and straw mattresses, feather heds. bolsters, pillows; Bros sols, three ply and ingrain carpets; crockery, casters, derail1.1'. dr liners, tumblers. mirrors, oilcloth in large variety, malting, A. Musi be positively sold, and deposits required. \UCTION " tick.?OAKIJCY A wright willkkll . at inic- on Thursday, April 2L at 9 o'clock A. M., at !e Nassau ?rcnt. genteel liouarliold furniture, consisting In part of a splendid rosewood 7's octave iiiauoforte, Brussels mid utniiii ?pnm; iiu?iirr>*. mahogany coins, tete-alelt , chairs, marble top tables, bureaus, bedsteads, waslt lamia. Ac. Ml 1'iB.ttWe. By k. a v >i m'iikm'k-sai.kor rime oilfaiktin.'* ?v I fl. S(!|IKSrK will n il on Wednesday, .;?u. iti~i ?t II nViix'k, a! .heir salesroom. 33 Nassau street, a ,.|t ? collection ul line oil pidutlrgs, about fiu In number, nil in ii li Kill trames. They rnnaiitt in part ul line landscape* by lee. Noiiiiin. M.iiHc, Alevand >r, Srniili of Chichester, Vlekera, Mr (; <.. ltcuumont, Shayt r, Abel do Pago I. I>'l'onimr, Muehcmn, I.cmpi ?t)i un.l oilior line musters; cattle. Ac., by Morris, AumIuIc, Armliol.l, fine large murine, by Nichols, pupil ol Stnnlleid; Joseph Ycrudt, Irum the l.ouvre; Innocence and ?: ii -I Mornii h. u v i K'-ynoliU: beautiful Madonna* and Holy family; fruit, by tlook: Bower pieces, Ar. Also, a line portrait n't Waslnne or, by K. Feel, pninteil in liM>. the Archtilabop i 1'I'ir*a ttndei Napoleon I , by David; Hi. tVcella, by liilldo; tin fair Jrwr'i, by D. lluntiiiKton. and a tine original picture hy .1 W. M. Ilnmeg, II. A., t-ixe HI! by 2ti Inehea?the w bole forming a collection r"l?lnra teen at public aale, ami worthy In all reapeels the attention of all lover* of art. The above are now on exhibition, with catalogue*. BYHKNRY H. I.I'KDS A 00.-0H THURSDAY, APRIL lit. at 12 o'clock, ill tront of store No 21 Nttv.ui street, a pairofttne bar borer*, seven year* old, short tall*, perfectly yi ntie and kind, warranted In every- particular. A rarerhiuioe to purchase for a pair of desirable family horse*. BY K a r II 8011RNCK?ON THURSDAY, 2*1 INSTANT, at 1 o.rloek, at tbelr **le*n?on No. S3 Nassau street, an elegant t hiwnu' horse, 7 year* old, IB harcU high .warranted perfectly kind, round atnl gentle, very free and stylish driver lu double and single harm**, and ot superior ari.oo, Sold a* he owner la going Weak BY K A K R St'HK-Nt'K. .Ut Til t.NKKK .33 NASSAU Mreet This day, April Zl. at ld'i o'clock, attractive ell- ot hue wlnea, brandies, MR vanlfnea, segarx, Ac., received direct trom lir*t band*, and ?old without reserve to clous the ?u?-k prenoitato J uly 1, In e*4e* and dem John*, vl*. >?J. H. (estdard cognac, l.sV, .Tanma llrnneeny IS?7; (Hard, Pupuy A On , IMS, H. U. P., old U and Renault cognac brandy, old r gear Vieut, iniporieil in alaes. champagne#, pona, n.-rrien, Mudutrt*. .Inranica rtun, Holland gin, acltnapp*. Scotch, I ruth end Mooongahcla whiskey, amhrnaiAl neitar do., 'Amice A Martin sardine*. Positively no more of thut (lock eicrpl the ataive imw tn store. Hale poaltlve, rain or shltte. HY K. A r II WIIKNUK.?ON FRIDAY. SiTH INST., nt I o'clock, at liielr salesroom, 33 Nassau street, a pair ot brown horses, long tails. Bre and sit year* old, good traveller*. and warranted perfistly sound. kind and gentle In every nay; aleo a Korkway, with dlekey; also a black horse, Ihtj ho mis high, about 10 year* old, *ound. kind and gentle, and a g.sst ana sti llsh traveller, aleo a ruieche carriage. also a bay horse. S Years old. I5\ hands high, warranted aouivl. kind and gentle in every way, aim a sit seat Kockaway and aeversl new top and mad wagon*. n k. IJCVY, A H.TIOMSKR.?ATTRACTIVE HALC OF \J, hands*>mc household ! unit urn 0. M. LICVY wHl *eUoa Iht* day. April 23 at 10t< o ?lofk, at No t Hrevnori plarst t"lmill ?irc<d, between Hmadway aad University place Avll the turnlturc contained tn raid bouse, mnalmlng of rich rnee wood parlor suit* in btssatcL, rich rosewood parlor suit* la damask, rosewood and mahogany -Scp-ra with plate glaaa, rVh satin damask curtains, rich lace curtains with handsome ttxtures; Britannia, three ply and Ingrain carp ia, oil cloths, ne camtrlehraa. one very (uperlor French china clock. co*t SfTOr brouje and ornuiHt ckxih*.elnna vases, oil paintings, gilt Irame oval mirror*, mahogany bookcasea, bureaus, bednu-ada. Ac.; mntiognny *'k* and chair* In haircloth, rocking, eaav and arm iduura, mnrhle hip centra and pter talile, lounge* In plush, els* gant extensloa dining table, bat itand, refrigerators, hair mat trseaea, OaLher bed*, pillow* later*, tngrther with a gew-rml aesnriment of kitchen and dsAing uteoalla DAMKL R HOUOH, AlfTIONKKR.?MtlKTUAtIR t.?U> of rJ?yraiit liouorhokl furniture, Kruneel* nu-pcta, pier will mantel jfl*a*ea, oil palmitic*. bronrr*. work* of art, mwwnmt pianoforte, Ac. D H. Min'dH arlll aell aa shore all he contents of the rlrpanllr fnrntahed house No. 24* West Twenty third atrcri. r"ar Ninth avenue. on in morrow (Friday), April 24. at III1) A. M. Tlila *ale la well worth thr parUr tlar aUettljoa of tQfMM la aearrh nf flrat rlaaa furnltnra at auction price*, aa the hnaaa haa brra furnished during the present vrar wKh a rer; large quantity of iff*la of a superior arallty. bring mailr by Warlra, money, Hutching* an I Abei-ia, ?< ri,Dim.'?f? In the dining room with walnut bullet. rah' carved oak #I'rn.-lna tubk-a, dining ami arm chair-, and together wtih a (Wirabir aaaorlmrnl of decora led china dinner and tea MB, stiver lea sewy-a, salvcre. ppoon* and fork* 1 IT OCT no! cry. cut glass ware, Ac., Ac In ?hc parlor* arc UflH rartla royal tapestry velvet rarpeta, marnllo-nt pk-r gl*??ea,B 11212* two solid roacwood suns, in green and blnrk and crim son and ma moo brocalrllc: solid marwnod eiogcre, centre, aide and plrr tab lea, eery rich lane curtain*, hmnae ir*? ft*, 'e.peo, Bar oil painting*. splendid china raac and bmrra and marble ctnrka; eaer ana reception chair*, one nf Nuana A I taher'a celebrated ; octave mac wood plao-ta. A larra nam her nf ei enalvely framed and desirable engravings, An. la he chamber* arc car rod rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, bureaus, Ac , pure curled hnlr mattreaae* and be,kiln*. atao, sofas. chair*, arm rhaira. rorkrr*. Ac The who** together avaklnR a lar.-e and unique aaaortmeni <4 desirable fowls, aad all to hip aoid wMhonl i win rain or ahitvc It OOt.TOM. At'CTtONV.F.R -OKXT^Kt. HOCSRHOI,f? furniture Bruaeela, three pi* and >*b r carpet*. mirr .r?. mahocanr parlor, dining n?>m and bedroom furniture.?F. rill.TilS trill aell Ibi* day. (Thursday,i April 21, at 10'j . k, ?' No. 31 Market street, brl worn Madison and Henry street*, a Lirgc and >le?lr*b1# assnttmcu* of gt?*l parlor fnrnr Hire. such aa Brussels three ply and lomiin earp?t*. oilrloiha. Urea French plate aud other mlrmr*. aldehnard*. book eaae*. * irdrobes, mahogany aolaa and ehatr*. etlentlon table*. *ylcb irds. together with a young library of hooka thou -and yeara old. ftakt will be peremptory, ami good* mn*t he removed Mime day. Tid COI.TON, Ar?TIONKF.R ?RIKOA1VT HorgRHOM) r fnrntlnre, rkh carpet*, mirror*. Ac . Ac ? V. CULTHN ?111 aril oe Ft Iday, April 24. at I01* o'clock, ni No. *1 Knat 1 nroir ihirn -trii i. mar rourtll avenue, me entire inrniture of ibe large fl?e Mory hoiiae; It will cmhriea In purl aeveral large b rrnrh plate mtrrora, vrlvrt, three ply and ingrain car |wa?. oUekdba, lace curtain* and eomici ?, dining and cticiwlnn labka. maewond parlor nulla In crimaon and |nM bmrateL marble lop furniture of every atyln, largo a*rdrohc? una hookr-mea, drapery and plain bureau*. !' !'' a tele fhather bi d* and hair muttreasca, Mantel rlork* and t neca, china and gin ?w?n". (able cutlery, kitchen furniture, Ac. Ac. CataUwin-a early ou Frlduy 'morning, and ante pan mpiory. WLTOR, AflTIONKKR HOISFIIol.n FI'RNI lure f l every deaeription F Ctll.ToN wil. aril on i rtday. April 24. ai 10,'k nelnek. at 44 tinny atreet, the entire furniture of Ibe house. romprlatnr the n?ual aaanrtment of p trior. dining room, bedr<?>m and basement rurnlnirr*. Inrlud wit rarpeta. oilcloths, beda and mattresses. rhlna and plana ?am, mlIrrjr. Ac Sale mil bn peremptory, ami gtssl* moat h' removed Immediately altar the an*r. (III.IIKRT A NATAOR, AClTJONFRR-ntHRt.FF. T M AHI.KY A PAVAOK will aril by catalogue, for ca?h ai thrlr aalea room, W Cedar atreet, on Friday, April 24. at III A M.. alaplr anil fancy dry gonda. alraw gitoda, rich fancy imoda, csrprta, clothing. rocn'r furnishing gmida, one second hard piano, In lota in suit city and country deal era. ("1 11. HORTOR. AITTTOVKKR. AAI.FSROO* 7A CAR T. mine street, will aell, tbla ilay, at 111 O'clock, at No. 3 i artnlnr alrcel, corner Mlnelta lane, the aloe* and llatiirea of a InmilT grocery balnrday, April 3P>lh ealearonm fnnillure Tneadny. April 2<?h. ftirnltnre In hnuae If-1 Weal m*h street heme day. furniture in four alory home. 103 Fourth arenne. HFNRY H I.FFIIS. ArcTTONFRR?HFNRY n. LICFIW A lt>, will jm'II by auction, on Tlmraday. April XI, at I i'{ o'clock, at No X West Twenty eighth street, between F fl and Mtnth avcnuca. genteel household furniture, all of the tirriot, ini'do bi R'? ncfort, eonals'lng of rrlret rarpeta, elega i r.(<T d*in??k rnrlatii*, ri*pw<*wl parlor riirnltnr! ( < V-,ih p*r<rr?, cnvrrM1 In rtrh aaltn (Uniaidc. with corrr< b^nki" rim k mid randrlahraa. rrwrwood rdforn, oil pain In r, ? tllnlna re*mi of o?k, fete a trtr, rn?hlonod hark r'n r? VnHnirr ' Mtm *<nd ?'n ?wnm RHnc of roarwool |, h| Im human*, r>hlnot rhalr*. forkaland. tldn tnhlm \ Aim niabo<anr rtiH* Brttamla rai^m*. tnaltrr?na, hol? i n i,. | .nl? rhmir Window riirtaltm, wnrdmbrp and ofhe- fur I nr" A1-" :t 7% (? ' <> ' '"srwoial pinno, m?l? hr , strr ( , mmnnrr wlih kltrhrn n.iro. HtNKt II JR Al t riflNF! R-BV MKIUs ? V( .<? _ i; . ic. .iim-IiokI (iirnllnrr, on RfMay, viirtl 1\ at Ho.o'fkrk. ai R1 <P* Hndann atr m, ro nprlalng Irn* f i is and ii oil' itpcla. otl(',otl<?. r??rn cod pnilor and . n>* MH'ii pin*-" i"?r> -"I ? ' ;" *? >f. 11 T <nj tinman*. lni?tr?d?, Imddtnfl, ck'?t, g't n 1 ht.vniu tta-twa. HEW YORK HERALD, TI SALEM AT AlTCTIOlf. BOUHK HaIJ{.-r. N AHH, ACXCTIOffFKR iiAH bkoelvrd ln?irut*inn* to neU. to the highest bidder, for (vmh, <>?i ll premiers ?31 West KwirirenUi, mm Nlnib evruue, iU |"S o'rltirk. 'HI 'his day April ?t. the rich and dealraM* con leiite of the stove five slory tlwelling house, the whole of which III |NMi|tivnl) be wild Catalogues ready hy A o'clock (Hi the morning of Milt*. when ihe whole can be (iijimtnod. Piirlnrs?Contain yards a| superior vrlvnt carpets. ihrce msgnitlcenl solid rosewood suits covered tu maroon, blue mid gold and rrimMMi and gold satin of the most etptunuve description: (loiliir and Turkish easy ehuirs, In nus|ii?i and ssim brocade, ladles' solid rosewood recepliou anJ mm chairs, roverrd in gold, blur, crimson and mar'sm satin; large and t ipenslve rosewood secretary bookcase, lined with silk and salin wood, three soild rosewood centre tables, with rich a r.j , ,w . -s. . , e lubles, with marble lops; three costly ntHewisel f legrrte*, with marblo tons. plate glass doors, Ac., imported i xpresely for the owner. ladles' rosewood work la bleu, 21 lUf hrratM* and urtunlu clocks, elegant china vases, with ih most chaste and exp. naive landscapes, painted to order In Krwuce; magnificent I'rouch plate pier glass, aire 06x26. with rich and heat y gold frame; heavy embroidered lace window curtain* and cornices. large and extensive variety of oil palultiig*, by na live artiata, such aa landscapes, winter aconea, marine views, -i riptura) pieces, auperlor French lithographs, game pieces. Ac., the whole forming a very pleasing onAocfion; attpetinr roeew'ood pianoforte, full aeven octave, elegant case, HnUhed ill round, inlaid plaie. and richly hot with kajra of real pearl, coal fMlt. being a valuable aud rosily instrument; rosewood piano stool. entered in satin, writii an elegant wad coatiy em broldered cover. Ilining rtaim?Rich velvet lapeatrv carpet. In good order, Hilki oak etlenalou table, all polished in the beat manner; marble top tunes taltlea. mirrora, Kola, beda, chaira, in hair clnih. together w tth all the ruby and crystal cut glass w are, wines, champagnes. tumblers, goblets and decaliters to match: rtcb china lea and dinner seta, costly silver ware, tea and dinner service, 2t inch sail em. eakn Imskt'U. casters. cof j fee and lea urns, h]kkiiui, forks, liquor ataud, auperk>r la Me eullery, marble pitchers, Ac. < bainbiTH? t'ostly solid rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, statuary marble ugi bureaus, tvashtand* and commodes to niau'b.'ottr 211 pure hair waitresses, from 40 to 00 pounds, made to order, and in excellent condition; feather beds bol stern and ptilow n. couuter]ianea. silk und satin bed spreads linen sheets, ingrain csrpeis, bedroom mirrors, clocks, lolle. tables, towel i ,k ks, toilet si'ts, otlrkuhs, amir carpets and rqda. mahogany cttshUnied chairs, rockora, solas, lounges, couch noils, hslls'.ar.d, tea and dining tables, together with a largo uul desirable assortment of basement aud kiieheu uteusila, Ac,. Ac., w nb w blob the sale will commence. The sale oi the tbove i unu'ttre Is teadsrtd absoiutely necessary, and will ik> -nitely taki place w ithnut regard to weathar, A responsible person will in- in attendance to pack and ship the article* got it* out of the city at a reasonable charge II KJtRY It. LKKDB. AUCTIONKKR.-HKNRY H. LKKIMt XI A CO., will sell hy auction, on Thursday, April ?k at llitL a elk. at No. 127 Is-xington ave., twodoora above Twenty ninth street, genteel household furniture, roiuiistlng of Hrussel* and Ingrain carpets, rosewood parlor suit In maroon plush, ! M 'able. Hrm clMlr coverw in maroon hiik nrocatei, carvru rosw a ix.(I centre and work tables, embroidered ottomans and fancy liatm, oval pier glass, colored engravings. marble viin, eidna do., rosewood piannforts, soring back chair, black walnut bookcase idste glass doors; clock and chandeliers, cxleu-lon dining tames, couch, secretary; dinIngrooni furniture in haircloth, china, glass. dinner and tea seta; oak suit covered in Kieeu re|>s ttcdrooms?Rosewood dressing bureau, bedstead, cabinet, Ac., mattresses and bedding, centre table, black walnut and mahogany bedroom suits, cottage chairs, 4c. The ale will commeuce with the kitchen ware. The above la tinned new, some of which has never been used and is in perfect order. HKNRY H. I.KKDB, AITTIONKKR ? HKNRY H. I.RKPS A CO. will sell by auction on Friday, April 24, at ID1,, o'clock, at the private residence No. 46 Fast KleventJi aired, between Second and Third avenue*, genteel household furniture, tape-dry, velvet and Itrusseia carpets, ingrain do.; mahogan) furniture, iu haircloth, rosewood centre and aide billies, elegant gilt frame French plate pier glass, lace window curtains, gilt frame engravings, rosewood seven octave piano, roM wood corner etegeres, bronze and ornamental clocks, Bohi ntiau and rbina vases, marble slali and brackets, oval pier gisss, Ae. Bedroom ftirtiiiuri?Kosewtsid and mahngaiiy innrble top bureaus, bedsteads and withstands. Brussels and ingrain carpets, rosewood wardrobe, bine and crimson merino window curtains; mahogany lounge and chairs, in lialrcloth; mattresses, pillows, Ac.; rosewood lialt stand, stair rods, oilcloths, dining and bedroom crockery, and a gi-neral as-orunoul of kitchen furniture, with which the sale will commence. HKNRY II. I.RKPS. A1 t TfONKKR -II II. LHUM A <'(?. will sell by auction, on Friday, April 24. at 1111, o clock, 776 al Itroadway, near Ninth street, genteel household furniture, comprising a large and valuable assortment, the property ol a lurnily breaking up housekeeking, consUiiiig of HmsacU and velvet esrjiets: plernnd mantel glosses; rosewimhI etegeres; pianoforte; parlor stilts, covered In brocalel. plush and hair rloth; mantel clocks and ornaments; lace and other curtains; black walnut and mahogany furniture; cottage do; complete suits of bedroom furniture In nahossav, mtwood and black walnut; ingrain carpets, oilrloths, bedsteads, wardrobes, fancy and other chairs, sofas and lounges; (libra and glassware; bedding, mattresses and other furniture usual ly found in a large and well furnished bouse, Sale will commence wbh the kiteheu ware. HKNY K. HKRTR, JR., AUiniONKKR?RT ITRRTH A MObR.?Thursday, Aiirtl 23, at VOX o'clock, at the auire of Mr. Q. Mitchell, 751 Broadway, large tale of the entire elegant stock of French plate mirrors, pin and mantel glasses, picture framra, cornices, fine oil paintings, Ac. Sale positive, without reserve, as the entire stock must be cleared out before May 1, to make mom for extensive alterations on the promises. Terms?Under IAD cash; over that sura four months credit for approved endorsed paper. Catalogues may be bad at store one uay before sale. All glasses purchased at this sale will be sent home to any part of the city or Brooklyn. and will be put up free of any charge to purchasers. The g aids will be otien fur Insoeotiim anv Urne orevln-, to eala TTFNKY III MK, Al ITIIIM.KH WII.I. MKI.I, ON KillXI day. April 2?. at 101, A.M.. tn hoiwc Su. 4 Alloritrjr street, general Hr~-i4?rtnn-i>i of liouaehoid furniture, ronelxiing <>l furniture, carpet*. oilcloth*. Kioto*, gU** and Mockery, feather IiimU, muliresse*, Ac , Ac. HKNRT H. I.F.FDS, ALTTIONKK.R.?HKNRY 11 I.KKDS A CO. will noil at auction, on Tliur*<l?jr, April 21, at ll'ii'rlock, m their gallery, 23 Nassau ttroot, ran and costly painting*?'The second auil concluding aaloof ilic enlire collection of painting* belonging lo J. IV Bmld lot, Ini.j who I* leaving for Ku rope, being one of lie mn-i i .IuhMo nn l extensive collection* that ha* been ottered fur rule In the city l.-r mane year*, ooorIrHiic of upward* of two hundred an I fify choice and select work* of art, by eminent nuuuer* of va rlmi* school*, annent and modern, forming' an unusually fa nimble opportunity for gentlemen of add to their col leciion*. Among them will be found two landscape* by Hoita tin, believed to be the Aneit of the class In the United StatesCopld casting lit* arrow*, by Uarreeio; a superb Hole Faintly, by (tome* nl' Valencia, a splendid artist. who rank* with Murrlllo, piece* by flnyp nod Van der Velde, a M.olonnn, by Sa**o Uerrata, with inaliy other ancient painting* of a high order of merit, a* al*o sever*! line specimen* of mi?lern ?r of the I)u**i idort and olher Knropran *chfml??the whole o' w h icii Will |W mM wMmnM HIM IR Tliev may bo luc-d with catalogue, In our galleries, No. 21 N'***aii Ktreet, until day of sale, and wtll be found especially Worthy the lUnmlioa of er>nnoi**?'ur* and lover* of Ihe fine art*. UKNRT II. I.KKDS. ACCTIOJfKKR.?HENRY II t.KKlht A CO. will sell at auciiou ou Friday, April 24. it li>*t n'cloek, at the private residence 31.1 Fifth avenue, elegaut household furniture, consisting of parlor laucstryvelvet rmr peta; rich lace curtain* and corutce*. two richly earved rouewool suite*. In gold ?nd tdue and gold and green hrorutel, made to order; Co Tared rmtcwiv-d cleg ere*; do. eneoigneura; *t*tuary. marble top. centre, side and pier t*hlea; rneewnod Recretarteu; Kreucli hr -n/e and ormolu clock* and candebsbra.*; Parian figure*; Bohemian glaa* vase*. Ae. Dining room? Magnificent carved oak butfet with game in relief, do. extension dining blbiwk tlaln la fit oca m(i velvet taMrr carpets: t.rimre click and candelabra*, Ac. lb dr. - .in*?i-*r\ed ru*?*wi**1 h?*l?le*.l? marble top bureau*. w.-i-hstsnds, tHble*, r. . O.I e.e, ere t i-iegeres. ana ' iiair, in hau- rioin. ouk bedstead*. bun ?u?. table* and chair. Ac.; velvet tapeatrv sialr rarpeta; stlvei plated *t.ur put* oiVlarii, Ac. Vim, elegant rarv. d rWN-Wisid rxtetirluo diniug table, mahogany suite In tmlr cloth; dinner and tea set*, Ac , a general assortment of kcrhro furniture, with which the Falu will commence. Tha alx.Tc furniture wa* all n.a.lo to nnler, and ha* been in u*? lini a abort lime, and l? wurtl(r the alu n11 u of prlraie buyer*. HIMtV f 1.1 I'h. II . lloMTlt SI'I.FNDID IfOUHKhold furniture, elegant riso-wood pianoforte, pearl keyed nii.l ro*t IfiUU three month* ago, heavy carved leg* ?nd rull ronnil cornered. elegant eult*of solid r?,*ew.**| parlor furniture, < ovcred In crim on and inartsm broeatel; 2 splendid ceo Ire Utile* wHh s'aiuary top*, made by Mulchings, co?t tVtt ? 11 T I.KKPs will sell on' Fri'Uy. April 24. at lo1* o'clock. *4 N'o. 7" West Twenty s.tlh ?tre>-l, consisting of an unusual **sor m.-nt of parlor, dining room and chamber funiiiure, rich II pel*, one fine secretary bookcase. Freoch pier mirror*. S I.S.-U...I e(ei;ere*. do corner, side a lei fancy table*, splendid painting", hand onto gothn rosewood bedate'ad*. bureau* and w obsi.ind*. do mahogwny spring and h ilr mnitre*??*i, mush) nihlnets, be I rreads, pill .ws, Ac . splendid vase*. I'arun and 111 >-1 oe i nj.-ori - s-a-reiwi t nurrail*, aoia miion'-*. 'innn ea*y hntr* ?n-i rorki r*. marble top hat tfand.hall rhalnt, marble up oiik beanfet, I ruiewnod cvtenalon table, 14 fi*"4; ilo hLaek welnnt, i luna tea mU, do, dinner ? *, silver *poim*. fnrka, mVi1 b??krt, lU-jnor ?lnad. rul glae* nnil atone china, *t?lr car' ttr r'?N. m?l?f?n 4 rom-h l?o id ''I l*. with marble top*. tin. ivunh.-tanda. m?h<igan y bonk<-.i*e* and - i-rriarv, i* ahint bureau* and bed*fra-U. I"**iher bed*. bol *'er? and pillow*. *ulie of painted and enamelled lum 'ure, ntb'1 art*, togi-'her wuh tb? kilcltoti luruiluir. tkaleaithoul rwr*f, mill rir ?hlne Hlltl WARR At'CTIOK KOTH'R?.lOHJf R. TAJI will - 14 ihl* iter, at Wnrhek. at No. 71A P- art irret. In addition lo the tonal a**ortmeiit of hanlwnre, cutlery, Ac . :*} high p *t K.tvr'tch double (run*, tm tho tin ur of importation, and mid for account of the under writer*; *!?? an IttTofoo of spring and table tui.cry. two cioaw Imt'-hot* find fixe*. I 'atalesuea now read*. H ARTWORK ri KNTTCRK.-JIT PHD A OOLR ill* Thnraday, April"?. at ten o'ekirfc, al Ro. V wlUon treat, between Dtrtaton and Lee avenue*. WnUamabnrg, eon l*imgi>f mahogany wtfaa, ihalra, eteifore, mawwuod ran Lea table*, nler (jln-wea. McuweJ* and Ingmin carpel*, lace curtain*. oilcloth*, bedstead* and bedding. erenaloa dining table, china and clan* ware: healer and fltturaa: range. km hen for nilnre. An , alao One r> "-veil i***** pianoforte TOIIN !,. VARP4CWATKR. ACCTIORKIIR WTU. RRU* tJ on I'rblai. April 24. fit 10', o'rlor k. at No. 12 tllnlrm phteo, near nrrmdwar. magnificent household furnilnre. Parlor fur nltnre eoinoele id two itch anite. In green ami goM and Crtfnti and warrant hroeatel, magulai Uln, -I imaak Old lei-e ?Indow i -irtjiiBa, row- woial 7 or to re pianof -rle, made bjr Itibkirtng, mahogany do.; carred roaewriod centre lahloa; p*T mirror*; velvet tapestry enrpct, rloek*. vac** Pining rimm eon*l*t* of extension tablea, dining chair*, rhtn v. dinner, ib-*crt *u?l lea *ri?. lounge*, couches, lahlea, llruaaef* earpel*. Ai It- ir ?-tn- rontaln rngewund and mahogany hod - lead*, marble top bureau*, aii-hltamta, wardrobe*, kmngiw, i - i- - i-r* Rrti?1 ' r*rpi tn, spring and hair innurtwaea, tree pal'a?*e?, window hide*, rnrtaina, Ac , Ac IIMRXAX. AtTTHPtfKKR Friday, Apm 24, At 11* llk-k?, between fdaik and Plerrepeeit *t* Rronklyn. Parlor, eb.imbi r and kliehen turnkure. ALan gaa tuturr*. Kumr Itav, At half pa?l 10 o'rloek A M . at lift PaelOr atreet, between hituib and Hoyt *trei*e, Parkr. eh?mber and kliebi u lurnkttre. Also a rowwogd piano, by hunn*. llarlt A Co. Sum" Pay. At half ps?t 1 o'clock at 4? Partite, nanr Ncrlrut street, Parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture. Ai %o'rhwk P M . at 221 Washington, near Tlltary atreei. Parlor and chamber furniture Mortgage aale, at 4 o'clock P. M , M Wo. ? Pacific, bofwron Power* street nnd Fourth avenno Parlor, rhambcr and kitchen t multure. Also a mahogany nlaoo and atonl. IOHW LMtTP. ArrnnxfTR-^?nnw M-DYD-A AONA tl will aril at 7* Fourth arrnno, corner of Tenth atreet, '*1 TOuniday, April tl at U>S o'clock, the entire stock and III i rea nt a family gmrery store. ronslsUng id wtrv-s. hrandlea 1||( intra, aeears, an jars, Iraa, cntlkes, Ac . together with all the

Brmrea, platform and butter scales coffee null, sugar rnwa Ae A km, one horae, wagon and banira* Ta be poafUrely " d without reaorrp. Jt>liN A IlKTTA APrTT0ffF.RR.-0*RAI?D AND HUTTS wtll aell on Thursday, April W, at I0H o'clock, by rata sue, the entire elegant furniture contained In bonae 190 Taenty fourth street, conalating ol parlor, beilroom and kftch rn furniture, rmhrarlng tapestry Ifruaaela and Ingrain carpet lug. ell cloths, Ac., rosewood and mahogany aofaa and tela a in pltiah and hair rlnth, lace curtains and gilt enrnlrea, F ench plate mirror*.oil painting* and engraving*, ehlna raaea. gas rhandellcr*. hrneketa and pendants. ro*kera and easy h i Ira, rosewood estenslnn dining table, rich ent gin**, atlriw plated n are, table cutlery, portable heater, hedateaiV and bed dig Ac., slim. I*rue assortment of klteben utnnWla, with ehiih the aale will commence. Rale posture. Catalogue* * e'ntng of anlc. Is K V II KINS, ATiTIOHHKR -nAJ*T?BOIIR noi/SK I ltn|il furniture at auction. Pftll.IP R. Wtl<ICI.VA will mi fnim iiiMmuy, April iv imi.iu l?<i imon, inr V li -..M itrwi. the rnUrn fnrnltnrr contain** In aa J hnnar <*>! alatinf In part of Mfcoffanr aoraa, rhalra and dlvana lo h-.'rrlnih fenn a, pin- and card tab Ira, dlnllvfjan.1 work la tilin. nli r pi icana, rhandellrra, hatatand, French b -dacad*, iron do . t?<l?. rnattmaaca hcddinf, Hrnaaela and Inff-nlri rar pn:a, oilcloth". rhina. rl?<w nam. Air., tofoibar With an n?"uc1* bilUvu languid. IURSDAT, APRIL 23, 18? HAfcKH AT ABtmon. JM ACK I'NZfV: Al I TIOKKKK, WTI.I. SKI.I. I' 111> . day, at i' o'clock In llm Hill moon, al Ji? UuiIhihi Mr-el, a large ijnan'ili ?d III i I 11. -n v, tlir -i-pli and "'In . r r | ( In, mailing. rug:, mill I nun.-, i?etl?i-r wllh a tin.nionl <?f hino-' Imld liirio'iiri', In tbn l> il order, un l w ell w or 0 > do- at trillion of boiiM-keepera mid othera. 1JI.ANT AND RUSK HA1.K?4>KOR(iK Ml IIOI.S WIUI. 1 nil, in lii? Mot e. No li Na-sail airi**, lie * day, at 11 A M-. a large lol of-tandiinl. I ilf - .alard, mid rn m in; rw- . .i!-? r lirl ill iml.le iiIiiii'.h .1 i.iI ,1-i. iiM i'y. pterin, grape i lie ; -H w M'VHiiii d 11"111 In ii.aiio II I li.ndy; from h- inuairy of l> Hull, 1/t-iig I?land, liiia bring I tut last salt- nl omilariU for the m-iikon. Wll.I,IA M T. IIOYI? Auctioneer. KOUKKT l'KNN. A rrriONKKli. Wild. SKI.I. ON Thuradaj, April 2d, al ItitJ A. M, Uio conu-nla of Uto il..")- mnn*i t Mi i K <rli-, 40 Poiiriu avi-niin,npiKikUo the Hilda I', I..-I- Hon.-ry, uiu>iina, riiiOon*, Hewing Hillt.-i. t-lnna wtwo, tpri-ail, lieedlea. three allow i ibis, oilcloth, gill clock*, Ar T>CS?KL1, W. WESTlX/TT, AIWTIONKKR,?Wi'.STtX>TT JLl A I.INIMU.KY, auMloui-i in offlroa No. 7 Heekuixn Htn**, under Naaeau Hank, and laillial fourteenth Blr??t, oorner Vlghili aveuue, will sell at the Mi-ivIuuiIm' Kii-luuige, Tlniraday, April 2k al 11! o'clock, thefollowing valuable property?Tweu tieth hi reel?No l.'IT Wi-hI TwriiUeiii wlIt-el, norlii Hide, between Seven lb and Kighh aveuuca, the thn-o aUiry brick hnuae on front, and nuiry frame house on rear of lot, with nlli*y rear, lol ItfiHfil. atrret ncwi-red Williamsburg?No. IBUoiith Second atni-l, aouih aide. Iwent* five fisd from Second atn?< three story frame house, about ami, lot 26*76, uear the ferry, beautiful country residence of Mr. Rolx-nson, Newtown, U)ll( Island,-* ith about four acre* ol' land In high unto of cultlva Uon.ti Ureal VHrlel) of fruit and other tree*, flower*, Ac. (loud hints* and outhouses. hioue wall ooU 81,'JUn around the filaoe. Far ptu-tlctsbirs inquire at the other* ot the auo lotieers. TU()8. YKITUH, Al'CTIONK.KR?FTORK No. 16 SPRUOh street,?(kmstahU- * saIc of herrnix, soap, Ac., oti Satai daj, April 26, LH57. at 10 A. .M , in the Kalesnsun, Iti Snrurs street, Joonsisliug of otiehuudmd barrel* No. I her rut*. Iti lane* soap, Ac., Ac. HKNKY HIRHOP, rio'islaM* TIIOK. VKITCI1. Al'tTlONKKR?HTORK 10 SPRl'OK Street ?Wxrifl's rale nt bar nod round Iron, Ac., on Friday, April 24. W6T, al lit A. M , at the sales room 16 Hpruce Street. consisting of a large quantity of har and round Iron of various slies, A. J AS. f. WII.I.CT, ShrnU' TO. BOOUHTON, A i't TIONF.KR.?kxtkn SI VR AN . tloo sale of elegant custom made furniture, French plats mirror*, pianoforte* Ac on this day. al 10Jj o'clook. at w arertsmut 644 and 646 Itmiuiway, corner of Hloeekar street. T. 0. HOUUHTON will sell as ahove, misof the largest and best asstalmeiiis of rich and fasliioushle cahlnul furniture ever ofliired at auction in this city, being lht> entire manufactured stock of ? city m*tiufartiu-er relinquishing tlie business, all of which w 111 be sold wuiiout any reservation. Catalogues will br ready and the articles can be examined the day before the sale* can have their articles remain on the preini urn. free of storage, until Ute 1st of May. 'I'lie stock consist* in part of thirty solid row*oral parlor suite in Prcuah satin bro rate! plush and other rich covering*; bcauUfully owed rose wood ell-gores. In every variety of style and finish. H part ot which are very superior; elegant French secretaries, e.scre loirs, music caldiicts, rosewood reci'|iti?n clialrs, piano sosds, straw seat and oiiier fancy chairs, richly carved rosewood ceo tre and sofa tables, Willi statuary and Italian marhlo tops quartette tables, ro*"w-?sl bookstand* and what nuts, splendid amours, with French plate glass doors; carved rusewtssl bed su-ads in great variety, mahogany autl walnut do., marble top bureaus, washstands and commode*, best Spanish leer niattrso ses. superior extension dining tables, elaborately carved side bosj-d*. dining rix>m chairs, Mas, tele a teles, armchairs, rook ers, a splendid assortiaeuI of cimmelled collage furniture Ac Also, an invoice of Frencli plate mirrors. Rosewood piano fortes? At 12 o'clock, four superior roaawixd pianoforte* by city makers. Tunis morkki i., auctionkkr.?i-aruk a.ntwkrp red raspberry root* w.ll be sold at auotion lltm morning, n< lo'j o'chx-k, at No. 292 Itroadway, from a gentleman's prl VHte nursery, in prime order, and put in buudles of twenty uvo each Th?-> all w ill be sold exactly to Iho minute. fTlUNIS MORRKI.I,. AUUTIONKER.?(JOIJ) .TKWK1.RY ? J This morning, st 10lj o'clock, at 292 Itroadway, will he i old an invoice, from large w hob-sale manufacturer. Variety consist* of ladies' ornaments, set in gold, sums and mosaic, jet, canit-o. painted, Ac.; gcntli-unm s sleeto buttons and studs, ,...1,1 1. ?>L i.l u ? Tl MS MORRFI.Ij, A T'tTTONKKR.?FURNITURE.? This morning, at lltkj o'r: >i'k, hi SKt Broadway. solid oak extension dining table, xuii of blue ctuuiirllcd i Immbrr, suit of nuirhlc top mahogany, gothlc ami (Irecliin bedsteads, pure curled hail' until lessee, to nut- parlor paintings, ta Kill frames; ti superior rooking stoves. VAl.l) AHI.K THIRD AVK.NUb PROPERTY AT Add lion.?A. J. m.KKTKKIt A TO. will noil no Thorsdaj Aprti 23, at 12 o'clock M , at the Merchants' Exchange, nmi loi* of ground oo the west si.Is of Third avenue, coinprlatiuA the entire block between Twenty-Ullfa and Twenty sixth streets Terms easy. "11* II.I.I VM AIlltOTT, Al't'TIONKKK. Wild. SKI.I-, YY lias flay, at 11 O'clock, lit 170 tirnnd street, Williams bnr/ih, h verir nice assortment of purler, dining rooin and bedroom furniture, carpets, and kitchen utensils, Ac.; uliw a rase of stir (Steal Instruments. Sale positive. WS MKIJJiR. M'l'TKlNKKR ? BY \V. S MKIJ.OR i . ('().?Iienteel household furniture.?This day. Tharsd/iy, St InlJ o'clock, at the residence No. 146 l)r. eno street, near Houston, so excellent assortment of well made and durable household (owls. In tine order, consisting of r.wewood f< si no forte of seven octaves, cost Ann. tapestry, Brussels and ngrain carpeting; India malting, llngtLsh oilcloths, Ac., An.( nli-o dressing hureatis, bislsteuds and waslistsnds, Ae , tnroso woisi and mahogany; sofas, lounges, stuffed chairs, tables wtlk marble tops, sideboards, mirrors, toilet sets, mattresses, fea Uirr beds, holsters and pillows, rounteninnea, blanket*. Am., Ac.; also hooks, music, curtains, rases, pictures, engraving* Ar., together with the usual i|uunUty or basement and kin hea utensils, wbirh will commence the s?.e. Catalogue* on morn tr.g of sale Deposits required, and goods must be rem*veC immediately. 11' S VK1.1MR, Aft'TlONKKR-BY W R MK1J.4H V Y . A CO.?Klegant household furniture, carved rosewaod pianoforte, lace ana broeatel curtains, rare oil paintings and costly decorations, Ae, on Friday nest, at 10W o'clock, at the residence of Joseph It. Taylor, Ksq.. 118 Ksst Nineteenth street between Second and I'hird aventtea. This lusise war rntirely refurnished, from basement to attic. In Noreinbes Isst. In the most cosily snd ejegant manner, by the proprietor and ulnnwt every lutiele w therefore in a new and ported The house contains, in Parlors, which a.-e very large, royal velvet earpetlnic velvet tugs snd mats, magnificent round e.irnnred earvwA leg pianoforte, elegantly inlaid, and coat f7Ul?, two first otsaa solid roaewissl suits, msite by Pegrsw, of Broadway; tars tuiely rarved rosewood etcgere*, with marble tops anJ plale glass doors, three rosily rarvial rosewood centre tables selld with Italian statuary tops; two massive bronze gns ehande Uers, lace and French broralel * tndow drapery, cosily shades, two tine ret wood bookraac*. roeewood fancy table*; riegao. bronze French timepieces, run three months; costly Hevre* porcelain vases and Dresden china decorations; several eery old and rosfly oil paintings, by some of our most eminent art Uts. among which art "'The Angel'* Dream," by Boaeuet, ' The Mother's Vision," by Caiaaid; tine landscapes, marine and fruit pieces, Ac., also busts of l.'lar, Byron, and Parian aisrble representation* of the "Infant m. John," ' The Shep herds," Wutor Hearer*," Ac.. Ac. Dining room contains solid oak extension table, solid sah sideboard slid buffet, oak dining and easy chairs, solas, Ae.; minora, descriptive patnungs, Ae.; on table, costly white and gold French elnra dinner set, two tea seta, 44 and US ph-cen; eos'ly cut glass ware, decanters, tumblers, bottles, wines, llfiior, cordial seta, silver ami plated wan, cast era, A*.; ppoons, forks, Ae. In halls and chambers?Orwlly English oilcloth, oak hal st .tid A-- i wood, mshoesny and HaJnut French and go.lnc bii'-'esds. alas drowng bureaus, with marble tops; wvhcjwN. French rhin* t.diiN rarnlfe, and lumninr, hade*, curtalna, fawn, clock*. Itrnaaola and la (rain rirpoilnr?: Ureal hair unujTwa, bed* and pillow*, palliaaar*. Ao. In iV liiiaement and kltehrn la the ttrual aaanrtm'W of hnnao fn?D) !udc arnele*, whbh will eoramenre lha aaie. Ii --1*a wtd hen quired fi..m cTery pur. hau?e w I da oil illaUiW'Uon, and KoikIh ni>ia* b? rvtBOved the aamn day If puaalbln. 1 ktlakn{tn? at the honor. "11,'*. WITTKRH, Al tTIOMFKR-WILL HKLL, ON PATT turd ?y. at )>,' o'rlock pr< eUel*. at 211 Wnet at rr?t, near Franklin, t'tc !<??. of tlw more niiJ appor part of the tibom bulldluR. 'Pi * haa ho.-n pnatponed three time* tn non*v queue* oi a dt*H!ir**eaviit of partner*, but will poatUrely be "id nr. the .ibote day, tor tbu beat prion wo can obuio. No further prwtpnnemerH. VI ? WITTKRN, AVrTIOirRFR-WIT.LFRI.La T1IW fT d it. at 2 . rtnek tn the afternoon, the en'ire renter! par < t ,? %; i m tnd kit. to n t . "ire, Ae , of .? t t tndy hn akiry{ tip h aiPkerptnk Th??n in w uit of ipjnd oitr | t la. A# are particularly ... ad. irt Jet aak-. Kerry hilar aold at free aa air. W* WITTKRN. AlfTIONKKR?WtLL NRLL "V KRI . TT . at t' 2 ?.>: S. a' ?h.? twe ,''r In" ? 174 Sf or tri :.ll the haitdi-ann houa<-hold tumituro In the; l>.uiee. eaerylllin* being rv w U~ cprlnr, mid worthy die at cntl a "I i a kill tea an?l "'.her*. F'-r parta-ulara and ? MAN OFKICK*. |1 -AN* AMOVNT or MONK* TO LOAN AT THR $1. Hroadway I. ten Odlre, IB* Unatdway I h.a oil eatabUahed an I f-p a?fbbt offl.-e lonaa the b < -at a- ma .at dl?air*. ' a a- !. a. jewc ry and primal pntpary, ,,r b ru'bl ftr raah Pawnbroker*' tieketa bo.ijht. MAC-nrrr A KIIF.AU, :i? Hctdway, (tona'f .* Wtker A?w| A/kdk Tf) loan ov watchf.*. ^aiA'.V'W J-WO ry. a-TTtra, ' and a., per* ft. tpefy, "t tftc an 1 add ' .r ..S N *aa, ' -ahta, aae.'a. t. i-ocko. A*.. nn_-"'taual n? Naeaau atreat, ourwr of Ann. tea o?td Hour, room* No. 2 and Jlk. 1 Ht>MFW>N A CO.. br * ?* and . nemU Vat o.r hartla Ak?r ryyi TO JaOdV ON rRonrCTtVF RFAL tw ^l^y.Arinj i?4e In thla ?4lr Jf >r a term d y-ar" ,rt a-una . iu Hrofcrr* at*ed not appfv. Hteira 10 to 4 P * J 11 BARRING KK, dft turret, rt?l No. I. At r 7 n/W) loan on watchfn, oiamonur. ^ |.k) I #" rvrvr jewelry. Ae . or bought t.r r uth, hr JO flffftl 4 WAACN, 11 Chambara atrtat-t, iVac-aaeat .atlce,) irrr ,* -? till dm. Rnatawa pmmpl and ouolVbrni-a^ N. H. No analiwoa trananMed on Kiatiirdnya. d.lir/1 nitn -I.TCKNSVn HV OnVKRVOH or Tllk .p 1.4,V.vAJv. State and Mayor an I i <w. ? Cnura-il tin t New Tiak.-Money leal at lewfvl ra .-a, on |..el l*er' taalehna. diamrmda, lowolry. dr>->?tdA A*. a a Itttt tailt *li mlv..l...... .. .. ./ Vt.^. AVnWIiOHT. . KT^ni^niwo TO AM. MUM**: mthrow. TITK /\ m h daiurfitor of a Aon-nth dAinrhmr. trim wia Alio in ?t btu A nAlnrnl *10 to leU ill Uw AT--" < of llfw. *rio your very tix.u*h<*, and whrthor v wi ar? miirrvdiw ii glr. %nd ho* m?rt Um>*? rmi ?rr u> bo tnarrW, urn! how ?? o. ?i 'l *'u ?how 700 the C*?nrwi of r-vir fiitum huvhiid and Ah*' o* friend*. And wUI crnieo rou Ui h" p<-.-.lihr mArm-d. ?nd hsre food luck ihmnirh life. I h*vn a*'- iM(4 'l?in?And? rfnnnjj my ItatoIa Id fnrnpn, Fe? S? team, and nv rti*rfo if oo( wubUi' d. Hentl< moA not Admitted. K Broarae timet, be twfft funnon And Pnltnn Ma. AWiiNPKK - Tilt* CU KRU tTKM nllMV WOMAN 1 hetti r known :?* the Utyivy 1 iirl, r in b" j'kiI .11 aJ . . ? , " | 1 ' | " ' it ' nd i - I oil -o '.?? 1 ,1 I'1'1 SO v til" T>f - t?l[ >:.n a jvM w1 -h will n? ?lnrr hupi'li owt. I !w. ini'W*. TV tlitt?y 1* Without etoop tbia 'ho rntlv ponton 'h?t i-aii frttrty hick) niinibont. If t. #07 ( anal tirrrl. near rtiillltan. /it * 1RTOYAHCR. MTMpCft, RO. 1 w ' t'r?et. A few tloor* wr*t of Rrrwtdwajr, U>e moat ?'iooiA?ftU mid* a! nod hiiaineea clairvoyant In Amrtir.i. All dl? wtea lB?nvercd aA<1 coinl, if curati*1: invrrintt tlflAi "? b ' atota, ?lw nt frh-nd*. Ao . And aa: iMfhotwn rnar.uM<?d or no pay. ? ?i/-v t iiurii vtiii II 1 vt'it 11 r., .n.-.r..-, MM ?-1 i uid n!** ?, N(,w Vrk, In tn? ? ?ftu in -1| 1 I'PV v?n? in \ r-.-. til .It-. ,|i?.... I .r I r -r,; vl* l.ii ir.i, ?b- b! , Ar plain lynnl. K.\ ? m itfwo pny. -,Al .. wiinikh oirrun lady. tki.i* ,>I M-! . ?!> Ima, n?.VTl?"V, frmiiln, b'miiPW. . dt.-'i ? fur *1. 1 h "* run | r ;<r** <n. ?l*? In ky number*. 17S Wm twnmjr *i*hih f et wif I (bU> ivmim. RMTAIRANTk. / I i S ri RT1.K AND I'KRRAI'IM ?MPODW RUHR mttviv.' : I2n',-1r? k Ihln d?y ind nrirr dry ltd i . > lawtti wh.-rv * imp *rp?n firMi will bn?*rvw?l , if ml >.i.'..k" *!?*, |prr?nln ?vw nd ? im, (M fiv.'d 1 y R ?' RORTiR'MKRT. " < Ni '-mil ?' I'KDKR LAURA KKRNR* TIIKaTHT, (t I..4 "n'nMpn, thn (Inmrt dr1nk?bln?, nnd Ihn t? . d i ihli'? in thn city. Oiym him it mil and ?,t.,A I- |t ,,'t r r*nl Ihr ?ddrm?i. Roblnnoo, *23 Hrn?l , .y, wau^L ?... Uvf bMOK*t g( uun to'iUiajum, 7. raarrarcrrioiv. wA Ay* V**.? * ? *.-V" - -vV?A* - /?A/? " ^ * A/-A AAA AAA A ^1 CI. AHMKrt.?NOWIIKKK OAN 4 tT>I t)\f qi.K'k Hint rrudy h-u-lw rttlnv anil llu>rmi(h iaHii 'irtii'n in Im>i4.V' |im?, itriaitnoiu*. A*., bequlokor or mom il.mpli oh niiiitl limn at Mr I'AINK'B ncadroUt-a, 62 Itownry M gfl! 1 nliuo -tr.'t-i, Hmokljn C?r wimi.Mi riKiKKnri.Mi. akitumktio, Ac qPtJ. Mr 111)1.1,I.Alt, ur.< Mroatlw iy, will rocrivo a few I).I , ! pupil* .4 1.11 r price, nii<! giiiuaulrii a rapid leiwii'in hand Appllrinu wl*hing to bcnetlt by low iormn mail K.'alH m.mcdl.ilrly. IT Ill'.N V II I.K.'H ItruiMsl -KM ItlCIIAIIU'AV-IIOOK keeping, arithmetic and writing am ?'*;>editi<>iisly taught, upon vitv tHVitrabki (4*1 ins. Karh ntudrnt riTfirm sepjtrate and cart ful attention, and is enabled U> readily apply in practice th?* knowledge imparted hi him. BO<>k h hKPl Ml.?UKNTf.KMKN OONVKR8ANT WITII the detail* of aecnuiiia may attain at FOSTKR'H Mere an tile College, .H4ft Broadway, a masterly knowlndgn *?f double entrv in tin short span* 01 on? week. t)flloe hours V to 12 A. M.,zb>6 P. M., and 7 to 9 P. M. Private lessons in writing and arithmetic km ustial. Now ready, " Foster's Double bin try Kluctda'ed.' ninh ? dhWm. $1. TTWDSON RIVKR INriTITUTB?AT fll.AVKRAHK, tX>? jtl lumbla county, three mllos from Hudson. Board and tot lion b>i 12 a year. Male ami hmiiln ami'nU received at any time. C. II. tl AKH.N KK, \ M , Principal. MR. L. I)K tlRANI) VAI/S FUKNt'H BOA RHINO school, Hudson terrata*, Ilobokcn, N. ,1.?Kp.vial atu-mdoo u> the French language and comnu-rrul hruuehca. Oimulara, with references, a> No. 0 Broad a reel, ntilce of Kvcelsior Fire Insurance Company. MRR PHKKM AN'ri MMINARY, WASHINGTON Heights, N. Y., Hudson river, twenty muiulea Irotn 'lliirty lirst street by Hiidaou River JC?!ln?ad, wtU commence be 4th of May Hoard and education per itnutun, under leu years. $ifl), above tloit age, $JW. Music and singiug by Pro lessor Nronria. KAYMONH OOUjKOIATB INHTITUTK FOR VOUNti ladies tunnel, Putnam county, N Y.?Summer snsaloi opens 4th May. <?trcuUrs giving particulars obtained by ad dressing Rev. W. B. Htewart, H. r. Pratt, Principals, flannel UKI.WT FAMILY SCHOOL.?A LADY BKSWtNO It O the country, who is ho experienced teacher, taken Into hei bonne nix or seven little gtrla to board u4 Instruct. The out Is parental. and no pain* spared to advance the ptiplln In tbeb studies ana render them omnfortahle and happy while undei her charge No day scholars adnn'.'ed. Thins* will he norai vacancies the next term, which eommeiiren the Ah of May for hertnn, references, Ac., Inquire of Teacher No. 80 Wen Twenty seventh street, near ttixth avenue, from two to tlvt o'clock P V ?ML AND BtAaonm. tic PIANOFORTE, NKW ANI) ffltOOND H AND, AMI! two melodeonn for nale or to let, the cheapest hi New Vork. Prices from KW up to $irii): or to rent at $- $.1. $4 and W n month. Apply at Prof. OliMNUAY, 225 (fraud street. Ait A Kt i A IN.?AN KXCKLI.KNT NKW BOSKWOOI) pianoforte, msde hy a journeyman, far hit. own use, and tully warranted; will be sold an above anil a aeoiind hauit in strumen* taken In enhance. lty Mr. Wutxnr'a kindness may be neen at 155 Weal Hmsdwsy AN ASSOrtTMK.VT OP FINK SIX ASb KKVKN SX'TA VP pianofortes for sale al a aarrtflee: one Stodart piano, ner pentme cane, wiib pearl keys, costing $000, will be sold for $36U. Piano* to hire on moderate terms, A. HKANTIOAM. I'M Third avenue, betweeu Klghteenlli and Nineteenth street*. tdllirKKKINO'H PIANOS.?PUROHASKRH HKFORB / buying will please rail at 933 Broadway and examine some very tine Jacob (bickering's pianos. Also, I lie Waters pianos, whirl* will be Mli very low during Un week toMkl alurntlonr In the nUire. Also, melodeonn from $15 lo $150; second hand piano*, lrom $110 n> $128. Pianos and tnekaleana to rent, and tor sale on monthly payments. noRAlTK WATKRH. Agvml (ARANll diagonal skvkn octavh bobkwood T pianoforte, made by one of the best makers and cost $500. Warranted Will be sold for $J?> Mas boeu used a few niontbs. Can be seen at 141 Ninth street. 0ROANIKT.-AN OBOiXin MMRM A ftTTTATIOM in some Kpucopal church. Please address Harmony, Herald olllce. PI A NOP AT A 8 ACRIPICK FOR f'ANH -?i.NK ?LBKant 7 octave rosewood for $150, cost $575; one for $WLone fox $190, cost $3UU. anil titly others tor $125. $110. $90. $79, $0lt, $60, $40, $etu and $Lb; mnat be removed this week. Wans bouse, 102 Twenly-nixth 4'teat, near Sixth avt uun. R OONZALKX. PIANO.?A FINK TONKD 0 OCTAVH RKCON'D HANI1 piano for sale at the low price 01 $110, if applied lor be lure the |at nl the month It must he seen and tried to be up predated. Apply at fta Writ italtlc street. South llruoklyn tilth street south of booth ferry. 1?M PIANO P0BTM.-O. .1 II BABMORKft IfM proved grand diagonal, Nrcuhr and overstrung haaa [ si ale planus, otter a largo sssoriment at great bargains, a tliclr manufactory and wrarei-uoms, MA Hleeeker street. Also several snperlor second hand pianos cheap. UTAirrCD?BY A LADY OF BL'FKBIOB MUSICAL AT f T talotnents. and nusaensini; a highly rultfvnied sopran' voice, n situation in a church choir in thin city. Address S. M t'., Ilerald ofllee. FINANCIAL, rt PKR rKNT CITY LOANS?ON AND AFTKR WBDNKM day, lfith Instant. temporary loans, win In- received by th< vjorposatinn ?d the rity of New York, In mm> el not less Ui u tern, for which revenue bond* will bo Issued, bearin* inure* at the rale of aeven per cent per annum, and payable In Ira ail mouths to a year, ua may be 1 A i!. Pi.AOU, Comptroller. Pmiirca I>*ri?T?r!rr, CoariBoixaK's Orrtcc, New Yohi April IV I WW. <5il raa m mi w umm-rm sixty dayb, a respectable hotp.e ol huslnewt, t n' whit h Imeril bonus will be natal and ibssl < ollnlau-ala lodged. > apa tite neast apply. Aodreaa Security, Herald office. ql) wa.ntk.n.-l iiavk tiik rkkusal or v?ii i ''' new business, where ih'-re is no cimpetpjo and with a pood mm and the above sum inr.i-h, I am sure th we rsn re?ii/e ut least gft.iia) th first rear; must commence nnee; relereneea en haii/fe.1. Alvau Bernard, Herald ulBe. IiO HflAtO wf ru n pad yk.ari.y ro. ijpoiui/"/ the use of jfti 0*1. real estate i;iv**n for - civil worth 'hrei' uniaw tlie amount, il e ram" ran- paid sinaJr amounts Addrr-a d . b<>i 3.63c i'.sit oflkv. T>ROKKM IIANK HII.I.s ?KXKTKR AND OTIIKK IIRC J) ken bank notes bourhl at huhttsl muta, by JOB! IIOOI'K, money broker, AT".' Hromlsra I WWTTI'K I.O.AN Of 9M9 IXXBDIATRLT, FOR MJ 1 months. i or which i will plrr th" h"sl of security uid pet by Instalments, with IiHerowt, m.sit'ily, nil past, please ,u| tlriws Mrs. Maiu. i'nein square Post olbce, i want. immkdlatki.y twknty land warrant* 1 for wbtch rath will be paid: ab-at,we.tcm la d. In .<? thanpe for rlty property Apply lo c. o. tuompmi.v, s! na ->n strive Invkktmknt--f.apitalb-tn wishinu th kntkf Into the manufacture of a lew, ramh Dssdfla NfttaafA at. 1 |' ttcnlisj article, the .v , '.s utf s the kind in eietmiw would do well to "-ail upon k. liHOhlltll t, al na set ?:r"<>4 New Yoi k. i swi) jt wkmpiim and t hari.k.sttin rah.road ot>n ixl patty The hoklers ot iho i n Is ol that w"mplils am t harleeicn Railroad ruutpany will present tie> coupons, dip i|m> In 4 day ol May pott, fur payracul at the Ileus of Ainerlea NHW YORK rUIATIN'i DRY DfM'K COMPANY April ju. im07 ?A qiutr*er't dividend of four rti e.>ni haa been dteiisr" d ttayabb'on uid atW the lit .f*y of May nert. The transfer basiks wlU be eloaa d nntll "i<- day ol' pay hk If. v. MArttlN, Hweretary / vpfltk hp THK ( LirVKUAND and TOt.pdo r atl> V/ road Company, No UA Wlillam str-as. New Y-irk Aprl Uk 1A6T.?A dl< idend of four pi'r arnt mil of tit* nairnim^" o< this r->ad for the last alt m mtha etclin* A orll I. ha has .la) beajn declared, payable on the ;o<h In slant lbs transfer booci wBl i lsr on the JJth and open on tin* i's-h inarm! Hy onloi Wlfcpbnard k B. UTCUriKLD oakmn* /"kff^w or tttk nww york dam lkjht tx-mpany va April ib 1m.?Tha Preddeat and dir*stt , .. deelan'd a s>ani annual dtvtd-si i ot Hi - pa r r?n i the rape* staos d this r, tnDsav. uara.'"' < to the sb> kh > be s mi .n-l albs rmtay. I?t Alt) i*-?t Ibn imnafbr Nr.a will boi-kwftd IP* ilk! Jbtli ila uuul Umu dale. lly onl^r, C. U KTKHITT. OmCK or TDK l.tKR OVTIRIII 1VII 1110-01 HI ror Riulr awl ( la?* flarbrt't llxr^.tr and Sarwba fu Rinlr I i'-.mnanv B Kr 'lant; S-w \ lorai I. W", TWt Biioteribert u?to? all >n "i n> .rnnf ?havln p < rnnv mi tr-V .- hy 1 tit." . h.i'l.o " it-n li 11. . new of In por ?'Ot will bo piyililo < ?1iarle? A. Vary. Tr"itt>ir-o, nt tho Park Uaan,--n'be irai .Ity .t; Mirn-at Piw gfittrof taa Hoard r i> MlfTuN, a. r-x.*y THK lntkawit oorpoMR nr-K M*V i wr, ni TIT* rlmol bor.tOl (Nob. 1 lo 77) of tb? rit* of Has Fraoflten, rill bo paid o? pmanrWadno, af o>ir ..(If- on till tflor Jut Mn WHIM fUMo A f*>.. ? Rnwrfwaf. rOPARTOKRflHIP *?ITI4 F.?. fl> 4 | Vi V l ||)II A YOl'Xll, Al-TIVK VMI Tllf>R<>l r;T1 ?P'H.rtr huso a man. alto r u. r-.inl with die il-i-neti l?rij"aRf, a in innal the above iriioiin' aa par-tree in t aft-and wll purlrn rath loitinroa, rvbor Hi <ny or ntinin Arfdr -w ' l'h, llftiM --(TV?, rlaling ail para ilarn. .No atf- nui of patent owm-.t n<-ed apply. AP|UkTn fcliAm-P ARTAiKR WASTRD. TO TAKI tjl? Mm" i|w <-bir*e of a pit- itanf manotVaurlne buta n<?n in ibla rtiT. ready talon atvl wanre protHn, an will to ab"W? on an Ini'WTt. w. an artiv. onotr- 'ir man la reqmrwA. Aba. thir-v ifMrt jrwinc ro n Pi at t an atp-nta la ihn oninky: niuall raiiutl iro .-a/ y VI UKrl.KR A <11.. ?4 Hrmlnw, mnra 14 <21 fMWI ? * pvrt.vkr wastrta, to .rot* tub PiivVft'iMlr 4|w". wfco ban a buairotn tm!l <ah?i. .n-t wi-h add 'h ual e^tHal may bo Ipor-t-a '-<i and nay fJjOi o tpiv itor an nam epwr pmM. do rl-k. and nortiHtjr ilaaya ta band lor tb<-JTonojr. Apply af IBS flr.awtaa .. r 1.4. MI NT A ItoWRH. <fcl OflMi?partnmi wwtki?-to knuaok in \ t^l.^l/t' tuft-, prnrjinen: ind pb-aaoul vi a-ia-i will my b.m al P-ant td'tn pre .anoint o will ho tltowu np.*i an iBU-rt low. Aililrt tt K T v., but J3U HcriM ufltco, wi'k naam. At*. |\/U| TopiM) Aftn PARTWKIl WlfTKIl TW A ipO.UVv' plritiDDl IrmrftUw# btttinoaa; or a cterA wnn -ly amntinl on boral talary aud o?.-tioy woll octinid. Also km Willi fl.mDM HKJfW ANOtrT?rVT|fR, 41 Haanatt atranA. A 4 rjuf A TOV*??. Af I TVF. T!'"'ft111 iir-ti" V4ft*M 't mnn. i>t ron?rr??nt with tho Oorrrwu lanrtiaa-o. wlnh'-a lo In lit" ahore nmo-int it parln r In i nao-and wt-ll pat in* rtall b-^lnf#a olthor In rtly or m-uilry \H?lr. "t ? a?h, IP-rail n<nifiiR all partkmiara. No aipmti nr pawn! owner* Bond apply. i|||(l V \ - TI vi: I' AII TV KJA WANT KM, T( like nn otynal tatnpoai lnabti?ino?a ofliw-n| ... -? i?rivw-w?- ' - " -iij wr ? ?' >rn nr.T'-l IVI (J?f rixy. rrndfirlif** n*al ??'*(? in part would ha rwiv**l. Ad ilr-. ? O C.. bni 710 with rml nam* \ KW V.'hK. MARCB i im -THR rof \ RT]*KR"tni X* h<T?tnW>r.' ?xi?ingM><nwp*a ,lohn TI avry i)?,n^ ||v I . ?ud Krancta OXoafMU, t? tM* ,Uy ln?olv*d by mut-w < .. ont, .InM wl'MiwwlnnOimrtm tlrm. Art MlwJni t > ? will bn liqwMwIwR by OworK* Unrpfr and rmort*0 (*m r wbo will Mo'lnow Dm bnln-?. At th* nM utiuid ? *n<1? KIWMI WrfWl. .IOHN KM IVKT UKORiiR I! IHI'ICR, _ KR AROI8 0'?"?iXN Kf.' 1 y \ R T RV R WIVI'I' WITH * C'AAH i ll'iril, Ol J. fiv ib<MM*nd k>lt?m, to ?nR<*ir* In n mwnn' unnrinA biwl n.y ?ln?ly ?lBbH?h?l *b<I 'Ii>*?? * ynnrt b'i?in?- ., hmtl i n.Mvntly <w. Rrwdw** Tbc ItmliiiM n*rt bi> .ncnW ?py I'nv >'in', nnd p?y? * Ur probu A'l-lrw?N l'*rtu?T, H-n>fd i flic"*. MML flu A I. W KkR TOR?Mf TORR *T*T R? ROM> RT V7 V?> I, bIi?., * ?p?ui rrotwi h >nww. Hi frw trttoWi nr tmr to.I. iim m?u fcoVm.-?17?. nm? btort nwn. ^TJ?* ? brnutj coeMeed, pricr WW. Apv'7 A? *? Ww* WbRfclnr i |)M / 3 STKA* TO I.JVKKPOOU THK K A VONlTK ftMA hip OITT OK W AHIflNOTON will wl return New TM on Thurvdey, tin JDtfc of April. Oefrtn po?(?, *7?. ItM oIju.ii, K? For pmuuuft- from <* Uj Uv?rt) *il apply to HAHKI. k OOKTKH. trf Hroeawy. IjVm 1.1 VRRKOOI..- KMKniK MNIt-THB (ill# T lirated >hlp AMKKICA will powltivnly uH on Moartu, M Inst. Sei-ni ,| rabin, JfJO, KteerwifH, $18. Apply oa bowiw, 0mt No fi North river; or to I'h'TKK M. D&MAKIBJT, fl Am ntreet. nnniiT of Ot.l ultp. NOTICK ?HRHT PACKET FOR UYHRPOMm? Packet 2Mh April.?The celebrated clipper iddp O.MM i | t'upt. M nlleni*. wlli positively aatl aa abore. Fnrp**aah?M ruliin, Accend rut>in mid Hterriupt :tpply on beard, plw m M It or lo T A I'M <>TT A OO , 86 South atwt. For i.ivkrpooi/?tiir cki.kiiratkd hhif urht UAI.I.ATIN .all* April 2S. Tin, ship MVRRPOOt. I Ixudnn. mil 1* to turn row. Hecond rubtB, S 'JO. aleecaOP,J^ and tumid. PMNrnK<-rH brought out frooa any part of WWi or England At the loweat ratra. Apply to TOON. 0. BOOK Kt South ?lre?t 1/MRHT PACKETS POBITTVEI.Y FOR l.IVTiRPOOIw? r Tho favorite packet Hhip I'll 11. A l?KI.PHI A. w? mmOniily huII Saturday, Uftth Inal., Inun pier No 6 North riaea. The new packet nhip H.UTARt.'ll, '?i tho tir*lof May Mr p*ht*g?t t'PI'ly <>n hoard or toC A. TKNKVCK, ?7 Sooth Aiit GKKAT REDUCTION IN KAKK TO EURoFK.-FIMV culnn, fNO; aerond do., Yfhl. third do,, flu; lo the drat cflaa paddle wheel ateamxhiii* AKIkl.. 2.U0M ton*. And NORM R T AII, VP) ton*, lo sail Croin pier No. 3 North rtrer, At Mi prpclaely, a* follow*:? l?eave Now York for Itrvmpn for Hnuth Sooduuaptoa tm Hnuth'tru A Bremen mnfWoriANew York New York. Ariel Tli'j, April 16 TiirwlAy... May 12 Saturday.... Hup M i N th Sou-, Sul.May 16 SAturduy fune 6 WidniwUf JaawM I Artel Slit., .lune ti Tuesday. ...June(ZI Saturday.. .Jaaprfl N'lli Slur, Sut. .Inly 4 Saturday... .July 5 We?li?e?day.JMp Ariel Sat'y, .Inly IjjJSotunlay.. Aujfuat 8 Wednesday AaCSB N th slur, Sat Aug ZJVu'urday.. .Sept. 12 Wodr.oadayJhpLB I I'HHHetiKerM lor Havre will tin rent on In A flret otnaa Map I connecting on arrival ut Southampton. Specie delivered In Ixnidon end Purl*. Ix'ttcr* for England and Knmpe prepaid, XI nettle each bjtt tn,re (hy enelonure of ponugn atom pa if from other <MMP | will be received At No ft Howling Orecn, New Turk, op IP r 11tj o'clock ol the morning of AAtitng t For primage or freight Apply lo R. TORRANC*, HaI r Howling 'Ireen. New York. Fr 3<iR SOUTHAMPTON ANO IIAVRK.?TIIR UNIYBB Slate* mull ?teenier FUl .TON, .1. A. Wnttx-n, rnuniniiaPia_ I will leeve for Havre, tourhmg at Southampton to land Ma I mail* uud jia?*enger?, on Saturday, May 2. at U o'clock, fcwai pier No. 37 Ntirth river, foot of Headi alreet rKire or rastunit. Find cabin $1.V Heeond cabin., JM| 'Mil* ship ha* five water light rompartinenla, encjiwdac Bp enKinea. mi that In the event of eolllalnn or stranding. the waPar I ronld not reurb them, and the pump* twin* free IP work Ma safety of the re**el and paasrngorH wrmilil be anriued. Maw I cago >?< during Urn voyage ahould be aent oa kappa the day before aalling. marked " Below." For freight r PPM u(r apply to MOUTIMKR UVINHSTON, Arny. N. B.?The ateamer Aragi will aneoeed the Faltoa, ISim May SO THK I.IVKRPOOI. AND NKW YORK AND PHHA delnhu Steumahlp Compitny'a Clyde buiU traa aueW atrnmahlpa CITY OF HAITIMOKE t3ST Um?, OapC R. IxelMh. /li- w luiriMiiTriw > tar, " t'nut. W Ydk CITY ok MANCitkKTKB.2.iK " <'&L P. KANilAK(K) 1.HT4 " Cant. Jeffrey. -The un demoted or other tiwli are Intended to SaM M M> Iowa:? rwoa unnnm, Ranraroo Wednesday, Ap?? > itt or m?i*rn?kt*r " Hair i Citt or Waahinoto*. or i...i >< m Citt or Haiti soar > * And each alternate Wednesday. rni>a amcrica, ( 'itt or Washinotoii from New Tork, Thintof, Im4 H KaNUAROO .. " " " Hf Cits or maj?<ti?atr? mm m |by citt Of w aaxotoio)), ol i mm m imh City or Uaatixohk f Ami ru-h alternate Thursday. Rates of Cshln 1'siuiag" -From New York and MtM phlii JC6. from I jvrrpool ?1 guinea*. IT (ulneaa and llito iii'ha. ai rig-tling to the accommodation* IU the atato roam-to Sarioic 'he same prlrUe|e? u> the aaiuoo?limindlnc MirhM tee*. Third Class Passenger*.?A limited number of third Hnai passengers will be taken and found In ** much prorlatsaa an required. Kruta Philadelphia and New York 9S); from Urarpool Mi. (lertitlratca of paaaairn will be Issued her* to p*rtia* aRa arc desirous of brlnyta* out their friends, at eorre^aaAw rate*. Theie eteamer* am cwostrurted with Improved wntarHtfH ' compartments, and each veesei sarrlra an eiperteaoad ar gcon. Draft* en Liverpool from V. upward*. All rood* mtiit to the agents will be lorwsrdad with MatoV Slid ilwApaleh. For freight or paseairn apnlr to JOHN O. DALR, IS HNatfway. New York scent, or Wit. IN MAN, land II Towsr MMlop. l.lrerpooL CTKAMTO RODTHAMPTON AND HATRK.-THR lAO. O ulllcent steamship VANDKRHM.T, 6.40) tona, will stf From NK.W YORK for | Fmo* HOirrilAMPTON ami RODTHAMPTON A HAVRK.I IIAVRKforNRW TORK. i Tuesday May 5 I Tuesday J Sato I Saturday June 3) I Wednesday Jdp Saturday An* I | Wednesday Aaf.M Price or passage?First cabin. aororiling to lorwilna of afitoaroom. Rim> ta fUlli, aec.ind cabin, t7? Sped* dehrerai ix London and Para. For passage or freight apply to I). TORRANl'R, Agent, No. 5 Bowline Oreea, If. T. Letter* for Kngland and Kumpe prepaid. 26 cents " ounre (by enrlosure of postage stamps tf lrora other daR ? will be received at No. 6 H> Omen, Now York, lap to * 11)4 o'clock of thti morning ol sailinc STF.AM HF.TWKKN NKW YORK AND GLASGOW.? KDINHL'RG. 2.600 tons, William Cummin, nsnncadm * N v \t Y'iPK 'AINilens, Robert ?'calf, commander; <ibA? _ HOW. l.9H8ton?, John Duncan, commander. The GiasRMF ami New York Sir unship Company Intend sailing these nay snd powerful s'nimem from Sew York to Glasgow hr*R . an follows ? ,j glasgow. Saturday. April 26. *' 12 o'clock, nuea. _ KIIIMll'Rli, Saturday, May 2, at 12 o'clock. noon NKW Yt'RK, Saturday, Juiae 6, at 12 o'clock, neon. * GLASGOW, Saturday, June 3), at 12 o'clock, icsa*. n? katks or riwain * k,re el is*, 17.'.; third class, I .cud ?ith cooked prswtdlMR 141 kit An experienced surpeoa auschwd to each steamer Fx# freight or passage apply In john MrSYMO.n, No IT tfraa4> " wsy new York nty hills or gold only received for passa#*. K C"UTTt>N A ? O.'H DKSPATCH LINK H)R 6AII FIAR " O Cisco, sailing regularly and positively no or bofhr*mk day advurtiseil Clipper of Kaoinlsr, *h Mag The rms^afR rXfll A I UfMI'UIMflfW Itiri D'Ull ril('p?T Niy 1 W airman mulrr, 1* ioadln* a' plrrlVKaat rlrar * poaitlrxly aail a* aharx. Thl* farortlx rllppxr haa a*4i M I rMp' u> sao Kran< iaro In 111 daya, dxllrxrtnb bar awfi In thx mmi pxrimt onl?r Khipp'-ra d-alroua or Um baal mmi nnuM la ba bad will And the AdxlaJdr unxqiiaUad, r BUTTON A OO.. 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