Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1857 Page 5
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7 ?. liar Cu? of Coroner Connery. COlTRT OF COMMOM I'LRAS. 8cfore liuu JdO^jo Daly. ffl ilV-.:AT.<Vf OF TMADY BRADY'S COW H fO-*J*T>K1tHl> A oomfumjot w ii'>?TKrrruonT Ah to thk unorrau or MK- CJMMUKUUM. t Arm ?.?li t\* Motto* of MM D (bnncry, Otromtv, Y dc.?Heoufwoy, being duly nworu, hi>??i ?? pro e tiAm diali r 1j Ireland; I am now i privatecl'.iA"n; I was born ir tbo >enr 1K00; 1 will bo (Mfilit yewr* in Auanricn next jui; , my oi u ptan v< i irvianu, ui ui" ci? w ? henry. C^ie counsel for the Coroner r?a<U th? Coroner's aa-iwcr hi charge second, s|k?ci(jc iliou Gi it, and aslced the quiwtioii.) Q. Bid j ui ever hear of such legend or dory to Ireland, nd Of OttOU song founded thereon, or anything no .similar us to he- suhbtfiatiallv the ime? (Th.wlj Brady's cow.) A I did Q Wan sr ,- nlgtiiflcu'.ion,bj common con-out and umiorItaBdtag, m- ordlng to yon knowledge an I information, attached t<? too expression, when applied to a female, "Who cart're h. r tail behind her?" A V'ei, it wo ilii l> a ?wn|>tiiriciit to tier honesty , aud (list's the way I should tunic ret,art it. Cress vxa.rm ed by Mr ?> t'.p.wtrlc?fci this a loral story Cr legend? A. It is not confined to any locality, hut Irnowu alt over Ii la. !; 1 have travelled alt o\er the Houfh of Ireland Q. DM y ou ever hoar it ii. a court of Justice in Ireland? fObJected to by Coroner'- coo. - >1, on the {pound of Immateriality, and answer taken eujject to olijectlon ) A. 1 <Joa't recolleot that Q. Have you heard it frequently applied in this country? A. I have, among my countrymen sitting sociably. Catherine ivmison sworn i,i. ' examined by the prosecution:?Q. Where is your, and are you a married L.dy? A 1 am a married lady, and reside at No, 4 Carroll pUoe. Brooklyn. Q. Whai was your relationship, If any, with Dr. rturdell? < A. A ooumn by marriage. Q Were you proseni at the cvimlnat'an by ;?r Weed ward of the poreOh of ilrs. Cuuinnghauj, at 31 Bond .street . A. 1 was. Q. Pl-.-.tso stite the time of ti e examination, the persons Who we^e there present mid the manner in whMi it was -conducted, and al' thnt went op ninth* thereto as fully as you recollect ? (Objected to.) A. This was on Monday next after the murde r -, 1 am quit- euro; Cohoory and a policeman were in th-- room nt tli" time, with myself, Dr. Woodward and Mrs. Cunningham. (The answer to the ba W* mwwon wnn oujccwu w ifif owl#- u'wi to admit the question. four..el for respondent ex- > cepte) A. Mrs. Cunningham and 1 were iHMb( 1 In * room alone t< ><,'i Iher ; in the bedroom I usually occupied by Mr. I gel; John Connery, tho physician and apoLccnim can;-i Into tho room; 1 think it whs John Ownu-ry or the p1iysi<-i>n that spoke to Mrs Cun ningtam; I don't know- what was said, but I heard her say distinctly "Oh, yes, if II is his wish:" she then walk'-d to tho front part of the room, near the window; Dr. Woodward stood in front o! her near the window; the commenced uniootong her cMlies; . I: to >k off al! hor clothes from U?o upper part of her 1 ody; the doctor commenced examining her tody from hie roots of her hair down as far aa her waist; ho thru told h r to let her rMhos drop down. I d,d uot see him pull off her clothes, hut 1 heard htm Bay "lot your clothes drop .1. mi," 1 heard her mi* "don't e*po?e mo so," she tin n a-ke-1 me for a towel which I tiad in my hand; ?L? held it before her wheat her clothed dropped down;who a-ked inn for a cape that she had taken off to throw around her nUoulders; the doctor then examined the lower part of 1-r holy, from her w a;4 down; the doctor then told her to nop out of her clothes and sit down on the chair; the est down and took off her fchoeu and Blockings he then examined her limb* and (let; he then took lu>ld of her arms and hands, and looked nt them uedn as she sat in the chair; he then teat her to ~fp Into her clothes again; there is a little mistake 1 made 1 wish to correct; she was tripped of all her clothing e\-. pt a flue merino undi-rgown, which bung about her waist, covering nothing hut what nad been examined already; I then assisted her In dressing tier- If e , :n; I I -v. I all I raw and all I heard then> to my recollection: allow me to make one moro remark: when Mr- (?u-.:;ingham sud, "Don't it poae me to," tho d-v-trr (\\'< 'sir J) answered, "Never I am a phyeicijn." Q wt re Mr. John Connery an-l llie policemen present i through iha whole or the examination? A They were in the room Q. tfor what purpose wero y.e< presort nt No. r.l Bund Street od th - occasion ltf rred U;' (objected to and withdrawn.) Q. Were you a witness o ti e inquest? A. I was. Q. Were yon detained or imprisoned at No. lit Bond Street or elsewhere? (Ohj "I 'd to?first because immate rim, wcun I nv^auow- uoi ,s<iuii.-. h i j uiir i nuj v., peciflo?lioa.) Hie Jadg* overrules the objection to nnlomlitv, and the Obroner1* counsel excepts and decides tint the mittldeary of the charges and siKH iilcutiobs, ti? ordt r to admit the proof,'* vt w i*hln his prmdnew, tut must b? detertatoad by the Governor, nn<t tha? he can only pas* upon the BOAU-nshty of Urn ovii'. nu oil red under the du.rgsw. and caai'ot ooparate tlio ov idence. A. I wa<; I have told U, and 1 lie v e 0>i gotten it 0 Bum- at the beginnine, end t.-ll your story. A I I wreat to 31 Bond atrect on the MuiWty after the murder; the poUecnian refuel me to se ; the c T,ee of Pr. Bur dell: be told no- to wait till half J v I two and th" Coroner would be there; I then went to ruy nut r' tin 'heal ,lonea street, Hud returnisl at three o'clock . <a.u u )-olioman and Mrs. I low el, No. 2, Bond sstrort, i-i it at the foot of the ativtra; 1 naked the policeman if 1 could g > up; lie Kill not without ^ M order from the Coroner; I lh? i' asked Uiis ltdy, fet"p;>ed - b* the Ae i.-Uti.t Itistriot Attorney,] I Mared there at Vo. ?1 Bend ?tr <t UsAl night, and lilt It on Thursday; did uot lfave sooner, hec.tuao i vr:< < detained. v} tjt UtuCid >ou wake app.icatlon to go home? OA ithdrawn.) Q UW you make afp"ration r.oonorto ir? Lome, and If no, when end to whom? A. I askisl one of the policemen: I made epn'icnUon to him or Monday to m home; ho said I would lswve to wmt till tk - ( ironer get through. ti DM >ou make ai, 11 > f?i h pormUdon? If sso plee eu'.o whin a: I to wit in, end if more than one aps (. .?! on KhUr each nut ?11f A I waited until toward* uighl, and ask ;d? u o- tli | olketm u ngaln if I could go; he s-s.d no; our a; I ' Jtlon wo* made In the mornrng and another in the avs nlug of Monday; he told . tno 1 could not po, ?.s the C? a " l-ft orders I should not leave ?he hou 1 Wurt I. u l must go?d had a family ) of children , if n t I m : t lot inv IUU boy, and have -? - - v \ si-.t hi i ,i si- n was DUB WWUf.'H over h- ir.-n ... ... , Of! Wadm-i-day ni^ht to ("apthe told mo that the Gbroatr pis'o ortL-ra I eli < 1 b ta\' :i to Un Fiftrinth ward atabon turn-to; 1 told bim il lit- let mo p>< homo ho mi *ht rond a policeman w lit in?, and 1 w oukl be back i nert morn.tip *t ? o'clock; bo told m.< r , ho cm Id not do thai, I then wanted him to polo my m-der'*, and that Un tzugbt lock, the door and !..?.? It;- I. y away; lay at dor'a houae la In Oroat Jone- rtreijl; h<* told me no, ho cotlM not do that, a. the Coi'oih r ! ft < i 1 "? that. I shoiild bo talton to the Ktft* <-L;tia ward *tnli -a I.- with I!,, r-<t f the ?twa<K-, I then begg, u of lu.u I., lot me ida* in the jkarV>ni ail r:pht; lio then told ft.. -r iHvt* to take ran homo witli him; I wi'U b..n at I ?tiye,t with hj< family ail right; on lhur?Uy , tie it morning, 1 returned to 31 Road atroct, tuy lc"Ui.i,,iiy w a- taken that day alter bi tnp Cot lined two day a?mir in tie* bit unit; on Tun*, day T war taken to tin- .v wald atatioM It a a and when 1 returned to *'tl I ! etnid,on U -d ., I iv. the Deputy Ctorouor op'tith d-?r a dcamr n;:t; lie .Wei to the |K>Hcofnan who llh mo, "Tike the wmmn bark to tit.-* *t?t>on bouw and !' -k them y ,n tl.Terent cell*;" wo wniil in the ho,, e and down In th l a-merit, and Htaid there tnl mplit, till the (ueumr h..-: gu *; thit wa* the trght 1 wat o'd '-ed to he tk-?*n to the Kifternth Word matio'i bo,me, and bo I, eked up; that wae the 'ante ftiablfatald at offVer Iwvl '* iTv, r?ea el for the larmier atate* to the JtHjje that th* ti>,tlmor.y ot tin* witncre regarding what iJdkblaeoon the OTanunetion of Mr*. U:nn i.-'iiifl by lh? pbjp'c; in,and regarding her own deb ittion ami iBi|irtHontn< nt, having tx>en allowed, on account >.t tbo unll-idy ? r tmpo 'niity Ct *ep*n?v v.; . t W.I* Improper, lu lie* tne.Or. Il. it,ill h-r I' . Umool Hi regard to th,,-ie point! ho htrm I. cut, t.xe- id a-to f,,ct whleh b*? |> *1 by llM> >1" , ai and I' pn :W dir le : III' the Corooer. or i- bi< pretenceor w.m U, kni r:> ige pritwiu, or hi* aanent eiibneapuntly. Mote-n den,id, Mid .' i tie cm- ,? ?ryeirat? the evidence ro ai- to dialing i h what < ?- cf I>r. Woodward wero ln.t*nf?mity wttii the d"-. . , y- lnm by the Cbrtmer ar-1 what Wire t ,t ttud the witix-'to* prerr-nt when Mr* Oinu i ghant wn .mined hy I?e. Woodward -.?? iiviifv to wi. ,t t'? k r e ' tin if pr ai-nre, and it i will ba for Ihoflorern e-1<> di u 1? >w fur tamd or- : mrred or wMbrfai |> .rnuance of the on let (iri? |>y the Conuirf. to tht- ri! .rvi U?? <v>'mc' frr the Oroner ox-. | M. q. Ik.: yo i ruU-t ia any ban bona iu ?t fear m a wttnetwf A. No. g How l.v?e b your family? (Qir*tJo*i ovwrnft d > Crow examined?AJ. H'>w were you rrl?ted to Dr. Burden? A Uo wm own cousin to my bueband. Q w v* there *ny relationship between yeu or your bus band Mill ?v CuaiMiifliiuu? A. 1 know of wu. Etvi.en il.d you fli.1 bocomo acquainted with Dr. Bur. A (Her twwity room efo. 4). Were you or your hus'mnJ, or either of yoa, In iho tuihilof rwion* him (Dr. Rurtell) dur'ng tboru tvrnty r>?n, or VI> pwt Uicrenf f A. wo wore; J vWtd him PWMrntfy q. Kor wh*l f-urpo* did you v' ? him? A. Both in Friendly mid profewiuunl way Q IL>? Urnf Uo.< you boon married lady? A. Oror lent/ year*. g Were you taken Ui' any wtaiion hmwi dnrtii* tluii in wrwagatio"' A I ww?4 > Uie tttrcnU-enUt wurl *utMi house, o? Too4ay I Q. what ttiuo of day r it? A About ot.o or two o'clock q ]low ton* were you kept (here or thAt occaiIoh! A. Till Wodoerday morning ntxiut ten o'clock. Q In what |?*rt of the buildln* did you stay orer night? A In tb' rAptaln'b knd lieutenant'* room. Q. V"ere ) on fnrntahed with a bid, and did yen deep In a bed (bet niglit? A I tlid. Q W*. there any oth>r Udy or woman who alept with r-euf A There was another lady, named Mrs. fry mow, utent in the name room. a Were v"U kt.vlly an 1 ?. iuhlytreated while there| (? ntherwuwf A. I war k t|y Uontu i?y um capi.uii mm lieutenant Q Were ihe room and b<a eoeiibrthble la whkh you eleptf A. Ttief were. g now rnr ? lb * <t!on horno fWim So 01 fV>nd trot, In what street rod what number? A. I could oot tell, 11 wmi no! vert near; at Fifth -treet and Fir-i.tronue. g. How d;<1 )tg (t>, nnd ? th wImjib, ?? tliat iti%a to the Mevrntrrnthjward ..tat. o houfrd A. I walked wltj an nlBcer. wtthj^orvwd behind us; bo ono but the oiBocr wmlked wit* mo g CN yon or the off?f walk or mingle with the crowd behind )(?if A I walked with tho idBtvr, alone, the otO <*r dnppod ?errml times to drop the crowd bark. The comae! tor theOsrimer objects tetheaaawer, move* that it bo stricken out. and that aho be compelled to.-uvwur bo question asked hor The Judge rules thai from the nature of thn <pio?i|on a* to hor wad mg or mtnglirq with the crowd, ?ho tnny <t?tn Hi" fact' ae well M aho ran recollect Motion overruled and fx re pled to.) g. .state all thai eccnrrcdt A. We did not mingle with them, but they mingled wiih M;acmn of the crowd touched the cape I had oe and railed mo Mr?. Cunningham. Q. led the o?rer viae eflbrla to keep the crowd away or dlaperae tharnt A. lie illd. 4 Ob Bhleh story waa the room where Mra. Oinnln* ' Bam waa examined by Ui" Ik*A. Third story,front sIHsdrsnm g Bow large wua the mom? A A .mai. oedromb, about Ml alee Of ball bedroom >. a llBNMi 'd te M.ei bar H4'fl at 10 oVbek. Important dmuioiu In Admiralty. rwrrsr statkh district cocrt. brfw hf>fl jt)d#:?< ivmh. ctlautkr iakty?ruwxit?ruudoftt?vftntfru, aiiui 28.?rharltt li. Hazard w. a Quantity of ????/?> , Pr.?This IllH'l was uwu v) wn- uwuv. v. t'aaa to recover the amount of rharter mom y i>n it cuarter if ttoo brig. e*ecut?d l>> the master, for h voyage from this. iort to U?0 port of Cambridge lu M.trJ Liud, vs ih privilege >f another port, the charterer agreeing to I'urni li a full argo of timber and lumber. The \t.%ol uvut lo Cum irtdge, but there wax not it fell cargo there, itn?! it the ither port the m.v-ler w as inlortned lli.u he could have the laiance of his ca-go if lie would take certain timber. The na der dooming the timber too large to go on the Wig, locllned to take it, an! brought ties part cargo tothi a>rt, and claim s! the full charter money. lb-Id b> the i'ourt?Tlmt under the ruling of the Circuit Court of Ihia lUnct in the ease of Hercher vs. Hechtel, decided in ej tomber, Itsib, the freighter violated his continct f he failed to supply the cargo i-lipulaled, and of a ize and shape. and at Uie sides of the ship, in a ondltiun fitted for being tal.en or stowed on board. Hint the master Is a competent witness, unless it is fnoved he ha ot). t lrtere-t in the cause tliaa that i>f charterer. He give the charter party as master nod igent. Tliat the full cargo stipulated v>as not supplied it Cambridge; thai the charterer hat lag U?e "privilege of cue landing place on the river," it devolves ui*w hioi to prove that lie pointed out such lauding plan- to the master, and thai suf'ciev.t timber wa; provided fpr her ikmgside the -hi;' to ccmpleb* the car;tn. That if the case is decided U|*>Q the issue, as shaped by the pleading.-1, the "laimnnt fails to prove llutt he produced his limber along 'ide of the \ e*oO. wilhiu reach of h> r tacklaa so as p> con dilute a performance of hi.; contract, and the hbellant aould Hicordinglv hi- .iuatided in returning to his home nu t and demanding damages consequent u|iou the breaeti if the charter t-artv. That the Claimant is estopped b> he pleadings from denying that the charter pariy was "ulflllfd in respect lo(.hmhridge,and that the liiu-llartt e-tadishes tils right to flight Co. u full cargo according'to the hare r js?rl\. l*cr?s- for libt ll&nt, with aroforonct. Towrvn contract ?nroijoknck. Chrrlrt A. Utrtwhsr ? ?. Th,' Sttamhoat Rage*.?Tt??* Ibel was Ulcd in tills rase by the ov. nor ol' the canal x>at Vnion, setting up thai lu December, 1804, lie- I'hila lelphin ftcnmt'Jg and Navigation f'om|iciiy, ow tiers of the Boston, agreed U> tow the I'nlon, with her cargo of coal, Vom Philadelphia to Borden town, Hnd from Now Brua?* ich to New i ork, and tliat the Boston did take her iu ,ow at New Brunswick, but by and negllp-nre rbe was Hunk on the way; and the libelLant clainnsl X> ricuver 92,600 for tlie value of the initial boat and her rargo. By the Court -'Ihe undertaking t-ued upon In waa not that of a common carrier, nor fully that of towage; the agreement to tow the canal boat from Mew Brunswick to Nee York being qualified with notice to the igent of the liiiellant that the canal boat would be allowed to go In the line that day, but only xt his risk and that of her ow ners. It was at the close sf navigation, and when tb? rivor w*< greatly im peded with Ice, ho much ho that the rtesmbnat would not iccept more than half ber usual burthen of tonnage, rhe grounding of the steamboat on her pas ?ige down w'hh occasioned by the natural incidents of navigation at that period of the year, and is not chargeable to want of skill or culpable negligence in the officer* and rr? w of the steamboat. Nor was the loss of the ranal ban and her cargo owing to the fault of the bri;t or her master. If it is properly attributable in nny degree to ran It or inattention In her management, it is imputable to th" rigent of the MbclUiil in charge of the canal boat al the time. Tlic case hinge* u|mu questions of fact. Hie evidence ia multifarious, and no way in harmony on several pot its; but in my Judgment the weight oi it exonerates the steamboat from blame in the occurrence, and the libel must accordingly he dismissed w ifh cods. Koanoreiu'?Kvirwjrm?svw mu. Tk* I'rwtrA Xtatrn wr. a Ou.tii/ifu nf KmbftiidtTed Cliftfrt. Chrmiidtet, Slews *nd Flounce*.?fill- tva? a libel Alert to forfeit the goods, heird mi land, under section 68 of the Revenue Act of Marcli !4, 171W. The ou ner pleaded the was tried s.-pt -JS. IS.",,;. ?>e tore a jury, which rendered rt verdict in fnvor of the I'nlt. d Stated, and against the property, on nil the charges aga.ust it. The clomuiil now moved for a new trial, tat a case made, on lh? ground that the verdict wal unan tboriaed by the evidence, nnd ngnia-t tint charge of the Court, which was, that, in order to forfeit the goods, the government must prove that they were the manufacture of some foreign country, nud were Imported and landed In the I'niti-t Stated without payment of duties. Thu claimant, Edward J. Jane, purciUMed the good* after their seizure. and with notice UlU they were charged with being smuggled. When -eized tliey were in potmen-ion ?>f one Jame- (I I!t*s, and claimed to he his property; and it was proved that, at the time of the seizure, Ro-.t made statement.-, which might well lie understood to be clear art tnu>liina that Ik a .is tlie owi? r of lie- goods, nad that they had tx-en smuggled. Held by tlte Court?That the renhrt was not without evidence to support it Then- want direct and prmitive pcuot that the g-axta were foreign or smuggled, but llie ee Idence well warranted the v crdu t if the jury believed that the ow ner intended to aclcnow ledge tliat they had been brought in clandi-jtinely from shroud and had net |stid duties. IIuU I ate !i?\ uig taken hi.- right after the wi/.ure wet w Uli full of th<dr condition, holds tliem subject to the leiral liabilities they had incurred in the hands of Bos-. Tliat it was solely a matter of fte-t for the Jury to dctcrm.ue wiicth, r the evidence aupixn'ted the charges, and that no leg.M r, ?-<ui- are shown for dit'lrhir* their verdict Moti"u for ucv trial denied tad judgment ordered on the verdict. (tWft trn.MTM t>W? Ml KT HP Mill J A nnAJ. /?. ftwxt. 7 SteamUeU nipMa nLr.? This was an appeal from s taxation of cost* by the clerk, allowing an item of $110 aa wKnem fee-,, to the libeliaats. It appeared that the a itnesses were in the llbcUant'x employ on day'a wages exceeding the coripcn ,?tion of witro ex, and tliat they continued to receive their per d'.etn compete satlon wliile attending court, and lids *n the only ev ideiice of the payment of wunfM fi?*< to Uietn. Held hy the Court?lluit the right t<> recox er witness fees U derived wbolly from stat-itory authority. That the law nowhere ai.thnrl7.i-, the aubetlintioo of an equivalent debt or equity ow ing to Uic miit-'r bj a a llnena as pu) UM lit of his h-es by the Htnlor. Tin -uilor acquire- the right In a Judgment hut wit urns hen only on the Ikct or liis h-i ring actually l?id the money. The taxing officer Is not empowered to Uk>-an account between the ?Upoi and the party who him to a.-.-ertain whether a balance on tlcir general dcnllngr remains jwyitbk- to the wiine- - equal to Uie amount of U? fees claimed. Appeal allowed and tela lion overruled. flef-re Hon. Judge N'el on. CtsuooM is Ttrj t-vn luua rv?.-v. u.? nmi re Mm a,e tke Sioamttwm Flulo TT^-i litM'l wax filed by lli? owner* ot the erhoooer flharle Hop hin? xgHinet the PIlIo. to recover drnnaire* for a coik- *1 IB the Kurt River The w wd war south* est and the Ude ebb; lh<- xchonnrr wax biihv down tlx river, m her larWord tack, and wax croc-m# from the Urookljm t.. the New York Hide, toward* the foot of .lack-on lfe<H; the I'luto wae coming up the river, on the New York ride, with a heavy t >? on In r larboard quarters; ahe wan an itiltlift a|CHinxl the tele, at a r*te of *|*o*l not to exre?t n quarter or half a mile an hour. The rehootior eame about nearly uh< ol of the tug. and ,m?id down n|*>n her, cau?lii(f the da'natfe that "<*urrrd. Tboj*rn?n In charge of her diil not *e' the I'luto until he had come about, or wax in the act of rotten# about, lie tiu?ht have run di arrr the New York shore with ?ifeii tx i^e hi lurked, and thin have arowled th< collision. the xtipi?d im medlnt I}', and reeme to have done e-^Bku:, 14. undi-r the rirr*imrtanee?, in her |*.w ?r to rr>V| Hit .ujury. It Is apparent Umt the cause of H la ai/tbdLibte to the want of a proper |.?.k uit on the afhoaaor. K the hand* had ore* tli? tug In htae lite colli-ion could have Ix-en eaxily arotded. ft I- *a.d that the 11-ito wax in fault in not being in the middle nf the river, or ax near a? might l>e, regard to to had to other voxels navigating M, ae direrV d by Uie l*Ovli law Hot it doe* a|<pear that thi* otnieeion led to the collblon, or in any way contributed to It. It furairhed no rcieou for the schooner'* unnecessarily tack In# about ahi ad t?f the rteamer. Tbl* tru prone in*tlenh?n to duty on the |?rtof the perwon in charge of the veeael. The arlemoer id the time wax not tn ronunund of Ha ordinary maxter, hut in rh.irge of one temporarily 1 ngxired. and ?h" war mam fretly incompetent to navlrate her at a place wh*r? xklll and attention were ladtapnMabfe The decree of the court * -*-? - *?.l?laa? ?,? I,?a*al tarek lliiuL La rit/ht. ami klmtilii U- afflrtniil. TKrm/J.i BrU ngt 7Vm?t? Ifunt?TW to a libel li*l by Bell lo mover a balance (lor for raii-mg and removing thr rtramV*l Crickri off and from a xand bar, at the month of rtirewabury Inlet. N. J., where xhe had barn atranded. tl appear* that ll'int owned tlir ateanilHjat (i-aOdriior, which ran between the port of Sow York and Wirew. bury Inlet, and that hrr engine hnvtnr MM, hr cmplm M and chartered tlir Crick, t on thr 4th of July. 144U, o< IVck, thr owner, to take hrr place, and that while thu* employed, ihr wan atrandrd, aa above xlated. "Hin Ube|. Unt, hell, waa rngiged to rrt hrr off thr ?and bar ffn 93,160, of which auin a ha Inner of 9AJ0 remain* unpaid The court below ilrrrrrd for vhr re*powdmt, and ill- mi ward thr libel. Thrre to no auflV tool evidence that the contrari waa made bv Hunt with thr libelant for thr "eerier it qnernon. On thr roolrarr, thr wish! of It to that It wai by Peck, Ihr owner. Hunt waa percent wtu n II waa ipimt, but f?r aught that appear* took no part la tlx negotiation |>ck did. Indrrd, tlir librluot waa given t< ondrratand hy Hunt, according to the proof, thai Pbck ww thr re-poti- iblc at the hme thr contract waa made. I la atioporrd that Hunt may br ma>lr liable aa charterer u the iibriuat. But, aatila from tho ronaidrratkm tha thr contract wm made with Peck, and not with him, k doer not appear upon what Irrmx the Cricket waa char trrrd. She may hay# hern navigated by the maatrr an< hand a of ihr owner, and brnee Ihr rhnrlerer hot at al rrrponathlr fne the eafety of tho whip There la oo founda linn th?rcfhrr, laid P>r the Inference t ou^ht to be raKc of Uvr liability of tha respondent on Una ground. B think the decree below abouid be affirmed. Intereattnw flrma New Neiko. (Trnm the 8L Luuia RrputdtcAO, April IT.J A number of gmtleinen arrlye.1 in thl? city yfterda and ihr day hrftww from New Meyico Among them wy I. .1 I SU V rain Me Urn? U I erl it, e.,,1 Mr Villi llrnl of BenCa Fort. Mr Urkiu W It %nu Ko Uv lMh March Thar* waa very ron-lderahle rx< Mement In Hania Ft imr out of col II* loo between the I'nitort HUIr? lenof and Mexican. Aaoldler wm Id tho Mom of ? cltlw named Orober, an apothecary. and havlny difflrult WHa mm, lil> Advanced cm Oruber with an In* rana. i (lred at and wounded the noldter, who wm cnrrl?d n( and Gruber gave himself up, and waa tikeo to Jail. 1h antdlrr belonged to the Third Infantry, the m?'tnb<w i which Worn much Incensed. dapt. Brroka (are *tri< order* V> hia met. not to leave tlx <r quarters, but In Ui even!ntr in hla absence, they rushed to the Jail to kill On her. w lion Uicy effected an ontranro they flred, wlthtx much reference to their position, aomc forty ab<*e Ot trtronerwaa killed luatiuiily, two othrri were wound* and timber received live l>alU. timber died next daj ed was hurled ?y th. Order of n,i,| Feiiowr. ft, .on* , the rood net of th,< soldiers wan known the office ra of u, regiment drew them off. and ordered them to the ha rarka. timber wm a Mexican, and I lie re wan much ei rd< ment in the town agalnd the aoldlera, but it waa an' riding, ftime of the aoldlera had been Menu (led an .j k. .,,.1 e.? it,? , WOUIU w ?*? w !" '? ' " " ?' A rmirt martial wn* I winy hold in fVuiU f? ft* Uin trli of, hv-ir* AtfftlMt C*r* (*( rjrn MnUnir Th<> l*mncr?Uc CMiTMiUan nrtmnntod Jm. I. OoJIIni n?, , ft* OoTornoT, iHorn, Wo ,1r loyal* In (kmgrm ! for ro 'hrilnn. No Indiana twdr? (* lh? |u*?n>? Th? w?aU*?r in X'r+y FORK HERALD, 1 Baliptma, raorouBAjm t Q0BWFV rfcaliragM the photographic twit lu p^ia. pM>tr?i la toe abore at/to raual to thuaa aiada at kia ?<wti> (rankle paiaaa of ail. N<> M? KroadararBrady'a ImprrUU fhutofra ?>tu, H? Inn l? mctt' j'Orfoel aa to turr and pprrwtnkaa orar to haae bun outdo, iu-o worthy tho attoatiou of<tn>ao d. airinfl lilu'tir -??" ? o( Uu-aa/tot >vt, IrU-fida, or ooplou of da^uer and bo onounJ on ii'tLmtoiblo Ur*i\t ai M' Krt fu)?u>", orw Ttintnpwxi'w. The (Ity, thr Country, mid thr People Pfcloriiill.rd iu puoUqrttphy. at HOIJIIig1 OtoaervatOry, 3tW Huudwny. l lw lUttlnK Iiiterewl?One ot thr Hot Hit* <W*nr*? of wrviwrn,, la (he lowawocf farlllilru it ron.tiwuiy d maud* ror tor inausMrlbai of >w AOrmu'tUlJng built r... Little by Wife, ft* it* oui<drt-<rhiiu! apirll of mlrrpriar U !*Hk fun) V>> a oonU-knpUUou of tin- pow.UjI'.itlci* or thr futurn in ? < mpart>on ?ith u?> arcomplL.iimcnU t l (he past, U *crka fir In u rluuuirl* to contain to* overflow of itiul lortunr, crmu'ii i. .ui ficoaewta of in*-old tut may adequately moot Ui* t or thr (lootI. "Pili thought naturally alrlkra the most unr* It* v'lii;,' w hi!e puriii* noon tin- improvement* jital inlrodioed liv KNOX, Hi* celebrated halter, into hU m il kuowur.uib'iahment nt tin* northeariecn comer of llroa*l wnv anil Knlton utm-t. Kor mo.d u>eo of buaineai hi* Hlore would h it* In-ou conudered quite l.uke enough for every itaeful purpose. lint bl* popular!1.,) boa krpl even parr with hi* endeavor* U- pl< Am the public, nnd the mull 11, ho ha* Per u compelled to render lil* hi and httUarooni much more rapucinuM, In order Ui nrooin nuilale thr liicrcHic of trade of which he tlndi hlnutoh thr re ripionl. It 1* now our of the mMt hpACloui iu> woli am handHOOiTkl place* of the Und In our city. It la An oniftnirrtt to that mtI. of ihr rlt>, and ahcw* ft( ouor not only how a man c f energy mn> mnk* hi* way up In thr world, but bow n?iur lU'.j tin appreciative publico will IntereM iiaeK In hla etevnUoo. unite's |? Dim Hate. HpHng Style, IH Fu.UHi street, between Broadway and Nuaaa. OftiM'l Spring Style of Ifentlrtnrn'l Hal., Oln* him ft call to :vi Broadw ay, ?coond door from l> .,ioWi'W-t. Hate al Kcdurrd FHrriw-Thr iTry Hr.t quality (f silk hat for ill, oamc a* w4it on Broadway for Si. AltlllKK A M/I K l'i>, "O Ureeuwich-eireel, bet.?oru Wfacrcn nod hurra/. C all aitfl Nee those Aqua Hculiim Kngl,tn*. ft a l/il.l INK 1 CO Nir.rr Join. Hod N.V- . ..I . , Ktntlraifn'4 Ilnta. W A KNOCK. A CO., in their new store, SI? H.-oad * \j. ft. Nloho'aa Hotel, hn?e opened an array of geu!lemeo* fiat*. dri'iH r.nd endrcw. \which foe ta*<r wartety and eseclleoce. hi If II r?"h the mrw fastidious. Tliflr spring plilteru lia- U ? lAor. dea nMl hi'. Hpllllg, IMS?. Oiu nan spring styles of clothing am nnw pif.wl ud ma Aj for sale, embracing large an! beaunti.! s?nnrUn?ota of spring ovrrrnaia, Kaglans. English and French business rimc's. drea* and frock coats, Ac. AUo very choice and routined Styles of raaaimrm pantaloons, funry and plain vests. Oi.r CiuaUm room U slocked with our late importations of new goods, many of which ran be found nowhere else. This .lr paittnrnt, beaded hy Mr. Lyman Derby, i-Rn a position to offer great attractions in the tray of stylish garments and good* Promt.attention given to all orders. D. DEVLIN A CO. NoS. SMS, 269 and 290 Broadway, corner of War-vtt at. Mprfstg Clothing. HiiHn/r RifflftBI .88 ti) 814 Casalmere business coats VJtjC to fit Elegant blue dresa coal. M to (U Black cloth lrock coats Vfft' tn MO Super " ** " SlO ts MS Custom made rrook coals (IS Mf Csaaimere bitslaeas nauts $1 tit* A3 CaeH.mere dresa panls |1 Is 96 Rich moire antique and allk rem* fl'hj tn M Casaunere bnaiuaas veals VI ? In VI At EVANS' Rsteoslve clothing warehouse, tjti A tiM Kultra alreet, betweea U sl and CliR. Dranigold Ai Hrorh, elothJers, L'iO h'nJton at. PruwugoW A Proob, ciolhiera, 120 Fulton street, lb'umgold A I'roeli, clotlilris, 191 Kulloo ali-pet. I>r',.nig"id A Prv?'l.. e'ethiert, I2U Fulton street. Por Umd Klttlna wtU marts H Mirth, off mil styles and pausras, retailed at wholesale prices, go to the bOOIKTT's. UK Chatham street. Booth and Shoes. . Tlve Largest mid Cbrspvsl K'^rtment of good boots and shoes In ths e'ty, are to be I . .id at BKOOKi*', 6T.'? Broadway and Lis" Fulion slrec. Also, yesunmade and tWiuig boots. I Oeflsuir* NsUsmsndrr hafts?with Potent powder proof defiance looks and rross bars. Itopot 193 fVwri alreet, one door below Maiden laue. BOKERT M. PATRICK. hewing Machlnet?Bersons Having Netting machines to riU<M*> of can And n purchaser b,, apoly : >r; J. S. McCurdyVtll BroadSray. ChmtVhssft Pi smtislsisit Insltsstlons. Fraoglpannl. Preaas A Lubla, perfumery factors. Lrodam. ire the only makers or Itowmw rrtwiytiui surm rarftuoe, pronounced by onanoUaieur* to be the moat (Viffran. mT Uatlaf odor made. Bote agents f<?r the fitted Manht. tN^BB ' * CO., W BroaJwiy. Bold eerrywbere. Jwf Canl Ualr UU BiHmoMto Biot thing mod* fur Iho hilr, b; Jo,tea' i ItalLaa Map (vr the a tin, b. LaToal's liquid alahamar far ladlea. b. Depot an Uowmy WHiiin'a Ilmli Dy% Wlp and Toquh i boopmlilab perfection; wfcoiaaalaiad retail. and Ctedrt pftrllatj Ipyltad. it Mo.? Alar Houai. IIUI'i Hair IHr* Four tthUllnfts a box. Black t it brown, it No. 1 Kwciy BnI) <.,. >,??.> ? I j hud w hlaktrs. iltbiln'i Hair Dm, Win and Toopia, the t>?a la no wrtnnm^ oik Mali, ao?d and appibd 01 Bo w% IbilocT. ? Brood wor. r*nHlnn?-A Very learg* Aaaortmrnl, cheap torraeb, it AHTIICR PONNKIJ.*'"!. 9* Bowery, b-< Ineeu 11 rand aad Hewer atrecti. KrmMI'i Wrddlne Cardo and Knulop,', I can be had only it 3P2 Broade >, corner of iHune atrina. Tike notice. j nriehMtefi Dyepepola Hperlflc cwreo wltliI out r urging. One 10 three dropa it a d oe. Depot 101 W a., aired. Haptstro Cued by Nanfa dk Co.'o iUdhal ; core trass, k no 3H Maldeo Una. New Ynrk. HoHoway'i (Mntment lo Not a Mere Svflue salve; I! d<es not begin and end by Minply aaiiin.njr o?" r i eee, or dhcharxlng the rrdn<... < lutummvi ipmt > tide, on the contrary. It alnke, milt the aid of a n f- i -l,- i> U the creative rinse of the dlifwae u Uie Arab, the tibre* and the larger blood reaaeto, and ripel* It. Bristol's baraaparllla.?Kmprlona and all I d.waei a of the ratemal wrtieturc are simply the e?f ut of p?> waotia virus cu < ulauii* In toe reins. Thta preparahuri curftea tiir blood of (hot foul iItmnt Hence It currs. U.ruj Worm ptudlllea are the only wtfe retmdy f r v ?ruicu>r o't raw. bidd hj l?. t. I.AMMAX A CO . wh ! .ale dru?*l?t?. tW Water atrect, N. T., andhy all druggists. Horaai w Jaol, lad pastilles X oeota per bottle THe MklU of Dm. II. K. Knot ,V (lo.. In tlir treatment of lung. heart, (her and oilier ehrnnw di <?*.<<- , is w ell known to the public. It m>i"t l>? remeiiil ered Hat will remove to Hnratoga Springs the let i f M?>, and ' ,0?'> w'w v Mi to ren*,lit them personally nt U, r oflioe, tel'd Broadway Dills'. do ho at tw e. Alder's Oriental Kxtract t nrm ( om?, Btn'* lona. warla, aere and ter.jer fee t, Ao., in te.a weet ?tu,i ,t pausing the least pain or Inroorenlenre. i'rire ft Addrew enclosing price, JAMKd Q AldeKK, >e ? York. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HUM K V MAKKHT. Tin ne at. AurU '1A?f P M Tbw appaara to bo no bottom to th? ntoch market, at>oo rod to tho nipply of Hock pri-oaing for aalo. 1%" tin* mominj ?*ro nnuoonUy larrr, prrvrnty it (pw-of pfica. C?rh alork waa particularly abundant tod'-y aud. but Tor the demand fiom tho tbort Infrrtt, thecr mutt tuiT? boon very jrrrat raerflcoa. At the rat bo*-' IVnn?) IvMtia C?ul OtHnpany f per c<at s ? York Central Ralruad, ft, Rtad-n#, ft; Michi pin Central ff; Milwaukle and M'aal-Iff!, lie lug;ui Hon thorn, 2; Cl? viand and Toledo, 1\, Chlca? and Rorlc I<iand. \. Is Crna ' and ICJIwauk.o, )% C5e ;e land and PlUabur* advanced \ per coot. At the ol<*e th-' tendency van doanuard, and atocfcj tvrro freely of rod V the ijuotatiow. There were report* of ?evor%l tvlureu to iUy, and the boar* be*an to look a harp to th<* ?lr?e:*th f thr'rcontrvt*. "Pie failure of oee email bona* !a report-d Whlrh bad K"v?* re*,-Id- ra'ily out of It* 1*t th la Mchlgai Hoc thorn and Clrr * And and TVdedm, f r noma uaio par Ita rontrvla hare not been ronetd tM food, oa account I tb? larpo diffrfconra lUa lln* a?iin*t It. Ibe bulla ha. h/vt a bard t me of it Utely, and th ~j ere near about wh" i the bear* were in Noar-mbor U ?. Ti? ta^'aa arc fk. [ turned, and acme of th- b-. lr or no d u; a? th*. i ddh renraa now in the name a \y a rrrUm bear oprrat> did then, w th p' oty of tit *) jr in their pocket* T ? | will, without d-a?W, (firo thrir note* at *ix, taolva an , eighteen nwai'ha, ae the Maid boar did, and tli -nt'im roon t aad aha re thorn with their creihtnrs' money at etorblU 1 ' rateu of Internet t Tbo foiirrw'o* Mora* and bonda were told at ancle*) b I A. H Nlcolay, UiU day, at 12X o'clock, at tho Merchant/ I Eachanfe>? a 99.000 (tucago and Mdwnukte It m. 7't and Inf. Td*( a TO' b.dno (Wa*o and Mloaivippi Jd m. T'h, OhI .. .ipt <i 9,000 Manrh. Mnr k M. th. lot m d'? and tnt "1 h a f4 J t?,000 North Uvl (tknh Hranrh)lat m. 7'a A int-Tttg 1 7.000 Weal we-iom nil* i l n m 1111111111)1^* I a.omGroat WfM#m (111*) If* m. 7'*, B.?? .42% 4 I' ; 1 1,000 California ?4bU? 7'* and inf 4 J . 2,000 BuflWki, rbrnln* *n>l V V 4,1)00 Del, lack*. M*1 *mI ? m 7'? aivt mt M << , AMMUo , li*an?por? 1*1 tr 4*< anl int 7* 2 80,000 OixinmiU *n<t Chraffo 41 m bomU, flu t0t( n 14,004 ?wo RrenkinrWr* ffca. >*I r*rtiflr*i'\ each , l* _ 794 #H**? Wee turn Mario* ln? ?cHP of 14* T 44 I 90 fnrttm1 and OUaeoa' Bank Of I. I 4TN * 16 Importer*' aM Trml.-n.' Rank ... tOO1 ,a 40 Me'mpbU and (TiarWmon Railroad Coiui'anjf.%... 4* ,? 40 f/>rtiinrd IHro Inanr*nr? Company 1-V 96 Meehnnio*'and Trailer** Mr* !rnimncit.k? HI a 60 PHer Uonper Tlra Inkuraare (Vfii|.fUiy li*< , 40 lafWrft* Kir* ln*oraare (Yinr* iiy Mi .? SO Indemnity lire Imnranr* Cbmimy 07,', ? loo Bl.Ht M*rk'-In. iran?? Oimpar.) 1"'" ] PI St Nk hnl?x k r? Inauranci (.? , n ?ny . .'I1,* ou1 .* BO N?.i? WnrH Kr? Iiv-uraui . i 140) 20 lliwne klr* Imuran"* < ?tti| *r , l# 110 Hx-ni* Mr* Im-uraao* O-m ii ... 111*121 r 10 Or mmntiwraltli Kir* In*ur*i.< <'* 11 >ny 1*1 k 10 IY-.J.1P k re Irvur*i)i ?( ' ,, i.i)- 1 ' 90 furlflr Hre In-mrano Cumy>ii * ,j 00 Klna ln?turanc > (Vmpanv Ill 60Ore** Wfatern Marino liwurauco UMapaoy If' .1 60 Flremoii"* Ina<iraan COfnoany W| ** 30 Nmt York WCbtnpvo T.. ' 75 ?, At tl.o wrrful fxv?H tho mArk t ? ?* v r; " ?tnrk* saM ?* !o?n?f r ' M opwtrd a U \nj rU?~1 f v j M t, \ j. - r. ' v *or Pq?Ui*?*, ? n no *rttpr ft a, r - a ?KIDiT, APRIL U, 1857. rutttcr Steml'if C'.ovi-Liud ai d T t> <1" ? ? du J, wiU.ocl

Wi/rtnmi'liittu'ln,1 price A Ante **< m.t'U' at m tier 50 d?yw N -* l urk (Antral RtfMliuk' cl ^ w'th a downward tendency After U'C board KrU ?old ?' 4i\ per c< ut, ;uji1 wa* ottci M froeiy at Uctl prtoe- VV>- ilu uui two aiiy w.. 10 p'ovi v ui_< t.oirK irvm luiu.m^ r.* .... ly drtwi to Uii- low *.t pointn rM iiwt ol?out three year biac*-. It touched U> per cent at that time, and th? c< in pany L- linai' istlly embarrassed full a.-- trmoh now a1- then. The Treasurer reports u day as fohuvcs :? TWal rooelpta nui 2 Total paymenu 4t.7,'^i 7C Total tialanoc l*,784,./b7 J4 The warrants entered at the T" isory Departu ut, Washington, on the 21 it inat , were as follows ? For the redemption of bUck $- .192 7! F?r the Treasury Is-parto rot IT,'*4 9? For the Interior Deparlmout 5o,7l.< 16 ) or Customs U.Ml 1)9 War warranto received and lou-rod 21?,075 l>2 War repay war-auto recered and catered.. 7,470 48 ( n account ol the navy 3,737 lit' The stock Jobbcc- of the Patty Times made UlO following derations at the JSoaro of Krokerw to day :? Honiqbt?20o M- Igaa bouthorn Kit,. fl! V 200 du do 62?-1?. 30. 100 do do 60t*~c*-h. fhh do do 611* do MO do do 60 do ScM? 300 Mich:,' m Southern ItR 0O--ci 100 h V. Oulral P.R .Wit,,?regular. Th* Albany ?trj/y,scf the 2id Ins' Hoys:?. W? understand theciUzeas of Mba:.y liavo Ul?en-legal atep< to tent the Constitutionality and obltejHnri oftl.s bond* boned 1.v the city In the Albany and Northern t' < 1rood Con.piny V < bond." amount to >.".00,000, at -uc per cent, pay*!>! In I-""? .v.I lulore t has Ven paM K'-mlannuall) Mnce 16,and another pay..tent full- due m. May. Meaiire. Hiram IVr-y, Thorns* llcCrady and AM iriruu John Bt-naoe (who e securities are D V. N. Rnlcliff and (feorgn I vx'l-r, F.-l ), all property held-r^pind tax' pa.y .?r. Of the (diy , In rtnal out iui mjun?b..i. fori) id-1 Inn Hie eit.v t,. pa; the ititeia d. 7h recent legislative i\itiiir.?t|< n of tlm million loan to tin* Sii-wfuoi.aiinah Rnllro.ul Company ii.v doubtless quick- insl the /. >1 of our cltlreii.-, and nreed them to stem which w'.h brln. this reck lea-. and otirrc-, ivo legislation to an < nd. The injunction was granted by tli<? IIon. Ixwdah.. Wright, Judge of the Su prune Court, anil *111 beserust upon (li .ioi.ti'Uiii Thompson thus m?ri dig. According to * "-tiUcment publLskftl iu the Norfbllc lierrr.Vf of Thursday, the Seaboard ami Roane* " Railroad, nr.e J of the beat of tJ. line* of coiumtntlCAllon wl.l :U makes up the Virginia railway system, found it* capcnnw amount to t alwut *22,000 more than Its income. A- ovule up to th > vine January I u-t, its accounts stand thus ? ! Passengers *89,100 30 Freight 104,048 31 Adams' fclxprc. i 2,J?>8 47 Luited StaU-n M.a.: 8,000 00 Total J'jOK.ttOO 01 The compttnt note > discounted 17,740 31 Cash on hand, Jau 31, 1H.-H 0,701 03 Total *231,118 00 Disbursement* for the yew 22f,2ti7 43 Cash on hAnd, Jan. 31, Hr.6.,, *4,80o CO The fart tliat pay nent.i from the Northwest are slow thto spring?tn abort, held 'sack to an unusual ami Inconvenient degree?Units a itatuf tctory solution in the following extract from th > fiactnn.aU OUfttr. which : >*>? ? Tb* Lin l fever, which appear* to have t?lfei hot! of jsople generally . is 1 u mg it decldo-lly uufavor thle <'[Tect upon tue money market- of the country, and it U'ug hiavtly upoc tlis merchant* of tl.o ItrS' cilice. Country merchant*, in rnonj cn.~ce, are engaged in la.. 1 sprc-iLi lions, and are thus twins money that should be applied to ttte payment of tit ir de1 t., TTrs may do, provided the Investment* prove proBtable; but should tho apeculdivo bub We, which ha- been Inflate 1 almost to a bur-flog point, eip'.ode, the result wiU be Miy tl> ng but comfort ib|e. Tho nty merchut who prove* lirliilint, will lose Mi Claim, and the country merchant who Is ho reckless of his credit a* to allow hie debts to run over, in order to * euro tr/ ans u| or, which to speculate, will lo-.e h.s money an ' his cr. Ult b*-'.d h. We hear of rmmeroua case* where rn u btiTer their nttcn to go over, while they acknowledge having u.-hI the money in laud (speculation. It ts our opinion tlist the crislit of buch men should be thrown out of doors, and merrtrnule who permit aueh practice* are guilty of an wet of injustice to Unmake!vest ani,kht whole tsercauUe COOitlJ'iUdy ?IOtlt Kuluwigr, Tnun-w s>, Apr;. 23, i8 .7 *1.VS0 Virginia 91V UOObhklVsui'gKttA.Sl Ml tout) do hiv SO do BOO 81V t(MM? NVt RHrl'teUiht 8 > law do 81V ITOOEr'-RRl. trnbfla 10H 100 do 81% 4000 HeriltK 1-ttn ge 81V id Miril (Vti Kit 91 V 3000 111 S Sink. tUtxti 74'., M do boO 0;% r-ono do 7rw do b3 9iv ?H?W 111 Cent RK t?U. h) Mn? i lUi U.b.1 Ti 40001 a OkM'.l Mt*b 87 S. M do b3 TT ( VW H K KK 'il ra;(' nos >"> no >1 1 f.f. td^ Honk of NY. 120% -> <lo 71 21 Bk of Commerce.. 10fl>. lGjQMSfc NIaRR.. 61 7 Hark Kink 108 6"o do 00 ^ ! So Ocean Bank 96 100 do elO Cf?S Kilteu H<nk 1M lot) tic 61 10 IVd A. Mud Cwi Co 1.1 : ?0 do M SOIVnn Coal Co.... 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I., ?u yud "dB ima h Sar.grrt Krw York. CM)", a'upar.ded. I'. P. Caoo A Co , New York city, a ?ueu, IUb!IiU<? about $l&,0n0. John K. Boll^k 0>, Now York rtfg, *TT)*nd*<f. A. C. Howard, New York cil#, auapcuded; l.ali tiv ? rci-oi-tod 170,000. Xmmons & "hort, Now York c'fy. ru'iond"''. I B Cunningham. Paekaklll, N. Y , fklM and aW.giK-1 ' B totoo k Rice, tlica, N. Y , are Mnlraior tig lo> com I fs ntlae at flfly p. r cant. N,ol Nudge, Home, N. f., a*ii?t.ed to If. tf I** em. D <; Pnvla, Srhi-oactoilT, N. V > ified. , W T. AharcromMe, fhillirai, N Y , aiiapended y W. 8. Ingham, Cat<? N Y., a-npeaded , .Wtnoa C Lupin. Ketch timv.lVo, N. Y., aa?geed. Kice Hadaall, Squaii, N. J , vu^x-nded. f Ueorg* R. Dunn ti tit., Philadelphia, P? , giwpendc i 0 U b Myrlck k Co., Pli.laduiplu*. I'a , ?u..peud< t. K L Parker k Cb., Baltimore, Md., naipanded id cor. ? quenoe of low ha Ora r & Fooby k Bio , Bal' niorr, Md., viiprnlrd:>i*U . r reported very largo. William Goodrich, B'heal.iyr, Ya . Aligned. Hebiulh" \bowt gM,000, of Which $10fWo ii aid lo ha Coolfct i.vd r I. n Carter* Co , New Or team, la , MUlrn 1 gion; will |wv in Bill. . Harwood k Crawford, Vlckahurq, M!m . W|mM| Ha biliUe* about $50,000. t L. BCunningham, FayeMoville, Ark , aaNgned; h-m rraditora preferred. "arnuol Ayrea, IMlanre, Ohio, mupcnded f B F Hargrarr, .fermnarllla, fthta awigaad. - ' ' -?a fV._laa A, t. (r.ll.iitrv.ll If*/I IIUMBlk 1 ilill Id out. M. K Tin-, i>or>,Pnnr)>Tl11?, Inl IW>, Houghton A <>?., Chicago, III , aanlgnod Ifc-rnftrd Hmdliein, Chicago, Ui, to J *. 'I LribftMlf laIt W TYtro, Pann, III., oaapcnd'd and left tho pUo: low fc Toytjny, Wilmington, Id. , adapt ad <1. t f.ri en U Vo., (Iritnd lUptdJ. Mi< h., avugnod. L. Hoftoiil'fttnii, (oldwiuor, M rh., fade*!. A.vt>n Arm-(roog, St. John, .V U., htuper Jed. It t> ?ii *ili f ?f la full. t lT* IOMMKKMAL. HKPIHir. ** TnvniDMT, AprII 29? I*. V Af9m ?The mOn rmhrv-M rtVut V) i?>i t. " ft SJtfo , Uie ??Ion yoHor.lay wrro at Uio aani" ulcft < lift ax urnyon ?IVmr ?'Hie roductti stocft <ut<l **><1 d" m^lc demand, cotnMnod with very unftv .raid# >it< irri 4 of injury to tho crop* at the Wmt f?otn nrvrr? r<j| i y v. tVr and frrwt, tended to koop up pr'.'Cft, ?wj> cttMr Pw "i < h:.-h. r ftijd cttra g^ado^, which advanced nn.i'it i>\ ft l<* ^ |?y hbl, while emmon grftdon wot* dull mi 1 < < 1 r, 'h . aloii footed up oImiui ft,(WO 9,uuu bbla. at about uu< fu a lowing quotftt.on-':? ? O nimon to good .Soto ft# it *. 1 4 f otnmou to gfftol Michigan It f-A*.r> 1 Fvtra Hate 6 *4 \ 1 ^ Kitrn Ohio ft ft T I (imrrtfm fo (rood Ohio ft 05 ft ft 1 ; pr>'iui( rn mlto<1 u> guo<1 brainl*.. C M :? ft ^ Fouthfrn ftncjr And r*tn? 0 10 n ft I O nudum miixrflno und ?*tr? * 10 i\ 7 I (<m*itUn wm Arm at Uio ftboro ftucftftttowu, with maIo i ftbotit 300 a 400 lihl-:.; fcvithfrn brand* continued Or with (rood demand for all grade*, Including parc< U f if export; Ui<< Mle* embrace d about '2,000 ft 3,000 bb|g. Wit \ In the range of the iiborf qtiolftUMft. Included In the **i were 750 bM.? Richmond city ?? W IB When! L" , The market wee Arm, with ft milling ifinaud, wi . p.1 if R TOO hual. U V V. -' f \ y" **t?1 ( fori Me in.irkU fte iIiiimt, wth riil"- of <tf u i ,C00 liu .b>"W# inc+uJiii^ now Ht?uth< r ye4l<-v. i< T41 11 T. ?* , Mul W inUc<l. i. ufcr<\ at 7V , ?.<! Hi.:i i n ?i .u- ?? 7V ft Wr u>rv</ fti>ciu(. 2,r-*? I-1 ' ' > ? tin 11) we'T Hi ul? i }J M-t flora ctiri'a u?M .'v, at f*r n 57c. for HouUiw*; r,c t ?7. f r if 4 < ?c ti iiO<" f> * Wc aforr , f'? '' - '11.v -iKi? cuilnaryd *l?.ul 2.000 t?C? fUo, at J a ll Vc , Mud 2,50Q do Mnrvaiho al J7t^c a IV (<nT hu> couAnrd ( tonio tUHj a '? wt : . ) i ""in wprt< triiXTiUr. A N * Orb n Jim i l Mb h i ( < < (o day, r jiortA haIc# of 11,0>>0 t>-?Ji_k? Mai i lilu. I'h i evpi , will Uio occurrence of )ci> -i.r<>i>ao ! fitM 11 mi'mi K hi: I'.^a^omPnU * ro li^ht %r.?l of If. i ii tl 1 11 ivorpowi i.ihmo heavy ^radon \? r iTnortod at ! , Mini la/0 buL. roaii *1 la <'*l . ""'I Uom at ! - , v it. i" mi w a* nominal; coUot) wan tcLm at'nd I1i.. n '\ iit.- .i: Ir i MulV., with lif;lit storkhad ali i.l. > , t.. t ). ? !: L.; i ui.U KoUiuig (4 ttomoiil w u> i lporUal far l.i ,'i u, fa...,; >\? or tl?< oontinml A mail ul.) war. tat- ii uj f r K,!khi or Cadi a. (o k.vJ wit. !> |?> f.A jwr M lUv? Tli.i uiar'cet w w ftrrn Mi l higher, ow .;g CO f" d' (. d wUck af| ' la,til rcoot|il<. Hal.'f. W: n PiMir foi tut. i i"!' ill 75c m t?c , Mi l ft?r ctty u?o at &7 Wo., a IH>: JI s w to HU >uly, with ni.*1iTti.A twli-t. I. grid f a ehi{ n:'til at 5c a 7c l'riiiit' *o'!.. Wo t- u * r ii, lfc. u l.T. liu ia?CUie i Of S old) pig wee ruatlft, .11 Ax.t.. W. , nl a It.,', b tii'inllih. ) r ? Pookland war firm, ivtUi Halo, of t a ' 00 I . , Hi '.i.e. fur U'Uiinou, aii.l at #1 I j for l'i i.|. i Mi'A'ir. - .Sai 300blit.t Oii't i.'v.a' ; 1 XI III. V ,. fl.-l ..I t'U- tlHV 1.1..I. .. I ' .1 tub, muccovadq, 61c Ka\*' :i / !.. Tha inmkM cut., tind , * !> ** of f>,rxto l,t>k?. rosin, to arrive, at ft * ( >> :;t j' >s t n.? i:r|*-i,U?if< and cmic do, wwc linn ( is?IJ:jscct1 continued dull at 83C- * H-t-- v? M mi '!? rv v.- uacltanf:r<t ?I'.ji k?Hie market v?iv? Ufwy, wil . v pi in out 'COh t'.v bbia. now mc.? ?( $--; l-v. i ? ids nt w, iunl prime at >10 'i,' ltaaf coii'.invil firm, tvirti k?'( or rIwmjI 600 a 400 t>l>i.? , Including tirine :it J'1 n 11 T.n, nr. 1 n >.< ai $13 a $11. at,.! r^v >.>?! *.. . nt $' CO a $!,; CO. IV'tno n?r .. w v. !) :?t ,?v $2" * $." ?), nr t I'"0 I'M . I el" I; ima wore sell at $2-1 lx>. 1*" i> , ..i lli tit uli.l in f,cx'1 demand, w'tlx haw* of Hi ItlnU bum it?< fif llo. Cut mi ?l? veorr steady, with sties I <0 I or I Including Kliouiders nt dV^ . *?rt baiiw nt |0\'.\ ii 11c. lard w?,t steady. with aale.i of COO a 400 LmU , nt I''1;!-, o M*i>, the iiuiilp figure f.?r Nl- I HnU'i* and i li. i-^i- wo ' in ( i.i roiv4, without la qu ituoc lliec wait lirtn, v>itlt mIm of about 1 O Uucer, at IS t scc.tTiA?The market vraa iter <t and firm, wiih ?d<>4, including hlwait OX) uieiado, at 7S'" * ^ ; omo Iota 1'crto Meet. I \v gnu! , at about lO.SJc * Ib&c , and Je> iv n. .i ite r, O.Ki ur. covado,chiefly al9\c t U\v a tic , uix! VO liiij.' greeti al 8,*fc. Ski d.?|jio?"l continued dull, sales ot 8,7w>1>*.t? t'-d c'iii? were nndo la IfeiMlon at $1 80 cju.1i, d it/ ?". .or s. <>d continued dull at 10c. a \tn \V" UllKlCV WO VS OTP Mil J at SBC (tperntlona In H< ?l Jbiwtlkt*, ?V I 'llow !)t h uc.< vvjno mvlo yo>U<fd.ty t?y Uixi at II Mcn'h.'UiU' J vclungc:? .1 xtori brick liouio and lil, 3"i r.Midon I VJ4xll7.n IH.dnO 1 lid nortiiwe t corn r r?l a and 'i>ot , !54 ! '''t 7,^00 11't niMotubtf, 21 Ux'+1 5JK0 1 lot,21.3>34 *... 6,000 2 l"t> Lorttl hilio ck'tll ft. WIMt of M.jl .'VU 111 , k'&xUh.O, i Mfh $0,4HI 17,07) 1 let KF. cc,r. U-v.n.ctoii ay. and ttOtb i.t , 'ct ? '). 4,i>J 1 lol ai,.,o.n!njc, 20tH0 " 1 lot adjoining, cckho 2,000 11.1 wl.K'iuirg, $OK$0 $,M0 t 1'H ailjoiDiiiK, Wx'tO 2,'li'i 1 let en CHUi ft., Wyoming, '42(08.0 . 1 lot, '."2a'?k 9 tl.llo 11<1 tii cth' ii t cor I d iv. and 49tli at ,& :!70 1 lot .ndk in: g, 2". \1CV each $1,1l?j. :: Iota adjoining, 26x100; tack $1,210 1 1 lot hou'.h: .u ! cor. l-.t av. Mid 47tli si , 2 ' <1 *> I ' c<) I V on 471'.; nil;< in'.n", 2ti*100 5, ex. I ~ 0 2'*,3. ii lota on 4d'h Kt., in, adjoining, 2bj.10U C>, cvi. $S,'*io 84.000 2 1 #*. S!'. . V!. ; -! i 111. I C.2J ? ,2 lt*?, ' ll 0 ! , ?s> 2 do Hiljcfatng, 25*100, pitch $'5,02.. 4 r) t t il! >U(-il l.tii.'c It. I I t south s d(* of 6.7.1 ' , ? tr blh av., IK.0*100 2,060 1 ' ' i s t itir 1 ct.ih'i'Oii at., !u? ft N. o< tmh r.N t, thM 2.00$ i ". iJOflOO, *MCh 91,(175 . . , ) 4 lot.- N. able a<K> It. Vf. of Hit CNcll $1.010 1 tot >Vi. for. PMj Itv. 1 t h"tll ?t , '>alO<> . 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T. 1 T\1D XOV UK VI? IJf TTII1 H"KA ,I? OP YFvn-.Pl> ,, J / f'li Uir !"> | a*p. Hi" I >t Ihirp riaplrra of < I PI 1 I. '.t 1 < >', thr ITHtstif il ?r. I Pvc lona alorr now ruhlHfc t ItliMi U;tUl.h H.Vl Kl> NkWHPJJ-FIt, t. , V>" IMTVhl-V FXl'HWKVTt * Ia'? jirir..! llrtuUfUl(OMlil 11 Jvi I, It. '.uupl* and Ir.g tin ra?;.? '? A | 11' H A M A N! K It s( N >s.? \Lonn otnorrAii PTTKAfr.?pchtokm, corks t.*r ?, A' . In or.o * celt by the ua# of thla F> vrr i fitid). I Vine OOP dollar. Willie aottj return nm!l p <<ii i <f rrt it Adilrru J Ail So y 1 on, a, Ni a fork. IMAItlllL AtP Tltrf.Y r*TPHIWTTNt? ft) P* 9 n. P.. i ^ji r'. tv '. r| ,.'i if rrj,l..-.t i. I '.'u' 1,1 -I . / tr. ?l " I.ONPON STKHKOkPOPfC OOHPAliP, A. ' rrfOprSIrp a rrrt ua v.trti ? Pf unkWia rtrriiuas mo? urr, V ' ? I..' ? <. i, a I >r h?|r by llir tyilllM* .Ttll"!, Hsd'a inurlc 'out ITV Ih P .dway, ponypf oi Paik rilara, wbrre (' i .i - n.itj I < lia.l Rf f' on.' dotljCr up, and pV irc? fr i i Uilriy in la ur 'i > dollar. Cv R1?;s. / 1 ' I,r') tr, ill.i Kt'.W MUf.lOP. At nil. pi tf "i BKj.T* i I ) If K. .* E)t llrn.tjt t?. I ?ii> t'M ii . Mi it t' irio< ".!> ( P fr .T. ";mr, I " fi> :. a I., ( i, -at U.r.p . s nf ' Cl^t TT" :?, 'hp bi auail i. in.' ipyAiiaatorj now | "ib?lai.i:i" lu I !\Ma l.P-UII H IUiCsTRATJCD NVtasP\/'' I. n.r fr idfl L? <. 'a-t ji?ir ti", a f r la IHulnrr Mi ' tra aprrl * t'a.-'AO atMuai jr, Hr0'i?p?. Jarr n a: al ?a<Mt and "jui. ! rra. I """" y v. RAUoKworrif11. W, *Vi Ad 1!>J Mn*<!??/, cor-nrc u< !(? .< ir. irtit. Tomctr* nroooimrs rrptaratrrif rnirjair.f rl< *!? k(rt (f'r? rm wli/wtit U>?> ?n > r tl ... | on mr >(i ? .?) a plf ( ? of IJ.MifM J m<I lAa d?rt luf' -a'.f *j p?-ar*; rnc foliar cletuu laflf pair*. u<w w f? (a>3 Mr adwajr. n:P roc rkap r:? ttik hkrai.p or v> <i up >.. .*? tbf !??' p*Kr Uir Aral lhr?A fh*|'?r* of OIUj.v < UliOK.IIrMu'.' I >.t??l ?tr?? nf,<? pi.i.iWla* non URHLlK't* thOC'-TBATM? 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