Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1857 Page 7
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w VYflBTYEEMERYS EKitEWED Kf BEY DAT* " 'U W "ut j Jnk^CMTlCIU ~" " ror^2i)WK* FLOOR or" HOOSK 182 KA8T LflriJL Thirty second street Alao, three Mary and Imm l beuas, modem iWHwamu, 31 Laaaeer street, b?an tTbtnn and Osurt, Bnaotfem, very cIk^. Both uifhogh repair. Convenient to city car*. Apply to B. H.vLDN, lift First street non BROADWAY.-TO LET, WITH BOARD, LARUK ut'w pleasant aaaaaa. in iiiln or separate, to families or ck raaliemeo. Iloues has all the modern wprovemente. isrenoea given and required. )()A ?TO LKT, RTOBB AND APARTMENTS IN Uv. house 10t First avenue, a first rate situation for lights* fancy busiueaa. /sppiy to JOSEPH MuliUIRK, leveulh street, from h to 10 A. M. and ft to 7 P. M. >/m -TO LKT, TO A MilAI.I., ORNTKKL FAMILY. JvfVI. the second story and one room on third story of heuse 180 West Thirty ninth street, replete with modern fUMKt a. Neighborhood iMMiocptionubifl. CANNON A BBRK Y, ?) Nassau street. >n tRIVINOTON STREET TO LKT? BEING A DEHI, I rable four story htUUatg, with hoisting apparatus every convenience for a light manufacturing business, king-or pickling establishment. Also, seoand floor Oi Idtttg south, ast corner of Uannoti and Kiriugtou streets fee^ suitable for any basil*** requiring gaod light an ity el room Rent veryanw to good teuauUt. Apply t T. HONNHLLY, hi Liberty-strset, or to Joseph Mc'iuire eventii street, from 8 u? 10 A M and 5 t? 7 P w. H\l\ ?TO LKT, A TURKK STORY BRICK AND )vtl? brown stone front house. No. 191 Kast Twenty4 street, in complete onVi' .vntb gas, hath, range, water eta, ^c. Apply to Dr. J. H. NOW KM-, No. 2 first avenue. PARTMKNTH TO LKT-1* FOURTH AVKNBH' NKAR Twenty first street. I-urge and agreeable roams in the aa of a private family, fumlahod or unfurnished, single or mta, with or without partial board. Addreaa K. T. B., He I office. PAKTOF A GOOD HOUSE TO LBT?CONVENIENT and w.-atof Broadway, beta*/ Houston street. Seoon t r, front-lutsemeut. two attic roams, or the second floor Willi sNc roam. Bent rewsrsiable B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. FIRST CI,APS FOUR STORT DWELIJNU HOUSE, with aU the modern improvements, 174 Kast Fourteenth at, naarfBecaod avenue. Partiealara ,ud keys at J. M. fNKR'S, 4S7 Broadway, near Hrnauie street. OOD YHRKK STORY AND BASEMENT HOUHK TO let. containing eleven rooms, a short distance trow Itroa.l ', below Hsomnc street; vcarly rent fltMl. Also the dwell part of the three story house 392 Itnsiine street; yearly *460. A|)ply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Hroadway. OOD C&ANCK.?TO LET, FOR ANY LIGHT GKN tevl bus)iiuss, two nice parlors on the first lioor of a lliree f and basement house very near Hroadway below llroome t; yasrty rent *4(Xi B. W. RICH ARDft, 907 Hroeiway FURNISHKD FIRST CLASH HOUSE TO LOT?IN Wuvcrley place, near Wasbnigton square, containing iy rooms, a portion of (he rent taken in board if desired, particulars apply to H. W RICHARDS, 3V7 Broadway. MRflT CLAKK HOUKKTO I.KT?CONTAINING HIX teen room*, asdlable for a genteel boarding bon-M1; loca rerj desirable, ta the vicinity of Fifth avenue mid Washing quitrc. yearly nsil $1,100. Apply toil. W. RICHARDS, Broadway ANDHOMKLT FCKJffRHKn PARLOR, TWO HKI> rooOM adjoining, trilh e vary modern convenient*#, may ruled permunrniiy, Without hoard, by grnlieracu <buunnt( mtuel borne with a y>ri\ a to family, In Kighth street, near vdwsy. Address with name, P., box 59 Poeloflicu. FARTMKNT8 TO I.RT?SIXTEEN ROOMS, TOGETHER r srparale, on two ejxlra large boors, aeflood ami tbirtl, waier, sewer and gaav also one half of a hrst class three i house. Apply ou the pre mutes, No. 0 Tenth street, near I avenue. * OPPORTUNITY IK OFFERED TO A JM.UJt ?KN teel family to lure a very pretly collage, with stable, Ac.. arit m, eomenirut to cars and steumtioat; location is very thy, and die place m well recommended. Keul fi-SJ \u A , Herald* office, ur call at lialt street, lirdt bouse f Keeond avenue. KM At.I, GKNTKKL HOUSE. W1TII Aid. THE MO Bern Iniprovenieuts u> let, mil Led only to .1 married rouple not mere than one chiki.lKent Ho0 Apply at No. 7 Davt* r.Thirty-sixth street, bewues Broadway and Sixth avenue tOADWAY STORKS AND A LAROR OKKIRAHLk basement to ML?The property Ml and 963 Hroadway. Prince atreeL now occupied by E. V. iloughwmit, will > altered aa to give one or two large tores; also basement wing 157 feet deep and Ml feet wide, with large entrance Prince atreeL making It desirable for a drat class re.fec WOfftT^f^a 7 b' MADWAY CORNER TO LEASE.?TUE UPPER PART . At that elegant marble building, on the corner of Orand Bread war, In the centre of great Improvements, and the central business part of Broadway. For mercantile or Ms nunmaeu the location cannot be surpassed. Apply to LLOYD A SONS, 15 Nassau atreeL or MB Hrnsidway. TTAOK TO LET.-THREE NEAT COTTAGES TO let, one In Thirty ninth atreeL one on Fortieth and one on ad avenue. Rent J?? each. Also, sbeap stores on Sixth e and Bniadway and Thirtyetiih street. Apartments u> y-tirsl atreeL Apply to E. BR ADT, 71 Thirty Iflh streeL T Townsend, S Nassau atreeL JNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-FURNISHED OR UN tarnished, * commodious house in the village of Flushing.' adapted fur a large family, or lor one taking bourdurs n h few minute* walk from tlte railroad depot. Garden ateohed wtth choice fruits. gas in the bourn- and a bars * premises, rent 9bt*) For further particulars apply le HAY A DAVIH, M Broad alreet. BNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET FOR THE RUMMER? h Oreenfsrms, team.. on the hue of the New Haven -pad, about (wo milea finm Houlhport depoL A line targe e, with garden auarhed, also plenty of fruit, aleo fool tag and (tnlung wntun half a mile, also good barn, Ac . for w If reuutrea For further particulars apply to I)l.'N I A PIMON. 87 Couth street. WNTRY HEAT?TO l.EVSK, THE COUNTRY SKAT M the late lanus Harrison, en Bergen Hdl, in Hudson, S a mile and a quarter from lb<> Jeraoy city ferry, coin qr (he advantages of a city and eoiuMry residence. with y convenience appertaining u> plan a of 'lua description, particulars spply lo W If. HARHItiON, 79 an-1 HI Cort. street. MR .HOUSE TO LJUKK?AN EIJCOANT THRKE story and aUie kNN with eib-ualan. Inluard (abb-, Ac . er without furniture not Ore mui Mm walk from \ator i. Foes casual any time after lirsl of J uiie. Address boi Feat otice NINO RAI/H)M ANI) HOTEL TO LET?OR WILL BE Is separately for etorea and dwellings, the de-urahle Ungs Nee. *44 and 446 Fourth avenue, b- tween Thirty Ural Thirty eerond atreetw known aa the (kiraiaerciwl Hotel, At railroad depot Ftwaeaalon ran be lu>l unnw-dlately. my hare been tinrvpeciodly vacated. Apply to N. LAW :4k, ta Eaat Twenty ninth street, before 9o'clork, at 4 ok In the, or at (1 .Yaaaau street, third ?U ry from Moatncfc. Mf ROOM TO LET?IN NASSAU STREET. DIRECT h apposite the Aru/ans' Hank It la one of the plea at enter* tn the vicinity of the Park. Apply to D A. JDWOHTH, on the premises, 118 Nassau street, second RMIBHRD HOUSE TO RENT?UBS FOURTH ATE sne, to s prtrste family only, si a reaaonahle rent Ui a wble tenant Premlaea can he aeen from 11 lo A Apply A. HMITH A LE ROY. M William street "NICHED HOUSE-TO LET FURNISHED. OR mee and furniture for sale. The delightful oouage real lit as Behermerhorn street Brooklyn; house and fur ? In Arst rata order, ass, Ac. Terms to a responsible tat MO per ssonth, payable quarterly m advance, would W eta months or one year if desired, possession iinmedi Apply ou the premises or lo W ROOT, No UN Wall 4 rnee of house and furniture MdMO, one half on tn-.rv ] 4_ RNIKIIF.D HOUSE TO LET AT YoNKKRH -THE fStkac steue en Hope situated on Warburum avenue, shoot iv rods anrtb of rtdlrxaui statins and sUutmboat wharves, ikv< seven rooms, with good kitchen, coal cellar. Ac . w .led wHh water In the basement and gas Ihrougheul. M the rlvvr, of wha-h and aurroumllng enery the view is The ItiMMIure m of the bMI ikwripuiN,. ? >< saw tort *y For fbrtlx-r partieulara apply on tbe era MrHWWH/ranai, 1?. T IBRK TO LKT-IN FORTY THIRD RTRKKT, RBIwrrn Neranlli aad Klpbth airnuH. four Mary frwaar a, with far hatha, atoliooaor waahit.ha, be , auiuUto for aiael prltrala family. Kant Ml UbU at afe Hnalaiy, i to. M WHAT. > ?? TO I>T I* BROOKLYN THK OOMMoDIt HIM bauee No M> Atlantic Rrtcl, one door weal of Clinton, *tyn at low rrt,t Kurwtiwf* in aaav for "*le )?FIC AND TABI.K TO RFNT AT TIIRfXlH NKt'K. Apply to 0. C. nCRRIR. Na. ( I-nine tan aeanue 'ANT TO RIANT I MMKDt ATFI.Y, NOR A FIRKT dBaa WaanC a torea or four alnry bonae, with all the mo tapnTranita, from Fifteenth ta Tlurtteih atrreta, ba a rlftk and Kioto areaima. Apply to U. U. TUOM pAow, ?aaaa atraoA FT* T? L*T -THBTOUKTH AND FIFTH FLOORK No 9 OaaoJ atowai, worn or without poorer; hpht front, aad mar. I a* tore af J. M. BOWK *S Rraadway FTRTO IJCT I-OW -THNF1RVT ANORNOONI) IiOFTM aad adtor, ta toa Art proof More Na. too Waahkurvm 4, arar Warren atreat, a tillable lor any aaerranuie ban a ail a aitA-p flrra Immediately Apply oa lha pramlaea m HCTRRKLL . rt TO I.KT-TH* RWOND FUX1R OF B17ILDINO nwloaat corner of WlRtom and Fraahfarl etreota It by large ta todoora. well oato'itoted for any htawn-aa re mi yo"d kfobt. inqulra of TUOMAM V WILRON. All r rir ret ? ST%KRO ADW AT.?KROOND AND THIRD NTORHC8 to tot Apply to too tonre KHWARQ TH'WIOAW A BRO Tim TO i.rr- IN THF. WIFFAT Bon JHNO, AIA?O. aaearai raama Biwilag aa Broadway. 1 squire la rooaa Fir* TO I.ET A KAVTim, r*OWT RAHEMRMT, to a IrM riaaa houaa, anry forward, ** lmr toway. wtli ha l?t ikMD U1a auilnbla toaanL Stofne P?PP tow Apply at C7 Amity atraat _ ______ fir* TO I.ET. - A UARUP HA< K OTTXCK RKOORD Iwr. with a toWMIr .u.tnbla for a toT7*rI_* *?r or Impnrlara of JawaJry I'oaannalon iwnwdinlnty. T at TP Kmn atraat, aarnnd Boor k?T OF HOI-BP, IM OREEWR RTRKFT, TO LET Prwn? ywar. atUMU awl hall biBrnawa. ?a aanaari Bnw. NwmmainaMng. auir mow with Arr plana, Inrfa Iwo l^yooO yard, (Votnn. fa*. Rial WU. PawaaMw Mam*. NIMfl TO I.ET -WITH RTRADT "TEAM POWKR, j?jas TSSt. TULm'SSJXZ Lotr OR RROAOWAT TO I.AT -WO. MB RROAOWAT, [ aermorf Bwir, Juat oaporad and palntad, iu ar?t ?aw ,kla for anoMranr t(fh? bnalnana. Inpniro at KMKIHt f>.. MB Rmad way orr m - to i.ET a two ptory Airn rabemett *a??. hnnaa rv.n-a(olnf nina rnam* IWi walrr, larr* , f raw plat, rfoa and p?arh ir??, will ault .*. ,.r i wn fa * AIT'A"n """ Pr-mlaaa. l? W-at Thlriv huh ^P atUUilM, M War ran atrrat, oafr train* Hann*'i ?RE TO I.ET THR I^lWER PART OP PTORR 4S ' 'jtrnot Apply on IJm pramlaaa, np atalra UK TO IRT MO. I,MB RROAOWAT. OORMKR OP tortj .rrnod atraat, a Ian a pari nf tha riwllln* era r tho Tla B>' -iraa .n tfca ainra Crania A Aral rWa all ia<t-ai tonv.y ?r. * ?ry or any alnnla h wlnaaa. r,w?aanA>n *la-n r May Trrnw 'fc'ral Apply to OOUUB * yo, /U ilaaj. ' i S^SLtSf,ffilTV1'^^*r nl I ?mr end side IlkhU; geeyarn. new | idiroto. Apply *1144 Chembem^treet. | SHJttK TO LKT IN JOHN UTRKW.?THB FIR8T fl/XiR, i aEdTndkr cellar of * ?Wir? * . *1 Jotm rtreei. RttoCBXIU App^W^ hCHIKFFKLIN. 170 William street STOKE AMP ' g" AR TO LEASE OR LET?SITUATED ?u the uouthweul ooruer of Water and P?e "streets. ap ply'ilseol^r ^f^JfvLEHY, 133 Water street, oorner of Pine. i SBC ON D FLOOB.?TWO P AR1/OR8, FOLDING DOORS, I .end kwohall'bsdrooraa; also bank bnn?ant, eoutainuig I ranee. Croton antigen; will be rente* to a rsssll family without AUlren; yearly rent from 1st May MRS. 96 Stanton street. .OTATKN ISLAND ?FURNISHED OOTTAUB TO LKT, m * retired, geetoel neighborhnod, ten minutes walk from ! rubor the guarantiee or SuiiileUin tanking*, frntn the middle of ' June to the end of September, to a email fusiily unlv. The' I houae M< neatly funa*tied, ha* ten room*, and ouminaDiai a hoe 1 < view of the buy. Apply to H. 8., box l.SIH Pout otlk-e i I . ?- | STATKN 1KI.AKO ?TO LKT, A NKW HOUSE, WITH liable ami two or more aero* of land, near Vunilrrbilt ^ i landing Kent $AU0. Apply to DAVID DEI'K KR, 56 White hull Direct, or to K. M. llaaard on the premises. < 4jtatV:n island.?to let furnished, a dk O liglufully Hituulwi large family mauNiou, with flower and * kitchen garden; 14uatilitien of choice frail; htallica; beauty of iucuiimi cuunol he Kurp.isaed on the lalaud; within .160 yard* I of 1 he terry. Apply to J. U. CURTIS A CO , ?7 Exchange place. r> LKT?HOUSE IM CANAL 8TRKET, NEAR TARIGK; rent 11,000. Three years lease will be rWen to a responst- j w le tetlant. Security required. Apply to 8KTTH k BOYD, 1 A Rroadway. , , r LET?ON THE EAST RiyKR, AT RAVENSWOOD, L. ' I . Iliree beautiful-nonages, in romptete ardor; one oonaiiitiinr eleven rooms, Uie ether!wo flfteeji room*each. Hier > ix aiuui. 4<>r attraction nwi couveuirnoe to the city, cannot be iirpaHuwa within ihe vicwtty. For terms apply to O. HOP ior\ rrc* sup, up buutb, ironi 11 wo ?rc*>c*, or ?t Rav^nff?w<MK]. TO LEV?TWO FIRST f LASS FOUR STORY ENGLISH bamssMWil houses 219 umt 221 Went Thirty tdih street. Hrown U> smeud Itoer, large buy w indow, marble vestibule, hs*iil*wew Hiutuury, wai-ble mantels, walls elegantly hung witii geid said peari paper; all the modern improvements. ReatiTiW. Apply to H. SPARKS, 215 West ThirtyUlih street. TO LBT? AT SARATOGA SPRINGS, FOR THK 8UMmer months, a new brick house newly furnished, with large garden attached, convenient to the Spring*, and one of die Duuit dexirable resldense* In the village. Inquire of K. K. DAVIS, 101 Went Thirty seventh street, or adtlreaa R. CHUKCHI IX, Saratoga Spring*, N. T. rro LET-THE FOUR STORY AND ATTIC FIOUHK MO X 6 Univenilty place, oppnaite Washington square. Mouse wiill be put in goad order. Apply between 10 and U o'clock oR B. HUTCH 1 NOR M John afreet. TO LET?FROM THE FIRST OF MAY. HQUSH NO. 509 Broome street. Inquire of THOR B. VAN BURKN, Eaq., 297 Broadway, over Broadway Bank. TO LET-IN STAMFORD, COMM., A VERY NEATL, furnihhed beuae for the summer months, from ,be 1st O June It is complete In all Ha arrangements, having the comfort and convenience of gas, bath room, and water In ihe house, also a very fine loued piano. The place la well known to be perfectly healthy, and the bouse la in a pleasant neighborhood and to the best order. For terms ana other particulars address L. W., Fast ofltce, Stamford, Oonn. None need apply but neat housekeepers with small families. TO LET?ON BROADWAY, BETWEEN FORTY SEVENTH and Forty eighth streets, oue three story bouse, with all 'he modern improvements, being one of n row of five bouses having an open park 110 feet square. Inquire In the eentre bouse, or of GEO. 8. ROK, 19 Merchants' Exchange, Hanover I r ilreeL rLKT?A FOUR BTORY BRIOK ENGLISH BASE- 1 meat bouse, with modern Improvements, sod to good r irder. House 1M West Thirty fifth street. Kent tfifiO. Apply o W H FORBES, 586 Broadway. J (j TO LFT?HOUSE NO. IBS SECOND AVENUE, CORNER " Twelfth street, wtth modern Improvement*. Apple Is H. M ERR ITT, No. ? Third seeoue. r TT LET-STORE NO. 872 BROADWAY, CORNER Oj h Eighteenth street, siiilable for a merchant tailor, fancy , ioimIs, fruit, or sae business reaulrins show. Apple to J. H. ? (hlFFINO. No fi Treon mw bunding. from 1 to 1 P M TO IJCT?OFFICES ON THE THIRD FI.OOR AND THE r nwai ?u Ibe enure tioor, third story, In No. 78 Broadway, J mid also three rooms in No. 7 New street. Rent low. Apply ,, u> Mr DKLAPLAINR, or Mr. Maiooe, No. 7 New street, be tween II and 8 o'clock. TO LET?THE RKOOND STORY Or HOUSE 177 NINTH H street, comer of Stuevesant, consisting of three rooms, 1 pantries, closets, Ac , with other privileges. ^ rLKT?TI1E DWELLING PART OF HOUSE NO. 378 Fourth avenue near Tweuty seventh street; 12 rooms, ~ with bath, gas, dumb waiter, A< . and In nice order. Rent I fists) K. H. KI.NS1UMKR. 319 Fourth avenue. ' _?? tr TO LET-A FURNISHED UOUSE, THREE STORY n brown stone, with all the modem improvements ami nice- ly furnished. Situated on Twenty fifth street, near Kot?rth aveuue. Kent moderate. Also oilier houses furnished. I K. B K1NSIUMKR, 319 Fourth avenue. * B TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE TWO STORY * and attic house 36 Arum street; rent fi2Ad per annum. " Good neighborhood and pleasant location. Inquire on the " premises. ^ rpo I.ET-A VERY DESIRABLE sM VI,L FRONT OF J X lice on second Moor ol' 37 Pine street; rent fiJUU. Apply to ' AI J. AN MELVILLE, 37 Puie street. " TO LET?THE UIWKR PART OF HOI?KE 71 THIRTY first street, between Fourth and Lexingum avenues, with ' baih and gas, to a small respectable family. Rcfe V r. 1.1required Kent 83MJ _ rLET? A THREE STORY HOUSE IN CHRISTOPHER H street In Complete order, 8HUI and w r , a three story J bouse No 12U Oreene street, v. , ami w. r ; a two s'ory and * aulc liouse No. Att Fourth street. fiMO and w r ; a two su>ry * and atne house No 31 Oreene street, frill and w r. Also for sale, a budding kit on Auuty street, near Thompson, ? feet, price fii,a<JU Apply to JOHN CULYER, 231 Thompson fi street J In r LET-PART OF HOUSE 287 BOWERY, CONSIST cv Ing of tw o fine parlors, front basement, pantrtes, Croion si and gas, to a small family Kent moderate. Inquire as above. o' May r mrvn froiA 12 W) 4 o'rkfc'k. I K r) LKT-THR ffOUHK NO. 46 COLUMBIA 8TRKRT, *1 Brooklyn, 0T8*rU*?kinn the bay, wuh the um* of two *tde J k?4* a* a k'ar<kaii. Krnt low Api?f> to <4 L. HKNVKTT. NO. if I u.'.!l.,aa sleo.l l(r.wibl?n nr ii Cumsuii sirmd Nat var V.wk II ? II >?c r) MET ? IN FULTON 8TRF.KT, THK STORK AND * twrnv'nl No. 1S1 Fulton ?treet J EDWARD DUNIOAN A BRO. TO IJCT?OH MURRAY HILL. TWO NKW TOUR STORY 1 Rngliab baaement bouaea, on Forty Ant atreet, between " Madteon and Fourth avemiea, hare all the modern improve tenia, ami u> a *..?! tenant they w< >ld be rented at teiu) pur ' year. Inquire In the middle hoaae, on lb? premtaea. "< ____ TO IJCT?THR HANDSOME, F1RHT CLAM RROWN ~ etoiie front dwelling CM Henry atreet, Brooklyn. Tht? "I booae haa the oanal modern Improvement* and la la one of ' ihe uiuat attractive loraliura In Brooklyn, rlv? minutea walk C1 from the ferrtea. Poaeeaalroi given Immediately. Root very & reaaonable. Apply Iti Mr. JOHN K. UOKA, 130 Fulton atreet. New York, ap alaira. rJ r> I .FT?ON CASTLRTDN HIIJa NTATRN ISLAND. < < within llflreo mtnotro walk of Caatleton lorry, two eat Layr hotuu-a. one containing eleven rooma ami the nth or ihlr ~ torn with kiuhona, cellar*. barn*, carriage bouaea ami a wall rl of racrllrnl watrr, clalera. vegetable garden and fruit Irooa; 1 ho gmnnda are luuideomely laid out, with carriage patha, fcv ?!< root treoa, errriricona. ke. The location la elevated and very "1 Wealthy, with magnificent water and In lain I vie we. For fqr ?' ibr parurulaas apply on the premtaea or to JURE XANU w NKIHi. 1*1 Front alrret N. Y. of r> l.KT-A DOUBLR OOTTAOR. WITH MINK ROOMS. 1 In rr garden. At , on Mt Prnepect. Brooklyn. Rent H7A I Aloo. the parlor boor IW Franklin atreet, near Weat Broad tn way and (ke atore 4N F.aet Broadway, N. T. Apply at No. 10 ~ Stale atreet. near the Battery fj TO I.KT?AIRY AND KLFUANT OFFICES AND BED fi? moaia at No. 4 (Voire atreet, oppoaita the t tty llali la It quire <?t the prroneea. m Amr^mm?????^? p IPO LFT?THK TURKIC STORT AND ATTIC BRICK " 1 houae tetl Waver ley place, neit to the corner of Waahlng ~ tea aquare. rent **I1 and laiea. Apply at Xi Waahtngtoa T aquare or 71 South atreet I r) LET -TIIR LARUE HOrSK, M FRANKLIN STREET, f*' aear Bread way, will be let cheap, by applying to U _ TERRY, corner of Franklin and Church atreela, tala week. f| rpot I?ET- THE HAKPSOME BROWM KTOMR ERnVT , A lw>0"e 161 Weal Torty acennd ?(rwt b?tw?n the l*>'v. iiih I_ and *?b<h tvMiiim Honw contain# ill Ikf Mapromnru'a ?( I n the age. Kelgtiborhood ftmt elaaa ami rent eery low. Apply I ! D THOMPHON, Mo 191 W?t r->rly Hurl atreel. ?r fTV) LRT-THR MOPERM Bt'ILT EOl'R STORY DWE !r n 1 lngf? Second avenue, cae, elegant chandelier*, ettrnd' 4 I court yard, baiha, At , replete. Can bo icon from ill A. d, fj toir M. Apply on the premier*, or Vo J. chkiwhtom, 1 41 Pollen atreet, M Y. all ' A| rl.ET-TTIE STORE. RACK ROOM AMO CKIJLAR. ? 1*8 Eaat TMrly eighth alrccl beweeR the Second and IT Third avenue* "Apply at lOVWrrtli ati-vet, near Broadway. I 1 i" To l.ET? A ORMTEEL llot'SR IM BROOKt.YM, WEAR *1 Court and l.tNiaere atreeta, alao a gritted cottage b?nae II on DeKalk avenue. rent 9178. alao a corner aior* and house _ an Marry and Or Kalb avenue* Apply to C. U. TllOMPStiM. n M Mh*cau avert. I r> LET-A VERT MICK THREE STORY BROWM J' low baerment bouar, on I eitngton avenue, near Eortieth _ at reel, tiouae contain* ten room*. wRh hath and gam. I" -nt r, 9*M K H KlMHHtMKH. Ht Fourth aeen , J rljrr-lll BROOKLY1V. FOCR NRAT OOTTAORS J' In Byrtle aeenud near Plvtaion a venae. will he put In gand order. 9280 and 9778 each. Inquire of A8ib. FAMMIMU 1 M Bowery " r l.ET?A WRATI.Y rrRMlSHET) STTT1MO ROOM J with a large pantry and bedroom attached, on the aeeood *' one. Term* <Jl SO a m eek. Can be oorupled bnfbre or on lat of May. Apply at 279 Etgbth avenue 'j1 rpo i.rr-a two story amp bashmrmt hodsi * 1 W?h nr without atal>le. together with throe Iota of ground _ with an abondaaco of TruK of all hlada, aMuated lo Tlndana r| CRT, Mew Jerae* within a bleak of tha EIto Oornera, where J atagea run In and front .leraay City ovary Aflaen ml note* la ul ttHWi&vzb' ** * ? h nPiHninwivn, wniw ofwrprn. KRIH psnu. ??? fi rllRT-Tn A Kit MX RRRrRfTABT.R rAMTLT. PART 1 Of a bratrtiftil thrar .tory hrtok bill kit nx In South Brooklyn, wml?iki0f (In* floor bummt. mm! port of thin I floor; gar jm all thronrb and watrr In thr yanl. For parUaiilara Inqnlrrat ' St Ptimwlt llffCt. fr T) t.FT?ON VF.R* I/1W TVRMR. A MoOHRN TURKIC 1 dtorr ba?rm. nt unit ?nb rrllar brick dwrlMnr |uah atooo i noath ?mV Firty thlnl ?tr<rt. brlwrrn Boron,| and Third *?o! n? | nnra A c l v- k vkt t? Kimh *rrct. " " M r?l>T THK STORK, Hit K R?OR AJtllllACK HAHR. ra Iflrnt of btilklln* No flfls Klchth arrnnr. between Fort* J rifhth anil Forty ninth llrroi, aultnblr for hoot and ahnr ?T rrnoAi-ry. tnllor, haHlwarn. atoilnnorr, or atnrr ami t In atm r. .2 Neighborhood flrowhifl rapidly. faquir* of KDWAKD w TIKI'S! IN, In I ho 'trim ?torr. No TTO KljfbOl armor w T"~f> I K.T?TIIK i,l AAKR PART OT lUU'HK KM HK1.AN ~ fry atrrot, ron-trttnfl of front and baob parlor, front and T barb baaomrnk tranar In bark tiarrmrnt,) with onr or two - | room* on l hr I hint floor Inqnlrr on tho promlaoa, or at X) Markrtfl' lil at root, from fl A. M. to A P M. TO I.KT-TO a rkri IIA NT TAlUUi, AT No vfl Broadway, a dralrahlr room, alar 11 by ho frrt, with ft rhandrlk'ra. watrr rlorrt. Ar , anil anfllrlrnt oo-n.m from utr 1 tyilrr to pay thr rrm. Apply M ihfl drub of tbr t hlnrrr mil lit flarit Rooma, from 7 to hi o'rWk P N Alao private billing h' fWA Ma* larMabau mh tm stubs an* am U . ? | JMW TOBK HJ5RALB, Fi ^ murrr RionriiL r" LBT-AT KINOSBr/DUII, A OOTHIO OOTTAO* ' wniilM nine noma, modem finish, marble msateto, Ac.; carriage house md oilier out buddings In good repair. There Wane acre of ground attached, fruit trees, shrubbery, tl and one arile from Hpsytendeuvll depot, on the Hurtaen river railroad, and lU mlk from Fordham depot, Harlem railroad. Apply at WW. Q. AOHKRMAB'B, near tha | I i l n mo LET?HOU8B a WBBT THJRT* -8K001VB IQUR, 1 blghNloop, three siarv and basetMht, wHh off E>e madam h hnprnveroevita. Seat ?fo. Inquire of B rRANRIAW.71 > Thirty flfth street, or ef J. Prentlee. 1? feari rirurt. rLKT-TWO KNQI.ISH BASEMENT rOUK HTOBY briek houses on ftfty-second street, between Ehmnlb avenue and North river. Rent 8800. A too. a brews atone ? Front honae, <7 Wtiii Twenty flflh street, rent lew. Apply to JOHN <>. PA'VIHON, 12 Maiden lane. t rLJCT?THE COMMODIOUS BROWN 8TONR DWELL* utK bouses, NalB Waat Twelfth street and Is Bari Thirteenth street, both neatly furnished and osntalntaf bedding, i utriistla. Ac., for the aoeimuuodallODtrf * Mbi, qtah the brown stone dwelling honae. 127 East Thirteenth street, unfur r alshed; also, No. gl Waat Fifteenth street, and 808 Fourth avenue. Poesesatou can be had on lot Way prostata For particulars apply to HORA A NAVAKRO, 127 Pearl street TO LET?TWO OOMMOD1O08 AND THREE SMALL colleges on the banks sF the Hudson river, at Fifty third street Rent moderate, and possession riven immediately. r SAN FORD A STRIKER, 81 Liberty street J r LET-TWO FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSES, WITH English baeejnents, known as New 6ft aud 67 blast Thirty ft tost street, between Lexington and Wourth avenue. Apply at No. 60 First street. a r LET?THK HI.KO ANT FOUR STORY ENGLISH BAHK O meat house H*. SO ffwit Thirty fifth street, between Fifth indfUxto avenues; baa all the atdfm improvements, and the, n bcwuan la uusurpaaeed. Apply to V. R. COUDKRT, 98 antttl j Ana street. m ft r> LET?THK HOUSE NO. 110 BLEEOKKR RTREKT, I wkh Ike rear part of No. 112. eontoinmi; In all about fifty 'I rooms, well calculated for a holed or large boarding house. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock, to 8. B. HUTOHlmM, 36 n Fohn etoeet. J K rO LRT-THE TWO THREE STORY AND BAHKMKNT brick bounce on south side of Eighty nuth street, between m first and Second avenues. The houses contain Croton water, ] taa. bath roowa, and marble mantels; also, conventent to teoond and Third avenue cara. Apply to Jaa. Misire, 263 rh noon street, or Col. Hart, Kighty-fourlh street and Third are. rt LET?THE NKAT OKNTRKI. TWO STORY OOTT.VOK 271 West Thirty third street, near Ninth avenue; has ri notlern Improvements; will be rented cheap to a good tenant. I Apply to W. H. HAYKH, or to 8. M. BARTON, 16 " ret. t rO I.KT?THK UPTKR I'ART OK HOUSE 122 KANT Eighteenth street, between Third avenue and Irving place, J laving all the modern improvements, gas, Croton water, Ac. ,, tent moderate to a small family, without children. Can be -1 MM Irom two to Ave o'clock. r. rO I.KT?IN BROOKLYN, THK SKOOND AND TIURD * lloors of a neat three story house, to.a small faintly. Lo .p ailon desirable; rent low. and would be taken In board _ Address M., box 6,513 N. Y. Boat office, or apply at 36 Wit ,. nughby street, itrisdtlyu. I rO LET.?ONE OF TIIK CHEAPEST AND MOST DKS1 rah it! rtxidfiiCM on Htnten iMand, on Htird Avenue, three r. mirth* of a mile from the ferry; house first oHvks, apaciou*. I ikI excelled by none in cheerfiune?i or convenience; ground* * leauUlul and retired, with barn, Ac. Apply Co Men*!-*. HOYT t JOHNSON, NO. 4 Kiumver street, New York, or to 8. P. ** *A K K hit, on the prejioaes. ' rOLKT?A VKRY HANDSOMK COTTAGE ON KINllb 1 bridge road, near 1671b street, with about four acrsw of ! slid. On the premises are a stable, wtssl house and ice house. I died, a variety of choice fruit tress. The. place is uccesaibh Jf t all hours bv steamboat, railroad and stage. Inquire on the remises of n M. BRAMIURST, or of JOHN M. KKSdON. ~ 1 Fulton street. fj rO LF.T?PARTLY FURNISHED, A HOUSE OR PART. wilh all the mrKleru Improvements, seven minutes'walk _ rem Broadway. For particulars address P. O , box 6.051 ro I.HT?TJIK TWO 8TORY, Ac.., HOCHK 123 CANAL J street, next lo West Broadway; will be altered In a stnr. * I' desired. Apply at 1112 Broadway, from 11 to 12 o'clock, or _ 193 East Twenty seventh street. _ PETER A. H. JACKSON. 1 rl LET-PART OF A THREE STORY BRICK HOUKK *l1 No 60 Pike street; the apartments are cnnim-xllous, wel. Y" uilshed, cheap, and in a highly respectable locality; gas imm! '1 'roton, are in perfect order. Apply to J. PRICE, ou the pre tins. rO LET?A FINE THREE STORY AND ATTIC HARE ^ tro ut house, on Went Twenty-tilth street, with nestem nprnvi ineiita and m luce order, rent MAO. Also, one oi ecoud avenue, near Twenty tilth street, rent $70U. I'1 E. H. KlNSIilMKK, 319 Fourth avenue. ^ ro LKT-THE THREE STWRY BASEMENT HOU8E, NO T 341 Fourth avenue, near Twenty fifth street, oontauuti, -* I or 14 risnis, with bath, gas, Ac., will be put in line order *" le basement floor is suitable for an oflice. E. H. K1NSHI.MEK, 319 Fourth avenue. n" UP po LET?THE ELKO ANT THREE STORY HOUKK 11 L with high basement and stoop, 40 President street, ooiitaln rf ig all tlie modern improvements, with gas aivl water thru nan I ut. Inquire at 42, next door, of M. T. GOULARD. ^ ro LET-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, PLKASANTL1 situated In the town of Fairfield. Conn., within Ave minuter j .aIk of the New York and New Haven Railroad depot. Term- ... rode rate. Apply to 1HAA0 JENNINGS, UU Water street. r>i lew York. ? h rLET?IN WTLLIAMHBURO, TO A RM AI.L OENTKE1 w family, live beautiful rooms, with rhandrtiers, gas, water >i ttchen. pump, all on the second story, slag--* pass the dour ? lent fliflu per annum. Inquire at 4&i Grand struct, Wtlhuia* n nrg J rO LET-IN BROOKLYN. NEAR THE FULTON FERRY a large rommodious brick house, with every convenience M x a small family. The rent will be taken In board for lw? ? ersons. Addruas J. C. 8., or call at 444 Caual street. New n ork. J r LET?THE FIRST RTORY, THREE ROOMS DROP, FH basement and fourth story In nlee order; range bath, hoi no ltd fold water, Ac . In East Thirty third arret, near Lexington wi venue; a email family occupying the other part. Apply at ?. o 114 East Tlilrly lourth street, near Third avenue. fH) LET-THE WHOLE OR PART OF THE THREE I'"1 L story first class bouse, In fine order, having all the modern ri* nprovrmenta, gas, hot and cold baths, wide halls, dry under liar and neat yard. Rent very reasonable to an aaoepti. Jle P'5 nail family. Can be seen from 11 to ) o'clock, or 7 to I r,M clock In the evening, at 1C2 West Thirty first street, near "~ IghOI avenue. IT no LET?THREE BEDROOMS AND USE OK PKIVaTK . parlor, wnh breakfast, la a first class bouse u> i <rr *sr Broadway, where no other boarders will be take*. To a 1 P1' u-ty of three gsntleatsn who would be willing to pay for --net leommodathsis they could not but be pleased therouses wotth T * let separately with same privilege. Address A. H , care ot 1 W Luiaon, Jr., 79 Nassau street. , lor ibr "to LET?THE DWELLING HOl'RK, Ni). ?19 WK81 '? Nineteenth street, between the Eighth and Ninth a veil hu liar at N?. .IS Ninth avenue. Rent $i>l per annum. anltn I'b c fur a family grocery or fancy hualnena. For further par uiara apply In WM II. RooME, real e*talo broker ami fF mac agent, No. lhh Wial Two illy tlrat afreet. 1 ????????????_______ HO no LET?IN TWENTY riKTII HTRKBT, TIIKKK DOOR' f'* L weat'nf Sixth av . a tir?t cla*a hotiae, Willi all the modern tin " n . irienta. gna fixture runplete. Impure of O. OvUDWIN I Weat Twenty li/tb atreot. _ 10 1.1 r?TIIKKK YEARSLKtSK FROM M AY I. FRONT T rooiiM i f aecnnd Klory fill Broadway. ore* Iti-eklu-tn A (jV a.'a. Klrioat reran a aa<l be t entrance for any buaiueao In '' la rlly Apply <>n the preaiia* a. j ^ fol.lT-iV TIU_ARY STREET, BROOKLYN, Til it KV m mlnulca walk from Ihe railroad in Pulton afreet, a '!? I orv brick home, In good onlcr, the parlor* am furnl?he*l .t Hruaaela carpcia entirely new,) new odcbeh on lie* llr*- ? ill armnd hall*, ami ihe ?talr? carpi led To a go<*i tenant, abo V' 111 take n len?e fur Ave year*, will bo let very low. Iiriuim ? A THOMPSON. JU Clinton alreet, Hrooklyu. I V) LET-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A VERY KINK ^ furnieheil front room fur a (outIonian, nlao, a front fw J rut, aullAble for an oflire. Inquire at 810 llouatuu ?lreof. V) I.ET, ON STATKN ISLAND-FIVE OR NIX rooms * riitiilSifl| of parlor ami hedrnom*. *uital>|e tor four or f_ e gent I' men, ?rh lironklaat ami tea. the liouae l? beautiful m-m located, between the |ir?l ami aecnnd landing*. about dire. r_, Intttea walk Iroin either landing, unit r inmate Hug a beaut! I I view of ihe bay and harbor. Addruaa I. I,., boy ;fhj Pn?t lice. New York. *r* ? _ _______ * n K) LET?THE THREE STORY ANH \TTHI MR If* tlouae, 2M Spring atreet, between Variek and 11 in i win f|i eeia. Apply to JOHN L. CHASE, 147 Hammond afreet JL m S to 10 A. M. and after 6 P. M. nut . be M) LET?THE SECOND FTa)OR. CONSISTING OF TWn prparlor* and nantrlea between, two bedroom* and back i e abiry hnuM No. AS Kldrtdg? timet. Ap '| y on the pri mm ?. 1 ???? ??????????_ ror IO LET-PART OF A OOOD HOUSE. 119 EAST THIRTY ay third afreet. A ?mall reapectalile famUy til want of a nice Art *ce, and where there are no children, ean be *utted. lie m *1 < roton water throughout. Puaaeaatou immeiUeti ly. An fry tal rent flTS. Plea?e call aa abore. I tO LET?TnE TTIREE STORY NRICK HOUSE NO. H7 M>" Weat Twenty-aevenih atreet, near Eighth arenue. |?ua ? I the modern Impmi omenta, ami In perfect order. Kent N>JI|. rev [>ply to A F. WAGNER, 18 WaH *treef. J to LET-UPPER TART OF HOUSE. WITH ALL TIIE JTu, modern improvement*, fire large room*, privilege of bath pp, om ami kitchen for waatihi#. Rent low to a amafl reapeet- ? >le (amtljr. Referenees rschanyed Apply at ZQ Wnl k tlrly filth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. | *1*4 tO UtT-THB HOUR* no. Ill MART THIRTY NINTH W strret; also. No. US le-tlrrIon avenue: also. No. Ml Kaat I fc Urty tint street. Apply to LUSH. A MOON, M Fwirth ? entie. HP1 tO I, FT?THAT YOUR NTORT RNOLTNH BASEMENT , botiee No. 146 Wot Thirtyeurhth street, wtth all the mo day rn Improvements. handsomely shualed between the Seventh r? id Rlclith aveeuea. Hons# In (nod order Rent MU la """ lire <n tiKoRUK ORKAHKN, M Htiih aeeotttt fp X) LET?iW BROOKLYN, A TURKIC RTORY AND RANK "j)f' ment brick house, with (as (Inures and <JiandHier? an I the modern Improvements, built three years, at No. 43 nth street, one block from Fulton avenue oars. A heautl ami I location. Also, a two story frame house In the same 'I" reet Apply to H. SMITH, MT I'sarl street, New Turk, ar Smith street, Brooklyn. Sr" lO I.ET?WITH POWER, KWNINO, THIRO ANO ~ fourth floors of front building 73 Fulton street suitable for 1 Cm?nulscturtn( purposes. Apply to JOHN T. WII/*)N, * of the bakery. In U>e rear. w> let-another or thorn first class tour IT" story nrw brown stone houses in Forty second street, be rl pen Sixth avenue and Broadway. The location of the*. * tuses render them very desirable. Rent moderate to a (ood "M nan I. Apply Imnaodlataly is M. It. WHITNEY, ?Broad STl ?y- *J lO LKT-A Sl'IT OF THREE OFFICER IN REAR T' . basement of .16 Wall street, will be. let together or sepa A tsty ii ^Appily at the Mercantile Mutual Insurance Company, KI V) LKT-THB RORE, BASEMENT fWITH YAtTl.T UN 4rr Rifirwn Ik . a ilMing corner of gprln* an?l WftwhinffUm hx**!!!, for !no >ber wbol.?al? nr mail bo?um?? of mi Inquire ?f J K t.KWIRAOO. 8A4 atreet, or of ROHT. Ki> _ A R1W, JR , Hndaon Mrwt AO l,rT-TIIK TWO RTORY, ATTTO A MP R ARMfV.YT V brlrb hoii*. 24* W?t Rliternih .tf.-.l, wrll raleulatecl for JJL .o farolllr., will be put In complete <xiliy for R<m.| tenant.; nt $?> Inqulr. of t. BLANfRIICT. WO Rlit* .rrniM, MM ~ A M or after ATM AO I RT-THB ."OVRTRY PK AT Or TIIK I.ATW JOIIR il r Brnati. K?<| , at I", rt Rli hm- n i, statrn latAo-t. within a minute.' a a lb of tbe fbrry; a llr?t rat. at mi I* and >rmi ?tr? mm Inebutert I not. re on th" i rctu^oa or of BL J ctR LAA&Jk M juntas iMk Jftw *? %! oaj ... 1 * / . .* Y' ? * - # BIDAT, APHIL 24, 18?. nsiUtTS' BMiagimiu 1\i I.KT?IN MBOOK.LVN, A 11IK l>K BIORV *#?> bam mml brick buiyw), w'lhin Ave umintrn wait ??r the

lanillmn and Sooth ferries, cootmnmi.' lAna irnim. wfUA ?aa at urea, autrbhi uiaiiu ln. Ac. Horn AO per annum. Lu<|atre fWKttWXl SOTLnCH, 101 IWnfway, or IM flanArtl trawl. Brooklyn. rl JCT?BKVKRAL ROOMS A M? OKFICK8 Tit WBtLB- | tufr *K? Broadway, near Hrouaao atreel, uitabtaiw tebt OHiiMMW purposes ter lor private murlruoe. Apply te Mr 1 11 V KTT, fourth floor. ro l.KT?A TIIRKK STORY HOPSR, riVR MINlTTKfi walk from Fulton ferry No. *i Nmhmii street, Brooklyn. Inn a small more, corner Nassau and Jay streets, fur "*""J earn a shoe store. Rent reasonable. rlJCT?THE vmy J'UuAHAlCT flBOOND FLUOR. u- lim ?<i a ieige from purMir, Dark room, Willi uath ni oft, one small room between aud pund-ir*. clioerfitl froOt iti"? "tut ?V r r< xni on third Hour, of luoix 70 imoe ftnil To be fleaa froao 1 loo. . i r*> at okanok^nkw jkrhky, a tvijo stoht hikI auk house, with kitcli. n 111 rear, sithluflve minutes >alk <>f Morns and Ks?t ? Kiulrouft d? pot. Ample ground for anli'ii, plenty of line grape*, cherries anil other fruit, and a ihmI burn. Immediate possession given. inquire of O. N t'MITK. 2ft Warren street. rO"LET?THB FIRST FLOOR AND BAMKMKNT#AJfl) two *MM room* of the bonM No. 41 Rom street, near earl. Appty UVTMOH. RIOK, No. u Catherine street. no LIT?TWO THRKK STORY HOUSES. BROWN L (tone froIIla, la Hudnun street, Jersey Oily, wmn all (he xxieru improvements; three minutes walk from the ferry; eat $676 per annum. Apply at Ne. 7 kernel street, Jersey tty, or 212 Washington street, New York. no JJCT?AT STATIN ISLAND, FOUR KTNUTE8 WALK L ftotn the middle leading, a flue new Swiss ootiage, three orb *, wtlh all the modern Improvement*. situated en dftr let treat, with room for flowers and vegetables, tine view of ic bay, and pieesaally situated. Rent $4611. For further paroulats appiy to JOHN C. OUNTUKR, to Maiden lane. r> LIST?OFFICE BOOM, SUITABLE FOR A BAMPLI odioe for drjr jood* or any l'gbt bjiaiimea. Appiy to wvi.* a miiii/n, wiu'i nnwiw aiia warnsn sire em. pi) I KT?IIAI.K A^llOl'SK.INJTKNTIlVTKKKT, DONL Hisiiug of two law parnirN, * xt?'i?si<ui room, two 1*mI? tovim, buck Ijum uit'iii aittl itiuclh'tl. itaiit ??r. Ajipiv to.f. T. DINOAN, uijhr xtoro 173 uvnnuo li, 10 to 1* A. M., aiiii * i?? M* M| louse for Mk) on ?* rma. [fiT* LKT? I.OWKR FPART J?F HOUSE K5 TvTTTTT [ ninth street, hear'Is'X.aglnu avenue, waler,|g,ia, range, urtile inmiiclH, grate* "At'. For ipa, Liculurs apply ou'pre isrs in.m ,m a , v !u i' r ' >: [V) LET?THE UPPER 1' URT OF A ItWELLINO, A VERY L couMidenl fn|>artinrntit,\gi? rooms on siimeHiisir, water, is. niul ivi'sl lit' Itroad way._?Apply m MR! Hpnng.sU-eet. 0 LET?PART OK TUK HOUSE VI tlREKNK MTRRKT, [ consisting ul three huoms ami paulrinsAoi^aeroiMl Uuor, iti limit basement, Ufu smell lumily. (Jan be seen front!) U n i lnk. AO I,KT? PART OK TlfV^i RENT TAKEN IN, TIIK L bouol of two |" rw.i,s it desired, a mom stnnn fnur.siory iiisn mi MurruvIllill.feApply at 61^JKast Tlurty-elghlh sine I IK) LET-IN CLINTON PLACE. BETWEEN HROAIlW If L and Fllthfevcnue, the front ami ri ar parlor ihi llrst Hour, itb puut/ji enclosed, furnished nr unfurnished, singly nr to ther, or Ul connection with other rooms, nr u*H of kiii'hiin; h room, hot ami colli water, tunl gas in the Imnw. Tim In itlon is central and pleaaaut. Address ilmmt, box 1751 lerukl jfe J to I ET-THE IP PER PART OK HOUSE 2S9 M \ |1ISI)N L street, ronsisitrg nfpive roomvfwtth go* and <>otoii water ul inisterale In a good tenant." "IO LKT OK I.KASK?TIIK LAKliK KIVK STORV i building No. 235 Water street near Ibokmon; ha* burn en pied for the last twenty yearn an a stove store. Apply to AS K K AVE, 4~,2 Pearl street. AO LET?THE MOI1KRN BUILT KOI'R STOKY BROWN . stone trnnt dwelling hnusosNo tid'Kast Thirty tilth street, rut 8MXI Inquire of J. S.ft'KAlO, Nation it glusiiriUKio gnipuny, 511 Wall street. ^ lo LET?THE FIRST CL ASS BROWN STONE FRONT l dwell vg hottge nn the norther y side of Seventy ninth reel, alMint AJU leet went <if Tlilril avenue, together wtih a leant lot adjoining through to Eightieth street. Rent &5U0 iqmri'til J. S. CRAIO, Natiotuil Insurance tiniap.uiy, til all si reel, Vl LET AND FIXTURES FOR SALE?A NEWLY . lilted up Kalnon, well located, ihi( yel opened, 111 the vmiiv me vicinity of the ferry, a lirst rate efcaiiee for an onferprta g man Saiisfiieiory reasons will t>e given for soiling on spiral ion to SAMUEL W. t'AKKY, Esq., corner of Newark id Washington streets, floboken, N J. O LET LOW?TO AN AMERICAN FAMILY, WITH gnno reli'i't iters, pariVl lirst class house, All Thirty-lifLh eel, between Eighth and .Ninth avenues, having all the tnn ru improvements and in perfect order, gas and futures, Ittr re. hot and fold water, lubes, A twn tine jntrlors, four >per rooms. Large kitchen, with store room, cellar, yard. 10 LKT IN BROOKLYN ?TWO THRKK|MTiiHV HHiOh bouses, with finished basements and nub cellar*, 5? and 51 nut hired, Brooklyn, hltiialed about Alt) yard* from the Kul n and Main atreet ferries. Hum houses are supplied with >th well and rain water on'he premises, without .going out doom. They have gas a oMh.Wiul are heated from hot alt march In the cellara. Thorn are alao to rent, two three ah try tck houae*. with hntahett bsaatnenta tuid hub cellars. In the utrt, adjoining the above mentioned houaea. The whole ol e above named properly, la very cotiveirleuUy situated Ibr neon* dntng bntaneaa In the cltv of New Voek B Vpply to the on the premises. 1 XI 50 LKT CHKAP?THK HOUHK8 KJC BHD FORD HTRKKT. ckoae to lludaon jitreet, and Hi Thirty fltfh street, near ?hih avenue, both have gas, bath, rang*. and rhandehera. id in Rood order. Apply at MB Thirty tOh street, or to t RI'HH. HF Bedford ?trnelk?j? W TO LEAKB-POR BUN1NRSH PURPOHBN, I'KKWIHWt IN fct, r. el, Wic h hireet, near |Vlorria street, cvteivlirig to aihl ml lug on Washington street, sue about 2ft by Iffi feet, ight ulleratkiii*\wnukl utoke thc?uf premise* valuable fair ny uses. Apply to JAAIKB t'HL'IKMIANK, No. in Broad iy. * ?fcsasAWt ?L OR UNFtrTfJIrw!,."' n Tremoot, Wsstchester couniv. one block f-om wo ue L, a neat two and a half story house, containing eleven >nts with every convenience, ami about li.tlf an acre of uiiid church ami school wtthtn a block of the houae. Ap r ti I1KNDKKHON A 0t>., UUsey.BuUdlnfMd# Broadway on N o k. O I JET OR LKAHR?TilK POUR (BTORY UKKAM colored VrVk house No. 177 Ka?l Thirteenth atreet. To a | tid truant the premise* will be leased on very moderate , m?. Possession tmmeillillely. Por further Inforniatiou ap i r to T M tt FA HI.AN A mm, ISO Tenth street. | - ^ 41 l.KT 4iR I.KASK?THK MARKKT flOTKL, NOK. 17 ' and 19 t'atherine slip, one of the best loeutlotia in the city < * restaurant and lodging houae. Also a store, cellar and ce kits, with holslmg n| pa rat us. on Ktvlngton street, near corner of Cannon street. Also the second ihsir of the Urge j tiding rortu r of Cannon and Ktvlngton streets, finis 1st lug of ? aparimenta. one *1 feet by htl, the other A) left by M. ApIn T lit iN KKl.l.Y, Nl Liberty street. 0 l.KT OR FOR NAM??A FIRST IT.ARB ID tl'SK, SOUTH t side highly lust street, between Third and Fourth |?re es. grape vines peach tree*, hot and cold water, throe alo i s, basement and e? lice, with groitml adjoining Also, house 1 stem rorm r Hltty ' eoinl streepsisl Third ovonu". In | ire ol P.YANK. 1123 First avenue4 A. J, llleecker, No. 7 nad street, or Col. Ilsrl, YorkvlUe. O LKT, LKAHR OR CI,ASH IIOl'KK SH (iri eise street, two dmirs Irosn Kigli'h street, In perfect or ? .suitable for a larre family or hoarding house, sixteen t una ami ktnheu. Water and gas to top. Apply lo the ncr, XI Greene street. < O I.FT ON A LKANROP F1VF. OR TF.N YKARH?TIIH " pr< ITtlsea No. IW and 1W West street, and No*. 5, ^ atsl 1 ' bs kf M It die Kri" Rill Inset, and moal I he principal steamboat landing*, makes it on*of the bfft ationa for business In the atreet. Por further l ulreof TITKOItoKF BKNKON. 19 South William street, or I A. K I.KCKI.KR, H? Worth street 1 o t.CT OK ><>R BAIJt?THAT SKW rom RTORT hipli ?tn<.p brown Ihnio hnuao So to W??t Thirty ff'ttll I, brtw o? n fifth and Slalh Tb.- fcm?o 1* fl ff < irhm l>? Ml IVrt. Apply to KI.IAM H. Kl.T, No. M Kmnuii ' vol. N B?Tbo froUiu waUriVxitnr* Into the third Morj ; py. .. .._ O t.KT OR TOR RAI.E-A VKRT VTOK OOTTAIII -| with m into "f irroiitnl. on IAI ?r?l, tt ?r fifth J nor R?-ti'WWi. Will b?-ftrh?n??l for r.thi-r priji'-ny ( r HHlrratr | r,cr. K. B. K1NMUIMKK, SID fourth *??. , uTTTTir ' R S'AI.r-a iYITTVOK llot'MR a I1 BVi'iik>'r> - 'I "II llroiwtn ty. m-nrli np|m.iio Ibn ] . i >n J . 'Ilium * ' hou?o- llvpiBT of Mr KKI.UHIW. ?o Ihr k orotf. A RKAfK, MM Brood way. Now Vork. 1, T M ohTon R"*in"frookt.tV o,i> V" ra?h r< <| . " I n Will ho |.*t on rr?*"tablot- nn?. lix- V i.nmdli n? "-'nry and bowmoiii h"ti?o rnrnor ?l It-volb I T . mill Alii I'hl utroitK, ropl-to wllh o?ory mnri-nti-urn A rtro??,Ji hn II W Uw n, bo? S, lift . PwH nllii ojKpw York. ~ 0 I.FT OR I.KAR1I-THH HOfRK AND RTORK SO Alt J; Canal atroot mid numlor 1WI>, Improrrmrnla will b? mart* mil a kuod tonauL Rotil Bl.tfli por annum JOHN T Hll.liOOCK. Ml Canal 0 I.FT or WII.L BR LRAHF.n rtlR TWO VKAR* fh. or? iiml ft?i liln* Ml Howrry Rent mnrtoralo to * I ponolhic tonant, or 'thn M/ow will I' hot hy Hoelftor a ootoi 1 I,,..,. Apply to UKonoR RCHJUl'T. talk*. in* J nory. up ktoiw. J I^RKST roRRAI.K OR MCT1ANOIC THRTHRW J Mnry bruk hmioo. No. Rlf Moat airooi. hoi*?oo Hk*M 1 Nium iirow. Rroohlyn. In pfirfhctonW wkh thoaaortart Ui'rmrnlr. rrnlBOA Apply to WM B. POBROT. No rmk troot j* 9 tRAKR-rOR A TKRM or TKARA, THR NKW ' brown eb-n? hwioo al Ho. I Rutherford plaoo. fwnUo< M tvriunl i*rh. nol ?l4'. numpb'te. with all thn naodnni 1 ^mmon'to Apply to J. Rwdt). So 1M Earl Tp-miy Third I ot. noor Third aTomio. ? ~ r> I v isC_OS A Wins WTRrKT. A riSK RROWS pioiix kou??. to onr famUy only, olopaaUy furtotoiwl. laoffo mm feronrr obardrllrm. mtoot topmlry norpofa. Ao.. Ac., rl? now Tb? ?WMr I* (nloff ahrnnd I" rooldo. All YAH HKMKK. tok Hr Pad war THHrr-ATTCT.TT.J/)St> T*T.Ayir~nVT * J aad two rib a* ivar ttllp fATUloti, and In full Mow of rtm "J """ 9 HROO*I> FIAX>R ASD BAOK RARR ?! enlof in b*?wo^n Am*? ?" I HkocAer. *">' MU- Apply 3 U KbUt WM, k> lha ^ XIKTlt tt RENT-NO* 1W AND Itt WENT TWKWTT RIXT1I X mrrft, *rv RNtk'h at^ou*, boiuif* *rn tkt? ?terj * i J mont. ?.i modfrn WprnTAmenU, OlV InmvOU-* W ..?.lnn fivfii R<Miif7a0k Apply to J AMKN DM MOTTK. ? INMuioXrMi AO STORE^N RROADW AY WO MTT-Mo !? > , . wpi'fr Mrrrf b"?iw. OHkriiinlT. Inmtlra of H. MER j rT ? ?, f R [MORTON, rn. <11- U KMITH?1R TlUrI m 1 01 'nHK SHOP. OR TOR MANl'r.*rTVRINO PI'R * i j . A ilir* "trirjr h' o?-- 1A# prnnkttn In rmr " (w iNRlfl. would bo W ?? abnra, und II' no<*??u?rv nlrd *( N? it H?rrl??.n dlrwR, of R .1 Al'oT, or of L. AO KM AN. No S Park phMto, roar of tbo bunk j rOII? SHOPS TO LKT-AT M BATARD ST*RET ' pond n*hl And nthar ormrrnlonow. Dm balMtnff la <rm mow from III* Rowrrr. nhoap ront. Apply on too pnakn n 10 u> II and fYmn I b A THF. BAIX RBAAO*. I - .-vv, . >v/v.r.wI RANP 1AIA?AATl'RDAY F.VEJ?1X??, APRIL *, AT I Wx*n'* <Un< in? ?.i?|.mv it ll>'W,?M I e? Tt?? h?M will ov^n at I o'rkx k uhI rloaw At tl Ttrk I :c CI.:?, I rUMc tvisou for i*lte? Aij'l (cuilciuoa ?l<x J j I i* } tUf ; it * t | < AMUfflBRKEirra. ^yvwwAr^^vw^wvvvVv // /VVW' /y/W i T) ROADWAY THKATRR I) K A Marshall Hol? leasee W. R. Make blase muiianer Doors open At 7. Perfersaanoe to beuln wtth 'he Overture *1 Bt o'clock. FIFTH NIGHT OF NR. AND MRS. K. (a DAVENPORT riKTn NIGHT OF l)B SOTO. Fates* Uvsmsu, Arm 24, W87, Fttih Une In this theatre, and m ax at successfully produced A> the principal cities of the Untuu, the eew trecto play, by en AjDtijrifc&n inlhor. (Geo. H. Mass, Ksa.. or BsJunMOMj M"UU d DR SOTO. Hernando de Rote, the discover at the Mto testppi Mr. R U Maeespnrt SMI , Mrs. E. U Davenport The full talent of the company to the distribution of nhlrae ten.' New and characteristic scenes by Geo. (Iklater. Dresses, properties, appointments, Ac., new and approwtth the farce of AN OBJECT OF INTEREST Several attractive novelties in preparmUon. A uew drama Of Intense Interest will be acted Immediately, railed THK SON or Til If MIGHT. On Meiwiiiy ni#thL the ANNUAITMKNKFIT OF MR. P WARREN, the treasurer of the tlieatrt*. BROUGHAM'S BOWJCRY THEATRE. Role lessee - . Mr. John Rrouxham Store manager Mr. R Johnston Orchestra tluitr*, fiO Oenls; Dress Circle and Rnien, % cents; Pit and Gallery, 12>? rents; Private Boitfv, tk Doors open Si 7i to oomineuce alj>? o'clock. Fridst Rvbkiro, AmiL U Iflflf, COUNT OK MONTE CR1HTO. DANCING, Ac. rakk'h progress. "QURTON'8 NEW THEATRE, HROADW\Y. X9 A I.Rr.AT NIGUT FOR FUN. Twe glenoid Farce* a ml a comic tbaina. MASTKH'S RIVAL. Paul Shack Mr Burton I'eier Sbuck.Mr. C f Wa r; Tlhbv, Mm P. Marshall. TIIK OLD DUTCH tiOVLRNOK. Von Ilunder Mr. Burtgn twkvtv mINCTKK with a I'lGKR. Chulnoe, Mr. M. Smith; Renewing, Mr. Hot. hell. To morrow?Miin MIl'IHA PYNK'S benefit, mvi la*' night of the Pvne anil Harrison Opera Company. K K A DI AYOI.h and MIDAS. GKO. CHRISTY k WOODS MINSTRKL8, 444 Broadway, below Grand Mrwl Henry Wood Huelneea manager Geo. Cbristy Stage manager A MAMMOTH HILL. Kviar KVI.MNU PCHINO TUB W??g a well nelected programme of Klhinplan Song*, Danoen, Ae., Introducing an enlirely novel piece, called BACK WOOD ECHOES, Combining marvellnu* Aennetie Effecta, with A HKA K FIGHT. A la (ieoar.a ajvr tub Daanog, alia* Bbab, Oonchidtng wtlh? On Frslay?MASQUERADE BALL. Saturday?HAPPY MAN. Door* open at Hi; to eommenoe at o'clock. Tlahata 31 oenta. Advertisement extraordinary. THE REV. HKNHY W. BELLOWS will applies* THE PUBLIC AND TUB DRAMATIC PROFESSION, xonjwr ? "The relation of nubile amusement* to public morality, .net particular!) of the theatre, to tiie nober tual sacred uilereeta of OOlet) rc*J AT THE ACADKMYgOK MUSIC On TI-rkdaw Mfunnu, AI-hil M, UWT. Admlwuoii Jf? cente. The proceed* to be given tu aid uf die fuuita of the American Dnimalic Fund Association. Acad km y hall, ees kroadway. Oh Fkipav Kvbhihu, Aran. 24. TIIK SPIRITUAI.IBTB OP NKW YORK will give on Amateur Complimentary Concert to MISS EMMA IIAKDINOK, iDireetrr** of the Music at Dodworth's llall.) First reprt seiilalhiii of a grand spiritual * ,, Tire SONG OF T1IK STARS," A SI'IKITUAL AFOLOUUC. Tlie words and music composed by Mis* Hurviinge when in the tranced state, m |e** than one week, and arranged for titty voice*. The principal parts to he *uug by aevrnvl proteasional artiHUi, who have Kindly volunteered their service*. Synopsl* of the muoic:?li ratal opening cltorua, "The work 1 wus gi mined;" Recitative and aria, "Tie; wing of Hesperua," Trio "llark. how the nl.inet*:" Grand dnoL "Raliirn is horn " Arlii mariuik*, "The song 01 Mars," Chorus, "The Meteor,'' Kong, "Angel Legion*;" t'borua and nolo "Awake, Arwe," (H aul cavaitua, ' Where tin; *tais;" Uruno litiale, "Ixive elcr mil, k.vr divine." Together with oih.'r select mimic. Sec pro gramme*. Ticket*, 50 cent*. Performance at 8 o'clock. WALLACK'S THKATKK. BKNS.FIT or MR. RI. tKR. KifV'RIUT ICVCHINS, ACKIL IS. Brougham's excellent revived enmedy of tiik ? amk ok l.ikk. Great original coot. All llic comedian*. Farce of WHO KPKAK8 FIRST? Km bonk now open. Philanthropic novki.ty. skvkn minstkkl slaykr, Irnm Alabama, have arrived, who arc their freedom and a competency by giving their extraordinary Concert*, uu der the guidance of (heir Northern irlenda ami go* ranteea, a ill Milk at the Hroudway laberuacie on Wednesday ' e\ en ink, April IS. VJOTICK TO STARR ?TIIK LKXINGTON (KKNTUCRY) Xl Varielie*. This new ami elegant theatre, now nearly completed. will be opened mi May 14, fur a summer season <if Sixteen week*. The boll*a will hold 8hl?l liberal Induce nirnl* held out to star*. Addrr** W H. UOL'GII, Leasee and klitluiger, l.extngtou, Ky. Iofiha tvnk tkstimonial ?tiik friknph of J Mies LOIHS A PYNK. desiruu* of rendering their aid to Ihr iar< Wi ll testimonial to be preaenteil her on Uie oeea*ion of her bent lit and List upp.araiiee in America, at Burton's Theatre, to morrow tRatunlay) evening, arc invited to meet at the St. Nicholas Hotel, this evening, at a o'clock. National thkatrk, boston?tiir suhhcribkr having herome, for tint next m a son, Ihe sole lessee and manager td ihla theatre, now the miat popular and best pa in Hoalon, 1* ready to receive application* from tie mbc/a ot the profession WILLI VM It BMUNI THAVKIJ.KR'S 6UIDK. HI ost>N KIVKR RAILROAD-FROM APRIL 13, IW. train* will leave Chamber* *treet *laUon aa follow*e? fcxpres* train* 6 and 1130 A. M. and 5 P. M. Albany puns* xer train. 330 P. M.; for Slag Slug. 7 A. M. and 4 P St.; for rnnghki epele, 030 A. M. and 1 and 7 P M ; for Peek*kill i 3D r. M The Ponghheepsle, Peekakilt aud Sing Hing (nun/ top at the way station* Passengers taken at Chamber*, (anal I lirtsua her and Thirty flrwt ptreeta. Train* for Now York leave Troy at 8 45 and 10 25 A. M. and 4:45 P. M., aad Albany i at foaad if) 35 A. M. and 5 P. M. A. P. SMITH. Supertntondent. I VFKW TORE AND KRIR RAILROAD ?ON AND APTRB In Monday, April 8, 1357, and until further notice. passenger Irani* will leave pier, foot of Duane street. as faUowa, vk? < Dunkirk exprena, at 5.30 A. M., for Dunkirk. < Rnflitlo exprena, at 30 A. M , fnr Buffalo. Ms 11, at 7 30 A.M., for Diuiklrk and HulThln and Inlertno Utile si*(Ions Paa*eng?ra by ihia train wrtll rvaaaui ov*r nlgM vl Klmlra. and proceed the next morning Rin k land psasenger, al 3 P. M., via Plemtonl, for Hu(?*ra* J tad mu rmedla'e *UtOon*. , Way pasnenger, at 4 P. If., fur Newbttrg, Mlddletown and ka , ermediate itail/ina. Kmlgraul, al 5 P. If., for Dunkirk aod Buffalo, and hSermw a Hate station* The above train* ran dally Sundays excepted. Night ezurexa, at 430 P. M., for Dunkirk, every day la>ept that the train on Saturday run* only U> liorneliavufe? benre to Buffalo.) Night express. at 438 P If . for Rtillhln, very day, These rip res* tratna connect at Klmlra, with in* Rlmtra, tansndalgtaa aud Niagara Falls Railroad, fnr Niagara Falfo ' * it Uinghamum wtth lb* Syracuse and ItinghamUm Railroad iw Syracuse, at Owning with Buffalo, Corning and New York Railroad. for Rochester, at Ureal Bend with Delaware, lack iwanua and Wcalrrn Railroad, for Scranlon. at Horn ell* * til* rtth the Rnffhin and New Ynrk <3ty Raltrnad, for Buffkkn, at 1 tatkal* and IttinkiHl with the Lake Shore Railroad for Clava . and. Clnctnnatl Tctlado. Detroit (Nueaao. An. HOMER RAJMDBLXk "i I'll 01 ACADEMY or MBR.O TO IJCT?FOR OPERAR, OON f rV rrrm. bal!a, lrrlnnw aad almilar nwpmtab)* pirpoaas ? tpptyiaE. hTwoLPE, R? ? How* aimrt ? ? t IIAVANA ABO ARB. CAHARAA, PARTKOAH, PIOA- 0 I* rt* ???. Hntannlraa. laitwi. r.ibafya*. - r? ? '.* I ?)?, r<?rhjk*, ftnrVt* oooaolartoo, wirrV*. op?r*a, toodrr, ? ad Btunmnia Otbor brand*. to lot* to ault purchaaor*. E. r. R04JERR. 7* Hraaar alraat HAVARA RROARR-TWO ItURDRKT) THOPAAND MR- 1 dta R- rah*. IvTtxtrr* Oprraa, < Vmrha*. CnnchMaa. jtarrtM- t ui. Krralta R?-lna, Kntro Art?*a, ('onuf-taa, Me .Ac., of Uta erla- | (tmiiiI of Jaoobo Ighiuaa y Tarda for aala by P. K. | PoFFARD, 17 Broadway. JKI1ARR AT ?A\ THK TllOtAARn. AND AIX OTIIP.R i 1 quaittira and prirra, for aaln by f RKI)KKH?K ARDRKK. <i ! 4 LtbrOy atrrrt, up atalra. U JKOARA OP CHOICE RRARDR, OP HARARA, DONER- ) J ttr and Orraian murb hrtow rurtM rata* I > rank or proaapl Una buy or*. Ttar atork la r?ry oitaoalra O OHERKR IT Broadway j *nUI? NIU.INRRT. J m BROADWAY.?Bit R. BAR RIB A BOB BAY* " imIi ploaanro la oancntDrJnt to tfrclr ai?an? no- Z imrro aad ilrunn that tfroy ho to rcrotTod ooToral mm of _ Vrtvh bonnoto nmai Raoo. Alcundrtao aad Mow. Laura, Ibm Mark! aad Mm. KrfcanL <* Porta. Tboy will fro m 0.M on Moadar. April Si. aiiiioi R. BARRJB A BONW. " 'I Rrnodwajr. 1 \BITKRH Aim RlTRNBim ASSORTMENT or MIL Unorj, oirow torrid, rib bono, flowrro. Ac. ? mom tm ~ and ol IRVINKft now mllUmrjt rotobiuhntoni, I.W Ooaal 1 r?41 two rtooeo from TKiimpoon. wboiroolo or>d retail. J aOMRR A irPCHYM _ koto uMod a few ooTalttai to ll* thrill lorpo mi u total tort of 1 STRAW GOODS. fIRIOI PT/OWBRA, BR. Wbtob art oSOrod at wbm.oii aalf toe omRTbI MB Broadway, _ 1 Ota to A Poari twA J - ? a fRR RAM.!PGR. ST OIJ) CANAL BTRJOTT, BAR ? Jiart lOMriod mm tatarl two mm of alofapt PrtaM tarda, to wfrtok, tad Bom of bor owa Mil rib j to a. Ma la- 1 too ibo ouoattna oC Ifco todtoa goaoraMy. J BR. O. BCHLRORL, BIT BROADWAW. HAS AORT RR H ootrod aaotfror tpboiittd baporiattoa ml Pi ai* baaaota, on a braaUfol ooaortavai of kiIoom' mm obBdfwa'a bouMa. J dloo ?H ploaoo Mil tad MOMlao for Bttotltta R. R?, Ulinoto tnppDod oa tbo Moat roMoaabVi torata. ' ? ' ?m >ARDt RTIJ.INRRT AND DRBRRMAKTWO -HintMl i I JCVl, 11* Hlcockor riroot, ban ta blhra mSSH tAal Xa J to a rplcndld atnefe of oprttR tad aaaa Braaito droBi t .p? v- Kho rroponAiilr oM?B,i a ooiL , , TCAivnaa, ?U "'jUlio'iiii*?Wfc Yiul>v 1ft m6<r*,rrfiu,y flf ? t - 1 "r niilftlllllin. I I UHI 2 11 j' ?' 1 7* J* jtiwr <k)ln jkwkiirt rurnr low-th* <n'wtc?i I h#r hi Hilton draortptlnaa of ftnin fold Jewrtry at lana M n iwutl prWn ? t-adira' Rotd. ranmo, rarftnnnJn, mrani* prarl and " Knamal pnlmtnn ?H? rarrifw*. ptna and braolaaa. H I-adlra' kin I genUnnrai'a ?>I4 watrh cjinma . ,{ Ural Hutu. Wv?.d rtnan, plain and chaned *fdd Hafa. P'.f R'44 w.ddin* rtafa. ! ? AflaHra, ^ .. . I. UoM p*na and p^rvrlln. fuM f i naaaa and oaek nhaiaa. E fluid and aton# <Wif hiplnna and atnda, . OoM lOCkraa. *ntd ap?-uwlra and *7* flaanra, Ul?ood 6n?ra rtn?. and pin* ^ p ^ *< 7 AMVHKMKirm. , - vy-'/y . - ^ V - - - - - V. - WV\A> NIHUiH OARDkJt. ITALIAN OPKRA. Dotira lion at T; Opera tunnrucM at 8 o>aiMfc. Ailmi-aLnn -ri.V ... ?U 1 ? A dm I**"*, wlthnnt reserved W Family rircia ten u *??? * hi Crotly izi~ -5 Hoim from 910 to M Hoi ottu r iipm front A A. M. to ft P. X. r hi da T, Amu M, Will be prekenled Verdl'v (rand r>oera to four mw IL TROVATOKK. . ? ? __ i.eonora Madnme Marietta u>l>sh Atnoriia MIm Adelaide PkUBSl Mai inc. .fttonor Brlpii Count de I.unit HMT AtoOdlB Fcrrando .jwmt q#le4l? Mux MarrtArk . Mimical Director and ceodltouv. Ruvel nlghta?Tnewlayx, Thurndaya and Hatnrdaya. Italian Opera?Monday*. Wednesday* and Friday?. __ Wai.i.ack '8 tiikatrk. MR. BLAKK. VR. l.RRTHR. MR. bkol'tlllAM. MR. waloot. Aran. 14. i.aht nioiit of Shertdun'a splendid comedy, tiik rivaij4, ?lib itn mpcrb caat. Tlie capital farce, i'm. tkia your wife. To morrow?benefit ok mr iii. a kk. Kii hi tlmd ibla hcuhoii of HrouKham'* comedy, tiik wamk ok i.ikk. Mr lilakr. Mr. Ldler, Mr. Hrouklimn, Mr Walcot and mrtl Brougham, (who will uppearon the ocruaion.) in ibelr erigluaA' clutruclcia. Mr. Walcot In who hpkakh fir8ti Reala iccared three day* la advance. Laura kfk.nkh new theatre. Hole leaaee and dtrrcirea* Mian Laura etc a# ' Curtain rlaea at 7)a. Vjudav, Aran. 24. 1nit. TUB NEWjUHA AN IMMKNHE 8UCCBA TBHiVr fir A PRINCE. The two plocea which have been perfortuod at latura 164114% Theatre diiilnr the part week are probably " mounted." a* A Ih culled. In a more oijtnplete and perfect m^noae than haaeraR bolore been accn In UtU city. k>af Krtderlck of Prnaala Mr. Burnatt PaiNra Khkdkhicm or PuuNau Mtaa Laoua '?"! To be fallowed by the ki.vkh, > it I* ?aid, by Pixies, Sprites and Klves, alio. Ilka the Phantom Dancers of flrrmanT. delight u> entrap travellers Into Iheig realms, and torment (hem with their mischievous antics. Hmtug iha power ef transferring the eplrtt, they often, in thetr malicious gambols, rive life In the newly dead. Htatuas, roekn and Ireea are seen fantastically moving in the forest; but It Is only during the oat they retain their tictltlous exiatenoa; M the approach of iiight they resume their Immobility. THKMONKY QUESTION will be produced immediately, BARNTTM'fl MTJHKUM.?GRAND KKVIVAL OF THH beautiful fairy, operatic romance so well known and popular aa CINDKRKLLA; OR, TIIK LITTLK OLAM BLIP* rKM, produced with music, new scenery, magic tliuetnnn, tricks and scientific feats, tills evening at fji o'clock, with ihS whole strength of the company. This afternoon at T?Two handsome farces. The living Serpents, Happy Kanally, fie., may be sees without expense, to Museum visiters, lihnlh tance 38 eeala; children under len, 12% rente. BRCKLKY'H HKRKN AliKKS' NKW HALL, Mfi BROAD Way, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. Rvxar NlflHT THIS YVkUC, R. BISHOP BUl'Kf.KY, with his pupU, YOUNO AMKKlCA, TIIK OLD POI.KH CONCERT. PKRNCK OP OLD VIBOINNY. Previous to which. rflCORO MINHTRKUTY. Commences at o'clock. Admiaaiiai, 36 cents; Orchestra Heals, 60 ceata. (m Huntlay evening, April 38, A HACKKD OONUKRT, by Noll's Hand and the BnekJeys. BRYANT'fl MTNSTRKIJt, Mechanics' Hall, 472 Broadway, above Grand street. Every night during the week. Crowded houses. Immenae hit <>t the plantation sees# DOWN IN ALABAMA. Hhakspereaa Readings, Horse Combat, and that inimitable KH8KNCE OP OLD VIKtilNNY, pronounced by ail to be the best KthWipean representation ever introduced. New p-atures by the Drrtmioe JKHRY RRYANT and DAN HRYANT. AdmlssioD 36 ceata. To comment-*- al a quarter te > o'rlook. \CADKMY OP Ml'KlC. According io a ri-i|iilH|iton presented hy a large number o f influential rilipeiis and the piiiicipal members of the theatrical profession, TIIK KKV. IIKNKY W HKLLOWS will deliver tin especial lerture, entltieil "TIIK RELATION OP Pt'HLIC AMCSKMRNTS WITH PUBLIC MORALITY, i<nd partirnlarly of the theatre to the sober and sacred Interests of soeiety.'' ON TIPXDAY KVKNINii, APRIL 38, 1867, the proceeds of which will be dcvoted (o the amkkican dram vti< rrvn, eslahlished for llie relief ol all sick and aged members of the theatrical profession. Tickets Ml cents i ach, ran be obtained nt the rerious hotels, H,|..L. .(..M. b,?l l..,h..ll?r. ... S'esv V/.rk rllv ItrisAlvn. WIlliunntburK, Ac. MR WALCOTH BKNKriT?WALLACK'S TIIKATIIK. MiiM'it, April /;, tor lid* nlcht onlv, TIIK KNIOUTX or TIIK HOUND TABI.R Tom Tiller, (the Kwn* Master) ....Mr. Waludl And ibe renowned Olympic citravaeau/a of TIIK'MAVA< K AM) T11K MA1DKN. All ibe *tar* in tbe bill. Itox book now open. MlTf'HKLL'H OI.YMFH'.-HOUVKNIR. Cruunulc*, Mr Rnlalr, NlneUa, Ac.. Ht Oi.o Oi.TnriA.iH, if TIIK HAVAliK AND T1IK MAIDKN, fur Mr W ALt'OTH ben. tit. ou MONDAY, April tl, al Wallark'* Theatre XTHW THKATKK IN CMICAOO. if Proprietor* Wood A MeVlekur M ruber* of the prnfraeioa, of well known and undoubted , ability, are lufoiuied that a new theatre will be open**! nix s. pi ember I, l?67, by ilie above named proprietor*. Artialp w whin* engagement* for the Hea*on w Ul direct tbelr letter* for I he |>rr neat to Wood'A Theatre, I 'Utriiiiiali The now theau-f will be erected in a central locality, on a tot eighty 1 wo Arel by t wo li nudred, at a owl of Abn.UUU. and will he one of Ibe mint ri miiilie. nl . Hiahliahineiiia In the I'ntwii It will be capabb* of alma comfortably three thou*and person*, first rUaa star* will to- iieyo'uifed with on liberal tri m*?engagement* beln* i.fleied In three theatre*: (?hlna*o. Cincinnati and lamia. Letter* directed *a above will meet wttb prompt atteuNon. Of OKI IK WOOD, J. II. McVIUKKK, | rmprrUm. Bl KTON'H NKW THKATKK. MISN I.OIIHA I'YNK'S FARKWKLf. BKNRPIT in New York, and poallhely buit nlghi oI (lie I'yua and liar rinon Opera t 'ompanv. tfATt'HDAT. ArniL B, fKA DlAVOLO. To ronrlnde with MIDAK. A polk), dim and only lime) Ml?a Ionian Fyoc Introducing the great erho win* of "Tm* ft* TLA**.'' I'ondurtor Mr. K MnBenhanop AMKKICAN KNOW MIKDR?TIIK MISKKH KNOW, AH aisled by Wm II Oakley, (of tbe AHeghaiuauaJ . ikJ *bcr prt'fcMional singer*, w ill *l*e ihetr granl r<>a. ert, ai Dodwonh'a Hall, H?> Hroadw*T, tm frtday evening. A prU 24, 1M7. flKO. f HklhToW. Oomlimtor HOW KB Y V A HIKTIKH, TOMBOLA HAI/K)N, 17 AMD If How i it Ainii*enn n?* and fortune. IVrforiitancwi cog*, nrnre at 7Ji o'rloek P M. Admisahm 9 aeiita, reserved wale. Xfl rent* emitUii* to the Taluabie girt*, warrantAsI of Ilia u I tie trom MAI, 9SU, All. HO time* tbe amoiiut of tbe adinkwdnn: b *iftAt from 411 to 10 time* the amount tit*) gift* double dm imoarileaeh aduit** ton. will reeeire a (Ifl of no le** man oua piarer ol aduiir*ioti. Distribution to morrow, April ifi. LIH'IFA PYNK TESTIMONIAL?TUB PKIENDB t W Mle* I.OI ISA I'YNK are invlled to attend a meclia*, >0 he ft. Nicholas llo'i I, ihie evemn*. at ft o'clock The ureaenew f ?|I Ue?iroue of e>> operating with the nmmlUm I* raiiminl. Lkt TIIIH bit known -whirk tkntwowiAL. ?t1 m truliiunnial lo (I. W MOfiKK, ?f fhnety'a Minotiv-la, (at* J llnee on Monday evening. April B, al Academy 11 all,? <A?il?>r. Thirty performers kwti volunteered; night h^J rirft?M a miit np mkdical rl |MW| rO?rWTKD AND NO (IIARtiK UN l.KHH i.UUU rurvd - i'r lll'ntkr rtjree when th- treatment other phyalrtaaa and all other r?m?ln,t full. Hit rtd >tmp ynnr only rflaw* for a thorough turn In mrmi dwen?en. lo s DDI* inn ilwt, the only plvr now no well known or ho very many extraordinary cures H haa p?-r<ni mil alia nd irtUia or hindrance from buMnvaa. when all other riBntm nhr dnvra the (Ueense to the hlnud firmly Thla tor una tto anient from secondary attache and la the rmly remedy on nana hat doea It. Try no othcgg jl eee. beware of a laatfj latlng Dr. Muster haa ref?ML It la a rtllanmia darr^timj 0 DR. WARD'fl UNFORTl'N ATIC'H FKINND M Tb? ne pitta ultra of rennreal medicines, and but rag alma ' >e known to moot with universal approbation nnd to Ma- 4 tr. Ward aa the greaioet bonrfartnr of the day. Dr. Wa irreby offers a reward of fhuuo u> any physician who, ifh I roper demonstration, oaa rtire private diseases With egneliw njrrm celerity. eaoo, safety and ehmpoeaa. By hot OoHbi f ;nowledge of every Mage rf the tlla.aae bo eMhor alloetai ir ruren la one day. Rem?ihar. ail re who hoeo ho Inge ring tor wreka or mnnUm. thai by onitlna on Dr WhJ rnn may mo tow dayo feel 1 that Richard k hunaeV a?ia " "nre II Utoao Not (0 Chmnl strum, thmo dam a ah* 1 roadway. Dr. watbon ha? for a u>*o bicrim or vptn era lined hla MMmUon to onrmln dtoi?oo, hi whtoh ha ha# rented net lean than twenty thonaoad -nam, aHhaat mil more of failure The remedies an mtid. vhWowt adar*" V ?a t? tunimi ar rnmnm* <w ***. IT wa? m In Piaa?> a If itaarr trrm 7 Is Ike uw-ulnj until at nUht, a* Ma a* MM*. M WHU? MMl. a fnar Aonra ?M o( Banarfwar. nn WitailWMIWMlMl. WH W ATHON, ILD., r?nwr<7 M|iii m Ma LntkafML p|K aORTONf BBMKPY <TRItH A CRRTAJMPR'! I / T?kni without internal medMnaa. Pliaa |L ft. J I?l??n, IW Broadway rv?. uriorth rarm ajtp u>?rr?oii nmui I u?S?L%A*yTi? ST rrnrm*' n<l > ikt niyvtofUi at Ota ttllMr'i Pub ia< laMra rsxtf sr,?"rr i tlw afflicted.- 4towrf Maa BMta Lata, Day Boafc. M?mb ahnaf, d* rvr. ooonta, u ova in btrrrt, mat m com* \J iihfd pHwtr m dtaeaaaa. Ike whimm af ammm nnMtnre eu aal oa mm ?m Um aaftaintr if i nb? Mfflaa ' ured t harara BobnM * B?*o fW till nnt n*. RAUfHK OPritTW no. MtBROADWArVOM** U 10U? a t*?L Hirara UU I uU alto ?. Baadaf f'P1* ? rv*. POWRLL dstotbb his attrrtioras HTTB ggjgggFasaffl &ll^?a?a3S3 *2?*25 li.wdaar , 1 iiir<>RT?rr Tn fWAim-DOOUfW or rauu| '^ysffigg U?.an<-r urortd?! w!5 boar/ O'iraum and tinlial** it.imUimw f??lo? ? i?H?7 Bin*) Waat vfWntA Mr**, W T ? tnlhor ?J ^mrr 0?r banrtmrf and nlnntf d.U adMr* r r^Srr ;^sftr.TG2:tsu E? or% nt?. win -1H wM N anywWrr*. fHw nt mm. <m I ?vr A? I tar and U?r wMrwaa. Tbta h<mk cItm ail dm Vt| itnwn oa ikaar important tnptoa platnl* m ull Aw ail tn ia nrtand. and TM im?"r artrn'tdr ar<f Aw Aw na* 1* -f?daa. k??| ad?a p?xauw .w.idail > imaai