Newspaper of The New York Herald, 26 Nisan 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 26 Nisan 1857 Page 7
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umwxsmn ieubvbi wkii mt. MALKSf AT AUCnO#. A J. BIJCKCKKR, AlUTIONKKR.?HOUrtKHOl.l) SCR ulture.?A. .!. HI.HKCKKK A CO. will will on Tin?day April IS. nl 17k Kirnt avenue, bttwiwn Tenth and KlovenU Utrecht, the entire furniture of the house, consisting of parlor, bVUroom, kitchen, and a general assortment of houwilmld or (hh ii. I Situ Ion in'? at No. ^ Hroait street. A J. HI.RBCKKR A DO. Wild, RKLI, ON MONOAV, A1 Y1 o'clock, al tliti Merchants' Kschangr, the two valuable Wv mory brown stone houses and lota Nos. lid and INI K.ial Fwurteenfh street, a<tjnliiIng.eorner of Second avenue, Houset 10IU42, kiln M 11 deep. AkJlKF.ll HKAOU, AUCTIONKKR.-A. HRAfUk A <?> will sell at auction, on Tuesday, at 9'a V. M , nt thou ? twiroom, 33 Cortlaudt street, ,'lflO cases boot*, shoes, brogans. As. Also a large lot of women's drab and black patented SeBgrvi-M callers. AH. RICHARDS, AUOTIONKKR?BOOTS ANliSHOKS . A. 8. RICHARDS will Mil on Tuesday, April 1M. at Hitt lack A. M.,at the store of H. Blanehard A Co., 'Sfi ! I atovet, up stairs. one thousand oases of prime mid seasonable >? ?>, shoes and broguns. AWTTION NOTICK.-KUUKNK B. KRANKJLIN, AUO, Monro*?By K. M. KRANKI.IN X OO.?Monday morning BNh fciat , at lu>? o'clock, at 1U8 Kasi Broadway, aide ol t MM V* of household furniture, Krench plate mirrors, ear A, Ac., bHng Bhe lurnltiiru of Ji llAnyiy breaking UP wuh? Sitwng, couHUUitg of a choice coll?cw>n of parlor, chamber, dktfiur room and basement furniture, all lu tlrxt rate order ami af guod quality, and to be. sokt without reserve. This -Cile is particularly worthy the alien lam of the trade mid private purshssi-rH. _ A OCTION NOTICK.?KtfOKNK H. KRANKI.IN, Al.'O JL Usurer.?By K. B. KRANKI.IN A CO.?Tuesday morn Iwff ash m?t, at 10>? o'clock, attractive sale of rich househokl furniture, pice and damask curtains, French plate mirrors, rose ?Ml piiinbl'orte, tapestry, Brussels, ami other carpels, Ac., Ac W1B be sold on the preuitses die whole furniture oontained in fee private dwelling house No. 4?t Fourth street, Albion place, omprtring parlor suits ol' ftp-allure, mirrors, oil paintings, arpeis, marble top tables, sideboard, lace and damask cur f-*~ AcJBAJso. library, dining room and chamber furniture the whole comprising a most desirable lot ul superior t'uriii lure, to which parties contemplating buying furniture would 4* well to give their attention. Catalogue* on morning of sale. A BOMON NOTICK.-KUUKNK K. KRANKI.IN, AUOA Uoneer.?By K. B. KRANKI.IN A OO.?At No. 3W West Thirty second street, between Kighth and Ninth avenues, on WvNuiesduy morning, at 10>? o'clock. Sale of elegant househe hi furniture, rosewood pbineforte, by ('bickering: costly urtains mirrors, carpels, gas chandeliers and fixtures through ul the house; china, glims ami silver plated ware, Ac. Ac. The parlors contain two superior snfta made to order, rose wwed piano tort e, Brussels tapestry carpet, mlrnirs, brocatel and lace curtains, marble top tallies, etegere, secretary, rie.ti shuia vases, Ac. The chambers, dining room, library of the hsuse throughout, are furnished In the best style, and every artiste intifft b?; wold peremptorily, otl'??rinjg a mowt>!*) pp?vtniAAi T^? flmlllM ild UM tfMC 10 apply tlM&MlVOi. a rumriM n<>thtv ? Him riuvi vlat^h wikk JL Ac., by W. W. MH1RLKY, on Momlay, April 27. at Hi 'dock, at No ad Eighth avenue, nearTwpnty-first street. All the balance of sbvk must be sold. Enmities wishing bargains wl do well to attend, as ihe store must be cleared out uu Tweeday. AUCTION NOTM'K. Jk Household furniture, boudoir pianoforte, Ac. SAMUEL OSGOOD A CO., Auctioneer*. Store til Nassau street WUI (tell to morrow, Momlay, at K)^ o'clock, A. M , the wbsir of the furniture cuulaincd in house No. IV Kant Thirty third street, between Madison and fourth avenues, comprising Id part Hrussels, tapestry, and other carpet*, two superior rsw-wood parlor suns, centre tables, iaue and otle'r window curtains, dining room, chamber and kitchen furniture. Ahto, One mwewood botnloir pianoforte, made in the manufactory Of the celebrated Erard, Paris. Catalogues at sale. Auction notick?household kurniturk, ac. 8AMTEI, OSGOOD A CO. Auctioneers, Slojst No. Si Nassau stree.l WW sell at auction on Tuesday, April IM, A. M., at 11.1 Wait Twelfth street, the whole of the furniture, comprising bearwood parlor suits of furniture; centre and other bibles; oarputs, inirros, oil paintings, dining room, parlor, bedroom andkitchen furniture. Particulars in catalogues on the morn tng of sale. Term* cash in bankable money only. Mush deposits required from all puachaser*. Tb funis must be removed on the ilay of sale. AUtrriON NOTICE. House furnishing goods, fancy and staple hardware, Ac. SAMUEL OSGOOD A CO., ADCTIONKKKS, Store No. Si Nassau street, I IB sail at auction oil Wednesday, April 29, at 1(1^ o'clock A. , die contents of store No. 3M4 Uuwery, between Kllih ami (lid streets, cnusisting of a general assortment of bouse furnishing goods, brltaiuiia metal and silver plated ware; heSee cutlery, and lain'y and staple hardware: glass ; its, ssbis, desks, Ac. Catalogues at tie' place of sale, and at the War of the auctioneers, No. 81 Nassau street, ou the day previous to the sab'. A OCT ION NOTM'K. Jk SAMl'hL OSOtiOD A GO., Auctioneers, Store 81 Nassau street, WUI seN at auction, on Wednesday, April 29, at IliS, o'clock, Ike whole of the fanutiire contained la bouse No. 87 Spring treat, bctweca iiruadway and Merwer street, c.msisuiig of handsuou: rueewisrl parlor luruiture, centre tattles larvy artick's, carpets, ludrcsim, dining room, kitchen and other fur nMore, Ac. The full particulars in catalogues on morning of sale. A NATION NOTICK?J. HOGART, AUCTIONEER.?HY Jk S. HOGART.?Momlay, April 31, at 10 o'eloek, at IT *ul van street, mortgage sale genteel household furniture, pianoIkoW, As., cmieiatiug in part of mahogany sofas, do. chairs, nark* tap centre table, splendid pier and mantel (lasses, gas handeiiem, oil paintings, large <|iuuiUty of chamber furniture, smAlo tap bureaus, wardrobes, marble top washstaiuls, ma ksfnap French and cottage bedsb ads,*11 reads, hair inaUntsses, Ibwsrh three ply Ingram carpeta, kitchen luruRure, Ac.; alao MM Ptonitfi JOHN W. BOMKRINDYKK, attorney for mortgage A NOTION NOTICE?J. HOtl ART, AUCTIONEER ?HY Jk & HOGART, Tuesday, April 2A at M) o'clock, at No. I Hsssdstg Green, mortgage sale of genteel household furniture, essMiettag of the entire lumiturn of the above large dwelling: mahogany tetsea. teles, solas, In brneatrl; spb-n'tvl Urge pier nt, splendid gas chandeliers sud futures, En-neb clock, Msnse 11 sud three ply carpeta, oil cloth, large quantity of nu hswaop Trench bedsteads, in good order; first uiiaiity pure MMdhalr masacs, feather bods, pillows, and nisMuuf; at tmadon dining tables, solid mahogany diulug tables, bat staivL hsl skwn lull i r kitchen furtilture, Ac Catalogues can be ho.I ag As auction room on Monday. JOHN W. HOMKR1NDYICK, ?WSJ Air mortgagee. A NOTION NOTICE -WM. H. JONEd, AUCTIONEER ^ wih sell on Momlay, the 27th. at 10 o'clock A. M., at 9: JtasMwIl street, the cisiients of a sailor boarding house, ism aMtag of nu*ilrt pew*. rfiHirx. lafiiea, on)! piaikomrtr, aiai a prarral anaocimciil of bnttarhnkt furniture. AUCTION NOTlfR?JOHN RKDDINli, AlfiTIO.VKKK l.KH Bn?ul??y, will acll on TueaUy, April At, it Ik) b'rlotk. an Jw prrinlaea 3M MIxtA aretraa, o1Iru,.r 0| Thirty m ani atrect, the alork of a xruoery, inrlnduix to**, coffee*, ?Bain M*p, aptcea, Ac., with future* Sale poxttlre. AtHTIoN NOtfCK.?HOl'HKHOLD KL'RXITTRK.?A. M. i'KIRTAl.AR. au< Unnecr, arlll tail, on Muthlar, Vpnl W, at KV\ o'clock, at No. 2M? Kprlnx atreet, hnuarhnkt fnnil aarr vaokaJtW la mO>( Imuae. cnoMattnx in part of aofvt, chair*, tabfc *, bureau*. teal*, )> .|>luix, l'?nkinx |U?rk. carpet*, oil paaktHi<?. rn^ravinx*, klUjbru ulenatia, ?i?l a targa lot of rork'-rv. Ac.. Ar. AUCTION HOT1CK.?KUOKNK H. KRANKUM, AUO UonotT.?H? K. H. Franklin AtVk.?On Motvlay mnrnlnx, A tori) X, ai fill Vjtal Ktxhloemh atreet, aale of Iho whole fur nAni > contained in the above prlvali! dwelllnx, eotialatlnx of arpcta, rorlainx, mirror*, Parlor, chamber, lUiitnx rwm and kanrnnrif fkirnlinro, )?.Mi|.ri?ina .1 I', n.i .,1 , ...ruri. in ..I a-'I tarafkura, In fine order. t'alalniju** on mnrnlnx of "ale. Auction notioh.?kvornk h. franklin, au<: MntH') r? Mjr K. M. Franklin A On?Ha in of hotel form tar**, T'h-wUjt mnrnlnx, April At, at Iff'i o'clock, at lb* Marker llmnae, Junroon of Hamilton avenue and I'nlon amt, Smith RaXlljii. (n?ar Hamilton Irrry.) ante of the artmle furniture, mijirli oil cloth*, bed*. heddlnx, Ac, ennlativ-d in aakd hntiae. Am, three ftor borara and arroral ll(bt and other waxoiw, WW, Af , Ac. Auction notick?hoiukhoi.d fi'hniti'rk, a?. lAll'KL UflOOOD A CO. Anctmnerr*, Mtore No. HI Naaaan atreet, WW aal at auction on Tin-aday, April At. at 111*, A. M., at a. <2 Charlton atreet, the entire honarhold furniture, am arWax m pari rich roarwood parlor ault* of tumftnre, corneal I a nkpmti phi?h, mail*' to order lor the preaeut owner; mat M. aa rarprta, table*. mirrrora, oil painttnxa. bedroom, Mkipwrn, baacmcnl and kitchen furniture Ac. Ac. Auction notick ? a i.aruk hai.k of houhrhoi.d furniture. mmpriain* bookcaaea, wardrohea, bureau*, rMkaub, mabnranv tab lea, bedtrteada, hair aod buck mat kaaa, baf?trm ami pillow*, one aatt of fine atlk bronafel enmrwoad furniture, one do. of rnaewnod manna phiah. chao Aekrr*. ptrr xlaaaca, nil patntiikffa, cnxr*rinxa. ailrer a are, Aa, It., will lake place at I4& Sprinx atreet. m ar Wooatcr, on Mtmtm>, April X, al 2o rJ<?k P .M TkiMs M OtlNN AC'illIToN, AiacUone-r. 1]1 It. A r H WniKNt:*.?ON MONRAT, APRfL. V. I? at NV A M , al Na. 0 Fourth atrceL fhiperb hmkaeboM takv, aafiil aMrcr Plata, bed and lahln boon, library of MX Mb rwinmca of tha chntnnM Nnxliah atarvlard worka alMaaUy b?<ind. Ac . Ac. The fikraMum eoaaiau In part of omBarb mfrxt, Aubiiaann, laportry, Rmaacla audi nxram car peW*. awry rwh atlk damaak amdlaae carialna. pier ami man ioAiaamra. Meterea. mtiu of roenrriawt (Torerrtl In plnah, ma boMM da la tukircbah auperb fterma iMkaa raaea.rki aafU Ko mm am*. piH aa<l ormolu ail Mxht ohandellera, brackcu. Una M mMIM* and enararmxa roaewnnd bookcaaea. centra, C?Aand auarkc'lc table*, marbla lopa, dlTana.oibmkitna, Tnr am raay chalra. rlr?anl raaewood piano and atnol, bronaa M'? tlrr f- Ac. 7*e kolrraima oontaln Hrnaael* oarpeka, (MMMmd, tnahnxany and black walnnt drmaatn^bnreaita, MUMb lopa rmactmnd and mabnxany badataada, Iwunxea, Mrnui hair rkah rhalra. daauwk and lace enrtaln*. hair Zaaaiifrkili'r beda, bobrteca and pillow*, aheeta, blam ^ ~ ... coniernanea. Ac . An. nirvlninwna wetlaina AkmgaaA carpet* magnificent Barred nuh?riitT * lien .ton .tin tag table. arm ehatra, clock, race*. Ac. Al?n elegant French AHtaa tanfr sad tea ecu, glaaa ware of the iw<i rl*lu. la ia ?wr4*'T. knirce and fork*. Hrtunnta wan-, Ac, Ac MM*| Ameer I* carpet*. mahogany aecrwtrry honfcaae*. Metal hanhahelvr* table*, arm chair*, elegant tin* rngrnr tataL framed, and about *? rolumea of I KnglUh warn, which. with the anl|d athrer ware, bed and table Un-n, w* ha a*M at Uti o'clnrk. In the picture gallery, Catalogue haanta r with the kitchen ulenatla. | T|T K k F. H. RCHRWCK.-OM THKWIIAT. APRfl, J* i) al to^r.Vloek, at Ho 47 Mood vtreet, elegant honaehold tarah'ir etm?|>r1*lruf rarrrd rosewood parlor aitlt. In hnvm tai; henhcaae. Voltaire and parlor rhalra. Hru??e|? ao>l In W?ia carpet*. lare rntialna, mahogany bureau* atvt wa?h atanda. with marble top*, nwthoganr and roaewnnd h-doead*. ahaAra, enmm??t*? mar wood centre and enfa btbloa. with ntar Me Ha*: rnamelled chamber aiitta, hair malireaaee, pallaaaea, Ae., AM.; together with the usual assortment of kitchen ware, wKa which the aale will commence BT R I F. n WIIFJfCK -OH TI'KttDAY. APRlf, ?t, at I o'clock, at their salesroom. Ro n Kaaaau street, a bap Morgan mace. Ib\ hand* high. " year* old, warratitnd patlta My kind, aoniHt and gentle In ererr wag. Al?<> a top pMn and art of ?lngle Iwarne** AI*o an elegant black horse tabid* high, A rewra ?>ld, warranted perfectly wmud. kln.l awd gentle In every way. Also aeeeraJ ?ee.*el hand rta-ka wnya, Ac., a km aereral new top and rood wagon*. QT It. A F. II RCHKHCK-ftAUtaF FTWR QII.PAIffTJD bltak-R. A Ft H. RCHIOCCK WUI mil ?m Wednesday, Sk taei . at II O'clock, al Uietr salesroom. XI Raman a'mot, a ahafrw collect ion of fine <>u pa kiting*, ahmit AM In number, all ta tM glk frame* They oooahit hi part of One landscape by im. gnaiM, Morrta, A Inlander. Rmlth of Olrheetcr, VTchera. % tw neaumont. Wlayrr. Abo) de Pngel.O'Donitnr. MnaheM, hem peat H and other Ane maelera. raffle, Ac., by Morria, AwaAale. Armfteld, Anc large marine, by Fichoia. pupil of Mawfi Joaeph Vnrnct, fr.m\ the IxmrtW: tntvwenre and 'led Morning, after Reynold*, h-auttfnl Madonna* awl Hoty mm!!*; frnft. hk Conk, Aower p'tnee, Ac Alan a An* per tall ef Washington, by R Peel, painted In 179A. the ArabPwp af Part* tinder Ratmleon I., hy llartd. m. IVcelta, hy J5?; the Kair Jeweea. br D. Huntington, and a Ane original FtaWifw by J. W. M Tnrner. R A., alto M hy JA inckew-thw "^ fnrwifng a rolleepon acblnm aee.a at public aale, and WW ?n all recpeeta the attention of all loTon <>f art. The now on ethlhlUon, with natAkig iteo. * H* II LKKHft A (T)-OR MOffnAT, APRH. IT. CJj" y_? ?' pttr atore. Zt ffaaaan atrcet, aale .tf IMP rfroHn.rt P ."!> an? m""" H!"""' comprising standard. heir *ni P'*"1- of the ehoteeat d?a? Km? *w?taWeWve-D a I BAUDS AT AtJOIBUW. ^ ' qy k. a r. hT'sohkwck.-^w WKDNmnxT.^zmi I D Inot., at 9 o'clock P. M., at No. 4X1 Tenth street (Dry ' Nochi, 1-ouw Koch's patent wooden bos machines, to bo sold to pay chargea. BY K. A F. H. 8CHWWK ?6N THURSDAY, A PR II, 9U, at K>V A. M., (treat sale uf the entire furniture. wines, liquors ana segaro of the tWtton House, eorner of Leonard and Mroswlway. The faruituro consist* tn part of suits of rosewood, mahogany, black walnut parlor furniture, covered in Prorate). plush and haircloili, elegant damask, brocatel and I hoe surWuut; velvet tapestry, Brussels and ingrain carpeting; bedroom furniture of every description, dinner sets, crockery, i giaaa, chandellerO and gas ttitiiros, oilcloths, awl everything appertaining In a first class hotel. Also, the entire slock o? thoiee wines, braiKileo and segar*. which have been in the house since MM. Due notice will be given of Iho day on whloh the wines will be sold. By IIKNRY II. LKKM A CO.?OS MONDAY, APR 11, t[ *} li.' a.0.V.l,T".fc'."L-.V.1" ^ No. ?7 West Thirty first Ml iniiinrinwi I ?I > m 11 r ?-, ? ?IM>I - U11*; < 11 nfl|MS<f4, mpi'! 1>|JT and ingrain carpet*, mahogany miU in hair cloth, easy chair*, [ gilt frame mirror*, eiiaiwh-licis, otrum* un<l cornices, malmI jruny centre table, aide rlo., curd table*, ottoman* Ac., mai b<<nny dressing hun\iUM, bedstead*, mattresses an?l bedding, niai(r '**<**. withstands, U>iW*C > *.*, oilcloth, stair carpet stair rods, and lot of book*. The suhi will commence wnh the km hen furniture. BY HKNKY IX. LKKD8 A CO.?ON MONDAY, APRIL 27, at <V? l(M'k, at 697 Houston street, genteel household furniture, property of a gcntlcm.ut declining housekeeping, needsiug* ?| velvet ? arp?*f.M, i>?*?r glasses, rich gilt, marble tap, base, finely carved rone wood medallion parlor unit In erimnon i and maroon, satin damask, worsted, damask and lace curtain*, marble top centre tables, gotiec fancy chidr, shina vases and hron/e*. sale table*, music <a*4?, De Imw'* pnteut bookcase and hcdstciui, black walnut extension dining bible, 12 lee|; enpr avine* and picture*, rosewood pianoforte, worsted dam i*k draperies, tete a tele, and chairs in brocatel, chandelier* and inerain carpet*, bedroom suit* complete, in black walnut and ntaiK>eany. cerfae*'do ^oib loth*, Ifnissel* and Venetian stair carpets, oilcloths, hat rack*. ?tmu. |Uii, Midwi ware, jte. The above have been but little lined, and are in good order. C| Hi M. LKYY. lUCTlOyKKR, It WILLI VM 8TRKHT.? C. M LKYY will sell ,mi Toe*,Uy next. 2Hth Inst., at his spacious salesroom, 72 WiJllani .street, at 10^ o'clock, a large assorted Mtoek of genuine imported liuuor*, namely, 10 pipe* Hupuy A Uo.'s cognac brandy, Ixindon and llollan I gin, Sruitln antl Irish whiskey, old Mmiongahcla whiskey, old Jamaica rum, Martell'* Ijouuoii dock and other favorite brandie*; luarUelwiu, Curnroa. ghiger witPvelarcts, oases assort<h1 liquors. Havana and otwr segars. The Above Htiuon *rd to be obtained in 4-aaks, demijohn* and ease*, securely packed for (ransportauon. Sample* ready on Monday. Tho tra le and public generally are invited to attend, a* the sale is positive. Daniel h houuh, auctionkrr, onkick is and IS Park row, will sell, tomorrow (Mornlay) morning, April 27, at 10^ A. M., all the rich and fashionable furniture in the private residence 14b West Twenty first street, near Se venrh avenue, embracing everv description of really rnagntficent parlor, dining room and library and chamber furniture, logetJ??*r with a Urge quantity oi rich silver ware, Fremiti c.hina, marble statuary, work* of art, Ac. The sale of the whole will he absolute and peremptory. In the dining room are rich cbina dinner and tea *et*, silver salvers, eastern, forks, spoons, Ac.; elegant cut glass and Bohemian ware. Ivory cutlery and pearl-inlaid do., superb oak extension table, oak neaufet, chairs, Ac. In the parlor* are ri' b Knglish tapestry velvet carpet* and rug*; three solid rosewood suits, in rick crimson and maroon and green and goid brocatel; easy and reception chair*, large pier ami mantel glasse*, solid rosewood eteger**, corner do., *olid rosewood centre and pier tables, rosewood bookcases wardrobes, secretary, Ac.; meritorious oil painting*, by K. C. Goals*; large and costly engravings, bron/4- gas fixture*, Sevres china vases, bron/e and ormolu ilorik; on.-.?! Nwum a Clark Hi wpak mo utovi aurral case rosewood pianos, a splendid instrument. In the chain b4 r* are the usual assortnwnt of ri4!h carved rosewood and mahogany French bedsteads, bureaus, sofas, arm chairs, curb d hair mattresses. bedding, paintings, Ac., together with an eudle** variety of other good* too numerous lo mention, which, to be apneecUted. must 1)0 seen, dale commence* in the parlor, at 10^ A. M. precisely. tfLKGANT CARVKD ROBKWOOD AND MAHOGANY ? use.?P. NA.SII, Auctioneer will sell on Moiulay, April IJ, at 10^ o'clock, try catalogue, the entire contents of the large tour story dwelling house situated BO Wesf Fourteenth street, containing eviperler household furniture, of tlrst class wnrkle oeihip, made to ortler, are! in MMlMlMMhl. Parlor furniture?13) yards of rich velvet carpets; three magnificent rosewood p*Her autta, covered In elegant satin brocade; large easy, Voltaire and reception chairs to match; two rosewoud uegeres, with marble tops and mirror doors arid backs, lln? d wtth satin wood, very expensively carved; elegant rosewood *otre, sate and work tables; ladles' rosewood secretary, with mirror door, lined with satin wood; rosewood secretary, wuh elegant carvings, made to snatch the rosewood parlor furniture, rosewood corner and music staiwis: splendid 7 octave rosewood Miller premium ptanoforte, richly inlaid with pearl awl real pearl keys, deckled ly one of the most superb instruments ever made, cost tl.tJUO, richly embossed oorer airl stool; French plate mirrors, eipenelve lace and brvsiatel window vurtalns, also, a great variety of oil paintings, embracing many valuable specimens, one large fruit piece, by Seldel; winter scenes, sea news, moonlight sea views, laisHvities, sc.. all elegantly framed; large else elegantly decorated enina vases, Parian and t'hlneae figures, twenty-one <tay ormolu stocks, together with many other costly mantel ornaments; mahogany, black walnut and rosewood cushioned chairs, covered la hair do'h and mcdalion; rocking ami easy chairs, sobs, sak and black walnut eiirnston tables, rick china tea seta, -sot glass ware, comprising a full assortment, such as turn biers, Wines, champagnes, goblets, celery classes, salts, butter dishes, lemonades, pitchers, Ac,; also, eosily silver ware", such Wgaat revolving casters, with splendid cut bottles, spoons, cake baskets, tea services, salvers. Ivory cutlery, common crockery, plates, vegetable dishes, soup tureens, Ac.; -alas, the furniture of all the bedrooms, containing the maple, sottage, black walnut and mahogany riishioie-d chairs, elegant rosewood, mahogany, black walnut and staple bedetewls, pure hair mattresses, rosewood and mahogany marble top buseana, and washatanua to match the bedsteads; magnificently decorated china toilet seta, bedroom carpels, mirrors, toilet and wsrk tables, elegant stair earpela and rode, oilcloth*, hall stands. Ac. Rate positive. M. B.?Furniture can be packed and shipped by an experienced person at the sale. Parties in want of solid rosewood parlor fnrnitore of the moat expensive deaertolion will do well to attend. EH. UTDU1W. AfKTIONKKR . 1IANDHOMK BOWKHOl.I) Fl'RNITfRB AT AUCTION. K. H. LUDIA1W A CO. will sell at auction, on Monday, April 27, WB7, at IO)s o'clock, at No. Al West Fifteenth street, the entire furniture in said house, consisting of handsome ma ho gany and nwwesl parlor furniture, m plush and haircloth, vsegercs, divans, vases, hrncatel and laort curtains, mirrors and pier glasses, centre, curd and pier tables, also, tn ihogany, walnut and cottage bedroom furniture; beds and bedding, ma bogany and rosewood tables, uiarble top; Hruasela cardnts, nth hahs; alao good assortment of china, glass ware, cntVFy and kitchen ware with which the ?ale will ommsirs. Cats login's may be had at the oSlcc of the auctioneers. No. 14 Pino street. FCOLTON, Al'fTIONKKR?fJK.NTKKI, HOl'HKHOIJ) ftwnlture gaa fliturea, if-F. OOI.TON will aell on Tucaday. April a*. at 10^ o'clock, at ltO Twrlfih atreet be Iwcen Fifth and Hlath avenuea, the entire furniture of lha hell*; It will comprise In part Brussels, three phr au?l uur un carpets, ntkclntha, mahogany chairs, Via a lata, aulas, marble lop tables, oil paintings, collage furniture, mirrors, mattresses, kitchen furniture, Ac.. Ac. N B.?AU lha above goods ware new within tba laxl year. Alao all the gas fixtures, chandaHera, Ac , throughout the home. FCOI.TON, Al'CTIOBKKR -ORKATMALK ??r HHtklMIl hand lurnnurc.?Three pianos, carpets, oilcloths. velvet. t,i|>eatrv, three ply ?nd ingrain c.irpeta, thr o r--e ve st uod brornlelle xntta of furniture, mlrrora, Ac , Ac,, At-. F. t'til.TON will aell this day, Monday, April 27. at Itl1^ o'clock, at the auction room, S9 Beck man street, the entire furniture of a Urge four atory houaa, removed from Itrixiklyn It will comprise every article In the line, xuch ax tapestry. three ply ami mgrain earpcta, oilcloths, French plate mirrors, dining and extension tablea, late curialna. Iwxls, mattresses, he.ldtng, not tage furniture, together with about forty loatlx of plain tornt lute Alao, threr second hand platvoloitos and one rose wool do Bale w ill he without reserve, and gtstda muxl be retnovml Immediately. Haht on Tueatlay at No. I'tl Twelfth afreet, near With avenue. GKDRIIK IHH1K, AUCTIOKKKR.-MUPKRIO* HfHJHK liold furniture, being the entire rontcnta of the four story brown atone bouse Ro tirt Kaat Thirty eighth afreet, on Toes day, April St, at 10% o'rlock. The above was newly ftirilislvd lu an ripernatTe atyl?Rla<t fall, and|U nowlnJHrst rate order, embracing dining room, library, parlor and chamber anils, carpels, oilcloths, croehery, gaa fUturex, A'-. The wliole to he xold to the highot bidder, aa the family relm-ptlxh bonxekeep tng. t'atalogiiex at sale GII.HFRT8 HAVAHE. At'tlTIOBKKR RKfiULAR B AI.K by catalogue, for ash, at the salesroom *2 t'.?lar xtreet, on Tuewfav, April 'JH, at 10 A M , staple and fancydry g n.?la, ear pets, fancy goods, kadlea' French eallcoee, newatyb?x, ami very rich; at raw good*, a large ami varied aaaoriment,'?, boys' and ehtldreti'x hatx, a tif aaxortment, worthy the anenteai of the trade and hatters, ladies' honnetx, a fine axsortmeip, ho alery, Ac., lo lota to ault city and country dealers, fine writing desk. lklHHI.KK, MAfll.KY A HAVAHK. Great bai.k or a cHoirr ahd vaixawi.k km tire collection of nil paintings now on e?hlbHlon at the aalea room .1 K A F 11 HOIKNtfk. Bo *t Baxsm street. ..p poatte the Post odlce In the coiled Ion will be fount! a splendid rivar new, by J. M W Turner, R. A.; the Arrhhlahop of Farix under Rapoieon lal, by Iharid; three One UrvUc ipea from the rolleetkon nf the late Philip Hone. a One picture by Betarhcn. xketrhea by L>xl<, Parea, f?anhr, Jr . Rf Heorge Heatinwmt. lee and nAbera The parlieufar attention of all irrrrra nf art la Invited In an examination of Ihla hue noticeHon Sale positive To rommenne at II o'clock. TTFNRY H LKKDH A fO.-fk.Y MONDAY. APR1I. 27, XI at Bkty o'ekorh, at Bo b Everett llonxe, Fourth avenue, betw een Hryrnteenth and Eighteenth atreeta. Ilrat classeablnet furniture, mxniiUlured by one of Ihe best makers In the city formerly loreman for Baodnlne. consisting nf rtohly earveal rtaw-wtext sntta, aofaa, arm r heirs and parlor tin , rnaewraal bedateada. work tab lea, apring back rhalra and anfaa In t 'antoi flannel, failletiUa, French walnut carved beufela, elegerea, a having atanda, rani and hall Mklea: carvel, fancy, gothlc and other rhalra. rovere.) in reps, brnratel, Ac ; rose wo. si dress bureaus, centre tables, oak neufet chairs, arm tin. txtk cane seat rhalra, lancy do. miiatr ataml, cottage corner eu geres, HTM* other furniture of first quaUly. Can be seen *1 an* time previous to lb" o*l". HT, LKWM. AOOnOWRER.-APfTTIOW wonOB.? lopwlnr made rnaewwsl and m*hngmay household fop. Hum. eicellent rose wo. si ptaoofhrta. magnificent suit* of olid maewisid parlor fhrnunre, wn?wd with fr?iK* all*, natty pW and auuitel Rrwonh plat* mirror*, nlegani all paint togs rich re I ret carpet*, large and estenalre rartety of canty olid aDrar wart, heavy nit glass war*. aWuraat ehlna warm, tra and dlnnrr aala, ?a?"a. Ira" and ormolu idnck?. An., Aft. R. T. l.RKUft vfll aril In morrow, Monday, at IIS W-at Righto atraat, at I0H o'aloek. all tfea larnHura m Ubn reaidenfte, aim. stating of tore* magnificent anlld roar wood anlin. worarad In marooa. arlmann and aatia: gothia aad Turkish ana* aKalra, In mnqnet and aaila bmoada; Indies' anlld nwnwtsid rscep Hon and arm chairs, aoteied In mdmaim aad atmon aula, large and eipenatva maawuod secretary bookcase, lined w*A aim wond; tare* anlld rnaawnod ma Ira UthW, with statuary marbla mot; aarwad maewond alar, anfk and aid" tables, with marbla tops; three onatty rwewod etegrrea. wbA marble tops; plate (Urn dnora, Ad.: ladlaa' row wood work tablaa. twealy-on* day broaaa and ormola rlnoka. elegant amna raae*. mngnldoent Rrensh plata pkw a law. man to) rsir rora toaaM; boar* ambiutdorad Man window curtains aad rtvrnlora. large aad aatwaalra rarlnty of all palatine*, so* aa landscapes, winter aaapsa. martaa riewa, Ad; aapnlurijrnaa wood iplanrdona, fall 1 cotavea, at'gant oaaa, a rnlaaMe *> stmment. rrwawond piano stool, covered In aatln. rtoA rairat tnpeatry carpet* In gw?d ord"r. anlld oak eurvwtaton tab lea, raar bla top fancy tnhlft, mirrors, sofa*. bada, chairs la hair cloth, crystal cut iim warn, win"*, champagna*. lumhlar*. goblet* and decanter* In match, rich nhlna taa aad dinner Seta, onstty Itver war*, nrke baaAWa. oaatora, spoon*. fsrks I tan.* Stan da, onenor laiila anttary, marble pKrher*, Aa., rant trtll, manly olid ma wood and mahogany bedatends, sOtluafy. marble kip bnreaua, wsahataads and nrwatandaa In match-,ove* Si pur* hair matlreaaes In esrnUant onadKlon, holatara and pilkrw*. an.inter nana*. Ingrain carpets, hadmntn mlrmra, nlntdu. lotim mniaa. Wat mta. amir carpets and rod*, mahogany enahkmed chairs. mcAej*, sofas, lounges, enonh bada, ball stand, laaand din In* tables, together with a large aad aestrahie aaanrtmaat of bsaeaienl and kitchen utensil*. Aft., wilh srbich laa aala will naarnee, wkh a large lot of kttohen furniture. TJKNRY " HERTN. JR., AVrTIONKKR-HY HHRT* A XJl MIIMH?OBce Wo. ?H Tina street (lenl.-el hous. h .11 furnllnre, on Tuesday, April Wt. at ltl't o'clock, at HI W.wt Twentieth street, near Eighth a rap aft, comprising Mllissom and Ingrain cappi is, mahogany wifas, chair*, tola a tries, kninreli, Ar . tn hair rlo?h; (ill frame mirrors, lace cnrlaius, formers, ollcloih*, ertcnslon dlnln* table, mshoersuy w.ici robes, bureaus, bedstead*. washslands. beds, bed Uti*. china, glass, plsted wsre snd kitchen utensils, with which die sale will commence Terms cash, OMMBRVSa at ssle HOTEl, rVRfftTHRH AT AUCTION.?JOHW W AW- ' PKRSON, auctioneer, will sell, on Tuesday, April JA, at I 10 o'elork, tba wb de of lbs furniture of the n<wl?>n Hirer Rouse. 19(1 West slreel, consist In* of bedsteads, feat her beds, i blaabeta, tgttiHss, mirrors, earpeta, bar (Vnures, steam la'tle, large range with alcan twihr ai lav bed, gag miurea, winea, | tVjuoiw, fcgara, Ac. < N*W YORK HERALD. SI I BALKS AT AVOTHNI. TTKNRY H. HKHTR, IR, ACCTIOWBKR-HY HCKTS * I Al MONtt?Office No. ftV I'ine street?Kleganl ha?what I furniture. on Monday, April Z7, al o'clock, at Mi West t'ourt<'ruth street. near KighUi avenue, being tn? property of a gentleman leaving for Kurone, and comprising M follows: ? In parlors? Elegant velvet tapestry carpets, large French pi?-i wnniri mirrors, nnxwi anu lace wuiuu* uuiwum and cornices, rosewood parlor milt, in blue and silver *aun b roc* lei, mahogany do. ia white ami blue broMdod sann; rosowood rti'itpc, plate glass front; very rich Itresden china, b|s<|ue and Parian marble immU'l and elcgere ornament*, seven octave rosewood piauo, by Horace Waters; very rvh real bronw gas mantel ornaments, brimre and ormolu Sum chandeliers, mahogany Hint, in crimsou plush: cntre, card, side aud sofa tables, Ac. liming room?hutcuxion din ing labia, sofas, chairs, akiaboard, glass, china, ailvar and plated ware, cnOary, Brussels oil paintings, Ac.. rhnmlirra?Hour wood and mahogany bedsteads, buntana, wurdisiauds, wardrobes, chairs, tables, Ac.; Brussels and bv train carpets, beds bedding, window shades, curtains, oil cloths, An.; also, a large lot of kitchen furniture and utensils, with winch the sab: will commence Catalogues at sal*. JMAt'KKNZIK, AUlTlONKKR?WIIJj HKLI. AT AOC. tion, on Monday, April 27, At two o'clock 1*. M., At AW 11 iKlwm street, a large assortment of household furniture, aotnprhong parlor, dining room, and kitchen furaiturt!, inehtding carpels, oilcloihs, bed, uutUreaaiw, china, glass warn, cutlery, Ac., Ac., all in the best order, and ia worthy the altemUun of privalu buyers. JOHN MORTTMKR, AUOTIONKKR, WILL HKLI. ON Tuesday, 2Hth Inst., at 10 o'clock, at the corner of Broad w ay and Fiftieth street, tbUuptire furnMurn of the bouse, com prising in part of Brussels nWfi ingrain carpets, beds, pillows, blankets and one line pianoforte. OAKLKY A WRIUIIT, AUCTIONKKR8.?0KFIC8, NO. Oiurt street Brooklyn ? On Monday, April 27, at WYekMk A. M., at No. 3 Carroll place, near Court street, Kouth Hrook lyn.?Household and kitchen furniture, rosewood parlor suit la crimson, brisatel, mnhog.iny chairs, pianoforte, octave stool and cover, mahogany l>oi>kcnse, mirrors, solas, tapestry llrusaela, three ply and uigridn cjirpets, lace, satin, detain nml muslin curtains, mahogany French bedsteads, eotlage do. hair ami husk luattresses, leather beds, bureaus, dressing do. marble top; dining tables, silver plated tea set, silver plated ware, cutlery, kitchen furniture, Ac. OAKLKY A WRlOlfT, AUCTIONKKRH.?(OKFIOK, NO 9 Court street, Hrisiklyn.)?Tuesday, April ai, at leu o'clock, A. M., at die private residence til tnluhm llrs.k lyn, rich and elegant household furniture, medallion velvet esris'ts, Brussels ami Ingrain carpets, superior rosewood luauolorte, stool, met cover, rich hu e curtains and, rich NNtwd parlor s'Uts, in green, gold, ami black bnieiiol, rosewood ctogercs, do. tuit stands, statuary, engravings, op per and oil paintings, agate vases, etc. liming rooiu-V.ig nilionl carted oak bullet do. extension dining table, oik chairs ilo., arm do , green ami black damask curtains, medal Hon drugget, oak Hungarian elegere, Brussels rigpiii, whin* china dinner set codec urn, etc. Bedrooms?Kosewiasl and mshoguiiy Kronen bedsteads, rosewood marhle top burmns, do. wash stands, rivwiwl collage chairs, spring and hair mattresses, marble top bureaus and wash stands, do dune Covered spring ieuiigc. A Liege and general assortment <>t nrsi class kiichen furnllure. The above furniture was iiuble loonier by Smm-y, of New York, and has beea in use but a -hurt lime, and is worthy the attention of buyers KOHKH, Ax., AT AIXT10N.-W. H. MclLVAIN WILL sell on Momiay, 27th April, at 10^o'clock, allhe .No 7 John slrect, ruses, grape vines, dahlias, verbena*. pe tiuibts, carnations, pinks, A-:., In great variety, front P. Henderson, Jersey <>|ty. Catalogues. Thomas j. millkk, auctionkkr ?saijb op <ikn household furinture, Ac ?MlLl.KK A MORR18 will tell at auction on Mom lay, April 27, at 10}{ A. M. the entire rnrnliure eonintnesl lit the private residence No. 62 Twelfth ftreet, oiisisilug In part of elegant carved roaewssl and ma bsgany sutta, elegant be.lnssn Ifurmture, Velvet carpets, silver plated etalr rods, together with a varied assort meat Ol the usual haitsohold I'unutitrn. No postponement. TKRKNCB BOYLK, Al'iTTlONKKR.?(1KNTKKI. 1IOUHK hold furniture, on Monday, 27th instant, at UiLj o'clock, at 23 Market street, etunprisiiig (nirlnr and chamber lurnlture, marisle u>p bureaus, pier glasses, Brussels, uipe,u v ui I u. gfa ? fk^uril xix broiue ami urm?>lilo clwuv I .iiwi all (ht; giiM rift flirt'*; rtotat* in hair ritHii. in ihtv^.my h ht'tUirmU. Kit?( oik-l?Hh, *Uiir curprbt, *?n?' l? iision iiiuiuc Uiblt* frutlit'r bt*?U aii-t aivi .ill fur niiurt! in th?* ntwjr hon.*?\ Kalt* |N?*hiv?v X . nvxt, lit M)*a o'clock at w.ironsims 644 tnd up, lloktdwny, a large unit splendid .issurfiucut of rl'"h ami fashloi. ?b|e rise w **!. mahogany, oak mid walnut drawing room, chanibiV and dining nurni furniture, piano fortes, Ac., alt of which (h of ?ory superior workmanship, ant for style and finish la i'<|uiil to any furniture wr offered at nuclloh in thla city, consisting m part of :w solid ro?'u.?fl par lor sulfa, in French satin brtsvdet, plash and other rich ov> r ius?; beautifully ourrnl rsornnl cirrrrn* in .-vary varlotv of M)|i' and tniUn, a part of which arc very superior; elegant French secretaries, escritoires, innate cabinet*, lino rosewaal reeeptlon chairs, piano 'stisil* straw seat, and other fancy ediairs; riehly earvisl rosewood centre ao l sola table*, wttn atatimry and Italian marble lops; u'lurtc'te tables, rosewood bastluiniiiils and whatiits*, splendid arnvslress with French plate a lass doors, carved rosewissl bedsteads ill (real variety, mahogany and vvslnul 'to., marble top bureaus and w v*h aland*, commiste*, best Spanish hair mattresses, superior 'I tension (lining table, elanoraicly carved sideboards, liniog room ehair*, solas, trie a tetes, Hrm chairs, rockers, a splendid assortment of enamelled cottage furnilure, .ke,4|>iaii ilurte*??t II o'clock, three rosewoisl ; octave pi aim lories, by e|iy makers. I'alalogaes on the morning of sale. Kvery hu'lUty will kedhrirl to purchaser* lor honing and shipping. WM WITTERH' ACtrriOHKK.R, WIM. HUM. OR MOR- < day, at HI okks'k, at 412 hVtiial street, a large stork of fancy gmsts. store futures, Ac. This sale is worthy the atten 11011 .of umlliea and others. Children's clothing, Ac. Same day, at No. 16 Laighl street, | all the elegant honse.hukl fur nfttire In the above house, nsMiwooa parlor suit, slip covers, centre tables, large ami massive pier glasses, lace cur tains, paintings, carpels, bookcase, oil cloths, beta and bed, ding,'bedsteads, dressing bt urea us, Ac, dining nana and kitchen tnrntture., Ac. WM. WITTKKS WII.I, SKI.I.. OR MOND^T, AT lu o'clock, at 412 t'anal street, the stoek of faney goods ehtldren's clothing, ladles' under cloihes, hosiery, gloves thread ami nei die store, store lUlures, large mirrors, counters Ac Nule pen-mpuiry. WM. WITTKR8, Al'i-TIONKKR, WILL flKI.L, OR MOR day, at 2 or lock in the afternoon, at 16 Isv.gtit Street, ,*| the handsome household furniture, Ar., In above, large pto glasses, slabs ami brackets, wimlow curtains, one roaewistl dining suit. In bmeatel, with slip svjieu, ball oil rlotba, hat rack, gna chandelier*. WiB^kMavxl maho any anil other bedsteads, spring and baii-^^WIh, bedding dressing bureaus and wushsiaipi*, loilet sets, wardrobes, ma bognny b>sikeas>,, cost f 1.16, rosewood piano, oil paintings marble ornament*, clock, silver ware, dining room and kitchen furnilure, Ac. All of the above furniturejiaa been but a ahor time In use. WM. WITTKRH, AUfTlONKKR. WII.I., t?N Tuesday, at JO o'clock, at 4fl llenry street, all the gen P el househokf furpinire, Ae , 111 the above bouse, consisting o everything useftT and necessary for housekeeping. Ham day, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon, at AVI tfanal street, a very Urge ami eilenslve assortment of household furniuire, Ac Wednesday, at lOo'clo. k, at MM Tenth avenue, household fur niture. Ae Hame day, at Af< liialsiMi street, elegant household furniture, t'alalogiir* on day of sab'. WM. WITTERS, AL'CTIORffRR, WnJiKlOX, WRDRTW da/, at 2 o'elork, at the dwelling house MR Mudaou street all the handsome household furniture, Ac., In the above bouse AU of the above furnilure has been made In order and Is wnnhv af attend.**. W1U.IA.M T. HOYD, Al'fTTIORKKR.?HOt'RKHOI.D furniture sate.?UWI RKIHOtiH, store 66 Nassau streeL will sell, est Monday, 27lh Inst, at 10', o'clock, at Wl Heoond avenue, between Twenty tourfh and Twentv fifth etreela, all the magnificent furniture of said house, rooaisUng of mahog* ny parg'r furnilure, in hair cloth; Hrnssels carpets, but little worn; splendid gas chandeliers; also the gas Allures through out the house, large plrr and mantel mirrors, pianoforte, p?n Ire ami side tables, with marble tons, window curtains, ha I hat stands, oik loth, stair carpet* and rials, modern mahogany bedsteads, dress bureaus, Ingrain carpets, washstamls, tsdlet acts, also superior bedding, beds, pure hair maUresses, lot of ritra*. also superior kitchen furniture, dining amfiea tables, cane chairs, china sod common crockery, glass Ware, Ac. WH. MKI.LOR, ACOTIORKKR-HY W H. MKt.lHIK A fJa?To morrow iMomlayl m..ruing, at In', n'sAadt, e the private residence JO Hlee. ker street, coiiaintlng of lap .11 Hrusaels and ingrsln carpeting; India malting, English oil cloths, Ac., Ac ; also dressing bureaus, bedsteads, wssh*'.?*!*, table* wRh marble top*. nldebnanl*. mirror*. unlet M4. nut tre?*e*. feather bed*. miMer* and pillow*, roiiiilerpen.". h! mi kete. Ae., Ae ; al*n book*. nm??r, curtain*, ii?mi, |.i I ire*. en graving* Ac , together with the innial .piainey M h??.'.mu' and kitchen iilen*!!*, which will amtwa-n the ante. ('ale login'* on morning of aale. WILLIAM H. KNOX, AI'CTIONKKR-WU.I.IAM II KNOX will *ell on f ne*d*y, April VI, at In1, o'env k. at ( the large lour *torjr and be*, nn-nt Ikvi?c x.i ?,ty Hint* >n trrrt, all the furniture of the house. cmetatlng In pari of line Direr Illy ami ingrain carpet*. Kngluh tdlehaH*, mahogany Krcnch pod "trad*. nuuire**"**, bedding, maiiocanr bureau*. ( aofa*. marble top table*, superior awl of rnaiue||e<| cottage lurnHtire, one rtaewnotl piano, *npertor; rvtewakm dining table, crockery, glamware, kllebi-n fumllnre, Ac AI?o, **? , ftltare*. Ae. All (he aho*e g?.?ln are 111 wry tine order, ami very many of Uiitn almo*t new. Wn.uamhiicro ai'ction.? a. m crist w.ak auctioneer. will *ell on Tueelay, April 31, al llM^ oV-lnch' at 7* Sooth Third afreet, near fourth. the entire f urn I ore .-.*1 tallied In ?*id hon*e, cim?i?nng of carpetf, *t*lr do , oilcloth* rod*, bureaua, *ofaa, chair*, rorkrr*, rwewood mtrblr top I iable, boreau and waehaiaml. mirror". hat ataml. |iUmif"c(e and ?1nnl, chui.t and gla?a?are. ba*emenl ami kiu lv n utraail*. I refrigerator, Mote*. A - I f ?r - ? ? ? 1 ? ' TRAVKIXRHN OUIDK. gUDRON RIVRR RAII.ROAO,?FROM APRIL IX. UtB7 Iralna will leave Chamber* afreet autUdn uhltnmreaa train* and 11 AO A. M and I F X Albany naaaaa gar train, SSO P M.; for King King. 7 A. M. and 4P. Ri An 1 rongkkeepaie, 990 A. M. and 1 and If. M: foe PenkaklU tJurTSl. The Pimghkeepaie, Peek*kill and mag Mag train* flop at the way *tatw*i? Paa*enger* taken at Chamber*, fkanal Christopher and Thirty A rat atreel*. Traina for New Ttd leave Tray at Id and RIB A. M. and ?:? P. ML. and Albany at ttmt tkM A. M. wd P.M. A. P. RWTH, Wnparliiiaadaat t krVW YORK ANDERIR RAILROAD.-OH AND APTU J Xv Monday. April *, 1HB7. and until further noUee. tan , Iralna will have pier, Ami of Plane afreet, as follow*, eta.? J Dunkirk eipreeo. at iSO A. M, fog Pun kirk. Buffalo etnreae, al JO A. M., for BaNhio. j Mall, at 7 XI A. M., for Dunkirk and Huthklo and tetaram J dhtfo atnUnna. Panai Wgl* ? by thta train wtB n iaaln peer nlgta ad Khnlm. and pi oread the nevt morning. Roeklaod naeaenger. al I P. rta Clermont, for AHNai **Way Deiwefiger*<ui?T M-. for Nawharg, Mlddletnw* aad ta f tarmMtuilM aUUofii Rmlfrant, at I P. tor Dunkirk aad Buflhlo, aad tadmmg dlate (nations. I The above wain* ran dally, Runday* aaaroted. Night einiena. al 430 P M.. far Dunkirk, reefy dayman apt that urn train oa Mainrday man only to I1*r?Itaiflfo thence lo Buffalo) | Night evprena, al 4J0 P. M.. for Bnghln, eeery day Thane egpreaa traina eminett al Xlmlrn, wtfh me Brndr*. Oanaadalgua aad Niagara PaUa Railroad, hrRhMaNhi ad Maghaatlna with the Nyraeane and BlaBwmdnk Bafhiad. for Kyraenan; al Com tag wttfe Rtditta. (InJadaai NrwTorh | Railroad, for Rooheoter, at Ureal Mead wtth Delaware,Leahawanaa and Westers Railroad, for Roraalon, ad Wnraanartlld with Die Hnflhln and New TOrV City Railroad. for RtMto; A J Rtrttalo and Dnaktrk wtth the take Rhore Railroad for Om ' land. ClaedaanH. Toledo, DetroROhtaano, An. HtiMlk MAJMnMLL. PvntaitmA j '.LW1 -j.-iru-M- -t-uHavana rroarn, oaranar, pamhdar. pioa- 1 roa, regalia, Rrltannieaa, nquea, onbarfaa. regalia da I reya, eonohaa, ghwieta eonanlaeton, aotertoa, operas, laadft| I aad nnaatanaaother brand*. In lotatamilt ?areh??dr* ? n p. moumbr, tp Beaver ataoot ? yxharh at RRH^tmi? thoprand. AND aix othkm J O qnalttle* and prior*, for aalo by f rkdrmicm aNPRRR. ,i No < Mheriy atreet. up ?talr*. ? T" HP CHPAPIWT pl.ACR TfTHrr RRtlARd AT WIKH.tC l' ale |g at O. CHPRKIf. No. 17 Broadway, who ha* a *v<ek ' bf beer million *eg*r*. a large portion of whkth are aow tab Ing aoM tot pay advAneea. Call and etamlne. j UllPPIdi.. ' . v- a*v(. a IPOR SAVANNAH AHI> PLORTDA.?UHITK0 RTATRR J F mall liae ?The *teamer ALABAMA, Capt. (1 R Reheneh, h will leave on Saturday, May J, at 4 o'obick P M , fijwn pi-r * Ho. 4 North river Bill* of Imllnr *lgne"l oi? bo?rI for d freight or pa*?ag* apply to S. 7^ MfTCHPlX, IS Hn?ulw?y o ThUjugh tfoketa from New tork to .laea*onvll|e, R1I: do Pilot p ha, M. Ahamer* for f lorida erninee* al Savannah wtth the ? H?WtNMlfrw V?r| 0g Tuewtnyt auu na,ui*e>a ' A 3NDAY, APHIL 26, 1867. K.nppmo.

ST*A* TO lav KRFOt)u2rHB PAVO*IT? Hill jOilp CITY OF WAHHINOTON win autroa INw V?rh ( on Thursday um sm, of AprtL o?btn paaaagn, WR HMN elaaa, ?U For ptMt|? frtao or lo Liverpool wpl} to ' SAiHCL k 00HTM. 177 Broadway. T fyTtVOOL, NKW YORK AND FHILADKLHIII A JJ Steamship Company?'Tho steamship CITY Or W AHIt INeTON will wul for Liverpool from tho ilnui on Thursday .April 38. A iliwni'r will 1fsa*rt pter 44 Nortn Hot at* o'clock A. M. precisely lo oouvry pusae agent on board. JOHN O. DALK. Agent. FOR LIVERPOOL?TIIKCKLKBKATKD SHIP AIJ1KRT GALLATIN, trter 20 East rl?er, Ball* April V The slpp AMERICAN UNION wills May I. Khip trflKINTI A* A Hit lwodon *aiU May i. 8e?ond cabin, 513); steerage, and lound. Passengers brought nut Iroiu any part of Ireland or England at the lowest rates. Apply to THOrt. 0. ROC I IK, 83 South street j U'i'n ?? v rjinjVM,? KWrfKK I.INB?TIIK I T.'.MIH i I r.l? J *hlp AMKRICA will poettlvt-ly Mil oo Tinwd i.v, J think. Heooud c.tbui $M, ntcerage (IK Apply on board '? pi- r No. d North river. or to PKTKR M. DK8ARKNT, 40 Houlb street, corner of old Mtp. NOTICK.?KIRHT PACKBT FOR LlVKRPOOlr?P At'K ?t of 2fth April. The celebrated elippcr uhlp ALBION, Captain WUItnm*. po*ittv>ly Milk a? ?bove. For p.i?*.iffe tu cabin, nec.ud cabin and HUwr?f>\ apply oo board, pier 47 " K. K., Or ?o TAPHIHfTT A OO., Mouth *tr>'.'t. GRRAT RRUOOTIOW IN FARE TO RVROP*?FIRM cabin, HO; mhkhkI da, (AO. third do,. FO; to the Onto Am paddle wheel meamehipe ARIKL. 2,<JW VMM, And NORTH J STAR, (.RiOVjm, w *ail Ham pterNo. 3 Merit Hrer, to noon Cikely, a* lolKiwn:? *e New York lor Bremen for Booth- Quillhaimjlmi fur 1 Bouth'um A Bremen. amp tSfeANew York Now fork, Ariel. Th'v, April 16 Tuesday... .May 12 Saturday... .May 11 N th Htar, Hal.Mcy l? Saturday.;. June ? Wednesday Juno U Ariel, Hat.. June 6 Tuesday. ...Jnne?& Haloida*.. .Jtroe X ., N'th Btar Hat. July 4 Haturday... .July 6 Wednesday.July M Ariel, Hai'jr, July la Saturday..August H WednwedhjtjAiM. U A N'th Star, Bat A ug fl Saturday.. .Sept. 12 Wedo?*daJ.?epl M I Paaaeujrert for Havre will be Hoot on to A fllto etoee etoaatot AomnecUng on arrival at Southampton. * Specie delivered In London ana Park. c better* for Kuffland and Kurop* prepaid, to eeato eaoh AaM aoce (by euckaiure of puHtaffe niampe If Ham other aMIee Sill be received at No. 5 Bow ling Green, New York, op It . H o'clock of the morning of aaUlng. For paensge or freight apply 10 B. TO RRAN OH, Net I Bowling tlreen. New York. li*)R SOUTHAMPTON AND HAYRB.?THB UNITBB V X1 State* malfAteamer FULTON, J. A. Wotton, commander, y will leave for Havre, touehing at Southampton to land the malfcandpaieengem, on Saturday, May 2, at 12(Feloek. Horn |< pter No. 37 Nertb river, fool of Beach ntreto. raio* or riMatia r Ftreteabia (130 Second eabto. .PR Thle *hip ha* Pre water tight oomparunento, enektong tot -i engine*, au that bi the event of oullktoo or trending, the wale* I eould not r?wh them, and the pump* belay free to work tin afety of the vemul and pamenger* would be secured. Hag. i? gage o*t wanted during the voyage nhould be eeat on boar* m the day bel'dre sailing, marked '"Below." Fer freight or pep age apply to RK7RTIXRR UTINOSTO^ Ag^w^^ a, N. B.?The (learner Arago will tneoeed the Fulton, and to May 30. _ r* LIYNRFOOL AND NRW YORK AND PHILA delphta Mieamablp Company's Clyde built boa mt* Ateamahlpa CITY OF RALTIMORR XW7 Una, Oh* * L?*oh. CITY or WAKMNUToN 2.3H8 " Chpt. W. WyBa, CITY Or MANCHK8TKB 2,100 " OMR- * Q-Vehrle KANGAROO I,W4 - oStJeAay. ?The undernoted or other reaeels era intended lo aafl aa fob towa:? moi uthtml Kajwiaroo Wednesday, Apr* 22 Om ur MmCHmtL .. " Hay 0 Unr or Waihihotor, or I...I < ?-_ u I Cm or Biuuoiu 1 And each Alternate Waaaaaday. I raoa imuku, Orrr or Washirotow... .fr?n Maw York, Tfcnraday, Am* 90 Karoaroo " ** M SajT M u Citt or Mu>t hcttbk " M " May It Orrr or WARHtnaroN.or) mm m OWr o* Ru-ttaotut | #waa 1 a And each allsmata Tharadar. ? Ratea of Othtn Patanfe.? Krtiaa New vork and Phfledm D phia 078; fWwn Liverpool 21 yutpeaa, 17 fuloaaa aad ll|d neaa, anoordlnf to the Moommodattooa la the atato inrtaaa a I boring tha name prtrilegee In the aalooa?tnehkbny elewaiX Third Ctaaa KMsenynra.?A ItaiNad Burn Mr of tMfd eta* paaMayers will be taken and found In aa awmh praddna df 7 required, From Philadelphia aad New York Mtfc IWaa Urar . pool ltd - _ tVrtiAcatee of paiaMge will be leaned here to parkaa wkt are daatroua of bringing out their (Yleoda, at onrrespoaAai ratea. Tbeaa rteaaaera are nonatrneled with laprmi water-t^A aampartmenia, and each teasel ?arrim aa aapartaaaad ear geon. Drafta on Urerpool (Wan 1L onwards. JtH Rutxta Rent to (ha agents wilt be forwarded wtth eeowomj h ror frvJKht'or passage apply to JOHN O. PALB, 10 Broad J way. New Ymk ageoC orWK. UOIAN, 1 aad 11 Tower BaHd J Wg, Urerpool. J yimjJWK^^rBTRAineiw UKTWKKN NKW YORK Jht! |ll<Bm1flrriftHlit1rih RtCftDuMli ti QtHCICN or Tnte 5onTH, iju una burthen ?ep tain Real H INDIANA, 1^84 vutjfo.irlheu ......Captain Hoker. ." AR?K?, 2A18 ton* burthen Captain Henmn. ?. JASON, 2,887 dtn? burthen Captain Mntuw. (Owned bjfhe I Ruropenn.?nd Aaaertaan Hie am Shipping Company u( IamAni mA lVnidui?|tWe, mm Are appetnted^us HalV0r?>n New (York ?o|eeery akernMa Wedn'wdny terWAXtdou and Bremen, toorhtag at Houthaiawv j to Und puree,mere and malls lor Ku?laad aad rranee. They r wUNn-matn ou<ptav at London, and,lhea proceed to ti return y Knurnltirr. they will leave* Bremen ttr Now York on every alternate Saturday, aUpptnc eoly at Hoitlhamptou. The?e( MeanwdiraM are oCiheCKrat ekuwjiad hare aapertor M-entnntedntlutka lor paaerNgera. They will lake a limited m. mber ol thtrddrliuis urpsnrrage pamenyemh A aurpeoa la . altix hed to rarh ship. The rate* of freurht UtfLondoo wlU bejbukimii#iltker^haa I * thnM ot Mtltng ahlpa. , ,KATM Or'PAMAOW 1 Flnttlrahln, tm. aeeond rabln, 800 aleeran, HO. Th.0 RU'aniHhlp.Qtiecn of tbe Mouth wUI N?Hfl om^New*Ynrk Ami be an.-eeeded liy the Indiana ... j?M W ' For iretght otfpajumgr, apply to C. M RAND, _ H Mouth William Mr?t p CTKAM TO HOtrrUAWPTOH AND UATU-THI Maw ! U nttteawl ateamahip V AM DKRHIJ.T, A?D UM, wiU mmO Z From MKW YORK for | From WHTHAMrrOM am ? KtrTHAMPTUN A HAVRE, | ?UVRK for NKW TOR*. H Ttwwday May 11 Ttiendajr Juaai J HaAirday Jane*)WedndSdnf .....Jaty I . Hnlurday A a*. 1 | Wednesday Am.1 * Price of paaaam?Fir* asbln acaardlof to bmnllim of a&t? roam, $IU0 to tlSU, aeood oabln, FfA Hpeelo daBwti M Uwdoe and FariA For paoaaoe or frei?tM apply la D. TORRANCB. Arrol, Ma BowKn/OraaA. R. T. betters tor Kncland and Europe prepaid, Ween* eueb halt nam (by ndnmn of powtaee atampa if from other iHttoN u Will ba rawlwl at Ma I Howdna tlraaa. Mow York, Rp b , UK o'atoofc of the morning mtllng. CTKAM HKTWKKM MKW YORK AMD ULAMOOW.- Z KMNBl'RO. 2,3)1) tona. William Cummin. Oomnmndnr I Vrw YORK, 2.UIJ ions, Robert Craig, commander- MLAB - >1)IW. l.MM tone, John Duncan, commander. Tba Mlaafua and New York M.?m*hlp < ompany Intend sailing these asm . ?i>4 powerful steamer* iroam* York to Ulaegow dtraak ?lotto wa ? iil.AKOoW. ftatnrday, April a, at 12 o'clock, aaoa. RDINBURO. Saturday, May 2, at 12 o'ohtek, amm. ' NKW YORK, Hatnrday, June d, at 12 n'elnek, nooa. (H.AWJOW, naiurday, June 2U, al 12 o'ahwfc. Boa*. aaraa or ramaus: First elaaa, |7?; third rim, found with rooked prortMOM. j M> An eiperterw ed surgeon atlarhrd to each atoamar. For trrlfht or passage apply to JOHN MuHYMOK. Mo. IT BroMb *' way Mew York elty tilila or gold only reoelred for paaaaaa ^ ONI.Y I.INK WITH KfRK COMNRCTION <-TAA MH(T *? Id) miles shorter than any other route, ami nu eiinmirr " u. rtvrr uavlgalton. l ulled Male* mall Hue. Fifty pouatte uf _ bsgrage (pee, ID rente per pound on eaooeA Four hour* froin _ nri to nrean, liy I'.wi una Katlroiul Through Ui llalilu 1 nu tut I'arutma Hallm-vl The lotted Mtntes Mall Ste.un t.lp Cioiiaaiir will despatch for AaptnwalL on Taeatay, May A at |MM P M. precisely, from liter loot of Warr. o i?oi. North rtM-r, the well kiaiwn and'.t-u ? -tm?hip ll.l.t ? MUM, t Miilain I baa. H Hogs*. I' H N Paaa-tia- ra ?t?| " it.aiU will he forwarded by Panama Railroad, and eonaeot ai Panama wllh the Paetitr Mall fteawiablp t'ompauy'a maAiiilt rent aleamahlp OOI.DKM AUK, J. T. Waikiiia, .-ommaielor whoh wUI be In rrwUueM and Iwatrw immediately |.,r rian ' I I . ,ar.> *' The publte are Informed that the Par the Mall Ktennduv T' . pan) alwaya hare r?<^wi more eitra ateainera lymd at ' Panama, realty (or aea, to arotd any puaalble detention <>t p ? M'nfr* of I or inmaft apply to I W R k YMOND, at the only adlne of he t ompany, No. 177 West MM, corner of Warren Met, ^ nn w ur?. "' lingular I'nllgd HiAta# mall atoamor daya, tth an.l JQih of * r?rh month Mi Alhtrai.ia i>iomrrr umm-krtahmrhsd im, y < airy1ng tha I'ruiad HtaMa Malta. a? ? Mailing ragularly na tha day adrarttagd. C TlHMobbfArnjjppor ahip ' UMHwatMrlir. Italmp. Katar. mi [a now ranaltnaf cargo lor MathoMrno. tiaalnagg and Unban ? r?iwn, at star An t Kam rlrar Hriug pi?Mtnly ragaf a< ~ lm? (mirlaa full, la (nara?iad lha Oral ah?. Thm RwnbW. \ or modal atrangth and sailing qualltlaa la far saprrtar to aal il .hip now ?n tha b> rth raaoangon aad ahtppara ara raqu?at da >1 <> aaamtaa lha ahip baforn aafagr?aala. Tha A I ?ppar n., | H ^ >i I nemyntXT, Olbba, (VmHudrr. ly m j Ova. | F?, ighfnr paaaago, hartag alagaal amoMmndatiaaa,J* r'y ? boanlmrt* .f R. W.CAMHRnM, No. RnwUng (H?. , n algM| bllla for'aaln. and raah adra? mada uo rn?lga mi n. adwiH talimii, Wltataina tamtflb -n 41 ktrai.ia eai?.?akii) UNR-rat URT or a?i J* A-TW rtaga? A 1 rltppor ahip WUfill* HoRW. HM hmibaa, Mag aaw'aM^ ImmT will H InuaM at \ ibora, and b* lha (rat ablp lo anil. Tba boanu/nTMM ? llppar ahip RICA PTWD -in aianaaad. and aaU la Jh? f rainHMKmF*1 s LV,K lUTiNA ANDMonU f*< P Tba UalOd IHaM Mail aiaanwhtp QTTAim CTTT, U R. WYabiWMiU. awaaanl?, MIT1 taaaa ?nr Ma at? porta ? TVi?day, Bay T.htalp rai r-ys .^^srasaarsa aa. = <>^P^MbUi^iMiBgea*hepreenrii4 at tha ottaa af W V "rSnayTT.aai I ? Jtho"o? until H>H a>ataat ?d Mlta* ,11 adlag^nadhtataibahaarnfaalllag. Rr FarTMgtl at pa?i apply lo _ m.i FOOT. WITH * 00, MM*, _ Rmathata?4. /1 H R-TWe Ma-mag will WTMinai ro?ring fralgM as (; ^?T . >a? Mat. ________ mLYo? HAVANA AlfD NMW (?14UNR--THH ClfTTM tmnb^^l"aaMMaaw?r m*A<7* F****IOV?ef4^e ' W . I aai aail fnr tha a bora mH Monday. April fcjl? ' i fr?a W p<!7?-? af loMam ??i* ? PIa bilta af laAlag aigaad afW r?rr ata ~ IJTIIPrMmiM. OBOGHWOl* A OO. 2^: II Tart piaaa_ ? Um WITKII 8TATKH MAIL BTRAMPH1P l.lMM-nm II A 1< ranaand Maw (tataaor ??>a Haliirlar. M?r t at fo'rjiw-* tcf VM . frran plar foot of Warran nlrnrrt, M'-lh rlrar, Ua- fiwt ma od famrlta rtoamahlp PKoMRTllKCM, A. <1 'Iray.-HI ?all daj aabora, Paaaaga ran b? aacurad al (bo ndb-onf tho lino. ? rralgbt to Maw ?trloana *1 ran la par etihlr font, rrralrait hy a lay I- b hip para will ba anppltad -Kit hlanb bllla nf lading of b. I rm atgnad by Uia l|na, ,.n apnltrairm ?' ibnir oA. Vo ? thrr lortna algitad, and nn hill of lading -III bo atgnnl olW hr h' ur of Bailing For rralghl or paaaaga apply ?i tho nil! , ? In 177 WoM gtreai, eornar or Wari' n ti w O ROHHHTM, Agawt. (roll Mohi I t < t TMM UMfTKU w r utairg mall aioamal ip ROAMOKK. t'apt Ttvn Skinn. r, rill l.-ara fny thr ahnra plaraa <m Wa.lnaa.lay ?br Al ln^' m'. "X t 4 o rlnrh V M , front piar 1.1 Nnrtb rlrar (tba will arrltro at lorfolh lha nan aftarnnnn. at Priarabnrg tha following morn ~ tg Pa.aaegara far tho Month -111 pmraad dtraatly nn by tba fT raat fhiuibarn mail liaa to I harlaaton. Augiwta, Maraiinah,' A la. Tb.?a Srr Rtrhtnond will arrtro at thatr d.?tinallon "arly w n Friday morning. Trarallara will And thla 'h.t ahoatmat, ~T i. aaantaat and m.rl ai|<rdHi.?W ro'lio. Fg.^iKr and iA' " k rlih a'airrm- in Ni.rf'.lb, *r I'airrab.irg tnd Rtrh-raatd, tld VI pply w A TU^RAViTX, M?. U JBvMdway | Ap AHMBnUNNk Proapway thkatrr. ~ , D K A Manthall aole Imim* W H Hlake (tan m*?HK-r J Poor* open at 7. Performance t? begin with ?be Overture at , 7H febx*. \ BKNKKIT OK MR P WARRKN. > MnNlxr KvENINU, Aran. M, , *111 bo performed the draina oi MA DM.A INK; OR, TllK KOUNDLINfl OK PAKIH. To be followed by 'he trial tcene from 'ho MKltOHANI OK VKNU'K. After which the _ WANPKRINO MINKTRKU * To conclude with Che celebrated picture ?f > THK KOKIAI. OK OK HOTO. I Seat* may be accured daily ami in advance. No eilra , rhartte. , L> ROUGHAlf8 BOWKRY THICATHA e I > Hole leaaee, Mr. John Broogkaa lb xe Btauni.' Mr. R. Johnston i?> t-neMra (lutlm. W IVnta; Dree* Circle and Hones, M easts; PU and OaDery, 12k rente; Private Boxes, H. IX*** ope* alt; to commence at7k o'clock. UoNnar Kvawino, Aran 27. IMF. -1 PUTNAM; OK, TUK IKON HON OK 74. PANt.'K. HVIIAIK OK KRANCK. BURTON'S NKW THKATRR. Mourn r, Aran. 27, ill be .tried the tlomtntle drama In three arte, ? IIK.MITM ARF. TRUMPS; OH, TtlK tiASIILKH'S DaUIIIITKK. Mr. Ilray, Mr. V. Fisher; Mr (load, Mr. M. Smith. i Jim Martin, Mr Burton, lory Or ay, Miss H Stevens; Susan Fletcher, Miss P. Marshall. v And the great uRtce of tun. MASTER'S RIVAL. "au two R'tguish Brothers t?y Mr. Burlou ami Mr. C. Fisher. w Tuesday?A comedy ami farce. Wednesday?OCR BEST S< K' IKTY. Thurwlay-SERIOUS FAMILY aud TODDLES, will bd ru MlM by particular Mn, _ ^ KO. CHRISTY A WOOOtt 1 JT MINHTRKIit, J 444 Broadway, below Orand street. lenry Wood Hualnem manager n kto. Christy Blags manager ANOTflKR tJRKAT BILL. KtHHT RvaHINa DOHtfUl THB WllB l well selected programme of Ethiopian Songs, Plitnss. to., t itroduelng all the latest favor: te pieces. Concluding vvllh? Monthly an I I uesday, , WKFFO, T1IK SENSIBLE MONKEY. iVdnisday and Thursday, ? NEW YEAR CALLS, riday and Saturday, f. BLACK BLUNDERS. H rimipal characters by Otto. Christy (l lustra open at 6H, to commence at 7K o'clock. Ttsh? g snta. ^XTRA ADVERTISEMENT. ( It NIHMPH <1 ARDEJf. THE WONDERFUL RAVELS, i answer to the numerous applications from the principal 1 boots and lM'Ads of families of NKW YORK AND NKIOHIIORINi) CITIES, ,tivuuM they will give U TWO tilt AND AFTKKNOON PERFORMANCES. H The First?Saturday, Mav 'i. r< The Second?Saturday. May 9. It Commencing at 3 o'clock and finishing at 9 o'clock. n On which occasion the great artists a AN rolNE anil JKltOMK R A VF.L. ru L. ESPINOHA. YOUNO HKMOLKR, t) Mme. M t RZETTI. Mile. LIN A WINDKL. The. wonder Of the age, Ydl'Mi AMERICA, T AND THK I KNT1RK PANTOMJMK COMPANY. will appear in M TIIKKK KNTKKTAIN MKNTH. n Ticket* SO rente; MrhooU and children hull price. tl. Door* open at 2 o'clock; u> commence. at 11 o'clock. n, DUCKLKY'8 IM9UD OONCMR1*. ate MOiDVAY. e LJ ON Kvndav Kvknibij, ArniL JU, ? A RAi'RKO CONCKRT, 1 ly NOI.I/N Celebrated llaiwl, (formerly of the 8hnk*nci*\) ] and the Bl'CKI.HYX, Inrludbig Xma C. HIKKKRT, Mr. WILNONand Mr. UAhMllN. ly particular request, YOCNO A.MKRICA Will ?tllg Mv MoTIIKH ltfcAH. Tbeee concert* will romprUo a choice *r|ccUnn from the mat pleasing and xnblime oratorio*. Willi uuinrruoa concerto*! trees aud aukia appropriate l?? tlM occasion. Commence at h o'clock Ticket* -2ft rent*. EX/HITR'H Ol'KKA HOl'NK.?KVKKY NKIIIT TilIH ry wrrk.nne nf the nw?*t daring wild be*t tUliiK* ever Wit 1 rased, Nig Murlincllt. the greet modern William fell, will hit J i> orange .n a bau'i brail, with a kudu thrown at a dwliiiiee fl?ral) Ive fcrl. 1 ,, BROADWAY TIIKATHK. HJCNKK1T OK K. I.. DAVKNPOKT. Wkmnmuay, Aran. Zi, IViJ. Nbakxprrc'* tragedy n( ll JITJI'S ('.KNAR, With a raal that dcliex ro?Mlil|on. ? MK I W W U.I. K'K, IK., * a* tendered hi* valuable *crvlcr* and will appear it* t'a**iua ^ Ir. K. Ia Davenport. a* liriitua lr. II. Lorraine , a* Marc Antony i ? Ira. K. U Davenport. a* I'urtW th adaxnc Ponlxt a* ('alplurruut Supported by the whole strength i>l the company. To be followed by a sketch, lor tin* main ?nilv, enuiietl ar WHAT ON AlHTH li (IIUN' ON. |t?kiah Pnkeabout in Yankee) Mr. K. I,. Davenport p* elajr bta llrii apuear/mee in ' hue u r -lie .- in* return nui Mumpc, aral Mi whieh he will iuirmlilcu the ulil lavoille T1 Ml ever popular l?lflfntM MNftg "t 1 goes* I'm lure, a* *11.'k at kri'UAl', at 4 V?nk?M? ri||?* mim< ? ( **. Pv* IWMk IHIW 0|H*U. fj VCADRMY or XUMR. Acceding to a rcquUI'tnn preaentad by a large nnnt- p er of mUiWhual eliDrtui and the principal meiuhem at the r fiealriral profession, k T11K KKV. IIKNRY W MCLLOWN e a 111 deliver an especial lecture, entitled a fllK RKLATTON OK I'DHIJC A Mt'SEMKNTS WITH * rvkue MOBAUTY, t i ml partir'rtarly of the theatre to the aober and acred later la ol society," J ON Tl'KNDAY KVXNINO, APRIL 2R, 1W. N he proceeds ot which will be devoted Ui the 1 A.MKHK'AN DRAMATIC Kl'ND, wtabltahed for the relief ol all aick and aged member* of the A Ifalrw-ai profession. 1 'male Rosea 910 > The mure hrwt circle will be rcacrred for gentlemen aooam J iuhmmI hy ImUpk. Ttrketa so ceata each, can be obtained at the carte na bote la, uaic torre and bookseller* In New York city, Hroahlyn, trtlliamabiuK, ke. I ????????????? in rTHR PCBI.IC lb Kngagrmrnts in other rttjea with the derlelno of ai Madame MAKIKTTA OAUAN1UA-MALANK1NA ju i ram el her contract for this cieuit/y mi the 1*1 nf .Mute neyt, ar mire la the direction to ekiae the season at Nlbiu'a (ianleo an w ie Ah nf May. th There will conaeenently be hot Mr NIX SORK RK.PRKKKNTATTOffft. Thla la moat paaftlvely the last opportuoity the public will ? aic i.l braruiK the m.?t T ilNTINfiriNltn I.YRIC ABTINT t ' the Italian dramatic school that baa ever nailed the United o< atea. Je }.r iROADW kY THKATRK?NPKt'I tl, NOTK'K. J The' maaagruieiit of the Itn>adway Theatre take* great At tiiafacuon in annnuuring no A (IRANI) NPKCTACULAR DRAMA, op t thro acta and a prologue, rum Id *tt THK mm ok thk Nioirr. th This ma cnnicerit piece, which ha* been altered and ada|iti*l iprruly lor n-preM'titatioii al ihta thr'alre, hy Cuarlea < la) >> ir, la louaded u|mui "le Ktl* de la Null," wbicb was played ; one of the prUirlpal thelrea In I'arka fur dl vrwAHiM or rutfn monohkit i'o.?*r? onv* muirr*. id whk h rrealed a greater etritem?nl In the theatrirui wiarld i'ii..i>? than any drains which h.>* nriHiiu**! iu mm. 'n It will be produced with new and gorgenu. ww-rr, pnv rtfe* anil rntiuivi; and neither eiperi*? nor pain. will be tared to put Jt upon the alaffe In a utauue.r wurtlijr uf liettrnnage of the publlr. ry Duo notice will bo riven of Ibe fijwt reprenentalmn. fri <*R ARKLIM MVHKVM, ViJ tlK A Nil HfKKl.T, ONK ? >t - r Ii' !" . ' * THK TRIl'MPH or RKAUTY ?? T? in tlx- rUmie perl.trmauce. n( If MAIIAMK WAKTOWM COMPANY Of AKriMTR, ?' rilh her talenled iroupo of ' rliiTT HRri? liyiito artist*. Kvery *fl?rti<?u ?i \ ?rirt rvery evening al n, In a nerle* of *' maiinikii-k.nt LIVImil tahi.KAt'X. ?' rtmprwing funru-eu reprt *nialtoti., uk.'ii front the work. of ") viinl and modern hleo.ry. Am.41 a the tabb-atii which wtlj "" performed ttu. week will be totmd the billow uut ? / A ITU, llorK AJftl I'll ARITV: * MATTLK or Tlir A*l??Xf "? SAMSON ML I TIRO TIIK rillLIMTINKH. <1 Willi eleven other. e|mlly beautiful rtt R B,?A variety of other eiueraiiuteni. will be riven ? rery anerix?>o and night, combining ringing, tlauclns. bur rt Miue lecture., Kthiopun rreeiitrtculc*, 1 be whole lormlug .1 A or AMI MAMKoTII I'KHf'oKM INCH, an teh aa ran be ?een al no other place of amu?euvnt In .New s. ark rn tr anol'ks 11(1 to the rtnki.i.n mi't kl' m 12 \ ( Orand atreet, befur. leaving the ctiy. and ace the much JY Iked of model artlate. nboee beauty la the talk of every (tor tut ibetn Open every afirrinria al 3 o'chtvi, and evy evening at It fr ????????????In. 1IK1RK, HCRTRR, MKLVII.I.K AMI HI, A IKK, or THK ?brauy Mui.trela, will at.near at Academy || ?ll on Mmi III y eveatng, April H, alau Jficlte) Warren and llank. the It r twin. In n grand trial da iter, fur U. W MOOKK M lead 41 i.l la * * lua ,CADRMY IIALL, RO M3 HRO A I?W A T -Mi N .RUM I grand le.tlmonutl, Monday evening April 27, a rn I b...I I" mia.trel. grand pantomime. S) aela by :*| laiented perform ' ?? t. Oet your tW-keia early, unly M> . naw to wiiaeaa thi a main * b db entertainment , . I . m I V* II uho would miw rv.r.Tmi no. wartinvtti. thk f Man who throw* darrrra, and rota off applr* aod inim from a llvr man'* hrad. at a ilnun of twruiy frrt. " ?m> rarry nl?bt wtl wrrk at fharlry Whttr-i*?ff Hmwry. " rOTir* TO RTARK-TIIR LWHNOTOW<KltJfTU< KT) 1_ I Yartrtln. Thia dcw an.) ai.-?an? Ihnairw. ivw orarty m mpW^xl. wtU bo oprnrd m ?*/ U> for a .-.mmor MM nf rl Urn w.-rha Thr hn-ttw will hold tMU Ulirral indnna- I I -nu brhl out In nam Addrwwa W U IfUUOII. Lmn tod '?> .na?rr LcWfMi. Kjr. ?{jj| IO WITNKHS TIIK DKIIl'T OK TIIOMK KIUHT TA ~~ r Irntrd young ladira who w ill anprwr at MOOHK'S b *U ( I >nlal, al"'i tlx Knalrr al*l?-r* and Hfc.- k raix-U Howard, In a rfrfy of ,Utio-?: aJ?o t bar Ira M rlllr, Uir pin laiug Imr r " allat, ^ rIKRK IN TIIK rRANKLf* WUNRUWI?DON'T YOU T k now 1?Why, yon foul, K U thr hnat wan of nmno'm. nt M ihr tlty Y011 rau awn mom fuu, umrw prrlty *.n< n, than drn ?ny otarr nl?rr It la No IZ7 Urand au-r?-t, onr do>r fr-an s" au'tway, thr only nlarr In lh? Unltrd Sutra whrrr the ? ?|nl aninlra ar? nthfbUrd. rim'r flAIKTY NKW ORLRANN. LA ?THK sxix1md AJ annum of thr anWrthrr'a kraar of Una nir**nt rauhitah m nt will rnnimnJirr earl* In Omobar. Thn anbat-rlhrr wrtll (JL In hirw York rarly In Jnnr WW. H. CRISP. ? KT THIS Its. KNOWN VOORK TKRTIMON1HL TIN I ixootal to (I W MOORK, of Cbrtaty a Rlnatrrhi WM /ft rr on- Mondwj ?|t, AprU ?, at Anadrmy Ha&rifi X #<1* ar Thirty prrf.rmrra har* rohmbwrwd. atght la4NA knla B rrntA ^ RANKLIN ml'rkuw. 127 oraxd ntrs.kt. oxk !'n door from Hrowdwav. i?p w?lr* ?Uard to atrangnra ? ?n '? j rwmfnl ami not mtalnk- thn pl.tnr Huy your lirkrta up tra. NuUrket idtm down atairw T?1..rinai? a tw Km- a r. at A and H / LB A If Y THKATRR.?LADIKA AMD (IKIf TI.KMKJf . wtahin* mffafrmrnta for tlm aprtna a?vl wnmrw?r ? >? ?, __ >alnff Way 4. Start trnaud with on llhrral t-rma t l I ?a . . ?* I<fWtRIC 4 HkS ,.1 .1 ..N I ) rATIONAl. THRATRB, RONTON -TIIK si h-?' nink't hartnff hnronin for til* nrit aawaon. thr aolr and y naffrr of thta thnwUr, now thr moat impnur ami ?' : I t klM aaUMiaiii. n, M mady k? raaamn appllra iff lYnm mrmkrra of thr paofMmoo , . ,, C,,?. Wilman r kwh.ish ^*7 hkatrif'ai. wardrork ok a l.tdy k?l? nyi.k of thr hrat quality ami nrwrly nnw;?iM Id n WJ lahlr irrata A<ldmaa II , Inkoi (iion (' >?t r . lfl _________ ' i oni CADRMT or *!?*c TO LNT-KOR oKK*An, th>? firm t WPta. haiw. tmdnrra ?nd .mo ?r o-,wrUhka ptirp-ww ply all. H. WOLKR, Rp ? thmih a?ra?t. Kau 7 AHVSKMRirra. ATIBLO'H OABDKJf. CM ITALi* ./I'BBA. Door* oom 7; Opera oommencaa at 8 o'etoaM. i dm Moo, with f war rod aoatf uliruawka, wltboot rendered Mia IB 'funily ctrcia (entmuae to drab; all-net) 8 Iowa Drama. MM Baa e?e? wpea fr?n 8 A. U. to >. K. Moat pnaitirely Ibn laht iflOHT nt'T rm. On Moaair, A run. ft. rill be presented DonlielU'a ararnl opera, ta three MM, LUGKBMA HO At HA. -orreila Borpln Mtulamn Marietta BamalgM tike A Iftiano Hiaciww liaodto Wedne?d?T- NOKMA. with a ar.-ne from "Ooiumelo," ?D? Ite debut ?.t k lamer AKHONl. Fridiiv ?i.in11a hr ruAunirviT Mat Maretirk Musical I lirector U4 CoodtttUr. Ravel nights?Tuesi lays, Thursdays and Hitartaj*. Italian Opera-Mondays, Wednesday and Mdyfc llTAI.LACk'H THEATRE, v? Miatnav, A rati. 77hknkrrr ok mk wai-oot. MR. LEHTKK, MK. UROVailAlf, MR WAIjOOT. First limp ot Planche's comedy of thk k V It; i its ok the hound TABLE. rlth the original splendid rail And revival of the old Olympic favor!to, TilK mavaok \NI> THK maiden. rinrlpal character* t>y the original Olympians. Tuesday? MONEY nil be repented, with other entertainment*. Wednesday? Mr. B rung ham's famous burleanua PO-CA-HON-TAM lib all the original music, costume*. cast, and ENTIIt ELY NEW MCKNKRY. A new petite comedy and a new farce are in rehearsal. Seats secured tliree days In advance. Laura keknk'h new theatre, Bole lessee and dlreetresa MUn Lun iMDf Curtain rises at 7%. The Management has great pleasure in announcing, lor !M 1st time in America, the last successful effort of Alkxanphk Dusts. Fils, T1IK MONEY QUESTION. tnpportcd hy the strength of tlus universally acknowledged ol> nied company. THK. SENSATION iroduced at Paris hy the representation of this piece wM M rent that the Emperor and Empress attended the thealrw 00 etera) occasions during the tlrsl representatlona. The alin of the author In this Instance In truly comoiendabM or the morality it Inrulratex. and the lesson It learbcn klwt naiiclers of the present age, who grasp at money obtained by iiv means. FORTY FIRST Bit HIT OK THE ELVES. This evening, Monday. /#rtl 77, 1H.17, THE MONEY QUESTION. Intruder* Iiv Messrs. Whea'leutli Jis-ilatt. Hnmett. Stnddaj-t. Mrx. II. P. GraUan, Mia-e- Kato Kwguolds, Cliltou and Mniimni. o be ioliowed bjr TUB KLVK8, I.nersD?The mountain loresta of PastorW are InHhMN. is said, by Plitre, Kprtte* and HI vex, who, fte the Phaotona iKmrri of Germany, deity hi to entrap travellers Wo Ihoff 'alma, and tormeul them with their nwrhliwi inline Hlfic the power of tranaferrln* the spirit, thsy often, la thslr laiirioiia gambnla, give life ui the newly dead. 1 Rallies, roafcB lid irera are aeen luntaattcally moving in the far Bat: but II la nly during the pat they retain their fictitious azlalaaM; al e approach of aitiin they reanme their Immobility. ) MINI M S AMERICAN MCSKCM.?MONDAY APTBR3 noon, ?l liu'eloek, the cut, rt.nonn,' larce entitled TWKJPPT 1NVTKK WITH A TIUP.K, ~'UC?, daneea. and TRYUfU r ON. Kvculng, at 7,V! o'clock, the beautiful and deeply brctlng comedy of STILL W VTKKS HUN IIKKP. with lit ot the itbled character The IJvlng Serpents, llappr 0 m 11 y, Ac., to he aeen without extra charge. Admission Jo eiitu; etitldrrii under 10, Tl)x cents. DVfKl.KY'S KKKKNADKRS NT.W UALL, UA BROAD[> way, opposite the Metropolitan lloU'IT . Monday ewullig, April 27. a new niece entflMSR I'ltTl'KH i**I.LKKY. 'rineipiil character- Jiv YODnmJRMPRICJL ti. ,-\S tINK MIM-Kl.KY let K IIISIIOP HtJt'KLKY. Aleo, the KSSKNCK OP OLK VIRGIN KB, and tile Ol.l) POI.KK' tXlNCEHT. Pre< < d Ihk which? S'KGRO MINSTRELSY. Commences at 7J4 o'clock. Tickeia 25 cents. OrcbeetrB cat* Ml ecllta. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS, Met haiiice' llall, *72 Hroad way, above Grand alt?A Every night during the week. "IIK GtRROTKKS, Kt? lit'ST ACROBATS, ItTI IIK 1; tl.l.KKY, ESSENCE OP OLD V1RUINNY. And the phoitathui scene, IRIWN IN ALABAMA. JKRRY HKYANT and BAN BRYANT, 1 entirely le w features To cctninenee at a (|nar<er to |> o'eha k. Admission 25 eta. iTIllLO S SALOON 1 SIGNORA PATANIA'R GRAND PAKKVTBLL CONCRBT ill take place on TCKSDAY, April oti wlach OccanHm/Bp 1 special and exceptional favor of Mr. 1'alne, Klgitora UAZZANIG A, Shfuor IIRIGNOLT, id oth< r mile nt artlata of thenairra, will appear. Higiior VILLANOVA, ipil of Mr Thalberg, has abai kindly pro Ob red his srrrtma. Conductor Slg. Albites rkcta, with ne rved aeata $1 Can be obtained today at Messrs. llall A Sou's and BrewDH'o m'tatf Wlnr*'* pK.STlMONIAL TO MR. LESTER. L Nkw York, Augustus, 1W17 To Johr L?.!<t*r WAU-ara, Keu Sir?A number of yonr rlvate and professional frtenda, de-Irons of maiilfexttug their -teem fur your charaeier as actor and gentleman, and. In aenoa ledgrliient of the inay pleasant lantra they have ciperinod in a it iv?lug the vartoua representations of the classical nd perfect In the theatrical art during the continuance of your tage niaiiagcmcnt, request your acceptance of a cotnplimenary testlinoiual, leaving H to your own Judgment to name lh? vriilur on aha h Ibe il, luonsfraiaLiou -nail lake nlace . do PeynU'rOpden.W. Murray,* Won. Robinson, anni. I h Kuggk*. W. R. Hlake, ??. V. I?U, V. HaniUroH Da John Hrnuiitiam, C. A. IhtHa. via, It. Duer. K. K. Marcy, M. 0., A. Kmmett, Jim. HchcrmnIhh-d, W. Stuart, I. Prt*', II. J Htetibln*, Charie* Wabrnt, I. H. Wolff, Carroll UnngUiO, M. LpveU, M. I). . T. Hratiy, IMN Ik (nrro.f STHBBT, Mai-h 25, 1857Tn J. Pi I'rrnn fhw>?i?, l?|. Ac , Ac . Ac. lliinlrarn? hnv rereived your kind aial friendly proposal That I, la i mirresaion hi other* aiueh more deaerrtivr, should have been ought worthy the ojpre**km win. to your inner coovcra, will way* ho to mo a *ourro nf *uoh cralUk-atian aart, I hope, *t ornlo, it* tho**' only ran Irrl whom' hum bio effort* in their 1 have boon ihuo warmly awl tlaUertnply appreciated I III, w lib your vpervni**lon, namo Monday eveiiiug, May 4, am moot momorublo imo nf my prulnaatonal life, and rnuuh, nUoow ii, your obedient servant, .Mill* t.KSTKR WALLACE. TNPRKCKDKNTKII ATTRAlTIOIf?AMOADM COJf) n-rt Room, 127 flrand airrot, tw o door* from Hroadway. ?orpo parmalr Solo Icmrp try Morrllirid Stage auioager of Cumber Mueoal oiml1 icior rii" proprietor respectfully onnownrra lo the public that tho 'rado, after ettenelve alteration* awl decorations, to a style t equalled by any other establishment in the, city, M now r?r?iil, with the tollnwinc unequalled *tar company, eomprtic iho mn*t ft!*tlncut*hoit ?ni?t* of the profession Look bl e following pyratulil of lab-nt? M.ol lanibo' linmilo, tho moot charming and laacmailng o-iillat ol iho ilny. Ml-* A Ik a Win nan*, the workl renowned Yankee omeI'biio Mllr Willi**, 'ho accomplished and beautiful danaeuse. -liomv Meil llieUI, the best eomlr *llUt<T living Kit Kile), Willi 111* rolebialrtl oiulo delineation* ami ceoeiictllr*. W Mohlllo, iho unrivalled lonor. -I. Hum*. In hi* iiii**<|iialleil court rtlna solo*. Tin- Mawiralii hiblrrn, lu tlinr woodcrtul awl eitraordlnaleala. Ml** time l.vnra, iho boat rnmlr voraUat in the profession; pother w lib P .1 Harmon, Ihe great Irwth comic doUncahir id singer. and tho greatest rliampioti yip -twicer tin I nab charier) In tho world. The too i r.niaiaUnp of oo am. nlilnenlal singing, dneta, glera, rhoruara, dancing, b ir que*, paiitomlme*. tarn a, the whole forming a variety an<8 yle 1.1 i nil rtainln. nf not equalled hy any *?t*J)llsmeal of Ibrt ml In tin-workl I hotce liquor* and lager of iho beat Plata lidiia brand*, nerved hy neat. attentive waiter*. Stranger* ul rpln-na honk] not tail to visit thta, tho moat popular pLaew amu*emeiii in Now Verb Performance to ruaartK* *4 , prreloely. . ioalup at liL Adtutnatoo 6', centa. vtiMK ANPSKKTMK MAf>JHTJriCKT TAHt.KACR Tl/ vania every aflerTHoiu and evening at the Pranfclm Mua a, 127 Wrand .street. I'row.letl house* aue*t the superior ' r Madame Warlon'a enu rtntain.-iii* over any other ua the* y. H H ?fitio ikair fnan Hrnailway. >IIK fiRIUUf Vl. BII.I. DONALDSON WIU* APPRAR at MlKiRK'S IrattmotiiaL in rtauv-rtkm wHh Wm Ttnreut d Hilly Muuiu, by pemuosion ol Charl** WhHe. tb? great ttthent eeeentrtc tlam e by Quinu, Marrotta, iho prwalmt liariat in tho wnrkL nLOOROM, Iff), 2m HOWKKf. Hfrrwioc?* STARTOW 1 and Honaton airoeta?The'above eatablnhmiiat Bib* Iy one ol the kind In tho Coitod State*. flPKR KVKRT K\ KNIffO, T the arerarmoda'uai til P' Utlemen wbofwrtak lo paaa ko tit or so agreeably, and In <h>- r..mpauy if the lit ITTTRST PKMAI.K ATTKMPAIfTR the city, who will be found aJwaj ready I* watt upoo Tiokw, and gen * tben^ltb tint wr OP WIPE*, Liaook* AID *Pdik? rt r birr fre*hV<ery day from Philadelphia. Tho baot ami si i ..nimr*lk>0? PREK (XilfCERT ROOM th< ? rM. m whM h will t?> found one of thft moat Umt?l i.I>*> > of tiK-alwla, d*nr.-r?, KUuovlftft (Mloratn, fw l it' including ft \ut ftliwml of uu KU.Aftiot.ft ??v?? ?*!?. i'liriii>??riiliio other e.iahliehment In Um rniftr. < in. 0|?ti iroai J in the evening. '"H" M. Hufttey * nd .irwl nftireft. Oetitlemen will pleaftA flvft am ea,,. <1 ?In order i? keep thte rrvptriftMft nn liikMillll Ik* iilttftl Ire of hi x cum I he flnnH for udmlaKton. mt omaiHAi< pirtYfNK arm** will appear. kla ht? l.ftuju kiwI Knim. ftt Am 4?Iy HftU, 1 Mott iriiln*. vprtl II. Another '*r, .lam, Tnrnrr hfttyoiM 1 i t inn. i>k<?i lio fttwl urn the Cobbler and klft rtml if titer* ;ii MOORE'R benefit. M.Y T1IINK OP A MAN HT ANDI.NO HTILL. AND leltliif K irrwn throw ft dagger ? hU head. 10 ftftrk K* rme \k 111 be done every ni?nt aril weak ftl Whit*'* IHW? ft . I IIKtTKK. MII.WAI'KIK. WI1X OPEN P?>* NPEINil and Ktiminrr KKftout. Mftj W VAula of fthihtj KK A. P IjinOuii. ho. 437 IVtrnfl. Nwhlfao amuf M Iter. i-k treated with on liberal term* CIAJTHDKI, AKV I -Wanted, oyer mm woarw L leAogrWdtif. tor Wo HnmJWm ?A ntlewwn wUl morlTK ftl leftei W P*? ?' tpnapd wftlno by railing 1 Ik* ?**? OONEOT, 431 Paarl flree*. I TO $101*4* WORTH or A 'W ?*f? *"Tfcl'.'T 1 o?.Ahinr watee.1 I r rev .1,4 am ro IvnUr n lift rlo* ..irh to AlppoO of wtjl rKTrtTQ rftlllni .1 th? iiorr, or adtli lading J- * fi " OftftUW ml. _ _________ NKDKAL. " in, kk- KhMioKD wrrnouT ruroi ml ,*, r.'loH >r ir\J?ry to the patlrnl'ft health. A .liplo r. nirilr, warrant'*! to ??rr or noahkrRft. Addrftfti J. KairNNliT .n* Namau atreet, JN Y. K MoRTON H REMKOT CURRH A 'TfETAIN PEE Iftlrni Iwr akt Wiihnot tuirrftftl ailKimaa Prtftft (L fiM INWN. 103 Hmadway. POETANT TO PEMAI.EE. ? DIHKAHRR Of PBAALB . II ItiMM ljr trr.tol by Pr. IU'ROtH. En?jjfw Aw fa? m> H'??I" from $1 In $B Relief rnarftnded Ift All flftftftW iliKiwm* ftnrt Iniem trVtlr wmAilllftl MMtal nor t rnrtrtrd with bonnf, nnntnft Mf ?awhiftl?ft ft*C??ce 40 (Ktity nine) Waal PHWimW *>r**4> N. T. M'l<' 11, - A N RNOI.THTI PHTHKfAN. WHO Hit rmtrllnl proli ?.(or*l)v with fitmlllrftAf WWliO 'i Oft lh* Iwrnt, .mt ta well KrqiwiniftI wMh 1D., < ItntiUr le le ik to itKiel with an Amrrhaii Imutly lelluift Knroaj- Th?? r.1 refer.-,!<-. ? mn tw Otven. Aftll LM |E V., ml {*0. P. ih'iph a u(0 EroftAway.