Newspaper of The New York Herald, 27 Nisan 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 27 Nisan 1857 Page 2
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,2 . ft 1IBTWMWIBITB CTBT BIT. " MIA Qen-KR 8AI.E, A riKKT CLASS WHOI.B8A1.B SOOv> ui< retail Uquor ?irf to 'ho Seventeenth ward, Mf eireiient raah biula'M. Thia 1. decidedly a rare i* Ako, a partner wanted with WO tn the beat paying hwalnea* Id the city. Apply to T. UAFENKY, U Jaciaoa tercet, New York. (O OKA CASH Will. BUY A FIRST RATK SMALL term of acTrn acre.; good building*, fruit in Mwndance. and of choice trarletlea, within thirty three mile of te city, three telle* tram the Uudaon river. MKLICI A H A1BLTINB, SOS Broadway. ' I (WU) -hotel lease for ralr, rivB ykars ?.uvu. unexpirea wrm. in consequence 01 ute pro rlrVH- having engaged to Mh?r business, he oilers the lease of to hotel fur tale, the bouse has80 rooms completely furnished, wish tO permanent boarders, Is centrally located, has one of the feast payLLg bars and restauranta In tins city, elegantly titled ^ and in complete order. The hotel and furniture will be let fear the unexpired term. For particulars address Allen, box fe Herald oflee. fee nnn -TOR HALJC OR TO LKT, A THRKR STORV U.Ul/U. brick boose, 8 feet front, with gas mdj>oion water. Mo. 8 Bedford street Possession oo the Is! m May fe.000 can remain on bond and mortgage. Inquire of J AOOB JL POPOK, U Grove street 7 nnn oj*i-y a nkw first class four V I <Uot" story basement house, IM Forty third street Mar Broadwnv. replete with tb modern Improvement*. Size 88189, lot 100, rooms 1ft Win be sold for the above If sold srtlhui a few days, a hire" portion on bond and mortgage. AfePhr as above or nt 22S Bleerk r street | 7 AHA ,R HOUSB AND LOT NO. 7 WRST FIF9 4 >t" "U teenth street, near Fifth avenue, being one of be tin? . urst class looa' >n? in this eity, and at such a bargain, fe ult of JOHN WEB' KB. 87 Wall street 7 in ONLY FOR TUB NKW TURK* STORY vlo "'V English basement brick house^lft West Fortyaseon i street This elegant house, built with all the modern taprovetneuta, and which cost $9,0tW to the present owner, win be wild, if before the 1st of May. at the above reduoeo rise, $6,t?4) on mortgage, balance cash. Apply to J. A PAGE, 18 Wall street between 11 o'clock A. M. and 2 P. M. tl9 nnn ~ro,t salr, a FURNISHED house sPlaj.UV/U. one of the beat finished and arranged in the $4,008 cash, balance on mortgage; store and dwelling, enter Ninth avenue and Thirty second streets; lots or tir?l ssrgages taken In part pay. Price Sb.OUO. To let nine acres f tee land, on Flntbush avenue, to a gardener who will fence Si grade It Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 3 Metro;>o fess Bank'Huiknng, Pine street l'-l {Win ~'TERMS EASY? FOR SAMS OR EX ' ". rhangod for a dwelling house In thu city, a i ' Incumbered f?rm of thirty seven acres, nt Jamaica; bud i h(K commodious and land' highly unproved. Impure of t\ yftlx H. 1JU WhII street. -|A?J| A CHEN ILLINOIS LAND LYINO IN COOK J\)l' county. It mile* from the city cf Chicago; will well the hove reasonably, or wsutd exchange for first class unproved topruperty. Address, tor one week, J. W., box AM Herald AN OLD K8IAKLISUKD WATCH AND JKWKLilY tore for s^R.?The above eetabliiihment in situated in e of the beet NFIness tboroiighfarea In the city. it U well rtkhhMied, the present owner having oonducled it for the past tan year*, and ha* attached to it a goad reliable paying trade BagHM sales which are remunerative and regular there w a paaAtable watch and jewelry jobbing department that alone Ray* the evpeneea The rent uil considered low; the premises lew modern and in perfect order, with gaa and, water thr mgh 2 a five year* leaae will be given from let of May ensuing, *11 satisfactory particular* of atock, Improvement, b wad why die; rscd of will be aflorded by addree?'ij> hi. U. 1 HmwldW? * ^ I A HIOHLY PRODUCTIVE FARM OK Id) ACRES, 55 I JL miles f-r i Ni ?v York per railroad; ?> acres heavy wtxsl, I sin no' a led; superior buildings, large orchards, tine I WWtalgs. A c. Price fauna-a bargain. I KRi NDRKD a ROOEKR, If NaamnalmiI Beautiful oourtst residence for raleWnh fnruilure. carriage, Ac., and twenty acres of land, war hew iinui-wick, N. J., onmntanduig a magnificent view A photograph ci the place, which will he sold low, can be ?ru at the odice of K. D'HKR VI1.LY. 18 Exchange place. NYOAL YARD FOR SAI.K.?THE LEASE, FIXTURES. Vv horses rnrts. Ac., of a coal yard, In a good location, and dstag a good business; has been established ten years. No barge Tor good wall. Possession given immediately. Ad dress C. C., Herald < fllce. #NOVNTRY AND CITY COMBINED.?FOR S1LF., A COM iortable two story ami extension brick house, and four hat* of ground, aituated in the healthiest part of Williamsburg, near ihe corner ol Myrtle and Division avenues, (inquire at the Fkankhn House.) about twenty minutes walk from Peck slip fcnry, Irum Whence two lines of stages run continually near I dtr piece; good variety of fruit tre?*. grape vine, Ac , water W tie house and yard. stabling for four horses, carriage house, hm bouse, Ac. If not sold before the 30th inst. will (hen be offered st suction. Would exehange for good city property. I Address KJ, box fJM Post oflice, New York. (*>A1. Y arp A Nil FIXTVRKR FOR SaI.K, NO. 86 V Goerck mrft. Inquire al 118 Kust Suteeuih street. eiw mm for uu in rrooki.vv, is a leading nrffi Irom the ferried, doing a gost business, particular* adrtrr-s Modktua, Brooklyn P. it office. TOOIITH avf.n1k i'kopkrty for s VI.F. OR io JBi let?The house is brick, three story, full front ami forty 8*Wt dm the store ran be extended hack if required; it L? situ tad m a business pai l of the avenue, mid well calculated for any kind of business. Inquire at led Thirty-lifUl street, second dm west of Kichih avenue. FARMS FOR SUE anp exchange?SOOIN PRANOF, Kockland. Broome, I'lster, Westchester. Putnam, Kino. teriii and other counties in New York. 3l> in I'eunsylvauia. Hew Jersey, Iowa, Illinois. Wisconsin, Tennessee, and other laoee. Mi, it*! or C.UOO:teres of pood unimproved land at t'i .VI lo $10 per acre, grist nulls. water power, and timbered lands heap. Apply to J VaNPKRMIi.T. M Fulton street. New Work. Office open from M A V. UitP. k. Paironaife solicitOd IB the real stst< ! us ness. Firm for sai.k or exchange for nrwtork or Brooklyn ecy property?a beautiful country residence, seatoiently calculated for a gentleman about to retire from the are* of business. The location Is imeurpa-see fur heal ill. Mai sickness being unknown. It is situated about eight mile* :scbi Washington city, P fronting on a C"*l ruad, and in no rju-cllent neiahboi hood. The hous- w newly built, and coat akow $w 'Ml and ha* all the nesleru improvements ami wilt be *a?d wrb either two or fojr hundred acre* of lami. of mu*i apellcnt cliararter. attached. For further particulars apply by letter or personally to Mr I'llAKIJCS BROWN. SSSliroaii Wlf. W Y. F>B PALE?TWO FIRST CLAMS BROWN 8TONK bouses, on the north * ue of Thirty second street, between Kadis <n and Ftf'h avenue* No* 15 and 17. bidlt In the very Mewi maimer; house 13 b) (4) feet. Inquire on the premise* ffir particulars nr at l.Tl Lex niton avenue. EM)* 8AI.R?THREE THRKK BTORY RRU'K HOUMth F and lots on <"I?s?en avenue, near Myrtle avenue. Brook %w. house* 16 feet W inches bv SS feet deep; wtll be sold at a great bargain, either separately or together, $1,000 of the p jr abase money msy remain on mortgage. Apply to A. WIGHT, Jr.. IB Kmiutwav risen C * I t!M>R SAl.Fc-66 FKFT OF SHOW CASKS WITH CVP ' boards undenieath and I mr counters, ail in MCeiien order Ai i v rn ftai.k?a htkam tahi.r coffee, tra akii milk urns ' am boiler, vegetable and meat boilers, all oHorhed sold together or separately, all In perfect order and said al a bargain inquire al No. I Washington street. vans mii v 4 ni Ti iiitnu mhos norv/i 4 noc.n J* hnaiirss 'n the Second avenue, between Thirty ninth and fortieth ?iret la. A lease given If required. Inquire on the pWMidn. r)K ?als-onf rtfam, aboct nnwa hrrsc power: also one fue holler, about ten h?r?c power, wWh from, rr bar*. safety ralvea, A?- , complete, alto two dm Itet'lea, auttahle for enap hollers, one large row prase ant; one of >1. Fxrland s salamander *afee The above are ail in good order arid will be sold cheap by applying at #0 Bridge street, llrtsthlyn, near the ferry OCR RALE?THK SKW FIRST CI-AW FOUR RTORY g brown tore front bouse, in the choice loraitun No. ? West Thirty f.r ol atrret, between Fifth avenue and Broadway, staled in the heat Firth avenue atyle, with all modern un pra>>n -ma, aire 14 hy 60 leet Terma easy. Apply on the pre ir laea rK HALE?TbK HlUH RTtKiF, NBW. RU BRT A N"! I od broarn stone houses north aide of Thb-iy -Ural atreet. he B Mad eo, and Fourth avenues, three stories and beeo Mat. war alt modem 'anpror. mania Inquire at 11 Wall Wrei, room 10 k?r rai.r-norsR and i.ot as wf.??t thirty W flflh street, west of the Kirh'h avenue store on the fii ? base. aiao, house and lot IN west Thirty third street, "sat o fcd tw vcnih avanue. Apply to A. B. TAlPFKN. SI Chamber ?<*t N T. r?r bai.r-two tier o lars rr, larwivize ri. \tr M inches w I.le and I Oh long They will be sold cheap If is Hnmet . n || Ablagtoo pined. H*tR RAI.F?THF. HTYLISH AND KLEtlAWTLT FIN g lahed RngUsh basement house HaSii and stable No l.YI IB iBiflnn avenue, corner Thirty lirsl atreol, frescoed walls ? Wat and second stories and replete with all the modern im asirmrtiis Will be auld at a bargain on easy terms, or let -Vi t'd? lrhai.1 6k A 1 tVI/lU <1 IT.ll .te.,at **>* iALr-nH.r.wntn twenty acre far*, man W *7 eulttrated lti<-k>Tt|te, I, i ,?.w hoti*r atvd 01H hull 1 y Uirnnrr re.*,*., pw.uW) Abo four Hi fM lata IP mat and ll.'ah *mn, ?. nt Seventh irfflsf. ?.'?> ind g". *k,? '"Pr * ?'"r "tore. Hprlnn itreet, X-w *<r* *' & Atf ly ?l 113? horn> <-r? mreet, mmi 4 |M)R RAI.R? AT AHTOR1 A, A HANDSOME TWO Ml mmy touw, eleven rooan. bam and outbuild,nr with Ma arrr* nf round. lare- variety m Iruit and evrrreen' bay ri. ?, on,. ml|,. RIV| , froin the |..rr? tend *g Twrma ea Arj Jy thJAOOf I' RAPKI.YR. n?ar the F??. ?jfj? II Vitus AUO.M front BH)R falr-thr man htoop, new, mitsTAvrt w, ft brywn 'low houm, norlh "Ida nf Thlrj (te-l atrevL wen Metiie. I, and Fourth utiuim, iho* atortr* and ha?e San S m?l4'Tn '?('ror,*,n"n<h Inquire at 11 Wall at., FIR RA1.B-A MARKI.R TOP < OI STK.R OVKR TWKN It Iwi Int.*. and a r raw. will be all <dwap Apt.,* at 171 Atlanta- atreet. Mrookiyn IftUR RAI.N-l wo fO'I.F .Nflin on.T MIRRORS hi AND Art, wwll aaned for a laehtonahle aalonn, will be .old lor ua?rl?l?al wat, Apply at ho 17* Uberry itrrrt where they TjVlR MaI.E?TMK PIVR HTORT FRONT AWO TtlRRR JP nlnry rear buildlnra, *Hfl T?ath atreet, between avenu.-a | AnIII; renta for over fl.HM to the heat of tenant* Part aaah reonired Would trade for a lot ut> town In a rood Whbort.'od Inquire of the owner*. WH6 Fourth atreet r)R RAI.R. PRTf'R WOO-OMlt Or THR RENT NEWS DR ant and etationery atorea In the elty; rent low, with leaw te a rare chance and murt be sold. The buain?'?a lu. Wen eatabllrbed for the laat ten yeara, and haa a rernlar rno a* au. omer* Art ly at SJ7 Untod Street, oppoaite (Jolumloa. *er I * P W r)R RAI.R rWKAP-TTTR RrRWTTURR AND FIX tarm of a hotel attnated near MamotnbV Daw. now ?? !? t" r* . . p.- l-a?e haa thr-e ynr* to run Apply laiw liateiy at an S'aaean etreet, rdBrt-a I and 2 ?j?OR RAI.R AT tMT F A RMS? A YRRT DRRIRaHI.R * . eotwitry eeat hmtae nearly new haa ten rooma beetdee wnnrt: a email barn, abundance of ehotoeet fruits of all V ' ***". *hd ha.t vrea of land, a line park a-yoimnr tbWf iojJt ROOR. JH Ruanh areaue. oorner Twentr lj*OR 1AI.R OR RTrnANOR NRVPRAI. RINR f*On*f ? 'ry aw and larma .* the ||?daon rlrtr; abw farina In Weatcheetcr oouutt w DOWIN No Naaeau afrwet. N. T. lpf>R R^Lf OR fO 1.CT A RRArTTFTTt. PUtCTI OR he flndaia rtrer with ten or ality arrea of land, three ''""ef of a utile atmre Tairrtnwn and adtetnlne the real i nirvr.ii^i^a*"" "u T / ! ' ? i 4 roxfljitB. TjX>R 8A1.E OR TO !,KT?A POTTAUK UOt'KK AT YON J1 kere, situated on Hrondway, nearly opposite the eemina ry, contains eight rooms; the river lor twenty miles can be seen from the nonae. Inquire of Mr KKLLiOGG, on the premiere, or of C. A. PEASE, 904 Hroadway N Y FOR PAl.F OR TO LEABt-THR POUR LOTS, WITH brick buildings thereon. In Twelfth street, near avenue 0, tormerly occupied aa a bolt factory. There ia aetoanyrnglnoon the prrmlbca. for aaJe if desired. This property, from He location and being ready for immediate occupancy, offers rare Inducements to any party wishing in atari a manufacturing business, it-am aaw or planing null, machine or smithshop or foundry. Trim* easy. Apply to H. OOTHOUT, Ma 9 Ottff Street. IjMjR 8AI.K, OR TO I.RT, OR EXCHANGE?A MEW 1 three *iory house, with thirteen rooma; aim, * lab tea and coach house. in Seventy-drat street, between Third and Fourth avenues; aim. a new brick house in Seventieth street, between Third and Fourth avenues: also, a lane soda watar wagon and a pair of fast horses. Inquire of DOYLE. 18 Oanal street, near Kim, or O. CALLAHAN, Third avenue, between Seven ty-second and Seventy third streets. For sale, to let or lease?partly furnished or not, a substantial four story brown stone house, 28ifl0 with extension picture gallery, llrtk); lot 2fixl0n. Part of the purchase money will be taken In other New Vork or Brooklyn improved property. $12,000 ran remain. Located on Madison avenue, near the square Address Livingston, care of J. L. Davison, No. 12 Maiden lane. FTLTON MARKET STAND FOR 8ALK-AN ELIGIRL1 stand, suitable for butter, produce, or any business, and in one of the best thoroughfares of the market. . Apply at No. 79 Nasaau street, room No. 12. Grocery, wine and tea stork kor s.yi.e or store to let.?The slock and tiittiros of the large and elegant first class grocery store 179 Bowery, established and occupied by the present owner for the hist thirty years. To an rui:r|[t:i?. uu?u? r.a uuiu ui? u wru ""'"J u. M. ply on the promise*. Hotel for balk in hoboken.?thb well known establishment. known as BaiimerM Hotel, estab lished fifteen years, containing thirty rooms, besides a large ball room, barroom, billiard room, basement and apaoion* yard; titled np in the most perfect style; will be sold cheap at reasonable terms, on account of the ow ner going out of buslines. Inquire on the premises, of the proprietor, oorner of Third and Hudson streets. Hobo ken. Hotel for balk?with six years lease, situated apposite a railroad depot and ferry landing. Will be sold cheap. Reason given for selling by addressing T. P, V., Brooklyn Post office. No person need apply without cash HOCBR AND LOT FOR 8ALK-AT 380 BROAD STREET, Newark, N. J. The Kite of the lot is 30 feet 8 inches front and rear, and 166 feet deep, three stones hi^h. Building n?.- one of the brgt locations in Newark. FH'SE FOB BALE ON EASY TF.R.M8? A TWO STORY and basement brick house, with two parlors, sliding doors, marble mantels, range, hot and cold water, bath room, water ofoaeta, walls all papered and varnished, yard Ilagged, and laundry in bark of yaru, containing waahiuba ail in per tret order. I?t 17 ft. 10 111. X 100 ft. 10 In. ; situated near tin new Columbia Oollege on Fifty first street, near the Fourth avenue. May be seen from 2 o'clock to 6 daily. Forpartieti tars apply toHKNRY FRANKLYN, 71 Waal Thirty fifth street urar Broadway. MUST BE BOLD.?BOILER AND KNiil.N'K TWO ROM shafting and pulleys, for nearly the price of oU ir?. May be seen from a to 8P. M at Horan's late hair seating and curled hair manufactory, 72 Bowery, lu the rear, or infonr.a lion hud at his present manufactory. Empire works, Kust Twenty fourth street. Rare chance for acres of Western lands cheap for e.i_>h. city property, or tie r chandtse. The lands have been se ecteu by a competent ar.d prnctieal surveyor, and are all first class land*. Apply to PIKE A BACON, at the office of Messrs. Clark A VViilutu son, No. 1 Wail street. C PACIOI'B NEW HOUSE AND STABLE FOR SALE O Or might let Cheap and easy term*. All tb?. modern Improvements. Twenty-sixth street, near Fourth avenue. Apply to C. PARTRIDGE, 125 Maiden !a?e. Apartment* to let in fine house <m West Thlrty-stvth street west of Reveutk avenue. No. 1ST. Apply on the premises. ST RAM ENGINES AND BOIiutRH FOR HAUL?TWO new rtx home horizontal engines, one second hand do. and iwo second hand upright engines, one new upright tubular holler, and one new 12 horse locomotive boiler, for sale low. hy COHANKS A THRALL. 16 and 16 Harrison street STEAM ENGINES, NEW AND SECOND HAND, FOR sale, from two to eighty homo power. Also plain eyltnd? r, locomotive, upright tubular and return flue boilers, shalllog, pulleys, hangers, Ac. Will be sold low for cash. Apply to .1 WYI.lfc. Mi dansevoort st., between Ureenwtuh and Wash ington, from 1 till 4 o'clock P. M. STORE FIXTURES FOR SALE?A LOT OF SHELVING to be sold out cbvap. Apply at 3111 Pearl street ui nhj Harper's Building. TWO STEAM ENGINES FOR SALE, CHE AP?ONE THIJi ty borac power, and one fourteen, well finished. Apply at the engine shop 304 West Twentyhflh street between Ninth and Tenth avenues. r PAINTERS, THE TRADE, OR SPECULATORS ? For sale, about five ton of genuine ground wutle lead, is 25. 50 and luu ll>. kegs, in kits of luu lbs or a ti n, to suit Will be sold ch'-np. Apply vo At'CAFF RAY A WALTERS, 26 Catharine street THE MARBI.E WORKS 79 WEST THIRTIETH ST. FOR sale ?The proprietor wishing to retire to the country the stock and lease will be disposed of st a bargain. This is a good chance for a young man commencing business. TO ALL WHO WISH TO BE FREEHOLDERS?I WILL sell one sere of choice land, situated In this Stave, to any one who may desire It for Ave dollars. The title perfect and a full warranlste deed given by me. H HRANDRETH, 4.1 Itraodreth Hultdtng. N B.?There now need be no dtfllotlty about irrehu.dera, for license petitions or otherwise. TO BUTCHERS ?FOR SALE CHEAP, A PREMIUM stand.?The desirable stand and stall, No. .1, In CUn on market, Washington street side, with a passare way beween 11 and 'he corner sum! of ten feet or more, tlie original ost frotn the corporation, twenty two hundred and titty (hilars. Inquire of A. BROAI'WA Y. 644 Broadway Al.LIKItK GRANT?OWNERSOF LAND UNDER THIS gran' drstrous of selling or exchanging for other property, ' lease address H. A Mitchell, lift Walnut street. Philadelphia I' H.?Urge t odies of Uns land for sale cheap. VALUABLE POPERTT IN NEWARK, N I ?FOR SALE or to !rt. the throe story and basement brick dwelling, '.ousts and ). s situate on Pennington street. The location ir le-althv and pleasant, within two m notes' wslk of the Chestnut street Nest -'ersey Railroad A fine nark within a l>W handled yards of the property The buildings are well rtusheu. ?ith'all the moiiern Improvements, gaa, water, Ac. The above property will be sold low and on favorable >rma. ur r' it-wims inim ih *??. inquire m ?unnKTON A < KOOKKS 49 John street," .V Y . or 0< KMA RKK.VK. lit Orchard street, or KING * HOND, M Hroad treat, Newark. N. J. " PIUCHAHKH FOR THK Tfe>I.S. FIX It lures and raw on hand of a n-U rvg'ila' -1 ran lag' fw"ry, local, >1 in a good c<, niry, within one h ,,r'a trtiv l t I" ' i i. w rh r 1 vl w uvr i.av * ng r.iiv ?tt nr.i k-h ! > c tty y AV '< 1 been mani.'*"turil here for 1'hiLtdelpbia, and lo ship V> ih ami West. .A rare chance, for ?urh a stand M s klnm ottered. The property ran he rented at a ? rem. AII f.tnnvu i .? turns n ly ruofldeiiUll. Address K. I. , llurlutgton, V .1. HI'HVIA . NVTIUMh I AN 'i.i , t*A i. i.. n 11,a billIABTANT, I MF. FOL if - men were > > Olr'Ttora of tJM tfeoond n tun- Rnt)m?d t'ompany 'it the erwiuing year Tie, rye Cell Char lea Miller, llei?r>H'iidrtrka. A. M. R<y?e!ye, b.dn< \ At a eon, Jultna Wadsworth, John li'ltrlen. Cornell u? Me4ioon, I M Huyhea, Martin J. Sheldon, !> mini Praraall, Thutnae Craae, Waldo D vchinga At the en me tljin IMt' I Vin thnen, laaae A. Ftnnn, and V AA Dean wi re elected Inaperora for 1A/WV v .. rt no etir.t'<f h- Ii.r- ra a letter wan m \ed In,in pi ntim Praraall. F.?q.. atatlng that he he had been kri' i t I'renid. nt ofthr Wcetrbs strrfVvunty Railroad Company, ? d'h' t 'lore declined In be considered a candidate for the nfBoe Fre" Idem ef the Second Arenne Hallmad Company Where ipon pavld M. Miches, wan rlrrted Preeideot, Martin J. Hhel ten. A'ke President. John O'Brien, Treaaurer. and D. B. 'e'era. secretary. hirneil 1). B. PKTXRK. Secretary. A i ? A i>i A j ril 24. ldM. A P A. FrFflAt. NOTTCF -THK MFWRFRS OF THK ^\. American Proteetant t annotation of this eMy and Rr>< k ,j n are hereby informed thai n *eneral meeting nf the Order alll be held'In Bleerker Ruikiings. corner of Morton and Hkecker ntreeia on Tuesday evening, JFih instant. at "}% o'clock, to receive the R Worthy National Grand Mauler, D. II. HuKt. Keq , of t itir.nnaJi Hy or.ler JOHN ltd I. BOY, Grand Master. Tnoa Miens, Grand Recrsanry. A^m P. A.?THK OFFtCKBR AND MRMHKRS OF HAIDKM City Lodge. No. 32. arc hereby aotui l to attend at their kslge room, corner of Grace ami llu.Wxm atreeta. on Mom lay, 21th ln?t., at 2o?rfajck P. M.. u> pay the u?t tribute of rcspem tr> onr tale brother. George Rrown, from hla late residence, 10 Down in* treat In funeral badge. The order In genenU are respectfully invited 'o attend. JAMKMU. CL'MMIVGR, Recording Secretary I iw> < R PKAl.hRH' MRKTING.?A FPRtTTAI. MFFTING MJ of the New York I. Innor pealere' Society will be het-l at be Me'n fflltan R<?'m?. IW?n<l 13* fleeter utreel. between eJi ubeih and Mml etreeta. on TneMlay erentag, April At, at I o rkck. By order of the Kaecmlce (nmmitiee. OlHTAYt'i A RAT*, Remitting Rerretarc, 140 and 147 IWiwecy. N. R,?Member* will take notv thai thetr tarda of member hill are not transferable and that no peraon will be admitted w iincn* Il:> m l.iqnor dealers a ho may wtah to J. do the mart* ty will bate an ..| p< rtunnr of dotng aa on ihsU eceahML rerds n ay be renew rd and tfuee pakt In at the rfftre of the n, Rairalary, Paige a Hotel, auiam of Spring and Weet ? reeia. a e.o. l ive t >? A KbbK.lJt OK TIIRKK tiV IM , r. t t. ni'warda, aalMn* tinder eoaating Iteenad ar? hrr? I'jr n **? <i Utat. tn aonordaoco with an art of tho I.a rirlatnrr of thr Kla'o of N'W York, p>iw<1 \prtl 4 MS7, tha ho?ra of PH.* r?aoml"?koTMTP nr. now propa'?rt to narrvoa apt :w?nt? for IVonaa. anrt to Aran! ltroaoor to aiM* M way ha itnaal rotnpo'mi. AppI] at tlio n?oa, A# Rootk atrrrt, bwwrrii 12 odors If ana 2 P. M. By orrtar, Nro To*?. April ?. 1WT. T. rKRKlNN. NouaWf. N't Til K TNVkPKi IAI.moVMITTK.F. < >P Tilt Hotltn of Aktr'm.ii. appatatod la Ink* Into onmtdrratlnn tha propr < j ft riin.n n? *h? l.nd n?? of th? Raot and North nrrr trkiiilwat* wtU atoot In room No. N (Tty Hall, hi Tbarartay nr*t Yah mM . at 2 I' M. All partir. who aro tnii'ratort ara |.?nn uUily rt qtn ?t?-H to a'tona. a* Una a 111 bo tbo laat moatuyt of Ui< rowinu'tn- on that .ulijoet JAN B NTPKRR, M I.. IIA R KIN, _ K.IiWARD JMTiNNEIX. Nporlal CoanatUaa. JAN UIUPHTHS. II1RAM COR WIN, < ' v rir? i <i c >r ?tT?r.^ioT/ ?w lodor, t No. :t*9. will romoTo from <Vm Polkiw*' Hall on tho I 'M of May. to hi T!\ (Irani a'rm, noar I'hrtaU* atroat, and all' mrri it fry ThurriM rrrntna l(>:NRY APPlJCnflPP. Noet'yP. T. Ci IIA WATP.R IIPAI.RIM.-THR MANl^PArTORKRN 4y and boitlrra of minora! wator ar? rrouratrrt In moat at J. r Tryni r a ro< tn. his anil KT, llmiatnn atroat on r>worlay ot? tting. al , >4 u clock, to ink" maaaurm fur tbo protactkm at their intaroai* DRTnUTRT. a I.I. PPNTAI, 'iPKRATIUNN PRRPoRMRD IN TBI J\ moat akllful anrt artrauir wan nor. arm rartaty of toatk nw?rtrd la part* or whoio aa'a. on n?w anrt imprnrad prtnol nlaa by IV. NAPOLNON PAPTWRRR anrt I A, WlfjIOR, No W Broadway, oomar of Howard atroat No aainliItaial ZTl (4NTTNTRV - PR. )R G. DtTRRIN, CANAL MTRMT 1 ' noar VarVk. (old No IT* now 4WJ tartioa atumUoa to hir long anrt trior, aaful oipoHomw Pally oponutoaa VRk *0 now anrt hanaloaa braoaihia* atroat tool frowfaKV. pro *. - top art oai. pi Wo aaodortia W1NRN All) LHlMMia I.'ON NAT.*-A T/TP ON OT.P WONOWOAIIKT. V M'RR r rt. wbt?k?-y, r<jnal |o any tu Ibe IBAfkt Orvw So* i rtui tfvw york Herald, mo: - "tpjjjjp^^jjjj^j^ ij'" i i Anklt^f^vltr^ijid^f^ywki^javajaxlljl^l'o* < 1887. with description and prtoea of all trees and plaaH M "y.'wrbu!: ; BOiUIKK KUV Bit. kmkrhon brnnrtt's mtw book, _ A owpulw to the "Border Fkrwer," but far superior loll 1 THK HORDKR ROYKR, t Rnnaon Bajmari, , Anlhor of "The Prairie Flower," "Lrn I T*ott," "Viola," "The Forged WU1," Clara Morelaud," "Pioneer's Daughter," " "Kate Clarendon, Ac., Ac. * ooxrum. ? Chapter. Chapter. 1. Iearin* Home. 30. Taken Prisoner. I The Old Trapper. 21. The boat Found. 1 S. A New Friend. 31 Flight and PurmiR. a Preparations for onr Jour- 33. The Parobud Desert. . ney. 34. The Wolves our Friends. I .Border Incidents. 30. The Faith of my Ocsnpa4 jOur First Camp. nkm 4 A Thrilling Adventure. 38. Surrounded by Ferlls. ( I Jtdele and Mystery. 37. A Night of Horrors. P. Return to Camp. 38, On the Mountains. Id. Our Journey Resumed. 29. Sickness and Impair. LI. FiarUln* News. 30. A Long Captivity. II On the Grand Prairies. 31. A Croat Surprise. _ , 13. A Night to be Kemem- 32. i*e old Trapper's Jcko. berea. 31 Berlous Speculations. < U. Attacked by Indtane. 34. News from Home. , 11 An Old Companion. 30. A Long Journey. 16. The Mysterious Htranger. 36. A Wonderful Dwoovery. 17. Rejoin my Friend. S7. The Mystery Solved. 11 The Fartuig at Bents. 31 The Finale. ? 19. The Kipedition. Complete in one large volume; neatly bound In cloth, fur One Dollar ami T \vnlj-Ave Cents; or at two volumes, paper oirver, lor One Dollar. Mm. Soulhwortbs new book, vivia; or, thk secret of power. Two large volume", paper cover. Prise VI; or bound In one volume, cloth, for 01 .10. Published at T. B. PETERSON'S, No. 102 Chesnut street, Philadelphia, t To whom all order* should come addressed. <V>piee seal per mall, post-paid, on receipt of price. For sale by all booksellers and news agents. CIODNTRY BOOK RET. l.KRS VISITING NEW YOU ; will find an eztenaive and varied stock of English Bibles. Testaments and prayer books for the Episcopal Cnuruh of the United States. Also Bibles and Testaments, with psalms foi use In Presbyterian churches, at EYRE A SPCtTTIHWOODM'c English Bible warehouse, lfl Hassan street. N. Y. Send one dime FOR the Most certain, , Short and easy rule Yet published, For computing Interest ot? any stun for any utno. And at any rale per nent. to M JOHN WEITBRECnT, ' 1 Buchanan Poet alRee, Prv HORSES, CkORI^EK M. ~~~ OO HORN his FOR SALE?AT 06 AND 07 WATT STREET, s?l/ ANSON WEST'S stable. A STYLISH HORSE FOR SALE?SEVEN YEARS OLD and suitable for pleasure riding or a doctor. Inquire at E. B. Stead's roofing establishment, 21 East Eleventh street, A LABOR LOT OF EXPRESS WAGONS, OF DTK t'errot "lies, for sale. Apply at STUDLEY'b office, New Haven depot, Canal street | A SUPERB MOROAN HORSE (PRICK VtfOJ FOE coupe, military or family use, over 10 hands high, 7 years old. fast traveller, warranted sound and remarkably < stylish, with new trotting wagon amkhameas, for 100, at 20? Franklin street To be seen from 9 to 12. \ I 1GHT ROOK AWAY CARRIAGE AND TOP WAGON A to be sold, very low, the owner having no use for it Api. y at 1"J7 Mercer street ' ? i ? /TeRRIAGES for sale.?a very handsome -1 m ? \ 1 miT r.vkaway carriage, at"o a brougham roekawa/ ur 1 sale cheap Inquire at No. 19 Beaver street up stairs. Dark brown mare for sale, !?>,' hands i. h, can tuAto a wagon in 3.10,perfectly sound and ki < I ud it geeat enfmriitice. Apply to R. W. WHITE, foot of uih I Tenth "Ireet, Williamsburg. For sale?a coupe rockaway, wtth moveable partition and railroad backs to front seat with shafts and pole, for cue or two horses, well adapted for a physician. Inquire at Mr. FAOAN'S, livery stable, 70 West Twenty sooood street rK BALK?A STYLISH DARK BROWN HORHK, 14* bands high, r*Lkl traveller with light wn'm and *ta*V ham m, in good order and complete. Inquire at prtvala stable No. 3, in the alley way a few door* from Fourth aire at, II ' University place, or at M South street. F?K HALE?A BEAUTIFUL SORRRL MARK, UUANPh high, *eren years old; can irot tn three mlnutea; Ml stylish and penile. Can be seen by applying at the corner of Janice and Chatham streets, la a beauliJW saddle mare. FOR RALE?A TEAM OF MATCHKI) BAY MARW. long tails, sound, bind and genii* In all harness, g *?1 e travellers, 6 an i 7 years oid, together with a two seat wagon and Jouble ham""*, together or seperat?; also, several U?e road-ttid family horses, jual lu ft om Ulster county. Apply tt , HAMM1K' livery stables No*. 7 and 9 llergen street, Brooklyn. J For sale?a styi.irh brown mark i? hanim high, a good 'raveller, warranted sound; wul be sold low. Apply at the private stable m the rear ot S3 Waal Thirteenth Street. F~ OR sAl.K?TWO BRACTIFCL BLACK HURRKR, THE owner only starts with them on account of hisdeuanuie for Strop" They ore to be seen si Morris's stable, 114 Clinton place, Rlghih str el, from 8 A. M. till 1 F. M. I30R SALK-A RIK SKAT CARRYALL, NEARLY NEW, 1 I , ;t v. M ? :.r'0,eh< . a hauls me ... uh.t |..ur se tt box wagon with top, a good gig and eight wagoioi, with and wVhuut 'ops. Apply at 00 West Twenty third street, in the smith sbop. For male-a fink and stylish, full rank and switch lad sorrel hoVse, sixteen hands high, nine yesra .Id. perfoetly sound sndklnd.csn be used under the saddle jr .n slrglo and double harness, would rnske s splendid family carrtsge horses. Can be seen at Dtckei'a ndlng sehool, coruer of Thirteenth street and Fifth avenue. CViRSALE?ONBOPEN BUGGY AND ONK DIM J r " new and made by one of the beat cay makers. Fur < aa.e <be*p, to close a Concern. Apply to A. L. KAY RE, 212 Washington street. j h't>R SALE?REVKRAL FINK HORRER, Rl'ITABLE FOR earring" and mad purposes, stylish and good (brlvers sod ?i,l ba I M ' heap. Call at the stables of the Bowery and Grand stmet line of stages, corner of Tenth sireat and avenue C. Also, i number of common burse*. | For sale-a brown mare, eight tears old, i nearly fifteen hands high; very stylish; suitable for a. y kind of work, very cheap. To be seen St klNOHI.KY A WiN'K stable, 104 Franklin street, near thureh. | IiUiR S1LE-A WIU. MATCHFD PAIR OF DIRK J ' gray Morgan horses hands Inch. < t OfM M k 1 action, perfectly w- il broken to saddle and homes* nnd fast traveller*. just from ihe -ountrv, sli years old; perfectly sound. Can be seen si FARFITt'rt stable, 112 Kaal Twentyfourth street. lAOR HAl.K?A gROCFRY WAGON, IN good <Y?N ' r dill >u, In be sold, as the own-r has ho further use for It ' For furllv r information nqutr* at No 81 Division straat. In the ' ?eg?r store opposite Kldrwtga street. Frio* fUO. Also two i rag* i neap. | old, warranted hum ami kind, an l ran trot i\ rrllo in ihroo minutes. Also, * doublo harness, an I a wagon built by K-.rd. Apply ti W1WO!* A BRON., cornor it Crosby an t ' Mleeekor streets. TJH)R ?AI.E-A WACO* AND HAHVWS, TBI TAt."', ' r ts elty built, express style; has boon naming about tan n. >nih?. is warranto)! fur t.i mroths to gmo. Call or a-Uireos IM Centre street. IMftRAUl A* SUM ART FAIR OF OIHK Hltows 1 oarr ?r h t?-s. eight yr >rs ml. f r'. y gentle and kii>l. rarm.t bo .-o-p-ts., 1 tor ?'> !' an I * n , ,? splendid pair ,-t family horses, -ingle and double harness a largo fashionable | doubts family sletgb In fine rrUor, ?i iV>I? furniture, An. To be sold on ?ceount ,f the o? nor going t.? K'.iopo. If not sold bv tho ?th Inst , will to sold on that day at to o'olooli A. M , ?' 1 public S KUOD, at tht private stable uy West Twenty lift i stroot. HCRNK W A VTF.II ?W ANTKI>, A riRcT RAT* ROAII | torso, without a fault, sound *4 kind, p?ny built, ISH . Ikhat.u high t gre?t > nduran, , -,v enl salt 10 mile* ,>*r uoir and pleasant tlrirtr. Adtr?ss I,, p w., Pout oSoe, New York, doacrlbing colr-r, aft, prtcs, ) o*.ific annus and wbers In bo soon. H< RwR AND Ht'rtcv WAVTI-.n t*Y OKVn.KMA* banns the ?d.T Ibo -mains 'iMiaani hating a (fond Pawn aodbiigy. and wishing U>; .a to m in 'ho hafUM at a ro BfortabK person?on korwo p> a -y ?err'istomed to Boras*. wba will uso tbom rarotully la lbs eto.n-.ry, nil! ploaad address it. : H~ I'Ki-l.." KlRfvAIl IS I i.k'hTn r p \Tr hi.ack rarnaif)' horsos, flag ills, ?e?en years old, very ray ami SI) U< h, b .1 kind snd gentl-, i?t ;..o.|y , ,..r,d. we Is nit bb-rrlor slro; very fsst travellers, and one of the mwt ib-sirabbpairs In this elty. tan hi' so, n before II ami after 4 o'clock, at the stable rear -> West Twenty *. con | street. Alao, a hand?onto bsmcbe. nearly pow. MATCHED MORCAV MOU<rt AND CARRIACK separate or together, for sab- heap linraes alt pare Old. hands,mo and aiyllsh, ? si rsived . ust and klrsl. To I soon at No. 4 Bmfuin aire, l Hrnklyn. May apply also at lafi liroad street, Newark, .1 J. CPKNH MORUAN MORHK. PRIOR %**). WITtflfKW trid'toirwagon. harness ami blaaket, 1400, dark sheetaid sorrol, a I'r 14 harols high, sorsn years old, sound, hind and remarkably stylish for roups, military, ar lamlly use. Apply at rranhttn street, Between ? ami IIo'clock. V* h-KMONT MoRHKM-A HI PkKlilR UOT OT TOCNC Mragsn horaoa. brad la Draage and WVMhMP nmtnUos anmaKsn are two palm of mairhod horses, and eneera' "ss MnfMThoreoa. ConOoto -n wtaMnn flM Mornaa bursas wp pteano sail al No 4 Hoorum slro.t, Hn.A.yn V<>l'N<' MARK DARK HAY NTY1.UIH, RUIN FAIR f' X be titj i*01, rtrrurvn ?et ? name.# wbh tipn, ma* in* t?Ml eetaillahinent. AUean be tmuahi for the ralne of the man only. A pair ofyouna road hot ma. aofliia aire, ebowy, vitmitiM aouad. The above can be bought at a very ?? ,r>r.- baring no uae ?<>r then) Adrtreaa hna T,?M Pnet ofcoe Y~~<ilrATT T ri'RT VrR- AlTllOIWK MKtHTIlfKH -PI'H ffln*. alterative condition a rough, fever. 'It are tic. aordtal. and wnf balla, rat h II The jv., different olfa and b I latent HO cent* a bottle, tlrt YuuaU'a bonk <W1 the horae Krait*. of KI.AtlF DAVIKW, 34 Plae atreet R. T. Warranted. U4JAKM. 50 AKK KTHKTT MARl'FACTORT Of PHIOeAff ff l) model billiard table# and nnmhtnaUnn enabtama- Hale#rnoma TW and 7? Broadway irehaeera are aaetlowed mlp - mlaerahle Imltau. ne offered for aale under a almllaf n2n? and wit* the word mechanical" preflied, thereby evadla* the law, and practicing an ot.engaotie awtoffl" npoff public. fflCHAffO. fr?LAlf, Pniawlea (t/\ ANH ffTRKRR-THK RENT HIM.I ARP TABl.W IR the world, fnmlehed with my rmrlralied naeeihanlcal unwlilaallna ooahkma, oonetaritly oa hand. ?a alao all eonaeff aura, ball*, leather and trimming*. at the loweai prtnea. Tbff public are mAmm again*! a loudly be puffed taabloa railed ' oranblaaUeei." now In the market, which la known torruih ble-and break away when lan* need. L. n?~ * R_ V.VOVR OOODRBOORD BAHD Rnj.lARII TAHLRR, 1* with every! hi off complete for playing the game. wJUbd aokl low. Inquire ai the maatifhrtiwy nfCPOOIffROE A OOlr IARPRR. ? *"? "ffreal 4JHARF R, l? rVI-TOR KTRF.KT WANI PAtTl HItR ?>P o billiard table#, where be baa onu-tantty on hand a larffo aeeortaaent of both alale and marble heda. of all al*ea, anltahl* both for private or ptihJtn uae, with a new atyle rd enahton, now preferred to any other In uae. Iteoond hand lab lea for Mia eaeap. (XIAL. ~~ ro7lTn PFR TOR.?I AM ROW imWiTRRIRO^OlJ the yard, 2V) Flrat aTenue, corner of Fifteen-h a'reet, tne he at .peach orchard. red aah Move and -ffff aire coal a* the low

pr re nf gA per to* to ffmeera acreoned and delivered lnrr?1 order, wt ?ht and q?*iity guarauleed?ttader forfeiture of the i mm, i1 NT) AY, APRIL 27, 185T MJ cn 94, AND SB, TOR TRENCH EMBROIDERED SO ?JU. aeta. trtaniad wttfc roal vatenclonn.-a Ur?, a? QMNINU BAZAAR, 613 Broadway, Bt Wtohohw Ho**' >/4 7 BROADWAY. Y?i THE LAST OAT Tom Burma BamuaM ml the GREAT CLOSING SALE. IB bteioeas will N?-3)0Mid . M Thursday, April 90. G. B. WILLIAMS. 947 Broadway, oinrr^of Leonard U7 Broadway. VI I TBS LAST DAY ' ^ QRKAT CLOSING SALE, fte itore will bo _ . ? CIo^wTbur^j.Aprtao^^ 947 Broadway, comer of Leonard at 3 A n BROADWAY. y? | TUB LAST DAY WW 1 e Thursday, April 30. Of the GREAT CLOSING SALE. At ifl Broadway, corner Leonard street. O. B. WILLIAMS. 34 H BROADWAY. y? I THE LAST DAY 01 the OREAT CLOSING SALE. The Htore will be olaeej on Thursday, AprH 30. lemc extraordinary bargain* are now offered lor the last Time in EUka. Shawl*, Embroideries Lace Curtains, Barege* and 'jemiett, Dueul plaid, Alboni do. Al?o housekeeping goo xia, n great variety. Those wishing to avail th'oneelves of this Opportunity will plea"-' cnll at onoe. O. II. WILLIAMS. 3fl Broadway, corner Leonard street AOQ BROADWAY-BLACK FLOUNCING LACKS, ?jLU in real and imitation; trimming lac '*, all width*, tlx: argent and bent stock in the city; also just received from anc ion real thread coiffures, at tl so. FKTF.R ROBERTS k CO. A OQ BROADWAY.?FRENCH RMBROlI)F.RIF,8 ANT ZAt/ trimmings, a fresh stock, Inst opened; 9tl) erabrnid ired jaconet ttois^, $1 each, PCTKR ROBERTS A i)Q. A OQ BROADWAY ?SEVER AL CARTOONS OF RICH iZv tace*, just opened, consisting ot point a l'aguille JruHSela, point, Mechlin and rich Valenciennes laces; a (real I lock of real Valenciennes edgings,ifl 12t, cents per yard. PETER ROBERTA A CO. I flAft M0RE L.UUU Paris steel spring skirts, At $5 each, J ust received A. T. STEWART A IX)., Broadway, Tiambers and Keade streets. 1 AAA JACONET AND RWTRH SETS, l.UW At $1 SO per set. Will he opened on Monday, April 71. A. T. STEWART A CO, Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets. AT 767 BROADWAY? Sals of dry goods, laces, embroideries, will positive!] lose on Tuesday neat, at A. JAKOBI A OO.'S, 767 Broadway, below Ninth street. A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF CAMBRIC FLOUNUINGS edgings and insertiugs, new p alien is; infanta' caps, ro6e> ind short dresses, our own and Paris manufacture; embrotd tred handkerchiefs for fl. worth S2; Paris embroideries u tvery conceivable style; French embroidered seta SO per oeu >elow usual prices; emh soldered basques, full patterns. BAllJtlY, PARKING TON A LESLIE. No. 621 Broadway. A N EXTRAORDINARY NOVELTY l\ In Indies' Ms, J twt received from Pahs. Will bo opened this week At BCLPIN'S, 3C1 Broadway. A FRESH SUPPLY OF A. Bi 'h Bounced silk robes, At twenty live do'.tars each. S> onh Ads and $40.) A. T. STEWART A 00.. Broadway, Chambers and Keade strerta. A GREAT ADDITION t\ (Received from auction) Wtil be made to the stock if cheap si.ks. A t $1 26 per jr?rd, On Mondav. April 27. A. T. KTfcW AKT A DO., Broadway, Chambers and Keade streets. a rpijcndid variety ok rich lacks, veils f\. miuulu.s, points, block and white laee bo^uos, am: gurcd laers, In every variety of pattern, for baaquoa, with a u-ge uusoruneut nt "llrr novelties. MILLKK A GRANT, TtO Broadway, above Fourth nt. DABQCK8, MANTILLAS AND TAIJgAS, D In every variety of materia) and trimming, BELOW CUSTOMARY PRICRM. LORD A TAYLOR, 260, 1X1. 269 and 261 Grand street. And 47 and 49 Catharine street. Beactititl new *antit,las, Katirelj dMfertag frota those of former ee t" vie, In color, atyle and iirin. Will by opened ihia week At BVLPIN'S Shi Broadway. Black lack goods?a splendid amaortmkn ot the above. Lores of all widths. Fioun mrs, shawi. points, Ac. Uhh'IX'ri BAZAAR, Mil Kr ndway, W. Nicholas Hotel BAREGE ROB FN. Beautiful flounced robes, V. Plain flounced robes, fg to fio. At lank A PORTKKS, SIT Canal ilicrl, mar Mercer, (eh Wo 11) CI ALL AT I JINK A PORTER'S 317 <OU? NO. It) CANAi ) street, and examine the elegant stock of dress silks, Imu is. to 12a L7lotus, 0as8imere8 and vesting*. J Full assortment of spin* styles now r*ivly, rktailkd at JOBBERS' PRICKS. lord A taylor, 225, 257. 269 aad 2bl Grand street, And 47 and 49 Catharine street. CHILDREN'S KANCT STRAW OOOIW-POR BOTr misses and Infants. A very large asenrtnvr t of the uv~ >eamif il patterns Call and examine. K KIJjOUO, man ufar arer, IX Canal street, opposite West Broadway. ml'rtains, oornic* and shades, brocatkl> Lv damasks, mor ons, lace curta.ns. draperi-a and curtail materials generally. Also window shades, gut " jriuoes, Ui sirv", Ac , Ac Ar , Ae. elko ant assortment?low prices. LORD A TAYLOR, 255, 257, 259 and 2bi G-and Street. i^iii .ns . ?. fAORSKT*, SKIRT* AC-MR*. OAYMOR H AS OPKNF.l ht r n--w liter-" with an > h-pant variety of ocr*et* am 'kirt?, al MS Broadway, brtaern Thirteenth and KourteentJ itntu. CVALL AND BKJt / The ahUUnc da loloea At Columbian Tlail, 2K1 Or)?oil ktseel A l?w mcrr? if An Albonl pi-.da left at and one aispenoe p-r yard. CVjSIPLKTB CHAMUK OP I.ADIR8* CORTUME. J A M? and eitrernely beautiful MANTILLA Of pray clouded allh. A perteet aaacrtment Of theae recherche rannent* W Hi be opened thta wee* Al ^ULIMWH. Mil Broadway. CAR a I'R IVKRPAONK ROBFR. ) r?e?tTr1 frun awrtlm, A \\tt* AP*n?ament nf lhe? MAAttf i) ' .h a, a hi h will ha add at 16 aacb- Ma* than hoi i be coal ut unporiatBiu, At J AMK8 CROPRRY R, 4M H mad way. CH)Jr*!OKMKNT op HII.K*. t LAI BOCT1LLIKR BROTTTWW, An ISinai atfco^ Hate received a cinaWnment of 1*7 piece* of RICH DKKSM SILKS. *?nt by the manufacturer, tn ne aokl RKtiARIH.KKH or CtlST n??*a at Ik a are quite new, and Juat Ukmlett <>om the Ohy ? Waahinrtcn. In iffertn* th?*a trxxla, L. H. Hroa. aaware their -uatonwr that they are marked at tower price* than *Uk* of the aam value are now "ellln* at auction, and the tma to the wmnutai lurer by Ala ahipment wUl be upward* of three thoiwan dollar* Decided novki.tihm in mantilla*. J uat r? retrod from Parti Enact < ?r?'? of the liuaat etylaa, A a worn by iha moil dlattngulabed Indira In Kuroy?, At the annual fete Of lAWtf Champa. Will ha ' pan ad Uua wenA At BULFIN'R an Broadway Damaged ooodr.?erintb, gingham*, LINKNt labia rlotha, lowala, d taper, da latrtro, hrrartainOia rivta mep-a, linen ahrrurg*, Ac , fur aaJn by WM. M ATIIKWX, { Crthartne at reet IRMnRolDICRtKH, I,ACTA. 'J Great barfalna. On Monday and Toeaday, before amain* the bnatneaa, at A. JAtUHl A CO H, 767 Broadway, below Ninth Mroek N N ?Manilla laren at half prion EMHROIPERKP RETR.?RNTHt TRIMMED WITH RKa VaieoeirTtnen lace tFreneb wart) at "* a And |A gbntnw BAT.A AN. BIN Broadway, Ht Hlchnlna Hntal. IilLSOAXT GRAY MANTI1.LAR. J horei. rvh and braidlfnl. A magniflrent aaanrtmant IhlA wart. *. Bl'l.ri N M. on Umadamr ITB-AN rxeouaujot AHRORTMKN 'J of Frettrh embr'?deHen Inat reeelrnd, and wtll be np? for taapection on Monday. April V oWlNR BAZAAR. MA Rnwdway. W Ntnholaa Ratal. Faffntonart.R bprino prrrb GOOIW-Wonnnallr dr lalnra. printed Jamneia, p-real?n, da began, aiparaa, hi regan, pnpllna, brUlianta, Ac , Ac Ac , AT VltRY U)W iiRKTJt. tiORD A TAYLOR. 266. 267/MPHtd Ml Grand atraat. Aon 47 awl 4$ I athartnn atrarl Fivkoarer or manttli.a* Decidedly new In rtydn, In triturr fonn and oolnr, Not lo be arm at any other ho w, Will be opened Utln wart. Bfl.riN, Ml Broadway, KARHIONN.?PEMOREWT'N <RRAN<H RTORR 7?' Canal atreet, oppnalte Greene noma,) mnnt ritmalra a a<irtmrnt of pattrndl for ladtra' and ehUrirena' apparrl, inrhn In* tbn latent atylra of haaqtirn, artlalrally cut by Mm?. Goon Alt N. It?flrdrra pnnctnally attended t >. Great bargains . i? later rtinama And Drapery winrltna, At dofnmhlan Hall, Ml (iraftd afraat. LYONH A JitNWH. GRANAMINR ROBE* WW ba manad on Mfmrtay. April J?, A 'aria neenrtmrnt of pr ittnd.rte robed, J nil rpaabrad. and * '' ha ?oMI ? tlA Ait; p large lot of barer* raSen -v *4 Mt At JAMUti t.Rl>l>E\ <*, <N hrvndway, DRY GOOD8, M. Gmipere lace mantillas, i lieuitsn lane mantillas, Aval thread lace mantillas, French luce mantillas, M?chlin lace mantillas, Chanlilly lace mantillas, Valenciennes lace mantillas. Black ?ilk mantilla*, lilack moire mantilla*, And (tray clouded silk mantilla*, In matchlea* profusion. Will be opened thia week. BULPIN, Ml Broadway. j Great assortment of mantillas, Unparalleled In variety, And unrivalled in richness. Inspection is respectfully desired, BULPIN, 361 Brbadway. High priced mantillas. Eighty, one hundred, And one hundred and tWytdollars; As well as every intermediate quality, To the moderate sum of six dollars. The greatest assortment in the ooimtry, At BPLPlN'B, 861 Broadway. 1MMKNSK V AKIKTY OK MANTIJXAS, lit Uuipuse, Honiton, Real 'bread, French lace, Mechlin, Chantilly, Valenciennes, black silk. Black moire, And pray clouded silk, A Muperb assortment. Will he opened this week. Never before equalled la novelty, extent or rtchiieHS. , BlILPIN, 361 Broadway. JI79T OPENED, At Columbian Hall, Some beautiful plaid mlka For children's wear. Twenty two Inches wide, at tie. a yard, LYONS A JONES, 281 Grand street. N. B ? A splendid assortment of dress Milks will be exhibited at is., tie., 8s., 10s.. and 12s. Jaconas and organdie muslins, In die new and popular color, GKOSElLLK, I (Perfectly fast rolnr,) received by the Arabia, will be opened on Monday, April 27. A. T. STEWART A co., Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets. I Kid gloves, kid gloves ?just received an other invoice of those excellent French kid gloves, lor Mily bo cents a pair. Ladies, call at UKNK V rice's, 74 Canal street LADIES' BREAKFAST JACKETS. At OEItlN'S BAZAAR. A unique and much admired artiele of morning dress, exclusive In ntyle. Just received, lor ladles who wish a liegjiKt morning wrapper. The assortment la complete and prices moderate. GENIN'B Bazaar, 613 Broadway, St Nicholas lintel. LOW PRICED DRESB SILKS. SELECT SPRING STYLES, A t co to 76 cents and SI per yard. 1 An tmmense variety. LORJ? k TAYLOR, 266, 257 , 2f? and 261 Grand And 47 and 49 Catharine street LADIES' AND MISSES' WARDROBES, Complete sets of underclothing, of every style; ? INFANTS' CLOTHING, Outfits for the nursery, comprising every requisite; < LADIES' MORNING ROBKT 1 Of the most elegant description; CHILDREN'S aprons, maoqueh and basques, Of every material, style and price} Lijii.jrjv A.iu ?. niiii'nE..^ n, An extensive an*ortmerit, suited lo the si-juw: MI8KE8' DRKSRKK, PELISSES AND PALETOTS, Plain and embroidered, in great variety, all marked at mode rate prices nod in plain tig urea, at OENINS BAZAAR, A13 Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel. LOW PRICED MANTILLAS, At all, right and ten dollar*, Rich immaterial and beautiful in form, Aa well aa every intermediate quality. Up to the moot dmunguuhed and costly. A superb assortment this week. At BULPIN'S, 3M Broadway. ADIK8rW " 1 PPERS. JAMKH i KmUKV, 481 Bnpadway, will open on Monday, Z7lh April, a large kit of ladle*' wrapper*, In raglan, shawl and circular shapes, the most desirable stvlea of the aeaaon tnil P. P1NCHON, ill No. M Hleeoker street, Informs the ladies that she has discontinued working fa Beam Brothers, and lately G. A. Hearn. Bhe is now doing hnaiaeaa am her tWs account, and has opened a htadMSBr aasnrtment of Pari* manUllaa and travailing cloaks, Aa. Mass P. will reeetre monthly the faahiona from Paris Mourning goods. Black crape maretx, Black nlpacca, black muslin do laine. Black caltro. Mack bombaxine, Black ginghams. Grenadine*, barege and crape*. And all good suitable for mourning always on hand and for ale by ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A OO., I anal street, oorner Mercer. MANT1LI.AH. Superior black taffeta mantillas, 1 l?aris embroidery, extra rich, Black real lace mantillas. Black guipure manUllaa, Itiack chan'llly mantillas. Also, talmas, Turkish jackets and cloaks, suitable for travel hrg, Real blark Uce half shawls. Imitation black lace hail' shawls. ARNOLD, CONSTABLB A CO , Canal *tn - t, rainier Mercer. MIIJ.KR A GR ANT HAVING MOVED TO THEIR NEW store, 7uB Broadway. above Fourth street, have received extensne Importation* in the latest style* of French ambroid ered foliar*, ?oia, ba*que?, skirts, handkerchief*, Ac Alao, banns. Infant's caps, illusion, and crape goo,!* In great variety NEW LACES?IN VALENCIENNES, APPLIQUE, POINT d'ah-nron, Ac . Ac., Ac : alao points, harbea, coiffures, nouncing*, Ac. GKNIN'8 BAAAAK, .M3 Broadway, Be Nicholas Hotel. PRINTED AND STKLI.A SHAWLS, From auction. Will be offered on Monday, 'ha 27th. These goods are much nadanrteed. ARNOLD, CONST A BLR A OO., ' (Anal street, corner Mercer PATTERNS, PATTERNS, PATTERNS.?C. BELLA CO , No. 3 Catherine stgeet sr.<l 239 Grand street, have a m et eitenslve assortment rpatlrr-n* f >r ladle*' ar.l children's ap parol. Including the latest style of basque*, manUllaa and loeve patiern*. Dressmaker* and country m< rciuutla will J Ami It lo iheir advantage to give na a call. >' T1 IHBO.N8 AND PRESS TRIMMINGS. XV Full MaorinwtM? opring aiylea, ciirap LORD A TAYLOR 2M, B>7, Tk And VI Orand iitreat, A nd 47 and 49 > atliariiir tuwl kmovaTI 1/1 WIT* A HKTKKR HAT* removd from No. id John atreet to their now ?tr?re No. 3T1T Canal itrrrt, and No. 4V Howard atreet. Roar Broadway, late Arnold, ( onatahl" A I> , VFbere they an- nrrparvd to off-r fur aale, At wb<de?ale and r-taU, I The newaat IfapnrtalkMlfl of I adler' drraa rloak and inantllla trlmmlnija, Urrnun nrphyra, and Lnpeairy worab'd Hllha, ' heiwlle'a, embn>id**rt "a, etr. TllRMdNH. XV N?r*?Ki"4 in rtbboua, received by tho Pukoa, will be * uUrrrd uu Monday, Out ilvli. " ARNOLD, CONRTABLR A OO, Canal aireet, r*>rttrr Momnr. 1?1CH DRFWt dlT.KS HtYtm'HK HTH1PK SILK'*. AXV be It* Kbta atrtpr and ptatd ilka, A> lit Ik Kal r* at reduced prtcca. LANK A 1'ORI KR. MI (old No. 7} Canal etrael. SHAW1A 1.000 atella and other ahawle, Crnna 94 to fin rf LANK A PORTER. S17 (old No. 7frjanal atreet. near Moreer , ttl'RlNa MLAWLri IN ORKAT VARIETY, O InrJudlnf new rtylee I Blellaa. Caah?-re, " Brorha, . Crape, Ac , Aa., RK1/1W USUAL PRICT8. LORD A TAV1 MR, ao 2f,7 i'O ,v| dnuvl atr-ot. And 47 ami 49 < dherine atreet ^IL* RORKR FROM AUCTION. A laree lot of "ilk rnbea )iwt reeetred, mnatng In prtaee from 919 to 9Jk, wblcb are greatly below 'be value. A. a J AMVU i*Uit Uu inria , 4*1 Hrnadwav J, CWO UACICR ABB F.KBROTPRRIRH. O AB rtytaa of rMl lara aria. " -fc?M?Mdb-M?B. ? * -* . _ Point imm aada Tatone Ironaa laaa ??U fflal onllant). Tha "ila/j.ina?* <?(, MC^BHlRwI.bAM.. Tr1m^' WU* " Rich a?broidarad ?ktrta. taoa anpaa _ . Black Uaa flo'imUfT* Hoodoo Ut4 medallion data. At J AMR* CROPRKYH, 4A1 Broadway QPR1NQ TAIJMAR P. .1** dpaatal altar ttnn of tha ladtfa ti tayRad to A paarlaaa aaanrunaat of apriita uUmaa Juat rrcatyad by lha lata arrlrala. A mono them ara Uia lalaat atylaa and matariala. whtoh ara nfferad at $3 da add laUinataaUr worth fa _ OtalWH Raaaar, 7 Ml IjiitBf. " Hi. RVAolaa Baud. rrmi OEMQA jacket; X Ao MUraly itaw artlcla for trayatllno, mada <rf watarproof ninth, ti H^bf m haawttfnl toliura, adaptad to tha aaaann. >iwM *- rBaairad at OKNI N'H Baaaar. HI Brand war. fll BWHolaa HolaL . rrv*Kiim tratkm.ibg barqcrr Wtoeb hj tha addition of a .UH or iZZr'ZL * bdfwnrn aa a baaqtM or talma at tha pleaaura of Uia waarar. Tbo ma carlal " * ? la watarproof, In rarlod ooiora and ultod to tha aoaaon. ORJflk'R Baaaar, Hi niNifi > At Mtohalaa Matdt. > n?oM i ' X FTFH.A RTIAWTA Which hayT^(MMtodt TVmawd AtCOI.rMRIAN HAM,. Can ba bad during tha pmaont wack. OiW AfTTtLLA ROOK ^ .. Id BOW opan with a TBTT tttanatra ami rkaap atoofc laaoorao tnrad by ourtnlrca. Call and aaa th<? cloto talma*. IA H . ( t r 53? ? m\ GOODS, AC. THE FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE WRAPPER, A uew ami lasrinaU?(t garment FOR PRESENT 8KARON>8 WEAR. Iu peurl, mode ami gray cloth. r A1m> In lunation eloth., Au eaquiaite assortment, ( At Bt'LPIN'i 561 Kroadwa* SPIUNG SULLINERT. f/T/T BOWKRY, THIRD DOOR ABOVE BROOl iOrt street ? Rich sash and bonnet ribbons, Fr-*v Bowers, bridal wreaths, head dresses, to., In gre.ut vai i-tv.^ r. TIHHATE* HOMEK A KETC11 I'M J Oiler Inducements I To cash purchasers Of Btraw goods, . .... ? . Krenoh flowers. ? At 318 Broadway, ^ Corner of Pearl street. J PARIS MII.IJNKRY AND DKKSSMAKINO.?MA DA J LEVI, 108 Hleecker street, will open this week splenJ styles of summer bonnets, head dresses and dress eaps, all the latest Importations. SATIN RIBBON ROSETTE MAKERS.?TURKS Go/ rosette makers and two Kil ls who lutvesome knowledge the business, and are willing to leant, can have employ m] at 91 White st. J ? ~~ 1 CLUTHlAtt, AC. 1 dkl -WANTED OVER WORTH Of NEW Ai ipl. left off olothing, for the Koutheru aud Western mark) Gentlemen will receive at tea.-! 30 per eent more than lb supposed value by calling at the store, or addressing THt D. OONBOY. <91 Pearl etrewt ; OJl TO 910.0U0 WORTH OK NEW AND OAriT O ?J)JL clothing wauled for city ami western markets. (lent men having such to dispose of will receive the highest pri by calling at the store, or addressing J. K. Murray, At < eu street. I JjC OO/l TO INYK8T IN SECOND HAND OLOTHIK, g)c/.Ult.t' ?Gentlemen wtsh'ng to ouovert left off or ' plurclothing Into cash can obtain al least tifty per cjmt more calling or aeodtng ibeir address to J AMES MOBONBY. tJ' Pearl street, sear Chatham 1 (TLOTHINO? LADIES ANI) GENTLEMEN HAVII J any to "dispose of, can receive a fair cash price for I same, by Bending to or addressing H. Cohen, 19 Laurt street, near Canal, or 31! West Broadway. Ladies afteiKi by Mrs. C. H. COHEN; CLOTHING ANI) KURNITL'KE WANTED.?LADI) or gentlemen having any of the above to dispose of c call or Bend lo I,. M. 1)1 SsEl.ln >KK, 13 Elm street. N. B. Indies attended to by Mrs. I). CARPETING A WD I'PHOLSTKRY. (AHEAP CARPETS. ) English tapestry^tnd Brussels carpets, (From auction), At 9 shillings per yard. Velvet ditto at SI Itfandjl :57^. A. T. HTKW \ HT A CO., Broadway, Chambers anil Heade streets. DONT KAIL, IK VOU ARB IN WANT OK NKW OA pete .oilcloths, mailing. Ac., to call on C. R DuRNINU A CO., No 3U7 Grand street, before bttyf elsewhere. We are selling Crossley's tapestry Carpets al one dollar a yard. Velvet, Three ply, Ingrain, And every style of carpeting manufactured. C. B. DUKNINO A CO., 307 Grand street, comer of Allen street SOLOMON A HART. _ ^ ? ^ Ma 243 Broadway, opposite the Park, Are now receiving trom Franoe deoossTive rarana. For parlors, chambers and other rooms. In every variety of style and pattern. Their stock of window slianas Of their own manufacture, and Vpknlatery gooda, Curtain materials and Furniture covering! Of this year's Importation, la full and complete, comprising large assortment of lace and mils tin curtains, oormoea is trimmings, together with delaines, brooalels and plushes, a all Ihe different styles of ooverings and curtain materials nee. all at lbs lowest wholesale and retail PI'toss HOUSES, ROOMS, <*C? WAWTKIJ. AOA ?WANTED, FURNISHED, A SQL'ARB ROC <pOv, and bedroom, adjoining, with another sleepti room, with gas, for which f30 per month will be paid. Hon must have modern improvetneu ?, and be iu a good ueigbbt hood. Address Morton, Herald ofBce. AQA AAA in FARMR W INTED. CONVENIENT " JpOU.vrVv/ the city, in exchange for one of the I,est Al most varied assortment of superior merchnn<liee in this cit This is an uaeqnallcd chance to make an smhange wherel money ran be made, ^tbc mercliaudlnc having 'br-n import by the party himself HIGG8 A BOUTHWICK, 84 Nassau street A FURNISHED house W ntkii IMMEDIATELY?I a lady, in the upper part of the rlty; th? west side pi frrred; rent not to . xc< ed ll.OUl. Address Furnished iloua box 122 Heruld ( Dice. LA THR.-W ANTED, TO PI Kl 11 ASK, A SECOND HAM laihe, of M or 48 inch sv in,-, a ,'h back gear and slid rest on * ooden sbi-srs or on a -iiorl iron frame, of about C or feet in length. Address, by, Edward Under hill. Bag Machine Works, Vonkers, n. V. Rooms wanted, rooms \v anted, rooms wantki ?Rooms, three or fonr, unfurnished, on second or thti boors. Rooms wsuted, above lei h street, near Fourth av nue. Addreaa immediately, stmlug terms, Acadcmicl* Herald office. WANTKD?A CHKAP hMAU. HI/.KI) ft ROOM D HAM hydraulic prcsa. Addr.** CI like, ilcrald nttlee. WANTKD?A ROOD DWK1.I.INO HoCKK. OR TWO I adjoining, In New York nr Brooklyn, fop which g<x storks w ill be paid. House no. to exoard fdl.lWO in price, at must not be too bvavtly mor ga*'. <1, WARD Mel.KAN, No. 7 WalF- reel, room No. 7. third story. WANTKD?IN BROOKl.YN, MY A MAN AND HI wife, part of a house in a good neighborhood, "n'alnln three rooms and withui loo minutes walk of PttitOG lerr; Rent not in en c. d $im Address Crook, lH Pulton avenue. WANTKD?BY A KM AM. FAMILY, .THR KtCiDN Itoor and one or two room*, wnlrall Improvement*. bi low Thirtieth street, and in a pleaxuut neighborhood. Heat < reference given. Rent moderate. Addreaa H. W. S., 37 Broadway, care of Palmer A ?o W ANTKD?V KKt'OND IIAND LOCOMOTIVK, TK! borne boiler, in good order. Any person having one fo sale rheap wiil addreaa box 2.W.I Posttaoe, or apply to WM BORROWK, No. S William -ire. t. mClBlifslJlOCT. AWNINUH ANl. TRNTh ? fwHIAB A PARHON S ANTl mildew proof awnings MMMMf canvass covers, Ao. made and for sale at U1 Was. and N'? l>ey streets, Naw York] Ordera through mall promptly attended to. I BKDBUUM, ROAfTIKK AND A NTH, Kleaa and Inaeeta on plants, With the rascally moths That deairoy furs and elotha. In ilils aummery weather, All eomv out together. There la, however, a ready way I- get rid of them? 'tea hf i on'a magnetic powder, eoniaiinna no Ingradient harmful k man or domestic animals, and y our chambers, closets aiai 00W arrvntoriea may be cleaned of the annoyance tn one hour. A . single nirht w |'.I also suffice in clear auy dw offing m rata 1 a magnetic ptUa are used. The vermin do not ilia b I hair ho lea. Dep. a 434 Hroadway E. LYON. C1ANTRK* I.'H ) Nr.* BOOT AMD SHOE 8TORR. For th? be-der c mvenienre of my <t isomer* on the norit and west aide Jt tne town, I ha>-epen-d a new ewabllah sent at No. ?13 Kaoadwsr. Retwe.-n Kieventh and Twelfth itreeta Where ran be 1r>i*?d an extensive variety of artirlea of Fret covering for gentlemen. tallies a let children. TANTRUM* No. MLS Broadway ami SW Mowery. Ribovsu?wither* A Co. a boot and shoe store baa been rw moved to MS Hroadway. CANTKKI.I* Hoot Mason..?M. t . T. Kimball, of the tale firm of K imbaT A P? aslev may be found at MS tvmaiway. CANTRKIJ* DRl'GOISTN' FANCY OOOIRi AMD TOIIJCT ARTI cles?Including a select assortment of brushes, aasnbA tine <> pa, pomades eokutnea, aiel eilracta, by recent ha poriatinns OAHACDAN A H1IJ* 47 Mnklen lane. IliRNHTRRKRW iNnkTsHU KATMaOT FOR TH1 I* preservation and reasarathsi of the hatr haa been tried b aumenius eaaea by persons hakt *>c a a mber of year*, nod always found to be tn fallible it la ahm reeommoTvied to per sons wishing '*> obiatu a fillIspiwih of whlekera and iiMsiam shea or bushy eyebrow* Depot IS? avenue R. Foe aula hi all the principal drug atoraa retoe gib. and IBo. * bottla I TjM.OlU D?MA<?KD BY FIRK ANDWATKR.?RTOCK IN X1 Stop of 1W W. St street will be ottered for sale thla (Mm unii nn at a liaigain, ui una 10 ?uu nun t< A H VAN NOHTKAND. rl II-M.K'M MOIt-PS ?A RI I.MT 1-4?T OF WO NODUN W for mounting all aorta of tramo. with h amall paean an amor, Ac , for ?ala. frit) ouljr?worth $200. At UArJFi ftlMIn* "bop, |il Mereer at reel INVKSTMKNTs A ti I NTI.I.MAN WHO IH ABOUT leartn* for the Waal for the p-trimae of making tnreaunank In government land. will Inr-tto . Unwed nnmhrr af land war rmnta lor other peraona Tha Poai of referanaa gtran aa b Ititarrlljf an<1 ability he aurh himtaw Aitdraa baa I,MO fw offlta ||M RU-lltTTft RHKUMATM RMHRllOATTOll?FO* M. rbenmattam, ehlthLalna, luatap, aM aptatea. dtalpa , Ooiia, bnlaaa. Aa., Ac a or aaJa at ma new. and parrala Aayot, u Hum mm. Varft. aad kiKra Dmm NKW. NRAT. (IIARNINII -Of* OK<'nRATKO TRA aeta at $14 N) Von ran I bur thain anywharaakw fcw twai | than |2ft. pl?rrr plated $4 ,B. wr\h ff ft) wit**lated In itio. III. worth IIU. an.l ararytMng itlan la anr ha manna .look at tha rata of prior W II SaII.T a Iff, 1 AM ? nramlway. UIIOW CARS*.-BUM* I ^y/o;iag^x^^aS8 ^ SOI>A WATNR AfPAR ATTTlt. ?44KRH rATRNT A VTA rain, together with all othar klnda Inrhiriln* a .mail aw mwd ui WM OKk, W IVwn?? Btroot. T' Rp;m VTNVCR, At.-UJUO I \R? ' I WIMRI) I'KtM i oon dwarf do *t p#nu. (n?) inouiilalii Mh at 7ft ffnte I 4<r) aharrtaa. aaaortad, 4o rant.; aaaorled apple., large hawr laa traoa. 40 rrttta. large aaeonment of dowering atirnba, at IU (Tytrrtiara etrwM. HK VI RUIN IA PI-A NTlflf^TM r, NoRTMKRN RAIL war kin* ? Kvarybndjr, Kant, Wail, If/fbh And South, buy ihrirabtna, ?la.A, *aa liilunta, an I allvar plnM wirri> |I.?.|W |t\II.V * I'O., All And taCA ilrnwdway TVir Work I* he i?ri("t In tftirrlra, and ih<dr prlraa art- fiill twenty t?at ,rni rheaprr than ron gn flnrt ape* bore F<w aaotinrtratiW of thla lattar r<?d ihelr advartiapntrnt In lha dry ??wM rolittnr nf lhl? paper. Orno WANTS MONEYt-AT *0. ? BFUVAOWM? f ? front room, up ?'aira, ran br wan an Intention anh>aVlin ararj StateJn the OtWm, and partlrnlarly daalrahl* in thf We.tmi and Southern Stale. f?fr*l prrifluj ran be re.' with atnall It" < i, Evheoae. made for real ariata torka or tahar Two hnndrad aganta wanted Itnnw.' tta'alr Wnniv-ion roRnn moRorom.Y drt ai?i> of fklr nlf^, pnndpallj mountain cbfifuL on llndnon Hr^n re dy for ablrmant AlanavtroM, hard Wt>?1, ao.mll* drw iiva*vissc?r*"i:UAMM *