Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1857 Page 3
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IlfERTISEIENTS RENEWED KVKRY BAT. TKMAJWTs' RKOINTKK. HROADW AY.?TO l.KT. IMMIHAHLK KOOMH D f?r business tmmoa. s; they are liuely ventilated, haverge window s. liiuti ceilings, gait. Ac Kent very low to tenant* Immediate application deal rod. Ajipljr to J, DCFF, on the premise*. nn ?to lkt' os *|TRRAY HILLl TWO FOUR U". story houses, with all tlio modem tmprnv menu. Ire on the pretnlaei, In Kurty-ttrst air eel, between Madtjvd Fourth avenue. rn ?TO LKT, HOITHK NO. 1M RANT TWRNTTUV. third street; three stm-tea and basement, with the m Improvement*. House. Nil Si Troy slawd; three stories; Apply to J. BL8CO, 144 Kast Twenty-third street, near i avenue. SAJKKRT TO I.RT OR LRABR?FOR A TRR* Or Ave years, In an eioellenl bualneas location, the premises be rented low to a good tenant, together with the whole Saoor irom uu come* 01 nuinnua ana v tuiuruiu mth Brooklyn. Apply ft) P. O'BRIEN, 61 Pulton (KN STONE lX>TTAOK TO RENT?ON 8TAxltuid. near the Terry, on a beautiful elevated and uatiou, overlooking lite bay and ocean. Also, reeldeuoe furnished, for sals or exchange, on th* rer, near New laindon, with ten acre* of good land, , Ac ; good battling, boating and Halting oil the prolarge uud long rsubbnhed itore, with gpod trade; , ferry, aith boat*, Ac. Innuiro of RAHKKTT A IDE, If Wall street, or at Dr. KLUOTT'8 offloe. No. ice, Clinton Hall. EQANTLY FURNISHED HOUSE, IN WK8T ie??'th thr#?n aiorv attic and bancmcnt to let. pruato family who will board two bidic* in part I* rent, and lake no other boarder*. Adore** box office. IISHKl) HOUSE TO LET?OONTAININO EVERY rn convenience, and whera the greater part of the be taken in the board of a small family. Location ?d. Addreea C. K. N., Union square Post otttce, rre an Interview tuny be had. DESIRABLE OFFICE TO H.ET.?A PART OP nil of rooms lilt uad 121 Naasau street, rooms No*. , o a lawyer wHb u good library a very desirable arwnuld be made. ATE STABLE .VND OOAOH HOUSE, NOW BEiillt at No. At West Eighteenth street, to let. Stable* ind. Apply on the premises. T CLAM THREE STORY AND BASEMENT to let, In West Twenty seventh street, in perfect all the modern improvement*, aud very convenient avenue cars; yearly rent 9TU0. Also, a tint class rea rooms, near Filth aventts and Washington tirable location for a first rlnsa boarding house; 91,100. Apply to B. W. RIClfARlM, 307 MroadISHED FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOUSE In West Twenty socond street.?Everything for jig, and delightfully situated between the Seventh avenues. Yearly rent fL 100. Apply to II H. W, RICHARDS, 301 Hroaaway. GOOD CHAKCS.-TO LET, FOR ANY LIOHT OENImI business, twa nice parlor* on the first floor of a thrcs 7 and basement house eery near Broad war belowr-Broome pat; yarly rent HOP. B. W. ItlO'U AKIKt, 307 Itroftoway. SMALL GENTEEL HOOSL WITH ALL THE MO, dern ImproremrnU to let, snutod only to a married couple 1 aat more than one child IRent $400. Apply at No. ^ Darts * .Thirty sixth street, bewoen Broadway and Sixth avenueFIRST CLASS HOARDING HOUSE TO LET?SIXteen rooms. In oue of llie beat streets in the lower part he dir. completely jitled with select boarders yearly ront ), the'i.,rtilture to he pureha.ted at a fair valuation; terms y. Apply to B. \V. RI<'11ARDS, 307 Broadway. CONVENIENT LOCATION TO BROADWAY?TO . let. the dwelling part of the three story house No. 39C jorne street; nine rooms, \vill be put in complete repair, riy ytiii ed and papered throughout, wtth gas, Ac.; yearly t fate Also, thp three stnrv house 1S1 Grand street; eleren ?ns; yearly rent $??*?. H. W. RICHARDS, 3U7 Broadway. A8KMKNT4I9 BROADWAY, CORNER CANALHTRKET, tale; a line lueaiion for a sal win or wood and wtllow I lore. r.r for any buatn.w* requiring a central lorailon; w.U be civeu. Apply te PETER * MARTIN, 41# way. In the haw -mcnt. WN KTONK KMSL1SU BASEMENT HOUSE NO. 242 feat Thirty around ?i reel to let. Can be aeeu after 12 . noon. JOHN B. MURRAY. 44 Wall aired. APWAT LOFTS TO LEASE?THK UPPER I'ART rt til the marble, building No. 427 Hrotidway, between rr and Houston tdreeu. Tie- principal loft fa 50 by 100 le other three are variously divided. They bate two eni from Broadway. 'AO* TO LET?T1IKK* KRAT OOTTAOE8 TO L one la Thirty-ninth atreet, one on Fortieth and one en ar?ew. Rent $301) each. Alao, aheap atorea on Sixth aad Broadway and Thirty -alx'h atreet. A part menu la Irat afreet. Apply to t. BRADT, 71 Thirty-tfth atreet, Towaaend, tf Vaaahn atreet. RTRT RESIDENCE TO LBT-FURNISHSD OR CMniahed. a commodioua bnuae In the village of Flushing, anted far a large family. or fbr one taxing board era; a few nunulee a elk from toe railroad depot. Oardea Mkrd with choice fruin; gm la the hrniee and a barn premiere; rent Sua For farther particular* apply 10 AT k DAVIS, 60 Broad atreet. <TRT bKAT ON 8TATKN ISLAND TO I-OT?A idxnaehoiiei', In a pood neighborhood, near Vendornding. l'uaee&aioo at once. Rent 2-150. D. SHEPHERD, No. 7 Wall atreet. KAHIJC BUSINESS STAND TO LET.?THE LARdK or,, corner William end John etreeu. Apply U> HO- K K rmt'M, .lit Broadway, corner Pearl atreet, or to I loyd A Soil-., 15 Naaaeii atreet. BROADWAT.-TM WHOLE OF THK DWMLx part vi huuae No. 54 to let, between Catherine and etreeu. Apply -it the next bonne. No. 52. RISKED HOUMC TO RWT-K FOURTH AT* *. to a prime umlfy only, at a reaeonaole rent to a to tenant. Prepnare ean be aeea from U to & Apply . SB ITU A LB ROT.2S William atreet. n-HKD HOl'SK TO LET?TO LKT. FOR SIX t-lhs, front the tirst of May next, an elegant house of le ?tre, with brown alone front, ftirnlahed in unique id-H-ned nith ubjocta of art. aud situated luTneuty eet. near Fifth avenue ami Ma*l?on square; one of tan KltMhllorw In the Hit. being open to thn aouth, T r,rnl in the luunflinte yifinlty of oDf lin? of city nul' - ' tlT-ll un.| f.*rrim. ' irimraiii f Add- NKIIX BKOS. A CO, Wo. UO Pearl struct. BirKN IsIIFIi nol'HK TO LOT?IN K A ST RIXTKKXTII C afreet. n? .1 ntim square, In a pritlM family only. At ouv atel t'.nituro are urat <-U?? and very duel table. Will erected!. iJv or twelre mouth*. Inquire oi K. A. WaT tINhON. a> Naatati ureal. From n\? K parlor* and two haix rkpi ?, ii,xm tin' second floor. aJao bark basement, cooMill. " II .-', ' r* ton. A'.; so. at cellar ml vanl; fu hn uru tl.riMWUu- Will be rented In a ainall quiet family, vitl. I.'. ..I. No children in the hmue \ early rent from at M .. %&i. Can be seen from 9 A. M. to 4 P M. 95 Staulou ureet ' in -k in let Tn yonkkks an kstTrki.y NEW RnynUi basement hon*e in Prospect street, Aft if, feci. Ju-ee a' I. !ii?ti. wThlu w,,,v.r,> ()f the Kpt?ioal nn>1 On,: Hi med i-hun-hee and three minute* walk from the lrpo ion. in die In -i manner, with marble mantels, grate*, ran*, ; [>a In all atnrlra, kin-hen and dining mom on thn ram, (1, o a roinniollniia atalila In Ultt rear ttf the house with 1 trUlr Kan any. Kent f40> Inquire of f. H COZZENH, 73 Warren at; cel. r r i,I K I. Hl'CKLIN, fieuy House, Youkerm. Broi'SK TO 1,KT -A FINK HOCSR, IK MOVROR L at-,el w ,'h all the modern Improrementa. Inquire of WKs II.AKK, Xkt South street. Lawyers- offickh to lot?at no. 6 centre atreti opposite the Park. Iuquire on the prem.?s. I Killer-* city assembly roohm, 4^ hk< aruv \t, U? let, for concerts, festival*, meetinea, Ac.?It fa arkuowd tin- i.e - rlecant and beat adapted saloon for r.?.eerta In Brett; hai superior ar mole qualities, can * ,t 2.?aa?. OE?. W. MILLER, l-roprletor. m*n.UKKRY RTORK TO I.KT-IN ONE OF TIIK MOST JH desirable Ihomtirhlarea tn the city, on account ol ill E?tn, the owner. Futures for sale. Ad<h oaa M. U. K , Em7I.4I: P<*- ofioe. 8rru 'FR TO I.KT ? Ilf THK MOFFAT HCn.niJfll; AUSO. ereraJ ruoau Ioiuud* on Broadway. liupdre la roua OFM. in I KT-KIR-T P.ATK L"< ATIOV INOPIRB <d ?R> i>OKV, I.KKIM k AM KRV. Xu. * lluuwVfetl. Tm' 4>rf ? CM c.; Kri?d*ll)\ EOOKK to I .FT WITH RTF APT RTF A ? POWRJI, mr r' 6? Am atreet. Rf?e of room* JRilnl. Apply lo wn> Wilder A Bulger, or Jomeo Tax, euginoor, oa iha pr?o?i*e. OTI'I ! pnWFR TO 1,KT OIF IP. OOOP MUIIT O ' ''! *v h ?ie. |y the *'it 111. I " 1 " M in.l Iti t-niiy p ,. vt |,u'iri'iia Hr. l?!ai . UN-- V- Am ty aire. I*. STATVN IRLAXD.-TO I KT. W ITH 1VWKIH ATF. POR * m ?t rotUi* on V,* ? lllll. oe?r WV?i.?rrelt nr*. opr .-it ' within a few inlni t **lk of Wn?rimin? I .ivl.tur. newly paiM.-d timldr Mid ?'<:?. I! uf low Ail'tre** c. Mf > biui J,40 Foal idllre, or In'jniro i n (he i.'Jntolne prom lew. CTAON M.ixn TO I.KT * KKW Horm, WITH J ataule and two <>r more ?,t?* of lend, near Vnnderhtlt landing Rent MlO. Ai-piy i? UAVIU DM'kklll, W White Sail atraet. *r U> R M II* '%rd, an the premlaea STATFN KI.\MV-Tn I.KT ??R I.KASI7. A OOTTAUK i i . "ii ? i 4' 1 o"iii''. full i low ,.| ?l,i* |, ,t. I With w?'nr a ad P* lulmiiet wajh from ferry. Knulow. Ap ply 0 I 74 W aler Mm i. I ST JOHX'R RQI'ARK. AO. -TO I.FT. T1IR TURKU four Hory dwelling* BT. ITTutwl 173 IIam *tr-et, water, . faaer. r'O.atliv ala.tdn.1: lie partof J?), rich'rmim*. w? | |er A, w ill ii ' i'i atnry dv? N .t \ Watte atreot. aim < vi rtU 0'>e< nnd par-* of b ."i*e?; *i?.i turn M irtok ' ho<! I..I.. Apply w> AH I n PR II K offie.- jnill i l n atriiot. T> |,? T-PATIT or \ TTIRFF HTORY IIRIOK flflt'RK. Xi in Pike riren: lie- ?<-> rinnW* an* n.inin.aliou.*, noil Bnii-lar . t p ., -1 ?Me ; .. ,:#y; p;? and ?... ,ii t i rlri i' Xi'i J- I'RIi K. a ibo pre iW?.' ~ ' ri-KT-A LOIXIK RoOM, V>>. ft CliKRR V rflREKT. InqnirnoT J. II. WK*TI. \KK J*t An iih .tr?v rpofl lT THK- IHSI^'Mi' - r-.MR Vrovt Jl n<wi?o l/,i W?*1 TorH ? " t.1 W*"fl ib* Nntr.-nh *r>rt nmgn Hon*.- rMUiiw nil tlx' impro. .up-nt* of tbn ?fr.' <? a'td r>ni. vry luir. Apply o II TttOMIbAON, N? Ml W?? Korty-third ?troof. ITAO I.KT?A TKRY HAITP?n*K COTTAOKn* RTNOA. A bri.lgn mod. nr?r lC'b ?trw?, with about f.nir iv^m of 'id. On ibn primers ?p' n IvblP, W(?id bn.|?? Kud too honor, m.lrd, n T.irtofy of rholcr inilt tro*?. The plaeo I* *f?rsnlbU M kv hour* hr (Ooomhno', r/Ulrond And ?tH.Inquiry "O Ux< Pron'wtr.f It. *. HBADUlll*l\urof JOHN M. KK.SAON, I Fulton nrrrt. To i.kt to~a muri. famim7Til? tn* pkiT Tart rtory Imitro I>1 Hrwrklm till PT uvmvIl or 'ho ipwrr I ft Iw $12- |nn ijiimiu'* * jk iruui I nlkm fcnj. Ad < J , Hrnfla nlHor. rpo t.|rrrTIIK MODRKN BIU.T THREE HTORY rtTK ? a a i honor, 31 br M ' t. w Ith hl?h <r?nnn. In p>hI rd<r llnfchod, nlih lb* modorn tmprrv.-.mnu, J".**. rt?yp "n fw b U'?T, nituntn J*. ITr A'rtr flr-1 STTTlJ* *??-<??!'?*>* Inwlhut. bo-wooi, And N"ith ,h|v* M?*!J - '?t?h bavin",,' fi??d?"... mTJLh1^ lljlult IV -m in1 Ihn nxrni". i.rT * , Inprw. mm*. In ?<?nl ow. tfcn rffn?lr?blpn.??"r wluni" irnl *>'<* WIS V Ll"Tf- iu' ?' IWTnnfT.,,mnn.v w<mr r?o.r lApm, i i,. am nut 'tErni ? * <\lrt r"Hl ?Wl". With Morion "-te" f'4L ""D I'lgthhhv nr?. S , ?rnni^.??, d n. Wo 1llW?.| Fnrltr-llfWl Hi Or' ST.' I -if .thArrS" *?"*<<? IK J. A H VKMUAM Hviu V i to ?T*. J ' "" ' TKIKAimi' HEOMTEB. r LET?FROM FIR8T MAY, TilJC TURKIC STORY AN! basement brick bouse, 43 Kldridge street, near Canal, larire rooms on lirsl and second Boors, and 4 rooms on Uttrt OS room* in all); would be let all or in parts. Inquire of t M FANNINU, M? Bowery rpo I.KT.?F AMII.IK8 HRKAKINQ CP HOUHKKKKPIN X can have their furniture stored and taken oare ol liy ai plying at 283 lludstai street JAOKHOM k BKWMKR. . u-r * n?n? AMD SPLENDID ROOM IN , I brown .lone bulldlux. aecuml stonr. su^^a ffiUUmj tailor or any similar business. Inquire 01 JACKSON A BEI NKR, am Hudsou elreet mo t vt PART of a modern thbkr stor T hoSurntaS, to a small genteel family, No. 348 We mrtaenlh street, one of the row next to Ninthi avenue ;posaei Ion Immediately. Can be seen between UtuidJu ulocl Kent >360 per annum. TO LOT?A VKRY NICK THREK OTORT BASEMEN bouse, 540 Fourth avenue, near Twenty-fifth street, In ttn< order bain, gas. Ac. Also, a three story house on Twentj second street, between Fifth and Rtxth avenues. Rent mod* K. B. KlNHHIWiCR, S19 Fourth avenue. TO LOT-IN BROOKLYN, A THREE STORY 1101/81 with basement and sub eellar, containing twelve roomi fainted and trcacoed; In perfect order tor a genteel family uquire on the premises, 42 Deane street, Brooklyn, or to ? II AWI.KY, 151 Fulton street, seooad floor, New York. rpo I,KT?DBSIRABLR APARTMENTS, WITH TH1 X conveniences of gas and Orotoo water; the first floor an< back basement of .10 King street. Also, senond storv wit front basement of SSI King streak Inquire of Mr. UAWKEk King street, or of A. RayroojuT 61 Chatham street. mo LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 477 NINT1 X avenue, first house, above Thirty-nlnlh street, ooasUtln of six rooms, fbttr with fireplaces, marble raantalsi water t two places. Rent $190. Back basement can be had if desired Inquire hi Thirty-ninth street, flhst door weal of Ninth avenut r LET-THE TWO STORY AND A1TI0 HOUSE NO 88 Spring street, containing eleven rooms, and vault front and rear; gas fixtures to second story; large yard, wit grass plot. Rent moderate, and possession immediately. W. 8. JAR TIB. a08 Elm street rLHT?A SPLENDID BRICK COTTAGE, GOTH* built, with all the modern Improvements, situated on tb bank of the Hudson, at the foot of Eighty-seventh street, an within three minutes walk of either oars or stages. Tern) moderate, on account of the owner going to Kurope. It quire of P. HKKNNAN, ooal office, oomer. of Eighty.iourl street and Broadway. r LET-ON THE EAST RJYKH, AT KAVENSWOOD, L I., three beautiful oottages, In oomplete order; oue not tsiwtning eleven rooms, the other two fifteen rooms each. Thel location, for attraction and convenience to the city, cannot b surpassed within the vicinity. For terms apply to G. HOI KINK, office su Peck slip, up staira, from 11 to U)? o'clock, c at Bavenawood. TO LOT?AT SARATOGA SPRINGS, FOR THE SU* mer months, a new brick house, newly furnished, wit large garden attached, convenient to the Springs, and one ( the moat desirable residences In the village. Inquire of K. fl DAVIS, 161 West Thirty-seventh street, or address I CHURCHILL, Saratoga Springs. N. Y. fYK> LET?FROM THE FIRST OF MAY. HOUSE NO. 81 X Broome street. Inquire of THOS. B. VAN BUBBN, Esq BJ Broadway, over Broadway Bank rrrr let?store no. wi rroadway, corner o JL Eighteenth street, aultable Ibr a merchant tailor, fane (node, fruit, or any business requiring show. Apply to J. I mTFKTNO. Ha t Trrw row btuMlag. from 1 to Jr. H mo LET?ON CA8TLETON HILL, 8TATKN IHLANI A within fifteen minutes walk of OasUnton ferry, two on tage bouses, one containing eleven rooms and the other thl teen, with kitchens, cellars, barns carriage houses and a we of eicellent water, cistern, vegetable garden and fruit tree the grounds are handsomely laid out, with carriage paths, fi rest trees, evergreens, Ac. The location Is elevated and vet healthy, with msgtudevnt water and Inland views. For fu lher particulars apply ou the premises or to JOBS MANX! NKDO, lag Front street, N. Y. r LET?IN BROOKLYN, FOUR NEAT COTTAGH In Myrtle svenue, uear Division avenue; wHl be put I ?>od order. 82S0 and 9276 each. Inquire of AND. FANNINi Howery. LET- TWO COMMODIOUS AND THREE RMAL cottages m the banks of the Hudson river, st Fifty thli streak Rant moderate, and possession given Immediately. bAWFORD A STRIKER, 61 Liberty street r| LET?THE ELKO A NT FOUR RTORY ENGLISH BAH1 meat house No. S6 West Thirty hlth street, between Klfl and Hlsth aveuues; baa all the modern Improvements, and tl location Is unsurpassed. Apply to f. R. COUDKRT, SU audi Ann street. mo I.ET-IN TILLABY STREET, BROOKLYN. THRE X minutes walk from the railroad In Fulton street, a thn story brick house, ia good order; the parlors are lumisbe (the Brussels carpets entirely new,) new oilcloth on the fir aud second halls, and the stairs carpeted To a good tenant, wl will take a lease for Ave years, will be let very low. Inquii of A. TTTOMFHON, 20 ClLnton street, Brooklyn. TO LET?THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC BRIO bouse, 2M4 Spring street, between Varlek and liudsc streets. Apply to JOHN L. CHARS, 147 Hammond aires from g to MA. M. and after 6 F. N. Tl HHO LET?BF.NT Mil. TI1R PARLORS AND NEXT FI?00 shove and front basement of a first class bouse, with a the modern Improvements, statuary, marble mantels at grates, hot and cold water, bathroom, washroom, pantrt* closets, wardrobes, gas, Ac. Apply at No. Oh West Thlrt firth street, next konse to Broadway. mo LET-FOR ANNIVERSARY MEETINGS, LECTURE X conecrts, exhibitions, Ac... the large rtetra on the ttrat Uo of Uie Chinese Building, 639 Broadway. Dtmeiiskona, 124 it by 80; oeiUng 20 feet high. Apply on the premises. mo LET?A ROOM FOR A GENTLEMAN, AN VNFC X nUhed mom, bedroom and pantry. Inquire during t day at 137 Elizabeth street. mo I.KT?AT CLIFTON. STATRN ISLAND, RENT ? 1 a very neat two story, basement and attic cottage, c telolng II rooms, with kitchen and cellar, a well of very fl water and a brick cistern with pump on the premises. Alt rent 92UX a very desirable cottage, containing d rooms, adjo tng the above, aituated tn the centre ni a beautiful flower gt tl* it. They are aituaud at the termination of the plank wal fifteen minutes wslk from the ferry, in a very respe.Ssl neighborhood, near the Clifton lintel. Inquire or J. M. O'CO NOR, IS Krsde street, or of P. J. FANNING, or of A. I l l>j,?tW. on the premises. mo LET?TWO LARGE FRONT PARLORS, ON Til 1 first floor of 74 Cansl street near Broadway, best adapt for the dressmaking or millinery business. Inquire of 11KNH K ICE, *4 Canal street LET-TWO FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY RNOI.Ifl basement honaea 219 and 221 West Thirty-fifth slret Hrowa stone to second floor, large bay window, marble ves bnlc, handsome statuary, mantle mantels, walls elegant hung with gold and pearl paper; all the modern Unpen' menta. Kent 97DU. Apply to 8. 8FARKS. 216 West Thirt fifth street. LET?THE MODERN BUILT FOUR STORY BRON s'.-lie front dwelling house4.No. i.t*>-*-t Thirty fllih strei Rent 9hQ0l Inquire of J. K.fUii AIG, National glusuran Company. 62 Wall street. r> LET?TIIE THREE STORV AND ATTIC HOUI No. 67 lt d number) Greenwich avenue, rontsintng I the modern improvements, iurlttding gss tixtnrei and is first rale order. Rent B7U0 Apply to hi Ul.ooMKU, No. 1 ntway or No. 11 Ferry street. , fpo LET THE FIRST AND SECOND FI.OORS A> J ba emrnt of the now flvn story brick building. 3fa*d, th>* rear of Nov Aluml 4rt (Vntra well Utjb'ed. uitah lor printers or maiitiliit Surer*. Apply to ri. b. KlhKK, I Ntivwiu street. TU O LET-PART OF THE HOUSE NO. ;? WEST TWE t\ Iiltith street; de'lnftjiy locetod, alth a.l ilk; modem 1 pi ovemenla. Apply as above. rpt i LET?HOUSE NO. 117 FORSYTH STREET. TIIRl J kIoih- ud tuM iii.'tii, ? nil ..11 U*' m ?l'*rn lir.i . in n /V1 Hit* II, IM Ka-ttTW i UI} third atrrct, bo'.wrru I rood MMl Third MWHI. To i.kt?a front room. on t?if riRRT fi.oo fur an nfltr*. fumlabcJ nr unfnrnl.Uad; ?!? . two or thr r,- !i -on r- ll)*' i. to :> miuU i.tmUy or aiu?kt K< uo Apply i?l llUt Fourth atrcnr.r. mo Lin nwmtat anowki rKnritRi I > ..rr and hwoMt bnitaa, hio. ltd Ka-tTliirly thirl atrr four Iwainituo avt-una. w lilt all th" tn alarm taaproyimri hoi i?ud r. Jd haiha. rang", en*. marMa uuinlala, Ar . Ar. R< tppi* T' '' !" ? Ki- t. uct Kant l?ca > lourth Mm ci'titm MrKTlI.V. Xo. 7 Hnaul Mr"Q'. rl 1,FT-THR THIRD FIOOR OF A IIOf?F IN H Ik Hill Mi-wN, nrar Hlnlh nvrnur, with the priT.>r 0 r tor t:?aaina. If nradrd. Thr hom" |? now andoontA all tl- irttdarn hnprorrmrnU. To a t-oiall lainilv footyl ? i ' ( at 11 .oM'i.aba*. Apply to J A->. li. CKO.NhlY.f I' ,?d?<T. ant T.rr-AT nvw RorHKl.l.F." A NKW HOFRR, ?Nt t*lnln? twalrr rnnm?, |doa.???Uy litmlW, rind a U?r i i d n bp-i thirty arrra or ,?.?1 i.n ining biti-l will lie kt w thr hollar U dralrod. Innttlro of WM H. Ttw.l.K A CO.. Ml Rtchang" phtrr rl.FT TIIR HARDSOMF. FIRdT CI. ASH BRO* I atnor rmwt dwalliiur IM Ikwy atraaA, Rraoklyn. T h-o?a haa th? uan*] an.larn linprnwmanla, ai d la in no thr ntnal attranirr bxaLtwa Id Hr? k yo, tn? m-nitra art |p m thr trrrlra Tnmmttirm clrrn bwntntlai ly. Rant Tt raioonahla. Apply to Mr J OUR K. MORA. LW Falun air* Raw York, np ataira Toi.rr- in HRiatMnvrm trr no ?ji \ kkr-ikhi raat rf Broadway, lha ... ivl ami third 1 tfU ' Wiing 1ft lift, wt-ll atiltrtl i.r at'oa tr ittn. , tan*. t ? p.:a. lara apply to I*. aykk* A CO., 444 Mrt.tmr .irra . rT.KT-TllR YKRT ri.KARANT RK? YIND Fl/Hl aon.l.tJnf of A largo front parlt>r. Itaali w1 h h n-ar oh. car aina' rnwwi bftwrwn .u.d pan'rian, alt. -rial fn -I I lard i'0 ui.rtl, ot h . ,?a A mo* atraak To ha aor? fp>ni 1 to #. rt I.FT-tN BROOK!,YV A THR'iF <T'>RT a' haaamanl hrlrk hmiar. within tiv tttht , .-a w .Ik of i llantiltim and Mt.tiih farrira, p tttainlns nlno naana, fftlli r fytttraa. tnirtlr artatfln. Aa. lit u' At^T* Drr art itort. Intitt m WkTXKl.l.A IH.1II.KIOU, m, or till htnK Wrart. Hptohlyn. rp'. ii r ill' it .-rut-NT.""Vihht art> rnco] I - In h?.tiu N". 4 Had lord r:r<'". It. tnfclj n, rltl t<Hi<hi fly arpwratr; lata ht-an ptti In ?!? ! onlff :t ai mot | i ??> ??!. n im nni! i ii'tn jr#i Amux ?i? p, thirl Sour, or ?. *1 Fultoartnm. Jir>4iljn, I II \* M VIl'VT, t I "I -TIIK - I 11MI VI OOR iMNAtoT'Nii I IK H H r**a>?, iw> In In* ui?, r?u<l lr>ui tmuji'l1, of j?'! I i x hi 11*1 1*0 llrn'i-r ?'i i? To I 1 I I Wo MRliK liorSKA. HI l l'UU.K. K( i inline. n>'?r Ti iiili m-voi and Rrwlmi. li' iuirt V ii I. \> K 7?? t ? r hi I" rro i.wt ToM\nrK?? rt\r i.arok it tsitvfi I nnlMbtf fur i bnrttnr: em h? lot rTiom: Inrnhm Hp milnnx; theie will hi* m? .in enuiifili from flu*, boiift* i|?i In >*wy the retlt. full ami nee. TV I.KT TIIK rot NTRY -KO OV TIIV. 1-ATH Jol P. II-"* n, Kun . i*l Port Rli'hmmiil, Pti?ti?n ftlMid, Wit tin' Hull', t. J wiA ! . ? I r.f rail' :nnl jfrbon?r mrlnrifd. In.inlrr mi thu vreiMftM. '.ifiif K i rl.AKI I \l II latw*. >M? Via*. rpv I VT?TlfK RRToRD ri/MJR AWP PART HP T I ttili il fli-T of ft graxd three *tnvT hour, wl-h If AH and I'ro Wa?i r. (OA rftBpndftibte pv*0O. Ren' tnoiVrsie linn ho r lie -. hi', nii't 111 ft gO"'l Iwfttlnn. C?n hr cur x from 10 m IT" Itf*' Tivrnty f?f'h ntriwif. near Klgh'h ?xeniio rp.i t K'P- IWl'oRn KTOItV OP A TWO RTORY O i | ifti hi inn* Rh. 115 ffni TwaRfjr ninth Pnrt Rono i,, M v perron* in'H ?pplj. Ron? fin Her month. Itiqi | ili. pnlr fhup. No- 2 rimfrtreel, norner uf Bowery. . rift" J.K I -YttK HR3T OJMM rOT-R HTORT ItRfV | ? 1.0 ft hi Hit W.<? Piwtf ?eernd ?<reet. enntnlr f hnv h ri nnd ftTiry whir ImitW'vrtnrnlft; will be let* i i i* < ii n tvetnble fnmilT. Thn tent, tl dm?tr?hle?nf , n >i ho ,r?t xo H -uxftli "Jl' ' i ftp i 'd* >1'* Api ll to < IIAH. I 0<J*, CJ J tyh * r-pi, t. ? *?. ?W?l ?Wt NSW YORK HERALD, M TENANTS' UEUISTER. r> rpo ijit-an klbuantlt furnished house 3 X with all the modern convenience*, situated between Mac 1, dougal and Variok streets. Apply at At) Centre sir?ei. TO LOT?THE LAROK AND COMMODIOUS FOUR story dwelling house No. W Prince street, near Broadway. 3 Apply fo A H. TAP PEN or J. M. bWKKNV, 51 Chambers ) street, Uiinl floor. mo I.KT?KURNIrHlKD OR I'NKl'llNIHHKD, 61 EAST A I Twenty-second street, near fourth avenue, to a private r, family only ; contains thirteen rooms, in perfect order, aud the f- iinprovemetiU. Apply from 1 to 5 P M. rro let?part ok nousK iwr dhuraw strkkt, V 1 South Rrooklvn. consisting ol four rooms, on middle door, It Willi gas, chandeliers, use and privilege of range in ItiMhen; i- will be let to a small respectable family ol threepersons. L Rent for ail $17 per month. Apply as above. " fro LET?ROOMS, WELL LIUUTKD. WITH STEAM " x power, for any light business, at 96 Suffolk street, s THOS. W. WOOD. r< > mOLET-TIIK FOUR STORY BROWN BTONK HOUSE X 95 West Fort* second street, Gflh house east of llmad nr. Kent low in a gorxl tenant, Apply to WE F. LKK, !, 0 Wall street, or No. M Wmt Thirty second street. h [. rPO LET?AT STATES ISLAND, KOUR MINUTES WALK * X Irnm the middle landing, a ftne now Swiss cottage, Ihrei stories. with all the modern improvement*, situated on tifty trot rront. with room for Bowerx and Trgetableii; tine view o:' B tho buy, and pleasantly situated. Rent $450. For furtha 1 particulars |apply lo JOHN I'. OUNTHKR, 46 Maideu lane, b New York. TO LKT-THE FIRST FLOOR (OR 8KUOND IF PRE. furred) front hmmmt and bedroom, on tho third, of I house as> West Mxteenth street. Kent low to u good tenant, g Only our a mall family in Ihr house Also, tho around floor of n tho Mouse 1,14 East Twenty-seroud street. Real low. Iuquiro L on the premises of each bouse. >. - mO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, HOUSE AND ABOUT 1. X sis uerea of good land; house containing eight rooms and i collar; one hundred fruit trees, la full bearing, of the choice*, k kinds; berries ot nil kind* in abundanrr; cherries, barn and out house*; about live minutes walk from Wiliiamsbridgc station. Rent ROD. Apply to BEN.IAMIN VALENTINE. Wllliamsbridge station, Wt-atchealercounty. a rno I.ET?Till* LOWER FART OK HOUSE 71 THIRTY, d X tirat itreet, hetn ecu Fourth and Lealngtnu avenue*. w ith m range. ens, and uae of bath, to a amall reap rotable family. Re,. ferrace required Kent $360. Th O LET?SECOND FLOOR AND FART OF THIRD, TO a mnall family without children, in Hoboken, nrar tlie ? terry?Washington terrace. Reut $206. Apply at 241 Ureea a tvich street, New York. Ir ? rpo 1,KT?A MILLINERY STORE; A OOOD STAND AND ' I doing a good business. The whole or a part of tho stock c for -ale. Address T. A J., box M$ Herald office. rpn UMO A (IF.NTLKMAN AND WIFE. WITHOUT I- X children, the third atory of house No. 126 Spring street. h ipply on the premises. Fosses?lon immediately. L rpo let-nine ROOMS. CONSISTING or PARLORS, L 1 lii iliis.iijs and one basement. to a smull family Annual rent Apply on Ihe pn mucs. 10ft Forty eighth street, - between Third >uid lauiugtou avenues, 25 tuluiltcs froui Ulty IS Hall, eta Third atrenue cars. TO LET?AN OFFIC E ON FIRST FLOOR OF LAFAKOE Building, corner Broadway and Rcade street. Inquire ol* a It. 1). IIAI'FY. on the premises, 2SU Broadway, i* ??? L rpo LET?THK LITER PART OK HOCBK NO 192 1 Spring street. very convenient anil pleasant apartment*, - there Im-Iiik six room* on the same lloor, gas, Oroum water, ), wi'ii1 pipr, tc. Apply at 192 Spring atreet, went of Broadway. r- rpo I.KT?IN AN ENGLISH BASKMKNT IIOUHK, WITH U X all 'he modern improvement*. the front basement, parlor i finr, half llie third and half llie fourth floors, to a sun 11 re? spn table iamlly; rent .*? ). Apptr on premises I IS East TwenT '? nlti'li street, or of WIIJ.IAM McKVlLY, No. 1 Broad street. ^ rpo I.KT? IN BAST BROOKLYN, A IIANDKOMK THREE X story and basement brick house. No. 21 Rush street, fourth ~ door west of Myrtle avenue; pas, chandeliers, Ac.; live mi B utiles wslk from Pet k slip ferry, and Uiree front the new ferry 'Q loot ofSouth Tenth street; rent frlSU. Apply tun the premises, or at 1S6 Henry street. New York. ~ rpo LKT?PART OP THE HOISJC 73SUFFOLK STREET, h I inn email respectable family, wiib gas, bathroom, Ac.; the * i t rnsijiiug part occupied by llie uwucr. Inquire on the preinisi -. mo I.KT IN BROOKLYN?THE nOCKK 76 nOTT STKET, t- A near Bergen. It wdl be painted aud put In good order, ill sod rented for AMO, which la very low. Apply to J. lb TIF i? KA NY, 4H Bine street. U rpo I.KT IN WILLI AMSBCROH, TO A SMALL GKNTKKL " X tamlly, a beautilul suit of six rooms, kitchen, ga-., wnter, ;g nil on one door; singe* pass the door; rent All) per month; m healtliy and rt-npeelable neighborhood. Inquire at 432 Grand 4^ i itriet, William-burg. to rpo I.KT IN MOTT HAVKX?A TWO STORY COLUMN re X hou*e, w itli hrirk tea room in the rear, on Boston road, two blocks from the Hai lem bridge, and shoot two minuted walk from Ihe Fourth and Third areuuc ruilroad. and also the K same lrom the Harlem and I'Mtk slip ferry, whk-h bring* ytiu down in forty minute*. This would be lot Very low, and put m it, perfect order, taa gor-d tetiAnl. Apply to X. M. BUCK, ad ?1^*- noMWAni r\m m iko aennupu t.nrf <4aAM R rpo LR (miCAP-THE HOUHK8 Lot BEDFORD STREET, 01 i clone to Hudson street and 230 Thirty (lift street, near id Eighth iiffiufl; both hare gas. baih. range, sod rhandaitern, m and in good order. Apply a* 101 Thirty fifth street, or to P. j. BRUSH. UH Had ford street ? mo I-KT THE BTOCK AND FIXTURES FOR HAI.K.S, X Theold established hnslrry and gentlemen's furnishing or store, 61 (Tntiham street The um?r la about miring from business, and would give a loose o< the MOM and store fur a i term of year*. To a mrrotaant tailor who could carry on th? ? preaenthiiainesa with his owu nn opportunity la nuwod'rrod R. seldom to be met with. Apply ut M Chatham street, opposite h? Chambers. No agent* uml apply. ? mo I.HT OR FOR RALK?TERMS EASY?ON ORAMKR(), A tj Park?Elegant spacious five stonr, three moms deep, m. brown atone honor, lie hast TweMT I ir*t street, flr-tois**, p,-rn? feet and modem In e> rry rrapeet 1 all the lniprnritnenla: key to m, park, Ac Apply at 84i Broadway. from HIS to I. "t at 110 in. heat Eighteenth gtreet, frota 2 to 6 ocloek, of T. B. u- YOOBHKRH. Ik, ? ilo mo LET OR FOR HALE?A NEW COTTAGE HOI SK ON N- X the nost aide of Kverxm street, four doora south ol Myrtlo D. avenue; key ran be had next do?r; iM.?.',e*ai<>ii glieu ol unee onlr etghi nilnntea from Cttv Ilall, Hronkl) u. Apply ui ? JdHN BRAINRRD, Wall atreet ferry, Brooklyn. [ij fpO LET OR LEARE?TO A~OOOD TKNANTTTIIB FOUR iw X alory brick building, eomer of (fraud and Water streets, Williamsburg. fourth bouae from i J rand and Houston frrriea, _ one nt the brat loralnms for a riwtaiu-iint and Induing honae In ,n Williamsburg. To a good tenant the prrmlaea will be let lew. !JJ Apply W> JOIIN L. BuARPE. No. V (Iratal atreet, next door. f" mo LET OR I.EVSE-TMK SMOKINtl AND PACKING ,/ X honae AMI irvtiwlrti atreet, near < anal. These promise* are 2ft fret wide ami WO feet In length: will answer lor any ' inniiufaetiii Ins hicineoi Inquire at 449. neat MO ' "Z mo LET OR LEASE?THE MARKET HOTKI., NOB 17 * X and 19 Catht rine allp, one o, the beet locations in the cry gl for a restaurant tun! lodging house. Alan a s'ore e-llar are I three lofta, with btaauu^ appamtua. on Kirtogiou -dreet, m-sr _ the rorner of Cannon atreet. NL.i the second floor of the Large in butlding rotner of t annon and Rliington otre.-is, e*?rw?tlug ?t .n two apartments one :?t te.o by 14), the other JUfett by 4U Ap ply to T. DONNELLY. 86 Liberty street. ** mo LEASE?T1IK WE1.L KNOWN HOTKL. KNOWN AS ? X HI'vm'a House, nu limit einet, BliKinunirittle newt; ; n also, the stork and Innilture for sale. Apply to 0. ll. HLOOM, ,,,, it Nassau at in die basement. IE) LEASE?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, TIIR NEW X brown atone house at No. A Rutherford, fronting on _ Stiiyvesanl pork, west aide, aompMe, witJi all :b? modern v, Improvements. Apply hi J. BIMXt, No IM East Twenty third ' \ street, near Third aveuue. _ rpo RENT, FOR HALE OR EXCHANGE-THE THREE b- X atory brlrk hoiuie. No. N'T Dean sure, la-twoeu lfiod and Kevins street*, Brook yn, In perfi-e* order with the m >lern " mproreisi iu, rent RtXs Apply u? Kb. 11. FtUtttOT, *<x A South atreet T ni(?viirr_AT IHT.TP^I/>NG ISLAND. ONE COTTAGE J aTd iwo m-.r P:.j> Pari and In ,il o.' Maii.rinln' ?KuiiV,>.tilnr and nhn-viiu tn?|iur?.Ol URJfKY u* P TO* KsEKWJm llnadaay, N.-.w Torl^ 7L t<<i isi nt * ?.oor? shirk, tiirkk rtokiw iiiuh | K I! 1 I- I'll' >11 " W nir ?>. I a r ??rd. Item Apply to J. MiVOI. n{ Ml K A ? O , ?S> W Mnp u stria-!. **' rrwrn storks in bowkry to i.ict-?o w and ? J npn?T farll'f 1* w\ ?<'v m <li. Inon'ra i.f II \t I R fr. ritt, w. k HplOKroK, jmo, or m. KMITlijCN Third .ma. ta ? ? -- -- IT-Al.l'ABI.K BOTKI.) PROPERTY TO I.RASJt-POR R y tlx" KnUnnal Holit, fr n'Jnr Mi'r f?t '-a V > n "W aropt. am! t wo I iindrrd and ten f'd rm Four ih mr<?\ la ton Mr of I/oui?Tl ' . Krn''mkr. Thi? hou-l Li now, r-'iiiiMtly ~ d':ialr<J, and ta im ol Ibr total In I'm Wi?, It h?* mnrw ih.wi .anram- thn trr i-it ii m!"r "I !i ob aro Larr nm n^'l xn. rnvt aril ron' .? "*; ran r't1"" trn < ,ufi u?[ rr-nrh lha '' a bono*; tta bwa-'Mi la boTOtid qaP? ->o oc "f U?o tery brst in ho rity, briuft In Uw m. i?t of iradr.n . l n: inrr-ni-a' ?r--aa 'o tike ntoraud to tii? ntilrmda. A I*v?rab!" 1?-no n.ll be __ rtvtai to r<?1 rar'-a. Addrnaa n'. La ruavtllr. |jy.. Onrran [J* Pop* am) llii iaaa P. Jacob, Trunin a. An In the iipnriarajthld raii'nira a lh" I."-a nn o' iv> t. ; r Sr '<> Mr JAMKR KI'ltol I.R, a Julia a tree t, New Turk. ST WATdtRH. JEWRLRT.M. ? /lAMPORBIA niAMOWDB.-PIRA, (S TO ??: JLIBOM, ltd V $? U? fc?'. nan in '?, ?C Wild*, lb to $l< cmnana. ,v, i t r. al?"To b-iiinf.. At ? nt bv mail I* aay tail of Uin Warid A ii t V ' ?iJ . . ? ftl IMPOSITION Avn 0?t.t> YKHT, NK< K AXl> POl H L c'uiioa. a > -d vA to i.n n -di. or iho m ii'-r fitimnd, a li' Kt. ST AU. and $4 to ft fin I'lu'm n, by null to any ot ' art of uu" World j. 4 ft. I* .I A?N?fti-i, aC Headway. 7> YAIAMORI*-TH* TRAD* IH RrHPMCTFlTI.LT I*. U f<'i-mr?t that arr rn.-.JmtaJljr mannfartor nr, and hard in oo hand a lartrr o'd'ani'in l Jrwxtrj of tb.' lawel etytea. Ko A larr aaavdmrtit of diamond* on haaA BaMac doaa far ? thr tradv ntamoodr linyrhl for onalt. ,r^ i iiklimti 1 ''(i lllRramrima pl \\t atf'ttkr at KKTtlt. at wmot.f.w af.f PRKTW ? ?Y SlKrr < ! II r ? n- -. iniu botoa J-1 *rUod.. tH OQ *1* HllT?r rtlnilo' ht !ir rn?n? " H' M ' ' _ aiM'h. i*iotor. Aitd-i ii Jawrrl*. warrnn'-vt tut ? rl.r " " bnn'lniloano... $15 il) '< ' n? -rtUrrr o*>?n fm-o and h?..tini| jia-i i ... u? O'llil oo ' - ln*cn#?>? _ $I:>S.*? Si'I'd foWl lad f?nr hnloa JrTfPltn?t ..... $JI It ~ Ii anting ca?M _ HI M I'd " tnrVi'li T'.h' i'. jr.i." .. a T3Uto|B MO pafoollcrrr k mi tug, ri trravofl..X 7$ M T'?r> V? W- $*> ioiM| ? Vh. %).( iV? th ? t?< i. J W\. lw? "mt lo mi. p.rt ut Dll Uifl liiltmi Min'm lij mnifor ripnran. !of J A II r .UWWs *'?B?i,*nurli?< irwc.'T* -iini taporv rimif nJUn'l atul jrwr'. ), |p7 IJ.v?nn $J; SKOARH. r>v" T|AVfl> l?KIH>Ks t>KA I.Kit IB HAVANA AND PRIM J/ri.n'?i . ttii.'v vt ' ( l|ri look ' <mi 'ua<\t r u IV ?W K. 'it . >wh>V<n . frf lch ?n,| Ir H > I ink "> >, on'" * ! lirlliriiti ? I II I.Rim tr ?i.. ,n. V v 'y TJAVANA BWIAR", CARANAF, PA UTAH AS, Ph?A. II m?. mfnlla, HrHnnnl.-M. flnbarjnn, rocnl'* M _ mya, wnt+v. glrrtri* gopao'ar'on, nof?-rV?t iifrun, iot W* ?u nn4 giinw'ii nOm brand*. in Van to * ill pnrrnnnont

"" R r. HHilun, w 8itT> mm JTl Trnl! PI.AOK TO ROT HWIAAM AT A" HOI ,!# * 1. nlfl m at O. OHrKKH*. Ho. IT Rraviway. mho hn i ?i >c? _ of nrnr ? million v tar*, a Inrpn portion of whk-fe a. >) now * DTt RmMMpf Call na f nrimino. Srt MATRIMONII A I.. -- VIM RntOfUAK A^Wim WAHTKO. FT A WH.L 7 "1 " ' 1 ' "*' fmMnrtun, af mMdl# urn aat lina , r"'*r. hbib. flf nvxt moral rhamrtrr and kh?<1 dlnponb'ofl, fry Who mt'liif In Kitropr. Marin* a tolrrabln ftirliiaflTbo wniM rbh . ? rii'inv >wn . ii< . n" r, .. .4. , ..? '. r \ OX ni' '^--*"1 1 " ' 'AISbA- * ' Pr V|UF. 6jV?4|M ' IfA , ONDAT, APRIL 27. 1887. BOAlUMftU AND LOUOIRO. 2' HONDfcTBKKT. NKAB BROADWAY?KUOJIA TO LKT, I ?rilk koud. Dinner at6 o'clock ? _ - - at AO ?WANTED, BOARD WITH A ItKAHANT ROOM, ?]pO. for a lady and nuikr, brlween i tiiml .in J KouriernU. _ tUM'U Rt'fweucos given AtldrpSH twi l?> HfralJ < Ulrr I 1 rr oHAALTOir btrkkt. ?nkar macikiuuau- ? 1.1 FloaoaiU and gentoellj aptu-tmmiu to lot. wit* _ tiOAML Thuati dHMU'lilf h. tii ' (V,m 1 <a mHi! Ar. wuII tn pp'y^ J "I Q FIFTH AVENUE-A HUIT Of ELEGANTLY FUR h< In niahed room*, on Brig Ho- i , u, let for He ensuing se*?ou: _ a parlor sud bedroom on seroiul nuil 111u ii tlrorv aim') a well * fiu'in-thed basement tor a proiiiwiouui geutleman. 1 required. J Or GREENE STREET. BETWEEN GRAND AND ?' Canal streets.?A gentleman and his wife or a few ~ single gentlemen can be aooninmmlalad wtlb handsomely fur- | nlsned ruomi, with breakfast if desired. Hot and cold baths A and gas. Terms moderate. Refnreaoes exchanged. JJ *>>l WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET ? DESIRABLE ~ Or rooms, with full or parti*: board, for dingle gentlemen, | or gentleman and lady, References given and required. * *>fr EAST TWENTY F1KTH STREET.?A NEATLY ~ O* t furnished parlor and bedroom to let, with hoard, in a pn- 1 vale family; house has all the modern improvement*; conve- J nient to the Fourth avenue cars and stages, being only a few pi steps frem Fourth avenue. Will be let to a gentleman and a lie <>r two single gentlemen, re fere noes en hanged J IJD CAST TWENTIETH STREET, A FEW DOORS II OO east of Broadway.?Desirable suits af rooms can now * l b# obtained, with board, for feutlaown and thoir wives or sin- tr gls gentlemen. The house is handsomely furnished and has ct Si the modern Improvements Dinner at 8 o'clock rr ???????? re A Q KAHT THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN MADISON T" Tlt7 and Fourth avenuec.?To thoss perion.i willing to pay " for the quiet gentility and comt>rt el s home, thla bott?e olfi rs Inducements. There are several pleasant rr,eras that may be | bad. with board. DUmer ul 61,'clock. Reference required. J ?? Fl C>7 WRST TWENTY THIRD STREET.?TWO OR THRKB U | families and a few g. ctlrmro ran now secure room* In K, ne of the moet delightful locations ta theoRy. Twenty third ll street Is one of the brosdc.t street* tn the city, and the house ~~ I* de-llgbtfully situated between Bruadway end Sixth avenue. 1 References exchanged. J BO RKMSKN STREET, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.-FAMI ? UA lies or single gentlemen may procure pleaeaot rooms at ? the above dwelling, delightfully locate.), within tlree minutes 1 Walk of Wall street ferry. Dinner at A Reiorenoea ex- -I shspged. <_ C? A AMITY STREET, NEAR BROADWAY?SECOND "| Otc floor, furnlahed in handsome style, to let to single grn- J Uemen or U> a gentleman and hia wife." AU>\ Punished ruotus ' ou Uu I I-or. Ixicatlon I- very i)i siraoie Han/., gas. Ac. I< 'j ttlRD AVrNTTK, nkar fi.kvknth strekt.? i> Oil Floors to let; the second and thi-d Boon sad sttic in this " spacious dwelling, or lower part and store; a central and pies- 1 sent location. Apply si Tit But 1 welrth strcel. J Off KACDOUOAL mm, THBM BOOM AMTI ? t) Houston.?A small Ksslern faini!) can accommodate s gentleman and wife nt $M per worn, also two or three single 1 tieulirnien. Terms moderate. <iuw ami bulk In the house. J Local ion hi IrsMs b fil SIXTH AVRKUIt?TOUNU MEN W.IHHTMO THS I Mi pleasures and comforts of s home, shawlp apply early 1 In order to secure good and well aired bedrooms. No mortng J * the Ant of May Terms moderate a TO WKRT TWKNTV THIKI> STRKKT TO I.KT?THIRD O house west of W\th nrenue, wiih modem Improvement. "1 sue, baths, Croton w atcr, chandelier*. Ac. To be seen from i J to 4 F. M. Kent $1 .OW Apply to KI OENK KKRRI* A SON, * ltootmakrrx, B2 Nassau street. n Q BPRIWO 8TRBET, FOUR DOORS FROM BROA.IF I p way.?To let, seTeraffhandnomely furnished rooms, t? -i MaMe gentlemen . The location is near au too aru oiaaa no- i nta. Inquire In the building, of ANSON HOWE. p 8?) ST. MARK'S PLACE, EIGHTH STREET.?A '' O Krcnfh family wish to li t. with board. In a gentleman and wife, a hitudauinely furmahed room, wiin Urge cluaels. " House brat elans. Dinner at .V, o'rlock. QA? CTJMTOM PEACE, I1BITI STREET, CORNER L ?7l) of Mnrdovga), between Ki'lli and Sixth avennee ?Three handsomely furnished rrnni, Aflh gied board, ran be lud immediately. Dinner at 6f,. Good rrfereucen required. 1#17 CLINTOK place, near fifth AVENITR.? ' 1U i Furnished rooms, In suits or single, with or without * ifcai-d, for fhmllles or single gentleman. Unexceptionable refci i sine given and req-nJred. IDQ LEONARD STREET.?Fl'RNIHIIUD ROOMS TO J 1UO let, for peutleman. without board. IIIU l?LKK< KKR sTHS.KT NICKLT Ft RNIPHND ' J UO large roottiK to let, w ith partial board, to parties of gentlemen, on second and third floors. Dreakthal at 7. Reference required. ' 11 n >OL'RTH AVENUE, NEAR CNOTN WJUARE.-A ! JLLU suit of three room* r.xnniuniraUng on the second floor, handsomely t arnished, and suitable for a family, with private table U deaircd. Tin- house is first alans, and lite location Is ; pl. jo.snt anil desirable. ' 1Q*> CLINTON PLACE.-DHSIR ABLI ROOMS. PUR- J 1 tit) nished or tinfurtnshed, with or without board, rocna . connecting or separate, for gentlemen or gentlemen and ihctr wit es. lfiui?e private, bath, g is. A'1, stage* and cant piuM ' tt n I tin two doors. Terms eery moderate. Reference required. J 17/? HUDSON STREET-A I.AROE R'H>M TO LET \ 1 It) nitli board, to single gentlemen, or , -i .iv.. ml I wne. House with modern lutpruTrmMila; pleusaofiy located. , R nmm exchanged. Q11 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, HE.TWKKN EIHllTH ' eel I and Ninth avenue*?Hoard up town.?Oeullemen and heir wixist or paile-a ol gentlemen may obtain hoard and very pleasaui r??>ms on the uomd floor of it l.rst ela- . bouse, 211 West Thirtieth ureal, where there la a small family. OXf'l KAKT TENTH STREET?A KKW GENTLEMEN I iit)' )i tstn be aeeommnrinUMl wilit board?btv.ikta-i and I toa. .iuiitrr on SundiiTa. Ha h and gas in the house. Terms moderate. | J flQA RROADWAT.-TOLET, WITH BOARD .LARGE lit/OU plcasaat rooms, in aulta or separate, to lamiUoa or tingle gentlemen. House has all the modern Improvements Rafarrneos glreo and required. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAM AOOOMMODATN A OEMA tl.-man and kts wife or two or three single wtffc pleasant rooms, wllfe or without board, rnnremoui to fl^siil and ataga, at No. 4 Fourth Mr?A Gee. bath. An. A I SMALL FKITATE FAMILY WOnLD ARSOOIAT1 with til cm two gentlemen onlr: narftal board during Ule week an-1 lull board on Bandar. (an ban* nnn eutirr ffoar, If de-drrd. Ilouae brown Mono and mudivrn, tw-u:r flro miutt'rn from Chamhera etr-#t; central, and a *iuo-'. throw from four h ugr rout-a and ono railroad. Addre-a.wnh iefw reiicce, pnn lidentLi I, J. B. Waal, bo\ dRH klty Pialnllw A PRIVATE PARI1.Y wori.n I.KT. TO A FEW SIRORR gi-htlenn -n, or (wo ( 'iitlrmru and thou- wlvi-a, nine auiM of ro..m?. with or wlthocl board, tin mr fi-at rlaaa. Contain* all tbo nudi-ra imprtiTomrnU. In^uiro at No Id Karl atb rtreet. Rrfermrea rn-hang-d. Astirr ok ROOMS OR THE KIRBT Fuvm, BCITA blr lor a gentleman and hi. wile. ran bo obtained at tf W?l Twenty m-rrnih atn-et, a few dunca from Bim.n1 way, alao a few room, lor atngb- gi ntl-m-ci. 4 few 8iifat.11 qretmuirr oar be Acoomo- i A daird with board by railing at Id Barrow airnot, b.iwren mhb and Bb-rrkrr atri-era, wlirrw they wttl And pb-aaanl aortetT and the ruoiinrta of a homo. A WIDOW I,\DT DKNIRKB BOARD IR A Qt'IET, RK Mirriabte iiimlly, where than are few or MiNi?r boardera. Addri-Mi A. B., llrrald ofllM. Referi-nro required. AOKKTIJCVAR ANDWIKRCARBR ACtXltdfODATITO wtlh a plrarant room and board: front r<?m an weond Uxor. tiiinUlird or unfurnWrd; rlluntlou and room pl-a.-nn'; at tKt Hud?ti alreet, near K John'a park Two J-mug |?eu | th tn.u rau be nemimni dated who pleaeant reovt. A I* \l:I ! ? Ml IIKDROOM. t M TItV'NIlKD. '>V THE J\ Mjoirl llimr, Willi b<*rd, may l>? obtained ht Su. A Bontti Ttur l Creel. WillUu.-.huiT, on III- flritof M<y. frrina deb ran lauiHy private. II ,n.r wubiu ihrae inm'ut. a wa.a ?.f l"ia k k'lp itud l'rand airi?t f-rrt< ? ArWTATR AMERICAN F VMII.T, OCCrpTlMO A baae- in wtjr funiWred. would make arran^em. nt? a Uh a W>? oi | 1? men tor ri?4ue, with or without bp ?. iw-L K<*< i.'.- m d. Amy at JS Nln'-h atrrei, bria<?q Klwb -irl mc i.uro. VI. IDT VIMtKH HOARD IS A HClfOOl. Olt PR! rale ..mile, where ho ran giro llwIrued'O In mu?|e , - j. -r it... Kn, b br "i h w a v . I ' 'I I I"1 > ' A I li ^ \. \l. O 11 ?.d uflirr. AN -I 1 ' K?m p\t \M> i,. inn id \ KM i > > I* I n.| *> t? apellate Vtiwri-an limi.j. .u Pi ? . >: -rti.v I' II' ,<;t r' I I i' n l-rr IV 1 * *.11(1 |I ?' !>' . ' ? Iv. i I I iiV 1,111.11 ASO ni.llRiHiR T'l I.KTJ\ u> W I-Ih - it 1 e?r-l T'T'mi"!-1 ' 10(1 i ? A I I j b n i' a. error it Ki-.t-alh Mru>a >>t i run in (iw A N ?:>i.l 1*11 Wov \ R WtTtl RO KtWTl.V \t n l r? A \ . 11* *' ? .1 r.-'t M . ? 1?. H ' l" 111"? 1 II. ' A], * !.?.* ?t?. iwki'ii?'. W ?t l?h *?. ? I'K WTV T \ MTt.T I?T TVHIl tt IM \>V. t?T><TRV! TO j\ - ' 1 I ii ?!- > I n- ii'nin, \ft ' . i i I . ?, H A * 1 *-i X V IT ; i 1 *. r * r VI 'II I IV V 1 IV IKHKMiiHATK THIIIIH ?i. . f r-Vm?-n or * ?"tiU<'in.?n iivl wlfi* ?l-? f*. nl/Oi'il I 1*1 tMMti f .*n tk.- I ? r> I " I i i'. Ui bo *| j 1 I i.vr M*J?nVTimt.?vj\f, PROTF- mwiwni? \ W.i . > r?. , ,1.- I, ' ?l|l|l|h*l'i ' lit I v ' ' I' * ? t "11 :nn,.i) I n il |ir .. ,t I 11. ?< ,1 h,. it It, r?i.l - Air.. \< i i' *?'i v m . t win.i t ' -r i.i"* ? .w m u.? KitiUi w?ni, wl-k b-t k> f. ' ?i<-V i "A !?*<' "* I*"' ? . I. h OJir \ r . '.II I ;.??*.. \,.'M IMV i\n III-I will: I": ru . *is..i.; prnn"* ox* rbmln fni| op n?ri|nj iioaH <w ir.?l'.p?i" t. r in ' m.?|. ri ! .... Hnnlb ?'** - > K i.ifc it t * i I N i n i" i, < ?< '.I*. 'ill.' i m- r+rf 1 . ?ii w<* mtmuM ? ROI ? (wujti.w j\ , . ! | , .i- iit n M* -IM, for jut -n 'i' with r it * a"<??unaiMiM*a *>i i *4<tr ? i? , it- r?M I:, inn aiil r-iiitr- a At. \TI.VMVN AMI TMFK OR TITHKRMJrWLH HFW. i;?*nr'if*nri? ?op fllmi?UU^ ?ii> filpi*iiit r?w? ?n<1 " Mn :. . f Briii.*'-,,,, -.vft. ri? I' ' ' '" ? i ? h?.nii|t' y >?' w^ftywJ Botno-* Til HARnRoknvi.r rr tvi-urn r?h??^, tl'i 'lfrtt iBipn-vrmrutu, KMirrat* tcrma. prinl'W * '* r.r* ?. > -**< * ?t lh.? ?|oor I'htmw ea!t *' loho't park, VsHrk atrn*. n'-ur Canal | BOARP ?A PRITATK B\WTLT WT>HJ?X TO RT.KT \ fi 'it mim, with naitry *Uneh<M. to ? frntlrWAll in I wtto.rr ? inwaman. wtth till or pa";' ,h bonw i? nff, T. rma iri>tar?tp lo rcrTmm<?tt iiaAOta.('? I > an Wrat Thirty modkI atrnet, botaw-n Ki?k>ii *od Kuiih I Afptt'taa. _ DQAID-TO l.rr, WITH BOA RI>, A flROORD FLOOR JJ ftmt' fOMR and hprirrmm. atttmtod In on" ?f "* "*** plpaaam ftrtj of Kant HrtiAdwat , g?n And bath. Befrrtobe* rarhantrd tngo'ra At 191 Raat Hwwwtway j Bntnn -rrwv boo** rrtnr ttir rr?ti* thai IhOAA ?>"?> * h'ptPPMii ami " "I hw. T?mj ' , , ? n nn.t f'c Wlu'Br. W f it BOARDIM. UMHb I >OARl>.-T(? LK1, WITH BOARD. T.IK FRONT THIRD J room, Willi bedroom luitl pantry wuohod, (u. bed til colli whu* in Uir rum, of houiM No. 81 Uaat Broadway, mr Market aLreei. TOARD.-A OKNTI.KMAN ANT> IIIS WIFK OR TWO ) alnjtle r'*111It'iuI*n can be ai-coiumodiUed w ith a third atnry Ill] i III. Ill nun Ul'ioiioul lllf H III HI (HU UUIUT, M U? HHI mirteentli Mr ret. Dinner at 8 o'clock. JOARl).?TO I.KT, A l'AIU/ilt AND BKDROOM, FUR > niahed or tinfurtiiiihrd, to tungle gentlemen, in a linrt rlaaa vuae and pri\Hti' family, Houae haa all U.c modern improveM.t? Apply ai AT Wrecker alreet. J OA HI).-A DESIRABLE FRONT RftOM. WITH J rloHfU, itiiatilt. for a gentleman and wife or a alugle nili'iiinn. with full or partial board, at Id per week. Apply fiW Hudi-on stretd, corner ol Morton. JOARD DOWN TOWN.?PERMANENT AND TRAW) birut hoarder* ran be arronuniHluU'd with comfortabl* ??, alugle or doubir, at No. 8 Broadway, corner Bearer reet, opposite Uie Bowling lirfu. loAKI).?CLINTON FLACI A DHUBAIU Mil OF ) room* on tho arcond Uoor to In. with board, together or pal ate, at No. 61 Clinton plare, near Fifth avenue. >OAKD. ?TWO OR T1IR1CF.SIMILE OENTLBMKN CAN A lie arronimoilaied with plraaaul room* and board by ap Ij tng at iTT Went Ninetwuth street. Tei in* moderate. 30ARD ON TI1E HUDSON RIVER, AT VERPLANCKH PoluL-The OorUchUdp llouar, situated at the foot of the Ighlnnda. two rullea from Me depot i* now ready for the retptiou ol fantiliea. The Hieamboat landing la a short distance orn Lie pretu.e a, thereby alfordtng rapid and easy eommuulition wilh die city. Fine airy rwinu, good water, and erery tnifort, are now oflt red to Motto w ho uiay favor tloa delightful treat with tlirir patronage. For further particular* ivupfy tn toon, or bj mail, addressed to Mr*. Pavusou, Verplanck'a ntnl. 30ARD, WITH OR WITHOUT FURNISHED ROOMS? In a private family, for a genii-man and hut wife or two ngle genurnien, ran be sccui rd by calling at 109 Went Ftf cntii atrrel, near Kiglith limine, between the hours of Saud P. M. Locality pleasant, and ail the modern improvement*, aal reference given and required. yoarp nk.AR I MONtt^UARK. IXTHK FIRST CLASS ? hou<e, ou Kum Killi onth strew, (fur single {gentlemen or Hill men and their wive*. I'ldtate table it inquired; or iruialicd rooms without board. }n \r|. rimv.n town.?two lkntlkmk.n can bk J ar< ommodatlrd wltJi board at 40 Robinson street, nrar olle p] < , ahto. two young ladiev. JOARD IN BROOKLYN-A SKOOND STORY FRONT > room and bediwom i ommunieaiiaf wlII br nnit in * w days; to be irt together or separately; house liral elans; ration one of the pleasant* st in Brooklyn, coir, miaul to liia irrlaa, and an airy hiioatinn r?n the rummer. Dinner at half Mian. 4,' Concordstreet, Brooklyn. . 30ard in brooklyn.-a (4kntlkm an and wifk, cr two single crntlrmen. ran find pleasant room* on thn con i Itoor, Willi lull or partial board, hi BO I'noilir alreet, eorer ot lieury, near South and Wall atrert terries. Brooklyn. joakd in brooklyn.?a fkw si.volk (1KNTI.K3 m-n can be accommodated with tine rooms uud parilal oard. witiuu Bra minutes walk of Hamilton, south or Wail lr> et ten lea. Apply at 304 Atlantic atreel. DOARD in BROOKLYN.?A OKNTLKMAN AND MIS LA wife, or a lew single gentlemen, ran be accommodated 1346 Henrv street. Keterence required. Also, a good ooofc, raaher and trnner wanted. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A OKNTLKMAN AND HIS vote or two Mo etc gentlemen can be accommodated rlih full ?>i piirlial board. In a private lamily. within sit nii ate*. walk ot Fulton or 1'atlmrlne ferrtea. Reference given nd required. Apply at Si Adaina street, Brooklyn. do a nit in brooklyn?within kivk minctks [J walk ot Wall atrcet terry-a cmtlrman and his nttscan ? act insdaM witii a l u ge and pmatslrocsaoa the mpU loor, front, furnished or unturniaheil. Apply at i:iu Henry tri et, between Pierrcpont and Olai4c streets Board in Brooklyn with a pritatk famh.y. about three minutes walk froaraouth terry. Two or three uigle gentlemen, or a gentleman and wife, may obtain plea ant acriumuodallnu* by addressing M X. Y*., Herald ofllee. Hoard in socth broolyn ?a iiaix bkdkoom en second tba.r, fee amgir gentleinen, will be tacatil on he lirst oi May at S4 Warn Warren street, between Clinton ind Henry streets, near AttMur. lorry Board on Brooklyn hkioiits.?a okntlkman and Ills wife or two single gentlemen ran be pleasantly in onunodaled with teased, in a small private family, by applying at 73 Cranberry street, bre minutes walk from KuUon >ri y. Board in williaxkburo.?two or thrkb BMigle gentlemen or a gentleman and his wife can be aoMtnmodsied with board and pleasant rooms at 16 Durham place, wHhln two minutsa' Walk of Keck slip and Division ivenae terries. . I ljoaud at hohokjc.v?two <>k tiikkk m.viu.k If i.?n>m?ri r?n be arcufftinodaled in a yrtvnte fnritllv. ? uk irraklaat, '?w dlnorr on Hdiidiw. Ku?t fl?-? liouee, i^i'Utaw tarda Iroru tint ferry. Atlclrr.s.e I. 1*. H., box 102 Hi. aid ot BOARD IK TIIR DOtTKTRJ.-A FKW BOARDKR8 ran be eoeommtidaied duraty the nimmef In a pnvaM am I If In thu rtilAre of lltrmlnrham, (V>nn. The hm.iLhy bv wlinn and beautiful acenery around oiler rare atlracUmui to lioue who intend MjenduiR the atimtnrr away from tbn city, it I* ai rt'iwoblii by and railroad, ami only threw jnura from New York. Kerry eonrcnirnce for aal'.uiR or dri<irf? to be had al ail hour*. Aiblroaa <1. H.. boa Jt? I'oet oflioe. tltruilnsham, (Innn. Ketrrrn-a to K N. sheltnn, Trriudrul of lite Mamtfaa'turvr*' Hank, buiuuixbain. Coun. Hoard wantk.p i i- mwn in a kkt1i1kii part ' of tbo city, for all montne, wlo-ru no other boanWwa ara kept, at .'.It a widow kadv prrlrrrrd. I'.iymeut made In *4ntif. Addroaa Alfr. J R . burin ?|uaru Rust oilioe. Board wahtkd- bt a i.apv and ormtlkmak. In a email quk-t family; a *111x11 pat lor ami hwlrmtn adjob lug, or one large room, with K?? K-?nl for the la'lf. Tcnrta not to exceed |l2 a wo k. Add. c *a T-, Madia, mi aqnare I'oat otter Board wawtkd- my two yopko okmt.k.mkk. (brother*,) In a ilrk-tjv prlralo lannly, about the heciunniff of May. Would fumlrti own noiu. Term* tiot Id exreed fJ per week. The Kiglnk or Ninth ward pt?(V. rod. AAlrni Kd ward, Herald odea Board wantki>-a niom.v rrni'kctaiii.k ii. derlr widow holy would llko au iinfurni?hrd ?iue rmni, with * ??! plain board Her i/tronm helm; llmlb-d, At per week only cotiM be afforded, payable in .i.liaioe 11 dealt"<l. Ki-ferenrea tu . ri rpmuaMo Adilre?a Ij?iiu. i, ll.riM 1 lb. e. HOtltP WA NTK1I?K< IK> ANI> el VII.K CK.V llemen; city and mtinVy All wUlunff In obtain genleel 1 ard. . - ali'.nid make knim-dute .ppiu iti >n at the Hoarder*' Koehan: e, No 2 Apt ! * H Ii k. *d va> !>. ? to hoarders. ii 11 > MIT it A BoYll K< aki> R'ANTKD Hi a \mimiw LADY 011 dan tllter. In ? .'lie ? p .0 o ? here there "Ill I lie a t,.a?l op i,in~ for a txli 'i where li.'ie t? an e*?nh|i?hrd m lead lit * at.I el : at h>. Aditrv M M , M*.t.*nu wpiaro he odtre Board wantkd-an i ami rvd-tikd room in a private family In the t pnrtm the city. hy?B ! loan and wl'" and tW" ' . l> Jrett i;tel"r b. 1 . : (Ire ?. iir I nerrvpuonnMe 1 ! 've? lloanl not . ex reed ffl'.' per w.ik. !*! . - eld: , II It , leu I Id Herald 1 dice. BOARD WAMTI>-tX DRoOKI.YX. MV TWO YOl'Nil moil, bnuikta-t livl l , lirnrpun IlK'k.'. Fult"ii 11'1 1,1* vltiflHititi IrootH, 'Iitiiih miiio Lm; niotleran-. A<bli'>w ilwirjpi, Pn?l "fll< HOARD WARTKlh-Hlf A OFNTI.KK A X AA IKK AMI D 'w.. rb 'lrra. In a rrivntn I truly, wh- ro thrraarrnontHxr l?,., I/-H or wo'ild t??''imi or lliro* r<?nw, !iufii'iil?b<'<l, In lh< m in! rhr*~I < t Rromlwojr. n X nhfu-r fwiflimlli ?r?i. A<1'lr<" ?i ?!., lb i?i4 I'Hr-, - ailng I .? i'i.#u .iu>l Utum, ..tin h niu?l bo in -IrrnO". BOARWVi ri"A^ANT Al-ARTXr.XTX AT ? Hr .air I in g< iltiMUB ami wlb?. K> >r>aH* r? nulrnd. ___ BOAROTNU?A ?rw WORK HFNTf.KXKX PAN HM i.rr tr nx-lAlnl X Itll full Or partial hnant anil r??ml *T%htr mum a; No. b E?r i ti aUr* i, ihrar duura l? ' >* t'ha burn Mn l BilARDIWU.?HKr IRABI.R ROOXA. HtTTARl.R FOR A (ontlnoAii aixt wu<, n a |mrty id -injlr frniirmi n, la i Art??u- houar * Fourth i no. cun nlom in llrxulw^jr. Ho.ardixo tx, r\x hk inn foro\k - rx. Mnffl* aaaUrflMb wr l? ? lArio, w?ll fmtii?hnl r -m ait>?lkrl ? 'h ji. ami h*l!S?, wlih an Kur.'iuxa I.kIt, ro*i<|ln|f la . p? wi4hb'.rbi??l ?jn*of?i-nt P< ii?Wi:i<ir?? l?rr<. Aihlri*-'. rn.f ?r|th r ?l nam* ami plaeoof lim.-K ??, Uur I..K P?' W. T Hoar ft xi??two mxi.i,r. okxti.vrkx r ax hk a. <4liui lai-.1 wtlh full ? partial l> ?nl on r b-rma ui a piiaatr. family, *1174 Fli~t alrrtA, rmi-r nf l ink tvrnu'' UO.\RI?1\<;.~ROOXA I AN HK ORTAtNKD, ON TIIH tv?ir fiir ioi* lar?* fam'Ty. <<r Ian ?m*n i>n??, a< I float Kifim iiih orar I naiti r-i ur<'. Trrua r M* Ihiuu r a a . ' . ? HOARIMV ? OKXT1.HXFX OH i. FN ri.I'MKN AND lix-ir wlara arlai wl?b prnnaiviit bonni, On iirul ml ax ?nr nwnl ik..'Wbarr iboy I 'A i<,; > > rxafWAa nl" < li.anx, IISUiaaotXA Rn laobK v> l-l'd X >> BROOKLTN?1? f'MXTOX HTRK.KT -ROOXA TO l.KT w ;h full * parliol Ixiari, avkahlr fir aftiliMin onA wlfr, or mr" p ntli m>a?. K?^?alnn unmnillaloiy, or ?n 'h4 uf X . TADRTRARt.K R001M TO MTF-WITIl HOABO, FI R J f nlahr*! xr ? . -r virr* or XruHn graUoom. Apply lo.m-?! * ? / at X' W-ai !? ,n .trxrt. Minkwiwllaa^i Df-trart.r nmv*? to t.kt fi*RXf?rtKn or t.x I ni--I, v Ro. 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Ml n? <"-<?<>fMittaMO, In a amall pri/at* family, alan, ? r' rt'rtfm Ibalhfrd fL*? * ?' apt* of tha rfr, LnnWO t-'nrf I1< a-a iwl.iraoa Mr*. It.. Broadway l'.iat offlco.' FPRjnMJRD ROBBR.?TARWORM .AMD RTHROOW *! ', a i*V-mn?| frr fantiawm, wPfcrnt board. nwM and tmrdtrmiSy furntahad, in Uw lira* <tla a br w* atnivbuoM * Or*a' J'*ira rtrwt Bat> tit v* and sold *nw la paaUfa I *rh n>?. Mo nw vtam la May r'RMISITBO ROOMII TO LIST - TWO OR TTTRRR IBM t Ironon mo obt?la fry pbtaaani rosi?, with board if rontrod, In * dm Ciaaa bona*. *?fw?nl to tho oar* and An***. Apply at 71 W?M fnartomih AreoL tral honw a tart of With ntmmm. Ij*t*RMtniTTr> amb rwrrp.?nnmM? ROOM^-ORM e-ili, fnmiahod, olihiw on aaroad fi . IWmf nx'?# on Arti Boor. Bath tod cm. Apply at MP Brad !2? Lbi IjAi RKB>nrn IIOIIMR IT. KAPT TWPIMTTRTH <rrnMKT r l( 1M. r r *> t rr fit-'t to ba, 1.1 ? ; T* *f W_ r?rlypi f iiMomnw. at a I * r<nt: ti 'iw r' waou'lj ted, 4rv% ?*K4 ,m w Mt4 4 a'trtaf x ? 3 HUAJUllRO.lilO UNMMM FVRNIHIIXT) OK UKrUBNNHBD BOOBS TO LTU> nog). gentlemen, without board, la the houae at % rdb Alienable prirate family. In one of (ha hainlamwal parta m Brooklyn, merlie.kiug '.'arroll park, and within DnoiMM walk ft the Hamilton farry, boot refereooearaqalrad. AMnm Carroll park, llrrald uflioe. JURMSHKD KOOMA TO LKT-IN A FBI VATS ML* uilly. Apply at Wo. 82 Kim atmat. Famimkm and hi noli ourruofss oas mm pleaaenily aoirnaam. elated with board la a paM faamhp the iuiuao ooolaiua the mielnrn ImproTWwnlO. Tons MV rate Apply at 1B1 Weat Fourtaeoth alraet. FBKNCII HOARD IN BROOKLTN.-A rSBSOB TAJBt* ly ha\ lug wore r?e,m? Hi an required can wooauniMo one or two gentlemen with newly furuiahad rnrfo. and MMBB If dealreel le-??oiie In Krenrh glren Addrena WlMLjt I&2 Herald nil re, or SU liuka air net, UneAiya, batwaaa SS1 neon and Drgraw. ffOTKL LODOIMOR -GSHTTJEMJCIf OAS OSTAJST M-l ipsai mni?n?i pmiih m im it loop now. DsnMT as Frankfort and William streets, at IB mala par nJgtd: a Mar best rooms at S7)4 oeoia per night. Mo othar chary* eaWBtS their opuso. ~ ~ HAM1KOMK1.Y ROOMS TO MCT, Mr second llnor?parlor. two bedrooms, bath and xaa, separately or together, t<* gentlemen ntviy. ?|th or without tMM for the suit |11 per week; tomlly strictly private. Apply m No. 41 Kaat Twriitieth street, between Broadway and KomM avenue. NO. U HOKATIO HTRKKT, CONVENIENT TO Eighth avenue earn ?Two or three furnished run ma, Mi board, to let to a few single gentlemen or gen'.lemea aaa *6 wives. House has all the modern Improvements. ONK OR TWO OKNTI.KMKN CAN RK AfXIOIQfOWA.ted with partial board In a private family, were the omaforte of a homo can be obtained. Apply at 24 Attorney ibwh aeeond di?>r from tlrand. PRIVATE BOARD?A GENTLEMAN. OR A Q1W? man and w it. can be fUTonwn.xl.Mcd at 22 Woat Tndy ninth street, near Broadway. The bouse and atyla ot kMp kee|dux la aomethms unusually desirable. PARTI At. BOARD.?TWO OR T1IKKK (JKNTI.HMHi can be ae>'at urn slated w i'h bonrd, in a smalt private %r mil)' House tileahuntly situated, handsomely bnwhed. amg containing nil uoprov. iuei.n,. Terms modrratdv A#* ply at 1117 Clinton street, Brooklyn. ROOMS WANTED-WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD. WK a gentleman ntul wile, without children, in a small prisma himil) ; a second liner Would be preferred, w llhout board, f tertuH and location mU. Kel. rrncea given and ruqutrad. Tarma mislerale. Addu as tlrifhiti, Herald ortiee. ROOMS TO I.RT.-THRKK FURNISHED ROOWH TO LHL v nhout board, in a respectable house. Inquire at mt Is'isou-il ad-eel, a lew doors from Broadway, eaat aida. Rooms, wtth board, mat br had bt mrumen and their wives or single gentlemen, bt a Brddip Is.use, containing the modern Improvements, and conrtmlMM located. Apply at 4JH Fourth street, between Seooud aMt and the Bowery. _i_? K of IMS Tfl LET?A WKI.I. KfRMSIIKI) SECOND RW ryv'nom. with gn . bathroom, Ac., In a private family, Wfl he rented lo a respectable single gentleman. Inquire at IB Kusi Fifteenth su. ei, betwecu Irving place and Third s.maa Ctol'TII IIKOOKl.t.N HOARD.?A I'l.KAMM KEOMV 0 room ninl hedrisutt with rlosela attaelieil, *si Kernud flMr. Inr a erntli innn and wtlr, run hi* had ai No. 6 lomkpkimm place, between Harrison ami Hegraw streets. UTAIU IM.AMl.-Fl KNMHKD ABAKTMKNrS IK t ' suit* or allude ris.nia.with board, tar f ami lie* ordafltw urtitleinon. In tlir eligible house on the beach, ronuaaadhat a fin" th*w oi tin- hm and aiirrnutultn3 eoiuury, audi threw minutes walk Imm the first landing. I'urties Wtshiiur ta ?? gage risim*. Inquire a' .lines' liotel lot Mrs. l.NNleS, Tuaap kin-villa*, Klaten Island. TW> OK THRKK OK.VTI.KMK.V I'AS BE Arcffino d.i i d with unfurnished room*. with partial hoard, Ik % 1 rival" faintly, where the ri uifor's id a liotua ran b? rojoirwi, l.y api Ivlnif a'. Ill East Twenty ninth street, or 127 Ina Twenty ilrvl klrrrt Mouse orw, Willi aU utoderu tuiprave nieiils WILLI AMSBURG.?TWO OEM TLB It KB AND THV wives or two or three alnrla gentlemen, raa be HM Buslatrd wuh plnaaant furnished room* and board la a pttvata family, Ave miuulra walk frum I'si slip lorry. Apply al MM Mouth fourth street. Referecous required. '.? TRTANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM, WITHOUT BO ARK. TT by it mnjt td quiet habits, In a geutecl bstghberheed and a private family, whrre there am no ether boarder*, sol Iiot Inquisitive; loeaiinn, weat, of Broad war, and betWr. Muring and Franklin sis. I'lrsae address Wuiuo, Broadwsr IVst ofllce. Tl' AXTKD-IIY 1 S'lXtir.H (lEVTI.KMAN. Fb'f.L llOAKl* TT in u private family, either In the rity or eounlry, wbsrw he ran be taught lhe English language. and wbrre I reach ta 1 pokett. Adders* f\ f., Madison square Post eUloe \lrANTED-BY A t.EMLKMAN AM) WIFE WITHOfT TT rluiilien, owe or two nanus plainly fnrnUhed or wa lirmbhrd. if term* and lis at ton ?' nt, wttliout board and wtthto s reasonable dislanre el thr f'tiy Unit; with a wlitow lady are trrrrd. 'I'rrine must b? low. Address M. k.. Herald 1 Ate, with uq tns and location. MVhKAL AND DAHC1NO. " Ahplendid ?mi rb iilt c artkd o<titi ptano. cost Aum. will be sold tor AXJO. Mavbeaeewtdr a lew days lit the piaiMifniisi w ai iris sua of U 1. ll.kLL A BON, ZM Broadway. AN ELABORATELY CARTED SEVEN DOT ATX rusvwood pianoforte for rule, Unt'ln-t In a superb I round I'l l I.rr 1 r.. . ||. avy , ,1 ,i.| ,u.I u'.di. s. rk r.ltial, roriiv rimed legs, wttfi reap'-* and trnit ri r< ltd. pnlaiala matcn, real pearl'olahl work of to,.on.,' A.- , *rml gi sad arbnn over strung bnwu powerful rhh tone, easy to nob. wtK eeollop end key - made u, order by 01,? 1 1 t',r l?e?t luaker* ef Una rity, with lull warrantee; eon he fully t*-ted; hat been la ttse only two ui si hs. is without fault or bl*tr sli, ami wm thy ?*-. - e.f i'..o. is, _i. . , ?, ,.| a -111., rl, .11(1 ItnUlllf* iIi-arHrk room piano; hu lliwl lultaU. Pri,-" fw?l < > < M'a> itaa b? and eainliirl a. lit* |,'?ldrn. <\ 47** K.tli a**aant nm to Trrinm.t llotrl, n 'l.r forlHh n?n<?. tor four daft, lrum?t, \. Vt tlli H1, r. M All objret vri 1 br ..IT'-r?Mt ID * ca.-h piirclmo i. S. o, -ll? poi kl?s r?i-? for uhlpptn* 4 .N tSMiKTMKM lHH.Nt >l \ AMI f?M KJI UC1ATB J\ I'lnrmli..,n? f,<r ?il?*. ?t ? irrttwi* IIrio rnyt" bf HIbwi'io-uiiiH'num. wbti |? irl ?r? i. mm o?i tm? *iJ 99 i-.M h' ICVii I'Liiio* for 'ill .i iiM-leioo- mini-. If A IIR AN Tli.t.V Itt Third tttimo-, triwrra Kit h'mntB owl kbt trratti Ktrvrt . CY|II< KKRI.NM ? RIA.N'i- - PL'Kt'lI AKKRA, HKKOBS / bwyinc. flruw r?!l ut S XII Hruadwa/. mi l ritalM I IT. rir? line Jan..M hirnTm.; pl#'i-?: al?'<t.ia Hof?Cf Wain* plain ? whir* will to- Bold rrri to* duruiC Uua n i?, to wli ?l<i h.iwib LD the kV.r,' M, odnon# IWwb 1JV In $l?) KoeaaA hand prtiKW. fruui M> to ?l?> 1'iiiri Mid BmudcauD Id rMU ad lur ?le oa mooibi/ uni awr.ia. UoKAtT IT AT WW. Apwt Dkpot or tiik ai.kt ivukr oroaka Ibia Biazniliurtil us' ruu.i m. J'iM introduced 'if TMAMtrnu, at hi- mi-iimna BwukaU, U aiitwni! a fur tb? ri irah m druwji.: rix'in. A fill] wMiaKht On hand, and opi-n lit tha Impaction tf Mm public. IIRKXAKU A KABUMHiKTTR.-l. 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Apr If n.*iliil.. ii in > I al ii> mi ta lh" prriL ... A3> .'-i ' Hr-"Myii k:tv?i aki* m'.i.nnro**-nnr at baruaith ? X tin ;t in il'rr il .oa tn hn maV In ihn plnnn rooma ai (H Mmadwot, Ui< l.r ' ? "i i-ifi * n:id mnloAooiia ? m? ? .U1 ? . . > I 111! i?r !! , ir? nm II Ul.Ml) t'lM. M ??.* IU> > III III - I h I.' P , . 1 " i ' UUUMi'K WATKKS Ajpmt. |><LI/K VMRnffil.Tr- I \ V TMRV.>RF< TV f .1 A '.'I 1 - r -*r>'I I< b v?? I ? ? * ?. ; at ii. i/ 1 1. - *^ui ' < 'I" r.:Mm. ' iii- 1.' m 1 V im-. i j. ! WNTHI'CnoH. wl *11 *rir'M. n ' 1 -1 1 ? ? I' |I\F * \ " II , I .1 I'PWt 4? 11 "I iai|?rwti i,- I i' i'Ui 1 kI'Ui i> ?ln> !<t a|>|< / iaiih iw r. - . HV II "K \< 1 .'IN.. \ntTITMI-Tfr ? jm. ?. I 1:1 I ' ? ? ue t*mS > \ '-k. Jin up* aluUt nt? finMlfr. ? r*? fn wnMag I I - IIPI ?U I u. Hlk ! 1 \ . 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