Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1857 Page 3
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/ __ ilfBRTISEMEMTS REIBW iSD BVKRi HAT. *" HUAUOIMi A\I? liOOOlM* 4 BOSH 8TKKXT.?TO IjOT, Kl'RNLHHRD. A PA* 'I lor. wtib bedroom attached, u> a una If gentleman. without board. . .? ? 7 HUDSON THRRAOK, HOHOKKN OPPOSITE THK ferry.?One or two genUeiaon can be accommodated with t muit^oj' ul.-etv h:riibdj?<l rooms, commanding a beautiful 19 UNION 8QUABR.-A RIHT OF BOOMS ON TH1 JL4U second door, newly furnished, with (u, bath room. Ac., to let with board or private table If dealrd; alee, oue or two I single rooms 1 7 0?IA?t/r0N SCRKET, NKAR MACDOUGAL.?PLEA X I sent bud genteelly furnished apartmeata to let, with uartial board. Tlicae desiring home comforts will do well to tpi'jy. 1 n URKAT jokes street.?suits op BOOMS, ELK .1 I geoiiy ft:.-vetoed, with or without private table. Alao .Hie angle roeoi IQ riPTH AVENUE.?A 8UIT OP ELEGANTLY PYBlv nlebed rooni, on Brat floor, to let for the ensuing aeaaoo; A parlor and bedroom on second *n,i third floors; alao a well Ifuro tubed baewmont for a professional gentleman. Befereooea ^ 1 Squire,! ~')Q WAVWJLKY PLACE, NKAR THE NEW YORK AtO M.aci. -iRnojus to let to siniRe gentlemen. Each room has g*?, Croum water, Ac., Ac., and handsomely furnished. ?JQ BKAOH 8TRBKT. NT. JOHN'S PARK.? FITKNIKH<DO H fv> xiu to let with or without boanl, to cwMMMD aim Uietr uttsgle gentlemen; the hou*e haa all the modern Iimproveuiefit*. t)Q WES1 SEVENTEENTH STREET?A VERY IIBKI -OO i ibae of t'urntAiiel rooms on #cuod floor, Tor tun *" < omaioda'ion *i tamifles-or a party f gentlemen, with the est el'hoard: e'my a pleasant room tor two gentlemeu or a ady and A A UNIVKH-1TY PLACE.?FURNISHED SUH' OK Tf fft>ul looms in the third story, with board. D inner at H o'clock, Location unsurpassed Hoarders few and ah>avs 1 agreeable. R* tereneew. V?n WHITV STREET, POUR IKK>RS WEST OP BROAl)' i)U way. -Kurnlslied rooms, one on the ground floor, suitable for busini'?~ purposes, and four on the drat floor, to let to a -runsil familv r.udringle gentlemen. 2 /L?A AMITY STREET. NKAR BBOAI>WAY.-A PARLOR UT and bedroom on the second floor, furnished in handsome style, to let to Mingle gentlemen, or lo a gentleman and his wife 'liie location Is very desirable. Baths, gas. Ac M\ VARICK STREET, (ST. JOHN'8 PARK)?ONE I V bloc* Im the church, with privilege of the park iqaare. pleasant rooms, well furnish* d. with or without board. Modern improve meet*. Terms moderate. Sixth aa J Eighth aveoee ear* pas* the door. J(\ KRANKUff STREET, FIRST HOUSE WieT or IU Broadway?A Urge tVeet parlor,-bedroom and paa'ry attai iied, (ni second floor; large room, suitable for one or two; all oei'lv famished for gentlemen. Inquire as share. fff} SIXTH AVBKUE.?YOUMU KICK WISH1WU TH1 I Ju pleasures and oomforis of a homo, ahrmlp apply early la orte to secure good and wall aired bedrooms Wo aofhl I a ths flat of Mar Tnrou moderate ' HA L A. TOUT STRKKT ? 1M.MBANT ROOMS TO LET, II fr With board. n A WKST TWENTY THIRD STRKKT-OMR l.ARUK I TT and rery di-.trnble room on Arm floor, auitoble for a gen k run n and kr w ife or two aicg'.e geuUemeu. may be obtained, I with full re |>i?i Ual ixiard. 7(1 SPRIJfG STREET, FOUR DOORS FROM BROAD4 U way ?To let, aevemlfaaadsomely fnrmiahed rooms, to iaflU gannamiio . The location i* near all the first class hoists. Inquire tn the hnildlng, nf AVSOK HOONR QO FAST BRO \I)WAT, REAR CHATHAM SQCARK ? I uni sued room* to let to single gentlemen or gentle unH Jtu.. ari*>^ with r?i- viihflii! nnard Warm :iud rotii Oaths and qu. iu the houae References exchanged 11 (I 'OPRTH AVF.NPK, NEAR CNION SQUARE. II" St .it- <> .1 t - "ini iy i iirr. inh'-i l room*, lor fan l ea .? u!c | ntlMMB. with prlrale table. Ifdeilred; the L nottae Kan mp modern oonvenleaeea and the .cation u yery ' pleaaan M>?i de?? able. 1*J1 HUDSON STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK.-TO LET, A lOl la. qe texi* parUr, on ftrat H.?riinfurni-iied, to a geollnitn and atff with board. Uaa ana hath*. "1 *11 BI.F.F.OKER KTRKKT.-4JKNTl.KMKN AND THKIR Jul wV e? and arngle gentlemen deatring board, will Had wuftriior ar-mrmMiiUona in tNo above UrM rlaM house, containing all tic modern hnprovemeala; aleo, a few day boarder* taken m I>C AM'. .STRKKT. CORN If R OK STAPLE.?NKW1.Y fruHcdi -I r.a.m* lo let, w.lh hot and rnM water, gas tad ha'h lo gentlemen, without board, from $1 JMofH per work. 1 ins, < .?? I .rtHehrd corner room on aecond Boor, with an< and mm t b Mh ?r..| wardrobe. to a part* of gentlemen. 9| f) F \ST HP.OAPWAY?KA MILIES AND BINOI.R ale |e? "'iii'ii i .in b> Hocotnatodatcd with plraaaat room* utad an agceeabio I rune, by applying at the above number, on I the aw t ea-enable tenna. iliVfl rOOWTtl AYEKt'R.?TO LET. A VERT DKSIRA OOU l>.< ? oi rootna, on aecottd and third floor*, autiable far a and wife, or two ar three tingle gentlemen. . J nature at the above addrraa. / Itil HOUSTON KTRP.KT ?TO I.ET. IV A K E3PRf*TA \J"a< t> - Ki rnch family, two hsndMmeiy lurnlthnd par oi - ou lit' i V tliMu Also, a bedroom on the second Hint'. 109 A 7 MO U>W IT. WEST SIDE A TORY DEdlRARLK I |t( par- t and bedroom f"r the attmmrr to let, wtih or I tNlthont hoard, to a lUmtly or gentlemen, liouae has the mo drrn impioaM'tewi, and located oppneue Aator place. Referearra ry^all .*.1 I A P*M '?T A?D RKDROOM. UNFURVISflKf), ON THK A I-oKi I tl.vr, with txxrd, may b? obtained at No. M Heath Yh r1 air**'.. WlUUmaburf. no Uw Aral of May. Tenon tn<?lxrstr - imuy; rival* Houw within three fii'iw walk of F*rh alto aiut Urand airvat ferrlne A SMALL FAMILY OR 8INQI.E GENTLEMAN CAN HE aecnou-indat*d with a atuw of furniahed pxmu in a I ami n*r* ? lev ff.-nw.-vni y?orly board* re only are taken. ' ??? . i.i.v >ied r*f?rear?a firm aad required. Call at H H?nrv e<re*?. Hmnklyo. AhtfTT or KOOM8. RUFTAHL* FOR A GKNTLEM AN and wit.-ar two or the** emrte (mil ream, with board, an be hot u: a rtvatc family. Apply at 4.1 H* Tenia atreet, war Soma ! om.i PneirepMaaablo refereoora (Itan aad eqelred AOKNTl f'M AN AND 1118 WIFR OR TWO OKNTLR ?1 r?n b<- a viABidaUrl with board ai V1, Weot Fwatur toi **- +* TTw how* la a* w baa all tlw modem tm wnima. all i?boauUfnJy alt anted opposite Ike TV *.Oflral v (r.winda. Ai.adt wishes hoai d in a school OR FRI rate family whom ah* enn (Ite Inalracuoo In aw, r a wine 01 p*i i.i\? nc Iho HnsUah bmaehe*. wh'rh would i>* (Matrml an equivalent Atdrraa A M O . Hei a..| ndlr* A HANDSOME RriT OR ROOMS. RUITARI.E FOR A taai.iT O |>a-1T of pMlfM Aiao. a frw ainyle mom* wui br nd'amed wuh t\ill ol partial board. Apply at id) kaat Fenrteeniii an eel. An fnoi.ihh i.apt. battno morn room than ti* require*, wi?lwa to rant a parlor and b*droom. furniahed or luHumlahad, wiik partial board, to two >1(1(1* (en. ?-*m*n. of eober habit*. menla can ba aorrad ia Uwlr own room*. lh* tie-i i* aitaated one bio*k from lb* Oouri ?(r**< cam. aad wihlu LAminu'ro walk of tlw Hamilton ferry. Ad dr*aa A 8 . Herald ofltr*. KHi-reoeee *irbau**d. AOFNTI.EMAN AND WIFR. OR A SMALL FAMILY ran b* aer*?Mnodal*d with Ik* ***ood door, aad pari of bird ?ner if daairvd. In n reapemaMe al*hhnrhood Cara and . *(* we hi* half a bWt Tb* bona* baa all the oaodern laa raT*w*n?. Apply at 107 Want Thirty euth alreot. A LARUE FRONT ROOM ON SHCOMD FLOOR, IN Heuom* sweet. Bear Nw flowery. u> let with full board. <<ii (*?i'emaaand b.a?1!- . ^ta m houae, terra* $11 |)*r week. Tvi.-rrpee re?, ,ired. i oN cv adrtn-aa > U Oboe, jeweler, >* H- * ? Board -fini rod mm rkadt for the rftnf tloa ?f <boao aeekUi* a MMMl aad fond home. The henae alar and drltqhiral fnr a auaam*r real dear* aa well a* mai.'jrtaow far wiator. T.nnailia Tory ploaaal. OT Fa<wtk a Town* Board?a pi.karant room to ijtt. fitrnirhkd nr nafuraialied, with board. Tlw bouoe ha* all th* mo l*m imprvormen'A H*f?w n*ia required. Apply at No. 1 Albino pUre or Uli Fourth atreet. Board -a front room on thk moond floor wk i |*?ntry adarlwd. aul'ahl* Pw a (*ml<>man and h'a are a Ian ih. * :itr f n. l*oa*n oan be aarn?mini il wl<h oeord ia a dea>rabv.i fhauly. Apply at IM Knat Hroodway. Board-vent qfktkkl afartmfnth. fuini' be>l In, a r*Diiemna aad lady, with bounl for the dy naly. an<l meala In room, eaa bo had la a private latin.a, na a *'raa*?. if . *e aiv' la a ?*ry d**lrabl* n*!ebb.i; hiwl, sboni one biw< from Fifth ar*nu* Tarme $13 per w**?, la Il em R R d . t'nmo aqiiaro P<*| ow.\ OA I'D A < 1 NT I I'M t s AND WIFE OR TWO RI\OI.K (*ni>men, ran ?! aeremmoiUwd wlih hoard and a pleaiair i > .in i.ii<-"id I! n a r*nr| i.vaiina, wi hin br* mi mteooalk of ? nRon or WaU aireot ferrleo. Apply ai 87 ll. ki or*11 nl run ipt I- ' " Hronklyn Board * i r?<f. r r tntoR on the s?or)*o fi.oor aad hall bedronpi. with both i* let with board fiirnlahad ir I. 1" ' ?.-* >man and bta wit*, nr n. a party .d qoptlem* I a 2it Mulberry WA mmr Sprtnf Nr*"' Board-two or thrik -inoi.k ofnti.kmkn pan be ammmoilaird with pleaaanl room* aad enndboaH. no wi.rlei ale tei nw1wl<b pantri** and f Vol on In the moma. by applytoR nl 277 Weat Nlneteruth atroet ^ UOAND-A OENTl.EMAN AND HI8 WIFR OR TWO J> (OOllenwn ran b* aernmioodaied with n third atorv room . <r ,i<i.m ami nodrnnm, with all tb* modern imprnvrmen'a, at Htr.nei nt alt o'elork Board t t: hmsid D room with two pan U1*a, no 11* aeennd Ifnnr. fo t"? in a lady and finil oun. ? !. ' -u 1 man A;<p y al No )IJ "Weal Tweu y lourlll altnei. k Oil AND 1 W(I riinva TO l.ET WITH IPtARD. AT rid f> Hi i,ir . - -? i "> ' "'1 Fnoi'b Tb.v i?* ba* be* i reu < : *4 and palated. 1 neat too ph-taan*. Rrnnta lare* TDoaim. ATN? HAD I K A AM ALL FAMILY IN A ,I> very <1 a? lible and b <1 htr (n*aimn; n lark" (a-den. and toaribe Mr: ti rare, Bntohlyo. Pall at fl Na*aau N . i',' ?'* TJOARH I HI*f>OKI,YS \ URffTUWAM wn IIH I) wllo. o- 1*1 aiiur ri'inl"?' i. <"*n ob'iln ttnnnl unrt ' R?*nt it. *11* ? >; H' nry - j * miii"'"* w*'V fmm I ul'ofi n, Willi *ri'fi Inn B'W'OIV A P'IIY\TK FAXfll.Y NO U PITONH plaro, .Irror* Cur, *hn?ii ton r?inut?a w?JA tra?A 'ho forrr, .or two (rntlrmm RrfPmtooa r*qtilro(l. E<MRT> IN- A PR IT ATF. PAKIl.T TWO RiX'HM. IiimlohnP or onwh. to lot, wHh bowl, to fioiiloi W Final* tm'lofnon IV**** ho* All -Jb* i?n>roT*?*ni* No i-"mor*l "*rh.?n!;"0 A(tplp ?' ?'1 W*-' V "* "n-h ?'(* < ' or 7* R**AiWnn HOARD tn * PtivAOfumi v TWO hhhm n nWiol -I- i nfrin-h'-A. to lot, with boAnl.'0 i>"oil?o>-ii l"PJt- Wlv*?, or ?WJ[V frntlrnvfi Mote* hm n'l h? m t '*TB *,Pio?"?ioot*. iT.'fri "iir.-a *i*hana*<l. Apply ? '*11 to *?t Rin* oriiili *0 *01, or 7* Ro*AinonIJOA'tD OPT TFIR HPtWON RM RR \r YfRPI \ RCK Z^" h,,t* H*wo, tnaovl *t th* f.*> of th* 1,1 " "" S'' ' -* 'to IT I t IV " ,il, " - ,1'"' " mtit* f ' ili i _ |, "T"'**". rii?i rh? allot ling rapid anil *o*T *oinm>ini ,*!?g.r" y rtu .Tr.' . E2 "''"f" ' ' "" ? ' ''1 '? "1 " ill 1*1, V.., i LiZ, - , i .f ,,r 1 p?'" ' f t ? > > u, l- jp," "It. I .. u BOARD ANI) SCHOOLING MAT BB OBTAINBD FOB A llwUted number of pmp?U. to IB* pteaaaol ?d baalOr town of Stratford. UuuBoottoot. Tor tarlfear partfcralaro la* aire immediately of M?- Julia A. Ourtla. BlraitorA. OooaaOttaat Bafareooca given and required. T>OARD IK BROOKLVA-AT1? BOHHBMBBHOBM X> afreet, between Boerom wd Smith streeta a parlor and bedroom oa append door, itao two rooma oa tha ftrat doer oaa be obtained. The bouae W eommodioua, and aa pleaaaaOy located aa any Is Brooklyn, from 10 to 1< miautaa walk from STECuB Board in Brooklyn.-^juht vacant ons or two floe rooms for a wtf? ?f m-raons LooaUoa convenient to the ferries, and airy and pleasant for the summer. Dinner at 6)? o'clock. Refereooe required. Apply at ?7 Concord street. Board in Brooklyn.?a okntlkman and wifk and two single gentlemen desiring superior anoomoda tlotui, can be accommodated at 73 State street, pleasant locality, contiguous to Wall and Atlantic street ferries; number In family small; rooms furnished or unfurnished. Board in brookltn.-a arm no boom and bedroom attaohed, on the Drat floor; also rooms satiable lor single gentlemen, with partial board, la a modern house, within roar minutes walk of the Booth or Wall street tarries, 148 Henry street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn wantkd.-a okntlkman desires s pleasant room anil board with a private family Terms not to etreed fl3 SO to $4 per week. Address A., bo* 8W Best (Slice. Board in Brooklyn.?pi.kasant rooms, for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, may be obtained by applying at 100 Congress street, South Broofcly u, five mi I titer, walk from the ferry. Board in Brooklyn ?six or right okntlkmkn ran be accommodated with good board at K't President street, within three minutes walk of Hamilton avenue ferry. Uixrms are in readiness and can be occupied Immediately. Reference* exchanged. Board in Brooklyn-with a pkivatk family, within convement distance of all tbn (terries, and en reasonable terms. Gentlemen aud wives or single gentlemen of good balms desiring a comfortable home wtth a quiet and orderly f.tmtiy, may lnqulro on Monday, May 4, at 138 Jorslemou street. Board in huooklyn.-onk or two okntlkmkn I can obtain a pleasant room, with partial hoard, in a private family, within ten minutes walk of either of the ferries. Dinner on Sundays. Anply at "Ml Allanuc street. Board in Brooklyn.-\ okntlkman and wikk or two Miigle yenlleimu. < nu Uud pleasant rooms ou tlie second floor, with full or pants I board, at AO 1'aritic street corner of Henry, near Houih and Wall street femes, Brooklyn. Board in south Brooklyn.?two or thrkk geatietnen, willing t? pay liberally for good aooommodaHons, can, aJVr the lit of May, receive partial board and the comforts of home In tho house of a small private family residing in a pleasant neighborhood, convenient to Wall aud Smith ferries Inquire at W Harrison street, South Brooklyn. Board in jkrsky city ?two or thrkb ukn tlemencsn be accommodated with pleaiaut rooms, with lireakfast aud tea. about ten minutes' walk from the ferry. Inquire at ti4 Montgomery street, near Harrow street. Board in thk country.?the house known as the Pavilion, In the village of New Rochella, about flre minutes walk from the depot. and one mile from Uie ate imboat Kjeluie, la now ready lor the reception of fa mil leu and aingle gentlemen. Finn airy rooma and every comfort are now of b red to thoae who may favor thla delightful retreat with their patronage. For particular* apply to Mr*. C. HARDEN, on the premise*, or to R. LATHERS, Esq.. Great We*tern Marine 'n*tirance <lo.. XI Pine afreet. New York Board wanted?up town, in a retired part ol the ctty, for atx montha, where no other hoarder* are kept; with a widow lady preferred. Paymeut made In adranee. Addreaa Alfred R , Union square Post office. Board wanted-in a private family, whkrk there are no other boarders, for a gentleman, hla wife, two children and servant; children. one 6 years, the other 1.1 months; gentleman takes dinner und tea down town during the week; he very best of references can be given In reference tore spe< lability of family, and ability lo pay; location between Eighth and Fourteenth streets, west of Broadway; would pre fer a Presbyterian family; will pay SllO per month for *uch HcconunodatiiHiH assufc. Address Orlttenden, box 3,4711, Post ohloe. with name and locauou, for three days. ]><i\KI) WANI-KD?BY TWO YtlUNO MHN, BROTHERS. j A iu a private family, beiween Fifteenth and ThtrUeth a'r-ct*. and Third and Eighth avenues. The heat of referenoea i I...K n.,1 m. t.l.l...... T II It Uu.?ia i >SI.... t'.? , .. day a. Boarding.?a gentleman and wife maft find a pleasant unfurnished front room, third Mory, at 81 Maodoiigal su-ees, fHu Clemi-ut's place,) near Bleecher, oa mode rale term*, with good board. Boarding.?two front *rooms on brcond door, handsomely furnished, alao, two rooms on third floor, suitable for rl'iier fdugle gentlemen or a family: the house is first rinse and a cWtghtlid summer residence. 49 Weal Twenty aecond street between Fifth and sulh avenue*. Refarenrea required. Boarding.?a private family can aocommo (Lite a f, w single gentlemen with pleasant ftirnisht-d rooms, with or without partial board, the house w completely inislani, locution unsurpassed. References exchanged! Ap- , ply at ot Knar Twelfth street, b'-t\?.ei, Third and Fourth av*. Boarding ?kurnibhed or unfurnished rooms to let, with or without bourd, to single gentlemen. or gen tlemon and their wives, hot and gold water ba'hs, |?|ea*aMl neighborhood. Inquire at Mt Gicrnwich aliaet. Between Spring and Vsndain sueeta. Boarding in Brooklyn.?gentlemen and their wivea and two or three single gentlemen can be ae 11-mm tain led en reasonable terms at No. ti Studs at. -e'. Apply at "3 Johnaon airef, Boarders, hoarderr?all parti eh wishing boarder*. or to rent rooms, should lote no time In railing at the original agency, where their ?.una can be at once aup plied with lirat claae boarders. M Broadway, room IS m. wrat. Brooklyn heights?handsomely furnished room* suitable tor famiiiea or single gentlemen, can be procured at >bn tm claaa reaidanoo 62 Kemaen atreet, jiae view of the bay. Dinoer at atz. Re/ereooea exchanged. CK1CNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR A FAMILY OF / four peraona. from .fitly 1 in September L Alao for a la nil s ol two persona, three children and nurse, Irom June I to about die middle oi September. Must bo in a pleaaant aud bealthT location, near the water, w ith good luthutgand bathing, not more than l>? hour from tba city by railroad Address s S.. box 9U Piwt ofllce. New York, describing place and where an interview ran be bad CTOI NTRY BOARD ON THF HUDSON RITKR -THR J C?rraan House, rnrnerot Tenth avenue and Ijftih street, n- ar Audubon park, a? now open for the recepuon of lamilte* and single hoardei *. Apply at 28H Greenwich afreet. Com mank-atirx) by railroad and atramboaL fiorxTRY hoard wanted roi a okmti.kmam, \ J wlfr, intani and tiurv-, in a pr1vai?? family, during tbc attMbrr; nrur thn ara short* prafarrrd. Addrma box 142 Fuat of , a. ana my location and irrroa. KntV-rrnofa ruhxngrd nul'NIKY HOARD WANTED B? A ORXTLKMAM " mid wt in in a inUral* umiJy, within in hour a travel ot ilit* city Add/far I . A. It . box 110 llrrald oUkv, tut-lny In rniioti, prim, An, /'tit MRY HOARD I* \ R I'TM 1 NTK M >1 S I T") - r I tit " ' lv autumn In iho rouuiry would tlo well to uumui" our luti a-' thr Hoardrr*- Kxrhanjfr, 346 Hroa/lwar, before ritg^'ng flw*bt?, Thnan wailing grntawl board- rt, cut or country, hnnid makr immediate polir-auim. SMITH A HOYD, rVKHIKABLR ROOMfl FOR OKMTUOOUt CAM BW OR If mined by ibr day or wwt. at thr old "nllaman Hwwl Spring atr~ei, firiwr Kroadway. D?'IKARI.K FIRKlhHRD ROOMH TO IJtT -TWO OR i*ii i A|i lulftn can obtain plnraanl room a. with brrak laat and ira if required. In a Oral riaaa brown atoon lumrr, oontt-ct'Ol to thr car a and a-agea. No 71 Want E>jur<ora-a atrrrt. Brat hrmrr awl o4 RUib armor. TDLKOAXT AFARTMKNTR. WTTH BOARD. FOR KIMJJ (M gea'iemen or Reotleuarii and tboir wtvow. in a 4aam 1.1" rotation. In thr ttrinity of W uduacuro aquarr and Flllh a" nor. may bo arevtred by addrerrtmg W. B. B . box 1.10 Pnri oRrr. Fn st n board onk or two oknti.kmhm cam br arrotninodaird with n.rix Ptriuabrd niinu and parf! l-oaid. H >a.n-d, n a in a b huuUv Lear-m* in Fre.-eh pnon. Apply at .115 lltrha atrrrt, br?-ri llaniatto and Do f raw slrre a. HroakJxn. Fvrnirhfd roomb TO LFT WITHOCT BOARD. At Ho. 2 Be Mart'a plana, at tit. 14 and B pop waah. ggm and hatha. FiU R.MUTTKD ROOM* ?Bl'TTVt OF ROOMB AMD HI MOM 1 ?1?, now and hxjvlromeir fttrnirhol, ? Ira, In ihr 9/0 brrwn rata bonar Bo W (fraal Jonra atrrrt. Rath, gaa. Ar . and box and to id water m paatrlra of rnb room JNVFNt.?l!KD OR CMFCRMIKHFD ROOMB, WTTH 1 beard. at nwxWair prima, may br obta.ard at IH7 Koat Broadway, honan ab?nt tro muiuira walk from ihr City lla.1 B?l- r?rora |tta? and required FVRMP11RD ROOMB TO LKT TO BIMOLE HFlVT1.JCmm. an rtrpanl ani- of furniaferd apartinmta la a ins cwan houra. Apply ai X Cltntrr ptarr, KtglMh awrrt. fn-RMlKHKD TARUIR AKD RFDROOM. MFAR *T John'a park, whh a prtnur fatal*. to rml. withn-it board to nor or 'wo yaruWroo, with txar ot bath and prttrtioajr of cat tor R- t. r?nrra airbaiwi-A Annlv at IB Viiv k atn-rt. UTRMSKD OR CRFCRNWIIKD ROOMS TO I.FTV With botrd Inquire at 401 Fourth A??>nte, mt*r ot Twenty ninth !!??. BTRMnllhD HOOMS TO LKT TO O.VK t)R 1 Wo PIS fin ptllHWD, In a ??B?JI primta 'amihr. whi'rw 'li. m am i. > bom-dar*. Thn araiimnaM urn front, ir? ih-- w A?ory. Ilt'ioira ?i Tfl Faa? Twain* atrnnt, cai Rim<h>if JMrDVDW.D ROOMS, r VRLORS AND BEDROOMS TO 1 Int, with or wtiboti' pArtuU board, n a p?+?At? tmnrtean f*ml*. !',???? c?ll At 49 OnbArd ?<i ant. i??r Or??d LH RNIJ-HKP OR IXKtRNISRFP Rooms. IN SVIT . F or -infln, An br obiainad on ramonnbtn tnrmt In tfcn Aral <-;??a biHM 7T9 Broadway, ifcran dooiw abova Nlaiii ?lr?'. L'l I! - I Ml v ,1 KOOMR A PR1TATR FAMILY RATITO F A r amani ho'i*n io tbn kiwnr pun of l^tln rinn aranon, w 111 r<*ni 1 wn nnailr ftirnt-h?d r'?*??. without hoard, in f<ni'?n ni"n. tin?li*hly W?r?n(| naar wyaiai rtr?t tla-i boi?lA and li ainurMW. Addr*?a F R . Ilm AM P(BP>\ TjlFKRlll BO,\BDTNO DOCSF *4 FR ANKLIN STRUCT I1 Sm*ln fiUk-ufo And f?milmA will And at ha rbomt nomb< r hand- nt-hy imnWind roim, with All >bn ma-1<rn oil ptm nx n'A io mAki'it A r?m?br'AMn r>-Aift.'n<w; a parlor, baa And bath in Ihn hmiaa (sRNTI.FMHN AND IIIFTR WTVRn OR SINULR (JFV T tlamrn, ran b? ace?>mmodAtad with lai-fa ttirtr rowna, t\ h or without, board, by applyinf ai ?7 Allan'tr atr-rat IIm and WAt?r In ibn hniwa HOTKL LOPOINOA?OINTf.KMKN OtN ORTtlN food finlAAd rnnwia a? thn ttlobo Htvnl, nornar of Frank tort and William rnnt?, at JA oonia par n?h! V faw haw rnona ai 3fh rnm? par right. No mhnr char?na ntaapt At thnlr op'irn. HOROKFN -Pl.KtSANT ROOMS ON THF! THIRD Aoop, for 1WO op tbrm cn lnmnn. >n a priraln fttmily, wAho'i' childrrn, at JHlantan nrwt. -v-ronoHFN rrnxisiiKn noov-j to i ft for si*. J 1 (rlc *i>ntloni?'n, with fiar'iftl or full bonrd, in * prt**to i??r mnn Inmiljr TV hoinu* h** *11 'b** modorn Impnitiwn'.ii, nndlnrntrdiwo mmiifo* walk from th* lorry. ln-vilia m 'A WaahinroB ?rrm?. _ UOIHiK' N TWO OR THRVP. OKjlTl.F.klKM fAH OR lain ploaaknf rwmwi tad partial board, at No. M Oardoo pftft, mrftor of SmwiI n. __ HOROKKX ROARO WANTKO TN RIVRR TRRRAI R or Park plaro, b? two or thrpo groilrm-"> A liboral , ..rttw will V > .id if r.' 'v V i, nn ;r-n.-n:s r* t b* Adifro** lotlfr ho* 9*1 Nrw Vork roi.oiRr* ITBW YORK HERALD OiniWW MPBDW. TKRKKT CITT-FURMUHBD ROOMS TO LIST.?TWO U large POOOIOO seeoad Boar, ut it private family, only three block* from Ike fbrry, not convenient for geuUemeo doing business to New York. To ratable purus* win >e rentod very moderate. Apply at IS Susan street, Jersey City NOB. BS AND 84 EAST TWENTY THIRD 8YRMKT. ?MRR Murray baring taken the two 4mm above nanaUuoed, recently kept br Mrs. White, la now prepared to leealre application* n>r familiea or alngle gewfleeaen tor pin inaaeat board. The bouaea are new, and nnaab all aaidiw Improvemeat*. The location Is not surpassed by any la the ally la point of style or convenience, being in the moat daatrable part ot Twenty-third street, near rmirta avetrae. VTEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?KIT HER SIN XI gle or In suits, with all the modern Improvement*, to gi-nUemeu, without board. Apply at 298 Weet Twenty beoood street NO. 10 BOND 8TKKET.?FRONT AND RKAR PARlot m *nd bedroom* furnished, on the second and third i oors, Muglr pi-ulicmen preferred; suitable for gentlemen and I oir Wtrt-.t. ReTereoces eschanged. / \NK OR TWO OENTLRSnCN CAN B* ACCOMMODATED \ " with two pleasant rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with modern improvements. In a private family, by applying at 3.14 RUth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty tkrst streets, with or without partial board. ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLE URN CAN OBTAIN elegantly furnished apartments la a Oral class brown stone house. with all the modern Improvement*?baths, gaa. hot and cold water, Ac.; location in the eternity of Tenth street, and between Filth and With avenue*. For particulars address Mrs. M. L. 0., Herald office. PARIS IN NEW YORK ?PRIVATE FRENCH BOARD ? Gentlemen wishing to learn to speak French practically aud'tlieoreUeally, can apply to Professor Th. De l'Oueat, whose family as well as himself are from Paris, 239 Tenth street. PRIVATE BOARD ?A GKNTLKMAN AND WIFE OR A single gentleman can be accommodated nt No. 22 West Twenty-ninth street, between Broadway and Filth avenue. "DOOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD, IN A FIRST CLASH J V house, to gentlemen and their wives or to single gentlemen. Apply at *29 Fourth street, between Second avenue and the Bowery. Rooms to let.?three friends can be acoom undated with three bedroom* and a parlor on the second lloor, in a private family of two persons; no children Terms $.1 each: parlor $7 per week, with breakfast In their apartments, if desired, lite house la new. AO I ret deep, with modern improvements, and good neighborhood. No. 317 West Thirty hint street, near Ninth aveuue. Gent.emeu ouly need apply with good reference. r'O GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR SINGL1 gentlemen can obtain pleasant rooms, furnished or un furnished, at 236 West Twentieth street. Dinner st six o'clock Reference* exchanged. TWO VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET?FURNISHED, without meals, on se mod door, in a privale family. To gentlemen requiring a quiet lodging three rooms are very desirable. Gas and bath. Apply at No. 7 Amity street, near Broadway. TWO ELEGANT PARLORS, UNFURNISHED, TO LET? To one or two respe) note gentlemen, at No. hill liouatoa ' .....t I, A /V... ........ ., fl,, - V ..1,1.1 mo GENTLEMEN.?TO LET, TO ONE OR TWO OEN1 tlemen, a neatly furnished. comfortable room, with pantry attached, together with use of bath room, lu a strictly private family. Apply at 7'dl Houston street. mo LET-TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN WITHOUT HOARD, I two pleasant partora with pantries. and one small room. lurtiiaht'd or unfurnished, as may be agreed upon. Apply at 98 East Twenty eighth atreet. opposite fit. Stephen'a church. rro LOT?nkXtly burnished mom on second X floor, 10 geutleiiieu, without board. Apply ai 100 Prince meet, near Broadway. WANTED?BY A SINGLE MAN, A NICE ROOM IN THH country lor tha summer, on Htaten Island, or ou the II miaou river. Private, lamily preferred. Please address box :t I .11 I'Oel other "IITANTKD?PARTIAL BOARD BY TWO YOl'.Vli (JEN ff tie men, in an .American. English or Prenoh private lamilr. w here there are few or no other boarders. Address 8 T. U.. Herald olllce. HHMOHRN NOTICES. UI1RISTTAN SPIBITUALLSM.?REV. T. L. HARRIS will preach to morrow at Academy Hall, 6ds Broad weir, opposite Bond street, at HH? A. M., and 7}? P- M. Seats free Messrs. oideon r. ledkrer and kphraim m. Epstein, Christian Jews, will bold (Providence pernioingi their next meeting, for free dismissions with their non Christian brethren, on the subject of "Christianity, the only true Judaism," to morrow evening, at 7)? o'clock, at 108 i en ire street, opposite the Tombs Kiee expression of opinions will be maintained as heretofore. All, especially the .lews, sre invited lo attend Memorial church, hammond street, corner of Waverley pLiee ?Rev. l)r. Prancis Vtnion. Assistant Minister of Trinity church, will preach to morrow (Sunday) evening, the anniversary ot the opening of the church. SerJ vice* .half past 10. half past .1 and hair past 7 o'clock. Sea a free. Notice.-there will be religious service neit Sabbath, at 10*; A. M. and (7*4 P. M , by Rev. D P. Jones, and Sabbath School at? A. M and 1 P. M . 1st, "Spa rial Providence", ?i, "Atonement." Mr M P. Greeosword will address the children. KEY. D N BURNET WILL PREACH TO MOIlRtlW AT Ibe Seventeenth street chapel, | miunlitiiely we-4 ot Stub avenue, at In*. A M tntil'i K. *. The discourse at 71* will be sddreased to yount; persona. r) JEWS IN PARTICULAR, AND TO GENTILES generally The Christianity of 'he New Testament, not Clerical Theologies not Judaism, the Clwliuanlsni OI Moses sod tile Prophet*.?Thm Is (he s tmbol which t* la pro posed lo illustrate sail prove, in foil, tree ami fan discussions, on Sunday rvrnlngs, at 7 P. M., at 187 Bowery, when dlss-n dents can ssk noastlooa any Htale objections without being stigmatised and Instilled, on aeonioi of which any further countenance to the meetings at iisi Centre sine is hereby withdraw bv manv, who raspcc I ally in\ r ? etuidld and aiaear* inn Hirers elsewhere. JOHN TUoM A8, M. D THE CONGnKGATION POKMHIU.V ASSEMBLING IN Jelferwa Assembly Rooms will hrrieofoi ward meet In the Hall. 187 Bowery, nam Dol.iurey streei. where the Gospel, dtreated of the tt sdi tons of men. wtll bo set forth. Dr. John Thomas will lecture lo morrow morning at III1; oVIork. Bee adi ertiecsnrn in this onloma for evening dh* 'isston. The north went prkshytkrian t iiurcii ion f iftieth street near Eighth avenue), will bo dedh-aieil tlie worship ot God, Sabbath neit. May i. Pi "*ehuig m*v be eiperted by Rev. Dir. Skinner at 10*4 A. M ; Rev. Dr. Il.itfteld at 3K P. M.. and Rev. Dr. Campbell a*7X P. M. HfKSTMINHTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, SOUTH f T Hroofcltn - The pastor elect, Rev. Hugh South Car ix-n'cr, will preach in the chapel of tin* church, i-onvi- of Kii-*t place and I Union atrect, on Sundae, VI inaL, at halt past 10 A. el, awl hall pant 7 P M The public am united to sttten d. Tlic annual reiving of t>ewa will take place to the chapel on Tci-wln? evening. fttli ins* , at a o'clock All paraona dtaii1k| lip* of aittinita am re^ncaHtd to l?? preaeni punctually. COPAMinnMV mmcRN. tfcSiMt ANY HKNTl.KMAN ITAVTMi THIN AKOClfT, ipiA/ll. nud Wi-hillk to en Italic ill a ploawtnt permanent anil li'iviiicaa that will piy Iwn partlea troin KT.iVJO to M.ttJO p?r MMMim. can have an opportunity Ke|er<>t?r? ipeen and rep lured. Apply to 1,1 YINllSTON A CO., No. 6 Keektitiiii at, |IO/\ll ?WANTED, A PERSON Of STEAD* !I\HITN fiOa/Vf. wl'h thla anuiun', to lake an intert- in >n cat.ibiiMiru b'taincaa. To a milablc man ureal Inducement* will be olTcrrd. ami ureuritT fte'ti for the mon*v WIIKFI.KK A CO., ;tu Broadway, room II. ^ ciwi WANTED v.v enteri'IT*!*!; ?0\/e" pMlMH* wbo haa the above amount of caau to loan on ample aacitrite, niae obta n a pcrra.ui 'tit ilUuhH *od s<??l aalary, or. if prei' i mvf, an intorewt In the biwlnma To a ocrMMi tele- I# dcairoua wf travellintt and making moo * at 'bo sim.' ilM" thl* U a jptod op|>on<inily. Apply at >7 ibwl AMtPllIU) A?E.RD'\N l.MlT WISH KM Tn t NfER mm partnership, ether in a mil/mere or ttvarv r-w*la mesa-o New Yot1 . ? h.-a t o.iea.iy carat*. b-si A ..l eaa N N. H . II mid ..Hire. A PARTNER WANTEO-W1TH V I'AVir Al, OF f I .till ?1 in the country rrmt e tu l prov-.-.on u?l? me ? I o oouel lunuenre ropatiTmbnU from v,. a m'ry n: e|.-, nsi. Addreaa. for two day*. Produce, Ac., Her aid C -e IJMTNKK WINTER WHO I IN INFIX KNt H 1*1 ' muf ft ui New Yoik and Brnohhn, in a mooter >.?. in# hot -e id. wt'J ,ic iriois' ' It) sr?, . , n m'l por iwuriii^n n?ra? nvf , q>k iifii'najti dan. kit<n? a?ldi<?? and relKinmM. 'P1IF P.ARTRF.RRRIP KTmTJfn C*PvJl Tine FIRM I of Hart la 1 Rntan la lb* day diaaoferd, bv wrwl i-onwrit. Thr bnrlnr** nl ilm ftrm will b? aa-OM by oHMt of 'ha -obai i-|?M?ra < tbtdr o?m. Jfo. > IrornH atr?a*. K>IIW ntR?w K? w Yoa*. Mar I. 1A87. *? ARI.K8 KCHX. TV- nodrraifiwd taavr ibia it*J lanoad a crmf-anrttala, ua dai ih" Mm'' an.I Sim of Ilarri*. KnAa A *?- TVty wui now !in?a 'on bUMnraa of i'lfiar radrln^, at Nna 12, X, X. At and A) Leonard ?traa?. aa hrrrtoOtrr rarywd on by flaj-rla A K'lbn. 70i(lR H VRRM, r? ARI.RH KfrfM, Nrw Tom. Mat 1. l*r. R. R rSABINU. TIIK COPAKTWRNHTP HKRKTOFORKRXIMTINO RF, 'waan < bartaa (laiury and W Itam Bit Jan 1a >lu? day d?a "<1 bT mutual rnuai-m Kaihar pary will mijn th* mm" of th<' fiiia in lionldaiiro. i.Vii Ira Oa'nry will mnunnr 'Aabual. nana In bla own unic i'HARI.F.8 fJ AiytTY, W*. BKYOK.V IOt ClURMM Star*?. New To**, April ?. 1857rr. t.ATti FIRM OF L A F. 1.TOM. ROIAfO BVH1NK8H ai M and IfiK Chaikam airaat m <hm day dwaolynd by an ml nonaant All on ?'a ad le* *?h'? w>l| ba nulrd by F.. I,TOM, UM t'bailum au ran. I.ICWIH I.YOK Nkw TOM. Apiil ?. l?". KDWARIl LTOM. TIiF I NIiFRMONFO II AYE TI1T8 PAT FORMEP A ropaiinrtrhip, uadnr tha naa* aad Bra of Iftcbnl A RQ lm w n and Will ror'lmm iba imo fooodi t biminaaa a> Voa 3R '.I and XI llaiarrainy drw' fnia'ib cairAnd ow by vha lata rm of Mrikka A Wlrhol. l*?w Toil. Mat C tW <?? >? Wlttta fl. R. HIT LKRWMl.i, WANTFJI A TKRiAO."*, WHO OA* OOMM A VP FROM Bbi OniioSMiMnO.'O mart a bunion* whwb will pay tr??n AO to 80 prr or m Ft AddmaajQg O P . HrraJd atftnr, ailrfbnory r?frr?nr? will b? ?Ay?a. alnn Rwitary oariionAira, I t nblab H ran br arra I bat n J oar af taw oMroi and brai buntow m Nrw York HOTRLR. " pH:HMOM> H 11.1. HoTKL. HTAriN IRLANP WI1.1, M I open ne nt ,im imam mr in? mi a w-f* . < hilHi ><! half artre i*ir?i bm 'ho h?M? ?' VaBderbilt ikMtni rartioilara at Mr. Hnt?IM'a nee, N?v S WaSI treat, or from J. r. KKLI.KTT, Proprietor S A R ATtHJ A PPR1NOR THE OI.D MANSION. W AKH tiW'Ofi HaJJ. a quiet raaort %t fhaailtaa and outer*. wfll M i'V>n vm'r ID the xeaeoa ft l? Sea mfnitr rfta'a.1 no Rreadwar, atta anple rmttnda and nhodo v'?n Addreaa Mr%, Maena. MAM. On* or th* *m?t rupwaiv* *vn pkhhv> itorlt* of aefani ta the c*j ran be fowl * No. 17 Pro til way Whnlmale r?n-linv-i an- r t a?in?i Raraaina raa he bad O. rRMKR, Q Pread*??. coai.. (IOAI. ?TW* SI Htt'ftlPbRHRV v|\ > . I ? I nt rhnrrl > r a q> .I, t,> n ^ti. > i ?' >nae?t ntarbet prtee. rtellTciT.l .HrrH front the h.w'? or t >? r-ernrd fmoi taH. al*o, l<rhij(h the ?et'iinr ar'tele fi'tm ' ?" m ne? nf the f.eht*h l>ifltptnf. ttrNRV RKKTr 1 Vomer vmia! and (Vntr#, atvi eoi?i?t- 'an-A'til rtftUt'-' "!

SATURDAY, MAY 2, 1861 Hovisa. Room, m? to un a ' /v "a?>?7>v \,w.vv,.*a*/,a.^/ OA rocRTH avkfttk?knar part or thk ftoomt t7\1 11> Jet, fiirouhfa, o? moms u'c*/-?*, on fcn* (v-or kti urniMini pa. i>r* " a jin) jimn nr other* ?Wumi( bwrtl WHO privilege tu kitchen, location near llrace euorrh and [Iron! way. Refnrtuce required Airn?'TO I.KT. RKNTN RK1HMTD, A OHWTHBL bout* mi the corner of Oeha.l and Verry ???"? Brooklyn. Aleo, a genteel house hi Kori) udrd struct, iK-a? Broadway. AWv one In Kon? seventh alreet. Appts U> (' <1 1 HOMPKON K", NMMI atrrer Kt\*i BROOME HTKKKT TO l.HT.-THK HOUHK I? tJUO beta* pot to perfect order Inquire of THIH K. VAN BtJRKW. z?7 Broadway, mowi No II 4h7Kt\ -11) LIT- fOlUlt IM KANT TWENTY THIRD ? I llu. atreel thrre atorlen and wltk the nmt derm Improvraaeou. Apply rrt the prenrtww, uoar Third' avenue. An om?K on bkoaoway, nkar warren atreet, to let?tight. airy and pinwai*. Impure at thd oflu e of Pnnee'e protntH fountain pen, 290 Broaalway, onener of Reade atreet A NICE three ktohy house TO let, in WTtHT Twenty flflli street, U ronma, wi* dm, rhaodelters, bath. range, Ac Yearly rent $6U>. peach tree* and a grapevine In the yard. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Apart ok a house to i.kt, in brooklyn-the entire aeeood Hone, four niee room/., with ras, deNghtfiilly altuaiad within three mtautea' walk of Walt and Booth fer Ilea. Yearly rent $175 B W rich AKDH, *)7 llr wtdwny Apart ok a ooon house to i.kt, west ok and convenient to Broadway below Houaton atrvet, Itrall llvn roums Yearly rent $250. Kor particulars apply U B. W. RICHARDS. *T Broadway. Arm AI.I. eamii.v have part ok a house to I.kt in Bedfovd avenue, East Brooklyn, either Ikn upper or m?<n i?ivn. wmi kiih nun ? nuryr canicii. II >h :? verv iwaimy location. Kent very mn<h rate. Imiuiro at ttt Naaaau atreer, V. Y., up Blair* ASTORIA.?oofntrv rksidknck to I.KT. for THR rummer?I"hrt of * large double iniuvion. aevcn rooiiwi, situated on a height overlooking the elty, attirounded- with shade tree* ahnrba. fruit, riti-iwvn lawn, lai? ? arable *iui carriage bonne, good water, and i'very convenience, wren* every live minute. In the day h t laiirnad. ateaiuboat auil ou? ulhtui. Addre** A. Poitlay, Aatnrta. AFFRNTSHKP FIRST CLASS FOT'R STORY AND tiaaement bouae lo let, near Fifth avenue and Waihuigtrtv square, containing twenty room*. everything tar houael.-;> in#;; a portion ?t the rent Uifc-n In hoard If desired. Apply at H VT. RICHARDS', an Broadway. ANIFRIiT PUKNLSUKD THREE UToRi tNJIRv. K menf houae to let, near KuriMlv aweou" everything for bouaekecpiug. with Kan, rnaiwleliera. In i cold shi.ocr bath*, range. Ac.; yearly rent JKtO- per . *1 lor. Immrdla'"';. B. w. itll'uakmi, ."07 Broadway. Broadway room to let?at m, two doors above Broome atreet, aullakle for tm office or any light btiaineaa. dual papered and, han gas and water; rent S2BU. Inquire of KNIGHT A CO , ai above. rtOTTAOl TO LXT.-THKKK VKAT OOTTAOCH TO U let, one tm Thirty-ninth meet, one on Fortieth and one on Mmd avenue. Kent ?K0 each. Aiao, aheap Morea on Sixth wnene and Broadway and Thirty-alrth atreet. Apart men ta In forty-Aral atreet Apply to r. BR ADT, 71 Thirty ttfth atreet, * to T. Townaend. 83 Naaaan atreet DE8IRABLR HOTJQ. TO IJCASF?AT HORNKI.LRvilla, M. Y. The American Hotel, in the centra of the village. 'rooting the park on Main atreet, one third of a mile to>in the general depot ol the railroad* from Ifew York. Dunkirk and Htifl'uio; hiut haudaomely remunerated every occupant for forty yeara. The honae waa rebuilt in MM, three atoriea, one hundred feet front, two full length plana*, aulyttvr room*. with ilueo fonrtiia of an acre of land, anil large atah e*. Prevent Irene of live year* expire* .tune 11 It will be leaned on terma lo enable a good tenant to keep a good bouM-and thrive. The rapid Improvement of IhU village and ai'.rroundlng country Irlbnlary in It liacarrelty equalled In the "Southern tier," and M-cure* to the aland, in adiltlh n lo the railroad patronage, a Urge and Increailng badness. It la a rar e chance for good landlord* prepared to he.ep a brat claa* bouse. Such are Invited to apply to WM. M. HAWLKY. Agent. HomelUvtile, N Y. EKSK ROOM TO LET?VERY PLhASANTLY SITUATED in fmat ritons, second floor. No. 6 Tryon Row, near City 1; (roton water in the room, Ac. Apply loJNO. WARD, Jr , mom No. "LTRONT AND RKAR l'AULOKS TO LET?ON FIRST r Hoot, In connection with other rontns nil' use of kitchen" it desired, in Clinton place, near liroad?-ay. Address A. M. C., Union Hnuare Post ofllee. FURNISHED HOUHR TO LKT ON MODERATE terms, if to a small esreful lamiiy.?To let, for six months, from the first of May next, sn elegant bouse of moderate size, with brown stone front, furnished in unique trie, adorned with objects of art, and situated in Twentythird street, near Fifth arenne and Madison square; one of the most desirable situations in the city, bolng open to the south, eery airy and In the immediate vicinity of one line of chy rail road and three tines of stages to Wall street and South ferriea, ha Address MKILL BROW. A CO.. No. LW Peart street. FU'RNISIIKD HOl'SR TOnKT? A HOUNF COMI'LETKl.T liunuhed, in a good n> ighboi lio el (las, water, Ac. Address box 8H4 P at oiftlre. Tj^UI.TON STRKKT. ?TO lilT, TTIF DEFHC MILE STORK r lid Fulton street, nesr Broadway. Phsscvtlnu immediately. Appply to T. W. STRONG. 9S Nassau street. IjlUl.TON ETRKET-TO LET. THE DESIRABLE STORE ' No. 1M Fultou street, near Broadway. T. \r STRONG. SM Nassau *tr">t. TTOUSKH TO l.ET-TWO ENGLISH BASEMENT JLL hoses, with brown stone frtMlls. and all the modern improvement*. 10b ana lid Twelfth street between Kiftb and Sl.'Ii zveunes to be put in reuatm. Rent fit ,n?. s yssr. Inquire or DOMINIUM RYDER, lit West Taulftb street be twven Fifth and Sirth avenues. Lofts to lkark?no. 40 Murray street, fob vmud wunmitiarjy. Apply u> DOLL, ADDlhON A OO., IK) I'-i:.' afreet. rat mat's cmr assembly rooms, mm broadway, m. lo tot, Sir ooaonrto, leattrato, m>'>'Uiu?, Ac.- Ii to arknow Mad toe neat rtotul and beat adapted aalana for ooaonrto to toa aKy. baring anportor aoouatir quaJutoa, oaa aeat zaoo. OlO wTmiller. Proprietor. NEW HOTEL TO LKT OK I,E AMR?JEST ERECTED on I ha Bowery eytenaion, near Jamra atrrnl, mtoiainir HJly rooma, alorca, Iia-emnta. tranito, wlth.all tile modern tin prorrmnito Rot partleiarra Inquire on the pretnitna. dully, ai 10 o'clock A. M and J P. M. PART OF A HOirsB-ZI SEVENTH AVRNL'K, BRTWKKN I Twelfth ami Thineeaih atreet*, to let, all the modem m prorcroenta Root >er? -eaeooable to a email tamily. Poaaeeol'in Immediately. Apply on 'he premietta PART OF HOLNR NO. LIA ORKENE HTRKET, ME VR | Ho'tetna, to |e ? front parlor on aeouad fW?a, raMblle to* and ha.i.h?droom. all rommini'-alini, fM ant- roots Willi hrepl.i ?, large beet basement, paid yard, < rotoa awd fti.t; rent SJTai; p wneaeton Immediately. Rent woo.-to i.rt, the uffkr part or hocsr Mb weal T atomy fourth at met, rtmnrUn* of aeeond aad Rart of third doom. a email InmUj preferred, bath, gaa, An., 1 toe hmun. STKtM POWER. TO LET, a FTNR I.NIirT BANRl mam, alao, a maaahar of anaJI rooma, artto or wHhoa power. In toe htuiding 17, IV, 41 and 41 (intene atreec For aaJe. eight imall turning todiea and a lot of abaft Uig, pultoya. Ac.^ Apply to A. A <1. W. BRADY, M tirocne awnot, aenond CTKA* POWER REDUCED YD 40 CENTS 1'F.K DAY far tt home power Steady a'earo, with a ll lighted room, la let. Hoe. anew 1.14. and tire doom, La re- mv! iibaJI man Im ure M the Re. Ii?m >f win Utile, H7 Kldndgtt a rret, and at the I oaji ene Steam NlUa, 172 Fornyth afreet t*Tf)RK TO LET ON BPOADWtY. NEtR M1RUPR-A , l ' handaiiaae. large, deep a tare well adapted fop miNtnery. 1 dreetwri-'iilH, ' titorohlerien, or any aimitor haatnatie. ftitiuoa. , wht< h urn en oeaaplete for eato, and Iromedaate txeaeaakw |t\f|t Ketil *1 Kn. Add roan K . bo I It Broadway Peat ntim. CJTOKK TO LKT IN JOHN STREET?THE FIRST O dorr, baaemeul aid nndrt eel tor if 'he atcc- No fo! lobn .ue. I. It in fK?. Apply U> A B. SCUlKPFKLtN, HO WU Ham at met. Smitr hp i.r.i?in>, ai ,-aAonaii >inr.r. i,, W"in l?*Io? Vai'mlaoo. nnar tba Poat oUWo, m '.bo ' dM in?aiion? in 'hp eny lor wbdoaal* >r r??ail tiado. Haa h? na >rriipl?*l fo boatrry and I'Mt oa dry fOrHa Muumt. Ih^-iud up Vain. CTATKN IMI.A ND.~ PURNJbHKD 'X)TT.\i<r T?? LKT, bra'infully Wwa od a bi(b iropwd, mnimardliut a Ho?vk-w 'A ihr hay, A-'.. and only a ail or' dmiaaci 'nm 'bo land nj? If r*"iu'r~l a r>>d Ormaa honaokoopT may bo oafafad. \ Idi OM with rral nam*. P , boa 27d Pom odteo. fpo LJCT-A PIICR KVMlfKR RMIWW1! 1 V TOMK 'M I ploarandy aitaawd, half a nulo Irraa ib* njiafo and mataiaina ?i*hi roof II wtll ho |m. nmiaaail J doarrad ftir t*? ninrvr moatba. Por panwi.ara inoalrw o4 A. B. HOTT. Tonkara. rT,*T~THF: i OWMODIOl'R POCR STOBk r?WKLt. n* bo'iao ?? Pr nca airaai, far Broadway. \ppiy I* J. M. RWtiatirr or A. H. T*pr?n. 51 '"baiahara a?r.*oi. rPO UPT-A COCNTTIN RVj>!DKN?.B ON THIS BANK'" I of tko a> Dob ha b'?rry, onaaia'am M a (vml laniaaod lour aorra of land. wnb Irmh Ac. Urouada bonwil'uUy lard 0?t aad yVw twt io? Rant. o a floou oaant, low la oira at 219 Paarl atraat. rUrr-TWO ri'RMMlKn ROOMH. TO NUhtLK lil.N flainae, wbOM board t en, ? i Jk <i ra* I ?'r?? mo lxt por axwttxriiart morriNiikt, UKTVRRB, 1 ramoar a, -Ihihoi ma. Ae 1 'ba las pa -orm oa f br?? Boor ?f Uir t hiaaao Bntkltaf. 1M Imiau. Manacaa. IM ft by AO w'hbf M fcat big*. Apply oa Jin prannaaa. ri.rr rwo rikpt clam roen rtory imour* RPOPra M aad Ml Want TTTrir Wb a?mat Brown mm to araond Soar, trft bay wlwtew, warbla ttpUbnlr, kAixlaow* MMury. MrMt aofla. Mute i?nii y kuof wltA potd ??< paarl ftytr: all bo Modrra ?. mm trnW B?rt I* Apply to R. BI^ARCM. Wapl fkjray nit ?- ? rl.kt-to s1mgi.r (HCXTLFMEJt, 1m 4 jtmctt prlmlr ftunUy, not oar'or aad ar wal hrdroorvt. riorum hr ftiintabrd TV? bonaa contain* all ba raodrrn itpiw mama, *am hat*. Ac. Apply at 607 BonptOR atrapi, rtm* Broadway. rLFTTWO TWRFR BTORT WOC^ER. BROW!* om" 'ron't, ? Budap Mrwi, Jarary ivy. wl'h ?J ha madam mprortnamta, ihr?? tamntoa walk utm 'ha -rry; r'tilfap*'*"10? Apply at Mo. 7 Kmet itraat, Jrraay i*v, or :ll Wapkingmp bfiWt. Mow Pork. rm rWRTR Fl RMT?MKD ROOMB RKMTIMAD ranra. Apply at 1*6 Ww ftnraptaanib *4raa?. rt FT?BOHR OF TWR HORT DKBf R \R!.K WO CRM IM lie city; oo? op laiphi auwat Rw Warwey plan". **r Rt. Mark'a ji'aaa, U,W)r>. Raxt KIBornth atraat. naar Tnr?* r!ara. H.jnO; Miraanth do II 000; Wrat KtBrraiii ?t.. batwr in Ftfb and ?rtk a-rap-iaa, II,k*V. Twenty ati'k tirm. h?i?"ai Pniu-b and l.?nn*to? kfpptina, II or). Twpty 'bird. % pni two op Wrat Tw?o?y ARB atraat, IT DO and Ml. Wra4 Thirty flrat tuwpA a ad Rma.iway, Mb. and atvy boiaaa for aa> and aacbanpa ror ran todtara upply at my ofltor W FntiriB armor; wui r'aow ta m? hp Kmrta arraur, ndworo Miatb a ad Trntli atraat*. IAMV* ROWE T) l.H-tT FORT HAMll.TOM, L. I., \ VK.RT MK.A twttatnry fnttaya. mnuuatnp ra?bt rooma. hrauUf'tlly * cttmUfor a ttainirr arptjaaca. rant I1.V \tn\ %KotAipcot taar nith atahla and srardrn, ran' |*?. Ap| !y *> J. OROt R KB, Fori Hamilton Pnat i Plor. _____ rl.VT THF DWFLI.IMO FART OF THE TOCR TORY bouaa 8H6 Grand tarrt, N la wall adai-i-d for a larpa fainty or a boa ' np bonaa Apply to R. IPS Broadway, or J AMUR MOORE, tU r>brMno atrart. ______ rTH) I,FT THR TWO BCTUHMO# MO ?? AMD 440 1 Fon rill armtta Mw"<n TWrVy Am* and Thirty pronnd atrrrta, near tha railroad dapot, bvm'rlr oorup4ad aa Ota t'otp narn-tal Hotal. Apply to OtSSlIC*. ? *>"? Twrnty nlruli ptrrrt, bafnrr |o>Virk. at 4 n'rlork. and In tha arrninf; or at II Maaann ?traa4, tktrd otorr fro? IB to II o'ctor* r. HOOIM, ROOM*, AC., TO C.BT. IX) I.KT-THK TXKJKTUT HKAT OF Tlfr: LATW JOWW P. Bmw?, Km . al Furl Kk-hinmit riuteo laUnl. wVhlm tire nluuir* wall of tfcr ferry, a Ant rain at?blo MMi|rm bouar tawtuAnd Inqotrr oa din prnmiaM, or .rf ft. J. OLARKB, H MmAtd laita. Frw Turk mo I.KV -THK HKAL1, WTOBB AMD HAJMfHKT WO. I 1 Harcfery atreet, nadnr Ikn AMor Some. A#p(y m <* (u--itmw _ T? LKT-TWH ftTTOBIOB TII1K HTOBT AWD Flnjakrd attar ? Ht. MM'i. pkr* to** awuto. to par* ti onlrr Pnmeiwion can b*i km tuuaeAMf*. Aadr m < n KOUKAOK, it Bread alreri, up tidra. mo lrt-to mw?*r or hhohkarhiw o? ant i MM Dummw, ihp third" Boer uT the Fourteenth WW gotof Apply a) 31 (Irand atrcel. W A RKKN. mo [JIT - A LARtm, KLKOA-IFPLT rURNlKHHtt X benae with *11 the mn?n rtmvenienoea rdtuatnd ik Chart Ion atreet, between MhodotiKHi end Yartrk ata. App.y at M' Centre ilwt * rLKT.-A KARK CHANffR. A NKW BKOWN SfoNK Kngthhhaeemi-tM hoitae ta Hronfclyia, oonWlntng < tcvon room*. aod rooveiueot ui Wall uad KuUon Ifrni't, to let, for onr or three year* TV rent (maybe paid by bearding l.twor and hi* wife Addre** Hkn Can Ktviwlea, Herald ndlre, mo LKT?1<0WKR FART OF HOITSK l.? LAlfRKNM, X oear Bltwtcc alrret. WUI bo Let on reaaonwble utrina 10 a *oo<1 tenant, a amail family preferred; Raw and Ooloo water la the bouar. Apply on Utr premier* brat ol May mo UCT?THE TWO 8TORT BRICK ltOUSK 131 OANAI. X alrcet, neat to the corner of Weal Broadway, m.t bo alusrwJ to a atore II required Apply at 192 Broadway, Irani eleven to larrlre o'rlooa, or at 98 Kant Tweul/-aevrnth a-reet oi PKTKR A. H. J ACKHOX. mo UR-At 8TATKN ISLAND. KOUR MINUTKrt WAi.K X from Uir mtd.Re Unduv;. a tin.- new ttwtiui oouagn, three atorlea, with ail tile modern tmprovemruta. situated on (Uly feet front, wtth room for llnwrra and vrflet Midi, tine vtew of the bay, and pleasantly situated. Rent 9-tll). For for tit or particular* lapply to JOHN 0. (JKNTHKR. 49 Maiden laua, Now Tort. ___ rLKT-AT SARATOGA HPRINCM. FOR THR HOMmrr metritis, a new brick bo nee, newly furnished, with large garrtra ettai-hed, convenient to the Spring*, and one of the inoet desirable residence* la the village Inquire of U. K. DAVIS, 191 Wish Thirty seventh street, or addrnoe R. CHURCHILL. Harabtga Hprlnga, N mo tiJiT_iv nRnoirr.v* two rm.\u?vt titrrr X aiorjr and haM-meut brick house*, In likmUnxdnii ati eec : wttbin half * blockol two railroad*. Said hooMC are lai-nubed w"h pa* and marble tmuib-l* throughout. nnd will be to n-uauo at a reuaocable reul. AdilrraaJ., hot 371 Now V??rl Po*l ( (Bi n. 'IVJ LET-IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A IIANIE 1 hiiim front rnnro and bedroom, furnished t a Ian I wo or 'hree other room*, ftirniaiedl breaUaat ruay be h.ul U'mqttired. Alao. a front Ea*?inent to let, aultable for an nlUre, at S* per monib. K'aqo* aatl iai* to ail paau of the city paw wiiitio a Tew diKm of the ImiiMv Storage wlll'be taken in the mac of the building fi>r any inrtrhamliait, on reiiannahletcrtna. Inquire ai IK) Mod atrerl, near Broom' at., or at tifi Fulton hjwi, Brooklyn. rI?KT -THF UPPER PA-RT Or DWKLLINO HOUSE 139 Went Twenty fourth Htreet, to a small family without children. Reference* enchant,cd The limine contain* ail the , modern improvement*, and la In an excellent location. Inquire ' on Ihe premise* r) LET?THE FIRST FLOOR, PONSIXTINO OF THE front ami baekjptrUir, brdroom anil kitrheui nlao three I front room* nnd kitchen on third rtbor, in ? gentcel-hauie, wt'h the lau-at Improvement*. Inquire at 172 Forayth nti-aeu fpo LET.?THR WHOLE OR PART OF THE FIRST A rlaaa louratorv brown *t?n? house, No. ltd Went Forty xecood ati'eet. ronhiHiing ehandeliern and every modern tmnrtni meut, will l>e let very low to a reapectable family. Tim location Ik unsurpfined, .be rent, if ilealrable, nay be paid In board, to a email family, wtai will furninli their own apart men'a Apply on the pieman *. T) LET?PART OF A OOOD THREE STORY HOUSE, ec<mil floor and part id th.rd; ha* Ra* and Otc.lon water, to a small genteel family. Rant very low. Inaction Rood, and houaa IN] iileaeaui, may Ih- MM ill auy I me, at 17'i Weal Twenty fifth aireet, near Ktxhlh avenne rl.ET-l'ART OF A THREE STOItV It A SEME NT tirat clan* liouae, wtih range, furnace. K** fin urea, Ac. Rent $3110. taken in hoard, If draped No oilier lanuiy in houae iKK-ation East Brooklyn (late Wlllianieburgj conve nnui to the lerriea. Inquire on pre mice* 117 Sot.lli Fuiu-tli . aireei. TO I.KT-TIIF FIRST AND SECOND FLOOR AND baaemenl of Ihe new awl well lighU-d brlrk building oil power inn b<> used nnd I>-t to advantage! Apply to K. 8 RIKKR. 150 Naseau street. rl I.KT?AT NKW DIUftUTON, S. J., lor the aummer and autumn, a hand* waaiy lurtiMird rotuge with car riag>-house attached, a '?w minutes walk from tar landing. Apply to A. II. sand*. No. 2 Hanover at. mo LKT?A PART <> ? T.'fK THKKK STORY HOtTSM NO. I M ITurtreiita atreet, to-a email t.imily, with ne wli hoi* board. T) I,*r?TO A SMALL PAMri.Y WITHOUT t'Hfl.DRKN, an upper floor, w Ih gas, bilk, AC., of hoi.*" No. It) Hoai man place, Thirty than! Hirer!. T) I.KT?PART OP A MODKRN HUUSK, NO, Gd WKHT Thirteenth street new Sixth avenna, to a -mall family, or would tie let with board Inquire on the pietnises. TO I.RT-ROOMS on TUK WnOLR IIOUHR, (MODERN, with haili and ana., well furnti-heil, rinse to lUsiadway, and above I'rtnre aired, a IIr?t c.a.a r> slaiinuit la v. Ithln a ntooe'a throw ol ,he houae. and arrangrmanui have been made to lu/uUh mi ale at reasonable prices, suitable foe a par,? of Kent lean ti or otliera, wtia ran furnlah seem by. The whole |e< Us ui m iiithe, is looma by Uin work or monili. Address Wooit. Herald ofllce Td I.KT -IN WHOt.K OR IN TAUT TIIK 'Wo STORY basement and suie brick house, count bung II room*. 1.1 Weal Thirteenth atreel, e.say of a< , -s by aiages.or r?rs. u> a pood tenant HUO. Apply on the premise* or to l>. TIIOHSON, tA Pine mireet. ) I.KT?TO A KHALI. PA VII. Y, PART oP HOUSE Wt Howcrr. mnsi. 'uig ?4 two liar parlora, fioat basemen', bedroom and pantries, qa?d under r< Ihii; t'rou isand tf?a. po Miswg unraediaU'lr. Apply aa shave rlJIT -STORKOIHUtOAPWAY. TURKK DOORS PROM Ilouatoo street- Real $l..*?) a year RtOOhnt mualr, fli toree I.TUU platea and mark oi nui,?i will be nehl sepsni* or with the (tore. A. HAdHPORI), 141) Pulton aheei, or an the premiers IU Broadway. rl I.KT?KIVH NKAT ?ori AUK IIOUSIW WITH VK rend aha m triar handsomely hn: ?* ! and W"U milted lor penieej fuaitlirs. The* are iw.-.l on the Nowiown and K'ubwtrk mad, Willi im/muri; T? S'V?d mnan'n thcr would he rw'rt ai fl2f> or ti. Apply n? I>. A A KlAilS LARD A SCI TON. Sft Broad r> I.KT HoUHK 27 VANDKWATKR 8TRKKT. HOCSK and at ore IS dw.'hnrry Mrrel, nraj < hnlh .in -irwi ?a fond i>-ard for a *t\wri .Xpplral.lM HtnaOway. room No.X r> I.KT T1IK TWil STORY ANO ATTIC lloUsK. (? l.alghi air>>rt, r+* si.'a | ark, Willi in itu. pmvrnwttia. In^iu'noi I". /.HiiMO, 47 Urlvon . r? I.KT-TIIK sKCOlMi si OUT tiK \ MODKRlt Hfll.T bolir. Willi hot and cold watai,rw. It , In a amall fuinllf. (( 01 iikkUn am. Ap|il? a No. Ill lattil air too, Ijamotn Harlow iind OttOVD MNNl. . TO I.KT IN BROOKLYN- T1IK TVto STORY ATT If haanuirnt and rnilar frame dnailing boom, wli .loi-had, ^na and fi il .nn, i-aat ?ld- of HkllJnutfl rm .. >dr . ndi Ho jm oolliof and nnar M/rtla atrnue. Ai/ylj to II. Pllfl.I.II*S, < o li" in aim Will hn ren ed !.v?r. r! I.KT AT YONIKR* A COTTAOR. WITH ONN Al'RK nl rmnui. <>> luiuan contain llMa roouaa, p?uilrt?a, An., ?i flr*< door a ad lonr li-dronma. uid rlomta on tb? wn-.od fl ki. . rrnt $ WO a * ' *.'. Apcir IO1.. W. l.UDtaOW, R V \r in n I'. HIT" MIMO*. at Jobu air.-i, N T. rl.KT rilKAR THI HOPWK UM BRDRORD HTRUT. to lindaoa ptiwi. and tM TYnrt* buh ru-eoa, mi UaJj*. anrws botb hare raa. bailr range and cbandeHor*. oJ in rood order. CppfT *' *? TWw tnh ? an*, or u? P. SRI SH. UK IWhH Croat la* u? week. T> I irr OK FOR K VLB? TUX RTOTK A NO I. KA.HR OF >ha Iwyi liaary >ad atrkaosa ?UK-a L"5? ?nd I.M A jx? mr?" , bri?. a Hi ? a *ud - r>- ?, will hold Hj Woman and wa*.'iu>, raat free, m a amail po. una lata for ?nixh ta pay Ike ram. tlonai u<i inr h1*. mo ist or lf.asb-thf: i.ari.k hockf. i? ruimon X ui?. iwi kn>i'Dnw of Laurk< axari. vpot r in J. H. OlFftXfl, Ko I Trvoai row. Vn*'>n i bokta mad (V*t ?ima?a. from I k> 2 r *. _____ T) RIXT OR FOR HALF?AT MOO HIM'i. A lX)K*0 ibmkia henna, rar<-nUy k'ult, and niaa mtm of Pari Tha pUra i? wrhion.liw uutvi'an rlr-ra of iw Oioov ntloeAn tba rrrr and for baaltklnma and kaau-y of by-aitoa M naa'irpa?ail Mora land BUT ba bad if oaaaoaary If "Old, a laiya pail of thamanhaaa na oey may remain oa ?irn(a Apply to THOH MM ALL, Bo. I Fmat alreat. R. T.. or C. F. Vaxrira. Nan.. Wnf Mat T) I KT OH FOR HALF A FlVH YFARM HAHR OF kou*a and ?U <chlar bonne ?W). .YM * ?< Forty at(i:h - rrn ipnn.ia im be pit ta.eea ir * YT" Wn?| F>r Tin nk ? i*a. r> I FT FOR HALF. OR KXCHVNOK A THRKR myy Jiwf On ?m. ?i houee, with modern improt-wiro'n, in F??i h llf . n naar -wo farnaa ip.l ..? - <. . r- n? a??> , <>? i.uir.l .Amen, lK>.t*a n tboi oxti mpn.i Addim?, a H>> "II nartx tiai?, d.nlr.n', Moral.! >*l'a. T, I FT OR I r AHB-TO A IIOOO TFNAXT TTHC FOCR Kir y brn-a hnlMinc, corner of (Irani and wamr Mieeu. U a rirr '"'irth beoaa roao ilmnd aad II wa Ibmai. no al Uia Oaat ler?Mn?a fir a ramaaraoi aad lodaUid bouaa a R U.lamrb'irf TV> a rond ?n*nt ikm rrrmJnm wul k" lot law. Apply la J OH* L. iHARFR, B? H.raad ?uwe?, wmkmr rLRT OR I4EARB? TWO "mX* FLOOR* I* BCTLia OA Xo 1*) Fnl'an wraat aril ba ramad low. Apv'f *? |iFr*?H>LD A riOCH. 1?K P?oo ?u?. Ti lxt ard riR.vrri rf for rvlr \t a rvr rata. - A tkraa ?u ra kri. * aonaa a F> toaa ?i WM ol I -'? *.?* Rrnt ol ;."?aa (?' A - -ad aoplr 'inlaaa ka? will but ihP iurii?'ira. wick >a A "J Mid kaa oaaa bM Add - i) I'. . HaraM -HBro mil LRAPR-FOR A TF.RM OF FOCR TF.ARA FROM FR1 1 Ut of Kay, 'am Kma of i;rOuad uortar aoaaa. la lot wm? lineal pairooaaa. aakdnr, kr , w*k ' Vo?oa wairr Intro mead. oMrra aiMarbaal. Apply aa vko pi iwaa. MB Waal atfrai, manor of Jana alpaa' To I'VM -l-X KM VI- IN RWH'Kt.VX. T1IK IHI F ni h? ? otid wra* >* ? 'hi?? ronma, 01 >Jw? . n? "'J|? N Mb r-i.'on or at .?? 'J* R?# ? ? irr>!? no lb# pr#au?-? TorwiTR -?l.v Tl L 1' 'TV. rHRJT.-nuRY :iaiv an?t br 4 ' m.'H kiiiwA Nob. VCT, B-V ?7 >\ . V ? -~1 rfb If" l?#'W#aa Ri#??nih ami I w?lt'h nv# .. ?.) ti# -w I Hr-r.n.1. j. Sbl^m# ,.? I r 'u?r? nvos* >? C. W. W?o?on, A* Krn??iw?f. riv ra >o. t>-... Thk rrrKR tart or tit. ?vnt*nl two utory and att* bo if M Rt?-b ?* ?'?? '? M, iviv win* of fnitx r . rr. - r rr t'd lj?-? h,,*..?? ,t Will b# .4 H>w -o ? ?iru?ll "?? < ?) ibauW. VAIXARLR HOTT1* PVP*.RYY TO I RANI. 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