Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1857 Page 3
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rmisiKFvrc RWira n nv my. AA1> MMH4I S?J. t aBINOIMin syl'AKK?HO< ro I.X7C WITH i ktiiUtblf lor l.imll.r" or almih Boootueu. Bcley r?'.|ii!r?d. HSON TERRAtF. HOIiOKIN' OPPOSITE THE i- - <>nt or t wo 10-nilemeii can be liOooiumodolttd with i nicely fiirtiish**i1 rooms, cninmandiug a bevittful it ' riier, with bo , .1. Apply** above I.AH.IIT 8TKKKT. NKA It ST, JOHN'S PARK?BAl'K i ior ou second floor to let, uiifnrniiilied. w ;'U board. union SQUARK.-a suit of rooms on the Moat floor, newly furnished, with gss. bMfc room. AO., < ? ' board or pruixte table If deau-d. uw, oue or tiro - ns'ina. HI?NP STREET-FRnNT AN1> REAR PARLORS miiI bedrmuna lurnished, 011 the ki'ooul aud llurd v single gentlemen preferred; Huilablp for gentlemen and i eras RelerenceM erehiinged. t MaRLTON STREET, NRARMACWOUOAL ? PLEA? i' *ud genteelly furnished apartment.-! to lei. with - rvrxl. Tboae desiring bouie comfort* will do well to l> T TWENTY FIFTH STREET ?A MKATLY KVR .n il front ) .11 lor mid bedroom, in A private family 1. 11- , house, to lei mill board, to a gentleman an ; v 1 'ii < ' ildi'en, or two single gentlemen. House In 1 -lent liiiproi i-uit'ius; only n few Bieps from Fourt ti e iieing eonrenlent to the Kourlh avenue cars an 1 e- References i-xelvtne?d, j .jonesjstrekt.?a fi.vk son of parJ I 011 tint Hour, wi ll the exienahiu room, elegantly ;i . I Alro sultM ol rooms sit I efogle rooms. new and id", ii- v furnished, In lei. williout board. For turtna apply It do a: Mo. 36. Hdli. gas, Ac ' ,:HM) STREET.?A BKAl'TIFl'I. FRONT ROOM J >: iiedrooin, furnished or unfurnished to let with 11 . maty of two or turee gentlemen 0: a geutleiun 1 t v Terms miKlrnte. (Jn=, balh, Ae i) Kr.W.tRN STREET, BROOKI.TN ltErOHTs ? _ v - close nen uiniodahon for families or single gentlein 1 . , he procured na above. Fiup view of the buy. Rooms 0- I or unfniuished. Ihtujei at a..:. Refer, .\cea ex f .l ' SIX^R AVENUE ?YOUNG MEN WTSIIING THE jili-1 -men nod comforts of a home, should apple early in aMUI* good and well aired bedrooms. No m .ving ol May. Terms moderate. A'KST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?ONE LARGE nd very desirable riHiiu ou Aral floor, so.table for a genand his wife or two single gentlemen may be obtained, >1 or partial board. AST BROADWAY. NEAR CHATHAM SQUARE ? K rnlshed rooms to let to slugle gentlemen or gentle i.l heir wives, wi'h or without uoard. Warm and o ld nd gas in lbs house. References exchanged. LINTON PLACE. (EIGHTH STREET.) CORNER Mardougal street ? Furnished rooms to let. with good limner at 6f-j. flood l elerein 0 required. NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAST OE Broadway.?Furniahed rooms on the lu.-i and second i tta.oraepartely, to let to gentlemen, with break fust i K\ST FIFTEENTH STREET-IN A PRIVATE : mlly, a suit of rooms on flie second It r with large !... lud, for il geatlemM and wile, aloo, b>, two or ogle gentlemen. The house has u'i. the modern iw lei.-;-. References required, FOURTH AVENUE, THIRD DOOR BELOW Twenty first street.?To let. very pleasant rooms, furu. h partial board, to a few single gentlemen wh > demtortable and quiet home; tbe house has all the i improvements, and the location cent, ul and easy of tj part of the city. BROADWAY,?TO LET, A FURNISHED ROOM, on the third floor, suitable for one o- two gentlemen, ' 11 gentleman Breakfast U require. BROADWAY HAVING BEEN NEWI.V FITTED e.p, is now ready for the reception of parties wishing nam suits or single, furnished or un'uruished. ou i ." genua terms, bv immediate implication as above; .i mpmveuieiiis; dinner at ti o'clock, reference* exi BMt'K OK ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR GENTLEMEN m i wires, also for single gentlemen, mar be ob iplytng early, at At Twelfth h't-net. corner of Utti . e Dinner at one o'clock No ,-tu- kin? allowed tn M SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN HE AiVOMMO i 'I iv M board. uy railing at ir> n.nrow atreei, oetwecu 0 - 'd ll'eeoker atrerl*. where the., wtU U.tJ pleasoai 10r'v ' . < .iiuforts of a home 1 f ' 'i ' >8 AND BKDROOM, ONKURNISHKD, ON TUB 1 - -i i floor, w1:h board, may be Obtained at N.i. M nth 1 . t atreel. Williamabtirg, on the firat of May. lenna inter ?taraliy private. Houae wlthm tare* aaiuutea walk f Peek ,i and Grand atreet fvrriea. a h.o nsnjiic scrr or room*. suitable tor a \ ' KMlfkMMH Alao, a few alngle rooma, u> h? i jeJ, with fall of partial board. Apply at Iflu Kaat orveefu j atreel A I' M 1TK FAMILY, OCCUPYINO A FIRST CLASS \ u" i the Math ward, miab to let toatmtle gentlemen, ai. ne f . : i>Vd room* with nartiV board. Terma very ?od... aid eflbru made to render It u borne. Adlrraa K.. Iti e ? et. I 1 ?"Y HAVING A FI.KASAN T HOC8K IN HROADi. * * ltd dive b Virdnnd very plea* tit pootne to a gen eoi ' or i party of gentlemen, who would be will n< }J' ' r wh.rh . pre . reduction would lie ia?l pre e of room*. S.illafictory awnrlty farmahed. ho- . h ti to oblige mnv addrea* S. I). S? Metropolitan o?- lot dree ill.ya, which will meet w Itli prompt atleu on a * - (ItP ROOM AM) lb IBP WANTKD-UY A f\ .1 tu a lamilv where tlierr are ver,\ tew or no ih' b. ii... and where ?")ie nmld have the qnie; and com >rt ne: w tib a widow preferred Termafauat be mo era > d -a Llztte, boi Tit Herald ofltee. for two data . FAMILY. OCiTPYINU A FINK HOl'dlC ll-lied throughout, Would 1H a enlt of na.tna to P - |*-litl? men w i ll innabfaat, if deatred. Apply ;t t.etw .-n FIM* and Sixth avenue* a ?;e v l.? MAN AND WIFE. ALSO A FEW RINGI.K. A. nett. i m be arenimnowiied with good hoard ..lid 1,-h . ma. Apply for one wrvfc at 193 Ead Broadway a i rUMAK AND Ills WIFE <>K TWO BtXOUi x n?i ean he ai romm ..late.e with rooii?. web or *u; in a prlvat. iwuii.i. at LP F.-i*t I'wvuiy tir-- ?t A ? I FAMILYOCCl PYIXG THKIR hWN HOOK ? to partlea of reapnctabllltr yery xupertor and an i.bed ai>ai netr. large ,ud aiual with "i with. I hoard i.ia bath Ae Apply at 47 Amttv at BO v ' TWO ROOMS TO LET WITH HOARD. AT AS l;? n.n >ud atreet. between Blewfcer ami Fourth. The vwia- been rerwired au l painted. Location pleasauL Room- Urre. Bmo\ > -a rr* Yorxa mkxpan br aoookmo | .1 ' at to food board *i Ail .spring alrrrt. tun liuiira orafr BO?R/> \ TIIIRP HTORY FRONT ROOM AND CM) V1 p: nly rnmt?h-<1, hi on# or tiro jieraotia Willi board, m a | Ami'rtran fnmlly, nr will be In for n Induing room uig.-i h i only. Apply al 179 Kaat Fifteenth airen, Kirlit "<*. EHO< TI1BKK <>R FOI'R OENTI.KMKV CAW UK III. mutated wt'h rrmma and partial hoard In a amall jrt\? . lii ilie pl>- >anu I* ?0m iii-d hon?e N . 4 Abingdon equal up1 jinm. n of Kigtilh fyennr. Hlemkei ?ud Hod Ret. nine tiif md required. BIO A III' A (.KNTIFVAN AND HIH W1FK ("AN OB ... plw-.wmit front mom on the aecimd fluor. with board furiher partleuloia Inquire nt No, Si Foray ill wri*. Ornnd. BO < t YKKY DiSIKAHI.K FRONT ROOM FUK| n i-t <+ nttfumlaed, ?ch elnwtii. anliahle for a gentlet. ' - w I in i.f $* p. r w.?? k . ?-mi .n nle.,? lMOif!ii?*i. Apply al All llintaon Mn-wt, corin r 4 X' BOa m AKP BCHOOLlJtU RAT RRORTAINBD FOR A llti. nl nnmber ol pupda, to too plea aant and healthy Iowa tffttr. t"..nne< urut Fur farther parUrulaia Inquire I a mo.!. ' Mm Julia A Onrtla. Wratfard. OmnXlanL RaCarear a glieyt and required. ______ Bo?ki? I AN BR HVD HY A FARfUY OR A p iifMiltHai'ii In a now and handaiimrlT fnraiabod , r, , ... ... I ni.r r nt ai Undoubted reference re nitre.! ipply *' W *a?i Twen-y emnd atreet. for three daya. OARD in Brooklyn-jury yacant ow* or two fine rnfM tor a a-nUeman and bta wife or ?lngl? ,,-ep.o. I ... ion onnreni-nt to th? feme*, and airy and uiea* ' '.mm?r n.nner at ?H o'olunfc. Reference twqnii' Apply at 47 t'onr.nd atreet. IK BROOKLYN -TWO oknt1.kmkn AND JtS l?r* or four n ?> r"nil-m?n ran ar-.-nvn -! <> 1 w 1 o-niit Inri"-" ' I r nrn ant board, In a prtram 'OUI? lnan?IWl. mnvrnWtlo Fulton *rannn earn. Apply at ITT ?n Wrart, aromd door from Kim plana Boa hp in nnontt.rn \ okktucmam amd hm ? ta two amgla rati obtain hoard and j|r?n? I m? at ?7 n. nry ?rr?t. lira m inn ma walk from Fol<?" Nallalr.n frr-wa. Bin N HROOKI.Y* n.KVRAXr k'MHK >-<.R A f ni man and wlfa or atnyt* gentlatnm, may h? nhialnad .?! WOOmyr. wiau?KoiiA ltr?*i)n, Bra mi .a lira > 'IV (Vntn ihr f?rr* BOAHI. Iff URiKiKI.Tl* - A RtTTTMll ROOM AMD li. 'r v m attaoAad. on tba Aral four, alan rtnai anitablp far air ntlamm, wth pariiai board. In a na.-1-rn A.naa within t minm?a walk ol 'An Bontfc or Wall atim larriaa, J4? fin - at rani Bmwklrn Bit* IN HRlMlkl.VN A PRIVATR t'VMIIA l?4X a. on ?tartr fw ?IW ihraa ..ncia rant|am-n or a (mil* ??n a" i 'i t i. ihraa m. ? walk I'ttns nli ?nd n/li' a''"n'nafrom wall atrart farrtaa. Ad draaa VI V , MrraM ollh * B^HOARI* IN WM Til BRlKiKl.TM.-TWO OR TI1RKR ganib man. will t T I" jr;' Ub'ratly for r<?<d arromm .la - ?a, a m afVrr tha I at fdllif rac?iv? partial board and ika ! tnfor' ol h?mn In lh V - nf * amall prlrain family pp. ? ? - n-.t-hixirlH al. ronranlar' In Wall and ( ,f? Inquire nt ? Harmed ?treet, Sooth Hmnklyn. BOARII IK HOI ril HIUmiKI.YK.-MKt^oR TWO RK apir'alde centelm.n mi be ironmmodated with fnp n?he?l r> iwlih ?mi and hodmenm, wiih parlinl board, In a bonne ? here there nre no n'ht f board'T?. Inq lire hi St Amnion HtrR, B"A It ti IK HOBOK?* ?TWO HIKt.l.R HRNTI.RMKX I run ?i'iMieniiv1:i eil with :?larf" qimrn ro nn in n pri 'i ? ibnri <il<liui 'e 'he terrt, wlin p iruat 5'*"'.. I'" ire and lo-atlnn one of ib^ bent In the niiy Ad "*? H T_ Martin. Herald office. IIOA IIOIK TITR mrKTRT - TMR HOPRR KHIIW.I All iZ.J?.T ht the mince of Kew Rochelle, abool flee tela. * ? ",B depot and one mile from the nlenmboaf """ ready ft.r the rerepUea of fanuiiee nnd nin*le CTtH * airy m?*nn nn.f eeery emntort nre now of ?bon>V tbie delich'Ail retreat wtih tb-tr Jw.^1". i? ?r.plr'f'i1'" Sfft10 *r?. r M APDKK, <n ilitj??r,roR. f, ',AriT mtwTi.K* t?? JSTj? ^ JiVlW "\ ^ q'N'"l.*'IKNTI.KV IN WITH aej.-.';'.J: 'i'.ir;;' ?" ? Add,.*. B?- V ' V'r'KARD WfHRI* ;r:.r ?4tlC?, -SPMkttln a. *Xn? Vino. Urn* Iwaj l*o? BOJUIMVO AND uUBBPHfc BOARD WANTKR ?A J'AKLOB AN1> TWO KK1> wanted, tor * gWt lnmait and lad/ anil Uietr tw ? daufltterx in n plnatant location, batirean VourUtoiiUi aid Twenty tilth etreet*. A private or amall ffamily prefearc i. Address H. f. M., box 1,140 fofetoffloo. BOARDING.?A TIANIJtMUSK buu w1 ynjir. cond mid third floors, suitable for families or single getillcmen. Apply at No. 19 South Ninth street, oorner ol Thud street, Williamsburg. . OA R DING.?THREE FURNISHED PARLORS OM first, second and third floor*, and several small room a with board, at 'At Greene street, where persons wishingboard ceil enjoy the comforts of a home. Boar dino at anwanus, south brooklyn-w so to *4 per week. A few gentlemen can get comfortable board with a private family in Fourth avenuu, ftrst house below Fifteenth street. (10VNTRY HOARD WANTED?TWO YOUNG MK.V J wish to tlud respectable board, either on the Hast or North river: latter preferred; wish healthy situations and easy access to the city. Please address, stating terms and other particulars, P. O., box 1,883 Post offlce. (tOUNTRY HOARD.?PARTIES INTENDING TO SPEND J the stunmer In tlie country would do well Ut examine our l^t at the Hoarders' Exchange, 846 Broadway, before engaging elsewhere. Those wishing genteel hoarder!, cilv or country, should make Immediate application. SMITH A BOVI). CTOUNTRY BOARD.-WANTKD, HOARD FOR A LAD J in ihe city in exchange for hoard of a young person in the country; vicinity of Broadway and Thirteenth street preferred. Impure, at lS3 W.-hI Twenty sixth street on Monday. /10UNTRY.-A CHILD OR A PKRSON DESIRING A V quiet floine, r ut he accemmodatr-il in a smalt private family: locality delightful, within 10 mllea of the cttj-.emy access hy boat, stage and railroad. Address Mr. E. B., West Farms Postrlllce, Westchewteyounty. N Y DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TWO OB three gentlemen can obtain pleasant rooms, with break fast and tea if required, In a Arat class brown stone house, convenient to the oars and stages. No. 71 Weal Fourteenth street, first house west of Sixth avenue ThELIUlITFUL LOCATION FOR PERSONS OBLIGED J J to remain In town through the snuimer, one of the most pit assiii in the city, where rooms and board c ?n be obtained to suit the most laslidious. Apply at 21 West Twenty-ninth street. TTtCRNIHKD OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? r With board. Inquire at 401 Fourth avenne, comer of ' Twenty ninth Street. BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET TO A FEW SINGLE P gentlemen, wltli or without partial board, in a small private faintly. Inquire at No. 284 Sixth avenue. References r< ipiired. / 8 KNTLKMKN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WTTII FURvT nished rooms, without board. In a pnvats family, at No 7'J Fourth avenne. above Tenth street, one block from Broad w ay. Best of references required. /GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR SINGLE GEN O tlemen ran be accommodated with full or partial board a! 2B8 Fourth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty -list streets. Gas and water all through (he house. HOTEL LODGINGS.?GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN good filmlolied rooms at the Dlo ie Hotel, corner of Frark oirt and William street*, at lit ceuts per ulght. A few of the best room* at oiS cent* per night. No oilier charges exoept at i btk option. HOBttKEN?TWO OR THREE GHNTLKMSN CAN OBtain pleasant rooma and partial board, at No. S3 Oarden sireet, corner of Kecowl st. })AR18 IN NEW YORK ?PRIVATE FRENCH BOARD.? Ofutlemcti wlahlug to learn as speak French practically ard tht-ore'utally, can apply to Professor Th. I)e I'Oueat, whose t .mlly as well as himself are from Parti, 2? Tenth street. PARTIAL BOARD.?ONE f)R TWO SINGLE GENTLE men or a gentleman and his wife can obtain one or two handsomely 1111studied rooms in a tlrsl class house, possessing every convenience; honse situated In West Fifteenth street; very pleasant neighborhood; possession given Immediately; 'est or references given and required. Please address p., hox 2, *11, Post office. Rooms to let.?three friends can be aooommmisled with three bedrooms and a parlor on the seeond floor, in a private family of two persons; no children. Terms S3 each; parlor %' prr week, with breakfast In their apartments. If desired. The house is new. BO feet deep, with modern improvements, and good neighboring*!. No. 217 West Thirty-lirat street, near Ninth avenue. Gentlemen only la e,I apply Willi good reference. rito parents and guardians -wanted. BY the A widow and daughters of a deceased clergyman, residing hi No. 21 Horatio street, I wo liUle girls to hoard and educate in ill" English branches and music; they will he affectionately cared lor, and may enjoy nil the comforts of a happy home, terms reasonable; references unexceptionable. TWO GENTLEMEN AND TnEIR WIYK8 OR SrNGLB gentlemen can obtain pleasant rooms, furnished or no furnished, at 216 West Twentieth street. Dinner at all o'ok*. References exchanged. TWO VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET ?FURNISHED, ' without meals, on ssroot floor, in a private family. To gentlemen requiring a quiet lodging these rooms are very desirable. Gas and bath. Apply si No. 7 Amity street, near Broadway. TO LET?NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS ON SECOND floor, lo ceutleinrn, without board. Apply at UAI Prince street, near Broadway. 1TO LET-A FINE FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM. FOR iwn persons, furnished or not, ou second floor. Apply to Mr. GKEKINGU, 104 Laurens street, near Spring. I nm nriBBBD BOOM and Kill) WANTBD.? A gen l.uisn desires for himself, wife, mid two young di ugbters, two large rounectiiig rooms, ? hicli be will furnish, In a first class boose, with modern Improvements, above Twelfth Street. Best of refersucc4. Address 8. K. P., Luiuu square Post office. WANTED?HOARD FOR A SICK GENTLEMAN, IN A quiet bou-e where there are no chlldi en. Price mods rsle. Address E, ?? Bowery, up stairs. HI8CKL.LANK.4HN. ^ TWLIIL'U I . 11 ST l,,,I HI V J-VI r>nm III,!! ViO The subscribers having ptirrbtxsed WUluun BeebS'a pslent I for hiii " Improvement In double cylinder boiler* f ir hot water apparalus," hereby give notice that they are prepared to gram privilege* for the use thereof to all persona desirous to n?e or put up the name. This patent furnishes the only available mode of supplying the upper parts oi houses with hot water above the usual rise of the t ropin or other fountain of supply, and all persons using or putting up the enme without {>ernns?i ? of the subscribers will he prosecuted Application or permits or rights may he made to eitherof the subscribers. Al.K.X V MiK.ll Mi K KlfZIK. $41 Fourth su eet. I JOHN T w 11.1,1 AMS, 71 Kotirih s venue. Krw Yen*. May 2, MB7. Brishkb.-j. k. hoppicl. has rkmovrd bid brush factory to XS fcarl street, franklin square. Har peg's liuilding. hr .shea ot every deaiTipt m ai the lowest taot'ir/ prices. Machine bruabss made tu order. JOHN K HOPPML. 1.1 INK VHITK VF.RKKNA?MRS. HOI.Fi iRD-THIS J m lcmlul new- exotic variety, for slsc, purltv of while, elegance of form, free blooming and superior foliage and habits, exceeds all other* In cultivation. The skeptical can lie con vmeed by calling atibeatoreof J. M. THokHl'RK A !'<)., 15 .loin street, where a special en plant m <y lie seen Price 81) ceti * each, Strong plant* to bloom a* soon as turned nut. / I VI \MM NKyi .U.I.KII It till. WN-. INH.KV.'II VT ' lilna, K.ugllsh Ironstone china, cut table glaes. gu? lit tore* and silver plated ware. A v. hue dinner set. 154 pieces, I. r SIC, worth f & a white toilet set for #1. worth 92 decorated i tilr.a rases, the pair, 93 Ml. worth 96 40; do. the pair 96. n .nil J7 JSt. do. trie pair 97 SO, worth 912; do. the pair 9IU, Worli *16; cut glass goblets, the dOMn, 91 76, worth 91. em t .cc derantcrs. the pair, 92 CO, worth 94. cut glass celery yeses. 9) Y>. worth 92. colored Itohemlan glass linger bowls, the I .4-11.9! Ml, worth 93. engraved Itohemlan gM<a clarc'x, the dnten. 511 OS*. Worth 96 Sll, three light chandelWa, for gas, 97, ?oi ii flu: four light do,, fU.Vl. worth 914, bedroom folding b;a? gets, 76 cents, each worth 91. silver p lid ed cast as. with ?i. : gin** bottles 5t 76, worth 97 5th stiver phurd le? get ilea for Sll worth fl'.?; stiver plated tea sets, su pieces, for 9-"". x? ru *:? ; silver pla'cd table spoons, the d xeu. 94 7,6. w >rih 96 > -tlx er plate-l table forgs the dorsal. 94, worth 914 silver plated lea si, the dnteu, 91 SU, worth 92 SU. <V out Uif* Ii-1 sod bring n wtib yon. W. J. P. P. I1AII.Y A <X? 4>nguisl and dd established stand, ?11 and li&l Broadway, between l|on<ton and IMeeckiW streets. (1 >; Mill IXVKbTMK.NT-Ml INKY WRLL I.AID Ol'T? T g<ucg returns.?Parties w ishing to make laxeeim*n'.s In a potewi article, universally m demand, can learn particulars by a: igf Broadway, front room, up aiairs. N HWlll bw real estate, sleek or other secuiities. JW) agents w stued tmmedla ely. ( xT'It > DAII.K.VK, IK YUl WANT I If I \ 4. ill. 4-4-t HAS T tlx tires, silver plated ware or table cutiery. rW roar rye oxer the list of price* they publish in this paper. fheir re |a at 1241 and Sit Broadway t *HAnTi?Ric?4i?(? -rAjrruw wnuiwtT tT> XJ nave their hair dressed at their own renvlen--"*, in the I., n<ton and Paris style, should send to JOHN I.KKUIMH, prole *or ot hsudress'ing. Parties ha ring Una heals uf hair ah.ui 1 bare their hair cut on his new principle, which na'uea It to grew thick and toog. All diseases of lbs hair treated for. orders rcorned al J Itailey's, 79 Prune ntreei, uear 11 road way. A VH THK RoX'OM PaTIIMOK PKRVIBU NAU RK KVRV J And opens In the nursery a Utile heaven. Maoeoii'e infants preservative wsitbes without stuplfving, pi motet (tig- stlon. Corrects aridity, checks dlarrbnw dxseu icy. Ac., without constipating the bowels. It l?. In lac. the onfr reliable ov'lw r's relief. wM. M kNhtlX, proprietor, No. 57 Mx rile avenne, Hp ->kljn For sale by all druggists. AJJUt KlAAUTt f RtfBl'MATlU RMBKOUATUIR- ToA M. rVewnaiiam, chilblain*, lnmbafo. apnUna, dialmw DOM, brnlna. An., Ac. for uOn H (An nawa and ??rk*tlnfc depot. U Dtnalon am, Raw Tort, and t>T *ra- Ham Amtl)i. _ > N U t AX MA Mil. t'..u MtNO l>>.-n<"nn.* dry rr iflinv re, nrnaekeeperw, Ac can br uipplled with thai >i?nliil article, a pood manale, of eery anpttrhw eoti. fn. i' i and iixlaraic price. at MwMe ?|r(, near Wad If 11 awl way OBOW t: AKKR?At hriot a brothkra, *aru>ao U lory and warar- wji Kn. S Rorth WlllUana afreet, neat Nnw Vnrk. and 17 Wnai Tblrd tweet. I'lncinnatl, Ohio, a larire aeaanmcnt nieCamlT on band. nU tkcwote* taken la n(rA?n<rr order* promptly oHot oarm ? bo r p* a r A rmomm-i nnow ca5 0 f * 44 ' TiaUuun atr and 87 Bownrr A ?. raal amorainent of a bow anana kept eonatamly on hand. OV. runna taken ID ekchanrw firder* promptly emcnled. T' I PI KPIIAAFKM or RKWINO M ft ill XKM m We ban recently inatlttttcil Icwal proceatdlne* atalnat c"r Uiiot in'maof a ahttt'tle machine manufactured by I. fl fftn* 't M< I 01 New York, and all pr ratio# pre hereby cautioned ajram-t , .ir> h win* any -buttle machine 1 tnlc-a enunped Brad f an ? patent R>o > 1A4M.' wblrh lufrlnena both or et'her of the following rInipna ? ll*t n* tbtta Inlly deacrtbeit the machine and It*operation what 1a euotriad aaHaw, ami uhu lt I d"?lmto aeonre hy but r? p > n! I?. lit* " r? r- d ?)utile to bn naed lit 11 apwtn* machine; 01 11 other word* vrmatmrumt (hat portion of the bobbitt ram whirl 1 itio In contact with (he loop cylindrical, or In any bum which doe* not |irr*-?t educe In II* iranavnra<' , plltaia Havtn* thu* ft.lh deacrtbed the machine. wh?' nm I a* n< w, and which I tlencc toarcnr* hy lcncrajiH * Hf*n.aim* the Icnatt n f ih< rr .t after n haa been an t " ttid from the bnhbm, by roeana of o rtur ? ami bar? within noon, or ihrnush the thread race, either "pparalc or mbtni' l. or by ar>? criutaalral no ana. when aald mean* arc within, np tn. or 1 rm pari of tin bobbin ra?p I'-elt, for th* nurpoar *p?<lfled bprirtf* or ? I oarln* upon the bobbin, aeramtcly eon bit red, bo nut ? med Km what 1a claimed aepondly la: Rprnlallt'i Jre tenaloti of the alotltlo (bread in the aft of leaviiik the bi bl n, br a romhlnntion of one or more arrew? With a I 1 in* t r any yictdip* or elaailc anbatancea. or any totnhlnat n ol Cftnttalent dcvtcra prodnrin* the anmo eflfct KMRRT, lloruilToR * ftp sine fracture mannracttirera, SU Waaliln*toii atrcrt, Bnaton. i"o?ti >?. Mfr I, lth7 m n it iifiitt'r ard krirk f.xniVtTir, com part 1 d? i1 in Inmbfr, timber, brick, timber Ittnda, and atnam aaw roilht. Order* filled rar foreign porta. Admoeat mada on riinOirtnevt Timber anil hrlrk *rltan*e nompany a a*m?ta nd con Mil*' dl dealara. Office In People'* Kank, Oanat atroet. iip p \ l N I It f: ifttl'llkr' WAKlTt XTKH to kkft ti c to irt*' n honra, with the ihermotnetcr at b?l in the hade vert b o o? ?il*cr plated, will ad . 11 any parlor or d ?uix r^tnn For tii 'at ihc r.oi prtv> W. j - r. OAlLKV a co., <31 tod 533 brdadifffr. XEW YORK ITERALO, nOC'SF.S, ROOMS. AO., TO LET. nn*J BROOMK 8TRKKT TO IKT.-TTtv HOVSK M ?*v"0 being put In perfact ord'r lantjireof TH' * B VAN BL'RKN, 217 Broadway, room No. 11 A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, NO CHILDREN, WILL lot a pleaaaut buck pari pantr> attached . n tb aecoad floor, to a gentleman, with i oo.ird, in Korayth rlreet be tween Broome and Honjt as in room Term." $1! per month. Addri'HH Ambrose, '1 ' Id office. BOARDINOHOUSE TO I. I, FURNISH Kl>?Flltl ' !' with lust cLo-h boarder*; a lady would be token aa partner, with a capital of two o tl ree hundred dollar*, to aaHist the ore sent occuoant in it an eminent. The house 1* targe and commodious; location town, wait of Broadway. A rare chauee, seldom to be met Ik Address 0. i!.. Herald office. Baskmknt to i.kt?nkar tflk IlKRAU) uigx Counter and bar wanted. Inquire at 101 Nassau at;ret, uudw Ackerman'h pain! store F1RONT AND RF.AR PARHOR* TO I.RT-ON FIRST floor, in oonuecUon with other riKims, and use of kitchen If desired, in Clinuxi place, uear Broadway. Address A. M. V., Onion aoiiara Post oflloe. B1URNISI1K.D HOUSE TO I.KT-A llOUSlf COMPLETED Y furnished, in a Rood neighborhood. Uaj), water, Ac. Addreaa box 6tM Post office. Fukxibhkd hours to let on moderate terms, if to a email careful family.?To let, ftjr six months, from the first of May next, an elegant house of moderate size, with brown stone front, furnished In unique xtyle, adorned with object* of art, and situated In Tweutyihlrd street, near Fifth avenue and Madison square; one of the meat desirable situations In the dtv, being open to the south, very airy and In the Immediate rtofnlty of one line of city railroad ana three lines of stages to Wail atreet and South fnrrlas, to. Address NKILL BROS. A 00., Ma. 138 Pearl street. FURNISHED HOUSE TO f,RT.?PART OF A FUR uahed house to let, consisting of two large parlors, dining room ami kitchen and four or five bedrooms, for six mouths. Inquire at S4 Maedougsl street, oomer of Prince. Houses to rent at yonkers ?one brick house on Point street, Ims lfl rooms, range, hoi and cold water, marble mantels; good view of rtver for twenty miles; one minutes w.ilk front U leu wood station and steamboat landing, price tflOO. line collage, with ten rooms, hss gas, good up ring water, end marble mantels, in a good netghbornood, live minulea walk Orom Olenwood station Also, fifty building sites for sale. Inquire ol'J. R. CAMPBELL, corner of Point street and Ravine avenue IOFT8 TO LEASE?NO. ?0 MURRAY 8TRFRT, PORJ session immediately. Apply W? OOLL, ADD IRON A CO., Uu liuane street. TJORT RICHMOND. 8TATKN ISLAND.?TO LET, THE A country seat of Uu; lute John P. Brown, five minutes walk ti'iiu tlie landing: a large htahle and green house included. Inquire on the premises, or of R. J. CLARKE, ho Maiden hue, New York. rpo LET?AT SARATOGA 8PRIN08, FOR THIS BUM1 mer months, a new brick house, newly furnished, with large garden attached, convenient to tho Springs, and one of he most desirable residences in the village. Inquire of It. K. DAVIS. 161 West Thirty-seventh street, or addreaa R. <HtKC,'HJ LI., Saratoga Spring*. W. T. TO IiKT?THI FIRST AND OOOIB ROM ANI) basement ol the new pod well lighted brick building on tli* rear of No*. 4.1 and 45 Oentre street, 30x80, where steam ii iwiir mil be used aud lot to adiaulage. Apply U? S. H. RlKKK, IN) Nassau street. TO 1.1CT?TO A SMALT. FAMILY WITHOUT OHILDRHN. au upper floor, with gas, bath, Ac., of huusoffo. Ul lb airman place, Thirty-third street. TO T.F.T?FIVK NKAT COTTAOB HOUSES WITH YK rnndsbs m front, lianiNotnHy Iwri Had well e liied for genteel families. 'l uey are situated uu the N en town and ilushwick road. Williamsburg. To good tenant* tliev would be rented at 912.1 each. Apply to I). A A. KINUSI.A NI1 A SUTTON. fl? llroad MrMt TO LIT?Tm TWO STORY AND ATTIC BOOM, OT Lulght street, near St. John's park, with modern uaI roveroent*. Innulreof P. ZKOLIO, 47 Division street. TO LKT-THK NKAT THRKK STORY HOUSE NO. 4 Kant Kleveuth street, first house from Fourth avenue. Ha* hll the modern tmnrovements, and la In first rate order. IV* session given Immediately. Can be seen from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M. SOLOMON A HART. 1H3 Broadway. TO LKT-THK SKOOND STORY OK THK DWELLING house 1118 King Street, near Hudson, two handsome p ir1 two bedroom*, closets and gi>a Apply on the premises riio I.KT?A LAROE ROOM, TBI KNTIRK (MOMD J story of new building No. !W6 Hudson street, well lighted, suitable for any light manuCirluring business. Apply lo JOHN I* H04JO8 A 00..on the premises. rpo T.KT-l'ART OK THE THRKK STORY HOUSE NO. J 8 W isl.mgton ten .i, lloboken, within two rainuies' v 'V of terties The uremises are in perfect order, v illi but Kent 'eraie, no objections to children. rnt A rI.KNDIP MEDIUM MROWN RTONK I Jo9 h.gmii street, St. Mark's place, lias all the mo convenienees. Al*o Boose and store 1.10 Canal street, A so a seven story new warehouse or manufactory, many stree' -u.l wo. Ittt, limine una More, Division slretr, $fU). Inquire of A. J. 1JCY V, IT Wall street. mo i.kt-thk titrkk story and baskmknt JL bonne No. 102 Kul Thirty third Mreel, m ar Lexingtou ave Dim. with all the modern Improvement*. hot and gold water bath, range. gas. water rloseta, wash trays. marble mantel*. Ac.. Ac. Rent $&?. Apply to TF.RKNCF. KOKN, IS Kaat Twenty fourth street, or to W1 I.I.I AM McKVKl.Y, No. T Broad at reel. T) I.RT -8TORK on BROADWAY, TIIRF.F. DOOM FROM Houston Mreet. Rent tl.MI) a year. HtocJt of muato, nature*. 1,7tai plate* and Mock of pianos will be sold separate or wt'h the store. A. JIAS8FUR1), U9 Fulton street, or on the pr mi-c?. titiN Broadway. To I.RT-two UUU1I PARLORS AND A |UU room, well adapted for a denlut or a miliinerv store, at HVNBT KICK S, 7? Canal street. T) I.RT?TO R1NULK ORNTI.KMKN, IN A KRKNOH private family, one parlor and several bedrooms, elegant ly furnished. The house com.hum all the MM improve merits, gas, bath, Ac. Apply el 607 Uouatou street, near Broad way. TO I.RT?RTORR AND FIXTDRKS NO A) WARRKN street, one door from College plane and the Hudson Hirer Railroad demit, towards Broadway l.ea?e two rears from 1st May. Inquire of A. T. UNDKKHILI., 166 William street, up stairs. TO LKT-TTIR FOl'R STORY BRICK IIODHR NO. #1 Twelfth street, between Fflh and Sixth avenues. (las and Oroton w ater throughout, and In good and complete order. Inquire of O. B. DORLAND, 15 Wall street. TO I.RT-TWO I.ARHK AND HANDSOMKI.Y FURNISH sal rooms, with closets, gaa and bath, in a private house. Reference* exchanged. Apply at dm Fourth avenue TO I.RT?A OOTTAOR Hf>UPR, 8RVKN ROOMS, LABOR garden and carriage house, half an boar tram New York, at fiiapletuii Heights, staten Island, ten minutes walk from the landing. Apply to B. Sll ACRKl.TON, No. 7 Beekmuu street, bsaement omce. rpo I.RT?TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF BOl'ftKKI A bowery, coruusting of two hue parlors, from basement, hedrisim ana panliies, good under c liar, Croton nitd gaa. Pia.-esaklti immediately. Apply aa above. TO I.RT?THR TWO BARS AT WHITK'S OI'RRA House fit Bowery, suit able for confectionery, fruit, Ac, Repi only Rt a week. Apply tu Uut evening U> Mnc, at the part) net la door. TO I.RT?TUX I.AKOK THIIKR STORY AND ATTIC house B9 west F- itrleenlh street, between Kighth sicl Nin'b avenues: would be let very cheap, as It Is miexpeeiedly to let Also the atone fiont houat* ;!ls West Twenty. .ond >tret i, all the nimler iniprovementa with gaa futures. Kent PPhu Al-o the two srge brick buildings with large building in'.he irsr, Noa. Il l and 115 Troy street, near Greenwich Mrce>, snuahp* lor a many Urge manufacturing kiodv of business, or part would he let separate. Bent fur the whole li am Apply to J. W. JiRNUAM, F.tghth avenue, corner of Sixt' -i.'h street, ofOre oeen from tnonmig m 9 In the evening mo i.rt?thr i'pprr part of houskmorchard J stre- t. It constats of two clrgaii p.irlow folding dont >, marine mantels, lighted with gas; three good lodging rooms, f antiie,, large basement. Cellar. Ac., allUt neat order Apply on the premiar*. or to F,. CARPKNtKK. olllru of Courier and Knquirer. I,*:T-aT NO. 11* T1I1R1> AVKNUR, THF. HKt oND I i*jr, ropaUtmx of iwo parlors. purtii'H. basemen: and bcdr- m Will be let together or separate. Apply aa above. r I,AT?IN A SMW.L rmrVATK NA.MI1/T, A II Aim M troot room rod bedroom, furnished; aleo two or thre? other mints. furnished; breakfast may be had. ii re quired. Also, a front basement to tec suitable for an oiUee, ai >h per month. Husk- ? ?> * ear* to all parte of the ritv p tea wlthli * few doors offer bona*. Storage will b? taken n the roar' ?> building lor miy rnenhandlse,on rraaonabl- terms. Ill',ri i r at In) Matv atre*t. near Hroolnc street, or at AS Fulton arw , Brooklyn. r) l.RT-A ITHMC IIOU8K AND tiKOUNtM. FITTRD up with billiard anil bail rooms, tog.-ther wl?b splendid saloon*. located a short distance Iran ihe < uy, an I will a great own t f.y private parties, eirurtueilste. Ar. There U no tiling < t the kind in Una part of the country, anil trill he let to the ruin kind of a person on reasonable lertua Applr at ItJT Broadway .) i> > iikim 1 f. \ gO. TII.KT-THK TIRKT H.OOR or HOUBR S; < ROSHT nreel, near Ilr ittie, suitable tor one or two Iambi.-s, with ( nifon water, pood yaril. Ar. Ketu CAOpcr antiitni. Impure at 114 Wavrrley place PosceHoB I nrnrdlstely. rl.*T-TBr I'KPKR OR I.oWKR PARTS Or OWRI. I!ng No. 68 spring street. In a feel loestjori near Jtroa I way. with pan, water .utii modern URprornnente. H-n: low to a k sal tenant Inquire on the premises, or at ?! r'ortng Street. ne*t d.*>r. TO I.I.T?Iff .IRRSKT ? ITT, TIIK Kol R STORV KNO lt*h bss< rnent hrlrk Bouse, mutate.i a> .fl Jersey at nu?, tire n Inotea walk Imm tlie ferry, connvlnmi: tw?l?" roo u?; has hot and mid wafer, gas. hath room u, 1 all the modern irnprovetreata, with hay windows: is a very deairsh;.* re 1 dete r for a respectable family Apply to R TRIf.MNiiT' >N. tfl Hi ;ib,Mt*ih street.Jersey I'tiy. ?ir 10 JONRHII fcKAIflM. kl ill* Hall pi tee. New fork TO t.FT?TICK TURKIC *TfR? UKl'MR, JH WKsf Ml' tromJi airar' no*r Highlit ?r.nni>, with ill th m Murn tm proiemi nt* iiii'1 id complete rtpur, ?> by .' ! feel, lot lit1. Au fly to J OMR 1-l.oYD * * ?> ?, 15 S .1 ,\ . rliDtpi' lloll, near Broadway T) (.IT?FKfOJfl) FLOOR, WITH OMR HmiMitN THK thiril. ito<) lr*ni hwmi nt if required, m i a--*\ bf?i?c, containing fit*, bub, tnirhl- manelr. Av , indinr>ii pleie nrd. r. very pie,lanullv Incited. near Vhntgd'iit "pim mil be lei mil) to * *111*11 ini'Tin i family, rem > ?r? nolt ra:e m lb riant party fall it Mr i.\llll>Rll*S antra, noiib weal criiTnf <ireen?lrh anil Hank i:r?ei? rpo i.mrt;H*AP-ruii hourr* iu? mtnroRp hTRatrr X clone to H<trtaoa ^itraet. and AM Thirty itxli atreel, near Ktfhyi aTenna. botb bare gaa halb ran**, and rnandeljem, and in aiod order. Apply M KB TMi i Mth >irr?V w ? P RRt'RH. II* Bedford etrwei. TT I.FT WI1H 1MMKHI \TK POR?KSHlnjf TUB MO drrti brown atone front dweliln* honv> on ihe northerly ?n1r of Meven'y-ntnth firm, AW fart from Tlnrd avonne. together wttk ataMe and meant Mthrough to F.lghtlrth ureet, aborning. Inquire of J, H, CRAIu, Kaii-roul fnauritno* Company 52 Wall afreet. Tt RK*T THF WTTOt.B OR PART OF TUT, IfOCRH 1*1 Kaat l?th at., partly f urn abed T> RKMT. OR FOR TIIRRK THRFEATOR? frame and brick tianement h "i?e?, Jfoa. AM, MB. ?7 Vlml Forty eighth atreet, bft*??n Klevenih and Twelfth arennr* Kay* to ?aa the a*ma are at J. Brannan't. ,VW aantf treat For fur har pariir ilatn Inquire nt 0. W. Wanton. M Broadway, room Ho. Blq. TO RKffT OR FOR RALR-AT RIRH R1R0, A OOUMO nmdioiia dnnhlo booaa, raaantly bnllt. and nine atwaa H land Thn plain la wtthln a faw minutcn drive of tha depm. overtookh the rtkar. and for healrhtnea* and baanty of lonaiMa la nnaurpaaaad. More lind may bo had If nere*eary. If aotA, a large pari of Iba gtrrWhaae money naay remain on mortgage Apply to THUS MM AVU, Ho, | Tvail tlreeA, R, Y? OF tor. Maurttje. Lnq., Bine SlnR MONDAY, MAY 4, 1837. HOD8KH, ROOMi, ,VC., TO LH1 TO LET OR rORRAI.R?THF^'.iCI ANI) LIrA.SK < the Urjre liver/ fcslt *ni ,i(.- 1M ?i)J l:iH Anuu afreet, between UuiLu eeeker streeto will KoU tfty hr>n?e* end wagons; rent ti n mo .11 portion le.s fot enough to pay the rent. Uotim v. agon for ?ai<* rPHYBICIARb-DKSlRAB OFFICE TO I.KT,#IN West Twenty fourth ?' t iiw 01 a lirst

house Apply Immediately a ' o At We?l Twenty founl. tree! ; mo DENTLSTS.?AN OLD K-il Altl.ISHKP DENTIST S A oflire to let In (trend tree!, two block* e ,*t of Headway Rent 9X0 Posst-tMkJii Immediately Apply .to II. 1'. WENT IKS Grand street VALIABLK HOTEL PROPERTY TO LBAa*.-FM* lease, the National Hotel, fr intlng sUiy foot on M*? street, and two hundred and ten teei on Fourth struct, la th* ally of Louisville, Kentucky Tula hotel U now, oetuntlly situated, and U one of the boot Id the Wiwl; It baa m<ire thae lfiOrotns, the greater number of which are Urge, oommodl ous, aud well ventilated. gas pipes are eitsinled through the house, 1U Uiontt'Wi la beyond question ooe of the very h?at Is the city, belli? la the m int of trade,mid of convenient aacw to the river and to the railroads. A favorable lease will he riven hi rood parti-w Add-ee* at Louisville, Ky., Curma Pope and Thomas P. Joeob, Trustee*. As to the stipcrh* advantage ?f the location of the hotel refer to Mr. JAMJM BPBOULB, U John street. Mew York. REMOVALS BRUSireS, BR0BHR8 - WOTAI, ?J AKK8 H. MOM, brush manufacturer, would utforia his ouatomer* and the public generally, that he has removed Irom 191 to 27ft llreaa wich street. rouxisl ol everything in the bruat way, and ?-Ui be offered a. the lowest poaslble prices. Deal era are invited to call. J \ l(IKo H, NOB, ITS Oreeiiwicb street, near Murray. DOITOB .JOHN OtitORN HAS REMOVED TO 1T8 Vieat Tweuty-eighth street, thu d house west of Eighth avenue. LKKS A WALLER IIAVE RKMOVKD FROM KO. t Mouth WtUiom street to No. 79 Beaver st, comer Hanover. RKMOVAL.-BISHOP A CO. HAVE RKMOVKD FROM 62 Wall street to 21 Nassau street, second story. Removal.?R H MAMON a CO. have removed from 85 Wall street, to 21 Nassau street, second story. Removal ?0. K. BOOrTKI.D, Treoa. (Ireen Bay, Mil. A Chic. K. R. Co. has removed from ft] Wall street to 21 Nassau street, second story. Rkmovai, ? dk lamano, droorativk artist, has removed 1mm his old stanJ. hid Broadway, to 632 Broadway, between Houston and Bleacher sireeta, where he will have increased facilities fur carrying on the general house decorating In frescj, eucaitstic, oil, ] uoer hangings, teniae painting, ao. W. l)k i,AM ANO, 632 Broadway. Stearns a marvin have removed ql THKIS RanaiisMDgR harm From 11C Water street To 40 Murray street. New York iPECIA u, AUTHiaR Fand a. m.-thk members oy john i>. vvii, lard Lodge No. 2ftt>are hereby notitled the above Lodge will move from No. 411 Broadway to Odd KeMowa' llall on and after Tuesday, May ft, oh the Ural and third Tuesday* W wwi UW"I? "J . ui lur liiiugc, < . I . |IA 1, W . .u. W. V. Bkowjc, Secretary p. t. 0I1N PAVOI, HAS KKM(TVKI?~T7? NO. U? JIIHN street near 1'liff stree',. Alan, (he office of the New York and Brooklyn Brass Company removed to the same place. AMKSTOWN "OKI.EBRAT7ON~?KXVMTR.SION TIOICBT8. l'VSOOS Wishing lowliness the celcbraRou of the settle ment of .Iswestown, Va , on the Hih of May next, (being the ?rg)th anniversary.) ate inlonn'd that ticket* will be furuiahed Uiem to proceed from New York to Richmond and hack by ateamer damestowu, for $l.\ meal* included. She wtll leave New Y'ork on Saturday, the 9th, at 4 1*. M., arrive i? Richmond Monday morning. leave there Tuesday afternoon, atop at Jamestown Wednesday morning. Mnv IS, and remain there till 4 o'clock that afternoon, and reach New Y'ork next evening For ticket* apply to LUDI.AM A 1'LKAHANTA, 3d Broadway IQt'OR ~r>KALKRK' MKKTfNO.?TIIK KKUHLAK monthly meeting of the New York Liquor Dealers' Society will lie held at Military Hall, 193 Bowery, opposite Spring alreet, on Tuesday evening, May 6. ut Ho'clook. GU8TAVI S A. BAT/,, Kee. Hec'y, I45and H7 Bowe? N. B?Member* will take notice that their cards of member chip are not transferable, and thai no one will he admitted without them. Dues may be ntid and cards renewed at Paige's Hotel, corner SprinR and West streets. VTOTICK.?CITY INSl'KCTOR > DKRARTMKNT, NKW ?1 York. May I. IH57. Having, in pursuance of the provisions of the amended rbar ter, assumed the duties heretolorc devolving upon the Bureau tif Street Cleaningand the Bureau ot Markets, in the Depart inent of Streets and Laiups, notic e Is hereby given a* soon as the arrangements tor the prompt gathoriug and re moral of ashes and garbage can be completed in the several wards, notice w ill be published and every exertion w ill bo made by the officers of this department to secure the enforce ment oi the Pillowing extracts from Hie corporation ordinances: ASHES AND GARBAGE NOTICE. 0*PI!*A?rK? IS NIX ITIOX TO A*?kS AWO MAKSAOK. iKxtrart Irom ordinance, passed May 9, 1HSJ. J Sec. 1 No person or pei> >ns slmll Utruw, cast or lav any a'hes, oilal. vegetables, garbage, dross, riuders. shsJls. straw, shavings, dirt. Bltli ar rubbish ot any kind whatever, in any street lane, alley or public place in the city of New York. Sec. J. The violation of inv of the provisions of the preceding section shall be, and is hereby u?clnn>d to be, a mladc. m> allot-, and shall lie ptu.?liable by hue of not lea* than one dollar or more thau ten dollars, or by imprisonment tilth* i-ttv prtaoM for a tertn of not less than one or more than lived.)*. I Extract from ordinatice, passed May Z, 1*19.) Sri- H. No per son shall east or throw, oc sutler to run Into aav street, lsne or alley uf the city ol New York,from bis. her or their house, houses or premises, auy stinking,jinxtouA, un pure, offensive or netaome water, or any substance or thing, uv a liquid or flowing stale, under the penalty ot tw vuly ti - a dollars for ea< b ofletice Sec. IS. No person shall ronvev or deposit, or cause or per mlt In be conveyed Into any street, i?w?r or drain In the rl'v vt New Turk, my BwtU or oilier vegetable (laid or nuiim ui ->t, under the Penalty of lift* dollars for each offence Ilarta will pitas through the streets every day (Sunday < : eepledt, to roileet and remove all iislmw, garbage, An., firm the streets; and lb- penaltn s of the law w ill be strictly en forced agam*i persona violating Ibe provisions of ibe fore* nog extracts of the ere |ior?tlon ordinance Notice w ill be go en of the appioHch of lite :tsh and garbage Carts by ringing ? bell. Cn>{ipl*iiiy>t neglect to provide snlUcient rirta and regular It to colleet ns above, should be mode lo the ihty Inspector, at the ofllce No 1 Outre slrret. Many Wtlatiooa of tlienntlnanec daily oeenr at the present time, by pei-Miua placing rubbish upon lb* streets from '-ojl ir . yard" nod e?tieelsllv from buildings which are repaired or a! tered. It IsieijuJrrd thai such rubbish shall t>v Immediately placed In carts mid removed: or all violations of the ordi.i nice, oy placing sncb rnbhtah tn the street will be auietly prm-cul ed for Ute recovery of the penalty arising from such violation. The alU'Otiou ol the |iolire is called to lb" above ordinances. OKitKtiK \V MORTON, Cltv luspeclnr. CtlT I??fwtoh'? DtrtKTlof. New York, IHS7 flll.i~VKKri\tl IN TI1K 1'AHK I'tISTPONKIl Pf | eon?e.|uenre of lite absence from the rlly of several gen tlem> o w bo desire to take par; to the oris reding* of this meeting. he committee of arrangements have postponed the time nnul Tuesday, the I Ah unit., w ben the democracy and all op pOArntsid the ii*iirpa'iim? of our State Is'gtslature are re quested to participate tu the proceiebugs of the meeting. Proper notice will be giveu b. barge poster* and through die newspapers 1*11 II.1P W KIN US, Chairman. B. It- t'oa.*oi.i.T, I cMr.1.rlM Annum Woou*. HE I >liKKSIt,NKit HRKWKrV aNH V KN lttCRS~OK ale and porter in casks, doing business tn the cltv and VM'Inttrol New V rk, hereby agree not to receive In eirliange or to pnreha e brewers' OHIi from whlnh the brand* have been del-o ed, or any brewer*' rusk* oilier than their own brands, nlihotii giving notice to ibe brewer wlioae name ?liail be trended on wieh casks. And they hereby agree u> redeem, nt the current price*?or abandon the same ill cask* of which thei shall receive such notice And for the purpose of breaking op the present Illegal traffic In brewers' e i?k*. they hereby authorize the appropriation 01 any fund* In which 111' rtia- be ui any wav uttrtesled, now In the band*of Die Tr> isurer of the Brewers' Association of the State* of New York and New Jersey, to be ti?ed In prosecuting to the erten' of ihe law any person who may be detected tn defacing or ending Otf the branda of the cask* of thy undersigned. or nt buying and ke .iug the same oon'rsry to law. provided sueh prosecution at law *ha!l be author!/. stand condueted under ;he sanriH'ii of -vcutlve eonunltlec of t' n assorlalioii I'ltrrio* ?All persona are hereby cautioned against cuPiag n<l or defacing the brands of the rasks of the Anderslgued, or of buvtng and selling the same, under the severest jvenaliv ol tlie law. And we. the executive committee of the aa* elation, otter a linemi reward to anv person who mav furnish r?n\'iiInfunnsUoo that will lead to Ui* an est and conviction of such p?r'v nr psrtie* )', tHull ii. No 6 Hlierllfst. A R Booth, 116 Warren ?t IinvId .h nes. No. IHeMvth st. Wm. V Coolldge, JTsi \\ -*i < John Na*li. No. I^t Amo* at. W It. Miles, H. llallaostlne A John K"rrA''o., s..mtteS Mil * k. Bona, John Harrison, J He. ri,1g? A IV, Trapliigrn. M klleo. Harm n A ? o . Alex Mclmughlan, Clausen A It-'?, V. Ys irk'". ltavtd Jonea, ftavid H'rum ?n. Jonnlsyhi A Bona, I aw re nee Brewing Jame* Macsintiie K b>. tiorrow, Oomoanv, A <"n, V P Head I7l1 Burt. Bovd Bros. A <>, Bead. n .? N??h, W. K. Broekwav. Henry f <V>, Andr Kirk, k K NaahAt'o., Read Brother*. R. V kvaiis f A M. Hokaefer, Joint lotlus To l"iJ 'K k?J \I.KKH ?Tiu: k I.Vt ? Kii >1*1 l.i f)ti -r (> .lpr? ?<* ?*?>' will hntd h r-xnlur mon'tilr m- "In* , . V|. <v, Ma? 4. 2 " ?U - ? III ... * Til- > a ? || ,!, iwrnf Vorfc *nd l*nn|.| nfrma n>f?>klTn. Pnniu*! IK .,. i I- rr<|ii<?ii<l, mi lni?mi>?? t.i iMporUAO.' Hi"b? ,r"" I Hv "fl'T "f M, I'KI KK n.K MIT<"V ? . VvM rllATTKR O I \ ? f 11K M \| ItKKS ta V ajn.! t:bApirr AT# ui toko mil * Ihii ihn - WIN *> ll. M i,n I u, ?.ln a, i i i?' n h"r nod lluiNim -Unix, * i ! TRAVRLLRR'A OUIOK. XJUWk'f I ?V*m KAIl.ROAO ?PROM APKIU IS. UM? IJ ir*m '! * < kimhin i:r", ? i .on M fblM/*? CrHi ? ' **4 II 3D A. M MfMl # r ? AIMnf fMM mm Irun ft A' P. K , fnr Alt.* kin*. 7A.M. And *' A ''H KmM-m- ? hi A. M tod 1 and I P M . 'or PntiklO. ft-JOF * Tl.? 1*? I*bh?#??ii, PmtftiVt And Hl>( "it* :nlM tna a: hi ??y ?A'k"?A fSeekngmuain AliTiA?bire,''?iiAl I'krti'. , h?r Mi'l Th.rty.dni Arnii Tr*lo* for kiw Tart llAH 1 Al ft 46 AOd III M A M ?D<1 4 4ft P M Aod AJbftOJ Mtea.' ijjf A- a. RAdftr. a. A. P. KICTH. "Tpife-kiWim. Wffftt tuMI AKOBBIB KAlllftOAD . A AKD APtS y, 'I AT, Aftlil t, IftftT, And until fur'hit ooM? *. , twr(? '/A ,i . 'TAT! plrr fnr* nt D'\*iii Mrrn. u fePnWl ?!*.liar.' ft uprwa*, Ai ft AO A. M. lor Dunkirk. Hut iiprrAA, ai *! A. *., for BnffkVv Mai, ?!'#* > . Il*l?*?hir* AAd HufAiO AAd W?l IAA llAir . * i i> P*Anin*!r* by UIa itaIa will ruftAi* onr a1** At Kir * Aro I'mfd id! ant rnorntnr R|?| ! I ?>!"?!'. At IP M? rid Ivrmoi.i, for aoHtta* %nd Ini . f 1'fiUnnR. WA) i At 4 P. M..forNtwbarf.MlddiT*Twv *"d ? R * *'* K*ir-ai ft P M . fur Dunkirk Add K idi.i A?n m> ruft dlAll *<< W iiA T>i ? <rr irA.oi mo doily. KnndAyt imotod. R,*M 'Il>r*AA, At 4 Jh) P. ? , fur H intirft. rrrrj toy. irt rrttjbu dj u-aia o* Hal irdoy run? only to Hnr?!.irrfiJd Niybi * * *> P 'f>r B'lDun. tr*rr) rtnf. rtrrm W* <-,,?nwM *1 Klimi-n wMb .? Inn Onr.n..'. . *n? nnd HI*<V? r*Ua Ejuirrnd. for ff'M*'* ti HId*1 .?">? wHk Jir Rynwfow nod H nfhArruw RntlronA frir Pj r?< o?r. ' '" mint wVk Hufftlo, Oorntng %rd Row Tort l"f Rfbonirr, *? fbrowf Hrr, 1 wftk {Vlnwnro lowk> mm! Wroiom Knilrowd, for Homo'on nt Horo^lnrUli wnk hr B :?k'o bed Row Tort <Hy (Ullrowd for H-fkk\ m nod louiklrl wilt thn Hbr? Rniirwd for ",wm kif (IrfUM Tn*do DrfmW. ChlWKT kt. HOlm BAKftPCUL rnwim DEimiTRT. Ahu. nnTAU opnATiom ranifORitD IN HI* I m <?t (killtd nnd momiur mtnnrr ntrry rnnr'y "f tooth ln?? ru"l, tn pnrw or whoto nolo, on now ir?l m """(1 priirtvl.n, hy l?m. IIAPOI.RON I'KKTRRKK *nd A -4. WIl^'iN, Rrowdwty, ornor of Hownrd ?u-ort. W M , orhti*nl piior*. DIPT OTRT - DR. R. M Dt'dHI* < u WALNUT IIUTT nonr VnrVk, ?oM Ro 1TR, now Mj mm- twtkmw if 'out m< ?"?w?R?l mrporWna*.IWu? apnrwUowj wt*? Ihonownad hnnwlnan hiwiniwMna ?ff?nt <wnt fli^M). f? rootina nil on? rilbin tllnit RPOKTTWG. AHH RFl.KRDTT) ?onn WATOH DOO TO*RAMI CHEAP on ncoonnt of Urn ownw ?.dn* kt R'WPfc K?V be RM ?i 19 jkMi ?uet^ taihoMblc.) r?wt MMfc d>f:A \ii .. Ml.V A H'AN ON A COKNKR IN ONK ?>( Hi* li?m( ! in Hie city, wbiTi- * oim cm Trout ft in flo * ii.i\r<-ii! fr?c. A|>|ily at the cur hit ol Rul <titoo mill U. .t'iwii li h'rtvU AI RK.1 OK ooon I ARMINti f.ANn INOOOIT AVJVf county l| notes trout tiu- < ty m t'hlrago, well located and our mile I ruin liii* railroad will ha sold cheap for cash Addreaa for one week R. II. S* hox US lle?ld oUoe. -ANY I'RttKON WISIlTNtl TO K.MUAQK IV A vp^iM"'. I ah', pic.omul Mid lucrative bu.iiiieiK, with Uia above capital, can hc.u da cli .1 chance by applyiug at Add Broad wu) <8tl Hl lH ' f>OR?Y ri?R HAI.K; an f ?P*?"local inc. vault ti"ch op, renting out the dwnl ling, give the store a Miut In e <, a clerk on good salary, ami money seen'<il wanted HlOOh A KOoTHWK'K, 8t Nassau atreet. <11 V>IMl Kt'll SM,K IN TIIK Yd.ltAOROr ritOM VPA b'K, a lot wrha trout aiul rear home, they ?re both new. and rent for >1H0 a year worth (1,000'. apply to OWKN O'NKIL, at Kanford llall, flushing HI fiflii -FOK ?AI,K. A MtiRTtlAUK OK THIS iPl.." JtJ" * atiieuni amply sec . eh on country property In tola HtaM, on which a large illsrmm' w ill he made llltltlN k SOUTH Wll'lv hi Naaau atreet *Q iWIO ?FOR RAT.*, OR RXtn ANllK KOR PRO pert) In tbia city or Brooklyn, fcl.tMO worth o property, paying :a divlilcuJ uf at least I'd per cent, without risk, which will lie allow il ou application to CANNON k 11KK It V, HI Naea.'iu atreet. d??J BAB ?A K A KM UK <*l AORKS, WITH A. OOOl) JpO.\"UU. double hmiae, ham blacksmith and carpentwr aboii, HP ai res iu cullivahou. aiMiallon three utiles from tlepiR ou Long Inland. This K decidedly cheap BKiiiH k BOUTHVYIttK, hi Nastau alrnet (fvr |wwtto >10.000.?an* ok.vtlkman havinu ipu.l'l''/ Ike .'iho.e amount At mil u willing to invest the mine as partner In a manufaciuriuit btuineu 01 tins city thai wilt pay glial profits, may ah lire la L. Si. D., box 117. ?i> raid dPO BAB -KOlt naiik, a IIOTKl,, \YKU, KUR JJiO.'/v'lniai ed, In a splendid location; long lease at low rent. Will sell on liberal tertus, or take a p.irtuer capable ol biking full, wtlh half the above amount ItlU U.N k SOUTH WICK, St Nassau street. Bookman pi-aok pkopkett kok hai.k.? whisk No 19 Koormati plate, ffml Thirty-third atreet, with all the modern linproTtinrtita, house t:i perfect order, having been thorough)) repaired and painted. Uie h.iIU marbled ana panne lied , gait lUturen complete. IVrum eaay. Inquire on the premUen. Farm and country skat kok kai.ic.-tmk a? ?ertl*wr niter* lor aula, at Sap par acre (911,HDU), bia farm and In .itiUlul luuuner residenre lyuip in the e ant part oi the loan of Rhiueheck, llutrhesaeminty. N. i'., 9! mile* from the cit) of New York per Hudson Klvn Railroad, and about half an hour'* ride from ilia depot. The firm* of 117,^ acre*, including its of wood; on the premise* are I wo of the most beantilul building tine* In (he State, commanding a view 01 the entire ranpe of Oat*kiil end Shawaiitpink mountain*, and over forty miles of Ihe valley of the Hulaon river. The l/miu(ai^oii'll9u)lul II IMHWr, tv<l< (It'll IHJIISI", IWl. il, HTI'illl fl'JUIMJ iid w agon house, have juet been rebuilt In the Gothic style, and arc in new nn?l complete order. The farm is in good or der Mi' ioii excellent haaaiood apple orchard and a >^rd ittlftnHif h choloavariety of t* itt treea An exoelleat tanaaft ha* now charge ot the place, with Mtock and iite-isiis, and will continue the vear if desired. Vermi o( paym d uioHowi $7,WW cash, the balance, $4,0IW, may remain on bon 1 and mortgage if d??Hircd, for a term of, at 7 per cent intercut, If further desired. the payment of S7.H0I) may be made, $2,80$ cmIi; $3,<W0, with interest. May I, and $2,00), with interest, M , i, iBfiO No exchange for ot^wproperty, iiUrtm Farm, box S.H39 New York Post nfltoe. IjlAHMS FUR 8AI.K <?K K.\? 1! A NGk\-Wt) OK AhLSI/KS ' m different dir. 'loir H' in Westchester, Itoekland. Orange, Sullivan, llruome. P. urn. Ulster, Kinga and i^iieena countier, New York . 27"? in New de.raey, IVmsyivanwv. Wh cousin, Illinois Michigan. Tcnnc -?e?* ;tiH) or WW acres fine farming land in Pike coun?>. Pennsylvania, near the l)eU ware river, four and a iia'i IiwmW ride from New York, flg per acre* I1 la a hMtithv, good place tor a farmer. Will be exchanged for impu?v? a piopertv in or near New York. One fa m in HuIIIvmi i >iio I " icre 9780: one 75acres IS7S one J40acrc?. g'swl building . and -aw mill, $2 $W?$tkW ash. One i:i riU.igc 40.1 urr Iumim*. >am. shop* Ac., iptod dam and water power, eight roads termini, r by it; t'.nir miles from deno' canal and river. the be* in the c-unary for a grin, latl. and saw mill, school. churciie,. - >re , nosi otlice. hotel, Ar., by It; location is lie?lb?y ar.d p ? isant: nouie mark* for h k and prodrn it Nt ^ n s rb 11 o n il lor$K,n??! Price $2.*im $1,1 w c h. Fiw fird ra PW acre fm ma I i h . rea under ? ul ration i tin ;. i 1 Il#t or b,UD1 good unimptoved laud, $2 .V ? $10 ;?er acre The fruit on mine (if the Kockl ird county f u ms will pay the interest <>u :h cost. Apply to ,f. vA NDKKrtl I/l, s' ' i'oii 'reef; ofllce ..jien hon 8 to 1 Patronage aolit lied In he real eat t boat i ms flOB 8AJJC-A llol'SK AND LOT AT ASTORIA, I* f, ' fen minutes walk from the ferry, corner of Grand street and Second avenue, near the pubm* s<li.*d; cottage house. Hrvett rnoma, Willi ptltriM, wa.Ii koiiM w i ll rml.'i ii udff u. w *i?id bonne, punch mid iifMi tree*. -oni l>e*rtnj( (rape vinei. diffei i*nI amu* Of nbrttlibery. I'lice Snt?> t tlji). Apply In (' lloWKl.I., .in Ci* preiui>**s*. noi rwa k firrmn cocktbt immni r Mill lICll UfHT 111!" liltUl M'H.-i-, IjDII.J 111)nil. t'Otlt.llll!tU! bum iufBlt iwniirie*, ? double Im iin', li.irn, r?rrn\*e hmuw At- Willi it ??*r) tlii.ii'* v.ti ii-tj i.t fruit ti.'"? ill ill kiuilit. In qnlrr n( .1 tCUll UAItPKKTiR, 12 Kh'Idvu*.! place, from II Uli i i.f luck. KilR HAI.K THKSTIM'K M\IV - \Nl? UllOl* WII.L ni mi tiiii MtabUiM Unuor store, now Mw good buM* nrw. will In* niild clomp lor twill Apply ! 1H7 Itowery, a>r iii-i id Tlunl alrrrt liH IK KAL.B-T1IR HMH RTOif, NKW, RURRTANTIAL 1; brown atom- lninwa, north *nle of Tbudy ttrit itrmH, Im Iween V't'Ux.Hi kail Koiirth avenue**, three atorlea %ti*l n*u*emuni wi h all modern ImpriTtmrou. Inpnr* al 11 Wall at., room II |a.k kai>. in jnunrrcmr, <>n rn moot rka Mr HonniiU* term*, two new hrown alone front home*, on Van?orM Miurr Alan, llirec n**w bm k house* on Jerw; avenue, near lliinilllim square. Inquire of KVAN JONIui, at the bar l w iie (lore, Ml Urore atreet, Jetaey City. FOR NAl.R-ON tIKROKN HKMIfTN, A BRA UTIFI7I. residence, with twelve Iota of jrrvHlwi; the home la new and r .rnniodliina, will be aold cheap m. I on rrieotiahle t.vuvv Inquire of 1>. LllAlf AN. ar* lulect, OUU Uroadway, after oue o'clock. J^'jR RALK-TJIK WJCVT KIK-tT ("IvlS FOUR STOUT Hilr> 'ir-.I atreet, betw "Ml fifth nvmiw awl lli-onilMIty, tn tii.- beat Viiih uvnw atvle with all modern IQSpri?. ,ii<-iit?, ?uc Ju b> tk> IreL Trruu eaay. Apply no the prrmt'i'i. I MM HAl.R-THR STfHTK AKD PIXTURJtH OP THIC w I fjAprln* atreet. To be (oM with-. it further delay. at a rea-ouable priee. fAott VOI R T" '11V llltlt'k IIUf sK. ' i.or iSxl'Ct. furSft.V*'. la rented lortA'a) A four aior* lirlrk it llonetou av-evt w <h a if - -' it li mi i m 'I Ui>- mnif lot, frontltit; Kirat atreet; li..i??a for fojaii, retUtu loll1,130 RKXSOX, HAS-vY A Hi , in Plr*' atreet. IV1R hAl.K OR KXOH ANtO-f oR RR\\t K.ST VTK, t?v?r New York, splendid hotel, neatly.fur )>h -1 thorouah out, v 1 11 eMabll-hed, i1.iin|r line ho- ? ., li-nm-l m .in ?r* count of 111 health of proprietor ami fmin.y. Addi'man tl. tt, U,, Herald nfllrc, which will he attended to For kai.K or kxrtfa.v'ik r >H dry Ooobm-a twoatnry, attic ami hitarmi'til cooar>- hon??, with v4 mi IW1 a/re 1 ,'ioniiil. well laid I.'it In Hi" vllloir-- n! M01 rltutiU, nhiwe mlritri a walk Irum 'he ilepoi, w. aalMe e\..ry Ivmii-by ral r >ad r ?'it*?, ami steamboat. A|>| J to J. DIM. K'elfiCllH, 44T Klttlnh avenue, or 2M '/rand alreot JjV)l. O F 0?TOMA?-THI POCR J/OTR. WITB 1? bra* b tlldlncs thereon. in Twelfth street. near arenas 0. n-rtitvi 1 iriupicJ aa a bolt factory There 1#aeteam^oahte?e th<-pr -'.n-'?, for aale tf deeired Tata property, fr*aa law law ration mi<1 I in( ready for .mn.fdaa.* coeupanry, offers rut Uaffn .f . its to any party wwhinr to atnn a in knew* at< jn aaw or rlnalnx null, mamma or aheapat fooiwt r Tanas easy. Apply to H. OUTHOCT, * .I Cliff mm i/TOK s aI.k or to I.Rask a cot r auk nors* and f on .he mirth w1e of West Thirty fourth street, Na ISA ajao. lia- 'It Iieaat rorner of He*eutb avenue ?n<l Pity aerttMh ar.-' e the Trath a?en. ?, at tb? 1 unci in of He aad a ay f and to tetni attedW atreet. Inquire of D. C. UIIH11KB, U w HOt APIt 1.. T ft R f Al.S AT *? BR"AP BTRII*. from ?. rr%r' ?i?d IM thr?e MDrtes k!(b. BaOtftaa ??.- or' nf ike b?M m Newark 1>> ? > WUIMV.; T" "f I. OR KXi'lMNi;!. TIIKIR I Ar . wI. . i'i nliMi ,?? !( 'ii j"<?t If ih<-\ . . ' ih'fr i r ir'-r > i > ' . ?*. N . rh >i r:.', ' l)'|nr> r i' '>r wlhi.ic M "illiuik I BK>Si V, i1 A f * , MS ' 'Irat Mrr"l, near at t 'A. ^JTKRK'-fx'oPM, NTKRHn-VOPKM ROHRVT H)P O hAii. ?t.rr ?o<'p'? and eier M-ople p. -rn. r<m*? vim i.ii" Kliu? rle?? of Rem", Kiorrri. ?, 1/ Jon, ILa],mi Aljdn* Amerran and Khui" M iner/ A -<i new* in puiiiTof v*r, 'i? ouAlWy for ?u, i a: low pri, by HKNf. PIKK A SO!**, ',i i -i Jib llr mdwty. oppomn? e hi fWu TCI M MAT MVNU VTil RKKA -?'< K Ml,-:. AT Mb, i Mid -*rn? Kit pr-?-lnr avloni .n Amid' rder, MBlvi'i, , j. > *? ,i Third asd fonrtk a<r?*t4. rPM'FR HA.N'flNM PRINTERS -OKK NKW AIX n il r pr Bill,II matb.i, lor f heat A*i l> ?i AJi I rout I" IVrk Tl'KSTKRN T.ANfW IM-.TTVa h !Tt'A TKP OX PAIMB TT irnn? if ah wir ui tbia nark?t. The adrerdeer wiake?tB rn bamr-- f"r ,V- w > 'irk etiv or iiminrnl ib"rban |"T"T. 1"i u ' arre* ran h- had Iron ihr?e o i-n mUi bw maltiBi* o ike prtnni al rwir"? r "I Ultima. Aihlr?wa lAnda, Herald ,,Hre, or apn!r V ike oAic oi I Viim'i iinMil. Hm4 way. alier the 3d of Jfay. < MPARTTKR.kHII' SRITItRS. QlCit -A PARTNKR WARTKP, IN A VKRT PR'i . Iv' atarting n i locality wh?rv I r ,i>" m n. ide ii < >. |.,i ki. Ap|iy for tkree !ii?wT t/A' KNKV \j -I acksou airee V T. Q'JIMl TO Vkfl-A ntiKT It: SINRHM MAN WTTlf V*/"'V/ ibo Htmre In i . ??. ran ohuin ?n " r-n in o " n Uie he.I. and wfth airr- ier | ro.j< of inaattia a n ??? ?u iifv ri ? .sail vv??'?T bnnti citf, by *| i< *' hi? Hi -v |?,, . i' > H?i*m ?- ? QC(K| AfV 1'KRAO* li \ VI Mi i I HIS \M<>1 \J ANN vlW/U, sxlitnKlO ?' < ? a u ra?.iii( Imb' ?? %i.,i ? "* thai * -I l?# i??r fr-Mft in fr, 'it' c- . ,','im ? ?'' t'i n- ?y i| i Ijh 1.11,1 Vl.N Mo* a . O >o S Hnnkrinin ?irwt. ' ii ono ri'f ipliHUU ?'? eh'i.nj .11 iiii'l %p ,<P? r IriL- ? ' ? I. ?a 1? p?rri"f. Ml r" i I 'Pill,,* , I "m* (n ill ? li'Tt I.n." f' r I'urtH -i'?i ? -w.lriw- vuiinlnw J I) i H?r*ld <!# iintiimHavly ' fTHK PKHKRSIHN'RD 1AVK THIS DAY fiRWRP A I " p*r?n?rrhip, undnr Jjn r,?inn Ami flrm uf YWr.l A Hi] i'" i ? ti *' r<" U,'a* lrnn toimirf l".mnn?? %t Sn? !t, , r::1Y^'vrsvri- ? * ^ tun. Mir. ~ ~ ,v"'joHjr itHTiou ? It HII.I.KHWHI l. r) AK< 1MTV. rs rr, M-rn AI. ARt-Jin* r fun m to t rm a purnnAhtp nr bM?ln<*?* xrrvn*"wni wl'S om?*rrKt?-t d( in lumen ami lung ^tparwnrn In ihl* <w a..ii.. , ii.?t f|?y Thi" iiiliar'wr m a Hut r . ? ilrat'?" hi.'? f?t i r ibljr kn rn In tiiia pi.y and ? irt>*. ab'rfli" W I nut m'trrtl of Ilia 'Iratffiin whu-h bATi' >>.'< ? caitivI '?< ''? ymmmnnl niaitlnna, and ran alan inBumca oniaMw i '? h l"' wan. Adnrpan, with real vltmvlna, hat IA> Mer'.'i office tir** '*-* noon rumnkmh maw. wrt'i ?i.m to " VMW w dnh, witlfof lo <?n u lep- f >r **1*. A f for a tnamflX M/W CrMltt.S. v.. fv* Wttvc. 3 the 7xr*r. CKNTKKniJ.K(!<)T)RWK, I, I.-TROTTIHO.-TUMHRAf. May 5, at Jo'clock K M , pur?and r?takc, flfiO, mile hoaa boat Ihrec ui to wngnna wagona anil an vera to !**) potunlk li Woodruff naintw g. g Uuola Ham, M J. IJm dine name* l> r. Tom Moore; fl lioaftaod uamrs t) g O Btema, C. Carl mime* b. g Victor .inn. rnNKI.IN. Proprietor KKP HOUHK TROTTINU OOUffflK HARLMH.-OW WeduradrCy Bill irial , will Mm? off a trot, mllr and my?l( ill hmni'NI I Itriif Uw Ii'tmol la K Ifiirit' fku If :inlpr Br MeKabft name* h h Major la-wia Home* atari at3 o'cloofc. N. H.?Wemnd aren ic car* pans (ho door O KKOOKH, froprtomr of TraHt UNION HOURS*. I, I ?TROTTING ?ON MOHltAW. 4, at If11" clot* A purae and alakn of StM) mB* heal :t in ft in harneaa I> Pilfer name* b na. Unite) aC Portland Mr Perrln name* * g Ariel. H Woodruff naaMa gr m. 1). Tollman name* t> m rttell*. H Mclaughlin luuMi D. K Oen Harey. .lame* Conway name* br. m l)W iiHiui ? r a ?'i;vUui^aiu Oh ner name* Andrew Hheehaa. Oar* will |e?v< WRWrfffry Brooklyn, for the Hon rue at Iff, o'cIim k, and re',111 u win'i iu the spurt ii dot Ka?U|l nd return Hi)cant* till AW A WHITK, Preprletan IUHISK H, CAKAIAGKS, AC. AI.AROK M)T OF NKW HXPKKSN WAGONS, OF mv> * I ere nt win for n.e Apply at HILDLKY rt npnm olBre. New llaveu depot, Canal street. Aught toi? waoon and Lioirr rockawa* lor sale rlieap, for rash. Apply a'. 1117 Mercer street. BlOIt SA1.K-A NT VI. Is! I It A V HORKK, AltOIIT UK lianda high, sound in all reaperta. Sold for want od cap, Can l?e *epu *( I lie New York livery stables, Broadway, bw taw Nineteenth nnd Twentieth aireet*. M A JKSUP, 44 Kicitauge , lama IflOit HAliK?A UOHT Rl.'illlY WAOON, SUIKTOW ' leather top nearly new, an I by OWof Rio beat inaknoa Apply a' tie- paint atore, corner of t'ourt and DoiiglaaaaU-eAk Brooklyn. Tj40RHAI.K-A I.I0HT ROAO WAOON, IN P7KST RKtW r order rdy .made and nearly new. Varnmhed r iaaiag gear, double per*, Ar. Can be aeen at 9A Kaat Twenty aSB aireet. between Third and l.exlngtnn avenues. For sai,K-a pair ox match:-:) bt.a'-t toruMH. about Hi a, hands blab, w ell broken; will be wild nhnap Apply III abible 07 let Twenty second aireet. FOR SAI.K-A CHARIOT, NXAKI.Y HI?, hoit able for city or country. Alan, a road na m alnaMd new Will be aidd cheap, hi tile tinnerleaves tor tfubpo. Apply to JAMHn KKANK. 4711 l'ear! aireet. frinK SA!.K-''ARRIA<JFS, HOMV AND BABVNB) mi Mri?? inp .an I open b ggies, rock* way and taimiy cmi i.igea ol ail kind* *nikie* ?? l bii.tuieaa wagons. alsto aee??fl ! mill wiri'Uis or all kind*, lor saletheiap; aim l.l hnr*-* dnaMe ii imI single Imrneaa, Ae. Apply al Id Nevlua ttreot ami MM Pulton nvenue, Brooklyn. TilDIt HAI.P-A M'l.K.N'M 1> YOl/Nll HOKKKt. H0R8B, l? 1? h oi I* high, h irr.ia'wl -oual and ki l l in all h.iriie*a| would tn.ike an excellent ei>*eh or Intmly horse. as he t i vary lree and a stylish d-trer. In i"', o ?; did Uleerkoi street, in* nor of !<' Ko\ Btreet. J.-II B -SAI.K-A PAIR tOP*DAU QIAUOIIfl, w*. P hands high, stylish action. sound. kind, nod wry rndera Ide; ,t'i?t iii riviii Ir'om Vermont nil! b" .Id rh.*?p, no brum road horse* To be aeen at Mr CONNDl.l.Y'A, M"irli*ahP Mitble. Xi arid '.ft Twenty unit street, near Broadway HltlO-K, I'AltBIAtIK, AND 11 A It N KSM K OR S A t.H?A large bay horn-. aiutable fur Pfaraily use, eery gnaBti Aim a twoseat na kaway carnage. tiiirm'M, At- lieiwai hi t'ooper'a stables, IZS (Eighth n?eii ;t?. Fur prtoe apply at M hprme srci-i I I OK.d'.d K KIT 11Y Til V 1>\> VtV.KK OR MONTH. J 1 III it eieini, well ventlU'ed stable: hi ills are n? the lust floor; teriim renton ibl". k rsale mi eicellen: i' i.ia<Uaa Hit }eir*oil warraiio'd kind alii eniind Apply at lien.|. i-ori s stable. 1'Jl K ist Broadway, n"ar I'lke at. eet I I'sT ARRIA KT> AND FOB S U.K A I'AtR Of SIM,WW fl did Northern bred carriage hor?e*. bright ba/s far aiyle mid aelirin cannot be ear-el'.."!: k-iglit b'.1, hands high To be M en h: tj.e Hull'* Head atable?, corner ol Tw enty fourth street and Third avenue. K ll'JUIl.-t r KJHT AYAHON, NKARI.V NKW Ft)* 8AU5. AJ? J J ply m HI it.-oiN s-.i.v 23 Twelfth ilmt. MUKOAN IIOKSK.S ?TKN SI I'KHIDR VOl N'W l|r?R.tWI anion" them two pair* >< naiiched baya. Keulleiaaa wishing imrr Morgan atoek, at very moderate prtr * wfli pleitse rail at bin. ti lioermi atree, It oklyu. A an a light, extension top roekaWky. and several light wagons. eity made T' 1IKKK HORhKS FOR S.ll.K- il'IYAHMC FOR ANT iis<-. Prim #11*1, JWS >?): m i?th? anld Immediately, M | Hit1 "? iierJui* no nae whatever inr them Apply to K. t AN KANfiT. M -lUfl .'<0 1'ahal alreet, liber r atable oppoat e New Yurk and New Uitten depot. WAN TKD-A VKIlT SNA I J. DONK KV FOR A ll(ffe? Fr lo drill1. Adlreae, anliug price and particular! <rm l,;B Poet otlb e AirANTK1>?A SK<"NI> IIVNO HROCKR'ft V ??R Tf wheeled hand wagon. Addreaa vt be. e p may lr> eeew. I iiiti'T, Union *'|nare Pnat office. an SIC All ARl) OAflfCIMO. AMAftNlFICKNT AND KK'lll.r CARVKD DOL'H.H round revr;i or' >? I pianoforte for a vle, liu atuvd In the atyle.t leiui* XIV , ?i'h four round corner#, barkauwit tia front, with tmnuhve carved work on Inch wto, mod el iborntrly tnlatd ulUl real pearl work of merit, triple in ouMmge all round. rWth and cmlly carved le?<, wuli gt <pet. frui' oni vIip-h on lour ?A>rner*. made fo order liy <m of uic he,' ru ikcr* Of thia etty; I* a drawing room i;rnnd orrr* runic Iota* nil mb tone it one of rtrhiiea* and power acidirn tn-t tv h. no I cow he fully tealed In rtery way. tu without fault or I tem. ih. nut worthy the attention of tho?? In se ireh ot iit.tuitic-n' puler piano, new two month* ago. and fullv ? art nihil I'i r ABM, r vet Ini', huh<I to match, lux fm *lnpplnir. Ac., inelod< if ty ply at 1178 Sixth avenue, near t'rvniul Palace. lor four dig* fr >m 7>, A. M Ull ?>, P. M. N. M.?Au object vttU be odVedl to a cash bUJ r AMAUNIFIfKNT HKVKN OiTAVE RO.SKWOOD PIanofure, ki rneiillnn ra?e, aeolloped key*. Ac , rw ftN Will be diapneed ol at b atcrlHee If taken Immediately, a* ffiw owner lea tea for Kurtvpe on thc<>ih tnat. Maker B ictuuilew given with Iho ln*lruiuent. Can be Been it IITJ Twenty Mldh at reef, uear Seventh avenue. AYOI7N" LADY WHO THOROfTifffl.Y l'NI>KR.dT A KOI the acmnre, and of eiperlenee lit teaching etehee :a obtain lew |iupil? ou the uleno Special attention paid hi beipoiiape. Ti'tw moderate, tali at, or addj-eaa Xueic 1 eaeher, 107 Weal Twlfclicih *treel. AHPl.KNIMfl 7 "OTA V K KOHKW""f> PIANOforte, for #li?> coal T-'O ? one do fm #I7.V one IP .p-ur# for $185; one lor HZ1. one f ',<? uve for ilia one lor ilin. and lolly lite oilier* at greater bang Una Ih.oiCan he found ef,e. where. "Id pianne taken fn eiehanfe, ai lit.' Twenfv with aireet, near hittili avenue K <I"NZ \t,FZ. rlKKAT IIARUAIN liKAND l>IAHONAI. SKYKM OOI 'are a) piano, madahymie .il the hc?i maker*, end * ai ranted t oat #C**i Will be ?old foi $Jim, lla< Iim U*ed but k few month* I'au be ?een at 141 Ninth atreef. VKW MUSH IV rosKt, UltlltN'IKIt FOR Tllfc J.Y pianoforte) aa introduced at the mnrt bulla of KuraM, i'lihlndieif by U HKOAKMO HKOOKKR. Ml llroome afreet, and lor aale at the principal mualc atnre*. Price 2S eenta. Ml*rtl?:.?Jt ST PI 1H.1SHKH IIY HORAUK WA I K Kb, :VV\ llr ad way, f< it No-nun and New Tut pinnr-i ?nil meknteon*. Trinity I'hurch Holla, by Aii*uwan t * nil, rtlnulr, Mlvrr Kill Hrholtl?ehe, by Au*M?tiiv Hull Jfl c iiu. IViim ? Kom*ntl<|iie and AiiiiuM Vllk>, ky Mmr Peftnurew, M renin rindi, KloWer I'olka, hv A IltvU, i'i reiala; I !?! Hi hottl?rhe, by A Webb, it eent?, Franklin Cnlle** He hint write, lo renin, Lei on Hindu ThrouKb our Tear*, * >?(, i i 11 y MI W???i!?i pl"? fiy|t,pMU|imi rlA*<M AND MK!<ODKONR?(IRK AT BAMAini(I* .11* Ui b'/AtkiM ut be made Ui tbe piano raona at M$ Broadway, the large ?tor* of planiw and aeiodeoaa WtR bw aoM during Vhl* week at lower prtree 'ban ever betor* rrOwrai la Una my Piaooa and taelndemui to rmt and for aaia M Banflh.y pa i strata Plate* ai ~d, mnol and repaired. UORACR WATKRJI. A|Mk rlANOPORTRN, WITH MKT\t.MO FRA XX, OF 8Ur?rior bine, rtnioh an I dorai. Jity. ran be had at a bareaAa If applied :nr imm'iltair.y, of jap. van KII'KK, 17? ifjowter rifeei between HowPoo and Hleeeker alreeta nr ANTKP-TO ri'RCIf Ad*, AN Af.RRADT DSFP Wf ifire pane nr lartrer mod not tuireeil lite prtm m fl.'ftt. AddraaK , Herald ottea. imAKuL q1 1 (will "" wtntkit on bono an? t?H.UoU Bur e n on improved property in the rennet pa if the t .:f, worth doublet; umimir No i-'iniii-tia will he paid. Addre?< H l RIIM AN A (?ll< iRN 13d Cam* - reel, comer of 'be Howitv 61 7 lUUi WANTED, on mono AND M<>RT<?Atl?. OJ I >UU*/ ? H7.III) o I rftpepiy Worth double xtm ?n i,i. witinn Cfry feet of i rovl* it, and below rhirtteait ?tre-i. for whtrb a literal boaoa will be (teen. Fur partteair? | ply ? Nr. LOA' V, Pearl II uae. rorner of tftttb avanu" nd Twenty i alb tt/eei ,Vj hrok-ra need apply BROKER NANK NOTKN-THE VRRT HitJhunt i II' .? pa r I taeft r r??n bank bii.'ft, by JOHN U?iPE. mimrj br ker. #7! Hrtwdway (kTKH'B <f R K> 'I >K AM) MIWIKKIPri KAII.KDAB t < irpuny. 41 B? bane* > ? V-m Vor*. *?/ I. 18W.? I .-.T'U I .nor- T)? arnu ananaJ Uitoyobt '? ?h? itrn mortr*t? bonda of tin* i < moan;, S onll'Ah tnm , will bo pal* <m ? 4 anrr thai (bu? by* K. I rbup A ?>>., ac?dm, on pr??ri !*u<'n "i ibe tr t? cupula ?) ib<? .ilioA. S. T. 01RAM0. Prmilitoat. Ti iiir. nun n <>r tiik fikru.d.-omr or ma Mui ?r p?i<or< ronijun* an annnunr* w.m. that lb* PiK )*Mi>4 p*i'l "0 ?)! r?u* >4?f 4, * t>r?? I chnnfc for IllMm* to mux) du'lar*). Ihiaw BM ?n. Th? Hank baa mil pa* a for|?>l rk? k af .Aai auto jil. a T any o bar amount, Kraal ?r ,\V' KTII. r?jriu? Toll*. liOA\ OKKlflR. *>1 TO T')|4.i? TO Ai'. <U>?AI?V AJK'BR 91 OB' .?i awcb-a.jowo ry, ailka, I?r ir <1*. \ tarxw. nart!w *rr ?ivi, Aft o?<i? oi otory l-?npi <>u bo igbt for rank J II. HAlkKtflOKH, >6 Hroatlway, mora JB. ?1 ? AMT AMOCKT OF KOMI TO LOAM AT TUB II. rtrto/lway I>*d ( fBra JH Krw1*?f ThkoH ill ud - p-ma Ha oSoa .oaM ib? fo*b?at mm oa 4M? oada wMrhra, y?rlrr an i nrraoaal pro??fty. or bootfrt to? oaah Pa^r^lbrn?nr?, tlrAna Vaigfet. MAf l trr A KHtAO. 3W Brpalway. ?om?r of Walk? ?i no j * WIU.JM A fo., 91?"'"? Fnorra* r? ?o laichrr A A.o . )'Hi <? IhHn. ! '!*. wa)cl.'?, I HiwnbMff i | AO kmAl <" P jewalrj, Mlkx aod ! u?kav booaht. >r boy tor ?a**^ . *1 >MM , ?tr*a? room Wo. T. ?'7(1 OllO T' "OAM 0* WATcnW PIAIfOMOB #ZU.IK)U J.?Iry f% dry r-?a yd, pernor , cir b*m$hi -urn 22^ mor rM't, I' *v #*? lUS **M*o "wwrw* ?' A nr. tefor - I*1 a* ,j . ?? |?|%|t f() lA^Afi Ofl WAf'^fW? DIAHOVMb $lo7.()00 la^Ar. or bo lb. for ?*. byJS Ann v ia* ai #. il iluuobir* ?ve?t, .kbwweel oSe^J flmti Bioo'uITfl**. H irn.*" pr??u aad M&MMI. bn?ti?##? 'hmm^ " smrd?yi ^ ^ ^ $25o'ooo.: v" Tft-X?i"? > ? > ?. - rii. ? rrisr^-wss^S.. ^ Diam???i'8 t it TtAitt it tttrtcrruu.1 i*. fiffinfl umu ?? ar? oneunwulf manofaMnrlac ui |m on k?nd ? vr? !?? ? of diamond jawalrr, of It* MM Mk Mottt, nomrr, AnvAm^b on tArnrAovwM on fumltum, narpotiaft. plan*. MfM mm> nw>?H? ftrrarma. nanUoai and anmfki tan wM, I?m waft""*. maefctnm, and ?U ktada ?f wiMaitM ?J KUKa ?-ssacn