Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1857 Page 5
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rs u4/w ni.HTt- than eve r subjected, do not * , m **> have those who avov it to be the light to their feet an*t tir? lamp to their path. They all agree in one faith, one Lord, one IxiptL m; but they do not ngreer.s to what in thiir faith, or their Lord or their baptism. These very aaeorations, in fact, strengthen them in their repelling tendencies. Inet< ad of individual opinions, we have great masses of opinion, moving like a phalaux, shiehls in front and the Hhort. onirk sword behind it The Presbvte liana have long been divided into opposing K hoola, accompanied by large nebulas of Con1 frregationaliHm, independent of discipline, with i with a nucleus, occasionally, as Beecher. The Methodists, too, have their divisions, which threaten to ovt rthrow the aristocracy of its de- i mocracy and relieve the bard working preachers from the pitiless rule of the circuit principle, j The Episcopalians arc also sundering on mediaeval theology, separating as to candles and allurs, uapery and apery, which are the outward and visible signs of ascendant Puseyiam hung cut on the way to Rome. The Baptists are in no better state of mind, with the vexed questions of seventh day, or Lord's day, a.d the oonviction that there most be a new translation of some few words in the Bible, or Dcrdition will catch our souls. The Dutch Re formed churches app'-ar to enjoy perfect harmony, in a rare exception?the ancient quarrel of whether the hook caught the <iah or the fish cunght the hook being fully settled and forgotten. In addition to all these difficulties, the respective agitators, with some honorable exceptions, have undertaken to meddle and mix up in question exclusively political. The one of slavery has been their favorite speciality, and several of the largest denominations of Christians have been torn in pieces by its untimely and uncalled for discussion. Christianity, pure and simple as it was handed to us by its founder, positively Ignores political institutions beyond the duty of Obedience, which was owing from and paid by the early Christians to the most absolute and cruel powers, and to one pre-eminent in adopting and carrying out the principle of slavery. Modern t< achrrs of the new light school would not only Urrvto nnfiwnmunta and ounci i tut trvna Ktlf iUUX f^UUlUUJtUVO MUU VVUBViHUUVUPf UU W would, if they could, dethrone God himself for not doing it at their dwire. The most incalculable evils have resulted from the perversely directed power of professing Christians to questions with which they have no business whatever. These heterogeneous elements are now gathering in their natural orders, for annual comparison. account, and renewal. We do not expect to perceive any great change for the better. The subjects of dissension, the necessity of money, and the increasing wants of the brethren, are every year the Bame. The result will be the usual one. ' Things equal to the same are equal to one another.'' The city will be filled with the usual numbers, the newspapers will bo filled with the usual reports, and the public will yayn over them, and scud the usual donations. Arc there no gnat commanding Apostolic minds, who, infctesd of preaching themselves, as the manner of Borne is, will stride over these petty policies whiv h so disfigure the Christian Church, and calm down that irritating temper which diffuses its acidity through every vein and artery of our body politic, by the hands of Doctors of Divinity ? ?-1 *1" < ,nl<\sm4 T.a4 na KatTn an in. BUU I roiiwn Uf 1UIUI"RJ w ? a au u?Bugurwtiou of new era In the Christian world. Let individual opinions be held sacred if you please. but do not army them in solid columns, with banners flying and trumpets sounding. Let us, at least, have religious peace. On; Ambassadors Nkvrr Bktthr.?We have been hearing for several mails from Paris about the wonderful improvement in Mr. Mason's' health how strong he is getting?and how hearty be looks. It really looks as If he were strong enough, under proper pressure, to go through another term of office in the French capital. An.l Mr. Belmont, who is now in Italy, instead of bis post at the Hague, and Mr. pink in Spain, and Mr. Dallas in England, we shouldn't wonder if they were all in uncommonly good health, and ready to servo their country fair years longer. But we apprehend their plethora of heulth will bo gratuitous; their resignations are expected and will be accepted: they pilgot just as well bo on the point of death. The AiinlvrrMrtes. TWJ-^riVlU ANNIVKK^AHV OK TUB SOAKD OK KOKKIMN MISSION? OK THS I'ltlCXBT TSKIAM CHURCH. . The tu^-.vtrmry or Un< ftstrd wm held tut evening at the lvesbyterian rtmrch, corti?r of Kart Nineteenth street and fifth avrnar, a lure1' nitnbor of ladle* ari l gentlemen feeing |<rn*rnt. The prix-eedinp: commenced with Uie perfortra.... iS a voluntary, billowed by the choir chanting tot Tid I'aaJm. The Rev. Mr. Alexander tlesi read the canal m-er'ug service*, and Uie Secretary to the Board prreeoled the following ilidnct of the twentieth annual report ? Th" V ?H ? * ! Wlr.'ex iv, lr In \ V, ,^'y llr.f mix-KKiMi work It ,* I .-e0 proxr .n -1 no-h r y wr w A bo' few serious inierrttpUoiia, and in many reap... u, a tA i .-soils of a loxhJ, en<oiu?mn< nature tti r > . 'M fiom a'i . a Inrl.-lnv . .rn.i'1 bslano- (rum last yf?r of Ki ?W, ksre been tjr-.Tiis 00 Bipendiuira. ?*&jn 17 fera? \? up indetiir-diira-o! .. .. tIATti 17 Thia ia the fins urnr In die hlatnrr M U?e KnM thai a d>-bt Of anj cwistdrrsl'lr rvteut Im? hern tm-nr-rd, an-l It ia greatly rr-r- .-I I T U?.aM" * ho ha>r ?1.. rbi. f er.n-ro' aflaira It eonM nr i bare been ?mkW, howerer, wlthoni srrVxialT rnr laiUn- il r ordinary Uhora of ibr older rni.<?. ? or aHan-im. * > .n ir. IT several MMM tha* b??i reee.v--.1 ih.- ?aii.- . .n at lh? Oonoral *??omhlj\ and DO do'iM Iho aanotHm and rorlfi?i apprr.tal of iho (tn-H. II' ml of iho (Tiui-ph. Thirty l?o m'aatimary lah>>rrm burp horn aoat on*, during Uw ?' v Hl? of'bran ??ro d'oipnalod to iho trnwn In CVnt tap to Nonhrrn India. ouo 'n Wr-Oorn tfrva. wvt tho frnk.,1 W to tho iari"na nn *i.>o? Mitotic ihr Indian tnboa of our ran rtoiniry Kino nthrra *rr inulor art">imm-'i and wUi loaro for Iholr rrrporw," ttoida of labor ilorinc Ihr mnunf oumm-r. uni'oa tbo fHWlf atato ?rf lha iroamiry ?MI pro mi uirlr hotn* coot out. TV Hoard hoc mia-tonr am-n* ton of lb? prliotpal irlboa of ntv n?i mur'rT on* for 'ho '' *? la N*? Tort rf.y; n-v for tbo tTilnoao In l'alif"?"nla, iau In M.01O1 AiworW, iw i in Wool tway A front, onr In Kitm 'hooo m'Tnna itrnm Korthom In di* ulf M 'ho Mint' um? t-vrnda ppriuuary out In Ibrovau foljoa. aroiotio* ot Bold'itn Part*. Dono>a.iux1 In lh? Wal drwuan hrtK?l IVmnon-.t with thnoo raruri* tnikdon*. throo broTTnUnlatoranf tho ifo-pol, I tj m* o mi l t-mal- ??i?toot MIMI "'MOoa from IhM rotintrt. *t nab to bolpora. jh ?nb<aW? of ttrl tradoa. ami 4 ?t? ruf"*. SI rhurrhra and mi'-nnytau iraoso. of whom bhowt I.Vbaro boon brought *? ibo !?>? Irrtg- of tho Hat ionr dnru r tho t-acl jmr. Hn pr^ iilnc errto-r > harr boon unfurlrW?u? jr raiphiyod at <ho -ant ' U'no iu r>im' -iiui* Ibo prions |ia#o in bo cirrulatod ui China, hum, ^Krvwiragod by Iboao tofcrn* of (food, ami looking ?n (hid for Oia cmun "d faror, tho Hoard a-ould oarnoalljr Inrit* lha boar' r P" uporallnn ?f lb" Irmndaof 'ho Jlo.l.?n?or that Iho (lad tld!"c* "f ?alration mar ho p?tna?lo<l until lb< J rrwh carry human boart on tbo fa,-.- .if iho oarh. Ro? M H Ci-nnmra". of tho Hhaturha* Him km, wan thou inlrtafuoott. ami tWlvaffd an ahln and lakomotiat dta Courui 111 a ui anna and IU inhabitant* Ho pototnd owl tho fart Uiat llio imnioD. o population of tho Oalmual hiaMro a rro aunt tn Urn moot Jnplombto tgnoraiyon UMglnaMo la rrgard to ilirWian kMWl?df?, and idolatry m-cratl?al throughout. TliUidoUff wan bawd tm a mu 00tK*i>tiofi of tbo (harm t< f of U>? l?>ty. and of llio natar* of Uitt rriatMma t< man to Him, lift' of tho wnrahip of Ood, and of llio Bfanll* of rib. Th'y lial no Iibm rllhrr of man'a poatU'tn la llii< world, or hid dootinjr hornaftor, aad if ihoy pnaarooort itavJUi'-y troro blla-lail and orru aootn. In rlrw of mich a (iHlablo into of thinfr* It b<? hoTisl Oirlatiana of aUoouflt/ioa, and moro mtym-lally ftttmn la ll.a P.l. ^ aba. I bra a . . tut aa- % S t> t r . \f l >r1 4 lit ?\ll> port the <1irt*tuu! miaaion' now a*u? >li?h'?d *n<t in pro*Ta--i of N>tn* forim-d in ivrfmm lhair bnh *? < China Thay aero aMui.rngad in Ihia by which had tflcmlad th.-aa mi *i'>n* in *|ntd of anmcrou* obatactan thay had had U> mrouniarTU? ravrronrt nmUrm ui conlinnad m;rh in lha Mraui In onhnrt lha nv? ^r of lh ' .-hun h to ud u>" tnnaa "Hio acrninn waa ihon dnhrrrad, Um> toxl hatn* Mi I'll fVrnn 40 I Hi ill, 1 .'th \..r ? Hi > WIU ha h?M in the Minrtnil llmna, in f'mtr" atr*,l, to day, 4 4 P M nmmvoH to rr hru? to-mr. Pv?^*'Tnai** IVmri .? I ii,iMi>im AW .a. tn? ? ?*? MUaka. Houaa u, (.-nto* ?*n?a4, *14 P. M. _f* f* Monro*, Ii.i Tha honna bntonfta* to t" Mnikai i- wu Inp. I ?/ hi . , , wm loially <V tro> ml hjr 8r?>, trllh m <l of tha flirrit ira * "' ?*a?to?rta. on (ha ,?i ult. Low o<nr $4,400?on in wwnn? 1 Th? K.-jr Ttm of thr Law t'enrtj. ,^>*i m'#r <"* ps<,rt?f" year* jam, will It* twmeno*4 todiiy; aud ann.5.!1*' U- (iie rivtclb of thf- ranoun iw?U<ft) that will bo btibjarbs of invert^ alloc?whether lxkel .onl Mr*. Cuan u^Uaui be ' ?' ? - nf the i-harce ol tnurderiuir IV IIXJHU glue/ ? ? I BurdeH?whether Mayor Wood and other city officials do 1 feat the re?ent acts of the Legisi dure as uncoil titutional or fail iu the attempt? whether Coroner (tannery tie urn ponded by tbe Governor or vindicate hu, course?the month of May, 1S5T, will bi raeinora'Me iu Uie legal annals of New York. This morning ?t ten o'clock the Court of Oyer and Ter miuer will be opened before Judge Davie?, and John J. Kckle and Kmnia Augusta Cunningham, otherwise Burdell, will he placed on trial fur one of the moat extraordinary and mysurioua murders e\+r comae tud iu this or any id her country, and which elicited the comments and surmises of the editors of the Old World aa w ell a? the N'ew The trial of this im|>ortant case will he held in tlie Circuit Court room; the doors between that and the Marine Court will be thrown open for the accommodation of the vast concourse of idle spectators that will no doubt assemble, as well as the Ave hundred jurors that are subpoenaed The Attorney General of the Slab- w ill act w ith the District Attorney (Mr Hall) and his assistant (Mr. Sedgwick) for the people The difficulty of procuring an unbiassed jury, which was experienced lu the case or Jtiker, ciiargcu witti toe murder or rooie, will aisonere jiresciit itself; tor there is scarcely h now in the community who has not "formed or expressed en opinion on the guilt or innocence of the parties." The trial, however, wilj not last as lone a.* is generally supposed, as a vast amount of the testimony adduced at the memorable inquest would bo Irrelevant and inadmissible. In the general term of the Supreme Court the mandamus against the City Judge, to compel him to act as a Pohce Commissioner under the old Law, and thus teat the const! tutionallty of the new one, will have a preference over all other cases, and will be beard this morning at the sittiug of the Court. The Sui>crior Court will hold two trial branches. The celebrated slander suit of Forbes against Bow en & Mc.Namee> now several years pending, will be tried this term. The Common Picas will also hold two trial terms. The cbni ge against Coroner Connery has clo-ed, and the Judge will rejiort to the Governor, u hose decision on this curious accusation will be looked for with anxiety. The investigation before Mr. Commissioner Belts, on the claim of the French government for the extradition of Charles Carpentier, leu is Grelet, Auguste Perot and others, which was commenced on the 9th of February 1&-J, and has been diligently proceeded wiih ever since, null re mains unfinished The summing up has been commenc'-d; in all, six counsel arrftn speak; one has already spoken hU speech, ocoupying four days. The great mass of testimony, the vast amount of the alleged defalcations on the part of the accusod, the number and subtlety of the point' of law raised, to say nothing of the Interludes, such as the controversy on tho document withheld by Mr. Budted, the unexpected and unexplained confession of Carpontler, have served to invent this inquiry with a morn than ordinary amount or Importance. Oarpontier left New York on Saturday, in the steamer Fulton, under the universal name of Smith, and accompanied by officer De Angells. who was deputized by the United States Marshal for that purpose. The counsel for the other accused parties aeem quite confident of securing their acquittal. Mr. Town.-bend will commence gumming up for Circlet and Perot at the sitting of the court this morning. The federal courts will be occupied with government and patent suits, and the charges against parties recently arrested for supposed cagngemmt In the slave trade from this port will also be subject* of investigation. In tho Marioe Court there will be but two Judges aitting, at lead for the present week, the large room adjoining the Circuit Court hav ing been given up for the purposes of the Bu/dell murder eaae. We understand that there Is a cause on the Marine Court calendar that will create some Interest, notwithstanding the great centre of attraction in the Oyer and Terminer. It is a case in which a wife suss for maintainance, and the defence l adultery with several wealthy individual* Some married men, well known In the community, are said to have furnished strong grounds fnr the domeelic dinquietude that is about to become the subject of investigation, and some of them are expected to bo Witnesses on Ule occasion. /\ !?>?; -ujcr more muni lively , Interesting, momentous uJ scandal creating lime around our law court* this mouth. The Ma]r term of the Oourt of Sessions commences thin morning, Judge Ku-well presiding. Of course the criminal trial which will occupy the attention of the Oyer and Terminer?that of Mrs. Cunn,ngham and Mr. Kckle, charged with murdertag Dr. BurdcH.and which waa restored from this court?will abeorb public attention, and the prooeed lnjn of this court will be comparatively neglected by the readers of criminal Intelligence. Vet several Inter eating trial" will be held, among them Ore capital case*. namely, Doraay, the negro, Ibr the murder of the gtrl to Worth street. Jamex Miller, an KuglUbraan, for the brutal murder ofbia wife; Michael Wogan, Burn* and I in ford, and Denlng. i for anon In the ftrd degree. The District Attorney la i alio determined to try the alleged election rioter*, some or whom occupy responsible odlclal (ositlona. We append the calendar of prt-otier* for General 8t**tocu for May ? Rurglary 23 Rape 2 Murder '? Receiving stolen good" . . 2 Robbery 2 Bigamy 1 I Grand larceny. . .. Kalae pretence* 2 , Korgery It Abortion I i livieonmg 1 Arson 3 | Keloniou^ aae't and bafy. 7 Conspiracy 1 I Abandonment. 3 ? I Wita, a. 7 Total li>6 Thr May *? *?lo?? of the L?fbl?tan. The majority of the Hoard of AMcfmco will aid the Mayor id lit* rcoL'taiire of thr rcc< nt art- of the legislature, which they (Ir- in iinroa-tltiitloual, and wo anticipate thai the greater portloo <>f thlt *ee?lon will be taken up in reeolu Uona and debater In nipjort of their vlewn. The Board of Councilmro commence their monthly aetrion Uiia evrniiif at tire o'clock, and will coohone to meet very Moo'tay, Wedr.eaday and Friday. They will not mogniae fie oonMJIi lioiiahty of the new charter, but pmreod witj their hnatnoaa a* if aurh an Instrument werr not in evi'V nor A large quantity of unfinished bounces will be Cl?p wed of, and the rema.nder of the new bureau* under the city charter will be created Klrwt IMatrlrt ( ottrl. Before Judge Oreen. Mar ?Jt+n llvkt "t. Thr Murine R,ink ef thr Pity rf Srv lor*.?Tina wan *n action upon a five dollar bill of the Murine Bank, proU?-led i<?r non |?vment Tlie dale letter, number, signature* of tlie Preaident, flashier and yuir Ogi-tr r, and tlie value oi the hill, are all distinctly legible, but a small portion of the bill has been torn or cut radf" fi U a^imifiMl liiai t h?f Ihf hill VLs m?rif mnd nlfAPawl by Urn bniih, thai llir i<l,.natur?? aturlind thereto ar? ( rniiur.and that pay room (horror hat horn drtnando.) and rrlumd. Tbr hank ?rte it|> in rtrfrrx-r thai Ihr plaintiff M not ih' lawful (iwncr and holder << Ihr ball, and that tl ha* b-?n fra?idulmtl) nil. rod or mulltalatf Jixlxiaeot for pUmUff, 00 (' art lalonaar-Thto Dap. Straw Got**?(lritilt.?>oa. li-ta, mm, 601, If, 113, I 113,190,132,13>, 121, l:?, 130. 141.143,140, 1*4, 157, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104. 100, 100, 107, 10M Sinuati Owcmr?t?rt?'m* Tot m ?Thr nattonam afain.l I thr l"Uy Jadgr HtrurK Cormt.?Sm K3, 1?, 17*. Ml, 0'Ot, 304. 144, MO, Ml, 5fM, (MO. r,10. tlC, fl?, .720, 411, 120, 474, 400. 500, 402, 300, 100. 520. 10* 17V, 250. 354, .744, 133. 530, Vtir> i *v4 ('. on 1*14*0.?Hut 11, 151, 200 , 453 , 474, 475, M5,534, 500, 5.(0. 00 002. (*d. Hid Cart 2 -Non. 70, 110, 942, 343, 300, 3M, KM \ 370 S. M3. 310, 540, 520, 02V, 030, 527 ICirI?I i ? Mra* flat Wfawhaaw?W? mm now prrparwd (a odhr 10* mall haUrra, both la 10* M?f Mi country. oar milrrlr nrw aad r?wy (hMMl Mora, mono fnrtarwd r?pr?aly fnr 101* vmk'i matl irada, la part, many nrw aad vary dmrrabl* drta Mr aad bora, avrrthrr with 10a InrcnM aad nma nwapfctr wniawl at flClI dr?a'? rtrhly inaunod ctraw hnu ftwy n?r?d. mry nrthMa brln* rtrW-Uy of <*.. own mnvdnrowr, 0wr>r la?rial a aruOwtBiiy m ftniafe not othrrwM ntta?ad. aad ?5Had * to ottar KTiaiM *4?aiafa to ATLilJtNf>4 00.. Ha. ua Broad**f. Canada Mraw Rata, bjr llw Bali. Pal? l?*f hnu by (0r m*r, wt#i a lar tr nad mi?M. wwortmrat of atraw ?.**>> among vMi ar* many now and doolrmMr atylna not to fir found nUrwhrro. UMO W 4 IK1UAL EKAD. 100 Ckaakntanrl nnhljm M?n ftnlnm WIIMkrmaon Rrw'a' mmoni)|w? nnd iibotniratdt*- franki** don't trnw, oompln too rlrar aad brilliant Amhrotyprt, (hir >?hl1lli???Onllar Phidn(rraphn, rlty rtrwa and Slnfaan Salla 40 at tlOLVMa* photo iraphtoobaorralory. M Rrmd* ay. Dranmld dh Prorh, nlAlhtan, U4D Saltan ?. DrnmjrnM 0 CnwA, nlnthlrn, If) M dtoa amii Pi oiioW 4 Pi?0. iMhlnra.M) PvHoa ? ma. Drumiold 4 Br?0. idtohlorm. 7? r?A<na Mr?a Pyrin* UwT. , (tor now M>r?nf rtytnn V rbahto^ am ono? I and ran vrtla > *** <mao m4 fcnefc Amato, An. Alan t?vt <*ntew tM oatoitoaA ">'* ** <*w*Mr" MnWrtm f+nrj aa 1 pUI> pwam Otor r?"? rim to .io< nnr Intoi > [ - m? n< ^ f '* *. wauy of whmA < *? h?- f, .>tnd nnvk *r? ?ian Pih 1? p*rtm?li fca*<lMd hy Mr I.) man f>m+y. h# i mtoHre In odtor irr*? *Krv'ioM in thn way ?r Mjijk ftotoVH Mi amato hitotil tMrattmi ft raw to Ml rwiiara o. i?*r*r.'* < **. V to M. M and *1 Mnrnor M/ ITwau M I.M<1l?a In rnrailll uf Iht 1 aatnvt I'mMtoil at mn*u r^xr prVna, Will An<i In thn ant . \r>M of K I Wll.lUC, SSI tlnaxlway, a. I uim ltn< Mi iH-ahn* fir '!>< y IW?I arnarwi in al!k hem# a. ?'ra?r ?.?*? , /.< 'mat la.. a, ar-UW-lal tt"Wn.-n. drma ra|to aiut taU itranni vw o * >J framna Ar TSip WarwwtoBa ana nvoooix* a< Part and ua ft'%*.,ai IB \.ca*s Mat \a-ot, 4, l*? J?.i NEW YORK HERALD WUtr'i 93 Drr? HaUa, ttprtng 9tyH, M rulttto *ire?H, bwwwi ?rrm4m?r kiH> ** . ' -*. * IIM - ?Try Jitrluon & Purdy, |.*1> BlWl irs>. Tbejr art w ell mvu\ tmd ware lo be KMitAtrd'l Milliard I'lunce, Cmirl ?imI Rem wee, Broukljo.?Ui UUilejt; wire. UM by jiO fb>H. 17 feet celling. Di<U*nM Mimibder h?fr??Willi Paten low t? pnxif di (UinOt U.<-.kx aocl cr<*? t>?r?. !> t ?>. !9i I'?m atroot, <hu> door below AU.,!ri. Lnue KOHIfRT M_ PATRICK. KventelJ'i Wrddlng Card* and Knvalopa exo he had omy at Stti Kmadway, ooruer of Diuut airee Take ooUre. (ar|)Hlnf(t and OtlrloUl* \ v<r) Urx aaaortntrid, at very low prior*. at AItTIll It lM?MCLI.V'i 98 Bower), Wwian IWier aoti Uraoit arwttt Jour*' Italian Heap Am- Kruptlona, Krwkla M.; JUKK8' ooraJ hair oii reaUtraUre IW bad hair, datidroi hc..fc LAFONT'tt liuuid alabuator tor Wdira ahUu M. 8t port) article* Depot 'Jrj Howerr Batrbrlor'a Hair Df*, Wig* and Tmijieea Thr boat In the world, aurpanmnr alb Made, aotd anil applte at thr oumulaotory, 233 Broadway. HUl, InlmlUbli) Cutter of Hair and U'hta krm --Hair d> r, 4 abiding* a b< i. biaok. or bruwu. No. It* relay atreet. Crt*tadoro'a Hair tg* and Toupee hold ihrtr away f upreme. wholreaie at.d retail, and thr dy privatrly applied. 6 Ajttor Houae. Wlgf and Toupee*, not Uae Worst In th world.?LAIRD, hair Importer, ha* removed to tsy UnmJ wuj WW ay** ? afew day*. Wholesale departinsnl ay w open. LorH'l WtkptM OBm Hemavrd to Blreofcer abrcet, flv* door* west of Brood ww> ; bottles eaUrgec Pi loe 10 oenu. Halloway'a PtLU and (Nntinent.?JIfrliuli o mob have boon engaged for more than one quarter of thm prt rut century In Mating the efflrarkHitnriM of olln? ay'a pill and ointment, a* remedies, either aepamtely or conjointly, fo all internal and iitrrnal aliments. Their unanimous and eii thu?.amlc verdict in lavor of theae remedies U now before in and should convince the moot incredulous. Kemp's Worm Pastilles?-Among Uie Com plaints that imperil the Uvea of ohlldren, vermicular disease 1 one of the moat frequent; bonne, a preparation like tins, lain lo worm ,, and at onrr pleaaanl aud tnoouous, la Ibdlipi'iiaabl in (uiiuUea. Bristol's aaraaparfUn operates through lite It loo u|am all eateruai tliaeas a. Ita t urea are tlnal. Sold b> D. 1 I.ANM.VN A CMI? wholesale'ilrug.'tlets, 69 Water street, Nei York, and by all druggists. Sarsaparllla $1, aud paaullea I Ceuic per bottle. Rupture Cured Nunh A Co. Removed ti No. 2 \ eaej street, A>ior Hotteei by Marsu A Co,'a ratltral cur truss. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL IOIBT HARKHTi Bojmav, May b?6 P. M. During the put week the stock market Uaj been fre from those sudden anil violent fluctuations which marke the operation* of the week previous Price* have bee pretty uniform, and the transactions Indicate a gradut bat steady (Ailing off in amount. The ceason of the yea is rather favorable for an upward speculative movemenl The money market Is everything that could be desired fu an expansion In prt cos for stocks generally. The supply c securities is large enough to meet any demand, and th brokers ef Wall street are eager for a good strong flgtai With all these elements in favor of an inflation and specv lative activity, we do not see th#fljrst indication in th Stock Exchange of such a movement, but on the contrar there is a feeling of distrust and apprehension that mui prove fatal to many stocks which are now with so muc difficulty sustained. With an easy money market, wit the annual speculative season now at hand, with a dealt on the part of operators to give life aud activity to th market, a speculative excitement Is utterly out 1 the quebtion. The difficulty is in the characu of the principal stock securities on the marke It U impossible to get up any cornering operation Ifccr* ure no outbid* buyers ready to take hold and brl a Wag aay transaction, but on the contrary, there are thai Hands who stand ready to take advantage of any farorabi opiortunlty to get rid of the stock* they now hold. Thi U all the aid outsiders will give any attempt on the part < the brokers to get up an inflation In prices. The pubt mind has, within the past year ar two, been completely r> volutlonized in regard to railroad stocks. A general On trust prevail*, and confldence has almon entirely di>?] pea red. Those who have been heavy lowers condemn tli entire list, while others make a few exceptions The oal exception* which, in our mind, should be made, eo far i permanent investment* are ooocerned, are the land gra railroad* of the extreme West. These land grant ratlroa , have a real basis, ami that is more Uian can be said of at road constructed simply upon stock subscriptions and boi issues. These land grant rail reals are buiK upon the on sound and correct principle, for they operate entirely I the improvement aud Increase In value of their o* property. Land grant companies are directly b netted by the construction of their roads, the same way that land ta New England ai New York ha* been Increased ten fold In vali by the completion of the railroad* which no penetrate every section. In Now ling land and New Yor the owner* of land have been vastly bone filed by rai roads, while the stockholders Ui them have been ruinn land grant railroad companies help themselves Crst an Uie p ibltc afterwards A railroad company that spend twenty millions of dollars on a road, and has nothing i show tor It but two or three hundred nulen of rail*, tl right of way and depot grounds, cannot compare for a nv moot with a company that ha for the same amount ei peodid all thai, and a million or two acres of land b?ald< lying along Its route. For permanent inverUacuU, there no sort of oom|*rLioa between them. Tlie lin t grant rai road baa an immense property, Independent of it* roa< kc : while the other baa nothing but IU road, the coadrui Uoti and operation of which improve and increase tli value of property in which it lis< not the most remote it tercel There are very few land grant roaiU on the nut ket Where they arc, thestork command* good W'e do not ?ee any defect Id the system upon which the have been organized Tb?y have the substance whic m int steadily Increase in value, while the other roads mu be stead I ty deteriorating, and ultimately hare ver j Utt.e I how for the vast expenditures made, i There baa been no movement tn any particular shy i during the past week. The greatest UuctuaU >n? have bc? i in Michigan Southern and Cleveland and Toledo. I*rtc< for these storks bsve been very irregular. Tie open lions have been principally for cash and on buyer's 0| tinn. The efforts to corner the street for the cash stork < the Cleveland and Toledo have been seriously Impeded b Uie difficulty experienced in borrowing on a stock what so much doubt exists aa to the amount issued, or whic may be iwiued by the conversion of bonds or otherwise, I was the case last year In the attempted corner, wh.m U etork broke down from DS to 71 per cent tn lens than ot week This fact must Indues great caution on the part i the raroererr, as weli as on that of the partes lending mi ney for the purpose, and w# would counsel holders not I let pass the present opportunity of realizing a price for th stock, which a cornering operation gives them, and whic may never occur again. The printed m well as priests advices by the last ma steamer from .Han Francisco, are in many particulars en robnralive of the views we gnve a few days since of th state of things generally tn California. Rust seas In Uu city was e?e?aively dull, and among business men mooe ' was gradually becoming more difficult of command, ere ; the high rales of Interest of 2H and 3 per cent p? , month In the fhcesf this condition of things, a lending banl { mg house?Lucas, Turner k Co ?connected with Isicai , Hunmnaa k Co , of Ht Louis, had publicly announced the miration of winding tf Ibctr barium. H M. SebwnM [ A O# . > rich llnnetieeier bouae, chiefly nnoupted with th loaning of mnaey cm collateral*, ?u about rto*ti?g it* cot ' ceriM. And lastly, but of triors importance (boa either < i lb* other*, the (treat French houee of PlocAe, nayecqii : A Co., whcne baelne** won oonflned *i*no*t eitli I marly In trna*aMlno* to mortgage* and noMntrmli 1 it wo* pubUoly known had been Inrirorted by the rhh | bouae in r*ri? to wind op the concern with u Bttle del* ' a* poenible,and to remit the immense flinda in their hone to Europe. At thUt distance then* moremeol* woul i appear paradoxical, and yet they are well understood b tbooe who are practically acquainted with the peeulii ' fVatnrea of the Han Prnaetoon trade from ito (rmmtcri meet TV- production of goto, we are awnred by pre< tfral and experienced me*, ha* not declined, the art** eaportnuon during the year 1M6 having exceeded that < the prertoa* year by nearly four millions, and froi etery different quarter of the tuae no me account* of U ft-ee yield of the mine*, more eeperlally from Uw q'uar tbek, which, a Oder the rude but practical effort* of a elm of eiperteaced men, * developing an Infinitely gf*at annual efrtahee than when worked by the pretoo t? wteatiflr character*. whom the English oompaale* rent i? (a hot haste to the aurlferou* refloat with aearre'e a inquiry tote the condition of the country, it* supply i water, It* mean* of Irani portal; to, or the etpenew of 'U| pwW Of the rnriou* employ** require! to work lb mnrtoaery, he. It m tint the wont of men >y that lu ram k1 Iho prfwwil dnjvoK*?1 ttalo i?f thlafx in ?*n ?>*i ? ***>, I** Ih# mat\i at lrad? TV "?Uln??i>ry In Ih mikr*<*' r?T*rr*4 torn d^wtoD Hi# " mrii t-?r j " in iimv th? ?r%4+r*. w.touuV, Mid upm nUC" of uv> ri'7. U- Wtd* to cut ?1 wHhia 1K?> rnwr .raporto ft* Uif mppf to ha* a Mlliioa Of pto?(>4<i, k , MONDAY', MAY MOT. m | eluding rfw;0Bi VT??. Sit'pfon, not ti* fted* >i ) ada * a?pari tpl* i r~??"r( www np ?p| ito <to tx>. I_ JffU, lroi<i<*ag Uir quiche Ivor of Ui" h >w mince, wh<cii arr of Uniuou. e vaJoc. from the an* *' any extended rcaJ or direct UaJ? Ui? laerolianD r and trndpr* watcb U>e Import markets very cloatly, Weep an accurate account of Uif foreign floods expected, ami, * according to Uio wo41 ascertained wcalo of consumption, UU?V Sj - . UI.HIOI. I , anal IUP DIUl UIHT- ?l-v IU lira""", OOP speculator buy* fism another, and thus Uk> call bu.,1 g ness; aud wb-a they aie cornered or driven inb' a tight l place by an accumulation or *U>cl s, they are further d; \\ vn into the money market, where c.ipttali.-it* who ran ca'cu e late shrewdly on their niMCwsitie* furnish the required ' relief at 2 V to 4 per oent per mouth, on a pledge of their merchandise by actual hill of sale, with amj>4e policies or S fire insurance and unlimited power to sell witluu J1 twenty four hour* of the eipiratiou of the brae (generally U) day*) for which the ioan was made. But thc.?e oikn iUoiim aflbrd no trot of the coodilloo d of the money market per se repeatedly when money was in great demand on those pledge* of merchandise, at '2'< to 3 per cent per month, I (or more,) U was, we ate Informed by of long e* perience, obtainable on unexceptionable real e.itato at 4 1>4 and l*{ per cent, and at lime* at 1 per cent, or < ven, ? in some InaUuiriv, at 1 per cent Such we are asmred l? the Htate of things at lhi.-? juncture, and that it is the e wretched, depressed condition of trade in San Francisco, in r. proportion to it* population, th?? has produced the rscent loud fionapiAiut*. Twelve of the cltiew of the Atlantic boar d D contain one eighteenth of the population of fc&ate* to L which they respectively belong, or whose foreign bu inend 1 they transact, besides having an immense domestic trad t in# intercourse. Su Francisco, with ltd PO.OOO la 'M habitants, containa one seventh of th? boeplo of 1 * the whole State, without any local trade, cvcvpt with Oregon and Washington. Is It, then, at ah surprising that matterw there ahoulri be wretchedly dull, especially with a community every th<rd man o( which l.s hopelessly, j, or nearly so, embarrassed by buying or speculating lu real d estate, based upon the prices of 1832-'63, w ben rents ranged d from $290 to $2,000 per month for pla? ea of business, aud ^ from $100 to $1,200 per month for dwellings? On much of is this very property, although the rents on the average are not more than two thirds of what they are in New York, [> there are heavy mortgages, bearing intercut at 1}? .to 2>? * per cent a month We annea a comparative Matement of the imports or foreign merchandise at Now York, for the week, and since * January 1:?

Dry goods $877,079 1,228,636 1,666,060 General merchandise.. 1,728,<164 1,89/,08$ 8,126,124 Total for week $2,602,633 S,121,221 4,790,774 t Previously reported. 40,538,8<>1 67,476,978 77,40.3,981 n Since .Tanuary 1....43,141,334 70.598,197 82,194,750 il The principal ii< ran of import during tlie week were as t follows:?Coffe. $46,287; Begarg $73,183; indigo $40,938; t, earthern ware $110,748; glass $39,700; iurs $83,188; dressed f skins $1)5,902; hardware $52,123; iron $153,860; railroad if iron $82,228; lard $'42,747, spelter $17,0'.8; y.iuc $100,6.71; e tin $230,588; atecl $88,107; molasses $180,271; w $340,I. 253; tea $207,005; wines $56,583; watches $68,56.'*. k. Tbe exportation o( s|iM'i? was quite active Uat vree<, art e will be seen by Urn annexed etatomcit;? )* SfllMOOirW OF Sl-K/TV FROM Hl? I'oRT OF NfW VORIC. ,1 St'r Bliu It Warrior, Havana op. doubloons....$221,010 00 . Brig Addy Swift, Maracaibo A bl. Thomas, Am si I, 14,600 00 n 1)0. do do. Am. gold.160,000 00 h Brig Oorroo, Clw'ad Holiv vr, Am gold 80,000 00 0 dMamer Arabia, livertmoi, v. h. mint bare 661,761 00 I8>- tin. Am. gt>U colli 102,246 00 16 Do. do. Ual. do 5,600 00 of Do. do. Sovereigns 2,837 25 Do. do. Hold and silver 199,480 00 Do. do. fjlgit'b do 1,366 00 l- Kramer City of Washington, do., U. 8. mint bars. CO,000 00 ! Do. do. do., Am. goldcoiu. 10,006 00 lp Schooner Hart,.tone, Kveau, Am. gold coin.... 60,000 00 Steamer Borubcia, Hamburg, foreign silver coin. 1,800 00 Do. do Am. gold coin 10,000 00 le Steamer FulU?, Ha ire, gold burs 22,000 00 kt I>o. da Am. gold Coin fo.odO 00 ,r Total lor tbe week $1,711,.' 90 '26 .c I'reviouely repotted 7,080,881 26 Total 1867 $8,792,271 41 A. H. NIcolay's regular Mini-weekly auction sale of stocks and bonds will take place on Monday the 4th | | at 12o'clock, at the Merchants' Kxchnngo On tbe list * wtll be iotilul about laiO i-harea bank stock, including Ut" tine', l"oopb Irving, Mariue, Ac., in'. ^ The anthracite cowl trade is improving a little, eapo. dally in Uu> Nhuylkil! coal region; it is still, bowevor, id very InadlTe over the line I iviiuortiug with Uiei.ebigti coal region. Tim rejiorted tonnage by the four lines In .J week is 89,421 tons, 77,680 tons of whiCb arc from the 0f BchuylklU rsgion, and only 11,831 from the lx-bigh. Tbo Reading Railroad Company brought down, for iho wook ending on Thursday la t, 43,196 tons, making for Uie season 680,474 ton*, agaln*t 611,867 tons to crrcprsiding 1 time la t J car?being a falling off of 21,393 ton*, notwtth " Ihc more fkvnrabll weather for working the w winter over lie* whip f previous. Tlic Schuylkill Naviga* tion Company brought down for the week 34,391 tons, and ror die season 122,018 tons, against 112,017 tons to corvee * ponding date last year?being a$ Incriwe of some 10.00J id ton-. 'Ihc leb'gh* Navigation Company reports rhi .rri.-ul i_ for the nek ending on Saturday last of only 7,206 tons and for the scat on, to thai date, of 23,836 torn,. Tnc 10 Valley Railroad rc|*'fts, for the wck cndin ; ou Saturday io la it, 4.625 loos, and tor the year, 113,915 tons. >- Tiie followuig ia no abstract of th? bu.-ims.sof tlo Pea [. alou Bureau fi.r tin month of Ajiril, under the act of 31 :4 Man 11, 1857 a Komher of aiMilleailoij* f< * lw., find received. . 1.66$ . Number of warrant' or a rtdluw-a iiuued 5,172 ! It will require 459,02O .teres ol laud to ->aUify Ih o war' rant" a- follow ? *,r?P warrant* of 100 acre* wwh ... .?7ft,440 4J)T <to. 120 do. M.M40 i- ;?tT do fto do. . 24,600 r. ft do. 40 Do 320 i() 1 do. ?X) do, W r 0,172 0 The Mai number of Application* rect i. od la '272,HM. at TUf Mai hunt Iter of warranto or ccrtiflcatMi Uauod it w 201,613. T.i -aliMy Ibe-m warrant.! will require 24,411,180 acre* of k public Irnd*. ax the following tttlaneat will ?Imw, rt* ? n 82,492 war'iinta for 100 acn* Mch.. 10,00.2,720 - tl,ft02 do. 120 do 11,123,440 Hflto do. ftO do. J ,<>47,440 1 219 do. 00 do 19.740 p- 454 do. 40 do. 17 ,580 4 do. 100 do 400 ft do. 10 do bO e 201,019 M.ftll.lftO h About air Uiotuand waranl* liave bm tuned un-ler ibl i w act to soldier* who rendered military or naval service in m Uie revolution, or Uietr widow , Uuw? aarraula call f-r le nearly one mill-on arrea. ?f Ttio following I* a . tatement of re* opt* on the Mot;* ? Canal Tor the |*.-t wetk, < umparo-i with the Oftrrewpondlng k> week last *on*?n ? I" ToUl to April 1ft, 1447 $0.4f? 9ft h Week ending April #. 14A7. 4.7*4 19 , , M Ji T i^, i? ?> r. Work ondlaf April J?, |!*? . ...,;.777 M?4 hh.'i 10 * iDcrcaor..... .......... J>? hi Tb4 romptoy 11 with m.xit farorabto prom!*#. 1 Tb? rr bA<* bersi M>n>o ilifltcwlty brtwooa Ihn oomuwu and * pr. frrr"'<4<w kholder*, b,it that la w booq oatt.xfV:U>rt.y ad | * Ju*t?J by t?u.n< tolha coiumon stockhotten $^?,ni>0 .f 1 prfforrod iharfa a hirh *11) rtre, wa arc inform. .1, t? the *' wnrbUofctrr about 91 Ittf pre thar* TUe rood.! <>n oftho company l< >b>?l Una:? m N* P" r"?-|>4 ax.rtf i#? debt, 4u# 1#T0 $MO,VH ' TMI i"'r ' I f'forrwt umiimi $7* i.otto |. Ixx <10 lnb?ii*u<xt .... 334 000 - . 1,100,unn Common stork 1 ,OJA,OO> > i- fernltHpffexywr ... ;.1J <?o . 1*0 r'?t 00 l??a<l* ....$30.0*0 lx?. do. *A,:oO * F.iix of c* <*4 canal ....... lfo,M0 j . . . 213.000 J* I pi in.r t xrnnt for onm o atork laet f<v ?lr?tt flOO.OOO rfce 10-: mile* of r*n*|, wtls valuable reaI o-tate ? .??r 1 toy Otf, 00 water power, boat* ?*<t rthor property whi'-'t " c?*H orlr n<* l?s? than xt* or tri.h'i? < uf't< in?, ^ duw -mad to pr'nrot oonem only $2,U*?.U? lb- on inns ar? ymrl/ iacrewaiaf, an.l u ofllorn oa'-rrtai* an ^ ftouh. thai th* y<xir Ib-y wiU OPmildratily otr> <*l lit * of !a*t y -ar The Htnto |vr1m?i.t at Wiutnoyvw firm jwNloily to thn Mlowtn* oommummu.oti from a oorrcwpnimeai at rruiVirt. wad or data of Msrli 23, rrUUro to a rooeot treaty between anveral KUtoa of tho Cmrjtn HaWf** li ? for tbr ?wt xb ?hiw?tof a nnifortn rirrwcy forth. ocntrpoUa* Htoter >1 In the /ewrwal <if FrmJrftwi of UltH dato y*i will Hod " pnoU- hod the treaty - rnoc a v icon* ?n Urn ti Ji hosarj of In t, between thP plenlpotrwtaanea V* wt fkrhm - aVtn on lh* o?< pwrt. and U?r> fneerni iwU ?* tha Zfdva re.a, uniU d by the convention o7 %i h J*iy, tH*? * t,'<* ' Othrr |*wft, to rnffnUi* pal rpuh'.uh ? nrufort* rorrrnry n for tho rooUncUn^ ?Ufon. , Ton wtU thai niWrr hi m*lirt*in<wt ar thr ?tvKt*rl of rpJur, pad Uwl tho Varna thalrm and t orna octal m t? br Ixotwxt an. to bt racotint * par Urctipboit aU ton , \>* trra*y hw baaa rfabapiMod by tho fmnhfort ?mIi to tho UwtotaHro baity Tho taamo ? ^ opV.lafi that Uo y troaiy rMwbtato* a front ,raaiaaa townrio tao aartr and > harau-aj t( tU |t(M4 htoraato ?t Wu Uirtoaa <M*?, M4 I) J.I I* If ?f . V r I v? ?< - V th, t JJgjj K. ?, t!i' 8?eM* hft ItrHll W U#l . .;<..aiw.iU.^U W U~ U?, ? i?" ! '. *f S4" r** "' l-* '"'"' 1 ? ? " u??* I I i , . I. I l*l 11 < <. < < in. 01 111 | < | , Ci ii iiif.i.. > ' tB'fc"! ttfMMt ttmba tUmtr*tl' t> II it , 11'' ' L' "O <'< '>t ?h. IfTH'i wilfrc . '* U>< itli ol ha <* t< y, , ' I ' ' ' 1 ailo> iimm t > lb r? \% I rc.uly .y>v.oil, u, ,/lv, , , K > *>11 i> I fir-.; , I v! , inil\;'Hi') (1 i: > , ( ? 'I ioi Veruo i:..? I J 1 ocor-f m. ic I be " ' 1 ' ' " ' ",r " ?. : l, or, ?| (1 .1 HI \I -;f| t Will I. IVI'U iKUAlll'vlU ' ' 1,11 lUiuooiii U.i. Monk t'.n hHnc*! tfxiv Iir*?, M.ij '? 18S' $jv<0 v I !.;? 6' rov AO hIih Midi CVo UK SKil*< (I,. 01 \ 100 Mifli S*> K W >?K c 86 MO Oilfornt* 7'h'76 4*> 10A do W 64 % |rxif>KY< IMIUKSUWW H3 100 ?lo W> 66 <4 bit ( Irio Hit t l>7f> 8"% I.",5 do 64 Uf-00 K. iMUM>?'71 76 350 do 64 V' &'>00 Ili C"tl lt? bib-. t*)% f,() do 64% | WOO do boO W% 200 ilo boO 66 % J000 III FVo1*1* w p '.14 1 id l**j),'kij)H I'K ,.,ii P4% 8uoC Tere 11 A, A 'lin ti'i IUj lli.Moo Kiv< r ICR % 20M1 Mrlel-W ) ill 1 17r. It'im'rf iCcr K..t60 l."6 1000 LoCr&MKii i> I* Hi % 670 do 1. V Jo nii> N River Uk.. loo?i iU> 134% 11 Oroan Ruil 86 ".l>0 do xtM) 134 6 Hanover llauk ... O.i 1. ) (lepe (t 1'iUi HK 61 12 |-?rk Rank. 103% 100 do l?Mi M% 10 AttaoUl'Hoik .... 86 no do fW) 60S 260 Uarlom Hll 16% 1"*' do. c 6i>\ fTO do 16 M> (ialeua^UuU.b'.O 101W 10 I'cnn (Jo?l Co 06% Ml do bob 101 % 610 N Y O-n UK. XI 67% U do 101% 100 do blO 87% 100 do tx 101 600 do 67% 40 do 100% 200 do hOO 87 63 do 100^ too .do boo 87% looHeTeJiTolKR.XiO r>7 16.X1R-'* RK k3 43% 360 do WO 07% 81# do id) 47% UM do (3 64 400 do o 43% log do HlO On 66# do 42% 200 .do blO 6*>% 100 do H.O 42% 225 CW.A R'k b Hit e VO 2M> do >-60 42%' UO do a3 l/S% 100 do WO 42% M> Mil h Mi.-w R b.10 70%' HOrt do h8 42 K 10 lii OrowAMil HP. 7o 100 do h4'iO 10U do bC 78 V 10a do \C 42?*' 100 Reading RfL. bAO 81V iri) do *3 42?* 600 do blO 81V 200 da bOo 41; 200 do 81 ?J 200 MtcU C<* BK.1-00 P5V DO du 81.V 100 do P5 RIX'OND no*.HO. 84000 UC&MRRpbtf 80?-i 100 ,hr Cev & To) RII 70 600 111 Ceo ItR bits . PPS DO do tt?V 16P00 do P0V ion do ?C 09 V 200 sha N V On RK.. 871, 260 do fine, 100 do *S 8TV Nif;!f KH b? 43 V 60 Hil k Rk L-1 RR. PH v 600 do 40 V 60 UOroweAMII KB 79 100 do blO 43V 16 Urn Ool A Ctu KK l&Slf 800 do 43 V 100 Reading RK... 181 81V 1?> do *10 43V bOo do 3d 81 V 1W>0 do bAO 4.1V l(K> do "80 81V 10? do all) 4? 2C0 Mlchy&NroKKbdO 05 V 200 do 43 IM do blO M ICO 4i idO 42*; 200 do bt>0 66V 60 do aS 4. 1W> Clcv & Tol RK>31> 09 100 do bo 42Jg I crrr iommkkcial kkpokt. lS*nn?i)AY, May 2?6 1' M. /urn* ?The slock ?w fair, but owing to the foreign news the market was lens Imoyan!, while *a!e* ??nbrarisl alsiut 60 a 60 bbls., Including ]<ota, at H?Vc. a 8>;j.; pewrta were quiet al 8c. Har.M?m-yvK?Flour?The market d> played increas-l animation, with a better inquiry and increased o*l<? The tran-arli xia for llie day font up about 8,000 a P,OUO bbta , at about Uie following quotations:? Common to good Stale 4'" 00 a 8 1? Common to good Michigan 6 00 a A 16 Kill a State 6 25 a 6 40 KxtraOhio 7 00 a 8 25 Common to good Ohio S 00 a 6 40 (toothern mined to good I>I and 6 90 a 7 40 Southern fancy and extra 7 60 a 8 50 Catuulian *uper4n? and extra 0 25 a 8 26 Cat .idiui war more attlte, wilh sale* of about l,J00a 1,600 bbla. The market cloeed firm at the above quotaLui.... hnuthern brands worn also 11 rm and in good demand, with sales of between 2,000 and 3,000 bbls, within tbo range ol tho above quotations. Kyo flour was Arm, wlib Kales of -00 bbls. nl $3 60 a 41 80 for tine and eup-r fine Meal war Urm, with eaiea of 400 a 500 bbls reiiirU'd at $3 76 for llrandyw tne, and 817 60 lor puiu b"on>. Wheat?lYime to choice qualities were Arm and sown~e- a small sale offair Southern ? hile was made at 8175, and 1,600 bush, choice do. at 81 83, and miuio common do. at 84 TO, red do at $1 45, and Milwaukle club in small lota at 61 40. Corn?Unfavorable accounts of spring weather at the West regarding its injurious ellecta u|>ou the grain crops, com bined with light slocks and rcfe!]** and favourable news from Isverpool, caused an advance in prices. The sales embraced al>out 26,000 lo 30,uunb'i-hcb;, Including 32,000 buabela Western (mu st, at Hlc , and Jersey aud Mouthem > ,low, at 80c At tie> ?'o e, S2c,. was a-sed fur Western mixed, ami Hoc. a 81c. for SmUicrn yellow. Kyn was tli in, and held at H9t. :i 90c. barley *i. quiet. Com nu n was held at 81 46. Ibtme to choice, was scarce and nominal, Hurley mall wn. quiet at Hi)r. a 90. Oats eontinned lirm, with -ales of Stale ari l WvU'rn, at 00c. a 06c. t incn?8al< - of two b ig- of I'do wcto mode, at >1X?. and 600 mat- .lava at 16 Vc. CunoN.?The inclemency id'tie' weather tout a tendency to cheek aaies, v Inch were ii utlncd to about COO bales, at um hanged prices. I at us.?Ten ten rrgult? of amlmouy were aolJ at 66* ck 1 amours.?There .ifi)* are.l hi he more spirit in the market, bit engage men-. were very light and without change in quotation- To liver]**'' '30)' bales of rotten were taken to till up at 2s. per bale; other articles wero nominal. A ves-el was engaged to load with deals at St. (ioorges for the British channel at t?6n. To llai re spirits wore taken at 3b., four at for , wheal ?t I9n., and cotton and provision* at *o. To Itremen 1 ,<a?0 hbls. ro in were taken y t-U-tilay after 'change at 2s 3d ,:md 66U big- * ill poire i 20* >"iHa CttacKWie ?Sales of 500 Imkc. were made it 80. 11 itt.?lie" market was quict. Among the recent ~*l>s fif Uii week haie twen 60 bars Scily almol ds, at 16c (Ireeu fruit has been fairly de-salt ui. Iimiiidlng 2,0)6) tiiinelu'* Kh'id'xm bnuiiiiiis, al 81 a 82, according to quality; 2f.,0)*l liriraron i-si-muts at 82>>; 2,IDS) do. |ai)e?|.pte? at 8' i 81. l* r UW; l)*i lu -in I- l\ liiuiugtou pe-auuta at 81 26, and tasi do Afr -an at 81 1*\ t.ixav Cum.?Thw market wv quiet. Sales of 200 hakw wre reported in IV)-6 n at I'JVe., ill months. alo 2i*i gnnuy bee* at He. each ?tx m>>nllta 11a? was quiet aud fire at 76c. a 80c., for shipping flu <> ?The dull .-tatc of the inarkct previously uotleexl cx<i hnuisl Among the sales were Hist Cluxgres, at p t ; 2"_J .*s\smlla *t 26c ,sLX tmg.lh , reys ur.g w.iu-r d.unag>sl, KMt wet -?IU>d New Orleans at II' r , ca-h 230 dry Southern al 20i,c,, ca-h; 1,700 dry Ii.'t Mobile, 20 lb- , at 22Vc., Iob* A per um for Utah, ami I' '0 * 1 ,'XHi dry R.j (Irande, 20 lb ., at p tlim-t ?.The maraet was quiet, at 7>' ? 9c fnr ordinary and 10c a I2C. for pilni* Pi rlw>lce, w ith knitted sal**. tsott ?Scotch p?g was welling In -tnalll 'ta at 836 per b'n, 8 Dionths. Kif ol ouilimn fjiglisli Duri wen im-hrite at *60, ;i m nthe. I.KATTf*R ?71ie market continued langu <1 f'r ce? were im g iUr. and qi.i talnms in a measure nominal, at 84c a ijHn Iir light anil Bin Idle weights of oak; 32' a A fir heavy do ; 20c. a hoc for llio->.oa Ayres and Ut noeo, baililick ianned 2f>c :> me. far g *?i ''arnr/ei!, ami lis-, a 20 do tor piair do Ibe receipts, ales ati 1 flock of thu week luive been w. loliows:? llsxW Oai Kcccipts, ?iilr? 44 ion 4/hjQ Hales, ilo 41,500 4 jno Hcck. do 98 300 16,090 Iamm *a< in (an d> mai.d at 90c. frr nrmm'ti auu at 8116 for lump ?Sale. of 100 hhdr Cuba nviaccnwlo ?T? noil at ftl^c., and 10 do. I'orto Kico at <?9Na?ai 6*maw??frtrttJ turjx'tit nr wo.< In'air d< nviiH, with atnall -aIch at 47c a 4h?: cMh, an I fimr with inter d added Ormmon r<?tn w?? firm at II 8ft t<> arrive, v>1 ?t tt VO a 81 tlft per 310 lint. .* tho not, w Q> sa. >f 600 a l.OW) LibU., williiu lh? range Of liiiwe U/i rm Crjdn wm quirt. trw.?Unared -?? Irs* artier to day. and price. wrrr n aiutiufied at 7ftc s H'? for K.i,^!i?li mid Aim r an, crude wlutr war active at 1h? Kvt, ami M>m? 4,000 bbl? ? ?>n rtwo/ .1 h?U'l.^ w lli.o t*o or dim OtJ ai rhU| I x. r rates at *8c , the prrrlwi qio taihiui Crude ?px rat wm quiet, and <|u<iUlk>ii.x nom.nal laoiMoa*.?Iftirk ?TIi" market wm a^ain bettor, w'th ralr* or about .TOO a 400 bhU new m< -< at 02'- 36 a 043 f>o ami MM bblk. wrrr *ol<1, to arrive by theiiOth ml , at 0'43 Ibime wm at 010 Hrtf continual Arm. Tlir .torls of country prtmr war al.iut eahau b?l. while receipt, were very light: prtcrr wrrr nominal at ill a Oil SO, country ru'v m>W to thr extent of lw a 14? bhlr. af 013 a $14. re parked MTrrtrrn wa? at 018 a 018 SO: prime mrr ranged frota 048 a 030, and beet ham < were at #14 Mked and O'jO M) bid. Ramo continued in good dimuuf, w th ?alea of 100 lioqrr wUiin the range of pec "L? price.. Cut niralr wrrr rtcwdy, with naicr i.f IM hM< , to eluding shoulder*, at *H? a ?V . *n'l ham* at lose a lo\c., and -nil Ueroca extra .ugar cured bam. wrrr .old at 11,Sc. Iat'1 coiiUmied tlrin, with ?ale. < -f "A'ei bbl? at 14Vf HJfG. B?itt< r and chew.!.'wrr without change iu prtcrw. Rett ?ftaler of abo?I 680 cw k.< wrrc made fir f tport at <Sr- 'Horqnan*.?The medai.t ram which 811 during a rood | part of Uvday checked ?ale.?, white the market continued luitr tlrrn The aalc. embraced lto hhd. Cuba ' murcorado at lOttc a lie., aad ISO d." 1'ortn RtCu at IIcu Tlu ?TTir market oonUnurd quirt, w 'Ul nalcw of 1,300 a 1,600 half black to thr li vie at full prlcfw Wnnwctn ?Haliw <4 800 a WO bbU ftatr pr .on were t modi; at 38 ><c. a 'iM IDfKETISFIKJTrs BMKWRD KTFRT DAT." Ft flUdoll?i Mi Itb WuM, oooMkoan* mncir.!.(,*WK4X;R. I^OKUKHT! roRflKHf t NKW VKK r Of rrqnm, wSo eauirtw Ma ponparr; h<f l.r<m'? ppwopr and bu TImI ?'<un> in rlMunnnm, rata ia ?IUa. Indubitably ?lay. Br wonndrpla, rnOona of bU fmae, lintf i runtrMird >.??n, in wamn, Ooa't buy thn p<di?>u, pray. LTOjf i?id ha aanwaraHn for tl? i-nnanqunoor* n/ iuMm IV P"l*?< <n iwrtrnma rd op in of hu h*r-i.,r? MTV*** j?w?ilrr? for Anrtrortnx limrrta. in4 hU marooon V?'t.biwh kirrrlt or thth *u* , .{} ,{^li J'^ ixHWrnd fhjn r*r1? l? offerrd f-r ?l? M f r*kb" " ?^?*r Import*. UM n. W'? IHiW Kli I..** Al BMnlVtwrr1! pi w. ru* 10 onota no ward. kilty* r**<jr*o?. Kn m AMdWf^ Qawh -no* a oo.** rattir oaouwd ?**"?? n rtoron* inntrrl*. An . naa bo bad. bob**!.- and rw*I at Mb* Irtartpal bard war? atoma. al lb# winariMai of tba mm nnfa?arar?. ?aad M Unfl arwa or a* ibn *WfeA w*r?l 9mm, maim mkow??? tw* *. *. s wmrv. ixn TIT/? ici?, i pvt y^rvh r*"" i""?. r-to, rr'U ' It^S' nx.i]p <>i i. ifnrwln. ? ! rvCrx <>?>* imxh) Ua ncrfl l? *l?r? w -km AUfH.' \? J-T T. rnw. #1 m f*r OPANCi !<! !? ,[n r 1,1 V?lrr?IM.N.| /HT.TA1NS V-* Isf 61V* mulln, K.tiai &M0U/>a, At i/iirw t-*n gS M|i, li KM i A CKHIiCJHON, f'? 291 Ar lufwair Hank ton thk patkutt ijiathkr ok romp bin. Ikl 61, Kilura. <6 OP. d.kjW. H it JO?R> I!.1 Am, ?trr -V II- V( f* ARK AKKI.rrl Kli VTIT) |N>K>H, nt.MI MA I *W? An y? imn AUiKK w OrlMitA. HttrtWl. ?f U Pilli ri *-? tu L l'.r"'?;<ierictt*, bnutona, ww. A<"., In otiA ???*. - I, t-i.i i. nu.11. , i. r b-m in i*. i k. flt curia win out givlnc pnui. 11* l: <> I. KllClldt.1 by u mr, inrustHncw. A. It r?'W ?? * the <1?m;n(.u* nwiwll/of C'ttllMf f h It r mun* lie iieiiKMioiu uian-un-u* 7. Jib tin t nly cmul) av.>r d'-en-rn-A Piin?-?il Ab ?nli*m mm li. ,1 AMln Q AlAlKR 99 IA'itR wny. room 47, wl. rwv i prontpl iai.'nu,? llnLed <?l 44^ Wlpl Ot plim. J Oli V ISA'H W4tjDOIiobTi i'KAI'AK 4 MOW I.NHTAjm.t olainc kill ?' vim. ?i h i.". ih? Klu-hUMi aimU, rub A IM9 I on M" *lo*i wltb ? penn nl tlnn.-m th* rltr* Inabuottf appear* C id a? ? n.?iu tut- pair* w imiwaie and i ?MI m IC'd Broadway- _ Kkrwhkic! on/i Krrowmr lu^ruiuius <>U. No. t. K rimriif lubri. n'.tu; tot, No. 1. the >In up**. tuo-VWur ? *> olUrtid U. Uir public. te<u?a? lliuraJnatlni?>t?l. he-row uo Muwln oiL Parailne railway yriwe. INWM IMM The a t>OT* oila can be obuOn.yl by (he refliuarir upiMM n? <i?? ok the nompany In *11 (he principal town* an4 rihfM o< the'Onited buu<*. or the Canada* ana the inland or (Mbit A.UHTKNH. AgroU, ?0 B(dr?filled XT ATTyhAL I'Ol.IOK OAZKTTK. 1 ^ KirtraorJinwy Number?N<" V, rol. II nibvcNk a grand mfntving lo?|fi of (he 'rial ?ff M . Cuitnlufiham f t ihemu-tler ot Dr. Hur>lrU, wtia a r-fUmr rl Ute ovtijencc. nrd tht far'* renin < ted ?i'h Ln tiif trial. A1' the evidence Itt Ut? yaw will be given. rx)<!*or'h Exposition Of Thieve*. < '<rrr >nondenee from fill part# if the world. Groat Criminal Cmik AfcluuuJiJg Crime* ot tin* l:u-t ?m-h. Ar . Ac . Ac.. Ac. Ton National Police (tan ue will be found na ;*tialiy tnAAri'Kl.nt UliM wi<ek, ?ud orders Rhonld bo i.'vi-n for it at nuoe. hoc icnpUon. pr. ar.uum, fl for?U month.!. AJinae ft. A. SEYMOUR. tdiU.r and proyrti bir ot the t? P. OaaCKft |m Tor* city PAUHH. TOU NERVOITH, IfYHKItrriO, LAMUQn m ak, aoflcrini Invalid* I but try that bleewd ua-figtfcmter. Or. J AO' >H WKHHKK'N eamrotiicr; In one week you n niAA feel robust li-aitA, apv-tiw- good. Iltnl>* and body strong, daft qui"t. It aria on the whole natural function*, and Mb M ria lla*>4)1 e\f i'it*ilK IK m vn .rS I ha ?? ! nnl hi w4 w SMaft 91 60. it 'All Bowacy. KKMOVAI,- P DKRHY AA'OMPANV, MKKOHANT TAJIr on of Park piace, baa removed t.. the nearly |uth||| Oorerument Untitling, No. 67 WaJk'r atreet, two afroaba brio* Cajud atreet. iml lilt f~* wvet of Broadway. SKW1M1 KAOHim-I. M. HINclKR A P<> 'S <IA rttr a beautl! 1 | riortal paper, contain) fuLI and rruaHa ml "Titnuon about M-whig mtirh not. and aitvirere all queatioM Out. can bo ...bed on lh> aubjert All who rond (bio paper * lurn b> ? to porchobo iKowinat machine *tth which 91,099 ? yt u* clear profit tin hi". and will bo proton tod fraoa Letup im pried npon by my of tho humbug marhlnerniow bwforu the puMli I. V N.nger A ?*< a ((motto wilt bo MM (j-atie to nil oho apply, by letter or othrrwt to 1 V blN<?Kl? k ' t>., .IZl Broadway, Now knatfc. SJIAFR KT.KCTKO I'l.ATINU ?TP A SKTd. CAKPI HAR. ki'ia, upooti*, foi k iiol t.l1 mtirloa ot table w?r? ttml iaol.ibt ol t very i!< m rtpuon pUted etth alber, to but 3D y"are. ab f>.r prion 9. 0 CLARK, 999Browhnp. TliK IOi>INh ANI? t on MVRR Oil. f'OXTKOVHIWT. TOV r*l?Oi 4* A Kt'T?MKtA.. W it to it ou'ta- trin WHii'it hoVt? Theieim and -mbatanre of thia conlrnArray amount* to thia t thnt todino alwr. (* cure* consumption, nod end u, or oil aora<v Ume? dooa tlir untf thlni: i dim cli <ao|vi*1 jn piu-e water citlj, no or fall*, and thai rod lit or oil. ? hon It aui-necde, oaw It* micccm cbturly to Iodine, and It n medial rturtl; In prepor'mn to tlir lodlttit t contain*; that one bottle ot Andenf B* ittid iodine or pure Iodine wab r, contain* n* much Iodine, ana tut refore ?* murh curative matorlal ?a nil boVlea of rod Uva^ oll;th*t the oil In th" Iodine a alar palatable, d?M Iodine waier ulto cnrr* and very promptly, paU>. trraVOs rht uma tm, hi *r' dL.t w, lltrr romp not and diaorarra of tha blood Au.ier? iivline ua < r It arid i.'ft a boiUr by ANKRRid A KOrtlMb'K, No. It It "id nvit,' ? and dti'J Hroadaaj, C. U. Knit, I'/J, and l*?rk,A Maine*. .t't Krouiway; Mr*. 11 A, We. Brooklyn, null all druggm*. trASKS, VASRS, V AHKH?MPI.KX01D ORN ANKNTS FOB f Olanteli and pier* All the beantl/iii flnlohnt |MXinaatnaAir vaw-e. lor a..le t>eiow rout for ooe m ek: mnat be nM-eawR Out lo moke rot m 1 a* IM w kio?U; ? eplendid rbanoe para<ina comnn uring li u ukcet'loff. Rt-iuruibcr. ouljr tor aM Vrek, it Wi Hrriadway. WIT AT OCCASIONS TOR OROWO* The Itroadway prom nai'era nmet have nbarrved an u-iunl m .'d. ode of laUto* and ?p nlleini n tow-.njr :n and om.lC <(ou II., t' rn IV atore, at ike corner of rark plare every di^r lately. AA liat baa been tin* orcaston ol It f Mmpiy tao i.i.waf by Mr. O iaiana, the n*ent ot the (.union S on oatopm <Vunp?ny, of the attrarllve colloetleB ol not i al> r< oampir raeea and atorroaropt pirtureajuat received and n< w tnr sale and on iwhibi'.CNi at that piare T'leei unique rua rkote up aol apa Into the t oi krl. white the hmwea, Ui i. tndMdual*. A. , In Ce picture, all eland out In relit t, lilii lii. ijaof life 11. > are dee ritoict at Uii i** lor lam ypriaruta tr. tho eortd. On vaJ e*a lor yo'ueelf Y HURRRTKI/H URKAT TRUNK RjrpoBlUlL CRM | . red from Hi in AVI Itroadwa? pMMi Esw&mdn?b.nunrr?(h: HodOAxlay, April 29, bp Mi honor the Mayor, at Urn re- dene* af Mvy.Ihm, Twtnty lint afreet, Mr. Ijoth Fowawn, of Norwcfi, li, to Mrn Euza A>? LUiuniT. or tbt* city. Jthjia*?Vrm?<>n Tbumlay, April 30, by the Row. Mr. iiud.tinoaukt Vi k*a.>, ut th..< .ty, totUrtui A. l'i?, of Tarry town H iwnxno?Rita ?fn Brooklyn, on FrMay, Maj I, Mr the Kev Mr. N rnrml, Mr Kwrna> Mmwi), of /Mule* hAjii, Itojfbuid. to Mil" Kuutmn IUi\, ol bomhoaJ, rata barf, Scotland DM R luoat ?On flnturd.ay, May 2, KuSAMPt, wif? of Chrtt topbrr Uehmer. aired 30 yew, *cd A month <. Thi' relat;??e> aud freud. of lb" family. th* meailwvw ft Ia>U" No 3o6, 1' >*?? ! A. M , the (.'ailed Mrethrea, Mi Ilermar. Virni, unit <- npauy A Third Ko<inrv ru i'miq? I* uahats. are reopeetfuUy tnvit< .J to attend I ho f joerai, tomorrow afternoon, at two o'rlonk, from tho ooraer of Kiev nth avenue and Twi. 1/ ninth -Ir iiaai >wu. ?h llr?? lyn, on Sunday, May 3, .tons Ihotoawoi, In tiir year of h. m'e. lit- Trend*, ami Uu cot>per<', are .m'Uxl to attend thefunrral, Ijl?.. afternoon. at two n'ekx a. fr-in hi* tato r? i tenon, No 1.1 .inailum av t u< I'W* ?On Sunday. April 3, Mo.t A;>?..?, only daugfe tor of A ui. U. AftJ Catherine l<auw\ ta lb* bw y <w* eC her w The reiAl,ve? and fHentta <f th.' family are rMt^'Uf.u* Invted to i't '1 I the funeral, from lh? re i' e, a.w par nte, No 'V5 W A Twenty a > nUt etrnet, t? uvr>w niotniiif, id Mi o'i !wk Ku/a* ( *.?At Hh" AAtiiry, N J , or. Sue lay, May I, after a rhort tlllll +?, Ak.uut I', t y 'a tylf. |';y, . ^ Of h * are The r tat.-- *, at. I freed* of the apr', j. Vf, ri In? ted to ilU n t the f in ral. to air row Afternoon, at lw? o'ct-ck, from -A. Thoma*' rhurrb liarvMn - Jam* Oar >k.t. brother ,t .'wu?? Oaflhey, bat. v( ol County tj?vaii, In ??vi ll.e f/'en I - an.l j , J ^jr,v ire r* |--U Jt p-| atoi ? opeo l Ute 1 ilt' r i , n?n h,< tale re- .1. .* *, No <6n Kallt Kmi'teei.t). ?tr ot, tit_d tUurtioi'd, at tiin* o'otuok, wiioto ru.uier is* ui an ofmm ? srtiar i*y. May l Wbj*am Tmmm, o?ly eon of "Hiikt v ar.d Ntrih Aba (.fid, a^rd It ) ?r?, 1 month an i 11 day. Tt)' fr we ! and re las vee if tl,?. f<ro ') are melted to to tend lb* funeral, frors to r? lr -we of lor par*uLi, No tot V- ?;er rtroet, Ui,i a. 'b i-ii, itttot'ckirk without lurtoer mMM f;rx*.T ?'*0 Sunday, Apr I ft m to*port of ton P-am-etco, on board iht Clipppr - 'up Andrew J* kean. from injuria* received by fallow down too main hatch, M'oar ** D , eon of I'hebe Ano *tsd Astm ?.u<~t, of th e city, a??d 14 yearn. Newark, Y J., and Nee ( rlcatui paper* ph-aae ropy 1 |Uimi?w ?In Brooklyn, nnHunday morning, Ma/ 3, it alt o'rlork, CltiaudTi II?miso,*, a nalire of Mngtaad. Rit rrm.i.a? * U be taken to (ir?efiww?t l>m*tcry (hr Inti -meot, Hue afternoon, at tore*o'cioafc, from tor llroak lyn Off lloHpital. | HAvwtrr ?f>n Not Ky B'tM, May 3, Raw taflma chl id of IV M Karerty. ar"?l 4 monto.Thi< funeral n II take place thi* a/Vrtiion, at two a'riack. from N". 2l Pr??ldetit <(fH, Brooklyn Kam*i ?"n Sunday, May 3, tiiAK.'jw A , aoo of M wir<t an 1 Iftiehe Kearrtng. aged 11 month* and 2f. day*. tuner*] U>L- Jb ro<?.o, at two o'clock, from No. M wmM atreo*. Kwuttt ?ftn Saturday inornlna, May 2, Pnjjrm Rmr mar, uN M year*. a cf Sr.Aland, an 1 for toe laal Uit.-iy t<-ar? rr?ident of Greenwich cillafe. H fri*?4a and a-qualntaanea are reapectTnUT mr'tod to atirnd the funeral, thte afternoon, at two o'clock, from to* rr-fre erfh..' rowln, Robert Duncan, No. IM Booth da eond i-trret Wili'iAin-burg. Kate* ?Ob .Saturday, May 3, Mr Juat K Kanoto, ago* 46 year* The rrlatlree and friend* of the family are rwtpeetM^ ln\lied to attend the funeral, to .< afternoon, at tor** o'etarfc from It-t late ree.deace, Na. 13 Jackson *tr*rt, corner <| Madron atreet. UI rttlUkna be taken toOimaatoi for interment M -->mii? ?<?n Tue?day, Apf lT, on boar I toe atnp Jotoe Ol'pio. from M'tooinlu i <f Xi>? Bedford, laiiw Mai "tor, at Brooklyn, N V M 'H'.aa ?At VorltriUe, after a Ion* and tedunw nitMtob Mr Ronrm Mieuias, a?ed iT rear* T r? I ?t, . an.l fr 1.1* of the f ?rulr toe rvaiSna *"44 d<* Conn*nv N<? to, end the t ,-e nl to geoerml, are fMjv t/illjr iortt< I In etlen.1 th- faprrei, fmm hut lit' rr rV'Bce. Fight} fit Ui rtre?-t, btlm^a >? ?> * "* Third afcnuee, lo n <rrow elVrtJoo, *i heif P"* <* o'rlerk. nn^.? ?In HdN>k ^u, V J,, Jofnr W'THn? PntnWW, yr>u?4'?t mio' /ern<?C. Mil Chrolioe rVirwo, tC^ * )< *r> end 4 a. __ The funeral n II uke pVr f oieer w mom'.if, *1 hair pa*! tor oVlo?-k frwn >o I ??r' n p'?ee.JM*tli *treet ^ QrAC\w*n??Ot\ Htmdv wrmnj, M*j 3, <*nmm Yi'fttte, fouo?' -t o" >f J N ^ Qhncfc?boo. if ni J ??er?. ? month* end 6 day* T^ie ri letivo-i end ft"-*!* "f ?" Omily we rriyilNy invited to ?w A the Aineral, from tho re*idmoe of tua fTandparrnie, *- * nteentb ?tr-et, tppeeAa Fuloo lark. iLj ?fU -iK? u. e( 3*e o'cio?*, w.tbout tirthar iuv itAtii n iietamrr ?(^ -un-der, w?r 2./t-nmriui Sweatier the helmed *"> ol tXaaU tnd M?r a iU-.-ae), a*d fr y -era end 7 fie ftinf*! wt'! te e p i-? Nom thr *e-iil toe of h?? parent-, No ?n l*o?' ??'" ' two o rteck Weep r>nt the m>-, nr parent* .leer, I ur not deed, but 14 hero, t immI but Chrl?Y? nlooe, He toTid me be?t ?n<l took me home. Wenrree-tni (tumtej morning. Hep t. Mm Mm* Wee > *, reli t of the lete A polio* Wetmore, In the Mth f?V of heraer The fr'end* of the 'wnllf.nad thone of her *nrw, Mtvf A , (Hirer nail Auuetue WetAur->. %r Ui' te.] te nth mi the tnaerei, thin afternoon, at two o'cluefc, f-om the Hutr" *** efcwrefc The re? 1? wUI be itui to Mn?