Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 5, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 5, 1857 Page 1
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T H1 I WHOLE NO. 7552. WMTBHKHTS IBNEWKI El Elf UT. OABAUtt HWUnMUN). 7KUPSON TKRRACF., nOBOKRN' OPVOOITK TH? lerrv ?Otto or iw? geuOemeai out bajMeoiiunortuvO wiJi fclxiR i.v.1 y .numbed rxui-JL eommamtiug a boautlJ 'ii Wwr of the rivwr, with board. Apf*/ M above. HVNTON i^JARt-A SUIT.or BOOMH ON TUB eroad Boo*t newly Itimfched, wtth pan, balk mom. Ac., I Bitk board Mr prmtla u?bi? ii datura, 1M1 o<>?or two BfcEto room*. n CHARITON STRRKT, NEAR MACDOCOAL.-PUAA mini ?.ud j>-?nttt?Ry furnished apartment* to let. w*k Bmrtla) board. Tbuae desiring homo comfurto will do wall ?> m^ty Oft K'>'T TWENTY FfFTH STREET.? A NEATLY KCR W reded front pailir ami bedroom, in a privatn family, to a Aral elans house, to im, with board, to a geullimaan and wtfe wtthvt children, >r two single penilemon. Hv.w turn Ail the modern improvement*; only a ffew step* from Foi.rlh avtrniitt, beirid convenient to the Fourth avenua earn and Mage*. BrJ'-mwrr eicbunged. ^ DO GREAT JONES STREET.?A riNE HOTT OK PAROO ion on tint tioor. with themtension rwn, elepmi'Jy Mulshed. A Wo suit* or rooms and single ramw, new and tomdaomely furnished, to let, without board.FVr terms apply mest door at No. Art. Hath, paw, Ac. to HLKKt'KKK STREET, NEAR BROADWA*.?A GKN. OZ/ U.mau and wife, or faintly, nan obt.iin df irubV rooius mm the second floor, with fwll or portlai board. Reference* tr changed. A Wo roniiiH for two gentlemen. Qlt OI.INION PLACE. (EIGHTH STREET,) OORNEK (JO otjdardoupal street.?^Furnished rooms to let, with t.-ood beam umnpf m 07a- ?soo?. ( lil NINTH STRRKT, THIRD DOOR E AST OP I A^cl Broadway.?KnrmStied ruumn on the lir?t aud serf?,! hoers. in niite.or aepartely, 10 let to gentlemen, with breiUtiH W reqntfed. 1QQ EAST FIFTEENTH STREET.?IN A PRIVATE AOt7 family. a iKof rooms OD the second floor, with Urge rtoe-tH attached, for a "gentlemnn and wife; also, for two or Three single grntli'iR' n. The bow baa all the modern im Nrevrmeiiia. Keferen re* re<j uired. ITIO BROADWAT,?TO IJCT, A FURNISHED ROOM, I \ju on the third floor, suitable for one or two gentlemen, ?* lady and geuOecaan. Breakfast if require. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, UNFURNISHED. ON THR second floor, with board, may be obtained at No. 34 IhMlh Third street, Williamsburg, en the first of If ty. Terms snwderaw- .family private. House within throe minute* walk af Peek alip and Grand street ferries. A HANDSOME SPIT OP ROOMS. SUITABLE FOR A Ihmlly or pnrty of gentleman. Also, a few single rooms, an be obtained, with lad ui partial board. Apply at Utt East PwuVenth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, 0?.CUrYTNG A FIRST CLASS house in tke K'talh ward, wmh to let to single gentlemen, handsomely furnished rooms with partial board. Terms very made raw, and elfbrl* made to render U a home. Address K., IM Pulton street. * n?>?wito ?iiitt t? a/>imiorrvn i vrw ortttop A newly fumiahed ihroua'honl. would let a ?<iit of rxms to parte of r.ngle gentlemen, with breakfast, if denred. Apply a; > Ninth -nreet, between Klttli ami Kivih avenue*. AOKNTI.F.MAN AND WIFE, AI-SO A FBW NINOLK gentlemen, r in bo a-wommodiited with food board ,uid pPwiant roon i. Apply for one week a> 1W Kaat Broadway ANK KI.T FURNISHED room, or a suit ok ROOMS on second floor, without board, for gentlemen only, may be had in a miidern house, occupied by a strictly private fa nily: jut.t below Union square, and wi hin half a block of .Broadway. Address Curua, H erald oBiee. Aumi raon room on pqow noos, with xhhII room attached, w<*)l furnished, to b't to one or two"g?nilemeti. Apply at Mo. 167 Orerot ttrwl, betWM B. iston and Bteecker street*. A GENTLEMAN ANI) W1PKANDONR OR TWO SIN gle genii* dp 11 ran bo accommodated with plensiintiuoma and board at 4't Ninth street,between Fifth andStkth aveu?**a. BOARP.-TWO ROOMS TO LET WITH BOARD, AT 86 Uanm or 1 street, between Ble<oktr and Fourth. The home haa been repaired and painted Location i tens nt. looms targe. FIARD.-THREK OR FOUR GENTLEMEN tlAN BR ma-oiiiinod ttrd with rotima and partial board In a small prtraie family. In the pleaaantlr situated house No 4 Abingdon qnare. raat sate. Junction ol Eighth avenue. lileecker and HiwIm -1 imala. IMMHgiven and n*jHtrwL Board.?a yirv dksirari.f suit or furnishkd room*, mi Mi'uiid floor, to h*. aith b'trd. Iflnoor U am "*?ck Applv at 47 Wr< Twenty ninth ?trr?fl, t>c:wf*-o Ritauiwav noil Midi amine. Board.-furnishkd or rvrwnniiitn rooms lo lot, with full or partial board. Kr m-h or Spiuu.b Ireheori fram in r'?idr*nt hoar d, ni. For particular* trV)Ulre on Itf prrnii? ?, No.'4* h'vcn'.h ari'uno, ci rner of F nu,"nib mrrri. Alro an to l?*t. BOARD?AT NO 90UARKOU htkkrt, BROOkl.VN. A iiirr. parlor ua?a*eood tl mr, w.lh on* or two bt'u om.i punched, m o b?* had, with I ill or partial Iswrd HOARD AND SCHOOLING MAT BR CBTA1WRD F >R A Jj nmfted onmhe* ot pup 11a, In the pleaaail and healthy town tt Ibratford, CoanertiruL For forth"" pr-lenlara Inquire it*v? J;:?u A. turtle, strati on, Connecticut. BoIWwoii fltrrn and required. Board in -a mm to room and bedroom attached. on the drat floor; a no noma unable Mr atari** c *nilom??t , with pnrlal board. In a modern hn we, ttbiti roar mir.utea walk ol the BoutA or Wail alroM r err lea, Bli Ufury rti>et, Br raklrn. _________ T?OARD IN DRORKt.TR.-A I.AROH ROOM ON SR. J> rend Ikor lo rent, with board, aultabk for a (entleraaa aid wife, alno a aiaati room P>r -t ?n:gi< c nil'm.i, in a Ur.t tliai hot;.*- onuiii'ot to Wall atreet and Sooth ferine- Applr at MO lienry ureet, Br.tokJyn. Board in brooklyn.?a fbit.atr fimii.y ha v. I u.? more room lb .11 tl.?y require. wor ld accorrvaLtic iwo or ihr ? ?it tile gon'lfnon with etejaetly fmobM a p.nment*, w'lr full rrr partial hoard. I'l?a?e call r4 til Bitutc street bi- wrrn lirnr) and rumor. Board ir south or tiirkr frtiv mm, wUlm* to pay Ub* rally fo* pood * cvrmmotat..'W. ran. a trr the Ut o.' hi), receive pnruaJ bonrd and ih? r ?ol< r'.? of bane In lb' bouse >1 a ?tr?l prlrau family rea*, ne in a plr. rant neiahborhond, onovnienl in w.?tl a id D< ith frrrln Inquire at Is Harrl* Ml atreet, South HnaAlyn Board in sourn rrooki tn -onfror i wo rk B apnctahle foh Inm can lir accomm. dated with fur trV'd If !?? ? iui ? ??! aba in. " i"" ? - ? b iv *h. r- here .rr uo oiler boarder*. Inquire *i l?M Q?K? itrwl. "?>OAEI> IX TT't.l.IAMHBI'RO?FOR QRNTI.RV \ tRO D tli'ir wi>f n ' ample cn'leia n run be .iinaii. I in %p yueaUon Hi Mo libNilh RiolJl Wf .'l, lieiwi n Ku . u.l So (nod orn i*. Tk i Hoiim* I* oanttfn ma Wi d*w I'errteBoard in iinnoKk*.- Tvn rinoi.k okntlrrkn ran e * ounmiulu > 1 with h law *qti?ra romt tn a prt m ? fan ilv. a ahort dbtanoe from th? i?rry, witii partial tvanl lloure add l0? Mqn??f ikx b*'?t in the city. All trru It. T Varuu. liera il ofltre. BOARD I* TH* OOt'KTB Y.? THt HOUR* IWOvTH AH the PrntdJor, la the elllace of New R<vh< lie, about flea Kir 11 tea walk fr< m the depot and me mile from the rteamboat !*?< la now ready fnr the rn-epUee of (amillea and alnki* Cuenien. fine airy ronata una e*i ry eomf irt are now ofd to thi. e who may fan* thla delightful retinal with ibmr aaannap*. fnr i arbeulara apply lo Rr*. C. HAPDKR, oe We premie*. nrvnR LATHRRw, Raq Ureal Waaler* Haiiaa taauraaee tin., S> I'iae aireet Mew Tor*. Board at wrwritru. n t.-prraowi i.oukinu for pUaeant nnan and a fine I ?*tni, with ri?? r rlew. fei the Dor a part of lie* tillage, within fire nr ten (atom -a walk frum lbe ferry, will pleaae apply at Ihe nfOce of the N* wbnrf Ttawe. M Water aire*. Tr.-ma reaxwahle. Board wantkd?a rardor and two hkorooma wanted, for a ken'Jeman and lady and their two rt* *hu re, ia a pleaw nt featinn, between rnurte- iih and Twenty OAh etr**ela. A pr tale or natal, |fatailr prrlorfd. AddreaaH. P. M . bok I.lie 1'onl oWre. BOARD WAATtD- run tw?? t-m -? . i.ainr i-? a rwapi-ctahlr prtrair family: wonMlw from horn -dnrlnu tbaitav. Aii<1r?? A.M. Herald oOi *, alalia* t?rm< ?tt h aaaat b* m-x>< i ~ ____ BPARP WAVntP-SY A YOlNtl IN \ I'RI \air Uih > or wtacr* -hare or* but f*w board** * wo ;!<l j>r*f?r A location balow t an il * rwt. Adlre** M W ll'mld Boakpino-a pkiyatk family rk*ii>ini> ix W-?< K<?l*ie*tilb atr**l, tn a Aral rlaaa b<?ia?. Would )?t, w.lA bv ifi I B t buiMMxl) furnwhwl. h> a *? tVm vii ami Li* who or alntfie faaUma*?. Addr* * H?ir*.<l Wk? __________ BOARPIN'L -A tiKNTI.r.M AN ANPWIFNMAY FIND pk*A*ant **c.*td or thtnl atnry "W inform-hcd, wnh (n< board. at HI Macdo gr.d ? rwi, near It'*?* ? ar *Ar**t, in a brtrdr 'AmiIt Brooklyn 'IKnjiits, roi'N minp-trs tro* wall or Fnltnn frr-taa ? An Kn?ll*I l?n It h.a.-c A h?'. laom-parlor tvahi, ? n'ablw far f*n )*rorn or a Ri-ntlrniAn .n I hi* wdf* T-mi* rw?<m*li)a llrt aiipprr*. rood tablr . ?> tabllt Ay, mmfort Addr*** J , 2 V? Pnat oilier. N*? York. CVllNTRY' ROARP W<NTKP.roR A ORNTt.NMlN / and wlf* and two tbll<lr*n attain liiorlAtnl v-a York. ??*r ?.| *.. * , A pitra'* family pr*fi?rr*d. V I Ire** W jA K ILr.ild . ?. *, atoll i* location an I term*. nK^'RAm.r ri'RNiiwien ROOWN TO LKT -TWO OR t rwr *?n|.nwn oar obtain plcaaant *noma, wlib I mabl* t a d .** U required, m a Aral elaaa I rown ?i>ti? r. ivi . i-rd in Ah* car* ?nd a'a*.r*. No. 71 Nil Fount- utA , m >1 8r?t hou?r W*al of Wnh ttanna . >MI ||KP ROOATA T" I.KT T?? A i . . p n. wRh or wnbonl rati. I hoard. In a am* I art *?'* family Impure at No. ZMMiUt Kernr mma it'litlprd. a OA I . La I i ii I If C 111 f LI U-ITII U< . a ui. J* Mil I nil ?||? ?. frwittm th.> park. Nunc It?"i up,* ' Ocar * Iki ?In i In lie rtmnciil. (In* *n<l hu h In lint hm-a l,1t RRIft'lMI 4NM I MTKMslllCn RMOMs To |,Ri r WUli 1 mril '.I far ii ? or a'nulc pemnna. In a Wrc Woo W'll m imn lmi'n"i*mcr,t?. In i iilraanni anil h?*|ihy let ?*?n. at m irntc |.rn *, ?i Iim Hrnilwuf, niniiT,w fhinj ft ml ii 1^1 BRIM1KM IPkRTMKRTR roR ?l*lll.R oKVtl.K. l> rn in |Wiv \ir f .ii" T. nt No. t Nnrih ?'?ir" a r-*ct 'hrrc <lnnr? from WmM Hr'mlwrp. l*t MRf.OR ?l*r> RPI? ROOM TOUT TO r ncnrlnn atnrlr in iillcmm pfcfafml. In i rcry fili-aaaM r cMrhfinrftivnl. Tnnn pnli nii' in|iiirf W No. I Manlnn fnw. I'urncf of ID even.h Mr*ami Huth (" TNTT T MRM I'kT* l?K AOfoMMOTI kTRH WtT'l rPR T tM r wnh ml board, in * prlni* f*nr'v v Rn 7ft 1 i\i**h iir;n c, above T?n'h a'reci, one bkx'k (rum Hroa.l wny. jwn .,f p-fen no a r<-.(nirml TlTRl, MUlOIRfiR -ORNTI MMKN MAN O'lTIIR If 'h inn.h.i1 niilillii iclff.i.. ||. .-1,1 in * " ' W n ?t i i-2 ? i .-r i. fi i 521 f'TfM ' WH t? * i't n?f hu Rn mft-T rh*/yi-? c ie?pi ? option, rro i ?,t NR4T1.T rrRRtnnKD room* or ??*oro J,*-. "ZlT'Z!'"Urmcn, Wiifemt Nkfd. Api'i t? J<?J JViw PWi OSkf Bf-vunaj, E N E MORN Mlkikoue AJIU J?DGUW. vo,"|} Kbnihnos square, Hudson rtrkbt.-a Bnt( ,,i Uf,'r?itn?, on aeeond ft<?r, with hour I; also turn >?1 > ooeae on third floor, and ample rooms. House cat it.- lino id Eighth avenue our* and Bleerk?-r street ?u*vh, HVATnun ruct-i OfeOKS OF ONE OR _?\ tn handsomely furnished parlor*, with hedmoms att?rb-*. ?n now be hart. Thin is the coolest location in the city. and psraoiis tookiug for summer <(uarters will do well to tall, \linurr at ail o'clock. TO LIT?A VERY DEKIRAHLE Hl'JT Of APART Dtidita. furnished or unl'urn.<>'d partial board, in a ursaie laudy. Apply at No. 121 West hiti-h street, near Hrosdwav *TM FURNISHED ROOMS AND BOARD WANTED ? \J a pi n e uiau desires ior turns* if, wilr. and two young daugtib rt, two large connecting ro nut, which h-. will furnish, in a hrat oia-n ho sxl with modern improvements, abote Twelfth street. Beat oj reliveucei. Address 8. R. 1*., Union iwtuftro Post office. Wanted-hour?) for a sick gentleman, in a q.ll bmiv wh"f? there at* n? chJdrm. Price moderate. AuUfia F, Xlb Bowery, tip tiutirs. tfeciA- KurRiAig. JOHN DAVOL HAS REMOVED TO NO. 1i?i JOHN street n? ar Cliff street. Also, the office ol' the New York and Brooklyn Brass Company removed u> the name place. JAMESTOWN OK1JCBBATI0N.?EXCURSION TICKETS. Persona wishing tn witness the celebration of the settlement of .IsmeatoWD, Vs., en the ISth of May next, (Being the atlth anniversary.) are mhirmed that th'kew will be furnished them to proceed from New York to Richmond and bank by steamer .InmesUiwn, for fflff, meat* included. She wtll leave ?ew torn on Baturaay, tne pin, hi 4 r. w., arrive in aivnmona Monday morning, leave tMM Tuesday afternoon, stop at Jamestown Wednesday im rauig, May 13, and remain uici* till 4 o'clock that afternoon, anil reach New York next evening Kor tickets apply to I. I'M. AM A PLKASANTS. 32 Broadway Liquor dkalrrs* mbkting.?thk rkuitlar monthly meeting of the >h>w York Liquor Dealers' Society will be held at Military Us II, 1U3 Bowery, opposite Spring treat, on Tuesday evetung, May 6, at 8 o'clock. WURTAVl'H A. RATZ, Koc. Sec y, 145 and 147 Bowery. N. B.?Member* will lake notice that their curd* of tnemuertbi i are not truMNtkl*, and that no one will be admitted wiiiKxtt thi-in. Dues may be paid and cards renewed at Paige's Hotel, comer Spring and West streeta. "\TOTIl'K.?CITY IN'Sl'KCTQK'H lfKl'AKTMUNl, NSW JX Yo,k. May 1,1887. Having, In pursuance of the prorlalonaof Hie amended cbe.rter, assumed die duties heretofore devolving upon the Bureau of Street Cleaning and the Hureatt ol Markets, in the Department of Streets mid Lamps, notice is hereby given that as aisin as the arrangements, for the prompt gathering and re. moml ol ashes and garbage can be completed in the several Wards, notice will be pubUshedand every exertion wi 1 bo made by the officers ol this department to secure the enforceBe nt of the following extracts from the corporation ordiumw;? as)IKS AND garbaor not1ck. oactv*n:k is kei.atios to aswbh and iiAKiAna., ^ ,h'.xlract flPOB ordinance^ passed May 9, Kw aslcs, ufla.1, vegetables, garbage, drosm, cinders, shells, straw, hhitvitg*, dirt, tilth sr rubbish of any kind whatever. In any Street, lane, alley or public place In the city of New York. Ke?-. 2. The. violation of any of the provisions of the pr ceding section shall be, and is nereby declared to be, a misdemeanor, sad shall be punishable by line nf not less than one u dlar or more thou ten dollars, or by imprisonment in the city prison lor a term of not leas than one or more than tlvu days. I Extract from ordinance, passed May 2. lHft ] pec. 14. No person shall coat or throw, or sutler to run into any stmt, lane or alley oilhe city of New York, from his, le-r or their house, houses or premises, any slinking, noxious, imfiure, opensive or nolaofne water, or any substance or thing, n a ll<)tud or do win; state, under the penalty of twenty the 1 dollars for each offence. See. lei. No person shall convey or th-posl' Jt e?e?e or per I mit to be eouteyed into any street, sewer e .-'drain in the city of New York, any swill or other vegetable substance, sn.ter the penalty of flfty dollars for eacl.iBrr.-i. ) tlarta will pass through the streets every day (Sunday ral ?epted), to collect and remove all ashes, garbage, Ac., frotn ' Ue streets; and the penalties of ihe law will be strn lly en . forced against person* violating he provisions of the foregoing tuirscta of the corporation ordinances. I Notice w ill be given of ihe approach of the ash and garbage ' carts by ringing a bell. j t'omplamt'of negh-et to provide sufficient carte and regular i 1* to collect as above, should be tnadc to the t.'uy Inspector, at i the ofliee No. 1 Centre s-reet. I Many violations of the ordinance dslly occur at the present i time, by persons pLuung rubbish upon the streets from eell;arH, | rants, and especially from buildings which are repaired or ul j lered. M is requlrt a that such rubbish shall he lmniediattdy tlaced In card" and removed; or all violations of the ordinance, v plaeing such rabbisli in the street will tie strsuly prosoculeii tor tiie recovery of the penalty arising from ouch vulsiusi. The kUesLoUUl the police m railed io the al ove ordinances. CihORUK W. MORTON, City Inspector. Ortv Is?errroR'? IieiMKTSS.vr, New York, IsA?PUBLIC MEETINO IN TUB PARK PORTPONKD ? IN conseipienoe ot the absence from ihu city of sever*) gen tlemeu ? bo desire to lake part to the proceeding* of this meeting. the committee nf arrangements have postponed the Utue until Tuesday, the 12th Inst., when the denv voracv and all op ponenta of the usurpations of our Hwte legislature are re queised Ui par*i-ipau- in the pns-eeiting* of the meeting. Proper notice will be given by large poster* and through the Bewspap'trs. 1'IllLlP W. hNUS, Chairman. H i? Co* sot IT, I,, . Asririt Woons, | TK MEAOinCR CLUB?A MONTHLY MKETIMU or . iKc uKova l. wtv will be held this even.-nr Mar A. at g n'cUx-i I* U.Hlltic l?lul) K hiiii, 9ll Prim* alrcot. I'tionnal kliriidxn.o i? r?~i iioatod, At tb?* i lo 'ion ul<'?r4 for tiic euhuincjenr kJl Uie place, Hi order of mwARP mrryy, Morrrtarr. T|H IIP. vol SH URN'S PI III.DM VTIIKAN HOCIKTY Will, h>ii;? <i i, 1*11vi AHTy ext-rim evening in Hope, ? Impel ? T',r m TI^HBK St'HBCRIRKR MMM W RITCmf HIM HIS I ?rt' ihanU lu litiumil II. V. I'i OPT. ul thf Twenty. llrM Ivirm, KB'I l?i the police force ?r>'n?r?llr, lor the rourte on| olillfinK i>n<l l?ealnalilr 1H rendered to bin unit tain rurally at lb)* In- on the lm io?t. in Twenty rljilota ?tr-rt, a*.nla? iiyMc Imp iIuhii lion" I'nn puny No. 31'. and Wwdongtot tlook and K..Mi , Company No v,tn|nlm< with ftity mmNt of lira Ml* department. for tie- heme ami indei?ti(?h|n ei. rtinna in inby tlii'in,u< 1 In j? loaannre Inili >ole? tb.<' tbeir UM > . f u' "i" mi l ? un; i lioi u to preen life unl |tfx> I erty *111 urn- b? n ot-taMr- d b | Inni with lite Bi'n1 profound rM|>?ou JAH. 0. HHOWN, 110 K i a i i ? mtjr > . W'AYNK riUITFK O. V A.-TIIK XKMHRKM OR ? T \\ i r ' k rhupter trteetme* mil b* k 'Hiin Tie-winy e\. o!>i*?, at tb? ourp.-r of l'krM?|iWklkl lludaou tercet*, ve< rvl Boor MIMKU.ANKOIK, AWIMNUM AMI! tKNTM.?TOBIAN A TARMON'M AJTT1 ao.rtcw proof wnuira, waterproof oanram eurera.Ae.. m and lor eale at 121 We?t and Aft I>ry airwau, Raw Turk Oritur* throofi mail promptly attended to. DKKMK'M FATKNT noURt.1l CYMNnKR BOtl.KRR J> The aubaoritier* k .vinj purr he*. d Willi m? Beetw ? patent for hi* " lmprotemrni in double cylinder boiler* for hoi water b r?by gi e notice that they arc prepared to grant pmilegra for the iae th> roof lo nil pertain* .l-unroua to uw <>r put up ihe game. Till* pateil In* tJi t only available mode .if anpplytn/r Ihe upper p irtaof bonae* with liol v nlrr abnie the ii?ii*I riae nl Ih.' t rob Hi or other loiiiit/iln of ' ( ply. and *.l r*on* ualdg or putting op the aajno wliboot pi-rlnia*..01 I'l tin* ?Hli-erlber* w ill lie print.tuttad. Application for pt rah* or tljfh'n may mail* to etthr of the AI.KX NPKK MrKKN/.IK. S4I To nth .treat JtiliST Wll.UAMH. 71 Tourth a.nau*. Hrw Ton* May 2, 1B67 f AATHWKI.T. A KIMMKMt.f* li f*f?'Mil'Af, ?'?'flTH t IT VV *t.rt UinU ip.' tigratiii* and printing csuhli*. n,. ni re n-iriil to 3Mi Brum!* iy. ('^HAMD INVV:UT*FtfT-*OW*T WKU. 1.ATP OPT.V Wot. k return* ? Pant** * t*h tig to make tnt"*tmriiia In * patent article, ui't.t-illy In demand, ren l"?m garth-vlar* by railing ?i US Hotel* ty. front room, tip ?uUr%- S H.?Will eirhan*.. for reel date. *b?k or other aerurntra. J A) ** nl* w Killed Itnnv <1u e|y. LAVftTIIKROl'tllf rATHRlir PKKVFBH MATURK kit KM And open* tn tji* nor*, ry * HtOe htaven Manaot.'a tnr*n''* p referral I re *n>*he* without atuplfrtng. pna?o>e* iligottnn. ra.rrerut aridity, rbeek* dtarrho-*, it>*? n lejy, At . without ?*.n ?tljp* ting the bowel*. It ta, In fam, the otny r> li?ble m .iher'? relief. WM. H tSMPM. proprietor, Mo. *7 Virile avenue, Hn.hltn Tor ?*lr bv all <lru*n-t? MKK HJ.IOTT RHCUMATIO BMBR<K7AriON-roa rkfiawm, rhUblaJaa, lumbago, oM apraiaa, illalom IkT.a, bnitiww. Mr . Me Tar aaia at tha new* had garlnitWhl depoA u Ptrtahm ah am. Mew Turk, ml by Mr*. Ban* Bnwhlru. SHOW CAM** WTTMIPT M BROTHRRR, MAMVPAO torr and warae-en*. Mo. B North William atreet, MM p rrnnkt -M. New \<>r*, *nt R Went Third r '*?'?r 1L Ohio, a targe naanrlutenl cooatantly on hand ,old ahowMMm taker ta - i< hinge. 'hrdert promptly elected SrrPHTMtf pMrgPAUJU) WRITTMU ru'iim AMP copying ml.*, I.on.p.u, and T,i I'r.u aimet. Mew Tor*. bo'..I h) the pi nopal Hln'i-ner# TttAVRIiLT.R'B (It'IDK. HUMKiM HIV hi. RAII.ROAD.?PROM AI'Rll. U. 18* train* w.ll hate Chamber* atreet Magna *a foliow*'? two Mil ? in<! 11 A) A M and ? I'. M. Albanr liw pr tram. I* Mi.: far 6m Wag, T A. Mjand if rt>ndbk?rp*ia, '** A. M. and 1 and I P. Ibr PmkatrlU. t SOr M IV r.nuthkrnuU*, l*r*k*kiB awl Mac tdof tram* atrip at'V way nia'tnr* r^wT'" ink-a at Cbambnri. Banal. OirRdnpbar and TV Hf flnrt atrrrta Traiaa tor Maw T.wk mn Im at ?* and Ul? A. M and ?.? P. and AJbaar at fend >uM A. M and IT l ____ A. T KM1TP Ruparininndaa* >T*W pong AMP niM MAI1.IIOAD. ?OM AMP APTMB I Monday. Apr A 1M7, and until fnriVr ontlrr, pawnN Ira r? wi'l Wrr pirr, toot nf Hoanr ttnH, ?a foUnwa. Ma Dunkirk ripraaa. at ASO A. M., for Dunkirk. It thun riprraa. at AM A. M.. for R'lOaio Ma.l, at 7 *1 A. M? r.r Dunkirk ai>d Buffalo and MUWMA dlair at*n ti Paaa. oirrni by thla trrln will raaaaia tw nlffkt at Rlmira, and WW ad tfc* noil aaominf. Roratand o*?*<na?r at I P. IL, ria PVrmonl. for toffarar and mi.rniwl.ti/ atatioaa. way p?**-nr*r. at A P M.,fl*ltewVir?. Mlddlntowa and la MfVtrdlair akwk M. Vmtuti, a't P. Aw Dunkirk and Buffalo, and Intrraaa dtaw mat lot.a. TV aborr tralaa run dally. Rnndaj-a nrmptnd Kirh' iBiiraa* at 4 M P. If. for Dunkirk, *r*rr da? m art : thai it,* tram on Kautrday niaa on It to Hnmaliarftlw Jt> In Jlu (lain. | P ?bi iipnw, *i t M P M , for RnfTMo, wrarr day. Thrar nrrraa tram* manor* at Rlmtru, with lb* Mm Ira fanardatana and fftagar* Pall# Railroad. for Mlatrara Pa'la at Hit ahanuon wttli IV kjrar.i** and toagkaaatoa Railroad. Aw "jracna*. at t>irtilnff with Buffalo, (Virnlna and Mdw Tea* kailrud, for Hm-Valor, at ffnmt Bond wttk D* I a war*, 1 Aok awanna aad w.?t..rn Railroad, for Hrranlnn; at Hornnllarllla with thr Rnttalo and Maw Tork Gil) Railroad, far Buffalo; at I ?' IJalrand T^tokirk with ibr l*ak" Bhora Railroad tor flwra land, (arwdanatl. Toiado OrtrrdL Ohtraao, An, HOMCR RAkt'UKl.U Praald?ut H<mart> kx'prto* romrairr, No. IM Hpm lirnt, Now Vwk. P-not "Pr.? ?*!! to Kaalon. AlVntown, V* , hi 'N - k. ? 'k'?',arro, Pitt* ,n, Niurnn an,| ,i, n,,nla on 'Ito Inn of. or <*m?liriiO'>a to thn I,wf >? M>ia and Wi-W-flt Railroad. Larka* na and Rl<? lMfcnrg Kallr<<*d. i nf ,-b V?,;> jr R illrood, Poktd'TO Ihdawim Kmlrrmd, Nof'h l'.-nn??i> aula Railroad, t , tin. n? fru.lo and bank ooioa apncto, *?., forwarded a* fanooNkbto fat'"* *a.g> tmm 1* (Mrfoor?vowl?r?ri?i m'mmftr*. W - Y ? ING EDITION?TUESDAY, HOl'SEH, dMX, TO IJtT. KIlO HROOMK KJRKKT TO LBT-THR BW*I I* ?JUO being pnl Id perfect order. Inovure ot TUOH. B. VaN HUHKN, ag BrvMiilw, room Nil. 11. A small wtlv atr family, no childrkn, will lei a pheasant hack parlor, pantry attacked, oo the modm Boor, to a gentleman, without board, la Forsyth street, between Broome and Houston; ran In room. Tarma il'i per month. Address Ambrose. H?rald office. LOFTS TO LEASE.?TUK FIRST AND SECOND LOFTS of the brow u alone store, ttevt to Wy holt's Hotel, SW Greenwich street, or all'he lot'ta if required. Inquire on iho premise*. PORT RICHMOND, STATKN ISLAND.?TO LET, TIIR 1 country seal ot the laid John P. Brown, Are minutes walk from the landing; a large stable and green house included. Inquire on the premises, or of R. J. CLARKE, btl Maiden lane, New York. Restaurant and bar t<> Ln-mmmo, in i connection with a tlrtl class llro tdwav hotel, kept on the European plant everything ready tor business. For purlieu lars apply to C. R. MII.I.KK A < O., 11 Pine airee., basement. TO LKT-AT SARATOGA SPRINGS, FOR THE HUMmrr months, a new brtak bouse. newly furnished, with large garden attached, convenient to the Springs, and mm of the most desirable residences in the village. Inquire of K. K. DAVIS. 161 West Thirty-seventh street, or address R. CHURCHILL, Ksratoga Springs, N. Y. rLBT?FIVE NEAT COTTAGE UOUSF.S WITH VK rsndalts In front, handsomely llnlvhecl and well suited for genteel families. They are situated en the Newtown and Hushwick road, Williamsburg. To good tenants they would be nutted at f 125 each. Apply to 1>. A A. K r.VGH LAND A SUTTON, .13 Broad street. rpo I.KT?THE NEAT THREE STORY HOUSE NO. 4 all the modern Iranrovemeots, ami Is In ilrst rate order. PoavessUui given immediately. ("an be seen from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M. BOLOMON A UAKT. MS Broadway. TO l.BT-THK THBKR RTORY AND BAHKMKNT bouae No. 102 Bast Thirty-third street, near !e>xington are mi*, will) all the modern improvements, hot and sold water bath, range, gas, water clonels, wash tray*, marble mantel*, Ac., Ac. Rent |600. Apply to TKKKNt'K KUKN, lffl Kant Twenty-fourth street, or to WILLIAM MoKYKLY, No. 1 Bread street. mo MOT-IRK LA ROB Til KKB BTOKY AND ATTIC J. house 229 West Fourteenth street, between Kiglitli and Ninth aveuue.s; would be let very cheap, as It Is unexpectedly to let. Also die stone front house" Sis West Tweiitv seeoad street, all the modern Improvements with gas fixtures. Kent >?). Also the two large brick buildings with large building in ihe rear, Nos. US and 115 Troy street, near tlreenwlen street, mutable lor a great many large manufacturing kinds of business, or pin t would lie let separate. Rent tor Ule whole ll.autl Apply to J. W. DKNUAM, Bighli av. i his, ooraor of Mixieanlh street, olliee open from morning to 9 In tint evening. TO LUT-THIC CFPBR OR LOWER PARTS OF DWKLllng No. 68 Spring street, In a good location, near Broadway, with gas, water and modern improvements. Rent low to a good tenant. Inquire on the premises, or at 66 .Spring street, next door. TO LET?IN JKRSKY CITY, TUB FOUR HTORY KV? lish basement brick bouse, situated at 5S Jersey avenue, live inlnutea walk from the terry, containing twelve issues; has hot and oold water, gas, baih room and all Hie modern Improvements, with hay windows; Is a very desirable rw-ti lusill, Annlvl.-tR T? 1 1.1.1 M I: Tl 1V Mil toulhjdith'streri, jersey'city. or 10 JOSKl'il LKAlcil, Mii Clly II11II pUw, New York. TO LRT-THR THRKF STORY HOTSK, 2VI WRST Fifteenth street, now Kighth avenue, with all the modern iiu provrmenta aail In complete repair, 23 by 30 leet, lot Ion A11 plv to JOUN LLOYIl A SONS, 13 Nassau street anil No. 3 Clinton llall, near Broadway TO LKT-ON THK RA8T RIVKR, AT RAVKNHWOOD, Lu I., three beautiful cottages, In oompleta order, oae eontalnlnlng atayeii rooms, the other two fifteen room* each. Their location, ^Attraction and convenience to the city, cannot be WMWd within the vicinity. For term* apply to ti. HOPK1NH. oOce a? Front street, op atalra, trow U to U\ o'clock, or at Ravtmawood. rLKT-TO A PRIVATR FAMTLT, A COMMOniOUS ttrat otaaa and elefrasrtly furnished house, oath all the modern improvement* and everything for housem-epiivr, No. 41 Seventh street, one door from Second avenue. Also tl.e neatly furnished bouse ft! Kast Sixteenth strv ml. May be wn from 12 u> 4 oVloofc P. M. For particulars apply to A. AKTELLB, 44 Wall street. rpo LKT-THR TWO BUILDINaR NO. 444 A NO 44 J. Foarth avenue between Thirty-Crst and Thlrlyieoond streets, near the railroad depot, formerly occupied an the Commercial Hotel. Apply to N. LaURKNCK, 43 Kast Twentyninth street, before 9 o'clock, at 4 o'clock, and In the evening; or ai 81 Nassau street, thfcd story, from 10 to 12 o'clock. T> I.KT?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY' UOUHK NO. 44 IrtiOK place, with rouges, baths, gas fixture*. *r, *r; the wh..If In complete order. Apply to OUS. J. TliKIIAUD, K?u , No. 138 Nassan street. TO l.KT?AT LONG BRANCH. N. J., A SPAt'IOUS MANslon, partially turtilshed; stahles tee house, tin thing house, vegetable and fruit karden-<; beautifully hx-ated tors summer resilience, within view and half a mile el' sea shore. Rent very moderate. Apply to R. W. BOWYKR. No, 119 WhIU) street. New York. rl,RT?IN T.TLLARV STRKKT. BROOKLYN. A BRICK house, ipartly turnisheit. Rent law to a rood teuaul, who will take its or Shears. Inquire at 3d OFiutou street, Brooklyn. fpo l.KT-AT M SI MM IT STREET, BROOKLYN, FIVE X wnlk from south ferry, * hindKMc wrotvl floor, part of third and kitchen, ga*, water In kitchen and yard. fPO LET rilEAP-TH* HOUSES 109 BEDFORD STREET, X ekwe to Hudson (Street, and IS Thirty fltfh street, near Eighth arm nr. both bare gaa.baih, range, and ehandeUera, and In good order Apply at ED Thirty fl/lh street, or lo P. BRUSH. 108 Bedford ctreei Tt RENT?pit PER MONTH rllEAFK-tT FURNISHED hon-e in Mow York, No. 47 Went Twenty-orventti street Inquire on the premises, Neighborhood genusd and iwible. Ten room*, l>aih. gns, and all m >dern Improvement*. Tenant mnat be respectable and responsible. IEV1 KENT.OR TOR SAI K-THK THREE THRKR-RTORT X frame and brink basement hotiaea. No*. \tS, .'.VS. .*7 weet Forty eighth *treet, between Eleventh and Twelfth are nnea. Key* tin *ee the >ent are at J. Hrennan'a. ?ame street For further particular Inquire uf 0, W. Weston, M Broadway, re- -m No. t%. rPIITRiriANS?DRRIRAHLR OFFIOK TO I.FT. IN Went Twenty fourth ?i re t. Fifth arenae. in a l.r-' rlu?* h--'t*e Apply lEMbedlately at Mo. 4s Weal Twenty fourth Street VAI-l'ABI-E HOTEL., PROPERTY TO L1ASR?FRR lease, the National Hotel, fronting utrtv feet on Mala Mrretandtwo hundred and '?n feet on Fourth street ta the (By or lrmlsvHl*. Kentucky Thla hotel la aew, centrally Minuted, and W oae of the bast la the West. It has more that IROraana. the greatsr anmber of which are lute, rotnmodl mi, sad well venultied raa pipes are eitended through tha hi owe. Its location la beyoed anew lion one of the vary hast la the ally, being In the ad-lst of inula,and of oonvenlenl secern to the river and to the railroads. A favorable lease will b? Rven to rood parties Address at IsmisvtUe, ly.. o-nva rpe and Thomas P. Jeflnh, Trust***. As to tha superior ad rants** sf the loealtoa of the hotel raids 10 Mr. i AMMO 4FROU1.E, U John street, Maw York. HORMCM, CAJUUAOBR, ?C. BIHBAY Horse AND VMM ml RALE \V pearl', new. Suitable for a gn? or milkman or baker, snpl separate (l re-pur ad. Inquire at Mr. t'arr'a bakery, fT Bridge srvet Rrnrdtlyn. rl SALE?A NTYI.INH RAT IIORRR. AHOI T I'S kand* high, eoun-l In all respects Sold lor want of use. fan be *een at the New York llrery stables, Broadway, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. M A. JEHt'P, 44 Rtrhanpe niece. E7IOR M tl.K A FAIR nW MATt'lIED Rt.Al'K IP - USER JP abmtt 1 rfi hand. high. wall hrnkan; a ill b? uld eboap Apply U atabla *7 Ra?t Twrntf aaaond utrvol. F<iR R A I.R?A RPLKWDID TOI VO RORREI. IH'RSK. M hand* high, warraniad xmirwi and kind In aJI h irnaaa; an?ld makn aa **r?dl?nt ?v?. h or fmaij a* hr u ?'-*y Tn-r ami a .tyli.h drt/rr. Inquire at ?M Hl. .vhrr nuvrt, cnr ' U' Roy atmat. r)R TAI.R-A PAIR *>m>ARK OR A VJIORSRS WIS handa hurh. aiylmli artton, aomid. kind, and trry rndnm bin jnai arrltod fr?*? VwiX; will h" a.d<J chrap, no lantar road boraaa To ho aonn al Mr (XlEMol.l.T'R. M< rohantn atahla. Mi and T Twmtj ninth atrrat iwar Hr>.*d?a> fAOR RAt.R-A PAIR OP IIA RPSOMR OR IV HORSES, |A>a hamla hl(fh, iii-rfonly kind In ainal- or donhlo har n?aa s. |?| ,.nly bncauan th<" nwn'r Imva for Knrnpo the la? of tMa month I'an br anrn ai lha atabln mrtn-r <d Bury and M'an- a#?mta. Rrooklj n, from h to II o'rlork A. M. U not aold by%Thtiraday. tbn *th mat . a ill ha aanl lo paaiiiro FiAOR RAI.R-A LIOHT HI'OOT WAOOff, RHIfTIRO 1 laalbrr lop, naarly naw, and by twr of Iha hnat makora. A pplv at Iba paint aiora, i-ornrr of Court and thing laaa airaata, Rroofclvn FTOR RAI.R-A RORRR1. PORT, RIX VKARA OCH. fir laan haml. Inah. bimii I and kind, ran trot In I1, to a mien. I an b* am n nl Ihr bnubar atall II AUantia n irk?-i, Wll I.I A M II MIT I If h^ttR AAl.h' t hl'I.KM>ll?,MII? AU.A JImRvK \EMIA old. bataaao |.A and M handa blah; hmwn rob*. Ion* tia Inral tall, w annuod a un t and kind in aioal. an t i liar r,. . * ki??i m\. i<r mhi MjiMtt. lit Mr pr<?*t> uimir or donor. Omi bo arm until told. hi |i? PHI ntiae' l/n? HAI.R- A VKIIV PfXR t.MirT RRnWY HnRkR r If haoda bl*h remlnir ptrn leal* old- rrfi mi ah. |irr

rnll* imllr, mimimI* nithoiii ijoio amiable tor dorior or runmor l.or?e I 'm b? -eon a' 72 Third ?lr> rl, between Klr?t and Rerond nf iiiw. For ?mi v t kh,vmmt> rHK^TwrT noRfK, rivr vi iii ? old. Ill1, bund* liii'W, warranted omul nod kind |o ? >fe r - < ' A| nli i 2" Vvi ' i ? " \| ORO ARIIORRKR.?TRlt RfPRRIOR VOrRII lliiRiKH ill anion e Itaem lira ?aim of m.i'rbed bu)*. ll"nt|emen wt-hm* intra Morgan nlor*. al very nrndrrale prtr- ?, will plea-a call m So A llnernm a'reet, Brooklyn Alan, n lltht, r?iep?inn top rnrkawav. and arrrral llrhi a a*ona. fllI mole \\' \>TKI> TO ri Rl'TIAUK- k Rl PV.II '>11 I'MR or TT mrriair hnr*?, ammd, fri kM rood airle Mm! ?co n Kor mob ? nvdrrale price will Ins pHid. AikliviiJ H . Herald office, rial Inn purlieu Inr?. COPAH riCKHMHIP nimill. Q1 nnn Tn nrs-TU-ioi iiivivd tiik J*IiU'"' Mbovr nmnnnt run bod an npp . i -r In* a hnatnem. na pannrr, fuliere a fortune ran hr made In % abort lime. Kor partUnlara addreaa, auh real name, J U V., Herald oflloe. Immediately Apaiit\rr wastkh with m nil iF\r *mv? lo retxhliah 1 bu?in??? of newly Inreired era |n? ma i'Mnr?. It la net her ? abut la or n rbaln Mtltrh mvhlne. nod run be aeon nt any lime in operation. Addreaa Pewini| Marhlrie, tlernbl Ofbre ARi IIITROTR A pRkCTirAf. ARfTHTRPT WISH ea in lorm a partnership or biwlneaa arrangement wl'h ome architect nd influence and Ion* "tperlewe In tb'a or nnttie other ctty. The advertlaer la a brat rale draflam in, la favorably known In ih'a rhy and imhurbn, where be ran point ant arreral of bta detlfta which hava haen rnrrb-d ml In prominent noaiUona, and ran alao inflitenea oonahlerahln b iai ' AdJrran. wit* r**l name, YIwutiiM, be* Mb Herald 'rk.B MAY 1857.?TRIPLE S M?H HAJLJb. v^vvv% l??/\ A.-KKS or ooori karminu I.AND, IN COOK lUV county, 17 ml). .> t'l-om ih" I'ily of c'blmiKO. w?l) lou'vd mikI on? null} from iho riulroad, will Im Mold nhi'Mp lor i-jwO. Adtlroaii lor on? ?i"-k II H. i>, h,,x l;? Humid otlleo. ?PGR 811.K?TWO SALOONS IN ONB (IF iWi v?t)v? most . ap ih- ,nr.M in the oily. To aoy one git in* ih? proper .ii'.i i iinn the above is a good chance to make mom1}. Apply ui 111 NT .V HOWES, A'tli rrtsolwny, room IS. <C1 fWtfl OU h'KKY FOR HALE; AN EXGELLRNT <5iA?\/v/V/? I'MMUou; wall tired up; renting out lh6 dwelling, give the store about free; or a clerk ou good salary, md mouey secured, atoned. HiooH A ROUTBWICK, S4 Nassau street. d>l (MUl -POR KALE, IN THE VILLaOROf FLUSH?JPJ .siiUx/. Inr,'i lot wniha irint and rear ho-use; ihey are both new, and rem for Hm a year; worth $1,000. Apply to OWEN O NEIL, at Haiiford Hall, Flushing. <C1 BALK, A MORTGAGE OR THIS qVL.UclU. aiuwiint, .imply secured on country property la Unit State, on which h large discount will he made. BIGGS ,t SQUTHWIflK. M Naasn street $'*? KOK OKK Of TUB BEST AND MOST OESIO.UUu rably lore ted gtts-.iries in Urooklvn, five year* i lease allow rout, doing about PhMiii per year. Sold on account of ill health. BIGi.S A HOCTHWlUK, 84 Nassau street. nniFOR A SPLENDID CORNER PROPERTY IN ipu.vll IU Brooklyn, suitable for a tlrat clans grocery, or any other hilkuiess Will be exchanged for property ut ihla my. It It ?t is A SOUTHWICK, W Nuasau street. K<l" BALI, A HOTEIf, WELL FURipO.UU'/, niaited, in a splendid location; long lease at low rent. Will sell en liberal terms, or take a partner capable of taking full charge, with half the above amount. ItlGGS A SOUTH WICK. 84 Nassau street Al/k OHf) IOR A FIRST CLASS HOLBLIN BROAD gpl"I.UUVf way, doing a large business; lorn; lease and very low ren ; will be *..ld on liberal tcrtoa, or t paruter w d 1 be taken with $2,001)cash. BIGGS A SOITTTTirrt-ir dl Nassau si reef. (WW) K<m v ,,H NTKV RKSIDKNt'B, FIKTKKV acres. three miles from the l'?rrles, on Wil llnmsburg turnpike, nil in perfect order; splendid locution and view, plenty ol fruit and shade trees; stages pass near the door. HIHGK A SOL'inWlCK, tM Nassau stre.1. d>lc t;|w) -fQB SU.K. \ HPLKNIHD farm Cf ?lt7.U"v/. X4H acres In V'hvter county on w-?t bunk of WallkiU river, It miles from Newbarg; plat k. road the whole distance; alt cvilUvuted but 1A acres ol woodland. Prion 4IS,WX) Will be exchanged tu purl tor good property. <'Oil H WELL A ANDKRSON. 11 Wall street d>o/i nnn in mkri-ii andihkto kjcchanor fob farms convenient to the city. This in one of the mud choke, bni mcl uv?t varied assortment of fancy goods in the city, and parties will be treated with In the most liberal manner. Persons having desirable farms have here a chance lor an eschaugc seldom met with. UltlOS A SOUTHWTCK. M Nassau street BOOR.MAN PLACE PROPKRTT FOR NAl.K.?MOl.'Hi No. |y Moormen plane, West Thirty third street with all the "modern Improvements; house In perfect order, having been thorough!} repaired and pamte.l, the halls marbled ana pannelled; gas tlx lures oompfote. Terms easy. Inquire on the premises. COAL YARD FOR HALE.?THR I.EA8K AM) FIXtvires, hor-. s, carta, Ac., of an old established coal yard, now doing a gissl business, satisfactory reasons given tor sell inj; possesion given immediately. Address deal, Herald (10CNTRV HKAT FOR FAl.K?LOCATKO ON TUB J Hudson river thirteen miles from Uin City Hall, and with in ten minutes walk Iroin the Hudson River Railroad depot at W.,,,, IV,.. ?-d n?. l? sit.,,tl .'ssl Ss?i fr.,.?l l.e Ski leaf beautifully uii'l out, and directly <iu Urn. river. The home In large, couimndkiu- and e.,mains h'H the modem Improvement*, and ir adapted for a winter us well a* a annum r residence; the view id the river is imaurp.isaed; line boating. bulbing una Hailing. Convenient out buildings, carriage house, ,%r., Ac. I'onaeaainn given Immediately. Ke purtieuTars inquire ol l>. 1*. HARHYm T, room 10, XiMu Bonk MhUai, Drug stork for salk-for half its valuk, iin account ol the prmirlctor having "t'.ier bustm-a that en In lnm trom tl?e city in a few day s. The best chance can ho found for u man with am.ill eaptlal. Recti eatablialied tor years, and doiug a good business. Apply to IIIX). W. MANCJCK, W Nlnlh avenue For hai.k?a riat'tifi'L rocwtry rksiornob, aitunted near the )tulh House, Ling Inland, cooutlidug about twenty-two acren, a double bonne, br.rn, carriage ho se, he., with a verv choice variety of trait in fall kitidii. In quire of J Atoll CAiO'KN 1'KR, 42 K*oh.,uge place, irom II tilt 2 o'clock. rR high htoop, JOtW. hchktantial brown alone bouaea, north aide of 'hirty drat aired, between Madison and Fourth avenue*; three aUirtea and haanmetit, with ail modern improvement*. Inquire at 11 Wall at, room. IS. For sai.f?thf. nkw first class focr story brown HVmo ft\u\t house, in the th Ice location !hl Weal Thirty tml ntr.-ct, between Fifth avenue and Headway, ttnudosi In the cent Filth avenue atylo, with all modern tn> .la, IV, t s i i , i '1 . n ..... * Aiii.1v 1,11 ;h. pr?atma. FOR KA1." * POUR HTt>RY rtKlt K HOU?K, *U>1 36*lu:t 1><i 9r.,fli*t, ? rented for |NN|. A fenr atory brtcl hinine iu HmiMiiit street, wtlh a throe utory !r: me linnet m the Kin*' iui, irouuiig h Irid ' ' j f'>? A.nDf' lor $1,150. REXSOX, H A BRET .1 CO.. US Klr?? street TiH>K SAI.K?A HOTIX Now POIND A HOOD BUS] J* unu, ?M naiad Ore milm from the city, on Jemg Island In i thriving village. Il.w nil the ueeeMiarv ar .until.Klad<m< re quired by the now law, wtlh lbs goal will ol tin- inhabitant tut ht'lBK uecaaaary to be kept aa a hoiel. the proprietor bartni HDr tutor business to Ml lend to. Il will be a good opoort inlli for any active trim who iinden-wiids ihe hu?ine?< For parti culars'address It. AY. J., hot 1 '.rib .New York I'uai office, staling where an iaier> i w aaj bnhad, TjAoR S \ I.K A I.IHV l-RKMSI RK HTKAMKO AT lloll. r er In good r.iiidlllon; leuiilli 271, feci, width of from 9 I eel: diameter "I shell, 7 feet 9 luclu ?. Apply Ui W1IX1.A VI HEW ICI.I., So I Barclay ilpH LHtR SAI.K-A MARllf.K TOP ?OINTKR AND SHOW r nine. In h ?id ordi r; will be ?old cheap, Impure at 17) AUaniK -Irt el, lip? TAuR SAIJC-RTIM'K. KIXTI'RKS \NI> WOOD W IM.OP r a thread, needle and tm<' store, wlr.ih has been ea'jy hlishrd loT live yeam. Apply at I"! Thirl avi ii'te. t^oR SAI.K, OR RXCII VNOK-PoR A HOUSE IX AYIL r liamahitrg, or a country resldriue with n four an lea ot i.iaiwl mn el letry, AYIIJi.imsburg. a (!r?t 'bi?? ihre s'or* brick boitae and carriage house, weh two loo. In the R|e.. i,'h ward, near Kiillon arm le, llmokltti. A|n ly at 3ilAde Mlreet. of M Vuiigts s>, X W A .ilk. I/OK SAI.K OR TO I.RT IX BRtAOAIAX?TWO Or r ihe?e 11rat claw houses, one m lliin' ntreet and one in Nelson, the bl m-a throng i hall of th purchase cau remain on mortgage, lupine J. AY. AA'll?SO>, No. 1 Nassau atreei. EAOR SAI.K OR TO I.RASR-A iWTTAHN HOtTHK AND X 1<H on ih? north rid* if waat Thirty fi urth rtrrrl, No. I SI aim, llii' rotilhrarl enmr >! Nrrrnth ?? i'0 in and mn nlt (treat; on* oo ihr Tinlh ?y?*nii*, at thal'mettoii of HnwVwai mid Kvvi-nly aecolM atr? ?L Inquire / i). 0. UIGUINH, U Wnl atxi-M. TJOfBK. AND U>T FOR RA[,R?AT ShO RROAI) HTKEN? Jtl Nrwark, N. J. Tf? air* of the I'd la SO Toot A lnoMi front and rfw, and Iff fnrn deep thrne aortna high. ftnUdtaft had one of lh?- boat luoadona la Newark. 1)1 HSONd WISHING To HEM. OR NXfH INGE TMFIR bmiraa, farm*, Ar., will rpaadlly (room dlrh ih-lr If they raeord ibi-lr property In our book*. No chart* wad* br I + Ibr Ml* Of *?. jmnf r la ttrentniillabed. Rk NfMiN, HAHSKV ACQ,, IIS Flraf -ureal, n?ararm** A. STEREOSCOPE*. MTKRKNM'OFKH. - RosfWtMUl hand *t*r?*ireop** and at*e*n-rnpl* vwmoaaw la. with I pa rl.i?? rlawa <>r Rom*. Ktorrpr*, <l> rmm y, lAmdin, Part*, Italian, Alpm*, American *n<l Rhlna aranary. Alan riawrm paper t* vartwin qualify lor ?ala at low prima, by MEN I l'lhK A HONS. op tic Una, tU Broadway, oppoalte t*. Nl cbolaa. T) PAPER II ANOINO PRINTERS.?OXK NEW SIX a >'nr pr oline mm hint fur aalr eht ap. Apply at 43ft Trnth ftpat, Dry Dork rrn m II.HEKP -ron hai.K, THE NLATR N?>W ON 1 K?nt N??. lb- Front alracf, a Idrh lain find <ird*r a* H now In . Pi be removed ono-llun -Itr Apply aa almra. Tt SIMMER BO ARIHNtl HorsK K REFER* -Al.iMl III bny lb* furnti'iri' and pay iha rwtit of a larc* -iimm-r l?i*brlni? hoaao mi Siv?p |alai,d. m ?r th* terry. Tor pane-itlarr atlnran* Xent?. Ilarald iitl.av WESTERN I.ANDS BETTER SITU ATKD, ON F AIRNB tartna than aio In ibl* market. Tbc adiertlaer wiahaa h etrb or" for Naw Turk rlt| or Improved anburban propnrAy Tan tJpmaand w-raa ran ba bad, front thn-a to tan mll*a from atatlopa on Iha prlm-lral rallrottd* of lUlaola. AJ.Iron lawuta Herald nftftce, or appiv at Iha o?oe of Ooraau'a Hotel. Brand way. altar tha M of Slay. MIAN OKKIt'KN. ci nn j. r. wtijjr a oo . * ?? 4II ,V\1. Nnaraaaora to Intrbar A On , Vmt nn I>l ip 'nda, wat. baa, I Pawnbrokers I An ktn'ta of psipraN )r?riry. allka and | Uofcrta bo' kht. | or buy for naafc Si Naaaau armt, room Nn 7 WTO Will TO fttill, TO WSOIt? AflVANtlRN OB dmtnnnda, awhaa. Jawrlry atlka, Or) f -da, piano*. hird>*ara. aa??r*. An lliaida of rrrry drarrtpthm bonyht for ra*h 1 II It ARRfNoER IT't Brat < m Jft. cm hlkipl 1.0 AN-ON IIR-T t l,A>< PRtH'KRTT rl".""'"' In thi* rliy, on |f>nd tnd tn<>( - r <k'V A (U ly to >A II KRtitA NR. Mo, > Wall -treat, aaoond atory. Aim nnn 70 u>A> ON wattbbr. in anon;.# ^afeU.Ul/U jewelry, ae?ara, dry eoaba. and all klnda of prraonal proparty. dr booth t and aoldTor naaA Notaa. hndi monrat> Maue-ka. An.. na(otlaftad. lt>S Naaaan Niaff. aaranr at a nr. aWnpd Boor, man Nn. S and JU. TtlOMPBON A CO., brohara and n>mmlaav*i tnarabankt *1^7 T? I-OAN ON WATdNFR, DlANONl* JtltJI .IfArAf jawrlry, An., or Ixvyfht for ?awh. by JO SKI'S E ISAACS, II Cbambara atraet, (haarmaat oNoad fWff I attr ull fire. Hnatnaaa prmnpt and rnftdotiUal. N. S,-Nt b rtnaaa tranaartad *i Natnrdaya. (Win -lift ENSItn BT GOVERNOR Of THE HUH# Mid Nafar ?? l iVnimnj iVitinoB n. < Hj of Row vnrh ? Moory Irni *1 frirol raw*. nm foM ?trnr 41*mood* Jrwotrr. drr'tnortn. An A A DOI.FHIIR ?a Prarl *inn?a onrnnf of fin? I . Si.v TTII TRA1>* !? RERI'?TFtrt.l.T ( .1 J ( irmod .hot w? vd ormUnanllf Bi*nnf?rt?udnd. and U1 cm hand * larfr of diamond Inwnlrj, of Um l*i?w? A Uric- ananHmml of diamond* cm hand, hntdn* dno# tm ihn .r%da. PtamoBd* brnurht for ea?h. 1 IfaRMAh A < or? ?m*l Mopit, unnr, adtaphid op ?attffa<ttoh tmr*. m fnraltora. narvmtnf, plaixm. ??i?h?a 41a Blond*, fir-arm*, nantleal nod rim-Tin* imvoBNmla knrm ?M'in?. *nwtrf marhlno*. and nil *'nd* of mnmhaodln* tai V^|1**i&rl'fhli*?Ii?#on Ap*lr m AFFAAT t THIC NI1.ITARV. N ? iTo*\i, oi aro -oVvii-kr* rumim, ?p mp|. in .i',\, (f?ii ,ir, inijjtnn, avr DM A for ?aio h * rt BAM* 'I. K t ... ~?l Hr 'ada*. 0 [ERA HEET. l)H\ (MMIM, 4?C. AOQ B*?*dwat.?FRINCH K^hkoidkriiw, VKRY Trii^np, Irom aiv-iwu, unit*.nunc < !'aollara, )?hv"* and niuuii, m wi>. uuula lux A" and rnln-% Ac . Ac. PKTWK ROBERTS A 0"iO(| BROADWAY-A I.ARi.t? STOCK OP OAMBR10 xjmd'J b*n<U?,rchi*f? from *ti<m>ii. onna.nimg of frflnch euitruktered, Row**rt\ mnurutni? aim b?*msU' h^d. nt hall pvfet. FKTKK RUBKRTH k <*Q A ?)<\ HHOAUW A Y A KILL A^hORTMKNTOK HLAa K juit op^ntHl, ooiiH.atiii^ ul DiauUliaa, *haw?M, cuy?n, ooill'ureg uiid wM, Ar., Ac, PBT^KB ROHRRTfl A CO. N B ? Blk la'"* French and thread rell*from an'don, eh??ap. e/Wt S1IK FLOUNCED KOHKS. AT $n ORDINAL OUU price KW. AKNOI.D. CONKTABLR A CO., i 11 . ilrwi'l, MM* 'it *t)iwr. BASQUES, MANTILLAS AVI) T M.MAS. AU lb-' leading Hliruic LORD A TAYLOR, i!M, '.'.">7. M.i ami J'd Or.uid and 47 and 49 Callidrini alr-ei Barege ROBKS. 1 000 plain hare**, wl'h -Moo flounnoa, 15. SOU dn. and figured, A'? u> 910. B1 Jck and colored grenadine rn)ie? heap. I ARB A PORTBK.S17 lolri No. 7? < wtkalrML C151EAP SILKS FROM AUOTIOM, ) d# to T9 oooto aitd 91 per ynH, K"? aprlng ilyira LORD A TAYLOR, ii55, ffiT, 'ifi'i and a" Grand ?".>et, And 47 and 4'J I"alfcar jte nr"*". (YOTTUN STfPKTIRUfl, SillRTlNt}*, J TirkJntf-, imd ilomcistlfl'Koodn itaneraTy; Vnoli below LOHP ATAYLOR, 'J66, i'>7. ?38 and -'dl Grand ?ifwI, And 47 Hiul ?!?< Vharuie dtf't. CORRKT8, SKIRTS, Ac. AU the new ntylea now ready, AIMrr oatnor s, 8d.1 Rror.dwny, batwnen TWrt^'iith und Vm.rtoonth at*. Dry noons, i.ivkns, links shrktirh, brow* and white table cloilm, dlapera, napt tin, towel*, mot Una, lawn*, larrn, collar*, broad clo>h?, r?ivlmne*, iii?b'*Wear, Ac., domestic*, by the place. Deaicra supplied by WM. MA TIIKWH, M <'athiartaa stroci. _____ DRKSS UOOIlS-SPRlNd STY1.KN. Received per lal" arrival*, At low price*. LCRP A TAYLOR, Jtt, 1167, 'lift and 2(11 < Irani K'l-eiN, And dT mid 19 > 'atharlue ?irwl EMHROIOKRKD KRKKCH SKIRTS, FROM LOW price* 10 Hrh, I11 ruatmllei-ul de- ?n*, for tula by AKMll.D, CONbTABl K A t O., Oiutal street, corner of Marcer'atr-'ei. EMRltf U>KRKI> HA!*nKKR(TIIKPH? KRRNCfl RMbrotdered hsBtlkerehial'*, ? Utiik aasnrtmcut, much under regular price*. orris's UAZAAR. 613 HrmtrtwaT, St Nicholaa Motel, I3RM?< 11 KMBROIRKRIW SKTrt, HUMMKI) WITH re<U voleucicuwes Uco, at A3 W, fl and (A. GKNIN's BAZAAR. .113 Hrnadwnv, St Nicholu* flotet. IpASnU.Nfl ? ORMORRHT'S (BRANCH KTORB 7?* ' Gacal nlrrst, opposite it renin street,) most eitrnrive at sorttnent wf ratierii* lor Indies' and ehll.lrcn*' >1, IwbtdInr the latent styles of banquet, artlslaally rot by kme. tics H)AI.U N. a.?Unlera punctually attended to. HOCRRKKKPINO flOODR?4 4 LI.NBN H, PTLLOW mm, Mm* taMM) aspirins, doyltaamkilMt^ lawn* and towrlllnrn; counter) ?n"?, all *lze*Jand qnalltlen; colored while rsntml* and table rovers, Ac., Ac., for saki by ARNOLD, CONKTABLK A U'., lianal slrast, corner ol llinrrrr stree 1. Jl'ST RKl'KlVKD, AT OKRIN'K BAZAAR, 613 UKOAUwny, A B'iperb assortment of bl vrk rvtne*, 4',.(?neititiir uhawle. nnnos. ranee. il.uit.f hi nhnga and llniiootnffil, H.irtica, (Mllhim, .In . Aj . IVhtg thii Uttnat *tyl?"?, anil at tfc ? low at raJ-a; it.4*1' 4 liirnaad lacaa, carry width, In imnienm* Tartcy. OKNIN'S BAZA AK. SlTI ItiW. vay, Kt Niclm...* Il'itnl.LIN KB DAMARKR, KHKKT! NUB, Kh:rtJ>iK?, u tile cloilia, nap'tln*, to**U!ng, dnylteg. An., Ac., %< ., Durable and cbr.,p, I.('It J) A TAYWiR, JU>, 217. 2B9 nrd XI Ortnd tri'K, Ami 47 ami ?9 llaihnrtnn atrial LAI I SKI H, IN I'OIST D'AI.KNCON, Al'fU JI'K, VA.rnc.i unci, Hcgtrwy, II mitnn, thread, iu"d.Ui.ui.i, Ac., Ac., la I.HKAT I API* TV. GKNIN'H U.AZAAK. till ltmnd?a*, I HI. Nkhnlaa llo'nl. LK HOrTII.I.IKR HKOT11RUS 11 WK RttHT^F.D Aiio'ber of ihom* uu anially cheap atlaa, And cau thin ahuw .* lull tuutcrtnuoit .if * vuli-i aad <d?>r* SI IMW Nu. Sib I'WItl HrrH. I VfATTIK U.-JOO FICRBM ATTI?i<K n ill 11 lute aiul oolnrrd, I; 11ti*;lp. 1A . ?. liOND, dr> "iv-A??tnrP, llK ami 11(1 RUth aren't*. 1/CHI.IN AND FKR. AI.ITROHKN A IIA NDF RKi'KIV irJ iai hjr thi. Arabia, Mr aali* by ARNOLD, CONHTAliLI j A CO., CanaJ utrvet, corner of Mercer. I 1/ANT1I.1.AR -NI TKRIOR HI.ACK TAFFBTA MAN . JV| tllli", anperMr Farla emhroi.Mrcd naimllaa, bta-k r* a j lacn taiiltllna, hlaet i"u(i'ir? mimull.ia, Mirk rhanlll y Km . tlllaa; alxn, talma* and W mka. mutable tur I* aralllng/nial bUul , lace iMif AkPiLi. miiUtiluii <hm a. ' AKNOI D, CO**T V8I.R A OO., ('UU a!. trret, r. irtn*c iif Mitcit tlnia. RtUIl JtKh.sN Hll.KSIn ifr-Kt t? d-ty A Ian; Khnmre.1 *llk rnb-a, lail.iat I'irn* in Api I'm-Ii Lf.RD A TATl.uR, tU'. tit7, ^1# aid aci I.rand atrmi. ami 41 Mid 40 CWihertne MrikA STFI.I.A. CA^IIMKMK. HHUCHF. e*ry and '?-r* nth-* iiri"y nf Vatum'liable .( r m ah iv !a. At very |. * tinea. I/lRI' A TATI.OR, Sit. ftj. 2T'i and y I Urnml *-r> -*. an.I 4" ami #9 i .ihnrin i '.- et. BI.NI it i mi . -, ri mra O *.* '?, #i > ii ' . ? h AuK.Ni.a ri BA/.A All, 113 R-n?.|arajr, Hi N K'ttnlwa 11ntnl. m it * i* i 12 WM!* and vh#r ahawla. Rome new .tauten" n n found tr any nthnr h'nuM I.AMK A HOKTK I, 31T I 'I nit ;j) Oaital Hr. <* CMI.I S O * rloM and pta'd pr*?. fl? Bu?ad?r?t <'rl|? I "Ilk". >:< *m ?J>" P Bin. drub, brr urn and blm- ?< < i-h-tan, At LANK JTVOKTKR *. 317 wld N,. 7J) C intl ntrr?L SILK ROBFS. Flowed all* fl# to fv\ Foulard ail* r- .boa v- rt rhr hi. A I ASK A PORT* fc v *: UKWgtJAi.i.m MTAWPKD KVIIROIDKRV ' r.' F [II! I'Kll'HV v I.. 'Inn M.unfl, am ij?iirt, MT Rr"Bdwi jr. K ^ Mb.taw V .ami, a i-tarnf ?l idaum Ita P?T"~rval. b'T ipriM aita. Inn to al' kind* of FrunnA en bn.utarb < nrnta t?? .mlnr., acatannna. yokiu. Ac., wbotaaata ?. d rail. RPfUSO !?flM.I*KRT~ flOWFRY, THIRD DfiOR A?n\1 BROOKS liTX atr<->a.?Rtab aa-oi and bonnet rlbbOaA, Fruaafe wen. brUM wreath*. bead tone. Ac.. In C^ARII STRAW GOO DP HOl'SR. J Krnw bonnefe, tai'bnrn and l.ita. M? n a, irnutha and rii..dmfi'u b *" Rli??cr Wala, alraw and half U?aiir \ Fr-tub ftowr". pl^wta *nd bud" OHhrrd al rerli "<t pdrea fqf i~tsh. A i 318 alnatduajr. Corn* r of F?;irl Psel. I MOVKR A KKT<*mm. LADIF*. ATTKNTT. ?N -4- 8KI.L A ? ??. J?'?. J CATHRrtnai aireet, am til HrH<i drwr, new tbn Howenr ba?u a fti >?r > ai<-1>?<\ ?v. irt i.' li ' b'irin 'a ;'>n I nib ?11-f rfiidi ji N M ?l.adtaV and *blldr?-n ? biauo" Mal?* mantilla", Tk an I ?ta pa'tarna i ir I i it I .rm u nil irar-jr Mid eietan. e. fbimlrj urdnra promptly atmn 1 I *o LtlHFN'STR \W IIOSNVTA-WF. IIAVK TI1R I.IR'IIHT, rha ! ? > and i?*l ?ti/nnl??' atnok of at raw * ! m iha Hiaiva. ' be trade ampltad on the m at Utmrat tarwt. W, N. IUIND. Iir -ind lln kuih ?r/rn*. A?*6Lo:cvH?x*ui*'<x>: Mwilml) MM "I M'T r ( tHTK'nVO A\XJ r??IIIII^HTKHT. eiARrmwfj^. on.< t/itit* rha / B\*tA, raaun f *" < *" Wr?' < wi ?> ""f rr"' * h-huVT^tiAH r. JWandWOr '1 xr-it. GKVAT nr?ll K 'K ?'*R r' M<? I?II VWAjllt r rp-'lo?. "nwc. ?, ?r" ry. hr-- p v. Inr*'n,Y' A HI ^ n.m >n -r? II, ft tt t?. *" t* lh* jraM. J HT?rf. in i i , iik HlTtmr.?? at. S,M< v * ii ?i:r I Ho J*1 Mnawlwa , .ipro*?? * farfc, Art- 'low r>"~' Irom Tnwrs n?i- m?-ii* rtPBM. F"? par'ora, chan hara ?n4 'Vsar root**, is rrrrj *%rtalr of 1 !? *n<l kAl^irs. Thalr itiirl of siapoir ?nin>* Cf Lfci-lr .i*ii iw. i'iIm ir* mmI ! ri <T"MA. . _ , , Cnr**!n oiVrtfAla ami Tiffltinr* onawlnfo of this paor'a tmr if4*'' m, la full Ani wwi iW?, nnmprl?tn* A 1ST** aaaortni.-nl oil )a< nnrt m- ?lm -?iri*liia. imn'in ?M tnmmlnfli, VnyHher w1i* I'riAthaa, br*eM?l* mm! pi iah#?, An* \ All Hi* Mlhranl *']r1?* of potvtIi r* *0<l C rtAla malarial* t? KM All Al ?* low#*! ?W?hI? am ?? *11 nr oom LTHIOIOTKRV AfTO C'tTHTAl* i 1'iAMHli " full ArTor'np'nt fir?pr'"* A - >, WiBitow ?h.p! ?, < n 'I , A. I.OKI> A T Wl^iR, ty>, a:, at ?mi *n iir?ni ?** *. nmirni,. <il 1 011 *!*.? ? wt wtki? on mnn v*o part of Ik* rlir, Mrlll ilonM* IM am mot. ft? ' nnm "> Will ha p*Hi. A.Mr.1-* IIARDkUfl M UW VaoaI airn t, ooriwr of d>? Unwary. ? OF RAHRF. *!*n M1F?I<W!FPT mrt.ROAD \? r mpyiy ? F*rh?nt? pi 1 ? N-m* V >r* ?*r 1. Mi Tntoroot iv-ftco The wml Muvtnl 'n'?yi^t n 'hi ?rtt "t rt FM? brmrt* of thta o.mpuny, Jn? >o 'ho t'*h ln?? , ** I'* on *nd *fl?r ih*t hy If. K I-?hd * ' ?. ? Pr* ftiMoo of proper co .p ? # *i i*>? S. f JWJUffR rmUfaU ? LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE WAR IN CHINA. The Commercial and Uricultural Resources or the Empire* THE FRENCH VIEW OF THE WAR. ADJimsnuTiti: oaomztro* of cum, Ac., Ac., Ac. CHINA: Its Commerce?Its Agriculture? Its Productionit, Ac.. Ac.. Ac. That portion of .tsia emrirscd within the Cfc empire has always possessed a deep interest U> the nhabitanta of the outside world; and that inte -est i Vina VtAAM kntnUAacnA K? tlisa I ni n (W nan urou uot^uaoucu uj tuo uuMvwy v> ccurate information rogar Jing the customs, man ncra, government, internal pursuits, and intercourse of the people. We have not time nor apace to go into even tb? oatlinea of Chinese history, which they claim to bo of an immense nnthfuity, going bark to a period long anterior to that assigned by Moses for the crca. tion of the world. No donbt exists that through the intercourse t-etween India and tlie Mediterranean, by way of the Persian Calf on the one side, and the Red Sea on the other, the Chinese and their peculiar productions were known at a very early period to the Egyptians, Syrians, and the people of the south of Europe. The' first mention of China, or "Thina,'' as called by the Creeks, and which at a later period was known by the name of Cathay or Kathay, la found in a treatise regarding that conntry written by Aria totle, entitled "De Mundo."' The drat and mast complete notice which' appeared in Greece, waa written by Eratosthenes, who, was born 27? yearn before Christ. Strabo, it is said, was the first, who, at a mucli later period, gave an extensive and tolerably accurate geography of China, and who called it the country of the Heres. He wan followed in a still more correct description by Ptolemy, who called it Birica. Dr. Vincent called it a country situated on the extreme eastern verge of the Asiatic continent, and gave an account of its silks, spice* and other productions. The early missonary monks penetrated portion* of China by land, aud increased the stock of knowledge regarding It. On the'r return, on one occasion, by command of the Emperor, they brought to Constantinople the eggs of silk worms in reeds, which were hatched in a dunghill, and afterI wards fed with mnlberry leaves. From this early stock the rearing of silk worms, it is said, spread over the south of Kurope. as ia well known, the Portuguese were the first to giin a foothold in China, and to establish inter coarse with tbem by sea, and who seized upon the island of Ma. coa. They were followed by the Dutch, between whom strong jealousies, contentions and- ccallicta arose. FIRST ATT KM IT 10 ??! *.* KNOLIMl TUAIUS MITK CHINA. The first attempt to open English trade with Chita was made in 151MJ, daring the reign of (Jaecn Kllza1 befh. Three ships were fitted out by Bir Hubert I Dudley, which sailed for China, bat were lost by piracy, or Mime other calamity never subsequently i?lly explained, before reaching the China sea.*. In 1634 another attempt was made by the English i lo open trade with China, in which they h?l to contend against the oppoaition of both (he Porta j gneee and the Dutch. The former toeing in posses ( >ion of Macot, had the advantage over their r<nn petitory, and were not backward in prejudicing the mind* of the Chinese with whom they came In contact, against the Dutch and English, | and especially against the latter, until the shrewd I Chinanen were le<l to anapect all Europeans a'iko of unfair and unprincipled dealing, and hem e they were induced to contract the cords of non inter' course around them more rigidly than ever before, which ourse was strengthened by edict* troni tin Imperial government. They also suspected that, should their country l>e thrown open to nnrestri .ted intercourse, it might, and probably woo d, hive I'y subjugated them to a foreign Power. The English expedition reached the Chinese waters in the summer of 16:14, under Cap'.. Weld, and af cr much parley and trickery toward* them, both on the part of the Portngueso ami the Chinese, to Induce them to deluy and abandon further progress tbey dually resolved to proceed. They jwened Ma" con and ascended towards the Canton river in a ships barge manned by fifty men, in .fune of that year. They were ngiiiv delayed by Chinese ma- hiavelia neg itiatioos and promise*. They tlna'ly, bowevr, persevered an) fliutinntfl thd?ir armn.l visul 1 niuwtaltg tSi? Tns Cate (Bocrha Tigris), which the Chinese. whiie holding negotiations, !>?<< aecretly arme i with rude cannon, which Ujct tired upon the British ship. The Knglish returned the Are and crore their a-*a;i ?otv from the fort. They then sent a force to uke poe fuvwiun of it, who uo landing loond ao one in it. Thee then carried off it* gua* and uther articles to Uie vessel. Tbie flalit oc> orred ia Hepteraber of the Mime vear. The rapture wan then oomprom'.sed i>y the English agreeing to reetore the goon, aad ttie Chinese permitting th? m to make purchase* and load their vessels, After completing -argues they sailed for England in October, 1414,1 wing the lira. Btitiah reaaela which ever cleared from the Can. ton rim for England. The trade became n monopoly of the E.iet India Company, which had aupplanted both the Hatch and Portugnem 1 in what ia known now aa British Indiat The British trade, ho mer, did not become folly. e?taMlsbed till the cloae of the seventeenth century. This monopoly continued i.tttll its abolition ia Hit. Eiior to 1*31 and Jaring the existence of the Fast India Company's monopoly, the business of Canton was c<>ndust* <1 through the agency of Hang merchants, who amounted to ten or eleven in num her, and who, in their united capacity, were made rre|>onsible for the failure of any ooe of their na<nher. As a hodv, with a united fund, or mnaoor they ohtained extensive credit, and borrowed large I *tma of money at rates m high aa 10 a 12 per <eot. < In 1*2# and 1#2!? two of the Hong merchants tadaO. , who* aggregate liabiH'ies amounted to #1.| 0< >0,000. Alter vards the Hong mer hanta were licroaed separately, snd each conducted bus men <>ir his own aceonnt. In 1*34 Lord Napier was ?ent oni to CI, ni * ? official superintendent of the English trade it Canton. He arrlvsd at M u na In Jaly of that year. H passed the llocchc Tlgr.s after some re? . ino . snd anchored opposite wtti mpoa. Trade w s " after re-opened ?nd became quite ttovriah g. A gr?at impulse w? given 'o the " 1 which was no longer carred on openly. The tmperiai govemnn nt having IsnoeJ ed ct i fter edict again-1 ita latiodti'tlon. without effect, the most stringent prohibitory measures were finally determined upon - the g-arerntnent, betng^ auye laita in it* meaen-M ny inc i?**r or nun* . t f the c< untry, which wan largely paf'l >n Mchmre ot the opium itifmdnct I. Cnmniiaatorier I in went 'he fall Itngh ?t th* giremawnt It enfoiri if it* mtaMtree at 7 jtiU n. . )n attempting to ner"',>? ", niV,<*< in I* ;?7? fh? British Cy>inmii?i KTMt, landed with heofll, Cere at the fi tor e* in Cinfon, wh >, with h;s party, on landing were mrnle pri-<ncr- nn I placed rider a utrong guard. *n! their liberation raAtaed unt'l , Elliott contented to give an ( rder to the Knctiah ve-wel* and faclon to deliTer up all their opiuiu t? i the gorrmrrrr.t. Thi? *M agreed to, and on the .;d of April, I *17, the KnglUb delivered t? |.<n 20 'X .1 cheat* of opium, which Were dear roved. FJliott gar* th?> owner* obligation* on the I: iti?)? I government for It* ralue. The Kurt India Oom: panr nude a claim for the opium destroyed. ! on the Dilutee g(ir*rnin<nt, to the tin >:nt i of ?3,000,000. A regular wir enaced. Hie Vvrcn, in opening Parliament, in Janmry, 1*10, announced the esiatnxe of the war hi China, and recommended Ite rtgorvn* pr<i-?e*r,ticn. and will probably do the *ame thing before tt.?