Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1857 Page 1
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TH ? WHOLE NO. 7555. WMTBOfflrra hubwed er kkt m. BOAKMHQ Aj*0 UiUtiLtb. AO ?TWO DOLLARS, IN APVWHKKLT.WTU, be paid for ' aloe room and washing, by a young man; or 91 75 for tha like in Brooklyn, convenient lo Wail atreet or South ferriea. Addreaa Beta. Herald office. n GREAT JONES STREET ?SUIT OK ROOMS BLBgently furniahed, with or without private tablet aUoood or two single rooms for gentlemen. lfT CHARLTON STREET, NEAR KAUOOU GAL. ?PL AXI aaat and genteelly furniahed apartments to let, with partial board. Those desiring home oomforta will do well lo PPlf 1Q KIKTH AVKNL'K.?A I'AKTY OK GBNTLBMKN J.t7 can be Accommodated with handaomrly lurnlabed rooms, single or In auit, with ever-- convenience and good aL tendance, hy calling aa above. Also, a auit of rooms ou nrat floor, auitsble for a family. N. B.?No board given, tyr GREENE, BETWEEN GRAND AND CANAL JiiJ atreeb) ?A gentleman and hia wife or a few tingle Eentlevnrn can be accommodated with choice and handsomely furniahed rooma. with breakfast if desired; gas, hot and ooid hatha. Terma moderate. Reference* exchanged. , ?IQ KINO STRKKT, NEAR MACDOUOAL.?HAND OO aome furniahed parlor to let, with partial board; bedrooms and closets attached; gas. hot and cold water on aame Door, Ui aingle gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives. ?)?? EAST TWENTIETH STREET, A EEW DOORS OO from Broadway.?Rooms and suits of rooms, with board; boose strictly first claas, handsomely furn,died, with modem coo veuieocea throughout, and very pleasant neigh- J borhood. Dinner at 6 o'clock. I QQ WEST SEVENTEENTH STTBET, BETWEEN EIPTH " OO and Suth avenues.?A suit of handsomely furnished I tion psrucularty desirable for the Rummer. A_n AM ITT STREET.?A KM ALL* PARLOR, GKNTKELTt I !y furnished, with bedroom attached, on second door, very suitable lor a single gentleman to let, with or without partial board; also two hall bedroom?, all at a very reasonable price. Modern improvement*. /jQ ONION SQUARE, CORNER OK SEVENTEENTH \xO s'rt-el and Fourth avenue ?A family alio single gruUetten may obtain desirable rooms, with board. CD BOND STREET?FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM <tJU to let, fumislied or imturnUhnd, to a party oftwo or three gentlemen or a gentleman and wife. Tertua moderate. Gaa, bath, Ac. #7Q SPRING STREET, FOUR DOORS PROM BROAD 4 & way.?To let. several handsomely IurnUhed rooms to single gentlemen. The location is near all the tirat class hotels. Inquire in the building of Anson House. EU? CLINTON PLACE. (EIGHTH STREET,) CORNER CU of Maedongal street.?Furnished room* to let, with good beard. Dinner at &>?- Good referenoe required. BLKECKKR STREET.-FURNISHED LARGE Jlv/O rooms, to arcomm<*tale three ceutlemen In each room, to let with partial board. Gentiumrequiring rooms for $? need no: apply. Breakfast at 7 o'clock. Tin WAVERLET PLACE?A FINE SUIT OP BEAU- ( JJLU tiful furnished rooms, and atrgle rooms, for a party of gentlemen, gentlemen and their wive* or single gentlemen, with peril*! board if desired. m HUDSON STREET, ST. JOHN'S PABK.-TO LET, with board, to a gentleman and wife, a large front parlor, unl ununited, also a back parlor, furnished, on drat door. Gaa and baths. 1A1 NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAST OF lXl Broadway.?Furnished rooms on the Urst and second morn, in uUajor eptrtoly, to let to gentlemen, with bretkfeal \ 1 If required mDUANK STREET, CORNER OF STAPLE?FIRST ] claaa furnished room* to let to gentlemen, without ri board, wllti all the modern Improvement*, from Si 25 to S6 per fi week; a beautiful corner routn on aecond floor, with hot and A oold water, pa* and wardrobe, tollable for a party of gentle n. Reference exchanged. j OOC WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET -PLEASANT h JU?i*J room* focXamill. il and aingle gentlemen, In a first n otaav double bouse,TOlnhlning comfort and elegance. Three Knee of atogea and one of cart pant within a block of the house. l 997 EAST BROADWAY.?A GENTLEMAN AND LA- a Jdfiid il> ran be arrommodalcd with furnlabed or unfit r c. Biahed a (mi uneuta, with full ur partial board, in a reopeetable a botiar aa .iboie. Also, two or three gentlemen cau be ao Onmniixtaicd. i (VtQ FOURTH A VENUE.? HANDSOMELY FUR- p Z fiO ntahed apartments to kit. In autls or single, with a board. French and Spanish con vernation may be enjoyed. Term* miiderate. j OQQ FOURTH STREET ? A FEW SINGLE GENTLE t. Out' me>i can be accommodated with neatly furnished f, apansn-n's. with board. The honae haa all the modern tot- fi peoveuien'a. Dniacr at six o'clock. 1 ffl () BRQnBWAY.-TO LET, A FURNISHED ROOM, 1 | I Z on fiV third floor, auttable for one or two gentlemen. J are lady ana gentteaaan. Breakfast If require. n An HKOADWAT ? A LARGE RACK PARLOR, WITH a 4 " i bedriHKn attached. In let, with or without board. This n la a very dehxhild summer room, and location dealrabi* Re- p ferenrea ri-uu.nd I 7r*j hhoadway, on boo* hki.-.w glutton JO plaer ? A tin* *n|t of room* to l*t, aa a aiuf or other- "1 ir H > :*?- h:i* a'J modcrv Imprnrrnvnta. J 1 nui BROADWAY ? a PRIVATE KAMILY WOULD r. l.lli'l l?k? a lew win 1 boariletw. Rrlrr?uc?a (tree aud ~ Mqnlrrl J a parlor and BEDROOM. uitpusiti8hru. ON THR b A Mmivj 8o?r. trnb board, may bo obtained M No. M ai Both Third aim*. WlUMMMborf. on th* On^of May Twrrna ft Mtorat*-family pi-Irani. Hooaa within Ikrw minuiaa walk H j Fwt alto and (rrand Wrwm frrrW AOKNTI.KMAN and w1kk and a fkw 8in(jlk 1 ffroil*m*n can b? aorotntn'xlatrd with board In th* prl- r. rair bo irdi ut bo? ?? oornwr of Court aad Ui'.lrr atrrrta, Mouth f Mroohlyn * Ayodno lady wuukh to oktain board ini 1 p'aln lamily whcrn therr am na oU>?r boardara, wtth a J widow Uiy prrfrrrrd T.-rm* muat ba reaaooabla. Addrrm b Baehrl Bmadwwy Po?t ottir*. o h PMVATK FAMILY, OOCITPYINO A FIRST CLASS "I A. bona* hi Wrat Thirty-aabond atrrai, a f*w door* from J Broad war and Hiith av*n>ir, will Irt, to parti** ol rrapwna- K RMIhy thrww or four bnnd*ora? font lab *d rooma, with partial t boai l 11 d*H.r*d. on modrrai* trrma. (Jam, bath, Ao. Apply r at W Wrat Thirty armnd atr*?-t. Affw rkrpegtahlk okntlrmrn can bk ao ] rominolalad with romfortabl* room* and board by ap r plying *' hi Bench atr>-*t, rornrr of Hu taon; a v*rr pl**aaal I Jonation her* th*v wtll bam alt tbw romforta of a botnr It a i tiiicrann parlor, wrra rrdroom con l A netting to le?. wrh hoapt. to gentlemen or iroUmiuind J wile; large rloaeta, |m. hot and mid wwt In n?nu. Apply > II ? f'lln'on pUre APRtYATR PARISIAN PAM1LY H AVIWOTARKN THR J dMwmlfe situated modern Smu? 98 Wen Twenty flOA I |l" ne ir Ht?1>i avenue. would like to lak? I lew kin a to I geetiemrn hoarders. Kpowh gratia. IWfn-?rw Mckuted. t A RARE CITY fUMMKR KKHIDRNCF,?MAPR M) BT 1 deep yeiMe and mmmodWitui balconies?is ottered Ay I J Cetoe f?mlly. In gentlemen who dlM (town town Perbapa It iw4 might (HI agreed upon to mmiimAw a ^ntleman pod n Hp tody Lora ioti uineually aroagatbta. Inquire ll 188 Woet e Eleven h eireet. t. AyRi.N r RnoH ON SKi <>NI> FLOOR. wmi KKAU. 1 r?.tn ararhed, well furnished, to let to Iwn gentlemen far J 9? Iter week Apply at W7 Orwetve wreet, between Houston ( spd Hleerker street#. A PRIVATE 11111.1 WILL RENT ONE OR TWO o Hit* <d rooaa*. with board If dnairrd, It M Tweoty Ami d ueet. between Rrmdway end fourth avenue. Hetareiv-ra reooired J ALAPY. tHTurriNo A BRAUTIPTL rrrtoknop. t New Roehelle, would like to diapnee of her pmau to It MMle geutlemenlir gentleman tuid their wleea for the awn " met 1111.14. garden veiteubbe told ferriage bona* on the plnr*. Addre?? bee KiwrS, New RntHMHi J A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED OR UN ? fnrniebeil. oo aerond Hour, with board, to a gentleman h and wile oe Iwo alngl* gentlemen, room and attuattoo plea met, at !* Hudani etreei, near rt John* park ' An FNM.WH PARTLY ''AW Art'ORROPATR TWO ] OI three iingla gentjeoten or a gentletran and hi* wife w wl'h hoar 1 AppTy ?UH Madlaon afreet, gear Rnlgera atreeC 0 a (IPNTLKM AN AND WIFE OR A OOUPI.B OK HIN A "> c otletneo maybe . rent modeled Kith board, in t j rlva'a in a mnuw -... _ H l?*ir^'intrfd. In (aire at .V,,. 1X1 Wral Tn iify aeo nt 1 i. g.r ri, h? wwi S.uh ami w?i-atb m'tnim T A WIDOW row*!* CAN AOOOMMODATR A man ~ ti.l m lie ? t'h ii 11:r lllah-d bedroom ir t?-<> alnif'r ra ni 1 null' *. ' r M-|i;'t -d. Ft. n.-rill u la O.vlnr J tr- ?t thin! ttnnr, front n? in. p A I ad* Rh -IPINO IK WRflTrOURTKKltTII aTrt*KT, / J\ wmdd Wvrt afaw K'-mlrimra. 1h? Jomthm la nnmir \ >a??>cd ini mnrnlencw and r?a|c<itahlllly. Thoae doalrlnf 'lir U t'rerdom mi l r.itnlorw Pi % ph i* tut home ran obtain full par (J lenlara In nhlreaainfl Milwi <*l. Ftiloti "(pure Peat ofTlne. ? Arm v ai iMiiti'*-- v\?ii.t, OtvrrYi.v? \ ( Itn.' lunar. newly lurmal'M wonM tnaka trrma whh a V party ol w n'lemrn lor roowia, with or without hmiklaat. Re ?ranPra i iPhotcA. Apply ? 18 Nlnlh ureal, bntwnen Kli\n / and IHl btrratin " BOARIt rrRNIRHRP IttpiMs TO |,?T, TO * (IKT r< llennnand lady; lioanl tor th<* tady only. Ttin bonae la rj nawly rnrtiialnd throiidli'i'tl and pirawintly loralnd. Apply at ? 177 Ornene at ml, two doora ft out Hbierkrr. / Board afWTLirMT.n can find most drsir ari.r ai roowia kralnomi'lr fnrnlahcd, with or wphonl board. In hi 'A bnnae plraiwally Im-atad. between Klearlter and Fouriern'h A treat a, and ? Whin a hl<? k nf Hroadway; hmiae mntalna all ~ 'ha modern tmwmrrmrnie ami la nrenpted by a antall prlraie T 'amtli. Addmaa Mr* K R . WeirnpolhAn r<m< ofBee J B"jAP-A t.ADY AND UKMTMtWAN OA* RR AO- I twimoindaled atih a neatly furntahed front room, wtth ? prlrtlar?" patlnr adjntnlnv, on aarnnd ttaor, by an Imfrmn 1 wMo? 1.1? wiumnt ffcmiiv; ' r wvwhifri^, i" partial )K?rd. A|ipljr M Nn. ,.1 ?'? Fwmiij nanr Wt'h ?Wll?, i pi 0.r>H1. V (IKNTIl'MAN VMH 1 J5l?"" ? C Hl-m-n <11 obtain a b ,m I n th? |i>>a?*ntt? ><> i*ftl, rontnlotn* all "i n , -gm, - Mi''> ' ' In -nit pla??. H B" u-RMiimo ANP HXcr. \fartmWT'- 'yn .miii-man and l?-?y ?Hh bunrd tprl?*'?i1 .< ? n * "f >'? prlratr fami?*. ?ih-r lww;<-r?: hp t ? r*m?.'iii>'nl t? fnnrryatWM, mid In *m?4 nrtphborll'"*'. A? v 'irtv* A. H Broadway P<wt oftlce m vrHMMUKI) ON FHK SK?'?>NI? 1 i? . irt to ft Iftrf) (tid : ntl man, board lor the lady. 'n I f mo ill t?i n ' ' tAtnUj, wher the com fort a nt >4 homo may ho u 1 * lath \ vprly no W h: To n y frm 111 hHtr?H 8lftl and Hp Will ftfOWW. _ j UOAHP.-rAHTTHH WlNMIUfl TO HHTHR POMFOHT h l> ah> n *m?, P ith fall or partial board. In a Ural rtaao ft liiMtw rontaiti'Off uaa, hath, Ac., will ptoaa* applf at 128 Wv | a vt> ?ce, b? a?fi\ fifth aud S 1J1 amnio* A ? E NE MOR* fO^UDfl AID UNMIH8. OAKD.-A WKM. FlTFNIHHED front room CAN "be bad, with partial hoard, in a brut chuw house u.-v Clinton avenue, Brooklyn, where there sr.' no other boar lent for two peraona who would room tngi ther; twenty minute* walk from Wall atreet ferrv and near the car route. AJdreaa A BO, box 1,148 Poat office,. BOARD.-A SMA I.I. MrKTABU FAMILY, MO ing In the neighborhood of iiroadway, w ho hava more room than they want are wilCing to rent a couple of rooma in Uie lower part of the houae, wt'h board. Two persona may make a very desirable arntnacemnot by adtlredaing box 166 Poet office. Boar i)?witu plkasamt well ri/bnisiikd room* modern Improvements, for two single gentlemen or a gentleman and bia wife. A good table aud few boarders. PIea?e rail a> 70 Varich at., near St. John's nark. Boakd.-a gentleman and wife, or onk or two alngte gentlemen, ran be accommodated with board, ai d a very deairahle suit of nxinu on aeoond Boor, at 72 Went Fourteenth atreet. Board.-permanknt board wanted for a gentleman and wife, either In thia city or Hoboken, in a iniall pri>ale family where there are no outer boardera. Ad treaa, for one week, O. O. M.. Chatham aoitare Poat offlee. tntlng terms, Ac. Board can hk obtainkd for four or five young gentlemen at 36 I.''my street, within one minute's aalk of the Itleeckor street and Sixth aveons cara. Board can bk had by a family or a party of gentlemen in u new and handwnuely furnished houshe whole second Door and part nt the tlrst, with good table 'an ho accommtslated on reasonable u*rm* by applying at tlH last Twenty second street. Board in clinton place-a family, and onk or two single gentlemen can obtain fiirntih. ' apartment t, t-ith board, at 61 Clinton place, near Fifth at roue. Reference* eoutred. Board in Brooklyn.?tukkk ok focr msulf. gentlemen can be acoonu i .A. ten wiut t artft- hoard a VUlow street. Board in brooklyn~~two or turkf kini?i7k ganUemcu (Herman* preferred) can be aooemmodated rith pleasant room* and board in a private family In Brook > n, within tlitem minutes walk o( South and Wall atreel for tes and near the Ftilt on avenue rare. Addroaa, either in Oer q ui or Knclish, a. f., Herald oCl. . Board in Brooklyn.?a frw okntlkmkn can be provided with pleasant room* and giod boant, perms lent or transient, by applying at No, 17 High street, near Ful on. Funtiahed nxuna to let. Board in brooklyn-82 adamh strkkt, not five minutes walk from Fulton ferry. Two"or three sin lie gentlemen eun be accommodated with comfortable board, n a private family, on very moderate, terms Dinner al A HOARD IN BROOKLYN JUST VACANT ON* OR D two floe room* for a gentleman and bis wife or tingle tenons. Location convenient to the ferries, and airy and leaaant for the summer. Dinner ai o'clock. Reference ?v|iilr?d. Apply at 47 Uonoord street. Board in Brooklyn.-pleasant rooms, for a RMilleman and wife or single gentlemen, may be obtained ly applying at 100 Congress street, South Brooklyn, Ave ml lU'es walk trom the ferry. Board ix Brooklyn ? a sitting room and bedrr* in au.iched, on the flrst floor: also rooms suitable for Ingle gentlemen, with partial board. In a modern house, within ,?ur minutes walk of South and Wall street ferries. Apply at 4H Henry street, Brooklyn. Board in hrooklyx.-onk or two gentlemen ran be accommodated with pnrtial hoard and pleasan' noma. In a small pri rate family, within I en minutes walk of lie ferries Dinner on Sundaya. Apply at 292 Atlantic street, Board in Brooklyn.?two or three pinole gentlemsn or a gentleman and wife may obtain flue igme and board, with a private lamlly, three minute's walk mm South ferry, land eight minute* lrom Wall atreet ferry. iddrese M. x. Y.. Herald office. [}<>AKI> IN BROOKLYN-A OKNTLKMAN AND WIFE 3 and two single gentlemen can be Hi-commndated with ret claw rooms and board at 73 State atreet, Brooklyn, abr luiutes walk lrom Wall "r Atlantic sir ? I ernes. ooard in brooklyn?with a private family la within convenient distance of all the ferries. Oentlemen nd their wires or siugle gentlemen of good habits |d*?iring a mfor'ablr home, with a unlet and orderly family, on reason ble terms, may inquire at 199 Jural, mon street. BOARD IN WTLLIAM8BURO?FOR GENTLEMEN AND 0 their wires and single gentlemen, can be obtained on ap beat loir at No. 12 South Ninth street, between First and Bene <1 streets. The house is eohtigsmis In three ferries. Board on statkn island.?a orntlrman, wife and a lady friend, with two small children, aged reapec vely two and f?nr years, wish board in a private family (or or or tlve months; two top rooms wtih view of t?e bag pre -ned Terms not U> eitoeed $17 to $2U per week. Add rest loard. N. M-. Herald oOiee. BOARD IN THR COUNTRY.-THR HOU8M KNOWN AM 3 the Parllkm, to the village of New Roehsfls. about flvs tlnntes walk frosa Ike depot, sad one mil* from lbs steamboat lading, la sow ready tor the rents a? of families and single SBllsaass. Ftas airy rooms sad every aomforl are mow of red to thoas who mag fhvor this dellghltal retreat with thstr atrouage. For particulars apply to Mrs. C. JtADDKN, oa IS premises, or to R. LATHERS. Esq.. Otsal tflai Maria* < Mnraane On., B Pine street. New York. CJOhRD in thr oountrt.-mra PL rick iiA vino 3 lakes a large and nommodloita house within two blocks 1 the railroad depot at Plainheld. New Jersey, la prepared to reive families to board for the summer. 30ARD IN THE COUNTRY.?FAMILIES WISHING 3 board for the ssmmer can be accommodated at rtiraw erry Hill, Stamford. Coon. The grounds around are ample nd eiteasive, and the house Is supplied with every variety of -tut and vegetables lrom the premises. Apply to WILLIAM I. DIBBLE on, the premise*. YOARD AND ROOMS, SINGLE AND SUITS, FOR 3 gentlemen ?nd families, ctly sud country, can be obtain t I by applying st the Hoarding Ksehangr, 94d Broadway, ree to boarders. All wishing ceoteel boarders should mak-f iriy application. RMITH A BOTP. 1 30ARD WANTKIY-A OF.NTLKMAN AND HIS WIFR 3 w ish to find permanent beard In a first class boarding ouee In South Brooklyn. near Court street. Dinner at ft Or t> clock. Address D. v., Brooklyn Post office. ^ IJOAKD WANTKP?in A PRIVATE FAMILY. HY A 3 voting lady, whore business is in the house; a plain reli ' loos laniily prof' rred terms must be moderate, location non. ' enlent in the Sixih or r'tghih aveuur cars. Address K. J., He 1 aid office, with name nnd loeatlon. HOARD WANTED -ONE RIITI.Nii AND BED ROOM 3 snd one ball bedr <>m, on aeeondiRonr, snd one hall bed sou, on third floor, with h<*trd for three persons, Brooklyn bights ne*T the Wall street l-rrj preferred. Address, slat- I ' if terms, Ae , bo? 1,9$ New York Purl office. CJOARD WANTKD-RY A YOUNG OKNTLKMAN. ON 3 the west side <>C the city, below tlSnal street. Address InniBomevy. Herald office. l)(iAKD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, FOR A 3 gentleman snd wile.. Lora'ion between Prince mil ourtn sire?'t?. Second svenne and Thompson street, (ias ind baths. I tinner from 3 to 9 o'clock. Address, stating ctnis. ?c . H.J , Men- pvlitan ?e?t dlim, Astur place BOARD WANTED?TWO LADIES, WHO ARE BN3 gaged at dr< wrnvklai. wish a rormi with board In a plain stntly, hi the vicinity of a Faltoe ferry line o# stages, or tire ninnies walk of Broadway. Terms moderate. References ? hanged. Please address J. M. A., statist; terms, lid Four enth wreef. corner of Xtshth nvvnue, laguerreotyue mcsih. BOARD WANTKD-A YOUNG LADY, WITH UN3 doubted refeveucee. wishes board with a small private imlly. where there are no sth?r boarders. A nest funi sbed rsKn with plain board ta desired. A co1 tag' houee, with gar en. In a retired locality, where she mold share the com.' it's i a home with Ulo inmates would be much preferred. Adreae Valparaiso, Herald office. 3QARP WANTED Uf SOUTH BROOKLYN A LADY 3 is ABWu'is of obtaining b ?rd hir h"tiw#1. I wo children, i.ed tour and seven years, tnd t'rvinu, n a respet table f.uni r. where there are no other bo-ipjers. Address. stating levins, i h?'h must be moderate, W D.. Herald office. BOARDING-Roovw to lit, with or withott 3 board, furnished or tmfhraiahsd. !n the rtrst class hrusrn tone koine No. 419 Fourth avenue. The house Is new, and as all the modern tmprocemeaui*. Best of jef'rcnces gives nd required. ( ooardino? a PRIVATF. FAMILY RBRIDING tN 3 West Fo-irfe. nih street, In a flrst -una* house, would let. ith ti-mfii, their ? 'on<i tvxir. nano* m ijr itiramaaa, 'o ? *-ya tmm mill Ma wile or amirM Addrnaa t L?, larald Odr*. [JOARDINO-A H4ND?OMFl.Y Fl'RNISHFD FRONT ) parlor and bedroom no *v. .<nd lloor; al*o IWn rooina mm ttnlmtinr, on third floor. auiiAblc for a family, at 4 > Waal weuty amimd utreet. The houae a drat claaa mid a dnliffbtful immrr raeklenca. OOARDINU-TWO RKRPF'TA31.K AND TEMPER ATE [) Jfimn* man can b? acoointnoda'ert With board lu a inttll rtva'e family. Apply nt IS avenue A. 10CNTRT HOARD WANTED?ON THR I.IKK Of THR J Hu.Ih. ii Rirer Kailj-nad, at or below Tarrytown. for a gm . man and family. Uood table ueVp'ovrbln. Addrnaa B. ,, bo* :?77 Poat office, with fun particular*. AOCNTRY ROARD WAMTKD-FOR A GENTLEMAN. J lady, child and nnrae, about an bonr'a ride from Mew ork. Addreea /. , bo* ASM Pnai o'rlnefc. V.lKTRY BOARD-FOR NKYKN OR KIOHT PER J aona, a' amontry ami near PoMthkeepate, about fifteen ilnnlea' rtdc trom iha depot, one 01 ihe plnaaMtieat Ioe.?4Jnti? 1 the river Kiahltn* on tKa c!*' Real of rafrranee ra tilted. Addreea F. A.M., Herald rflW. AorRTRY HOARD A FEW SKT.F> T FAMILIES CAN ) obtain board, Irovn 1Mb of May, in a h?ao:1fiil and healthy itiailoii, on lim banka of he Ilu le- n river, v?|ibio half an -ttir'a travel, hy a'*ain-r, fr. m 'be toy. Fare Ujf entiouly. ddreaa diintor, Herald ?.fl> ?. mtniTrmiiooATio* for pirmorw oiuan J to remain in the epy thro'trh iha aimtm-r style of uttae aomethlDH upiianaliy d-sdraMa. Apply at U Weat wenty ninth afreet. TtRKRCH ROARD-ONE OR TITO GENTTRVKN OAR " ba accommodated wtth txeelv furtilahml rootma and par*1 board. If deaired, In a French lamihr. I.aaaena In French Iven Aoply at AW Htcka avreet, between Harriann and Daraw IT eve , Hroaklyn. T?AMtl.ICT IN SEARiH OF A PLEASANT Rn.MMRR 1 home, em And it at Mr. .Tur.ea AVofart'a. Fort Wontgn itv, i>ran(t" county, arc-aalhto mttr rtmis a day, by Hudaon iv.'r H i dread A too rvmma at 644 Honaton atmet [ALRNlbHED ROOMR TO 'FT TO A FEW RTN(?I,R P ren'lemen, wl'h er wbhott m arttol board. In aamall prlale faovdy. Innnlra at No. Let Htr-h avenue. Rafaraneea rpnlred. ????_ GU'RNlRttFH ROOMS TO LET -WITH BOARD, AT 18S P II,utonn mrart, fronting the park. None need apply bti t.oee who wlrh lo ba permanent Haa and hath In the bona*. DTRNTIUtFP ROOMR, WTTHO0T HOARD, OR WITH P break fact only. ?A altlinc room and bedroom, or threa indrootna na ttly ftimtohrd, for itlngle gentlemen, lo a pr rata ,mt'r Ho'ian with *11 m -lem improvement* rery piaianilr aiirated below Twentlath it rant. Reraranoan rafftilrad. *<?.? A. M , boi 3.WS row oMoa, Naatau Itrart / W Y U ri NG EDITION?FTC ID A Y, VAAOna 1KB UIOQ1M. Furnmhkd rooms to lkt-to flinplk okntlk ineu, in a private family. Apply at 23 Bowery. Refer euro# required. FPTRNIhHKO ROOMS TO UCT?AUK), A surr OP rooms (to the first floor, a desirsbla location for a proteasioual gentleman, ?t 74 White street, near Hroadway. Furnished rooms.?a pink suit op parlors, on first floor, with the extrusion room, elegantly furnished; also suUs of rooms And single rooms, Bswty fur ntsheil, to let, wilhont board, in the first cUss brown stone boose ofi Ureal Jones street. Hath. K?a An. Fuknishro rooms to lrt in thk skvknth ward?One large tVont room and two small ones; would be let together or separately. Rooms front i<ocation Tory desirable and terms low. Apply At SI Kast Broadway. InURNISKD OR UNPURNIHHKD ROOMS TO lrt? ' With board. Inquire at 404 Fourth ayenue, corner of wenty ninth street- l tj>urni8hrd ROOMH to lrt-to 8tnolk okntlk m. mrn, wl'whu ixwru, irau w rmaw wnuw, *f?' ply at 2X1 Wooater ilmt. Furnished rooms to let-to single gentlemen, In a private family, with or without partial board The bouse contains gas and bath. Apply at IIS Owns atreoC TjVHJR SINGLE OENTLBMEN MAT OBTAIN PARTIAL r board, Willi dinner on Sunday, in a strictly private family, on Fourth avenue, a few door* above Twentieth street. Ad dress. with real name, Home, Harald office, for three day*. ft HWTLKMKN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH \JT rooma, furnished or nnfurniahed, without board. In a drat clam house, replete with modern Improvement!, bathe, hot and cold, gas, mc_, convenient u> New York Hotel, 3D0 Qtmim street, between Waveriey and Clinton places, TTQBOKEN.?TO LET. A FINE LARGE ROOM AND A Ll. smaller one, with board, to single gentlemen. Inquire nt 151 8 loom field street, near Fourth, Hobokcn t| ARBLE HOUSE. NEW BRIGHTON. 8TATEN ISLAND. Ill One or two families of ttrown peraoas may obtain superior rooms, with board, at this commodious residanoe, de'iitbtfuliy situated on hiah ground, commanding a magntfloent view of the Ray ml Narrows, sad oaly eight minutes' walk from the lurry; ertenaive grounds in lawn, orchard and vegetable pardeo: large stable and carriage house; excellent sea bathing. Apply or address Marble House, Nww Brighton. XJEW AND NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? to geullemeu, wuh partial board if desired, at 58? Broome street NO. ?3 BLKKCKKR STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?A front room, suitable for a physician's office. Also fur ulshed or unfurnished rooms to let io families or single ge titleman U'ilh or n iilinill Knanl PuTo? avokanWiwt OWE OR TWO LAWKS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED *ith ro^m* and board, at 157 Mulberry it., corner Grand. PARTIAL BOARD WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, FOR A young gentleman; private family preferred. Addreaa, staling tcrum and part tenia , 1>oi 2U8 roitt oilice, N. Y. PARIS IN NEW YORK.?PRIVATE FRENCH BOARD.? Gentlemen wiahing to learn to apeak French practically and theoretically, can apply to Professor Th. De I'Oneat, whose family aa well as himself are from Parte. 139 Tenth street. Rooms and board.?oentlemenoan find new \ ly furnished comfortable room* by the day or week, with or without permanent or tranalenl board or single meals, by applying at thr Telegraph liotei. 17 High street, near Fulton, Brooklyn. Rooms to let to single obntlemkn.-two bed rooms a?(l two parlor* on second floor In a respectable house in Prthre street, want of Broadway, to let by the month: has gas nnd pantries. Inq aire at the Oyster Bay House, 653 Broad way. Rooms to let.?a ladt and gentleman or one or two ladies can have a nice furnished room, with or without board for ladies, with use of parlor, he., in a small house occupied by a gentleman and his wife only. Apply at 57 Sullivan street. SOUTH BROOKLTN.-BANDBOMK FURNISHED rooms to let, with partial board, to two or three gentlemrn. In the home of a small private family, residing In a pleasant location, convenient to Sooth and Wall street ferries. The bouse Is new, and contains gas. bath, do. For partfcmlars. inquire at 18 Harrison atreet. South Brooklyn. SOUTH HBOOELYN.-HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOMS lo let. with partial board, to one or two single gentlemen or a gentleman and bis wife, in a private family, convenient to South and Hamilton terries. The house la pleasantly located, with a \ lew <>l the bay ahd Stolen Island; H contains gas, bath, Ac. Far partM-ulars Inquire at 59 Summit street, corner of tllcks at.. Brooklyn, or si room 2K. Appletou Buildings. r o orimjnauf and thetr wira ot stwolb yentlrmen can obtain pleaaant rooma. furntahed or ua fomlabed, at m Wee* Twentieth atr?at. Dtnnar at Mx o'clock Beferenere exehnnjted. fTWO 8IN0LK GENTLEMEN CAN FIND DKRIRAB'*B 1 mo ma, with partial bo.-ird. la a private l.unlly, at K Wrat ISth at , between wh and Ath awattce. fPWO OR THREE SINGLE OKNTI.em EX CAN br ACX rommorialrd with rood board and pleaaant room*, by applying at 277 Wrat Nineteenth Direct, near Ninth avenue. Terms moderate. | Three handsomely furnisher booms, commit nlcatinc. ha vine bath, Ran and tVoton, to let, with breaklaal, to arotietnen only of retined habita, at the private red leoce 52 West FJReenih street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. Referend^eichanRed. r LET-ROOMS FURNISHED OR NOT, IN HOCSM No. 6 Hampden s'reet, Brooklyn: there la rm and bathe, tot and eold water, with a private family, third houae from ration avenue. r> lkt?WITT! FUI.I. BOARD, A BACK PARLOR and extenaion room on the Ami floor, a handaome auH of rooma on the aeermd floor, furnlahed or unfiirniahed; aleo one larire front room on third floor, a tilt able fbr famiflee, or Rentlem> n and their wivea. Two tingle pentlemen may aleo tlnd ne arromtnrvlaiiona. Hooao newly ftumiahed and with all Jia modern ImproTamaDta. iu. ho* and mid watar on erary Soor, Ar t .oration moat daalrablr, on Ninth Itff t b?twp?i Ptrth and Sorth arami-a. Rrfrrvncaa required. Addreaabol I tflti, port -(Era, Naw Tort. mo LET?TWO ROOMS TO BINOLR GKNTI.KMKN, J fmniabrd or iinfnrniahad, M .US Second armnm. rUK. ADVERTISER WISHER TO OBTAIN A PLEA mini room, wuh partial board. In a plain reapartabte prv rata family?Catholic preferred, whcra hr may apjoy (ion* nmfnr'a Addraaa, Mating partlculara, Taaohor, Herald t|rr. UNPVRNISIIKP ROOMS TO I.KT-ON SWOOND floor, with front haarmanl and atllr, Alao two amall i.rdrooma. fnrnlMied, 'or ringle gentleman. Apply ??14 White oraat, naar Broadway. TITANTED?ABOVE CANAL AND NOTHIOIIKR THAN ff Twanilrih afreat, by a ganMcnun and hia wll'a, a omInrtable wall inrniahad room, with l>oard, whara lh?ra arn hot Law board'-ra; t< rtna not to aicoad 944) or 9u * month, refar naaa glren and re<)iiirad. Addrosa J. W . earn of A. .loiUaU, i HW Broad war WANTED?NT A YOUNO FOREIGNER, A NICELY I iiromhrd room, wflh hoi ami '"old wat'r. la a ulaaaanUy Imaiad botiaa, with a anrlabla faralit. Partial board, or fall u llmwr i? wrvod aftar d o'clock P.M. Trim* modarata. Adrfaaaa .f. Q. O., bo* I,WW Poat oOra. ~ M)\V OFFffF.H. tf;T -ANT AHOCNT OP MONEY ADVANCED AT THE ?ir Broadway Loan Office, MM Broadway. Thta old aataIpiahad anil r> apinr.hln nMaa adranoaa tha higheri annul on dWmot.da, watrVw. lawriry and aaraonal property, or bought for oah Pawnbroker*' 'foga'a nought MACDUFF A RHEAD. MM Broadway, corner Walker <fcl <W\ J * WTU.IR g CI, MtUSt V1 Rnorraanra to Letcher A On., bwn DM IRatnorda, watch-*. I Pawnbroker'* I All klltda of piumB low airy, ?llk* and I debate Wight I or buy for caaa 111 Nnaaan aimed. room No. I a?Xl nj\l\ TO LOAN ON WATCHER, DIAMOND# .Pdel I.' /l"l Jewelry. eetgare. dry gnoda. aad all ktode of aaraonal property, or Wight and told Sir aaah. Notre bona, mortgagee. aterka I* nc?i elated. lot Naaaan aMiaA earwar v Ann, aa? nd ft.or rornm No. 1 and *H THOIfPNON A CO . broker* ami enaamllwi mat N?aa lUlil ?LICENSED BT GOVERNOR OF TH* rZOI 1.1 In I. Staid and Mayor nod Hernial Otmnrt of City af New Tort ? Monay lent at legal ratan, am gfi direr, walrhaa, dlamoeda. jawalry, dry "good*. An. A. ADOLPHCR. 4? Pemrl atrmt. eoraar of Roam TXIAMOITM -TH1 TVAI U? RWPWtTTTULLT T? I / Aw-med thai we are encttnnally uuofMlni1iix< ltd Itw mi Wi?i * U?*? ?u?-k at dlaotnnd Jewelry, Of the lataal atylaa A 'art* aaanrtsent at dfemonda on kwi Mkl dona Is iWt nit PWaaoarta honrht ft* oeeh. 7. HVfcaua * no. msswikw HOl'SKI, ROOMA, ? WAVTKIX Art'KNisitKO unrsk. wtvnw-KT a okvti.b m end hi* wile wlthoni children, I'or % prir?t* re?l -nro. In or ??> iie Fourteenth etreet *f? ??d? of (he city. At' lr*?a ! <> TZ1 t'nicm piece Foalc.fllce. f\yrirr; w vJttkd - \ ah am. orrii'k or tart of ' " nn cfli . ii Cr?t 'v.r cr ^e-'tncni. In W*ll ?(rwe?. ?bove ivilli im. or In >? ">.<? not there ??.< ? office, or In Pine not low Willi*in AtMr?* I'.. bm .1 ZU P ?' "(Bee. ?TF.A*ltOAT WANTKn.-WA.VTKT> TO OilARTER. A 17 u?di ferry boat, for one or (wo men he with pr-Kller* if the J CAT. Apply to FAt'l. \ Ol.tVKR, U I.iber'y .tree*. 1V> TAILOHR-WAVTKn, TWO fOfVTV.RA TRW for 'one wi'h 'i ? r* and * ?m .11 cutting premier. Ail jrere. eta'tfii term*. V. L . Tlereid "tRee WlMI'lt IN Wll.l I AMVR'. a . r I Fork. tw<> r>inti?h??l mnme, with Khchen, or 'teeof now, >v A highly reepoe-ehle Anierteen lemilv of three pereone ewatlnn mnef he rt'-?lr*b|e. Ri al of refcrenrea Riven. Ail WANTEI>?A HOtKR SC IT A BUR BOB A SELECT PBIv**c hoard'nr hnu?e, Mwwn Eighth and Tw-ntlelh tree?e. nnc prrfrrwl where it part of ihe reel would be i*k?o n board. A<l<1 reea H. B , Herald oRee, with partimlara Ur A NT*J>?TO HIRE. IN A BRRPRCTABUE NWtflH horhond. a fnrDiahed hwiae. Jtfnt not to eioewd $!.***. fhe beet of reterenera wtll be giren Addrrwa C. R.. Harald <1W WANTEO BOB TP* RU*MBB-TWO EURNINTflCn enuagea. roar ear-h other, na %*"n Island, Inquire Of frayem A Jenwae, No. IB William etreei. _______ 11 avtvp wiTiiotJf pOAJUS A frmwHr.n r MM " Id a houae with a widow lady or a lad* llTlni alone, trhrro there are no boarders UocaUoe wa?t etde of the town, irlow fourteenth *ir?ai. Addreaa boi IM Herald oRoe. l-'fereneee en-hanged II'ANTED TO PrRCHA** TWO OR HORN UOTR. TT with referanee to hnmediata Unrmwenvmt, between fortieth and Rtrtieth utrawta Addiwae C. a A . Hernht cflN, bating lowant prlne and laiM. I1TANTRD TO RRNTl TOR ON* TRAR, WTTT1 TUB " prlTllage of pnrrhMdaC. A outII genteel f-inttah-d lowae. with garden. ferriagehnwan and (table. tut of ac eee V> the e?T. a ad la a deelmble InceDrm. a good meant or mrrhaeer may be heard front h? edrtmeeiaf for throg tor*imudc aU pvttenlAi* . W. DrruToSo. i / IRK T * " 1 n.,.- r.u MAY 8, 1857.?TRIPLE S i ? i? \ , t ,? tfiir ii'iaj mi I lui' l<? * - ? . .... . Wft lAJUb ^ OtUfiO -FOR JALK. A rntfrt RArtpVmaARD

T^Ov. r?ft?r>r?BI uloou, -"oin* so efwfett iSk bu?i,? W.: BiO?t he noM jr ' It Mrrtfln*. fMflfe II ' Appts muwdtotrly U>T. UAtTKKV. Xt JMkM UfA ?* T. HOA ~W>B fiA'^ A?OPA WATKB ABD CHAM ?POU\?. pttgtM* Hpiiwalu*. ?U complete, U Urge dlmeu kitNM. aiuiokt new. Coat tflh. Apulv to MOKER A 00.. 33 YimaMnwurfpMM fifl ?re K 8AI.K. THK VKEV LA BOB AMD C iW. haudsom* oouoert waionn, barroom, Haiti rea, Be., No. 17 Howory. Moot very low. The room ia suitable for (uiy kind oi exhibition. fill muaike credit with good seourity, <n 111'?-ral discount for ch-.1i. Addreas L. Honuri, New York Post office, or apply neat *?k, from S to 9 o'olook P. at IT ft>wery. t^nn -n*""1*. WAltOK AND HARNRHH NOR PAf i)UU, mily use in the country wanted in eachauge for a 111 at city noortpaRr ofSAtXI Any itflfrreoce adjukod ui aao lyey. LlilUH A^OUTHWIOK. W Naaaau itreet. _ 4QftA -yon HALK, AN INTKRKiT IH AN IHTAB bPOlA_?? Untied bttstnean paylnr Rood profits. It ia a wool opt>orUiuity for an active man to make annoy. KaUafartory ruaaooa tor aclUng Addrfea boi Poet office. < 41 < WinWILL BUTA OROOKRY AND UQCOB 8TOBB, ^1,IA/U with three yearn lease. Oflfjr one on Urn One nor; atone yard attached to It The reason for selling will ba given. Inquire at the oorner of Troy ami Clreeo wick streets. 41 A/in WI,x kut thk purnitvrn and pay a !>I,VtTU year's rent of a large summer boarding houa* wttliiu fifteen minutes walk of the lorry. Address Xenla, Herald office. 41 fUlfl -GROCERY POR balb; AN BXOKLLBNT lliUUt'i loealion; well lilted up; renting ont the dweiI ill or wiwM (ha glAM aJwutl iVnnt ev? a sle..L ??A ?? - * money Hoofed, wanted. """ "" BIOOH A BOUTHWICE, 84 Naaaaa treat a?l OAA -FOR SALS, IIT THK TILL AOS OF FLU8Hipl.iiU\/? In*, a lot with a front and rear houaei they are hot* new, and rrnt tor %WU a year; worth 91,SOU Apply to OWRW cAML. at Ranford Hallf Flyuihlng. dfcl A?nn-WORTT4 ttA00.-A FIRBTjCLASB DIN1MI ?1<U' 'U saloon down town, bar attached, dotog from 9G0 to 975 a day; sold on reasonable terms. Rush n (fir selllug, leaving the oily. Inquire of HKHW A BOUTHWICK, M Nassau street. d|l CCA -FOR HALS, A MORTUA0R OF THIS JII.UUv. amount, amply aeon rod on country property la thin Slate, oa which a large discount will be made. Biqqfl A 8QDTHWIOK. 84 Natisu atreet. a?o nna ?a farm of a? aorrs, wmi a oood wO.vUU. doable house, barn, blaokamlth and carpenter shop, 80 acres in cultivation, situation three miles from depot on Long Lslsstd This la decidedly cheap. B1008 A eouthwicg, 84 Wassau street AC 7Hft -BKAOTIFUL COUNTRY SKAT FOR BALK *>tl. I Ul/? near the pity. A Ann convenient country house, with an acre of ground, carriage house, Ac., well situated near Met 'oath's Dam. The property la In perfect order, and will be gold low. M- L. MHKLnON, 85 Naesau street. ?0 n/m wn.l. BUY ONK OF TIIE MOST ItKAUTI JlO.v" "J ful roeldcnreH at M < Combe's Dam, too lot s line house, barn and grounds, liandaomeiy terraced; views splendid; or will eiohange forrliy property. BIOU8 AHOUTHWIOK. 84 Naasau street ?IC AAA ?FOR SAI.F. OR KXCHANOK FOR A iPIaJ.V/I/Vsv firm near the city, five three story brick bouses la Brooklyn, desirably located near a stage route, and lightly encumbered. Also a valuable lot near Atlantic basin. MOOR A NOUTHWICK. 84 Nassau street Atm farm for 8alr-7M acrkh, IN OOOD ordkr. Orchard and all kinds or trees; a new house, Ir ?etown of Ranwpo. Rockland county. New York. Inquire of a. MATHKR, Stiflerus depot. New York and RHe Railroad. Ararb otportunity.?thk kubbcribkr. about retiring from the retail trade, would olflrr his business. moo*, fixture*, Ac., lor sate. TO busine** uu been establish <xi for nearly fifteen years in the muni More. The location la one of the beat In Broadway, and near the Urge hotel* Ac. To those acquainted with lA* worsted designing and embroidery business this is an opportunity seldom ottered. RalUfaototy arrangements and particulars will be firm by addressing. with full address only, Designer, boa 107 Herald o?ee, during this month. AWKFKLY rAPER, ENJOYINO OOOD ADVKR Using patronage and circulation, 1* now offered for sale, on account of the death of the late proprietor. ProBta last vesr 92Jan. Address Ross A Tmisey. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RRSIDMtOR FOR 8AI4B? WNh fnrsftnre, carriage, be. and M acres of land, near New Brunswick, N. J., command lag a magnificent view. A pbotosraph otlhe place, whieh will be sold low, oaa be seen at the office of F- D'riUYTLLY, IR Rxohaags place. BAKKRY FOR BALK IN BROOKLYN?BREAD AND nle bakery; sell* 1.000 pie a day : Ore or 10 barrel* of bread a * cek; reatof bunas, stable*, shad, bo., ouiy BBIO per annum; will sell oho*p. J AH KB M. STARK, tl Wall street, basement. pOJtl YARD FOR BALK.?THE LRABR AND Ft* \ ' teres' >?* sea, earls, he.. of en old wslelillshed oaal nft now doing a good busLoeas. satisfactory reason* (rtre* for sellIs*; possession gives Immediately. Ad dries Ooai, Herald otBre. COUNTRY HOUSR AT FORT WABHTNOTON.?TO BK fsold or let, a handsome cottage, eonlalning U room* beside* thy cellars; plasm on three side*; views unsurpassed; I oration perfectly healthy, aad within three minutes walk of the station, rent MU0. Inquire of DOORMAN A WILMON. H WUiiam Street fYOUNTRY REfllDKNCK ON THE NORTH RtVRR \ / lor sale cheap-i Vmrenlent to New York bjr railroad and ?te*mbo*ta, containing ten mom*; card en, fmlt shrubbery, Ac ; tocattoo ?ud riser view uoaurpa-uied. Price $.1,ISO, term* easy. Address Outlage, llerald office. (YARRIAOK MANUFACTORY FOR SALR IN BROOKJ lyn, with lea?e, au? h and tools with a run of custom to employ twenty men. Price $l?) Address A. B. C., Brook lyn Poet "Hire. Drpo rtorr for halk-wrll rtockkd and dotn* a rood btititnat. Inquire at ?J6 Oread atreet, our aerof Clinton. "pvrto 8tor1 for located ok J J the wrat aide of town, wet) atnrhed and dntnr ft flmt rnte bnrtiwu; (tfce huainraa will be cutmiM ) Value 83,1X11, but will h- wild cheap on amount of other rn?a#e?ftrnta. Inquire fti Mb Waahinftoo atrnet, comer Hamaon. DRt'U stork-ON raht side of the CITY, WILL tip wild cIn'mp and ou mit trrma, lo eloae ftn aormint Apply fr< m 7 to U) V. M and from 4 to !> P. M.. lo Dp FOY, I7<) Vf p?i Nineteenth atreet, or dm in? tJin dfty atHmytbi Medl J Hall. Jit) Seventh ftvnniip. Farm for bai.r or kxohanok.-xi milkh from N'w York by thr Morria and Keara Railroad, on* mile from the depot, nr?r Urn villa#* of Madlaoo. la Morria oounty, N<w Jerney, renaiatlng of SW arret, together with atork, farala# fttqnatU and crnpa; thrr* la 40 acrea In appla and p-arh orrh.-irda, all other kind of frull in abundance, the hnuae la beautifully ahaded and miihutldln#* food, there la alao ft farm bouae, atr- am of waipr and ft large walnut groya opar the hoiiap. *priu*a conveyed in lb* botiee and barn yard; a onto brr of Bn? biuldin# aitra on tka plana; It he* alwaya hran oft rnpied by thP ownrr and la In food ordpp. A bouae In ft good lot*'fin in Npw York er Brooklyn will ba taken In part payment. ihP balance on bond and mortgage. For parbcuiara adrirpaa A. <1.. box 1st) Rrrftldndna For hale-horse rhoktno and whkelwrioiit aliop. iwo flrra; work Iter alt hands; la In iho centre of lir rlty wul aril cheap. aa tba owner la about to go In th? PMiintry. Apply ?HR Delanncy eireet, second floor. FR BALK?A BEAUTIFUL OODKTRT RMRfDUTCM, Basted ??ftr Urn Balk Hnuae, Long 1 aland. anaiaUuu# ftbnnt twxoty -two an aa, a double bonae. barn, oarrlace house. Ar . with a *rry etooleie witety of fruit trwee of all klnda. La quire of .1aoob CARPRKTnL, U Kmhange plena. freea II tOMoclork. rR RALB-TH* mOH RTOOP, KMW. RtTRRTAKTI AL brown iImm botaaea north otda af Thirty (ret street, between Madlaon aad Fourth aeennea; Ihraa alortna and baaa ni. wttfe ail Modern laiiriiiaiak Iaqntre at 11 WaU at. POOQl It Faok 1at.r-1n the country a vfrt HAWDsOMFs 1 ( < werfal, ntyltoh fr?y horaa, l*t-, hand* blab, seven years ,.?V nd kind and #poi)p. Maud* without lyiti#. and aeeua unv.d io the lon'mniive. I of further Information awl perilpolar* 'P I"!"' al 442 Washington street, belwppn 8 aad PA. M , It end I and 4>h P *- ^ FfiOR FA1-K ?i?r worth ?2>?-a first otiarr ' dln'n* alrew, down town, bar attached ,dn4n# from tvt to rirdni. Sold on rmeonalilr irrme Ri-aeun tor aollin*, Ipftxiuf the rlty. Inquire of Mlil(M A ROVTHWIOK, 84 Maaratt ttreet. FViR SAl.B-TWO FTRRT fTUARR BROWN RTONR hoiiri * on north aide of Thirty aopood tract, between V Ki d Kit ll tPtniw Noa. ISand 17, bniR In the rrry be-1 m?iirrtr. hrnieea 2fu ) fee*, laquira oft the premieea for pnrtirttlara. Tcrmecaay. PtR RAUR?HOCSK AND I.OT AT FAIRMOrKT, a*F t?r Morrlaaaia); bottee l ill, cofttalnln# ecxen roonui, woh r nrta In front. Int \Y*A?| Pi .-e $ta?i Apply to fl MKRRITT, 4P Thtrd axenae. or to t.'IIARIiRM CLARK, Fairiw >tru IjXtiR RAliR-A IHOTCF. ORfW'KRT.?ADDRKRH 191 P Broadway, or ilrocer, Iferaid oOre. Jfor RALR-IK jrrrtt CITT, ON THR MO?T kr4 1 ecwftMe terwa, Iwo new brown atone front bretae*. oo Vanrwrai aqnare. Alao. three new brteh hoat?ea on .!?* * arenue, Cear Hamilton aqnftrw Inquire of It VAN J OH MX at Ihft hardware wore, Aft Oroya atreet, Jeraey t Wy. foil NAb?-OK RIRQKW HKT'IMTH. A BXACTlFTJb f rralVnee, wl'h twelre lota of (Toond; Uv hoo?e la new 0>A wwiaindleiie' Will be nold nh?-*p and cm nuaneahle wnm ?> of D. 1.1*11 AW. arckkera, KB Hmedway. after one . _______________________ Y^R MlR-ROLLAWIFl MXCHA WTOAb KNUADINO P trotifb ?"l bo* *1/ overt, for. (A* manufacture of breed, btarnlt, fT. . patented In Europe and Amende. Tba ii? .w-rau r?1. anke ynm'eea Mr (he United fl? . ar? row ready to entertain pf poetMore for city, roonty and kiaia rich'*. The nreetion m entirely differ, nt from anr hltherkt ,br? h hi under the noiio* ot the Ant'rvin p'thlta, end a<ipertor t.. hot ?rr*"""" T"l darined lor the preparation of the bent I. end by cleniilT protean. and with ?n 'mrn.-ne? aavlng of labor and ("tel. II * equally w?U adap'ad lo the larsreat and in, ?t morrr** Phample.*, with f ill daeerlp'ton and atpie ? .?rt of we #'tcr-w in K'trnp?. mar b? bad ft ippl.t'Ptn u I k * or (hoy Will bo fr.?i fr(v? to any nitlrt e Kt|*ene Yabr 'lelten (lie A Worrm, Part*. A. Hcrnard, M Hey Lrret, >.-w Vorh. Kilo* Ponrert, ?; Water *t reef, New York. e ? . .1 T(i* r FINE ANP VI.PNMIHI.Y I/K-ATim f Vtel known M the Urhrwnfcf Hotter, alt-tnted on <Jro?on betybte, rttrmtly npppaii* New tendon. "onn , with the furniture P<?? * large h nMn<-<w. whn-h I* cm weedy la rrteklw* Term* ?My. A. PRKNTtrF. 1*7 Nron<twAT._ |M)R (AbV?dHaAM CASKS, OR* TKNTRK STANPINU J1 pure, Id feet kmy bt 7 high, one l>tn? raae,9 feel Ion*. n'?o elrte maea; *11 in perfect order, rery cheep. Apply At 510 Priwilwey, third floor 1.*<>R SAI.K-A FOUR NTORY NROWN STONE ROW*, P wHh hiah bee?(rent, built in th-' rery beet meaner with . t the m-dom ttrproT'tneptn, and nltnated on Rutherford I ure brine the #ee nd honee north of St Oeorfe'e chtireh, mnl Immediately r>) > oalte Ntnyreannt park. Thin la one of the beat and moat health* loeattooa In the rMy. Terma will he r oderete For parUcnlark apply hi Hi r?*il ?lr?t, K?w Tork, t'P HWrt. I TV. Tt A M- - A jl1/ xjl . IPEBT. " ' ^ 1 v* ""a . _ w p* pamv-cornkr tor orr madtbok avwmf^ r gquchwrnt ownfr of Mgdlxon grenor ud Forty * ? *0* t From Oil Madlane avenue *4 i'wi; gtde oa Forty tin rtreet W tart 7X OAw Inquire at the N> w Tork Uoirarahy, earner Of Unirrfrtty add Wanrtny place*, oC the Janitor. X30R 8 A UK?TURK* LOTS on broajdwat, CORNKR JP of FWy foartfc rtrort. and throe loU 00 Wghtb ateaur, MtaWn Ftftj fourth and Fifty fifth gtreeta Term* eaiy. Wll.I.IAM T ORAVF. 119 and 111 Naaaau itrMt. IjK)R BALK?A OTAND IN WABHINGTON MARKRT, J No. 9R Inquire of JOHANNA WORTH, on the tame stand, until 12 o'clock erury day. For haj.K-TnK lkask. htook and fixturkfl of h retail clothing eetabllalmient, In a good thoroughfare, and now doing a good boaluea*. It la an old estabhahed More. Adiliwaa T l!. D., Harald office. frtOR HAl.K, LOW?A LIGHT, GKNTKKL WHOLKSALR Jj b induce*, been ?su >Fahrd throe year*-, requtir* hot a small capital and pays good profit*; number of customer* In iloatna. Philadelphia and other oftiea over :?>, and about as many la New York and Brooklyn. The advertiser will glre a llat of ewatoonera la and oat of city. The UuMaea* la all caah, and therefore no risk. Any perron drairing to do a wholesale li urine**, with a amall capital, trill do well to addrea* the ad vrrtiaer, who will give all the particular*. W. k. 8., Herald Ofrti. Fir kali at a bargain?a hplkniiid lkathkk lop hlchory wheel boggy. Apply to J. ULLLKN, 68 Went Twenty third street. _____ For balk or exchangk-a oottagk with trn room* and 1W gore of ground, three quarter* of a mile irom the frrry on htatra la Land. Apply to J. 8EXTON, 121 Naragu a'rret, room 26. F>B BALK OB KXCHAJNOR?FOR RIAL B8TATR, near New York, splendid hotel, oeail/jriirniahed thoroughout, well established, doing line toudnesg; disposed of oa Ml count of 111 health ol'proprietor unit family. Address O. O. O., Herald office, which will be attended to. XjVJR BALI OR TO LOT-AT ROBBVILLR. 8TATRN X Island, h large house, and three acre* of land In gardon, Ac., adapted far a hotel, boarding house or a Urge private family; Immediate poser union: term* very easy. Ap jly to JOHN 8 KKLHO. <5 William >treat. 1j*OR BALK OR TO LOT?A NEW HOUHK, RTABLK8 AND X coachhouse in Seventy Aral street, between Third and Fourth aveuut t; alao a new bouse in Seventieth at, between Third and fourth avenuea. Inquire of DO YLK, IK ('anal street, or O'CALLAUAN. Third avenue and Rerenlr-lhird street. 12H)R RALE OR TO LET?AT FLCHH1NQ, L. I.. A NKW X two story goihlc cottage, with nearly an acre of ground, Slessantly situated within a few minutes walk of the no I road epot. For particular* apply to J UNklNH A TORTKK, 173 Centre street. rR HAIJC OR TO LOT?THE EIVK FIRST CLASS new four story brown s'one Iron! houses, Now ltK, LSI, LM, U6 and UA Fourteenth slreet, near fUeona avenue, with sll the modern Improvement*. Apply to KLISH A BLOOMER, 'A* Broadway. FOR BALE OR TO LKAHB-THK PROPERTY ON THE northwest corner of Sixth avenue and Forty fourth street, and known as Ureeley's Hotel. Apply to WM. H. FRANK I IN A RON, No. 5 Broad street. IjIORT WASHINGTON PROPERTY -WE OFFER FOR X sale the house and land of onr Mr. Ntewart, at this lor* IHy. Thla properly la well known as among the moat desirable of the villa residences on the Hudson lliver Railroad. The. bnnae is within one eighth ot a utile nf the depot, and the time by ears to Chamber* s'reet s.lmlnulea, the distance being 'Hj miles. The grotinds not er about arrea, and are laid out in got id taste. All the best vsrietiea of fruit, vines and evergreen and dee Id units trees are In profuse abundance. The house Is built on a rise ot about kuu feet, face* the miMs ltuduen and commands views unrivalled for pleiiireafyna beauty, which must be seen to be appreciated. It Is of the Italian order. 4K feet fronl. Oty an| irregular depth of from 33 to 0 feet, three stones and basement nigh, designs t by has OHdemrUtnr ?n<1 censtructed for ths owner in IMA miner the supermdenv" of Jno. J. Anduboa. There la n setter or more complete dwelling on u>e island lor ccmiort or inorougn workmanship. The suhlee an<l oBc* are large ao<1 very oooapleta. Th-rn ere three welle of water, superior to the t Yotnn, and aUo one large fin water cistern, on toe oroperty. Thorn in not h mor>' lir?Hhy loci.ltiy In the State of Mow York. The neighborhood Ik highly improved, and churches and schools are at a otive njettt dtsttuine. There, are ub nuisance* of anv kind in tbia mom desirable part of Ibe <fly. The owner haa ociupiedn | four year* and li la now oB>ped for aaln. aa be dealrea to qn . abroad. It ran therefore binli.el si a ttpernlaute price, aiid the lenna of payment maderamr. For oarda to view, witbo.d whieh no atnuMtor will be adhiiited, rail on the undersigned, who will alao give any detailed infonsatlon. T. J. fcTUWART A IX) , IP) Pearl atreet. V<ja KAMI, AND A OOOP TITLE OIVKN -A UOUSV. Jf aid .Mrtleii. and a anaall lot. la the city of KH/abcth, New Jersey The Harden coolants various kutdanf Rood fruit, peare, pes chew ohuim. qniwrea. Ac . Ac an ire bouee. a well ol rork Wah r,ne?A- ilrv, and a beautiful spring af water halow the garden. Id Put wild, to be rented lor MOU per annum. Ad urese R iTWTnUtSON. Jr.. 1IM Leonard street HOCUS* FOR BALK?III VARIOUS PARTS OP TUK rKy, aX a sarrlAoe, alao a duip In lease for a term ot rear*. ajdfahla lor ugahinrimaker, carpetfer'aabop. or piano forte OlAnufbrtory, Alan a line atore In let^on the Fourth I aranua. aiduble ear aay burin sea. Inquire of lL DOVRIXU, AVI Fourth Arenite, Land Offlee LANDS IN WISCONSIN, SURJNCT TO PRITATS KN- i try, with bonnty land warraaPa.?We ere prepared to make loeaUnna of ^warrants jupro lenda that bare beea selected hy oompefrnt anrveyora. We bare a few thousand acres of flrat class farm lenda thai we will a?ll rheep for cash, lend warrant* merchandise or qRSirttmborwd real estate. PIKK A RACONwuh Dark Williamson/, beakera, No. I Wall atrert. ft T. NOTIt'R TO BrTfHP.RS-FOR WALK, TIIK SPLFN dldlr fitted up butchers' shop 2M Ninth avenue* location rood (or the pork toiaineaa. Will he aold rheep, aa the owner baa moved to the country. Inquire at 212 Wrat Twettiy-flflh trial. ONK m'NIlRRn AND FIFTY LOTS WILT. BK OIVKN away to Weaieni emigrant*?Merhealra and others who a ant to I0.1V in a g.**l i lunate with superior soil, will hod It In the vUlagr ot Hnmacr. Wood meinty, Wisconsin. N H ? It? acre* m the very beat land In Wis.-.sunn will be traded hie dry gnoda. avgam, < lothing, gnxvrlea, Ac . fwrm ?) lo A) acre*, or more if desired. Apply at the Northern ntspens.irv, ror ner of Waverley place and Kac'ory atreet, between the houra of 9 and ."s f. r tare.- .leys. SOCKAW AY PAR* FOR BALK.-FOR BALK, AT ROO*. eway, e farm of about low acrea of at 'edow and upland, utlfUUy situated, wry near the one*.,, with fhrmaouaa barn, outbuildings, An. Apply lo T. R. WILKJNH. No. 11 waff miai. 11 ARK PIIANlT --lIROt'FRY STORK, FOR SAI.K JTV The stork, flrturi'a, Ar., of ona of the beet stands In New York, doing a caab trade of gtfUO par week. Stork made light to suit ruatooi. Inquire at 94 Carmine atreet. SPLKND1D OOCNTRT RKHIDKNCR FOR BALK?IN Weet Karma, Weetrheater ronntr, liuiavd corner of Proaperl avenue and Morrla street. VI feet no the former ead 111 fee? W) Inrhee re the InUer, ell klnda of fruit and ahruhhery on the grounds. Doe ho nee. and new barn and outbuildings, grape arbora; oa the whole aline onunUry seal for a gentleman, with all the I add lire for reaching the city; boose being only three minutes walk (mat Treiaoat atauoo Harlem Railroad In quire for further particular*. of (THAN. SHARK KY. on the prraiieee. Treanont Station. SFT.ENDID WATKR FRONT rROFKBTY FOR RALIC? On Fbwhlag bar, U I.?Fir* Mm*, for beauty of location ii?nnnn.T- 1 aJaa for ??l-r prtrUegea, ? tubing- ha'JilnM. he. Kney ut ame? fnm the citf, from which k la tflaianl rvn tOra Apply to CIIAN WOK. Newtown, Ul.orwV. B. 1XHH, 296 >'ntu*h avenuei. r BRICK AND LIME DFALERR.-roR HAUL IN <> * of the 1 t*i locatto? in Bmnhlyn, a bob k ana liaa* buaipeee, aerea ream "etahllohad. with a we|| ***.,rrd ?.> l and fliturea, nmi Uwt (fooj will ami I? of the uur. now doing nfootl c?*h buatnew The awner having bualneva Daw rail* Mm n?t nf ibr riljr, will aeU at a bargain. Addreaa H. C. T. RaraM office WA i > . jiwut, mo? (TAUFORNl A PI ANON DR.?FINR, ? TO ?. JUNGS / |4 to MF. aarrtnaa, M to ?u, ataAa. M to flA-. aro? bnwwlr'a. aoohlaara. aieave bnttnoa, Ac., neat bra?(I to any part of tba world. J. A H F. J AOORft. #07 Btomdway. rVHtFTWITIOE AND OOI.N VENT, NICK AND FOR Vy chain*. warranted not to tamlah. or Ihe money returaed. prVw, D. W #V and N o M M fhaln* artu by mall on aat part of the world. J. A H. F. JAfVlBR. RJT fleondwap JRWFI.RY VFRY LOW -THE ftUMCBIBKR, IN 1117*1 ! pee# tn Wall pu?'I for the paat nin?r?n jrrara. I* wdlmf i nl%lewrtp?lon* af gold Jewelry, diamond ring* and pin*. An.. , at wboU-tUa and retail, at b**? than natialprice*. Itodlaa gold, cameo. n>' ??_ pearl, carbuncle aod lava rarnng*. i Phi* and bracelet* I Diamond pitta and rinpa. Lento-*' gold guard chaMa and rbatelalne chela*. OtotIntliRb pold (tiard, fob end rent chain*. (fold fob bay* and aeala, a'tel* aod aleera b'lUond. F!n*er ring* with atonra, *c*I ring* Flaln c>tM riatr*. pur* gold wadding ring#. ( <1 old *00018010#. polil eya glaaaea. Hold vnuitilre. gold pone and penr la tfold Inrbeta lor dagiierrnoiyn* or b itr, one, tw#, tbr-? and four gla?ea. , tjeptletnrn'a plna and ararf pine, ohw-md. Hold prnaand alitor holder*. Kti ret portomonnalea, Mirer napbtn rtoga and fruit hn I red, " l)Kt>. C. AM FN. Importer of Wan he* anit Jewelry, wholvaale and retail, II Will at, Second Boor, near Broadway. WATt HER AT RETAIL AT WHtIMCAAJLE F*K7??> RHeer cylinder watnbee, fbnr bol? )ewalled.. fa m) Shiver cylinder banting r? " .. fun) " i?ol*-Hk*er. thirteen jewele. warrantod ... flnon w* s 14 bunting aaaaa.. f l.\ ?l ? patent tovor, open fa?and bnnUng aaaaa ... IJ lo 30 Gold panted oat allrer banting eaeea. to ? odd gold IndteW waiahea, lour hot? fwWbllert |?.A) ~ h tinting caana ?Ai *1 " anrbor t**w, bawry na?a. Mtolbi ttaiokbtrw inalhaJL enrrarad Pvnt " - ? *+n ***7 ?o tjn -* -f~w ~*? nUJAKM. exi Ann wnunr.-UAnvTAcmnv or phrla*** OO nvdoi Millard tab Inn u4 ovMoMhm rnAh? CWIiw i?? T? and T? Bmadnrav.?Pa/whoo*** arm aawtloaad iptif Jwrtbl* imhoiinna rtfrrod for aato nwWw a almila* nam*, and wldt h* word mnchantrar' prWtiwL tkerab* BX -1??BMMTsfirea? rOR noon rannwn hard bh-liaro tablrr with rmrTtMnconwplafe tor rt*rta? * mm**, wlfha *>M Inw. I?qnuw at thr a^nTMUwr are'OOinrOR A OOtr | UWDtR. ? AmiM* J CHARPR BILMAHn TABt.l MANUFACTORY, ltd A HP 1 O MA FuRoa ?ti*?,t, ?h<-r? ho hat no hand * tar*" ?j- 'r'mont J of all aijoa, with alal* and nwrbln brda, and a n?*w **7lT, v rnkwi, now prafarrol to anr to ana. *moad baad for aaln ohoap. FldBtlOA'. ] ri*X. t nmoM TO 1IARI.RM ASP Ml)R*t*AriA-THR 'J now ?n<l (a?t H'lmrr .1 A STRt FX* willllwwwt" " ry pV???nl fMnday aflor thin data for thr alurr o ara-, rh>m ha f t I'-, k ?'n Mm twit how. ^A* ? ., J leof.H Bork'm i'T?rt altrrnato honr W'! Ylli, JT.112 I rauwopora at foot of T-nth drwt Fait nor ahlll\y t'tOiibif to RvtTt?antn awl Trtsaoal oa >h? ?rr>T*l ? <* **** % I ) m com PRICE TWO CENTS. > IU>BMH FOE HAIJL-OI4K VKRT PIMM BAV MJUm t) llawk horae. ISk handv high, ?u yean old, rvr j trer mm tyliah driver. and fa*t traveller perfectly nntmtf and %tad tm every ruanuel, one amy cart liorae. U hauda Utah, ai"' yean old, a Ural rate worker. abr> one bay home, nnoda UWfe eight year* old, turned aad ktad and a goof driver laqaMM the lumber yard 171 Monroe ei.-eat. uear Montgomery. d>WMI OMI.T FOR A UOHT HHLKTINU Tot* iHHOIL dplyif whtrh la ia Rtat rale or<W. Ma.leiy Vuaaaher Van Puaen. Andrea* Clinton. Herald ott-e AFIHK LIOIIT TOP WAUON, ( ITT MADR, AJfli varnlehdd oa the wood. roedog *aV and roo fettr OMwdBa la offered fer aata, the gtmUemau who mm tt having na Ike thcr aan foe It, Ta be aeen at Carl A Mda mnW trvery alahha SI IJberty utrret, Brooklyn. Avkky light carimok for four and unm Kta-kaway and lop ? t|M, aU in gooil ociar, wfl cheap Apply at 1V7 Mercer atreef(lARKIAOK FOR HAUL?A YTCRF HPPRRIOB HEX J aeatnd roekaway. made by Itawrcnoe of Wow Tat, la good order; h/u born but Utile uaed. Apply 10 DKA_raB A PBTUW, it Wall atreei. , EIUIIT IX>1.1,ARH FKR MONTH UVKRT FOR A IONR and bunny or rorkaway, to the onwatry am a farm, whmw the beat of care wUl be lake* by a|reapooaible poraotLBM yx-key. and only uaed tor eaerutoe. Addraaa bwURM 0000. tM>R 8AUt?A 8TTUHH BAT HOR1UL ABOUT IRK JT hatoda toft, aound to all re# porta. HoMfcr want at 5 Can be aeen at the New York livery tab lea. Broadway, W> tweeo Nineteenth and Twentieth atreeta. M. A. JKHUP. 44 Banhanga ytoeh, BIOR HA1JC?A PAIR OF CARRIAUK UURHKH, SKYRR and eight yean old, aound aad hied, aold oa aoaamito the owner got dm to Kiiropr. alao two camngen, one nearly new, harneaa, blanket, Ac. Ia?ulm at toe private atabta, M Mardougal alrret. IiXlR BALK?A 8PLKXDIP YOUNG 80RRKL UORRRJB ' banda high, warranted aound and kind to ail hartMRM would make an eioellnut onaoh at family horae. aa be la ftoty free and a atyMah (1/1 rer. Inquire at i3b Bleeaur aUeet, earner of Ijh Roy atreeC XPOR RAUL-GOOD 8KOOND HAND COACH. CHRAB r Inquire at the corner of TwentyUflh atreet and Flli avenue, at W. A. TORNURB'H atoble. I NOR 8AUC-A BOOTCH PONT. FITR tKARH <HR 1 eleven band* high, wrII broke to aaddle and biiMto Alao a very line bay hone, Id handa high. Can be aeen at tod Metmpuhtan Ruble, corner of Prince and Oronby atreeta. {NOR HAI.B?A RUMMKR Pl.KANURK WAfloN, HOC ' one or te n Itoraea, aquare boa. enamelled leather to^ two aeala, built to onlerv natal but two mnnihe. WUl be Mw cheap To be aeen at KA(J AN'H atable, Twenty aeoood dMt three doom weal of Rlith avenue. |jorn. AAIIA?a riAAiFtxinp. IIAI nurwtPi, u^nAiiaa I1 high, Hound Mid kind, levra year* old. nu rank* lit* atto lu 3.16. rrtco |2U> Sold on account oi uio d.-atli of ttM aIko light wagon, tdiUttiiR too, harness, Ac . for Unit iMrtMl Addre** WIIIiAtna, llrrald office, lor three (lay*. rR HALF.-A I. A PVR R ADOLF HORHK, BROW& eight ymr* old, ve?y ?tyh*h, perfectly Hoamk Mid fooled, an walk all imlle* au benr, pares mul canters ?Ai the saddle; any lady ran rtd? htm. parol in i AO. troU to A wagon In ?K mlnuiea; emu the owner S2H6, mast bo adR price &AAI. To be awn at Knapp'a stable, tlhnstophcr akrMC boar r'o'u th. tor and day*. F>R RALE?A HLACK if A LK CANADIAN HORSE. MX year* old. rising seven ihl* spring. would make a nplto did lamlly horse, be u a pretty last traveller and ulaoda UK baixti high, warranted sound and kind, stands without liAR Inquire at the coal yard, IS Hatarla treat, near Iwwim F)K HALF?A LARQE STYLISH HO KMC, HUfTAJM for a donor or family also a large two borae anda wdw wagon. Inquire of DOTTJt, Id Usual street, near Rim. For rale?a brown horse, ie hands max, year* old, sound and kind hi all harersa: atanda wMfeadl tying. A good Mill 11/ hone, or would a nit a dorter; wouM ha a splendid hone tor a coupe, (or style and action caamMM surpassed; will trot In three minute* to a road wagon. flu be seen lor threw day* at 71 West Twenty ninth street. FOR HAIJT-A VERY HTVLIHH DARK BAYHOMKK hands blah, <d superior style and action. wanMM sound and kliuT In all harnea*. sold for no fault, only Sir MS of use; I* a line carnage horw, or anltabla tor aoaapa. (hi be seen at Jackson's atahle, S( Kant Twenty eighth street. T7X1R PALR-A RLAtH CANADIAN MARK. FTFTHB r hand* high, live year* old, ganile, and a fast IratofiM nrranlarf aniinit hVui B TluUl WRlHIt) hlstllNff 1KB. and * Kl K'ryl* harnreeTbrdh ae food a* new Tn WeacB low, the I)?MT letting no na? tor Uo-m. Apply to Utl JMMUI A.IAKVIH, at thrir alablea, ua Hicka street, near AllaaMk, Brooklyn. ? rR H 4J.E?A HAT MARK. BETWTKN IS ARR MM hand* high, aha la a stylish driver and as ran* Bagl andWi mam. partv< tly gentle, and aale tor a lady U> rets or drto% Mir will be sold for VBU. whlrh i* murk nudrr bar real *MM% the owner betog ahoat to remove drum die any and having ai further nee for hvr. Inquire lor Kami;, at Walter's dial (table Nrbmnrrborn street between Court aad Bodwa Mia Brooklyn. ________ FOR HAI.R?A VATR or RLMOARTHT MATOWB borere, alt teen bare la hick, dark bag. aaoad and ktlf In evvfy rm|j<vi, yrrrl iravrJIera, aevro year* old and ! broke in ample or double baraeea. Apply at Onaaatkl (tables, UN and 70 Bank dree I, N. Y t CKIR HAI.K-A VKHY H ANPHOMIC (IKAT HOftAR. a r last Irarnller, 111) handa blgfa, sound and kind. ad bo d Univerdty plaae. ff?OR HAI.K-A DARK BAT I'ANAPIAN IfORHK. KtYW ' fur* old. about IS hull high. 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