Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1857 Page 1
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i T H ? V HOLE NO. 7556. i RRTlSMEffrt RENKW86 6im DAT bUAIUMRU AND IAIlMa.?u. PAVKRI.KY PLACR.-A CUODIR OP ONK f '0 hailv>ini>'v foraiabcd parlora. with bod mania oan now be had. This ia the conical locatlna m I 4 l>tr*oaa looking for glimmer nuartera *U1 do well tliuirr ul ttt o'clock. niNdnoN HOIMRK. ON unison HTRKRT sin )lioar<l lor a s-itlVman i.d hia wife: or nu? or ti ien can find room*. *hh board The bonae i<ly ehaated. and ha* ?'l in dero im rovemeuta. Surg t -a paa* the door every live ulnoioa 1 ARl.'lt >N STRKKr, S'KAR Kav'lu?0OAl?. ?1*LR wot tod renunjlly furnished apartments to let, wi ' board. Thoae deairlug homo er.ror. wot will do well ' -Ifl IFTH AVRNCR.?A 1'AKTY O' tlKNTLKM* can bo acoommodntcd with handsomely furnish alngle or In auil, with every convenience and good i by calling aa abort'. Also, a suit of rooms ou lit liable for a family. N. B ?No board given, fOOHTKR 8TUKKT?BOARD NO IN A NRWl urniahed bouae. gentlemen and their wi?e* and tin* ten will tiiul every accommodation Relerence i ' 1RKKMC, BKTWBKN ORAN1? AND OAN/ ' draeta ?A gentleman and hia wife or a few slnj ten earn be accommodated whb choice and handaomt Hd rooina. with breakfast if d.-aired; <a?, hot and on ' >*' Terma moderate. Reference exchanged. /. - AflTTWRNTIKTH HTRKRT, A KRW DOORS PRO >' droadway?Rotana and anile of rooms, with boar I irirtK (lrat data, handsomely furnished, modern eo ?e throughout, and very pleasant neighborhood. IN IV Si rU WOO*. HflON SOlIARK, CORNER OP HRVKNTKKNT \ ttrert and Fourth avenue ?a family alao single genu core u ay obtain dnelrable rooms, with board. PRJNO RTRKET, POUR DOoRB ?ROM BROA1 i J way,?To lot, several handsomely furnished rooms di., lenabtni-a. The location is near all the first class h 0 ls nquire In the building of tnson House. r.{ Bl.KRt KER 8TREKT?TWO OR THRtCR DBS J j rable rooms to let, ?uh board, to single gentlemen < wet am with their wives. < .? :akt broadwat, near ohatiiam square. . r'urnblied rooms to let to single gentlemen or geutl td their wives, with or without board. Warm and co id gss in the bouse. Reference exchanged. BLKBCKER STREET.-FURNDWCD LARG moms, to accommodate three geutlemen in eat , o let, with partial board. Gentlemen requiring roon 1 need not apply. Breakfaa at 7 o'clock. WAVKRKRT PLACE.?OENTIjEREN ANDTHKI , li. wives and aingle geulleot'-a can be aoo an modal' * od rooms and board, convenient to cars and stages, t Inity of Washington square. Reterenoea required. . ; FORSYTH STREET ?WITHOUT HOARD, A SII . - 9 gle gentleman can have a nicely furnished room f r week by applying as above kiwa nicely kept ai cheap. Orand street and Bowery cars convenient t 'J I HUDRON STREET, ST. joun 8 PaRK.-TO I.R IO A with board, ts a gentleman and wife, a large front ix furnished, also a back parlor, furnished, on first fioc Gas t id baths. Y >( bl.kkckkr street, CONVb NIRhT to bboa way ?lbe above first class bouse having been i 1 fitted up. ta now in readiness for the reception of fan . 4 single gentlemen. Parties desiring board will find I per1!- arromaiodutkms. 1 A 1' NINTH STREET, TUIRIl DOOR BAST C ilr Broadway.?Furnished rooms on the first and seooi *'ir? ^ntuUia,or separtely, to let to gentlemen, with breakfa * ?<) I THOMPSON STREET, NEAR WA8HINQT0 _.... X Parade Ground ?Furnished or unfurnished root With board, to gentlemen and their wives or single g? it: also two or three young laelee can be aooommodaie .has baths and gas throughout. RANT BROADWAT.?A UKNTLR*ABOARD L. uiruninwiijiiuii-ii mill iuiuiwduui U?1. u twit apartments, with full or pertls! board, la a reapaetab .a* above. Also, two or three gentlemen eu bo a Orion dated. V 111) FOURTH 8TBRKT.?A FRW HTNOI.E QBNTL. a' ' mrn can bo accommodated with neatly furnish won with board. The bonne boo aU the Modern U mania Dinner at all o'clock. > HOUSTON 8TREKT, BRA R I.AURR alt.?TO L* V I to one or two gentlemen, a haudeoae furnioh iarl?r, ?nh pantrtes, on the rirst floor artth or witho br net (laa and hath to iba bouae. ' brui dWat,-TO t.rr, a purwihhrd aooi ' , . l u Ililnl n ull, aahat't Tr ~i 1~n gnmlami e aah gsmlsausn Breakfast If require ' btoadway-a labor bauk parlor, vrn I I . 'room attached, to let, wiik or without board. Tl btlul summer room, and location dealrabla I n re- red. I 'ADWAt, OMR Dot ih BELOW OLINTC ? ii." '? floe aoR of room. to let, ao a auto or oUu It - hea al' M4*r. Impmvrmrnla. . , tl iltK AlT-AT.?A fK.TATR FAMILY WOUl 1. t/JL Uk< a 1?w xalaetboaK * References iclreo a *kvt Re. pp. ' ' blp ORNTLjTIRR caR BR A ytmir late ' ? . n r. n able r*?>Aa sad board by a (ate... h In-t, eo.i of Madam. h ver* pleaaa - to, where ?y l|*,:'.\ "?** aaflrrts gtf'om*. RARK (-TTT II " * *?>K-MAINTRO * Ircp T,re .> belt*lea?la otferwd by rlim. (ru<.-n:ti ried'nr down loan PtWha mtgbt t oed I - vmc.iutoda'e a gentlemen ai ly Is* n?- ? oooairiA Inquire alUB Wi f- -therre , PRIVAT "? t pal . OOUUPTIHftl 1 flue I* I .. sr make term* with e,. , ..icm.i ?1the Si ml breakfast R **v ricbei 1. 1 ij at m Rt, .ireel, botweoo PU Ink mo ', iknti.rnaj* ixmrte^ ' habits wisiii parnal I* - reap-omt private family, whe U are few at ' wrdera. 1 where all the ??i 11? 01 a be ? found. .it r?-M X. W T . Broa VatdOe-.f a, whle' mil at be moderate, aJ id 1.1. mt eut paea (Tod, An Reiereoceot ed. ~k I RITAf? ? *MII AN AOrOMMOOATR AflRNTT, man end a* >, w o or three single gpntlnmen, w eut r,, ma SI ' * "** enn'atua gaa. bath An. A d l!fl Waal fwr -red eu*et. between Wrth a ilh an ntwa. ref- - reqnlrtWI K ry w FimyiiK linnilinnis/i nn nwm^ ^ dai'-d Willi liandanat'ly rnrnkehed roetna, In ? home ul< * lortird nn<I ntninnndln* a Ann rlew of the bae I ir, ?>) epplytiip * "o V Willow place, near the 801 ( -t ArnohTya. , CM ALT PRIYATE PAMlf.T CAM ACOO V YODA' J\ one w mn tlnple peotleraen partial board; the hot b % pleasant InrailaQ and matatae all 'be modern Impn Apply at No. II |{nm>to iK . near Klphlh arenue A.apt wthhrr a WIOH.T rr*M tamed room r< herself, dauptitrr and a Utile servant, ta a map-mat le family. Dot above Hletvfcer or Mow Ml John a pa e1rtl?*r of parlor and klt'h.u Rrforrore* rjrhaor r a not metered foardollara aad a half par weak. Addr 1 Wattlw n aqr are Pool oflfloe a ptetctlt peitate pa hilt, otvcpttko newl) tui-niehrd bonae In Twenty a-ren'h street, n< V> tear and Plata areata*, will let to itmrto iwaHam r t. d-eu able rooma, wttb or e iihotil oarusJ fc r*rd pa* a . . It> the bteiar, term* moderai', and hew of rsforeaoaa ?ed, Adt re? A. L . box 111 Herald offloe A OEMTI.KMAM AIIO III WIPE OE TWO AIHOI p. nil.'to n ran be aacvenmutated wltb board In a am ,ie lanul) . loraUna la Plfleealh street bete eeo Plfib a artsnee. At!dree* R. T. t'atna Square Pom oSoe. 1 PROMT ROOM OM RMTOMD PUOOR, WEU. PC J\ olrhed. and will be kept In pood order, to let to * peat without b.iard Inquire on the premises, III W yauth Kireet, aetwren H mad way and eeraoLh a remit A I KMTIRX MCIT OP APARTMKWTH OM THE * A rood floor ran now be obtained by early application at yoiirt. mh ilreet, near frrtnp pWo?. Alan. h,.a-l | 'mm, * lib or without mmn. EWhmnowe etebanped A PRIVATE PAMTI.t. OOCUPT1MO A MEW PIR . c'aae house In Thirty eer-md aireet, near Rroadway a .1 a renin will let, to rmtlemni. tbree mnoss, with hut a water, turnnhej, panlal bnard. If deal red, term* mot m w, halt. An., tat the but we. Apply at ? West Thir l?Pt,P.Nt>IT> PCRMIMHEI) PARI.OR, WITH TWO HK t rmiu attaehed. alan. a -tnple rem, to let to elnple g< en I* a priratr bonee, wl h all ibe modern Improrem-n tire at M Print- street. a few doer* watt of Broadway. r m Rtrr minktmkmth wtrpht-a pritv 1 Prrnrh wmlly ran hrroiaandaM twn elnple rentier* orb or toumani with break fad dnriop the week and 4 on bunder Term* from RR 'a IK aooortUnp in r d. Very bed reference required PIMP KUIT OP ROOM*?OM THE dROOMO MToH a In l>'t, t<'(entlemen, In a prtrau* amlly, wlia breakft r t Part Plfteealb street, or to a pen'leman and wife, wttb< Iren i*pl rooms, the bonae "oBtalna all the modern I /emmte ^ -pcrmiahe? amp mice apartment* pi enCrme.i and lad* with board 'pflrWe table) flw h iitatnul^rh'twMy Boothrr boarder*! *p toe reairnl n < .nreymteee. aad la pot aotghhorhood. I *). b.. Ilmadway pwt orww >a RI>.?PCRNTbHRD ROOM* OM the RROOI floor In lei te a lady and r -nU mau: board tiw tha ladyi nail rr/ ?rr famlli, wbrm the ?Wori* of ajtome may 1h-r? Is baUS SM. an ?pi'w ? rlii *tr*r'. balirMS Mirth anrl ? . ?n? aranima. OARP-WfTH Pt.BAMART WF1J. rVBRMHI rwm Dtnrf' ra lm?MTfmcfit, tm two ?hu|b* (orulrn 1 K.-ntlrnian Burl hla wL'? t -I '? l? sal Anw l)>*r?l<i m r?n st 70 Varick at, mmr m. Jnha a park. ctABik-ronBoriornrRofrT ARPBACK nowjrm In* ronws, fitrt Infcrd or aafuraisbrt. sn sarrtnl ? <*?. * mta sntl manor* mnvrt)l?n?.m. ?' 175 TTtimpart ttr? pan plan*,) may be had, tonte .'inr or a?ptr.v?l)\ lir r p?r !, ?, with partial ba*i -l far go?lom<-n and I .rd lor fair print* OARP A ORWTT.RIIA* A!*P HIS WT^R OR Tl ; . .k i'i' 7Jn " ' sins room ur mnm and hrdr wn In th Itprorrm.-n't, at l-n fa ft trtroaUt ***#op Plnnrr at n clonk. "pmLaI/SI ""*<?'* ?'A* MR J aakZ^TsJ IT!S fnPii-kr 1 r ? m. and b<?*rl ' pit atlf l AlTr^T'V '"rmt rm-nta. plinar al 6 P p' 1 Al"*?n P'xtr, aw Ponrth atrrst. J"??* *W*? nR THR aaMinrT-? Vf.wwk koari aa<i ?l. , - .1ujaas.!ari,i '"r,; :e ne MOIIN I auAKuua Ano "T HOARD-A KUR?I?HBI> BOOM TO I.KT, TO A. LAO J > uj gentleman, with board lor the lady only in a ana ^ family, the hoiue oootalna bath and gap. Call at 111' Wei >r Tw?ny fourth atreeL he TJOARD-AN KIJWAKTI.Y ri'KNIMIKO SUIT Ol m J) room*, on thr Oral Boor, 10 lot The houae la ihm* an bandacme-. eieellenl labia. Thoae wlah'ng a refined and prl rale home <?n bo accommodated, on reaaonabie irruia, at 9 Kaai 1? enty recond alreel, two blorkt from Broadway. da -roard-waktrd, BY A RRSRKOTaBLK vritKiv ,ns lJ lady, t^llh two children and aervanl, ftirnldjed ruomi wllh board, in n xmall genteel family, wbo have few o- n ? hoarders; private labia requi, ed. loralton between Fottrireutl ? Mini Twenty eighth ?drct'ia Broadway and Seventh avenue Hj, Addreaa K. 8., Herald ollice, atating location Ad., with par Uctilara. ? HOARD CAN BF HAD II* \ BROWS HTONg 1IOUSK JV A3 elegantly fnmUhrd throughout, by a faintly or a paly o ad gentlemen, Family pinall and private. Dinner at alt. Kel'n it rcii.c* required. Call at UGti Weal Twenty third atreev, to T,t three davit hoard can rk obtaiskh for rouK ok kiyi ,T AJ young Lvutl?meu at .It Leroy alreel, within one minute'i >' W alk of the nice, ki'r , Meet anil Sialh avenue nam Board in ourtom clack ?a family, and owi or two single gentlemen out obtain furnish e' aoar'ments iL * lib board, at 61 Clinton place, oear Fifth avenue. Reference [Id ri-otiired 1)5 OOARD IN BROOKLYN?THRKK OR POUR Si NOLI 1) gonilrmru can W accommodated with partial board at 9 ? Willow street. lM ? ' d; DUARD IN ItROOKLYN.?A PKW GINTI.RMKN OAf n- 1J be provided Wuh pluaxant rooms and g Md board, perm* n. nrnt or transient, by applying at No. 17 High (reel, near Pul top. Furnished rnomx to lei. H OOARD IN ilROOKI.TN.?A SITTING ROOM aNO BSD e- I) room attached, on the tirat floor: also rooms suitable fo single gentlemen with partial board. In a modern house, withli ? four minutes walk nl South and Wall street ferries. Apply a ). M Henry street, Brooklyn. ? liOAHl) IN BROOKLYN ? A URNTI.KMAN AND WIP1 13 hud two single gentlemen nan be accommodated wit ? Urst elass rooms and board at 73 Stein street. Brooklyn, a fr j. minute* walk from Wall or Atlantic street ferries. * TYOARD IN BROOKLYN?A OKNT'.RMA V AND WIFI ? 13 or two tingle gentlemen ran be accommodated with g??> board and handsome rooms, with a private family, at 21 llij g. nreei. Terms miderate BU OARD IN BROOKLYN-ONK OR TWO OKWTI.H men ran be accommodated with partial board iu a srua K private t-iinily. within tea minute* walk of the ferries Appl ;h . B 891 Atlantic street* B" OARD IN BROOKLYN.-TWO OR THRKK OKNTLF men or a gentleman aoJ his wife desiring pleasant spar H mentx and full or partial board with a private family tuir ed perhaps, lind stirri lo suit them by applying at IRA Atlanta la street, between Clinton and Oouri.'ftvr minutes walk jisoi. South ferry, and teu minute* irom Wall street ferry. L'udjub ? ed references required. or OOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A PRIYaTX FAMILY HAV id 13 tug mora room than they require, would aooomodate tw r three single gentlemen with elegantly furnished apartment/ ? with full or partial board. Please oail at 61 BsiUo sirttt Xt between Henry and OUnlon. m. OOARD IN BROOKLYN, BKTWKKN Fl'LTON AN! XJ Wall street ferries.?Partial hoard for gentlemen In a pi ? rain family, about eight or ten minutes walk U? four ferriet 5 handsome house. with all the modern Improvements, situate ?n high ground, and in a respectable neighborhood. For pai a(. tic ulurs Inquire ai 49 Concord street. u' doard in south brcorltn-a okntlkmam ami ? 13 lady or slnglejentlomrn can Uad pleasant rooms on et tm cml Hour, at m Went W.irreu street, between Cbaton an Peory etree'e, Atlantic ferry. a> DOARD IN WILLIAMSBURG?FOR UKNTLKMRN AMI ? D their wires and single gentlemen, dan be obtained on ag clteaUon at Mo. 13 South *lnth street, between First sad He M xtad streets. The house Is ooutlguoua te three ferrtee S." DOARD IN WILLI AM8BBRO ?OMR OF THR FIRS J) class bouses and best locations: only two minutes wall _ from Peck slip ferry: rooms on the around and third tioon A- fnr seotlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. Appl lr. et 19 South Ninth street, corner of Second street. ? DOARD IR THR UOOKTRT.-TMR UOUHM RRuWN A D the FasUioa, In the village of Mew RnehsOe, about Br ? denies walk from the depot end one mile (bam the eteembas K and tag. Is now ready toe the reuepttoe of families and stag! gentlemen. Fine airy rooms and every sowbrt ere wow m _ end to thoae who may favor this delightful teti inl with thai patronage. For partfaniara apply to Mm 0. H ADDER, n _ ha premises, or to R. LATHERS, Esq.. Orenl Western Maria T -odtiranee On.. SB Ftne street Mew Tork ?j noxRD IN Tint COUNTRY.?MRR. ULKIPK HAVlNi A) taken a large and commodious house wtthla two block _ of the railroad depot at Plaiafleld, New J si say, ta prspared t ^ receive families u> board tor the summer. DOARD AND ROOkOt. HINUt n esro ffClTS, FO D grtitbtneu and families. rfiy and country, nan be obtali _ ?l by applying at the Hoarding Ku-hange, 346 llroedwa; , Free to V?rdera All wishing genteel boarders should mal J* surly application. SMITH A HOT I). _ DOARD WANTKO.?A ORNTLKMAN AND HIS WIF IH i) wish lo And permanent board Lit a flrst olaaa boarck _ house la Snuti Brooklyn tear Court street Dinner at 6 or w~ o'clock Address D. v., Brooklyn Foat office. "I DOARD WANTXD?FITII1S A SHORT DISTANT y! J3 of thys city, far a gentleman, wife. Infant and nurse, fro ** shout the 1st or .trine. Adilress. staling particulars. M. C. N bo> 1.331' New York Poa office 9 D<>\RI) WANTKP-BT A YOUNG UKNTLKM A V A SU * IJ ale room aiul use or bath, location oear Twelfth street an A Fimrth avenue jmlerred. Addreea T K , Herald office, :? Ing taenia. ho. '* DOARD WAXTED-FOR A LADT, IN A PLKA8 tM ?3 locailoe, mlthawtdotr Isdy ehera there are on othe "J hoarders preferred; gas and bath Indlapcuaable. Address 3 jjj R. P.. Madison square i'ost office. _ DOARD WANTKD-RT A I.ADT, IN THF TItTNIT 13 of M John's park, or In the Immediate niegbhorhnod fh * lie far tot v references riven. Address R. P. J.. Herald office ? TJOUHK WANTF.n.-A SMALL HOUSE WAXTKI J 1 sloisted below Twenty flf h street, ntnd have the mnder _ ltnpro?ea.enis and be in good order Retit tstl to lent u< snr m Ari.'rr^e. nam lug and terms. W J. II ^ llread way Post "Hire. Id1 DOARD WANTKP?IN A FRITATK FAMILT. WIIICR J? I) there are no other boarders, tor a gentlemsn and etfi ~~ M il'requlr* a bedroom sod kiuuig mom Iss-adon m l-t fc plesiant, between Amity sad Twentieth streets P.irmet made tn sdvence Address Money. Union square Post office t!h HOARD WANTKD.?A SINOLR QKNTUC.W AN W ANT , J) a neatly furnUhid mom. below Twenty third ?tre? 1*J ruhcr with or without hoard Ad<lpe-a, wtih u rmn aid othi parttrular*. U.. Colon apiare Pout ofllre 77 HOARD WANTKD IN NOL'TH HRooKl.YN A I.AH ' J) ladtUmuanf obtaining board tor heraetl, ?w<? ghlldrc ?j\ aged fonr nod teren yeara, ?ad *errant, in a rwapectabl* fan Jj! It. whirr thereare ri? other hoarder*. Add it**. AtatUg terra which aunt ho moderate, W. D , Herald odn. APaRTMKNTHOA , * J) he oh'aiDgd for f?initio*-. aIao for alngle *eniJo?*e/i on IJ JT mijat leOna, at loagreaa 11*11 Paterann, New .ler?o r#- 77^ i. Workman 7T TJOARPINth?PCRNIPIUDOB DNFCKNIBHRD Rook V* D t" !?', to Angle gentlemen or gentlemen And 'heir wire 4 wither without hoard, with hot And Bold WAlrr hath* Pie Ann' room* *nd rood location, ah urwnwVh ?, brtwn hprlag ?nd Vandaia __ TJOARDINO -ROOttR TO t.RT, FCRNIHHEP OR C . IJ t irnl-hed. with or without Nard, tn the flrw claa* hrna * iii?r hmi*e. Vo. 419 fourth irrniw The houa* It new. aj _ h?* ererything requletle for comfort And mnrenleoco But ?? rr Ore nor* gurn wod repaired. AIao a room. amiable for y phtaV-lan, to lot, wt'h bonnl _ / Aot'NTRT HOARD WANTRD-OR THK I.INR OP TP . _ \_y Ifmlkon Rleer Railroad. At or b?,..w Tarry VI wo. f,,r a fe U.-tn*ri And family O- <d labto to U?pe***bla. Addrem 2 o . hoi ST7 Poa< nffcrr. with full partlrumra. _ / YOl'NTRY BOARD-POR RKVRJt OR RIOHT PK1 ? \J anna. At A country tAAt near Pnugbtaepale. Ah >ut Bftru *' minute*' rtdr tmm th* depot, one of the pleaaanieol looaUm . . on the rtrrr PtabUag on the place Beat at rotoretaa* r qii'red Addrrma FA. M . Hrmkl nflee ? T\K*TRAM.K PVRNTFHKD RoOlfH TO I.CT ?TWO O IK lJ three gentlemen ran obtain pleaaaat mm, wMh hrw* ?? fh?t and to* If required. in a tlr?t rl*n? brown atone boo* r.r cmt-nlent to the ran and iA|"t No. 71 Went Paurteea atieet. fliel Honae wfwt of With arenne NT tU'RHtBHRD ROOM* TO I RT TO A PKW FINHL nd P gentlemen. with or wHhnn arUaJ board, a a amall pi nd rat* family. Inquire At Ha IsMith AreouA Referent* In- rwqntmd ty. Fm frntfmko room* to urr-Ai^a a bvjt c room* "t! the firm floor a deelnthle location for a prof* O- atoA*1 gentleman, at 74 Whhe atreet, near Hrrtadw*y w * t*- XjNCRHIRIlKO ROOM* -A PINI RTTTT OP PARDORi r no firm floor, with the eiienatoa moot, elegantly fn ? nl"he<R abn anita of mom* and alngle mnma, newly fa ry> Blkhed to let Wtthwil h'<*rd. la the Seal etaat hmwo an * horme Sn drawl .tomw atreec Rath. gOA. An M. It^OCR RUIOI.R ORim.lMICN MAT OBTAIN PARTI A r board, with dinner no H.voder In * *trV*ly wrlrate famt) ? on fciiinh Aeenue. a few door* abwea Twentieth rreel A 'V. *****" wUh ry*i "" *? . Mnrmd aMaa, tor three dam UIl CV)R HINOI.R S KNTT.KMRN-PCRNIS AKD ROOH m T With or without nartial board A rrtrate family woo let. to ere or two alngle gentlemen a tatting room, with o e , ? iwi bed to awn* ne*Uy furalahed The houee la nry piraaai ) R aft oat nd, below TwJtolleth alreet ha* laa, bath room aad <4h jtm conreolenee* Relereneee required. Add re? A M , fa n?; >*?' offVr^ rtMmraWI (UN BR AOCOMMODATMD WIT _ IT rnoma. fnralahed or aafnrnfahed. wfthont board, kak in rlaagh' iiae, replete rUh modarn Imgfll umiiaW. hatha. I In and ootd. gwa. An. aanemthmt m New Toet Baaal. MflOraai hi ^treet. between Waeertay aad CMahm plaada. ^ tTOTW, ItOlNllMOR.-OWm.MMMM OAR OHTA1 ? *??? ? IhaOhiha BomtaanMreffrM hwt and William atrreta. at S oottla per algM. A few of C en ^ S7H oent* pee atghA Mo mhar rfmrgw. eio-pt RfaW niU*a. HOBO*RN.-A RTMMRR ROARDIIQ Pl.AOR WAN ?d for a Utile hoy aged trr yearn. TV abore looatlo "T- near 'he ferry, preferred Nowe but Aowrtoaaa naed appl tth Addkwaa. atatiag term* Aa., W. J. O.. BaraM AflHa. TTOHOKRW ?PPBNfRHBD ROOMR, WITH PCLlTo 11 parttalboanl. can be Ahlalnad la arorj dwArnhle Inaatio iro tljor. t Ann ? ABiimnoir wjcark, imwr Aim ,IH J.1 rnrorr Bank atmot.-- Rnoraa to lot, wM> board. anitab at tor f .raino* or atnfl" ranOamm Rafaranao* rwjalrad ? XT*ATI.T rrMiHtnefi *OO??-TO I.ITP, TO RIWOI, t(V Xl Km i anion. without board, MM* kit* atrant, aaar Aran, rb,. *?f. Oood rafaranoo* ???t bo *tr#n In rafard lo oharMtar 1HV AT* BOA ROT WO.? A f ABtLT OOWWTIWtl naat and < <mu?odtoa* bun*.', with *11 tb? nandarn hi SR I rot. III A rary plaaaaat and IWanaotaMa n*?hbThorp V1..1I1I arcottinnodatr ? *antlaman And nM wifa And twc air* L M ranll.'tnati with In" ?w partial bnafd. Apply * IW Wr iightPfnth Itrrtl, nrar Ii?l?U? trrtOA p. ...?- . ? i > WTO I NY} EDITH)M?SATURD A.Y, BO*HOiBu ASH tiOOUUO. Y I) v ATI AO HOARD WANTKli?HV A RKSPKCTAHOH II I yon lb, nphircn yvurn >f npe, in ? prv? itlc Umily on tln>t e?Hl nldr of the city not aborc Twenty I >nHti ?lre?i. AilUri-utt, ?iMl n?r IfrniH, Ac , M O S IV. HnraModlac I' IVUOHR AND HOARD? itKNTl.KMKN OaN HMD NKW d JV ly fnml?ho<1 cuinfortoO'c room* Oy the (iny or tnok, with 1 ur wiir.oui |i?rm*nmit or u-^n?iont b.mnl or ntnKle nealii tij it applying at the Telegraph Hutat 17 High street, dw rmieu. Brooklyn. r qovtb HROoKBTN ? h aNOHOMK FUHMMIKO 1, O room* to let, wllh partial hoard, to two or three gentle ? men, in the home of n email pi-irate family, realdlug tn a ploa ,1 Mint location, convenient to South ami Wall Hi-out fen-tea. The bonne la new, ahd containa gaa hath, hr For particular*. iniulre at 18 Ilarriann atrom. South Brooklyn. ck.i k.i t pkivatk u'tarlllmj.?a fkvf 81noi.k C? Ki-utlrmm Or gentlemen and their wlvea can be aroora modeled In it genteel American family, In a pleaaant anil deairahk location. by applying at 73 WiM Twenty third htreat, ro liKNTI.KM KN Al*l> TIIKIR WIVBh OB 8INOU gentlemen can obtain plnaaant mom a, furnlahnd or oa fumiahed, at 1*5 Wcat Twentieth afreet 1 Matter at at( o'clock Referenoea exchanged. TWO OKNTI.KMKN WTSn TO FTATK PARTIAI, BO ABO with a reaperiabl* family up town; rurnlahed room wanted Adilreaa box HH4 Poat office. TWO OKim.RMRN WISHING TO R(K?M TOORTHKB, can-he a immodated with a large fnmtaheil roam, with gaa and attendance. on reaaoaable tertna, without board; alaa a email room unliable for one gentleman, not IrenMniitea' walk trum Kulion ferry; reference required. Apply at 138 Pulton Brooklyn. qtwo OR THRKK RINOI.R (MINT KWRNOAN BB A? 1 eomn. latrd with good board and pleaaaat rooraa, by ap plying at 277 We at Nineteenth atreet, near Ninth arenua. Terma moderate. r qiFIRKK HANIWOMKLT FURNISIIKH ROOMS, OOMMU g 1 ideating, having bath, (u and t trot on, to let with bm?t I to irniWen only of refined hahlta. at the private rod two* 62 Went Fifteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth are nu?H. Referentmevxohanged. b qino \ KRY l'l,K?>ANT ROOMS OK THK 8KUOND r J. floor, wbh pantry, hath room. Ac., adjoining; also hall nw'fom U aau'ed, u? lot, with or without partial hoard, lo tai. or three fren'lemen, In the pleasantly located htmse 69 H Strand a ten ne, corner of Fourth street, eocnpted by a prirate d family. h ? To i et?with ruiji board, a back parlor and extension room on the first Boor, a handsome unit of rr? on the tiecond Boor furnished or unftiratnhed; also one II bit i:e tn>ni room on third door, suitable for families, or gentle , men and their wires. Two single gentlemen may also Bod line 'irmmmndatioiia. House newly furnished and with all he modern improvements, gas, hot and cold water on every door, Ac. I .or at ton most deal rattle, on Ninth street, between ' Kit h si?t Sixth avenue*. References required. Address box i.tct't, post ofliee. New Tork. ? HV) let?two OR TURRR FURNISH KD ROOMS, I I >iih nse of bath room, to gentlemen, without beard. Apply a" 118 Charlton street. TO LET.-A PRIVATE FAMILT, HAVING MORK ROOM than they require, would let to one or two gentlemen, a l nif ty furnished and very pleasant front room and bedroom, J) attti gas sod bath on same floor. Reference given aid re quit i-d Apply at 191 Meventh avenue, near Twenty -third ..trret, p TV. LKT-TO GKNTIJCMRN WITH Ok WITHOUT P\RI tia. board, handsomely furnished rooms on the second d floor in .'1 private house, containing all the modern improve men's. Apply at 100 Prince street near Broadway. T*> I.ET-TO ONE OR TWO ORNTLKMKN, A PARLOR [> 1 and bedroom, atlhrr furnished or unfurnished, nithout v. ine.i's. In a prhate family whsre there are no boarders, with J In U -ee blo-hs of St N to betas or Metropolitan Hotels. Ad drei? Cooper. Broadway Post ofliee. j> FUlAROlAL. ~ $51)0 rmin who baa the above amount ot eaah to loan on amp)r security. may obtain a permanent situation and r a salary of $16 per week, or IX preferred an Interest lu the be k twees Apply at 2BT Second street. i, ? T Qfl(\ nnn *? invkht IN tuk pvrchabb or rt)U,VUv bond* and mortgages, at a diaoount on luma of from fi.lOUU to on improved or iwlmprored property $ in Brooklyn or New York. * (TIAll. R. M1U.KB A CO., If W? atreet, baaement. T??UA or tHK HANCOCK BANK. BANK op TUB ' D Republic. Kxeten Exchange Bank. Bangor: Brie Ottr, * Hank of Mawoaslle. and til o'her broken hank bills, bought ? at highest rates, by JOHN UOOrK, money broker, 471 * Broadway, ; roe* r. a. bandpord, trobtm, aoainnt thm 9 O NMkat's Harbor aaJ KUiabar* Railroad Company and M others.?naiders of tintt mortgage bond* of the above company ? are her by notified to appear and proluoe their bond* bef.-rt Jamrs F. Btarbuek, Key., the referee ayP' fitted by the Hp ? clij ot New York, oa the Mth day of May, Avast, at IS o'oloek r noon, of that day, and make proof their ranpeo lee elalnm ' ander such bonds. JAMK8 F RT A R BUCK, Referee. Ltaocnrvv A Attorneys for piaiatiO. K WkTcuteww, May I, 18157 1 op eaoijcm and mumubippi railroaa U Company, 44 ?h?ffi plana.?New York. Ma/ 1. I8T M Intrreei noJWe?The eeutl auaual Internet on the farm mort " gage boaris of this company, due on the tothtast. will be pah on and after that date by M. k. Jeeop A Oa., agents. on pee I veatathm of the prnpar eoupoaa at thla oBlee. A P rmaaNft Pi?atent J, /\ppic* or ran thiro ATinrmi rait, bo ad com ? \J pony, crner of Kaat Siity firtt street and Third avenue ? A quarterly dividend ol two per oenl hav btm deolared ? thn napiiai st k of Ihi* oempany. payable at their olDae, en and 1 after the l.'th Instant Tan traas/rr book will be o.oeed from ' the Oth to the 13th Instant Inefuslre By order, Naw Tot,a May A 1X17. H AMI. $ iHAA'tfl. Peemtary. PAOIPtO MAII. BTKAMHHIP OOMPANT, NKW TORK. May 6 Iflff? ?At a meeting of tbe Hoard of Directors, held 1 this day. a dividend of ten |>er cent out of the profits ef the ' company wat declared payable on and after the sth UuA. Tbe transfer books will be ol??I tii.HI that date } PKRIiKRIO HOFFMAN, Berretary n* ANTKD?RAII'ROAD HWNDS OR HTOCKa IM * TT trade, ler a large and very valuable body of mineral ?nd limber lard ta PeuaaylvaalA. Apply to OMO. WARNER ami Hmadway LOAI OI I'ICKM. J tf.1 -ANT AMOUNT OP MONKT ADVANCED AT TH* SI. Broadway \s+n CMfiee, SW Broadway. This old seta - Mlrhrd and r> ?i uaaP?le offlre adraaees the highest ounm oa n flam-1.,1s, watebe*. Jewelry and personal property ar bought ? tor cash PswobroVrrs' tickets bought ,,r MACDUFF A KHKAD, 8Mt Broadway, rooter Walhsr. ?1 ft it J ? W7U.IN A CO.. MOKMB ,? rl.ol;, Rnneessorti to laioher A Ol., loan oa _ diamonds watches. I Pawnbroker's | AD binda of piopmM i "" "* ?* m*i<> ??< to ia.uq0, to mmiw-aorakobi S Pi Oa Mite, ? Dry jaoda. plum, hardware. aaore. Be . Gnaim of ?mrt dMrr^UM bouflht far mA J H BARRfViiRR. 170 Broadway, mom R ' fc7 /urn to loan o* Bonn a?n mortoaob, m ?, cliv"" Met or Ihiw atinw on Are ri*,? preprrty In V - V rk f l?rw*ly- Apnlv t > ^TL\ ICHTKR Hi Wc- 1? ?o Wfltl rrwi,front ofaor, m orm<i floor. { /,.,ku,f LOa* .>f> ?AM? n a?m|i.I f PZvf.f nflf Jewry r?m dry rood* u4 allktedaa* "i Bnamlpncdr or hoofbt aiU aoU far Mk Wok* hoe# "1 nnr*rac?e Kki Ba. a-ynfaaefl lul Hue- nmet rnw of * Uk, Moed floor. I am Wo f end t% a TWO*PIP >* * no., brokwe ud eewkew mmeflae* re IMWI -1-htiniw bt flOTUflOk Of TB * fatmniu. 8u% %ad Barer mm! Qen Oowtf J a v, or w?* Tor* ?r??j irof at kmroJ <* * ? * \ | vlAJiOWIN) -T1TB TRABB IB IWrfltnUf IB !i* I ' farmrd faot w are nrmttomeUy ? aPeaailBfl. M< her< - i-<sl MSfnESffa. ot^LHL J HOIBBfl, ROOMS, M? WAJPTMO. AH h hkm.iihi ffOl'bk WAWTKD MT A OKNTT.I mar and I. wlfa wlthrnjt children, for prtrate root " d*-*-. In or ?lx ' fourteenth atreet *M ahle of far etty. * A'lilrma l.oi Bi I nine plow PnaO (Bee - . / kf rn n wawtfp.-a bball orri? * ob part or " ' ?n oflw no Aral floor or hAeemaoLlo Wall atroet, abor* " Wit; ?m. or In Na???n not ah??o Pret ofare, or fa Plea eat * h< u u Wulwm AtUrmaD.. boa t M Poat oAae a CTkAMHOAT WAKTED.-WaNTKD to OiiARTRR, A , o atram terry b"at ' * an* or two moolAe wn,i prrHle?r rt nfibrrrer Apply to PACL A OUT1R. Uherty aire-* M ~ * * . i ii Wm | awtrd-a awai.i, par* ok hwariw or to ran AAdrem Jaa.m Herald ofaor far farm day*. f 11* \RTIJ> part or a TWO MORT H'X'HR. WRPT IT ahfa *Kh ail faa flwi Imprrrrieoo a, A* a rea'le n ai aad ;fa Aey oee barmy arch. la a drmraM* lonua n. ~ mt m/torra)r rraI. will ftiwl > pood tmum by hmH| ru [J| M, Ilrmki .totor __________ 7 ro? tin BtnwWL rw > rrRwrniiKp 7 TP ^.^vwwk^niuui. Uui lag mac# ? Tr*?m AJrrvanr Wo U William torr*. tir aivtru to rr?cnA*?-Two or iou u? K fT wRk rrtormrr to wWl lumMU, >Kt?w to PortiHk aod Nutvnk UMi tHrw O R. 4., ImU amto. M ii*Una iwn*??? ?* i?a " tyAKTUD TP BKWT TOR OWjTBAR, WTTH TKR n rr^j'XT WAKTRDTO RRirr, WITH PRITILROROr PHROHAlk T. TP lag?A oottagr, vttb a tow into of rrouarf iNmK . eKhrr rm tkr npprr rwi of ton UUuid or a Short rtktonoa to f Mrw .1 rrnry. nn ton ltiM of th* Rrtn Railroad. u?t wWp? torrr wnnld Pa Bin ntyreUna to ton arrtotoa of a mall rum anr tor _ tor aianufhctum at wiUh Addrato U. W. U. Ui fnitoo m btrrrt, fourth IInop. ** fcrtr mrmrhim.~ "'" " " K If OR HALR-A wri.RRIMP LABOR BLACK OOO, OWR to JP r*r old. rmaB wuh Nrwfnnndtoari nod BL Barnard, tlto

ownrr Sarin* no fiatorr am tor kirn laoalra la tor rwUk - atnrkrl Ha. | UnlrarMy ptom. oaar Po-iito WranA ,n ? >1 CAti. noAT POR kalr CURAT IP APn.TRn POR t*r l mrdlntolr. r>fm long, 7 frto S larkaa wlda, to good orttor. * Apply at 144 WhI ktrm, up ptolrr ________ >; vArTrr to* uiA-m moor uon pabwt. 1 I I' i*r tnaa, fixir hmtoa la nah to. ktotn mm, largo topp! to" "> ? Coral abod ftwwatd rotlroli nratoMaaf /r I ~J\/' nip ! < * ?"? f f 4 , 'i fih ' ' * ? WAY 9, 1857.?TRIPLE r -f f f - > < ? rwet B&ut. ^ _ WR SAIA. A yiHHT RATH OVBTKB *NI) JVtal/U. r??i?gur i ttmji m. d,,tug an excellent c#ih hudn -nr Mult be noMtodny, brtug what It will. Apply imme(1 e-|> lit VI i>?l >||I ' |A>t>A|| ?M>K S?l.k A SVl,*?nm IKIffK T> iW if K-i >v^? H". Injlwicl c*?h bu?li,.'*s, ele.vlng nit A3 (AM yearly, limnd cbiuicr Alan, a "purloin drne store la Hmlnno Mtraol, Ah >, a fcplendit] up u>wn ynm-rv etore, doing ? homy curb b'trdltei , #1,17*1 Apply at 2tW Broadway, room 46. fl> .4 rje -TO fOllA AND SaHNaF tRII.I.A *\NlirAO?|^I I t/> taper* --"ojiper mala apparatus, ounplete, with P.rfUlH* table, four Ui r?, will run ?0 three buudmo ami fifty io/.i'U at oue 1 hsrgt. litres l'oantaui* anil generator, founiatua onutatning twenty three r.allnn*each gitod a* new, all la perf<-?l running order; o?t tAM. tlfin. ? Platform spring top w ?Ron. nine sides. painted and finished la tbu boat maiiaer. made to order In the country, run only three mouth*. A hat 13B grpaaaodabottleK. bacoud band, perfect, belter than new. Inquire of Wfl.I.lAM PICK, tin ltitane street, We ? Tort I t ASH Will, Pl'RCH A.SR TIIK 8TOOK AND vJriJW gM'd e ill, together with horsn, two business wagons, one light wagon. <l> ml.inhns, kegb and everything necea eary to carry 1*1 lb. t.usini-ss of a wholesale job dag liquor luieineri n"ibli?bed down town bluer IH4U. The protlla of last year amounted to, whlrh will he shown by thb.atkb Pan-titr'ery rearoiut givrn fitr telling by addreaauig J. At... Hriai 1 cfiiee. ?7<Ut HTOKR KtIR SAl.K-WO. 67 O'.D OA V I W. nsl street, mtnsieo half i bio * weat of Broadway, art old ?tted, and newly fitted up laat aummer. Apply on the pivniiaea. ?Qn( | -FOB RAl.K. AN INTBRRHT FN AN bHTAB vO\/\r. lbthrd biivlne?* pavlnr riKxl ororti*. It is a rood nfgiort unity fbr an H'IIth m*n to make rakaey. llallrlV'iiili y redeon* tor selling Addre** box 1 XOt rout office fcl HUH ,.H A>*Rf FOR a NKW HRtKUKT AND Vl.UUV liquor Mire, lease, stoftk Mid (Inure*, now dnlag ? rnvh hunlne*. Apply *t IW Niww street, r? <m? I and 1 CI f>IMI -'OK "ALIt. IN T"" VtLt.oUt.or FLUNU JtJ.aivl/1 tog, a lot with a front and roar house; th?i are both nww and rrni tor $I8U a year, worth ?!,?*! ipplt to PWKB O'WEII.. at Wanford Hall, Rluahtng. ?1 RK(| -FOR 8AI R, A NORTHAUR OF THttIr.L.v'v"* amaunl, amply secured on country p-operty Vr hb Slate, on which a larfa discount will tie made. BIHHH A HOUTHWIttK. 84 ?Wbn etreet. <i*> nnn-*0* A rpfrrtor ?R??bry. ohsira tJ/Xi.""'" bly located, i?vnr?h|e lr*s?, choicely assorted aiock, dutnr an ekoo'lcnt Imame ?rt, and > nluuxv not frequently lobe fomuT BIOllH A ROUT'I WICK, 84 Nassau street. AO Qnn rOR A BEAUTIFUL OOHNTBT RKH1 ipZi.OUU d*tica hi Hobokea; splendid view; ground* handsomely laid out In Aral rile order; a short distance from the ferry, on a stage route. Term* ex reinely liberal. BIOU8 A POl'THWlflW, 84 Nassau street. AK nnn T0R <>NK OFTIIR BK8T AMD HOST DRR1 iPt/iUvV; rabty located rr-icer1e* In Brooklyn; live yean lease allow rant, doing about ?an,000 per year. Hold on amount of IU haaKk Hl'IUH g HOUtHWIinC, 84 Nassau atreet A - 17/kfh -BEAUTIFUL (yOUVTRT HK\t roR SAt.R vJ.I UV. near the city. A flne convenient ooiimry hnipie, with aa acre of ground carriage house, Ac., well situated near McComb's Dam. The property In In perfect order, and will be. mild low. M U HHBLDON, 8ft Nassau etreet. fU\n -A BBACTTFOL RR8IDKNMF WITH TKN iJllI.Ulw. Iota at Macomb* Dam.jUue house. barn, gouuda baiidaomely tcrrsoed, views splendid, aUo Ave lota in gruuods and fruit, will exchange tor a farm ne vr the city, or city property. BIOOH AfiOl'TII RICK, *4 Nassau street. &i\l\ -FOR HAI.R, AN KLKUANT COUNTRY tpU.UUv aeat at North (laveratraw, 40 mllea from New Vtwk; aonae 45 feet square, 18 acres Ann land, bounded by fnnrtoAd*. ftne living aprtnft nim| tha door, handy to New York by three ateauiboataand isUHbad. Apply te MKLlNd A H aZRLTINK No 40: Broadway. AT AAA -FOB HAI.R OR KXCHANOK FOR UITY ?J> 4 .UUlt. dwelling*, h valuable farm of Si acre*, with tw* good dwellings and barn, at Mamatonoh, (uk yard, from the depot. Apply to A. H. OOU0H, 130 Wall atreet, up stairs ihl/1 n/lA FOB A COUNTRY RBAT OF FIFTRBN tblU.UUU acree, threw mllea from the ferrte*, on WU UaautbuM turnpike, all In perfect order; apian did location and view, plenty or fruit and shade tree*, and stages pass near thi door. BrOGfl k HOUTIfWTf'IC. 84 Naadau street. ?l?* linn -to ncBAirei, FIVR STORY HRIOI VlU.UUU. bounce, In tineokiyu, deairably located, i.ea. a atage rout*', elifbtly UK-umbered, alao, a valuable lot, uM Aliauth. baeon, tl.WO, fur it farm convenient to the city. blUOH A SOOTHWIOK, M Na eau htreet A FARM FOR SAIJ(-:M i* OOJ>D IRUKR Orchard and all htnde of wore; a no* hou?e, tr ^etowi of Ramapo, Rorklyud countg.New Yurfc. - laaulre of A MATH KR, dttflbrce depot. New Tdf * and frle Rfcllr >ad. ? A... BKADTirUL OOt'KTBV REHH)RlfOfl NOR SALCWfch feimttnre. earriage. M ? M?d land, oca Netr Brweawlek, N. J., commanding a atffdcia vtew. I photograph oLtb* place, which will be aotd low, aan ha eeen a he onto* of f D'llKKV II.I.Y, 18 Kiohaiige plaoe Broadway Lit are or fivk ykarh from thii May fur **1* ?'The lot In ? feet hi 100, *11 milt, with i haaemeel andvrbeeilar unvurpawed for a reetaurant Ap ply ut WW HaNDKRSUN, 77 Num< .treeL /"lOUNTRY SKAT AT NKW PORT.?FOR SAL* OR T< V rent, a furolehed country houec, with a large atahle ant carnage houae, and 8 arrea of ground*, the houae command, a (Ir e view of the oreaa and harbor. For Icrem apply tr r>AVIDJllNO,_JK? 31 Burling allp. tVH'NTRY HI AT AND FARM FOR SALS OR RX / changa?In Kllrabeih ?.ltT, New .lereev, oae hour's nde from New York. etylUb bonne, (rood ouibiiinlingn. tiHy acres e*?ra fine land, well watered, large variety Of dhitl, price It will double In value in alt t ear* It ran He dl > tdrd in city lota in grvat advantage flood Improved prop* riy In or near Sea York will betaken In nrhange. One good cuuntrv aeat la lTarketf?wn,*Rnrklend CO., IT arree gt,i?**l, oa* mar the above, 90arre?, afyllah building* UOU, Ave homea, all the Hock and farming Im piemen la Included, one at .la malca I?ng Taland, feur aeree, beau'iful garden, eitra large double dwelling, greenho'iaa. Ac . t# A00, it (oat f'l nuu The nw?er'? bualneaa keepa him at the far west. an I ranmH oe evpy M any longer ThU la a pleaaaul plara aad a great bergvie. one beauulul plane at Yookera. nn Hmadwav, near Ijimar'ine avenue, line gothir brnjee and half acre line gar d> n very beet river view. tt.WO, part caaU. Apply to J. Y ANIfKRRll.T, M Fulton wreet I vKt'O STORK FOR AaLK-AN ODD KKTaBI.IHUKD At aland, domg a eafe and profitable buatnewi. la oflered for vale at a vvrrlfW e for reasons wtm It will be made known to purrheaer Apply at OA Pearl afreets New York. v\? uvnow nit til v._irvi.i. urnrvvn ?vi? IT dmnp * (rood butunaa*. Inquire at ?) tiraod turn, cor ner of IPARM FOR RALJt OR RXUHANUK.S MIL,BR FROM r New Y,>rk by the Morrta end K?e? Retimed, one mtlr irw the depot, new the etl)*Rw ??* Medteon, In Morrte county, New ,'ereey, rwieleUnc of 98 neree, ui?etiier with amok. farm Ini otettiU end rrope, there la 41) eoree In apple nod pearh or ,'hnrde all other kind of (Villi In abundance; the houae la beau IfnJIy shaded end ntithuiWIInRS Rood, there t? etoo e farm hoqee, at/earn of weter end n Inr** vein at yore aeer the tuxuie sprtiiRe conveyed to the howae end barn yard; a nun her of floe b illdtOR euee on the place. It ban alwaya been oe copied by (he owner and la In Rood order. A honor In a Rood Inra'lon (a New Tork ?r Brooklyn will be taken In pert payment the balance on bond and iwoetRaRw Far particular* eddreaa A U, boi MR Herald o#aa. ijkoR n>UM-*HM UUH dTOoP, RMW, RUIMTART1 AL P brown atona baunea. north atde ef Thirty tret atrvt, bn wean MedJepc and Fourth avannea, three etnrlee tod bane wait with eM modern >miih rihm Teteh? at V Wallet. none IX P>R 8ALK-TWO FIRNT CLAM BROWN ?T*.VK hoanee on north a Me of Thirty aeeood atreet, betweea i' nl aoo end Fifth nrennee Rote IA and 17, boljt In the very beet manner .boneee ??du fbet Inquire on the premier* for particulars Terma eaay R* f.B? HfllTRR AMD M?T AT FAfRMODMT, fXTT. r per Morrtaeala); brio RM3R onatalntnft aeroa mom*. el't i woA In froot l*H tW? Price Ifitu. Apply to H TK.RRITT. Third aeennn, or ts rHARl.BR CLAWC. Fair cm V. _____________________________ MOK RALR?THAT FINK ANP HPLKNMIDI.T LOCATKD r hotel known aa the Ortawnld Honae, attuated on Irene helRbtA, dlrwetly opposite New tnndoa. Omn . with the inrio ura. IMee n larpe bnateeaa, whkah la ooaalaallr ha rrw?,nA. Terma eaay. A. FRRWTirH. If Broadway, rr h RAI.R-A FOPR RTtIRT KROWN RTONR HOUR* P vttb blah b we meat, bnlh to the eery beet manner, with *11 the modern Impronananle. MM Mtnatw on Rutherford Jar- belnf the eeonnd bnoae north ef flk OenrfWa church and immediately opposite Rtay vernal park. Thin la one of the beat and moat healthy bxialtona la the rRy Terma will be mod-rate For partlnnlarn apply at HI Pearl atreet. New fart ap aaatra . EVR TURK* M)TR ON BROADWaT. OORNRR P rd rifty bmrth atreet. aad three lota on Kiyhtt arenne, between FiNj fourth aad Fifty a/lh streets Terma eaay W11.1.1 AM T ORAFF. 119 sod l*> NweaA i su-eA. P)R RAl K?A FIRRT n.ARh OROCRRT AND l.ltJOOR at. r?. * no of the bent Uoatktna ta n*hth avenue the atnrk ?> e el* new and besutlftilly filled up I mm 81.tan tl 100 all he required Thin la a rare ehanre It la worth double the aiwonr A For tnealton Inquire of Mr. TUB* RTaRR. alt H RfnR"a. ifi Broadway The raaaan for aeUlai will be IM)R RAl.R-A IjOW PRIBRH'RR ATRAMRoaT BOtta I ?r, la rood BMKtlOnB; latUTh ITS fart, width of fhont V faoi .liaiwrirr ?f ?Wli. 7 fnm ? tncha*. Applf In WUJ.I AN ArRVUs * I RarntBj otroK. ______________ H RAI.R?THR RRW ROPRRA THRRR STORY RRIOR |>oow Kn*ll?h Ixwmrni and nndrr mllar, wtli *11 mn d.rn invramMiM. north aidant rvftr third atmrt hatwnrn Broadway *B<1 It a Mb arao'ta, houaa U \>T ?? 'art, lot 100 f?at "inrVa In inlra at M? Walar aRwat, nf YARPltRYOORT. pfCKRRBOR d OO. Fr RAL1I-A VALCAR1.R I.RAAR OR A PIARTrT,A.<W hu'al in (Mr rt|r furnish*! Ihrrourbmit. fHth a fond bar. rtaiadrant and billiard room aitnrhad. ai'kl on annual of tbr grrorntror particiiUrf inqulra of A 1POR RAl.R-nni RRW PIRAT OLAfb POUR STORT P brown aloer fmel hoeer, Is hr ehelea kanuiii*. R1 Wait fblTT (1r?f alfwwL hHwarn fifth nranaa arvl Broadway, flnwh"1 In ihn brat Ptftharannr airla. wHh ail Ihr andara Im pro*< m??la Plar Matt faaa. Tarnia aaar Apply OB thr prranaaa PR AAI.R-OOOP mt A RTARP 1R WAJRITROtnn mat-kit. In a mood b-u..ui for bnatnana, and (hrmrrtr nan) lor a bottrr autad. For partowlara aaR at M Rarelay at T|K)R HAt.R-POCR VCARA MARK OP A BOUBR HITO If .lad naar PT bIab - - awdaK 1Kb f.. ati i I iii-M A liaiwr Aw A Awvar nr^h>ntCt, or A .r~ anr"0*1?' wtah I n* ~ ormiamn* h"??eko?pln?. A<tdr?<M WaAor. Hrrafcl nflbv rH RAl-R-A F1MT (HAM ijRtX'KRT ARDMQt'OR la our of t&r hnrt SvAttoaa In KlAhtO aroo.i^ tlw ftwk pndalnrPta nm M b?M?(allf Awnl op Fnxw W.IW to (I 101 will hr rrqa|i?4. Tfcta la a imrw rhanrw; H W war* AonMr thr amount For Wtltna Inonlr* of Mr THOR UTAH*, At C II IFI Rradait or addroai flrwr, H?r*H afftr? T>? rmtann (Or olHaw ?! M aallaftotnrllr arplaioM. rR RAI.R- IM RRT>FORt> RTRR1IT. RRAR firDROR itofl, will atohanr* Air Iota; bmiar t? 'on <1o?*. ot ? ffiVXs C?m. *? IF. R A 1 ' 1ft t ' ydi < i# " ' T ~ y saw*. L ? ' , t'? * rtm k*iJk. For SAI.K AT 114 RoWRRY, NKaR fiRAND HTKK*T, tnr m >.?k .nit tii'tii-nn nf ^ t,.^ ,rwi ~ortl-<- aU>r?", hi.*i> in % ranh rii.t up -r dwlmna of a good Inertlna lO'inlrn on the pr.n u.-n K.vnrahl a-,. FP?iH SU> at a HAkliAiN a KPI.KVT?H> I.K ATMKR lop htc-liori whivl buggy. Appll Ui t. rttliliKN, RH Wort Tn otilr third Htr.-i'l EH) It ?Al.K CHRaI' mil CaHH-ONK OaLK Ai/'KK iJOrt. V IAf Iiu In tlic vI'Im nf Wak'-Holil wnatohtt*mr enmity, N y .wly mm I'wk from iV ratlin nl. Impilm nf Wll. llAkl HI/VKMaN ict Wi/?l>i-ih mrn ?, i?.?d mm fn.m < )r*m!. FOR a a I.K VERY liiiw. at tt A ItliAlWN, IF AlM'I.IKO ftd-IttimttdlAtnly two "'AUagei. and U.ta No JRI mi l 383 Wem Thirty fifth almm ; .1*. the home and ?<M No, Ul Ninth aeenoe. nd the ? rtnry hoieo-and hii Nt> 'ISA Ninth rtrnirt Appl> t?'he owner, No m, Nlint. .vom, FOh SAI.K OR TO l,hT-AT Rood VI 1,1,K. HTaTKN IaImmI, a large hoitan, and thrae aarea of l*iiti in garden, It adapted far a howl hoarding h.ou.. or a Urge private fmnlly. Immediate imtmeaalmj; '"rini. very "ui Ap l? to if.HN ft ? KlrtO. A? wmiam treat. FOR hAl.K I>1 TO I.KT-A NK V llOUHR. HTARI.KS ANI) eearhhmiR* In Knvenlr fin* ttrwt, between Third and Fourth avenue* ul no a ni-w homo- tn Severn loth at., brtvreen Thlnfanil Fourth avennea Inqnlreof OoYI.K, Idlianal airwet or ' A I.I.AII A N Third avenue end Heaeiily-ihled Foil stl.f UK TO I.K'T?AT ri.UHHINU I. L. A NKW i?(i mon rnthlc riotiaRe, with nearly ad acre of (round plrananllt ?lui?tid within A law minuter walk of the railroad dopot For uartimlars apply ?o JMNKIRH k PORTKR. ITS ? Vii' ri- h'* f li'OK NAI.N OR TO LKT-THK FIVR FIRST (Jt.AAH " DA* f?nr atory brown one front houaea, Rim hh 138, IM. I fib mid lift Fourteenth alrert. near H rood avenue wllh II llir modern Impmvemenla. Apply to KI.ISH A UIATOMKR, 2IP Rrnadway. IJXIK KAI.R OR TO I K ARK?THR PROPKRTT ON THK r north weal ourtiar ol Hlnh woing and Poty four Ik afreet, and known aa Greeley'a Hotel Apply to W d. H. FRANK TINA HON No 3 Hroad ?'rrrt Four Washington pmopkrty.?wk offkk for air lbr lioiiaa and land of our Mr Stewart, al tbla lor* Illy Thl* property la wnll known aa ainonr the moat da?lra blr of >hr villa r.afdenora on thr Hndaoo Klvrr RallroAd. Thr bouar la within one elabih ol a mil* of thr depot, an I ihn time by rare to t'hambara a'reet thmlnotea, thr dla'annr hnln< 9W milra The Ri-ounda rover about arrea, and are laid out In triatd Male. All <hr heat varietira ol frull, vtnna aud < verRreen irtil Urcidumi* trrea are In profuma abundance The houer l? built on a tin- of about 'AH fret, faoea Uie nohlo lludeon aud rotnnuunde vlaura unrivaled for nlctureaque beauty whleh mind be arm to he appranl ted. It la of ihn Italian order. irt feet I rout. U>y an* trreaa ar depth of from S3 to 0 feet, three aiorb a and haiefneut high, draigac I by t.'haa. till lemela or and renatrticied for the owner In 1*83 under the atiperind-nae of .too. J. Audubon There la no better or more complete dwrjtljig on Ute latand for comfort or thorough workmanahip. The etoblee and ofltoea am Urpe and very complete. There are thrre wrlla of water, auiiertor to the tYotoo, and alao one 'ararr fain water rlparrti, on toe iroperty. There la not a more henlihy loi'Alfty In the State of New Turk. The oetRhborh tod la byidy Unproved and uhurcbee and aohonlii are at a eouvwnli'ot itla'anrr There are ur- nulaancta of anv kind In Utla mtiat deidrable part of the elty The owner haa on lupted It fiair yearn and It la now nflered Cor aala, aa hedealrua to ro ubmad. Itcaa'berefora be had at a aprcutatlve price, and ila lertna of payment made racy. For eArda to view, without which no a'ranRrr will be admitted, rail mi the underalgned, who a 111 alao Rive any detailed Informal loo T. 3. KTNWART k OO . 140 Pearlatreet. HUHSB POWKK FOR 8AIJI CHtlF-i TRnlAO |u> ?rr, In Rood ord-r and nut little need: a Rood powetor Inwerlntr, holatlnR, or farm work, heloR portable. ILavIqr nn oae lor 1, will bw aold rhran. JpftKPH KELLY 29 Fulton atreet. LAN I1M IN WISCONSIN, SUBJECT TO PKIYATR RNtrv, with bounty land warranto.?Wa are prepared to make WjvUotia of warranto ?npon lands that have ban* selected by ronvptdent t'K-veyors. We have a few thousand acres of Aral rhm farm lands that we wlU sell cheap (or cash, and wan ante, merchandise or qanncumhered real ratals. PIKE A BACON (office with Clark Williamson), bankers. No. I Wall street.J?. T. 1 T OTfc, liOTS, LOTS.?KLKOANT UTTS rtfR ONLY $100. , IJ I<om ta the beautiful village of Clareaoevtlle, Ismg Inland. ! half an knur's ride from New York for sale at only 9100 ' Terms very aoroamodatUia- One of Urn best Investments la Ji? State. Will more than double In ralue in two years. Ay ply to i. PRCaRK. iXt llroome street, near Crosby. ' OOOKAWAT farm foe sale ?for halm, at rook IV sway, a farm of about 10M acres of meadow and upland beautifully situated, very near the ooeau. with farmhouse barn. tni't,ul!dln*s Ac. Apply to P. R WILKINH. No 11 ' I Wall street. I . ri 'dtE CHAKCKL-RSOQO FtoB Untl -rOR MALE. A It V>t:reli .as nvopev l.i r-.d and mort*ar?, well secured on a ' op?e and lot ki UnwAlyn Warning money now will aril as k'vore. Address twr 4.B"7 P'*t "(He? . Ol'I.KM'Il) W tTKR FKuNr I'KoPKRTY Kotl HA?JCi I? In lushing hev. L. I.?Plre earns. fa - bewnty of location rjnuirpassed; al-w "or water prtviligaa as fishing. ha hint Ac Kay ol sect it 1rotu the ally, from which It Is 01* nat seven mtbe \t>uly <o <T1 IP COOK, Ni wtbiro. L. I., or to W. H > '.Uhlf JWForr'h sveruiv. 1 fTIWOHODA WtTKH OR CHAMfAONR APPARATUS X lor sale, tn perf ot < rd< r, made by (tee of copper. (Till be sold tv Kr> a! Iiaies'tt by n"plyt|j( Irumrdialely In CIIAM-J. , WCRPHV (M Water street, near Wall [ fJV> BRICK AND I.IMK DEALERS.?FOR SALE IN , X one ot the best localnn- In Brooklyn.a brick aniline town-?*, asten vi-are established, wnb a ? il aevrted stork ami II at urea, ami the g aid will and lease of d>? same, now fund naab buainoas. The owner having business Uva call, hlni out of the city, wlli self al a bat-yam Atldreas U. C. T , 1 leralit (Boo. Numui I ? VI LI FOR THE FRktDO" >r t>( H CITY "EfRR Jl nal vigilance la the price of liberty." The dem/vrary of lite city and county of New York and all who are opposed to eorri pi prisMrlptlioi and deerotit legislation are r>,pieated to assru.lil in the Park, in maaa meeony. on Tio-sdav. May IX ISA", el 7^ o'clock, to protest acatnst the reck'es t and unprlu clpled at'empt of the black republicans fa the State l.egtsla ture to deatmy our maetuuU mat and t bartered rt*lua. and d? prlvu ita of our mote cherldtei privileges. t'\UM-na of Nvw York, rally tn your nnlted strength and malt n>mmr?i ratine against the ndpvos ena -tmenis of an un sefhpuk'iw may-r iy o' tnr mate lewislalnee. who have a> tempted to ap. merate our city property to the irresponsible it u rttl of mert-ei ?i y nulltlt el *rtvenlur?ra?to mi us wliaotit ovir cwveeii ? have ppevtblte-t trade under the preen n moral reborn proMribsto a Isrre class 111 tmr ctil/en* at the b?he?t I i f t?na trlrm and would subjugate the sources of our com I rrerc'al pro perity to ibi base objects of the moat corrupt pte I | ktk-al past < taal ewer ruled Ike Mate, 1 m? i? t.ii< in? o.-a'tinini. i>iht?uid? ine roai ua rp?in at itm iItwUx.mI l,?-t <i? tavnkr prory enoatttntlnmi] and political ra?*natno?r ptlKiT to drfm.d mimPlvrHMcainat Uicpp mi aomaionn. 111.' voice of ih?- people ahnll if heard on Tnnartay neit. >?n?< a of tin* alyticra of lhl? call will bp found on the pla rani.. lly Die c oirinlllpo of Arramti'ttienta, PHII.ll* W k.SUH, Chairman Conhap h'w Mian man, I AKtttimH<?M. J Crrlarttto k n ir .'Dt Kpcakcra hava baon Incited nut vrtl. mldrnai the Bio. itnp L!V8f Ht'trriont #/e -w*m*n, bookkkkpiwo, rrc.-d?i.?*amf vu, eyetea of hiad training. Hroadaey, wtU irara. all 'Iffixwa it tretoMla* from u< hand and mnkPhrtoo boaoo-na wrttere to taa Imitaa than tiu <M eyatanaa m ?ke It lan> taonlha Two K aaai* far wrlila? raeant. tVwiakoPi toff m . AM KM (CAM Iff llCOLlMKmCTF., APPI.KTO* S liniUV It It. 14b IJrondwaj. a practical medium fbr aupplrtnf a. Ik <.,? wtj> 'i in) e nil loarhara and iplla T??' h.'ra ??.i off at'oanona aboukt makp* application. Hand for a cirri Jar. smith a hoviv LMaRV T< ' VCIlfTM OK ot.lVKR ? ? H.IWMITII. *5 llmad* ty. Prlialr Iraanoa daily, trnaa from ffft to tiff id. < w laranurd to all, old and to il M.x.llreplni taifftht da/ and arertnff. OOMkiMfTM. *B llmidwar Mthtio ham. *kmi*a?v run roirun uims Hail wator haiMn* aad hnrarbanh rVllni am aanna# <h. rwraOoai and a'alnffop alar ha bad nf tV fvtotopal ? ' rt Till. APPWiCCIffTl VM?fflTFBMIOM I NKTROtlTHAM (/r.. p. Ju -no?i anwaaaful aad amompllaAed tp?rb?rala j?p r " ?. omipylnc a plaaaant amdy la a Ana looa tier u.ocia ihiw ymin* Indian la the moat >h >pnni(ti aiw *T.ri . manner In ererythlnff eppenaintnff In a complete aor Pnlaiwd rdm aiaai Tax pup'la morn may bp adaaMtod in d>. tiara by adoriannj Mtae ft. Hawthorn*. hoi fit) IfpnUofflpr \1'aMPI>-A i.KMTI.KMaH To IffblMUtrr TWO I,IT ff I, i .i .i Ui V naluh French and mink Three hnora In the day tn-i''? tonabirrpd aiifflrimt tlmp rpf?r?nra wtli bp r?q< A?plf HP'oralPuon air art, Hrcoklyn. i hbi, j1wiuit, dbc. CVAUVOAMU liiAaoMi*. rmti p m m AHKMI ) %i to *v -arrtaaa ? taMto aiaffa. ? to tlA. araaaa arar- . !?. arckWaw ?w?p b'lU ma. Aa apal by auil to aa pfcM <* wn+i. (.HP it/amm wi Cioarofirrun and ?*>ui carr met ajid ru* / eh.ln*. nrr**t*<! not M uu-nuA or ? Mn MnM: pH?#. r M IA?jv)??U) H lu i'Uim ky aalt ?n m. ;Ta r. vtnoxt ? frMtov W| ^B*T' HOI At tITAIl. AT Wtl<?IJM4tl PKIOKN. I Mlw nflitto wiwfcw. ?wir WoWw Wtwilii.. " |W BP ^SStiSSUTi-*?^...- fig kmuiag mmm., Kfi " ?0lonl Www. i)M ItM AMI *<Ut*Aff IWA ... iftoW 225 _B3 " unNw Www, fe00?7 aMm fMlnlu 2 P*1^"4 Www WeeWeg. "OfrtfAT ^ antuina zsr5wr3?sa#v?3l 653* - a "rsNiiia^rair1 p'PI^WOPMJKjOinilBAaD RIUJAID f||ug ?Sg25?iKw* xSEuEi nmwnT n* r o nrmni*. carat. wthmt, ii V WW rvt. MM ??. IT*. n?wr ?m.> MWiHW * | i || LB, . f i.t: " ii 'Y.1 PKICE TWO CEXT.l HURHRH, CAJUUA61CM, M. ^ A PIN K LI (HIT TOP Willllli (MTV M.IVN ABB A rmrutftheri ??n th? %0^ **t run i? jl + .* J U nfftred f??r aal?; lh?* <fn'U i4inii who <?wi.i If Uarlrif no Iv thrr mm* for U To b#? whb *i (lajrt I hld??r livtiry gi*Hlr *T 1-lhTty nlr*M, Brooklyn AUKBTV.BMAN RKllttWltil TO TH* <'IT* log mm I*' bin hor^g. rarrUKH and hunt ? f*br Ux .oi ar? full MiKU'on hand* high, l<*\g Uiln. ?o* ?'iy?amnM I>AHL gniuui ?N?1 kiiut in Mil p?*? e*, ggil M aiip *r ?r .id pair of faun1? rarrt '* Tbg tarring* i? m nandaw atyle <*?:*< h. I ?*di Im Umiu, uod U*'? u >i *'4 ay l>ui?*, h onaat hIho All will fco a?>M *1 a bargain *11? g f 1 ml n il lln hnn Apply Ui CO^IH'IOI'K 4 li&OTHKK, ilruggtaui, 60 Lhom?4 atTf*L ANT lloliY HK-ilK .lis Or PtTRi'HAMINO A PAUiO*. I short tailed h?v horse*. sixteen hands hirh, ui yrara old while foot behind promt drivers, con trot in three . o ..* togethe r f.m>a gle, can keep it of the <1n*t of all bntflbor'n car's R. Urrs wagons. A pair of horses?? AAA 4f . alt g'o norses?n par or road horses, si.d h pair of " / -p nr combined in unr iisirof horses Also ono u or of ia a row* hor < *, slur en hands high wolght about l.JDo t pi.'< ?, wtlh ?n? a f?nlt, cap trot In < V toge'lter; abort ta aniiuil, km I and penile Alwt one white horse, live years ol t, sound, knil and very genUe, stands Without burning, wit/hi about I,Ml Ad dress room AA lley street. flon?r, At, AA I>?*y at , or to \YM. T. M A XWM.I,, hoi 24V tlaiiitnilaigua Pout otliie, Ontario tin 4 Y A KKl AliK PGR HALE.? A YKRT HlfPRRliM Mil \J sealed roekaway, made by la rrcnrx of New Tor* ? fiKid order: lias been but Utile used. Apply to DBkPKjtA *>KT| IN, At Wall street. Dt I'iUJC IIA ItMKhH W ANTK1I.?ANY ONK IIATINO A Rood niI'd 1 nm light double harrier a for sale, low, MR liter of ? cash purchaser. by adilreaalng M. W. Hwili ?R OVIH H Al.R?A OTTT.IHH BAV Rf I RBI ABORT Md I hands high, sound In all rrwpesAa Hold for vast of MM. Gad be seen at the Nee York llrery stablea, Bradtrar, An> ween Nineteenth and Twentieth afreets. M A. JhAUP, At Riehanft plaM. Q*t<R HALB-A HP1.RNIHU YfllJNG HORRRI, HoRHR, U r hands high, warranted arm ad and kind la all harnonnr wpuld make an eioeltent coach or lamll] borne aa be In rvg free and a stylish drltrer Iui?otre at XVI Bletwker street, eavadr of I * Roy street. FOB 8ALK?A LAROR BTYl'lHH HOHRR, HUITABLB for a dts'lor or 1'amlljr; abm a large two horse soda watar wagon. Ini|iihe of IH i VI.K. U < Altai alreet, near Kim. LNtill HAI.R?A Hit OWN HOKMK 18 If AN DM HIGH, t C years old, sound and kind to all harness, atanda adthal tvlnv A got>d Ihmtly borse, or would suit a doeprr; would bd iiu>*a*ed, will trot In throe mliuuoa to a road wagon. Ota re aeen for three <ln\m at 71 WVm Twenty ninth atreet. 3it>n h A1JC A vy.HV 8TYUNH DARK HAY IHtAHKII r ham'- Inch, of anptrior atyli- and action. orarraaM umml etui It mil In all harm mi; wilu tor no fault, only for DMl of iik?, I* a tlnr cnrrtage horse, or anltabla for a coupe Oka in arm at .l?nk*ou'g aUblr 16 Kant Twenty eighth at rent FOR *l?B?A RAT MARK. HKTWKRN 19 iK? MM " haiwia high, ahn ia a atyllah ilrtvrr anil an eiocllent aatfaa > mfrr perfectly gentle, and aafn for a lady to ride or drtna -hb will be hoUI for 9 60, which U raiteb under her real mlaa thg owner bring about to remove from thecity and ha ring at further lire for h?r. Inquire for Fanny, at Walter's Mat aitblr tirherajerborn air eel between Court aad lloeruna Ml, Itenutlyn 1 t?(iR 8*I,K?A VKRT 1IANPROM* ORAT HORRM, A r fart iratellrr, 1&H hautla high, annul and hlud. InijaMMf No 6 Cnlteralty plnae, TiV'* HeI.K? A RaNDNOMK HI'AN OF UORHK8, CA?r rlare and harneaa complete To be aeeu two day* at MM kieble '1M Merreir mtreet. IrloR HAI.K-a HROWN HORNS is HaNDN hiom. f I1 year* old. amnd and luud In all Daraeaa, alauda wilkaa tyUig It quire at the llvrrv atablea 28 Kowery INOR HAi.K?A KANT PACING BAT MASK 8 TMARK jP eld, amn1 tuid kind; can jrn In 2'4b 1' ice 9200 Oh be keen at Chelara atablea, 227 n eat Tweuty Ural aired, wear Ntrhaeciui. Iiol 8AJ hi?A TUT JIANDSOHK kOENu V t HR, f ' yeara old atyllah faai. k nd and free from irlekt; a d*Mrah c an tuai for wagon or aaddle. 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AN llt'iltHRS -A PlIfR l?OT OP RUlMT JTTHf . in from Primooi. mir pair bayg, nearly otaiched, IAR( mbatda. aur bay lairar, Ore year* old Itty hand*, a "'ipertag ' mad horae; one tine aoerel niare. %r , dr.. wl?r>, one 'an bam gj.rtta made, nae open do foe aale at bargain* May it aeeii ai 36 1'olan air- M, near tiamiitna lerry. Brmklva. Ml'LKN. WL'LKM. Mt'l.KS ? PDR RW.K. A I.ARtl* haodaovwe pair of mulea. Id hand* htgn alt year* aid. ?i itod and kind M erery rwapeet Will be aold cheap aa (hp rwix r ha* no nap Inr Ibem Apply al .16 Ninth avenue, hw wren Thirvvoih and hoarteeoln a'reeia FI'BLIO NAl.K OP HOKHRN.-rHKRR Wtl.I, RR HOLS la the hlgh-at bidder 16 or *1 bortea on Saturday Mag * a' W o'clock A. M al 66 and 67 Walla arret mawohM 1 . Paea alnvl* slpHaBd Hofwp aw/titU hnran *wll hrr.b am tern u!W AVMOfc * tut ttaklr v uui 87 W?|? Itfiwl OIIKTLAMB rOMIKM-OMMCRII RKRITRD TOR ARt O 'luaoUt*, the rfH.1 *rvl np.nee* to Araerlr?. 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