Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1857 Page 6
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\ 6 NEW YORK HERALD. IAHRI Kl. ? ? fc,T I, U)iri? ?*>! H. f, OlMiixii ?? k tM(l' 4 HP PCITON KP fEKMt ijA * nrfkwwm JU0 /'All I HUttA I.J*. I r?. p" ' >?'**. THE WK/CKi r HKhAU> r~-<v W -In, i '1 r>V-p*r ?? ?4? <4. Kf ?? /??., }4 ? <,)., v' or%bui < ** pari oftf* (" > >Ur, ?:. K,r* *"]'( ? / TVya orw-M/Ai irith ??i. *?**, eh^o: ?p? a/iJ <fsr **%% rw TISSM AATS rmn/^t fr.rj drt|f. folu?? *1U Wo. U" Aill/HKMKKT^ ftllM ttVKMlNU. SEOAPWAT THKATR&. T*? hO? Of T: > ItMif irtHl-n* OUttfll, Wmelwwr?Arrroc<m?Ti?m 1/>r? Oo?Ttt**A?nt?f?Jocko. Kvi-dIok?fmai K* t v f ats bo WEE T TUBaTRB Hnw~rr- Honuiu-i (Jibi Pirf.n BntTTIfTH KfcW THRaI Kit. KnxMiwAj,Opposite tKMju ft -Eton art IH?fLMmico '* Hat WAI.I.AI'KH rHKATRK <AKMUtWEy?Tkb ( or Lin? A Phktt: 1'iaoa or Uoaisiau. LACK A KERNE'S Te>ka1K^ Broadway? \ Mot.MVG Caul?Will. Oats. ABNTM'S AMERTOAN MI'ttKtTM. Broadwnjr-Af! ^CK-o Md Rm.'i4? Nu:oa?OK J appwoop a BO. OHBISTT aNI> Wik.p'8 MINSTRELS. Ui Broad WVf?BtoK'PIA* P*k?OA?AIK!*f- h ?W YIAK, C AU.V CCKUifr* svrrnaDKKk aw Broadway-Broom* Pwareiuu*cn??i <ve Kolb> iv.ncui, Ac. HAKTOtr HAU^ 471 Broadway?Rnio Manociav A- HtwrnjhT *puim?m--Hr UH? 4?*'? Vi,wbtukls TRIPLE SHEET. New Vorh. ?nIurrt?f, May V, 1WA7? lite Mrt* \ ork Weekly lleruld. NBW8 t'HOM tl'WlPK, CBIKA. MKJCIOO. CtBA, WfST inpibh, rrc.?trial or mho. lth'mnguam?tiil HYWICKIOtTti TKAHKOV AT NBWBCitO?aT/AIBi! AT wamuikotok. J., fCTC. The Wgsaiv Bik.-o u-lll be pniiluhcd a! tea o'clock thi> evening Among lu moiealf wlU be found newt. ftvra Kitroe*. l?ir.A Moiton. <iib*. Wwt Ind.ra. Ac.; rf %fr?. funalngbaw foe the Murder of ftr. BunkiU; The MyslorW:ua Tragedy al hrwbnrg. ASa.r? of hicaragu..; Kdit. .rials u ranowe Interesting tuhjerta, News from t*"axtiln?'.( r; I...K-U Tato graphic Nrari. Ptoauutal, CoramurctAl. Religion*, Tbca*r.e?,l, / otiooai. hporttug and Maritime Intelligence, N>-, Y< .i t &r Ur Wart04. M?-n?|(rt ar.d Deaths; w.ti r. carify i f local and nuenellnn?ou? itetna. fU.igm nop lea. In WTappcr.t, readj (or mailm* ?u< ha had al th. er.nnter. Price ail a 'r.lA. The Ntwt. 1*e celebrated Hood atrent murder ca-e, r.t w 1 r. >rjo dicta! ipvi-iti^atnto la the Court of Oyer and Trr'r.nrr,l? approaching it* cioee The defence closed it* evidence before 1> o'clock yeetrrday afternoon, a'If r hievteg ci&iutnrd quite a cloud of wltDesMw, Including M< loo, A', gutte and George Cunti.ughsir. and /oung study-a?a. One over hanging mystery around tbU tn>>n rioud ct?-e has bacn tUaripelr. by the evidence of a chemist wbo resides at M Hood i iroot, wbo had boon for some (.me making rxpersnente, in which he bad used scraps of woo'.lea cloth tatd icAtber, and all of which be had, on th!a partvular nigbl, collected together and pb??d in a stove In h.? laboratory this fully accounts for the "strange, peculiar 1 odor" that polluted the air of Bond street on the night of the- Mst of January. Tbe family phyaiclan of Mr-. (ncnngtism testifl. d u> Lb- fart that for two or throe jear? past she has Ix-eu 'Jlf-ruig so mucL from rhoutuaUitt itai ihe te-ntr of her arm." and hands, particularly bee right, were c intolerably weakened. A visit l? to be paid by tbe Court and jury to the premises. The pre toe-woe anc the- defence hare each four hours assigned to tbsen for the summing up to-day; then we FhaU bare the JvulgeH charge, atY<1 th>? the verdict?all ? t.ine prohaldy tr- huoday'- Roum If the vsfHct b<> one of nr-putt" , a ncit- f*T?rtfo\ will probably be ecu-rr d a* reg iTta I At tsjaou.- timee recently U lr*rafdi.c ..s*patch, axe . afss-arrs) It. Uir pat*ri, repree* that eTlous r ruci^otis U- canal natlpation In thic state ejisud, L. coaso- J ?j-.eooe cd breaks, tor Th.-se r*p< rta Lave '.*\n piom.l sated by the a*, nts rf the rai'.rrad lines tx-mpetng with the eaoair. the trek la fully exp'e-M ;n an artlclu pvb It bed it anrdher f*?tof today's pa;vr. The iru u Un-A of canai are ir good order. A very Important MM Of landlord and le-\nt etw be tore Judge Green and a jury of tbe lira lA-trtct Court y-estorday, mrolring a freqoenll^ disputed point ae to its bn* party fi't PTcrhoh'ioe. It bit 'eg been /riven t? a (tea teeant for premie.* in booth rtrret. at a rent of K .940 a year. Tic itoprontxHrta madeooet 92/40, lor <? tifti ctjieo^iturc the iao<l<orU ?*rre<>i k> reaew the loaee fc i car, but ui lU* nvfejume I vm-<1 Io ,u). Lbur part/ TS* ;tu > frure a \?r440 |fc Uror <-f the t< nam ia t?a*?MCK.. leader Uic c w h.? remedy aga'&rt Utc ifcixikwd Tie report will bt read with intrrmt by landlord aiti temtat?rtac-'f arooomt wt.ocn t" re are no KM) dapUIrThe tnT?*'U9* U.? cm,<e U Uv a. -fed tare oboorxr MertiAnt w?- cotnm no-d bofbre t Sited ta'-o C?cmer.?er M< rtuo vn-i?r>iay. (apian Fatiiuie and Mania. Rj nderr *rr. . *aiuue*d. but tic ir t- 'Utr.ory <!.< otoeed ik material fa b- that have r.ut already bin U.4 htfure the putter m the lOt.iK.Li of Un !ik1Uirs Kiaew here we pubti.->b an cvoridingty interest it, letter firm our apectal correspondent tc Km -mi. It cortA iw tc deuai tin propof iL Kia </ the rm Hate iranem f? r a com promise cphb Uir qtiertlnt, r-i uertinr dab -,M tt> a ( ufi atitnUoaa. Cobt< tiU'in, an'1 , -ofretary .rtei.U-0'e t"r< il '? reply rp|erilr,jj their m>-rtttri TV- altTft' of ItrooMlj o bci-l a 1M*br * la t n ; Irjr to prtaeet axBiort the urc of ke oruokon the I < uk Iv'uutd Rhilroa' while pa.-.n/ through Ataotic sir M. The m- ittof wa? aomereud/ attended. Heral'tenr . cm'<S>.ag the r1ew? of the pn-teuton!*, were adopted, aadarrrral epirtbrd afwr-rhe- were deliri red. ail -? of to piot U.4 the bwawi of that thoroughfare lad be u ritacd, ai l proper*./ cooar^ura'Jy greet.') deprecated a rale-- by the Bee of ehwrn upon the railroad. Tar member* of the St bene** ? Otoket Club met yeet f. da/ at )lohoae? About twnty clgl* m'mVn wero l?waot, ahd the fir?t fame of the hukc ? a payed. Tie battina. bowtia* aad Ockknr wa pv: ?to fact the phi; < r* entered into the aptrtt of the ya-ve with right r*/\ will. The Par1#/ will eaee war lakes up agva o the P-.rro gate*0 Uxtrt yesterday. lfcury l>-ai.- .1, a hi. her >A Mrs. Parwh, waa oalieu by the proper* otr, ao. oaamioed a re part! to Ibr will and mdinU*. lb. be* laaj ?b latoixh d W rapport their rahuity Nothla* m w tar traaapired Ut reiat-oa b. thr lab- out rape parpetrated at Sefrla"* f^ict, Hlat* Hau.'l, by the rt hettew cyaterirx o of thai C "r'Pl The Qiaranbue '<raau??r?ere bare act yet taken at/ artivr atepe in lia met tar, ae ao oommcincatloti lac b?ea bad from rv>r"m r K.op la amwer u the l-wratrh iafrm n* t..m of the oc rurriou. ll la aaperteit, bower or. that prompt meaeurea ortll be taaec Id prevent a reptitne of ruch lawb-ae ca fbrm ki Udf prrpc4rak.n itlUlilc art* at iao^wLarUia */ Mrlsod Mvrptjr, cil aoglarar of tba Brook /rt tUry Y*rt,bM H, (rv? tu-> pa* If the NaT / DnjarUrun. Ui of bio d..beuitf with Mr. itMi Jr^ff Whtujt baa l-or.i*.! u# m*> pun' a' of f #r? -a! *iar?Mrt?'?ofit? MatrrpnUtaa lvir* Th? fan l *a do* pot ottoalip rnada put.l c. Wo, b^wr.*, j?,b Lab tba eorrrapnadaao* ?h*h haa paa?<C bo tiroaa U>- W *??.. - o?r? aod JuOa* WhiU ? to |Le ?u* jMft "ft* on Bpui- 1 an ba? f ml anitow if, bad all.vat Uprlaw'f. aa-kit* fbr a ? i4a^w pppva .[?* wbta> b> boatca ?ba irt?e A riot offoirod al H"liviaj?i tiff, Pa., ? IS/ t. ay It i|fwt ll<al lb* rt?tnrt ktorwj g( bar county anl t?r> aeorapapar cporvr* bad boeooia nffpoalTa to a pr.r Loa at Um> rlUapfur * tbai town la boaaaqowioa of th* r rv?Oor< wHb rryptrd ?o the trial of Mil.?, It* mtrWo* </a aaaonl Notch?/ TL? aAur Dadod wiUvrtt pn mw damatro * any on* Tba aafc* of e*4toa jmk* iaf mtbrar ,J about 1 200 a l,?i? ??jtt. ibtob) <a Oawavv JSM< wr ctlaa-lH rp at <?% . a Ma., tLoi fb u?? mA/lin rotttain*: to bo ucewnai unartiiad aad Irrojpiiar Tba flo-tl market tw axrttrd, ao<! a . pr/coao.ra Asaim* praia-vM. mm a-re moly nade, rkatc? at at. advanoD f fiHw Me a 30r. per l?r"^ for coanoo to food aad l.ift/ cof r rtru braad* Wb<?t ?* alfco flftn-f, a*k <* (??.?? Mi-?owi rrdaif 7ft,and (aaarliai art'tr do . <m pr>r*tr v*?,j Not ?' pfoa?d to have be# a bet?*#-* ' t"r ar t ? per boah-l. Com WM in rp?<*uUt)r? fi'?n aivt V.<*hn; < hi#a of ai od wS Mouther? ywk.? trr, ?'* at Rftr . aa l *?< . f * dott k-to white K>a w/.<i al An 1.* print* N j iliortt. P/fk ?H arV al M a ftv.. tt> k, .r, mrr f.rai, ? .h tti a of } wft a bb> al prt?* f rB id *?*il?r oob laa Ct<>t aa* f Dj. a th aa'i* t a car^onf Rio ui prl ?!* (arm* aad k*? to U??> tf at llr a 11 ?p. rr? ^ tiKi Ira-*)-! ? ' y> ; *,? "?>''V,'.t *t "itr* Ma? NEW Y( Kmi?h>?Arll>K t>ov. riior Mm ton Mid Ul< liro Molt IHirly?'ltM t-ix??pf<<. The ofllo al c trc?f>onde oe which we pubMah to-dnj bi t>v? co acti' g Goto nor St?n<on. of K tnto-, and th- free Stft e trader* will give t*u* itmltr a p'et'j di tine 'do4(f lite btmrply da flntd di d beldpTt-iit leokin* iauott upoa which to' p>o Blo*cry tutd the no-.-lavcfy ptrlica of the T- n i'O } t?ro div ided. Th< (too 8 ate commit too ask that tbc Terrltori-1 <1 otioii law ana the proceedings under it !) i-ot at-idf; that there shall bo a now ccn-uq t'aat an equal number to both parties of the super | vifora of tbereneus lnt and of the judges of the elrction shhll b?* splinted; and that a majopty of the judges of caob precinc shall ba require to give a certificate of oloctio > to thi State Co i vei-t'.oi. If then- propositions are aoced d to the fn o State psrlv art- willing to carbcipate ia ti > June ?lection; othtrwise they will stand * fu-d ftdl back upon their reserved rights pnc 7ongTiss and tho Topeka free State constitution The answer of the acting Govt rnor is, sub t tumially. thai he cannot go behind the Tot>loiial Legislature, but must take its laws as he finds them, and carry them oat We are, therefor?, at no loss to pp>. diet the upshet of this disagreement The June election will be unanimously by rhe p'oslavery party?the State Convention tLui elected will have unlimited power in favor or' f-'avery, end will doubtless exercise it in the adoption, unanimously, of a pro-slavery State concti'ut'on. We think so, inasmuch as the free S'abr party have committed themselves in all their proceeding*, even to armed resistance and open wur, fcinoe the Missouri mvaa on of lSjo. against ony recognition in any form, of what they denounced a* the illegal, fraudulent, perjured and outrageous legislative usurpers of the Territory. Wb t next', The pro-slavery party baring adopt -1 in convention a slave State constitu I lion. > 1 send it up to Congress for ratification withoiM further ceremony. The local law makes no (r? !cion for the submission of the constitu tion t "V people, and we have no doubt that such p ?ill be considered a hazardous superfluil * jt with the presentation of this slave St. coi /titution to Congress, there will appear th- >\ monstrance, and the testimony and the argument O' the free State party against it, and an aopeal in behalf of the Topeka constitution as the true embodiment of the will of the people of S an.-as. lkdween these two bundles of hay Congress will have to make an election, in the choice of one or the rejection of both. Shoo id they choose the pro-slavery constitution and admit Kansas into the Union upon that basis, there will be a general eruption in the North infinitely more d'astrous to the shattered democracy than the fierce reaction of 1864 against the repeal of the M i eoun compromise. Should the Topeka coastitntion be adopted there will be a flare-op in the South of a more dangerously sectional character than the secession movement in 1861 la South Carolina, Georgia. Alabama and Mississippi upon j the admlssiou In i860 of the whole or California aa a free 8tate. Should the application of both the 1 I free State and the slave State party of Kansas be r?jocvt u, u>" r>oucm-m uivrtw win uiusi tiu ij ?oeept it ho the betraynl or their section. and as a revolutionary capitulation to the Northern abolltioniata. 1 he* are the consequences foreshadowed by his corrvspoudeooe between Governor Stanton at <1 th?* free State It adera. , We Hball be ago*4- 1 ably di-appointed if nothing worse shall be evolvid out of this ugly Imbroglio before tho j mee ting of Congroaa Acd now comes the queeioo?where lies <bt responsibility for this gloomy tale of th'agsT hirst, with poor Pierce; and * oondly with the nigger worshipping lead >rs on the ock side, aiid the nigger driving lead "eon the otb- r side of the last ('ongrv-A Upon half a sheet of fool-cap tfre last Coagrcss might have ' provid? d oinp?j aid -atufac-orily for tho pacific v 1 tic n of Kanso-. They faded to do it, and Mr. | Dacbanan is therefore compelled to do the b<?t I be can wtthihi* .v&a^i tn ?nalt>m< Qt, m he find* i* pa?eed ovc Into bis hands i roni his faiUuciw and incompetent oroJeoeev* and the arl'al cicdgof$ of the hat <"ongrc?K Hat in the second pine. these trouble* in Kansas ure then si Hot tho d tty intrigue*, t'.ie electioneering trlck-i arid plots ->f outaitfe I'r ddenttal H-ctiona. an?ator i, Nor'.'i and South. If left to themael'-es, tue local hit jrest* of all p irtic in Kama* voull apo dil/ be ing al>oat a ciystalizatiou. Hi t. nnfortucaUly the Sew a'it organ* and the Seward manage ra of a Northern agitation find it th"ir policy to keep Kannta "bleeding;'' and the scheming ?nd rxkl&w ultra politician* of Die Soctb arc govc rn?-.| by precisely | the *ame ruling idea. Tbaa tho stand aloof policy of the free State party with o Kansas and the snap judgment policy adopted by the proslavery party, rait alike the purpoaea ot Mr. 1 Seward as a Northern canr Jdib for the mooeMon atd o" Mr. Walker or Mr. JHfersoc Davis at a Sju'b an asplraat. The malign influences of our outside aectiotal acbemera for the Presidency and fn the spoils of the ruccewdoo. haw thus ke pt alive these bord? r troublcc; and these caaaes will vpersr tu iHI wr ivti IUIUJ^ UMW UUW I a 0OB?amiDg fir>, unlaw the IVwident at the i % of Congn m nhould ?te p in between th* w ' nokkfi agitator* and the country and bring up , the loading nigger wornhippen of the Il<>o? and the lead ng nigger drirew of the Sunate fairl/ and equarniy to race too mw. Tnat Mr. Buchanan will do ao w* are abun- 1 danUy amured .Vom the plain and hooentniggev J 1 ti'.ue of l a ioangnraL In the meantime, bet w? n i , 'die ar ting Go\ <-rnjf. BUatoo, and the donna it i Ckm-nor, Koblnon, w wo thai tin cum 1* rovle ' ip in Kan** - that there in nooonproLww that there will ha no pacification rnd no Mttlafnant of lh? OHiUoTerey. l'<rbape G-nornor talker haa b- n waiting to we wt< ther it will bo moat ox podi'Ot for him to go to Kaneai thin riraj nwr or to Texan. Wo abould My, let him I l<><>k aK. r h:? r illr^ id affair- in Texaa He th<< aae In Kauaa* i* made up tod U? gam* blocked t 11 lb" mu ting of Coagrean. Wepaleen the Thlul JIU ttol* In Plnmfp*. Neither tb i Pari- nor th? London papery mention, tgrept to dncredlt, the etory of the Kmpei )or Napoleon'* narrow oecap* from a**aw?tnnti<?ri We are nfortaed, by a private cornepondent in whom we place reliance, that an attempt wa* r a>ly made to kill th< Kmperor, and that the bill etrnck a coat of mail which he wanrs And glanced oft A hondr?d pereon* were forthwith arrc?t? d, and c join*d n prison. TV Knpmir himwlf. tbonrh a pinfiwod fatalixt and a ve j l?pire rian. thought i pro?i? nt to ahetain from pcMic Baaemhlajrp* for a tiro*-, and ww (??>? . to lea re Pari* for hi* rocntrr imM> n<y at St C1ond FboolJ thl? *1117 be true ami the allense of the p?w?paper* te no#. Tiimeot again* lUantV-ntioi'y the powition of the Kmjx-ror, of Prance, and of Kuropf 1* Iprecarious. The purty )I<K HKRALD, SATURDA which iu th?* ol<? Parliamentary days co'iatitulod hi rw<<7? fHCl on. uunii* ra many thousand dos!> rate nwj, well adapt* d to perform, and really liki ly to undertake the f<-niful function of the amu-am. Murder, in ?he i*\c? of a Pren-h theorist <f that c'rkb. <h n>? crime at a l; hu.idrcda nrd thornanda of them would k?tl Louia N'apo Icon with i'0 more compunction than he ecincrd when be ht t the officer at Bo'ogne The of U'? red rvpubl c ?n?, oe >U. r< d whorevir perch I* free. hho?e that tbcy would rcgnrfl ?h?* d-s'ructon of the Etiip" ror n> a praiecw?>rlb> ari. rh>re may bi a lack of Charlotte Coitlnys in Fianoe; batmosl certain >y a Urutus lurks in every crowd, and bleeps In v\\ r> stiwt. Nor can opportunities of asaasninat'Dg (Ik- Emperor be wanting if they are earnestly wmgbt. During his past career, he has never hid hi mat If from the public eye. lie has constant!? driven about, almost alone, through the stm tb of Paris. Ho is constantly at the the aire, and in crowds. Even supposing that he will follow the example of Louis Philippe, and change his habits?live more privately, take more precautions, surround himself with more guards and epics?there will still be ample opportunities for a deepcrtt? and enterprising conspirator. A man cannot wear a coat of mail always, nor can he, day after day, lead the life of a recluse for the fear of assassins. Even Madame Gastiglione has her rights; and her arms would not be the mot unlikely place for the Emperor to receive the fatal Wow. Hut every spot is open to risk? 'be Tuikrice, St Cloud, the streets, the council chhmbcr. the brdroom? there is room for a mur derer everywhere. The mind loses itself in the attempt to spocu late on tbe consequences of the death of the Em per or of the P'ench. Perhaps no man's lifeexcept his uncle's?ever seemed to be the mainspring and joint of so mmy inteiests He is the f-oul of Franoe. Without bim, there could be no government, ?nd *11 would be anarchy. TheCouncil of Regency which be has appointed to take charge of tbe kingdm doriog tbe period between bis death and his ton's majority would rot bold together longer tban a few weeks. Quarrels and intrigues would infallibly divide them; the army would take part; an i a new revolution would be inevitable. In tbe disorganised condition of the republican party, tbey would require time to es- 1 tabl'sh a stable government whtoh would oommtud tbe respect of tbe masses; meanwhile even such a thing as a legitimist restoration would not be impossible. Whatever course things took oos thing would be certain: Franoe would be delivered over bodily to anarchy and distress. But the fatal oonsequeocee of tbe Emperor's death would not be confined to the country over which he is set He is scarcely less powerful in Spain than in France, and his deatb would be the severest pom hie blew to the government of Queen Isabella. Tbe settlement of the SpanishMtxicaa dispute seems to rest with him. He occupies Ruse, and were he dead, tbe Pope would not remain thirty days in the Holy City. But for lear w hub, voe uuuj, ahuu, wimui oarc ere tttii followed op tbs recall of bar ambamadar fiom Tar In by overt hostilities against Pied moat. Bat for fear of him, Um King of Prass'a would haw pnfJted the Neoohatel quarrel to on extreme, end fought with Br ??w. n? is negotiating a treaty of perpetual peaoe between Turkey and Persia; be is guiding the allied movement against China; he is putting into Russia's band tho means of building her railroad*. lie is maintaining the Anglo-French alliance by the sole power of his will and his constancy. If the ball which struck him the other night had not met a coat of mail it would have filled Europe from end to end with aii expioeioo which would have reverberated Irom aide to aide of the world. Tbr Advertising Business ..Tend?ey to Oow rentratlwi. The growlh and oonditioo of the leading daily newspapers In the world illustrate finely that economical law which the Saviour exp'eased in such rimple words as- -To him that hath more ahall be giveo; bat from him that hath not shall be takes away even that which he hath. Some years ago there was a contest among the daily newspapers of Londoa for pre-emineoceTbe old Montmf Chrrmtd* and Mormng If mild with others now forgotten, had not yet acknowledged the pre-emiceoce of the Timm, while the newly founded /My \rv?, wi h a corps of ediiors utrii all< d for literary talent, menaced a c)o*e rivalry. But, a* time wore on, the unfail ing common sense, conservatism, and juilcioi* deference to popular will displayed by the Ttmm iia reused the dietance bet *eeo it and its old rivals, and rendered the /W?/ .V-iv almist a Df>}>* h** vpmiiiuuiL iv miui jfiMB vn coavacthe pubic of the facte; but people learnt the truth at la-t, and then a < han/e took place in the wivettihlng baeinem. Up to that time, each man had bw n governed by hie own fanrj in the aa1-rtJon of a paper to advertise In. When it became K?'DCTally known tbit the T\m*? exceeded all it* rival* combined in circulation, advertiser* generally gave it the preference. Then, a new law came Into action The bodnew community, to whom advertisements are ad drewwd. began to look exclusively to the 7W? fur tbo informat'on contained in advertisements They read Irregularly, or dkl not read at all the rdvertiwng columna of the other papers A rum who advertised In the Chnmri*. Po*. Ffimld, end jVe^i ran awne riak that hi* advertisement would never be seen at all by the people for wham It was Intended; while, oo the other hand, the advert!** in the 7Wi wan certain of general attention. beoauac the Influx of adve?tl*em-nta to that jonrnal had really made it* advertising column* among the moot Inter -ting it contained. A few year* eiporleooe demonstrated ?he?e facte to the Haiiftfactlon of the pnbtio; aod then began the exclusive reign of the Pi-*** M an advertising sheet. It I* now. in fact, the only mediant ft* gt ru ral huftinew Mkerti* ment* la England; and no biudneee man who ha* anything to advertise falls to send hie advertisement to the J\mm. It would have boo ? in France, bat for the constant operation of convive lava, rrpressing the natural lendercy of journalism, and subjecting newspapers to influences foreign to their nature. The leading journal of yesterday Is forced into a secondary position Uvday, and may be extlngU'sh^d torn* row. The natnral coarse of events ban been checked by extraneous caomai Mnt tn thin oonntr". Uff !d wgin in fnll nrw? nttlotv. Tbe Nkw York Qi ralu ha*b?rn m> loog t tb" bead of tbe N? t? Yort pr*** that people it large of ?tr; party and c\m? am hep-lruilng to rroogBiae It* podtloo. It* oimilatkm in known to bp larger t-ian that of all bo other d ill/ Mini una paper* pot to?r?W; nnd heooe. adreiilftcr* ar?? beginning ntore and trore to give it a monopoly of their buaiiH *a Poole hare begnn to regard it a* the adve rtialeg aheet of the city, and p*rbapf> no portion of It* rnot*nt* I* more gene | tally read than the long column* of bueinee* notic** and advwtiaemHiita. Bvery day nattirallj Y, MAY 9, 1857.?TRIPLE atmigthef a Its po*itk>o. K?n ry day th< re are n.ore peoplo a bo n<ake & rule of reading Uie 11kkam> ad crtiflr meets, and forgvt to read the advertisements ia o'ht-r journals. In ooirue ol lime. It will necessarily become the groat advcrtiring organ not only of this city but <>f the Uuit<d States; end no prod' nt mau will undertake t carry en ai y extensive- business withoat preparing hid'uHf tor the work of the day by a careful examination of the advertisements in the Nkw voitk hkiiaij).

There are facta, bearing upon the tide of civilization And wo do not think wo are doing injuh'ice to tbla or that sickly cotumporary in m9ntiouiug them, just as they are. The Bond tttrret 91 urd<-i?Or lcn?c I'lMed. Thin celebrated case in drawing to a close. The evidence lor the defence ?ae all in before 5 o'clock yvnUrdoy afterroon, aod ?he summing up. Jcdge's charge, aod jury's verdict will all be got Ihtough tc-day. The proe'cu^oo and do ince have each foor hours assigned for the aummii g np. The verd'et will probably appear in the Uekaik of Sunday. There Is but little doubt tbtertaimd a* to the failure of the prosecut'oo to make oat a case. 1 be defence examined quito a number of witd?h?ch yisteiday. The two daughters of M<s Cunn*t>gbnm testified to the fact ot their having sl> pt with their mother the night of the murder, of iheir having been engaged in conversation f ?r si me time after they retired, of their haviog txard no noise, noticed no disagreeable nm<*ll, and haviog bad no knowledge of their mo'her having them during the night The truth of their fey was virtually conoeded by the fvet of beir not having been subjected to a crose-eximloat'on. Young Snodgrate and little George Cunningham also spoke to their having oot>oed nothing patticnlar about the house that night, nl>hough their bedroom door in the attio was open. Soodgrass denied that he had heard threats uttered against Dr. Burdell by any of the family. Doctor Roberts, a demist in Bond street, was intimate with the family, and testified to the appaiently amicable relations that existed between Mrs. Cunningham and Dr. BurdelL lie had seen them together several times in private houses, often in the street, and oooe in a place of amusemoot. He was one of the first sent for on the discovery of the murder, and he found the defendant so agitated and helpless that he and others had to lift her into bed. He had oftvn notloed the fleet door of 31 Bond street an late bed, after then* w lock had been pat on. He was asked as to his knowledge of the fact that outer persona, not inmates of the boose, had night keys of it; and the prosecution admitted that sooh was the case in respect to two persona Dr. Catiin's testimony is of great moral weight in reference to the question whether Mra Cunning ham herself oouid have perpetrated the art. All tbo medical gentlemen examined agree on the point that some of the woaoda Inflicted required a great erertioa of physical force. This gentleman hat been llrs. Cunningham's family phjoksian for a long time, and proves that Ibr the laet two or three years she baa been afteoted with rheumatism to each a degree aa to weaken very much the joints of her arms and hinds, more particularly her right. It will be recollected that the witaaM ou whom the prosecution rested moat In regard to the origin of the disagreeable odor In Bond street on the night off the murder, was Dr. Parmly. This gentleman's nephew, Brrick Parmly, was examined for the defence, and proved that his unole told him be had notioed the smell between nine and ten o'clock that night The odor itself was accounted for pretty satisfactorily by Doctor Daniel B Smith, residing at 36 Bold street He bad been for a length of time engaged In making ohemloal experim<!Uts, and bad been accustomed to use woollen rags, p'eces of leather, aid other odds and ends, in his l?bois?ory. On this particular night he had gatbesrd op m that were about ana pat urn to a Move where there wae a fire of anthracite coal Ilia eon cubrt an tinted hie testimony. So that " strange peculiar odor" disappears from among the mysteries of tbia mysterious case. Then there wan quite a crowd of witnesses examined?some in respect to the friendly and j sometimes loving terms whloh appeartd to exist between the murderid man and her who la on trial for bis murder, and some in respect to matters of trivial importance in tbemselrea, but tending to dimipate many of the shadows of saspicioa that darkened the case. Anotnor MrSmith?the fifth of that name examined yesterday?gave some evidence as to the facility wih which the bouse 31 Bond street could have b*?a entered from the rear. There waa little or no crom-examination of the witnesses for the defense. The defence rested their case on the close of this last named witoem's examination, and the Court adjourned for the day, having made arrangements to visit the premises before the hour of meeting today?9 o'olock. Toe wiser plan would have been for counsel on both rides to have dispensed with a summing up?which will only help to conftise the minds of the jury?and to have let the case goto the jury oo the Hamming up of the Judge. But we snppow they consulted the pablk taste and their own love of oratorical display more than they did the public interests or the interests of the accused. If the verdwt be oo* of acquittal as it la likely to be -the oounaei for the people will probably enter n noiit prompt* as regards EokeL Look out for the verdict on Sunday morning 1lM ItwmMtn* HWHIIM. There la no doubt hut the conflagration which destroyed the buildings on Mr. Wolfs farm at grguioe'a Point. Ktaten Uiaod. waa tbe work of irocodiartea. TV people la the neighborhood, feeling tbemwhnm aggrieved at the attempt to plant a y? llow ferer ataiion among them, had declan d their intention of doing all the meana God had given them for their own protection, tod the pcrmiM in the hooae that wan burnt mw a number ot men oataide before tbe fire, and beard Ux m break Into tbe bonea. TV owe of incerdlarim aeeme to be pretty plain'./ made ont; aid If tbe partiee can be identified, and ajar/ fimnd to convict them, the/ will no doubt be pubirbed for tbe eommiwuon of one of tho meet Deinone crimer known to our law. Tbe principle on which tbctr act war bae> d ir one wbioh if ally acknowledged, would infaiilbiy be eubvemive of all Uw, order, and government, and It may therefore be aeeumrd a* a matter of oertemty that no tffurt will be lacking to gire it a practical and emphatic repudiation. Nor can here W any reaeonable doubt liat tho whole forty* of tbe Stete tney be need to enny into * fleet a law whoee conMitutlonality la not oooOfitd. aiid which commands tbe oix>di?-noe and rcepoct i f every good citlaen. At the name time, it ma?t not be deni.d 'bat for tbe trouble which hi* hap prrw-d, tbo BtaU' gowroment and the Com niimtonrre appointed under tbe Quarantine act SHEET. *?* la a urea* m<^are rtfponsibl?. T'lere caa >e no d?<v ut dn?? tire ut *h? lr to rouoru bfwpi'nlti iioat tbe vic.uxj ?> ' To??t>k<u?ml? u? tbe vk l<<?ty of Bo^uiae'v IVtt* ou tne same *l?i?d. One |J?oe vw quite a* k-nk! an tUi <?U?T. T<ue. ttio rt pidvi-to aod l-wuli*a?? io be oei^bbobood of tie pn'reai Q iwiut'O'i are t(of%lHy iicb?r in ni?u<y aid political iofiueuo* <b?o too ojt-farmcu of Piiooea Day : not are ajjnb?td Ibire Is no doo'rino iu our l.r abieb joht Oi a the it ilicUoo of suffcrinft upon a po ?r ?'?u ?** W'vn tl I iwu liilll 111 r"Ui|/v I ^ The coD'motina'ion between the city Hud tao prist n< hot-pi Wis wm not rieceftu' i'y more troqut it tfcan that which must ppriug up Outworn be d?y and hospitals at Seguinti's Puiut Aod ttoaily, tboctd y?l'ow fever brvak out ia the (ioitiitj ot the hospitals, the character of tno otuotiy sunoond'ng Sc^uioe's Po<nt might yive it a much bi tter eh voce Of bee iin-ng epidemic. than the high hdls aod fresn air of the present location can ever do. That tbo Quarantine is ill situate on it* present site nobody denies But it id equally certain that the only f-ite to which U ouuht to t?? removed la Sandy Hook. Stiovlog it hero, pUultug 1 it th?re. lauding it elsewhere, for a time, or for a aeaaon. are mere foolish expedients, 1 perb?ps mainly resort* d to for the purpo-o of e trrjlttg out speculative operations iu real est it *. Bat dy Hook is the only place in the bay that is sal table for a Quarantine sta iou; and if the Commissioaers and Governor Kng bad had a single eye to the public weal, they would have d< enk-d to leave the hospitals wh> ro they are until Bandy Hook oould have been obtained. A fever ship safely anchored in the lower bay would have answered every purpose, by way of protection, to the city this summer. Aod meanwhile, a serious and earnest negotiation with New Jersey should bave been set ou foot. Had it been the intention and wish of our 8tate government and III agents to defeat the scheme for the purchase ot Bandy Hook, they would have acted prrcisely as th?*y have done, Tht-v would have sent uer?oos to Jersey to talk. instead of acting. They would have carefully avoided selecting men in whom the people and Legislature o* Jersey have confidence. Tney would have permitted or iustructnd their organs here to insult and revtle the Jersoymen. to sneer at their State, to call them all the b ud names in the dictionary, and to exhaust every effort to rouse their spleen. This is what would have bien done If the idea had been to prevent Jersey selling Sandy Book. It is what has been done, when the idea was to induce her to sell. The consequence we see before us. It is too obvious that Now Jersey's real interest is identical with New York to warrant any suspicion that oar neighbors, if properly approached, will permanently refuse to make over to us the said bank which now actually impa'ra the value of Monmouth ooun'y. The negotiation only needs to be undertaken in good faith, and with ordinary discretion to socooed. But if the removal of the Quarantine is to be made the fly wheel of (peculations In real estate, and to be carried out with blundering and hectoring, It may be some time before things are settled to the general eatiefactioo oftbo public. THE LATEST NEWS. InteraUng from Washington. ths oaarswr's vraws orjrait HMRIM or ras dallas-CLAaxxnoN th*aty?INMUt or ran knOUiUH or TBS IKOWLYH HAW TalLO. Waxuitutoa, May S, 1867. Turn wm Cabtnrt naeUtm U? l*y, ud n U rvpurtad uiai ute reeeot rrjecuoti or uauae ciareouoo treaty j iraaiiadtr conaideraUoa. The Chb net are sail to be a ; oolt on this important auiyct. Tiny behove thai the statement of Urn British g/vomcooot w oorrect a* to Koalas, bet do not esteem it a sufflci"ot reason for the rejection of lite treaty It k? ateiod dial Lord Napier deeply regrets the altered joudiuoo of th-ugh The decretory of the Nary dismissed to-day McLaod Murphy from bia port at the Brooklyn Nary Yard, la coonequroce of hie late fracas wtto Mr. tftckiea. m onnnui *rwsr*rw? w?rte?. TH1 N8WUOVXBNOBOP K * ViaH? KKfORTd KBOM TITO TKMITORT. WaKirurrmvr, May 8, 184". Tb< Cabinet today were almntf errtiml rely occupied with Kansas affiur*, the Moo Robert J. tValker being pre sect fbr several hours. Ba will take the oath of ?fbrn here as Governor before leering for Kansas, oo Monday or Tornday. The official and private anoeunla daily reeetred Induce both him and the administration to holteve that there will be no serious, If any ob'tructiuo to :he mljimtmrut of Ihe pending difficulties In that Territory. (anal Navigation. Anuart, May 8, 1867. The rare or of a breaco la the nroeca nrer and Port Byron aqueducts Is ascertained to be unfounded. The whoto Middle division Is reedy for the passage of boats, and actlre business Is doing. High water on the Oewrgo renal all I prevent It* boo for eereral days. The breaks reported last sight la the Ueoeeee Valley canal will take twenty four hours to repair. As this rod of Ihe canal is now in good order, tad no breaks are al present rrported, n will lake only a day or twn to repair. The boats cwnring now from Albany will be able to gel th'ougb without dWeoiloa. The Dalten 1M\nrou last In Moetnn. IVvtos, May 8, 1UT. The Dalten divorce case was given to the jury at o'clock this evening, after a charge by Judge Merrick. It Ls doubt fbl If the Jnry agree on a verulot before to morrow. J idgn Merrick, who m In IU health, at the clone of hie charge, Meted and wee carried from the court room by the Sheriff and stows. He soon revlvrd, but wne evidently greatly prostrated by the fhtigue of this protracted trial and (he niauplii 11 uf an over nrewded court room. MsvtmrnU mi Ki-fusldsat Pierre. Puii AOau-au, May 8, IMT. Ri President Pierce and lady are spending ? few days here at the residence of Plrroe Butler, Ksg., preparatory to returning home. Mn. Pierce's health has greatly lea proved. Mew Jamy CVrwnterfVltern. PraLaamrnu, May 8, ltll. Daniel Thrr and Frederick Tarr.aHerd countofidters. w?m> ta~day. oa Mtfaaor their oouacI, <u*obanr*<L Tbey ?wMd la Camden, N. i. 11m AmHm (hilmanl Honrwt Hautax, May A, 1MT. Ifcr Meaairhlp Awrtu, from Bortoi, arrtr?d bm a U v4ork iaM night, and nailed at two Utk r? mum to* krarpool Weather clear ami calm. KlwWia (a ttonnrewi In NowUt Oarailaa. Atfornr*, Ma , May , IMT. Mr flmluun ban bam dertcd to Orm*re?w la the diatrlet In Hmib OaroUna lately repmwented by Hen. Praaton A rVoc*?, by 1/100 majority. llaUrf tor Rrlnnud Ktlttmntara. Mww Otjaaaa, May 1, IMT A meeting wlB be hoU lr- n.yl* for the rNW/ of the re tamed Mlbnrteer, and ta ral?> 9400 rw eraoed for IMr paaaaff" by CapC Punlap, of the RrHtah ftgVr Tartar. (bavk tloa of m Martltrrr. Ho?jt??rwhrto, Pa, May A, 1AM. Iarld K MrKIm war lent r kbt ooacVtnd of marker la the Br?l degree, and war Ihlr mom In* rrnlettnad to be aa ' aetitrd fbr U>a mnntcr of Norrrora. 11a dnaily proteated Vfore the court btr aotlra Inoooawa, asenrilag that hla wmetctioa war reacted nnfeirly by the yerjtiry rf WW The mramhMt Jnbn Hurt MneK. NcfcWMJt, C\>aa , May A, IMtIV Mraw.boat John Fart, cf Norwalk, tkptaln Oreea, rtrurfc a rack col ring the harbor IwA "Tfnim. tuna at bar deck. Mir at KIi Iiiixm' I, Vii> Kmii?<i>|i, vv, Ma; 8. )w, The drop More of Mmr*. Bennett, Kinr'aiti* ft FY hrr *'Hj tiurni thin aioriiMig Thel-a* on ih<tr xtittk U H-?i nii.U t M $28,000. 14ii y are Itn nr? <l lor 8fl),00u l0 U? Itictinioml (fliers. Hie building w?? damaged Ui M* an hi .tit o( ft.,000, but l? oovernl by insurant*. a ixtrtMa of the pootla VI as navext. Mui lx la. N'w?r Orulah*, Way 7, ]h61. finlcB c>f cotton today i it ? tuhn; middling Ih^a. a ISt^C Rex <4|iut to day 3 ! > Italia. Sugar tirin. Keh* Imr tic. Moliuwx*?Marki t bare. Ohio II mr M T> u tj. Vcllott coru Toe. a bbc.; wkuu corn boc. a 86o. I rtagtM llrmor Oswwio, Way 8 'IBfiT. Tlir flour and (train market wan noion ntciUxl lo-.tay, and then1 ivr.x a ciui-nUrabl- aovaueo in priced. sales? flour 1.000 bhtH. at *fl 00 a $7 Iff.; for etinerttti* and exira ('auadlnn. Wheat?wUe" 4,<*XI bushels at H,"6 for union a Into Canadian. Corn teuxl- upward*?vjiv 7a>0 bu duds to arrive at 80c. Ganal freights?Wheat pjo. an I onrn Ma. tr. New York. lake today:?".idJO bushels rye. Can at exports?ii'200 buaUeU wheal; 080 bushel* mart. i^iitanosi, Mi.y 8, I8W. Oottoo market deprnwoxl. Hale, u> l?y l.iuo baixw ol 13?{c. for flood mldrtll'tc. Freight??r*o vtMeeii xmrfl engaged to toad o.uon to : vo pool to. tav at \'d. Trti [NORR/aa is i ? OoAwiMrr.oa or Otok tat -r*m Umtho Statwx asv Gwut Bmtaui.?By reference ? kOa HUUinUcu gHeu to ao artlc'e on tbo commerce and trade ti China, foreign and domestic, published to tbo I1mum> m Tuesday, we pave a table abowlng be rapid lnereaae la toe use of opium In thta country within the pant atz ytwi The Increase In that Umr, It la supposed, has toon equity M groat In may parte of (treat Britain. This tacroo?e aeeioe la have bait t?m? ooonecttoo with tbo tctaper&nce morcoMaq 4m fWtr/ia r?f tntal aKjiinoeiM TH Hritrint/ IHAti Ci*/4/4IWtiv ktf force of law or public opiuon from one kind of A.m. lant you drive them only I" some other a/; a sub.UMwM, which may prorc more di<a ?ro m and demoralizing I* IH effect- than the using malt liquor* In any form, and mare difficult to rottaqulah. The truth ki that the lore at excitement or of stimulants o* some kind seem t > be I nam* In human nature. Ikw savage will part with his last lata of property for rum and tobaooo. And what U olrtMaM life but one of sucooeeive stimulants in every punmtf Men become Intoxicated with ambition, religious or other enthusiasm which quickens the pulse, excites the Imda, and strengthens the norms for acton, loading to greet eaduranee of Labor and unremitted struggles to attain aa ewd of excellence and admlrauon. How ofleu is it that we ese men fall of success, and on tuning the stimulus of ambition withdrawn, adopt as a 6uh Utile Iho stimulus of quor, becoming In the end occ . -toed aud hopeless note. The true policy of govt rnmec. is not euddeuly to cm eff from the people the use of liquors which drives these W the use of opium, but to ooote = id direct the teste of torn people In the u.?3 of cb> ~i> and domestic grwwn winea, with the use 01 cider and weak beers. 1 Vance, w1?h U, use of Claf wines, hag no dronkants. "to 'aste of the people tor excitements or stimulants, ? .the.- o the form of anw? merits, or of drinks, or ot anyUmd. ; c4eo, U not to be safe decly cut oil, but contracted and directed by wise lc<*aation. It almost always happens lliat the sudden acts*; <f bigotry, under the cloak of reform, driven people from one evil to another a great deal worse. It Is a curious feet that the first eggv of the silkworm were brought to Hunep* from China. U Is said that the recent silk crop in Prnnon and other parts of Southern hurope measurably ftitok last year, on account of the failure of silkworms to hatch. Under these cireurastmoea we would suggMI whether the stock ef silk worms might not be improved tgr sending to China for fresh supplies of eggs f !fuice writing the foregoing we have heard It Afltod that the oroorietT of this oourve has bees recently agWMd In Praao*. TmutmcAl Bmawrw T?-Niow?.?There la quite as out*piua of benefit* at the thentrm this evening. AttheBcwsftway theatre, Hn. K. L. Davenport, u artist who has detained deserved popularity, appeals 1? borfticoda. M Wallaok'a tbeatiw, Mf. John Brougham ukee bia bewdK at the clone of hut ??ar*e>e<iL After Una nl?tt Mr. Brougham procr--'a to eokvtm tba ptopteof Philadtdptos and other provtuci cities. The public wtU aeo to U that he baa a sub?ta.Ual token of their apprvcUUoiL At laat Ktvoe'a theatn-, Mr. Oeortre Jordan, one of the moots* com pitched of American actor*, and one who occupies Mm hi#beat poHiuon in the public amct 'ooa, taken hia beaaMt playtog Rover la " wild Oatd," and sunburned Wy as em celleat mat In (he other charactern. Ntsu)1* Oaknaa?Ijuw Nh?ht oa nui Italia* Otou?>Bhi? final performance of the Opera com | say under the am nagemeat of Paine r-ud M*retm?, a aa piren at the Harder lart night to one of the moot crowd <1 audlenoaa ewer aasn within I la walla. The xeaeoe which ban just been oam eloded coturieV d of ooljr tea nip bin, and w*? much mimed at the octet* bp the illnem of the prima donna, only mm baring Ixjt'n engaged. Mm. do Oazaauigu haa, oomm quently, been obliged to ring every mghL Slie baa tMng in "In Traviata" (bur times, "II Trwatoro" Iwlsa. "I*icre?la Borgia" tarice, "Noma" and "Mods d* Cbamoonlv" ocoe. The company was the beat ifM* we bare had in New York lor eaveral years. Mam. de Casaanlpa haa more than rerined lh < pred.iaaane we made about her whee ehe (km sang at PtuladetpM*. Brtgnoil haa a splendid vol ye, nod improves daily la mglog and In the usages of the stage. Ar.odjo la likewdm gifted by nature with a magnificent otpin, the nctar at which be may easily cola into gotd. and Amoal, tbe haa mora TOioe and lets gninaoe Uuo hia ptwkOMoaaa In tbe same lino. it la, he were.-, a fact that notwithstanding the met t of the anirtr, tl* nea ton 'iaa am been a eucoeseful one ac far as pec- Jiiary math i% arr aaai oerned. We pre?iim* that the publle could not app.-eotnlb time de tlasauiiga lotil Ju.4 about the time ahe t? Is leave ua, whoa lltcrt wm a Uvm*a<k*M ouOtar t of csft*ataem. Wc can only wy that New York will wait a >aag hike hofo.eit bears a dramatic atnger yquai to Midata Oazzaniga. Tbe compsny goea brace to Philadelphia, whwc Mr. ft A. Marshall, tbe leasee of tbe Philadei ihke Aaiisgr at Mualc, ha* the soie management. Mr. Mnrstietc la (Ms musical director. Mr. Paine Hails f<r Ktaro ?o I j the ateaaaar of the JOlh. The performance last night moiudot ' (warn da Borgia," with rcner fr-ao " (Wjtnrl'a " and " Mam niello." The artiata wer* iJJ ewceltvit, ind the pebhe ?reedUgty eothualaMto, no that Lie sea hni which begem rather gloomily, coned la perfect Tiuinsmo ra tot Wbst ?P'iriog the p-eerot week MM Thai berg, Mile, Itiudl aad Mm* l\Ui Hrakoarb I SB* been giving concert* la Uncinaati, under the managiaissi ot Mr. Ptraknach There haa hem <imte a .Winy UoO amcitrates' In the WartsfS dust about Thai berg, and Ibh koach haa already remitted t bout 910,000 prodta M Hi bankara here. Tub Karate give thetr Last afternoon perfbrrsasas M Nlblo1* Garden tin* anevnooc. (Kir mree lo rrnd.v* uoi mba lb la oppomcit? ibr a ?>lraa*nt mt.<r*>amemL Naval InUillfvnra. 7Tx> data of the Mlartarlppl'r dparture far China ha* to teat beeo tuuao.1. Hie la lo l? am aboal the M of Mr, by order of the Ivpartcorol, lo* taw riper raaa to our naval procraMinaUoa indaoea oa to beBevo that If Nat be at era beta* iho Utah there *111 ba ? cause to mmPlata of punctuality. Meanitms Who pnopoot of a bra* lib the OeWtiale la rapMly fUUr* Ibe rattler of the mmr tne corps and the hamnmrka of lie moac tap ahips. daptraate lo naval and military |torr ant orow.ii if in* Bavp I Yard aad rrudeiveua. The "old trooper" w chtmaif aobtrlety, and U>e drill m f*aid* at the llrotkly* bnradtoi have their hand* full, ibe tanner aa<retina \ picked penad of nulwanb out) orate (private* won't do) to aoonmpaay lam to (taut, aad die tetter tmohlag Ibo y men Idea bar lo "hoot A Via lev Mitorini Ute TVm-kly* yard ctaato help taming a tar Idea of a drill eerpeaal ? misery, wtmm t I ho aera (bur or tfvo aqoade of linkom, tailor*, nhrwmataw*, bailer* aad hod oanier* betax initiated late the ayvavtea I of ibe moated The North Uuoltna haa hero lately tarred aad her ?1fftnp Heal* net up .'he ?r!U he ctxupietnly Bnlobed, inlto or and thoroughly vnamei ted for die rummer btow a woe* poee by M me of car ontenporar'a have beea advtotng her tnuieler In the flute-y dorUp the fla* *? on, but the rtokmly mo-liU<? of her bail, her jfr?al apt ami a fbw other di-wmMa.iore, veil very probably Keep the "North" at ihe Nary Yard a itil ahe olnkt, wbeo anyaa enterprising apeoaialar wtli boy her and make hie ftr I tout, flotm**, rolled fbefer Nartew. hoe (won dntattrrt ta 'be dermatun-en. 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