Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1857 Page 4
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4 NEW YORK HERALD. J AM KM HOHDOI BKHMKTT, KTrTT* AKI> PMOPKIMTOE. orrw k. w. oomnn or na**ac and kxtok sth. Tt KMX <*'?* nKnmt*. nil OJJL ) MAK.4IO, ?>viU pm ?>f>v. ptrr annum. r?A WKFAir /if A I tn.frrrj, Xxtu'tJo*. iK <>S? ."it. >*r W <" tx giro? ?. '/I- > .^yntn nftfion. X p?r annum. ?<> p-m< f? ?/ W. K ..n, or ft * no* parr (.Vntfmntf, hmA ft VO* WL I'ffTi* J (ft KitESPO/f T>KffCK, n>nt.tininf important mn, rcHritnl firtrn ir/iv ijnurUw rf' Itir lurU, ^ w?f WW <* W* mRp ptwi <t?- H*"i'K KoaaW* (WniiiMiintiiTii nr Paimuur Kmili .?t>0 t.. Kml iu ).>nt.n> i>d I'uiiuu ft??r P? >t> ItOTh K M<Wi c/ n-Kwywnft- /we?yyin<lm/<?. W t <lu <W rftv*" 'V? .ff>f Fhl/fTl MS ?Irrutni vkti wu/m?-, c>v?v>tw?' ami <W pnlrt AP* KRTISKMEyTS -w'lmi w?i y Aijr. VtlUM MOT 77. 7777777(lo. 1W *m -i? *ii to morrow kvkxiko. ft ROAD WAT TH TATAR, UNtdvirTa Koa Of m ft mot. _____ nibmvh o>?r>*n KnmAwmr-tutin Rc?? Faaw-la RoOtRMAlAR?tt> 0 itsUMR. FOWTBT TH1UT8S, Bowery?Tki Duil's Ecmub?Id m-BTOITS m TTRATBR. HroaJwmy. nppoafte Bond ?L -Bono art> *' oort-cU ub or raa Howa WALLACE'S THBATBR. BmAdwuy.? Bncftu?Crrxrt 1WXN. LAURA imrvr-R THBATRB, Rnwdwmr? Natvm a?D Alf-Tomr ____ B ARKT7VB AJHOUCAX SCO BRUM. Ri aail at?Afteniooa. A Bri uro mm a* Oufwm?Mn, OR THI *>AO**JCS MISOHTT. B*ro cur- ft touaoA Jackroop. (1KQ. CH1USTT AKD WOOD* 1UK8TRBLR, 4M BroOT?I7 WTHIOTUR fRAROBRARW 1)A?A DUN. COKLXrt SKRKIf ADKBR, m Brautw*r-RmoruR Uwoararcot?HiMOiim Rtrarrot A Muioiim Mucin. HKJHAIW* B ALL. <n Rmra?-Rmu Weutoraa Ac. Aaaaifc* N'oar*' Kxvswrtiwmrva?Bv Bitun^Vumu. Hew York, Hundajr, May 10, 1M7. The Stwfi The Bend street murder oeee closed last evening, iter six days trial. The fury at half-past seven o'clock last evening returned to Court, having been oat bat half an hoar, with a verdict of " Not guilty." lire. Emma AuguaU Canning ham, otherwise called BordelJ, was then discharged from custody, aad oo motion, Mr. Eckel was also discharged | en hie ewe recognisance in $6,000. Suspicions having been east by counsel lor the defence on Dr. Blaisdeh, we have received end publish e communication ton a friend of his, aooounttng satisfactorily for Ma whereabouts on the fatal night Governor King has issued a proclamation offering a reward of $3,600 for the apprehension and oonvictton of the persona who set ou fire the buildings on the tons of Mr. Wolfe, at Seguineb Point, BUten Island,an the night of the 6th inst TbsQuaraotine Com m In to mors have resolved to proceed immediately with the erestton of the necessary buildings Mr gaareettee purposes in lieu #f those destroyed by In teaendlnriee. The letters of our correspondents at Paris and Berlin, together with a number of interesting entrusts from our fl'ee of late European papers, are published In to day's Hmulo. The GVty Inspector reports 393 death* during the past week-a decrease of 00 as compared with the return of the week previous. As will oe seen by the figure* given below, this improvement ot the pubUe has1th ie mainly due to diminution of the umber of feted eoees of affecttoos of the brain sad serrae adofdleeeeseef the lungs, threat, Ac. The fellowtug statement exhibits the auuber of deaths dorlag the post two weeks amoog adults aad childrsa, distinguishing the sexes:? Jim. Wbeim. (Mm. IMai. Week eadtag May 2 101 TT lU. lie 463 Weak ead.n* May S? 63 146 SS 392 Among the principal causes of death wars the foilowing Wttk i-ndvy . Maf % Maf U. Oeasnabpt<oc t?t> 41 OMTulfeiooa (?iifn,t.k- > VI 22 InQa-TLraauof of the lungs 24 'Jk Etoartrt fever 41 34 MniIn * t Marasmus (tnfbatile) 08 21 Drops/ is ths bead IS 19 Bmaapas 14 6 Oroap ? 1* There were also 6 deaths of apoplexy, 7 of bronchitis, ft of congestion of the liver, 7 af dehUlty (infantile), 4 of diarrhcee, 7 of disaaee of tbs heart, 9 of ialammetim of the bowels, 4 of teaching, ft premature births, 27 stillborn, aad 19 from violent The following la a claariflcattsn of the dissasea and ! Mm IaUj nnmUr nf Hftllu in mjOi ?! < nf Saaut , daring the pnet two week*:? Mm* % Jfry 0. Huore, jotnu. te 4 6 Hm-r kjkI nerve* S3 Tl bftwillTrorilUil t 10 Heart and blood Tftwf^ 11 14 I turn*. Uirvet, 4r 13N 111 Iklilbten and prematura btrlha 33 33 * Hd are S f Mm. fee . and ferera 31 43 Hemecfc. b?w? m an<l other dii?eati ve organ* 63 47 1'ooerta.n *eM and general fever* 40 34 InkiKiwt 1 1 Croary wput- 0 4 Total 443 31 The number of death a, compared with th? corm panging week* la 1836 and ln&6, waa u follow* ? Week ending May 12, 1864 .431 ? ' May 10, 1*60 384 ?< ? May ?, 1867 003 The nativity table give* 280 natiroo of tho United Htatea. M of Ireland, 27 of Germany, 7 of RngUad, 3 of beat land. 3 of Holland, and 1 each of France, Toiaad. Fnuela, Baitaerland, Walw and the w?t lodtoa. The mm* of rotten ywterday were roofne-l to about l,;?e balea, bared mainly on middling upland* at I3y?e , and New Orlraaa nuddliuga at 14^c. a 14 '4C. Buyer* aad uetiera were ladiapceed to come freely nr?tb*r, and ma market waa at that coadiuoo in which n further owa<**awie >o prtrea would probably lead to Incrraeeg activity in ateta. Flour waa aga^n active, and ctoaed at an advance of 14o. a 34c per barrel Wheal eon united trm, but the high priceo deuaaoded checked en* A cargo of Chnadan club aoid at tl 14. Cor* ' ttrm, with aaleu of Wootera aalsed at 44c. a Mc., with mm Boethrrn yellow at Mc. and ftnjthera white at 04a a tor Rye wao held firmly at 0To. Fork wao rather more notice, with mien of new meaa at tSMata 44 eugari ware firm, but aalet were moderate Coffee wee qmet, hut too market wao firm Frutghka were Inactive end cgageeeonle light. To Liverpool about 080 a TflO VCea of Witoa were engaged at M. M per baia YruckH Arrinw-Tbe full oorre?poodenoe from Mexico, wticb we publish ia mother oo~ Icmn, giv<# a deer view of the dimppolntineot felt ia that country at the rejection of the For vyth convention* Our correspondent enter* into an earned argument to tow that the government of the United State* la wronf la oot accepting the*? treatie* and feeling for Mexioo la bor protect strait# aa a tirter republic nhooid feet?that la, to her pocket. Bat the advocates oI these treatiee forget that they Involve a principle foreign to our whole *y?U.? of government They require an expenditure of -everal taliUone of dollar* from the national treasury, which would only oca# back, under the plan proposed, into the pocket* of there of oar cUifn* trading to Mexico. This is expanding money for the benefit of a (iM-k thing that our government is atrictly prohibited from doing. We feel for Mexico to Let prrwat distress, bat we cannot bat perceive that bad Prvrldeat Comonfort, at the commencemeat of hie d < latomhip two year* uroce, eetab^ Mated a low tai iif oo importations into the ooun \rj, be would not be to-day with oat rrvenoe, M?xioo without commerce. So long m he inMsta r.poa retaining the high tariff sj-^m of prov Uon to contraband trade, her '"vviiua au.t uu>trvmh and Mexico must procure tt?<' mean* of prrwmt ex^?u>ace by a roeort to all f lmis of pawnbvoktag evp^diPnu. rocle flam t4*ad* in ttx> pueiUon of u ' uncle" to hw. but Wont oome down with the da* upon anything bat tangible eeoniity. All account* agree ?>*? Mexico on the en of ft revotutlft*. Prertdaat Ooeftftulbrt is motlrtij preparing to oeamtorftot K, bait h? hat ft abort time to work In. On (be lrt of SoptotWr thft new OQDrtitoMoa gom lato erfteot, tad til the eflto live power ot the President passe* into the heads of ? Congress of but one chamber. The revolutionist* will bo doubt wait until that time when a new and unpractised Assembly must debate every little step the Kxeoulive may be required to take, and if we are not much mistaken the result will be aoarcby or a dictatorship within a short period. Debating assemblies are bad governors in peaceful times, and worse in a time of public disorder. Perhaps Comoafort may m?ko a roup d'Hat before he is shorn of the power, to save his count:y from the confusion that now seems to await her. The btluniu HoutM-Ttad Dwtjr mf tk* Ad' mhiMnttsn. The probable failure of Walker in Nioaragua prescotB again the question?what shall be done to open that transit route? That it mast be opened in a manner to make it available to the I <MC7 MM priUlMIQUV U0C M HIT VVWHTIVV VI WC world Lb evident to every one. Ereo V tie monopoly at present enjoyed by the Panama route were placed on a secure basis, the tact that it is a monopoly requires that a competing route should be opened to the use of commerce Pestmaster General Campbell, la bis last animal ropott, sets forth in strong language the extortion practised by the Panama Bailroad Company for the transmisrion of oar mails, and the exorbitant prices oharged for passage and freight to and from San Francisco at this time is a just satyect of oomplaint on ail sides. But the existence of that route even rests upon a very insecure foundation in the present precarious state of our relations with New Granada. The destruction of a bridge, the tearing up of a few rails, the suspension of the trains for a few days in a oountry whore rains pour in torrents for nine months in the year, may lead to each destruction and v, ashing of the embankments as to require an almost complete reconstruction of the road. Ti in odJnnf fhrrhfnwt fhml Htn VIdnrnffno Transit route moat be opened and made permanently safe for the use of trade. In considering bow this may be done we must first weigh the state of affairs there and the sooial elements of the communities in immediate contact with and in possession of that isthmus. Bet two of the States of Central America, Costa Rioa and Nicaragua, have any direct interest in the question. The other States that hare taaen part in the struggle against Walker have done se from a well grounded fear of his undisguised ambition, and a want of confidence in his ill-digested ideas as a statesman. They all seemed united in their notion, but the truth is they have been united only in their opposition to Walker. Even in the presence of the enemy quarrels have continually existed between the Central American leaders to an extent that has materially impaired their action. Costa Rioa only has been the efficient enemy of Walker, and to her alene has success thus far been due. As soon as Walker shall have been finally disposed o? the troops of the several allies will be withdrawn and disbanded, and the two States of Costa Rica and Nicaragua will lie left to that action which the social dements that form them may dictate. The first of these republics hae a population, according to her last census, of 90,000 whites and 10,000 Indians, including the savsge tribes still existing. The greater portion of this population?about four-fifths of It?resides In ths valley of ths Rio Grande, whleh doss not average more than twenty miles wide by about sixty long, and cany on their exchanges with the rest of the world through the port of Panta A _... t_ <1,. n?lt rS KL.AM > P..I?. Thim greet preponderance of the whites, la whioh there in a large foreign element and the concentration of her population, has constituted one of the greatest elements of the strength of Costa liioa in her recent content Nicaragua, on the other hand, oootaina a population of about 230,000 people, most of whom are negroes, Indian? and mixed raoee. These are principally located round the two oeetree of Leon and Oranada, aad hare long been known from the MUer feud existing between them. It was one of these parties?that of Leon?that Invited the interference of Walker In their domestic quarrel*. During the late struggle Kloaragua has played a very Insignificant part, and now is about to be divided among the other 8tales or ceded wholly over to Costa Rioa as the preponderating power in Central America. Whichever coarse may be adopted Is fruitful of intestine disorder and external Lnb<rf?Tence. I There are already abundant signs of internal strife for the future. Leon shows little disposition to acquiesce in the division policy; and Granada, that has hitherto pomeseed the control of the Tramrit route through Lake Nicaragua, aril! not rest satisfied under the oompiete absorption of that route by Costa Rica, that has lately been consummated. The mongrel aod always dimatlsfr-d races that inhabit Nicaragua will give abundant Instruments of discord to the leaders, who have never osased to quarrel among themeelvee, and oomrtant ooo tentlon Is likely to ensue along the borders of tWa TVa iMrttdi rrlnllema mill almaws Km HCl'AIWi Atmj hhwi |niTi*^v TTU4 wv source of frultfal interference by outMde par tiee. Our steamboat Commodore*, who bars fought *o long tad to fiercely for lto powekxi, will not give op the struggle for the rich prls* until nome strong power control* It nod restrains them. Costa Rico herself will soon find this oat, and if she undertakes to retain it in her own hand*, it wth prove to her the mum Nhlrt of Nee*0* that it ha* been to Nicaragua. There troth* make the cooree that oar government eboold take palpable and evident We are called by our protimity, by the eooetaot march of our progress, and the Increase of oar moral Influence. to open thia route and guarantee it to the free an of all nation* Let Mr. Buchanan net id down there a proper representative - one that shall duly represent our government and oar position in the world, without siding with Intestine fend* or subserving the Interest* of Wail street companies or New York Commodores?and we are well convinced that he will be able to establish our influence upon a proper basis, and make Mich arrangements a* will place the security of that route beyond a peradventure. But let Mr. Buchanan be wary wbo be sends there. Let us have no more such diplomatists in Spanish America a* Who*lor, | Bowfln. Morse and the Uka We want no Wee tcra, wr cn<u ucru. or norinotn political Mump epeakrrw to go then and write diplomatic ' despatch** for buncombe, but men who are animated by other rleww, men who can hold aoclal ooernwr with the people and their leaden, and who bare Home fotnpnbcn?W<Mw <w of view. And abore all, let Mr. Banhaaan determine to mnore that great Mum Wing btoofc in the path of peace on tbe IMfcooftw. the Clayton Calmer ml# take. NEW YORK HERALD, ? TV) BmmI Wratt Mnrtwwtr gUta! mt Krt. The cxw.ordinji'y and deeply Interesting cm that baa beea occupying the Court o* Oyer and Terminer hi lb* city, and absorbing a Urge share of public atteutioa In this oeranunity and throngtoot the country for the past week, was hrotiftbt te a fmaie last evening, it <*>d<d In the acqn-Ual by the ju?y of lira Bmna Augusta Cwmiogbam, orberwiae called Bu?dell, oa the iudioiamt 'or the murder at Harvey Burdeil on tee mgm w ioo jvw or morning or the 3J* oi Jsouarj IftM. The day bad beta occupied la the eumialag up of counsel on c-aoh Bide?the District Attorney sad the Attorney General speaking for two hours eaoh, and the two counsel for the defence for the seme length of tine. At a quarter before six o*otook the Attorney General closed the oaa% and Judge Davie* proceeded to oharge the jury. la Court there was bat one opinion 11 to the faJroont, olearnctu, ability and impartiality of the charge. It abswud a mind devoid of prejudice on the one side or partisanship on lue other. It presented the facts in the caw with olearnms and perspiouHy. One of the highest cosjpHswnts tbat oosM he paid to K was -that mo exrepien was taken to it by counsel on either side. The jury retired for eaamttotiee at aevna o'clock, or a few lajontea after that hoar. It was a foregone ooooiadon. with them, and with all who watched the progress of the case, what their verdiot should he. la half an boor they returned with a verdict of not guilty, and the aoouwd was discharged from custody. There Is no doubt m to the propriety of the verdiot in view of the weak oase made out by the prosecution. On tt? put or Mr. BefcM?woo wu net on trial, bat who wm in on art throughout the wboie proceedings?it wm moved that ha be disoharged from oaatody on hie own rsoogniianoe. The motion wm granted, acd Mr. Rokei was discharged from custody on entering into his own reoogal| r.aaoe In $&,000 t? appear in the Court of Oyer and Tei miner at its next sitting. The oounset fcr the detsooe on several oocamoas indioated Dr. Blalsdall as a perscn who might knew something about the mysterious murder, and who should be catted on to accouat for bis whereabouts oc the fatal night. We hare received a commuaicatioa from a friend of his, which we publish to-day, from which it appears that that friend and other geatlewes were Lc the company of Dr. Blaisdeli tree seven o'clock tLU half-past twelve o'clock that night The Bond street am dor. assuming the verdict of the jury to be a righteous one, Is cow a greater mystery than ever. Which Wm th? Viotoe.?We hare tvro versions of the private fight which took place the other day between the Hon. Daniel K Sickle* and Mr. MoLeod Mnrohv. at the room of the I former, at Willard's Hotel, Washington. Mr I Ifarphy hji tbit bo garo Sickles a handsome drawing; and Mr. Sloiclee 0070 that be Laid it inta Murphy till ho cried * enough.'' Murphy refers to the appearance, respectively, of the tiro combatants immediately after the fight, as affording some satisfactory evideooe as to the party most damaged La the fight The Secretary of the Navy appears to have shaped his oourae accoidtngly, La the dismissal of lturpby as Engineer at the Brooklyn Navy Yard; for wo can hardly suppose that Mr Toooey would have tcrned Murphy (a brother democrat) adrift, if he bed bees sufficiently puaisbed by Mr Sickles. The action of Mr. Toucey la the case is, therefore, conclusive in the matter, that Murphy was the bad boy and that Mr. Sickles was the irjffurer, and (here Is no need of another fight to settle the question. Mr. Mcrphy unfortucatety forgot the aiHferecce bttween the Pewltim which are thrown around & member of Coog*TM at Washington and his free and equal standing amocg the boys at Tammany flail. A number of Cocgrtes is a Chinese Mandarin at Washington, and there he mc4 bo respected. The Tammacy nystocn of persocal eatisfactioc does net apply to members of Coograw oc Peonnjlvaoia avenue. Let not that important fact bo forgotten amocg our democratic officeholders havisg peeaocal accounts tc eettie with demo era tic members of Congress under the eye of Mr. Toucey. Tun Kansas Qhmtiom in a Ni imiku. ? Tbe foliowlng brief report from the Kans?s cotrespoodeoco of the Cicolonati Gaxtu, of tbe speech and tbe reception of acting Governor Stanton at Lawrence, proneats the exact oooditlon of the Kansas trouble In a nutshell.? Mr Huuans eo??rnr* 1 by mlofWas Ger*n>or Walker, raaklns btsi with u-vj a/ Aaxwicaa ??au?wa te renewi if** mom# at h>s tifn. vrvl in ii.a. ,..r? iKa i V l?-cu of nererp, Niileevecb.g to pror* toel oeitoer toe laJtoe t.c the c+-ir* ? ?r* of the ufflf r*r# u toe wdwtee Afto* iwifi o v Hutroiag to una for mere Unto, toe meet lar, r?r - ? ! 1 to ' '. ** ?e Kjuima etf?Jr* Hp lb?*> d*r<?fu ' bu remark* ee req<iw*t"1. fT? frankly arvwed U.a. be wv a pro .aeerp nu, l>J that (?* .ooeiip h* ?v rlroaftj attached to (ha toatheboae of bi' <ra naUre jouth. ir be were % to?t *h?c the q-jeeuee of to* reoofndtoo of aJtrorp cam* lega"/ befre top prop* of KIM*, be abeuid ro> u iwrw ud oouai* it He M.d be came bore ft>r toe perpoee mo ?tu, toe too u.oe of etoorc?nf toe tow of tiaaeti ' N*rp?, #*rpr," > boo tod hie h?\r?r? t*r?jrfo??' fl?e fedrrai to?? rs * W ear rood." "Yea thai1* rjrbt, they her- a.?*p* bora obeyed by tw," repi?e<l lb* crowd Maaua ooobaeed aed tald toel toe Trer'tortol lew* bed be*n eptxoewl bp toe H^.aie u,d 1 ru t i*, *_i e~*a hp toe Boom ef ReprixentoiiTf, er. t ie.ii repituou aa^orltp TS*y corrected tow Hatrment hp letkrg b*? toel toe Booje merer bed e republican me o*ir At ad areata," mH he, "toe Terr- ?*ej tow* muM he obeyed. N*re?, me-?e " M*Je m?- "i*i b.. ivar?M W?i?ro??"T*wtp ?neU be ewlbror ; Kerer, oeror, o?T*r'" wee e?ua eboetod. 8tA?T?w? -7\m u m war I* (A/ 'T\t> and fttke.^le to-Sto " Oowi?"Wed, war K Is torn " Towarda toe oonrrmafcm he Utoed Jfj *il<2?y, tad toe meetiat b?*-tip adjourned. Now. thif brief mrbbtim report (which, w* prwu?r, id eobeUaUaiiy comrt > to worth ail the pr octant a lien*, maiuf^tofw. correepo '-v*. argument* ud eocjeotaree wp hare bad a poo Kachm aflWr* wnc* la*t CTbr -'eia*. m it garde b clear undent andlng of the Iwcte betwwn the two partiM there dtrug:gliflg for K?<> aeo*w dancy. This is the oaae a* cade on between Mr. Buateo and Mr. Konirwoa Now !-t as wait a little and what Mr. Walker will d?>T In the Interval we are all agr^d, with Sir Loctoe OTrlfgvr, that ' it la a roifrhtj pr,.tty quarrel ae It Ma ode, and It woold b?? altno* a pity ta spoil It.'' But let ua wait till we b< v U>? olutnaiyf of Gov. Walker. n* nt Gotwo to Kammm. -We are Informed that Hon. Robert J. W\lke* as Governor of Kansas, wan with the Pr?> .-sui y<.u?d*y (Fotorday) at the WVJte FTcuw receklrg h>s final nastrwtloos, and that be will Uk* op bis Ihie of maroh toracnowdtreot fcr rlaaaai This awtT*irnt nay s'lP?tfy something mom than Is embodied In the introdootory raaul', anil sub serjoeot oOrlal cor^wpcrxVoco o? w Jap G<<v.c dot HurKon. Has Mr. b? jwo l*an a lluls wo ?aetf We thai) await witft aiu <y tbs arwe ot lb* arrival oet of Govern' r ^ ya ^fvn<nr r^wwiw^ 'a i> t I i-?a* Too Pr> mdtr* is ??w?antly ft ly a ive ?o tholm (or*?r>C? Of thul Kafijea it/br?ir?o a* develop d by Mr. Meat . fjUitr r bLe \i .4 ar vu. tool ? It* dicU'; iUNDAY, MAY 10, 1857. iv bumnlhy u? Untmumumm m IV PrrrtMtal Pun. A few de je HO we bed ooomIob to own act upon tbe prevailing Hoenitoeweeend Immomllty of the journal* o Boeton, Philadelphia. Oieola nidi. Chicago, 8* Look, nod otker Minor oiUea. of. Ik. ? u..i ?LI1 _ *?._ ?i in Tf ? VUVTB V*JV7 JPVWVIVU IOM VfBHP UM lYKHTO^Ul 1 V?U Hccolar pre# had been gradually Improving in Its moral tone, and while there was good reason to believe that the effect of this example upon the religion* prewt would be moot salutary, the press ee of the cities above named warned to vie with oach other in bestiality. Certain olroumstanoes gave the puritanioal city of Bo*too pro-emiaeooe in the disgusting race. Tbe ooorts of Boston and vicinity have been engaged, for the past six weeks, in trying the most disgusting easts ever known. The journals of Boston, almost without exception, gave the evidenoe in full, placing particular emphasis editorially upon the dirtiest details. All these details were greedily snapped up and reproduced in the journals of the other provincial cities. Why T Simply because the provincial editors lack the ability, taot and industry lequlrcd to malce a really good newspaper?a journal wfaioh shall give the news of the day, with sound, onbiamed. Independent editorial comments apoa the same; and they eagerly sicae upon matkr which ministers to the depraved appetites o* a portion of their readers, hoping thereby to make the paper* sell and conceal their own deficiencies at the same time. We were not at all surprised at the greed of the Boston papers for obscene matter, or at tbe voracity displayed by a portion of tbe public in swa'lcwing it, for when your

strict Pail tan falls, he falls Uke Lucifer, never again to rise. We were prepared for the extra ordinary statement of the leader of the Benton bar, who told the jorj in the Dal ton divorce case that flirtation such as hie client was provtd to have participated in, was a common thing among the higher olassee of Boetori ?that La, that married women, hardly through with the honeymoon, made a practice of meeting strange young men in the street, arranging assignations at Chios, riding with their lovere to hotels in the suburbs, remaining with them in private rooms daring several boors, and encouraging amorous correspondence. We were not surprised to know that the topic in drawing room conversation at Boston was how far a married woman might go with a lover not her husband, and keep within the limits of the Law, and that young ladies hardly in thoir teens pronounce opinions upon the question not to be surpassed in accurate knowledge of the Law and the facts by the judicial luminary whs presides on the Supreme Bench. We traced all this to its proper source?the local press In order to sell a few hundred papers, th<* inuraslLnts of Ronton blnntfd thn moral sens? of the community and brought disgrace upon an honorable profession. The newspapsra in the other cities followed the infamous example of the Boston editors and we see already In the increase of crime the deleterious effects of a depraved, licentious and immoral press. Tb&t the above statements cannot be gainsayed is evident from the course of the provincial press since the first article upon the sntyeot appeared in these columns. Extracts from that article have gone the rounds of the press, accompanied by comments which do not touch upon the real point at bwue. The journalists Lave contented themselves with the usual abuse of the ? and its editor, which, however piquant it may be, has real'y nothing to do with the matter In point of fact it rather helps our caio. If we represent Satan rebuking sin ?if we have repented of our early errors, while the Puritans bave fallen back from g race, is not oar position preferable to theirs* Is there not more joy in heaven over one dinner that repents ttan over ninety aud nine just men* And dhall the onoe just man wfco returns to wallow in the mire escape eternal damnation* No. Tbo question is not whether or not tho editor cf the H*kau> is a creel rascal but whether or not the btnUrnents mat!? by us, and the deductions dravn from those BUtemcoU, ore Uue. This question bM not yet been met b/ any of the provincial journalists, and we must request in the mo?t polito maucer that they will confine themselves to the point we raised, which is that in this age of pfogra*a they havo retrograded?that Ihey hnv* pandered to baeo appetites and ptix>o<d the minds of their yoothfal reuceni until they have at last become ready to embrace the vice which th-y were at flr?t taught to abcor TV wboie fact of the matter is, that within the Last ten year* the leading New York ncwa^-apsr* have kept pace with the spirit of the ag?, whlli the country preen has brrn forced to the walL The (xU-nsiuo of railways throughout the <x> in try bus given the metropolitan pram a circulation in all the principal cities far greater than that of the Local journal* which have been compelled to retort to the worst devioce tc maintain a sickly existence The provincial cdiUwn, then, occupy their time pajtally by abunlng the New Yorft papers, partially in stealing from them, but chiefly In digging up records of the 01 thirst crimes for the entertainment of the grog atop and the delectation of the drawing room. Whon the orimiaal records become no Longer Ln lores'tag, because they are oo longer ebecooe, we fiad three guardians of the public morals praising the Immoral drama, and Landing an aotrees for a faithful representation of the life of a woman of the town. We tell them now, that they art faithless to their high mis* lea, and that they dteerve only the eoora and ocutempt of every good clUscn. Th? HUImi Ulud lUSflltow. raocLiwsnow ?r jvus a. uw, oovaasoa or m i*m or miw toss. It fcron IU?# kimw? It If k) U OlRHjU rdiBlit Kioali. ? addr?a##d to ma by Oonrya Hail, Kahrrt tV n <o? and CM fcl -ah Hraa#, i gmitu 'Mwt fbr i*# main rat rf Ifc* Vaaraawi* mailt*, u4 rartftod by lha kCj.utH of Hkannal F>tspalnok, ?o ryn arliaana, UuU tu ik? U(Uof ika of Mar toMaat, aboal Um> knar of tv?tr* a'claet, to* ?hJo ahto MaarV* Msaaa oa Uw> laud know a* M ' Wolf Kara " at WmUMI, la Uv. imaty of KMvmno*. tat#ly p*u .w4 by Ui" -aid Oraiattatonofk to bokalf of uto [?o nta iif lb# Slaw, ia puntuanoa <4 an lot of Iho Iz-ftnltuar-, }>+ ir,# part*? # of o#tn* lomMnutiy nol at a <fu r tn'.n# -VMmmi U ?"lhor with lha fnrtiilqro thnmo, aad ai?a a fain ho*,** and oalbuli-liapt u|*m lhaaaran prr-nowa, wnc* oilfully bnrand to lha yumd by a o?tm .rem and unlawfol i t atlluauoa of [>-r~#a<, am? mMod r#r thia ytrpn#* ahiiMt ai>?*?M aad p#**?i# ar* unknown, *->4 lha . ud rv?n? l?*i at i Vm htnian b"?( at lha baa taiiHMtod, ?? , U). r< for*, roa-iht rini lha v: .itoar/ ehuraraor of to* lu cjl atul hi?ri haal<?t offM>oa, rompt'<ltk oot only i j> van , a daxirvrv ? of Ih# pt^in-rty of tot- Ktlr, tun Ota r*|" ?J mat af aroo, I do h^r?hy o;' <r a roa d of two tor- ?aaJ lit' b'ltxl'of dtnlar* to any partnnnr '? rk hKUI it'*# taf'-rr ii -or thai nh U l?a(l ta too d.-K t ,a, ?k->r b Jirt-'O and can* -c4to? of to? tr\u>r? of Urn aaMt rrtma, o? aay of to an AJ?11 OA h#r-t>? awn #ijn4e M apt* allhjv'i a^x-'r. ,r ihn ravnty ? fc? hmna-J %a i - ' . oh. .- I , y, , , nu?y r# naforrlnf to# lava to b? vtgtlaat la lb-r OthidV -?? In tiibf lb# odoubfi to /n-dtc*. la a-?to#ta wtvmnf, I ? %## b?? afftrd ray aam and 'h? r ?'f ?#ai of too Hut", ihu re-i fL, R.1 day of May, In lb# J-ar aoo that, and ?i rkl fc'i??V#d aa?) If j ?#vna. JWJi B^VrJ. Ptnwual UMJlftoM, HUKTUf. r If'T'Ot b ?' Wn?n T to ... .? I V.' 1*!to"i-n * * art. t?ra #< ? aad Oa???<aor. Mr K Ui r* krt I mail* ard a-mja. Vr >. a. <kw#L J brtkli ?r W' or I TW, Mr w##d? am **r and Mr* kttatf tf-t Mr M tk utiuMwor.b^turon. o M??a Mm Biiin. i tt Thar* aad My. MM NMM, Mr* MnWrUh. MM Wat* MUM, Mm IMnlmk. MM Chmm, Or aaB Mr* JTOMMx*, >TiB*rt*frM*, Pruf and Mrs MarwhaB, A* Mr J K ITOMMtook? Mai, a. Par CluWr*. la (to Muhy lhm? I B Tan Daai and lady. J M Blade ul tadi MM M Bntto, Mia* Mute. Mr* R B UMk, B N TnUrr and Inly, M?ior J A IImUm lady *M (Mlr cfatldnw. C A Gr<Mn?. i 8 Auto, <*m? <? Vrtftor, . 0 Maria. T n Andrew*. P !>??*. J Htolt r, J Ihtabar. Mr* J ' OrMlV. R K Haaw. H H Prhhtuv n 8 MaraiM, P A Uaid/. P j BTaagarl. H MMurrny. W 0 WUm*. and II la ttoMmraff* Por BanAtaood, Ac, la Be atruaV-ip JaouMowa?O P Wat. aoe, Hi: WaiMlna, J Brocka, W U Hi-phm* aad lad/. B Murray W R town**, J Muntoli B MM. U Whtoaaa,? M Bow. ftW, J W Jadwm, J BallefTl) W Bowman. J 0 Wood, Lew* I O HoUina*wcr4, J BAtow.0 WAtlao. J HBow- I Ioe?e..(W. J Sample. J A?nA K L l>a?*M. Ju? fll*!?*' JO Tartar, c I, Hob??, MM K M Lmwwim M J 0 J Mh? Raymond, MM r'cwIer.O A bock- t JT*T\ "i1* !* " P Uruab and lad*. 8 I* I'ayoo, (Mm Knrto. Mr* WaJMee aad two rklldrea, T Jf Orouoh and lady. 1 ** "** WaltaTb A aad (I H MM D . THE LATEST NEWS. , ABaUw at WaMriagtmi. TBB ruMOfMUTT 81VDYI1W TH1 CHINA QUrWlOB? HOW QBM8BAL 0AM8 TAXKS TUB BfiJBOTlON OP TBB DAi,I.AB~OLAB**rX>* THJtATT?THA SilVAHAOOA TRANSIT MOOTS, MTU. Waarhkhm, May ?. MAT. Mr Bnchaaaa has beta engaged aU day on what he say I U the meat latoremiag question whlon has been presented to the gnrernaneat einoe be came lato power?the "'-'nrm q?aUc?. He Meadlly rethsed to admit any oae to hla eaoctum, preferring ta be entirely alone srtdle preparing a Utate paper oa tho subjeot Mr. Qua taiee the rejection of tbe IWlan-ClAreodon treaty (c high dadgeoa, and thinks the action of the Kurt ah gorernmeoi wholly indefensible. Indeed, be drew from Lord Napkr almost an admbtitoaof this fatfr The Dallas-Clarendon treaty, ai tt oritftulty sfsed, was frameJ by Mr. Marry and net by Mr. Dallas. Tbe latter, eoiy secured the sanetloc of the British gerreusnewt, aad for this was specially ccmphtxn nted by Prcodeat Pierc*. Mr. Wise, Secretary af Legation at Parts, has radgued. Mr. Wtibar, the Assists* Secretary, wHi probably be promoted, until Mr. Mason la reeered by a new Minister, whaoh wilt be la a Tew month:*. Seoretary Oobb will return to Washington early next week. Mike Waiuh paid his respects to Ueooral Cast to-day. What's In th? sr*nd f Tbe Presidaot baa entire!) recorered from the National Hotel epidemic. His health m une. The Caoinet uro all weti. I understand that Porney, acting under the adrtce of his friends, has deemed not to go Into ths Psmniyfrnnian as Us editor; but he has decided to accept either the mlsdoa to the Hague or to Brussels. Keroey Is now adrjing with his friends which of the shore pitcce to accept That the administration to, and has been for some time, seriously considering the propriety of taking some measures to open the Nicaragua Transit route is undoubtedly true. If the next arriral sheuld bring the news of the entire rout aad defeat of Walter and hit forces, look oat for a grand osnp d'etat by our gererataent, followed np by a policy that will oaaae my Lord Palmeraton to shake la his sbsee. Race the rejeotiea of ths Dallas fUrendoa treaty by Palmaratoa the administration has Anally got Us eyn open. Gen Cass Is not working fourteen hours a day for nothing ?m umni. awwwarm oaaracul OryiCUL MgPATOBBB PBOM OCB IOXI0TSM Af LONDON AND rAJUS, KTO. Wi?woi, May A, INT. Mr. tinitiw EL Brass this nasmlag deUrured to ths gorsramsat ths official dsapatohee with which ha was am trailed Proas Messrs. Dallas i*4 Masoa. The Utter gectlomm represented hie general hrakh to be One, thoagh he is slightly taase from the edbets of paralysis: and farther, be Is ready Is reUra heme whenever the admlntrtrattea shad intimate le bin that this is desirable. Lord Napier ajc received despatches enoiosiog a copy sf the oerraapoeJesoe between Messrs. Dallas aad Clarendon, respect lag the rejected treaty, aad wlU communicate It to aor gvroraasent. Mr. Dallas, la a letter to Geo. Cbn, represses the opinioa that if the treaty bad reached Kaglaad prter to the etectioa, It would undoubtedly bare beea rattled. The rrea.deat la reoeirtag ao visiters to-day, be bsiac closely engaged on the lastracttoaa to Hon. Mr. Walker, relative to Kansas. New Or lea as papers sf the M tostonl are to band. They coctala Ottvestoa dates to tha 2Mh instant. Tbsre ana atointt a fnwrtut **- MaatatMt 'i tbsesaudssabevs Mastrap, aad M M was demanded for a bashei of corn. A meeting of the ctttasas sf Bastrop was to be bald to pr*. car* aid tbr tbs eeOerera. Alfred J. Vaughn, ef MEaaonri, baa beea appelated Indian Agent tor the Btorbfbst aad ether neighbertog tnsea, vies McMayer, whs deodars the appointment. The admMiau-ahon A anxiously wailing a reply Prow Oca. MctfcUech. who has beea tendered the floreraocahip of Utah. New Oiftss papers of bun-ley last are to hand, hot laay ocainrn no news of interest a Break tn lb* Onnal at Larakpart Atnasv, May ?, IMS. The water let lato the caaal at Lockpert yesterday weot eat last alght, carry** away eighty feet la length and Hi (bet below the bowea la the eatbaakaaeat east of that p-nca, near Wake sun's. This breaa wtli be tiled la agala ? r*?o?j u^oi or kwm; utu u w u jm artmj uu bo4.> ao? alaarlay run Albany A tL-apalcb from :taCai* atata* thai the nw oommaaced (Laoy at Suflkic u< Lockport ywterday, *ad wJi V* la lu* oroar by Monday 0NwiM, May 0, 1?6T. The boai Caeptaa, Oawafo ha*, arrtnd hen toVay wills nwichaadla* Tor fhleayo She M\ Troy on WtxUtdriday tummy, aad la the ttw (mm throayb. nomination to CongrMa In ML. LaaU. Mr. Loot*, May B, 1MT. The OoaocraU ef the Third Oaayrtwaiaaai diatrtct bar* Botntnaleil John B. Clark U> Oil Use racaaey ocnaeaObMt by the tsacLao of Jawu a Oree* to the 3aaate. " i'" lire at Onrtg*. Oawwoa, tf. T , May R, 1?T. A Qn Voki cat bar* tbla aAarwooo ta a ahaaty twad Ihr the taarufhotore of tar fhe roefb, from wheao* It apraad t* tha WallAad Hmm, daatroyiay It. Tha laaaraoe* aa tha beu*a is 911,000, aad aa tha farartara ahoat $9,000 or $6,000, marly (a CUrt/drd oaiapaalea. A ftraaaa fell froai a third atcy ? ite? aad brake hla layi. Vtta Dal too Otrarra Oaaa. Haw, May $. UCT. Tha Jory la the Daltna oaaa, alto beta$ ?*f*ahac all am bt, oaiaa lata oaart thle atom ay, aad aaid they war* aaabi* to tyrnoo a vardlol They atoad, vaa la (brar of fTaahaA Uatvaa a dirorcsa ta two aytlatt *, Matt af Uaa Obla Klrtr. drama, May $, 100T. Thar* la tb rty aeaea Oat af water la tha nhaaarl af tha rivae at Itua paua. aad tha waiar la falMay. Tha waathar o mi aad ptewaai, ak* manner. Tha fCUaa Praatand Ray* Oaaa. Bear**, May $, MOT. Jaaaea *hita. t/ved aa aa nccraaary la tha KUaa Daamad r?p* oaaa, wv ta day arwvMted by tha jary arbatt. raiuoarnt rrwoc muw rwutaeu, Mar $, I0M Mierke dall fe<ta*ylraaia 9a, $4, MarHa ChaaJ. US. t..l.ead A/ t-' ? - - * Ulf Nmw Out*, Iter I, UM (?M oncbBoowt. talon wmlty, i,200 bo>o mfaUHag. it II Ho. i UVfo. tain of itet week, 12,764 biM, re r*tite of tbo <?*, IjDO* biloo, atnoO om Im4, UT.MO boim, .leemoed r?r>f*pin it lb* port HM.OOO botes. 4*. t lU fctllwii pnrtt, 476, *00 bites. tagor?Ito. III V* fbr fbir, urlx Iin. tv*r? null it 7kv l Mo. Puk b.wm ua mew, 13 76 1tM. Lord -o left, Ifcv CMfro M Ir-n. reten (lf the 2,tM bogi rnooHlte of Uva woel 6>b0 btkC", b*Ote*e ?t I^LruUM, li.UM kl?* teor* MOOT b*r? f^ibte?CbUOfl K> Lj?erpoot, ^<L UUkar orurteB w*rbier<?i. o?wti, M*r , i?*t ire vlnor-m* TVm-o \/? more bojrrcr ft* mr-H port UtAi nelter? it f?i 60. riro bandied hoc* tef t of btfOO WW howl iCMl ?f Bt <C. W| nhobiriero ?t ?^;o. i .J nwios |i y|r. LatiI?.fetea of fc>> bbte it I to. WV. t.-y it'invt !o /t , the mir*M Ckeia* er*l b-nJor* mi iif 5>4r. fit l?U?orj oa MlMir ... .. 9 The lr~<k? ClrxmirU of the M of A?f*7 nor*?-? Tbe b'at* of Tens rtiolj rut rood to iteelf the right of uiepoeiug its mo<voi)te4 Undo, ino fnUowiog the (llmon, K dm reaorired te return Uue prof>e?iy to e< court, i? U>e btte-umeac for earlf hittg the country, by w 'whom of Itif to roilroed commw* lo a lo*W frioa the He. retwr of the U<?rfl <* Trooe to eomo bteiaertelo preheated by Htr Johe Ogilrr, wo in4 the hdloefng pnmrropfc:- Km to the diaroeery of for *Mimg eel * tn it lo Benowhit oceaiotare to biummbo* nttrtte if Mt leeoeof tMHtUlkw b< m 'ir*4 to it; ormridenftle quantity. By recent ?Mw freei ber Mijntt1! OmmH it Poro. It U e otrd tfibt Bfuito of pn??wrie end rhleride of eodlooi >e hoove U oiU eiuoefoe dtetnoto oa hoth riorv tor OordtUrr**, and the ludeoraeo ia lootllehlo ?o? *itie of ?<* iw he tail ta the oeaa ncuttf. n. wm be trinbilbb bf Her. BMMf tOMr, In the FWkb Mreaae Mpb. * obercb. Ber. a a Barrte, ? Ok'**" Jew, vtl preeeb Mi Boratac t?4 oreeb* Im tie *I?*? ?*ea? Rrat MM? Bptoospal chart*. Bar. NoMe ?r the Omaha Doaftreaoe, will prceek ta the afteraC*Brw.t. & PUgx, ranter of Grace chat**, Broetctya, Ml preach this evening, la the Ihawhl ohdK*. oorwar ?r BihhMi street sad Waterier ptaoe, oae Meek frea #f Itmotion of Eleventh sheet, Greenwich aad Hi i ealh am* noes. The congregation formerly worshipping ta Jrftiesa Am ombiy HaU low meet erery First hay la the hah Wf Bowery, aear Delaacey street Dr. Jeha Thomas Mi tmlure this mora sag, at t*K e'ctoek. Bee. Dr. Oheeeer win dehwr a dlsoeeiee this eeeafcf la the Oharch ef the Pwritaas, sa Unloa square, la MM oT the ttrtunal tonal Iasthwte for (Wared Glrie, In WaShtoM tea, D. a, on "The Bights of the African Race ta (Mi Country to Cthscaship aad Protection." Bee. Joseph inArmon win preach la the BUM MMB Presbyterian chureh, two doors east of Seosad areaa% to-day. Res. J. M. Btarteraat, a D., PrssMsat of BMm* Mb lege, wit) preash tor the Tabernacle ehureh this manh% la the Assembly Booms, Ma. 448 Bread way. Bee. Dr. J. P. Thompeeo wii deliver a di noser SB mmmemoraUve sr Um tito aad character oT the tats lev. MM Uoslag, Di a, la the CUatoa aveaae n iigi'iigslfB church, owner ef Latoyetts areaaa, Brooklyn, this memtag. Messrs. Gideon R. Lrdinrer aad Kph. k. BpstehiMi eoaHnae la hpM (heir mcrltags tor free itlnmiadsa Mil aoa ChrieUaa Jewe, on the ssbjrct?"i^rtoUaaty Me ?M true Judaism," Mis event*, at 108 Centre street, OffSMM the Tombs. There win be rcMghms esrvieee at Mo. 1.M3 BiuM?r every MMfe. R?f. IX P. Jooea la pastor. uuaion ummuiia in annual hhM Snwr, May 10. Amman Fmuu Ocaiuma* SoarrT?TweetyttUrd am niversary IB Ik* Chi vary Baptist oharoh, Tunan Btat attest; evening. AwaKui Komi Memos ast Hoocrrr.?Annual eernrnm by Bar. Julian M. Bturtevaat, D. D., President of IMi COUegeatJaoiamnvtlie, lathe ifadiasneviarePraabyfeNttl ohuroh; sr**ung. Amuoin ajr? Pnamn* Qnmui ? 'nial mt aaoa bp Rev. Dr. Porsvth, of Neurburg, N. T., h In Fourteenthatreet Preebyteriaa church; evening. RrooAnon or Cot/wan Quos.?Sermon by Rev. Br. Cbeevar, in the Church ef the Puritans; evening. Naw You Ram Hocarrr?Annual mrrHm at Dr. Aiman<Ws church, Fifth arcane; evening. Uhon Tsnouxnoti Ommnav.?'The annual i lit run bv> fbrc the Society of Inquiry will be deiiveved br Wftr Lewis, L I. D., of Unien OaUege, in the Mercer BM Presbyterian church; erenlng. MOWSAT, MAT 11. AnxanuN Raman's Praam Boomrr?Anniversary la9m Pourteeeth street Presbyterian oh arch, evening. Cfiioa Tdbuxmoal Bbohajit?Anniversary La the Mr? oer street church; evening. Nrw You Yoowo Man's Chmarua flmrmraia dm tfth annnal meeting will be beU at the Caivary BnptM church, Twenty-third street, between Fifth and Uk arvnuea; evening. TmasAV, MAT IS. Imrn avc Foaxaia O?us rum -lafiaaai tn the Central Prcabytsstaa church, Broeme atreet, at IPg Naw You Bobcat Bcsoor. Uaroa.?General suali isaag In the Central Presbyterian church, Broems street; am alag. The day anniversaries wiU he held ia the vactM ohurohea la diflMeat parts of Ifas dtp dariagtha aAaraaok as IbUswssAcademy sf Musio, Feurteeoth street, earner of lnh| place. OosamMtee BL & AMerbury. M. a Morgan, % Holmes, Peter Bnisa. O. & ReoCsld, S. O. Pardee, A V. C Levertdga. Nob. I, 9, 6., ?, M, 19, ?L ?L SSa - w-w * *w- * Befbrmed Dutch church, Market -street. OommBMp Richard Reed. Nee. It, 44, tl, 34, U, 44,84, 144. Spring tree* Prtebyterlaa ohorch. Onwltee -em freeer J. & Ihetwoa. Ned. 1,34,44,40,34, 37,64, ^ IT1 ' Alias etreet Preebytortaa church. fteaWn ft Mt laetl Noe. 4, It, 14.2?, 34,40,44, *7,140,1M. Hint Btfrtlat church, Brtwae toreei. ft tilll P. Cbok.Nee. M,44, 4% 47, M, 67, M. M, 78,44, ML ttaatoa elreet Baptut chureh. OmiaMIn mm. fWtt yNttwr O. 8. CMwrer aad H. Irtooa. Nee. It,34, M, 44, 74, M, 120,144,144. Battel oUnft, Twwtr Mk tree!?Cei? tin A A Hiaee. Nee. U4.117.114,122, 117,144,144,14L Pi aebyteriaa elmrca, Two aecead and OmetN-i 3. C Baxter. Nee. 41, 43,44, 104, UN, 137, Ml, Uft lift 30t. Preebyterian church, Garalae atre* OiuuaMloo it, Otaadlhmroe. Noe. li, 3T,41, 40, 44, 4T, TO, 41, 44, ML 104.114. 141. The eaardaea will oamaMtee at the places deatfaML at 4 e*otook P. M., prectoeiy. The annual meeting ?i u held (he Oeatral f-rrebytortoa eteroh, Owe atroal, 7fc eTttooh P. M. OBMVATTOM4. Mr. Andrew J. Wilier*, late of New Herat, waa ar* dalneri peeler of the Plrel Omgrrgaliiail Cherch la Maaa..ea (he40th af Ap ti The eereaaa waayreiahedhy Err ilr. DuMoe af New Herat. Mr. CharWe M Tyler, of New Herat DL, waa erirtatf to the wart of the papal tateiruy. aad luaUltod pernor af the Plrat Church af OhrWt el OekwUrg, oe the Md tot Mr. Charlaa a Vtoei, tete of the Cutbrwt|i Dhrtthr School, waa ordeJted aa paaiar af Ue Uaoanaa Char* ft North Andoec*. Ob Tuaaday areata*, Mh laat, Mr. 8. P. Hereon waa wu ile Wert aad walaUed peeler of the fterth Reformed Pa? bytorlaa churoh. (fcixh? roJi aad Filbert MreemJ tp ft* Preahyiery af lttaMphU. omrinoM. TV> Raw. J. FT lagrahaa baa aooeeied the ptlMl charge cf A. Aaurewv oheroh, Rlreralde, Mearee saaa> If. Team. Rrr. William K Plait, lata ef Palrpert, N. T., hae m oepted a call to the Preebytwtaa oheroh at Homer a, Weabchewier couaty, N. Y. Rev. Oeo. McKlaNf. of Pelereberg, 171., baa reoatatB aa<1 accepted a ceil to the oheroh at Mlddtoton, HI. Rer. T C Huert, of l\?totoo, M total pie, hae aim|44B aa tneltaltoa to lupply the oheroh la Port Metub, Art. lew. J. H. (Mil hae accepted a call to beociae Mhr ft the ohurch to Troy, Ohio. Mr. Mm K. Woode, ef the Presbytery ef Ohio, has ?W eepted a can tojfcwtoaeport, tow*. Ber. T. M Ortat hae accepted a cad to Bur*** Reoead churoh, few*. The cherch of Haathod, Ohio, hae glroa a eaB 14 *T. H a UoUrt, torn of the New Aleeay llieitoiry, beam* liM^F pftMftf, HamiMU Cook, UM of Vir*l?U, turn a (dp rrvm lha Rt. Udh. fKiim, la and aear Ladoga, mA , fuaarep omiaty, la. Bra. Haaourl a lagaa, af OuaeUatlse, Mi oh., hM f? oeired a call aa hacaoaa paator af the Wife oharoh, OMa BML, Otaa. Bra. lawte Oaodrtoh haa MtapM a call la lha Ooa?> fatkiaaJ charoh la Peaibroto*, N. fL Bar. L N. Wianaaw, of IVrra float*. haa aattod wkk Be frtabfior* af Rlohiaad, aad reowrad a tail la tha ehama of Mawat Teraaa. ^^X^LJBaaaakarc haa^accapiail a cad Baa Pwl? Baa. Mm 4. MoCTaaf haa heaa aaaaioMaBf oaBB ?winaa fador af Ma oharoh la Mapaatlle, Kj. Baa. Ma B. Dwadaa haa reaalrad aad annaiilid a oaB IB lha thai ik af Ml?dl flaadp, Ohl*. Baa. Waa. Baad haa raohiad aad acaaplad aailhBl ehareh af Oterhaaa, OMa. nrniuTnan. Baa. Da. Alwhia R. niOiaaaa. tola af BiaaidLB T., waa laalahal aa BaM tan eaaaar af ihaMarthW lhaif Daaoh ehaaoh la Now ait, N. J. Baa. Charlaa D. Becbart waa laahllad paatarof lha M Oaagragahoaal oharoh, Waal Hawhaay, kaa., Marah 4 Baa. 4. a Chahdga, * > !aaa, a aadaala af ha^Bt aad daalaaaa, haa han laaaallad a JaaJar paaaar art* Ma Dr. Nitaaa, aaar lha rhagTFfMlaaal ohuroh la bMdhMM Mara. " Baa. Baha B. Rhrrwaad haa haaa larlaUad pMlar tf Mb rmehyw^a ohareh la Bdwardaharf, Mlrhtgaa Baa. Mark Taakar, B.&., haa haaa laiaaBod aaar Ml Onae HtHaal ohareh aad aaatdrhf Tiiaaa, Oaaa. Baa. Dr. . Nwrla waa dalp laaiallrd aa parlor at 9m Plpwaaath Obagrapatlaaai ohareh m Chi haa. Baa. Waa Bald waa Ian a Bad polar af lha BaaeMBa **A?ariaa oharoh, April Id, hf a nawmn of TThl bagi nraahptarw. Bra. Ha oil Flair? waa 'irlattrt ha lha hath ProBpt Irrlaa oharoh, la PUlaharf, Map 4 tiara HATTovor Dr GharVa Bai i nagha haa raatgar* hla eharfa aa lor tt MA Jobl oharehParWOMlh, N. K. Baa B P. Marria. af Biriog ha. boa raaHwrd Mapa*. kw, aad haa lakra bharfo of lha oharoh la OaaaaraaMh adiAaa. , Bra. C. 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