Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Mayıs 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Mayıs 1857 Page 6
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6 urmmmm imwKi &mr irn.'4ino<?? WAH B^W4h*? A1,AI?T PKRIRRP A SITUATION; STIR IH COM I'M ?rr-t ? v?<-h the Preneh. Offttln and Rncilah lam: "infra, Himrnra, Kitjr'* winanion. amanueniu?. ,tr hon ek. -per an natrium U) go Up aui pari of lie United ilUUw. I'Imno rtr or Prrnek Trorhflr, 27H 4th ??., from 2 ?<i u I' M 4 rKKNOH WOMAN WIS MRS A SITUATION TO A apo** fiwb in ohiMren anl to muk? banwlf seneraily awful ahoul Om* house. Tlettnc inquire at 12J lirooms iteui Mr* Vorlt AUIiV HOUKKXKKI'EK WANTS TilR R'JHKKIN leoiluipe of a hanhelor'a or * i.lower'? hona*. wh?*re an ?I? ?r. ml u,? .iA h? ken! Adivruwr lui iut?r h?; I uu jittne'on. tut tg iu'.'y qunlived in manner and pcr.atn. No ?b>c ion to a hotel or to u-avel. The higlnat r? fdrenod given and required. Any party whom this may suit will pleage UI? r, ?. h *ull addrege (no other uottoed), A. Corteuuo, box 2*) Nejald oDict*. A. H I no. N W1SUKS V SITUATION P.SCVH giHta. can em a d flt dreegex nnd do ail kin<l> of family arwn.r, ro objection to attend to children and eo :o the tuniilry fur the dinner gcaaou. tltiod city refcreuoe. Apply fur tree da > at 12 Second place, between Henry and Clbitoo atretic Sottth Rrockiyn. COOK S SITUATION WANT KM?BY A "OMI'STKNT hr?' claaa rook, who undergtandg all ktndaol" famllv baking, bre-d cak? and paatry ; ghe t* capable of taking chary of a Mnilctiiaii'a kitchen In city or oonntry; the Co nut rv preferred Ibr the -nmmc.r. l'leaae call or acutl to N ). ul Wvegt 3n at., whete the advertiser can be evcu uuUt engaged. ciood city reference if required. nnUSBKKKVkR ?AN kNHl.IsH UAWY, A WIDOW who haa had rnngtderahle experience in hoiiaeiceep.tiK, It dewroug ol meeting wuh an en? agemcni In the game capacity. She la no mrntr'-mitre, and be highly recouune ohod. Addrt ei A. M K-, Herald olhce. TWO TIHY SM \HT UIR1.H WANT A SITUATIONS TOfeiUer?one ua piatn cook, and the other nc eliatii'ioruiaid ! hod waner. llave been two yeaiM together ?n l.t?' place: boat at r#tiirenonrtvtn, l'leaae rail at T, new Tana, w., tti) tai ir, I tar ikri e dava. i Tlt i aevli x clTIMVtoa nv * inasunmlitg >v vcmig worn on, as waiter In a rejpeetabte private family., to ..I.jcchojih lo the country. Hit* lite eery Best nt eitv role yewee hi-r l*ii place. *Wr<i rti* luwi lived three rear*. Please call fur two .lay# at 1(12 Wea: Ithlist, list. Tthandftbuva smiATIUlB fTA5TKAJ?MAl.acs. DYK'K TO FAXIUOM VIKITINO IXItnl'K-A highly recommended genLletnan. of great i-espHCabUlty, m native iicrmmi. speaking and wriung English, PrMrh, ana ll?K?n, wislita to arc nvptuiy a familv U> Europe a* courier. He ? nr*( all litnuu)'. bwltierlaud, Tyrol, l aly, and Fianer; mild give instruction In the ahove named languages. U' desl??d visit on table, At' , Ac ; salary moderate. r,eaee addicts or l*o wi cks C. F. K.. lot 102 Herald ofllnc. AKK*rtXTA.B!.K MAN WANTS A SITUATION. AS boorkerper In some tor,'! or i eaturant, either in turn or wwntry ' in give good lecomuieiidaUons. Addrets Jtiiip, eraId office. A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNO MAN, AS -ft fercn rn In a V.nrgar factory, fan give good city refe rrn*? 11mrouflily understands die bus.una Ad.ljess V. So* tsi Herald office BVUK KEEPER'S SITUATION WANTEI>-BY A PEU?nn ef egperienee; la a good salesman and willing to take Limsril generally naefnl; svould accept ol a sunanon at Ac W.JI or Boutlt. Audrea* lor two days William, Journal of Ckmuncree office rFAMn.IFS OOINa TO EUROPE-AN ITALIAN, tpeaking French and a little KngTish, wl ihca to a- company a tamlly going to Europe, as valet and interpreter. Hood reference given. Apply at ,2 4th av. ~ dtibP WASTKU-KKMALKS A <<11(111 V't H IK, AMI 1 lv< IM K tv IK WANTED m a small l imuj, living ail the in this country. She aas-c be a first rant baker and bring good refnrenr.ns. Wages Kt and a young woman preferred. Apfd.v at Ko. 8 Clinton ahe-e an Moiwlat Wfiiri 12 o'clock. AbllU. WANTKDTOOO FIVKMILEN IN THE < OCNtry, one a bo understands plain cuogirg anil is w.lling to da the washing and Ironing of n small family. Liberal wages win be paid to a good girl. Call on G. GraLnm. Xoa. 35 a:.d 97 Ikaane st.. lip slaini. a TOCNU GIRL WANTED-AMERICAN OR ENGLISH J\ preferred?as servant in a lamily of two. Wages 14. dWH at SB Adams street, Brooklyn. - .gf WANTED?A FEW TOCNO 1 A DIES TO LEARN TO take children's clotting; none but neat, small workars need ay ply. a< oiV 31*1 st., ilie I'rst high sloop from Uia Kivir d-pot. fjo, Waeeier X Wilson's machine sawgsi in su iee?ens. "TV'ANTKIl-lN A VERY KM A LJ. PRIVATE FAMILY, A f T *p"d plain ooek and first rate washer and ironer. Must -sje near, obl.ginf and trustworthy. Apply at ttfi Prince st. j WANTRD-TWO GIRJ.P, ONK FOR OEVERtL ' LcOecaork, ai.d hue for light r hauiber work and plain sawing Most be Protritsnis: German preferred, inquire at IK Weat Mib st. mai ILnadwa*. W ANTED A COMT'ETENTOVERATOR FOR WHEELER A fllwo'i ?r.?inc ws'hine Also, several good plain sewers lnguirr at thenars store. Tns Broadway. WtA1f.ll IMMEDIATELY-At AS GRli.'ti M'RKET. A ftmt class cook for a prlvaie hoarding honor. Also, s gtrl for general housework. Call to morrow morning, from a ; m lle'cWtk, * i U cdy reference. HELP WANTKD-.TlAl.Atl. A GENTLEMAN LIVING IN THE COUNTRY WISHES to take a bright artne boy, of 16 or IT voars of age. to week In a garden and about the house lie win clothe him and y?*? him ihr comfort* of a home for the first year, and afterwards all kr ess esrn. Address Re.*or D. P . Herald office Alii ink K KKPKK AND KALEvMAN WANTED?IN A wbele-ale and retail business, *ie acijuvinted with lh" tar sr hardware trade preferred. Audrets A. !>., Herald 0flee ATKW PERSON'S WANTED?TO T.RARM SOMETHING entirely new, that all pay to la<l>?or f enl lenien fj to A"1 ? ds\ In any eny oMown *>n he done fia jwu* row Only ' grsqu.rod for tools, instru ".ions, Ac. t'Ldl at (U Ho aery. no. ? BOOXKKKPKm waXTM' OX? TliOROCOBLT * 4Mtn wt w 'b th? bii?|p?4. Ad IreaaC. P.. TI?raM ?(TW. W.'ig rdfrmtri tutors* WAXTMt-4iXK acocktobed TO LEAD I ) klf k AkB V..U. ? ioJ .u.'t ? ,, oai.t. ? coawn.u DRY nrvr ~i?t<>Ai VSXR* * axtfii *. B M >R,TSWd'ha*. Kavraiina ftmrad (AAIJCRMAX WAXTBD.-A FlRXf RATP. MAI ABB p *tia*' n un Id RoId I a i ? Rod MIT foatofte* ,r lirru apply but if -a# who rank aa fir*' claaa aa!?-".11*11 SALF^VFX WAXTItn?FXPKR!?N'*KT? KAfANMiTX _ wn r?.?l ?ltna - n? with A 1 <*?ewarl A C v. Ftur .Trmrau h. aamair. " r.i. .?'rr lun l?! \..p i*t ant- Nfu but tfc ?e abr. have lir.J .i promuvu poait < in awn- nf orr ntj >b Dtuf !*??? ? Bit it DPt'lT. ?.t>.er by .afar, or If prraoniUly, from I ta! P. M v TlUloit WANTK l) A VOL'N i M aX. aN AM3RIOAB. I bi * k i. -1 .mi * .ii Ui? i .mi iy, in iuatriii'1 tar a buy a, IT ami lb yer.ra of i, tn Ui? F.npliah branch**, frnrt Jttna to PavwnbiT n*tt. Addri aa, ar.ifl < rfrr?uc4t, IF. M. 1)., bo* II R. t. roat nfLf* XX ' A NT TP? 1 X AITIVR. INTIXMOEXT A>iKRT TO TI ?*ll very <J.? ia! i* real ealalr. lur party 1* reqalrril a fi" h.a p. n?. .1 -itldual a' t> 'o the buaiueav con IMBplali il. i . : . w,.l *|alio pal.l Applr at ?? Keporter'a <fl.< a, W Na*- in vrvo <vnY.i.kd?y, Wrduerviav awl I buauay aait. bOPwu 10 and X n ckmk. 1B7ANTEP UWKMATKM'?'TWO t Pilot.xrRRx. AXTI FT twn tarn >brra ua roue* <* ! wo<k. Paolo Itwbnp. 1H adaan at. nrAHIbP-A HtRKTITCR A *11 OF F AVII.T prrt.rr.-d. Ad.lraaa A. U Herald oflt*. with n.vmr, ralemaca, aiai raabteor* WAITER WaaTKO IX AX irr. CREaM sAt/xix? (inr oaad tu tar l.uaioaas may api.Jy at I'iai k'a lor Cream Rainoti. ti3S Uroadway. cortiar of l.Ttk ?t a'AMl'V-1 I ..T IX A I AVt MM!, v At A ?_AI A KT f? .f * .' :h? r?i yo*r ' . ;rr?? I ?iv-wr,-irn (is lip phrki.V John ??iiUkil nWf* WAJ?TIU>-A U>l'M MAX f" AiTMil IK A T k? 4 M*re. HiM<ti<>nttr*MNfAMi " ku<?a h> '.be At i>!jr to J. M A<*Um4, 77 Harclajr M. AB'AKTKr.?H.P A MHRT. OOt4,*R ?HI> RVRXIAH T* ra. ?e'*bi labtnenl. jmim tn?n >,! *>., >i?iut*<t with Km bit- !.?- ?" And Addrwn, ?< ? gtian, J, r. k? i k; i*n?t ..npM WAKIEIA-A ?HART. ACTIVE TOt'KiJ HAN OKR wh h?? had eiperH-ne* In ibe 'urdw*ri hu?,??< . M?W( wttb hw parent* pfterred A<lAre?? ri'ferenre* Mid nlv) n-fi*d. liAidwatf. Herald oAee Wtmiv-A MAN. WHO ukihcbhtakim iNirrrn " rruut.f and the gr -rrrr Lraue. luqtur* at J. ixi.-t.i* A ' ISA Wrrtli af Brf.kijrn Y~ OA N ? MAN WAVTV l?-TO i?KAAV b?>DA f .l I - i b .11' 1" r>r l* <>id. raual b? * ??1 <m?ihint, p>i it# *?kJ ??il metnornr ndru Addre*a 'ad* Waier, ilrra.J 11 A* PILL*. >HANCAlPF. nflTRK PR PLACFK COM KJ me W?r? dVufant |.<| de rhwabre adr>'?*?r 164 ?at ? ipt nn'RijiiKNboi I'PWt AVTTl ?4BM rAVFW, 3 HIM>KKKFrKR* 5< t.FR<K '* nrJ **"*,' And?r"?rr ii'ire* 4 alert* for *hippinc ?^d d?b? - Jrni^KW. j ur,,m,n I i ?.l '."a- ; r r.TJ... i ttARRATT TaKrr^rr -FRO - ? MM'AHTtRRIIHir Mrm Mb ''*kt>hi want ;i iv two or raw V-**-rvf t prutitaotr (n't aa't buitc #* otp** *nrv"1 lb liua tit*. wiilmul tui> ixi tliUi ifi an ?. uva MS w.u and tklr A rare rntrrprlaf Apalv an M ;.ib>'. 1th b? b T (tkrVWUY, ft Aaahatnt Iran V f G'lni 1 TO I4IW-A ror<?? t'TTVR, r*TKHPRf f t>JW meg ho?tno?* map. wl?h?? to inrrt* :!?- anora *rv *n?, a? lb a '*(- and ??tl pvyint raah Mutt*** Addn u Kulf'pr ie. lirraid oilier ftatir.z aj rarAcalaff, tor ?.* ? date. ArARTWRM * AfffttM -RTTIIRR WCf'tAt. OR QRRR ral wt h a rtift I of fr- m flO.OTO ? in an old mvPthaH fcpainraa Art parM?? Panng that tow *1 If to t <?' ?'U lind ihif h larorakie ot rortuiutr. Ad dreaa t>?* IIP Mrratd nflkP _____ AV ACCTtORKMl I* GOOD RlSlRKWi WMUIMN TO join * ; artj haws* "nrr money In the roal rfUtr and ?*'ti'f rmlium or wcii't m-ikr arrar.cetnri.if to nil lor a adlMub AddrrM t. T. Herald nflh .- finr two <l?yt. pillN II WAhTKO-II* A THRIVIR'I A HP PMttfl I t>t* on .atrd lalhr f>r?t jtart of Hr 'aJ *?) a Topp V?*tn?aa m*p ?i ]? $A*. Adtltra* J. I* CI , Brnad ? j Pa* ..# lA'ttmr tp, A t PaRTRKRMUP HAR HKKBTOfORR 11 !*"va 1 ^rkm Raton attd Jamea Ror.laof. . ' <P'?'-atwt nf Kaarm A Rorrlaop wMrh aatd ?fw/-. --.V,, haa h*?? itaa .tiaaolrwf t.? nv 'oal roti.rft ?t-.M.,, m "HHfcliS^ KirRKMRf, r r 80WBAUR* A drfaJl VW* to lUrao* gg^Vgte-a.TB.'S wrija nXro irxi^ inaiibRR^,^ SPBCTAIi IOTICKII, IlyrOR PKAl.KRfi* MRKTTNtT? A 8PECTAL MRETTIfQ J of the New York Lienor Iteaiern' Hoctety.witl b<> beid at , the Metropolitan Room*. 168 and 100 llesver street. between * Elizabeth and M?u mb eta. on Monday ereuine, Mav 11, at 9 ; o'clock. Ul'STAVUS A. BaTZ. Bacording Sic'y, ! , 140 and 147 Rowerr. 8 11.? Member* wtll Utile notice that their cards of memberj eiiTf are not traastrirahle, and that none will be admitted withI ou, tlu m. Dues may be paid and cards renewed at the Ktitan| r'al bci-rcituy'a ouce, Paige's llotui, ooraer of Spring lu.d Wi st s'reets. Masonic.?removai.?empire city loihik, no. "i-fi, of K. A. 11., will beieaiur hold their *ref")ar oomi mumoeuno* in the Antique Rooms, odd Fellows' 11*U. srerr Fndsy evening A punctual attendanco of the members U icoucaKd on Friday tu'il ; next. .ISO. I). BURTNBLU, Secretary. Masonic notice inpependent loime ins f. and A. It ?The>nra of this lodge arc hereby noU<11d tint on anil after M?.v 4. the meetings fit this lotge will be held every Monday evening, At Masonic l'emule, corner of iirooiue and Crushetreeta, wUere all vtatung brother* will root >e a fraternal welcome. JOHN RUSH, W. XI. John IV. Pauley. Pec. VTOTH K.-THK COMMITTEE ON NORTH RIVER AND J.1 Sound steamboats will meet on Tuesday, 12C- itiwt , a 2 1*. M.. In room No. H City llall. All persona Urereatod >o the removal of the landings *f said boale are pariirularly re<juestI ed to attend. JAMES R. STEERS, "I F.CW vRP MkCONVKLIj, I Committee JAMES ORlEKlrilS, > of MURIUM I.. HARRIS, [ Board of Aldermen. HIRAM CORIVIN. J S\ V. A.- AN APJOCRNEO OHIOIOf EXRCIHTVK I V " delegatca will be held at Char.rery Room* on Hon day j evening. May 11 at b o'clock. W. W. OSBOfiW, I'bui a. j J. <1.11 vu.s, Secretary. OFFICE OF TUB CHIEF OF POLICE, NEW YORK, May 9,1857.?Ow Here art' waiibd at the First district Police court, (CVntre street.) for three remnants of silk, a gold watch ard a box of starch, supposed to hare hem stolen. OKO. W MATSKLL, Chief of fuiloe. TO I'-UILPERd.?ESTIMATES WILL BE RECEIVED for :h. building of a storehouse. P) til ami speeHcatl. .n* ran he had of JAN. eONBKJ.LY, 395 Sot'outa uvuuuu, New Yo-k. mo nrjr.PERs.-sjsAi.KD proposals wiu. bb km I cert rd by the Commissioners for the removal of Quaran' ' tliif, at their oflioo, No. ZS William street, until the 13th tnst.. at U o'clock M., for the construction of hospitals, fu..cos and dork tipon premi-es near Reguin's Point, Richmond county, i Pirns and specifications n.aj be seen at the office. The Com uiissiouers reserve the right to reject or accept any proposal I which may be made. Security will be required tor the iiuthfu' peiformaace of the contract JOHN S. SNEDKKKR, j New York, May 0, 1867. Secretary of Oommissiouera. KEWAROR. <5>?T REWARD ?LEFT IN A PRIVATE BOX IN ; Burton's tb^nirr, on Thnr*<l*v svesing, Apvtl Jm, % fimJill ! m#!arca rune, j:old mounting. Tne finder will receive tun ; Above reward on leaving th?MUUA at 91 <n>M Air?*?t. ! q> r RKWAim.?WHOEVER WILI, RETURN THE RED ; ?lpt / silk puree, containing 916 In gold, fnu d to the l/ong ' l.-land Railroad care of May 6. to J. S. II. Barlett, SHI peer! ; street, will receive the above reward and thanks of the owner. ' tf?lA RRWARD.?IX(ST. (IN FRIDAY, THE 8TH INST., i ?3P J " " a small while Eugli-U terrier slut. Had on a red lea. tticr collar, with tihtck border ; oarscul and long tail; she wax I B.igbtly laine in the near front leg, and answers to Uie name ?f j "Jit ' any person returning her to Y>alter L. Livingston, I 41 Wall Street, Jauneey court, w ill receive the atxwe rvwaitl. I H?1 A RKWAFD.-I.OST, ON SATURDAY, 9TH INST , qpl"' either at liolHns'liotel. corner el'West and llola < ? ! sireet. or trom thenci to Oreenwich and Vestry streets, froai ' through Orccnw-ich and Watts to Hudson anl Spring I streets, a wallet, containing u sum of money; principally of the Ocean Bank, and papers of no value but to the ov. iter The J eoptentr will be described and the reward paid upon appLia. lion to Mi-ssrs. Edward D. Nelson j Co., 290 West street. | JOHN MILLER. 1JROCLAMATION. -WHEREAS, YELLOW JACK. 11.18 b?n burnt nut. and Scgnm's point Is no point, two c.-tita reward will be paid for the arrest of the man who struck Billy Patterson. e> d two cents more for p.dof of who got the $?$,(><); and all pood people on the island are enjoined u> pray for the return of common sen-e to the king. and common honesty to the kings' ofliers Ood and lib' cty. U?W AND ROWft ] AHRH IOST?WANDERED FROM HI* HOME. NO~2?! \J Hicks street, hrookl- n, a little boy throe and t halt yours old Ilstr held and eves lark, drab rinth Hungarian car>". em j t roideri <1, pla.d aaqna. hia'A silk hell mid light riotb Mnla, A lilu rit! reward and till expenses will cb-erftCly be paid way I peraou who will give information white lit* may ho found. ; j I7IOI NO IN AN (iMSlHI"S?A LADY'S PUKSK, CON; X" uUitn* a haiulnut.e artirle of dro??, mid largo aorn of money Tri" uwner can have the a: me bv atldrraaing William h til e. Hroailway Post of too. end heteHblnf y. IXJL'ND?ON TOR NIMH INST., ON NY PRKMISKS, J i mi la>np\ * uli curt and h*rne?? The imne < bare him by proving property and ptymr exp tacs Iaqnr i u: the mrsfr or fcrty-lrat street and Sixth noimc. 10ST STRAYED OR STOLEN?FROM THE ST VE'.E J ilioy, u? <' IP|gat air net, about seven o'clock or 8.v.fdav in rr.ue 9th mat., a larae gray hornc. alxtdoa hau la hU <. with tw hl.,?i gall* nu >,<a hind fi ot, together with a total Oe. I i born* vs. All) perron giving iulorau-'mc of lit ?Uei *av mv oi - be or if! propery thall receive a retail of five dollar* au<l the thxaks of ina owrer. ' PATRICK crMNlHOHAM. V! Mln.tla atreet. T (1ST?ON FRIDAY KVtNINO, ?ITI INSTANT, AT ?J Ntbio tt. either in tbn r?r<iset or in going nut by the, |p*a?*br hit* Pro?by street, h Torkiah bracelet, made of head*, in the shape of a ro*i?ry. and of no Intrinsic value except to the owner The On ier will be suitably rewarded by vcailag It at No 19 V ttam street, room 27. IOST?ON FRTPAY AFTERNOON, IN A THIRD AYE J nue ?tare. beta-sen Klghteenth and Oram! ?ireei?, or I etween Ormnd street and l.or-1 A Taylor'' atnre. a fold hrarar A uberai reward will ba paid for us return to tb< oSca ' f the < "ar'iidou HotoL J T OVT-ON FRIDAY. STH INSTANT, * OOl.II WATCH I XJ ?nd chain, in Broadway. ('anal or Oread streets The ; tnde'wilt he libera I'y rewarded by leaving the rame at J. 1 H AhKKU. h. No. Sfel fourth avenue. JOST-HETWKNN OR A Nil AND CHURCH RTKKKI'S. J a fold wateg Iter and Mlrt with liken"" ? t h*rs! I reward will be paid when delivered at XI Warren atreet. or Jg <>rand atreet, up alaira. J 1 del FRuM ON BOARD THE hTKAMBOAT ELM i Jj rl ?. a large hrown Newfoundland dog, wifb white ring i around (na neck ,t,<S spot on hta aide wrlthout hair; answer* u. i he name of Hive. Any one l-acng h.m 'in board said boat n Monday forenoon win receive >6 rev .rd. MESTAI RAJYTS. T.-. tZAHETll AN Al.K l.rNCII RtMIM, Ij tai Water atreet and hA Wall strret. Chop and Sioah llcnse. H < hdnta from 12 to 4 o'clock. Colo toiiation. K ?n y thing In seaei .tax' Kaat Indiapak ale? A splendid hogshead on dr..u*nt taarciay a Persian London portur, Jl.,l tactired ex atop Quirkstrp, on draught. Philadelphia lafrr bu r, Beautifully rlear and cool. drawn trom Iho wood. Burneti a I/utdnti Op, Warmrtod puie ?a Imported. 7 6 con la per bottle. Fngllah p'tdoes ai I sauces, Imported tlu e? I b> ua. H shilling* |"'r hotllHUH A KKKON A HATTER Pap' ea on file I^mdm Tlmex, Illin'ra'ed Ne'va, Punch. Deri ? b. Bell's lift; New York Herald. Trltinne awd Ttmoa, IOt'P P HFXTER W'iT'LD INFORM HIT FR1KNHS J ar.d he t ulh yener ,I'y that bi? reat*oe,tit. !?<Vni't? atreet, near < f.aro'.,. rs at., will he * ruol on Monuav, M?y II. WTOTHV?A H'.KFR f.ATR (if 15 ANN hT''*irr, I IN a <1 r - . . oly Int rvn ISa old C iw?aw-ra an l .eivla I and the public awemUv that he haa .qieaed a nvw ? ore wl 1 lie \ xvau street, itoru from Ann with an en: e n?w I avork oI l?a'i?. alioea au I aaitera. ami mmiufaeMrea to ?rd-r I h" i French < wll huote at )i to |A h??i Freneh pate-1 leather b-r " bP >S7. A v.l trom m okl fitends and the pahlle ge I neralli i> reepe. it uil) aollrt ed. Psnlc Car attention pa 1 to Irueumitra' uedvrm, A last t repxrod for eaeti had A |v A h It K Nwvaau a?ree? THF I.F.HOFR ?TMK C A HFKSIfiVKn RF.SPKCTFPf,'iY tuti tin thvir frwtu and the public that tart open on I Ni.aidav- Ilea II, at T Anil atr-el, one d-<ov east of Ns? ; as it. a oodee r om lo H? railed the I^j^er. The very heal tew and t idee will be aerred at all hours, pi"*, Iks blacoll of ibe llneat oiult'i, aisl cold cntaof evei^ Anaortptlo* aerred at lae ioweat prtoe. FaMI IL KLUS'lN, WllJ TAM J. (ll'NRKR. WIAiCIAL. flHfl -WANTED. TEN THOPSAND DOLLARS if J t MA'U. .'u it) property. For parueularo In i Ire at (T M I.KV i a, 72 Willtwoi atreet. No bmkara need apply. /\KM<-Kor rnt THIRD ATP-RCE RAILROAD UOM panr. mrrv ?f ITaai AtttJ flrrt ? -. et and Tklrd IrMD* ? A i|i?r<?rlj dividend of two per mil Iim heeo itmluol an 'A# capital ?uir* of Una rooaaany. pavabta ot their nfll w, on nad after the 1*h Irnoont <T? leaavfer t>mb will be ekeed CraOl ib. wfe to u* tub in? *nt. tnclueive. Hy order. Ktw Ton*. Wn; ? 1HT. S AHL * ISA A<V ReeeKery PACIFIC MAIL STRAMSHIP COMPART. RKW TORS, May I IIK.-Al ? B?Un| n( the Bonn) of Dimton. bold thia day. a dividend 01 ten per cent otit of the proOta of tbo eotapaoy *11 declared payable < t and after Ike BUS loot Tka tranalre tonka WU1 to cloned nnill it a' dme. PRKJiKRir HOFFMAN Sorreiare CnVKRKit.RS AND All. OT1IRR FORKION DOT,It i AJ and ailtrr fmieht at blfiheat ratea by JOHN HOOPE, ( Burner broker. 471 Broadway. 11'A RTKD?RA II,ROAD HONOR OR STOCKn rw TT trade, for a larye and rary valnafte body of mineral and ilmtrr land la Peoneylvanha. Apply to OBO.WA.RNtt, m Broadway. IAIAH officrn. __ Q1 ?ART AMOUNT or MORKT AT>TANCRT> AT THB Rr*? Hr sdway ),o*n OMee. W Broadwr.r. Tfctaoldmt* Pie!. d and r?*p. natble adranooa Ike tiphnet auma on ditn'tvda, * ?'cke? ;?e,Lry and yraonal prop any. or boapfcl rnrr^ n r*? r,Arra llrArta lwm#ni MJkOnCrF A ItHKVI), m Broadway. eopnw WaBtfr. i fillit n||(| TO MIAN ON WATOHRH, PIAMONHA i''.HIIU wfiin, drr |?x4>, nil kirh ? rrnprrty. or b?nfhl and aolo for cnah. Si*" bond*, fn ?I(T*| <? Mnrfcft, A<- , 103 Kw>1 atrarl, OorMr of Ann anrnwd toor noma No 2 and 21f. TO' iWI'M>N A CO , broknr* an . nxamiaakin m?i?ha?ta C \ ^7 (||\|1 TO LA)AH ON WATUHVt. D1 ANONIW. f Wnrolri. Am , ?r )?i|M ?A, by JO ^:vi"'^JLy:^zsvxtass.'TL^x ** *? fwnwl " HMnntan. taso.wiorays'WKrisissi'ia gin j ma-am; H- muSTaiK "* '^ktasRbunsxtAmmm. \|0*rt. WW TO A JIT AMOCift ADVA^T.n OW . I u rrx,rvip .?* ?>p? imrr^/inn, nMMeni IUH o*h*r I? fruimn't, ami ?b fc>mta 'A i>r!-.nnal nr>rm<r*r on aMiJaotofv form. An r * NKHA1U WAVriutt A OO . V lt^u>4 , It Urnry itrtrt ' uctjum ANU Avaum> A I.A PT * T> . Orri.THT AND AtfR??T AAA ?T\ Tlf vaaua oaroa must hnjir'raa <-??.? of hllndnoaa. all ?> 1 wraktirtw or dlrraM*. wttlu.m op?' ?tkon or vain, auak.-n nam mad. naturally rntirri, MTHMtiara wrarin* of apaatarira 4i? . rmamf with Aaif rwfrrrnnra ?nnanliauorm from II M 1 mai ni and iaa omci hocm ro* conhttu 1 taUnw frma t m< ovbwk, at mf biwdai*. ?a? iuj rrara mrtablUkoA. An porter ^f^arm'oaartad ikat W?4 | Hka tba tHwl n*. JAKm V. roWPLLa - P.. umlat DM PA NEW YORK > HERALD, S ?Mu(lAh 1r MARY A OONT7. KU/.ABRTH OONT/, AND JOHN (iintr. children of Peter tloatz, a native., and formerly* r<-?K>< ni of 'ho city of Mow York will rail on tho uud? raiffoea, iLev luuy Ltijr of ?>>nielLvnK l> tin-lr *d\ au'ac*. QUlt ANUS, lXIUTII" A IjACAPERB, 1? South WtUl?a ?trent. LAWKKNUK 11 Ki Km.?MILLIONS or HOLLARS.?ALL interested In the reeorerr of the Immense Ijiw^ noe proI purty in 1 ii*k,nd. adverlined by Um Hl?b (Ywirl of ULai.'iery, ann); wuhout delay at the Nnatof iyln udloa. Proprietor. ; SlfrfRV hayp. iff Broadway, N. T VIES. ELIZABETH HAH1HT, WHO HAS KKl'T A i>J at n' Iii (Irani (.'reft, and Mary Benson will iiud.n letter Ijj die Broadway Poal oflice, AfAKTIN?B. n-NII-M WISHKS YOU TO UOMMUNL jy 1 cat* with him Immediately. He hae some ufgwtion* to make. __J__ ^ \TKI? BrifTLlIfK "-MR R 7.. V. .HJOPOtf WILL i\ find a li tter on busineta in die York Post oflco ad di ekeed to him. HHUtUQdl NOTiCHHa. FMFTH AVFNUK "BAPTIST CHCROH ?''TilK RKI.Alion ol Public amusement wuh Pubno .Moralsy " The principles >>f this address w'.il be exa aiood i.i miirra? ev-min*. at o'clock. by Rev. Sidney A. Oorev, iu tin' W'B uv*" nut; Psptitd cburuh. i'n aching at IT})^ A. M. Kev. k. p. amhlkr will speak at nonwi ktips Academy, Ko Broadway, this (Sundayi morning, at PH* o'clock, and fu die evenlu* ai "lj o'clock Subject fer ue eve i.ilig, " Spiritual Manifestation Cvuaideied aa a Law." Peats iree. tim'irrauehabirl hiht At a monthly mkktinh of tiik memitfcrs of JeHereon lire Knftiun Company No. tifi. hel l on Monday evenlu*. May 4, ISiJ, the foijnwiug preamble and yean noons were uhnii'mnitslV ndopied, and ordcrid to bo puhlbbtd in the Sunday Herald ami Nun 'ay Mercury>? Whereas, This company is, with deep regret, rnmpille l to accept the resit nation of Rlelrird R. Jackson Esq., as ioroniHii ami pi .-tuber t llsmefone, bo it Resolved. 1 bat w.1 fender to Mr. Jackron our unqanliflud thanks for the able. Impartial an I <tti<nifb?l manner In which bo bus digcbat i ! bis ? vend dunes during liio p.iaf Hvnyeam. Reaohn H; 1 hi- wkh him. hi his rdtremcut, shall go oir best wishes for hi* I uturo health and happiness. ami that the re mrmbrajtee nf bin m my manly deeds shall smnuiaic us to renewed effort to maintain th? proud position in wkieh he leaves us. JOHV MCMULLEN, ) .tames ii. ei?sRV, >fomaittee. JOHN EnRO, ) J. ttl UKABT, Jr., Chairman. Jean VcM vixen, Beeirtary, SOUTITWARK EWOIKE COMPANY NO. 38.-THE ACtire, honorary and rx members of this eomjany are requested Ui titer', at the engine house tins (Sunday) evading, at b^a o'clock, to proceed to Cuimine street church, to hen .. sermon by the Rev. Mr. Hustings, on the death of our l?i? aasociato, Richard U. Huntington. C. BLA.CKMER, dcc y. * THE~MIL.IT ART. v". v - w -s Is DAVENPORT MUSK ETHERS?THE MEMBERS I Tf. of this company. are requested to meet on Sunday, the I loth, at 2 o'clock r. M., at Mercer street, between Amity j and Fourth streets. JOHN K. SUOTT, Commandant. TirASTlINOTON ORKYB ? EIGHTH REGIMENT, BOSf T me battalion, h-ad,pinners venire Market room., New York, May St. lfV>7-?Tbe members nf this battalion, ami all members of the regiment that wish to join us on our trip to Hurt, n, at" rsqnested to meet for drill, at the above quatdevts, on Monday awning, May II. at eight o'clock, in foil fatigue. By o. ierof LKANIlhR BUCli, Cumtuai daAL J. .v IIai'BT, Orderly. pout1cal. Rally for the freedom of our city - ' nal vigilance is the price of liberty." The democracy of the rtty and county of New York, and all who air opposed t.i corrupt pioscription and despotic legbilatica, arc requested to a- rutble in the Park, in nuns meeting, on Tuesday, May 12, 1867, at 7b? o'clock, to protest aguiust the reek)est una tinprineiplrd attssspt of lite black republicans In the R'jite Legisl*ture to destroy eur constitutional and cnanered rights, and de- I prtvc us of our most cherished privileges. Citizens of New York. ra.1V In your united strength aid make .vu.tncu cause aguii.ut Jim odious Mi.arimem* if an un erupul. us majority of atir Stale legislature, who have at M turned t, appropriate. our city property to the. irresponsible control of mercenary politics! adventurers?to tax us without i our oourem?l.aie iiroothiUNl trade under tbe preen ?.'moral I reform? oroscribed a large rhtss of nur citizens at tie b. hmt , of fanaticism, and woutd subjttrau' the sources of mr com | n? .clal prosperity to tbc hitsc objei t* of the moat cairuptpo i Ylica! part, that ever rilled the Rue-. 1 bis is I.ut the hegtnuutg. Waere will be the end? Let us j m:.u ui the thretbold. j leu us invoke every n iwtltntional and political losana inonr I | on er to defend ourselves against these infamous agrresaioua. | The voice of the people ahall be bra. .] on Tuesday licit. | Names of the signers of this call will be found on the pieIcarus. By the Uotrratttee ot Arraagemunis, PHILIP W. L.n'U.s, Chairman. Consad fwaos um. } s-rrrt-rir. 1 Akiucb Woods, i secretaries. I Eminent speakers have been invited and will address the j gneetmg. It KHUV AIrf>. DR. A. J. Hi Vt'Hf. UAh kKMOV Kl> TO HHEVKNTR vrnur. corner of Fifteenth ?trci t LfcJSS k WAUJ.R HAY* RKMOVMU FROM HO. I Smith William ?treet u> Ko 79 Reaver at, oncier Hmwwi, N' 'OrH'K.?THOMAS MeBOKUY HAS REMOVED HIS 'arye au>ek of china, f Uaa and earthen warn ml Mtver plated ware from am V.yhfb aretnie t(? ft*A Eighth aventte b? iwern forty flr?t and t ortreeoond mreola, where he will be |lad In wr Ul* friend* and eonurtnvr*, a* b* t?able to defy nimpeU! ton. l?nw renb and low pr-ee* , Id* motto {>F.WRV ATc-T *1. (IRICF, VETERINARY St'RtlROH, V ha* removed from fro frit White ?trcet, to Nne \fl and 134 ardoniral ttrvrt. bt'arec Amity and Uleocker afreet*. SKROVAL.-W. P. B. CURTIS, KOI.ft AGKVT FOB t tfo.tnltaan, Uray k V>. 'a celebrated doloe fxupanu piano ira, baa removta from 447 to 4S7 Broadway, corner af Fnwime (.trewt, where let will be bappy to are hm friend* sad enftomep* KKMOYA1.-OB LAMANO. IIKC'URATIV'K ARTIST, i bar removed fr<?m lit* old Maud, tod llroadway, to ATI I Hroadway, between llmt?'on *nl ftteerker atre*u, where be ad!] bate utoriaaed famine* lor oarrytay no the general huttee deeoretlur is (reeoo, enoaniruc. otl, pitoer hitcguwpi. bcrae* patoting. Ae. W. OK I,A* 4VO C?J ftrowd~a,. IJKMOYAI.?O. O MATIIORVK. JR . HAS RBHOYKO *1 to lite new end Couamodtoo* *tablea. comer of Serrtith are one entt 1 weuty rtyhth ntri-et. t\ bore be will atlll continue to e< r?< Ma i ns oaiera end the public with hur??> tud utrriadea r.l all d?erilpUnn*. Alec. hniwee taken on livery by the (lay, ??rt, or mi nth. All Mil* d to v.111 be ?etncd at the above niece, ua du re la do one at the old ?.nb!e attthom"d to collect Foi ue ? C llATHORXt, J*. ptynv AI..?WOR1.FTA MO?T. V(1 71 YWBY STRFET Jft rootl.wcM comer cf ? v II . <. !?r -nd omtiitrv: ho:?> kcrp'nr w .ind ntrnstU. ?o.t.?, A>' pr>?a>r?' cnitr, mearnrea, Ac ; l?r?r bier fanmuand Tfttt |.r?a. . f bra mnur<i ?m, root herr punif ? nMnv.' r,' appaj-aiu* for ctlertacluf kiuomt driiUU; bfr rumpf, Ac. WAITIU K, JKWKlJtd.AU (' \i i iiuNm piaNoi^* -rirnt, r< r<> ?j, .kinoa J *4 In fAI; r;.rrm*?, t? V?M); boot*. *i> .<) tit; ermwm biv i*. n? k'u??. !>' ?* but'n# * , >nnl bp m?l'lr *a* of U>? world. ' k H P .Mt'MWH V a-. Cvipi-onifio* apii mn.l) vwn, Hit- k ?m> r>l V r mm, aarrann-d no: la t?mi*h, or Uir mnonp roton-ndi prW , t\ O f?v nod to f fill. Cnun* ? nt bp waJI tr? \n? part of ih? world J A li P iai PIMA, 4tf7 HPnadwnj rAT^MO\r? -THK TP. APR I? WWfPTMntV INJ r formed U??t w? nrr anoilitnnlly mai.olto-' irliw and bar* m. bands large alaak of diamond jrwrlrr. oi ihe luteal atploa. A Ui pr aamrimrtit nf diamond* on hand. rieUing door for lbi uude. Diamonds bi iufh'for nub. J HFRNAN A ? o, CJP-oomr atrrft. Wat.'hrr AT nrratL at WH<?i,w?At0l JPBT-Tjea^- , IMlaer apl?nd<-r wai b?a. four botea j-iwahcd.. *- fti fUvai n Under bHDtlua uamw " .. filial M an-. fcurAt-*wr. Ikiiiea-n j?h la, warranted floia " " hnnttnr nwMW.. llMA) " patent torer, npea fane and kiwiing oaaea.... 11 lo AO 4oid pW*d oa allrer hiuitfnr cane* Mbu> V A,-<d ladiea' wstufcea. four bob* j-Wri*! Mo 00 " " banllnceaeaa fNl On annhnr irrer. haarp eaava _ ffpvihj " pao-rn lerrr bortiaf, endeared AT' (A) " " Tory brarr HMtofTUO WfcdiMale dealer* rrppn*d Watefcnt "eat to Sop part of tor United ttauw bp nail or caprem. J. A H. P. JAOOM, oaaa lfmtnrtef )ia tHw aad bwalb mmaf asMtona aad towafcr mr Bralww ? nwm. CAASU rURCHASFJUt ARC 1NV1TRD TO NAAM1NM ) mp eerp l*r?? and dralr ?bl? alork a( Haraaa, loaaroKto and (Irrman arrant. IVairablr brania rhntna quaOtp aad tow prtaea art th? tDducwawnata lliat i offrr O. rmCKKA 17 Broadwap Havana ppoabh-pabtiua*, nmtAUA. bbttan pica, tw-anaa. Rr?aUa dai i-r*, VmnrMw. Kaptoalaa. Imi.rrJtlra. pAaraa. Oaharftaa, Uaalr-a, Do.kiIhm madia m*?Mrrncra, Millar. (^?muna. and mumercua othor bnuida. In aait paraMaiim. 1 P RCKIKBS. TO Rrarer ?tmM OKtiARH wr IIAVB ON IUND, JL'HT PROM I1A O rana. SlV iui ctrarr. oomwinr nf rr*aliaa. t'-nrjiaa. rati larra. iitnnuM, Ac , wbVh will ha xtw f.< oaah or PnA rlaar paper. IM'?ar? arc la bond. fUmplm at III Prarl atr ?*, op "talrr. AR tNiro A HtbBARli. TKJI TXLA1IRS. B APART W ANTKD ?W ARTKH Til RAPT, t BAKPRT, Wllk ntinadiair pnaaraaiun. A|iply at CIO it > iM'oo at, pi lore t n'cloebon Mondap T\EM<iKPR -WANTKO, A PIRsT n.ARt OAMOO ON J' sprier in a larpe,. . tdtrcn hoi JW Poal of! rr rRR1< K MAKPRP W ANTPD, PIR?T RATN MOULDerr. pit aboiclltrr and duttprrc. Oood warra ritm. Applp at ">? nflk-d of the Middle.e, Rr,.-p Oom;<aap, No. 7 Hrckman atrnct, brtWfCa 111 and 1 o r.'ork. TO PAlNTKRh ?MI* OOOD Hill s* PAIPTFRd CAN find riradj rroi'W.ymrnt, hp apiilrlnr P> O. Ta>i?r, near IRJd ptrr'. Icath a rr II lie, Hanaanav{ll? rrajiin'Rc, ac, BHAKIUJU ARH UOITA'II flRMITUK HTUU (VIU, to alt antom. hc?attfoUr (tenrmiMl. frrxm tS n? m*r<Ui ?i U? i.ld '.,W bM???n ffc"W to. m*! BW-*?r Wnto. OoMo WwfMf amotrr M- ritHUIi. a^HDOt. rrr?<*m'*a O UMvwiart mjrpltod ? AKTROUtOV. -MftB RETOOK, *o HO ?r?r*a ' rjMt. ? frw (trrr? wtwt of Browlwoj, Uhe gvnt MMn mMy*] towl dttrrciTMt u Aiivrtn AUMMmM ?Uu. wwrert **4 enreA. If onrwbfc. werrtno 5ZZ~~.*., *- ? e?*-U.w ? ? ~ W? M1 aDAMK MAR HII A m i?* i<o*iiK?Tro WITH tihrennlofy which cnohk* her to te'l your *fc. rh-trwe ?T I trvt rtirotnroTicc- whether rmt will h<- w*lthr, when hii'l i .Inm jnn will merry, end. ?? Uft, .eioutelice ?U who vl?? a,, t? (uwirt#*! b? Tie ilrmoi wowAerfnl etalrrwtenl kDOWo. RewWerx-e ,"**) Oreenwtnh etrewt, n*?r UmmUrt ._ s^ES?w*s5Ws?H^Ar? itJNDAT, MAY 10, 1857. DH1 GMMUM, _ j r t'AKKH MORK U Of the elegnst Eoulexd robes. At 91 SO each, | Printed os real Pongee nllk, WiU be opened os Mnodsy. Mef II. I A. T. .STKiCAUT A CO.. nraedwsT, Chtmbere end Rende etreel*. r/\ IM'/.KN KKKJK'II WOVJC CORSETS OK TI1K j t/\' let. kt pattern*. r?c?U*d by Sot Issteb eausrimU re?lurwd i Brum F.rery variety nf rlaldr. n's rloihing for sale, or nouie j i order. Embroideries, lacee, glove* Ar EoHM AN A CO., T06 Br tadway. , -|<m PARIS' EllllROIIllfllRn SCARE MA.NT1I.[.AM, 1(1(1 siffTwonUbll, Received by the i^SHTKHLT. A CO.. ('unaI street, corner Mercer. Q KK BROAPWAY. Ot )0 dr'-at reduction* in price*. J. RKCK A CO. nave reduced the price* of their largo and rich stock of summer

coed* below coot. Silks, Foulards, Bareges, Grenadines, Organdies. Pelaines, Ac. At1Q U<UOTAT.-rUXOH ?BROf DKR IK?A TLr / largo assortment just received, including collar* and sleeves in sets at f.1, worth *6; bi.u k lure veils trom auction. I'KI'KR HOURKTS A CO. 49q broapway-cambric ki.oubcinos ajtp jLi<) trimmings?Avery largestookJustopMnedtalsoafreah n-*"iuncut of Mrlicse bands, very Id#. Kmbmidnd Swiss muslin* for hMQMed. I'KTKIt ltd HURTS A 00. om Bit oa dw ay. ? a rut.i. assortment ok 'J Z t? blgck luce good ', J 11st opened, consisting of mantilla*, shawls, capes, coiffeur*, and enlutr* and sleeves, in arts, Ac., Ac PK'I'-HK ROBWRTW A CO. 4r 'k BROAPWAY?JUST RECEIVER I'kilt LAST ?) 7 steamer a small case of lace and tubular lie*: alao a choice lot of " rcnch bosoms and earn boric handkerchief^. 1 The goods wo are now recetvhig have been selected by Mr. Jnrksmt pcrsocaliy of the principal manufactures in England and Kr'adce. ' T .IAOKSON k FUUDV. FILK FLOUNCED Orlgiuul price fft). akrolu, rosstabi.e a co., (buial street, corner Mereer. Gr- llKOAPWAY.?URNTI.RMKN'S FASHIONABLE Xjt JtJ furnishing bazaar. I.KWIS A HEACORP it vim special alontion to their system of shirt making, vi/.. complete measurement, careful cutting, heat needlework, with srtistio finish, and no sale if not to please.. Innn POZKN MNKN CAMBRIC HANOKKRCOntVi, vU" With eaen'rheun rnibroidered corners, At 60 rents esch handkerchief, *Will bo opened on Monday. May 11. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Reado street*. /tida Ann wostii or ruvupctvi'/lrwvna $Ztf.UUU Irish linens, Table damask, Napkin*, quilts, Towellings, uyr.s caui.uic ha^dkercinrrs. Also a large stock <>f now hosiery, gloves, lace mlta. window drapery, window linen. Ac.. A., full 3) percent lens than usual prices,"at the Commercial Bouse, 147 Spring street. J. H. 1.1PSKTT, Proprietor. ca nn<\ window hiiadkr, at orkat bar OV7.UU\> rains: lane and muslin cnrtainn from auction; hroratela. aatln de latnns, curtain materials, u.ihnlstery gitnos, cornices, bands, pins, at whuieealr . price*. defying ootnpeUuon. W. O. J EN KB, 466 and 466 Pearl street, N.I. AT. STEWART A 00. Will open on Monday, May 11, Some very huoilsome Embroidered sets, At f2 per set. Broadway. Chambers and Reade streets. All to hk sold this montuTbe large stock of spring and summer mantillas, some of tbrm vet. rich, at hall the price of cost, J. BBOK A CO., .15.7 Broad a ay. Attention is called to ocr removal to :? hrondway, and to our unequalled assortment of rhanttlly point* mauHuas, bouncings, veils, Ac. Also, point sets from ?7 (ofiOO, collars, coiffures aud barbes. miller a or ANT. An extraordinary novelty Im Lamps' MamtiixaS, Just received from Paris, Will be opened this week At HUI.PIN'8, .Mil Broadway. BARYOlfcAND OB (JAN DIE ROBES. Just received, s large assortment of these robes, some I them entirely new styles At'.at greatly reduced prices. JAHKH rRuPMKY 461 Broadway. TJBOOATKLN, LACK t'DRTAINH, J5 DAMAoh'S, And curialu materials generally. , Also, WINDOW RHA1 K*. tlTLT CORNICES, Loops, Kinds, tassels Ac., Ac , usual meat. lord a Taylor, 355, 287, 259 snd 361 (.rand street. And 47 and <1 Catharine street. BKACTIFUL NKW HASTIU.AM. EuUrrly dlllrrUiK from tliote of ' rnur teasona. Id color, aljle ami Mm, Will be opened Una week _ At BCI.PIN'8. 30! Broadway. CIHMAP CABPRTR J Kngliah. tape*try, Mr viela, At 1 <1<>l)er par 2 ird. Rich velvet ditto. At $1 rent I. A T .VfKWAKT A CO.. Broad way. riiauibere and Reade atreeta. (YLOS1NU RAUt.?PKRftONN WIBIfINO OI1BAT BAR) italna in choice tanrv coo.!* of every deenrtp'tam, a! n-.ld uee lio ti no, l>nl at vlail lb.- h-- *?( *t?? k eve. . ;mne.t to America bud Broadway. Mer?'uuiUi urate! 011 the utoat It era I letoi. ______________ / 1UKA I' KMPROIDF.KIKN. V* l.JUO French eoibmLd* red aeta, (JeunUet and flowing eleerer, at SI .73 an t SI to, Juat opened at GKNI.V8 BAZAAR, 51.1 Broadway, % st N icboiaa Hotel. C1I..IIH. ('AB81R r.KKP. SMfUHIt, AND TAJI.OR.S' J uvmiuinc? Retailed at jobber* prl'-ea 141RII a t ati .OR, 2bS, 2f>7. - '< an 1 261 1.ratui atreet, And 47 and 49 < 'ntliarine IMI CIOMPLETK rllANQR OF LAMRB' OOBTTMK. / A new and ee'rentelj beaaufol IIA MM. I. a <>f prtr clouded ail*. A perft rt aaaortment Of the? recherche garment* Bill be openril till* Week At If I' 1.BIN'S, :*il Broaduar. C1A?n STRAW UOODH HOI'ttR. / Wrn* bonnet*, letfhim and fata. Man'*, yuuUta and eln.dirn * Liu. Blotter Wet*, atraw and nalr Ueiuea. Br*nek flower*, plqn-*? end buda. Ottered at redo, ed prcer for c?ab. At US Broadway, Owner ef B**rl atreet, homicr a krmnpn. Ducal Port.iRB lit! I'lW'W DUCAL ropLIRR J net received, at 7? oent* per yard. W<mh SI. G B. WII.UAM*. 787 hnmdway, near N nth aire, t, DKi IDKl) NOVK1.T1RB IN MANTILLAS, J net received Ik.ui I'efJt. F.jai: eopiea i>f the lateel alrlea A* worn by 'H? ww dbdltigr label la-ltr* In Rurope Ai the annual Me ol le.ntf Champa, Will be opraed thl* week, At Btn.PlKH, S61 Broadway. TA LRU A NT GRAY MANTILLAS, Pi Novel rt A and beautiful. A ra*fi..::o i.t uwtmnl tan twl At BOl-MM S. Ml Broadway. I/LKUANT P UI NT hO LAWNS AT la. 1j Ucauioa I ruth pipl'na at 7?. fu|MI ea?l)iner?*ttra and India nankeena, Pormen'a and boy a- wear. AWi. a nrw lot of 'pi in? dreaa goo.)* at eery low prtsea, at Uie ?. .minerctal JJottae. Iff frring -treet J ?l HPStrtT, proprietor. FAHIUOffABLK onona. Villi aaar.r'mrnt. At low prteea ' Ll'ltlV A T ATI/OB, 2&!i, 37, Mt) and Nil Orand atrrH. A nd 4? and 4# (..tharlne F1VK CASKS <>r MANTILLAS. Decidedly nen la aty l?, Jo uitnre. form and rolor. Not to be aeen at any other house. Will be opened :hla were. BllePIN.Ml Mroadway. CtRrAT ASPORrVVVT of MANTIU.AH, J Cttnparallrled in rarlaty. And unrivalled In richnrae. luavvrtluo A reauettfullj dc tired. BCLP IN, *41 Broadway. GVIPVRR LACK. MANTILLAS, llouttcn lare mantilla*. Real itir?nd lano mantillne, French '.v? stantuia*. Mi'tblin lace oiaotnlaa, ChaiiUlly Uoe mantilla*. Val< nrknnca !*? < manttlUq, Mack allk manttllaa. Ploek molrc mantlllivA. And fray tlaaM alia mati'l'.Aa, In ralchlea* pru(u?k>n. Will ba opened thja week. ? . BUT.PtN. fit Rroadway. HIOlI MUCKD MANTILLAS. Riglitv, one bondr-d. And a hundred and ilfty dollars; Aa well a? r?*ry ln'rnn?dlalr nuallky, To tba moderate aum ot ala <*. TV.. ;;rea!e?l a*enitm<nt lu the enuiurv. At BCt.PlN R. VB Ttroala ay IkfVFNSK VARTFTT OF MAWTTTLAH, Jn titdpnre. VaalM. Real thread. French Wute. Mechlin, CbaatiUy, Aalenelennee, J]Ark ?l>k, IfUe.h motr* And gray rle?ded altb, A ei perb n?aoytmei?t Will br opened this Week. iirnpinri|i?n?i In Kf>??Uy, ??t?>iitnr rtf-hii?*?. wni.riiTiwi nmn.iwo?. IwrOHTANT TO IT TOWN t.Al>?K? Bor?r.?ntrt!i?i (Iocm. O B WnjiTiMfl bovine rnimn. J UiernUxi stock or nilT oooon from !M7 U> 767 Br<>?<1 *?v. nror Ninth ourrrt, b?*a to tkil lb? PooVnilor < ** SHII b? horf in lh? DTjirut COOPS orp*KT*?Tr. oowtwrio <hwi<s will b? nfnrnd by ih? plvrw ?t thn lowoat WMLtSAJJi c*trr? > O. B. WTTJ.tAMS, H7 BrnvOwoj. mm NIMB aMBk DRY OOODH, AC. 1UMK.N8E STOCK OK SILKS? Including n?w ntylc* FLOUNCED ROM EH AND RICH SILKS, In great variety. LOW PRICED^ESS .SILKS, From a no'ion. LORD A TAYLOR, me, *Dj , At* >ulii joi * nuiu NrcT-1, And 47 and 49 Cathaine street TUST RECEIVED?1,000 RICH FRENCH LACK MAN <J tllUui, entirely new designs, not ni be found at any other house :u this city. Prices from six to fifteen dollars, at JACKSON A HKN.NKR'S, 1M3 Hudson street I AIM KB' AND MISSES' WARDROBES, J Complete seta ot' underclothing of every style; 1 ufa ulk' cla htng, OuUils for the nursery, comprising every requisite; Ijtdles' morning rones, Of the most elegant description; Children's aprons, sncqtiea nd basques, Of every materisl. style ,.ud price; Iatdiee' and children's h stery, An ex'eusive assortment, s died to the season; Misses' dresses, pelisses and paletots, Plain and embroidered, in great var tv, all marked a', modem e pilots and in plain figures, at oknin'8 bazaar, 513 Broadway, Hi. Ni hulas lintel. LOW PRICED M*NriIX48, At six, eight, snd ten dollars, Rich in material ami beautiful in form, Ah well as every interim into quality, Up to the most distinguished and coBtly. A superb assortment this week. At BULl'IN'S, 315 Broadway, LOW1TZ A BECKER, Mo. S07 Canal and 49 Howard streets, l..ito Arnold, Constable A Co., Have just received the latest styles of L#dies' dress, eloak and mantilla triturnings. Silks, ebenlllea and embroideries, etc. Oerman sepbyr and tapestry worsteds, etc. Lack and mvsmn curtains Will bctott'ered On Monday. Mav II, Extraordinary bargains in I.AC'K A.NU JU'SU.X lUKTAIMX. Ibulks' please examine the goods before buying elsewhere. O. 11. WIIi 1.1 A MS, 7f>7 "nisiway, near Ninth street. Largest stock in the on* of Printed muslins And Barege and tliiu robee, At Very low price*. i .ob 11 .? taylor, 266, 267. J6J ?n<l 2bi Grand atreet, A nd 47 and 49 Catharine street. MUHLIN AND I.AOBCURtAIN9, In rich and novel designs. Constantly on hat d And f >r sale by arnold, conhtabi.k * co., Canal street, corner of Mercer. Mantillas and cloaks In great variety and sty Is, ani not surpassed in richness and elegance by any in tbe city. Also. Lack Points, Lack Mantillas, In great variety and externlve aaiortmenl. J a mls OROPamr, Broadway. Molvneca bkll. 68 Canal street. Molvneui Bell, ntanul'aturer: Mel vnetix Belt, Importer and jobber; Midjneux Bell, retail dealer in Cloaks, Talmas, Mantillas, Ac. Molyneni Beli e silk Manllllaa, Molynetu Hell's lace Mantillas, Jlo.'vnenx Bell's moire Mantillas, Mnlynettx Bell's ailY and lace Manllllaa, Molvneux Bell's moire and lace Mamillai, Molynenx Bell's ("banttlly Mantilla* Molyneux Bell's French lace Mantillas, M"lvneux Hell's crape Mantillas, Molynenx Hell's Orenadene Man'.Ulaa, Molyneux Bell's cloth Circulars, Molvaeux Bell's hnen Circulars, Mcijneux Bell's silk Circulars, rONAHTLTS The best assortment for a lady to .select from of any to be found in this city, laidtrs wdl be well satisfied with them A. .1 Ui.u examine ?uri>tvkA before purrhaAiug elsewhere. klOl.YNKl'X UK1.L. V< Canal s'raet. May anp jcnr fashion? in Now ready and f >r sale nt twenty Bve per eent lower than ardliarv prieus Witt. Kn.-haiian Mackenzie ill happy to inform Ills ewWDMl a'?l mh-r? In quest of such goods that he is now prepared to offer stirb s stork of mantillas as cannot be Kurp.isKod In tj?t? or anv other rnnntry. both in prices, style and finish His far-Hides Id this In-such far exceed any oilier In the trade, trom his long oonuer-ton with the find Knropnan houses, ami his long eypenenee as a mantilla manofaeturor. Indies will please csll and judge for themselvea. WM. HIKHsNAN MACKENZIE. Kos. 45 and 47 Caoal street, Ilraudralh Buildings, Vnl'ed stale, cloak and mantilla atom. !f. B ?Wm. Buehsnan Mackenzie has always burn arknowh-oged by the letui ins papers In ins city as the uuly original arti?i In ihe mantilla Bob. Mantillas. WM. llt'CHANAN MACKENZIE will nnen this day a laige BaMirtmeni of mat, IHaa, bath In Freach and his own well known's- sire. co'*i-ting of black taffeta, silk and laee, giilpnrs laee and ehantUly, poitasa de paloll, a new and elegant fabric of thread mat' ny the well known manufacturers, si Brussels, Louis CroucbvaM. Aa this la the popular store In America for such garda, dies are respectfully invited to rail and nomine, and ihry will find thai Lv Is srlimg twenty-tire per cent under ordinary | Ices. Mainiiias Crurn sis dollars lo cue hundred sudfilly tun WM. B. MACKENZIE, Nos. t."> and 47 ( anal street, railed S'S s closk and maul ills warehouse. NO*. 45 AND C CAN AL HTRKKT. Mantillas in guipure, French laee, English ahkntilly. t.sffeta, silk and lace, at all yr. es, at 25 per cent lower than ordinary prk*s. xt8*' htyi.e of fri- vch calico**Xr J'rmled on th.- uncst yard wide cloths. At >. per yard A Y. KTe WART A CO., Broadr ay, t tiambers and Reade streets. PAII80U AFXOI.fl, COkf?TART.E A CO . hsre row open their spring stock of paraso' which t>- y wil- off-r for sale at tow (tines. Canal street, corner of dercer street. I>INB API"! * OBKNsDINM. An nttreli ' ? si.: unique fabric for summer dresses, ai 3Su , JUC. sou C-'s'" y r yard. rtn-sop e flotineed r?b?S, At $? 54) y r robin just recn-.-d hy JAB. HBOPdlY, Cm Broadway. pRtOOTION IN SFKIRO VU'.KS. ll> UoitKsm silk rubes at $Ui. Worth $25 ea-5. R ch rhene siika at f I id and $1 &0 per yard. Worth $1 75 and 42. Bckudlulbayadsie st.ks, 90e, and $1, Worth $1 25 per yard. Chm* *,ik* b??t <IU* y *1 I>.H, eer\6r,t. .1 avks rnor-KV, 4?l Broadway. lilt 11 AMI MKAl rill 1/ 81LK MA.MII.LAS FOR ?HIV At JA?;l'SoN A HKN.VyUs, iiiuitilla emporium, JO llndaou street, a few ilnora above Canal RKAL 1MVIA CAMEL? BASE Loii(T fhawia. With iirirri* border*. a. t rrrwriT * ?-i?. have just reoclred a case < n. HlnJ: ; the liiient ca-limarc* lo rery rare color*. Rrovtway, r"hatnb--r* ard Read.- streeto. Sl'PKKH fH'ftlNti MANTILLAM. Al DKNIN'N BAZAAR. The Fren'h moilt* a o' the Bazaar are Introducing THK RObT flR A -Rrrt. STYT.Ks OF H ANTlT.I.Afl Forth' i: rearm r??m ' hire Brer challenged'he ?ppn ! iu n of the laihr* of New Terfc. The Pari- -nod ? l?.n?d on tue lat '.nut Hare aAo been reeri. d. In alth-tr brilliant variety, by |h# late at earner* The aaaortnient, both of Home nianufaotured and imported Mar.tlUaa. T oiraaa. Vleltea and Are ?ne<;*Alle<i Is beauty an 1 cartel* tn thl* ettyJ UKN1JT8 BAZAAR, 613 Hnadway, N Nicholas Habt t* v PFYSKR. Fff BROADWAY. CORNER OF BROOMR Oi mm. *wr the i. Mlfhola* H haa remit vuu, per M team- r, on eooair intent, fiom mm' of the first mannfai-turera In hurnj e. a k>t ol a bite rmhroi.irriea, conauitinr of rich needle work. band*, eo liar a handkerchief*. aet*. cap*. Ac., which lie offer* fit aale at |tr"al rei n uou on the usual market price* 8 M PPYNKR. < ?I Broadway, corner Of Broom# airct ner rthePi McMna H"" ' Ol'LKMUD 811.K RtlBKS AMD IUIK88 Htl.KR, O *l * fatly reduced price*. 16ii pierea *>ika, *176 rant* per yard, worihSl. 126 do. al tl per yard, worth ft 26 Mn do. at fl in per yard, worth ! "I. 76 do. at Si 60 per yard, worth SI The above rood* are 26 tn At per eent eheap'tr than regular on. kel prices. This reduction has been submitted to to ort.FFRt'T IMMEDIATE MLR. S. B.?Rome beaa'liill Sil.K ROBKR, PTIKAP. ??" R WILLIAMS, 7fiT Itroartwa. neai .Vmih ?uw, LMLkH, SILKS, K1LKH. jj Thi ch* apnat rtreaa el'k* In the pity t re to be bail at tin- hp* atnre. ",,7 BHMKIwhv, n.,*r Kinlh <1 ,t WILLIAM". SILK ft J. RECK A CO..JM Broadway, will nOer on Monday ft iaige *t<?k of Kilk* ?t di - nllji reduced |>rtc?*. fWuftoca, OhCM. Bayadere* Plftlda, ?>r<pe* and Foulard*. STT.LLA AM) RARnOKRIlAWlR, A IftTK* and iuat;tiiAeent aaaortment. trow ore*. Many of Ibo etylea are wr* 1y c,?nftnp~1 and are much ntvler nrlea. AR JfOLM, flOMTAIII.K A CO., Pinal itr-'ot, rnr\?? r of Mtpt. LJTRlXfl I APRS AXD EMBROIJERJLft, O Parti oniiara, now atr'.tw: Oafttftiilga ftau, trimmed with ValenrJemoa Una; lufanli' medallion caps; point Uoo aota; \ nlrnrtrnnc* Mita: Kmhroklered baaquea. > wnnrinft trimminfti Emhrwldered ?klrt?, Ljr. kf.Mt 011 3, i.uuu eatnbrie hand*. .TAMKR CHOPSfcf, 181 Broadway. ftpRiRf# hKiRTft ?r iMfRtivRn PATTFRXSkj R arrant* J to It*. AUto, crinoline* embroidered; ?*>rd*d Mar??tl!r* rttml'y; * drrlotb pr**- pJo?h. f AU the ftbore mad* In order for Uoitw and rtill lrrn. I Art tea 1n attendance. fOBMAX A ? <>.. 7i? Broftdtray. QTKLI.A SHAWIS, PTRT.LA RIIAWLR. O ftrocUa bordered etella *h*w|*, Oold bordered wlia ehawla, Ph*n? bordered atalla ahftwlft, FntlreJ* pew Pnrlalan eletla ahnwla. * $ rocka bor^r"'^ th'balin Inf. ?trl*A A^mJSassvtxs:ssS3^1 manufacturer, maktuft la all a Tarielyof iM*" hy a or In Uf Hty, Ml ?? per rricftft, it Ac UMMMTrtftl Hon.* 1 ? ffifflffaimm. I nai ooopg, *c. TUB FUORENCB NIOUTINtiALE WRAPPER, A new and fascinatim; garment FOR PRESENT HBAKON S WEAR, In pearl. mode and ip-ay cloth. Alan in lusatlon r.lo h. An exquisite assortment, At BULlMN'ft, VU Broadway. ' THREAD LACK SHAWIJi AND MANTILLAH With suit without tlouuorts. ' A splendid assortment in new anil rich styles will be offeree' on Mouday, tbe Uth inst., At moderate prices. ARNOLD CONRTABLH A 00., Cnu*l street, corner Mercer. THE NKW SILKS AND OTHKR D It EBB GOODS, Received by the Africa, the most superb ever shown In tbil ' country. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway. Chamber* and Reade streets. UNPARALLELED BAR 11A INS In elt';* A. T. BTBWAKT A CO., Will open on Monday, Aunt II, WA1 pieces of Buu-mer silks, At ia. 00. per yard. , Broadway Chamber* and Rrade streets. " Unequalled stamprd embroidery manufactine.?P. DE PERCEVaL, (Charles liancel, successor), 66? Broadway, N. Y.?Madame Maucel, staler of Madame P"l Perceval, gives ber special attention to all kinds of Preneti embroideries made to order, Initials, scalloping, yokes, Ac., wholesale and retail. \1TM BUCHANAN MACKENZIE VY 1? now prepared to otter ladticrments to ladles In wane A, of mantlilae, st iwentv five per cent lower than ordinary!! price*. Van ill las from t(j to fll'O, In French and hla Own wt> nulucture. WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, , ? United States Cloak and M.inlllla Wore, No*, t.'i and 47 Canal street, Hraudrelb Bustlings. WK1SKKR BROTHERS HAVE REMOVED TO ? YT No. 23 John struct, near Broadway, up stain, Where they will keep Oonstantly on hand ? A large assortment of Ribbons, silks, flowers. Straw laces and trlmndngs. Blonde laces, Ac., Ac., And millinery goods In general. Cheap, from auction aa well as of their own Importation. ^ HiflCELLANEOUS. 7. fMYO ? A COMMISSION HOUBRTWEUTKSTA- I Iluv/.UuU. bit abed, in Chioaf o, ia now ready to reoelvG J all kinds of merchandise on consignment. Bales effected in B the most careful business manner, and prompt returns. For 1 referencss and Informal!) n, apply to J. A r. 3T0UVENKL, 1 glass manufactory, 203 Centre street. New York. I A. tarrh. huMeom. lots of voice, or Inclined u> be roc > sumpUvr, buy BARKER'S tar Ryrtip, which ia the speediest and ilir surest remtu y ever known. Hold at 71 South seventh street, Willium."burs, and at the general agency, Thomaa S? Fuller's, 203 Fulton street, N. V. , A SPECIAL EXPOSITION Or LapiciP ani> Missus' Paris boss era, Of the latest modes, J ust received by late arrivals, n comprising aril the leading styles to be Waned Una mouth to Paris, WTO MTC place On Monpat. Mat 10. 1857, at OENIN'B BAZAAR, 615 Broadway, Bt Nicholas Hotel. Broadway theatre. gahiu.nkil's pattjtt galacivto KLEl'TRIC OAS LIOHTERS. Since the li st dUcut erv of die subtle agent by Thalea, 600 B. C., and Its vnrintts applications by Uilbrrt, Ottoguerick, l*ey den. Franklin, <latvsnl ai.U tbe immortal Volt a. none promised more practical usefulness than 'he above recent and wonder* ful use of its properties. Innumerable burners, chandeliers, Ac., will, as if by maple, at once be ignited, ami the most d*/.rlitigand surtlmg process i winch will also combine eeonomr and safety in all public buildings! will at once bring this pure* It American invent ion into general use. Due notice ef tbo tirat experiment will he given, In honor of which event tbo frant of Ihe theatre will be BRILLIANTLY ILLUMINATED. Nf.w Tore, May b, 1K67. BRICK prewk8 manufactured at no. 188 south Fifth street. Phi Mlelphia. S. p. miller. CSANCER8 REMOVED WITHOUT fiUROIOAL OPERA- , ) tion or Injury to the patient's health; a simple ant eafs remedy, warranted to cure, no charge for oonniltatlon. Call on or address J. 11. UaRRINUKK, 170 Broadway, ream 26, New York. r. ill.KtlAjs n A.nirr ruAVE bieab uunusii j /. No. 16 Amity place ? Work done neatly and with deepatch. Clothea railed for and delivered o> >t day Shirts for mnnufarturcrs done up ut die shortest possible notion, at $1, fl 26 and $i SO per dozen. timers by poat promptly silenced to. /NOWSOIfPTlOK CTTRKP?THR KFMKDY FOR' THT8 V } moat danccrooa of r!l diseases, to which thousand* fall victim* year It. especially In Ihla country, waa a problem. th? Olv ing of which for mauy years baa boon the study*! the greatest tut .Ileal men. The reutcitf hat bean dlsaovered. A well known Herman phys' -tan baa, af'er untiring etftma, sueeeeded in preparing a bloasom extract, which cures radically all pulmonary diseases. (bronchitis. aethma?bat chiefly consumption, even in the most advanced stage. Although bat very recently introduced In this country many uptmpeachablo testimonies will be the beat proofs of the affloacy of this InfalUbio remedy. 0. KOHHWOG, 166 WuosUtr street. New York, V Hole Agent for America Every one htk own olovk cleaner -opok thr i receipt of 11 the advertiser will forward to any add read I ttilldirectlons for making and using a French inodorous pre partition hy which kid glorea of ad colors can be instantly made to look ai rood as new: coat of the pr -uarauon very trfUuiK Hired to Mi .UVKS KKNK'l X, 2b/ Illusion Stl-SOL 4 Gam fixtl'rkm. The cheapest place in New York, At the manufactory, lit) and 121 I'rtaee street. Third block weat of Broadway. JAMES t;. Morrrr. HECKERB FA RINA JELLY?A MOST MRABONARLR and deUcloua article ol food. Is served op dully, with a , rich civ am sauce, at the tanles of the Aster (louse Taylor's Slid other enii-His Is Broadway, and Gould's ?a em, Fulton at. HOT WATER ANlt STEAM APPARATUS EORWARMIng hotels ard other large buildings. greenhouses, grapere a, forcing pits. A' ?A K RETCHINGS t?k- this opportit- . nlty ot returning thanks to hu nutnerous friends for their pst ronage during tbr last Itfeett yrars. tits Ui Inform them that he hss removed from No. Nk East Thirty second street to 2M1 t'anal stivet, between Centre and Eta, where the above bustpea w ill still be carried on. IK DR. UIRiHKS CELEBRATED MEDICINE FOP. arrofula is sold by any sg-tit or person In the city of New T ork, or in any Elsie of tne I moo. they will nonfsr a great favor ou the advertiser by Informing nils where tt oau ho found. Address Subscriber Herald office IfXMvlNO CLASSES AND PICTURE FRAKK8? j J Country trade supplied, No? ;sxs, 34U slid 392 Greenwich strett, toiuerul ln.,cb, New York. HORACK V. S1GI.KR. MRU. KtJdOtT'fl KHflUMAYlO MjMHKt KjaTION?FOR rheumatism. chilblains. lumbago, old sprains, dUloowMosis, bruises, dr., Ac For sals at ins news and periodical depot, u Division street. Mew York, Ml hy Mr*. Uarea. | Brooklyn. _ MW. KING A SON, s Patent chair makers, iiave removed From if.1 Rroadwar, to 4M Broom e street, fH?e door east o# IlruswtwaT. " VIKRCHANTS AND OTHKRH HAVING OOT.T. MOTTO 118 ill to m ike or other ihumw transactions In Western Waten at*! Territories, nr or ihe of the New lurk <>011-01 and i. mat Western ratlnstds, will Bud a competent as< ot abwel to visit Lhe above localities, hv stiiiritasius tl. r . L ititil luusrs I P'<? office. for on' week Rafcretieea aaUafaotory. JJVRE. CERAK AND CHEAP.?IIECR KR'N MAt'UINH bread puurUN 111' above qualities, ami w. would ailtiao I uai key r* to call at >tnjr id the ! >!! ? ?lnd bakertaa, via:? ba Ruler* atrrfi, h'8 atreel, TH MVal hroad war, ?r I.nnrria .street, and n k'a trial rot tta'macleea. 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