Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7658. (VALE OF TOE BOND STREET Sl&DEB. IV Arqntttal of Mr*. rnmiln?h?m unH Nic UUehaigvar Mfi Kf kel o?> bb iwn lUwy lUBM. COURT OP OYKB AMD TIUIIIII. Before Hou. Judge Deviee. to toe Hbuld of yehteruay we imbfehed ever km ootoc ot Futurday 'h proceedings In U?e trie) of Mrs. Oun tagbem for Ibe murder of Or. Harvey Bar dell, row notoHews thronphoot the world; tbel report taeloded the euro tag up of cooudel for the prosecution end defence, Ibe todge'8 charge end e graphic description of ibe xoenee end tocldtenta of the day. We utrw republish Ibe closing soeno it el), from the RsmotHKNT op th? ranr. The Jury retired proeleely el 7 0*010011. All eyeo wore targeted elk r tbom en they defiled bebted Ibe Judged obelr OB their wey to the Jury room. ftCENBH IN OOCRT. to a few minuter there wee eomo flight departure from toe wee ted quiet, atlllnees end order of the Oodri, Thora were effort* on the pert of the led lea 10 get e nearer /lew ?f toe eow celebrated women whose feto wee at ibis mo meat beegleg ao awfully In the bakneo. But she avoided as well aa poaaible, this Ire par finest, tbengb nature) curlaaby. Bee ting her bead upon ber band and looking downward, aihent, end It may be prayerful, tbe daughters persisted in keeping their relte down ao lhat the aorioalty of prying eyes was oot gratiBed. At 5 minutes past 7, before tbe Jnry were well In tholr room, U>? hem and nut went round that ibey bod agreed ? verdiot and were returning iau> Court. Tbto, however, peeved in he a ml*lake. 11 was remarked, aa highly oumpltmeni&ry to tbo Judge The presided over tbn tmporlanl ease, thai tbore wae not stogie exception taken to any ef hie rullngo or to hie Marge by ooonee) on either aide. RETURN OF Till JURY. At twmty Bve mlnotee to 8 o'clock the ban again went mad ibat the jury had agreed and were entering the Mart, h proved to be eorrect thin lime. The Jury entered and took their seats on the bos. All eyee wero torned toward them. A painfully profound stillness reigned Mreogbuul the court. The Clerk (Mr. Henry Tender,, vaort) took his position on the witness chair, to call over Me same* of the Juror* and to pot the usual formal qoosbat to tbem. Before this waa done, however, aa a precaution against A probable man 11 -elation of feeling on the rendtlioa of tbo verdtet, the folding doors between the prinelpal Court and Me Marine Court were drawn together, and tbo Immense mute nee in the latter Ooort thus abul oat from witnessing the Met deeply exciting seenc. TUB TgRDlOT. Mr. Yandervoert (the Clerk)?Gentlemen of the Jury, p toes a to answer to your names. The Jurors answexed to their names In the following der>? L Gilbert Oakley, 7. John Green, & Chan i?e? L. Norton, A George Turnot, A Francis K. Gabagan, A David W. Doughty, A William L lockwood, 10. Fredenek A. Goeta, A Charles F. Boater, 11. John Arabl lakt. ?. Lob* C. Cm, 11 6llberl W. Uamw Mr. indcrToort?6?nl)ra?e of tbo Jory, bar* 71m Ifroad to J nor rrrdletf Ito forenuiD?W? bar*. P?re Urn. Cnnatof ham, fr-opiy atoetod and rnr^h ogltotod, waa cauaod to ataad 09 aaU loak towards lb* JuMR.J Mr. TaBdorroort?Javon, took apod too prtaoarr; prb toar, took opoa tit* jmran. Bow way poo, geaUoman, do poo tad Emma Aafuata Cnaatojham, otborwno oalied JNrilll, golkp ar am guilt;! Pnm aaatfiwiattoaa of appkraa*. ] Mr*. Cunalofbam waa so agitated that abe board act iho warOa that ibo foreman altorod, and Old aot ktxiw what too rordtet waa till ber eaaaool wbtoperod it to bar; then gka oaak back ororpoerrod bp bar foobagt. Mb. TanJorreort? Oentlemea at ibo Jurr, poo aap tbal yoa tod Emma Angaria Cturatogbam, Mborwlito called BardeJI, dm gulkp of Uo anrdor aad laioap of wb.cb aba maadc ladleted ?o tuf poo all! At )oror? aoddad aaaast Mrs. Cnnntoirbam and bar daughter* war* U>en now daatod aul of Court la to eao of tbo Jodgoo chamber*, bad tbcro Ibr romo Urns rooeired tbo aongraiulattooa of too* rrtonds 00 tbo bappp terminal** of tbo praneautioa. Wo aadon-laad tbal tbep roUraod to Ibo QttaJ boooo la aad ttrooL Ibo rordlet ooomod to aflbrd rorp general aattofbeton. Jadgi Pa*lea prtraielp aipreased hinvwif pirated with H Pndge Partoa (lofthe Juror*)?OooOeion of tbo Jurp, paa ar* dfeebArged from further attendance. I regretted 1 to bare to tmp?we ao brarp a taak opoa pott, but I lb1 ak r*a arc all MtaSel that tbo Court d?d tin Jn?> to tbal respect Tfcf Jurors Ibea retired, tscb ihak'o?ban ! w <th and oampilmenticg ibe Judge, sad tbo Judgo reaiprurnling the ssmpftmart wen 4rob ob sera, o* sib oim uoooirnuNc*. Coenrel for Mr Rebel (who tu Is Court during Ui. VMH nmceedlngs)?If year Honor plrv >, oftcr the ren Attwn of the rerillet In th? cose, 1 more Ut? Court lost Mr tsMt be itroborged on bin own reeognlotoce. H would M bh outrageous Injuitler to send bin bark Infr i?">ti to tgbl The learned District Attorney In too good a Judge of b4s duty to tbo commonIty not to be aware that In a 0barge Involving the Urea of two bamon beings, It would Me a great injustice to the community to try the weakest eaoo tret We are bound to prceome, from the istnlBgeeoe whW-b we a%f as sward blm, that be placed the prisoner J sot I berated by the verdict ef the Jurjfin trial, sopparing Mat Mm cone against her woo lbs strong >vt not would determine the sbm ss sgstiud Mr. rhel. The whole of m? pveeeeutkm's theory again* Mr. Ifekal, under which Ms hoe bees indicted and rsstralned of hie hberty for Mm* month*, has boss that Ms, ss the paramour of the giMmir Jest discharged, aided and participated la the si elm of the sssrder. In other words, that he was kted of principal tn the see iad degree, w a all rraais had earn* knowledge whlsh sa^bt reader him smsaibio ss oo nee or y hsfbre the hmt Maw, whale i or hts rain. Sea* ta the ortsm wore, If ho bad aay riMr ? to M at aB, H Is evident that ha did aataeeapy, aader the theory Of She prminaMw dispeaed of by the pros mi rrrdlet, the -i*i - prwp?j la Mm Im lyw, >mi wm prmmrvtolm^ k*m Hnhanii baa Ni ladtoted a Se rote eater la * aaaMa ?T (Ma auto. Tbe paeple. by Msad Jury ar the theory aT ihrtr Oraad jary.havtofiasMtodbavaalkaaatoasarlaiheeassia? af Ma* ertsa, aad havtof MM la aatoMahifcuorlsa agalart bar aa ayHaH|al la the am N to Mia la nil Mai Mr. Makal eaaM hava any ratollen ta the ?ma,eaiwr aa yrtoetyal la Ifea anal fapwaw aeami j Wfora Mr hat I ta art tataad, sales M abaaid baasae utmmrj fcr Iba parpaaa * Movie* hla Meter Me Jaaaci aa watt aa Iba hasaaMy af Mia aaaMaa, la 41 sy by iba Ptosis IMaraay aypaalag M. MaUnNeHta Ma Oaart ibal Ihto aaaa, vbteb baa ba*a aU aieag aapyaaa4 la attraai la N Iba aaae af Mr. Mebei, havla* baaa 4aSdad la tors al the deAwor. aa4 tor pSm* s Ihe tarn ! kavla* reeetrad aa boaaralla llarbinn al iba baa4a aCa |avy aT bar araalrysM anM ba sari laba aa aa vafl aa ssl aabataaw and tod* ?m. m amp* Mr. Makal to raasla b prtaaa?a?4 mm atamaf km Us aay b*l tor hto anisrwa beyaad hla an ball. ami lb* Oaarl aT Oyar ul tbrslaar ba ready b try Um> earn j Mr. Nebal la a ?an * vary W|t 4barar*ar la tolaeas | saaby. a saa IMIa aayabla * merle* lata a 4aa4 aT ?kS kind aa?(f I say aay wlto rspaS Ma I aaar aa tor brarh a saa (arreaadrd by Wab, aas | ska aaaM bava aa S4aaassl S aaSr MS Iba paryaSaMaaaf aaabadaed: a saa aka bad amy Wda la skas ba had ably to apyly Ibv aay asmbl af saaay ba I >??"!; a saa aka la al toe baad of aa amnlva j aad prvapareaa beats**, and aka baa baaa j divwa fnm Ibal burn as ea a lunadbw aklrb km pravad by Ms vsdM 4 aa beam ?ary to ba aaftmsdrd, ma ^Maal Iba prlaolp*. ?dertoaaa Mrnimtosis, I aabsM to tola Omit. em 1 ?k S ar basaaky, M sell to aal ef JMtoetotoe P>*ms.toashe easder toad ami toe Use te which to* Orari adjaarte, toe Gear* erdar Mwptosu to be diemavfad ea bto a*a raaasakasab IdeaelkaevttadtfM Mksm AMaraey will asbe aay m utuii Tke^DWb ui AMeraey waa as dlepawd to MP"" Um LO --TTnSiM ***** *r ?r, atti i?nm to m? mm mumj E NE not 10 preee iUi rnottun 01) ho aheuld have as epporta ?ity of eoosuhmg Ota aaaeetaM a?uul Mr. Mall did not preaa hM lahim. Judge Pot too (to oonaaet?What M ttas amaui aI m Eobol'e property. Couaae) (after a wMapar from hie aiw>) Iri 91 a,000 to 910,0001 anderrtaod. Judge Dotmo- Would 96,aoo ball be adeooaMf The Matrtet Attorney?Ample. Judge Dartee?(Te the Clark.) Take Mr. SokePa reeog Dtaaaee ta 96,000. The recognisance rat taken, and Mr. Bakel <vm die aharged from etwtndy. He left the Court In company will bis counsel, and paved Use night at ihs raskdeaoe M orv of them?that of WilBam R BtalJbrd, ajq.,ln Woet Flf teenih street. Mrs. Cunningham at Wo. 31 Bend Street Yratertlay. (>n ihn AAantnolAII rvf ?K? I.UI (Mloarla. nUht Mea Cunning ham, with ber children, woa convened is a ear riago to I be bonce No. 31 Bond street, thn ocene nt th< uiardor, where eho propones' to retnuln until it a rondHk* of tbe deck ion of tbe Burr "gate touch big bor alleged miti rtage wlib the late Dr. Buret* 1). ThLi ebo can legally ilo a* tbe law rrcogniice her right to remain to the houen ant! nee furniture until eucb time ou the tvllciit.v of the aHoge*. marriage ts j awed upon by the proper ollicere. It being generally known that Mrs. Cunningham, other wine Bnrdell, wan 3top|iing with her family in Bond elreet a targe crowd collected before tbe door yoHtarday morning to, If possible, get a gllmpsn of tho in malt*, but they verj prudently kept out of eight and did not ieare tbo houn< for tbo day. Tbo croud at length became ?- ktrgi noil unrnly as to create some little and word *au e;nt to Captain Ditke, ef tbe ntVetimt ward police, who rery properly detailed iwt policemen, with orders to diancree tbe crowd and no allow any collection of persons in front of Ibe door dnrta; the day. The officers vrere kepi buoy oil) hue in ib( afternoon, telling Iho cnrioae to "pass oil," anlces thej bad business in the bouse. klr*. Burdell was visited yesterday by many of hei friend-j and relative?, to congrntoisto ber upon bor aoquil UJ. It *) reported that Among ber vlsltere were a uum ber of impertinent fellows, who, to gain admittance to bo: presence, pretended to be jy wipathisers wttb ber from thi commence,neut of ibeaegainful proceedliigw, an I wisho< an opportunity to tender their congratulations in perron Tb.s, of course, was only a ruse to ->ee tbo Utly eho ha become so unpleasantly famous by reason of lhi;j murder Today Uie furniture belonging to hm. Burden In thi cell at tbo Tombu will be removed to ber present rwti denoo In Bond street. The Pronerution. to tub xi)itub or the itskald. A day or two previous to tbe opening of ibe Conning bam ease, Judge Cnpron larormed mo that tt was tbe inten ttcn and determlration of tho District AtWruey to oifoct lis acquittal of Mrs. C. and fcctrl. On my 'oserving lhaliiuol a > tatcment required proof, bo aaid lb' . bo did ot d?wir< to give bis reasons for tbo assertion, jot tbal bis know ledge of Hail's conduct bad entirely removed any iuteres be might fool in the progress of the trial. 0. P. Q. The Myitrrlon* Tragedy at iltwburg. Tit* BODY BOT YBT lOBNTtPilll?1TUB JURY NllT YB eKPABariP?AHJOCKNRKNT TO WAIT POM PCHTHXJ IBYOXMATtOB?HUMORS, *rti. Too circumstance!) which surround this ease seem likely tc make It rank wrh tbe Burdcll marder, in its inexpbca btc mysteries. Tbe Osraior 's jury re assembled on He ur day, according to preytous adjournment, but there being no new evidence, tt was unanimously agreed to ad journ until Saturday, tbe HJth Inst, without rendering a Tordtct, which, tn tbe case of any new develops meats, wockl render tbe efforts of tbo Coroner pow erlers, and could simply bo as to the fact of death by violence. litters have been addressed by the Coronet and tbe Town Council to tbo tievemor, sngge-ting tbt I propriety of offering a reward far tbe dtecovery of Up inurdorer, end the postponement of tho verdict in pnrtlj to await the reeult of tbene. The following la a vumniarj of ibo variou.- rumore recording the ident'ty of iJbe body au uw th<\?rte* of the murder. THK CREOLK *W*y. Nora after the appearaneo of Narah Bloom a *tory wai circulated U at an aged Creole lady bad been op fron BrooKijn, aad acier*ed that the reongniaed Iheoorpeo that she ba<l k*t a granddaughter anewering exactly tb< deacrlpttfl* of the dewaeed, who tat jewolrv atmilar tt that which bad been found, I bat ibo feared that she had be?a merJerod by a young man who had been paying bei atteataai, and that i ho could not obtain a rk-w of the body. Bat the fnnrral ilie bad dl acp-arod Tbo atory had got to the ears of the Sheriff, and having no clue to the residence ol the woman be hal prepared dewcrtpuve bilU, and wm actually on hia way to Brooklyn when he m?i the woman in Newborg, ar.d discovered that *he was a craty colored woman, whuiO insane ravings bad farmed tbe baea for thia ntory. TH* TOrNtl l.aPT W'SPINtt rn BWOOKLYN. The c it importaat r\im< r wm that the body waa thai > Vt ? Marwt'UrilanJ, o< BrooV "tii, who formerly worked tn the H.ole llcuac, but had (or ear day* been mating. But open inquiry it appeared that Mi a Clellaud w a mucdi y<'.ng*r,?? that the body could not be hara. 4 B1.4CK TJtl'Mt UTOItY. fttucti evr!tett? U war ooranuuod afb-r the adjotrnmeot of tbe jury, by the dhoovery, on the road running pan Mr. H.. ?y a (arm. roree dtetaoce from the place where the body wa f mad, of a trunk, wnlch rumor raid waa targe enough u> l.avo bold the body, and contained evnta of blood. In addition tn thin, Mr I) T Kned and (ktputln Nichol, redding mar Ute ipot. declared that they ha<l beard a wagon, about three o'ci rk on the tuomlng of the dl tori ry of the body, driving furiously toward* Ne wburg; and Mr Ecu* Hey.joida, another neighbor. biard the wagon drive toward.' b wburg and return in naif an hour, fbeae facte convey ed the I npr wr. ? at.J rru ?d the theory that tbe body war either ar aaalOGSiOal ral> ert which hail become too rn.iob ceoompocog for dUeect.on, and had been brought to the epet lb the trunk; or, that S Bordered, the trunk bad acrvr-l to rooocai the gall! of the murderer; bat vl..e Mor> war quickly dtepelb-.l by tb* discovery Ly the Qsraaor of the tact that the trunk waa only of about the star of an orange bot; that It oonlataed no blood tpcts, and that a Ibitchmnr. reatdtng rvear Marlboro liad left the bouse of kit ?mptcy<ir with h.i cloth**, packed la thia trunk, eat hia back; but tndlng the pared too hca vy, be threw away the trunk, which wm ooanparaLvily worlhhM, nod parked bia i la a InJtdie, no the trunk atory nmcmatwd to ncahlcg a aomnrr rxo a rrwo now* m mrrm. A lady > bonnet wm found Bating down the rtroc cat Monday . below New burr and it wm wuppoawd to belong to nmrt't'i tea*l*. Out n lurva out U U sotoo ladins of rvhkir. ?hJl* oi^ari.n,- ly-u*o, bod ???? arras* CV? baonot, Ord dean. ng It w\rlfi>on, bod throat b lute ite rtrar A wrrr** non a* ntiwwn oonuta. CO W#di>* -lay lh? Oraoar raotrod throufb the hrwt Oter* U.n fob/nruif tetter, pnMtrwV-d Nov York, ob ten nivb) W r |pT e ae exact ropyi? for car* Dax* H * If ym fuHUab ? danartrUna of Uw body of ?ho murdwad 'in' la ?0? rapr?r? of rtttebunr. fa., you will bo iUoJf te find bar Irtoada bo. tea wnrdocor r-i aai.uat and 8* nomubiirr f N?By ror?aa? la iwM, taioh aw if jo* nan. Rr> Torfc. Tb? Onvarr hao rsrvarAed l* totter te l^oaburr for fbMioate*, tell ha? UU> couAdoar* >o I la (euUeoowe. nn??ujto or m? untOKs. IV. K't , at* ivAdo lb t?rtl cunrtetn oxamlaotMi of iim bod/, aibarag to th? cpte.i DM ten winter ?m oommitted iv ar tho npod wbora tho bod/ war fonnd. Ho accounts for the abooaro of mar** of a sVsgfla b/ tho oappuolllos Ibat teo mantes ?cob pmco In a wajrwi or boat, and teat K m tainted lately borne into tea fold. Ivath.b* thinka, Mid act hero b??? canond by teraa Bl or, tiioof r tho marts lofi <-r tho throat wort tsd*athat ss attempt of that kind bad >von stado. Oa tbo ahcuidvo, nook and teco woro ovnv* no momo'caa. with ten ftoob awtw loasdMeninred.sslf prodasod b/ plows of Uw fiat A rsnaiderablnsst was nobrod m the taa'.do of tbo sMOte, srldraU/ orraainRcd by a bat teow, wbv-b fbcoad tbo cboot amLnat th? tenth. Nat a woutd suite uterteat te causa doste wis teundos tea H|rtt nldooftbs brad, noas tho oar, le ter abspo of ae astern# rofVaeturs of Ibo nk*U A larpo <3 jantty of blend bad erldaoUr fowsd from this wtwnd, 00 te* balr was teorau/h!r a a* ad, and tha /rm.rd andrr tea head wan mr <md Vlh a thick noat of rosffilated bland. Tbo stent if this Wow must bar a bars ouch, tcnordl^ te ftr Wy, teat muoh blood could sol bars ftaaad from tea wound nw than a l>w haunt after H was fnt, teausb m Sstanbiy Isotat tes li?gua*t, I'ftd #bl cored out In nmal) qnantifa The blow was ?w"n pi*?w 17 m ww wnnw iw'fi'i m wrtw obeerveri on Ui? frond wh?rr Ui? ottpt woo round, on/ m? or them nfoW of prodoring Um off**. Another theory Mfhel fce rtetiei woe e reotdMit of N<w fork, or erroe ?*?>? irw*ei<*< the Here, beojgbt ooor tho pnt to o hoot.end e/Vw fee murder ond dieprdtmn of Um body ao found, the murderer leTtle the hoot, leering of ooo?oe oo tronon Another feeerr h (hot the gW hod MM Me nMroo of ooroe men e?tr Ntwbero. end bod been reordered to pre rood eooaodloticnnroo ef feo Infehooj, or to nroroqerooo of her bn;*rtaaM?fhr money. (I to otr^wrtT Intuneled (hot to reer o reword tr Mheed by the Governor, Inr-emetine wiU be Pvlhnemtn* lending to (be dSwwrery of the nrerderer, tool on opreiftr dele le reeeUnood for (hie aooebiekio. U the eoee Monde ore, It Ir owe of the mod ineophneMe mjo lew ?d ' JtmtieU rrewrd* (Mted (MnOnn (hreM (Oort. Before nan Judge Nnhon Hit b.-VoVl Urmhm* *0. ?ry-r 4 .Mw** ?do rurrer arrrruJed end defm-lente compelled In ontrwer The obnre aoee It wiU he reenlleeled, lorolreo eererel b'Ufired thnaeond do Here. to on eecount between the nfcinlff end dafendente, en to the nolo of throe otreunere, the pert ruler* <* witloM ?>rfn eireody reported ia the Hfeel* W Y0 MORNlN(r RD1TTON?M TIE AIIIVER8A&IE8. Optiing Sermoua to the Sarricei of th? Week. t ANNIY1R84BY 01* TUB \MERI "4N AND VORhWN CHRISTIAN UNION. &NN1 YKRHAIIY flEKMON. TW mmhI of ibo American ml ! orotgn ifhrwilaa Uwa was delivered to Ibo n? 'Iom -*ro bytertan , ohtuifc earner of ifour'.eonth etroot aui "if ,oni avians . (Baa. Dr. Smith, pastor), by Rev. Dr. ! ornyth, of Newbarg, la*i evening. The audience woo large. After like read tag at Borlptare by Rev. Dr. Smith, prayer we* uttered by Rev. Dr. De Wtti, !>rc*',dout of Dm aaeocla Hub; after a blub Rev. Dr. Ratrcbild, Secretary, staled the tbls was the eighth anniversary uf iho I'mon, and mado ibo follow tag statement at its alms Tho object at this surkely, as expressed la Me oamUtuiloo, la "to promote and edvanee iho principles of Just libera) .end par') Chrletiaol ly wherever a corrupt Christianity obiaiM.0 The held iit ihta eoeioly ooioprebenia ail Use nations ! elytled la Christendom. It )a not dwlgnud to I *o u> the poyon worM, nor to enter communittea whtoh I have I'roiiwtani eot'.ieuci; it a'.mj lo oouvey Ibo yon pel to tlii*. biajivho* el' n>|i*tlauiiy 'Jut have apoHtacised front the ikaith It* rlforlH aie, therefore, Uireotod a< pec tally ni tho ttrrik rhurob, ihu various bruuchoH of tho Oriental i l lunch, Armenian*, Abyrlinaus and others, and 10 that ' tin 1:0 poiiii ii of uie tinrirnun world oouipri-uid In iho W -rtern or Latin sbnrcli; whether tn the EkwU*ru or Weet i oiii empire, U?ry are Ihu iogiiirnaio work of Umroolcty. , Sine* II* organ lie Don iho Hocioly has met great favor, fliey liave rriablirhco iheir uv ntons tn South America, nMJIlf; MIC VNIWW H1.V, IU17 LUkTU IIIIJ VII reilll.'l, tO OW , gi'>m to Swede#, cud to franco, and then distributed tbo , >>li"winjr? of tlo gospel among million-) who have ind ber-toforw recilved It In Ha purl'y. It tt? 1 in* fu bur no to aationw cotuprhdng mUttons. If God in hut t providence ?ball spare os till Tuesday, we hope to meet , our frii-uus and U10 public gene any at tbc Broome stru-1 chinch, at 10 o'clock, where a laL) report of oar ouadrtiou * and prospects will b? submitted, r Itw hj ma beginning "Usrkl the won# of J .ibtioe." war then read by Rev. Mr. Ho<"it<T. or IodtaoA, and pang f by the cbvlr, after which !hr. Forsyte proceeded with bit d irci hi ran. lib* tell wan the lad sentence of Luke 'JA?10: - lb ginning at Jmalm." Ho referred to the preaching nf ihe ew-pe) by CbrWt and bki A poutius In Jerusalem. and r sal*! teat there wero certain prln.iploH .oderlykn; j the teat which bo feared tho Christian world did , do! sulkleMty consider. 'You know," paid be, "that over tbe land over wbor.o acres v alked ibono bleesed feet which eight en Hundred )W ago, ' for our advantage?the feel Do.lel to tho hitter cros?I way tbore aoree aro covered hy darkness hard'y loan dc*<p ilian that dkripatcri hv tho it-dag of tho first sou of righteouwtiera. Tbe chief weat i, net, I might say the only weals of a living spiritual ehrUtlanltv, aro a cluster of island* which, in tho infancy of cb*t?tlanliy, were occu pled by harharmu.', h it new cone ttute the mightiest empire in tbe world; an J Ben in tbe new work], whH'b was not discovered until n*:ar flfte n hundred roars after Christ, and was then occupied by barbarians. The phenomenon is eilraoruinary?Kuropo 1h ntiminally christian, ? yet In her very bosom she haw a religion scarcely, If any. ' better than the b?jaVh?MV Prni^rv thA ntwtlinr a* oo better than Paganism; but ae it id luminal | chruoanity, th-me countries which arc paptrl bo b< tiev fd to be the Jerusalem In which preach mg of the gospel should begin. Empfaatica'ly, It may beaald, bore Sana 's seat to?it la the maeterpieco of bis JevkH* The field be regarded aa rery difficult, owiDg to the specious professions and ingenious organist t Hon of ibe Hom..jb church; but the Christian's triumph will be propoi Honed to the obstacles which be overoorooe. The dust of martyrs sleeps In Italy, 'a France, in Austria? the lands they died to save, but which could not appreciate them. The Hlldebrande, lb? fiuleee the Bourbons, who slew them, hare long since gone to their own place; but Rome, though crippled,still poeeeeses n wonderful vitality. Claiming, as the toes, to be the vicegerent of Q.*a en. she consistently claims the whole earth; no that the whole work) le interested In her destiny. The reverend gentleman considered the subject at length, and ooocloded by saying that the fioc.ety was not in its character. I ANNUAL BERN ON OP THE NEW YORK , HIBI.E BOCIETY. , Tlie annual serin in of the New Yorft Bible Society was f d?H . ered last at the Presbyterian church (Rev. r lb. Alexander's), corner of Fifth avenue and Nineteenth , street. A large attendance of the congregation and supporters of the Society took place. After the performs? ? of a volnnUry the services were opened by the Rev. Isaac I Ferris, 0. D., wbo offered up a prayer to the Almighty for , the prosperity of the Society. The bith hy mn wan then chaunted. , Rev. M. L. P. Thompiue, D. D., of BuffiJo, V. Y., ao > cording to announcement, proceeded to deliver the annual \ sermon on behalf of the Society. He took aa hie text the 10th. 'JOth and 2)?t of SI. Matthew: "Then came tbe die" I clplee to Jeeoa apart, and said, why could not wo cast hitn 1 out f And Jeeue said unto them, because of your unbelief, for verily I aay unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard need, ye shall My unto this mountain, remove 1 bcnce to yonder place, and It shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Howbeit, thUi kind goeth not out but by prayer and tasting." The reverend gentleman -aid, the mustard seed, although ao small, produce*1 a large tree and like fkith. expanded mightily The doctrine of faith seemo to partake of delusion and fauati -v :n, but when search1*! Into we find that it requires evidence I and *att-factary jrrooV. There must be naUxfactory proof to a man'* nul l that there is a Saviour before be can believe in bim. He would allude to miracles and give illustrations of tbe oecossity of faith; tbe fkith to perform m.rarlen Uku tboee performed by Jeeus Chrlrf, is not, hqggr-vcr, attainable by man. At all events. It is evideut 1 that tied doer net intend he should have the power to per form Uu'tn Yet some have protended to work mlraoieo 1 I'ke those of flirlat. Either Uiey |?M lice. were crass. or deceived. A man may In this age really believe that he has the power to raise the dead, and that be Is omul B it although t;jui cannot perform inch miracle* be 'an retime mountain*. Let the word be i;?ok<n and Chtrn b- razl* could be take* up and thrown' eoa. WLu etould binder aome great mind bfing in?ptr*d w1tb the faith of I In remoral. Tt eould bo doiie. If mas erected ibe pyramid* be could msoee, an 1 rererai kliustratlooa rwbt be (tire n of the power of fa Ui Is thin wire, It W nooeeearp to prwreea It to acquire awlm minx. Ibe poor drunkard oolr lark* faith to enable him to cart off the mo net or eviL If be thought that be oould re onprrale blmeelf and become a reepeatable member of rorrty and bod fkttb la that would be sot map mataniane ouelj aruDder the cord* wblob bind blm to the demon. The reaper in the field cannot reap without faith but with H he will be an etroa* a* a giant. All the tlmjie acta of life are performed bp Thith Ootambus,by poneeraiag the Inralunble gem, dlaiorered America wbl> the earan' of Karnpo laughed at bin pro porlurice, yit he oteercd rigbt aeroen the onean and hie food atieyftaticnr were realised. Bo with Hannibal: with oat It be could oct bare poured bla Oartfiageslaaa into Rome ec escuawftiily Bnoejwrle hellerod to faith, which rendered b m aim.oat tcrtnctble; and H enabled the children of Iwae) to paaa thtrugti tba ted Haa, the wall* of Jertebc to be levelled, the m ihty men of old to atop the moutha of boon, put out file and tun to tight arm lea And ao with mtrmdea?there war faith aned in perform, eg them. I other might hare bet s anbeUortng, for 4 war more than the moremant of mountalna that be aonom pUahed He triumphed la hie mightr uaderiaking by the etmpte eocegy of bla fhlth. ML Paul Ad not deuM that he could do all. There la do doubt that ftuth In tied wtU beep down deribt. Hare therefore fbith la tied, doubt set t> orwer. end aueoem mart follow. He regarded the (few Vet M ale Hoc let/ as a band of Chriatlara Joined trgmher to do anmrthlng for Ond, and he weuld exhort them and hi* bearers to hare atreng faith tn tied, and In tketr power to dimi fain ate the (roe pel and apread it through the mean* ef their Moruety all orar the world Let not the murder*', thief, or ?rtl deer he without hie Bible, or nap tblp easing en the boaom of the ocean. The word of Ucd had not been punched ae Chrlat exhorted hie diatdpiee to do. and fit repaired faith in the undertaking now to arcompCeh IL But there wo no erldeoae that Mr Oiurrh wm ready for neb an ooalawhl upoo the readme or darknea* and rp1.ritual ignorance. It would he oppcoed to all the analogic* of the paal end rf the pre tent to hope for enoh a remroiaBtai After a crw ft other remarha Ibe rrnmad gnaUaraon etaaed A coilecUeo wne then takes ap. AMERICA* SOME MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The ananm eermoo In behalf cf the Amerleaa Home MMIooorp ftortrtr ww prearb'd bp the Her PUiaa M HL.rtWTUBL D D.. HriMdent of the lUino# Ukl*w. Ve W.? MadLwa a^uai* Prpahyianaa ntuimli, fto# ?t Dr. ittint'), parser lOUd^m amu;* and Tvmty-fourth MmM. tart arming, to m.mrayi and high.y ppwi^toMp auditorjr Aftor toe urual preuwinar) dornuoaal ?ton-laor, 0* rf rip rod (anUrmaa nald hip tost wohkl bp food to Ma torw, loth abaptar, Mb ud ?to remap.?<" 1*jppt twairo Janus reel forth, i>4 rMiMntBil?4 torn, aaytof. to oo* Into the ?v of top GaoLlrr, and toto any 017 of to* fta?rttaaf mur jre Ml; bat go ratopr 10 U* lort toae? cf Ite bo??* of torML" If h? mtotook ?nt lb* parba. r**iW (f top irme nrtoa greatly ndrapprebfcutod tooto wordr, hod umbo twn fbrt tfni?1)ill nhorhprl to too eenNroettt rvj-pmp-d to bo ftfp?id to top? Mm; parmaa peril*-d to coop'dfp top jawvto dtopoitaatloc m oonptoc* tadlurp. But top "bjert ef lut nt economy vae to quai.f} p*r?ie to rocr't* top prmaupp.1 Mcana!) to male Umib ajqrertato toe foil oa*? of top dlrtae pftttoltob, and to ooopt'bilp iho Jew* wlkptflepfipp to pubLto hi- ?-) Udlngt to top nation*, and found top Ohridiao chimb In many Undr ft dootn?d Itopir to rpeedy (tontrnPtion beoaiipe h emoiflad to* ftaeioor, bill toppp were tomwandp among them who wsm prepared to appreciate top .iartotoea of top Ron of ?Jv>d. whiw> top Orppjan philosopher* mocked, and aeked, ' Wliat toll toip bahhW pay jpwp wptp ton fin* atir*iooarie* and Jenipalem bpraarp Ih u rery opoitp and rWa-M of the Chrlptian rpltrtoo. ?>m that pHJ JewV-h m?a ranked top jflppp) la tot Viph rater and to to* r*?>hp of toe M at and 2 * J i RK E ONDAY, MAY 11, 1857. tbe U??be. Th<?o men JM, lite nintfto jenereUne, All ibe Nat Roman empire witbtxrtaiiaii teaching* am. Okrtoliea etowebee. There man t*> Jowtwh aaoiueiesMM tbe lot. T1m speaker romarKeil thai there arare Mf?al anakftes between the in whi .ti the Chrestee rel gb*> was tret nropegatwi *n tbo world, ami that in *hM we Meed,and were fuU of mter.iet b<>th to the nblie'snbsr and UmCbrVUto. Thaiagu mual he rvgarrind an toionorf wUu great tragical sigtiiAcaiiey, Tor general axpeoMMhSl ha I been awakened by the projiheHlea thai fee M?rtah waa about to appear and mtahl^b hie kingdom am?g awn. la our age the propbetlee of Uuu mtm auut?I book have awakened a like general exp<?itetl<iii that the ampal of Jo 8U? Cbrkrt to to overt" ap the buomlvte* wbtob have kmg coanued It. Id that age there waa a Providential praparattoD of Um wwld for the phtutlus and wide dl-Memination of the gospel Id ifae world. In our ag? there waa an equally Pruvld?ttal preparation, lb? work of many ages, lor Uie fulfillment nf tho prophesy and tho giving of Uio got-pel to every nation, kindred and tongue In that age there waa ono people, rebel) 10 ? and ?UIT necked, yet Uaiued by ages of l>rovldentlal discipline to be tbe mm nonpars of Christ to ibe mllUouti of tbe Rom ui empire and furnished witb factllLlos for prosecuting tbe work assigned lbom. In our age there wm i people no lean dirilnotly marked than the agee prepared by a I'rovldon tlal trait-1t>g (tbe lligrim Rubers) no leee pecbhar fbr achieving tbie work of Christian proper raico, Indicated alike by tbe index Anger of prophecy and proral-ie. As God did in tbe early ages of the worl I oummlt tbe prbj*t ga'hn of Cbrietiamly to Jewish bands, to is Ihii ago of uplyereal Christian pur pone He baib per absently oommitted it In tbe people wbieb be p lab ted Id'tbe American ' wilder b< rt. Tbe revel end gentleman observed thai be would ?ly present one view of the subjoct, vrbioh was appropriate to tho occasion which had called them

together. Wbul, he asked, was tho function of the Amcri imu rwin;r n IU IUIIWW fcuu niiif'rw&u 'Jiii^ruu-. IU *11 hk> migrations, and to plant the permanent limitations of the Chitetian laltb wherever he built hie cabin, in the forott or on the prattle. Rellcpoun instruction muut keep junto with the emigration of the emigrant, ami amol) preparation for rsltgloue culture m i tt be made coexteri-l vo with the tiller of tbo solL With Aowrleau emigration hah the Homo Missionary Hoelety to do. It wae through emi jtration that the AmetVcan people would oxert ita mvxt powriful Influence ,ap"n the mllgiooa <1?nth)ioH of the world. The speaker then argnod at groat length, and demon.-trated hy siatimkcs, Una Eugttib Puritan pr'.n clpieti were deetinod to spread onmmeosurate with tho gtov.lhof the Amor toon continent The greatest dancer of our country waa that vast regions of our vi'gtn soil mm enjoying nature1* freedom will be overrun by that dark aynt* IP of slawrv which m reeognlied In Uftaon Ptttra ol our Union. If that port loo of our republic ever bore their part in fulfilling our religious destiny, it will be after a deluge of free white imputation shall have overflawed them. America wait open to the growth of a free religious people, and the function uf the society whose claims be waa advocating waa to obeer and encourage the Anglo American people and to plant the obnreb of Uod in there primeval solitudes. There were no barriers to pre vent tbo Intelligent and civtHied working classes from nnd. Ing a b?me iu the West. In the opinion of the reverend gentleman the time waa near at band when every fool of our national domain will he wanted for the free laborer, and slave labor could nut long hold out against such competition. There were unmtaiakeable eigne that freedom waa dawning on the plains of Missouri. He did not allude exclusively to recent political events, but referred more especially to that amazing relative increase of our free population resulting from causes to deep tad permanent and to entirely providential that our politicians have little power, either to aocclvnste or retard them. Nor "an slavery long protect Itself from destruction bv the incvi table inroad* of free iabnr all along our Northern border. Virginia, glorious old Virginia, will again be free and extend, a* erf' old, her unshackled hand to her brathern. The congregation were diamiered with the benediction. AMERICAN FEMALE GUARDIAN 80CIEIT. TWENTY-THIRD ANNIVERSARY, The third anniversary of the American yv-nnlo Guardian Society and Home for Friendless waa held at the CAIvary Baptist church, In Twenty.third street, last evening. There was a large and appreciative audience in attendance. One hundred and flf y little g.rle, all neatly dressed in whito, from the school of tho JKemai? Guardian Society, occupied the front pews in the centre of tho church. They interspersed the exercieee of the evening by staging, and their efforts in that line were very sue cessful an<t praiseworthy. Fifty children, buys and girls, from the Home of the Fri-ndless, occupied tho seats next to them. Tho introductory exorOea consisted of sinking and prayer, as usual on such occasions. Seme singing by the Herman children of the Home for Friend lew was very good. Jum before the nerua*, a hymn, wthob had been com lioeod for the oeoask?, was sung We give the last two I verges of It, as they are very beautiful and appropriate VI uh' occasion Unoo the children of want, Helpless victims of sorrow, Must bear the viie taunt And the pauper's name borrow. No "Bonn" for the Friendieee" Spread lie wing to receive them, Nor homes tooe and child lees Gould be found to relieve them. For U?e change that Is wrought, All abroad through the ostein, Where the children are taught That a door of salvation Is opening for all. We would thank the Great Giver, Ail His mercies recall, And would pndee him forever, twrti. nmsv An abetract of the annual report of the Amei* vm Female Guardian Society was then read as follows:? The receipts of the American Female Guardian Snefrty during tho year ending Jan. 1,1M7, were 130,*t>3 A3. I>ml ursemeuu, including payment* on Hdmo Chapel, gt.'i,83B ?3 The report alludsn briefly te the work of the Society, its ereral aim* and agencies, and dtrella at eome length upon It* prim* object, which U to dlffua# a pnrtfi IM, *W1 M healthful moral Influence, ana to raiee multitude* of oh,Id rrn and young female* from an abject condition of want and wretrhedneoe to the light and knowledge, the peace, comfort and security of a Chrirtian home The Manager* exprea their thank* for the aid of their numerous natron*, alfo to rar'oiw helper* in tho good work; to their Hoard of Ooun-<elir>ni, Hod ling Committee, lend ndvHer, amtltoni, phv-triun to tho Home, Missionary <\>mmlUec, am) especially to the several individuals In the la'? Mew York f-jgi>l*t'ire, whose lnflu"ii>o wa given In belialf of tho apprcprlatloa made for (he erection of the Home Ouipul. pmumuM oartimiwrr. An arerage of 79,000 coplne of thr Ad.eviit arvt floor. tonn hare been l?-nied wrai monthly; or, 709,000 folio paree; 6.000 rx<pv* of Annual Report*. 1,000 cop en of Hume Hong Hook, and 1,000 nopie* of The lUrwoad*. Pree-nt turn* of thi Jtovcafr, arm. monthly, 2ft,600. The liOBiher of be ilnem letter* reg'.drred reoclred through Una d^-partm-nt. 4.200. leUorv written, 2,100. The n'lmterof orw ebscrlbere received since report, I ,W)0. The number of tract*, paper*, 4c , distributed griUuitcudy the pa* year, amount to 600,000 pagea. N ?K af lire m-inhers received,?&>. Wbote namHer ( life member*, 2, *7 own K>* ran rxnm :jm*. Tt.r work of the Home ban t>eea prosecuted *oor*?fWy a, iwet year, He agerc-ex nod mean* of asefuliywo being lac.***" c.rough vartoc.i channel". A new building hei bc?n erected nprw the He me premUoa, at an outlay of (jvbk $H0j0U0, which 1* now nearly completed Thi* build tog obtain* a one-.enlact chapel, nursery, gt mnaftrim, and pur-'dsbing ram*, adapted to the teoeevuca of the in UtoOon. 110,000 hare been giren by U?" legislature u/warde >m erectio?. Meet of the mmm ha bote raised by kwa and private chanty The sUtiaheu of th> InrtiUitioc art a* fuJowi ?. Hvmber of children provided tor is the Home, from I May 9, 1Mb, Ic May 1, IK' T DM Removed by adopt**-. aod otherwise ?14 Herjurung May 1, 1MT K ' Aduhr adirdUcl 164 Adult* rupp' ed w-Hh the oharttT of *w*" VAH Children aided through Heme Industrial -rhool ... J00 1 Who* number of children received at the Home *(?- the tnwUUrtiec wa* opened, including r< admiwdotw 2,214 Who* number of adult* recei--?4. 6,019 j Total. 77^363 ' Thr application tor children to adopt are incmuDg, 1 u.j uww-ew ilx< in awrwi iMi m uui iNifpnn An apart ar Dm gmny, who baa trarrraed aa aygre paie cf 7,000 DUaa durlay |**t raar, U> tc eUn# and rtetuny ewer aoo hanta children, and dad! if trrtrr parent* and juardAM for otbara, raporto the ehitdran yaoeral!/ ?*U rami for, aad the pr apart foad fbr (?n > ditty for an IndeflaRe o imbar on the pralriaa of tha (real * art and iter where Other* pre nailar tartimeny TV Lumbar of ablklran heard ftm, the part year la Tia The teacher* of tha Heat Arhooi rofnrt 171 rhid-aa aa baring hem In attendance durfay the > ?*r. the taanbere of the Rotae Indoelrv ffchaol, WO?nearly all of who? hare hero (iHa fWaa the moat daatttote aad npoM rlaarm of cnandtcaade. Their marked Improvement bar been matter of oarr<rter aad oncccr^femeot. The Rorue fhiHrrr'a Mfcrtmtary and YMtthg CnraralUe. report haviay and* name t/WO calle aod vittta, chief r aax*>* the pw* and eaflrrlt*, the widowed and deertaie, amour whom hae been dleburned nearly OfiOO yanm-otr, 4Mt yuilla and centre hae, aad arer WOO In nvmey. pvm la email raaae, In rat-eve Um*c (bund mot wortay and Auilitarloe and ntcade trooyh the country at larra hare eablbiWd uadiftuaUltt<d iatereat, aal the ear ed eaBof the work Indieate flat prayer if betay ocnhmially and aaawered to lie brUalf, aad aleo that tho premier Is betm- verified, > Bo ohali km the heatfa of the Prthern to Iheoilldren." The arrmoc war d*tlrerad by the Rer |> Ab-ahaan P Othrtto Ula teat waa taken from tho t?th (halm, flth rwa?-"flod at Beth tha eohtarylarubUIw." Be coot tarrtord the dlrourw by rvferrlay to the yrea? and fodleioud erteh deaiynad by tha Society la tairtay tip uufortunote aad draeitad nhUdran, children from ricicma yoariVjum md pareati, tlrtny than eotafortabie, happy firmer, apprrprtato adnoatlon aad ilaally dietrl^uUuy three anvtve. or yrtttrw tbam adopted by, worthy hmll?re. Yc?i take them. aatd he, from the dene < 4 fortuity?from the p'ttrr* c* fl JO?fnm the Mttaa of debaaemettt, vurt and vfoe. and lolrodaan three rfclMrm f eorrow to the eo-trty of Joy?thee# Ind.rlduae ef neper* to three who rare for them?theae arrtltarW or nimpau -ite of rtaa to Uie anrtrty W the gaod and pure. IV Her. rvrtor then divided hie dlenwraa Into th? followtoy heal' ?fin*. That Mod L? th* author of the family relation ttreortd. Thai th* family l? deatrayod by eln, and inuet ha restored. Tt.-rd. By wttat rneaae II eaa he reeu-red The i mctw went late a learned aod appropriate d'.reoe *t.ia ripen theee heade, wbirjt wae hrtaail to with cvttaat pHwuro by Urn ao limae. ? ? * [ERA UNION THEOLOGICAL BEUIPURY. annivehhant diiwodmmb. The prekmtaary i?tvIcmu<1 mMdm customary at the anniversary of thie lmttlluiioo took piaoe last owning At the Meroer street Preebyterlan obaroh. Prof. Hinltb opened the services wHb prayer, touching opoo the rwurreooe of the objects which called the assemblage together. Prof. Taylor Levis, of OsSsa College, <lelivered the AdJrees of the ooOBttlak He itald be was Invited to address the Theological rioclety af Union Cbllege, but erouM not Invade tbe sacred office <4 a preacher hy the choice of 3 tut; but whilst ho referred to a sentence of the ?bie by way of tntroUiioiMiii, he in Heated bin theme ah ?n espmlOon of tbe iket, bow hute wo know Dim be elaborated by defining the llwiw or human speculation and ItM relauon to the real and wwitlve oaturo of revealed knowledge Be look Uie five queeiionH, Who are we? Where are are we? Why are we? Whence came w?? aud whither are we going??and confronting them with theupecnlattoiM and Investigations of science on tb? me hun t, and netting th?ro by tlio answer* of revolaiion on the whim, tw I eliminated tbo relations of both theite aonr um of human wit dom, and forcefully illustrated bis topic of the inevitable limitation of human knowledge. The eaerclHe.t and other ceremonies of the graduating cltnttj will take place at this church today. WASHINGTON INSTITUTE FOB COLORED GIRLS. The Rev. Dr. Che ever tlellvoredadtesoarao lart evening | in tlie Church of tho Puritans on bebalf of tbo Educational , Institute at Washington ,'br colored girls, fhe doctor's well known proclivities, added to his iato onslaughts on tbo Supremo Court of ino United States, vis.bly afl'ect his uudien.vs. last evening his c-horob was tilled with a congregation in wbicb the ma i ok pr> lomlnnlod, tnd those males evidently of tbo wuil to Co, tb.niuug portion ot tbo community. I?r. Cbeevor 'tad born announced to treat tbo subject of I "Ibe Rights of tbo African itaro in this Country toCUItenehlp and Protection," and took the following paetugo* for U>o teat ot bis discourse:? Lrvitieu*. chap. 19, 33rd and 34th v.?And If a stronger sojourn ? itb tbco in your iand, ye i-hnil not vex birn. Dut the stranger mat Jwelleth with you shall bo unto pon as one born among you, and thou . halt lure him at myself. L .iiuut, chap. 24, 22 7 ?Ye shall hwe one rewmorof law, as well fos tho stringer at for ono of your own country. for I am tho lord your God. ^4cte, chap. 17, 2# v.?And bath made of one blood all nations of men fur to dwell on all tb) fo o of the earth, and bath determined tho times before appointed and the bounds of their babilution. Tbo doctor commenced with a few "ntroduetory observations in reference to tbo human race being classified as to tbelr immortality. Ho tbun aimed a very prop, r blow at the foreign missionary infatuation, sut ing that tbo Almighty will never accept our benevolence to those abr-isd wh-n we arc forgetful of the requirements at home, and particularly wheu we are ignoring the claims of tho millions of slaves in this oouitry. Within Ave minutes ol opening his dlsonur<e, be bad grappled with the Supreme Court of the United Stales rtfi (hit lalfi Drofl tl (lAriHUtn Rv that riitirt ft fk"h) <?V1 of human beingH to this country?duublo tbo population at tbo period of the JftecUmtloD of Independence?w?ro " publicly and branded." and " morally assassinated." What doe# God, what does Christianity demand for them? Bcraupe they are unfortunate, wo must exert more than ordinary benevolence towards them,and seeing bow they are embrutod, wo are forced by God and hU go?P' 1 to endeavur to raise tbctn to our own level. Colored men are not allowod to light our street lam pi, to ride In our cars,or to cugago In many employments which the whites follow, anJ God has doubtless suffered " this monstrous national Impl'ty of the Huprems Court" In order to awaken us to a sense of the wickedn-jtss which ban been tolerated amongst ua so long. Ho then cited the opinion of Jud.;? Story, that the H ipreme Court is a court of equity, and Dot of law; aa such, It is bound to succor the oppressed. But became they have been impised opt"1 and tyrannised over in all ages, iberefwc that court " jierpet'jates the infamy." On the very ground that they are miserable and In need of help therefore It Is denied 10 them. " Never was a judgment more hare of all pretence of equity." It Is " a pure, otid sheer, and wanton injoi-t'ce." The son of alrenwhlte man ki no more free by the constitution than the son of a slave. " Th son of fclward Fver-tt is no more free by the cor.-UUiilon of tbo Cn!t"d sta eo Giant h son of Antony Burns." Go .-eminent has no authority whatever from God, ante s it bo a ministry fbr good, and not for evil; and It Is hound to provl-te the means and motive for obedience. Rules are not sent by ?tod, unl-w ; thry be nunlitem of good, and oily th-n must yon pay wbed?snnc to the a, and tho Alni'ghty requires the submission of men to himself, as well tut to rulers as free men, not as slaves. Tho colored race in America is " chaU-dizcd by society for Its sternal drudge, and brought up for the market as bird s fur Strasburg." The.r man,feet inferiority is enforced by law and crrtom: tbey arc dtvesw of their attributes a.- men, in order that It may be claimed that they do not peeress tie" e attributes, and yet are allowed to retain sufficient intelligence to dsrUnguirfli thorn from brutee, so as to make them more valuable tlian bruten. They arc prevented obeying tbo law of God which commands wives to obey their husbands and husbands to churt'b their wives, and iMcesidtaiee the obedience of chlldreu to their parents "They are quarantined from tbo rest of tho usttou' by the law of tho Supreme Court, and whatever man docs not oppose such iniquity bocormw an accomplice in the outrage." This law enthrone" vleo in tho place of virtue, and despotism in the seat it liberty." The sscroducrs iA the family relation Is before all goveminent, therefore every government which dethrones 'ho family r< iai.oti opposes the ordinances of God. The MMe aevsr gave at y ike a-'th -rdy to ||M Jsst Sflf ih.ur slaves, and if tho pronlav?'ry part/ nwb to prove any rxeiutonoiice from the S:r,ptur-e, they must Qrrt produce ' the exact counterpart of this devilish law"of the .w promo ( Court frotu Holy Writ. The speaker then recited the iUuxas entitled "The FUve Mother" w'th great affect, and after making a comparison betwe-n England and tho United States in reference to slavery, bo ootid led by drwcilblng the ohj*cts of tho Colored Institute at W.ish n,; Ion. A coUsctiwo was then madu for tho ohy-ou of the anttivwwary. "I*?n May kniilrrnwrti >, Movruv, May 11. AH?u<ia.S At'WW'-t Fiuks'ii Axwri - -Aniilvm any in ttie Fourteenth street Presb^tartan church; evenii, ?. l?mow Tsnoijisis U Hnrmtt.? Ahhivertsry in the Mercer street church; evening. Nxw yor.g Yopsmj Mkv's QHBBIU A.--ax.-itiois?The flflti snuuud lD'sititi,' will be hold at the Cnl-.ary Baptist church, Twenty tliird rtroet, between Fifth and t-nxlii ev evening. Army IntrUlgrnre. HlUIX/l AlTrtDV! WV m AUt, I New York, May 7, IAJ7. / i?tn*i Groom, No. 1. The Geneinl la Chief, with the approbation of Iho War Department, directs that lort Gibson bo abandoned wlllioui niineoessarv deiav. The VJ^rV mjuiWx iMpartneat mil UA<- charge o4 Ltn pollic prepertv, and r<ich dUparitftu wiU be mad" of the aupplicw of) hand. not for the tronpn ID movntBaot. tut ma/ V diracmd by tha raapactire chief* of tho dapartmoot* of rnippJy. Kbo-i-l It b? deatned oaoe*<r*ry to laara lamps rnrily ni*U guard at the poet, tho oommatkilaf of fort Hmltb will <b Uch <tiob a guard, on lit" appJnatioa of tha ^uartanaautT tn nharire of the property. 2. Of U>a four ronpatiiar of the Tib inlhntrr now on tha Arkaa?ai', two will ooaaUtuf tha gnrreuo of fort Kn.lh, un< will lak? |>?t at fort Waahlta, and tha fourth at Fort Ariiorkla Tha .laaigtiaUoc of tha wtU bo mada by the affiwr id command of the rt gtmrnt. The lime, manner and rottta of the movement mil be aieu preecr?b?d b/ that ofhoer. (I. Tbe Krad'jna.'lt-ta if tha TUi infantry w;U be arta huahad at Fort Smith Tha junior tu*jcr will lake prwt at Fort Waehila. 4. The headquartera and band of tha lid artillery win be tranelbrrad to Tort Mm.rue, and U.. aeator rua) c of the ro/lmaat wtu take ;?*d aroordtnfly. The /urnor bajot trill uk- poet at Ton Ham.Hoc. t Orrapar.ia* B and Dcf the 94 artillery, now Id New Met,on, will be broken up. Tha aau'tad meo, and rr.h >ur ecxmatotlooed oAw> ? can be tranferrod without torn of rank, will he tBroad orar to oorepaalae of othar ertnr lo the Territory, under the direct**! of the depart ruretl eatoxnaadar Tha officer", and rjck ooa oowunta ?.ooad officer* a- the totnrany oom&andar may rerreeect d eeoeraary or tbwlrahle t bring with thaw,, will he ordered to report to the Super to undent of the Oeoeral Ke irutlM Srrrlce at bat Uofutnbua, N. V. A. The officer it FYrt learenwerth will detail ewch an racort of bed troopr- aa may appear aultahle iml eflHent to a^impanr Ui? wort .a* party which, under UnXenartr T Bryan, T'poprvhtea, Jn*lm?are. tr charg ><d with making a road frwu Fort fbiey to Bridget** I MM T. Buck rwrnltplmji a may heraalepod nacvtwary by Uu n.oTomaotr her-.n trlared. w ll be made hy tha iffiecrr rba/g-d Willi thalr ajr.-cehoo upon the propar DflMff ?< lh>- etad department* n? tha ?pot By cnmmaftd of Brran leaetanant Geecral Rerffi. I TH'HtMH. A? . tent AdHitant Uenerah rv*D|*tie* F and l>, *>1 artUlary. (Japtainv lueey und Pr?U, now MaLccd at Fort flatntlirm. are to proceed and lake pod, th? fhtncr at rort Ontario, H. t., tha tatter at Fort btark.oar, Hirhfaif T*>: Ritmr to ?iti Bail nrnoi rtr* Ltrtrwa Lew ?A man aw arrerfed >d Ryrwrneefbr drtinkeaaaM; war kept lo the watch Itw during Uic Debt, aad tha vet rrornm* arraerwad t* f ni the Juatlca. II- refWaad tn M> trt?^ by tfcc Kbon .'upti.ns u 1 r jaimeri the rtybt to f re fell for Lis appearance at Oouaty Oeirt. The claim waa , efaecl by thrVaaUoe, and the prlmier employ*) oo? 1 rl, who applied for a wr-.t of babeaa oorpaa, wfcioh m wiK?l by Judge Pratt, and eryv*d boforC him oo Pttor!?\ afternoon, and the Jodye decided that pevtoaa ifa. erted for dnink?cae? under the few Wmm taw tfeftife i? hi ft ftre t?atl ft nynr at County Pearl. \ Are reft Gtn. Wtun t* rmuKsmnrrh^ . t-.ji ' at a Imwrr.-dt meeting >u called to aa- J rtAbic at U?< Omnvy Court Bouee Uet ereoimr, bw the | airpme of <V rtiAny way* and maaz* to furuiah ''material , Id'' to (lee toolbar and ha command la Nlear^ua f bhno (he tneet'if war a> Ite fullcat, tho peracua peaecol. ni-nling reporuae and all, did not e*eee<l a hehW" do m en, ami arm*- of Uvm ware only attracted ft the epr? hy ?< ur. ftty. A llr MrBrlde, *?ho rendered b m?elf eom?* u rtutt rmri'o-iione hy Me free uee ? bad Knftieh. and/-" * it"U*y ctpmaeed opto',on that tt ww? rldftnJosa ft auaw p. h ^laftMhaitemtoetarrn, irae ?na'ly oallcd oib' f, ihair. H>?> chairman made aundry uk*.<** ft}1' "'frV'j; r hem lumeelf, arvl dertor-d ftlny" r di^v prored them an In hie own peeww. aad uiwmrcet to tether again la maaa *? ** "* w> narrow ifhv - rwJS** *5**, *?r * e; L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. MTEftEgTLlfl CMUVMKIICL Steam Communication between Virginia and Ham. LETTER FROM GOV. WI8E. Why New York U the Seaport of the UnionVirginia a Plantation State-The Eflhet H Guano?What Virginia ia Going to Do? None but Virginian* to Catch Virginian Oyatere?Gov. Wia* Invitee the Trench to Come On. OOBBMPONDENCm Rioiiimwd, Vi, Nov. 7,lt?6?, To Dm Baanumci llwtJU A. Wuw, OotaHfloH jy Vimu>u:? Hm?In the yar 1N82 ! arrived, for the flret umo, tn thin i ouulry, aud pood ;wocoo<ltil in os|?lur? the wuHtern |>orl?u of ih,n Mate, for purpuaen of a private nature. After hating xaltuQel m/milf of iho 7iuu rwooruos of the groat Weal, anil ntudied, during a clay or lis monlhH, the beet oourre to be poruoed for their dot elopeiooot, 1 had iho bunor to addrem u> the Prc.ihl ml of the Southern Kigboi ArHociatiou .u ibia city, in thu mouth of Hopumbur of tno rum* y?r, a letter, in which 1 at wl the cMnmcrcial dod clenry and enniiatraihrn atamling of Virgin!* wuh ber hister neighbor*, ber |*ud ami piuaeut |*?iiiuu, and bor future pi iwpetta. I recommended then, an 1 do now, tha Immediate e?tabHxhiiient of a lino of xteaiuxblpa runuiug from the watupt of .lumin rlror 10 iume po?t in Fr*j>c? The Idea laid do a o In that letter met the high approha tlnu of thn die ting Mixheil gentleman oho una lute the tot) >f to represeul thle greal (In ton of .-bii* ai the tim-', if StC!ou(1, ax well ax the entire public pr?w of thn ui>/. btuce then I have travelled to Kiiroue, and need ill my in flueoc* and exertlorix In behalf of thle euterprlxu, J 11 bavti lefl nothing unit ?tu? to oouvtnoe the fVtNHth government an I the capalaltxtx In France of the importance, neces.dty and policy of opening a direct ooromonlcaiton ?!ta aoroo central point of the Gulled rttaloa, 'oootuumudiug, above all i"there, the dtate of Virginia With the tlatertug pruapectx before me. I bad the honor to lay beforo the ooniRiimooua organised by the Trouch government, my vtewaoo una aubjeet, am) on-operated in the format,on of two enilgralloo and uavigatlni onipanlra. And I am happy to inform you, air, thai I v.oi int it cheerful y aeconded in my exertloiai by two of Virginiabj moat llluxtrioua anon?MowrB. Wm. C. Riva# and Jobn V. Maxon?a ho alde<] me bv their eooneeki and oncoorure rnenta. i w?s also fortunate id On.ltn* * strong friend In the (H-raou of Mr. He Km, the AnvrmiD Onixul, who did did unt he*.late vo otter bis persons! exurtioos iu '-ohalf of tho dsmksiioo company, I am nuou more !o the Old Dominion, and appeal ?o your energetic and enlightened patriotism to wo-ml me n carrying Into successful execution the oUne which 1 have proposed. Facts, which have transpired aiixn my ttrrt visit to this country, instead of tow-cuing, only go to (irore mora s'.ioagly the Importance ami uweanity of itiiumdiai i w t oe. Tbo 0x| ortatione from U>? United Stales to K'iropo In IK.SO, amounted U> $161 ,mO,TiQ and In I8hh n>$l?2 761.135. Of this amount tl-> State of Virginia exporud Id I8o0, $3,416,446, which la ono forty fifth pun In IM66 her exportalioua amounted to Tbo tmitortahona to tho United State* frotn Europe '.n 1860 amounted to $178,138,810, of which tho Stale of Virginia Imported or one three hundred and Oflintb part, in 1866 tho Iro pcrtaUou* amounted to $261,44)6,620, of which tho State of Virglula imtiorto.l II ia evident that (be Slate of Virginia. Inatead of advaicir.g rooie ra|4dlT than any other State in her oemmertial relatione, ia actually falling back, it is true that railroads and canals are being extended towards the Weat, but no off rt is made to transport youf produce abroad You need people to cultiviae your W-wt-iru landn and work your extenalvo mine*; but how -tr>j you to get them, except by oetobli?b!ng dlrool cutoniuiiloution with ?trope, thereby turning tbo Udo of emigration to your ow n chore*/ >1)0 ?>-ilral and Slithers -Ule- tmreaae dally u aprl cultural i>rolu iu?n.. In 186$ It reached the'< am total of $1,300,Hit) ,000. Of tin :' about $136 ,IM,duo worth *j? exjicrted, which Is about two thirds of the wboio amount of txi-orvul mum U) the United Htatee. 'the i*)rt of New York alooc monopolize* one half of all tho product* of tho Uniou which come by railroad and roa-tlng totll from all point* of He vast territory, to bo onnreuirated lu If d icks. Tins fac. of lUulf, which 'jowii tho tiMufllcieucy of the moan* of transport, In A 'apm tho remedy. As 1 ha 1 the honor to nay In 1*62, It la by following tho Courto of the Northern Sluvee that Ibecenlral and 'witberti portions of tho I n.on will increase their prosperity. It Is not sufficient to pro-luce?there must be a >mc outlet for tho productioua. A commercial marluo alone can fti'msb tho necessary outlet*. Internal OMMtH of com mum-viSion ox un. iwj mum or compiouui auJ UflvriopoU dy 'Jie ?ub Imhmf ni of tranxaiianuc flooe, which are iboir naturd ouotiuuaiioo. 1 bad tbe pjeaiure, bafnrr tearing France. of rMUnj tb#> great European agricultural eibimtioci at Iwu, and bad bcarurly arrived in (hi* country beforv H wan my pieaeuro lo vwdt tbe fair of the Virginia Htate Agriou turai 'Vraety , ai Un* place. I can a?ur? yoo,?tr, that your agricultural pr* !art *, though act m> varied, are, at leaat, If out tuoru than, equal U> iboee ?> o? u> that gical eabibtuun from all t*m of Ku pa Yaur pragreamve and intelligent farmer* bay) had Uie good aei?e to acbd la every direoU'* ror .bo boat brh-Jb In order to tmprovo ibetr alocka of doom: m am Diala. Your cattle, vbocp, aad awtne vie or lib any oahibiU M In Kuiopc and ere long vou wtU bare exleu*. <e order* for lb<- wool of your beautiful abecp. I u* teed of bavlrg, at- bow, to inn??ft eool from AuatraHa, llie Euroj*an mtbufncturcr ?l>l eeek thin marlM, wbore be wtll And a butIT nod morn ready au|rply. Your boraea rlva UK-inert vali-ibb- m all Europe, uid the bt oded racer i >ti eiblbttion wo .M undoubtedly bavo bad eathomasbc *ntru. era in hnrlabd and Franco. Ihn cxtvriati n of oaltvl meat* from thin country U> uroj* li.u broinm of lalo yearn a very eucmivo bunt tr . , rind fr<??? lbe aim uecttneo* ol beof nti l iwinc on exhibition ?' ) our Into fair, I am imrmutdod Uuti your far RiT" might turn Uieir attention to tbta brain b of ndttmry with much tirottt Ui tl wlvca. I bavo never ben muru pin ' a lb auj I ib.b.u .1 if vegetable* tban wi>b Uto-e I have 'i t u l.ere. The tutao/tmenl enot Urge, but Uio quality r uje-rior. Your ttiricuiturel etoain engine*, aaw and grtet trills, mule p table for convenience, prove tie# progrr -i ve p-rit of your manufacturer!. IWIu, wheat drill* and lata, blow.-carter*, for guano and planter, oom and cob craaBera, ? holler*, ckxl cm .her?, rodent and wh at r< a|? rv, prove that happy Virginia w led awakenleg front h?r long lethargy. . T cannot pa?:< uanoticc I your beautlfd mmmm of domestic el'tb, carpeting, U<<?. ml rotdery , blanket*, and maay otLir article* couallv dcc<*- %rv to ih-i farmer. I waa tnucit plow**. to *oe the inb re t felt ui hvimi manu lorera. It ta not for ra" to d'.eruw uneetiooa of mtenial policy. I would tx-t V in . h wtoi j- . w an opinion in rof> renoe to lha rhoire f m n called to govern thai great country, no Mlm.rab y all- aled, and w hj? 1) ao glortour a fw ire await* I oan only feel the rote! ardent da*ire for ila future prwjerlty an : bapp ofer. put 1 cannot help pruoiv ng that lach fetale of lbe L'tion. eotlrlbutlu to t j impoI nrm jertty. our hi io air kit tie iow.ii.uc advautagca, IL.U i few o.fU: not 10 abeoi b all, and Uxt riJi, Mowliif 10 la latitude and ?* product!. cugbl to yuane tbo 'uoana of uportatiOR, with 'it bo.ok axivcted Io lb* in*yot^-in >/f Hb?r? Tlx juM dlxtrlbullue of Ui? meaua of omnia* tomatioa will nfort it.- rr -uK. 7t<- American I'moti, an alroaf ami 10 pow rfjl, WiU b- more i-lotel* united and ?bm ?rh ?M< thai: hare IIP ;uM wr^M U the balam e, Una UawB all be ladivoluble Thr Suth?re as4 rv&tral HUtea of the t'n m air wontally p- rlurare. an J am beomn uf erery day tiiaaafacia err. Tbny have nramnly any maana of ax port H ia Into them 10 r? .jU>i.ab direct and panooal mta.00a with ? ? ope ft la abnormal to aae tike raw prodacte iratooed on their toll, accumulate 00 an axtranao point of fce Amer an PonbDoot, while (bay BL?bt ba exported, elthoot rvak or ooafuaioc, by the aama roata wbicb would rtarc lb' nernanary tnerchandiae, and Iheaefluiae would baa 00 k?f*r ba eutyerted to the henry axpeuao of in wrtiDK by way of tlx North IT wear?which Ood forbid?the l woe, *a aar wary 10 be prosperity of tba Mateo, aboald da diaaoleed, Mr rtooib rould tban be In a ooedHion to meet any tmeraaacy. We are prepared, air, toreallae the pkiia which 1 bare abmltied lo Tonrb rb appma.aU"ti. Tba Pvaaoo Aaaer an Train A'Antic Nae jaium Company baa been <wfact?d U. lh? cKr of 1 "ona, Prance, with acapite) of 00,<?0.0U ranee,of wt?i. ti e waa?o? of iywan baa aabacrtbad a arc* portion It pan caeca ooaaldarabla property oi ahipe xt'material, and baa eatebtlabnd repuc line* b?twe?a larre and lUo Janeiro, Naw York and New Orlmna I' onlata all tbe alementa aeoeneery to aneoaaa, and la pre tared for any axlpacy. Wr are perauedod, that .a a few roan the Use of wipe we pr->p?-e ta eetaMieb wdl pro** tgrr-.i unpertanae It will ba the Nrx of o>mimuc?cal>oii alth thr Muth and Wert, and tbe porw of X\rfjm wdi anw the natural depta . . Th* reeult la certain but U H rx'-aw try ta uad'rrtmw tow to prepare for th.< irop>n*Dt attainment Tboaiaar he entnmoawceltli and ih< ccoperai-ooi* Unmixb oru>_ lueocaofthe Stale will be cnuned ^be .'j e net on* ilLng to nndertak- th" W*l. but It naan-* xp 1r prlrale mtematr to an unlimited J"***- . . P | . rfefcr. Mavm* Pan-, I ?? *atca mlWater a rmmtraory proporaJ. m l>aiire Am'Tleaii OMnfany- ' ^'^,D^lTTrr Jd {tor. "flHSaMi*i*?e withrm. fm nee<*? i^ZjTrr-rh -jr^e ruir eeoaJdTelrei. ll * ? ?*th)ee* <w KiMicrMMe, ewf' "* * "S rr? it Uu? Mflntme I . ?v, n - N.?fc%r? * the **> H# rti-e r J1**-'1" ?" '?* r'' ' * ?e?b"f?i?, e?*t ouoe on mi i?e* deet'y *&*? ftmrmM. ? ?*, ?tl? 0r?1 ov\ ?ir, e? ell Umf* reedy Ui ?e>?4 ib nrthnf r>*rrr*rj e fW"w Me the adoption if the priv* t > the '*Vd of my limlW ?pb>r* I *h?U he hem-y i mntiibutr t< the went* end ner#*uttre of line mj lojeed rtvr end c jentry. 1* |>l?n*<l lo ?mept the ra re?aio?l<f my ??*?? |*"hemd reaper*, end twite?* an *r>, IdOlTTU **?? i?ni" *h rK*\t--4Ti.*?rru ?.*TW*r?rtH OOHPhlfT. The treats Aaaertnah Trena AUerie- K*?,f*iteo r<*np* r, d eUfi by Mwtrt. Oo'th er Rrrtber*, wee nrfeutm