Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1857 Page 3
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1 k ' _____ tffSETiSKIEIffl IE SB WE? BVKII Ml. ~ auItLOUfi iJIfi LUOQUO. I<A rATBLH FLACK. ?A CHOICK OF ON? O* Vf La k^ndiUMni'lv fnrniuhi.H n*?L,r. -? can now belnd. This is the coolest location tn the rih. ad personalooking fur ssmsssr gunners will do well w nu. 'inner el di o'clock. JS1 AHINODON H^UAKK, WEST SIDE ? PI.KAH4NT ruuiiis, furaiahnd or unfurnished, U> aiogl* gruiWaara or geaikni'ti iu>d their wires-; also s parlor, suitable for a pbyaleleu. House eoutalnn nniderti Improvement* -|?*JOND STREET.?FRONT AND RKAR PARLORS J.'.Jaud bedroom*. ftuuished, on the second and third doors, tug'gentlemen preferred; suitable for gentlemen and thgir wi i. Call for six days. Reference exchanged. in FIFTH AVRNUK.-A PAKTV OF GKNTMCHKN lo can be aoeommodsted with handsomely furnished rot*, single or In suit, with every con?enlenee and good aticatncr, by calling as above. Also, a suit of rooms on first loo suitable for s family. N. B ? No board given, K ST. HARE S PLACE.?TO LKT, A FURNISHED I t 100m and be.dmoiu; also a hull ronm, with or without tad y WEKT TWENTIETH 6TREET, A FEW DOORS O* from Broadway.?Room* and suit* of room*, with tad. House strictly Ant class. Handsomely furnished, o n souvenieuixa throujjliout. Dinner at ti o'clock. 1* NINTH STREET- TWO (| A N llKOM F.I.V FURNISHED ?J rooms on the second tioor. front, will b? let, with board, hi Aral class house. Apply at No. S7 Ninth street, near Fifth ssoe. 5 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET.?BOARDING.?A gi ntli man and wile or two single gentlemen can nnd de tosle rooms, with hoard, In a private family. 58 West High tedh street, be ween Fifth and Sixth avs. Terms MMIMfe. Si BI.EKt h KK STREET?TWO OK TURKIC DKSlIT rable rooms to let, with board, to single gentlemen or Airmen wlih their wives. CjUKEMSKN STREET. BROOKLYN HEIOUTS?FCR)i airbed or unfurnished roomt can be obtained In the a bo first class residence, within three minutes walk of Wall trs ferry, commanding a One view of the bay. Dinner at sii.telerrucea ejebanged. ______ nifKANKIJN HTRKET, FIKfT HOUSE WEST OF ^Broadway?A largo front parlor, bedroom and pantry auwd. an second floor; largo room, suitable for one or two; all ally furnished tor gentlemen. Inquire as above. n(SPRING STREET, FOfH DOOKfl FROM BROAD I i way,?Ta let, several handsomely furnished rooms to da gentlemen. The location Is near all the llrst class hoMl Inquire In the building of Anson House. 9 CLINTON FLACK. (EIGHTH STREET,) CORNER of Macdougal street.?Furnished rooms to let, with good fed. Dinner at 6V Oood reference required. (IWI'KINO HTHKKr, NKAK TUB rKKSCOTT AND v appwsoe the 81. N ebolas?furnished rwmi to let; also entice suitable for * physician Ou and batb In the houae "|1 FOURTH AVENUE, NEAR UNION SQUARE.?1 A# ?nl? et haidnomeiy furnished rooms en the seonnd fiotaaliable for a family or aiugle gentleman. with private btbit Seeired The bouse is first class, aitd the loeatiou la verjlcajunt and desirable. "HJa WK8T FIFTEENTH 8TRRKT.?GENTLEMEN AND JsU their wives and strgle gentlemen can be accommo<? with good rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board, finish, French and Portuguese are'spokeu. Dinner at sis dock. 79 WAVERLIY PLACE.?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS ^ -iZt wife, also a lew single gentlemen, can ba aooummo ed Willi pleasant rooms and board by applying at the above heaa. Dtuuer at 8 o'clock. References citnhangrd. UJtLEECKJCR STREET, CONVENIENT TO BROAD wit.?The above first class house having been redly dm d up, la uiiW lu readiness for the rer.tsolion of f?milanri single gentleinea. Parties desiring board will find sudor aoeommodwttoua. "II JOHNSON STREET, BROOKLVN.?REASONABLE 11 terms, pleasant rooms, ms-lable fum'lv, wvauloiit u> si street and Fulum ferries. Oil" ur two single gculloaieu ao'itain such accommodations in a pretty cottage house, W modern Improvements. if* WAVERLEY TLACE.?A SUIT OF ROOMS ON rU the aerond floor. Also, a suitable room for a single Itleman, can be obtained, with good board. Brtercnce fm and required. tO HUDSON STREET-TO LET, WITH BOARD, A i U sun of rooms on third floor, suitable for a family or ty of single genilemen. House has modern improvements, l pleassa'dy located near St. John's park. References eidiged. *Q FOURTH STREET.-A FEW SINGLE GENTLEwis men can be accommodated with neatly furntahed wtsaenta, with board. Thn house hss all the modern im Wtmrnts. Dinner at tlx o'clock. id ttoon irmr, noom> himf east of T O Broadway, tR ona of the beat boarding houses In the afbr single gentlemen aud gentlemen and iheir wives. It | CO BROADWAY?FPRNISHFO ROOMS TO LCT, | VO with hoard, and *11 the eoml'nrta of a home. QVBROAIlWA Y?THR ABOVE FIRST OLAflfi HOUSE j wl having reeemly been fl'.ted up, la now cade lor the j Nption el lamtnea and tingle gentlemen. liouae oaa ail the i wra improvement* . FEW PINOI.K OKNTI.EMKN CAN BE AOOOXMO- J J daled with haodacimely fnrnUhed room*, In a home plea )y located and commarxl'nr a fine view of the bar and hoar, by applying at No. M Willow place, near the South Brooklyn. SNA I.I, PRIVATE FAMII.T CAN ACCOMMODATE r one or Iwoalngie gentlemen with partial board, thebouae la a piemen! kieaiio . and rnn'aiaa ail the modern improvorote Apply at No. || llora'to at , near Eighth amine. . N ENTIRE Sl'IT OF APARTMKNTB ON Til* HE L ooml Boor can now ba obtained by early application at 79 at fonrieeiwh atreet near Irving place. Alen, boa?d for with or wllhntil room. R? u renn a exehanged. a T 167 EAST NINETEENTH STREET ?A FRTTATE V French lamily ran menromirlai-two ulngle geullrinen 'ranch or Oriuan) with brenklaal duru>* the week ar 1 dinwon Sunday, lerma from 6b to $8. according to roona BOeled. Very neat relevance required. j k PRIVATE FAMII.T, OCCPPTINrt A FIRST Ct.ARS j houac in ibe^Ninih ward, wlah to let to tingle gentlemen tadeowiely fnrntebed rooma, with partial hoard. Te.rma rery oderate. and ellorta n. 'de to render II a home. Ad'If va K.. Fallon alrcet VFKW SIM.TE UFVTI.EVrrV CAN BE ACCOMWO ' daed with txNtrrf hv flailing at Id Harrow ?irr.rr, l?e:w^n i DvriJi Bkwrkrr lirftti, wwrf they will fiud plea-ani >clr*v and th*r ottfofiA of a homd. < a FRIVATK FAMTI.T, IN A FIRST CI,ASS DM 1 atar Madleon aqour* and weat of Fifth avenue, would let nit nf fnrntebeil pontile, witli breakfaat, In a gent lemon of I peetahllity The Iniaimn le airy, reilred ateli intra! In- | nre ta the rhma atnre. Fourth aicii .e, abo.e Tamlj Curd t reel. | VfMNP-OMK M IT ?'f- Kooatb on inf. r mm *.m> armnd tbmra: also a fiucV rvxun, with full or partial | oar'' ran hr eblaiurd at Ihi Kast Foururnlh a'rrrt. \ PRIVATE FAMII.Y IN TWrNTY FOURTH STRKKT, j fifth armor would rrrrt r? on application for I Bard by a retpeotanlr jminn mnn. Inquire at BH. I 4 FRONT ROOM OK NlCoNP Fl.onR, WITH SM M.I. ' f\ nx'Bi Hllnrlinl, wall fnrnlalird, In let to two "enll"rii?*ii for ? n. r Miik. Apply nl |i!7 Urmia at i t el, brnom Uimotoa | do MtrrtrrlllwOi. A PR1VATF FAMII.Y HAN ArcoMMODATE AOKNTl.E A men and ton wtfe, or two or tbrrr ample giillamm w.lh uaaunt room., and board, hone contain* aaa. bath. Ac. Ap W at IB Wrrl Twenty iroool street, between Hialh and Fvanlh auruoi ; roferewea rr ptirr?l. | PRIVATE FAMII.Y, OtttiPYINtl A NEW FIRST ,1. tlaaa houar lu Tlurttwrrond atrrrt. near Hniailwajr an.I liUi BTrwnr. will let. to kmlleuirn. tbrer nmw, with hot ami old warn, furnwbed. partial board. if dentr>-d; trraia m<?i?ate. ?a?. bath. Ac., lu tha bourn. Apply at Ha Weat Ttur.yreap* atrrrt. 4 choice (if rooms with hoard, may he or. A tamed Br appljiuc early at Jt Twelfth atrrrt, rnrnrr of lalvend'y plant. INuiwr at I o'olutk. No ataoking allnwrd I the hcoar. _____ 4 vk.ry ADVAKTAOEora arkANtilCMICNT CAN hr n m?de by a genibman and hla wife or at-eera! ?ii>t<l? yeaEan tar rnnaia, with or wlthon; board. In a prlyatr family, >y applytn# at No. lot !,riingV<-i annua, brtwarn Twmty. rmd and I richth air' ' ? 4 FRIVATl FAMII.TOCCTPIINO A MODERN HOUSE, A B< wlr Inmlaix U would oiakr trrma with a pa-ty NT *rnwarn wfu. an apprrriair the ratur of auprioor trcma?1i lwt<r i'?ma. with or without birakfa-i Rrferetww n Aaarrd. Apply at SB Ninth atrrel. brtwern Fifth and Huth i?ra?r? |AM OtUIMIN A KKACTIFOL RESIDENCE at New A" briW, would llkr u> Utapoe* of her ramaa hi da?lr rmtlrap a or trptirinra and thrtr wlrra for the aura, wi. frat'a. (ardm rrarubb a. ran lac twoar ami letai on tha ptarr Addrrwa Bra Ktiorr, New Kortwllr. TJOARIt?AN FIFOANTT.T FrRKTRHFD NTTTT OF t? room*, on If"' An" Aoor to let. Thr bonar la n?w and CaMtmm.. rarrllmt labia Tboar wfahtng a refined and petraw bear an br aeromawdaieo. on reasonable tar ma, a M ? . . ... two hlnrka from Hmadwar BOA?n.-rrrhixhmi and mm apartwrmth ro* MJ fantlraian and tadr wl'h hoard (prlTair taM?) f?r Udy mlr. In ? aimall prlratr laaiitr. Mo aiarr bonrdrra: np town, n?iiii>?-ni in ermtrryHnrra, and la good o'lahboraoo*. Ad ttmm g. H . Rm?il??v naat nfhan SOARD ? AMY TOCNO ORMTMTMAR. AHOrT ?<o* im nnne laoa?i kr. plug. ?w an* ami.ll hunlli al h markr.p , who hav- Bi it rmnn than tln*? f,,r tho'r own two, and an- rtmpm,d w> take two cr thrr.. prrwma In board, and ftf i bam ronma no Ihn bra' or arropd floor, mar make a fry doatrahlr arranr* ntnnl Willi ll.r altrinmrr. I'i-a?n hoi M I'nat off? Soard ?a rr.w aikoi.m oKMTt.wir* cam iik aooommodaind with nratly fnrrttahrd mnrna and hoard Tha I lar baa ill >< wolani iaiprtrrrmrnta. Illnnnr at a P. m. Apply at No 2 alh i ? ft- f-.m . nHoard ? a ufrti.kma m a n miiwrrnin rwnsif?. f\r rrn.lrntrn ran l?- amnminodalad in a amatl prtrnln fam'lv wn. rr tln-m an nooth?-r board* ra. Apply at hi Wi-?t Plfl'-rath at root. Bo arn ? a ruont rimiv on third rtnoit, with ba.h oon. and pantry anno rd, anitaMn Tor a ffrnthnnoti and h?a wtfr rr two alnyb- rrmlrm.-n, tvnttld br In with board, w ih nan of bath, ra?, A Ala. . a larra room ?n ,Ull<\ Inr ?l*hr-l or imfiirni?li?.l Trnua naaonaWd. Apply at Mo. 102 on* th atrnnr. Boarii a nrwtl.kmtm and iuh wirit or rim at* t.mtl. m.m <wn ob'ni i a pl.a-anl front mom on Mm arrnnd door, mmir' - r i : >ro d. with board. Inrinlmai R^Roraytli abort p. Croud "DOaRD t'l.K AC A VT i?PITR OV Roovd, WITH HOARD. J-A anar now |,r h*d at H?". and liW hart K i n nib alrord. Tl'h ...... ?r,. all in--'. I'll tmpi 'Mill. ni? do atrabli- m drat rlnaa roaldrnoaa. B?* *,,1 .i'artikh WHIIINH to KKtTRK ro* Irn-Iahll rnna,, r?ll or narUal board. U1 a prlralo r"??? orrij- ? i*? WftT?r?<?y pii?* Th^ how* mttetaw s*? ?nd bath, ;?rt hM ? l?rfo jr?r( Md (t?r'lra. BOARJ>-TO LKT, WITH ROAItn. A BRO>in> riAH)R bftok ?wirm ?n,| aouifil in uno of Iho mn*t p*?* pftru<>? Rhki mituiMo lor a r*i>ll?mn>t ?i*1 wlfoor ftbiflV- poftiLm,,^ (M U,| hftih. Roforoi*** * b*..*or1 fltHftln- ftl 1M Hnwdway. ft?*Rn .T*V> OR THRRK nRRTMtXKR OAR TIRO 1 room*, with partial board if ronulrodi 3rmj?j?rr *? w",b" d 1/ prairrrv. fieaae Mtl? ft pvmhou avert BOUUnra AJED uOmBUM, ^ TDOABD 11* GKNTKEL FAM1UK8 AMD BOARDIJfO J) houm-e in every detlrable locality, eliy and ' fj*?n be obtained, with full particular*, at the . H6 Kroinl??y Free to hoarder* All wiahin* dean-able board should apply to KJUTU A BOVI), Appleton Buildum*. j\n i on tu i PRIVATE FAMILT.?TWO OB THREE B *eJueu>eu til! be accommodated with plaaaatil I'rout ^??%?h or without p^Ual board. U-Atioo cencnd, two diocih wf? oi nnn*iw?/? ?? plj *t 118 Gretne *iretL Board in a~privatr famtly.-two or thrkk gentlemen and their wive* or single gentlemen, can obtain fn the vicinity of fourteenth afreet, west aide, nice r->om?, with or without foil ?r oarUai board. (las, bath, Ac. Term* moderate. At'dreww M 0., Hvrxld oilier. Board in brooklyn.-two or tiirke obntle men or a gentleman and his wife desiring pleasant apart meets and full or partial board with a private family mat, perhaps, And sorb to suit tliem by applying at 1S? Atlantio street between Clinton uud Court, five minutes tvallt ifr.nn South ferry, aiel ten mluutrs from Wall street furry. Undoubted references required. Board in Brooklyn.?arrivals family hay lug more room than they require, would accomodate two or three single gentlemen with elegantly furnished apartments, with full or partial board. Please call at SI BaJUe street between Henry and Clinton. Board in Brooklyn ?a sittino room anp ?kdroom attached, on iImi lint floor; also room* suitable for single gentlemen, with partial board, id a modern house, within four minutes wall of South aud Wall street ferries. Apply at Henry street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.?a okntlrman and wipe nr two single gentlemen ran And pleasant rooms on the second floor, with full or partial board, at 80 Pacillc street, corner of Henry, near South and Wall street ferries, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.?onk <?k two okntlnmkn can be aecommiHlated with pleasant rooms aud partial board In a genteel private family, within ten minute* walk of the ferries. Dinner *n Sundays. Apply at ?12 Atlantic at. nniin r? nanovi.vv_Tiro nn rnnm arvni.p. D gentlemen or a gentleman and his wife can be ac.comiiindaicil with fiue rooms anil board In a private family, three minutes walk from fiontli and eight minutes from Wall at. far rir*. Address U X Y., Herald ottuie. Board in brookian.?furnished room* huit able for single gentlemen and their wives, in a IIrut class home, convenient to Pnatb or Wall street terries. Dinner ut half past G. Apply at 314 fleui > street, between Amity and Oongrees. Board on Brooklyn iikkihts-a kbw kindle gentlemen nr a gentleman wife, wishing a ueruta i nrntliom* In a pleasant neighborhood and quiet amlly, will find accoamodationa at l(*i 1 ticks street, midway beiween I Wall and Knlion ferries. References ev.b:<.ag-d. Board in williaksbpro?onk ok tiiickirht claaa houses and best locations; only two minutes walk from Peek slip ferry; rooms tin the second and third Booth, for gcuUemcn and their wires or single gentlemen. Apply st 19 South Niulb street, corner of Second street. Board in thb oountry.?tub bouhb known an the PavtHoo, la the Tillage of New Roohelle, about fire minutes walk from the depot and one mile from the steamboat lending, la now reedy for the reoeplion of families and single gentlemen. Nine airy rooms and erery enmfort are now ofi bred to those who may favor this delightful retreat with their rktwwivH Pnf nuflnnltn urolv to Via R HADDEN. m I the premises," or to R. LATHElW, fesq.. Qraal WwUra Marias i iMnranM Oo., M Ptne street, Mow York. Board ihttir country.?mrr. ulriok n a vino lakrn a large and commodious bouse within two blocks or the railroad depot at Platntleld, New Jersey, Is prepared to receive families to board lor tbe summer. Board in tiik country?a private family, pleasantly Waled near a village on tbe weal bank ?l' the Uiidcon river, about four boni s' ride from tbe city by railroad, will lake a few boarders for tbe season. Address II., bex 1,773 Post office Board at i*okt Richmond.?a private family can accommodate Iront seven to eight boarders at the above place. The houve Is very pleasantly Incit ed in a h'.'il'hy vicinity, and within three minutes walk nl the lauitlng. For further Information apply to W. A. Radeau, at Bowen, McNamee A Go.'s, lUandlU Broadway Board wantkd-in a private eamilt, where thei e are no olbrr boarders, for a gentleman and wife. Will require a bedroom and sitting room. Location must be pleasant, between Amity and Twentieth street* Pnvraent made in advance. Addreas Money, Union square Post office. Board wanted?a lady umpires board in a slricily private family, where tiMrearaao oilier boarders. lateatiou tH'lwesii t'anal and Twelfth SlreatS, Addict* Miss L. t'.. Herald ofltre. SOARD WANTEP-FOR A I.ADT, IN A PLEASANT locatlow; with a w idow lady where there are no other rders preferred, gas and bath indispenasble. Address M. C. D., Madison squai e Post office. Board wantep-in a private family, by a gentleman and wife oulv. Kltnatlon np town, east of Broadway, preferred. None need answer except those having superior accommodations. Address B. A., Madison square Poet office. Reference exchange!. BOARDINU.-ROOMS TO LET, FURNISHED OR UNfurnlalied, with or without board, la tbe first class brown stone house, No. ?i9 Foortb svenne. The bouse is new, and rjUuiig requisite for comfort sn<l convenience. Best of references given and required. Also a room, suitable (or a physician, to let, with board. BOARDINO.-A LARGE, PLEASANT ROOM TO LET. with bvard, to gentlemen, or a gentleman and hia wife; location unsurpassed tor snmmcr; room furnish* d or nnftirnlsbed. Apply at 39U West Tweattetb street. Reterenees i required. I I Boakimnm.-a km am* r?hkk?tari.k. family, rk i shliug In a ttrat class honor. In East Twenty with street, % , few doors east of Fourth sventic, hoeing more rnnm than re nmri'it, urr desirous o( Irtting with hoard, throe or four hand [ ?nme]y lunmberi rooms. Two fnnrmrn and thrtr wives, without small children, may make very desirable arrange' Bit nu. by applying at Si Hast Twenty ttitii m -ri BOAR PINO-A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM AND BED room ui let?a party ol single gentlemen preferred, with i full or partial board, in a private houae Be Fourth avenue, near j ' Broadway. I BOARDING.?VERT DKMKAHI.K A PARTMRNTS CAN i be obtained for taml He#; also for single gemlemen on tlia most liberal terms, at louvrces Hall, Patrreou. New Jersey. l?. WOK km AM. j BOARIMNO 1R TI1K COUNTRY.?A FI.KABANT AND comlortable home run be found at the Rimkonko-an ; It use. on the bank? ol th? baamlfal lake Reakookiimk Ktite airy r"eoii>. delightful climate, good tailing, (tailing arid j b.ithlng For particulars Inquire at 4ft rlauda street, Brooklyn, i r 1*7 Fult/'n atreet. New York. | CTOrNTRY BOARD WANTED-ON TUB LINK or TUB ) Hodaon River Rallroatl, at or below Tarrytown, for a gentlcman and family. (tnnd table Indispensable. Addreaa B. U , l>?i .177 I'oat ofbee, with toll particulars. CIOI'KTRY BOARDINO, IN TIIR UKAITIFI'I. Y1I.. ' J luge tf Peek.kill, one hour's distance by Hudson River Rallrord. A few ladles and gentlemen can be atvomnv stated [ In a private family, insistingof a lady and her two- slighter* | and ever' palue will be laker to make u au agreeable ami e. mortahle home. Term* W u> gft per wrrei. t'uy rcfenuimi r?f the highest reaper'ability rr hanged. Please apply to Ltv | tmrsmn A tb., No. Beekmun street. DER1R AR1.K HIBB?Ml R'vOMR TO LKT ?TWO OR three gentlemen ran obtain pleasant rooms, with breaklast amVftc* if rt quired. In a first class brown stone bouse, rmiTrnn-nt to the rant and siagcs. No 71 Weal F-mrteenth ' sueet, first house west n'Nu'h an trie litRKNt'M BOARD IN BBOOEl.YN.-A FRRM'II Ft Ml r ly having mmw rooms than rei|tilre?l, ran ac'nititnodale | nne nr two gentlemen with newly furnished rooms, and hoard I II drdred lessons In French glvn. Address Ernest, bo? 102 llcruld oflirr. nr lift Hick* auret, Brooklyn, betwnau H ir risen and pegrww 1/iiR MNtlLJt U ENTI.BMFN ?FrRNIHAFIt R'M.MH J with or wllkonl partial board. A private family would i lev. to ewe or two stnsle gemlemen, a anting mem. with o* e ne i I wo bedrooms. neatly furntsbed The bona# la vary pleasant situated, bfiow Twentieth street, has gas. bath room and other conveniences. RefersDoea required Addreaa A. II, boa H..S Pest ..(l-e lii\f nr six mrrunooi ? ** ukt boob boardr lug and lodging, tn a private family, at 1SK Meadow atreet, flobnfeen, In or If, estrones walk frtmtfv ferry. fl?? H ft MM.1.1 MkN. or MOD MOIIAU4, VAN IIK 1 arc. mmndatrd wt'h comfortabw bulging". also, the us.- id a furnished roam. Tarma mud era ts. Apply at .'.v , nralraet. _ TjtUKNINIIFD ROOMS?A FFW HINOI.ROENTf.EMKN r Can t.e aeconnnodaied with furnished roc ma, with ?or wPhent beard, at Krft Strth avenue, aear Fourteenth street. tiM KHIHIIKD AMD I'Sfl/RNIHIIKD ROOMS TO l.KT, F with or wltbaul baard, to ?urrW ar aingle featlataen. Alan, Ilia hr*l floor In lot In Annual, It ha* ttenn aoanpml a* wh for tha Hat tan T'*m llonao In thnroturh repair. wtth Id In aaary room. For particular* In^urr at Ha. II Bulb irmiif, na*r Amity alraat IJTHHIHHKII KUUHH TO I.KT TO URKTURMRM.? AN r alepanl a?e of mnwta, ?rBh aowMwndtoui hadrnnm* ?n<l I aatrtM Aitarhrd. handanmel) fuim*batj. aid Btoeekar - 'mil, a Taw ilnora (mnuHmad* ay. Alan two alayant parlor* an th* brat Door, fun&laiied sr uaiirn*il?ed. aututbla lor a Aaaiiat or PliMb FURNISHED ROOMS TO I.KT?AT HO. *1 ORAMD airaH 1 TiTR JOSHED ROOMS TO I.KT, WITHOUT BOARD, IH A P private family. Ipqnlr* for onr went, at U blm atrrat, brtwaau Franklin aa<l White treat*. 1 /trnti.RMRH rtl? BR AINXM090DATR0 WITHTttMB j VJT fumiahe dman*. wulmnt Hoard. wnh all I He mndarn im Koratnanla, Innallnn at net rtavirnHIa an fourth aronoe, ha , hrlwarn Troth anil f.lrrrntb wraam, and only on* hlnrh I fr<>m Broadway Refaranrr* at. haacad JEWISH BOARD IH BROOKI.TM WITH A PUR ARAHT family, who haaa owo or two nam for ?lncl? yeiiUmtrn, and who will maka rrrrj eflnrt in render ih'm rotnfortabla. M?larn Imprnaaov at* awl nai anlanl in Wall alraat *>?l f nllou farrlaa. Ad'lraa* rortuaua**, Herald rBra. X* EATT.Y ft RMIMIf D ATTfO ROOMS? IN AaClKHTfri, J.N prirat* honaa. Trry naar Broadway, to lot. a' ftnm 91 Mr 91 Ml par week. Inquire IVI Kbn air*' I, near Hronme N'O. 4 roTTAUR PUAI'K. NEAR III.KKCKPR STREET Suit* of p)*a*ant rount*, itelu.llnr gaa, Intth, A'*, fur n<?tied or nnfnmlahad, tn let to Irirlr prntlemen. Ineatios Oimtilnltig rlty *nd eonntry. Rafarenra* aaamnsad PAHTIAI. BOARD.-ROOMS TO I.KT AT l*i t ROSSr trrrl, dlerrlly nppoaltr Krr fr'? ra*tauraitt One or two, ha ml no mi lr fui niabrd. wltb t*a* and bath*. auiUbii' lor two or three fan'lameti PRIVATE Board -ONB or TH* MOST DKI.I'lHTfI'U b* at me* In Ilia rlty for par?<>n* nlillgad In ram on In men tlirnurh the aummar month*. Apply at Z! Wilt Twenty ninth treat. "|>Rt\ ATS HOARD WA STRD TWO a* AU|7T AMIUIR J wleb to obtain room*. with b< *rd. In aorne qnlat prlrato boil** whara lhara ara no nthar hoardar*: gmm and hath ire Ira perotable. Addrra* hot 4,M>A Pnat olli ta. URrtFEssoR a B A HURT. IIA VI HO TAKEN THK tnriir an.I r immr>lWuj inn 40 S.vcnth arm n\ a...rr r,| r..M.'#ninh r.-. l l? 1)..W |-rn|.?'.'.| I.I M'. ? f..?jr..|.M. !i?. II nr rrntlomrn and wma, with board. Tuition In Fnnwh ?rv! Hpantah gra'ta. oomjTto i i i o* skimimo n.TiTiu wirii rn7 tatr Uhlr in Flflh aTPtn?, nrar Thirtieth atraot, t.t ? ..I rnom? a- 14 Ki??t Twrnty rvjh.h a<rwws n?r M^lwai Urn*' Roll rrlorwnnw rn.julrwd Of?V? FrHN!??mn~ORl)f?ri rmimiv.ii thk FV Urw awmnd floor, r. iial?ilne of irn rorrna. with hath and ft. AImi, In. i\.?h?.l for ?inr>" om?n Trrm* rraw.nablo. Apply at 77# Broadway, throw ctora aboi w Ninth atrnrt. Sill Til HRIMIKI.YR RaRPHOMR rURNTRHKO ro?ma to tot, with partial hoard, to two or throw font to as< n. n tho hoaM of a amail prlmtw family, rwaidiiig In a plow rlaoatton. aoaownlwot to fhwnh and Wall atrwwt torrlwa. honor la now. awl onalaim nj. hath An. for parttoa ^ra. |??ain M U Hhrdmi drwi tmth Ifwoklrh NEW YORK HERALD, WABUXN MO MlDOUt. fJTWO UKNTL.KMJCM AJ(D TUKIK WIVKSOR HIKULJI X sentlemen oao obtain pleasant rooms, furnished or o> rurnfched, at 288 West Twentieth street Dinner nl ell o'okoek References eiahanged. TWO UENTLKMKN WIHHIJW TO ROOM TOOETHRR, ean be atooiamoilnted with s lark* furnished room, with JUS and attendance. on reasonable terms, without board; also M until rtit'in suitable for one gentleman, not Ave minutes' walk nun ruiioii terry, reference required. Apply at UP Fanon street, Brooklyn. TWO VKRY PLKAKA NT ROOMS ON TDK 8KOOND floor, with pantry, bath room, Ac., adjoining- alao, hall bedroom II wan'ed, to let, with or without partial board, to two or three gentlemen, In the pleasantly located house 89 Seennd avenue, corner of Fourth street, occupied by a private family. TWO VKKY PKHIK ALE ROOMS TO LET?FURISHEP, without meaU, on ae.rood floor, in a private family. To Jentlemen requirwx a quiet lodging these rooms are very eel:able. Uas and bath. Apply at No. 7 Amity atrcet, near Broadway. Two or ti1ukr furnished rooms to l.KT, with all the modern improvements, with or without board, in a private, family where there are no other boarder*. Terms moderate. Inquire at 250 West Thirteenth street, near angiitis at enue. Three handsomely furnished rooms, ookxuideating, having bath, gas and Crown, to let, with breakfust, to gentlemen only or rellned hahlta, at the private residence f>2 West Fifteenth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. References exchanged. TO l.KT-BY A WIDOW l.ADY, A KUKN1SHKD l'ARlor, to a g> nth man and wife or two single gentlemen, r, here there are no other boarders. Apply at 123 Franklin atreet rpo let?to gentlemen, with ok without parI tin! hoard hundaomelv furnished mnma on the second floor til a private house, containing all the modem improve meni* Apply lit 100 Prince utiveit near Broadway. rl.FT?TWO OR TURKIC FURNISHBD ROOMS, with tine of bath room, to gentlemen, without board. Apply at 118 Charlton struct. TO LKT?AT 101 KINO HTUKET, ONK OR TWO ROOMS, furnished ?r nntui mebeil, to a utleinui) and wlto >r dm;lit geutlcmtn, in a private buu: c with but fow boarders. TO L CT?O A If D80M K PARLORB AND KEDKOOMH, with board by the week or by the meal at 29 Greene atrcnL UNFCKNIKUKI> ROOMS TO LIT?OM THK MXMB floor, front and bark room, with olo-ot*. Also, a trout basement and attic, HI White street, near Broadway. yKKV DFSIKAllhK ROOMS TO I,KT TO QRRTUMM ?Furnished or uufuralkhed, sing 11 or In suit, with or without partial board, at No. ti Tenth iireet. Bear Sixth aveune. ________ <J?r ?BOYS WISHING TO BR PREPARED FOR BK8Inese places this fall inav now receive private Instruction on low leruis at DOLBKAK'H Commercial Acadoinv, 6H9 Broadway, and learn more In one month than In two quarter! at ordinary school*. They wtll become quick In figures, rapid business writer* and practical hookkuopcra. Terms?writing, %[>. a full commercial course, bookkeeping, de., only 916. Two aeata vacant. ____________ a T UKNYir.l.K'M U1MIMS Vf! 11 HI IA 11W A V KOOKKKKI' A lac, arithmetic mid writing ara expeditiously taught upon very favorable term*. Karh student receives Mvpwi-uic and direful instruction. ami is enabled to readily apply in practice ihe knowledge Imparted to him. BOOKKKKl'I.NG AND MERCANTILE AKFtIRS, IMH Broadway. Apple.tou's lluUdtng. Instruction given dally, from 'J A. M. to # I*. M. l'rrma lor a complete course, $21 Circulars with full partirnlarH on application. C. C. MARSH, Consulting Accountant. French la ngc age.?properbor p. lagroii, 766 Broadway, eon unties to give thorough Instruction la the Preach language, imparting to his pupils the ability to speak the language with fluency and anrreetaesa. Appboa tiooa received between the hours of 1 and 3 or 6 and 7 P. M. FRKMC1I LANGUAGE.--KON8. AND MADAME DI.'HOS eontluue to receive implls at their residence, No. l)i Cltn t?u place. Morning ami ar ernoon cH* sua for ladles. GentleSiva's evening > lasses by Rons. Dubos. Private lessons. |(hl ols attended to FBKNCI! AND GERMAN -K. TELLKR1NG, 4HS KROADtnur, tretabhohes MX) sow lays giving private mi,ion in the above lauguugt-s to ladies and gentlemen. Mont prac.leal method and first class rew-renoes. Translating. Call, aend or a rite. LKaRN TO WRITE OP OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, Ml Broadway. Private lessons dally; terms from S6 to $14, and success guarantied to all, old and snttng. Bookkeeping taught day and evening. GOLDSMrTH, 362 Broadway. Mystic hall seminary por young ladirrHalt water bathing and horseback riding are among Ihf recreations, and catalogue may be had at the Pilatdpah bet ?. Boston. kieSS PROFESSOR A. BAfcSET IS NOW FORMING MORN irp. afternoon and evening -Isaacs. In French and Spanish, al Ids resideuce tH Seventh avenue, corner FinirtemitU street. Early application is advisable an tint classes are limited. Spanish, prknch, Italian and kngi.ihh cook.? A colored man fiuui Cubit, stunts a situ* km aa general rook: understands Ma bustnrrs wrll; has good rtUeruacca. Apply at JH.;, Kaat h a lor three days. TKACIIKK?A LADY FI7I.LT POMPKrKNT AND OF INduetriooe htklln. dee tree the aboM'sttua ton, I* capable i>f tno entire care of children; understand* music uud French; la a good needlewoman, and wtihnut encumbrance. Addross M W. I'.. Herald otter. WK1TINO, BOOKKRP.PINO, AKITUMKTIO, AI.HK bra, Ac., are taught, day and evening, at Mr. r A INK'S academics, ti2 Howery lKt Fulton street, Brooklyn. From eiDot. Km*. U. I.:? My eon and daughters attended tToL Panic's kxooI to ay entire saualactiou; hie style of writing te the Diet modern and eaey." KUOVAUk LHKKH A WALI.KH HAVK RKMOVKD FKOM NO. | Month William street to No. 79 Hearer ?t. corner llanny?r. ilKMOVAir?O. 0. tIRK'R. YRThKINARV 8UR4IBON, V has removed from No M White street, to Noe. 122 and 12s acdougal street, between Amity and Hlaenkar atreew. RKMOVAL.?W P. H. OURTIH, HOLM AtlKNT FOR Ituarilman, (tray A Do.'a celebrated doles onfflpuo piano for lea, baa removed from ? in 4N7 Hrnadway. anmer at Hroome street, where he will be happy to see hia mends and enaiomere. R^ntMOTAI. ?O O HATHORNR. JR. Hi- RKMOVKD to his new and Wwltniii stab Ice, corni-r of Seventh ave nnc end Twenty eighth street. where he will etill continue to eerie his ciipiomeri ?nd the put in- wi'h horses siwl carnage* of ell descriptions. Atan, horses taken on livery by the day, week, or month All hill* due will be sen led at the above place, as there la no ooe at the old stable authorised to eoileol for me <t C HAT HORN K. J a KRMOVAL.-'WORLKYA MOAT, NO. 71 VF.SKY MTRKRT southwest enmcr of (Jreenwich, New York, lions.*, ships and hotel plumbing; warning and cookln* apparatus, lor clly and onuuiry , lioiierkreping ware ami oiokln* utensils, stoves, Ac ; groesw*' eonmi* cane, measures, Ac ; leg-r bier faucet* and vent peg*. of bo*. eonsti notion, r??t beer puiti|( end cooling apparatus lor eOerrecing cumtnar drtuAs, beer pumps. Ac. WATCURR, JBWBI.RY,*C. C CALIFORNIA DIAMOND*.?PINH, M TO ?. .MINIM / U b> 1*1, earrings. M to MU studs. M to llV croeae* bracalete. aecklaeee, ale. re buttons, Ac , sent by mall to ant pan of the world. J. A U. P. JAOOMH, tin Hmadwar. (YOMPOHiTlON AND OOLD VKRT, KMC A AMil POl J chains, warranted not to tarntah. or the mnoey returned pries, 1\ AS Mh and Se to Id SO. Chains sent by mall to aa? part of tie world. J. AH. P. JAOOBM. <07 Broadway DUMONnH.-TIIK TRADK IS RKKI'Et'TriTLl.T Iff f< trwind thai wr ara naitin.iall) mauufai-iiirlw.' hara on hand a tare atorlt at diamond ji-wrlry, ol tha Utaa< ?tjrU-a. A taj rr vfTimfnt of diamond* no haitJ. fw-utnf doua for Ibe tiada. ltuunutid* bought for raah J. IIK.RM AH A fO , iT2 Bra-ma atraat. Wtfi itn at aitam. at wii<*ij fiiow M)*ar irynmlar wainhaa. tour hntoo lowaUad.. AM dO AUrar eytlndar hunting aaaaa " .. (II IB ia*arth ArilI IitiH ? run' 1 (In la w IT ? hinting nMO.. >13 III ? MMWlnw.M Itaoo ?4 hnallng aauan.... IJtnSO MpWil oo allrar hunUng aaraa. IUUiJD X<4d MM' ??!* tour bolaa jnwattad (30 W " hinting aaaaa _BB? " M<*nrWMr,lM*TMMi.. fhOtnlO - pal*nl toil haaltog. angntrod (IS DO wrr*?7 Mtons wmmB* aston iotm Viibw ?t so ?r paw if 25S?E?iEbucP~ - ? rUANCUL. ?r finn WAjmti' ru* thiir VKARA, ox A ^O.UtfVf hnaaa and to*. In a |-an>#al In.-. km uptown. Worth B'imam. Bona hot prion .aia xal addrau saottri y, hoi MM PtoM oRtota OrritT < I THK THIRH AVVAl'R RAtl.RHAII < (IX pany. a-mrr of Part Sixty Arn atr-m and Thirl arawuoA qaariarly riiatdand nf ?wn ?* " R*a ,'?*n darKr* 1 on the eapttal *u-"h of thla compaay. parable ai ih'ir odlaa. on and after the 13th Inalanl Trie lrarr<r>r booh will ha eluaad frafll the *h to Iba I.Mh Mutant, mcltutre. My order, Haw You*. Hay &. 1*7 HAMU If IMAAfft Aeerolary. PAt'irrr MAII. utrawmiiip tit*PAi?T. RKW TOR*, Way A. 1*7 ? At a meeting of the Hnnrd of Dtrrehwe. held Uiu day. a dltidrad nf urn par n ot out of tha prntiia id tha amnpany ?m darJarad parable on and a/tor tha fch tout. Tha traaeinr hoiAa wUl ha cloamt mUl thai dam PRKIiKRH' HrtrrWAR. Aerretary. WARTRIT?RAII.RO AD IWiRltA OR rrot'Rn IA trade. for a lare and rrry emtmable hody of umarai and Umbrr land la rannayIranla. Apply In fIRO, W aRMKR. 10 Rnadway. AATRIIUMIT. ARTONimiRn TO AM* lAllAhl WO A ROW. TUB eerewth daughter of a aa*?n'h daigbtor who waa afca front aatmlngtet, baa ? natnrul gtft to tail all tha ?mh nf Ufa arm ytmr *ary IhanfhU. and whether r*i ere m*ra??d or tnfia, and how many tiiri- rm ara to ha married. and how ooa, and wUl ahow yon the nheneaa of your falira hiwhaa* Ami abaant friende, and will eaiue/ot to t- apaadlly marrtoai Ard haaa food tnnk 'hrimr* Ufa f ha?a ?* urn la had thoneao* dilrtug ny Irmrala la Rump*. Paa W nanta. and an rtharge it Ant aaoaflad. rfandaman not adalUad TB Arm? atrwat ha t?" ' tan arm and <: >latnhla (IKAIRTOTAtffTR.?BRA MRTWOPR *f> III APRIIfl ) atraat. a few dnora Waal nf Rmadway. tha moat arnvtaaafn, adiaal and bXBlMpi aWrroyant la Amartosa Alldtaaamw dhtorrrarad aad anrad. If enraMa; nparrtnf adrtaa on bwtaana AlMMl f>biW hm mmA iRltefMk? mvnvlMrf nr nn mv MAPAMF WlPOIHI-OTFTKnrPAWTIlTI I.APT-TKMJI nrrOMly Via*. marrtaffra. frtmda, bnatnoaa, aioVnana, Banrlbra mrdtolnr* for alT diaoaara, how to (*m pr?i<*rtT or Holon. kino lur.kf nnmbrra. 190 Woat Twanty fonrdi alrrrt. nnrnrr of Klghih arrnno rB OlfliT BBLIAB1.B ABD OORBBCT A0TROLO tint 1* tbto or our otbor eft* to Madaona rn.lPrTo* mmk onrrr< t hi formation to all who rtatt hrr cm low MA lemon, AmUh, ?aiTtecm. abarnt frlnoda. and Is loot of hnatnraa UMit (too alan firm antahrra la Inttnrtoa tton oraWnly mrntolwf. to? to lb* fly f?nb. aatmhuHal now to Utto wantry. AU who ?tah to know Ikinklraa nail a*H a* kklVMkkt kaHn?ltonnk?ilik??l warf^mw IKTIUMuihil. ABArmn/m, or mbbbat. unroATTow Ai*nf?ooo aortal Waivtlng. with a taarly loroma from hi* b-ialiana of from alt to too thounand dnito'*, wlabor to marrr. prOfMnB A* to tout mini* roe oak to goto tin aOwMtoa* of an amatol* and lntr.lUg*nt lady, of gtaal aatlal ttaprt,o?. Wraith alan *a**n ttal, m (to* idf Mftoa i dram* ranamr of Wranmitonnnan W to* Aral rat la. AMnto M. O. P., toai 146 H*ra?t o?o*. MONDAY, MAY il, 1857. w omv doom, mx. ^JLn. 5clsas MORK Of the elegaet Poulard robee. At 17 SO each. Printed o? real Pongee .ilk. Will be opened on Monday, Ma/ II. A. T. HTRWAKT A OO . Broadway, ITlutmber* ami Reade aired*. r/\ POZKV FRENCH WOVE OORRKT8 OF THE t)U lateet pattern*, received by the laat atoaoier*. m reduced

trice*. Kvary variety of children'* clothing lor Hie, or made i order. Kinbroidertee, htcea, glove*, Ac ___ KtiRMAN A CO., 7t* Br tad way. inn 1*ABI8 EMBROIDERED HOARK MAN 111.1-AH, JU" at 17, worth |I2. Received by the Africa. For sale by ARNf)LD, OOVKTABI.R AOO., Canal street, corner Mercer. IJCt BROADWAY. 0*J0 Ureal rednctlonv in prices. J- BRl'K A (V. Have reduced the prie s 0r their large and rich slooli of sum tuer goods below COOt. Bilks, Foulards, Bareges,, Organdies. I > ! lilies. An. AOQ BROADWAY.-FRF.VOfl KVBROt DKRTR8?A 4?&V large assortment jnsi received, Including collurs and sleeves in sets at $.1, worth Id; black lace veils from aiicttnn. FKTKR ttOBBKTH A OP. AOO BROADWAY -I'AMHRir FLODNOI NOW AND Hiji/ trimmings A very large stock just opened; also afresh assortment ol' Maltese bauds, very losr. Kmtiroided Swiss Bitisllns for has<) nrs. PKTKIt ROBERTS A UO. i AC)Q BROADWAY. - A FULL ABHORTMKNT OF TC black lace good >, just opened, consisting of mantillas, shawls, capes, coltfevns, and eoilnrs and sleeves, In seta. Ac., Ac. PETER ROIIKRTS A OO. gQQ SILK FLOVVCEDJROBKS. Original price ISO. ARNOLD, t'ONSTARLK A CO., Canal street, corner Mercer. 1 HAA DO/.KN LINES CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. JL.UUU With escutcheon embroidered corners, At fiu cents rack handkerchief, Will be opened on Monday, May 11. A. T. STEWART A OO.. Bmsdwsy, * hambcrs and Readc s'reels. ro Ann WINDOW HHADER, AT ORKAT BAROl/iVUM gains, lace and muslin curtains from suction; b rotate Is, satin ae lalnen, curtain materials, upholstery goods, rnrnleM. hands, oliis. st wholesale orires. defying aomuetl Hon. W O. JKNKN. 466 and 468 Pearl street. N Y. AT. STEWART A CO. Will open on Monday. May 11, Some very handsomo Embroidered sola, At 12 per set. Broadway. Cbrmhers and Hende streets. A hi. TO BK HOLD THIS MONTHThe largo steck or f.ring and summer mantlllM, mm of them very rich, at half the price of co*t. j. buck A CO.. 355 Broadway. Attention is called to our removal to 7? Broadway, and to our unequalled assortment of shantllly points, maDliu**, flouncing*, retls, Ac. Also, point Mta from 17 to $100; eo tiara, colffuree and bar boa. _ MILLER k SRANT. An extraordinary novelty lit Ladies' MAntuas, Just received from Pari*. Will be opened till* week At BULP1.V8, .161 Broadway. . AT MRS. OAYNOR R-THR NRW EMPRESS CORNET, a moat recherche article, 843 Broadway, between Thirteenth and fourteenth wreets. TJ AREGKfcAND ORGANDIE ROBES. j3 Juat reeened, a large aaaortment of these robe*, mm of them entirety new styles All at greatly reduced prices. JAMES CROPS*Y. 481 Broadway. BROCATELS, LACE CURTAINS, DAMASKS, And curtain materials generally. A lso. WINDOW SHADES, OILT CORNICES, Loops, bands, Usueta. Ac., Ac., stxow v'vaj. chicks. lord A taylor, 286, 257, 26d and 261 Grand street. And <7 and 42 ttatharlne street. BEAUTIFUL NEW MANTILLAS, Entirely differing from those of former seasons. In color, stylo sod form, Will bo opened this week Al DUi.ri.i n, XI Broadway. BAREGE ROBES. Plain barege robes, with rhlntz Bounces, IB. Elegant grenadine rubra, KUrk rrenadlae robes, cheap. At I.ANK M PORTER R.JU7 (old Ns. 7C Obnal street. C1IIKAP CARPETS. ) English, Unestry, Rrnsaels, At l dollar par yard. Rich velvet dtun, At f 1 37 VJ rents. A. T. STEWART k OO., Vraad?ray. and Reada street*. (VLOTllH, rAHHIMK.HKH, VESTING*, AND TAILORS' ) trtmmjnm Retailed at jobbers prices. Ulrtli A TAYLOR, 2A6, 367. -.'i9 and Ail (.rami street. And 47 and 49 CsUiariue alreai. | CYOMPLETK CHANGE OK LAi'lRK' COSTUME. J A new and extremely beauuful MANTILLA Of gray clouded ail*. A perfect a.?*ortm>'nt Of tb>'a? recherche gairtfnUl Will be opened this week At UL'I.PiN S, 361 Broadway. C1ASH STRAW OOOJtH HOIJHK. / Straw bonnets, leghorn and Mats. Men's, youths and children * hata. fhak? r hoods, straw and hair Uac'ica, Preach Bowers, pk|aeis aad buds. Offered at redurrd prices for oaaA. Alllf Broadway. Corner of Pearl street, HOMERS iRwrmra. C10R<ETS A NO SKIRTR?THE LARGEST AND MOST I J select assoruuent tn the b utted States, at MICH. IIA YNOR'S, 183 Broadway, between Thirteenth and Eourleeoih street* [ Ducal poplins. 1 1UU I'IKCKS ducal poplins Just received, at 78 eenla per yard, ; Worth $1. 0. B WILLIAMS, 767 Brosdwav, sear Ninth street. Decided novelties in Mantillas, Just received I tout Paris. Exact copies of the Isle.t styles As eon by the most distinguish)' I ladies In Europe At the annual tele of Ixmg Champs, Will be opened title week, At Itr LPT ITS, Ml Broadway. 1\UV (icons MUSLINS. I.INKNS, PRINTS, tlIN?|. J I linrm, delaines, hroadrlotlm, plaid at, I plain muslin* Swiss and rurtslD riiusllns, Ac lira per lowles' printed lawn- ' > 111 HEW 'I < ! ELEGANT flRAT MANTILLAS. Novel, rtih and beautiful. A magnificent assortment this week, At BUI.PIN K, nil Broadway. I|t ASH ION ABLE DRKKS 04 Hi DH. 1 Pull assortment. At low prices I LORD A TAYLOR. 2U. ?7. r.'i and Ml Orand street, And 47 and 49 CatiuriiHr - reel 1 Fivb CAMUS or, IWi't'-Jir now i? ?t? m, I la U-?tur*\ f"rm and rolnr, Nut u> l>n Wf? *1 any other b xnaa. Will bo npnH 'bM WOO*. UUi.riN.MI Hmadwaf. Great aanortoknt or mantiixaa, L'aopvnllole.l In mrioty. Ami unrltalle.l In rtehueaa. Inapeatmn la reanartfallT drained. IiiIein an Hrnoiwap. CM'irrHit UACH JT Uor.ion taw mantlllaa. Krai thread lar* mantlllaa, I roneh tau-a man'iila*. Mor Mux tar* aianitlaa. Okai.ully laro nan' Ilia*. Talriirtrnnro laro m?n'ITHa, Ittack (lib man illaa. Hlaok motpo mantlllaa. And fray r Minted alia mantlllaa, tn matrMra* rrofaokm, WIU bo apx'itoj tlxlo week. Ill l.l'l V VI H-nt'wir G~ lit. ATAVUKiVkNT Of HAKKUK KOkN. Printed bnroa* ro'xea, lull pattern*. a? $4 JO Rteh naUix atrlped lkH?m at ... # nn Kitra da. do HltU Roper efcln. rti.iiUOounr. il .. K 90 A: RPEKMAN A 1 OMPA.N V'H, C3 Broadway. UiuiT pkicp.ii mantii.i.a.'s ""O hundred, Aad a hundred and fifty dollar*; Aa wall aa ot> rj latoi madlata <v?*Ntr, To ibr nv-lrra r aixm * all dallam. Tb# yreatrat .wrtarat la ibo rouairy, Aim I.P1N-N. wi nnrviway IMMK.Vaft TaRIKTT OB MANTIIJ.AS. In Ualpnro. VMM, keel lAroad. Frmrb laro. Mom, ChaatiRy, Vm-iirlotmoa. 1.. a - k Mark IMlr*. And fray fkiml'il ?mr, A an port) a*w.n??t?l Will he np<*n?l Una waofc. Norm botoro oqna;i<M In nnr*|ty, orim' nr rtrhnoaa. Hll.l'l N, .*>1 I'.r-Ndwny. 1' taPORTANT To THK ri'HUO. * ?aar mi ma to tmb ooaarrpirr. I lirrai bnrjroloa In AI-kiho AND RVMMKR clotntif8, okorow A. lirVrKR A m.<* CniAF OAHH <TI<OTHIN<I WARKKOVN* Nag. SWnnK Howrar, RrMrooa Bterrkrr ami ll.niaum n'rao to. COATS. frnrk onaln. mod* and trtmrnad In ?<*>d ?tyla ..MOO to t 00 rtno do t 00 to 0 00 K? -J? do- t'nod thron?h wtUi Nik ) QO la If N Htomoaa oraW J 30 In ft 00 Hernia ra?laaa ? IM NIW VKKTH. Fr?ry raHoty of atyV andpnalartal from P" to 01 NT Xmro tntlqno ami ailko %i no u? 3(1) lino M annum. 73 la IN PANTS. Cml oalJnot, frion fl m In $ 00 fanor camrtkoro i Ik) to 3 00 frrnrh raaaimor* . | n la ? 30 Ttnoblark raaaimam i mi m t m rra ina blank oamliri-ro and domkn IN b IN IK ITS' <T<OTIIIN<I In rrrat rar!?3y: alan yonfa fhmlahino fondo, nklrta, oolUra. rroraia, nndor farTPTMo, An ar un at lob ana mu. raorrra Am Ui? Nat<ir?a to RrrruNN, Noa. 90 ?od 2W Bawory, (Vr-otrlooB lorUfd and co?|tt-Jos defed. I?KV MMIP1, M . 1 Mr OH T A. NT TO CP TOWN HADIKA. lloi'lrjl ntn*0 GnoM. G. B. WII.I.I A MN harlojt removed hut emtio STOCK OP OKV GUOOH Ircir, 147 to 7T7 Hr<?ijwuv. Ninth mreet. ben id exit lha pevial aneutinn ?f 'he np town ladie* i? lila KK.W PLACE OK BUrtlNKHS. Par'lcnlar aire will be had to the TAfl.K I.OOIW I>r PAUTMF ST. DOMESTIC UOODK will be rfT'red by the ph ? at the lowest auoi-ASAUt FHitr.a. I ?i It. WILLIAMS, 7(57 Hro.ul?'?v. wkp Viatli ?lreet. IMMENSE STOCK OK SII.XB I inlitdlnp new Hfylcn FTOOVOKI) ROHKH AN1> RICH KII.KR, In Croat variety. A Iho. LOW PRICED I IK ESS SILKS, Krtim miction. LORD A TAVUIR, 2M, a>7. 2M and 2UI (Irand street, And 47 and 4*.l Cathalnn street. LOW PRICED M A NT II,LAS, At sir, <-tcht, and ton dollara, Ri<h In material and beautiful in form. Ah well an every intermediate inality, Op to the most dlHUniinialn'd and eoMtly. A superb assortment this week, At HITLIMN'S, 31S Hnvidway. LOWITZ * BECKER, No. 3W I'anal and 49 (Inward streeta, Late A mold, <'aiiwtalil? k Co., HnTe Just received the latest style* of Ladle*' dress, slunk and mantilla trbnmlnga, Silks, ebcullle* and -mbroldertea, eta unruiau xcpujrr wu utvnu-y wiumu-tu. t*c. Lack and muslin cult a ins Will ue offered On Monday, May 11, Kitranrdlnary barraliiN In Ukt'K ASV MUSLIN CUUTAl.fg. Indies' ulra o examine thn good* before buying rtaewbrra. <L B. WILLIAMS. 767 Hrnadway, nenr NlnUi xtrenL LAROKHT Kl'Ot'K IN TT1K CITY of Printed inuaJius And Barepn ami tl?au? rob??, At Very kr? nriera. i air 11 a taylor. 25ft, 2ft7, 7A9 and Jii Orand at rent. And 47 and 49 i iatharino aireet. LINEN PAMANKK, um AND COTTON HHKBTINO. Towelling*, napkins, aku-unfs, Taseiher with a full a?w>m??nt or ?lr iprr > *, quIlM, rounterponet, Ae. At BKKKMAN A COMPANY'S, <73 Broadway. LADlKf WHO WANT TO tt'RCHAKK (iKNUINK Krrnrh mr?fi unit sklr? vhould rail anl examine Mrs. tloyiior's Ow?m iai. nl. aud not re lirr prices. M I Broadway, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. Muslin and lack curtains. In rirh and nnval designs. Constantly on hand and fur sale by ARNOLD, OONHTAHLK A CO., Canal s.reel, corner of Mereer. MANTn.I.AS AND CLOAKS In great variety and style*, ani not surpassed In riefcbcu and cleg sure by any In the city. Aloo, Lack Points, Lack Mantillas, In great roriety and extensive assortment. J AMEN CROPHKT. 481 Broadway. Molynkux bki.l, 88 Canal street. Mntvneux Rail, manufacturer; Molytieu* Hell Importer and jol>ber; Molyneux Hell, retail dealer In Cloaks, Talmas, Mantillas, Ad. Molyneiu Hell's ailk ManlKlaa. Molyneiu Hell's loon .Mantillas, Molyneux Bell's moire ManuUas, Molyneux Bell's silk and lore Mantillas, Molyuens Bell s motre ami lore Mantillas, Molyneux Bell's Chantllly Mantillas. Molyncnx Bell x French lace Mantillas, Molyneux Hell's crape Mantillas, Mulyneui Bell a Orenadrn* Mantillas, Molyneux Bell's cloth Circulars, Molyneiu Hell s linen Circulara, Molyneux Bell's silk Circulars, rowrrtrTe The best assortment for s lady to select frasn of any to be found In ihln rity. Iatdirs will be well satisfied with them selves If they examine our styles before psi'liaalns elsewhere. MOLTNKUX BKI.L, 88 Canal street. MOI'RNINO tlOODH.? W. JACKHON, Mil Brnsdnay, I* offering for sale at retail the following bargains:? 2 rosea very tine Enpli?n delaines .13 rents per yard. 2 " French lawns, ?erj tine 121. " " 2 " organdie*. 18>? ** " 2 " fiounced muslin robe*. 82 2 " blaek bacyee, very hsndsoni".. ,28 ** "* I " rrspemnrstx 21 " " i " rich silks ...7&*.. worth 91 12HJ W. JACKHON'H New Mourning Nlore. Ml Broadway, between Nprnig and Prince streets. MANTILLAR, MANTILLAS, At rednred prices. At LANK A PORTKR'S, 317 (old No. 72) Oonol aL MATTINa.-t'ltKCK, SBe., WHITK,tl'*r. W. H. BOND, lite and 110 Rlxtli svenne W NRW BTYLR OK KHV.NCII ClAI.HtOKH? Printed on the ilnest ysnl wide cloths. At 2*. per yard. A. X HTITWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers snd Readn streets. t\o tvrn'j nnttit pxnsrvinti trn i t>prn a vrw X itfle tod enlor (tan Bump?. P*r MU?*vn< r. It**)')** la *>lk? >?** md cloU*- BKSHUS k Wf LHUH. 310 UamU wirnf*. PINK APPLE URKNaDlIOW An .iitirelj ?*w >1X1 tml.iue r>brtc for a.iramer dieaeea, ' at 38o . 60c. mod Kl.c per yard Plueapp'e Iwuww robfd. At ft) M) per robe, J tint < hy .JAM. CKOI'HkV. 4M1 Broadway. KKEnOTWN IN M'BINtl KILk*. t k. urn-no ?ilk robe* at $14. Worth fit each. Rich rbene allka at VI 40 and fl 30 (> r yard, Worh $1 73 and $1 Beautiful hayrnla re ?ilk*. fhr, and $1, Worth f I 25 per yard, rhma *llka be*t quality at *!V,e. p-r **r.l .IAMks Clt'll'SKT, *"l Broadway. KKAL INDIA t AMKl, 0 HAIR I .<>n( Shaw la. With narrow borlrra. A. T. STKW4RT A CO. hare Jnat received a caao mulalaind the hueat raO.mnrea. In very rare coiurs. Rmadway, Chamber* and Read* *lreeta. Rkai. lace and print*, Prrwli la. c and cnantilly mau'lH.v*, And aleo the Eugenie I arc mantilla*, * new article, juatmrelrcd, Ity Rl VK W tMI ' Mi'iM ITS Kmadwaj KltlllONS, TRIMVIMM, HII.K* AND MILLINERY good*, no ndvaneo In price*. tlialeful to our frlenda and rtialnmcra, ?lio hnte rln ercd u* 'in Willi their kind paimimgn far the laei Iwelvn and a half y?'arr, at our lain afire, W B?w ery, I wrnnltl beg leave to Maura thetn, aiming fur our uatial popular trade. our guide In bnelueaa will till rem tin, ainall nrolita and quirk n-turne, ll endeavoring to koeii richer g'Meta in Broadway. We iball *>11 tbeni at Howry prior*, and there fnre fame that our runtomera in <1 rich ami cheap yvda In anr line, will honor ua with their call, nt 3K7 Hr aelwav, bn tween Whim and Walker wra-t*.M II LICttTKNSTElN Rich DRF5W silks. Tbla morning, at 417 fold No. ID Canal atre"t 100 piece plaid an<1 atriped alike. d*. Uu piece* bay ad re atripe do , fa (to. and to. rioam 'd ailka, mbea.f 15 to ftu. about half prtra. Plain blue and brown al'ka. rheeo At LAMB A PORTER'S. SPLENDID MILK ROBK.H AND DRESS SILK*. At greatly rr Iucad prtaaa. IN) ptere* allka, at 7" eenta par yard worth f I. I'hl do. at tl per yard, woiik ft XI I'll do. at ft & per yard, worth fl 71 75 do. at fl to per yard, worth fi. The above good* are 2r> to hi per aetii rbe?*>er than regular market prtcee. Tkia reduction haa bono tab milled t? la order to RPPRCT IMMEDIATE SAIJC. N. B Scam beaauful NIL* BOBKS, CHEAP. I). B. WILLIAMS. TC7 Broadway, near Ninth e'rawk I (JIl.k.M. BILK*. BILKB. O TIM cheapest Arena atfka hi Uteeity Are to bo bad at the n??r atom, 7*7 Broadway. waf Ninth aiwl (J H #11.1.IU1 QUI P J HF?H A ?<0 . *10 Broadway. win *0ec n??Hw larr? aiork nf ailka at * really reduced prteea. TWaalii. (VDM. Ikikfcm FMAr Rtrlpra and Fwitlaeda. STKLI.A AND NARK.OR MM *W1*. A large and magnificent *K?oruarot n..w ort 1 Many pf the at)Ira are atrwdy <-ml\ned and era mii'-k under prten. ARNOLD. t*>N*TAHI.N A OO^ 'anal atreet, anrwr nf M-moe. SPRING I.ACKR AND KMBROIOKRTRN. , Pana aoUant, how atytoo; uuxaoIsk ifta, tranard with Taienolenaaa lara. Infanta' medallion rtpa, Krai point lana rata; Vnlencleanra arte; Kmbrntdered baao'ito; Financing trlmm ng, Embroidered akirto; Break rant rapa. l,0"U namhewi hernia JANE* ( ROP8KV 401 Broadway SHAWtA Rlella and other ah iwla In great variety. Alan, near atyln alalia ah twin, nhaaa At t.ANI A roRTBK M, SI7 l<dd No. 7? ( anal atreat. STKFL UPRINU BKIRTN OF IMPROVED PATTERNAWjtrrarletl In flL Alan, rrbioUnea embroidered. anrdnd Marat idea dimity: haircloth, grnaa rknh, A--. All the a bora made to order for lad tea and tMldren. Intdlea In aitendauoo. rOHVANAto ? Hroadway. C1LK RORRR.-1NMKNHF. RKDVtTION IN PRlrR. p 31 dollar rubra reduced to at dollar* IT. dollar ruber red wet I to Ji dollara. _S? tloUar robra reduced to lit doll*-a By RKFK* AN A COMPANY. 473 Rroadway. CTKLLA HII AW I*. HTKIJ. A RIIAWI.II. p ? , . ?>? received, **> black -a atrllaa. Ail Inaerted bordera, _ . __ *Vni T d'dlara to 3dollar*, Rv RflEKMAN A POWPAST, 473 Rrtaa. I nay fPNATKI.LtNO DRRMH OOODB. M . in |f,-'mi runny, wis ltuoal#. Madonna, otflpr*, pnpHrwtM, . i ?<hi?r?, m<>?k*lr. 4' , *<v. At oitromoly tow ppt<??. At HEEKMAW A COMr\.TVV. 17J fPHAVEM rv<j \vn . rrrBA.T* ATW,l,iv.i w ? tfl A tr*T?lt>nf wiwppfiw, traralm* wrappo"*. 3 vn a TIIK IXORKNCK NKWTINP ALK WRAl'BKR, A new ^ud laticiiialiuil naruient FOR RKKHKNT BkAHON'S WBAR, In art mod'' and itrajr clotk. Ainu ui laaalimi "t" h, An Kji'i iii? it'- a'""run'-"t. At riai.l'TN'B, *W Broadway _ THKKAP LACK ft-IAWLH AND MANTILLAH, With and without rtonnoea A a|ilnidid aaMir'umiut iu uew and iicli aiylea will be offered on Mouday, die litii Mat., At moderate prlcea. __ AltNOt.ll. CONftTABLK A CO., ( anal eireet, corner Mercer. TIIK NKW SILKS AND OTHKK PRKHN liOOPfl. Received by the Africa, the uioal auperb eyer abown to IhM country. A. T. NTKWART A CO., Rroadway. Chamber* and Rend* itreeta. TIIK NKW KM I'll MS C tfP KT VRH. 11A Y N*?H ? ? ?*' Inform her pair?m* lhat *he haw received per a'e.inier Africa fom rw ..I the ahova elegant Kronen ror*?i?, rime a* warn by the Kmprean Kuflenlc and the llrat Imported into ihti oiarW'-i. HA't Broadway, Between Thirteenth and Konrteenth ? reet*. UNKAHALLKLKD HAROAIVH In allka A. T HTBWAUT A CO., Will open <id Monday, April ii, uuv ,1.. ..-* ... luiuiin f iuibk, a i ? dd. [it yard. Brnadwnv Chambers snd Rcadc streets. TTNSqUAM.KU HTaMPKD kMHHoillKKY MaMIJFAOU tarn.? F. PK PKRCEVAL, (Charles kanoel, siuioeaww), ?57 Broadway, N. T.?Madame Wanoel, sUier or Mtvlame D? Perceval. give* ber ?|>cel?l attention u> *1) kinds ?r KrennA embroideries made u> order, Initials, scalloping, yokes, As., wholesale and retail. \VrEIHKKR BROTH If RH HA VK RKMOVKD TO VT No 23 John street, ae?r Broadway, upstairs. Where they will keep Constantly on hand A large assortment of Rib bona, silks, Bowera, Hvraw laces aad trimmings. Blonde laeea, As., At, And mmtnery goods In general, (Reap, from auction as well as of Ui?Tr <>wu Importation. MlktKIJ.A* mo U ?. fihft ~K HOOfiR, WKLL BSTAWUU.UWU, bliahed, la ChUnum, la now ready to meets* all kinds of merr.hanritao on consignment. Rales affected la the moat careful business manner, and prompt returns. Ko* references and Information, apply to J. A T. HTOUVERCL, glasdmanItfactory, ail t>cntre street. New York. A special kxpositton Or Lauias' and Mimbs' Pssia Honsstb, Of lh? latest modes. Just received by lute arrivals, eomprlstqa ? the leading sty las to he issued this month ki Paris, wlWtSd place Os Honda*. Mat 10, 1067. a* ORNIN'H BAZAAR, BIS Broadway, 8L lllabolas HotaL Awwnfob ANV trktr.?tobtaa A PARSON'h ART* tilde yr proof awnings, waterproof oaarasa MR A*., made aad for sale at U1 West and St Dey stream, MrMh Ordera through mall promptly anewdad to. Brick prfjwew manufactured at ma un booth Ftfth street, Philadelphia. ft. P. MILLER. Contracts ruRMHiiKO ov ati'Mcation to OH AH. SCOTT, it good carpenter andl builder, W9 What Thirty fifth atreot. Hot watkb ani> htkam apparatus for wanning hotel* and otb*r i*r*? Hulidtnra. rrornheueea, |r?|Wrim, fore Ins pita, Ac. -A. J4. UKTCUIMUH takea thla opportunity of returning thank* to hta numornua friends far their patronage during iha laat if?eeii /earn, alao to lafura thru* Mat he ha* removed from No. W Kaal Thirty aeeoad atreet to MO Canal atreet. between Centre nod Kha. whara the above baalneaa will still be carried on. HIIOMRR. 84 ItUANK srittCKT, MACHINIST AWT? preta tool maker.?Repair* done to Weht mochinery; hou.->ennith, lockemllh, beilhunglu*'and jobbing in general. Abo, an annorttneni of Luhi"<, virrx, pre*.** and anvtla for Bale. 11M. BLdJOTr* BUMUMATIO OUBOOATIOM-FOB iM. rhenmattaw, ahllhlattia, lumbago, old apratoa, flalnaa Unua, brniacs, Ao-. An. Par aale at the a ewe and irtrtll depot, M DMd? atreet, Mww Tork, aad by 111 Bim Brooklyn. If W. KINO A HON. ill. Patent chair makers. Hare rcmoeed Prom 468 Broadway, to 43m Broome atreet, (toe door eaat of Broadway. None*?A. B4KKR, I.ATB <?P U ANN HTKKRT. would reHpeelfblly Inform hi* old ruetomere ami friends and the public generally that ho bua np, ned a saw *tnr? a* Ittt Namiiii atreet, third door from Ann, with an entire new etnrk of home, afmea an I ratter*; and manufacture* to order beat Krrnch calf boot* at at to $C; beat trench patet t leather boota, |6 to fj. A rail from my old frh-iwl* ami the public generally 1* rrapacuuily anUottud. I'arttcuiar attention palu to uaUuuera' orders, A inat prepared lor each tout. A. HAKRR. Ml Naexaii atreet NrW CAR PIXTt'RK WARKItOOM, NO 51 OltKRNR etrec!.?The aubacrtbcr ha* lun opened a large aeaorttn< nt ot rl? *|, hand, lu r->, ball U; V?, p< ndauK, bra- k.-le, Ac., which he WUI put up at the low, at prior*. M. W KMMONN, M tiroeae atreet TJURK. CUBAN ANt> CUKAP. IIKCKKR'H MM7II1NH hoiiirkeo|>rrn to rail at any A llm following bakrrtoa, rta:? Hi UuiK'-ri alreet, WJ Pearl atrc.;t, 7B W?wt liroadaay. ?r 14 I Jtnrrna .atrrrt, and make a trial lor thrmaolrea. Tamine* living at* too ureal a duiunro rim hare Um bread aerrad to thrlr bonaea daily by Binding thrlr addivaara to any aI ika above puicrit Rich cut filaks.-tai.f?w worth or cut. plain and preared (Laaa, anlur, fluid and aampbonn lampe, at aholeva e and retail, and flf'rrn per oral cheaper than any eatabliahmeai, at the manufactory of J HTOU VENAL A OIL. art I CDtre ?lr??t, corner of Howard, N?? Vark. l^liOW I'AM.M H Ilk! 1 IT A HKOTUKKH. MANlfAO C? lory aa<l nrarwrraana. No. S North William alreet, ira r Frankfurt. New Turk, and IT W?at Third fWorL tliwrtaaaMI Ohio, a largo aaaonait-ul aotwtaoUr ua haM: .aid akoeMMa taken la oarkaaga. <)rdera promptly atmatwd. gentleman FROM england^ M a ho .loitered until be war Xi yeura 01 ago and a bo Know* (real dl?ndratita|r*a of the nnhlt '<> bow aaaaa deierrain?<l In mrro'iiti- It, la at a niiderate rem. mer*i loo to InBtrnet ladiei and gentirmt n how '.o rid tbrourirna of an pain lul uo Intlrtel'y. 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A large kettle or I'AN WANTED MOLDING fr< m AO to 4.W gallon* lan'ilrr ai Ail Aim etreet. J *!> noble fatmlr P?w?. a tut lb- 2kh <>( Mar AdItrriM r bm I* llrraid nib r atating f - ma. ran*. Mr AMTJU. A xM A I.I. f ARl ti.H MMAklOT <>* TO rt'lit Ad.lrrjw llrraid nMrr. for lb roe dajra W?a Aiki> m* Ktaamt. rww run*u?hio eaA'aroe. aea* aaek oibar ua Maw* lalaed Traarra A Jrrnam, Ma. M WUlioao ?tr?A W~ Zktkp-a Turk axp pr?hs~ a oooo *>wn band Iron aatr and ? arc.ind haad Iraa aepylac proaa. at PI elieri, Hi* Boor ANTKP iMori *> V?HI>- ' a R or i - iikr n?? ?.r gum.I arrand bawl. (mart hr of goad quality). In ??. hang" tnr rlmhii.g, ready naa.: or ma.U la order. A.At roan I arj.ot, H< raid nil.' r far naa work atauaf wbera la aall aad are It. fart <a-h il warred W artkTi to hirk <>k ? iuhtkr?a ta?mt riurtt B/iy In arrant f Ore toaa. wlib gnnd cabin i"-w lia Unna. Mr , far a party of fifteen ta twenty, la ?be early pan at Jnly. 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