Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1857 Page 1
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TH ' r raOLE NO. 7562. i unmmam wmn gg mt. IOAHMN AID Lopaiaa. BUMI STREET, NKAB GRAND STREET.-ROOMS to lot, with board, on Hooond Mid third Hoorn, to a gentle Mid wtfr or atpgle gentlemen; go. nod Proton water. t) OI.rVKU STREET.?SINGLE OKNTI.KKKN OR OKN 1 ..- Iloniwi ond their wtrn can he aooomtnodnted with i I Ml row, furniehed or unfurnished: would be willing O carpet, oilcloth or furniture In eiotinnge. Beth, CM, Terms Moderate. BOND STREET?MRS. BELDEN HAd A SUIT OF . of room* to let on the second ?to*3, llher with or wtthoerd, with all the modern Imnrovrnaenta; also a baee1 u an oClce for a profrMional gentleman. Stranger., arti.ulnriy Southern gentlemen, are In.t.ed In oall far a '?7? ' GREAT JONES STREET -SUITS OT ROOMS AND / aingle room, to let, without boa?d, in thla first olaas - n atone house. The room, are newly and brauti Tolly .Wad Uoi and aolA u-u inr In nanlrUa nf Mllil rfWKR' hR.Ul tr. The location la unsurpassed for com 'ort. -?) RLKKOKEB STREET. NEAR BROADWAY.?A ' ' _v gentleman and his wife or family can obtain a desirable of rooms on the second floor, with full or partial board. retires exchanged. Also rooms for gentleman WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.?TO LET. TO GENUenten, a handsomely furnished parlor and two beds communicating with It. having Croten, gas, bath, Ac , ' breakfast, if desired. None but highly respectable perneed apply. . I t. WEST EIGHTEENTH 8TR8KT.?BOARDING.?A gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen can find dele rooms, with board, in a prIrate family, 68 West Etghb street, between Fifth and Sixth arm. Terras mdderate. t REM SEN STREET, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS ? Southerners and others can obtain elegant aocommona at the abore first class house, r I thin three mluutea of the Wall street leny. House oommands a fine view e bay. Dinner at 6. References exchanged ( \ EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET. BETWEEN UNION x.) I square and Irving place.?This nan residence, having note new costly furniture, la ready for the reception of boardrt Gentlemen and their wives and single gentlemen may tecure de'ightful rooms. <7U SPRING STREET, FOUR DOORS FROM BROADway,?Ta let, several handsomely furnished rooms to .? gentlemen. The location la near all the first class ho Inquire In the bnlldlng of Anson House. t LINTON PLACE, EIGHTH STREET. CORNER OF Mardougal street, near Fifth avenue and Washington fr -e.?Desirable rooms, well furnished, to let, with good , -1 Dinner atG}* o'cloek Good relerences required. ,117 CLINTON PLACE, EIGHTH STREET, NEAR 1" I Fifth and Sixth avenue*.?A gentleman and his wife, e accommodated with handsomely furnished apartments -oard, by nppheatiou as shove. House has til the mo improvements. Reference required. >9 WAVES LEY PLACE.?A SUIT OF FURNISHED U rooms 00 second Hour, aleo a few single rooms, to ith board, in a tirst (his house, to a family or a party of t-meit. Dinner al six o'clock. References exchanged. ! Cr WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET ?A CHOICE (>r . J single rootxiK or miiu, with bath and other oouvees, * tin or without hoard. Tri ms moderate. : ; | budron street, ?t. john'a park.-to i.kt. ' ' I with board, to a gentleman and wife, a large hand front parlor, unlurnialnd. Also a large ba-k parlor, shed, on flrnt tlnor. tiaa and hatha. C TWKLFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND ATKNDK' J Rooma on second Boor, with or wtthout h sard for sln ntlrmrn onlj. A gentleman and wife aid dad a piea. some, aa few boarder* are taken. Famllv p'h ,e. Term* rate. k "? east broadway.?a fupniched front J room on the arc nd tloer, with ,art. p attached, suit lor a gentleman, or three ainrle gear, men, ?It la board, r partial, in a dealrabl famd". ap ily a* shoes )~Cn EAST TENTH SIREKT.-A FEW QKNTLEMKN \Jt ten obtain lull or a o Ual boar I where cary ifftirt r made to rtnid.T it a comfortable bomu. 11a, and fa* I hotue. Terms ino.1i rate. rj BROOME bTREKT ONE BLOCK FROM PRO AO I v.ay.?board and two rooms for nog's f;n?tl'men. > modern Improve nr-t a wld ho found In >1* house. * moderate. 7 r-uch *p< ken. O BROADWAY.?THE BFOOBD FT.OoR, FIVE U I. I.*txitiutwlrd. a 'h hatU, gas. An., furnished or Tusked. without lesard a ,n he had OS reasonable terms, three f' mlahrd single r etna, at 77# K road way, tree ' alio*) Ninth street. r- tj BROADWAY -Kt BNUSED ROOMB TO LET, t7 w tth ?v a' ' at I ? II 'he tvtmfort* of a home. RNT.Br SUIT of APARTMKNTH on tub relit 'tot'Btt can now b* obtained by early application at 71 ?> ' Fooieeta'h vtr-et, near Irving plaoe. Alao, hoard lor <.wtil or without r torn References e so ban red FlfiNThBKD RtMHd TO I.ET. TO A LaRT AND g? ?'!' mat. with board tor Use lady, In a nnaB private r: <h- bouse has ba'h and gaa. terms moderate. Call at etp I wrnty fourth ilrwa, between KUth and Seventh * tea LADY, CARRY I Nit ON DRKRSKaKINO. HATINO v-i.-e room than she reqnlrea, would lei a hsnd-otne fnrU showroom, on Broadway, tor ladles' furnishing or mil / business A person established preferred. Real i* rata. Addreaa A. M ,L. Pahta eiuare Poet oBos _ a 8MAJ.I. PRIVATE FAMILY OCCt'l'TINft THEIR /_ own house, slittaird _m Weet TwentylWd, to lei an elegantly furnished front parlor, wtl a bedroom, kl>. W..t .wH ~.l,"t w ?ter 'KS SD I ? HI" tnbe. Olo SS r ,01 CAinr wiihthi eirluaiv - >1-" a brilliant lined pltuio (i wtii t? *!< (> red, to ? genilrman mi wl'e, or two elagl" emej. with paint board I <: the gentleman. ?:?o a (>.' d I vm auttablr for * tingle RrntleTtian. containing gee, I, it. A rare ehmue lor tin*- dr?lr.?* the on wfirta of in i ton*' hnauikul in ail it? appouifta. Addnwa 1 J.f?76 fm'ndirii I.ADY KROAOKD OtlT DURTNtl THE DAT OF atrre to obtain board hat tng n piano aha would like to Ir^aona in wnuatc an I the rud men** of Frenoh aa part a raknt ASdrvaa K. M., Bible Unite, Aakirplace. Reft c ea etrliaafwd FRIVATIt FAMILY, OTt'PYIKQ A FIRST CLASS hotiae. tn the vicinity of Thirteenth atreet and Seventh I tie, would let In (ingle gentlemen handaniaely furnlah.vt ?a, with partial board Ih-houaa haa Raa hath, marble in , wl'h lint ami cold ? atcr In each roan. It ta convenient ie rata, and atarea par* the door It la deairne<l to oiler a I ! and one far different Itotn an ordinary hoarding lionan. I. aa moderate Addroea K , I Id Fulton afreet. TKBf pkhirahi.k LAMB KMM, with board, j fin nlahed or unfnrnlahi-d, forlwo gentlemen or a gentle 1 and wife, alio, a tmall room, la a delightful eltuatioa. a m.nnlea walk from Wall aireet lerrv. Keferancea egoged Inqaire at 141 Montague atreet. Brooklyn. FRKNt'H TV. At'll Kit. PAKIMAV, IRHM PARIS, having a large and rommndioua bntue, oflrra to aeemnmo e a few gentlemen with board and gratitttoaa laaaona, neh onljr apdken, at i*t Kaat Ten'Ji atreet. K. V. R KKT1RK RUIT OF ROOMS OR THK SWORD w . floor Iar won Id ba rented aeparatal ran BOW be obtained h board, on early application at Wo II Abingdon equarw, at ante A lev a amall row. auttahla for a gentleman SVI1 Or ROOMS. FURSISHRTV SUITARLKi FOR ? oaa or two gentlemen, with partial board only. Tbe weoontawafaa and batha. Apply al VI laat Twenty eighth eec rARLOR AMD SKDROOM TO LKT-OR THK 8R a, c?td floor, ta a man and hla wile, or two or three ale gentlemen, either with or without board. Alan, two ilea ran be aeroaamodaled with board whoae bnalaeaa ralla m ont throogb the day Apply at 16 Commerce ?treet rARIl ?TO I.RT. Ft'RRl'HKD ROOMS TO A I.ADT and gentleman, wt h board for lady anly. la a email aitly The houae enntaina bath and yaa Apply at 110 Waal eenty tonrth (greet, between Rtith and Seventh avonnea. FOARD-TWO OKRTLKMKM WIRHIRQ TO ROOM TO> (ether ran be a. ' i e t with a front roam and badom. in a amall private tainily. either with or without partial wrd. I ocaikwi In Thirteenth atreet. near KU*h avenue. The tiae haa all the modern Imprevemntua. Adilraaa bog l.tOd wt nfltor FOARD TWO OR THRKV SISilLh WITSTI.KMRN OAR ) obtain fumtahed ronnie with board, tn a private family, 1(11 SpCng atreet JOARP.-1WO ROOMS OS Till SWORD FLOOR OF Ro It Kaat Hliteenth a'.rwet, near llnbia park, are now adv for g family of one or two gentlemen \ FOARD.- TIIF RWORD FLOOR. NKATLT ARD WELL f furr tahed. will be let separata or together, with (and ?? a. < i-k.?. ... n. v.. a. II wlfl H. ' ? MM of Ika orrnpan'a u> maka ihnlr r> * wnnfortaiila and hon>a Apply *1 M Waal Twanty poml at raat. f?OAIW> - liKMTI.KVK* I** HIT AIVOMMOO tTKO *" ?' ? Ira' rlaaa t>..ard and apl*ndid airy romii at SI Raw t * ' * '* *- Th..a# Wirlrn* ' ,4 ,, 1 *1 lo wr.l 'o 'all ami raaimnn lor Ikamarlrra TVrana tn >laraU|y > * R IMKO AT 90 Kt'lllTII ATISl'E A FRONT t J room and panffy 10 Int. with hoard, la a aaoila !2?m rt ?dwith J"*1* **?''"?"? <*?" a# fnrrv whj* rnnn T>rv%M *n?l pl??%a%ir noma m Lbr* &bof? Tprm iMl+r?t*. mtmmmmwww QOAI?!?!N'l TWOMH THRKK OKVTIRMKV, I N HK I* arct.mifiOilalod with plraannt rnoma anil haanl In a iiriat# 'ami jr. at *?- tljpninorr# atraat, nnnr Rlaankar. IlilAIUMN'l * -IN'.I.F OPtfTt.Rtorj* ran OR rJ lam Uandrnmaly fiirnlahad atnffl# or dnnhla mmna an I - I a M r< ' , ,w< ''T nr ' J '? at R,, |4 j,?,m r##l hriworp Hbwrkar and Konrtk atraraa. OARPIMO -TKRT IMMIItAM ATART?n**TR r<AR I. 'ninr.l for fwni * - *!* > f >r aln*> r. .tinm.-n ,n Ul, at llbrt %l Innoa. at roograaa Mali, *IJ*y^jJ',^ ?OAR^^ now* TOW* -TO I.RT. A n*K I, ARilK () and naaily fnrnlnh.-d front room mi aarrnid Bow, wtth ran d hath attarhrd, to a jr#Tv;<minn and wlfnor a party of alngl* oil. in n Apply at IIS l?annard aW-at, a faw donra aaai of wdwnr. OARII I* RROOIM.T*.?RITPRRIOR AOOOHMonA tlnaa would h# fnrnlah?d to a irtntleman and wll> and InRlr frntlem^Ti, POM)* fM?nUtfi*d?r tiafurnlM^d, M 7% ?Itrfft iMfttM pl?*MA.nt %nd de*4rrnb?*. and orniT*n??nt 0 (rrrlra. API) t* RROOKI.Y* ?A (IR*Tt,KMA* A*D HIH ? O alnp I <i ran a.- mni ?l,i . d wnh |r I 'OM aad hadronm ndjatnta*. on aarnnd floor, by ap S'ai<> a'rant; wtihm fl m >-. . walk o( ilbm tha 1 i> Wall ntrant fari" a. TRnnar a? A o rlolk. ?RI? I* UK"". ,R -a, M| h I'RKK r.~A ' front room, nnfnmmhrd. third Alao. hark room*, i *ond and third aUiriaa, fnrrkthad, for cantlamea and ltd ma <" ipla aantlnntan Rafarrnraa f*|hlrad. ARM "ix flUoilKi.TX .-l*..l.*"nv*r .FMRKMOi I r< ! !'. man :o<d ? ? \ m t'l Ivmrd. i in good *. .nnimodiri'ii? nnd plrstan' rmnti by apply ng i Ai'antMt MRM. Conrmiaa to two farrtM> IN ItRl'iK.. ^ t 1 I'f I. '.kkr a 7~. N > ha a<wrnn?odaia.l with ol 'taint rr>>ma an I partial h.?ard ? a.iitl.a leiflM. a: 44 haaaa i <'' ?*, d/a. bona it m Ti-fb'ar'nv. I E NE MQRNI majujuia anu uummmo. * ROAEn ik beookltk.-jokb or two oknti.rxkn < JJ (U De li'MmmoaWHU wun a pl-ssani room ami partial < board In a small private family, within Ira minutes walk of i the ferries. Dinuer on Bunday. Apply al m Atlantic at. Board in hrooklyn.-a gentleman and uib wife can obtain a furnished room or room and board in I the first class brown stone bonne No. 83 Hand i street; pleasant s location. Twe amain gentlemen ran also be accommodated. r No ohildrnn In the bouse. Bolnrenoes eiobaojied. Board in houtii urooklyn.-a private family j cau accommodate three or four gentlemen or gentleman a and their wives with pleasant rooms and board. The hous? k contains gas and bath Hltuated on Kullon ferry oar route. d Apply at 46 Hecond place. South Brooklyn. Board wanted-bt a youno man, in a frivato family, or where there are but few boarders, be- t twoen Hlnetcentb and Twenty eighth streets and Seventh and " Niuth avenues. No communications will be answered eaoept those with full particulars. References exchanged. Address H. A L., Hernia olllce. X ?? a Board wantki>-in a quiet family, or with b a widow lady preferred, west of Broadway, between (la- a nal and Amity atreeta. Address L. Emerson, Uuion square ~ I'ost offloe, for two days. J Board wantkd-by a youni lady, whose si business calls her from home during the day; would si like a private family or where there are but a few boarders h Terma moderate. References exchanged. Address L L. K., ~ Herald ofiloe. J Board wantkd-for a lady and gentleman, board for the la-'y only, where there are but few board- Tj ers; widow lady preferred. Addrtns Mrs. I) Oardaa, Broad- J way Post ofllre. H Board wanikd-by a sinoi.k tiicntlkean, be ttveen Uleeokcr and Fourteenth atreeta and Fourth and / f-inh avenues Full hoard not to eiceed $8 per week, and \ a h- ii absent In country room hirvnnot to be over 13 per week. H A fit!Fa*fin fitalinir uir? find InMiliiv nf nwim and full uarVinulAra 11 bo I J.0H2I'rat. o'iire. ' (! pOl'NTRT BOARO?FOB 1HK HUMMKR MAT BB 1 U bad Rt a dealt able residence a few milea from Brooklyn, \ eary of arcena by the laing Island Railroad. For particulars 1' Inquire at 74 Kaat Twenty third atreet oi ClOL'NTRY BOARD CAN UK H AI) IN A DRI.IOHTFOL J location about one boqr'H Kail from New York; alee in I tin* m.wt desirable part of the city. Inquire at SO trying place. I DRBIRABLK ROOMS?IN A YKKY TL.KA8ANT LO w c.Hli'y, for a city aummer realdenoe. either single or in ?' Ftilta. with etery coiiTftilenee, are offered to gentlemen wtio R dine down town by a private family; a gentleman and lady v would be arcotnmo.lated.'l/oea'ioa very accessible luquire ~ at lfib Weal Klerenih street, ail doors from rttiih avenue | IjlAMlMKR AMD SINOt.K tlI'NTI.KMKN MAY IIKAR In 1 of very desirable room." with board In a flrst class house, M containing every modern improvement, by addreeaiug F., box * 2,148 Post oflit'e. n< French MABBL-tftimm for wtacaxm I and rootoa tor single gentlemen can be had in a first class I bonne, by applying at No. 57 Bleecker alreeL Dinner at six ? U I II in ? a Furnishkd rooms to i.kt to qbntlkmkn?an * milt of r-'Him*. with commodious bedroom* and " pantries a'lache l handsomely furnished, at61 Bleecker street, " a tew (loom from It road way. Also two elegant parlors on the '* flrst tioor, furnished or uiuornished, suitable for a dentist or __ phvslchn. FVRNISPK.D ROOMS TO I.KT-WTTHOUT BOARD; I two uice parlnra on the And floor, ona Urge room on tha 01 wcond floor Ilmnt suitable for two or thrao geetlemen; atao, *' If lira* attic rtmnt Apply at 74 White street, Fourth door *' from Broads-ay. ?j Furnish km rooms -a fkw sinolr gkntlrmkn ~ can ha scoomi. seated with fiirniahad rooms, with (or I wl-hout hoard, at IS* firth avenue, near Fourtaanth street A ? ? ? <1? rHN IhH Kit HI Kill8.?GKNTI.KMKN RRQUIRINO FUR ntslied rooms. without hoard, will lind a vary pleasant _ MM) can rent cut loc iilon at No. 87 Prince street, near Broadway. west side. Tha bouse is newly furnished throughout, | ano liitrd with bath, gas light, Ac. Terms moderate. A ~ at frtURNismtn rooms-wtth or without partial k. ' board, cau ha had at .187 Fourth street, near Broadway. ? House Or*t class, coo tains all the modern Improvements. No T r;i" boarders tsken. j Furkishkd booms-handsome large rooms, u ttli pantries, hot and cold water, gas ttad bath, in a new tirst rlsas bo-ise, may he obtained at from St! o to per weak. I Partial boaril If dsstrad. Apply at 86 West Thirty-sec-tod A street the lirst No. hh frsan Sixth avenue. ' FURNISHED ROOMS IN A PRIVATK FAMIl.Y.?AOKN J* having more room than ha re-juire*. is desirous Ul Of ranting a stilt of furnished rooms to a party of gentlemen, on the second tieor, consisting of a parlor, large bedroom, suit- ~ shie forcne or twoyWMMj and liall bedroom oitislile for one, 1 Wtth use of bath room an the s.tme flror. MWttM in Vartck J place, between Houston .utd Hleecker streets. Two lines of rt stages pass wi Jim a few doors, and the Kixtli avenue rars in u tin pear ? ilhiti a few bltcks of Hroalway. Apply to Mr " WHrTINO, a> No. 1J Spruce street, or at No. IS Varied place, * between 6 snd 8 In the evening. h Fl RNI.-tUKD Ri?OM TO I-KT.?TO LET, IN A PRIVATE fl IniTilly. a neatly tiirnished room on aenotid floor to one or p two stnglo gentlemen, luguirc ut the dwelling. Aid UranJ k Full. PARTICULAR* OP THE MORT DESIRABLE * boarding liotises and families wishing boydrrs, city or ~ country, given gratul ously at thu Hoarders' Riehange, 1IM V Hr<>adway. All wishing select hoarders should make imtne- k. cls'e appllca'ion. SMTTH A BOTD, Anplaton Biulding. ki.nvitMt Bi\n\i it* i MTVn I W llDf L'l W - IFftfAW "" |j'l HO loll r.l' n l.nnir?IM ?""? r, J1 mul bndroom, mally furnlahed. or pulnlljr.fnr a m*n s mil wtl> wlthou' ilnklri'li. With oonrnnlrurc* for (hxjfclnr ht-rma mux b? inodrratn.. Addrraa A. C. IV, Brooklyn Boat rl oflir?. ? c Fm crnimikd rooms to lkt-with bartial l. Honni. Hi on>- or 'wo ainrlr grntinmi'u. At -Vj fourth m ri-' t, opp?inl'?'b<? Pn.-k. itioi r torntl nkn OAK hatk oood board, im t J1 a pr.ra.e, at KM kaat Tweaty imail stroat, an-oad mm 111 , . in I^urnisnkd rooms.-18 WKST ki.KVKXTn rtrkkt, a fnw doora Iron Broadway. Dnatrabla front rooma. , without hoard, or with bmakfaat. tiaa. bath. do. HANDSOME V I'RMI.iUKD ROOMS TO I.ET ?WITH OB V | without Hoard, at Mo. SMSUth amua k HOTKI. LODOINOS.-'GKNTLRMKN I'AM OBTAIN ![J (to *1 funtiahml mom n at I ho Mloba Hotal. cornrr of Krnnklort and William alrnrn, at JS ernta par Itlrht. A I'nw , Iimi r h m? .V ornta nor nirbt. No otbor rharsot ricnpt at >> llioir option. L Neat and nhwlt nurmihhnd rooms to lkt j" I to ffontjororn and tbair wiroa, or to aing!* rrn'.lriafia. at h 64 tVblto atraot, i>rar Broadway, la a quint, rroprotable family. ,, Mnat *Ito rood rrOranm In rrffard to c tarvtrr NKW ami) HAND?OjHEI.T BURNISHED ROOMS, H wt'h or w Ithonl brrt kraal and u-a, for attntlo (nntlomnn, , at |0| Wrat Klurn'h au*?W, batwera fifth a.iA Suth artmuna. " Rrjnrrnnoa raohanpiil. ' NIO. t? BLKECKER STREET-A HAMDHOMRI.T ?! | f'trhl'h"! faml parlor, 'bird thair. and a MdMk aroani f. r. wit! <s hoard. Vb<-howaa ronlalna all tba mm)era la I t-1 Iftn-Pi* ' {PARTIAL BOARD WANTKD IN BROOKLYN?BV A {} on*la fan la an AnwrVan family, nnar South aad q all atro-t ktura Addroaa W. K., boi d2l Bmd offlaa f| Kooms t? let -h anpsomki.t furnishkp rooms " to l?t. al tl Warrrlry plana, nlthnr with or wlilwint board > S|INOI.r OENTLEMRR CAN OBTAIN pleasant , room a, with partial board, la a Mall fainllr, by aaplyter , a. 40 Kaat Twrniy fifth atr'et, nrar fourth arroaa Baal rw , frrnor# pfrao aad rrqulrad. ^ TWO OKNT1.kmkn <*am bk aotokmodatid WITH a f".ru>h. <l parlor and bndroom by applying at 83 Waal r 1 wi lit* f .i'h trart. J TWO OR TURKU HARnBOjflO.Y rURRISIIPO ROOW I I to i't to AC to r?Bt>ia*u, without board, with all tba nod' rn linp OTrna. >;* V( ply <nam>'Uafe l/at Maddaa a H?- r lot. to Mid AM IAn adwajr J TM WO OR THRK.R S1ROI.K (IMHTLKMKN CAR ItK AO " I maunndMad with partial bonrd.ln a prtratr I tmiljr. at No. avi tlai.r> au-fi. tom?r i>f Atab?. Ar- AbQa f TWO R1? r.T,Y rt'RRWHRP ROOMS TO LKT, TO SIR. r I Ck" grn'iraa'B. to a burr wiUt aU thn modrra Improvo- J maata. I o ati?o anattrpaaaad; laatllv prtraia. T?rma f I jj ? and prr w??k I Dmtnrp'i.mablr rffbrrnona ftvaa and re b intrfd Apply at >i It^aah airaot, St. .loh^i part. c IV'ARTMV-HY A SIROI.K OKRTI.KMAR, A OKRMAR, f| f f a w. II f'im.tbi'd room with partial hoar I. In a r??poc J lahV private Am?rtran and Ileal* 'arollf on-optlng a m xt.-rn u built h.ri?". --at.nil h. tw.'i-B IW'iatna and KWrhtb *tr?*ta. h ?a-t i I 11 ii i. rtna not to *? i fin par t< m< ti'A; bra' rt refer* pra ?t?rn Addrra* M. W . Ilei aid oWiw 7 IV' ART 'P?RY A YOCRtl OKHTMRAR, A I. A ROE >? r nm and pa . with Ml or partial r hoard. In a prteate family, where the ootafurte irf a h<na? and J ladlm' rnm|>anj 'an ba ?iui>yed Arilresa I. M , but ROUS n Pout nfl.rr, a'atinc ?rtna ami lartkvilara r UVAItv n HI t I I ITO ORKTUMAR, A OORTORT r I able room and partial board, In a prlntte family, location not nb of Trntli atmet, In tha centra! or eaalern part of V theiliy. Addroaa ata'iat partlimlarn, .lamaa, Harald offara a mrs~ - -v.- . . : a ~ktt ? I nnxuiUM. * r?J ASH WTRBCT-RAROrAOTORY or PHRLARW oO a . .tard tab tea and somhtnaUoa laahlui I Balan anna fM M>d 7W Broadway.- purabateia ara anntlmnad * aaraiaat adarrahlb tad tad- an artsced for aala nader a atgailat r aama. sad w?th tka word " ridtantaal" prafliad, there*? readtac the lam aad erart otna aa c.^agamvi awtodla npn? n?? pnhd* till RAW. riTRI^AR Patmtaa f A I.AROR STOCK OP TABMW. VARIOIS IIStR.4 * /\ and alate bade, with the mochanleal ruahkma, war * r?nl?i) not to r..roaic rny r>at?ot cork btimbnff. Alao a minibar of reread hand tab la*, 'rtmittlrr*, Ac. I. l?Ki KffR ?! bin nTct ' BA!>HrcRpk rm.i.tarh j?noM8-No. i<t KULTON I and Ko.B Ann Uraci*. newly renovated, lh? beat titled billiard palace in America, Onurtt and Ramaen, Brooklyn; a r th .wmnd dollar challenge. None ran ential imr trna an*lea I tard ard I ca and trimming* far aalc. |l"?ODB <*<n>n ?*?*>KU BANl> ftlf.MAKO T A m, MR, " Taw " nil ^ iTSlt r CLOTHINO. dbC. ! $r (WW) TO TNVKPT IN NKt'DNP HAND t'LOTHINO. ' ? tlcntlaman wiahln* to convert left off or tiir ' p >t# clothlnk into crab ran obtain at laaal flfty per cant mora liv.allliir <>r*end.n|r 'bolr ad lr c* In IAMM MORONKV, m 4501; Prarl airaal, naar I hat ham I U.OfHlNO tltt' rrHNITI'RR t.AOIIOt AND out* tlaman hav tir any In dtapona of can raaalT* a fbtr aaab E prion by aeodlnH to or addreaalng H. Onhon, U Um atrae?, noar Canal. or U W#a? Broadway l-ndltw attaodad by MriTr. ? *** * ^ a t A O off UlAllBiau a ft i? K * *?I?I' - f \ > la<)tea or ff"?tl or n having ant of tha am- to dlap tee of I ran obtain a oaata price by eendlnr f ? the kt'tanribW tw b .nmaah tha ront. I ad tea attended lo by Mra l? u M. n 'flNBMvjRr. No. I) Da ?tr wn t. # W YC NG EDITION?FRIDAY, _ HOPS KM, KOOBOy WUVWB. 3A?S1 BROADWAY.?TO LOT, A BNAimPUL SUI1 i)U U of offices elegantly ruiiUwi, eaMablx for dentist tpply on the third floor, between 9 Mid It o'sfook. A OOTTAUB TO LKT-IN TUB VIUAUR OP MOBRI8A tt nia, between Plflh and Hlith streeh and Pordham ant rullon avenues commanding a flan vtsw, with a large, wel locked garden. Apply on Ike premiss*. Aleo, fnrnishst oom ana bedroom. A NEAT AND ItKdlR ABI.K 8TAHLK, POR A QKNTLK t\ man's use, lu Thirteenth street, a few vords befow PlfU venue; in rnnlains stalls for flnnr horses, carriage house, ha) rtl court yard In front, '? well ventilated, to l*C with trams Late possess! m vpply at No. tor No. 4 West ThirteeuU trout, opposite the stab e. A IUBKMRRTTO l.KT-AT fit# BROADWAY, NKAR (V Iy opposite 1-aurn Keens'* theatre Rent low. Also, be lort in the ame bnlidlnr, 100 by It feet. A DR8IRABI.R LOCATION.?TO l,KT, BRTRRAL UN A furnished mom* parlor* and smaller room*, separate! r together; situation convenient to and went of ltroadway elcw Itleeckrr strcer; terms reasonable. For particularpply to H W ItK'tl Aims. SOT Broad war. * VKRY HANDBOMKI.T FITTltD UP HTOKB TO OKI 3. tu Brondway?In lb* lower part of the city, on the we# <li\ about 40 font In depth, beautiful ahow windows, and nimble lor almost en* kind of business; posansaiou may bJ ad Itnmedlab-h. Apply to B. W. RICH A Rl>8, 3"7 Broadway I PARTMKNTH TO I.KT-BUTTABf.K FOR I.IOHT BUM \ neas purpoees. Apply at 82 Pulton street, up ytalrs. 3ROADWAY H AI.KSR TOM TO LRABIM-IN THR MAR 3 hie building, No. 6G7. near St. Thomas church. It ii by UnTfeei, with two eutrancea from Broadway, and U -ell calculated for Ipiano or furniture dealera. lOTTAOR AT TUdHT HOOK TO I.KT?A HANDBOBT8 J oot'Age. near the etalion, oontaimng elx rooms and kitclie*: udson River Ksilmad curs stop at* times a day each way; y. mile# from Chambers street. Rant MM. Apply to 8. T.APF, Tubbv Hook store. TOTTAGK ON FORTY NINTH 8TRKKT.-TO LKT, A ) neat cottage hou?o on south side of aald street, between bird and T exington Iftaaei; eight rooaaa and kitaheu, in flue -iter; Cmlon water, garden tn front. Apply to JAMKS KICK, 3?lID risen a'reet. j<UBNISI1RI> COUNTRY RRSIDKNUK TO LKT?A OOM' modlon s house In Urn village af Flushing, well adapted >r a large family or for one taking boarders. A few minutes alk from the railroad depot Garden well supplied with loloe fruits. (Jan in the house, and barn on the pre ml nee. ent, Including furniture, 8SU0. Apply to MURRAY A DAIH, 86 Itroad street. <1URNI8H?1) HOUSR TO CUT?ON FIFTH AVKNUR, ' near Uie Krevoort House; the house la large, has all the lprovemeuU) and is new and elegantly furnished. Apply to r. AI.KX ANDKK, at the ollioe of Flak A Ripley, 160 Hroad?y, from 11 till 2 P. M. Agents |or boarding house keepers ?d not apply. jlUBNMHKD UOUHR TO LMT ON MOOCRATM . terms. If to a small earaful family.?To let, for all mths, fsnm the first of May next an elegant bonae of < derate sire, with brown stone front furnished In unique vie, adorned with objeots of art, and aituamd In Twentytrd street uear Fifth avenue and Madlaon square; one of the mat desirable situations in the city, being open to the south, a airy and In the Immediate vicinity of one line of city railami three lines of stages to Wall street and Mouth ferries, n Address NKllO. BBOR A WO.. No. 190 Pearl street HURNIRHRD COUNTRY IIOU8K TO l.RT. AT BATH, U I., about h mile trom Huta House ?The i?ih? ih In good mdiium, nml pleasantly Kltiialed, fronting (Iravesend bay, id commanding a fine view of the narrow*, fort Hamilton, p.. At.; excellent facilities for bathing and fishing. The pla m of easy accea* tmm the city, stages passing near the house, pply at 140 Macdougal street IOCHB TO LET?BURNISHED OR UNPURNI8HRD.A ulnasant summer residence, situated very near Rye pot, about IK ml lea from New Turk, In a convenient and luhtially healthy neighborhood. Toman moderate. Apply MARY W. PUROY, ueit house to the depot IOCSK AT POROHAM TO LET.?A NEW HOUSE, gon'airing nine rooms, surroiinded by about oue half i acre of land. Rent 02SU to a dealrabla tenant Apply to >bN t'R'iMWKI.I., Kordham, Weaiultafficr county, or to R. RAMPfiON. No. 12 Pine street. I ALP OP A MODERN HOUSE TO LET (EITHER half) to a small family without children; one of the beet callous In the city. Apply at 125 tiros by street PURNIRIt HOORK?YOU THE HOARD?A UENTLK msn, with s very small, quiet family, owns and occupies I elegant, new wide brown stone house, beautifully situated I Murray Hall, wishes to find a gentlemen and wife, with mllar t tab Us, who will, for rent of house and furniture, board e owner. Abundance ?|| rooms, first class relefences only changed. Address P , hoi 1,275 Post office. 5ART OP A HOUSE TO LET. NEAR PIFTH AVENUE.The whole of the second Uoor, consisting (it Uiree large nits end two sleeping rooms, supplied with gas. baths, Ac igcther with the neat front basement, snd equal privileges in I il?r and ynnl The house Is new, with brown stone fWin' nd situated In a eery desirable neighborhood, up towa, (no m far.) Tlie present occupant, having mors room than tu rqutres, will rent the portion of the house very low to s smal imilyor uneiceptiooehle rhference. for further partloulan 2TORK AND HOl'HK TO I.KT IK BROOKI.YN-NO. 123 5 Atlantic atraM, bring ona of the bMt location* for boat raa In thla ally, For particular* apply at Mo 144 Itl .i.tki ?t. 'TORK TO I.KT?TN OMR Or TTTK HKST LOCATION* } aiul grratoat ihi>n?i;;htnrra la tha city. il?ut 9260 per inum to a good tenant, caa thriving and cotinlnra rinded Inquire at 1.1 I'tirmine alrret. tori: to i.kt?om nahsau strkkt; onk or tiir ) brat lora'toM In the city for hooka, boot! and abona or "thing Addrraa A. li. 0 , llrrald otllaa. TAHI.K TO I.RT-IN 8IXTKKNTH 8TRKRT, FIRST ) door Imm Broadway. Apply at No. 7 Broadway, la baaoant. 'TATKN INLAND.?TO MET, TIIR LOWKR PART OK A ) hollar, furnob'-d, rtotniHling of twnparlora, with prlrilega a kltchiti: prlee 918 prr mon'h; alao, the upper part of bouar, ilnnilahed, rottalalinft of four rooma; pricr fa prr month; altitrd In Mon'yomrry urttw, Tompkmartlla, wtlhm thrm tnn'ra walk ofthrfarry at IpiaranUna. Apply to ROBT. K8LRWOOD, Richmond turnpike, Tompklnarilln, tttaten -land T. .lOIIN'S DQUARK. RTC.-TO I.KT OR I.RARK, FOR > a ah.wt tlma, thr four atory dwelling houaea Nna. ltfT, 171 id 171 il'tdron atrrel, nearly fronting on a Aid aqnarr Thr uara arr roomy and .nnvamaat, and hi good nrdrr. Pnaaoa on at once. Ilrnt moderate. Alao, alorr and dwelling Mo. <.'1 Waahinglon atrrrt, op|>oaiir t Union mark at. I loo. I atand ra cheap grocery Ira or clothing alnre. Apply Ui J AM KM RII'M, oBrn All Hilda.m atreat. 5TKAM POWF.R.-TO I.KT. ON 8BOOND FLOOR OF 5 No. 12 Hprni'r atrri't, Ihr rnlire lloor, 76 by 25 fart, wi'h in jxiwit. Knit 9750 prr annum. Apply to Mr. A. T. I'llITINO. i n thr prrmiara. r) I.KT?A TUBER HTORY AND BA8KMF.NT dwelling boiro, for nna or mora yrara. rap lata with all > modern roun nlrtiraa moat elegantly altnalrd in Cllnloa lace, nrar Broadway. wph anmr furornro if wanted. 10 a -el tenant. Fnar'-raioo immediately. Addraaa b.11 300 l'nat Ulna. IX) LKT-A VF.RY FLKARANT COUNTRY MR AT, L abont nna mil* tmai White I'lalna, Weatrhratrr county, 1th baaiHl.'.l said, n ?nd tbaohntraot fruit, with any luaoUty f land rrqmr.'d Will ba rented low for ana or morn jrrara ami Had for Inunrdiatrly. U ta midway batwran tha TlarV-m nili-atl diL'ia ? Vth n- l'h.tna and I lar in lain, rr, our mt.r tot each. Apply to WILLIS A CONKUMO. Md hVmdway, p atalra. HO LET?FARTI.T FURNI8HKD. FO88K88IOR IMMB L dlatofy a handaotna country aaat at Naw Roohalla, tra llnntra walk from depo' or landtag. with 'hree or mora anraa f laud. Houae ronnura 10 roonw, kltnhm attached, g<? J ardra, ahadr and fruit tree*. atablaa, onaah bouar, Re Aply to i n. FINK .MKT, 41 bckaaca plana, or (JKMARDUS tAYIR. oa thr trm ra r I.KT-AT BAT RIDOR, U I? OM T1IK RIVKR, NKAR thr terminur rf tha Third Mr-noe Railroad, a two atory nd bnarni*ni d.inhla bouaa. lauuira on 'h? pr- mlaaa, of J. IFMRRN BF.NNKTT. no I.KT?AT WIUJaMSWRO, TWo NKATCOTTAHKA I w ah yrrar.dak* in front, pleaeunlly altualrd on Spring tar ?oe. Re wwwn And M i Ji? t?k turnpike, on* m i? ?<>m <ir?n t ireei ferry Tkrys," rrrr distrshle i -sidon * ? for ?m?ll enteel famiitrs. Ren! tl3 ee h, to jnod letuui'a. Ap? ? to >. A A. KIMOt*I.ARD A NVTTOn, M Broad MrM, PO l.RT A I.AR8K VKONTROOM OlfSlVOND Kl.OOR I tn lei. f?rri<ked, 10 ope or two ?m<le f>il'tm< n, eri'h or rltltonl patia! boArd. in pr ?*'? family, tiltitation in notchTlx**! of Wnshmficn s<|iinre. Addrenn I'. It. U., timid Itloe rOI KT?TIIK RIT1I.PIBO lK'WKTATRK.BT rORRER Of IfaJik', Brink qr The lnrnUon it * irotl J> mrnbk nn> tr A rrlAil erorkery n?n (It hnrtnjf been t? "itpied fnrsooh mlo' tt for .he last Are yeers). or would rrutke n pwot rju>l ir ?pt o her business Fur parti ou far * snd keya n.( i re of skant. In the .bakery, ourasr of liourt sud K.i#t Hal'i* reel*. Brooklyn. r> l.RT?A HRMOHTFCL miAIDRROR OR TIIR HKA shor- for he summer And fail season, mrr #P-d or nf ir ishi-d. Inyiitre of II. HALOMONB, At Uurrtli, IHttisoo A Bur lil'S, I# \Tsli street, X T r? l.f.T -A RARK < tlami r-a vkw PROWV storr house. | r'ly inrnitlied, in a de iahu'itl lo-siliy, in Hinoh m, omtnifkl in Wa.1 Anil K iwm ierr!?t. Hoard of own-r i d his wUe ? I be taken in payment of the rent. Address >< * Hern Id oil ne ri. i.kt thr raooRD fiix.r or AiiMiaua hovte. in n'slr'uf 1 roomsdeej , wiih slWmedoim, hell had en, |.? hm.m t snlrlee. hot And eold w*ier, r?s "b*i IsBsm, II n frs rsie order Ts A tntAll retpodAhfa fsmily It will bs I-I reAsonnble Apply ?t At. We#! Thirty flfih street, bntwess ifk'h at.I Rfaih nrenpes ry l.RT TO A AXAI.L. F AMII.T- PART OF A FOl'R story ho nee on Forty fonrth street. vsrmd itorir ens' of Irh Arenne. The hsnee is new and hes ess, hAih. hot a?d old wtior; .pesklnc irtmpois, Ao. A tAStlly wishing to itTA ! let sod senieel, trtll find this a pleasant (neatKm. rp l.RT ri'K PVhlRABt.R ROOMR OR TIIK SVdXlRTl and h rd one* of T7I Rmudwey. Apply 1o ROW ARI1 irRIOAR A BROT1IKR, 371 rroadwsy. rBl l.RT?A RRATl.Y Fl'RRIAHKO 'HOtTAK OF MO derA s ylo, hartal! bath rnon antl_ water srlrilecna. ?itu tcil near 'he I lly Null, tir>"*'Tn. ror imuit-r IW'KII hdreaa I). l,? HcraM nffl , for three day* rl.OT?TO A Nil ALL AMKRtl'AN FAMII.T WITH on' children, the ?eroin| Door of cottage hnuae B2 W ' 'nrty fourth with gar. Cr^Wm and hath, mi' MM. Ai' ily aa ?b??? r) I KT-orrirw room. on first floor anh atih bMi-nmi light an.1 dry Inqnlre In lha tranl v ? M'trray atrect, nrar Broadway. rLFT AT A TRRT IX>W RRRT, f?R FOR NALR. THR ihrre ?lory htah atoop brick honac, **? with Oroton. aa, Ac., No SM Ninth atreri, nrar Flrat arenoe. It will be nt In order for a good tenant. Apply to FNTNR A. H JACK OF. Rant Twenty aerenlh atrent, or I* Broadway r LOT-TWO NRW FIRST OLANR FOUR OTOAI brown "tone hiiiiaaa, In Forty around atmet, belw i Imadway and Alrth attune Three honaea *are dnlah M i be rary beat atyle, with all modern Impnrramenta. an I hr rrtlm la rery deal ruble, lira atr-et being l?D feet wide. inuMxtmZs*" u **" ' HJ'K II MAY 15, 1857 - TRIPLE SI ^Bowini, oun!MLt ivun.^ r mo LET-THR COMMODIOUS DVPHLLINO HOUU NO. I M I'rlnce strorl, uear lirsadway. Apply at M Chambers treat, third floor. mo LKT?THK NK\T KNOLI8H BASRMRNT 8TOWI I X hnuae No. 241 West Thirty aeeoud itml, between Kigh'h ] and Nlath Maaia Hu boon recently painted and papered. I Apply oa the premises. to he person la aharga. or la JOHN B. NURKAT. 44 Wall street mt) l,KT.?TilK PINK TBBKK BTOBT AND ATTIO > I house No. ISA! Wont Kourtoentb treat, H baa Just been ' painted throughout, AO., would brtjet cheap to a good tenant. Apply >0 J. A W. DKNHAM,'Kighth areoue, oorner ofrtta1 teeulh treat. IXfloe open from morning Ull 9 In the evening. rLKT?8ROOND FLOOR AND BACK BASRMRNT OP the pleaaant house, 96 Stanton treat, to a rat all fatally without children, two parlora and two hall bedrooms upou the second floor: basement contains oyer ooavenienoe. To any family wishing a quiet p'easaat house thl* la deetrable. mO LKT CHKAP-AT FORDHAM. NKAR THR IIHI'OT X It miles (torn the tUly UaU, a convenient two story and baaeeaeot house and garden. Apply to JOHN B. UABKIN, II Chamber* etr-et. rLKT, IN JKRNKY I'ITT?A TWRKK STORY HKK1K house with Kpgllsh basnmeut and all tha maderm Imi

promaonla, 266 buulh beuiud street. Apply at ISA South Second street. TO LhT .IN' BROOKLYN?PART OF H0U8K NO. 90 Adams street, to a mall American family. There are alz room*, aad will ha let for $280. Apply on tha premise*. T> LKT. VURHSHRD-A NP.AT AND COMMODIOUS house, plsaaantly situated at Toraphtnsrllla, Rtatan Island, near the ferry. Address boi 1,694, New York Poet olflee. IIO I,KT ORPORritl.K?TWO PRIOR KNOLIRII BASK meni house*, on Piny second stmet, near North rlvrr: also, ' to let, s two ai-.n nnd ' i.hi ment brick I S2 feet frout faralsheil or ?e4>trei"hed, with stnlilr rent yery low. Apply to JOUNO. DAVlPON.rmthe e rem lees, or tt N'?. ' Maiden lane. mo LKT OK LRaSK?TH POOR RToRT BRIOK X bousi , i: Irving place, w;:s frit tn-.lon. improvements, hot uid ooM water hatha, range* gat luturea, Ac. Apply to Q. THKltAl) 1). Eng.. 133 Waaeau street YONKKRi- -BOT8I WITH OR WITHOUT FURNIture t? let, on the bank* of the Hudeon river, one mile (outh of Yoaser depot and atljoiniug T. W. Ludlow'* residence; (U, wale i and a tab lee, four arres of ground; replete wlih an modern Improvement*. Apply to U. U. WOODWORTH A GO.,74 Wall street N. T. ^ ^ RIW PUBLMATIOAB. T^RFl) SCOTT. J?9 I). aiti.KTON a CO., :H6 AND 318 BROADWAY, Publish on Saturday, A RKPORT or ihi DECISIONS OF THK SUPREME COURT OP THE UNITED STATUS, And * The opinions ot the Judges thereof in U>e case of 1)RP1> SCOTT Vermis JOHN V A. HANFORD. nr atcNJ. c. itowano, Counsellor at law and reporter of the derisions cf the Supreme Court in the United States. One volttma, 8v?., 2*1 pages. Uicents. On the receipt of the amount a copy will be sent by mail postpaid IT 18 OLORIOUS IN THE COUNTRT. How can I go, and wlien return! It's all told you in IHNSMORK'S "THIRTY MILKS aROUND NEW YORK." 128 pages, price 12 cents. No. 9 Spruce street, up stairs. Twenty two years a slate and forty yrars a Freeman ?This is the title of a new work just Issued from the press by Mr AUSTIN STEWARD. It contains 960 pases- 1 too. muslin binding. Price $1. It can be obtained ut the author, wbo will remain lu the city for a few days. ~ RKW8PAPHRB. Youtt WIFE WANTS IT. " ~ " UARPKR'S WBKKLY. Frre cents a number?g2 00 a year. Number Twenty ready this day. ooirnm. Our Foreign Policy. Lard Napier. Bate on Travelling. Railroad Repudiation. Probable taeresse la the price of Daily Newspapers. Halwer's new novel. Chat?Over the water; The aneh rraariea. Woman?A Persian tale. bis>w. The Man Abont Town?Hairy Nothings; A brace of artist* The magic breeches. Prattle and Taiile?OounlnKarah'a w-VUng. 1 "Cunt* Bell" and her Hiatara. ?llUuUraUona--Charlotte Hruute; llawonb pareonaae uul church; Par aimlllo ofourly 1 M H. of ( "harlnue llronta. | Two l.llr Dreame?With two tUnitrationa. J Literary?Jf?w honha and litrmrr pcaalp. | ltomcetln TBtrlllxeaoe.?Political?The Oaalral AmerteBn J Trm'y; The Korrtan Miealona,Oltk* Bea?ari; Praoaa amoap ' pollUt-laus, Personal Hoealp, Tho Hordel) >t iri. r Trial?the Kvldcure; Tho Kauaaa Klaetioii. XruM' of tho (lovrrnor of Connecticut; Mr (.'boat* to jro to ('blua, Hptrttualiain at iioatnn; Crime on lbo Decreaixi lit New York; IXmfaaaioo of a Murderer Foreign Ifewk- Kasland?Tba Qtieen'a Health; The London Heaaoa; Illaeai of the JlB'-hem of (lloaeeater; 1 be Kuiflab Four, Lady PoHtictana; A New Una of Mammoth Htaamera; Tha Maine Law In Kngland; The i*dy Potaoner In HooU tad; A Portulaht a Foal, .-it Metnbera ol Parliament Nearly Killed; freedom')/ Peasantry In Ireland. Prance?Narrow Pjuape of the Kmnnrnr, Madame Canlij|llonr; llouee Rent* In l'arta. Arrival of dkn tlraud llukn Ootialaulinn. The Imperial Baby, I'otaooed PeUtmaM; The Kmpemr ret* Hieaaed. Hen P'-itaaler to be Married, P)nt'mamnal Howling, A Wiia Hoar lloot A Literary Auto da fa; HI lad Chew; How lla did It. Spain? I'alara Scandal. PriiaaU?Complainta of ImmUp-auta, AKojal.loke. Chlaa?Propreea of HoatillUea. River* and Citiea of Nlnaraffvm. -Ilbuttratlon: Con rent of iliMdulupa, Oraaaila, Niraraxna. Catliedral ami CI y of I.eoa, t N mamma. J miction of the San Carlo* and Haa J nan Itirera, Fortran Carina, laake Nicaragua; Port Han "Carina, Ihtj Drati urtioa of Uranada; the t 'hy of lem. 'the Dead s. oral?Chanter the Nineteenth? Approaching Ui? I'rertpl. e, chapter the T? ealleth?Standing on Uie Hrtnh. .leruey PearU? Illua:rait<>n .leraey Pearl* from Tiffany A Co. , Anterlcaa Benevolent Societies? Illustration* Hon. Thend<<rr FreHaghiijiien; J, C, Brtgham, *I> |).; Kabert Balrd, |i. D.; Rev. William A. Halite a. Iter. J. U. I*inney;lhe Ame (Van Bible Soctetv; American Board of Commtmmuer* for Foreign Mwaintu; ibe America* Colonisation Smvety; the Ame i. an Sunday Sehrnil I'nion, the American Trart society, the Aitvru mi rtnnte laamnnry PKxiefy, me Amrru-wo > I Hi-nilH<a-irty; ulia Aoietiran and rorri^u ChnsUao Union, tleneral Vie waof K IUr?.m m Aaaerlen. 'I liuirr^ Wlaa and Otherwise, Weekly Mnrkel Mimmmy. Vimi' alttleo.? IlliiatritUona?First Complain' under 'Ho new I .teens* l,aw. A < :nndul OouiHmi of Hie Hiiliinartnn Telrgrap h, Woinlerfnlly Iniellujen' Child; Wholtwome Faaat. PeinooH u.lnf I > the twins of N?w Vork or Brooklyn, nod wUhlng "Herper'e Weekly" supplied at Ihelr houaes, will pletu-e to send thetr name* tutd reatdaaca to the olUen of publi re'ton. Tlui rarrlera who deliver the paper will collect pay fur U.e some. Published by IIAKI'KR A ItRoTllKRS, Franklin stfiare. N V HARI'KR'K VIMLT Pep piled to tlea,era sad others, elUtar la tha rurreot weekly numbers or in the MONTHLY FARTR. (Kaafa monthly part containing four emu*entire ?nmb"m of the Weekly), by RtWH A TOtMKY. Wuolaaala areata, 121 Naaaait street, New York. rrilK MuKMONH.?THIrt WKKK'H NUMKF.R mvk HiU;irrRAricr> baa an Interesting wad tnalrncilrw artirle about the Mormons, dfwnblng netr "Mgln. reiigljo, (jut emateot, what they art .'otn*. and the prospect It *:ao eontauta awvaral finely Illustrated at- flew? Teller inm My 'iarden. The West and Western Mee. Swfar Maalnjj, v ,,d maay othera? all '-oatbliung to make it one of the beat r uoab'-p> ever laaned; and aa It costs nnly four ccota, aa on* hot-Id fall to buy It. A ak your newsman for It. * tn nK Atij^RD DAJtnao. AuCPFRR sirvKN OTTAVR RICHl.Y CARTF.D riwewnod ptaao: orta for T'liO, noat fit00 one year at see; ne . , c. 'ave, Inr tin). one. fil.'t), one. fit*). one. >11.4, and 40 o-hers at MrfaiN lor cash, at 102 Twenty ? rth street near kitth afwaua. R. (K) MX ALBA, A.V)1.I AN TRF.MOIX)CLARlllNKTTTN k ACCORnKOMR, aTj wholesale and ratal), at I.. JACOHtf. No. 102 Chatham r eel, are all the rage Aoaordeane with 'he double metal lie r atpoeit e?i reeda only tl Ifl 1 hatha*. HO. Aonordaoaa tuoed aad repaired. / IHIt'KRRIXOR. ttll.HKRTR A W AT KRft' PIANOR AMD 1J maiedeana ?will be anld thla week, at r"du ft prl ea, at the WA TKRir and mi tale mtUoa.M Broadway," np,l I and rial "a loom > la filM. melodeona tmm tJK to I fill, and r?* ua cat ow-nlSiy narmeata. or for reot awl rent allewnil 00 | Y r baee Flanoa tuned and repaired 1 OF l1** AIJUANDFR OROAM*. U The u ao'heenl Inr'r imenLJnat inlroduaad by KRa, at kla matinees maslcwle, a wehmu a rtv al fb? Ihu abort* m A inU on ha Ml, ir4 npan Vj lb a 'rmwttoB it) tA? rmhur. HCSMAJUl A FAHBBtiHarTjm, ,tR.. II I>aj Arm. hjtoR BAKJOR- PWC.KT TOWtcn KAKKM, UM'PT' !*KP 1 ban no. low i nr.rt i.nrpn- n ?r. ?l baivh?. hnnjnn thru 1 ?-n't ba b?? I'truma tAnt iwi. banjo h?Ml?, banjo aa- wa banjo atriopn. oaajo ??|>. fo to -ho Original la JACOB*. .00 rha h. ai a' root. MR ? EKP. MOLLF.MIAI F.R IIATiRO HK'-'V RTV nfai'il h? r iWHTonn Irian, 1* to pita Inatminto on ihn air i rtr? h. ?r wbo may w i n a-? unms' lranr, thla orpnrtniiitj, to apply u> Mpmj-b. Rcbiibtrib A Co., )W Hprind i r"l _______ Mao'v: rrtraid, prpn. or vaparr our, n i,llr,or in tho rmiirm. ra antlr arwnJ fpno ' a ? i'?' faw rnnntt 'adr, an appi< ir ?. who tin cm ;b>' run h and Kngkah larrnagaa alao a yning ady n? ralaaWotnan. and who would aian lanrn draaaoMkipf Call at M ( Awy at. _______ 1 MKW MCRlc-Jt'BT pi'rmkhkp rt a. B ofvakkht It a CO.. at tbalr n?w plane and murk! atom, a"? Br ad way, roar CAp'tarl atraat. "Onr Own Daar land," by TV naO| Col In tbo Pall," by RnoAloy; "Kaapaaka drAottta h," by Borbo, "t* Omrga Polka Man arkn," by Troll; "Ba Kind to l Knrk <ithar," by lata; Bonn ark. Too fro ionl by otnU, fraart yoatnya, inapt | rIATO FOR PA1.R OR TRAPK.-A FIRST HATH Iryloh rowwood mblnor pianoforlo, ?\?otara, qui to naw, < r a?ia. or woold ha ai,hantt?d tar aaTanblO ?.**do. Pr an T ?i. Apply 9? Bnr'.inf ?np. np aintm. _ I OtPBHIOII PIAROPORTMP -? R. PBMARRPT A CO . O V*> Roadway, noar 1. tparard atraat, haro J i?i rorwtra.1 from iba maniirnrtory of Wan. Millar an aaoriinant of hla ?nparb t, aoofortan, whlob rhnllanfa roapotttloa with any In the Aorta. "Hhar for tona, llntnh or Prim Rnch ptnno waimntad by tbanaanufamorar. Old plaaoo lakan n eiobnnira. Pianoa , to rant and mnad. TOP.BRRT A OO.H PJARoroRTMR ORLT WARM rwwta 419 And 491 Broadway, armor of Cooal otraot.? A lorga mrlatT of than* trmly raparb inawnmaotk Tor aalo 0M raowmabla ama, and marantaod to flra nallm nadofnwfa. Raw planoo of lha a bora tnaka to rant. fl RROR RfffdKR WAflTKP?WARTRP, FOR A J rhnroh in Br-blyn, n anportop Imor alnjar AJIrOi.. ! n i b rpfaren b.>? ,1jp po*> oflm I E R A: HEIST. For lvkepool.-'thr unitkr Hiini maii atramxhip ooiuuutndfr, n ill depart with lb# United HUiirt niAlU for Kiir?u? immIuvc' un Saturday, Mat I IS, at 12 o'clock M., from h?r berth at the. Ihot of ManaSMout for freight "r parage. h*\ In* unequalled aooommodatkani f? ' 1 elegant*' and comfort, apply to I kiiw a rn k. collins, No. M Wall street. I Paaaengera will pleaao be on board at II o'oloek' A. M. All Irlteri munt put* through the Poet otBoe ; any otb?n f Will be returned. I Notion.?The steamer* of thia line hate watertight compart i tenia. The ataaaublp will aall Jane A The Atlantic, Captain Oliver Kldredge, will aall < a the RMl 1 of Jane and the lialtlo, tiaptaln J. J. Oomatoek, early la An- J gual. No eanenee baa been apared lo make them In all re f peota aa good aa new. The thorough eiaminaUon (Ivan them f proem their mode of (tructure yet unequalled I Notion -first packet fori litkiipoou? * Packet Mae Ifl.i-The celebrated packet aMp WM TAP- ' H<'OTT, CapL Hell, will positively aall at DM. For paaaage la . oabla, aeoond cabin and atoerage apply on board, pier St Kent rtv?r, or lo TAP800TT A CO.. H8 South atreet. J For i.itrrpool?san?s this hay, tiik crlk ! brated abip ONTARIO. Ship PLYMOUTH ROOK. r.?r ] Ucdoo, aaila May 21). Heo?nd cabin, $'J>, ateerare, $18 and j found Paaacugora brought out from any part of (rolanl ur England at tlie lowest r^a*. Apply to TilOrt. 0. ROi'lIK, 8S Koullt otrect. , SPRCIAL NOTICE-MAI'. PER HTKAMSIHP NORTH STAR.?Letters for Kug wud, Praitc- Oermanr, be., pre- ; paid- 2i ceo la each half ounce, wilt be received at No. & Howl- , lug tjreen up to 11>? o'clock of Ma'urday morning. May 18. I Black haij. link.?pur liyrrpool?sails i Saturday, 16th May, the p icket ship ISAAC WKHH, Cant. . Brvcr. For cabin, aecoud cabin and a tee rage paaaage anply on board, pier 23 Kaat river, or lo JAOOB WILSON, 106 Sooth atreet. ST RAM TO SOUTHAMPTON AMY HAY&RL?THR RUMS niflo?t ataamahlp VA NPRRBILT. MOO long, will anil * Prom MRW YORK far Prom SOUTHAMPTON JId " SOUTHAMPTON A HAYBR, HAYRR tar NRW YORK, < n?nday> May 1 Toeaday Ana I " Saturday. Jane 10 Wedndedeg JnK ( ( Saturday Aug. I Wednesday Uflj, M ' Prtoe of paaaage Hrat oabki, aeeordlng lo losatloe of v room, flOOtagtSO; aeoond oabla, $7$. Bpeel# d'RywMta f Tjoedon and Paris. For paaaage or freight apply lo I D. TORRANOR, Agent, No. I Bowling Green, R. T. Latter* fur England tad Europe prepaid, flfoenta each ha* | otinee (by eneloaare of postage stamps If from other eMew I will be reoeivad at No. t Howling tlnia, Raw York, hp* ti UH o'eleek of the morning of sailing. h rrunt liykrpool and nrw york anb puilabrl- 1 PHIA BTRAMSHIP OO MP ANT'S t oarnn atriLT taon w*" r/ iwttwmw. J OTTT OP BALTIMORE..... S.MT loan, Cantata R. Letts* n OITT OF WASHINGTON.. 2.S& ~ W.Wytle, < ITT OF MANCAUTHR . 2,109 " P. 0. PetrlSL I KANGAROO 1,874 M M Jeffrey. The un denoted or other vessels are Intended to sail a< t lollow*:? Psom LtmrwK. l oitto? MANtnoaraa Wedaeeday, May! r Oirrpr Wasbipots* obCittov Bai.tuiom. " Mag R, t and each atternate Wedneaday. Feom Amuuu? Faon New You. i IiieiiM Thursday. May IA oitt or Miiouam Thursday, May j Oitt or Wasmeovo* Thursday, Jon* U. i And each alternate Thursday Eirn or Ouw PuuaL-rn? Www Tort Ml fhllsitol pkk, RTft- Prom IJverpsol, SI guineas, IT getoeee, ud 11 guineas, according to the aeoommsdetlou In the slate run? oil having the Ul privilege to the saloon, stow srd's feen. Third Olooo rMMfet-1 limited oemher of thtrd Mem passenger* will be tehee ood round In ee meeh prorlMoue M required. Prom Philadelphia end Mew Tort, MO- Pram | Uverpool, MO. Oerttfleetas of passage wtU be leraed here topertlee wheel* deelrouo of bringing out their friends, ot mmsspisidhig rates. These steamer* ore constructed with Improved wniarUgW compartments. leoh vessel carries oe eisertseesd surrsoe ood every attention peld to the oomlbrl end iwrniiitaaiie at I passengers. Drafts on Liverpool from ?l upwards. All ponds seel to the agents will be forwarded with eeoeoen end drepatqh. 11 Per M|kl or peeev applr to J OBIT 0. DALB, ' IS Broad war. Mew Tort, AjmK Or WtL IOTtAK. Wo. 1 eed U Tower Buildings. Liverpool BtO* SOUTHAMPTOW AWD ATBB.-THW BWTTWD * V .Metes moll steamer ABACK), D. Lines, ssinmsinli* wm 1 leave for Havre, touching el Southampton (a lead the rnaOi end psmsngwrs oe Haturdsr, May SB, at IS Retort, (bona ptor ' Mo. ST, Norm river, foot of Reach street. Plrst eabln R190 Second cable .Ml This ship bee Ive water tight oomparimwals, cwrinataR the I engines so that la the event of eoUtslon or stranding, the we- 1 ler could not resob them, and the pumps brine Area to work, 1 the solely of the vessel and passengers would be scoured. ltey.f iKr not wasted during (he voyage should he sent am board the day before tailing, marked "below." Mo IVeipM will be taken after Thursday, May M- Por freight or pi stags apply to MOKTIMMk IJVTWOBTOW, agent, Wo. T Brood wepi W. B.-Tbe steamer Pulton will succeed the Arago and mil JnuejTT. r)R BRBMBW, VTA BOUTH A If PTOW.?THB UW'TMf Rises mall steam slip UKRHANN, K. Higgles, oumrryuv; er, will sail for Hermra,Touching at Routhampton to land IS* ma. ? and passengers tor Pngland and Pranca, on Saturday May 1ft, at LS o'clock M from pier Wo. S7 Worth rmr. rates or riaaaee room ??? voee ?o socveaarwa on suits. Is Aral cabin, main saloon pig la Inu cabin, lower saloon Ill In aeoond oahla M An eiperleneed surgeon Is sttsohed to eeeh steemer. ttpseh del) e< red In Havre or London. Wo oncosis received ee thi day of sailing. All letters must psas la rough the Post adtas Por peassge or freight apply to 1 n. h sand, Agent, II Roulh WUtlam street. The steamship Waahingtos will suoeesd tha Hantaan, ant toll June I ft. xrrw liwb op rtbambbb ritwuw www tobi j ll London, and Bremen. r The magnificent British steamships s UITWKW OP THI SOUTH,1H1 tons bnrthen.Oaiptato BeaL r Ot D1 AW A, ASM tons burthen Oaptala Bsher, ? ABOO. lftlfttonsburthen faptntn Hemes* . C liHfiN lgl tuna burthen (fecials n Ownad by the Rnropoaa and Araartcnn Hiram Shipping Oauuf 1 of Ixxxloa and Honibampvm, J Am appointed < > Mil from Raw Tort am Ptdrp III Mb b Wadnmday (or Ixndoa and Brrnm, loMklu at ??" r?i a to land piiwmn and mat la for Kagtond and Praam. Thaj will ramain nae day at London, and torn crnnaad to Hi ? l Kmaralu, tbny will laara Bnam tar Maw Tort aa atari 1 alternate Sai'irday. mapping only at flonlhamptaw. Thaaa ateamakha ara of tha Krat eiaaa. and barn aaaaatai aooommadattnaa tar paaaangam. TWy wlU lata a UM innbw of third olaaa or toaaaaga pnanangnm. A aorgaoa k itUflhM 10 etch ship. Tha rataa at IMghl to londoa will ba but Uttla higher tarn thoaa of aalllng afelpa. itniwrtaum d rtral oabtn, MB. anrood oabtn, M. IkMa, Mb t Thn n'mmahlp Qaem of tha Htm Lb will all from Haw tit Ob Wrdnmrlay Mtyffi , tad bp aocomided by lh? Indiana Jama Ml Tva aatghlor paaaaga, apply to C. H. Htjrn, , it*?ft*?*- , CT RKAT RKDCmOK IN PARK TO KTJROPH.-PIRiry < X cabin. ncrarillng to 1?> ?uon of at?ia room. Ml and ?H?); < aeond do., Ml. la Ilia flrat rlaaa paddla whorl rHpt < AKIKU A"<) loo*. a?d NORTH HTAR. 2,900 tnna, lo Mil < iron pb-r No. i North rlrar. at noonpraclnrlr, u follow* ? ( l ???f Naw V-t ? for I Iranian for Houlh HoatlMiapton flor Hoiith'tnn A "V n oil ampton. Now Y?rh I A rial Tb'y V Ml fe Tnawlay.. ..May If Halnrday May U K'lli Htar Ita M>. If Haurdaj. ...faun l.l Wadnaaday .fimm n Alirl. Ha.. Id .'latarday... Jaly II Wadn'-wtay July l| N'th Hlar.Hal.'Jii y II Saturday...Aug. a Wadnraday Aug. If A rial, Hat'/.. Ant. f Ha'orday....Sip. g Wadnaaday Bap. f I N th Star, Hnl, Sep g Saturday .. Oat I W'-dnraday Onl f Paatrnrar* tar Harra ?aot oa without attra rhnrga i Irtim* for Knglaod and Rnr>pa prepaid, Jg oania anoh hall J oua> a fiy annioaura of poalaga ttarap* If Irum nlhar oiUaal wMI y h" tn-aalrrdra, No. 6 Howtrg Uraan, New Tnrfc.*ip to 1IX d o'olor-k of Iba morning of alitor. g Par paraaga or fral?at apply to D. TORRANilK, Afaat Pa ritowBar Uraan, Raw York. ^ UTRAJi. RKTWHRR RKW TORK A NO UUAROOW.- k O Bniwm BO, tWW hat WI ,1am Camaato, -inndB RxW TORK, tlWtooa, Robert Or?l*. nmnmaader, ULAB eow. I kl loca, John Dnnoaa. anmmandar. The <tlaagnn < aad Raw York RVaamatdp (l wainy Inland Millar thaaa awa J and p iwarfnl waamm from Raw Tort to fflaggriw Rindt M r<u)0pi OIlABOOV Saturday, April M. a? If n'eloak. noon. DIRHUeA. Saturday. May 1. at If o'atnM nwm. nw YORK, Saturday. J una ?. at If o alnok. nnan. Ilit-b T hatwday. Jnna tn. at U o-atoafe. noXT arm oa rim if: . nrrt riant. (71; ihtrd aiana. fbuad wttk aonhad r*~'*^TT" ft As arpnrtaaoad aarfww Attarpad la rank ataamm. Tm Fiaght or piiar apply to JOHR MaRYMOR, Ro. it Inad , amy. Raw York atty aUto ar goM only lauatikd tap pamagw J ACPTR 1RDPPKNDK.NT 1 INR-P1RST SHIP ?? ' rati'v 'aya' paaaara ?The marnlllornt A I attrneM 4 i IT v i> ' A NvMPM, ' oolT allppar or fMtablpnow on iba b"na. wl'l ba .|. ata"*B'-d aarly In ,)nn?. Tbla b- rlfMl raaaal la onaof tha ftie'aet *fta*t. and Mainly A I tdrartlaad tat Jf?1honi"' ioti m it wbP i ? ma^'naraiioria Tap??*'aran d<-*ir'ma laring fifty data on ifta ii-aa*4?, and tha rhanan at I fotrir oa' inakla i,f taranly day*. Ika N.V la 'ba only opportunity ci An *fca la wl tilting up. aari* [ pllraiion wlU br aeoaaaary ia aa*'iira remaining nar*ha. Por Kalai,ea i f (ralrhl or paaaagn, a low r*'aa, apply "O board, at pt?a 10 Raai rlrnr, tor ta OOOliKVK, AKKKI.I. A KUJOTT, I'M I'aarl ? *, or J Mtll.l.KK, i.oRH % 'Ji l rk ai*. I'HjPallatraat. M RLY I INK Wl'l llt't'llR < >N N C< "TI" N rRANHTTlR ' milaa nhorlar '.liao by ant oUvar ronia, aod no aipoanra H to rtrar naniM'ion -Vnkad fu n nik nr.a. fifty puuada at bnrrnm^aa. Hirrn'a par pound on "?o?*?* Pwir boarafront ooaan ta oi-raa by 1'innn* Railroml Throtirb to California J tin Panama Haltrnad. Tba T'n"o<l hta a* Mali frianiilit ikw n pany wl'l daapalrb for A*ptnwall on TVa?!tiaaday, May Jb. at > n a'ckr k P M-liTOWafy, from ntar br* of Wairantraat, RptH P rltar, Iba w?U kcawn and faai n-iiiiibp OKORilR I.AW. = Cart ton U Ramdon. V. H N. Paaaanrara *n l ngaila will ] ba fiorwardail by I'aaaina Railroad, and oon part at Panama with J?a Parida M* t tHoamab a i mpanr'a mamlfloani raaat " jrup I ?*r - .HTr,ir'*i?u^r, wniwnwm *> n r*adiM?a an?l I** " 'n?m- Hauhv f? r H%? CmMnm. TW -t I , . tr<' 'l h?' *r Pk'illf M?;l NUUMblp IVxnpaaJ I aim- .r bar- I ?i?rr mor ?v ? ' air ral?ln?ai Panama, r-adj |nr an*. uiairoid idt ppa* I Madman-Ion of paaa?nf?rtnrmAt]A , T'<r pamapa apply1? I * RATMOWD, al lh? only offlon o| U>? romp any. 177 wmtalraaI. oorn-r nf Warron, Raw Tor*. 1 Rata mr i a.?a mttm ma.1 ?aaawrr lata Mk awl Mk m mm* ?t. I OTRAK TO AOtTHAMPTOM ANI) ANTWKRP-TRR Oaoba&d u<l powrrfnl oawlmn aiaafnahip I.KOPOL.B A. , Slof.a', armmaadac. will Had for Antwerp, oaina? at N(mM- J \ml?rr. on ta-orday, May H, from plar V, North liTpp. Rwaa of I U?|r no'idin* pmtdwui:-In flrpt nab la, Ml n aapnml naMn, ?M In third eabln fr& Thin ataaaar had Iw a airr tipht oompamnanta, awl MarrlM an i|iw>a?j an-fron For Imifhl or paaaap*. ha*ln? ?npa?tnr amwna daltpna far tab I a and itffrifi paaaanffara, apply to AOOUflt ARLMONT, 7 Hannrrr rtraai fartHantaa of rwwaga wtll bd r U?iad ham m partlra wbo am dmlroria of hrlnalrf onl tM( * at tba foi'owtnt mtm ? tn llrat cabin, flOD. in maami ' an* M. ba m third rat io W In ataarabn. Ml ^ V'K HAVANA AMD NKW 7)RI,KAIIA~ T?IK CWITKP r Btraatnall ataantrr Rt.A' K W ARRtOR. I'apt J. W. b, fmlih. Mil mmnnrnaa moatr n( fr^ilM on Prldtq . May aid ?a I for tha abrrra porta i>n W-dra#day, Mar R7. *' * jIMR nrarWaly. from pW foot || Rob iwon atmai, N "" v MUa qf 'rdtnc atanad an?r atonmar aalla 1 1 VlNiVtOR, CROC*KROB A CO.. U l*?f? ?'***_. ,, | L'TiR VfiHTOI K AMI RtrllMoNIt I'HK I *' J1 Kiaioa mall waamahip ' A MKt?T'tW Jf. i^apt l*a^b. n *. laarn for ihn ahotaplaraa on >atiirday, W?h *"** , r,? ?? C t. M . :mn '? *oob rirar. *b? -I" Pm Bui 'ay pilnnmOB and al Richmond on Mooda m m p.. I. d.-othw.llpna-o.dai bf Y y a f. - (nr. *. IT., I a.U ltd ihla tha nhaap-M. p"r^i^J^aTi? n.tito Pa^aar aoti tans n. linlina TTr rata ah-v a I r ' r o _ prlo*. App r ppLCin.AM A PI.PARAITTR, ft RmtdwMT. . ft LiU. PRICE TWO CENTS. ^ BIIIPFUIO. UPITKD HTATKS MA II. HTKAMHIIIP LINK TOR HA villi alii New Orleans.?On Monday, Mav IB, at Jo'oM I*. M., front pier foot of Warren 4riwL North nvw, the M ind fawrttr *learnahlk KMPtKK CfTr, H. P. ttriflln, will *aM lk ali?w*. P*iuot*r can be aernrej at the office of Umi Ita*. rrrl"V*t lo Hew f >rleaa?, 30 rente per coble foot, recelred J**r IC. Shipper* will be *nppMrd with blank bill* of ladlof of IB* 'or* elraed by the line, na aui>lin*ti?n at their other NkOthor Virme nijciied and no hill of Win A wilt be signed after tho oar <>? Haifa* yor ireljrbt or pwaaffa apply at the off* ko. 177 Went street, corner of Warm* M. O. ROmtKTH, Agent. ElOR HA VANNAH AND rUlRIll A-UNITHD HTAfBI P mall line.?The trainer M-ffKIIIA. I'toutlu uaae Vowell, will I ear* en Hainrttar* " * ft. at I o'ol e-k y. H rtMB pier No. 4 North rltrer. Itflta of lading i*n vl on boana. r?r freight or paaaags apply Ur H I.. MITCIIKI,!,, I) ilroadray. Thranffl ticket* fniki New fork to Jaokaanrllle, $3ti lo. Ulatfcn, Jra. H leakier* for Plenda nooneet at HaranMfli rllh the atcumera fro* New York, ok Tuesday* and Ha' ordayw. CIOK HIVANKtH.-THK HI'PKKIOK HIi>* WtUBL P aleamthip KRTHTONK 8TATK, Cape |K HartMe, canjtkg he United Htate* mail. will *all Irotn Philadelphia lor Sarasiah on Saturday, May 16, at ID o'clock A. M. Cabin pymm irllh vnry miperlor atuUrmm accommodation*. #JU, mearagni K. The Keyehm" State will aall a train it above Saturday. May SO The State of Georgia nail* for Charleston 1 hilar la), May 23 A. IIRBON, JR., A tech 11 North wharree Philadelphia. For savannah and pi/iriha-omitko htatbb mall line.?The lUamr AI.AMAMA, Cay lain (1. R. Rehenck, will learn on Kalnriay, May 16, at 4 o'clock P. K, Yom pier No. 4 North rtrer. Utile of lading algned on hoaC For fretght or yiMUf apply u>H U MITCIIRI.I., 18 "i laj way, Through tickets ftora New Tort h> JackaonrMe. RQ Id. pllatkn. 111. Hteamera for Plortda oonneot a> HaraaRnfe pith the aieamera from New Tn?*oe Tneadan and AainrHawa MISOaUiAJfBOOB. AWNINGS ANN TSNTS.?TOBIAS A PAKSOin 1H| 0. mildew proar awnlnam, waterproof naarana norera. Am. nade and for aale at 121 Weat and fit Day atreeta, Now 1Mb Irdera through mall proaapUy attended In. "IOKKUMKRH OP OAS THROUGHOUT TI1K IfNTTSB J Mntr* will learn homcthlng grea'Iy lo lh<-|r pecuniary sAanlagu hr rending their addren*. one dollar and a peetafO lump, in J. Sutherland June*, Now York Purl islice Meant ilthfraa, bat brBrrNj," _______ r\()KH SUTTON no YOUR PRINTlWOf?IT NOT. \f whi n you waul a iw'Ht rai l, circular, billhead, or aaw lilug else In the Job prlnlhiK line, (ire him a call at Itl I'm ill atrcet, examine hi* specimen*, Irani bit |incur, and Ma ct accordingly. DR. VIRlill.H TOKAI, PHKPAKKN IN A Mil.I) PORli and lncreaaed llaror lo ?u't both olt"* nd young, reaaar in nded by the cinoicat llr Jolly cf K.i. .y?, the colobralsA 1.em'nVDr. < hllnin, Ac. To wean youmelf from lobaooo, try Retailed ai *eg*r ami drug Ktorc*. MILKS, FILK8, PIl.KS ?WANTkll, SIX TAI'KK (JOTf li ra, at the American Star Works, 'W1 ll*innborg. WJL fone Inc. thru! rale handa will be employed. Aoply tsThu nniuel Peace at Ihe w?rk? or to 8 l>. Wdiinotl's raw aoASa tepid. No. tUherty street, New York. tilOURTKKN 1IOURH WITH TIIK THKKMOMKTKR A* 1 Idl In the shade.?Our patent loe pltchora will keep tm iiintoeu hnora Ihe UotlcHt day. Hundre<la hare tiro red R, Joy one and be coortuced. W. J. K. UAII.KY 4 I'd., SSI and Ii86 Hmwdwny. liSoR CHINA, GUARS ANI) PLhTKI) WARK AND OUTr lery go to HAII.KY A OO.'S, SMI ami 666 Mm ad way. AB grce that that theao Rcnthonen aell cheaper than any boane la New York. We hare tried U, and Mnd It to be (rue. Gas puturbs. China and (last loilet acta (I. Tea acta IS Dinner acta, 166 piece*. 61A At SILLHIAN'S, Broadway and TwentynUM drilt f "* RK AT AND UNhgUAU.KD BARGAINS IN KKKNGB IT olilna. Kmtllah ironstone china, K*e liamre*, cu' giara aad diver plated ware, while dinner Nctit, 1A4 plecrt. S'b whlta oilet *et?, SI; three light chandelier* for gaa A7 ml f.?ur MgM lo., SO Ml: one light foldiok bedroom brv h-t?, 71 i eh, cd ihuw goblet*, the duann.Sl 76, culglna* a iter, the ,mm 76 col*; colored Mohemlan ghuw bug"; now I*, the d-ooo. SI AN liver plated table *poona, the (loo n, $! ?llv.>r ni iUtt laMe ork?, the doaen. $1. ellrer plate 1 teaapoona t le doreu, H H| Ihrer plated caatoca. Si 76. *11 r pUte-l tea aett. f> p.e-. o, MR, *x>k at all Ihe "dtabluhuienU for the ?ale of anch go.aU, 'has i'let* nod if*' our*, and yon wi . iiuu the priori In iw tweak# ier cent below the > urrent rale*. W. .1 y. ItAKI.aiV * 00 . f.*! end^JtroVww. HOCRAUTVR IT ALMS MEPIOATW) BoaP Id A THtoLj rough Immediate en.-a ol ton, fr? kl-a, blotch**, pmpk#, md all ?luii drfonetttea, U b? mmenter the very hea*. abaato# mmpo* ud erey, (lonnut'i iMaudre auhtllo >nriMI lnur fiTiro low iPrebamlA or any peat m th? 'miiIj , *?rrudi I.Ur .vh.te l>rti-n.?lrrii'in, rouge. ? uvl reUorMlv#, Hi i ii' nl#?.*UMlhod d*po*, 67 Walgar iU'-ot, ti-al'aU#a fnan Pi adwa.,Mra Harea Brooklyn; Cullender. PbllaiM phla; Itaiea. li'wa hlagtnn atreet, '.loaum A p. . lAl Ml . IN I.YN. I locaiiy to IWrdaa'a M'vliaiiKwl Bakery. altnl-er _r at triumph for Wll.lffn . P. rK ?I NAI,.\M ANHKK SAKtt. M< or* P.. ?; \\ ili A Co N' iv York? Grtnaer*?Hie iff whicli I pnrrhaaed of yon wm 1Mb mo'nteg OiVen In 111 die rntna. wherr It had boon buried hi I n nine Onur 1 bol brick* lor eeveuiyrtvn lionra The I 4a paper* ur ! bauk bill* hi e all perfectly legible. II?e receive lb- . vl'.man iter. and I will aoe you In A day or imkl mlal'un In ? new oil'" Your?, rmpMifulty, IlKnOKI.*!*, May ?, IW h HKRDAIT. The Above rale may be aeon at mir warrhnoae. where A# M-'r'ni'ut ol ibe beat flrrpioof *?te? In Ibn wurhl ea# h# mind. I?. O. WILIIKR A CO., I'aien're* and M.ioufactarara. Depot No. 122 Water afreet, near Wall rlrect, New Tor*. Bot watrb and htkam apt a batch for wammIn* bote la and other large bulMlnga. green houaua, MA tM, ford a* pit A An.?A. K. HRTllIIINIM take# the oppoatAilty of returning Uiauka to hia nnnaemua frieoda for their Mtonaga during the laicl llTr-en roara; alao to Inform them toto ie baa removed from No. ks Kaat Thirty aaooad treat to SB 'anal (treet. between Centre and Rim, where the abort bwmiiws will aUII be narrled on. [T HOMKR. I>l HUANK STKKKT, MACHI.VIXT ANto [1 . |ir. a* tool maki r. repalrt done on ll.yht xi*Hiiaa^m * 'la' Wnl'h. Ii* kamiib, hellhajigtiig and jobbing tu n?B lan an aaaortnient of btlbea, vIN-a, pr*?*?a and anvtlafnraai# I' KROSKNK OII.S N. DnrriujcD PROM coal. HKCUKKD BY I.ETTRR8 PATENT. Kmo**** I.trami-ATiaa Oil, No. I. KaHoaanK l.taHK itiau Oil, No. X Keeoarar Tu caiatTimi On, Kaiioarar Riaaaoi.E Olu KKimamia Laora. Tlie hen wen n Oila ran be obtalnail from the wtvHaaato # leaiert, alnu chandler*. tlrngglMt* and gr*?-era. In thla city, am# lie regularly appointed agent* of the company. In many of to# mncipal tnwna and village# of the United dlalna, the Caaato# tud he laland nt Cuba The company re<-nnunend to Iheir agenta and oiben. aa tto 1 Moufarturrra of the beat Kemaene lampa, din fullowto# tartlea -Meaara. K. Y. Ilangbwout A Co. Hroadway, aatoB nr Comelira A Maker, of Pbllada'phla; toe Mroklyn rtoto .la? 1 !' miaiiy, 7 t Hroad atreei. New York; Meaara. MaA <1 , J.O William ITM; I. Rcrrier, i.Ti h mwM. H. I IIIH I Dunne H11O. and to DywM of Philadelphia. Hnmplae of As titter*'al Kyle* of lump* can be ereu at the oOee of Ifca mm>?ay. I <n* a J areola appalnted la eoafnraHty with ihe mix* MAjaneJ h? the Board of Triiateea, on application to AUSTENS. Qeneral Areata Karoaaaa OS fla, to Soever atreea, New Tat. j N. H ?fVculara with Ml partleulara, teailmoniale. prtaaa, I. ran be had OO appllrafloa u ebave. IfU. J-'tim RHSCMATIO BUBOOAnOB-fW W itnairi- ehllb labia, Mho, old apuhw. dMstaloaa. brnlata. Aa.. Aa. for aaie at tfca aawa aad pAaM ixn, H Dbidn awaa>> Saw Tor*, aad bp Bra. Bans I urtljn oTKAKKI A MARTIN HATE RKMOVKD 5 Twain Batiaiaaaa Dim r roan 144 Water mrmk To si Inrrtf rtinat Saw TaA JTRLLA Oil. IXiMPANT. 5 74 Pine (tree*. New Tort. Stella utamtnaunr 'Ala, for burning in lamp* of trrery dnarHptlna. Stella eperm nit. Par tnvhlnerr. lompe, ' trnnelm aad bead Hrhta, Runplae rent Iran of cbarpa. _ fird-re tho'iM rpertfy the 4 ear rfp lion of lamp or madtaas it whtrh 'he ml n wanted. Ben/alaforiale. jJAWINQ, TLA NINO AND OTHER WORK DORIC AW ^ he P,we?t ratee, at the Bill MS Wart Thirty-fourtA llrrt 'era no hevter any of Uta aborn work to ha duaa wtB tad drer'agta no to nail. t Hill SPA, ROOMS, dkCw WAITlft A MRST t 1 A-S Fl KNI-HKI) IOITI WANTRD-BV A a o'tie' family. Ro omall Children. Wet tide af tta y preferred. A.ldreaa, with prtee, which moat be motetsts, i ! pei'' 'litre f ' . ,'iuq. Mill*. Mtalino A., roat otSna. a FartSTknth wanted-ht a ovist knoi.ihh pa 1 nuly romUetlrr of ag-u'l-meo, wireand twochildrea, * "'?? ra?ei, two t.edroonaa, m of tiu>b?? and ha* room rw nred location h?twwt Rl?h<h and Twelfth areeia. I uhted ref.-r-nree tlren it l re^u red. Addrree R. D , HI nwdway. hi' KLY KliRHTsHRnT"HOI'SjTwARTnt-FOR A ve*r. *? . aide of the dtp preferred, m?lern inmowerne BdtM ?DMble. Andrew, wmj price, which rn'iet ha ?i?r ?l? and fall pw'i ilera of location, A. Wllia, mauoa A 'oat nAre. [I t WAN1KII t HMAll, HoVxK [V AI?L*A. L1 <ut location In Brnohlya or WUIiamab'>rf (hr? '* "* l three rrowti pet-none H?nl not to .-treed WW M *ap? We Addreep C. fc. 1, Brooklyn feat "(Jk-e rjOl iK AND U>T WANTRIMK TfflH OtTY, f* Kill cJuuift for pMnt firr > roof mrf**. Tt* frpf* ??*! on*. ronlrnHj loc*U?<1, and WuftA ' iMftt ?vl) A rowm oi 2,7*? Pnot ofTicr. * . IL tMtl ' ^sIT A HQtTSB _AA1 ff between Riwiate aad Foertwelh * _ ,_^5 net be reaper-table. price nvntemte.aml ?ue he.'or m irwoC be pvrehaee money In rewefr M Mo*^ I rem Kir three daye, ?trtn* leJl deecHptluo, prlne. terma, ?. S. T.. box 1M Here' ' n*'-?Iff * yfrn > ?iif 41 I, A IT^M AND CRU WZm**>>r or P~rl ^ " a!ip Addrree * T? ller*M nHo* . Ur?aT?ti>?r txr or * hoi sr. i.v a uoon mct??nil'kknd by a am Pi I femily without children. SeenaR . , i tor one harln* aoch to let may bear of a ;;.r Jaeirnble fi Jtby addwmln? J. II. B.. Herald oflkie, fna w,. or three day [ TiVt II TO II Kill AS* FOR t 'ASH ?A HOlTA? If ami ;..i o*n??er the f0ltowln?denetipttoa. Tit ePnaO.* 'hand Seienth nrennee, Fourth and Twrn'yi betret *" of hooae ah ml twenty two feet wilebyftf-cr., fe. t d ep. and the lot abmrt one hundred feet deep Tba mo?t net three i orten above, a high atdop. haaement} i Knt'lab w baeem ot houee would not anaerer, a hroara i.ieieoni h"tt?e Would be preferred, priee of h >oee MM o tt ien tho tanrd dollar* I'ropoeala ah old roh nAa in ilara. and then will meet with prompt anewrra bp l< . 'He r X iliem in hot 1.WI roatoWee, HMH'UM, *ft i*h AMKl.l.KH I II AHBBX BUTTV Of rOtHITIIU Oi y a I co'or* and atylea, Wh.->ieen'e and reteo nl erloee fraat * aad ae etath. VAHAKs w t ill fr (btoal aaremBo. jk foer door | eaat of Broadwap, He |M