Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1857 Page 1
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I II WHOLE NO. 7563. ARRIVAL OF THE ASIA. wWw V-VwV. . vVW OKE WEEK LATER FROM ECROPE. M FETING GP T1IP MITISil PARLIAMENT. EVELYN LENISOU ELECTED SPEAKER. The Queen of Spain Defines her Mexican Relations. WA'AWWV^AWA TOTAL LOSS OP THE SHIP ANDREW FOSTER. THE NEUCHATEL DIFFICULTY SETTLED. ^ ?W^V WWVVWI/V-VHajali Brooke's Slaughter of the Ckinazuen in Borneo. Death of the Duchess of Gloucester and Mr. Macgregor. THE WAR IN CHINA. NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA. RECLINE IN COTTON. i n v i v n t tv iiT. iniTnTTi Consols, 92 7-8, *?., *?., *0. Tbo Cunard steamship Asia, CaptaLn Lott, which left liverpool at 3 o'clock on the afternoon or .Saturday, May 2, arrived at her dosk at 8 o'clock yesterday morning. She has brought $214,106 in specie. The Asia arrived out at 8:30 P. M. on the 27th ult. Our European advices by this arrival aro Limited. From England the incidents are:? The meeting of Parliament, and the elec'ton, withnt apposition, of Evelyn Dent-ou as Speaker of th.? House of On.mune We have % full and ion're .ting report of the #??ns and official snrfic? #7observed in tnr elecli in re ?-spiaktr, ahich is unavoidably crowded out ol ir.r issue of this morning, but will a 'pear to m irr-'W inon'og The Rus'lan <trand Duke Com ton line continued to n? su??e great honor at Parts. The epeerti of the Queen of Spain to the Omse? m^n'mox I the re establishment of Iriendly reLPons between xpain 1 and Mexico, and expresses a hope that Mexico will a,?>lo- j g??e and pay an indemnity, otherwise Span will take o? | eicive m-naurcs. De?|Uitr.her fr<irn the French it(iihue-vn<l..r at Madrid received rince, announce that the Siuntsh ttov?ranient accepts the princlpn; oi an arrangement with j W1M0 The Parln (nrr.'-poo.lttil ..f the Loudon I'vd w.-iUiug on April IW, say*-? I llinl lL? French irirerrment iaby uo mnana nerauadet that the difference b?tweeo s, alu uJ Me*ioo will bo arr?i K<'d. Tliv lain n?t? of ?ln ln(iiH..v on tliw rjueMi >n t?, "La Fran e irnVrc-tv a i'aiJanii ?mmt <\* crJtle d{jicnlie, M m etjirt .fcrntr ut? *Ju.'u,n faoiftMe.'' fan ilt-klli of the JhM'.hnwi or itloucemer la reported. Sne way Onrhtvr of tilourmtor and Edinbnrg, and C.iunie-i* of Omtianghl, is.* the foarth daughter and U?l eurvivlng Chikiofhta late Majoiy licorgc III., ana a iul to Q mi. VK-b na. Htf wan born on th? '2MJ> of April. 1779, and 9ti Satu'day, 2bth of April, ontcrod tho Ail year id her a?e. l.ii the USd July.lHiO, rbe uiairtvd her comu, Prauoe Wrth?m Frederick, eeoond link* of ttkmoeeter, who died Nitctnber 30,183d. and hl< titloi b?:ira? extloct Ma.*|trcgcr, Uu- lucmoer of )"arlian>rnt fjr 0U? IK a, la dead. Mr. Mamreeor wan bo.-u a fl'.ieoiway, to Ron." ihlrc, In 1?*>7. and was therefore 'tlty year* of ago K? ?a? lu earher lu?i II. gb Sheriff of I'nooi Klaarl'a VlrnU and tituiL^i of '.tar O.l.mi t> (^{hu'.DC, Ho ?v arte; ward* in bur.Mesa In Urarpont, hot bin m"r<iaiftUt tp r htlioif reem l?? have b<'C luifortmta'o. Mr. M*'?r? gal wa? a man of woQNlilerahle ability awl iCgfft activity ; hot bit chirr drfrrti. a'wirdinjr u> the l.mdoti*. ore ??nf rwnirtdeuce anil laordiaaM vaolty llo wat en plot ml by l<>rd tleibonrno'e government in cotqinwroia1 a t? inn* to Hermany, Aimtria, Pan*, Vapln, kr , and pvooi??iii agrutl number of rej.>rt*, advancing go <ud frit 11) l<> uf p uittoal economy. From navil'wr, IMS, raid Aoftict, 11M7, he *?" rant Sc.-ri>Ury to the Earl of Tram, ar.rt tv in that rituVl n an tnli .enbal agent iu bi tat toe atai'M thr reform of the Iirttt*ti tariff Mr Mac g vf?r mat a very yiM'iinm "ui writer nu m.<tnricai and a. mini re al n bjcctii It'.o ruiuor waa again revived ttiu the King of ttrmoark wen Id he for red to acuic the dtlticuUioe of bit reign by iMMMlllb Ho-re are b urrn from the jwn of Sir Jtw Rr ?die M m aeu, nmnruiiny itir rU cmrnl of bi? lecoui iuk'hsii i f 8.r f0 Oiliior in li rnie. to u letter on itituive emttrra'lou, Mr T. II Uiaibvone pi'Miu nut tliwl iu (lie forttiiylit pi Deeding the Hih or M.aruti Miere arrived af (he Hataitna one ca/go of AW olivr' 9 vm Africa and Ujr< < two. el* nrllii ( hirwr unorerr r#o at u>?se re* ->U were IiuU.h. and Uic d'ath* un hoard o hem only antc'inted to 21. whilit 1 Ij the third ve*-el (th< Cw?a.?l N>? V>rk, Mi'u.g under I'eruvwui .mI >r*) Ui? 4mv.Iv. worn 2?1. tit-* exhlhttinp U?e tra'ft.t lb K? wor-l OI..H An Aim ..cui ?u?k luaiai) b? ?*)?. winch ua Mpr-rtcd 7 4<k, th.ur-e, rv,i> ru of Iikitd deaths oa the i,i9? Tie for wh A?ard of Tra<l?" nliifw fir tin ttvmtn em Ihnr nk nita rinlui? tr.? Hint Mrrrii. ivoii a.4 IMt here been H*iied N'e - ibr,u4 a ilaM .i tt "t '.Onul declared rel ie of the etpn'U nt British ami Irteh and manufeclt r?e daring he tnoidh aoJ three frealha, including unly the "enumerated article-"? fbr (Jv- aum'A #hr lAr? mut1 1Mb CO...I* .*11 ttM a?h; ;p?9 -amah ??. B.V, 9.13?.'Jt?T an.d.11 woo Jim :dlrg the i'lineoniBrialail articles," the agg'oiren itin'U ftaod ihu? ? /** ?Ar m -Vt AV Are* -v*vk.i i??b rniM IBM ?,4M A;O its !? l?w INI l?t,4M.*4k 2> H1 .*?< Tl?e increase ever the eorrerpnatlnc nrmrt of I am ial.OU7.7?k, or aoout 10 I?"T een*. ami over tit u of IH.Y&. fci 1AT. n4r. or 4.2 par cent. Taking the 0,'i*e- ftr Ui? there tr-rh* ?e And an Inrreaaa nl tt *7*.390, or 14 per >t t orrr th. onrrrepoodint ij carter nt net rear and an of ao lean thai. il0,01*,P,<l, or U per cent n?? the* af 1U6. The appret'tnaie talue of goods, free n< dote, leiine-ten law during the q-tarter ended the girt of Utah, e ? iit.'.DC.Ifc acktn?t tt-loVlbl dti'ln* Ute oorTosftootl t perm* if I "6*? hemg an tncreaeu during 'he flntl auerter of Ute rrerral year e? {.,,4A,1.'?4l A deepaa ti dated 3L I'cwr burg, Aprt) CA?e 40, ??ate that the fmet notdJaned. ami Liiat ( rno-tadt would ruinate aarreaethle for the prevent Tlx taterunn of t*t> frank in to *111 out another an I a keel e itedtUoa *0 clear np the treat Arctic m> -tery hv rtgrned talo rea'tty, ledy franklin hartug aTec'el tb? p-'cha?e of a steam yacht admirably adaptc I for Ute Art) tsr -ervtre, and the e*(?rteme<| Arctic voyager antes plieer, ffcptain N'Oinfa-s, has accepted the coramtu I of ifer WtpntllUt'O The nroeenee ol Mr Hrlnneil fu l> iil<ra b anihieety ant Wt paten by th? |iri>iiii>li>r> nf thta la*t rffni Mi (Main Iran* nf the yallant FVa.ikllti %r j hi* onm |Mh?. The Knglt'h oppaatMnn fmimale are Went la their onm j Mu** 'O WmiWWI nf the delay of t/lH K>k in'a t*fb ??rc (or Cliina, ?uo '* * that n it a moment ?< ki m *?i?uhiiig mailable tnrr*at4> aupimrt Str .Mia H>wrtn*? *> wlnnaticn that iha Calmer ton party hare a pr?tfV?' fhr Mood-letting nv*f pe.u making. It I* *al<1 in be the intention of Mr. Lunley, the le-taee n? da-M?)?I) > theatre, tn make a profeartooal uvtr in the Came Statin, with Mailable ftconlnm ul. la it eland, the Roman Ikuimhe. Ik-bop of Ardacb hart bean maylald, a**e<ilu>d, and reienarherl by member* nf HI* own flork fbr hM ootailiicl during the lo igf.ird elee Mow. The principal rendition* of the airangnm nt atoned by the repreie?tMlT?nef tin four Pn aer* In Parte fir the etlh-ment of the Neurhalel qneatinn are atld In be mem the payment by ftwttaerland of l.mwonof by way of In demnlty to the Rhpg of Crmvda, the reh ntlnn by ht? M ? )**ty of the title af t'rlnoe of Nennhalel and kwltatrland to glen him a gwuto repeating the pry pur HmuiMUa ' $ E'NE" urn; of charitable uwtnutlonB in Neuchaicl. As Dr. Kern wit* carrying homo for the approbation of the fedoral council thin arrangement, he fell ill at Oaele. He reached Hcruo ou Thursday, April 23d. A desisiteh from Heme of April 27, says;?The federal Council of Hwitzorlaud bat by an unanimous rule authorized the accoptanc) of tho pro po ii ion ol'the lour dhdnlerettod Powers. According to the semi official Swiss journal, the Hund, the King of imwia will got a part at least of the money which he ori ginully demanded from Switzerland: ho is to have 1,000,0C0 francs. V lenua loiters rtutc thai the TurltL-ih Government has communicated to the government of Austria its Intention or rendering the transfer of landed property altogether free from local shackles. The Constantinople correspondent of the Ijonrion Pott thinks that the question of Uio Prlncti>alitieB la pre;nan with even 8 quite capable of rekindling an European corn motion. All parties In this affair, bo says, appear equally obvtiimte and decided. The prevent excited elate of tho Danublan Princigalttios ban caused co much uneasiness in Constantinople that the Turkiih Government has askod Austria whether, If disturbances tdtould take place, she woukl again effect an oe eupation. Count Buol is sold to bare replied that such a step would require the approbation of the protecting Towers or tho Turkish empire; but that, in cose of actual revolt, Austria, for the sake of self preservation, might think proper to maintain order on a frontier which was peopled by her own Roumaiu population. Intelligence of tbe treaty of peace between fitglond and Ferula arrived at Bagdad on the 27th of March. There hns been a sudden activity in the silk market at Lyons, which is attributed to serious apprehensions respecting tho next silk crop. Several firms had mode pur chases of Bengal and other raw silk to tbe aggregate amount of 06,000 kilograms. The Ihris Pratt of May 1 contains a remarkable article on the English al unco. Its appearance was known beforehand, and that H would be, if not written, at al) events Inspired, by a personage of exalted rank, whose dielike of all that is Russian Is very strong. The papers began to be sold st the very moment the Grand Duke was passing. The article glo: I ties the political privileges of the English people. H says, we find among the liberties W4 have lost, the press and the tribune, humbled almost everywhere elite, remain there undiminished. Knglaud is an asylum for Ideas as well as for men who a<*e pro rciibca hv poliucal vlciotiiudos. Democratic France is 'he ally ol free England. We hail tots alliance as tne pledge and the nifluriiy of the future. Altogether the aril J<- b reraai kabie, eonsidenug the present suto of the picw lb Ftaurt. Tin- I Tlwirt at May Usays:? Admiral otewart Is on his <vay lo (krthagsiia from Jamaica, tu consequence m tho U uiled States claiming a portion or the Now tlraiuvia terntory. A citn??(Jc ?i|'k?rtnjt ekpeditioo, consisting of throe or tour pern u , \6 about to proceed, under Uiu sanction of 'bo tagn-di frovnriiint'Pt, through the western porliou of Bi**ti li America It is intended that the |*rty should proceed from lake ttupertor u> i?in< Winnipeg, *"^ from 'hriicc through the country lying between the northern branch of the Sc-aatcliaean and the boundary of tho I United Nates. The government Is desirous 01' making the stpftU'Kit) aa cienliUc.illy useful as possible, aud, wish Ibis v'cw, the a st?lan?'<> ari l cn'incil of the Royal Society have liet u rouotted. rbe council has appointed a oonmit'ee to act in the matter, and a report has been drawn tip. Ti e et|>edKioe Is W> be commanded by Mr. John Pallncr It will biho be accompanied by l)r. lioctor, as naturalist and surgeon and by a gentleman especially,as a botanist, | aud Lieut. Riakisione, K. A., will bo appointed to take magut ucal otwervaUona. Merer*. Hell, Hon A Co., of I/todon, cinder date of oventug of April do, repirt American aecnrtuea thus:? Market cunuouee without animation, and prtoea without MMa Initio Stales it's, lM'.-S 1<? a KM* t)i.lo ci States 6's, 1848. Iu6 a llawactieaivU* 6'# sterling boude PO a 100 r?iua-y i\ anta 6'?, eterttn( 74 a 76 Kama 4's 18"* SO a 82 Virginia A s, IttM 83* a 84* Viiguiia 6'-, tterUug, 1888 84 a lid Mai> land 6's, sterling bonds HO a 81 Alabama 6'i, bonds 78 a 80 TVuiH-utte *'s. hood* 83 a 84 Uulii'ls rentral 7's, 1H76 00 a 01 liliuois 6'?, 1876 86 a 88 lUirots O'btiai 7's, fret-laud, I860 106 a lOA lllil.tas Ct'lilral. 830 paid, pni 77 a '40 Michigan limit! *'?, I HAH HO a 0J .Vi s York Central 6's, cimi /ertible, 1864 W a 04 New Yccrk l t-iciial A's, not ixuvertiblo, IMH3.. HI a tU New Y'i. k iViilral 7's, 8<l mortgage. 18S3.... HI a Ht New Yo k Central 7's, dawe. lihlu, 1876 68 a M 1 euury I' atria Cs'utral b's, 1st mtgc, cone, HO. 88 a 88 THE WAR IN CHINA. 'I he Kng'hh View of the American Polit y? | The Outbreak and fighting at Sarawak? Knitlnn Attack on lite t hlnrw at Hong Kmn-Mr. Hmhansn'v Chinees Paltry? Ike Mstre Mlwlun to Pvkln I'kIcm c.d laud \aplt r'a .Mission Krultlraa. [from lire londou Ikat, April 8H.] It appear* tc.>u* the !?' itdi Higen.e receivet from A?e?lc? that <bs (VliUM-l nl Mr Hiicbanan h is di Knotty re f- in to commit it t'll in at.y *a) to tho K irnpoan poMcy a lis b is abttid u> b? carried mil In (Tilna. We are Infmnusi bv a Now Yurk contemporary Dial tho llrinsh g. i rtiflii-nt, ilirm yli la> d Napier, ha- a-ked Uiu allUacs .4 tho 1'nlicsi pi ties iii the firmer. lion of tho war wtlb 'luua: al itio samo time anno mt'liig tlist moral oo-opera ensas all thai wa- requited, and "iliat all the lighting t- I' Ite iiout b England ami Pracce " Tn Hi proposal Ih-n 'Mat. we are further Inform".!, has ?iw n a derided urgatire Hie United Stales g iveru uenl no ..(.i ts has a pee.eel ru hi to ado d a isilicy of isolation D Chin?, or anywhere else, and, therwf.iee, the people of hi? country a mi Id 'tarnrlv be justiflcd In taking in an .ntrv ni'ly ?|Ard *bo rotueal with h lieu, fan* has baaed i t?t ti e e grounds?the r nti ri-ooghitHio of the donroe 'is-tnro by Kris?t dti.hwnary. and the probability dial the I'ntb (1 <tslo would *sit> nothing <rom the aHI i any moral support giv- n by them tu England and i ranee The course, however, which Uin OabM.i'l I *a-biu?.ia? |?it|ttns to adopt, cannot fail to 7l?e in si.g.atid ami mocc that prac'lool moral sup. ti sb'ib toe government it lerm? rrftiaew. Tho Hon v H. Ri?d, of Ihcadeihia, an able lawyer, ha* been ,XV-red me fwm oi Unwed Ham- O unmix *k?onr or MlnKter H (titna; ars a sq .adron, Incloding two large steam !VI lui- kMiKwvt'il In 'Is- iTiiuec* water* to support American n>> ret force di|4omacy. In U?e unhappy coo ?t * Inch ha- arftti?aed which from ev.ry mail aftirsri Ml l?e rer? iving new features of aggiHi allon?the .tnicrsan t? nm i ?inner, tn a (sen sm of isttlaicta, wilt e-iairlv bat e an evtrenw ly dtfflriiH (airt to play. In the nr?t |tiace. what will he the of the presence of the amnican iqcwnti at the scene of bo-ttlluesf Tu nego. tele in 'tic m 'St of a hc-re and sanguinary war la an m s-cetsAt wkicn tsi cn-lb e man can seritsidy entcrtalu /tfJ-ituoy nill Aass eo .cftyvavwet/g nf main tie its rnfes Nero- t?M dees itesfentire itat atepul' psnukewmf h|iw '?er Htlhdsl spa 'As muntmoa aril aiat'ify ('inm flit- 1 l licit Stales rssscL. must of i?.-i*~.?lty act a- a sq'iaA ' oTLwr i.. -M l -leo.i.i ? . pr#.!/ . in *r,f -r. n# nf n* ration-. aoroe prov.gallon?win# m l . ni?? nc rtiaiM-*- ahi t?mat mat pal lli#m, ibmi/h with rtlurtaiior, to i-hany* th ir |awltk>o "f diplomatic rmterve? >lr*n*iMrt,t ti#uL ?IH> ?Jo fw># nt often aod iia ll<('itaeri h<> Miti ftfr?nr>.#. I? i-ained Tof mordant ha auppmed 'hil il l* prirrniv of lb# It'Wl -.piailmo would be vrlMtti ' in any * tt to l#t#rfl*r# with lb# operationi of ih# naval f#ro#- if "h|c nrmMry. Shook), for ln<tanro, a 'btkail' nf tkf port* if I"html b# 4or1nrtd, if* nm/r.ti ofuM rrm ?<?M. e? nntjuilf, fx tommt to ifmrror If It would ?? IB. U|?? V. lliM fhe nf (be CbtVtd iin ptniiifni I# h> hn?# C:mmi? mmr an 1 a ai.tfV'f Tl 'mitiiIi it,i- ?r?t Ihr lb# pnrfr?# of mooting an/ #m#r tiit) , t?4 IW Ibr |nirpi*o ?T watrhuui lb# remilla nf the i lot in wl.trb t upland I# engaged Ttn# m?y b#di"#med in he abmwt a work nf #ii|icr?r*vgaiion whoa It U known u> ? mailir i4 1.1 lory thai Fngland. to dealing with China, 'a gottaled for no privilege* in the lift# itemed ,?rftr1|*lloti If? foreign nat|#n?. fhit wh t t? ?h# eatent of tba mnpe-ation or moral fbrr# wh'rh Ft gland ei|ewf?d at Ih# hand- <>f the Col tod !??# > Drli?i< lVi? nr#i I outbreak at (Anton the rale '.on# Ix iwi-rn foreigner# g#oi rally ami lb# OPon-a an 'boritlo I tail h##ii ant thin* hot ?ati? factory For U># p-ir ?## of |. arti ( fbrr'gn trade ami Interrtwme on aim* am h iiorahi# ami aecnre ha?4#, Ihe firtHMl of Ma r?> Mr) intended lo |>rn|>o*e |o France and lb# failed Hialea lb# r*p#d|eiry of eending a Joint nl o at to th# hmparor of China. Jill* Intention oti vt<.oaly maiM n<4 h# earried Into#lf.*1,an long aa Fngland, ny lb# ar? of th# lat# I'rewidenl, ?* with ml a reprerenbi M?# al *a Motion Wot diplomatic r#la:l >n? havlnir ?' no ?? inr#?i anil In Ih# me-mlim# an hiihappy diep.ite havl jg arlern ?l f anion, Ih# offer lnl#n l??l to have bant mvla nd#r v#ry dlfTi rrnl cirrtim lareen li al l#ngih nmnmiial rat## lo Ih# lulled **al#e go eminent, an 1 ie distinctly . fne#d Would # may aak . ! # aaot# reoiK have htp i#n#^ If ih# ofl? r hail ba> n mad# at thn period originally .mirvtvitT We <ua|aa*l that th# Cnltml dial#" governm -nt aonlii hav# horn Inrdned to forgot th# non aroovnl'lon of th# Monro# diwtrtn#, and wont I have choerfilly *lvan ih# moral at.ppori of ih#ir aid to ihe diplomacy of Vi kland and nf Fran##. Now, hownvor, |.#t a # w|l Ina In 'nrtir arral aroena# ao.l to rt?ti of n?r. in th* h->i? tnn?, in u>? rhmi*>r of ikviMo m h'V m?T N? < ? nMod to oh^fn Mtutif ? whiob wmild hr m rnriniBty ?n'l *wum1v thnlr* if nd .>no of iftotr vm-min H<1 Irff *n Amfri'-u imW. ff AlfflMt *n<l Fr??<v>, bjr nrrr sful n|? rnili ii?, fnmild o-t/iti i-h th"lr rl^hi Ui hnvn ?n Air?* nflM'tnr re"M? n? at Ftakln, Ihf IJritrd iOhi.h itnn m i?t'?. r, foilowli * in tfiHr !(?, vniM ?U a. uil no rtmii.t obtain, tho ?anv |ir *i|.>fp p?H\? of Isolation, ? npfwar* i > no ?nl(l?h. taxi unworthy of > gr \t and rnltaVi. iv <t twntiln. It m, nn?f?r, rmftiytn* to oh ?err? Out U>? i'ui'of1 ?*?? p>vernnH>a( Ui do? dtrpoted u> \ W YO MORNING EDITION-SAT adopt or act upon the Gladstone or Oubden 'lew of the Uhl urno dispute If tbo arguments of lhe<e geul'etueu were -valid?if tho course pursued by Sir John Bowrl-g were Dot F.iLctloned by international luw, tho government of tbo United Suiuh Mould bo bound to demand oompou^atinu for ttio destruction of tho American faclorv?au act which would then be one of just retalltallon, occasioned by an ille/'illv provoked war. In spile of the exulusiveness of tb? United States, we believe that tho presence of the American Commissioner and squadron in the Chinese teas will not be altogether without moral "eight. It will toll tit. uaroitn ni,.i hnrhns/uu nnnttld nf Hunu thai thrt i'.itfil rB.nnw?u? uuivu<v>?-< v? ^",M" ??* " ised ruiiouH of the world are determined 110 longer to submit to insult, arrogance and oppression?tint trace and c mmerce must be lionoiably and equitably adjured, and that foreign intercourse must be respected and conducted accordiig to those rules of Justice which, in all other parts of the world, are recognisid or enforced to the undoubted benefit and advantago of mankind. TI1X PRBNCU VIKW OP TBR Witt?TUB PROPOSAL OP THK t'NITBD STATUS. [Translated for the New Vork Herald from the l*arls DebaU, April IN. J The ooncise hut alarming news received from China has naturally produced a great sensation in England. The massacre of all the Europeans who were on board the shatner Queen, tho burning down of the warehouses at Hong Kong, tho Insurrection of the Chinese at Sarawak (which ?e may expect to bra r of as having spread throughout the while province of Maiaisle)?all these sinister Avtiolii iuktifu tho nillllaru inwimnrMtt iulrMti hv (Ha vnirorn. Hi tut, and cause the English precs genorally to bo united In the opinion that the war mugt now be carried on with energy and tirmncsa. The means tor thus carrying on the war ate not deficient The troops already sent outfiom England are now on their way to the Bcene ol action, while at U e Ban e time the corrje d'armce of General Outram (who can hoar from I/mdon and receive hla orders in ten days) has no doubt already set sail for the same point. The emplt) mont of the Indian army in China seems to be a decided thing, aa the disbandmont of the Nineteenth rtgi merit, Indian infantry, aeeuia to have put a complete atop to the agitation which had broken out among tbo Sepoy a. "It seems certain tbat England will not not alone in China, where it Is the interest or all the maritime nations of tho civilised world to maintain respect for their hag. Franco, England. and the United States had. it is affirmed, already contemplated extending and strengthening their influence in China when the Incident of Canton arose. The initiative of Che above project it even attributed to the United Stalet, and U it allured theU then pmpmed in IfUrb, to England and to France, to units their effort! in order to aiture the success of that mUerptUe. the Canton idcident hat not mod I tied the nrsrVaua res stations of the man time Cowers?it has only hastened the action of England. France, if we are to bell we certain statements, has decided on despatching a land force to China, In order to occupy some point of n?r territory and give weight to the negotiations. It is to be expected that tho Chinese win make little distinction be tween the satisfaction claimed by the English and the new advantages claimed by F>anee and the United States; it is probable that united action will Issue from a genera) refusal. It Is, moreover, better that the monopoly of so great an enterprise, and the probable advantages wblsb wiU ac crue to civilisation, should not be left to one Power. With respect to England, the great naval prostrations which were rendered unnecessary by the unexpected tormina tlon at the Eastern war could not rocetvn a hotte* employ. n,t uL In apito of the predictions of the Daily it Is sot probable that this war will demand great sacrifices, or that the resisting powers of the Chinese nave been underrated. In addition to the nndentabie superiority of Euro peons over Asiatic races, the English possess a partlc.u'ar talent for exciting one race against the other, and of extracting profit from their discord. The victorious return of the well known and original Sr dames Brooke to Sara wak. alter having been compelled by an tnsurrecUou of tbe Chinese to sees safety by swimmiug, W a new au 1 sin gular jiroof of this fact. Sir James Brooke is perhaps the only man who could have returned at the head of bands of Malays, have killed 2,000 Ch.nese, and regained piMneart??n vfllit country, but every Kugll -buiau in tho extreme East poeevwee some of tbe bolduers and luOueuce com mended by the fortunate Kajah of Borneo." Bt'fHJAN conrlictr with tuccdinbab? movements IN SI Hr HI A a no or HONti-KUNU. Accounts from St. Petersburg of the 24th ult. state that tnteliigeare bad been received of the R .Ftnan frigate Au pnra ha < inrr unrhnyiiil rati ihn 11th Uavph in thn roi. 1 j(ou,I of Hone Kong, comics from Uu coui of Manchoort*. A part of ber crew, wbo hail landed <> p*"icure wa er, had corn 111 treated by tic Chinese, and ?V mu ntJipnt h, l.vtd a dHcuhmmt ijf marine* u> xnjlict jtunvJtmrnl rm them. Mi Bttu k prove* that the fin ling of the people against European* i* the saint* to all |*rln of the oouotry accuuqu had also l? cu received tluU tin- ftovernor or Siberia had -cut a body of troop* on the Chinese frontier to mamUm tranquillity. The I'ekin Catette of thr 22d of N'ovembe* la-n contain* a curious notice of a collUtou between the Russians of Clnsk and the people of Tarbitgalai, or Taebiava, lite uitxt db taut |Kirtkio o4 the Chinese empire iu contact with the Siberian frontier.* The large province of 111, at the eastern extremity of what the tnaga call lndept i.deut Tartarv, la dtvttod Into two |wrw ?111 proper o the south, and Tarb.uratal to tbu north The latter t? the country or portion* of the three liibex f liarnack, F.lulh, and CUabar. and aUo of oertaln Cbinree dtrcendent* ofronie hundrrda of families earned thither in the middle of I art century to form a military colony. From a memorial of Chalafantai, the Chineae resident Minister, publl-hed in the above meotioned duett', it would appear that the Russian* (throughout styled, bar Parian-) hare frequently had to drive back their neighbor*, who |a<r*t?t In crossing the frontier to dig for gold. Tin- ha* pri diu rd discontent,and some Chinotean I Mahnair tan*, so trratr-,1, avenged I hem selves by flriug a Russian barn or warehouse?one or more building* tin being setxed by the Chinese authorttiun, they defended thi-mr elve* by a counter allegation of m>ir<le> ags n-t the Russians This was fined to he without any proof, and they were setleuted, priurl|*il* and ars-es acrl<*, to whnt thr re i lent in-ist was a sum-lout punl-hment Ilia dreisiao had, however, been revbed at Pekin, the su|?>rior cruris a?='HU tng, finm the that Hie delinquent-had h-rued duellii g house* as well a# uuigazine* His memorial Is to dtspiove this, and to defend ths original ?<"ni-*nce, on the ground that it Impost* acnalir leg ,tiv Commensurate will' the offence, no tots-Id tuing pro re t l<i do -usli y harm, also that it-rives the twogre.t ends of tu un'-aiong the dignry of Uie Sate, and a'*urlng the pe*v> of the fruitier. He lay* -iro* withal on the laci that when tiie barbarian (Russian) commissioner twice to lli. In ISM, ,4to dl-ou?? regulation- of traite," lie, the commw-toner, (a-re-ni'ttwtly refused his consent to a pm|a*utlmt that life should he given for life, 111 r??e a Chine** were kllUit by a K is-ian The itMidcrd'ii nation hi mii Iring, oiherwln. Tugochuk or Tarbapaiai, ! perhn * t,UW? rolloa from !' kin lln r? port wa? m iii oil on ?h* I oil. of Mny,anl on the likii of ?|i<vt Ir, In llftyrlght day*?a nolo from the gr??t .-nunc II reach <1 h>m, to the effect ihat the Km icror would further nguify hi* plea*-ore cnocorninr fi? ctue Th-Board of t'liliirbmrijU'iniuulc arrived no the ktiib of September. AFFAIR* OF HObO KtWO A HP CANTOR?MO** flKINO BV TUB CfJINF.FE ? ANOTHER TMAOBPY ON aOAHO A BTRAMFM? CAPTtKK OF tlK JlN?-??M'lVRMF.NT* OF TIIK AMERICA NR ANI? PRKVC'U?TUB LATB FLArNHTir OF 10?II,IA> POM CCBA. [lbmg (Mairh 1?) (i?rre?|?"ndeiior of l/mdnoTlroe* | No ooctifTcrce of Impr-rtAiN-e hv taken pteoe on lb.? river. The Chuteee tired orkrir inW> the reeoaum Fort ' lorn laoge without eflect, and It Oil Id nut bo aec -rtaiocd what damage their boau Muttered fi?iu the abut returned by Ihe for.. Thit place rentals* quiet. The rumor* or proiimate danger* >UH continue prevalent We have to report another catastrophe that urenrrod on Hoar.- one of Uie |iwoi?r learner*. an I Ul.' ncg'igroce that prevailed regarding the management of the iteam t cannot ha rou highly rerifehended, partn-ularty aflor 'hwarring In the care of ?he Thpllo The Q ie-n left DM* for ??. ?< aI about lh A M , on lite 13th uH ; the peo;>le <>n b??r.|, *e far a* we nan learn, brwide* ihe captain. th? en yioeer, and two aalior* of ihe *r*?oir, were ?,naen,t?r? two Kmr|iean*, ?? Pnrt-ifoe?e and fhliwwe women, and rboiii u n ItrM claw and twenty enrwM rla-? Oi'ue-.? there wae no rewtrl.-tloo pot on the (flr?t cla'? ("hlnive When neat Mm* theee men pt pn*eo**MiD of the nho?t with arm." while the captain an.t other* were at dinner, and the tlr*t iutitnatlon that anything wae wrong war a volley being <tr*d into the cabin (hie of the pawenger*. Mr II. f>v?tly, melr * good hut in* (1- rtual nei.tame. ( and with a revolver wounded w-veral of the Chlltere. The cat tain war wounc.ed, unit Jumped overboard, a- al o did the engineer and a F.'irnjiean* pa -enger, the-o nave nd rinoe been heard of. Mr tdeverlv ha.I hi* thigh fr*cwr?d by a ball, but got overboard, and aftorhemg ?ntno tune In the water, avrccodee in reaching a kvcha, and wa* taneu to Macao. The wound, II |h hoped, will mrt prove ?? *e rtone a* waa at flrrl feared Ttie other |?t**enger* were aken up the rlter In ihe Queen, and mo-t of them have rlnce arrived In Macao. They report the rteatn.o to have been burnt She had a valuable oaignna hoard at (he time nl the capture. The attack waa conducted hp Mandarin aoMlera and plratea, who were oe (ward Ibr the |*ir|Kr-e The Q.ieeti war under Pietugunre colore, and we <.u.irr*!and tin-Wo , tPihlir tti Muran h;ia* aiMil aa FidiMMitlAil an hi Va*h FittfiFil it>pr the aflalr, hul we Lav o not beard whether he hae yet received an anrwrr Uhi-itlwa? nl-enrered that th* reaeel wa? not nnd*t the MrIII. h (lac there tM relm-tanee In lrn|?rtlnc ?!> matter to Yi-h We .irxler-rtaiKl lie d*e.tined W toe any 1 Ihtnp to do with the veeeel I Alter thi? erci?rret?e* tt *H tit* ?wer*d thai the tiin-> oo heard r?me nf ihe other eh-aniera hail born rendered U'P leer by ?|itktnc or othorwUe, ahowtuc how eiteudod th" , M-henie wa* for perpetralinc audi a?roritle?. It I* b> ha hoped thai, alter ttie ?MTor toe that hare here tneurred outline hot havoc our relation* with tlilna n? , lablrhed on a wider and iwe'irer hvl* than they ha r | hnberto hern will he mneller'-d <u(tlri?ei ,ir U>etnv-t I m We nnf!er?t?nit *tr Mirhio-I deymonr 'a .mndnrl ha* net the | approval o( lli* heme covernment, trlnt h, oo doubt, I* a , rlrhl cotn|irn*?tlnn to him fie- the ardnoi* U*K he haloid up to thle Hun ? rnoilu ttioc >(i-r.tlMitii ?itt a *m?lt hr-e, and foardiny acainat onotinual auntie* hy the t'ii i.ere In deMroy lit* rhipa. The honorable roni|*ny'? ateamer Auckland ant mull i liaih-red .learner Faclet went iril on a crutiie on the 14th tin tin Ifith, at Tonne Chune, they fill tn with h atlly armed mandarin (??'*. Tno A cklanl ?v ltd not yo the hay where they were, tint the hacltd and the Ivan- Onni the Atlvklaitd went In and de-tro^ed til Itink*. A liatlery Oil the ebore tnonntlnc altteen C'tn*. w et and be yon* eplhel. The r?>i?altt*a on otir ?tde trie He . uI me ?iU?d and four wounded of the Aui-klaml '? no n Iter Uj-i'r > mer Nicer waa ?ent not on th-|Aih, *do,I i,m;j m r . tttc Aiinkland and hi mm from her t CI* f'i ' i.|l . M, ipt-ire I eeren plraueol |'ink< r') m -nail . . ,ra < ii French Wiot?t?r, trrlrel | >i.i ... ...m? ||?. in ht< I nivriti Vnj nr e i?i? ,?vr?l V mjviv, iV n?? ' o< . rnrr l>n , l,, > I <>ir vimrii i'>n Air? rK ."ro.w i ??!. ini* N.fiii. ittf? kfl ft* Mamlaon ' n n??*mor Mac*' tetM. RK H URDAY, MAY 10, 1867. The ?nntp-on tias rcfciriMHl rrora Amboy, Uor U l-^ty 'i : brlp Cuimll* Ih-miv M'ut Ul> UlOin to r?)!tMV? bur Tbv United dunes steamer Han Jacinto left for tha 1'r iUi Khoal on the 10th in.- L, 10 l.*>k aflur an Anaeiluuu whaler, the Alice M-ndr II, that w.o? wrockt <1 there ou the 7to iml, On the night of the 6th Inst., the bakery lately belong lng to Ifebiug or Allutn, was burut by luoandiarie*. The present owner had a largo contract for bioad f >r tbo army and navy ou hand. About 700 bar rein ol' Hour wore destroyed. Krkln Oawttr* come down to the 11th of February. They contain re|?rts of seme successes of the imperial tro 'i? over the lumrgenlH. Tlieru its still no mention made of the state of mutters at Qui ton. From Shatghae we learn that a bund of rebels had burnt Hobow, in a groat tea district In the province of Kiougse, and ul(ecu chops of congou were lost. Along the count all woe unlet. From Canton a good many of tho native merchants have lately come down to Hong Koug to sett o aooouutd, and in ojuHmtnt have, we understand, taken over gooU to omaextent that were stored in their packhonsee. Another tragerly has occurred on board a ship taking rcolled ftom Mwatow to Havana. TheOuluare. Bilush ship, letlfwatow en tlie11th,and uext day there wan an attempt made by tlie coolies to tako tho vessel. The, -'ore tl> nd upon, and after tbont sixteen of their number w. re killed or wouudod tlie distur banco wiu got under. Tho v ease I came in here on tMI-uh Inst., and an investigation lutp the matte-la going ou. His imperial muyc. ty's steamer Oatlnat, In consenuenco of the disaster to the French ship Anais, which vessel, we lueuUuuod lost uiouth, was tukeu by Uic coolies on board, wont up to H varum, wlienoe the coolie* were shipped, ami a demand was made on the authorities for the sum of $6,000, and notice given that if not puiu wo town wouiu do Domnaruea \i an interview, we understand, tlio mandarins wero polite, but declined paying the demand. Tlio amount was subsequently uudo up by parlies Interested in lite co*liu trade. tuk gilinknk attack on tub amuucan bcuoonkh saul and. [From the Norm China Moll, March 16.1 Scarcely a week now (M*xc? without our having to chronicle tome daring attempt on the jatrt of the Chinese to capture river cratv The lateat of these was upon the Garland, a small American schooner, of which the following are the particulars aa furnished to us.? Whilst the American schooner Garland, owned by Silas

E. Burrows, of this place, was lying off the Bogus forts, w ithin a short distance of her Majesty 'a frigate N'aiiki a, a mandarin came on bonrd to puichase mouio cargo, and in conversation with tho captain informed him that they knew bo dlOhreucc in the Hags, Kiiglush and American, that the mandarins would take both dags if they coul'f, and that 97,000 was paid for each vessel capturod. There U no donbt this man Instigated tho two China men on board to attempt tho seiauro of tho Garland. Chinese swords lied been brought on board for tins purjxiee, ami after tho schooner had run about dvo miles from tho Bogue to wards Hong Kong, witli a strong; northwest wind, she approached very near a fleet of tishing junks. The captain was standing by Uie mam rigging, the male and one tailor ru-ar to Km, and two European sailor* aloft when the two Chinese, w lib a sword in each hand, attacked the cat talo and mate a blow was aimed at tho captain's neck, which a heavy co?t cotlai alone protected, hut Uio oiow was so severe ? < to stuu him A Cmlian sailor, seoing the captain alUukeu, rushed to hi.* rescue with bis sheath knife, and homing up hi.* left arm to protc t hln head, received a blow which cut him t? ih? l> >n?, b it in stantly drove his knife to the hilt in the as a-sdi'* bread, and he fell overhonid Hie GhiuamaJi who auackeu the mate, (toeing he was left atone. Jumped overboa'd Seve rai shuts w< rc uri u at bun in tu?-. water, au.i thi capmlu thinks be did not gain the junks, for the curieul wa? run mng very strong agjlort him Wheu the aUaca wa made;' the Ji nks were It com moUon getting uiuier weigh, j.rolutbly w> lend a hand In -4curing the (lailaud: but when they saw their iuten nons derenied, ami Ut? captain with hi- g.itu pnuUnl, laey nil fell l uck Ui appar. uliy luiUQ rent tl Iterinou. The oe)S?iti loued 'It* llilxMai* had jfftlar^d f tr ill* at l< mut to take lbs scboao. r b> thrown g all the thole pl.t* ui too boats merboaid, by putting out t in rt. o ?o tool no <\nui<! tint Kght a maim for hi- .sunoti, and by dl-tk??ing m everytbi t alxuii the dacke that the ore* ooti d have de fenced iht twelves with Uaputiu . .armigu.n urueU back to der kaj.ny's f-urate Nat km, at the Rogue, and ?*-furrti bed fiota tier with to work the i.arlauo to Hotig K?ug. TUB CltlMCXE RKVIM.P AT BORN gl *? 41R JtMRS BKUtlkl'd KSHim or TBB INRPliKkCTION. Wo liave received tlie following letter fi>rn -ttr Mtue* Br.xkt, addr *acd to a per sun il friend, ao<l d?sc lb lug the 0' ?U'h t.f lite late Utaut tecUuu, and Utr .let* taken It supprou it:? n.iii.Ait, M;trcb 15, lk'.7 1 may now relate more rlrr.. m tanviaily th? uveitis of tb> U t Tow week''. Harawak woe or peaceful tut l* had ot or b. on, a .d Iber. was no o*u o 1- excite dl-iw i f.wlion rmt> g the tee or t ot-e *. sp cion m our mitt is of *u. hostile ile-lgun, yet a conspiracy h&d been f >rm.t 1 which bad Its riuniti.Jiiton, .n Mtrgu *>re and lit tXiliut A folio? er of Tlcule, tlie rebel rbl I, bad arrtend itt dara ?ak and rome crimmuls, who tool b?en btui-lieo the country, secretly returned from Jii.g*i?>r<. I hid I.e. u unwell for itw days, and on the night of t ie Ikth retire.! eat I) to loi. My *e. * awl we atoepiici to a 1 r?*dn near mine, and Mr. Slrel m.d \'i. hotels orcupiod a small bungalow clo-s by. R'tawtt I. nod I tt'.nodk I <v awakerrd by yelk and .hot,,, and, *.uziiig .ov sword and revolver, I u|tened a window and .aw teat the home was surroutided The n< t-e told m* II wa- b? (It lucre I opened door by dtwte In the h"|aj of 'In iiurr mean* for escape, hut In vain I told (hi- native servant) that our death* were at hand, sill, as the la-' hope, went dowu to the baiting r??..n, winch ??. ua ler re|wir. The door w*w not fa'tenorf f ojionei it ge i ty at.d, seeing llie a ay clear, ran acne*. the Ibwii to In creek oo the right hand of the, and t ?.K the water cl(a>e under the Ix.w- ot the hut vmch bad brought the murderer* t> their hloojy work | canted my sword and ptabil wrov. wPh me illa-l a as I u> touch inund on th* far t ie tb.eigbt n it .ho e ihlrtyyad*. I struggled th-oigti tl e deep m i I ant lay dean etban-led ami panting Ir. the r.aal Recovering htealh, I got to the t>. aie*i tuMi-e, on 1, lau diitig I'-ottoe. pulled up to the iNtlne Randal- kam ->ng *1. wa nn' m fusion. 1 wa* ton extmi??leO to do much, ant him. ell could not have nato-ed en irage or ord'r to -.tofi a |at ate-at rlhkf'U crowd Here I'ruoicab iu. jolred eie l.lee.lii g from a ?evere sworrt'eut In lite ?i in Me be here* til* wile tn be deait, aud we tp H-eh.ui led th it the massacre would be general, finding all tie m uf re. storing affairs at the ttindar* gone, I pulled u. ihe taut |m>i ps above, and int-nad?l Uie |~w<ple h. -.outre th-ur women and raluabhw in, and u> cro. to the wo (Kam or left bank of the river >? s< lo |irevM> tlie a--oil aids ftnm allocking them b> lain ni KHINtlS AND ht,Al'tlllTIKA liv TIU 0t1|N AMRN. ??y h.nire, Arthur's and Middlt iou a wen. long before I ihi.- in llatui?. We gnt Uie women and chll muatruaa llic rtver, Mini Arthur, l timk-luii.k nud utvself retired u. he .erne side, to the bouse of Vxknd.?li Hrvak. II Jre f? mhle Jtdne.1 us with tl e iiitelligeuv that after au bo tr s del. lice our fi?rt or palt-wle bad baut liken, an I with I all our guits, small arm- ammunition, hr It hai bsan irferideit by frymble, wub bsn men on t two iwi-tuera, il.r.M.f tlie .left n. ers were kill.*. <mh<'W I vo ? rioden and t .Yymble bun-ell hwl h-eu gra/sd by In his i.te M.daletot , Mc. ie, Ki.j.p II ami IVntr droteted It ope after another, lite Il.wr < lit on', an t the dull morning broke at length, hut ouiy ul do o.g n. u- the hoj.ders stats ot our al'uirs Vte rem nor I <) ildly v Inkmtah Rryak'a, wu.t we .xtuld t. am n.ste the naive*, ami to prwpnre for such a Ill (Vtwo ao imr Di'Mtf nil ? "!, *li ml i arn b? altar kod. I may boro rr Uio If- and ajitlurtuiKM ut iHtr ffito* mlcrwt I'oor IUr" VtebuieUit wan ut tr id <io llw |r? a,lr>iii| lo r w b mi b n>?. Ojok (hank and hta utfo utnapvl b> Ibur bath m d air. Sho an Brat, and bo pr itndoii hm frtrnai * tin a ?|i?r I, hiband, but, ID parting Uio ?ial'l. , ntH* uf th -to villain* nulii'il (mm tbo op|?anl*- ?ldo and I'n b -o <l<>? u H*'r bii'liaiiil >'bbo<i lil? I |""ar loin III" mi i r natit'g back, but ii'i a laifl ot bit l? Mf bo a fin bo-l it mil, anil, viV>iii <bo i-baft, he ifugghii -n got lb- (war .HnMral), hn* oaor, lotting ft" wnb hi? right hai c, id ?bi<'h h.- hoM a rbmt out Crbnk-litu* run><m thr (1- hr part o? Iho arm 1Mb rbacgoroil, brgji il gn U'o rp?ar, and truk bank, arak aitb im of biwtl. and h ii-vtug Mr aifa doad, rUggornl a?av a'nf' roacbod n? M10, yimng and biia.itllul, lay f"f taoloo nmr' nirniif In lii r bloat, u U'Chm* and rai n in IM* ottrom ty. Ono hood Sirkol at hor boar i till bo cut ?fl tbo lung >ro--or which |v?in'li I it; ?t> alic I hut bor rliga froni bor (logon, a imrd?fio ia? n*? m mir i -mtr?n natu-e bt It no tdd? ?? ?? boo oalrr u iilrik B? tbla I nm tbe nf tbo Kiriimn- bat boon aomrod of p-utrctiao. but wh.-t iho Hob ip t'ko' (bo kader'r |?rmianofi In carry bor in bit b > i*o bo war tnlrt (hat rbo rhoiild bo loft to |?"taO. At toliglb llio turn to ranted. ai d rho war roliwn-d ami tomtivi and h now. Hod be prwirwd, recovering Middle**'* tnniaa ?i? attacked < the ntn-v time, at. I id the ame ni.nmr * the other* He twapod w|tn (ilihri.lty. Hit i??x mile wife hid in * bakery 'ill the h irning raneri | fell aland her, dimI, linm her roe rainn-nt raw the ar-allanie kicking eh" l the bed or h>r "MM child ,he mwtber wee iwaMcvl; elm at hot, rU~ eel t, to nob nut, hot con Id txl morn. Die ywingcid chil>' w?? murdered end thr urn Into the where y?ir Vt ollii.gton'N remain* wrr? like won no eum*l, hi* head w>rii. off in triumph ! or attesting hi* prevto.i* noifdet, The dejr broke, n? I <wi I end "holly after I beard thai Ihe fliltwwe had a??i,r#d Mir iiirgivor* nf ?af? ly, that tbe> had rnninnuii elid wen the Kt<h ?p. en I ami I ,i II. Imr and Knpprll. I thro,. ho(?d?<? nt .plug frond Mrtrd At the Mote, a *maM -dream which ha* it* (Title* iAr below the town; It ate a add walk, wegwamthe l celii, *arl?d ni t every tr?e? of our f.?.tl??|?e in ttxi in d. and took rrfiige In a mutfrnte *??mp aa dark earn* i n Ht * n'rlorh tern email b-.rtr came(? m ry tt" away, ml in an boor afterward* I *a?ln tiwmg Kiyung'a fee lin, man In d liv holy met,, wad en entailer boat* In oo-a i?n> Owr i?rty cvwHtated of Arthur tJriedtah ink, Orym hh , MlddMoti aiid I'anly, aud. after III* trial' and fane itilt the '!A hi ura, we alcjit ae Unmgh tm lori ib? bal tee ix ttaken nn KiCTALIATlON OF THK B kJ IH ? I. k*'l? bt'MRF.RS Of I'll I SUM* If LI,Kit* tm the h Ihiwlofi morn nit I aod.d at **bong, ant 1 wi h I neiM rx|>taln lo jiei the ten at oare, the genenr?* etna iwlht ?h< wi nal iifion a*. II. rc ae rec' ivel inh>rm*u m kalibe nitueec, after forcing the fT'i'dun and IHtai* ml" natbe ol fealty , had agnml to retire milhartfor. Ilea l< arly il eir intention having, a? they ttio igo?, d|ipO*?J nf myself end Arthur, to take tl e orintij Into to dr own ham e, to be friendly with the Malax and Oyaka, to |?d no ite the European* and to enco irage tin m to trade, in 1'iee in the *upply of their own want". There were twin laiilee reqtihdte to the encnena of Hue ootobl* pr? l?it My lntei>tion wee to proc<?'d to -ta*arr.?n, to oltict aa large a force ae I eoild, an I with it to nonVe the town, or t" onunatd a haan d (?|iernt|ona In Its vicinity. I awaked, h iw ver, ihc Intrlligence, and nn (tunday, ha ing h?*rd of the retirement of ibo Chinese, I was again entering the town, ahrn down they came a reoand lima, before wa were in ?ny manner prepared to rarelre ih m properly. Toe aonreqiieaco waa Uny gained thy town before I coaxl [ E R A Vi'U laud, mid 1 retired with ail the KurofnuuiM, with tiiO 111 UJ UiUntiim ill Ij. tn Ke-^-ai riiii Till * wii* lilt; only evening I fi ll the i!o;inwl<iu of apiriu at Umir.utun ill fortune, l>nt I "lid not .ho* i?. There wo were, outcast*?wuuicuand children ami helplM* I'ugl liven to In-povnled fnr?thn towu iri tlain?M, an I .ny pert pla whhotit llreurmr- i: ml am monition, [iai.ic stricken, ami tiering Willi their lalitilhM A lonir frvm Htktrriu wan our only hope, ami with a h.tsti for operaUona vro miitlit rally the people, re arm ami art agatuet the ene^jy. The next morning I was on my way to linga, when tlio alcmucr hove in light. I boarded her. 'kliinii' wit* rout iealoua and active. Here wan Uio very base lir our bpuratiuux we canted. We drove the mlseruauta out of the town, found the liatooin a cluster of (irattua, and heard that he had recapture"< nine samptUM and one of our piahne ouotatidn? "tore# of powder, eomegUHK, Sir., of which WO were m gr?at want. This waa the llr-tt blow struck at the Ctuuwee. 1 lelt assured l rat each day would improve our r< oertvH and diminish .liuee of our neonex. Their body of men was marly annihilated. lor taking the Jungle behind the town or making oil' hy the r< ml, ax the" had 110 boalx to carry lb* in away, they were cut oil'by the Ityaks or starved. My nevi measure ?iu to lot the laud liyukx limeo upon thuui, aud within a circuit of a? mileo from Sin la won, liau and Hula, they were drlvi n into their defences with great loan ?r III,, ami >11 anmia.inliullnn Iw.lia.u.n It..., uu.: prevented, excepting by menu* of lurgo parlies of armed men. Night nud day they wore harsasecd by alurnu; every straggler waa, cut down, wai a guerilla warfare of tho most barrossing character, and quite Shut the enemy up iu'heir two places ol .strength, Ban and Siniaaati. The wiuiti I' lissl was cure lo do tho rust, and it was u mere question ol' time boar long they could hold out. Himovar and Bank were, each covered, the former by the fort of UaJiuab, the latter by be landing place, but early in the month the clnneee again came forth in live prahua and liegan ravaging the biuiks of the river. I was collecting my people and reassuring them after their panic. The la too bandar, on the 9th, wan in a single Malay prahu on the lookout at Linda Turak when this Chinese party came there. They declined an engagement on the watrr, but landed and threw up a stockade, which they defended with loirr guns and raauned with about Jto men, armed wish muskets and rlhes. The Dafo came down himself in a small liott, and by 1 o'clock on the 10th wegotofflwo more largo p rah us, some 30 Djak bung knnjrs as a reserve; other prahiu wero prepariug. and some followed the same evening, but too late. Tbeao three prahur. ranged themselves In line and dashed at the Chinese stockade, landed sword in hand, and carried it without a check. The 1MB cut the Chinese to piece j in the Jungle, and the half hour before sunset cost our enemies from 100 to 120 men Again the remnant was distressed In the Jungle Our party returned, had it ascended the river, no man. woman or child of our enemies would have escaped drain or capture. This defeated party consisted of their picked men, and their two gie&l leaders were killed in the stockade. A panic now seized lb* in. Ou the night of the 11th I beard that Bahdah and Himovar had been abandoned, and, hurrying up the following morning, tho Intel greeted me that Bank was likewise deserted, and had been burned, and that the Chinese were in full retreat towards Sambas. This took us by turprisc, but our force got upon their trail on the 13lli, and, after three days' desultory lighting, druv*' them across the frontier with great slaughter, the enemy, however, making a desperate r."t tori* e in defence of the women and children, and the efforts of our people uot b > irp able to breik them. Had twenty-four hours delay Intervened, tn allow a concerted aback, wo should in ye hail them all; hot ms it i we may be tbaukfoi, for a mere r> mi.nid of the bo y "I tTiii:* e uien has uactti*' I, aiel Lie culture of the women und children was not to be desired. V ven now, however, tin. wretrh-d mass, dit .en to the f rtber tide of the tknibas rlv0e, nnu-l suffer g.oal loss, and maj u'logetber jsui it In the wild Jungle foe want of fisxi and from cs|io*ure. Thus the pumshmeut his been aimort au sudden and far in >re sharp th in tho treachery aim first success of tbi.- iui<-< reut I CONPITION OF TU* CIIINKHK HKTTI.KUKNT?TflB PKlI' anii i iik mrmaa. A thousand and more nave hecu kilhd In dlfforent pianos, their nourishing sel'lements deslioyeit. and out a r<v ftiee to cover their da-laro heads in the country rpe timbers starved ta their iltght by being kid in 'hJ' ogle It If -dfflcnit to rt '-b n but it mum be c.MwIdorab'M, ai d out c a population of t.UOL or 6 'Oil ccrui .lv ivd in >re than '.'.Ot*' have e ca.anl.ati.t ha f Iii< mi nbnr M c rajno I tr women and rbiktrm T"be piinl-hrontit hax bwn ? -vce The Chine* uill piny no further t/eaikrry here, ami in fu, tint v? th ill prtrrrU their heinp wwrinl'd in rnnnI nits, duan "> Uinu, ami reduce them t/i a da.lj nl.ilt net to Olr Liu* and a sh id tu ntiHance. inamtX: has now l JMnl thnnq/h the ordnil UuU Urn.) K ma it panting thrmiqh anil Snu/ajm rr hut yet ui meet Ihe c 'un tiy u ttenrr; (he authority of goi eminent hw hr;?n vindicated; tlio principle* mi wh ch It In ba< >d proved 11 be 'ght by u e fidelity and ardor <T IV native p ip ila Wi <?ur|tMti? have laeu renoveied wl'h a pro|?>rtinu uf our muiUrtry, inl the prtnciiwl loan fullx 01. myvrlf on f'r ?iU hank nuil Middle too. Km my??-ir, I may >ny ili?i I never knew the nnill value of worldly till I lixt ?h>?m I Oo not pn tend to any trrt'tnental cant over my n .hl? library, my oe-tly plate, oi nil mo deeoratt .nx and tok"n? , f houor whl-h were once ahowreil u|>on nv, and tiave Peer Wietwicr more *uitdft,ly ibau Utejr were ar<| uroil. ManV happlnoee oe i n t. i in wirh ih'njfn, ,.?j ue >i?*?m yp the chancre ot fljdiry it If bu penuad.'* hlioxeif thai It i ocr PROBABLE CAPHB* OF TOE 0LTHH1AIC. Now, a word mu-u ?? to ilte nu'i* ot uiooi loitili. * be.rri r ilinr Ik a lliiluuiu tlwr* k? tin* oiiieMI of -u l>ri mai-y arid Ihe dnxlreiur .liitiilntou H hen twiroli' I iu hrrth h ax in San,hu torn,"rly , and Un t i n in ."wrawak ti.i to o inv arrival, tlim luxt of rule * owe *ir >naor. rh till,font prxcewdluRX ' I the II iluti have renenl'y thrown mau droir rair ri.ariu tern into .Sarawak, an I llm un ora tily lor h'o . iivrrnmr'i I I' -i> >a|? re, * oh if O.lraliii rf xccret buck in*, tun rti ngu.oiied the fluu <-? Kuo?t i here, and firm It advlxert awarf of me ? ? * >*i B.-iUrli alfalra u< | ? !?? > . Without ?i li nviwr? Uiv td<-1 ui oono i.u'uur traue while uuroenim me menr. of rnvannm, ?ii,m ucmi Lave ?o'er, d the linwd of aiiv li? r * < Inoone here, ai d wilhvul tin* ntearta ot llv?iln?>l frour w.ltioul and the ?n|'|ant of lie k iiro.a-uii wmnvtttlty, mi ma<l a project could hardly have Imk-u hi..let!.k -n. To opiel the ytnermnrl t'V the in ir.ter o it a p ibf i|?l ..tin cr? anil In ail and In lalill-h ntlo'i K .iR'i-ll n i b in cuiry oti ibetrailo. * ? tin' it?r<lkiti ot Ubuieew of Mnaniano. well Wipi lio'ed elUi liir unlital |Hci.uai of - rawnk, and |??r.<-?d *uh ID. m,? II.ui tiie aiur l. i .?f aiaaay otlioer' alio llu* ttirawxk l(a| li would lie a matter o' aiiirr-mo lie Morei ce to the Itr n li, pruTPlial ih t Pad'' wan roiillMiiat and ro.t .rii -o|.' It *? a hik'ti ci nipllno lit to iny Rovernim i.l that, ni irdormg mo w Ui On luioution <>l otiiau ion power, ln<" < y r|i vrr t hinom' do-in .la lltt'e cbanRo a |>i<*hle. rii -v forect lli" native i'lern m. and lionc tin Ir .'e-'rooti iii lr. cr mi ll wax aRian.lx. ix'r tri.e tire, o'everlt dovn...l try no li ai'ipta.iitr d wilt> huRii li pcicy not m n|. of pi ocrdiuit. hi t n.lri l.u?. o ax tea ./ilx tic fo I ntr ail' the 'en . i'y of ilo- native (xitxilatiou I itdtik 1 have wM v*xi Itiat olo of Hen To'x toll .wer?? i. r a follower of the reli.d ...III, .. t.. U .1 . II. II.,.. I...U . I.U? U ..... ...... .1 IU nave Htriv < in the nr ntiy It la |?rob?lile ihet he ??I he (flat -Mi>ia|?-r<' mover ami a >-nt, ami all lite e ranee to eia*M.tafe the an tilth l<> W | ire twiarr ami pinitVr by menii- of tr-vh-;ry ami m iHT inav he alien Un piVt rty III the lhine?o, n*ln* til tlo< n ,111) yieiil .?f gtil'l ituni g lh? last eight m' nth - I arl'l mil, a-ll Hut in ( etu i ate their igint war In *?-ihie, an.I without a lee 10 the <1i ?i/n ami it* a'teiier- Un*r rit-Ti-t waauM ontu-i ivahle. live, rente rumor* hat hern ???ai throe mniiili- l>, lure Him' wader fnl e >it a rtmetaua tin a i >l the K"l'K-l I at .j.le are re to Torrr Ul" tail ni 'tr-lor l" iiht ran- rune |v|-n*iem i.el.ngii.g hi lb"lr te, I/, but tlie eehtitie del nth th n embrace my life, M 1 WV In Singapore 'Vr-nlialianlr tr-'r "r"t?Otlor?, si"t en my return I male Inquiry lulu the nn?'f, a,ll mil dinting an* Unglole e.Menre to art rai l m In r'l-luih'ug ibe (awe of the Onntitry. Te {war* tgatml am h a iame| ttai v i? ni.rnelMe tt ahitoherr Ull ?t>|4wt nliy norum We are raally tvt much h ry our tirmtieer ?|M utli r, hut will r?- orrr, a . ma iri*,Rvlii( Ui Iht -pteily am! mmpl te dealr ellen "f the K"r<|t-l e.?n te rite i? net wanting The ? ' nl the company m l?'lln? II Ir furiurale Una you wi.l In i?r of teir tti-? tar ami lie re ineral at the r a me time. an'', for my-e|f, I n, ,y -ay tin I am III gt>?i health unit rprta, ami re?o\ m rough it ai'b lie tout iif tl en II r thrill* hehareil ai.h g'eai hiriitu I' ?> il n-iyi a n o t liat'ie .Minnm, ar 'uiiial. hae he ui tn illlit luilitl miui ami every government aerv.aul hvrtle are?t he at>l fnlkiw IU tn e*l' ira well *- in g ??l loth m I have wrillea to retn neb every anpe'ihittw e* I* lire ami I have apl'toprntl t| my |irt?-i in from the Etet ipt'ia ('< m|wiiy to |<ay the |? u |un< I g anl to othen rvi rythn.a , | 'e w aup* rO ioug No book*, in> |w,ieni, ? wine, no ootLinf. lit* an tral hmtrtran Prutnlomlr |t> Nlt*mgn. ?t ??*? Mir a to I iiinmamt tht Inland 'I i anall and Trette. ffriyn the b mloa Puat, May U ) Ahmit a twelvemonth ago we tlrrt iw I the a'teoitrtt li e pihllt to the iii,ariei, 'if Vicwag ia by a h?r, ' jf free titter* fr? m tin I'letell Stale- W"? p-gmto-l Ibe fate if hat e*f etillK-n, we <y nfer*. with -note <<n-wr me ?, ha in the tin ti romplieaieu Mate of i enira' t aw Iran pniMtr* li ought t-ave eirtirolletl i|* ill hieliMtlea, In ?|i te of <>ur rt'ioere l? -ire to at an it alof ftem the quarrel* apit yaa'ttt nv "f 'ho aw Hat aocnbliM anlng*H lirMIlt hiiuilitf I fit'111 ml t tal'L.r m ill IIM' Mailt ituil intrrirtii'r rifiim- nf lh<' flfeatoril hfMl? |h?r?- Th? tie* law ?f t??n WtltifMiD'ihllM?irl ?t? i <n aiding lr ** Iniik'intt'It'tnn'rtiK?|<I? o fl%a' war whlrh althn mm' w** r urtmg in Un- on ntr*; 'heir rrtl oh|eet, Br afh'rwarif reryr ?>arljr ? >|naro', w i? In tothetivl o? the whole (if that i-xhin tv* rrgVii atlncb IB* hi t?ao?ii th<? Matrtfi frontier ami I'm lailimti- i'f t'ai ama, ?n l * h< r Inirnri It u?llM UWtivl " to f'tim it Inn ? tr|?rmln nniltarv eniptra, * rlti iP'tai" in ght 'IrttmllH' Paiing and de-pora'e >IJ)<iU(h lh?- Hlrtp i-e ?|ii?-?rfd, it promt**! at llrrt to ptinr r T''i**fnl The r?|i ita'ton 'if Walter, mKb it' M ??r. a'trai t?-?1 a hmt t>f BdreTi?ur?ni fr?ui *11 |?trw of the ?|*I'? IJko Outline, h''|t"itfiti-??d everything I?| h|* fil lino m ti|?tt llie ml" r< n 'ltlnn of ?*rrww; ant hr 'lint nf rmvgv and got*! I i-k, hi ,-joir*ly r?tin I hirn-e:f m*?ter nt the Wale nf Jtioai** *. Tien fiilliiwnit reo yii'ion nt Ml authority hy lYOildoOt I'l. rre, *n not of th. n.nft re pre h' n Ihlr rhirnrter, and nt?? that. If tAVh"r ha' tf-m able to manual! hw ground, might have bettor* rtour oon?plU atl< n* with tht i** niry Fortunately, boa ever, for Ihr tiiVrmtri nf tbl* egtra if lintry aten nf tbv late htfl'WM war tint attended with me ?* iit? whirl wight bate been anticipated It to tnten lad no do'ihi In llf li|tlifR Mil CMlMillilalt the inmw r>l W ilkrr with ail ultinirle view t?i aiitieiatlon h it a ib-| cut er?>nf have rhown that a very erroneou* eatlmate had he* nrtud at Waal itigton nf the Infl leooo and rWbllitj ?af that adventurer W'MA Ml rempnifvn, <*'"*<, hy /Vmtit /Vo' *U Jmt+nr* afif-nr to hare culmmt/ml- At *11 ttftIM no permanent rueoow ha* ?iiioi a?trn?i?1 in-* n|ei?tl>n* On lh-? outrarv, ho n < "??e gaim d ground opnn him <o?B|mtljf nf '*'* ,,|U ' ton a|<i i ai * to he now ?h'<i|ut?'iy h if - U-'*. O "f ' ' " ill rfmnmhor that in the rn'iran ni l*"' """ itiale* a<i>f?ning Mcarag'ia r?r?'- ??"g tn*- ni<-^'r? wblcb bad beeu brought ait* that friuB'ry ojr uw p LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ' tiro of thin nurprr and his lawless followers, wlscly and courage usly resolve-1 to oppose hU further prog reus. In this l< ague I'tosta Rica, by far the most prosperous of thy Untrtl Am > Iran SU as, him Ukeii the ruistl promt n> nt jiart, ami u * ran-factory to know that thy cause of in lieu is at length likyly to ach eve a decisive triumph. The baud of buccaneers who, during the last ri htcen months have tilled wl h bloodshed ono of the fairest rrgwins of the Western World, appear to ho reduced to a statu of dmpnratu n. Hundreds have descried to the r.wti Riraria, who bnve had the sense and humanity to t'cal them well and to procure them the mi'tim of returning to the United States. Tbvvn men driimmce In th? Mimutn lungtvtgo the gross deceptions praoti i d by Walker ujkto thenselves, as well as the military atrortties committed by bt?i orders at the "lege of tlranaua and elsewhere lu Iho miserable wsr which has be-n kindled by bin reckless ambliior. In short, unless some totally unfore<een event occurs to turn, the tide onod more In his favor, we may expect every day to hear of the unconlittoual surrender of the remnant of his foroe Into Uio hands of their enemies. That this Is a consummation devoutly to be wished by every friend of piace on bo?h sides uf the Atlantic is abundantly evident. Tito kucsohk of Walker's ptra leal invasion of Outral America must have led to com -Ilea ions of the most rfunyeroiiH kind. The law lei s spirit of tdventnre which I would neuesf-artly have stimulated ?nd extended among ccibiin classes of his country nion must speedily have led to -liul'ar attempt* in other quarters, awl sooner or later a collision must bavu taken place with some Power whieb refused to submit to a species of aggrr?.lon so little In acCor-lance with the spirit of the age in which we live. I*t us hops, however, that the fate of Iit)po7. In Cuba and of Walker in Nicaragua, will prove a wholemme warning to future aspirant" after lawless adventure tn tho Western World. In cetipllug there two lutrmw together wo do not by any ineatM wish It to be understood that we consider the latter is deserving of thn ignominious dosm * hlch terminated the career of 1-opes. That he Is responsible for the destruction of a ra-t amount of property and ol'thouaands ol liven Is unfortunately true; i)ui no uu wh recognizeu, inn more w um pnj, m tne </e /urto chief of an independent State. We trust aad believe that ho will be treated as each, should the fortune of war, aa Ik extremely probable, place him In the handa of his et cntie*. In tbo meantime, and In anticipation of bin approaching defeat, it appears that a project baa been formed, wltb tbo conrent of the people of Nicaragua, for the extinction of that State and the partition of its territories among the adjoining republics. A coordtrig to thta arrangement, Costa Ktea,which has taken by far the must active part in the present war, and it, therefore, mtith d to the. largest recompense, would vbiaim lha ItrrU/ay o/A/n Mh titles of the Hirer San Juan throughout itl whole course,/rem the Inlet nf Nicaragua to the tea. This would give to the Costa llx.auij the command of the inland uavigoiion across the L4hmtis; and of the various Central American States they are uruiueslunobly the best entitled la Otis im/jortanl trust Under the ditluront epbmeral governments which havo lately been eatahliFbed in Nicaragua, thla route has boon a scene of isiraetiial 'IspoPst. It la essontial .o tbs v pe iuauenl menu aiJou of those regain* that this s'ate of thu.gH should be put an end u>, and that means hnuld be taken to atfnr.l at all sea-onH a safe paeuge |nr iln great tralllo, which, wlnn ?ndn in re establish! .1, mu-1 lutluially (low through this channel. TV) 1.4.-ta Rteans, by iln-h promptitude in renting the aggre-rkiiis ot Walker, amt by the energy and sucoern of their ibtoipnHit iitiUlary otsiratioux. Iiave clearly taken the lend among their neighbors, an t the proponed ar> 'nig'iriill therefore appears to be the beet that under the rtn-nm-tatices could be made. Wetru-t that no untoward event may aria* to prevent its np> edy acooua >Usbincut. I'lte Arrhdttka 1'nnttsntlna, of Koaata, la Kraiire. niH INHVKCTION AT TO U I. Ok?.iBNBJtAL TODrL?l*N AT TilK NAVAL IX HUM. a le tor frnni Toulon, <>l ton -It ol April, informs aa that the (baud imge (ouidaniine that day minutely nan in* d ibe arsenal and all its h-ainihi" At 26 minutos pa-l 10 a salute fioin the Munon announced bis Imperial*' departure from the Pref-cPire. A line wan form it by the trnn^*. ot thr garrison; the I kike proceeded lo the arsenal in a cori tag., accompanied bv Admiral Duboun'U'U, tieneial Tislliebeu, tu?d ui- pbydeiao. Be tM .iilnt. d on ruiering 'he mutual with twenty ono guns, from a batt?r> elected tor the wear ton In the dockyard. The tnl ubl'ii.L- of Tbnlon rnrarkud that this was imly tho thin' lime such a coin|>itmnnt *w* pel' during twenty Ave years The first woe when Admiral Hr. at embarked for the i riinea, sod Hie sconl on the arnva1 of his remolna. tin enU'itug the i on and copper works the Ihike Ruorurrd several article! wltb a sort of yard tie carried in his hand. Thence he proceeded to Ibe stoie where sails and are preserved, and ?|t.r?nnl? exan.lnad Hit* oil lor aw. Ilo next proa;. iul."1 lu a ritiriuKc to the .le;a>t of lulillw; Ibflog tn?p?rte<1 una Ktiai Knot., h?< viritait Uio armorv Ilo ?xpro??oi| iiio cat I-1 action at the Uttn ill. pUyaat to Ih* arrang, roent if the arm*. Ilo atnpped thora? a Ion* Unoo, ami orka.t tliu man of variants weapons wi'h winch ha* appeared to ho unacquainted Ho was rnn-atantly folhiwaid ihrouKiiout hv Lie aide do camp. i!? next eruharkad 10 the hiil'-rUt hurgr. which whs roweal through tbo dock*. I no An mil a! having dt.-ecU-.t hw .huhim.ii pith* frigate In.pora'rlio Regent*, preparing f..r <?, ho wont ruiiiil I.or. cxatnii.eil Uic hi row, ami asaad man; 11 iwntona. W I l'o tho Urai.d llUkaj Was Ui'ic etaploya*!, ma facltlebeu was carefully evan.ii.iug tho d<?k.i con?ir ciol for haukllag rc|wlrniK of ?ta aut i e??e|e. 1he (toko remained In tho bo'd 11 Hi.- Iii.| orair re K jronio fop more ihao half an hour. Ilia frit-ate v hi lit on a m-w uolrl. .She ki HUOIn.r. i-1 owr-r, which may ho inerearrd to I ,vt>o. She hat ! l*rhl oilera and thirty Inn furnace* Elgin more lrl<:U?d I ax bcttip h'llh on (lie arm* plan Tin* fluke Uioo omb-trkI oil foi tlo* now dock) aril nf the i a uxooan. Ho nxamnwl I all to I # -eon in ilmi yanl a* earof ,|.jr ?< in lire o'.'i" r, ami ' thr n r> turned to tho Prnfrrtnri' to partak* ot some At two a'dnk the fl.ko -luwrk'*! , ?ykin. and f>r?coodwl to tbo roa<|i to veil um abipn I war. (a a *vo?l (flvcn tho yard* wore manned. ' Hi nioi I he Hretagpe Urn "wmen prregM arm*. . ai <1 lln i n w cheered a iUj crme lire tinio.a repeaiod of j " I'll. Cfa/rrmr " Ho r< malum] Ife-re abuvu an hour, i ?l,'.ti' marrrovro- wore ie.rfnr.iod at hie coin . ri and Jlo next *i itr'I ill" A.g.-i'a , and afterward* tho ' t< igale Aadaclrnao?a almllnr iN -cnn.ny n*>? idace on each ; ocnarh.ii. He ?u. m .i h plearad and *ffo?-to.l to Ami thu ' ln? ftr-t vl ii to Tntilon, eleven vara h.w, wa? uot for ; gotten, and in aee ho |*irtr*l m the -alooa of tho IValoo| tot", It hcti tr tulittpd n. t?<4rt ai that iieriol the Uraa.t j In k* t.ivi .Vidrfit n. the poor, and the Muma-iiml tVmnril, n n n > nihi*.,ca of tliat event, hat ho tmttrait taken. Tho l.iainl In k. ir i?n itni. fair, lia- a !.>('" enloreil leant, and t, nt n trlli||< hi hntcrrw Ilo*. are ?|?i-,t?i'|i?t lln limn l I nk" ( hii?ii?iiiii,h arrtvml at MvaetlUw on kl liday latter i.miti b> land. A - plaudit rowi-pHou hat been I rejiur" d for him nrd ho ? us g-eeted wl'h Inod aculairutn do. Uarieral Tndltadieo was In tb" carriage with tho I .fit Hi" Inif-e ual party dli ed at the IY"fav.t iro. Tho prhoeaa ti Im preaeut on Tuaw ay at the a xpl ?mn of it n me nt la I'fiool. tie n at a review, an I In the ereuidff at a ll aatr cal r< pra?> utauaiu. He woulal leave for I'arU oo tie '.Hth. lecmrhtp or riir mrritiAL vhit to Tonkin. A piivaU' i. iter In,hi r.iuloti. dataal ? thai A*ih aif April, enntaitw ir.e lailkiwinr ? Tie ?Ira on I dak" will par itivoly leave o* on the 2Ttlt, a l. r hat Ira I wl *l l'o km a ianv ,dion which will kwie ho c.nenv cfial in n>it ka'.d uliMkiU Mo will qui one Inn m-f cm to "arc I lie heuuic.r. a Kreneh -u a. nor, which -HI i n-Lln Ar t ta. lb n?va' e'txhil' hmamt "f the flav al a ha n liar contraa led W illi the Knaowan g..vw mn-iil l it the cdioiruetlam ad dlvora ahlp and *'eam .rw hiuery Tho I'm., will arnte the -ame nnrhl al H.a aill.'d A' Toulon lie liac ha on raw o|v >!, Mlhc f ie-t?f the rbalo, al tlaa Iter Mime |"r? fertnro Hoil-, dirowra, (.cwaeiitaliono aai.l l? Id.-etitalk i of e-"rv m if>., I.ariv.r anal am coir.. have ig",. .te.l fi!? pr?a,.oe" am die >m. rwoewletaw fl? iii a.heilt ha ii vui -?ia.r |?r > iifroniiaa.h vw^elia the harlior?< .i In- arrival and laixiing al llio port iA th rd alula' ad the aame will -iKualiae haa fr?nu Mar?oille" At Uie tl.aatr. the Ma -or inaivted, after rather length'tied refnoal, u|?.n hi- taking hie ce*t on the a*a? throne ep v ho h the lYmee IY?alent of the re nblte ?at for the l?"t time a le n he raioeln tVwikai In IIIA2. ant hog before *he i Ifl. lal pr.?larn?li"n nf lie Km Ire from an nwilhi r ri* * ? O'lud the fa ei|ii|pa of the a neat of pvwaoa tr bad h> en a* a if* deal la. ova r a>th a veil .|.|. lug the Um<> lie war hare a no 1) made oil of .mo ri I be ( io" taV"a aa Siactu,*. . am roihennn., M IbcixM (ftwi kiu h ntr> rut* i?r >auitr?n win nmuJlb l f*w mm th? I a. I ?iti future 'if great na< i ill like Ku m'Ibl not mure bo mine tender!>< ? th?e of a weaker raaie rhw mi h> ol -?b? wa* tl" rob re Wiehioe to >ho Itgbl i>1 !?) during the i ftV" iti m it I ain ?ure U?a Prtwee < uk' faro thought lb? -aunt h*?l b? bmo ononnitMi ro i|i? *ni j ? ? ti. lln i ff'.r al rl<it* to tb? i?m, whi-.i wtml two 'lifi ai.-l before the 'i-lie "I b-lail. lh? liraak IMb* paem-i Jii . ha double lit lim * of a tillery an I lufanjry of nam i.iii hihiwr'- of mmv of wVnn It in< lh? Oilman itooi>mtKill, glvi u .1 S| 'Oi'D Viet-ria, either l?y 'lr. J, ir by Uio n. * <> a hirki-b nr Ki onoh de ?ralK>n, anil In n-*iratll? lav tin lief ween thorn both. t"be'Yi n oan ill iirailoii ! to a brief ivn/eraati *1 between the iirai"1 l? to ami a I le l< nant Colonel?ma Uw otboer i"inuianding Ikr oof* In. arrival tun lata in Wat* par m (h* ram <algn 1b? Crime examined like a irv.ii al *? l lib lltf M n an everything ovnaetad Willi tbo rn ./-in* leiwilmi ui, naval ?v'nn-i rti,ii?a> u,o a-ullo ) ami torn ?? lion Ho addri o'oil to 'ho t ea It of tue llfiiireit brnircbee matkod ly aoumi .mlgmrnt. H iiwI with them U-e Mr?ng ami weak cento of all ho <aw, awl partmular') directed (ho attention of (loner*I T vtllehen m all tfjtl war romaikadle in the artillery an I engine*' Jeiatrtiw ill, alii) to Inn , a wnil an to a Rn* Ian *.lintral on I an "mcwer of Ito Kmnian nav) , ho fwr*' I jr ^aafo out pvai"1 ui lum uew in iwr naval d-.wim*****J' 1 u u? wer" brief, and cr* Wendy *hr r ui ur w v Hi* uf. ;mr '#? in ni* m ' ' -? ? - r 'bf"rni*it"9i re? ?* I** * bjw* rtfl** f ih wU.l ? hai lir* r?A?i li* a it m 'h-* m' irf" 10 l|?4% He ?n t?# i ?*r* of T. y'.w. *< ?" U" / "'"'ft ? vtn Kit- know* U 'I"' ?"*' "tlljr itx W?l Mi l ,nwni..l it. lb- 1w, l? > ?Ur d rm. ..r ohiMt no to thorn ti annUirr at TW ; ifrnm whtrti vox am Tumuli. ,,1 i. the nor* V>" Pnn<o ni-r?il??l 'n 'b ird.monw.rral -ai In* v ?? *''irll ?>* ntlmt.lo .omoDjr It iflitbrntng in th. * htfh a'l"W* of ih.or k-npitig tixir it'll *i.iiii niwl tb# *anio ?aning |?wnr mm if th-p ha.1 Ntn It t> ? ?i 'I* " !> * ton tv m. The m .nirii * Inrki, which ran.lam tho |.n|iAra'rhi* Kngmm, a it. ? t>i#?u-. *n? Uk* til'iii .in? thtr la-i .if iron 10 I w.iwf, hi V kmiin, of Monica *. wh? ir boil nn* IwnthifM t.w it* Ki.??lan <<.TPr?n?H?nt?parti "ilarly nitr antral htn m. ntii n tint what "Uni lt Ihtt l.roiil Itnkn mo*t of ail ?, ... ih?i|.f? i'..?ntia baltcrim which atu. ui iho f .rt i hnit'uri. ai.'f Itio gunI .win Io-liti.'it 10 ? . n I ih? ll i-i?r W htV n**ni<nti * Hi tun hn .>V...-r?-.| that m? c .nrli.iion ramltl ho ftrnnn frotn tbn fbri of 1..inn* baMortaO nvli a n.lurrd * t'ortr*** which h*?l no g in* of l m* rtnrfo <<r t roj cillnc of *rn?t woifbt , and tn? ntpnrlmrnt* m>?in | ilih tneti fun* ham |*i>v*o it R.>*?)i. and rlmwhnrw, ii>at p?o | lat'i of floor or drn mcbon thick, equal o Ihuek