Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1857 Page 2
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2 ^ th? Oo.itiug Mtertw, ouuU not re- at theru iff# ai i rw?l nvOMHR. My tto ?n ?rr >-orr a ?t!?!? - .rpriKisl p lo nod U><* liruMl I) kc> irn ?ri it>l? a King lh?<0 ?l>?it r hitu to tranMitr tb?* Krennh rmtrtral rTii?a*uro* ? hied r ?f IMo K lortr , ap|*r*i:t|| UoMerhit'ra <1 * JIM <>*n?u* tit U><< t: iw ihicknot * of what hit o mow lo fkot, wi'h mqieot to tho ''"'"It baltoftw < Mi? opinion of the Ku*-i?n ?a* urouy much I tlr HB(n<- u ttMl of I to Krcocb olhront A* to ll the (pinboat*. ? b? n h<- bran" thai they wore flltimf for t the tlurii -i- rlvrra, ht? oou!. uo< Mi/?pr?u a moreii out of r dwt^Wi.-JnctH'ti anu bi taul to thu-c atom him, " Whit, 1 ft? are ufaiu (foiiyt to t.i*o uu> iibnitiiuU out of tho firi I thor* ako ( fwt aJln eitxrt lit or U U* ma Tons rfi? 1 /cw.l t Many Kicroh otticrri, even aitoit? thotc who have not ih.iuMriif?i>ariO( the Orlnv-at;, iefrotn?| that ? politeness prevented thero from sotylng to their guest thai I J France h not In llx habit of ' taking the chosusuw oat of I < theltrt" for any one. I 1 I now )oo a lew detail# ol another kind :?Adrnira' t Dubnurdiru, our Marliiroe Prefect, who onald hardly have followed the i?rt) on foot, oh he lost a leg at (where be *i- a iiist.-bipiuaD'l, had invited all the odcer# to accompany, in full ?ln sa at.J oc foot the Or an i Duke and hi* attendant*, who, with tne Prefor* and noma ?U'?e rior other re, were conveyed lb carriages to the dlU'crent places they visited. This arnuui-mout produoed some discontent, anil, indeed, several of (bote who would have to tn.i'gc on foot disappeared altogether Dora the <ywi,fff. Those carriages w?re French, and were lent to the Manume Prefer,i, who has no carriage of at* own, eithor by the contractors to the navy or by rich Individual* who have eona in the service. Many were annoyed at the rapidity with which the horses were ruade to pr meed before a body of officers who were expected to follow on loot. Bud tney murmured at the txcossve economy? economy is very pralae worthy to a certain extent?of tne Prefoet, who i? repaid from the budget, on the presentation of proper vouchor*, for any expenditure nucen-ary or retortion.* like lite prnw-nt. i conclude with two anen'otw. The Kussians had chorea ton MOlh of A|?nl to land In Vranee, lx cause it is the anniversary of the birth of Napoieoo HI. They were, however, mnch surprised during the official banquet at not hearing any alludou made to that day. fttey were informed tlsat iu Kran w it m tlic fete, or Saint's day of the sovereign that i* oelshralod, aitd not Ills birthday. The t?iand Duke hating asked au oitlo r what difference there wan between the French tnJitary medal and the craw of the log ion of Honor, was. answered, drily, t tat the differ erne was 160 franc*, in allusion to the pen-ton attached to the latter. I do not vouch for the an the an cuy of this anecdote, but ywn have it as it wai given to <ne. 1 must not omit toiling you that general Todtleben. who waa* pupil of the eoginstwutg schod of ft. Petersburg, left Russia for the first time only a month ago, although the vanity af try dear countryman Uasi nutde the n say in tome Of Ute pata-es that he had studied in the College of Met,. AUUV *L AMI) EBCKITIOK IN PAUIS. I 'Parts (April 30.) corro6|f>Ddt)iir? 01" London Time-;. J I Trie Grand Ouko Coottanliuc arrlvi-d here lhn :ilvrD(?in < at tWc o'clock, and |?-?<'d aloof I?i.> Boulevard it half pad > #ve> Hp a an wai recevod :tt the railroad ata ion wltli tho ( ceremonial described in my letter ofTuesday, a-- follows ? i The reception room at the itulway trtouon will bo splnn t did 17 decorated with Krencb atxi Ru-suou colors oniwtued and the arms tf the two coutu rleR. The doors of the ro- j ceptton room are deooratcd with ky blti? velvet an 1 (fold , 1'rUigc Within ihe room, which In 15 yard* square, there t are raised (Ire stages, on which are chined sofas and arm r chain* covered with blue velvet. The door is covered 1 with a rich h-artel carpet. A band of music I - to play ? outrido the termlnuc, which Is to b-- decorated with Fr- nch r and Russian flag*. tomorrow (Wednesday) tho IHrcc- i tore ot tbo 1'aru* hod Lyons Railway will proceed to Ma- t coo, where they will wah to receive his Highness. Two , wagons, forming a saloon, with a gallery, have boon rent , to Marseilles to complete tho train, togeuic with several 1 first claci* carriages The Russian Ambassador loft Parts , at 10 o'clock this morning to meet the ilraa.1 Iiuke. Two < batulioos ol the Imperial Guard will be on duty at the t railway terminus. the imperial cortege will be escorted firm the railway station to the Tuilerlr-s by a picket of cavalry. There will be no troops placed on the passage, but all the military pots on tbe road will present or air, the drums will beat, and at tho Tullertcc the ordinary guard of ' the palace will pay to hi.* Imperial Iligbne-e the honors due to the princes of the imperial family: On his arrival at the Toiler rs the Grand Ikjke wJl be received at tho foot of the staircase of the l*avtlioa de I'Hnrtoge by the Grand MaMrr of the Corsaaoniut, and tho Grand ijhaiuber lala. The Kmperor will mt? I ule Iilghnet.3 at Iho top of tur. BUMTCaae. He M\H?iy will thcu conduct him to the drawing rouan, w here llie Kinpruu will be seated, surrounded by the oflicerr and ladies of her boureh jld. Tbe preseuta ' Uoa of the |*-rxai8 oompo-lng the service of honor will take plaoc tmmedla ely. During tho stay of his Imperial Highness tbo following persons of the Kmperor's household will compose the n'rvioe of honor of his Imperial HlghneM, vis the Manjun* de Kotocnt, the Rmpemr'i Chain horUin; the Her ? or Hourgouig, hU Majesty's llguerry, out Lieuteaanl Cutone! Kfeve, orderly oillccr of the Kmperor. A tabic service, a chamber service and a stnblo service will be prepared fur his Imperial Htgbnesu, ind every Ume bis Imperial High no* leave*. the palace an escort of honor will precede and foiaow Ixu carnage, uniesi he shall otherwise order It. Several of the bouses along the Mouloeards were de eorated with nags, in which the Radian colon wore mingled, 3 or 4 o'clock the great thoroughfare* leading to the Li ens Railway atauou were crowded with the carious who wore anxious to catch a sight of a real Ru-a laa jc-ooe, particularly ol oos to whom popular report attributed the sterner fnatnrus of hie family. Tha Graml Ouko tai la aa open carriage d*awn l>y four honss, with Prince ^apoleoo 00 his left Both were to uniform, I the Grand Duke as aa Admiral, with a blue riband aud I star. Prluce Napoltoo wore the dre-s of a General of Ik 1 ? tw Inst Wtul liluidauiut ilia wwaail BiV.en.l aa I alaa ?' * t*? I I/Pftoo of Hobor. Tbs c.irriim? in which they *?'? . oaled paseed along at a walking psce, v< that a good near was 1 bait ef the l>ukc by the people, wki thronged the feotwspi and the balconies of the houses. The day wi< r uber euld, but other* lee One, and lb-' two pn::cc* wore enveloped in Cloaks, which w?re thrown back at the shoulder*. There waa no cheering no the HotiknanlH, but the i-pcotators In the streets saluted by taking off th sr hats a* the camtge fsu-eed, and Hie <?raud Puke acknowtedg.?d the salute oy touching hisosvted hat with hit <>|*u hand. Indeed, t>e ccasad hardly for a luotneit returning the salute. The carriage In which the prin<e? rode was preceded by a detachment of Guides, and officer* belonging to the Imperial household rode on both sides. \u<sher carriage follow J, with the functionaritw who received turn I at U? rnilrcwd etaiiou in a third were deposited the poaderoua prrsoo ot Marc .cat Matnao. and the no 'e ?Um 'ortu* of bu> atdi ' de-camp stid a fourth conveyed lae Ktiwian ofrtoers of the suite of the Omo puke. The reir w?# bruughtup by a s pi.c on ofG'ild' It w pertup* owing to the cotdtMiu ./the day that neither the Grind Jiuke dot the Puree wore an expvo*?t.m of mu h minis Uoa. Tlie Ku- an prince is rtUnT a tiuld looking yoiug man. He to of fair c< mplexion, with small light wut-k?r?, an laUun fair moustache The Prncos proceeded to the Tvulcrb* by I be Rue Koyaio at the aame alow pace Prtnte received the t'ukc at the rail say station, but aid * not, as 1 staled be would not, go to Toulon to inert httia Collision In the Hrttlsh Channel* t oue op tup Niir aaompw iohthh, op si* toww? urn down nr Ttinauir TthcauokA?aamrY op tub chhw op TtIK It"!!!!* the lsceri?s.l "Pmcs. May U.] We regret to re|swt the foundering by col Moo of Ibn fine American ehi|> Afi'lfw Inter, t'apt Williams flap' mate of tb? Ilut'ed Mop*, mail -V\iru.Mp Krtcasou.) from New fmk for this port The Andrew Kuetrr sailed from S?w York on the M of April, and had on board "tie lady nwsstpv, Mia* 'Juin, and with the captain at id crew, the complement numbered thirty eight per ?'L . The voyage was prnaocutol without any (articular ttpHeiit until the vessel arrived In ChitflDel, and alien e-t? e-n T'tskar and Ifolybeal, *1 midnight 01 Tuesday Wt, th"" -*tii uHltno, she was struck ot. the Infl << the bow toeing ?u tlie starboard tack 1 by the -hip T -carora, rr m tJrsrpool for ItNladel|ihus. (laptrun WiiliaOk., tearing that the 'ryesy In hi* vwoel might prove serous, haded the Tascarnra. and axfced her to lay by him far -onto tint" but instead of d<*ag so, she proceeded on h?r voyage without taking a*y notice, am. it is presumed she osca > <! Wtthcait injury Immediately after tha out list on the pumps of the Andrew I'nSrr were nia' r>ed, act it was found that lbs water was tubing ia Id ?u?b quauuties Utai there war on hi?fs- of saving the ewl, and nccordirgty the boat* srrre lost seed, and Uxiee ue board abaci rood the ship. Shortly after leaving IPC re . "I sle' ' ins tn deej. wat ' The bats, aTU* s'-s.t three jnvrter of m 'tour ? tbe water, wore p *ed up by th'- schooner IJiile t'red, >if Plymouth, from Itto Grande fur Liverpool, oU which vswsei irtrj w#r?. wk'i n ycwinroaj d >?i v; * u *.> ><:? I -c m. c w??t uf Hnlyhrwd by th* su-am' :g S?a King, %ud laodad bar*. ' lb* Aadrrw KoaTr haa Wa a rrr.Jto trvlcr b*tw#*o Mi pnrtaarf N#w York, and at u. ' m* r ' ri 1 b? had cm board a l?r(r cargo nf *h<ai, aotldB, !'?>*, II k iui Ojal U - ?a ; u: I rarj'i a- ui.- "d a? Srw ' York thr Andrrw Kn#t?r was an A.tvtIojui built rraral, of 1,400 ton# riti-H and 2,001 ton# builbaa, and bai lif*d In Tav?" >'J'* I n" ol American p. to-l* fn m thi* p-rU ] h?>* waa adr*cb**d U> l*?v* I. rat T?m>l >*w York <m 4 the 1Mb ibaiatu, an-! ha* aJwajn bnca afaiorlia ahip ia lb* trada * ? ar? ladobt/wi for tb* at>dTa parti<-n'?r- In Mr >itm 1 Muou->, <*i* of Uir > i .irpi <f lb* ir.drew tn#W (who laed?l Run #vininy frun tha .a.* Kin*), and wbnna'.ca lha? M Ih* ?im? o? th* *o4h?ion lha w> athr-r *w islM, ant Um- alnw* Jiharo onmitaratlrrdy rlaar, which la a groat da ( gr**aor.> n t> f a lb* af <j ... Ill ,~<a no haird, i< bad lha | a *!# ha.-o i ?h. lb h|? . ,|: i,r ,j luivc ?v??! a (tir'Xiab a r*l* Mr M .JV\ i.#o?p."Uv 0 !:.*? tnrni# nf | th* trralto-tit lh*y on N?.-d lb* tJ .< Ki ? and a lh? kiO'Mi.a in * !- I.!- .jf , thai vnaaaL t t Vrry I atr final Anatrnlla. I 1 1. AR'. K KXJ-OKTd Of OOI.H T?l ftotLAhTh ? Th*?van' hip fhinbrlaart+rod m Wa-wilc? no tbo mom- I r,g nf Ma) 2, with U * SmMi mum ran. . br < uhl to .Sum by ?1 fh? htirci??.a Tbi1 Kur',|*aii arrlr.-l ml in., on lii.i l?iU ' ok., after a rapid paiwar*, h?in#Ui* >?ylnoy du*-i to 1 Mairh II, M- iKiama to lha 11Mb, and Kiug 'm>rg*'? I ttoin.d to lit* ."-ill W>. i .ad Hi laaaocjo**. tut'' AO .000 ib ?p**to. Tb? *rrr* iran>lil|i (keldi, layton iiyd*. rrfvllin ?l . -?.'<) girmi irurt w*r? rvwrimia^J ?w<ng In h'? ' .. I I i-r.g vrdo* nl ibadlf-raal poru'* .< r6.inr??fl I .a. H,. ha.i I-I ha>k in Jinn* i,#orr-a Hound, with aula ' '. .ill .1.1 |ii, br*. l ~hr ba.1 ' i raptor ml, air I 1 a. lad f -r Mtfrr), Mtrrb Ti. Ilrr |aia*anf*n aod Otof " war* brnn)hi i? Mora by lha Ikirojioaa. Ti.* k'niwiif hiUo'd for I/rodon k*hr?iary 17, with lk.000 C? t<., p.* HiiaM M Kay, Kdrniary ??, f.?r ' l?t cm with 1? 'Ml ccnor-ci, auJ th* Mtamhonl, ), 11 MnMb win ou?.'?<, tttoboiib< lib, March ?, wtib 1 *0 ca^ . ?'d Um i i v i ?ri"i 17. wlih 4* flft) P H,ia.- ai; ' r |,.- ,.i n oi ri-tr.t* nl 1WKI0 P ihicn inmaiii fii'inn Thr W titO'W t*at)* aaJkwl f??r ? i nodi a Mi i h H, bui Uir am i.l of goirl aha had oa hoard war a>4 km. ra. o - I T*? Nrwa k) (hi ilrrrliMl Mali. n an bmiitkt b) lb* or*rl?ad rnall to Ir MRiaad liar* arrlrnd Thry rrmlalu tbi datoil* of tha Itnimrtail orw* winch "wh .1 oa U) l*U?ranh from MaH I, rr*<lndla w** a f*w lt*ca? *t intrllivrnrn worth rwuic* Th? inh r,a IT.W4 nuiT* lafar'rr, for maliar at m harhaoitcra, wa? to h* dtrhaadnd?? mjaithraant ?,m? mMy m,irctnt la India a* ton I4U a at.iUonn* api n" wa* torn, fijkiM t) tha Madra. Orrr p. a. VlAtrV.ul. Hi aWwto? that lb# ftnpnya ar# rrwUaa*. but H u ua u, dwatoad thai Mto r'rirt>Ti*ot ha* raaolrto w abow AI h> ii I'm mercy, huh the rt*whitb u t>eein* to h* 11> HjipmvWl "If," hojih the Caioiilta cot mpoodeot of Ito London Timf.i, '"Uio lSbh tfiment had, nlir-u In 0|K'ii rot-c imu, burn mor.i.l "*ii I'T artillery, we rhould have hoard nothing f dmUh cUnr (or lu.oUior decade"' A m>>t imwunt large ha* Ihh ii nrv.e hi lint It-uure ol land tu M&driti- b .e Introuocttoo of liifi Sl.elvar, whereby the c.wuor of hi- Umi i? liable (or the tax and nothing ol-t<\ hit right ol iroperty while be jays it biting: oorft-ct; mi l the aueae I'l-ut U to be rixiwAii or. a fount and fi tea :'or thirty yt am n w in riepcribetl ae ihe inuet *tatc*rn n.lU.n act pertb'mcd t li.i'i t for the lai-l two yiaiv. The Hioguiar ?.;?o mono ik ot. mentioned to the ia>t luuan new, conuuueil, aud motioned to be a myitory. The ravage ombre*W or the Chinese at Haiawatcts at r beted to the stringent mcanir<s ndo 4i>l ! > .-'Ir Jsnvw ?- .*4o to prevent smuggling in opium, an i the mm o: ?ho r-orgthta seem* to liave bien to oveitfcrow bis power, i'ln-v were. however ultimately diaromidoU, unJ incur lot* a r.imputeU at trum 2,<XK) to a.uou. The Northrm Belle. Tin follow iog losjviteh bin been received by Lord Ola reedon from ir. Itailaa with rt-forenooto liio una of the SYrti.prq Belle:? The I'n.ual Suite* Minister at the Court ot St. James's !vw the honor to transmit to the Farl of Clarendon, ifco , i>t]r-<oe silver mi'dab iui1 a Mil of exchange for ,?.70 sterling, and to rwpiei-t hit lorrlnhip will bo ileisfd to Aur i) the o testimonial.; to lie delivered to Iho bravo in if vidua i far whom they ire intended by the rh-exdent <>f the l'i.:u'd -tateH, Id ackaotvlrdgctnonl of the service! reti-lrr ?l 'u raving I ho Uvea of the crew of the Atuoricnu i hip Sot thorn Bet'e Tho inci loots connected with the fate of this vprs"! oe urrril too recently and too close to the Br I Us h coast, treating too universal and deep a hoqsuUou, to render their 1 etailed r ?t>elitioo at all mwmary on this occasion. It will, jewevor, be rroollectcd bv tils lordship. that ofter perrot ming Iter voyage armor llio Atlautiofrom New V'ork, an I while appruacntng the (>ort of her dertunitiou, London, the Northern Belle, of 1,100 tons burden, on tho !Vth of Jau'iary last, enoounterod a rale of unusual rioienoe, and was abided to anchor otf Kli.gispU> at Ke.j, Clou i utile's die Uuice from the shore. Sha rode, and the ojci RiiHially broke completely over hr r. Her main and tnlxuo tn.etrt w?roout away. Tho fury of the siorin inorea<?d, and raged during the abclo of tlie day, rendering vain every effort at assistance, and engulfing a Margate lug ger that attempted it. Tho ship pu led from hor auche. s at uilduiahl. and a prey to tho drove, amid darkness, hall, sloet ami snow, upon the rocks bonrath tborliit Ud urw, iti ?# ' >?*">* of the ouly remaining in ist, druggl *>' through the horrors of the night, and were discovered from tin* beach at cviy dawn Gallant and humane orations were nt on made to rescue tiioiu frora tbelr desperate condition. One lifeboat. manned by 10 brave men, pu'led through a boiling >uri ot imminent peril, reached the wreck, and returned o ybore witbrevea of tho sufferers, a ntvoi d lifeboat, umilaiiBg tbo darlug adventure, brought fburivn other* <a?- ly to land, and iinat'y, though long thwarted, by th~lr Irtcrmluation to p.-rub rather than U> leave the Northern V1J.?, tbe same means redeemed the captain ao 1 the pilot r<ai impending o. "tali. Thi?e are the leading featuree, as reported t?> hi- governh?n? by the Consul of the I'mted Slates in Loudon, of the ie#i-? of successful acts of courage and humanity which It a tiro desire of the I'resident to mark by tokens of Aaierli&n gratitude and tha^s.. lhe undersigned iia* therefore s<-c specially Instructed to lay before the Karl of Clareu Ion'he list, arcompanytng this letter, of llnxo truly he tic spirits who manned the Ufe bode, and to beg that h i i>r ' dup will cause each individual therein mentioned 10 e pr.-onten with the silver medal inscribed to him. turd tlso from the amount of the bill of exchange, with the sum tared opposite his name (augmented iirwling to the lumber of risks Incurred), la evidence of the high spprtv ut.onand acknowledgment of the<r conduct by tire govvtm.nt and people of the I nitcd states. The liudor-lgned trails. Ac, G. 11. Dtl.LAS. lit mow or na L'sni? .-'Tirvst, Loxdo.s, Aprd 33. LIST. Mml'Mtla ?10 0 0 l'red'k iAwrcoce.tlO 0 0 ieora" (Jastl- 10 b 0 Thomas Saatwill. 10 0 0 Wtn ltlller, Jr... 10 0 0 Robert Simpson.. 10 0 0 Root. Miller 10 0 0 Jam?:: ltove 10 0 0 lam.i Row* 10 0 0 Alfrod llmpUge.. 10 0 0 Friward haptaye. 10 0 0 Robert Parker ... 3U 0 0 Join Sandwotl.... 10 0 0 John Oowell a 0 0 Tl otnru Hoi born. 10 0 0 William Wales... 'JO 0 0 WHUamRalpb.. . 10 0 0 Jethrow y .lor.. 30 0 0 Ucb*rt Gilbert.... 10 0 0 George Kmptaye.. 30 0 0 Jerry Walker 10 0 0 Tuui 92TO 0 0 Market*. KUwtow Mowwt M >RKrr, Kriday even's*, May J.?Money wn.iouea ta acuve demand, aixi very Tall rat ox are rojuired for aoootnmodaUor both at the I tank of Kn gland and h# d!?cocM bo'iaes In lom barn street. Tie directors of he Bank of Ksgland hare announced ihetr intwitiasi of reUsing to make loam) on necuriiio* at 7 per em lor a loader pertol than seven days. A rimiiar mea ce was adorted a rbort ttmo track, but had afterward* en ir.londed to fouMoeu days. Ttls rt*p on tie part of bo bank directors ts looked upon generally with farnr by he commercial world, as trading to check, spccolattra alitor than purely commercial tovoniienu. It will aU<>, a a great eitrot, yre-zect the o|*rath>us of parties whe oltemplate remitting gold to tbs Contin >at. 11 was belevad by several *< U Inform" J rn inrtar> au-hurtur* that ? the breaking ep of the batk "parlor" ju-tirtiay aa ids anos of y. per orot on the rates of discount w <uld ba U'! ouuoed, but this teeliug wv? coiJ'.ncd to a few parties ui<l htx proved incorrect Indeed, such a step oooid bar tly have been fuiUrtpsual, looking at the favorable bank return* of last week. too abn.eice of demand for specie for eipor tat.on, the a noonix of gold now over due rr<>wi Auioralla. the evpe-'taUoas of large receipts 'rom tba t'ntb J Nates (the rate of exchange at New York tending ir ffcv* of this country), and the iar?e x thai the Wed India mail tt'<am> r hw brought (fyiT.lW, chiefly in nlv.-r). The amount expected t> arrive during lae next week or two will, n is believed, prove sufficient, fbr some t.-n.' -it least, to prevent axy ruflier restri tire measures fh" approach of the 4ih 01 the month al-o a<ld* to the < fir aocoraruodation, but afle? that delo has pee-xd ? l' g* uerally belisvcd that an easier fooling will prevail, rtie 1. rs sail.rg with the fast Tadt* an I ihln? mall- <>a he 4th, will ouiy carry out about hair a million sterling, ib i< the two preceding .-toanurv averaged throe quar err of a Bflflwi orb. 7' return from the Htnk tf EngLtuJ for tlie week end- ' sr the 116 lh of April givi? the loJowiug reauiu when ooiuirsd with the previous week ? tibllc deposits ?6,811,848 Pecrewae. ?110.341 dhor depusits ?,4 u,4tM PNNM.... 1,'4T. 'MO lei... 3,'J6il.M6 Incrrae 9,329 i n the other side of the account kivcrnment hccunli iill,i-ki.l'4o Unchanged. r.her recur-ilea n.T'-'b.Obl ivcrea.*> 876,8.37 i.e i unemployed .. 8,619 s to Itecrene ...129rTM The amount ot notes tu circulation U ?l'J,7Se,t>i'>6, being d H'frnasn of JL*:;,'.Mb, and the stock of bull -n in both let .irtni'Titr Is ?9 hob '.Etc, showing a* . of 180,614, men computed with the preceding return. Titers has be?n an acute 1 ?rn.?.n i for stiver this week pri ripally lor the overland mail) and pr-v ou* quotainiix h.ivs been rscdilv paid, lorg" lots, however, are dili alluring, and It U probable that prices will rec*de 1 gblly l>eli>re next mail >lvo franc ideeei are freely illerod, and Late been ioue at 4s. 11 VI. IxjjUIoou of xiib norts are till Muy ol i a'o at fuil rates. t t J. |mireiga gold In bars (i tandurd)........ per ot. ..117 0 Silver in bars ( tnndnrd per or . o 6 1?{ Mil colli, Port igtu piecvw p>r W. -t IS 9 American rs^le> ptrw.,3 18 u'>"r.?, I'utrti*,. per ox..3 Id 0 [Miti ?*. ,.ji?.iii.Ii )iero?..3 19 Sa{ai|. <>c* up os. .3 It 8 1" ffi'Wer pieces per cw 3 18 8 Stiver'<>tn. Vet. nod V. Amev ii iloilaxs .per or. .0 f> fpsn'.h pillar dollars per or .0 6 10 Kng'i-h aeeurtsSws bavs baan dull, hat ootwitb?uni!lng lh< ?? ngrm y of the market, and the in. in -r re xtr.rtixe me.trtires adofSuu bv li?e iVank of lin^lao I, Uij r( .-li , r, t- cfWx-aulua I > ? luA la. . rt m/.#n lltao 1 I.? X/ lirr Ci'iit tunc*; th* wi-k. A favorahlr n?ttu?m? I n jvi>u fl^nM <>J Ui?".reiun?al of the prohibit on !> report loM torn Knwa. and tbo iaipro?rin?nt id tfir Amorv m id lian*e Yonrrday oprnod liraril/ lu mto IUMCM Ihi- dral t? brm* uucrti.n xi to nlulivr th? >ank ra?f would l?? pu up, but a- vk.ii a* ttm board broko ip ?itho.? any change Itrtna mvli>, tln>rr wa, aa itnian iy'?r tmptovmirnt, UK>u*b mily to h uJltrbl ortnrf l>>n ?>I? wt- 02* a W.'*' fur m<ni?y, and If.* a 08 ^ fbr ac rrrnt, but rrcorrrod In Wl, j 08 \, and v2* a 08* ro Ijr. To 'U.j bam* l'l of May War abwrnni acoonlln? to uk'"?i a a holiday an the ttU'CJt Ktniiani;*?Una brine lb* lay for ranJaj up U?r i.ali y arly feaiaooe at tho Hank <<t feu lac 1 Tiw folio* in* tabta wlU ibow lha dnctuaiiortt la 0ucu>o4i too" too 34th oil ? r . -0V Mm\n$ s , Pbr iovwnt . lyri UwiL Ifxyhem. tJUmrf. t ilxmrng. S. 0?* Uk *tl R1^ K IT If. { RK WX 03 9:'< S 03* #3* 03V 08 S ?i WX 02h? MV 03*| ?'2 *j W> W* ?i* 02* 08* Tba fbcei*n rtoek market hat b?*B *uady, and prim of km feMfef trip fewi bo-u trauy main tallied, although bo U atya. I..HL. nave '? i-o UUilni; VHiuITT, illMOI 'AND CO.'* OtMirt.AK. lu'KIUint., Ma/ I, 1S.1T. flur "rttoo dn*rd heavily '? the 34ib ultimo, lfnlff winch data ?? lwued ?>nr nrcnlar adv 1001 tv-f (crop*. The |*rvaiitn* (fl'Ktny foil in* aroma to torre^e ia 1*0*" fw. i.ot?ith>taiKbn* the T"Ty atron* ooa Ifmatory advwvw of a crop not ric/sed'.ti* i.ia?? an iud rrp'rta advrme u> th* pro?(?vt ef a lire* yield mitt i't?? iruin* all Uia prr?""i?i ?.rt tb* dailf i*tnuid .a* tvara of that lltnitoi rharantar for an Ion* part fprmiu* ba ralilj frati.ra, atxi paroola ara ntfrrod ho Crmly that mlorrmanM bar* to bo bold out In or dor to Inll'fnra lor. Irtraa aro ootiaopn'mtl/Irrof.lar, ae4 almost Im mrrKraihi* rrro,U until tho otoaln* ii'jotationa orttaiUh a ierllM. Uto dlfitonlty to r<mll?* <piant!iy I* hotrrrrr, nor" rom plained of than the ratoo C'irront, altb'vi.irn at >o l'<d ? Uj lu? to lit* Imptwtor, wtucl), om ton low rrouiw, I* a aortntut <?? r<w m ich importance In prnbo )!7 aili'-hed to Uw hi^h Internet mint no ?r Qnrr*nt for ??7 t y-orMiB-viat -n Tbn aonomi anyta* rnrtncure noa?* vw, how* ror, tn<t?ioe more Uun ordinary raiitlon, ?d, m the melon wu l??rv(t rather to lorr<ta-ed Htrtngenry lu>? early rrlaiaUoa, thetr etTWH I* to narrow lown npo*UOM of orory de-rription, and io whinh train in the ran ifboiar n* (i."trict? *} mpaihixat. Tii>< olrtnouit ar" ah rw1<e In faror or lmpro?etn.?tjt, although tme ittiti toiwa hntorr tooir totlaeaon will b# apparent rtao a-e?lcly m* inert U rwoltod la amoiot by mum* of p*fi?ta for rard*l doting th?< month 'rot* thr ehij?t? *, m iv, ,l*y'? narket fitter* trHhoot *ar mdeeinia* ?ym ?um (with **,moiit! *al?* ?r GfiW bairn, 1,500 to (prrauiori,) and at irlotw wtthin the range of oimt. ion* brkiw, toe virion or A rial nod CUy of Manrhtotor fai irg to prnddOO Uf ba&fv Tbe tota "aim of the week fMOhtalr* of 7/10 for warftod Irort from the *hl >) ammnt to 40,4ti> hat.w, of wWr 1 I .MO *!? American. Sp"? ul iion haro i*k,?n 1,7*0 an I iportora t.JM, leaving .16,MO bale* of all bio l? to too do. The Import far satun Umo W IS,!*.' ba ?a, of ntiieh i law aro Amrrtcaa. The <( inniilr known to bo ai *oa from Aoarr can porta It nmi bairn. iwtrwt Ton AT. All# Afirirflfwp Oedirwny. 'w OrtoaM * if A. TV ?V* a tltfd I * IO T%4. TV- ?V a V ton tie TV TV ?*c V BTBW TORR HHKALD, S V To?*l token Tor comviniiUou, 18iT, btlce; 18H1, *0:5,440 b ?*< ?. ft 4m! imki'ii fur (' )iort (tu-Utal), IW?T, M.ftHR toita; 18brt, ?lfb. j ^r' finiMl Eg-.rM, K fcul W ltui Tc*<1 nwk Ok<l*y?. .: ! . no 40 2H? Ibife H riln :>70 MZ.4 0 HWIII" Ut.n> IM; ?? W? mum ?.-? M.5M 1,0ml Ml H> Mil y.MR I c'-U'< roami-i it<x|oiiiiin ui u>uc wi mo uo|>io.~ i i?j et' diic tii re (.i'ikU arc lower u; v tluo, uutl the i uxn of price* i* al o against producer* of yaru-, mbre i?rtH'cUu I) wher- uontfoctx requlro to Ik renewed or are drawn g Ui cuWtpe-Uoe, the tndispuriuoii to evtewd bu-luc-w ore* li ning a [irogrcubve increase of online- -,aud inducing manufac turer* of domestic and heavy fabrics to curtail the working of their mllU to forty hour* labor per week, thereby coo* ijoi ably a.mir.iifliug consrapt toa of tne raw mat.- tal. The weather has been colli for live sea oo, which checkvgetrtton. but to-day th-re I* a decided improvement, w ih gixitu acrichine. (lur gia u markvt bus (icon well attended, anil a pood business It*? tron.-j.irod. Whe:il ha* tt'-en lukrn freely at an advance of lid to :;d. per 70 lh* Hour i*itlci|>at(i. in tie in>|>rovprucDi, and U la. pjr bar rol dearer. Indiac 'torn Ita-i dueluateil, hat ohv-es about 2a. to vji fd. |>er quarter bij.tier in va'ue. The Imp not all articles jg expected 10 be limited for some liine. Irapvib 1'iom abroad I'm iat week?1,410 quarters wheat; 3,792 quarter* Indian cum; 1,23b barrels Uoir; 1,284 sack* do. Imports frrtn Irriand fame time?quarters wheat; l 'rai-Its flour*! vita Id? oatmeai; 1,05o ouirter? onW. 'I'j.ports faint time?T 433 quarters wheat; '26,435 quartzes It dimi i*t it, 1 ICI1 Natr- s flour; '2 ti4'2 tacIts do. t\ heat,per 70lb* ?Centres and I'tiiUbolphui.fs ; ml red Anwrtcan tig. Indian (\>in, per 4>>0 lbt..?White, 37 s; yellow, 35? ; oj'<tsl IWs. 3d. Hour, per lffl ll>g ?Ohio suwrfl'", 30? ; Philadelphia and Baltimore, W?., Wot torn ami Canadian, Ac.; interior a> d wr, 25s. Claim al, per '240 lha ?27s. Afheo are oulot, a; IOh to 4fci. fid. per cwt., with sale? < of ISO barrel?. Flees wax!?Retail utile; are reported at S.9 ta tf< in. per ewt B\rk, by auction, realized 12a. W. fir ourid, and lie. fld. for damaged Baltimore in bag*. Clover need?Small transactions bare taken place at 63; to tidr.. por owt. Unseed cake* still rule dull, with Hindoo si it st at ? j ht toil for th.ii oblou#. Kirn la worth ?it. to ?20a., ttccortliiic to quality; sales 25 tierces. Rtsiuutwi-e tHmj, 'i,0(o barrel?. reaiizlDK 4J. lod. to 5?. for common, op in 15-. per ewt. for fine quality Tallow I? in fair requt st, a' 6.ta to 6 ' ?. per rwt. as in quality. Turpentine is not in active drra&r.o, and business is cunfln -a to 100 oar ' rolx spirit* al Sbs to 40s. |?-r cat. No returns are mail* In outer nrticli . of American produce. I i!d?There do charge i* to day's market; the probaLle ral. 1 will be about 5,000 to 6,000 bales. Money In nctlre demand, vtbtch is lliely to continue. iiyittttMjtm uiitu Mm BU. IHtAltMdO AMD UI1WUI6. i) AND 4 .MilN11DON ;-.yUAKW. 'OBWER O* MASK Jj hireel -A hu!' of raid lloor from room* to let. WVh board. after tbc I'.bb of .Vav; al?o a few upper rooms, con Trriml for Renllcmm. Reference# required. U ABINGDON SQUARE, ON HUDSON STRKNT SIDE ?liosrd for* tt'n'.leraan ami UlfHb. (TOMWIap KHitlflwen fs-ji hnd plesHant room* with board. The hoimo i? plmNintly initialed and li.ui all Improvements 8 it .ye* cn.d rur* puts ih? door every five minute*. IMOI.ITKR STREET.?SINGLE OHNTLK4EN OR GKN . llemeu and ihilr WIVI* can be ueoomm.alaied with board anc rooma, furnished or unfurnished; would bo willing [ 0 take ca.'.M-t. ol'clolh or lorulluru in etMUiu iLdh. aaa. t*-.. Tmn odcnM. JO OR BAT JONKM STRK ET.?SCITS OF ROOMS AND i)U ainale r.ionn to let, without boa-d, In this tint clans : rotm alone hoijm. The rooma are newly and heauti'ttlli t imlnhcd. Hoi and cold water In pantrire of mnh mom: bath jaa, Ac. Tbc location 'a rmnnrpa'sed for emn'ort. OQ REACH 8TRKKT. ST. JOHN'S PARR.-A Pl.KAt lO ancl around atory front row lo let, with or nl hout b ?uv\ to a ren'li rmao acd wiir or slnyle ijentlemra. Alto ji reral sinttle rooma Tne b? use has ali th? modern Improvement*. 41 WERT W ASHINGTON FUCK-A OKNTLKBVN 'T and bt* wl'eraa obtain vary d<wlra .It- fun i lulled mo n*. Alao. a few atnjt'c pent'omen ci.a br pimaaatly eoootr.mndaiod, by apply ins imm- dii.tely. f-11 EAST TWENTIETH STREET ?TUB FRONT ROOM ?.?" ' an.l front bedroom on tho second Hoar of a brow n *mne bonis, with all lb* nu*l?m Inprovewcuta, to let, v. l b board, to a piTtlrman. or man and wtfe C<? WKMT FIFTKKNTH HTRWKT.?Tt? LKT ri? OKI* llij liameo, a tuiulnouitdy lumiabod parlor aod two boorraoa onminuntcniing wun It, bavin* t mom, gas. bath. Ac , ' with breakfaal, if desired. None but highly respectable perarve* need apply. Tib ril'KlNO AT RENT, POUR DOOMS FROM HKt >Ai> 1 fj way,?Ta let, several hai.daonioly furulabed rooma u aavl, (anilAmen. The location la near all the first etnas ho - to. fiujuirr la it- l?tJMiax of Anpmi R.?i? Qfi CfJNTON PL.ACR, KJOHTH HTRKKT, UOKVHft OF *7V# Manl nifai rtmpt, ac?r Firth wmo? and Washington inara-ItoairaMe room#, well famish r?l to 1<H. wiui k.xaj board. Hnn? r at6'? n'rinrJc. (food roquirod. mlllKTO* PLACE. EIOIITH ifTRKBT, NK\K F'lOh an 1 Aiilh arrnura.?A Rrnlirmao ana his w.'r, ran bo aroonmtndatod with haiidsoinrly fnrulahnd u, nr w..< an! board. by application aa li^nrr. Honss baa tilths m<'ttrrn imprwriaania Rrfrrsnor r?qutrsd. IOI JOHNSON bTKKKT, BROOKLYN.-itK-Yj?< >N AKLH lOI urma, ph-asam mo?i, aoctabls frm'ly. c ovcukmt 10 Wall sirs-1 at,1 I'ulton ferries Otis or two Minis fenfle'Bsc ' can ohutn *ti< h ixrommodMUma la a prwy csua** ban**, with itnpmvmo'n'a. mBDlHON KTHKKT. ST. JOHN'S PARK.?T<? LKT, wl'h board, to a Ranilrman and wife, a largo a an J *<nr? frori psrlor. lulnnliM Also a large barb pari >r. fnrtiirbrd, on flrat rt'inr. <laa and balba lO-l lll.bRi'VKK STRRNT. OONVKhlKNT To iir iao. JOl way. ?'I Its abnra lira rLars Imn baring ton re j r? ndy III >-d up, U now in resdlnrsn for th? r?<h-ption <4 OrnJ ' It. * and sinRis u ?rnen. 1'ar-loa desiring b?*rd will ,tnJ | superior ?ommm"dat ton* iri'f HROAOWAT-A ftrhmtiko KKoNT Jr'O rmm.onthe wcood floor, wl'h a p?i?tr, aultabls frr 1 a * n Ircvm uul hi* wl:?: two Hingis Rwlsmen run bo Ianrotrinntlaisd with board la a dealralle f*moy. Apply aa atova 1/-(1 KtHTKITI.MTOl.'l mnr. KKlll IWIW lOi' ?am park ?A party of sing's R.sitlrmm. or a RstHlem tn aa.I isnillr, tna'-oHaiti dssirahls r tna In an Amsucan Urr.'ly ay rnhjig aa abora. Uaa and batb In lbs b >uaa. Term* rem enable. I inn lor uoidvif ?a omtlbhaji aid na Wife and if?* single gent imp m ran o* ac*omtn dap ' wi'b board and pleaaaut room*. Apply f r ?? work ? 1 11* Karl Umadway. 1 '41 r rcthth KTRKKT. NKiR mroahwaT, WK-<T 1 Olu ?ida ?Throw el. ran'1? foratabml numi on on? floor to Iri. by a prim's lauu y, ui ?iuki* getoleciiii, ta ihai rrry fashionable nd W ?la> looa'l y: ai Raamn imprwa mrii.h. i* the hours hr*-**fas If required: r* f. reuses wan oil. n< KKOOMR STKHKf, MRCONU M.Ot'K It ant OK Bronflw ay. la air HltobM boartm bouse* ta th# rtty for aln-ia yt-n'.i men and g-utlrmea ana their wive*. It ron'alnt kl Ur nudsrn ncprov J P narr at oar and al rtl P. M. 710 MOADWaY - ro i.flt, KURNtsin i>, rHN I I w II id 1' m to a Mitial! rauilly r a parly < ' p"nl|riit?n. Will hp 1st aroarninlr U roqtilrrd Ai?o, l?o aitlo r ?rna to RpfKlrtnrn, wn limit nosrd. T?rma pa ay m' HOAWAf -THK HP,i oNo rixi iH, rrrp t rootna'rirnoo'.sd. altb bath. (m. Ar, furnlihod or nbmUhnd wrbmr board (an bs ba.1 oa m?aon\bls twrina ' W). thrr- fnm.?b~d aliRl* room*, al 771 Umadway, Lhrrr Jraira a boor Nm'b rlrrrl l*0(k aroAHWaT ?Kl RNlhHKJt RO"MH TO Ufl t/Ov wtia b?a?rd. and all tbr nomf-w-a of a bontr. ah an Rk fciv or AfinrnKN o^ th? bh i IB. ?'iil rw c?n uow niximin': oy v .uitbuihi b 7* ?* . P *iori. or?r Ir.ioA *Uc?. Alio, ImmiA -? ?. a, w.ik or wlCviwt ">m ?i> biui?wt AN.MAt.ta pniVAri* r.\aa; o.nurTiN'i tiikih I?n ho.-- - In WoM T? ?niy ,11 n1 mr .? w\*fc 'n 1.M an nr.- ui'lr I'Hi-mihi-4 f,.iol PB-lor. wu t ?.tr* ib. mutatem* t?A ti?d cola wmtor, c\i bt<1 wcninlm. rin *t eon1 m*r*Boii,7 witfltii* oioJurtro ww of * brlllwau ?> Oplnaolu taroiii I?lo r*ntl- m?ti ?m ?' m, of 'wo i-^ntl.-tT.-n with pBrUBl board for ih* y?ni-rn"u. b!*o t fu ' room *<o ?bto lor % adncbt ptWomn. r.mi?.oln> gma, I |A*X, An A rurr rbjuina for i/vw? drwirta* iA? roBf, n? of (Whom Iu?h hn.BU.ui < ui Hi *41 Iamb u?**. ianrwa hoi IJC* F-wloff oo. J A LADY flM.'A K IRJI. Il? A t'l.K I Jx tvoioirT, ?ou/d Ilk* rrrrp or Heh? 'iitirao h PIboo itworW'to ttwow ? (Iat to Mow Vor* Krf.rmo* h?i and roqtu/od. Addrraa boi No. t Ho /tii Maw I WT 1 a ht^t t>r rtTRVtKHKn tiMiitA To t.i-rr-At/ioriMi A ttiklr mm or w- old ho In rotwni *ultahl? It. phyilrlBB. Bt W KaM Twelfth aim*. soar Br ad way. II two (on. tain a modern improromooiB. AmMlsotlKVITlif Ho- * > 1 0 , oonud floor*; Van * *ln*> room with (ui; * par.'Bl heart), mn he oh'*inM at It*) Fourth atreei. AhM ALL PKITATR FA MILT RRUDTMU <>i ri!R I B?k ro?d to OMley laiBnd half bo hour** ride frmn Ftiivm terrr hr >V>r*. run Brow mod*'* two toiilnro nn.1 .be<r wire*. W1J1 iMMwrii, coring Jte tiunimr. A.I. r-o* \ V }-o* t*7 Uttr.ld n.Hee. AriW ORRTt.KMHM AMD TtlKfR STIfF* OR A FKVT 1n.-lo RwnUaien moJ Lade* .-an b? Bo mm itaiM wiih I bOBrl In Ihr c. n'rr. about four mihw from the ?-uyt *o?y? tB??oir rrnrj hnif fcuir For i>*rt?.ulars In.ju ft *1 A , |t, IT.. 014 ami ifrc or 9 #e?r>ivl *ir?. , U. *K>/Mr? a lady a*daiurriJMAN, with hoard tor thh ' ? l-'iy. - TlU'l ' ? '""".T w. .' ! >r? 4 ?t-r? drodnillr parlor an I b nrwrni '<ntlo* otnl ii*sa?d I a'A. urn*) l,r ii?* and rrnUal Tkla will <.?) tho?? bvtticf tur a ouKH bciua A(kJr??* f'nolideaa* bni Uj6 Uwaid oiftm APaRlT ?r TWO <>H TMRilT Ol'KTI.R* HH-'A V OK Uln w?ll fumUfcwd m?ma with ?. mrii if m <t*ir*d, Ik ? pr?t da** hr?iwn ahwm howr 'nrraimi '<? rvi *.y - ** * f 1 W oat i'uarPo OlA arid, Oral houw wool ul htilh *<**? . BOARD.- TWO OR rn*KR MffOLM 'lK.vr.K*l?K OAS Aialn *ir*lrhad r??w? wlUi b<?rd, la a pwaln family, j * "vOaa atfWfd _____ HOAiip-mwn.iuiRN oa* hk ai'< omvodatkii wltk ftr? rUtM hoard and KdfWM airy ro.tnx %> ",| <U>< Hr>w ??t TV>?* *1?rdnt Uir r rri .rta of a ho-n- wlil do wwl to nail and tamlnr for Trrw. > n. ?trrat<v Hoapo PL.KAkavt n;K"mnpn rto f,?rr ia ImmUrx, la a ho?*r w??b ad Urn mndnm Iwunrrwemew; rr"Vr <ne< Alri'o iPd nv)u|r?l. Apply a; ?Ufi p. .Ah Na I A Mnir'oo pitta BOARD THP KT?tiWI> f!/V>R, KKATI.Y A TO W>A.t. fbir*Irbad will ho If* a-param or trr-.-hi-r ** ?, ~v>i ->ard t),? '? ? ? 1? *Wrn'? '*d wl k **?.bvl? ?< |? ?rl!T 1

Ar aim ol U>- orrni ai'ta in n--Otn itxlr y <wta ?rr forlabla and ? hofn?. Apply at M Weat Twrutr aaeoud air?wv nOAM> A WIDOW f.ADV PTMREA TO oRTAtT loanl in a family whrrn tharo would br hut f~w or no o'bri Imaidrra T?mi< nio*i bf oudtrua Add; ? 11. L A.. Ilarald < W?. r'ailnr partlmlara ()< IA R It A OKKTIKVAff AK1? WTKM OH f I a K OR I) la > b c ' l"? II mdaln a i > ' r vni i. a ' i. . hif 11v 'i'? i >g an !* m >l"m im |inn?an'i Apply at Jl Irvine plam. BOAHlt -1K A HII.RI.T RRRPNUTAHLIC AMRRtOAK ' inilt ct l irrubod irnrana nnlj for a pwnilrmaa and ?fx <** f nii. inra Apply il UN WoatMr twoet- ? ?rwn if rnnirHL riJRDAY MAY 16, 185T. MAIUUItt MfO .jorxjuflt*. BoV?l? lHlWN I WSI-T?M OKNII.KMKV tl*Jf UK *00..niTOodn'Ml ? Ui hoard M?o tarn >ouiu: IuiIIm* at lit ?i nil toll * reel, n? r of Kol>l"son HOAKD IN IKKlKLYM.? MMTliKMKM OOKlTl fur plearBiil r om* can flini two largo air* room*. on tirti ui d m i-mfl floor " let, wi'b purial hoard, in a prlva fa Bill?. I>> applyInK at 1M WaKhWiifiiiii at root. The Innutlon le veryulov-Bii', an t m l over mi wala from Kul'oa I'rrrj. 1" to" 11 lend* tokiug one room toyi iln r lorou would be wry nimleraie BnAKlt IN IIKOOKI.YN ?ilKNTI KMKPi HAN Oil mih boiirJ wiiU [ile'iiuuU on tis, m Oh hir.v?t. BO?Kl> IN KKOOKIiYN.?A LAttUK ft OHM ON .SKOO.VD floor, miliahlo fur a iftMiilrtu.ui ami wifu; also hbwII room ;nr ainulr emU- m<-u. ibr hoiiao i? tirst cIhhs, anil ounvo tl-ni .1 11 Hirrrl iuol Nouth fnrrtra. Apply al 'iMt Hoary almrt, Brooklyn. BOAUR IN BROOKLYN.-*? IIIOKH 8TBKKT. A front room unfurnished, thiol story. Alan, h-vrk rooms, n around an>l Uiinl aiarlm, fumUhod. for iirutltMaeu ami ladies t simile gentlemen. Refrrenoes required. BOARD IN BROOKLYN ?KINOI.K OKNTt.KMKN OR a yenlVomu .tnd wife, wt'h partial or full board, raa are rood aco mmodatlons nnd pi- Aoint rooms by applying A IM6 Atlantic mreet. noarnlnl to two ferries. iidAltn IN MOOKLYM ? a HUNT .KMAN AMkvrii'it J) or two or lUrtw ?ln<;lo rrnUeiin ii, can->o acvom nnlst si with hoard In a small private family, with ail ttn- comforts of .. 1 liinalr.1 Kraollill'ltl lii,i,|i..,i Hill ciauahilna ail the mi deru Improvement*. .4 pply tu W*rr*-n *tr< ei firm house we?t of Olinton street. Tern4 moderate. IVMKIl IN BROOKLYN.?A UKNU.KMAN AND WIFB D ?iid 'wo pine'* Kcntlrnieu mny ob'aln uleaaant i-ecomuv* il*:(ii04. with hoard, in a strictly pri\;Ue lumliy, three u> live minifies wAlk from Wall *i r*-?t or South feme*, by eddrcsuldjc Marquis, New York Pout rfflro. Board inwiixiAMUvmo-oiniov thb first cine* bnus?? and host locations; oulv two ra unU-s walk In m l'e< k slip ferry, room* on the second and third floor*, for p.-rtMiwit and ihrif wiv? ? or tinkle Kentlemrn. Apply at 19 a.u-i. Ninth street earner of Hero-el *tr?et. BOAKD IN BROOKLYN/WA OKNTLKMaN ?ND WTIFH or l eoame'e sen'lemeu can be a.-cmiminltteil with desirable n am* on second floor, with full or partial bowl, at A> Pari le at., rorner of H?nry rtrookl)n, live luinuie* walk fi-em South and Wall street frrrlea. BOARD WANTKD-BY A VOCXfl MAN, IM A PRIvaie family, or where there are but few boarders, boween "ilneujentn and Tweiity-efahUi street* and Seventh n'td Nluth avenue*. No communlcauona will be answered eioept Jv as* with full particular*. References exchaakod. Address h. A I*, Herald office. Board wantkd?by a btnulh ukntlkhan, br'.wt-en Hleecker and Fourteenth street* and Fourth and Mvth avenue* Full Itoard tail to eioeed $?' per week, and wlv tt absent in country rootn hire not Ui be over H per week. > ddress vtatlng *ip> and locality of room and full particulars, boi o.6K2 1'iwi olllce. BOARD WA.NTFO-BY A I.ADY AND ORNTl.RMvN; l oar.l for the Utd) ooly. Address linger, Ma lison aqua'* Post oWoe. QOARI) WANTRD-FOR A YOUNd LADY, WHKKK XJ there are no otner boaroer*: private i&miiy prrrem-u. Andrea*, staling Urtu, which most be moderate, V. 0., Herald < fllca. BOARDING.?TWu OB TURKK UKNTI.RXKN CAN UK uccanimoiUted with pleasant room* ami hoard in a private fanny, at No. 9 Oommeroe street, near lileecker. I) OAR DING.?A PRW SINGI.H GRNTI.RMKN CAN OB I) t*m handaomely furnished single or double room* and ,-wd board, on reasonable term*, by applying at No. U J ottos street between Hieeoker and Potirti street*. Boarding.?rooms, with kui.l or partial board, can be had for single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wHaa In a private family. Alao, a phynirian a ofli.-o. K. fVreucaa exchanged. Apply at 401 Kourth avenue. Boarding? a orntlkman and wtfb wish to hoard with a private family, where there are an other I*After . down town, below lit and street preferred. Refertangiveaapt peqnlrad. Ad.'.re.* K. M. T , larnom Museum Mating irrmt an l particulars. (AOfTNTRV HOARD-ON THR Hl'DHON RIVHR, POOT ) of lf>2d Hueet. Carmansrille The lartre and oommodloua house la now ready to recolve families and tingle gentlemen. The room* are large and airy, good boating, bathing aad stabling The Hudson River railroad ears, from Chamber trret. amp at the house about every two hours. A steamboat stop* morning and evening. Inquire on the premier*. CVOUNTRY BOARD.?A SMA1J, PAMILT RRHIDIN') IV ) one of the mn*t beantlftil and hea'tby plaren on the M an. wttlun two hours ndo of the city, can am- itninodate a few inmrdrr* durlna Ute t .miner. Au Interview ut*y bo had by akdreselhgi'. W. W. boi I.UJ2 1'oa' oSles. CIOUNTRT BOARDING, IN TIIM BKATTIPUl. Tile > lagn of PeekskilL one hour's distance by Hudson Klvtr Itallmad. a frw ladies and gentlemen can be arnommndated in a prlvnle laiully, ooniistlng of a and h?r two caughter*. ard .-very pilii* will be ta);en to make it aa agreeable and comfortable h. me Term* $3 to |6 per weok. Odjr rmercaor* ot" the highest respectability exchanged. Please apply to IJytngaton A Co , No ti Heckman street. ur address Via J. A. T., peeks* 111. Wentcbeater Co., N. T. T7LKOANT RDIT OF PCKNHHKD ROOMS. AND SIN Pi gle noma to let, in a brat class private house, with or without prhate table Also a stable In uso rear. Apply at No. 33 s? Mark's place, Rtghth street. FACRN1SHKD ROOM-A ORNTLEMAN DRHRK8 A furnish'd room, without board, la apnvate family, between I'ou.s >>n and Hevrnteer.'h atreeta. esc of bath and gas tndtrpeDs vhle. Addretw staling terms and Uteattou, 8. G. P.. ltcrald (libra, FAMI1.1R8 AND SINGLE GKNTT.KMKN MAY HHAII of very dealrtble rooms with board. In a ft T ci**a homo, roniarning rv.'ry modern uopnAi'Dnu, 07 iw ^'-was r., una 2,UC ! ??-? office. I^CRKWIKP RlXJMB TO I.CT TO OBim,RMKM.~.g.M r r>?aru iuii 't( ronma, v-lib ontnmodk >? t>.>c rooms sad paii'rte* aiiarhe.1, haiidaemnly furnished, vCl Hieerkar street, a few door* from Broadway. AIM two elegant parlors 00 the t mi floor, funilahcd or unfuruiabed. tuHable for a dentist or phvslrtan. uu'rnikhkd roomh to i.rr?without bosho-, r 'wo 10c*' parlor* 011 the flrnt door, one large room oa thu eerood Uoor (font, suitable inr twojor three pentieinen, also, one meat a'lic Apply at 74 vthlta street, Fourth door from Broadway. TjUJRNIflflKI) ROOKB.-4iiCNTI.RVKH RKCJl'TRINd FUR r aisled ram. auhom t'oanl.wUl 11: pleasant and osntmirnl liwatioa at No. 17 Prince street, near Head way. west tale The bona* la newly furnish. *1 ' brought) ul, and Cited a ,:h balk, gas light, Ac Term* moderate. ln'rnisnro roomr-wtth or wituopt parttai. r board, ma be h%4 at ST Fourth street, near Bmadwor. Bona" flmt rlaea, emiaias all lb* modera Unpruremeata. l4o Ml boarder* taken. l*^l"RN fdRlt OR PNFL'RNIHHFD ROOMS TO LKTr WVh board. Inquire at 404 Found ateasa, earner of Twenty ninth street. KUI.L rAKTH'CI.ARS OF THK MOST OFBIRABLK tvwrdmg houses and families wiahlr* hoarders, otiy or rvintry, blTeti jfrs'ul oualy at the Boarders' Kirhange, Stfl Hmadway. AU wiablag select hoarders should mate immediate application. MR IT ?1 A HoTO, Applelnn Rutldlag. FiMiRNIBHKT) ROOM* TO LIT WITH P 4 RTI At* 1 lioard. 10 one or two slug.* giutituaca, at Mi Fourth sirert. opp? ?|t.> th? Park. T^l RNThflKIl pri vr PARI,oil ANIi IIKOROOK irrrttn Iwrlitb atrae'irrtil. with t?>ard, not to exceed ftt p?r ?'xiLb. Add roan A B. Ifrraid oOon. IjU'RNIiUJSn KOOM-) TO I.ICT- TO OHBTMCMKB ABO " U'llrr tmard for lb* Utdtaa only. Tlir hnmr la ri.-nUbad nraly il.r iiiKtvxii. Vrry plnaaaot tnot r jnmx. Apply *13? buliirau mrrrt. tMHNInUKl* ROOMS TO l.RT-TO SlBuT.H OS!*. F ilmm wilbool l"iard In a ?L-1otly prirat* family. Trrma rraamiabi*. I'm b? imi fur iwa a *1 ;j i br vi llndtnti an?l VarVk atru?U, ouorrturni kiua riitth an* KiahOi annor tallroada. Ft RMSI1KI) BOO MB TO LBT-TO OKBTLKMKB, it b?.oi board. ihrm ha?J?>ro*l/ furaiihnd ro<>ma wiiA a ! lb* mortrnt impmiraimia I-noa-no molt dniirabl*?Jiu. 7lfn?fltfMRX>MMai Toolh nl Klr??r\t,i TnAU, and ?ly '*< bUirk from Kniadway. Rr Ori*rir<?a ri h ui(?d. FOtH* Tormi MKB TAB HATH OOOO BOStn. IB a prtTBio (aauly, a? MB Max Twvniy waoond nixM, Moowd Oonr. HI/TKL t,?>i?oiBOB?OBBTI.KMRB ck B OBTAIB r ond furnUbnl n* ma ? ih? (llnba BsK r.wnrr at PmrRkft and William ?Lr"*a. a' 2# c*nta p?r nlrAl. A frw brat r?'" * Jfrvn* par olcha Bo <Mber obarpxa aiiwpt at tb#ir opiAm. . HOIMIKKB?rrRBInllltH KKrHOOMfl. OK TUB fl? utid x-y. wiU b? l?*t, lib partial board, to tintl* rrnCi-n'on. "Iba b^n?? I* .*rr['\ and cuimxnili a tU.n rl? w of too nn-r, xnd la r.-ar U ? fi rry. <iaa. tain, 4?\ AJ-ironaT T., IS Wall rtrmt. NO. II* HI.KKi KKK HTKBRT -A IIABIWOMIIkT _ fort tahad front parlor, lAlrd floor, and a badr-ann. amnod t"?r. ?i'b<>ut b vi Tbr bona* a?laioa all Um atodarn b?proninrBLa. PR1TATK BOABOIBO-A KAMILT IM'CTTYIB'S A ooa? xr.d rrmrrviltoiLi boaar, wvh all lb? raodrm lm prorrmrria, In H.miino nrar Broadway, and banns BWI r-iom lAxii Ihry rtximra for lhatr own naa, would ana# v 'air * .troth tran ani hla wtf? and two atnyln rrntlrmrn wl'S f j'l i r partial board P'rtntw of ^']M aba dom alia halnu will And t-ro a mmfortabla Vwor, notwi mhnr toad apply. AW HntuPim atprrt. UOomh ro t.RT-nAivtxfiMin.T rrnwMiunv on rrrotid C or to *ls(ir (niuli'tnan only, with or without board. Hi a ?<ri'*tl* pr.rva I imi y. Tama m atrratA. Apply v h i (I K.aat TwaotiaU atria-, botwoeu Broadway ami Vtmf It armor. I uniu Mumjatt* cu* h'taih O n- m?, with parlri board. In a ama'l ftunilr, by nrvlitni at 4U Kaa. twaaiy 1.1U1 tu-a' mar fourth arawua gaat rw -r r1*a? and raipilrad SOtTTH BROOK1.TW?A UOT. HATIK'i qUITB A mall fuiil;, llnnti In a tary drairatiir I vauoa oflrra aapar i r am am twin Don a for two or thrrn i;rr'h-njon, hand nana i r* laht-d morn*, wtih fhll or partial bau-d, a* d-wirad. Tha bonaa la r airanirot to booth and Wall airnot ftrrlap. Far t>ari?'<ilara apply at Id Uarrtarm WrarL ro hi?**i.r rvBNWTiKD boom* ro i.?rr. to atb ta pant,...nan, in a h oiaa with ail ibr mod am improrr ttiipu Ixtifl tr.narpamd. fr.ntily prlmr Trcma (t M and H prr wrrh ffn?ln piioniahle r*-f- nwi alrna and rw0'ilrtd. Apply a? JO Brarh airml, Rt. Johirt part. Tw> utati.y rvhnthnim roomi to i,rr. witii U?ird to ?to?i? f?nt|?wn, In Ulf pi-want H? ' hrj 'f ''rwi, iirw Ui> litm Mrcot. lift*. bum, A\ C?rf ! ??? th? tlnur T) l>T - rt,*K*lHIIKI? R?H>MH TO I.KT TO MIROI.R I t'? Phrnt boird. In * prtrato li-man. Prl<? fi w f5 'o t* i W"k Apply ?t TO WmUrr atimi-t T? l.-t WITH -OA T? r ? A PHI V ATK Pt "M. V, ih. rA ?,rr"?t, *rj plm??anHy W'niuoH, uin'Mt r?rp' rof mtill *titn?p 14ail Thlr.y mm ttnh rwifliko wo own rt,'>oR to t.kt with 1/ lim Auflll iAUtl *IU". ?lm, flirni?h?4 hiitrrwn ? <lv *1 * f ir p Mir ?o J-.,-: >' I' n .-mmi Appi>?l M WluUi ixi H, a ff m ii nn> '^ttt Nwtifltr*f u-anth i:? a toi vh ORKTl.R* \w. a i.ahwa ff r-in r?r A rr ill h-ilr * m and purler wl'h (nil fir partial ?H. In f ?!? family, wlvr -ll.-' iimf !' ?'!<? hum *n1 I**.' p.irrp'\?ty i-an P" > hi. yi-i A'lilnm t. U., but AAA Pimm nOirr auu iu. ,?uih ?ii4 parumlAr*. WAh-rm hoaro por tiir hvmmrr, i? * rnr rate fair.llr nhnip Brty mllra fr wn ih< r#tr I'm ? C??r rnefna womM bo n<nlml. Mmlmi rtrnr piMiiin4. Ad Otpm bo. I bat Tretnti ?r*X. ?Mn Mtm, Vxwta*. to ' oul ttjts, aiiuhs, ?ov <?.? uwfc IIK N'T.?TWO PfTRNISHKO .'OTTViPS ON 'Pltiwthf PaUiwiIm.., wliliin twn hun !r.?t I'M iif lirm? mirk*, P?.n !,? . nuikfs mi irljn a o?> ; ta-e l:% ccuu, f'*ty aaoulriB fr??m Ki nmr mumm-L * pplv Vi M. 0. I. vNK U7 timini mrm?. 7TU WaKI) -TO I.KT. UPPKR PAKr ANI? KltOMT bavin# n< of home, xi ru'g?*r? |u?n. but *im1 >?>M waI't mu I kli ih?< luint.-rii iinprorenuul*; r^nt ramli^Aiw. Apply UK <D?V? AOOTTAOK TO LKT?IN THK VILLAU* OF MOKLitiA i la. between Ktnh una HU'a atrewta t.nd Ford bum and Fulton avenue* nmnnndlng a Ann view, with a largo, well u.x-hed garden. Apply on Qui preoilita ai*.^ fiiralihtKl room and bedroom. ANKAT AMI PKSiRABLK HTA8LK, KOK A OkNTl.B tiuio'r tier, In Thirteenth street. a fe w \ardu brfow Fifth avenue; In oouialnx alalia for 'oar home*. CArrtaga bouaa, hay tail, oonri jard Ui frnut.ia well voutllaied, to lei, ivlih innu?dlai# poaseiial ?L Apply at No. ] or N<? 4 Want thirteenth atre-a, nopnalte the a>abe. AN KT.KOANTLY FIKNIKHHI) HOUSR IN WKST rouniHtiih Hirfui, neur &mvm ih ar-niM, ihr?*v story. muio and n?>i*ii>ni u? M. U> h small privala In'niJy wlm will Go ml two lariira in pari rAjirentof rent, and UJto iujuiimrboarder*. AlUIre* ill t (JAM Poal oflice. A Hi ins* TO I.KT?VKRY ?ONV ttNI KNT TO T1I14 Tb:n! and f "urUi avenue, run, below Highlit a'reel cm u tiling elevi n runmi. Yearly rem J<? I) A portion of dta rent taken in board. Apply lo 11. W K1CUA1W, S)T BroadWay. ^ BROOKLYN FRONT 11 AS KM KNT TO LKT?SUIT * BLK f ir ? ph>aleian> c.llli*. having been occupied aa aitrh lor I th.- Ias? tew yeaia; or would tie let to one or I w? at n lenaea I wt'h boare: al-o two hall bedroom*, with board: location eery doetrable, being within live minute* walk of Fuluiu ferrv. Unexra rii. in a bit- refe.rer.caa required. Address I). I)., tier aid ofllee (YOTTAOt AT TUBBY HOOK TO LKT?A HAMNOMS J not are. near tho atation, containing atx runout and kiiohant Uudanu River Railroad car* atop nit times a day each way; 11% mile# from i bumhern street Rant JAW Apply to H. OLA PP. TuHby Hook atom. (YOTTAUK ON FORTY NINTH STRKKT.?TO LKT. A ) neat cottage bou?e ou aoath aldo of ?ald threat. brtwaen Third and I erlngtnn avenue*. eight net ma an 1 kitchen, In Una ortler; Onion wa'nr, gardeu In Ifoct. Apply to J AM KB PRIOR, 2D0Ht.daoo a'reet. _ CVHJNTRY RKMinKNOKTO LKT?IN ONR or THN J Bueat lOvatlonx on the Uu.laoo river, wifh freqnen aoceaa by car-. twelve mllea Imm the City Hall, and five inuiut-s walk fn n. U?t depot Tho lam-e la quite new, and U well arranged, wlih bath, hot and enhl wa er, iiirnaeA, mug*. Ao.t good carriage house and utablc Tlie groiwla ocnaluting of an aire, am ixhtMliillv imtimt-rd. For uarticiibir-i nonlv to A 1.H IMaN. 81 Greenwich Kreet. or to j. O SI DN KY. Spuyteoduyrll. FUKN1SHKU HOUR* TO LJtT OR MOUtfKAi'R terms, If to ? small oareful family.?To lot, for sU months, (mm the first of May next, an "leraot house of moderate sixe. with brown stone front, famished ta uakicr Style, adorned with objects of art, wit sitiiAtad In Twentyfclrd street, near Filth avebne anil Madison square; one of lac teest desirable sitnatlner In the oi?T, belM opeu to the south, eery airy aiul In the Immediate v trinity or nne line ef city rail roM and three line* of stages to Wall street and Houth ferries, he. Address ITttLt. BROW, k GO.. We. UB Pustrl rtrwoj. FURNISHKD HOCKK TO I.KT IN SOUTH BROOKLYN.? A handsome brick bmwe, completely furnished wilt esery Onnsenienoe, will bo let to a hairll family alihout rliildree. P. 'nf fftl per month. Address, for ono muck, D. L. W., New York Post ottloe. FU RN l.-iHKD HOUBK.-PAKT OF A FIRST CL.ASS larrje hotted to let Cut tin. sujumur months. Apply at tW Mrcd- ugrl street. H CUBIC TO LKT-FIIRI^IBHFD OR UNFURS WHKD.A pleasant summer restdeoes, situated eery near Rye diyxit, shout 16 miles from New Turk, in a oonveuleul and nr.tirnslly healthy neighborhood. Termr mndoraUa Apply to MARY W. FUKDY, next hour* to the depot. Mourn to lrt ani> fvrntturic for hai.h-tm llrookhm, nrsr Fn'ton snd Wall street ferries. The ... la .,,,,1 tfr l,..?r?Ur,e V, ,r nsMiea. bun address. wit* real muuf, 11. B. (>., hoi2J?0 Post i'(li ev HOUf-R AT FOROHAM TO I.KT.-A NK* Ht>P*H oo'alping nine surrounded by about oiw hair M acre <4 land. krut $23f- to a di-ambl* tenant. Apply to JOKN H' KM'KI.U K'rdbaun, V> a?iclieat'-r county, or to E. R. SAMPSON. No. 12 fin* street. HOTKl. TO I.KT.-TMK UNION HOTKl.. NOR. 2TT. 279 and 231 Hudson street, lo leu Apply kt U. NHWlioC'dK, 226 Hudson Ktreet. TkTKW nOTEI, TO T.I7T OR i.kask /TUT FRK'TKII. An on the Itowery ertetn.lon. near Cba'ham square, eoni tnin.r.; ! fly rjtiran, niece*, ba* iiwu'<, ?aulm, Qmuu mlT, (<tji. and all '>" wsoWsru UnprovouivM*. Inquire oa the pr? ! la IT daily at 10 A. M. or 2 P. M. PH1\ATF. 8TA1ILK TO I.KT-IN NINTH HTRKKT HHiw?fn second and Ihlnl afcnuca. Apply at 33 rtt, Mart's place. Klyn'h street STORK AND HOUMK TO L.KT IN HH'.X)KLTN?NO. UB Atlacllo street tuln* one of the boat louuiona for bust area In thla city. For particular* apply at No. 144 Atlantic at. STABI.B TO UT ?IN NIXTRKNTII HTRKRT. FIRST door from Broadway. Apply at No. 7 Broadway, la base meat. ST. JOHN'S MJl.'AKK. BTO.?TO L.BT OR KNARS. FOR a aliort uti;e, the lour atnry dwelling bouses Nua 167. 173 and ITS IIlid.*>n atreet, n?-urly fronting on aaid n-inai* The bonana are rixuny and < urriueut, mal tu k ?> 1 uriler Posaeaal< o at ><ice. Kent moderate. Aiao, more and dwelling No. 4K\ Wrrnirtrtrm street, oppout'e (TiaU a market. Good stand b>r a cheap rr>?TT tea or clothing store. Apply k> J AN KB PRICK. >>dbx 3W Hudson MiorA. rLKT-AT BAT R1DGR, U I.. ON TlIK RIVHR, NKaR tie terminus of li e Third Arenue Railroad, a two ?>orr and haaemeni double bonne. Inquire un the premises, of J. KKMHKN BKNNKTT. I ITU 1.KT-A1 WIMJAMMRIiao, TWO NRAT OOTTAGIU I A wiih ?-randah* in irent, pleasjnily situated on Hprtngteri race, Newtowu and Wusbwlca turnpike, one mils from Oraad \ atreet terry. They are verr desirable rralden-es fbr small , genteel nuntlW a. Rent 1123 each, u> good tenants. Apply to 1 D. A A. KINOHl.AM> A BUTTON. 66 Broad strew*. 1 rro LICT ?OFFIOB ROOM. ON FIRHT FliOOB AND JL Mb t aeenient, light and dry. Inquire la the trauh ! store. No. 4 Murray alien, mar Broadway. . rpo 1.kt - at a trkt LOW kknt, OB POM HA I.It thk J three story blah sump brlok honae. 2>i?9. with Cretan, I gaa, An., No 2(fe Nin b street, near Firm nsenoo. It will he i rut la order frr a good tenant, apply to PRTN* a. H JACK I BON. tin Fast Tweots re Tenth street, or 1(3 felMOTRg r I.NT?TWO PKW FIRST OIjAHH FOGR NTORT brmra atone ho nam, la Forty rexutd street. between Broadway and Klflh arenue Ibrne Kwuws are dnlelied In 'be rery beat style, w th ail modem Improreoienta, and the loeatlwi la rery dmlrablo. the atreet being 100 feet wis* R ml re-y low >ac*d u-aaot. I'?? aatoa Tin tnenuPaty Apy.y hll.ft WHlTW'riT ? twtni TO I.NT?THE COMMODIODN OWKl.l.INO HGIMK NO. 99 Prlnoe mrtwt, near Rrnadway. Apply at M Ghambars street, third door. T") I.CT?ONR OP TllOHF. TASTNFPL TWO STORT bs? m>'iit brick onl a? ? lu 523 West Twea.y fourth street; h?r ws'er, *4/r ckwet, fault, court yard, Ac. Bent |l>>, or wo uo be ww*. THOMAS W. MAP.UV tl.U 'R u'u h s'r- < T? l.KT-A NI'AT COTT VilK IN THK I'LK AH \NTVST part of Jeraer City; short Jtttanre fnun the ferry: gas and water, cheap lease, and furniture frr sale For paniuu lara addraaa bm im) I'.wt oOtee. Nt w (orb a?w L.KT-TO A PKIVATK fAJULY, A iXUMOIMOUH flr*t t'lvw *uil *lMn*it'iy furnlibed 1hmi?\ wtih All thn mo drrm 'ja|iro"!u?nia and ei-rvthlin fur ho ia-a-"pin*. n< 4k BrTrntb nlmri, oo? -loor fr-im Hronud n*cnu?. Aiaa ttar n'Atly fhrnlnhnd humr *) hart butBrn'h atreiA. Ma* be w?n fmm 13 to 4 oVInrk P. M. Knr pAru. uiArn Apply In A. A RTf.l.'>, 46 Wa.l To I.KT-PAIT of TNK TI1HICK htort hot'hh no. 3 Wanhtaitnn inrrtir*, Hnbofcm. within two min<ilr? *?'k tr< m i' ? Orrlr* Th* h.n. m ia ?nppi*l with yaa, h*ib? to., ami ? III br lot no x-aohuaM i trrrru H-lrj nt'Ar Uio frrrir* It la g dnairAble rmUeu* lor the nrnmi'ir. Apply oa lb<< proalml ri,rr-a ttikka ?tort ani> n\-tnv :nt dwrlltnjr Iv?opa, I'ornoo nr ir.i|? *oar?, r?pi?. ?nb *11 tho mdnro ra?i**alrner?. nAniU rlrpAT'lr ?imaird lo OIlr.Mu plnrr boat Br?*d*Ajr, ?uh son* I'aroltum If wab-?1 to a irml uwmaL PoamMino lainnlUixl), Adilren* bo* M root ococl rLKT - Til 1C nRSIRAHI.K KOOMA ON TUN HKOOITD And third ?'rrl*? o? Sfl Hr*dt?Ay. Apply In Li* dfAHO Pt'NlGAN A HRt>TlirK ri Mr>?lw?y. rUR~PARTLT rURinfiHED, rOKHTMNlOM ,MMR dlAtrly. A hncdAnwir or i,lrj itAl At .Now Rr+o'l- n? tlnn'ro wmJk froai dnnnt or lAndtnf, with tTrrr or rnnr* v-r--n of lord. noinuir.iiJH H) runeiA, kltnbnp Attonbrd gnn4 fArd*n. BhAdo and OoN tiww, Btnhlr?, wmrh hniA>\ *o Apply in WM PTNKNRT. 61 rkkiin plod*. a* UlAAAIx;* DA* TN. rm Dm uhaiiIww rUCT?A PM KIA. OkMTKKl, HOI'NR, WITH ALL TUN r drro Imprnri a'au. <ultnbA for a ?m?U fAmfty. ia Thirty ui'h are-1, b'H ?? >n Hr ?J< ?y %nd ?li n AT*n-i?. Will h? rtnlnd low in a s ?>d >iiaol Apply in b n piwadirA. TO f.NT IN IIR'MIHI.YN, IHOMR fItKNN bTtlRVH NOIL I?.* 1*1 aa-1 LO at 'Boo. Brooklyn, a ?hnrt 'IUiaow abo** tnr Otlr HaII. . nhln f>t dry ynndu or Mh*r b'liido'wa. Apply ? 0 bKIIBlj,, No. fid (>a?brrry trm*. Lima* >cni rpo i.rr-rwo ok thrkk boons, in thn okntnm A two ?lor* boiL-r M i^llth *T?tion. ontt door to W<w? Wonhmfvii I'loor, roof r.irct lo? two poranwo. Hmt low to mwnptwMtw ti'otni r[.HT-THI UITKK TAUT Of A NRAT TWO Mnrr tenia*. a Mii:ohl? irnnntont 'or a itmaS 1'amllf. In qnin- ?o inn pr?n;?r*. .n Fortj waul atr-nt, Mint <Uwr I'ran l?mmt HfHiA rl.k-r-At V? B?*T1I MTKKWrr. HKTWRRN A*P n**o t'and It a hakrrt, io?ir?>d Inra.HW mil M jt<ad wrtln.( orlr P -mi bbwJtwia Apply to Mr. RaKRMX, KM Kioabrth terrm. rl.KT ?IN TIIR HANOHoMlUT PA TIT Of HARt.RW, n'at fran.n kin*, mntainlm a tttdn, l*n MU!n? room* mid ??* b*dr>*nwa Thn lot w*ll fnrvd. a pump nt pn.l wabT no ih* pnntt K?-ut vrrf rnnd'rat* 01 <nml imuil Ntr* mln'ilr* w*lk frntn bnorth arnii-i* railroad nation Art ly In Mr. T AMRKLU, t!4 Kioabrth Mrort. or in Mr. Ki Wl M Rltn torwnt rj IJCT -TI1K tTTPKR PART or THB ORNTRRT, TWO ?incy otUf brick oouro No. '?A3 tiirpawirb atrvoi 00m r rl?r? Iw b* Lanm* port >r? and In-ir liadfOOfr.a, b 0"tA-r wtih back baw-iiirnt. iln-ro lo o irp? for i Al?>, mry r t bono* No HV Or*?0Wlc4i Mrmt Ukiuit* 00 tha pr? inter* noil ol No V.l Pi-or I Mm t T? i.rr- in MRoom.vN, a tiikpr ktort hrioii lmtiow In TII1or> rVn*t two mloni ? walk from railroad to Fulton utrrpt The h ttioo to oonmnlrnt and Lb* yard lam*, ? lb ?upo tlr? and ahmbbrrr in It; lb* porlnr W> f>irrlrb*d, otirliOA 00 tin hoi if arid rartirt on th* entire all on Urol j aaw. R-ntfcitei lottilr* at it ttllnma atrrot, Hroofclyn. rll.FT TIIKMI. oNIt ATORT, tNII MORK If IIRNIR. ft, ( the turner No. lSn W. o IMrtjr niiuii atr?*t contain lo.* all tli* odrrn rrofi'm wia. iru mw, to a pmid li?|tiirr nti tin- premier* TO LKT-l|(>tHK No. I WKtT * WF.WTY Slirit STUP^T. rornrr of lt? . ijvrr ttL'i all t' ? a I'D iniP' ?'til",ila. Apply to dollN M.aM.V, 1,i?4 Hmadnay, n 01 room No. A Book of C?wr merer Ttii'HIni. b aef a 11 a'rmtt. fTV? IKT. FtJR?rimKIV-A NRAT ARI> OOWWOOIfHTR 1 temaa. plfwaantJy tit'iaird 01 r mofttna-'tllM Sum 11 If load, for thr ferry Addroo but I,AM. N'?w Vo?k Pn?t (*?? rjvi lrt or top rai.r iwo itRTi'R Rffor.rnn barr 1 fO?ni bnnva, m Flftr tmrmd rtmri nnor Nnrth rtrnr; oioo, to l?t, o two rtnrj and ha?rmmt brtrk hnuar. .11 font front far ifh?d or <tnlti?rlfbnif. with ?tohl?; r*ot f*rj law. Apply * JOIINO DAVISON, .mtbr gmnwraii Ifo II MoMrw faao TO I.RT OR I.RAHM- TflR TOUR RTtlBT BmiOM 1 hntum. 44 Irtttgi plamv, .with oil MMtmw tuaprnmnomta, zav&sx&issjzr'-* ^' JKIUPBMryTO 4JK.T. YUNKKKM?UIXWK WITH OK WITUUUt KUt^ tarn to let, i? Itoe bantu of the Qnilaun rl?er, nw aid (ti of Yonkerv dejioi mid adjoining T. '.V. Ludo^'i n** >MC , (U, *a? mid ntahltta, four norn* of ground t f with ikH unodrsro teprovWMata. Aooly to 0. K. ?nU|. WORTH k CO .74 Wall rtreK K. V. ? ? yiiWidO* a'l4ii-r ' DRKl> KTftTT. It. Ai'l'I.KXON 4 OO..SM ANO 34H H4tOAOW.\C. Pmbllnb jb txtlurdny, A &KPORT or TRrt OKC1MON8 OK THK 8U I'KKMK COURT OP m IBM STATUS, l And The oplnloaa of U? Jadxe* t4?r*?4 la Km aw tt 1>RKI? SCOTT Vttrnun I JOHN V. k. UANKOBO. OnwuMilur at Ik* ud rri>ori?r of th<< a. i-i'atana <* (ha tuMM Oourt tii Uia UnitiTI riiEiNa. Omi rotumn, dv?., WU i-hkcu. SO <MHi(a. On Ju> rtxMMpl of t*e amount a OUff b* Mat tr?4 portpitld ^ DlNHKORVti RAILROAD OfHDK. *6 pufft*. IYiod 35 roaU. bEIV Nn EDITION ro* MET. hprtnic ?' nuiKMnnuui DiMMriottK A ?XJ . Wo. t Hpnm 'b? I Mahonkt.-kok iiwtort and truminatkmi or the Mnwrnic iMD u'Uci in Now V?-k, (Ami tin- NklMHV Mbkt>KADKlt, puDllnhcfl ??y M. I. IVuminond, El iu (Jhafew kin**. Ktlt* cooM p?T jrnj. KKJIOTAL TO MOKIC SPAC10C8 rUKSilbta?-CR MM Mjoraonof Uie uuprocrdr*to<l taoiraaeuf | KV ANN A ORKAT OIKT BOOK SAI.H. Prom mm Hivmk1*iij to 6jt Broadway, HNwmo Am I- iuxt Hlorrker kin***. IktfErce AMNPTHIRD YKAK OK T1IH RMTKKI'KIKH I IE ORIirn TO INdtTKE A EfEEDT HAI.K _ mi inn a mbuivsoui m unw mmm ml wort* on lie-too, poetry bellea loUm, arte And Mm \o>n,;.-*, tmvrla btogmphire, whether with a variety ef baa# eoine bouud hiblea. prayer IkioIch, alliuma, annual* aad UbW traw-d un>rk?, will Imj Bold at two tutial wall prtcea, mA Diany tnatnnoe* Int. A gift worth IB ceut# tn il?L HI ha pruaeuted to the pur-itaHcr of each bona at the Una of aafla. ... . "** o? oim. Hold leeer waiotaee leplne wali-bra, eUrer watrhaa Ian mintatora lockout, fluid rtiiqa, iirf pina. aeta 'if ctaaa an pu a pencil caeca, aloere bullous, studa. Ana catlenr, ton ar'Icl-M, he. Willi emlaaAtlon* mailed to any addreA, ftrtw ?f pi?utH"*. npna application. Aleuts wanted in all porta of the United Statce ... -I , ~ _ it vans a oo, Principal iitora W7 Broadway. Iaforac u it fan KBWHPAPflUU. WKNTW AKO, HO 1-1.1 I'M UJUJHTtl ATlllk NOW MM o .-rk ctntiaJnaa well written article about the Wna Md Wr?t rn mm. All who thutlt of tptlng tlt.ther, or mlpn rintdB riilicr h'lii.B or gone, rhouid not fail to rewdtc fib* r.uinbcr oonuiiuH. boaldra, tlx liltutra'loaa of < roldanaith'a * la wrtrd Tl'Up-r" two pcnratUi of Auittraltmu, wub daaenwUoua; au nrto lo ou the, mud various other aaitwi ef In'crcat and inatrucUotL Price only four cents; furauaiuu jwhere. UHHIUS C/LfUUAUhiB, ?U. d" | II * ?A II- ItJeK. HAitNKKU AND PHKO VAUOa, ? L ?l J? together or aep.iraut, Infi with me to a>-fl; alaaa a light buyer price $10 Inquire at B. MY KRri* flour aadMM at'in-, ?X Third avenue, Hil.ln Huuae. Ahupkrh muruan hoohk, pubs hijood, paat trivclior. very stylish for ooupee, military or the ml I# t*ud; bigh rounf sua kind; the properly of a pnnUe g?a?te?."ton, who will give ? rt hponsl )le guaruutee for his iomim Inquire at stnhle 121 Clinton place, Ktgbth street. Apm'ino mark, kioht tkarr oud, l?h hadmb high Axiiind und bind, has turned the track lo 2:W. wM bw sold At suction hy H. !1. lked8 A Co., ZS Muwi narmA as Saturday, Itith Inst, At 1W o'clock. AYOUNU M SK FOR RAI,K?8IX TKARR OLD, DA?X brnwn, 18 hands high, has only been lirimgomM tcor, sna will travel Inside of four mint] lee; witrranled iml iuid e.'title. Also, a neat road wagon snd ucw harness ?bn orsrt id); the owner not being Abie to use them wlB eel. tea whole as the low figure of 1200 Address box 1,471 l'oalstem. A PAIR OP I.ONO TAlI.Kn RTTt.IKff BAT RMMi inr sal" ?f est tnxtrrs sod wurmnbal sound and gaaWa. Price tlM Inquire st 34 Macdeugal street. Will User* Ate ctif i uMoudsy at num. ClARBIA'lK POK SALK A SIX SKAT BOCKAWAYIA J splcu . Id article for the mun'ry; ban bc-e a rod bat team times , oust KMX); will be sold tor ImMl Apply At XT Tsaatf trees. FOR 8AI.K?a VERY HAN mo KB six A SAT SHjenu made b? John R. Luwreoee, nearly new; a baadaaate dose oosch, been nse<l In prlTAte! a four seat box waeoa, wtte top, and several bnnpes. with and without tops. Apply aaat the tlverj stable, 5H West Twenty -third street CM)R SAI.K?AN KXCE1XKNT f AHIJ.T HOKMK. ihllTT I; years old, perledl* gnuU? and reliable la harm w sr under saddle; a wrll built Delaware rockaway can-taps site hs mesas, complete; the whole forming a desirable faouly sa inbHal turnt, will be sold cheap. Apply at RRMHKN'U atskbs In Rmmtn street, n?*r Pulfoo arenas, Brooklya, IMa o'rtork A. M. to 4 P M. For 8ai.k? a HANiteoMH nt.At'x horhh, jon years old, 18t{ hands high, sound, kiud and fast. A mad ruad horse, or *t . ?nle tor a physician or aa expreai wapaat stands without tying, t pply al 278 Hudson street CV ; It A .14?A BROWN HORXR, 1A\ HAND* 1MB, M. irif ? j itt wuuu uiu bum ui tsTf-ry rr^nr* umbi V mild >ond ho?ae- price fill Alao a bay bora, 1M( h* 1,1/h. p-.ny built, plouanl di-irer. and ran lm ifdia nu- ho boor with great eaau, warranted aouod and Hub price alirna coupe mckaway for one or two heraaa, aa perfect order, and a ?<a of he?ry tingle haroeaa. The ia*w can be aren at WAeflBC R.V'H (table. In "mrl alraei. be two.hi Preeldent And I'ntai airueta. South Bmoklro. nti|b at Mo. I Hanorer aquare, oorner of Rtoue ntreet, New Twt BfOR SALK-A HKACTIKUI, HRIOHT HAT MAJft*. 1 abont 15 handa blab, warranted aound and kind ta itaaMO or dntit le Oarnesa; bred from Morgan atork and can be UMrd to tro' faat A lao, a dottbl* neatvl Rockiway and haroeaai ite mare van he ? ought for SZIS cash. Apply to W. H. BROWN, j 1M Chrl atop her atyel. FOR HAI.B-A BKAI'TIPIM. HORRK1. MARK ItJIlint hah: can trot In three mlnutea, antindaad kla\ iwy etyloh under the atddie, ae?en reara oid, alao, wagon wdtw^ neaa Dan be areo by applying at CUrke'a llouaa, m O.athim at reet. New Tork LluK KAI.K A BUQOT WAOON, HtjUASK Bo*. M?. r ametl.xt 1 a ber top, city made, but liule ueed, la tm? m* der. and will be aokl eh.-ap To ha aeon at fagau'a uaMa to Twenty arooed atruet, three do >ra week of .dtiih aomwa l*"k HAI.K? A hm.kniiiii PAIR OP ..axon mat r h.wpea all year* old, tine art I on, aound, klu.1 and rnata double and tingle, and taal trarePera. One ran loaataao three mrtitcn Alao a abiding top wagon and baraewt and a biaeh honte, gou'Je in harneaa an : tlae under tae aaddla. AH* two tine rood lairaed. Trnalee (tablet, Orern Puiat, war T?nth a'je.'t ferry. JiioK RALB-A past WWW itoRHP. s<x YHaRS OUf r thlaaprtng, ran 'nit tnetue >( three mlnutea. Ami ?uy haeeaiTiail-b< r?e all yearn old, (fiatd tra?dice I?tint afrwW of 'he care, and will ?iaut with. ul both WarrantedaotaoM and kn it. In?jutr-? at 6d I'uurt atrert, ourt or of h hrniarbua aireet Hmohlin I.. I 1711 )H HAI.K A HORRKI. MAltK PI VK ? K A HH OMI, PRBr I rut It k od nd aound, and Irttab from the country W?uM make a Cn? attddle home ( .n tr* trery faat. Can be aaua aa S-1 < berry alreel for three daya. JVtK H AI R ?A NKW TOP WAOON, CITY Itllll.T. WBJt 1 be told low, aa the owner b aron the city. Apply hrw daya at die U.rry ?ubi.'a. 20 fourth aireet, N. T. F)? rai k-a span or yrry nANnnomi kuit rarriaae bor-IT h.inda high, young, gentle la amaV or double r -e an, %> t, tamlly carriage, nnrr>??? bUudkrUh Ac To be wild an <h,. . wn-r baa no fut-her tue for tbeea. ika be wen at a kud it it eat Thirteenth atroet. Itor hai.p?a rtymhii IImown ItORHR. ib team .Id, a 111 at j ?.? ?? kei price P7a Alao. a road w^gnm prt. no Apply ai .10 Oortlajdi atre-u, up .< aira. L*'R RM S - flOtlHlOR. Wt'JONS, fltRVKMS ?M X1 A per era I vtaocm-ni of ?ac buggtua, family r ekaw* a c a "he . tftHtln* and buaineaa wagon t. aulkiaa, dmbie awM atn,'> haru.'a Ac , for -ale cheap at ha Id Mertaa aMWa^ ooruftr Pulkm atenua. Ilrxikira. la'oR HALT VKRT I-IIN\P-A rourP ANl? IT klMM. r Apply at U.DhKIPS iirery aUble. No 4 biiTawg etgbth at reek H OR nit POR NAI.K, t'HRAP. FOR WANT OP ROOM.? A large, boaty built showy, nbeanutoo. riai laaraa. In P'RY r<>K nAI.K.?A PIKK DARK MaY roR f, IM haul* hir'-, kav., amul Mil gratia la all umrM: A fan owl A lao, a ww iwagm aa-1 haroaaa to mauh. Apftf m wm ba?i7. IK>mn AHkTt.Ajin. ?jrt? *'<mm rurnm, mm r?i irra 'a rkta * Jiiwa, ennmaotlv nn hand. Par aala ? T* Hawtar wtraak. UH )ROR T BALL iioocawatCARRIAOC PORhai.h?arath romi ll aarwona. ?' rr laria, i-mmj, n?ar!w nawr and In (?al illiaw. Ai.ply at t*a waaka, Sn Ktih'aanih atraai, narMI arwnia A lao part of Ilia ataolo aad <x?ch Amur ta IkC S*nnm itorrr WAVTurv-otrR rnoRouo?i.r hr A' lo rli r*H "h-.i-li t kmhla. mrdlam wtrnrt. tfwar ?rvl run iai bigk |>rWw4 AitHnaa B . ran V. InMiaatfMa llfXH T> rHta|(lAPA-ril? HA UN. A PIRMT RATH tfltt, hatrt (norlar, IV-woa wt\ln. la rwd nnnlaf imdi?, wM hr k Id wf 11 ra? if ?pp'i ?.i f * imnia.iiAia|y. aim'lr la WW X RTT Al.lif hTKi >1*. Ul William atrrm iv'ARTKr aix to new iiorhka to rv?m>. n atMiiii 23 mil' fnwn thiw oily: nr wxiM pan-ham M ? Phanpa for good W*aM-ra ral> HI w'nrfca Alan, nan m '?M warla wwiirrw and kvaixa van tod. Aaplf MM VfWvm km mam An A UU flni|,,r-? >nrn fK-rfnri.f ammd and kind. frr* *r<na ail irirn? J ^iT5L S ahow Uirw. ml a.iina ,a "rack <n wTln. *"****? & ,., if . ^Vjf2=?a WA AddrV''. pi rwO WI1KK1. D?HI U<?. ? ? Addraaa I'K'II, llnrai.l offlra. ?~ ----- ??* * ;;; ~ H -** *>??** Ml'AX I A. |MirtdM. f1 "T*- Obbbkan. alalia 4,1 k*y% vCurlaa. ?<ud"?4?* ??*S?!?i r"A"?a, U*i araaa, famdraa. (*?? * dknSb^S ^ Wanara. Millar. 'hunM. a ad mmrm itffcar braaSk * u- -1 ? ? *. ?<1?. H??wr*w? SK-IARH? AT U TtIH TH'?t'HAKI? AMI! IIX dnila kluda for aaia bt T. AfDKII. l*<a 4 liarrlr aaraa, m?Wn>, tlr "< ' )? Al.r HUtKKH A** rARTT'UTI.AH.* Ifc, " ?U?*1 U? naadrtiM IT ? iW-t df Ha ran a rtrwrwaiim *Bd Om-Bhfi anfar* I am nxuMauilf maklna adranona n? awgaaa ai . am. X' mttrrcM, ?u " rnKmTR* WaNTRP 4NT 1-RKdO* ATOM anad nwnimnd pari * and ball furmtar* uaU> -* mar fw nf a raab |>?rnh??w hf addioaalnf a llna la *# h*r%ki hih ^ SeagrUUtm^.mm

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