Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 17, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 17, 1857 Page 2
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2 ire?. Y+n cw* 1^ ttio? of it. \ eh w*.* riafcllu <*?!'> lb*t !? ac<?l ij acrordtUHw with detl!?Il<> of the put ' !.?<< ltP *V f?T a IOD(f tin., time ha.- Nvi. i-ruoiiiff * <h tig it.- Wtui-w r c i.i^ '<( l?. Ita , .. I W h. <> ' *> ??r n?- Uo u>iof'. lb. opinion of all persona coui.'.-t?i ah I-*-,u. ?, y turti. 1st. di .fatte, hue kMI. p H . i ?ll> ft> .1 led on a ke..wi.<<ti{e i Hnt 'hi* a'.'.irdm Hi-Uhl d!l. Ivk' tb? llnw#, | rot.i Jed wi.h a l'.tn/tbat it rtmid he < t-,.U/e.1 witn iiu |" i Hj 11 it-f- lav* o?>?r r. mf to a e.ri -is awl nothing It left h it to |Miili he oinr-.jr.* ot thi- Uit il?.< race l?y the it? of the ?lwte Mm-flh < !" tin* wnplr*. We rn irt rwv.^iiat tin pre?oi.t ? > ?i ' atl? war," fhp w* a-e ttKMinp throe bniMi.ed nil'11 ot penp'e di-trlbutei over lit h t f of A*ta, ami at?Hie<' by tnnlht ideM in ?.<me of the (noH Italia taul i'P|??Nti?iin< of thu umpire. II ippily, the ?e?i W UKi |Humu> aHIi Prr ta km iii- to have arrive! a' H.i afctre ami titer.- are no act-ouD'a of firther hutliitloAa enon, tlten, aa vti?a r.tiiicaln.o it completed I >e fnrr.< vaiier Plr Jitmoi (hiiraai ml^ht at two be ?l>t(.pe<l for Plan., where H tannin arrive tor ft before the tr?o\ie from I' >"th oooKl complete, th tr voyage. At the present tune It iwr take*. t. n rtavk i?y telegraph OnrnmontoUo *ul) Btmbhr- r*? ?bal tbe" o ovr ui ^lit bo recetvnd a et acle I <tu Uit let Isr.i.irotat'ly Aa to tlie mutiny in India, whtci UtilfAil uft akcanlttif urn leiiol it m ,u K.t pjin .ulmvit lit Kl ggd,l?r ftie n.iHt unruly regnrot tin b?on disbanded Without bloor>ht>d WiT? tbo ww in I'orsia cinciulol, 1Mb tranquil, fr'.uroi* at jreacu, mid our ar-enali and CW^Whnkiui wt?h wartth" storm *ud dUI|w. there |< every Cihty for carry Ilk through tin-CbiDfs>o" war with (rrotn aide and miorf a. iu ttio command r< ami elf ouvo M)|i|rirt from bome ?>?, bowevar, needed, uiiler" we * <>'?J irrlhc prosperity. u<< even tbe Mi* once, of our Aaiatlo ctnyirr re'lonrty eormiir- > d It t~ or? unllWeiv (Miya the foodon Ctten<er, of ?Ue OTth tfttiMi), ttim R'unotlii Jd iio much I m oecn mtdtr ol tbe hurt news fn m Ci lia, wh-ch *> mibkaiied in Ihr miming papers of yerieiVHy, and In which a some wit U aUrmiaa character bn* been given. This haracter ef th? Chiuo-e inlelUgt uee 1- lit .enui ly b >rm? uut by ofttctul account', atlll hu b' onmiufc ? tivHeate the very cruel au t tro tcueroua dlwporitloo iT the Chine-e, whom Mr. Oobdce oal Ma fit end* described as tbe mo-d cnurteao* and moderate rf *M barbarians. Hie warlike mnaos at tbe disoo'ftl of ftr M Seymour are more powerful than some writer a eeetn Inclined to nukr out. The adtniio) hna a -iUiBrmct force to maintain Ms podtkm. He taa punl-hed be Cbtreee wrtbin reach, destroyed all their batied-a within tWMteofblr gun'-unta. Ho ha.- fort"!-1 the I'land ai the rooutn t* toe canon river, -o unit i aui g can past wimont bis permi-ston T*o imall veicii, a sloop 1/ war mm) 1 pslimtt, have been despatched for Uie protection of Her* Knf, and by thl? time be has been rrtnforcod by ChmnMv'nre Krppoll, besides o b <rs sent aaray in the be (toning of the year; and when the troops, ships of war, and gonboau de-patched from home, as well ?< ihn-ui ordered from Iudla, shut, arrive, with the unemployed farce fr m Uie Ft r<Ua ilulf, be will be In a 000 iiUou to coo meuce operauoos on a very large scale. Bridals FlUhmUrlxm In India. OOOOTATKIM or THS ISLAND ?K PKRIA AND RATIFICATION OF A TKKATT WITH THS CHIRKS OP UKUS/-HOW OONQUKST AND CIVILISATION AKFXOT TBK NATlVO TKlKKH?UImTOKV OF LNULISU Hfl.F, AS TOLD ?T THE PKINCX OP OWDR. [From uie Bombay limes, March Id ] The rati treat ou of tlie treaty with the ohtaf* of Berbers, and re-cccui?Uao of the Inland of Fbrim, consUt ?t?? two at the tnoat tOipcrtant events that tareoocurrod 00 t'ie shores of Urn Ked pes siuce ocr auiwxsHoa of Aden in 1138 A strong rt-irumstraooe, socompsnled by a demaud fbr the sarrt Oder of the parttaa who attack oil LteuU Burton and bis compelacus in February, 1868, baring beon pro.eoled (0 the boaiall cWtft, they at ouoe expressed their regret fbr what t.;ul oor.urr.<1, their satiety U?comi?ly with oar requests, ar.d thitr tnaoctv^e of all parli<it?>*uon ia the a?t-ault ami robbery, but declared their into fnebitty to dtocover the c< iani.aU they were req tired to ssrrooder. Tbe draft of a treaty having been prenarod for their acceptance, g Urge deputa'loo waited on toe Boh lent at Adeo la dkcuMi tbe terms. it was required ef Uietn tha: thsy should thenrc efvm use every eitort to And out tbe fw.-ailauM 01 dr. B' lUai, Htm-udedag them to us if discovered. and tsdLCtng ibrir people to yetnse them shelter idioitd they present benuelvm on Utcir borders. In the evidence rfabuaaiely laid down N somewhat unexpectedly appc wad, ' that so far from tbe tvrniic slaughter supposed to hare - - iwrrwvu i/T -IUO rrvmoni' at IUB KIiWIKUO, that DOt vol/ had no man fitUea, but DO oc? t> iJ bora > Buck Ba woMuleal. With error/ di-puariUan to tvrke tha DOOM of ttto IhjartM eu.-.talned by IB out. Lke Somulii ooubl tply produce a tingle Individual who bad -en tot. One uMolshoi, wfc.n ail bat spent, bad taaeu atr-ci, and produced a Plight footer* Hi on the neck, whore It had out force otougb to tin<1 a todgnaeal The-e matter* were not very dffljcuh to rrttie, nod ttw term* at the treat/ assented te. Its auMcnltu* has Just uojurred. All that we are bound la by the protection of the trade of Burls e ra from eaemuM and ureter, atiu against the admission o.' all masner ofgooda Id our Itea Sea poi Is at hunt l?n|***rrfcnU and duty tree. Moor lb. Brltbli tag aa drat phuled oa it, Hearty three quarters of a reutery agar, I'oriin -eerne tn have brea a |*ul ot our dfuiiutuoa Wid -dgbt of by the orown until the 1st of tart tnubUt. whtn the UUbn Jack uoce more, from Its ham m and burnt sp peak*, gave Ik folds to the kieeae. (B the 14th It waa formally taken posernatoi of by a party BT native artillery moo (Uoiunrtauir), and a butery aur.h at (be rrra-ton required eetabll-hed? kawhe-l -he-Is taring the place of fortification! axto n-aerial?or ore tons of ah ?*>rte brkng for the pn?. r,t supplied from Ad?o, I'-nm I thing thua the lam addition mart a to the domtnlees of Fngtend Optnbig of Use Mi It tali Parliament, exxn (K BOTH liOL'SE.-?MVHTKR or TUB COMHONtr?arrSAKaNC'E or TUB NBW UKMRKBS - A fitAMIE At THtt SgATfl Ok TUB " M A HO HBeTKH m-** TMf-'v" or a nrum?i.urd pai,ub?*Ton's a on to-" to tux saw orKict.u?jub. MMtoa's ftsan. il. fKii m the 1/NitiiMi Times, May 1.) Tbe I'M ket ton of Uie arth Parliament emmoned dum-(t the reign or bar presto' M-p-sty formally com n.enord yaatamcay Tbr ot-'otox of a new Parliament, at nil Iumv, a gri at l oa-ut dioool cemmoay, s ut the pt et.'Ol Jbticttirc irwl w munn Di eta. the gov-rnmenl which w reortt iy b? ought the country iliro igb ao arduous war, and. to rrmortt with It. alU ?, re lored pram tn Kimiw, bar log burn defeated to ike Ho me of Commons on a aeooiiuai) quctuou uf fitrt lgii fiMf, tieoined it crm-li-fil te tie- mrrtrtyii in ittwuilre Parliament, that the opinion of the ooi. a'u.encioe might he elicited oh tbo dict-fedi pronounced by their repreeentatlres To tbe afg-cai Ibo# madr to tbem tbe cou-vtnericiee have given an empii a a*r unmutnkeable re poo*e, at ouce com ph-tel) the aok ul lite oeus'irad Miui-lry, an I hugely rt?tr*it<|.g the etn-nylh and euirtt of their folio rrr-. Miarwla'e the ('Idea fiaatlnn. whirh hot Dr?oimtvw*d Uie dlmnhittin, I a- t?t?d a uni'it and mircmou?Mug anroot, demanding on tbe}a<-tof the Kiec jure tu j lie l>rft>u.lirt toe err r* * of tuci>a<?<l ^ tx-rgy and ftrrm-?e. bin UH aal) t- the op# Parhanrnt a herrd tut" extr'nocs kpfiart nt'j on A* n?r of a war ? un the iVIivilil K n tn, bul oxvi itui'Vteiil nxse-iire* of Internal improvein iu', are filMTiilt lullftm to he lm\iroiiti>g. Bxiiltr Iho id?b; cl.otaw af aimlnWItnw, I -<ul and sir til rxfortn in wbbfc iter r< n.itan it u-iitntatnr* *tlt hare Ui a ldre?? it all, tb<> ia k of reeling Its n?i WHirtltuiloa, In oouuemoa w il fir i. m ti'Mix M <4 the nn'hmal repr**ef Li'loa, al o iix< tutor* II, and nbonl?t the ex a> 1ml' "f In 111 wintry In tine itxfMi* be f>iHille<l the pro-rot IWHatn'-u' l? dmflin il to i??ih the ni?n rirai hi,* Nation of tbe "la l pjrh? arut Coo*okxd iiudtt tbe Or 111 f ir in 'nil." b"t iilile i ntnp and a*rc'itn>unoet howeexr, nitrlcrd the hmngural -uunj of Uio rep- u.-'i'ut <1 l>-pilto e; a il hjr ao> ?* l a mm eMa iwlot ,n<t ?nl?mtl. p'lminai ? r* Miajin -le an ah-em > of (Idler a* p?c'.iou-y an I <4 -a did liner aonlil be rapnrdtvl a* ?im; larty Dot of keeping airti ltd' -iri.tip ?'?' aint'an natbM .?! In erril wlitoh >mh icaartnu co 14 ma mil to awake*. Irriep -oU-? of urn rtotuUieia *4 (lie lain happy vveot la Uio r*i) al lio-i-eboM, It ! aut in aroordanre witli general now lor die - ><r* nOkii tnarnid la |wi>?xi at Uie flrd nunar oi a new "or I Lame m ik>> tkitaa m ? Himkr* fur ihr H'll-wof dim m>4<a, the ? wearing la 4i era la Do It una nb-r-. fid a few <4br r frrittuina tae inofcin ial lo the ro ?-rit iikm of ib? la*oaeaembltee?a p'tone arblrb iveaiaei Simula ee?k? Utfui invade the deMrei t ? the ^ ie. n's awa l?j |*?v| i?i to wbn-li, of oourse, ne buuu* ~ of lay importance ta transacted ne <ar V o'dlack a -nndderah a oan-Mtria had <>?Uarjed taunt tbe* mine u *i nmli later IUII u> wttws fie arrtrai ( tie maelng pamaaiw an?Mt t i orttoia e la the orn jiH4i). T nuie I'M I'M Hod4# of l/ir m al O-iil pro aei tni an array of all hut orn f in "? ir , ft# oreary va c u t.f |4 the gorgeous hot -VMi-wbat fi mnj nk .un ? being amtie rob. ten by il" |ire-ea<y of viae .?or a dt-Sru ill - Uugulalitxl lulie,. cat-d in a rtogle g'J .p ou th? mj <?Iih4. ride, lh? lUfi o h i kk at the table betng the Minu > irri.jd b if ct?> Oct At S idcb ck ha taiods Ounamatnoer*, arho ware the Ict'i Ctudex 11-4, IL ) Uuka of Argyl , Uhi aarl of H?r rowhj, 11TtJ ft|ar>lo> of Al'iotey, and Hari rlnearer, M taied tu? Uoiire in Uietr UUaai to in ? ?, and t *m t1?<r I tares <4j tlx nieiLsw.k Not more Haa half a dofma oiber too hiiii then |i iwent, amoiig whoio ware lord P*i mure, tart tteancbaain. aod liH Keb ar; as I I iroiigka.1 the rears iliui g tha a Lo a number ta auaadannr al oar tlw?a tit4 not txarnti |g or ib TW Uil*? iIm Black Ko4 bavin* kw* dlrecto' l? i autnevei lb* laxnrTion* la I)> *r InnVbip'* Hn.;*n, In fhn ln|?e of i fit mnuictta Ar Det*j I/) Marc haul fehi-f r*h), ace n.paa*d ay t*r Ueorge U-np, mr Onariaa j woo-, and uimc ur of ? n-b^m of the Lo*ur Chata bar. ?*Id an. mlanen m ibr bar lb* Ir?ii> Ckuwi a l ? anaueoceit thai lh? royal irmiralr Una, fTarlouM) auth<?i/uig him an* buon fXMnmibtobara lo ?Mii IvNuniiii in her Ni^'<4y'r naiiir, muM thou barred; hub w ? 4 one by uie derit at the table <3MjMf. 1t?? 1 <,k? fbui wtoa thro taid ?My |nr<1? ae<l yen*tm ?*| I *??. Il IM laoBtnana from bar N*|*lr 'O W Jot kttoe thai a* ton a* Me wmVri of both lloi?ea snail hare bran awuro the .mm t of u> t c?i leg of ton P>rtta ant f???h*f wil be deolami; aa4. It b*tn* nemmarr that a Hp ator nt ui Me-itm ?t IVxn hat ibau be a .t nluMtn, it I- b r Hajwiy't |4*a#err ibai yon, fro.tiaam if Hw> Ho-taa ef i?n nx-na, tbvil-1 reiai' let be nana ah-rr ?oiarev> -It, ar'i fnara ftnt < ? ! to the apioiiiuni oi of ?n-?" proper pnr id lo ba your H|?*aV<'r, an ) thai jrnu hneht appm* h -re 10 ilomo* ai V u'obct, ami thoa pr.wrtit tha perron attorn jix, hi all mi rho-c lor bar W^r-iy"* rural approbation TV' f"iitnmi?M< than *MMra?r lo thur own ntwrniw la uhrrfli t*a In ihU mandate The Hojral >knnoitMMinn. rxaim ir|P|a?arll) r? trek In dt'rohe, am* oe tli-lr re ?iip??rt?'? be 1/ rtl f nancclior alone orcupteU d?e aooteu-r P'.tjeia iihi'u at tic ibe IMewe beano* ou ih- ro id eta f the I artanvat rrara tlx o rami br Uia lu-hop of liloucwer. tin It luri-luj* kaaakna . (the phxt? a?o"-l a lhir ri i|p ou? r< rvlo com htf ? the 4Ma*iirt'M Of thr ua'br U> peer" liy the w a at the table, f irierl by III la rr haII41 i f ihalr x>r*r*l !? ?niroi on tha ro I (4* tho Bonn-, iif>i ih? 17~\ or I.?Hn< & > J W> Ihr <.U-rrv rus* ? ( lb#-** to- mnilUM A "B?r nth* r |*????> siren. y < ?**'"? P* ' '* r?? M?t urn mffniwl ibrin-nl?*? ^ ki ?l mu 'rrl-, otint* I he reinMbdec ?f r4??"K- *'n ** kini*?r vwbro wwM'U dmr!""' (a, to lb* M*r"" (Mr M ml.t-t III >a |?n| |i,rly Mil llBv. Ml illMt* >? HMIM uN??l Tbe lh?l? dirMbidered wf>* fbifcn <4 Nr?nrV',>W Her I ol AMrtnvIl,U>? bv >4 HI trbbor-Mfb the >ml oH nriitgai,. the bbrl <4 K mIcH, Ule I r*rl <>' . t/e4 ovrrni)-, Ui" Rn'lt* *. Ocrmw, Lord MotiWbafc-, U-* Kwl uf Hnrnri ibt, fco The I rtiim ** bb<-*t?b U4r to the Wilt tmr Iho Mnv I tw ?4 1? for mmluM I AfV-r rprnxorf upvbrd* ?t ?r boor bbd half In ?*< ? I r?l Mtf1 X*'? l'?l .1'e*.) t _ ?f A.snr lilt in, ttio 1 lard CheecHlor *l>or ii-*l ibe House MP( o'lduck AKKMblAOl OF Tita COMXOKH?MKNTIWil OF TI1R OLD ANI> NAW MhUHKKM. "Hie tuen her-oi he ll-m-a 01 Ouiiiui an #sn> ?m mimed u> ui< el at It* <>o'clock for theeleeti iu ol ari,ieik- , they h< i'hu In mv-'-iiiMe after one, un at t bait hour upward* of Inrty hmorable gentleman *" 0 prefcu . From ihet time to the coaaitteunitni nl I (ii'ic.i tie aiiivuli lotto ?eit each other u q 'lck ni oe-f??iot ??i t when the l>-p.iw U?hei of the Rnit Arlvnooe 1 lo the taht<> the lioui-e was Growth d in every pit A. A uotu; t e flret who t-ulcrvtl were Icwrt Hit ham, tkr Juihom [Hike Mr, Waiter unit lomnei l rencti. mey set re i-peouiiy Joined by Mr. Hayter, who, radiinlandaWt,d?rtnd hllhv and ihiihet tii Ins own peculiar >u.inner, he.--i >*nig n plearaM unto alike up?u Mend ana fod. L1* d Klrho, who has Jint recovered from a somewhat protruded ultien-, win cordially ro vivo J by I111 frix-dr, an J Sir Benjamin Hall looked as ga> and unc< 'Deemed as f ho had uover tell the card* of ofllce nr ilia burden of representing a large and niicing unuatilumoy. The Attorney General wan another cvj tniidsb lial itrrtMil, and the hi in and harried goutlemiu, withdrewirg Tom the throng on the floor, cilraly seal-d turn elf on the trra-tiry bench, aud was roon ii'i^oibcd in the pe.-uial nt a 1> {rial doouui'-nt of formi table dimensions. Sir Jam*- Graham entered uioue, and after -haktn^ lion Is with wvwal hen m-inbers, loik pontcsriou of Ills old seal below ihe gxtigiVNy ou thy mini Aerial sldu. Hi ?7an Jul id if ore t?y Mr Gladstone, who arrived late, hut Mr. I Sidney Herbert n'thogh pus-eat, wa r unable to complete the ti 10, Li - M-at being ncoupltvi hy Mr. Uitplu, tlio uew member Tor Morthoniptou. The Cabinet Ministers were tardy 111 maki g their appearance. For t-om > time the Col una 1 Secretary was the only one present, but at length Sir Corne?aH lewis came in, and the right Hon. SLtlcoaa was followed at Intervals by SU' George ej , Mr Chariots Wood, Mr. Veruon Smith aul Mr Uair.i j. lint last to arrive was tlie f irst Minister himself, and it was not i,nul Sir Herd* l/? Merchant and the House bad letuined fioiu the lords that lord Paimer.stou eaterud and look his *oal < n the Treasury tmocti. Tbu noble lord was notvel with general choore. Mr. (5. K. Hamilton was for several minute* the sole occupant of the Trout OMKMiiHHi bench. Ir-rd Stanley arrived early, but be Pi >k a seat on on<- of the bendiia uruially ocoii|iie<l by the " in de|u-ti<lcM" Msh numbers below the gangway, and,oelog P< seme miuinilerstajniln(;a? to die time of mooting, neither Mr, tiii-raeH nor Sir .lohn i*akingtoii was pre.-ent. Shortly before Hits luoceeoings began, bo vever, Mr. iFalpolo, Sir F. Toe* Igor, Sir W. JoUiiic, Sir Ficzmy Kelly, and other iiiCiiential number* of ' her Ma.jesty's opposition" ap petrel in Hietr place*, and the back benches were well Hired Tb? absence of I/>nl John Russell was remarked. The,o was, however, a Urge attendance of Iho new members. THE SKATS OF THE FREE TRADER??RECEPTION OF T11K rKMfkbT OCCtTANTS. Unkno* n faces met the ey? in every direction, bat the cruttort change war observible below the gangway on tbo minute inl side. Tne peak* lately tilled by Mr. fob den, Mr. Br>ghL Mr. Gibson, Mr. Laytrd, Mr. Round ell Palmrr, Mr. It. rfilllimore and other*, wore occu|?i*d by b??oiahlo geutlemen whose names are not to be to and hi Dint I'ronnneLt amoug the new member* was G jocai Fwymiui t Thompson, who appeured In excellent health aed spirits, and whose hand traa grasped by almost every utie i>re?eot. Sir John Hotter, one ?' tho members for Mane*i.-ter, occupied a seat on the ministerial benches. Niari.v all the metropolitan members were in their places but they die. not avail Uietn^'lve.i of the privilege accoided to tinxii upon the a-scrubling of a new rorlWmiol, tIz , that of 4 tine i.pon the Treasury bench. While waling f. r the arrival of Black Rod oonornhlu gentlemen m ive I about the Hoe-e, 1 haling bands and exchauging oongratu iMtinK. ice uoor ??i crowaeo witn members engaged :n o>nivv.-mW-?n, iiiM not uul'requeatlj the hum ol? their rotcej welled ilio rliixiU or Ui gMt-r. FXRCTIOtf OP A PrEAKBR. The m??nue took ih-nr seats, au I all noL<*c ceased when the Donutv U-bcr ot the B'aofc Itod wat anatnn.-.ed wiih a tne?a(rofrom the I/trda. Procsey at tire minors patf two o'clock Mr. 1'i.lman, drn-sed in his ofllual c-stIimm advanced to the table and said >?' Ootleuen the Lords, auU.or-.vod by virtue of a royal Nvmi't^o, drwiro the iotm. dute of tlii* honorable llonae In the Hols- of Perra to hoar the comuiietdoo read." Mr P.J man kantig redrrd, Br Dents le Mwr.haot, the dork w tha table, proceeded to obey the rniiuw, and waa fut Hxn to trio i/tras ny reveraJ or tho Uitnuel M triors and a Urge uouiber of uir*nber?i. In a few m notes the Commons returned to the R<??ise, and, after a xhnrt pauxa, which waj terminated on the entrance ef l.ord PaimerMoo, wha watt loudly cheered aa be a*eutnud hu> neat m the Treasury Brucb, Lord M fi.u ram, end aldrotaing the Cleric (dtr Poofa le Merchant), *i?o occupied hit accustomed oh air at the table of the House, said .?.Hr Deals Le Merchant, In conformity with the Merwago which the Hone hat hoard this day drtlrered through the Royal Ootnuilxakm. calling oft the Hotter te proceed forthwith to the election of a Spelkrr, ! new ventnre to prerent myself to the aUxntxm of flu Bouse with the view of inviting It to give effect to Uutfrv detM commmd (Hear, hear ) We, who bare serrod la former I'arliament.-', ha- o boon lung accustom.vt to asaootair the came of Mr. Cba.-d.-a Wiaw l.rfevre with alt our proct edtngs?(ehoerx)?an I It became a milter of routme, ax It were, to propose his name for the Speakership at the epeutue of every new Parliament; and aow "bat he hae retired at the ckxio of tho la t Parliament from the chair, a very heavy and grace responsibility rests on any member who undertakes tho task of proporing fats ?accessor. Mr. lefevre was a man who untie t is him'elf the moot eminent quaUUe*, and It will be difficult to find any member of the House who combiner in aa equal degree all the remarkable qnahflcaeabous wht h, in hln position as Speaker, dbtUnsr-it.>h*d that getttieman. (Rene wed cheer* ) His oft, aud dig aided neariig, Ik* cq abiD, of brr.per, hi* umpir-MI-sied impartiality hi* jei feet knowttrig* of all the forme and u*agM #f l*a< 'limn t, hie iLtimat, a qualnhmee with private par Hammtarv buxtneae, las rea liuetr to aff ird to ormiuon to very mttnb-r wto so- ght hl> advise* opm any prnat (eb'-err), ot:n timted a union of quail II. xti.wia .lu.Vuli to eq: al aid iraynr.stble to excel. (Cheer* ) Tb.* eh s-aoier o 'be 61 eak o- of "h e Druse trust at all times exercise aa lBi|orfant itidu nr? over He d' Nb^ratlov (Hear near ) i lu I* u>er limes 'hut I'idepeu IctiCe if Character and . tint II ainee* of Mm* nM tMV al.kc re i t lbs bauilisbircDtr sol fro* n? of the crown sirm 1 to h* on- ol the primary reonniinendkl.eoi for lb- >;*! e of ' Staler No*-, though no doubt it n rx~. rtu >l w) ihunld chore a nmi who rill xtoadfVily aphnll the piiviogrs of the Iloii-e. yet |n fact and rsslty ?a cMeriiiu but * ruder *pprch .-aiicns of failure in t* at rr?|svl, and it norms that there are quuhfl nan. n? for the < of Speaker, which m modern ilmrs -Ctnu 'cr?.iril with grrater promtnruoe. We <v ght to choose for that p #t a nan of h'gl ehiratter, of a -coin , plbh?d trti.d, of oiguled and commacllng eiterior, ! raurtertiH in ei.usin ur, and removed from *11 larty ht?i, 1 and our who will email occadont ?u which ref-renoe ii made to hiib drctd* * lib equal jnattce aud aooor lln* to I'm aammta'y mage. (f?>a , hear.) But "hit hi a<>" *1". The tosgtiiude of the private burinos, aid tho !m lori.uino of (be rule* ri the lM e r*n1tr !l inrr--jir> bii eome member of long l.vliam nta-y erpsrience lu'lm.t-ly c?iis/ with the woikiug of tbowo rules, who wihiM guard I!, m from bring undu y relax ' I, Mi l vet at the iame tho > if a mind o t yivivi to nn ULr >*-onable ad h n n e In aobquated pracHcee, but dixpo i' I tosiigqeit ali.THlHdir wheueviu the g oung bu le s- of tho eninfy and ex|?rlen e ptove ihst such liltcraiioin mi? ba bme (I. tally adopted (l)dt', hear.) It apputr* m m > w>? have U in-tub. r in this house wh? uuit"i lo lf th^si quHhU. i.t'di-, and ninny who hour in' ant who have i.bserv.d the I'srliatiaimary aireer of my h.>o fib trl Mr J din Krt-lyu Deul-oo, the member for N'orth No tiaytiim hire, will rn cfnlr.s In his rha-a ter a umon "f ihir... different qualldcatlous (f he-'r* ) "Tl hout <lt?|aray. ment f t the ooufltc'iDS claim* o" other h.?n i.t..i.s<?- in. t a?e roifj w'm.t that id my members m.ytit be Ibnud on b?.'h ide* of ihs Hon e wi.h piaiii. n Bon? o' a I igh order?I may be pcrniiue.1 leas, that when a ni.-mier dnnng a Ung Parhamortury ear'*?'hat Cotubitie i uh> o high moral ai d i jtelimdual a.ivaip tgas, ba-, ?" til* rani? irm", b on U80rani?ctMl with tllcua! life, et?<" ha- devsm-rl Imm to "lie private b inew of the Rou-e, It doe* atqrsir l? tno in be Hung totrnonr to rett d.?r to a nmn to .doi t Urn S *;uer. (Cdieer* ) I?a ae ?ai.l * |V Cc i"U'fur r wh a courxf Wo tln llh itthe Itriffh . f Avail it's- rW a ^|? M COW ill o r liitt.* tLuil lit nra. o*H> aire liar rurett-UiUf. Mr. Charier tftuar I .(Vtto w* oho-, o from aou-rg the oounfjr m-inUm of Koglin4. II ? m out of tbi ~,>b'-cc of the legal prof.H-lon m ofllriaT ra eer, aa-1 more nuocevril example of a Speaker oomII tel he fo oil la ? vjera i-nx, or fert.ap* at 41 firmer rerlod. (Cheer*.) ! hare, % a-reftm, ?be greater plea*.ire la proving Dial Mr M\?Ijd la-ril-im, the ra em her for "iwtl .1, 4> 1 *h" thr cha'r (Cheer.) I raty 10 w>mj ti-grer bj t> i ? hj (i Irate fleeing-*; hut at the ran* tin* I netiM hot v. ut uo to i>ropo,e my honorable fneod to 111 ifie 1 bati If loll uet fe I c luviaoj UjU he unite* la Mm oeM, hi a Miperto." 4?n'ae, the external, i&iral an 1 Intel !-? al <juali1e? ?btch are tvnc emery for the offluo </ 8|- akei. Having -^rre-t la former PatllatnaaLt with hln, I f?l rtH ?l-r.- ; Ui?t he poia-rMtM all the rof'4 lb* for lh? imp-rt-ai pnwion. Ha bat aatm ParUanx-ot for a Ijf i'M.r.1 iitrui tlii r. prtrealaiire of Itrgaconah or* -ire He warnl no* tiuae otoex-.Ta m mber for iha e>r irai?r*ant remelt.i.nry nTlirrrpeol, the aeooa4 e rub. rota1 Viva la the Wingitn. ho after owl* repre a*M?t. <1 a r-em'jr r-Mi-Uti .-ocy ,aiol wih. <vj i.-niljr 1 >mi'l*r ontL-itttienr), ?Mrh eeahlail Mm to ilerota until of M* I m* to tbe ptiialo buiiue* of tfau Hjujio: aod ho ana pi"M-hi a go oonimerini and agricultural dbrtrfct, w'ltrli |>*onm< him la a pee -liarlp favorable p-y-tuoa for n<i- vend ag Iha ?act* of both tow a atel c ranter armlit *-r.ti t. Lie has aleo ac-v.lred a rcry Intl. mv* kl ledge of the 111 at* of oomlunUiig Ul? pirate borineM of thi- ll-mee, and I eater una, therefore a e*rt.iin o?i\ Iriion thai If Ihn IVeir-e rahIlea the 1*1- aiohi 11 winch I am almut to make, Urn na|?ir|eno* of iha futar# trill p ore the trUd"B> of their chotoa I hire the greatest pi. ?> lire in pro.aping thai Mr. Kv<<lyn Ib-ni no, Iba m tLber for North Nottingham." hire, bo the Speak .-r of thi* O-nrr. Mr Tn mnorr?I rim for the ptirjxve of aer*?.ti ig the tnr.lirm thai Mr Evelyn Iboi .m do lake the chdr a* Hjroker. No driuhl the .m-itloll ot S|ie*k*r il-i-o r...(.ilr.i a g. of rnmh experience. Tito rtpeauer of (hit fV?rl-0 reighl to lie Iniuns'.lv e..pi?4rtnl wi It Ul* m > |e of non.|n<li?f(r NiSiH-er, heoogMUihea rnaa of g r.xtrvl SK< and sagacity, and especially of klrld Impartiality. Mr. Hljn PenUoo hae or wpl??l a aoal in thit Amur nearIt ddrty years. aioi hi.viug w*'-o??.| id* ma l-iof Mnta I ....... I..I. I', rl.u..,. >1 I liana ka I., a (Ui' Dikn to th" forme of pent*-fur# of tills tfou?e, thai ho bur b?en a member of more e?lem oomoii'uei than aloyet any Miter member of tho ll?u?e. a?d tint lie hit ?rr> f>iq ently lo'Wtl preMur<l ?< chairman. I h?ce thNm> t reliance thai, si'b hit ten* eapertraqe to iho Unite ?nlth the atVnUua he h.v girna to U?e hirlnen of the llniire?be hae all the ouaitftoui a? lo make an ixml lent speaker. The prlrnte b"4rw.* oi the Hm? ? as mx? rummo'rly Increa-eJ of la'e rear*. Tlis wealtn of the eourory ha? la rwl, an l lit 'liairlbiHton la ratlmvlt an I other |* bUo irka ha? boon Tory (real kM When I Orel i-am-i > tlx-- rt'*ia?, >me 'in year* a<o, prlva's hills en- ill-?ur*?r4 in oostmi'teao ol none 40 or in m aV-fti, siuv of ahum tote.1 itnoot baring heanl a Sor t of th* e-tileiev. We owe it to Mr Aboreromble at l lo Mr r%?w lefrvre that there p<tvalo bills hare leieo p it la a yerjr "ilflkr.-iit emurtc. w? havo now cotDHiltk of leleett'te, Wfllrli It littler-tool In have a (fool k#"? I'll n" of ih" quanleaHnM of at*-1 of the ra mh re They eri'-fi a ontntiluro of n?e taomhera, who aifU ? rlerla-Mi'ki thai t! t?y a II not an/ private Nil on Mas they litre fit-a attention to the erMeoce. (a this way there hat b>t?u the |(reel?*-l |?r-0ble on .i-orn arm lo the nv'lo Of lh" t?h the pinte hot aeee of the H . ar. and I ant rnarlorek thai If Mr Kve'j n fVfttsrn h? elrtied hr will r> on "irrelln* " l#nvefner,u in "or procedure Mac* may be lone hj the peak re, hoi there much wbk-h must be done b/ atma NEW TORE HERALD, S ber*: tcJ rbougto I mrny be travelling n Ditto out of the o rimar> rwinw, I will lake the liberty of HUggeeUiig, oo I'd- v?rj iimorlani ix-oa-lut , whether vre mlvht m* carry lulu < fli i't a I'lau winch war ill cu.-M'<l romo lime a?<> for H'HH ltiilug the totuMbra uf our iu< rnber^f (liiugtm r and win* rr-,) I would i|>|MMi with f r?al rt*|>ecl I lea Hug turnibt re od both< to onmm<u<? Important-i*'t?rh'* ?i five or mx o'clock, nf er lite private hade"** l> o*cr, r*tber than wait itll leu or eleven o'clock, keeping ur here out of our t>od8. (lliNir, hea-.) 1 hog |Ur<l' u of Uio lor hu> in* menu nod ibLx wibjoct; but It i< sulm jv. ii.iiMhm I wou'd at peal .0 those members who have It lu ih? ir power to do all ihey can bi shorbu- the length of flirri her. I do no' feel Ii neceswuy toadd auythtrg to win t h?? been said hy iho n<d>!e lord as ' > Ihr ipmlltl ? tt'H M ill Mr . Kve'yn iH'tii-on for the ollloe -r Speaker, egcoot to i ay lliat If he lie elected I hate tlio utmost c mil deuce that when be vacate* that chair, he will leave bo Mud hint a* h gh a reputation a-i bin prtdecoesor in it, M. 4iaw l.efevro I hep to second the mutton that Mr. lively r r risen do t< k? the rhayr. After a ihort juuro, then- being no other can II hue proposed, Mr. K>kitn Pkmson, who ?i>oke from hit usual jdace on the Minederul bencher, caul:?Mir?I return my gratef il thanks to the uoblo lord tiuti my honourable friend who hive Introduced my u.ime to the House tu b-rms, itideeu, fir too fluttering?in terms suggested by the partiality ol prb ate friendship rather Ihan by any qualities to which I ow web nil to lay claim. I offer my respectful a-tknuw lodgment* to the Boo*.' for the manner to which tbey have keen pleaeed to receive the tueulloo of iny name. Il la calculated to afllml uie m ich encouragement and nop win; kut when I thiuk of th-i business of tils House Increa.iug year by yenr?when I consider not only the importune* "f ndnUiluii ft the rlgh and privileges of this House, but that tue prvtu-n is the Ho ire It-elf in Iho frame work of thoianiatitutlou should bo carefully and acourab-ly preserved, I tidvlil well shrink rom the rrsponsth Utjr which fflwil attach to any one who has a oon-lderaule share in ite management ami guidance. (Hear, h ar ) I shall be at a disadvantage in being placed In Imme liato contra-1 b? a right honorable gentleman who tilled that chair for man? years In a manner which gave unt vers til sauslaiutou. (<'lux-re ) I shall have the a tsiuacc of tha tfUtiuguisbod gentlotnan, an I have had the benefit of his example; an I, nwier his IiuHwrntiCHupervi-Inn, the roles and proceedings of Parliament havo been digested and arranged by a gentlemnn who row *to> at that table (Mr Kislcino May.) lea so Bnuiilior wh I*h Mliiuit fiaJI til oltrfi ffPiWil M.v!idtitAnr.A til all who shah bwxved V> that cbalr. ( tear, hoar.) If I rightly' interpret the wither of the House, it would not be erne we to intrude myself longer ujtoa thrm with rat 4onbt~ sod hesitations. I rhull content myself, thcruforo, wt'h exprerriiig my high tense of the dMIngtilsbod honor which U is proposed to Confer upon me, aud tailing in with tne snggrMioo of my honorable seconder, and curtailing My achats wiibiu the narrowest limits, I submit myself, witti :MI duty and reipt ot, to the wiH of this House. Ttto h*oiable gentleman was then ootid tided to the e'mtr by his mover and ayconder in the tk-.utd uuuaer, andrt g?'?? nil cheers. TRR b'KW SKKAKKH'S ADPRKKS TO THB H0IT3*. Standing on the stcje of the chair, The Stkakkb elect raid?I big to be permitted once osoru, from Ibis chair, to < Her my respectful acknowledgment* to the Hoi ne. In carrying on the 0 istness of toe House i ?hail not so much rely upon anr po*cra of con trol which nuy be verleil in myself, I shall rely ra her t??ra the got d feeling aud right mindedneas of eve y gentleman composing till-> avvnioly (cheer*), upon (it -if utrll of, mi i uoon their dele mituttiim to carry thedcbbemiltns of the House to a succe-aTil an" 6'(inial>:rsis?uo. 1 freely dedicate to tho service of Uta nte all the strength tliat thai! be granted a ma, and all the qualities of my rniud, iiud I conddratiy rely ou th? Cardial co operation of the House and on its generous aappoit In givliig elbol to iU rules aud, and la >rfonniDg th- various important duties which it ha* this day imputed u|?o me. (Cheers.) The Sergeant at Artus having laid the mace upon the table. Lord Pausxrsto.v, who was received with much cheer tag, compliment <1 the new Speaker on hl? election. Aftei a f-w worth- from Mr. Walpole, Lord Pautaiurroiv move the adjournment of the House, -an the qtiortloo having tx-en put by the Speaker, the Home a> joura -d about dre minutes before 3 o'cioclf. UtTRODteriOK OP TUB SEW COMMONS TO TBH I'EKIUI ?THE LATH SPEAKER TAKES bis seat IN TIIK ovsb OP LORDS. (la May 1 the Honae of Lords met at 2 o'clock, when Che Royal Commissioner!, arrayed in their robes of state, again took tbuir seals rat the woolsack. The same per snoagee, with on excef-Unn, who acted as Oouiinisdouen yesterday, fulfilled the ofBoe to-day, namely, the Lord Chancellor, Earl Craaville, the Duke of Argyll, tho Karl of Harrowby and Earl Spencer. Hie mu.-tor of peers was hardly more nurnercpm thaa at the prevtoue sitting, at wo ?Me time exceeding twenty. Sir Augustas Clifford, Usher <t the Black Rod, having proceeded to (he House uf Commons to summon that a* #?mbly to their Lord*hlp?' bar, In a few miuutev Mr Erej lyn [NwUf n. tho Hpcaker elect, lo a black oourt soil, at ' torn led by the Sergeant-at-Arms aid a good sprinkling of the lower Houre, presented him-elf to the Royal Com midBurners. Tho Commons and the Oommlxioaers having xchanged the usual three bows, Mr. Lowixow sal 1?My lords, I have to acquaint your tordeblpn that, la or>edl< imm to her Majesty's command*, her Majesty's faithful rem moos, la the exercise of their audooDed right and prtvtlrge, have prooeeied to the eine U n of a (tp-mkar, and thai Uuir obotoa has fallen up< a my sell. I now prea.ul myself at your bar, ssvl sabmlt myself with all humility to her Marty's gracious appro kiilia. Toe I/jr? CMancmuo?, re,dying on behalf of the Com mbetooer*. raid?Mr Dr clean, wo are commanded toav eure you thai her Majc ty Is fully seonbte of your reel for the public aerv oe, and of your ample sufficiency to Crtbrra the important dullm which her faithful Commons ve soks ed you to d| -charge, and her Maye-ty does most readily approve and confirm you a- their Nirakcr. The Shk.<k>??My lords, with pr found respect and rraiitudo I bus to bor Maie.iv's command and ft la now my duty, In the name anl on the behalf of the Common* cT the unreal kingdom, by hnmhle flUioa to her VUjeel/, to lay to Uulr nnc'-at and undoubted right* and pr'vllegex, and rv-peutally to froedoin from ?rre/t and from m dotal ion to Ihttr j*r <?n aid rervatit t, to freedom uf pca-rh In d<-h*ie, and to f-ee areeea to her M?>niy wheutier (gear too - hail rea] Ire: and that the tno-t favorable c n-triou n ih- uld he pot ii|?>n all tb> tr proceM'lt ft. Ami t have humbly to i>rny, on my own behalf, that any error that may occur m the discharge of thoie dutlc* ra it be iruiaited W me alone, and not to her U.iyeety 'a faithful Ootutt-a dm The Loan (Tutariojon?Mr. Speaker. we hare It further tncammand to Infirm yon that her M.y-ety roo't readily con Mr in- all the right- aud privilege- whl<-h hare ever beam grantee to or coof-rred open her faitliful Commons by any of her ro> *1 prcdrceaaort. With rwpect to your*olf, MT, although lier Majesty U eensibl* that yon -land in no nead ot au? h aaaurance, we are commanded to a-wure yon bat her Mej-rty will ever put the tnu-l favorable construction utmtt your w,ru? ard art ion a. Mr Si-aker and the rc->tof the Common* here a tram In loribaaijtfd formal bows with the Cw.itwe-I, Bern, and i Urn retired from the bar. The O mu.I I'tiers a-o with Irew to uoroho, and on re turning to the Moure took the ordinary plan m awtgned to them uuili g dehato. Ti e wea'lng in of I'eora waa tben I ere meal at tli" ltd ? h ro It un eiL<|?-u4od yo<ter''ay. ami a con-tderablo naniher of their lord-Vpa preaentea 1 th< m-tlve- to g<- three gb thin formality. Tbe mo t Inter ?etiig feature ot lnl< tvo 1lon of the proceeding* eahioiled J tt-eii when V. count f. vera ley, the late H|>eak*r of the J lltm-e ot (i intnoii-. who on hw retirement from that dl?; tinpt-l-bed poet waa ral-ed to Ui? terrage, appeared r?r | Mie Ural time la hi- new poatlion. an I took hi* piare among I Uulr InriVlilpa. Ha Ind otV'B wae marked by aome little i ??retnory. Ib? noble lord war in* rod weed by Tl-co int (ombermere and Torrlogn.n, peera of bli own : rat k, nil it" tbteo In log attire 1 In tte wvr'el a- d erwu v-t . robi* neoally wi rn on mrk in nliwt Having b?en eeoorttd to 'he r.ohie and learner: lord on tha wool-auk, who i gavo him a eo-dtal wolrome, VUrotint Keecdey ad ranee I to the table and prejieuied hi* pni-nl, wblch waa rind in *at>*ue by U.e cleik. While hi* formality waa proceeding the Oeher of tbw Rlark find, the gaudily bedl*eo ?t Carter King at arm*, tho Hereditary u eat Chamberlain, and the hereditary larl Marvbal rtood In Itnpndng array ka front of the womb ben lire, while l*eoual Kverale;. wbrae pree* nee waa be uvmo* ot all tht* Mate, oocupted the rpane to tbe r gbl of tbe table, rnpported by the two peer* who introduced him. Ilia mil commanding figure and ulgnUlrd and courtly hearing alt/acted every i ?l later. Muretver, \ny oial *traag><r to the benignant rbyfo*corny and majeatie preneoce of the et Speaker eoud a* a g late e nam g tbe actor* in the ercae bare atngled out tbe rcrt of. mo,I recent creation by the brttH <nt UOU and gewey fre-br-v* of bt- rpl-ndld ea*tome. offering a* they ad a -trilling rent-net hi the fuled and ancieet appear aiice id tha baUllmanu and UaUgnia of mure than eoe giber cnmptcnoua figure tn tbe pagoaaL The patent of neertgn having been r?ed, the name proenm wen gone ttamcgn with the noble vfeooaafn reta m to the writ at wtikrtw, and the rain* having heart admtule tecert to htm, m roejaarboi with ervenU ether peer*, be vm (MldufllMl lo the third b<?rh n?ee iKa ha* ran iKt Aw pwturai ndo of iho Humo, and Pit mally look hla ?. Having romalnod In bio noal ft tow nv>m-iiU lb" no >1* vU coon nwn and walked toward* lb" wooUack, again hotrod to uvt hbonk Imtid* with the burd C-iancollor, and ibon rolb" tantaiAHoo boing mtwhtdod tho iMorwt of lb* proOTOtUogtt agaia oullaiood, u.d t| r rrM of ihn -tiling waa occuf4o<l with I bo ntroar ng la of froxh gronjo of poor* rMTILJvQKM or mil COMMOtta OEOUREh?manure or MUftim*. lb* ll-moo of Common* rat o? May 1, at 2 n'. lock, fbr tbo porjxMt of prM'-ottoc tho Spcikor olocl fbr bor Kft)M tj'? a)i|ito(>ftMoft, la nbodh no? to tint royal mmxago nch vncod by I to 1/tnV Ontntairalnoora ft) Utft opoflifg of l*ar I sincLl. Tbo alu-odato.- w?t not mi numrnm* km II raa | j "?if i il*y Tbft gofcramont wan roprrnaaHi by thr l.borUv Wood, ami Mr I??rii"N wan tba oaly ontablo a? m M r a' U?- npprwin<>ti pf-irai. Hboniy ftfM* a n'.lo* rhr I tfrnnl'ia Clifford, tho Oontla a tail Urbor of Ilia l<l? k Kod. rul-rod ibo, and ft"! rai log totbo tabta. raid? Mr. Hf-oikar. tho Inri'.au tbortaod by vtftoo of a royal remrotation, dofkrotho lam* Uil?- fttU muio-o < f lhi. homtrftl'lo Homo ta tbo Nouh of 1'?rr? to boar lb" com ml/? ton read" Tbo "loakor oto?t, Iki ?* attirol la a black Coarl will m*t or. undroee wig?It not b tog otMtoiiary fbr him to ataman bio robon of rfltno until Iho rnyai apprnbaMna ban Woo* 'Igiifito?kit lh- Hoa-r, aUmdod by Iho Hrrgoanl at Aiax with tba maro, and fibowod by am graaior iuia

hot rd tho m< mb* r? prrtrtn. Oa rt tonnlng ? lb" Hnu-r nT Com mono, Th? Wit >ftiw 'aid?1 haroto aonnalnt tbo fTowo that Iho Hi <?*? bai b'tgi 'o tb'- Hom- of Praro whon her Ma)""'? wan tioao- <1 by hot Ownnvrortioro to approro tho rth<dcn tbe Koum- liarl mario ot mjr.k in lio th<-ir Hpoxkor; ano Ant I bat-o la tbotr nioar, and mi ib< tr b-haJf. by hnmbto pMt'roa to bor Mnyooty, laid cl-Um to all Iho r a acton' rtghto and prt*lWgr?, wtitoh hnr Mnjooty ha* roeltmcd to Unfit In an toll ami am|ilo a rranr,?rt ?? thr-y havo hocti hor< totorr gr?ufc?l OT aitowod by hrr Majooty or antr o' hoi Mojioi) '* no ?l irotinu or< invit' tnorn ropoatlna tin rr.'?4 r-wt?'iful i I i o ?to-Vm'nt - for lha bono ail' h ill.' IIom ? lia i "ifor i rn i>.? i,i - i ii ito to rotni'id A<* Iht' that '11' tio*l duty wht' h mt> havo In porfnrm In dial v<-r mon ..r In.ild Uko himI ?'ji? cnlio ttla out hi prn'orilwd by law. Tbo itoual lOTHamontary na*k> woro th-n admtnt>tarol by iho CliW t^Tor* It tl o b.<i' rahto (m'ttoniaa mmo#^^ otatx'inr on Ibn ntona of tho rhtlr, aftnr which, Tho Hit a t ut tail >- Mt mintn wIN now crwao fbraart ta ho owom at tba tahlo to tla alphahoatcal ordor o nonatioa an Uiotr namco ara road mil by tho thwk at Ur (iblt, Thro nttnary tahlo of tho hwato bad htm HadhrnMy ITJNDAT. MAT 17, IBM. ! enlarged by Ihe addltloe ot two ?slra t.blee, round blob the member* who came ftTwam u> be ?waru reeved tbemeelvee as their namurt ?e n Called out T-iBrrl batch uamhe-ud teiuly iilne m> uiliere. aed coa I it re all the couulv and bo ough re rr-.-maliee? pre-ea liotn the xMintiea of Bedford, iierk*, Bu?i?,'Vmhil igu (better and Cornwall iem>i ihvt wrrr Mr rwa?ii, Mr. Kobert Palmer, Ifr K. Macau ley. and Sir P Kgerton T. e tirrt member rsrora of the or* Parliament, after the Shaker, a a* Colonel tiilula, one of (ho rrprmeil'atiroH ol the oooniy of Bedford. After takio.- ttan oath- ea< h m?n her huntco in hi* oertltlcato of r*inrn from ma returning direr, mibrcrlbed the quallfcatlon hook ami the roll o< l'?riianieot, and was then Introduced ?. tne onlef cler'< te ihe 8|*-?ker The menihere next rworu were from the coutitles tf Derby, Devon, Durham, K-sex, UlouceMer a id Han'* it a a* remarked that none of the inerahere from tne oouoty of Cumberland am wered to their names. Financial All alia In Fiance. n MBKT1N0 Or TUB HH AKKUOLDK* < OF TICK ORROIT * aomtiKR?si'kcdi.ationm hi ran institution? ' Hk? KIPT8 AND KXPKM'l rUKH. ' * Uif Ki iiml meeting of tb? sh -boldest of the Credit Mbblln r ?v bold at 1'arW on ibe 6U ipril, M Isam Perelrb J ill llin vlnlr. Tlie mnMiu| b?u ? leo'areu dilly ooj-UI it- . od, the I'rrriJrni ro<e and roan the report. U oouimitnnod ojr declaring tbai tbo itittlcolboK etperi mood la the in >acy ' market during the pa>-t your bad natural y redrioiel W a ' uobftdcrahlc degree, tbo operation- of the ooontanr. flaring the years 1863, 1864, and 1866. t-i dutjr bad been, la ' be midrt oi war and scaretiy at food, to *no Mirage tbo uilmblal development of this country; but In IH6H, owing to the imnudm impulse given to all kinds of en crpriaee, when iieaoe ret In, its laak wan ratbor to reetraui than to . urge forward. Besides, ito* note la oned la the U-tnUmr on be ibh of March, 1866, rbowed thai the wis I of ' he government was to Mini! la a very decided wianuer ibe Usue of all new - *? rpp-s aiii n,* com- " ;?uy had very materially aided la forwarding use- 1 :'til works, and la enabling Uu> counuy u> support tba morutary crisis wbicb brckeo it "*ard- the ea t of 1466. ! It tubrcnbed lor 'J60,000.U)it'. (110,000,0 JO) to ibe go vera- ' ment loon of 75e,OOu.ufkd., ibe vnn cttavw of reut? made by 1 A le poppoil the |Mjbllo fumLu amounted la 1 816 MIOf., rcp'tintiling u ca)>ital of 40,000,(it Kif. (?l,0ifl UOO), tbo greater \ wortleu of wbicb sleek ibe company was still |*>ee?risl of- U?i sum* wbicb U haa supplied lb the mar- J krt at each bctUeineul uf the account, to facilitate tbo carrying over of rente, might be judge! of by tbo ' fact ibat on grno occasion they amounted to 66,000,OOiif. 1 (?3,800/100,) and thai the average vas 44,00d,00of. (?1,eo.oii)); In addition, It gave similar aoonaiiuoOaUoa to 1 railwny rccoritirs. on ono occasion to ibe extent of { '-B,(100,1 flOf. (?1,160,000.) tne average being 16.000,ooof 1 (?8110,000,) lor every fn-tnlgh-; In fact, the total of all t-uum furul bed ib 186 wad not less than 703,000,000f. (?^8,IU0 (X:0), and wliuuut last the rudrlctlvn inua-urns * tlif Banks of England and France led m a cri-is in Ibe money market theefl'orte of th? Credit Mobiil- r tended not a HUle l?? fatfliktw H>0 )ran?it yo fds carter liinau. W aaa ' *-.? mo rent of ouhniity arrived (tWl W i*1? Cicdlt lloblller not only did not diminish the crrdfttl which I t was accustomed in moke to rullwav mterprlseg, hut even augmented tiiem nay, more, II ofTewed offlei&ily two tilings.?lit, -o purchase, with the o operation of several rnrvlgn houses, tit rea'-e w Idch t e Rink < f France poisessrtl, ao as to furuu b Uiat establl tim-nt a ltd the mums of efflca dowdy augmenting its m-tadie reserve and if mm libutng lu advancer, on rente and ml* ay xh-iros; and, 21, ?? ptuvice ior tne wan a ni an me runway cwupsmoe ny wuhHcrlbing to the extent of IWO .000,000 fraue-i (?12,0 0,. "00,) for the loan* which they had tn Isbw* In 1*1', the Credit Mobtiier and it* director* declaring that they wore read) to *pg*g* thcmeelvr* peraf call/ tor that purpose to the amount of 200.000,000f. if the remainder of 100, mo ooor. wa* subscribed for by tn? otb?r baukiug houses. Three two propositions remained without result, an I ho Credit Mobilier being forced to renounce every coca bined meaner* was obliged to cwflno it-suf to prmoillf tor the want* of the com jwnfen w toe* bunlnene it was in the habit of trammeling ; but It had formed u correct Judgment of the situation, ano tho sole fact of its having niu<to the proposition alluded t? contribute 1 in no amah degree to calm down disquietude, to strengthen public feeling, and to demonstrate that uiiroo tiled terror bad been too easily given way to. The criai<, although conjured away, bad not Its* the eflVct of red ..dug in a very striking atanuor tho pro tits oa which the cnmfvtny thought itself 1 mined to reckon la consequence of lliesimple amo 1 uratkin of c u lt Tlie repoit thra touch.* on tho aevnral en rrprUe* i which the company bal aimed at carrying out oa it* owa acc ami, and state* that of Us railway projo U that of Grenoble to St. Ramhert, towards I.yntw and Tale do*, had been aaactioned by Imperial decree In March, 1MT. The Tran?alLaallo ISMket* still remained undo tided, but there was eery reason to beUeee that the q '?*tl'?o would be before lung rettled In a manner to aatinff all the Inter**In involved in M. and I he company bad established a regular interMtMFSh aHlll tlln Prh^il IfAtlllAa A# Ulu.1. > ?.l .^.Ll lab* part in the construction of the Soaaun railways. The r*yrt then speaks of Um tnmifflciency of Um cardial of the Bank of France Tor Um raUf laorwtmd be tew of Um country, and then examines Um quswtloa of ho# 1U oeiiuU ooekl beet be doubled, tn order lo leeot its enlarged sphere nf m-Uoo, ea t declares that when the proper time arrtrM tt will give the pcrferenco to bonds at short date The rewn th< d touches on the Ooeaota) situation of the company. Ib> traiieactietw in caab durinf the year had amounted ta 3,<*4,19S,l7ttf. (?133,401,SOT): Me account curr-at with the beak to fclMMJUC (?48,641,481) ; the oecnpeuiy had reouire-1 par moot< ee 1,488,264 railway shares aad beads, urojucing 180 916,8 Of. (?4,430,044), and bad paid, either far ueelf or far uher coaipeatea, on 4,946,304 oonpnas of share* aod beads. The total of the proflle of the year war 16,2U,9.tlf. : (?400,999), which would give adividend of lltf. per ahare, or 33 per oral far Um yaer 1464. The meeting pare Ua approval to the report, and adopted be dlrideud prop wed, and the proceeding* than terml- i hated. tub new chaktxr of tu bank of france. The follow toy baa been publi-hed in a Brn'sel* paper aa the teat of the bill reiahre to the Bank of Kraase, euhtattled to the Uonnctl ot State. Art. 1- The prlvilegs con'erred on the Bank by the la we of the S4ib r.e'tnio il aa XL,22d April. 1404, aad */th June, 1840, which l? lo eaptre on the 311 n* Heoember, i left?, la jirotouyed for thirty year*, aad la le oud on the . Sbt of Do>'*nib*r, 1897 Art 2 The capital of the bank now repreaeoted br 91,. I 250 shafts, atao'inting together to t?l,260,000f., not Inolu I- j ' log the reserve, ?hall henceforth be .epreMnied by 182,509 shares, amounting log ether to 191,026 (XX If. Art3. Ite 91,260 Hhaies uewly created shall be exr.lnslrrly allotted to the holders of the 91,260 attarex ac ually ext'ticg, whorhali pty fur themto tho baak atth* rale of I l.lotf. I?r .hare, q .arter by quarter, within a year from i the promulgation of the pr*?i-o' law Art. 4 (>ui of the prcoe-la of ilteee new aharva a aim of j 109,000.OWif rhail be ret apart for the formation ot a re j serve tuiid, which i-hnll be added lo tbtl already evl'ttog, con prM-d of 1.1 oon.ioot , luclii.'.tng that of the brandies and tho real prup.-rty of the bank. Tho-ie 100,h00,000f. ehall, for thl* purpose, be converted Into three p?r ooot rente, the revenue Truro which shall ae-i-t la farming the half yeai's dlvl-ieud*. The*? rente.' I' of the reserve aeall be ina (.-ruble, eicept In case I shall b.?otne neoessary . Ui orde-to malnltlti lbs integrity r.f the ob|Mieable i-npl'nl, 10 tnike up loses the bank may >unaiu, mi in oase me | n i.l nail nr> irvolulOtiMIl Ml mip ply the half year's dMdrwl of a< f p r nliaro guarantied by Art 4 of the In* of ibo 23d AimII, 1808. Art. 5. Tlie Mun?lor of Kinanco U authorised to transfer to the Hank of FranceIn three per cent rente front l'? ('(toed'Ainnrllivmrut, toe mn Hint of rente ru ce~ary for the <in|>io\ tnetit < f lb j IbO.OO >,00of. woicti ere to be ct.nve^ed by th bank Into rente oa the Siat* That rette shall In- del vered at tbe averac* q t tattoos of the to ath preceding tbe pet meat <nlo tbe trnamry of lie urn* to receive that divtiuaUua Tbe capital of tha rente i ball be tBi|'ln)04 Ui diMMh the dtanvrO of tun treasury. A ilukuig fntid ?f be hundredth part of tbiumiHwl cap-tkl of i be ?ald reut* shall b? added to tne dotatlna of tbe Cuba* rt'Amo?Ue?.<'in?ot Arl C Th<> ' launee and coodltlnfta set fbrth ia the treaty annexed hereto, ntynml on tlie between the Minister of Klunrr e and the Bank of Praam, are approved of. ItW treaty la as follow ? Article I. Tbe lM.bOu.oOtf. which, to ateonkoa of the la* of , tbe bank te lo add to lie reserve, and to convert Into n ote on tire sute, shall be paid by It Into the imbtlfl treasury In feur equal and quarterly In lalmaa a, la tbe entire* of a year from tike {-romulgtMoo of the pri-?ei4 law. After each of thnw payment* ib? ureaanry sbatl deliver to the hunk, at the avot age quotation* of iae preceding mooin aa nj ial sum In loaeri|4toM of three per cent rruie ou the tkato. Art. 2. In retain for tbe advantage* (he hank derive* from rncet'lsg In account current the disposable antna at ibe trraeory, the hank engagaa Itecif te make to iba trewmiry, In proport on to Its wanta, advance* that may amount to 80.oco.nvof tnemding the tt.noonOOf remaining m he rrtmhureed or lb* loan prolonged by th* Treaty of March 3,1803. Tbe amsitouto nf the** advaaon*shall Vtr*rtnc*4 j to I1U,iMO|OnOf. by means of annual NMMRMMM aUpu bin id u>n fiua u-ixuy creamery niua, ranewann rmm Jiroe mrxilhH to three rrentha, ituvil b? datircrad to tho bonk to guarantee 14 Ho adraicea. Art S. Tbe XV RW set dowe to tho dobtl of tho tlwwry to rtrtoo of tbta convention will (Ind a cot off in thnaa 1 form Ira (bo credM of No aovront correal, either at Par la I or la i bo braaohoa; to that tbo Internet dao by too Troa> nry khail only ho calculated oo tbo balaooo for which It atiall ho realty debtor. Art 4 Tho Inter** of tho areeqot ffarreet thuo OMab- . 11*bod nhall bo regulated at the ralo fftort by (ho hank for tbo UiKviuni of commercial bl.ka, hot wHOool taut ad- | Uif 4 per coot Art A If tho Ttononrv ahoold rotiro No fa ado la aeoonat current, tbo haok Khali bo free* froai fee aagafaoaeata R ammmm by tho yrmn treaty. nuhlwM MM- lfa|V [From La follct) Mat or lata for upriny dnow are aow appear tnf te great variety We hare already apokee of elected UffHaa la two Hftht cbadoa, (operated by One threads of aatle, iheoa, , aa well an tho flnoaced chin* ufletaa, and rprlng tonlroo ] with tlireo or four Ooaocoa, will bo UM decided fh ronton | of tho prroent aeaaoo. rnptlno. also, eMhcr plat a. Jaipeaa or rhlneo, will also bo verv fkKhlohable, bloc, light grone, 1 pink and rarlrxia > hadoo of gray being the principal colore now wi.rn Although thnra haa lately beea a oraxade ' tnlnil honnnna. tho* aro a till irlnmnhanl Thnv am >?? I e?iher tbott nr Jeep, bid more generally the latter Thoy < ate ?ery rar nuely trimmed --rochna |< feting*, gauffered f Mbbetwaad pMMWMlarlai ara all MUCH i Drenam | without t.?.howei, r. >u? mora utl more aooa It . etenltig lollM. "Hie body |? frequently mad* pointed on lb* Wp?, ax ?i>IIm before and behind; and tha dmtble nkirt with rnrhee, or with one or two row* at ' ribbon, plaited I In TtHlle. The anrae trimming la aloe ' k'lA. ''d on the high body, or round the berthe. which la I riVjhtly pointed before and behind. When thel>olr|. t with ha rpina. the am" plaiting la arranged no brotelloa a .e hiii;- t?> Hi.. w*Ut hrhl"d and nulled hy a ?tr?|i ?l I ftf. having tfm ivitmratioa or a ?quaro cut body dome j tnthl.i rklrte are ornamented hy rn ihna, or ?>rna other , latiry trimming., placed down the earn-, la which ce e * ih? j arr (InUh.-t hjr a dmple hem only. h?y h*?? one _ < nyr or r flo>incaa,ln thai they oinpioy le** material. A aloe titnge fnrtln a rrvy i leganl trtrnmiui, II I* ptaerd ' tOlii?J?ely tit. the ripper aklrl ?1 In t o |?r| of the toMetlr I. there grea er rarlety than In a tbn form of r leerm The |*g? la, ft Are. ao.l Julrn 0 tM|ww, are ^till wor? ; other* ar e mii?*od or three puff , 0 or of two with a frIP helow A more drewty *lee?e i* ar- g targed la flat j latta frtwn the armhole nearl* ta the elbow- ^ wretHne* a tow <?T hnltnax Lx plm-ml oa ami plait, or aaa _ or?<? only al the te. mnmttoa of tbn (Anil. Below the <0 '.iiw III" alei-re fhrme a on! up In frwwt mf tbearia, with wH<? 4lfc, mm! mtnaavd maad the in Ada edge *J [ wltb a flat platted wbMr libit 1 - - ' " With renpiil to mnnlHv tln'-m In ?nait> iado?t?iou biitweee lie largo iuiJ rnuill j the latter, luiwovor, appouni Mr* "italilo for M'lMuer *car. tUiJU> of blond*. guipure, or black laoe are very frojoeiitU pUu tnl on lb* orowBM of beiuieU. Fall* of Uoo or uIk', ('lit- color of the bonuol, ore moio than oror worn, mro al n iliot-o of wbitr t"lle In oiio of our iuo-it factorable hourtw wo h ivo j'Ht wen ooio very elegant Imlitloi, Olio ?a a (Irit4> of t'biua ro<r UfTetaa In largo check", rut lu U e 'ontro of each a lawquot of light brown anl ibite chute. The ho?iy was not high, allowing a lomjie entirely composed or bouHlotuies of telle, and ?a' rtmmM roood the top wi'b a ribbdluiu pink and nan Ighl browi, plaited k la vleit'e The slo-veo vary opeu, | ?hh jockeys; the ui iler i-lwvin, bmiUkunida iif lull". ?ver?*l b" a check work of rlbllon, u> (LfticJi ihat ro uk , he top of tho bony I We also very much admired an EngH-h gr< en t*tT. tos Iiwsh w lib two skirt#-, U)h uim*t uui1 horfcwl by a brood huhi of mynlo kkdii, edg?*l <>u each -tde b* a narrow iinhe at b'lu-k lace, Tho light bidy wa-> wt'be't ba-quet, toitomed at front and oru&meuled by a Kaph.i-1 be tho, brttied ot a band of oy rllv nunu edged to match thai oa bo sktit. Tbit body wan trimmed by breodeho irgi of 1 lack lace; ri#ch?-s both in the front ant) on 'ho ba k. : With thin wan to be worn a hia k taflfatcs shawl ooti rod ' nth rmbroiorry In narrow braid, and s trroun tod by a 1 rood black lacc; and a crinoline bonnet, trimmed with a realh of feather*, rharted from light green to myrtlu ;teeti I Ami eg the evening dnisnes, wo very mucli admired tho wo fo'lowing:? tho tlrst was a tire h of Nukarn velvet, with very low 1 ? dy, the drat* rv being held on each entilder and In Iront ? i.atnda tnd | on ant- formed ol diamonds. Hie cottTire va' composed oi la gu bandeaux taken very low behind. Ui tacunU-d ti> a wreath <f oak leaves; foil at tho kHoh ind back, and q<.lie narrow acrota tho front of tho head, *hoie It wu? las trued by a diamond > tar. ' Tlie ether was a dree* of maize colored crape; the skirt n I ely covered with boulli.innes, sprinkled wtth email to)** ef w bite ribbon. Over thla was a tuntque of put at I.Uclcoo, fern.lag a basque to tho low body. The b or tho wasooeu very wide en cmur, and laeed together by rows of imali diamonds separated by buuillonD64 of maize orap*. the sleeves were very wide and hanging, caught up by igiaU't-s ot diamonds. A superb wreath of corn oars and lilies of the vsley, also of diamonds, formed (he head[troae, being finished on one side by a handsome waterIlly. Heavy bonnets can no longer be worn, and yet this oncertain weather makes one almost afraid to ontor on too gnat a change, ro that our mndlstos have to exert their Ingvnuty in the mixture of materials in order to comb.uo ekiguixe with comfort in tits new spring bonnets. We have MtccU-d some of the proMeat for divert Okie. A white tailetoa botnet, a btais of gi een crape at the edge, another anai*n the hoc net, with a r 0'ie of bind* at escit edge, and a third, vith'Mit inches, round tLfi uvwa. on otie -ius of the front a but oi ot imall whi u feathers, the ends tlrwd with a |h<?<iFPld foiorsa Ptofidfi tk\> find"while floWfcrf, VSry *iiio and lonj white taffetad stnngfi edged wtth green. A violet taffrtaa hoe net entirely covered wtth black lace and trimmed wl'h n long leather of the same shade at the taffetas, twisted round the crown and foiling over tho cor tain;in the Inside bunches of white violet, mixed with houillonnee of telle. A very elegant, and at the same time simple style, wan of white crape, with a wide Ibid of China blue pro# do Naples, a shade bet wren the corn flower and sky blue A long feather, known by the name of tho plume dAodrde. was piaoed round tho bonnet, falling Itko a graceful fringe no* that frftnt hiiH IKm ciirtMln Amtell fpnlhitrN of ih ? KAmn kind, mixed with the h?onde In the inside, end n bandeaa of blue ribbon ab'aes the foretn ad. Bonnets are still worn very open, thrown back at the efaeeka, and painted In front. The curtain deep, p t on In large plain-, arranged la such a manner as u<* to fall orer the ebt'i 1 te>e, nor to Maud out too -lllfly In the middle of the hack. The crnwalncHnes.and the luside of the bonnet la Tory moch trimmed with blowe ana flowers, pia?ed either In small bouquets? two ol them high up on the right ride, and the l?o lower d -wn on the left?or aba a small wieath carried across the forehead. Woe straw and crape, mtxed with velvet and flowers or fraitiers, seem to be the favorite materials at preeeni la use: and the ILute Stuart or Pamela the prevailing shape of the senium. Fur evening colflVire, rAsllltM of pearls or gold, with tranches of flowers at tba side, are much worn. The CCiflUre Pompadour, composed ol a baud of fllagroe silver, Pu-trred at the side under a l*i* of blue ribbon, with two smal'rr bows of the same ribbon, planed lower down towards I bo beck balr; ana on the other side two large roses, with foliage failing over the SMk, ho* a charming offer* The Impress appeared Uie other evening In an extremely e**g?ot cmilure, c-nnpojed or a ie-lll- of gold, forming three ptSuls, one falling over the furehind, the ntbor two mt tWm tMnnlAA fliht m Lariitt iiinntinul busi atn<l*>l Oram *a<?h point. ' HI vat Kq neat rlanlam In UvcrpoaL [From the lirerpuoi Trmoa, May 2.1 Ibe town of Llterpool ba? been mora than ordinarily excited I Mi wMk by the rivalry of two ?)mp?Uq ctwapanlea of equestrian*, contend big for lh??upiiort of Die liege*?aa Eiagli- h and iuul uu Amur lout company ud tn each a handsome share of juiii?>ri tout hewn extended. O ir traa? Atlantic oooana to exeryt on a giap<t rcale, and taa UatU called '*gn a bradednure" they far trancflnatl the mora sober realisations nf tho rare from which they sorting. No stronger proof of tho fact need ba ottcl litan there UlatlmUar circus expHta. with which public attention baa been nenapwd during tne last fow daye. Tha Kcrfuth wtablh hment In Iiala atrnrt, like oar own "tight liter island," la mb -un'lal r roller than thowy? building wtik b It required some weeks la erect, and to take down which will demand couMlcrabtehmo aid labor. The per for mat .can are, Uka tha holding, good and luWtvcnii?m rythu ? clean, neat and fati-iaotory aa t? uds butc aud arrangement. The American tent, of ooormoua capacity, and ra| able of aconmmoda'ing 5 ISO people Is made of a material which, routing tho tain, can bw pulled to piooaa and rolled up in an boor or t?o, ready for ,xpaiulon agtiln when uccawitT requires it It aaatna to realise iit.t In tlia Mat* a, whore eso> ytbing is made to band to the once >|tirw of the hoar, aod a'tnii i-ter to at mocb animai cjey meet aa possible In the eborteal imaginable time. The 'lay pr? ceding tha Amerir.ia ditplay the Higllihbasn cl a lie aged Uie attention of tiut populace by hi t ?n of eight lio.iw- h. wiiit.,| cream color. <1 uitmal', which ha betn admiralty In liaiid; aud he cracked b a whip orer their gkwsy -aca, In a mini er which seemed to ploise and lnrpltit. rather than mnoi the brutes. It wax an admirable exhibition of Mnet driving I1U musictana and equeeMaps, too, fol owlug, reflected credit on the C/WMps, and ahowed that equa-tnautem, who* r pi riled ly roodud?d, can tint d'cenl p?opte to foltoa It aa a pr>v fWMoa The A me, lean proc?etoo wis on a la oyer scale ? fott) fine fr?am jetored hoi-or, fair ahrnaet, with a chariot, er, who wore rather an anxio'M appear,oca. He old tua lira i te ?bip?w far, at lea-l. at we could ;kw oetxe?and It *tt raid tb it he r.aiki ut ly cbe.ik the m <t? tti-nte if hia loaders and wheeler,. There were men on each ride tflhv horse* r-s.ducting them?an Imll-peo-ab'e precaution under the clrcnm-tance>, but which ?eeine I rnthir to disappoint tha public, which alwaya delgjhut in the u.arvn loua Ih-n cauia ilie Indian wigwainTorlvnn hy a negro, aod other Illustrations inrt eoiai to the Unit*! Hiatcn, which the O'bcr odahtiebineut dlu not aU'tniA to rtvnl We Lever remambe the etreet, an den ely crowded as they were on Tburrday to altars* the Atfierlcan die clay, and to such an extent war thit carried thai, for some hours, the ordinary huMorse of the town tntgbl be aald to ha act' ally suai*-D<lrd We are glad that our |r>wo*tne? hare gl en these el >ver and aptritrd it/angera an fa-arty a wrlousme, for tho rt'lx no rM rr un|?MM r > u> uo<i|t? of thin axtoal l>r*n ihf Wk?urn hnrn? of ihr Aiiho't m'i>4 b# ?wk> > But wr alluir V> Ihr 4iih)-<t here m? uly f.w lb* [rirpn<a nf thnwlpg how cW'^tw ll>? rbaractrr of the two n*ilm? W trfli* V1 ?o ili?w rim'>IU| i?)?f ?i bwl Hm? ?n i n? ie m i cr contnuMl to parfco?ih? ?n?lu?T. Hymning roc o^r civo *t> Ui lit ih?> itiv primp*! b.rtn / ?hn ocaniin Una of eeteruii tuenl ?wtl-a In ?a?-1r g th?t ao*to Uc ?n!mal, tbo horm. by high rour ? of training, to the digittynf raC< imI being, no t. mi t'r onntrnry, ranting niad, by a n?mi ?r prnonaa. rlcel In ntrtagtb m4 kgltty the attribute* of Uie home. Ow Cwtfeagriin l'ortr?poml?nr?. CahTQ *9IMA) A?ril 31,1887. Arrtt-nJ of tk* Engink Squadron?DmthC RrtptHrug thr Objrrt of it* Vt tit?Denial of the Homered Project of UeneraJ f.'owt r\fort to -Am final* Santa Anno? Soopiram* Mac wtnlenf On /.alter im Connection ttnih Spau* ~ Almee of tke United Statu by the Bogota Itteo?The Panama (due* Hon, fft At feat o po? Won of the bag aennnnoed and long rxpected Gafllnh fleet baa nade lu appearaiv-e, and very qnietly we bane anchored in our beonti*ul and capaciooa bay the aoraw frigate Orion, 99 gnan; the gwait ReaUInk, 8. and tee gunboat Intrepid, 8 The adairal. Sir noon** Stewart, U dally expected ta the India. 78. Aleo three other veeaela are expected. Why th<n force to collected here no one can coopt tare. I do net think they intend to blockade the port at preeent; one resael would be eoffl?ietU for that p?j pore. I* in troe that Oongrene hai ha*n nv able to na'tnfy the eUimeof the BriHah Miniver, ard dlpkxnatia relation* betweru the two eoaotrira tf htill dirweitinard; but I cenn d near of aay nw dec of a blockade of the coaet having beta gl*en, and no ronMle have been wn> to the otter parte on ibie coeat A certain nrraow nf the anma of fV/ to a iKIuk. Ml a card In thin city few days idnce, deny .tig that b- <-sme here with ww> object at %?MMio?un( Uen. Pwittn Ann*. aa he, H toe wune feme Informed t pnbiic that be bed twaa aoeosad of. Toe next day ui eeoot moon puhilcadon appeared, stating tha. l'ai? do bad been eeiplo>ed by a party in Uerlco > the Im ad which waa President Cnmnn'nrt, to > me to this place and aaaasioata the ex President IVre ia a rumor here that Haute Anna is going to Harare If tbla be true reel aaeared that hebas in dm entaadkig wtta the Rpaatah government with egard mi 'he expedition of the latter againat Mext o (Jen. Coriem. the pare n who waa rent by Htata \ roe to Hpain returned here a 'ew week* since and rmceeded Iwmediately to rnrttaee, and made hie epeit at the ie*alt of hia mtaaton to bit chief, who it htm at once t Havana, fbr which place he left h* next day, si'boosh hla family rsaide bare, rftae things, Uheu In eaaoeetiun, look rather soe>ici ?s The peper* et B?gsta coo Untie to eboee the United Ms'e*. her n loWtor and CtoimleeiooeT Home, honth he la now out of the way The new PrastIroit, Ovpino, has been Inangnraied and has chorea new c*binrt: hot ae they are all from the It** * I the aunty, I fear they snay hare the taarta?? f the Ponsma q nest too as tnetr pmdeeeawrs, w he people oi the Interior of tble oswatry rery rawy are a Jsrtect Idaa of tha true I'atea By tart aoannnto fross tha oarM-l. BsjP cmret wWe sill eniWrsring to tattle the Jfael'n Mb qneetlen. Tbag are dkpe?< la irttalo, at areata. 0mT P*nw"? t^tweeiwndenee. UNITKD fleifiiM A,nit Duni-rim PAJUM?r?Uy i lW." Dteree sof tke Government Au,un*t Filibuster setger, on he Isthmus-The Resolution m ? The Ntw Jdmmutrmtion hi tftw Oram Ike Mackintosh Claim?Disgraceful Co id Gv rido, the Chief of Police-Dr. Cat* Explorations on the Isthmue, dec Siu.-e 'be unsuccessful attempts at aegeti and adjustment of the diffloottiaa existing bo' our govori/oieiit and that of New GranaJa, 0 ?Ivo. Governor of Panama, ha* shown his sap iiagurtt for fill bar taring. U the issuing of a eeri do -lees, the object of wh'.ek la the total exoli o' all i?i?oua possessed of each predlvlihM compelling 'be eouima' Oera of the Hall U'aam Com! an/ atd the agents of the Panana um,^ txt .else a rig coons and serntlniilng oeasoithip all pswengers who may ptas the rva'ei over w thej hare jurisdiction, end la default of sash hoi slip raid captains or agents shall be amerce ml ins of money prop rtioaate to the ofienoe, w shall bo o dleotod fay the government of Pan Tne canylrg out of such laws would form an ksrab'e atnsynuor to our conntrynwn in their sit hero, sad an attempt on the part of the dors to enforce their execution would only result I aggravation of the dlflioiHlea already existing, ta their proclamation ho memo to have gn transcended the legitimate limits of his jurisdie The English steamr New Granada,of tho Pa Steam Naviga'lon Corpany, sailed from OaUa the 12(h ot april a ad arrived here on the brioging sixty-three oea-aoxeri and S2GSjOOI pecie for England. At tbe time of her eaHlaj ewe had been reooived fietn the English shi w*r Pearl, despatched 07 admiral Bruce to oap the Yivaboo steamer of war Loa and Tuabe retribution for tbe oatrigea perpetrated on English vea?ela, New Qraaada and Lima, by thi ranco faction. At Lima the Castillo party hell supremacy, wbfly at falta (he Ylranclstei war the as ta^aht. Caetifia, whose pkytiqut U 4 pared to a tough, wiry hatred Scotch terrier, proceeded to Paita la tae Santiago with two M sand men. On hie arrival and debarkation tb Vlvance in bia 'earner, the Apor rate, attacked captured the Santiago, and Immediately welg auobor for (hUUto, where hU pieaenoo woald < tatnly discomfit the parti zana ef Caatllla mi their General In Pern, toadop; the language Ccatr, tbe peepie certainly eagerly stodr tie res, since revols'ioan jauocwd each ether thee most with the rapidity of tropkial showers. ' contracts for guano at the 0hlr.chas, made with Yivanco patty, test upon a precarious fuO'iag. in tfat event ?r th*'. party ruling In it* lateaaem obtain tbe goveraoicnt, tbey woald certainly annulled Dm Ospine, & oqmmrvative, wea laanguratd Pr?ti Jent at Uogofcb ?b tbe 1st of April, Tbe Us or'# cabinet la ORBposed of toe following bm geniemeo, rlz : Honor Prado Secretary af Pan Afiair*; deoor Ranoiemmte. Secretary of the i vermneat and War; and deaorTalinaia, Scare taey Treasury; all of whom are aald to be mare or conservative la 'heir prlncplea, and wita the ' retrmrrade tendencies which would prefer a rea ; to aflWir* aa fey existed half a oantory ago red j than eneonntfe aa advance Tbe Uadutmh atr-stiou has aat yet been ; ted. aw has Ifr. Griffith, the Briuan Mimcar, : mitird bis frlendiy mlaiiona with the govern me Tbe ship# of war Orie*, BadlU^aadrllatrepld. I lying at Oarthawecta to lend their aid towards ami *t>le noinstmmt of ail dlff?< eacew if aeod be tiaaot Ooorido. Oak-f ot the Police at Paaal famous for having taken an aative part In I maaaneia of our citlacua on the 15 th af Apd 1Wj6, asdering the men under his comma to fire at the pawegera, baa become implicated a meat disgraceful transaction. Last Holiday ev ing. when whlouing km wife la the moat bns manner, some of the men la hie o?mmand inter ten whereupon Curaido, defending himself in a spirit manner, the G >vernoi gave erdera for his apprehi lea, dead or alive. Ha UmI Into his bouse, teapi tbe pelloewen at bay, by flriag upjn then, aw whom he Bevrely wounded. He fioaliy made I exit at a eauk chamber and eaoaped, aiaoa whiab has not nam heard af. \ r ur? n u?t o iivou ?r<i iui vuv vu< vn i ef tbe Peeifla aqnadr ? at thla point. The aqnadn I coost-tr <>? the !'rnM?c Independence, elo >p Si 4 i rre. sloop John Ad?m*. aloop i?ecatur.and ?w*n* j ItacMiohuM tte. The frigate Independence, flafsh i of the equal I rue. ea well aa the alooo Decatur, ai ' lying to ran*ma Bay. The 8'.. Marys ia at 81 Ja?n<?elbor the VaesM bn ette at Saa Prsao'ao Thu J?hu Adnius which I* ft Calla? rose tliaa | Is d?t y eipectrd here. The foil eringiaa liatnf 4 I ofMnera nrently ordered to the Drca'o':?Oot i minder II K Iratrber, I.ieata J IT. B. Clitx, ft. I>e Haven, K. W. Sc >tt. 1). ii llirmanr and K. ( 8'orkioo; l'nr>er, Felix Sinac; parsed astiatai 8ur?t-oa, J Lu Ward; Anoi?taut Surgeon, L ( Laie. The pre?* nf tfce Deca'nr ard Independence are i excellent health. By w?y of <jiverm>n, tbey are ? aaei< bally ?if noised >n firing ebc'ls at a target, a ar> Uriri d upon one o' tbe mands in the b?v. wbe : the* ,y. o MM t? the . * <>f arm*, to b ?ih of whid exrrroce thry display a degree proficiency aim Vi' ui "i<'ir m? ' i'?'U"V oi?u w "v viavioi g We ne quietly w itinp, on ?he qui nw far whal eri"- ?nm 'orti r>e way take, one active C?t.ih k1(? hnv'ng hit " dog* of war randy to lei I.**#'' *hel dipt- inaey fit In to adjBut the qiuwtioiM all* its l>r Caldwell, A**'?tiiut Hnrgoou of tbo In dew n .enee, igtartied lani evening from hta 'up, 'la object of wbli b waa to p^uetrain aoroea tie Ieih?ai by 'ha too e taken by L cut. Strain. Dr. Ctld ?n?ll ad van i d to within a abort <1 I - tun ce of the Atlantic the water* of wh'.'h bet ig pla'nly vlalble, when VI Indian guide*, bating forw>k*n him the d?r nmvi omlj, and auflkring drealfnlly f? r the want of wat i ha ?a? with much ieg?e' to himaelf, when witati five ml e* of toe ultimo thult of lit* adveotor >a* m deitaking, mmjwl'ed w> ratnrn. If? report* faeora bly a* tii the fea*tbll?ty of an law- oceuno canal. ? hethli.k* ">e rlr?-.tion of ibe land doea not uiw two bar dr*d fret In any p'aoe The doe ot la dr nerving of a high degree of prat* for the t* liineea and tndmaiUble dpirit rhioh he he maalfeatrd lu the uroeec iuwu o' a pUn that h? prove<l ao dt*n?nooa v> nre<cdlrg adreotnrara Mi i reHade newa from Wa.ker atnoe ay laat ?J cation. Mr. Ilerrtck and Um Tkumiaon eutah to ma aoiToa op run mkiulu. Vaaiirror-M, May It, MCT. ra four pa-wr of the ttt altime >u advertised "maw amtfo* wanted," with reference to the provtm mada a the dame la the law directing the payment of the lhamg an ctalm, which prartea waa aot enrolled. H*?lag km advtaed that Mr. Jnha W. Forney waa the writer of *e aa ttdea thai appeared aa aditortaia ta the fi n.ha mm mretweaawtlag aad mahgnlag am and my mo?raa JW erpaaing a gram pub Bo wrong aad aa he ha* fen* *raa blbHed aweh a recklem dlaragnrd af irnih, J-ienoe and da oaar.y, that It I* difficult to aadga a raotfv* for cnwdaat m mean and dastardly," I ant reheved Cram an] apology for to trod'ic lag at* u*w. Aa Mr. Foraay prata* ahwM "rauMem" aad tba *d at afaa alia*" It t* prayer to ?ay ttathe ?m aa "aita*" edt tar. And It I* ruggratnd Utai li *ca.-r>df become* the very mnah or aa "aila? 1 adviarr, of thi betrayal of waft w* man, (ttdr hi* Roberta letter ) or the official, under whom auefiole* <ha Mlnnraora laat bill cane to aa uafcaMfj grava, m be aa uffid me la erg in a the rrhuke and |amft moid cf other*. ev?? If aa arrwaa I bu n rommi tad. Thia mate 'oka W Forney waa Clerk of the Uwmo 4 Reprwr ntailrai when that home amended the *? pm|i?d?l4<* to |?v to R W ntempaon MO,000, aad ledwl the name out of the anaaittea due the Menomnoem hidmua, by adding, 'Pr rvlded thai the ram* be paid with the mm " ni . prort-o, barlD, i~. ?. Ui i^iL L n. '11"' U??.Mr Kornry "a da* ?,*, bom 1Mb t? Sa ** h olurf***" (Ha a?. tTw .JV'-^ U fkilur? ? fully aa ha c?ald hara kw " slrangn but nUiu 0o*oi wot l* fo?iM la iiu "lr rv<^to katvl NIL ant ya?, with ?uali tea* nvarlof Llm la U)0 rim, lid* m*n luw l>?? imptnJ#?ooa laab' mp? to rabuka nx> la col. bo afW oo) mt of - -| W. atttailnn and leuirUoua Iot^IIto through tha "iam Ocrv.imntM at |Im hmtana ahouid ba mora mkrafnh ' 'I H> III la iimo riirooy hifl bettor ?a? hU o?a ka^t It J befora ha laoda bltnaolf to defame nihmm. km ag.inal *uch prMtampUt ari.l?*? of adlu-toa la aaaa* lioa with Hia . n?c4n,-at to -qaaudor lb* public moaag _ olaime of doubt) \ I propriety, l?4 hlna Bra I etpUio how n happen* thai h?- doty at enroMng the prorf-n wm M par for nad, and why Ma great an*lwy to brow ad mm upua my head and thua awem* to Mimw* au|?r1or rlrtuef fodeed, np a tho principle ik>. Cm a'cr thieve* aro loudeit lo the cry of s(>D thamf * malictoua bitternee* wl h which thia writer ha4 rttetl ma firm oorrotx-ralra m>|nr lo ilia praanonataa m ha may hare had ?ome pernor.*) int-r,,v- -. . fhrrctly la H>a r.or of m? -tntMl d-oul ?f %ur ~7" t|.? ho baa pertimtfo-i-ly adhered to tha faiL thai I "wiegbt to found a "harp, n( -~ ? " r' ' LUZ'.. ^Zrri !>?i "n mUtoT 252 nriim ~"7~ " " ^ "" "7" oirhiolaoty Ikraproaoal ? <l??or?Mto dminUlrotloo, ?1Al owti art* aro m* from to mj ??** Tho moo rnmoy may hart aho* ko H ploAoort to tor* too ' tlnoot >.pr?1mo*io <t atipot'or Ingtool pftaor at rt Mto pnntog" ?wm?i w ba roatolaort la tho o|Haloa of ? Atowtoy Oonorai nymo a muN'atort ma of Omaroon, aa amok n ha ploaoor , bnl ?k i ho nmipWM ?imk UaraHaa Kk mtoroproooataaoa# of my * *<", on< lariolfoa la ?a ?*f ptoa allopath* that la oil my " toioiaooai iaaa* ta root* a tonfto an la of Ira to," I my bo ocnwort to to a<*^ ? Mi was #*o okof to ft