Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1857 Page 1
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TH I = [. WHOLE NO. 7567. I f*?? " ? ? . IfTEITMUBnt ftftRftffl KIKM KIT. * ~~ a*un AwritM. _ | A VOTIOW KOTIO*.?A LARIMI AND KXTKN8ITK8AI-K , UX. ?f splendid household furniture, sump rising one splendid ' rssewoad 7 oolave pianoforte, IIvn MHW mahogany bookohm, one splendid oak etegere, one do black walnut, twenty4Ore very fine mahogany bureaus, wild marble topi and with"out; also one splendid mah- (any bookcase, with wardrobes W-Attached, cult 9160; also twelve very Hue chandeliers, wt'h I hall, harp light and gas brackets, together with two very Hue knahogauy extension tables, polished; also two very splendid .,dlulls of rosewood furniture, in broo-tel and plush: with a a 9large lot of sofas, chars, tables, wardrobes, bedsteads, 3feather beds, bolsters and gll'owi; also about tifty hair, husk w Sand straw nutttresses; blankets, quilts and o mtorters; also MObsut 360 yards of Brussels, tapestry and Ingrain carpeting, i? iloilcloths, In great varieties; cooking and parlor stoves; alao . itwo verv splendid mahogany pan or doors, to be sold on aoh count of wtom it may concern; also pier and mantel glasses, 11 paiatings, engravings, silver plated seta, spo-'ns and torks. together with other goods, too numerous to mention, welt ' ' wertby of the aitentiou of housekeepers, as every article must U be sold. Deposits required Will take place this day, at two , | o'clock P. M., at 14f. Spring street, near Wooster street. ? [ THOMAS M. coNNaHOHTQN. Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTIOK.-I-tCA.Sh, OK Vaa-UABLE BROADA way property.?HAMt' KL OSGOOD A 00., aocdoueers, offloe 81 Nassau street, will sell at the Merchants' Kichange, U Wednesday May 30, at twelve 'o'clock, noon the lease of the rooertv 437 and 4?9 Broadway, ooruer ot Howard streel LliJ. m7\ r Uwvsitmsu litr llkl t'sMl nr. Mniviini atr*4Mt t)i? 5 went", yraru to run ; ?oid by order of the assignee On account of a former purchaser, and postponed rrum May 13. ,afi klN A UOTION NOTICE??AI,h OK Kl'l-KXDII) RO*KWOOD >, J\. and mahogany household furniture, elegantly carved . rosewood plano'orte, aolid rosewood parlor furuitiire, entire, of the moat cosily description; pier and m intel mirrors, valua ble collection or oil paining*, Ac, ?<v?K. NASH, Cue*l Uoneer, will sell to morrow, Tnuraday at 'PJ? o'clock, the en ** lire rich and dealrahle content* of toe large live story reel ni dence 22U Fourteenth street, west of Eighth avenue, the ). Whole containing the largest and best asmrtntnl oil-red at public auction for many years biting con the owner up wards of $10,000, and will" po'itlvely be sold without limits, r" rain or ablne Particulars to morrow We a motion notice.?j. HtxMHr, apotionsbr-by At J\ 8. BOGAKT.?Monday, May 2fi. at li)>? o'clock, at No. I'd James street, executor's sale; tw? pair large r. sop us millstones, P Ave feet by two; one pair three feet grin; millstones; one c.ut, w three wagons, one sideboard, uuu mahogany sofa. CHAN. erluNrt aKI), Executor. J * * A ACTION NOTICE.- a M. CRISTat.tR, AUCTION?1KR, It at. 23 Bowery, will aril on this cay, dir.a iost., at 11 As o'clock, six ptrces of tine figured and plain velvet plush, sulta|g ble for cabinet makers 5 AUCTION NOTICE.?KUUKmi o PKi.NK.MN, AJUJ* A. tloneer.?By E. B. KKaNKIIN A CO., sales Voom, ?* IB Nassau street.?Taluabls young onlt at auction.?This day, A wedaesdny, 2uth Inst., at 10)? o'clock. In front of sU>re, S3 Nas|i ssn street, will be sold on account of the owner leaving the jf etty, a handsome bay coll, I3>h bands high, warranted perfectly sound and kind In a" harness, from a oelvhrated Abdaltah , mars, sire Cassins M. Clay. is a beauliful stepper. & years old, ' niomisAs to Km nn? of t Visa hiiraf>ti In ihA (Vmntrr A tt w ahanca for private gentlemen or dealers. Ill AUCTION NOTIOB.-KUUKNK B FRANKLIN, AUC_ -A. tioceer. - By K. B. FRANKLIN A CO., a: salesroom 83 Nassau street. this (Wednesday) morning at 10>4 o'clock ** Kin-nsive sale of secondhand furniture, velvet tapestry, ( Bruwela and other carpets mirror*, rich French china dinner a and tea sets, best cut tltnt giaaa ware, table cutlery, china va^ aes, oil paintings, Ac., Ac. _ Superior new cabinet furniture, eomprhuug parlor and 7 Chamber suits, secretary and library bookcases, wardrobes, * etegere.s and a general astua line til of parlor, dining room and * Chamber turniture. Also, several French plate pier glasses, mantel and ovid Bnrrors. oil paintings, gas chandeliers, silver plated ware. _ fancy goods, Ac. Also, hair matlrense* and palliaase*.' K Bale wltbout reserve and worthy die attention of the trade, * housekeepers and out of town buyers N. B?tloous parked on the premises for shipmeut. Cala logues on morning of sale. k A UDUBON HARK FROFEIIT* AT AUCTION.?4. J. I ax hl.KKCKKK A Co. w ill sell u%Tu?sd.ty, M? 2n, at 12 ? O'clock, at the Merchants' r.ttcliaugc. The elegaut restdeu tes in the abort park, en the banks of the Uudtou, adjutnlug t'armansville and Washington tieigh.s, togiulier with about laS | has of ground, covered with the sward and forest trees. Terms very liberal. Maps and photograph* at the ollice, No. 7 bread street. t r ' " * A CCTION NOTICK.?eTANI>AK1> ANI) tlWARF KOBCS, * dX csmtlAS. Ac.?BAM I r. I. USUI oil) 4 CO., auctioneers, wtllsell at 81 Nassau street, to morrow, Thursday, at 10'^ O'rkek. a large and splendid variety of standard and dwarf . StandarJ loses, cainilas. japouicas, sweet lioueysuckles, running and ever blooming rosua. oaruaii >iih, hardy gaeleu * plants, evergreens, Ac , from the nursery of Mr. Woo. Wilson, I meat Fourteenth stri-et, and Astoria, Isiug island. * A LCTltiN NUTlCfc-J. BOHAhT, AUCTIONEER -BT , ci b BtxiART.?.aaiurd .y. May 2d, at IttJao'clock, a', the auction room*, coruer of Frankfort and Wr lain streets, She ' rtll sraie. targe assortment <e groceries,.' tea, barrel* J Mkflfl tai '< M 01! 1400m, braan*,wiuea, gin < uaia, \. I AUCTION NOTICK ?J Uie.aKI, AUCTIONEER -il>" . b Boil A1. T.?1 hi* day (Wednesday), May J), hi 1? I o'clock ?' the lo it of ..lame* abp, Kaal river, rtnerurg *al one in w terry brieve N iV.?.*ale punitive. All HON ?NOTIfA?.1 Ht.OaRl, Al'TIONKKJl-BY M. BOGA Ui ?Tbu>*day. May HI at in1, o'clock, at llio 1 audio . 1 ociua, corner #f l'i unkfort aud William etrecu, iuor I gage ol liiK.aoh >id fnrni' e.eotn* .hIi.i ?. chair*. iplen.: I ma) v >. 1 vtardii.bee, Ac A!?o It* eiteeta of ? mi! hin, tabli.?, chain. Du e clock, looking Kinase*. Ac. A^Hli f lON Nlilll K -THok.vM BULL, AUCTIONKKA? By UKM. A HIMI ? I hi* day, at it >? o'clock, at W NorUi V .i.rii. 11 I urunure, carpe*, b.*l* and bed ding, niallreaeci, quilta, nhcet*, double ?nd *mgle Iron bod trad*. Ac. A'ao, fancy aud plated arnclea, three euperlor walcbra valuable double giui, gcut'a 1'ougrean gaiter boat*, ll** ' A'-. ?r A^Hl 1 TldN NOTIt'K -A. M. t itIfTAt. AR, AJCTIONKKR, ITS Bowery ee111 eell Una day, ai II1, 'chick, alx very fine candelabra*. all ifa.? brio act*, one tlnam.lh'k roller In good or'ei ?aa bracket*, and one hundred and llf.y pair window had* ? alao tan?plcndtd gill *a? chandelier* lot ot Until lamp*, logeibi r aiih a loi of wind..* turn?1 a . klm lot of bruihe*, nil a variety of olber article* too tiutncncta to mention. AHU TION SAI.K Of rrRNITCRk?BY BklEO A t'OLK, 011 Wnlneartay, Jnth laat., at li o'clock, at 341 Fulioa u*ei, Brooklyn, ocmnla'lug of r<uu'iriM?l an t mahogany, . ali.l:* ' lrea-ia. bed*!en4*. vya?ii*land*. < . mre latiiea pyien len dining tab Ira, rorkerA lounge*, looking glaaaea, hair mat An*are* bureau*, waahaiand* BruaaeU and uigratn carpela, OiJciovl,*, klic' eu fnrarare, ac., alao one aoda fountain. Asmomoct sai.k or a<4F stock of fin lahed aud untintabrd furnKurcv ? Koarwoud and mating* nt 'vener., lumber, Ac ?Wit LI A M T. Hii Ylt, iviieuoarer ? ity (Idlli.K Nil HtllJ*, ofllw No. M Na**au aired, will aril by . ordi-r 1 1 nhdgncr, al No. 'Ill W ooatrr airret, 011 Tneaday, May 19, al It o'clock, a Inrgr * ock M above, OtmalatlllA Ml a m ,1 evi 1 > . 1 -? 111" 111 of ho 11 nehobl f 11 roll m e , me w on!, 1 maltog 1 ny and black walnut eulta of furniture, In ever/variety of upboUirrlnf 1 roMwmd mahogany black walnut aud maple bedilcadi, In evtry afyle ul pattern: r>? itrmtd, mibognoy. black walnut and pine in drobea. a large atftek of apieudul roerw 1-' etrgereH, wlLk mirror fr mta and marble top*; rotewood an l bl irk walnut centre table*, witli marble top* mahogany do : alao. roeewood, mahogany, black wraluut and other dreee and plain bureau*, oak eitmaion and til vk * a nil! din: - tab>?, hreakta*t, lea. card and aide table* ewaaelled aud o*vk bedroom furniture, alao. a large 'pianilty of aba.i . of all I'.-acripinma. al*o. roar to m md ntali 1 ? nerra rut and uncut lumber, work tienchea, hardwarr, Ac. Catalogue* ran be bad liy applying to the auctioneer, at No. , Of tUM 1 atrcfM, <m ktun lav. fl ttl<'It A Kit HKATIIKK. Aaa'gnee. Akhiohklh hai.k op mkaov kauk i uormpiu, Pwttpoiied until Ffddnf. Mny 22, when S.OAI *nrmetii? of tliir tnadr nouda Will pnoiUrely be aula bv order of nmuarneea At !*" *2 Krondwny. W?. TorrlNI* A tH?., niicil.meem. 4 8NiUHUra 11141 nil MANHATTAN Pl.tTK J\ ? rk> -Thin rnltiahle mamilitroiniiii emabliahrneot, ? jopm ul nil 'iir nermnnry nppnrntua lor die noooenofnl inn nufnciurt of lunniui mlver nod plated rooiU, with leiuie of tnnldirif Ko. I V Mercer ?tread, baring luo ni'CMMrj aleam Kw? r Ar . to bo wild at a bargain If applied lur a.?n. P">r nh? r par! inUrn apply to the a. signer*, at No. 19 Mm den Unr. or to M tKHll A tM> , Asinr lb>ii*e, Jin. 2,Vr?ey atreel. UKO i t .liWKI.I, nnd H MAltSlI, Aaroni"** of Inung, Hiehln A (To. BY VIM TRVISO A OO.-WBMMDAT. MAY ATTII. AT lit, o'r tick, nl hd ? rnnklla nireet, bonne hold furniture, Ar . rnbnMtlng III pert rtrunneU, aiPt ingrntn unrpeoi, ruga, wild. ? nutainn, nofan, ubnlrs, otuianna, bmininoda. hnir ana IT.,* mattrraaet, few lir? heil* boletein nnd pillow*. quilt*, nlire'N. A' . mlrnw, wnehatnndn, bureau*. nil painting*. An , alw. nn ni tortmeal u< kiudatn furniture, ror particulars, tee cnmlngur. By .iomu'H hmokm vn. auitionknh? \t?tiik ckv tral salesroom, mrucr of WMoughliy and Pearl street*. Iln oklju?Tbnrndnr, Mar 21, nt 9 o'clock A M.., n Urge nnd Arm ra'l aenorimrnt ol' section hand I'nrniiiirr, hnlr end liutk trai'rraa. *, linn bed*'., In. mahogany, wn nut nnd maple ru?h r-.trtintm: worthed, I are nod other window curtains nnd nhatlen wa*h*laiid?, 11? kerr, Ac., Ac. f rtday, May 22, nt 9 o'clock A M pf*e|?e|y, a very Urge **eortmrnT ol eirellrnt furniture, plain*, l> lokcnten, nnrpetn, clilnn, rrnln rj nnd iflm-* .Ac , Ac., aplen.udoll palutmg*. eu(rrntli o, Ae . Ar Par o n nra lo morrow. JJDWAKl) Pt'HKM K \Wt TIONKkR lit K. A T. 11. 2 HtHKNl'IC.-lhla day, auk lost , nl I0X o'clock, nt their anlrc room. ko. ? N street. *?*ignee a anle of gold J'.'Wrirj. HI? atula, iiwti bunoua. rirl* dlajn.m.i asaia,v.tth-s"a'~-* wrry ; tjn?Mlrthi"jrrt *--hi l if. g, I high. warriitd porfnrtjy aoauad, kind aiid i? ' araj I* nil rlogkiil akd.!!" K.n, ^,, , ? n 2nd a?JiiU 1 drtrer . haa tnrttod la I lit. Ahk a hlv ' Kra'l- laall harrroa. and a flno Mrif.. * ? 7 /?'"L I''b I kr.v 7 yoa? old. kind In 1-^.^ boon bo,*2 ' fr gnr?l working condiimn, im i ,? 2 u Alanaahin^ 1 '?( lop wagon nnd horn*- and k rochawky. wlV^JLTklJl ! rhkTa A 1?>. kn omn;' hra boon nam, pklntoit and or ' aranploto ranking onW>r Air., ? h>; Imn., ; rw, ... hki?U I,.. h. ?r .rrki.'od I k'ml hi, I (. n'lo ,n ,r.T? wir Aho. wTwid M? 'i> r?l ?n?n, ^ yDWARO M'TIKJfi K A U< TlOff KKR HT I! u7 \ JTj Or-annte of oil ukloUnn on Prater nnd Ruurday. Mat tl and Zt, at II oaJork Okrh day. at roHkHn. UllMMii'r,"'' dr J. ?*., , l<l"n aplondld oollwukon Of nrlkltial. Imported an I ' I pam'triya "n.irl.tnf an,no , oftho rholoooi orljrlnkJ wnrka ?f 'ho foil.,wing Amoriokn and e f,coign ar'lata. Tit Mignmn llarl, t'mpaor Talh .t. Or* ir-h. : Klllrr, H 't ?, Hfiwn, ?.,1, How>dl, A P Tall, Albort V.m , Ileoa', Wiv , rinan. I: ?mai'. Wynno tin',no-,a, flnninn. I I' i, . , 1 . .\ nnn, , ' ' ' W Im I a-,'1 ' fbo pan, - irr i,..w >n ? "'"I * J l< i | K" I! IIKNR , \ 1 "t 'T11' N VK > v . V' iKi.lf ! ,;?? r I r'; ? <>n I htti?da> m ning, Map .1, at A u nlock P. M.. a-I" !1 woi jr. will bo ,|<l all'ho lo:? tim lor. A No ml (' til., a n pm>Oi ty r . pi or ra ,, I.' I, 11,Iff. AtiT NK'R I.M IR AVOUffP Ml' ( r > li aoh?ld fornllnro. ctrpota, ofloln'ha, rhandollora, two p i-iaim "1 rirra.pai . l l ,, > ?. A I m..rr.. , Ih i.a / la , ' >> .1 <t lo'j k. Will bo ?.,1 I a, NH- ami, b r'r. ..liihoam I II- , a very I,r *,..? a<ip,>rl<ir in, ; , I if ?< fl ."IB 1 ant, a. at >.,, ,,, y t. .. , ,rii. paa bar > I ' , , . N . \ Uir , d > In'ha; !**<>, r'oa, I > , > mlr, r?. ;l d | a, < I ' '< Xi*'' c 'do I. ' ,> >I I " 1,1 I I I'O . f i I ? . al I . ' a, I'.f.a. I'rl,kl ? i "Ti i v ai ' , i . n v t Mil i *i ? ', ar? a 1 hin-'N t ??? ? i i i i. i r i 1} In .w Hana.a riM b<> pna'p,' tuinuu I E NE' MORNIN< AiLiftB At AWIIW, 5252*553 OF FAINTINiiS.?MK8SRS. HKNRY H. LRKDH A fO., as Kumii street, will ? 11, on the 28th list ant, ? magnificent colleotio 'of costly oil paintings, paste a, and water coKr drawing*, >he property of W. Hchaus, Itsq., previous to bla departure tor Rurope. This sale oompriana over one hundred ana fitly tine jriginal pictures by the best American and auropeao artWla. A large atendanoe of picture buyers may be eapeeted, as this sale will be by far the most lmpurtaut made for a lori lime. The pictures will be rn exhl billon May 21 until day or sale, SILBIRT S. SAVAGE, ACCTIONKKR-BY DIBBI.KE, BAULKY A HAVafiR?Wll sell, ai 10 o'dock A. M..on ursday, May 21, by order of James Crumble and John Marvin, asslguees. on 'he premises, at VM 3d avenue, the tlxnires of store and lease of premises. Also, hmse, wagon and harness. HKNRY H. LKKDB, AOCTIOlfKKR.?VAiiUARLN oil, paintings.--UKNRY H. LY.K1W AOO. will sell by aso Bon. on Wednesday, May 20, at 11 o'clock. In their gallery. N i 23 Nassau street, a private collec-ion of valuable oil paintings Imported and selected by Richard nawMns. Esq., being tit entire collection; among them will be found some beauufn Bur<-uuruain i rvKwiuft oi iA>nuon, <;ooper, muiier, mum, wihxi WlllUnm, Van Willis, Morrison, Kidd. Boise, Taylor, <YNail BrlMit, Brandwblte, Walter* of Liverpool Morris of London Fttrcarelli School of Murillo, Carlo MarrntU, rt Kosa'ret school of Titian. Also an invoice of about SO Una English plo tares, just received, comprising several tine examples of tba soli sol, all at wlrteh will be positively sole without reserve | They are now ready for exhibition and until the day of sale with catalogues. HKNRY It. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER ?H. H. t,KK(H A CO will sell by auction, on lhur day, May 21 at 2d Nassau street, at 10H o'clock, superb sold and silver embroider ed Turkish dresses, Ac , consisting of a Turkish conn Ires* complrte, 4 pieces red cloth, cut iroidered with line silver, ditto lsdles' court dre?,es 15 pieces, ttne embroidered skirts jackets Ac., cap embroidered with fine sold and taateU; also a prince's and princera' dress, richly embruidced, a complete Turkish street costumes for ladies ami gentlemen, Turkish awerd Damascus blade; piece satin, stripe pineapple ,tU. Turkish plush, Punt inks uutfu, children's shoss, cishtucre table cloths, fold broca' e vest pat ern, porcelain pipes, amber month piece, Ac., Egyptian towels, work bans, Jerusalem work bugs, and tunny oilier curious tlrituusl works of art and cur oailies. Also bottles of ottar ot rones, HENRYT. LEKDB, AUCTIONEER. -SALM OP 3PLKN did, richly carved rosewood parlor furniture, valuable rosewood pianoforte. Inlaid with pearl, suits of rosewood Is rich satlu brocatel, large and ooslly Parian and Prench chlus rases, richly decorated royal velvet carpets, ol) paintings *u titea, Ac., ohlua dinner set. this 'lay May i, at 10* o'clock, at the resldenoe 116 Wesi Fifteenth street. HENRY r LEhliF wrlll sell as above all 'he furniture, inoetty made tc .tiler, viz.;?One splendid carved rosewood pianoforte, richly nla'.d with pearl, a superior Instrument In use but a short Ime; two rosewood corner stands, two rosewood etegerea, vlth mirror doors and backs, marble tops; about two hundred /srds of royal velvet carpet, also, three plv and Ingratr hroughout the house, pier glasses, heavy lace ami bruoatei curtains, suits of very rlohly carved parlor, furniture, covered In French satin brocatel, made to order; Turkish arm chairs reception do., "rosewood marble Pup. centre, aide ar.d sol's tables, secretary bookcase, costly framed oil paintings. Ptriar and bisque vases and mantelAirnamenis chamber funii ure consisting of rosewood marble top dressing bureaus and washt.iands, sofa chairs, rockers In hair cloth and brneat-d rich painted shades, rosewood and mahogauy bedsteads, purr curled hs'r and soring mattresses, pillows and boUters. bed ding, 1/ llet sets Ac., dining room exieuslou table, a large and iholce assortment of chins and glass, silverplate; also, a quan Jty oi rroek-ry and kltohen furniture lounges, clocss, gar iltore* Bale peremptory, without regaid to weather. Hals logues st the bouse. A deposit will be required from all pur chasers to Irs, ire the prompt paymeni of the bills. Careful cat man will attend the sale to pack and ship gmxls We should advise all persons In want of turniwre to attend this sale Also, a pair of splendid Welch p tales,Viand by the family as carnage and saddle horses. Handsome iiouskhold furniture. m.douuuty. auctioneer, will sell this day (Wednesday) Mar 31) at !'"? o'clock, ai No. 126 West Twenty eighth street, all the furniture contained in the above house, couslatiug of carved rosewtsxi parlor suits, covered In brocstel; French plate pier glasses, with marble slab and brackets; Brussels carpets, rosewood library and secretary bookcase, rosewood maj-ble top centre oililck, satin dama* k window curtains, rosewood chairs covered lit plush, oil paintings. riwiwiMd uliinof >rle,ma'le by Piersou. s superior lnslrutneu'; library and dining r torn furniture, vi/.., black walnut extension table cutlerv, silver plated ware, 8 day Hnd ttt' hoar clocks, Frenvh china aluneranu tea sets, Hrn sets and uigralu carpets, Ac., bertristtn furniture, mahogany and black walnut bedstead . cui ltd hair ma'tresses, leather brds, palliasses mahogany buretus, wth marble tops, washstands to mutch, Ac , Ac. Depot ts required, goals to be re moved immediately after sale. Sale rain or shine. BKNRY M HERTS, JK . ADOTIONKKR-BY HERTS A A Ml iSS?Will sell ou this day May U, at 1(1 V% o'clock, a', ihe salesroom, ho. 6l? Ptney'rcA. large sa'e of choice trine*, itqucrs and * gai* comprising cbolo Ism ton Dock brtudy, mm, gin, port and sherry wi cs lu c, kt. cases and demijohns. imported champagnes rock and claret v?lne?, Mon iu gshet% whiskey. Havana, ttermau and loinestlc aegart, Ac. Ti i itW task. 'atnlop uea at ss to n> RDW.tKR AUCTION NOTICE. -J No. F V VN ANT W EKP S hcvenir.ei.ih regular . >r*Ic li r.n i 'ion and Sheffield hardware?Oun*. phdJl', p?f 'r-i . . .;t, Cs ds Ksforcd, hvatj g sids, I.tic ts d. m I sin 11 ,'v.tlerj vc , will take vlaoe no Thursday, the 2I> < iti o ;k,,?. 2tu I't url street Catalogues on the morning ?>t talc. fAMFS M MIl.LKR, AUCTIONEER, WILL SKU. Off tj Wednesday, May 23 H57. ?t 12 o'dosk, a. the Merchant* Exchange, by order el assignees. the new -cho mer Mary K ledaey, of 100 tons buriheu, built of v, hue oak and locust timber, copper fastened, now lying a; W Hllaro Oollyer s *ard, (Jreeti Point Igtng Island JPuITH, ?rCTK)NKlH. Will, SM,I, THIS DAY, . Bay 3', t o'dooki M tMilw, nil the I w. od anil mahogany furniture In 1h?' Urge houee in \Ye?t Kif t*i-?:h afreet, between Mi b and Seven'h avenuea; alao aline rosewood plunfone. Sale positive, ?*in nr *hina Tons p. MoNK.OMKRT, auorlONfcKR.?,u<l p ask* tf bent*. * . .* and opol'hii* at audi >u, on riiursl'.v m'? ill. *1 |t>>, o'clock, A. M . k the alcr" of S. N, Ihtvta A (Jo , 41 Beekmaa ore, t. Fn-ah aeaanttable c?e(* JOHN I, VANPrlW.vTKR .UVITOSKF.R -THURSDAY. .Mm it!. ir inLj o'clock, at Mil hi* h * rent, aw n i" <' li. uat hold furniture hjr order nf admnii.nruio*,, cuui-nng of r. r,ieta, mirror* c atr?, anfa* iamc*, wardrobe*. liuroiu, >i 'vteii ( . i in hf.ntn.-, he Ming, oilcloth*, bat r"*ud?, *'#ve?, dlr.lng ia11c? rhir.a and glae* w*re, klichcn furniture. .tc MB. flt'TLk R, AlI'TK '.YEKR?P1J BI.TO AOMIVTH trator'a ?*|e, on WednredHy, May MM. at 10'? o'clock, ?t MB Pearl atreet, aeuoad the ellm'ia of lane W. Snuih, Mmttcl de Fonta, Ann K Carrlck. Mary A, Hm'th au<l other ln*rata'i-a oonai.vting <>f furniture, Uddlufi, crockery, ml el, Pr.iaael*. ad Ingrain carp-l*. oilcloth* painting*. bonk*, oheka. ni le and trmnle abetting, rvuki, aheoU, guna, wwMibea. jewelry, Ac. Alan, on* iron aaiOHj Kl.KS A. MAT. Public Aduuniatratnr. Mortoaok sale?auftit's sai.s o: fcrsitcrh and ovn 'i varnlab - V. M. PRIST vl. \K, auctioneer, W Bowery. will ae]| on thla dny, Jhh, * lu1, o clock. SB barrel* of fnenlfetc varntah. S n. ' M and It. Uigothnr with 18 bar no* coach vun.'.Mi "lh? , i.elawe.l worthy the a"i ntlou rv paldnid maker* andcArriagi inauutaoMrcfa, anil wtll heaold In lota lo auit pornaaaara tarKRKXPTORY HAI.k of rkahosablk ricad* 1 made clothing, cloth*, ratalmopea, velvet*, jle je geeta, a> Ac.?A. At. 01IMTaI,\M, t n't: iiteer, 1M1 Ilnwery. will aril on Thurwiuy. 21a> Inat., a* above, conn-in* of black and fancy eatidmere* and Ooi ai??, it pea*, ailk-, vcatlopt, blae* ai d fancy ue.mi'rr pint* imuDet aril frock wait*. bnen, Xaraelllea iibd aatln veata, and a Urge var.. ly of o.hi-r an tele* a the line ton nnaaarou* to mention. 1>KRI XPIt'Hk Al't'TlOS S.*I,R WITH <l'T RKilaRII JT towtathir ot lurt Item, mirp>r?, palming*, allmr plu'ed mare As ? Hy Tl^ls MuH'thol., auo Kmoer ?Ilia in.irn Br at 111.', n clock, at the central a iUmroom, So ttt ilr .ad way. corner of 'Aorta a1 re. < itirrsa an tairang* ra will avail Ibamaatvpa of thla rata which la bona ti le and Inclule* uoue hut reliable prop?ny?a pnrft n here en too ra'c' ? Furnb Mm?A parlor aull. invecd wi h eat in brwate,. *l*o aam coicrr,! kith crtmwio French pi iab. rrnmn wardrobe, oak ex enalon dlntag tablea and ?li*ira, aofaa, tete a u . t. etay, rocking and parlor i ja'ra, centre table*, niarbta top droaa bnrriiitr. funt v work tablea. etrg. rea, bc.l. i ,1a. A \, Ac. hi< n rut fatsriwa, tine or* **n rvimaTix Rcenea in foreign and in thla co- ntry. In gold gt'o frem Uuee tt/aa of pier mlrr. .ra; elegunt vtigravluaa juat imp ?rv?l In gilt frame*. View of Sew V irk jttat i*an I. MLVt.ll Ttai.L WMtK. Tea aeta, fl pteee*. d ah cover* In <* 4 pi?cm; table catt.iea, S and a erne In pitcher*, cuke b t<keta, Intoer dlatlca. goh le:a, *p<*.n*., 'irk* and knive*. in l irae variety, art rllt.anntra *hti? i.k* fhtld'a rarrtage, aoda lotintaln, afetm engine. Rwl?a elock Iron brdfteail*. ?pr!ng hair. nnau> ard hn*k tnattre*aea, !Uh Ing pole*, child a porker*, c??i?lng atove*, ac. not i> J* wri.wr I.* vtmrtr. II aela of ladw * ornament*, ae' in un- i. roner and otlier avaaic gob) atona, j?. Ac., i> aire* of i . ke ?, p**'het, Iropa, linger rtnga, ?eta for young m aaea, geuiicme.a ? atinla, leeve button* pin*. Ac , o! many k nd< i tai.i i.*voice or navaaa arc ta*. At o'clock, cclcbra ed bramla moat popular, In'print!Ilea to mitt, nboiraale and retail bnyera. S. B.?TUa afenIjob of the public la invlti d. Ikf.'RSF.l.I, W. WFs 'itrTT, \i t TIO.KfCKIl MtuNlFI J\ cci.t Iwnt*' held fttrt turc, at th reald-oce No. 1 AT Weal Iwctitv grat at mat, a tew door* weat of .* en h avenue. R W. Wkc It l?TT Wtll rep aa ibote, tin* day i Aednead* r) F*v m, wvmmel ring At 0 clock ,ir'Ci*ely, lite entire cle TiiP furniture. atAtii iry, bp* *ai ' l other bea rlf il w?rk* of art ronunnrd In 'he above tlrat houw. Tho rnrnlture, which ta of th" fineat deacrln nvn. waa made to nr ifer. and kaa been u*ed tin' ttve mouttia. the whole of wbtnh wtll be peiemp'crlly void, attordlmr to purcbaaera an nupnr innlty of obtaining ready egAOt funnt'tru at pre-ea wto- h mat be indtnleiy belovi tiwnr value bull dea rinuve oai* loguea *re now rraly, and nan be obtained at tha i,db-e of tha nicttonetw So 7 Peeaman ?tr*ct. under Saevau Hank t hero wtll be do pnalporveineut <ta> acwmol of weather. The ptrlor htntltnre con*late in part ol en-gant aeven im*v?n*i?e?l plamdorte. nunie ny Sun* A Flab* r, two lull auitarichly carv*d roaewiaal paiior furniture. Covered in nodlv brocade, b ah ta perfect neiUr.aoUd roecwumt rOMplhm anu rec imueni cliaira. In aatln, iwoeP'oant ruoe wood mat ble top ctegore* with mlcpw loora and back, mnrhle concola, lu buhl wwri, *Hk a d laoc ranatai, lour apicodid !> nrb pi?r aixt mantel m.rror*. richv maptiiit#ri HiMLiiitmrv tut* fr uiftr. nia?r And m>(m tikhU>? r? iroaal orw*er rirarri'*. mirror bark*. Frmti'li woraauir*. mif ?lo l?w> ikK' cablnM. Turkish toiin*e?, real Hrvraa *n4 l?rraleo rtliua ? ?, biaqiina ngnrw* andgro'ip* with a Ur|? ?ii ortton <4 b> nutlfn. auunarr and brotiae ih imic iua. ia n'lin >rr >f Talaabie Oil |ialniia?i. rhiii j tramed, rrlvM aad r i, >; >Vi< . m uaryWU. brtiiite and ormolu utbaaadiillT*. nrino o r-? a; itoo, *>?rr .lrarnptnui of *kn?anl raw wood rluaiabrr f irui ?u*. dr?a?lm bnreaod, beduiead*. auperb hiair niaiireiiaea. aahXarHla. oral mirror*, ailita III rHrrtand hair I'liah wk'H lid aooraUary boufcraao, ooo library do, ?arnil ia great varlra>- ol 'le*ain dlnln* ri*'ra fiirtiHnr*, matolHrrnt eario.l oak Mloti iloti tab to mat K'ikt war.'. ?r>r?wi*. r >rk?. rtininu ' i?4 teft drrvlco, fruit ha,kata, j 'Mr ?, riv. ir<. rt< u China :ry?tal rwt gUna. robr do., Imry Mid paarl rn'larv. with * >rm oiuMi'uj not minttiavvl. Kvit? artM" vrnl Hh larvaiy m wtihdut m?ar?a, aim a aaJa factory <1apoai. <r|ll he r|Ulr??1 of p'lrrha. r. at .. aT Alt' Tit Iff. W ? .tell. TAiM ff I Li. LV aaU tku? 'l?T, And ararr <Ur iMa waafc. rmaa, graoa *???. i tiMMMlW daMlnd, rnrbwiai,, pntnlaa, littnyiraa carnal, .n# le., fn grant aartaiy and In 9"? urd-- from p flan el ha now! A"ir?, Wo. J John . at o'nloak. rflK Ml IT V A I.I tRT.F COI.I.F. TTOW OF IHtMTM VI, pic nrr? aver oil' 'I N'?ti' ?' " Invar* of h hue ? n f rldnynrtt Wat a, Mr. J. flotiM'a rplatnlnl OMIrcUoa of rlglnal, WMported and natac'd painting* will noma irvfar tha amou r of tha Maaar* H( Hr.rii K, at Utatr * i In* rt? >m. .O a/wan iilrrai, "u|ii*i a the I'na' 'ill* * lli" mi aim irt*> a anot" Of tna choii'Vl "fir I*l ? -li? "f ih> fullu aiiif Imarwan ?"'l ( ! * ' ar ia " Uimm it Ha", 1 "'?? ?. I ai int. I'raneb, Millar Hope, Itrnwn, (Jc.rga Hawaii, a. F. Tall, Wlier'. Von 11,-aa WotivarttaAn. HInnmart, Wvnanta, ?!"' * nv.Coii" ". H ntfi'l iiatar, X '< ^a Wi'liitMt, t.irail iriniama, Curb and l.laton Will b an afhlMImn *rvM ihn lav of aaia isn'uri'" now w ?/fr runs. rKirni. ai'ctiowkf.r- jtjkk in wpri ck tired* ( hatlfTa axle < f milk w?gnn, A ' Thia tlajr, Werte.d i vl i >' -A" I1 \ M.. it. front of th ,<alt friMta, 18 I,.,., 1 n ? mull vrajiin, A' Jus. C\ WIUMTT, Sbenl, ] W Yd } EDITION-WEDNESDAY AUMI AW AUOglOW. TH08. TKITOH, AUOTIONRKR?8TORR lfi SPRtTOR street,?BherUTa aale of splendid oil paintings, engravings, Ac., on Wednesday, May 21), al 10o'clock A. 1L, at the galearoom Mo. 10 Spruce it root, oon dating of aplendld oil paintings, engravings, Ac., Ac. Alio a quantity of glass, Ac. JOB. COKNKIJ,, l)?puly Sheriff. Til OH. VKITCH. AUtiriOMKKK?HTOKK 16 HPRUOhi street.?SherdTa Bale of marble tlabi. grave itones, offl-.e furt.tiure, Ac ?On Thursday. May 21, 1857, at 10 A, M , at M i ? Thirty eighth Htreet, near Broadway, c nslsting or a larg. quantity of marble slabs. grave stones. work benches, Ao. Also, 0fllce furniture, consisting of desk, chairs, tablea. Ac. JTN1TRD HT \ I K.S MAKHIlAl.'H 11V VIRTUE U of anorilerof the Circuit Court of the United State* of America for the Southern District! of New Vork, to me directed ane delivered, I will *ell at public auction, on the 2>th day or May, 1867. at 12 o'clock at main, at the Merchant's Kieiiange, In the city of New York by Ihomas Veltch. auctioneer the bark Willie Squall, her tackle, apparel and furniture N. B. ? The above venae! la copper faatem d and coppered built al New York, three year* old, oueof the fastest sailing veaaall of the port, carrylnit a large cargo for a clipper inislel; ahe is In good order and we 1 found; the cabins and ample accommodation* forth* crew ariyn deck, and her bulwarks are very high. She Ilea at loot 01 Fifth street, has I river May 18,1807. I5UIAI1 RVNDRRS. U. H. Marshal WS. MkLLOK. AC'"11 UNKKit.?11K.NTEKl, HDOAK hold furniture.?W, S. Mh'Ll.oK a CO. wJll sell to morrow , Thursday, May 21, at the residence 17 West Thlrtv tiral alrecl, between Broadway and Fifth avenue, al lllt? o'clock l'arlora?Brocalel and lace window curtains, cos per window; solid rose vood 7 oclav* piano, wim rich carved leg?; French pla e pier mirror*, with slabs and brack eta; real bronze mantel clock coat %2M W'iltnn and tapestry carpels, oil painting*, papier mache lire screen, rotewood e t gsre, with French pla'e back lined with sa'lnwnod; ro*?> wood parlor, ?nii?. covered itt hrocatel t< match window our tain*; centre table, French china deeorejad mantle va es bisque and other rich iiiainW ornamenia In great variety, two original oil painting, by K C 1 ones, valued at lilOO each. Itining n om, chamber ai d ex rooui furnhare, m grea variety, .iz solid malioganv hair clodi furniture and chamber Hulls, maltog* ny pat lor chairs, le'e-a tcte eotts ge an; s, Willi npthlc in.s; liqe hair uiattressos, palliasse*, frather bed*, luxater", pillows, rvmiiKi'U, neoning, .xc ; aifo, a urge variety 01 K irn: I. sml basement furniture, French china castor stiver idaled locks slid "po ns, Knglish oilch tin, stair risl?, with ami-car pel. anr a large vari 'v of kitchnu utensils, with which ( -a e v 11' conimeuee. ''atalngue.s oh morulug of Half. IK-po hi> r? quired from nil irchHscnt. Ih'Il.UAM T UOYP, MTOTIONKBR?RY OKOH'IR T? Nlt HOl.S, on Thursday, Nay 21 at o'oluod. at tln? sales room. <M> Nassau street, a large mid select variety u plants In pot*, comprising a flue cmlee.iinj of ?* i Williams which look the prem nm o' jj.ti at the Crystal Palace; carna nor h, dahlias veruielhw. lielitropes, .Vc . and a large variety ol oiln r plants of all sires, sui'able for furnishing greenhouse-' Mid V.nir 11/11 1,1 AM T. ROYI>, AU< I'll'NKKit?BV 'itCORUK Vf Nlnt l?i?S, on Tuesday, Viitb May, at ll)/, o clock, at the s-lesinoni, fib N esau struel, will be rolil, on account of a hum i; may rot rein, i Ine boxes and ennlentn. each oontaiutng an ore reiiarator, or a -rac apparatus belonging thereto. By or OHM MATHlaN UK VKRI.KY. J'Mh "A" *>'>. PNIOK OOUKcK, LONG ISLAND.?TROTTING, 0? L Wednesday, Mav 2P, at tbre.e o'clock, a match for ii.UOO nine hi a s, best three in live, ? go as they iilease. H. Ws>,l rufl'names c. s. l'lnughboy. James 'A'helpley names s in Lady Fillmore. SHAW ,lc WlllTK, pryprienirs UMnK COI'RPK, L. I?TROTTING. -ON THURSDAY May 21, at 3 o'clock, a purse of ilk*), two mile heats and repeat, in bai'iies*. H. tVoodrulf names gr. m.??.owner tonnes r. g Captain Henry; S Mcl aiighlin names b g. t Jen. I'arry, owuur names b. g. Andre v Sbeehan. SflaW A WlllTK, Proprietors. UNION COl'RSK L. 1.?TROTTING?ON WKDNKSDAY May 2ll, a- 3 o'clock P. M , a match tor {2,nut), mile heats, best three In live, lo go as they please .1 Wh'Mpley names s. m. Ladv Fillmore; H. Woooruil names c. atal. Plough boy. To come oil, rain or shiue. SI1AW A WT1TTR, Proprietors TTKIoN COl'HNR L. I ?TRoTTINU.?OK i'HUKN1?AY, U Slay 21, at 3 o'clock P. M., a pnrse and stake of Bl.isl, mile heals, best lhre? io tire, to wag ing, D Pilier namea or. c Krownitick. b. .McLaughlin item < b, in Lady Moscow, il. Woodrufl names b. m. Rose of Washington. L'ars will leave the Notch ferry Brooklyn for the Oourse at ?qiiar *rpast two o'e'ock, slid ret rii as Soon as the sport is over. Pare to go and reiuru SO cents. SHAW A WlllTK, Propristori U NION I'Ot HSK, I.. I.?TROTTING.-ON rUHKiDW. May 21. at 3 o'clock P. M, a purse ard stake of .mi two nut Drum, 10 rartioar. m ttoourtm n*iio*t x in ^wiii* ntmti r g ("apt. Henrr; 8. Mr|.ani{blm nitta** l>. g ten. larry; uamra b. g. A mlrrw 8h?tiin. MIAW A WHITK, Pmprtetem. msicAii aSi) DAjronia. jnq UROADWAY.?NME. AAU VAOKAO'A > . N( *)T JO aradrroy oprn ft-ry h ; it -i err . 14. (trtnd Wt-dtiiwdttt, fruin g till li > ?. All the fa.vhtouahl- Ja.trtaught Tli.'. ijisa quadrille Lee Ixuirloi* m.?y be learned a tbf earning pra'-tii < without mir? char.,.*. ARARR CHANCE.? V BKACTIFtTT, 8TOOVRT roaewoyd pianoforte, aerprntinr cam*, with petrl key-i recently cnat Id" . will be anlJ tor fctfrl. Apply at lyl Tblr.' avenue, between Eighteenth and NiHrteeuib atreeU. ARARR CHANCE.?WI I.I. UK SOT.O, A HPI.RNOID roar wool pianoforte, lit* and warranto), at a Kr*-*. arguni A aerond hand piano taken In richange. For par Mr11Lain plearr rail, or adilrraa A. WEIiKR, 166 Wml Hmal way, near < 'anal aire el a Till NO l.AItV Itk'SIRRH A PLAt'B AS TdAClIKK A. la a private family or In a trhool. alio aoeitka several laaguuKoe and lit tin aceompliahed mnalrlan. Apply to or vldreaa Mlaa M , SU Ra?t l?th at. No ohjeet'on > go Houtb or Weat AKfU OCTAVE. KOCNI) CORNKR, ROARWOOO piano, rutin* iron frame, ctreoiar aoale. harp pr t?l carved sliding, by a celebrated limit on maker. fully wnranlrd; coat, wl'li a'ool and rover, last November, fttJU; will he ao'd for cnali at $123 Call ai 187 Ki^t l VOl'NO LAT>Y, TEACHER or Ml'SIC, (PIANOJ\ forte i would llkr lo rblaln a tew mor? pittila at her own . -.tour private residences. Terms moderate. Apply at Ml Not folk street. VR08KW00D KKVKN OtTAYK IRON PRAMK (III.b. H ptann. In perfect order, lor $IV>; one aU octave for $u? ; a four on a re -oar wo al mrlodron for Rt2. hut little nard. Pi a it* lortea and melodeotta In plain and cartetl cases. for rent, bv S. T IdlHIKlN. it, Hroadway \l)OOI> S-KVKN OTTAVK PIANO t'AN HK HAD A bar pain for caab. Apply to J AH. VaS RIPKR. 178 W matter a'r.-ri, rrar Rleerker. pBKKkKIRHII. (III.HKRTR A WATKRH* pianos and V ' mrlodroM.?Will bo old tala week, at reduced prteos, ?t the W aTKHH' pi uo and innate rooms AW i Iroad way .second land plains. loom $.?! to f IdO. tn*'lodeoni from I1A to IBM, and iw aalr on monthly payments, or for Ml and rent allowed on inrohium Planoa "mad and repaired. nAKr?AMKI).-WAMIKI' IIJ riMIIAAK, A ll(KM) M-cned linn I. double nctl- n harp; nnr p?IMi h tvlng one odiapore of Din) hear of apurrbaarr by adJrr.dnf Howard, II in! f i fllce, rating price, maker'a n unc, nail ?h re it can br ?e?*i MKI.OMORH TO RFNT-RKNT AI.M>WKI> PIT PUR ibanc I ctlal atih bane harmnnleoiMi, ttnrlfalled for I iin 1 or o rc?rt pnrpo?e?. a fine a??ortm"?t of H. If. A II W. sin 1 ib eelehrattd tnojndt on* ard harmonh 00a for awlr or mi. by their a*cnt. A M. RAttoUnK. fill Walkar mien. l.ib?.rn I terma to the inula. Vl'MllANR WAIfTKr-FflR T1IK UNITKD STATKS naval ccrvlre. Apply at ibe ?w Y 'rk Natal Kandci 11,? bo 9' bcrrv ?. piANOK AND Mmr.-O. H IPCMtRKST A OO., W9 I liioartwray, tor Canal a!r?ct, aiooit* l<?r the celebrated Mm Mb r pianoforte*, which for too* anil Antah arc winat 'a aov In ihr world, and will ha aold at prlc* which defy r.imp? 1 ih, M#o a choice and wall aeleetrl ?twk of alma'. mtiiAc,* iltclr own large and popular catalogue. 1>IaNOFOR1 KH - r. RARRIAON HATING RKM0TRP b<* warm. m? and oiaioifaCor* to W7 Canal a real. nor a t of Woo*ter afreet offer* * aplendut aatoclmc.i of ptanoa 1 ??rt T '4 nrtatc*. with *11 the modern Impmremmte, at the io-> cai maiuilaetnrer'* prtera. Piano* to let |)!.\.NO? A RVCObP IIANP PIANO TOR SAI.R?PRP'K I ????I In,*, Orchard (treat. pi \N<>b AT tiBBATK.ST BAIPIWNN IN NKW YORR.I t >oe ?>, or ' rnaewond, fnrtl'i; on? for ft 18; on* fiV CI fl.'J |la", five,one eleran'ly carrel ?.'T?n raw, for JA? it* t fObN, 'vbcra lor tsi, W |KI, at Md M *t IMTwaotv h * ?. 1", naar With ttrnna p KMI'T At PHII.IP KKNRC, t'ROVRNROR OF TIIK II i o'bm tlu'a an ! raltar, wmtfl raapaetfally annonnne tbai , n 1 11.'t ? d. f r " in-ner month*. '1 IT RVat I wrivy ?titb e'rert, between llntadiit ay and Huth are fine, Ni m \urh. IthlHI tl lt?P?, / <*< III H'lMK rnR RMaLI. CUIMiRKM WITH a /\ * !. ? l? ly, tn-y wll he ?dn .? *1 and hate a moto?r'a oare. <~har?>a icry rra*on*b)?'. Plmae app'y at Id for .!' ton a 1 ran. rcua >d. tbraa mint.tee wale Ipiin Wall airm >r hnnth ferry. N f'N RCNO\ AU??3H<H)I. ANt> HOUR RPOOATIOR>rerrh and FnglUh laaeieal and commercial b-iai-lliig and det a. (tool gl and 49 Wont Twenty al?ih alraet. between tlrnodwat ?n' bii'h arenuc. near Madiaun aijoare Mr. M'l I" rn.HM wtitfi RQWliam mai rv?vin? brm *bl? to rn'crKn hM pr,*ni?r? by thr <uJ,1IUon of lh? h hum, Ijotnlrff "-iK r?l*hR*htoPnt will n<* h* r?mn?.v| Mr Km# iak?* rhfkt ttr of a llmnr,! tinmhrr of Tory *rloc1 boy* <>nl|r For l?rm? mil or atldrr** ** Abovo, SV WMKRRKBOHTW. ClO/./.KNN- WKRT "OIRT HOI KL.-THIN HOCHK WILL J npro for thr n?a* o on Thoraday. 11*1 of May. UTTrBorr HOHHE. S?UH*ltNWIOHNT*R*T, N. T.W Oo ib- Knmp-an plan. Ml* >3 for alngto. tail M lo ft Far doriftr room nyr work, or ST to M emb p?r aigto. TV Armf to MtolrnMrf MW (fc? Hniaoa fchrar ud torto Railroad IMIMI. DKNTIfTRT.

I v l< N H. I?RIFF1S. JW *N.i IV F1 I 1"N SIR F1 r I " Brooklyn, I* InarrtiiiR hit beautiful minoral tooth *n hn niprovrd atmovphrrir pla'o*. with or without r i tract! ng the Full or partial ?? oil inr gold, $6 per tooth. Stiver, SI Dbwtwtrt.-oii. ji ? ddrri*. canal ntrw Miar *wrick. (old No. ITS, now tM.) In?tu? attention a> Uh km* two tnorwMful etporletioo. .Kill iperaUona ?l?h ih* i*? aadkaraale?i baanMMBg twit (wot Vaetoas) ?r**wwti? til "WW Meet w Oarf* nKNTISTRT-l?R. AIMMM, I.ATF. Or CflAKHXRA Miwt, ro*p*ctfntly inform* hi* fWoml* MM tke p'lh i hut bo ha* taken an t Hire at l|ht Hleerker a'reet, where h way *lwa>* be fnniwt prepared lo perform all operation* n m the terih In ih* moat prrfrrt mainrr ami ng ri'Mnrth *rm*. Nattsfaettnn warranted. I mi* attrnttor or thor* in tkri i prc tlnUy Itnilrd to a b' anUfnl Itoprovi owi OHIO,|? liom teeth, which render thorn Inflnl',' > tu.v ar. rial lee.h acre to (torn mar if a > niri?l, . Vrlr'tolio- r . >nlli t lit . on > , ..I ' " ark ,1' lir h i I r - | > >?- wo v?r i ! * ' ' iv i a ic-< Of rh , la, > nr., o? - Itvtp i, i U ... it, to . ml, . |ou: *>r?ck . > K K T I, r, MAY 20, 1857.?TRIPLE AKAUNIRIOKNT AH8ORT^NT0IT"BLA0K GHANt.lly uotaU, naantlllaa, tiouueea, Ac. now an hud; a'ao, Ct agellla acta, collar*, capea cad ooiftaree; real lace rein i<6. lftlXBB A GRANT, 7M Bread way. BANI*.-NINR PRKNCH WOBKKO OAMBRIO BANJJS, J rent bargains; at UK KIN'S BA3AAR, 6U Broadway. 81 Nlcholaa HotaL BAKKUR AND TISHUR FLOUNCED ROBB8. An extensive assortment of Elegant summer atylea In plain and Heb ehlnts colora. Much below regular prince. LORD A TATI.OR, a*. 287. 269 and 261 (irand street. And 47 and Catharine street, BKKaKFaST ANI> TRAVRI.I.1NU HKT8 OF <X>1.1,ARB and sleeves, quite new jnat received; alto, fine embroi <lert?*a hlark crape acts muslin, and Illusion artlolee far mourning, Infanta' oapa, edgings and Insertions In great ra rlety. MILLER k URANT, 70S Broadway. (IHRAJ* BILKS FROM AUCTION. ) An Immense variety NKWlifc. SPRING STYLES, Now ready, 80 centa to 78 eenta per yard. LORD A TAYLOR, 288, >87. 259 and 161 Orand at Aud 47 and 49 Catherine a treat. CIURTAIN MATERIALS, LACK CURTAINS, (JILT / cornices. window sbadas. brackets, and PPHOL8TKRY UOODH GENERALLY. Ad sstenslve anil deal ruble assortment. Much below usual prices. LORD A TAYLOR, IBS, J#7, 269 and 361 Orand street, And 47 and 49 Catherine st ClORShTS, CORSETS, CHEAPER THAN K/KR-JU8T > Imported, 91; Shalt" hoot*, 50 cents, h! MRS. KLCKR'S, e>2 Broadway, between high tee nth and N luetoenth streets, one blnet imm U? ion square BMIw.?lt>ERED 8ETH?FLOWING AND GAUNTLET sleeves. At 91 St). French embroidered seta, trimmed with real Yalenoennes ace, 93 SO fGENIN'B RAZAAR. SIS Broadway. Rt. Nlshnlas Hotel ELEGANT EMBROIDERIES AND LACKS, In freat variety, Inoltidlu* collars, sleeves and chemisettes. In sets wad separately. INFANTS' R.OIIKR, WAISTS ANI) CARS, 11 ANDd, Handkerchiefs, Ac.. Ac., Ac. Also. Ad Immenee Msnruneat of UHKaP EMBROIDERIES AND LACK. LORD A TAYLOR. 266. 267. 269 and 261 Orand street. And 47 and 4V Catherine It f/MthNCH WORKED COLLARS " The finest makes Imported, much below the cost of Im iirrtatloa, at UKNIN'S BAZAAR, 6X3 Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel. htAMILY LINENS AT LOW PRICKS. Pull stock of most approved makes, SHEETINGS, SHIRTINGS, nAMASKS, NAPKINS, TOWELLINGS. Ac., Ac., Ao. LORD A TAYLOR, 266, 257, 36k and 161 Grand st And 47 aud 49 Catherine street LINENS WHITE AND HROWN DAMASK AND SNOW drop ctoiha, nsptlna, doyltea. towels, 4c., tiniou oloths. niwels, Ac. Dealer* unpolled and roods sent on order by WM V1ATHKWR. No. 64 Catharine ?lreet. LOWITZ A KKCKhK, No. 307 Canal and 49 How ird streets, Lale Arnold, Constat le 4 Co., Deceived hv last sieamer Drea*, clonk Mi l mmitlllft trimmings, Zephyrs ?nd tapestry wnnudi, Silk*, chenilles, embroideries, Ac. MATTINH-CIIK tPMATTlNO. -WKOFFF.R 2flU PIKLTM while UauUiu mailing, tint quality, at 2H cents. W. 8. liOA [I, lijrt and Hit Snib avenue. VTKW CARFkTINUN AT LOW PKK'KS. i.1 Knusela, velvet, tape*try, three-ply, ingrain, atatr, And low p loed carpeting*. Alan, (allelelb*, i turn, matting, mata, rods, Ac , Ac. L(>R1> A r A W>< >K, 2M, 257. 16P and 381 Grand streak ONK THOUSAND FLOUNrRD MU8MN ROHKH. (Fast colors, a lib three and four Itouncea), A< SI "5 each. A T 8TS.V* KT A OO., Hrn.vlWKv I hamhers and Read* atreeta. pBlMTCD AT SUNS, CHKS 'M l-'?T: "KRi'ALES L plUd Swiss, organdies, brilliants, Jaconet i, nod every other variety of desirable (lottos fabrics tor iiinmrr wear, At va?y low prices. LORD A TATi/tK, 25i, 257. as and %1 (Irani street. And 47 and 411 Catharine streak PRINTKD LINVNS. IN TI1IRTV IHPFKKKNT STT1.K8, comprising some of the ne*i??t patterns ever Imported, For sale lit The Linen Store, 748 Broadway. above aalor Place. J. O. MILLITIKW A (X> , Proprietors. K1C1J PRK8H 8II.K8 AMD ROHK& Pull assortment ( bolce Paris styles LORD A TATI.OR, 266 *67 , 290 and *0 (Iran 1 atreet. And 47 and 49 (lafteirine streak SKIHT noop- tV.iT 11 HPRIMl TRMPKKBI)THK undersigned Is prepared I a All orders and to contract with -kirt manufariin r* ua supply Urnm with the b>'*t nrtlele of taring* In market. The*,- ipnnga are dnishnJ and O'mpereA equal to any watch spring. A. KOHINKoN. 8l) ft reenwirh street S. T r) THK L4IMFX-TBIC UNDKH8IHI4KD IIF.A8 TO inform 'Hwmdle* that she la prepared tocleisn and retail ,L IB the moat perfect manner any kind #r whit# or so is red laswla, French silk dreeers kid (lovos. Ac. Please apply te Mrs II. Rol.LKK, 61.1 Fourin street, between aves. B aad O IT NKQL'Al.LKD 8TAXPRD KMHROTDtBT MANVFAA ) Mire ? F HA PKRCKV aL. (Charles MaaoeL successor,) ijn Broadway, N. T. Madams Minrel, slater of Ms. lam* De Perceval, gives her special alienUeo In all kiads of Frenefe emipalderlee made to order, inlUala, scolloping, yokes. Ac., whialesale and retail. ftURO nibi.aimHt. Bridal appoiatmkntii for thk million Truthful flowers, thai must command adnirallou, with a laonsaiid other stlractlve objects of Interest. Fancy bonnet rinno-ia imuri prior. >n iiouoriauon. r fH'lV'rl aa nana., fell ?<nhi'V to render the purl inn of llowera the depot lor tint rrtifiiii'-iiiAl and the beautiful, at 361 Broadway. J| ukr rmtcvri* at iBrurri hww Hiixiyav g? laMlubmewl, Jtl 'anal atreet, two doora from Tboapaor % nirulml mrtety of plain and fane* Neapolitan haia, War *aut ?. Ouaapletliig .ma of tbe aand aHaawlu mmmw 1 lb if nttf Pleaae aaamloa. IKM RKK, BUUMI, ? M W \ .1TKl'. <7 (Kin HIUHOl'lll I. A BIN WAN! l< I'tKTfWR 0 I """/*/ owning land* In Mia?nnii ran 'Ind a |> irebaaer by applying at room 11, Trinity Bullilluyi, III ilrialmy, trmn 10 to ll.ri-.orlt A.M. INYh.NToRB AMD PATRNTKK*-WANTRP. To MR 1 gntla'e for tbe porbaae of the patent right*. for Rnrope, of ?nj article# that would nome latn general uaa. Addrnaa, I# tbe flr?t Inatanee, with full written partiorlara and In wear n rma. Alpha, bo* S3 Hroadway Poat ..glee, New Vork. CTRA WAMTKO ?A (TTMNHAR lloll.KR O frr-m eight ro'welre horae power, t'aah will b# paid for ne in fi?"l order, by addreaalng R. T. !>., hot 171 llarald Bee. U'ANYKD-I'4 KT or A UONTKNIKMT HOUAK, BY A family of three prraona. gentleman, wile and aerraik ?df1r??a. wit* all parUculara ana tbe loweat rem, U. U O , Herald o>ea. tl'ARTRD-OMR OR TWO I,AR?ir. AIRT AND 1,1'IHT TT ma, ? ti ateam i at* ng t.-rna and loratloii, John Palla-i. 413 Hroadway. Ua.ITKDM RXI'UANUK TOR OOOl> TIMitKK IT .anla, flH pfa.perty and part -ah, tor a g.?-l win. .'*1 wllea <w New Vork. of Ir-un ~.\ In till Wr-a -,l gool ,i i. a. iat belli a bealihy l.a-a'lnti and fre- iro*a > ne .mlirnii .* Ai Irera I artner. bo* ? ijM hew York I' wtof *e. o/ ANTRD-A WORENHOF. BrirtHi.R TOR \ iii,A?-IC YY ?in -h a d n o-hinlai gram. I II. r preferr- I. -i the Or ml' a Heaieror hll/abeih air. - la. A.llreaa rf HOMKK, 11 uiei 'a blia-l- a *? I'nan. air- et. IdJKf /t.3IT> rui hu. noo l-oKT t "l U K RIR.1 CH*RI.K?, rRi m<r.? | ?*? >i <? w hue on hranat, feet and A Ubenri re? aid will be riren on re-.irelng blm I' ?>r ' If'bt oh TIIK JIlTH HABi'll, A HANK >-'K Ml J I'.- -'e Any r.-raon rev.mine lb- aaoi to *.- w r, N I" I < ? r ... -he v?. nra Bank, ?nr>. r f ilr . if and Ml. -wk. r e et, will ba amiably reward.-d. Lftyrr-ON At NDAY MORNINO IN TMR flfTII AYR- I nna between Klghlb and fenih atroeu, a lady'a etnbnd- I ?. a*. h.,Ab.?i.... *?... _ . - J l. .... - -- I w ?rd*d on r*t'?rotnf It to Ik* * ** nf tk* (Inatral Railnia I (ompany ?f N*w J*wy. Na. a Wall mm. L,MT-K JSVA1 I. Ht.ACK SCOTCH TKRRtKR ST.CT. ?? r?ward ?IU b* paid m <taMv*rtng h?r M 91 W??t Tw?nty third Wr**t. NOT ICR 1R HRRKHV UITRK-TH AT A R"TIC PRAWN by till* ARtnrg**. of Ot acid nail In ra?nr <>f tTvarli* Pit tl*r ?n?i *T*lnr**d by tk* Mm*, ha* b**n -<tnl*o, and that pay mi ni of the Mm* ha* h**n *topp*d. All p'ranot are k*r?sby warn*d atala*' *'**1*1 In* ib* aatn* Raw NByWJlir PICKED CT IN TH* EART RITER?ON THE 17TH 1 In*., a bo*l and bant htm**. Apply to John Hugh*#. I mt*?*in. r*nM?.U*ry MoapHal. liUokwfra I aland oTKAtun or HTOI.IN-rROM ATLANTIC RTRKNT, o'hlnl door *bo?* Pownn, a blmik hara* alrfiiit lfi>, haixU high, wbu* aiar oai hla fiwhaad. two whnn hind rnm, ***y h?a?y man* and inll, to a light mcbaway wagon, mad* by t.*r*Nar?h, R*wart, W. J., a blank*! 0OT*rtng tk* bora* mark*d R . nl*o a roha nmW ih* baeb **av Tha flnd?* of tha abnT* will ba lib*raii* r*w*rd*d by r*t.iralng kim th? i* l>ogan atiwk) at J A MEN MoHKIS1 at*nl*, LiWy atr**t, I Kr<*kivft. I | iMH-rnve. CJPORTINO ?A PRRRON 1R WAN f Kit TO TRtl.V ANP I r O ' >rd * f*" h.h?h'i r 11', h? n .. ft.- ir'i'.v >m j vrtmi * ' 'r?-? I. <<!<, ll?r*lii nfTw. oi .>< wh.n <nd wh?rii i on IntrrTlow m?y b? hud. | Yachts re* rat.r titb rwi.miRArxo tachtw jnpw a, ATPT!!* rv-m-it* *h? H*rW ao-1 th? < AitfV MOW*, hrrn. , > * t? ' ?. th* , .mi.. *t '? ?.. .? % .1,.. f.. ,? ?? ?t- -t. ' ??t n.f$ R- (1 Hfinar <k?k % ouilAUluX uladvja. I LEE A SHEET. rniABOUL. ! c'41,1 nun to , wn0 bond mowtoaoi. HPOV/.V/W IIounur more anna, lo aaltapuU nun*. uo (outl Improved real natal'- In Ihlantty. Apply to 8. 8. BKO All Hn IS Wall at-eat aeontit atory. froni rontna A NTKJl'K AND RaRK MtINK BOdUHT and S ij.i) BY A JOHN Mourn, munay broker, itj Broadway. Dividend,?thit metropolitan fire inhur* . Company, No 1UH Bread way .-New York, May 12, id# Nut we la hereby alvrn that u,. Board of Diraatora at be' meeting neui mm (iky, b>?K declared a aero 1 nasi ual dlvtleiii* of Ave per oenl on the capital mock of ihia company, p.iy*hi? on and after Wednesday the ash day ?r May Instant, nnttl which day (Inclusive) the transfer books are closed. KDWaRD A. HTaNHHURY. Hecretary. OKKICK OK THK MII.WAtlKIK A Nil IIOR ICON RAll. road ompany. Kichanfce place New York Vlay 18 1 M#7.? hubecripUons fi r a uorttou or the additional stack of tills company, eulliliug the holder to a share of ihe Uuds to he pun bused of noTeruineat, will be received at par at ihla ofltos until farther ootlce. J. H. N.YUTU, Preildoot OMICI or T1IK CHICAGO AN1) ROCK IHl, AND Railroad Company, New York, May 9, IHW ?The aaaaal meetinir of the stockholders of In* compani, tor the eleciioo ol thlr'een directors for the ennu'ns vear, will be held at ihe ofllo* of the company, m the rl'y of < liicupo, Slate of Illinois nu Ihe 6th day ot June uext I he poll will be opened ai II o'clork A. M. ami close at Hi o el..ok M. The trauarer bsoks will oe closed at 2 o'clock P. M on Monday, ihe 2ftth dav ol Muy, uml reopen on Saturday, the flth day of June, at If o'clock A M. KKANOJ8 H. TOWN. Sacreiary OKKICK OK THK If.MNOIH CKNTRAI, RAlt,ROAD Company, New York. April 2. 1*17.? No lee is hereby giviu that the Director*of the lllln-ils Ceutral Railroad Com pary hare resolved to Increase ti e capital slock of the com Esuy fr<m one huudred and seventy thousand abarea to two undred aud tlfly five ibou-nnd sliarea, which new shares vlll b< allotted to the holders of the present stork at the clnalitif of the hisiks on Ilia Welt of Junennkt. and to such persons as may become slnckbolders by the conversion cf optional rlK'ils which < spire on- ihe tirst dav of January, 1AM, In the proportion of one share of new slock to two shores of old stock Tne 'rsnsfer books will he clesikt on the JUth day of June next, mid re-openrd on the 1st day of Inly next. The holder* of the present atock *r? required lomr rive one third of the number of ?lntren to which thet may be entitled on the lat day of July, 1H67. end to pay no met- Intent ot Stn pet abnrc thereon. Optional rghii tor the rcinainuig un Uitnla will be laaucil? one hull convertible into tlie alovk of the cunt puny, on or before the lat ilmy ut'Se irnary, lifts, ttttd tho re muinder on or before the lat of July, 1*.V< ?eurb tna'almenta a* may then have been rtUletl tu on the pre-ei,t atocU to tie pit Id to t be company ttt tfw time oJ convention Ihoan permit.a who ahull becoew aicck. holders by the eon vers'on of I lie Drear lit Optional rtghia Into Block, on or bt lore the I'd tiny of January. ISM, ami niter the Ut dnv i./July next will be required to ret" lie nild pay for one third of the new stark to which'hey may lie entitled at the (lie time op melt cotivci-idon. tip it mil right* for the remaining tutu.thirds of the ttt * *lock .o which they may be entitled will be Wan ttl o tbt m, of the same tenor iu> those hailed to parties who ahull appear h . SI tic?h tlilcr* ut the I'l.cotiK of the ruaika uu tbu Jtl'h of .lime next Parties eontertlny Optional rl ,'hia \vill be r squired to pay b> It" c< inpany nil arrrnetl Intereet ott the iij*t'il'ii. ?,'a from Ute lime that in erext ahall bat been p?td "U the ioWalmenU, to theboltlert) ot tbe present shart* All slcn k wl all in not applied for before the It th day of July next a ml the Inatulment jiald thereon, will be kirfelted to the ct mpauy togelhrr *hh *11 r'ghta which n'ttteh th rreto. 'Ml* dlt eetora have resolved to extend 'lie time for the eon vendon of the exlstlus opilick1 rut lit* which, oy their terina, expire on the lat of .Military, lHoB, to as to Ucltitle the Jd day ot .lanunr). I hod. liifnituition pertaining to the detail* of this la*tie jnn be ob lained In inquiring at 'lie oflice of the c irupauv, Init t eat wi'l he paid, hh tiaual, upon the itoek ol the com pant on the lat of July next By Oldir of Ute Hoard of lltreelora. J. N. rKllKINd, Treasurer. euTlkltOII BOUGHT AT KIGHCBT B ATK* kUO O all other foreign gold and silver ruin, by JOIIN HOJl'K, money broker. i~,2 Hroadwa). MIAN OKKlt'Kk. Jtl ?ANY ANOI NT OF MONKY ADVANCKD AT THK dpi* Kroadway Mian iiltlce, Sod Broadway. Tbta old eatab Imbed and reapontible ollice advance* the highest utiiua on dlamorda, watches, jewelry anil peraonul property, or bought (or cash. I'aw nbroker*' tli kels bontfiL MA(H?liFK A KHKAO. Sl*l H road way, eorner Walker. SOO J. P. W11,1, IS A OO., SAd.iyV. r. Successor* to Ipttrher .1 Co , loan on INamontls, watchea, I Pawn bank era I All kin. I a of property, jewelry, ailka uinl | ticket* t ought | or buy forundt. ,xl No *i ! . ii No 7 t^ii Otitt ..oaf oh Faftiufc iilxxofiia P xfi" f.t/U?.? jewelry . aefare, dry ?i"la. and ail klml* ? t? raonal property, or bought and aofd To* eaah Note*, bond* mortgaged, stocks fed. negotiated. lilt Naaaao strwok aaran V Aim, sdeoml It -or. room# No. 1 and !& THOMPSON J* CO., broken and mnadeelt* oeeratuxulk dPY r 7 OiUtTIl I.OAN ON WATI'HFA DIAMONDS, ?J > I " jewelry, Ar., or bo ght lor cuab by JiJb>.l 11 K ISAACS, 11 Chambers atreet. (basement oilier 1 from ninr till Ave. Mnnn*au pro upl and contuleiiUab N It ?No buabieaa transacted on s.xt'Tduys. j?-?r.|i nnn -mohwh# ?* ootumm or t ib V ?>* /v"J. Slate and Mayor an I ommon Counctl ot City of New York.?Money leut at legal rates, on gold, silver, watchea diamonds, jewelry, dry g<*?ln, Ao. A. AIlOLPtlUS, f?i I'earl atreet, oorner of R aid. MONEY.?MONKY A/IYAN('KT? TO ANT AMOUITT ON ree-enable temta on furniture, watnhea, diamonds. Ore r arnui. noiiiK'Hi. Mirru ai an ' anrveynn tn .rniienu hi.niea wunna, tewing machine#. mrnliuillir an I all peredrV pro party, ar henpbt forjra eh Kit'II (Ml) W*L TICKS * JO 11 14 and 14 Hrary itraM and 'M t'atbertne ??rent M IM K.r.i.AmiMB. ARrHITKITKRAL ltKNA.MK.VTM IN l'l.AMTKIt KO't the Interior luiiah of bulldiua*.?A. J. HAKVKY, plain and ornamental pl.oderer, W Third antmit'. *l>ot? l.iuli at . centre piece*. eorliicr aud call 1.4 ..inuuniit*, An. Country rdi r? Ulel and Workmen *eni in tin- .mn'iy ClOKSPMERH or OAK TIIKOCOIIOITT THK CKITAi / tfialna will Irani ?.>melhlnr ifreaily to ihrlr pecuniary ad vania** lit rend ink ihrlr addreaa. una dnllar and a r -efp tamp, lo J. Motherland Jouea, New Yuck Pual office. lie an lallhlraa, hat believing." DKMURO'H Rt'PER PHOHP1IATE OP kTME.-THIK IN valuable and only reliable ferlllii r. la eold by tha Mb anibrr lo bagaof ItOlba. and barrel* (,f yjo .ha., war ranted genome JAMKH P. IIAMMILLs lluPearl atrart. FRKNl n CHINA DINNER, T?A. AND OKASKRT SIT*, ian< t articli*. Ac., at lawral imp .nation price*, aa i airanted fnlly ten par rent leaa than any other r* ahllahiaeat r the rame quality of Ifooda, AlkD, Kn4"di atone chlaa dinner, |ra, and toilet aeia. rut, plain, and prmuird 41.1a* Aa I cod* Tor the country carefully packed. CHAM. al'ttVTK NKI., HlMt llrtMtdway, near Twentieth atreet CI AM fOR THE COUNTRY f liaa apparalua alter the patent of lh? Maryland portable Oaa Coaapafty 0. B. WOODWOBTH A CO. Are oow ufferm* for *ai* A mat compI'de, ebeap, a'an>a Aod efllckat g-ie anhl? Adapted In all rear?cta to the war "a of Private dwePinaa. public and private artenU, dnuTDca. oollepe* far?ori-e. founder" ?#, Hotel* walerog pl?>'? Ac.. Ac Ac well aa wwna and village*. Detail* will be fnrnuihed My nppljto* hi peraon or by le??r I ? TO lAA oAm nl I m*m Where a mac b ur cm b? area AM deMrtp'lrr p*mphleta obtained. n "pernio* a k woon worth a (xk do 7? Wall ilrfrt. dew Tort. HHOMJCR, HI HOANK bTRKKT, M \CIHdfgT Adt . i>r H, |.'? :ht ?i?( 'inifrj| h. .! !,'h ln<k>ii.iii l,e'lh?n*i' r 1 rkJ alnn an aaeortmrtii <>l aihea, rlrae. preneee end uitlla I.* Mir KCRORKMC <>11 A, DWTU.I.KP TRO* COAU AKITKKP BT I.FTTKU PATRdT. I.ttmoTi.toOii, No. I Kano'tar l.rnnw?Ttjio (hi, do. 1 CrurxtiK Ii.i niintimi On. K rk'om On. Kr?I.aar". The Krrt?ieiie oil* Hi oe obtained fr'M tbe whoionaie .Jk dealer-" eblr rlinrdi-rt dr.ijrjrbre end fT""e-? In tht* igty. ? u the reader fy appoint d eireo-a of'be <r>eir*ry, In many of the prlnc pai tnnritn ,rl ti.Ufri uf Um) Coiled Mtatea. tkulVntdn nr'l lb? Inland of I'nbk Th' imp?ny rer -nmend in ibetr A?-rta nod ""hem. *a ib? mantil .pinrera ; 'ho bo* Korwun Ivari, Ik' fotmedni Rerttea Mee*r? . K V. tlanghwotii A Co Itrnad*ky, en-on >r Cornelian A Bnkry, of Phltade pbla, 'be Mri kfyn rlln 'IUm ?Vwnpnny. 7* Hr?d ntreet, d-w *ork, deeem HV-tl I 'o wad In?m nir-ft; I M -arter. ijr Kliantft- . H bVlwnrda 44 Pnene etreet. nn I n D)nU, if I'hlladt Ithia. damp'** : ihr 4iBerent atylre r> -in nui li# ?vn m die , .dice of din on* PkF * t ??:n*T'n' - i 'n formPy wvh ru'ea Adah I tel. -d b y ' *" Board of t ronWr, on appnM'tna in AI MTKdB, irnoral Agenia Ierwn? Oil c*. A Bearer "root, dew l?t B K ? Itrrilere wIMi full parncnlam, tenUmenlaia, pnmn i Ac., ian be hnd on applirntloo ?a abeee L'( \ "M. rut, AM. V"l V . ve-n WII, CRAB I of eomethlng for their adraiAace by errbwmg one throe A H VlTi nlt1,l. A CO.. HnMoL On** Mrs K1JJOTT# ItHKl*MAT 10 KMIlROCATIOd-WOR I rhr onanum, iolb aitin. I'irphaci, old '."reinn, dlalocn- ( Iiona. br ? *. Ar . Ac. for eale ol <hn nown and periodical ' [lepol, M piTlaion eireet, dew Tor*, nod by Mm. iiayen, I Brooklyn. j NKW PaTRRT tfRrrAGUM-POl PRWRRTlddTHa TBI. n. eur na'for life and neodina ira 1-hnern. InroniM, I Dkierio.1 aid noU only by Prof.arar rHARKH, optician to Sir d? W Tort Kf MnnpilkL Mo 2 P*?k row. if B dr. I rmrha Itrrnda runflng prnfbmai.mally Ike principal mum of 1 Ike Paatrm Milan. Rich cvt m.Arw ciiAMrmivw, wida glateon. diiianiom. bnwA. ralerwn, and wrcry dencrip'kra ,f pa n nnd pr> ?aed glnnn. al II per out lee* than any dhef i intaHlebmen'. alto Fran, h and Rngiali rhlnn, lanoy nrtielnn. Ooodn lor Ike eonniry earetnlly pmand , CM Ad. dTOVVRIim.. *' Broadway ti.-*r rwrnBedi *iroe'. CAWId??. PLAdldO AdD OTHRR WORK DOIT* AT 3 the I went re tee nt Ike Mil MS Wert Tblrtyfrmck ntreai rrrwonn Hating any of tkr a bore work tn be done wtU And It idranianeottn to nail . , ,, n ii 'i ,-*if FTRW OR AOKM I""' . n*. n ,*t v -1 MlRj arv< %?r iiung nf n th.? -nurt^v Si jr. MM* ii ?U ?l*r Mm* Ao? .,,.i? flent bl rior*** " wit p*rt of the "?? ; i .rVX * M-?'T MMonM ?o tie irtrfie A rail i* ? 3 ,t>. ? h . "ft'V'll <?M>y "Vr7" Tirx.'4" : , ?WUr?lMf. 1 T..W* rnK <KW TO?K ptwiiju A^n fw'WTt"'* tTA*' . I ,, .> ?. ,. , <n.i . II,. . ? . <!!? rvi. <*? i 7*1 MROAHW W. ,_ thA Uf i.? " ?*' ??..! 0 hrouch Hi' -- *i 't\ "re*'<1* ' ?J mr.-.l'? i?ru*e*ll nHprofn* ilreine %n<t el'*" wn?l owp ertw ? J ~ IV ?' '' ? Mil.***. '/'.'VmT * 1 ? ' " , , ' '' %nm frt trr ire h a m ?*? * , .. ' M * p?. 'rr ?>.. ? " ?- ?"' rt '. , . h. .!' /. * ', ... ?'*T | 4 A* , % I t . r , LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Ahim.bnhip pair of black horhk-i kor m?ivWwl niahbed, in yt'Hri old, sixteen hands hi h, long Hiik.hii Ijui while iin either horse, rery active and *tvUah. well hroiie and uerlt-rtlv sound .also, a beautiful bay mam, lllteen hitntb high. live veare old; ran irnt in 2 4ft Any gentlenian wishing to nun-hale either will lind IbU a rare rhanoe. Atlttreaa H. I,. J , Trey Post oike, boi dJV, or apply a the Herald nlHce lor name. ic. CAOW FOR HA I.hi- -A VKRY KIN* ANIMAL, FtVK YKAKB ) old, with or without ber rail, two or three week* old For further partlrnliira inquire at:? Murray ?iree?, for three or tew day a jjaor 8ai.k? a oray htai.i.ion, tiirkk 1 ram f old, of IRaek Hawk shirk. half brwther to Nsupareil. Tu be seen at thn stable in Hlitrenlh street, tint door from III unk way. For balk?a brown horrr, it,* hanoh hhih, can trot In 2:4ft soiumI and kind In every renpenl, and a splendid road horse, prise W"l Also a hay horse, II* hands high, poay built, pleasant driver, and can trot twelve miles an hour with great tMtse, warranted sound and kind; price Jitfto Also a coupe roskaway for one or two horsna, la perfect order, and a set of heavy single harness The above can be seeu at WAnHlltTRN'R stable, In Oourt street, be tween President and Union streets, law Brooklyn, or apply at No. 1 Hanover square, oonier of Htoae straat. New York For halk-a hkautipui.hokrni. mabr. hiiiandr high, can trot In three minutes, sound and kiua, ?Mf stylish under the saddle, sovsa years ul<l, also, wagon and harness Cau be seen by applying at Clarke's House. IB Chatham street. New York iflok h.M.k-a nkat ano light flpoond hajtb JU sannulled tide rockaway carriage for nae or two hosesa In good order. Apply at Arthur's stable, Bergen street, a*4l Court, Brooklyn. ^ For halk? a vkry nick uorhk, huitarlk fob a doctor or auy business. Apply at Mr. rky NOIJV livery stable, 182 HuOolk street. IiV)R sai.K-A VKRY HANONOMK PONT lt?HMT P horse, over I ft hands high, sis years old. sound and kladi To be seen at the livery stable, VI liruome at., near t Irene" L,OK taLK-A 8PLKNIMD SPAN OP WRM, MATilHRB r burses. boh U?llk, I51', hands high, seven yearn old; ana iroi together Id lea* Uian V and with a Utile training wM not in three minutes, sound and gentle, aold fur no ranM, the mi iter having m> further tut* for thetn Also a Light f?in% carrhiga and plated hartittaa U desired. Address A, *.? Herald otltr?. L'HIt HAl l a -lUMHH I'HKIII WKI.I. MAT'imD r allow while boraea LSv, bauda liiKti. of great etidtiranoaf can trot together lifmr nimntev, boih ktiul to suirle h u-nang. and voi-y sly lbth aad nay under the saddle Will be aold at a bargain ami warrunled by a responsible person to be free front all viee. fall at the ll.t/aar atablea. 111 Croaby street, near 11 rand. LKiK HAIiK?A ft)LI. HI.OftDKIf IMPuKTKlf HllnKT r hurned Iitirliam bull, very line Kur parti uiars inuefro nl W11.1.1 A VI II HoRMlN, fS S unit atreet, Mew York DOKIAU-i HARDflOMR DARK BROWN lloRHK J/ l6)-i Lands high, perfectly sound and gentle in every reepoct, and el great endurance, 7 years old. ean trot tn S'li, noA lias every requisite I or becoming (wnh pruimr training) a v>*g faal borte. J. A Italf'tnK, luf r niton at., up atalra. Fvik sm.r pkrrxptokilh -a pair op HbAfm puny built males, abnut If bands high, laat goer*In siagle or double bartons, well broke, atnl sold lur no fault. A MO wldi the above au entire new set ol double harness coat (138. and a s#t-ond liaiul tup wagon, in gon<l order, witn pule aad shall* f or terms and further parlirulara apply for two lay* at the prttaie stable. No. & Weal Tlertveutb street, uewr Kim avenue, where the animals, Ac , rmi be seen fit IV K HOR8M TOR HAl.R?<)NR PAIR WATCHMD V dappled gra a. Ift'i hands high, 7 year* olit, kind nad sound lso three uhtues single horses t an bo seen at itus slabieabf c. Lent, enrner of lhirleenlh street and llnlvendlr place. SMITH M. HKKtflA CI KKM ANTtiW N WAIH1N PflR SAI.K- IT WIL.I. H*A* T sii people. Is In good ortler, and is the inoal approved style of euuiiiry wagon now In use It was made by .looehs, ol Philadelphia, and sold by Wmal, at this city. Price MS4. Address lion 'Jfif Post urtieu ONK OP THK IrOVRURMT t.ITTI.K 8AIHH.K M f KM in lite city, lor a lady or gentleman, sound and bind, lur sale cheap; also, a stdtlln and bridle; alao, an elegant lady's saddle To be seen at Vr dOM(H tl.I.Y'M alables, WMt 1'wenly ninth street, near Hro?dway. SITLKRT W ANTKn. ? ADDRR88 H , BOX MM PONT litre, Stating kind, quality and lowest eaah price, nr appltmimns will not be noticed. VRKMttNT HORSKM ?HKVKRAI. Tot! Nil MOKtlAM horses, of gmsl sire and s'yle and pcri'-Hly sound. wilt b? aold at very low prices, to close Also, a low netresf heree, suitable lur haeltirg, Ac , fur - vie, much bcnuw their valne, at No. tt ltoerum street, llrrsiklyn. ~\\T ANTKH TO PVKC'! V UOO|? KOM?W\f]ON TT to pcrfoot ruder ni) titlw i will ilu muai n?i wmh arer 17611m. without, or ?16 lbs with to|>, also a brldln, *.?if IU- aad lady's aid'- aadilla. lull lltllo WMMj Kor sale ?r lo wm bang?, a n?w Waiam waifon. writhing iSUlba., never n .nd. A'Urma box '.<5 Br odway Font mile*. WANTKI'TO 1M B IIA?HC A WAUOA, l/llY WHKKI.N* Mutable for a i;on?; new or second hand, leave dire* lion, box i,7" I I'i'Ol lie UMMiiTMCHltlUP munoca. <LinO * rhum:b wantko' is tu flPl.V/v rial into agency btnuneas, ronnei led with tea wliolt sale and reunl lupior boelneva, Ibal will pa/ a Ixudaoaa mu uviv lOVprr wwk and good security given. Apply fa T. liAhKNav, X! Jackson street. Jfew York. ? ?A i'fcrhon wantkh win) this awoi/nt ?P * )\J In a pleasant cash Imisiiimm This lo a (luo opportunity uj DKOin In business, whirta i? now paying >'i ipu par minimi. K-rurliy will In* given fc r the amir; Imv?i?4. Apply iRiiiii'.liaUly In Mr. le'I iJI. VhB, at urn Am-nan II lU i, Jrr?r> l liy. QOflfl WII.I. BKiB'l'RK A PAKTNKKKIIIP IN ON* fOwu ol the rrry heat tea entire. apioaand augur mama la or eltv. w lib a general auction and nommioai in b iain?asi a better < kai teaannol b? found (Jail na POKTkK A KKI.TON, Mt Hi ?ay. room 6. Q1 11| || I -ANY (INK HAVINO THAT 81'M AT iHMtVliVovi maml can join ihe advrrtaer In luariotaatartMg on articio ol unlimited d? in and, and already Inimdiicaf lonla, maebtnery. together wlUi sUrk, ready. A maobSaial preferred Ailil tuIhu i63 HrraW uttma. <il III ki 1 ?' AMI I'ARTIKR WAWTF.I*. TO W 1*0. rjll.l/*'". fill I iro an India)nautili- ariii-la Sale* asm, profits Urge no ri?k and no humbug For particular* and totrrvld* i ill at ?,V lire* liray, room 66, dally from 'J to II awd Irum I < ft. ill OlWt -A PARTNKR WANIKD IN A rill*T"'W. i laaa Inir and lunch r ?ti>, situao-d near dta l o.tnii r<* and Custom lloti?e. I'br place will do a buoiuma of 9UAI per day. Apply at ,U6 Broadway. r?>r? If C M IIOM'aH A CO. i?l r< Ml W,l'l' H' V ONK IIAl.r IffTKRKSl fK AN J* 1 . HM ' established inapui niudng b unoi wlnab will pay with aullii ?m ami'al m* ,'C par cent fUra ta a gnat i ban a lor an uidua rfcna aatnrDrralp : man Apply fl| W Hrowdway mull I . U, Il'.'Wdh i CO. ? - - ?? i ?a?. i i . i JL il'il Ki W l W V * I Ml AN ACTIVf! I'.CnIVP^ Xil wtt ilr Mgi It Mit, Ma b m - \ Kitin-rta it Kiilil, criitrl biitlww, where lt? I* mirr to frtim |.t.i?' to lit,mi per uoun. A tdf?M lltrnr-, 'Nrali oU.ce. _____ y,-/) / in IN \ I NT IN THR PIKf-RASR OT ipi )U,I 'uU biinla mii* n. rtfuim it a diet writ. * a ake npiporary l?nr. . on tanrfa ?? ear irlty, on impound or Ktiimpron-d pn?pm? in Nfw for* of uifAM. k. ILLm A , H Vinr , m bMMMk fKAi Pi R' r HAH AJIHfTUlATKD WITH IIIV IN VT lite n ...Ulna inaairr k?rlten r?n*e and furnace b'inaNi I H? Broadway, htr ?ki Hoi I. Pkn* and t.'nrt'a M Pt-rea. u d.r Uw title of tiro Plercn A IVi To lain front V??l. IV. OKU. PIKKI'K *CO . AC llrokdway. IjARIMCIt WANTED?WITH tJ'.i"'. ?IK A roMNIM ?i-di mil T illonrd on ad?an~e?,i in ? tik tat i ?.?> ! >n hi? my. doto- :..*r??h and (w n rr.-ttt*. Nona i t |.riii> . > <. K "if real name at 1 atldrest and aw!> ? . me and | .re >1 tn'erTi'W, Will be attended to. Ad Ilreet I'to tl Euabi.lli ". New \nk. ?>aRTMK W *NTEi 1 IN A I.ARilR KRtlARWAT HOA . .thfr in three to I a ihaimml dollar* raah llw I,..tire a >. i we.' Htmialod art d.itrtt a Prat rib hna >,oaa, loa'an ? beat In therity anr party wahtnr tot >-n(ac* tw ilte tm. rem. and wiinnc to g o tna Wo.tie i tie ami * tendon It. It .-an n . > e a very naH?l> ,r? arrant- men uintuit. fni oe to r ratm. ' attend bt IU Adtlfeea, tor thr> e ilaya, Her' n, It. raid IT' e. atabnir where in I when to Ire aern I>aKt.NM: WANTKR-IN AN ??TdTrtl AHI? IHNINW ah a a i a-t* ra-.ab, ?rett, u'a *.?id lona-ba*. Apply Id rORTKR ? KKl.Tf >N, No. M Mr rndway, nana No. b. I It It ' N a It WbNrE.i IN AN out KtT Alll.ISII BO I real rata.a and a I n. In aa. ha lauat bt in e?ei (a Is LIU' f H.iiaaa, a ifpnl AAdreaa Real Rata , Vol Ik tin .Id ?n re r! RtPINKHH VHN-A PARTNER. WITH A CANS rappa! of trnm tt.iMi to $.' iMt, In a boatm-aa that will paw row. two tntkraa b Itidreil per eat on the tnvna.rnenl. Mo obevtlnti to a a??rt |.ar .iter. and If ileatred will aire temrdf or the atnonat Inn ated An aetlve man hating had ar<t alnt in. e w.ib rolleftaf and drawing op h tain <a paper* prefer d I he boatman ta t ermanently -ntabltaWnd, and oflbra real ndn rmetp. to Ui * dentroita of engaging In a p.eaaant and rail tattle neritpatloa. Addreaa W W, Mr wdway Pn? odtak hew Torh. rllR C?)PARTNER.*I?P IIERRTOfDRR KlIHfINO BBtwenn J (' tJ Wheeler In 'Jbo b'lorieaa >f tha l ata flat e tlpiel, la thia day (tlaa..!eed hf m i rr naent .10 WheePe havttty purr ha<ed Ut? entire hurc -a of toha Wherd?r, will anaMnne the Poaineae in hw own narae ? t on li aoww bocounl. JOHN C WHNKI.KB, N?w Toaa. May it, Wt7. JOHN fhUlJR Till I nDKRHinNRD HAT* THIS l?AT B p?rui?r?hip uB.Ur th- lira for Ihf of V Horn M'l bo"* _b?M?HI MiclnalrtV. ? cwmtMrtnn, *t II W*ll I*"*; tog"!!*?, ? sssesj.,-? oi rwi?l*I?.hl* fctor* K.oivuimi. Ii* Tom*. Mtr m B?' UrANTKIV 4 PART1TER WITH A PAo'l CAPITAL OP fit* thoniwMii AnlUr*. wfcn would I - ?AIHng to in ?IB?nutuctiriug I>w?ll mm' ,'mkI. ?tvl will ?>?< two wtAnw niuidr?^ I?r Cf?i m n? mi tn??nt \J In-i/t* H., Imi 110 llrrill o?oe, Kith mtmn 10I pU>'? .rf nnHi 4 ttkat; <H is ?ALIKI? To Till pa? T TH\f i d. (i*?? ?. ?*rAl l?r?P to?o1rw? of wj?r? t h* . ^ | it irm-iltwelt. l ?T wl???re?, ?<..r n rr I UiroA, Aor >*o", R?i ... ,? .i , rr?, ?n?1 Abo?t A?,i*Wl?w ?rH?d , -? p.| Mi -nutmio. O. CHKKKA, 1, An*v?w. JAVARA RlOARH FART. IA*. H*?4MA >? . BtCA. ORhATM,<1*1 R-ft, . to o.-m. 4. ?v "PBflAk-d. rw.t" fmhitr**?. W -v V f'lv IV'tr **%. %->< * ? ? Vn in lull * t MAJ In. f, ^ M - lfI f