Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1857, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1857 Page 10
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10 C ty iiltj^rnrr. TUB WJHTKB- A 4?? : . SI - AN tiltLAOUDl>4Ht MAT. Th?? ,3t(v rw,p,. t*hto por^ornjo, " m* oldo t in hntittobi,'* U?1 f,... ? tah. ii abiok ra ths extrooritnary *?? 'of ib?' * NitLer for the last month. Ut" id no mxhht * ' ^ one pttroxy'tn of a-uinh hment thus ho In to another #' ' >tt?' r? nitric und Uhl< tokthl lor action of Iho olouMUlrt, ... ..nt.., tor the future hid ho vtldermcnt will continue for some lima. Seriously, it U beginning to be a question whether wo are to have ary lun nor ut al . Wo havo as > ?t h? t no gpriti {, ami A" M?y gr.rwn old It gruwtt 00Id; tor lice we are ou the coo Sum of June with the tlier?K>n)oior at a |<oint lliat makes wtuler < lothing Dot onlv desirable hut imperatively ess. ill ml to comfort and health. thi the ti ?t ot May wo had he tempereutre of March, hot rtwuil) ii ha- boon growing colder, ami year >rday 1t >'.?i pn*ittvely na dismal uud dreary as "chill November " To(tetatioii ir from a month U> sit week- behind ha M In those parts, aud wore it not tor lummer cliuics to the south of us spi tug veget ibles would be nowhere s-en upon our tables This unseasonable weather his bad a most unfavorable c? ct ?u the public health, and the mortality telle nl' last week rati up alarmingly. Scarlet 1 ver, that scourge of infa cy. is very prevalent, w hile coughs, olds and mtlucnzas are almost universal. Yesterday the eky was visited hy a violent storm of (M mid rain that would have done credit to February. It raine 1 in torrents, and blew violently font the northeast?a point of the comita-si merchants and these who have friend* on the coast must dread, as it bring* wreck und destruction to many a proud ship, and woe and terror to ha crew. Here Is much shtppli g due II Ullf |"'n, auu ut 11 11 "iu HI'I ... ?...,.,..1V tooted for from tills Um.i out CXuUuu *n?r?a are of 1 Hitou that the expected comet is at the bottom of these ante isotinble freak* of tlie we.ii.ucr; b it a* he lie- nut yet horn seen, this notion n?! be pronounced untenable. It li uiore re*.-.oiiMble to suppose that the vast quantities of Biaw winch fell U> the nor in ot us during tlie part winter acts a vast refrigerator, and tnduced an unusual ooMaoss tf the atmosphere, which w.11 no. be efestpaied until the ran get* far cuooyli n<irth. It wan storming violently at a late hour la,I night. BVKll'K OF lUb PCB8KK OF TOR RTKAM^BIP CONSTITUTION. The following despnwh sppii&rod in our telegraphic columns yesterday PmunruuuA. Va.v 18, 1S47. The body of a tr.nn ?m found near Kosborough list we.-k, and roe ^tnred iu> 'list of R. Wernburgh. Purler ot the Bel oar Transudate e remnant N me.imer I'oniiliii'lon \ piste) grasped in hu h??d, with ?ti.- b he ? ad rluUtn J hU Hon 1. ?c was sixly } cars old. and ie?t es a I?ttj"y In Holland. The circumstance* tbat led to the sell' destruction < f forrar Steenburgb are act generally known even to bis toUmate associates in this miry, and as they serve to poml a moral we proceed to relate them. The der.wrd wait purser of tin! steam, hip Oou titotion, af the Belgian Transatlantic Company, and was reputed a ?r.?n nfahtlur n* well as ir.toerltr: rertainlv hi." rmnlrrers never inspected his honesty until the last trip to this country. when bo compromised himself seriously. It eem* that on the voyage liebocanic acquainted with a jeweller (whr?-o name for obviomr reasons wo will not wbtionl, who so far won upon thu continence of Stcenburgh Uiat the la tor bought of hltn a bo* of w.vctios and other jewelry at a price eo low that St eonburgh knew If he reached port he could easily doibio bis money Not having pnttleient m'ati" hlm?elf to purchate the w?tcho=, he yielded to the temptation en 1 apCopi wled the money belonging to the company placed in t charge, with the Intention of returning it h the chest as ioon at he sold the watches. Fie paid no dote on the watches, so tar as we can learn, but smuggled thctn in; and on arriving at port be immediately proceeded to a noted Broadway jewelry c-tal d.dunent, where he learned e hi* dismay that the wa'cbea were not goto hut ;inchbar pi mi tar to tbor e pold ill the mock auction s ores, ai d that he had boon imposed upon by his fellow voyager. He immediately returned to the Constitution, but could not And the party who had fold him the spur,, is watches, nor discover any trace of liU win i oubout-. The upshot of the matter may be easily I'o'ecoen. The deficiency in his money chest bo could not mak. up. a-, be had not the means, und the company wen not lung lu discovering hi-> d> -fa leaf on. About three weeks m.e b< suddenly disappeared, and was not gam hoard of ui til his body was di"cove-e<i at Fm-horoogh, Pennsylvania, a few days since, a related ir. the above d, patch The disgrace and shame that hwl ewtwe upon himself and fAmily wa< doubtless the aure of Lib sudden olsappearaoce and subssq ett s^jf. mwocr. The jeweller wh- bold him the spuriout watchae ?- -,.v,ws to be at prwriit in the city, and if he ha- unr on Cienre a ft ne u.~. s. .v... what rt u ^ have form* twiligesof leiuorse, as Oil uosuu,., .,_w> ted to the dohtructlnn ot a roan a ho m\ud to be bone-t, but yielded to a r irony temptation. a w ind mrosnut? how to livb at a hotel fhck OF OUST. The proprietor* cf the As tor Hour* w?-r?- roesutly made tt,< vklima of a eoutSdeo' r game played upon them by a ahn-J man from Philadelphia, arith grmtt puocaaa It seems B>at form three weok? ficrc the party In rpici.tion catno to tt>* Af tor I louse in a earring i and ri ijuwurd u> he led to the prrpriciom at u?- i? "I'm-" " *> i viuia .uimi* to tbeni He wa# aconrnoy y *bown iuu> Mr. Btitavu'a office, where t? Introduced tumaelf a- M, J Van Ward, al ?'ru?anola, Ktoiula.a wealthy plantar, wbn Lad twnie North, no- ex?eily on a tour of ob**r-alien. but aI pk enure. on n% u.m rbUadi-lpbia?ao ran bit -lory ?be war robbed ot hit trunk- ouauiniac u.? le u ra ot ,n IroUuc'ioti and money. to tl. ( on arriving in New York br fvulxl himvetf |*>< a- and fricndie** Tne mory ?u pUuribly told, at 1 Mr, ftetwin'* fympathy wa* awakened, and reality pntn'od ib< hhud y <11tu i.iar, that hi* wuntx ?oui>l be *um?liid unlit r?-mi llano-- would ar live from l'< u^auo'a. Ho mireovr Milvreeteu htmrelf w run t< tlial bo untitled Chief Mai <11 ?t (be poor blind yetitlctnai,' |4tybt whereu^? sri oiE ?r war een> ?u t<> ft lau pnta to ferret out fhe roKbert. lor vi or a work Mr Van W ard bad a very pka-anl time of It be tivau Lmb. farrd aumpiuo irly eierj day. ninokod Lb* a??-t frayrau! -rfaf, drank tin- iboiwd wine*, and ho ratio fai ?ud rancy R"i IhM kind of ttuny twiM noi U-t elway*. Chief Matee!) u (? rtnl at wv not riybt, and told Mr \an Wat J a- much. wL -i* i|-u that c*ull?maii di?*p poured very *cddo?l> In t Monday Ye t- rday a d'? war reoeivi-d Iron, fhlblllpH*. -taUuy tbe b ul war,'* pan--wa-Wn> Mavwo", and ibal tie had r-nently dl-appea -oil very ru4i'--nty fioni an In-tltuOo? for tlio bond Tar* tv-jr,' fa Ik- warn o< eoorae nu planter wan a- vir robbed. L be Lai an., thiu* to be robbed of. U* around Mr. Van Ward. Kx fwen iivT liariv w ith Mr? Fierce, arrh ed In tV? city, fri u, Philadelphia uti MvuJuv afterliout., and I- inia atop lui at tbe pri*ale reeidettoc ,if et dt tator Hotul i?ii the torixr ef Heero.d aTonu* and H'vnttu-etith kreet A warm pi rnoiul frtendi bip bar etMh-d fur aeme time between the ex l*r*eeler.? ar.d th *x Oorernor, trhicb Mn-ir reeprclre t-uttic il amtuil. >us h*v? tot tended to weaken In the tdlybVu't deyree. <rtU I Terr* i* aald to >? replity iB,preeuir in health nnce h? r %? vtcak-dthe Fr?*'t d-iimi cUir, and now lorn* .pup- recuperated. Mr*. I'wrCe I* aWo mtirh improvid ,u aeafth, and ho bo- n la.'icb henei.ttrd bjr h?-r Bwitbera in r IV i a lv-*ui nt war railed i |*wi ye-uwitay h* ?w???a! ?-f III* per- *ud pofi'iia; friend*. an.<my whom were r<mtun?t*r luwbr and II. n John <.<wbran<- tte b*ve to M b'srd Ibit any wubbc dviLuartraiiob u to be aa te by tbe fr'-Ld* of fk-n. r.eree, a- it I* ULderaliral be << Ir to any pubtml) bo Mm yrvea to hi* mo' erueut* He will rrm?m in lb - city wrid Ffiday. tire 2kd in-tajil, a tmi be will take but <1* parpurr tor N H Fainwiii Hi*# ?(Vaptale IVnn*P. aeeVUel h> Win II Travarx, an Inrpertor from the City lu*pe?tor'? i<cpart varCt. a,. Wt-drewiay rod, at the lord ?< le.ane *tr~d, r*n very fal h>f? wL.iJi bad been amidbernd on tbe hr*r t-atne la "uli-r to Ui* eity ?ua?k*e Ttiey ere promptly Mil I', the died anln .*' dork, fmH of I orty ftfth rtroet, fr<-ta ibeirr V Ttarrrn leioad, tra die arrival dally of tbe Mtlle titular, ?.brap lu al thaler* are (? Uit- took out for Ik' k.nd of Mo i In trade, wb.ct) tb--y rurcbate. and la a lew hour* I* pUivl on rate in tb-tr ^ta<U. Tbey yet it f<>r a It" - and f* poae of tlx anr to pur-danere prrLa w at a Iriiie l-vt lliau tbe rum ket price By Uim im-ane UwT ) ohu n a rr.jtatiM. for ?r .1 ny ohi-wr biu Ux> f ?bo t? 11< Fuaxf tn4c q rutin 1 and whom utae ne-at* CtUi |..,rrH??a, and Uw r.?nl? I? dl?e?ee ?*.<! i?*rhapa death ta lh?r (aim W Tb* Inapoctunt. whoai doty It ? k. "Mar it mi animal*. liltv artlr'ny in Oir til/. are tieow-viily Mtupolled b> 1>" ( -oatautir uc It* ?*u. ah. i theee trail* rlra, ai.4 ll?? *cvre tuay render ribaa la Uir Mimr. <i d.* a ? .! ani > *!* and #* ?*.?if 'h? *?'? thou' Ui? city llto'ti, te to MalaMal "aw i'ii ?tv*? ??? a sm?j? Tat war?P<a ar*tra and i' n?t4 an. mVn H"-* Ownpany Ne 10 bay I"e*enteJ iMf 1"" pjii v. H r *m or with aiimrn nerat ?'**< Ui?.|? t or. itii rtrtf of ai? b?en r? rw-ow-l T TrtMH 111 le the Oil). Iiitm Mr TVim???ii ha? I ..-an fleeted tntdh ? hj l al ?.n,;vi.? a far? Urt fi of U.r 4?. rftr-i I ' It u> b? i.t.i-neu aitii "tiao?I aii 1 ?n?ie> d aoiV. Tinlr.. ti laae* M*wvm ai< jn ertlay wed t?. U.isr <j where ?h? w'Jl be r?i*:re 1 la lb* hnrleM jee'tW urn. an.l a*Mf| |?;t Itnm (<) night l)0" tM total. Nvw Voir u.0 Al?.ei> WUD* l>tM?IWuur faint the daman? o> he? l, u vera rtfw..~4 u. ?.?h a Muwer that ?b> a?:W h. k< jr a >m| hvaai n..a Oaumuu - Tltr kU:ou*Ulv Gaorye low. which aai'tf for Aerlcwa'l W ..aj, take* Ml twn ran lamb* VKtl two youny r?? f'T .%awi btai uan. ?*., .of fhrntN Th?*y ara jiire fretvJi murlao? w, ? rt-irrhved bj A Aurtlti,l>? I> ismnob.wCaamaaqiH feu tit; who hre * them fro'i MOOk irnpnrte.1 trnm ? raotyi and Iti.'i art .aid to br the n."-t raioatrta abiV| of Ui j aye ???' raiaed In Ataei >ra A(iMftk~4ti..*UI. l.yr, a ovr|?'tit-T, abite M w ?k ?o a new hn Miny In fi.'ty wtialll -tree*, near ftirlh arraa*, y wterday naomi' t, feli a dlTtoo?" of twenty r<j?d, vnd ?'iete ' e.1 affu' iLtorin! tnjurtee H" war enr.nyed to hi? rr jftei ne le .Vinlh arenne Ktritael Ruherf?, While rnwina Wh i.ha. ?trw>d <?i W?t.-lvy nlybt. ?? kaorked itowu at ' r i i; r lj a ft-judwai and Korly wtound Wee* ?u?. at - M-t).>aeiy tt^ured. H' wa* oonveyod la aarriate to 11* r?t.le?l. ?.' Ink* f lark, a yo'tna man M year- ?d a*r. wl. le . nj ymt. r.lajr la dwnMrlklag an oH t. i|,itu| u? r >rn, r to" Until ai'kiiM and rt. ?ao Weill. At.. t I I, hu i *>1 >.ri4 .* >, in ixtori ^IK'UO* ./ a fwWvid Ihr wal. I*?,|? a. lei. i .p.? him lie at takes wv by a W ttrrrimti * the it?H nU. wam' an I MTlfMl h> iimifuu run w ."turn ArMi ft.?A util : 9*f 14rl ? .u<1?* mnfft Ir r ft Arr ? ? Atftcvrrrftrt in U.? UJ V ry nuirft ?f RiieM Tmn*< W i" ilh ?fti l? It ?m?(f< t?hr^ bft ftmr? ftti "iumftft ?f or o ni ?* -1?.nr Thr t? tonm for ii tli? Vorili K\?r in- r;.?r? (no.iwoT IOm* ??rr twr ftro# rftftivM, >?< in Ihr ' m-mrfi' om. on* a th* Arrt floor It oo 4>ritft tin- wurfc of on iw?r> l?or). Dm Pit* Hwilfti htr tk? motlor uMt?r !iirM.fib?i?i Tiftf P'J'T***.?'TVft to.t| ft Vo, <-.jfto.* B"?> *m, NEW TO! proceeded on their attuua) spring parade on Monday to York villa park, a< <'.iNii|>aiiiMl by ibe Wueblneton br*M band. ? hero they h|**li ibe day in (tractMlng at ibe target. Pumuv Bomoi Onamunon ? Wio Harlem, Torkrtlle nd Maiihalianvll'e Sunday BrhooM will oelebrale their ui.olvei.-ury (<>-day. i"vui-.?The Kieaoier Marion, from Oiarh ton. ar rUfcii yesterday uiorniug, briugiug on freight 'Juu barrels of green peas ar.d new j? taunt. Opening of the New York Mariner's Howe. III... opening ?>T Uim bonne, la oooducied under the autpifes of tbe MorinerV Industrial Society, took | place at the Homo No 173 Cherry street, on Tuesday i morning. Nota iihstandicg the ruin, a very targe number of la-ibe and gentlemen were present. it a quarter past , eleven theaetviceB were rumuieuced with a prayer by ; tbe Rev. Mr. bfi aitt,ofthc Mariuc a' Bethel, followed with . a r tale me nt by Mr Tion, an follows ?"The ladios of Ibe Industrial Society, wl.o bave bad the matter lu cliarge, hare received. In foim of donation, Ami., $M5, of wbub gatfi 3d ban b? cn ixpuded for furniture. *c., i<>avmg a balance of $11* t>4 whi.h.ln addition to about giiio. will be liardiy aufticient to llnw the furnishing, which nocoa aitly must be rale< d by tnb-ciiption." Rev. 1 >r Ai*x>mh:r wax lo re introduced. He delivered a m at address, illustrating the progress of maritime attain, bv referiing to tbe tune ?l the Humans, when every alilp woidd be ohhg. d to have five hundred aeanion. of whom rerhajw not Ofly would return U> ineir hon?e?. "But why was that, my friendif" the speaker asked. "Because they hod no homes to go to when ashore; and tf they were ricn they were, obliged to sleep in thie street*; for thev bad no boarding bonne* to go to, or worn, n to attend to them, like a e ha? e got here iu thil homo. For hero, If any aaitor In ?lck, ho is tended an If in bin neither 'a or wife's home. Ave! N-ttor; for he is tended by women w ho watch bin much with all the tenderness of angel-. 1 A lid bow i- It, my fr ends, for a meaner, wnen he is parting with her -?? ?u the ether side of the water, to know thai when he arrives at tila diahualion he has a I comfortable place to wort to. Hi t Mr. AKiirrai.* wat next Introduced, ills remarks were not unlike tliore of Dr. Alexander's. Captain IJart, of the Statou Island Sailors' 1 let rent, win j tn'/oduced. lie raid .?My friends, although i am uol a ! minister of the go-pel. i still believe la joau* Chrbt. bat : ae 1 am not a miui-icr my hearer* muat not ex|>ert mcti i an eloquent harangue a* thai which preceded me. 1 re ' member friends, about twenty-eight y-ars ago, when the ' society which is rrprescn'cd by the ladios in the back | ruoai, h. m their flr-t Brag r meei.og iu the base mint of > lbs old Roosevelt street church. 1 am an old man, friend*, and will soou be going tipiury. But still i oao recollect w hen several ladina who are here now used l> attend tliat ] meeting; but it wum me who got it up, me who planned it; then 1 prcjxO'td u temperance iociety, and over 500 sea i men, under my direction, signed the pledge. But what ; did the liquor dialers ssyr Why Uiey said, Oil! : old Hart just preaches to these fellows to get them to fDlcr Into those private temperance houses for which ho gets his ten per oent.'' i (laughter.) Thru, I recollect when 1 was a liltle boy, ; ihat one Mincay i went mm St. Puui'a church. Hot no ' sooner had 1 got st ated when the Sexton came up to mo i and snys, "Come, cu>*f out of tbl'.yoo young devil." i Well, I wouldn't clear out, so 1 got iu a seat a little further hack; bet aftaooii a* I got again neated. up cornea the mo dern IkigbMfl^figalu and says, 'Clear out, did I not tell you ! to gobelin*." Well, by thlr time 1 thought I was near port {bo | up with my anchor and ran. (laughter) But ; now, my friends. It Is diflcrcnt; I or any other per joe can j go Into a church?our churches?and still not be disturbed, for now we have got our own church, our own minister", ! atid lastly?and best of all?our own Homo, thank.God. Mr Trait, then staled that the price of board would he ' the fame |as that chtrged in all other boarding bouaos, vit Uptrwoek After which a benooietion was pronounce.; by Ri.t Mr. Kllenge, when the assemblage die\ perscn. turuntr*' Inquest*. thk l.atg fatal ftabbinq a 'prat in mov8ktsw BTHKJtT?a clhiodb bcknh. Jnniis (I'Donnell, who, while engaged In a light In Roo-evelt uro i, on holiday night, with Michael Hays, was t lab bed hy him in the abdomen, died yesterday morn'ng, at Urn New Yirk Hospital, of his Injuries. Corom r Con i.t ry sin tioLhcd. aiid proceeded to the Hospital to hold an ; Inquest. A poet mortem examination of the body w a* or derrd,butlb( mother of deceased, who stood over the body w ith a poker In ber hand, threatened the life of an/ one who should attorn]* to touch It. Finding th .t ' the examination could not be proceeded w Ufa w hile tho mother was presenttl>e Coroner ordered her arrest, but i no #<vnor had she been removal from the room wt.en her daughter sewed the poker and It pt th. *urp*oo at a distance. The officer w ho had takon a say tho mother by l"T. 'r~L' 'TIL'**!*1, hut tin had followed him and j LCS than*sv<wio"re?tst 1 ay'auvmpt ! examine the body The Coroner, appreciating their fc 'ings, i was reluctant to use Lavh measures, hut still It was do, rued necessary that the ahould be made. I The fenutltH wire uuali) that nu uperatioii shi-uUl be made ou the bisly, and they being removed fiom the room, the po*t mortem wv held a*d re nit- 1 In the e-tahluhment of the fart that death was ca l.-ou by tho stab lulhrlcd. The knife had MMNtl ike ab omen, and lbs wound Inflicted wbb about twr ln< be* in dep'b The evidence v well as the dying statement of the deceased taken on the evening i<efore his death, went to show a OgUt o. curred ou Honday night, in V o i irtft, that IiMMHM 'i ?y- w?r< BpiCtlt > . thai shortly after the flght wv over these two men had a ill'pule together v to which of the two bellq'erout got the M*t of the tight and what mu?>d It; from word*- llr?y ' came to Mow*, nud * bile struggling together Hay - drew a ' knife and lal bvd O'I' -uncU iu the abdomen. TUj occurrod on the corner of ttoc*>"?sll and H uter streets, f j\ erai per-cm were pri tent and endeavored to prevent It, and lu their evidence all agree that Hay s was the ag. rt wir, and bur,!:. gmMtm of Iks two bad M ot i u*e tlir knife In -e.f defence. After the w ound b?d b'*o inflicted, Jlay? ran to the police "tatton aod stated that he had he u whacked ui the stri et, and wanted help to arr>- t the hermrs whotu h said had astaulud him. An olflnT * i- xei.t a lib tu ibi place dr-n,, il.auJ lb< re loarntij Ibr Uai' of the ? ? Ho lli'D turned to a*re't li?y s, b..l be Itari pone, fti.J ia -till M laige. The police a - t cealiltM, bowercr, of b>i:>( able i> find him la-i evening. >or ?<uit of further le-Umnoy lite cur-- war at j? >ir u?-? unlit ibis morning, at It) o'clock Fatai Amuv ok ftmraoamo?f ?roti? r Gamble held ,\n Ib^'K -t oc Mut.Jay at Uui N\ a York H -put u;?<u Uto l**ly a Uiai. named Pet--/ *?TJ. Who dto-l IrutU Um rf f. ci- of a bio* r<vriTe<! oil Ute b-<ad, wilb a hanJ?p<ftd, iu U* band* of Iao*. P. ivber, flr?t mate of ib? ftchonucr William 3m.ih. It appeared rrom iho evidence elicited bri to the mrctn r, lltai on Saturday afVornoou Uto decoar'il, ft ho wan a <let "Uofo, O0iuuk<do<1 cplin.11,a aotne * i??l up >n ihi dark of Ilia ve-el, ft ben alt*- wootxl mate dcttred hint to do*irt, a* b>' war doing au injjry to the plankibit The dt? rated refuted t<< ooiuply Willi lite wata ?* <<f the officer, when the llr-t mat- (Ft-heri Mtrpi*td forward aad fiia'chcd tb<-1? frotp W ard'< hatxU for the pjrj t?*? of prer?r"'tig him from pro-ecoiog b<* tabor* any I further. TIk tlec-aeil tbeo lb lick Fidwr, who rtjinb,ed and loli buckaaid* upon ii>< dock A u*h'. IU a u<>k | j'ta<< t? two, b the l?<> inro Jieoeaxel <tr ,rk Flatter oooa 1 or t?riea, anil waa about rtrtftttig htrn again, ah* n tlx tat Lck<-ti uji a hat c4"ptk< and atrurk bn mutagen .<t upon tba Lai. tiituciinf rutb a never-- blow , thai h-aiii roxi ?lur , * ai l' f jlloft <-4 lii'j-t d?U>*rOu liilnaelf up b< the for ner yv-lerdftj , and nlabol lh? lh< bio a v. a* given tU a< if dcf-tH" tli- July in 11*1- tvr rendered tlx- follow log I verdict.? WaUi from fracture of the ikull, c.vut?d by a blow with a handtp an m tba hand ci Thn* H FV>her, 1 Ma. . 10 1067 at irer Ii\ e Fioclli K. tvt, < ?. board of the , trLoocrr Wi.tiam Snttib Tho? <.tu>?i tn h oiaunuaia-u r'ai-r Uit- blow ftft *ir< l in *etr dofbncr aixi withujI any toft-oUon to t a<xw> <1*hUi IkMuO t-ainbla iai|<iira<l IU j pitr<wr to find ball ui the (am of 91,000, to atra.t th? , artioo of ux t.rand Ji?tt law-aaod war a oativa of lr*land, and w ar ?* yaarn ?f a?*?. t at ai Btjwinao A'-maar TW. Hyar, a oatlra of Ireland, 27 yean of age, died at the New Top* Uorphal ' ue V-T lay fr?*n tlx aflartr of UvJurto*, aorld<?tly moairnd whti* rrn*g. d tr< blarbt.g rtwlui at thr WrrxT of ?*lli?Lre<<4 a xl Hr?ad?ay on ilx Oib iurt., \ w-t-leiilai d-alh. PurotB' Faiai J au. - Joxxf b Imli?e, a Oorioaa, waa found dra<( ye-t- rday looming in It* nei;*r of hi* rmd lienor. No. 'HA I-f 1.4b Avrour It la aupptr-ed that be ramo L< m? l?te <wi the nlglit swark-ua and accideuUUy foil down Ibe or liar rtrjr Hi- n. <-? wft- broken. <>woMr ' Ikwry wi?- ixWiflex and will lirdd an 1n<]t?r?t ujawi the body \t llluniAimrg City Mown. Amrw to l>ftown iinnt ?About 4 o ckr* rarter day afU rhutto, a ? .rtxui under the Inll'ianor of H^uor fcn.4"l ii to ?li?- ftater frvtn the bridge 1r-er Newtown ? - A ti 1 I'miit ear- uatuoJ (Ivar k-r, ?V ? ' J* bw, I ?iur W'>tuaii( Mil 1/'lit would Uavx been iruwu-?l but for Uy ? of IM bri '? W oder] I'fVf H who remied U ris IDA.?YtM* ife? *fl?>rTK*W. obmt 4 0'<<<rk, A Bf* > * rt>4 lii lb- ?rllii oftho Uf*r b.?r * ? ? cmer ?f I . i JofetMM ttrorta, kf|4 by * < Ma miMd Rfn-bt. It e?titn>L?h?<l before m*4ert*! <te'ii?fe ?*? Oort*. (HHWf (kit-nrntmi.-IlK Cturch rf the A^muWmi, 11reert P <rw pffliwHH In the warehtp Qnt Irr.tet, ? < '(fliti/ bill* rite Mi l uenp-e -ff ii?e PrrAAMIhiiI church, by the Rt. He v. >L ISAAar, {ill., iTotlri' B?i III-hop rtf the rttyre^. Rah turn ' wen ?TTe ?t>ntrer>.ii7 of Lbe ? ik??i- tif ?n? lAeV'fH dmrVH, wltteb ww< lo lu?re UA'I Ran yerlerriay, mmt |?r*H>uar<l in o><*Awju<tf??'<d u.< .'h j. ukJI' f id the ? eatle f. Niiprrtor ( oui?Part R??ih|. Before H"0 fkWAoW t*rr AO At NAT A* IMURAN-* (* IMPART?TIIK PlhM IN I HATRAN RTKKBT. Mai !' ?A:irnrt R. I on I'rang Amr*' t)f hvv Jn eoh*. r fA, fJamxlon Jmir,,ner (t myiar \ rf 'V (V* <4 i>m I ih ?"Hie plaint.T Id tht# cw a- we-lane.. of Mr. 4w'4?,ln rernwr the eajw* of (iianlit} flf etothlnff ahkb *- 1,-Arf>y?-1 by Are u, ''i.athaiji "Ireel, when the wtfr, two MMrm at,i Aunt' nther* of the f unily of Mr Sw"?K Were de?tn.fM Id the eonilMreOon The pl?ii tiff Dlle,eetlAf .? It* 1M|. of Jom,. im oil ee MI^ pro...|; vt,., for m f.yw-w. II'- >' " ' II"" (d'-f ! -* I " ? Uv flro' of M. Pr* Tim f"' iiBllff th? f>rr *M Ui* fwilt M a-v-Mont, ?ti"t "lid rrd Uk? i?liK? b>" ??) safoir MMt I or tho "1rfpi'?,vh iw ?Ot rtfM'l H.*"'. Ml"! IbM lllf I'.nuUlT ?? ;o-"ir?4 la IhP V?U"T?' Iii .rmn??> timi^ny for >,M*?i Tb.s .l? friH p alao doiii Uial tli? n fho ro- iM i f arr id. t<l I hit ? won lnl<nti'""*lh bf .Uirtw, With frawtalMit ir rpoar <?f -bta" * uw? ?a i t r? i*nr aad thT MM lb*t th< ^ p %-ib<r? ?.r'.ii- . *r-1 M.a1 ?fl rrOOTOT) OOP b* 111"I T?'r t!?f. ,.,f. abm aibf Uim U^tp ** fYai' ptk? I,.* oo tbr j?n of tbo Maitrt ff ? ? yph* ?l lia ' Tfc? aii,K?v.rr^.l LK HERALD, WEDNESDAY 4'wnrt of Common Pleas. Bffo*e Hou. Judge Daly. ailkokd assault IT a wealthy merchant. Hit W.-Uutfk Ibppa* us. Don Alamo tWAma/i ?Che plaintiff in thi* mm ?u tenant of the defendant, and w?a a so employed by Mr. Cushm&n about bia grounds 80mo ' ill; pule having ooiurreu ueiwcen went, nr. uusuman ordered the plaintiff out of hut presen ?, and be not going, Mr. C forcibly pro wiled bi n by a kick. The plain ill nod defendant were both examined an witnesses as to ib? irue nature if the transaction, and ibe jury gave a verdict for defendant. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. OUT IARKBVi Ttr>pay, May 10?8 P. M. Quotation* curreut at tbc stock exchange ibis morning t-how a pretty general decline since yesterday. Tliere was a very active market at the first board, and the aggregate trans&iiioug were to a larger amount than we have noticed for some days. Illinois Central Railroad bonds fell off V percent; Cumberland, Mi Erl?, %; Reading, ; Illinois Central Railroad, ; Michigan Southern, V; Galena and Chicago, V> Cleveland and Toledo, V; Chicago and Ro> k Island, >, la Crone and Milwaukle Railroad advanced '4 per cent; New York Central. In Erie, Reading and Cleveland and Toledo there were large cash operate sis, but pricee were not sustained. Erie opened and closed very weak. Tlie market was active, but the tendency of prions a, ponrs to lie downward, and no local luiluoace is |><>lent enough to arrest it. Alt- r tbe adjournment of the board, the following sales of stocks and bonds wore made at auction by 8. 1 Taper? 6,COO Delaware, lackawana fc Western RR. int. ad 7S 6,000 do. do. 2d mort do.. 72 6,0(0 Ureal Western (111.) RR Co. do.. 11 600 lackawana aud Hloomsburg RR. do.. 50 15 sham: St Mark's lire Iusurance Company 10.'! 600 Pacific Mail Steamship Company 63 V At th. second board there was no e.hauve in tbc market worth noticing. Toe extent of operation- was liin>t-td j and prices about the same. Illinois OeDtral was la <le j maud and improved \ per oeut oil tho opening figure. j The European orders for this stock have nearly swept the market, and it may bo some days before the supply get j large enough again to reduce prides. It will regulate iUcif In time. Michigan Southern opened at C7 per | cent this afternoon, and closed at 67%' per oent. 1 To morrow, Wednesday, Is tho lost day of grace for sub scrlptioc to the guarantied ten ;#r cent stock. The rub1 scrlptlon already amounts to nearly douhlo the sum re( qnlred. It Is a pity the company did not - tart for a larger ; subscription than three millions of dollars. Two millions j more oould easily liave been obtained. The Cunard steamer from Boston tor IJverpool to mor ' row, Weduee^y, will take out about one million of dollars : In specie. Tbere will also be a largo shipment from this ' port this v> eek. Counting tho amount tho B?*jion steamer | taker out, and as most of itgoee from this port, it is but ' fair to presume the aggregate exportation the present ' week will not fall much short of two million.-! of dollars. The following gentlemen wito to day elected directors | oi the Hark-in Railroad Co npor.y for tho eusuing ytai j Cornelius Vanderbllt. A'hert J. Akin, Darnel Drew, Allan Campbell, John Harper, Win. C Wetmore, llorao- Brooks, i Albert Bmith, A. H. Bay Lis, F. W Edmonds, Charioe W. I Sand ford, John Alstyne, Horace F. Clark. When we a?? ' new moil put into ii board of directors of a ra!Iron<! coat1 puny, It is ewpecir.1 that tbuy will do something to show ; that tV new organization t> a better one than tho old. We hare lost what little oonldeoee wc ever had In names, and nova judge entirely by acts. A board of rich meu for director* Is tbe worst board in the a or 11 for stockholder*. It Is just g*od f?r nothiDg, for It d>sw nothing. Tliere are some vary good men ui the above of directors, ntou a V know all about th" most modern system of linaociorlog and all about the theory of railroad management. If they have any practical knowloJgc they bavo a fine sub>ect in tbo Harlem ic?i to ezerciae .1 rpoo. The Assist tot Treasurer reports to day at follow ? WiWfUShk'.w.w.v.w.v. Balance lB.fttp to -c. \ TV steamship Nlaga/a, at null's* from L'.vorp stl, brltigi throe day* later new*. Ttio general louo of the hnaucial and commercial advices is about the su n- as re lorte.i by the previous steamer. Tb >re bat boon no ac'.nal I change In the money market for better or worse, while quotations for Consols show a slight advanro. The market for cotton, breadstufls and provisions remains th same. The Daily Tim-t Mock .obber* bought and sold the fol lowing sUvks at the brokers' board this morning ? llought?VuO New York Centra! 9rtt{?b 00 leu Toledo e*\?""hloo Michigan .xulhcTL bit ? b 30 Hull?100 Michigan Southern 67jg?r.wr. IMl CleTe., Col. and On 104 ?r.w. loo Michigan Southern 67 *> ?cash 100 do OI,4.?csub. TV receipts of the Michigan Central roud for the lir t week of May were fcU.Ooft ?v, sgaiuzt ?0.1,413 71 last year The lake was ?t?cn at that lime In ISM, which was nut the case this. TV annexed rtau mnit -thlbtt.i the value of mere-ban dkw-i if -rted from Ihm port during the work, aielslnoe Jan. 1 in each of the past three years:? (ViWsse ? ?<r nu. 1'oWT o? N't w YoKa?Vain or Exsmm 106k. law. i Td-l r?rtb?- *r>-?-k ... 9t fit* a*8 ft 4"',t?n ?t ,626,179 rrwrkmsly reported... 23.W6.:d? 77.7*1,Set tt,fl0a,M7 h ue* Jan i ?26,1.4,006 ?J9,194,844 9^,SIP,140 Th< Artlsaa-' Da:.W was this day admit1 ?d as a ineirb >r of the Now lork Uuarlug Ikrw*- A. claUun b> a unaiu moos vote. Th. Bi.lWo, Owning and New York HalIroad was sold on Uic lith, fore. l' iur? of tl Ihtl mortgage, an-l brought ??7/>,000, including the rolling slock. U was bought by th' Or-t tn-irtgage bcudVid r*, who will C:ii. h the r<ad f?i m T davla to Hultaln, and work it under a now organization. The first mortgage it for 4i.CWi.0O0. Ti eanr ial repewt of the Ckw.n'rticut Kailroid fVnntnt*slot.* n ahow that the w bole amount f capital of all Umi food* now riiartrr-wl u> about fjl,too,u>C, of *1,, h nearly ?19,000,000 Is paid In, Vtug an (mtm. of 9'* ooo paid In ever tie last year The total fusded sr.d (tcwllng debtt of all the roads Is |11 ,8 65,MP 01 Th.- gr. * caroings of ail tie reads show an tocrca?e over la t y< ar'? ret?ei of ?1M,#"1 10, and the net tarmngu lla- uii ( r |g. crease of 9*-l> i:*V k- while IV dl ,1.J? rata are tncrcwssd 961'.996 79, and Utc surplus ?l"7.i*? 7d Tl" caal. w?t and BaMT.i" of t>. V *- tp-i'vow hank* oo ll<? Vah .irataiu were a" Ibllews ? Damkr Imnmt AfwMa Otirena' ?4.98.7.S7? fi.91y.Kg f,i?3,.jioo M". <*r? Utital 1,oni.otv l.oio T/; i,tM,.,.4 7vi,?w lriuislana 8,01,4*0,011 e94,474 k.703J?7 Izmisinna Ktate 4,.nv2,rAg l et* 8,o)i san Mech ^Traders' POP ?e0 99!.7M? ft utj btetJIM New Orleans.. 1,7(8..lef> .'Sat Its 7v7?H40 907,lata Mcwjtherr 40i,4?*l itl .'M 'il 7 ,*46 pju ggg i'nhai 1,471 ^63 ktw,; id 1<iy,os? a77,-iMt Of J. Ilehb.... 464.06.'! V?7..i/4 140.160 4So|owO TMal ?ly,'.V4.'Cu? ?>..*?; lti,74y.C14 13,67:..jO The follr wtng aaldlits th. rcapi?tire amo tntt nf f.J?rgs held by lh? rsrvns hsres and also the ??,me fcs ilstar.t haiA*, th- lati. r h ? >^1 la Ua unf d?|ss b, as ~1h.wl, alm?e ? .. * "*'1 fastotaa oue 1.613'ia I.vt317 Oshkl ?ek 1 S..t ii4 14*.66.1 lzmtstana .l;4t?.|.w IfiS.ON 1^,839 I r >46 Mm hiii ci MT.d Tradrfi' "ft ?<%i nu'ats Honk of New lov-ow SH.MI ?I,1.T0 voutbero Hank ? 1M.IU6 IntaalMli 47M14 ? itenk of J. IU4>h *14..'.; ? Totni ?.i4?,4U. I/**,!*) A' oon?|wrr.t Willi U.? report of U* j*. . u-w Ux> rreulu are n? Mtow*: pmraw*lankortv?IM. ,. .* u> ?p*c'?. ?r, .v/j Hocrenee IB rtrrntolum ."*7,444 iWorew* l? dor*"* M4.AM 1 ?rrMM in Muhnag* MH.VI7 Iimkwo In nnvemi do* .IUU..I \mnkf 40,nii? Mock bolder? of Ibe IVi??nu I<ry Hewn "ml , Hm.o tMntwnr dreirwlioboodUHr priunea to H???re. j H UliMB * Mtu> O'Nrta*, No. V> A it -ln?*v m, u?U lb?r i mt >? r?i*?w??i'?4 M U>? jt'wi ini- oteetim. Ibe ?nrn.nk? ?* tfie (Aire*.*, Ht | ?ui ?t,,| food dn Twr R?Hr<wd. tn Uie flrel f-mr mooU? of t;.? prerent *,d port ?t?r. were M fdlowi >? 1M? 1M7 bV*' Ok T*fl'A ?7 hi rwr ,?? f* jn, 4ft ; *B?cl M.M? 44 f7,0M0 Ml Apr. U|1W 14 4u,(V".3 ? 1W?? 7t iww m ionrv??r In fi'ur n?m.Uw, 1*67 <?/ ; I II iv, irer. 44nW> v ir|lnM ? * M N ?lw Krl? Ki: 40w MX) do M V ? do 40|f lftOO Chlifor 7>, '79 M?H 9nn HP. 1ft l MXXl Onllf'f TV, 'TB *? '"*> Rre-'.oir Ri: ...? T?* ono Mi(W>iiri pV. V*> do TV , '?**> F.R>:cb o?oa M ?o" do ? <? 7i?x )0fw. Hod Rt H)< loi fl* L( l"0 do 10 7:' ? f?W< III ?>? RK Ms w* w- do VI ri?.?5 ftr<W In lire Ma ?M lot iw> do mo 7?\ . <?n T Ho 4 AH 2m 0 10T' do p. 7!'?4 W?C? TOIMM'MR ? lVIM.>4re.kHUoMK 77?t 4 .W. lUtewnJ Rook 1M M ?o 77* r, MAT 20, 1867.?TRIPLE SHI 20 Hanover Rank... 94* JO Wob CVn RK.... o 04* Mil 10 Hark Rank 104* 100 MlobSAVlaKR-baO M 42 OrwaD Bank.... J. 00 113 do 07 * 10 l>el * lloa > an <*> 126 400 do 67* I 173 Peon Coal Coin... 03la 90 do 07* 2(0 d. bOO #8* 406 do 07 Mmtm. "0 do .3 93* 160 do 07* J3rMUVlJn 130 (Anton Comi>any. 20 100 do o 07* S1''1'***' 40 1' 8Tr..m com... 107 WW do o 07* 300Ouin Coal Co. b30 lH'-jJ 100 do c 07 * Ariel...'.'.'. 200 do *3 18* 100 IUCen lilt 810 138* Arahla.... 160 do O 18* 100 do 138* WenldnKto 2O0 do .60 18* 200 do M 130 ?la?gow.. 860 do b30 18* 100 do 1>30 130 j_ .. A.I ii. Ml CWa ir Pltl-i HH 47VT lturima .. V19 N V Central KK o 86?*, 160Ct?ve,Ool4<>iiRR 104 | QneenoTu 100 do ?30 86 V 87 Ual & Chto RR.. c 98 V * "? 100 ?lo blO 10 do 98V ATH*? 116 do 86* 100 Clove it Tul KR... 67 V 100 do p3 80* 6.W do O 68 George I-a i#0 do bdO 86.V 200 do #3 67',' Black War 100 do blO 86 ? 1100 do O 67 60 Eric Railroad bl6 41 100 do 67Pmurn 150 flo ?3 40* 000 do c 08* and New ( 260 do e 40* 1<? <?o b3 96* ^ 1200 do 1>3 40,1, 100 do *60 66 ,7|F'"-" 6 do 41 100 ilo blO 66* j4tj, ,rriv| 200 do *60 40* 10 CblcJUUlllW .. b3 07 Oahawb 200 do b60 40'i'l do 90* and New < 100 do *30 40* 20 Milw 4 ML-? RR.. 67 arriving ri 1"0 d, MI0 401,' aud New'< MCOND board. arriving at 17000 Missouri 6'a.... 82>4 100 ali-> 111 <?*n RR. 63 130"Lava v 100 aha UBlCoalOD b60 181, 18 U Croe 4 M I Ril. 77.1% u:h "'rVv 360 Mi to 4 N taKR. 67 10 N Y Oontral RR. 80* iBaiaZ674 do 66* 50 d 1 "30 86?, and '/.Id. I 20 do 60* 300 Erie Railroad.... 40* and Jllnt. 100 do 67*,' 600 do b3 40* j When 1 hi 60 Panama Railroad. 94 200 do *3 40',' | w< Monday 60 do.... 94',' 100 do 40'4 300 IllOeDtral KU.... 130 500 do M0 40* | r) W 100 do b!0 138* 600 Reading RR.... bJ 79', 1(0 do s60 137* 260Clev 4 Tol RH ... 66V loO do 189'H 7 Mil 4 Miss KK.... 67 1(4) do 1)30 188* ! ? um. IB* CBTC., CITY COMMK1U IAL RKHORT. ! " Ti RUT, May 19?0 P. M. Asinst?The market vrts quiet and prions unchanged. [ J'ids were at 7*c. a 7\e and pearls at 7*c a 7*c. j gj,|? Rai Btouuniwa ?Flour?The market m steady at datnr* j Mlip p?, day's prices, while sales were confined to about 4,000 a . ship Vai 6 (>00 bbh<. at about tlio following quotation" :? I Bark Ut Common to good Slate $6 30 a $8 50 Ob* Common to good Michigan 6 30 a 6 60 {, r" Extra Mute 6 60 a fl 76 j vaiu. Extra Ohio 6 86 a 7 26 j Hark M> Common to good Uhio 6 30 a 6 50 Hrlg R11: Southern mixed to good brands 7 15 a 7 60 >{"?'. N ' Soutln rn rancy an.l extra 7 65 a 9 00 S?? , Canadian bnpcrtlne and extra G 60 a 8 60 Brig Ko Canadian Hour was In moderate demand, with Rales of Cbtea. atiout 1)00 .a 600 bbls. wiibln th)> range of the above prices. j'1!' , Southern brands were NMM and gnOBB tiriii >r, MymWb |Jj" Ju< for the lower grades, with sties of about 1,000 a 1,4'XI BrigLl I)bl8. reported cliirny Wltmn loo range. 01 ur uoove quota ??> ton?. Bye flour continued firm. with sales of about 75 a Brig At 110 bbk! at H 76 a $6. Corn meal v.* Arm, wilt tales of Jvrsey at $.1 76 and Biaadywlno at $1 20, ( now held at higher rates. Wheat waa unset- ^hr gj

tied aod sales moderate. Tlio transactions embraced p<hr Cit about 8,000 a 10,000 bushels included iu which fohr I>u were 2,000 bushels Ht- Louis mixed at 61 78, with JM11"!'1i white Missouri at $1 87. and fair Southern white a. to w $i 76. The tales also included upper use at 61 46. c<> Corn continued firm, w ah salon of about 40,000 a 30.000 Hchr J 1 bushels, Including Western mixed uud southern yells* Bcbrgna at *9c. a 90c , in store nnd delivered and 8V. a 92c. for tohr K Southern w hite. Bye wag Arm but quiet, at 61 01 a $1 02 \ fleop T1 for prime Nortlieru. Uds acre steady, at 50c. for South cm, and at 66c. a 63c for Hate aod Western. Corn-*.?The ln;lemaucy of the weather checked sales. pteamal Rio was quiet and unchanged, whue aalee of 100 mats ui wr.gers, Java were made at )6^r. mUe? Nor Corroji ?The foreign advlcos by the augment of yojter t,'o ??'"' day and the Niagara of to-day cau<ed the msrk?t to as-uime jj*P increased Ormne w. The sab* embraced about 1,000 bales, ?pn'?r, nti rioting at an advance of about >,C. a ,l.4c. jsc 1L>., wsaabct, j chiefly at the latter figure. kmsflw The following is a stai. mcnt of the movement In cotton PMp M ; tluce the lot lAeuihcr W?-t. as compared with the prej vious thivc year*.? N.ip Br ts.M Is.'A lKLtl. lhST. 8. a id) u Hoc at porta....2,C06,?K? 2,4ub,000 3,289,000 2,737,030 Vs. toG. Britain.1,164,000 1,185,000 1,670,000 1,.-J)0U0 fnoce.,, *ZM),000 8u!*,(KHI 443,000 351,000 ]lr#c Kr 6th?*r fgn port?. 1^1,000 214,000 443,000 863,000 giu*. 4c. lc Totfil exiK>rt lJ'-uO.OOO 1,768,000 2,450 000 1,"27,000 thiuKUi* Siock on hand... 608,000 326,000 401,000 10,030 ^ ?<>f wh'ch, during the past we-k, tuoludad lu the abov? tdoop H R.-C at ports.... 44,'shj 4<i,600 45,000 WW Jjunjuei Ex-10 0. Britain. 2t?."00 21,000 33,"00 itf.OdU France ? 17,i?O0 lo,oo<t 1,000 Hher ('ten porta. 11,000 4,omi 5(ouo 2,000 A*H*m Total exports... oO.'-mj 42,0o0 4* ooO 2h,uuu Wlblrh The decrease at Uic ports as compared with last year, r*inammita to 4V2,000 bales; compared with 186.", 270,000 Ft porta.?IVcreaee to Greet Britain, 8WH10; romtwrvd I wt ni' mcreiLK) to France. 80,000: com B08TO pa ed with 1843,33,000; dicrtuc tu ... 7^,, l-ww ernKpnj ov.COO ; acres-e e. mpared with 1*63, 60,000 Kale*. * I aWsiw FsKicm*.?Raton were rn'hrr firmer for lJrerj.on|, and imuau. I b.CnO bushels of corn were eugagttd at 50 lu bulk, and 100 t.rctfrrr. a 200 balex of cotton at 2s. Od ; dead weigh; was noruiual. phts; brt To f! asgow 400 bPl*. rue in wen- taken at 2a. Ta Rotter- ? a-deti*< 1 rlarn 1 ,tif?0 bbls. ririu at 3a. To Bremen VM) bales cotton vl M , 4 1 ,0u0 do nam at 2a., mi d 12,999 staves at 910 j per M. To Hevrx' ratea more unclutngi J?out km was 1*1111.1 taken at : bone wa at >,r ; while a.-licx and rke were ** ' at 98 a $0, au I hark al <10. Bat a a* scarce and firm, with -..ales of 200 a 300 bahvt Hiiruer' Bor speedy aalyiiit to 1. It"'- were tirni for good sorts, while Inferior <| la'itle tie r, Sat. were >|i.tei al 7r. a 9c. 9 Msvwa Ikon.?CiooU-li j>ig wa; dull, with *uiall **! < at |35, A '"IV tuotiil.r. J 'if*; IsoLAselx.?Silert of 60 hhda. Ordruaa clave 1 at 63c., Kltzibnt and 260 do Cuba muscovado at p t. .? tirax. N at si Sromc ?Suits of 3.200 bbU. common ro .n were die* f|. made, a.iuat at 91 i*> per 310 lbs. Spins were generally ' y'ehv' held at Ms arid 41* hi4. a lb salet of 900 bbu. at the rhVi^1?^ laPer figure dboot 600 bh|s. No. 2 rosin wore reported tits, nd com at 92 60. lice carles were rexfee and ttrm POO bbto. NBed.iir Wltmtngtoo sell cted tar were sold at $2 62>4. t Tbe rale* embraced 19,000 a 20,o>)0 gallcc* at ?lc. W. hive bo ctiurgur to make tu lite price* ef crude a .tale *?* orrpr-rm. !ng; I*Hu\iritj?s?Pork?The market was lower, with more for laic f selbtg. The ta'e* embraced 1 i*?0 bhh., sikl to the usual Tlic Ke wax. at 923 60, and 3<?i do.. cheek today, at lb'- aauie d.-ll, a?9 ilgi.rc. ITlU" war at 919 23 a 9103d. Be-f continued to ai.e.n 9<x be fimilyLrld, anl sale* were rep >ru?d to the ttuntoi merciai 1 aboi t Cssi hhls., chier'y railroad nw at 912 Ml, with fcna Q ODio 1(41 of country mess at #14 a 914 60. It packed * ' was aw-sdr at 916 611 a ?b. 6n, and exfa khicago u,', was at 917 a 111 5u, and bee' hams at 923 60 a 924. Racop rootlmmd firm, with sales of about 200 bote , at mnkSqin He for Cumberland rut, and IS',", for short boneleM. e?n e * ic t ilt meats wi-re firm, wlta sales of 100 hhds , Ohlelly at scsr. 11 I0?,r a l'i',c , with ?om? lots at lie. for h*u?*. and b'4c with grsii fur rhreildsr*. tardus* tlrni, with sales of 200 bblr ? dlilon. oh 11c a 14\,o. B itter and chccae were rP-ady, without The fid 1 change n prices. Foi toer Kit.*.- Hate* of 60 cwrits Were made al 4a 6'^C. u-r TfU-r lb <ss?Miles of 400 tiiNtn of cassia wor- made la bond ngl at p t , and 5,000 do free at 42c more wat h< Id at 4Sr , g 'ttn0 ji MM W9 ig-. |*'pt?T al IV 'jC N- v Brr.aml?The aatreme Inclerie'C-y of u,,. weather fy'"" , ohex ktd .:aies, which were cculiotd to 20O a 300 hhd?. ''' ?k*an Oibs mnererado,rblefly at 10>,c a Itf^c , whtlo U10 Tk,...r range was about lOr a 11 %n. hrnr< )P1 16 mi*mo ? NhUw uf abre.l 400 blil?. |w1?rin and Obh< thr Little wtr> made at 39c. 1 in i -*r? ii Opeiatlona In Heal ICatatc. JI**- (frw ' TiiO rrat n-laltt tab* anrc >|i, In tiri-k, md aUMwWop" Th? Hm Tory inrR. Uir 80 mvt ? -lay. Tin following -ahv. ?or? s? F.iwnih ( llonfo and 17 yf-ar?* I tff M N'.n R ?i.-' f. I? i<lron Tl- >? Bin vl, (ground ffdt $?40,1 Irrigtda; IT.OflO l|" -da} " and Mi K.W "Of. CnlvrrWy plam.' and lirtli Pofftea I' t; I"! 2# fi -ti n t"n)t?T' Ity | '.a. > >4 fWtcm litii fi . m i 1M r.*t on w ?Mn .. . M.ftM Ik* 8 1 of of T'li ar. and V-h *' 24 1*7$. ... 4.'.ftn A apart 1 " ad.vlluiiif, ihi 7i*u 4,3?i ">lr* I Sitorjr Srirk bovr anil UA awjiimiig S. * cor. ?U? 'i'L'TTw ar.- aj. 1 S.V-1 S7*1o? '* IMS ahin 4"lii Bt . a!00 ft k iH 2<l nr.. iii-iM WJO t,.', 1 M f. Bid- Mth at . VJlft W n* 64a bv , 2$iHW* 1,110 n. tkraa f. 4 1"U .- W. dor. 11th it wiJ S7th l, ilitlOO, rnrh o a?... rl $010.. !.... ? Mb *. !<!? *9U> ?l ,4?ftw?al of StUav.,S??M0 $, r' fnrii $66" 5.300 farUni 1 lot W aid* M?? b? , ?$ ? ft. N of *vi?< at. SMlon !,$?$ IMS ai.t. 1 MOO ?i*(?rlUilf 36*100 410 llulM. cor. ItinadaB* and 121ft at ,8b 6**5 66" AH the 1 UtM mr Him aixt 1.4th at,S4 1UM0. 140 4 Uo. ad.Mnun, 3..B100. rmch $0fW K,'44o * MMMUTB. . .. . . 5 atnrr fram* ttonaa a rot M evenor << tw? and riaiiatm kii.lih atria u,2n*2n ... 1,7'A ThrOa'1 M S' rid* Kuai rt, 114.1! ft. 8". of Ibvt ion a?<\, Oat ran n i'n'll. fir* *iihU>aa< 1 do do. a-l>*iilr.B. W>\40 0*i 1 kl NW onr % yM* av out I to* I. I . ?*on 1,140 ? f,? 2 Mam Wythr ar ,26 ft S ufU1'JMuo. aach $** . 1,710 1 |ili<t F. aide Km sr.. B2 ft. N of Jtitxh at. tr.srr 1?Y |< !1fc Internal), l<?i*t?m C,M0 a l no' Uir 1 V t ft ftfdi nf Maalft at., 116 ft W.of WjCiO ?v? , J ' a j 1*' tti*?.... ! #,inr> Wvf 1 k4S. ?id? St.-ua it, 00 ft K H IVjtho av.h'.tMO 1/)00 mf>. 1 do' do. almmi*. a-Miiai l,o>4 Th- 'aw I do. do 71 It. K. Of laat, 'dOil'JO 1,0a i ^ritaUmf 1 do. do adjoining1, IA*1no 1,100 rfc? lijrh 2 lot- on Bn h It, ady tnUiK, J.xlC*', oarj, $1,100 2,jnr. 1 ?a:-? H bi 1MKV. Wf. Ifc-lfufu at. aim Cl/iu-f at., 'JUM .. 4,06n ?"" * f. 1 k t 3 ! telly ni-ir at, 8<j fU 77. ct Upilufd avouua, thimtd ma< '4M17I 1 .*25 I, , M u 1 do. do a- 24x102. 1,760 band, nol I 6 do do ^ jfaiiib, 86x100, S"li $1,14o ft,*to tnxhrrthi 1 tore > r?-ar, oltbO'itYr-id, l? auj:i?, 1 'ocM 4'.?j 'a*. 1 ki. en Cly mt-r at, adjoining, 26x^3 1,040 l*' J"V 1 I* on n}m?Tat , a?i/i4niiiK. ?6>at 1,000 ,V,.n 1( I ki N aldn i IjtiM-r ?t llftfiW I - vt- <n a? .?6\67 KJ? an... 1 hit N. iiJ? flymrr ft. fl W HlrMM IT ,41x101 1,lWi : ?lre?i fr m 1 jot ? ttrtf CI; mrr ft , V?'? ft K Hetffofd ?r ,V>l100 f,(*V!V r'I,,h* rnr 1 lo?N. fI<1< Trfl.-r it, 100 ft W \rr ?t ., ?XlOT . 1,01'. 1 1.4 N ?ld<> T*??lor *., Kiyxninf, -Jlitm) ... l^WV- . 1 V 1 lot N rl<1e7*jlor ft , -2?>0 f|. 1 ??.ir.^l ft? , 2f>?100 1,100 ' i^r ,.f thv 1 J M N. 1?j lur-I, li?il!ilnr. -'ilOO 1,066 ; |>U< mkm N 1 jot H rtrtr Tatlor ft., 200 ft. W. 1 A?r ?T., 26x71 ... 920 i 11.4 3 ? -i., wt.'nli. '.f VAiOe fctf. *rr ?'N I k<H ilrtr Taylor ft . m.1>n4nin^, V J > ** "* 1 k.l txirtli *.<U Wlit. 4i rl.oat. 121 lr?i wm( ?T t? | '".Vri'.r 1?mb avritua, 26?M. 720 vm, ??. j! 1 M noribi nt o<#ii?-r 1?. titnutti I Wllfwi uravi, I ui ? ,,1i V,vH . V? ! Aft a. <1 ) M i?A fl.1? iff nvrmr, yio fr.4 ikitUi of Wllinn I Tr orhuro itwi, !?*ot ro 5;^*^ 1 lot f.iulli .- Ittr Hilton m.i.or, 116 (' ?< vmt of ?t,i,.j, <1> mrr rlict, i'26 fh'.pf rv ] |,4 roiitli MvUi.m armor, 10,, trrt -I of l/?i4 ?tr II ft ill I,'f76 MByrtiw fiuunrw.. 6 1-4* noith ?'i'? nivtrHm avnnue, 26 fort waM of M _ ?,,, .ti-rt, 26?|U0, ."*ch 61,av4) 4,170 AiMlrrwr, 1 l< t a"?tli ii?tr livtri<4i avrtote, 1?>I fert ?at itf 21 irt.FB. II rtrr.-t, S61IO6 1,1'JO OlbV*. *? 4 k.t? wratakla llfblk ftrrot, 22 f.. i Ttii ,* T-'Tlil'iJ iloti rrrnur. 22 ' too ear h 61,010 4/?*'J { ".w|/' 1 trirnflo avi ?li> 7 uliUi flrrrt, near la. rum rrr ,*b \m>, rue, 67.t IfvU 67 1.7 o?4lfc c 2/76 * ((?*-'< rji T ?i 'ii QjDile LIT! B ft IRTBLblflBIOI fi oTIUMliU Of OllMUl ItMUMr*. rum miuri. ri Urntvm Dam. ** "I Liverpool May L Portland, Ae K' tahesMr..IJvorp<Nil May N?" York UIh-^kuw May 6.... Vow V.-rk .It, rpool May 9 B"?' ; >* fconthumtiten. ..May 16 .New Vork bi; Urrrvool May 16 New York n Kninlmmotou . May 89 New York ?l Glasgow May Ai Now York in foa nwori. oi Bottom May 89 Uverpod i?Noma.Now York May V Iktodoo * Hremee a,. N?w York May 27. Llverp'rtl (?. Now York May 90 Havre POB CALIFORNIA, AO. W w Now York May 20 Aanlnwall . Tior New York May 27. ..Havana A N. O J,'( rtTKAMKHM TO AND PKOM HAVANA. ?> i rma?From New York 3>l, arriving at Havana 8th Jrleana 11th. From New Orleans 20th. Havana ZW rt' New York 28th. O ClTT?Front New York 7th of ouch mouth, arriving rl I2ih, and Mobile lath From Mobile 22d. Havana <lt ing at Now York tftLh ib *711 r""L?.?,'w? Tork. 12,h. ?rrtyln?t at Havana 17th. I" irloaue KHh ? nun Now Orloaua 27lh, Havana 29th Nl New York M. mr?Prom N. w York 17th arriving At Havana ZW, " h-lraiia 2tith From New Orloaua liih, Havana Hth " New York 13th. 1c Fakkiuu - From New York 87th, arrlvea at Havana ' w Orleana VI From Now Orloaua 12 h Havana M tig at New York Uith. ai From rharleeton 4!h and I9ih, due at Havana 7tb 'mm Havana 10th and 2Wi, due at New York I tab o above dales full on Rtindav, the steamers will aall | , einepl fr?m New Orleans. and hMars tnimdnl for (As Maw YOU <mld be ssolsd. " alpahao to* paw yoaa -yum pat. m 4^39 | moos Kisns mnrn 2 94 " 7 14 I uigh watba ere 6 1)1 B art of Now York* May 1U, 16M. " ? M CLKAKED wbi>-r, L"brop. Mefouri."? ti w warnon u n 'In h. Moiiuir?\ Valparaiso .ind a nkl?Waa'ar ucluae, Carney, Mlrain'utl?J W Klwell A Co. ary Sht-lion, Burr, Llnou?Cluunbtrlln, Phelps A " 'da Ham) Jachtmanc, Hamburg?P Karck '' ideofib* Ho'i, Johtiaon, Nenruae?Ymavu A Del * :uiui, Uuarey. Mlrainn hi?W H Hutucy. ton Jov?. Imillli*?Itflpi : A Hroua. itebwui. Trend*. Havana? Hnwll a V'litug itnru* !Mr) Howard, Cornwall!*?D R IVeWolfe. ondalo, IMi, jHr)t?oTif(ll? -4! AKJ Peter* h mucky, Nwhul*, Keruandina, >'! ?WaUa, Carver A ^ Ply, PavU, Charleston?Duubam A DUnoo. 1 ifce ULney, Bradley, Georgetown?Yates A P-rter ' Buow, Orringtoa, Wllalngtoti?n I) Hr-w-kioaii A ^ or?*, Monroe, Rook land?G I, Hatch A ?Vi. ' I Broguajd,<hi, Jacksonville?Mc.'realy, ^ ?licyrrlnK, Corson. Wilmington?R J Godwin. win, Hall. Newbern?.1 ruulili A Co. : lien, WoodbnlL City Point?Van Brunt A Slight. itle, Veai.e. Klitabi thjiort?R P Hwk A Co. i* Bmke, bhaw, Portland? Q 1, Hatch A Cb. , I, Perllng, Ralliin ire?J W PI well A Oo ? L Kiciiarda.'U, B*. ley. Newbtiryporl?S W Le.rU A ^ 'reble. P'roul, Boston?C A E J retere. l ieu (latM, Weeks,Beaton?W W lWker. Krnok*. Gardner, Newport- Maatpr. , boa Hu 1. Hull. Providence?Maa'er. Htwioti Pellew, Pht'iulWphxa?New York and Phi Navigation to. : ARRIVED. ' up M*rt~n Fouler, Churl>*st >n wl'h mdee and una- t u> flnottbrd. Tllcaton ,t Co. On Pnnday, 4 Pi, Si i n i.i llattcraa Khoal erchajigert signal* with (.team i reKla t,*r ao far f'hk i !....fon MnnJa v f. P%l olf Great r .or, pvn th ? wrrk of Or I) Tajlor, of Mlllord. ( pars rRfiiiK. anc sails laying about the lot*. had r y beenw un Into; btw's gone, no one on hoard; she f t) mlo" from lend in lo Inlhoiiia water, ami In uie r track of coasting vessels. sreln C [>aj '< f Dnmarlwv'taV ChMe. Liverpool? w ith ttdae and 390 passengers, to WaUh, Carver k ? tooda (ol KlO-wond, Mr), Harry, Newp.m, W. April t >ti. to N.kii lib k Sous. 1Mb lift, lat SD lk>. ton 66 IS, e qnartt r d.-ck of a vessel painted f rrn, with a while around hrr ?t?rn, front the appearand' of her alter- < opposed she bnd beeu ruo into ] aneonta, t'plon, Trinidad cto Cuba. 18 da vs. wdU? *u >Tbi uipa'.o k Hunter ldlb lust,lai 27. tou spoke bvth," rem New Orleans for Boston. 1 ri.nto, Han mood, Rll?wortb, 7 da) a. I *r S'eed. Smith. Providence for I'h.'a-I '.phla larkstcne, Htedman. Providence , Westchester. flark. Provldeaen. r Decatur, Goer, Norwich. , BL0?f ;n bark. j'n'i ie t\j V'owlnk a h-atyRa'te ftvm NK, with ______________ 1 1 ele(ia|iiik Marine HeportN.dMay 19?Arr ships W *'>*n. Paine, Onlentto: West- i tp, Soil Ik IJ\ erpoot K.lw.trd Hsman, Netll, no, Rlt.i * in nil Malta, NOrlewue; barks ouliatn I elernvv r... ,_.unft Billow. Small, Boaooe Ayree; i lirtHtkr,, SI.-,.... Dawes, Me-.lna:0 Parker, Dart-sum; J C Nlraela, Nicaele, fh,iutel ** Msry (Hrs, f'lenfuegna; brim A D Turrey, tlnti.a, i i; Abbv Thar*, r, W i.welj. NOrleana; almoner OHy ".irk, Matthews, Philadelphia' llcrnlrt Rartn* tin rrwwpoaKt anew. iDK'.PHIA, Mhv 19? Arr brig Concordia (Br), I'll'rtnio, ?.-brs Aliia, Oar I, arr y, NI.o- ton. V M Fid>h triumph, Ar.t.. l't-arl, Brrtwi. K U Alwovd, D snuh. jV'iftlaa*, Umlsa Gray. Marks, Flight, and 11 A Wi eds, Wrrka, B-mIoii; W 1. I?k) on, Bo ttd Serin?, Ha.-on. NYork, Hannah Will, u, (V.m in; Cibuna N .rtou A II-mli-raou. dfrey- Anna , iipisu. at.d T C Smith, Smith, Pmt idem*, K./a k . Prior, Jacksonville k Aar .o I llarv. y Wtllar flierr* Leone. brig Indusr.stnt Portland: schra N ( Harris, Buwter, Brighton; i, Kn?ilrh; S F Solildit), Seymour, and Im.l Maria, Salem; firaoe Wuleoo, Lnwrenoe R Haven; tdf'son, Oodfriy; David Smith. Hoot-It-., 11 a Veekt. itnd TiinmpU, Ar.ia, huau-n; fibiuit, .V .ruin: b. hmi h. Haunt t, llall. tuiiS ar. Taylor, 1'itiv.Jei,-e, I | a.r Rtmw, Portsmouth, It 8 Brown, fro ?n. Mar Alidt. f'ari erry, NL ud, u. Mat.- _? TUtou. sp.p^r, 1, sir Aun Kltra Koblne- n, NYerk. tarelUiMoni and IksaMan. amshlp Ml no a. Capt Fuatar, arrtrori ye*f?rdt,y m.r.\ i harieaioo. We are ladobted to the oni^tnn puraer ispera. w Bndhird Sferrnry atalmButt wha'eshlp Alice Man t(W reported lov*. was, w.h ber outij, valued .1 ; <1, od which th-me w ,?a Insured a. lb- iVmh lutiial Murine Insnraiiee ofl'.-a- of sew Hedford. at-auiaaa. lkma.ban. from Kunrsbm, J a. for rtattl di r.-ilt and i- in. s..? aah.irt- et t >...s. v I,!-..a ' ill, ?li1 ?n*r i?I 'll'? b?-i oaraoat L'u?.- c?y. rhe ' 1 i' >mr! MP, ftir repaira. and whi1- no hi>r run un adore un ill.- north mul nf I-m.ij Ulead, In < ( ,11. ?ui.1 ! tin Irak Inrivaatilg .?(We:, ? >.! la! wreck. The okfitaln and crew arrlreo *i Ne*aan, phui'ii -1 <1 from M iford H' l I f Ni'? York, n wm *h?n<tun<1 oi Hm.dey night, tn a an, kingcm Urui Harbor. "Wing an- vrnrti fnmi to Elwood Waller. terr lin*rd of I'nderwrlW* ? . hliy 12? The ik-he J M Llillock. Hallork, fr >m Mm repairing di.uiui:>-i a'll-ilne* Hole. on her i?,vk r.? , . d ? ) hi art w<i. b-r, l'-l in la, lorn ?<>et, l?nl n ha lijr The e/hr deuvir, armed >*? rimy V>rk. had rr. h<-?tj wuhu lnat Unr-aa,mnnl, >>? m, *e en? hud twn tn?p wa.aed overboard. one ee? ? ?re<t hy c.luyLu* . > Ih. risking. liw other nan . HI' Ma; 7?The eMp Tar dint* (beftree reported), ii a er .r" "i. a pau-h o! rnr'il r> Ira weal of 1,,- -ir the tva u n'rr throw in* iTmarda . arms waaL tied oil ZTlh. and arrtred at vine porv a*- - .?..-<] . r II Mil IM It ir<aa -a... raj knar* iM on iter (Kami *M? are bitdton. and alier and nf haThwajr. hi-r k-el gr"-u?d?d ?srd, f.ire ar.l bocrim M y tr.Jnr- .1 nner lase Newt-in prert trly reporle 1 ahnr* on ear Mumrj To nt, krae I. ?.*td off |,in low and tenrttjr ? n ;nf replug kke t?rtr ikt at the fool of Itree', kK aiiudilji JfaahePV <( i|?e i Tar'eh"i line, waann rr-'ur * ?a?ed n? uie I .-* argi ael mi'a on W. <rka k> mm plele her r -a-aira HotkM to Marin era. r?on ? "Mill <? *, ca*ou aar. B-.i r. -"hi Ieet, pain-ed bin- k brt i--er p;?"e1 to i*? nbl'-h ih.- ileiTai 11ante] Weheer a'n.-t rr 1 hi-rork la twn kindred yarda diatani N )h K ay Rork and aaa eight I eel o< waiar over ii ai low J<te nf It iheie ia a rlwnnei of lena tight In ten faih |j i ij la |il?-" aU. ,i ?wy I Ml^gnflh" pet, lirai.a f aaier at |nw Udt. The RrUnatiii ?'? tha Ixartngi fr-ta tfca bu<-y, tl? '>otra id Uadf Wag t* Mart lale Mnottmeat N hr he ler Ihi I 'gh h.?u?e tViht't, UMI II I'bkULIs. lugkLUouat lH*eet>?. U. t* 1, Ma. li, Lit:. eatoa* t aenrt ti?T* "*her dar mn'kr mirtlnr the reri^hao.-d te atrioa-dtt*. u?0"? n profei i-eniin. audhaia j halted, imlill In 'h<* prto'.rd '.lata, ler if the I.Ubihouae ltoar<!, I fJkO II rtKHLK, l,lkliiJi.??ee I. a. ik iMT. rent n Herald id ihe llhkturi wrt the rt tahlp in liar l? v> bt rerwnipd Uw reyalra, bu- aif lur etea-d, m,e ligh>, Wiu take tier plaea. rwlruc B'dle* to wartnerr luu been freeired frv/m M K?t. I* K r<>n?i.lai NOiankhar, ?R!ia ? | trcii v ? ? 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Dot loan, do, IKIOap 40 wh, ill told Keb 16, lat 6 13 ?, Inn 101 W. Urn I roup, Milton. MB, 1? -I gtuce Icaiii'C PaJitU all vroll, bound to ihe Sandwich Ial1,(18 Ipokan, -a*. A large Am clipper hipkteedng K. ?b->wln< a largo rod itgee wtib a white border, and I n? name in ihe oeu re, waa uln'cd black, and hud live topaalU. ptaaud May 4, lat M ) Ion 19 .Mi. Ship Kinlly 81 Pierre, Teaabr, benn'1 S May 17, no lat, Me. Hark Golden Age, lrum UaJ.ent m for NYork, May 9, aM it 2fe 2P, km 79 M. Hark Trinity, from Boaton for Galveaton, May 17, off Naur icket Ilahiablp. Brig Kc&rle.r. Newtjn. from Cardeuaa for lloaton, May 17, lontauk N'NE 65 mile*. Bohr Sullivan, Dougherty, of and from NYork for Oiudad oltvar April 21, lat 2b 14 l.?n 5! t'b Sciir Glum Urn. 4.days ft m Boston for Ctenfuegoa, May 10, | n ,'tl to. ton 70 45. Krnr i'a., douia, Ooomba, from Or land for NYork, waa aeeu lay l(i, off Hr. uton'a Reef. Poralgn Pu> u Aktap Mttreh 12 Arr ahlp Weymim h, Klllott. Liverpool. Bciros AVKv.g. 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I r, condemned, br.g Vulture, Bennett, for Ha up ton Roads 4 lay* Sid Match 24. iblp Augustine Heard, Small Valparaiso! isi-k Get rataiA, Reynold* Ban Francisco with cargo of brtrf r U l'ougtas. . Psi- >aanvco, April 8?KM bark Mondamln, Burg*w,Rio lantlro. Shasghac. March8?In por ship Eurtka. Canfleld, fur New fork tame day. a, n.w.k ii.wa- k,.w4' tkA Ct hsPaaM Un T/iihl vat nn Mia vtAitt Id if BavaJiii-la, April n-Hld brig Thoc TUeaton, Morrell, far ""anhagena, to load for N York St TiioHAf. April ?In ixrrt nhipn Queen of the Pacific (lata if Bunion, condemned, and no d). Currier, lor New York, rig In* jury lium'n; Parthenon, Caldwell. under aurvey; Clara Lull Putien.i'U*. Art uin, Parsoua, nearly discharge- , Charles, fell", Inuii NYork fur Anibrtr; harkn Ca.burma Kemp ion, to ,.Kil con! IOI Hnvnun, attppqaed from ihe Queen or llie Pacific; ; pwlgh;, Kelly.IVoim Barbadoea, junt arr; Teresa. Berry, rum NYork fur harru-?tt>onn\t day. brigs Hi ward. Kldridge, roni Martinique, arr INb, Two Hoya ' ooper. wtg the mall; obrr Magy ir, llnvenrr, from Port (ipaln, do, Hanntel, Nelaon, ron. Dominion* do; lloiidt ran. Turner, from Martinique, do. rPiR Pti ianittr NtJtlARA, at Halifax?Telegraphic.} Arr trom N Voik April iJ6, Industrie, at idaboii, JKKb, Aiuift, i'. Valeur.t. l!a\ ft. Nui-me, ai Queenntown. Arr trom ita tnnoTD Hay i, Ireland, olf Dungeneac; 6th, Anna, oil Falmouth Arr from Apalnohicoli. May ?. Barab Judktns, at Liverpool. Arr fr ui N? Tit-ana Flay 6, V. biaud. at l.l-eru?ol; dth, Rufuu "boate, at do; 7tb, Ft John. and Spirit of ibe Tun en, at do; Mtn Knrlitl ?t do. Arr frrtn Mobile v*y ti Ocean Ware, at tJvamnoL Bid tor NIo?k May 4. National.from ttarulff, ma, Hello Wood, rom Liverpool; ;d?, Jaa Koatcr, Jr, from do, Onward, (root bg t.ii 'ir. Ma io' T-ostou Met 6, Bugle, frvw Greenock; 7th, tirtnti Point, front ti erpoof. . ? _ . . . Bid f?i Haiti more May 4, IVsnatch, from Newport;7tb, John 1 liuke, trom Liverpool, eld for Charleston May 3, rtlfford. from Honean. Bid lor NOrieiinn Way 3, Attain i, from Bunderland, llomr Porta. BOSTON. Way 1B-Arr sblp John UHpbs Mine, hitedfurd, l.ark N n rbnae. latvell. H-.-rly, scam Aloerl Mason, Hmillt, I herle-'oii, Bpeed, mma Waablngwn, NO; P A flawkina. Pec-Hal Rnipabanhock; Firm. Jefl-ra; L 5'orb;-,ant. Oorn n. JuM'ph l'uricr, Ai'aio*. Uaxelie i'ruanU. vsraoe ilirdler, P.lue. and It U Wdaou, Pnlue, I'Lua H Ijibia, 1'iy un> itb Rock. Lacy. N Yoik lob-graphed, barks fllrthan, from Meanina; In Itisti. ti, m aii.nlt tidro. Big rial lor a brig. Old barks Ueueral 1 Hurt' n, \ttr>ans; lm u.a, llarea SironnaJk; brlga ii'la A'-horn. Ua?tti.g?. Mobile, 'andaoe Mslihewe, Hslib more, h otic. Mpwer, Nfork; ?chr Kdwlu Reed, ureen, Pailedrlphia; steamer U a B??ch, Baunacre. NYork Bid, wind FK. modrrwie. brig Htepluu found It la douotfol whether or n>i sbe g.s out of the Hay. 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Porter Ad >? , I'M A'li-lplim f r iMMton, I Ht'irtrtaai, Corrua, do fur i b> Urn. Iit-h?Arr erhre II Welnop, K<'blnwKi; R II WiUon, DoIm, ni! |>i|m>tm < < PMnul.-lphla for Ifonton. 17 h ? Arr t>*rk fl?nj IJalb it, Ultk MobUr f Mr ii'Mion; brlan I'titiirr, Majo, flier let ton for no; PI o? a Pn*a. lthim. Phi :idi lot'. f.T do ifi'I II V?r(Hfi Hard, N. ware. If J. for A tanam N? M-hr* M? y V ... Iowa. I* l H.telphia f.* Booon, Vlr*1fi H"f, Kinlih, Nkork f r do. Robert I Hfoabka, Cilaard*. R .-a* nd f'r Salem. 11 : 1 ? >n Ha'l, Pbi'adelph'e r la A William M* W ? AiAf PrMMf h,.irand Hh IVlaw . l'U.? r >-n '"rjrii'Tt, Amaranth, ara n?, MnMmore far A;?cn Hid ?rhr* Jiaeph i'orlar, L knrnant, 11 W ti??m F 11 Wt'ann P^nonnork 1Mb?Am ?bi| IMu?. NVo'k for H<-*oo. In low of ........ .1.1. . ,. t ? Hall * York f< r Rork > r k i Wiitiman, I'm-?/. Poi-mae Hirer for Boa nn.Tnm n' Hrdprrlr Mar/Kixi Paint, M<1 fnr Portland, ar/ ' I'M, Man mr Idil'td. pn'a f'.rHt Joan. NU.K-I.ra Anno leniivr. llaru.i.K. 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