Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1857 Page 2
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2* AFFAIRS IN MEXICO. , Our Vtrm Cr?? Cwreependeeee. Vnu Cfera, May I, 1867. pvmmictu < oMtm/<-rt dltap CUrieml AgHakon IV i'ntttt t*** Stfoatter .xnearyMy w Sonowx \?> will hare by the toamship Mexico, which kearea ' kte urmiv, Dill file* 10 adrtee you of our actual ooodi gH, and 1 car only ptreyoia (fiance. Bare the ththoic disturbance during the Kaater featiwato k like metropolis, whar. the derated dignitaries of the Fah lheeght to entice the people to take part In their Mid ITOiDno, wc uvcvn-u 4uvc?. mo iui|nlauuuiaukui ft* various leaders of the cathedral rebel*, and the prompt ?iwr?? action of Oraxmfort. pre van ted spread of the beewc Be bore the censor between the priests and the ^fer wttb a tile of n?Mi<-ra, and the plague was stayed. Vseqoewt* a convention of priosU and civilians, with a I sabres, and the Pope's Nuncio to give grace and chaim to the meeting, wo* held under advisement wfth the government, and the will of Oomonfort to austain Ibs'eorotitnB <n, even if It shook! cart every shaven poll in Ibe repebliC, was clearly made evident. Vie poor priest* agre id to mind their business, and the Naweio oostlruied ihelr good intentions. advising them to bbe better owe of tho souls entrusted to their watch and ward, than to be inaulcattrgUrraaooable practloee within the proc.ncta ?f the Church. b ports- have been most industriously circulated for mme weeks past, from ore State U another, by private expresses established by the church, intimating that jwar>rinvwaa-i were to be made at given times and plaoes, iteailanetiusly, for which there was not the least founda Woo .among the people. It was most slntuiar that a oong Phmeunities aacitable and oaaily alarmed?even with the must If r -rat.t?tb- ro weie none deceived, not one deladed The effort to create a sensation even was lo?t?so Vat the President has not been called upon for a single aasc to defray < x-raor dinar v expenses. Ib.'ilenry A. Oiabb, the plough boy, has entered Sooora, a be says, with?iie most peaceable inventions. He com*?b sworo?no scabbard?-ud rifles, and one hundred'and bely laborers fitr our fields He proposes to squat?to Slake out his pra-empUon?having been invited to do so by some of the west Influential vagabonds of that Male. M lo BMf DIP W1UI UM^UIIU JWUfJKJ, 7IWCW OU1CH.>. e ktvttg arms ir only a bad habit acquired by hetug au |?rr'? and civhited?thu bo* way to demon4fate auo preserve yeace If we turn him oat or give him his pre gnapGoi in -qnaUer sovereignty of sir feet, all the bloo<i W lb he on our heads, not hie. for be is a mm of peace, an 1 laa no ethor motive, nig letter of protect, yroniwwtiwsmfti a declaration of right* to the prefect of the district of the r, is eweeedlng, r.ob and impudent; bit he la the art affectionate servant of Don Jo?0 Maria Kedood. prefect, he., until be oan have the pleasure of seeing him b the Altar.*' We have a few more such scamps left, and fee will be ef -them soon. ?r<is*ilslq|ira Correspondence. GrAnAucun*; April 16,1867. WHgfrom Jbn JVancUoo to Masatlaa? Approach to the La# Ifasned gjbg lu Population, ftmati Beauties ami ' Skmrhm Vofaff to Son Blag?Sharks and MoMjuitoea? Brine is tojao? Dining by tM Way?Situation ef the City A Largs Ootton Fhaory?A Stage Load fur Guada pKa?ApicuUuacl Prospects Palaces and Churches?A Ptikhe ISomination?Balloon Ascent?BuU Baiting ami Memcan Okisalry. wring ptwmiaed to send you a sketch of my travels in , llnteo. 1 will ?omm?wce with a brief account ef my jour , jsy from Ckhf wwia to Uiis city, After bidding farewell to maay friends 1 left the bu.-v . nastrepoHe of the Hectic, In company with about Afty pas sagerr. bound for the port of Macallan it was on one of these lovely evenings peculiar to the climate of California, at eur beantifhl bark, " like a thing of life," passed , afewly but majestically, through the Golden Gate, upon the .gtsaSo boson of the great Pacific Just two weeAs after as greai city or san rrancuico?wuicn uns sprung up a* jw stl? r city ilDCe the croaUoo of the world?had vanished At a vision from our new, we cssi anchor in the bueuU 'M, but unsafe harbor of Mazatlan. It was one of the Ht dehgtitfu! voyage* that I have ever enjoyed. Macallan, though a atnail city, preeents a magnificent j vaew ae ? ? approach it from the sea; with its numerous ytae apple treee waving proudly above the many clean and , pat; dial (bouses) of which the city is composed. TV *W aotitama one church, a plaza de tor oh, a theatre, and . a lew baixUoae senoTitas. In order to get a fine view lie fee stly, 1 tltmbed upon tne top of Prospect Rock, which is several hi rdrcd feet in height, and stands on the margin at the Bra. i rom this eminence I could distinguish nnariy very butkling ?a U.e town, and enjoy a lovely proupco tor beyond the city. Maratlau c retains about seven thou and inhabitant*. The climate is very pleasant during the wtater. but the piavc is considered unhealthy c uring tti IBMtor. 1 left Mazatiaa on board of a small ooa?ting vessel, under Hesi'ao oulors and a Spanish captain, bound for Man Rlv> the goldea sun had descends 1 beyond the Father of Wa Ms*, and the bright suwv were sbeddiig their beautiful 1 Mpbi upon our little eontjMuiy as we moved witb a ligln seei lowly but piaaaantlg from the shore, wnilo sweet Banc by the Marat Ian band came sweeping over the aea. bntogii f joy u> every heart The three days that I spent * apae this mwerable vessel reaching San BIm, gave an sufficient time to reflect and compare the means of ' toSMpwrt on the western cuaM of Mcxloo with those of ay ewa native land. * Tea, h'essed Amerva, the home of the free; ? M where la 'here another land 1 ke thee The bngh< stars of thy banner uever sha'l fade; Onward, onward thy psngrsaa. and n? er retrograde. P Lag era ? entered the port of San Bias, wc could ills 'j Aag??h the Mexican fag flying from the top of an oM t: Jbrl, situated on a high em.nenoe back of the city. Wo paard, a few aauee "rom the port of Ban Bias, a solitary roch, MW'iiim about fifty feel above tne surface of the ocean, d asking more tike a good a zed Bologna aaurage than any c Mag else lean of just now Han Bias look* as though it 1 was stuck in the mud and could n't go, and left there hi be ( Arvaured by awaras of mosquitoes. 1 saw many sharks to a* haiWor The scenery around the town is highly j patoreequr, but there are but Ciiw Inhabitants, owing to , Mm onhealthmrsa of the town. After remaining there one n.ght, 1 took the dCipnria ' flags) for Tepic, in company with four other passengers , Oar journey for the most (wrt of the day was over deh<bt I hi hi.I- and dale*, oovereo ? m ? piaaciy crwwm m lurum af h'aulifv l variety, Italia' U> that I wu.nflwl while tra retihif IB the ;?k of Cuba and lh?- repnbfc* of Nicaragua I war aatiou* to aee the futn elaatic tree, which la found to Me hot portion' of Mexico, denominated -yrra caltmt' Mil I raw Btwe no the way I Tb. Brit hotel we dined at waa a barn, with ma lew is j? aad and a cnrtnu i)ur oaaMi PHner) coneteted af/ryafef (bcane) camt I meat), tartil^s rake* made of corn ), larkr (milk) , and red pepper, for wfc* h we paid 2b oente each They rare ua no rucAtUo* fkaive*) nor vwaderv (fork*), therefbre we had to oae our Irrlrr thugrrr) a- a *ub?t>tute We law loiae beautiful Maorndar on the -amino (road), where weie exten*lvely aaKirai' d mortof th< tropical fruiti.iucb ae the pineapple, banana' nranre?. Ilmea, kr We arrived at Teptr at 4 o'clock P M well pi meed with a rWe of twelve hour, over tuch a biybly pctureaque an I vamanoc rout try topic con tame about thirteen thouiund Inhabitant B W *it .ated in a lovely valley, with a etreani af briyht, tparkliny water paeelnf near the ctty I I Iher1 are three cotton factoriea eaet of the city, awe of which I netted. It belong* to the wealthy bauae of Haion, lor bee k Co., of Topic. aad reaita*, I wa iBtormed, one hundred thousand dollar* per annum fberr are a number of American* employed to overae lite eefabllahmeal Tht* factory la a* capaciou* and mac aMnent id appearance a* any I bare aeon n the t'nttet tome* There la an erteaeire yardeo la front of the build "ay, contalataf a larye number of frad tree*, loaded with the mart deiwloua fruit* There were many ooflro tree banyiny fall oi red and freen berrlea, which hara quMe a awaeUeh taalc. In the centre of the ear den la a beautiful fountain, tnrrounded by maay ranetlea of mreet flower* I wae pleated with a rirlt to the Alemnde, which n a ^art?u? en. ,<* ire <* many acrre, aad filed with II nr. r*. b-uH* and tr*e* la the centre i* a larye circle arounc which are yood ?e*u and a prw of orany tree*, loaded with <waaye* larye qnamiuc* of orange* are aold here tor three onto per dotea The inhabitant* eat eaM with (batr oraoyea, ooneid.-r.ny it more haaltby. (in the north went of the city, afoul two mite* detent, tot a h yh maintain, corcred with forent. which increase- very much the beauty of th. lai daoape arou. 4 Tepir. u often r. ,ver*<\ wttb rkiud* which *o murh reaembu *moke that I really | aapptwe.1 It to be all na flra at ne- t me. There I* an American M. D aad oae or two menhanta do ay rar> wall at raptc. At nine o'clock at niybt 1 took mr m n the itaye with twa Met lean officer*, well armed. two Ve, an **norita?, one mac li?ch ta and n French lady fur <4ua. I altars. the anmd city of U'XloolBpoPu atioa W. pavaed a number of amall village*. aome of them contain *? s? church and a few pretty -a***. while othara were made uf poieaor mud, w tb roof* of thatch* d *craw. yraee or pa'm leave* Uaawt aby wr panted a beautiful hacienda at the foot of a tali mountain covered with Inndrcape of the ricbael rerd irt Hoi of the hacienda* were well mipplled wtth fruit* and vey table* Mteaatre fief da of tha oekli rated marn-y were nomet mee preernted to oar rlew. I'reaonu remark* of n, nie miracle of nature U the Mexican aloe or maynry, wbnee lo*taring pyramid* of flower*, toweriny aU >e their dark nrvanal* of learaa, were aeen *pr1nki<*l over man) a broad Oeld Iw bloe leave* affordorl a parte, ar DU i'Mitif bovorairo, oallwtl pulqut, <X which the da tlf aro oiooaowwly '.Kid roan *> Uiif day; II furlii* ??J>|n.o? an nn^cli? thai< I inr W>e mora humb. dwell ItT liifwd rdwi, onwrw*. mailt wwro marie. and tironf onrdo war* mario Irotn rt? twlnled tlhrwo. pin* a?d needle* warr ma<lo of Me thorn* al Ui<* ealremity it lie leave*. and Ui? rood, whoa profo-rl? cnofcod, ** nrnivwiod Inu. a |m Mabte and tnitn< ?o?v ' ??! TV J, in aheft. * ww' drab, f**hlnt. aud wnlin# material fir U>o Antoo ftiroly d* ror did nuurr airlow in Miaimp*>11 ioriih* 1 an man)' oii-m- i.u <rf h .m* maai.Kt aud otriliwttoa I Tb* hlabor of wo u?t<wo.| ware rally ?ierile aad at it ran t. w, n>ot ? treat nnm ? " ,4 i A mora* wtUi parked m-ilr*. and aim H.-tiran 01 t/<*m*. Willi Uioir carl- of >.! may ?ond?n ahirfe. Tho yoke war* ail larloiiod lo 'lie boneol in- oxeu with Mrouf I jtotfe of leather We arrived al noadalayara, eflrr two lTt; M I rwi' o'i inrh at tiil i 01 tj-wa < m *.<>ii .?,? I bnndrt-d tttetmabd ml ? -nt Ji ? i u,d 0,? m, ?<|iiaro> beaabiviv ?it i*?ed la an rtteMve va'ley, with h lDt|'l flfltfll !> * 'If ' "'kh Ul*? '1 Ytl* f ^'.?|w m a Aa'aft Bo-tutAfil .. i-vtaue^ l NEW IORK ammy baauMbl paintings and statoary lttaaMaatod f la ieWt o( ili? etty, with tta two lofty *pi'?i towering 1 far above tbe city, ooanraandtng one of the moot aptotic Id tows of the city and surrounding country that man need t wish to took upon. Hie Governor' palace is on the oaH side of the princi|?.l fiaaa. It li in extensive building, covering one entire w-uare When (leneral farvodt returned f>om Hun I Ails Potosl Irith bin troops the j~'? vu bsautif illy lllumlnutod fur tws nights, while tha'pluaa in front of the palaco win one magnificent scene of different colored lights suspended from the orange treee which surround tbe plaza, wbiie the fountain in the centre was literally covered with (Ire. Thousands of Mextciaas, with their fttlr senoritaa, dre->?ed In tie richest style, filled the plaza on those two brilliant evenings, rejoicing that the many fortifications erected but a few weeks previous were no longer needed to keep the rebel RlancarU and bis soldiers from eutermg and taxing posses* ion of their fair olty. Pror Wl'son, the celebrated aeronaut, who has been trying during the last two years by lectures and expert went* to convince the people of California that It was practicable to establish a "balloon line" between California and the Atlantic States, for the purpose of transporting tbe I'lifted States mail and passengers with speed and safety across the mountains and plains cf North America, ha+cre ated quite a sensation m this city by makiDg a very beautitul ascension from the now plata at tarvo, which has Just been constructed, at the coil of $30,000, on Uio blh iust. There was a strong wind at the time, and many of .Jim friends Advised him to (KNtpone the ascent, as there would be vreai dancer in the descent hv cumins with railroad peed tc the earth. He replied, " that as there had t?oen 1 one or two Mexican*, a few months piovlous, try 1 ng wvf r?l timet; to make an ascent, but could not, and a< he public had become very much enaperoted against 1 hem, Ike thought that hie life would be in a? much danger I 'rom a mob, nhoukl he not go up, a* if he made the ascen 1 ion;" and he determined, therefore, like the brave t.'eu. < Taylor, " never to surrender," but with victory or death , | Owing to the great difficulty of inflating so immense a ma I chine, with a heavy wind blowing against it, the ascent t was not mode until after sunset. At length everything being ready, the cord* were cut, an-l the monster aero-ta' rose rnpitlh but majestically above the heads of thousands 1 of astonished but delightod spectators, who made the plaza ring with long at d related st outs of ''woa fihww, mm irrcnauta, riua Americana," until the balloon lite a meteor bad |tawed out of sight Hundred* of horsemen and thou -and* on foot gave immediate tor the balloon. The earonaut, in less than fifteen minutes, landed more than sti miles east from the city, while the fleetest horsemen ] were left tar behind ,.and those on foot had not reached the , luburbs of the rntv. The aeronaut was slightly bruised b\ being drsggM* seme distance by the force of the wind. Wilson and M* balloon were brought b*cs to the city J about eight o'clock I*. M., escorted by hundreds on horse ' and afoot, with continued shout* of "tsoi I Villon, nna 1 tertmaula, na* Americana." The aeronaut was then in vited to pulake of a grand supper, and was presented ilh a splendid gold watch by Epiiacio T de los Rios, Editor ol El {'ait, as a reward for the perseverance, skill < and undaunted bravery of the aeronact upon the occasion. <>nlbr followiug evening tiie aeronaut was invitod tea 1 soiree, composed of the young nun and aenoritas of Onada- 1 layan, and by thetu presented with a beautiful wreath, or lamented with gold, accompanied witu some beautiful 1 verses composed for the occasion, as a tukeu of their high * appre ialinn of his valor an 1 perseverance. I am informed mat rrot. Wilson intended 10 mue one or wo more ascensions from this city, previous to going to 'he City of Mexico, but the city authority s will not (five < rum permission, for tear, they euy, of another revolution. On Sunday, the l'Jth uu-t., a bull tight was advertised to 1 lake place si the new pUua it Urn* Having never seen ' one, I concluded to go ou this occasion. 1 arrived there at i he hour mentioned in the bills for opening the doors, b it ' 'bey w<re shot, and thousands of persons wore anxiotcdv i waiting to enter After waiting in the dust and heat until my patience was exnausted, I learned that the doors would 4 nut be opened until tbe soldiers came. 1 therefore left the ( crowd, intending to return again when the doors were ( open. d Tb 1 crowd was io great that the moment the doors 1 were opened they rushed in by force without oaying, until the plan was crowded full, tbe soldiers not having the c least control over them I was informed that It wai im 1 possible to oiitain a seat, and did not return, but conclu ded 0 o go the next day, as there had been advertisements 1 esued lor two days, Ijent being over. Accordingly, at 4 c 1*. M. on Monday, April 13, 1867,1 found myself very oom d fortably seated at No. 138. with six or seven thousand per- f sons, anxiously waiting for the fight to commence Toe *' ring conthxed three or four Mexicans on horses, with long <pears to defeDd themselves, and about a dozen on foot, c< with red cloths in their hands, to wave before the bull to v excite bis hump of romhativeDcss. Presently in rushed a l' Bull through the side door, whicklMrj soon came in con A act with coo of the horsemen, Stocking tbe horse and ^ ider flat on tbe ground. The rider and his pnbrt atalio, sior horse, (they do not use good horses, for fear of their w uurg killed, as they arc in more danger than the rider.) oon recovered from their sudden overthrow, while he furious buH went pitching Into somebody else. he poor bull stood but a . lim chance, however, again t o trany men, and roon hecarae completelv exhauste I bv rl mining, and bavin*- the cruel spears tearing o|ien its flesh *r util it could hardly move; Iheu some kuigtiterrant. iwned for such deeds of rhi-alry, would despatch the bull 111 i) running a straight swdrd through its heart. I saw >>ur tortured and killed -,n this meaner, which will sail fy my curio?ity iu "that lute'' at lea.-t, 1 trust, for the future a brave Mexican rode one ot tbe animals arisind the nng s few times, much to the delight of the "lira', families" M.'.H'lalaiara. Thst thirty thousand dollars should be '? xponded in building a pla> o for the Inhabitants of Gua ulujaia to satisfy their barbarous curiosity In seeing n "Ulls nsle, tortured and killed, did not surprise mi', when, a ii locking aiound the plaza, 1 beheld nine tetuiis of the pectatois wearing the same, or nearlv the utme, phvsi ' gm<my and complexion as the inhabitant* diJ when " ri i.\ad"U Mexice kiii i am surprised mat me iu ellign t inhabitant* of old S|xun, amidst tbe civilized na ^ iop- or enlightened fcurope. should Morale and encourage inch a cruel, inhuman and di-guaung an amusement. I' <x Tbe Invaalon of lonora, " him* iccorvr or tuk LzuniNfl or th* riMBrtrrnu n< ?TDKIR Mi?\ KVEVTP RttOKC THglM CarTl'KI. jj Translated lur tbe Nkw York Haaaui from La Trait d' w t'nion, of ihe City ot Mexico, of April 'Al.J On Puoday last. at about ba f past three In tbe morning, M oouri r extraordinary arrived In the Gty of llesico, den ej, atcbed In all haste to the supreme government from Ma atlan. by Gen. Jueeph Maria Yannez. Tbu oouiler m ruugbt late* from Mar/uian to tbe 1 Itb ln?t., witn de* n< air her oulrtning ibe intelligence previously received of ^ he tnvat ion of Hooova by the Rlibostrre. Tbe expedition i, It appear*, under the command of Henry A Crab be?or be Hon Gen. t>abbe, aa the Mlifornian* call him. This honorable man cro?eed tbe Mexican frontier at tbe irad ef an advanced guard of luO men. Me Immediately umniooed tbe Prefect of the I>1-Artel of Altar, to aurren ler the place and all tbe Rurroundtng country to htm with lut refinance, declaring It to be bu intention to nettle in T be country an coletiirtAa toon a* Mr. lVequelra, tbe Governor, was male acluaiogrd whh there fhcts, he immediately -et forward at be brad of bta troop*, and marched with all pouatnle ex ^edition upon the point where the invasion wa< made, lavmg under bm command about 700 men of tbe National iuard Tbe 300 fllihiiater* who had landed on the Miand of lobar h< otne daya be'ore. remained ttlll on the eland, and had 0, luarrelled among tnemrelvve, owing no doubt to a want . if proper understanding brt ween that part of the rxpwdt .ion wblch bad gooe by aea and tbe other wbtcb had pro ft eeded by land Tbe greatest I art of tbuee men oo tbe m land of Lota* were without arm*, ami that part of ih? ipeditioo which, aa stated belure, had marched by land. Tl waa alone possessed at ammuntUon or any military *up '? Piter ot General Yanner, In Ins communication giving these par Ltrnlars to the government, describe* his owi condition abfing in want of |>ecunlary reneurce*^ without proper n arms and destitute of troop* of Uie line to co operate wij) > and direct the Nam dial Guard In He operation* But in , iplte of tbe want of all theee netmamry resource* he had made arraog' m?nl* to <un rom raiian i jr minora within four da) s Urn'' The queat >0 war a?ked, 00 a former orn?ine, whether " he Crabhe xpedllioo c?ae luted of QU bur (era or of em.. P rrmnt* euming to rettie to ao i cotoottc the country t We iow know who they are and what to think of th-*m 'nitre c fentlemeii are at one au?l the aame time, t>oLb hlibuytcre ad *.-Ultra Thua the two different account* (Iron of P hem are both in harmony with each ottor We have at thm momtDt hefore our etw* a letter, wrtt- T en at f ort k un* e? the 3d of March Uet, by one of the P member* of the eviwdlt.nn. addreseed to the editor of 1h' " I'mtm. a newrjwjwr published at Han ?at?'l*00 We will j* here quoie aeveral r* from Una letter, which will " jlre a preUy food idea of theae geotl* me?, Ihete booeat, vlrluoua nettle re No ooo can call In queetion the truth *' ?nd fhitbtulBee* of the deecrHdlon here given, for It M a picture of the Ulbuntera. tainted by them'eleea. The writer of 'hla letter to the Teton me to be a gay, lively fellow Tlibt letter It full of j?k?n of the reheat J tt..i ?| I kind aucb a< generally characterize riran arilinga of thla ctana They are dimeult to be tr malalcd ' tin ary other language, but we will do the beat we ran to " live the ?ptrlt of the letter The eipedition left Han Franeiaco on the flat of January, " u leaat Uieadvanced guard did no. Mr Ctabhe and a part d hla men ntald behind with the wagooe on the let of " Man h. i the evening, they arrived at tort Yuma, without having mil wltii any eertoua Impediment* no their jou> i ey On auu'i r ai I ? Yuma, the battalion or.uai-ted, cording lo the a< < nut (vm In the letter refarr I to, ' f three companion, among whom were none of the rhoH-eat aptr in of Oallforala? not vinoun a.rfriu, but men burning with the deelra of dutng anm-thlng rreat lor tbemaelven, or ef dying?maa fun of energy and entcrprtve, whom no danger* L"r ditB q eulttea oou Id a rreat .. At tLir (a ilnt of hla tetter the writer beeomea the poetic Hoater nt thi new 'My-<"j, and enumeraiea each nom pony, giving the name* of their aeverai captaiaa Tae company ot Tuolumne he dnecrlbea a? being e^ual # , unr l" any military comjmnr 'v?r ?o<iwn. min rom|?n) waa mniBiaivIM by Hipt McDowell. " <?>?ri[*ry B. which waa commanded bjr Chi<inJn Robert Ho liday , la dr.rlhod Ml briiiif com poor d of men who r ooold rmrll gunpowder thm mile* off, and who were equal hi ?n> military company erec known tom|iany C, which ww commanded by Gtpt. Freeman y B McKitmey, of Bt. Clair county, Illli??t?, wan a tan like the r former, in* to be aurpaneed by any In Ui# world Hra*oe a nxn or rnori geoUegnanly officer* were not to ho found in * the world. I Now, then, for the chief of the e*pedttJoo. Den Oahbo. | The writer of th* lew or aaya thai Den Owbbn l? the great f centre around wham all revolrea Nrrec man pwmwal k U> ao great a degr<? th<- <v*tV<w?r of tha mm under bin I or mmu'l. nor did any nor, during tlir rough Joumoy from I/? Angelea to Fort Yuma, do half lh* work or go r through half the loll thai h? did Hr wmM to forgot thr dBlance whloh eepw/ated him from hi* aohor ti dliiale*. and following the faehioo of old Rough and Ready, hr would awlm acrnm rirora along f with the eoldlera. and If any wagon hap|>ened ? on the mad U> be atmk In the mod < * ihr mountain*, and Bxid u?M no that II could not br movod, br would be 1 among ih? ft rat lo |mt hi' ?h "ildor U> lb- w(im|<. and pu?h a lib all In- might and main Ull II wa- gol out mi l drawn I ttti Ihr mountain l?aa. I ha v< arm bim, *ayg Uir lot tor ? arllrr haui< ?l w ith ftw?l?n ntb?r mei by rope* to a ti b'dplW* If" 'nr.! m I"- to drag a heavy had along n ,, M, ,i . ,n ill the m o m< i workoi welt. It mrtm, I, , . |g. I, . kiui, ti loi wax called Chulnoy in Jog.-, idio -.i. it wax a v ry bard ia for m'-n who a bad hrrti In ii.g for Tiara In California to have to be bar f Mprd n wagon* like boflton. 1 AlVr dowrdung In a alimlar manner the fHn. ifwl hernra rif the etprdlUl*. the letter writer Inform* the editor of f k? Oiitiit a I a . i tfTjrbv'7 tela : HERALD, WEDNESDAY, oed aptrits. The men seem all determined ts snaompMsh he dbjeot for -which tbey en he tad. tin toe Mh of January the steamer landed a number ef hear light Angered gentry, who were la hopes of doing a rood business for themselves. Ait they had oome to ittaek those who were well prepared for them, and as : turning as thenwelvee. General Crab be had to toll them hat they must either work the sand with their knees or -eturn to San Franc wee, or seek some other climate more avorable to their white hands and delicate fingers. TTiey ireferred the latter course, and re-embarked on board the MMt. let ut now hear the letter writer's account of the more lertoos part of the busineee?how the expedition term! iated. He says:?4'We shall stay here (at Fort Yum*) wo or three days longer, In order to recruit the strength >f our horses and mules, as we shall hare great need or hem, and after that we shall start on the road to Sooora, irbwrfi we intend to remain stationed ror owe er two nouibt; ud then?I leave you to guess the balance No loubt future generations will honor ui u we da lafayette, or the part he took again*t the enemies of bborty, In the xunmencement of our .glorious Revolution. There are naiiy lafayeties among us, or at least there ought to be rime will reveal many things which now are hidden in be bosom of futurity. If we do not suooeed In ootoataung kwora, at least we shall some of the neighboring ooun xtes." The inhabitants of So*era, however, are, it appears, prawriDg to racvive these modern Iafayettea in a new way, ir 1 thout waiting for future generations to glsstfy them In reference to Sonora, we would here Sbeerve that the jretended information and letters from Oat country pub-' tubed by a cotemporary here arc not ta be retted on. The ournai in question blames tnc government for not sending Mr. (landers to lake the command in Sonora. Now we lave real Intelligence and genuiue (not counterfeit! letters 'rem that part, and we can ensure our readers that Mr isndara wouk. not have been received with favor by the leople, and hie presenoe alone would have,induced tnem o throw themselves, from sheer despair, into the arms of he filibusters. Krwqutper Account). UK DEFENCE M VERA CRUZ AGAINST SPAIN?THR AHCnBISHOr, HIS CURATES, AND PAI'I'KH HRK VICES?TRAVtU. ON TUB TKHUANTRPEC TRANSIT ROUTE? 1'RODOCT OP TUB SILVER MINKS?TUB NEXT PRKSIDKNTIAL ELECTION. Our fllos of Mexican papers, dated at Vera Cruz on 1st of day, contain the fallowing items of news in addition to Kaca irhlrk anrwmsAil In IKa tTwonn latalir. _ TJ e chief topic of discussion at Vera Cruz waa the threat med Spanish Invasion. The Progreuo says that pre para 10118 for deforce have a Ion# time been in progress, and hat the Invade'8 will Dot find them unprepared It does tot think It prudent to give publicity to the details, but it insures its readers, on reliable authority, that the day of rial will find them, so far as material defences are con ;eraed. prepared to meet the aggressor. The nrst urder of the Arobblsnop of Mexico In support of he govern ment w>?Hng the clergy dependent upon volun ary contributions was in the following words:? 1. Thf.t you neither refuse nor cause the faithful to wait 'or the Hiimintstratton of the sacraments, nor other cu" omary offices of the church. 2. That you exact nothtng whatever from those who lave recourse to your minis ry. 8. That you content yourselves with what ic voluntarily iftered to you. 4. That, without using other means, you gtve .the faithful nan user iptcqpies of this I* iter, certified by your signature, n order to roalto them acquainted with it. 6. That in the place fur the law, you shall put up a copy n the frame, transcribing It also in the book of Diocesan Lets. I likewise warn and pray you, in the name of our Lord ind Paviour Jesus Christ, that you neither begin nor entourage any conversation upon this law, nor upon any ptber political question, and much less still that you should lot touch upon such matter In the pulpit Comments on this circular are as numerous as the points if view from which observation Is made. S>me pretend o see in it a treacherous insincerity; others think the real pinions of the Arcbbtshop have been misunderstood. 1 Tie Extraordinary thinks the former, Nevertheless, it ' omniends the circular, and expres?ee the hope that I Veil 1 entComonfort will not be outdone by the Archbishop in ood works, but will cut the government entirely free < -om the church. This will do more towards securing a pure and bened cut ministration of religion in Mexico, aad towards ad J aucing the civil and political welfare of the country, inn perhaps any measure that could possibly be adopted. t s alrcaity rcoorted, the above circular has created a re j clllon in the church. Tho curates In a body refused t* t t>ey its commands, and resigned their charges to avoid f implying with it t The Mexican Extraordinary says that merchandise, fur- * lure and lumber have been shipped in large quantities c r Tehuantepec. Three vessels sailed previous to the 6th A April, and two more were advertised for the same destl e itien Tho toad Is rapidly assuming the character of a I, rat Iran-it route, forty wacous and four hundred irses are already on th> ground, hotel- are going up, and ? e country >n the immediate vtcu ilv ot Uto road being ra i| dly put under cultivation. p Verier Soto, late private Secretary to President Ocrnon c rt, ba* been appointor Treasurer of the Custom Uoueo of b i Venues, the Pacific harbor. p The con n.ooy of **< artng to the constitution took place 0 i the Tebuantcpec territory on tbe itfth of March c The product of the Han Luis Potost mine* tor the month r April ?n< $150,000, mined principally Into dollar pieces ut of 16.4fif> marks of silver. The Vera Cruz I'rcfjrttio, announcing the arrlral of Kug eh vowels at that port, expresses the opinion that lie or bject is to protect the interests of Kngllsh subjects In ca<e r hoetPiUea between Spain and Mexico, and therefore nnks the war Is immlot nt. A speculative writer in the Mexican pa|>era is trying to rove that the Chinese wore the first discoverers of Motl>, 1,400 years ago. He thinks to find a similarity In le manners, cu.-toina and religion of tbo Artecs and Chi ms. The Pucbla diligenoc was robbed near that city on tbe th ulL The lobhera numbered about twenty, and were ell armed. Tbe Trail d'Cniem says Oomcnfort is the moat popular < ndidate for the Presidency, and will undoubtedly be ecUd Politically tbe republic was at peace. The Jtmran Czfranrdtnar-y, of April ?1, records a ru or that tbe Arch bishop had given in his adhesion to the tw conaututioa, and was to preach a sermon in defence ' the government. AFFAIRS IN CUBA. Uur Havana (omipetidrnre,, May 10, 1H6T lie Kfy fVat Pith Tradr fupivwrd by JfoyaJ Deerm?A Madrui Intrurur and ill Otms?ptmc*? WaBur'l Politic* in Mcaroffaa?A A'rte Tfceory of On AaHanai HiW Intra*. Ion Kranefrco Marty has paid a visit to Madrid, and f.ic eded In olitalnlng a royal decree, published ui too Oarrta sre, of yesterday, which annuls the previous order of ir good Csptain General respecting tbe Introduction into il* port of fresh flch. After the 1st of A rut eMtLag no j esb fish will b? allowed to be aold e.V"pt at tbo fob \ arket, which, a* J'ou are aware, If Heoor Marty* pel J Me property, and Uua royal decree consequently ra-ea , .bhrbe* that gentleman's monopoly tl flab. Wheieetse a a the face of tbc earth would It be atteni|>ted to make an ntlre community dependent upon the c.ipriee of an oH tan for their nupply of one ot the chief article* of fojd Tread upon a worm," they aay, "and It will turn.-' Did j ie Cuban* posses* a single spark of aplrtt they would k-e In revolt against such cruel, pros* imuetico. I'ray r xert jour Influence and hasten the coming of the day o iben beautiful Cuba wtll be rid of these mowtera who p ow prey upon her rery rttalt. We, who da ell here In t ub*. are powerlene; but you,our powerful newborn, will ti ome to ?eir help an ye be Christians. c Doubtless beiore tbia your reader* koow that the aanee n f Walker In Nicaragua la kwt beyond all raJemptlou. am) a bat he ban been compelled to reek the protection of <H<1 U xg land's Wooden Walla at HC Juan del 3ur. I nlea* I are greatly mistaken the man, we shall again noon aee im at the bead of a poweful f<re?, Use' ng u uo to etc jry, and driving the greaser* before It U?scattering them r ke chaff before the wind. It t* Impowible that so fln? a oubtrj can long continue to be peopled by such a eet of emt ravage* , I believe I bare the key to the mystery of the illness a j bort time since of tbe guest* at the hotel at Washington ai . ihicb ITesident Ihicbauan was sojourning I hare bean old Ibat certain P|?ntard* employed a party to go to ? fasblngloo and put the I'rerldenl out of ttr a ay, and that d of on eau need to effect tbla baae Intent. I if rourae I do g ot vouch for the entire truth of .hi* atau meat, but It ap eara to me fa? from Improbable. 1 am still pursuing my uqnirte* into thi* maUer, and should I succeed in tracing xme the tart, reparoles* of all person*i ?t?|irnrm* to syself, the fact shall tie blazoned forth to the world In be column* of your universal llmuu ? Ha rant, May 10,1M1. BJ n""*"?"i'"" " m'xrm?v%n Of Mr Grrai Joint Stock Sfmrulatiun*?Stockt arvf SoinJlfO? Hmr kcO, it*. Thp new* by the eteamer Meik o ?ay that the (1, , . u |? !?let In Meileo, Ml I eend yoo tile* to pro It Tl?e " htthb "trarorr from Verm Cru* I* doc bluer yesterday, ^ ?rl ?boo!d briny u* date* to the 4th. The Imbrl Iravra for Chartratoa (hie morniny?the h V air.?h | Uranada for Arpinwall to day. 1/ the it vmar J rom New York arrive* to connect We here now twelve bank* In Cub* In embryo?eere- '' a) anomalou* tnatltoUooe thai are to yet their Uvlny by " burin* thurc thai Lave oapa< ity, todiietry, probity and ? eoprvty for the benefit of thoee who hare nooe; eli 'all fw<ir, mode, In prny-e**, and In eonoejejon; reran Id uranee oflkiee, cover r| all rlekr from Uvea to rat trap*; * mtiiiarim end frm*nlo? Innumerable, that are to abaorb * <alb. launcher, churches, cartlee. cabin* farma, (mMw, rlr?1r. warefcoiir^ dtlee, wallr, town*. women and bar' or *b?p??the ooly Hero not embraced |n the new rpeeu itnn briny yraveyardr Robber* and pad* of the roada i it lance are prominent, from ivm .lone to f?on Jnan. 'I Tbe regain tieneml will be allowed to preserve hie t" I- ,4 I|'.. mum mum i.j uir in.*jf-y mrtnuu stringing up iK ?> dr?fi<ti'* In* ii: tbey will oot prove errand avw, hough prmf MftioM ?*l'rt?y ???! fUigari have *U>pp?1 up a whole figure Whilee, hwt 1 m your coffee, tin M> per 100 Iba, lowest, fnfjhn kltchiw ' ir rrflnery. to u> #0 M> N.I improvement In frel*ti Bn*?" at W renin for New * fork end Bn???>n, molasses 11 to H rial" 1

1* henge?I/radon #H premium, New Vork and Bee mi J1, rt;m , Ne w Orleans pnr U. X (IW., United Htaln* goM i OtBr |W I 1 lnlt*?l ntmtem (trenlt I'n'irt. ? fv r re Hon .1 ' trre' MaT Ik.?Tst r Mtut?Tin ' w IntoOno-t 1 nd pre?eW"1 I ll's nUttdlctnv ' i ?rr*l peramw or larrmy i 'I- ' gti ?< >, Ibr . irl m l unusual pull. >hmetit. nod a "e w*b dine. ,i ?r*|?iw. 1 , ,-y :'.. ny if ?wa1 gnM ' r, - 1 II ? , 1 1 W?l ? .nt'.BCoi 10 ' ,v u. IiU. li, ..iua lit ' MAY 20, 1857.?TRIPLE AFFAIRS OF THE C1TT. The Progress of Anarchy in the Police Department. INTERESTING DOCUMENTS. Curious Card from District Attorney Hall. MEETING AT NEW ROCHE LLE. CONDITIO!! OF THE STREETS. THE PORT W1R0ENS AND ?88 MERCHANTS. BEET GIG OF TBS KIOII COHBHHOXERS. NO APPLICATIONS FOR LICENSES. TEE CENTRAL PARK COMMISSION KB8, Ac., Ac., Ac, UIKirAL AFFAIRS. Board oT AMcmca. Tbte Board met on Mouday afternoon, John CUucy, B?] President, in the chair. mmiaub from tbb kayo* mrnctdio 1hi ckntrai. j"ark oommbsuoxikm. Major's Owcx, New York, May 18, 1867. To thk hoxorabl* tbb oommok OtHTNUL:? GKNTuaaw? Heretritb I transmit a communication and resolutions received from the Hon. James E. Gooiey, Presi dent of the so called Board of Commissioners of the OH tral liirk, a|>i>ointed by the act of April 17, 1067. Thai gentleman desires me to call your attention to the act parsed April 16, 1867, for the sale of the State arsenals M lew York and Albany, and to ask an appropriation by Lbe Common Council for the purpose ot enabling the Oomrois sioners to purchase the arsenal located within the Central Park. My views as to the act of the legislature undo< which these gentlemen assume to be Central Park (Vim misMouers were given in tho message which I had the honor to rommuoirate to the Common Council on the 4tli Inst. 1 have not altered the opinion then expressed, thai the Legislature had no power to appoint officers of tbis charaater. 1 shtil, no doubt, continue in that belief until it is decided otherwise by competent Judicial authority. An analogous question is now being determined in Uie proceedings taken to teet the constitutionality of the appointment of the so called Metropolitan Police Oommis b loners, and the result in that case will be a safe guide for us to adopt in this. Tho purchase of the arsenal property, however, by the corporation is another ques lion. There cannot be a doubt as to the propriety or making an appropriation for that purpose with as hale delay as possible. This building and ground is comprehended within the area of the Central Park, and is almost indispensable to the beauty and uniformity of that great improvement, and should by all means become the property of the corporation and be added to tbe Park To permit speculators ?r private individuals to possess land within the boundaries of the Central Park should not bethought of for a moment, and I sincerely hope that the Common Council will lake tho necessary steps to secure it from such an ownership, without refereuco to tbe question involved in tbe appointment of the Central Park Obmtnis sioners. The acquisition of this property is of permanent Importance, whilst that of the right of the legislature to ap[K>iut our local officers is a temporary question, which will be disposed of iu a short time; and however finally settled, the arsenal property should belong to the city. FKRNANDO WOOD, Mayor. Nkw York, May 16, 1857. How. Fbrsanoo Wood, Mayor of tbe city of New York:? Dkar Sir?1 have the honor to enclose herewith the re olutions of the Cenimisuoners of the Central Park, pursuint to an act of the legislature passed April 16, 1867, au hnrizlnv the ourchase of Lhc New York Arsenal nrouert* or the purposes or the Central Park, and to inform you hat I hare train-nutted a copy of the same to .he Ooinmls loners of the land (mice, at Albany, requesting that a onreyonce of said arsenal property be made to the Mayor, ildcrroen and Commonalty of the city of New York, In onformlty with the provisions of tho aforesaid act of the legislature. You are aware that tins arsenal property Is situated itthin the prescribed limits of the Central Park, and that ' purchased at all by the city on the reasonable terms rovtded lor In the act above alluded to, It must be scored before the lOtli day of June next, otherwtso it will 0 offered ut public auction, as now a Ivertised, in surb AT eels a* may be deemed advisable by the Commissioner* >f the lAnd Othce, and sold to whoever may then be In lined to compete lor it Believing that you cannot fall to have a just appreciation if the tmiaiilaDco of this niea-ure to tbe city of New York, nil, from appropriate allusions you liave mnMb made n your messages to the great work oouftded to tho Ootn mbiioners of the Central Park, no less than from the fro juent convert aliens you have been pleased to hold with se on that subject, that you are desirous to witness Its apid advancement, I rely with much coniideoce upon rour cordial co-operation, in conjunction with tbe co-ordi rate branches of the city government, in providing the re luif-itc pecuniary means, as authorized by law, to enable he Commissioners to carry forward that im|>ortant public tnprovement to a speedy and successful completion. I have, therefore, to request the favor of you to transmit 1 copy of this communicailon, together with the ac nmpanytng resolutions, to the honorable the Board or A) lermen and Board of Councilmen of the city of New York, rith a recommendation that the necessary appropriation lereby required be made w ilhln tbe time przscrtbod by be act authorizing this purchase, and in accordance with he provisions or the act t> alter the map of the city of tew York by laying out therein a public place, and to uithonze the taking of tho same, passed July 21,1863. 1 have the honor to be, with much regard, very respecttally, your obedient servant, J. E. OOOLRY, President of the Beard of Commissioners of Octroi Park. Tbe following resolutions were adopted unanimously, at i meeting of tbe Board of Comansaioocrs of the Central ark, held May 13,1867:? Resolved, That pursuant to an act of the legislature, lassed April 15, 1857, "to authorize tho sale of the State irsenal* In New York and Albany, to provide for the pur haso ol the New York arsenal property in Now York by he city of New York, and for the appropriation of the pro eeds of such sales ." this Board elect to purchase the Htnte j-senaI, and all the grounds appertaining thereto belong ng to the State, situated in the city of New York, and that lotlce to that edect In writing be given to lbs Coramls loners of the Laud < mice. Resolved. That notice of Uils proceeding be given to tbe fayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the city of New fork, and that the hM Mayor, Aldermen, and Oom nonalty, be requested to provide the sum of two hundred Ad seventy Ive thousand dollars for the purchase .-ifore aid, pursuant to the act authorizing the sale of the State mentis in New York and Albany. jTk COOLKY, PresldenL OuEJJW W. EUJOTT, Secretary. Referred to Committee on Pin.aire 'o m HoroUmJ ni* 01**11* Oor*m ? G*sm**?o??I tran?mit a communication aid resolution eased Uitd our t?jr th<< Grand Ioque-t of th?- county, re <>mm< nding that it suitable reward be offered for the apcehenaloo of the murderer or murderer* of the Wte I?r. Inrvey lturdell I aineerelv hope that this recommend* kid may be art or! upon without delay, to Insure the an ompltebment of the object. It I* scarcely necessary for ne to add that bad U>e law* clothe.i the Mayor with Ihi uthority Una course would have been adopted by me at be ckee of the late trial In the Court of Oyer and Terminer. FERNANDO WOJD. Mayor. Giuvd Jrnr Ron*, 1 Crrr axv Oinrrr or N*w Yosr, May 18,1857.J o tw* H?>*. twk Cosmo* Coram. or rua Cm o? New Yon*.? In accordance with a rote of the Grand Jury of the elty nd county of New York, at their reyular session, May 16, W.7, the foreyotny resolution li respectfully lubmiued to our honorable bodyResolved , That thle Grand Inquest recomrteod the Com son Council of New York to offer aoch rewaru ae they eetn proj>er for the detection and roovtctioo of the murerer or murderer* of Pr Harvey Rurdrll JAS. B NICHOLSON, foreman Rvwt A. Drroxwnt, Secretary. Referred to Committee on Finance Several paper* were referred to the respective conunM sea, and the Board adjourned to Thureday. at & o'clock. Board of Nnpervtaore. The Board o( Supervleor* met on Monday afternoon amiimtairt or 1 rr:**a*iGrr ntnana*. tgnad the chairmanship of thi* Board ha proponed that kipervtaor Jarkeon be appoint ad parmanrnt Chairman of be Board. A balot belig takan Hupervlaor .lackaoo waa alectad. Supervisor Jamao*, In declining ih? honor, aaiJ thai he tad aome douht of remaining aa a Superriaor or an Aider n?L under tha recant acta, ha thought the mora hooora ila course for tham all to adopt would be to resign Ha ramdlatod tha power of the legislature to make aucb law* or a community?the majority of whom ware opposed to bam aa ui.< norututonal and unjuat Ha respectfully da lined. Supervisors Trcvim and FYi i wwa hope I that Mr. Jackno won Id reconsider the matter and accept. Soprrrteor J *(wani attain declined and nominated Super Hot Bteern, who on tha ballot being taken waa elected, tr. Htrert waa not present. ma mth omitF rrwrw* oaai.rr. Supervisor Mttsr?*w "dared tha following:? Reno I red, That Ihe Comptroller be and ha la hertdty uttioi lead and directed to draw hla warrant In fkrar of ha widow of Ttiomaa J Oakley, lata Chief Justice of tha wpertor Court. for the whole of hla aalary up to January, KM. f'nanimonaly adopted Supervisor Adamh rdTored tha following:? Rer* lived, That the Ta* Commits toner* be requested to nform tlila board by what authority they hare glren to array Hart, a prlrata IndlrlduaJ, who la In n? way eon ret#*I with their ofttoe or tha city government, a part If ha public office occupied by tham lor tha tranaactton </ it* prlrata business the report of the Committee on Clrll Oourti, to whom raa referred the petition of Wm B Meech, asking fir wi mant of hi* aonnaal fee* and judgment In tha matter *i h John Champion, waa refbrrud to Committee on ic cunts. i?n?i*fjnaaTtor mow m raw k*rt?* cowri?eto*?a>?. rorttr llurnta BoAKtior Stiwsvwoneor nia Cbrwr i? N? w Votut ? Tha underrtgncd hag leara to ?1?t|a that they hare bea t July appointed Commissioner^ f F.vrl<e formerly .,,, | munt> r Vr w Ytt *, under t.ieactef the lori?lati.ra of Ihe Su-ta ot Yaw York, pa*-:ad 1Mb April, 1 >7, entitled in actio 11 c*3 Mmperaace, 4: , ati l thai they ftr0 S SHEET. required by the lurid taw to "meet to Ik* place where the Onjotf Ormrta ere required to be heM," to the olty end county of New York., on the third Tuesday of Key to each year, and on euch other days aa a majority of the Oom mieFioMrs ahail appoint "for the purpose of granting licenses " They therefore reepectfully petition year honorable body to aawiiri to them ample aooommodahon in the Ctiy Hall for the porpaae aforeaaid, and fbr the ?scanty of the books and impera connected arttb their nfll ?. WH. JAY HtRKFTT, One -of the Oommtavtoners of Ehtelae by order of the Board. The Board of Aldermen refused to read the above, and tt wee laid on the tntoie. The following resolution waa adopted:? jvwiiTea, iQHiura ciers 01 law nwru uw ujr^wu w Ufy tbe Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police of the action of thhi Board in relation to the force allowod them. The Board adjourned to Thursday atzC MUMTMi W THE 8THEET8. ProfreM of Street Cleaning OpcralleuS-Ihe DUknnce Between Loedon and Sew York In Point of Kcenomy?Cleansing tike Metropolis for Nothing an Absurd Idea* The uncleanly condition of our streets has always been a subject of general and pointed re nark by strangers. Boston, Philadelphia and other large ottiee can always be kept in tolerably olean condition, but sotaehe m or other the taxpayers of Gotham have continual cause for complaint on that score, although they pay twice as much in proportion for tbe performance of the task as their neigh bars. There seems to he some fatality about any successful effort to keep 'the great Augean stable clean; and even bow, with the aid tf machinery and a lavish expenditure of money, people are compelled to wade ankle deep In the masses or filth and garbage which completely obscure the pavement 4n most of our busy thoroughfares and thickly Inhabited streets. The City inspector Is continually receiving complaints in refercnoe to the condition of the streets in certain wards, where, it Is alleged, the cart and brooms have not been brought Into requisition sinoe tho fall of 1856. Judge Da vies, of the Supreme Court, oomplains bitterly of the loat tcntion of tbe contractors in the neighborhood of East Thirteenth street. Mr. Stokes, of the firm of Phelps, Dodge & Co., calls the attention of Mr. Morton to the cou dltion of Twenty-sixth street, between Madison and Fourth avenues; while numerous ether gentlemen positively declare that the street cleaners have not e?-en yet made their "New Year's call" In various section* of the First, Fourth, Sixth, Eleventh, Fourteenth. Seventeenth and Twentieth wards. The contractors say that they are progressing rapidly with the task allotted to them, and present Broadway and a few other leading thoroughfares as evidence of their good faith in the fulfilment of their contracts. It is true, the leaning thoroughfares are In a pretty good condition, but it must be remembered that the grand bulk of our population think it rather troublesome to repair to Broadway or Fifth avenue for the purpose of eating, drinking, working and sleeping. They are by necessity oonfined within certain limits, and cannot expect to en> y pure air, health or comfort unless it is afforded them at their very doo< s. The Seventeenth ward, containing a population of over 80,000 siwi-, n in a hocking condition. Minure, garbage and ashes cover the pavement in nearly every street in that dl-trict, rendering the condition of the inhabitants anything but unviable Tbe contractors Hay that it is a notoriously filthy ward,and that It is a most difficult matter to kocp it clean in consequence of the density of the population and the character of its inhabitants. Then the First ward is but little behind the Seventeenth ward in point of cleanliness. The condition of Greenwich, Washington, West, I'ear I, Water, Front and South streets is really sickening. There is uo excuse lor such a state of things. The contractor (Mr Keym Ids) has bet u notified bv the City Inspector to re move the filth forthwith, or else some aummtry inoaiures muni be adiqited by the latter for tbe promotion of thai object. In the Twentieth ward tbe same mountains of fllUi and garbage wbirb characterises the seenor/ of the First and Seventeenth wards is clearly visiblo even to the mot t careless observer. The contractors paid a goo I deal or attention to the streets of the aristocratic Fifteenth ward on Monday; but it would be far more advisable for ibem to turn their attention to the tenement districts oi tbe Twentieth ward I ban to fritter away their time in a ward which Las always been noted for Its cleanliness and I beauty. It would certainly be expedient, if not economi cal, to attend to tbe wants of our poorer classes first. If the Flri-t, Fourth, Sixth, Eleventh, Fourteenth, Seventeenth and Twentieth wards were thoroughly cleansed of all the impurities afltctlug them, It would bean easy luvter to keep the r< tnainlng districts in a good condition. We are glad to see that some of the cor tractors a o pursuing titcourse, and already inroads have been made iu the very worst purls of the Fourth, sixth aud Fourier 14!) ward wt h pretty got d success No less than 1,112 load' of ma iiure and ashes were remove t from the Fourth ward during tbe |*-t week, while the Sixth waid afforded Ijfl.'fl loads of the same mud rial for the same per od But the work has only Just commenced, an i it will require mtny week of hard labor tie UIIV decided improvement ran he visible id tbr appearance of the ward* to quo-lion. A great ileal of uunecesfary labor may be raved Uie contractors by rartng away the dirt immediately en it* being gathered into heap* by tbe scavengers. In Division street, for in stance the dirt heaps hsvo been lying undHurbed all along tbe south ride of the street, subject to being scattered all over tbe street again whenever we are visited by a storm of either rain or wind. Division street is one of the most busy thoroughfare* In tbe city, and should be kept in proper order. Tbe contractor of the Seventh ward should remove ibure dirt hoa|?s immediately, provided they can be fount, for it is very probable that the rain of yesterday bail a most levelling effect upon tbe aforesaid hillocks of dirt. It would be well for the CToton Aqueduct Department to lake into consideration the pavtng of Oanai street east of tbe Bowery, and lladtsoo street north of I'earl strict- Where streets are not paved stagnant water is apt to collect; and inasmuch as the summer season is close upon us, it would be extremely annoying to the rest dents of the above neighborhoods >o have artificial lakes pregnant with yellow fever and divers other dangerous " tits that flesh is heir to," before their vtslon?morning, noon and night. Man v economi-ts entertain the Idea that the streets of Ncwkork eon lit be cleaned for nothing??. a., farmers would be wilting to remove all the manure, ashes and garbage at their own expense, Tor the purpose of enriching their land. They draw comparisons between this city ami loudon, where, it is said, a source of revenue is derived from the sale of street mamire. The notion is an absurd one, aa we will clearly demonstrate. The best street manure, at any season, is not worth more than 2ft cents per load. It must be delivered at the wharf at that price. To sweep it from the streets and cart it to the wliarf would be an expense of about 12 cents per load. In many of the wards, In consequence of ashes and garbage being tin own Into tbe streets, manure becomes worthless and would not be bought by tbe farmers at any price, fine half barrel of ashee will spoil a good load of manure when mixed with it. The mixture thus formed beoomea wbil ts known aa ruffage, which coats right centa per load to be carted away. Tbe in gleet to promptly remove all the ashes and garbage which accumulates from day to day would be the means of rendering tbe great bu-k of the manure worthless for farming purposes ?\ en ?t;>;io*ing bat tbe Corporation ordinance forbidding the tbiowtng of a.-bes or garbage In tbe streets waa rigidly enforced, and (bat the manure waa delivered to tbe farmers free from all taint, the revenue thus derived would not e ver more then one half of the expenses attending the proper perffrmanre sf street cleaning It mud be taken ini< consideration that tbe removal of the ashes, garbage an I ruflagr would be a dead loss to the ally of at least sixteen cents per load. Tbe following table will more easily ex plain the oeceaeary profits and losses in cleaning the streets even by this meet economical plan.? I'm 11in < / fviai. ira* nmr lrvi/1 Coat of gathering and delivering per load .!...... i> Net revenue per load 13c. C?fl of removing ache* and garbage per load IV Net revenue from manure l'Jn Loq to the city per load 4c The coat of carting aahee and garbage from the city, to get her with the eT|'-n-ee attending the gathering of th. manure would, we bare no doubt, amount to more than twice the rum derived from the aale of the manure Mow. then, ran the tlreot* be cleaned for nothing f It ha* been calculated by an efficient public officer that even though lh< manure wan rold to the beet advantage, the ntr?*'lcould not be kept In a proper elate of clean line* for a In* I rum than MuO.OOO per year. To cleat eve-y etreet, lane and alley way of tbla great metropolle In n thorough man nir twee or three timea a week would, In hioptelon oohi at leant $300,000 and yet oontracte are made to perform that taek for a little ovar one half that mm The reeult la quite apparent We canaol expect to have clean rtreete unleae the neceaeary amount U eipen.led In the performance of the name The appreciation* are ueed, but the itreete remain In the aame filthy ooodlUon r ever The contractor*, many of them, have to give up the lark after a few month* of hard labor, and reelgn ih< r |*i*iiion? In dlrgurt. (thorn toll along until the year Is out and the appropriation* are all eihaurted, hut a re trorpretlve glance will enable yon to eee that nothing batmen done, and that the money expended might lim a* well hare been threwn Into the tart river. tbr the tax payer* and titi/en* derived no real bmetll from it* ex prndlture. When aball we have clean at/oct*? That I* the (juration. Investigation Into the Hlmt Cleaning Oa|iertmrnt?What the t'mitiwtori aoy?What the (Ity Inwportor noyra The special committee of the Board of tVmnctlmen ap pointed r. n..' ni'*.th* ago to Inveetig-iio ml/, II,. r'>a*ou why the ttreet* are nrd betlor eleeuied, and al*o Into the management of the etreet cleaning department, md in the Council Chamber at noon oo Monday, Ununrilmon lone in trie Mr. Jumw W Bnah being aworn, aid?I hare contracted in cbwn the Sixteenth ward, Fifteenth dialrict, for the mim of tP.MO; I can't atato how many Urnea I hare rJ<vui"d the atreet* In my ward; I hare paid ootwldorably moro than 1 hare reretred from tho contract, 1 think 1 can iro on and clean the ward In accordance with the aper.lDeath>n f the contract for the mini npeclfled In II Mward Hopper being aworn, maid?I am ln?pec??r of the Pixtronth ward, alnre the awarding of the for cleaning the ward to Mr Bnah, the whole ward haa been gone orer and cleaned, the etreete once, exrep* a few ahort atreeta near the rlrer, the Third avenue haa hren cleaned three time", I ?h. Id think the proernt Oonditlon of the ward a" to clean hrr-K i? rery yd, aome part of ? wanta cleaning wry hartly thrngh; the whole ward waa clean at thia lime !% < |?-t jear, t don't know the apcoifleatiena of Mr Bn?h'? a|rn r ert. 1 know how ronh Mr. B i*h g<d* f..r o.-a. eg the ward, but I dent think the ward can be cleaned for that amount; It will retire $13,000 to clean the ward well; Mr. Burb bad bad about thirteen men employed and from eleven to twenty two mrta, to cleaning the ward- I ueed to employ, wb> n I bad the contract, from sixteen'to eighteen men und from ten to thirty carta; I think if the contractor bad a few more carte than he haa got now he might clean ibe ward well; there la a great difficulty t? the ward, canned by tenant bounce where they throw garbage ana everything in the street; <ilrt from cellars ia also carted through the ward and spilled; It Is frequently broughfcfrotn other wards; so much has been spilled tn tha strew that 1,000 loads have been cai led from the ward by Mr. Bush; gpfiting the dirt is partly done on purpose and part ly by carelewne -?; the police render us very little asslstauca and it ia impossible for one man, as iusjx-ctor, to look over 13 milce of streets so us to keep people from throwing ashes into them; the tag pickers are an injury to us, for they spill the ashes and garbage out of barrels Into tha streets, It would take an average number of six carta ta take the ashes from the ward during the summer, and twelve in winter; I used to pay the men 'lb cents a load for carting ashes away; ashen thrown into the street? spoil tha manure so thai it can't be sold; if trie ordinances wera strictly enforced it would greatly facilitate us in keeping the streets clean; the street* h ol lain about Ave m?utha without being cleaned be''ore Mr. Bu<h 'ook the contract for cleaning them; he found a great uitUeultv in getting carta; he has had the contract for cleaning the ward silica the 'jfltb of March; I ihtnk the ward can be putln gorxt order in eight or ten day.; at oa*t 1( ,h()0 I tads of dirt hava born taken from the ward since Mr. Bush bad the contract for cleaning it. John Hcckeisen, being sworn, sab'?I have the contract for cleaning the Twelfth district, Thirteenth ward; I have cleaned every street in it four times, except East street, which I have cleaned twice; I have carted 8,346 loads of ashes,manure and dirtfiom the streets; I took the manure to Ssanton street, I Bud i.ifflcolty at the proper dumping fround, because there is onl one dumping board; erecting uildlngs, putting dirt au>t gat hage in the street is a very great trouble to us; the policemen do not aid ua any; I catr.hed a (.oltcemau throwing asher, ho., la the street himself; I don't know his name; I get 18,476 for cleaning the streets of mi- wu>d; I ilnd ditftrolty in getting money from the Comptroller stimotlines; I think I can cleanthe streets in accordance with the contract, and carry out everything in the oouintct, for the sum spudded, if tbw ordinances could be carri <1 out so as to help me a little. Peter Morris being sworn, said?I havo contracted for cleaning the Seventh und Eleventh wards; I get $9,000 for cleaning the Seventh ward and $10,900 for cleaning tho Eleventh ward; I have cleaned both wards onoe all over: I commencen tnoseconn tun** week to clean and sweep them; I commenced In good f .itli to clean my wards, and did not care if it cost me more than the contract, because I wanted to get the good will of the people; I spent 91,600 more than the price of the extract, and yet some of lb* people complained; I have now -it carts in carting osnoa, and thirteen in carting dirt W the Kleventh ward; I hava seven carts for dirt and seven for astos Id the Seventh ward; I have had a* tnai.y a* thirteen sweepers in the Seventh ward; I don't think I cut fulfil the specification* of the coo ract for the contract price; the contract say* that the ward must be cleaned twice a week; all my force would not clean It in less than eight days. John Agen, being sworn, said? I have the contract for leaning the Eighteenth dia riot?Nineteenth and Twentieth wardr; I get 910,000 for cleaning be district; 1 hava cleaned the district once, and about one third of it twice; 1 think I can comply with the contract and clean the street* In accordance with lis sp<citlcations; the police don't seem to pay any attention to people throwing ashes in the street; I keep thirteen carts employ ed to cart away the dirt, rubbish, kn.; I think one a?h cart wiH take the ashes from the Nineteenth ward. William Dykes, being sworn, said?I have not contracted for cleaning any blstrict; I did not know there were any contracts. The Chair m?n? The contracts were not confirmed by the Common Council, but the parties were requested to go oo with the work in accordance with the specificationi of the contract Mr Dykes?I have agreed to clean the Tenth ward for 98,960; I am not required to clean tne streets any number of limes; I consider I have only lo clean the streets so a* to satisfy the people and Street Inspector; I bavo cleaned the entire ward once; dirt l? even dumped into the street from cellars arid left there. Mr. Dykes had the same complaints to make against the nolice. tiin a>ho?- ruhhUh ilirl filtmrMncro A?/v ma iha otKaw contractors had, hp hai three wagoun lor ashes Ud seven cart* for dill; kU eight men employed. Mr. Iw See, beiug sworn, said:?I am the Superinteadaotot Mr. Reynolds, in thirteen wards?that is, the 1st. 2d, 3d, 4th, 6th, bth, wh. 9th, Nth. 16th, .7th, 20th, and 22d; we have no protection from the police; no protection from any quarter; there are a great ntauy cellar* being dug in the wards, and parties dump dirt Into the streets? sometime* one load iu a ,-treet and somelitnea more; we ran t clean the stree's wl.i'e these things are thus allowed* we are getting carts from Jersey City and Breoklyn, but the very moment they get heie tbev are sent before tha Mayor and fluid $3 or $6,on" waetkus lined this morning; wc have got our street leaning n sohaue* in operation; we have two of them completed, and will be on tonight; we have some self loading nm time* under c uitrart, they arc chiilly for the lower . ards, which we intend to clean during the night- some o them we expect to be ready by June; we are willing to hike a contract and give any amount of m i .r it.,, Ui it we s ill clean the entire ctly for un years, al the rale of giuO.Ooo a )cnr, and then for tea years longer for uoJr og. tire manure itself paying for all the clear mg, if the a-ties csui Ire kept out of the street*; our preunt contrail ne as follow*, lor cleaning the let, 2d, 3<l and 6lh wauls gJ.bHS 79 4th. dill, 8th and 14th wards 3.547 00 9th, 160r, 17th, aoth and i?d ward* 3,'JJH 6T To'al ?10,.iv> 40 Mr. (i.-orge Mo*t<>u being sworn, said?I am City Inspector, when 1 entered upon m> otflse I found 'hat apcciflcatinua existed lor cleauiug inn street*; they were made b> the Comptroller, the Mayer and Ibe Street Commissioner, and certain contractor*; he did not consider the o contract- as at all binding otilbfl city or contractors, as tliey had n<* been coiitirmed by he Commou "ouncil, he -aid be ha t received numerous letter* from citizens. some of them well known and distinguished, complaining about the dirty condihoa of the *t eets, a few of which he read to the committee?one of them from Jui g>- CVrko wan particularly rharp and piau*'t awalu-t thu nooLracnirs clean streets were DeoeeHary for the health ?f the city; cholerw vu frequently caused by fllthy streets?it wan thus cause t Id 1M4. ibe article* In the i.ew?|?i> rn have had a wonderful effect la keeping garbage o it of the streets; It Is A very erroneous Idea that the strrcl* nan be clean<>d for nothing, the necessary wan to k?ep tbem clean, Ibe neit to do It an cheaply u< iiwiblr the man are In Part* and London may pay (or cleaning ine -trwi . as it is move valuable there. but It woild never do It here; be had railed on the I'ollre JuTto * w> ge them properly to pwnirh partire brought up far thtowtnga-b ?,? , in the streets when brought before them, he bad seen a great quantity of aehen before the Fourteenth ward station house, and knew they rould not have been put there without lb? knowledge of the police, yet they ray 'ho garbage la aJway thrown Id the street* wh. n they don't see the porron, ho did not consider that the rlty could bo cleaned for lean than $300,000. while the contractors agree to do It ft* $111,000; be hardly knew what would bo the beet way for ckanlngthe streets utile** m war that every man mual clean before his own house, heretofore much difficulty hae arisen from want of system; be wanted more dumping grounds; the s|k- tfleetion< require two men to be employed In collecting a* lie*. while the contractors only bavo one he, the Insp?*t??r, will Insist u|>on ?he contractor! folfllUng their contra) n- a* farar praruoable; be would not refnae to sign Ibe neit anors' hills because they did nol evMUmAilfll the contract, but he wIP and doet absolutely Tdd^feb sign them wh< re the street* have beea I u?mj imn ?i?- *i! i imvp very nign opinion at the *w?eplng mei hint-, th.-j would aid Uae contractor* *otne, bat not aufltae ni >n enable theru to cl?u> the street* hir the ?unj ther bad a?r<ed to do K for lie bad reeelr^dgpnmerou* earn, at complaint* against Mr Reynold* becaifte be did tint cb*u the ulree* better If the oootrarte ?h<nld bo thrown op. ho If it was n?r??*ary, would clean the street* at any aacrtOce, but be would alwayfi Srfer to art under and h) ibe directum of ibe CommoQ nncil. The committer here adjourned. in NEW PORT WARDERS. t Thr Marine Nurtrrjeti Cenlett Uae Pert Warden a* Bill?I hey ConU* at to Dtonfard It?lltftorjr ef Uielr Appotntmnd?JadlrloM Iftiormnrt of Uae Pert Wardrna, 4m. Krerybody known the ntory of Thady Ryan, who wan antioua tar "tiomebody to traad on the tall of hie mat" Thady wan not more anilUun tar a row than Ibo Marine ftarrryorn art J art dow dee I roue of a law nuK, bower* unpleasant the gratification of each a dartre might aeem to be. Bat en Thady war laboring undor a deep oonaa of Injury, and wanted notne orort art ae an Immediate oaooe tar action, no 00 the Marine Surrey or* feel that the Port Warden*' bill In a unurpaUon of Iheir rlgbtn, which they would gladly content In the oourte of law and Juntloe. They My that the legislature has no more right to My thai the merchant* Khali not employ them than It baa to dictate that they (hall not employ certain ahlpmaatere or alerk* or peeler* The principle I* Ji*t the *aae, and they feel confident that while the underwriter* ami shipowner*?the only parties to be at all a<*vted?are wl ling to employ thrm, the legislature ban no power to *tep la and *av. " (irnUemen. von -hall ma emnlo* ih,.'.< men whom you have employed for yearn in arbitral* hetwwwt you U> *urvey your efcips, fte , hot you moM employ tbne* men whom wr appoint Therefore the Marne Surveyor* fo ttralf hi on jrot m they did before the new law wwi pae*ed, and dare the l-nrt Warden. to oonieet the mailer in the ronrte The I'ort War.ten- cotiUnuo lo eervo copier of llie law on Ihe merchant*, and Ihr.wleu to ?u* them If they fare rmplny any one eleo The m we Umi I merchant* auocumb. but a large number hare reftwod hr comply The Marino H' rveyor* have ?eour*d e.onn?el, and ?tand ready to defend any merchanl wlm may be proaeeuled fbr employing them II oertalnly doee ?eem te be oppror-lve lo legislate out of ihelr meann of livelihood eten who have given perfect riUrfacHon before?whoee pnution* are to ihe merchante pre rlrely the name ae |lhnee of any other of ihelr employee and entirely dl'tim f iiom any Htate inlereete fhl-i I'nft Warden* bUI hae been *treanoo*ly oppneed by the mnrchante. and paered In eptle of their eamo*t proteetallons. It not only impoeee upon them additional cnwte In thetran action of tholr hnrlne**, but compel* them, by tegialative enactment, to employ In their binlnea* men In whom they have no ooi.fldenre, wiho have fehd none of die noce ntry e*| er ence to tit them for Ihe dutloa of their office, and, In deed, have no recommendation but thetr political faith, which happen* In thl* cw*e b> he no recommendation at ail. The prevent Marine Hurvevor* were appointed under a. revolution ol the Chamber of Commerce. offered at a npectal meetlnf, hehl May *, 1M.1, by K. K. Collin*, y,, ,n<| receded by Heorgr Orb wold, K*q , a* follow* ? Revolved Th*t a committee he app. t 11, eonf.r . h the p.-ard of rnderwecr. n-M.euj, Roard of hnrrej or* to urrey ahlp* and r,r>, Inhave tie p?w?r lo?. ae'erk * l a m iiorttr m **id I it.mrd and to report to th- ham her for , pV.-.i f.i, ., w n Hire of t nderw In r? to I ve if-.e ore , Z*. ' ? .1" ;.. '; . ,, , ., ' ' T , Uhen U In -eat t ? 1' * , opy r?s : tfc* prln^ai -apovt