Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1857 Page 3
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tawaa hi the Cated fiteten. wl bi view to obtain iMr wnw raaoe and oo operation. (Arrtrd uoeuAmoual>, and the tollewtng gentlemen appotated M flM commit. *-e ? Oe?r*e Orliwoid, Inn Taylor, Telauah Peril, K. K. OiUliUk Moats U Orlnnell, At a gportal meeting of tbo Chamber of Oom merer, bold May IV, 1843, the committee appointed at tbo last meeting, OB the subject 01' a Board of Surveyors, made the follow lug report;? _ The eommhtee appointed by the Chamber of Oommeroe to arrange win ine Hoard ol Underwriters 'or the app ilntmenl fsarveyors of ships ud im rehiindlae for the port of Saw Tork, beg l?nve to report, thalfaflee mi>ure oonnldemJoo of e snbteet refntred to tbt-ra and Peensulta'Ion wi'b ? ooTa-ni'Ire of Inn Hoard nf t'udnrn rlu-ra. It was resolved unanimous ly that six surveyors be appointed, four by the Chamber of Cannrrw ?nd two by the rnAervn-tters u was also resolved naaaliBossly flat Osp'aiis Hrnmlev Tinkham, Oandler and Curtw right are irmtk men enjoying the rontldenee of the comaaaniiy, every way <|U*1 tied to act tu surveyors, and that >ha Miuittee rtsommendUelr appointment, All whlihlare-paot fely submitted. II la a'ao recommended that Mr Nortta be appvfntad ck-i k of the Hoard of mirvevors before mentioned. The reperl unanimously aoeepled and adopted. OK'tRiyJC OK18WOLD, Chairman The Board of Utiderwriters coincided in llti-? wlion, antl eaordlugly appointed I H. Merry and Ruesel BturgUi as te two survey ore on their pat t. This acti in of the ciuttuWr of Commerce and Underwriters of this city was highly improved by the Underwriters of Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia, who addrcsse t the murine surveyors a letter laying that "they cvn idered the surveys mado by them aa good, and as high authority as those of the Hoard or Port Wardens appointed by the constilubsl State authorities; and Uiey did not he-it ate to ray further, that thi-y ahauid repose greater contldence in a Bosrd ho appointed, as they bad been by the Chamber of Commerce and the Insurance companies than in a Board appointed by the Butte authorities." The agents of the Underwriters at Idoyd's also recognized the surveyors, and apprised them that they would certify to all surveys made by them. Thus the surveyors have been going on sinoo l&ULon spite f several attemp's by the Is-gl ilature oi the flSi to inter fere with them, and thus thev intend to mm Ttm I Board of Underwriter; now recognitors ail surveys whi^b toiey make, jnst tho came ac if no Port Wardens had born ppolntet. An aran-iDn story Ic toll of one of Ibo mew Port Wardens who went recently to tho Atlantic dock to survey a duo bark which was lying there. Tho iuuuc?nt official stepped pompously on board tho ship and inquired of the officer In charge whether t he was a brig or schooner. Another Deer boarded a schooner on tho North Kiver and wanted In know " what they called this vessel f" of course tho pinions of ench men can have no weight in case of dla agreement betweei the merchants and underwriters, and heir evidence on the subject, even of their official duties, would be perfectly useless. What can a landsman know about good stowage, as the causes of damage to ship or argoV Certainly nothing. The maimer in whieh this law to regarded is sufficiently exhibited by the difficulty which was experienced in procuring a person to accept the olllco Which was resigned by Cat* Finkbam, who U one of tho aid marine serve* orw appointed under the new law, and refused >o act The place was Qrst offered to Oa|A. Alex. Marshall; t ext to (apt Lowe; next to Wm. Ttiotu won, ono f the present marine surveyors, and they all refused to aoospt It Is expected that the counsel will soon be pre pared to deliver to the Chamber of Commerce a loaraed pinion, showing the uncooaiitulionalily of the law. THE NEW METROPOLITAN POLICE. The Project of the Metropolitan Follco ( urn* aalaslonera to Checkmate the Supervisor*? A Htandlnar Ann* tn h# l?.tltiit?<l. Aw entanglements In relation to the police difficulties grow apace, but Ute developments of yeeterdny bad mare ki them of significance tban eventfulncss or Interest. Tbe brtetllDg valor of the Albany Board of GvmintaMoners lias obviously shrunk back from Its contemplated coupde main apan tbe city property and lte gunpowder plot against the aBegiaoco of the policemen In the j?y and control of the municipal autborl lee. The action of the Supervisors In jrelathn to tbe potrolmon and the limitation of tlic " quota" at net ??k1 l>a'"ue which New Y<*k will place at their disposal was duly received at a mooting of th< Board hi !hn I morning The matter was formally referred to a com j aaMtae whose duty it was to consult oonuael in lite premise' j Borne two or three of the regular legal staff of the Board ' did accordingly conveue with the committee, and a general I bum coptinuea through the forenoon m regard to the new 1 aspect which tho supervisor# have given matters. ! Mffereit of the ameteurs who have had to do with the building of the scheme crime to volant-'?r their aid, and ksdoed a general stir was created among th*> rooke who have bad the original hatching of the bill. The r?ult of this flutter wan partially reached In 11 mo the, evening papers, when tho IMstriel Attorney, On key Hall, tuck tin- initiatory tu the grand cotuiter scheme Which has been advpud to undermine the city authoriuos, ; and especially the Board of Super v I or*. The poor Halo Oukey ban fallen into a pitiful way alnc tlie deioncmcnt af the Burdell trial Hi- management of that matter pro j h'ot-d into luminous no: or lot y all the dt traction which ex btc*l between the quaUUub uf a dapper 1 tile cmceitod wun ' puller at llic Broadway Iloure, uud UiO proper u inV.Soa Hens for an able or even an InteUlg' Ul District Aturrney. Tbe newspapers have be* n un iu.iu .u< In Uieir vie era of lite claims to the i?wt which ho occupies. fli-. fri* nd-i j lave wltneced and -peak with pity of the mor till*, at I an which has overwhelmed him s nco the trial. They h ivo ! is .stated, Soon the bittern* -*?*.' hi* f* 'lint* in.uu- j le-led in a* tual tears, and scrioua ap^ r* hoi.-i.ius aru u'< rtalned tliat the Burdell trial ha excited such a m >rbl*l turn of his atrd a* to icriourly Impair tho equilibrium af at least lie Utile Judgraonl he ever pomaisd. Ho was wne of tho child pc-,o;m engaged lu drafting the tow Po Ilee bill, and the t timma'? ma:.nrr i:i wh'-h th < Super Tteor* milled that lUitrumrnt hut. no alarm I the Mluri.t ' Attn- Dey lor hi* remaining reputation, that, at toe lohtigaIknol a lortU n of tho Lew Police touiuio-biooon, au I yrratly tn tin' chagrin of tbo net, he came for Ji to the foil J* ing nxteia|>ortf proclamation ? ci hl> from l?fstrict attorkkv hai.i.. The I tot rim attorney foeM it due to the commercial omuiuoity to ?ay, from reccul dbckwiiroa ma le to him by au arn -led dcf. uJaut. which to: regards reliable, (but m-l nf a legal cAar.. Ur at fat 0> aulAoriw jfr|M of pr< >*-??tf-n ) that alien.11 of an organised nature, croon ru-W by puooo iiifcuborilinaiton, will be anon moto to commit bur tlariea upou atotei hat iug valuable prn|?Tltr wlDiiulhcui. |e Iheu flnre miggrsta thul Ih |>rt- > < wnlrh around ntoreo i and warehnn?e? should he ?ire?igth?ned, |f p,M-ib?. lights be kept burning ineide, wuh <>i?uogittu ehulA-ra, tto aa to alto* (he watch to toake laopt egon, and that porter* or clerks be made kocptr* at night FapecuDly ebould all lorrt be carefblly w at ibed and a tolled through Suada'a, and Die ronfa and i* liar* of lioa<**i tohawnt to store* bo examined Mat 1t>, lf6T. 1V? iiikIi maud and appro' 1st* tbo cue to thin hmrAurr of th? father of the to tv Police hill, It need* oiVy tn ho knnwti that the coinniltt-of Do' ttatcd which hoi Do *u perrtaor 'a resolution referred to Ho rn, had, after duo r >n puUalloii with their < oun*e|, fouie iL? nnre of the Suie-relwoi* ItwurmoortobU, eacefd In one direction, which will be dtdy reported to the noil mr,.t|rjr of the floord. Ti?? act of Die ftoprvtenm ti in I ting the poltoo fnr<? nteler tlie now antbinis mu to fl\ c, hi in iho fte|*vt that tt U 90 far a reMAHkM by Die board (but no farther by the ctty a ithtv rttitta.) If regarded at a (aunt gained. A* In to Die fatal hudtatien, recourse will he Lad to a counter bi <eo. The Bii.ilatinn ht the Uupotvioortt It ta-ed upon the < th Be- fe>n <1/ hw> n. a Villi In tho a! In a ur dofli'e of - .1 ? Tfcp mM pollco KMT* "ha'I roo?lgl of * teuoral taper) flt*n deal of pnlfce, mi l two Je|>n'J a"p?rtai?"i 1ml* ' poll ?, tl ? otiraonvxa of |?oiio?, <t*'f ?> *w*ir t -r? o? mptwrt V frit'* mtl to trorrttj'-rfu, m m o?u?f? of pjf.r n< hi tire?I ooA mtfrtd <ta.f \"V <" ftv'ty ft' pofrrlmtn tv nvt* V lir Kjion hy tbt bnorH of ? ptortoorm n/ (A* Minify / Smt j I'urA, h> k> u J pofnh ( a/ n ??*l of tbt ftl'tl fvrn. In br f?inf/nr fc? (uif n? dy, 00.1 u? hiii / '!-? pohtlm-n i- nvui ? .i-frrha*l op-m Ity ibr flo .~i I'tntonl of (to of ft. l? f* <w a <fm4a of lb' fitml fnrr. to ht jyiui for by tbt isv ! ?'Bri?4!in. and*, mi'i y pollrt ptlroh./? <u nv?? f? t f ro-n ta A> "?j-"rWr>?iil wf fAr fc>?rn? of (V nnrtty if IKinf. out Vifwdai trltUrt (V mvnififhi! jttrttdftiim of tbt r>l* //Irmk/ym. to bt aprolo-of tu a tfw ta of lot poller fiver ID fr poi > for A* fia tcorno of tbt owty of Kltut, <-<{ or routf poffcr j ilrolmt 0 ? (iu h dumhi.) Upon by 'b> * f -rhtort of tit* .- urt'u* .y I* ABMW I ifttl ll'**h l"Mt , t h npymfiMtl <0 It ft-' * (Ai I'll"' frtrtt to it paid for by m ? -? in |A? .*Ji a*l Mum. ho"t'"\f1 ? j r? I IV -? ?./ - .(A. i-tHVi str rhiiD nu to tin . laiui'MiiiKiwuinrri tlOLitl. (ixf wW iyf? r> hi y: 1 . Inf 'ur ti sfuoon.' itonAI *tn?n *f |W f font ' r tV omn/fc of lVrw> fori .ivl for fA. Tiriii i.f Kitty Whiff V qf lAr t.nmltr t ' i npotlmt* rnnr orlMi.yj hy Intr tit tbr oUUo etf Utr To- Ann.# fir .*fy Ttv* rection" pri ridlny for tb* |?m or of Huparrtanr* In P111T1I V U10 PA) montr and oi|?rni* to bo mrniv fur pi iro wrrkv, tall) with tide dew* 'a rorpert |r> the pott or f lariat"*) lfi thin ?t?*, taaretom, th* foliotr,ng rmorvo will 1? bit I U? hvol l tin. prixl'i-urni nl la ?bk;h Ibo Pup?<r?i??>fD Uav plvd Ihr anw iv^rd. A UTAHniNS A KMT TO B1 OW AKIZUP. R Iim both di-W rtnliiOd ki fail b*i k upuu UuU narlton of the row bill which ?'\o* the Oumrautolimciw Ui?aam~ powcra in r?D|wrt to cnllinf oat a nolil try fop which 1L0 law confrrt npna u?c Mayor Thl ao> Hon raja:? T1i? IViard id I'n.iar id hrrrhy tarravt wi'A ail 1h* powrr* row f.tifrrr'd by upon tnc Md> ra uf Row York ard Brooklyn, in iwapon to oid?r a? mil ^?y aorin'an o- In ahl of Dm> rtrll a-ithorlJi-s In qurll Motn. innrnw lr?n rrolia, pro Itrllito pi.ij.rr y and f rnanrta (V pnwr iran^'iUilly. tipon tbio ilioy will aw;ma iho to Ito?p thla ftfl ta Mir onwrt.unti of a itaBUirip body, acd wlu om and dia 1pllnr It a- a polmo forcn, to brop Uto |?n. and pro wlda Aw ibo ooninnipiatad omorraot 10* of UU city, a they will ar-vmo, rodoood In Ibo quota nf a Bra mon pnioe fnroo. Tlwy *||| aauim1 lluu an lb* Ftair rtnpi wn tin 1* to mil out and keep 00 foot a mdilary Intro, an it will moot O10 riprmwt, and oiren oharffn Ah* oxponao of ttio um? bark upn? ih? eftv Tlic Hoar l will anruilir and |*neliim upon Uir ntinrnlh of llm flut Mrtimt <* toal Uw pr. <m?i monlrt anJ artbortllra have. In nil <4 |? II v i?yrnr. rrmw i to Cklat, and Mint Urn ?-r? ?.t t?>lnw furor, m itoir b-inff narlndrd from Mm control. Jnaa no 'oaala >? Ua or ?i?toit< ? u, fact to ba rwnftnlrrd ofltotalh by thr Itowd, wrm than a mopr tar * -1 ' ottipw j mt(til cWilli or a ^un.1 of prlratr wab tinnn Thr fotnmimlucrfy, through the hand* of thalr Hunrr. toti mlrnt, are nrr'tag to It.tip about a ahow of nntnr for Uir M>< rM thai Un*> ar dralod tor racilliin* or ataMoa bowrr" and nUiT apfVlotmrrd* by Dip ?!ty go ram mam, m Mint thri may pn ahrad ?nd natahfwh a no* ?r| of far-tutu-- f.r ItrtirmlTo" Thr tv walton of anih of llir oM Board a- d ti crralion and rr.nrarnt ? that of thr m* in pydtcutad on Uir fot'owlie atetion of too no* law .? Mrr SI. rnm and ahrr 'ha 8 ronrtinp <4 Jw? Hmrlof Palirf, no, rr thr pmrtidnna of thla art atoi poaann *11 'ho owry and aulhoflly I? tin >rr r rh rrrd hy iw m>nn iV Wnard ?f tV*i??"t nacaof PrUno of th* city oi *?* Tirt, * upon Iki Mayor. Bin Vim nod iTty .fudg" u aaid aity, aa f 'oltne t'nmmlnrlonrt*, m ?ii"0 thr Vajnra of Nt? Turk and ftronhltu, rrwrrtirriv, aa Uir bead* ibarnin of lh>' rnapi r*lrr t?o?rr drfrartttowt' ofU>o# "Mtira, rc upon 'hr atdrrmra ..f thr rllf Of Brooklyn, wblrh JtoWnPMto a-v ;inrlty ahall r"lafr in or In any way br . rinf nl h ibr poller rnrrrniomi, n line npiiafcwirnta, "r potaw dtaHplino Wlibbi ei'hrr of said rtUra, a within tho rouuurM of Kin*? and >' * York, and from and afUr the aaid ' rat m< Una of ih" Bean! of Poller uf 'The I Metropolitan Po'im fair-* " Oir an+r and - othorlfr and ta?wrr o' rurli all of Mir nforement1 r od off '!* fn tola him to pollrr eorrrnntort, arpntntonciil and di?r.plbir, a1-J1 ah dt erarr and ?>?'. ? aif< >reaal< I. In Uir "?td BiaH of I Poller lyuatioi'i'd hi ih. art, rirrpttiod th> M*yor? rf Hro >k- I fyn and If * Vork ahull with 'Jir f'.amda*' a m, m< t? Wra ri oik to of tli# Hoard of Poltor. *n<l iti'lr I bi nttr T"tr wanli at r?rry rrmkm thrrrof, whrn prrarat at t'? mrr?j"gn. M w in Tirw ef lltmw pntoto?toe reewUon of tor fnwrr NEW T< oT the municipal governmenl error the city police, the ore* Uon ?f the new power, tic aaaum* authority to .wtabll-h a ota ad tag army apuu the section cited above, ibe dolor minatlon to revolutionise the poluwul texmrouf the on Pjlinent, and make It abaoluU-ly au engine of Uio Stalela in view of Uieee, Ibat the eu<|? now no foot are heal taltngly a dbunglingly taken Hie with a shu lov.tiickv, little U merity that the preaeewor of Mr*. luuniogbam and oompter ol' Coroner tannery, put* t'oith hit alarming little o|*>logy and prelude to Uie [inure fur crna log n landing aimy in the new Metropolitan district lie would help the Commit don lo extrto ?te hi* repuUti >11 as a legal draughtsman from the fate of hia itaui ing aa a orimi OflN MUTINY OK TOR COMRHftlONKHrt. Tbs regular meeting or the Hoard wu hold at Simeon Draper's yesterday, at ten o clock; reporters b? lug ad nil ted. Heeaia. Draper, Nye, Oliolwell and Bowen were present. Tlie communication or Ute Board ul' KojiervL orH wan rereferred as already staled. A committee, consisting or the New York tnembo's, was appointed to tlx the rules of witnesses iu accordance with the 14th srrtioD of the now act. Mr Dr?|??r reported that he had engaged the Loiso 88 White i-troet *s a permanent place for meetings, and tho oflico of the Bnperinnnueut. Charges of In.-ubnrdlnaiiun and disturbance wore pre lerred sguinst poll -omen I). D. Horrlgnn (iho now captain), Henry Erans and David Files. Notices of the charges were sent te tliu accused jiarttcs, and the trial sot down for Friday. There complaints aro preferred In ofl'aet to the action of the Municipal Commissioners. Tlioy wore made by Captain Carpenter hi tho form as In the folloaing tramui tied to Ca]italn Horrigun ? NOTICE OF TRIAL TO CAFT. UOKRIO AN. On lt:S ok MATKOIHUrAN polkth, \ U>. ltt 1S.V! I Km?Yon have been charged with insubordination by Captain Carjienter, ot' tbc Fli'tli Police District. A copy or the charge and p predication Is hereunto annexed, and you are hereby notillcd that the PoliceCooiiniseionera will procoed to consider the same, and any answer you tnay make Uiereto. on Ftlday. Hit -.'Ju of May last., at 10 o'clock A. M.,at their office. No. 11 Tryon row, and decido thoreon Od may be just and equitable. By order of tho Board. Uk>J. W. EABREl'., Cbief Clerk, pro ieiw. Dzxnu D. Dokkh.h.v, I ollcc Fifth District. K-X CAPTAIN C ABPKNTRk'h COMI'LttMT MAD1TOTHB new board or roues oonwaoiawmi. But Hubrequenlly and during my abr. in rrocn the stA lion house on the raid evening of tho ICth lust , eocoud lieutenant Duniel D. Horridui (without porinDslotil tort ttie station house and went to the City liall, and nvulo the following charge ugaiurt me, the lawful captain of the FIT It dis trict The following is a copy received hv mo ? Mavok's Ovficr, New York, May ltl, 1857. Pamkl CtKPK>n.K, Cuptaii: Fifth District: Fir;?lite following charge baa been ovule against yon by Daniel D. Harrigau:? Charye? lueiibo- dination. SrmfnUifm?That said Carpenter about 7 o'clock, P. M., May l?th. inst., doctored In the presence of the members of the Police Ik pailinoiit of the Fifth district, or a part of tin in. U'al herealVr he would not reonguun the authority of Mayor Wood or the old Uommlsstonei*, meaning thereby tbc Recorder and City Judge, but that he would reoog n /.' the authority of the new OMnmtatobent of the socalled Metropolitan District Police, aud that be would re quire the ]>ollc"men to strictly comply who thrir ruler and regulations, thereby creating insubordination in the Police det trims id. You will appear for trial at the office of the Oimmtssionors of Police, Muyor'n ottlce, on Monday, May 18,, at 6 o'clock P. M. AI.EX. MIND, Clerk to the rinmmlrstonerg of Police. I berrdiy chargo tl.o sa.d second lieutenant Daniel D llcrrigan with insubordination, in making a f tUe charge against me, liia superior officer, whilo in llid lawful discharge of my duty, and endeavoring to create a revolt nmriig tin member* of my com nan 1 agaiint the laws of the Stale of New York. DANIEL CARPENTER, tupbdii Fifth district The following lePer of Mr Drape*, whn.h had been dia cueued ard draughted at the meet ng of the Board the pre7 ?ua afwrccon, was inai Ituonsly a 1 quel and duly sent to tbc Mayor:? RKTLY OP TnK COMM18?rON? TO .1 ATOM WOOD. OmCK Mi.uuu ..ins* Pou>? OowawroosKiis. 1 Naw Yoaa, May 111. ihai. f Hit?I recognize yaur leuer of Uio loth Inst, and have Ei ibaitud itt) the con. iderntton of Uio Board ol Police Commlrsicncrr, who direct me to reply, ro*pcstfaUy, that they ciiiinut assume lo tln nis. Ives the power to agree lo su>pend the operation of tho public law, to the end that at v mptou* constitutional unetiioua may in the meantime be litigated, as you mi ethe peace and security of our fellow citizens would bo joojwrdizod, and without any lawful protection. ioruiu .i. iv fur our cltizua, although tho powers tested In the thief Executive of tUU city are at numerous a* thoy are iinjKirbiD' yet they u-c not supreme, ar.r ?pdt -> absolute, having ULUl noty yi;cj* :<,g?raca Ml flibordlnate lo the I/Sgiiiallvq gn-' foii-tllutlcnal power of tho dune While, thvfr'-ie, we eaiiiiot a-sume a jiower which wedo not poaMss, to wisptBf,rtslst,or a . th< p b law, u you pr-'twe In us, we eaetiot, wllh"iit culpable dereliction of duty we hu\o sworn to perform. recognize any power vtricd in you, cither U propane or to enter Into such a rem pact. In obeying the law*, we geek IVI r authority fir the exercise of every power which we assume, and repudla o every act which this teat wtll not Justify. The eap.-lcluua Will of dci jm Uv m i-the law of tyrants to which our fellow clfi/"ns are yet net much accustomed. The achievement which you Inform us thai vou have performed, In plaing the constitutionality of a law sanctioned by the legislative and executive departments of the Etate, and which, In your supeilor wisdom, you "tinnly behove is not law," "on the road to a ipeoly dtopodlloo In the t'onrt of Appeals," (which we hope I- not UiU iidet to imply the exercise or in Improper Influence on your part ever its proceedings ant progress.) Ls worthy of bi iorto coil Idrration; but your a o mjKJ U. thn the cno will be argcisl nest mouth In that court and a flnul decision as destitute of delicacy as It Is also of t-oser. Ills n|>oti this ground hat you desire to enter h,i? a < nmi-iu t w ith this lljard. to r UMs ud and orcvcnt the < ? 'tuition of public lav, and to pro'.nrifr the exercise ct yoor patror.ajro and powers without aujt law, boom ire you "firmly believe tsat the act of trie ls>Ki>-letnre U not law," thus tettiog up your aiuyle bo lit f in opposition to thai of the Ir^wlairo wisdom of the fate ard r avuiR the wxfMy of our city and ciU/'-ne to dels bd upon > our "boUoT' as W) what m or la ma law. If every < it r-u au4 ovary adni'uislratire ollicer should fol low and adopt your example, and uaUcrtate to ifetornvue what law* ate coiv'tttu'lonal and what bo would obey, ox.H-ute or defy. It needs no oracle to p-U u? M f m* c<<nitacraiii?n, aoit yet ovary cttla< u or adtnliii-lra.ive ofhoor b i tbo I .-auir rljjht to rc*l?t whlt-h you clalw to tiavo, moroiy by coiiMHuUnK hlmolf'a power Inthd iHMe,' uud alt lujt In I Judgment upon the conalHuliouallty of 'Maws," of tlio principle* and construction of wlucll ho la profoundly Itfiiorar.i Tills Board do not mean, however, to q ie-tion wirown wUeoro ard attainment* us a ronstttnlinnal lnwei'*or, nor t) n-.-ike any Invidious eomparboru bttwrn wisdiu aad those attainmct t* which hate resulted from your experience .n municipal kUt'iimm. hip, and the wisdom collected In Oir two biww of lie' Iryi-laf re and tta or er itive of the Ptiito but yon will. ?? think, oveuve n* from being RuMed by 11 In the eiec 'tiua of tic* law*, as art| a* In the discharge of the dut'*"i plainly ln< unbent i tlpra oa by Uio> r laws. You are rrdvkil by a commendable real to defend your self, wbrmyon as* .me thai thi board deem It prnt?nt to anik-lpale the >? iskti which you have pii"-j on it* roa<l," " by iciive inovrmeni a-.-a n?t the prevent admin latralioc of "the I'nitre Impart me n?," because it ia tae law which yon with 11s to o?i-inre sgu'nt wth yen to sua pend (without ary power in s-Hlicr of u?) which acts steadily aya.nst yuar -*,4j?u. over lb..t alin uieti an -u b e have not, and do M propose to act against tbo ad MinivtraUon of that dcpsrtit'ent. but on the "ontrary, as far as oar action has rxtrndad, w have perh?riii>l the a#i era tie duly of omftrrlr.i- nana Uiat organ i/itmn Ui. power aad vh'eld of protection wh'ch we are auUerrii'-d to confer, and we should ha-e derived a peculiar nail-taction If yon. v an er i^ftrto r?"tnber of onr flmrd, had united li:k en in Ihr art, tindiwd of prevent of yo.irai If to U>? . affenM tli' I ?telali?e and eta r i . power i,f th? Mate Trd> bad ex-m ide h.M alrtvuty bad taroeare rnoorhUibrtrcfh"*ard aom? i . i.u-' but Ti<*Bt appearance* ti>?'ir<Uo mm lb?y ar* air*a*ly ael ton 1 of Ua< -r tmnuine. lb'.* Har.1, |h-refhre, h^w that upon nvre oool oonelderatton. with a due ref uel to thr dlfnttT n< thr rtallou you onruyy, you will Mtmili k> th* law, H* all other ynn.1 fifth* the Kttarjr aud benefit of ytmr er tgVfo aid and exponent* to earrr Into edbet N I ?, until t' e couru III i o ir atcwd shall roVmnly pronounce thero to lie unccantjtuijonal. Tbi<< Br.?r?1 cctimr entirely wlrii you in deprecatnp a rot | ' |-omrr i-oiirr.-n Ih' tTjirt-vff a* the - rvantr of thr In*, and Tonrrolf an Mayor of thin metrnp.lia, *r>1 Uiry canned habere that you will ?o far ill ripard roar obligations to obey the lau ? our country an to '?rt thorn at flcflanrc by your too authority. and rntiaUtute the rule of your own will w'ttnait law. lV m.irt to juitlfr rtrh a defiance by the inntructxm- if U>e ibtumou Umnrli, will not ? ur|i le? ar y owe, slaca unlaw i n) malt tab'o to the latra alwa - oeij.fnnnr.? autho rtty. *'# need not refer yen to the hlfMtc rxampte if tin- wbob are reveaUv fanuiiar. The MoaM are prim madly impie- M with a tiwnf their obligation, to y?*i foe ynr irenertm" if >ria to tn rtr ;ct tenin tn thetr new iuid tMVln dutiea, by thr lurtt of yoortared experience, for the next two owallM, and they will gladly avail llMk-i'lrw nt the artrsabvi' ?o liner ally off- rrd to ihr it, If you will ermaent to do tt In .1 pr wv | Ileal In '-ad c a theoretic w>y. bt PMMM fOWnf hi i -JRrtfi lato our Board ni one of Ite mciithrr*, in e.wfortnlty with thr law; wh< re we ran hmk you unit mir duilr In tUo fari ai tlirVamr Ume, and peifm m them nadir your prtv i trrti m and iniluerter H> ar? aatt?nod the confidence Of our fellow rip * nx In the am itrtty of the depnr'nKMt would Ihun he Innreauted, *pd the ?ari1?> of authority libont the power ?n>' the "auction of the h# trouM b( avoided. To ?mcsaw Worn.. h.-q , Mayor, he.., N?* Vi rtr. It will tugf* "t Iteolf nt oui'e to the reader of' tlii- detru nrvrr.t, that If the monletpwl and ronaMutiuiwI rt?hto of a e*T, ruth a" Now York, ar? to |.e m.t le tlm ea. y Ui'na'' to be put on ajut |ml ofl. ar rapidly na hlarii rwyhi Mtoan le gtnU-tou at dittany Rhull di tfttr, then wa mull [impure to liava a new ronatltiillon and a new wnteBt of It" validity, nt the rhw ef every Mwtou <4 tlie N tirlu tnre. Tlie yreat and eompbrated in!nre?Ui of thw hture eommm l tl metrnpoUa arr to be ..eoywrded and ahnken hr rat It fit^?tnallim a.1 tho awi'ltlowl * m .a_ . ? tbr KmnW or tew rMw'.ty and iifltiw h n*rr .* u,?t jw lieu tor clVftio c4 Inmnfrnruon whkrh -hall r?r Vio autnotf happnn to ham tw* n ?n"uwn?flil Thrr* t> no arn.'innl i>niM Ihtat Vol ?alV. miwf TMirn (rri|> ut r*lahli*h?<t In Uiulkte, until Uin blirbo? and pnror aoUxfU) of Uw Jn <?. inry thall bar pmwxt upon MMh mumojr.w |i t- la?l IfTiiwtiig tnhrm ncon)4?*t axiom In Rovif nmrnt th?t W l? ?ho?. Uifr InrtifxIlMit to out ntiv Important low into ha-iy nprialkm until llM .tmlictary hull ham d?lrrw?Uir-1 it? ron?tJl?itlon?lity. Tlu? *ory raqntrrmnnl will tfftirr lon? tuiTf to bfl otarm I Id nil urw low*, a* prrumnlo. rw? nout. S(U at tow rrrrB ?**? tt wvatnnf. anm* anl'clpnUiti wna iitrrtiiinnl OwM dlflW-uHy would If had ml thr nun down r?U call ml thn IV th ward MaUno 'Mrt rrtrtnf It wm andrrrtonrt In t* I ha pnrpnao of JRK HERALD, WEDNESDi Captain Carpenter to provoke a collation, by an undertaker# to Interfere with the dutlea there and by oouutortnacdirg the orders to tbe force, from the oommand of *Mfti be had been dti-mtMxrd. Mr Tallmadge, however, rame to the rtaiten, and ?n modtd'd the purposes entertained by the rtvai<itinera a? to make thing* pan otT without a rUllo. Themtti were duly called, the two captain* taUug tnclr real* llorrliian in the centre, and the uitual f> i nulla was pono through with. Captain Carpenter reiterated his authority in tho promises, as on th<> previou-i evening, and tho other, Oiptaiu llorlgan, making a like arseition on the part of the Mayor, t apt Carpenter read the roll, by arrangement with Ijout. Mai tin, whose turn tt wag to do ho, and who by an arrangement of comity deputed the matter. Captain Carpenter urgid upon tie attention or tho ni<m iho gnvit need or \lp'lance; and by the special previous dlr- clion of Mr. Tallmadge, who witnessed the entire proceeding. Captain C alluded to tho proclan iuion of District AUoruoy (talcey Hall, which, be raid, tbouMjoauae the men to redouble their vigilance The men quietly dispersed to Ihotr duMoa, and both naptatna joined in a cordial Intercourse. Their entire proceedings aio arranged iu tho coolest and tuotrt formal manner. It Ik obvious that all the tight will ho thrown upon the shoulder* of tho lowyora and the official.*, and there will he no rhovlng It oil'upon the men, at any hazard. There wa*kiio other mann'oiUtion of thin nature at any of the other station.-! In the city. At the Nineteenth, Lieut. Hrv an ran to hl-? entries In tho blotter, *o as to recognlso in that connection the new Commissioners, lie has been duly summoned before Ihn Municipal Board for trial letday. Captain Turnbull, of the Eighth district staTon, reports his cha?ge as usual to the municipal authority, and has given the chief ruth factory assurances to await the deel non a? to what tho law is before bo leaves the accustomod routine of his duties Tho Commissioners have tlrns far Ippucd no commissionr or orders. To-day Matsell's trial comes up AT the stations reported as usual to iho Chiefs ofllce at Die City Hall, anil that oflioer and the Mayor had no occasion to wait, at an the previous evening, for assurances of order. TBK KETOLtTJONfl AND COMMITTKH OP T11K PARK MKETtNO. Resolved, That tho Chatrniun of this meeting, the Hon. John Kelly, appoint a committee from the meeting to cooperate with the city authorities iu lestiug the lgulity of tVi."? rviiniiH !'iu? whi? h mil* I mintnr#* h.LM r*uv nilv niiAKPtl applicable to the city of New York. Aud b? it further resolved, That the Chairman mimohm the uaniea of the gentlemen to appointed in the daily |xijicrs tu this city. 1 lie resolutions passed unanimously, And lu accordance with the above resolutions tlie Chairman appointed the following uatn"d persons, w ho will iiu mediately call upon the city authorities and consult with them, as to the bo.-1 coin -c to be pursued, and what action shall he taki n in r> ference to the several hills uow before our (burls, an I that may be brought before them for thoir decision. Committee?Thomas Dun lap, Chairman, rtaniel F. lv-la ven, Isaiah Ryuders, Klijah K. Purdy. Arthur Woods, Philip W. Engs,0. fiwackhamer. JOHN KKI.LY, Chairman of the Mil-- M-etmg. Opposition In WdtrhoUrr County?Nae? iHi'rthi|| 1h New ltuclulle?S^teh of Wll Horn J. Romi The recent acta of iho legislature w hleh have eauttod so much trouble and anarchy In tlds city, have likewise aroused the spit it of opposition and Indignation among the Citizens ot' tho adjoining coiinties. Wedchester county had Ink- n the lead among them. Hut a few weeks ago her clthecni Bins tabled In m?-8 at Mnrrhunla, boldly de nouneed the wring" sought to be forced upon thorn by tho j parage of the Metropolitan l'oli'-o bill, tho Excise, Port Wardens, and otbor bills, declaring them uiyust, unconstitutional, and subver ivc of Urn otc.-tivo franchise. On Monday night last thoy again assembled in in.iys, at New liot belle, and loudly denounced these bills, the jiarty that passed tbem, and the parti an motive* for which iboy were pM?od. The meeting was held in the town hall, ln accordance with the following call: ? TO THE HALL! TO THE HALT.!! 1 'husist onsBssinw 1 Wit Must Maihiais Ouk IIiuhts I TV mfni' R ealle J for Thursday evening Us(. having hern adjourned owing 10 the ureal lorlcnnnry oi the alia r, T 11 K rtur u; or THE TOWN* or N'rw Romimt, Morse Vt*?.".n Si?o Sttkj, Tons wis, Miiinvsmi, ti> rcnr?rt r Wcst-i h?'tkb, fiuiti, ASH WV-t. IO-TI K COVWTT, And all other* nppfwi.'d to despotic and un: institutional lcgta latino, are requested to meet to the TOWN II It.!., On Mofkay, MAT Is. I."17, AT o'ruxw, For the curpo-e of t ipr tudug ihfit iplt.lcm in relation to the I rot t t.i arte of the m'scallcd WpnhPean IcgUU'nre, wherein I the rlgh's of tlie peopUs of Una tow u and e ttnty hare he? n mil I rnsooualt viola d. Wtl.MAM J. RUHR, Of K'k Twk. will sddtf-as ilu. mI Bv order of the Committee of At ranRt-menta, W't tarn Lav. no, Ktnoia U?..?u. v.l. 11. l.awe. Mos t H. Otlell, j 1.. iltit'i ??. v\ . luiyd, T. Onvlils, ElUah Valentine, J. he Count, W. F. Barton, Henry Dean, J. W, UurUs. j The meeting was organized by appointing Tbaddeua i lwiiilj I'reeMcut, Henry let.'ompt Secretary, F.mery BarI ton and Josiah Ltd loin jd Vice frcstdeut*. i Mr. Davids,ono of tho principal men of New Rot-hello, 1 was ccgaiicU at the tunc with some important cor pot ate>u btulnoss, so Mr. O. W. J/nd war appointed tein|*imry chuirroan until the arrival of Mr. iHtvi'ta, which took place soon after. I Mr. I/tyl on taking the chair rend the cull of the me?|i tug. atid introduced William J. Hose, Nsq , w the speaker for the evening. Mr. Hue* , ,nd?W ar-'assembled here to night fur no less a cause than that for which Warreu died?it ll muni ctpsl liberty. We ire iis?emb|e,| here to niter a grea truth, M men who know tin r right', and knowing d?ro inatn'iiin tbein. One of the find principles of om cousiltu tion is Ibe right of free s|s>ech.,t upon tlial principle is the right of aa.'t uinluig together to take ermn?? on" with another, and as men, as rittnen ' to Utter our fice optui'di upon the Ui*"f the country, whether U be In the far. of the Jegls'.-d' r? or the I'roi debt. TI.e legislature are 0"l our masters; the iogl-ta 1 t ire of tbc Bute of New York are public servants. they are men rhewen by you to represent your vie#* men rhrern by yoti to make your laws, and make u,. m in a-' cot da nre with Ue> wishes yon have indicated to them and not n n chosen tofts laws upon j on for tbc take of re n irir-.g yov. u> a pvm' ut " m.-ir ?< ! nval "> I coo-leered by you, and, If yon w? >gh th"tn, and find item wanting, you have \nnr r?-Ii?T tn Uie ball <t l>nt There l? I no doubt, g t nllftna'U. bid lb y have oxcMdod their righti, ! ! their |k>wit* a* legislators; for, If thtrr if om tight la Dm cuuHiltution moi< d' w in m another, it It that thoie ebnll I , bit rt'|iri'?CLU'ii vtbu nro l< gwial< d lor. 'ihr con-tltnbon ! 1 knows no law id' l**Kislati m without rupfnmWIon. It was the Idea that ir.rn wern fit to govrrn Uiet ?lre that j j lngldrsd on: lather* and all J'uur jwtrlut:?the that, ( j with the general jeinc;i|>le of governim-nt, tl individual itm was fit to govern himelt. Thia I was tlio Wra that gave the first word, tint in pircd with fiery iwukthm Vitrtak H nry and .feftrrmn fb. const dubon 'ays that givemuvnts u,Vrl**e llv-'r jo.d power from the eonwnl Of tli" gov inrd,' tn.t thl- Ll re has asm tod right* and jmwrrs entirely heebie, aod oppuws-d U the will uitd Interest i f the f< vrtu .1 or pooj io 1 Is not that plnltily dt-n-gwrdln* the constitution and trans grim inn It' ay riflcallnnsf when n government Um- heroin "* hostile t.-? Stir- wi;tir, Interr-tr tnd liberty of Uic I |?'ojilr It be Virrtrn Do Ir tlnty to alb r or ab-dllh It. an-l thus ?0ti1 lorlr saii'ty nod happuiFWi. If yir.i liro In p> ars and enjoymriil, forgntling that your rights are nl stalls, then you arr II to b< slnvr , and yno dr-frvu tn te 'lavrs; bit if yon will risr 'gainst powrr and Uifl rrnor you wiU do serve your Mhtrty and maintain It. A pooph. deserves In ha free Jud Jn proserin* as It watch" s d regaida its frcrdom Today Ur re r*L1r a traasonal :r h * tn <-ur mid't?"t?s bard to say that uieu nourl in Do: lap of our country are ready and willing In drier the aroaasln'' dag* r Into* b.>r bfes't? but It Is true there are Tie y ai In Albs i r Tb y tivs tried to form these laws upon tint, an I if you rrdni, liny will l?ayunet you Tb?y fend' their oommiwtloiiun here with big salardn : and where do they yet them? 'tot of j your poi V-ts, ro?d'lng and dirfratrrblsUi:? you at th" rani" 1 , time. How Is It that the same paper woich in 1M*'> sup I I t?rted tbs d*o utraliwUi* of i-'wrr, n?w roptnrts this | | rrntraKiIng and npnrrwlrw pMkw Own ifioid We are i al mil to be subjected to a ntrU-an ruta. If ynu submit to ! It, then then kit nrailing n r thr?< to do who cannot a van I j oppose It but U> mourn the loss. H i If you will ryis*'' I and rrjert that rule, tin n may wr jrt havs oar mouh' ,wi j l.l ortir? matr.ta.nid. let us prorord at onre to riort del#, i * ate., and rail upon m.r neiglibming issintios to do tiis I satne; and let Un-ir dr>gal< <, rhoeen by and from the i peojile, inert In s ooovrutrMi ard prutesd against Uirsr Lwr?boldly W'ts?t against lh?un This will cause an | r?tra?es?ton of the Is -tslatnro, and thro, when they ln,-r I duly eonsWeretl the matter. Day may tkiuk It Jud .iou* to I r< peal lhra? bills. _ _ _ ^ Ih* Pollr* ? onfttrf In llmoklyn?IU |hhii? ! lion mt the N?w ( ninmkalnnrn. The or j" o' the thiol of roLcn?who now d*d|inaU* h1?n?"lf w ? fteputy fi |?rinf<rxl<Mit"?wan renewed hy the of U e eerrral dWIrirv on W. nd^* They ! were thereby directed I? rend the order? of Urn I'olire j Ormmtaatoner in the men under their command. Not one i>i Ui< m ki>(w wh.?t to do under the ?1rcum?t Jtr -*. They cnjirtderrd It, enpttat'd oerr the subject, and at u eowlnded to enk further ttvtruclkitn. Tho?? , raptainr who harr been elected hy demor.rntle mnntlkienetee, railed upon Uu* Mayor to a?k Me advice, an I thoao o! j opposite poUt'nal sentiment* wnd to* Hrputj- tonprrtato ndeid Km, ike to> bear wltat be had to ray. TV* lH-|nity ft.per'ni ten d rut do*? not rare In -ay much h.iwever He M per | fretly kllflnK thai every man shall do a# ho think iwoprr i As for himaelf, he la ir fnv? r r.f the m w nr-ler of thuifa, j nnd the ofDo?rs umto r blm ran do a* they tt<? in tit He I mnkee mi ebji-ctionr- but pin* hi- order* ant awvle

I event*. The eaptalrrs. however, are not all of till w tv <T thinking. The nrtler- h?* issued wnr heeded b? two only, narneJj, thrt un, of Uio first JMUVt, a til Ch|)t?iu Ctottobn, *<f the Kifhlh ward, both of whom returned Ui*mn* I . c j* Vr lav morning an llnatle^torp.,, Thr n turns of tbe c?h<?r other*, tart tnnfct' the heads id district* they rapr? ventwd as "c?|? tat*is," the *nine as f rmerly. M'vrral ethers 'Mvir.y P"1" an tied U>?,r ? i, |?.?n Ih* subject, *>iK'Iad<?I U? rand the orders of the c> u,mt?ev>n*,r? to then men >e-i. rtla,, aid will In nil rrohnbllity report themselves *? tu?t*< tors" at the "Pvputy ,*>tperlntei>d* ut's" ofll> th mote inp Amorw Una- ?r<> inpt. Ouifehtofd, of Ui Filth dl? trtei, and iApt SUIwell, of Urn Seventh lirtrirt Tl??e who 11 refer t> await furtlur devalues menti and rely ii[?u? the Mayor, are C*pt King, of the Srrt r.d dl?tr <-t rh|*t Chrr. of Uio TMrd dtotrtrt, Opt, Powers, of tie Fourth dtelrtet; ffcpt. Mullen, of the fitth dVlftct, and, in t Jh-enee ef Information to the contrast, fX|*t M l!? , of the PTnth ward. The Litl"f nv? lite Mayor to u inter Maud, yesterday, that he wan on hh rid**, altlioujth tin re are re P?wie that he will art wHh the ootnm wkWiers Hi <e #?oer? are alt wtiltif to art under the t?? or<!*?r nf Uwoga LT, MAT 20, 1857.-TR1PLI provided they know that they aro right, but will support ft the Major uutll u.* oooetitutlonality of the law now before the coi.riH ui decided one way or the other A.-! officers p no* stand they h> Id obedience in the Mayor of Drooklyn. p who la the head of the police under the ci?y charter, and refuse to aokuowkdge any other authorltv. Tbev are s. Uieu who have alwaye perforn ed lh?-ir duty faithfully, hi and tome of them have held thuir preecnt povidone alneo o' the | olice bits been organixod. Tho Mayor d< ra not re cogBlzo the roll,-.- CotnmleeloQcrit a* a lawful body, and w roiwrqnenily will havo luithirg officially to do with tr caidalua who report themselves to Johu Foulko, "Ik-poty p| toil erlnteD.lent,''and do-tguatc the rarelvoH as "lu*peotoiH.'' si He c .insiders bitit-i If tho la* t'ul head of tho polio > by the u charter, and aa such ho intends to ejrrctee bta amhirity M Ah things are at present ho Wtl I hold himself In reserve, dl but if tho t hiol ef t'olico rnaU.H any turiher deniouitra lions lo favor of ibo " mctr<>|*il!ti,ii" law, ho will Ignore ('? his authority altogether, and assume the whole control of t< the I'ej artu.eiit, which ho ha? a right to do by virtue of tv hi* office, lie Is (vinlldent that ho has men uonah anaons ai the pottco to excrcbe the a thorny lawfully vested id htm d. as Mayor, und auflicieut forsc at hid command l'> pit? U all fa r< frac'ones out ol' the windows ot tbo places they occupy pi (tho Chit ftnc.ludrd). Thora will be iuforcn>ng times, no ir doubt, If the " ni< tropolitans'' Insist io a-si mlng an a tborlty by attempting tho control of the police force of tho ol city. ft 't he action of the Common Council, at their meeting on u Met <la>, bar exo tod much fooling lu repaid to ttie 1'uflce (f Conux isetoncrs. The democrats, yofterday, wore furious g< abt nt tho appointment of the Committee, three of their ft: n < n having bean absent, Tlio resolution adopted dlroctetl ni the aprel0",,oD'. of a c mmit!'<* of itve to r?s ort arf to tbo ai conditio!] of the staliou bouses, with tho expressed un tli dtr-tanifing that It wrs for the pur|x?i?> of transferring them over to the Mtdre|ioli'an Pollen Commissioners. The jtl Committee with but one exception, (and be don't know which ride he Is on,) arc In favor of conforming to tho reqtiin menu of the new law. '1 ho report they will present can, therefore, bo anticipated. It miy, however bo added ht thul not oue ol' the at kno a lodged pruunuoul memb-rs of Rfi the Board ?a appointed on that OnramittiMV If. how f vo', the ret ort t? made, as It t? expected it will be, and adopted, of which Uieiola some Oout*, llm Mayor will ||c promptly veto It The advccalo. of the rnca ure have Dot pntliciont force to rarry It by a two thirds vole, and to it must fnII o lh" 2,-ound. Ik The Board ot 8npervi"trB were expected to tako some p,,, action ywteiday afternoon, out the subject wan not pU broached. f0] 'l'l?e Alt tropellUiii I'ollee Ua lit \VI Ham*- ^ bttrgi er Yesterday afternoon t 'aptaln thilsehard, of the Ffit dis trlot police, comprising tho Thirteenth, Fourloeuth, and wl Nineteenth wards, aaremblcd tbo ineu under bis charge, Ini tiud laid before them the orders onimiatlng from Mayor Powell and Deputy Superluleudoot 1'oulke. The explain to| raid Uiat, Individually, ho hIi iuM act under the new law, pu and abonld follow ont the Inatruoiior. < issued by Deputy Bupertalecdcnt Foulke. hut tho meu eould act m they jil( thought pro[icr. Uo Urn road the or dura ol Lhe Metro jtl| polituu IwM Ommlaricucrs. n(| Airktant ("aptntn lluut said that ho should a:t under the j,? new < omio. ion. , Atsletant Captain BeuueU wUbed to say a few words, end that was that he had been Appointed bythetjommon Council, uud should recognise tho orders issued by tho Mayor and Common Council borne coni ersation ensued amongst the ui'-u, when It wan .,. decided to take a \ ole w Idch resulted a? follows;? In favor , if il. -' , 11. ll.ilr.u>.';iiin P..IL.., 'SI- i., r..>.r J> a r :!:? order* of the Mayor and Common 'oubcII, ch .mi nui '>er all belong to the Fourteenth ward. : !! . evening Captain SUl.vell, of the Seventh po(Srvr nti-enth ward,) aaaembled lita m<n, and V!l i' regulations Issued by tho now PoH >o Commit- , ' 1 ho captain announced bis Intention t . art nndor ??) i regulation", aa be considered that the ol.l law had Inn rcjculcd.ami 1 nnsci,iiontly wail null and void. Fron ,R' the nature of his oath bo felt bound to suppoit thlt law, w< Luvirg received a certified copy uf it, and deeming It a sol law In force, until such time* ai it Ik reyonlod or pro- lie Douncrd unconstitutional. an by INAUGURATION OF THE EXCISE COMMISSIONERS, wi nr DUuinl Dltctlng at the City Hall?No Appllration* for I.ken we yet Made?llratgiiatlou an of tine of the CoiuinlMloiirrtuditw IKfirta ' In the IOW|#h U fhc cold wa'er which dewendeo lu torrent* yesterday w< te?mcd an uppropi late emblem ?f tbo commencement of :b? reign of the new R*rl?o ConimiaaionTa. Itut whether J r? hoee unnecessarily dreaded oflhtate will ensure any tin rrcat< r consumption of that acrmabl tiuid remains to bo Icmonetrabd. About twenty right minutes )*ut nine )'rlo<-k j??b rtlay looming two poouliar looking gentlemen iingbt have been observed issuing from the dingy building S*o. 16 Centre street. and to walk hurrldly towards the Park. The ou? war, a *bort, thick ml man, with a countenance indicating great nerve and energy, ao that nosur- ( I?ri*e will be marrfe'ted when It l? ltulod that ho an * William Jay Market'., E??v, who baa bad the hardihood U> c assume the responsibility of one of tlie aew '' Eiclte Commisrioiirr*. Tim ether inulrldnal w.vjataH, well made, good Dfttarrd looting gentleuutn, kcown aa 1 *' John Kerr, Erq, another member of the CJnmtniAlou. Iff ring cauttou Ijr round In trin^e uro tbat no limb of uio "J law wan 1> ir.j{ In wait with an injunction, and no army of ^ lienor riralera ready to treat them to the fato of tftopbnn I f|i'k>D of In 'bo food book, the two grntirrnea wended ttwlr way to I bo back of the City Hall, up the well worn j *r stop* of which lliov pa-sod, aloof the winding ataire o' 1 do tin I' lor lor of the bull.: .'topping at the door of tbo C'ouit tl? of Common l'leua, I'arl No. 1 on the second floor. Halt ! pc Ing for a whih to recruit tholr onorjjlee ami prepare for ; |C, try rntfrrency which might arlar from th"tr appearance i wi bin, they at length made a bold jraah aatl entered Ih , rr*.p Tbo groat reception of ho- nth :U Cadio Harden, j?. Lin tretoeodoae mna? meetings In Ihc Park. and the ru-', tig truth lor extra Hkha1.dc, wero nothing to the crowd I J,,,( nt applications of |>otttlon"ra lor license which the Il(, rommi ttoncra expected to meet. The only occupant; of ih rortn, however, were the Clerk of the (hurt, a very j nnftetitivc vet to man, Mr ( J. Warren, the >ncek clerk 0, | f the City Tcni^rranec Alliance, and a small, mild p, leg K< a fired by thh premising prwccct of an audi- tJ,v mce, the ComnvMoncra advance 1 to the Judicial beov.h ttl, from which the ltcv. Mr ('ox heard aith *.o much lntore?t ih- churge ot the Judge In hi* divorce case, ?ri<l pro- ?. < ided to call the roll ^ The two g- ant-vc rod to their names, and , r< ] "litiod tip-m ror*nl prooce lirr op ai which the eki k, t,, '<* fear that the Oomm - is ion or c might become ?x hunted ind rcqvire rnmathtiig to (lrnk, brought In a pitcher of ci water. ,lu Mr II vkwIT then announced that tlm Hoard wait In order ,,f lr? receive | utlUotw and applied kit.* for Uconee; but neither , it Mr. Warrcti, b"r llm clerk*, noMlie dog act-mod to he at f,,r til affected by th'' unooncetneiit Mr. Ibukedt, altera (lJ. ibort pnuue, announce I that the Ikwrd war ready V. hear (,'j my nmark which any gentirfni-ii might wiab to offer. Mr. < J Wai t v nmark. d tint bo ??.? Uio rcprceenta- t,,j live of the City Tctiiperan"-' A liitbro, and had a ,|u m peetfni ctininrine-ttttoti to make to Uio Hrwinl ^ Mr. Il toamr rttnaikod that It would b-> r>v p*htfilly - -calvedandeotelUcrod. It was the iiiUn'ueri of to.- fiotu mU'ionetu to be loir and impartial to ward* every citiren, 1 W) ind a< the ?.<mt' ttOM Mural Mr. W Ainurt tlien acked ahctlier the fiirm* of Hconae ! t|)| Mto bc?r prepared, and,npon betiif arwwered In tho nega ?0 ive, banded the Chairman a dvjuieut freitn the City Tom- |M wrancc Alliance requesting, tlie Ik \r.| tii make certain | |(|| oltngH we V> the forme of hewnae- few taxnm and retail uM Korea. The C'haii raw took Ibn document, an l a the audience 1 lad rx/W im retwid to full ton pcrtum*. bo ai.ooumed that ni, b*' Board wa- now nwdy to r??lr' apphoaUobii and peti a, toe?v for liceww. 1 ,.q Mr. cr a dry foot" ctoaief, r-Txarkcl that he did rt any Mom e. ^ Mr W eaara wk-he?l Itie ttiulrmun to afkee him to add r,. fi ht? reqnaet a M|MM fUOIfkII'IB tliat Hie Hoard | >p >bet Id fit the minimum reto of ttoewe* at $M<i caeh. J {r,. The t PAiaiiAW raid tout toe proper coume would of e f'jr Mr Wair-u t" withdraw Lie docu vifc nt and make lbe< ueeewary aite rauvaia, an 1 ,y, rtKh Mr. Warm prowdad to <io ^ The C'MAimeJvtbin announc-d thai ttto Bar 1 wan rnwdv ' m receive application* ami p<titiarw, at wbteh the aeven ,v'l( idtllUoiuil gebUeDeu who bad arrU?d ?- wltoiutotn In a Micteto prune tip Nfnre U?e nairt, looknl .onaidnrahly j ^ MtoohhaA. ti, The Curiitiiaw, after a buig t?uac, announripd tiuat tl>? i itonrd wa* reaoy to receive apT'lKatmna and petition* tew i ' ncemw*, of trhtch fact lhi*?e pr -iwuit bad by ttila time bo- iy>1 totne aware. I ' Judge tai'.Kiiuvi at tin" time fahr?it in A M 1 ontored . ih- rmurt, and amlllnfly "iffeele-t tiial be a*,mid require 1 ^ Ibe vrntletiien to racab'the I'encb. ' . Tlil* the I'ommiwtoii' rt con>pll<?t wub, and b< of la- | lot ne-d that the room wrn Id be vacant at 11 A M , ad- ar, < "Ullg l<> UiaI btuv . , , At prtclerly 11 o'cl'-ck the OmiTid-voT toe /r NncJi, there Nung at tliat Uac ?b audience at about I , forty _# Mr HAimrTT annonneed, a* elialrman rt the TVwrd, thai . they wi re ready to rec tve |MiHw ?i.d apnlioatloiM tar , j<?*i.?e ! Itov. J C. Warjus, tor bocr'tarv of the New York lTt>- ^ Temperance Alllaiioe, Unui pVl-eiilod hi- AU.emh'd | nal, a lolkrwtt ? i Ovm rexs?khr Hew Tnh fSty Trmpweve ATLinar re j m, ?r?eitu.ty ?ri the rom?l?rt<r? o *ule a? full-'wa ? I I. 1 hat th*ra n<aat he two ctethtot f.'rma of b i-w "n? tor . laxvrna aud 'be uiber for retell a'ere*, and d?< nimmuin j 111 irkee tie tVfK 1 ** " Tkri'.. I appl eatk na tor a tavern he required to *'.r 1e? '?re. jikt?ro?;h, that when they >or h" llernw I U. ? , tto did nntkiee on Iblrtmm-i'' aav lmpl men < foryaenn*. ,r I Ik t .'id not ke' p their plar.. .W hu?lna?? > - en f .rth. fr?. and \ ar.u that prr wiiacwMia aai" et Mqnore tut Pa tay, and that 'imy j . .a-e'he ."xaby required ?c<..w.'ik?Ih' t"r en?* rtati J?g 'ca j J ve'.lerr. 9 Tlvu tlie petitkai fur a tavern Vener. a Ldek '? to be ; no Hfsed t'T the twrti'v fjrarhMd' re, mniit contain an atoiavtt ^ I im iwrn of ihetu th ii he t? a fr-eiivider ef Uila Uiato, '*nd a 1 rPM'irr.'t.f Uu rkfUon dtavM. awl tow not. 4?n~i ai, <*h*r I . t fjikii. I "r ? ISM lie rer!fle;ut?in of the peti. " br tb? mttaejnmt j arwl'pw i? hm ntirlfr!, tin: ?e I' n olelne lue ?!*lt nf eaet pp ? ne?e ibet he hnmrr ' arb ?f the twenty ? . oef? W? he ' ??.> rj, ftCt fy. ebril't, r- of vf ji ?t?t<. Hi hi a-' I .. n r.i!i-> ' n: the ?? e.? <' ' dlatTr- wheti' I'm tn Ti In ; m*" ! br It'M't. ant) J, tli i' lie ei.w <AiiiJ titm write their annua t?>Ui- paJMon F.i -j .? Jti', ? |<rem nte<l In behalf ,d tie H'? T?eh (My ?w Tt ;nt?. atw ASlaneai, ? i:J. WmHF*.l'<rrft -ti.llt.* HTniary. JJ? 4 dlw u -iae then enneit f'^treeu Uir (Veumlw loner- ' ' n? In the rtmree to pnruod In relation In Ihn doeti- | itr tni t.t After nine ruamUilN li *a?< dreWd thru the ; or liei rhijiil t bt and ptved on BJe for Utt lr ml fntorr t ' ti literal- n. an ? V. .1. ? then trmcoe d in a r?p rtfu! rrvwt tr?i t t?> vl !tt>n the that ,il -1 "f i je-tiii-it ? l Mr lit'mi i 'Rlletl ' rn !' - "r ' dnl J th.U tlie pi Hrrirtl 'oulil hear no remark* ai prevent, raoofd on Ihn f it ?r'')e?A ftf applications ami p? lit or ' If llertit?. that thia ?h WAS tin idthcl of the tow, a rut they ror for that r.r purjeee. They would he very happy In hew Mr Warren n? in jolrtle atul"? the pfn|w jive, '"'t ormtd n >1 a't Ai blm to i!i >e ? lite aMlM Iathi Ihi !V?ri!. Wh-i eup to th Mr. War ren MM j It wae then antic>tu-eJ Mr Kee-err Utai printi?l at blank* for apptkwUooa tmiM be ready for ilntriouthai lu w n few doy?, al the nBW of Mr Kerr, No 61 Leonard to 5 SHEET. ircot, or at tfcr . Wc? of Mr. ll*?kett, No. 15 (s-nln ?tr-H Judge lagrahum having given l?n for the <yc t aiicy of tho room, tbe commission vljo.rt.ed tulh" la. ou f-"ui rday evening, at 11 o clock Mr flaws. the thlr<l roenjoer of the eommi -o<>n, hae 'lit In bi? letter ef resignation. and an api> inli . ui in place will be tuado on iWurUy morn ng, \t 10 Tim tommis* loner* iniond, If po > ible, i. i!n ?h up their oik by tho let of August. They have dec i l l that the rm " election dl*trlct" ubc.1 in tho law :u q> .iking if lb a- n ol residence of signer* to a petition mean* a- Ik ated In tho It. vi-cd Ktatutos, page .111, f I'', jr anl in the city roptalniig no more than &0? Inhabit, i.tll be an election district." The <Y>mmi n oner* have rawu op all in 0,..--ary blank* for pel items, V , ml * set to havn tin m r< a ly at the office of Mr. lUskett, at 15 'litre street, in a fow day e Application* l <r a ' . 1 r dlmg Ibpior on the premise* require the *u aalt ><* ot ri'uly fn slinkier*. hut tho storekeepers' to n .. , wl ! re for felling liquor not to Iks drank npr.p hi. promt-s. o tot require any :uch flcnaturofl. A know I \ tfi ict will save much trouble ti many a hi ha. u?r: . ly roenred tign.-r , w ho will thereby Iks tic barn d froin . ,o. ig for other*. The storekeeper* have simply t?i cut- r nu> bon<l of 41 COO not to disobey the U* \ Uow isjcctionable feature of tho law is that, by ihe Oftee .ib 'ctlon, no pei . ns are allowed to sell liquor to ary "In lan;" mo thul If our elaquoat Know Nothing friend, eorgo Gnpway, happen* to want a gIv a to slim .1.0. >nio or bin Know Nothing speeches, there I* a law which takes It a p? nal ollbuoe for any tuan in the flat* U> fur ih It to hint. Kaeh thnn thai the nommt** toners *? nine the law they tlnd omn new slumbllug block kui 10V U. ill- RH WO llHtr*1: Mt&liwl trv nnrl <*<?>-. II . i -i Irctlrg ol LI?|Uor Dtaltn-\o Lkfnrra to he Asked For. A regular meeting of tho Liquor Dealer*' Km-1., tv was W ia"t ritrht ?t Military H iH, unit notwtUiKtanriinr thu nrm there wart r largo attendance is it win unrii r.Uort \? anion would bo taken in reference U> the a. w :f>isp law. Very Httb', however, was done beyond twining a r-wohp in requesting (bo members of Ute society not to apply r Hc?ii-"-8 fmm the uew Kjtcise Comml v .oners, but to irsue h system of " masterly Inactivity " until 'in arrort r a violation of the law would bo made, when lb' eoc.ety mild ilefeuii the party arrested and < bun through th ;ht. It was Intimated that tlio new Kxcuo Commission r wore "nil right"?that they wre " sound on the hip," and tint Uu'ir aolicn in th>> long run would bo found red* und to tbp benefit of the liquor dealers I bo mooting is a secret ono, and the members were w inn d agiinut dmmting reporters, wha would pump theia an <oon a< ey got out outside, and publish their secret do rw lu tlio wfpapers, One of tho speakers gavo an aifcrUng bit ry of his udventures with e. Hki;>id reporter, who rt.ped film dry. and then published all tlip Important ing* of tlie society intbp next morning's iwjwr. Notwithstanding tins determination on tlio p.iri of tho nor dealer*. wo Intend to publL h nil of tludr proceed rs tbal aro of any lmporian..o. Their d' bnt'ie wo would t publish in :iny event, a", ihoy aro distinguished rv ittior eloquence nor ability, and are not of the ".Ughbvl lm rtaiico to any one but the pai lid pints (Vntrsl Park t oinniU.lonrrw, An "it'i'x "f Hi. O ntrsl Prirk Co mini sioueru wi.eld leriliiy afternoon, at the office of R. J Dillon, f>q? ox* K. Own kv, Isq., the President ?.1* the Rnarrt, In the ulr. AU the members of the Hoard were in attend mice, th the exception of Mr. Hug-ell. The m>> ting, like preins meetings, was a private one. Hip only irajiortant ub.jpct of oonf r' uee, was a. to tho imago of the arsenal aud grouu'ls b* -Jong ng u? U.e liir, Biiwirn nikiMii unj iiuii'M in m?j i.vriirni P'lrK. II is decided to adhero te tholr previous action, and a r?lution was in >'"! directing that legal nutioo bo given of i'lr action lo tin Adjutant (J.'ucral, Uio Inspector General I the I '"until' ury Ooceral, the ComtnkKioucrg appointed > lb* bill * hlch passed tho At-fttntbly, author! dug Iho l?> of ttin Stat* araenaia at New York and Albany This II provid i for the sale at audit u of ttio Now York State t.eoal and grounds, an<l limits tho price to 9270.000, tho miuiaeioLinrP of too land <>fflco to conduct Uio vain, ils Bale le to take place ou tho 10h of nut June, 1 for tho pnnhfc. 0 tbornof l>y the Central Tark Comi?) tenors the cily Is authorized to igtuc bon is for the jnont A number of application* wore roeolvivl relative !o doing 31 Is cnoessary In completing ttw laying out of Central rk Th"r wt r? re'erred to appropriate romimtteoa to rortnjmn nt the next nviot'ng of the Hoard. Room* have l eer pro\ Id.-1 for the future meetings of U?; ?r?l Id the Bank of Commerce Bull ting. Tlx <iuarnntlnc (tnettlnn. ?? 11UC El'ITOR OP TUB HKKiLU. Rltnw<mi>, P. I., May 1H, lkAT. Ar mttCh earlb iu< nt exwts among our pieplc on the rubl of removal of iduaruuUi.e to ITincca' B?y, an'l an sotno cesfes have been committed by ptr one,a* yet unknown, ftritig the buildings, Ac., and an these exoeaso* \r? largirt to our people, 1 proptfe through your col to ve to the public a true staK-mont of the cause of uils ex t< tnctit as far as the fact hnvo come to my knowledge, vl thereby appeal to a candid public for their judgment etween us and those we style our oppressors. T > do to i an inte'.igiblo manner it will l?o iwce-aary to show the Lieinets lo ho Interfered with and tho manner w u have leu treated by the Slate officials. As t? the business wo f?y, ai>d we are roady to alo w at ly prop'T ti >*>, that not Joes tluui (he hun I rod thousand illars worth of property must be d* troyod and tho husl re entirely broken up for the future, and s largo siim r of perwn- thrown nut of employment If thl- u permit I tO M establialtet) at the plin e contemplated; and wo y that this arrsm oment has been effected by tho Own' loners with the greatest le'-resy while our unsuspected.atus ha. < been in food faith depositing Hu lr iwo rty on tin-? grounds, will.out the least wrrnlng "r la c of the rnln that wau to follow, and that wo had no ht to expect au/thing of the kind. P de w ill. iaal It will he neoei. try te voback to ttio t r.?n |? ilil< .1 campaign It to w<ll known hero LUat, t?llhMtn.lit g lh< nm I wht. h gr. ? out of tho >?'denllal ...mat, neither of the paine. dar-d to 10 the II' M * lthi>ut nfenly declaring tli -ir deter <al'i* Btourr nil tPurls to remove tho qnarrvr.line from tie utd? that each candidate for th?' A*oiul,iy Mate rlio-cu much m .lb rri. i .m? to the #vui lpliel.ntent of u; it Ject a t? any o her. The republican jeirty won In Iho nli I In the let'iMallve organiim nunc of oar cnlna w.v< apMoub d Hrcretary to tho Gim rner. With the ir.clples laid down ar 1 havo etiown at lh esuiv.ter, hi..I 'h a frlrnii at court, we felt aero id. Waai.'oto.w 11 th> fi in rr comml.<*Iod,after a thoiough etam t>a'm all the |i.< altiin uti toe 'i ih hore <( nor Ul iml, In idluc Ibta I'la' f, pronounced ay dr I them a.i totally iinQt *urh a purpi* u. Wo all uoanunoii' ly united in |M tltlon ' for tlio r< nerval from the irland. And on tho pas age tie '.It. when another t>f our <ltir*ti-; waa appoint"'! the m' - 'D, ?* fill |?rft' 1 r-curliy; and when 1 by m i ? i f our cit/"tin, who bad rial d AH.any ring the w.nhr, that froui what iLey raw wbilo in liany, before the i^iaee of Iho hiU, thai t would b. at'd at tl. ' plaee, and that Sandy Uo?k wa not lutut, ai l won'tl I'M be obtained, If It coutd be, i'M i. t V 'i rr It. I'i r the rrv ne Iwf r?..i forth wo I rut tn IS". thai net of men could be ftninit so dr ti of principle anil reek ten, a, they treed he, to a'lernpt great a * i ung. Ucctdrw, U.e hill |wafted by ILn legta ore to remove, contemplate* no nneh th'rp, ?n.1 It to 1* by ? rtri if h of coratrucllon , .*! to the .dvilnty of dr own ceii it.. '. tliat .1 ran b> done, U" it can be lie at all by 1L It. order t?. show the o<1ri? I nmnoei. rts* the meting r . I wilt gn Into tho particular* of llie'r Ti UieBta as far a> wn hare discovered thorn. They t .cure tl property; U to V inl.Uy .lore, *nd com pi t nn<1 the agi'.ni'nt tiled In the Ctork'ft olDce by their r nt on tli" 1-th March, a few daya after 0?ur appoint nt. Tie * n**t put ,n irculal .n h report tltil it wilt bu rail "|I In thi* plane, bat at tbe -lime time octuple tt with erj lariat: .n fur h'btie U e, that la, H la ""ly A rrjc,rt to tbt- n tbe .Vr*eyt/ien into giving ur .Aaudy Hook. Thto, ioi r e, l ilted any raaptciora which might arise. Tiioj tfed thto ploec tn the mmt qatet manner, and In none ?e virtta ?l* anything sold to any ot inr cKirc a of , kotrtition to locate here. Indeed to adruitly wm the 'g ir.ona|,f d tliat net nv of our rltitrnt, however fKh j bail at -take, bad tbe mart Hilar'. It a cf aayUMUg Uie kind. re... i . l ..1 ,i. , 11M...U ..... ,.r in. ........ .. III. I 1111 ft W IM' ? ??1H1 "I ' 1 ~ tinwi to m-onniptVli ; hut thfiy aboard thrmiolrjw ill In Ui? fnKTicicjf; that a **', to |?t tba Gnvernur I Ptib .ifflorr* down and ba/tk w'llto-t th' ir enmt-g In ntart w'tb wir idl'/ona. Thoy know that ll?c'Jorarnor h.iM? i?l, v hi in V irted man, and would cH be arorso hp Interview with u? Tbey aian know that our jxopln, ail political partial, eoMfcurwd him an an, up ;ht man, ami. With Qioir imapitablo feolipgii, Ibr which , ?y nro wo'l kaown, would, ?n a mnm?Dt ' m-tira, flock j ratnd Mm k) giro him a heart; welcome among na; ami an doing their plena night be, anJ probably would br, iwn. Thk rn'UR baarolded. Ho* was U doner IV) pukli'b a nolic In a Nat York daily thatth*ffc> rnor ar t Rf >to nfflror. would bo down (I think It itat'd a f?w da>i; I" a la It lt*a varkaii lo-allilea In tlio bag at Lad V* i' ee* mined by the Ci-tuiuiw.iaisra, and liiat re-.. . r io?opMn? mm chartered fbr Um put ft > ,r* la glrrti Fioin whore she ix to laara, while at the mo tlmo tar/ia?io? ara hired at M' MctM'a (table u> Uko <i jaity directly tethla plao Pinoer la provided for i m nl lb* I'Ji I luon I I v.nty Mail, In tin rlhsgo <4 luoh -.ft And ii loiiipi'-t. ly la Ibo wltolo a<T;i r munnr-d t not a r-'i'"t.l of iheor.nity or at'tho riling* ?r? raro (i the fa't niikl a!W tin * hvl U'fl. 1 hare lav n ro Informed i y Mr. Ct.rlatopnor, who kopt tho houir, it ahoii ho ?t rorjuwted la pn?> i to Uin uianor ho waa Mfioi) to ka> p 111* whole mutter a oorot, and to lot nnn'? tho 1tihnV'..r|i- nf thn Lo1*hbnrhr?*1 kt.iw anything ut It. which war di.i in. And wrhnu r.ur r'.ti/,?n< Onm iir?.I thai Ibo |i> iiiirc /'buk t,g hamla with tbo (loverr bml boon di ml Ibotn, they nay be a-ah-d it ihouid thufl f ru?di tied. Ai'?r tbi? ftard b? b?on jeaotiaed, no* only ofat i?, t upon tho ) jii- of Un-whole Ikato, we are told you i. t-.i lato W? n.i n d helio** eeroo) eonM have boati n tuatl without ?ome ultar'T nb><ot What that u thoy n b< t ? ?|-l? n. Hut tlie myat-ry to nx Btlodad >ion Vlandor*, at wo ha*o Imon tor??o.l by n Nna Vnrk Inllyin, aby Ib^ * ? d< no, and 1n tl.o mam??r I have own: anil by whi m eat It raaruur< d. 'J Moaarr.. Soatnan d B< aw aro V-Mh .?. inurb i*?.??,i it loraiiuUit. <2 to f * r'- ' I All try I\r rtT.r 1 rr!4"?,^ ,, '"?*>? U.? ??m lh.' | JL^ . v ,,,ir J" ",,L *1on^- Mon. r i; i \) Jr'r;/ "* n rr"" *r 'J. lr' m ti .? ir, .nimc ? %r r' r~ '? niy tfw? 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IKa tuilibn c- ("billy wbirti tba' will aMii 1. ? lug iIm air-njU 'iia author-hi, ?* antra <4 u ? a ubjert for avvere bin! ?***arcb ii- orN ? IB la ,**?-*l UiP ugh Wmt nrd* al with iho n i* .iau -mi ?>* 4 rrniarWabl" pnwi r?n i*."wfi.u lui n.v . a. - I ? -tjle pi'llr-l*. "* a ?i in? .! i a thai r*a "4 th) lent forcible at i t ulriltiarf In .la tuf Ugh-h >am|| It wo* ary to era fri m the ? n ? < / the m r? dM writer hail be.-n hroiiftu f an l>l ?-? - ami wl w h had imparled to Iter u.u-l una'' of bturrimaa aa > 7a.. ? , n<t that wm?. dtoapiwiutm-ut ant a btrd tnaaia with the world h?'l all e.e tribued their abort to the formation of a u-.l! ?.f 1.0 or il l .a/ y atai. 1 IV etiriorily of Un> reading publM n? l><>ow at 1 titled with her bbtory wm further .1 by Una nam but inter-til)* h*1r aim li wore tlkiw-J Kj prrre uiraufl the myrti-ry 01 her |woud<?ym* preceded, a* U?--y wore, by other work 1 of ulmoot equal lDt--n*t, ao<t folk ??d by the rtory of her unUovl) death, iu*< oo eat? an t p t?te ty plauaa beyan to crown the eRortaot a bard t?.-t oi-? uevn. career. It to the atory of that career, of I* t- ale, tt * U fcring* au<t tt? aeplraUone, that Mra. Uaek-I, heea-if a* aulhoreaa of merit, now preaeLU na U wiU ' # r?*d with deeper interest, with more j?r?fbuDd ryiapalby and with a 11 roller royret than any ej undo tu the l?r tt.i < trrary tjniiccUrs who h the anuai* or ajibor?tnp firtnab Tt> ? who !? rive pICMttro Prom the work* of ?nl?f? I ke Mtna Hronte but lltlie know the pl!"> which la |?.d tor the go la which they ro much admire. Hue Ga*k"ll'? In. nf in# admirable wmnn will enable them to o-tfrawto them u their proper vain*, whlM, at tho ?tm? I mo, It Mrms a graceful and well tarred tribute U> h?r memory. ill rhtratbi) bditiow of tiik wivkkl?t novkl*. VoIh. f> and ft.- Tin A*Tim*Aitr. Tietiutir .V FicIdH, Boston. Tin Uo,t lnauo of thin choke edition itlvv* 'in Ui* " anM qnary" complete In two volume i, Tho lll u-frwti'n* v? fully equal in merit to tki??. of the preceding U'ei Tiik Illi mtuatio FniBHtnr. Emtio* or run WtvEUt.fY Novum. Hanborn, Carter, I tag to & Oo.. Ronton. To those who desire i <ii"ii>r;r edition <>f thorn unvote than that of Merer*. Tlcliwir fc Kmld*, although the price of tho laUtr L- low eur igh lu a'l t?U'CiilWW, wo trmigly recommend llila now ?i rl?- of V. -era. Hanburn V f>?. lu feature* ar? ex ll.-nt, the bin ituy w ?a at tractive an Kll'ltny can nut" It and though lh?llhjvtra Uon* are wood cuta liwtcft'l of steel engraving*, they art executed in the very boat ?tj l? of tho art. The n ibret ther golf two volume* in one f?>r a del ar. aud of Um trrMt there haw all inly been b -u?t Wavrby" an I 1 ituy Murmuring " .\i'eofn|.inyiU|{ Uirm, a* part of tin wrier .1- a T"lumo of "W averlvy Ai dot?-V iiiu-u.iU-1 by m te* n r|'lrit U dedans. yrtfUM?'i' Hian'Ktr OF TIU UitTko HrtTri. 1 vol. Kvo. Apple too A Co. Tlil-' In a wll digested and complete < work, uaaful not only for cducatiooal pur|??iu\ bit for reference. W# reentnmrrid II to tho att." (Ion ol reh<?>iu an ! privaM [ teach "in. TUB UnitmtHTATM INSI-KANC v. AI.mamaq nm 1*57 Thin e*eel|ri,i public*! ion cot it in ties to merit the favor with vtb.i h it w a- rocel?t I ti iLidmt apieiaraneo. The o umr t>. fore os remains a rant b<rly oi new lacM and labile, whir* add er< ally to the value of the work IN i \mV IJ itt war Ci..t?*rce. O. P. Putnam A Oo. The lie-t ixe.ic- ?.fUin convenient aerler embrace Irving'* Sketch I'xk, Sa'i nagumli, .ml Irving'* Tabis of i Travel lor. flm vol iriif" are adtn'rably adapted tor pocket coat ? in travelling nn<l their cheapnem la ad icMtnonai r> oomtreti'tnUco In their A h? tui India**, with Ktr tn anl Feature* of the l*M? war In Oregon, by John Ihex, u. The a itbnr of UtlH IIUlu volume hn* beon three yearn a rMhlent In Oregon, and he ftlaiU in 4 U??t ru-iulU of hi" oh rv *1 'tii' In regard In the. trv*tmilit which ihc lo'ltvtx meet w ih At the hati'la of the government ag?nt* *icl eattlnrn. Hie I>.Our? which he prtu.nts U a mcJaueboly ooe, on.! II t* Urn niiro aaddonlBg from the oonrtcttoa thai no thing that can ho Nvtd or writtr n oo the subject la Nkely to alter It. Mr tlcearn' .tj>t?al, however, la il?-ervlng of at tardive eonxhterniton. It It doew nothing else it will aery* to dirtrt atD uliou to tie conduct 01 the oQiO?l>.' employed In the TerrlUiry A rmnat nr rna Drr-ismN* or rat flornuni oot'rt ?>r tii* I'mrii) hrarm and mm Orn?n.jsi <t nit. .1' p?.k- T.itn. "f, tK mr I'vaa or DRri Hcott T". John F. A. rttvoroHO. APP?* ton A (to. We are find to fliel the <I.?i>m*mi <4 the Supreme oiwl It. tine cele waled care pnhlrhed in a mora convenient wad areeavihlo form than In tin* ufllciat re|?irh*. Tha in porta ai iLtar'-aie n volvcd la tb< Ir dMudno*, the political coma inet>r< with wh i h they are fraught, and the cxctia wnat lh'.T Laic created, aU eontiibute to impart value to UMe pa? Uc<4t o of the Appi'ton Ihtlkr littflllKrHM, fttanaian Arvtuv i* nw F'? rrm Wakd?A boot 11 o nlntife on Son?U) unlit a in ?ffr*y irwnrred between tWO men, narmd Mb-Wl Hajm and Jamne O Unwell, tn low V?W ry In X?f<m etrret, which r willed is the latter *a bf'tnf tabbed In tbe abdomen with a knife alleged to hneo u?*d by H?j ?. The mod '.iiRular |?rt of the VRtlr wm Uir meir. m. nt nf J|?y? nfur ll.o rwi-urTenoe at tbo a" my lie ran :nui thn Kinirth ward -daUno hotter tad W4d the |inllr<< tliat h<- had bom attacked hp Kimc ruwdww In Ki<**v*11 street. The ottieer* nccotntnutled the man ta the iD'lti nted,hut when th'-y arrlrM there tbeir guide ruddm'" <t?appeared, and ha* n<4 atnoa been a*en la a few in.nut'? iflnraarda O'fuiinrll waa dkwnrered lying tipnn the Uli wnlV, bleeding proflwly from the wond fn I. abdomen. He war rotiveyad t*> the olatnwi heoee, where hie wonnd wa? dre?i.?l, und then he war eon raped to U.r New 1 rk Uiwpital, runuuuo In .? pre r?r,iKM lute. * W*. Snoonao Am at?A Jlryute artwrm ^turdae ereniag | In the Inyrr btee cellar nf Kdward PttHrrar, Sx *1 Oanal ?lr< c l, II tl. keep. r i?f 111- |il?co *nJ mi'' ? nn riirtnrrore, Banted Michirl JHarr-. From nrordr the partire r<.rnr to Mown, and finally Pulforer drew ? |i?wl and rliM In* adv. r try In th. b n. .nfltotlof ? ' 'id?"* wound 'mrr? wai ?ak ti l<i Inn rm.Kicr mil llw nrr lu IB.'e M<ui It* I I np.n r ?* yrrtcrrfay urr. .let hy (Mf*. r. of the fi -irtocnth ward jwllro and Jiirtlre fir OBUAn Mot t<> ? *1 It * r u;i " lejurhm. Annum Am?rr r< P*R* 4 f*>t *mwm Ffcu ?ioarph UKftWtnd wm taken into .nffodymi Mm lay by oflmr (Brer, I f ?' r irlh ??r.l |WikW, It. rUiff" "f Ml. mi4.Bf trt?? * rent. rMl ?10 MW <? thf McrchBBte' Bank, of P r-or Malt' TTir prkW?r. It If aliened, oflkred Ihn MU In rarmani for "">? *;iM> pure''*"1 ? the -.tore of rhrra laVir ?. " N" fc'?r,h wl*an? 'twH Juathw thhorna fc>i, mtud il" " "I f'" "' I Mm ALimr ttnfflTf "?>* tram ?.? M"o<Wy afkaiaooB, .Jkvi f Mr y, "f tne' hiefe utfl. e, trrcated % youBf man r.aiir if J r Bmtir?. .If., 00 . liarri of twtnn b Piftt*vb front Hrv-fwi. Bfirro b"Ui ?? rbtu-.1 oith ,'iin-l Strr-ny, t? ! dentil* IT'.. ar It I- aile?ed rr-1* hie employ?re, Wowrt. I Pamrd Ar Ik , dr tiSleW. The p? tanner Will btfittafk 'or trial flip war found i.pnn the pcfnn of Urn wenoBd t it* I ? - ?nH A IliHiuroK Di-K ?'Tb" HAC'?d Avono? lifbioBd t.aupnny hate recently pbnul mi tfwtr nMn t.-er"*nJ n>* fArMntied mi* whl< It wo think are de-t?r?od to I" PT" 'if- P>ey ti.arr an npper deck which la reached by a ijiM iiiai Sadd. r. The r v. on toy arc pla.w.1 Wok li'fo.k. P.rv 'ritol intirh cur'icitj In ih.>-trccta they ?? t?l Ihr ufli. Thr Billkli! i<>e lli'-f iloubk- Ji-chr.l nar* harr L* I' M St pr?'\i iit? th.-n. I*?.n?r oTrrcrow4.>l. airt tbra a riJ< oi. llir uul*i Jr duriutc tlx in. ilays k qt#|c ratlcra tii* Wl.y "lO'il.l net >.-?? oi"'ii car. m U'tn ikw 1 r . :i?t. f .. r, t i* -1 iB