Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1857 Page 4
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4 THE GREAT FRENCH EXTRADITION CASE rf?rt MHU. CONtinio* ?>o thb iiimmi? / ? ? vr o'tm t coiftnci. iwrwv or ?. umamih kl.bhatu rui tub rtm'nma M??(* SI ?All pTtwM INnwfl rAto? Ta. H. Brow I, ? ,?*?A* *?** ItoUtotoBi B*"0 BBi Torcnjn colry an.! ci>*-*mor ?Wt ymr, ?u cbBrfoJ ?iu> u>* wamr.wto ?f >?mH <Mm|, roreirr ?Aero, mod tbrjr tmm IKmj* mf hanAa Iknulto d uu:r?i of iho rtfumf AUaattr, S*|4 ii, ibm. ( Zhlbiir 01, 0. F b ?. ? Uir mrrtr?J ot lk? raaari uxl m BO rfllio documrola of the (Vdb HMooafNrw Y.irO Oflrm Mbibn 01. objectod to Offrro to oboo ihu unM on uir oo<> arr a?-ut.*d urn** of rooir of too par I? aerated. Objected to Ol>j.?rt?oo overruled v*lf, "A. Dubbul, 31 yeara of age, S mouths, oec-tpatioa ??r CiiiDi, France, Intending to become tnhah tub of t'*in? under M Pubbut, 13 yeara, t mooths, female, Frameon jage 1. On page 2, "Iouie S. Vanblerrtc, M years, 4 months, merchant, Unit*! Hutox 1*. B. Ins nee d lately under England, 10 yearn, 0 months, nrrctusi, Pn'tedSuu*. U. S." Oaw examined?I know nothing m In tin Intrinsic one rorWvw*, dou't know who gwroto t hut* names; It ba? b~*ti WD tile in the llccoed IV>i<artment In trust of it (Mirer Hdridge r worn?Was muter of the sterner At lantic Sept 18, 1PM, end prerioua. Exhibit 01 thiwa This Is the original passenger manifest of that voyage, I cent ieme?nb*r tlie day of arrival;! Unnk that It ?u a thirteen day* vo age; tho manifest was male several 4aya befhre arrival. Ilenjamln V Kyer "on?I was present at the arrest of Loute and F.ageneO relet; 1 can't Mate Uieday of the month; II was made In Beoktn&ti street, between Xaseau street tvl r*rt[ row. f4>r?.it? th? Itrick church ii wa? vm! of h'tMg; they came out of a hotel called the Mataran I saw them as they came oil the stoop Q Pid yon at any ti-no And a tin box In the cellar of a houee lu New York!* if ev, when ani where? A I did, In Sixteenth street, between Kighto and Ninth aeonuea; [ don't recollect the number; 1 have BO memorandums of the date; it wax the day the sea-ell warrant was it sued to search those premises; I don't re collect about the time ,'1 think In last October?am uol post K*e. Q. What did you do on that occasion? A. I went to this house, which was occupied iu pait by Mr. t'amut, In com Jwny with Mr. ltrow u, ooe of the i>ollc? oincers, ?bo bad the M arch warrant iu his posstMslan; I went down into the ot'llar when 1 Ural commenced operating; there was a email place there i<arUtioned off. to keep conl and rubbish In; 1 had the coal and rubbish removed; I then com moaced digging up the i?veinent, and there found a tin box, secreted und?r the sand some six or eight inchoi; that box 1 aent down to the otllce of Mr. Belmont. II was a box eight or ten inches square, soldered i?erfectly tight; 1 in mediately passe-1 tt over to auoher person aod directed htm to take it to Uelmcnt's?he was the head norter at Bel loot's?while I continue 1 the searcy. 1 should think thoro was new two tons oi oesl over the spot, the pavement was an ordinary cobble -Ohio pavement. Cross-examination of United States Marshal's officer? Captain 1-conard asoL-ted me in the arrest of I/iuls and Eugene Grekt, and Mr I>evoe, police oflicor, attached to the Chief's office; I ha I no warrant for the arrest o' either of tbe-e men; I don't Itno* that Itevoe or Leonard showed any warrant; there hadn't been any complaint under oalh mads against thrm, a- I know of; I didn't go into Mataran'e; they came out of the boose and passed up to Nassau street; we and an English officer were standing there; they were jManted out to us at the tirelota. Q. Who by? Objected to. Objection sustained. WitiMvs?lliry wtni up, followed by ns; when they Crossed Nassau stri-et, IVvoo and the English officer al o am sted tliem, lit tapping tbem on the shoulder; I think It onnrd did ndk; 1 tmmeoiately left; I saw them at the Marshal** office next day; didn't seo them before a com tnissKioer; De Angeu- and myself saw tbem; don't know el any others; they wen- taken back Ui the station house; Uiey were ihh brouyhl to toe Marshal's office agam ti l Wilbin the last twu months: I think it was all of three Me ntha after they were Br>t brought to the Marshal's Office, arid the tveund time IV Angolis secured the C?uumiaa oner's warrant I within two months, Mr Brown, from the Chiefs office, (sergeant. I believe), wont to Stxtucuth street w ith me; a geatJemanlv person an l Mr. Tisraudieru and the porter from Belmont's, and, I think, a Con pi* of laboring mm, I don't know wbu got them; *e 'arted about 10 o'clock ; we met at Tiliou'a Office- the laborers had pickaxes and shovels; ?nd there was a carriage at the door , all got in; took the Implements; don't know whoro they wore gottou, nor who got the carriage. y. Who told you where to drive to? Objected to as irrevel.-nt. Sustained. Exception. (J llo* did you come to go up there? Objected lo. Sustained. Exception y lad Tissandiere toll you to go there? Objection over Riled. A. He did not y Did the portef toll you to go there? A He did not Q. tad Rrown tell you to go there? A He did not. y IHd either of the laborers tell you to go there, with ti e driver? w itueas? 1 have slated all the persons that went iu the coihagw. Q Who told you to go there* Objection Sustained. Exception. Witness?Neither Mr. Christmas nor Mr. Mattuon told me to go there. y. lad any iwraou In the employ of Anguite Belmont toll you?and U so, who? ObiecUoti Sustained ExnejAioo. Witness? We didn't all go Intho hon-se, Mr Tlaarandrele and the laborer* stayed out; I think I called them in or ffircrtvd the porter in; I inquired for Camot's apartments; raw a lady who lived in the front lower room. I asked h>>r lor Mr. Otnsot; she directed wis to the second tloor, front; t o one told me what we came for; I saw Mrs. Ciimoithere. *ne wroi wnn n? 10 mc crnar; I a<?i?o nrr u the would go down 11. yu> cellar, anil shownc what apart mcnts belonged to itdiP. tbst was the tirst thin( I -al l; I asked her ITsua Id fbrnisb rao with a candle and Mgbt, she (lid; the tioxt I said to her was alter the bo* wae found, a k.J her If she knew bow the box came Uiere. Q. What did *be ray In reply? Objection. Sustained. Eiceptlon. Witness?I told her It was calculated to bring them Into trouble, and If the knew anything in relation to tbu matter It would be well for her to give all the information .she ha I in regard to tbe matter, a* it would Rare her trouble, I d<?Tl recollect an) thing more I said to her. Mr. Bo-teed?Asks to take down tbe statement of wtlBtaa, that he dou't roeollect saying to her that she had better tell htm whore Carpculier wa<?it U Tory likely he Bnght bare said it. An objection by McReoo?This is ruled out. Exception. Wiuk s*? I think I -joke to her about Carp' ntier, that I loM t i had b i. trre-t i?nothing <-i a i rec.Jl-rt Cartwi tier wa- un tor *rr<vt, as I had underMoud, but 1 dou't kisiw the fact; I didn't tell her that it would make well for Carpemtor tf she would tell about the bo*, 1 did tell her about there being cob.-;! Table BTopeit? not anoounte t for, aut lhai It was secrete! for rum or bis bareUt, and that It w <uld ha well If be ,-ave up the properly, and threw himself upon the atei y of tho |wrtie? tiiKtiiuting thee* proceeding*, rho w?* a married woman, the raid Carnot ?i> her husband, 1 don't see blm In court, haveu't aeon him for two or thr?o mouths, | to ,k the porter and laborer* down Into t'.e cellar t thlok Mrs. Cauiot came do an and the landlady, 1 dl'ecteJ the men What to do, to tarry out some wood uud lumber and barrel*, and next to remove the coal; tbeyUil It ;n the other aart of the cd ar at fln-t the wood laid in an enclosure; B.ey moved the coat by bwk*u, the fronton went up wta'ra, ai.d I be'tevo come back, I think they were not there when the cobble stones wore being removed; J re tnorwd Us-cobble etboee myself. 1 worked with a crowMar, I sen g the -tones, and the laborers threw th ra >r.e ?de I removed the Cobble (tone* far an area of eight by Ms feet. ?j lad anybody direct you where to dig In that collar? Objected f Sustained Excepted. Wifniow Tbe cot'ble -Ua.o were piled op one "ttde, I dug there were spades there, I dug with a crowbar; the fhrt wasn't remoTed till I struck the bo*; I removed the dirt then with my ban la?scraped It one side; I didn't Inppooe tt was a liu or iron box. I supposed It to ba a wostsa bet bet >re I commenced to crowbar and before and at Ibe time I struck it. I ceased crowliartng, and began scraping when I struct tt, the porter and laborers wrrn the caty nor present, do one else present to the haat nf my lo-lief, no one else indde lbs enclos ire?norm WeaMe that T recollect. I wasn't frlgbleted at di*c ivorlng Ibe h?f, anr Mrm I look up the box In my hand*?a Ma box, with an bandies, got my hands a-oun l tt, and Washed k loom, the crowbar dented It, didn't break It Mtresigh | hare nerer seen the Inside of that box, I went at stair* wltb the box into the second story front ror m; I thidb ibe laborers left the oellai. dlln't oom? Into the r?a> the |?*ter came in. drown was there, Mrs. dim >t n?<i Mr <arrwd. | think the door wa* rpon, oo?ne told mo W. 'Wfae is rr w go there, I didn't lo >k fcr another box la ke aeMar . I erer<h<d the h .use, the shop In fie sen th a robs* , arar wrefawleh lane, (amot's carpenter shop; I ( <!<? 11 Iw u-I II - . u? i.Ui .!r??I?1.1 not'e rixini, pu I Hri'm no one wise; Mr#. Q?? ? ?M prneaat fituilalrt It, didn't help V to ?ahD M. ? flrcial netting; loft there and to lh >to"a* ?, Id the enacb, Br>wn and Mi I lb i.k i..a Id the mrb; ilnt't rimember fcww . ?m Iwi had h??a >?iil 4<>wa by the porV-r bjr the DTI If , I ?t the bog to Beln.o?,l'? b y nobody diroo ? toy # ? rrM*? "Mlny I don't know whti it ?nmte< I*1* naj e* to tnnoe, it *? n't h?n?y; didn't w-igb DWT tniMiMilMit kOout that. Brotra ihJnt go m Mtm'i w ti the pew (J tobra wae ie?a ail lh.? timet A. I doo'l ra gnlieri *?a?r.? hat afief 1 bagno digrwi 1% the eeiinr g ? koaee <? !?< I ?ou d"*h troni *MI>w?nU Ureal to mw ?ryo<w ? ih"| t?<?r>Ui a?*nua, mm Urenoaicb ua m jm Mr rtrtei' iL^llinn '' ' "re- M> ehna tLal thu buohnt tu pari of a ' "' 1 ?od of pr???e?''it'"b, had th?i the bo* w*i m aitowUai *? ?'?, or enm* r>ne connected wth ii p?? to their effnrto to m?ha ewe * guilt a^--,^ taoe hMWI, the/ b'lag In fart t'ie guilty ofiee, a- kbal what h?rad to narpetiWer'# 'bop will main .?. a?d ibat tbe |erwe? wh' fnnnd tbi# tin bo* end die at?~ It? abeee-eb'.u werefw owtoed a -I inland percent m uitm im letowab- whwa fooad, and that they ha i other T'i*. i -afwiei .?hv ab-ml which thuie wm lia? T' -eiwa i the ear* ?y nayertf-e to N| at * be ?* ?>?* . . . .. .. re?t>i M w. to, . .worn?Am Dn|na?Di?1 w th Ui* taadarwag of J-ha V Ma *, Mini tor at Trwe*; ha< w mm rn'liiH any I Mortify the etgraturn to all i?i?r* at . the haft-!*ruing of Mr Ma oo. I 9 lyif, aie iitam'ee rtwewd g Wen Moofc *. / bar* jod got for yonr Mftlwt !? mm omwi a Te ? b ,edr?d dollar*, thai i* all; on IT'iam to laein ar.y more I di io'l agree fbr I hie ape*, i* eon g bat tad .<ed yoa V. (n la thlt parttonlar booM la *nn> to*a*t to Nark A ito but M|toM la 1*Dkba4- W# bare a r igtrt to thow the bat or to^eaaae atili ?i ti e la ?tft>* by whom the < fltorr ? ? tot ' a iirder to Mao ?tocn?atel the fraed W? ?gato to gen Mmm a reward of |l,u?0 wm >Tered for ? eagdare at <T|*eili r, that ar>toe oaa naiad oh U>a NEW YOB tt IWnffl I Olid Ml.1 91 000 ?U not MM.Iftl. It rat as ail (v liimku'n m <l, w? wt'l dv jive tnorr UnaM thai cn- M omvtri <fer|*o't?r riin mu <?, "? tjii kii'd of |c*a?l 'l<> you waoif" Holm ml'a >f<at a-kni uiir la roaxuh i'-ojii-hI, and Ui<-utoi<l (be man ill i> ikf niihu'iim b k ?a? an* wrred I bat be tit u t ih -,k Mcauki Im kuI Another Interview an* *p|. tni at i?> arlntk to tfir atoming He rarao to llol ?* - ? or1 mM, 'ton aiuet 1*7 me or ttir bird I here irai " ArraafOMBl *?f made and C'arpetiUcr ?a arri-li-l belt Hr UaMa lb?head inyno evidence. I 4ijkV? >?4MI><4 (iOr|jim * IU ? I have ha 1 on |f e -iitr from anybody tn thia mat' I - i. i kb< * wb<> aire-ved (>u pent ei, I wav not i-.-.i I i b ?!.. * r-i m-lib a?a-ch warrant for a Ik>um> n hi ea-ull. -lirrl < ali't *> wnat mi,p-trait'U-Hc l It, a Mtr iMiit'itta, i th iik J?at**e 0?burce. J?m? l--vnwOd >?" * l.u law Ma ?.e) a a ?I know F t ward Perld; (doslg ial>- h-o ) I kb > U- ?i? nature and have icon bitn a?rt'e; il'ii b> t ^i, I drnit know bli hunt anting, irnf* t.u -urban re l> ? vtsn.i I r-al to at #1 Kill on etreol, and 1U men# rtxai I i? i ?.iti*r of Franco, bar? boon here ihrw j car am mi im,??ie< of ilnnra, I ilid'nt know David tiaia tiaie knoea turn aho'it a year; atnce April 18W; Ion cibihal than Jib? wheel took tu> lneaN, at t. *li i. <1 ni wa never iiilrikluccd to him; 1 hA\ c l'tiljp-d in-am I* ,ae e'l > him. IK ^"'*'1 *tre-l, Mra Water'#, lav k'tikr. lie -eel me one or IW" letter* while 1 wan )r*i?e tw I lta? nig a eil'ier of them, len Ihetu In Ihn- Mr tu my pit tier; never reculvrd ai y know fn in IiavKl In New York, ho ha* turn in nit ab?, b* Uatl M? donk In my odloa ainoe ia ? ... in'.er I diM.'t kuo*\ a- 1 wa-'ut t.rre I hate - ea ban eruing in the utile*, did'ul look at l.ta Wilt JW t.i ht n.) 4eak am> it Utnr Tool I ng, li.i had iai tmeinea. io J.. a lie ate here, | never Ha ? hw l>ui to line# ten l.atera, I roreived e entice In rum# here at e eitnena, Una I* it (bhibti W, <2 K B) David owe# mm mnr mmauey , very hit to, lit or IM; don't know how ii""1 1 ? i ' ?" " " ?'??, ' raj in-u .ij ?u in I Uk? iutii, t ill.I not tell on* .Mir I could prov. hu bond nil*. Ik<7 ptr mo 19 eni litem whno they koto me the ubitrno. it wee Morracfc'o loo;! neyer Ulkod wrh on? err obwut lit* b< l?rr I wo* nub|?i-QO'<l, I dou't remember rTor tsikmf lo 1 wotia obout the two K-lti-ni I rec.tyud from blOl. Re direct ?I urrer row kit mftiolure to on/ otkir po|?r? ll u the two letters. Joim* lioicord, direct?Am Co,doio Secoud Ward PoHo*', 1 know id llir orrt>-l ol loui- oud Ku^rn.t Grolel anil Perot t'ti rtrptrmber IM. 1*46. oil wore orr.rtc l, the Urn1<-Ir to the street, olnl IV <4 III llir Iwwwe, I *e?r tk? U'elete n?ir duwD the>l"|? of Meloreu's two or throe minutes bifuro th< or rod I we? biking to Go-lord, and roi l th-re pu /our met. Ui |?ity srul for ldt'UliQi*d latum but lolled to id?uti'y Ki*rne. I'ond wo* orreoled ot dinner, 10 nunukv , ?r thro wttu oround. ond then mrruito Uotermen * ond or.-eetcd Porot . this wo* between three oa t four o'ekek ui the oncrnnoe. Q Po you recollect flodioi ouy coupon* thot do/? A. I row there ft i.pnr* ;i sl-ihn 41) ot tho Rtotioa tinufor the brut lime, Ol. . for the lerl lime previous *> thu at Ttlinu'o. whoa the |*;er? were examined by Ou i?ul GcncrJ uw) mhin; on i torching Perot ol the rtoti jD houee we fount o bunch id keys on him, some mouey oud o wo toil 0n.4Ct.0u1, en J tome peper*. Goderd too# the keys ond oiioliii-r i n 11. ond weut to Molorou't ond bruutfUl lock I the port ft die. 1 waa Dot preaenl when tba portfolio wn | tak e? rrom the trurk, Uis.1 portfolio wm opened I., my I pmonce; I am Lot sure whether Uxlard o|WDt-l It or Dot; ; 1 fl >t '?* those roil Tone on n.y desk at ihe ctatoi boose; j 1 wktd Mr. MalUn<*+eti to !?> k at them; be raid Uiey were i worthuwe; 1 don't recollect the oi mbcr of them we didn't I coui t them; 1 the portfolio opened, I don'i know wh<v , tht-r it was op< ued beft re. my imprceatoa In that it ?a> opined by not ol tin.' key*; rone paper* were taken from this |sirUu'tu. Uiethi-i tiuie 1 ?aw thive ooupouv w.v no my deek, at d after the jiorttoiio wm br Right In. there was a Dumber of paper* to l<ouu tirelet'* pocket, tbi* (exLibit 67) was taken from ln? p-iwHi by <?> M iu in> pre cnce a few minutes after they wore brought in. LYos* examined?Mr Godard and mt?eif brought there men to tin- elation, and do one else, I bad do warrant for their arrest, but liad afterward* a warrant fir their <le ton'ioD I found tome art tic of moocy on Esgene; tbt.a war rant wa-> ft r bringing atoli-ii property into ill* State of New York ; I think Tt-*andtorr made the complaint and they were brought before Juatiie Oiborte,hs committed tht'm, they were kepi at the mmm house till th > civil pro-csr war got out again t them, and ti ey were ?ent to E'-dridge (tree), as 1 found anything on Eugene I pit it in jwptr and marked It, things as taken from Louie worn 1 "H |u ^B|>rT UIU Ul t' Bl'U u; WV'IMU ?U'I u;i? |l, | KD|'I i there till u?.\t moitnng and tb-'U gave thrtn to tioiard; I eaw th--m all that lay at B*'mo it's affirm?pa|*ra,watcbt-a, j ni ney, Ac ; [ip Anga U watt present when tbey wore delii vered to Bcunont, tlodard audi made the arrest; lean | only identify I hoe coupons by their general apiwranne: we dld't mark Uu'tu. ooual thitu wo-thic-w the card of l'arot is not maik-M nor Uie envelope; I eaw cxiii'ut (17 t?k? u from Iouia hy Godard; there wat eonta thou hand!* of franco taken from Louie; I'arot had a watch; 1 mwevery aru.-Ja taken from him; no nhirt buttons taken 1 from either I'arot or Oreiet; jxioktt knife was taken. Adjourned to A;>ri 1 1 at ll>g. Aikjl 1 ?F.uwarti A. Ma thiowen, aworn?Am ' one of the agent* of Belinott and attorneys in j fart in hi- ut?*nce, I know LouU Ureiel, Kug-ne I'arot, rarpentier and twvid ant Kelicite IHibud; I u? I'arot about a week before hi* arre-l at it-lmoul'a office; I'arot c tiered to cell 30.001) to 00,000 fraucs iu Fieuch bank MM kh -<-i.ta?a> the firet day without shewing aay l-ftiik note*, Faying he would call again; he inenfnn^l no nan.e; 1 ha l never knowu or reeu him bet ore, thu was about U A M . he called on the Watinaeday after: theu he exhibited 81),000fran*?in French hank note*, of l,"O0 f-anca each, he Mud he wished to caah these b'tak Lot?, he waa informed that ihrxt French hank note# would be eent out for collection by oar house; and he then | asked for a receipt, which was given to htm, in the name of Pubud. I had'nt kuosn before what his name war, I got thai natne from hlm-elf, he gave his t.ame at Mr. Pubud; be Raid he wished to buy stocks wl b the pr<e< <-da; he aeked about deairabte alocka: subae. I I i ;!v he f-aid he wt.died to pr< c ssl t) th.< Wr-t In a , f< w day*, and in that fi r he wculd write from Iowa or Kentucky, n* he intended to buy laud there; he Pirn raI turned ou Friday morning, very early, and said that ho , bad changed bit mind and wished to return to Frau-w n, atrad of going to the Weal, aid for that reason withel the 30,C00f returned to him. I to d him the notes had b<su. ??nt to the .Vuary for transmission to France; and I pro- J tawed to him to call at the office of Uie ttoihschnde, at fail*, and receive the notwa. which woo id l>a the eimptlest | way; he wished not ? < do tlii", elating that he Intended to ' ! go to Bordeaux; I b id hint to return In the afternoon ) when ho would be Informed whether It voold be ;k>?-i >le i to it-cover the notes from the t'uet otllco; he returned at 3 o'clock and I told htm it wont t be troublesome In have the matter arranmo, ao lie itgree i to ie?.e u ?. i it*sa?, r<-x; I lit* of Parol was at the aUti n liu i-e 111 Brrl>mu itrMt, ou a Friday aD?rneon; I thin* s-pt 2d, I-o-lii and Figure Grelet I >a* th?re aim; no tf?- (lr t two Interview* Fellctte Dtibud tru alth I'arot, hut aot at | the third; It war at the nation hou e that I 0 it It :o?er*t that Lis niune was n?t I'arot; he t< 11 nie ?o hlm-e f; I bad ? cnTe-iMttioU with l.oola Lrel"t at UrtrU' in !ir?a he said tbit he waswilbngly dl-iiiosel to rotifn ? < * ry thing, ard he are ired an. ni> Bo: -j raa left of the hire* 1 it a', ll bM state*; It was a very ling en., I>otil wa* brought f Ca tuu I en. .trd; * . I a grr hy raring that he wa< willing to conf-aa eTerything, a et ! that I mtaht be assured that no money a a-' loft U hit | hand* ol the property at .lea, I had aid noth j ; I h*1 tttns'.v.ced tny-rir a? doming firm MrlVinitts nitl-ci anil li yavt hi* real on why tha tnoi -y ha I ii:? * , ?-.? .( that do..hie olvl anda had hern i aid on th t thai e* abstracted; he mentioned further tin M* Gurrlo, who h .J h?*u In ihe employ of the North* n fUitroad empaoy, knew how to open the cln?t or ?efe containing the nbarut; that eat about tb" ?uh?tance of what h'- r.i J. U I*d he -?> anyiliii f a hoot Car^ntierf Objected to Overruled. Exception A L*r)*iitier M la t privent; be fnentioacl In Ihe court" ol hie o uoenatiou that tarjieutior was e*a icriiad tit there ut?lr*i tl * ? g. Did h; state what dt?,oo?|u< n bad been male ?f Uf?a aLaiert Objected to RlCeptlon. A lie raid tliry had been aol 1 and "perflated with. 0 Did be atata who were Interested In there ra&tac Howe? Objected U>. A lie nam *1 Ooerln, Oarpeotier. Par it and bint?alf. Q 1 Mil tw "tale what war tba profeawn of Uuerlnf Objected tu. Exception A. He mentioned that Guerin b.v! been a tnerhauir, and s j'W bow to ojieti Ibe ?afe( that Guerin bail let I about a y* ar arcvlooa to Urelet'a dejartuie g !* ! be stato what was tha position of GiieMn ia tba Com pan) * Object* d to. A 1 think be m"?Uoted (tut Guerin war ?be porter g. Did be *tate if anr one, and if ao, wlio slop' la tba edit* before Guetia k-ftt Objreted to A. I don't remember that be did. g. Did be state who mtuinenccd abstracting thesis abareed A. He aaid that Guerln cumim-uned taking them out nf the'afe , I think he aaid that after t.oerta'a depar turc (lie; |ra>k > taarea tbom*el?e , I Hunk ho uu-1 the words " nniu' sod ' w+tii eicnar " q IH1 be itato whether bo and fkrp?ntl<r, or either of thim, knew wboo iitirm loft last bo b* I ab<tra;led baron? ObjooUd to as loading Objection euataJned. q stale what further Iw add to reloroocs to Goortn'a cot.i.iftioti wliJi thee rhares. A. 11" ni-uti iu~d that ilie flrrt - h*rc^ bad bwo taken by Goorto without tbrtr know l?1|re ,h*' th'T dlarorirod tt ?ibwrja?itly. q. Hdhe?ute when they dlacovered It? A. I lb Ink bo paid twi >ir three yearn twfore !/>ula' departure q. rid br atale tho rev on thoae donble dividends had to bo paid? A. Ho -aid that tUo rUilen eharea worn promoted for dividends ?ir Intoriwt; hal to bo paid on tho rhariv* do Erwlted, tho word I hare rendered " stolon," a< used b/ im. wti 11 prlcep;" M moan* literally, " Uk ?n away " q DM ho -tat? any other ine?soro? Ibey liad recourse lo In n (tan! to th #e double (irtilriiM A IIo stated In rop y to my Inquiry how throe double dirt 1rn do wore ran celled oti the book", that (also writing" had hero Mtylofil q [td ho rrfor on that nccaaton u> Mr. David? Objected to. q Atel If io, what did ho platof A. H? stated that Dati t war also concerned tg the nutter, and ho pototo I htiu out to no when m . id rntor the station on Saturday roorn11. ti e < mivrr-atlia I bav? abore terti'lod to covered two tiirrvtrwi. one on >r11?y afternoon aun on Saturday n.ornimj, tho t:ib, between acreo and otgnt o'clock, at the fetation q ' l: ate what o wnrrod when yon ?*w Harll Rst'irl ir I tnvrmr /' Ala ked Ore lot wh'tlur that was llm |o>ri m he r< (erred to; tie aald, ' fnt.ll was;'* he had to mtiouo I ' the name .a ia??i t<) on ^fj,iaT. q llnd you any cor.Ter ntir.n with Parol f A I had. at !!?< ?Uti m b<r?V. ?m b<Hb Fri !?y an J flultiniaf. ty M tt. the mh-uuro .if lit A At tho flril InWrlew Pat <* stall <1 ttlHt hi Would reveal nothing ; but ntl f UuMay nortit K, after M Interview thai ha li* I wit'i K"l|rite Ihl l/tnl, hi wished tn si ? mo ?) i arot l tint all th" tno iny |?hitells of the ehirna had h"en lo?t lu np-oulatowi, that to a boot all; tliat they hat been unfortunate In thatr op rate i>- ha Fa lit tint by thev h? referred to Carpeutl?r. ( relet and himself; "ti tha win between ( and i P M , I tua'l the rair.Tinati-oj with Pa'ot, ami i>a Satur lay, hatwi on ; ami * A. V. ty flail trwi an Intervlw with Otrprntmr, If at wh'n ami whrrtf A T aaw (hrpertler at the station hi>o?o, near tha Tomb', on tha morning afte- ht>-arraat. at 8 o'clock, ami nitwui'irntly at IV M "fthe ?ame lay ,! A m i rem .m tw? the da/ tb* month, I Ihinfc it waa tba ?1th or tath of t ?cU'l??r, tha month after Grelet> arret! q sutr tha BiihaUura of the cooraraatioa ftw bad with I Oarpewttar at ponr Brat Interview IK HERALD, WEDNESDA Objected lo Overruled. RieepUua. A. (?r|MiiU< r elated Uial bo had bo ainwey left of the prnocrdr of U<e sharer; ho ei pressed hix regret at nelng |U .< < o id Uio |?oiti(in ho was to, and that it all aroao from Lia not deuouuc tig lirelot when ho heard of the ttrsl abstractor being made by him, I suggested to him to return volutnaiily tu France, but he wished to take hit ci,anco here, that was the eubHtauce of the first niter v ire. Q Ihd ho itale in that conversation in the ahefactioa of Uio hare* who operated together? A. He named (irelet and I'arot; I don't remember that he named other*, al thooph it might have been. Q I lid he slate anything in relation to the pro tin of the oieiiiiiorif A lit> eaiil he.wai to reooivojt pail; halves with Orel I. y state the substance of tiie converaation you had with Cari* idler at Uio eecoud interview? Objected to, Exception. A. I went to thi- second ii.terviow with TUsandlor, who tuquiriri what had become of Uio money; Utr|>euUor ani?iTiil that it wa? all loot; I had no direct conversation * iUi Carjientier; in my presence Carpeo'ter exprexxed his Mirpri-e at having been arm ted, as, in bia opinion, ho bid done even thine to conceal aud disfigure himself, by cutting oil hi? wbtdtorr sii ito-ii rd obioctcd. This conversation miut be nrovsJ by Ti Hand icr Objt** tn>11 overruled. KiccjHel to. Q. To whom *iv- this conversation addressed* Objected to Objectlou overruled. Kxocphofl. A. It was addressed more particularly to Mr. Hasan dler. y Do you recollect whether In this conversation he did er did u< t refer to his having any rooueyt Objected to as leading Overruled Kxceotton. A 1 It* mentioned that ho bail a small amou lit of money? fear bank note?, Vretirh?that wm about all; I dout re eruber the amouot that he raentloaed; these several cooviTsaiionR with Qarpentier, Grelet and Parot were had in the French language; I understand that language; I speak It. y. 1k> you know what, In August or September last, was the market value or tho stock of the Northern Kailroad Company of Franco* Objected to. (1) Ambiguous as to the market (2) Irrelevant Objection sustained. Cram examtued by Mr. Itustood?I have resided In New Tmk about six years; previously at Pails and Havre; Mr. Belmont has given a full power of attorney, In which I am named joindy with Mr. Christmas; it Is recorded; it It in ItA3. Q. What salary do you got from Mr. Relinoat? Objected to as trrelevant Sostaiued. Q Are you lulerected In Belmou 's profitaf Objected to. Sustained. Rxcepted to. Witness?1 didn't call l*arot by any name the first day I raw him; ho didn't call himself by any name; Mr. Christ mas w us present when he called himself Dubud; Fellclte was present; no one else; tills was in a Hjieclal room; It was about 10 tn lite morning he came; I call that very arly, because ills the commencement of business hours; it was at the station Parot spoke of Guerln; I don't remoinber tl lit he spoke of ImvM ' I didn't know iiavid tn this country ; Davie came in Saturday morning, whilst I wan talk ing with I> uis (designate* Uim, with H(>octv;li"e); saw him w mr in; sure of it; there can bo no doubt of it; Louis w is brought out into thu vestibule on Saturday; it was in the private room, Eugene was there; I don't know who ?Le was there, llU-ks some of the police; David passed by; wasu't brought into the rootn; I think ho eamo tUone; no p .lire Ullivr with hlui.David wasn't prest nt at any con vernation with Parol: Carpentier wasn't present; thU was aU ut three weeks before I bad the conversation with Cat i euinr in the Sixth ward station; ho had boon arrested tin i.iptit prr vioos; I don't renumber tho precise dale, I tiouk October 17tli or 18th; 1 think It waa October; I can aver nou by thr almanac of last year, net of this year; I ; nrn an accountant; there are books in my ollico that will etiow tiie d?u>?a letter book montioulug bis arrest?a letter written fiom biui to Rothschild Bros., Paris; I didn't procure the arrest of OarpenUer; 1 didn't aid in its procurement. g Did you know prior to hi* arrest that they had ascertained his u hereabout.-? Objected to. Objection sustained. Exception. g. Was your principal interested in his arrostf A. Not !h tin- arrest, except that tt might load to the recovery of the money, as he was a shareholder in the Northern Mil 'end Company, I dont know to what amount; I don't tilli.k it was very large, because it was gome money inverted by Belmont in Europe; he invested SAO,000 in Eu ro|>c in purchasing storks, hut I don't know bow much in : tin- stock, 1 did xot authorize anybody, either myself or | jisntly by attorney, to arrest Carpentier; a reward waa ofI ined cf $1,004), lu the tame of August Belmont for the arrest of Carpcntier, but uol by Christinas or myself; Mr. 1 Ti-MtLdier t lK-nsl it, b? *i' uol Belm >nt'i agent for ibis ; pur pee; we have |kd<1 hills of advertising on Ibis subject; I thu.k we paid the Han-un's bill, made oat to August H*l ir not; Twain! mr baa no connection in business with Bob iu<4ii, Christmas or myreli, except that he hu a letter of credit for aO.tOO francs upou Belmont; I have paid that $1,(00reward to Mr Knight ;dno'l remember his first name: our ( beck book on the Bank of the State of New York will show, I know turn, be U in buMnem tn Washington, D. C ; dcti'i know what business; tbink be is a claim ag-utt; be resides in Washington; don't know were; I knew bim but a abort time previous to Car|?niier's arret t?a wools before; ihi* $l,0u0 was not debited to IVuiaiidlor's letter of credit; the reward was paid for his apprehension, n it for his co?ivio-|'>n q DM this man Ktught give yea any proof thai he was the man who apprehended CarpeulioiT Ob/tctt d to. Mr. BiWtced?If It should trrn out that Knight waa not the perron who appreheu led Garpentter it would snow the li-decent has'e with which It was commuted It may turn out that Kktghi * at the thief or fugitive from justice. Objected to. Overruled. Rcceptnd. kirnw?I know Oharlea Oarpentter only Mnce hit arrea'; newer knew him In Prance uui tntno ta au ootmtry, (arpcnui r told me be wa.i Carpcntier, aol aeang him , Qumtiun repeated. Ruled out Witness? 1 U l saw Ktught, 1 believe, a day or two after I Cbrpentt<'r'a arrest. q When did )on ace hlmf Ohjccie 1 U> Suslunud. Kxcrptk*. Iq Did you ever see him oti> there except in New Turk? Objected to. Susiaiued boepUon. q Who was present with Knight whoa you paid him the dl.OCOf 1 Objected to. Burtaloed. Exception. WfUietc?Nome our was pro-out with hltn. q. w t ( ww itr Objection eoktatned. Fxceptioo. q Was I'rauc s Tillou presentf (ilij.w-tc ! to. Ru'od uui U itMs?1'i.i c#in?ii tlodard was not present; I think Mrim waa not present?I am n A positive; I Uuuk Il/er wa* not present q Wim I* ai.geli< preeentf Objected to. Surtained. Kxo>'Ptioa. Wittierh?I think Iwvoe was n A protect; ho waa not, Opt. Leonard wa* noi, (?o pfert wat not. g i?a* wi ri > rii |)r>-n?n flutiwl out Kxorptioa. V. Hue**?I*. Montholou *?-, Lot pre-eot. Dory ?u not, Ctl t Kldrt 1<r ?M Got pn out ii Wa? them more pretoot than ooof Ot>Je tioe ru.'Uinvd. i'mpUJ u>. g II vr vo i |*i,i money an >ut th>? mxujr to aayboJy : oUu, bortdo tuat H.OoW A. Vw,u/, g To a h. u.r | I lOjeeroiMo Sua tabled. Win me?1 ki.ow la* Voo, the policeman, g Have you |???J any unary ti him la thi< matter? t' r, In He In* \ r f ?*n r In ill,I, iMik did. It la j collai ral ?oil i to'l be ooutralictud Objidloti orcrruloJ. A I iLlult ai< ill I; I uin not qultu ? ?, I thluic ( rnj niotnl ir v ii i , I nii'l ntn rubor tho amount. It *iu I li?* thai. tll'O I thlrk; It wiie tot 11,000; I thliik tint i 1100; I lou t kneir that It at' not; I don't know urb'ihur It an. J At or I nt; I ??? a fb'ok fur it to Hero,, on tho | Hai.k of ill* tan, of Ntw York, t> bit own ordot I thl ik; til ba.e that rbeck atltaa amount U returnm!; 1 Utrii l?uil otln r u not to otter per,o?i? cuntie Avd with tbu nji'tcr fir M-rak ' ? rtti-leri 1 in tbl< matter, g Ilavi >r.i paid Mr McKroa any tanne/f A I think i in ;. am not lavltiva g 1 in'hi .'uliii Mi hoii, i.on I. if Mr. Mi K i. interrupted, b? rnkluk tbe wHoc j to I uk at hi* but. ai. I M-? if bt> '11 1. Mr lliiftrr i rej *ixi*?You, Mr. Didrk-t Atirrncy, ui wt Gut ttiU-rt re with my w.ln-.r on lb* ?laod Mr M' >*o?i rr>m??1 will aot tuhmii to *u-h indoua i tiotia n>a !i> by aot bUrk/uarJ I in-ato to la-ult you. Mr. Huetean, to your ffceo. Mr. MrKimi goli^wri lathr Oon CitelniHT, bet ray* that lie La. uo ?;?>! *> to tutke to Mr. HohG ill. Wither#?t 'J tt.liretard, Mr Job a MoKi to pre- ent Q Have you |?id at ) oth'-r n*mey in aiditi ni to tho an idaa pai to Johu MrKmat, rhrer Lieroe, or lint tl.OOIf Ohkcted to, a* ai*. 'iou. J fart of payment to Mr Koiioua, ahMi I* not prniec libyettk-n u?r, rule 1. A I haw- alii i; otiii-tf a 'out any piy ai*it t} Mr M.i K'og, ? bawi* paiJ '4hi*r ui vra g will > ?u *taar that you Uave ti l |?id any to John Mi Ko' tif A. So far a< I r?*<>4leet we lure nut pai l aay money ii Mi Hub eon, I don't nut What bather .? 4M it but, but I don't Uuua ?? did, ? barn |?i ] n , y m all there ineLii.cre by oback upon I he aaua banc, the rtet k Ine k III !? ? what MMryi an t w arvm paii. g Will rou produce your ckrt b?h in i? irM Mr. MtKro* and IMhn M^<l Antaiaad. Ifat |i||ia g. Ho* murb uioory, tn ail, tart yog [?1U tor la ib u bum. od t?r*> . teil to Stabun-'d. Mr budev i oiler ad lu abo* that l?'|? mm of amy lia?e bi-ea |?i 1 to attoa?r?a an-1 Ibe geraraiu nt tr tbi m?e fi - ttietr ten I -a u Una rtaiue.) efaJMMB, I i t u amount mltirter.t hi lixttiMta otar or ibmr in 1 >a th? J I < l !" -H 14 a 'in u ?, wn u? . ii o> , ? mm i?l I by IWImmit <<r liu MUi ^ nUnf RoihachlbW m4 gf IM North*** MmM ibapiai; ..f [ Fraiw-c, wbu <t It u *>. ?? ! >m atn!-a tiy Uilirnvil. W'ltif-?I Waal Id lb* Si? lb ' vl ?lab*a ab*il 14 III la | In Ibo luu Ltbf nfu r < u** ' arrnrt I a ink I >fi u.r fflw at ", Kill 11?? rn from I lo ; I *aa iMvrm?4 <A thr ?rr*?t ol tT?r|w. u*r at my utile*., g By who a? tlhjicl* I In '%J*Tlna tturtain*-1 F.ri rp<*n* 1* unm*? rt waa in nun*' } . two f ihu ufu wv'.>a, f *frl a:nre; to nil latroduiwl l> iar|*nW", I Will In in who I at*, aail abal n-latina I ' '*ta>n*<l v, MiwaL but not what Ih imoat muteta""! wiR-ika I.I il?, I load tai* wbrthrr (arj*" 'IT aor* l^nf mi h.? f? ? n rra ?? . k from Har|falii'r'a paying thai h* tm I mtn\ ?t K oil b? 4M not 1*11 m* be auta no laouPiach* ia Fraac*, b* t< 1 am ua* Iho lancuag* thai "ba a or* a taouata k? la I an I dll ant Irak* him any iworob* nf any Vol to h? p., nrm*?1 *Hli?c on my ?>*n aui * < ? Ui* pan m any thT bnmaB lining or ii*n">ti. I a a# ailb gary* uUt all it lea minute*, a hen I ana % noon that lay im nt? arm hm Tiphui" ii t?w O plain Uoarltng ta'krl auk b m a frw worm, J'l (to ark parailtei m toaraCbrpri.'ior h ftdwrt remrm irr wIipILt Una aa* Ca,iain l?i?linrf I haj wn i ai'Uin fmw ling la Ih* morning, no on* aa< (.ma** g p,,. latereIna hut larprntlrr, Tl nau'llT and myi- If. g T*|| yon or Tmnillii glv* anr ?ril*r* to r?pf?in Tin* lit? or lo anr '??<l? elm In nii'iim In Ui ml nf ( u |?oullor in *117 r?|?.'Cl,'or m*k? ?)/ ng*?rtl'ia?f A M<?, fir, not M tliAt int. rrlow, but I In-hove rn***Jtor ill I it * 1*1' i iDtci Tlew *1 Wliirli I ? * Dot hre^'Hl g, Md TlvHniilrr 1.-II /uu wh*l h* arlefe-l or gug ir?vtorft (ihjrrtod ?n Ob|?Ctlnn ?n?tAtoc<1 Wilnrer?Chrpentlrr held hi* hint* togol' r inler hl? ?n?t; AM not ore |h*t ho w*n bDndrDffrd l|**r.| *fw?ir'te I) 1*1 [|f> front einn tried by Mr TWii?hei?<1 on ?tw? p*r| of P*mt *n<1 Orelel?| K?v? ? rDnelj* for lb* *?,( ? frDiWM m*i r*rnt b rang hi; I h*v? Do dupMenl*, M ** gtr?? m Mr I I Hi bud, not to Mulaou', BO r?ft?DBC* wm m?lr to It* bo wtBlng I? bor ( ihoy nM??r?Ml tflfMMer irtTDMf; M an % Y, MAY 20, 1857.?TRIPL

md call nothing waa eaid a* ta It* being hern; there la a great dual of trouble to get back outre front the I'ost (aid Ihey bad been gtvcii to Mr. J. P. Uirard Pouter, the tM>iar *, 1 wool to are him, and they nad gone to the Port (*hc? , I have a very CI unci reoulkcuon of all that look place in reference to Parol at the alailou the Orat taint*; ha ealil al blk call bla name ?u Hubntl, auti his ad Ira** Ueekaian f-treet; Hit-* wax writ lea on a slip of paper?Mr Da bud; I am a tier man, 1 acquired my knowledge of Kreooh at school; I hate been tu Parte; Parol told me himself tits name ft nut Utibuti; U?un hau loot we the sieve or lite ra*e, how ike mousy ww taken, and then Perot *u brought out; I told hi in Gi olet hud ooafeaaed everything, aa<l o|ioo that br am-wered ''1 /tin Parol." y Wild do yoi moan hv every thlnct a. I meueverything us it listi ap|>cared. the tauiug of the shares end all tin- reel of hi." gi lit; he had raid be would confess every thing; when I w .'lit to the station the first I saw wh l'arol, bm tor a oioment; bo said he wanted to send for somo one to identify bim; then Grelet was brought out by ifept. Ltsstard. ty You sahl th tt Ionia Ore let state 1 that (Juorln, who lutil been in the employ of the company, knew how tu igu-n the chest continuing the shares: repeat in French, a-i in in !) .v" y on can, the words he usodf a. "Qu'ti ta?ail onmir la catsnf"?that It tho o i press ion, as near as I can recollect; be said that Guerln knew how to d? It because he had been a mechanic- ho didn't designate any particular cousr- that 1 remember; he said that Uuerin had taken out the t harts, as he know how to do It. (a Give me the words in Fronch, as nearly mi you can, ill Unit pari Ol mr conversation w 1111,11 mil uunin km iuu oik-wliii Imd taken the shares! A. "<Tat Ouerin qui A fmiMiir d prmdrt fc-s actum*;" I don't remember tliat ho KHi<i what kiml of mechanic Uuerin liad boon; porbapt ho aaiil a watchmaker, hnl I don't remoiut>er he didn't qualify in au/ maimer, when, where, or how Ouorlu look the shares; ho didn't nay Uial he took thorn off the CMtlter's dork, but out of the cheat or safe. y. Toll It in French! A. "St qu C tauait amrir la centte (or) \? Urite; I haven't a distinct recollection of the words used, but I bave of the eub*tanoo of tlie idea oonveyed; I wc ut to the station iniprwsed with tbo belief of the guilt of iht accused, ana I have remained of the aame opinion atnoe. Q. In your direct esaminatinn yon Raid they etatod something about having taken shares themselves: state what that conversation was in French? A "4V0UI en at*m* iri* nou* mfruet" was the substance of the language they used; I can't give tho word*; three words were used by Grelot; he said they were rold.kuid the proceeds ?poculated with and lost; I understood him to refer by noutfftrmrs to Oirpenuer. I'arot and Grelel; he mentioned tboao names constantly; he didn't slate a|iocitlcally we. Carpentier, Harutand myself, took them; ta tho general convcrratiou he acknowledged his gullt,and that Carp-jiUer and I'arot were interested with lum la that affair; the French word he used waa "inierrut," tho word "prendre" was used, not "nUrr;" prendre la pretty much as strong; where I have used steal or stolen, they used "prendre,'' be said be tlnd knew of (luorIn'? taking share* two or three year* before be left; that the taking had been going ou two or three years; he dl In't say when I'arot (lrnl knew of It, nor that I'arot ami be became acquainted with tluerin's o-lme at the Mini time; I am aura that Gr< let said be had discovered it; Louis always sp in the plural; I made no thresh, 10 tie ?e partlee; tdidu'l St; lO UllMll U tug; UIUII MIM Hiv; wuuiu n taken baek by force; I menuoued to them that the treaty existed; they didn't ceom to be aw ire of it, and lb at lit y ha.! b< tter return voluntarily ; I am sot a nbareb >1 ler in the railroad oompanf; I made tiro vMle on Aalurday, 27tli ?one ft cm 7 to 8, the other at 11, the second d 1.1 u t ?o?a| ? my memory;TUsaudior, Malm .< ..tlbraith and Charmut wtra prevent; David, CnpL Leonard also; had some conver sation with l'arot then; I don't think he -mid then that lie had not offended the French laws: he did u?t *ay that he hid not been gmlty of taking shaies or inj ulng the railr.? | cm pany; tlio [tapers that were taken from l'arot were brought to llelmont, and subsequently handed to TWandier, raine as to G relet?money and jowelry and everyUting, 1 didn't get do- .10,000 f ration back front the police of lice. q. Were you, In making an anraagemenl, paying a per centage on that box? A. 1 did. q Willi whom did you m ike Utal arrangement t Objected to. Objection unstained. Q Was Mr. Knight lite personT Oiijecied to. Olijeciion sustained. Q Was it male or female? Objection. Objection sustained. y Wtien was this arrangement made for the delivery up of the tin box? A A few days before the arrest U Garpentier. q. Did it cot form a pail of the arrangement fur Utu a> rest of Oar pent lor ? Objection sustained. q ilow much per cent did you pay fbr the finding of tlial box 1 A. Five per cent, by a chuck included in liiu f1,000?all iii one check, $2,100, I didn't accompany he persons to Nowburg to take Garpentier; I baviuever boasted that I meant to send these inen bark, I don't Vlstl a geutlemnn named Tost, in Drookljrn. q. lad you ever ray in auy comiiany that you intended to see that three men went back to Frtuicef A. No, sir, 1 know Mr. Djckers: I never said anythiug to him of that kind that I remember; Garpentier was to bare h.tir i ? profits of tbe operations In the stolen shares, a- he ... me. Adjourned to April 2, at half |*st 11 o'clc. a Anin. ?? Mauh lessee's eross-examin MM Q. Did you make the statement of wlui h I inquired yesterday to Mr. I'm tuns? A. I don't know Mr lorteus; I don t know Mr. (Inborn, n commission mcr Q. Was there any p&ilixJar roan"' u -illuenced you to call oil these accused at Uie sU i earl; ai 7 or 8 o'clock? A. I wanted to see, at the request of Captain Is ouaid, wbother any more paper* Of value wore among thoee aetaed on the ac Mired, I am generally at the office at half pant B, and 1 wanted to go the staliou before gtaug tc the office. He direct, by Mr. McKnonQ. An to your advice to th< arcueeo in go b??* to ISeiope, wag it before or after thuu statements to you? Objectiou overruled. Wiliicag? It wag after their statements to me. g. By whoso orders were each money* us were pair out advanced? A. By Mr. Tlssitndler. Ro-croes examined by Mr. Bus teed ?Were the direc tons which Tissandler gave you to pay money In writing A. . Mime were in writing, some verbal, I can't spool j winch were given verbally and which in writing. Itustccd gives notice to produce inch an are in writing Prosecution declines. Busteed moves that evidence a* U Tissaudlvr'* orders to pay money be stricken out. fuger lyop|?>-es. Mr. B. withdraws the motion. (Vt'liunw?I think those orders luust be in our office, |l not lost; I dou't know when the first, either verbal oi whiten, was received: it t? moro than thirl- n weeks ago ] lliiuk Hie written arder names to whom moneys are l< be |aid; I '?ou t recollect the names, not one of them. g VV ?s Is>renzo do Aug?Us' name in the written ordorl A I think not?that is, as far a* I rccollict, to far a* know, it was not. g. Were you ordered by TH-andler to pay him verbal I ly for set * lco< in this matter? A. Yes, sir. g How much? Objection susiainod. Exception. W l id sou |a> He Ai.ueli* money an this orderf Objection aurtaiucd. llxcepiion. g N<l you aud Ur. Christmas obey the order* of 77 . in dier Uiai he gave you in re-poct at your duties aud oiu ploymvoU hi reapedof this bueimMsf A. We did. 0 .Halo all the person* u> * bum you thus paid money up ii tlio e orders? f'bj.x t on m. taiuod. Exception. \\ Hue- -?1 advi.-? l all the aor i.-ed to return to franee. g. Wl at induced you to give tins advice? Objection aiintalue I. g. IUd you ro there by tlio orders of TK-audlere, an give this advice? Obyi uiioti unstained. V. I id Tas.,uiidlcr give yem yesterday any wrlilti( what, .never? ObJ< ctlun. IT.iu. HA .1. Q. Ihri he toll yoo yeeterlay Dial ho or hU prinri|? would a w mil lli<> ray ni> nt made by you tu Uu? uitUcrf Objection aurlairiod Kuceptioti. I'iumt jt.oo ?iu<prn<U,tn allow defence to call. .U,4ii Peptide RtK-hnrJ (-worn through Interpreter)? * u coui liuuui at l'nrot'a; 1 *a- in ParnlV ??mibr" yiaro; lu I'aiU Paint wv * Uorxe dealer, h? w.nt hi tin Roiiae, In* ?> editor of a |u|a r, bo carried on bU bore <li almg at 24 Roe <ic la Cbanawu d Autlii, h.< haJ bor?? e<iiioiinica nUbled out at other pla- ?; I don't know of an) place wo traivsacb-il bunion**, ho might hare *ol.l twenty bor -i? |<?r RionUi; Parot'a * * lal po-nli<>n ?ti well oni ridered iu hi* qnaiter, ainoug hi* |?tron* were Uio Kin jet'* and Uie iUi]ula of Koulicfam-ault, heaobl two hnra' t<> the I interm V li<?ieebol I Parut lired over hU hIaIiI.m thla to a correct plan of trie prrrni -ea occulted by Mr Parut (k.xhiblt '?3 0 F H.), Mr I?uU Grcli-t li V'd In Ih? -cine building, be waa a to nan of Parol, I'aiot ha 1 ir or Ave uUier tenant* in that building, tbey grere alto re Par<H there wore different -Uir raor to Parol'* apartment an<! lil.trlet*, tbey both ttarted irom the Court, the otllcc nl the |?per edited by Parol waa .10 Rue do Rtchounu?the JfonUrwr Imkutrui Oiwa-ctamined?When Par'A went to the Bourse?I don't know what for, he went there almost ercry day?In hail rioioderable l>u*in??sa. rrmeci.tKWi rail*?< harle* Hi r in Una* awom?I reatd* in IVoohl)D. am one of the Attorney* In fart for A ug i-l* Bel nxad, ami attend to hi* batmen* In bia abtenc* I know f harto* tlarprOLior, Angunte I'arot and Kellclte Imho I don't know the Ureleta or Hartd?(he putnu oat Lo itl.reWW a* Parol;?1 am not certain whether I, *lr, (dad gnat** Otr|w>nUer and Parol) Aral aaw Parol at ltelmont'i odlee, don't lememtHr the Iwwir; I aaw him twice, on th< fir-t loterriuW I heard but ltlU?, underatnod he wanted h ell .iwne French hank notee, or rather impilrod whrtn.u we wnnld buy litem, he nailed a few day* after; he pro i??rd to hare the note* forwarded to France for oaehunul ' <r km m-raeitit, lhal waa agreed to by ut; be care kh name a* Ihibwd en Utal ooraeiun. on the flr?l noeaatnii a r-mai* wa* witn hiiu. on the wound occasion, I Hunk a>mr I *aw him agaia. he raw In to alter hu arrange tr.. eta, he wlabed tl.en the note* not to be forwarded, a rmtpt wa? given to him on Mil rail, be Mid, IIM Ut, at the flret time I aaw him he wa< going to Iowa and l/> iU ttllr arcrmd time he 4|*tkn of buying Central Raj Iron I ?l.a-e?, a^krd my mAnUui a* to It, lad time *aid he hal 'hanged tu min I. and intended to go U> trance by Bor the a . till* Par<4 i- Uie mme one I aaw Uiere: tilt* la the aril Utrw I ha*# ??rn in Omrt, I tlr?t aaar CarpanUrr ta ihn HMW, IT; 1 *m la company wild Twaan.hrr tlii'Vl I iliak g In.I any < iin??r?ati"n thro Uk? pUcaf A. Thark war. g Main it war? A Tl<'*ii.ll?<r toll Carpnutor I.*( a Urn ha<l lw? <1tno..T?rnd la a nail ?r up in si t>- iitli av>nd, uMilainlng |*<>|?*rty, and nnk"l lilm wbnti < l.i- r.. i<7 an< Aarlvad which llio Ma cnnUiiiml I Carjunilor aakl that Uia ronw-nt* for mad a part of ha ja<.aa?ln of lti? "harm lakn? from tba Northern RniU'al Company, Twandior than aaul, " fli/ didn't you Mil tba truth la tba nmrninir f Gnrponllnr anmerod hat It a an t atural for biro Mi try Mi omn nal thla ' haynudla," a* I think ha mlbvt it. g I ml h< ay aaythna an to bin intention of marry Inf f t dijri ia?l In fhnrruM Kn:i'|iM. A V.-a, Mr. ho ?nid that ha r.mgrat'iln'rd hlmaalf that I ?d rv I .*rrioi| not bla ntonti.." ' marrylog, bant l-a at h" or In . wn Id ha |mi.i?h"i y < -n y?a r* or tr<?>*H<r f: I' in ?'fur . van la Krn ob, I undnraland thai lai rtiaca and - peak it. t nra .'uni'imi by Mr Town?hanil?PariAM*T* lh? namn ri laihiMt t iwialit mraalf la tba iruitNi nf tMn tin hot g WhM w?? tbo ?rr?nfr n?m that pocaoo M \ y?o. It a* to Ifeo find in# o< tbia ua bo if i iIijmmI In Hiatolml WlllH I n<b-?o?1 no mwnrrf 0>f thn fin fin# of thai hot. Mi afiwitKll wan ?i'? thai |1 100 ih?iM bo paM forth. rr?a? * ihrpoahor, aa-t ? ??r ? ait ? all ral labioa thai JiooM ho ro?V'?oro?1 In rowoniMwrw nf thai arroit g Wan thai grMMM la wrtbafff A. I dia l bar, probably I w.mM barn a itapboaa; m af?wt far Hot ill SHBSTt of my duty; OB m oooaaon I went out of the erdlaary courte of my bualneaa; that ?u 011 the arrant ot Carpeutier; I got up to oom<i to the etl / at 4 o'clock lo the morn tog lo give notice to Mr. Tillou; Mr. Knight gate ma ihn intelligence; 1 didn't see 0?r|>onuor tali about S o'clock; 1 haven't made thin the Kubjool of froquent oouve->-aliun with my frienda; haven't a ado It a subject of m< rrlmenl; I don't virtt Mr. Porter'*; I ere Mr. hamuel Ooboru, bat don't visit him; I may have gpokea of It when he wav present; don't remember; 1 don't remember -"tying to htm that the Kothachilda were determined to havo thuae men hack; to the beat of my rer.ollechoD, I never did; dout remember aaytng anything to bim; I never told him that 1 would see that they went back. Croe*-examine 1 by Mr. Bu-teed?I tee a g-?od many pet pie in the course of tho day; can't tell how men/ on an average?a good man?; I aaw Parot In my place three limoe; I novor aaw Cbrpeniier but once?(designate* him with changed ceat]?I wag wilh him half an hour; my IKiwemof i-lontlllcaUou are very good; I don't recollect what day of tho week 1 went ud: it waa October 17: I re collect tola date from eutrloa In bock, lellnra written?no other way; 1 wouldn't recollect It a? au Independent fact without those eutrlea; I have had constant Intercourse with Tlssandler since bis arrival; ho has visited ray house a orniplo of times as a guiwt; I didn't aoe Jotin M.Koou last night nor yesterday, nor this morning, nor for months; Tissandicr wasn't at my office last evening nor this morning?yesterday noon; I wasn't suhpoonaod here; came up tins morning atTissan(1 tor's request; I forgot U was at Tillou's request; (ioepfort wrote mo a note saying that Tillou wanted me up here; didn't eee Tiilor, nor Morrugh, nor Assistant United Hates District Attorney this morning; I first spoke to fisssndler here in Court; I asked tribe prisoners were here; TMsan diore said they were- be didn't point them out to me- I asked him where they were sitting; he said "there'," giving a general direction; I don't know whethor we conversed In French or Kngllab; don't recollect: I then looked over at these men; he didn't point out ualbralih, nor rowtuhond, nor ifewteed, nor any of theomneel; I dout know that I asked him which was Perot; I asked him whether all were here; ho dldu't toll mo whore Parol sat; be Mdd he oouldn t see him; he didn't say that was Car pec Her; be said he was here; his beck was turned: I think be was sitting within ooo of the end; he didn't point out any one; it Is Impossible for me to mistake Carpentler; I didn't know that I should be oallod on to identify the parlies; no one has spoken to tne about what I should be called upon testify here; Cnr -eniier wasn't handcuffed; he was eeling bread and weeping; Ti.isandl?rt said," I hope some arrangement will be made to make you more comfortable" (to Carpentler); he didn't secoi to hear it; appeared lust in giief; be was much Interested lu what was said ts mm, I lnBliil llir MUU UiAk UW UV* U?U UWU lUviuu. uiuu I iell him who found It; Oarpentter didn't ask; I doot know whether Tb-Miidler tekl him what the content* or the boi were; he told htm it wav a tin box, didut de-nribe It; (terpen tier xccmrd very Indlffn-eut; THsaudler then said, " Why didn't you tell me the troth tnU morning ?" Carpenter Hani It wax natural for him to endeavor to oouceal this "bagatelle." he said that ho was astonished at his being arrea ed, that he had done all he could to prevent it; Tiaxaudler male no reply: TweanJler very kind to biwi; I told Oarpentter that if he wax my own son I should aoN lae him to make a clean breast of it?it will do yon no harm, Tu*aiu?er didn't Hay this; he wax in (he room I One'l think Carpentier knew the relation I occupied tc IVlinoot, I ?u|>|MMe Tla.-xu iter and Carpentier were acquainted in France, I don't recollect anything else thai Carpi ntter said, and am not sure whether ho alluded t? an) oilirr subject, aud tL.x vu of Ui i klnlne-a ho had rererved Irora Baroo do Kothxchild; he spoke of no other that I rvw I! tl. it was at my reeldouoe In Brooklyn that! wax armiaod at 4 o'clock by Knight?no ono with him; L F. Ki u'lit 1 believe; be la a Urge man, of forty to fortykte; he wax introduced by la.irict attorney obj. ota to statement by whom. Bus ; taincd. g When dd you go? Objection austained. Q. I to you see the person In Court who came to youi bouxcf A. Ho, air; the signatures of both Matthtexxen and myself are neocveary to every check for the paytn -nt o nn?ey, aud always upon tho Bank of the Statu of N*en Tork. g From whom did you receive direction) as to the dliburx-a.eut of m< neys in this mutter? Objected to. Sustained. Excepted. Q. Are you the agent of Beiinoul in this matter? td<jM. led lo Sustained. g. Do yon keep books or make entries with referenco tc accenting ts August Del eou', under your power ol attorney, for moneys you disburse or acts you perform in regard to Ibe extradition of any or all of the accused? A: Yex, for evert dtebtirermeni; I ait slightly acquainted wtth Do Mooiholon; I hare seen him frequently at our ikBce; I don't receive any Instructions from him as to lite moneys I disburse here. Mr. TD?eudler gt *ea Inilruc lious on all ooc miens lor the disbursements of mone>aln this matter, no money ts paid without his order or appreral, I know Mclin, ho has been in the oftlce frequently for bis letters directed to our office, which are naturally sdrfrcewd to Belmont's mil-jo; I don't remem Iwr ?' 'her I aver drew a check ti Ms order; my huo t wo M -how; M< hn didn't briaga letter of credit to our ' think MohS ha-i been pai-l money without check j by Ti"*. tier's orders; don't remember anounte; mxy avs bssa9t$ or glou at a time, Tixsandter has nol I hrSM a general order in r<g*rd to payment, all his ordors were p|xvinc at Ihn time; rtsMamlier regulates Uiearaounl as far ax we are concerned. Rc direct?Q You testified on your cross examination that you advised IA -prnUcr to Luaks a clean breaat of it. Was that made before or after the stat-ment tn regard tc Uie finding of the bos, and Carpentler'-i remtrk as to tbr oooUale being the proceeds of the abstracted shares oi i Uie Hal'road Company? i objected to, as assuming a statement to hare been mad< that ?a? i.' ? insds. I (jtijKUoo overruled. Kicepteb. r a After Q. Will you go and Identify Oarpentter by laying you: bairn on him? Object! d to Bunlalned. 1 g Imiguato hist by panting him out. Objection so "I allied Defence calls on prosecution fbr Informs ion as to whs ? Witnesses are going hi France on Hsturday. Mr. Tillo r dun't know , they have hero Insirur rd to remain. Melii bar dectueit In (n '? Saturday. Mr Bestead stales hi wishes to examine turn with the book. Deteooe calls f > I pr.?li.(UoO r (MK'pl-rl IT .<.* el..Ill givrx Holier llix Melui atd the books will hs proiuoelat the opouiug o wssion to morrow, r I'm ecu ion cells Kmaniei TtAaandlar (*wern)?I revidi hi i?ri? <nu kill) , i>ui i ii v ai iwii; i an uit* attorney, II , fed, ol llm Northoen ('? m.wny, tint apiMiMmen i la In wilting. (Tlii' pi execution -?uitn II H at Tlllou'* olBcc hold II muet be prmb red ) I bold an office In Kronen nn 1 r tin- North, rn llailrnad Ornijiany of France I rupee tor I Dial railroad rilrnd* from I'ar i U> lj-*e, In llrlglum, frou hart- Ui I aloi* and fnnn I'aru lo Houketge, th.-r liave boot ?*Ul>li?brd rliice Juo?, IMA, It ?m atill in o|>erauoa whet I U-ft IMi| Wh or luh feflMbrr. 1*46. y State alio wore lli oftkora of the cotnjwnr al INrK 1 A. Baron Jamre de KhUim I lid, chairman of Ihe ll*s*r l ? Urcciim-. ivllol.oeh, Vice Cli iirnian, four or Uv?9 Diroc Uh*, lli'iliUk'nT, lliu | ll? Hali*), I'nt at l Imb >b!e, I It hoe I (AriMtier, Im.n (lr?l<-t.l only knew Auf'tet I "an* in Nre j Yoik, an J Eugene tirelel, Krliclle Iiioliul an 1 I<avtil; (da Hgnatee litem,) I ktmw that Car|Mntler w.?? empWyod by , tin rn | u:. , Ii :t I -1 ?ii I know I: a long , t,-.',* by tu I format!.>11. I know loot* tirelet only by rtrfht; I *aw hitt , acting at tlie i (Bee nf the company a* one of Uiolr em nlo) iii; I know iliat GirpenUor wm ?ub cw-hior, and lo became oa?hlcr at Knbwta' ilaatli I ill.ln't know ttuerin. I don't recoiled when I la t raw ("?r|>entlor acting a* raili I ler; I arrived here lu New York Sent Bit, In the owning I tamo via IJvcrpool nml Ho ton: 1 Brat aaw I.mU and En gone (1 relet, Parol uinl Kolirtte iMhml ihi> *A?tli September, j about II o'clock, at a nation lion .e, after Un-lr arreet. y. Had you any and abet nurerjitl in with any ol lli'-m on that orwlonf A. Iliad, I called at the etau?n wl h KalUii.-roti; we >aw I'arot ami KoBctla la llio bark 1 room; Ihn c-uovraatioo aa< I etwoen I'arot, wh>m I didn't know, and Matllil'-ocu. by what I'arot rail lo kli j lb terpen I lour nod thai he conei lered lilmaoif an an r..|D|>br-r; b" 'aid b- waa in diwpalr, he wme cry I lug, ho raid what I ha?e done mil of lore, for Kellclo o | and he ktreed her; Mabhioeon adrlaed him to go bm It U t France, and Krlicite naid, ' I Mi l go bark lo Iraooe, foi > , they will rood yon to Iho galley*." < y I'td LooU Urclcl hair any convermlion wltb you or t in yoor premier?tf no, elate what It waa I r I'ljre.mi, overruled. A i ertainly; t l< ft the room where Parol and the othei prrnnj were and I eame In another room, whore 1 f.eia I < the two ( relet*; I iw-ked I*i?ita If ho knew mo, be ?aid " Yer, hy riirlilI -Ml I 11 > oil help <vir Htrentorr? kite ue omo tr.fortnaii n abo it ? r rbar -. ' tliea ho tol I M , 'I * ill i< ll )<"i ill," he took rant noar my own and ll? ii ojr.iaimod, "To ray that 1 am a thiol |" hi r'|t?i I two or ihn-o umcw Uumo word*. ha nays, "Do 700 know I that my lar.ll/ In reportable, thai hit uncle u a mag 1r trat?'/" and then ho raid, "floarta began by remorlog tin l |* cir apper part of Mr. liubcrt'* chnal; wo dtaa nrere I him and fotlnwod him ; rum ir proratled that I Rorhrthilda wanted hla rbarm, I told tar ^motior I tlila; wo managed to talc ahara out of Ilia uth -r b in tint to replar * ttmoo at Mr, KolliechIM," and ho xahl RoOnehlld 1 >nght In hava hit mart account, I aokad I a wit what ro momad of thnre rharaa; ha *ay?, "Nothing remaiot, I had r yeotorday a lUt at thowa ibira wa ha>l taken, fbr you [ dot.'l know tho mleernhto Ufa t ha to hoi fbr thn laxt two 1 or ihree yeara.being compelled t<? pay double 'lini?'ii. thai II t made by mo war my guide; they to * It mil from 1 mo yeetcrdaylooked him If ho would bo willing to 1 ho'p our Mrectnr* In U10 rocoTory of aomo pro|i?rly, th?n ho Maid, "Takn a memorandum/' and I Ink It Juot aa ha gat-e it to mo; it l? In French (nthihlt 94, <! V II, w?rai randnwi of v 0 rharoe depended at I lank of Franco, on ae I cmiu ?.f I/wiU, by lioarrot * tin , aharoa by l*amt at tb? 1 Hmo (i>m| t.ilr); I aokod him raicw moro if ho had any 1 mono* Ion, and ho raid that o*c#pt tho SI ,<100 franc4 thoy look from him tho day bofbro ba had nothing oil*, and bo paid thai money had onmo from hla frlondo and family; 1 aeked him If ho know whoro Oarpentior wao ho tol.l ma ho had wrilton to Ctr|ienUrr, oaying, that If ho didn't Hko to lire wttli him to toll blm at leant wboro ho wao, I then a lvi-ed him ti an hock lo Ktanoe: ho talil ho wouldn't y I*.I he etite In that conversation to what e*t?nt ha an i the othera hart taken abareat objected to aa IrndlLg. objection overruled. Strop thin. A. I think ha aalrt flnerht took 1,000 anrt they took Ilia balance, anrt the nuin tee war between 5,000 anrt 0,000, ac cording In Untie' Hat. y. Mrt he auto tha manner in which the ah area ware tak?a by them A. Bo Old n<* lay anything which 1 nan remember about title, y ltd he aay whom ha mean! by "ihey?" A. Vo. y Ikd he ?ay who were Interns art In Uin aharei lakenf Objection Overruled. Excepted A.I rae't any he dirt; I didn't aee at the alatinn house any of these coupon# of the railroad company arnept 41; i I aaw them taken from a hot In Tillnu'a office llrat, three ; or four pervorfa ataortliig around, anrt taken frota a portfolio. there waa no l?eti other than the portfolio, y lk? you know the value of thaao coupottsf < injected. Amblguoua. Objection overruled. Steep. Hon A I ran fit It only about approtimalely; It la a coupon of dividend, I should >hlnk they wera worth helwuen tto anrt ?.i0 aarh, that M the Taitie in Kranee, there were mora i lhan K> contains that I aaw at Tillou's office; I ha.I an la tervlow with Challes Orpentler at the pollen atatlon not the one when I raw tlrelet, I aaw hi a twice the nana day. Uie Orst time about twelve, with MaUhe-wan, tha aer*wtrt Miwe with Chrtatmas, about three, It waa October 17th, the day after tha arrvwt In my flrat oonvaraillon with larpewtler. I aekert htm If lie knew me; ha aairt "yea, I monilert ran;" I naked him If ha would help tta la tha raoevery or our aha res, ha aalrt that ha had none, th a ha newer touched awe. A few worde of eiptanation atanwed the pnri ha had In the Inkt^ of our aharan. Ha anM. "I i waa yanra Mi ay hand liml, I tnwM a MfM oonldn't;" thrwfie toll) me he had only with him whim he ume in tbla uouuiry about $ t ,000, I eelied hi m if ho would willingly go back U> Krauco, auJ I thought it would be bettor fi>r him, and bo Haiti he wiuld reflect; lb it wai tee tlnd vietl. On uiy neooud vl-ttl ray Drat wot d wan, " We*, you didn't tell mo tho truth lliw morning, we hare Joel found outuboA oonlalmng twenty two Tor throe) lUoa band dollar* at Mr. Oauret'," be nave, " It win ate Data ral for me to eooceal that fact, bodde-t, it wa? a trifling yen d? cluM or IxufUtiit," 1 ackod hlra " Krom what oemae the couunta of the boa?Irotn our rliareef" ho ainwered, " Naturally;" maur thing* wore Maid, bat I recoiled nothing of i nil tor tan co b?vi lea; be narrated to me about the same utorj that Urolet did. U 1 ltd he ray who ooorated together in the th ha win of tho?e hh&rcu f Objection Overruled Excepted. A. Garpontler and Orelet; Uiat both 0|>crated together. Q. Did be say who were to share in ttre prolltsf Objected to?loading, argumentative, overrated. Axoepted. A. No, sir. Q. Did be make any remark ia relation to profits f Objection sustaluod. q. Did be xay any thing in reference to big having sagf money with bim f Objec ion. Overruled. Excepted. A. lie raid what I have said; $1,000 at flrRt, and tkm acknowledged the property in the box; shall I ?ay moref I askod bim how It was that In the box wo found a statement of $22,000 or $23,000, and in fast we found Hum $1,000 leas! " Ob," benoid, " I have taken some sines the list you found was made by me fChrpoutior) in peaoil, sad that it wais not astonishiug tbat 1 found lose lhaa the M, at he ba 1 taken gome since the list was made." Q. Did be ?t*u> In reference to the $1,000, of what kM of money thai consisted f Ob,ected to. A. Right hundred dollars in gold and a few small hate bills. Adjourned to April I, at 11X A. M. AriUL 3.?TUeandier continued, direct. Q. In either of the conversations, did Carpeotiar reftr to the Barou ltotln-child f Kacli question of Una hind to be deemed specifies By ebjected to. A. Asking Carpenher what cause had made him leave Paris, he said 'twos the kindness of M. de ItothgohUfif seeing him every morning he could not bear any leagte bis view. Q. Did he make any remarks in regard to his Intidsd marriage T A. He did to Christmas In my prencase; he said he wag very glad to have escaped that new (hell, te marry a young lady in his position; he said nothing more as to that. Q. Did he say anything in reference to any arisae er any punishment* A. He said to Mr. Christmas that la kh position he knew that he was punishable with tea rears of " travanu foroes." Q. Do you know bow many shares compass the BbWM of the Northern Railroad Company t Objection sustained. q. Hhat la uio Dams or tun company id FreMtaf a. (objected to) Chemin infer du Arord. in linglleh, PiorM sf Frauoe Hallway. , Direct examination of Tit sandier rests. l'roeocuttui produces Melin and the books. | Mr. Townshend can't euter on tko defence ttll prwaoa* tlon rests: may want to exam me Melin. Defence claim an l a right that prosecution keep the witness till the mm li , closed. Mr. Tlllou says he can't and don't consent t? Mihli going. Mr. Townshend applies th it tho Conunismooer inetraot the witnesses that tliey most remain till the case Is olaani. Mr. Busteed states that he will want to oxamine Mm. The Commissi wier do alee the applicaiiun as to MeUa. Melin produced by prosecution. Witness?I have received this letter from my brMhsr, and this en relope, In which It came, both marked "Mlbit 91 U. F. B." f Interpreter reads it translated. I Mr. Ti-?&udter cross-examined by Mr. Townshend ' ! Mr. Busteed gives notice to call on prosectuion to prodnM r ' the appointment of Ttssandior as agent or attorney in Am! : of tht Northern Itailroad Company. The prosecution declined to do so. Witness?My native language is Fronob; I in 1 1 ratal 4 English better thau 1 can xjieak it. Q. What is the meaning you attach to the English word "embezzle?" A. I never used that word in connection with , this case; 1 know the word, but it ta ditilcult to pronoun*, ant I avcid to give it. i Q. Will you swear tliat yon haven't, both In writing and by words, raid that tire et and Parol embezzled the auru 1 or the company? A. I will swear, because 1 never asaft that word. Q. Did you ever use the word "embezzled?" A. ft to the same. Q. Do you know tho manning oT the word " fllu jiaryf" A. I don't know it as an kngtish word; I will swear that I never used that word " fiduciary" in oooneotion wtl* i Urelet or l'arot, either in writiug or Utlkiug?net in affidavits?If a paper was placed before mo ?lih tho worft fiduciary Id it, I should tell its moaniug from its ootiloit. Q. Are you willing to swear that Urelet was a " fidaoUry" ofllccr or tbc Northern Railroad tlompany? A. I don't understand this word enough to swear whotbsr ba l was or not. , Q Will you awear that Grelet was la a fiduciary i capacity with the Railroad Company? A. To ay knowledge I raa't understand you, and so cin't answer; i ' 1 beve been Inspector of the Railroad Company frcsa the opening, I am trusted generally with the late rests ad i the company in England and at the terminus at Calais; I ! bad nothing to to with the caine at rarig; tho employment r of watchmen at the caiisse didn't come within my duty or knowledge; I was at Calais before I came to Liverpool l for New York; 1 went from Calais to Paris and from Parks to liver pool; left Calais for I*arto 3d or 4th September; Ml Paris 8th or ?ih September, I visited the caiue tba ladl time I was at Paris; I didu't examine the books or g* r down into the cavern; don't know from my own personal investigation that any share# wore missing; I remember tirelet's fare an a clerk of the company; 1 don't know ism tire lit ever stole any shares of my own kaowle tge; didn't know l'arot in Paris; dtd'Lt know before I came to New York of his aiding in stealing or forging Q. If yoa have ever sworn hat tirelet told you ho ^ embezzled shares, wouldn't it be a mistake? A. We talked In Freed); we u?od he word yril; it signifies "taken" or "stiilou," according to its context or circumstaooas. Q. Dave you ever sworn in English that Urelet told ram that be Id connection with Charles tarpon tier, Eugene tirelet, Aegust l'arot, Fetictle iiuliud, an l a mxn uamsd tiuerlu, bad eoibexzlvd rhires of tho railroad? A. lie only s-Ul Carps'Liler and himself; I never swore that, I never swore th?'Grelet so told me, I now swear that be never told me so; he never spoko to mo of any other than ChrpenUer as c< nee. Led with Inm in "taking" xhares: ha xbowed me by what be said that Par A *i< an a' xxnptiee, that Eugene wax innocent, and he nevorfcpoko of KellclBk Ir.bud, be is id that tiurrin bad begun by removing Use upper | ait of Robert's dr.,k and takiug shares., that tbey discovered him and followed him, and did the same, but that tiiry worked separately from blm, this statement was made September 21 y lid Urelet tell \ou (hat be ha. I brought all the share* to New York? A. iie said cm the coutrary that he had no sbariw w nh hi to. y. Have you ever rwevn Put Orelot breight the missing sharea to NewYork? A. Ills likely I swore that my bilrf xe thai he brought them; I believe that he did. y. Have you ever sworn that Parol brought the missing shares b New York? A. Sxtuo a< preceding. y Hate yon ever sworn that they brough. 3,000 share* to N'?w York? A. I did to my belief; I believe I so the*; I belli vo ao now. y. Have you ever sworn that Carponlh r and Louts Ore let were a sedated with Kugeno and FellcHA Il.jbad is dlspo-hig id tlie shari'M taken from the coin|t.-uiyf Objected: If In wrlLrg iu form of au alii :avit must bo put in band of witness. Objection mi i uituod; excepted. A itneas? I r ecu I lee 1 going before a magistrate and making n < mp'sibh Ohjecti d to, as in writing. Rustaibi d?oseeiUioo. Witoesn?I can't rrrollect ttie hour of the'lay, abtwto one o'clock, can'l recollect Pie day; It aam't the day at 1 my arrival, I think the day after, don't recollect Uie magt-trati's Mane; I tnsu'e the complaint in writing; Ideal know what bo nine of II, I Uiink I left It with the magtatrale I made more than one complaint, I can't remember briber all (be names of all the parties were Included ta any or e onmplaint; I made more than one, I have no idea where I nik ie a seoour complaint, nor before which ran i gwlralr, (be Orst lime I went before a magistrate vm iftcr I had seen the prisoners; two or throe ho im after I as t,rrM, I believe, |?-rh?|i? the next day; I saw Parol flv-t; | did not know that be was an accomplice; Heart* wu M M lb'1 xi?i <n. his name was is my aflbiartt' **ver saw him at nil; neither Parol nor urelet spxke of FAftC*'? loibud as connected wltli Uie crime, I don't think OreU l wept, bts exi laavauen was a cry of the oonsoienaa, not of astortsbmeni. It sernvd to be a thinning to himself, and calling upno me as a witness to his siluatina, his ward* err, "/are /we J* tm? WW mtewr, moi OrAfi, urt ndeur, Is we pwas Is craiif, utrm sal V fiuwdi t qm j'ai mm ^ rule Kmu ra!4e, mam ovale ml cwurtfbv d iu amtr |?ll db Ht>wew," I be In-vs. the memorandum I look mini Inled of SOU stares, be Instated thai IVeirrnt was not guilty, aad did what bs did out of friendship for tlrelet, and knew notin 1 about it, I dcm't know whether Uuerln has beea svrnoted; I reengetae the nwih before the Court as lake* la the fbrtn most binding na my cooscteno*. (>* eiamtned by Mr. Nmleesl?I had *0 budnaaa baft* e I tier ante an Inepoctir of railroad com panto*. W- What were your means of Urellhoo l? H>j?-?Ih?u sustained exception. Mr Hmteed Instsis na right iu cr<?a examiriR TWaodier for Car|>euUer sad flm Vld, indeismdent of the cross examination of rnwe*bsad, and dm '1 acrepi that as c m.lurle I for Ui<m, or with Mr ae?e?ii, or ny virtue >4 ?n , authority ootilerrad ?! r?BM hen.l Hi UJ Dim craa> rainin> Hon an I ba mfllrt Ik nuck matters aa a|?olltr?ny effort < JarprxiMar W Ware you in any hnaiiMarf Haleii Oft; fterptton lake*. T?kfWb*" JW ,0" r"-4" Pr*Ttowi1/ K> rmiai 10 Maw Rule J out: eieeplion. y With bora you rent dad at a re yau on ma to Mew Vm If feme. y In what veaeel did jrtnt come to Maw York! fame Q W"h whoot did you ontne fat Maw Yorkt Mama y. Md (Joepfart arr.impatt) you to Maw Yarttf Same y Itfal Omlardf fame. y IHd Melirf Mama. y. By whose lilreoUom did you come* Mama __ y Did you not come here hy Ut? dlraadea af lha Maa^> ern Railroad ( ompany of Kranoef State. . . y. Ihd any hody who at any fame wtthlu your truowla ^ rcetdcnt within the houaa la nuteenth atraet, or In aw othar limine In Mew York, In which tho tin hoi fat wMafc yon hare referred waa found, come with you to Muw Yorkf Objection overruled. Q. I h<! not tho Northern Wlroad ! r,M** pay yon to eomo u> *"? T<*k about oninnaa RuImI out?ntnoptlona . lhJ, .. . g. Ihd not th* Railroad pay _ i?T,, .i , *1 for Oir pnrpoaa t* balaf wtutaaa ' ** ? naliiHwrf af'lTaa not A ujrnot* Mmnrt. alaaa four arrlf* la Ma pountry, yon lar?? waift* yaa wrkWWewW n?u In tM? o???. ?? JSttrxttonsarAttc