Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1857, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1857 Page 9
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% uranium tnrawn vmi my. m<CA?ua n'l'M M niMlliM WT"ANTKI>?BT A WOMAN, A SITUAFT lion M oo?k, understand* making pastry and bauar. lo otdarUon to go a short distant* to the ooantry. Beat of city efaraoo* gisaa Oaa be soau uii sngagad la ike fane; star* 9 Oraanwiab at JLT ANTKD A SITUATION, BY A KK8PBCTABLI FT soung woman, aa chambermaid and waiter, ar oham rrwaid aua to lake care of children Apply for two daya at ? Waal AXh at ' * V' ajn-MO?A SITUATION, BT A RRSPH FT * BIJI OIRL TT ta da light chamb.-rwurk and aaaiat la plain aewtug; la rllliag aad obliging, and can refarmo*. Can ba I law fir threw or for day* at No. 171 South tth at., Wllliama nnr I7ANTHU?A SITUATION, AS PLAIN OOOK, WASH KB v* and irorer, or a? chambermaid and to do Ann washing ad Ironing lias the b. at of oily reference. Call at 37 < Waa) Ab si, between tftb aud ltith ava., for iwo day*. VAJPTKD?A HITUVTION AS COOK. BY AWOMtN rY who understand* her hnsmeag; la willing to assist with ? waahiug and trouiug; no objection to go lu the couutry. kmd refereuoe. < mi lie h-cii tor two daya at 74 Weal 30th at., I tho nar. 17ANTK1'?A HlTUAHON AH CHILD'S NUH8K AND If Hi do sewing and embroidery by a toung woman, a rotestai.L Reference given from h r lam employer*. Call III West, 10th ecoiid to r. back room. I TTANTKH?SITU *T ONH, HT TWO RICHPKOT ABLR 'f Protestant young women, sisters; cue for general heuseork; the other to aaalat and take "a*e of children; are willing l make ihemrelres generally useful App y at 377 10th St., eenod floor, back loom, lor two dare 'fTANTHI)?BY A Y.lUnu WIHOW, WHO UNOKRFT stands her business a alt nation aa aca mi trees aod nurse IA gentleman'* family. Kor fmilier particulars apply boween Ue hours or U and 4 P. U . ror three days, at 41 Spring L rear room No. 2. ITARTItD-BY TWO VERY RE tPKOTABLK GIKI.S, FY situations, one la cook, wuh and Iron; the other to do ttberwork and a ailing Hare thn beat of cur reference from telr laat place. Fleaee call fur tw? days at 132 Clinton place, A at., around floor, back room. (XTANTKH?A SITUATION, BY A STEADY WOMtN, FT aa ftrtt rate cook, who understand* cooking In a I In ranehMi la willing to a-sut In washing and ironing. cood tf reference Can be aeen tor two (la>a at 90 East Sfith at., ear M ar , In the store. XT ANT Kit?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION T to do general hou e?i>rk; U a good waaher and Irouer. eterean* from her laat place glren. Call at 28C Paclllc at., ear Smith, broiklyn. IT AN1K1).?A SITUATION WANTKI), TOR A SMART T ad/ girl, aa waiter, cbamhermald or chitdrcn'a uurie; ia good recommendation, Can be aeon until engaged at 27(1 li^at., betaeen are. A and lata?., fourih door Tho city XTAIfTKD?BY A K HHPEOTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A FY altuadou aa wet uurae. Call at 107 hldge at, top tloor, tlWB. STARTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION. FY to do general liouaework, In a private family; la a good laahttr. Inmer and p'aln rook Can be aeon at ner present lace m employment at No. 5 nleeckerat No object loo to the XTANTFD-BY TWO ENGLISH WOMEN, SISTERS, FT Mluatiues: are fully competent lo take ch>rgn and do the btfc of a small family of two or three grown persona or genncacp. beep bouse, or take i-barge of a houer in the city fur le sammer. The b? at of reference glren and required. Ap Kfrw one week In the ?ahoe store 1 ,<W1 Broadway, between sad 3Jd aim MTARTKD-SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOUNO OIRLS; if one aa ohambernutbl and laundreaa, or to do the houseorkaf a small family; the other aa waitress and plain aeamrem. Call for two days at their present employer's, 96 East th at, where they ran he highly recommended *7AirrKI>-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE FT yonng girl, aa chambermaid and waitress In a private mfly wood city reference* given. Pleaao ea'l at No. 8 Sth t , between M and Sd ? . for two da *riKTk.D-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNU WOMAN TO Tv 4* ohamberwork ard sewing or wailing and chamberrork lias good city rel-rei.ce from her last place. Apply t118 KaU lSth , between lc aad 2d an., for twodaya IT AN! Kit?BY A M11 >1>I.K AOKD LAITT, A 8ITUA ?Y tlon aa housekeeper in a widower's family, where ihnre re cm or two children, or to travel with a amily. Addreaa r caH for oue week ou Mra. Thomson, 226 Wcat &5th at., boweea S'h and 9th are., roar building. *' I xtantko-a situation, bt a rksprotabi.k 1 young woman, a? chambermaid or to do general hon-e rork. llaa no objee ton to lake c*?e of children. Best of city feraoce given. Can be seen no II Bulled at ?U let av. IirAirrKO? A HITl' ATION, BY A OOMPH TINT TOUNJ ! IT woman, as chambermaid and waller, or aa chamber laid ai d do plain anwing, or to aaalat In washing and Irona. (land city reference run be given. K'all at 5JU xd av., near at., for two daya. I XTANTKD?BY A RKAPBCTAI1LK MAKRIKO WOMAN, IT a baby to wet nurse a: her own r-aideuce; she ham lost ?r own a few aaya ago. Plcaae call at 276 Mou at., flrat, . roat room IlfANlKlt?HT A KKSPRtTTAU1,K MARRIKD WOMAN. IT with a freah hreaat of milk, a baby to wet ntirae at her two reaideuce, aa alao one to board. Call or addreaa lid j ioorok ?t , for thle week j Jff' A WTKD?A SITUATION, BT A RH8PRCT A III.K ! NT ynnng girt, aa r. ?, w*,her and Ironer, nnderstanda her itulneoa; has no objection to d > gei? rei boneework Can be for two daya at 267 7th ave., between 2>Ui and 27tb si* Jood oky refereuoc. I TTANTKI)?A SITUATION, BT A VRRT RKSPKCTA rv tie, tidy young woman, aa aeamstreaa tor a private mily; la ag'-od sewer .mi is willing to assist or doibn chant terworfc. Haa gitod < i > reference. Apply for two daya at s RfaaHtoa at glf ANTKlt?A SITUATION, ItY A KKrIPlCTABI.K ItT young woman a-. Uendreta or to do nhamhrrwork and ls? waeboig. .n-l< doing up mn.lina and Preneh EaMng i >an prodeco the beat cny reference Can be seee at E.r ulaee where sue haa lived three rears Please all "at No 1 Nellsou place, between Wararlry placo and ih at \irantki>-a ritc ition hv a (*a<>tkktant <mri, TV W do chamber w.n k and aa ?alter, bat no objection to , [0 to the country r.e nurse, has goodcliy reforrnoc If required. *Inm call or address I as Weal ISth at., third door. WJLTANTKll?HY A IiV-T'kTtAlll.t M4RH1KII WOMAN TV with her Brat child who hu a fresh breast of milk, a il.lM to nurse at bar own r--ldcuoe. Please call at No. lid Jewtre at, lb 'he dry go."1? store WM ANTKll? HT A rVhpKITAHI.K YulJNil WOMAN, A i I Kiaation la a private family as seamstress and to lake sbarge of children I o. ?<- plloiinblr reltvenors given from uv last niplover Can be seen two daya at 24 Klringtna it., or a tote address. I n> the above numb, r would bs attend < *1 m i X\TaNTKD?A SIT! aTM.N HV a RivNI'itr aHI.K TV jjimni wrman. a? cook or laundrwaa; und?r?tand? either If 'he ?s. ... I , rfrr'f |1 t?e ! no objection lo go in the omn'r* Heat ol rlly relerenee Can be leeo for two daya ?t 77 Weal 23d a ., front mom, top flo >r. firaniKit?aTTrir7t"iT>nThr a"~y<h n?j wuMan, TV rliher aa mewa eaa o n irae In a lady. Apply at U Market at. front basement. < nrrr%Tio:*? wawtkd-m ASITI \TION WdMKII-A Vi'l Nil AMhRI'ANMAN Ik aieady hahra and gmal address, wwhca lo obtain a , akttalton lo work In ihe 'y. la not partlenUr what it l?, aa he la wIHim; to nirti ld? I'Hiel lo a i, thing llml wl't aiTm-d hlin a deoenl llrlng Writes a g'?od fair bond, and Is quick at figures. 7a aeiinn'ritid with the r. Please adrift a (for one week) lo Oeorre n. II Hnttoa. New Brunswick N. .1. ATOrNIt MAN. A NA1IVK Of SWITZERLAND. ANIJ sp-aLing Ure laugu .ges. wlarea lo liud a situation aa inlet, lo a geutlen.uii or ?i ha family, to travel, el her In Carope or 'hla country; hering been employed aa a courier . le IS w. II ae.jtia'rii. ! ? '.rave iuv Kferin-ea ran be , [tree Inquire at or a'hlreaa F C.,78 l/Moard at, to the ?aen>ent A ToUVU MAN WANTS A HITUAJl Uor< aa lia in-:- r < . rk In a reapee able grocery a'nrc, be perfectly on Icra aoda the boalueaa. Can give nailafaciorj yefcrwoce Ant person requiring hla ecrrlcea will pleaae call at ike at.we 'Nil nr., where he haa been recently emp'oyed, or at the store 116 K. :44ib at J. I*. a mtcatiob wantkd by a hour, htkaot. cum patent young man who dea res a aliuation aacnaolimao, lias followed h? h I .. ia f r I . ,a?i al o* years and prrlct |? andrrwanda I!. nr. fera'he ronnr-T, 'n a gentleman's f?m Hy, and the brat of city reference ean he gtr?n Pleaae call at 2fl llewcry. tor two daya. or lo T. N , bot I7? ilerald odhw. AM N AMVRil'AN TO! Nil MAN OF HoltKR, INHU8TRIana ha dts wtakca to obtain a situation to drire express Wngvwt or would be wll' ig to drlre c*rt, eon furnlah the h.-at Of reference. Can be wm at I ltd Ornbard at, betweea Hons tea and Wanton A^m TOCNC MAN tir 11KHPRCTAItll.ITV AN1) UAPAbllliy wlahei a altuailon aa bartender or assistant In a ?#., ecrr or I. in + a'oie ||e wlahea to make h'np.e,f a<wfnl Tfi* h??"of r ty rdrrrncoa rlmn, and ?orurlty to any nnviH n?qn)f*<1 Add rem by lo'lar, T. Flyao, 144 fnlton tttwot, Now Tort. a TOCNo man it trara or auk, uatino mant A roar* orporlowo In hn#,nr?t In (fell city. rrUhoa A iltuatim la i onmmtmtrm* or ?>fllr*; writ** a fair hind, nndorttanda Oioit m Ron** h-talnoiw, anil to wtlllnf In mat* htmaolf nanfnl. fan jrlrn nnotrop'innnhlo rotoronroa. Halarynol eo CBneb an n'jort a* a irinirln* altiaU.m. Addraaa Mirhaol, HoraM <?** A TO UNO MAM WANT? A R1TUATION AH POKTKR, or In ?nw rooprnablo omplnymont, boa bad oiparlonro M aboro. ifkr>? plortr of wort tlnod clly ro'oronro rrom hit bat omplnyora ?ddr?a* .1. II. U, hot 1.10 llnrald nfflro. Book k^fikd aiti-ation wantmo-bt a tooraocbly oip??iow?d awl rooipei-nt u?r*?n, whjeaprtaont term of anrrleo iiplraa Ma/ It. UB', la fatal liar wilt holt ati.alo an.l donhln an try, rubor f<* aloooa nr maanfbrtiirlnt ?v tai.Tiabm-nia Rofen |o Ml proonnl omployora, and nan pra tho moot I'Wfaoinrr addonoo of hl? tnlofltT. aMIIty, lndnitry tad aabntly. Addrooa ' i 11 M . HortlfoMtt, MMa wi> f lOAf IIM AM -A KOIIVA, RTRAIIT. ANO COMPBTRNT \J jotinf man doalreo a attnaimn aa ronchman and gr > wa; andarpandi tha aarn and maoafrtnont of hnnoa tboronftly, aa to baa followad ih? hnalnoaa for iboaa nlr.o yaara: baa an ohiootl. ft 10 tha nnoniry, U highly roonmmondad ('.all ai or tddraaa ff? Bowrry or TJI . hot 170 Herald nffla*. Cioaoiimam wantb a mpi; ation?in a priratr J family. nndoman la tbo rare an i w?r>**omrnt of bolt raal and <*rrU*? b<>r?oa. and I* a food whip, ranairotho brat rofaronoo from hla laal 'nap oyor for lnd nrtry, boaoair, anbrlaly, and atontlonln hnilnona I'lowr nail for two da>a 11 tha Ponnay Iranta IIMol Omlar at (10A''HMAN.-WANTi4 ACTUATION AM (IROOM AM? J road,man, a ?t< ad', artirn man, latrly landrd, with aatla fbr'nrj rofrrotio.'!>.*?, hl? laal rmployrr, with ah ,al? bar llrrd four re*n Hm no oblmw n ?o tho ronnlry. and will IMha hlmeo f aonorallT > -f 'l I'lnnat rail or addraM for two dayaloj B..11I Wft Ih li it. ClOAURN A A'A BIT? * TtON WABTKI?-?r AM War MOT ) ablr young man who thnmnghlr utdartl?w ito cv? And manarrmrni of horata: haa no ohjoothai to any part or tho oonnfry, boat of rofrrrnrr ylrrn I'ali a? or addroaa 12 Amity ptaeo. Oan hi noon for thrro dari. SITUATION WANIRD-AN R2PKRIKNOHII MfHIK krrprr who il a loo ahlr U> r?H-rr?p^?i<lintbr Iranrh^Kn* ph. ?#rrni?n iuio ir*n*n iwikiiwm, ?-~ * mmnitaiO'Hi nr MufaotnnnR ?wdiM?wik?o *1*0 "mi* now Wrr nt c'-muwj ?rwl m ft** food r?*?r??<M> from ani MMuliiror; no ?blrMim? "? (otnc to flHy. AiMr?M? J), Wn HI M*r?UI r flW _______ rro al'?!Tioi*kkr>i or litaiiarv moruRTT ari> I tfcr fin* *r - * (rntlrinun if Wmf ip?rtw?. woll *o naiUn m1 with enrlo'i* ?n<1 rta* ?""*?, nri?i?, ptaturo*, *ml ,,IM and I?? "1* "I*" nndora'aniu f*rry dfpwtm-m 1 MlM * unction, l? d<mlr i? nf the nMiM(<mw?l "f ic'l A bulr\mm l*ukwu of prlrwr ooHoo'Ww*, or fr* fmhlll ?Blo sssrStt.y NEW Y QITUATKdFS~WANT^ TOUNO MM 0 onA as uerer; one aaclrrk or bt*>kkeaper in a whol.taal boose; and Uw other m law clerk. Call or address t*t llroad way, root 4A. BRANONRR A FRMMKR. WaMKI>? BY a GKNTL.RMAN OF TRW TMAR8 RX perlew t la dry go ?la la lbs West, and who has aa si tensive at quamiaoce amoug Western merchants, a ilttiauoi lu a who euab dry goods house as salesman, with the prlrl We oftravelling through the States of Indiana Illinois ant Iowa Pest f referee -ea as to charaoter and ability. Ad Sr. bo% 174 |?o?l ofllre. Farts, Illinois. WANTKD? BT A OOMPKTKNT BOOKKKRPKR, A SI tuatlon. Refers to last employers and others. Balai] 1 ,0(11 Address Hiram, Horald oflloe. WANTRP?A SITUATION AS BOOKKKRPKR OB salesman, by a r*spectable German, V4 years of are peaks kngliah and French fluently, and understands the city retail dry goo 1s business. Good references give 1. Addresi K, M ., Herald oflloe WANTRO-A SITUATION, BT A SINuI.K YOUNG man, a German, who has a thorough knowledge ol tarmtrf and raising vegetables, and alsi understands the col tiration of flowers and trees. Please Inquire at 1M West V)ih In 'be ager oier taioou. Wantkd-by a Ml a rt, activk man. who has lived eight yeara tn hla laat plaee, a ait nation m conch man or gardener; hat a perfect knowledge of the oare aud management of hornet. UnexcepUouable references. Address K. I? . box .I) Herald <d!loe which will be Is WANTED?BY A YOIJNO MAN, A SITUATION IN A grocery Or liquor tlore at olerk, hat good reterencea at to capability. Can bo seen far two days, or addroat 1'. f.. No. 17 J<1 ATeuue. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A MAN PROM KN'Iland, 21 yearn of age. In the farming Imtlneea; can milk wall and do any part of the butitieaa. t at good reforaooa. ('an ha teen tiM Elizabeth at., lop room. WANTED?A SITfATION AS COACHMAN, BY A man who perfectly underatanda bit biitineaa ami the treatment ol hornet wlu-n sick. Would travel with a gentle man going Wed. In an Kng-lxhmau. bat a abort lima Ui Ihit country Addrett X X., Herald ullioe, for three days. WANTED?BI A RESPECTABLE YOUNfl MAN, AN Knglb-bman, a siuia lon at coachman; he perfectly underatanda the oare and management of a pair of horaee In all lie branch, a. No objection to the oountry. Addrett J. 1" , 2S8 Hth at., between 9th and ICth art WANTRD?A SITUATION AB PORTER IN A STORE, hv a reapeciabla young man who will make himself generally uact'ul, and linota'raid of work. Inquire puraontlly or by letter, at No 95 llroad at. Wanted-a situation as coachman, by a young man, a native of Walea Can giro the bett of referencea; haa b. en four yeara with hit laat employer. Apply at No. 7 Cherry at, corner of Prauklln square. WANTElt-BY A YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION IN A rhtpi lng and commercial houae or thlp chandlery a'ore I lan had command of veatelt nut of the porta of New York, Beaton and Portland, and tblnka he could Influence a large amount of trade. Any prraott wlahiug an interview may addrett P. II D , 02 Kultou street. second Uoor, New York. WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, 19 YK4RS O* AOE. a tltuatlcn tn a wholesale house, whore ha can loarn the bualnett and make himself usefuHo hla employer _ Wrl tea a gixm ERnu imu una a uuwirugr 01 ooossreping wages not so murh an object as a situation. Hiw no abjection to go South or West. P esse address A. J. !?.. box )7u fihrsU >-.itoe. WANTED?A SITUATION AS HEAD W tll'KK. EI tin r In city or country, bv a man who hoa i. g-?>d pr.vtical knowledge In hla line. Can giro the brat reference In thla city for the laat M*?n years, where he haa had c i.trge In thin al ove line. Address Bead Wa lor, box 130 lleraid office for two day a H|#ui w Agents wanted-to sell brother Jonathan's furniture poltah; warranted the beat now In use. Agents and forDlture dflalara supplied on reasonable terms. Office 3?8 Fourth arcnuo, three a ?rs Booth ot Twenty atxtn street depot, n. T. a. HITBAaRD, Manufacturer. Agents wanted?who understand the sale of patent rlghta, and to aolicit orders for an article of great utility, and required in every family in city and country. U AUXIIURSf, MOTT A CO., CO Fulton at. Barkeeper wanted?good waiter also, that underwauds cream making; good laundress, and good dtah washer and scrub girl, also an Intelligent family woman. Apply at 13.1 or 1S? till street, Williamsburg Philadelphia Uouae. None need apply unleaa well renommended. BOY WANTED?TO TEND OFFICE. MAKE COLLKCtlona, An Must reside with his parents and gtrs good renew inei.clatloiis, salary fl a week. Call at 42 Klne at., From I to 6 o'c'ock, upon j. L Vandewater. Dm GOODS HAI.KHMAN WANTED?A FIRST CLASS saleemau, to a steady, amine aud experienced man a [iiTBautDi el' uadoti and g jod salary wlU Hie giren. The nest ?f refcrenrev required. Apply lo W. K. Peyton, 2M Bowery. Dry noors rai.esman wantei?-for the oeneral trade, wt'h good reference as to qumllUeatton; mttat be k good salesman or will miloe retained. Apply at 1P7 Spring at. Drug clerk wantfd-a gkrman apothecart, one speaking Engl'ah we I, and a good nompoun tar of medicines will b; Ubernlly treated with. Call at 111 East Eleventh stri-et. brten o 8 and lu o'clock. Entry ci.erk ?wanted, an active lad, of itn. exceptionable enaracter. living with his parents, to assist n a eoun'lng bouse. Must write a fair hand, and know some bins of accounts. Halarv for the tlrst year. #100 Address. In he handwriting of applicant, with name and address, box t H6 Post office. 1CAN PROCURE A GOOD RITUATIoN FOR A YOUNG man na shipping ami receiving clsrk Ins wholesale gricery house In this city. Must hare unexceptionable rei-rensea. Address. Willi lull particulars, Bookkeeper, Herald office. WANTED?A YOUNG MAM "* A GROCERY HTORR. One acquainted -na <h? bu^nse* may apply early la Ifee Moeetes > 73 IsUhartiie street to R A A. MarUnn. Ylf ANTED? A YOUNG man, WHO HAS NO objrotion Vv t? travel, and csu loan KMX) fur three months on go-si security. may have a permanrut snuatlon and good salary; mine need apple unless they bare the money, and can make it oonrwlent to tears the city. Apply at V\ M at. WAHTKP-A FKW MKR FOR A LIU II r IK DOOR BP alnraa, paylrf $'B par week; atoo, a rnnnj; man who can pnt In MO to taka an Interact in iha hn-inr?? Tiro <an >?aarra wanted. Apply iratnodiairiy at 2Uu Unwidway, room H, to F. Htephena. Wantkp-a prrrATToi*. ht a tornu mar. ah wal er, le a orlva'a family, no objection to gj in the country; haa the beat of rlty reterfnra from where ha haa llred four year* Can be ?e?aa for tiro daya at 131 Kaat 26 it A, between 2d and 3d ar. WARTKP-A CLRRK FOR A HI'MMKK IIOTKL, A rlark for an Inauranoe nfllae, I bonkkaapnr for a ma hlna ahop, 2 n ndaai >r?, I brake nan. 1 portara, 1 barkaapar, ?od tan gl'la to trarel Apply to UlLl.h.R k CO., Ho. 6 Kaat Broadway. Wartkp?a rot to opkr ot^tkrh. apply at tba Wavarley rnatanraut. oppoalla Jrlfaraou market. TI'aNTKP-T wo okrti.kmkr of uood adorksa TT andbn?lneaa httblta, to irtredn-e a new and aplendld work of art To man of energy and uaraavaranaa, a liberal rcmmleaion or aalary will ba paid. 8. I) Hraiu. tb l?ay at. \1TARTKI> A Km MAR, ABOUT ? TKARS OF TT affa, wlto hna arquVnancr Willi tha ally trada, la arilre, and ran brink tha bermf referi noo eonnernlrg rharar it and hi v|n.-?a rapif Ity. Apply thla day to Hardell A Co , fit! Ran tan at, tip amlra. Wantkp IMMKDIATRLV-a tot'ro mar, witii flu; lol.'ktl, to engage In a (antral Inulnaaa, on a good alary; thla l? "" ei eel Ian I rlinnaa. Call on T II. No. 5 Beeirnnn atrrrt, rootna 1 i an l IS. M. II.?Thin la no agency litialtieaa. WARTKI>?A HITPATIOR, HT A TOL'NU MAR, *IR A pmair fanny aa aaa.aiant waiter nod footman, haa no ahjecth na *o go to the conn ry for tha anmrner. ran alra food r? ran nra from bin laat p.ara, where ho li.ui workad in thai capacity. Atldrewa M. W. l?., ofliro. TlTAlTkR'H HITCATIOR WARTRO-IR A PKIVaTK TT fannlv. by a Heady raape> 'able man. Iiaa llrad with moat raaprciabla famlliiain thla rpy, wooaa taai in miaU he i aa produce aa to hla rbar, eter and rapaMlltlra. baa no objee if- n to town or Anmtry. Can ba aaau at 123 fan 12th at., be twran Ilk and fith araimae. or addiaaa Waiter, aa above tit attkr wartkp?tr a chop arpstrak iiochb, TT SH? Uonaton airaat, ona ihor Highly a"<pi?lnia<| with tna order haalnoae, meat cinraa well recommended. Kng tab pro ferred. WARTKP-AH CLFRK IR A HHIP CHARPLKRY atora. a amart, a< dt e boy, who realdea with hla parnnta. Apply at IS bomb at. Wj artfp-thrfr or ror* swart. iwT*t.Li<;mrr ff toai in offnor chs-*rt?r, *< rop)f?tj. mu*t write A emsll. or?t Uend Addres* Script llrrsld nlllre fATARTKP?IR A (>R<M KRT HTdRK, A SMART TtUR'l TT nun in **U less On* who prrfeetly understands the b-uiln***. *ml who Is nm sfrsld to work, msy spply st 276 Wr?t iTvh *C firaktkiv-a rUCltK, portrr arp arsistawt U bhAkwf W. fur su ttnporttn* finer drr foods store, wsfss for porter ?!, rl? rk tt>l prr month. WHtm no objtcl tn jmrtlr* that suit Apply st An Atlantic St., corner of Court, In basement. llmohlyn WARTRO?A PORTRR ARP <TOM'HMAR, AtRO A yroom for s priest* fsntiljr, wnses tar porter Ant per month, sod marhmsi, A Ju per m mis And found. Apply lilts dsy. with reeo ram rude'lou*. st tub Atlantic st. corner of t'nnrt, Brooklyn. In the basement. YOrRfJ MAR wartrd-to attirr orocrrt ari? feed ?** #. mnit hare food r^ renew. Apply is O. W. mud. comer of Kent snd Flush in* are, Hrooklrn. 0~"~H PKMARI'R IN OURIKR TKIRTDRIKR PRAR{sle on Alletnmnd. narlant un pen |e Franrf at*. et mu oslssert In psrliee ilrt rhtlfons Trnrall to ite 'nniiAe et drs hone spt ' In'earni. "addressee h Mr T. Ruler. 174 IMaw me On ret Mt'RK AL ARD DAXaiO. XJRW PAR IR'I AOAPKMY. AT THR TRTROR'R AR is wmbli room*. Ros. MA snd 527 Houston ?trret??' ARTOMO as* th* honor to Inform hut friend* sod the pnMla (rnersPy, ihst he hs* left Mr i'ersrrlito, snd will open his rrhonl t<> nlfht. snd siren frsnd notrre nntll 11 n'rlorV. lie l? ?ure to de?erre the pnh'lr feror hy M< food method of trsrh nf. frnd new dsnrlnf flrl* snd mualrtnns. HI* room Is nos of ine l*ree*i In the rlly. shout I JO feel s>| nsrs, rery steely srrmsfrd. with (nor mslo *ipressly for lUm-lnf. >< h w mrrirRiL CvmriKMATio* tmk munr rkvkrirp, Tim ) I rnT'M'.nnl Illation of Row Turk will bold a mnflroM Hon at Oram < hupol,'Mrrrantlle library Inrinrn room ) on Wrdnoeday ithlai r roomy. May ID Hnrrlme will rommriHM al o'rlnrk. TW, ll**f wnwwi. (11 HOWIRII RTRRKT A URARO RAM. OR WRIT Lt 1 nrw'ar errnlry. Mar JO. al M'lla OAHOI.IRR VR T.IKR'R rianHn* aradi tnr, 21 Howard mwt The ball wlH open at 8 o'olnckand olnaa at 11 TlrkMa 80 nrnia. Rnj.IAJUM. Al.AROR ARRORTMRWT OF TARMCR. WTTH RT.ATN and wood brda, mrrhanlral (mahlnna, warranted nm in nmlala any pairnl n.rb tiomhnjl; alan, a number nf innl hand lal.lea. and trtmmtnira. at low prima. I. DRI'KRR, *> lin |i.?l TJARPrORIVR RTMJARD MOOMR-Ro. l? FVLTOR ID and Ro 8 Am rttanta. aawly i wan mad; >? heal SMa* Siirjus? 1aajgs srst: MMN<aiMfl.MMalMiiaaaa ORK HERALD, WEDNESD. A II ORPHAN C1IRL, BKTWKKK KiUHT AND TWRMTR > A of ifr, mi; bn provldod *n? a pl-tnanl and p??r I- aum home n ihn r.mntry. where her do neatlii twining and education will rewire cirefu attention Apply at No. 4U 6th at?. AIm> a Herman girt, from 14 to IS. Apply aa above. ClOOK WANTKD-A THOROUGHLY KXPKMRNOID / oook. * Ini understanda baking and ran in*kc soupa ?n I dcaarrta, In Ibe Hummer, in thr country, she * ill h* rip <oUd I to assist in watdilng and ironing. Apply today from il to 1 o'ol rk, at 9(1 '"llnton place. i ClOOK WAN'IKD?ONK CAI'A BLR OK DOING TOR / conking, washing and Ironing of a mnvl family, wi.h r g ' <1 ci > ri-commciKlationn, may appli at ,'ia i-.aal :t.ti at. Girl wantkd-to do thk cooking andhouhkwork of a atnall family, a abort diatanco up thJ Hudson ; H"*. Kitgliab, Scutch or Uerrnau prefern-d. Apply at 304 ' Weat at. l ?___________________ WANTkD?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AH HKAMatreaa and to do light chamber work; mint hare city re' iarenoe. Apply at 109 Weal 12.h at., before 12 O'clock. WANTKD?A NKAT GIRL, TO OOOK, WASH AND taroa, one who ta willing and nhltg'ng, and cau funtieh goad oKy referenors, may apply at 270 Madiaon at WAN'IKD A OOOK AND OH AMI1KRMA]i?, TO OO TO the country for die aununnr. Both will be re<|uirnd to uMgt with the waaltlnr. Apply at 23 liioadway, or, after 4 P M., at 64 State at , Brooklyn. Of ABTKD-AN RLDRRI.T RNOLIHH WOMAN TO TT lake the nitre charge af a cottage lu the country, ail milee from New York, occupied by three Kugluh gen'lontcn; ahe wtlJ be required to cook, wasu and trou. The best refe rencea will be required. Ayply at fid Beck man at. up alalra, between *4 and 4 o'olnct. WANTKD?A OOOK, KNOI.IHH OR ROOTOIt, WHO understand* bolh Krench aul Kngllab cooking, paatry, la, and ean bring the beal of ell* referencra for capacity ami sharaoter, especially aa to uratneaa and aobriety. Apply at lA nth ? ., from 9 to 10 A M., or t to 6 P. M. WANTED?A GERMAN COOK WHO UNDERSTANDS her hnatncaa, and is willing loaeeUtihe lanndreaa. Ap- I ply before 12 o'clock at No. X london terrace, Weat 13d at WANTKD-TWO GOOD SMART GIRLS; ONK AH OOOK, waaber and lruuer, aud cue aa chambermaid and nurse. Glrla who cam oome well recommended aud are willing aud obliging may apply at 28 1st place, Broeklyu. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO COON, waah and Iron In a email family; muat undorataiM her feaafneaa thoroughly, and brine good idly rnfnrvnx. Apply at 146 Wont MIA at., between the hour* of 11 and 1 o'oio..* Ihla tar WANTED AT HOHOKKN.?A PROTESTANT OIRi. for a email family; must he a good ",H>k, weaker, an I Ironar, and do general housework. Kefrreneee r?<|iitrecl. Good wage* will be paid. Apply at 161 Pearl aireel, N. V.. tronl idhco. WANTED?AN AMERICAN OR SCOTCH GIRL, KOR rliamhermald and aeain* roaa alao toaaatal In walling on a child a year old. Apply at 214 weal 22d el., corner Plh af. WANTED?A WELL RECOMMENDED PROTESTANT girl, lo cook, wuli and Iron lor a ama 1 family. Moat Iwt a good rook, ileal of cily refemtico required. Apply al 616 Sin at , heiweeu the houra of I and 3. WANTED?A PROTECTANT WELSH. GERMAN OR kngltah woinan, to cook, wash und Iron for a prlram family In the country; aha mind undnralaiid bak ng. Apply for Iwo day* al ".si 8c Mark'* place. U7ANTED?IN A SMALL PRITATK KAMILV, ON TUB TT Hudson rircr railroad. * Protestant rnmnn as cook; she must perfectly understand her business nut bring good recommendations. Apply at No. 7 Washington square. WANTED?SEVERAL NEAT HEWERS. TO 11A8TM rusts. vt'His aud pants for machine. Willing awl mm. petent hands may r.nd permanent employment by applying Immediately at 413 Oral id at., third floor. WET mill WANTKD?TO TAKE THE OBUN her ivrn residence; an American wrman preferred. Address, with references, L. 11., New York I'ostotBce, for two days. WANTED?A YOUNO WOMAN TO OOOK, W iSH siid Iron. Apply, with best of city references, from ;?'? to 12 o'clock, at 1*1 hart 14th si Wanted?a neat, tidy woman, who 18 a gw d plain cook, washer and ironer, anil can do gene- i ral houauwork, for a small family of a gentleman, lady and child Inquire immediately tit SUP Henry at, N. Y. WANTED-A YOUNO LADT WHO THOROUGHLY uiuteralaiids the fancy goods, thread and ncedls bit si nnsa, and is accustomed to ctty trace Apply at iiHi Broadway. between 18th and 19th sis., before 1U A. M., or after tf P ht. WET NURSE WANTED?WITH A PRR8H ItRKAST of milk of about two months old, with good reference. She must he young and healthy. Apply for three days at 1.2U eroadway, near 44 Kh at. WANTED?A SMART GIRL, PGR CHAMBER WORK and wailing. One that understands her limine** and will assist in wsailing aud lroulog may call at Itt 9h?i., basement door. WANTED?A SMART. INTELLIGENT PROTKSTANT girl, neat in her appearance, wllh a good disposition, ss nurse aiid stains tress, must be s good sewer aud willing toasaist with the demeeils du lei. One wllh good city refer core will procure a good home by applying ai l.VI WestSltb at Wanted?a i-advs maid, a native of francs, who thoroughly understands her business, and has good recommendations. Apply between t and 11 o'clook, at 79 1 nit n iqtiar* YET ANTED?A GOOD HAND, ALSO AN APPRENTICE, 11 at Madams Gerard's, corset maker, .14 Amity at. J^ai^e woTk^d mike ^ u*?iul Wcl?h or German preferred. Oily r-'feronr* required. Apply at 91/7 Md Mo. 239) West 22d at., lor two days. WANTKD-FOK THE COUNTRY, A MIDDLE AGED woman who understand* conking, washing and the care of scow. Apply between ooe and three at No. 199 East IJib St , for three days WANTED-AN AMERICAN GIRL, TO D ) THE GENE ral housework of a family of two persons, must be a good plain cook; to go a short distance In the oounirr Ap ilr this dsy only at 6u Water sL, between the hours of Id aud 1* A.M. ____ WANTED?THIS DAY, WEDNESDAY, A GOOD irosiy iniise. aud one who is Willi ig to make L-ri-lf generally naefnl, wage, liberal;good city reference required, t all al 24f> West 2At St., near W h amnue. Wanted?a smart girl, to do general house work, must be a good wa*her and Ironer, and well re Com mended; wages W. Apply a' 501 Broadway. WANTED?A HMAKT GIRL FOR GENERAL WORK tog > to Tsrrytown with a small family, m at be a good plain o-ek. wash rand Irone'. 8u- h a one will receive iiu I treatment, and be well eared for. together wl'h a comfortable hi me. Also, an,.'her for While Pmins. Apply ai 112 Prankim 1 THK 1RAUKH. /tardnkk wantkd-to go a short distance \JT up tin-Hudson. English or Sootch preferred Apply at 19)1 West ?t. otonk masons wanted at thk thirty houses 0 on Fnrtr aeremk s:ri'"l. hriariii Hli Li anil Meveolh ateouea, by far Bu.klry Inquire of the Uu-tunaa of lite work. TO Mk.KOIA.NT TAII.ORA,?WANTKD, bY A riitHT olain outlnr, A rttuaHon *? fireman In a whileaalo olo:h lug houao. <>r ? rtislnni limine, lin* bad I nn, rvperleiire la both A'Mrwi Culler, Herald e, wkloh *111 nmlrt Immediate MB?MOM. rMKKi HA NT TAILORR, AC.-A THOROIMIII I'RAO tlrnJ culler, who kin* had ?r??' eiperienee In b.iilt tint oun<mn nod whoieani trades, WUbri lo obtain an ruz %v rneut in a And mm bnrar nn gire uneicrpieinable re.erew Ad Areas J. D., Humid ug'-e. TIT A NT ID? A OfM iP U'HOI ATKRKK. APPLY AT TIIK TT oft,re of FnuliunD, Low A C?A, Mo. t South William it.. New Torn. W/AN1FD-A CA Rt'KNTKR FOR A FIIIP HOUND TO TT lb" Pn< iflo nrrnn Apply ihlr .Iny In Iinn UII A Kob?m, l.M *l , e nil r i f Peck rllp, up ?mm. ' "W'ANTKO ? i."i H) CCKIOM CITTKR, WHO HNIIRR I TT aiaiula n'l hrnnrheaof the hudneaa wages $1J per week 1 Heal rlty rrfrrrarr r*<|iured. Ainu a twkir lo make Ann bu i aim as o .ate. Apply at 41 anemia D. ! '11.' ANTFD?A SITUATION PfIR A FORKM AN IN A TT aUarUie randls nnd men fnr*nry. The Applicant h*? been to wnwa of the llrnt enlnbllnhnienu In anstria, nnd mny I be able lo inUodure noma Important Improremenia In Uia ! shore brain bee. Apply lo Simea A H ufler, 17 Koulli W!Ulam i atreat. TJ7ANTRD?A HTKADT AND ATTRNTIYR PRINTRR TT boy. one who han worked about a Washington hand Drew. a no ran rxnpone a ll'Ue preferred. Addreaa PrtaMr, Hrra'd rfllre. WANTKO-A HOOD UPHOIJtTgRi ONR WHO 18 AC nnair iurd in hanging rhade# and laying nilrln4b To a find band steady work and fond wage*. Apply at 314 Hidarai at WANTPl -A COACH TRIMWFR. A HOOD WORKMAN; none elbar need apply, Inquire at Oooper'a, rarriaga factory, IXI Hih arenua FMSMMAln ABFACTIFUIs HRALTHT MALM INFANT IN PKHIR lo be glren awajr by adoption. It U two weeks nkl. A ante addrimed Amelia Oreen, New York Pont oflloo, will be rromptly iniwirul. ART ONR WHO WWHRR TO ADOPT A FINR hea. hr hoy a few weeks old. of Ameriran parenia, ran apply permtmily <* by ao?e at IV* Want k.Ui ac, la Uia bane BNk IP HART A. H41NTR. RUF.AHNTII HONTR AND JOHN 1 One la efcttdren of Pater itonta a nauee nod Awmerly a reatdent of Ike city of New Turk, Will rail on die .in.ierrigiieirt ihe> ?n? w** * ?"m~hinA to thetr adraataaa DL'RA N(W, DoRTlK A iTXi'APKItt IA South William atrmC IB p tiir hfrttrrkr who had a ?w nnx or Tim | Wililamabnm < tt? Hank ehan??d at ilia Central Houan, Fifth areoita. on Sunday arenlnf, will nail and radaein li thai wlU Mil thnaumlTO* mou trouble, M thrr arn both wall known __*_c dimimIH. IF FRARCTS DOMAR. FORMFRI.T 0? HTRAVSHIP 1 ArWW, will mil on K IJttlnllrld. 72 Broadway, bn will knar wanrthlnc ui hi* nd* antaira. I RFORM ATION WARTKD OF I.UKR ROl.All. WHKR 1 laal heard from. waa In Inn Bia'n <4 IVnnaylranla. Any In forma Inn n h'm will ha thankfully r<Aelred by hi* brnlhar John, who haa laioly arrlred from Klnrar*. oouoty ual Way, Irelard Aridreaa John Raxtee ISA Cheery street, 1* T. 1 RFORMaTIOR WAHTFD OF OaTIIKKIRM it atttarii, J of pariah Hllliruat*. county Roweonimnn, Ireland who landed In Raw fort Way 8. from ahlp Homing l.ticht Ad dteaa her hrmhar In law, Fauk-k Oiaoa, III Herkl oar Want, Albany, It. T. irpokmatior RKOl' khtkd? ok IIMIRUR wkkiho X but. a young englishman, who enlisted In Um United Matoa army In 1847. Tin was dl? charged at S'aim rlrar. In Tea**. In April, 1882 Any on a who knewknf him or ran tall what ba. rams nl hhn I* earnestly ra<|ua*tad to aend woril to hi*father, R w ReHngton, Keq . Herald ofllen. I* " WANTRIM?Of MART DWTRR WHO IHA h-r f?-Wnir.i Nn 141 < 'h?rf T ?>n Iho Hth ..f April. *n< |] o>I.h* M. Any liiliirroAimii J hrr pr.oi ji ith^ n?*y? ** ?k?nkfu'ly rrovirrl by hw h.ubknl, tf'tLSLJY srxx hkrrt (ATI, rwyiliiwr, StT Bn*l?Ay, V. T. AT, MAY 20, 1857.-TREP KHinnno, |pO* UTKSPOOU THK UWJTiiU NTATMb li< r atsamahlp . uommmMer. will depart with ' United State* malla for Bnropa positively on iWurday Jua? fi, at II o'clock M , from her berth at the root of Banal ?lrw, for freight or paaaage, having aa equalled aonomaaodattnna f elegance and onmfnrt, apply to KDWaKO K. UOl.MNS, Mo. M Wall aire* f aaoeogera will please be on board at 11 o'chjck' A. M All I altera muat paaa through (he PoatolBue ; aayothw will be returned. Not'oe.?The ?learner* of thla line ham watertight oomr>*The Atlantis. Captain Oliver Eldredge, will aall on tfea lib of Jnna, and the BalMe, Captain J. J. Comatook, early ti- Au (oat Mo expense has been spared to uvake hem la all rr xpeota a* good a* new. The thorough examination riven then prove* their mode of structure yet nneqnalled FIKRT PACKET KOR I.iVKRPOOI,.?THK SPI.KNDIH packet ablp THORNTON will positively sail Wednesday, May SI. Por paaaHite apply to <1. A TUN BTOK, 67 South at niBW l?n? Inn UTtnruUli uniliu BT AT V i\ MAIL 8TKAMKRS, The ahlp? oompontiiK ihla line are:? The ATLANTIC, (Apt. OllrerdCldrtdg*. The HALT It!, (Apt. Joseph iXiiiMukL The ADRIATIC. < A H, Jinnee Wmt. These ahlp* having barn bnllt by contract eiproealy for the government service, every i\*re ban horn taken In their noti etrnction, a? alao In their engines, to lnnire strength and speed, (ltd their aa^imrraxlaihinii for passengers are unequalled tor elegance anil comfort. I'rloe of passage from New Tork to Liverpool, to Srm nuMu, flSl). In seoond do , F75 Exclusive um or extra (Ink*, ilaleroom, KSB. From Livitrpool to New Tork, 30 and 31' nlnaaa. An experienced surgeon attar had to each ship If* berths can be secured until paid for. The ahlp* of Ihra Hue have Improved watar tight tnila bead*, and t? avoid danger from Ice will not cma the bank* nortk of 43 degrees, unit! after the lit or August. PROPOSED HATER OF RATLING, rsoa it* tokk. mo* Liverpool. Satnrrtay -'an. S, 1MST Wednesday Ian. 7, INR Saturday Jan. 17. >Hb7 Wednesday Jan. 31, LW Saturday Jan. 51, 1887 Wednesday Feb. 4, 1809 Saturday Feb. 14. 1867 Wednesday Feb. IS, ISC Saturday Mar. 14, 1AA7 Wednesday Marah4, ISC Saturday April II, ISftj Wednesday./.... April 1, lHflf Saturday May 9, 1HS7 Wednesday April 33, ISC Saturday May Zi 1MI7 Wedneaday May 31, ISSf Saturday June A, Im87 Wednesday June to, ISC Saturday June 3U, ISS7 Wedneaday June 34, ISA

Saturday July 4, 1857 Wednesday July 8 ,18 Saturday July 18, 18.17 Wednesday July 33, 1 For freight or passage apply to KDWAKD K. OOI.LlNB.No. M Wall atreet ,K. T. BROWN. PHIPI.KV A CO., IJverpool. STEPHEN KKNNAIti) A CO ,37 AuatlnFriars, London B. G. WAIN WKMHT A CO., Paris. Tb* owners .of thane ships will not ba accountable for gel d diver, bnlllon.?epecie, Jewelry, precious Htonea or mrtala, uu is*s bll's of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereu sxgrcssoit therein. FX LIVERPOOL AN1) NKW YOltK AND 1'IIILADRL phta Sleamidnp Company's Clyde built iron screw steam slilpe.? riTT OR RAT.TTUnRF 9 1T , rv_, ? t ,iink niir <vr w 5w.?;;;:::t5K: w. wVii'e CITY OK MAN. HKHTKK, 2,11* u?n Oapt. P. (1 Petria. k aNOAIMH). l.B7? Uiiik Capt. Jeffrey. The underacted, or oilier vowels, aro is mauled to sail as follows:? mom LIVKRroOl, City of Manchester Wednesday, May (I Olty of Wathlns'on " ' >i tiny of Baltimore (or Kangaroo) " Jobs S Kangaroo u " IT CHy of Washington " July 1 Anil every alernale Wedneaday. mom saw tor*. City of Manchester Thursday, May JR City at Washington " Juno II City of Baltimore " " 2a Kangaroo " July II Oily oi Washington " " At Ami every alternate Thorn.lay Kates Of Cabiw PAR.sA<;?.-From New York and Plladel phia, $76 From IJverpool. 21 guineas. IT guineas and Id guineas, a coord trig to the accommodation in the staterooms. all having lie aainu privilege m the saloon?Luuluding steward's fees. Tvrina* Parsrwoiiui ? A limited number of third class passengers will be taken, and fhiitul In aa much provisions as required. Kmm Philadelphia and New York, $30. Kroat Liverpool, $4U Cor till tales of passage will be Issued hare, to parlies who are dealroua of bringing out tlioir friends, as corresponding rates. Three steamera are ronslrneied wl:h Improved water tight ontnpartmonu Ksrh venae! carries an eiperlenced Kurgenn. and every attniUuu paid io the comfort aiul oooowmodsUon of pa> ledgers. PrUta on IJverpool from ?1 uowards. All goods sent In lb1: agents will be forwarded with economy and despatch. For freight or passage tpnly to Jt'llN <1. ItAI.K. I > Broadway, New York Agent, Or Wll 1NMAN, 1 and lit Tower Buildings. MverpooL STKAM TO SOUTHAMPTON ANI? HAVKK.-T1JK MAIinll'-enl alramahtp VaNI>KRIUI,T. fl.tou too*. wHl null From NKW YORK f>r From KOUTNAMrTON and SOUTHAMPTON A IUTRK H A VRK (or NKW YtlRK Tnw^?y May 6 Tueaday June 1 Saturday..... June 3> Wvduendty July H Hutarduy Aug. 1 Wednesday Ani. 11 Pnoe of Pmiin rtnu cabin, according to location of xuttn room 11(10 to >130; aecond cabin, >76. Specie delivered lu Inmdon awl Peru*. Kor f reight or paasage Apply to D TORRANl'K, Agent No. 6 Bowling tireen, New York. 1 otter* for Kngland and kurrrpe prepaid, 26 oenu each half aanoe (by eaclrwure of pontage autmpi if from other oiUart), will bo received at No 5 Bowling Green, Now York, up to 1!K o'clock of tha morning of nailing. tnOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAYRH.-THM PNTTHT JP Otaliw mall alranw AAAIIO, D. Unea, commander, wff laare for Havre, touching at Hauthamptoa to land Urn mall* and paaaengera oa Saturday. May 3(1, at 12 ri'elook, trom pi* Mo. ft, North river, foot of lieaata street. first cabin >110 Second oabtn Wf\ Thla ablp baa Ave water tight eompartmenla, enclosing thr engines ao that In tha event of eolltekm or etrnndtng, the wn tar ooutd not reach them, and tha pumpe being free to work the aafety of the vernal and uMseogers would ) #_ nmmpad SWItfk 5ofS ?rlTi .rtiaod altar Tnuraday, May 19. For freight or paaaagv apply In MORTIMM UVINUHTON, agent, Ma 1 Broadway M. B.?The ataemar Fulton will ruooead tha Arngo and aai I nan 27. GRKAT RRDDOTION IN r ARK TO HUROPK. Klrat cabin, according to location of alatersim >80 and >10(1 Around cabin P'l and >66 In H,e ftrri claae uaddlcwheel ateam?lil|m AHIKI., tana and NORTH HTAK, 2 6U1 tuna, to aall Irum pier No. 3 North r.var, at ooou prectaeo , carrying tha UaiTto SiAtua maiu, vt?. lfats www to** ron ?* ?*? ron sop-rat aero* orvn a a rrnw a.vd aaraaa. aocviiAMrroiv. row nrw vohk. Artel. Saturday. June 13 | Natnrday, July I] I Wed.. Juiv 16 MorthStar.Hat'rday, July II Saturday, Aug 8 I Wart, Aug. 12 Ariel Saturday. August 8 | Saturday, Sept. 6 I We<l., Sept. V Paaeeognra for IIavm* taken over without eitra charge 'or pa??: re or height apply to D. TORRANl'K. agent, No. 6 Rowling Green. New York OlKAk BBTWbKN NKW YOBK ANU GLASGOW ? p hlHNBl'RilH, 2.6(8 tone, William Gumming commander. NKW YORK. 2.160 ton*. Robert I'ralg commander, til,AH OOW, 1 SM loti?. John Duncan commander The Glasgow an I Ncv York -ameh'p Company ln"nd vrllleg the*.. new and powerful a'eamrre frmo New York to tllaagow direct, ae follow* ? NKW YORK, Saturday, June 6, at I2o'ctock noon. GLASGOW, Kaiur-lay, June 3), al 12 o clock mum. KIllNRl'RGIl, Sattir b?y. July II, at 12o'cloek noon. KATtU* 0? rAAAAtn. Fir*' claee. >76; third cl*?*. foun 1 with cooked provisions, >J*| An eip"rlcncert ?orge?n ailachcd to each ateamer, Kor fielghl or pie-ao-e apply to J(1HN McHYMoN, 17 Hnvulway. New York rltv bill* or gold only received for pa/wag* ATKW UPh or "UaVCAN BATWKIM MBIT kuKh '_y 'xondon, and Rreau-n. Th i magwhoent Pri'lah r'-eerrahlpe gUfKM Of n it ROvfJ!, 1211 tone burthan (Vytalt Hshl V.H ? NA. 1,**4 t?a* hnHhen Dapta'a !Hke. ROO, lY16ton? burthen ?'aptwn " mao* 1 A BON I 0' tana hurike i Oram YrtMot Ov. nod by the tfuropf *? ?hd anteibar Hieom ; h.pi |,ig (> npku4 '4 Iemdou and rmitliampton. let ppdpled In *alt fhtn N"w York m ?i-?rv Wed. ..eidat for l/widon aed Bremen, triicijtor at Rekutnfie o and aa**eeg*r* and mall* lur k.a*?aitil and fnuue lvc* *CI ronu-lu oae day al \/ ydou, and Intro uioewd to Brerr au ie.nmlri. Aey w'll 'eave Hremea /er Ivaw Yrwk yc rvat i;> c .u Hat inlay, atopplog on!/ at *?"? . nolon. Tlteve gteainahfea are '4 thr find ilaea. and hare e? * t v? lemodaUnna rnr paaronge-a Th'ry wPi take a l.'miw amber Of third rlAaa or weeraw pwwwegeer i v-rgenr .> . wW -a ear b ablp. Tka ri?.?a of :a LacQaa will bt bo. Hi'to hichar I thoaaof salting sIl'.-I ATM ?r naul "W OMh, 8R8 aac-md mhtn, M NNW. MS fb* ?>**irv?ilp ynnar or iba f?nib will mii tnm w?T" wi Wfdcwalar Ha/ '* lad b? aoocswdnd by Ua Indiana. Jom i* aw Tifb*. ar pump wb to .. 0 li. RAMP, MMtt wtm?Mi?i OEI.T MR* WITH ICR! OOJOfMOTTOII.-TmAJrUTT 1M mllaa shnriar thaa by any 'rtbar mala. and fin ?tp-amrs a mar oanaauno ?I rUad Humw null Una trty powmla a If*. IU nub par pound oo noaaa fourbonr?InM w?in ??w*an bf Panaltoa Railroad Thro in", In r?l!tarn* ?ia par?oia Railroad Tba t'ollnd H'aba 11 ?'Trvl; Hum pary alTI .laapatrb far Aaplnwall on Wado-aday, b?r fa, at 1 u'fxrM f .prwrlarty from ntnr Ihni -4 W ara*a strasW, Rorll rtrar. ih* wail ur?n an?l ram aMaaaahfa IKOR.lh OAM i as'. Wa L. a-ndim. U.S. R. Paaaangrra aad mails mV baforwardad 1 y Panama Railroad. and erm mat at I'ai.aau Wl'b ilia I"?ilV Mail d'oamshlp C aapttnyl i?-mill At nt * ?m Alp WOI-PSR O ATK R H. wtlttn*. oommandar. wbMi aril ba Wi raadlnaaa and laat* laamadlatflt Mr Maa rrw?wi Ths pah lie ar* mMmnd thai fan ParMa Mad Hi?wlisp hoospaas always ban iwor amr arm MMMlyta*as Panama. mad) far *- *. <u arnhl any p'wntblarWlaulu a of paaaarupra or raaRi p.w p?r??d* aiiplTjo I W KATWOWTVal ih? only "ffli* n tfir r-nwiT IrT wasrt awn* of Warraw, Raw Torb ftrf *W "rf'nd *lalaa mil faani* daya M and *nb af *a/M Au?trai.ia.-tiik MaQNIPI<?KWT ulippkr bhih 8ka MYMPII, 'h* ouly fll| p?r fasi ship or A I To.sol no tb' brrth In - Malbnnfwn, Is new biallu* rapidly al plrr 10 Ka?t r1?"T and will ba ifoinn W bafora any *?ss*l now up. ni? ??ran*?mfHii? Mr Aral and saomd oahln pa?s*nir-rs hara natar hrra * inallnl Pit-arB#"-** am ra.j -tawsa.1 unaialnr bar an<1 arrnr* thasr bom ha M ours, for baian r of fratrhl or ua* MB* apply OP board or to OOODBTK, AKKKI.L. A KI.L.IOT. Ptr'?r. tnwiiW's MaII.I.RR. I.i iR|i a yUKREAU. 100 Wall w*R St TTl'f A I'll* ItfaiPATi'H I.I 1H TOR HVM Franrtsm?Hailtna rwffn'arly and poafaraly no or t>?fnr* iha day a?1 mriur I -4 I uu-r of rtainrdar. 8th JanA? Tha taparhw A 1 rllpp'w ?hi?i 0UKAR HOWt. vlfD, Adarnr, raa^i t i* r* aaivlnf V r caryn ai plar t* E. R , and will pnaltlrwlr rail MS abf'TA Tbls *n? ship baa mad* but nna la A 1 In nrw r> ratrnot, laha* frnrlil ?l lb* Iowa*' raia* and aall* a? aa aarir 111. praarntmy nrantullial Indrmamana ' SL'TT<|R A Ithalr.' '.oMMfWlli FJlim WAV *NA AND NKW n*LlAM. 1Mb 01*11 I pia'aa mall ataama* HI.Ai'K ,r W fanltb. will oommanna raswSrlnf fralrbi on frldm , May 11 and aall Mr lb* aboa* nona ?m Wadnaaday. May 17, al II ?M> pi ar l*> It, fyofW plwr far* of RobOtarai armt, M R N? nllla of la<lin( alrnad altar ataamar aalla UV?Wi'0WiR. > R'HUIWRi 'W A OQ.. IS Parb puwwa PIR HATANKAl ARP ridlRlPA-UWITRP RT1TRR mail 'Ina?Tha a'aamar PldiRTPA, Caplaln laaaa (Wwsra'l, srill !aata on Ha wr.liiy. May ri ai ? n'rlob I' M fr?? I'l?r Bo ? o-wro nrtr r.?i. mnii) .... - w-. Far rrH*hi or ? *?aatn apply W? R. U MITi UK!.U U raa'taitr. Tkronuh 'trkrui fhaa K?w T irk to .Jib ;.??o Till"-. f?? . <" PtUlkk, Ml Hto?m?ra rnr Florida n? Fa- mim>. with "? atrananro fnan Row Fork mi T i B'Urn and Fid CHARI.FHTOIf, POtTT*? PA ROM* A. - THR ArPFlior aid* * honl alnaunahlp HTA1K O * iliit It .1*. Uapt J J. (iarrln. all) ?all from Phl'aMp'ila .?. ' ho: '?uin n kunrday, May Zi at I0o>'n-k, A. M IVin pi.""**'* w"h r?ry-nprPor rlate mom acnnminnilat'nni, Stf ', *' Thr M'a'r of Ho-nyta wtl Mil a.r*ln * hVjto Hn'iioItT, .fnn? A. Tho Kryalonr Sutt* ?aila for Maransnh, -tal ?nl?r. Way V A IIKRtlN, I r , A a ml, l'htliwlal|>hiA si a?.r ii Wharroa fj'oR JIORFOIK AMD PRTKW?Bl R>>.-TUK DJUTKl* r F'aioa mail at?am<Mp Ro\R"KK. Oap? Thoa ^Wnnor, will Irai a fiw ihn abor# plana* n?, W> In*** ?r, ihr *wh tar'art. al 4 n'rhRk F M . from pl*r IJ Mniik ilrar Hho will arrlrn a* koHkik 'h* not! attornm*, at Pnt-mbnH ibn f"il?'rU?d mutulWA I'aeawtuiore for tha Hoolk wlU pn*"?d dlrnc'Ay an by tlr? ?roat Mo-i'hnra mall lino to t 'Wlna'oa. Aafi'MiA. >? ?? nnan, Ao Tbn*? fhr will arriro a' ttpff 'W "B-iikm rarlr on Friday morning Tramllora wUl Htad thla a fAtmprwi. pl-aaanowi and moat rip?l!<J?'!* nanm Paa roadway 'LB SHEET. * Taipurri. ______ NlliUJ't* UaRUKN Dour. <>pt*n M 7, to ooaunwnixi .1 B o'olook. I rtCk?U ....10 MM* 1 KvBu'mu. M?T 3) l?T MORR ATTRACTIONS Ht TllK WONtlKKKlU. RATitl.R Anunno Two ?imw |>wt? Jnromr .TwaoWic ?r? j U t w*?*,k o? th* eh** mmc i Mile. TIlhKPHA EOKkttT, E^KNP'"* -?, ..un ./iMiti ii aran. unri.wmii, I.INA WTWI>WU heowad Dlfthl of the I lin'w c mtr hallet of K I M - K A < rand ballet dlvertlaKK.-TIWI. HANSAKT1. The comic partntmuie of tiik POOPKRS I Thnradav?The Wonderfe! Ravela mid IVmhle iVmpanv. OBriAT WOVKI.TT AND OTHKR ATTR \OTIOMl4 Ttoirleliim. ,1/A NKRK IT A KaMiLY Rave arrive i in th? Ai' mnl will li.irtly appear i Stki hi Notic k. -Ihc imtilio In reepnctfnlly InforinnA Ha' In coiieeqnont'e of the rrent popularity and nntneion- to pi I eationr from famlltea and arhonla for the romm'tanee of ihKa'ordav afternoon ItTTrnlle Perfvirtanrva 'he Wonderfol Have la have lieen Indun d to roioent to hIv** site cteri wa Ittrday afternoon, uotnmeneina at H o'rlneh and relinquish tile perfotmaTi In tie evening of thoae daya. Welt drain) Juvenile Af ernoon performance Hatnrday Ma tft. Nthlo'a (larder may he ntfltM RV I rat e|as? perfiMRMM (VI Natnrde* aaeoloe- ? ?A gjijlKTSly:" *l " "ra"', ,r"m Wai.I.A^K'M thkatbk. KBgagement or MR WAM.AOI. Wrm??*t>*T M*v J), MCOUd night of CoUll*li? lint* |ilav ?f THK I Huh UliKKT. Sir R. Mortimer Mr WaJlack < r*nn Mr. 1-eelcr; HAinpsoti Mr W.ilcol, Wi'O.M Mr* liner With THK OAPTAIM Of TilK Ylaconnt de ligny Mr |,e*i<?r lo morrow?Hhaltapere'e beaudfut iilny of AH YOU i.l K K IT. With I'M. TRM. YOUR WlKlt. KrMay?THK HUHOLA It. Saturday -IXIH C.fXAR OR ItAZAN and TlfK I.ITTi K TRKASUR*. a ne* coined/, written erpreaaly for till* theatre, entitled TUK KltOITn OK M A If, la In reheAmal. Uoi book open three day* In advance. LAURA KKKNK'H MRW THKATKR. Ulna Laura Keene Role Dtreetreaa Door* open at 7; commence at Vi o'clock, litis WrnNKsiiAr hvKNinr., May J I. ItUf. wtU be presented the plav, In three STILL WATKRrl RUM DKRP. t'eplntn llawkealey Mr. fl. Jordan John MiMuiaj ; Mr. O. WheatMgh Mr* Slemlurid Mist Idtura Kerne The whole to 'onclnde with TARIKTY, OR THK PTOTURK (JALLKRT. Hie new and hcantlfu' tableau* of Tiia rtiOH sr.AsoH* Haught ra of the Mar*, Miln li'aina. The Queen of the Moaea, And ut* Shower of tiohl. The last rcene well worth waiting for. AOADRMY OP MtJfllO? ITALIAN OI'KKA. Second Subtler ptlon Night, Mcnnr P. MORKI.I.I ha* the |i|ea*iire to announce to the pohllr chat lie lis* xurerrded In mskinr ?rranj.emr*t4 for Ui* iirsi appearance mi* season ai ine araiiotnj is Higuor llKlHNol.l. Ott Wftikssoat Ktbhino, MAT 81, 1KS7, when will be performed DcmlxeiU'a highly popular opera, In three act*, I.UOIA I>I I.AMM8RMOOR. Madame CORA OK WIMIOKHT, Kit,iior URlUNOI.I, Higuor MORKI.l.I, Nignor OAHPARONT, Tn the prlnrlpal roles. Musical Oonduotor O. Nloolao rklOBS or ADHIMtOM. Parquet, dress circle, or Ural tier One dollar Reserved seats Fifty cents oitr* Family circle Fifty cents Amphitheatre Tweuty live cenia Boxes from (it in $a> rhe box office at the Academy will be open dally, from e M. until 4 P. M. Ticket* can also be had at Hall k Ron's, 2m Broadway. Itreo sing'*, 7ul Broadway, King A Crawford'*, 61 William street Doors open at 7; Opera coinmenoea at H o'oloch BAltNl M'R AMKRICAN MU8KUM.?THIRD WKKK end oontlnncd tiitimpb of the entirely new peromely i autlful. deeply alfeetini draina'ln picture of fugitive tier life m the Ncrth, entitled NKIH HIHHt .1 AilK Wi lull this after 111**1 at 2>t o'clock, a* well a* tin* evening at 7t? o'chs-k The moat beautiful, picturesque and amusing picture or fugitive lave life In the North ever witnessed. admission 26 caul*, children under ten, 1 ?)% cent*. BUCKLXY'H RKRKN ADKR.V NSW HAL!., 683 BROAD way, oppoaite the Metropolitan Hotel. Tuesday and Wednesday, May 19 and 2U, by special request, the bui'U sque on the opera of TROVATORK. And Thtuaday and Friday, May 21 and 22, the opera of I.DORKZIA BORHIA. with the MIHBIHdlrPl HTKamHOAT and MIHWK8IPPI NKKJKRP. On Hnturday. May 23, there will be do performance. In oubsequence of the great preparations forth* production of AI.AIHIfN, OR TIIK WONllRKFl'L I, A MP. It will be t roduced on Monday, May 23, with entlre'y new and ernvt ( hineaescenery, drcsaea, and na tional charaoertatln noTeliles never yet produced upon the stage, the whole at a jost of upwards of I7,iSSI. BRYAWTH' MINHTKKI4, Mechanics' Hall, 472 Broadway, above iJraod street. Kvery eight daring the week, commencing Monday, May LB. UW7. Mew aongn, dances, aavines, burlesques, he. HlY.AKRI'KltlAN RKADINilMwri?o ?*"' 'DOWN IN' ALABAMA. JKRRY BRYANT and DAN BRYANT In prominent cnaractere. Tc commenae at A o'clock. Admission 18 oeata Franklin murkum, iar urand btrkkt.-thk only establishment In tha United Ktales where the Model Artistes are xhtbiu-d. Tbta troupe constats sf TWENTY 8KVKN YOUNH LAUIKS, Who appear every afternoon at S, and every evening at I, tn a aeh'CUoa of MAUNIFIOKNT I.I VINO PIOTURKS. Kidrrtcd from ancient and modem history N. II ?Htrangsrs will he cautious to purchase tickets up stairs The afternoon pcrftirmance li always coticludcd hy lisp past four, enabling all tn leave by the different railroads and steamboats VTIBT.O'8 SALOON.-THURSDAY, MAT 21, KRUOND jLv subscription concert and last anoearance of Madam* I'llHA UK wfLHOKMT, previous tc her departure lor Kurop* en III.' Sell Instant. Miss till lie, (distinguished amateur,) Mr Mor.-lll, Mr BIvsrde, Mr. )a*paroni. Mr Manrouhi, Mr. Millet, have voiunicert'd Tlckeis 81. roerved aeaU, R) cen'a exira To b* had at | llreuali g a, 701 Broadway, and at the Uiair on the evening of I 1 In- concert I VJ-ATIONAI. ACAPKMY OF DRRION TIIK THIRTY J.V second srnnal exhibition of ih? National Academy b new ofien dally, from 9 A. M U> lit P. ? at fait Kroadwav op poal e Bond street. The collection la forme I exclusively ol original pictures and sculpture h> lit ing ar'l da. which have ue* cr b 1 re h. n exhibited In this city Ad'uias.oa JS cents deaam Ueket flf cents. T. ADDIHON KDi.AllDH Orw, Secretary, R. a. TO KHOWMKN AND OTHKRR?FfiR H4LR, A HKAC tllul nn rhanioal iheaiie, wllh portable s ave, aeeuery, Costume* at.d i'giires Hirer feet Ilxuv1 for selllug warn of capita). I'srm' seen at R7 Walk* r street in 'he b*s* in* til. 1'IK LKl l I UK jiLteUX. IjiRKic i.wrrrRh8.-n* h kitoi wii.r. nRr.rvnR F tfta thiol It a'.lira of hi* ?prlng ntiraa hi It>>p?i i hapal, <11 Ur< adway "tt Krt 'ay rtotilna, Vital. fiibjtui ? ' irut n-alhoda of rnrtnp 'Iimpmi rnmmenelnif ! el?M n elon I. i uifc uii k DOUOLAM am-OMAR Mi I to* RR r MOM la ill dbii'H/'i In RI1II0 i mm rliuri fi, I'rlnoM drii'l, nirtii r of Marlon, thin W.'Iih.Iij itmniif, ?h?. ht " If.i* j inn hi th* Atnarlean t'nl?n under the I'orMiltiilinn la an'l tlarery or not." Altnltlaiiea In renin. &KWAR1M. $*? RRWARH?li4)iT, A BI.ATK AXf! WtfTTK XKW O Innndland altil. Anr per?on retnrnio* li-r in the r.iro t ol lint avenue and Thirty i<r?t atrawt will riwm iknm?<a re ward Mnl Ui? bank* ol Uio owner. R w. VAWntRPOOU Ijr -KMMAWT III HIVKPH PKVV AV?TIIP KASK.V .T.) learned ? IMtl.HK A K A aratrm of hunt trlluky, AO iipwdway. will remote all a.llln-aa from tin* tiag-i * gi a foil mmaiiiil o( ami maka hatter bailneaa writer* la k-n learnna than oiliar Ayntrma <!o la ten m niiha. Three ft anata J oat inra rd - RHWARH-THK AR'iVK RIWARII Wlf.t, HK Pi/ paid te> the penum who picked op an opera Rla*4 1**1 e> enluk In O'Kaefe A Kellley'a o twiliiM No I alio* i Iha Rt Rioledaa Hotai, iia return <>( the ?*rna to the ofllua of the Afar i haul a II' A#', C rttand' alreal. Rama of owner hi>i'laof caaa. Al |\ RRWARP.?TAKKR * R'l* rtOVKRX R'R I/*I, iff II. ^iV on Saturday nl?hi. 'IMh Inal , a new ! / feet w .rkioi hnat, preen rwrt/.m, bloa aldea, rail gunwale and whin a'-urn Ant pene.n iilein* Information of ?*U boat to .Iwnw Kmif. fool ol I'toii* atrent, Hnn h llmokl/n, ahall bare tba ahota reward R. M. ? >o bouora boarila or hewna- au m bar. Ain RKKAKU.-LIWT MR HIil.h.N. OR TlfciOAT, Dllf II k IA i .< k. 1 ? !r.,*n II .? I "I .lamea .'oi.ea f i*rl in iwiqi'i Par rri'Ot baa hnen bean atopped on all of lh?m Amount* and by whom drawn alll bn tlten In n> m rrow a papnr. Any perum returning ika aama ahall meaita tka reward and no <| neat one aakrd. JAR. JOIRKA, 3U Allu atrml tii- r.r.waun ?lost or kTot.K* n im ri ??x rv ? ) Anliir Hniiw. a *>n'li nn.a < aol I pi ball and I ail? a li rliAii cald ahaln waa a'> ??i fa ir f?a> hour, and hifhlt prttod a? ? family relle; whoeeee will r?'om 'he ??ma in t?a kttce of Iha Aatar llonae will ranairn ihr ab in rawari. ai d bo >ue?tk? i ai kid. Site RRWARD?l/MT, IX MUO rRo* TIIR A.A aw?' t..r Il-ii.a to tba Rnrwlrh ' i'. on lA'irtay ah?r ni*m. a iliaioor r| elmter pin, 'lnnonA ?h?ba. ? ani?la.| Ilia abnra rrward will ba pud to Iha Hinlnr oa la dalimry al Um- nAna of iba Aalor llouaa. RFfrklRART* 1RNOMIIH Uhl.oIR HrkK 11 WUI ha aat tad up UlU da'. Al tba r rabalbnu Ala I.unoh >{ on. l.A W .tar ? ran and HVHHX < ill' tiAHiw.T m n.iimis /' kkr TUBtup sour arm atraki (tT^Brun trr IjT mplH lamb aad pnsa. ronal ut?, swsnt: fn.vt? kmdWn, Miparagua, flah rbowlrr, Ao., with all otto.r dnltoaalna of tb? -apon, Will bn Ml"! 'IJ? Ihla <1 ay and iilfln* Ul? wink altbo|'? rrnrraiinl, il N*??ati ?'i 'tt, "U? door from slmrt, by R I' *' 'HT<i".MKHT S. II ? Tamilian? ippllnl wltb nir> wnil tormpin aonp by lh? quirt. KnH1R?TtWA RRRTArRART AWM RTf.MARn A A lorn. M Ikotin;. nra? n>?'r and baa-man? of |j?n'n , KrrM'l -11" rM U? "? lb* lr<l H> nr li ?r rnn|<i| on mi improrml pln?. a bora If rnjoym nt of * bantr Ml will pl> ??< 'I < ti. i l?ail<ll? u? apleurtt. I iiim r fr >.a I P. Ik tin il II V 1 lift 1 r'.tanl nxun in tha haanrvaat rnMMa*four of Plia !?n'a tea: tail's. 8. H. No fotiuecllot ariUi lbs man up stairs. Vf 1ST ovricv AOTIfKN, >? ?r?l liFF li K ROTICK.- MIR MAP.* Aft* OAMPOR i x a ? au?l Houih ParlHo Ouaat, par Unit* I siatra at<*am*r t. KiRilk I. v A , *111 cltw at Ihl* i.rlU-u on Wadnaoday, tl?? 2uh Jay *?T, si one o Jork I*. M. liAAO . POWl.BR, Pnstmastar. V<UPTUW. AM TO T rjBri L-T1IR bTRAMRUK- ' > > l* WANt IIKMtpR will aall fy..m fi?w Trrk n lb-'Aba of Ya, si 9 A ? pi i. im|i Para in nabln, B76, tfilnl o'aaa, W tor PMSMI* .T.SI or to L Tar pool, spply ki S.A11K1. * Oo? TiR, 177 >' i?.I? ay. FtRBT PAOXRT PoRB MVPJilnnU XT Pscki-' Mar H.- lha ealnbratnd park at afctp W M **?. IRRPfT, ''nrtA "aR, wilt pt?IU?aly salt sill M. 1*? p*oMa?T ' oakia. an. <4,d nabln and atAnrapa apply on b.mrV '.in * *W rtrsr, or to TAlUl.t/TT M IX)., MBfeu* almas DAOADWAT TH HATHA. D I. Mwshail Ma irnmmm ! W K Blake Htase :v>ora open at Tt< Performance to begin el 71<>'alneh. W>ii?wnir Kraai no. Mil 1*. IMS7. end every nlgbt during 'he awl. the grand legendary and ; a>'?nlc drama, in three acta, called rivnTUB, the mint altrartlra apeulanle aaar praa anted at Ihla Aeali^ now revived with a moat brilliant oaat of characters. Beam lful teenery by Nrlaler OaaaraaL rtroara, I including the performances of the l/uncl Mann factored Wfm 11 han ta, Ballet llanore. la'Umanh- KfTeots, Ac., An., la tha afcrts of M .'ci Kicaixaaca. Fur full deecrlptlon ?e* lulls. There will ba no other ptaon performed with FaUHTCS Shu-tly will hi ihibuni at this theatre the nnwlr dlaoovamd ?u?l truly tiaefol application of tlanilner'a patent OAI.Y > NO KI.KI TRIo UAH LIuHTKRH, by which Innumerable bunn ri, chandelier*, An., will, Mlf name, hi once he lyuioj H 'hut moat dazzling and atnrtMg prnorna w mmiij anil safety In all public buildings will at own* br miciirwl In honor of an event of auoh gpneml advantage to the community. the front of the hoiuu* will be hrUUaaM Illuminated Bowkkv tmkatkh. Role b-Ha?n Mr T. II. MsiyMT lage manager Mr. K. .lohnaMM r< heetra 1'hklre, Ml oenla, Dreaat'lrrle and lloina, ]i aawMI P? and (lalln-y. 12^ renta; Private Itoioa, (A. Iloonoya alT. loonirmenre at 7U o'clock Wkiihwhiat Kvanino, Mar 2d, IMF. I At'ttllK I.KIHI.KR TIIK Ull M II Ul HI, OK 11 UNO A. j Kl. H YDKR. BUKTON'H NKW THKATKK, KRIItllWlT. PIXTKKNTM NK1IIT of the ray auooaaarul young American actor, EDWIN itooih. who will appear In hht groat tragic character at PtCftOaKA. ffnimtniT Kvaantn. Mat 20. IMF, Khlel'i great lire act tragic play, entitled TilK ArOHf ATM. Pcacara Wala Mi Honnda Hit. K I. I)av?a?art Malic... Mr. (,'haa. MMr ' Bfowyi L P ItarraM | l'atdeDruz Mile. I>unv Barre and Mr. Ueo. final* MIUDHIKP MARINO. Naticite Mian Polly Maratadi CtHANI) mint) A I. FK8TIV A I.. AT THM MtJfilU MAJdb X In tit?too on the 21*1. Zfcl ana 2hl of Mar. by MM HAN DEI. AND HAYDN HOOIKTY, with arhorna or atk hundred and an orehealra of an I fitly M 1 be yetUval wiU commence on the morning at tin MM, iTbtiradav.) at It) o'clock, with an Addreaa, approprtatn ** oonaatou, by ibn llt)N RORRRT O. WINTUdOP. To be followed Immediately by the ORATORIO Of TH K tilt RATION, RT H ATOM. In the afternoon there will ba a Urand Miscellaneous and orvheelml tltineert by the lull orchestra. of morn *aa seventy live performers, varied with anleoUona at YoasJ Mta ie, commenting nl 3t* o clock. Friday morning 2>i[, at 1132 o'clock, the KCIIAH. RY MKNOKIJWOTIN. And at S12 o'clock P M a Miscellaneous Concert am?n ? the one of the ilny preceding (Hi Saturday morning, 23>l. at 10)i o'clock, A (IRANI! M.M KI.I. <NK()l'H AND OBOHMTftAI. CONOERT. And oa Saturday evening, at 7U o'clock, HANIiKI/K MKSKIAH. wltli which the Festival will eloee. Ticket* for the course. with reserved sests, at M seek. M now for mil* hi Russell A Richordson's 201 WsshUlgtoa ihMk and on Wednesday 20th, single tickets to the sepsrate eem? rnrta will he for snl", 111 (be same place, at 91 each, aad aAv that date at the Music Hall. L. H. llAltNMd, Secretary. / 1 WH> OHR18TT * WIIOIIH IT MIMRTRBLa, 444 Broadway, below (irand street Henry Wood Itsbnn? Maemmm Oeo. Christy gtage IkMi A N0TT7KR RJTW PIKOR. Knti Rvaeiau Hum so tub Wiu a well selected prop ram me of Kthlopian Snogs, BaMM, Mb tnlrodttolug an the latest favorite plcoea, with Pecsllar ties of the Southern Darkiee, Inatr* menial Holos, Whimsicalities and Fuuny Stories. (Vjnoludlng with a Dew edapUt'lon. enttllod the TWO CKuWM. Hembe Short dee. OMMp oora open at 7: curtain risen at R n'nlnek flMMTK'H OI'KRA HOU8R, 49 BOWKRT.- AMOTKMM Tf great bill, forming a hill of envoi tv, rvn aet> ttijitt. ngftprtm-nt for ibis week only with (ho p MP MMdphb isvsrtte, vt*., PHTI. OANHOW, the champion Trtsh jl| dancer and Irlah comic vaaalM, 19 cerarenieni of Signer Marlluettl, who will appear la Em laagfaahle farce entitled TIIK JOLLY MTLhKRft. tSutrley While In his new arte of old King (hew. W. Vlneem in bia heanuftil danosa. Pierre and Turner In their Southern paatlmss. Hll'y yuin. the ctinmplon Jt* ilancer, P>?ether with the variona mionben of tbta talented IHVMK Ike whole fi rmuip a HaKIKh OK NUVKK PA1I.1N<1 AMIIMKMRHT, at U> bt* equalled by a similar esiabllrhmenL Change ?dpf? mu.DH every evening. Open at i; commenoe at A lMb> Ion?Parqurtle, 12 cent*; b<>xce. 6 w?u. CH.AYTON CI.I B. f Grand complimentary Tkrt HMONIAL. On Finn*r kvKNinu, Mat B BY BUOKLKY'M OPnRA 1 Roll I'M. (Wi Broadway. Fur particular* aee prog rain men. ipAKKT DRANR RRPPKiTFUI.I.Y A RBOCROMB *? ' hnr friend* anil the public thai ahe w?" k-wiirts will Ki?r her eilraordlnary Imitation of Mlaa Matilda Herua to the rntlre eeormd act of <" A M1 I.I.K. also nt Mrs John W ?o^ Inltriyirwl wlih awn and reclatlona To onoelude aa night with the laughable farm at TIIR ACT R RAM OF " ? WIiKK, in whioh Mlaa Oeane anataina aeren dUTeraal ohM racier*. forming li ill I moat auractiae and serai aatar* tela meal MRI.OPKOR, 217 B< IWKRY.?CROW 1>1D ROURtoi every niche Thla elect anil popular ealabUatoaaM to i npcm FRKR TO TIIR PlftiUO fnen 10 A M. k>7 P. M. In the evening to a raid the ml and keep a raapeclabla eetab.lahaaeal, ike nominal fan at MX CKNTri la charged for admlodnn The company engaged far toll week dUlanoea any other place In the city. First appeatwato Of PHIL. HARBOR, I the Philadelphia favorite creai Irtah jig dancer and IfMkhp oaliat. lateihi-r wllk Billy Jacob*. i>usk IWwthoR. M*am Rtnr, the char mine MhwflTRWART. M ile I.AHORDR, Mgnor Martlortti, the aetnnlahmg knife thrower, logatoar wRR comic danccn, aentlmental atnaere Kthinpian dallaaaMSSk toM whole forming a dlrerallted bill of attraction. UoaaM Mm merino at 8, olnae at II Tie beat nl wiau, utttioe# ran (scab*. f*rer beer on draught, art red by pleaaing and faaelnatoM rnear ladica. AOAOKMT op MI MIC TO I.KT? FOR OPKRAR, l>OB> cena, balls, lertnree and aimilar reapretabla porpeasat Apply b> N II. WOI.KK, No. ilHnuth aired. M'R HACK?A PARORAMA OF ARCIRRT RIRBYRto. P painted liv Cooper, of Imiidon, who waa aent by the M> tiah Murrain with b? second eimdlllrm of Mr. laranL Tfca painting embrarca rlcwa In Ayr'a, fil*hfnl rrproaen ationa ad anclen1 archltec'iire, acnipiurcd figure* of rod*, men, beaaM Ac , ribnno'd by Mr. Ijayard, aom? of which were rrmovva to and are now In Ihe Hrnleh Museum Plnoraa, ewrAatoto An., all complete. Can be area at MoRKklrL'R, Ra M Broadway. laKALLlbkAl A 0<T? H ad. ~ IITAN'TH) TWO RiOKKKKPKRA. THRKK C KRKB V? for ticket and shipping .>Hlre?, two eondncor*. four riarha I ir MHBnrt RhH di? Rood i iliMTR two mrrfrto ainrMR dritara, Iwn harharpaaii, two I M(K?("iii<-n, two brtk.Kaan. throa llrrmi n, iwn mai, and four boy* fur Irtwlaa mm annua. Appl) to KAuIVA.N k U A UK All, Mo, /on drnwd*?;. PKCIA - mux.' <. I/?)K TUfc IIKKAI.D. F I*nw To**, * / l? I<w. M*. P f rrn*?Mnmri*, of llm Unltad AtaMB N??r ha* bran plaaaed tneBBaw iba publication of lnMr, hi a hl> h f Iwl railni upon In rrplf. 1 can .lllncina dial I'oiuinod ra MTrlna f? !? 'maw/ In M *aqn?1ioa m 'ha Bri''nra* whlrh hara k'm paa*ad m Ma foff ir?* lo i?rr>iia ih> nidir# *f thr llapir manl In r if~i nan In 'ha /"aim lalairl. but I ran mil (Wiimhi that ha ahali ba partnlliad lo rirti?" til# naiilaai ill duty ?1 mf aypanaw In nnUrlac lit* raport of ijm tiuano nutpanr, in*.la to MB at.M'kh<iWara la January laat, In- 'him allnd"# In ma ? " V) moUra In ailrartin* to tha oampfalat *1 all la In notfaa a* par mil* a dnaumanl amb ?ila.| taari in, and amanailii* fraaa Br < Vr Hrnaoii, Ilia arant of lha #mimnr. ?h" m-rompmnial Una ahip In Uia rnilaa In Ilia mland of Ifaw Wanturta^ # haUarlnf i hat al ia> illalanl Haia Uia IBatn would ha damonalratait ihat a Uniting la lm|i<i*alhla M It* * # ".11 of thr ; rar whan Uila ship wa* la Uia t km nit/ uf ika laland " i ha i ''Hamo1o*a wa* nnfnrmnn'a, aamr.| luy lo hi* rlawa. to I ha aaai'Mi at whlah ha m?|? hi* Bhortlr* apainpt to *I*M Hb> kar'a lalati'l, ami ba i< ai iallr unfortnnata In 'ha *a?aaM i h" aril I"/ hitn f">r nrntir* hit dafanea. ?. i* lai.ay |* laittd I'anama, April VI, lIVi. I'n hat day iba aganl "if lh? <i?aaB O mpany arrtrad at I'anama with tarrral bin* nf fiaim^ '*> ti fr.m llah*r l*1*nil. In haal*. *t Iba rar/ wt**i ?Mah h#"t ?"i" h tarr t* f r I?rrnod< r* Marrina, nataaly, iba wfasnr month* I tla tlmpla *Jo*iin lohfut that nannm now ha i mBB ri r I'd, cri n I./ nmmodnm Mart in*. I* *nlbriaal prm* tofll mi /wii/m-nt 'thai a burling wa* prartlcahla," wa* rorraaA In raaaril hi rUltlng iba hi and Iba f*r| l?, ha wa* ordaraft hv tha 0" | afniani lo mat* a iai 'ting. II* fatlnd hi pai A* MB hi* doty. I than offarad lo do H fnr blm. If h? would allow m* bnaA A* thai unrpnaa, hut w?a rainwd. ami bo now air iaa* Mah> If l.j i*f" nun'* 'ha Aib*imbu p- pi* that "U wonld bwwB barn unpmfiwaM'*!." II . ra''i. lan'lT *'lmlla 'i *'*'"ndii * h.vl haan nu?djb hm'! hum lh? pnhlm hallam it ?M don* Willi rraat i? nllT ano pari I b> a'aun* "a? ltifoma.1 lltuum*. pliahail bj Ii?.nn <>? .J.- Kaiclwaib laljuxla. notoilwunlr * ( Hi mirl ni-ii m iJm wm i.i. u. ..or of Unit/ mwi ?>nMrwHt IntiWkpnrinwt" 1 ' " InM . Tli- fnc* Ililw?n '?fi|if anil 'hir'r lundliypi ww? from iha ?rhn.* ar Uhollho Id bwuhiii wlinla howMt L.a-V.l in * m*i?.ii f .1 InnHncan within four Incbcw of th?tr uhmIm, it-mt i?l 4UMMrf imf una Hihur bf n| ba? ihrr, JWr Arthur b linn or Mr. i 1 arlna II Jufld, bill caa>- ?mi n?i 'I. for th? nlttclaut r-w? o UuM thorn m no? ? en: or on hi'Dril Urn TrawL Th<? ( onnn<i<lor? Wo hnir-1-1 r-.f ?'?i*n dart amnnd nnt| nowr U>? li*w4, and ? ni lad iho pliw m?i? tho t-iirmoin. wnvln and wonibir ol Iidi r*?m ii dnriuf thla pcrmd.'' II ral.mii tola*ward or ilia i?lanl bf mlataka and ii| mtlng fftaan <'*}* In *attinw hack It "d alu manna "bn!r.WI?4" lb* wltnl* and wava* and amdfun 'ha ph.-niiinatia of tha norr?i 'a " Ac , ha la corral. Ilia f'nmanalnra f'ir bar *AT* ? Thar- la no pratmifa?nj whar 1 nod In ft having bona m? Inrinc antra tun," In rafi Utton . f hic.h I bog learn lo praaonl tha a man 0f ' t'w fnilrtnriiiB ahif a, which n.j hrmhnr, In bin lata <l*4t M da? h?r'a Itl?r.I cr j | from ihw raonrl ?f maantaknpt ? <aw teiai.d. In wbk h la via'.od the nana ol thn raaaal. iba -apaaag . >!??? of arrival. l?ngih of toy***, ?h?w b>iu*>l. 1"*l J Mil. *?!,*?!. . mM. Iha fobowtng fvlnTl'M In 1151?9lnp? H: hnri ** ,aC n^gra, bark Rraena, abipa Uwd, I.a lf til*. . Ik*n<>l da. .. . IW>t?l?ark Jaapar. ahlpa Jrha WnlK <v<rrr'>* * tartriw. bhwirr *(HM>t??n. Pawn * WW* v. "US? Iiiii.*, la-rd l.'an'j?n. b*** *' par, aklpa A k ma, t innlfih. Hnml Irr. m IAV,- -Mutta ( ran-.n, <i'n?r""i (/?? % i-.*nmo4af? *<.rr??. MI'nbMh -r?h -? P *"mi^,giw mt - ( ????. ?, ?*A *?'* PmnM?,? ,fpt ORKM, T9tnrnar, (.?' ?? a ear* . _ . _ HI ?.. ? ?h'i;f ' *.rn? nrra r?. KitM mil *11.'. 'f b. h K i nr?. b ?rfc* K ' tk-^ ?hip JnSn A. Rohb, bark Hell > 'f'sV'!^?W' * '",".n"r ,U!?nl!i 11 t. no- r.rr pr. m?n w.jj'M aal*.* Jm w..-?tpl?r.' h.-? .*"-a Una u? ** .laponlt if n?wapap?ra. "" Ilua *?' * ( ' ** will f wrtblf rwin mil I"" * 'p* rJJ' mt't rkwa tip-m (he www Hiily!'" 1 *' of L* wh.? ih? ginanloppar ?>-.?n?i a burden " '? < '* raemberte* \? . invaluable aerffeea "f hie pm( prime ' k"" .?* fr>m "aetlrn aervlea In ? HUM. aim ?", undue ,u lh? TtrlnaitiulM .* wind, wanlh , mlidir^nu . nf'W ? uMnira." MlKqniMknM ?h.r.- he m?jr ?p.?l <*e uaJancn nt hi* daye in "miuitMi iig i1'#.#' , Tn rtvW " lh.'?P ^,,1 Ini|. T(?nl rntiekleraU-iee, I bag tm public X> b?bii?? r ,f ( rtb.-r atrte. irea upon ha r.unmndura'e wiljftuntlc V . am. nt V?r? i ?H*c?ritr 0. W UHKdU*.