Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLB NO. 7569. TBP tntnrny rv amr vnnir ?ui nilWrVlil MMM MMMM WW IVAMIa IMPORTANT PROCEEDINGS YESTERDAY. The Police to be Resolved Back to the Old Watch System. TIE "CHARUES" AND "LEATHER HEADS" REDIVIVUS , Bx citing Scene in the Board of Supervisors. Mef Matsell Dlesilwed by the New Commleeluners. Ippoiitment of Captain Carpenter at Bepnty Superintendent. THE QUARANTINE INJUNCTION. Another Hew Law Disregarded by the Merchants. Meetings of German and Citizen Volunteer*. hftrtut Imefldgatlen lot* the FlnanrlaJ Iflklrs ef tbe Ctty, ho., ho., ho. No previous contest on any topics of law toothing Stale ad municipal policy could well have excited so extensive and lively an Interest as that now In progress bo In era ear municipal authorities and the hungry rapacity af Mm thirty eight political mercenaries of the black republican Coeriek hoard which Governor King has billeted pen the city of New York. The most active, dangerous and unscrupulous of those 1 maraud! ig squads Is banded either In tbo acting number af the Police Oommissiooers, or enlisted collaterally in the mrvtce of that Board. Battled and beaten back by the Olid ads of the city authorities, or overawed and dismnoerted by the lowering scowl of public sen lament, ttey advance and retreat daily upon some new scheme, and with the mast dogged pertlnacy seek to compass subversion of our chartered rights, for the dirty aoquihittm of their eight dollars a day. The latter they may mhieve, but each new step they attempt only proves the Mare ck-jly the inviolability of the basis on which those ftchla At t? hnniki tmi mnut In Oia nnri /wlv rmisn iKm s??*w t? such effort a* shall scrape off every corrupting fungus and bur ry leech which pohbeal schemers and the shoals ?' brief r? legal shark* have fastened on the prosperity of mm dty, through the Ignoranc e, coum vance or selfishnen of unsr (silous ronntry legislators. The Felloe Oommuoloo has now progressed throng* a variety ?.f councils, ami for a board organised am ih and in d.dly session. It ban accompli-bed lew 1 made Mre nns, disturbance, and threatened more mlscnief son an" similar ineutution ever pot on foot In our monicli^i prectnrts. Besides this, tt has exhibited soeb ra leal imbecility In iu councils, ?uch a vaclltming revaisattoo In its purposes, thai were there no other oh jbwSjcj to Its existence, this akme were insuperable ss presenting It entirely destitute of tlie executive unity absohsiety indispensable for the peculiar d uties it Is compassing ts asurp in our eity. Yesterday was signalised by another revolution In Its plan for depriving the bead of the city government of hut organized executive aids for the eororoement of the City oremances. The entire matter of the "siandiag army'* was laid on the shelf. The attempt to demoralise the muBid pa I allegiance of the pobce force, by ridiculously seek tog to play such a game with Ui?m sr might have been dowe with a company of mercenaries in the pay of an old mediaval dty, has fallen through In a manner really ex toward mar y, as only three traitors have been found in all " W the 1.3M mew enlisted in the municipal servioe. The pet fogging "Mark Meddle" scheme of Captain (Xr pewter has ton bailed out In the Klfth ward -tattoo. Notwithstanding a particular Insolence and unnecessary smerttveoee* on hfo part, by mounting hie ro>trum nig buy and exhibiting a nert ot "kick me it you dare" temper towards the men Mb eastern p? and Indifferent el nitty that Ike TMtHaltrn mt ib? Ooamtomooer* outstripped ibe -hanm tt ha mmbawling lb* palioiim of a ormiuand which be tad sought abortively to compromise, betray for the poor eooslderatoun of the promotion which be baa achieved today, and wbwh baa Bnai'y left bia station bouse without lb* re proacb of bta presence The fluctuating ooojiarer of lawyrra to wh"w> the Con abwioaera bad referred the mait-T of derising tome Mans of evading their own law, aod the plain construetorn farced upon it by the Popervtaora Of the county, made ttortr report to day in the munnar of a variety of "oplotuna '' The t'otatnUmioncra atl-'Ct to consider ihemaelvea MUrOed with the plane presented by their law Cr?, and indeed they had already partially proceeded the bar ines* of testing them. Tim beata of all the view* azpraaard In the prsmi-en lr that the aoti"Q of the Super rbtri of the ouonty of New Yorb perfected the new Police ha by Uk dual acoe >taow and recofutUoo, and that their resolution constructively placed them in pMxesak n of the sawing poiloa force and I* apportenarce* to the city. Wbtb-i they would acknowledge the right of llmitatkm to vo patrolmen aa valid and out to be qus*b<m?d, they as mi' to have been placed In command and in office by feat aat, In the tall extent of the poiioe force then cxiitiug and not die handed. They accordingly yoelorday aunounoed their decision In the case of Malm'U'a contempt and disobedience, and duly notified the Chief of the mu?lcl|ial poRne three of this dty of his dnunl?sl from an office under (be spfxsntmenl of Governor King, and tbe Otmmlaeloners bo which he hail sorer been spuoiuusi or commissioned, war could bare been appointed or cimmi ftoned, any mo'i than sorb at assumi*no onold be mainlalned In respect toOiptam biscafactty of L'nited Sutra Maraball Tbe eoa itruutlvn * Imm can giro tbe moat iotslligi I ble bearing to the actum or the Oimml??loner? In res|iecl bo the Chief of Police of the dty?n? the county, or stuteor the nveKopoti'an eutric?of New York, Is that by the fol 'lawing eminent they directly sorer themselves, and the dWahitliy in their law, from a < < instructive dependence on to* verbtge, not ita eetvutulKSial power, from any oon aaMion with the mantopal police *\ -I'm ? mcnarflxor hatskt.L nr tub albanycoumimiom. At a meeting of the Oommuw itinera of the Metropolitan Police, at their office, No. 8 Try on row, na the JOth day of May, 1HM, at 10 e'elnnb In the rureounu, Preeeot?Nracon ilraper, Janes Bowen, Jacob Choi wall, Jhiaea W Nye, Commissioner*. Tbe Oerk of the Oommiaaioaere having eaosed George W. MaUril, Uepoty nu per intend eat lo be .ailed, and ho ant appearing, the OoenmlMlooer* proceeded to lain tee U moil y to the UM.wbrl! it in ratio Cantors ly poured that the rani lig|f W. Mateell, Hrymty Pnprrlnundeiit a* a'nreaaid, wa> rnllty of toeuhordiiiaiton ia rof i*in(f to obey the law ft I ardor of the General Superintendent of Pulson, reread ro him an the Hth day of May tnriam, by rep jdieUnf authority of the Mid Ctemmira.oarra II a hereby or data l and adjodfed by the Commle?io*>ere aJbrraajd that the raid <.?or?o W Matarll bo and U bowaby dtamweed from the offer of Drpnty Huperlnlenstent of tba IMropol an Pattoa diatrlct of tb? HUM of Now York MM BOW IMAPKR, President, JAMB BtiWKN, JAOiR CBotwrix, JAMB W NYK. tat f taH, Chief Clerk yn Mt Tbto notJoa of dirmireaJ ww nerval about noon, and by 4 o'clock the oommtarioa of hi* aoroawnr wan madn oat M Carper tor, of the Fifth ward nation hoana. Thin pro motion waa the chiof Irrer wntrh bad beoa pat in opera boa to bribe aad pervert the BdelH, of municipal offc ir* a an abort!re connivance In the web" me lo brook up and M brlnr into d tarred it the Carta of the eteaotlva municipal privUofoa of Now York. It ia blybly credit nbla to the rptrlt and honor of the twenty wo oapUina In oommand of the dty poivoe, that tae fame attempted an them me u bed in the manner It ban. Ike port waa Oral offered to all the promioeot democratic mptaine m the farce, for It wan at one time Uwmght indte enaable to eoror the from partisan aim* with which the TOwmuMtca t< id*wtia?d, by protnotiof a aort of bnmet wort of minor officer* from the democratic party. Not a tfn?le mrr of thtahlnd waa fauad, who ww.ld oooaent lo area. T -e next dodre waa to call ail the black rnpnbliauo lapel ior at the Fifth avenue rauour, aad put the bribe ap at a rortcf enmpetMton. to evrtta a feerai defection In taal maat Thir aieo failed The evident ahaeooe of a nor ill to ladlrtion In the premtoea, made the keen oM Itooordnr irlnk from onmpromutnp himmif in the re nonriht'n of order" and wo none ware renturod upon. Not a ataf its captain baa to thin day rooetrad a doonaanot, fscoetmotlTOly or directly addreered lo him, beariaf even tbo printed name of lha Qommladooera or their ftunerto keadnni, la the of an order carpenter, ( a termer which threw all reepomiMMr la a very fellah manner apoa hie men alone. Mewed forward ae a rolonteer frmn the irrrW nf hM old emptor era and the alleetance nf the mnnMpaHtf. to eee* (he thirty piece* of aHrer to the *ervtee nf an Albahf recen 0y, Tnr which the folktwln* warrant waa dul/ put Into hM tend* jroaMrday t? nrm sonuuirnutncNT curwm'a ooaaiaHON. Omeat or roranonw or Hmmmiitf Pmjc*,) IMma oo two Near* or N*w Yon*. V Now Taw, Mar It, iw. J Ma? Ynw have thta day Waa appointed l?rity Haperla rodent of the Metronnhtea Police dl-trlrt far the city and wmaty ?f New Vorfc, aad ymi are hereby In voted wttb all the power* aad dnltee of aatd office, ao provided by the Ml entitled "An art to arUbHab a Metropolitan Puttoe die 5asar*,,t Sissr*r-" ? JAMffl T. NTF, I Oaiuinleelnwen JANW BOWICN, f of I'oUca. XMWB CBOLWku. j . Toru*??uarwm? I / ? E NE" I After all ike bo?T tempering of (be Uonxnteeioners, | their vfeils to the municipal b'aliuu bo.. tbor secret promise!, their bojr corps ol rples of dismissed ?txl broken members of the department, their entire feroe after a Mash's campaign, as openly declared, thus far comprise * following:? thk nmracnom runs wt. jn m laolel Carpenter 1 Ca|>tain, 6th ward < James Brtui 1 Lieutenant, 19th ward. ? Thomas irteer* 1 Horgcaut, 131b ward. Total 3 men. Thst in the number of defections from the city ranks, which taking all things into eoDM<lor.uion, is quite remarkable. They have been promptly dbtnissod. awl are now added to Ibe very oewhWabio croed which beset a private dwelling b"iire m W bile ulru-'t, wherein iu tbe locum fentin at tbe Albany Police Coium. * oners. no. 88 whiti htkbkt. Thia new office ef tbe Board presents, Indeed, quMe a feature In White street Besides the sign, the institution may he remarked by tbe passers by on account of tbe po altar crowd to bo witnessed there. The stoop and steps, tbe entry within and lbe rooms are all bat packed with a noticeably "barn" looking crowd. They have a special look of Falrtairs 1 naves about them as "cast off servinf men," "degenerated tapsters." and loafers generally One wbo had any knowledge of tbe briken and caat of officers and men of tbe municipal department, would bnd the most questionable of them at 88 While street, anxious to 44 do' tbe State some service " as competitors rur the Qvc vacancies under tbe order of tbe Board of Supervisors In respect to the number of pa ? "iuji'IJ iii-vu?u IUT uiui uiuiuji. DUk uio UIUI C mKMXJU>ra bangors -on at the office of the Metropolitan Pohoc district am certain of the survivors of tito lato Htanwix Hall clique of rowdier, the mourners of Bill 1*00)0, nod usually tbe famil'ar spirits of the campaigns at um Broadway House, Hie applications from these?quite a Btlie pile of documents?together with the returns made from ooe rotary station bouse, by Captain Chrponter comprised the nffioia) business exhibited in " the reporters' ana petitioners' room "?for the beoedt of tbo press and all who should questkn whether these Tory necessary State officials were not entitled to their month's pay from the City Chamberlain. orders to tub captains, late In the afternoon tbo following notice of Matsell's dismissal, with the accompanying order, were dismissed by means of the squads of the expectants who had been mysteriously In attendance through the day. Tbey were, it was understood, served at all the station bouses, ana with the exctptiun of the Mabel) requisition present, the lint" orders " attempted to b? served on tbe-force:? order cip tuk board op commissioners to rupkbintendbnt taluhadob. Omrv or thb t omnsMavrniH os MrntorotjTur poijob, i lUTRicr or ran htjtk or nkw york, j To tub gknbhai, 8i ibkibtkmuiht or poi.igb:? Sik?You are hereby nottiW that C. W. Malsell was this day dirmi-'t-ed by the Coroml'*i"0<'r? of the Metropolitan district of the State of New York, from the office of Deputy Superintendent of Pohce, and yon will cause forthwith a notice thereof to be served on the several Inspectors o<* captains in the district, with iiiAir uctions to them to promulgate the same among the men under their command. By order of the Board. GEO. W. KMBK2K, Chief Clerk pro tern. Nbw York, May 21,1867. order to uk read by captains and superintendents to their men. Orncn or gkmerai. 8rpv?wrxyravr or ponca, ) On or New Yoaa, May 21, 1867. j To Sis?The accompanying order was this day received by me from the Commission' r* of Police of the Metropolitan district, which you are directed to promulgate among the officers and men ander your ormmaud:? Daniel Carpenter has been appointed a Deputy Superintendent of Police in the place of George W. Mateelt, removed, to whom the Captains or Inspectors of Police 1b the city of New York will make their reports and return;, at his office, No 88 White sir oct, in the city of Now York. The ri-sult of ibis, so far as the presumed stronghold of the Albany Ounmuaian?the fifth ward nation?will prove to be without a ' return" to M White street. None oftbe officers Uivro at roil call last evening contemplated taking the leant notice oT the document*. 1%e appointmem of Carpenter an Deputy Superintendent, necessarily rrsuited Id his absence from hie assumed poet of naiSaln, and n an regarded as an abandonment of the pretence to poeaeaxiHO in the municipal jxilio* department on the part of the new CominMKH>u. TBI LA?T ttAOKT. The latest expedient, however, which the new Albany regency baa been underrtood to adopt, aa in ecnformity With their legal corneal, to throogh Una appointment of Carponler to obtain actual pamsew ton of the official papers and appurtenance* of the municipal Chief of Poltco. Tbey Will aar.ume their right to diamioa the latter under the following clanto of the new law:? Sec. 3d. Whatever In any atatute not Inconsistent with this act the word chief or poiioo ihall occor, It tbail he taken to mean general superintendent of police; In like manner the word aaptaln of police shall be deemed to mean Inspector or captain of police: in like maaacr the word* Heutenanie or assistant captains of police shall be taken to mean sergeants of police: and the words pekoemen sod patrolmen shall be Identical la meaning In any act not roianlod by this act. wi?n?iun Assuming, throogh their dismissal of Kotnell, the right of auooeaaloa to his office, of Cariwator, they will to day attemi* to bring legal proceed tags to brar open him under the statute for compelling the surrender of bocks, papers, to , on the part of an outgoing officer, to oue le gaily entitled to his office. This, no doubt, will be met on the part of Mateell by counter proeeeolngs, forcing Ihrna to allow raoite for ohetructing a public officer is the d sellarg-' of bw functions. Before proceedings eotue to a bearing, the Supreme Court will be heard from, and the ordinance, put on Ma passage last night, which will be found in the p oceediogs of Um Common < ouucil, will hare put a ttnal injunction on the whole matter. If anv doubt existed ae to the limit of pa trotmen to be at the dwi>a*al of Ute limttnwu-tooera in the one My of New York, that mailer was also set at rest by lh>< action <>f tbe Board of Supervisors last night. Altogether th?check rank' to this grand Albany marauding move i* c? mpiete, and the members of II>e Board reduced to ibe dilemma of ihrowiug up tbe game m hopeless or retain tb .r places ia the midat U a rapidly aocutni taiK c |>iii<lie kncigmuloa and -corn. The movement 1" reorranlrn ?n tnruiive potior tori* i* " Night null ay W.Ui'li " la baaed upon the xtuit worda of the original charter of Now York, and lain no who awUwtod or repealed In any of Uio rtiarer* down to the new our, of which Uic following t actum* (till |ir?nerve the Inalienable right to Ibu corporate gorernmont of (hi* city;? AN ACT TO AMKMU Til* CliA KTgR OP TBI CITY OP KKW YORK, rASHED APRIL U, 1K.'?7, THRU ? 1KTIIH ?MNO PKLORNT. Tho people of the F*ate of New York, ropraaeoL'-l in Br rata and A/nemblY. do rnari aa follow" ? Sao. 1. Tbo torporeikia uow eiiating and known bp tba name of tho "Mayor, Aldermen and ("emu. maMy of tha eity of Naw York" "hall eootinue to ba a body politic and corporate, to tart and in name, by the aama nana, and hall hare perpetual oucoo?rion, wltii all tbo gram/. powaro and pneiirgrn h?raL>fora had by "tha Mayor, Aldar m?a and Contnoaahy of tba city of New York." a a a a o Bee. M. Tha act to amend the charter of tba city M New York, pa/nod April 7, 1H80. and tba act to amand tha Ohart(r of tba city of Naw York, panned April 1, 1M?, and tha act In am-nd aa art to amend an art entitled an art to amend tba charter of the rlty of Naw York, panned April 2,1MB, panted July 11,1861. and iba art further to amend tbr charter of tha rlty of Naw York, panned April 12, 1*43, panned Jnoa 14, 184.1, are hereby repealed . and all lawn ineonetatrai with Una act are alno hereby repealed; but a charter of tha city of New York, known aa U>a lion gall and Montgomarta charter, no far aa tt># name or either of them are now In foroa. ahail continue and rainala in foil force, and a hall not ba ouoatrued aa repealed, modified, or Id any manorr afiertad thereby Thin action ahall aot prrjodwe or alTrrt any right or a dor' any right accrued, op proreed ngn commenced be tare thin act lakaa effect. Bee 44 Thin aot ahall take ad not on Iba 1M day of May, 1847. The Metropolitan f*olW la Brooklyn. Vftlhin* n#? In pMrkrd In Ikta iMmrUal mhiMt Hmm tranaptred, tare tha* yeaterday morning John 8. Fooike, ivpotjr Superintendent, rare an crder an the CommiMrtoaar of Repair* and PnppHeo for etal for ih? Knorth diMrtet ?tat?np hnoee under hit new title, ?kh orler ?m tiara garded by tha ' nmmtr?toner of Repair* aad Supplina, ha taking fmond that no aach officer aa Tiepaty Superintendent or Potior" eilated. An oidcr araa anbaeqtienUy given by <bplain Jamea Pawera,aa captain of ?ha Fourth dirtriot, which wia promptly acceded to by tha <ommlaeioner It la probable that no apodal meeting of tbo Common Cooneill will ba called tbia wark, bat It a pre bah le that the action of that Board In refer* noe to tbia matter will bo reoonatdarad at tha meeting of the Board ? Monday evening nest Meanwhile no farther action baa bean or will bo taken ta reference la the aaw order*. Btaid mi AManaen. The Beard met yeaterday at 11'. M - John Uaacy, ftej., the Iteatdeak, ta tha ohalr. a cm rot job taunt kiwi or atari n-rwnni. Alderman fUama proaentad Urn IW lowing reeototkm? Been) red, That a apertai committee of Ore he appointed bp tha chair to lake into oaartderalioa tbo formation of a municipal day and nigbt police watch, which aha!! be in ail roe pacta independent of Mala oichMri"# hrtMUeUM'^UMi luynr Mid nmnuMf "of tor my of Hww Yort, and u> rnport an ordtnaano ttoorotor. AJdrraao Mtftrmn* norid ttoo adopcoa of UM rooohitifln. AMiraaaOwawaorodlolay ttoo raelottai o?ror MU ttoo oral innofliig. AMottom Tm opnooad ttoo twnliiiloa. Ho omM Ml w? bow K mM too odhrod villi proprioty oniooollin from iho ooornr It dwi. rooti>( that tho Board had oMrod a pratlono rnoolirttoa, aoHap from itoo ? ? boo ran, liiidailM ttoo r?wot Mrtmpntrtan Pntono Ml) imfl oad rMd Am tho floaa otood too eomtdnrrd that thorn van aot ttor oHQtoavt aoroortty tor ttoo appoint moot of aay noon ronton Ho morod U amoad by rvtomng ttoo war to ttoo Onrporat?r.n 1 MOOOl. Aldoriaan Bttnrr tonotodod ttoo wan dm oad tho Ttoo tootag tahoa oo ttoo amoadaawt ttoo aaoM woo bvt_10 mttow M ttoo aofatlT* to 7 to ttoo aMraaattro toMonaoa Owaoo aorod to rotor ttoo maotattoa to ttoo OaouaiUoo oa lav Do par foot. AJtaraaao JMftpmi aorod too pmw pMOtooo, W YO MOiHVfNtt FTHTION?F which pre railed, and the resolution was adopted 13 affirmative, f negative. Ptnmurr or mr. muthril, anxv or eouca, ? tub oovaaMK'H H4K1M. Tba rofiownig preamble and resohrtioB was offered by Alderman Moneghau and referred to the Committee on Arte and Ceienem s? Whereas, it having been the eastern of the Common Council to honor their or-au^u.shed public servants by placing their portraits in the Governor's room of the City Hall' and Whereas, the position of the Chief of PoMoe Is one of the most important In this dty, and has b<<un tilled lor many years by George W. Malsiti, ho having discharged the duty confided to his care with zeal and ability during the whole of his time la conducting the police force of Now Yoi k t> the great benefit of our citizens la protecting their Uvea and profv-rly; therefore be it Resolved, (if tie Board of Council men concur,) That the Cbmmiue* on Arte and Hciences be, and the/ are hereby, directed to procure the portrait of Ceorge W MstsnU, K*q , tbc present Chief of Tohce, and placo the name in the tioveroor'x room in the 0>y Hall; and that the sum of $600 be and the saute is appropriated to defray the expenses thereof. run aiitjcatio.n ok tun saw iouc* mkmiseioviaw von ranRKHWO.N ok mum wTtnov norvMB. Alderman Owxnh presented Die following preamble and resolution:? Whereas, by the refusal of the Board of Aldermen to entertain the application or the Metropolitan i'oltoe Board for the nee of the present station booses and accoutrements of the late police force; ami whereas, it Is mandatory by law on said Commissioners, In the event of such refusal to provide station bouses, ho., and charge the same to the county; and whereas, such provisions will Involve an unusual expenditure of at least $200,000; nod whereas, the property so applied is useless for any other purposes; therefore, it is Resolved, That this Board do now proceed to ounsidor and grant the application of tbc said Commissioners. The Clerk read the first three Hues of the opening preabie, when Alderman Aiumh movod that the resolution be laid on the table without reading. Alderman rlont insisted that they onght to bo read, la order that tbo different members of the Board might vote intelligibly upon Ibe subject matter oontalned in thu resolutions. Although the words "Metropolitan Police bill" appeared In thu resolution, from what hod been read it was not proof that they weut either for the new Poiioe Commissioners or the old Police Commissioners. Alderman Adams thought there could be but little doubt on the matter, and urged thai members having any curiosity upon the point res tram such curiosity UU inoruiBfl when they could read the iusoIulions in the papers. 1 The vote to lay the resolutions on the table prevailed? 10 affirmative; 7 negative. nu rata OKKAUTMaKT. The following oomniun leal mo was sent in by the Chief Engineer of the Fire Department:? To nm He.norakle the Board or Axdkrykn:? CRnrmfRH?In accordance with my duty as Chief Rngine<;r, 1 ouli your otteutloii to tbo shot-king condition of nearly all the hose now used by the Ureiueu, and desire to impress upon your minds the groat necessity of furnishing the Fire Iiepartmeni with 76,000 feet of leathe hose, at oooe and without delay. I cannot be responsible for the safety of the city against a Urge lire, especially in those neighborhoods that are entirely without good hose, unless an a-'equate supply is furnished forthwith. Respectfully submitied. HENRY H. HOWARD, Chief Engineer New York Eire Department. The communication was referred to the Ooiuiuiltoo on Fire Department. examination ijtto oou1thouxk ftaoo's acoocivth. The resolulion from the Board of Councilmeu appointing a Committee of Conference, of Ave lo examine the books of the Comptroller, and report upon their correctness, was brought up. fpon the subject of concurring in empkiyiug a special clerk to examine through the accounts, and to pay said clerk $600 for hie work, quite an exciting debuto arose. Alderman Bu nt stated that as one of Uie Committee of the Aldermen, he had tried teveral limes lo git a meeting of tbo two Committees of Conference, but without any success. He considered it best to get the committees at work first, and then let them pronounce upon the ueccwitv of a cJerk. Alderman TTcrkk moved to strike out the rlanxe to hire a Clerk. It was a work, in his view, that the committee ought to attend to themselves. They hail been aitpwntod to an important and serious duty, and they ought lo set themselves about Its proper and vigilant execution, if it took them six months to do it. Aider man >'i umkk thought more than $600 ought to bo paid. The best kind of n clerk, he thought, woe needed? one who could give a true balance sheet. The money ex?Hl.yi to Sill nnrrwua M..U I, ki. Ha I.? than my appropriation of moMy made during tide part ten years. The hooks at he ComptroUer'a office, bo buffered, to be In a moid shanking eoiubttou. Ho considered tt thetr duty to ascertain whether Ue-Hs books had been honestly kejrt or otherwho, and * betber the city wis bankropt or solvent After further remarks from other i the the motion to concur In the employment of a clerk, and appropriation of ffOOO nom pronation was carried, the vote standing 16 affirmative to 3 negative. MMcxLuutaora. The Commit! oe on Street* submitted a report In fhvor of permitting ibe ?itb and Eighth avenue Hatiroad Unnpanies to set In curb and gutter stones en the north side of Vtsey Ktrmt, between Broadway and Gboroh SWUM, where they are at prism! laying n mittmik fur ihstr ansa. Ths report and snsmnpnhying imwlenu#. vkrsini dta- 11 i iiwliw, wai idipiM. The nomination of Charles S> Sober fur larywetor of Vessel*, sent Is by the Mayor, was called up, and f (totted some debate. The Hoard finally voted against confirming j the nomination. A large number of paper* were received from the other I Board and referred to their proper eoniraiUov, after I which the Board adjourned to this first Monday of Jane. | Board of Coancllnnein. r sin wins, KS3i<?TaA*cT?< ash u*??nivwr?s. The Board met last evrslng. AfVr tho minutes of the | previous meeting were read and approved, petitions and j remonstraucce were presented, bnt they wore devoid of Internet If we except the fc>Uo* log, wluch were referred to their appropriate a mmilWr?Petition of llose Id*paey 3D for house now occupied by flnofe end ladder Oompeny No. S; ol 1 booms A. Kmns?tt end other* for the extension of Sixth etooue to oeaiMct with Wr?t Broadwayremonstrance sgeiust the wuleuing etid ex' tiding nt wrend street ftnm Broadway to 8ulli<an street, end Ukuoo thmn|th to Canal glrent; rvmonatranoo of .h>oa* Hru-Uott end sixty otiiere, Hht|H)wuvrs, certmcn, ha., ugiuiet the remove) of the hound lU'ttmboeu from Utotr present looetion. A resolution calling for a special committee to Invent! gate Into the books of the Hutei lUliudinl of Roads win presnnted end emended, by referring the metier to the special commitloe appointed to in ?onUt:Mo into Uiu Camp roller's account*. tux encucentos nu. vxeiotvi oer tictxiamt iKr. to m kiaMm. Mr. McCxiuu. pret colnd the follow lug pr< em >ie end r? olottaos >? Wberree, en occasional examination of the manner of keeping end rendering the eocouu ol the city government leaf oouserjueoce, nut oulv to the Kwrd but In the people of our city, end the Informed on thun obtained should be thoroughly diaeemineted, to Um end thet the elector* mey Judge ot tho Capacity end Integrity of the severe! officers of the city government; end where es. It Is the doty at the Common Council?ere I their authority i? emple end un<|ueutP'nod?to Inetltute such en tnven tigetlon end dmecjuiuete tire result among the people, therefore, be It Revolved, That e special committee of five members be appointed tociamuio the system of keeping end render log the accounts tn the following named deiwrttneoM and the burr see cooursted therewith, vie the Legislative, Htreet, law Foliar, Aim.-house, froxon Aqueduct aad Uty Ineiwctor's Departments: also the Imparuneol uf Repair* and fteppUee (recently abolished), end U?e I >e peri meat of Htrrrts end tamps (recently abo lated), and euuh por tkm of the Department ef Kmence aa wen not included in the resolution recently paoeed by this Hoard Rmolved, That sum wit rxoeedtnjt $3,000 ho, and the mdc if hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any fund iwu otherwise specially appropriated, to carry into effnot tUo aboTf resolution Accord inp to the new charter the paper i? laid orer under the rule. Mr. lUnwnx offered the following resolution, which waa laid orer>? Kesolred, That all streets eotith of Rity fifth ?tr?sH not now opened be, and arc hereby, declared open en and altar the let day of June neit, aawaan ?? rue cfmnunt or na. ktvdhu. Mr. Oil offered the following Heaolsed That the Mayor of the city of New Tort be. and lo hereby, directed aad authorised to offer a reward of $6,000 for tuch ioiormauon as will lead to the dstertton and merlrtion of the murderer or murderer" of Dr. Bur dell, at Bond street, on the :?Ui day of January. MAT Menem Hukwku and Onaascw offered reaotuUuon of a similar Import Mr. Jowie offered the subjoined preamble and resolution, whs h wan unanlmwmly ad opt# 1 without debate ? Whereas, by the charter recently paaeed Ibr this city by the legislators, the franchinee, nghta and prtrllrgea setmred by the Doe (ran and Monlgotnerte charters, have been by express declaration referred to un; and, mhrinea aid Drnfaa aad Mootgemerie charters, confer span the Mayor aad oemmenaHy the authority to create a day and night watch (Or the protection of life and property and the preeerrattoa of the pobbo asaat; and whereas. by a rt> rent HIort of lha lifMdurr, Uvea Inalienable rtfhta hot-* braa partially dmtroyad, ud wberena. the oorpoiala fraprhtww Of tht* 0H7, u founded M the rtot?M> and Moeigomaria granta or charter*. ar? contract* of perpaionJ application. and no Htale, ?ar< the oorwtltutinn of Ik* L'al led Huloa. ran paw any Mir impairing tha obligation of eontmata therefore Raaoivtd, Thai a epeetal nommKtaa of frr* ha appointed tor tha parpoao of inquiring tun and reporting forthwith to thla body auoh plan or ordinanoa a* the prawn* ?*tg?netea may reqaire tor the appointment of day and night waatamen fro tha public paaoa and proteof <?. The oominuntcatinn* which tha Mayor aai* In to tho Hoard of Aldermen'on Monday Mai, (which hare appeared la tha Haatm ) rotation to pu reliant ng the Aranoal atta lontndad to tha <V?wat Park, and ataa tha raonnnnaadahoa at tho Craad Jvry for the Common Oaanrlt to offer a reward of tA.MO Mr tha dtaoorary of tha word near or mar drrara af lha UUO Dr. BwrdaU, wara r real rod. Oh mottaa, tho Hoard adjourned UU Maodag. want of Knpan Uorr. Thla Board mat at 4 P. M , tha aowty alerted Prcaulcot, Baparrtaor Heart, tn lha ehalr. nra rrw mm onaarauuraa*. Tha following iwaambta and rraotaboa waa praaahtad by topiiilw fcrwri? Wharaaa, lha taw yaapad April M, 1M7, to mtabttah a RK H KIDAY, MAY 22, 1867. Met*opolttan Police district and to provide for tho govern ' meat thereof, given tbin Board of .Supervisors tbo |iower to name U>? members of police t*trolmen Ihr tbo city and county at New York; and Whereas, this Board at Ha last mooting fixed the whole number or police patrolmen l'or the city and county of New York to bo five, thereby removing all those police , patrolmen now en duty and authorizing the appointment of live other* by the Police OnmiuUst mors, as provided for I in the Metropolitan Police bill, be H Uiorofore f He?otv?.t, that the Board authorise tM Metropolitan Pohoe Commissioner* for the city and county of New York to appoint the i-amc number of policemen as were on duty bein, < this law wont into effect. t hi sons as the Cierk had read as far as 'ho "Metropolis tan Potieu district," Supervisor Wilmix moved to isy the r.-ointioii* on the labie witbont reading.

Supervisor Aim en suggested that the re*ot<ltioo-< ought p to ha read, whatever disiieelliou might be made of Urocs afterwards. The Cnanuun stated that the motion to My the resold- 1 Uons oa the taMe c-nild sot be debated. r Pnpervtoor Birvr insisted that the rights of the minority , ought to be respected oincwhut by the majority. The CMAnmaii cut short further remarks, and dircoted ? the vote to table the resolutions to be pat, when the Cterlc t! Immediately proceeded to call the names. fe| Hupervkror Tvcssn rose to explain bin vote. He onukl not vote anderstandingly when a vote was put upon the J' reading of tesofuiioiiH U was true that the majority bad " the power, and tho minority most yield. For one be did 11 It unwilltoely and under protes t, as not allowing proper respect to; their claim*. Being in the dark, as be was, be " was ofe&gt d to vote "no." 01 Bupervfeer Htutrr stated that be submitted the resotu- 1 hens la Mention ma perfectly respectful manner, lie p represented in the Board property taxed equal to that " represented by the Supervisors from the Second to the n Fifteenth wards, and vet his roHctutiooe were shut diwn al from a bearing. All be aoked was to have them read, 1| sod the Board could take such action as it chase. Tho V aciioD. as taken thus far. waa unprecedented In any lo- '' (nlMiTe body. The bare subject to which Um regain- 0 Uvtu referred vu all that tho members knew without " stopping tin inquire an to their tenor. Supervisor McSi-sdom, in explaining bis vote, which 01 was gives aihi natively on the motion, said that Una aub- a Ject waa all be cared to know about Knowing this sub- M jeet and the source of the resolutions he should vale against Uto reading. J* Bupervisor Owkkr said that aa ho could not vote on- J' derdundlegly ho would not vote in the negative. The " vote being declared 10 affirmative; 8 negative, the rcaolu- 81 11oca wore laid on the table without being read. ^ aw orwKW mow tim oouvokatmm ooonwl an to en n >www a?i> t'tucn or Tim kcvubvihorh imh;k uik b?w ait. n The following opinion waa received from Mr. Buateed, ? the UorperatRm eounael, and ordered to be laid oa the (j table;? m Law nwanrnsKT or TtmCrrr or N*w York,"! t >h in* or tun Cou.v&h, to tiik Cokvobitio.ii, No. 61 Chambers street, May 18, 1857. ) -j To tub BsinonaiUK tiui Buami or So rwn vinous :? v 1 am requested by your reeoiutionn of the 11th of May ,| inat. to gtvn you my ' opinion, at an early day, relating to the duties of the Hoard of Sope-visors under the act of the !. 1 legislature, pawed April 15, 1857." 1 state, In reply, that the ftevir*! Matntee (part 1st,ehap. Ill, title 3d, art. lit) have heretofore declared what are the powers and duties ol' Boards of Supervisors, and you aro doubtless familiar with tne general provisions if law upoa the subject. The net enlilled " As act relating to the Board of tkipervt-ors of the ci ;y of New Vork," liaised at the last sear kin of the legislature, places rm unctions upon the manner in which the Board shall exercise its functions rather than ereuhw any new power. Bo far is this county is concerned the act reorganizes the Board of Supervisors upon an entire n< w basis. Hitherto the Aldermen and 11avor and Recorder were, bv virtue of their offices, Supervisors ol the county. lly the act under a consideration, the last named officer.-* cease to be mem berk , of the Boaid. and on and alter the flirt day of January. IMS, it is U> Be composed of twelve persons to l>e oiected | hy the people at the charter election proceeding to perform the dutiee of the Supervisors, and Uicir ollico U to be disUnet front una of Alderman. The voice ol a majority of aQ the persona no to be elected are made necessary to pass any art appropriating money, ^ and the llayor of the city sustains the satno relation to thi I h proceed Inge of the Board that he doe* to the legtsitfioa of ? the Common Council, except that a bare majority may paa? an aot over hi* veto or disapproval, white in the case of ,| Common Council proceeding* it require* two third* of all b the member* elected to each Board to pan* a resolution of h which the Mayor may have dleapproved. u The fifth Miction of the ad la a limitation of the power of the Board to draw moneys?two facta must exist and cm- . cur bsftrv any fundi* of the county can be drawn fieri the [ treasury. There must tiret be an appropriation for the t] specilie pnrpoeu to which the funds am to be applied, and f no expense con be incurred, whether It shall have been ordered by the Beard or not, utile** the money so approprinted be, at the ume of tin appropriation, actually in the 1 treasury 4 The .-ixtli iiectirn provide* In detail ne sr cheeks on tlie . mode et disbursing public moody*, the particular* of , which I need not reclto. . The law la a strict one, and ha* been, together with others,passed at the recent session of the IsgiKlataure, rulailng to this city, published in document form (So. 0) by | the Board or Aide. men. lis pcrival and study will fbrntsh the only guide to an ninler*<audinK of the dntlo* it lm- . paMB. I harp Mm hoc or 30 be your obsdtcm servant, J jCTCHAW) BTBTCKD, v ontiWOT 1 w tat tferponswva. J iiisrvr. impiu'Ikh AjuuomiATKMi or nut tfi coiuuaoojraa'* a nrnrr. I The ensuing oommonlcatian was sent In by the Tax c Commissioners? 3 omcx o? CossDsno/iXWov Tits* AiwwwsKwn', i U Nvw York, May I'd, 1S67. ) U To twk flov nw Bourn or drnbvimsm or nm Crrr axo 0 0bran or Nsrw Yokk;? g The undersigned acknowledge the rsc Ipt of a resolution a pro-bed by jour b< uorablo body, ln<|uirmg by what audio * rity taey have giveu to linrvey iiorl.a private iu<Uviduol, u who Is lu no way connected with their office or city govern u lent, a perl of llie public office occupied by them, fur tbo r. transaction of his private business, lu reply, Lbe under- *1 signed beg leavo to say that the language of die t resolution, while purporting to be an inquiry, in c reality asrumes that ihn nnlcrsigned have 11 given their permission for the use of public property for n private pur|>oses?a charge wh>?b they beg inc-t respect- t| fully to deny. II is true that Mr. llart has an iron safe in k the ro m now occupied by the Cotum la-loner* of taxes * and As-es-aifiiis. where It was placed while that gentle- t| man held the office of Receiver of Tsxu*, wliere 11 ha* to- a malned ever since. As to the !>iubio?* of Mr. Hart wn < have no knowledge. Ho ha* been in the office very fro ? qncntlv since his removal from iho office of Receiver of n Taxes, for what purpose wo have never deemed it our j duty to inquire, as this office Is by law declared to be a p public, office, to be kept open for the convenience of |?ir- v ?OT!F ui !? : Ml* I "1M* Ml Ul'' 1.11/. There i* not now, and ha* not been at any Umo *itioc the room row occupied by the Commit* tone r? of Tax.-* and Awt.mcnt* a/Binned to them, any portion <K it e?*t part or appropriated for private purposes, except Uie pure row orcnplcd by the safe above alludod to, wbirb baa not in any wav interfered with Uto pub lie wen of the rown. We lie* leave to inform your boanrable body that wa have notified Mr. ila.-t to remove the property belonging to htm forth with, *o a* to p have no eanae for further complaint <* minuixlemaading. n All of which la reapccthilly tubmiUod. J. W. AI.I.KN, ) Csmmteaiooerv . H. .f. Wn.I.IAMNON,' of Ta*r? and i J. W. RHtiWK, ) iarmmnnu. fnnervtaor Tramm rrpUlned that the safe referred to by Mr Hart waa Intended to be retaiaod only temporarily In the Tax (iomtnlFaioner'a office. PupervWir Amw raid lie offered the re?ohit!on becauae be undrrrtood tha. Mr. Hart carried on a rrneral business of note Hhavtng, Ac., tn the office of the Tax Cnmm, era. He waa opposed to Una, and thought it ought to be xtepped The commualcatioa wu ordered on file. aunamnMuei o? rttmaii. The Plowing reeolutiowa, uffjred by Buparrlaor Ihuaa, were adojded:? lteaolvrd. That the Ooamieaiesiers of Record be, a?d they are hereby, directed to report to Uiia Board aOls aext meeting a ropy of all contract* made by Uteat alone th itr orgamyatk r aa (Vimmieatoorrv, alan the name* of all par Ilea aow or heretofore employed by them, together with the amount of salary paid to each tndlvtduaJ. aad when and how rmpkijed, together with roplre of all vouchers In thrlr possession relating to the aame Resolved, That the CMy Chamberlain ho, and ho to hereby, dire wed to faraiah to this Board at llo neat asset log a copy of all btlio paid by him or rotfuuioona drawn by the tommieatoBors of Records. A few paper* of minor Importance were pamed upon, whoa the Hoard adjourned. Meeting of the Reread Dtrtoton of the Mow York CttlMN Vetanleeri In OppoMUan to the Lm war of the Alfeuyr LrgtaUtarr. The Hrooud Ptvbdun New York Utlcen Volunteer* held a meeting at Nattooal Hall oo Thoroday evening, to tako 'uto eoooWeralioe the action of the Leg^latgre raopeotuig the severe laws passed for the city and ouunt j of New York at their tart semloo. www- ? iniTtni 11/ we my- pntnlment of John Oetghtea, Chairman, and 1' V Kerra#, * {WrMirr. Tba Chair aflar making a few remarks reey*** ' tag tha naw law* abnot u> be put in fncr* In Ihta r*ly rnn.1 ? Uia folk-wing rwolutioaa, ahiok Wiirt uuniumou Jy at mt\j frf r tl ) - ?' Wh?raaa, tha naw shatter, and lha rarVxn mana.irea If Masted for our gowamteent war* |B??il wfcUiml eey ? k row ledge of tea ornate or Iniaraate of tela eMy, and with ei out anv ragard for tea will, or any attempt to aaoartaln tea wW>e* or obtain lha aaaant nf tea people, and in rtoiatlun of oor rharterad rights, and whereas, said law* are not In ?' aarnrdaMa with tha aptrH. latent and teaaalng ef lha ooa th Btttauonfnf thro Plate cm of tha Cnltad states; an<1 wbero te an, after tea raturna of tha late canon*, no apportionment it or rodlatrlrtind of this Htete war had. aa commanded by ? tee oowthutiua, and teeflpeople ??rw not, teerefcr*. ram u littnttoaatty repreaeatertTiy a proper U*?lature#hete- in dtetdoateaasnmUtepewerastawMetar*, BOlWHagateoted in in awordanee with tea preeent popniatlna. aad hnrtag ? urarped teeaa afltoaa wlteeot legal aateertty: aad ? whereas tea Hoo. Fernando Wood, Mayor ?f tela ?ty, aa " wail aa tea Omataaa Omar*! teara d, bar* rtfusad to r+mgniee tea right of tea lagMatnre of tea Mate to daptlre w tha rtOaaaa tela ?My of their eoMtKotlonai aad flhar V tered righte, tharafbre be M ^ .. Reached, Thai we will cooperate with hla n-exw. the "1 Mar or, la realating with aN legal ateana In oar power, tee W rn/orrrmrot of all maaauraa atwvoarhltlg oa oar ronMiui i? tionai and ahartared rights as eMteesa. _ ,* A eommlttss ooma te ad of Msm. John t>*tghtm?, in wildas P Walhte, H N Wild, P T. terorett and Thoa. ? Mrftpmta,., w^apfe-otedtoe^far? atan, at teatr meeting fB Friday eeaaiag, a/iar which they ? edpuMd. n * ERA l'h? <taara*iUiie lommlwkHier>-\|r)illc?Uoii far an lnJnn?-iloi\. PrVKaMB COCHT?-OHAMMBRft. VWoro Hon. dodge Oerk?. Mat 21?Dai-id Van Same 0*. OUUuiA Bownt, Otn. F/ail a ltd Kgtert, (juararUuv Oammimiuntrt.?l^.? mutvm appeared ny thotr counsel yesterday morning, boore lion. J'ntge Clerko, "U> t-bow cause why on order boulu not >? made rcstraiumg tuo defendant from color ug into or consummating my contract lor the construeion or erection of any tiospilal, bulldiug, fences or docks ipon the premises near ttegulne's I'otut." Hr. George White (who, with Mr. IxH 0 Cbtrhe, opeared for ibe plwnufl,) read th? n cent act of the legist* are for removing the yuuranuoe utoUou, viu. eeJ March 6, 867, and akto the complaint, setting forth several fact* aleady before oar readers, the principal allegation being bat not ?ritbBta?ding the plain direction of the sloth ice en of the act, requiring thai the contracts fur the ereo on of each and all of the wharves, he., so for ae It could ifely and properly be done, should be let at publto aucob to the lowest bidder, after having b-<eu duly adverted for one meDlh, the defendants disregarding Uus act, ivited proposals In a manner different tlierufrom Mr. Noyce, who iuud be a|>peared uu behalf of the Atiruey General, read an affidavit from Obiaduh Bowne, ne of the GimruiHslootT*, getting forth that he w well no uolnted with the value of lauds in the county of RichKmd, especially those where the present Quarautiiic ulldiugM nre located, und that said lauds are in his judgicnt worth the sum of at loast SlbO.OOO over and above ii y exihtlDg encumbrances; lb at tfeo proeorvotioa uf the ublic hcakh imperatively demanded thai tho present narantinn r htm Id be removed to noma point more remote obi the large and populous cities of New York and Brookin. and that surti removal should He effected at tho earest moment beyond the 16th day of June next. A Joint affidavit of Egbert Huusoii aud George Hall, the tber Comtuisriouent, corroborated that of Mr. Flowne, and doed that daring the last summer yellow fever raged for jnx: time at aud neur the present (Quarantine -tabon, and 11 the opposite coast of Long bdind, for three or four miles i extent, having been communicated to those places from le vessels lying at Quarantine, and that a removal of the uarantine vtaa necessary, to prevent tho recurrence of ach a calamity. Mr. Noyce a'eo read the following certificate from Gov. ling, the Lieuter ant Governor and Comptroller ? George Mail, Egbert Benson and COedlah Uowne, Com iifsinners appoiuud in pursuance of the act passed March , lfco7, entiticd "An act for the removal of the Qiaranne Button," have reported to the undersigned that, in ncordaneo with the previa ous of the 21st section of said ct, they deemed It noocrxary to provide temporary *ootnmo<!atioiis for person* arriving in the port of New fork siok with yellow fever or other pestilential disease, ntil the present Quarantine shall be removed, aud that bey have selected as a suitable point tor that purpose a ilcce of land in the town of Westficld, on the ?outh short f ktaton Island, adjoining Scguine'a Point on the east, consinlng titty acres, and that they have teemed from Thoa. t. Luib.of Brooklyn, the refusal in writing of the right 0 purchase from him the said fifty acrcn of land, for the um of $23,000, to be paid on tbn 1st day of May m-xt, ,cd that the temporary accommodations for the sick can >e erected on said land, so an to be ready for use ou or >efore the 1st day of June next, and at a cost, including he cost of the laud, not exceeding $60,000. Mow we, tho undersigned, having vWilted and examined he preml-ea elected by said CummlsnloDorr, aud oonidering the place selected as favorable as can bo obtained or the purpose above suggested, and believing Ibe price it which the lands are ofluied to be reasonable, do hereby ipprove of the purchase thereof, at the price above menk-ned, and of the erection thereon of tho necessary tommrary aocomraoda'tons for the nick, as soon as perfect 1 tie can be obtained. .fiiHN A. KING, Governor. HKNKY K. .Ski.DEN, IJeut. Governor. L BURROUGHS, Comptroller. Mr. Clarke asked for lime to put in counter aiAdavlla, on be ground that new inatem was Introduced In those read, ucli as die voluo of tlie laud and (bo spreading of yellow over. Mr. Noyes replied that there waa no such rule of law an bat when the defendant introduced new matter the plain U was entitled to put in e muter affidavits; besides, nothing ad been introduced exoe|a what the plaintiff wh bound > anticipate as likely to arise. The act which the plaintiff night lo i toy appropriated $160,000, tho prooe<>de or the resent Quarantine property, to the payment of the eiimn iturei, and the presumption on the face of the act was oat the property on the pruaent station was adequate to reel Uie new ene. Then as to the injurious effect to bo rw>*nliuii^?il f mm i 1 *l , V.-it f-n-l urtad ludikrtiuin 1 Hi' DHP0 >aessgo of the lot itself Implied dinger. The (Yxirt?* Kb regard to the right to put In now afflhrrM, I hive frequently allowed It myaelf. It depend!on he discretion of the J idge. If he think* It necessary that sow sAldnvita be put in, he will allow It. In this cue I do not think it necessary; it would only cause delay. Mr. tdarke understood it to be recognised n a role that where the counter affidavit! Introduced uow matter Ui<-y had a right to reply to them, and certainly If ihe question is to Ihe value of the Qusnuillno location was material , titer ought to hare that right. However, ho would bow mine Court and proceed. The act uf March 6 attainted hree Com missionary with power, Unit, to subs* a ?ito fur t permanent Quarantine hospital, and to remove the promt hospital from Its situation; secondlyr to provide tern nrary accommodation upon or near Sandy Ileok. It was ouceded tint t- e Cbiwuissioners were aiding under tho 1st auction of the lot. Now the nth section, providing list all contractu should he given, at public amnion to Ilia i* r*l bidder, wn. applicable to the 21st as well as to the ther srctloas. If so, then the Commissioners were pro reding in a palpable violuion of the spirit and provisions I the set In giving out the contracts for temporary quar ntme alter Are or six days notice, and a private contract jo. The art was obligatory u mn them to put out lie contract to the lowest bidder, "so far as it nold safety and properly be doue." Ilo undermod tlie counsel hi a-vme that tln-ie words brew the subject open to the control of the brnminioners, and that they had a right to dispense with lie mode and form prescribed in th<- uth section. He did ot interpret the spirit of Un- act. What w as the object of be ins< rtlon of the frth section ? What < vil did the regis. Sure reck to guard at ainrt, or what Hoc of duty did they cek to point out to the Commissioner* y H was evident bat the legislature intended to Ue up the commissioners a far as |siasiiiio from exercising any discretion wmnb Dcld pre.tudice the rights of the Mate. The*., i ommH uiors were Intended to have no discretion hoynud the seleoow of Quarantine and of the plans for building, and tho rglslnture evtoently Intcoded that the contract*should tie nt up at public audi ui as provided in the tMli section, fhy 1 liecauso that was the t>e*t and most suitable mode w putting them out. If the construction which Uie counsel >ut on the Mli section were cornet the legislature mirot n well have omliled it altogether. It would be absurd, (e apprehended it was the duty of the Uourt In giro roiMtrufltion to the statute as would give force and effect ? It If tlie object of the Is-ginlalure was to have Um coorart i put up at pubHr auction ?o as to protect the public Ight* and prevent the Commissioners from showing fit 'oiiUmii then II won the duty of die Court lo ml ouch a con?tru<Uon upon the al ex to give i effect aa far a* pcevlbie. There wm another qn?in?. tho 1?t neetloe, nndnr which they ware ecu nr. rirnpir am<wrrrd them in provide temporary Mremmoiiw<>i 'upon or aear iwnrty Hook." How had U>? Commie ewer* compiled wlUi thai/ The point nelccted at Ho time** finat waa 10'^ mile* distant from Sandy Hook, early aa far from handy Hoxk u the prenent Quarantine tallo'n. In Ihie. he con landed, they violated the epirlt nd letter of the art. They were not authorized lo provide u h accommodation anywhere en apt upon or n?ar .Sandy look. founrrl concluded by citing aeveraiauthurttnn to how that any taxpayer might com manor an action on irbalf of hlameir and ntbar tarpaynre In raelrein public fflner* from onrnm title y an art that won Id work miachiof > hlmraif and thoee tor whom ha proceeded. Mr. Nay an replied?The flrrt queaUoo waa whether a aneral taxpayer of the Kate at large oooid maintain an rtton again*! oOloere appointed by Uie executive under an rl of lha logwlaitire. to reetrain timer oflVvr* rrura denting the law Thar* waa no inch caee in die book*, the other Itlee cited applied to city oorporaUana In more n?a? tl,an owe we bad a " ralgn of Injunction*," bat In M rneeone of Utl* dew-rlpOon It waa'nUraiy novel. Ifauch preoedant aw thin ware to be awtabhahed three waa not ring!* law of the Plate, the execution of which Involved ae expenditure of money, which a dtiien of the Mate, rho waa a taxpayer lo the amnnnt of tan oanta, might ot rerlratn, If In hla Judgment or (be Judgment of the our la, the ofBoera ax ecu ling It were not proceeding pre Irely la aroordnnoe with iM demand* Could there be ny doubt thai the people theaaalvea la their ?ovorelga aparity eon Id do what waa bring dose under the authority f the executive, la reference to lha removing of Quana or t And yat a cMiwn of the Mate came in aad aatd he oukl revtram the nerciae of thla wrvarelgn power, bo aoae he thought the agenta were aot proceeding Miletly raonling to hla interpretation of the law. ir the Commie inner* violated the law, were they aot liable lo removal om oflloa f There waa the remedy, aad not ta reetrain ig the rov-vrrlga will of the people, aa earrlod out through >e executive. Rut not to dwell njwn thla, the aanood nint made no the other a He, wm that the alxth neettoa raa applicable to all the pmuhhioa of the act, Including >e twenty in*. And again, thai the Oommlaaioneni have icaled Uie temporary Quarantine at a place not iithori/ed by the ad TTila latter objection did aot rlae out nf the complaint, aad wm ehvtoualy n aftcrlbui *ht But be would meet K. The aectinn nthorized the Ootnmiaaloner*, aad If la thetr Judgment in public health ahoutd require It, le provide temporary tonmiiiodailon "u|*>n or near PancQr Hook " Did the tunnel mean to eon tend that ten mttea wm not "Bear*" Mr Clarke?The preeertl -tadou In only a mile further Mr. Noyee?Ten. but the object wm to get Quarantine nay from a thickly nettled population, to remove M from ,? nrenmon centre nf travel, and thefkenmianleoera were ft U\ f hfM*i? I hit InTAlinn with Lh* rtM>Amitian<UlUmi that ? .I?HandVUof* Nbb, '-von tC K mrr* MitJnlo rMlrtlo U? H BhwiW betbown ia bad fUii, bat that *? m* ?UU?1 ? wm ?ia f-u !? ?-rf lb* albfaUon) ?-* **7 n**** TZSJXlr ? to tbo ith mtIM, by on* iMfrwtblnf nl ?h*m " "*? * *,lh "**2 S3 - -T * ? '^T'rtS D a luipiit* of tho iMM to " * at whit* U*? ?>*th and ?*hor *?*?"?> .rlwrtroW to ? porw-n'nt ten of ihr pr~-nt bntMtn, "nvo tU> ? tjtri to th* tomT<w?rr onotnm^lMKw ia ?>* iTtJw3? for a month, tb?> raanon of U?n thlnf ?how"d ? *u*rl"f"i *r .ho or. >*~wl to March, " ^iJTZ SS .po.t ? mmm mf>* ? CELT \ i LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. could be done. Again, be C'liiti-uded that the word* " # f?i h> u etui inltly and prtgajrly Imi done" gave Um Um mt*?too>-r? full diacretloti, pw<d,a* they ware, to Um mid.lU of the <i,hicd''?, and referring to Um word " oouIrariH" preceding. Hn cooeluilad by urging on Um Coart lbe loc.-t. Ity fur u i|ieeUy dirt-too, ad ovary day'H delay would but add u> the in lib U *f already canned by pnrtiea who bud bnciied the buiidmr it Hrgu nr's Point Mr. Clarke reM?>noed. reiterating and enforcing Um point* made in but opeu tig. Ibe fallacy of Um ionroetl iKHinrrl, be' aid, etui u toil In thinking Utnl thtry waited to re* ram the public oftlcftr* from < wrylng ont ?ho ant of Um In'giniature, wherra* tbey wwhod only to prevent Um ef> fleer* from violating Ibo provuioua of Um ad Dceleiou reeorved. Another Law of the hitr Kitraordlnary A>> bany IttgUbilaic Dturtga riird. It appearn that Ute late Ij-glelnluro panned a taw Bring the weight of Indlun corn at lib lbs. per buubel, an Um bfil utandard unaoog dealer*. Thin law went Into operation la April, but up to the pro cut tinin hat been wholly dimrogarded by our merchant! tugygrd in lbe grata trade. But, att diHpoiee were likely to grow up under lbe enrtenoe of *uch a law, a preamble and renolntinn were drawn op wbtch proclaimed the iulepUoa on the part of the mer chant* to disregard the lute act of the l^gielatore, and to adhere to lbe prevtou* and long ealablhhed euetomof boying and felling com at Um rate of be lbe. to tbe bo*be), wmh in otherwiee deternmtetl by contract at Uic time of ante. Tbe preamble ami revolution, n copy of which waa f1"** at tbe Corn Kachange for flguatoree, were an follow*-.? Wbereae. a law waa pawed by the lata LegMatura af thin Plate on the luth A pnl lout. altering the Outdare weight at Indian corn 'rout fllty tit to ,rf:j right ixmodc per hwehel, tbua oonftictlag wtth the law and cuatom or tonal, (foot ail thw other Plaice; and giving rlne to difficulty, mtaituderaiaoding. uiio pernape nugnuon. ana wnrreaa, u? areritcn weight of Judinu corn la not over rl'u ati poenda per mxwnml buxbel: therefore, we. the und-rxbfne>?, buyer* and wfleraof Indian corn, andaubrcrlbera k> the New York (lorn Kaokeatfe, do hereby adapt the following reaotptWio:? Kerolved, That We will sonUnun to buy and anil Indian anna at tlwi rate of fifty at* pound < p"r bn?bo , exeeot whan a apeeial contract or atipoiatlon xluul be made to the iwirrary. The forrgoiDc was alytod by all the leading and noa( influential merchant* In tho trade, with a pratpecl that tie approval would become nnauimots. Tlie Oermaa* and Albany I.rglalaMant. The German Democratic C ntial Cl'tb have panMd Uk4 following resolutions.? Whereas, the late annulled republican LngMatarw at Albany have paaaed a aertea ot lawa whlab f roeaiy r.oiale the Itbertlea and rlghtaof the ri l/cn, aa web aa the oonalltutloa at the Htate. which la the hlsb? at law, and alao the todepeadeaad if thla municipality; and YV hirnui, our oltT ottlcrra. aelertrd by the people, bare been either xr iirarily ducbtryod from their function*. or hkearbitrarily limited In their lawtui uowera. and other otBcera, nominated by the Governor, have oeeo placed In their ao-ad; aid Wh?*ica?, the people muri now p.vy xneb new mule udioerf, and thereby are aubjectec to adrHWial taiation; and Whireaa. ihnae lawa do not only violate he rt*IW* and Mberllea of the rili/en and liie ro\ -relKnly of the people, bat lake eitv nrmn r;v and make it xttALe nrooenw : ami Whenthree lawi do concentrate all power In the "In'fr. and do aaoctlon an odloue and a tyrannical -lanl Ilea ion <1 the dtlzena Into tlm rleli and poor and ihna abulia a the pi lot: pie ( equality umiini; themllzena; .nd W U< reaa. the, honorable the Mayor and ttoa moo I oiradl, M the immediate reprMaeutit i. * of our inte.rciMn. bam by their llrni and energetic action tried to avert lb*' Impending danger, by Invoking the courts and appealing to the sovereign uaup e, thus i|ueRilunlng Ibr conoUliilionaUty of these law*; ana Wlierf as, we an free anil Independent rlU/ens know bow to estimate properly Hum act loo, ami whereat they hare nor ajnipathy and our aupport in a hlyb degrv e; therefore bo tt Resolved, 1. That wo, the Herman democala, render M Iho honorable the Mayor at d Common Council our thank* and our nek nowledpinent for tlirlr manly and dlgnffled couduet, and ibai wc giro to thi-m our asanranci that i hey, under all ctrruniiitanceM, ran rely upon our active lutmtaoeo In lha warfare against a eiurupt legislature, which tramplea nr right* under He feet. Thai a copy of these rcsolutioi a be cent to the bonorabta the payor and Common Council, aud be published In !b? paper*. Nrw Ymtg, May <1, 18OT. To lh" Hon. K*gjrA."rno Wood, Mayor of lite city of Mow York Da* n h'nt?1 hare the pleantiro to transmit to your Honor a copy of the revolution" adopted at a meeting of the Herman fwraocratle Central Club, held lent Monday evening, in 'he .shakspere Hold. Permit mo to add, I am ss tidied that the Oe> mane tit Hiia city, without party deduction, will adhere to your Honor In Uie struggle In which yon are engaged to the 1 mj"-1. if iiMtivvr anMy " u, tij jvur vcruwu irnwu and too will not be dirappointed. I avail myself of this opportunity to **imrr yoor Ilotvsr ofniy biyb regard, with which 1 remain your mnntobej dlent servant, Db CHa^. NAN/., 1st Secretary (ierman Democratic Central Club, No. 3 Chambers stmt. Ms torn Omen, Smr You, May Id, 1867. PtAH Sir?1 am in tho receipt of your kind noto endureuik tin* Tcry eocnpUincntary resolutions passed by Um Ueruuui la-nnorrslic Central Club, bold but week at Um Sbaknprre Hotel. It ih |?<-arant to know that no large and reputablo a body of men <>n<lors<w atid eucouragee the actum which I have taken to reeyat tbn ua'ii paiiuo of tho black republicans at Albany. Witb such support it Is imposaiMe tbat any public tdbear ran fall to do bU wholu duty. Please return my thanks to tbo geaUemaa composing Iba Central Club for their well written ami pair* alii reaoluUoiua. Vary truly your?, FERNANDO WOOD. Dr. Cue*. Nans. The Comer Nion* or rite Hemtrd PrMkytwtaa Chare la, Jrrarjr Clljr. The corner itone of Una building was laid yewterday afternoon at a Uttla after four o'clock. Nntwt bstandtag tit* sombre aspect of the day, and the oocastooat fall of Kbowera, a larro conroorse of respectable pcrmwa were assembled at the "pot, la order to bo spealalnrs of tb? Into resting ceremony. The exert hsw attendant on the tying of tbo ttnoe were commenced by prayer; after wbwfc tbo Iter Charles Hover addressed the persona atetriublod on the importance of the ceremony winch they were about to witneii. Ho spoke of the advantages alien ling tbo building if churches ui wbieb the true gospel of Jctrua t hrift pre trhnl, the ntanifold Meeting* rtMnlUng from it to a ootiitrtaniiy at large, ho., and concluded i?y say tog : ' We lay our cornor stone in faith and hope, and with Ute fervent prayer that the house which wo are about to aree.t may ho a house of llotl'a own aptsunUuenl, wltere tint s| Irit offksl may pre|taro multitudes lor hea >eo lour: after wo have Minted from all our t arlbly caren and tons." Tbo lion. W*. Juet r, uf I'ennsr Iranta, neat add rented b line If to the persona asuerohptd. He stated Urat It baa been hit privilege to travel, an<1 that bo baa often rryutoed to hod pi.-M ee wbsb he formerly ts'bebi as wtrdernsaeee. now abounding with rburcbee and prosperity. Detail ho liever witnessed a hand of CbrteUane associating Ibemselvet together or engaginc ur any work for the aar ti' i? ><i < "i wuunui ii<euok veiy |* ? mu?r rrnuw?n. m tt.iti d that it wan um Lie Intention to dotal a um pentooa |iri'><M by dctaiilix the many and var.ed bioxiup armii a from the building of rbuirliee wbtcb land lo promule Hit' glory irt our I<or<i J?wu? Chrtet, wbo la Um tree aocaor rt'ien ami hopp ul tbn < Wa >. Donee, Bi|.f abo delivered an addreaa which displayed butli /cal and elnrpieaee. < Hirer a?ldrreaea IWkmrd, am! a collection mm Un a made to aid In tbe erection nTUic build lag. After mhrnh the viircixce were eoocloded by pray* r. Kerrj Individual prefect appeared In foil deeply to prrrMd with the importation of Ute > erection y whreb they had juat witnetned. miHemilmn C'Hjr K?wa Sam ?ru Ht-hool CnmuriMW ? Tbe anolvemarlee of Um Habbatb ecboola of the la-Urn Utetrtou were i taNateil y eater lay afternoon by a proownloa and meeting* la atre ral of the cburrbew Tbe rimt IHvirion, rotrpririug the foiiowtng naneril Kfaoola, met In the Houih Ninth nreet < togregattawaJ efanrchi?N. K. (togregaU?na1, lee a venae Hefbrmed Dutch church, and Grand ?treet Mlnlee Bapuet rburch. TheSmvind Ptvleioo m<-t at the rburch uovaei of Hbrth and Miutli Fonrth rtreeti, and onnalated ef the ictolara Of the Ilrit Prenbytrrian church. Reformed Dutch ehorch, fourth rtf*et and Houth Second atreet, "? tin I h a i mum Baptat cliurch. Ninth utrm-t MUaiua echool, Wyethaveuun Muaion rhool, and tho Uuahwkch mm Itafua mill Dutch rburch The Third LHvlelon met lit the Presbyterian ehareh ear chotlr of the ITaabyterwin church corner of kVth mm! ?4>uUi Third atrneu, Kirrt church, Fifth u4 Hneth IMth Mr rata, Induatrlnl Khooi. North beeoed (treat, Her. J. NratiUrr'a ( rtnan I'riebji U? rtaa church; Dtulataa noodo* MiP'ioo eehool; i.rtlium avenue BaplM ehurcb, and th< Troth etrrei?long rrgatMioal church. The >?urth Dtrlaioo ni'l in the ?'? "?'-rii-i church, ?*rnod utrrct, uxl nomprleed the Kh Ann belonging ui Uml church. Ilw Crabam aeenun MethodM ProiMtaid church, North Kltlh ?trf<t PrmhrUrVi) eharah, Her Mr Mmrml'a KefortiM-d Dutch church, and tho Nrr. Mr. Hoe* man Knot William* burg church. Tito Pundar KhOok connected with the Epeioapef chnrch In W ilUumsburg alro celebrated their third anmrrranry. Too aeveml nrhoola mot at tho tinnier of HfUt and rtwMh Hr?l rtreew and marched la procoaotoa in BL Iforfe church, in f ourth utreet, when dtnaa eerrtee ? P*inrtnol and abort nddrmwea won delivered. Cmama Pit an Bpuidal Term. Before Bon. Judge I* ***JUrti iJubert, nmfonor, fo, dSAcnrd fot-lMt w? a miH brought to recover nine hundred and twenty frvn dollar* of the defoadant for r?d" ** " * 4eUTW*4 ^ the claim** aoolgnen, the niter being a trm doing bealnno month* ago, under the annm * ?nnea?,?MiB? j. TT.oNi woro aoveral rtefenoee hot up. tnwm dhwt, inlt theflrw in ' *?? ** "7 ?Mt and in Uwl the defendant MM I Ml g Bl l^^ whteh he claimed to odb*t agalnat the mamttfTe demand Theoolc, howcrer, had not matured until anaan ' .f4/r me mtlgnment fen I been eaaeutnd The dnBin EES? nho tried to prove that the ptaiaUfl btmnatf had been a naember of the trm mqueauon, but the Court held foat there ?u no ruflVumt proof an to thin. The aaaa having been rammed up by Mr. (Vmdert for plainMB, and r OTOTV wt mi' nrrirrf^i tor Ih* ft U Amount clalmod. Mr* lAMT, ?Ke ^"iJt jXa lUrfj btitwiy f itot rtww-nr*! nbwh, am M b?r nwHkmw to Ij?ct?*irf, V?.,OD U>*17tfc imk