Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1857 Page 2
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I 2 , ' THE MAILS OF THE NIA8ARA. FUCBKMNCX IX THE HRiTlSU PARLIAMENT. / THE WAR IN CHINA. Kna??i rvucY 11 central ihhici, A4 Aa, Ae. Hie malt* of tin fUm*r? reached this oily from Bostyn but e euluf. We |i itilisti rtonis intertvliuj il ituil* of the prooredtr ga in the Bnti-h Parlianeel on tht occasion of montv lite address to lite throne in reply to the Queen'* speech, ?e well M tie lOortl news with rotpect to the pro gre? of the Au*lo French war in Ohina. Onr correspondent in l.nndoa, writing on the tub last., says? Tm anoiHiuccmrnt that the government of Washington tatenik- to ,voiip> the Isthmus of Panama has lol to coo slderitble discussion here tn p riHcal circle*. it i-pro snmed ana ho,>cd h< re that the Washington government will ounce ii* action 10 maintain ug the period security of the mute The Ciruass an, arrived al Liverpool, briar8 the intelligence that Lord Napier aypnwrt rf the tisspatrh of a Wrong American n aoai fiircc to (Ac luhmua Tbu will confirm tho nptmou 1 bare above eijroteed. Ttie BrlUah Parliament. THH WAS IS CUlNAr?KIM8IAM ADVANCE ON TQS HORTBIAWBM IBOUT1KH?THE CENTS AL AMERICAN birriOULTT?NEWFOUNDLAND PI8BBST QINTIOH. la ibe Hou*e of Lords, on the 7th of May, the address to the lb -one, in reply to the Queen's speech, was?as alrea dy reporter? novel by the Marquis of Towmhend,and eecoudrd by the Earl of Port* month. The Earl ot Mauimwet. from the opposition benches, ri marked?I do sot snow that I should have said anything ujmn a subject which is perhapM the most Important la the whole -pcecb, ami wtnoh has certainly occupied the atienMou of tbi. eoontry o' late more than any other?I mean the diu mte with Jhina?had tt not been for a reference to the pa> t debates upon that subject which tu made by the uoble marquis who movdd the address, and which I think bed better hive been omitted. It appears almott childish to tell your lordsbias that we on this side of the Bouse and some noble lords on the other side who look s different view of the question to that which was entertained by her Majesty's Mini.'erv did i-o from a deep sense of duty and front lo other feeling. (Hear, hear.) b would be almost riitidisb, I -ay, to i?i?at thai asevriiun to your lotdrhips, beoauee 1 am persuaded that no ono ever records a vote in thu Houee without con-cioauosaly believing that in giving that rote he 1? rerforming an act of duty. But the noble Mar-tut-, alluded lo what had pas ed, and he matte use of as erprussioii which I cannot allow to remain iinaooosd. I should n-u ha>e referred lo U perhaps, however, had t nut been the echo of what was stated by a more important personage than ihe noble rnarqui-?I mean by the uoble vieoouiii at ilie head of ber Maiett/'s covernment. The noble marquis, adoptiug the tout-of iho noble viscount, said that thete were men who were prepared for the sake ot otftce lo sonepl?as I um emood him?the degradation of the Ehgli-b flag. A heavier charge, ray lords, could not oy [OrMbiliiy be laid uooo any memoer of i*arllament, or uptai any gee tit man in this country. (Hear hear.) 1 would gladly have avuided alluding to, even if 1 could not forget, the almo-t -im lar terms which were made use Of hv llie IM.ble vi cteinl al H,? hr..l ..I (he eee.enm.nt Re fernug to lhOM> person*; who aught poosibly succeed htm tn ortIce ho Mid of them and of those who had voted again.-,! hi* new* on the China question, thai they were ana who had "thus en Jeavoiod to make the humiliation and degradation of tlieir country the ftepixti^ atone to power -' My lords, t ilo not t?eliere that there is any precedent for language each as that ever proeooding from yo high a eource. (Bear, hoar.) I do not thin* that even in the heat of any debate I ever heard such language hut rour lordnhipe must recollect that the lan ffuaf-e U> which I refer wa-> not apoken in the heat of debate, but thai it was calmly written, printed and addnvs (<d to hla con-tKuonta by trie noble vi-co .nt at Tiverton. , Of the uoble visoouit's attack, therefore, 1 amy no more [ than dud it was unworthy hi* groat reputation, latent and (,, aiel thot it wag as absurd as it was unworthy. (Bear) It was absurd, kecauseina degraded comtry no . power ib attache,! to otnee. On the contrary, the * man who rulee such a country Is the most degraded being tn it Forgive me, my lords, if I have spoken i wnli warmth ?n tins subject, for I confess that I , reel Mrougtj u on it. (B?ar, hear.) But te revert to ' the qucrtioti of China. We never dented upon this able . of the Home that the Chinese nad gi ren to thts o tuatry a cjtirlUernhle rams of off.mcc; but what wo stated was . that u>e puLi .tunoi.t inftwted was out of proportion th the freaoe?that populah -as deatioyed aad town* attacked were rather loo eu< ng measures of retaliaUon for the nf front w t,s h t,au been offered by the Chuieee We added that we thought that the 1'tempore attar y and Admiral at Gaston should have waited tar further orders from home before tliey proceeded to extremities. Those wore the 1 ml* ma which we groun led our opposition; and I must add now, that If her M^esty 'a government had at the ti,ae bee# planted to state, as thev now de ta the royal speech, that they were about to aend an eminent person to settle the dilT. renoee ta China, my tlna belief Is that no division would ha?e taken place ou that question, and losi bar da yeety'r sovecaewnt would act hare boea opposed. (Bear.) Earl Ciurr said?1 think, my lords, that we are entitled te route further information with regard to this business la China I ihutk we ought to know more distinctly than we now oo what are the ceueee of the war on which we are eaterWig, what are th? demands which are te be raade oa the (huaere authorities, sod which are to be supported, If noose1 ary, by the em doymeat of e very la're force Bl?? that subject we have at present nothing but the most vague statement thai can be uuocetved. Xotkimg wKtUvar hat fcnra vammvnwaOai taut at to the maf ahycii far which thu | ttry cvnrvierulic armammt u ta be teat ta Chut*. No attempt has beea made to exput? to us the views of her Ma- t Jeety*K govrvntner.t on that sibyect We hare had vague 1 deciaraueat, that there are to be locreaeed facilities for trade, I and thai our rvtauou* with thins are to be placed on tm*s I aattrfactnry tootiag; but id what respect our relations are to be made more i-eli-factory sod in * hat manner we are I to obtain additional facilities for trade are ny no means 1 exi ta n, d U|s<a these tstints I think some further infor I mahuu is required. I think so the more especially in ooa- I sequence rf be raihtv aiarrn ng eijveesl ) m whloh hare boss use.I in various quar.ere wbh reference to China. The aohle larl who very ably secooled the address, et Kpd an opinion, la ounformity with that which we have from vai too* quarter*, to the effect tint U># great empire of f hina mi4 be cnm|*ll?d ta ob-erve hor trestle* with us sal le give us greater factI,ties 'or trade. Now, tny lord*, I am net aware th st w* have not b <en la the fall enjoy tact! of all Ui? facilities fur trade to which we ware entitled by oar treaty with C bia. In fact, I beheve Dial much more titan we ngbt|to l,as been tscttly oeded ta us We have b.e i, shewed to carry on oir trade with fewer re IMctiotir than th ma metstiooed la the treaty, aad on which the Chine?e had a right to toeist I see, ai o, that Ware lbs making of that tr??.ty our trade has beeu carried oa without ai > interruption or dl!Qcu:iy whaterer, and has lucrisenl with aituodt marrellous rapidity, to tbe great advantage, a* 1 believe, both of China and of Ills oe nary. Now, I am not aware 'hat If we eo)oy all the CsnlMtee for trade which China baa promised te atfb -d aficd u, ar, we are entitled bees jse we hare had a quarrel which I will My nothing abeut?declining for the pre seat la nay who w la the r gbt and who Is la the wioog?I sat act aware that oa that grund we are ectilled to say te the (fcthiwa that they must glee us Mill greater facilities I bare always bt-ee uadsr the liapnwrtoa that matters of trad# ?>-r? natter? entirely to be Jetrrnunr-1 by the mutaaJ mureetn of the parti?o trading; thel uMritu worn at kbert; to grant or withhold fentliuoa for trade wlib their aegbboni, o with inner neUnon, entirely u H aoraiwl tart to then, aneurdiag to U>< ir own iDiereeta. I Brtrr beard that it was r>mm tared a oauo* of (Barrel, for kmunrr, with oar poworfel ertghban the Freo?'.h that thtrj tepoeeri at oee t'tnr a tan IT ao reetriotire that tar knur a till* nugh< hare heoo carried oa to tho laoiMar bra#lu of ouraotrro and J-raore waa re dmwd m inatgmftcaoce by their rootncUoaa. I DO\?r beard that M van oenalilered n? to junrrel eMlh Fraeee aa that grr ad And ao fill regard to Kuaae and rarxeu h uroweae couotrtne Wo know per feci ly well that trade haa b*ea ro-tru-t-d to a atoet iei|?'auc. manikr by theee oatiooa I belleee tnat Uia 1 Aiiioro oot an eiatnpto In riwpect lo the faetliueo Uiey giro to Irado wh oh night be followed with ad ran tote by o ? Ubm uauow* Tley Inpooe Ibw ooerouadan<v na the onnMnndHka (4 other ooootrtea, and lewer in i pedimaair tr> 'hniwn by them la the way of commerce than by newt Rarnpeee nat?oa?. and eejwrlally by oar l eeJven. I lake lee re to nay, up <111 a annparauraly recent perud I my, thea, that we hare a right to expert *Hjf? le&niie latnramtinw than wa hare ret recalrod a* U> the object nt the hue Jilt aa now coaductod agam?l (ha* And W? av? ad-1 that I enrir la tb* neailmeol otpi tmi ii by the noble earl oppuatia (lord M timet bury) with reepaot w the manlier m which former dU ow?m? In tbt? aeeetnb'y bare bean oorameated upon by jwrwHi* la h.(fa ufltce Hart of on a prerlnue oe caaton rated with the noble earl on Uta q ieeboo f Uimg t > (Vina, 1 reel that we bar# feat rraeoo to com plain nt the rtaiemeat made, that that rnta w? to he arormnied lor by U? fart that men were to be frond who nought la maki- "the burnt.tunn of their country the ?v>p ptng alooe to power " (Hear, bear ) My lord* however mm* aa aeperetoa may apply to other*, I think 1 ran at all erefeU eay M ba? no appttonUue ta myeelf, nnoe that oouid not hy p?e*tbtMty ba my ohjeot My lord*. I hare aeea, a nb a neai attea which I will in* trout myeelf to deer.rtbe, language uecd with regard ta the Chinee* tual any man of proper feeling ??M nut read without?to adopt the mil let phraee?eitreean ram and regret We bar* ha 11t r*|ireneotad to a- that the atroetiie* commute t by the Ct> near were the anaon which Inuoead aa tooommcnr* bnatllitMa. toetead of whtcb the faot l? prartwfy the other way Thorn Binr tbte, which J do not pretend to palliate, were the oaa?< que nee of the rata nod lafboted br at ?pat; the (bineee My Inrda, wa hara aewa tranaacti ma ft* ?huh reareea waa fail/ obtained too yeara ago, rated ap uma and put forward a* ground* fbr ooo ibnMnf lha ihtaeaa anthnrtUe* at till* moment We hare eeeo aa attonyiwonn prooinmattao, which the Chin.*.* government had no maaa* nf controlling, rapraeetilet) a* an act fur which ttoaf ga ernroenl waa directly reeprm thin I am not one of thore who defend or erenew the alruoiiiea perpetrated by the Ghlaene? I rlew tbern wtu> ae much horror ae any one among yoor kw tab I pa If ll be true trim thai, la r-oaneortnn with thla war. the Ob'a?* autWtltrw la-Uqate.1 aa attempt at the wholenate daMr ?< *??* by poteoa af tha Karomna population of Hang and that they ohm aought t? marder thou.ande or for peel* la other ptenna who took Bo part whatever la the iMMtiuttee, anrh den<ae oannai be no etmegly eoa ('rawed Hut I can ma help eayiag that the Wire Uieae ed?the miwepainful it may ta Id emlb' aoeawata at Mich orna) at d wbk.d aota. the great ar.m my o tat on w Um -rwponaitdUr of twine who began, fbr aa ad. quale ohjnct. the barfm of which tbeaa thmg? are be natural reault The rw?pnn tbility reem nt aa mai b a uh the -hinee* aa with thorn who oommenred thte am m a The en ma I* unfortuneu-lT t -ae of all war Whot tha award la uwee drawn, and man * angry pea altme art <amr rowed, great croeMtee, great atror.tma are awarded Ha la It beoontag of mniiaied men??ull more, li M af (hrtettaae tecauee the Chineee. oader gtnmg prerooaum, hara baaa betrayed lata ante of Uua Mad. at bwM Mam ap aa a aahaa fbr wham ladtami^ ? o??<> pla'iirbtrr In he v jot ?r Oi ><w mtvn- f* smrtnouly iilwi ?? civilised, ?h<n ill y n?v? fcnti i 'li ib> m-clvce a tark. <1. h i?i> bn?n guilty of Crimea h*r?il? t Wn> ttJH? the ctitueov f* a'l km* ! wteit* ??r?a>* I* oartVit or by au uivll wMind pupil, r Uoti an n-wy *11 ri mrj arc an m"t'is iv n ? i i lag greet enotmuiPi" eie seme'lito- p*rt>ctrat?d, Kor ei wbrntV lYMCb tRrtdwl "Vaiu, *e are all *?* " thai the tfpauixh in*itg?ut- f eqinrtth committed grunt erne hi e, I tr i rtug, mini aii<u and k'M'ng urnicr the t?<?? h rtliile ciri; iiikIiu m the Fr? noh *??i i?r- who fttli la? their h*i il? We coihIcimu iii.*e t nxe-siing ?tne p n ilen' EukUml cwh'mowt ihrm ier> strongly, bit maintained thia, all hie gb wane of the dpionb people bad |al melee llicoi-clvi* III Ire led into KUOh that * * Uo tuuaon why the Spaiu-h ualU'U bo id be Meld up < > get" rsl reombatlon. And lu the eauj of ba'baroui iiaii.xia ?ti l more ado* aiioe ia to be made. Thov ku'?w nothing of thou laws of war which have been ettabhsaed only within the toft two omit'iriex even xno'ig the otrllizel p ami '"bit 'icti cootdilee of Europe. ftieir notion of war i to exterminate their cnenuox by any mran*, fair or fo l1, Uiat r*n be employed They do not acltn xerted^A the bn inane nil'a to whim In modern tirae* Western nadou* have happily thought lit to subject tboee who *ipi war In f> tbetr b. half Wo moat therefore remember that it It not * enough to ray that the Chineea have btna guilty of re?y fC great cruelty to justify the untion that trous mere ven t} geai re e are to be guilty of equal cruelty to*ard< them ,,, That i* not the way in which tho-e p'neoenltngt are to be m Mop. od; it is to be done by forbi arance, ouupled with ? tr strong display of tore* I will nut novfttrth.r deU'ti your lordahiur My principal mm ire fo-rising *? to e* preen By oiAniop that It is ae-olutely necessary we should be fcrcisbed a an early period wtth a cleans- ex plana lion than any atlordeo to u? of the objects for which tin & war la to be undertaken. Jt After some obeer ration (Tom Lord Albemarle the address wn agreed to. * Mr. rVinson, in moving the addreae In the Com moo-, * Mod ? He regretted to be obliged to elate thai the negotl.t tiona reepecttng the poeition or alfbir* in Central America y bad not been brought to a close, but be trusted he wet o x n too eangulne tn indulging in tbe an'icl|iaUoa that there e?. ?| is ted no reason to appreheu 1 a context botween two nations ? to intimately connected ax were Kn laud and the United ,a Staler of ameriaa. Such a war wo -Id, Indeed, be so de?rl t| mental and ee pernicious to the prosperity of both co iu p( tei^o iKe* it mAiiM it? actrriMlv dnAalriitir in (hn Ignvntrt ,?f l-. exaggeration to ity that th? greatest la'amity which ixj iI 1 * botall either Slate, next to defeat la the contest, would be ^ to he victorious (Hear, bear.) I? Mr. BrcwxmiN, of Glasgow, seoondtng It remarked: ? ' e No language was too oO'earive to ledgnate to the ouV-ide barbaruuv?,no acta were too snyare forth trnilaoabl- M hostility of the Chineee. Undet-these clrcu in-tancm it ^ wan not to be supposed that the representtUve* of Kng .y land In that country would stand quietly aud tamely hy n and see the British Oaf outraged. Had they pursued such a course the arrogance of the Chinese would have become ?, greater than ever, and negotiations would .have beeu m nearly Impossible. It wuh not only In Chlua thai we cant" In contact with the subject's of We Cele-tial Empire. rhal Industrious and comtnerial race had spread thsm<elre? q, over the Indian Archipelago; they were to be met with In w Borneo and Sumatra, in Jara and Slam; they srero to bu a, found In large numbers in our own settlement* In rj, the eastern seas, and had oontributed largeir to the n< population of Australia and California The post ? tion of British settlers In the colonies belonging to ^ their ctuintry wa? somewhat crtucal. In Singapo e thirr ^ were 10,fOO Chinese ookiniei* while the number of King- ^ eettler> was laAnitelx smaller, an 1 In Penang and Ma rP lacca me disproportion wa? etill greater. It should be remembered thai those Chinese emigrants malntamel l0 relat'our with the secret societies ta their own oo mt'y, lK so that tbo-e societies bad rami icatloos In ail the colonies (| which runtaiaed Chinese settler* 'Tie late sanguinary < proceedings at Sarawak afforded an Illustration 01 the Vl danger to which British colon>ts were exposed, and could any one with these facts bet ore him advocate on the I ^ part of the government a weak and vsciliating ,. iwllcy with reference te China? In dealing with Drif<r>Ul natinna vwAitiim *u a matlar nf iha K. Importance. the Brlti.-b empire In India ovnl its sta blliiy to the prnmpe acquired by Britl-b arm* ^ and arts, and that prestige one broken down that M empbe from the north to the south troild tot or to kta bane. Under the circumstance* tri ich now existed he viewed with (treat satisfaction the app>iatment of a nobleman ot the experience and tried ability of Led Elfin to the p eiMoa of Envoy Extraordinary to China (Hear, hea-.) The difficulties <rbich that nobleman would f, have to con'end against were ok coo lined to the subject of our relations with the Chinese. but hrv also were iacident to other considerations. 7b the nnrtHead tf "hint a rhrminp and vicinal power war advanring t?i it manner r aI uUUrd to eactte alarm and apprthmiiun. Hnttia had oe jvtrerf in thatrparit a banye territory, whuJi mifhl a' tnmt ** Wuer prrttKi be wed for pury*ot immnral to Untuh cm afl never. and (hat teat a tubjm weB worthy cf eontideration. _ In be Ebgllsb Parliament, oa the Htb of May, tfir Johs 'aewutuk (tare notice that oa Monday next be should rteeeat a petition from Newfoundland oa the subject of be be proposed retiree lion with the Frencb gorerament la it,, elalioe to the fisheries oa the noa*ta of thine ooloalea, Ad put a quaatiea aa to the intantloaa of | ramrnl oa w be subject. tbt lb Bnglaittri Interest# in Central America. lfc, [From the Liverpool time?, Mar S J The meat significant passage in the Queen's speech refbra to the negotiations between our own and the United Satan alt C'erumenta relatire to the Central American queatton lug "hi! undecided?a fact which ererybody kne e, but there is no hope held out of a s.medy settlement of tha K question It Is erident that the m-o slavery party In tha to American Beanie Intend to make mn*>o>d of ctrcum'Unce?, M a Ith a view to the triumph f their own policy, nnd reooul accounts from tbe Isthmus of I'anama-how a oumpUcaboo " of Incidents which will indue i the slavery party la tha " South to push matters to a still further extremity. A 61 forcible possession of the Isthmus on both AJes by the V t-oops of the federal government Is ad vacate 1 In seme of the American papers, and If lewd Palmerstou be the belli gerent mm: ter which some people repeeeeat, be has food saougb la this dispute to (ratify bis Inmost longings. ? [From the Loodoa Post, May (. j ***** an Aa to the negotiations with the United Kates and the q, rov.-rnment of Hooduras In regard in the affairs of Central 1D smetica the* have not yet been b ought to a close, nod ^ t ia impoaalble therefore to (Ire ParUameol nay detail# as nformattoo 00 the subject But although Ureal Brttaia la argely interested In the trade of Belize, and in the pros- g, parity of Guatemala, Yucatan, Costa Rica, .Salvador and m N'teaiagna. and is tbe well being of the tribes aloag tha ^ Mosquito-bore. who look up to our protection, ret we Bare such conn leoce in the sagacity of the |orernmeal of M Ihe United State*, and la the moderation of nor own Oakiot t. that we hare no doubt toe oeguiiaiioas will smsia ?tl bi) and aauafactorlly tormiuato. The Argh^Krenrh fillaalon ts iVkts, [Kioto the Pans Motittpur, Mar 11 PI M the Baron Oroe has been appointed bv bis Majesty tbe Emperor te repair to China In the character of Com to truul' tier Extraordinary Ia>rJ Kigin baa received from ae Uie government of her BrtttanM Msj??ty an anel.vm* ml* rs sum wuh ihe same title, and the two Plenipotentiaries till r? lend each ether mutual aeal-Uiiee In the negotiations which w art corniced te ihem, and the sncceet of which wool I, tx without any doubt, open a new fiel I to Christian cinllta- lb Hot, and tin commerce of all nations. M. Is llaroo tiros will almost immediately vmbark on board tbe frigate *? datleus. He a ill be accompanied by M i?uclnwoe de Bellexiurl, secretary of tbe fl*?l class M the Ft-conre ds ? Out lades.-ccretary ofibe third class; M the M >r pn* de Moger atui N. the comip de latour Maubourg, attaches to I tin itrsoidlnary taw ion. A Pari- rot-?e(iotvletil of the /ndrpmdtmtrr H-lty states that ' tie ol the instruction* of the k'reacb Pleiniskeolary la to China will autbosise bim to demaad no tbe part at m Roman Calbolte mlelMra'loa tbe right to lustrum their rt llg on in itilaa 00 eoadi-isa that tbsr do not attach tha u sxh-ung govt rnmeut and conform to the taws. rt [From the Iondno Tlram. Ktf I J hi Tb# Aj*i?tano# and i-iTMimrf, iron ttnam ti-oap ud lf tor# ?bip?. Onm?andnr? ll#aib uid lory, war# rrndny no WfdMdtj ti.rf ri-*i#roay to pmaa UMr m vhin#ry boforr b?it,y<d r??lf fn* #mb\rlttny trimin fbr > f hlr a It t? doubt/hl wb#th#r lb# ?2d will yn out ultho >f h ? th#y w#r# rom# ilm# ayn ord#r#d to bold tb#n?nal f# to M r#adm#?a to embark for China Thw r*ylm#aia now ordarad for m>barkatioo ar# tbn ?th Royal Fiud#<>r?, lb* aanad v hattal <a> ot th# MHli Ro" al Rlfl# Cn#|w, tb# kith ouoai^ht j, Ranter*. and tb# Sd battalion of tb# Rlfl# Brtyada Tb# [**a tatmn tod.ll# wh#oJ aVoam atooo, Oomraundar r Edward Mar-hall, ?v y#?t#r-1?y at Mb##m?-?, raportod a roady lor ??a for ha#1yn ?#rrV-#, aa par ndar of tha Ad r, mlraMy. Brr dn> uiinma la rep wind to b# China. y, [From the Loadoo real, May I 1 ?< aa i k t a ftt# all .?K>e In the rnyal ?p?nrh a* toOuna la atrtwit and n atynlBcaat We bar# mot out a PtaalpotonUarT fully la- U krortad to tr#at, but tbat Plenipotentiary will aa aupporV ad by aa adequate oa>al aad military force. Without la orb a o#o#a?ary eppaodat* tha laeoleol barbarian Tab n would disregard our functionary, aad trnal bin with o< contumely rbi?tained, bowerar, b> tbe*uaeof a aeranty m four, aod potnbnf bin peaceful propo#iuoaa with RriUtb d haym#m, lord IQflia may laduoa Ycb, aad arary oihar I t< paliyoaiit Mandarin. to ytaM to Ilia fnrr# of tb##a ol ?harp arfireaata. Chioaae ina-'laana, armyanoa aod ma M Iraobroo# Ima erer bean founded oo tha notion that lb# PMplirb had Dot tha power to areaye Briuih wrony* or to uoeirh chinnee treachery. But wtoao It la fouad tha Am t-a^wtor #ani out la prepared to auataln tha a?a#a#r m ^ ?n<da by I to- /ortafer ha r?, tha Court of P#kla will di-arow ? aad mm bra, aa H baa doh# bafora, K# ayaala, aod da or yrad# Y#h from hi# hl?b pnatUoa. Any other than a Arm and naan'y court# would proetrat# Fjiyland b#fb theae at barbarian* Tha o#w Parliament la prajarod to ratify a (J maiily, and not a wnak. oW womanly , parley J Karl# (May I) < aera'poodi noe of tha London Pnm J damn line, who ir to repmeent Franca la Unna, will D l#ar# with tb# Oil# of 'Tommumnaairt Kttraordiaaire," , wblcb la to ba th# title I baar, of a xnailar Fnyliah Foray I alio undrrrtan I wo Fra ch Ira wporka will aooomnaay PA?darien#a, tha ramal which lnk<u out tha French mta at'? in canton. t Tb# Fart# < *wMMhawarl yira# anas# datall* aa to tha praei#r oby#ct of Harno Urn# a mbwloti It HjTt ? p roiwralioo for wrong* pamliar lo Kraooa J emtio Among "U>?r? la th* murder of M Cbapdohne, tho n.i-vnary who war y*ar |*it lo doaltl under lb* aww? '? Hnakim rtrcno lun^v Ha Ia ai?<> l? dnmanl a fraah I1 troaty '>( romm*rr*? Tho F roach aqoadroa to ao ompuvol ? u> bf ah* |o aooand tho rlmr*. and 'bu? art an -itr >n'y -n tho ( hirx ? gov at noinnt M to compel it to laUAfy th* " drmaado mad*. IV Brltkh (aaqmili In Pa rain. [From iha Ism don Turn**, May ?.] " a a 0 r, But tt? raptor* of Mnhaiamarah m?\n?, and trill ho ftlt In mean thai th* Ilritl-b gnrammaot to rwtoirad In r umbo ita r? ?rt ft li and ronparvd a?on by a raoort lo tba w laat anramtttoa Tha rarturo of 4u?hlr< might hava ttaaa "t called a d*mon?V?tioa?tho capture of Mohantmerah tu tha twglnnirg of aomialan Ii Vila Iba Pennant that. ft If fhr *? lam twoq wa-t, ?a w II conquer Tha capture of \ Mohammarah manor Uta nroupaU>? of Khi-i-un of th* valley of Uta Ttgrt*, of Iba wVila Prmten Hulf Tba Hhah ft mada In ft*I that Uta qaeklon of paam with * inland roerarno tha vary atlataoco of hi* ?m plra Thua, ool oaly tha bnlltaory aad ontaplaioaa? of tho rtctnrf Itaalf, but tho datermin*! pnltoy of whim it liaa gIran trig* ara oaiculatad to hare their lofloaaca O throughout Oatrel At la Kor can tha aaooodary adraa a taga of an aaaaadanry or-ar tha A rah tribe* ha forgotten Hi Air ami), wo hara IllUa doabt, tha rtery of tha fall of Ma w hammorah hao baaa told all through Arabia, Maaopatamla th aad Kurdjataa. The deepato* rekw thai the Arahe are I dd NT?W TOKK. QT0KAM>. F ard Huhirl ."tve; >ut tbere cau he lttx,< <J?m hi si ii,o Inflnenav the Engl sh tuuno over thin* wil l ,c. , will Ih nutflh U'nml hv Uio ex, loll I>| o?r OnUhm. Ill* evcut has ViI -a i>l*o> m a <"Ot nt, \ prwtlinlnb '?''l 11'? hu *ov?ia?nt of ifa.) e yniiK ban N-en I he iu'li>p. uilcnov tuui ug.yint ol ip t pirii . f lln- Araha. Kv. a im?, in ai.v i!Uu- iou r? lit |( to tlie OevVI' I" nwM ol An * Mluor and the i ?H ?y of i< | i |>br*tr*t it i- K- P'T'ihy nriioil that ih<i <rmv< iii( IhM are too IrrerUUnably aacw to p> not oiviliz h ob ?enter !>? l*wU ihey ocoupy. r> tub nu ??i I a. tri<> ?a|v I re i'f Mctuu) in rub *u<! tbo puoawptnen' <>f * vutorlo h i1li-<b * my atletti, met* Oo uiicli to h al iflueoof u>'hl b future cu'erptt-a miy mriim <wi v M ill For alt 'lit** rea-oae, a bile -?fretting that .-or ?<ij* ataotiM have fought a ReOKi't hvitio af-or th1' nwl tevb vlrtuall) ternnoute I, au1 Uie cow of peine uo-t have b?< o on tbo very point of reauhin* tiu-ui tre iimot but bop? for maoj beaouto fWu lh-ir galinut t t EE _____ Tk? Late Lady Avhlmrton. (From toe Loudon ftm<at, *?* ? J I tarid the ftn< I ha' will he f? u hv ut*ny r?atlnnn and inula lor Ibr divtlb of Harriot Murj , lady Asbhurlnu, bicb occurred at I'arl. oo Mouda) tant, lb?ee U a nl'toe >r a Winer and lot* prl*au> aorrow, tor, altho 14b nolo i-> 1 ?a- 1111*1 lepupuHUt to bor nature, >01 luir reiu arathi uahuei-, wbeu combined witb ber Lij{b awjc!a) siau?n, ba 1 lade kuowu beriiaioe aul extended Uer lull' eoce Oevotid 1? circle af kan? riM man rail *-uii her trim i,m . ,* d-> ubiet ?i'b her (uilinac). To them, indeed, iat?v well be ft the memory of her deep ail-tition* itud of hor more rivals viitues, but there is roarcdy a tnmi of any politiil im lturtiry eminence w ibis country who mav not claim part to (be recollection of her ui'o.lmeol sympathy and e l consideration Marifed young to a man of great intellectual and moral ortb, ban for the hurl tbirtv ynara enjoyed a nosiuon hi? h ii would be pedantry not to acknowledge as one of r cb p'btto utility, flic hospitality of Lorn anil Lailv sbhnrtnn tiae in all ro*i>or.ts been honorable to English tan irir, It ha* been open to all excel ence and liberal to I pillions; It ban shown tbe luxury of wealth c >rn|iattbi? I'll -nnpl ciit of life, and mental superiority without a iat of pride or affectation. It t* the mistress of dath rose and of the Grange who hat now passed a* ay In too inw- of life and In tbe perfection of her faculties?a ItMl ugilsb lady, aho, in a country where tbe authority nf . men is lee Jealously watched and store widingly ad iMtcd, wo Id have been a public personage, but who here t< been content to limit her genius to those usee that ctr in-tano* have allowed and custom has sa dUm-d. This Ls not the time or place nicely to delueat.i tne char per, or to balance with an accurate hand the merit* o' is 'bUtiguished lady. But In an age and oountry where t charm anu gra t of social uxlstenco dally become more ire. the dc|iarture of one who uontCHsod those q laltties in > abuncant a measure must not pa-a unoouced. If the ?.fi',., on of hor wit and tbo brightness of her raillery imetimts astonished a society acc a turned to a vapid nun orlt*s conversation, they were all the more attractive grarrr nuntia worn ooinprvnuu'ieu wua now niucn re wti< n and with what j'lel pero*|4ion the? ware acco taunt d Id fact. It was through the veil of her tine humor one that bar singular good sense, her pnnnfa >o of character, her solid information, and, above all. r dcrp love of truth, wore fully to be trao>?i id utdrrvtnod Hot apprehension-, so to say, o' oral and intellectual greatness were so large thai I* shrunk frotn bringing her own knowledge and ih? 'others to the lest of ordinary discussion, and thus, wo ar, ban left behind her Utile written evidence of her eat powers. In the same spirit her intercourse with eu of letters and of science was utteriv devoid of any x>ot> of i atrnnage, and she showed a mar<r<i dislike to aw them eut or use their abilities for any other pur ve than tha of promoting their pleasure and her own lus, too, 111 the distribution of her wealth, she aroided 10 common currents of charity, aud devoted it mainly to e eotnf rt of tb we with whom she had rotne lotal rela m and over whose interests she exercised a close per rial superintendence. lady Aehburh n never aspired to fame, bnt she coveted e love and the respect of the good and wise; sod it can > Ae Jily oonsoiaiion ot thoee who wore dearoet to hsr foel bow ftilly this desire has Wen accompli shod. AffUra In Cubsu OFI HATAMA COKKRHPOKDnrOB. Havana, Hay IS, 185Tmntigatvm into (As Xatumal Iktri founnitig (Can ftffl ciai <*rrvptvm in Madrid?Aew Finnncxnl Speculation*? Bank*, Gat (Xmpanic* and SUamuhip Vine*?Marietta. I have been unable as yet, to --race the charge I broogbt my last letter, respecting the Washington pob-onlng air, home to any particular Individual. My Inquiries la lation to this matter have to be pursued with great can n, and therefore U may be that some time will eiapar fore I shall be able id ooint mv (Infer aad aav those arc I s mm who cawed that dUgraoeful deed to be done. 11, however, Ib Juatice to my mend, whe tret fare me I lafOrsuttea that I tent you to my last letter, add, that are gathered ap la the eoene of my inquiries, two or ree Hole Unka which appear to bind together the ohaio evidence, bat u theee are by no meaaa felly cooclu re, It will not aaewer for me to repeat them, la eeehuig for one thing we eomeUmas unexpectedly woe aoroee another; thus la the oourae at my taqntrtee orbing the WeahtDgtan pntaoalng aftWr, quite acciden ily 1 learned a Utile bit of InteUlgenoe ef a totallr dtflbsnt character. I aeeertalaed that there haa been oald no ?i a hi'm than thirty thousand Snllara for the "Royal (W ree" which giree the entire monopoly of eappl/log the rople of thl? oily with fob, to one perron, than which a tore tyrannic act oouUi net hare boon perpetrate*. A aew Kmmi-itm A, Vn^m-rn (eieeeaajtip otmnei') I bear tated, U Wing got ap to establish another ilea m-tup mpary, who?e ahlpe are to trade between this ctty and era Cru*. A tw captain, now taking on board hie reaarl bos gara at the low frel*bt of 50 ocote a bos, lokl me yenter y that the rlee of the hosee bad reoeotly beeo greatly r eased?that rem# lad been aeiM on board hli reneel ao rge that he could hardly paee them through hk aula ,lrh The 13th hut <m the blrthdav of Don fraooUon de Oa, bur bard of Isabel (tegnnda, <Jo**n if 3 tarn. Three ] nee were ft red d ring the day, and the other costemary reireolre du'y observed Hieie li a gTeat deal of local (peculation la the sugar ark t, and rel-e are very Arm Pschaosre are scarcely aa high as they were a waek Bee freight* dell. Rscejd -nmecawe of dysentery the public health Is good, (lor winter vtidiera have nearly all left ua. Tb?re i* to be another bank, m on ailed " The *\t%r antm Back " H (node 4* Ret" nlnn i? at ike heat or It. Toe re t* ai?o a nrbrme la circulation to Itfht tile little a a ct Quanabama wtib r?< C.uanabama, in the winter a?44, r<? tain* Bee ihoueanI Inhabitant.. In Ike nunnitif, iiker Bi"re tuan three time* that number?the rummer ' 4 leiita being i-omponert ch'efly of Inhthtla it* of tile city, ho |o there hi take the wnnewh a orUibrate>l oka jrlmatr uU and to enj j/ the luxury of the fnvth cool brooae af * bilk. IIataba, May It. 1MT. a4dm O-Hk "f am American Vamam?TV Slaat Troth fhwruAm??fipantiaicrI and Shtrkytorrt. a tfee l.Vb i net ooe of the en I lorn of ike Americas bark ydrs fell through tba hatch.? lata tha lower hold, Mrlk if hie brad aad producing ooocuwloa af the hraia, of blrh he died yeeienlay morning. Hia bane waa Wil la Mnrlalr, of Lowell, Maw . of eery reaper tab la pa wta Hi* hody waa bronghl an ehoea yaktrrdey, and iba:Bi?d by I* Wikoo, aad will be teal to bw frieeda, they eo direct The ?hip Itocbow of Putberland landed laid weak, at or Mr Safna la Oreade, ell hundred B^taJ AfHcatw, with itaey knowledge of police or justice The reneel wa? -tire In and da*troyed a* enoa an dircharged. We pee :we the re??el waa Briilrb, not we do aot know that ant i the ntn k of tha die ingoiabed name aha bore bad any itereet m the rhlp or lie dark oarge I'trieSaa.or Kae ernde m, le not alone la Ike Mle of reeeki h> aid la the anoun alma id the lalqaltnu* trade Te hare in ible port, at thi* wrong, a losen rretH -ad> and begg'tig mi be aold, and a ha'f donee which are been din-need of. and are now fitting far their new mat em The rrackl a fleer* wae aold a-t year and it outd not be at all rtraoje If a One fhntreriag little oraA t led the J amen Burhanaa abotld go the aama oourna lie year. We are to hare a rtral iwtahllahmeBi ?W tba Pom Ink* l the new If enter, of the " fbrty tki'ree"-Uie notary and rw rfl oflif-ee id all the haele ilm omenta of mr prope-tr ir bran aad our juMloe?no the aouth ride of Cathedral luare. It will be a reroute reaort for itrengern, cape ally w th riuaene of the I'm ted -tuten who bare aot fbr nttea l*a " Biaeeecreof A Urea," nor the brutal dieptay r he deeecraled remain* of en me <d th* oblef nm? of iat IBUj of Augu t?Oturodee aad Kerr Tbratrtral and RnMraL hanaowar Tnairna ?The beautiful aeerwrtn af 'Taim i? ' ! If. n aanooneed for thin ??*ein? The IM* ? .Itaaaa I.f 0> t l.r. kutM?H iraqaanliy aindnd lolhal mmaai la mm unaary. (ftain'n 'I iaaaa ?M'lln Mnharl and tha halVt mrpi will hi fU pai*nrw a aarVa nf ihalr >* aVpa.t daawn. and Iha ?T? a ar* In tppanr la ik? paaiowiman of Kiamka and Unban aad llartrand." ftowaaT Taaaraa. -Tha pnprlar aooaai-lan Mr W. II arr, will aaaai 'ha ?d>laf rharawar* In ID Mylar" and iha hwaiap ?ni" f..r hla hanaOi Una a???ln* la aridiU * Mr nhnana appaara In '101" Hcamn'a ?Mr Fdwli Ihwth la in pKnm hi holh lra*Mr ?d a> m?d? (hr Ma hnnafll tn r yhv i ??'n? f??aara la 'hApwaia," aad Mr Itmwmainl k in lb* an uUap Uula T id latlna." Wau ?r*H - "TV Prhnlar," wl'h *?. Wa'larb la Ma (fraai an of hradna Ufa*worm la In ha pnrf >rtaad with "TV ?<V'ilta eraainj Tha aa*? of bntt playa ara all at muld ha daatrnd. tana* Kaam'a. - Miaa I" ? la in pamnnat*' wa nbarm* >r? in 'ha anrranaful play an I lad l.lfca and fa Ilka." anp or ad hy Maaar*. UurnaU. WhnaUtiph. Johnaa?, A* u> aJ*n?tarVy" follow*. Aiimri" Mmrca ? Th? dnnaaiia anmnalrmania 'or tNa flaronmi wmprlaa 'Poor Wlmddf" and " In I'nl'irkr M?r kl In lh' i aanln* ha ?-i ina dawmaUa drama'd " Ffatgh nr .lark ?**?" will ha pi ran ll?n I'nnnrrr mar Wnnn'a Mi??r*?tji p???ant an araHlani nt'iBmi for to ni?V |i lnalud-a 'lnnr?a'a mlahraml a-anf ha ' mark Or-nadlar aad ibn Waahrrwomaa " aad irea nf ' Naw taar Oalla " TnaRrrauPTli wnrtrr 'ha o~ of Mr nM ~T nraof >t,rm . )??, and compun,, rj, tka or,.,, to. of iha .'Ur ?i ? lah imtiHu dial ifcM ?T'iur|. Th? miwrtalaaania will ho f naval ' hamrtar T mv Nti't Rnnrnna* am till Mint won <n h thoRnM j)a o' rUilopHnhm at " -*?nloa' Rajf Roan joaid rr? Phakaprrtaa flna.1,a?r or IHb? Rniwtww ' M " Rrntr1 Rravr??* ?Tho vimlmra of ihn vwa of %*? xisvrx.&'jszi ' -Mynry-i1/' TTKRMrTAOR Dwrrnorm?Th?f?m)#r rwH4*ee of Jntia lli)i, known an lit* H?r>niu#n, H| Innair I nh<?l rlManca nhovo Richmond Onllogn, na tho Mm of ? Rl. hmon<1 and rr<*1?>rtc*?h-ir| Ration*.! la TtrwiaU,

u '! * >7*H h? ?r a on Ihn lUh tout U wan In Ut4? hnnna at fjananal Wlnfl.M Soott ?|R? ?m IU R|||>IJ MfbMr arikrioiMi 1Un ' " RIIU1. **T 22, ?*?. 1 m|m.rimi>? Kmm? InUINvrnnr.. HIKVR-K UK TUK ?HKKMTArk r*ltrr ritNin.jrKD? rax rau-iiucikr t-aktv luniiiutF or i vuvkiimhi 1 ?Tii A PIT* AIVHIMIN PUkUtiAnhB BV TUB 1 KKKk "OlLKH.--? V1UN IHL1.0W AND *TOUI<j ?/? > CAVHU LN ilroni lh?' Sieloo Traveller Viy IB.] (? ? Pcnirfoy, <il Khh-?c erne In thi* <iltf yontnrdir, ,.u<i p*(>if"o?"- yrcu o?H<WlW m tne ,i?t van ? hikumwh iJ tip tr.e Bute "popie, iM'toa** hi the e'.ioti iu for the km in rUlutlonal <4niv?'iiuo>. In ?ii?ih, under ivottio otroma (hl -inima a, hi)-1 will .avA<e, but oeruiuly in 'he el* -una of U-ei latum in lof> (nil. *" The f^ftMlhrrij we <p?i- dup **l U r/>wip> rmw im i"?M? a "H-'UW."" tau'fif m- nvw j>i I" uymnvii, ? . ^ >? i-pctai-l1 ii 4i,|S ?i ib? moir ? *' ' t <mK. I'l'Oj' n>> ooolrins the re,?.rlitiat he ht< oiri.ha-iel Aitki Hob. r? M'llii aUe-j , itut (iioMav.rv founded town of kp Au: im u, "D it < MiK'iMiri river, midway b. Si. in B| <>L huh 1, aveii worth, loci uluiK ale tbo village uewspa pal, Uu tojHiWrr SuMtrign. Ttie> pruinde 10 (five Id') town , a UKiro fi . .tragic name. Co flan. Ati liieou ha* none bank to WWaouii lu li*gr?r? with ml hi, own party, an 1 (ion "Uin^allnw ha piron up his proi-'nvorj effort*, ainl gou? la inouey uiakiug, like the Yaa- (" Kuf The rr?'ilTf> ap propria tint; $101,000 in aid >( the sulfur rr III Kaii^au I <vh (wared the Massachu-ri* .Senate, alter t?<uy auieided o> providing that before any mmy shall Wl tie (anil out of the treaau/y the up uim ,4 th? Supre ue ?i xxirt.hMill be obtained on the oeasili..uuna'tt/ of the M appro. rlH'o?. lhe l/siis ItiLrliiycncn' aaye that Stria* fellow's Atchl- 011 mm SgiuU nr &nerrtpn, a pa;ier well known for its an- a equivocal (mmiI'JU on the subject of slavery la Knusaa, a *iy?lni; limns nf l**it anmmnr and fall. hat* btv ii sold out to parti on who are of free dutUs pr> w oiivi-ie* at OMC or TBI SOITHKBH B1IKIKKKKfi FOR KANSAS. [Coi reepooaeooe of the Kichinond Koq ilrer ] * Atlanta, Ua . May 16, 1867. 80 I see in your paper an article under the head o? " Kaunas aiiWn J. W White," te I wbh to state from peiu>ual th knowledge thai this J W. White of whom >on speak la au uscruisilou* scoundrel, and an unmulgat-d thief and tb liar H>< on* to Atlanta la September, I860, and in com- at , any witn >*>? Juoea, delivered spoeches to large a?em- 84 blie* wh<> had congregated at a democratic muss meeting. * H collected a good i eal from divers indivtd lal-i, borrow- ?' d money from nearly all who enlisted In tbe cau;>e of d< Kama*, under the aforesaid Colonel White and Captain ?' Iihmm. Colonel White then decamped to parte unknown: b: o?l no* the citlzeuH of Georgia will give a reward or $3,000 th or hie apprehension and safe delivery to the sheriff of At taata. W ..lie's wife m now on a bed of sickness, deeUtiita tud a one. She hat not one morsel of meal or meat in the souse; and an ardcle appeared in the fniMigmonr of thin ei morning inquiring his * hereabouts, by request of his poor ti) vtfe, selling forth the above facts 1 b You will confer an especial favor upon tbe people of * Virginia and Georgia by staung these facta. *< IMTkKRSTINO LJCTTXR FROM JUDQR OOHWAY. Lawkkncs May 11,186T. * lam full of apprehensions tonight. As I View it, the ' -fuggle here between freedom and slavery Is not a con* ** est ie< forms or names, but an earnest struggle for power, fhe aitotn|A to establUh slavery In terms Is abandoned; ? hut the determination to secure the political power of the kl tale to be used for slavery is adhered to most Inflexibly, n oil pursued with the devil's craft. Accordingly, the l* naked Issue of slavery Is sunk; the slave party make no * ghtoniiai. Another Issue Is raised, which now doflnea h he difleronce between the contending forces. Slavery ^ plant* itself upon the maintenance of the territorial loglsla 01 live authority, and makes this its cause. The triumph ?f * that authority must necessarily, therefore, be the triumph " of the slave pai ty. Should the people, from any cause, be ^ brought to an acquiescence tn this authority, a constitu- " tiou (or a .-talc government will bo made by the Con Ju tcm ion which they propoee holding, for which I am quae J confident a majority of the popular vote may be aecured. " i >na> they nt-cure a permanent ectablUbment of tbetr auihority, and tbey can make everything elao a very easy ** manner any free 8'atc man wno espouses the cause of the enemy on the quw ion of authority will readily give ~I hie suffrage for a constitution silent on the aubject of 11 slavery; as a good enough free Sta e constitution for him, m ar it would unqueettonably be. And any free State man 04 wbe will desert his party on these vital issues will never 40 have Inducements thereafter sufficient to draw him back ? gain to his original associations; he will go with the 111 enemy, body and soul, In orgacizing tbo Slate government w under the cotiMi-.uUon, and electing Gen. AlchUon and tlr. d< -tanton United Siatoe Senators, to carry the State sore eignty of Ksjisas to Wa*btpgt?.>n, to be used for the ag grandisement of slavery under the federal government. r* M benevi r, therefore, the oneniy shall obtain a majority of the people to fall lu with blm In accepting an 1 eodor-dng * lbs Territorial government, as embodied in Str ngfellow's ? eraotmenii, ( shall oon-ider blm possessed of n force ado- " quale to the full completion of hi* aims. As thing* now stand In Kansas, I regard the meeting of w the legislature under the Topeka constitution, and lie sue- ot cess in organizing the different department* of tbo govern mnnt, m ebeo utely necessary to prevent the people from ** giving way to every direction, and yielding to (be sn premacy of the nanrplDg government If there shall be a T' failure at Topeka next month, tie people will fell la, and u the enemy will proceed to follow up thin victory by as- h curing another on their constitution, and yet as other la b electing officers under that c institution, until the oonqneat " shall be made oomptete. From this yon may get some V ttea of the tm jortaooe I attach ta the snsamn of the Log Is- P latere at Topeka next month. * Bat 1 am fell of apprehension to night, h sennas I have ml -giving* of that snecsss. The people are tree; Bod ^ bisee them; Ml of revenge, and all mealy, hereto ptaston. l five hsodrrd men?young men and old men?more men * and better men than the Spartagan Greeks who went to ' Thermopylm?can be raised In ton hours who would lay ' do wo their llvee to defend the Topeka Legislature. But [ my apprehension ts not on the soore of violence. I am afraid toe Topeka Legislature will be seppremed by oirrupuoa If the members can be bought off. the whole f work of the enemy 1st aoosmpttsbad. As fer aa my observation has extended. the members of lbs Legl latere are * entering all round Into bar in ess relatione with the pro- c lavarv men. And t was Informed Isalftt. bv Mr. ikonu. S the Governor's (Robinson) clert, that there waa no earthly probability of a quorum of members being preaent > The IkM b, I u disposed to euepeat the alnoerttv of f all the free mate leaden who bare funned partnerablps with Htrlngfellow and the other Brrder Rafflaat. tomj ay they are la fhvor of the Topetu government, but they ay It la auch a way aa makes aethlok ibey expect oever te be called oc to do aoyUiing In #u >port of It. n>?y ?*wh to maintain the appearance of oooaUteocy; bat Ibey doubdeea wlab aiao la their boar la, and expect to tad the mrmhen of the Legislature railing to ootne forward, thoa rellertng tbem of lbe rarpoaelbllity of betraying puolloly the cauae. I may be dotog tbeee nee wrong la theMaasptciona, 1 only pray Mod I mar be mistaken. I bare been qolte forcible Itnpranced wi>b tbeae rlewi tut erectog, bowerer, and I thought I would write tbem dowa la a few 1 worda and send tbem to yon. Toara truly, Mao, L. Mmaasa, M , Borneo. M v. 00* WAT. nuMK&a or thx rwitw arm rt*tt. [fVom ihe laerenoe Herald of Freedom. May ] It la aatonlrbtog to nee the changes which are taking plane In Kane at In the sail, aa we barn slated there xeema to be a aort of fatality renting on those tore* fettled under pro-?ia?ery eosptoaa; and tbie condition of thing* baa lanted until tboee piac<w have pawed Into free fkaio band*. Douglas, aerea mllea went of I-awrence, waa Marled by pro slavery men. it ha* only a historical existence e Ith hut a H'ngle bouse apoa It Beeeda, one mile from Douglas, ban met w in a similar Tate. Tecumeeb waa Marred oncer pro ?la very Influeooee, but It baa pawed Into free Stale baadn Iaonmpvno la dragging oat a sickly esInleoce, and woo Id hardly bare a beug but for the fart of ihe public expenditures there. Re* lie* It la believed at Ihl* urn-thai a mayuruy of ihe population are free Hute men. Delaware City struggled nt for year* In pro nlavery Lands. b waa ket night or, and waa bardie kaowa to I ha InurM New I. la brushing an under better Influences, and tbvre la Hole doubt but It will In due time become the great mlrrpet to the Prrruory from the Mlwoort river. I*avenwurtb waa itarted by pro slavery n*-n, half!* soon passed into free State hands; beaoe her rapid pro i\u *?piw> ii oiruij inowQ, ug n htit eid Uooed by tie irsTelW. Dnolphu ban only b?<-o moo tlooad in o?n??Un* With Pat McLaughlin and the b ratal murder of t> ilioa. Il hM passed into tow Mate ban da, and a <ii!J?rent devuoy awaits il Alchteoo baa beea Iba headquarters of border raSajilrm la daa-ns. and ibe h <me of ibe notorious J. H Hlnagfellow. Bare baa base oaminiuad the most brutal eri?, and bam tee SptaOrr .Wrtffa dim .Lated man to mur drr and arvoo Atchison baa pa?ad Into other heads. Oar lata towns?an, w*a a C. Pnmerny and Hubert MeBratrwy, of Obto, have purchased a leading later** base, and Ita fnture la a brilliant ona. II la tttnated nibiad In the Mlasvari rirar, which brags It as far want aa law r*nor, noma was than all mil? Should the liaantbal and ML Joerj,h Hallraad be continued Into Iba Territory, ? wa hare Hole doubt it will be, It wtU lake a aoutbwaal dlraaUoa, era? the Missouri rivor at St Jo?ph. and take an air Una part Palermo Deary City, Doniphan, Atchison. Oaawtee, Teen?h, Hurltaga?e (lata Council i.lty) and Km porta At tba latter plate It will ooanact with Uaa Bute rat-ad* Tba own me of Atabteoa la ?id In be a vary daatrabla oaa. Under tba la lustres of free labor tblv point la daatinad to occupy a favorable poattloa la the Termor?, and a III undoubtedly be tba flrat place In aortbeantern Kansas But one ihisg more la required, and that it to wipe out tba ottmeive una of tee town, and give it some ether whioh I " will aot alwaya associate It with crime and vtnteaoa But we are not dona. The .TynaMrr Smtrrigm, Iba oryu of all that wa vile and infhmon* In Kane?, haa pa?ad '' late the bands of Iba saw proprietors of Ibe town rite. From ' this Ume forth It Is to be a ffee State pa par, and advocate r< freadeoi af ?peach and tba pre?, freedom of thought and action Mr Mr.Brateey, who hat long labored In Ibe oa- a parity af a journalist la central Ohio, aod who Is favorably known a as good writer, lakes charge of Its ootumns. Wa 1 ooograiulats tba aoualry and tba frienda of a free Slate a pre the gkvtnae r vaults which time la rapidly devuloplng la Kansas The last ttrnwghold of pro tie vary la? has lurrendered, and our future U bright and Joyous. Free State aewopnpera are soon to be eatabllsbad at * Qulndaro and Deary Ctty. The "orusblag out p?ooa?" ' with free Kate eewapep-m do? not work well. We bnva, 01 or will haw in n few dart, the following bat of free dteta * journal*, taking rank la M th*T arc moaboood boiow ? HrraM of Praodnm, lewrnnea. Kuau Trtbtin#. ropoka. lemronamth Timor, liOBTOB worth. Wyoadotl Vtogiaor, wyandott. JtquatUT %>T*rlgn, Atcbtaoa. " K*oon? Nao*. Km porta ' Iaarimn* 1tot>? hlinaa, IkwrwA Qa adaroCbin to a an, Qilndam. Umtf ft? K.ra, Geary <?j. " Prairie Goat. IkWTODeo Frremaa'* (Ttamptoa, Pra rt? Otf. Garama papnr, name not koowa, to bn located at lm- b> pnrto. .1 i M Thr Rao* por I.awo HntcTLtTro*.?A lattar u la the la^i Dubuque fltmU, oriuea from lb* (loago la ad ffloo, Iowa, **f thai mora are about two thou*and par- b mm la aitotxiaiM* < tbo Uu?d aalaa, and that groat ooaipe "i Ulloa rrlrto betweea opecwlaior* and the ?euiera. Tht* P arxnpetition had boon rarrled to btddlag $101 par aor* for hi tbo wild land. Tb? aottlor* bad hold a mooting, and or- ft raotaod themoeiro* lain a dob aumborlag arm bund rod, ni and bad dotormined that erarj aottlor aboald bara tht a| prlrltage af bidding off a quarter aomion of land, la addi n uoa to ont quarter cowered by pro omptloo, at gomiaia?I *t prion. Attempt* were made to aettto all dlAeaMea oa 1Mb ol haoto by tbo eettlere furnishing aarao* af panmaa "ha If re Mddanij.bui tblahad aot baaa done opto the time the w lafrrmaat Ml ita oooMRMBoa rwj fnw Iragtoaf MM at warn eatd rial ?f Uurawy, tkr ?(fr^ NMT Hmlwu HptrclM-TllC Jlldgt'il HlkrfC-Tcr<M ?f UuU<y. COUNT or UINKKAL 8HH810HN. Melon* Ju'lgr K?*efl. Mat si.?When the Court ?l! opened this morning the a) of John I k> ? ni*grn, for tha inurUor of Ann HopMi, wan continued. Tin>111 ?4. C. FUueil was examined hy ? IKet let Atbenry.?He matte a IKXtl BH>rtora exatalhaa of the body of the deceased aad Toned two wouuila the enuk extending tt> Adam's apple; the spper ore was V (tit he* long, and the other wag parallel with It, bet i- lewcr wound wa* very deep at lis right eatremtty, verliig the carotid artery and JuguUr vein, au?aug al*1 In* taut oea h. Any abarp l iairuoient could hare is tted thor-e wounds. Tbe raeor whloh *u? exhibited is art yesterday was abowa to -the uIiumh, anil he xaid It mi id luihct such wounds am he saw oo the body of the it Cross examined.?IhHh of tbe wounds were clear In ed wounls; witness swpimeed the girl eras standing hew ber threat was cat; *he oo.ld hare ii>dieted the oundu herself; die blood would Hjdrt fhnu the wounds iveial fer?; the person who Inflicted th? b oars at m>1 Lher by the aide or behind the person; the hemorrhage aa pec ok* aiily external; If sho coniaiittod euicido about quart of blood would lay around hor. Redirect ex amir at* >n.?The clot low of the ImmukJ ere beHinaarcd with blood when the Doctor.made (lie exuiaattoa. Oflloer Smith produced the overcoat and vest which ere louttd iu Itorsay's apartment. The eoat wan cloeoiy rutiuixed by the jury and put on the prisoner. The wltuoK* said that it was net known who Urst gave etn'ormatlon retpeaing the murder. Mr. 8. Woodfbrd, the Junior counsel for the accused, en proceeded to open the ease for the defence in an eioinut addreee. He argued at great length that as the deoeasi was totally unacquainted with the prisoner, and as she u an outcast from >otety, she had a mu h greater mw re for ooamiiilng suicide than ha to ommit tho mursr; and aire that It was highly probable that the" tracts ' blood which werct raoed to Doraay'n room were' made f the police officers who handled the blooey remains of iB murdered girl previous to visiting the apartments of le accused. Richard Bosteed, F>q., followed. Ha commenced by oeerving that although hi. elieut was universally constd etl as bt longing to a deipUed clasa, he w ts amenable to te law (br hut acts, and demanded the rights of a human sing, destined to tne same Judgment bar, and the child of common Father. He said the evidence aguinat the pri )uer was entirely clrcumstaitial, and reviewed it at coaderable length, maintaining that it was as lively that rttson, who occupied Dorray's room, and who cams in .te bat night, murdered the girl in the alley as the pri mer at the bar. The District Attorney summed up fbr the provecuilou. t his Introductory cbservatlons he said that a di tTereul ind of testimony was necensary to convict a maa .ovtr.g in an int?ll<>ctaa] sphere than one occupy if a menial position? that ta, to convict ur. 1abater ol ttaa crime of murder, the/ would ave to seek out circtimrtauces suited to hla uaracler. while Inferior trade* of humanity could uly be odd accountable for what they could do. The ounds Inflicted upoa the body of the victim were so deep tat tbey could not have been made by her own hand, itdde was out of the question; and it was evident th4 te murderer fled inwards to the buiidlnf Ho asked the iry to alao exclude the Idea that honest John Wilson did te deed, and to inquire what meant that scream; and, In a poet tool language of a witness, (though not lnteaded,) fbotrtepe Instantaneously walking away from tbe irlek?" Wha' meant that colored man stealing through is yard, clad la the cap and overroat which belonged to ie prisoner at the barf What meant his rapid flight up airs, ater hesitating fbr a moment at the door? What cant the spots of blood leading from the hall to the room ihe accused? What meant the broken piece ef a razor uud in the alley, but the strong grasp of the deeperave an to whom no motive need be shown? What meant ie razor which was found next morning on the roof, o >er htch was Horsey'a room window? What meant the if god aasert'on that ho was In bed at 9 o'clock? What tf-anl the spots ef blood on the palm of the prisoner's md, and on hla wrist and shirt sleeve? Who, In every oaonabie and rational inquiry that they con'.d moke on ie evidence, could have done this deed, but the man at bom every one of those little cimum.sconces pointed? Dth bands of justice, uplifted to the prisoner, saying, Thou art the man I" Tbe District Attorney concluded by asking a verdict of mviction at their hands, and thus vindicate the majesty ' 'he law. The Judge proceeded to tharge the jarv. He said that ley could not render a compromise verdict in that ones; ley must either convict or acquit the prisoner, I hi their erdlct depended the life of the unfortunate prisoner at ie bar, but the high duly which they had sworn to per em was >v Sclent te divest them of undue sympathy, i reviewing the evidence, the jury must start with the f al presumption that the prisoner was Innocent until hit uiIt waa satisfactorily established. The prosecution de ended on a chain of ctrcummaaoea to ooo vtct the accused ad the mind may be as completely convinced by pre umpUve evidence as by positive testimony. The Judge beo briefly reviewed tbe main points of tha evidence fbi he prei ecutlori. He said all the witnesses corroborated arJi other. The theorv of the SsfUnr* arms thai the da eased might tiara committed suicide. or that Wilson may tare bean tha murderer. The Court believed that thi bain of circumstance? were aa conclusive u they can he iut that wan a question for the determination of the Jury. Cbuwrl tor the prisoner aafced the Judge te charge th< oilewlng points ? 1. In a case depend lag epoa drcumstlal evddenoe seal trenmetaoce constituting a Dak la the chain aaosasary M earlct nut be aa folly proved ae though each otroacc Hare were the tola Issue la the caee. 2. The whole af the droumsnnnee when pat togatbai aet establish, beyond all rcaenaeble doubt, the gulh a be prtsooer. S. It le aot enough that the drcumatancea are eonsMen rtth guilt, they must be Isocnelatent with Innocence, ant a chide every other hypotheele thaa that of guilt to i oral certainty. 4. It the facte proven amy exhg eeostatently with Um uoorcee ef the sooused. or oonatateaily with the guilt a oy other pereoe, then the pr wooer ought to be acquitted 6 That white tMoiieaUno may be. uader ttrcumMauoes o excuse for a criminal act, yet If the Jury believe, as th< ubUc prosecutor Instets, thai the prisoner was Ictoxlcaiec t the time ef pdag to bed on the eight of the homicide li luest'oa, they have the right and are bound to cenetdei hat circumstance aa repeihmg or disproving the idea ? tinning or Ingenuity on his part In shaking off tha art knee* or concealing the traces of his guilt n mat u in* jury Mnn?,iii ine pine prnwiuir la let*. that Iho i-rimner wm intoxicated on going to bod ot ho night in queetloa, they bar a the right and are hound to oaxidar whether that cirrumelatioe would not enable lh< i.lhor of the crime to enrreund the brUoaor with nn?j?l lM fart* or appearance* of gnllt. and put upon or about be prisoner Indie Ukmi* of guilt, wbtch If the prlaooor he/ ieen perfectly aoher coo Id not hare been don*. In otiir* rorda, w bother the real author of the murder may no tare taken ad ran tag* of the prisoner'* Intoxication to raw off Muptctoa front hi men If and Canton U upon Uu r teener 7 That H le for the Jnry to ray bow flag the ptienoer'* In rxtcatkn, If M exuded, would bare rendered It tmpneetblt tr bun to bare oomroltud the murder without detectioe a the art, or tearing traoea behind htta bringing bo ax udt to bint. Mr. Borland axweptod to that portion of the rhnrgn whlol aid it wna cot nrawtrj to prora a mntire ror the com tier lea of crime, for It ooe'd be Inferred from tbo crlrai relf; aloe to that part of the charge which eald, "I d< ot know a caae In whl ih the clroumetaocea tally an com Mel* and ao Mrongly again* Iho prlaoaor an In Urn The jury retired to their mom to deliberate upon n rro let at Iwehre minute* peel two, ami after an ab-euo* at alf an hoar, came into mart, when the oyen of the ma) dodo war* Intently fixed upon thena?their onoatennnoa* tdently anticipating tbo renlt of their deliberation*. Ax noa an the Juror* took their tenia, Mr. TarxWnort, the lerk, proceeded to enll thetr neto*e, and naked the uauaJ oeotlen, "Here yon agreed epeo your verdict. goalie tenf" to which Iho For*man replied In the affirmedrn. Ork?What my you, gentlemen, do yon find John torray the prtenner at the bar, gnllty or not guilty f The Foreman (amid breath lee* attention)?Oolite. The prisoner did not exhibit murk (**HagI aUil the rrl ennee of great menial * mot loo were qntte perceptible le will be eenteaed ob lb* ibm <1*7 of the tana, which la eturdey mh. U P1BTHJ0T ATTOWCNT CAJTM* ATTKKO TO Htf BCKtWMh While the farj were aheewt the cans ot bebhraM tal inford, Indicted for areoa la the tret eefree, and whiet rae to hare brea tried the week, aimer dlag to the etlpe Okie of the Ihetrtct AUoraey, wae called by the eouaae of ifnuMid. The flat riot Attorney reae and nald that be had aa (Wl lei nrarnarnt of meat pabtte importance which wobM rerent him coming late court to morrow to try the cane I was a few mile* away from the city, and be must ye to jottow or elae he would be too late. He woeld therefore are to poetpore It till aeit term. Tbe aaae wan accord "fly I"'1 <* *falo UU the Job* term, although the oouaee n the defence Mid be peroelred that all the whaiw w tbe | rceeeuilim were la attendance. Tbe eoart then adjoaiaod Nil tomorrow (Mday] terolng. fewpeet In the Pyae and llarrtaow Opera Bn|Uuiil. [from th? Km, May M ] Thnre of enr cltiroaa who wrra ll?t? nlng to UM denctooi rarbHaga that lr? ted from the Mr I like throat of Vfiw mi Ira |)M, al the Marin IUII, Monday night. knew Hub r ibr rotamotlnnr that war* being rained la Uva boi ofllcet nd among Air tlnkoi aellera Deputy Shertfl?, armed with ti aalra wrltr. wwi ranking ) and fro In anarch of " hiddaa trraenm," bat ooforto ntrly for thnw faithful rerraatn of ib? law. the trearurt ad been provtoaely paid arer, JpMB Imnt if j wire a Mm io morn fortunate, ?|PMwii h torn writ* nerved upon dlff< mat made wMfcm, member* r tba rxfnmltta*. on , found la Urn pnarreMop of Iwi nalera the rum of Si* 1. which they " nailed." I reappointed ID their rnorrh for gold, the oftovra wart tet rooted to arrret the body of Mr. Harrteaa. the tenor. I thin they were very ruorennfal. They found Ulir genl'n nthwNb 10 *urmn<1?r. Ht'tnc, however, mon( Trivia ? bad only to make hi* condition known, *b<n two of mil xnt lofliM ntj*i mid well known riMinna fare the ro.,?ir?d <mrtty, Mtd too depot? w?ot to hi* off!on and ton tatebk IHHf |n k|a hfkftjkl fbo HronaniMM en of tot* Unl warfare, an *1r?n to na f reliable authority, arn a* follnwa -Mr Oellmnato,? lifer of ha*? notea," wan formurlr a member of the fan and Harrtooa apart Imupn. Hia enfanrmeat wan f ?1* m<>oih? a>r*loe at a atiinlatod utim Aftor ata?ta| "ir moot ha he refaeeH to onmnly farther with bin eontmni ulera bin aalarv wan Innraanad to diwbto the awwd irnad opoa Thin wan dewtnd him, awl the anatow* aa"*l Ry lh a arrantremewt ton tnmpe Into many tea >taf entente already anaoaaaed and eapmUnn I a toaa ' eawie baadreda nf dnltoiw. Joai before Hka PfM ton aw Tort, Mr OtillmaWn trneteed Mil nf bar mtmey blob bad k*n depnatted In nan ?d ton baaba, rwtto* ton aim apea a ?*ar?n nf tM for mndtnto earrtoen $ , baufc until tie cWn la to*. IN irokle* It ? ra ami thl* sum wnuli b? tu>fc?i?<>*? to tfce \ but do* m>. Oe Vtnaoey evening <he ?nn ti?>M*l $N* < anegt*', Mi* v ec'eriKy Mr 'W? autn^X W ?r4W daiiMf*??!' lor venrtnett, no leidtt instlii* the kub) tottl tretewl en* $1 #t?; ?,? I ihn <?Bl> nu'ili' B' IrostimcBt ivnr receive* b> the parens ?> ? '&!-< in1*)' HWXJ w?r. <n?ui , ,, _ , friendly ?dview ho* to prepare a simple garye for m*. IhtiwL The i???yenr? to Ml* Pvne and d?e erre t ef Vr. %. rlfoa MPA"iui:e J nmoli ferine of mdlsnuioa yeter.w. Mi' mg t!.obt who heard the par?i.uUr* It ooked like aa attempt to esVTt mount trout the parties Mr. UnPtaeMa kaawlng Ihry wore 'o eail to-day f'* Burope nu ! ika?-rfwr? woa'.d be wholly anprepareI te defend them*n'??n Bat he wv mirUkru, the* had fiends who ma Illy ohm JV war?t to tak< the reHpouiihill'T of uinetiui! the oaw ?bn? It comer be'ore the court, and die |x.polar artn-ts wilt do l?nt from Atwrira tld* morning, tearing tn Uie hand* a* aii American public their rightd and the juntneea af th*? can**. la the meiuitlrae and before this hastily written paragraph meet* the eye of half of our read era, tne Bnr?V-k skylark will be ua her way to her own dear Raglami There to a 'aw In thin Slate agaia?t raging certain -ondaa htrda at certain reamo*, and we think Mr. itulimetto baa found O'd that the Kngliih skt lark and her cons outdone bwlong to the cla-s specified ta the statute, There ?tt *e tore nwutc yet Tk? Turf. ^ VNIOH 0*B*8I, L. I. rKUTTIRtfi ' The trotting maich between ch. stallion Ploagh B?f MMt ch at. tady Fillmore, tor M.OH, mil* beam, best thma to In, la harnww, came off ta lbs worm on Wednetoag to | teraoon. Hie track waa ?r> heavy and the rain ftl toto I, dui tng the continuance of the race, making the affhtr toe j meet unpleasant Imaginable for both man and heart, toe j tow persona ventured out to witness the raoe, and theae I whr did were but poorly reeompenaed for their treehta Plough Boy won without a break or 'kip In three straight heate. The betting before the atari ranged from *we n Ive te one. The following la a nummary W?m?iT, May '>0.?Trotting maloh tor aOe beam, beet three ta five. In harneae H. Woodruff named ch. k Plough Boy 1 1 1 Jaa. Whdpley named ch. a lady Fillmore t 1 9 Time?g:M 11:61 t!?*. AWansBiglhi iHiiwui ami ML rmuHdiAi. ~ (TkNTI.RMAN WISHR8 THH ADIMthdS or Vto Cbtmh, wltn Invented the poena the rnld qearts BMW rater. He will plqaee addreat G. B. It. Baton sqaaM he ntooe New Tnrk. ABKAUTirCL. HKALTHY MALE INFANT 18 DM8 to hs glr en sjray bv adoption. It U t?o?Mki ?M oat* addressed Amrlu Omen, New York Pont offloe. wdg w promptly >imwd. A * TWFORMATTON WANTRD-OF WILLIAM tiMITM 41 I hi# wife, ?b? t vkVIn i.sme vm Wilson, or of Mr drea. Nonfh ww at'nstom House nfflorr wm B iwn ago. Hut of the fatally am'n tb? ok- thrr may hear to awsetbipg to tbelr adran ?g? by applying to W. H DMau Broadway add Twonty eighth street INFORMATION WANTHP?OF BUT AN O'dRIRIf ft, rlnb of Barpme, county of Tlpprrary. who cam to Ml country aevr-n yrara ego. and whrn laat heard of waa to the Mtatr of PrauaylraDls.ani working In tho AU-chany warn taint three yrara. Any P?ra? glrng Intaimalioa la hat brother* win be respectfully thanked by Joreadah aad Tbomaa O'Brien. INFORMATION WANTRB?n*9 PHILIP DWY1I*. WW II red al JWm Hoey's, eynw of Twentieth alroat and Klfbth ayrnne, about three yearn ago. Any Informartna to him will be thankfully rrewired by Ilia aiater by Lcartag Bto address at the amine place INFORM sTION VTANTKP?OK KB. WILLIAM PoTTRA, trorrr and draper, of Thornton, oaar Plokertag Tsrto ahlre. Kngtaad, by hi* wife. Mra. A Potter, at Mr. Bttbh Waahlna'on Hall, 106 Greenwich atreet. New 1 orfc. LKFT HIS HOMB-REFT. a, IS*. TH< MAS T. M<>OAA, abont 16 yearn of age. Resided then la Plashing L L Had on when be left a black aaek ooat. K-eanth hat wad black pantaloons; bad dark hrowi h\lr. atnut hu It, and d??t 6 feet B or 7 Inch*a high. Amy Inf trmatlon of bit wh rsahewm will be tbinkfully received by hi* *fflict?d moth <r. br ctaNtof or addrenalna Mr*. Jullt Walth, lit rlr*t arnnue, N t vr h c.-nowT rr uwrakt, mt ciRcmuTAjwwi il . are turned pretty good. Particulars by next ateaamw Paper reoelred lftm May. HWJTMT . " ' nanmr WlNTRRTTLLM "oOD RMK. L. I.-TBOTTTNO.-TWM V J followlmg puraa and s'aaen la cloned, to come aff nnov the abme eonrre, an fallows ? Parte and aUke RM M beats, beat three la tre. la haraeaa. to oome of M mdag. Mb# 35:?Wat. Wbeelao aatera h. g Jake Oakley; 8. Mol tnghlto enters b. m LedyOfnaeow: I>. refer raters hr g. Inw* WSfci H. Wood rug eaters b. to. Baa* of W toa; J. 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Eighth rbuihrnt Washington orayr. mom tos baitaltoo ?The members sftbts hat aitoa and al tokto here of the reglmeal that wish to jata ns on ear ex wanton to Boston on the 17 ih sf J one, am requested to attend tho ream lar drill at hradqnartrra. 'entre Market Rooms ta Tildas arealng, 23d tnrUnt at | o'clock tnfall fs'lgaa. Sy arkar at , LKANIIKK BUCK. l^r.OMMWI I O. J. hmilT. A run* Ailjt. 1 TJ H A PQC A RTI RW FIRST DITUION RRW TOM XI Cltlxrw T?hii<?m Mat *. IRT -fwHil orA-r Hw M TV oAorr* of tfca First *r? antlflrd m lint A awsA f tag ai ih? natmnaj BaII. CaoaI strmt oa Friday "tmai Ra| O. At 7)4 o'clock PuimHiaJ attwdaaos mqa??t?k. A* M ? Of I wig an Aims will bs IranasWrd ?t or W rt in. wri-SOR. ?iJar?Mk } omuaaodtajc First IMsMuw R. I d f I Oil w Imm, Asst. AdjL <>rsrr*L I ? w rf UWAKOk REWARD-LOST, T1WTKRD4T, RTTRRR B C'' Fonrsssth rtrrwl, Rl?rra'-b atrwrd or FtfIA aksm, b? iwrrt F'?urt? rath sad NtsiA strwta a chain nwsM. w?k lor|M stisohnd Tkr stars rrward will Kc paid lo Las (asAst. 1 sr hrnu'nr it t* ill Fsnnrantb wrrrt l ' KWARD.-lAiHT. OR THR FTH INNT . Rt A s *' ' "'J' ^ br?>sd?at, a portamomiAl", mmiAlrrtrg aAssI | KM) In bills sod gold. Alas, on* Spanish ausruir Tto ttsdnr will rrrrlTS ihr abnvr rrwsrd h* leaving tha saiws ?m HKNRT WATSON At'O., M l.lbsrty strsst, id IaJ-s. 1 C^lt RFWARD.?l/JNT. IN OOINO FRON THR A* I Vt'"" tsr hntias In lbs It or* lab host, nw Haturdar agist I soon. A diamond duster r>la -nil lin i -*n n rmtsnlsd TV- a'-tw r???H will ha paid to IV Mw mm hi dnNiWI * IV <**? rtflh'H ?Ww *11111 R*W a RIV-REWARD mt-l/MT. t Ltt><( Cl'l" diamond emw, arm-alnln* bH?M? tul HV end* TV (Irwlar will raralrn tV at?n?a mwnrd aad 'V than la if IV awnar b* H M Huw-Mnana A ?/ .* ta* lac iRw. Mi Kaaaau Mra* rvnai Una I ud 1 U?HIT aRP nmi LO?rr.-A ukF.mi, Rnwrnin wiu. n* r*i? J / fnr ra'urn In M 111. a Hid nf a blank Ktal *'bartaa dap fart hr?a?iat)d una* wtitn TV addraaa of IIa |ut| E F.-rttath atrant baa bona mlalald who oniiml no Tanadar tool about iV aborn r fjHiDirn- IK BROOM TH, A HI.AOR ?HD T a E TNI ? naralol Tlf 'wwt ai k?f? ll? ?ra? I? pm?h| wa Ky and paring aipannoa. If nrt pmpnrly plaimnd wNMa a <*?rn will v aoM In pay nrpnoaao Apply la W paraaw at Ul Frnt.l atrant. raw aa Kuril ( allp. LOWf-OW HT'HP AT, TUB 17TH IKRT.. A TILUIV r pad bnran blank*, bataraan Fifty arao'b ntran" aad tn rlty. to Rrnadnroy, bar parano mlarainf IV abna*artV *1* v> IS Urand at***t will Uk*mll? r**trM, aad IMtX Ik* Ikaiika of Ik* own*T Lort-a i.rrnc?. or mm. tcrrruu. * no , mammo. wit* mwloaw4 km* tor IMl U ( *?mt ?Mto fraaa UiM at AprH 1M". drawn a' Ikotr owa nrd*r tad m?4* aapatl* at Ik* HorMon *aak. Boaloa, trr- gnm li mnrdrag ri tto fkui 4* ilr? Iff A To All >wwm art kntlnn^d agalaal rwartrtng or nngoua lag Ik* ?ba p*xm*u harlag kaaa toapp**! f OUT-OR TnrRRDAT. TRR 1<TH IRiT,. RORtWR? 1J h*<w*r* l<-ra*' (Kj fnrrjand f w*aiy ainth Mr**A a lad*'. mid w?(H? and rhaln Tk* watrk la a pal "at l***r. w? 1 U jowel*. Iwn dnr*a ? pra?*d i>n Ika Ir aid* at Ik* hMl waa a wrddlag rr***ai. and a Itkarai r*ward will, tkarwfca% ># ri?*n l<> tk* lalw, wk* will law** It wttk Va J, 1 WUiUw ?ir**i. Lowt-AMOUT trr ?TH IRRTART, KRTWRRR TIM I'nMo Plan* Wr**l and I nl?wdtf plan*, a iktWa gaM aonkla** nf a flat link rhaln. aad on* r*llnw tnpai <***, wR? a ar.all lnrk?t aad Hal gold oma? aliwckad Tb* Ha4*r wgl k* 1 ??_a *?4*a*t Wa aalanMa ikk aamk ai tk* I fmlrti n??-? HoitL Low-a rakk rook or trr ch ah rim artaf Bnrlnjro Bant, Rn. 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