Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 24, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 24, 1857 Page 1
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th: WHOLE SO. 7571. COXFE&0CE OF sriRITliLIST?. wy^v. /.ws.w'-vv PncOwJ KulritwlliU on HkiiU?rttdr View*, Aim*, Oi^ecUi, and Iklleb? iplrltuidlici t H'i Mily True K?Ilg,lou?Our Hml-Koixthen City to Dc Uedctmtd by tike S(trlu- .1 8la?P* log Medium 8|)ealui-tddrvje* DU Ieveil by Uke bplrtis, uid a Pm'.deut Selected by Hem-Speech**, Skj liw^, D^iiign, ?!ko?t Ao? A conference of sjnrlt.aU-it* au<l table turners,comprlak>g about seventy or eighty delegate*, male and fomilo. from uiOHt of the 'states, )'oun."y!vania aud New Tort, assembled at iccbanica' Mall, No. 14 Kourtn avo oe, yesterday mornlnr . Among the number we reoog abed Mrs. li C. Hour At, of Bunton; Mrs. Eli/a J. King, o Massachusetts; KIw Hinckley. Mr. T. 8. Sheldon, of Bw Mm; Mra Try and jjrs. Bauer,?f Now York; E. K Nwackhammer, Ira B.' pavis, of New York; D. C iNKldard, o Chelsea; I M .spoor, Mr. Barnes, of Connocuout, a travel Mf and aleoy ,|ug medium, renowned for delivering long harangues, upturning tables and performing many otn-v Mngalar ' .ntlos in his sleep; and mauy other c a'pieuoo modiuw ), spiritual late, free think era, free lovers, aJ?eTUB ORGANIZATION. I 'About half put ten o'clock, at which limilht room ^wbich when well filled will bold about 160 or 200 persons) tM about bail' fall, Mrs. H. C Hewitt, of Bourn, awiud d tbe platform and pr .ceedei to call tie couiercnoe to order, alter which ?ho read ibo following can, which was published iu one or the vpinlna) journal] of this city yesterday morning OosrrnrA conference of practical iplrt:nali?ts will be bekl at the Mechanic!)' log.uute lecture room No. 14 fourth avenue, oa Saturday and Sunday, 23d and 24th litvutn', com nenelng at 10 o'e'<vk Ra'urdgy morning. Addre aeg may bo eayevtcd front Johu M. fip'-ur, BlUa J. Kenney, R. C. Ilea Id ths erutrra select the president. Mrs. Hwwrrr then announced that by a special enact tent of tbe spirits, be duty of providing over the convention would devolve upon Mrs. Eliza J King, a renowned practical spiriloaliat of New England. Ttil-: announcement was received with a s'ight demonstration of applause. tbe spirit president's speech. Mrs. Kim) hereupon came forward and took the seat prepared lor her on the rostrum or platform, and pro ceded to think the spirits for the honor the/ ha t conferred won cne who felt herself so undeserving and so great s Miner as herself. Fhpsciully did she feel the honor of the p utt km since that was the first regularly organised and le pally ooestttuted| convocation of the piactlcal spiritualists which had ever been he d In the wicked and god forsaken My of New York, which she intlma'ed was at the present stme in a state if confusion, anarchy and threatened bloodshed. The only wonder that she felt wan that the spirits of departed saints had not, long ere thin time, deMended own and consumed the wicked and uubchevlng people of this second SoJom. But it was not New York etty alone tliat presented this God forsaken and God defyfesg aUl ude and "confusion worse confounded it wan the entire nation, which was filled with toral anarchy and uoWlW; it wan* tbo rulers ef this fair inheritance, which were daring and provoking the spirits to mete out the merited doom of eternal damnation; but t>ne had some hopes that the world might 1st be saved from eternal damnation and condemnation y the spirits, providing the wicked peoplo In it could be by degrees convinced of the error of their ways sad Made to sec the dangers awaiting the n; unless they gave wp their wicked heresies and fell in with the promised overtures of grace and became firm practical Binrilualtete and believers In spiritualism, without which she Held that there could be no possibility of being saved from lernal destruction and damnation both here and hereafter. Khe ended her opening speech by an earnest appeal to all true spiritualists to come boldly forward and aid m the great work of bringing all tbo dln'sordant eItmen ts of unbelief and heresies into one sheepfnld end Mrs Kiog thon pro codel to read a portion of Scripture, subsequent w winch she read the following invocation, which she mid was transmitted to bor by tbo spirits of departed friends:? APDKXfM FROM PKFARTKD FR1KKD*. Religion, In Ms broad and phdouoph c sense, to to all bo mrflcent enterprises what the mothtr ts to Ike domes! c circle. She is Its centre around ber all the members revolve, onto bor they look, and to her they tend. Hy re ?rk? Is now meant the emotional* or tbe inter conscious faculty In man. Remove tbo mother from tbo donvje'ic circle? contusion, Irregularity, die harmony must appear. Overlook tbe c motional t In man, nndertako any eilort, however beneficent it may seem to be on Its surface, yet here will bo no soil in which It can germina'o, expand, (row. Everywhere man exhibits a disposition to worship. Tbe object may bo an ox or a calf, tbo sun, moon, ?n Image, a being either visible or invlsiblo. This onivwrtal tendency to worship something exhibits tbo emetiooals in man. Worship m but an outer aip-rsauxi? ?l amy assay to uUW mm In words, prayer song, or roaM other outward ad. Roe lag, tbon, that trie -malionals are a part of tbe inmasts of nutu, they should have an op (kirtninly In eipress themselves In their own natural ahannels. Undertake to eradicate tbe emotional*, an 1 it will bo found that could this work be done man would not he improved, but, In fact, would be In a lower condition because of the eradication ; ratbor should Uio emotlonals n m?* ha^nlttratcd, Intensidnd, and opportunities should bo enjoyed for their natural eipretskn. bach sect, clique ur elan, has its modes of worship ? For creeds and forms let raoeless realm s fi.'h', Be ean't be w rong wboee life is In lbs right. Persons who revisit earth for loi|<ortant purpo-es hare so desire to engage in * rangluu; in resprrt to msre modes or forms of reilgkxi* expression, but they mrnsiLI ehos sh ami hnnritiisffn I)ui pnhirftinn rtf be emotiwu<ii.- in man. Coming of the emotional' there eprtngr 4 morality; cut ofl tho emotion*!*, morality hi-. basis, It acta irregularly, unreliably; but when it priDgs from thedeepcit in man, It in a perpetual, placid, ever tiiwing, over swelling stream. All the moral ration" of an age spring from the em?tioanls. Tho r? inmrr comes; hr addresses the tntorconreious fhrulty; it reepondx and fays, "I fori that you are right, you spoalc to my lnmohta.'' More is, then, an Intimate relation ciiit tog b-1 at- n tlio religious in man and the moral" 01? an a;o mr nation. I.ying b'-sidc tbo-o is what is called courclert. r. k r- eicecdmgly dlfltcult to draw a lino between ttio inter Mosetou* raeulty in rn-m and that denominated ouo-.etcnoo. Tbo truly religions man or woman arte by or through osaclenre. Tho iDtorconsclous power pro|>ci* and urges he person to perseverance In all that is puro, grand, uo ble, lefty. nnsellMi HlHrltuaHsm dnea not OOtac to man that Oonacleacn may bj disregarded, hut rather coin** to Iiitofi'tly conrelonee, to e*clte the deeper emotiontl powers; M comes to quioken and bring Into life the slumbering faculties to induce nian to act frcm within to load him to measurably disregard tho out' r, and more constantly look to bin nobler (lod given powers, hi this "etse an Intelligent spiritualism makes do war upon the religions In man; li does not ignore any moral or so;til question . d ice not vdertake to ray this thine or Ih it aball be done, h it it ndeitakiW to act upoe the liijrlicr faculties, eteite there, nod thus bring m m to a higher plane, to a loftier and |mrer posiihsv He or she who bccOtnoe thoroughly spiritualized will find tbal the whole being Is permeated? bat there is a deeper, purer, and more abiding lore for man, for animals, fur the earth on wbicb he tread*, nay, fbr tho totect moving around him. Th>-rr will com. to ho love which no words and no deeds ran tru'y etproes. Naturally enough as tho intercon clous fkculUe- are cultivated, lot??si*ed. will jwrsona in similar condition* be drawn togetiier, heart will beat in sympathy with heart, wool will inierks-k w ith soul, and there shall com* to b<> a true spiritual ooamuukio. and that communion will tate to iter If certs i n forms. m<siee of action, r-orreei<?-litig to the condition and spiritual groslh of the person The ?bnrrh In nil its beauty, grandeur, inagnifleenoe, sub aiity will appear. not only will the cdlfl "e be ronstrneb d, but all that appertains to barmm y. all that alia!) etxw.i rage the devotional in man shall be galhored within its walls; It shall have not oaly Its cotum .nicau!*, but shall base its priesthood. Its appropriate symb- is its sacred books, lis festal seasons and Its holy days. Deforo, however, such a oondltlon can l>e attained Ui-r? must be an effort made to cultivate and Intensify a few olinioe and amentl) religion* casts of mlad Hpvrtluah m lodes bout, hies IU eye oo persmw, cms* to them, lagawtoto hem and lead- thcni iter, by step in right d, HrSrit lalirm doe' not rest in tnere nvnrt'.r.iw itn^m n.w panne at anlagnnlatn. .Iw* n?t laher merely to destroy, Mom not oixn< (Imply to ladirldnaiiae, but it com- to cultivate Urn nobb r i?.were In man, to o|*n to h,e miu l ?>cw v<in? of thought. to tearh Mm how to romhino; It Man for brand. ronntrnctive4beneaernt bind man to man and heart to heart, It come. u> kindle in tbo ml that fellow fr< ling whit h make* w otidrowa kind U cornea to *> unitize pi raena that they a hall be a rotnmrt body, aa murk io?< the handa, feel, head; cornea to *o tatereat parasite tn the welfare of each other that thora hall bo a deeper lore than that mating between bm b?r and alater. comr-i to an bind them together that la every J net eenne the}- are truly mm, A body of women and men Ihn* Conjoined, I'm* intermarried, born aa it were In tha eame womb, ahall net fbr and in behalf of one another aa the band* art fbr the feet an 1 the feet for the ban la. It la tbla divine communion, thia holy emotion. thla d??i reltfioua love which ahull be born in the aoul that Khali prepare p< raoos to rngage tn evary and any farm id" mo t-hl effort which loot' to the Improvement, rmane. t^hon Mid elevation of m?n| Kptntna.Um aa now pictured fitbe mind la Itx tendency mu?t regec-rato man. ?;., It tnu I lead him b< a mire r-wdltlon wherein he ahall' be com" a bolt generator, bringing fourth o!t?pring corrna pi'i bug to hia new and improved eondltioa. Any fa'her tog of perron' ready to receive the?o trutha will iad ad vnntaf* by entering Into free aonveraaliona In respect to arte I* ta be taken e* - utlal to reachlug thi? h.;,.'h p? itioa. >f thla vanference ahall reaeh but a aingle wind; If It In #MCea (,,t en corre?ponding to the e leaching*, It will not Wi\y be a (rent bletndng to the |cr.<on bat nuch individual t, wy VccoraJ Mother a guiding *Ur: a tight la the dark, dr. W7 wllderncfw, a city ret on a hill, which Khali at tract) to it *' true, pure, wi->e, nob> and beneficent. Hueli are acme, 4 the obj' eta per MM have In view who t#ve awtod Ui.. fathering. It la for them tn it* ;wct Ibemadlr**, crlUniaa their own Inmost'. engage m now of tiavoUon, |MW?*i-e ahalineiK e. hamiliztioo ot aoul, that ahey may md otii<*? to amend the ladder whtwe top * UhIim the heaven lite i'nia<ii>Kawlh n wivarred Mia (I. Hinckor, a very tatareetlwg young lady.^nd I. H. Sheldon, of H "tort, a* tfaeratariew of Uie CzmlVna e,and Mia f ry, of New York, ad tt 1 U lllnekiy, ?<f a financial Commit eo, after whkih ah, auno-itn -) Ibe programme of diamieabm whiim wan to b? treated by the ixmfarence, aa Mktwa - > , < i **> ' ctdaliott daaa cpirMaaHara bear lootbw mural and religloua afcrt. f ?" to '**.**11 paraona In tha apii it Ufa daaira to do aa thia earth t * Bart rpim pmoae.amortatad 5w bshcflconi purpdNif E NE' 4. What In U?e apec a! mtaioD of woman at tUs eventful epoch( ... 6. Ia W possible a poDor&v a higher order ?f c*it*te?v*o than b?B yet ?e.pearcd on this earth * 0. lo whaVwaya If any, can per oiifl tbe.r ef. lorta for human iiarv purposed ? 1, Have persons In the spirit unfolded any models of their purposes and their plai b t Mrs. BanKR, of New Vorlr, then read 'jth following in troductory paper on progress, which 4no said wm transmitted to her from the spiritual w vrld Attraction and cohesion tro axhibited throughout the vast realms of rature. That minerals, vegetables and animals may be brought into ihe.r highest and pureet conditions, it ik essential that there be unions, eomblna.ione, ooberione, and through these there ia what is called Improvement or progress. No thing Is In its boat state when alone?it may bo in a good condition when in isolation, but by combination it may bo brought into a better coniltton, amid ?.? ol II i'lidhap >omkitiall.viio (ft man hn hr.vnirkl >nlrt its best or uioro pcrfe< led condition. There is then good, there In bettor, and there is best. All things Ui*t arc, aro ycarouiR for bigber, n rbler states. Tne .instant uiuu h&j grasped au object, whatever tt may he, his ideals pa-* on to a yot higher, nobler aud mure perfect object This remark applies to all rtnuge, whether in their more natural state or in their complicated conditions. The me ihanlcian cm niru' ts his machine?he completes it, ?nd yet when it Eset from bis bands, though lie pronounces It finished, tninJ has p* sod en and he ideally sees a more perfect machine. The ideals thon are over throwing the actuals In the shade, ant ae the actualist is disaatiaSed with his labor in the proctte ratio that his ideals bare passed beyond t The earth itself, on which uiau trends, from which he dorivee input of hie i ualeuance, la everlastingly ueeaugsteward to finer or more progressed conditions. I'nfiucat'onebly there was a time when the precious mctais were not; undoudtodlv there was a season when vegetation had not appeared. Of coarse |aaimals could not have arrived prior to vegetation. It would be a most awkward circumstance should a bor e, cow or ox appear and sustenance* were not. There is then an order constantly being exhibited; the mineral as the basis; the vegetable ae the intermediate; animals and man as the culmination. These are mutually dopen tent on one another. In the ratio that the minerals are improved will there be Oner vegetables: and Inasmuch as man and the lower animals subsist mainly on the products of tho earth, so will they be improved corresponding to the growth or the vegetable world. Besides, as the earth la brought Into liner conditions so will the magnotiam* more perfectly impregnate and act upon ik A very coarse person does not, cannot hold tho Oner magnetisms?they ran through that person and arc of little or no service. Precisely so In respect to mother earth?the coarser she is tho less capable is she of being vitalized. The magnetisms escaping, she is less capable of throwing out tho finer products. This vein or thought will open up to the contemplative mind a subject which has rarely been considered by the more tho'ovgh aggregation!*!*, viz:?tho question of tho coarseness or fineness of a given soil. Coarse soils commonly send forth coarse products? fine soils are capable oi sending forth fine frulie, fine animals, fine men, fine women. Without, howover, eutorlng into a subject so intensely Interesting as that of the study, Improvement and cultivation of the soils, It may only be said that this earth is capable of doing now what she was qute unqualitled to perform at a preceding period. As a hoc woman is more capable of producing a fine child than a coarse, uncultivated woman, so this earth as It becomes more flue poshes out t finer specimens of minerals, vegetables, animals, man. j She has within herself an the e-sontla! elements which go i to const it u'4 these, hut is Incapable of producing them unj less conditions are lav orablo. She must have temperature, I harmony of surroundings as respects other planet*, ro. tuudltv of form. eotup vUnesn, the magnetisms from tho ' sun, the quiet influences from the moon. All the>-e .are ! essential to her as an earth, as favorable surroundings ' to a woman who would bring forth fine orders of | existences. H becomes needful lost there be confusion, to i apeak hers somewhat critically In respect to what Is usually i denominated the dcvelopcmcnt theory. Strictly speaking, i minerals do not generate vegetables; strictly speaking, | vegetables and minerals do rot generate animals; strictly speaking, the lower animals do not generate that being called man. In n very broad sense man I' related to all below him: but Ktrtctly he Is not the oftspring of an ox or a horse, a pig or a cow, hut man is a distinct order of lie iug. ii'jr, mo ivn vi MuiuiBii |?icwic imu, vgcwuico procode biui, mineral* precede him, birt whoever will iaapeci man'* power*, a ill consider hit* fiicuHlei, will soon be sat i?ll?d that though he may anl doe* have witliln him certain eh wtli a hich correwnd to the lower nn.niaLt, vc' get able*, iniiM rain, yet he 1* ro far a new combination as to make him a distinct order of ex1 . ten< c. Here are i two roin*?either of these would lie received at a bank? . they are money, but one of these onm* i* dt?tiart from the other?one b< gold, the other one silver. Niw, all hough tboy are both coin", yet they ere compiwsd <4 distinct ni' tal?, tbry arc a iMStrcnl combination. so m m. bread ; ly speaking, la an animal?ha grow?r.vy be deuomi: Dated a vcyttalila?exhibit* certain bard H-iitsiaurv'. and may bo mihd a mln rM. But ho la more than a numeral, more than a vegetable, more than an auhnti?U M dit! tmct a* the gold > distinct trom the silver. Often nitenM i*r<oiii talk loosely on rub/oat of thia character; ta'k aa though man sprang fmtn the mou] koy, i n in the ?>raiig outang Ai wall might on-> aay that the silver prouuccd the goid?goal la une combination, tili v?r another. The at > mats referred to are one condition ! of life, ivan a suotlo-r, a* clearly dietlnct as thv in c lab alj ready referred to. Among the things which characterise I inuii I* the )siwer to prograas, to Invent, to liai prove. Now, M>" mnaksy docs ><4 build his | nvar tone *b<i,s, construct a I' comotiva, hitch on the ear klndl* a lire, beat hie H-pild, Jump lu and ride at the speed ul forty or suty miles an boor. Bn'. man who bo* the : power of Inoomrhon to a limited extent, c?,, t* hi' ma : i uine and gone at li e rate already uew riliod. It were not ' a o?tb while then to confound a boiug of thi* high order : * itli the animal* that ere not in auv put souse inventive, and have ink the faculty of general grow ih. improvement or progres Beside* tut*. man In an accumulative being Whoever will reed hi* lustorv attentively will see that from hi* earliest condition he lit' been gathermg jmwi r w iadorn, knowledge. Not only docs lie gather, but he hoi la, looks lau k, inspect* the past, critic. rn the present, priKscs >>n ideally iuto llio rataro. I'u iu? t; m-ii ly tnau's jHiwers arc limited, undoubtedly lite hour will arrive when all will have frcn brought mil of him that he is capable of doing; lien, laid on the sle If, a higher order of being* will ap|>car. arid throw nan in the shade as ttuui throw - llm lower suihteU into olwCunty. Mnuy ages, however, muat clapne before tnat hour cm"-, and while those ai. s a'e pi--lug on, the earth I'felV t* til he lassing Into tlncr ouiiUoo*, and will have come to he prepared to hriag out the new -peeiniaas. It is thin for man to work wldle ae r.oi, it i- fir him to call out and enjoy all bit n<>blor power, atettrttct possible moment. Ho ha* a ithiu himself m l mine* of wi-dvm which h<< msy * well use now a* al any s<ih?equ*ut pe rtod. He needs to know of these resource*, ueeils to be placed In trying poritl >oe that hi latent re-ervod jKiwerr may ha develop"!?Ihat be may en/iy lb* taleul-i builod wiih n him. tino pirpoic ol tin cotifereiKo It to excite thought, had to ci&ier ahon. to turn the atu-nlliai of -uch per on* as rnay ho gathorsd to a con J<1 erst ton of Uflr own power*, to load lliern not otdy to reflect npon their probabilities, but tostrou b their ruled* out into the broader sad higher held*?their prx Ibihti-w. 1?> ntng rn to the Diiad new vein* of thought, lab-wiryIng the fkeul tt<*, a hope la indulge] that this 'inference will tend to Ban iodtvIdeal en I sr? ml growth, pr'i??ruif Uc- mind for the receptlosi of new truth and leading mm to logber and leas eclhah plan* of IhougM, feeling and actim. Mr. T. H. Snxunet then read a |wp"r relating to llie Sr?t topic of dt*cuMiua. Thi* add row wme followed by a pc-ch from Mrs. R C. Hewitt, relative to the difb-reoce between lh< spiritual man ami the being of earth. Hoc, she Kald. waa to the On r wliat th? sun a a- to the hwsrr |>lanet* nf creation. The une abnne out brightly befbre the eye* of the bolh-vrr, while the other always remained dim and almost undi oernable. t'ne was a lu-tng ahiniug in Lite cflulgcnco ot the divine rays of heaTen and the spirit land, while the other groped his way on Uil- dark and earth, almoet nu-eea and uaoared for Hoe soared above the sordid thing* n f this bfe and sought the l>ls*?d Unogw of the spirit wiwtd. Hhe <-Nib-nded that spir tna'wm was the b?au Ideal of all s?"Hy or artlily perfection, and new I only be seen and fell to Imrc all it* bowutle" an ) advama g-w, both of a "ptritual and tomporal nature, fully appro elated. sot. wonraRfi ok ast,?i.?Hvgg*, I*. ('. i.iS'iuMi. ot ClmMea, InllowoO, In eipl.imttkwi if the relatione eliding betwreu sptrilaalvm and moral *f forts and urged the neceuelty of etmiuattng sclti -hne?? oT all kirnLi and Of whatever nature from the human briaA. t, M. srKiR*. Ftc wa? foflowcd by 3. M. Beets, whoeoull not ep-ak UH' worn. ta-iHiiuniw umi ni- nrum- r? II'W1U Mil had. although )> ' had rntnewhat to ray oil the fubjact bo(nrn the ttgafrrcaee. He thin nrnreeled lo raj tht: all Dm moral effort* d the Met ha I y deatrucUve to the dortriae* of prnctlral rptrituatirm, M WQfht to be promulgated by the m idem hellerem of the present day, and lie did not kn?'w aher. tlM WMl degradation of the nation would hare ended, had not tl?e genial tnttneneoof etdritnalIom raute to the ra-rue It did. He contended that apirttoaium hait town aent on earth to aet a* a -ub. liluta for all other rrligtou* rrro<la, do trine* and lima, and that there ouuld be no ra'ration hut through that rliann 1. He proceeded to fortify thte argum. nt bj c*?e porMM of the paper read t>\ Mr. Sheldon After roar- further diaciM'tov the ("ortferen e .1 \jouraod to quarter after (1 o'clock P. M. AtTKRKOt'K fflMIOM. The CunfCrer.w re antemMed piriuant to n.l>>urn?*rfL The eorrtca ware opened by tinging a ffdrttualM hymn. Daring the afternoon aeatrton the atleadanre wait much larger than It waa n the forepart of Uia day, a Urge portion Of the andienee helng lade# The P*aeio*\T. afW calling the rmferenee to order, annonnrrd the topic under dbtcueeion at the time of taking a re?e*?, and annoanctd that If any other perron* atrth?d to ?|f ?k to K an opportunity would be offarel No person arce|iting the offer, ahe read the aero d topic, and '/it(led <Mwu*aluu lhereon. A alienee af aume mo luetil/. award, whan Mr. Baroe*. TRI at.KKriNO mtpirv 'P1AK?. Mr. lU'-xw, of toaaecUcut, a ah-oping nvllnm, then trn|ied ha way to the aland, apiarrntly nrat aelerp, mo after Honve rery grotaauue perrbrm*nr? in maVnr hi* nbetaanre to the audience, proceeded to addreao the eon fercnoa tp a raring apoaoli pf aornc half boor'* length, mnr.h to ih morrtro>-at of T.oa; a of hie bearers: he mound up hi* remark* by oaaUoning hi* hatorwd fP. n l* I of earth to lie ware of U10 w?a*edi>#^ tnd Immorality of I the world, and pu t.< nlarly ru-ti WKbadBow a? emanated from the \t"blt? Amine, ior, aairf lie, y?m rhonld beware of the craiitneea of pnilk iaaa, and am i? ?> n a onrfbctlon 011 thig corrupt . aril., tint you uwy at ;aet h- bright rpuittof Mrt world nbo'. 0. Mil* w?vrrn. You riant*! tbernfnra praetto# tha milk cf ti.iman k.ndnes*, fur ft 1 A?l reqt.irn milk?(A ItMJn lauaji)? and mil* jwi ahall harn if jou want It. (U gf>mr). jha ipca*. r val UwO ib*hii jwrfhrm'ng lb? gar* W YO MORNING EDITION?SU] gorture*m ^Ting platform m he had when oming on' p^t bearing tbo laugh of the audience he turned U>w'*rd the placo from whonco the laugh had procoo led, . and ra ti:? "Be eere you are right." (rtuppreeaod laughter.) ll Again returning to tho front of the staud and undergoing f a nerios of |c?iiculaiioua and contortion* of the lac J, he raid? LOT IT COMK OUT. I lheaso to < Iter what you have to. let it come oat; dou't j keep it impritonod In your bream; free your mind; let it y Coine out and we shall nee. (Morn laughter.) The speaker then went through a serlefl of contortions and ohouiancea h to Die audience, and groped his way from tbo platform , K amid iho suppressed merriment of tbo audience, and seat- | 0 ed himself in the back part of the room, whore his eyos I (j were suddenly opened as if tiy magnetic iufluenco. , ^ UK. SWACKIUMMKK ON flAKD. ] <> Mr. F_ H. PwarmiauMKH said?Hr. President, we bavo f< come bcre, or at least 1 have, for a apeeliij purine. ] P and now if jou have any specific thing to offer to the conference we would like to have you do it. I think I spoke i the sentiments of ihta meeting. We have bore every Sunday a pl-nty of aueh things as spiritual rapping, tlpping of tables, Ac., but if you have anything else lo otter please to ott'er it. Mr. J. M. Hntm?Does our friend think that we did not v say a?y thing this morning specifically to the point. 1 . ,| flunk we did do so. I understood bim to say that we had not said any thing to the point. i ^ Mr. Swaorhamxh?Yon have bad plenty of subjects die- ? rowed, but nothing to the point, unless It bo indeed sevta > j rtanWm, sectionalism and side wsuej. I want to mo some- I h thing specific and to tbo h?ue brought up nnd disciMsod. I Mr. Hnnfrr drpla mod to Mr. gwackliamer that the 1 specific rrahH* wo?M be rmlM and discussed in ]iroper j , tunc. He then proceeded to Speak to tho question before Iho house, which was the second in order. JA0IKNIYKS AND WATCHKS. h WUr n be bad concluded Mr. SwAOMiuntR wanted lo ; y know whether the people of New York were to have a I ? jack knife pulled out of their hands by force, and be in ' danger of being injured thereby, or if they wore lo have J a w atch tendered to them to induce them to drop Iho , t knife and lake tbo watch. I Mr. Hkwuit said they Intended, before they got throngb, to otter the people of this city a splendid gold watch. ' They were going to otter the people an entire now order r of things, cooebtont with tbo priDclplea of a new social . order, which will be unfolded in due tlmn. Messrs. B. V. Goddard and John Ohvw followed In aome 1 extended remarks in reply to Mr. Swackbamer, and in t support of tho principles of spiritualism, and to the queslion before the itouie. After further dLscuseion on the subject by Mr. Goddnrd c and (Ahem tiiA MBfrrAnM tank a mcmui iinL! K n'r.Wk P. M. EVDDte SESSION. The Conference reassembled at 8 o'clock 1\ M., when one of the Secretaries read a paper on the fat arc destiny of the earth and Its product*. The paper vet a forth that drawing, an man doe-to a con siderable extent, bin substance from the earth, a question of interest arbor. What Is her destiny! And if she la to continue a somewhat distinct and Individual existence, what will be the character of her future products t Tew persons bare supposed that the earth can be brought to 8 high slate or purity. It H treated sometimes by the maw or with scorn and contempt. But as all things are moving forward in their true order, Ibe earth L* itself rendered capable of being Improved to an Indefinite extent. Iho paper then proceeds to consider the proper -tep? to be taken by the dwellers on the earth, In order to her essential Improvement, and argues that man most turn Lis attention In future more particularly to such improvements as by a little effort In that direction not only a larger amount of products bo roared, bat fruit of n more vital character could bo produced. Man needs to cultivato a more thorough acquaintance with hydrostatic* and hydraulics there need be no drought, because In favorable loca l>>ns there will always lie at commnud a snIDcient amount of moliturc to be used for all practical purpose*. The paper then pocoeds wtth some suggestions as W thedrii'nlrg and tilling of lauds, Ac., and argues tint mat, U to permeate the earth, to spiritualise* It, to electrify It. to ch ioge it with bin own holy and bleased magnetism. Tlio paper then calls the attenliou of spiritualists to the iapoitauce of the subject, aiid urges the conference to take the matter into serious consideration. It oonr.ludoe a* follows;? Spiritualism is life, It impart- to an intelligent receptlv* its own native vitality. It does not pause at phenomena, dees not r>*t In antl i?m, doe- not aim simply at Jestruo turn, but it comes to man with Its loving hand. It- troug arm and warm heart, and would kindle within hU soul a deeper sad more abiding interest in the w elf arc of man. ll.n lis. It ae m nviwinot eat th.e oaetk la I/, Cm - | bit preoenl plau?le to outgrow nIMmw. j The ru-crctary nest read a paper on nminKW. 1* Mr. Oita sp-We at some I- nglh in exphinatiou of ivod ' MipporlUig lbi> paper. Ilo -ai-l that bl? friend S|*:ar ha-l j nil down in an abnormal -lute, a* ho rrequ-ntly at, and l , drew utd a plan, whi n Ma band mode to BSbve bj Divine lnspirwtiMi, and ho had been rna-lo uuwiUln^lyb- | draw got n plan for the organization of IblH ?y t- m of - <>m 1 oiorno, which ww dial-lad in* twelve aenarato au-1 ?p? , lb- channel'. Ho then at once cukI, aft- r having cxplalno-1 tin- plan, that It waa tlin mother church, ami wl hiug that tbi'V aiiplil be iMtri.i-teil, Umt it wa- In reality the moth-<r or tin' church, of troo Christ lady, h<- explained why it w as that tlir old Jewish church waa tho inotlier of tlio Ca Ui- ii- chun-h, and continued that in like manner noli r-vclaUooe were b> h<- thn nrth-T of tho i i V - h it I Christianity allow- tlm' theology la bat an esproHNioa of tho flirt-dun Idnae. If, therefore, they w- re in the verge of Uio church of wi- dom, ho ho|-o?l tho blessed , ii-llu-noes of love would begin to in pi re the bu | tiiMN luart with heavenly au-1 apiritual a iidotn. . The law of old waa that man sbeukl , love bis neighbor, ami lute hla CD--nil -a, but be tn-l-1 that , the true luw of wi- I'-m waa to bless them that persecuted . and despiteful!) used I- m. The Trinity, whl--h the theolo . plane talked ?? much nbont and know -to I lib- of, lie b-Id VMlkl W] docirtn- 1...1 down by the havtour af nun kind, oe be ha-l quoted, and winch he tried to latitat-' Barn Ml advocacy of this ayatem if SMMMrW, lUel J ahouUI It e?l the hut pry and cMhw the naked a', n reasons Me and living price, no that the product! wf the i-artb should come b> tbe "iwiiiurr at drat cost, imitead of going tin - ' ah the Iattid- of and eurkhiag ?o many speculator*. Thi (Tinri h. as ?c n and exjn-d by Mr. Sp--ar had h-en f flr I developed to him in three ?Utlere?it upborn, of useful * ticoa, tieu al seveu, and tbeu iw.ll> al twelve. Out of the < i In.ri b came seven tortus of social hie, lodtspen- tbV.- and 1 absolute |l-< the form of love. Thn I.ret wan lb-- develop- I ni el Of WMMII M tli-- great head of Uie cbnrch. After ?me further extended remark* of asiiullar nature * to tho above the speaker gave way to Mr. Il> :w nr. who I st<< ke In Mvor of the proiuci al sonm Vnigilt. tin aid Uiat * there was a great deal In making a man uncolll h; and he > asked if tin leach-r w ho laugh) the |<e->pl<> the practice of I plundering movement* could t*> siblv know lh? hearts of mm, or It they ktew what th--stateof spirituall-m !-<? Ho hel l thai tliev r.eild not presdrly know any thing ol true I spirit',all, m; In mo their inenninet- ncy to J uhro of tbe prliiclploM sought to be promulgated and eMon raged by Uie conference wiih rospict to lb# pvo)o??1 s) d<-m of rommerce. II- to Id the mediums oi spirit-iab-im had f po.nt-il out the true way of success, and ha-l ev-o gone -i) j far as In, In some Install. i?, piinl out ami scl- et pr--j?'r | persons to lutvn tbe entire control ami n, luag'tn-ul of Ih s f orgai- /at ion when It nbould In- e> u'de-ln-d on a |f>|"-r -j basts, aud he feared not but Dial enough other m--n of f high moral worth and tru") would be poiute-1 out and re j lecti ,| in the same rnaanor a h- u the |*oper I id-' arr re.1 v ft r tin in hi act. He thra gave way to li e lYesi-h nt, Mrf. f Ki?c. who ma-le the fbllowing am ouuecmcid ? MBmwtra fi-xpat. * I deem n but proper to dale to the m?mbc s of lb" Cncfcreocc here, lltat tho poor- reoce w.ll Hd b-T? at ten o'clock tomorrow morning, quarter to 3 o'ek-k .o ' tie- alb rnoou, and al a quart/ r to A in the evetu g. rortn'wT rk POW*. > Mr. t?? It. Daw, negt look the stand, and said be was in lav or of lite plan proposed. lie waa with the coherence heart and soul, but he m i?t say be had very Htle hopes of tin- cuecess of the project. The same Ihlog had bern tried In tbia rtty in 1*3'. Tuo . arm scheme was then star I'd and writ. ? flir emm- t.iu-i very eucceaefuljy, liut waa finally broken up. Ho lar es J be war concerned, ho dlflere/l aomewtiat w lb lb-- geui'e- .. rw in who bad |>receded him. It woe not the men Uiat w*a waul- d but the money, In -v-ler to Curry oat such a pre . >ect. The SI heme was admirable aud Ju-t tho tb og If It T rould he got Into suocc "ful operation. They conM wake the very drrlb In bell sn-l make tbe earth ueake. was I, not on account of Hip men that the other organization lied . failed, It wen for Uip want of Hp had had nom< experience tn Uip rentier, and thought If Uipv Lid uOk h nt tnp?ni lo atari with they mlsht po tihly e-ir. .-I; h In rirdPr for IbPin to do po thry niiipt tax p pad 01 fund ^ lo comtnonoe with to a fiord to wt oor set ? m? en to watch another. If they could do thu thrr might ra'tj " out thp plan to Uip higher! perfection. nn<l briig down U?p n rrrj devil- on them If they ? tabed Mr. t*ia?h hot **? g the raiee, Mr Iwxta; now what wax the re *1 cau-p of your diecrnlintiing thin oper-xOno 1 Wr w?nt to knew the tl real eatutf of ttn lailurr. Mr. Parte?The vaupp war lhl/> d That, not b?x ing -nflictrnt nxpana to entry on thpoparaUeu, wp wcrr obliged to place ouiiitdnoce in aomehorly, aa I tb-xl j cry cciotldence ilctrovrd In. (laughter, and "tib, tWa lb< rcaeon. ') We r? leetrd a nian who had born UwJ?a ' man a ho had rotnr from Urn oUicr aide nf Urn water? ajian who tiad hern trained in th? -rhoot of reform, and T a man in a bom II war aid that ton night_J>Uor any amount of confidence an I ) et hp tricked up That lathe N rw en why I would nut truet any man In an ?|rra<;on Ir of thl? kind alone. f> Venn?How tony wn U at orgaai/.-iurm evaLB rJ, Mr. n< DtX Itf r Mr Pair?About fire yrnr- The hu .in <e a a* Mart u rd on a capital ol whkh d t>>>M ecroral year* to ( tairr. n TWVWIitl ainennt ot money'do yntj think tl WouM j he mp lplte to t.axe to carry I hi- plan iato elocution I * Mr flax is?About 910,000 I Kliould jodgo. 1 on t?Ah. well, I happen to kooa ol a gentleman who,

If we canrclerta man of Uip right etamp. on whom we ran place con(h) nop, a ill advance Iwii a million of dol f, iari- at once. (laughter.) I, I'r Wautree>.v fallowed in (one rem/xrk?, and *< v d f( (lie old nreatii/nliim of ignorance, ili-honeaty and amito" p. ' libility. u Mj. Mara dealt d Uia atn rlion an to hnncaty and re-pec! u, ability. hi t a-laltlcil they were pour. ; o Mr. On* thought tbM government nerer put d'.-honeet ,, i men Into the unit of the I nltcJ -later or other plan - of . i trwt Mr Paxia?Than yon are graatiy mMalcn. (langbtw ) Mr HonDAAn Ihllowcd In aupfairt c4 the plan. Mr. Hntmr* P. Annua- neit proceeded to fhror Uie i-rah-c^anil wi lonnip In Ito-n-ix and V w ton; leal friendv )r Id H?W York. He wad glad to a?all wtio were et.gvged In mi great and nol le a caimc a* *a prapagaLoa of apirdu- > alirm j hi A dtPcnmiew here rpruag ?p h^w-a Mr Audrewa M and a youth in thr bark |wrt nf the room ad to the nvr?t to prnwer way of ermalti ng thn red m gf th? earth, after , M wk? it Hit o?f>rrtet ?d>-ira?d M RK H irn i v if it- of 1QHT > ?JJ\ i, au\ j. ii*r, xw?. T?? Police DlOlcultjr. The Albany Board of J'olko tAiiniu.Jeioiiere, U ih'lr deling joeterday, did not dismiss Optaln llorngan, of do lllih ward, but aiVr aomo besitiney suspended h.iu ; rem pay and dniy thirty days. U". .it. 1 ilea wan on a charge?!nt.u!>0! Jtna'iun?* is tended for tea daya; and poir-mao Evans a Uae term be Municipal Hoard lad a lilting al-<> at ibreo o cloak, i then Lieut*. Thaddcua C. Itavia, Theodore U. btory, and ; orgeant Stephen Johns were tried and dismissed Per in- I nbordinai>0D. CapU Carpenter niado I.Is formal demand u Chief M.v?cll for the paper*, books, .vo,, pertaining to , IcMunlelpal l'oltce P* parlnx ut of Now York, which de land refused. Nothing now turned op in tlio prcgritie ! f the campaign, and it gradually uow amuine"tho doflnllo j rr nisei' l. gal rouiiuo on both ride*. A decision from tho , npreme Court is auUcipat- d to morrow. The new Commiaeloncrs aiC in March of u jw Ltati )n I ou-.cs, and have issued the following notice to that eiicct. i limn m (iiaainKHMlMiTRniMr rrrN \ i I'uiHK iMnmit. WHritsSTKVVT. J> ban YOKK, May ?1, 11&7. ) Vi.iKit-.Tlie Commissioners of tho ifotroplltaii Polioo i ill receive |>?opofils at their oBVe, White-treet, la lit city of New York, for the loa.-:o of a unliable tenement i each of the present pohio districts of iho fily of New 'trk: said tenement to be of aulliciout dlracnaioiit to ao iiodate the polico foroe, for the lodging of vagrants an 1 inerdcrly i? rsoue, and the tom|>erary dotoniionof jiorttms rrested for oQenccs, 4c. By order of the BOAltU OF COMUIfcdtONLtU. wiuiih of the Iron Strainer Santa Mart*. The Santa Mart a, an iron steamer, destined for tho looal raffle on (bo Magdalcna river,Now Cranada, was launched culcnlay inorrmg at slue o'clonk, from the yard tho <cptuue Iron Works, foot of Kighth street. Tills steamer has been bnilt with ipockil reference to he roasting snd river trade, in whlcb the will be engaged, be Magdalena river Is navigable for 700 miles, but ltd ottrae Is tortuous and the channel filled with suags of a uost dangerous character. The number of vessels lost In hw river baa been so great that the insurance companies isve raised their premiums to a rate that is ralcous to the a ners, and the latter Iuto been compelled to construct resetIs that are snag proof, and run the risk ot lota with iut Insurance. The SanUt Marts is the fit at of these Toeacla that has teen constructed, and to all api?arances la admirably idaptcd to brave the snogs of tlio Magdalona. ruia lUamor la built of iron, with clem;?t of rellow plus; in 176 foot long and 32 feet beam, lie has eight wat'r tight voii.i.irtmeiits, and what Is en Irelyni w In the construction of Iron vessels, it divided u two larla by a longitudinal bulkhead, which runt from he Mem to the stern of the vessel. Th.t, it It thought, mu PiuMire inn laiciy 01 uio nnnwr, 110 m?<er wnai mag sbe may run upon. Tho builder* say she will Moat irltli four compartment-'. Tlic bo torn is of three eight ron anil frames two fee' apart. Pm angle Iron i.s three nchcs by three inches. The .joint are bound by an unuuial number of (trong iron keleous. Tlio clam|M are of i'cllow pine, seven inches by ten Inches, and the upper 'dee ig stroncly bound with iron. The bottom is nearly lat, to make the draft light, but the water liDot arc bcauti'ally modelled. Aflir the launch she drew fifteen laches >f water, and loadjd the draft will never eirocd four foet. At the launch yesterday a large number of goullamcn mgaged hi the Sooth American trade were pre lent, and nueh Interest war felt In the Buoce-w of their ve*'-i>ll as a unall fleet of them will be built, provided thW ine proven atMtnctory. The steamer, which is hrce m.Tded, was gaily decked with flag* ami on tlio ivord being given, ran down her ways in line stylo, ' iiidd the cheer* of the looker* on. This steamer w ill re nain at Ihe foot of Eighth street fur a couple of weeks; and write* interested in steamers on W astern river*, where nag* alxeind, would do wall to take a look at her bctbio ier dejwrture foi- South America. There i* an opinion in certain quarter* ttial vevieks of his description can be eonntruoted cheaper in Battlmoro han in thh my; but the owners of tliis steamer say this i* | lot the case, aa the Santa Marta only cost (.K>.000 in her 'resent ronitntou, and $60,000 will cover all the expen->os or engines, fitting up and the like. The Santa Marta has been bntlt under the personal superdslon ol'Chpt. Henry Koliinson, who,for a tmiwberof years wrk, ha* commanded TMtfe on th? Magdalcua river", aiul mow* lout what la required. Jour years since there wero >u1y three steamers on this river; now there are ten? irarty all of which are owned In New York. Tim different otiipuule* have recently united, and are known as the New York and New Granada Steamship Company." Pie steamers run between Esiita Marta, four ruilue from ||>e mouth of the river, to Barr.m pulla. Hie lra<lo W nrmctnalir ti. lud< s and tobacco. Cricket Mattli at Hoitokcii. Hit' ii.utcii between ill* mh-uuJ fWcn ol Ni w YmL .ui<1 thl* rleven of YoBkor* ram* oft yrMrrday. Thr came rrmtntncvU at about half i*?t 10, tbe Now York ptiyen Inking Ihe flrnl Inuiuf*. Tbo folio* tug I Uk'MWi .H?1 leg b. Wkl b. )ta*hroi.l 3 Rochfort b. Ha?lir..rul ft Balhrrc b. BrtrliforiJ 0 Buchanan c. Karoo** ... b. lilkmton . . 10 ruw.rar i-mllh b. Iftlkinlor 4 pt\rye. Sbomirril t?. Baal-ford 3 Harri-on r. Mnuli b. IMklnton t? Ibhotaon b. ftouhforrt 3 I'rrkln* b. B**h?orU 0 Irajr ma <>? t Hun-hall nut out ... 1 H R idea 3, b? e* 1 * To*! .M vor*r.a?. 'IwBnerd b. IWbrrr > ; m 1 !?>u ail, b. Kouhlort I arriFOO. ruB Put 1 kill wall b. lullin* 4 S. lumca* run out 3 hf-lilon! b, Kill.err 0 uitiby b. Mulllenv 4 tlklDkii b. Bn'llcro o imlth not out 10 I In run mi!. Hpney b. Hallbrr .... (i ngHali run out 1 30 tide* ft, l?J oft 4 13 I-tal bl m?M? tOK" ? H*X bay b. niktMoti t Vwhfort., b. hlkuilnn 0 ?'a* b. I'llklrtnu 8 blll'TO y b. )>lklni->n 3 "owrrnc. P nith b b. lYIktuton b torbasaa run out 27 tarrUon Mump-d out pj I irry e. C./dlhy b.,I 10 Vfktr*. hit akt ? Mm*/ "V n<* out,... 0 tWtlMU.....' bit akt i! 06 I" iJf? 6, b}?a 1 6 Total 71 Irat Itinii M fv?h innlnf? ....127 Hr?vT> OT TO* El*o*? or lo*W* tnllh c M?\ ,...b. Hallirro 0 'a? hfnr d b. Knchforl 6 arriMin c. Kurt fort b. Rallwra . 0 butumr.l b. Batli?*r?? 6 .HK>ta b. I:.*bl.?rt ? Uilwrll I. b akt b. tY.'tlrrn. 0 i l urntM c. .... t>. Ballu'ra 4 torn*** b. Rallirra . 2 | tiklnlne run not 0 ' ldlhy not ? it 0 1 liiwiik .......b. I!* hfort 0 I Ik* (tamo a a* ?oo by u.o Now York fflah, having j rat' ii Ihrir Oppnoonto and 43 tn rparn. Tba l?owliuf on i f ib kiJt* ?u rio< ikibt, a ran bo *o.n by thr worn. ; :r hanaa battlrU aril, mak.nff nrreraJ rrry floo l..t?? ' taking two four run-, n?r thrar an<! Uir ? I?? , b?-Maa \ r olaflli' ran*, making a rrwo of 27. Tba match brtwrra the firit Blevrti oMfi:* l ork an I I i? Brut all Iron o4 Newark ronton off on M<? lay ami Tunaay, tba _*Ui and ?4li ,n?l. htnlnl K, KtrMIra' I onrw In U?? Mot* VltaU. I . (I. nrwrv, R-AJ ? rta? 'vppoM you Inlet royato "feu" v to ?.m# of hn i otet in ??.? h-b??? fttoflrM bill (*??! la Uto i i.ale for tb> boo- f.t of the bln-V repvbbrana, he rpnfco i fbvor of and \oted for. Ibat ?a* tb? bill laMny pi ? or t>m the' anil Rmrd, which lb"* alwty* h Id dooo Ha I narlaatt'T), >nd plarinp it In the hanl*of the "("Otrait k Hruar.i," whim i? republican. "I>an'a" TOteearri?d in bill, and without hla rote It f ' I never here bcmme law. It wan a political mm e, and nothing flan, to con 1 red by Weed , and carried tail by tbo iTntrnaiento'ity of , pbtm. rhorvpnMic*n?h?1 hot ?'tte?n tot/janUieHvunt'', j Id H wa? neee-e-ry to hare an rtber, n 1 ttvy nlita nM from your nomttlro frier I "fen Thorn wart O'JMT itt) mowaurratn bo carried thrn* rl b it it w w tv?t d?roblo lo briny blm oid, to he Inn Uic Henale rli?niiior fir I mr ?erk? imii. dialoly a/W \ntlny for lu 'tbnol Oon- I artor'o" bill, remained aWnt fbnr nook", and until tho ; ipnMicaix had wared Uielr S. 1 awrenco tenntor Then, | I roorre, Ida veto ttM co loiiy r IndbpcatablO: and can i fen," or anr oito rl?c giro nr the rcarou why tbo rapnb ana In Ibo &nn?o to ruddmly changed thHr trlnda rrom : Bttrr ' lo "Sicklof," wh*n all matters warn a r rang d j rrn fron, tbr adjournment of the re *ii?n of fe"*', lo -wt j ic one and admit the <dbor to a neat in Un> tknato OMtmarjri fejitn or I'ant'nt i.tam.?.Mr la'rWi I.yn<d>,tho oil i r of tbo Irith Ama-itin newspaper died Tory inddeoly e?1erday morning. llo n*? Inkon 111 oa Sunday laal of rain ferer, I at no one tnpptwod It woul I tern mate fatally, r. lynch wno a man of oneiJeraMe ability,aod preeVeto coming lo Ibia ooontry bo odltod tbo 'Tor-aid l.imerv* Mmtrier. Ho wao a yoart cf ayo. Ilia wlfo dlod laot f* 7 ev'i day r ti 4 " L lit IV i\ i'lly Intelligence* Tui. oi lor..?The approach of warm waiter very naturally lurim peoplo'a aitcutiou to the ion nueation, :ta abundance nnJ coat. It wiU l>c a soireoof regretto poor folks to lio<l that this indispensable luxury will bj > exceedingly dear a* to pot it out of the power of ill" very |>?y?r to use It at all. Bcforo the introduction of Cro'on veal tH wan not a very great hardship to <lo without We, a" tl.o |intup uod rprlug water llieu ?ced wai tolerably cool; but since the pumps have been abolished, the w ater, In our hot climate, mind be ice 11" bo drinkable. t-'onio yours since bo bought tor mom* |?;r 100 po'iud* and delivered dilly at the d'jor I i tl at. I.uttlien thoro ut competition among lit loo coiiii ml.*, ikl.ioii reduced prions. Hot yearly the price hat inci .ascd and It U quoted at follow* ltl.ll). 1 Bl 7. Pi* cent' 14 lbs. iaiiy. 12 lbs. daily. Nine cents, % .to. * -jo do. Twelve cents :v> do. ao do. Twt ii y r.t'UlK tiu do. ;.0 do. Tinrty eight cents 100 do. HjO do. ?In viewofthe iniiro'Dset ropol icola; twiuU'r,th<-?| cos arc outrageous, nud It would our largo hot If, eating bouse* and restaurants, wl.uc Urge fpiautili. r are consomed, to form a company to rut and i.o -u their own account. Tho ico item In their bill' it now uotrifle. Tim difficulty Ib, thorn ero only two i. o companies of Importance, and tltoy have a mouo|)oly of the busluci c tho Knickerbocker i largest company and lias a capital of $!X*),tot?, and .ii thvy declared a dividend of 11 per rent The N- w Y rk C< mpiuty al o does a i ory large bo-1tiess It war estliiuiteii that during the year I860 over 10<),1K>(I Ions or ice was consumed In this city a>i>ne, and the probability la that i.'o,0i>0 toiu additional will bo con Fumed this y. ar. There Is a largo export of Ico from thia jiort durlug the year. In 18.52. 4 ,.'152 tons were exported, uml In IHo-l, to inns was tho amount shipped. Tlila vast ineroaco of tho bitMiuoFs of tho companies, with tho losscned competition, should induce the companies to low tlx ir |>riees instead of ralrlng Uieiit. I'nloss somotliliia . the kind is done thy Ice companies may red assured that the city will be krpl In hot wuter. Thk Coioaxu Ilunn.?Ibis Institution will shortly hold Its anniversary, when the annual re|*>M w ill be presented. The receipts for Uie year have bc< 12,420 86, of which there la a balance on hand of 884 41 Tbo following la ihe report as to numbers:? Number remaining May 1.18.V 208 Number received since May 1, I860 ?67 Number of births since ktay 1,1880 17 Total, 072 Of these have died 82 recharged jto forma, or dismissed 287 Total 1109 leaving now In the Institution 003 This Hocloty has done no liUlo good to Uio class of poor and sick colored people It waa organized lo provide for. Tim Om-HAJt jk>r t I'M?Thia Institution will bold Its anal 1 v arsary exercises next week, when tbo annual report will j be read and a statement of tho condition an 1 prospects of Uie society will be made. The receipt! of (he Orphan I Asylum from April, ls&fl, to April, 1867, were $'^>,1116 ufl, of which all, rare waai-ipon led. The following is the Mjperintendcut e rej>oii:? /Joy*- Oirls. 7b>'o4. ! Number in Die Asylum April 1,USA...lift AH 184 Admitted during Uic year 1? A 22 Total W<l 74 200 Discharged by indenture or otherwise. 25 14 3? I'kd 2 3 6 Number in the Asvlum April 1, lftf<7..ICS 57 102 The Institution is rfjurb-U 10 bo In a most nourishing condition. CoLinhu O'ljw.r ? Several ehangt* of nob- aro about to be introduced in thlM college, which will give It eomo of the feature.; of a unit orally. It ie proposed to extend the collegiate court-'.' from four to ait year*; ho that tho rra tlrates conMreach a higher standard of scholarship than obtained at present among them. A ynt'-m of reward has also bcrn projected, among which a list of fellowship* Is | ?"Dt'Snpluted, Willi a salary of IViO a year, for those v. ho have rompU t. d tb ir full i ourno of -*iidi"<, and merit? I lioualv rtcvircd tie-hi^U' it honors ol tie' collet.". President King he recently |?jbl. h?t a card 'b uttling the Pel(owing facte ?."fi,,. new profewnM oh?-- a by llu) trustees of Uili college on Monday last, to enter upon their duties at the commencement of (lie next academic year wen-?1'rofiuser .loy, Profe or of Chemutiry in I'nUn College, to tb- ehalr "f ehembtry , Profo?r Willi, for ! rn' i iy of the United Hteles Military Aead'-my, 18'est I'oiut, to the ebnlr of iiuith<-inatt< s; and Profc-or I.leber, re. i-eLliy of Columbia Colb ge. howtb Carolina. to the rliair 1 ot I. story Hiid political economy. There remains yet to ; be tilled the chair of philosophy and literature, Those four are new chair ?the two last separab d front the , chair of liilellri-luul ami tuoral phllisopny, otTdcnc.-e of religion, l oil tie* I economy, trliei I'Jtrrj, tor. Of the "liicr , two?on" f.em the chair #f natural and eiperhie ntaJ | philo-ophy and rbetnislry, the uth'T from "I' aetrouoI my and iuatl"'iiiatUts. ?ah<t plain for enlarging tho ! aeope and |*rf.> timr MM means "t uistm-mm in th-cl | lege are under conalderalioo, and the wh ile win. It la I believed, be matured 11 take Roct with tho beginning or i the lu ll mkIiiiui' ii'ir, oi the third us k of H"ptouibcr nest" | 7w? Cnv l>rsev/T"?: s>n tint Fijot C" ru iCT'iis oiy Inspector Morton ant.ounces his determination not to pay the contractors for llie streets, unless they |>orrortn w I at they contracted for to his satisfaction. ihi 1 r "lay and Hal rday the principal contractors came to his ettii e and presented their bill", ?loch he promptly refuted to Mgii, as ticwas tlliilal lin y had doue no work that would ju-lily th" lull- they brought In. >'.u h row w is a bed when Ins ilMrxt would tie cleaned. Koine taid In m il liar* other 4 It. so ck nis.n u hi, h thee taore nail. I by thrOiy Imprrtor tn all upon him, ,m<l if thrir ward-t ?o>eleui. I.o ?itsU pty then, the faeo of their lull* oith pl.a uf. ?lr. M i U u further alab* that in raac the coo irac-im do n< t cl? all the city, tie a ill rail upon the ritiaeoi', in ?lew of the apprem h of hot Hinher, t" in-dato htm la rleanmp It li nirelf, even li c'Uitrihutioru are to bu oil InM to pay top tie work Pimm km amire kmk*t? ro in IUii maim.?'The nimmrr arrangement nf the flud??n RlTir rrnl will yn Into eft. et on Monday neit. The following In the arrangem nt for the detariute el the train*:? f. 00 A. M ? Albany," tprcxi, Pick.->hill, Puotchkrcje anil m ml " (At A H ? I eujl keep In at rum modal ion, all Mine uMa IUImh. 0<>0 A M ?Albany; pf!ncl|?l "tatl-if to So A I!.?d rf yitiR areominolailun att ataituna. lUio kl ?Albany rspraaa. prtaripi! tutum1 Ot P. M ?I (.i yhk e|?i? . all time table alatx.n* 8.10 P. M ?Albany way train princljiat ?Ut:.iiai 4 M I' M?Ping Sine ail KtalloM. f. th I'. M?A'Many ex preen i rtiKipal td.i'ou* l> ."Hi P. M ?l'oeh?l ill ai eommodatton. all 7<0 P. II ? Pougbkcep le all MM t* l| hillonf. The rumou r arrange!!* at of tie Are- road will al ? r< j into edict on Monday, KMli in.faal The way tram w il rue aa in ual but the > ' proer fan for ImnUrh and it iffaJo wtU run hi renin r at OA. M , II A. Mar I 6 P. M. I irnjf 4i inn (toweno?The Or-t tow lontefrwn Uic Wert arrived ye t?rday. The (tawe|ro, and te aria, of the Pyraei.-e and i mwi ro line, and the fanny fern, of the new iwweyn line, laden with wheat came to Itietr ptara oa the ha?triver ymtrrday. tea aarnoa.?In our no tee of Urn new aut Ion on the MihNoo Hirer Hadrund. Uiree nuba rouUt of kuthkill, a pnb'i bed In a yr< ?mu? edition, we tinted Uial Otldw?U'a wu the ipot etna en. tt ahoold hare read (ora wall. New Voaa Tbwirre' ?The following l? the weekly report of the ab"Te Inatltutioa to May S3, 1* >7 ? on May IS, M8 admitted, W; dhi liarR< <1 i ir-'d or re tiered, 8. <lie?l, 7, remaining at data, 467 Male*, 247; female*, Id. IVmnal IntelllfceiH e. AHHITALA. A", ibe IterW?Oeorife Hfliola, New Vnrt J. tt IV n*, Ixmtriana; L. Clark aad lady, le lali s*iitr w. New I'urb M and M |)e laade, N. a African*, t. W. Vn,k. n*tr, i.erm .uy; ? .iwivbter aad eervaat N ? "r M <f \ * *u t, ir.rni.iii. n. irntiiun i Hi' c '* , .a. ' I 'H i % i'i tolly, Mia* t. I.. Ta' ? ', Raw Vurk; Mra. C Hatna, Ho"-.!?; 1 li?fV? Hirnwan, R \ Ckiiikii. I, I I. Kijrwiiid, Onw. Pit ntid f?rnl.j , Row Tin I. Ai iV i >*ran4- i- Air a; landf U nit. i Owyarnor of Nawfunn lUnd. K l>. Pr .dficrt. W Knibtir> . A C. jtioh nrd? and fain 111, 0 II Wiapnnl, lawur*'' l.-arj, R w Y-wk Join minor., < "hai Ir- Ah?r|*\ l'kJ*d< lolua. ?r and Mr* B u Ad*?-, Mi?C?rna!i* Ya'a? It lUK?rm?a. i?r>y. Crnm Cbarlaarn, In tho a'.ramah'p AMlaa Known, M?a? ToMn, Mi?a It *1 c.l|a> Dm Thin.nU, Mifa Hotmail i.MaaM*" alf M? M?lr,;? Mi.? M'C-n U v? rarrand l?d?. torn HnwrAMn W ? liintola nod anil, W I* Whn.l'n fndyand two <>lldran; Mr Urban .nd fiitilly. Mra Kirtck on, Mra Millar, Ml* II J fv*ii w Kti li?r, toifc n<l rldMiIdlon ?la|n|anr?tR, 1' Itorim, I' waiijar, R 0?.r>> K Urn In H Rrwrnihall, W II H ill J M Mr m, Ar M <n4rr Ran r> n?..n and narrant, A Jacot I, l? .lam I, J I lir*. John tmat, I' R An&rami and .WIS tin* McrBga. KRPARTl'RRh. F.t harannnk In Urn MnmAto Fl-n'a?I. R? My, J J ThiWglon, .lawn ? Atowarl, Ahart k P I, W ',<m, Mi. I A 1 irl?n?, Han I 11 ram R-a liW M'tmr, Mr and Mm f M )>*#?, Mi? J II Ki> i-y. Mra A (li??l?.l. J ????? i ?|.i K f, Ana tin, Win 0 In..., *m Warn n, M <. Varji Ri-|i<r till AlrAwatnary, W J Oilbnfl. Robert Lair til?12fc?iu?i, ui lR'ln tlx amai una. I 'T R' tn'Tld. Ro t hi !,? atnahhRI|i .lari?ai.iarw - J It Mnhh, lln.nn K Proa nun. II It w od U f K ml. , Kdwarl Kirnn., W O P-m. II Anitb, W Kun Ora'n.0 M M , Mr* | A Yorrk-aa, Ml* C IMntiwi, *,.? K V? WM haa* I wr' u" ' * " Mr. A,-ah K AtarVW. ,i' MW,? ? : ' M n u :il I'lUia. Itol> an I ; tWOCtiUdrfB, O Y WiV'MM-- nn i 10 hi th? nt?ai 1^.. j Yor f,har',.ai.p in nYar.nhin Mirkm-I. A Raj.-, R F ha /*. R r RwlfL Jng f Tmn , K I. iHtaanr, C K Mr.rrn, 1.1. it (' W Vorrbi, Wrn rRotvhw. r h, MrtO Uwu. Mi-. K I |, I W 1.1 "tkrop .!?? III..wall In J R I .... Mm II J* Adama, r kid.i.1-, Mr? I.tAiowoml Vra n V Uai 'fWa?nf, iw > WWi?n and wrianl, K l? Ulako. K I) Yaaan r| . P ? t'lar.-n A.Mfl. Kidm, H'r hn Br .In M Oi.l -r. 1 A j Mra U A Ridfrra, J \ on l?rRW-?iwi l? i ih. . rf". r..r Mrlh'iivtir In naip Haml-lar-Oaurf Itomnnl, aranrd. Mr Rnrnar l ,lr, M.w Ha naM, Char: ? MrK.o, ? j T'h Bj "nail, n n Ry. aoji, 1.1-it C It All or I." " *? Wm Rlako, .Inmm CnwloT. J tin I! . Hurr a ilnRm. ? | w lllgo, dokn Y ou'll Pa'rtot cna.ld., II ? 1 dor. V Mar i?H), WmPHrip^r, .U+m |lr!in*r. s? '?>! W!N*^ "?? K ii?* ( en Him*r n#-i ry pii? ?i J%m*9 Ssrw*. JT1*!'/* ' t?r I lot an. William Mmr,..-T. dm - P; T AlMimlfr f n'nwi Rinr Wil'Lun *rA\. rA T ^ I *?njr, r?'ar I'nrrnU, A'. iaii >r Vl *! J"" yJlll!,: .tamo* hrnh'ilr .1 V CaawrJ, c o Clara. T AhlrllaM, Th?wn w tom\j John Mahoaar John T"ni*y. John Rnaf.?, Pilar Vpaln. i JW? liwto, Mr !Rn? aM Mtoa >*? 8 LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Religion* Intelligence, Iter. W lllam Hague, D. D., will preach In 1'iAh aveoue |t:?pn-1 riior.-h th,? morning. In (be evening tl>e (Recourse nlty delivered on public amusemcnta by Kev Sydney i'orey *111 bo repealed i>y special request, nr. D. S.Tiflrnot * til prea.'b in tbe Seventeenth street cha|Kd, immediately west of Klttb avenoe, ibn morning >1 evubig, Rev. (.'has. E. Ilarrin, |**<tor, will prench this morning in the John street El rut Methodist Episcopal cbarcb; In tbe afternoon tbe Rcr. C J. Warren; In the evening the Rev I?r I'orlor. Rev. Horace I? F- Trap will preach tbie evening In tbe Memorial church, corner of Hammond atrect an<l Waver ley place, ono block from tho Junction of Qevenib street, Greenwich and Kowulh avenues Rev. T. L. Harr.s will preach at Academy Hall, M ( Broadway, to-day. Morning subject ?" Knowledge and virtue of the Golden Age " evening, " The Greek Bysi'im and the Christian Heaven." Thoro will be a lecture delivered oo the subject o " Christianity the Only Troe Judaism," by a Christian Jew this morning, at 100 Centre street, np staira. free dine as tons on the same "object between Christian and nun Jews, as usual,in the evening at 7 >?', at the tame place Tho Chrtatiartty ol tbe New Testament not clerical Ado logy nor rabbinical Judaism?The CbrisUamam of Mem and tbe Prophets. Thla la tbo compendium which It I* prnpor.rd lo ill -.strain and prove tn tall, (tea and fair din cufskon in llie hall, IS? Bowery, near Delaneer .treat, tbie evening. OKD1NATTON8. Mr. James M. Dwlgbt, sou of the Rev. H. ? 0 nwlght, 1)11., of Conetantinople, will bo ordained by the fourth Presbytery of New York, thla evening, In tbe Madmen square Preabj terwn church, at 1 ^ o'clock. The parte ?ill be performed by tbe Rev. William Adams. 1) D., Rev. George W. Wood, Secretary of the A. B C M M , and tbe Rev. Benjamin Schneider, of Ainuto, Turkey. Uw falm 0 I Innnk hen K#nn npJsiiuhl and iuu iUH ms tor ot the Bctbeada church, Vo> k district, Bouth 'krMn* Rev. 8. P. Heron wm ordained and metalled paster of the Fourth Unformed lYrsbyter tan church, Philadelphia on thebth lt<L Mr. M. I). KaWipottak.w, a native of Greece, (M or dalnrd by the Prcebvlery nf Haoover, at th? United Preebytertan church In Rklimoud, Va , on tbo 96th uK. Mr. Andrew J. Willard waa ordained par lev of the Pre* Congregational church to Upton, Maaa , on the 30U? a*. TNTPTATIONe. Key. Wm. Pk:kln*o?i, late of Audover Seminary, baa received a call from the Congregational church in Gurooeoter, Mass. Her. I?r. Putnam, of P.oxb..ry, Laa received an levlta tion to become the pastor of the KJng'a Chapel church, Boston, Warn. Kev. Wm. H. Bee? ber. of Reading, Maaa., baa accepted an Invitation of the Union tsNigregaiioual eeoety m North Brook field, Maaa., and antered upon hie duuea. Rev. L N. Shannon, Torre Haute, kaa received a call to the church of Mount Vernon, led Rev. P. D. Young baa n-*jepte<i a call to Decak.r cburcb, Illinois. Rev. Addlion Ballard, profeasor of aaatheaaatie* ta Mo riotla college, ??bk>, ha* accepted a call to the <oogrega t otal church at WiUiinislown, Mane. Prof. Ballard waa formerly an officer of William* college. Rev. Walter Powell, late of Princeton Seminary baa ae ceptcd a call from the P.ret Preeby terlaa church of inn caster, Pa. Rev. R C. SuesecroU, uf White Marsh, Pa., hw accepted a call to the profuesorrlup of air u\nl languages in 11-cants luiveralty. Rev. W. Rath, of (Wry v.lie, Pa., haa oc-xp'od a call from several churches near Allentown, Lehigh ooonty, Pa. Kev. T. M. Ovialt has aveptad a call to Burlington Be rood Presbyterian church, Iowa. Rev. Wm. Roed has reoeive-1 anJ accepted t illlo 1W Presbyter tan church of Clark son, 'Muo. IMTALhATIOWft. Hev. J. Abcel Baldwin, late of Laaoaatoe, Pa., was in stalled |?*tor of the Presbyterian church of hew Providence, N. J., on the 12th lost. Rev. Lbcnexer Bn-btiellwas Installed, by Huron t'raebjfter^r, over the Proiby.rr.aii church of rrcmoul, Ohio, Rev. John B. Brown, D. P., late of Lexington Ky w?a installed pastor of the first Preabytartan chtreh of Siring ickl, 1111 now, on the first sa'obath in May. H?'v. Wm. Raid hae bee* iuaa.U-1 pastor of the ohor'h ot Roeedale, Wbs onein. Rev. Samuel Fin ley m Installed In IheSliUi Pr<wby trrlan church, in Ihttnburg, on the 3d mat Kev. Jawiea M. (Vcweil was installed a pastor of tn P. tenth l*rc*brtcr>an church. PUifadelvhla. <ju the 10U> lsat l>v. I"luw* W. K. Handy * w inataltod a i* -wr nf ih ? I'raahytarlan church of I i>rf*iuouU), Vn., by lb" mno*o' lTa-bylery, April 'M. llrr R C. Partial!, lata of Ma DC boner, N. II.. (M on the 16th In"I. in'tallad |?-d<T </ lb? Ntm n*t~nd church in ttitrajro. Mormon by Rt. J. M Bkirteraai, O. U , l*re ai>i"nt of Illuioia OoOafa. Ho 7 John R. Find ley ?m iiMAliod pa* lor of Uay church In klcrcar, J'a., on lb? 2V!b ull. INVtTlTTOMtl PHCMNfl*. Ka\. f>r. R ot1, of Man k'ranelrao. Cat., bin doOwvi U?" In\ itnllon to Uin W-M Arch ?lraat church, kb;*d?lphia. I'.ov IT. P M. Pm.'th 'loo* not ao.-apC ibo paalo'aJ iborf* of U . Central rhurrb, Pnllimoaa, n* ban b-w-n wwin'od DIAMIMALA. Iter. W. N klclUrg baa !> on aonip'llad by 111 hwdtb tr i t for a diamtoaAl i ron hla chat go at liboca, N V. Rot. N. Monti baa ra*|ue. lod * d!?mt*at<wi froni bn pa* tnml rnnn-eiiou wuh Ilio Klrtl fhirab and Sourly, llart land, Cono. Itor. F. T. M Pa<'h?!-r, of lb* Park OMftragaiaraJ rbarrh. Brooklyn, h e ??l d for * dtamiMi >n ir?m lb* jA-l" ifflce. Thw puteb, un tar the enre of W' B, baa b eu a yrow tag and pi oaperotw one. piitm IS trb mini "tut. The Jarkrou (Mix* ) JYm tf Oii'it anno in< *? the drain of lh" llrv. .lohn M Borrow, a mim*t",r or Ibo > "?pel, *<*> ( .tkil Willi tin' l'rr*bjt. rUn Church. nkw CHt'tUtm*. 1 <hi Ibo 10th ln*-t ,'bn caram'diy of r ?r.i<v, niim lt. Va n a K|A.-r"pal ebnrrh look obi'- - ,o Velr-li'irg, V * l b* Hi I'u v Hi?bo|> Mr ad i- a. <i*t^d by Bliliop John*, Ibo 10'? W H tlott, Ibo Kav. C J. Otbron. the ft r. J J ?V -km, and lire I'-er. I'. Htnnybt' r oflli ialrd. ThoOttrat Ba|>U t rimrch,l?T. N. R. hild ? n.i unr, ai pr<-?rbt wor?bipplr| in it." Mo' at Zi .n ' l.rr-i^n r.b ircto, < brtriian "trrrt, bi low f.nh, in I buolrl|?ti.a, aic about Ml MRg a bona" of wocbtp ?f Ihetr awn, an I lor thai pirMM'bare arcnrtsl lh- I..4 ' tb" aootii *?t enrnrr ?f N *tn and t ?1< rml rtrrrle, which Ui"y of no a harm** graded, pripw/alory torowm< noma opcra'tcaa Tbcy will I o*b il lorward to lompltuon aa (but aa their l,- -in will allow. On I ha l.'.'h tn?t , lha crnrr alona of the era < lurch of tha Churchmen'* kh- lonery A?*'?utioo for M*nroaa, u> I btlai'rli bia, wan lanl at tlx) r "Mb w?-t rnmrr of irMMun andtatkartae ?tr?*i*. Tha Itiabop of lb" d ojea- <ift) rtatod mscBLLAinort. The r. it I-tar* of lb< I.. fortB' d lnMcb church m lh * nty and vicinity will tnaat In morrow mornin(,at 10 oVtwil, for f-rayar and Porta trc, in lh- icctirr room rf the rutton -treat tborrb. Tha I'lttfbiiry fv'knli,- Inform* a* thai *i tha ZtAt) *t Mnrrb, Mi * Mary llialan id retlf <od bi*lar Itery H.-ah?), r<trlfcd tha wblt" ta'l, in lb" maraiil of it- fb tarn af klcrry, I Alroba. |>v r.. Vhatan offl jrl Tha . armoo *ii priwrliad by tbo kc*. It. Ktoah. la lh- anw cow nil on lb? JTlb of April, Mm* M T?ir.Mn*oo ,s? u-r Mary Nylrrrtna), ae<l *fi?? Mary t>mah<>e i-.?lar M*ry Mataaau, rivatTod aire Uia whtta veil Tom tba band* of Re* R. I balan, aau'tad by R< a. i. Raid. Itaarar. an l Rao. Dr Raarnry, wbo praai-bad ou tha occaaioa. la tha .'narawt rhaprl, PiUabnrr, on the llth of April, Kefr l"aliice (for nwrly Mi** N H'-ltatt), and Mi?tar Atnywi a (f.wa^iriy Mia* P. Thomson), mn<(f thair mlamn prufonaioa in pra *rr aa nf tba t cry Rav k. M< Mahor, wbe preaci -i tm the ? n i< n lite nrit trrtiea of (be "*?Ir l no will be lealnrum MM . r< mm< VHrVkitk Ur< day >n Mir, 1?T. ^ Trie -1i?W?t? ?1 Kl-kafWM%J|M9Mp*(>*.l Uf r nv-e'-nga to the public. V niton on Sunday are ofven dMppdaie' bj arming th?re too late. bring ignorant of tbe L-ne (It A M ) thit publte worabtp begin* A letter from Jerusalem of the Itth ?prtl trUi-n UnM. f w d?7* before, mw ?v celebrated for the fret urn* in Itf thiii' hof HL Aaoe, la thai city, ekkh *m ?p to lb'' Vrcnch -omr time ago by order ot the SaAan After ma ?. wh'.rh waa performed with aonv- pome- the 4*b* Martin di-beered a rermon, In wb eb, alter tbeittaf the tmperor Napoleon for bariug tut back tbe eftarcb, be la elated that tbe VYenrh goTernmen' ought W ** r"* re*t?mlnm of the Churoh <f m Hei?n ai lutblibM, awl rf otber rnerrd edifleer wb.h are either "noJai'Mnry n?nrrei|" by the ftreetr, or t irne-i to praf*n* aaw byfo Turk*. The ma*e waa attended by the >re?J> pUgrtna then In Jenaab-m. . ... ... The Am apolie , M I.J Cc" an-leraiM* tb* the Vt Mr. Vin Wkkelln, r- roily apta-iM-i reaelcnt af 5. lilTe t .dirge, h?? declined ? y*g- T?- t?H? T.ev Theod"rr Ptpp. f rmerly a prom.neat a Urtn arrnrher In N>w ibi-anr. ?;>? ?"? fcy > repre enh I t" ?? ? T'r? preonrw.* e md.uo frV'T'lllr7vidben,nr IVrtlaa-l. baa w.thdrawa hia re rm f bfr ! *? hip Of the I ir*l Skwwty. ftfi "am" I I* I noyhi .id ha.- 1-eeomo the elated eopfty rt i,.fr, r-?n (lty rb ?fob. MMOOtl. r, r-t h.nney. who Etely n.hbed ihe CatLooc b irch aa Mirt r.?horg, Vi, orer wb:ch he we- formerl> k- ated, baa nr. n -V nt to the |)rnit. rtkiry lor one year. Supolnr (nail-l*ail areatid. Beroro Hon ,ln.lg? Stomal. Wo Aerm A. Van J'rMft, Amifn* if flu* JamM. II m io ' Aire /"..mi d' ' 11 iiwinv ? fhta r?*e Kaa ixrupkd ihr irmrt for w?wtl Uy?, ml W air**!; ba?a L'HK ' I. R ?M > action f?r t:.?00 n*?ra?o* na a qnaa iiiv if i lotlimi whK-Ji ** >K>-tr?y?d at Uk? Irttn UbailMi rtrrrl. in whmh, H will t? r??cnit?ra<l, lfr? Arota ud oilo-r* Uat Ui?lr Uvea. Th? dafrM* ?m that * tr? *M not ill. reault of ar. ntanl, bul w*? imMowR rltactad tar tlit |>urpo*? of drfrr.i.Jiof tfc* rotmfmmr, mi Itallta |.??U no d?alroj??i ?#r? ao? *f tfcn tiim mi(M to ba rrrorrrnl lha Jury ??ra caabla I? *?<*, *?? diKlVpi