Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 26, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 26, 1857 Page 2
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2 jmmmam ihiwp iff mi. | 80 BAMA0 A"D 1 i Pin? hi ml at m *!< } ua prraonal property of mla* ? b* aooommodeled U> any amount. for loog or +2*9 +** i SntuXTiiell enli/for 1W* Liberal advances iw*r m n<?t'k 1 ?rtl, i fnrniicrr Ar . consigned for anolioo salna. A lae W> i [V vuan i"-?'?** Ac , a. p rival* sa'e * ULTt'HIMHOH A OO.. Bukrri, broker*. and auctioneers ? J (fttl/tn -AN KNTKKPK1NINU MAN CAN H4VK THK P chance o( grumg a Vi'isianLal raoui) miklaK Imi>kw?* two yean e?ial>ii*bed mow pa) tax largo pro tu and * wttb good ppoapepiu ''all at 62 fc imj, up stairs. room 1. n ? A ?f\ -4 PKRWIN WANTEII WITH THIN AMOUNT ^TuU. in a plraaani travelling r*?h btixlnres, and wiU * no( require but a fea hours daily. To a person ot steady ba * bit* tbi? 1* > good opportunity, a* the t>u*uie?* rill yield a u?t ' prokl ?! f3,JUu P?r annum Tbe oust ?eettri.y given (or the ? mcney Apply immediately to Mr. Doug lam, \ne. ioan Hotel, P fl>r.AA TO W.(W-A TOUNQ MAN WTTHTUR ABOVR ' Vl'Vw amount woirtd i*f to lavul me aanie la ime weod paying bua'nera, * lih h.? xxrvicxs u> a good engineer A UlrxNx O.tiih Herald cfliee, with tail particular* concerning ta<- hawse* , for two day*. ?"> -wantkd, a I'KHSON WITH this M'"?''*r\|v amount u>ft?af? vu a aafe. permanent anl p> ant .blr hiudneaa turaly eetaUliaheii mi l ai successful opt* laittMi, will pay from $4 OUO to t6 00U per ant urn Adders*. * s Hi name, (i. K. !>., b- i liX) Herald uilir. d>'JO nnn -RkAl. rstatk. stocks #iim? and ' TuU.uUUi pates'* bi?i?h: and wild. ffQpBB dividend ? paying ahxka tor sale for cahh. productive res. estate or uiert Aaodw.s Apply at 130 Maiaau strew. ofiiae No. 9. tf>A|W\fWA TO UCMD ON DOAD AKU MOKTUAOK, W'aV.VvV lo oue or more turn* to anil applicant*, no * pood improved i eal eamte iu Jus city Several una1! aunt* to . ieud cm Brooklyn property. Apply to S. S. UKOAli, 13 Wall n?t aecnod worv OFPirm or THK PITTSBURG, PORT WAYmK *ND ' tlWafO Rallr -d t'owpanv. No. 37 William street, New } Tort, May 31. f -<* ilce.?Una company haveealabkahed , an idko* in lAL- M Vo. 37 William street, (aeoond Nw Ike traealer . ..ock and the transaction of Qaanctal J buaioaaa. Due u . will be given of the opening of ih* : transfer bwkA Stockholder* resident In New York, aud other f parties inter rated, can obtain a recent full exhibit of the oom pany 'a affairs on applioalion al thla otPen JOdKPH K KDORRTOV, Vice President. U)ai urnoaa. v *1 ?kJTT AMOUNT or MONKT ADVANCED AT THB o f L Broadway Loan Otkoe. SM Broadway. Thia old natal* n Ikbed and reopooaibie offloe advaaoaa Ike hlxheat auma on A iHamiwxlo, watchna. Jewelry aad personal property, or bought Bar aenh. Pawnbrokers' tickets bouf ht. MAODUrr A rhkad. 3M Broadway, comer Walker J lj v i f w | j n vt jvv,, nuw n 91.UU. U?ooassnretoLstohsr AOo., lonnon cl Dussnods, watches, I Pawn brokers | All kinds of proporty |rw etr?. silks and I tick Ma bought. I or bay for oasis. 81 Nassau street. room No. 7. J ft*} fUU) 70 LOtN ON BOND AND MORT " 4* id. U'/l' gago on real estate in thu oil; No apnli f< moon need be made ?tn;e*s the property is aoulh of Kurty inoii hT?M- Apply to HK-'K A McAOAM. C? VVali street.' 9*-i fWUlTO LOAN on cm property-apply i ?|>tJ?"v/v' to 0 ri 7t AT KY No ' Chambers street. U $l7 O/Ui TO M)AN ON BOND AND MORT3AUK t I jl'l/U or I'M1 purchasing first rises tn<>r<g?*n. Kor Hale susH-rtor bouse in 'jtmarluie place. Twenty uintk street. at J n bantam, and two farms in Michigan, ditto. ? iTT BCOTT, r Wall street t, $n iU\A TO LOAN-ON WATtUKs, DIAMONDS, 11 .UvU jewelry, argara. &?., and a 1 kind* of oer- \ aoaal property, or bought aud m id fir each Kuslnees strictly coaaAioial. apply WK ulU-LLlN N u. J Barman sheet, J" rwom IS Park Hank building ? ?t >n nun T? loan oa vatgu, dmmmml [ 9as\/.l/v/U jewelry, segars. dry goods, and all kinds of . peinana property. or bought and sold fir cash Notes, bonds, mortgagee stock*. Ac., negotiated. 102 Naasan street, corner f Ana secowd floor, rooms No*. 2 and 2*,. 4 THOMPSON A CO., brokers aad commission merchants. * invnst in tub pkrchask or ' ?Pl)\J.V/l/V bondi and mor gsgei at a discount, or lm * pfovist or unimproved rty In Brooklyn or New York. Also gSU.UUI to man In JUlerent amounts, on New York or lfcook.yn property. CUAS. it sULl.KK A CO., 14 Plus street. In the basement. < 91 %7 IWUI *? LOAN ON WATCHB8, DIAMOND* 0 "PJLrJ'J .l/UU jewelry, Ac, or bonght tor cask, by JO- 1? HUH a LAAAOtt, 11 Ohaaa/bers street, (basement ofltorj from ? aloe Oil Irs. Baelness pronpt and sonfldentlai N. a.?No P bastseas trsnssnu S as Saturdays. N ? ti s <1<<MTIKHSM ninsn snn wmmvv tniM a* ci A haa oae for at prrweni. would like to loaa It aot on all ^ klada of on! aleral aecunurn. ParLet wlihlng aroenuaoda n' fcoa oaa oaP a 30) Broadway Front room, aeormd Door. MOUk? AbVANtKH IN ANT DUMB, AT I.KwAI, I rawaof internal. on perianal proper.. aid mnrchardiae hi of all d?ae?!puooa or boiga and aold for case ldbrral ad * raooea malr no turr hand.-w ?u? 1. furoiiu-e. kr , couaigued " lor aurd 'n aalr* Apply to KICHD. WAI.1EKB A Co.. U k llraiy and It Calkenne a'reet. * MONRT ?OABH ADTANITBO OK THK HOBT UBKBAL ? I tuna, at tke moat ml labia odor, on all ktuda of pervnal o property. mal eatate .mortgage*, Ac , Ac. Notes. booda and w atooba negotiated. at 14 Wooatar etreet. a few doom (roaa Oa- ' ML M. ILUL'ilUUS. Agent. e COPA&TIUUIHP ROTIUEt. 1 40/111 ?BAKTNKK WANHD, IB A MUX K8 ! vOWvt tablAAed. Ugbl and raapee able bnvneia that avrmgen from K0 to $ttj ctaa.- prodt are* y. Further tutor- i luaaon can b? gtraa b> ltfcNltl POPK, 21" Bo vary. I -WaNTBP A PARTNER IMMEDIATELY, IK ! yt" " a money taak Eg raab hio.n*na. id .0 beau iful vil | Inge a aaort diaanre fro* the city; oo<- year a board frea, aad Ua.1 internal for Oreyearn P'eaaerali with the oaah at i Id B?dfnr<< etrwel. from II to 1 o'clock. J 1 llrtO ?WaNTBP. A PARTNER WITH THIS o plivWi aaxwral in a In.-rn'iee, p.eawiit, ra?h bualuaaa. a mai n r-r* m a drat tale location Ad lrraa J. P., boi ZZ3 p buoti aquarr Poat i lti.r wilA rra. name, a.anug where an _ men lew may be had <B1 4>fWl ?WANTED, A I'AKTT. WITH THE ABOVE / vl'wvU. ajiiouiit io eogare in * rery aafe an 1 prodta ,v hie bo*?oe?*io Nrwjerar). rtuaioaes U done For ea*b and paya arse pruaia. Addrrwa. wila name, Naw Jersey, boi ltd A Bai aal iiBta. J til C|W| WANTED-AN PPINiRTONITT 18 OFFER j' i.UVV ad to ar.y per* n wt*h thta an -int. to engage Ic ci a naak mani.farluring buainea* whleh ? 1.1 K jar nitre the ra (, ahxu<g ol Sl'ltM yearly. Tor f irthar mi apply to , Mr F air '."O Brnadwa*. room A w rati non v.\rrn a PaBtvi-h trrrn pboW H.UUU. iv ntsl'i - %? ?n tUfltl in a pi'A I ( ?*. I Hi*"* bUiMH lM| tMlllkl I ?u 1 i i M.rMirc J rp'rt - *1 K< fry Rtaae <h. hi 1 WMKkltR * < <? . V* R: ?*.!?/. room It. ' .... | V ipAKT.NkAbllll ?IKK t SllKR-lilMi HAVK THI* " V' dA) I rmml a<op?rtnic?lnp uiitar U?? nviif and firm ot HlMUTT 4 l.Kr KY, !.? nino . a uru.* and anllinp HarlOU a pa.aat Viol Air farcnrra an t f> ?rtAt<I I ratnrv rn?\? I In < I '"IJ'Jwii pertain I to tin- i.r wirtiuim ml vnuti ] la> n* bna n*m? ai Mm llrt>A'i? ?j, ?'rn?r W UHr nir-ri. VHK.I, II H A KTLKFT, Miotoaa Ma/ 25, I*,7 VI.KX II LKHMCT. A-OTICR-TMK COPARTNERSHIP BP.TWKKN MRV XM at* A Rallrr. flour and fi? 1 d?n,?ra. la thia da/dia onl??d b/ mi'tnal movrnt Owii k-lirr la aalhnrued M> r*orira and dlorAaifa ail d?,ia PHILANDER M KVKKH Ftwu H W. oamrr OKORoK It It I.I. KK Vi. com" our a. flia Tnaa. Ma/ "J IM vuTHM-TMR tRNEirum M?;it'KK?4k or r'tRuarii am fli-ia <1, Pfrltor A Prari-I a oil! ba rlnaad and %?g<i*iad F/ Ibr nadmlfaod o l.o enuUaaaa tba Tnainaaanf taann/a.' larrr ?l fur jrwrlrj ml ibr old patahoaAiaaot, So 1TI Oroan wirA ?fM, ourarr or Oortlaadi Stw Turk max r. r*AjrcKt_ Partner wa.atko?with a iahh rvriTat or tit nflfl ta rai(?fa In a parfarilj ??(< aad hlfhl/ pr>d(abU hwara Moo a bui principal* gmim iha'r raal aa o? and Btar'at iata>TVaw. baainapp.y. AAdrnaa I'artacr. mi JW Poat cfloa PART AS R W AbTKU AITH A t'AbH CAPITAL Of flr aa vo mrvr? la A> Baatifartma aad aala of an aru rtr payu a ia? bondrad par rrut prod'. Addrroa W *.. boa lit H??MnAr? vnA mo. r.a?a aad plara of latarrtoo WAvrnn-A oovo kuairma mar htrm i $i m :a raab o lata rta-?a ot a nai. .fbrtaruir and ,'oboiaa li'adaaaa A blfbi/ i,afa-nrj ?rranpeaawt atll b? m?da i Ml on WcoAurcr. LSI do. - atm ' bark oSor rruaa Ulto 11 a -Oma J ROMMMH RRMIITh (TUtrwooD HOOMt Wl.L ?R OPSKRD OR THE IRI a# ''lan. Il aiaw butldma la t la a atilcW Aral rlaaa kooar Roma naa to anancnd a iha boat* or 'o ?? Vara at <ba t rami Hunar, I ni ?a ao?iam Bbaca a rl*n a* ?? an tM> a I a a.' raanua ?ir?*a rkr ' Ikttmt > :tM OB R?' ai i?? ..r a 1 a h? ' k< r fro* 1 *? Ynrk hf IW MM 11' i?l K- p .rt. * k rfc Murrkj ? rtakr ? * r M and r?irt.ra at- *r? n t>- Y .'? ils^ i ? M , a-apPM Bl Okfwmk tank ) Tk* fcnuan IB *> an r?> d kMii ?>w?l |w. frr? a* HXBkiti I 'l njmtl ? U| a m-? 4xli|fci/>a 'IM1 aa4 an ntf >v)in| ?U?f *>? . I' I* ?*4I ka-'W- M a r?ma" . ij kraiJ iiw 'wa'i 1 pk-f la auianii r k*?4f < ...? b? r?'raaLna -a I akiu.ii>> la that? 4 ? . t a at- a (? k.n'rrt n fan at hn kaiian la k lina* Jfu, ? <irot aaiill arraa mn I lata" ( ia iia oaMra a lakr o( a a< it arr* * It a kriitiH n IB W naurvaaaad at a .tan rara: rnanrt a- aaaaana k? f rara rwaUiBiUMB ?f (Orf aaa aa ar kat. * aat naku? tvitk a kadi KT?r?? (raan fc-il. |>wt>i inraa. a IUPU HKtk* M * ? >'. * . < ? i Paa4?. i '- ?* 'ii .k-1 a < . ' ata k?, ? ?*> * kilrd r?t aari-n. aa.r a k.> tM la friBltllfci ?aa*. W?r ant'tat la.,rap ..t- l?. , Mnr| ptaria na tfcraa atBia A rnaaaaai a a f Ap J! It a, WW III)HUNT ha 4 Wall rr? X 1 -PaI > " * I I 4 kuf'ar ?' v .f J Inrn < iMtur "a| nr*t 4 (? ar t ' art.i ia, It m.taiTa) tor th? a? a?n t'* panwu.ara a<t1r>?a ?pi Kn.pp k 111 a as lia/T-laj aunt lataM'r C'tB 4l?a-??? m""1 ? d.ll| 1 r ?m * at hi' itif Mark* . Bi I # ??? nat' kkc?ia?a> I Itir ' r k| t ft rinr a i ?r,. h"H? aat t, a' rata. S Si akl.k kiM,kl i.akk kniitr lak h - ? n' opm f ir naoimif l?'M"d?nt, f?t?/ m ia* ? I -Ai I ill i itaa* mi. aaiiiir l.> a.. Irau <m II alana ?it*r Kt r 4 I ami BP aMlioai I l and I I'f Alt/-na A. W ra.ia r J'n kakill ____________ TUP faviiiinh MitTlu.. |iti:k??Al Lit*-# ltM.*?ti III lit tor ii>? anaam, an iha 34 of Jna? Apt Im? -it to* imi ant xHttM in kr aala at K-? kaaai d 4) " <* BUT. i ?krr> a plan Mat ha a* > a j nii itri i f I a Mm i? ia V" ""wr-w Fiaa >?? '? ??.? w F ^ I tor ? -totr hi par waafc, tRr.( ?na? im . ?* TV 1 fcaua^to??ia*to ' wi 1 w -V- ?n<?? % ?. toto MMMt jjAW.-worr hiii ar < iiihmi ur Kit ?i?? <? ta.i JL> T ' ilk ?-??<? > ram v r l<Hat?l wtvs [ >> .? ut MM anat mi arm i?>1 n . ?r#t (l, 4 t, a. p, ; ?u?ai ? |iar arltfc A1'**** tor? rt?Ma Tma par ]?/ ll I. * A to KOKoWr.f.l. rroprtov*. NAUOHAI. HofKI. ? < III* ? pt tor aa? and r??U| fa-aliurr of Ilk* ? --*? k Ikr rf tor irr*a fcoxr into;. murtrp kt ? > *? M a M ?! wttkoii rarrrrr h? rr4rr of tlir aMU |r?? It i?. ? I* ftAli" par tor K?|p>? t totittf A*rfirA?i? Olif-Mi ra. lAffl* a*totol>?. |a* Hnarra . atua tolrrr oar- p'atr i rkl aaf rrar; artroto a-oiMfi to a ho ? alt of ah-to n <a " artto I 1 to to* to<uar kit a| 4??? raliuM tor. ?* ..,1 otto Ik toa toat torr j to Mat. 'pam- oa Noater Mat M aa4 vtt aataac ? ? v?H 1 y iftiM 4t tceriua. | LrmSD 1RAUU AUCTIONKNR. ? A KRAOO AO. n IV will *11 at auottoe. on Turaday, May at, at loti t'otn-k u M ?1 IA< ir UI'U--in No I! loriUodt ?'rrs-t. U?r.w bun rt 1*4 tHn of 9ouU uJ Aom, tmlnjr tAf ?U?A o' a rwiai W tr> Wtl?i W| ' v |H A U'Tl' >N NOTION-' Ai?Og ?ALK or ALL KINO!. Am f\ of atMfc*ry, (to**. rh ha Ar , ino.urm* two <y or t.? <t.1 rttro* ?rr, to h?-n>la without r-nor**, mid lb> m.iek of ? ? >wlot drolm of biwni' A Hy J X. H UANn.Kif, mo / > "O'M. Tu<*o?j, Maj AAb. TO O'rlork, '2.1 e*'l alror Air | onllivr Hill Wo A UUTION NOTION-PKRRMPTORY ANO OI.KAKIN') m.i (V out aalr of nocond bud aad now turnltura, mirror*, oat ?it? otA. houM fitrDUbinp plalt-d waiv Ac mIv SaML Nl. OMiuOu A OO , Auctiuo'wr. ><( I'll! mil At ihrtr ??l<-kr-om?. 81 N ><uu ntrwt, to morrow (Wtsl in mtay), At l(iLJ ft'dork. by catalogue, thr balauo* ol good* tu >ij neir store, cm? pn?w* tur Nil msrwivod mi>1 mahofant parlor nil* covered In Prenoh m atiu brocsiel anil \fliN, mahogany bods leads, b twoi- nul raehsuunlr oak and enamelled rhsiuber suits, one ext-ellen wi ?k wardrobe made to onler, tele a let* sofas, chairs. book del as * , i Anassnrtraen'.of koi?1 second hand furniture, Brussels, three It and other carpets ollicc d aks. An. al Mouse furnishing goons, vis. tea trays, castors, knives and orka, Ac . a quantity of ailver plated ware. & Two maboeany i>i*i?>tort?a, Ac., An Halalncuee at sale tin Kvery article wUl be positively sold to the h.ghual bidder -as Also. t?, fine superb Fit nob plate pier glass, oust $300. eold by order ?tl >1 the mi risaaee >a a CCTION NOTICE.?1IKNHV DBOKKR, AUCTIONEER, id. -A will aril on Wevueaday, the 27th lost, at 10^ o'clock A. ha I., at No 347 Botsery, a roer of Third street, the stock and up Hares of a liquor store, consisting of wines, brandies, rum, erdUl*. Ac , also. Oounirra, ahrl ting, saa Biturea, oil paint 'Si an. pictures, looking slaaa-a. Ice boiea, chairs, tables, aid a ? uantuv of large and small liquor casks. D A DlTJoS NfrTll'K ? MUMTQAOM HAI.K (If a.IKWKI, u'r C% ry rslabllshmeo ?N a.VMKI, . NiitXlM A CO., auoioneerf, ut| Wl l aeli at tnelr aaleamom, "1 Nassau street, on Thursday, l >u ,1 li l, o'ru.. t, tbn entire con'-nisof a lirat c'as-jewelry scire. Min emoted for con -entailer of sale By order ol the mortgagees -ad 'nrtlruiara fo morrew bar a vono? notu'k mwiio eeqeeeuuD m/rm- ? ta lure, mirrors, carpets, paintings, rich ihna and silver |J ilated ware, Ar . at auction?\VN. T. MOVl), auctioneer?My U .KOKUh NIl'HULft. ai ihs rtlwnnm. '*> Nhsmu atrial, on * 'C A'ediir*d*\ M*> 27, at 1' v; O'clock, rich parlor nulla lit sulkl hi fr?tnr* i- brocnt-1, pln*fl and hair c olli; rosewood i*i icdroom furiu tire. warcivOe*, ecreurtea b-gi to*, with in I Blm,r front*. *! <> mahogany furniture In all iu variety, pain and ng*. mirror*. carp "la. bedding. m*llrtt**e?, alao rich china uiol rare, ailrcr plated do , Ae am a omoir iroTiox?thoc bxlu auctionkkr.?ht < ft. HH I. A HISH-TLI* day, at ink, o'clock, at 12 North P'" Vi liam street, an Invoice nt rnnber ooau. pan'.*, Ac ; three ble -unka cloihuip. Unci article*. Ac. Watchmaker'* au>ck ? I U *e clock will he *ol the atock. tool*. Ac .. t a wat ih and clockinker. Tl? ?flold and ?|t?er walelua,jewelry, laory arilclei, Q 10 . alao ti ree hand lathe* wat.han l ca^emak'r? too1*. Ac LJ i CCTION SaI.K. or ri'RNlTURE?BY PKKD A Ool.K cat: 3. on Wrdnetday. at lo o'clock, a Stf Fulton atrect, Brook Jo' n. roropriaipg me elegant cult of rosewood parlor furnltare, t&hogany aoU*. chair*, burtaua. bedstead', nair matTeaaea, D una anc glaa* wart, Hr<-?*el* at d tnnrai aarpeta. Ae X1 ? * - - oa aT Aft TIriM.-ON TIII'BSDAT, MAV 21 WIL*. BK Pin 3. aold by li 11. L,KF1>H A Ci at 12 o'clock, in front of a**1 ictr wtieaui?. .No US Naeaatt street a bay aaddic man, W *hc and* high. sound, laet and perfectly gentle. Maa been used slat >r the past two ye r* by children ana ladle*. eaa a It T10N Nril'lCK.?OKK al'LkN1)1U R< wKWOi/il J 3 piano.?A. M ( Midi Al.AR. aun loueer. St towrry Q >11! se.l this nay May 2b. at IU'j o'clock, one piano, an or. a ivta Holmes maker to pay arraor> *. als i 2JU yards ?l Irtiaael* three ply ingrain and uipewirj oarji-ta. Ac ?* -ie a L'flTION NOTll'K-J. BOtiAHT. At (THIN! Kit HV d 7lH 3. BCh, vRT 1 bt* day at lt'*A o'clock. at ?o, >1 i i-ou?- T Hp, by vlrltte of several executions one lipior bar and In *<i ire*, ncgKr*, liquor*, rhaira, ?!< ?l*. turn >lcr?, d xauter*. Ac. di - \l'CTION JIOTICIC?J. HOOART. Al't'TIHNKKR, IIY H HOGAKT Wt*dn??*dAj Mhj /7'h. At No Writ Hrn%d ray, bou>? bold furniture, confuting of biai-'iIp top dr??*?iijc ' una hp do. WA*?h AU?nd? w>U lauuPM, pur* b?tr in?itrit?N, lock*, t*bY?, chain, book c*?m crockery kvA glAM wat'* ^ Hiiit'g xI.ihmh Ac.. N. I#.- Th* ffn<?U M<id b* r?taove<l hr juxie , as the store is lei f??r other busine** ^ a UOTIOM NOTICK?.1. BOOaIIT, AUCTIoNUFR. BV K Jf C3l HIIIiaKT. Tburmlei, Mat ISAh. at o'cloch, at the Q .union ro?tii? comer ot Frankfort - . I WUIi?a> auee ? MM -I ??? *> ol bot.celiold turn.mi*, mahogany nofaa. mahogany ^ 'Tench bediteada, marble top table*. Work MtMi titfklil :! ??. oarpe'*, lungt, hnrw, can, Ac., Ac. The whole ltT omprtses a large iKuvitment oi bonaeho.d furniture, Ac. ^ of A IS ARK <T1 ?NCK-AT AUCTION, ON FRIDAY KVg ? L uing, May J9. from 4 to .r>o'elutk. four aplen lxl nouth Am* ' icaii, Montr iliiean mare-, Imported t-tireiflv to eroM bm <t. ** Hake anlendid trotter*,) in palra. on* black in* oilier bat. Lb* ' itter with toal; they .ire o! a auperior extra brrid and limb, A ml ran be eaeily broke to any aerrlr* The tale trill take aa?l I*or r ose by Ward * park, Corny island plankroad, or by Sbe elaon a Ilotel, PlaUburg, L. L, either war Tbccauaeof i* owner disposing of them la that he u about leaving the T ( ty. Any turiher ialormatlon ran be obtatneil of Mr Thorns* V orrla, lib and 11.* < liuton place, N. Y. A chance like j..< a la ay never orcttr agatn. rer JY X B. FRaNK 1,1 N A CO.?KUliBNK H FRAWBL.N, i v auctioneer ?Kitenair* tale of aeoondhaod and new ?t- \ / set made furniture, Re,, thia (Tueaday) morning. May u it L si U)W o'ckiek at Balearic in ho S3 Naaaau a tree t, will be u? ltd without reserve the whale contents of a country collage yjor mae. being the furniture of a gentleman guni M Burtpe. insisting of parlor, chamber, dining room sad library fural Brw ire, mlrrora, carpets, Ac , the whole Saving been made to rdcr and has been but little used, also a qoaailij of knehaa __ ELmlture. cooking utensils, crockery ware, ruUwy, Ac , sad n it pay adranrea made tn a bankrupt ea'ate. three eulta roaa- K rood parlor furnltu w, an library and secretary bookcases, ?? J arpeta. three rotewood and two mab igany r.dananrda, rose ^ rood and mahogany aofaa, arm, rocking and parlor akalra, ~m. ete-a tetea. lounge*, centre, card. pl*r, work and (aocr tan lea. one wood, mahogany, oak and enamelled chamber anil*, bed itaada, dnwiing and plain bureaus and wsahstanda. hair mat I reaaea, pallia?n, pillow*, hoialera, tollat art*, unlet glasses. JJ thlnaanc glaaswar*. tancy goods, Ac , Ac. Alao acrcral a . r\ jnrtor oil ptnuiiii larrr r rcnrn p air mi iramr but ra uid pier f Uaara Thr wholr 10 b<> prr?mpu>rlly sold, making _ AM a fbmrahle oppnrtntiiiy for rlty aod out or lowa bay are ?up.dy ihemarin a A H ? i'ackln* done aecuraly mi lAe I' irrmMaa at a reaaonablr rhargr f Br H. H l.KHW A t o-<>N WKHNKIDAT, *A? V. 2'! at in.1, o'clock. a: thr .tore So. tt?f Jlroadway. parr nip to . > ? Mir nf'all thr diu"-* noun era. (lata caar?. ebA r?. xr , i ihr abo? c etorr on account ol ihr Iraar l?< in( eold, logrilo r i lib a Jm of fiur imported ?-*ar? brandy, a or. gin, wblakcy, M ipra. tobacco. Ac 8?lr ?iUh>ui rra?r\r ^ J jt r. a r " aoimcK, m vamax wut, on 33 J Thnrv 'av May ?> at In1, o'rl *'k. ?inra hrarull**, aar- orei nra. Ar , u cVwr a copartnmahip Invoice of 91)1 caara from our r -! ? k of a large Imporin* Itonae bou|r<| lor ho'e and pun iiul'j oar, arbirh *r *l?'l wl *bhoul rraerve vii darrrtt __ lk> , Julr hotin A i'o l-"i, Thoa Hine A HtartilA ? ?; riroehe A <' > erreinao hrandlea. pal" and dark: Offlev. ?' ?!) rv >-r A "ikf'l Iff' Banaul} abrrry. OlilM Madeira uikka run cbeny ' NMd] A< afer the abor? lota arr ?r ced *r alkali fcfTer a ni' )mii arorh ol brao<1ira. Ac la m all. qnar.rr cad rijrttb re'ka. to U n'lcd Mtalea bonded ware CMr pu?r, theproperty ol i-n?concern. Alaiaotur tola In raara ltd dimU'diiia. front our laat aal* Irrmi raah Sale porno.r IKb KaRV.i:lllNA aNH ULAM -HKNitY ti kit'aNX. aph J Auc lower will rrL. la lo from thr ah-.rra u> MM rial , alert ' a Turaday kit Ik', at 10 o'clock, at No 6 IjHerty c? o treri. a larcr aud < tap >*tr aaaonairol of rTrry dnacnpUoo on" f earth-o ware, itr rhuia Ira aria. Bono cotf-oa, vawra, br i locka and platrd warr Alao. a t.ur ,>.armrni of atone aln rarr (Aooda n*ref UW repacked for ahipptn* roo ail? I kANIhUM HOl'llH, Al'i rioNKKH-OKfJI K IS Kiltd L." nrw ?Magnlttcen' roarwoti parlor, chamber dlnioi _.1)( cm and library tumi'ure, irlearpe . giiT. inaulrl ?u1 p, ' aJ *11 (laa ?a. hron/r*?a fit lot re. line oil painting*, rlrgAii' . naewood piano worka of art, Ac, h It H Hut'iiH ?tUj aril aaahovr all ibr rlrh *ooda and drro . aijona now In and hrlnnnln* to thr prtralr pa-aid-mr*, Md Wf( Wrat 1 Wrnly Ibiro airrri, hnwrrn Kl*l) b and Ninth arouura. _ bia day, 11 uraday Mat Jh a H>S A. M.. pr-rlariy ?""Uwi ?rrat odiMauannta lo pan Ira drainn* dm ^ daaa fnrnliurr at Aurlnn prtrra. aa'bra ? r iacat la nauauaily b' , ar*r, br *ooda lo tlnr ord-r, and tnvlr by the >rat oily nakrra 8" pr-a'i ourrarui on any arouatal , ' \ h? baarirmt on lain a aolld man kany b offH richly canrrd a I rwrd n>ab"*any rttanalon kablr. with d'ain* ohalr* __ n Baw b uignbrr tttib a Anr u?"r tn-m of ilrcoraird an 1 . . tlalii china, a.tinrr and tra arta Irory cullrry, rich cut (lata _ md Hob' mian tirr atlrrr ua and nrrahfan aata. aal a ra. f, raainr*. liquor alanda. ri arm* frrka, Ac ,1, In thr parlonarr r.r*ant aafli-di lapcatry trlret carp'-tr and ju' U*A *U> Irantrd pl?r and tuanirl *>a?aaw. oronre *aa Srurra tronxr and maiilu rlork larcr and OiMUy 'nliia aarra, Igurer aim drrorauona. rorrroriona oil painiinMi. two aolld "?ra i aal parlor aulia. rlab' ratr'y car ml and ctrrrrd i* fclJ< rmaon ud man< n and *rrrn broatrl. aaay and reception h?o Ud roar*>?d ere rr and pier tablra: rlaiorairly ma J mAl.nal window draprry, adid rraatr md atr*rma and eor rr aland a ladlra rar-rtotr* : ro???r,iod book'aar and awj(? S a.._ 11 II,,--'. a kj < **- 7<n'a>n ptaoo*. Ac brmdcy boat ot -> har ntripa Kx> Mimrroiia In rt?iiu<?n llx-rl wbmrKtiiuiik oaual qrnn Ity of roanwood Mil Babuyant frem b botanal'. biimaqa, bnobraana, ia*lna ./?* i bar- An. ru/* fitfW balr lino nddlny r*rv a- 4e fair fiami-ncra in Ibr pari >n ml 1. M prw-iaaly ibl*l'fu?i?i ib? bona* naif '< morning ' 1 Ki-WaNU ( < HUM:!, Atl.TluMIKft.-MA..N Of al.4 ^ |Uibonr< by 4 P. H l* HKNi'K. no Tunadcr. MU " iM . M iw o'ekic b, al Ibrtr ?Aimr .nn. Mo SS ftwn aimrt, _ H ? a apaa of .uparb In* yrat ivnM b<vara itaaiuifnlly ? avpu-u or* fully l* band*. 7 and a far* ol?. am aarruuf >* ?#>?> kiad. a?usd and yraila la a.ary way will aland a life at Iffni, am ?nrf ? . Iiab, par act n .Ivy!- ,* dmiblr harnryy * . nd haliarrd W bn nor of 14a m<au a la rani apan In lha my; mt II.*1 Alao. a bay pony, lite baada .1 yaara old. ?rar t, IM1 (a a*ary ?ay Alao, b bay V*aa, &H baada. T yrara 14. namanird la arary way. Man. a bay boraa. 4 yaara d<L ** rarram-d bisd aad yrnilr. Mao an aVganl phaat Ml and " nnbla barnaaa Alao. a Daw I ijrbt rotbavay an J ar??-al hip *P' Bd nd >.y*a rjL 2?PW*m> .IIMI K. AUt riOMRKH ? KI.KJaNT C%M 3f na f ri.nora - P 4 P M M? IKMl.'N ?U1 aaii .,a Thuri ) aial I - . lay t 'b and ?ab uiat . al I?*b o'clock A. II . al Urn . %< i ua wamr"ma It ook. No AM rl roail fay. far lb lid ?w, iba laryi-n and mart iartad a'oak of nab In-1 , trtmuro ibai Itaa baau n'li-rad ihka anon, rmbramof r.iaa ? .--I arii* mat naiiy pari'* a'la. ft-brca. ?ba n ia. can im kd at i. la ilaa | lar inlaid turl laMao. fiirbiah, aaay a ltd ra f ? arl .1a I Iaat lib ary him* a irrn. wtfri ? Mkw n>m anna rtcAly rarra I .n 1 ^ lb a all tail naliiyany rlcyaai nawanaid walnut, ?* ad atal ,.iy baCria m .una ?rarl -"bc?, aramiri. ria?aia _ i cuada t nraana naafcalanda. r an n l-a be Fur p.i I ... . .... rH .Mian N >< A N > T al'1'Tl . NlfKM - MOM flf MtA a ai.h y'J f d ? ayan bu? b .ld (.irnli ir?rbl day, May III, al N aturb a iMU a m I wan'r ai?b A .'ram, r uaiaun* d aa .aiW? funuiura. >a ?rafi* aoM* In bmnainl and ?f air- *b arya p|a? y a r 4 pianoforte, roanwoaf lnr ..... n>f?'.?l and ma t iyany m, aba tun ra 4 ar * ablm. *r-a'ainl and lana mp- frr > a.i,<?? a an' ?a t A a H panii.tya by o d man ra, at, ran in., i, aa-aa worka of art. be library if bo Aa ral giq ?i b? .aaaa nd < .tain car pal a .oral and aqoarn aar'orb, ^ a' aiban >-baa a V ra rorl"?l aair maumacm nar .la ,y | . , ,i , . . a., fiaaibar bnda and y, a r i<a . ? " : a'i la. bar. a. iy and * m ? ... tab ? . bin a npoobnry aad ylaad ^^ - >. t ?<i? MM iwMw; mwh B? ** m ' '. ? . . . mwkm !'? A?x ,*4, ?.' ? . ? a< > ? J>. < imtn4 4 * ?! a ?" * ? ?fc> *' U f?q !?' Ir><? F\?tf a I ''IHW *??' C"' *? 'H ' ?? M ??.? a i ! I wi # k Kij't**, la - V ' 11 #*? '* * en ? w* IT ' * * ' - X a. . I K - - \ '? r<. < . ?, ? >? , , . . 1 h .. > > " 11 I'l ' I . ? .? fi . ?!%? ' ' ' ,*? fmm 'IUKS ..I t?.? f in.i ir? ?" ??'* ' 4 ' fc? l>' " ' fkraati-. *' if -nvx"'! T? n'? * lM anw r...m I'lfHH? ' tafei. Mtwpnal ?Hmi . .. ?ra?i?. ??' _ ? < . * P ?* *a ??,? !* 4 *r m4 * m * *r? <1 r>?-? ?' ? ir4 ?<r -m f ?' *"*? ?>* *?' f ?f? - ??r wla** J* J*1 ?? ?4 4ra??? *?..? .k >> ? r '* n ' rk. .... . I , aiMt . .?> !|. rn?lw. aill >W m M bf ?> x , H> t r ? n " ? " - ^ [ ' ? ?? ri.*?Ta ?t < r' -# Wl<v *'* Lf HI ?HI -Mi 4a? M It- ? 7 ? "? > -? I ?.(I K| lUki ; ? ? fr?? r Hk a i?wr ?*f iMitaifwXfk ,4 1 m K* TORE HERALD, T HI M M iWIIIt. | ILBKltT H. 8AVAUK, A17UTIONKKR.?DIBBLKK Ha<ILKV A hAVAO E will sell, at salesroom. 8J tar street, ou Tuesday, a ay St at HI A. M . ataxia ami fancy goods, hosiery lane good a, straw goods, rich fancy goods, rend tine ssortmeul of i ortr monaster money ba??, Ac. o, an lander of superior fiirand lelt hats, men'* and boys' ' cans Jewelry Also, as tnvoior of Hue cutlery, guns, mi? Ac KKsT ATTRACTION* MAV BK EXPECTKD, IN THK .... -/ ...l.i, hummiii ,1 T11M I <J MOODl/l I ,1 tinn and ronontselon salesroom. S.M tlroadway corner <>' rth alrei l Thi* day (ales commence at 9 A. HI nud conliuntil 7 P. M ? lllob and plain furniture oil palming* Kn it! and eme icon, oval mirrora Irou bed*tead?. tn ti tresses, I r plated warn, cutlery, sewing machine, cloc k Kngllah tr?v't>gs in gold frtmna, soda fountain one nurse power tut em tile, Ijtblit* pole# chlld'i caret axe, fancy gt nda. tla <a and iterman > rgart. N. R.?The attention of dealer* In niture and of at rat.per* wishing bargain* la r <| totaled a?T. can Mipply any amount from the inoat advantage >tu ma fWrtnn r* in the country at very abort notice Having for inly livi year* been ngaged more or le*< supplying or a. which he wl 1 put up in the must advantageous manner d at h a?t>?pen?e. ISN&t U A ot?.. aUt.TlOftKKRd -URNttV [ H. LRKttS k CO. will aell by auctian on Thursday, May at 11 o'clock, In the gallery over the salesroom. 21 Nassau net. a splendid owl lection of over ISO o tally oil uatsUugs. ttela and water oolor drawing*, the proper y of W. Kobaua, i., aold prevloua to bU departure for Kurope. Among them I be found 'he beat worka af Bellows, darter, Carmlencke ma-Is, Hay a. Hart, Matteron, Peat, Mrs Lilly, II Spencer duck, Ramies. Van (lovea, Willianaon, and other* hern anperb specimens or Rumpean art It U aeldom t we oflbr to oar frlenda at one time ao many oholoe ploea, and we do not bealtale In saying that this atlioollon La II worthy of the attention of all lover* of the One arts The ntinge are now on eihlhltloo with catalogue* [ KN'Kl H. I.KKIW, APOTI^NKKR.?H. H. LKKDH A L CO will aell bv auc lon on Thursday, May 28, at 12 li-ck in front of the (.tore 23 Nwaeatt st-eei, a fin? roan Irot( pony; i? perfectly sound ami kind, can trot his mile in r m!nu<ea. and is a tine raddl** horec; children can drive I with perfect safely. Alao a beautiful *** ?, harses* and tile ilso a hay saddle mare, fotu-teen hallVB high, fast In ruvia and perfectly gentle; has been used for the paat two ra cy children and ladies. RNRY U. LKKDd. Al'CTlONKKR ?USN'TKKI. HOCBB . bo'd furniture. Hr >Ki H. 1.KK1M 4 Ut>. will *?U by lion on Thursday, Mar '?<, at 104 o'clock, at No. 16 East eetttli s'reet, between Fifth avenue and Broadway, (ten lie-,1 furniture, ovuai*Uug of rotte wood parlor au>l due and gold u k broratel, rosewood pianoforte, marble brotii*clock and instil*! ornament*, Brits* e's rarpe a. orin 1 hNudelleni, centre table, mahogany conch cbal.s and n fcair covered with haircloth, lace curtains, oak bookcase, key curtains, extension table, while and gold clilu* dinner gl*? ware, Ac Beerooms?Ingrain ar.d B-ussels car1, buck walnut bedsteads, dressing bure aus, dressing ta wardrobes, washsiauds, collage suit, mirrors, bureaus. Without reserve FNRY II LEKDK AUCTIONEER.-!! H. I.EK11S A . 1 0 will sett by auction on Tuesday. May iC, at l2o'cltx k, rnnt of the s'ore 28 Nassau s'xeet, a light summer briuka rlace, city boin, in line order, by direction of evecu'ors 0< 0 I, oulkley, deceased. Also two shifting top buggies. KNKV It HKRTd, JR., aO(Tlt?NK*K.-BT HKRTb . A Mt 88? Assignee'* asle of wtnes, liquors and aegars 1 near ay, May .6, at I" \ o'elook, at the aalearoom No. 64 e street, comprising choice brandies, in casks, demijohns I cases, gin, rum, cordial, imported champagne; sl'O, ui'Muii Havana and tierman aegars, various brand*, j, M) boxes family soap, 21 boxes chemical oap, Ac Terms L analogues *l sale. Samples ready on Monday. [ Ull T. LBBOh, AUOTIONBUL-MALB OF UFunhL did, richly carved rosewood parlor furniture, ralnablr wood ptaaoforie. Inlaid with pearl, satis of rosewood It k ml In orooalal. large and ooally Parian and Preach china ata. richly -leoonued royal velvet carpets oil point og* us a ha Wednesday Ma; 2", at 10? o'clock, U ihaeasd-noe Feat Tweu'y sixth at., a few doors from 7th av?nue, 1KN8V .tuti ? will sail aa above all the farm lure, mostly made s ler, via ?One splendid carved rosewood pianoforte, richl) aM with pearl, a superior Instrument, In use bat a shot M twe rosewood oorner stands, two rcaewood etegerc* ih mirror doors sad hacks, marble tops; about two hundrer rds of royal velvet carpel, also, three ply and Ingrali cukottl the house, pier glsmse, heavy lace and breoate rtauw. suits of very richly carved parlor, furniture, oovere French satin bruceleL made to order; Turkish arm ohaln wppce da Ttwewnod marble lop centre, side and soft l*a, secretary bookcase, costly framed oil paintings. Pari a: 1 btaoue vases and manteltornanienls, chamber furniture js'Jm ot roeewoou marble top dressing bureaus anc aheWnda sofa ahaure. rockers la hair cloth and brooalel k |-nlxt'~jl shad as, rosewood sad mahogany bedsteads, pun led hair sad spring nmintesss. pillows and bolsters, bed * toilet sets, Ac. dining nuts extension table, a large ear assaseoranBat ol-ynna mi<j glass, allverplata, also, a quae id sutftw am smear. mrnlture, lounges, clocks, (to area Minisini 11 without regard to weather. Data Mi a? tar AdFxe. asp itwlil be reanbred from all pnr care to tenure ens orcmr payment ef the Mils uMnaan will Attend the aale to peek sad ship fooda iadrWn WW ntrtnas la waal or lurnHure to attend sir Iso, a pair ef splendid ponies, i and 6 years old, brother stater, will go la single or doable barn res. also under saddle, verv fast. Warranted sound and kind. )HP B<>VP, AUCTIONEER.?JOHN BOVD WII.L a ll, this day, a: 2', o'clock, at the store 185 Spring street, rge assortment of household fnrritnre, removed for the rrt.n noe o' aale coosl*tlug of the tuusl variety. 4KIEY A WRIOHT, AUCTIONBKRS ? SHiCRIEE'a *ale of bi-rar* wagons and harness, Tuesday, May 28 . ? * M , in trout ot "tore Mo. 9 Court street. Hookone apletulld gray bores, one gmcrry w agon, one bay gan more, mi yean old, warranted sound sad kind, a last iirr. one llgb< IrotUng wagon, with ahlftisg top, neatly iPaly tnak-r ; two Hgat wagons, with tops, single bar1. Ac . all In rend order O. BULKLKY, AUCTION EBB, WILL BKLL ON FBI> day. May 29 at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Richange, ?edsr 01 b H iprem*? ouri. two Ures story brick bouses tew om avenue a, near Twentieth street. Maps at the ??. g Wall street. AWN BROKER 8 SAL* -THIS OAT, AT 10 O'CLOCK. at No 4 ham Hrnedway, JOHN MORTIMER will sell n't and women ? wearing apparel, bonding, tools, gold ami er Watcbas. jewel j an ! a variety oi other articles. By rr H. BaRNARIi A CO., 21 'iliird at enue. AWNBROgEM S SAI.E -W. N. LEWIS WILL HULL I?m t (juairi'r of unredeemed pledfaa, ronalalinf of I'aanl w m n a summer rl ithjaf; alao. leather hrda. :*rry. boots. ai~oa. Ac to eommi ucr at half past tea I ORTiIAKF HALR?roH* ROTD. ACCTlOIfRdR.? JOHN HOYP wtJ aril on Tbunli;, Hay 28, al 9 o'clock f ? v 4 71 Waat T wantj Mlh street, by virtue of a Jrl morlfafe, Ike entrails nf a I in'far manufactory, eoniif of rtalrrus, about forly bofah'-ada platform aa. > o? atrial bctler and erftne, with au be app?ada#ra. ?train r.yper painp. air chamber*. ot>? amal. copper ip. oar aaiaiaainigr sale. d-ata and otflor I urnt'.urn. ec L'WKl.l. W. WBNTlXFtf. aU<TI<>NKKA-H A'lNIFI. rrat household furniture. rdraaat pauiuuf*. atatnary, urt and nth?r hra illui worha of art, at ha realdence |A2 -t Twenty firnt atrart. a few doora *nt of Xavan'h aranur, ** - In radar Hay C, ouuunaariaf at 101^ O'clock pro ly br aalr of thla faro 11 Hra and enatly worta of art offers at jmlteary Imli.cem'nla to | urehaarra. aa tha antlrr fttrnl of lb' So,," la ' f ibr m at mail) drocrtpU m and liie K?dtd roll't ton ol unique and reckerohr ad.x namita ana tale aorta << art. anob aa wtlt rem tbr foil approbation of mdraeura ami artiata Ihia aalr will ba pt-rrmp . rtr with rv fvrd loocaatkrr, loll dearnpUre oatAlnfnoa of which ran >b-a:tied at thr other of tbr aurtloweer. Rn. 7 Heekman tel. "ndrr Nassau I tank Hair will rommrnce In dininf m it li^ i 'e'<* k. with larfa and valuable variety of rlaa cr ware HI rtl 'Id dm nf aart mli-rr oalrrra stem, fruit ba-krta nrna raatr a. (punas, forks, allrar and rv cutlery nt h wlutr, ruby and am'"rrtp flaaa, Dresden I Hr*r<-a cbliia arta. a I b every description >} fr'.cb china fan! ritrna'cai table a lib attprrb dininif room < troi'nrr vi oarprta. rliandr lrra, wines, Ac Immediately after wb arlor furniture?Coaetalinf of alrranl reran oetara ma? rid pianoforte, nerd but thee months. with aarb'r 'op tic cabinet. br< r full anita ishctiifkwnt rar-rd marwnnd nlturr covered In Frrorb broc tcr - tbeaa aul a am all Irat is. made to < eder. four >p lend id ptrr aad aaanial airr-wa, <owlr and lnreenrlAlaa. eiet'uarr. too. reo're and pow la a. i-nnai lea in Hub: week , Turk lab louafaa, wo' t ii rhaira M match In tape* ry two niewaat 'lothlr ma?w...' farra, wt h mirror finnla. Uned with aaUowoid. Fmorb rrtntrr reception rhaira. la tapestry valret aar.i'ta ra'na palntUift up. idiu* npirlt'a lirram. from I'llenm a fro aa. Madonna. Ac . al-n a moat roatly an1 bra lUfalMl of reeea. mania) iwnamrnta (ruupa aad parlor ornaments, imbar and library furutturs la of Ibr bmi tiypoa n- fhout? Riwawood burrana. bwdamada waabat^ada. rbr flaaara. arrrrtary aad library bouteaaea, a.'C cat ba j t'rraaea mlrmra. tleb rlnrba. earpe aaad?a ^ band altera . Willi a larfr rartrty nf rlrfaal parlor, nbawiov llbrvy I dinUtf room fnraituru aot mro'inaed. r ir ihaairi ail Iki Hired In mat' a aauafirt wy drpoatt. PRCIAlt ADCTION RflTIl HTbr aa.' by nrdrr of aaalfneaa. (aa adrer' .ard brror'. of read y mad' dotkla f. 111 axial p??IUrel> taha plam on Friday, Hay 9. by tha uadrrmrawl, (all rr?ir.r'l'eia bavtnf bern tabrai on aamr | At hia anrtion inrtnia. Wo btH.oadway, wbrn .Van pariu'nU ol bar mala elotblnf will be a dd. wttbnu' reserve. WW TorriNli A OO. AutUnaaert IT. 1. I r*l? :o?>fiTUl uriTKin w igfpn i.| rnuin hta ante. sama hfuajf all of Ihta amaon'a maAr t'"d* of Ana ir tr an I an rrrrj lis will br ?xd without raim, *y rr of aarljrnara. MtRIPr'M RALK-LlqUOBN. OROTKBtKR ABIT HR Car* ? Hy rtrtuo of apaaml AMCn'toM. I wttl ttp??a for , m pi' Ite aunttt n < n Thor?day, t?h mat , at i" B Howrrr, a lar*? Monk ..f Imported and (I'inMi.i 11 i .r. aia-ln* of ality Bra quarter and atgh'h -a?ha nf rn?nnr rd aalfnatta pala had dark brandy. i.M o .n, ah?rry tat drliawtn*. Monnnjrahaia. Hrotrh and IrUh t, ica and ranta ' >tu rum. arran harrala of almh .1. purn rtta alffht) Anc n.ana rlorat, hnrk and Rh no inna and l,i. d brandy In eaaa* and dcatjohna: 43 baakaM llai 1< r* imparts; baar and 'tqnnr pump, m ear. ran Una. dramarn Alan a largo lot of gmrartca, ponalating of T quarter atvl f rha?.>a hraan and hLirk taaa. rnttaa. right ha rau bmag I whlta augur, Naw ItTiaana mnlaaaaa and ayrnp, aparm Mtlaa anap, c ream tartar, ten tirklna butter aaiaratna m i< d. larra lot of ap'rat, An.. t/.gaihor with 44>>?i unp tr'nd t d m??tlr aagara. and a nnoi >ar of othar aruri?? ton no rutin to man loo Alan lata mala dor .ni?r? an linoaan ntrina. Th? a bote It a cnn'tnua t?n nt a prartnaa aala an < r> llwofhy lb? attention of wbolnaaln and rata: I IraVra ordnr o' /am- ? B. HauaaU. Daputy Shorts A. M 'tis t. A R awltownar. 23 Hnwary. a: Ht'O'' ft TOW, aO'TTIORKICR -fASHi ,n .rti.k . kouarhaM furniture. pknnuforte. lapnntry, HrumaU <ter m rranch plate olar pinnate otl nalnUnga im chaoda a An -Tnandav (th'a dayt, at lilteo'nlopl a hnuaanj W ?t aety Ifth atraai. T 1! HOlI'iHTOfl will a*T aa aoora <hr Ira 'urnHora la tlte bounn, contenting to part of aupert-v r mada 7 nrtaaa man wood pianoforte a pprfant and haantl Inrtrumant, .alrgani tapaatry aarpau aoltd ronavond par a..Ite. In aailn hmontel and tho-|oaa. rtohl; mrral own od ategPra with raannh olaJa doom and haeha. fpanrh an tntre. Indian oacrtunrr muate cabtnac oanira, aof* ant ptar

Ian with Italian marhla topa. French oard Uhtaa oau-w raraa Ana n|) pntn'tng*. am,in* *h<rh ara brnntWul land an by Hart win* and otharn; Onardlnn an/el and It -ram darcy, by Tarter n nop* from Hnntlnron, 'tan and t^dy ,?h nfin* Boa w rtraite, onptaa fr >m Stewart, rtth Intnnnr a and ahndan, Franoh plntr ptar ?lama* danoraiad ranr* I maptal ornamanta, aplandtd gaa rhandallara. An IMnln* m R? *1 mah< ran' dlnln* table, attrnalno do. antatxard p tablan, anltor dtntng room fupnilura In tmvjuat wh<tr na dlnnar aat. do do an and ooffaa art. daanrptrd and rib urn *Mn-r piano toa *no mmw ?nni? nn nalrnr, olam h?r, en Inf ten kettle, llquem landeni vU?* <r%r* itblr l?ry, tea tta/a, A? Ha?eai*ni and rbtnitr turn Pore? b<>?aa J <*?. rbalnt ITU d ?. nerd table*. mwt? *r j 1 h.,,* * n>iM rneewond Mid mahofaoy b-d?u-*d?. mvtil* uw, -ean? ? batr ?nrMu?. heda bedrtln* cut* and rf rhain wm uwl ?*lnf do , hall ?tand Mid rhalra. ha" >1 tk. Matr tarneta and rid?. kronen fnrnltiira. a..*-* ft,, r rm l?r. w Boot re*ard to ?ra?her A naob d'.iodt ml) r> '1'itrad f rrrry pnr-haaef 1'aialofntea naa he had al the ie? earl? on 'he morn In a of rale i! h mircH At cri<.RitKR -mtukpc is hi-rcck Mrert.- Pin-riff *alr nf r*? lltDfM, Ar . tie Wednre Km K l*r?T at U ? , , at Mo. AS With trrnue, i on tnt of rkaodrlirra, harp*. p?n dania, hraok'tk, floiie*. fa* ' ,t?)MKrn (fUtWKI.I. Itepiny Wh?rilT M W'TTtrR-. AlCTIURKkR- W1M. MRU. T11H * ?f'rni'>n. at fori"* at IM I'anal ?tr?e* - no <-,f tti < * *alp? wp have had ihla *?*aoo aa th?"e t* e?*r?ih>nf n? >?r) for h naakppptnf from railar to attlo. all to hi-w id irual, atilxoit rer* ve. The partk- jlar a.iPoUon of fa 'a* a* well a* dealer* m tariled to thia aai*. Utif C'lUac* CESDAY. MAY 26, 1867. bajumb * AlJOIIUa. Thos. vi1tch. AUOfTIONKKR?eitork 16 hpruor street -United Kiiu?? Marehal's gulf of the copper bark While Suuall. at It M.. at the M?u chants' Kichangr. ^ICaIaH llfMIIR.I, Ulllnl Htgloa VtriUl. aMlTKU NTaTMb MAIMHAL'M H.UJL -?? VIKTU* of an order of the Olrouit Court of the Duitod States of tmerte* for ihe Southern IMstrtot of New York, to me directed uid delivered, t will Mil at public ?notion, on the tttb day of Mar, 1867, at li o'clock at noon, at the Merchant's Ksohauge. to he oily or New York, by Ihomas Vettch, auctioneer, the bark White Squall, her tackle, apparel and furniture If. B.?Tbe tbovn muil la copper fastest d wud ooppered. built at New York, three yeara old, one of the fastest sailing reaaela of the yort. oanrtng a large cargo for a clipper model', ehn la In good rtmr and well found, the cabina and ample aoooturaoUaUooa 'or the crew areas deck, and ber bulwarks are very high. She tea at foot ot *mh street, Kast river. May 18, 18*. TSAIAH RYNDKR8, P. R Marshal. WS, MkLI<OR, APCTIONKK6.-BY W. R. MKIJ.OR k , 0??.?(ieuleel household furniture, this (Tunsdayi morning, at 10S o'clock, at thi private residence No. ,fll (' nmonc street, e I ousting of the usual assortment of forut lure, embracing a 8ne roue wood pianoforte, paintings and engnu mgs, Brussels, three ply ana ingrain oa-potlng*, oilcloth on ail ine nana, mam. ?c., uutu' &*uj touur muidb, ?viw, tonuses, spring neat chairs, curiam*, torulees, shales. Ac.; bralilcs a large quantity of chamber sad dialog room furulline, embracing mahogany and cottage bedsteads, mthogaoy dressing bureaus, was ha lands, toilet sets cans seat and other cbali s,mli mra, bedding. matreasev. bed and table linen, beside* the usual iarie(y of Liiohsu utensils, vhioh will oouamence the aale. Parieulars in the papers of Tuesday, Catalogue on mi suing ol sale, aud good* must be renaored immediately thereafter. T. BOYD. AUCTIONKBR.-BY OKORtlK V? NICHOLS, this day, May 2b, at 10* o'clook, at the salesroom, No. 66 Nassau street, nine boxes snd contents, each oontalnlng an ore separator or some apparatus belonging thereto Rv order of MATHTAA RRAKKT.KT WM WITT KM, AUOTIONKKR?WTIJ. SKLL THIS day, at 2 o clo k. at IU Caaal streei, an aocount of tor trer purchasers. one booh rase, several carpets, wardrobes, pier g asses, tables. Ac.; also one light wagon, shifting top; a .o m private sale one pony horse, four years old, never been or ?e, worthy the a"m<i< n of snorters \I/M WITTKKS, AUCTION It Kit.?NOKTtl AtJH 8ALK YT of household furniture?This day, at 1M Canal street, at 2 o'clock P M, all the lu-nlturv of a three smry liousc, re movtd for foreclosure, consisting of one very superior anil o roseacod lurniture, with slip covers, pier and mantle glass es; velvet, mpestry ana mrrr jij carprui, mauugsny onus cave mirror doors, rosewood, mnhogsnjr and blaric walnut marble top bureaus and WHBOS'nuda; collage and other bedsteads; mahogany, oak and maple chairs, tables, plated ware and lace eur's'iis, ingrain carpels, oilclolha, hair oiaUeaaes, holsters and pillows, china glass and crockery ware: cutlery, oil paintings. Sale peremptory, by order of RICHARD WATTH, Attorney for morlageo. MUMMU, UUUUAOm, ?U> ABLACK H0E8*, EIGHT TR1RS OLD, OVER FIFteen hands I iph, quirk alepper. etyllah In harness, long insr.e and tal', without blemish, admirable saddle horse Also s good single harness. Apply to Julian Hotel, 2 Washington place. . GENTLEMAN ABOUT LEAVING FOE EUROPE \ wishes to dispose of a pair of bay Horses l.VI hands high, of remarkable style and action, sound and kind in every re spect. Apply at the private stable. &J threat Jonea etreet, /TARRIAUE* TOR SALS.?TWO TOP AND TWO NO \J top tecond hand buggies; will be aold low. Also new carnages ol every description on hand, and mad* to order, at 26 Crosby a*., between Spring and Prince streets. CTARRIAGK OR WAGON AND DOUBLE (HARNESS ) watted. Auy party bit\mg either, wishing to sell same and take pay In foreign liquors from a drat class importing house ran .address bos AIM Post ofllce FOR 8ALK? A TWO HORMK ROOK A WAT CARRIAGE: has seats for alk peraoaa, la la perfect order, and bat Uttlm ised. (An be seen at the stable AM West Thirteenth street, near Tenth avenue. Will be sold low. Apply at 88 Dey street, corner of West FOR SA1JC-A DARK HHKSNUT HORSE, ABOUT 18tf hands high; a stylish driver; will be sold cheap, as the owner has no use for bint. To be seen at H- Webb'e stables. First avenue, between Fifth and Ktith street*. (jfOR SALE?A HELENDID MORGAN HOR8K. JU8T r from the country, 16 hands high, brown oolor, long tall, ery tine at> If. and good travellm: 6 years old; flt for any prl'ate family. To be aeen until sold at 109 Pitt street, N Y LIOB SALK-A DARK BROWN HORSti, VERT STYLISH; V hi teen and a half hands high; kind In all harness, dan be teen a Bradley's atahle, to Sixteenth street, near Sixth avenue. FOR 8AI.F..-A PINE YOUNG SORREL HORSE, 15* hands high ; la a very stylish and free driver and a good road hurme ; run trot in Sy? minutes : will be warranted perfectly sound, kind and gentle In all harness, and is a good saddle horse. Can be seeu at 248 Houston street. For sale-a perfect matched pair op mor gun ponys, 14 hands; warranted sound, kind and good roadsters. Prioe (400. Apply at 22 West Forty first street. JilOK 8ALK?A SPLENDID WUITK HORSK, EIGHT 1 yrar- ! sixteen band-high, sound and kind 11 single or double harness, a good family or doctor s horse. Can he aeeu ?; me corner of \ aaderollt and Atlantic avenues, Brooklyn, for tkree days FOR SALE-A CHESTNUT SORRKL MARE, 8 YEARS (old, ( hands high, sound and kind, quirk motioned, fast Walker; nevei has been trained or drove hard, and the owner -htnks the would go a mile in leas than three minutes If train d a little, ts now aid has been used in the country as a carnage or plraaure horse. To be aold for waat of use. For further Information apply .to 8. K. DR LAKKRONR, 231 Broad*?y. _ LI UK SALE?A WOOD A tomlinson TOP BUGGY, r nearly new; also s trotting wagon, weighing 180 pounds. Apply to IHOMaS MARTIN, In private stable, rear of 86 West Twenty fourth street. Fast horse for sale.?a very handsome chestnut sorrel horse, 13 hands high, warranted perfectly sound and kind in double and single harness; can trot in 230 or Irsa to wagon Inquire of JAMES A. BABOOCK, 104 Fulton street, tip stairs. nno ii At v a nm rrtn >a paubi ahv awii viirvrivii r top light * *gi n, nearly new. Inquire at No. a Uhrleto phcr street, h. V. F. R PALE?TWO HORSES AND CARTS. WITH TUB w ork of tbrce Rood stores. Apply at No. 7U Beetuaaa etreeL CNOK SALE?A COUPE AND harness, an KLEOANT 1; establishment, been used oalt a few nmM. May be seen Hi 22 P*?! Kletetilh street. Laura arenr'a slablee. Fob balb-a bean op hobsblob either op tbem. L'i\ hands high. stylish, sound and kind, and can trot a mile t aether In about 3'a minute*, one of tbem ran trot Insiee of 3 minute* They are a powerful coach team. Apply at the eiahle .'.2 Leonard street For hai.e-a pair op dapple orat horses. U'. hands hub. 6 and 7 ye?re old, eery eloeely matcbrd, switch tails, tine vie and action, great roadsters. and can trot together in three minute*, kind both In simile and duuble har neae. and of {rest endurance Alma fancy match teaaa. 13 hands high, fi and 6 rears old. very atyltsh. long tails, and can trot double in 2 M), In single harness In 2 to. rery kind ant p>aaant driver*, aud all warranted eound an I tree from all \w t all at Nna. M and 3d West Twenty third street, corner of Sixth avenue. (J30K HAI.K HORSES. W/tUONH AND HARNESS, A r l?r*t sea-iruncut of family rorkawaya. buggies, business wagons, aulklrs, Ac Also, one splendid new ooacli, will he ? ..J i heap AI -o, second hand wagons, 'A) horaea nnd harncaa. at 10 Nrvlus street, corner of Pulum avenue, Hro-ialyn. 1MB BALB-A BOBBBL PONT. Id hands HI ill. JP wsrrsted to trot In 2 Ml, sound, kind, and very ^stylish also, a splendid lady's awddle horse Also, several superior road and family hursea. Inquire at 13 Jay street, oorurr of bmmwK hNOB BALB-A BLACK HORN K, VERY BTYUBB DRI ' vet, 15\ hands nigh, sound and kind In all bameaa, and la a splendid saddle btrts Inquire at PJ Pike slip, N Y. / J KHMANTOWK WAGON PGR HALE.--IT WILL HEAT tjr six people and le the must aouroved style of oonnlry a agon now in nee It kaa a standing lea-her top, doors at ike ? lea. drivers' seat Ac., oval ts;g laat fall baa been but little >ard and la as good as new. Price I'JBU. Apply to L. EIMARRTON. IT Park row, New York. Co RAT SADDLR HORBB WANTED?POB MILITARY I paradea Parties having sneh. and willing to ooatract to hire Ike same for a fair price, at such mllMsrv parades as reqW red. may addreaa W sailings? Gray. Herald nfloe. Home, waoon and harnenr por ralb-THB boraw la about I.', hands high, puny built, bal! brother of ' fS?s>wa l>,rt.' sad rery fast: wagon and harness In fiwal ><rd> r Tbey are the property of a pro ale gentleman who baa no >e for them and will be add together or separate. Addreaa Mark Herah id* HOR-ER-EOB BALE. A BTPERIOR PAIE OF JET black rarrlagw horse* seven years old. perfectly sound k ni knd ipb!,1# 'B r\Ptr DBrtirulBT. Iiqb i?rl* Bnd Kction. Bnd rrrj ium irareller* Ou be nri at ibe (table rear of 26 Weal Tm ealy aecood tireet. LIOlIT II XH CAKRI HIK FOR HALF.-II AS bee? but little need Alan A rerj handanma br vi them r<rkaway Wtll be anld rbeap Oan ?r teen at B Weal rhlr leeiitb .reel. near fi/tk orate, between ike hour* of 19 and U n Cloca A- M LIUHT WAO >R FOR MALK?i'lTT MADE, PATRRT t ile? rnein- lied .rather lop?la good order. Apply at art rate (table. ?.\n lh aaat Twenty term lb (treat between fifth act Mediae eeeauae before ID A. M or after S P. M M. Nil HOHHP.M?A WRLLMATCHRU PAIR OP bar bur tea. i:,t, hand* bleb, all year* old . alto three Ana tiiifle anrte* well br-kre r?e?e >b<>r*re were raised in Windsor <>? . Permnat, end will be anld rery Inw. M immediate appleatlnn ia made at Ho ( Hnerum street, Hronklyn. Ohr op tiir lotrmmt ha dpi,r iiorhks jh tur rbr, for a lady iw gentleman. will be anld with .addle and brtoJe whic h W aa g el a* pew. for |IJ? Tbe?wn?rl? leatpnue m ? llutg. aa be ban no forber u?e for him I* a bar h"rae. about l?S b >'"1* high anond and kind, ia a year* old. liH)ilie at private alahle iu l'a> itte tireet, Or at door above Mnyt Hnnklya SAPPI.R MARR POR HaLR.?A M'MT PKRPRt T AMI mal l. r lady or gent.emeu bee been rlddea by a adr ikrnueh a eeawei a' a riding * h?n| very tplnied. but with aa ngaW r aalr, and gentle Aim eaddle ao l bridle, end a an herb lady a aeddle. To be eeea at Mr. Conno ly a (labia, w?at 2Ph t'reet near Itroadway SAPPI.P. ffoMR WAHTRII POR A liAPT?ROtfHD gentle and tplrlted A Wo wanted a Af?t ra'e raddle home in etrhanae for a pair nf pare blonde*! Hhetl ?nd pnnle* tildreae ?i h lull iir"1' i ?r*. e? ruP Waui.H I h HaI.F IH OOMPl.RfF "RORR. large tier and r?mr. aultable for ether huameaa or pi earn re apt perma eithlng a > eally good wag.ia cheap, will apply at 7St ilreeawlrb tire el, In Ihe petal alnce. triiM AMD u?P(m?.~ k ORHIRAI. aWUiKTMRirr OP RRAHOIMR, OH AM \ pagaea, (harry, Madeira, pan aad alarm winae, M, Mm 3a iiakik ales for aale at tJVpRMHILL A RlWIMfiPl Ar ?? ??? ?r.**** ?# l?i?l MPWB JUMHAI"!"" MAT Ml UKin WH**I THN 1*1.? O t>ral*?t f* (nAr SHi?*r? *nK h? pmanrad. hit ?h?r?W h* 4*lir<niia and .-ktvilr* rmrdiai blliara nan >>* nhiamad. or, . h*r madimnAl afilriiA ar? la <t*mand II I* dMIrnilt to toppli It* lrxT*MinR 'irdar* In* Ml* f*nlai an>1 ?*nti* '< naUnl vhlflb Arts Ilk* > rharat la iK* irad > %il<-a >' ail AlaoHun <W b* amtaank ? (k*ir riflB li Mia. . L*r><ti tk? rr?l ,<-ai rmitnb nkatmlal, bann* mad* N hl? alodp "Or m?ij pnara ti la?t i>r?ii(k< m piafiaaina, kp a a*rl*a ?f lat*ma*a( *tpart nonta, a pr?parau?a ahlrk la p*rf*r?lj infallikla In Ik* i-ur? * dK<Wi dl*rr?K*A, ?k* moa? d?n?*r< oa hllloaa oa-aplalm* an rkhi nrtrtlal mmroiunl la pmawiml la Ik* par** ?><r?ar .raitdl (vhlrk la of Ha*If ?h?n t' 'rf<va; pur*, an Irallaat digM, and atai k* lak*n mm ih* hapi>m?i a<r~i? in aV a*** nf dpapapala or trb*a a dlaordarad rfnrnanh minima a 'toraOoa (n Ma natural km* H HTKIKFIkMi haa h**a mlrnutd aa Ik* I'nHad fltatoa at-at! f.?r Ik* aal* of iMa ?*iM >aJ vnadar Hi* d*poi la oa Ik* eoeiknaei nnraar of loka and faaaan tfrmrta, W*w fork akaia alai all ka Wad wllk oorraalaaa* and paactuaMlp. jum* j?_ om OAsm or pbintsdTawnh, j 4iv Hew pattern* and fart ooton, J At ii. per j ard, WU1 be opened on Monday, May IS. A. T. HTKtif ART A OO , __ Broadway. Chamber* iuiiI KeaaieKreeU. A*H1 BROAUWAT.-rKKNOU KMitKOlDHRIKS. TRRT W-^rF aWn fN?a ak??L.? ?oaIUm .Lavm aiut 1 seUan In seta, Infanta' Crocks auii robe*. Ao Ac. J FKTKR ROBERTS A OO. l?w) BROADWAY.?A I.AROK STOCK OK OAMBRIO XkotJ handkerchiefs from auction, ooniilstin* at French embroidered, revlero, mourning and hemmed lie-bed, at half Prtoe. KRTKK ROBKKTS A OO. lOQ BROADWAY.- AFULL. AfifcORTMBNTOF BLA<1K ' TUkW fOodi juit OjH^, onmnfltinf Of HHnli'lll. shawls, capes, ooiilures and rota. Ac., Ac. ? ? ^AW A FFTKR ROBKRT9 A OO. 1 K. B?Blsok lace and thread veils from auction, cheap, AOQ BROADWAY-VAI.BNCIENN1W LACB. THK largest stock ever received, juat opeued, and odered eioeedingly low. N. 11.?0 000 yard* real Valeucleuues edging. ia _ FKTKR ROHKRTH A DO. r.||/| RMBROIt KRRD HANDKERCHIEFS FOR SI l#\/l/ Mild 11 12 MCll. MliU UHW Mlvlrt lif em roulanj Ka^..ta of our own manufacture, w?U worthy examination. umbroidered act* of ooUar, ?lr?rTe?. mac Landkrruhief, hi ma,oh; Parte ?mbro dertne la every conceivable design; oambric, Swtaa Mat < llnea edgings. Insertion* and flouncing* in great variety. BAILEY. FARBIMtlTON * LKHLlR. 683 Broadway. AM EXTRAORDINARY MOVBLTT fa Lamar Hiamui, Just received from Parte. Will be ooened thte weak At BPLPlwa, MI Broadway. ANKW HTYLH OF BLACK LACK BASOOB?4-4 ABO 8-4 plain and figured black Brnaeela nela for baaquee, both In wine and sprig patterns, very rich. Ala*, a splendid anaerunrnt or made op lace good*, Infante' caps, oloalu. dresses aad robee our own and Pari* manufacture, A Urge Utof i>KSI^ i 8XS Broadway. a TTRNYIOM IB CALLED TO OUR REMOVAL TO 7M ' Broadway and to an unequalled atock of French embroidered collar*. *ete oapea, basques, aktrte, Infante' oape, .rape and other mounting seta. quite ue^ ^ Q>AKT Bbautiful bbw MaMTILLaB, 4 lfetlrely differing from those of tbrmer eeaaoad, la color, style aad term, WIM be opeaed thte weeh DITX imM At BULFTITS, Ml Broadway. Black lack oooubJuat received, ha ring been ordered eipreealy for hi* misb* Seal French lace mantilla* Black trimming lacee. Heal French lace point*. JAMffg PROPHET. IHt Broadway. Batadkrb SILKSa large amortmcnt Jn?t reeetred. at One dollar per yard. Alao, new ctylec rich ehene silk*. At 91 BO per j ard, worth 91 J AMaB OBOPWKY, 481 Breadway. Bbautiful bilk robes, Qreuadlne robe*. Pine apple, organdie and Jaoouet robee. Barege robe*. A Urge ctoek of the above at very low prices. JAMKH CROPHKT. 481 Breadway. Bar box robes. Plain and figured. 94.801 ?JT Oranaaiae I shea. IB to HA LAKE A PORTER. SIT (old Wo. T? Canal at. BEODIB'B mamtillab. The beat mmi I meat in the city of BU MiBTIUUte, MabracUg Aa endless variety of atyles. (Old Bo. 91) new Mo. 300 Oanal street. And S3 lispenard streets. Black lack poimtb. OKOROB BROPIK ha* ln*t opened a beaallfai variety. (Old Ma 61) new No. 900 Canal, And <9 Llapenard street. Barkoh bobks, HARKHK ROBE* One of the beat aaeiimen'.* In the clly Mow en hand At BEFKMVN k COMP tMTB, 4T3 Broadway. /T1BKAJ* SILKS. KJ Cheap allu. Cheap al'.ii. 7.000 yards plaid summer aiik*. 2a 6d , cheap at is. IS pieces satin plaid pop'lis, 6*.. Worth $1. I ad lea, call early. ALEXANDER .'CRT. One price only. 61 and M Oeihe-lne street. three door* from Monroe. tlOHTLRl OHAMOR OP LADIES1 (XXJTU1UL V A m? and eitremel* beaokfnl MANTILLi Of gray olomded aOS A perfect awwMiwt Of theee reehecehe garments WW he opened thin week At BULPimt. aw Broadway. CHKAt PLOUNOKD BAR KO K ROBEB. Elegant summer styles. LORD A TAYLOR, MA ?7. MS and Ml I?rand street. And <7 and M Catharine street. CHHANTTLLT LACKS OP A SUPERIOR MAKE AND finish lust recelred. points, mauilllas, flounces, barbae, capes. yells and ootrfnres, aiso. shswa aud mantillas In silk lace, from 16 up; rich nets in black and white, far basque*, nnd many other norsUiea MILLER A QRART. TUB Broadway. T*VBOIDED NOTRLTIBh IM MANTILLAA 11 Jut reeatred from Parts. Enol copies of the latent styles Ah worn by the moat distinguished ladles In Eeispd Af the hnntul (We of Long Ohnmpe. WU1 bo opened thta week, At EOLPIEW, Ml Eteedwnp. DRT OOODK-PRINTKD LAWNS. MUSLINS. CHALlies, delaines, liueut, table cloths, I diaper, plaid sad figured muslins, black silks, broadcloths, auiiinrr wear, Ac., if wholesale and retail by WM. MaTHKWH. M Catherine at. KLEOAMT GRAY MANTILLAA Morel, rlW and beaniiftk. A magnificent saaortmeni this week. At BULPtN'8, Ml Broadway EMBROIDERED BAMJUKA Embroidered basqeea. Embroidered basques. In Cambric and Swim muslins BanSj Bands. Ban da Bands. Bands. The handsomest, large*', and cheapest assortment to be foend at JAMKH CRorSKY'Sitfil Broadway t^MBROirtKRIKR chkapkr thar rvrr.-lb hoccj ti1j.iKR brotu?p8 h?t? Juata^urchatcd tpvtrdiof SIM) embroidered ooUars, which they cad lail at leas than mat r tmportaitoa. ftp Canal iiran ami 47 Howard straw. KMBROirtRRRO LIRKR CAMBRIC II ANDKRliCMIKFtL. Wttl ha oflhred ihla day, 2.UUU embroidered haadkerehlefh. At ilmiiU Ml'h, By BURR Bar A compart, 47 ft Broadway. dinri oar ib of mariillar, r Pantrtndly new la style, IB tsatnre, form and solar, lot to be sees at any other aoaan Will be opened this weak. BPi.PlR.Ml Broadway. Yjn<OURCED bilk ROB Kb at tkm 'Wills an r bkxkmAM A oompAkt, 0) Broadway, W1H open this morning, Utl three Bounow alk rohee. roll pattern. All at tea dollars each. i^lourcir) mphlir robk8, r (With three ard four hotutoas eacM, Poll patterns. At SI 7* each. A. T bTKWART A OO. Broadway. Chamber* and Read* trusts. FABMIORR?DKMORKRT'R iRRARCH HTORI RO 7?M OaaaJ street, op port te rireeue,) mow ertenatrs aeaiifiai af panarmr for lad Ma' and ohildna'a apparel, laaludlaR the latest at rim of baas sea, artistically out by mom. ooodaix. R. B?Orders panetnaliy attended to. glORMB BBODII'S martillan! 1 RTkafl aoraliiea of the season la Mlk, and Moth haaqainea. Please aall and aaamlae (Old Re C) aaw Ro. MO Ohnal, And M I lipaaird street. GUif aahortbert OF raxttllaa UanpnralMed In snrMty. And aarlrailed in rleheeaa ninruRi uacr martillar. U Bon Bon Inns mantiiiae Real thread lace amentias, FraMh taee maanUaa, MeehBn laee maatinaa (IhaatUlr lane laaattllaa. FhMnatennea laee waaMIMi RlneS at Ik manttltae Htanh mntrs atnMia And grw* nlnwded Alb maMHa In andilrae pmCnatan. WU be spewed this week. buij'ir, Ml Broadway PRIORI) MARTUXAR iStttiS aad I fly dollars. An well as erery Inlerrasdtale snaflty. To the mnderai* saw af Mr doners Vhn wmlaal aaaortaaest lit the SO tin' At bulputr Ml Braadway TABISTT OF MAETIIXAE 1 (h?gA? Eoa. l?r?H "-tJKl. (HenWr.^ IK mt rtondad aiu. A aupart moi'.nw Will Imi up?? itoa wmm hnfWa Ik Mrailr. ulni or rlohiiaoa. WUkrin Mi Hwxn. Low rsroin *Ainiu.*R, At nil, MtAhl, mnd M InlUUm Etr* hi BSAtortm) aud hamtitlfnl I* him A a wall ma ararr lt>t?nnodlnta 'immlltr, Op to to* tonot ((W'niolahad and matlf A ?ap*rb aaanrinMat tMf wn*k, *i Biri.riwx U Bmmdwm> Lowm A Itw K*R. Ru M7 ''muni man ? (Invar* mmm Ur Arnold I loORtnbla A On.. Ror-???H hp Imal kinammr Pi to* ol'*h mod mmnUlla ' i mtngi Vvh*m mad lApoatry ?ond.?ta. Pk* rhantllaa ?mlm AVrtaa. A* LACE" A Ell RMKR01DF RIK3 A lara# mad mmpnlfaant manor! mamt of IhMnl appliqn* a*ta, Point d'Alanaop oata. almiHanao* and hoal'on ??-u. Infanta- modal Horn oapa. MadPlUop aata. nam Hylaa. Kml n tdarat aklrta PA wvrth Hi JAAU UBOrdKT. *1 toaadvap ? % " 1 # on uum^ <st Lxorn Mjurr] ul AH i OhikDUllj Im Ulauu feud scores, With bUi*1b feurt dooMo The heal tamnuirni In the ouuutrj UKORG8 HKOOIR, (Old Ma 111 uew No. SuO tout. And CI lilsfeBti vnl iom LAJXKK 8UMMKR PsTTRRM BONNETS At UKNIN'8 H AAA Alt. Just rocolvHl by !*'< itrriv ili nil Uio stylo* of MirnBirr bounoli laaui-4 ihU month in r?rU Together with a atipcrb aa?ortinoni of odiciiuki Aud eipcuaite patterns of the o*UMlshJU>*H. UKMK'd BAZ IAK. 613 Broadway, St NlohntuM Hotel. LINKN8. LINKN DAMAKS AN1> T.tWKLLIN.M, Yi lib nverv utile r kiud of housekeeping |w*k lav be lound at 'oweit price*. AtHKHKMA.a A COMPANY's, 17* Bmndwav Lack mantillas, lack mantili.aa. Leal lace mantillas, tare mantillas, French lace miMilh AU la (real variety. At BKKitMAN A COMPANY'S, ?71t Broalwav. MA.WTI1.LAU MANTILLAS. In silk and lace and al Dt latest shapes and newest triminuiga. By BKKKMAN A CQaP^NY. ATS Hroadwnfc. MANTILLAS. _. OHO KOI BKODOL (1 Oanal and B1 lapfril HmK Another"!!* "bMeatetylee Of Paris made gulp ara lane maallaa Baal Chaattlly ditto. Frenoh laaa maatlaa, an Imaaaaaa variety. British Chanully ditto. All now daaliaa, and not to b? aaaa eisswhars. Mantillas and cloaks. The subscriber would call lbs attention of tho laHas IB Us stock of KICK MANTILLAS, tot style and beauty are not eicetled by any to bd MB Inthtootty. JAhKS OHOPSKT. 181 Broadwar Mantillas or kykry description Bellini off at greatly red seed prtoss at LANK A jmeyhiupb, 8IT (old No. 7? Cased aw? MOUBNINO OOODS, HI BROADWAY. 3.UU0 yards tine black beraies H oawa par Ml 2.SUJ yards superfine bereges SI 14 ? 4.UC0 " crape marrtz 31 " " s UpO " One berege de lalne IS M ** g.000 " rery One lawns. 1IH* " Warracled fast colors 800 very handsome robes S3 00 par nba Warranted fast colors. 400 " " Organdie robes IN Warranted fast colors. N. B.-1 case of Canton crapes, a g-cat bargain, at ' W JACKSON'S new mourning aam Hi Rroadwar, between eprlng and rilaaa am. If ATTING?c'IKA P MaTTINO, 130 PIKUMB W1HTH IVI mstllna ml 'X csnln n varH for this urasik imI* W. b. BONI). dry gcoda at >re. 108 and 110 Sixth aveoea MISS KM M A 1. YIRFOLKT, PARISIAN OSWhAUM No 0 illotno place, Eighth atreet, <hree deora fro* hMi way, reoetTc by ererv ateamer, la their now etorehaene, m the arltelea ef ladiea' dresalng adopted by the Imperial eeeK Mrs. wvlhb respectfully solicits th* p a trooage of ladiea wbo ?tab aocurate aud graceful dtrtom baaq are and dreneea made to her drew, cloeJt and leaeOlm making ataabIiahmnnl,.M7 alith avenue. {near Warerlej place I*t Hern* aden'ideally cut to fit the form for aala cheap AT KW XOTUB. UaJthlMRRRR, TKSTINUC AA? Xl tailor'a trimminga. Recalled at auction prlcea. LORD A TAYLOR. 266, 267. 269 and 2?1 Ornnd atreet, And 47 and 49 Oatherlae ikip XTKW RMBROIDKRIKS AND LAORS IN Pull aaaonment of aummer dnrigee LORD A TAYLOR. 236. 267. 299 and 211 Oread atrem. And 47 and 49 < 'aiherine au wa Nkw carprtinus, oil tloths, Druggela, ruga, mala matting, Stair oaroetinga, Ac., Aa., 4a, At eery lew priaaa LORD A TAYLOR, 266 297. 299 and 9P Orand etrem NSW IHRROIDhSSD FRENCH SETS AND OOLltAM, We oall cap octal auenttoe to the aala ef a large 9 ? Freeah embroidered aeta and oaOara, Preach jeeoaet and Swtaa aeta aud oollara, 60 par cent below oeai ef lagertMah Reeeirrd on eenatgnment and moat be aotd, u_ Bvifru a w a nrtun a wv at? " VJTTW LACK GOODS.?JUST RKCKITKD. IN fatal d'Alenoea, Pstat IffiM And Heaitoa sets and soUars, . . I-TT Trrnoh'inoe Telia Thrsad Un waS**** A WO jacoaet and Swiss hoods. AIM, Aa tarsia* of Una Mocklia lasea By BKKKBAN * OOKPANT, AS BhuadWg. FU1NTBD AND TISSB PLOUNOKD BABBOH SOMS (from auction, > At fonr and Arc dollar* etA, Will bo opoaod on Holiday, Mar * A T. STEWART A OO. roadway, Chamber* aad land* dma Paris parasols, Plain and ornate, * * In great rorlaty, oo Kigali shape, color, material, aire and ligUtne**. and ntrawatp reasonabio in pries. ?t OENIN'S BAZAAR, No. blS Broadway, St. Nicholas RoMt KICB DRESS MILKS. M piece* omall plaid (Ilka, TO*. 7? pieces satin stripe aad plaid, 8a. war* MA iSj.Krtl.tT2 'Si"* "O a Ik Souaood robe* at half prtea This morning at LANS A POBTB** si; (Old Wo. t? nrnmk *?t. Rich printed oboandik musuna?ohuasshi Boanesd robes eery cheap at LANE A POBtnt SB (old So Tl? t 'anal street, pear Mercer sheet. STBLLA 8HA?IJ?. Barege shawla. New style etetla ehawta This morning at L'KK* PORTU1, 317 (otd So 7?<WalHp*? SUMMER DRESS (KH)I?8?UHBaP. Baregee. tissue*, orgatxliea, prtnta hrtCaala ds laMfc pop Hue've?. printed musaaa. Aa. Ac. aa LOAD A TATLOR, BA, Ibl. Br HW VI UfAM IMA, And ?' and <? ' At*OHM Ml Sll.KH AT M TO 7* OtMTH Rom* now nnd chuter iota Knm tntilia Rnady on Holiday, HA* M LORD A TAYLOR. nad *1 lirand im. And 47 and M "atAnHan rw SILK KOHKS AND RICH HII.KH HrwMt Part* it rim Larf? rwWr, BBAM LORD A TATLOR. MA. 2B7, B? and Ml Orand MM And 47 and W aiAnHn. n?wi C<n.K RCBRH a HaNDKB O RooriTrd by thn AH a. (An aewnal foaM ?f <An MM Aoofhi la Paiia at a mat la. -Robm wBA lift oolomd nnnaaaln naada, 8S *?A I to wltA trry ?upnrh < Anno band*. Bdtaadb Will ba "?rm?Ki on Monday, Hay IB a. t. sricwart a oh.. Hmadway. OhaiaRnra and Baade dnnana SIUUI BOOOUT aT THKURRAT Auction anion law vM A. T. ? TRW ART A 00.. Will apet on Monday. May ? ago plane* of rlrh plaid and Bayadlww BILKS, S Inch** wida At otto dollar a yard, Broadway . < Aamnora aad Banda ma SKT BLUR. DRAB, PORPl.K. ORKKN. AMD tPTUBS oolurrd boaaet allka for nala by 1 M0SftAJ&u CILK ROBKB. OBLT Bid ? y> HKKAHAN A t'O HP a NT, 47S Broadway W ill np*o IA1* mot ulnf. ao morn of tAoaa Pnrla ailk iMa Prim BIO ______________ Silks and bilk rohkm, at a induction of from 15 to SO par wat IM. nilkd rndumd to B1 BM nllk robn* la BBA At HRF.KMAN A VtWPAWTrt. 478 Hr-wd?tf STALL A HBAWUi. _ MNIa ahawl* 8 000 handaomr caabmnm abawla. ainlla kordera, 91 MA < b?*|i at 94 MDMl* nhawlt. all en Inn. 91 10. a haraaln Alan Icn and aquam hrtbe. printed cn-dmrrn, aait aft wool, atlk rrinjrn. cubmtrt aba*la. aucUoa KooOa. tad <M lahlni low prim. On# prtc*> oalf. ALEX aNPKR .fUdTT, 91 an t At t'a h>rm- Hi at, ttw dnnr* tr an ana-at rpHB rLoairn a ?iuHiai.? u. 1 A aaw and raaWuaUnaaurmrnt fob prwkirraait(*ffa nut Ta ooarl. aaodn and era; cloth Alan la laaaunn <*?fc 4a aaniMlte aaaorfwat at hih.piihi. at nmt , rrni i.adimh.>*uR nKnnifc'N KaAUuLa* Tha ladka arc tnnted m nail and aaaauaAa anUrnly naw ahapn of law rnaauc, Jaat raaatndL and aw to Iw aaaa "twwhnr- Hi tAa wW? Mam A aaaat dnotilmt notaily. (Old Wo 91) n?? Ao W "aw And 98 t.tapnnard *" **" Tnw NEW M A NT!1.1.4 l?KV V BTWANT At I) KM I N'd It At 4 AN Haajnat hnnn formatted arlth openr.nna nadowmdM tif nprtna and ainmt-r mantlllaa. d alannd no* Matin uo n? thn tnolta'i't of 'be nntonltaliwa*. And Alao with a hrtlllant Imp Ot lbs at fin laaio-d tela nion'k In "dt lIKAirit HtittK _ i>l Br.adwaf. hi. Mich 'lea II *?* Tratkminu wkapi-kkh n HK Mai.iiUflurrR from Has pRrtfc of Ng* At HKKKMAR A Q"?' *WY " ^ Its Ai,?.RI> nutflll ?Knm 'iTr^ViTfr-i ' U uT. f ITS PKIRCfV A?-, J* ?Z2^Z^7<!F?- "" ' * *+** -ttnlaMl* ?n<1 OWKll u~j a IMMI*. 4a.. R? h#tow r^lla, prtoAB m?rdr**tu>* O* ST. M AMI *1 <fru4 HTM. PRT OHRAP noons PROW AUfTtoR at KIWrVT't Ami larr u><f MnhnAdrrj rorr A?*l at raw kau ?aS blixmtrr*. from llr toTSe., IS,n? f*r1?rtbt)o?i?, from friia Iftvi xm rollara rorj Swtaa *n-i ikroaaa b??i irttfc Ms M i?trr f>o4* R*i?' ?Jh? m k'ra'ic