Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1857 Page 2
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2 4WIITBMK*TB RKRFWM KVRIT PAT. ? - ??f~ PKWIOI>At. A MY fRtNNN HUHFNO fO iPOPT A KIKK, HVaLTHY ?w! .SnfcVw ? '? T*1"1 "???. onraar of ^?rr^rZir!? lu*bij re***lAbia ?*? rt^po. Iblr pt*ra ?* aearf ArooR woran, *hr motbir or focr or ,.v.? . u> iinwurf ft* bor ehild of two moaiha 614. .anr r>*rao?j wto will "?k?- a ohikJ toadoft. I'leaae oatl at 152 !_ . _? k..i?ia. .< 71K i.H Hlit m tru ffkr I iwn Ha?a Archibald phiL jph. who ijcft philadkl uhit lately, will f* I nn<1 m>p hit tUur, Mary Ana Pall at lib Wow Ttri-nly third m-tvpl pi kiumrick will try and skk you nkxt wkkk. 1p mk Hamilton bpknorr is in tbk city, will be pirate call at the odloe ul M. l. Sheldou, X Nattai. OtTPPC Information wanted?op rllrm cabr. who tail New York ?o go m Ooeoeolteut tome f<wr yeart tlnce oe trrroat toy lafo' m?ikm oonjenti I bar will be thankful ly rwitd by her titter, Krtdrri Oarr. I6S 1aiIo|Uid avenue SHALL I NaVaR UKAR FRtM YOU AGAIN T alpha. THK HK1B8 AMD RKLATIYRR OF JOHN LAWRSNOR late of , England, are rnjuetled to attend a meeting oi the on* of kin oflk-e. 5J7 Broadway, N. Y.. on the ltih day of June next, at 4 o'clock. P. M , for the purpote of cniim mating measure* to -btoln tbe root etltte left by the deceased. Documentary evtdeooe and genealogical charts will be then produced by HKltlti II ?Y8, propriet r, Ac. yini'ii maruarat thk person who atTT tended Mrt. . ubuton. at No. ? Vai-tok utrent, during her mcAneae and up to tbe period of her death, rotfrr a fat or by Heading her addreta ae mkid at possible, u in the oAy, to .lames Williams Hrutdway Pbtt oOoe, at be hat something to oumautucate to her. THK MILITARY^ HOUR.?PRNIOB TRTbRAN OORP8 OP MI-TII eorpe wlH meet ea be corner of Root Broad why a ad Pike MreeL, ott Tburtday evening. May X. at 6 o'otenk, lu full am (br m, far >be peri > ! f marching to Ratgere Institute, by la rftauea of several chart able attltena, to a free ouncert to be dm and a oaUealloo akea up for the purpose of raietag iuu w niuir wo to out) o h lot*it pmns tor pneuruif a oomfortable home bj subscription (or every veteran tn lie Stain, and* thoae thai have famlUei that have do means. and the widows of veterans and their minor ohililren. The 4>jeci (a a sooo one; It concern* the young mi'ttary as well as the aged. Let wry veleraa attend this meeting Hv order. tl. RA YMONfJ, ColaoeL IiiisEPsm NOTICK.-THK MKMHRKH Or THKCLRABY OlT?RO are requetud to ai-rnd a meeUng on Saturday even log. the SOth task. at Wo 11 Jacob sir et, for he purpose of making vrugrmeDts tor their second ancu?l picnic eieur?ioa By order <>f D. DOPOHRRTT, Captain, ft. J Browse, Sec'y ? REWARDS. ?. r KKW aRU?hTKA \ kll rftOM HTABLB 7'i CHaBLKB Bt) street, a Vealmindland dog; answers to the nam# of Itaah, oo.'or black, wub white strip down his breast. Any per a reuiraing hint to the above number shall receive the above reward. W. KaHL. q>rz BKWAbn ? LOST, A small WBITH POODLR. "ft) dog; answers to the name of Pink Please the aog to ho 16R hast Nineteenth street, near Sc oot avenue REWARD- LCHT A LABOft NEWFOUNDLAND sptf dog; black, with unite en hi< throat and breast, on the end of hia tail and two toes ol his fore feet, had on a leather collar Aav one returning htm to 11 Brevoori place. Tenth atreet, will receive the above reward. *r RKWABIt.? tiOST, ON SATURDAY, IN THR NEW Itaveo expresstrain, between ihe Tueniy-aeveoth street depot and New RochcKe. a hair braoelel. uIth jet clasp, set with * forget me ot, In small diamonds The tinier will receive the above reward by leaving It with T. W. Ogtlen. 69 Wall at reel a>r BKVIARD.?8TOLRN, ON WEDNESDAY AFTERnoon. May 17, Irani front of store 873 Broadway, a child 's tight carriage., four e heels, with brown enamelled seal and green side curtains. The above reward will he given for ths return of the name or for the detection of the thief i'HARLRn M. OCMMINOH, 873 Broadway, corner Kightesi th street. ffrl C RKWARD.-1A13T, EBOM THR 8TRAMRR JO Vitl SKPH1NR, in (he storm of the 19th Instant, a yswl boat, painted whl e ou'stde and yellow Inside up to the seats, find w site from seats o gunwales. The above reward will be vui "'""tj *> me nuiMia laiano ifrrj nottw, new Tort oily, or la proportion nc information that will lead to her rwofW). fl;l>r REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED.? LOST ?T^U or elntra. e rold repealing waioh, with the name of Ileurt Matret rarntred oo the ceo Cell el 4V Bearer street, up stalre Weieuuksn isd other swwat ere ?m?4 eot to boy Ibeaamr. OC REW A RD.?IpOAT, ON MONO AT ITENINO, ?> AV froos Jud ruth a venae, e bleak sad tea terrier dak, eeoat eeiea months old; distinctly marked upon Ike feet; tews to the s?n mt Teg. The above reward will be paid apoa nta 1 torn e foe RRWARD.?LOST, LANT SATURDAY AFTER HMO. ad InaL. at 4 o'ekak, In Utr carnage way of Broadway, near the comer of Warrenatrret,a Lleeroool gotd welch, rear of Engitoh manufacture, engine lorwd, wbUe dial, gloat front, whh the wend band extruding sCroat the dial, and a ante thai me Inatda the naar The name of John tl. Buri tana U engraved el her oo the escapement or oa the nee oor*rtng It. there was attached to It a gold fob chain, formed of large aval elaglr linka Sereral hnya had formerly beea awathed thsitoa aad broken therefrom, (earing the mnidl hey eatsela or rings depending. The tnder wtU reoelre the abore reward en defirory of the watch and chala in the anhaeriher. I bli lll'llll OH KIR B. MORRISON, No. C Wool Twsatysaoend atreat inn BNWAKD--WILL BB OITBN TO THE r*Rvlv" aaa who alO return the oleraa pteeea of altk eeottaga tarried array by mhktlre firm SB Fulton street, on Tuee day. We Mh MayRAddrena Oanbstaiw Brothers. M>WT A*? roi UD. A PAROQUET I JET.?A PAROQUET rr.FW AWAT J\ froos SI Herimas r'reet yesterday atlerannn. for which a liberal reward will be paid, if retnrnrd In the owner, who baa ha Mir, and beliefs that It will uut lire tl ii remains separated. ZjtOtTND?A COLD rLATKIt WATCH. ABOI'T THE JTH I jP of last January. In the lower pari of Pnluwi street The nwnnp nn? h*w?* (hi* m *w? bv ltrttvlnxr nnuiFtr4v gjid ntfinr I far tblo advrrtorment ('*11 at Kaii/'i bakery, oorosr of Front nod Fonrl streets. Brooklyn. TjHlDNn?mat M. IN a TdlB" AYKfiCK CAR. (NO. Kj P brteee* Ttrmurth nod Thirtieth turreto, fn.m 8 to 8^ Tmimg a lady's drab eolorrd norirmnnnair. Apply in a. WIlITaMH. Mentrn. J. A U P Jacobs'. #T7 Broadway. Lorr-oii mokhat aitrrnoon. thr mth iinrr. n black wain ma'alata* ibo fotiowuif nuton mw thr notoana u thr owner riwnlleru ? law note drawn by rifanidrr. Kieo A Co., nod cmlamed by (km for oat* RHUU. (ate now drawn by Fleam! re, Biro A Co.. nod rod wood by (Aem for mm R(* A ( no w to drawn by Chaa. Mnrphy nod endorsed by htm tot about tin. Onr ww drawn by Chan. Murphy nod endorsed by bin lor nboot NVI < >ar n<?r drown by It Randemon tor VW And sundry ntbor paper* of no nor but to tho owner Tb? pobUa art oauitonnd adalnot rwitum or itrgotlauof ,h? iibore nutot. Thr tod. r will br oiirahly rewarded by lea*1a? the wuar at W Fear I fret, lower tleoc. LOOT?a km al.l. Wlirrn i'ofldlk IK hi, ANkWKRIirO to thr name at Minna Wbo- ??r will return hrr lo IBIS >aM IMneentb *trrwi will rerrire Are dollar* reward LOHT-OM THR XTH IKOT., HKTVTkK II ANU It A M , n Mack aod tan terrier duo, bad no whro lnot a black and red I walker collar Whoever will return to 3H Went Twrlflk Orwi, will rreelte a libera' reward T OWT?OM KCNIiAY THR MTH I NT , IK HUIMON Jj oto et, between It no* and ("he-Ira artwte. a bar brnr* Lki Mia a aK ?lu? It. ft..,l.r all, k. - ,_l?A hr loao't.c Hal lf4 W?? vtm-l. ( om? r o( Rakit airott, or at M J Hi ?ot Luht?rucikthook iri7u murn, hprjxw l ?mt Nauirdap. romt?g from ibo Pblla<l-tpbl? do pot to Now Tmk rwitiklni doruaioaia In Kpanlah. Tbo flmlor wlU bo miitablr rowar'od by lilii tbo um> at C Hoar* atr'Ot op Maim, barb o#ow L~ <aiT?ON Tt kKfiAT ifMiliHi*, A iKKTiriRn rbook na 'ho North Rlaor Bank for four thousand f%4 ?n doilara. pnjablo to 'bo orbor of K Hrudrok u I'liBw-fiL ban Kfofi iioppot tho Bndor will nr >n I or a fa mo on 'ho oanor of ibo aamo by oavkwlnr ll to tho abut# pany at IS Krai dmh HnlMiri ' anai Mrm tart ?ON THK J8TH IXBT A WalJ.tT I'o.s r AlNtNU J a atnail aura of m" ojr and aoooral notoa pa/ai'lo I MonrT Idor Tho Bndor wMI bo a Habit rowardod uo lowrtaf tho aaiao ai M I'oarl Hon LtMT A rikPt H NKKM.KWoR* UANOKKRiTIIKF oa Tnoadar oronlnf Mar *. bolwooa Knot Ktthioonth ' troot aoar fourth ao-??r. and F?urioo?iih a'root cvnoo of foarth arrnno Aat ooo trig will return U la IB Kaat T woiflh atroot will bo aaltah|> row ?rd?d ONT-T?rr**naT. TM? CtH IWNT , f?N tilCTnWfJ oat of a Poena area m p ! T oontp aoreath alr*ot, ^pnrtoiaio.-nono? alulae $>' In bllla and a mo aautll ?4an*o Too BaAor wU bo aauaartortlj reward# ? loa?inl H at 94 lothitia areata, rrica or TMa mc'iinu ?tia r itiUoto ?x>N p?nr Pnoli oooned ewoot antl Wanned arentio Now Tor*, t B. lfC ?Pound in tho rtara ahotit a ?r>nlh aft, foar booaa ?nntaialnc wan h woota which tho nwnar oaitnare bp "OO'POi at tho idLno uf tho awonad Aronno Railroad Uoapb ^lj mooor cd Pufly roocmd a'root and Hop Tod arraaOR* *TfCWP to MR NTOLRN. RONR I>RN BJ um a potd out tin (a Tho nwnar can bam H b? prnrtac iioapiwif and ?a|,tac oi|wnran 4 AH T. ?AOt??d Manolamaruic .lowol.ora ?07 Hrwadwap. VN -'t i" ' y. hi t v a i *r?r? '' **>.?*<< -hdo and miniature torkot atlarhad ff b* ?'ll malor a treat faror bo ?'?dltut It b^Tl Wrei Warren atroot Hr-iotJ jn wboro all rbarfoa will bo mil > w CJ?^Ja?""pworw " LK"' XE* A?t#al*A aT / 17 bm*4v*r r\tmrtm. *?wa.a t.,ht%m ivmobra rmi nmrnr *?'" oofai*. n???bo* witfc u -nvnteoo aaoonaUai of ? OHtKKH 17 N^d**,. ?H< ? (to r.alMMH. tftMAuXTrtlil I All M CteKaM* 4* Royt raanoa ' ?' ?'* ? Inarfrm. 'VmnkM m?fi? mm Jla, W?r?or? Ruter nautenaa. and **? < -i-anlU ? Um m mm* o n ^wa 0 RIMIRRR WMoaOTaaoM wnrlM A? 555SSSC AamiAL AHHoKTRkHf Of HK.ftlMaM. l'H?? par. < ? ahorrt Mad.lrm port AA^ rimrM whip*. kt , Hot IuhI trfciodaa cln oil Joiio-* niM. HcntH, Irlali. Moaon?t bote ml iHir'Kio l#m 4>m ?ad Iflllln poem* and nor*.A .too f.? > lo ?m MlKoH.I.I.A II At f KRHORR, 4>l Urmimv mm- r *4 ? r ?h\ B Rami .Tab ?M< teifitut ? | wfrKR n.R AAI.R THR Hate ?pnmm4 Kr?. A? and ?ln#a tHte'V 'bo ritproal iirteM Mb n m??*? d?' "? lormo a P wtet nil r"*1 w?? K>? ?<MMl * or I ' "All and -tamlno f .r ibomaAlma ? til wiriJ. ?.< ? r??o momh ?? ?? M HNIT1HK. AT. AMWf nWH-Rot'Ror rmtiru with a ta?ii.t r-rrr'-Mf*. u? of ?t % fair prm*. Ml 1 tou 4 Rioa Rnnb t naod ai ? boantifnl bono* oa Mtatog Inland l>? wm,M '? B'toniad of ro??*rtaMili> tliA" anr<oa,n.?ua?a Add roan IT. M. iWtkl-* idbna 'or no* ?m>? A MIKMmR R..f I ICH, THAW THRRM IWA aldo h j I?nr f?o Ufa or tary** otHtor la nil. M-fO,jA^Oa?A Addrnaa alaUaf nu? ul rrl?a. Ml 178 ] DRV GOODS, *C. Ciui aimsoi. wuui n?j<inssoniitn ro? m OUll and $1 IS aaok, aao aew elylr of ?aa ruMarnd beau or of our own manufacture well worthy eiaaunaUoo. MS braider ed mm* of ouUar. nmrw. an< hwndkomhter. to maiah: Parte Whm derltw U erarj ooooelrabl* drwio. oaabrta, Swtee wad 1|W ||i PISCSS CNtlLIRH LAWNS?W A RRANTKD .Utltl fne- oolora, otily II ^ oente par yar?, will be opened ibu morning U0HHK1.L, PKTRSON. LAKE A CO.. ?Tt Broadway. AS SXT&AUkniSABT aOVKLTT t? loaw1 IbmUA M iwHiti im Parte. WU) be opened ikte wwak At wn.ntcs. w Broadway. imi in hi.en* i.iiia mnaira u a am A M plats and lijnired black Brussels acta for basques. ?>ib Id War and win* patterns, rery rloh Also, a splendid amorunant of made up lace good*, ln*kaU' caps, cloak*, lreaaes aad robe* our own and Pari* manufacture 4 large >n? of VaicadCDnes edgings for U omli a yard. BAIL&T. PARRINUTOK 4 LBIUl, Ml Broadway. . TTKNTIOM IB OALLBD TO OUB RKMOVAL TO 7? % Broadway aad to aa unequalled (took of Prcnoh em brotderrd ooilara, sets nepea, basques, aklrta, iafkata' nap*, vrepe and other mot truing acta, quite ae *. MTU.KB 4 flBAMT. BaaUTlPUL BBW AjfTIlJaAB, Vatlraty differing from those of tonaar aaaaaaa. la ootor, style aad tarn, ?UI be opswed thto weak At BCLTOPB. Ml BroadwayBBODtSt auurrnxAB. ~ll - ! IWIimul ll IkII lllj if _ tai *'*?" " _ , ^rBKa^jgggle;^ B^BOBObI Bomx'haamat spewed a iiaaffll rertsdy. BARMS BOBEfl. BABEUB BOB KB. One of the beat assortments la the city Now m hftir4 At BBKFMAM 4 CQWPAWTS. tTS Broadway. B* RKOK ROBRH Plain brown barege robes. M BO; rery cheap. ('hlnu bounced robea for misses. AI mi. a full aaaortmrnt, from $A to 130, At I.ANK 4 PnKTKB W, 317 (old No. 7? Canal street CELILI BKN'8 PANCY HAT8 FOR SPBINQ, Pari* at) It* and h >mt- manufactured, comprising a east and heautiful assortment of entirety nsw shapes and (raceftil trimmings. At OKNIN'R BAZAAB, * Mo. bIS Broadway, St. Hlobnlaa Hotel. COMPLbTK CHANOS OP UxvlW OUBTUXB. A Mf and extremely haandfal mamtillI l^pSr^umtMnl Of IktM recherche |anuaH WW be opened thle *?t At WOT.PTirB. W Bu?Un. Lihhajttlllt la oh or a supbriob mu and / Unlet Just reeeLed, points, mantillas, Bounces, barbae, japes, rella and ootffures, aiao. shawls and mantillas ta silk Ace, Im 96 up; rtcA nets la blank and white, Car baeqoes. aad uiHf otter norelUaa. MILLER A OEAJ1T, 709 Broadway. r\BOIDBD HOVBLTTW IB MANTILLAS. I t J nst received from PartA seal aoplaa of the lateat atylaa aa won by the aaoal rtMttnfnlahort ladiaa la Buiopa At the annual Ma of Lou Oteaapa, trill be opened this weak. At BULPIMW. 991 Broadway. EXPOS! OK MOOCH. MANTILLAS! MANTILLAS! 9 MANTILLAS! 8 L KLIAH MOL1.KROH 9 I haa opened Ida A MAT AMD A'NK PA8HI0M8 B 8 or K MANTILLAS O Tba treat** norelu<s la Parisian styles, Just reoatrad A O prr latmt steamers. D L TRAVELLING OLOAKB W L ta A B KTBRT DB8CBITTI0M T B or 8 O 9 M MATKRLAL KLlAS MoLLKSOK, 981 Wtoadwny. 8LBOAJT MEAT MANTILLAA. Maral, rlahand I laaBM. 1>f|"*ti' koLPur?.' m g3w Dm CASH or MAJTTCLLAA.. r Oaatdadly aew la stria, la taatva, Com aad ada, Mb be seea at aaraMar MM WUI be^eaedlh^waaCu^ niiis ASHOBTiairr or kamtojlu. IT C unparalleled la rartety. Aad aartralled la rtahaaaa I Ml i Ml in la regeotfuDT daMrad. BPLnwTlM Broadway. nOTPOAB LA OB MARTILLAA VJ Vaatealaoe aiaatfflaa. Beat thread lace aaaadDaa, PriaiC laaa attnaa. ^ OhanUll; laee IfflM. alaaeteaaaa laee aad!lea VUeh aUk aaaaBUaa, AM gr5^2ewSdM?alM&aA la II j r 1 W1U bo 09mm ftli vmI. wtnj>TW. ? ?BOBOB BK0DIC8 ii?nuj? pww mnHm af ikjmmm BAhI Watt Ink Ptaaaa aail aad aataalaa. (Oid feiUMwIaLMOWI. Aad tt Hup?art a*raaA U i(Mi raiuao - * 1 u ^" 4a wall aa mrmry lai?c??ffiaia |m4j. To Iba tanaWala 11a af a> in ffca ?il l 1 aMttaa ta Ma m inini fitiiTT or KAjmi.i.AB, I la Mattai a. flMtat, Uml mm* w^rnmjt mm rv tt**a?Be^ ,* Marar baton ,,,, la aoaalty. aiteat or rteAoaoa. Hl't.riw Ml Bwdwa, Low raioau baatiu.ab, Al ?*?. elfbt, aad mb aouan. Etna la Material mod beautiful la form. Aa wall aa mrmrj latarmortlata quality. 0? to Ike Moat dUuafulahed aad aatly a aaparb I iiilini I Ma vaek. AiKamrB, liaWilaaa Laub Mabtiixabi OhaaiiUy Iaaa talma* mod uaib, Wiia alofta aad doable rattA fka baa* aeaertawet la Ma aaaai OB<>BUR RBoinm. ?OM Ba ill aa? Bo. M oaaai, am aa ibraui mmm. Lacb HAjrriu.ah. lace m * htm Baal laoa rmaniillaa. 'Sal"'r laee maaHUaa, Breaob laaa laanflaa. Ail la *r**'A1r^5^1|AJ| a OflMr A WTB, <7t Broadway. MAiltlULAB a bo bob BBoniB. a uBaai mod a 1 byaaird awaatt I J mm eweaaA Aaa*b*r la* Maa* atyvaa at ran* Bade rnlrnpe laoa aula Raal rhaattUr <1KU> PnmI lao* aaatlaa, ao Ibmm <1 4 <W>B"iI?H>?? Mihmkh m?i. rmrui.KT. p akihi ah imMulM Mu I i 'paton plara, Kirkih Mr<w. tAraa doora tftm IM war, r~r#iTT by Mfrj ttaawar, la Mr saw nil ?Maaaa> al Ik* trraw* af ladtaw' dj ia?<M *d?p?*d by tb* A?wA*l Mart. MaTTian "U.r a tt!n<i lb' rIK.'MP wnrr? iBiuttn* al W raaia a rani, tor thl? waafe ml*. W ? n??n, dry awidaMva. UM and lMl Htnfe araaaa MA mix A*. Al raducad prtawa. At LAirr A PnRTFR a. SI7 (old Mo 7t) Iranal n'raM. NUT mrui.IMU OCT AT ouMT. Maw | < Silaa, I Tr*l?l art* $1 l? Rtyto I fllaaa, (Thiaa taw **? . < Al (la* aad <!hina dinnar aala 10 <M Plilara* i.l'Wfcary WklU Ma MM ...... t. I flP At rad.mad prtraa. al MILI-TM AIM, ' v>ra# r nf Wmadway aad Twaety atgbtM etreal. NBW bMMMOinaKU) FRKMi'H ACT* A Mil OUUUAM. W? aall aapaaaal atlantloa u> tka *ala o' a larya M ? Praaob amhrntdarad aata aad mllaf*. Pnaeb jaroeai aad Pwiaa eaw aad eollape. . ? par caat tralow aoal o< lap irSaMna Banruad oa Aanaunawl aad ainai ba add, bThkKKIIAM A OOttPAITT. <71 Mraadway Cll-K AI'MMR. (JHLV $U O MKKAMAN A OOMPAWT. <71 Bmadwap ill apaa (Al* B'>minf ?n atnra of tlma* Pari* talk rnbaa I rtaw ttai _________ TKH RI.UMU MRAPPRR* PUR A* ManufAWnrad from flaa rloth of llphi rahria. Al HKK.KMAM A UuMPAMT'R. <71 W?V r? PUiRBMi'B MIkHTI*' ai.B WkaPfBB $ aaw aad '**r(n*?m. Arm art POR PRBHRMTdk ABOM h dllB A ton '? liMtlim n|mA km mt*i? uannnwtL ?< mt i rTHi Ltnin. <i?OR IB HRDIMK-R MANTIM.AA to?Mr? v? In nail ?,,* , V" ??">!? now atikpo of Ivf ivukt I?r I mto*?4 u4 m m ? M? eienwW* hi Ikf (7aMa> * IBMI iMMIImI mrtiMty *'i In n?w Ho BH nun * nd to 'MMH rR HRW MAKTMJ.A !>RP ARTHRlfT At toKRIfS H7,H* Ha* jato tMwa with a p~- M unn n l?i 1 < if ixdii# Mid mm"f mxn'lllu and Mad* ?r b> tbr mndi*??-? nf ih? ?n' li iwibB. 'nd il?< wlib a hptlltoni linp'?ri%iim? Of MbP MplM toniird t*l? mmvA la Parta (lurirB HAIUR a Bn.odwmf, m. Bktooto* Bmi ETBW FORK BKSALD. TI DRT GOODS, 4C. 5? Broadway, N f.-IUdiwliiK*!, daler of MMmm B P-roerkl. g1?aa her apodal attanttoa to all UaB of Trm0 mbrotdcrlc# atdt to trier. taltlala. aaotkwtnc rnk* B rtinlmalr and 'all KPK1NU MILUKEKT. fCHT RK0K1VKD aT IRVINK'b NKW MILLIMRRT SB (I lablmhiurtu, .1.1 Canal atreet. two door* from rbompeoa. ? ma*uili? nl variety of plain and fknoy Neapolitan ha la, aire* Hal*, it , nrtuplfllng oue of Ute rnoet aaleuaiae aaaortineola la tbla city. Plraae euaalaa. pa vii.ion or rlow?R?-^I,*ILLI^.K ..?* r^Ei J. alHHlimj, wiui uuuuui UOXOI iruu ail CUDW wiia thousand ixber aurao'ive onjeoU of latere* for the uiUm 1W rrpuiatop i> mbulnua for lie oriamental awl the beautiful UndaJ appointment* Indicative and Inoomparable Rib boat aid (earner* aa usual, at 961 Broadway. JAJCKS TUCK BR. PARPKT1NO ASTD VPHOL.STK RV7 ^f| (kAA WINDOW HHADIC3 AT WHOLKHAL9 )U,' !u" prior*, laoe and mualtn mtnalns from Miction **un delaine certain material, pajer hangings, deooratlona aod upholstery goods, cornioc* ban da, Au., Ac ^ W. O. JKNKB. 466 and ^66 Pearl tract, N. T. C1HIU1H A SMITH, 463 PR Alt L 8TBKKT, IMPORT* HA ) wboleaalr and retail dealer* in paper-hanging* CI BRAT BUSH FOB OARPKTINQ.?ENGLISH VKLVM1 I oarpetlng. Brnst'L, tapestry, three ply, ingrain, oilolotha to. kalao, MX) pieces common ingrain, from 3a. To 6a. the yard J. HYATT, Shi Bowery, opposite Rlrtngtoo street turrmnG.&c. ?C n/Ut TO INVRST IN 8K00ND HAND CLOTHING. pO.Uuv ?tb-nUemrn wishing io convert left off or aar plan clotting into cash, oan abtaia at ieaat titty per oent mart by Otlteg or wading their addreea to J AJfKS MORONBY tftfj l**nrl aireei pear hatham CANT OFF CLOTHING AND F JBNTTUKC WAJOTDLodira or gcot'emen baring any of the above artiolea tc liapeae of oan obtain n oaab prise by sending to L. K, Duane) lorf, 11 Kim atrcet Ladlse attended toby Bra. Dtiaaeldort CLOTHINO AND FORNITUBB.?LAJMM AND MB Ham en having any to <Heposegf een rniMte afclr saM prtne by sending to nr addresMng H. Oohen, 13 Utnma shsei sear rSaaLnre Weet Broadway. Ladles a Headed by Nra. ' | H wnw THK METROPOLITAN POUOK AND TUB CITIZENS generally are inrlted to Inspect the spring ard summer Hiprk of clothing now odared bv DKL'MliULD A I'KOCU, 120 rullon street SPECIAL NOriCHS. CAUTION?ROBBKRY.?ALL PERSONS ARK FORBID purrbaa ng err aln Iron lathee, thafiing. tools and stock for making gar borne'*, stolen from 153 Mercer street in Tuesday morning. Moat of the above were marked W. 4. Bpaer JNO. F. OONBKT. Db. Taylor, unitrd states despatch agent, at New York, offloe 190 Naaaan atreeL?ilo/ern meat pa?aporta fnmlabed at this o&ce without any delay. EDOKWORTH CO., BOSTON.?'THM ANNUAL MMM1 lng ef the Kdgeworth Company will be held at their oflee In Boston, Mass., at U o'clock, A M., on Tuesdw, June 3d 1881. Per order. JAMBS O. UNM. Blerk MA80RIC?THK BRETHREN OF PACIFIC LODOK, hi 23.V F. A. M., are hereby notified hat business of xparVai Importance >111 be .acted upon at Oo nrnuni J*Uon n< this ( rhunilav) evening, Ma> anh. A foil attendance 1* re quested By ord-r, CHAJB B. OORNKU* W M. Tuoaot .1 Ktuv, Secntary. VT*W TURK. HAT IS. IS* ?MOTina 18 HU1B) given, that the annual meeting of the etoakholdere of th. Gunner land Coal and Iron Company for the eleotton of a Pr? ddent and Board of Director* tot the ensuing rear, and to the transaction of any other bulaeee. will be held at the afb? of the company, la this city, on Monday, the let day of Jam at II o'clock * The transfer books will be dosed from th> ad dny of May to fane & By order. writ r bOOMg, Secretary NOTICK OF APPUCATION FOB THK DKCHAROB of an Insolvent from hla debts, pursuant to the provisions of the third article of the first title of he fifth chapter of the *e co d part of the Revised Statutes. Applet in Oaks worth, in solvent. Notice first published Ray 38, I Hi? Creditors to au pear before Hon. ?. II. Russell, tAty Judge at ala ofiioe 2i Chambers street. In the cltv of New fork, on tee 8th day of August, 1307 at 11 o'clock In It e forenoon HKKBK, O KAN A HO NO HI'*, Attorniea for insolvent, 76 Wall street. Hkw Tons. May 3S. 1867. t tFFlCE OP THH OOMMI8RIOMBR8 OP TsfXJH AHi U imamments, April 30, Iffi.?Tas payers take nationNotice la hereby given to all parties Interested, that thmmmi ment rolls of the several wards of lbs ottyorNew Tork haw been delivered to the Oommtamnnara of Tasea and Assam meats,and thai the aaaaa will be opes for review and sarrm Hon, at the office of the Cnwimlsefameie. No. S3 Ohamban street (New Oonrt Bouse! from the *** day of May to the 3MI day of Jane inclusive, between the boars of Wetoek. A V and 4 o'clock P M. Application for tte munition of iimsmia sesnmsms asnst be made at the o?oe of the Oomasiratonare of Tmxtm mat Aaeeammms during the period shore menttoeed AB pes asm wbe neglect to make snah application, (meept by mem of stokmeas or absence from the eRy, during the entire period It wkiefc the books art open > will not be entitled to mine toe Bomd of lupervleom at any mkynsul parted. a i snnivMis {oooMdmrnmomm r~W~. BROWR, rt COMMITTER OR BTRKKT8 OP THK BOARD of Counotlra-n will hold ? meeting ta the chamber of the Board of Oounctlmra on Thursday, M sy at ftt 2 o'clock P. M. In bear partes tone rend ta the ontung off ot the sidewalks of Yeaey street, between Broadway and Church street, ftad wlftoalftk Praaklort street. P. J. A BOOLE, 1 J. N. REYNOLDR, J Committee a. r. BIOKPOBD, > oa J. ROKHIOCR, ] BtreAa. L. A VERY, J mO OOAL OORTBACTORB-?ffRAIJtO FROFURAM J. will borioafrod uoifl the 3d of June nail, tl 11 A M., fta furnishing and delivering ftt tho Almshouse Departmael Plfttbaah. L. L, I, W groat toad boat quality para Lehigh ooal Nobtda will be aooetdered onleae la rtnat armtormln ?tt blanks, whtah may la had at the oAaaa of the Rap aHftlaad saw of ihv Poor at the Almshouse, PhUbaaA at the OR} Ball, Bmoklra. wad at the oaraar of Pleat aad Booth RN atresia Winiamahara. Wj' AKKPIKLP ?THKBE WILL HE A PREDIAL MKKT ff big of IixtaairaJ Home Association Mo 3 at 103 Bowery, on Thursday May JR at 8 o'clock, to tear the report of tbr Purchasing Trustee. It la hoped that all the members will ba present m aniurt o. to tercet to all wtil be brooght before use meeting. CORK'L. A. COOPFR, Pnrrhejlng Trustee. jnHICAL 15DDARC1I?G^ Arott bkactifcL rosewood piahopobtb, rerr little naed. aod warranted superior la looe, touob and workmanship, will be sold exceedingly aheap aa the penrr leaves for the Weak. Plraee apply to ALBERT W Kit KB, 166 Wr.i e roadway. All ANI'MiMK AMO Rlcni.T CARVED ROitEWoOP even octave elan > for sale cheap for cash; la beaattfully bniahrc with errry modem el< eanoe, rit nek fluted l-?a, double serpentine bo'torn, hrea Uera of moulding elegant v art In pi sr.. warranted Kir two yaara from Kebruary last, full round true la perfect In all reayect*. Price gilti Ota be seen at the lurnnure parking oalabUalitnrni ui mi A trenua, thn-e door* from ortleth siieei_, neit door to the Trcmonl Ho iri, [pia , a. m uu a r. m nu gc uuiru iut u uui 01 w*n bll)T Bmoaiuimap, obat a oo. would oall attkrtiop to ihrir titrnilra aaanrtaarnlol plnaoftiruau on ciblbUioa Bl 4KT Hrt*i1w?jr. Particular atieotluo u aallMl to lltnlr oln not yraod pianoforte* proooutiood by all wbo barn asm Qirir rqual to *ay inatrumrou mauulacturnd In tbli oountry rxb arand ai d uo'iarr piano* bars Ikatr paiaat Ota I malar BOoaninR board and aoapaa?a plain R. P. B. f7URTIR, A goal / b 1 i.hkkt'h. chicerrlro'm ard watkra piaro* VT and mriudmoa will b? told tkla waak at mdoand prion ai lb* w aTKRh ptaao and maalo mm*. 333 Broadway. Br ootxl band pl*aan [rum Uft to *UU Mr Ireland# from Kb to AM Por ?alr na monthly partwrato, I w mat, bad raat alio wad aa piirrharr Planna ioard and rnpnlmd. Mrmldkuri ?m. p % h. w SMITH's CtLIHRtTKD aridrt.M at who vaaie or rwtall Mrloddaw to raat Heal atlow rd oa j'tirrbav Ratb laatrumiat coaraatnad am K aROOHR. 8H w*ikrr alrrrt. aola apwat piaRIM af orkat barilaiwr tor oabh.-ORB tk A warn roar wood for *?. onr flit on* AV nrtara. mr *l? AIM. ?U*'. T or am for fl?R. *17*. MX to M?i old pi a ana (akrti la aicbango. al ltd Twruty alith alraa*. nam Hlii* annua. R (AORZaLEE SUPERIOR PLAROPOBTM AT RRDUORD PRIOR* for ibia war* Prtarn Iran IU0 to M* wwrraaiad tor loar yrara, al tow plaao aad raaaie atom of (J B. DKMAMHR1 *>0,?l llnwd* ay, raw Oaaal firm A fond badly Mm ? wii* nrw narrlaRa and hammr*. for aaia QIAIX (.R.lABd P<?R BALR - At iraHl.R Pul O rhurrbra ma wrll aa parlor* laryrr Mar* madr to <w*ar Appl to f hko'mr-lrr. nryaa bnlldar..onraar of PloahiM atrtM and Broadway. Bmnhlyw. r. T. TWO Rl.KOART RKW ?* ARD 7 O0T*T? PIaRO fnrlrw, by onr of tlw brat atAkrra. rrlll b? mid at thr ma nufaraumr a wbolmalr prima, throw tram' warramm torra Wiu ?ri; ainaly Apply, briwrrn f m*1 | o'clock, to w. RPKTRRR M rtroadway, up atairt RUMMKM HJCRORTB. Si! mr kb rarort ? lars momroai hours ir BOW op ?n for tumnw boar dart, four mUaa ?aat of PwaRa kill Ollacr tnwwihii by all tralaa oa Hadat* Rlrrr Rallmtd ?I al ram boot Inland Utty. Mitr ? A. W. Pal?a. Prrkakffl TRPaTIUOR HOTML. RimKaWAT, u>m? IRLARM, will opra for lAr aaaaoa on tbr ad of Juar Applloatloaa tor mo? aad cmua?*a to ba mad* at Rookaway or to C OMR , Mnal. atorr a plaa mat bo aam AWO a to RAJRHRirHIR. ABTROUN1T. A^?RTORIRHIRO TO ALL-HAHAMW MORROW. TBR arrrnib daughter of a orrrnik danfhtar wbo waa aim a rrrai awtmlnaiai, baa a natural (IT to toll all tbr rmwto of Ufa rr?a jour rrry tbmiahia, and wbrtkrr roo am niTtid at itnylr, and h. w many bairn rou am to ba OMrrlrd, aad bwa a ?<a. and will atoiw you thr Ukroro* of your fbtura kuabaaf and aferwnt IWnd?, and will rauar ton to br aprMttlj naarrtad tout ham pmd Inrk Vbronab Ula I bar* aatotiwhrd 'b utoato dtirlDR my tramla In Kuru|?r Pm Rimu. and mnktiw If am rauaftrd (in.ilrmrn not ad?lad I* Biwwaa Btowaa brtwrrn f'aniron and Odr-mbla. A i,i. auaaa tun tii'iAa a ah m in a auaua* i f ?br Rkr lu a mndy nmimmnd wit* uhrmotrwi I wbmk onahtoo kar to Ml f<wr u? nhtrwur and etmiMl? mm wtirthor fim will bo wnaltoy wkon and wkon yon Wt tun, and tn flan, iiunkkn all ?V rtoli kor Hho to kl? aantotod h> toadamo IVOnro too too* wonaoofni utelnofto in 'WT *?' looonwtok OmM -oar Wliwl * n am kkmhiwt that mkatm iiu *0*1.10 ami /\ i?o toM.ioapd dollar* roward to oflkood to anT ooo wbi aa lirTiano tior la onorort I'tMati on all ooooto, martini larly tmwno law a alto and all txulnma maitora Nko tlao otroo !'? k? niifnhom tnf p?r.on .h i,u, notaln In toni't* <( any kind, would do wo.l to rail and ana tha aa oral rtnorl lad? ? H -Nko la no knnNnc. <'all aod aatta N lonrwloa Roaldonno IAt 'tmkard itraot Sotwoow Hnaa on and Canton oom <11. AIR V of aRuIl- R? NKTNooR. NO. t to itrtotn\ / atrrol a fow doom wont of Broad war. too ranot IOC inrfa pod tool and h.mlnowa rlalrrnmnl In Atoorlna All dlaoanw ttoworod aod rorod. If ooraMo. nnorrinc addon on bnataona Own Monti ko and aaMafknkia twarantowd or no .ai / 1i.a i R Vt > 1 aNI'K - 5Tks IIaTKN, miiir'toMKHrRNRI. \ j a fow (loom ?w ol tho H-wnry. iho mw annnoao'o! ordinal and hn-hoan rlAlrmyanl ?o ky- In Amorlra All dtw aw dtooooorrd and rorod "w-tivmi of ahaon' 'Hondo a ado known Hailatan'toti roar an mod or no pay. MAIIAHR WMThmP-TFR uirrRu RrANinn LAOT. oHa onrrwo't, looo marda?o frmnda hnaiaom. a|rk noaw prowmh' a wirdlotno ** tol' dlonaaoa. how to pal* pro

forty Ut ar too low IB! Twnwty lotvrto to/not. oornor of Wrtto wwaa IURSDAY, MAT 28, 1857. I BOARDING Ajn> GOOGINO. I | () AND 4 AHINOIMJN MytJAllB. OoKNRB OF BANK I i / ? B/uima ia lift Willi h/MLrd n..Dal?l? I for families or stale yeoilrioec. Reference req aired. O A?HLAND FLACK, PERKY STltKKT -Hoo'm IN O ?ulu or single ertib board, "o the eeootxl door, tnatr mow be permanently engaged furnished or unfurnished. Family Sri tale. Aceev* by HUth avenue ou-s sad Anally street stuns rlemuoes einhasged. Location iilnssut for summer r el J dence. ' 4 BOND STRhRT -PURNInHRD BOOKS TO LKT, TO Real lemon, without board 40OTT AQR PL AO*, NR1R BLKROKF.R STRKKT ? Plesssut nx>m? to lei. to single genllemeu, without booni, In snil or tingle undudtr g gut, haib, 1c. UWOOSTKB HTRKKT.-BOOMS TO LKT, DOUBLE or single beds, with or without board, on the mot reasonable terms, at UADSUY'8 betel, U Woosler street, near Canal nlUKKAT JONKH HTRRhT.?SUITS OK H1NOLK ruouis, elegantly 1'urulahed, with or without a private table. |m FIFTH AVENl)R.-HANlMOKKLT fU&NlSHKU Lt7 rooms, single or In stilt, to let to geatiemen or famines, without board. OA CLINTON PLAOK.?FUKNISHRD PARLORS AND X bedrooms with partial board It desired; gat. bath, Ac. ' Hi KaMT BBuaDW a Y?KKSPHOT ABLK men can B* DO accommodated with good board, and pleasant, airy r <omi; also, grntlrinen and their wires ; those wanting a com ftwtable home will do well to pall and sismlaa ISr thnniaelrws Terms msderate. JQ BKAOU HTRKKT, ST. JOHN'S PARK?FURNISHED OO rooms to lei, with or without board, to single gentleman or gentlemen and their wires. The house has aO the moilem improve mrsta. A .> ORKAT JONK8 BTREKT?FUBKtBHKD ROOMS TO TLU let togealleman, without board ; breaklhatK required, , rhe bourn hgg all the modem lntprorsmenls. I A 7 A MITT BTRRT. -A RMAIJU PARLOR AND BRDX I room connected, oomfonably furnUhe 1, and two hall bedrooms, to let. wfth or wl boul partial board. A dean, qubt comfortable home osn be ob-afoed la su English family at a very moderate cost. References exchanged. ?i> WEST riPTRRNTH HTRKKT, NEAR FIFTH AYR UAJ ane.?'To let to gentlemen, In s private family, bandaomelv furnished rooms, oammuntesting, having Croon, gas. iub, Ac None but highly reapeotable persona Mad apply; breakfast If desired. ?Q WEST KIOHTKKNTH RT1KKT?A PB3IRABLB ?JO borne for a gentleman Mid wife or two ataxia genttemi n. Dinner at * o'clock. Houmi first otaaa. ^11 WHITE STREET, A rtW DOORS WEST OP IJU Broad way?Kurntabed nworB let?Pour rooma on the ttret floor. and a very large fnJfT<[t>rn on the aecond; very autiable for two or three HingleJPnUemeu or a amall family. 47 KANT SEVENTEENTH STRUCT, BBTWKB* CNIOH 11 anuare and Trvtng place.?'Tb-a fine reeldence, hating entire new, cually furniture, la ready far the reception of boarder*. Oentlemen und their wires, and single gentlemen may now secure deii^tful rooma. ri\ FRANKLftf STREET, FIRST HOUSE WB8T OP V/ Broadway.?A large front parlor, bedroom anil pantry attached, on Heouud flour; !% *?? mom. snUphle for one or two, and nrajgy fmwlsaed, for *eqo*uen. Impure at abov^ HWKKT TWRHTY I^URVUBTABKT.?a VKRV PESI ruble front parlor and bam-oom, or large room without bedroom, mar be obtained, wrltb full or partial byard. Lodhtoti delightful for the Rummer montha. Ill7 CIJ**OR PLACE F.IOH'H STRKHT, NEAR IU I Fifth avenne.?Hnndaomely furWsbed apartmenta and board tor a geuUemar and wife, alao a single gentleman, may be nhUined on appllcarton as above. Houae has all the undent unnrovemenat. Retort noe required 1 FORSYTH STREET -WITHOUT BOARD, A i. Ld\J nicely furnished hah bedrrom may be had cheap. (IS h lung* per week,) by applying a* abore. Family prlrale, and no boarders In the bouse. Reference required, and the fWllinmUl in advance, weekly. 1 id elizabeth mtkkkt, third door prom 1 nj Mroomet?? few gentlemen can be accommodated with bandar melf furnished rooma and board. There la a bath In the bouse, with hot and cold water. House la centrally Iocs ed for business. Refereuoe exchanged. I Alt WATKKIJCY PLACE.-A PARLOR AHO BP.DItO room on the seoond floor; alao rooms suitable for alnsle senllemtn. can be obtained with good board. Refer. enoe gfaFn and required. mDtJANK HTRKET, CORNER OP 8TAFI.C ? FTTHtithed room* to let, wt h hot and cold water baths and ga . to gentlemen, wltliont board, from (I 25 to 96 par week. A beautilul onrner room on the second floor, (tillable for two or three euigle gentlemen. Furniture new. I7Q CART TWENTY FIRST RTRKKT.?A BMALL Lit/ Southern family will let pleasant rooms and bedroom* to a gentleman and lady or teo single gestlsmm. Terras moderate. Apply as abors, O/lfl EAST BROADWAY.?TO LET, SEVERAL HANDLvll somaly furnished apartmeals either to geatlemea and their wires or stogie gentlemen. The house la modem, withal) the Improvements, such as hath. Re., sad gaa. O H THOdFSOM HTRKET, NEAR WASUIHOTOR Aj mT Parade Ground.?Families or single gentlemen accommodated with board. House first class, with all (ha modi rn improvements. Also two or three young ladles accomodated, and a lagge room suitable for a i rnlsml msl gnaUeman. OOC TRRTH FTREKT ?BRTWREK fibflt AND HBLLu rood avenues, furnished and unfurnished rooms to lei to gentlemen and their wives or sin<le gentlemen. location pleasant. House with modern Improvements. IPJt- BPRIMO 8TRRET, HEAR MAODOUOAL?FtJBLiMJ ntahed rooms, with p trial board. In a neatly furnished boose, with the mod sen Improvements, good yard. Re. Also, s fins basement to let, for a deolor or dentist. nrn greknr htrkkt, near wavkelkt place? Lt tO A few handsome rooms to let, furnished, with or without partial board. to gevtuemen only. House has gas. Crown, bath. Re . and la a delightful and ootnfurtable summer Ideation, brliig Immediately near Washington squ-ro. 070 FOURTH aYKNCK.?a PINK air T. HAED4S I O -m. , iitroiabed suit ol rooms to let, anb board Or without, to a family, or a party of angle gentlemen The house ha* the modern Improvements tod the comforts at a home may be enjoyed. References exchanged. Ill) HROOMK HTRKET, KKCOND RLOCE EAST OF TlO llroadway. Is one of iho best boarding houses la the el'j for single gentlemen and gentlemen and tbetr wives. Transient or dally boarders also ar? van modeled Dinner at 1 end 6 P. M. Cf BRoOME HTRKET TO LKT.-THB HOl'HR IM l/UO being put In perfect order from garret to fouadstion, painted Insets and nut, gas fixtures put Ta bath tubs and all modein convenience* wul be finished in a tew days. Apply to THOS. B. Van BL'KKN. S7 Broadway, room IL PLU'J BROOME HTRKKT.-A FT/FIR CON8IHTINO OF t/UO large bark and front parlors, with folding doors, end hall bedroom communicating with from d trior. to let to a gen Urman and will* or two grnUrmea. One family oornpiea the e hole boner. So *meil children CtU m Moo (or punlcv 1 ere or addrena Comfort. Herald idRee mRROAI>WAT, OORRPR OP H1RTH RTRRRT.? Part of thr h.mer to let, won Id amt a milliner or dreenmaker Apply at I.FKnY'R drttg ktore. AUKNTLKRAR AR? IIIH WIPR, OR TWO ftlROI.R gentlemen, ckti ha nnrointnodaied with board In a very ulcassiii house, having all the modem Improvements, at IW West higbneutb street, Dear Klxbih avenue. blatter at I o'cloek. APKIYATK FAMILY, HRHIillRO IR HKYKRTKKRTH reel, between Third and Fourth avenues, hare a parlor and thrre brdr. una to let, with partial board and dinner oa Hun<*aya. A pe-ty ol three or four getiUemen can Had a plea east hone# convenient to Opera louse, earn, ha Nooher boarder* Will be taken. Aditrnaa Junius, Herald o?re. auaunf where and abtaaa tnlarrtow may be had. Referenoea exslanged Aback parlor ard partrt to ltt-wtth board, to a geeilemnn and wife or two duple gentlemen: aleo n< mi fur rtngle gentlemen. Apply at the corner of Ooort and Batter etreeta Houth Brooklyn. AOP.Rfi.kRAR API) HIP WIPR OR TWO RIROLR gentlemen onn obtain deatrable nxcaa at 91 Prtaoa nmt, aear Broadway Apart* or prur two t> r ?ur pkrrorr car obtain pleasant apartments, with board, la a private family ni Tarrytown. Par panlculam apply at a Wavartey place, corner of It rm ne etrvet Appw HIHOLP OFR FLKMKR OAR OBTAIR pleaaaot room*, with full or partial board, hi a private family, by apply ng at 97 Washington street. Brooklyn, within B?? minutes walk of Fulioo ferry Referenoea given and re quirt d. Aoprti.kmar and him wipk or rimii.r oertlrmen, rsn tod plane*. t faenUbnd nuM, with board, at Ru. S Albion place, 4111 Pctirth sirewt. AT THK MOaRDRR-H rXCH aROR APri.RTOH BUILI> tap. yon can learn gmtaltonsly fall p wileulara of man* deatrable families, and hoardmg In entry part of eity and on on try All wishing genteel boarder* should apply tmaaedi nMy tn Rmhh a Wnyl. Aqerti.fmar ard lad* TiRRtRR to ortair a es/onahiy furnished mnm with a widow lady, where there are si other b.iarder* taken, srtth partial board for the lady If tmoreeleel. (a* and bath tndlepesushla I sir tibia be twee* Hleerker and thirty aacnod street, wrat of Broadway. Addr?ae R. H C Onto* aqnare Post 'dr. a part* op orrti.rrrr ?ar rr agoovodaTru a. with pleaaaat famished room*, where eenry Mine will be taken n make their bom# pleasant aad krriieabhk. else, a back parlor to 1st to a tireless tonal gentleman, (iea and bath tn the Loose Apply at did Houston aL APRIV ATE FAMILY RRHIDIRcl ROT TWO B'jOOER hoe* MadHnn sqosrr. and rmtronleol to rare and e?*gea wonle hge to let to a vlngle gentleman a cnmfortehie and neatly furnished front room aiib hall room atlaraed Prtee ?11b par1 la) board a? aer week The hotter am nil the modern improvement Miat antl?f m try rvforenrea given and reqnired. add-see P ?< ? 191 Poet offlre s LADT, RR*ll)IRtl IR MROORI.VR, WITHfR TWO ? * mintttee walk a' the Month or Wall street ferries, would axrotid Vr.r, farnlahrd nr iinfttrnlahxd, with K??ard Alan | alnalx mxn ran bx anr'fainndatxd wlln board l|>uao eoa'atna all thx m ?lrm Imiironnnlt Apply M No. W atrxrt Hmnhlfn AORNTI.KMaR ARU HIM WIPP.. OR TWo R|R.||,R fxaUrrnxn. ru obtain board ta a T*rj aall pnralx f?. mil| w hxr- 1 hxrx iimhii k?r t..arlx-? on in . |?ra,x t?nna. br *ppl' ln? at tn nurd atmot. nxar araattx II Alan, no a young lady. _ AMI IT Ob ROOAIH PI w. ?s , *n,v I.<> - ATKP OR * r md lb-*, a>ti-*hl? for r.ntixtaan and wlfx. or tw.. tlnrlx #x|. Ixm. n mai bx had. wl4 c.o.rd la a proau- lamny Anpit ai ?3 SxT.-nih atrxat, nxar Snxond artino. UaxiorpUoa* ftlx rxf. rxnrx? plrxo and r.*|iurx1 AI.ADT WIH IM TO I KT A RKATl.T rt'RRiHIfg I r?na and badrnota. with conrxalxarx for nooktnr at t) pre wxxk f.r <>na ftirntahx.1 room ai fj t bxr? ?r~ no b .<rr| ari In thx Apply ai 217 Wtai Twxntf fourth a rxx|. AOI1 luHTTPI. HOUR, UOOIJ HUtlll AND <too|? r"?n nan bx had tl ?V Colombia >tre*t. Mronfclya tlxighl*, miih ? pr >?ix (anally. Whflx rn Itinxi, pr.|.?m Ih.inxr at oOWtrk BOAR ? A (IRxTl.RM a R AND I.Alt* OR TWO OKR tixmxa nan ha eenoewdatxd with r?l ..ard % prlralx 'mailt. and pixaaani m.ra rmu na ?.?.| Arv.r thx h....?x la n'wlxrn, and ta a fxalxxl axtakb.xdx.v1 \ba> at 170 Baal m< Board two huttr op ro<>*p tor okrti.krrr anr thxtr wtrxx and nnx aubahlx ttr a ainplx axnll-rnta *id< all thx nandxru Imprv.rxtnxow xaa hx ob-*lnx/ ml *4 Wx. Twxatr third atradt, axar riM a ran ma. Rdarrant pi rhaaaxd. I BOARDING AND LODGING. DOASl). ?TWO OUILnKKN, UNDHK TWlli.vil. * ? Y D be Mconm' Jaia< wtth board in abealdtv ikmiud. with a private family having no oUUdreu Apply at til Budeoa beet. near Troy. Board.?a grmtuoiaN and wifh. or two am. Kin genllroiea, alao a Mingle KenUemnn, can obtain full I or partial board In a Drat olaan modern bounr; plnaaant loan Uoti, convenient to rart and Magea. Apply at 86 Hammond itreet, between Dleeofcer and Fourth. Board?Wantkd, bt a toono man and wifh, a nicely furnished front room, with full board for lady, la a private family, in or brio* Franklin atreet, vent of Hudson Ternu moderate. Uuod re Vrence given anil reqa'rod Ad dress W. T . 67 Warren street. Board.?17s bast skvkntkrnth ktrkct ? a bu ouud alorv room for a gentleman and ?rlfe; alnn two aln gle rooms fur gentlemen or lad lea. Ilie lecajtoa la iHeavant alagra lUin'iAr*."" 1 " Board.-a oouplr or qkntlkekn ham br ?.o oommodated wlih room* and board to a priratA fan. y. In a firs) rlaai hoiiae la Weal Twenty aeoncd street. between Klpbth at d Nlnlb aveuucw. AdUreaa J. W. S., r we ui 1>. a N., boi 1371 Print udice. Board?a larub front parlor, with hamu uy and bedro MB attached, furnlihed, oao be bad for ft out 19 to alO per week. Location pleasant and coorenteat. apply at UI Hudson street, oorner of Morton Board-an rldbrlt widow, without pahii.t, would accommodate a lady with board; being an eiperlraeed ourne. one who requires naming preferred. Appty at 74 Ridge street, new Rlrtngton. Board down -town -two gentlemen oan bi accommodated with board, aiaa oao young lady, at 1U UriM-nwich i.treat, comer of Robinson. Board down town.-t< lk a pine larur front room, well furnished, batii aud gaa attached, to single reoUeuten, with good board. Also day and dinner bewdere can be accommodated. Apply al 1U Leonard street. east Of Broadway. ' r* . Board at no. 4 poplar street, Brooklyn Height*.?An Am*rioao family, baring one or two room* more than tbry require. Would accommodate a gen tinman and hla wife or two or three glqgle gmUeaann with fall or partial board, on reasonable term*. Reference glren and req aired. Board in brooklyn-u ounton street, near Pulton street. Plaaaant rooms, which may be ooca ded by Angle gentlemen or a gentleman and hla wife, cr by lathes, with either full or partial Board. Board in brookltn.? a uentlrnan and his wile and two alogle gentlemen oan prooore good board aud pleaaanl ro ma at M Stale street, wlihln lire minutes waU of ihe South or Wall afreet ferries. Dinner at < o'c<ook. Board in brookltn.-will be vacated in a few darn, one large room on aecond Boor, with or nthout bedr.-otn adjoining, suitable for a gentleman and wife or a party ot mm persona| location oonrenlent to either P niton (V Wai atreet ferries, and one of the pleaaanleat In Brooklyn. IMnner at >; o'c ocA. Apply soon at *7 uouooru su-nou Botrd IN brooklyn.?two or thrkk SINULK gentlemen can be accommodated with board. Call at 92 CUnion street, between Wall street and tleuth ferries Refe rvurcs required. Board in bbooklyn.-oood board and plha h.'vnt rooms cun be had, with the oomtorts of a home, at 61 Naaean street. Board at brooklyn.-viry pleasant spark rooms, beynod the requirement of a small faintly, would be let, furuUlied, to a gentlemen and wife and two single gentlemen, with board, tu 73 State street, between lleury and Clinton. Accommodations of a superior class and location desirable. Board in Brooklyn.?a sitting rook and two bedrooms (together or separately), with lull or par tial b mrd, within a few minutes walk of the Booth or wall Street ferries, at 218 Henry street, corner of Congress Board in brooki.yn.-a gentleman and wirx or two or thrre single gentlemen ran be secomm'xlsled with board. In n small private family, bat tug a plan- ant location; handsomely furnished house, containing ail the modern improremeuts. Terms moderate. Apply at So Warren street, first house west of Cjjptoo street. Boardinu in hrookltn.?two larue and very pleasant rooms, unfurnished, to let, with bosrd. to gentlemen sod their wires: slao, a few single gentlemen can Be aecommodsted st No. 6 Sands street. Board on Brooklyn hriohts.?a qentlkman and hu> w Ife or two single gentlemen can prorare a suite of rooms, on second floor, with full or partial board, by applylag at No. 6 Wil ow street. References eiehanged. Board in south Brooklyn.?a nicely pur ntahed bedroom., on the flrat floor, suitable for one or two riJensen, with partial boars. Also, one os the second floor, ery attention paid to oomfort Apply at No. 1 Uheersr placn. Board in south brooki.yn.-a lady and a en daman or three single gentlemen ran find pleasant rooms on second floor, with gas and pantn: lint rate looaJun. tire minutes walk from Auan ic and Montague ferries. (M Went Warren street, between CI Inbm aad Henry. Board in williamsburo.-a few gentlemen nr gentlemen and their wires oan obtain board with a private family In WUHamabaig, a mr miasms' walk from the ferries. RefSrenees esdmngad. Apply to Mrs. O. W. Adrlanon, M South Third street. mm of third stresL ROAKD at HOb jkeh?TWO single oentlmmrji ^ can o? BccirauDooMoa m m pnTw iiwuy ww ruutm ud hrekfial, tea. aad dinner on Sunday*. The torn#* In Arot elnaa ; location dealruble, nod within mlnutea from the W Mr week each. i ddr? i. M. Haleey, HeBoarp wahtkd?a okhtlkmam amp i.adt ark dealroua of procuring permanent board, with furuiahed apartment*. in a private family. Location between Uouatoa and Twentieth (treats, nnar Hroadway. Dinner at ill o'clock preferred. Reference given and rwqulred. Addreea box 4,019 Hew Tort Poet (Act . OARPIHU.-A HAMDROMJCLT PUKNlriHRD PaRiajR, nltable tor a gentleman and ladyialao, a room tor (ingle Kenan, may be bad by adranlng W. B. I., Herald oOoe. tton (a Twenty-ninth nun, near fifth arena*, and dinner at SH o'cloak BOARDIHO.-A ruw SIHOLM OBMTLJCMRN OR UCNdemon and tbeir wire# ean be accommodated with board. Rooma faratibed or unformatted; wltfetn three minute* walk at Paltoa ferry. Apply at a front etreet. lirooklyn. BOARDIHO.-rAMn.I1CR AHP AI .SO TRANSIKMT prraona deatring a liealthv locality, can be areommodated WHk airy ruoma at 61 Weet Twenty aenrmd treet. The borne la Htm dam and eeraral ybart eetahllahad. Reference* repaired. Boarding. ? t'kfvrmihhkd AHP fcrx1st1kd mnma to let. with hoard In a private (unu.jr aontheaal corner of BUih avenue and Thirty eecond (treet. Ibehnue* hae modern improvement* bath. A" . and a rerr deatrahle and healthy loeatloa. Terma moderate. Beet of' reference given. BOARDITO-A OKHT1.K.MAH AHD H18 WirR OR two single gentlemen ran he aeconuundaml with full or : partial board ai 76 Orchard ?treet, near Grand aireet. Brookutm ukiobth. two minutkm prok fultum ferry.?Room* for a gentleman and wife: al*o, mingle BDemon, with full or partial board, at Ho. U Poplar etreet. few boarder* taken. Kl.KOANT RUTT OK FTTRNIRHKD ROOMS AHD plot.(lid parlor to let; alao dingle rooma, in a Aral clam private hrnea, with or without private table, or nae of a kit cben. Apply at No. AS hi Mark'* plaoe, Klflnh atreel. FURNIPHKD KOOMH.?GBHTLKMRN WISHING ? UR niahed rem*, without board, will Aad very pleeeaat and airy apartmenta, with every oonvenieoee, at a moderate real, by applying ai 419 Broome (treet, near Broadway, aaal aide FURNIKHRD ROOMR.~UKNTL.CMRN RKljb'l KINO fore la had mod* wlthool board, will tad vary pleat (I apartmenta. with oonventaaoe of balk, gaa, Ac , In a vary eligible aitaatlna, by applying at AT brtooa atraet. ocur Broad way, wet at da A ault oftpartmanw wmatoUng o' back parlor, eteeiatoa room aad oOoa. enitabl* tor a pkyWdia or den Oat. to let aa (born. Terma moderate IH RNIR1IKD ROOMH-AN RI.Rd AMT RVTTR OP ROOMS, 1 with commodioua bad n? aad pant, iro attached, to be iet log other or aeparaia. Alao a ault of maguiSrani perinea am the Aral floor, aewly and elegantly furmiahed. at 61 Bleacher (treat, a few doora weal of Broadway. The houee l? vary large and airy . bah. gaa, Ac. FCRNlf>HED ROOMR-POR HIJfULK OKNTLRMRN. IN a prlraia family, without board, with all tha nwWi la prmcmauia. baih, |m. Ar , ta a planaanl part >< tha elly, L naiad at TV P<virth taanna. batwnon Tanih and Klrronih at., and oair oom black (ma Broadway Rafamoroo atnhan**d. FrRNimiicn room to lict.-a privatr pamilt would lat two or thraa nlanaaot fnrnithad rwmii II 10 par waak LocaUna MS ltr*>ma otraai, lialae? Broadway and Ho wary. Call and aaa (or yourwnlraa. KIRNISHP.I) ROOMS TO IJTT TO OK NTiJCMNN IN A Praaah family, with or without braakfhkL Rafernaeao trail and raqnlrad Apply aftar 4 o'clock at IT NACdou*ai Wraat, Mara Nlrrktr and A a Ay fNGRhlHHRD ROOMS TO Lift, ON TUN PI RUT fllMII. to Mac la taut lama a or ladiaa. at 17 WhMa atrooi Tarao aaoy. Plana* rtag tha uppar ball btl'lninhrn roonh to i.rt at sh clinton pl.ack. P - oa? Slot of rary ban Jaoma apar man la, wall adapind for parti a* wlahina truly aom/ortabla fedclafs. AJoo, a tlocla parlor and bodronm fNlRNIHHklt OR LNPCRNUIHP.O ROOM* TO LMT1 with or without board ^ irw clam hn-ura w<th all t?? mo dart) imprxrrm' n'K hot and cold a alar baUlA Kit Oraaawlrfe atraat north of Kprtan Hiitm. loot11 no.?OMtTl.RMKN uan OMTaIN otmll ftinuahad ronoM at tha lllobn Hotm. oomar of Praokbrrt and William irtrrata at Maaata par nlfht a few boat roama at 30 caota. No ?thnr charcos atcapt at ihatr option. HANDNOMRl.T FURNIsHICD ROOM* TO LKT-Wtra hraakfbrt and Ira If daolrad, to atn<l? gaaUatuac only, by a airtrtl) prlraia family . ia? and tiaih io tha b maa. Apply at ,t+ ll"'i 'on itm iwo hlork* fmm Broadway NO. 4 ALBION PI.aON, 4IS POORTH NTRnKT Room* to lat, fnrnUhad or unftiraltbad with or without N.i rd. ouitaMa for faatiaman and ihalr wtrat or ?n(l? (ao II. man. fenation rary doairabla. bolrvf noaraaiant to oar a> d uta** rntttna ktvwlt prrniphpii knows to i.kt to atROLR It pantlaman. or a man and wife wlihniit board Omd rrfaranoaa ra<jiiir*d la rafard to oh tractor Apply at No M WMMNM. ONN OR TWO OKNTLRMRN CAN HN AOCUNMiHIAT ad with a mom. turniahad or tinfurnUihad. la a prlra'a fa tertiih afreet PARTIAL. HOARD WaNTRD-RT a TOt/NII UKNri.K man. 1'leaae adds km R M , alalia* Ifrma. Ac.. Herald .flier FRI>ATFI board-A OKHn.RRAN AND WICK i)*N bare an unfnrtuaked w mini ai.e-j front nine arlih fnit nr partial hoard Thime who really want a boat will be a tl ably provided for, by applying at II KuiRara itreet Kefernoer reontred rl.RARART HOARD NaT RR Od TAIN Rlt IN ? MM ALL. private family. In Wtllmurbny atreea ttronhlyn for two or fwir alncle t'nilr-tnra, with plea am room* oa m noa.i tnry, or would let It to a staall family wt-h h.atrd. Reference# required Terma mod Aral e Ad 'rr*a Amern?n ll-rald ITIra rRITATR ROARDtNll a ORNTI.KRaN AND wick or a etncla ffeniirmaa naa nhtahi hoard la the ploaeam atd ? ntedl houae 4 i Drove at/ert a ear Hlreeker Ternaa m< derate Oaa bath, Ae KOO* TO I.RT.-A riJIARANT riTRNIRIIRl) *<*>" o let to fentlemaa and hta wire, wtrk uae of parlar bit rheat. and every farlllty Ihr rookie j la a family of tw? per anna orrqnyint the entdad" houae Halllraw are**, qr ?y ortwo ImJKiroa Wf * ?* BOARDING AID LODGING. ^ |>imi?H To I.KT-WlfH o? WITHOUT HUaHU, * |V HMMK?d ?W*, lutoM W*Mk?r u4 Tour* Mk tnonn lurg* mrt |>t??k?> 15J'Ji*! .' ?_w.iTiiotrr HoANft ? " T ,"T" I unwiuwlinK ni bouae U handanmrlv furnUhed. with ail the nuwittrn tma'OaW arete Or a '? da? h.i?r<l?r? ouy b? aoo eaa*>d>trd. Rooms tc i.kt?with boaki>. at ho. i<o iiuimot tlnM. fWM>t nf ib* Park Oaa and balk la thr ROO*8 TO LbT. PUBNlSaiCD?TO UB.N rud ?BM. without board, la bouae <00 <*raad airem No b.iard?r? to Ibr bouae jootb jhuvli.1*. aaiiiMuu O rooaa m lat, with partial board, to two or thrrn gmmt* aea. la the koma V a tiaall private ftually. rnetdlaa W a adwr taut location, eoaraateal to Boulb aad Wall atraat fwilia TVe hoaae la aaw. aad eoatatae caa. bath, Bo- Tor aarttaw lara. toauire at W Harrtana atrar* tbwtbttmnklr* Two 81NOUI tiBNTUKHKN oa* SB aOOOMMOOaTCD with ninety furolahrd motaa la a hooao wttb all Ibt aau darn taavrovameula- looattoo anaurpaaaad. m?"t arlT^a Befereaoaa reoatrad Applv at W Roach atraat. oppaaha PL Xoha'a jtark TWO nsatly FUBMI1HKU BOOMS, OB a LaB'K room on aeoood door, to let, ailb partial board, la two ato?le fcuiletaea. la a private family, at 321 Broome a>aal. oppoele St etephau't oh urea. terma moderate. Batarawaaa exchaosed. TWO rUBItlBbKO BOOMS TO BBNT aT 18U TABMB rlreel, ooe to a single cealamaa at II, and oootataw gentlemen at S3 Two r vblor8 with bbdkoom8 oonnbctimw 99 let?Un/uralabed, separately or together, to gendaan with respectable rehrraoa Hauae Is b Hue order, baa al the tatpror- meuta, sod U la * dellgMJoI jdtaattoa, oabltw mHinlea walk from Washington square. Addreei B. CU thMaa square float Pee T^aaM^S^WaiiTSSS eood toor. TWO OB TUBS* OBNTLKMBH VAJf HATS BOOMS, fat ttlabed or unfnntlabod, yrHh Or without partial boai^te quire at U Wood street. rrrwo ok thbkk rehpk-tablk youho n 1 ran obtain board on moderate term* at 31 OB# Mai place. TfcRKK H AND&oMKLT PUKNlHIlRn BOOILS TO LVT lo single gentlemen, without board, with ail the mistere ImproTemenU. apply at Madden's Hotel, ?U and 634 broadway. In front of Laura Kaene a theatre. TO Lm?TO A OKNTLKMAN, A ROOM. PaRMUlMR or onfurnh bed. In a private family, where there are ao b <arderi;gaa and bath. Apply from H to U A. M., and lie3 P. M., toM. Wlctham, 17 Weat ilth street WANTKD? LOUUIMOb WITH OK WITHOUT BREAKfast and tea, or aire Is on 8unda*a, by a young aaa, eltber In Broohlyn. near Wall afreet ferry, or In New Tare, a bo re Hirer Iter street, and where he could praoti je muste and singing without annoyance to bimeelf or to others, either saarwIng, evening or on Hiuidam, and would prefer ha ring (ha aaa of a good piano. Best of references given. Tarma mnitaiala | and pay an re. Please address Junius, hot lit Post odea I nrnnin a f.aRriR wki.i. rirKMiHHEli r/iois w with gas and partial board, by two gantfrnum. Lsrattaa west of Brow way aud above Bleeohhr street. Address, wMh lev ms and full particulars, box 1,1171 Post offiee. BO BHD IN THE COUNTRY^ Board at Hastings, on the Hudson-one hours distance from New York, accessible by stisaihswl and railroad several times each day, witl a private (baity, who oould soeommodste one large or two small families, within a few minutes walk ef the depot; accommodations sad table ltrml class .private Camilv. Address, with real earns and address. N. A. K . Pnk.n square Post ottlce. Board in the country, at a priyath abu denes, well shaded. lth plenty of bruit, sea be had by a gentleman and his wifs, or two single gentlemen; la brt a short i u'snoe from the city. Refers to J. B. Thompson, SB Broadway, for information (YOUNTRY BOARD FOR TWO LARGE FAMILIES?ob J Rtokmnod Hill, btatee Island, fire miles from Vandm W lauding Location most healthy. Dinner at six o'eioefc. Par tioulars troosH. W. KKNKDlCr, No. ? Wall street, and J. F. w l.i.i TT, Rloamond bill Cottage, Btsten Island. (YOUNYRT BOARD.?A LADY ON A PAR* OOVUE ) accommodate two or three families during the seen am with good board, at a short distsnos from boo ten rtslnsdanaA on Central Railroad of New Jersey House large and pnn aantly situated. Addreee 8 Q., Plain field. New -lereey. C YOUNTRY BOARD HAY BB HAD AT A DEMISABLE J residence within a bill hour's ride of Brooklyn, by ike Lore Island Railroad. Fine airy rooms, large lawn, wNfe shade trees, plenty of fruit vegetables, Ac. Par further particulars wqul-e at 7* Rset Twenty third street COUNTRY BOARD.?A PRITATI FAMILY O COPYlog a large house, on the banks of the Bast river. ekR extensive lawns and garden, three or tour a wee, within forty mlnutee rids by the Seeon 1 or Third avenues railroad fitn City Hail, can aacooiaodaie two gen* lemon and that' stim or four or five aingle gentlemen, with large room and beard fur the eumasar snaann For particular* Inquire at 111 Pagan Wrest. YYOUNTBY BOARD OAN BB OBTAINED WITHIN YEN \J miles of New York, on the banks of the Hudson rtvnr, by n few families, in a moot dr strable situation A steamer lant* near the premises several times dnrtag the day; fere 11*SOMA Refereooea required, address Junior, Herald olBrt. (YOUNTRY BOARD AT YONKERH ?A FEW MORE ) boarder- can be areomasodeled with pleasant reams and board at the spacious hou ? of James Lo oceans. Ism lion unsurpassed for vtsw ol the Hudeoo. Apply ai Mm Pan oRce or at the house. Wharburton avenue C YOUNTRY BOABD FOR CHI'.DRBN.-A FRANCE J family, from Parts, residing la Yorkvllls, will rroetve a few children to board, and Instruct them In all the nranahaa m m Prmieh aiu4 IT r pHeK mA nnntlAd aIm in Hiitaip Tiimg nam. derate. Rrfrmores given. Address French board farafefldrwa, Broadway PodoOot. vriw BocHEi.LB.-r mnjn or hinolb otrriA 1> men dealrlng board at UUa pLao* for the summer aaa attain elegant aooomaaodatlons with a lady whose annas leaks out apoo the wund. with garden rrgrU&lee. fruits, pioneers boat, fee. Address M. O. M.. New Snchalle. Rockawat-roarh WAKTRI), FUR a I.AHT arb title gtri for the summer mouths, to a email genteel Mb, and where ahe can hare the advac-agea and omn/asieara home, a food table and a kindly diaptaed family are ladlepenaablr. Address 8. B. r.. Urrald often. NIRCKLLAIIICOim. AMFNTLKMaN HaVINU OFFitKM i* THB ORTT, a lib rona'd arable time unemployed, wtahee pvtlai aaeapat too aa agent for aale of goods, or aay poaiUoa that lite or rrmuneratire Can tnflursee raab traneseUoaa. Rdb ream and aerurtiy. addreaa J M , Herald nffena. 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