Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1857 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 7670. MCUIV HiTFBFSriNfi FROM ViFMTRAI I AMBRZOA, Capitulation of Gen, talker to the Com* mander of the St. Marys. COSTA RICAN REJOICINGS* PROCLAMATION OP PRESIDENT MORA. In. nrnniD?ftfn's Official Report of the Filibuster Campaign in Nicaragua. Nicaragua Not to be Divided. Reception of the Filibusters in New York to., Al.i Aoi By (Ik arrival of the niiooli we hare received dates hnt Guatemala to April 20, CbJ Jiapijue (Sju Salvador) to M, Leon (Niearagua) 6th, Ban Juan del Sur &th, and San >m Mb of Ray. The news la highly Interesting and lmysi'tsst. A salute of one hundred guns announced to the people of Ban Jose, at one o' stock on the 7th of May, the Barren Mr ?r the filibusters; the ringing of the bells, musio and arVes of rejoicing manifested the enthusiasm of the people fer the victors and for the re establishment of peaeo. The towns and villages were Illuminated during tho night; everywhere there were musie, fireworks, promenades, halls and merry reunions, and the national Hag waving aver all bootee. At cut the 4th of April, says the CYonica, a lieutenant htn Walker's foreea surrendered himself to General Mora M a deserter. Ibe General received him with great kindasee, whereupon the lieutenant, drawing a revolver, said, "General, this pistol wae given to me by Walker, and he mareever promised me ten thousand dollars If I retook one af the steamers, in company with some others, who pretend to be deeerters; and assassinate yen and General Ghana. Tour generosity has disarmed me, and Induoea ma to make this confession " General Mora, with his division of the army, was sx- j pasted at San Jose on the 13th. Great preparations were being made to give him an enthusiastic reception. Ike Vrtmic* glvee all due eredtt to Chpc Davis for his humane interference to save the lives of Walker and hie followers, and also speaks In the highest terms of his noble conduct. The Boletin Cfirval of Leon, of April 16, states that when the filibuster party left the fhstllk) fort on the 6tb, without attacking It, they left a paper (fhstenod to a tree wtth a bayonet) containing the following words ? 14 James Bowie and E. J. Calhoun present their compli meets to the Oommander of Fort Chitllkj. Goodbye, friends. Wwrlnre remain in peace?the war is over." OUR BAN JUAN CORRESPONDENCE. V All Bit's A KM y AMD THAT UK THE ALUM LIAS Tim KILKENNY OATS?unclb SAM kicks THI BEAM A0AINST MALUM?CAPTAIN DAVIS KMAAMGBM ! ALKKll'M HCUOOMBB OK AM ADA?WALESA SUAAEN??*" AIVAS TU CAPTAIN DA VIM?MR A HIM ON TUB pniyed statim sloop ?-t. mast's?oolonbl titvm dvbrtft and rdrbkndaks to a 8knt1.rm an op <mm.? a?captain davis ski aba thi granada? tkb" ?bamada handed over bt united states mens to a bio srex niooeb. Ban Ji am ml Si r, Ma; 3,1U7. TTw atege of Rlvaa UrmisAlnl on U>e M ef May My tho ewrrender of the town mn<! f arrlmn?by agreement or ?% pSUhdlon I - IDs United Bute* Hoe, represented by Omr* Bar*, oftbe lotted numb sloopof war Ha Marys. Oen. Walker, Id ftilfllment of the terms of Ibu agreement, em harked the tame ercning oo board |thc BA Marys, with Astern oflleers, for Panama, and left the remainder of the farrMOD Is charge of Lieut. McOorkle, of the United State aaey, to embark at Virgin Bay for Tortugas, u bo thenoe Ikewlte Iran 'ported via IDrtugae and I'unu Arenas to PIsua The elate of the oaee Is about ah follows:?Since the sanguinary defeat of the allte* In the r attempt in norm Rieaa m the 11th of April Mat, no anbury operation esoepuug Sight skirmishes had taken plaee on either ride. DeeerMm was decimating both cam pa. As regard* Walker, U was foar mouths and a half since be bad occupied Rives, Aoruic wbich Ume he had received no succor* from tbo Atlantic ckatee, and only 130 men from Calif woie. It was err three month* rlnce the all lea had occupied Ban Jorge wttli the intention of attacking Klvas, which they inrested by formbig round it fonr strongly intrenched cam pa, from whwb they opened Are on the loan with two twenty fo ir pounder* on the ?ld March. During Una porto t the allies brought into the Held between 0,000 and 7,000 men. Nine actions ol more or lees Importance bad been fright, in whrh I Jen. Walker lout a little over throe dub ire.t kiiim mI wounded; bul tbe deeeittocw, wbb-.h bad Inoroaeo I twenty a day, enoeedod four hundred. About one nth prevtoualy, be had commenced rlaugUkrlng hit bora** and mulea, and continued to hold Itlvaa In antioip*. th n of on* of four probable event*, vtz.?The arrival of Irwkrtdpa, th* arrival of reinforcement* from Ubllforula, tbe breaking op of th* enemy'* ramp, and Uie rlelng of hia frtroda In tbe north of the Stale of Nicaragua, who wer* waiting till the alliea were aumciently weak-oed, and till an AB>*rlcaa force appeared to bark ibetn. I/ck rid go wa* .wBhrr brard from nor brard of till tbe ?Olh V kprtl. The fttwit Company did n A atait U>*ir ?u-anv*r aa premised, on the &th of Apr il, from Saa Ft aartron.and probably intended to repudiate their engagement. The alltea, ttMnfta very mar no aeveral ccoario?i break in* up, were *aeni raged by Ihrwe rlreuuwlanone, aod by the n?*eru-Mi teduned by paid ageata In RJva* to renew their effort* aod It per*ever* Tbe elite*, an their pari, bad toal, according to their awn am wal, between 9,000 aad 2>>0 nun, beaidet lib prttna era, in three op. ration*. la every owe of the** nine light*, ateept thai of .lornte, they ha I etth*r been driven iolo tteir entrenchmente or repnleed with b*w n.' |irwnnam and rarnon. P*?rrtltm wan w> great, aad di*r*> iragewnt *o frequently prevailing, that though aware of the d mlru nape of attacking tbe Americana bebind bar need * tbe> made a deeperat* attemjd rm Hiva* m the XVI of Martjti, tad were oa tbe point of diaper*mg, when tbe daeerttna of fttrty California** In a body, and the arrival of reinfaroe nnk, removed thetr onefldeeoa. Tbe aof t attempt, on ma 11th of April, waa determined by hke ooont teration* Ml fimnwi"! now* iiBif. um i nn in?7 aad p*rwv*?*.l, b*rwna* (Walker'a fbrr* hemp an far re dared that h* MM aid rlrk it uU tbe lam motn nt> thny war* a*t attacked. and expecUne every day that want af prmtaWww would fnvo* htm to evacuate the |M?y, at<1 Pecan** lb* Increa* of d***rti?o, lb* eucom* of oorropt a>? aperi# in Kirn* and ih* t(rn.>mtnt"W? Mrk*ll line of half a *?*. * of rtlWri, *wm?rm?i-d the hop* thai with a I Ul* funk** pat mora, r.haoo* and craft * ?iM achieve *h^ firm had fatl?<l in anr?mpii?h t ?n, am-or l which tafMeb anveretnii W*r* Onaapteuaim, and prnmU"* w*r* fcvtohed on d*.*rl*r* letter* and pent U na'ion* war* laity mattered thro, jn Kiraa, lei.pflnir by off#** of recir ttjr and abundance. ih* pn*til*r inuty of ?cm* and th* mtpa banc* of privation frit t?jr nttwr* Ire* tb* llih of April. how*v*r, th* alBed army bad ****1?r<t iwt retnfren ttv-M be la-t ree.Hirow* In men were clear!) **hau*tnd All Ih* t??l ndlonr* of in* alli*a had h**n hwl In tb* rotiWwl la aih ami d"**ilion had an b thltned ll?*ir rank* thai or Ih* nvtrnlnp of ih* l?t of May ih*ir total form did not n. mho* I.Tna m*n Of 1,w> Onda Kiran*. Wnalcmajan* and Hnno.iran* (who had horn* the r.htff brt.nt of th* Uridine). I?~* than HOD rrttwa md Th* ?tnp*odi?i? barricade* of lh*ir entren*.h*d ntm|rtrwM pr<d*ct th?m from Walker'* wewkn***, aod di**r Jim *w to a er*al **l*ni Imiwinl hv imdrtdne their ra*n at iieM. hoi their nil linna of Irene he* cold no Innn* h* manr*d *ff*ctnally hi Impwt* htm, and a npfht movement in fhllow him wmi'd htv* -mtuied th* dcertl.n at two-lhir l? of die m*ti. On the Utet A|itil, for In Wane*, a party of for y AfMrteaa* rathe-In* pktntmaa were at larVed hy niwdy <4 tb* all'*" After a Itftt* iitilriai*hlnc both parti** rehred with i*notnlntio* had* Th* Amn rv-aa* i.wt A**, th* nrtnr *Wvn kilted and wonndod, b it oaly Airly of th* allow returned in 'heir haretcadea. anoqt h* aam* number 0?b??1n* away th.dr arma, and Impriw. lap Ih* nnrmelnn In e<< home In r<> en** n.?.dd th* alliwl army have h*id afrtiter fr.wte.-n day* bmeer. Oa Nt* other haad, Walker *v r*d'ie?d to th?** -bir* rervvt*?tf.te* bor?ea, twa mnle*. and twnovun. ** Wtt*w hariny h.-wi re?*r- ed lo draw rannoti or am vi i "J*"*1- H* w?* hampered vrtth 17b ?i k and woindci, and ov*v li*> prbem-r H? Iwvt only Wi \m*r1*ne (In mdaw otlrrre) ? to carry arm*, ah I forty nallvea Of btrwrleana only ah;ml fr*l oonil hire heen omintod on *" * **yh H" wa*V dho'it m?an* ?f tran*i*wti?tinti f-.r amnumttbio or artillery, *t.-ep? hl? Meht mo-intaln hiw't "***. ? therefore propahie that hnt f<r thl* arr? ST",, T* ,V"W th* Id In th* Ad of da? ha?* hrokee I aoronen Mia *tn*ihr'a IttM* on two rldeo?one Kvly of aay | S"** rrarehlnp toward* I mm, whoro awmqwa wwaby ?m am* r vii to reonve him?th* HkTI' 2L*. limw<te'r 'hr San Jnan del or any ' JrmmJT ttrZLIir ^ ""laarkme "0 board hi* ""h-h nnniaamd rm*r?* ?Vw> bbwutadbm aod trgm, and wkM rgtld bar* b E -NE immediately sailed for R?-ul?-Jo lni?iIt tb? (VtmI b ?ly, ral-e it native furre, aod forti ~y a point a* a depot for nltorior retiifor-emer-U from Han Francisco. On the 23d of April he had accepted the oiler of C*|>t Davis to remove the women and children, under safeguard of the American Hag, to Han Joan; and seventy American and native women at.d children (tncla-lvo of rnanv native women detained as pier) left RKbh, in charge or Lieut. Houston, of tba St Marys, on that day. On the 30th of April a communication wan received from Capt Davis, dated at the enemy'? camp, with offer* of mediation, rat couched in terms which induced U^n Walker to send Oen. Hennlngsen and OoL Waters to oonfer with him, An account of the ensuing negotiation you wIM find in Gen He noli grin's official report, together with the terms of the convention or agreement But you will perceive that the mediation, or rather the te rns offered, were preceded by the startling declaration of Uuited Stales intervention and hostility?Ckpt. Davis expressing bis determination to embargo and seise the schooner Granada Not only, therefore, had Gen. Walker (left for nearly Ave months without communication with tne Atlantic States) to contend against four foreign Stale-*, encouraged and aided by Great Britain, and agidnst the servile and ' demagogic leaders of Nicaragua?not only had ho the rowardire and treachery of such men aa Bell, Titus and Wright to contend against in his own camp? not :niy bad he to struggle against his abandonment by the Transit Cotnjuuiy in his need, but be finds the United Mates arrayed in hostility against him In the hour of his necessity, and not till then. General Walker had pre viousiy expressed bis Intent on to respect the stars and stripes, lu the rersnn of Its agents, however bumble, right or wrong, reserving his appeal to the American people. Under the clrcumstanoM of the case, the resolution o< Capt Davis became, therefor*, as Gen. Henningsen anticipated, a determining fact, and General Walker, after accepting the subjoined agreement, left ftlvas at half-past five P. M., accompanied by IX. Cols. Henry, Roger* and Tucker, by Cols. Natxmer and Waters, by Captains 14cEachln, Hawkln, West and Williamson, by Lients. McMtcbael, Bacon and Brady, byMajor Hooff, by Drs. Kellnm and Mcliheney.and by Mr. Homer, ana embarked that night. Gen. Henningien remained with LL 0*1. Swingle, to deliver over the place and gar* ison to Ckpt Davis, tho officers and men, drawn up on the plain, after bearing the general order read, gave three hearty cheers for General Walker, then three for General Henningten. and subsequently three for Ckpt. Davis, after they nad been placed under his control. They were then mado over to Dr. Taylor, to whom they delivered up their arm* in me ordnance office. Thun terminate 1 the memorable (lege of Rtvas. htncc Hennlngeen, with 230 men, drove2,100 of tbe enemy into Obnye, on tbe 26tb e| January, Walker ban never bad in tbe field more than 400 men. and that only on two occasions. He had killed, wounded or dispersed more than 4,600 Of the enemy. Arriving In Riven with nothing but a few carpenters' tools, be bad, thanks to the genius and perseverance of Brevet Lieut. Col. Swingle, erected a foundry and cast tbe first iroo that ever wan cast in Central America. He surrendered Rives finally only to tbe United Slates flag, after a siege or three months and sn Investment of forty days, after living for a month on horses, mn). a, and often doga, oats, owkj and stewed raw hides bad been eaten by the garrison; after tbe lees of tbe first or second in command (or both) of every corps in bis army. In tbe 1st Ritlea Col. O'Neal was killed; Leonard, Lieut Colonel, wounded, and Dolan, Major, wonnded. In tbe 2d Rides, 1**1", Major commanding, killed; Conway, senior Captain, killed. In tbe 1st Infantry, Colonel Jerques, commanding, wounded ; imscnbury, Major, killed. In tbe Artillery, Major Dnlaney, nominanalcg, wounded. In tbe Red Star Hoard, fleet Colonel Tucker, commanding, wounded. In tbe Rangers, Finney, senior Chptaln, kilted. In tbe arsenal, tbe second in command, Capt PtUlssler,killed; Col. Henry, unattached, received at St Jorge his eighth wound, and Hen. Henningsen had three aids-decamp wonnded stnos the con. menoement of tbe fighting at Rivaa. FCRTHt* PARTICULARS. After Hen. Walker, Hen. Henningsen and Gapt. Davis (eft Rivas, tbe garrison was marched down to SL Jorge and the place abandoned to Gen. Can as. Tbe officers and men generally behaved well, except a few drunken rowdies like Brigadier Gen Sanders, whose dissipation and incapacity had bean at late highly detrimental to tbe army and occasioned tbe dti graceful rout at Jocote, where be commanded, and a certain Captain Farrel, who had been deprived of hi* company. Hoih, It bad been discovered, bad formed part of a conclave held at Major Bed's qua-vers, consisting of Colonel Tiiun, Bnetwick, Dr. Johnson, lieutenant Miller, < General Sanders and Captain Carrel. Titus, however, bad ao completely lost his head from fear that be sneaked off before the others were ready, which drew attention to Bell's quarters, and probably prevented the betrayal of those quart*!* tu the enemy, in which case all the men in them would barn had their ihrowu cut without mercy Colonel Ittua wrote back that all waa right. He Immediately came down to Han Juau aad told the officer* of the i H. Marv? that he had Seen cut on with Judge Ware, a ruble old man. who remained In Rita* doing duty aacltUvn aoldier to the Wt. Coiooel Tttu* waa laat *een under the protection of one of the allied general* or colonel*, a truculent gentleman of color, at whoee beck and call be aeomed proud to Had himself. To return to slander*, ho began making speeches to the men, declaring that General Walker had eolil the caure and embarked with the mooey. With the except km of about a doaen *ota hk* htm oif, no one listened to htm of course. He then, after in rain applying to obtain aerrtoe wttb the allien, came down to Han Juan, where, when the St. Mary* \ nailed, be waa left In the earn* condition. If It ha<l not been f >r hie continued intoxication, and hi* repute in the arniy for general worthlownrM, atrango to nay he would probably hare succeeded, for, atngular to relate, ar er all thin mutual ? Laughter, when the allies, and eapoclally tie Nicaragua!*, t ame in contact with our people, they not only I/rated them with great klndo**t, but appeared nn all sidi * anilnun io coax them tnio their nervt te. Tne fact I* that direc?ly they were r?llered from the (iroasur* of Walker'* |*e*nee, their dt*?en?k>n* broke out. They wen Id probably hare been lighting before the St. Mary* called, but that they had bat had a bellyfull of lighting lately, and that the Costa R can and Guatemalan foroe la reduced down to an tn>igniltcant tlgnre. It la, however, not unlikely that tber may he at It hammer and long* before 11, I* r<'?rhen the United Stale*. Ounla Rica wiehe* to dWmeuiber Vtearagua oa one etde.O'iaiemala on the other, either rruh or without the Martnrx or the Jure* faction* , one called tlio sen lh> or ari-tncralic party, the oilier coo rtllnti g that t*>rit?n of the ao calk-d democratic party whlfh betrayed Walker Ttiere two far ton*, who have done very bule tight nr during the ?l*ge, let .nig Oxta Rica and Guatemala exhaust their force*, are only waiting to get a fair stoit to cut each other'* throats, atid all four of these iiarUe* have been e*gerly bidding fr r American officers, surgeon* and men. IJeut. Obi. Oaycoe (who waa originally In tharoorro't service) ha* taken torrlce under Mu1IB?*. The Oorta R'ean* offered a Meotenant a company of forty American*, If be could raise It. to bo paid WW per nvuih in ea*h for each man. A anrgenn was nflhrrrf %lno |ier n otith to go to ttioitemsla. Io fact, before the aad of the >tege. torn* of the democratic oftljers called out that they ha<t no hing **nnM Gen WVk?>r, and overture* were made to par* over to him tf he would undertake with them immediately tor term the servile camp. Rut General Wslker *** even in MM* strati tperhap* unwisely) unwtll'ng t<<trust to men who had onee hetratel him. Very few American* availed tham*elve? of Uila offer, and at ?be end i>f a few day* the alltee dUx ovorod that those who had bastl't consented over the aguardiente hottie were not men useful In any service, or who bad much to do with the lighting <to* result, however, la, ttwu many have resolved to remain in th? coun ry and aeo what will turn up Many have formed friendship* mod rqnamtanees, and have dt*peraed over the country, an that I doubt wbetbr r lieut. Matorkle will embark 126 men. any disturbance that may take place would, therefore, probably he only an individual affair. 1 ba e heard of rally twie-Satolers C'tliBg aaother drunken man about the face, and OatAaln Rrully drtng at lieutenant Maloomb, a deserter, who ventured to addreas him miLh MORS IStPIIRTanr. Ckptaln IW via demanded the pi woeful surrender of tlie Granada by freneral Walker, who refused, telling him he must take bar by tore*. Captain Pa via then rfferrd, as a onmpromiM, to retarn the arm* aad ammunition and store* on board of her. General Walker again refused Ibia day tbc captain having gone on shore, the first li< ntetiant, Maury, omitted tn-m thai tie had the written order of the captain to take her by force, for w hk h isirprw* he beat to quarters, faring htabroadatdo of eleeen thirty two and stvty Ight ponsd gnus norm her, ?nd sritt ta.e knatod men to Itoard her fJet eral Walknr h*d pr?Tkm?l? rentnnrrder to IV ptoin K*y win, h#r Tnnnatiilcr. to (VTMiJar birui ? rr? jwrtenlo dteplay iff 'iiror, ud Id the ooureenf* frw min iliw the Mere and Mrtpre ucoeodnl the red iter of Nlnaracii*. C*|?*ia Kaya ram wu brought no hmrd the ft Mar * and the <"r?w ?n J ran <m lh? follow I o? day Ohptalj I%rM j turned tnd the eatne *flern<?>ti until l.n uteniinl Maury . no tvwrn to dehTer iveer the echonner tn the (ireertmvtrt ! f t?-ta Rtra, rejt?r"?iited by .l*m*i<* oegre, railed Miir *, who u?ed to lineman Jnbo for the Aaterlcant, Ml(l t? t < w < and aid to general enmetlitng or nth?f. I *|d*i? V' rrey delivered her over ! > another g-ntle-nao f ii tor. formerly eerrant to one of Walker'* nfll-ere, In l?i n, and tn a grraeor crow The npinl *? of an miteiiter, fr im tli" war they kindled hrr. would hire heon tliM they ttire wrtonno to hor If thnjr enuld navigate her to tort* A i en** H.t rtrj differ net wnre the feeling* of thoee who kn?w *tid took pride in ihlt gloriiiin Tittle rraft, who hletory w'll be ohrontcled In the anna'< of Amrrtoan no I daring when many ? vawwd likn u?e Hi Mary* l? ratten ?id fi rpiMen. th? HriMN a nooowr or eomo TO ion*, trticn in IVfombor l??1, with two (It poundora cm board and rr?w of twenty-ettht, all told, attacked the licla Rica brlf nf m*r f?i>ne de Ahrll, of 2SA torn burthen. with Tour nin < pnnadera and a crow of 114 men, and after fighting for two hm r-, imomtif, Mow tier op Captain V'ai ' rtul, ft will bo romembrred, wrM tho r* iU n an t forty of tho rrrr , who, when curc nf tholr bnrna, wore writ bark by tionoral Walker, without ooodttioa or et rhangr, mtinota Rio* The gnllmit crow of the flrarwda, whon Br Robert If Here d?v*red that ho wae aUaii to open the hrnadmdo of hturholl ann>> on hor^harl, month ?be wae fllMtd with r'ttop, d?< iared I In* #><w were ready to a rmn to <tte ra'hor than ahardon their flat Now, It ran bo rrry o*elly anderetnod thai the HI faryr, which had noror taken anvtidng, ahoold ?o . oi n ae Vaoir to raffuro the brana'a, oroo In that* if *he had boon, <n fact, rlrtnallr a i? I ?hoo on the IOUi <if ApHlCepf"1" 1'arte flor 'arod hi- intnfi >n of lak< .g t?w iow?K n of ber; but mirely thero wae noiUier - nae nor honor tn gfrtag hor up In Orwt* how, to whfh he bad noror he rjpol, an I who could n#ror hare taken her, and tho footing* of thorn who a*w hhr handed oyer to a ' ( ho. V nwgor by otTtoon repreeorgmg tbn tier* a?d iripee may he Impaired by what 1 ihink the majority if tw Amor, ao people will erprh* w'wo eonuatnted with the fk?*a w; y o MORNING EDITION?FI OUR PANAMA CORRESPONDENCE. Panama, May 19, 1847. The all absorbing topic of citizens here U the Walker burst up and grand filibuster jinaie, of which 1 am able to furnkb you with particular* which may be relied upon aa correct, though 1 have reasou to know that other state moots, giving a different view of the affair, will be tried to be crammed down tho public throat by some who wish, for certain purpose*, to cenoeal the truth. TAMXM6IBB BY THE BT. MABT8. On Sunday morning, May 17, the United State* sloop of war Bl. Marys, Ckpt Darts, arrived at the anchorage In Panama hay, from Ban Juan del Bar, which port she left on the fith Inst., baring on board the following officer* Of Walker *a army Gen. Wn. Walker. Capt Williamson. Major Hoof. Ckpt. MoJfiaobin. Gen. C. P. Benningsen. Oapt. Fkyasenx (Nary). Col Bruno Nat Amur. Ckpt Hawkins. Col. John Waters. Lieut. Bacon. Lieut. Col. Henry. Lieut McMicbae). Lieut. Col. Roger*. Dr. Keltum. Lieut Col. Tuckor. Dr. McAieany. Capt W jet Orderly Pred. Rever. The BL Mary* took op her place in the bay between the Independence and Deoatur, and when it was known that the renowned Blibuater was en hoard, the greatest excitement preraiied on shore to kaow by what mean* ho had escaped from the rate ho so justly merited at the hand* of the allied forces. PMlDflNABT BTtPff TO ffCKUNMB. Tho particulars of thl* "strange eventful history" are aa follows:? Capt Davis, or the St Marys, which for some time past, has, as you know, been lying at Baa Juan del Bur, baring rtailed the allied eamp, and ascertained (Ton his own obsermttoas, a* well as from the accounts brought in by deserters, of the straits to which Walker and hi* man were reduoed, addressed a letter to Walker on the 30th of April, staling that he was aware of his desperate and forlorn position, and offered, (rem humanity, to interfere in his behalf, and stated that he was authorized, in ease of his (Walker's)' capitulalioo, to guarantee his personal safety and the safe removal of all under his command. He also offered to take Walker to Panama in the St Marys, and stated that General Morn consented to suspend hostilities. To this latter Walker replied that Ckpt. Davis' propositions were too vague, and requested a personal interview. Whereupon Ckpt Davis wrote to express his surprise that his propositions ebon id be found vague?re-stated them more put to 17, anting mm 10 a*tn<inn toe enterprise ua leave the country, pledging himself for the safety of ell persona In RItm, without exception, concluding by declining to go to RItm. The same day Wetter sent e reply, stating that he agreed to snepead bo* ti Mies until notified by Cnpt. Davit that thry are 10 recommence, but begged him to notify Gen. Morn that he would consider attempts to loduoe hie men to desert m an act of hostility. He proposed to aend two ofllcera to Ospt. Dsrls to treat, provided they can have safe conduct. To this CapC Davis responded by sending a pass to two of Walker's officers to visit him, and Walker appointed Gen. Hennlngsen and OoL Waters as commissioners to negotiate with cnpt. Davis. THB CAPITULATION. The neffiday, May 1, the following terms were agreed to, and Walker issued them in a general order, M follows:-* Run Qi astsrm op rm Amt. > AcjnAyr Gmraui/a Owes, Rivxa, May 1, 1857. / Getoul Ordxr? No. 60. The Commander In Chief, in communicating to the army the following agreement, thinks proper to state be entered Into It on the solemp assurances from Captain Davis that Colonel I/Ockrldge, with hU whole command, had left the San Juan river for the United StaU s. In parting for the present with the brave oomrades who have adhered to our cause, through evil as well as good report, the Commander in Chief deetrea to return hi* deep and beartfolt thanks to the officers and soldiers under his command. Reduced to our present position by the cowardice of pome, the Incapacity or others, and the treachery of many, the array baa yet written a pace or American btatory which It la Impossible to for yet or araa*. From the Tntore, if not from the preeent, we may expect Just judgment. Ritas, May 1,1867. An agreement la hereby entered Into between Oanrral William Walker, on the one part, and Oommander Ghartee H Davis, of the United Mates Navy, on the other part, and of which the stipulations are aa follows:? Flretiy?Ueaeral Walker, with atxteen officer* of hi* staff, shall march out of Rlraa with their aide arm*, pie tola, boraea and personal baggage, under the guarantee ?f atd Osptsln Davie, of the United Maw* nary, that they iball not be molested by the enemy, and shall be allowed to embark on beard the Ualted Mateo reneel of war St Marys, In the harbor of Sen Juan del Sur, tbo said (Apt Davis undertaking to transport them safely on the St-Maryi to Panama. Secondly?The offloera of General Walker shall march out of Kivaa with their side arms, under the guarantee and protection of (Apt. Paris, who undertakes to see them "*fe ly transported to Panama, In charge of a United Slates officer Thirdly?The privates and lion commissioned officer*, rltlr.rns snd employ,? of department*, wounded or <inwoonded shall be surrendered with their arms to Captain Parts or one of hi < officers snd placed under his protoutl' in and control, bo pledging himself to have them safely trans ported to Panama id charge of a United State* offieer, In separate vessels from the desertets from Uin ranks, and without being brought Into oontact with them Kourthlv?Captain Davis undertaken to obtain guarantees, and hereby dons guarantee, that all natives of Ntoara gua or of Central America, now la Rivas, and surrendered to llie protection of (bp ain I avis, shall be allowed to reside in Nicaragua, and be protected in life and property. fifthly?It Is agreed that such officers a* have wives and families In ban Juan del bud. shall be allowed to ramus thereunder pmt ctioo of the I'n ted stau * t'otvul till an opportunity offers of etubarklug for *anama or San Kran ctsro General Walker and (Afrtaln Davis mutually pledge tin tii-elves to ca> h other that Ibis agreement nhall he eta cm. .1 tn good filth. Wil l i AM WAI.KKH CHARI.KN UKVRy DAVW, Commander Ualted -tubus Navy. Present and acting, C. F HEVVTVO?FN, JOHN P. W sTKRi, J. WINTHKOP TAYI/lK. Ry command of Wm Walker, General Commander inChief. I'll ft TllOMJ'Mt.N, Adjutant General, N A. This la the only agreement or cooventl m whatever en tered Into by Urn. Walker. It was only enter.*1 Into after lapt IMvIs declared that he wou'd not lot the schooner Granada leave the harbor of Ran Juan, and meant to seise her before he sallrd. No ouovention of capttnlauno was -lib-red Into with the enemy, Ritas being given up to Uspt. Davis and the garrlsot surrendered to him. G* the rame day General Mora wrote to Ckptatn Davis, that king him fur putting a stop to the war, and Captain Davis wrote to Genera) (Anas. notifying him thtl ho placed at hia disposal the plain of Kiraa and all the materials of war. The same day also Captain Davis directed IJeut Maury In lake I he sbmp of war Granada, even by foroe if nec*s*ary, and to Inform (apt Fayweui thvt she ba I now lost her nationality, and c*uld not be permitted to proceed to sr*. Pl'RRk.M>t.K OP MJIIOONKR NKANADA. The following day Walker Issued the anaesnd order ? SU* Jean nsi. Fm, May S, 1667. Opt F.vweeiv? Oliver the Granada to the United Slates. WM. WAI.RFR Af'er this had bee* effected, Dap*. Davis' next step was to Inform General Mora that bo was satisfied that his claim to the Granada was g<??d, and delivered her over to hi n, at the same time he asked him to make arrangements for the fratwpt>rUUon of tha uffloon and men to the United Mm. fyrthrr particular*. When (letteml ('anas inmk posasaatoo of Khras be feund there AO of Walker's Wok and wounded?all I* a dreadful stale, fhr want of attention, sod his Oral step was to pro vide for their ootnhwh ordering large quantities of sheets, dean linen, bandaging, he., from tha Chsto I Una stores. Pr Royrtna was permitted In rrraam in charge For this s>-t of humanity (Apt. Davis wrote a letter <>f thinks to General (Anas On ibe 2d, lieut McOrkle, of the Rt Marys, was or deved to Vtriffin Day to take charge of Walker ? men, with instrortt. ne to proceed by such route towards Panama as Gen Mora should designate, and he was further iuslrwcioU not to permit any deserters to accompany him. The same day Gee Mora wrote to (Apt Davis, stating that he had hern ordered to march and occupy the points on the Ran Juan river, and that Gen (Anas would be left In command at Rn as Re also mentioned that Walker bad not compiled with the terms ef his nap!tn latino, a? he had rendered the guns i.xSess, ami throws all the po? Jur into the wells. AK lar an i neve neen anie w> irura inof TarVnm part I re the foregoing u< the order in whbrb the rtrtit* ahoTP narrated oncurred 1 hare ilro hoard the following inr-Memf-'?Pie day bo Own Walker napttulated, rnr of the nv?i wenl otiteido the line* te look for *nmr thing In rat, and returned again In a abort time to hit quarter*, but being (llanorereil In tbe act, be wat wntenaed to be inot. Wirn brought out for ernrnUon ha taut to the men who were Md off to ?hoot bim. " Boy*, will you hill me. and we about w kurreti Icrf' whereupon the guard raHed thHr miiakrt* and flrel ornr hit b?ad. Pieman then *tar'id np and '-"xnmeBcod to run; but Major Koger* tnlnwe l him. and w th a ?h?t from ble reeolyer brought him to hi* knee*; be then ran up to the prmr fellow, and I'laciog htt revolver to hi* heel, blew hi* hralti* out. I have beard that f*i? of <A'*lk? '* origin*; (Hy^* wit buod, who <wrn?> \r th the ftr-t pa^y from tktflforma, wa* left in <kvv> by W i bf.Dt -ugh tbe ; ** fellow would | net hi Iter* thai he w*g.1 be thu* cruelly dceerted. When Wa'kcr wue ^kpn to ahont hun he eviimed the graakort J tWnrau-erh, and xatd. ?0b, let b ur the " After the aewral ,-f tho ?. Miuyn. Onmnvidoro tier vine aent In know from (teneral Walker bow many of hi* m- n were In a pnettam to pay thvir jvwmage to New York; in

"'Hob Wglker trnt bark word ' that when bu wanted an agent be would let him know." Pre <'"? mod ore, .non the rw otp* of thte Impertinent answer rent frr Wen tiuBntngneo and k id hint'hat ail w bo IIK E 1TT\ 1 tr U k O .M\ IOCT UIMI, 1HAI ZV, lOil I were <>r Walker's way of thinking she Id ho sent to Osllforuia, * h? re?n?> i the oxProeiJfcut changed bid tune and became more civil AniiiOK those brought down by the Pt. Marys was a Major Mt'Uuald, formerly a clerk of C K. Garri-ion. Shortly after Ibe vessel' anchoring, bo got luto a ?im I shore boat and attempted to escape, but waareiakou; whereupon he claimed to he a British iubj<)et, an t claim irg BriiU b protection be was allowed to yo on whore. The Governor, notwithstanding bin proclamation, has taken no steps to have iim arrested. Wallier and his pvrty go over to Asplnwall this morn Ing. The Oommodore, 1 have been told, intends to send a guard orer wUh them and see them safely oir on board the steamers at AapmwalL Oolonel Cbeey remains, I un dereUnd, In Nicaragua, baring taken arms under Ckamor ro. The remainder of the party, said to number about 240 men, hare been sent down the San Juan river to Serapiqak. Colonel Tltue, who deserted along with seven or eight other officers and about seventy men, some days berore tbe capitulation, came down a passenger In the Panama, and managed to get on abore, whilst Captain Dow was a brent, and wort down yesterday to Asplnwall. Tbe conductor Walker and bis party, with few exceptions, when on board tbo St. Marys, has not been, I bsve beard, such as should have been exposed, aud on tbe voyage down puma were being concocted to g?t from A* pin wall to Grey town, but tbo Oommxlore Intends to provide against that by seeing tbem ifely embarked either for New York or for New Orleans In consequence of tbe decree leaned by tbo Governor of Panama on tbe 28th nil. neither W . ker nor any of his party were permitted tj tar i, but baremained on board ibe St. Marys. THE WAY THE CAPITULATION WAS BROUGHT ABOUT. I'kRXD Bran* Spoor-or Wan Br. Maura, ) San Jean db. Sub, May 2,1867. / To bis Excellency Gen. Wn. Walks, Commander In-Chief and President uf Nicaragua:? Sm?In conformity with yaur Instructions, on tbe night of tbe 30th of April I proceeded, with Oolonel Waters, to the enemy's camp at Cuatro Kaquinas to confer, on your behalf, with Captain Davis, of tbe Onlted States a' of war St. Maryi. Captain Da vies remarked that he was In pom ess ton of is formation which, In his opinion, rendered your position at Binw untenable, and that he bad therefore, with the view of saving further useloss effnilon or bleed, opened negotiations with the allies for the evaeus tion of that place la the event ef hie being able to obtain your concurrence. Ibis Information was:?Firstly, that Oolonel Lockridge had retired with all your forces to the Called States, leaving the enemy la poneeetoo of the San Juan river ; secondly, that t be Transit Company Intended to send no more steamers to San Joan del 8nr; thirdly, that yon wero reduced to a few days provisions, and that your ranks were being rapidly thinned by desertion. Under these circumstances, considering your position as dos perate in Hives, be had to propose that yon should surrender Hires to him J that you and your staff should accompany him to San Juan del Bur, to be transported by tbo St. Marys to Panama; that the rest of the army and citisane should likewise be transported, vie Tortagas aud Punta Arenas, to Panama, after surrendering their arnn to him, the officers retaining their side arms. I replied that your entertaining such a preposition would depend on your being satisfied with regard to tbe eracua lion or the river by Colonel Lockridge and his command, as your principal motive for balding Rlvas till tbe last mo moat was tbe foar that he might arrive and Had it occupied by tbe enemy. That with regard to your poeltloo being desperate, It was true that you could not from waul of provisions bold Hires much longer, but that you eould < break through tbe enemy's Unee and march in any direction at present; that If further enfeebled you, could always cut your way to the Pacific and embark either at San Juan or at some other point on the oaeet on your schooner Granada, which had en board two six pounders and a store of arms, cartridges, cannon, ammunition, powder and lead. On this, Capt Davis remarked that be most at ones Inform me that It was bis unalterable determination not to allow the schooner Oranada to leava the port, and to take posMasica ?f ber pre oos to bis tailing from Han Joan del ttar, which must take placa In a few day*; that be was acting on instruction from hla commander-in-chief, tbal since the out going of the Late administration at Washing ton InrUuctkiBH bad been received from the new administration which contained nothing to induce hi m to alter Uio course which be intended to pursue. But that be prefer red that! would consider ail this aa unsaid, and that you would regard him aa acting on his own and nolo rocjwnsl btnty. I remarked, that hu resolution waa a moat Important one, and would probable prove a UetcrmJuJiig fact, and therefore, asked bias deliberately to repeat whether It was hla fixed determination to eelae the schooner Granada. Be replied, that It waa his unalterable resolution not lo allow the Granada lo leave the harbor nfyjan Juan, and to take {wsseoeion of her before be sailed. With regard to the evacuation of the Kan Juan river by Gol. Lockrl Ige uri'l Ids command he said, that be bad entirely sail-tied himself of the fact, both by the Investigation* of Lieut. Urtorkle and by perusal that morning or a contract for -age to the United Males, signed by taott, aud by of!) rem of the British squadron, bosid> s other corroborative evidence. I observed that he might have been imposed upon by a forgery. and asked wbe her hu nonvtrti * was shared by CoL McDonald, agent of the Transit Cunpany, whose experience rendered bis opinion valuable? < *it liar Is renlled thai <V>I MolMiald had b?en satisfied of the fact by Ltcui. Motor k lea report, but that ho (fhpl Iktvla) fully aware of the responsibility he was assuming. pledged himself for (be authenticity of line statement 1 thereupon agreed to communicate In you this convey, sabnn, and to submit tbe loilowing offers fr m ('apt Davis, s the only propsitiona likely to be admissible, vt*. ? That under the guarantee of the Amerlean tl-vg you should, Willi sixteen oftlcsrs of your seiecilon. who their arms, horses and effects, tears Klvas to embark at Man Juan fur Panama; that Klvas, with its garrison, should hu surren dered lit <?|g Dtvls, I list the prlv ?Pw should deliver up to him their arms, and, together with lbs officers, employ ea ami rittyens, be trai ?|s.rted7hy another route In Pa I. sir a, sccomi atleo by a fulled Statin officer and uoder guar.iMee of the f'nited .States Aug At i o'clock A M , 1st of May , I returned to Kivar, promt mg your answer at 10 o'eks k. and tu*i>oti.illy to ooine back il tho negotiation I war not broken oil Accordingly, M 10 A M I returnol in the quarter* o( Oapt. I, ut thn Cuatro Icq'tlaM, ar I rnni| anted again by Oil Water*, when Uap* l?*vt? eigned ili? itrall n| th? agreement which 1 bad ma In nut to your prerenne, and to ahir.b you accceded In view of tbe deter iinlr ( fact* that Cat*. I?a?la declared lhat he had em liar fa d and intended In artre the Uranada, which wa?, thorn lore, certain, and pledged Itlmaclf an to the evacuation of the San Juau rlvrr hy Ctrl. Luckridgo, who ti wae lb are lorn morn than probable In conformity with your InMructlonv not only U?n agree mrtit id qi otion wae drawn out without any reference to inn allied or rebel lnad?r*, except they were once mentioned aa ' the eormr," but without mmmmloa tton with them. With tinanral Zavala I inierrhaiieodeoortertee In thn quartern of Captain Carta; Jeres I met In the ante I'lai < . after rlgnature of the agreement, but no allu -ton wan madn in l|^y either, whitel being negotiated or after tt> conclurton. I only remarked, la reply lo n remark whlcb bad been made, thai ahole were fired from With linen during th? armirttcr. lhat from Ibe other aide they were fired wan only, from oure only when the enemy profited oy the etu I-en* ion of arum, in Induce deaertiou or to erect harrt raaee, which we cnnaidered, and would enwttnue to onu I ider, an act ol hnetlltty; that no the I lib nitimo, when I returning the wounded prteooere to the enemy, by your direction, I mjwlf eaw theui, ut>der cover of ih<> white ilag, attempting lo ralne a barricade ou the M. tJnorgn rued. To thle, General Zavala replied that rery different ordcre had been given, and that tbe matter ebould bp better looked into in future, bnt gave mo to un Inrvund lhat the c< mmatiderr to ooe of the enemy a entrenched <ampe bad rery little control over the ?um r. Having brought bnch thm agreement for your rign-v lure, 1>>I Watcra ret imed with I hi tbe Ohatru liequlone, and wan lo bring hocktfcpt. I<avW,a*?<?H) an word ??((Wt lhat you were ready to evaluate Ute place. 1 next ordered tbe cannon, foundry and ammnmboa to be d'Wtroyed, ?y break tag Ute truontooe and rawing through the oar r age* of the former, by breaking np tbe awatn nagtne, fan and cupola of tbe foundry, and throwing the aaruanlHon and powder into the araenal yard well* TTW? order wac duly excruUdbylA Coin, Swingle and I'.Wor, re rpectlvely, at the head of tbe nraeoal and ordnance do partmcnla. In title manner were destroyed in the arrenal, two ten ve pounder bran* h wit/ere, three el* pounder uon gene, lour ligbt Iron Iweire poeedet morlce, four lirner gone taken frvun the ooemy, vie., one foar r?? ler and three five pounder gun*. In the ornnanne "fhoe, fiflr five Ihooeand cartrldgee, three hundred tho'taand cape, fifpen hundred pound* nf powder. Tnere remained eedeWtoyed flfry flvo 'belli. three hundred and iwealy four pound rhot fired Into N?ac by the enemy, two hen (red tlx*, (Von boll men! or from taxi. About 6 o'clock IB the oflmtooo, (Jape tans, w?h (tat. Taenia, * ho ?u to enoon you bta Utroii*b his liu?w to tan Juan, repaired to your btadqimrtrm Rtvae. tot I proceeded from Unnwwivh Capt Davitand IV. Taylor ishrifeoii of tho HL tUryi) to (lie lower pleat. whore I ordered the rvmon to be feraod, an I caaee.l your general order No. M to be rwsd to them. I (hen adrireosed hem, to the eflbet Uta thcr wers now, by your order,transferred to the control of Chi* Darts, end to the protection of the United States fls?, My Ibst I e* ported itey would yield to bin, or lo soy Uoited -tab* olUcer he should epp >nt, the mw implicit obedlenne. UU r?e binjr Panama, as to Ute r own Commander in Cider 1 then preiKtited tlapi. I Wets, who er preened to them tie hope that officers and men wmld assist htm la the eie cution of hie arduous task He 'hen tnuisft rrnrt the oorrt irsad, till hie return on the following day. to Dr fhyhir, surgeon of the .* Maryt, who .llr-oted them In deUear ip their arm* to him lb the orilnaiK?om<ie. The state of I he garrison whon delivered orer to t ailed Shales olTVeee *-- a# fo l loves ? Wounded and sirk, In am* md of hoepSti, surgeons and hr-'i 'lal attendants I7t rrteorem ..... IW "flieere, mm ntnrelr lor *; 'tffViera and pri rates, etdu ahroof sietceo sMpmpaaytaf yon to tan Juan 148 Fmrbiyeee of departments ?od armed etunenr ....... M Nstr * troopn 40 r Tl 4 L JCLi I\ V On returning to your headquarters witn Oupt. l>*vin and It. Col. Swingle, ?e found (Out you b*'l l??rt with your Waff, ??vmiKitiiod by (Jen. /avi'a, for San Joan del dur, * here, the Htm? night, I wado to you on b mrd tho St Marys verbally this report, which by your further ordor 1 hereby reduce to writing, and subscribe ray.-olf. CHARI.ES FHEDKHIt.'K HKNNlN08K< M n Gen. Present at tho onnveutiou re for rod to lu the a reP?'l? Jon* P. W<mtnn, Col. Ntcaraguaii Army. ANOTHER ACCOUNT OU THK CAPrrULATION. I'aSAW k, May 17, 1H.S7 The (lay before yesterday a vessel hove in sight at the entrance of tbo bay, which at Orel woe supposed to be an English man of-war, but on her nearor approach we were agreeably surprised to and that it woe tho United ->uuw sloop of war St. Marys, which halt Just come from San Juan del 8ur, Nicaragua, tod Is commanded hy CHptain Davis. She brings news of the utmost importance to tho-io Intereeted in the career of General Walker. Some fourteen tiaya ago, ae the allied forces, 3,500 strong, were cloenly entrenched at Rivos around Walker, his forces being reduced to 'J00 men, ro duced to tho extremity of feeding on m tlos,, cats, Ac. Capt. Davis offered to act a > mediator hot woe the contending parties. The allies were willing to treat o condition that (Jon. Walker, Gen. Honmngsen, and & So no [ Pen!da, (an influential Walker partisan, citl?<n of Ntcara gua,) being delivered to them. Tlie remaining rank and die they would permit to leave the country. Capt Davis reAtsed these terras in bebslf of Walker. Tbey then reduced their demand to Walkor's head alone; and seeming decided on 1b point, Opt. Davis was on the eve or louring, pcren., iwrlly refusing to accede te such a proponl tion, when they finally agreed to let (ton. Walker, with his staff, numbering sixteen, loavo tbn country, carrying their tide arms. Among tbo staff waa Captain Kayasoux. wbo foriurrlylflgured ai < >uimau der of the schooner Granada in the service of Walker. General flennlngsen was Oommandor In Ch!?f of the army,and it was to his judicious managemoot that tbo party ware able to maintain their position so long a time against auch odda In numbers. As a tacjcian, Heuningsen la placed mucb above Walker. General Walker an l bis staff were conducted on board the St. Marys by UeutHouston, an officer of said vessel. His forc<-, consisting of near itOO men, It was stipulated should be sent noma, and were left In charge of Lieut. MoUorkle, also beieng ing to the 8t. Marys. Under the command or said officer they will bo conducted to a point on the Costa Ricas coast, where the mail company's coasting vessel Panama?a small steam?r?toucnca. Mhould they fall to meet this vnssel, Ije it. MCorkle wlU conduct them to Ureytown, whence tbey will proceed to Aspinwall, thence to the United mates The St. Marys arrived here after a paeaagn or eleven days. Today Generals Walker and Hoantngson vUtuvl GnaunodoreMerrine.on board the flagship lu lependvuee Gen. Hennlngssn la universally respected, and is a 9nc peciiaro m idt> numror. \?wu. vvmikvi n % >> ? ? <j amu, Mncx.tli raced, near sighted, wearing kImsc*, end In bul httlo communicative. Bo insurrod the disploasuro of Cart. Ifcvts during the passage The California steamer la bow due. In case of her ar- 1 riving tonight, Walker and his staff will pa?s over the railroad to morrow, escorted by a guard from Commodore Ifervlno. From Aspinwall be will proceed to the United States. Thus, tor the present, closes the history of the " gray eyed man " _____ DOWGS OP COL. TITUS AT RTVAS. Paaans, May 10,1857. j Walker's bloody drama In Central America wai Anally 1 brought to a clone on the 1st of May, at the instance of Col. H. T. Titus. The humane efforts of Ceptaiu Davis, of the United States ship St. Marys, In of the sick and wounded in Walker's camp, resulted la the delivery of Walker and his little band from certain death. Walker wes at Kivas, where he was besieged by two thousand Central Americans, who had out off his supplies, his army Subsisting upon tuules, and two uuly remained, when OoL T.tus, seeing the Inevitable fate to follow, left the camp and proceeded direct la San Joan, and In tho name of bumaalty Appealed to dept. Davis to go up and, IT possible, save the sick and woundod. The Umely aid of Capt Davis saved that UOh-iuuid from certain destruction, and every booestheart that beat with in Walker's camp will never cease to remeudwr the oom mender of the St. Mary* with feshogsolino Uveliett gratitude. ' Fact* are stubborn things," aad tho foil win* brief truths may aorro to correct eomo false statements that have been, and are being, published to tho injury of these whom Walker would crush In order to sare himself' from the eternal Infamy be Justly merits ? bis coNTBiatmoNS a'kd lasohs for tub earn*. Much has been published to condemn Out. H. T. Titus, will be remembered, ealirted, armed aud cpil|?|ioJ, and embarked at his own expense, his command of two hundred and Sfty mrn, for Greylowr. where he arrived i on the Htb of Fosruary last and without mustering his men into tbe service of the Suio of Nicaragua, h?, with bis command, IB volunteers joined Col. Irs-krl lye, whn was In command of tb. furr?>* un the San Juan river. At the battle of Serapl'tul Uol Titus acd Gen. Wheat Ian-led with their men, louitbt and gained a brilliant victory over the t'uita Kican*, during which ttigvt'meut t!ol l/wdt ridge rrmalnrd on board the steam* r witloiit l?n bug or conducting in perron any portion >f the eu^ageineut BIB COKWCT AT CASTILLO. After tbe victory at tb>> mouth oT the M-rapti] it the Nicaragua forces proceeded up the river to Fort iWrtillo, where Go). Titus landed wlih une nfltocr and seventy two men, anil notwithstanding ho s ut refused? by Oil l/vk ridge?the iHenmriou of two pieces of urdnannn, then on Is ard Itie sh smer, he gained a |e>?ltion on the heights iu tbe rrar of tbe fort, entrenched himself and awaited the rorr.uig of CM Imridgo with marorcemunU, who woro tube tn ought up 10 twelve hours After walling llfty hours wiUuMit aid, being short of provisions, aud s?n<ll<*d with the tmisisKlhillly of taking the fort with um I ?' oj*, and the en?my (lacking tils iwrty to cut off hit n-treai, ha (tJol. Titus) determined to go on hoard the other steamer and drop down the stream A few miles Imkiw the furt he met tot. loc.ktt tge, who. i us trad of haartilv 00 o|irratit.'g with Cut. Tttus In take (kstllln, and nvunfal Ing an honest desire to promote the ra i?e of the war, primlUei bis jnaluury uf th'- (sipularltv and strength of ol Tttus to tranlfeat Itself In such an extent that Uie rfTVrm of Oil. Tl'if' command became tl?g iso J with I to whole proceedings in Nicaragua, aud tendered their retlpilkni, am OPPTCBRA *PWS is* Jcar Rivaw, Feb SI, IBM. Isms ."'ra? We, the undersigned, hereby lender to yon (sir rseignatirns as officer* in your Mainland. With all due respe.'t for you as an officer and a gautlu | man, we are, str, your obedient servant*, j W H. West, W. W Brandey, John O idiarr, G. K Onwbling, J. Mnlhnlland, T. X. Richardson, C. P. Wyes off, j a A?ier*on, 11 w. vowu, n. it rtrxruaii, Wm T. Mora. J. Aturnn Smith Tn Obi. H. T. Tnr*. Commanding Ml fbaiamm, (>a the following day, In reply In a now* ad tra?*ed hy Ool. Tltun In bla offWrr, lb" anncaed nnrrmpowVnna *u received, from whl< b your Imparl al reader* may farm proper r-iimale of the poait on of affair* o>i? th.rr ? UtiilwrAwrw, Tab 21, 1167. P*jtn Sm?Your n?*e It Wore ua, and tn aiwwer Io yirur Importer, would rrapartfutly ben Ian re U) repr' rent that t* habere wa armernand your lmwar at n*? uo* n*nrati''ba Wa hold mir |<ot'float by lha rol'initry control . of lha m'-n of ?ur baOtlioa Wa bald that wa arc hound bj no man, or art nl man. Wa vmha'ltad in tbt.< mailer foiiibW'ilr, and nol until waara regularly mortared into lha tarrx-a of lha Slrlo of Mraiag'ia do wa coma under tba control of (Ion Walker. W? Ihet afore bam tba right to lanrt, and, after mature ronaldemlioo, we hare annrluded In Inare ihia acrrtre fhjrtarrlcan have boon a free will TTertt.g; wo would llha In tuatain the oanaa of lha Stale of Nina ragna, but with tn promote It nndar different a itpHXM. In relation to your poetacMpt, we would way thai th re w on wan in lha baialton Chat we pref-r In ymifelf. With rcejaat, we ate rlr,your friend* and reremu, W W ftrardUey, Wm T M J. A. smith, 0 K Cnoklln. W R Wart, C V. Wyob.df, J fl Warr, R. Fwfcnan, J Mnlhnlland, H. W. Yowkt, T % Richardron To Cot II. T. Tttvr, Commanding 'Jd naiialon aoclrft A MIMIHN T*? UK*. WtUM. AfVr thaoo prooandlitff*, OH. TH'U dMnrntiinoJ lo raltiru In iha ('nltrri ftoan, hut aHar '?t??v*l ?o-! organi aolicl. taboo* on tfi* [*n of OH. l.wArulf* ho bob*)**! Mi* >n*> rton, bnrt r*|>Uii>f*l by the fhllowlnf arfimr ? H*?rnjrABT*iw, *i>h to#?. Pant fiR?4Tou Will prwMtol |? Mt in*all i-or uottwr TrMio^w,. ar>,| from tbeoc?' by railroad * >! Ktcamrr lo S*n limn drl Hod, M ?pc ml %wnl Bif. >.. *? <* of .l?? i?trlir* lo bhi Excaiiency, Oca Wm Waller Hrwp<o? fully youra, & A L'J IKRIHIK, VunmBfwlint Tore** on %a .To*a rlrsr. To Col. H T. Tot*, 0*nm*D<tin? batt/ien mT WILL WOT *WTA* Tim RRlVtC*. (to tho 10th of Marrh GoIomI fit ta raw ho I ffaHwr'" (top, RMT Hi -bo. Walker eadravorad, bui to no r?' pnao, In pnrvtiada (Tnlonnl THm to rotor ?ho *-rr*m >ia lor hia (Walker1*1) common<1; ao<l m lb? BtoroliMf of * lor* on HI* a* Walker daaired him to act 'a hi* <l?IT. and on brine rafuaad Gntoaal t1?i* wa* or larod I" J}1!*'", Ur?, n tiara hn war compelled lo remala III! to# '*? ? April Whan (Moaal fltoo. parrrlTln* V?" tiltor bop" toaanaaa of (ho condition of Wailmr'B Rule army of two haadrad and fifty moo, narrminded by a daaparala and determined fbo of two Ihooaand Oaotral Americana, and the hwiegod w*h bot Uarao mulaa left apon wbta* to wltol, LD. PRICE TWO iwrs. DKTri'MINKM 111 1*VK Wal.KKK. He concluded, at all bazirtLi, to leave the camp, pro need to Han Juan del Hod, and in tiie name of humanity i-o iclt the fi ;end'y odlcee of Captain Ihvla In behalf of U?o % sick and a minded who might b? unchanged for Chela Ih.un prisoners then in poei-eaniou of Walker. On ihe'ddtft i r April < ominaiidrr flavin start* <1 for and arrived la Kiva*. where h" o >mtnunica(*d with the generals coonmandlng (not officially), and an a friendly mediator increeding in brliiaiiiK about a eetUemeat of the war without further bloodshed. rNOKNIKOrfl OOHDrCT OP VALI1R. Immediately after r igaing the capitulation Walker and DLs kUH left their uoffiiMumnitn arms; and the scene which ensued on their departure, was one which none but an rye witness can commprebeud. Ills "incur* and men openly accused him of ungenerous conduct. Certain M is, too star of Walker's glory la clouded Justice will, ore long, famish the world with a true history of Walker's military career, the perusal of which eanuot fall to inspire an en lightened and honest community with holy horror, and mark him as an aspirant to a high position, who, for tho accompli hmeut of bis object, wimJd leave mtao.-y and do fcouitnn In tils trail ere iu? WM.KKH AND THH A tt BRIO AN OW1CIM. Afl.-r the capitulation of Rivan, Waller'* conduct towards Commander Hart* and Comasodore Mervfis WM ucb aa to oom|)reml*e the dlgulty and character ef gentli man.{.He aald that the pari captain DRrt" bad taken In the matter would coat blm (Darin) hie oommMoo, Ac. Ac ; and be would now mislead the public rotative to bm predion at Rivan?from which It le well known that naught nave the friendly efforts of Captain Davis onuul rcrcuc hie bomoged andstarving band from an ignomlatoun death in a few honra. ' GROSS MlSRIPRRSlNTATIONfl OF WtLUB. And in conclualon I would remark that the gross mlirepre eniatlona of Walker's reporter* are too bag rani to pace over unnoticed. The fabrication of reports suited to the aeoempIlKbment of any dttdred object constituted the employment of a few of his minions, and whose deformity, when divested of falsehood, cannot fill to oonvtnce every reflecting and reasonable mind that be In not only Incapable ?f governing a nation, but cannot govern himself, but permits selfishness to stand sentinel at the door of hie ambition^ which prevented the approach of thoeo noble and generous impulses that make up the man of power nnm' coubam rxDOunrnu. (Jol II. T. Titoa baa been charged by Walker'* mlatenr with cowardice. The courage and firmneea of CoL Trtua la too well known to be doubted by tbooe wbo know him, and bla character for a brave and generous officer baa been too long eatabliahed to be lojjred by the aitaoka of Ijockrldge, wbune envy, hatred and aaalloe are eaiy equalled by hte Ignorance The conduct of Colonel Tttua while on the ?an Juan river met wlib the entire approbation of hie officers and an, who erpoaed unbounded confidence In aim aa a commander. The report of bla cowardice la regarded by him with supreme contempt, well knowing It will nut be. credited by ibone who know him, and be nurle back the imputation upon the author. WHO H*Y1 tnx TBI LO0SBB? Tbe final resuH of Ute career of Ute flliboatere la Nicaragua, unfortunately bat not bees dlaaafoua to the inWefts of General Walker aad bla party alone, but to these Americana wbo were engaged It their legitimate bualnaas. On the line of the transit route aaaay bare tnffered heavy hware by forced ccntiibnPom on the part of the ftltbuetero, and also by the wanton dmtrae.ton of property by the Invading Ooetf Rlcan army?aa army that had no moro right to commit overt acta of ag green ion on tbo transit route than the fillbuatera tbemaelvaa. Among tbo anfterere by the latter. to n great extenl.fihas been the hounc oft: H. Dowly k Co jiho were fauaoUehed at Ban Juan del Mud pre/looa to Walker's entering Nicaragua, and doing bualneen on the tran?li route nnder the guarantee of a uni'trml treaty?which l? the Clayton and Bulver treaty?which gunrantcm the transit route a aentral gro, nd. not to be Invaded by Nlraraguano or Ocrta Rtoane. These outragee upon Americas cltlaene abroad have too long been suffered under the apathy and lad liter enoe of the i?-l administrations to be impceed upon the vttahtf o* American enter price, aad it In earneetly to be wtsbet that the character and dignity ofonr country may no longer bo aaeriitced at the hande of indifletence on tbo part <* mar government ; but that tt will oommaad the reaped of other nation by apeedtly redrcoelng the wronga of lis duaaon abroad. _ nnnmr.tif trrnv nr the prnvtmEiip op COSTA RICA ANNOUNCING TflE CIrOHB OF THE WAR. Proaldrnt Mora had tuned I proclamation announcing the dace or Uio war, of which the following la a Waaalat too Jiaji Rtruo. Komi, Pwwidiwt or raa Ramr*, 10 m CJorn Iticrum Fellow foixiaiaan ?The war la eadeJ. IWorad peace turn back io ua with Ute conqueror* of Blthuetarmm. We hare tony atrlveo, with union an J oooataocy, for the moat hoi/ rlybu. (tod bar given oa the victory. There are do tourer flllboatera la Central America Tho few hundred ol thorn that exlat, unarmed ami aurreo 'terra, are under the aaaciJtr of ourj protection and Clemency. lielivered from her proud luradera, Nicaragua la re. rtorrd tu cxtairnce nnder the entire wilt of bi r hit r.o. May the Hupreme lie ny tnapire and nrotec; then I Until h? r complete organization, our faithful alhaa of <. 1 ale mo la, Han Halvador and liouduraa will remain In the inUirior, whilM our aarrti?ae guard Iho deamera and forte on iho line eitrud'tiy from the mouth of the great taka to the bay of Han Juan on the Atlantic. Cor la Kira will never patrneiaft fratricidal par lira or vandal uanri>ira Hbe will exact guarantee# of Central American peace, Integrity ant ui o; aho will endeavor to rxtinyulah that revolting rplrlt, which haa ho. n tho yr. atnat of rur onemlea, that Uio loyally ran nnoed ? dhoritfw may ba aurUioed, ami in rverv caan tho w ill uerfor 111 her national duly. lit lie remain arw??M. lit ua frrtlfy onr-wlvm moro and mare, w> an to meet tho future with oimtlrtaneo, Already our brethren are being metered to llu lr fnml lloa, to their |>eaoafiil lire edi t, a blob lltey bnvo *0 well known bow to defend. Mona of the capital, of ittrtayo, l|ere?lla, Alajuela, liheria ami I'nnta Arena! aoua of the whole rep o x:l rnrno tofothor and join yourai Ivaa to m? that wo may rocwtvo tlieni ae they de.erve I count iipr.n your yenernvHy, your pood cMlaenablp, your "pmdaoeorie c iiuihucoua, to t?>, without delay, lliiee hriivu* who tvivo an he rotrally earned their iwf let ua all prena? our tribute to > no m the arte*.it ?, to ?miaah the wlferiny4, to rawaed W" elrtuea of U <? ? ieihi? .ona r.f the oo.nuy who Im aeflflced errrvlhlf* li their T"nrriOrd aMarw M*J ii?r peiepefoue I'liV't ? vi*r h? I'rred, ?n I mnr He * mi le he m t'ntrd eery lint" ti a<v>wMU7 la light Utf Ibc hrttur and 'IxIru iiU* ?w of Or?l? Rka. Ran Jimm, M?y ft, 1*47. JVA1 R. M')KA. 7TTK PTATHTFCS Of wTl.KKR'H C*HPAIQN. Umul iiAKMNdinrN'a *TAn*rioai. aocoi'KT or WAI.nrMM A NUT* The Km period may onu.vilod fYo-n the J9Ut Jaaa rjr, 1*61, ! (In* UUi of April, I *M, ooroprung nut* n.m.IlM, during whwll lime lie fought 4,MO men, namely 1,909 fry IN, 9,( 00 OvU fttcana. T*e >m| Vfl Li in u win of the -bule Mr illory uf Nlnorag la, after a lue? In Ibe enemy la round number* of 1,000 kiM tail wmind?>d. an 1 2tt> io tnc oun Inram TaJIwr'r >.? ~ ^ [i| ?|j Ommnmirtf not* Am A* % l|f iiMnMM.T 14*6 I June 39. Al Rlrna,.., ? If ? ? 900 tfen Wa'ker. Rat it 3, At Virgin. .. U 190 SA*' 9 190 On. 1AM. March 'JO, At Rnnta fcwa 300 ? ?*' M ? Arhlwlinger April I, Al Rlran,... *AP ?9 mm I4A hool Own Walker 99*1 VOhd wwrp mmon The Meotid pet hut ruaj be re-booed from let flnptntn bar, IHM, In lN .?-mlnr U of that year, term noting with the rtege of Mrnnnda l>nnug mif Ume he hid io eon teed a**)!#! about T.onr rn-.n of Uw> .lied lor jee, Um 'Mult hrir j thai *?ui a low of HI kilM end minded rm hi. ,?rt ?n<1 lh?l of orer l,ra MM ??U nuDilfd ? the part t,f the enemy At tlM fnd of Over mhrr the UiatUe (err* war rednrrd to l.eoo mea, wV ??? ht tnf thinned reery day hf dwex-une Tn rent, but ft>r the r?it f? cf th>' lake and rlrer " ' me**. Ihrmurk f n(lwh interference, ihr ??- murfet hare t"** ?mndered rtrUiallT ended. in n f tl'r'i f IHM I rut" . ' ?* I : f' set.. ll-+r> 'wtoo1 " *" "*> ?I'W. McKjonid. ' ft ?| ' ? - -(UN Ode i?* ?.. ?* ?. T<? ? <*a. Waiter. " Jt|?lf.|t.r? IM ? 1 M If or IO| ako *(?? i? Towten ftoneby, .. ?" ** ? -kM Walker. j: | Harm re 2WI fm Mm ? n i,?*' lfcHIMn ? Dec. ia| H * - -| -!? *. Br*aiat?ea 21!Ji2C rwrat) nmrro. IV third period amy be reckoned from the 20th of laa nary, 1MT, to the let of May, IMT, wVr.h terminated the mmenf Rtraa. and rhtrinf which unae Walker b* I oea tended aga'twt orer h.nco of the enemy, wlU a Vma te M loorrwi*? on ewm r * &}