Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1857 Page 2
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2 _ ARRIVAL OF THE ILLINOIS. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. fl,66S,071 U TlLEAMftK. lfARBlAGHS, DIRTIL8 AND DEATHS. MARKETS, Am Am A(? (Totted States mail steamship niinota, C 8. Born, Vrtted Males nary, commander, left Aepinwall May 10 at 1 PPM. and arrived at Kingston, Ja., ou ,je morning of Ma ttd, ousted, and left at 6 oa Uto even'ng or lite same Oai, ai< arrived at Quarantine yeeterday afternoon. H>? Map the California ataUa of May 6, $1,*68,072 in Measure ua freight, and 781 pawengrrs, among whom are Gen. llenuingweu and Col. TlUu, of Walker'* army. The IhcUc Mall SteniuaLtp Company's tteamer Golden Cat*, R L Whiting, ftwf., commander, left San Kranotico May t with 810 pnaeeogere, 82,176,022 in treasure ou ftretght (1021,368 of whioh wae on fbreign aooount), aud imml at Panama at 7 P. M ob the 19th. May Mi Emma Francel, aged 19 months, daughter of L Mid Lacy B. Bantbrd, died of uloerated eore throat. V?, dean Obanchi, aged 89, of Bordeaux, France, died of dtaheaee, and wae buried at sea. The foUowlag is the specie hat of the Illinois IVexel * Cb $310,000 E. A Siera A Co... 816,021 Melts, Fargo*. Co.. 2ST,4tiO Muader ft (V Adams 15,"00 Bshh, Ualtctt ft On. 206,000 ? Heller ft Co.. 11,300 Smocaa.flher. ft Co. 178,003 NewnouM^pateftOo 12.000 Odder 1M?,0M I. B Weir 10,000 BowiandftAafdnwaU 72,048 W. V. Weld ft Co., 8,000 Ah, Ha Bank 80.000 C. H. ramnln? A one J??M IHrtdk 4tl,M0 N WiMor, Jr ,M5o. 8,?<W V. KfrU* 4Co *1JJUO John I'beUn, Jr.... 8,800 ' Teolhjefcaaa L Co. J. a Thomas 8,000 (S?ei*/a*CO 87,0W? T. J. llend & Co. .. 3,000 beUgmaahOa 84008 J.K.Joy 2.807 IfroewaphCo. W.T0Q H.?ryblng 2,440 wjSo TntBi 81,668,072 Wi are teVbtod to Mr. R H. Mitchell, 1'ureerofthe SHnoh , fbr revere, and to the Galilbrnla expresses of Ber h**hO>, end Fwoen't Oe., end the Hen Krancisco tirwd depot ef J. If. 5*?fvan, tor ttlea of Gellfornle papers. jhrlegUfclure had panted a bill, which had reccivod 8br signature of the Governor, submitting directly to the ' people, el the next general election, the question of ropudteden or settlemert of the SUM Indebtedness, declared by the Ssprenue Cocrllsbave been unconstitutional! r Creeled. 4 dnrftrucUre Are, <*?stroywg fiiurteoa building*, en 1 Csdhng en aggregate Una of about 810,000, occurred a ffca Krandsro ?n the t?lliu!L It broke out In n email fr?aw tenement, near the comer of Dupont street and Broadway, and the ix Igbborhood being built of ooinbua- I ttblc materials, the fasere eery quicUy spread. *The prin Cipal lees waa the bnUdlnga. MbtrUeawui Items. Tim iJWtv_\TCKJ ?The KigUUi Legislature o! California mjoerned star dw at meridian. of the COUi ultimo, after a version if fbur monihr. Although two hundred and eighty tiflls Ware peered, but very few of them, uys the Altn, were or a gem al charaoU-r, and fewer still will prove of SriMmat* bes>#m ?o tbeHuOe. The nsoet Important measures art those aebmilbng ?o the people the question of voting for or against a convontibn. In revise the constitution aud She'Revenue art: ii* of Wo fTnlted States Sena ami thehnpenrlweem astd'osiftetioo of Henry Bates late Hate fijiaaw w, the imppachroent and acquittal of G. W. eshtunmi, f^mtaretler ex * **>, sum up pretty much I a or mm Uhaa ordinary. l*gl?|ntl re bunne*. I; w ccno rtilff eo*o?ied |fcat ibid LffijiaUre watt composed or a putief thee of aeetj than bars Im fnriw?ntly heretofore re unnM tho people ad the oapvtal, man who have com Anted wore ot jecucoable acta of ooUanioo than com ml* IM ?ho~ error* bar* been ruber those of the ha*" that, of lb* brut There bare been few it "tillering toll*," a. U.?j are wr mod. paean I than usual, and although there '*? by far too much legtslabon of a sped*] charar rr, Wot live waiute boat abow* that three art* are mostly fcarmlaw, or d<*tpMd to baorlt the immediate conabtu?uu of the (ueaabtK* tntrodncfng them. , M?na> haw*.?The accounts moei red from the mining mm* %i the rtus- cxmunne to he as ra rotable aaerer, Mf f*H *o? ntnhs af fOM are thipped to the seaboard. Shm.mpplr of water ta generally more abundaal tlut atprh* than uoual, uwtx* u> the mrtraordtnar) amount of ad* mat on the WwtUtaa The qnaru mllU In the m-atrel m aetata are dn>o* W?ter than ere*. The camber War machinery tn use m Orel U ra|*dly being supplanted * 7 that ot a more suitable character, and there al*o ap gMVd t?Lbh m?dj mo-u ?>tun tu U? manag-mem of theae tqnarts . enter pt tec* than Uttaerlr, Owing to the un pre ?vdeo*ed height of ibe rtJvattra, the aeaeoo wUl be far advanced before mining Lt the artiaed chseo'Li ran be profitably ar eucceaefuU/ oarriao on, and np to the pro-sat ttmewr hare heard of no m em;>i*i--l dimming or Hum tag opernhuaa. AoamriTTOAi.?Agricultural prosper* are not ao en cits waging m munag drains and fruits an- far admired C?t the (or*r( aiwautieni^ much from U>e drought which gwerfihal oyerthaHata- la aome portion* of the booth torn border coao* lbs <rh-?a and oat crops are already anarfy gained, and e?m M Yolo and other adherent oouo dm 4$r fgrtaarr ar* bttterty earn pie 1 mar and foreboding him mnnwraennti of the* osteal products. There is mm dawn (hat taw nuurlc* fmn Una canae areormratod, fiat it no rata Otlia 1 penally, an inealcelablc amount of daanage ir ineritabte. Mitch more attention lh.m eeerbefor* (me babii |mid daring I'm ha* remt to the crowing ot fruit feoetwtM Iho pi (mat 1*1 are battering for p large rirld. nppiae and (eapra grow In great profusion all eivqr tie hmla. ate! rwqejre item rarWnt rtilture than 10 the >tmis Malts. twaaWtme urn already ripe, and our of debriuat flavor, (herrie*. loo, tare tnaiie their a?pear waoe. but are ?> > ?<? <"? ate) lii^h Kai ly "priog regp tablet are abundant. ud rrnea pnaa, new i-M*t->ea, m|? /v?. Wttnoe, beam. and caahtownu can he had, um Md cfamp IUri1afT?, Blitha mid OraUUs. aim a. fUi?w* ?la dan Vramci-oo, April 14, the wife of Mr. 1. ,T. Hd twm, or a eon. Kaaanm ? la Sao Franoiero, tpnl 19, the wife of A. CtapanlMidi FVm , of a daughter ItodNtwaa ?In San Krauoi* a, April in, the wife of B F. bmntree, h(| , rt a too. h?m.vt ? la sua I nuwivo, May 3, at tlie American t*ehan?e, th< wife of Mr lVul-y Harg'tit, of a daughter. flout.* |?q?n |i|i?hp r'w) Suure ?In MaripoM, April 11, the wife of Martin Heme, of Wrt tiraaoh, of a eon. Vwit?Oa Haturdar araatag, April 18, on hoard the fddp Hurrioaac, of Sew Y-irk, Mre. Samuel Varjr, Jr., of MB. W am? ? I San Franctaoo, April ITT, the wife of TU?i. Vend, of a urn. iiMuxa A*?ae? ?la Maryrrillr, April id, Mr. Lewi Arnre, of Yuha, In Mr-. Mar/ A f.ardner, of sine/ Ab.ta?Mowra ttan* -Ir. Jackeon, A|*il It, Mr Andrea Arta ttiae Aojr ?t* M-?u Vrrdo, hath of Jv-knoo Bciiaa Bnnaa?In Ruoheyr Valley, Amador county, April Id, fter. J ai 1. hi/ the to Mi? tferah A. Moore, ah Sf A owner county. luow?Huwew ?At U>e reei-lenee of the hrid?'? father, H AawrttM V>ww*top, sar/ameato county, April 11, War kreH Haorw to Kt/ahrah Hadarai iian?tAiat-M Cottonwood, AprU 14, Mr Wm. II Road to Mire Kmll/ Miller, both <* Cottonwood Rum?? Arru n by Ker W W Brier, John J thai*. JMj , td thee AW*:*' (>art*<, adopted daughter of Ibee'ur Rant. Kw . ah of #n?r, Oa. CBjmmji?( ajottt.?-In Sea 1 raieiw. >, April 29, at flL *4artV GtU.dral by Rer J. A. Ga'U?', Mr William IMannto to Viae MaritHrH '.*rt.< u, both of Ud? city JSwe .? -J ww **. ? At ''atnr Calaveras oounty, Mr. f-.n D Aiaan to Mai i-mtly Deekar, both of Vall.-clto, for amity-.* Arraama >>WtK - f ! iht ?ia .dan FrancSeoa, April .10, at the rwMcwhr '4 Mr. l?. t *01. y. br Her R. I'. Ontler, Mr TV? p nwtmao to Mine Cyaihi* A. Willep, both of that 66ia-4an? 1-Maee?la haerameato. Aorii Yt. Mr W. 4 Rarltob to Mto? >1 C AoWaoti, bjth to ?*--r*mrotn t,*-" oao*- Pi.k* ? ) Am .i<w, Apni It, Mr U 0ft4t:?M* to M><* At>li>ii|o I W>r*- of Saa J'W* HkiM ? At (not r?Kjn. ?, April If, Mr ATrrl W JHi.1- to M<?* ?? Amir AmtUi, I ' to to U?o iv.lro-* Boar?Br*??la Rao fraa?torri, A|?1I It, by Itor. Dr. rJbo>ae, Alfr?1 W. Hurt. ' 'to-, of Tahiti, Rorlnty |i|tnlt, to ! ** j ouagrto laufhtor of tor tote Hetyanua Hart, Kr<i , of U >UMl. ' nt'lt H ?-K.ti.Lt.?Al Krto Maffa, Apr-I 1, by Re* PaItorr Mr b. W I latin,?r? 10 Mr* M M> oily H*?#*, ? li tAorktna, April 21, Allan Htm ornmt la R barta, both ft <totln| ?lo Auburn, April lt?, M?. IMwtr I M UaU 4 Anbnra i? Mm Jibjdi* H Waikar, of Haayor. Mr *?' '"?> ?1* Ran f riUirtrOo. A|aril 7*. by R?r. J W*fjr ""to Ifigr?li?m to Mia* Maria ro-tter, to"Ui to U>ai r*ty JttoMam?Yo< au.?Ai Uie rtwiitoar* of fl. W W?1 ??*? IMalna Untra iiat? county, April 10, by>, A. Arm***, , ?f su iraadr". to M at S M TrtoaPi "t M<?kr?rna, torh. la*n*a?/ ?* -la cw.r.Btioto. April 30, Wat Uudea O Mi?? Virgin* 1 *' hartamaato. t.*aar I|??Oarar ?In Harrammut. April 20, Chariot La alt*, of Vanbra Jim*. to Mr* 1 ob?r M- KR-f?T?Ta?' ? Id Rr.a Praa aon, April 21, by Rat. P Kainairr, CtofA. JoomAi My rick to Ms* Imint K Rte vrnr, both of Haa ?rat. i*r*x Maija?Maarar ?la ftoo Kraotoa o, tprll 21, by Ht. R?r. >rrbbtto?to> Armaaj , la thr rrmliK < *h irrb, fran William t* MrlM, of Marlpoaa, to Mary Aym* Murpby, of Ru Prwrtwn Mmtmt ?Araorta ?lo HryrrammU), April aft Mr. J Main?, oi (barkrvtllr 0 Itamdoomioty, to Mrs K A At OntoA to Rarraaieato. M. NtoU?Mount?In Oaklan-l, M?y|l,by **r- J?? IHriont. Mr Wai. Mcbtoll to Mm Aaaa M*na Malbo. Norm*?<' * ?? ? ? 'ii Ran Iratctaoo, at Ui* rradeoor rtiuho ft IatwK to* , by I'.rr l?r. Rrott, April 93, Mr . aba M Kr lilt to Mr* toa'i A. inborn, forax rly to ht i/?b Mo '>? *?? Wrotaw _4? iftui 1'iaaairop. April *t, at fft M? ry'f (toM?*irai, or Kt K?? IMh* AJotoAi.y, P A. "aroa a Mary f? laufb'w to Capt. J T Wnpbt, all to Raa Kraa ttoua Ibmnaar -fVair* -A' ma AVma April 12. Mr H H STMekary, b. M.*> imu u-try. naMij^-WaiaoL? <pril o, ?y I, C. ^IMrmmryrr,T*o., M h* rrtoiirooo, Mr Hrary Rna..-U to Mnt Jraaoatto A. aft nf ft?a fbtiant, frmtfa )oata onaniy, fML ftatA MMaArot?Albia*?a rlrw, AurM ?, Mr ft. Ray, of terra o eat*, to Mm Ttr* y?baab. of Ruaataa ri*?r. rt?r???TU raart ~f)a Coj imoar ri ?ar, a oar Oaa* i bar. toprft n. at lb* not A la to tha brVto'a fbib-, Mr. i. U. toaa a* Mb* a. A ibuvt "wmmm-IMom -li M IruAM, April l?, by um Itov. Mr. B. Brier" y, Mr iloary Sweutotr to Mlsa AaaaTl menu* kU of mu } rmocwca. hhb'jiAx- Hau v .?At lteatty ' Hotel, Ran jo*e, April 26, by Her. B. hnorly, Jotiu f Sherman to Mary C. Haley, both of Calaveras Valley, Santa Clara county. ?McKn?UiSau Krancltco, April 30, at the rveiUeoce of Capt. I". W. liacnudrayr, by Rev. R !' Cutler, (1q4 tlllviT H. SauDderH, ol lite bark Rooket, to Mtw kill rabe?h Mc Key, both of Salem, Maes. Tatlob?'But.-In San Francirco, April 1#, in Oraee church, by Rt. Rev IhahopKip, Mr. tleorge B. Taylor, of Oo um?i?, to Mrs. Mary t. Treat, 01 tian Francisco, former I7 0! Rang or, Me. ftrru?WowwiMiToji ? In Sacramento, April 16, Win. 8 ! Tittle to Mim M. M Worthing!*?. Woon?Ricv.?In Mary-frllle, April 2C, Mr. Cluu. Wood to Ml*. E. A. Rice. Wkmthorth?Noin?.?In San FnuK l.soo, May 2, by Rer B Brierly. Frederick G. Weutworth to Miss Charlotte Nokeg, both of KuwMian Rlrer. Wwty?ww< in?In Sacramento, April 80, Mr. B. W. Welly to Mrs. Kit** AdoHii Wright, daughter of K. W. Miner, of Wisconsin, both of this city. hiurua. A rants.?In Amador county, April 2<l, Lucy A lams, aged 11 years. brawn ?In Santa Raa, April 20, Jamas Bustor, aged 23 years. Bakrt.?In Jackson, Anas dor county, April 18, James C. Barry, aped 82 yuan. Banoocx?Is ban l raactsco, April 21. at the United States Marine Hospital, of consumption, Andrew Jack ion Babcodk, formerly of New York, aged about 82 years. Casvhk.?In I'et&lnma, April 11, Mr. Randolph Career, late of forest Uty, Sierra county, but formerly of Oborlin, Lorain county, Ohio, age\ 28 5 oars. Cook?la Yreka, April 2, Benjamin Cook, aged 07 years, formerly of Connecticut Clsnomix.?In ban Franclsoo, May 2, Mr. John Btvde Clesdelin, of the law firm of Howell hi Clendelin, Napa city, and native of Lancaster county, Pean. naiT.?In San Francisco, April 21, of apoplexy, Margaret Daly, a native of Ireland, aped lit years. Dn* wo.?In San Francisco, April 20, Capt Joseph Dewing, of Salom, Mass., aged 60 years. Bdwakds.?In San Francisco, suddenly, 00 Saturday Bnramgt AJN u am, vtnwv auu, miv m n. ? cmwwim, oG years. Hm'kkk.?Nrar Boukjla, at the Barracks, April 23, Frederick Heclrer, of tlie IVsgonos Company A. Bill.?la Sacramento, April 22, of typhoid fever, at the reaidenoe of tils brother, luomas Bill, Or. J. S. Bill, Ute of Mar?achu*otU. lUhrr.?In San Francisco, April 29, MIohaM Haley, a aaUre of the pariah of Or umchfl, county Clare, Ireland, aged SO years. Bit: ?In Han Francisco, April 2S, Itzsie France sea, in funt daughter of Thorn; i* Jcflbrsouand Francesoa Hall, aged 11 months and 7 days. KisnuuL.? In San FcaaHito, May 1, James Stcphon, son of Charles P. and Isabella lumbal). Lank?Iti Auburn, at the Orleans Hotel, May 1, of con- 1 sumption, KU Lane, formerly of New Bedford, Mas.,aged 23 years. Lajomainr ?In Orovillc, April 22, Louis B. D. Lafoatolno, aged '> years, a native of Montreal, Canada. I.uwi?At Ins residence os South Cottonwood, Tehama county, April 19, of oowomption, Mr. David A. Laird, aged 20 years. M.ujcr.?In Jackson, Amador cxrnty, April 29, Christian Miller, aged 40 years, a native of France M< kjuv?In flan Francisco, April 21, Sarah Jane, aged 2 yean and A month*, and William I'd ward, aged 2 months, children of Mr. and Mrs. ,!?>bn Murray. MoaersosKKT.?In Stui Francisco, Wednesday night, Ajiril 29, tiaorge Montgomary, of Now York, aged about M years. rAim*.?In Han FrsacUoo, May 1, of oongostion of thn wiftm. nn?. d. t ftmwr. r/Mj., <w ywns. Patw ?In 8u Francisco, April 26, after a severe Ulne&s, J. M. Payot, aged 6" years. I'abkeb.?In San Francisco, April 10, Anna Kmlljr, only > child of Thomas It. and Emily Parker, aged 4 months and 10 daps. Ram.?'Tn Mariposa, April 14, Alexander Reld, a native ' of Greenock, HcoUhimI. Stx?r?In Columbia. April 15, Win. P. Stone, or Belli more. Md , aged about 07 yean. Si?oii7.?In San Franuiuoo, April 29, Herman Bchottz, a native of Hanover, Germany. Tatior.? In San Francisco, May I, at 9% A. M., Laura Anna, eldest daughter of John and Laura A. Taylor, aged 4 years. 1 month and II days. TAiLon.?Id San Frsnciaco, May 2, at S P. M., Cornelia Prances, youngest and only child of John and Laura A. Taylor, aged 2 years, 2 monthi and 11 dsys. TkX-U'H.*Y.? lu Santa Rues, April 22, Alice, daughter of John and Henrietta Tread*ay, aged 6 years. V iu>.?In Jacluan, April 1., of whooping cough, daughter of Mrs. Wild, aged 11 months. Markrir. Sax pyixcwno, Monday Fvenlng, May 4,IMT. Fleur? A good .tubbing trade hae been done to-day; sales of 2,000 bblfc. domestic xupertine on terms not made pub- i lie. Wheal?No sales have b<-eo rcjmrted. Barley?Sales ef 1,500 bags in four pan els; 100 bags sold at lj(f.; 400 Ao., far malting. In twolou, at 2c ; 1,000 bags on private terms. (Jala?200 bag* uold at 2>dc. Vutaiooe?Hake of I 1,000 bags in lots; 250 bags M>id at 2c., 240 do. at 1K?-, 1 800 do. at l'.'c. a 2r ., 00 do. at 1<<c. a 2c., 150 de. at Ic. , Butter?tbd'M of 300 flrUaa choice en terms not mated. Ftgn?4 htiUa. Smyrna tlgn sold on private terms. Sugar? I 50 pack ague Sea Vraiidtco rehnery sugar and SObbla. la*tern crushed sold on private terms; 50 do do at 171,0.. 60 do. do. at 17a. cash. Molsssra and Syrup?late m 100 kegs Francw rolitcry syrup on private terms. Bait?1(0 ca. cS. 6, K and 20 lb. bags, sold on terms not stated. I/iuibor?199,000 feet Humboldt Bay, ex. Jfcolun. 175,1(0 do. do. ex. Success, sold on private terms; 69,000 do. do. at $26. '25.00O do. red woo J at $27. Shingles? 50,000 redwood alnuglcs sold at $4 50. Sherry?10 qr. casLa Ihifl Gordon sold on private terms. Blankets?Sale of 120 pairs heavy blue blankets at $5. Late ftem Cm-mmi Valley. LxnnxxTiNo arm a rmom salt lack errr?wkiHAM TOfVO KWHUMaD IN MIA OWN HOCSA? EI- 1 rirrrioN to wa labs'* Rim We take lb" fbliuwtng from s; rxlra of the Chlaven.? , fin**/', |-ubl. ?h1 at Mokeluntoe Hill, dated Moodaj, April 20 ? Ve-ter lay (*uiiday) morning, 19tb inst., Mr. Thomp ' sou, the daring and inir< p*d Oar-on Valley l.tprersmsa, i arrived at Midcelumne Hill, via Murphy1* and the Big ! Trot Road ^ from Car*>n Valley. j ' iif i'-i? r?n"- u "u lira niviuiuK vi iuo nia, u 4 ni four days In re? hing Murphy's, boting l net but vif | directly alter striking lb brad watera of the Mokelumiia. The reflrrton of lifttit from the cdctmvU J acow rend--r?l ban blind, ana thai wan lb- cau-e of bta lowing his way At the Big Meadow* he tool, tbe dividing ridge south of the Suin?l*u?. and continued on It fbelterlng It to b? tbe kloti lotn.-io,) until tbe river had ?ocoiBe ao swollen from the moiling sneer* of the lower mouiUm* as to be ini|?aaable. A short dt-tance above Murphy* be waa crossed n I bat by acme wool chopper* Mr. T. say* that by k<vi*ng in the rod lie is confident tint he ran make this pine from tbe Valley settlement- In two days. lb- report* the ?nows on the mountains from fosr to six feet dr.' J, from Hope \ alley to the III/ Meadows, and tblnkt (id I* three feel !<?.< Iban Is now on the Johnson Cut oft. This I* hit first trip on the tig Tree road, nnd lie ?a)? it is by great olds tbe bed natural road acres., the mount* int. The <t?y Mr Thompson left the Valley, a call had been tanned lor meetlnc to elect dclrgnte* to the 2d of May convention, to On b'-ld at M<>h<?|ujn v Hill, and much enthusiasm etut* on the subject of tho projected mad. lie aaya tl.e people ot ibe Valley are determmod to carry their trade hereafter by Uil* road, and II the r.?reuu*i fails h. make ad?| uOe pmvi i?n for in Improrrnent .they intend to put a furfe on their end, and place It In the W.t ponsible condition. Mr T rayt that yjdtr.loudy expended, will make it e^aal any slave road ta lbs State. Thu m<?'t of ibe labor will be required at the forks of tae > kclimae. Ths miner* of Gold Canon are doing a very fine bum one* and have made v<ry y sxt wage* dunu* th's paat winter. The storage, ha sa>?, is fr m A3 to f 10 t>*r day. An exfiediboo la orvabiniK in Uie Valley for a prowpact log lour to Walker'* river, it will start about the 10th of May. Walker's river la Ifto mile* south of Caraoa, rulig la the Weir* Nevada* eppoile Mariposa, tad fl>etng east ward, It sinks In the sands of the Ureal Basin, a party from (Arson Valley went down there last year, and struck what they deemed first rate pro*pacts, but running short of Tension*, were obliged |i> decamp and rrtura IW<?re ttvey cmUd prepare to go back winter set in upon them, and thus the expedition wav delayed till this fprtug. from private letter* raontvnd from Malt lane, Mr. Thompson learned thai the schism In lbs Mormoe Church has assumed a femu labia cha-actir. The (iladdenlie*. or aposatne from the Wnvm Pure faith, as eoumxetei by llrut bam and his adheres Is, hare or lata wonder fully lnciased their numbir*, and grown ao rebel lions thai the Prenhet ta fnrred to anvimw hinustf wit* a truly (ward of th* fauhiol Tho wirri Mate that hi* boav U guarded oi.'ht and day hjr hut fn?n l?, awl that. ao 'iiUff are hta roeauo- avuaat him. that be m afraid to r-how bimeeif in publir, li? Dm daaertad the Tab*ma e r. Mr. TbotapMu dooa nut coulirm tbo rumor of hi* tight. Iha M?moot of Garroa Valley. oa ancoaat of dlflenlUen acprt-h. Bd<-d with Ualr tietiUle neighlx**, had baao pere?|diwily ordered In %Jt lake by the I'ruphet, but think itiM it muir to a penco Uiau to -taeniae their home*. they hat rhaketi haaka With the AarUkilna, and buried Uy toraaliawk. Puow had fallen ia lh? Valley tint win lor t? the del A of two fort, hut <<id not Ik kmjr enough to do any injury to lL? Pita k Call)" air la Una condition, aad a groat muiy hart been wintered there Mr Thotnproo baa croattod lha Plerra Nevada thirty oa# IIrkv during tin- winter month*, geoeraUr oc *oow aboea, thla trip, bowerer, they were not oeceawary, lha crovt of Um> ?now tiring ?t/uit,g mm gh to *u?tain him In hla ordinary ahoee Ha never < arrl<-a n blanket or other covarttigtavi a coma,on auit of win tor clothe*. Win u night orrrlak a him, he kindle* a flra by ?om? dry rtomp or traa top, nod li<? down by Ita alda. Tbaaa a*'inordinary rgp.p-ernt nagrr produce coida, but an aeon na La reechoa On acui, tti'-uia an<l a'tar breathing the not flnad atmoapberc nf tight ronnn, ho at once become* *obi?rt to tbaaa nn any anna* Tba greatest difflcul y Ba n. lanant ia In hi* travel* I* from tba ?uo'k reflection from tba crytalif"!* of Uia untimliered ro wntutn aum irvi- f?r> intrnaa l? this light thnt It ?om*tirnan cautce tota hliodn^*. and rrhpn and p*rrkc< tba <kln of tba fact, liko lha hi-al from a former Ha got* from heo<<-to I'lvcr till-. and, if i-owihle, will return in time for the May cooiitktn knrmfatr'i I oart, i Wore a. w. Bradford. wiu, r?r ftnrni okosvrvo*. luv 9 ?Tba will of Janper tenor ta proven be fiwe the enrrogat* Hi- morning. Th-- tents I or, a merchant of tbu anw, died on the Hit, of June Uat, leaving an entota rpnra than a_ti.ll>.,,, ?f dollar* Tl.o protrrty I* all Wall I!>*<>?tM. Tbc 4 nrarl- bt# entire *?Ulr ??> hla wAf? tad lafntit daughter. 8a7'T?l liaquaaln f ?o <?>?r of hut retailvo?, an ! Uie following In charitable ine Jtittlmr _ To Ihe h"ri?r fi?r the R< tv-f * ||?ir Orphan and Oonliliite Children ta Um Oly <4 H-? y fa^ed jB tM ritf ?r New York, Hwetnta-r ?#, IN'Mi ?y nOO To ilw U?a Ntw York Kf? Infirmary *<**> t? * ?1T" f> l?" Mi?Woa firho.,1,4 the Ckarch of ihe'/ln retail*) la tha el|y of New Tart t ooo To I*" New York petntft Dlrpea?ary, a a<*.*? aa l lei aa Httih arewir. aaar Tweuly nlalh ilrtwi The der-eaeed appelated lit* wife eteratr'i Charier A. Mary. Jane* It Jeaor aad Morr.t K. derip ciecuv.rt aad tr?aM*?i wMr M WUL NEW YORK HERALD, I FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. | MOMMY MARKKT. Thtiumut, May 38?0 I* It For some day* put Ute stock market bat- been strug- I gliug along without inuut change In general feature*. Qu> tahoth have been onretUed and irregular, and tbe opera lioot* bare been to about tin* same extent reported for mar)' weeks. With a money market fairly in a plethoric (xauituun, with money fairly a drug, with plenty of me raw uuiuTiai tor carry tog on an extensive KpocuUtlsn in tiiiH y r-xilroad stocks, there la not the first sign of nu'h a movement- It la our Imprest!on that a portion of this abundance ot idle capital la to be attributed to the with- j drawal from Mock tnvoetmcnta. Public confidence in railroad securities bar been nearly extinguished. The coun- ' Uy people are heuling in their small lota of rallroa-t Htooks to rcaltre the boat current prioes. Tbey bare made up their minds to make the Merit)oe and lot iscli thing* alone bert after. They tuny be thankful they are so well oat of a bad scrape. The market la fairly running over with railroad stocks. They are dally accumulating In the hands of the broken, Where] they omit eventually rest al very reduced prices. For a time long or tho regular bull speculators of the street may keep somo of the is storks up sotne a here In the neighborhood of present prioes, but they raanot continue ju5h an unprofitable game for any great length of lime. There being no out ride absorption, but on the contrary, a steady supidy or Mock coming in from the country, the street speculators must! ultimately be obliged to let the burden drop at any sacrifice. At the first board to day New York Central Railroad advanoed ? per oeut; Erie, %\ I (arte a, %\ K<udiug, \\ niinots Central, X- Michigan Southern guaranteed, preferred, ten per cent stock fell off X per ! cent, clewing heavy at #){; Qaleaa and Chicago doolincd 1 1 per cent; Mitwankie and Mlaalisippi, I; La Crease and Ml waukle, V,. There was a little more than the usual ac Urty lm New fork Central Railroad stock. We learn from the boll organs that the "unscropuloua proas'' are again attacking this stock through anonymous eommnnisadena, to which the decline In tho nruket v slue Is attributed. The friends of the company, we should judge from the purchases to-day, have come to the rcectki, and the effect of these anonymous attacks la ill a fair *v of belup neutralized. So loo; as speculators puirbaso and arc willing to pay high price* lor toad of loo, the quotations at the ttock board from day to day trill stand pretty well, but how long they trill be ablo to keep Utfe losing game going is the most Important fcr them and the public to consider. We hare frequently asserted, and now repeat, that but tar the efforts Of the management of i our railroad companies and their direct and indirect ope- j rations in the stock market, generally with the companies' I funds, the shares of oD of them would to day range ton and twenty per cent under the current prices. All this expense ultimately comes out of the stockholders, and In some companies it is nther as Important Item. Construction account takes most of it. After the adjournment of the board, the following *a)cs of stocks and bonds were made at auction by Albert H. Ntcolay:? $10,000 lake Erie, Wabash and St Louis R II., flat... 25 g,COO Toledo and Illinois K.R. do. . 21X 1,000 City of liarlfoid tt per cent bits., Int. added.. 88 2,:?$ threat Western Marine !us. scrip or 1857 42% 820 Bun Mutual Ins. scrip of 1883 50 OOOUalen Mutual Ins. acipof 1887 40 ^ 15 shs. Chicago and Kock Island U.R. 6 BrtDk W S.llg Sitlf 70 20 Chatham Rank 8514 8 East Hirer Bask. 8oV 90 Fanner*' and Citizens' Bank of L. 1 7\', IT Importers' and Trader*' Dank 113 90 Creat Western Marin* In*. Co 115 26 Niagara Ura lna. Oo 147 J j 10 IJop* J 'ire In*. Oo. 01 25 Broadway Fir* Ins. Co 127>? 10 Knickerbocker Htaro Oo Ml? 100 Marsl* and Moo* Carving Oo 5 50 Vegetable Preservative Oo 66 K Draper's regular semi-weekly auction sale of stocks and bonds will take place to morrow, Friday, at half past 12 o'ckwk, at the Merchants' Exchange. At the second the market was medcralely buoyant. The efforts to get op New York Central and Erie Uave been the greatest, and so far the most successful. We went up this afternoon ?; per cent; Cleveland and Toledo,}{ , Ocveland and Pituburg, Reading, >?; IUi oots Central Railroad, V- Michigan Southern, old deferred, Ml oC xi per cent, HarVem, X? i "active Mail ateamahlp Company, 1; New Yor It, Central Bai'road, VThe Asmatanf Treasurer reports to-day as follow*:? Total receipts 870,068 36 Total pay menta 78,415 01 Tutsi balance 13,331,118 40 The steamship Arabia, at this port from Liverpool, brings ns seven days later news from all parts of Europe. The and commercial advices are not Important, bat Jtghtfy mors fkrorsble than those by the previous etrsmsr. Quotations for consols show an advance, bat there has been no improvement In the mocoy market, lbs Bank of England shows an Increase In its bullion department, but no change la oontemplated in the rate of interest Tbe demand for money continued active at full rates, the cotton market showed a slight improvement An advance of one eighth of a penny In prtcee is retried, and in general forms the market Is said to be a Utile better Bread studs were lower. A decline of one shilling in Dour, three pec* In wheat and one shilling In corn is rtportod, with abardant enpidtee. The favorable change in the weather is given as Ue principal < vo?e for this unfavorable change la prices. The steamship 1)1:not*, at this port from Aspinwall, bring* the semi monthly California gold remittance. amounting to $1,668,07 .! Amount brought by corresponding steamer last year *77. 1,791,107 Decrease...., $183,606 Tbe specie shipment from this port yesterday was larger than the total California rem tlanes at hand to-day. Tbe shipment on Haturday will be about eight b-indred thousand dollars, making the total for tho week aboat two and a half millions of dollar*. Tbe coupons due 1st June on the Eastern Extension , bonds of l'rorta and Ojuawk* Ra-lrond Company, will be paid on and after that day at the Hhoe and Leather Bank. The receipts of the Michigan Southern Railroad Company for April, 1857, ?how a Calling off of about 848,000, com pared with the earne nvetn last jear. 0P to the 1st of May thi* year, tbe decrease in reeripfo amounted to upwards of 8100,000. The receipt* for May hare boon oomrtrsUroly small Tbe decrease on la at May's earning* will be mora Uiac 560,600. teak RiAlaangs. Wwiraiur, May 98, 188T. 87000 !* Carolina 6'I. 91 69 shs Erie KK . .blk ll< lOOOCal T's, 'TO ... OOlf 100 do *10 .U)4 2000 N Y t ltH 6'S 86 4 100 do b.tO .H# 500 do ?'a gk.-j 90U do. .. *00 Attg louu MudK lUUdmif no von do cm w, lfWO do 6?V too do at6 lit.V 1000 Harl RR l*tmtg TT ion do.... ..*10 .14% M0$ doidmtg. T* l'?t Harlem RK It 9TW0 Tit Oni RR Ma 1?? Reading RR ... 7fl>4 aoonOtAR Is bds 9T 100 do.. 79\ 'jntOOal ftChtdmbo T814 too da blO V.'\ 22 rhs Da Ceaia'*. 107)5 am do.. 79\ 140 <V?aa Rank.... 87 300 do *10 7914 .82 Are K* 1* scrip 110 too do a3 7914 DO Cant* Go 1*V 90 V'ch MoAM la RR. 61 360 Nlc Co... 15 d o 00 M do ?V 190 do blO 00 V irm A.. Ill/ likt i? hit Ait/ MOlxmbCl ('?,r>K 15 . 10U do 1)6 60 100 do *30 1?H 100 do *10 no* *00 da bOO 1*% 90 MW-h On HR.... M>, 800 do 1?H 6 MlchHAVIa pr *U 8'>% 40 TVoa (Jool On.... W% ?? Ul Oo Rj: ..?10 130 ION i+iwry HK ... 126 IM do elm 164 1*1 ft Had C'l To 118 1?) do *00 I t* 100 do boo m 100 do 1W% 100 N T tbntrol RK. 66\ loo do lBPV l? do 16*4 100 do *10 130* 906 do W0 U.% ooocwrft nu? RR . 40 10 do 65% 1000 do *60 44% IfO do 85% 100 da b-W 45 .100 do wiO ha 50 Ctl ft CM RK boo ?:% 160 do W0 66% 1?<) do op* M *00 do bftO 66% 50 do...... opt *.% 50 do M6 *5% '.>00 do opt 05 MO do .. >*? 55 11 do MV 100 ?o >10 V%' i tOClar ftTnl RR >10 64 .V* do *6* H5Q do 64% 90ft do >10 66% -2M do bV) 64% .400 do *W1 6115 JW0 (to.,...MO 04% 100 do bSO 85% 14 do b?% H00 Krto RR...... bOO J>6 ?00 Mil ft Ml*x KK .:0 U :? do .W i to do 65K 500 do wo 64% 40 UCro ft MUI KK.. 76% 1288 do 34% ?5 do 70% 100 do 34% 100 do ..... *40 76 50 do b.O 31% BTCOND BO 41 P. 8800 01 7't, '75 .>3 w 400 oh* Rood RRb60 80% OOOO VirirlBio 6'?... 0145 *H) do WO HO 60(1 do M H5Mlrh('?a RR ... 94% :*O0 m Coo HR bd* 99% 250 Mh Soft N la.l RK 60% 5000 do 99% 10 do 47 60% 25 xl? Ml 81 Co. 71 14 Mb 3n AVI ?cpaU *'? V IcOOomo CnaJ Co.. 18% loo do..., ... H?% 100 do b30 15, 200Cl?f ft tol BR.>3 64% 150 14 T On RR..*30 S6 400 do 54% 2T0 do >00 84% 100 K/toRR >50 36 100 da.... t bOO 86% 100 do... >>0 86 160 do 65% 300 do 86 ? do 3?% 100 do......bN 36 900 do 600 86 160 do >30 81V JOO do *60 85% 200 do l) 86 JPO CUrft MMi RR?> 46 JM do 26% 200 do ?10 46 2S0 do bdO 86% 1(54) do *00 46 900 ftO.... . >60 84% 500 do *90 44\ MHatIcb lUllroBd 12 200 Cft ft R U'd KR.. 96% TOO do 11V 100 do WO 06V 400 UOca RR ...b8 189% MORmdlfif RR .... 80 400 do U?% m 40 108 tfo .900 688 FRIDAY, MAY 29, 1857. cm CUSUlKUCIiL BEPUBT. TxrsaaaT, U17 as?4 P. M. Anam.?The sales embraced about i?0 bote, pots at 7^0. 1% cbKJWBrfTrrFs.?Flour?Tlte market was again firmer and active, wblle prices closed about be. per bbl. higher Tor parc< k ou the spot To arrive within a day or two there were sellers at yesterday 's prises. The transactions tnoluded about 9,000 a 10,000 bbU. at about the following quotations:? Common to good State $0 75 a 99 85 Common to good Michigan 0 76 a 0 65 I ir?.. w..? fl oft ? 7 (a

txtir* Ohio.........'..................... 7 *k ft 8 00 Oommoo lo good Ohio 7 78 ft T 8ft Southern mixed to good braoda TM 7 M Southern fancy and extra 7 78 a 0 12 Canadian suporflne and extra 6 7k ft 8 80 Canadian remained turner, with bales of 400 a 600 bbls., Willi li Uie range of the aboro qnutation-,. Southern Hear wax firmer and quite active. Tho sales em araoed about 2.000 a 2,Wo bbte., within tho range of prices given above. Rye Hour was firm at ib 75, and St> asked for superGue. Meal was firm, while Bales were unimportant. WlicaU-iTirno and choioe lots were scarce and firm, while Inferior quaiities were Delected; the Rales embraced about 19,000 a 12,000 bushels, including 1,500, in which were common Canadian whitest $1 75; 1.200 do. prim* white da., at $1 PO; 1,800 Mirsonrt do , at kl 86, and 2,WO do. red Illinois, at kl 60, and some Southern white at p. t Corn ?as held above lie viewh uf buyers, and at the opening of'change SI 06 was asked fur Western mixed. The sales embraced atiout 16,000 a 20,000 bushels, includ. ing vallow Southern, at SI 02 a SI 03. Southern white at $1 03, and Western mixed, delivered, was reported at SI M . *1 <U .U.I old mixed, in fltnre. at SI 01 a SI 01 V. Rye ?u Ann, usd held at $116 a $1 20 per bushel. Oau continued ateady at ti5r. a 60c. for State and Canadian, and 7 Or. a 72c. for good Western to heavy Chicago. Uomm.?The balance of the two cargoes offered at auction oo the 2f>ib lust, were sold at private ealo to-day. coni-Utiog of 2,500 bags Rio, at 10>fc.; reported to bo at 3 per cent less for caih. Com*.?The market was dull, as dealers were <lta, swed to await the receipt of the Arabia's newt. The sales *ere light, being con Hoed to about 800 hales, at full prioes. Furuut* ?Rates continued to be somewhat irregular to fttglirh porta, while engagements were light. To liverpool 200 tierces rice were engaged at 8s. Cd., and 600 bales of cotton at h'd. To Iondon and Havre rates were^ulet and unchanged. To Rotterdam 10,000 staves were engaged at ;t0s , and 3,000 bbts. rosin at 2s. twl Oar-?Moderate sides were making for shipment at 90c. a $1 per 100 lb*. PM>vBflaw.?'The pork market opened with sales of 200 a 300 bbla. mens at 838 75 usual way, to (211 80 check today ; 500 bbls. were afterwards sold at $23 90, check today , prime mess at 919 25 a 91* 8a Beef was firm, with salea of about 300 bbls. country mws at $11 a $15, and railroad do. at $12 50; repacked continued steady, at $16 00 a $17 60 for Western, and $17 60 a $18 for extra Chicago. About 50 a 100 bbls. beef hams wore sold at $28 50. Bacon oootlnned Arm, with sales shoulders at 9?(c., and bams at lO^c^allc. Lard was active and firm, and sales were reported to the extent of about 1,500 bbls. at 11 t;c. a ll.Sc. Butter and chseae were mactivs, and prices unchanged. Si -wars.?The market was quiet, and transactions oondnel to small lots to the trade, within the range of previous current ratce. A small lot of boxes brought 11c , and 720 do. (damaged) were sold by anctioa at 9X?. a IO-&00. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETERT DAT. j^KNIVERSABY SECOND, 2>TH OK MAY. IK OR SHERMAN (FORMERLY CORNER OK RROADw ay fuid Fulion itreeti la In the<uty he will oblife by Beading hie addreea to 1>. P., Herald offioe. IK TBit MEETS TIIKKYK OF O. K. N.E ABROU8KI. ILK will please aeod hi* address to boa 8,999 Poet office. INFORMATION WANTED OK THOMAS TAYLOR, fENO1 Ashman i. within three .rear* a resident of ihUcuy. Aadrcaa In* gutter. Mary Aon Tayl?>r, New York. INFORMATION WANTED?OK JOHN SHARP AND 1 John McMamea; Hill d (ram Liverpool lathe Robert Kelly, parted with their brother-in law. Jamne Roche, who la bow waiUnir for them at fl? dreenwlrh street, N. T. INFORMATION WANTFD-OF CATHARINE MASTER bon, a Kir I aged 16*. l'rom Lu*k, lo the county Hub La, Ireland, wnn artired per ship l.ney Tbompwm, on the 26 th Slay Inst. Any Information of her whereabouts eent lo the office of the LomtulaakMierb of Emigration will be thankfully received. INFORMATION WANtED-OK JAMES MEATH. WHEN last beard ot era* between Ninth and Tenth areaaee. HI* sinter Mary Meath. Juat lauded from Ireland, will be glad to hear of htm at 26 Tnotnaa atreet Left his home about two wkkkh aoo-a hot named John Toung nine reora of age. Whoever will I ctvc any Information nraald boy to hit father, Juaeph Youag. nuty-brat turret aud Third arenuc, will receive % reward ami the thank* of hi* father. k d.?write BOON; don't kkow the ad dr?a. H T. Mary barritt, who ihi> liyk at northrast Centre, will hear of something to her advantage by calling at 101 Amity treat. rTX) HOCTflKRHRKfl ANI> OTHYRH-A FINK BBALTUT i. Ctrl, U n year* of aw*, for nAapUom, Ut any rcepeetabie lumQj. Aiklreae foe threw dayaMra. t>. Hnrber , Herald office. i THK HKIRB AND RBLATIVIV1 OF JOHN LAWRRNOR, late of , Holland, act requested to attend a meeting at th? D'K of kin ofllce, 32! Broadway. N. Y., on the 12th day of J one nrit, at 4 o'clock, P. far Die purpose of consnmranting tMkiww to obtain the tut settle left by the deoeaand. J hirtimeiiiary evidence and genealnglaal chart* wUl be then produced by HKNKT IIAYH. proprietor, A*. WILt. MAROARKT . TUR PERSON WHO ATtended Mm. Johnson, at No. g Vnrlrk street. during her sickness and np to the period of her death, cmt.T a f.nnr by aendiinr her address a* Bonn Be ponalble. If In ike rtty, to JiuDra W illiama. Broadway Fust uthce, aa ha ha* sotneOuug to c.uviuuBtcair to her. " COPAHTNKKNIIIH YOTK KN. dftQftf) -WANTKl). IMMKI.IATKI.Y, A OI.RKK OR <5*Ot '' psrtner in a tea *Uxe already established and Bs> tr.i; welL To ?am*rt man hating thin amctal ot cash this a chance ssldom nflered Security given lor th# money. Apply to H. HTRKKT. <1 Naaean atreet. d? t r,n ?A ?'W"nN WITH THIS AMOUNT UAN JOIN tji'lt/v. the ai'vertls'ir In a light and pleasant caah trirel Dry business Onm which a One fortune can ba mail" withii' any risk, aa the mcney will bo i currl Pteaae apply tmnae diatsl) In Mr Wll.rON, Jersey Hotel, Cortland I street, N Y. C^f\n-A PARTNER WANTKP?IMMKIIIATKl.Y, ijiluw, with thu amount at commaiad, in engage tn a ate anr permanent oaah business, (rum waioh there ta a oer taiaty <>( reatiiiLg $2,100 per annum, clear of all eipeoMS. Ai ply to UlVlMiSTt'S ACQ.. No. 6 Beekman atreet. Q rtU\ -A PARTNER WA.VTKO IN A FIRST 01, A AS, sTtJllU. light genteel bttsitfta. wbtch ta principally done wttii w hnlneali huuaoa In thla Miy, onnneoted with a liawlaome retail trade. Apply at 3M Brundwn>, rsuu It <1. H. H'tWK* A OO dbl I l/m ?WANTII), A PARTNER WITH THIR ?TasV;UU? amount in a lucrative, pleasant, oaah business, established tn a first rate location Address J. P., box 223 Union square Post oOb e, with real name, ataUng where an interview may be had. tf?l Of l/\ -WAN1RD A PARTY WITH THIS AMOUNT to engage in safe, |>wu iwnt and profitable .arffr pioBta Addrnaa Nrw .leriry boa 140 fiarald odlor fl) /WUt ?A OKNTI.KMAJ* WITH TBI AHOTI VAiUUua amo iai. < an bara lb* opportunity to oiitnr a Ikebt rnvtatentarlag toialnaaa. as parlo<T. Tb? pinwf ka * antrd to ai'md ibn flruai ul aart oi ibr triamoas- for par Honiara apply at 43 Maidon lanr. fotirtli Itr-v. ill rju l - a* OPPOiTtUMTTI* okfkrkd To" a V^.Arl/V. pfwn nub thta amnant. to rnmgt> In a llffht, pia-aot mah tmuiuiartartnc b\uOnr?a-ao i ompmluon vhirn vl I nay tin,400 yearly. For addruaa, Ac. apply to Mr. jhtrtkr, fctjt limadway. room A &>j rfii | -Wantkd. a rkMow with ttiih vO''/' 'U* aiBion', to mcMf* In a aafa, pan?an?nt and pr>nt .M? bnalnrra a lira It aatahUOird and in ancinaaafhl op? ration. wtll pay fwtn to n? tn fc in) par ana am. Utiw, i?i:b nam<\, O. K. D.. bol 1UU Herald o?on. A| | PA i: 1/1 KM WANTKU-WITII A OAPTTAI, OF tl??-> t'trn. vi h a praaucal kaovl*4?e 4 tbn (old bnrni*tiln< an<l atl>rr pUUn( bualiova. AdJraaa H. B., lleraid oAn. A R TsTiiT" WtNTItn TIIIH IH A RANK I'HA Vi'R lor a t?nt>man who baa all hnndml d<il.ara at bia rona maud. In an <>ld eiAbliahrd inan'ifacturiajt and Jobbing bnai rrw ahirb baa tvrn In auoranaful op-rattoo for the laat rtyh'mn ) ram. Profile lai r (tall at 390 Otnal street, oaar Cnurrh. Wo agaoet need apply. F~ AUTNKIt IN A llltTKl*?- W A NT Nit, A ITaKTNKII vttb from low or Bra tbouvuid dollars rvtb rajital, In a holrl. rrnlrally loratrd on Itr.vvdway, n ?d > ?t a i nl l> mi nn?a Tbe adreruwr In deatmoa of miklnf imitrntenenta, wtth a rli-w in Inoreaard airoamodatton*. AU rammtinlita tmat wlli be trra'ed atrimly eonlidtaUai. Addrrwa Mansion. Itrnadaa? Pi** olHie. Tilt P A KTWKRhllIP lURRTOPOK K KXITTIWH UK 'wt?o N<?? r A Hftra. of U>? rtuai li'Hf Hotel, u inn cat dtaar lrrd. hy a ut'i *j c Jun'itL A I. WOHftfR, J?? Ton*. Map 9, l??T. M. MTRKH. I Tit botal ono'lnne* to b? anoducW by Mr. NOHHf U, who win ftel pra'nrul for all future furor* w ATRIMOM I AI*? Af|*NTl>-*t* POMK4PKD Of AW AWWCAl. IN ?*?ne of H.Wi, dealrea In marry a Indr about 17 Tenet of aye. he la ft yara old and dl?r<tated with a tingle life tie lady niutl bn prrUt, Well < donated and hate an nnunltjr "f al lo#.t f i.nflll Fm l triber li?fnrmat|<m adttrnaa AJf. W. MeJIlI, ilarrielabtirv. Metear e?,u0tT, Krntueby. AUtKMuw ORNTLKM tW. WIOOWKR, Tip" WMiniK a*t. and alone, a tlrniigor to the* of thlarity, wab? < to l< nr. :*d arqaalnuwi with ?om? re?p?ot*hla ladr or widow an<1 who, 11a ? IterttHf, feela the want of a home and a female frioud, wiUtarlewbi matrimony. A atnuara ittraon ran addrt?a r. II. A. <?., bo* HI II' raid ?Met. CUlTlllbfl, (bl OKWTT.KWPW M I.RPT OfWCIiOTBIMO WaWTWIX T I for th" Hmtlhera and Weetem market The full ralnn w)U te paid lor larj" or amalt lota of good riothln*. I'leaae rail at 'be atnre or addreaa f IIoMaM i>. WHU'/Y, ft Centra aireet, two door* from I'earl tireec Kd II If I rtt INT1HT IW SK'ttNllll awF<n,t?THn*cI, .v/Ul/ ?OeoUemea wlaklaf to convert left oil or ne eiohttna Into rath, rati abtala al least itfty par onnt mora I; raring or i-nd;ng their addreaa to JAJUm MOBONIT, ?7"l, I'earl atr-et i ear 1 lia'ham CIAM ~(7pV7d7iTITTNO AMI FCRNITI RR WANTED/ lad let or ft ntttoien ha'tng any of the abora anielea to lltpoar of ran obtain a caab priea by aendinr In I. M. Dnaanldorf, 13 Kim atreea. I ad lea attended in by In DaaanMnrt 14' AJ1TSO, FOR KSI'MRTATION -UKMfUMRIV OH Tf ln<li<w ("inn i<> Ktiropo or oUwwhiri- h*?ln* miDTfl't n? PloiAlnir, kr to diipnw at will ootAin ? llb?r%l ??h uric* hj ?<-inl!n* On lr kdilrrw to Mr. IfKRKY, nOi n 44 Kwrt Tliif t?*th ktr?M. MlWWt Itrokdwkf And f'rmrtft mMM. mum, CARIf ri'B nANRKN OAR PMHTRR B A R'lA J Mt AT 17 BtorAwv-? M**rok, narHfkk. n^nt. Oomma, *nd HA or ehotro nofkr*, torotAoi with Mi niti-nklrn k??.irtn???l W 1IMH wpn. kU M twMUf "* e*tll bpl IW BVknt prWWH. 0. OIIKIUI. 17 Rmkdw?y. iVAJU H??W PARTI OAR, RUAIJA. BRITAK BlM.'IkAHAAA, RRRaIIA <Ui R?fk. Y MUWtot, flgtMtAA cjssna.'SsyiB^iSySS igMUknw [ BOABUIMJ MO bOMnW, 4 BOKI) BTKK*T FURNlhHKD BOOMS TO LOT, TO KrutieBKUi, without bjnrd nWOORTKt KTBKOT.?ROOMH TO LOT. DOUBUC j or alnalu btxi*. with or without hoard, 00 the avw. roneoaabla trrnw, at OAIWBT'S hotel, 11 WiXMter aireot, uoar Canal. I 1(1 FIFTH A VJCWU1C.?Hi NPflOlOCLY FDRNlSHEO X V rooma, ring te or lu #uts lo let to (eutldmea or without board. f)A Ol.IMTON PLACE.?FURNISHED PAKLOItH AND jU X bedrooms wliU partial board It deairad; (u, bath, Ac. 07 BOM) STKKKT.?AN EASTERN FAMILY 18 OH U I alruuf of leiliug a a oil of rooms to KniUeuieo aud their wlvt s or single geutlemee, separate or together, or a party of grn'li-inrn raa hare two or three single rooms, with board. Aa other to let. ?J/J KA8T BROADWAT?RESPECT ABLK MEN CAN BH OO asoommodated with good board, and uieasaat, airy rooms; also, gentlemen aud their wives ; those wanting a comfortable home will do well to call aud examine tor themaeirea. Terms maderate. OQ BEACH STREET, 8T. JOHN'S PARK?FURNISHED OO rooms to let, with or without board, to single gentleman or gentlemen aud their wives. The house has ail the modern Improvement*. A n GREAT JOHNS STRUCT?FURNISHED ROOMS TO T Li let to geollnmsn, without board; breakfast If required. The house has all the modem lmprovrmnata. A A WEST WASHINGTON PLACE-A BEAUTIFUL TtM: suit of ro ms to let, together or separate, to a gentleman and his w lie or a few single geutleoseu. The house has all tke modern imsrovenen's. rt) WEST FIPTKRNTH STKKKT, NEAR FIFTH AVE *j?t nr.e.?To let to gentleman. In a private family, handsomely furnished rooms, oommunleatlng, baring Oroton, gas, bath^Ao-^ None^but highly respectable persons need apply; Of) REMSEN STRKRT. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?KXOdfi or lieu t aeoommodaUoas cau be obtained at this Urst ['iw oouae. 11 amnnniii ? uw? n?? w wwv. uuwm 6. References exchanged. 07 KANT a*VKNTKKNTJI STRICT, BETWEEN UNION 0 I square and Irving place.?TbU Una residence, having eulire new, cosU j funman, Is ready far the reception of boarders. Gentlemen and their Wlgee, aud single gentlemen may now secure delightful rooms. rrt\ K RAN KLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF U Broadway.?A large front parlor, bedroom and pantry attached, on seoond ttoor; large room, satiable for one or two, and neaUy furatsfced, tor feoUemnn. Iitqftlre as above.* nrQ WRING STREET, FOUR DOORS FROM BROAD 1 U way.?To lot, several bandttomelv furnished rooms to single gentlemen; the location is in-wall uio first olaas hotels. Inquire lu the bclVllng of Anson Hoove. "I in WAVER LET BLACK, NKAR WASHINGTON ALU square.?Handsome and comfortable furnished front and back parlor, for a gentleman and wife or a small family, with or without board. Oaa and bath. Also aoooaamodatioaa for gentlemen. mEAST TWINTV-FIRST KTREMT.?SUPERIOR Accommodations for gentlemen. with or without board; house first class, adjoining Uramerey ParitjHonae, with privilege of park. Private table If desired. References given and requited. INC TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SEOOND a. VENUE? ITU Two or three single gentlemen ean be aoeowmodated St ar ?(ltant heard, as dwiirvd. or rantlaman and wtf 4 with ROM flarmtahed and new It pair ted, an aeeoad floor; mad too? wmimImltoa together, or a en era te; frilly private. t?? a ati.antic street, near cunton-a few 1U X gentlemen can be aooutnmodited with pleasant rooma and partial board, Ukewiae an uafamUhod room tor a gentleman and big wife. 1qq east fifteenth street, nkar htl'tvk XO tj Mint park In a private family. a ?uit ot rooms 011 tlie second floor for a piotl-man and wire, alao a room for one or two single gentlemen; the bouse haa all the modern Improvements. References required. On/! BAST BROADWAY.?TO IJCT, SEVERAl. HANDAv/U aomely furnlahed apanjuenta either to gentlemen and their wlvea or single gentlemen The house Is modern, with all the Improvements, anch as bath. Be., and gas. ooc tenth street- between first and 8eZiZdO eood avenues, rumtsb?d and unfurnished rooma to let to gentlemen and their wtvea er single gentlemen. Laoontion pleasant. House with modern improvements. OQA WRING STREET, NHAR MAODOUGAL.?FUR ZlOO niahed rooma, with partial board, tn a neatly furntahed house, with the modern Improvements, good yard, At. Also, a line basement to let, for a doctor or dentist. nen west thirteenth htrhet-fuknwhkd or auu unfurnished rooms to let, with or without board, on the second or third floor, with a private family where there am do ouuir poarucn. aa boutc, or awetia. o., ! Broadway Poet oOan. OCQ UREKNK BTRKKT, NK.VB WAYKRLKYPDACM4Jt)y A few bandsom* rooms to let, furnished, with or wlwUdil partial board, to gentl'-men only. House lute c*e, fro loo, bath, Ac., and la a delightful and comfortable summer location, being immediately near Washington square. QQO BROOM BTRKKT?A TKW TOl'NO ( OOa men can be accommodated (with or without board) with One and al/y rooms. Terwii moderate. dig BROOMS BTRKKT, BHOOND BliOOK KABT OF TlO Broadway, la one of the beat boarding bouses In (he city lor single gentlemen and gentlemen and their wtvua. Transient or daily boarders also accummodeled, Dtuoer at 1 andgp. M. COQ BROOMB ITRKKT TO LRT.-THR HOUHK TH UUO being pat la perfect order Oram garret to foundation, painted Inside and oat, fan dilutee pat in. bath tubs aud all modern conveniences; will be finished in a few days. Apply loTHOB. B. TAif BUBifM. a? Broad ray, room U. AOKNTLKMAM ARB HM WIPR. OR TWO RINOIJC gentlrmen. ean be etcoaunndat-a with b.isrd in a vary pleeeent bouse, Bering nil the modem Lmprorcmcnis, at Um West Kighmnlh street, near Eighth arenoo. Dinner at I o'clock. A PRITATK FAMILY, K KB! 11! NO IN BKYXNTKENTH J1 street, between Third and Fimrtb e vermes, hare a parlor and three bedrootna to let, wua partial buerd and dinner on Holidays. A party of three or tour aenuainro can hud a pi.a anul boose, nomealeat to Opera ion sr. ram, As. No other boardeta will be taken. A<M,--?r Jmd'is, 11-rsf.l office, aiming wffiere and when an Interview may be had. Rcicrenoea ex hanged. A OFNT1.KMAN AND HIR W1FK. OR H1MGLK QKXTLK A men, can hud ploasai t lurtushui usu, alth boanl, at ho. S Albion place, ilu Fourth street. A| OKNTLK.NAK AMD LADY DWURR TO OBTATW A ecmfortably furnished room with a widow lady. where I there are no other boarder* taken, with partial board fur the lady If ennrealrnt. res and bath indispensable. Iswatlon between Bleacher and Thlri y-sncuuii street, weal ol Broad a ay. Address K. S. C., Cuius square Post uffioe. A SUIT OF ROOMS, PLEASANTLY LOtUTKP ON SBrood floor, sul'able for r-nUeman and wife, or twi. single gentlemen, may be had, wlui board. In a private family Apply at 49 seienih street. S- msl st a.s UuesoepUuoable references given and required. ? A DMUOHTTCL HOME. (JOOD ROARD AND flOOD J\ room can be bml si 49 Columbia street. Hrniklyn Heights, with a private l.imlly. Blagle gentlemen prclurred. Dinner at S't o'clock. A PARTY or TWO OR THRElt OKNT1.KMKN CAN OBtaia pleasant well furnished m ms, wltb board If reqaired. In a first class brown stone b<> i?e, convenient to carl and stages, 71 Went Fourteenth itreet, Ural hosse went of Ruth avenue Alarok fi rniphkii or crkhn inurd a?ono at<.ry fron room of tive 'i iv.n No. 11 Ablnpdon, till o Kidr, B -Iir Rink air et, W..I < r "Tthont board, nlwi a ?ma'd room. KijjUik irou* otniod Bleacher atreet ataf> pun the door. APRITATR T AlfTI'T WTTIMIT CHILDREN, WOULD let, ft rmahed the eerord airl thirl aorta*, with or without board. In modrB houne, t ta*<\ In one m the moat delightful locaUona on the lalaucL Inquire at T.'H, (old number) W eel Twenty arooiul *tr??< A WIDOW LADY, WIMnK FAMII.Y IN I'RIVATK, can arcnnunodatn one or two kingle KmU> tnnn with pleaearn mtiu and pHrtial luabl The Inmae |i irriy iieM*on, and la a fnod InraiMio.. Bel. rracea ctUuiige-L Apply at M Kant Twelfth alrert. ATOUNO LADY, A TRAIHRR. DRHIRKA HOARD here not many boarder* are tah?e, lunation not above Tw.nurth atreet, t*rma mndora^. Addr-ee Annie kirk White. Unkw aqnarr rnet oflloe. Atoinu ornti.kman wr-mfn to obtain a p<ra?ant room and partl\l hoard. In the nniftihni Had of H?-w>u<l avenue, a<H alxrte Twelfth at. ' i1dt naa. tab of loot lion and term*. T> acher. ffrratil Hi re. An rninmrd ATTIC room to i.RT-to A rtpolc fertile man, w1tk.?it boar I. Inquire at 43 FrankHe at. ArRIVATK FAMILY WILL I.FT BLKOANTLT FI'R nlebed parlor* and *t|eti?|en rontn, with u?e of kin-he* or partial board. Alan. Inrfe fr< nt room* on aorond and third* hi gentlemen. Lora'ion < Linton ptkce, near Broadway. Add-ra* I'tliitno, llrrald ofllea. An ei.drri.y widow i.adt, navino a wkll rrr utehed h"ii*e would wl?h to meet with a party of rem tl 'taen who would take tbe rent out In b-wartl and aecure a comfortable brma. Apply at l.twi Broadway. between Thirty llrat and Tlt.riy * rrnvl a'rorte. Hoard.?a privatr family ttaytno mokr room than her i e i'iire. wohH t'witiirli'i' r.mhonan and wire or twoetnfle renlrmar 11-owe haa b*'h, fa*. Ae , re 1ere woe* e\chanced. Apply a' UK We*t Htrterei'h atreet. B'oariv- two "nrntlfmrn and kh, alao a 'ew ainyle r-nth'ov r. een be anmn mrdt'ed w'lk very pleaaani and *r II tnmithed apiuunnnbt and board In a private family. I loom la dedrhtfnlly Located. and roatalna all contt nlencea. Piute apple at No. I Kaat Thirtieth atreet, ttecood door (t orn Fifth a > en no. oard-to i,rt. w tii hoard, a third n/>oi front room, and one no rood Ibur, aluiaied In one of the anet i>iea*ant par r "f F,*?t tlroadeav. ila* and hatha. Kefrroerea eiebanfed. Inquire *< lill F an Hroadway lioARD ? A FAMILY N A V1N? MORR room THAN I) lb< < re-|ulre would diepo?e oi a room wlih board to a eltiate ci'iiilenmn. boiite Im* modern improvement*; acre*. Ible by can and aiefe*. Apply at 172 Writ Twenty urat >rwet. Board-a okntlfman tnd wifr. or tworin pie rentirmen, abui a mn*.r renUeman. ran obtain full * """ Moaarii n?n,.', piraaam Kma I at ^??BUAKll <l,l|?l<>N 1'bAOR.^A KAMI I,V A Hi) UNK or two iinple |ctit)nm>iTi will And rrrv d>mlrat>la ftu ptePed ipiffBiitli, with hoard, m (1 Clinton place neru Ftftb UrMie K?f"r' i,rra nrhaPk " ' HOARI'rAMIMKh ANII Hi NkI.K WkNTI RMKN CAN 1'Wnrr.inimodntrd with full or partial tnmr.l at No. A| T **Lo^*n *m?i. bo-la- utAiuuig the ttHHUt* tmprorement*. Refrri rreueirli.infed. U<M/:ii A I A IIV AND HK.Nri.RNAN. WITH BOARD ! J* 'or ihe Uey will dinl a icntenl parlor an.I bedmi>m<? uir M pnnil finer. In n very am.iT' jirtr itn f.imlljf, no hoarding Bonne; la rrntral Willi aim em lirpnirewenta: itiln will anil n | nnl?t maple Atdr<-? Cnrlnno, hoi MA Herald mMne. BOAIill A SMOMI I Riirr I-AUMIR AND In dm in to PM, with fall or pAr'btl b au >, dinunr A' 6 F. [ *. Iitqnir* Al M I At Import amnne B<iAIUV~Xn 7i*FVRNIbllKit FR<iw7 R'Kltf ON TfTu 11 " >. " n'able for A A?nl|( II'An ill'I his wi two or lkr?-" alnglr penl'efn'n nan be amjoimi .1a""1 el'A I nleaaani rnrma with or w1ifcott< panlAl h"ird He* Attd Ha li I In On- hnnur Inquire al IIA Orenne at B~ OARD.?A WIDOW i.~Aini Wtl?) II AN a''IONFONTv hln hidne end llrer redrert, ran uranium atnle a few lyy | or ehlldren. InuMmnt 114 Inrdner at rent. or addrwnn . R. Fnai nNiw. Willi?hwrg. ??Whmwww einhnwr^- . ' fjoANiiT 17 riTffrwri?iFr ? iwati'i haw and I D hla wife and Ian nr Hire- ai- fla |r?rUrmr? raw oatMU I >lAMA?t nawM. with board, firaHtnd w wNnatoi I noAiwiivu Aim LODOIHO. Board kob binulr ukti.kmhn -a vkkt pi.b i urni room for out- or two mngle gentlemen at W CUa* place. Dinner ai A I Board in bbooklym.-<mx>d boTrcTand pi.b| Kant pioDMowi be had, with the comioru of a boa* I 61 h'uaanu utrrmc I OARD at brooki,*n.-ver* plhahant spam room*, beyond the requirement at a itmall family, em be let, fiiroUliril, to gentlemen and wife aa<l two alngfl gentlemen, vridi board, at 73 State atreet, betweea lira* and Clinton. Acouminodauotta of a nuperior claaa anil km** V dnalrabltv. I Board im bbookltk.?a BrrriNo room am two bodrooau (together or aoparatoly) with full ? m Ual board, within a few minntea walk of the South or Wt treat lerrloa, at 248 Henry atreei, oorner at Cong ram. j^OARD IM BKOOKl.TN.-KURNIKHKD BOO KB 1 m* ?., in :? |in??i' rainuy, witn or WHhont board; hot at cold wMer. and (?? throughout the boom). The house is pia sandy ".caled, with a view of Jib Bay and Staten Island. J ply at (8 bummlt street, comer ol Uioka. ? _________ Board in brookltn -a fkw ok.vti.kmki* oa be accommodated with pleasant rooou and partial on reasonable terras, at 44 Naneau timet. Brat boat* fro Washington. Befercnoes rcquirod. ^ Board in brookltn.?afbwkinolk qkntijou ^ COD be art oiiunoJateil with hands,unely funnelled reel j and partial board in a pleasant location convenient u> raUoai ' w here the comfort* of a home may be realized. Apply at > WlUuughby street, corner of Bridie, Brooklyn, Board in brooklyn.-two fink kroht rooi now moant can bo had, with full or partial hoanl ea I moat reasonable terms, by either single or married pante family small and select; localtoaAienlihy, and near the furrt. Terms made to suit. 1*1 easts call at 7a West Warren aire Brooklyn. Board wantkd.-a grnti.kman and lady ai deletions of procuring peruiaueut board, with turaiab i apartments, in a private family. Loealiou between Uoeat and Twentieth streets, near Broadway. Dinner at six o'do preferred. References glveu and required. Address b 4,019 New York Post ottos. _______________ BO t RD WAKTKD-FOR A I'ANILTOP GROWN rR aona. near the saountaln or sea shore. Good country fa and comfortable rooms required. Addrcea, with terms at pariiculara. A. B., box 120 Herald office. Board wantkd-in thk vicinity of twruti street and Broail ray. Address, staling terms, Bad square Post office, New York. BOAKDIVU.?A UKKTLKMAN AND . HIS WIFR C Iwo single gentlemen can be aorommodaied with fsR I partial board at 76 Orchard street, near Grand street. BOAXDINO.?A HANDBOMKLY FURNISHRD PilU) suitable for a gentleman and lady; also, a roam tor aim rentlrmen. may bo bad by adnwaing W. B. K., Herald odfi Loeatlon In Twenty-ninlh street, near Fl/lb arenas, and & aer at 6% o'oiook. BOARDINN.-TWO YOUNQ OKNTI.KMKN CAN ] accommodated with pleasant monu aad partial board a private family; gas and bath In the house. Referenoeai dumped. Apply at 66 Amity street. BOARDINO.?P1JCASANT FURNIHHK1) BOORS 1 let, with board, on the find and second floor* unliable I married or single gentlemen, at No. 6 Bond street, near Broi way. t V Brook lyn hktohts, two minctkb from ruhit ferry.?Rooma for a gentleman and wile, also, sfaR gentlemen, with full or partial board, at No. 13 Poplar afra But lew boarders taken. EI.ROANT BUTT OF FUKNWHKD ROORB AS splendid parlor to let; also single rooms, la a tirstok private bcnae, wllb or wlthoul private tablet or use of ab ehen. Apply at No. 38 Bt. Mart's plane. Eighth street. xjlurnthhf.d ROOVB. -OBNn.KMRW wi8h1no FIT. r ulshed rooms. without board, will tad very pleasant* airy apartments, with every convenience, at a nviderats tea by applying at ?1? Broome street, near Broadway, aaat tU Furnished roomb.?qkntuotin xbquibv furnished rooms without board, will find very plasm apartments, with oonvenieana of bath, gas, Ac., la a * eligible situation, by applying at H7 Prince street, near MM way, west aide. A salt of apartmanu, ooaalatlng of Sn parlor, extension room and ofllce, suitable fur a ph/Man dentist, to let as above. Tew moderate. ( FL'RNIBHKD ROOIIB?AN ZLKQ ANT SUITE OF RAOM ' with commodious bed rooms aad pantries attached, la 1 let together or separate. Also a soil of magnificent partem the firat floor, newly and elegantly furnished, at (1 BlaaSk street, a few doors went of Broadway. Tbe house U m large and airy ; bath, gas. Ac. T.1UKNIKHKP ROOMS?FOB BTNOLR OEXTLKMRM, I J a private family, without board, with all the modem b prow men la, bath, gas, Ac., la a pleasant part of thoaB located at ft F on rib avenue, between Tenth and Eleven* m and only one block from Bruadway. Referenoss ictssgsd : T.VRNISHK1) ROOMS TO LRT?TO GENTLEMEN IN I JP French family, with or without breakfast. Pi1 Earl ven sad required. Apply after 4 o'clock at Uf Iu4h| greet. between Bleaker and Amity. _____ FUBHISHKD ROOMS TO LIT, ON THR FIRST PLOD to Mmtle (mUcbm or ladles, it 17 White street. III easy. PI?e rlif the upper bell. EU'BJflSHKD BOO MB TO LKTT AT ? CLINTON PLMO F ?One floor of rery handsome op or moult, well edapl for parlies w Uhlan truly eomfortable lodxlags. Also, a?I parlor tad bedroom. ^ T/ILRKINUKD ROOMHI TO LKT.?A PRITATK FAKD r would lei ooa or two woe trout rooma, to feallemaa am at SI 7* audit 24 IT wank. Lfteatbm two ntooka M Bi oadway, aear Brlaoa street. Apply at lip Greene street. U*tTENTRHBI? NOOK*.?A IOTP or MOO MR AND 01 r or twotiDflv rooma to lot, wttltoot board, la the InlA brown etoac house SB Oreat Jonrs etreet, near Lafayette plat | The house baa all tba modern lmprortaiau, aw* MM |u, to. Erery room la newly and elegantly fumldted. FURNISHKD ROOM. 8B0OND FLOOR?FOR A HIN0I (i uliriuau. In a prtrale family, none need apply bat the requiring a neat and ele*?nt buma. Apply at IN Amity plat oo<* door alwtf RIwcIm ?treat. "[iTRNIPRKD ROOMS TO LNT?FOR URKTLEMl 1 only. Inquire at 1$ Greenwich aaenue, In the (umbo lore. AJao, for aale. a eplruild roaewejd piano. 7V oatat made for tba exhibition at the (Yyatal Palace, and tank I premium. Inquire ol M. 11. Howyer. at tba same plana IRPRNI.-.HKD ROOMA TO LKf IN A FRIVATR PAN It. Two or throe lurutahed rooma may bahtdaart atinailr ta-rma by applying at ISO Mop atreet. near Rcoam Can and t.agm paaa within a lew doora ol lb* boaaa to i parte of the city. Pl'KNTBHKn ROOMS.?HANI WOMB LABOR ROOM with oanirlaa, hot and cold water, (an and bath, la a at brat rlaaa Bouaa, may ba obtained at fr un $l to |5 par woe Par te] board u desired. Apply at *6 Wast 1 btrtyoaaw Street, the Drat Na HK from With aeanne FX KNISURD ROOMA.-A LAROR AND PI.RASAI front and back room to let u> renUemt-u and Uialr am or atne'ty:* nllemeo. la a prtrale family, at M llarrtau aww r llNIBHKn RIXIMS. ? A TRW HTRftl.R OKNTUlia cau be accommodated with see It (unuabrd rao wllbnut board, by applying at 19 RMWIge tlrcet, batww ll.-l.,r an.l I'..,.I if .ell. I. fJICRKIIHKD ROOMR.-TWO WKNTLKMBN CAR > J1 uliaeamly jmniimi?l?i?l nlih noai jr fttrnUbed ro*w wllh ??r without brraklaat, In a unlet t>rtvnt? family noMh baarders. Kit particular* plraae omlf at tcf> llroadwiy. IiWRNIflHR)) ROOM TO LRT-W1TI1 HOARD. FOB alnglr lady. whet* there are do other boarder*. I Wrooiae atrrrl. trTUNIMIKP ROOV8 TO I.KT-A I'RITATR KAMI I. , J* a" 111lil lei one or twr> nice front room* to aiagle g,-edw* only. a: 81 76 per work, location two tti *-a* woat of Bra* nay, new Prfure r'reet. Apply at liCI lirccne alreet. (1RNTLKMBM WlMlllKU IKtOD AND F1.RAHA3 T room*, n Ith it without partial board, will pit-ma *pp 1 at a White *u?ot I nANPftoMKi.r rrnNisnm ROOM* TO I.FT-wtt | hri ?kfa?i and lea If itealred. tn amgle fen'.lraaa* aaly, I a * r rtiy pi Irate family. iu and bath In the hnoaa. Apply Jfe flmwton atreet. two block* from Broad way If YOH W1HII TO obtain okntkki. hoard* make do delay, but apply Immediately at the Hoar** Kirhanfe App'.etnti* Hiillalnk, API Rrowln*y Kama* Am M, boar d In private fuwille* it *epi?el boarding h >*ae* *t I learn full particular* rratuitcnaly. I IN WIU.IAKNBURO?TO I.KT. ONK OR TWO LA At) g ftimialier, roania * Ith nr without boar I. Iooat.oo plaaaaa < Addrcaa M I., herald uftiee. PRIVATK ROARDTNO.-A FAWTT.Y OOTCKTTWR neat and ruaamodto-ia bona* tn 11 mutton atreet. near Rati way. would be happy tn accommodate a lady and reoUaam or two am** rnouetnen. wbowi refaranoaa ar-a oaaaMpha able Apply at CM Houaton alrm _ TJOOM TO I.KT-A fLKANANT FCRNIimiD BOO Jv to let to a (cntlcmaa and hta wtf*. wlih nae of parte*. It rh?n, and every facility fur conkln*. In a family of twn pa anna, ar ritirln* the riMiaga hnnaa U Hnltlran alreet. a* at or two ladle* i aa auMt tAa abor*. wuh or without bap Term* moterale ltiuia* to i vt wrru na wraimnT antin. AT I It Huiurood atrnaC totWMa litwit* Wroartfc M j Roonn largo and plmuaat I Roomh to urr-rcRMPMBo. at h akp ?ir n inotiU. mm Urooowlok Untoo liolei, ntAdArn I prVf*. K^WM'NA FOR A OBHTI.KMAR ARP I.APT-HOAB for I Arty only. (.oration bo-wo-i rifloonth ?nd T???r Itth ?T' ?U. ??ar Rinh niiil Soronih avop'ioa Tor?? MA I noH fK or fio por w.-ok. Aitdrxu O. B , R or aid offlaa. Room to i.rt ?a WKtj. furri-mrp room to lb on tho * -<-< lor floor, to a g?at oman wui.o i oard. la atua'l private family in Uiuigluii ?to ii Ad lrnna !.? ?., H mid nnlrr, with taal namo. KIHOPVS WARTKP WITUROARP OR HTATKR IWI.ARi I for lady mil gi'ntlrmaa. uniurn'ahod prr-lorra*. a>m I rtr?"?n lioallrt , Trthnno o tter J 7 SOUTH BBOOBLTR HARBMOMI ! mamm ? It*. wAh partial board, *? tw* or 'Ary gmmdf ] men. In tk? WlUMi of a (mall private ^ art (oratlna. marOBlonl to Route 1 Tfca bona* la now. >?4 AOAtAtM g>% lam. tn outer at III Harrlana "g?*^,fr rO RIROI.I OBHT1.BMBR * SJoM vl.h ntmiy fnmtabod r ? * !.tl T r * ?,'! mquLnA. ?#flf * ? ***** "***- ?9P*m*W Jobn'a park. ripwo I'ARI <>RR WITH r,^?,r'VT,T2* 1 lot?U iifnrateb*d> MPAratelr or i vHl.rr ?=S;riaH: djunrr Pnft ^ TWii klNdl.K lliwn.wn * mn nr. Anvtvf/ .ia>r<i will) wMhtrt and lodftoi la a privai* tamOy u i llrnry atmal. Trnoal'iw. 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