Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1857 Page 7
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ADfERTlSLMK.NTS KENEWKD EYEKY DAY. AL.K.S AT Al lTIOH. AOOTIOH NOTlCBt-KUQCNIC B. FRANKUX, AUC Uoomt, by K. B. Franklin and Co. This (Friday) NX'Kikif) at li)W o'clock, at our aliv cm, M Na?^tu sue.u ; fessuatve and peri?oplory oolng Hale of sooond h ind furtil ore, oarpela, mrrrora. nalntniks curtains. Ac.; alw mahoRauy Oh. uola?0 ptruoior.c, fan wboLs rouipriHing SHMni M MH Ubot *f boeanhiilri ftirniiurt; In good order Also, Uri'n si<a*k Of roaewoad mebogiuir, oak. and nnamrl)Hil|uirullnrt<, con Utsting of parlor ami chamber milieu, ntegre* *id*l>o<t?da grardrabe-, seembtry aud library, booknaarx. *0(101, ?* ?? and MklSf chairs, centre card and fancy tallica, bmUieail*. feareaua, waakalauda. fancy g?oda, Ac. Ac. The whole of the boa* will ba sold without reaerce to close advances and 0011dlsnmntiU. N.B.?Oo> da for biiiumfut packed uu U10 profcdsaa. Oalalogtiea on numilng or tutle. A UVllUfl UUlXllfi.?UWAltf hrAADAKU KUPM, A Camilla*. hardr g irdrn plants.'Ac.?8 iM (TET. OSilOoP Ob., auctioneer*. will aril at their store. HI Miat'i street, (his day, at '0J{ A. M.. n choice collection of roaea, Camillas. Aapoetoas, ureten n, miming and srer blooming n*M, ew** poaT suokies, carnations. Ac., Ac. AH plants warranted true Bnagati and color Prom the uursorh-s of Mr. Wtllhun Wll W> Wed Fourteenth street, and Astoria, L. IAUCTION NOTICE.?ICUflKNR B. FNANKMN, AUOMoacer? By K. B PK 4NKMN A CO., attractivesainof ptpartoroottage furniture,pianoforte,litfuaolscarpeu. gas tlx flares and chand-ailcr*. mirrors, oil paintings, Ac., Ac. tbw UTrtday) moruhur. at 11 o'clock, at the private residence, donui of Bedford areuue mid Tu: lor street, Williamsburg, nrtt kposttlvelj he. wild without reserve. (as the htmac has flteea sold and the owner going to Em ope,) the whole content* Of Said Loose, onrr.prlstng an extrusive and wry selrst stock Of parlor, ohainber sea dining r'ejrn furniture, rosewood risaofbrte, Brussels carpets, gas fixtures, mirrors, oil paintkin, oil cloth, china and glHss war?, Ac. Ac. The whole of watch has been but Utile used. It la la excellent ooodi ion. AUCTION NOTICE.-M. DOUU1ITY, AUCTIONEER, Xv will se'l this day, si 2 o'clock P. M., at the auction rooms JsOeoirr street, the furnuuro "'a family, removed for oouvoQteuae of sale, vti.Hutvs, mahogany bureaus, chairs sud rockers, wa drobre dto'ng nntl extension tables, mirrors, gas Uitnre*. forty relvet Hrursob sod Ingrain carpels, of various Okas, euhia, crockery, nt)~ry and glass ware, feather Lous, ptoses, spring and hair mattresses, Willi a large assortment of IWAwudJfAAnin* mmHfl unr.Uv tl?n nlmttnn nf h/iiiuAkfiuiuiiei nn/4 otiiruMali' will bp p sltiveiv at 2 o'clock P M. A u on on ?otick.-j iiooakt, au< tionkkb?hy ft. BOOAKT.?This (lav, at o'clock. at the auoUon tamm, aiortgaga ?*1p, one rosewood pianoforte, Brussels three jply and Ingraia earpo s hair mattresses, mahogany Vreoca bedsteads. mahogany sideboard, chairs, conn tor. Hit of clothing, tab la linen, Ac. Alan, by virtue of an execution, a Am Of boots ana shoes, show <n .Ac. WILLIAM rOSTYB, Constable. A LOTION NOTIOK.-A LAB IK AND PKRKMPTORY XL aala of household furniture will lake place this day at XM I a arena street. near bouston. at 10,'i o'clock, comprising oat tplamUd suit of ro?ewood furniture, la satin brocatel; MNk, tapestry and Ingrain sarpetlng, mahogany and black trained bedsteads mahogany chairs, bair mattresses, feather beds, bolsters and pillows; one eery large old oil painting, en(graving. extension tables arm chairs, mahogany tables, silver plated ware, vases aud clocks, and one splendid pier glass; {kltm, one enamelled salt, marble top. Kvery article to be IHM. without reserve. Ikepoelts required from all purchasers. TU.iMaB M. CONNAPaHTON, Auctioneer. I A LOTION NOTJUB ?TbOH. HKU. AUCTIONKKR?BY PL BBU, A Ill's H, this day, at lo'i o'clock, In our salesNOSBSS U North WtllUm street, will be sold a large stock of BMmmable dry goods of all deacripti ma: hosiery, tailoring ( Beds, mllltner trimming*, velvet and doth caps, fancy art! (sea. rich jewelry ?nd plated ware; also, to ck>ie a concern, IS valuable watches, 1 London gun, clotlnug. cutlery, Ac. At 11K e'elock. 10 splendid oanary nlrds, in One soag; also, at 12 Vmoak, will be void, in lots to suit, the balance stock of lidla gabber jgnods, fur aoeoont of whom It may concern; Ally TOT HBXHY H. LKKPP A CO.?ON SATURDAY, MAY ML at 12 o'clock. In front of store 22 Nassau street, a pair of gray carriage bones, live and six years old, about 1S'| bands mgh, eouod and kind io deuble harness and sbowy IimuBms; also a set of double silver plated harness, n-arly oewaadln perfect order; also a rockaw&y carriage, thiee Beads, made by Brewster, snd in good order. Una be won at ,?e sub Is SM Bast Broad ?-ay. comer of Oouvemeur street. WAlfra. a n/nrnu a iTPTTrntri/i/o nrnr qdi i JLrpnbBo auction, thl* d- j, Hilday, Mar !fti. at in'. V M., AIM Wwt Twenty third atroel, between Ki.tilth and Kltith (MM, all Ike content* of the house, embracing u large v viand nood aaaortnu nt of first r:.u?s ro-x wnnd and mahogany Hte, DMV7, chamber ana dhung ro.-ut furniture of every fhdsaata ofbn crrmt Inducements to parties desiring first tfAM ftnttntT at atiriinnj>rfo*, u tlfHovortiu-ut la unusually tm tha goods In tinj order, and raadc by liia brat on> aia |n. Ms postponece-nt ou any acooouu At beaeaaacu contain solid mahogany butTst, richly carved Aa Arsnd; aarvnd mahogany ? xtcwdou table, with dlnh f rhairs ItaUtk, tocrth'i wl h a line assortment of decorated and alak efclna attun t and fa acts; ivory cillery, rich cut glass oai Sohfi?,.an wars; silver In an 1 breakfast acta; salvers, M*man, Hq tor stands, spooea. |?i ka. Ac. la dM parlors are cleeunt Kuglish tapestry velvet carpets lad rats; flit frunr pin aud mantel g! issoe, bronre gas filtm, brogue ard cnn.tlo clock, large and eoaUy china va?"S. Hgwaa anil il i i meritorious oil paintings; two aolid Cl?i aod parlor suite. e'.a vorafiy carved ana oovred la gkMsa and maroon and green brucatld: eaay and reception Jfcatra, enBd maew *vd centre aid pier tables, elaborately en ~*%nMsrad window (kwpery, aolid rosewood etegcree and oorfter alaada,ladies' earn u'ure, rosewood bookcase and seen* try, tea Mae engravim ?, one of Norma A Fisher's ear-.-rf KWimod oaae 7-oetav piano*, 4c., beetle a boat of other .aflriMdi to* a amorous to tneBtlfiB. Iwedembere contain the usual inantlty of rosewood and IdMpay French bedsteads, bnreana.1 bookcases, tallica, 4 pAa chairs. rockers, Ac. ; pure curled hair mattresses, line MMi aarpeta Ac Hale commences I* tha parlors at lay* A. IL, praataely. Catalogues at the house only on m.jrnUg Wtmt*. nWAlD BOHKNCK. AUCTION KKR ?HT K. A T. II IV BOHLNRK.?This day. ?h. aod J0-h Inst., at lt)^ 9*skMk sack day at ttvtr salesroom, No 33 Nassau street, a Ikna ouUecano at ancient and modem nil pointings, Including a van as, by the celebrated Nalele Hthravorni, of Venice, puri gBaaod trass die ardat hltnaeif, and aercral other very choice patadkMfa Tha whole ol the above will bo positively sold Wknlnawrt on account ol whom It may concern. WWWABD 8C1HN8CB, AUCTION KKR.-THK 8ALB Of JDf slsgani furauxre will be ooo Untied this dae, at fid I Broadway. as h',H ''clock This day's sale Includes lb* tiiast uf Bm a lurk, via, superb rosewood park)' suits, tn brocade. broaaM.plwak and la mu?lln, (the covering will be put on to tult he parekaaer.t rnsesraad. gaaho ra?v and oak chamber suite. ruop Mftd llhrmj f furniture, mc Tlia whola Is of tlia haat material an* flnlvhcd In a superior manner, and to he g2<*v?*7 sold, ofl. rtn* a rare opportualiy to the trade and VCWT WARHfNRTON fRTRRTT.?Nl WILL 8NIL Mmarrelr and without reacrra through A. J. BI.KIft'KKR fru.M Thursday. Ji re II. at 11' o'clock, at the Merchant!' BmhMMa, the ratt-icoce end impioved laud of oar Mr. Kta rarV. dfridrd aiual'y In iwo part e a. Mapa and partlciliars mg one edkee T J. HTKWART A OO . Ik' Pearl alreet. ?^<^1 rt.ANTP AT KUCTTON.-W. R. MoILVAIN wW sell this day at the aeedktore No. 7 John street, at . ? III lit ,rea, Uao yaocklea, dahlias, verbenas. An., la rn** variety, froaa P. tlend raaa'a, Jersey OUy. UataMw? piai le Sod an-1 ahlimed. GO HOBTfiN, AUITIONBBB?RAI.B8BOOM 71 CAR. akM street, will sell no Ra'urday, at k>li o'clock, at the mcnai at Jadi'ord and Hoc ou a >oei*. the ?u>-k, (Utures and p?M rt a fam v prooery, r u." Ung of augars, tea", wdle*, Bear, kasas. Ac.; lone, wageu at ? Uani'W*. TTRMRT 8. LRU PR A OU.. ArCTIONKKRR.?A 11 rare ekance ?at auction, on PVteay srcnlng. May SI (hat let o'dok four splendid South American, Mou SevUteaa saare*. Imported cxpreaaiy In cnaia breed, (make npla^M iioueiad n paba Onk black (he oUier bav uho mkm wfch Ihel ineyi.reoi a superior ettra breed and limb, Wud aaa he eaally broke in any aervice. The aale will lake fplaor sloee bv Wtrd'a Caalb llob-l, I'on.-y talau l plankroad, <0T by Balaor'a Ibeel Plaibuah.L I., el'her way. The ransrot Iks owner dlap'Mlnpof th> is la that be la about leaving the plla. Any furifirr In.'ormalloD can be ob'aluol of Kr Thomas Blew la. lid and 118 CUnu>a plana, N. T. A rhanaa ltks tkla BSy an vet occur again HMIIBT H I.KKU8. AI'ITIUNKKt -H. H I.KKPli 4 to wIP sell by an Uoo. on ealurvlay, May So, at It1, wetnak. at 'be aeleseom No. 3.1 Naaaau street, superb Bmwskntd farei ure. rem. wed I tr co-vnienos ol sale, ih* gyi np ?aif sf a o? Irate Tandy, all made by Pome A lleaenlr. Oaataism of elegant pa'lor anlu. covered blue and silk bro(Mel ruse wieal f' icy uliah a. ("jeered blue and yellow aaUu, adaa'ca. ?rve?,.| i, reps;?iiperb velvel carpeia. i srved Ioas wm tm*w\or> mM? o%\ an , rn^tn Ch*r% mrvrr.l ?wn r 'p?. r??j rUatra, rarrcd nanam* bc1 Wtdt, dr*-?tn? \<n**?n? nnah-uui'ln, aln*I? rirrrl blank malr**, anpnrh r>n? Mr ' >1 ivimpl'' c ?a.r.ri** ?l,v?r plain I ?*arc, KM Mi M"?m ?nattrc??*a hnMin*. hcitrui tnblra rniura da. *i at* t, oilrl.aUtt flat 4 ??r?, wrkcr*. bin* and goM, rtal .whit*: plant' ?t*. boobraana, awmartca, mirror*. Alaa. klWmt w if Alan. a Tal.iatilr >?a.?rimnnt of fur- 1 Mara Buwtr >r HanaiiM, M?rr?t,*, l.a I'rnw 1' bnmi?? 3>rk?. Aa Hal* without -rarrra A Ion. at U o'ciork-M tk*ak?*n mawrMrcn Ban i bjuuw * cKTioitMui.?kalm or a irn it*. r*ak.j nar*n* ma* too* parka birottnra. raiuabla VW*TCM ptarm *? ? <n!atd pawl, roha X ruaamaal It Mak aaMc Wa**M. lary* ami mmtly t*hftan aa* rrannb nhtna MkMV kkttPMaa ro*a' "?'* narp<At. all paintm** Ma kuhk, rm Rr<* aj, M* It at 1<*H Vntnak In <1 *?i it* n WlkTlitl) taliA. bctarrnkth anil ;ika*aaiica, HKJfiY T UW' w?l wil M ?b '? ail Ik* f-ni 'l*. laoattT MM* k> I Hk*. aM>?R.mrtd noroar oarm* iwa*wou* piannforta. rtnklf 1 IW in* Ipp,'<m fkfrii ?ip*rM* ?a*truommi, la a** b?ta abort : (Mmi ha ru?i?i onrmm *i*r?U, iwo raaawoa* atwma, a Hk aknr dinra an* haak* marl I* lw; aknnt iwnkaadm* < ink *T roral mm tarpxt, Man, am* ply and tnrvata I rttkM Uk* knaaa, pk*f (lM*aa, Wary Ian* aa* brwaaM ' Mia nl* tf *t*7 rMktr "arm* parlor, fnrattura. M>?ara* . ?>i * wMk bmnairt at' la ordap; Tarktak arm abafta fMMMtaa 4a. hhtmin* Mrtk inp e*nlra. 44* ud aofi MtkaarMarf h-nkna**. *n??iy framn* nil p^ntlay. Parlaa , *a**k| a* ntaiMihh. marbl* kn* drnaning barman* aaS MMtk ktfa mart* roekar* la Mir ninth and brnoaial, . M paMa* MhaAaa. nfi?* aa* iaa?n??ay bmlfaila. para ! piUowa aa* btkwtM 4m. ?*M* arm. An. ?nin| raraa nrtnaataa uhln, a large aa* MaMatt 11 in mm *?.< ^ flam allrarplaM; man a inaa mm Of wiidw ast ci**ta faraltnra. Uwiaime. atooha, ga* aUbrm kklPMnumi r? aMnat rafaH io wiftToR Mgaaa a' tkr a* **. ><m Mill k* ma aim* from all $m MMaarataMawrn ma ii am . pai n1 aTlkn Mlka TjOtlMI kal.N -f. NtHH. AlllTloRRKk. H AA K* II aataM katimml nt t* aril. in tha hl(haai tl'Unr, ;*r aaa*. Ika praantBrm Ok *m ronnnantb mnt. n*ar Frlnik a** MA at MM a'akank 'Mt **?. Mar 7*. lb* rtrk tad drkrabla aaaaaatn W ik* aba** * mirr dirnllin( hanaa, (A* irbol* of *44 Mi paantvair a* aol*. Oataltraaa r*a*r by at*bi ** atarala* *t aala, wbaa tba what# oau ba at fakit OMiaia yar*? af awpm ha ml**' tarp*i?. tbr*e MftMai aalt* manwmi* amii nnrara* la aiamaa. bin* an! Mali Mtaku* aa* *nl* aaklo < U * inoal ?*a?nat?n ilnaorlp aa. ta4*a an* Turkkah t>an> chair*, ta mnanat an* aattn hm nada. Mm' anil* r>ia*wo.i* r***pUnn and arm analra t,?rM m pa, Ma* arlmarai and ntrnna a*Un. larac and nan*naira rmaaai urid a?aa aiar* bnr.k**a*. linn* ?lih altk an* aalln ??<*, 4*? aaM* I'M * nml nrnw* ahtna, with rtnh a'amar* raarbln Anna. nar*<"A rna*Mnn* pin*. n?Xh an* ntdn lalilca. wm Mfli' (nra. in en* nnatlf rna*wo?4 ?i#?craa. wnk marbl* lam plat* (In** *<* ?*, *? , ImpoCc* *apr*atlr for ih* ?*n?r, la>4aa paacwtn* ?*l tan)** r *?? hron/a and nrmnln atnadra, alnpaa' rhina *aa*a ml'* lh*tn<aHrhaaican* arrcial** li ^ I III ptititra aronr n m%f nnr-?<> ? r B? pww f !? <* alia !*ija w'tk rink Mil h**rp fold (Varna; TJ amkrwdnrad Iron window aurtaMa and iMMihwia I arc* < aalww*l<" tiHi\j nf rdl i?ta;i?f*. hr natlra v (fad*. awrk u la-v'toapaa, wlolnr marina nawa. wijiwid ptaraw wpaHnr rranafc lltb?fr*?fca, **m* plana*. Jta , Ik* who'- romiin* * rrry pla**ln* rntleauna. anpartnr mmm< planoinrtf full aaren oetara, alan*. r*aa. I'aW M rwu?d Inlaid piaM. nnd flefclr (at wi h kap* nf real paarl. OMl fan* h*T| * ralnaM* and roatlp Inalrnm*n1; rnaawnnd plana xoWl km ** '< I* **ka. alt* u Infant and matlp am INMaf fwwaT-*vk mlwl t?r*wtra rarp*'. In r<ad nr1*a; mm aai mI*w km mala. *11 pol.abad la Uta haat m*na?r. m*r tola *m ten lab'fl*. mirror*, anfa, k*da. <+*lro In hmr ninth, ?o*aS*r w** all ifcarnbTand nr??t*l em g aaa wnra. w'tma, fMMM Mitahlan r"kl"'" and danantar* In malch rlah nteaa MM and Mimn" Onatla Mirer war* la* and . Innar a I a i, MHn* aalrara. 'rta bankm*. <wa?*r?. cira# ?rd la* Ikati. Uanar Mud. auparmr mkia oaOM-f. ia*r t?IM rnwwwad and mahafaar k-da^Mvta, Mmti wwwhl* top kw*am waahatarvl* *nd r?ian>nd?M M da, rawa M pap* teto mattrwpaa, from -#*o *> pnonda. raada ?a mmm, ?4 ? ?aaallral anndltMn; faaihaa b*da. h..'?t*r? and ptofciwa. nmu?i*rp*n*a. allk *ad aailn had npr?ada, linen a-#*** Merai? aarrau. hadrwota atrrara. clnate. wllat lablna. IdM raate. taUal a*M Mini uha, alnir onrpma tad rwd?, at ktfai aaateaaad abair-. maaara. nte laaaraa'eaaoh bad* Mlatead tea tad 'latef takiaa. aigadtea w*h*l*rfa*adda NMtiaMnaMt a* kaaaaanm and UMfeN Manila. *", to. artfc vtMb tea ama ?lfc aammamm. HAL.K8 AT A0CTIOB. M^RTOAOB 8AL* oir BOAPKTONH-nv riBTtTKor a ckaiuil Bantcage I wtll at public auction on Satui ditr, M?v an. at i<>\. A. M? >u aio w?at Ttortocw'k atrwt. Mew York, k? tou? ?mm>.atone, ML bHAMAl, Ja., AU'y. f.u M< irtga.g*<.. Olflcc Marino Court, City HalL MORTGAfl* SAT.K or 8TOVKS TIN W.18R, AC.-BT vlr'ue of a mortifa#* I will anil at public auctioa on Monday, June l( ai lit A. M ( ai NA Canal a tree i, New York. Oil Ions soap swine, iii nines ami iiimn, iuu tiivra, im inwiri grates aud lenders, lulobeu nuwea Iruu pets. boilers, keulea, portable fartiavus Unuirns' b ow, boats tin, Rtnudau and corn 11 >u iron, copper bottoms. pair acalee, gas liituree, one Irou tie, writing desk, Ac Ac. II 811ANIJCy, Jr.. Att'y. for Mortgagee. (idioc Marine Court. Oily Hall. PO. BULKJJCY, AUCTIONKKR, WILL HKLL ON FRI* day. May 29, at U o'cloch, ai the Merchants' KiuLaugu, ?y order of U>- Supramn Ouurt, two Urea story brick houue* and-lots od awnue a, near Twentieth street. Maps at the olho*. 17 Wallstreet. P a Bl/LKLKT. AUOTIONKKH?WILL HKLL, ON X Taeoday. June 1. at 11 o'ulook, at the Morubaaia' Kachungr, by order o' tie Supreme Court, the lot, with the bulidin/-? tbereoo, known as 112 Maiden lane, near Front street. Maps at Xe office 27 Wall rtreet. Pa1-tkrn8 for woh8tk1i work.?joukph hkorMaN, auctioneer. will aell at huMIoo. this day, Friday, May 29. nt 4 ? clock t*. M , Immediately after the aale of furniture, l.uul patterns for worsted work, for slippers. lamp mats, rugs, covers fur sew lug chairs o'l noons. Ac., Ac., In lots to KURNELL W. WB8TUOTT. AUCTIONEER.?DVIBAhie bou tehold furniture at an Mion, to morrow, Haturday, at IOtt o'clock, on th? premises. Mo. UU Went Twenty-It r?t aired, writ of Sixtii avenue, e insisting of a rery largo variety of ti'Ht olacs rosewood and mahogany furniture and bouse furnbdilng artlcleo of ovei y descriqtion, the sale of whleb will bo p-n tnptory, rain or shine. Cons sting of rich velvet, royal Wilton aail ingrain e.upets; douolu anil rosewood parlor fttrniture; 2 solas, arm, parlor, reception chairs, Ao . cover ?d In crimson wtlin. cleganCy carved;! full suit, 9 pieces. In ? tin bn oa e; rosewood 7 octave pianoforte, Chickurliig tusk r, abnoet new, a beautiful lrnttrnmont; elegant rosewood got ic eu gere, with marble top; roaewood centre, pier aed sofa t > bl h, with marble tops; roaewood whatnots, solid roaewood reception and e?ay cluttra. In three color brocade; silk and Uee citrtalni. large niaafvl and pier mirrors, wi lt a number of valuable china vases; marble groups?the Feast of Raokus, Puul and Virginia, Painting and Music. Ac., with other ele gan> parlor ornaments, ormolu dock, chandeliers, Ac Also, a nnmberot choice and va'uable paintings, richly mounted: rosewood bedsteads, marble top bureaus, washstands eke vet glasses, wardrobes, eliina Utblo sets, oval mirrors, lounges, softs In ruesaood and rut hog any, French chairs, superior hair mattresses, beds and bedding, rich carved oak extension table, with the usual variety of (fitting room furniture, embracing a large (ptanUty of silver ware, cot glass, rich china, ivory snd other cutlery. Also, all the chamber and base merit furniture, oU uloths. refrigerator, marble hall stand, hall chairs. Kale will commence at lu>a o'olook precisely. Catalogues at house. S FACIAL AUCTION If OTIC*. Positive aad unreserved sale of READY mai)It olotuino tbi8 DAT, By ordsr of the a-*ifiie> a, it WM. TOrFINii A 00.. auctioneers, 92 Broadway, The obstacles which have twice caused the postponement of the sale of elothlar advertised by its bavins tow been removed, the stoek will poeitlvely be sold this day, Friday, May 29, eot sisUsa of three dtouaand four bund ea garmeuts of ready made ololhlng. all new, good, fashionable styles and ea* oellont make, just tinlahvd. for spnng and summer sales, and bt every respect worthy the attention of buyers of oiothtng. Avery lot will be sold for cash, without reserve. By order of the assignees. WM. TtiPPINO A CO., auctioneers, FJ Broadway. rnax iionapaiitk khtatb. A Will be told, at the Merchants' Exchange, in the oity of Mew York, ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE U The extensive park aad grounds at Ilordentown, N. J., formerly the residence of Joseph Bonaparte. The superior locution and great natural beau'y of this property arc generally known: for salubrity of ullmate and oommuudiDg position It is no where surpassed. The improvement* were ortglnaJy made on the most liberal rcale, without regard to coat, and have since been greatly en bancr.ri by tie retire rebuilding of the principal mansion, which iUMWtra ledln the most su's'iidUsI manner, supplied with water, gas. furusees, Ac., iu complete order The outbt IMings arc atnple and oummo'lions. Thsplace la accessible at all b'-urs by steamboat and railroad from New York and Philadelphia, ?nd possesses all the r? pud tea of a superior nrlvsie ri-nience, orudsiued to the wants sf a large ptibllo Uilili utioc. Maps of the propetty, showing i ? extent and location. With full drMu iption "j iinpiuvomvins, ,wo., Ac., may be had on ap11 cation to ALRRKT H. WICOLAY, Auctioneer, New York. This pat?acction of splendid iiousk leild ftntaA splendid rosewood nisuoforui, three suits of splendid pari * I unu.iirti, wi'h the onlirsnn and dining rn im furuUurw of Iwruly room*. To be soid this day to the h ghost bidder, in West Twenty-sLUt aucet, between Sixth and Bevrutli avenues, by hknry i.k.EDS. Thoh. YK1TCH, AUCTIONEER?BTORE NO. Ill SPRUCE s'rvet?Hy virtue of several chattel mortgages against Caleb Vf Travers, and a power of silortmy auueved thereto to uto, J will rxieise for sale at public auction uu Friday, May 29, iShi, at 10 A. M., st the livery stable of George C. Hathbrne, Jr., corner of Seventh at cntin and Twenty i lghih street, four coaclii one open barouche, one breu wagon,emc light wag m eight h.wses, double harness. bulUlo robes, single harness, Ac , Au.' sc. FRRDK. L. VULTA, Atl'jrney for Mortgagee. nrmnmab vkitct? auctioneer, stork no. is A Spruce street ?fherMTs sale ot dry goods, muslins, Ac., this dev. FiuLtj, May 21, lfltT. st 10 A.M., at tho salesroom No. Iu ripruoe street, consisting of asualtaa, calicoes. prints, satinets, poplins, Ac., Ac. JOHN t. btkwart, Deputy Fberlff ffso dm eoi.n at AUCTION, on tuesday. JUNE t A lhb7. at 10 o'clock A M , st lift Weat Thirty fourth street A piano and other koosohuid furniture. F. F. kt ARBI'RY, Morlgsgee. \\j m. u km01ua.UCTIONEER.?aalefl room 79 nan ff ran street.?WM. II. knox, aucuoacer, will sell ftlui dry, Friday, May X). at 101, o'clock, at the austim r?im, 71 Nassau street, a large and general aesinlmi nt of new aid second hand turn! turn of wary desortpUos, oomprlsiug In pari sofas, ante brds. lounges aad lounge beds, mahogany t*:e a lataa. Biuisnsi nsflHs Inn drsisisl hainsiu sad ihavsiuls wan men bi.raaua, mah-ipwAy attrlug scat ahalra cane do , mahogany and rut'*' od i eotre, aid* and ?a/d lablee, black wal ant and oak riunaion tahlmt, black walnut tat and dtninf labia i. tenor aad Ion leklaa. hair matfeaeoa and pall In tana, malaipanr and ookaec budataaita. Yoilairivand eaay ah air*. mabona?/ rocker# U ail ktude. tu abort ercry artlcla of furniture infr-aary lor huuaakr aping; a food chariot for thoae la want ol Aral nlaaa fund.lira. Alao, Ihiaa apleodid chandelier# Alao l.lkl) boaea of very Ana elarat an nr. Hwl aaaea ocard bra.idr Hal a poalilra, aad good* moat be retsored immediately afiar lha aale Drpnalta required. WI1.1.IAM T. BOTD. AUCTIONFKR.?HAI.K OF NHW and M-cond hand botivliold furniture. mlrrort, rolrm aint HnuacU carpria, pianoforte, Ac , by UKO. MCIIOLH, at noma Bo. be Naeaau (Wet, on Saturday, May .*>, at Id', o'c'ock l-argc *al<* of no* aui**eCond hand furniture, con ai- inp-d roacwood parlor aulia in Prooatal, plan and hair cloth, meewnnd and mthocany marble lop can're and aide table*, oak till bu t, rosewood and mahwrrmy bed ale*, la, rosewood ?-<?-*eri-a, rnnewond and unit 'teny waidrt be*, chain rr aid a ui oak, m*lio|;auy and black waluul d.-c-,* and plain bureaus, large vnlvot and I m-uo't carpet#, splendid otbI and plain pldtr mirror#, apleodid rlilua tatoa, tee. dinner and to lei ??#, French and common doeka, plated ware. i< a seta. fork* and *. poena, pianoforte, rommou bureaus, w.vdi -'and*. bwdatcada, carpet*, Ac., Ac. 11 It IKVINll lid. WI1X SKI.I.. TIMS DAY (FRITT dat i, Ray T.i. ai Id?* u nlock, at No .VI Tea.h sweat, netr Fifth avenue, U? superb lurnlluraof the adorn homo, ?!/ Forlorn Hitperli Wilton earpeta marfnlleenl aulM of roae w**l furniture, rteltly and elahoralcfjr norard. In rrlmton r- i Id ao'ln dati.aak. con*l*ilui|-e .... '.aria, Y il'airo. I'r-i Ino rjid parlor chair#; nolld i w# wood centre lahleg. heaujfullr earred roe r we el eloger-*. wlih mirror harka. roe-w-xidaeT- n oe*ave tiLion'orb-, mad# by '"bldcrniir; rteh Ugurnd vrlrrt eaiNwaed window curtains, lined wldt aai n; rt?h rarred mill mniiwi, laca wndiw r-iralna and akaeea large I rench plate clit Imtne pier %'??*#,. with mar ble alaba and bracknla. ormolu hroore -k el a. rich (aa brack?a. I ormolv. etiandtUe,-?, nuuhlc pedeauUa and Lgurt a, spring Iruu fj- .|i ' * r? kdiilck r<?.m?Superb maewrond -.McVvard, mUmraay ei| Irns <-r dbitni 'ab.e*. wl'h < %m arm and ctrior rhatra. at la tahl *, TclTet laoentn Ml ryet#. rick Inured hrtvilal window Iira'nt, lined with aelln: fill on nice#, laca window nirama, eleganl pl> r a lata a, with alai' aad bracket#, nil priming*. uu,?.|te ?!!* r |<la ed warn, rich oh na donng aerrlan, naUery an4 rich rnaUr six-;war*. Ac. ?>-dioo?m?VeltBi lapcatry carpcu, mwnilAcent aolid mmnrood TI) nth bedan ade, *prng mabreaaea. f-aJier beda. bol I*era and pillow* rnanwood marble top dr-aaurg bnret'i t, aeo| r larta*. rkair . l-nmca, rnaewood marble l?o aabtoeta. iraa ; franitmjirlo* rkaira, w nuiww curtaina and ahadaa, Marroarpat, I "lld'lard room?Billiard table, baila, coaa, chandellera, I ahw.ra. Ar lla|?? Roaewood ha' altnd. bronaa chandelier*, hal' ebaira. oilci.eha ir.t'a. Ac; logeiber with aa aaaortmeol of klu-ken It jn mi re. For parUcutar* aee caiaioeue*. which can boob t*inrd a< thr ufflrr of lb* ocOonrrm,Ho. 1 Pine ?trr?t. UT 8 MKl I?OR. At'lTIOXKKR.-BT W 8. MRM.OR * "" . CO Bn'unlay. May.*) at lot* o'clock, at .?airari>nia IS and 17. l"ark nit, oppoM'a the Antor Montr, will ha told by nrli-r 01 thr atMjrnrr thr '-nitre mtnnfacorrd and unmanufactured rtork of a laryr milllnrry raiahllahatrnt rrmotrd from a Broadway rniahlithmrnt. Thr ahntr piwuu % fatnraolr or port on* I fur Indira to purr-haw at anction prtrra front a r! r an-! wire rd atnrW of hata and h?td itrraar* of the Ittrtt fart* and Knropran atylna Tb? Mock mat u?rr $H n?l nil of which la pn?ltlwr1y to' l<r ?oM without rererrr. Aim. about H*t bnir? Pro nob flowrm of thn <nnri br-tutlful drtigiia, rtok frathora. plunoa. alika ia grr?U rarlMT. t<wrih*r with an m.llra* vrri'U >f fancy nritclon, attch at arr Tmini In a Aral Han ra'ahllafimrnl Alan, a variety of r-ablnn furnttwr, p arofr it.*, Ft-wnch nlatc mtrrnra. Ml palnUngn, i-arpnu, ahnw eawWjf'aaa warn, frrtteh rhlnarn.vca clock*. hair inallmaaaa. Ar. TV tradr ara particularly tattled. RKKTAl'HAim. biv:r.-j?)Hh hur.n, oorrrr or porttn iilalia airrw and P.labth a*>n>ia wUI uprn la tnorrn*, flrat claaa "hunk ' htrr, at 6i.pergl?na. R. M ? Fran lannh Haturdaya and Monday*. TH A V F.I.I.KII'RIAT I DR. |Uf boat roa ai.bant ?THR RTKAtfKH ARM* 1/ RTA.Oapl Bmt'b laint -hf nl'r foot of Murray tt-wel, tim Monday. Wrdn aday, and Friday, at T o'atock A. making tlx- nana! iaadcaga. HCPWOW RJVKR RATI.KOAO.?FROM MAT *. 1MT. thr owlnn will Irani rbanhrra itnrl atalAm at fbllnwa : Rnirraa trata, * A. M. and ? 1? T. M. S A hany raaa-nray tia'nr, A It ?. and S.RO p.m.; for Bint Hhtf. (OR) A. M. ane t P. M.; lor P "tghkmp" r 7 A M and I and 7 r. M ; for PrrkakUl, A?> F. Mi JVi > u thkorpalr, PerkaklH. and fltn* ktu* train* mop at thr way aUUow. raiwaart taken a- ? httnhrrt, Onnal, fhiiabtpbar, and Thirty Aral itrma Train* for Rrw Tork I raw Troy at AM. 8, and 10 A* A.*., and ? ' F. *. i and Albany nt AAA A It, And in.A* A. V? and a AO f. M. A. t. KM ITU. Huparti.wwdnnv. MnRXIRfl BOAT FOR FFKKBKII.U mif1wo AI,T. thr intcrmcdUt* Mndlnrt -Thr alrtmrr IKI.ANl) HKl.l.P, rapt J.J Hrrtjm. will lr \w ptrr font of Jay rtrwrt. Rmih rlrrr daily iMtndaya riwptrd), at AtU A. M. will Vavr Prrkaklll at I ', P. M , making aU thr landing! oa hrf rrturn, NtW TORR ARD RRtl RATL.ROAD.-OM ARD aflrr Monday, May Ja, IA57, and nntJI fcvrth.-r nntina. paaarnrrr train* will lent* pier fool of I?tann drtAt, an MA fc.wa, ?la ? pM*wf*".|?t s* fM -** rv?n.?. ?wtill** t:n,^r''rT*T?.. ft* * ?*??. M-d^w Ml sks*-SR. ? ? * - ?-"* -4 -1? *k*fr K?~. Mir B-. fw p?"Wr*? USrSES Sir.*.r*B,*?>n m^Shua9tesrusrr& ? ?** n?- ?p^,,ttLI^!nKi R?wSJv t?r kumm* r** CMMid^U-WWid r ; **rr ij,1," ,, V)*n ?* *?W>T RMl?*d i?r? &@5sfc5SS5 NEW TORS: IIEltALD, ] THE TUKK. fj^AWHlON OUUKriU. LONU 1*L%M>.-TUK UA.UI?8 f utcrU*' t lulikiu Court.!- ?VI commeuOo on frtd.iy, U>o tu Ot June lie II, Mil' M . a? toil" ?1 KutliAl JtHM BSweepttakes f?r 4 jenr o J> $AX) hubwrtptlnn. VUQ forfait, witb $1 flUU aibled, four mil be&tJ, 01" **' lli< tlrii <1 i) w M trek, whli ulu? ot>uiiu?lion?.?I. O l". liaru uuiei b. o. To Chiidr Harold, out of Marchioueaa. by imp Rowtou. 1 T. A T. W f ouw-ll I iuu? cH r WkeMugtoa, by IU??tine, out of Parab Washington, b\ ghuee. 3. JaauM Ru Pert unuma eh. o. Iteuaaltou, by Reeeuao, out of the Queen. ; ini|i Priam. 4 J M. Wataoa uitmf* b. o. t'luurloUuu. by lbip. Mm nugn. nut of Millwood, by Imp .Vouainh. b. John Uunier names ca. g MleboU* I , Of imp. uleoc?>e, out of Nnam? ; hudea, by Warner. C. fl. C. Oattey naraee br c. I)alla?, by Wagaer, oul of runny King, by Imp vtlnnooe. T. Wm It. llihhtuu iuuiif<i nk r Tli?> l'?ar kv Tullv ho mil of Ainlrosf etia, by Andrew. K. Hand Mollniet natm-* h. f. Kale Hunt ?, by imp Uleuooe. dam by nop. 11 twl^i ,i\l. 9. Also, b. ti by lioutnu Junior, dam l?y Imp '!rnsre. Same day?Wcatofu-Mli-r oounty shikrg for 4 year oM?, $350 acbf-rnpllon, 9ol) frw-f. il, two ir.Je heats: nlom-d atlb ulno nomuisucns 1. R. U MorrtsnamiM b. f Mnrc-arei Morris, br 1 blip olenoue, out of Lbn gran turn <>1 Wild Irishman. 2. F I ornan-imee br. f. KllqueUl, by Mal lear, '?tl of Fashion, by Imp Trustee S. P. V. Bush name* ch o. Zingarro, by Irau. Trustee. dam by Imp Mercer 4 Ch.irles 8 ijoyd names eh. f. Kits, by Imp. Trustee, dam (lip ! by Mntuuoo. 5. J. H Monoot diim br. f. May Thorn or imp. Tniaien, oat of Kate Colo. fi. t,\ T Howell names < h. f. 1.1* t.'Uriou. by Clarion, dam Eclipse 1. John llcwland u.imrs ch f. Roxaos, by im|i. Trustee, dsro by Imp. Prism. 8 A Mallard names bl r by Mariner, nut or Pslrey -Anthnur. 9. H. I.loyj names b. c. liUw-lrUan, by I'mplre, out of Hud by Henry. Tuaau*r. the 9th dat or Junf. i. iuiuisudi ill Hn.oas SsirtiSU. PlTEt day. Tuesday?Sweep.i-iki-u fur 8 yaar old*. 931*1 subscription, 91(10 forfeit, wllhslVu, tulle boats. clo*od ou the 1st of April, wlji uibe iiuminaUoiui I. John Hunter n.unos ch. c. H**?eochi, by Imp. til.-ncoe, out of Caatinel, by bop Monarch. S. Oalrin Ureeo nam. s John Y. holla' oh. t. by Rosenua, out of Andrewetia. by Andrew, .1 Win. 11. ulbbona namea th. f. Mary hrelyu, by mm. Uleucoe, ottt ol bally Ward, by John it. Urynu*. 4. P. C. Hush ,uitnt-a ch. o. by Hebduuiar, dam by Imp. Trustee ft Wo A Malianlel name ch. o. by imp. Ulencoe, out of Mono, by hup. Mart-loot, ft. Darid Mc.tanlrl names bl. c by Rro.*n Smut, dam by Imp. Flatterer. 7. P. 8. Frrbee namwiV c. '/juion', by Zinysiioe, out of Zolrlka by Wlills. 8. Thomas l'uryoar u uno.a <?. f. Columbia, by imp. tilrnooe, ou'ot b imtr de lis, by imp. Vtvuretgu. P. u. P. Hare names b. f. by Tally-no, out of Or.ilrii, by Orator. Same day?Purse $300, two nul- lo- Is. B- coud Jay .Wednesday?l'u-*rii), Uw#e mile heals. Mama day- Purse 9200. m!'? bests Third day, Thursday?Purse fti.tlwi, four mile heats. Ksme day?l*urs? 9#*l, l*i> MMS Molrauoe fire par com on lbn uiuouui of lite uurae. Races where moue) la added io be et^joiuurd in c.l-.b of bad weather if the propr ietor thinks proper. lfa<)<T<i? to tlm quarter stre ch and grand stand for Friday. 93- Rxdre* to the quarter stretch and grand stand for the foiu- days >7. 'tadres t-i the quarter stretch and grand stand for the last throu days, MY Kntra?ce to the Hold and citl/rua' stand, ?l. U. V. UAltB. Mew Voks, April 3, 1.1)7 Wars to run <V>c?sn. 1. Ferry lo Oreenpoint from l.-utn street, Uienoe by plank and shell rood; 2, from William -burr, ftorib Second and Kwen alrri-ta, Penny Bridge and iheil roatl; 11 train Williamsburg, North Second to New town turn,ok , pLiuk tut I shell roada, 4, from Willlamabnrg, stages at all -imwa; 6 tturlgatn ferry, Astoria roart to Flushing; b, steamer Island tiny, h'uiton markci Klip, ui rni.muif iwiniui. rdhckij. y !*k?w. l/WWVfT?'TO MILLERS A NO OT1IBBK?LKO 9 L''.'/UU. C'HKR'8 graiu RlfHiiut Anil rlou holler. the Im-bl itnpnn emt-nl ot the day fur J^jnun? grain. huiiiur rice, Ac . Ac Call oh the agent at the Wyoming Hotel, ;d (Jreen wtch atrcet. for further Information. AWMHOH AITD TRUTH.?POBfAS * rxRHOITT AJTT1 mildew proof awnings, waterproof omtmi eoYnra, ha. made and far eale at lxtWeat end to Dey etnata, HawTor*. (Men through mail promptly attended to. ARUHITBOTURAL ORNAMRNTS TK PLASTKR POK the Ulterior Halah of hulldtiig* -A J. OAKVKY, plain ami ornamental plaaterer, At Third avenue, above Tenth ah, centre pleoeo, oorhlee and oell eg omamenta, do. Country onlera tilled ami w orkmen sent In the country. BRU8HKB.-J. K. nOFPRl. BAP RKMOVKD IITH BRUSH factory to SIB Pearl atreet, Franklin aqitare, Ilarper'a Bnlldtnga Rruahea of every deer-notion at the loweat factory prtoea, machine bruahea made to order. JOHM K. HOPPRU_ fTOHHUJIBRS OP OAS TTTBOUnHOUT TIT* UTITRI \J Stales will learn something greatly tr> their peerxlary ad vantage bj aeudlng addreaa. one dollar and a natigi atanp, to J. Sutherland donee, Haw Vnnr foot otaea. "Baa* CaKkteea. bat believing." CO 1.1 JOT TOHR OLD DBBTB, By leaving thaaa without delay at the uew law and eolleaUng agency of f .rar t% io? h m U. TV vnor. ? V'.? , 1U Nmim etreet. We par apeeUl attention In the enUeettna of "doubtful debta"?of those old claim* wtih winch ?twj merchant'* book* art encmnborod, and which would be ium at law, ware it uot for dreaded legal etpeoaea. Ail legal ratal, both of oourt and office buaUtfem, reduced fifty nor cent and more below tuuial|piioei. Bin nilta brought, no fcee charged nnieai fucrnaiuL Call im obtain our nrhodule of fees, ha Confident that our plan la aa desirable aa u ta new, are tornmend It to your patronage. CUIAMPAONK OB SODA WATKR APPAHATU8 PUB J wile low, oca of (Jee'a large site copper machine* u> oom Elete order, lor toda or charopague, with full dirn.tlona how > olmrgt It, Ac., If desired, oual ffcU. wtil be void for BS Apply to C^AH. J. MURPHY, M Water street. N. Y. EYRBYBODY'S BCHIWB88 IN THIS ORRAT RRPTJBltc.?Kerry lady or gentleman who are In the habit of UKtng hair dye or outer Hnuidti, sill well pay thcmnolvea by rallirr on (be a re at hair pliYktritui, No. *fe Hniirlw a*, bw tweeu Klchteenlh and Nineteenth iireete Karettu ehould nine consult lorn on the practical mode of outing ehlMren'a hair. Adrtce gr%ua. (J. uAT LI Nit, Pmfeaaor. FKKNnn CHINA AND RICH OUT OLAHR?0. 8T0UYKNKti, W9 Broadway. ofltre for a tie at reduced prlcee Krwrcli china dinner, tea and dessert seta; ru b i nt. plain aad I preawd plana of erery dwrtption: alao, atone cltln.t dinner, I tea aiel toilet aela, real bronie cand- Ia'trae, FlTMl m?*ehant* I cal aoiar and Hum lamp*, glass made ami ut to order; ohtna 1 decorated to pattern. Oooda for the oountry packsd and shipped. CHah. 0TOUV r.N'tn. (M Broadway, aear Twentieth streak TTO CSKK KKPRRR, PI.tTMBRRS, l?m. PRUS. RANCH n itaslera, and tSa community generally are inrtt/vi hi nail att.'Ok, KlCHARIlHON A UOYNTON s. 374 Broadway, and rzar.une the operation of a new no Aiur range now in use, wktrh ta perfect In baking, boiling, roaatliir and broiling. fruoan OHA IV DIBT1LLXD nog 00Ala. RSCURKH BY LSTTRBS PATENT, hum UtMien On, Kn I tnomn Loaatcartro On, No. 1 lumui IufiuttnM On. CaaosnaB Bissroia On. Kaaoamaa Uaia The Kerosene otia mm bo nhtatnad from im whni?m at dealers, ship chandlers, druggists ana greases, in thli our, sad the regularly at p. noted agents of the imnpaar. la maar of ttM prtnripal towua and rl Hague of the tfnhad Plates, theUauadat had the Island of Cuba. The coaaatany reeomnad to ihatr agwh aad otun.aa Aa manufacturers of the beat Ewoadee ouapa, the fodowtad partirs ?MlawI. K. T. IJaufhwnnt A tin Hmadway asneM fir Crenelles A Baker, of Philadelphia; the H"x>kiyr> rila. Glaea t'.impany, 7> Broad treat. New Turk; Mtaars Wets 1 On . l.WW... lain street: L. Merrier 1*7 tDaatreet, II. Kdwaedn H Traane iutf s aud IO Dyou, at Pknailaliikta Hamiln id the dfltr?n? alyiaa of Iik om We mm* m the oiN of the mi pony. _ Local imu appataied la eoef-amity wra. um rdaa m UaLed bythe Board of Troateea, on opphoatim to AUHTRNM, antral Aaeeia Iwwnti oil On., in lleaier atroet, Haw Vtlt. . W./l. - Oireuiare with foil paritoniiw*, '?*;'.?* no an, prlnm Be., aaa be bad on apphoailoo aa attre. Mum BrX10T1"B RHKUHaTIC CX/iltOC ATI'AR-fOB rtwnrrnOum, chilblains. hm.haro, old tpralnt. dtalean br iUrn. Be., Be. for aalr nt the iew* and pert?dt*M dii?i u Ml bun* street. Ice (era, aaB by Mm. Lama Bnaiklya. VTOTN*.- AM PERAOMHMJPritRlNU fSLuU hWOLLEM la lr?* <1r rarlonne velne ran be nUb-md by w?*rtn* (eiegf l?r. Y*llel??'? pp ril elastic atorhiejta teal" to dntw .at, and oui be wa?Lrd. Tobeublalaiwl only at Mb RUttb >K*t upB# tie Ju> Bible KtHMe. goorBrwo. nviwo awd rwaimikh da?jb 0 olnhiOK. at ranal atrixd. turn (bore BAB*fMv? lien tie men and atr?n?ira ?b iptrorA worn, brln* ibem to na and bate th..m - iMMIBb A fate ehotor garments fur aala. A b'tabolican m^fee VKRUIUW KLKCTHO CmOfir'AL MAT1M 71 "ROAD way, Rew York city. Or C. Prima *. m lauL Far tbe cure at rheema'um. drbmtT, .*predua. oao id itv etiry, Ac.. Ac. Tunable apparatus for ?aJe AHTIHIUKIT. All a?rch that madajom mar m thr wowomr of the ape. Rbe baa a atedy inniieoted wlib pbr?o.?*m whtoh enable* ber to leU ronr aaw, eharaitlar and rrlr-nmeua ana, wbriber ynu will be wnfthp. whs* and wbota yoa w? rarry, and la fool, aakielahes ail who rlaH bar Bbe la alaa aeatetnd by Madam* DeOorw. the mo* wuaAarful olairrortat kjowa. laaldaeea. HO OreeowtaB atreea aaar 'ha*ban. APt01*t?tTnR0 TO ALL?MAO AMR MORROW, THK seventh daughter, boa a natural *tft to tel! all the onto ix rr* of llfr -eyen tbe very thnngbta- and abnurs <h? Lkrre?* 01 Me Intended huehard and alie n! ?Me?d? nod r vvuw t|iee|j Biairtairua, Who wl'l all enjoy the cr-ntee! f*p|dit?*s if loi riirontaI hll?* and rood luck InrPiiap their whole life. Xhe* tbnae who ritll hrr wll not rerret It K?? .HI wn a Wo charge If noi aatlefled Oen'leawit ant adalttil. In intra *- 7? Itrooma street, betweoa Cauana and Conine a lad Hrer utile. A m a rtroloo iwt that br atp thb WORMY AJYP !? Uwauii ilnl'.nra rrward la off. r?d Ut any on ?M mm nriui bar In fi'lnt aoyrrei 'oooni.ta on nil rwia, aartiealarty looaaa. law a?Ha ami ail bnann-aa nurn KM alaa tlrna Itinky noanhrra. A ay peaou ? abn* to m-iaai In fcinnaitna of any kind, would do ? r It . mil and ? ih ? na laral (Iflnd lady. B. B ?Hhn U an hi.mbn?; I'ail aa.' a?"afy yoniwlyra. Rraldanaa idt Oirhard alrnaL ba-.wr.n Howinn and duui'on rroaaa. 0T.AIRYOTABOB?MR* MRYBODR. BO. tin HPRlNO Urart a flrw door* w??l of Broadway. to* m>w rK-eawa'nJ ttodl'al and bnalaraa rktmnan; In Aairrloa. All <Ha.w?a iHnwrrmd and rorrd. If onrahlr. anatrtfif artatrr on bnatnaaa altar at frl> ad*. M, and tanaftu-"on rw ran'nnd or no pa/ Y \RP.?1IADARB fKBUHIER KRTURRR rRVM.-iTO J bnr friend* and pn'r.ina, anil hrr< to ?ay tha* n' oftha ho'uatila, both In 'lila t ity and Ph'!an< phia, ?V> Inn ranB ilir.l her wiih rntlrr nail?faP*Ion. aba <vtntl trr" that In b? nnratlun* af nalrnlorr. lorr and law nmim t, and l> > >k? or ora-Vn a? rrMrd on rop?-? illy by Nip. .Iron, aim Ma no |. al. Klir will I'll thr namo of tlm fill it" 'tuiband, nod lift ihr naoioof hrr rlailrfA BaaWrare &? Oioal Jonna alrvat, i* m of Bowrry. Madamr WIPUKK-IHR UIFTFD npakibh t.ADT, miia mrrrrily, to**, marriaif. (flttda, bnaiaraa, . k nnaa; prawnhaa iroiiir nn for a.. diaOtw M; biw In taut pin Kit) Lai or atolrn. llii Weal Ineu'.y tourlh Mj-oot, i*trnnr of il.ih arrnna. ihipi'ivo. NOTICE FIRFT I'ACKKT FOR MTJRI'OOI, K U!,a Hatnnlar. Yit'i Inai., at 1J n'rlork. 1 lie ?' nd blp .iKti .r. Bo YD, i apt. Th.-maa For pa?M>? u m, aarottd rahln and "wryr, apply on board, pirr tlx. # MdflA rime, ar loTAIWTorT A IXI? -rf *miA airaah Ij*>R flAYARRAll THR RCTKBt'iK RiPR WHKRL P n'r?iri"hlp R KA HtONK R t t T '. ?; 1 H ? . ' r ryl?i IkrL'nilrd iaa.1. w i ?all f < " "111 ! i nia ' r nrannnh. on Rau.r lay Way a' In '1 ?'k *. M i ai n pn?-n??. wHh titt mf-rlnr aiai'f a>m a. nm ' . m I.1 rfrafa. |h Tl' K'vauit a R'al' will nail a??in aa i i.)?..,!tv inrday, Jitnn IA tha Ma.? of aaiit I'T aar|. ~am, Ratarlay, Juwa A A. ilKROb.Jr, A.. l HI Kur*b wbariaa. I'.iiImP ! Ma For datawa awd i??rw oui r tiif r\irrn fPaira mail atrxnarl * laWHA I'trnJ l? 'i > wlllcna-inrnwrairiiini lr?'?b oti "lay, .1 a. and all Rwth* ahro* pod on RrMny. Ion* I'.' at li.t "A pr< e arly, from plfr lot* ,tr Rohi > >n air**". Ronh rltr* Ro bUU Of ladlr* alrnrd afW ah >a. u\i*HnvM cbwvuuso* 4 go.urviyaei, FRIDAY, MAY 1857. I WltVl'WU. t P?A I.) .'KHi'OOU- T1JK UNITJCII KTATK8 HAIL MKT ' a .tup .;t/LUMM1 A. Horry, cm?A3il.<r, vtll depar I "lib UH) \ <iUwl MaU-j, miUia Inr V.uroiw poaiUvtdy an H?inr

da*. JtiuvC ,Bt U o'clock M , irvat hrr Wli at tha f?U of On i nal.itivrL rc4 tn ighi or puoajjn. ta.rtnc uno^tutllou mma [ lUodauiuu tor and ootuJort, appl- U? I ? kUWABl) K. COLLINS.? Wall stna*. will pli-HM b? on hoard at II o'olook A. M A ! lr'tvia muit Law UaauAfc th? l'oat offlco, aay other* * ill be 1 Aturuod NlUov.?TIm> atoajuwa of Uiia iLia ha*? watarli^tt oomp wt bmuiul Th? AUautlo, t aptaln OUrrr Kl.tredyn, wHl mil on thr I0H <* J til..', and the Hakto, Captain .1 J. Onautork. on tha lath o( Auytuu. No noonae hub eon aparod to niako lu all 1 rrspcct.. >K good aa naw- TU? thorough mamlnaU.Ni girt* Uinin pmvua thrtr Acalo of kirooture jotuuoqual 1 At. 0|4| t? uvurooL -thb btbajcrhiv rrrr or p WASHINGTON will anil N..w York on th.- Kth of Juno, at J a. H. prccikily. Pur In cabin, 179; Ihlrd clan. ?lf. k1s^*? tr"m to UTAipAoi. Apply to babul * uon, 17? Broadway. STKAM FOB LONDON hNl) 15REMF.V.?TIIK MAUNirl[i rt di aiaa/np INltlAhA, Captain Haknr, will burn from pi.'i H? North riTxr liir South \tnp too, Umlun nod Hrcm.ii oa tt ("MurnuAj, ,i xu?i iu. ? nre ir nrst rabui, aufc-omi F*); h?fJU. A|i|?lj U> W1UJAMH A OOfcjN, N.>. 40 f ultaa nircfU VTKW YORK AN1> UAVRR RTKAMRIUX <50iTPANT.i.1 Nolioc.?A meeting ol ijiainokhold.m of u. Near Tor* kiid Havre Hteomshtp ''airapiuiy, for the annual etrcttou of 41 rectors, will bo lield at tht otitic of the oorouany. No 1 Hr mA way, tu Tueaday, tho 2(1 of J one unit. Poll open trow 10 A, M. to 2 P. M. Transfer books closed. MOI TI MKK I.I V! NORTON, Proatdent For i.ivkrpool?drkarnouqht link.?tttv: mao niflcent clipper i,UH' KSOORT will potdUveW sail on Ha'.nrday, :?ia iiist. For uattsagw apply on hoard, al pier No. S North rW?r, or to i'KTKK U. DKMARKMT, 40 Honlh Hlroet, conmr ?f Old slip. EOIt I .IVKKl'OOL?8AIL8 NORDAT, JPNK t-THR Black Ball hue patio ihlp HARVKST ?JITKKN, ''apt. Young. For cabin, second cabin and steerage (tea sage apply on board, at pier 23 East rlrer, or to JACOB wIOMON, 1(W Bo11l.i atrvet. Great rsdoction in fabn to ntjropn. First cabin, aoourtlUig to loewtion of state room. WO and $1fl? Bet-ail cabin tOU and W In the Oral rtaaa paddlewheel Btettmablpa ARIEL, 1800 tocia, and NORTH STAR, 1600 Ions, to aaU from pier No. 0 North rlrer, at noon precisely, carrying the Umto Brains mim m.t? Leave raw rou ron nnu von wsntrmi MtrrasMrron siro antes*. aooTHtxitrojr. rou saw rou. Artel, HaPirday, .1 nan lh lBatorday, Jnly U ! Wed., Jolv U NorthRMr.ftatVday, July U | Hr.tnrdny, An*. B Wed., An*. U Ariel, ftwlurday, August 8 | Helnrday, Rept. 11 Wed., Sept. I Paeaongurs far 11 at us taken over without ertra charge, far passage or ftulgl.t apply to D. TOR&ANON, hgeei, No, I BowMnp flrean, New Tor*. FOR BOITHAMPTON AN? HAVRE THR UNITVIi Btate*! steamer ARAHO. D Lines, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Honthampiori, to lainl the rati la and pa-eei,): !>, on Bsturdav, May .10, at 111 o'clock, from pier No 3T North river, foot of (teach HtreCL First cabin -....*1.?) Hceord cabin $76 Thm ahlp hap live water buhl compartments, enclosing Uia Snrlnra, an that In the event of collision and atrandtnr the water could not reach Uicm, mid the pinups bernr tree to w ork the Hafety of ti e vessel and pnaseigterH would lie secured. ItsffRa?e not wanted during the voyage should be nwii on board the day before Hailing, marked ''below." No freight Will be taken nfler Thursday, May IB. For freight or pmoaige apply to MORT1MKK LlVINtldTON, Agent, No. 7 Broad way. N It ?The steamer Fnlton will succeed the Arngo, and aaj T.,n- n The cjthrfool and new vo?g and piiti.adki. phut Htc.iuutiup Company'* Oijnle built *cr?w kttitutahlpt ? en v or rat.ttmore, s,:*7 ton? rapt. r. Lrtob. CITY OK WAMUNUTON, 1W0 Urn* W. Vylie. CITY OK MANOHKSTKR, 2,109 Urn* Oapt P. O. Petrie. K ANUAKoo, l,(jJ4 tone Ok(>t. Jotfrcy. The under uoiod, or other temtela, are utUmdod to k<kli m 1*1In war ~ PKOM !JVKHPOOL. City of M*nrh??ter Wednmtday, May 8 Oily of WaMhmitton " " 30 City or lia Umore (or Kangaroo! " June 3 Kangaroo " " 17 City of Waaliingtou " July 1 And orery altoi tiate Wednesday. ruoa m;w yokk. City of Manrheatnr Thor?4*y, May 23 (ityol WaablngtoiL June li 4 it} of lttiiUuiore " " If. Kangaroo ** July 9 City ot Waxhingtou " " 23 And t>?ery alternate Thursday. lints or Oabiu 1'av.ju.u.?Krorn New York and Philadelphia. 97b. Kratu Ijverpool, 21 guineas. 17 Mid 11 tulneaa. aocorauiK to U10 accommodation tit lh? i?:i'n>muI all it dig tlie aauie privilege ia the aalouu^-Uicluding alew aid'i lljC* Titian Out* PAnrnora*.?A limited nnmherof third rla?? ptraint'ein will lie Uikon, knd found In k- much pioyUto n uu r-sjtilrcd. Kinut Philadelphia tuul New Yort, A'Kl. 1'ro.n Liin poll, $19. Certlliratea of passage will be tmued hero, lo nartlc* who arc doairoua ol bringing out their inetda, at correspuuiLnr rale*. Tb*?A ateemrra arc oonaTnrt.-d wilh Improved wat-r light Compartment*. Karh yetael rarriu* an e.yiierto-vrod mirtnoo, and t rery tUU-utlou paid to the oomfoit and auoommodaUoo of pana-ngrra. ncaflo nn TJtrAnt/Wll from CI tlDWinlj All iroda hfnl u> the agent* will tK lorwarM with economy tod denpulrh. K<* freight or parrage apply to JOHN H. PAI.F, I* Bmulwiif, Kpw Tut, Or Wh. IWMAN, Nor land 13 Tower UmUlmo. l.i.<?-.-p.y>l. DTIAI TO ROUTIAatTU* AID IUV?a-TIUhA? U DlDoratsiiiamaktp VAMDK&BILT,A4U0toiawll anil From NKWTOKfc tor I From SOUTHAMPTON awl BOUT HAMPTON * U tvu I HAYEK far *KW TOHK. Tuendny fay SI Tanadar Jma ] fcntonUy..... J una ? I Wednesday July I Sa'urdiiy Aug. 1 | Wednesday >ng. 11 Frier or raaangr?First cab la. aoonrdlng to loc/flon of data nrw lido in $tm-, second eabin, RA Rpertn dahtared la Irmdoa and PaHA lor bright or paaaaga apply to T>. TOKEANfTB, Agent.No I Bowling dwa, Mew TnHu Letters for England aadMai-ope prepaid. II ocaU each half onnculby ewelaaure m postage stamps if frua other ?<Ucal " wOl ba rMdwd at Mo. I Howling Otwa Mow Tarfc. ap la UJi o'olnnh of tfca aaonilag of aalaag. ?IK>E BR KM EM TTA HOPTHAMFTON.?THE UNITED r Htaica mall atesmahlp WAKHINOTON, H Osrandy. mrniuniltr, will aall for Hrrmen touching at Hmltampina to land thr walla aad paaacngwra tor Borland and France, oa Mataruaj, JboaU,at llo'chiak M , fmm pier K North rtrar. nun or rotua nnu mrw roaa to aocriuartoR oa uira. Ia flratcaiila, wain ealoon ,..|Uf Tn Bnt* e*blo lowrr aalooa Ill la eeooort cabin Of An e-trgenu U atl?<-hed In aarh ?tcim?r Up#ii? di li?i r. d In Harp- or loujon. Mo parrel* roonlred aa the day of aai:iug AU lrileri wuat pane ihr- 'irh tbr Peat ofllnr. For fn i;li or passage apply lo 0. H. HAND, agent, 11 Am lb William timet STEAM RITTWKKN NEW T^RK ANI1 OLANOOW.?tl? I MKT Pit. AMI) tma. Wiiimw t'uremic, rommanoer. KKW TOl.K, 1.110 war, Koherl Oralr, prenuau-'ee tJLASOOW. 1 961 ioca, John Paaaa. cojunauder. Th? I Oleaguw aad New Y>rh Pteamahlp (Vwnpanr Intend sain of there u?w and powerful steamers from New Vort tn i Waajrru direct, aa follows?? Glasgow, Saturday, J nee g, al II o-oinet, noon. New Tt rk Ha?nrday, ,'nne El, at It o clnrE, n ua, dlobtirg. Saturday, duly II. al 11 o'alook, team < auras or remanm Flrat ntaaa, ETI third cutaa found with mated pmrtatowe Mr Aa eipereneed enaganu al'nohed m each at'eianr. For .rright or paaeageapply to JOMN McSYMUN, No IT Nroad I way. New Ton cHy bUla or gold only raonirwd lor passage N n USK or NTRAMRHH lirWKHN NKW YORK, I Urn too and Hmairn. TU?i inairnilioani Mrtuah ata*m ablpa OhfeKN OF TXIK SOUTH. OnpUIn H-al. 2.2TI tour buiUwa. INDIANA Captain H alter, J MA do. ARUO Captain Itriiaon,'J.Mfi do. .(ANON <?ap'tdn ilntiou. ?,I47 do. Immpd by tba Kumpaaa awl Am?noaa Nion shipping IIIrrpany. of l.ondi-nand Bu t'ha?p.-in am o from haw Vwh on rtnrr ah'maw R mlnoada y, fur I/mdoo and Itri-mrn, 'onrhinj; at NmithAmi'ina to land p*??anra-a aad tiiai'afur Kualand and Franm Hiay will r?m>ln one -lay at J/md.o aid ihrt pri?<?"l t? Fri-im-n. R" i ,rnin? th-y a r Ki? Hrriran l?-r N--w York mi nvnry alturninir Naiiirda/. A'TPhwt rm'T ai Honihamp'ne 1 ta M'aaubipa am of the nr* flara. ami bail' aiiprnor array wnindalt-ua for pa?- mr- r?. *? > mill lake a liMMd ttnm'ie of third i-Vm or a* r-ai a-tipr rf. A ':r?'-on a't -had io nark ah I" Tha riVe < f?-*';kt to Is-ndna will ba hat lh a hiyhi-r than < ?a illinr ahlp* i R<ra.< or I'assaoc -Flint lab.n, A??, aeaaid ?- >.n, ttf, mrrar* >*' Tbn au-mmah'p IN PI ANA a .',1 aalf fbo? N--w York on I W-d ?'l.?j dunr |?\ m i d h- . wra 1?I hy tbr A rf , Juan "il, j and JaauU. 1st Far fr- .(h' or ) ap ilr to t II. HAND, Il Houtb WoJtjm atmnt. OH MI.T I.TNR WlTTI srRK OONNKCTION.-TR iVSfT Iiai to r ahnrW than any otbar m-ila, and no rip aura r*??r oartcatlnn ?lleitad Hta'm Mall Una F;fly .?mn la of bacpaan bn. lOceote par pound oa 'lean. Fotnh-wi (lorn <>-nmr m'row, by l'ar?ma Ral'roat Thro tfb W> t lAltlnrata rta Panama Rail road Tk> Calt-d Rtalra Mai! Htaawahip l < n.panjr tail) ilnapairh fur AapluwalL ou FiUay, lu.i- V at 9 oVli?-? T. M, prna ar!r. froto ph r root of Firm atrant. North rtrnr, tba malt kt own and lael maamahlp Il.l.lNOt.-i. liaptaia llhaa H. Ikttfa, f. H. N. Faaarttg-ira ar.d malla will ha rnrwardad by Panama Railroad, and annnrnt at Panama with *ba Pa-a Or Mall Htaainahlp Company'a mapnttimnt rt-n hip HONOR A. R. L. Vh.'ltf. <>>iam?ad?r. whvb will km la madtorai and Vara Immadla-aiy fi r Han Franriara> THa ink lie ar-Informad that tba Panda Mail hta im-b a (Vimpany %lwaj* bare ntia nr mnceritra?lramr? Ijinf at Panama, n-a-iy for ar*. U> aroM any poaalhla d-tanHon of pajMnt/rara wmatV for paaaa?ta apply to I. W. RAYMOND, at lha only ofllm r* tbn Conipatiy. 177 Want atmat. corarr of Warrao rr?d. N Y Jirpolar United State* mall an amor day a, ktb ao^UUi of daok on tub. UI^HNITFD RT4THH WAft. NTFAMNTTTF MM* FOR I? 4 tana and Jti-w Orlonita.?On Tnawtoy, .fnnn 1 at S O'rlorh Y. II . tona p-ar form of Wtirm ran" North rtrar -be | faat and fArarltn almtaablp PHIt.ADK1.PHI 4. 4 t?. Oraf, I wlU aaU aa a bom. panaac* nan ha aarnrad at lha idl m id he linn. Fraifht to Nrw (irli-ara Yi mnia | i r rnhio H*h. Hhlppark Irtu ba anpplied wPb bbtnk btlla of ladln* of ibn 'moa alpnad by tba Una, na aiipllnatlun at tb-lr nRrm. No otbar f irna atynnd. and no bill of ladlnf will ha airaad aftar Aa | hour of aailta*. For frvifht or paaaapa apply at dm otooa. New 177 Waat atrani. oornar i. Warren. M O ROYKRTS Arant Srrroir t oo.n ntRPAtcw tin for ram Fraw-torn?HaUhto ra*nJarty and poattiraD oa nr bafora -aa day adr?r<toad?Ottpper tf Htyorday. M fyaa-TV riywto A 1 I tppar nhio HPHA N HOWL AND. Adaiaa autatar. la rw aalOnf h- r muRn at ptar St, R R.. aad will pnaWmly aall at ah. -ra Tbia Sna ahlp haa toada bnt oa? uyM9. to A 1 la a>e ry man art. takna fmurhl at tba lowiwt r?aa aad atoto At a* Arty Any praaanilna naaonAUad Indnrrojinta." RUTTON d It) . to Srv it* atr?m aopaw Wa/I. A^HPHTRAI.IA INDRPFNfiFNT I.INK ONf.r HIIfF I IradlnK?Tba haantlfol A I (Upper ?h(?sR\ NVRI'it will ba dmpai d?id for M- tboafaa on Monday. J nu Id. f ill ir rot fnll. I'aaaaufai t drtir<-naof ?"'n4 ml by iltla aph udul ?raa? I will do aril to rt?min- har at onr? una a> -nra ib-tr pa?m*n Fit balanrr of firlc'it ?r paaaata npfly on b > H. al t-lrr Id Katt rtrrr. or to OOODRYIC, ARKFLI. \ M.Mor. PVl Pr.rl atriwt, wiif to MAIi.hN. I.ORD A Ifl KMNAL , l?t Wall atr-at r'R HAVANA AND HOttfLK. _ The Unit'd s-ataa mall aaamAh1* QVAKKR CITY. A IT. (ntrrrino, nnnw?m*. WW Vara tnr tba Abora porta oo Hatnrday. .Inwa A (MR km FVr ? North rtrar, (Dot of (tprtn? aimm, at 1 o et-ick P. M. Prt-.Rbt for N?w Iwlaana labaa ami dorwnfded n?m M.ihtV "Y"a m aonunlaaloa. tVonpany'* btlla of lading -me be rrnanmd at Ike oMoa of toe ftanle; an otbar rtrnM raabapaa rarmlrait at toe otoaa oeMI I OH o'tooek. aad bUe at 'adtnf atrnad np to the boar rf aa'liaR. For bmtRto er ytinad apply to VUr. WITH a oa, hma Hon'- rtmek *. R. Tbtn mnamer wtu m rewtrtoR IM?MI m Mnedap Im ??aA For fronrnt.K Ri?'T?ir"?fp.-TTTt t'WTT^o I Wai?* mall ?tran?i>ip .'Xkr.xfDWg. (*pv fam* will for thr abora placra 01 *sl"rUy, *?h n?*., at 4 oVl.irfc r * , from rW U Nnrib rt*tr. *?w WW Arrlra v Mnrl.;* no fnn t?y afWrmwn, xnd ?? Blrhrvuxl .m ItoliU; mornlu. Pw^rmf.r n.F< ?ih ?Ul pr-woa* wttb??u rfilat by JEr *r-U mall Iim ?o Dia'aM, Ao*"**. ?a*?nm.-?h, Ar Tra rrl'rtt Will Bad Uim thr r **??'< pkaaaaatral and moat ma dUl'ma nab. rumur *"* to Hat ???.? r?Vrati ra vd Wnh-aond, ? 9, HMray* W prlaa. JHUU M Lii If LAM i fLlAddJrW,ll fcrMdaa* AJIl/M wnu.vm. ' ^VWlAWVWwV^W^AV V Nil Mf8 UA&HKA I kllMV KVKNIHU, HAT 9. KO p?r;>>rBuioofl. KnAnu Mtl ?r liM) u?w |i tntmpujiuian?;O ulttw'mt a. fl ! ?(,<> , m*t SO ftaor* opro tu . n'droit; to mnMnoaor ?' IVeloek. Ttokrtii. SOn-u'a, rhiltiri'ii nod h-Iiu iIj?, unit <>i ioa. _ UroAt Coin if JM! 'or '!?' tru.-i _ JU re u.r. ArTKitr?<>i>n rmtnitaHauB, THB WtlNOKKKUL RaVI.Ui A.*i> 'M.1TRI.B OUMPAjfT I.. K*yin?<<A in Twocoialtjiui*. C'WUi ittiOH' KltK Li IV illtH. HAOUUTION* UN TUK TI'JUT ROPH. , "Niwmi b?llm if KIM KA. M'iu<1i?t Pint umht of Jo van '? now trainl oiiii'H*>> mum* Irf HIaNCO Ni*w MMMrj An , A.i . WAl^AUAU T11MAtLU itrJl). MB. Aal.i.aOK u ? w.ll <k|>|joAr. to nifbt, In bu ^nn a iguial oauwlw Jf H.u t.a llot wootL In tb* drain* of TI?K RKMT I?AT. Mr. Iiontar lu two chw* >u.r?, Mr. Waloot ?.i Silvur Jnrlt. Tin- riii nl'tiit* ooiik'Jt of TliK 1.11fU TRKA-iUUK. , To uiomiw?IlrnWlt of VRF IIOKT Mm. tVnUi*o'? rrlcbrn < ! . umntlar of TUK WUMllClt. TVm IvRx, Mr. WnU tok, VWUate, Mr* Utof. Mr*. Iloey'i gutrr, Sfin*, mart KTIAW, will makt bar (l.w appoartm * In N*>w Twit hi Iha burl Khl of JRNNT MNl> Monday?lint Urn* In Ilia ihrir.-, TUK hKHTOl'H 1'AMIT.T, In which Mr WAI.I.aUK \n:l ji-r'. rm lit.* orl.rnit rhnmnlrr of I'miuUii V?itnlr?*. (or ub>* im inn* lu Viat-non Mr I.??l<?r Mr VtVlool, Mr*, llorj, lit. Via am hi! Mux < initio At alia ia Iht* anal. Hot book op an thraa darn n Hdwuira. LA.UKA KCKMK'H h KW THX'TP.M TkjUat KiiriR'i, Ma* ? uar. ThK HI.AUK U<> )IC. Wolf Mr tie*, ".""dan Cuuiiomii Ntrnbel .Mun Ala Olutoa To conclude wUh lite brantiftil burlewinti it VAltlKTY; OR, THK KHTUKK UAI LJCKT, wttli (he Oeauil ful tableau* rn? roin ttaaaoaa. Queen <>f the Knaea, PxiMith ol the MUM, Shower of Gold BARKUirS AMKRICAN Mf/HKUM ?KBIOAT, If AT M. 11m management annonnceit with ptaeaure. tblt ereniac, nl o' iloch. m-cuutl lime In America. an entirely new. efIrcllTe and nonentrtil dram* of reality, now bahig iter ormiil In London lo exrUad Utoiujindu nifhtly and ooii'latf Kit At.'D AND ITfl VIOTIMH -Mr. Huincleurtnoa, Mr. UrUgmaa: Tom Trmnpor, 0. CXarka: t-*?ricl Plunmnot, Mr Heaaway, Kit ward beuberna Mr. I<er!olt; Mrrtau, Mim Meetayer; Mra Seaborne, Mr* France. Tbi* aflarnoon, at .1 o'clock, TlfC ltoHISKK'tl WIFK. and iU?? A KH-t ifi THK ftAitlC. The llvtnjtHerpWtt, Happy Family, Ac., to he eeeti aa UUt Ad tnlHAinn. ati cent*; oliildrm nwl?r t n Igi.eenta. BVOKiJnpS KKW HALL, fft BROADWAY, OPPOOTB the Metropolitan Hotel QLOKIOCBCBINKSK TRAIT Of PORT* MUHIO. MIRTH AND KNt'MAeTMKMT, Kraur Ken*ino Tin- Waatc, he grand original, mimical, megtnal and ttenu burlaeqae peaI kacktof Al.AUiUH; OR, Tsa woimar.roi. LAttr. ! After which? KVflRO MTN4TKKIXT. Commence* at 8 n'afcv'k. Adeiiunoo. Z> rente; Oroheatrv Heat* #0 cent*. On Matttrriny. May Ml?rieoond Alternoou Per lonniuict-, o-ouiuttuma at * troloolL. BRA A NTS MIlfSTRKLH. Mechanic*' UiU, A <2 llroadwar, aboee Ureal etreeC Hvery night daring the w eek, commencing Monday, May a&, uwr. Mew eoega, dance*, paying* nnrlnaltiee, Aa. Hit a Khl'KKK AN KKA ItlNUH, BSHRMUA Oh OI.D VIRUtNMT. uunoii waoAi, uu>?. JKRRY BRYANT ml DAN BRYANT in proniDOnt charMter*. 1t> omnaMtm m 8 n'rlnck AdmlMton. V acuta. Franklin mubruv. lit grand strut, on door troao Broadway, In oo.n Rtikt Aiwaoon Aim Krwnw*. P.-rfot-raanoe oonuneutw* hi 8 In the aftrrn-iott an*; 8 tn ttt f-vmlnir Btranjrera and otbera will obaerre Caat the ?bw?It the only MtaljlUI mm In lb* Unltod tuale* whore UusRMe ArtiaUei m exhibited. Th? company onoalata of TWKNTY-WSVK.N YOITNO 1.A IX KM, who will appear In a ankMtoa ot mnwnkflonnl living ronreawa tallnn* At W'b perfotiaautm, with variety of nrlflk tiki rnt .rtAJxuneotw to be iwn At ne plaoo nt nitnu? tu th<- olty TAKR NonOR-BOnWORTP-d RKRRNAPKBR tru.r, perforin el KnioLnrbo-Arr Hill, on Krllv at d Hat'ir day, tlie ?Ut Mid Juth ol Mar Thla la no hmniitir < Vim.) ( Arty. J. P. PtTTKIKOK, Proprietor. N. R. Rmiwobth, RUff" Mm**cr. LAl'RA KKENK'S Tr RATRK. T. H. .IOHMNTOV rcepeelfnlly Inform* hi* friendi and the pnb'v- that hi* BKWKKIT win lake place cm Ntwday rvrolnr no it, .Line 1,1857. when e bill of prwit variety wtll 1>? oil-, wl. DON'T PAII. TO 8Kb ItlTDWORTII?AT KVfi'KKR lxvkcr Hal!, no Friday And Saturday rvrnln**. J. (lata per u> b * "Old JJOb RldU-yj" W. H. Itndw.n U In b?njo *..|ne Yunl?Kunl Ooair tw-j. Mar aire In * boet of coaoc out*. FUN'WTUN'-PUNI OCMK ONK. CO KB ALU TO HICK Kndwortb'n Rorcnador.i, Una afternoon mil rrimlux, | May 29 roWunaneluK at S an 1 8 o'clock. lln-laorlb In hit | haujo aoioa, wmI the rant o( the ouwtpaay lu litoir womicrfu, I ? t . ntkMM. Tnr. OONCRRT OF THK YOUNU H01.U1KO ARTIHTH | a> Rolytrchntr Hall, Ian Tn >Ur arenlM, *m atleain by a crowded aidlcoo#-, and areryibtmt nutni off drlijthi filly, lb* pertormau.ea t?-re ?i.n-d, and exauutod ui am pernor Myla by I bo? prontlalng ywoff artlala. LintOIAI. THEATRICAL noticr -THK FRIKNDIi Ol u HARRT H Al.L wilt meet at the Artor Houae, o? Fa tnrday. May 80. ' 1 F. M.. for the jiurno?e <* making err-iajpi menu l?r a Complimentary Bonedl, Punctual nUmulunoa t particularly roiucatad. TAk'R NOTICR ? BUnWORTirfl SRR K.V A PFRM W71.I rir* one grand aiixrmvn j>rrf..rm?n-<- a I KnlrkrrhoW.n HalI, fhr tba anr mmndatjon or liujlea an>t children, no Krblaj afternoon, May J9 Ihntrm open at 2 o'clock ?j commence a) A. Admieelnn t? rettui. ratb'nn half prlae WANTki*?a oknt'Jcman or uoon AnI)RKSM, TO Ac I aa tn-fci'irtr for a Ural claaa ooowrf company. oo* tah" ran lout 98n0 for bre?- m mtba. on ' .el-tor-iniy, preferred In't'tlra of I.irlimion A Co., No S man at. I ~ mcMfuik I CI fWWt roRFKiTW/ AND No^mAR^iHmuRii 1 Ji.UUU onrad.?Dr. Ill. NTKR rane when Ute Mai I meot uf uUur pbtatclaua and allodia# mon-llea tall. Ilia imt drop ta your only rvlianw I r ? ii..?.n*b r . ri In i-natala dUrau*. ho. 3 OWlaion atm*, tue >iuiy pUoe i.ow au wall known fir the err many itraorui;.... y cure* it baa p ed. wl-h-mt diet or hindrance fitnn beam-aa, when all othar rrme-liea only ill-re the dluaer in the blond. 91 only ran nennrae the petrol front ae.-on Urr ao<U. aw* U latbntalj i mfwly on north that 'ba a it Try al' other* aa I ami. itar-am of a be Iblll p'atiwj I>r II iijin ?.o removed. It la a ?.'? nrnw deception. Tbe man e . n.vf i *a (foal andbAui < worxe than n thief. Mrdlcul ooi au I advice ffratla. ?|A| f\(Ul f oRFKIT IF AilT ITRRD ?I1R WARfVh lmi.V/U\f I'tif-rtiiua r? trend la the na pltut ultra at vciinml nted.. ne* and but ri>t'Ure? at bn know t to mart wttk tiiuvurtRl ikiairohiiti/rn aji.1 L i mia.i.ii I ?i Wti.l u i^a Araoiwad bran farior nftln'day I>r Waid hereby oiler* a maard of Sf> itw to any phyali Ian won, ailet i>r >p?c d"m>i?trikti<M an rnra prtfata dlaca ? a with eouallr uniform clarity. ?<vm anfety and rhrapneae M bn nan. Iho** who doubt no ?rU. , ben without ell I r, dl ve wlto b?r<j bona llriyertn|f. that by rolling on llr IV 4 K|) you may in a few day" euj> y Uir |>l?-v.'?r>-* of life ?;,.l fro I " .ha' KUliaid m tout red ' (Jnfer'naaiea t ri?*iid. print |L Out* No iu *Janal atmet, (lord d?mr eaa' of flroadway. Dr wathowb ffltw work-"thm f*cil ?nr> A Complete practical 'r> *ll?n on normainrrbnaa and t W< -i1"' 'Ion. i'h ha) debility, Indowd by curly UxUanraMon fun* <* oUo-r nanaaa. In whinh 11*lai i and -Bert* of lb la Inatdloua oialadt. uwetbee ariibibaWaat ment, am fully nplalnrd, lllu*.ra'a<! by niMnnu anawnMai plate* and na*r??inf? with a anppirawnl 'a. aetnal 4'?e?#aa. Price (I To be hart of lb* aatbor, a bo raay he oniaoMad tkiobdnnUaUy, at M Waib? aaaea a few donra wrwt ?f Broadway. Dr. mortowt rrvkor rohkh a <"krt? im pk*. talent diwM* Without In?rrod 0in.|r?pna. 1'r-oe 41. bold at'a, 1W Broadway; o7t urm t aire**, and >HJ lindane etrwrv ^ tar.'R ornriw. t?m broadrat cokmm J / of T*n b atreet. I'onro nil I and nfu*e 4 oVPrt Dr cooniR, u warr rtrpct. n??, por rni teat twarny <0* yean .one fried m prv-tlor tn tb? man men I id private dteraaM. The mira* of laced ?"iM?ao ran rail <m ban witA tfeo imibif of betn# radically enawR Olartn moderate TAR. WATROM BAR POR A 1AJH I PKRIKK Of TRAM 17 mxiAacd hi* attention to ccrfa'n dlaiaan. hi whlnb ba baa traatad nnt laaa tbaa twenty b nwand roa> a. r'Am. aa la a'u? nl failure. flic rrmedina am m'M wvhowt fnuwrop. ttnn in ktudnaaa or ehanfn of dial. If Wataon la to -no*ao?l aur adaocr from 7 la la* siomlnt on'l' I at at?h'. at bla nad dr-nra. M Walbar almai, a few dnorr. wrwt nf I'.r ml wa*. TbS wmaiiltlat now am mpara'a #? WATDOW. W. It , Tonarrtr Roirnoo m Ibc ImO HnrplMI IMPORTAJTT TO PKMAiiCM -(HfUAAJU OP PRb OJB rteJaaircl; tmaW by Lir. DUHOlb. Heated ** fur fnaaab demnarnn nta frm S.tntA Relief (uaraa:*>t la all mom tioaaohaiioaa aad lettara ru- ?Ut aonOdanUat. l atwwtla from a dbiiaaee prortded ?nb board, nn/alad aod '* ??? Wlaad anaa. < HRna ( (atxty aine) W ast PUWrwtb atroo*. If. T. NO r*K TOX CURKD. IR OOPHTTT, Of RO. U Dnan* ptrfd. ?ay b? ramriM ?!th aMi'idaaaf wi prl. v*:y diwaaaa. Twraiy alt ypaimw Nla pr?a?wit ipanfa'itf Mna him In i-nra a ronaln nnrf ? d?VI|ty. R. R *. ? HP 0 a <Uem?na in l.ta ? ? , aa <*r-r bdf of tbc Raw T?b l'nl??rid;, Cbapa-a avdorav IJH^ORH VRT.PItdP, " ACTOR, OtlWUM, Hand ih?-ptnarPm knaanaJ pra. una oC Parti *bd 1-nodoo. ia a m' p<r?oo? -uniritd nrb tuamal de -Uu>, * 4 Urr iwrf >ba nrtnarj nr*ai? may a?* hr aarara a#'hr fact, Dr 1.4 B VI' 'VT taaaa d>? nwattnai of iaf?n??.* it* m ihu ba la Uw? ml* rrala al# la ikl* <lty wbn la air-lutm-lr t-naUa* wil e irinx iIipm 41 404 wbnaP<*nB?f?lidl ?'u? ij?? b?ir<VH4n k <pl ala ?ai al.t-a I m wt ?!<.(.i tl.r tatPkt U'l anoal radkai ir?*na?ai our bir tbp nlitrat arc! i? *t a*rrr- -acaa, at Ki Mrrrt aranl, MP irr of Pprlrijr, orpnu'r Rt Rlcbo.aa, afW 14 A * Wa o.Bifppnd Dr lAPtPooi u> the afitctnd -OmirW da* blaia Pnla, Ptaaia Rat'im*. lb iwai at. n?y Nnr>k Rotatory, 4c. KlOOnO'tl PRACTT'H -4J h HAMMOND, M l> ro pll ,4 r>ra Carnorlian and k. U, mid K,c?rU, of fatia. Am MivmJ ft-no SIC Hi? vlnay to il llb-mkrr itro?, ?h?r? ba may hp print'lp rnnanlipd, In K .< 1 all TP Priprh, p-~- ? 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EWkRV lUBATUk. sol< Itta: .....Mr T II Mvpkr i mtiiuvr Mr. K. Jnbedtato Orfllu-eira ( lie ire, 60 oentn; I rioi iHmlt and Hoen* J5 retatal n? juuI 'lallnrj, Ii'c rente Prt-.-ata Uoiae. 44 Ituontwpwn kif; to re?m*ner 7 to n'Mnek. BKN?rir or- mit. r. a onanfbau. FHiDtr R' todse. Mti to, ikto. CHITAN OHII.Ii M'-FiK Ift lUUmUNU. o-rr.Ab'Ki*k ami rim rAiium. BURTON'S NKW THKATKr, HEOAIIWAT. Krtdif MH HI I; tTi tS W1IJ. Al'i'KAK. I9t ! K1RT TI*B TUKBK KOUB WKKK.H. In hie favorite iluu-u U-r? of FI.KWK sort TOOrH.KH, In (be popiilar c?m?<lie? oi Tllr. hKIUOUH K AUIi.T and TUB TCODl.KH Mr. 0. Klubor, Mr* Parker, Mr. M??>m. Mr*. ffurben. Mm. Uo'mau, Muw Miller, Ar. T > DWmiw, y- The farewell benefit of HDWHi IIOOTU, wbo win appear h> til* favortta ehATMMr ?d RICHARD I IT , for lUr laet time. Gm OHAUTT A ITOOlVk Mlnuu 444 Broadwer. bdiow < fraud eh I to. Bdnrr Wood nuatnwa Men? (tan. (Ibrtili to? lMto> Irnr irwiM MvaiM ** Warn a well Mletond of Mtoioiitaa >Mto, Will to. ? , Paeultambw of 0m dnutheni Dartta, tdeo. t*>rta?yi? hi* f(itm original dance of 'The tjnoadii-r ar.n wmwwm " D. H. WaiaboUt In favorite nalliuta KhTtlK* mow ND'AHAOUA. WHIHTMNO QLT A HTf flK UUtoMKf. I'l-.oy rN *i)w ADAIt Ab ?. KICNTIVAL ? aii? oi.n diii.iiii. Ooofltodlp* with, on FiUnv-HAPP+ WAN Nalurnay?HARK UEEDf; Or. OHIMBON RUm. Prtooioai ehitraeuM-a by lim iM? Doors open at 7; to oon? at 8 o'clock. "Poke!* ? orwfe WHITKII OPF.RA HOT78K. ? BOWER* AHOTB* TV taamenM work of novelty and won't sr. Meat riA at bow noes to pantoaBlme, lotrn(?rM with IrtiWa, UwobRw ma'ton*. magical ehan#es, now annua. entitled THE I Wt f-HIiTtfaoraWBa, prraluerd At a groat axpeom. ttoaoaw woekuf PHIL GANNON, who will appoar In anew Irish oaaraetarfcdto daaoa. WHM Herenadert to thrtr uaoal bud rot of cotnleahiuw TW IbMr Dual Brnthrra. Blfnor Martin cUi In hie perfbrnuoeee oa IM rln<?, An With a areel variety of ?login* Bad nogro eoeawtrtetuee. N. H?ThiuwUr "rentng Wav ?, to oat Mt?? hi TUN HUttUT OP It'liLY OlflNN, the jiff dancer Bud tamboonnlot of thla celablfrhmeaA MB which oooBoton a hoot of aOraodew will bo offrred. TtAtf ettrn performers. leu ditnoors-decidedly the nlrbt of MB wona. Di rehearsal?The pantomime piece, nailed /OflEtt. In wotoh Manor MartinatU will imU^in the monkey pari. MM b?tii*e DeuvHlle m alati rngapwl, and will abnrBy appear. MLHfl T KJt KB A ESMOND*'S fcVKNINOH WtTIl TOM MOOEK, at nir htcttkoapt iiwrrirtrra, TIUH KVKNINU, Mil ?, LHff Written and arranged by a penti'man ot una ottf. aiLLAiioa?rikt t. Irish Overture. Melody?"liear Harp of My ilountry." Mu*k>? Dear Harp " Moore and the Prince of Walea. lbdepeudeaoo Of ?Itta Unsniahed lrtabmi'U. Rittaot?"Oh! for a Toapnr," Je. MuaPv?"Ob, Idbeny." Moore'* youth KiucuinaUon before iairdJ'Ure tn old 1>Mb(t I Manly reply aud urluiuiih. Moore ud Kuunat. imo ndK i'o* " Mtlody?"Let Krin remember." in. Muuto?"Tht- Red Kw RUto or the roun'ry. Moore'* patrtoiuim. Th? II4?Nk Renonet u> Morpeth. Intrrtating hwm ta Theatre Hoywl, Dublin. tkiag of Moore. tlnai woaauoa. The PM eardotted. Melody?"Ou, blame aot the bard " ' Mwdo?"Oh, blame not," At. Str.TnIar ri return, utnnr m blalory ' f Uieratera. Oanfh^tf gitUiri uo; nt grew! K|ilnui. A ld(|h date M uni'1?"Au>d I-ang dyne ' Inllurnei'of Moure'a life do hoi Melodtee. "Utah! adh fea brave aotdb-r" *r Krlendehlp. '-vnvlrtaliiy. Moiody?"Pari welll hill wbenwvor " MueiO?"farewelll but," Ac. rut it. Trwh Overture. s<<j't at Theatre Royal, Dublin. Mot re at Rd-Wrr* IhMha "Boom whu ha." Moalc? Rent lb and Ir'ah Air*. Iliilland linn a#'. Itvrnii and Sheridan. "Poor Bnadag P Poetry?"Lin e? iav drMh of MherMan." Mitarr? ' I hr pri-tu tfrl milking lief now." Frtm><tabi|i of Mdoi> ?u<l ilynm. DtUerauoe oiUedrahAntotera, Ar. "Vou am my manna and my menm-l ' Amrm dnU*. Hi uvular rift iiototeonr etoualiig TV; ijovaa of Ma ! Any* la" and -'Heaven and Kaiih." Muiig?"f'oow, play with me." I Mnato?"Mnvourneen rteellah " I Monro, boaaoroua aud anuncai. < > toon- It, Canning. lam Dovar. Iluxty Andy. Mlrkey free The Kbil.. iaj*i. tt( i brghl blade of Ibtm tarna. eit'nria. The I udgea. l'W'Unal lettei -1*17 O'Hranignn to Judy. 1 Mndo- "l/nnrj WuTwot*er * - Pmallaean of Moorn'a aunire ba una of I'upe Holland. An. r "Home waa ant built In a day." lWp>C??el lbe eni< (law on Moomla I after year*. Death <if nlniiiian. Vwn, Mean, Lord Kdward Klltcerald, Rtnni< t aiw Ouirvt. f Melody?"bite la lar frim lt? land." r MutiC "She la far Iran the land." s Peroration?"Hall. Otluinbtn." ' flURTOM, TO-KlUIIT, IK U1H TWO IIVKT PACTA. J> Mi ww tiriti ajw e? WW tree?, VI L'MICAL IIA 1.1., 1CI HOArKKX, Ui'PUMIITC HKMKS ' jWl Heart t'ne<|ualt~1 attrao*ton. 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