Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 30, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 30, 1857 Page 1
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TIT WHOLE NO. 7577. ARRIVAL UP THE STEAMSHIP ARIEL. fcrr Departure frtnu Nouthampton?Ion(?mplUnee with the Kit?lt*h Piueenger AtUl hr Trip of the Vandu hilt. Tbo ruanirbip Ariel, Cajuun Ludlow, of the Vanderbih ta>?, wbicb left Southampton, England, on the ltttb tnet , AThrrd at ibla pert jre?terday afternoon. = - ? tn w.,ur tha Ariel, for Ibe prompt denary of a flie of l?u<lcn papers, hut tbe now* cataioed Id them had bona uutiulputod by oar udvloes by tbs Arabia The Arw>l hail one hundred and f >rty passenger* from Ha re, but rviod nonn from Southampton, for the pur yve of aroididtug bring brought under the prori-lona of Uie Pfttweiiger net, whjih would have auPJeot?<i her to ft wj-kj* of very troublesome ?od diaagrroable regulations rtiia ?pf bear* very h?avlly upon tbe numerous Ural ttam neonvlu. * ron.*.tautly leaving the last name 1 port without mftll oontract, and meanuree ftre being adopted wltb the view of modifying the ad during tbe present eearan ef Parliament. Tbe ouinge of tbe Ariel prevent ber complying with tbe . at. Tbe atPftmahlp Vanderblit, Gapt D. L. Wlhwi, arrive 1 > u*w Honda, an already reported, evening of tbe 1Mb toe*., at o'clock, having accomplished lite voyage from New York in a little under leu day*. She encountered toggy weather Irom Ve* York to the aoutheaal edge of tbe Batka of Newfoundland, and atrong galea from aorthweot ? northeast, .with high seas rrom thence to the longitude ef 11 degrees. Tbe Vanderblit brought out 301 passenger* and 9400,000 to specie for Southampton and Havre. She Mailed rrom Orwme for Havre at 8 o'clock morning of 10th Inst A letter from Alexandria of tbe 3d Inst, says a oonoos ago for establishing steaming*, applied for by the Amort an Consul from the Egyptian government, has lad to Important ooueequeLcee. The project In question ww Bent to the Ministry for examination, accompanied by a reoom atenoailon in 1W favor from the Viceroy, but was rejected by the Ministers. The Viceroy, In oonsequeooe, dlsaol red fee thblnet and formed another, In which Zocoicar Paoba h President of the Ckranrtl; Ahdalah-Paeha Onkll, bead of fee finance, and Haseam Pacha, of the Interior. i"be correspondent of Le Nont at St. Petersburg atatee feat ehen the ascription list for the RiiafUn railway* ear cloeed It was found that the number of 'bare* demanded was 319.897, although the number of emtseiona we* fixed at 130,(00 The council of administration has fearefure decided that the lubmribera for fewer than 100 hare* rha'l receive the entire number applied for The lob-crlbera for largor numbers will recrtre only from aae-half to one-fifth, according to the number demanded. Omr London Correspondence. I/wsw, May 16,1867. Uod Patmenton'i Poiitim?TKt Dallai Clarendon Treaty? Hrtruettm* to Lord Napier?The Carimu Potilitm of /Vines Albert. I think that you are correct In your estimate of Lord Pahaersten's pre it ion The 11 reral party hope to be able h> tree him a long way ahead, but nothing will be lone fet* year. Under o ir system, with the me alter* of tM tadrnei forming a part of the Legislature, It Is well under Mootf that any liberal measure once announced by government moat eventually succeed Therefore Lord Palmer* aim's statement thai a reform bill will be brought In next year te quite satisfactory. There has been n kill here In American potMce. Every mm thought that the DaUaa-Clarendon treaty would be agreed to by our government. On the receipt of the New Team Hnumnf *7th nit. the annexed tetter appeared In the Hat of May 12 ? cmniL amnion. ro tub rnmrn o* m tim ?Taking your leader of thU dav an a fair and Impartial ci|?mlli? of the tr ?e opinion of thta country at to our mirr rrkiHitiN ?llk lh? Uul'ed HHIm the lnl|n?1ii( IktWlaM eewe by the Araha, mr given la Tua Maw Youa Hwnii of ibe )|7tb uli , requires ?? e*ptaoattou ? ')*r nirr- pondvni In Belize. Honduraa, writing on the lit kunest, scoria m some very Important news from Central * mrnta. wltlrb will br found In hli letter. pnhlUhud eU? bcrw. Mr Sii rrcuoo, tbn Itrltiib superintendent at Belize, k -4 left a few day* prevtoualv. Mr Hrvmiir, hu inocr?nr In CM* lan led from the Hrt Inh brig of war Arab on tbn bib ill, aiut tbn nmt dav fce waa ?w *n Into nfll-e wl h mifh mmamy. "n ibn following day thn Arab took blm down to a a*tan. when* hn waa iworn In In tbn namn of Uunnn Vlcnrta ai * Her Majes'v'a I-leotenant Ihirrrior of tbe H?r Inland*." 1 Mhi fart na and much einlinmenl. aa It waa believed that hagland bad no ma I Inlrntloti uf ondlng the ooluny hi Hondo ran It la. Indeed, a very rurloua far*, when w* >abn Into e*n?WW r *' ton tbn mownile drelarnd |e?lley of 1 (Tlamn lull ar deualed In our I-radon leuer. firm In an-tbrr oolumn. and also tbr retnoi* h>u of tbr Bay Uiftrli to Mondttraa by ma Irmly <*wl*'ed laat winter. Ton ark aware of what baa D-d yet bonotae generally known h> the public?viz., tbe delay or n m>uthi ar.tLin a hikt tbe Dallas Clarendon treaty alt to be ratified rr> Vrd on the lrtth uM , and that on that day tbe treaty, ar awr>ndnl by tbe 'Vnala of the I'nlled State*, waa returned k w< I* 'ae rr|wnod h will be remembered that laat summer wa negotiated a wealy eedtrr 'he Bar I-lan-'* *o Hondursa with .denor eeran, the Mlnl-ter of that republic Is the proposed Itaflaa Clarendon treaty the negotiation Vttb Hotr'ura* waa recited, and Uie I'nlled IB alee waa a bed to carry out a rentier arrangement aruh Hooduras, Mel to join or In obtaining the a-teol of the <dher four re pebhe* uf Central America to toe plan w, m-eneii in our agreement with floolrraa a claose about the existence of Klarery In tbe Bur l*lan It Otr right to tnsi't on thl* elaime waa qne ttonahle, see fog that the fact of our eetaton to Honour** ?ra< yiekltng, m reality, to the allegation that we bad wiouglully seized (fee* W tarda. The pulley of the riauae waa, 1 do not haeltete lo say, had, earn In the aalt tlarery point of rl?W, The Hrtsta of lb? United Mtnte*, lint treaty making twwer. objected lo tbo rlarery olauae, and omitte<l it. yber do not aeem hi hare been aware u at lioodurax had aeyer ratified the treaty with us. aad thai it wa*, th' re tor*, mere waete paper. So far It la quite apparent th-U Lord Uarendon waa. in e diplomatic *en?e. In toe right. But M bow aptwam ilia on the 31*1 of March we arVtally pot a Governor In piwessefoo at Rnatan, although we did net inform Mr Uailaa that lioeduraa had serer raulledeur twertam to her ulIII the Iflth of Aiirll. If thl* be true, ami I fear It M, we bare to txmet of "one of the morl tarnation eate pteeea . f sharp practice" ever beard of I hope that ome mnmrr of the Hmt>e of Oommoo* mat ark lewd mirnerstoe a hether we can claim to be "a Bbm tbe smarted people la csaUgc" lam, <dr, your eMail lest rerract, VuTAoma My leipremlon Ik that laatrucOona hare been aeot to Lard Nat ter to op m aegntiaOoee tn Waahlogfoo. If ao a* harm bee be*a d >oe, aa the treaty maklag power nan eat he delegated hy the 'Meals, it Id obwmaly tba aetnral em:r*d to m ike Washington 'be plate of bi*!oe** 1 Utink that oar Cabinet I* now sincere In dr el-log peaoe with yon C e *ry begin to thtrk it them letermt; hat I fear that iWy will always prefer to hare one one q teuton Ml epee, aboal wnwn a nifTb-uhy oo*i i be rai*ad at ah wt nance la eaee of need to -Hatred public attea from h?BO pottttro Prtr>? Alhort mid bo ""it'lfoH of Irwx oo a' any tlioo, N that ??uM D?* *011 tbo artatoorory A fatal blow to tor wort wmiM bo fatal to thorn l/>rd l*%)nj'>r?wm will Mark *T hi* nrdor, but ho ha* do p"\)'i'1ir*o, and will ft to oro'T'htny that ta am*?ary to arntd rorotndaoary oni bvobi Ha ? tborotoro far mora to ho roltnd ? by to Ithoral ratr ihao I not .lohn Ho?oll. who** unroot* mlM htm aopoo toot oo U?? oourt and tbo Jowa alnoo bo throw ?r*f tbo hboral port* I/unpin, May IK, 1W lowvfwill /or Or Oraat Atlantic Mwirtw Mr graphic loofiita Tbo atramor Htayara Hill Ho* M war won I. aid will roMia I bora tor asm* nib* or loo Oar*, nirll tho m mrinf t wo rroparod hw hor *| Mrooowtoh, oppnrite Iho worka of tii?f ?M?a, IQltn? * Co, wto?o ?ho la In roootr* tbo ?>W oo boom Tharo ara right hnn trod mllo* of K tna oalaoturod alroady at tho? work*, and thla with tho tttao f?lH whtrb bora harm ww|ilrl?4 at Htrkooboad, opI?no Urorpool, will matt aoroatrrn hi oil rod altngothcr Tho 'rmawlng ponkmo at both (boa* plaooa, tour bun trod too twonty flro ? tbo tormor, oad utroo huodrol an-l rw?My mit? at tho taUor p'aoo, will bo omnptotoJ an t p>il of Hly IV Afamoranoo *111 V anormiinaM by Ui Low.pard, k pad d la ?b*l MlMr, of about two thodaan 1 man. Tha t*onquobaana to axpv Wol from tha MaMltarra Ml about too Um* Km nabla khan hark two oornplatod ?4 ptoand on board uio Aramnmnon tad Viairant Hi ynii?? roan^l Hi aho il fio fart (nry, or 104 f"rt loon than far rr?arl. fir U a OWto propuUor of nao toon <and nn o?inal borar powor, and mrarumo thra* Ih rwaud nea bua tort taw A drfmuiloa from ton AUantV- Trlnora dl (Vtmpaay hrttod 'V Viatara yortnrday, m aatorunn h-r c tptam aa iSaara to Ldttdoa. Hlr dopatoilor nnwtntnd of Mr Gar ??y ut Mr. Harkoy, dlrartorn, Mr Brtjtil, too rmylnna ff IV compaay. Mr. award. aocrMarf, a.i.1 otoar*. * waa aadartonrai hnro mat Um fftaffara wan to no to U>mpa?|, Hl) h to not ertrtain *rt thai aba will art harn to takn thn cab a na board at tort port. It U hardly pro botoa, hownrrr, thai hrtnc at to-odna, * ahall harn to toawa: hot, m | hara nal 1, ton affair In allll la a rtaln of oa TVm In noma mHoiodrrxandlBf abort ton naat tor, and H rrt rrmalnn io bn toon whrtb<*r oir rnrnrl or ton tparaawi rhaii go lo Urnrpnol. Hin dlfflmhy ho* r>*r^.* ** nrtUnd altotollliilllj with thn Attootld Tain pnph rmmpaay T1 appoarn that vanfomnnU warn awl) al rtoa'1 ^n nifflnnra of Urn Niagara a piiblie rw ^ rnlH*.h ?T>rwro'mt hara dotorhnd too paddlo wbnn ^ VT toa "**7. tor too pnrrrtto of taktiu 72? !^Thto atom, Urol ferryman tool ^ Aret'O Shn will Wtort Bwjaia work ahowt ton nm ?llMl prfW m^to TV prtat of nandaainaa V ton Amarioaa aad tnrlirt e ne; ete*mer?, Nif tro Martin* for iuM oouaii, will l>o eutwr Cm k In Ire'and or Mill'ord In The a ?le ha? N)?n ?atMactorily tCHte.l at both manufun lories, and nothing now require* t> rw do<o 'o p-ov? tne pniwIMItty ?f transmitting a mesaagw nrer i.lWK) oiH?s, hut lbs Junction ill the two po' iIouh of tbo wire afutr the von telu shall have Joined at Cork or ttilford. THE POLICE QUESTION. The (luanuitliM Arniada and tta Descent on BUtaa Inland?Dissensions on the Money CfcaeatkMi?PrataMc Change of Membership In Um Commission?Postponement of the Organisation of a Metropolitan Pol loo? Br (Imatea for the Supervisor*?Club* and Ballot Boxes Laid In? Mayor's Order for Street Cleaning?1The Man let pal Watch Ordinance. The mining and oountermining of Ibe Htato aid do camps and the city officials has reached astageofibo war in re?pcct to tho police question where the mult t?o glnato define itself. Yesterday all of the captains of the police force )f the municipality?except the two dm missed officers?reported over their owns signatures to the Mayor and Chief. Not a single additional man wat reported to have "seceded " As a counterpart to this, notice was given to the petitioners crowding around the depot at White street, lhat no appointments would be made at pre sent as a suspension of certain contemplated operations of the Board would postpone the organisation of a pottco foroe for some time. The oommisaionera have now for about a mouth humbugged the reporters for the flat philosophical newtpaperj with speculations, orders and requisitions In relation to the contemplated Invasion of Staten Island under the auspices of the Qua raatlne Oommlsslooers. The threet? nod doscent of the Spanish Armada or of the legions of Napoleon ujon Great Britain never created more uncertainly and alarm than this descent of Mr. Draper's police is likely to cause. This like to-be renowned foroe has not as yet sallod, but sanguine anticipations of 1U departure are held forth for Tuesday next, if the wind and the temper of the Oommissioners shall prove fhvorable. To day seventy Ave clubs were ordered by way of arms for this Quarantine Armada, and no doubt tome grand campaigning may be anticipated. The Commissioners very properly anticipate high triumphs in their wars against the oyster men. They mi* hi well secure the historian of Peter the Headstrong to do them jus I sc. It is, however, now settled that a practical, If nota legal. Injunction ban the effort of the Board to Infringe the civil rigbtaof the city. Hithorto, where casual assumAlons have been made by the State Infringing the natural right of the citizens or New York to regnlale their owo affaire, the matter ban either bad the formal or imphod sanction or the citizen*. Bur.b was the case la the matter of the Croton aquoouct, go oftee c.ted aa a precedent for the present attempt to overthrew the city government. Now, however, the Oouncilmen and ofttela'a of every gra le, a* well as the citizens of every claa*, have a singular una nlmHy or opinion In condemning the oasis on which present invasion of the city has b >*n projected. The member* oi the police Board begin to feel uns, too, and oontrlve every means, not excepting an abuse or each other, In p*e vent the publication of any facts in relaUoo to their dt*cu? shuts. But they most have eaeb bis outside oauc is, and lhnrlow Weed and Horace Greeley must have their re ports of pngree*. and then they keep about two or three hundred hungry spies around them, and so after all their meetings are about as open as a tbip'a rigging. Beeiose other disqualification* for executive place. President Draper has too many pipelaying connections to keep as dee counsel as General Nye, for instance. But It has, nevertheless, really become difficult to learn what the Commisi-lonem expect to do, because they have grown sukly ami are apparently very much ashamed of the waives. They begin to dodge their friends, grow morose, and abuse and blame each other ott of doors. Very bad signs Indeed. TBI MONEY QCWTION. It appears that the real question now before the Board le that which they have already can vaseed to some ex teal among a certain blank republican clique which ooo trots some capital tn Wall street They are endeavoring to confront the money question. They are making out the estimates for the year 1847 k for polv? aervteee in the cities of New York and Brooklyn. Tho station bouse s ecu latino brought them to toe this mark. Oommimlooer Iiranrr was all h?t fo this real estate snhcre. hut tuas. much u be i? dm understood to b? exactly "a responsible u," to the Well street mum, it ntftot bo easy eatbng nougb lor blm to take lb* rtek of flying the assumed credit of the Attn la sucb an operation as the flutng up of twenty or thirty station bootee But what If tbe Court of Appeal* shoul t declare tbe new law unconstitutional? What If the Htata Tree sorer and Comptroller shook! thereupon declare tbe elation bouse speculation nnwerranted f?undertaken altogether , u|mi n ktlmuloue of political istrly warfare, and directly In contradiction of the police bill Itself,aa well an in avowed fraud of all ordinances of tbo Nupervk or* of Uio ouunt> t Mr Draper miebt not be checked t?y such ono't uerain na, nor Mr. Nye perhaps, but Htraoanan la a, wealthy man and so Is Bowen. Mr Aranaban might rt-k a Hula in a natrkSlo way for Brooklyn but the idea of pruvl liny a art ot amateur poltoe slat ton bouses foe New Cl y at but isso-lhle rxpet ae, bae brought bun to become quire a diltgarl t omtnl*ai?orr even In his m ch reyratted Illness He attanda no w daily the -itl'ng* of tbe H-rard and ban e?*o brought Bnwae to a nen?e of tha fact tltat tha Kansas fund may net last to tbe conelurkm of tbe proceed ram|<aign against tbe cut r. > verbtneot. Tbe enilmau-e atlt a <ordtn*ly be completed and turns trap* put in motion, under the rui tam e of tbe lawyets, in tb* hope that by aoine pcttlf.rgslng trick, th* brosd prortstoM of tbe bill at Vi tbe -<ailr> I of the SuperTtaora over it* fiscal pro re iocs may be evaded CHANUB IN Tllk ALBANY COMN1*AION. It seems that tt was tn new of thut reluctance of Obmmbrkaier Aranehan, aa well an aerern III bealtb on bta (art, which brought up tbo topw of hk^reetgnaUoo. This, too, bad gone so f?r aa an arrangement .with rburlow Weed in regard to bl* successor. The latter Is very much dlsgustn I with tbe entire operations tf Itra.wr and bis oneipeers, and would gladly supersede soma of them tf It were possible. Tbe successor to Aranahau m ist or onoraa coma from Hrf*?kl> d, and It seems will He beta eon a for- 1 e>er candidate, wnoaa naio-- was belore the Senate flake?at d Abjah Mam. Ttiem are other ptcturesq is knot In th* Hoard whiob are ??ry rapidly developing ihrmir rn. and which do "Oft of fhurlow Wwil planing machine will jo orer without Wily lipping up lb<-bar mntir of the conoern. In etc? nf ihr v irt unruled nnl otoa Of Uir rfnard a* lo II* rrvnooolMlltlra and tb? aontiey queetion, ih* Whit* trwi e-UMWhrneal remain* tbn only tattoo boon* where amateur pot mm buntneas In on govern Kent dock* I. Tba < oaimieateaar* bar* op for trial M many an 1fta*a raptalne ai.d a rquad of Ueuteoaat* lAeaaoaul tftruo * aalrar* wna i?*>t|?>?>ad, aa U>? Hoard la am yat raoolred bow far tbojr may go in matter* of una uature Tbn aaea nf lieutenant Martin with Una# of fbnr of Uto captain*, nana* ap again oa Monday Than# cwnprtea U>* aaptainx hw Hum to Mr. Tailmadg* warn pohlmked In U>? Hfh?i n on Tb irrday, nan (JBpU'n Arke man, of lb? Sin'b preciort, wbo ??ut Ik* following raapoaeo to Mr. Tall madge** ordara ? enrrauf ACURMtM'n aaarowaa. Ngw You, May 30, 1M7. f. A. TatJJUtrua, f>i >? ma?I bar a raoalvad aavoral onto* or nrdnra from yoo raibrg aa m* to maka report* of my ofBmal bualoaaa to Mr. fanwi larpeni. r, whom you ar* planned to call a Deputy Hu par into ad not of Utn Matr pojttan rotloa. In an?war to aald aotoa or order*, t hag Irara to ear that I hold bo ooa mtaatnn from yoo, and am parasanlly la no way an Hated ntnW r tba autborltr of aal I department And na ihe rtapartmrnt of whtrb I am a mambar doaa Dot raoogmae a " -*uperioiro?b-ut" or 'fi>puir rtupertntao daoi. ' an I aa lb* rule* and ragulall ma by wbi-ih I am goraraad fnrblda my making kntwn Ha buatnaaa in per aoaa outride of lb# munkapai IVlle* Department, I bar# noted In W*al dlarrgard of aald notaa or aedam. I bar* aiao racairnd a copy of obargea prefarrad againat ma by Innlal larpantar, rot what you nail inaubordioa'toa or dirobndifnoa <>1 erdara, and aa I do not rartgrniaa Uia right of a Halo Camiulaatoo of PolkM to put a mambar of Lba municipal pnlloa ou tria . I a aal I pay no forth ar ataaoimn to that paper. hot continue to dteebarge tba dotlaa of mr ufPoo In tba beat if my abllNiaa under ibaaam*ardor*, and rulaa aad mgamlK>w? which bar* bean my guide for the pant four year*. Vary rmpectfully. Wit ACKRM4N On*tn cf th* Ninth Munint? Polio* The <l?wk#t for Monday. tbcrefwrr. ataad* m sou find, ihur ta/>? Oapt. (i W Sortie Tooth wtrd. Ot|i <t?nor rwrl?ralk ward. Ckf) lrtte HrtNlb ward. Cbpt. iekirntu Ninth ward. IJoul Martin VIM WA Tl.or# would >i<|irtr hi b? mix d dyo on foot m prorom IJniil Martin in make peroneal apparaaoe before the ('..tnmlr-l'ner*. by way of ho Mag no,no recogattton of hfr Jnrt'dkrtloo on I oo creating on impr?woi<? upon the mm. lieut Martin baa ant, thua for, roa|K>oi1ad, ant, dotiMlaaa, will not ba Induced In hank down from Uio manly and lnrirpewdmt atand ba turn taken from tba outaet. rw? tn.aarroti iw rertwrorr. Bratdea tba neretrty (Ire elnha ordnrod hy the TVinrd. M 0 nt damtrmd, npoo tha authority of tho tVpnty hnperdnendent, that tba Board, In rlow nf their rnry fl<wt dnty and tha prima aim of the new Mine hill, will nanaa II m hondrod haiku ho too of an mprarrd oanotmeunn to ba made by way of meeting the , following pmrlnlofi ? ALU* hoc I}. Tt obeli he the duty of the BoH <f PMIce to i dotail na the day of any election within the oft tea of Mew York and Brooklyn, at leant two iwtrolmea to each atactica poll ord thaii In and for earth >f th* mid *nie* aopntat all prdl, ?'orkr pnrridod for by l?w, and ehall, In and for thraid rltire, pro*nii? hulled i>?koa lor nae at geaoral a per l v and rharter nlertion*. and kkepcnrtndrof thoaald Itonea i Yonerdhy nflcromu a ?per il e->nr .halloa with onun??l waa bad, wVa the rnlmator, ** well aa certain prop yl ttona for proreoiMnye afainet the Mayor, for nhatrari ag | the r (or 11 ilea ef State law* were dlwuvwnd I rs* trrvrcrrAL policb. I The fill lowing or ?r erne yertnrl*- Hanoi fy.-to U\ I chief* ntBoo to all the calami of M depart net It w , na dknht teat the gokkttM M to lh<i temper of thorn nap I talan who bar* Biaalfkelod nohUcal irmpathy with W: Y O MORNING EDITION?SAi Whit<j atreet Intrigue*. should they in itcate upon a input of ihla Latum the (V *1 dt?poMiil.>n t?i ' omproraUe the pub lie mrvtoe lu a pnlltkutl BqUAbble, they will he dealt with in the meet nummary manner of eoi.r n. MAIOH'B URDKtt ?OH A HTHKET INHFBOTION AND OTTT ULBAN'lutf. Omen or tun Chikt or IViuon, 1 Now YokK. May 29, 1957. / obnekal OHO cm, no. 747. 0||wn-Yoo wtl) report to bta Honor the Mayor, to writing, on MobOb) morning neat, aa to what street* to your die trtet nave been n ?ept during thai preeout ??uk, ami as to the (tciic si ooodiuon of /our 0) trkH la pouit of oiesait nob?. By order of am. w. matveix, chief of pohoe. Indeed. this survey of the oily it juet no ? very necessary, for the Mayor and the City Inspector hare determined upon energetic measures to have the city thoroughly ckaned forthwith The police foroe will be busy fora 'ay or two in this duty, and citiaens will bo solicited to glee them every aid. THB hTTTNlCIi*AL WATCH. B) the aotkjn ot the Board of Oooimon Onunoll, it wtll be Been that, by a vote of 41 to 11, the ordinance for reorgsn'Mng the p?i-ce uwo a tntmictpal watch ha* reached uow to the laal atop (the aetion of the Aldermen) of Be completion. Board ?C tenwcllmen. MOVVMBNT TO C Ait AM THB WTHKSrb?TUB ORDINANCE TO E8TABLWH A SAT AND NIOHT WATCH LOST PORWANTOr A OONflTlirrriONAL VOTK?A BPRCIAL MgRTlNe CALLED. The Board met on Thursday evening pursuant to adjournment, the President, Jonas N. PhtlUpe, &q., presiding. A few unimportant petitions and resolutions were offered and refrrred to their appropriate oommltteee. A petition of htdei Hooe Company 32 for a now oarriage wan referred to the Committee on the PI re Department cuuxdio van si torn. Mr. Waccb presented the tfUowtng preamble and reeohi lions Wtereas,ihestreeta lntheeityof New York are tnavery dirty and Sltbv eondi.lon. in oouaequeuoe of the oolle-ulou of thru garbage, a>b?e Ac., therebv endangering the heaiih and even the lives of our fellow ciiltens, aud wmoh will no dnnbi lead to diaeaae and peatUenoe during the oomlug warm wen | Iber; therefore, be it Resolved, That tbe eontraete entered tnt> bv the Mayor. Comptroller and Commissioner of olreels and lanpi be, aud i tbe earn# are hereby, annulled Reeolved, That the City Inspector be, and he la hereby, directed, under hie own supervision, to have the streets clean ed forthwith. Mr. MoOardx said that the present oontraotora had not paid their workmeu. Tbe City lua(Motor should go to work and elenn tbe atresia on his own hook Mr. Jonns said that be gave considerable attention to the subject of cleaning the street* of the city of New Yoi k, and was very happy to second the efforts of tbe pi-opmer of tbe resolution. As the obairman of a special oommittev appointed by this Board to inquire into the reasons why the streets of this city are not property cleaned, and after having staled Mmtoua on that subject, he felt oumpeteut from the number of ?Itnesses that bad been bsfore tho committee to give tbe Board some Intelligence on that sub jset, but It would be necessary to do that in a report which was nearly oompleed and which would be presented at bass wawi ?? sella ?f tk a Doaed TVia NraidmlHaA kawia I'mivtri Umm to be the faotrFirst, that Uie city of New York for the but ilx years bee not been properly cleaued, tu cluaing the present jeer, end that the contracts which appeared to the community to be contract* were nothing more nor lea* than thbi:?That the Mayor, street Oomtniss loner end Comptrolirr had allowed certain persons to proceed to dean this city at the rate of $3,tuo per week or ilRt.OtH) e year, rhey found thtt the large aum of 400.'OA bed Ven oipended for cleaning the atreeta, but the work waa not done. The committee will propone a certain *y?t*m fir the cleaning of the street*, but whether that pian would be adopted or not he entreated the Board to do something to prevent pestilence, for the streets were now in a horrible condition. This aubject waa quite aa tin ortant as tie " i>oiioe question." Before tbe resolution was adopted Messrs Warner ami Ottarson bad a mental altercation. We former gentleman accused Mr. O of misrepresent!' g him in his. Mr O '* paper (the Trxbutu); be would persist in calling him (Mr. W.) a democrat, when he declared himself to be an Ame rican. Mr Orraaamr politely Informed the gentleman that be waa a bar. Tho i'resteem atlenceJ them, and then put Mr. Waogb'a resolution, which was referred to the "peels! committee appointee to Investigate Into why tbe sir ecu are not cleaned. a rsottmvD wrw route tmrrrni. The Board went iito Committee of tho Wnole, when the special orcer was called up, namely, the report of tbe ipedal eummltiea appointed on the establish mast wf a enw police ajstem, or day and night wttio. Mr. Pmiure moved to amend ihe third section bv In aertlhg after the words "but the Mayor may at any tune," the foUewleg clause;?"by and wub tho oonrent of the Common Council, abrogate or alter those regulations, or ubet tute other* In their steed." Various minor amendments were ortVred, when Mr. Josas rosM and said that they snouId Urst adop tho ordinance and berrafler make the required amendments. Tbe following was substituted for the flflb ?eouo?i-? The Chief of Fuller shall br somlna'sd and appointed by the Msyor, suhjeot In rwnAMiiallon bv lbs Board of Aldermen 1 here ihafi b? nomlOaUii bv the I7hl Xof Police one elert. who abal) be appointed If lb-lioard nf i: ra n ronl-ra aald u<*?Uuuioa, who?bell bo don *n iii nod th.< < 'lor k to the <"hl-f nf Poire ?h.)?h?M p*if>rm all anch dudee apper aiuind o thU bureau u h- may require. Tb? thirteenth tecthm waa amended th'ia ? All appointments and renewal of eep'airta, Ueiitrnan'a, errraut* <4 unlmr. pnlte mm and d-imruor n lor but nrdln- now, <h.[, ho a.ado aa follow* rli ? llereeber p ? Alrmao and an> oc* or wore Touro-tlm-n nf the ward In w Mi h aurh app< tntimn' la to ho mad*, ball n irarat'e to tba Mayor, and bo a' a I 1- <'l and appoint iher?fr m auob i>?-rw?n or per .ma la tae?hall de?-m m M prop r (or he p-Ml ton vt he fl'led and ab'mld lb- Ma'or royrn ant auob noimin*'on <vh*r irraona *hal> In libo> ma-.oor bo nowi'natod f?r*n~h Pierre. Hi mron* of Pohee aball ba appointed by tba Mayor. Ona or two minor amend menu warn male, when Mr J nam roer and aald ? I wirh lo make eome mmatki no U?e subject of 'bo reao InHone I offered a >w evntnufi a<<>, nbicb now being in Ibo lomnottee of the Whole, aro nolor dl<caa*ioo M norma to me, air, that acrlMa baa owne iu thin city, wht h wo I,at o f>4 to meet, and wbirb our fe low MUmoa hare (id in OM .'t manfully and In the aplrU of fond ciUaeoahip, or rlri' abandon all that we bare inherited from our faihrrn, and all thai we bold drar?all thai wa eaiwcttu leave in our children It l? rod saying too ranch, air, that It la a nolrnin buainoaa? a aerlo ia bu?inea? ; for U?Mr la not a bonne or a hearth-tone in thU city around whlcb Hi ia Dialler baa not barn dlaruaaod, nor I* there a city, or an incorporated ylllafe In North America today, where our prnro ruing* will rod be read with (be fro pert tntrrcrt. Let ue, boweoer, In the toginroif k I bat | do rod participate lo I be feehtif of Uiiwa men who bare ripramd aotne alarm in regard in the aafoty of life and property In ibUoNy, whaieier police may lie renofiuaod by Uw, or whale ot polite niay wrar ibo Mara or patrol tba Mreror I wl?b, ?lr, In lure It ino-t d *t'nctly un ler*tond that when thl? city yor* in aleep, there are one bond rod lhn*aod able bodied ahirone that, tf the alarm ia atruck, will aweop roundrrlivm and Ha par (irtraior* clean from Manhattan la land Mr, a deeper Ineult nan not ha put upon tba raty than in aupy*ee that 100,08? men, who pay laiaa, are not a *ta?diii| army I bat no daeput erer wielded; ao that, fir, natll lbe final dub-loo comae to ua from the Oourt nf Uat "?I Utmriuwa nlat the anaart!It part of foolloa. a.nrb leea eiprerrlDf u* alarm. Hlr, there la a al*nal of dlitreeelhallr reen(iiiard by aru ever? w here la ?xd^ fixca or another Id thla rlty wo take H fro-n Ui? Bra hod an t wh?a Ihw city waat! UO.OOO poHcemr n, atr, who par Ihrlr laiaa, tb? atreera will a warm with berntam aad abieb.?iiei maa. Rut, *tr, It laaotbeeaoea I u>at ilhartjr 10 New York la la any actual danger, rubor from rufflaaa la U>? puttucal world or la tba dona of lataulty that dl^raoo U>r cay. Liberty, air, la Now York, la a pleat of aatlra f rowih. II la only aioUat that are la danfor of dyiac Uod haa planted tba otoroal baaaor Iroa of bumaa froa dom no I?a toll, aad II wUI bo roated ap by oo black rwpab IItap arramami nt Wa bar* road to moch aa 1 an oftaa a boot ibo overthrow of liberty la otbrr oa tatrtae, thai doom of oar pooplo gH aorro * oa that anbyect, wbon bad lawa aro fbrro.i ui*>n oa by a clh|ua of mon, ' who, drtaard la a Utile brief author*/, play aacb trtcka hero e bifb llaaroa, aa make I be aa?ola waop " Bat, air, llbnrtr la aafn In tble onuotry, rbiody for one reaana II * bcraoaa wa awke the flfbt woaa tba am throat oomaa ?wa tetllo Ibe prtaclpie oa tba thre-bol I. Am J na Adama aaid la tbr roovriitlne that pro tlalmnd the Daclara tba of la lopaadoece? "Tba 'l(ht to ake noe pouai Im niiea tba rtfbt to take a thoeaaad." Tfcaaa km that bare been eaaewd tlr, la Albany, may, by aome dhtaot aad atmnfe onatlnprnor, bo declamd la Uta Ctourt of Appoue in bo cuortltuboaal 1 do ant myaolf boltara it, air, hot if tbla lelbecaoe, I claim lharo t? a remedy atill, for tbo a?rt tiajn tba balk* hot la eflVred to the fteetn.'o of the Ibate we will aweep the record In oblivion *r, I protera In eaeraie tbo lawa of my country, aad the onaatiHUoa aarlor which I live lolla ate why I ebon 11 venerate tbem fur II a ?n?* la dnne one boar or one year, the retro dr It aiway open for nc the aert klr, we can aflbrd to auffer for a while la the (real eaoae of homan tbowty B it, air, wa bare bnati eee before oa tnalpht thai la en'iroly num. m and I ur?tne at ?tma to come to U>? aabloet fl la wall known to arary IMrlhrmt raadcf In tha" I'nHrd maim, and before thw lima Ui half of the drill ted world, Dial a urw ma <? (?rt?, away* together la a deluga of impolar raaall'-Wm, made up <4 U>? odd* and an la, and MlmlHiaf all other panlaa, carried oartaln maa Into pnecr Know lag that ?h?y wrra eating, In a mown! of fhvortng daatlny. faMddau fruit, th?y gorged thewealraa ki the full, and determined wbao thru oooa had tba aaap tre </ pnarr la their handa, to play the part of ' a Urant for an hoar." I aeed aeed not m; , air. what would hara bera tba alarm of Una wboia aattoa, If I ha Prortdaaoo that gorerna tba world, had alknwad tbaaa feilowa. to pat ana trrvl of tba napHal of Waahiagtnu If tba alarm la tMa cl'j la aodaap? If I ha onwrwra la an great, Haaraa ooly car tall how tba nation would bar* lira!)lad la arery awrra If lb- great ektodard of national daaoeraey had boae trailed la lb" dm*. Rut (tod, la Rla morny, averted thai i artn, for I la haaw that a brave and trna aatiou did not Itoarrr iL Tbaaa aaa have foca to tlhaay oooa It la my nfacmn that Lhay will never go thara again wttbont paying thrtr raaaaga Mr. rraaidetr, tt la ait only a fret, hut ararr m in nf .utelhgaa* knrrwa it to ba trna. that thl? ( ultra hill wm tba work of a fbw man who onwrontad tha arhama la a pal rata rr?>?ii la Ihta city, hafora tha tuaahly mat, ?nd that tbay did It for their owa private purprwaa It nborkad the wbola United Rutaa In Irarn that a Ie*t*la lore would deliberately atrip a harterad atty of ovary ira pur tart right It bad. Man bad a right to ba ahockM at It we Inofead abroad rrrar our owa roaatry flrat, and la ita btatort wa ftmad an precedent far tha act tad than wa km*ad In Karujw and after acourtag thrwiffe tha mouldering rulne of nborty there wacama bark without an ax ample, nleaa H mar ha whan l .Han hongfit tha ltb?rtlee of Feme and tba cmplra together, 'at tra Trarhwlaa gvarda; or whon noma French l ay a'tamptod to atrip RK H rURDAY, MAY 30, 1857. ) fvAm I'm cIm niiifiuMital rtuMu 4it.l ?&l( Aim.ntlUvl Lit Mat a retreat; or when noma -tu toeoxful military tya it accoiut.'ilrlM?i bit de>:d of rill any for au boar, ant died fee days after rards. ?ir, municipal iu^iv, you audi kuow, am older thai) the national liberie* or any peo ole. The a'?l#si writers on jtirlsprudeti -e. and ilie b *t hirtortaui, hare told us In all tftutr book*, that ui'iuici il liberty was the nurae jf national Indepeudeuoe. Ijberlv,

air, Is a plant ol delicate growth, ho rarer wide It may spread lie branches after It baa been rooted tit the soil. Ha entire origin can only be traced to municipal charter* History le enihlaeoned by three UluatratioM. Wneo men name together In the troublous times of the darker agee, and felt insecure lu lb>'tr honace and ponreeHtona. In their llr<e and the Hres of their famtttee, Ihey hoik walla around their village*, and aa the rtllagefgraw It became a city; and when an emperor paid It a rlsu he had to knock at ltd galea. But we having dtspanaad in the full sunshine of democratic lnsuiuttons with these wall*, the flrnt King you send to Albany ootne* >o without the courtesy of rlngltig the bell. Mr, we are no fond of kings ui tins country, and we are not mush to blame for II, for wo hare the example of a laui who thought, 1 am afraid, a great deal worse of them than we do But. sir, let them para as they will, dot only from our regard, b< t fbm our recollection The practical business beforef i# Ui night la timply this: representing as we do, our jmr'Hro of lb* chartered authority of this great cttr,' we iei uiui miur |n oy wunnui nuon en nx|M ui?n?u~cw <mr twtimaiiou of mnulci|*l liberty m willmmnudtbe rnspnct end tbe love of every chartered town of the ot villzed world t We dont propose any factious opporitloo to U* ?we offer be unjust! liable resistance to ibe decisions of a o??urt; but, air, we know, and thU whole oomm unity known, Ural the couniUHiouallty of this law Is is* yet decided lu tbe ttnai court of appeal; therefore wo hold eurarlvaa tu perfect freedom, reserving to oureelvos our Inalterable rights, though oar oath to the Constitution compels ua to obey tho ileclsKin of the Court of Appeals. To tlniBtrate my meaning, at', let me nay that if a captain of police should enter your dwelling tonight with a *>tar on nte breast to roh your houae, would you not latently throw yourself back npon your natural righte and amite the acoundral to the earth I While, therefore, we atend tn thy 9?eit belligerent attitude I claim that our position y atrIdly legal. 1 claim that the pM Won of the Mayor ot New York y legal. He la, fbr the time being, compelled to lake a responsibility , and lu doing It he y clinging to lie sheet anchor of the municipal rlgbMfot thy town; and when umu nay th >t the Mayor of New York has transcended Uls duty 1 bare merely to ray that tr the Court of Appeals reverse* this decision of two oat of tbe three Jadgee of ooe judicial district, that there wtU be no hoaanna loud enough to be sung Id the praise of the Mayor for having done tbe act Ruch, sir, la my judgment on the position that la occupied thy Jay by this body that I have tbe honor to belong to, on the position that y held thy day by tho heroic citizen* who ore our great v Indicators Id our municipal rights Bat, slr.1 cannot believe, whatever the constitution may bare loft opt, that It ever was Intended to lake away any portion of the municipal liberty of this city. The more absence of a prohibition ts no yMttflcation for an Infringement npon " inalienable rights." fhr, It la only within the past few months and nader the ascendancy of a party snoh as The/ode scribed, that the villain work of robbing men <>f municipal rights was ever dreamed of When our cmwtitu lien waa formed and adopted In IBM, H was not ornstdor od neeewary to command the Legislature not to bom town our dwellings. Hr, the first prioctple of Jurlsprn lonoe, and the first principle of law, and the Ant principle or >e gtelatton, Is, that a body that aeoemhlee to make laws has no right to take any power Into their own hands that Is not clearly delegated to them by the fundamental law. It Is claimed, sir, by lawyers and Jurist ?and the Court of Ap paals will not deny the validity of tbe claim?that ibis is a sound principle that they will by no means overlook. Ho much, sir, for the ijuoetioo of law and ieglalatou; so much, too. tor the course our body has taken, for the courts of the Mayor, and for the Inherent and undying principle of the sacredness of mun?ci|>al rights among our fellow cltiseiiH Now, sir, lu ousting these brief remarks, 1 wish simply t> say a word upon the pri.mplo mvolrc l in Ihte par i urn la r law of the last Iegi-iaiuro of the Hta'e, (for I have not time, nor would you have patlenoe, to en i; morale lbs snnnnltles that they perpetrated In othsr acts); but 1 Speak of this one especially, because It ts belor* us, sir, and because the whole queries! of municipal liberty hi North America has come to Um test fur the Unit Urns in lbs history of the country. I have said, sir, that avery municipality in half the civilised world has beard of there things, and waa palpitating ?1th lute real at the result If America ever degrades herself tar en/ugh to do an net that will dalight despotism in Its high eats cf power In other countries?If despotic-n would cheese for itself ike thing that liberty wuaid do for it, K Is to burn down the nestle of municipal liberty and stamp its asbee into tbe earth. You mtgnt, sir. have sent a Legislature to Albany that would have, by legislative enactments, bu-ned down tbe City Hall, but H would not have gratified the foreign tyrant, except thai K rbowed that the reign of anarchy had be gun, but alien yen tell the despot that ts grinding lb# ashes of municipal liberty under bit chariot wheels, that Albany shall rule tbe Empire City, or even a chartered uiwn di uvrwvuurm uuia-JiMOM, you nnu HUM TMW, and you br'ng a amlle over the demoniac face of the men tbalenalaveaghta equeJ? Mir, every nttjr to America H looking on ua. We are now contending Tor a principle and 11 ibv Iegtalature of New Y<wk have the right, and It be ao declar ed by the Court of A;>pe?le, then we hare left only 0v? patrolmen to protect our llree earl property, and neceeearlly oul flail hack upon not oulv our chartered but our natural inalienable rlghta and our roortltuente rail upon ua u> prepare. at the eeritee moment,fhr noch an emergency. Tola ordinance prepare only for e rh a contingency?aimply prot-dloo to our .. I\ea, ablch l? the Aral la* of uature The cooatitul oo >f thl* thalc cannot he ahollahed br the Lag le lain re. Thin la admitted, even hy the bla-k republican*. Ibiat owrlltu lien telbt ua <>u the Oral Turaday in November, aa early alter aunrlae aa ?e ran eonveuleutly go, to take a ballot and pot K Into a bn?; the Hgnidcance of which act m-ana Dial liberty bar become dearer to ua than It wax b'lV", became political eavuigr a and aweuona ha e axaailed it. We can aave ihie ark of the ourenani, even If we he traveling th'ough the wfldernma It h mii>"thing Vmaa red to he etirretieered In rate word, then air, let me any to the mcntcipabtii a of a thnorand one, thai alhoe the fl"t blow at muntct|?l hherty that ever wax a truck oo lh<* continent haa he. levelled at ua, we, the Empire Oty, will art Ite part of m. n, we will leave oo reaooroe uuex banned, we wt I try like good o'liena to gat through the difficulty without a riatn upon aklrte, and we will auoneed. air. But, a hataver may be the taaue, we will a weep the law from the atatuto book and the men who made It Into ubjiilki Tl a c?mmiller then rrva and reported, when the Preatd? m bill the report of the Committee on the Pay aad Night Watch to vnta, whloh war aa follows:? Jfftrn>nt4r*?Bn'terl Vnnroe, J Re'llr, Blrkford, Waugh "lara, O'ltonnell, itllmart'n. Warrt?r. Harry, Jndaoti, Phillip* Crawford. Vranrway. Rorhner. Van Tine (tlcklea, Cnlyer Miller. Hoole, Kho.ea Mcl/ouahln, Mflr'ounelt. J W Hunt i?'MrW-n, Kelly, M H aJ'b, liritdr, Jinm, Reruoije, ftcbaw pen, H Bell y. Dunn Uaowall. %len*h<U aod IVigherty ? M A-whrt.??Vitoe| m?n H. hmlih. Hmich ."ranr, A eery Bernard. HNAphI I, I amnhelt, I II Hunt, Hrml/, Chapman i.o*r..ii, Boyea, ? rauklla?14. Tho IHWMBn declared I ha motl<w btal for want of octi'tl'tittonal rote. f?.- ty hen g neoearar* to r?rr? it <In motion, nrall of th? hnuMi wa? imm, and a m?mW mov?d that ih- member* who a'>-enu-<l thoaa??lvrw from their place* abrtild ho placed under arroat, which, after r nwrlderahle not"* -II *c?tnr bat, wan loat The l"amirr*TT derlarod the Ifcmrd adjourned UU Friday evening at all o'clock. tub h?w rot im BYonm, on ttar a*T> tnnnr WW, WTMUMW-d MM TIVI-KI MIMitttTT nuir?rr- hicmrb. trtntR tup bobhhbr puiabd batisr action? orbat exoitinbnt im tbs rami. 7ha Hoard mat laat earning, purauaol to the call of Uto IYi rtdenl. After tho praaanlatloo of one ar two nalm [ rtaat petiUuna, tha Buard raawt*a?i llreif Into OimmNAeo nf tha bote oa the (pacta! order, namely, the ?wlAbli?h tnaot of a day and night watch?Gpunr.imaa Weigh In the chair. Mr Soma movod that when tho committee rtea they m port to fhotw of rrrnwatilartng all the ameodmoaa, (BY* 3 nod 13, which worn made loet erooiog. Tbo two amend men lo am a* fhllowe ? Hy laeartlna In the third aaeUon after the word " time" and before the word "atirwaie." the following, "by aod with ibe mo. ar t of tha Omnma OownoH." 10. rna oreeml officer* named la thla ordtnaaee ahall be aJ lowed a ealary eqimi m that paid <o ?taal'ar affieora la tha rolkw Department aa H eilated oa the t?t of January. 1W7 Mr Orrtnwnw laid that after tho Board wwwrted their In dependence In ariumlrg acme power, lb. / were Ind jond, daring the mot twenty four boura, lo lay all thetr prlrlleg re at tho mot of bte Honor tho Mayor, and atrtko out all ll?? raliant word* that tbay put o the iimi??ik? lam mgnt A oaocua had haaa I wild thay war* wtlllag to atrtka out ' arytbing that had baao laaorted, aid ackoowtadga tbrtr maatar. Mr. Tfcwna raphad thai thooo marahcra who mala tha atnrndmaeta prroalrod thay did ao una Irioodly, anl Um; era riaii'ly daatroua of onrraoUng liar armr. Mr J<ia?a thought tlial lb? Rnari had uot glaaa up It* '.odrpaadaaoa, bat arary drhbrraMTa twvly had a right t. raooorldar flbalr action. Ha waa oppoaad to tha amaxl tr-tita mada laat i-?cntng for rarva* r?a?ooa?noaof wtttrb waa thai whanarar aa ttoruilr* b.dy hat ataoulira power* to perform a night and day pohoa m tat loot antna wfara fur t?* direction aad daily wattrol If tha dltTo-enl ma*ban of tha <v>mmon (Jno?ell had aupratna nootnl of tha Pollen department they would ho oooaUntiy coming at logge-hcada. Tbara ahould ho a hoad, and 1' Mr. O. tara- n could (Ind a mora c wepatont panott to ooeupy tha nmitl * than u?a Major, bo (tha rpaaJtar) waa aura Ma Honor would ba willing to ounoed* lhl? right to hi* uooartOI m lothrtr dally pay. Tha o?w oominiaaloo had only authority to pay Are mem tarn I ?m a aartooa rpirattna aa to hot* thay rhonbl art, and tha Onmmoo Council waated m giro that holy to ntxli ratant that their aerrtcro would br remunerated It waa tuored and aaouwteri, and pawed amid I tdaarrt b*bk> onfuaton and turaaali, that all the aataadmeala made to the oratnanea knit eeenirg ha aaaullad, aara >ha thi -d and alitrrnth Mr. Rnanrua rohrm??tly ? nfcwted agtlaal tha aafhir near of Urn chairman. and afflira-d t iat ha would not rota, aa h? did aot know what ha waa -a lag about Mr ihTiiaa morad that nmn hntd-iaonrata ha aDwwnd to rata I rwt Tha roinmMaa thaw roar and rapnrt??d la farur of an cepUag tha raparl and ado^tli^ tha or 1 uaoon aa aiuaad ad. Mr. ItiunT Ohjaotari to tha renapUot of tha papa* on tha ground that tha mUratt nrr-ipying tha a -at of chair ma* of tha Ommtwea of tha Whnla wnalt ant ba foraroad by tha rutaa of tha R-wrd. Tha Ptwtnanv thro aatd tha queatloa waa oa tha Baal raaraga of tha btll Mr Onaaanw waa oopnaad to Aaal pnmtga af tha M'l, principal if heranee N wa* a dtraat t tntaBnn af lha hr of tha that# *?t of their oath of afltea Ha did aa| [ERA W'hb to Veto i)poo R< eft a qoaaUoa. Ho Mid that tho oil iwllce Uw ww coo-ddered very food low, and why did not the piincipie hold good Ui 18&TV It wai ou'v no v that Itit city of New York cad arrayed itnelf In hoanlliy again d any law ot tbe Waio Tho On.onion Oxim'tl warn l'mv'.H in* on dalieate ground, and bo betWed tin y worn f -Unif two rartonn difficult/. T-o Mayor, ho oowilderod, had at a\ory bad oxcnplo, and by hi* acta proclaimed lo the " /mm of (to* ally lb a Uiero wan no law. tndaad all re Htrakiit liuit been removed and all h meet citizen* foil t u tho only Uw imiw (ti . ?, vnro wan tho la* of eelf proaorvatlnn, znd every nun ftlt H. Mr W*ih;ii oullflil tin-n?i,ll?mMn (n order. the Mayor war not pieM-ul Ui duli-ud LIh clutt'aiu>r. The PiiimmT declared the point to ho well taken. Mr. Bmapy then ?eut a written eotumnnkiati'iu to the President, which ho raid *ai a protoat, and d? ciare t It out of order, aa tho report of the chairman of tho o mmtuoa was accepted, no and tho minority had rodrowt by voting in the negative Mr. Wahwxr hoped that tho proregt would be accepted Although be wotild vote oouanleotl mely wlih tho >no?><l t> . he hoped tho minority would have their >lghto, and araed for the reading of the probed. An aoon ae tne reader cooehidod reading tho ominanne bo read th? protect, wlirb ic aa follow*.? The i.ndor-lgTK d piMt<-wt agehiHt iho reception of the re port of the ohali inan of lh<" Committee of the Whole, for tli* reamin ihat'br member* of tne Hoard wore not per mil fed to apeak upon the raper under eoo*tdoration; and forther, that a rrqneet to bnvo the pajier real wa^deuled, I ar d the final vote In committee taken while uicmb rr wore runly endeavor it g In be beard. Thw protect wa* -igned by Ginnctlmr n John H. R a ly, Andrew J. Campiieil, Alexander Hemphill. John Keunard, Ix?dyard Avery, Jerre Mitchell, Andrew J. Oldl, HnDcr Franklin, Wat. H. Crane, Robert W. Chapman, F. J. Ot taraon. Mr. Roaronm aaked to be excused from voting, for wben be aaked for the reading of the ordinance that right tin doBtod him. Ibe member* would not exeuae him, and he voted In the affirmative. Mr. Wacoh, called Mr. Roehner "Dutch laatl petatoee." Mr. Romnm, replied that he waa ae goot aa him. Mr Wawh.?Y< a are a pup. Mr. Rommx ?What'a dat yon aayf Pupt I shallenge yon. Our reporter, however, did not see the ptetol* and coffee arrive. The PawinwvT declared tho report accepted, and the ordtnanee adopted by a vote of 41 to 11 raa erxxm am to na oiukid. A reaclulkm waa paaaed authorizing the Uty Inapector W lliwwtl Ul UHTUJ UJO IU UW' niniiwiuj, The Board then adjourned till Monday afternoon. TWO or TBI CITT FATBKH0 HAVg A HhSONAL UFLAMATION. A* mod aa Die Board adjourned Messrs. Waugb aud Koehnsr were about to aettlo their difficulties <1 la Tom Oyer, when the friends ofbMh parties promptly interfered aud separated thtm. All the representatives of the prean speedily followed the members down stairs and oom menced preparations for a truthful delineation of the scene, but they were sadly disappointed, and such was the cha grin of a certain well known aaember of the reimrturlal force of the cl y?one of the philosophers?that he was seen to "wipe away the tailing tear." and not only were ih* members of the preee deprived of witnessing this affair of honor, for a number of the curious who hang round the City Hail steps were anxious to know "what was apt" A newsboy was dertreua of assuring himself 1' Sim D-aper and Fernando were "pitching into each other"?a repre. m ntattve ot the Kinerald Isle asked if the mlrobers bad resolved on engaging a few of his countrymen to administer the shliielah to the backs of tba black repnbUoans at A1 bany?while the renowned Stephen H. Branch, our re porter was informed, was very eager to know tf the Board bad requested him to preside over the affairs or our city. An Ksasent* between the Brooklyn Police Officials. Yesterday morning Assistant captain Mclans. of the Ttilrd district, reported himself to the Deputy Supsrinteo dsn! of Police, and stated that he had been prevented Iron doing Lis duly by t Aptain Cass. lie stated that the captain had put lecka on lbs drawers and refused to allow blm to j pare of dotny bin duty a* Aesiatant Captain, or "Sergeant," m be ttj lee blmeelf. The facto of tbe caee appuar to be Uxmo.?Du Saturday PTrnlac lent Mr I ami made out tbe urual return of prlaon re to be prwented to the Chief ol Pnltce, or Deputy ftuperUitrndent, and directed them to the Deputy Hu|wrtoteoil?iit. Caputs Que objected to thw. and refurnd to allow Mr Lane to make return*, onleaa be did re ae formerly to tbe Cbkf of Police On Wedneeday evening, MoLaoo, on ?<N? eff duty, entered ape* the Meiw Me mm ea earyeast, at iw>' uanm thai be waa relieved by Oaptam (ana. Cbptaln Una marked UiIm out, and ihia mora try Mclane tounri that tbe hooka were locked up, and be rould not perform hlr acctielotned duty. AeeWlant Qtpialne PreeUm and Mr I ana are In fhror of ibe new law, and 10 reek to reooyutae It. Qe|4alii Caw mdea with tbe Mayor, and will not recognize H until *o or dered by tbe proper authority Aa a ouiee^uenoe, there ia a oiarhlcy ol authority In tble dtotrlct wbaib bee reeuJIed in the above menuuoed emmte. Ibe Mayor aae appealed to yeeterday moralay to act to the premium, but be dncllaed, alalia* that, la hi* opinion, Captala 1 'turn Yin I done no more than waa rlyht and proper, that, under other cireunwdaooee, Ami. tan i (hptala lie Lane tad no hualoene to amutne any *ur.b po?IUoo a* to *11(0 blmeelf "eeryeant '' Heebould take no ?le|M wliatevur to interfere with tbe oouree punned by Oa,iUla U*ee. Oppneltlnn te Altoeny Legislation yVTIIt'ht anTIU MtHM MK*TINU IN NATIONAL U ALL? THE BLAC1 ll>CBLIOANN HBN'H'NCSD PBON TO! acmrri'kkH, tub wnhtititiom and common KhPK?arBKCBKH, UK iLrriOKH, ITC. Ad 'Dihiwiatftr moeUng of cIumm ?M toll tl National Hail, Canal nbrH, last evening, la obadtrnre to a oail gne.l by Theodore E lomDuoo, J?sm T. Hraly, W. J. Knee, John Corhrane, Wm. CbnNer ami other* Shortly alter the hour aupolf led th? ore rotary raltnt tor meeting to order, aud Doinirai?<t f>r Preoldent n>n I oho Cretebton, aud fur oerretarlea Jamea ffohoa ami ttimoi Br) era Ihror groin mm wrro uuamrnouit ekw-ied amid grtal a?plau?e Ha ramuvTon oh aam Mr CitnuirT<o>, on taking lh? chair, mad* a aigorona addrom la deauuetauna of tbo oppreraiva acta of the lata LrgtrlaP re. Ho raid limy moat put a cboek on lhaoa tnl qaltoua rr.actaimto or thry wouM tnr.raaee la thrir op [Tfrortrrnror Re Dad raad thai la-otae European <1tlee -at* anubt rat through tbo dykaa that kept tlm notn wiT?a fro* orof Bowing tba city, and thaeeny It wool I tiirnmr oorUotrd Tha r chart* red rtghta had adyka I HulH rnoad ibrm, and thry obmibt bewar* that the warn* of fanabrtm -bo.. Id not ha lat in npoa U>?m th-ough aay black rr pub Joan rat botee (Cbeera.) Uedoaad by laIradudtf a TomJHWih armoaa Tkhnr-aa K. Torn wane, B*q , who aald that tba A marl caa government war a government aa miperMr to nth on mm d>e mlbii wm ?u|?-i o r to ihr brula creel loo Tba ape*: tacle of a |wu, lr In the a 4 of ?<<lf g rvar uirmnl wo* <sb liaar Tba tight of oall government war auiaped Oh tba onuMttutioa 01 tba rnmo and uf the eevrrol Htate*. ana ihr right uf a grrat mriropnba In govern tie. I.' oould out ba Jtopuled. But thla right of their* had hero traaafarrad to to tba eat lal ( beer* ) Thry, therefore, bad a right to dwauoo Iliw mrrlngmrot uf Ihalr right*. Tbo mmi who a'gued fur violent ravtoteaoe aa* a traitor, hut tba man wbn argvnd wl Ji ..the nmple aad obowed them their wrong* war a putrv*. (( hoot a ) TV- oa no loglolalura U>ai t,ad placard thro# ubnoitana law*. n*I at mo aa* liar giro* a oat to their to mm una *? la oppiottloo to tba au| re ma law af tba land. m mrhsx rum onrv *j raa * ??a Ha qootad from ptna (Wwr and ff*./w?rer, d*m"nl haling the meeting la the Park. a moetiiig 4 tbo vaMerraaeeo irmorracr aad a eoll?uo* uf rtfr raff lla would haee ikr preao oprrad U to Un' wing* of fir win I that tbo riff raff auhtarraaaaa damurraCT had but tbo reward of their I I-1'- a?it k..* ut.ll Ka.i iKoatr- idliU / IVamaM.l.1.1 a bnrra ) Ho pujmlnl to quota I out tbo cLiartrr on fui? >? TMn mrrtirg bad "0* l?? fbrrrrvwt >p?tk'r Ihn him 'leg orator who flgurnd ?a a ptatforrn in tbo Sottory 00 to id. h cbaropl'i. ri tin' rm'*rant ntnn.?r? " That truer no. onatlonrd b?. Am la himhngr (Ola* of M No, DO ") A hlrritng > nor wly? In palrf to rfo a nor tola art. Bat ihoigb b* had got* to tbn (tutor?.bo barf gnao thrro'o rfrfrn.t Ihn rlghtr "f llm Tbn milf ntr'r.* W? Innrf that many of thrni hat wan ib th Pa'a, Drf la tbr Hattrry ; anrf Ihry ?Tnl thorn *? pmrra th h i * nf th' lr < ity fVom bring Ukra a?ay fWua tb?m >tn barf inn toaorra loo of tbn H iliory th-o, ar.d bo opfward It BOW . *arf bo bolmrorf It wmiM t>0 JM roatnrnt (< Urn ctllanno Hr WouI I bo glad If ? bla v*LU...r I V onn of lull oonlrf nool tbn a**ai of Ibotf bmoi by Ibr river of tbn (VI ? Hi no rowa na ran rwovttrwa. Mr TomBo'on nnotmuol an follow* ;?W nail A tur Hog4 fb-nreonmr lhal omr>-.? Tho .Inorforor a'waya niinhuinr tbr r. imoot wblch ho In guilty to th.> i- r-or. bn ham- IU looo It btoanno bn known and rwtharo ito la am mi writ rim (ragib, L right, ibr datrfb aarf brrodth nf Lirnbag, tbo Omrirr ami Jfeyui/.r uo ioratanda It thraba lu all IU yi,l-po_ n rj>roo<l? no ooo*y ?hrr? H (mora f?.>m ovory type, anrf la Momporf la lafamy <>a Itr brow. If thr dm rwr o-trf gnq*tirrr W1U admit thai I nrrrr AronlaUal tbr do ibrrtlc brartb?acvar botravad tbn htmor of a brofcrn hoartnd cairf?arrrr pnfaarl tbo grart of afriobrf? my hand on tha word of (fid and awura 1 ??i haoampt whllr hot with tha Inn of waakh If II Will nowoada nl Ihla, aa.l Uion admit that I a tlo pwr, I pfo'l(o you my nurd of txaior Iba" I hall not ha no p' o id nod jubilant that 1 will rofuna ?o rowar tao tha Prnaklopt f tho (.'atiad HtatM Tha r thmtt ? >? that I am . u)ia? m pinup any party or prtrrtpla oteapt Impanxa a titrm RimiT a aonra. Ra hoi, or act tf.o yoaa a a* Uia artlltary of public ? talon, h'jl ha mWt n?a ruhmtt It Ita lahMtaat, for whoa ha h*4 an ftyportiianttr ho would hrtnjr tha charaaa hafhra an a? itfanoa af tha porn da, and would lat ib*a daei fa. Th? 7W*wr Lad ?aui ha a a* rowdy to apmk for aay raw * ?r|* I hat af irm.'ranoa (Laaghtar ) Ua wm *** farur af intaiHpwraorr, aad wat aaporta'ly / T fwrnltar niowiporaano nf lafl'faOou wairli aaa?a?i w tha paeuMar hahhy af tha r ftam awl '? party i Uirii WWfTTBl w ^ ^11 a hat Ha baKarat tha. wauM hahara Mm whae hMWWi thaaa two panar* had horaa |*a wttaaek Ha woo I *a tf ha had aat pro -ad thaaa * **tha taw. af w>i. hot of Joataw ~ pot hoar fhlaa wttaaaa acataat thy aafphhaa I wW ft aa, aid ha, if yoa a/a not a rod L JD PRICE TWO CENTS. A V oh*?tlo on, old ooy, wo can Uateo to jrou All night, mtll u*. Ho pnwiilKl to notlc* ?oni i of tho obnoxtou* pro. v tali to-* of i lit' law* which h.ul Imvii iBuwod, aihI ooacladod v follow*:?lift me appeal u? ail olliein not to b? led awuy bv tin' dviooun o| piejudloe or i?trly, but lo pureue Iri tb wherever *bo lead*. Tbo whig party died at her >ot Hho t'lo* In terror from th? terrible rbpobhean, break* lb rough thu bars ot tho ?eor*i nrderb, ani now | iepo*e* In the arm* of the b orn dcinooraa*. Lot the overetgnty of tho loetropolta and tho union of iha tatauw ho inecribud on all your hannor*. without tho on* yon will to bo freomon. without tbo other yon will low* the brilliant rieountbb that gather Around the *ubbme name of''American " At tb* ooncluoion of Mr. TnmHnmn1* addrbbb tho following re*' lution* were read and adopt* 1 ;? 1. tloHOlTed, That we, cltlaena of th* cfy of Now Vork, do hereby, iu the name and preeeuo* of the ootnttpiolly wbori'of w* form a part, mom aolemniy and eameetty pro trrt againet thm eerlM of bold ani daring neorpaOnot. 2. And hence. Iteeolved, That In the no aalUl " Metropolitan Police bill." paaeod at A bane, April It, 1HV), wo recognize a d I root attack upon our ?un?r.tpAll1barti**; and, etwee ibHt iklM which aaaallii ono fr*e eommnaiiy to violeuoe to all?en e*smull upon the fundamental principle ot mule mid national aorori Ignty, a* acknowledged by all our Ain?rlr?n ronetltntlon* And 3 K. mik -d, That in the Krone bill and Port Wardoaa' i hill *h ritacovor, not only tho buirtt, but the rbfy poraeeolugy of a d<-ea> ?> oppr>'H*lon ?ougbt to bo reeurcttated here, and that we rkouut repel them both wt'h burning li'dignatiou. did not their abeurd lancuage and pro7t*lotMl alike blundering and Illegal, Piw.lude any truer fee bag <bau r motion a of derttlon and contempt. 4. And reimived, That In their oognate acta, we can dta tingutrh only the rapacity of tbe wolf tempered with toe low euuning and timidity of tbe weane), without owe ray ot the adroltneee or tbo wit of rlther?in One, mere te*i?oow In public robbery made eaay. 6. And, furthermore, Reeoived. That white, la all the acta enumerated, la dledoned a bitter and laetdwuM reaeUenary plot agalnet repreaaotatire lurtitmloa*-* lurking def Ire to trample epoa or Ignore the Bnt axiom of nor wattonal ayatem, rla: That there lhall be no legteiaUoa without representation, and an effbrt to annul the dear latent of our Slate confutation, aa re fully framed, with a dew to drcentrallae power, other alarming feature* ataad forth la bold relief, to wlt>?1. A denial of the aooial oonipa t; X A diatruat of the peiple; 8. Military menace, end 4. Ueae ral oorroption by the offer of poeliton and reward* to traltora. ?. Therefore, finally. Reoolred. Ibat we, the aena of tMn mighty commune or New York, which le the u<|haM rrpnt1' of the Empire OommunweeMb?the car star of American progreea and elrtl freedom?being of the people and with the people, elelmtag aH oar original guaranteed righta "under a oonatMutton which dednea and fartifiae our united greatneee ae a Hate"?do hereby pledge all that we are aad bare, together, and ae tndtetduele, to the left doc of thoro Inalienable right* In the A at, In the ae- . * tyvod. and, if, need* be, In the lael reeort, and th je, before Hod and our country, In eitbar oaee, we are wilting to abide. Uon Atrntra Woom wm then introduced. and proeeeded to detail eome of the outrageooa arte of the late [oglehitnre In proetltutlng that body, of which be wee a mem b*r, to ibe ueee ot black republican officeholder* and yd ?ate icbemea of profit Speaker IJtUe>>hu had ?aid in refer wnoo to the rerolutloo on the fired Hnntt ?* <? that hie heart twined about the word rerolutiou when a wan for freedom; aad bow could be or the black republican party object to ihla reroiutioa or (be city of New York iftlul thin tafHagemenl ?t tbetr rights, and effort to deprive them ef (Mr freedom t (Cheers) Aider man William Conrsit expatiated Jlat great length on the importance of preserving tne interests of thle great city. and keeping IV) destiny oat of the bande at (bote who owned eo much the protection uf he police, which they would appoint, to rescue them from the graap of a ck auctioneer or from hooeee of questionable repotattoa. (Cheers and laughter.) Be was opposed to these meararee fur providing fat ofllor* for those wbum the people would never choose, and the noble stand which their Mayor (cheer*) had taken wee deserving of their approhahoa. In conclusion, be offered a series of resolutions, approvleg of an organization of the cliisen volunteers to protect the rights of the city, which were unanimously approved. He hoped they would aet up to the resolutions and setsla their reputation for free Ameri.ian riuaens. Mr. Jon* Kmtuji then snug a s?og, amid great apptaaee. By way of variety, three cheers were given fcr Fernando Wood, and three groans for the black repuhheaaa. After brief epeecbee by Messrs. Nwaektaoeer aad Humb, the meeting adjourned amid great excitement. Additional fhiia Central Anaertea TIB riLIRl'HTKM T?T in hosts I1UI ano nioamafivi-TU war tubv iu to uwr homa -sicaraul'a HOT TO divides. We bad an Interview yesterday with n gentleman who arrived in the uaaots treat Qoata Riea. Be left Puaia are as* on tae ltth Inst It wan estimated that oT prisoners, deserters, sick, wounded, women and children, mere are ft'see tan to eight hundred filibuster* tart by Walker ta Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Preeldeat Mora has wrwtea to Mr. Webatar, tae spools! agent of Oosia Rica la Ihht city, to chartsr a steamship with as hole daisy as possible, aad deepaich her ioOreytowo to tale away tale large earn i bor or HtaMn. Tbo mm himm hwom to *<11100* , thorn togotber at Oroytowo ud ?#n<l tbom boa* id Umd way front from toora. We proaam* Mr. Wobotor wUi *s (u* 1 iIndw at 0000 W? am informal thai a troaly baa boon mail* bn?f? Ooala Rica and Nicaragua (Rivaw gorora &* *), which will rnahlo ibomtoaetlla all the trochlea of Uo two ropahttca and ariaogo the tranalt on a now baalo. 11m rout* m to ho opened iBimodtaloly, th? a ?am*ni no tho lake aivl rtwar bring Id g?oii order and ready of ? rrtoe It I* tho .Voire 11 ?ota Rica that tho ronlo h? nlanod oador too yaat pro toctorat* if Ea(laud aad the l/alted Ntatoa. NICAHAOUa DOT TO II DIVIDED MIMIONM TO ORILI and rrnr?coot* net* rom a at dan /ua.n. (Er?>m 1 a CroaKa m l'<?ia Kha, May W | Enomio or ill afTortad rorraopnod. dm apr?a<l tho ranter abroad Uia' tho niuwlon nf iho Minmtor tor Eiw?Ogn Alain,, It l/tron? M.intular (to tan Halvadnr and tt lUrmata,) had fur it* object tho atibdlvtahai of Ntnarag ia am ?|.| tho oO or Male*, which would ho equivalent trtnodo tr net Inn ? lu |<n'ltlcal AllMonon, ThM to ahnohttoiy without 'mine a ion Cola Idea will anr*r giro bar to Uiw dl? I Ion of a .tutor ropubiiu It li?* Wo I how mo aa.oitod that tho |>rlncl|>al oh).-rl of tho ioMoWmi of oi?r mint* lor wao to mwlndo a 0"m|?wt In <kdor to favor <MD of tbo pnihtral paruoo Id Nicaragua Thin la again iDOiait (.tola Rka will aorrr dk-nwa bar antooo draw. Tbo irmly uf ranonciHattoo cmchidod na the Stub of Haptombcr tot, tj tbo oartlej of Nicaragua, M |.< la'oa that right day* of!or W?>k-r (hall not allot In Ibo ononirt. tea rWctioo* <11 lah-> ptaoo a -atormah j to th? MBaUtittoD of l-vli. (tola Htna will mapaot III. will of horrklor NMMi, and tbo only thing to* want* In do la In rnntrlbote to g >aram<"to( or-lor ao4 rootwdlor Utr antonritiaa ooa-tn uraadr rioctwd. ntgwdf wh*M ??r mm might again |a.1 ia .langwr owr naiiuaaMy. and plarlrg bar rarriaooa <>a too Nan Juan a* loaf an N "if, mm laralaoto aad TVdodo rot 1 mo.I from towtr mto ?ton to (Id'I aad Or" W# do aot r-t inow n bo tow Iho- o errorfimonto will horo tho d?i?kat to giro to* laaM rtomau<1i o O r arr^o-- ontm iimUo* hara oat rat t?w<l w- ?r? obitf?Ni to ko*p |?rn<oiM wall prultid r? th? bin J nan rl??r In ?<tir to uj ftintn W any n?w arrrawi hi fha uwrM* nf tna o"UBvr O"o?ui'.?n I* fen p i faatli tranquil aid hi-allby Tbn f nf tb? r"r?r and all thn traaatt nnm hnala will rrmtig under tba rward of our vn Onfend (duly, who wtth ao nuu-h rtjor Irorr iha MhnMo ft ma lb* rtTT, la lylay to the bay of Juan, and tba Cfea RV-no IW? fluuartii* "a 'ha mart of bin iaaU dnnn awl frrm Un- r""'? of Aalilla. tart a ik wumno, or nni ffnuaaair nlw ?art. 10 mi tnmia or on wanauv Th? ta'omoat pafertobrd la una moral Of "a Itauui, by your Phi tma oorrarpuad'Bt. baa foan front laJunOne to Gat*- Wbiunf, and I ark, an aa am of Jaabaa tn a anMn dPoor and kind baartad (aaitowtan, ibna ym will pabMab lo morrow the locoonianrinn tatrmrai>? I (U> my family vara yaaaraaora oa Uta Qrtilna Qatl. A law <tay? bnfora oar arrirai la Panama oar iMiia bay (an utilj aa) war takv. ill Ua wan attaadad by tbn aar . on of tba ?bt|>. Pr I'ton ?, and Ttaotora Murray and Tamil, of tbo army, who wara ponoaoaara witb aa Ob our arrirai at Pauama 00 Monday ornrtag, Dr banama horyat, cf 1 ha LalapandoBoa, wan ?mm for, and mkdvriiai a n hi una lion waa babl. aad W waa dauidod that wr ri.u.i waa wai ill to crunB tbn lMbmoa Wa ??MM at car" in t. main wub him nl linuu Ha rn voraa daring U>? night u4 at tbraa o rlnoa oe IWrtnp wr^ 4W-'. *> warn aiuMvia to bring hv wmim along nm u- *> Naw York ^pC Whiting am baartng ihto. 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