Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1857 Page 1
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TH WnOLE NO. 7578. THE MECKIE N8UAG DECLARATION Of MEPENDENCt OcKlmtloii nf tli? no klrnhary; l>'flnr?llw oC liidcpfiMti ucc of (Hay 'W, 14V\ at ClmrIttle, MifhlrnbarK County North Cawll"*? AddrtM of PtoiirU l>. Hawk*, D , D., etc. or 11 SOHfM CAHOMSi CORHkCHPO.NDKNOB. Cdahl??ttk, Whcki.i?nrcho Cwwrr, ) Nottru 1'akolina, May 20,18a7. ( 1 arrived here this morning, after & moat taarra?k?g ir?*el of ov?r thirty houw. I contemplated * Kit days ?go, to have le't Richmond, Virg nia, on the 17th, but ascertaining that I could a>x>mp Uh viitio a mnch shorter ime what I had then allotted ?- ? t m? iiAnnrtiire until the eveuinir iv ujjftrcii, * umiw ?mj ?-r? 0 T the 18th. Could I but nave realized a week a?o the advantages of ft night's rest at this place in advance of the celebration, I would certainly hive m?de provision for it oy an earlier departure. Sash deprivation as that of tiro night'a rent, with a prospect of a third, la a matter well worthy of oorniideration, where health and efficency in the discharge of duty, are involved. Of the incidents along tbe journey Ht'le can be M'd. Until I had reached Weldon, in this State, which is about ninety mile* from Richmond, there was nothing more than ordinary observable?no movement whatever in reference to this celebration It mas at this point that I noticed the first preparation* In regard to it. There waa au unusual rash for tickets at the office of the Riliegh and Charlotte line ; but 1 win discovered that thii was produced rather by the accession of a dozen or ao from this cause to the ordinary passenger traffic, pen tbe line, than in view of this celebration. Upon reaching Raliegh, however, I found the rush waa tremendous ; so much ao as to give rise to the necessity of adding several cars to the regular train, aiid as it approached this town the numbers increased by scores at every station, until the cars were III led to inconvenience. While waiting at the Weldon depot for the (tarttog of tbe train to Raleigh tn route to this town, 1 was lor tbe lira-, time recognised by a gentlemen aa the reporter for the Hkkai.d. Aa is customary in oantrv reeioos the fact waa iavantly made known to o here ; and before Ave minutes I wae surrounded by at least fifty persons, all. as they said, anxious to see " Bennett's reporter/' I ?w at ooc? beset a series of interrogation* in referenoe to the pr> bable ftiture course oi the Ihkald in the political way, and his object in tfyB caution recently given to the friends of Fremont to rally for I860. I gave all the information I possessed which was none; but like that One chivali ic feeling sd characteristic of Houtbern gendemen, tney manifested no displeasure at, aa tbey supposed, my affected ignorance fK<n 'hoe poiuts, but rather treated me with unuanal lespt ct; and snch was the M?e wherever, by any chance, the object of my mission was ascertained. Indeed, 1 was nested witn more than ordinary courtesy by all with whom I came in contact. TIJK TOWN or C0AKI.OTTE. This town, though rather old, present* the appearance of one but a few years rounded. The bul dings, which are ch efly of wood, seem as if newly erected; bu this freshness is doubtle* owing to the characteristic ta<ne and cleanliness of its Inhabitants- It approximate* more in this regard to scali knglisBt country town than any I have seen in this onontry. The ho'cl acronmodatfonn, which ooosist of the Mansion louse, the Charlotte House and tbe Mecklenherg Hotel, ia amply adoquue to the ordiuary poquueaents in this regard; but upon any eaira >niiuary oocuaiou, such as the present, tocy aro totally inadequate to the demand. Not a vacant room nor even a bed was available upon my arrival here this morning: and bnt for tbe kindsessoi Mr. W. Yates, proprietor and editor of the H'ttltm Dt mot rat, who courteously tendered me the we of oait of his bed and rxxn, I should have been in * predicament. Through him 1 was admitted to other urivilenes which have materially facilitated ire in the discharge of my du'ie*. The first object which itrwk my eye on entering th* town a llhertv note. al>on>. one hundred ;ind f y feet high, erectedintbeoen're of aequtre, c!o?e hy, 'J n t npoo, tbe mce of the old balldiug ia trhteh ibe Meck'enbnnt De larUion ?t Independence wm raud? , on May 20,1775,and whl:h ha* b?en eelebra'ed here to d*y. Torn in tec mod elevated and importu?t pan ot tbc town noma* n-i illy. Witb It are <otn*cted Intimately ail the *1 >rton? awo~4%i>ODH <4 that period, and to-day it in < utecmcd a b.dloired Hpot bv every North <'*n>ltnian wbo pride* in lie be<ng tbe theatie of tbc flrnt practi'al move aeot made in bebalt of American Independence. But a few yearn ago there were many living in 'hi* town aad reigbborb >gd wbo rem-- utwrvo well all tbe circarm-Uncea 01 tha* aloriou- epoch, and ?laddeoed to peak of tbem ; and now iU hiatory ia aa faniliar to the people <>f tbe pre-ent day re?ident Id th'.a region, as tbe ear rent renarkab e -vent* of ibe st-a?on. Havtrg '*'d thm? mu- b wi b reference to tbe htrait of tbw remarkable event, it may be well t > give a few of tbe leadi lg fact* and incident* coooe tod with UL To do ao more effwrtnally I will qan<e aame remuk< upon lbi? miyect. from a lect.ire delivered by Dr. llawiH, In 1&3 They axe aa follow* I fluurt itfk yoo to imagine votirelv* up among the h SW* and valley* ei which I have been telling you, at. l to Taney y?i??e!v>* on a plea nnt-pring morion* of 1176, ID tbe vi'lage of Charlotte, in tiio oounty of Mecitlaabdry u ,? tkdmu that frotu i?m>' oauee there ha? b-vu brought lo g?tbr r a larsa moivb'w, and that an utt'i ual < vci<"ni"nt prevai h You are among Ibo rami' Ncotch rl?h of nl om I told you bvfore. It ta a bimy xeeiw, In you der (loop may l>e observed coino of the cl^rg , with ?r< p eariie-tneea /peaking to the gray haired men around them, wbo druj# in wltn greedy ear* all thai M altered , wlnlr, on the out-klrUi uf the cirri**, Ibe fiber mut/ow and the yuan women itand, livark- nine with bi-Mb lean intercut to what la pawing. I lard by may be aeon a man, travel rtaltwd, u if from a toof jou'riH y . baMily |?riormed. awl at abort tatorrato ?? and arvoHn-r to run to him from out tb<> (roup, and bo* hog wan biro aihort and ku'rl?xl ror.rrr*?ii<w. batten bv k a/tin lo Iteton lo the reader, wbo hoIJa a p-intoJ ban.Unll b. fore I tin. fhat travel atained mu h.u ridden es|?re*a, and you be/tn to Uimt that Uie tiding* he baa brought nay bare ooraeioeed ihi* unuaual ooraiaoiioo. aa l aotbey bav?, for he baa brought Dial h*o<ti>lll, wliieb nata'M Ibe ?c ?mnl of lb* blood of Vlauai b>w- Ua men h?t by Rrit^b m>Mi#ra at Oonnord an I J-rinjrtoc oo tbe llxb of April, 1176. They bare Juat r?T? i>-nd the UcMgi, on tbat Tbunday moruta(, kuy 111, I77i. .tad what > ou a-e U tbe firat nnthrvak of tbe varied emoitona prartmirri by tho -urii.tiir In ??lli|rcnoe. H ,1 h"? > ito? y to t*n uMnihlKl tner. no that day ? To <x plain that I a>u*t carry )tu hack a little to ittmr hiel-wr. After U?? departure of Tryco the** people wore iwr Wrd by hi* ?uoc?#~ >r to eetoy ej?p*rMlvp i if t. fh#y bad, b?.wrver, leainol om UwannooUw tkfcl of Alamnnar, M.I pmfllcd accordingly. Tb*) were dlntriirtfill, n<A of lb. ?n*tlv??, bal of ib< (otarn weal, and bad learned that ?u worth I wire ae mich with ttatlpiuM m II l? witbout It, Mul U?r> had therefore nought by military art I wi w beUer luted ft* * l>altl? field *b<>'.ld '.key ever I* ailed to eowr ooo. * t'pt?*r Carolina bad U:< n no prlrtlni pre** No r?iiil*r Mil tracer*. <1 Ihe couutrv thrn. ud newspaper* were arc*. Mull lti? cdacaied men of tb< refi n '-onlri red t > keep U)?iwflT<? aopriced of without. ud aa<i when uiiellinen. e of In tore ?t arrived II iu a?nail) cotnatictod to writi??. and Dm poop). -tipple I th? ??n of lb" prw* at>x>ng tl>< m by vox-mMinc at In larval* In ilw inic, where iho*e written document* were rwd m them. Many of U??*? pat?er~ worm prepared by Uvir cier*) men. Mm when the p>?-.tie met for woeahip oil ttoaday* It wa* raef to dl?>omlna1e through tbe county tetri licence thai new had am red, U?e i..ri>ruian? of wbicb ?miM be rvwd to Uhj people nm a ? ii?in day. Th* taaured an ?Meii>bla#e. a a a a Th*?? rircoiru<ta?ee* had, therefore, I "J to frequent a* aetnblafe* in Charlotte, prior tothe l'<h of May. IT7*, to hear the new* abd join ,n lh< dmcu<-<>ion- of the p. nod. A* malum appr *u Ik I ?trivia, it *? d'term ned that Ot'omi Tlioa P?.'k. a mat. of worth and Influence, an.I e*. trc-vely known and e?t<?mrd through all thai o .niry, tboukl b? tinpowerod to r*U a foraal HT'-ntMHi wh?"n vrr It (bonld b? a lTuabl<. Tbl rorvvnUou wan to bo anmp<*>?t of Iwo r*p-o?. r,latj*fw from oarh tnillut (?m)*ny dintrld, chorrr by Un> |<o"p:n Uifnut'lrw. X rp' fat iltonpt by ttoo t4o-. <TBor to |>rrvM?l Uio mod In* i f th? Trmlncla) < <-nurr??, i*i?d a dlaaoluiioe by h n> of y>o Hon?? of A ?rwhly after a towlMi of fotr day? only, W^rihi r with Ite ?MUc of a?Wr N>th In ?'??;aml and oomr of u?>> oihor tx>tonl**, Indnord CW. I"nlk to ill ihr oonton in*. f>".rh a o*ll wan ?ar<> lo bring lop-Owr nit merely tb**rlorVd d l. eAl<" , b it Uia wh do on intry an I thin as;,lain < the pro-' no* of lb* netted mi.ltit . ?o In Char telle on I he I Mi < Majr, 11?*, Of Which I l?a\e ma<e yn? intaclnary rpeeiator*. T>r. HrwKm then ?<* on ? ' ?rft? Uw i hurartcr i>C #> nonvMition. and of what prr?fc?i<.M it wa* <*hW(1y Ci>mp<wed, ihnwinff tint tbr Utree ler?m?>1 profusions the chnreh, in th? perwm of Rer. Heiekinh Jone*. the law In the p?r?"?n of Wm. Ken"on. and th? third, m I Infer. Col. l'olk -romhioed ??*lr oower to art the HeroJutioonry t?ll In moti n. Muffle* || t0 Mv |^t the folio win* twolti .ion? w?i* adopUd a* the rrmilt of the lalww* of tiat wiTntteo ? eaolved, That whomever direr?:/ or Indirectly abwWed, "* '? w?y, frrm of minit> f, eomnl"ntn("<l tho qachari'-red an I d iaKerou." lnra?l'<n of our rUh'*. a< claimed by f.real Tbitain, |* an enemy to Mil-- emmtrr, to A met ,?a, an-l m th? inherent and inalienable riglilanf MB .to" elllremt of Mertilenbnrt county, flehereby dlwotra the pomie.i b.?vd<= which have e?n ITin IT." !ToOK'r " " try, ?nd kerehy ?b-n T*o-ir ^JI !w, . 7 **?oe lo the Rrttiah crown, ?n l abjure ?il pc- UmI rnwa^tioa, ^trwn or ae^aai.on wMt. that EN E' nation, who ba??< wantonly trampled on our right* and hbertlea mhI humanly ab?<l the blood of American 1*1 not* ?t towrtogten. Rttulvetl, Vbai we do hereby declare onntelvcs a free and Independent p?-o| le, a-e, and of r;ght ought to be, a aud mi! governing ok^icIu'Ioo. under the couirol at no power other Hum that of our ??.*! and the f?aeial roveMiraeiil of the l<jngrea?<; to tbe maintenance or whi h IndepeDdenee w# solemnly pledge to eu?:h other our n?i t\?*I co npeiation, our lives, our fortunes and our mart * <' ed honor. Ki fo ti <1, Tliat is we r.o* acknowledge tbe exigence ane i-ontrol of no law or legal officer, civil or milH*ry, wnh!n thi- county, we do hereoy orlain and adopt at a rule or life all and every of our former lawn, wherein, b>'V<))tt>vle88 tbe crown of Great Btitain never can bu coi 8torrtd an bnldmg right*, privilege, immunities or auihorl it a therein. Renolvtd, That it i? further decrecd, that all, each and e\ery military officer to thin count*, l.-j hereby re'.n><laiad in hir furmer command and authority, be actlog conformthly to these regulations. And that every member present, i f this delegt .inn, shall hemv forih be a civll'otticer, vir. a Justice of the Peace, Id the character of a "commit to- Dinn," to ipni?! process, hear and determine all mat tern of coo roveriy, acc >rd)ng to *aW adopted laws, and 11 preserve jx ace, union and harmony in said county; and to m-r ever> ex?rtion to spread the lore of country and fire of freedom throughout America, until a more general and orgaiiz* J government be established In thin provinoe. Abraham Alextnder, Adam Alexander, John U<'Knitt Alexander, Cbarlos Alexander, Epbraim a?evard, '/.iocbeus Wilson, Htztkloh J. B&luh, Wnijrbtsfill A very, Ji hn Miiftr, Benjamin Faiton, Jam en Harriti, Matthew MeCur**. William Kennon, Nel) Worlson, J< hnFoid, Robert lrvia, RlclmrC Harry, John Klennag n, Benry Down, David Raose, Ki.ra Alexander John Davidson, W illiam Urahan., Richard Harris, John Q'jeary, Thomas Volk. Heaektah Alexander, THE IHMBHATION. At 12 o'clock a procession was formed en tbe square, which marthed throagb one of tbe main street*, preceded by a band, to a grove adjoining a new Presbyterian church. Here a platform was fitted up, with a neat awning overhanging, to save tbe orator from any inc >nventencee which might arise from sua, rain or wind. Upon the stand I ooeeived Chief Justice Nash, Governor Bragg, and a few others whoae nanes 1 was unable to ascertain. The Mecklenbarg Declaration of Independence having been rtad by James W. Osborne, Esq., the orator of die day, Francis I.. Hawks, D.D., of Calvary church, New York city, rose and delivered the oration of ti^day. Throughout the day this little town presented a scene of nana &1 animation. At almost every corner of the street groups of persons were assemoled, each having in its midst a fiddler or a musician of gome sort; and richly did they seem to enjoy it I was very much amused te witness a dancing contest between a negro and white man, no*, five yards from the l*b*rt> pole referred to in my introductory rema* ki Tbey were nii-roundcd by an immense C'?*'i. w> o alternately cheered tbe negro and his I bard work<ng competitor. Every mina.e or two the ( heads of both would go "bang" one against the other, and then lor the tint time for some minute* would tbey reoogniice each other's features, both I having: their eyes intently fixed upon tbe earth, as I 1 supposed* "Go it, nigger," went forth from tbe | crowd almost every two miButes, and true enough, I the nigger ?lid "go it," for his competitor had at length to yield. And then vociferous cheers were I uttered bv the multitude. I It was really interesting to see the ta*te and neatI nets with which the negro women were dressed, and tbe freedom with which they were permitted to indulge in ah tbe amusements of tbe day. I could ( notnrlp regarding tbem as tbe Jiapp'eist peasantry in thewoild. Contrary to thtTgenrrallv received ODinlon the slave seemed far superior to the ft*> i negro in every physi val and moral attribute. I to >k occasion paitu ularly to inquire in reference to the itutu i of some of the several classcs, and I invaria My discovered that toe slave was by far the best dressed and the most intelligent. And so have I 1 a!way found it. It is no* within a few minuted of mail hour, and j 1 must therefore close. City Intelligence. Hr*yn.-T?N ?The noa>*roi.a frienta of Una gontWI m*r heft i m?e'nj* !a*t night far tho purpose of making 1 arrabgf uKLifc for a spletidld serenade, to be riven to morrow svnisf, at bis rcfldenoo, No. 140 We-aTw-UftjsU ot His friends and ths band will maet at 10 o'clock, at \a tional Hall, Caaal stnet, whence ih.?y will proceod to (>?a Hsnnlugaeu'a boose. It will bo a vary Que arfatr. Twn*<>vui to Jon* Mcl-aoo MmiTY.? tlio i ni|?o) of tb? 1.8. Navy Y ard of this <|j<trct a r" ?Vw;t to expreaa their feeling* of regard Tor John IfcLood Murphy a' a and their appreciation at his prol>*-lrm*l m*'f It*, by pre* i>i:t>>( to him mUls of domestic nerl tog and la' value, la a few days some mteen hundred dollar* wer?? subscribed by the men of the Navy Ya^d, r>V'T whom Mr. Murph) *cl< d m con?lru tins; engineer for tb? |?*t thirteen months. They con*i?t of a beautiful silver salver and l* pieces, v allien at <l,'J00, ?o<l a gold saicb and c.ha.a of the value of $110. Tbr sliver pert Ion f< t-bts of a >a!v?r;a water kettle, chased with scroll- and Rower* and I he *llvcr handle and mountings In imitation of oak accfl?*e pot. o-a pot, sugar bowl, er<im ewer, and clnp )iowl, aM n>o*? gorgeously chassd??h< nruuiolarturo of u hii b reflect* the bybuft credit on Messrs Ball, Biatk k Co of I'.roadway Th? watch Is a hooting ?a*e watch, made by an niin*'St I^Bdoo booso, and tho chain 14 one hi tbe uu?t U11..4je 01 ibr cabel rust so have ever se< n. The tin crlptlop on the pi.tfo la as follow* ra?-~ 1 \t?.? to < IOHN M I.SOtl Ml KI'IIV, | J MK' lltHI'N XfJli WORKINOMKN alla*Bsd t/> the ! (<n>mi'nin. H11.1 wKrim' DrM#t?r:*f V. M. Ntvv VaHiv N>:w Vuss, J | A. II. IH67- 1 11 lo lnk?u ?l ibeir sate-m for blx profsssloriij and> t I character. I! "Porn in Old W<-?tcli??t?T an! re*r#sl t*nd?-r tfs - ? j d?wa ef fltssiy l*olat. amoig men of NavnlutiMHtfy MOSfe \ | It* eiurn>'4 MM* ;ouU\rul n'msgc* i I -( ward)* i.imbn.'t hlmlland tb*1 il Win wi 'kad MM ; Tbe qnoUti<? la as ?*U?ct from one of Mr Murphy'* letter* id hi* oootroveray willi Mr. ai.j |i>b!.?b.'1 rtcrn ly In the llnuiA. W.- ondemiand th.-rt the prcanaia tif>D wtH take |>'ar?- at m* of the bote la uptown. on the loth of Jnne, an ! thai eonac of Mr Murphy'r immeUlale fnen.ja ill celebrate the event wltb beoonung h*j?ptal1ty. Iumtaan Cam*?Cay liwj?ck>r Murt- n bin, iiarinc vhr last Iwehva month*, through hie IWUt. Warder.*, aawvl the?e?*ureof at lea?t Uire- h itidred dead and dl?<*i??ed cattle which wo>iM otlwwUe 'iav? k?n oa lull.* market* and *tall*. Ob Thuradav a large number of. aitle arrived on board ibe W??tero Workl. from Albany. |e for city nwiimpflie In the form of be?f many of ibem werr In a f?eMea vl rtltewwxl ot*idi?on Tbe ?t.Yei? leading to lh<> drove vard. comer of f rrtf alxfl) street ul " Fifth r?*cboo, ware bk?kad?d wMb <li?ablod .iien to a dying condition Si of lb*** anlma'.-i diod daring tbe morning. and were Immediately ecol out of the city llmlto by Mr. Morton* offloer The balance. drriog Ui? aAor D?? and nigtt, wefg removed. It la ?al<i. by butcher* who do a re*t*etat?'e bunlreaa In tbe city, tt!a r?rwle t that U>e-< cattle Sad b>-enfed on "po'.aooe-l whl?l.oy a)opn.>> or awlH," and that the i?i?*eae with wh'ch they w< re t>fi Utn Dated wa-' not 'tnlike that aUti-tod eo many MMIlCMMMiMTml MMM lam I nrnrt>;n*t<"?, tbeee dieeaeed rati'" are now donMic-a on awe In Ihe mar keta and eta)*. Had tbe nty ordinar'-ee permMlod the Health Pffc-era to aetjie upon the animal* when alive, a large ntimber off the drove wouM have been eent to B?r ren lelaad. the nonnxti re??ptarl? of elty romiption. it would evidently he a wlae m >vament on Ihe f??*t nf lh? "city father*" Wi of tier the appoint wonl of ineioefcip* wbowe doty It *l?*ild b'- V< eiamlne a I meat* ?nd provi elone before b?ing pMoe.1 on aale We eae ?>ot hope that <llj tn*pe<tor M<>rv>n will give tbe m?t er that attent on whie.h the Importance of the rnhjocl demand*, and eofklt eomc ictlcn on the part of th' t 'imrtion, In the end that Ihl* traffic In dl?en*ed tn?-at~ mr r be d|emiitiniic?l. Tw? l>pirtf*ar rn Oivvwrn ?The re. tilar mmMbty rig of Ihe hseculive U'mm.Uee nf th- IYl~* Aa or.attoa vm held on Thuredav erenlng "Hie ecrHKr antv"inc?Hl th" Mlow'ng aa the rtimmary of the labor* of the vocloty Jntmg tha f'aet month Oaeoa ?el?rtoil from tt.e whi Ic of ttwr* 1 I ><>r l ily priM'Ur, M muimntMlini! lh<'!) iclrct In tlK-lr ami aid, 141, of Uio ?(? > r o is) bor ibvy tl;? *l?aii'1<oinrnl of 37; (wr-ona l? fli?r|tM fri>ni cn?t'?iy on tfvir r*romtn*f<<laiio?, 4*. dl?rhargf d ?mTtr> rrllirml with mury ul to r fSr nwaj", 27, dianhttgnd ?vWict? provldr I with cMhWR, fhlr? , *b< hut. and rifM, 1;; iH* Wgnil roo vtrta brnvUtod wltil employment and of n yrk. It. <?lIj $'" hM fem cnrtrlbutrd fhr !h<" ohja-iV of ?hr ?ort?>tr duriun th?> irwnitli * "im tiHtdi^na'* to*<i?tain lli* * xnriaMoti mnprrl* Mr Hf*r/ A WkNy, ef *? 66 Well MrMt.wdl thinkftilljr rccci*. fO'.wrljKJ w for Uiii "wrlnlf, wb<?<< ohjflrt la a mnal dwwrt 'U on* n?* l,r*?i?* |i?i *v??kt. ?Hy thf miilri It'll ion* of *cyaral wfwlthy Herman* n no?r .tl*p?n..ary h*? bf?n opmti I No. 13C r-inml tro?t, Mr the Bowery, f'* th? anrotw. ttiodMinn nf poor <;crrnan?. "rttn <nr*lc?v of n n ioiti^r of emlDf nt pt?y"<Maw harf bo#n ?v?H, Th? <fl*{? >n iry wa* op?n yp^terJay for tbr flrrt ttmo. th? following pro** <*-nipr*<> thr Board of M uuirr>>fn"nt :??r linaod KarcV, ProiMrirt Kdwto O. 'Mrlch*. V>cm B?r nard Roplkor.fVrriMary Knirmfl f> ffck-h. Trrnmrpr; K A Wittlmii*. N K K" ntifoldl. T PWi,r, wImi'H, CM. Lnl*, %' R-ihl. R. fJvncoo, It. hrafcnwitror. Tr'i?t*?? Mr. IU*m luil.?M Ul# ciflr linn** lartnKhtUt" flrlemtfnf Mr Harry Hall mrt fWr th<* p?irpo?? of wrnuic In) Ihe preVmnarl** f<* a niUhlo iNatHnoatal fbr the benefit ?f tti.a popular nmodian We trntt thai * ienc<m will attend the fiortt >?f th<> .mmmtu-o. The aid of Utv fri*nd? of Ihc drama ao i lli- lli-airt<*l proflMWnn la *arnr?tly ?oltsil>*l. Kim m i.o^'wwr *rnvrr ?-Ahmit ball part 7 i?'nlo> k or FV <? J morr'?f tr* broke on| !n a w*rvt?brd aua?h?d ff TO SUNDAY MORNIf to the Irbemvbl hon- o No. <W (janiieyoorl street. Ttio i Qamcacoun ei'.tudrdto the*<*ble it too roar of No. <H, and both wrro ameunx'd Wore lh<i Br? wax extioguised. Ibe property 1- owned by Hci ry Dub;!*. The lowj will prulu'oly anionul to n bout $200. No iogurauoe. The ?(ab)ti w?s occupiod by Mr. I'tUors, whmi knit will be kbout $100 No inni r*n v. Ti*u m Csvnm f*TK*?T ?About 3 o'clock y?*terday if leruoon a Are broke out on tUo tb rJ tioor of tbe building No 211 Outre street. oocurUd bv Hamnol H Ultwon, manufacturer of brasa cock*. The rire originated under neatb tb? furnace, the brat firing lao flooring through (wo thick ai'wes of brick. The flrsmen were promptly cm the ground and soon eitlngnfebed ib? lire Mr. Qltwon's loss will be about $25; no insurance. The second boor is occupied by Jamn: Y Smith, mar.liin.Kt, who has sustained about $!>0 damage to his Mock by water. Ho baa aa insurance of 91,200 In tbe Hamilton lniuranco Company of New York, and $1.&0C in the M?rch?a s' insurance ?Jotn pany or fbiladd^bia. The sto>e ou lho fir?t floor w oocupica by A Youie, Van Aranage, dealer in white leal, Alo., fcc., who say they have HurtA'oed about $4100 datiage by water, tbe nUx-.k la insured for t'i.000 in tbe Q taker City Insurance C<>mi>tf?iy of Philadelphia. The buildiac belongs to tbe I/)rtUard estate. It to damaged about $26 and fully insured. Tnc Klntt Art*. ntOtifUM* OF ART FATHONAGE IK K*W YOU?PRIVATE AND PUBLIC fiALUS OF PAINTINOA?WORKS ON IXHlMTION?C'BDR< H*? " NIAGARA"?WI?TKH HAlTlUt'H " FLORINDB"?WEIR'S ' KMHARKATION W T14K PlJUiRCMS THB ACADHKY OK DBrilttN CROW9KD?DHMADWAY A CONTINUOUS OALLKAT OP ART. Tbe recent capital rales which hare taken p)ace privately and at publlo auction In thia city, exhibit the gratifying anJ hnj hoped for evidence of a griwing appreciation of art. During Um last two months very many of tbe meet beau'iful works from Lhe easels of our landscape painters have found appreciating homes. Some private collestloms of great merit have excited tike atten tlon of amateura and persona of politu education to such a decree as to mako tbe possession of works of art a tine qua non In the polished circle of metropolitan life. Thin Is a* It shoull be, ror cerla the transcripts of nature mo faith fully rendered by our artiste are to be more highly prized than the most gandy attempts ot die Ingenious upholsterers. Good picture# it should be remembered are never out ef fathioa. The 4'Kails of Niagara," by Church, which was tUipped yetterday Tor K'irope, is the steamship A^la, attracted thousand-* of vi? iters during the time It ?u e\blbited here. Thin work la pronounced tte chrfd'aatvre of the accomplished pupil oi'Uole. It In certainly the ilneat U>|*?grapbica) triumph we have ever witnessed. The artist has trusted to a faithful deiioeatiou of his nuty*"-t alone for his reputation In this wrk, and he has succeeded marvellously well. It Is Niagara, all but tie roaring of the waters. Mr. Church, in compelling the firmament above Mi* waters to add to the grandeur of the cataract, has exhibited consummate skill in color and in composition. The felicitous introduction at the rainbow (the tlrst living one wo ever saw In a picture) is beyond all praise. Artists let,s deferential to nature than the painter of thin picture, would have Indulge! in some episodical fancy, which doubtless would have been warranted by the legends of this great ab)ss of waters. It is questionable, however, whether such a liberty would uot have beta a capital error, as au additional object of attraction in a picture which of itself is capable of alMorbiii? attention won id be properly regarded as surplusage. There 1b at present on view at ?;oupil \ (ai.'.i tinv art gallery, Broadway, a moHt i>cauiift.l ?|ieuiui?n of the cliarmenf poe?y as rendered by W. Winte-baHer, artist to Queen Victoria, from an old ballad of r 'mantle ?p*in, and called "FVortnUe." Roderick, th<> 1mt king of the Goths, rambling through the fori-"in aijaruut to bia raatle, enrprltes a bevy of young umideua who have be?n batnItg dnrtog th?) twll.Rht, and who, wb.lo repoting, indulge la sportive admiration of their waving (lowtag tro*?iw. This picture, wbllr full of ;'rece, beauty or form, an Megan! ami luxurious akawUm of costume, 1m at thfl same time nulctlj classical ?ad pare, and oouunenda iUell'in spite of a certain laetidiousneae which often prevents front envying tho really pnro and elevating emotions ol their hear la. Wo will oot at preeent enter into a aotke of the many minor excellence* both of esecuikm and rieta I, whlrh Ibis work promote, as the reuutati "O of Uw artiat is rartlni nt guaraatea or tbeaa, bat M ainnilrt M> aM who really and truly love the beaailfol In art, a* a paiet lag well calculate J to elevate aad rellne Ute standard <>f uwu' ameagst ue. Weir's great paintlag of the " Kabarkatino or the HI grim*" was exhibited to an iavited olrcle at lit-'gallery of Mews Williams, Stephens h WiIIIuuk, No. 3tot Rrnaui way, ob Wedocsuay, the t27ih Instant. r, fiw.u worn*, WUfiVO UU?* picirrr tw ?>r#?r: ii up. tory ' will grace the wall* of the A< adt-wy, U> about to leave for Porta, wbcro be purpo** purauiu*; h.i irttidirfl for tb? ocxi two year*. Mr. ttopwy hsw ??,?l how fhiwi Finland * |<i r of (inn picture*, wbieh b?' w?* romr.i^wmoil f>>r a ?eu tkman of II.iii rily lu connection witii th? r>hJeotof an pr*?re-t? ? Mw?y remark that tbo Academy 01 lK?>i|r(a now oi- n, mi 1 crowded daily by appreciative and grittiAod .-iter-' TU?' Bryan tJalicry i? 'Heo open,and the tdor. - of t?i?Jealem in patntlBgl Ptluatc ?n Bm?d?ay arc Ailed with a many lieautiftil ptrlur^ that hal jfr>->it tl,oro<!?lifaro l*i< vmme I the appou.we exit nried art gallery. Tb?> effect of ihia Interest for art progf'-*-* bvui'wetcl by our eill/enr i* alreaiy apparent It' tl.e fart thai in one :< parimtut of painting?tbat of latvi-ijape? Amur,can arti>t* havo attained an excellence uJ faitl?fiilne?* in rendering nature not sorpaHred by hit of the painler* of Koran In portrait painting our Huntington* , flcaly* an I nitntbi need not fear compaiikoli; and it M to be hoped Unit tbo tlnio ia no! far dlatant when the IliiiW H;..i.' will p?> "*? men gifted wlih an elevated an lo*|>ir%llnn and grandotie, both of conception und execution, v et?r -tlrred the onin iff fe Scbelfer, a Iielaroeho or a Vcruet. We have recently feen irome work* in acijlpture rrn cnted by PaTld Ric.hnrdu, a rexident of thi* <ty, a wlf targht artUt, wbi'b dioplayed a high order of gealu*. We burn tbat Mr. Klcbardfl ?u left ao <>rpban at three yam of age, ami was afterward* bound out to* farnn r, for b<>m he Iftl'or"! until be wan nearly grown, not li ving ba?l the opportunity of going to it bod a w- k n In* wtaol* Ufa; ?o tbat b<- ia, 10 every report. ?ni|ih.u.iially a telf laugh* man. At twelve y?ar? of age h<* exhibited' a food- J new for rkrU biBg, and dlVW bkenenr. * -if the i? >ghl?or- J bond officiating par?on, an he appeared with fi?hl;ig |? It) In hand, with a ?loMbtd bat, ilttmt on lb- t>a< k of a brook, with it Uttlo dof f.y bM al i?\ waiting for tbi- Dibbling iroil ITavlng beard Dim preach about ilerlle and ?ng U. be al.-o itr*w very ugly lmag<w of the former, and |<??l I'wklngn'ide lo reprwenUbe lattnr Tbe paraoft * wife pa ingtli# tore alahr .w tbey -toed o? the ma ' oa whi j were 1 rplayed the flgarae of tbo yo ith^"nl artut, ntpreti ^l I real horror thereat, an I wbetbrr neat diapWaae-l with ibe eariratnre-t of bor bne^aod. or fri|ht'ned a* ?he pro tender to be by the tight of tbe other la.*g<-?, <he, nercr ibeieee. oomplalno'l In tbe fkrmer. *nd aaid if he did not bin h tile yonsf iketfAer ao<s make klm dcaiat UihI nbe woaid eoler atoniplaint aga nel him before tbe k>-?i m? glatrate. Where poo the fkrmer <ompdM him lo dk? rott.nn" hie drawing* on |wlB of tbe birch. After arriving at maabond, be entered a (torn* yard nev i iic?, id inn .w, wn?m ur wa* wmn iu?vng*r MMU lor the superiority '* hi* WokmaBKblp. <>rnan>*D!> made for bt* employ* r look premium at three different falr?, one of wh>cb waa beM In I'tloa, toother la Watertoaru, u\il nntk' r in Kingston, Oui.vla His name. ho?"m, a* ant publicly' in ouou. t' n * th them. Work berotnin* lack with h* em ploy or, be eaine to Vow York In aearih of employment, where, howe??*r, ho ?v dnomoi ?o disappointment. Ilia nr an? worn slender tad ar^nalnUtM few, and not In a pc?lt.o? to advance hie rtaws. Arn.nif othr m, who anrtdenUlly mado his acquaintance, w%< a jr?ntletnan loon connected with tho pro* la lhl? city, and whose feature w?ro familiar. at least, to a tar?e n'iml* r of merchants In tho habit <>f rreqticnl'nj; fhnnpe an t wb<*-' j mpathy bMMM in?rre?ted In bii behalf. A* a moan* of causing Richards to become better known .in 1 appreciated ha set to hltn for his bn?t of fnll tt?4>, whth (it -luly executed, and all who bare *rcn it pruooance it to be an adwlrable and strlk'oj !ik"now?, ll?plat np nn o Tmoti taste, ease and spirit in Its mention Mr K?b ariia. in 't* completion. was permMtod to placo it in the Mrrcbaiita' r"*cban*s for eihlbltlon, where It yet remains. Ho also ha* cfcteatM, '.a wb?o Vermont maritte, a< basto and beautiful likeness of a tittle tlrt'a hand, sit yeer> <.,<1. This c*qul?lts llttlo atooo of sculptnro caa ai?r> b< s?-n ai th" Vrj^nnts' Kxebanftc no has ako rtruM a b^antlM cla> -'oal host of Qorm Dido, from an .intlinc hasao rettoroIn .Taaper, ohutnc.i by a earaptaln at 'V aMteirt site o'Uarttafe, near T><nls Ticoriginal, lt)0"*h eviUisHely wmurht, can bo covered by a ton oont pfar?- This, Mr Richardu, In copyiof oiuarfcd Into a bo t of sotao ? * taefira la diameter, rondetlr.? it, If po-? I", n re striking, rhsste and tvi-auUlii! th in the original. aprrlnr t ?mt. Hrfhrr linn .lild~r ?lnm*in Va'Mw H-rr\ Itn.l Ctot.Ui tt?:Ur * /' f on* *tbtrn ?T^iis snlt * hr?ofht to th" taliioof a car^o of hide* shipped p?'r the IVK*? at Aspin i wak for New York, tn .'aly, l*4r.. ^iod the rahie of wbtoh } Is a?<red to bnro !> <o ?i 1TH Th? *<v el w?e to stop at f*. J'lao do ?tjba, bm on t>" eoTa-jo her whole <tow be | eanno lek, and th" roileo w i "0| t> pot din the |?wt ; oTCartbaifna. where on a ?xirv>'T It wa< deemed artvl- ! sable to a?dl a twrt of the oare \ iaelndla* tho hnoe, whie.h : wore dam?jrr?i hy wrm . thertelYwriaakii?nMido.l that | Ibo ?alo of tho hld?~ was a work ?f oe?;'?s,lvr, and lhaf they hail paid Into tv>nrt tho aroonnt ?f tho pro?oo Is <tf the ale. The Coort charged thai if the mry h?t'"Tod that there ; was a necessity wbicb oomipol'ed tho master of the < o?oc| ! to sell the bid<' < In i arthap< na then th? ptalniiits oo>ild n<4 reoiTer' h'lt If they hellere<t ibat lb-f onold ho hrtxi^ht on In safety to S?w York, notwtthstar line the Injury th"y receite?l, then the plaintiffs W"ra entitl??l to re?*>Ter. ftealed eerdlet. Cki Pai FttimttiTT.?Tb* annual ooavMtioa of the <ht Itl Vratermty wilt be held at Mf?t >n *a?? , on the 3d of Jane. Orator- Bro. James T. Irftwvk, ot Ithertf, Ya. Pwt??e. rraiik Phelps, of ?ur:inft?m, ]K1 iRK I Wr} MAY 31, 1857. THE CIVIL WAR IN OHIO. Arr*i?t and !{ 1ci?h?- of PrtMM?er?-?Kv*UCan<->* of thr (iovrri m?nt AnihorlitraxWpiiiigtlrlil Mufl JkruU In SttutfH OlWrlnlx <&>-., At'. [iVnm tho Cincinnati P>nrttnp tlay -'fl ] So in i' ol' our col?'ni|?:irarieH hfrf ?>i<l cU^wli'T* !?? >y bad 3D twiiiDt, njor<> or ! ?r')rr<w"nu??ly d"t?tl-d, of an Mu-inpt that WBo Bud') )?Ht w<vk liy aoqpt) !Vp<ny I'Mifd Stat<* Marshal* from Ibl-i city, Uamilt n awl o'J>?r tow w,\io urrowl a fugitive fliwe. In K>'ti

tufjry, uod wbo bad b??-n harborod, tv>4 and "mpioyod iwar Mu taolrrburjt, Coamuaiffn county. Th? i U'rnjit, to arren, rolnht ?-< w?>II horw promise, wa? Ui>m undueCfwdu), tbo Dcjrro bavin# rrlrouW U> lh? loft of ttu< log cabin of bin barboror and employ. r whu-.ti owiiitf W> itn IM-cullar < obstruction, wae ?u good U? him im a firt, having entratoe way only In ooo hoail or body at a time .and from ? bleb ho bid detiaouflto tbo Piroe iu ,<urHult of bun ?mi* of (Im deputies barfly <*caplog beirt? ma<lo a wj." ( tor a Mid) uiuiud bullot, d^eh*rg>?l irotn Uu> pwwl of ihc fugitive. iKr-ne, then, u> lb" Jaugur wh.cb woutd havo lo bo on countered in an attempt to di-dodge the negro tYom tun fae'Bef, and the threat)on) violent re-wlanoo which hw barb<>r?r ha.J "uuitnotied to hi* ai'*, Id the persona of ?oa?e deztn or more of neighbor* and ritiaen* of tlio villi*.', pnrfuilt wax temporarily abandoned, that a better orgtui l/ed !>lan might be matured and put In execution. Thm * as uoee, ami on Monday evening a party of regular and special deputies, numbei lng ?omn half a dov en or more, started upon the earn, m l only on the enUirprtM to purttu- und, if found,arrest the fugitive >Uve. bat akto armed wi'h authority and proce*? ol' la* to arrent all who bad h'^eu known ax barborer and protector* of the iryro and re?wtaDt? of the tirst attempt to ?<<cnre him. Thm party of officiate, a* we have it from verbal report, wer?' not ablu lo tlud the negro?ho having: txvn Amur! etior*;!) to take the ' Underground" Kill road t/ain; bit I hey took into custody, a? we ir" ailtUnl, som>- six of the aforesaid special conductors of the I' tiderground Kypre?H. The officer* and their prlsonerH, yeMerday ttiortiirg, had fnfely progressed tio far on their way a* u> X"tn:i, when their further progtew was nrrected by u local oilioial printing upon them wiib u writ of imwjnm, iuuad by home State Judge in f'lurk county. ThlM I oral ollW-ial hail for aid n lar^? gnng of abol'tionidt of Springfield and Xenia,an<l iuflVMently Mn?( to over j* wer the Iieputy tfanliale. who were there arretted and taken back 10 Honngfleld. Thus the 'ab|e? wereoompleta!v turned. The arretted purtiee were di.^iburgod out of the cnntedy of the dt pntli!', and the latter were jigged, and are now "living upon ujh vapors of a dungeon " Ah thl.? la?t pbaue In the muter is only a fair beginning In another exciting and perplexing nigger cane, to be foi lowea frr come time to eome, no coubt, by other demon sirs Hone, In which National and State authorities will again be brought Into haiardou: conflict, we shtll i ?>?n >uru\t> \n bucu upporuuiiuw *!< ll.,iy mi presented to keep our readers reliably posted. An .ledges Mclean ud Leavlu, arc both ahnent from the city at It Is time, there will necessarily be a delay la the proceediDgs essential to del vr the deputies from the hospitalities of the HprtttgUeld jail' r Jo the mtantlroe we hope the do* prisoners wul bear their houurswitli proper tneekuo.-K, anil join their friend* down here la food spirits?a? good a* tbey get ouL (Vroiu the Cincinnati Commercial, May | Our readers arc not aware that recently an attempt wa? mad? by I 'nlted Stati ? Ileiiulv Marshal*. mil Keuluckian*, to arr. -l .a a place between I rbauaaud SpruiKUeld, a lugitive Slav nnmcd Adrilpon, who returned their tire and came fo tuir killing one or two that they deemed it egpe dicBl to beat a retreat Returning to this city, a warrant was got out for the ar real of a man named Hyde, at whoee house Addison was fouud, and axamtt whom the charge wax preferred ol' aid ing a fugitive frfovo, contrary to the pro\ ieioni ot the Kuk Ut? tslavu law. Armed with ttis warrant, and determined, at the name time to earn. 11 possible the J-.WO reward offered for tho return of Addison to slavery, United State* Deputy Mar i sbnl H 1'., started for tho hceno of action a few days tluec, and took with blin, li' are arc rightly Informed, a po?#e cAtisuditift of ex poiioetuan Thomas Mora, J. Bbi*. reU, John Bun> er, Jacob Htiirr, Oeoi i^e Keys ami ?? Catty. Tbn rivului of the utinpa..ti have uot fully Iran kptrcd, hut it i* rumored that iu reaching tho Hide farm, nvither Mr. Hide nor Add-on were to be fouud, and tbo pv^e arretted Mr Hide i sou, a youutf man, and started to bring him to lb .a city fur Lilal oo the chargu of aid in,.' the fugitive. Dvpatebc were at ance "en' to Jprlnpflelrt to Intercept them, but antiriiiatlD!! tlila tbey got oil the car* some dl->taiMe irom Uiat town, but the frwshda of Mr. sospected thi* mat<euvre; and a corpus haviuir been got ont, the i her iff or Clark county, aiO'/u|>i? lied by a larr body of voluuteem, started to t ut oil'the r retreat, ni l eamc up with the ( tuted States post* and their pri?ooor al Jitulowb, which is about eight miloa from Sprlngtald. | Kinior ray tfcai by this time a majority of IU* [vk*. I wt-r* dculdtdly under tfie iuttui'nro of li<|<tor, au\ *? ? by bo ntiw m orderly a* U?-y ohonM have i??n. H?w ?v*r lUw uu?v bu.tbe (tbrrltl ?IU iof<vl |o n ive Ui" Iihh.-a "v ibit hut boon fu> ud In bit baiul*, bui w?u knock. uimii, atwl lovural revolvi it Orod .11 him w.tb in Una to iak? bi* lift'. Hum urova tack Uni WH >w?, m Mr. tibnm iutl a*d Ma mm Irmi ki gvi away, but ih? a?w? or tb? aflWr kk.? 1 wild 8re, at)<I the rtory (raiu>d vnlumn ms It w>-a?, uuttl it , wa*i mill thai nomft IllWn or more prrxooH wor<> >*Ja?r <*' rtc<l o(l, and tbat a haUlo had taken pla>u bolworn Uw I inlril-NtaUw and Stab* oft lo>r?. Tbo papulation uf Oar a', I t./wu tnd ( bamplain oooBUes |? Uryi-ly oui.wved of t'nwI bytcruiw, who regard thr Kufr.Uvc Move law with jbhm* . r?n?'', and ?<m u<imtH-r?< ralll?"l U>re*<"ie Ibo |>rironri-t anil arri-rt tbc atnailiuila ?>f iho SlierllPa |?i-w. At Pprtnffteid It waft auppound that Cb'iirhill and hn men lia<t jot raft-ty otf, aid a trl.i'rnplnr .ict-ixtlrh iv m nt to thta city t? have lh? whol* t?.?ny arr*>-t?d ft* a xaiiit wilb iut< Dt U> ki I the 8>i<*rirr They hai not, b->* rv.-r, (!?? lad tb? ir ruape, a* th?y utir clw< ly portmed nit11 at a l?iiI iltaifrom .limtoan ware h<Mi>ni?*l iu by a laryo bf.dy ?l |>nraui'm .Sime <? Mr. *1inn Uill a m> n concluded It wan b< it to ft out of tlw acrafM- *?J *'p|??l aany, and alW walking all inpUt aud |urt 'if jrotturday .0 the mud aod rain. r-aebfld a etatiuo ot IJlUe Miauo road, and ratuu !h< rr? to ilir Hlv. Ttititc arc ?aid to have twin Mr. ltuck?r and Mr. Starr, but !?.< >? c?>iiiW>m>'n. when rocat*-d ni> r?*a hitui lb. nty,-tmitly MM having levn on tho ?lar>' buui or kn?? ib( auythinK about tb?' a(U.r at J.nil.>?n. A doputjr t l>tt?<l Stalw Marshal ?uu J la?t \roin - tluO. U??"> ladivuinala ?crr fait of Mr. Chkircbill'rf |inty, and r' lUinly Ibrir appranuu-.o ,|l tlflod Urn hi'lltf Uiat lliiy bnd Imhui on a ttlllbiutoilBK vxpi'tiiilon, ir a more M*4, worry look my pair k< uilnni> n an liavo nortir Mr. Munk?r v iin mporlant wiui>?"< in tlx* tlroffory mu-.ler trial, yoatriilay. ami ? i? notiii^l not to at>'?ut Unnreir, hut dul ao. aod will be at oncc primrcub-d for ?o doiofr. Whotbor Cburch II, like X-nophun, will uoui'ir ill/' h.m-> If by a *ur> ?-fuI rtmt, or wb<-tti?r t??i w Ul ?i< ruriiu 10 iniiDi'i-ni, i* yr? uw'ien >11 lummy. imrMNnm gk-aord from rum<>m ?nd unwilling Informant*, may h,< uacrurate in -omi of its detail* bnt we pp-uny that in ll? uukiD fraturr* it In a corrrrt ?UUnii<nt t>f Utn war, uvl Um latrat known piolUiia ol partlfk, At a la(.> boar laid nlKbt, ?? in'-t a K> n(l--tmia. *b? pr? Ur wi-ll p>?*tod t?> tlw atiair and bo that I alfa'tl HUl4? M?r?h il **hnrrbill an t Iim (k?m> l??4 w?Ui tbem wkimol-i lor Mr Midi-, Uto m url four i tl?T pvrxow, but imljr xuonmlvO ui o?|>icrio^ Hv? <>f , lh< thi f unit tit TUfy followed bjr U?o itfwlff of 'Jri^o roonijr, with writ of habwa* c*irj>*J? Wl??u aiw-inpu-d to nrr** it Uii'j a*?aultrd and Orvd at h.m, b'lt were forrs-'d to flro up. Th<'ir priruiM-m wcra ftxamla- d uoder U?o <x>r pua, and dint harfpd, an t Ui< n Mr. ObnrchUI and four of tu? m< u warr arrmlrd oa a warrant, and Uk'B ba> kW) ^prittgli#ld to aoawer tbo rharfc of aaaault and l?U?r? with infa-at to kill. Two of Um; pun eit<<t*l tbpir arajw 1hr.-> lakrn to Hpr^otfil.-lil, tx in* unatd. U* jit* l>ail,art? i?"w loa.kad up la jail Tbcatrlral and Naakal. TV R*?*tiWAt TWr.ATiiir cfcawd lor th* prvtt (art Primus. Mr. E A. Mar-ball, the niaivwt. in to hav a tvn pflt at the Armdemy of Mnaic a"*! Weda<?d?jr, wbra va rxx.* pr filar artt?t* will appear In Itallaa oprra, W?i by th? ffcrontc wv*fr?. Max M?r?tjU, Niain'a n?Ki>H< ?A now an I p*iil<>iw rale prolarlp, wrttUn by .Iptotop Kan I, ?h?f prp*l<?i? < ;tortn In thl" tlar hara bwn u?prpr*d?itf<l!jr micrw^frtl. la to ho brotifht mit tomorrow It I* p*Jt?*d "hanco, or ih* Maxir Sword," and th* *oUre double r<'?npi?ii? will ap l>rar In It. TVm> #ni#rtei amenta oprn wtUi Ugld rop* rv prclaip and dajKlnr f'iw?car Tur.?r*?: ? Mr. F. ! ("hanfr? kt Vi noni'V Hip art-nod ?rpk of h? ?ory popular pi'rfbrmaO' * at Ifel* hon?p t>> umrrow, wbPO If will pr<*1'i'? Iho pRV ?r U< u f?>r him bjr Mia* Riwdo*, mtiUpd "Utfla. thrfrfar tlirl, or iiir i mu-pirwr*. iw m mw*> > |u?} .u "O l iitstgkB and Uif FalrkM.' HnmW*.? Mr. Mark Smith. Ui? ynnnr mruir wbo h?> ?o fr?qu?'t?Hy won tb?> of critical au<li'o?f-' d'irin ; the ?oa??, n to tako hw ftrM beneilt Inihi* rityti. miimi*. H'' t*nf1?* farrc railed th* "(inrnii?f'? teqiiiaMiM," Um? I rprrt*et?d fWBAle," f?triick" and "Kutoa of U,? !?*?? ? . ' W ?"T!tr >V>rio?? family ' I* to prod'tecd with ne* and ?|ii>rni>Ti*l?' wonery and > atr,*^ r*?( Ut m-*rr<. * .TfPlnf. Mr. WatJn % k> In pr^onM" Cript Mnrpby Mv frirr, which cbarnnb r ara? 'trietojilly artrd by him in 1upward* ?f rme Wit>dr?*d n(|hl* "t'tl "TVII Ymir Wl 1< " I* to b? the aftcrpt?c<\ Uru K>xm ? ?1Itvvl uDlv#rP.?l taYuriW< ??Ui Um> voUru * of None, Mr. T. H. Johnston, t? MMMiMnl for a b*?cilt t?> morrow , 11ih last blglit ?>f the precid iWirMm: fiiT Ibf oir i-i. n coins'. ?t Ui? pi a?int rommly tylcd " Married life'1 and tb>' rTtranri'lnary et lr??? hh/acMKM "TirWf. ,*?' mi ii< Mt > ?! The ain # n? p""*" called 'An bwky Mortal nrvl ^'The l.tnierw * hoy" err ?/? ho p?r. formed u? marrow afVrvnjnn. TV n? * aad xtH'wtial htillarly ronM runted drama domdninalej "Fraud and id TlelMw'' ?ill k? pltyW iu il>? irwnin*. I? i-w^n frrat mtere?t *1)1 in likely w< become * *taadar t 1?. vortte. Onin*?t> ?>r> y% ?TV> dillrrent ?< |J< "-flf'pIhni of amu'cment are do>ng niite mt *e|l ? ft and are probably pruning rlrb rather Caclcr tban m</ i other cm wr< ra to the f?u>?lW-. To m?>?row a /M W-' ara from ed V'l'N'O* ?fni?-?, A?'., nn>t "New \< af TalK" by Cbrf?tj ?o>l w'>ort'? trmip- tb? Imriof ' by lb^ H'irkt?>y?, aixt a h^vcrocnviMWi m.v* uf oil<JUi?" hy |br Wrjant''. M ?n rot n? T>rownm> jn PitT*c?rT. My of man was foooil In the riT^r, a ihort ?M#taiK,'> ?b?Ti> ?>?? tral flop*, T?*trr<t?y morntne, whirh, Trom app^xrruwo, mn?t b:ir^ Mid In tho wat. r for a Ion* tim<\ T?w (1??h vr m mix-h <l?rotnpr*Mt. itropplnt Irom tb# hanl* ami fl?r?? aa Ihf: body wan remoroit to tho iloi k. from l U?rs and otbrr j*p>m fnnnil tn hi* pnpki?t?, It ap|?'ar? that h* *? a natir? of Kn?tanl, an.t tiua b? ha.I but roiw?nt>y i*nn? from tin" oM nonatry. lit* nam" wa? William ? . TWtbru'*". Atmotif o?h#r Vloi-ta w>>r? a ?thr?r W?r?r w*k-h an ) ?w1 |wmo two ami th?* dollar* IB mon^y ? lHr**t Adr*rH*r. [ERA Tli* litemt DlnriUr n?ar N?whnrgi rUHTBKR DHVXI.UI'KVIKNT'-?HKCOMNITION OK TITH HMT. [?om the Vowbnrjj l)*lty Sown, M?y VM ] A l-'r?nrh n*>gri>, nnnnvl ThoiUI Br<i?ru, hi* l*??iu in U>w n lor ih?- l?.-t two (ls>n, and uectore* ina?l p?*?Wtv?ly ili?' tbo won au found murdortd nrar Jl.trtlxir*?, to b>* Ilo cmim! up from New York, in omi|?uiv wim I lKi-t-r vlurk, alld (ill iho Wttt h Li toil 4IDII) fwt< it fflliltl lo h-r Ivi ib, Kt: , wbn'h arc foiled to correspond #ith the booy. ii<> ??, i.m( u t? iht> G*noterv d?v Oefor*) pit?r iiay. ami w?rf vbottn Uki body, wbioh taken fn)m Uw mull (or Um imrpi.He, wid on bU t?iamln?iion kuUmI dwliuolly mid (H>ltlvcly, ttmt b.i liud no <io?ibl whrtnnr Ihiti wax the body ul bi- 'ate wlfi?, who i?d bwn for noma lime inltoii'ir. lie makes bH ludirtU'Dt from tlio Uiotb. aud tiie tf'-ut r ul appearance. A ?c?r on 0110 i'y>' brow he previously rii tl would bo found there, ai d i-ai<? it wan a buru from a li?hu-d srgar. Ho baa a daguerreotype, ukn iunt two y?ars ago, which on b<nn^ eu. mined wi h a gUna by those who raw tho body on iut 11 ret iM>c<i*nry, i< thought to havo a vtrlking re-emblan ?. Tho ttudor clothing I'uinrt on <tu> ttoity he nays ho hv no roeolIrc'lou of?iii fact, bait no recollection ol' \?bo materials or on I or iheno arlkilo* conri*t? d of In r-gart toa iM-roliantv i* the I at tcninj: of those garments, which our reader* will rt nx'mbcr wa> remarked upon at'htv.lme if tbedtaoovery, be ptatcd 00 bin way tip that his wud fawned hor oiotiim to that peculiar manner. If he le correct in hii conclusion aid he is very po<i lire? the far* of an apparent whlto woman belug married lo u ti' jfro, under tb? oircutnuancoM, does ikk mi'itato *jtaiii?i hie ?mv miion^. Tho trench Canadians have ooi the rkirni prejudice again*I oolor aa prevail". witfl iw, an I it ban been olV'U remarked that Iho b<xly Indiouted an Infu .xion of African blend. Her hair bore market indi-mlona of a croes of tbe w*. And thure are other t'rvug pro h.ihllitlf j aw to tho correctness of bis ooDtil'-isioos, which \ try likely wHI eoiuo out in the course of the inquest. 11)4 examination yesterday wao a private mm, but tho Coroner allowed us to take notes on eoodttlon that wo would not give publicity to H until to-'tay, for r^acua*, some of wbkh are olnloiu, au<i other* whie.h may manifest Ibfouelvea in the course of tho Investigation Ttioro are soin?* H r ange IktMB ibttltW which It la not proper l" speak a* this stage of the investigation. Kor a clearer understanding of the ease we have thrown thu re' ?lt of Brow 1.'h (UmWIM Into a MIMlIrS lurtn Brown Is a "brewd, intelligent negro, in many respects Superior lo trost of bi? class. Re la g Krenchinan by birth, being a native ot' Marseilles, lie resided In Kngland for roroe tine, and for tbree year* was In the t rench I si Biy. Ho fee ma at oue lime to have been a rosloent of I New York, hut for some years nut has lived iu Boston. whe?e b?* wn? at one time In the clothing an I afterward kept au rating at Iho coruor or Portland and 1-adbury streets. 1 or the last two or tbr?n month* ho bavlhedin Ijowell, where be h.vl a lohool for i^a-hlng bu.nug, 1'rnclng, Ac. We believe be had written twice ?o Che lit Kdwarda in relation to the murder?once nnder an aawniwd nemo?end the regit It waa thai the Onrtner oauned bim to be brought on bere. On his examination be raid be waa married In IK.ii) by Kev Mr. H'lllivan. Hie wife'* maiden name wax Quhar no A-bbell. She wa-i horn In tbo Provid e of New Hr\injwick, aud 0e * polio of her an a wbilo woman. During tbo Aral )far ot hfr marriage ?hc leJl bim and wont to N*w York, ami wee abeent eorou two wook*. He w?u? a(W her, aixl -h<- returned with bim. Sin ? tha'. time tb?y had re ?l>le.I together until the V'?-th of laxt January In Marnb be brard hbe wae in New Vork, and he went on there ului ber. He found her living in furnished room* at the earner of 0l< aard, and lio tlitnkn <Vnal -droet HI).- wa" living with a man turned John tt'lAughllo?a white man. He went* to have had wnin diiliculty with tbi* van, and [trown caused hi* arrest and hat him bror.gbt before, the Court on a ehvgo of adduction .fudge 'inborn clinnlwwd the c?mpliitul, Hr?wn eaye "booauae he wax a nigger." itrown and hie wtfe remained in Vew York for ?mo deye; and agreed to retmn to I loot on. He eays they inveed each oih-r. an* he went or by the boat and sb'o eame 011 by the car< the next .lay. Thin wan the I7tn of March. t*bo Maied .11 B?~U>n until the i'ld, when xho te turi ed to Now Vork ou "bunnow." Brown Mid Ibis bueitK*"* wax m relation to a trial of bor on a charge of (rraud larceny. He old not know who was the complain not. A man by the nam" of Spark* wart ber liail H>< uw hu< wife on l iiarrt the earn, and bad not seen her rilnee l>ii the JHih of April he ha 1 a le.ltor from her, in wh?eh eho *|**ik> of mine money matters, and fay* ner trial i*' ooa to oornc <>ll Thin trial oauwed ber a >od deal of unxlrty, and i>he bad r<marked to him that if :?ho wa-t ever ?eM? out ?i the matter *he con 11 bid dettauco V> all bi r eu* tine* Hie teal* tbat ?he hud met with foul play were flret ex ' cited by reeding In the |<aper* a deecriptioo of tl>Q found murdered near Newburc. He ha I written to Iter three ttmw without obtaining any au HWfr. He wont on >?? New \ork, iml Inquired tor thr Htflf, but i)l<l iKit oliula them. Hla tirrt letter'o thr Khrrltf waa written tor hint hy a Mr Hwaey; ho.hi atVr hr wrotn tr?'n himself. At tbto part of the etaminatiot bcn?ird ihu ln? wito bad new bnfM children, t??i bv( I Nm ?l one tlw pregnant, and thai mlwarriatrn wai by her lifting u In i*vy tub. Before ab? Ml (loafei the iMt lim-. iIm> said ?he ?m afraid this huti*ny tn? wum owii Im* a *otKi 'Hml at trouble. While they were itoretber lit N*w Yarn tkNMt had been D aga>n?t bim, and there wm atiUTi letil J?ir? tn hare him mif of the way. H? believed thai it waa daogerooa for film In remain In New Vork On heme <w>Kod why tht? wan the ho reptl?>d that eartaiu i?ir on* In tb'i rity, who wnrn well known aa drvporatn character*, wen, aware lhaf hlx wife had made hloi acquaint-"! with anrne of their ofi atiocir lie rave to the jury the names and re?ii enre of gorral j?t oo? wh<?<e present** tr dot mod importer! It m> proper to add thai Brown'* te*iirv>ny In r?fard u? hla wife h?ln? ou trial for larceny, nnder ui?> aam* of Oi b urine Aifebell, * corroborated bv a memorandum pro rereil hy the Coroner from the N'ew York Irwrrirt *ttornev The jury adjournal nnttl li o'clock thfo afternoon (Ml O'rUaik ?a* ( "patched to New fork to obtain ilw pre MrtiC'i or witnea??'K, and on h.a return wo may aotno further developcmcnbi TKLKSRAPfllC. Nkwxi-ru, May 30.I***, ( tbcer t'kirk came tip from the city la?t u.jtlil and re turned again tbl* morning. He had a bard day'a work )< let<lay, mid although l>? brought no to?tlui<iny with him h? leeia mire ho la oa a trail wbt< h will throw light on the One, Ho Will, doubt lew, lie hack atain lu tho rour?n of the day, and It will he. time ?ii'iugh to -iny wb/U h? to do when we And out big auccue-i. There ho- been no nmtirg of the hiry tinrn our la?t report, wd there will be none nnttl Hr. (lark return*. The body of the unfortunate young July W decaying faultily. and I* o?.w beyood the pr?*.hiilty of recornltioii. The Vlrvtntw Klrrttoti. (fritii the Kbrhmond Knuutrer, Ai.f. T> ) kicitmnno Tn* LA>t o*!?v or Kso?r MitTUINOIHM - TIIB "OinillAITEIt UK WillKrKr" 81 ItllFM *kki> to DKMOCItACT. Fxtraraxani etultallon o^er a MV-nfi^Hi ? ( roadyt *nt with the chara?-ter of i genero;* rlrtor. tod w the demorratic party, In the pr'do of tu power, la now ' torert lgn of the weudant" Ihronghoit the Houth, with, per ha pa, I ho aicofitloa of a aiogle HUte; aa th?oppo?rion were t'riTes fVom the Held tn November with ao Irmpara Me rout#, aod are now "ink.n* their eolora in the atrongtv' of th*lr ?tron(|bo'd. It become* th? eoo iitermi; bo'ta of denwwracy to tem?niVr " thai the hour of triumph la tho hoar of magnanimity " But. bowetrer we may wiah to Indi-Igo In rtlettt. aatlafarlinn. It la unnatural V It ? Impoemhle u> reatratn Vioae Ir repre??lble otitbimU of Joy, that "P'tug ?paot*ne.Hmly from the heart, when a long c herish.-d nh~-ct lia? boon acoomi'lirhed 1> m : !, Iberefire, bo pfirdoned for ooo rtentorun afc?tjto?er the *leto?y arhlevod yesterday by the opponent* of Know Netllu,?' <m In llm " <>lberalter of whigjrery " It la an erent In the pol't'eal h!?ory of the day whKh will be hailed ^y patriot- with wdo an I ploa *?re throughout Iho length ?cd hrewdth of the I'm -a Tie beli agueri^l ra lle of tho memy, which hot hereto fbre defle,! af>?vtlt, !i?* yielded at la?t Tlie m?tropolUi of \ lrglol? If no Ihuj. r under the b in of Know Niahlngl?m Truth haa triumphed. I'arrlou m hi* preraiiod, an I Hi- htoond la re<l<eme<i. To the noble oUl hue whig", who. Imitating the e?ttnp!o of a worthy on of the gallant Ciav nohly a?*i??e.| is in tw-re^afully (V rrniBg the irrwgeet fortre-t of Kn .w V.-th lng)>m yeater-lay w w.?i!d etsend Iher ; hi hand of faith fill fellow?hlo. aid nntratulate Uiem oofdlally on o?ir IMtnat triuoi; ti It will Nt turn by tho rrtiirnf from all the ward* In another not.'mn, hat the vW?ry la ivtnplalr. R>it wo Irani that ow.oyt" a skoww of ram which romnv nc< I tea* than an hour is I a half beftr^ raw*, the p('U* will bo lirpi of. a for thr-r taya in Mndlyon warl.tlo rvttre of the strength of the opf"- "i,,n ln l1"* "'ty. WV ajp ai to Ih- ]?t <4M elti? n? of M?<:Mn ward, who Wtttihal'l h?lr??4?-' y<* W Uy, t? i*i?' them In-lay *>r Tiirkrr, <'.kA-ki?*, Anp <urt, Andcra*. )Ia?k)n* an I Hoath. The <liv i <mr- ami ? ktnry mnit not bo wrung from ub/ Ih! p'-?t|on^Tr.'-Tit ot th*1 |ernn of cajMt LUio i Know Votfilngpm is at It- n'|> In VJchBW&d?let o>ery voter who ( ?< not vot. d repiirto Hie poll and mako "mutmire rto-ibly anre," by cringing ?n<W th" heo|? of domoorat* and old i'n* w',g , th* la-t taotf if tie- *<-rjir it ejoct\Bu_tronom M II arifh in e*pim>g *gnr\f The rV( i'ffl totK piaco lu V irgiuiit je-terdav for Altor ney ?;cno>al and m< m r? of Courts** and the l/>gWla lure. John Randolph Tnoker, the demnratli .-and i date for Attorney Oenvral. bat no *?ri<ni* opweltion. All of the delegation n the taut tvngre?w wore <-ar 1i<1ate? for ro eletUon, e*-epl Me*?rf Kl'iwoll and M< Mullln. Vulgar SBnwUiO, In tli" ANitfilrte, 4. J. Crano, intho Richmond, and jobn P, t.Vliile, in tbe l"?rk r?bnrg datrlet, wer? Hie only American and whig aadl latw In tho floHl lor < on gt' -m, m **r ai we are Informed, though in ithor dletrfora gentlemen attarbr.t tn on.- or tiie other of thi**- two |.arti?? j were pr< ba!>ly voted for. In vtae "f tho dl'tnct* tlio reg ! nlar domocrartr norplnorw wcro opporod by Jiatrib Won rtrmn<-rat?, who, If. a aro*? rtt nt,wor<>vot< ,! fw by wh,.n and Amor i-ar" Tho hop ' >ia? I Vau'ki.T, 4?inorrat, w? '?pvo?o<l in^i" by llw Hon. W in J ura*. dki tnantion rteir?? i In the Norfolk >l ?lr n., <:?n Ml!won, ilonwral, ha l nowerK")" ofir<?tiiAQ. |n ib - ?vt t<mrro<i tli? whole dclfrUW n, with the eiooptinn of Mr. Gwllate, wore ileniorrat* Tlio t *ttPla?uro now tWole<l will hare V> ehoore a 1'alle'l Hlatev Horiator In tho pla?'< of Mr MiinV r. The tiolla war" In Je(lbrsr>n ml Mnifoo aar-ln, but In Mn ltam waril. notwlthstaivlm* tbora were no per ?>ns of|>?r!mr to th? oomm.wlonopa datermlne t to keep the poll* opon three day#, !n com< (ii^nen of a ?litht fab nf rain about 6 o'ele. k rhia laat v^brt of axfirtaij Know Nothinrlfin will be roht:ke<t br erary hoooat vot^r of the city. Tha demo.-rat* o?n<llilat>* frote?<e>l arntnil ke*T>inf ibe poll* open. Tho patriotic opponent* of Know Nothlajt^m, bawerer, wilt |>ul fbrth all Ibetr renaming trentih to day and to morr?w, awl <mw* tho(f anelkwi* wHk a gtorfcme triumph LD. PRIOR TWO GENTS. RCLIUIOl'3 IITULICE1K. . Niiltiiuury ?if Ihn Wr?fc. ?eru)oua will bo <leli*> r?l to lay io th<- >oba ?U"*t tbodtftt K|i Miopul cli .roll? fn tne m >ruiu? t>r tfi- jwiw, Ro?. Chtrkx E. Harm, #'.aubIau J?#. H<i ?) ?-.i ?jv IlKli u of lt?a*oii." AMfii)'> o, by Uio rt 'v. .1. -xtn'l.ur kv?'U?iK> '>y Rnv. < . k. tuirriH. Bichup Whit?hou(i?, of 'lllao'K, w I! rwnh ihl?t ?v <?; Id iho Memorial fib rrh, corner of lUmmn.ii itroot mm! Wuverlxy plafio, oun block fro n Iho Junction of ' * vuU\ ttiovt, ??ruen ?\<ib ?0'l Se*?nU? ?7<'iu*\ Mr. Thomorf MclAu^blo, with a nnmtar of <>th<!r ml?PlOMrlM, will meat lit* e??u.ui< u lb? -?|>">uk ?tr >ft Mill, , D??r Thompson Uio tl"? jm b?tnii to ?*{><? * ?rr<*M 0 re'lgiOD. Tlio Irish ^T.jitiinii will 0?j r-xvl iuvl t/?in wuu iuui rjugitnu. r-uiu tujiin ku i vuto iu'|u?t'n uivr** i"r ttrbin/ in the \oithwmt Pr(wb>tort*n cb'jrwi, fit Ictb atrret, n-ar Hphth itvenoe, thl? morning and even ok, by O. R. In the arte'ooon Rev. ?j?*>ri;H C. I.uca* *1)1 loliver U?o a*''Q?d of hui ??ri?a of .?<itur? * U> )o> or meu. * ?i R. i.nlerer and k'pbr. M I pwfein ?ll joattane to (bMr raf^tlnp1! for I'roe dleniw loci w\tU iti^r J??rlnt> brt'ibfn tbia C'ening, at loo i/oaire ".treat, c^maM* tho Tomba. There wlii ai-o o?j a Mfttelanl* iec?nr-j q iho mornibq, at tlu! placo, K? v T. L. lUrrjiw'll preach ti lay at A?kl?(ni} Hail, Broadway, oppoaito Bonl Thfl Riv Dr. Mar.V?o.tuny anil frlen/n willeatlr.Kukift the ll") of Romo'a favorite jnnguu> y by . aiinvn n* if. witb that of tho Blbl'-, thin -svenlitn. lb the Utatnn cburoto, TwtBtieth ttreet, b#!w.j?n Ilrat and Heeond aveDo?<. Tht> ftoretiantty of the New Tea lament, not oiariaaJ theology nor rabbinical JudawBt? Iw ChrMlaiht 0i Mufea and the Proptiotx. TbU ta tfce onotpanritam whtoh it i4 proposed 10 illuntrata, an<t prire to ftall Free and fa^r din-,nation, In the ball, No. Ill Bowery, Mar Defeoaey sliret, this firming. Rov. William A '<W, mlMfeMry om India, will dtocoorre on "Mlflitob' In the Reformed Doieb a) irab, In Bn nme Ktrert, tb!a morning. Tho third of tbo p:x lecturer) on <*H*lifloaa DarfeWm M an Ulemeit in tbe Character of Young Men," will be le livvrod by the paatnr, Rev. lionrgo 0. Lonaa, thWi evening, before the Young Ilea'* AaauciaUon of tbo Aiten atieot i'ruabytt-rian church. Rev. Jaaeph An demon la erpeoted to pr?teb la UM Hi Hi street I'reabjterian church to day. Ker. Kugmeo Klnstid, rec?ntiy retnrMd mlrtkMry fu'tu Bur truth, wi.l '(wak on tbe alato of tool ataatM^ Ifeto afttruuou, in the Bedford avenue Bap M eharabyftmr Myrtle avrnne, Brooklyn, N. Y. ORDINATIONA. I K>'v. >obn rareoua wa? ordamcd panor of uie roogro gatiobal church Id UmtDgtmi, Mo , nn ho 14Ui tnet Mr. Chart P. Kelch, law o' ^Bn Harbor, Mmh.. wwi ordained atvl o?lall*<1 r?*ior of the OoBgregationAj cmrch at Am boy, III., on ibe 80th of \jnll. INV!T4T!'?Nf?. The K?v. lyrw V. hn'gnt, lain of PhilKSalptla, ban ae cepted ihfl rmor?bip oi" th-i pailnli of HI Mark, Is Boitoo, and hart cnt?r?U u(*?u iti JutMM. Iter. Mr. Whltnnr, or New JorMT, tan temp** a call from tb? North Christian oh arch, of Now Bocford, Ma>-achu*vlts. The Htlh UDivwtailut Society In One km, hare tavttod Key. r. B. Tbayrr, of Lowell, to bocaao Dm* paotor. The Hov. ll. Wtsxlow, formerly pastor of Um Itowdota ibNt churca of Boatoo, ha* received and MMpltil a unaiiimou* call to tho KUat I'retibvtorlaa Cbureb, (kim, New York. k"v. W. A. I lptn;or hait a-'crpted a cail from Um ebu/eh of l.ewlslown, Illinois. Rev I. N. .shannon hw reaeivad a call ftrom too church ut Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 1>? K. N KwitiR ium i?MMpuida call Aroon the l'resbyienaD . hutc.h in Hlnuinm^too, Illinois. Rn llont* Jiim, of W iro?st/?r, h?? .Inclined a call, receive! ?"voral n'oee, frnm IN> \ tne airrtt chinch in . 9 ?v. Samnel I ;ske, reo'ntiy tntor in Ainutr. l^dle^e, Im- ai rc|??<l a call of lii.i > mt CoKjpr*KMiaMl ^oc.ttly tn Minl'.rim, Connecticut. i Rev. Walter I'owel!, ia?o :t IVIrKWro uar/, biw arreted u call l'nra Ui<) Kirat lYutoyterlan church of Lancaster, Penn. Rev. Wm. n. Bee h?r,of Reading, Hw., had aooept 0 it of tho Union Coejrerattona] Soc ety la Marti) Brook lie Id, MavH. Kw. AiuosO. Benun, pnniof of lb? Tempi* street Uonfri'gatioral burcb, Id Now Haven, bat received aa wntn t ot> to ukn chari(o of tho ?ifteenUi street PjsebjterUui I church, la Washington, P C. Tho ip?faila#iot' of R.jv. I. C. Ioek*ao? m pMtor of Uki Crstr? < <'Nfrr;'aU?na! church. at Merxiea, OaaaecUcu;, will lake place oo Wednesday, June 3. lUr. C. W. Clapi wan Itiatalied pastor of tho flaoood (?>r?rejatlonal church In RockrlUe, CvooeoUoat, m the iotli iin arit. H?v T. M. f'ocolriihain, late of <hrroodoOat. Mheourl. [ wiu< metalled pa-tor of Ujm llr?t Proabytarmo ebnrob in Indian*!*)!!!, on Ibe 7th ir.^uuiL RF.eiONATION*. Rev. A P. n?e! has tc ko?"I Oin pwtnril r.baree g# tfyi Bap' ?t rburch, of Tarry town, Mew York, after #ljhl f ?rn' r err ice. Ha rt+ yo- o enueetjuenro of \bm VII health or hv family, and much lo tho sorrow of tb?? church. l>v P A. Pro*!, I). P , hM r<? Kne?! the reciorHblo of Tiiully chanti, 1'IM, V?w York. Rev J. W. < racrail ha* r<wl(iM?4 lb* rouiontbip of i* tvil H, l'e?.f ia, and f mi inviuritoo lo Ch.caco. UKATBM IK TUIC WIVTWTIIT. An elf rjtyman of the " b irch of *"Bf Krnl, Rc*. Thomae CiH, \ M,? gntdnate <if < nmhridg* and O.tforii College, Fnulmd, who rmne ?o Mainmort) a few ?tnov, dl?-d * - inday !w I, a' 8> Andre tnftravury, ailer an illacM of unm' t*u m m\b*. Mr. Omway, pa*tor ?f Hi Mary a ( laiho'ta church, ta Hali m, Maivacbutett/i, died auddenly Uat Monday a hw bou?o in thai city. Me prettied to bia coocrqgaUuo ai 'Ji<< aenlcen in U>? in?r mng. vk?r cn: MCiiRfl. The Jlnroe Chapel, 2# Ya*\ Twent* fnth ?'re?-t, ?r?ete<l by thi' ABi< riran i ' mule 0' vdian for.<*y M a/re? cfoApcl (or tbe i*nr, and for "tit- r purpone^ oonnccloil with their Irmtltnttnn, the Home for lb1* trlen?tl?a*? t*< ;vKrt|i>e? noom iiHiil, ami will bo d?diontx.1, by l^ave of fro -(donee. on WrOnenrtny June 3, at half pa?t tbrea 0'cl0> k P. M Rev. I?r. Kerna.? tjano'llor of Ibe New York fnttarnty, ta aaperted to preeide i:W*v"i"n and laym-n ef the rarton* d??oqj'n?U<>n? will onatr'bntr ! ? the Interact 'if Um uec* don. Ktn? Int by (he children Tbe corner ib?n of the loilMing fir the TWnjty mi?*io0 chapel of the l'r?te?tai>t ! p!?'v?|>al church, n T'h'MdeiphiA, a* laid at ?be e?r?er 01' Twenty *ceond and L^'iwtatreeu <>n the -Mb mil, by Alui,,? )*otter , and I arooduue i; M nwlnjc I',that nf ih" rhurch of ibe Floiy Tr.o ty, oor ner of Wa nut rtreol and Klttcrboote *qu*r''. wan laid The new cburr.b ?<f ibo .'ft fniverraJial #u.,.cty, i? Pair Mreet, Newark, N. J , waa U?<l.>^tod ua Um> 2&U> ki, witb impotlng c?rr.monle>;. The Reformed f> tcb cbureb at wbt; tarn lie, %ralo?? mnniy, wi I lie dedicate I 10 U?" worabip of A.m^titf Mod, Tu?ray,'Jil of .Inne. Kotr. I* Wjckofl ta e?pect?<l ?o pr?iarh on tbe o?ca?ton. H i? !n eonlemfttaNna to erect another Orlbodo* (Oegre (rational rbnrrb tm H' nj>y HlU, In PorUauJ, He., u?l tk*> a location b*? been eleci?U fur tb? pvrpoife kwcKuimnr?i A patrol or four ?e< uoa.i of laatl liaa |oa? bo^o ??>>?<J by the f< D -r?l l?nd office to ibe Ctu.atiaa Indtafl^, ?ttatafa I100 !rum wbe li Ulbe, it *.U U? reooltactad,recently tWiiea MatbiBftUw. A llrvion pap^r ftTinff apuTT to a new mlai?ter ta tbst e?y wa ?Bk |*ay?* ? tbe ?Vwa of hw -rmon wart tbe mnet exw^ent eter addr?Me<l lo a RnMoa a'i<tte?oe." The re?try of tlirirt rhurch, Naw Haven have ateewt tbr Kev A. I. Itrewtr, ?r Norwich, aaalaUBl ;ain.<ter t?r it pari n. ?i? ? "T|?rt. 1 10 mtor ;poB bla dot:<w to daj . ll*> Juaeph Wolfa, .11 an eoceaUio totlav raeeaUy yub li fKii, m;i in.a *ocl?.y to Ixwloo ban worked a?**/ly lllty f t* and apaat nearly tbW,OM, iM |?ha? a>! ' obi; two Jew* and a half.'' The OnafregaHn?al chnrofe In W<>?tfnrd, Wmdhanj <y*in ty, tV, le rJcaart on vomiot of a .1 jtaffceuoi between tb? jiartor and people. The 'rryman refuMM to le*T*, mx* a* the jwopl" have ahut up tho church, be prea-haa regularly in hH own houao. Pr WaWbury, of tb? flowdoln *t/"?t -jburrti, tbwirtn, (Jecllaea to rvno*lder hWt reqoeet Air Ttie jwetoral relation W*??o th?? Re*. JbcoO M. Miller an I iho t>>acr. vat.unit) '.tour* li of iUrwiateo, Uk, waa ittatftlvtd UU tlir I ill). The Preoby ?err of Oreenbeter, r?n ibe '? h?i*m, licenced Mr Wm T. Print?, Ian of I nion rhoologi *' 'pinrr, \ tgHi ' A mlnl-ter reeldln? and preaching In Waop?<-.-a em;tity, W\?c.rt).t|?, arpra*to<i?ty ?""d moral chamber, foan'ly >toi? pro* >|nM n"ar R|*?n. Ws?ona? n He Tatra * hla rwot.* for bl* -Irao.-i ondnrt, that he bad been proarh Ing fnr whirl) he bad resetted nothing, until b*' wa* re du<cd lo the r-cv ?lty of taklt.* ibe pr*tp?m of other* to mmtain life. No prowflttllOB eriv nn?nme?r>o.| against him for lb' oneiM < , but a t?<m o( to flour wan (l??n him au I hi went on hi* way. Itrt loorge fiii|?f ti * Veil aofoinUM by Rwh>j? Wioib lo the pr?ri-?iD? flrior iiip of Um Camber land, Pa., iiiairi'i Meth?*IM Kjti .copal c?inrch, nuade ra-aat by th? itnili o( Rtt John A. Colliftit. A 0' mber ?f yo<mg latins ti** the white *<M at th? f"?thol\i- rhurrh >n ?-pn??)! ??* ?. belnw TweMUi, Jlnlalrlphia. ?f? Sunday ??d d| Ik?*. Umv i??'?al?ir? w>re p?o?rot, ttrart*?i by the *nht. whvoh r?a;ly wrw of n iMri-reiiBg rriarartPT Ttw lutidwn Tim.? of H%y ?ay? ?fVir MN time pan the r' fj Her T> Mwnlnf, who, before he became a pr o?? >) tbe rhorrb of Roni"- few y>-?r* atu'^e, wan a be eflotd < WrtyiriKn la the <"hor< b ef rnt^WKl tn<A Arr.h<t?a Con of '"bicbeeter . bae tn??-n at Ronw perfecting^ir In all1 'i'l?ll? of th^ ewlMtjif-.-al nj<trm of th? Unit) m chnr<"i. and ha* now recetre*! TVom the Pone the aypaiat )> nt of a raw* ami t?r?iTfwt of tbo church la Horaaferry road Wr?tir n??er Yeafrday morntaf tA? raTeraiwI goa ttcnan pn^entrd h.m?"tf fnr nalallaUoa at ft Mary'*, where he wa? received by tkirdioa) Tflaifn .it bM rotvee and by the pf *?t? and otb?r offleera of ?h? eatab ahme?>t tfce *-r?ice waa cor larted a latls Tba a?w prrr?*