Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1857 Page 1
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th: WHOLE NO. 7580. NFFiIRS OF TOG flTY. Important Communication from Comptroller Flags. IB OLD nmiCir'iL POLICE TO BE Pi?? THE NEW STATE POLICE REPUDIATED. Over a Million of Dollars remanded by *11. ti_I-? uig nauttuy ruutc vviviiuooivugi The Demand Reftaed by tho Superriiors. TO BAT AM) SIGHT WATCH AUTHORIZED. THX S3MLTX POLICE 1TOWHERE. FILVUT OOWOITION OP THE STREETS. DW?R CRTOU REPORTS TD THE KWOS. CwankatioD frwB (be CKy liHp?<(MFt lo., to., &c. fl(*ted In thtVfeLuo but wc?k, that a payment VAid.prebabiy be Made by the Comptroller of tho dues Tim owixg from the ctty'to the member* of tfao municipal jrttae. auch payacnt wool* bare been duly made, bat AM tb* revenues 4a the tity treasury would not admit of X until this iwek. Tho (talement aright accordingly be (MM U day, wi'Ji tie collateral voacbcr from Comp Mb/ JVgg, Mboatlsg his gradeaa disposition to b? the MCmd or ha*41ug VT3r to the tmm of the department the Wr.ej apeataL'y provf Jed for thetr payment. The basis of mOoa lathe flaw J waters taflharacterlstically indicated M the praararciattlecto of Mr. Flagg whe, takes this occasion *? dlaphiyieg his powers In aatrttilng tvo horso act, driving >et Um> flrfl eattop w:ih both Uwold and tie new foiiee ComjMoiim neek?3d neoe. He also rxecutes tr. the same feMt a,*eilea of tkllfUl suauaersaulta through the followtag i mpar hsUeons held ap In bj rapid Circuit aa he iww fn'ttc ?*r ? A a act entlUcU an act la astahltsh a Metropolitan Police M iriei, Decit on of the Suprea? Court, special term, as th jmm rr of. trod- Resolution of the Bw.rd of tjupor*1 mrs; Hverjnen, ?c; Charter cf 1857; Charter of 1849; M Mgaif odd llontgomerlv Charters. 8aap, laak, slash, sees the whip of the ring maimer ' Asrmndo; vound go the Cormoussioners, acd crash thrcugh An paper rartiUoos, all In a breath, goer the agile CowpMnftfer. tjdeed, it would make a heavy responsibility to dbeuMer for any of the portiea ooooensed to keep the men j Tretn their pay ary longer. It must, as Indicated In yes telly's Hkrald, erentoaKy drive every efficient man out it the 'JepartineBl, add thus reduce '.tto a condition which. K mur. take a very considerable eutluy of Mr. Flagght "Mem to replaoe, tn the-matter of *fll, discipline and ex 'Mrtaoce. Mr. iMMmr LtrajMr signified laat we*: -that (be new beard had no purpose tec buruct the piymett ?T ths men aad so break up the deportment. Ana In view "tbecxxliUoa -of of the Mayor's Irwocbps, aa Indeed in reI apart to the Ana' reseit anil :ipate?l Tor the whole <t?e*tK-n, italia i# t ut a.? -?? t? w csra wUhal?pay the men their duos. Mr. Flag?, as in tbe cue of offeer Bowver, aadWcrlen "Way, oI tbe Tombs, and oeriaio If Use police oapiatar had ' % ?? enlMod to reoogotae the -Albany Onmmlaiic, and ' from the octset m averted by -he C immlsslfiaerB to be J resolved sat to pay any more paf.oe pay rolls, except as OhimuJ aader Ike new bill, totoe Slate Treasurer. '-Very ' Mob in *?4My ?f all the other booeasiens to the alto or * lb* Albany Cemcuialoners, Mr Flagg backs down wtUi toad adjnrautms, ?o the oflcd that the new law to the tow, aud t!:at the new Oonittussiaoars *- the aoto and only Oommiasloassi' -yet, although he has o authority or reorgnJtton, in their tiU, lebt about bis vocation according to his place under the aoctsot tigime. tie claims the sanction of the law on the ooe hand, wbil?t be norortheless banes hia action - poo the charters of tbe city. Tboxe, the platfoti' of the Mayor authorize bis being the'disbursing agent. Aflcord g to U??- new nolle* bill, the disbursing anient would be Mr. Osiiniiwiooer Bowen Vkif this '27ih section*? And the sums of moneys collected by th? respective toUes aforesaid, for tbe purpsaes of police thev?*n luring Mm years eighteen hundred aa<: flftv sis and eights'n hunrfrodaod Uftyss.en, and not expended In the respective hiMnili n of the said cilles, ?-mll. immediately apon the srgaalaaUon of the Board of folice, and after doe notice to that al'cct served spon tbe Onnii><roller of thoety and My of New Vork. and Cky Treasurer of Brooklyn, be paid Into the Slate treasury ts i?irt of the poMoc fund, aad disbursed, as before imvlrl, to the trisa:rer or the Board of Paliee, on hi* praper warrant, in hkesiAhaer as trortrJri. Nat withstanding the rrnaty reluctant tone of h'j com munlcalion, It is clear that wsih the approballoe of Mr draper's police romtii-fion he acts in direct vtotoioo of Ihe new Police bill. Tbe me* being paid upoa too banw af tbe city charters, of course tbe signature of tbo Maysr and of lb? Clerk of the Qty Ootccll will not be wsa'Jng lo tk.. a- TV., t la.i. .k^.^ If ? jail wta* Ka hamwiht ftsv boar Id -the manner of an attar i* to make blm leave the ?Mj of Now York, ?wlndl<d of hi* Urn moatt a pay la Ibe aer rice, but other Lhaa aocb a ditcreoliable mcanmm this; -gal ohetacle can be of do avail. Mr. r m'n latter sbo ild he boiuul and preeerved in tbe name volume wMh (lake? Hall'* card, the aocauiit of that dreadful ron pliary aM.nxl the fornix and ite ponderous war4r.t, the tutor) of fbo ?eliure of the city ar^iial by a nat.t la a larnt colored coat, an t other equally momeouxM doeaMtntn, of which Uin While *lr??!t OommkrtHliiDerH have Ml dmbti * a few more left. Here la the Comptroller'a <4acunient: ? FATMEVT OF TH* POLIC*. Ddaitilwtt or Fbrajics, <\jt-rrwiu ib'm Otvmb, > N*w Yuan, June 1,1S57. f By the old law, policemen were paid ieml m<Whly, - J a eertiflca'o of nervine by Ibe Cb."f of Police, t ader t Cm new law they are required to be paid remlmontal j by IBa Treeeurer of the Metropolitan Police district, on a certi kale of the federal Superintendent of Police. The ootuiUta:locality of the new police law has t-eeti ^eneUoned; tfce whole mbjeet, bowcrer, hu beea nubatued to the ttapreme Oeu't, aad af ec being subjected to Ibe ecru tiny of able oounael on both sides, the Onanhaa 4eeiled in fhvwr of the vtlidlty of <hJ aci. I therefore feat bound to ea-wute the k.? Id goad faith, aotll IMerfoctMcv ot the bap re me Court li set by the Qoart of *.VS. estimate of the Poliae Commfaatfooers, whirh tb y are ?cq?ired to make on or before ibe 1st of June, aad wbleb waa rhow* to ate on Oelorday. wsay nnme before V tor my official action, aad ae thorn are some practical Officii hie* In pajrlDg Ibe pcllce force arti! money Is eal Jaeten coder eatlaate of the CommlMtoaer*. I consider it j?roper to present such fact* ae will enable thoee wh> are ita mediately interested to tors a juet esuskate of the poal mm ta which the Finance Department Is placed. The last pa* ment made to the police waaap to the 26th mf April. <>n tbe seme day tha t omptratl r recelred a dMtloe fron tbe Police Comiay?kjoers under the new law. iBlbrmiag him that they had orgaatc d rn tbe tid of Ubprll< and calling his attanuoa to the 27lfc eectloo ef the Ml under which they were orgaafc-nd 4ta the Milh of May the Hnard of Koporw'sori of the IMly of New Yerk adopted the following reeolutlon? Reaolved, Thai until the ftartber ac loo of H e H*rd of I NwriIvors the quota of patrolmen for tb's county al? wed to the Board of OanmlMianern of the Metropo I tan fs ?Moe dlstrtot, Khali be live men, and no mire. *e nla tli eectloo of tbe Metro pot. tan Pclloe laet, after I an 'Htttog fbr the principal officer* ef the pob^e force, f rWj ?wrem the Hoard ot Papervtaor* of the oonety of New Tor * Ml determine the Dumber of pvlice patro'men for It i ?T ** * 1?T*1 ?m of tta? mportnnt llacretlon confld t? Board of Huperrteor* bjr thu> la redone the r* ,r<- I* Hoemen of the nounty from thousand men ** tre B? , as the fbrrea were not dUhended, ud bar* -nootlnn. ?d la U?? uetial discharge of tfcetr rtutle*, I coa?1der -nhat each* Inrtirldtial bu a legal alula en the Corporation tut the ?i tm Axed ae hie compensation TV 27t b Mwtlur require* that any ma repairing Is Ike "ft aasnry t rom U>? oolloeUooe fbr police expenaee toflWrf, at the dale of the organisations for Police Cnmmlakmera, gahrll he i<nkd I Mo the hum Treasury far (ha u?e af the (linmiii?> wwit The entire aum ountaiued In the flattery of 1WI was expended for the eerrto* of that year paid OB a x-ount of the poltoe aerrlee of IMT, fMkt bren obtained by borrowing In anticipation of the lax on an eettmale presented by tha Unaaptroller |o ttmOommoo Oounc* In Neermber, IMA. Tbaao pay ^etaM extend from January I la April it In *W*rd to (the poMee etpenees of IWT, the 27th aer (Ion fk( >*ldea 'hat whan the amount estimated by the OwnmfctaJoneoi la collected, tba ?aroe ahall be paid Into tha 1 injury Tha tai boofca are not opened until the lalnf K?nwv?her In each year, win Qie collection of Hun for Mt? commences. In regard ta the pay of peNcem**, they are entitled by law Ao an Increase of their pay, equal to one ban dfrerf dollar* par annum, amoving in (he aggregate to Hire than n>e hundred thousand dollar*. There t.? aa yet m aptwoprfcatioa fbr thta and other Increased expenaea, m4.w'i* not he <*tll the estimate af tho new Oommlaalon 0m y a?W#d U? fce la* lery of 1A47. 1b*<V>?ml?>taoira hare eoHAed the Comptroller that *ey tare removed the Chief of Police A* tho law now taade Vil< preeeat* a legal obstacle to paying in hm oer ttltoau itie new law dees not authorize the Comptroller to pay on rArtlflcate of the ftuperlnirudent of Poilco hf UW<*arfer nf IMO. and by tk* ?f 1??7, It ta prirlded Mat the iaanoe departanot "?hail settle and adju't all fctma whMrnn -er by fho Corporation or a*ain?t them, and aH account* whataoerer in which ll" OnrporaUon U eon Itemed, either aa oeblor or eredlVw " PnA-r iMu prm-irUm *?d nf fV /'nfier fbenaiafWm-rt, {?oth Hoard* rrf e?mrt?e) <f U p'ogfwrf fr> arffte erfA /Ae in.hwU>,nU ioAe Aatv> afuteu pw (Air ?m*vj Of Oe nW ???< tf tr^pnuatvm, for the Iwo payments due aa the 2*ih of May, tearing tha additional corap- naatlon to adjnpded an aoon aa tha aame to prorldad for The las law of IMT provided fbr ralelag M2?,?00, "to to apply ad toward tfffytying it* expect* of police la tald 9 ENE1 city Mid fOUiity." Ao't tho gecuud sjc .kin ?r .k? tJlm? w aolares Uiftt "no portion of ibe gunl hli? ?J0 Ci L, p.nd?3 or appli. d toRby other pur.**,, or 0hj^t w|.| <|| ?ft m!?iliZHSJ ?,Wk v* Boarrt <* Supervisor* of .1 .,,rt ^."L. ? ^{Ji 1 V'7 ork ue wi ouiboloitt em tt pc wwt?I to nu*e uie e?mo. 1 u It ke ohvtouB from ihU it)at the appropriation tbr the po- p hce tervioe of Wt>7 munt Kj upp'tv^l to the payment of b 1 * doing rtutf under the old or new police?*, *?J P not 'to any other p jrpot-aor ebject." J 1 see no legal objeotion iu continuing lo pay the police Toroe raonUily. *ita tn? a-.iprohAUon of the folic* Ooicunia?loneri?, Jinrth MoardaM until thi decision of Ute Court of Appeal* may rererw th? law u It now ptands. Tf th? decision of ft-; Supreme Court In mimirw J, the Rime method of payment might be ?'uWuned uutll Sept imbor, whi u { moc?>8 will be co!le.}t*d under the 27tU raotioii, and in?y be applied to the pawnMot or '.lie poltoe through the troa- t surer appointed by wcCVininnstiuucn. A. C. KL&66, Comptroller. i MUNICIPAL POLfCTR HKTPRNH?AT.fc Till CAVTAIV9 1 POHMAT.LT ACKViywLBllUK TUB VAYOH AND OUIBP. > Togi Ui>t with tt?? gigmticanue of itua conclusion ua tfce < part of Mr. 1'lagg lo pay Urn m?? tm? in ib? Hi-rxire. nt i the municipal ?dihoritiei<, it i" qottu an sunuiinvit to nbnerv*i the immunity of the poltc* d?<p.*rt<neot ia iholr formi (jiHchapgu-ei' their duty, aud recognition of the wta- < bllfhed amha itie* under the charter. Hu y the following crtilt wai issued to the raptainv ot ull the , warda:? Office or thk Chikf or Poms.' \ Ntrwr Yohk, Utyn, 1867. J UK5KRJLL OSUKK So. 747. I Ckpt Mt?You will report to bis Honor the Mayrr, In writing, on Monday mornlig next, an U> what K?.rwiw in your didtrlot have been swept during this prevent treelc, and as to tbe general couditiua of your dint net. la 'point of clean!! mm. By order of GEO. W. M AtS^LL "Chief of Polloe Tin? lt *111 b? Observed waa tinned try the auperaeded j and linmiMied ?nm4e.lpal Chief Prvlito?ibo " Irgat ob staole" of Mr. Pl?gg'a letter In atarwer thereto every i captain in ttio department, ur? his owa signature, reported at the Chiefs dflfce, in writtnq, and m* directed, *44?ened to the May*?r. This order ?k* *p?*ally made tko point on whtofi those ufflcerx *nm talre 'their ground. It was undoraKje i Uxc all propagation js ial be at aa end, ?a all had h*4Mtne to conaidfer wAiat nULal ther intwdel to take. Fxot'pt-'jquirca Carpenter, dHmiuwil, alt Hie offlerra are iitttersttvni to harm at(ttM*i ty thin aot IhsH d'etre to ba'livJwcIfd in the aOKac of the city goramsr.ent, tt?; dflparlcrut*'- upon tie words rt *k e o\d nunicij*L chart/r, is a " day ami efcut watcb " TUetr report* tfi?r? tw< of the state of ifco streets juot flow, ud an abstract <4 each is aeeortiagty subjoined. coxtrrioN or thk htmocts. FTkpt1" Warp.?OMtain IH -ray says two thirds of the 'Qtreett'ii thin ward are In a deplorable <o?*idittea,*ot having btv.n cleaned Itor Korr.e MM, and tbu asbes'frora the boxes and barrets not hiving been taken awwy. Wben warn, weather emeu H wfcl be greaMy Jvtrtmectal to the hea?, of that portion of ti.e city. 8v. Wajh.?GapU Ooonard rapwts hla district In a < r<j bad cottjltJou, none of the strata have been a wept for a week. Tmitn Vitvr ? Qipt L'opklus rejrrts the WreelR In his . dtfrtct as tor. Elthy ocaJltkon; they have not been swept 1 Nr several wteks. Foi kth *>Jso.?OaJKiln DttcbaT. reports tko streets In a very HMtay roudltioe, and at prenot UgVy detrimental } the hcarttfc of ihfct yort of the ttly. Finn Waiu?Uaptiun Horrlgac. N? wark ilono lathis ward for nl?e days; previous to that foor streets wero (swept. Tfca whole ward is In tfceff IthlestoaadiUon. Worth street, and several e'-hcrs In the (Strict, 'aavo not been swept M-stx months, and that anv others fcave only, ts a general thing, badrome scrsfiiac with a boa. it SnTB'WAKD?Or plain DowU?c reports 'his wardatftn a I very ttltby condition. I Savon Wari?--Captain I?Ua reportr In a vary filthy J condition, and will cause riotaneu If nofUtandad to "before wane rather Mia In. Kwnri WAKn.?Ot|>(aia Tur*bnll reirorta hia ward la a very filthy con&Ucn, with ths oxoopUtj of a Ytr/fim of the street*. N'mm "Ward.?captain Ad^arman Ttmoria that th>ctroeta In tea district *ire In a T*ry\tfthy coalition, aad require immediate attention. Tiwni Wait) ?Osptato Norrto rmjn some parte are ctean, while <ther? are woKc tfco re^urae. ftr the put w**?i. few If any of the Mrwta havet md clean**'. irnenh Ward ?Captain Crafts?Not veryocd, hat, , room for Improvement. Tvaumi y, ard.?Capt Porter reports that IfecteorporaUon broom* are unknown in h* ward; with aotr.u eacepttoeahowover, the eootHdon ot the rrard ta goad. The 8uperintendea: of Roads ban done ee?e work Trim asm a Ward.??hpt. MoKt.ney say* that every struct Id hlc ?ard waa m/ept last week, and thai the genora1 eaodlttoB la nailstkoiory. Ftmmrn Ward ?4hpt. Rtaaar rvporta biaward la-a vt:y had way; tha Ooa tractor's -a.en h ad Harped work, Dot being cblc to get their money. Firraow.t Ward.?Cbpt. PI Iks report* some ?*.roeu !na bad condition; such localities are In tha viciatt? of tenact houses. Pi.'.Tawni Ward?GRpt. McKee?With few e ice pilau bad; dirt swept In beapa In name parW, bat not lakta way. 8srio*rCTni Ward.?Capt. Mansfield re parts thla ward S>;Krm>Tii Wahi>.??Capt. Wl*?e reporti tiki ward la a filthy onnditioo. ttwrmcum Ward ?Capt J. Twomey savs ?a tbere in few paved streeta labia ward, very ItUJe oweeploc la required; the condlMar of them is good. TNrww.TKTH Wakh?Uapt. Joleo wy* fee itrreli ar? W- a very filthy and unhealihy cnodttiin. Sun rinm Wiu ? Capt. Slight?TTio gr serai coalition of street* in this ward U bad, and In sob:* casas iftcy need repair*. t kjo otd Vac ?Capt Witter say* ti* ward la In a bad condition. TITO flitiI. or TT* CIIAKTKR. As .a final ratification of tba saw orderly an! charter taMa on which the polkm forco la replaced, Iks la*I act on of t*e Gty Fathers waa had lo the Board or Aldermen kvit nigh:, on lb* ordinalce creatine tb* police force upon ita exclusive municipal baai*. Tbe tame Board, kit ta cap?a.;y aatlie Board of Ownty f*uperr!?ors, ha I pW ed before It tbe aat mate of tbe State Commission for a police fcroe ia tbia oruuty. Ttie amovit being $1,W7.hoO. ta?y prahably concluded that tbe more eoouoralcal bid of the II jnr to do tbe Jab, >#00,000, wauld better satisfy tba tax pay ra of " tbaaj iweclncu." Tbo ? Metropolitan lhatrtat" poller. borne, foot, and drufoon)?In abort, haa .Irretrlevatly " gooc by the board." KHVIKW or TBB MrritOPOLITAH DIDTOIOT. Turning on the other I and U? tbe doing* of tbe White streetVtotnml/wiooer*, their proceedings will be found to tally exactly with thin repirt of ptogreHH for tbe cause of the city. Albany gives up the Held precUely where the muniotfml cohort* charjrn against the valiant Com>aiaKtnoer*, who null bokl forth under cover at Uie Oty Arsenal The man In the claret colored coat himself, at a grand cmiurll of war held yesterday at bead(|uarters, pree^olnd the following pathetic pro-,lama'lan, which was uaanl moualy adofaed and will be forthwith sent broadcast by tbe Itaputy Muperin*eadent of tbe Ore patrolassa. Offered by President 8. Draper? To Tint Pajo: Fnara na mi Maraora'ma ntwnurr ? Tbe Superintendent ?f I'ollr* le dl'acted to Infarm offlcera and jnen In oommieelun under tke law of lb>s State,? peered April 16, 1M7, Lb at early provision will be made for tbetr aocosAodailoo and tbe genet si parprse* of tbe ,un WTWit'r I viriri coniormitr Willi tbe rulea nJ regolationa of tbe H ?rd will b? enforced. The Board la doelrooa of oontfcmlng all mmpntent and law abiding men la office, and trnet thai no a i?repre?oaU*ioo may Induce team 10 refnaa la remain an tbe ?ltle of law and order. By irder >f tbe Board At al?tl0caaU7 Indicating tbe rapidity with which thla entreaty and aaaurance will be aooiplied wtLb, the Albany rv?rd forthw1H? tried and dl<tnla*?d lieut Martin, of the Urih ward; proceeding aleo to appoint Mr. Hatching, for. a erly of the MfUi ward, and tow Mr. Itep Hap Qarp< ntor'a oi -rk, a* lieutenant They aloo dtaaliaod four captain* for recognizing tbe M*w Yim Hctul.. and cot reoogniMng ire ejDOf Kin#. Tbaao mMgmded etaiinoh adherent- to tbe llbertiea of the o?ly oomprlaod CapUlna Nwrrta, of the TtKh waid: Klaoer, of the Fourteenth; Knit*, of the 8m nth. Arkerman, of tbe Ninth ward*. PtcUlan* on the?e caaea were renrrred for to da/. Tbtaa are the ptrlir.vnerlen fo? a reneral catting looee l> Oin the preeent muttJOipel force. Chore It not the flrtt exportation on their part that any nacre reapooee will he made 10 Ihla latter order than baa bean Bade m any of the then?particularly in rtew of the 4ec1arntlon of Mr. t otnptra'lrr Flag* to liquidate eicwalvoly on tbe bt*U of Mm charter It would, Indeed, bo aa aWmrdit/, If aen Kbotild g \ up their aaanraace of pay for the ohanoe of a*aielhtafi neit fall. The Qoannlevixoera, however. have near arranged their b*?lneaa among Iheaaalra* ao aa to maifo It drig comfortabty along through Ute aumnaer, ao , aa to await the decision of the Oaait of Appeal* Tney at flrat oontr mpiaied a 01x71 in ium by pro inlet ng a payment of the arreara to the nten. <>-uin of the Com- . imaaiuaer* eeenaot about can-wing Wall atroet wi b tbla , view. Ooaaeteeioeer Dra|ier ooatem plated a general levy , on the blank republic catena in that Seoal neigh bnrbood. Something wm actually volunteered IV the catiac, nod Oomailaalooer Bow en, upon the urnogth of hie , Albany aaauraocaa, eooou'a?''ment that the thing aauld ba finely pat through. But the?? wlae geattamen bad reekooad wnfcout their boat*. When Ibaf cam to Mk vtul a m?nth'? p*r WW, It aftafetber traaMrnilH tbolr campaign cUb cooceptlooa Wn? tfeyiaaad dollar*! Vti?n the amount Rot wind la Wall etreet, ib? !>?*> there onl lapsed at oooe Albany and It* citra nawm waa ofWed la pledge, bat tha rkak wan too enoraau* Ultiy tbao*and dollar* a Booth until aa e*tra aerataw'a |oh oould ba brought to tha reacue would awama ail the black ra poll Ik an bank director* In ''the atraet " A* a laat rnacrt word wee aaot up to Thurlow aa la a if rallaaoa upon the state Traaturar. Anawer waa piaiptly trana mitiod back that New Fork cKy waa fltren over to all <f the thlity eight oomjnlwlrmera, and Ibaf ahirt for ihemffltarea tbera. Aa agea* of Waatl'*. who aala a< hi* factotum at Utla and of tha Albany submarine aabla la New Yort city, and wboaa mba la Sloulhetrgar or rlh*>itbcggar or anme such Bounding name, rerwrteert thU masrago in a flail and peraanptory giannar from headquarters. He dWlrlbutad It to the matdentlal men in tha dlffrrcnt boar A on Saturday. It la mainly In new of thaae financial fasts that Iba Police Conm'mlooer* of the netfh bnrbood of tha Arsenal hare again euoclnded to wait for tha nitoer judicial waa^tha (Mart of Appeals, before they awaaip themselves rmwr, th1 qrtravrrv* armada. TV financial Irmiblea which have beael all tha Hoard* of Albany *uh>tltntton? for New Yotk city legv-laUon. hare. It *rem?, very badly hampered tha operations of the 111 fkled Msflfof yellrw fever aid de ratios of (Joveraor King The Quarantine Comnvr*l >ner* have had some an explained dtmeoKf (boat their revourcea The armada which the Polk* iComtn'aalonars fitted out, K would wem, could not ba seat down to tha fro ind at Serine * Point for want of fundi to jet II .nnder it W Y O MORNING EDITION?TUI ay. Aa %d\aur? ftw outrtt Ml't twldtu* wan noA'lwl but j? fnrily.oiuu g, and it was nut un<i< o day that five ti :n re?l or.iUrx fur ilim purpxo wai forthcointiig. Iron b?-l ia4?. oji'I oUiit lw?T8tir1?w WfP" ynnlijrday prcv.'irnd, <M><1 > * men go down, U 1- promised for ce uio, w tiiy. KwW wrr? alxo p**ne<i by the Q<i4rantin? B<ardto the ?lice Commissioners for the pay of the men Their n im<.r will trot fro more than twenty Ovu?eleven from trrokly ti, tevtn f.-om S ateu Itsbuid, and th? reut from lew York. 1MWRSR CONFLA0*A1*OH AT BKOtTnOt'S TfltNT. Bui Ihta vahdtit and kwf threatened deacent apoo the elc.lwua ?taten Islanders will be, it wenas Like Na|>>leui'm arrival at Mo-cow. Ou Sunday night ine wharf vhloh was prepared for their resettles win, In tbe name nyMerious manner an Ui the caie of the fartn butMlun-, onsumed by tire. As it is not to or presumed that -liber he CnmrnlKtiJoers or "the river" achieve.! this, It In >f course charged to the oyuarmai of frtnce a bay. Capt Walling will ptooerriingly Mill forthwith, in convoy of a *-ood c^a^ti r. for the rebellious region TVuta wl .l be sot jp, and no dotftt some free tyhts wH be enjoyed In the ^eighborl'oed ?' Seguiue'a I'uUil. A*OTHBK INJUNCTION AH A INST THE QUARANTINE I COMKFSBIONCBS. Another Vjunction wan applied for against Um Qnar*nLie lixartou at Set; nine's Point yesterday, before Jvlge RoctkkvuR. Tbe m Hlon wax entered by CornoMm f? Anilreu?tiei, who owtiH tbe premWas adjoining Ike WoUfe farm , no Slat/* Wand. Jud^e Roosevelt ruled that wo oaae of is imwliatcl) pressing character was made oat. none at lent tufflclent to bave the motion brought tn Its em parte form. Motion was accordingly denied, with leave to feuiiVtr* on the regular eight day notice. B?ai8 ?f Kapervtasn. The Board beiri Its Cm meeting of the sune leeehn list evening, James K. Steers, chairman. The mlnutta tie'.ng lead, Supervisor 0LuM* moved that the bill of Robert H. Ellis, for 9WI far sUttonery, be paid. Snpervlpcr Trmm asked the Chairman if this Board was acting under the okl law or Ike recent enactment of the Legislature. The CKixncxH -said that tMs Board, an Veil as the Board of Aldermen , ?Med under tfce recent act,"bat did to under proMk Sepwvisor Tccxir then said that he ?iould rote again* tbe payment of the bill, and etoouM rate againat all paynretn*, as ho understood 1hat ttere w*e no aaoney Vn fce treasury to their credit, as they ttfK already recklessly eapended (tee *40,000 which-was aliwwed for ixwMty ooattngewftee. wiperriner Claxct had ao de?W that there-was auf(Met t msney tn the hoods of the -Chamberlain, aid that 'tfco 940;0*3 were not exhausted. Pupervic or Moxrmu.i seJd the TStuaberlata "bad told him a ftrn days sluoo tfcat there <rui a sum of*30,000 or *926,000 to the credit (if snotty contingencies. Bowever, ho wee of opinion that there ?u In feot no Board of Sepervisen, and that the preeentt>ody nai only acting I) * ripply a contingency. and he Ihougnt they ca^ht to tJC. Jonra T:n<- die, untcea they afltod under the t'Mlaw. They bad a*ked the oacnsel fbr theCorporaMan Air an opinion as to whether they ^ere properly oon?*ltoted, but tfcey were nut enlightened-on the MA-Jeet; toe deececratic mrtn bora of this Board Uad no ccuildence ui Me CorpoMU m cooc^el. Scpervisor Wiwwr wlahe*53 endorse *fc*t Snperrlaor Morf glial) bad paid about *s Corporatlec Counsel. The aeoccratic numbers of thkT ioturd had no coafldeEso tn hia and If (tiey ceuld v<Xe Um out <? OUce they would deto. "Supervisor fheusot behewrl that the/ icere acting under lije old law, ?nd *ot under the bun^lia^ act of fc.e lata Legislature. After iobbo further o??ir?a?km Um matter dropped, <u>d no actlen wu taken ? the bill. nc nraifu /si> oomwe tiol A petition w?i recetred^rom Ooroaer Lonnerr, asking to be rrlmfeiumd the snas of 9660, expenses wbrch he had been put totiy the recentq roercuUon u/aiuvt btri, alining out of the Bordeil ease. ' to the lteuti-charged-ere the fol . lowing:?Pee~*o leading* Juniel for freparlag anawor to. the charge. <850; to tC. Wearing, craasel fee, preparing answer and attending UteJ, $126; Jia? If. Rbrehan, third counsel, preparing answer and slienillsg tr\ai, ?1?; expens ea for w' uieatcs', tx., $150. Ordered to oe printed, and made a speckJ order foe next meeting. . the revertoftbe OesaaslUt* en Grtsainal Courts, In fever of paying tie bill of "W. Buehaaaa f$8R), Tor expense/ Incurred wtUe conveying prisoners end nkj esses to ?*. from Newhurg dur'xf uie trial of Lew .a Baker for tlx murder ?f foate, ni iJmM. The huparrteoc aT tho Eighth ward offered the foUowtar Reaolred, That the Comptroller be, n<tk? U bantoy, quested to rjport to-tfcu Board the amount (If any) totbo credit of Oeuoty ContlLscDt Fund, tod If any portl >n of tL< amount appropriated fur county cevingracien ban heue tued or appllad lor any other purpoaee than ahould bt embraced in county expenaee. Adnptcd. Supei rteor of fourteenth ward altered the following, ? Rodolved, Uiat tho Commlawlowera ofTacea and kmur.umenta be, and they are hereby authorized, to hire 1Ue basement room 32 Chambers atreet, fitted up In a luitafele mmmm for the uee of the Deputy Oommi-uloucra .? MHVMM?II for iraproveateoli Adopted TUB MnKWOMTU NJOI CIMiUMIOJWlH ?HK H)R 1IJTK I Xr fl<>? MKifH r<TT? TKOIWAMD IKILUM A.-? Injl'T UITrt The lotJowlLi ronmunlratlon waa reoe.ved, but not read. It waa ordered to lie on tue table ? O/fiot Cujuuvionm up Mhmmijuh Pouca,) Nrw Yoait, Juna 1, 1*67. j To nre TVw in or PrnrtvnomW th?. Obtv-ty or Nkw Yui <: The under*l(med, Onmmlwlooer* of the Metropolitan Police Ii~u:ct of the Bute of New York. reeoectfuU) robmlt to the dupervleoni of the jounty of New York, a sta:ement of the anna of aimey which heaatd Ojmml <?Ioi?t? do appurlico a* re . Mle and needful to he ralaeil by Hit city and county of New York to defary the ei pease* af police wllh. i the aaid city and county for the next B? ai year Vary reapectfuRy, 8. DRAPER, Pe i lent. JAMM W NVK. JAODt OHOLWKLL, J MT. SfRAVAUA.V, J AMR BOW KM. Apportionment of money made hy the Onmml winner* cf Police, In p?r?uanca of aectlon 38 of the art entitled '?Aa act to eatablifh a Metropolitan PoUoa dixrict. and to prv vide for thacovararoant thereof," paaaerl April 6, 1M7, to be rawed by the city and county of New York to deft-ay tbn expon?en of police within the ?ald city and county ? To pay of 1? .n* peel or* or captain*, at $IJKW 921/MO " 72 aergeanta, at WOO " 1,110 patrolmen. at ??00 88H.MC " M doorman, at 3700 ?,J?f " 30 patrolman for tipitral park, at $wo.. 24,ooc " 3 Coaimmftiotar* ffxi rfaya, at $3 par lay 1J0C " pr<H'->rtlf>nofTr?fJurer'a?*Jary ,uih<>00 per aaoom 2,210 " proportion of (Jacerml HnperlntaoAcnt, at NiW|Mruium 2,MO " ooe i>'|nity Hu[>er ulriMrnL 2,000 " four lorprona, atS 1.600 0,000 " proportion of 6 clerk*, at $1,000 4,MM) Total / U.047.H00 Fxpcnaa* of Mara! offloc apportioned ?o tha city anJ county of New York ? (oatlnrent t3.VX> Krnt of oflloa 110 AaUonmy and paicUag 1,001 Polloa Ul.'<raf4? |,?00 foal 1M J.?bl? ??o-*l2.330 K Ihr Commno Council fa ha* not (rant tfci um of tha pe!1ce atatlnn hooraa to tha CoiacnMaiooera ef HoMm there ml'l ba required tba farther nai Par rent of itanoo ban** $17,000 Fit log op the aaroe 4,H00 Fual 2^00 Ijgbta #,?oo Total AM,M0 rt roue* ornor* m wm 1%a raport of the OrnmttU-r no Otmlnal 0>a??a 'X fkror of paying lb* Mil of It W Anwyer for Hpmiw laairred hiw- to aaarrh nf FWthoUwraw Biirka wm raw m?'tad. Adjourned to Monday n?it at 4 o'clock. Daaiil mf Aldermen. Thia Foard mat laat ererlng, U* Prealdant, Jehn Clancy. Sfc*., la tl>? chair. 11a mlnutoa were raau tM paw* be >rmnmnorr at ran cm auvniin. A oaw>ma*tWmlk>e waa recHreJ from tha Mayor aotoinatlng A . Htoot, taj .for re-appoioime* a* City Cham bar late. OoUIrmrd ronnun or oaoaoa w. ?nao?. Tba OnantaM'-* oa Arta aad Sa^tnraa r.'porHd In foror 01 ' ipproprlailng lha inn cf fMO la pri>-<ire a portrait of [JeorgeW. ftatoall, Chlafof I'olloa, to be p aced la lha [Jorrrnor a raoat In tha Oty Hall. Alderman Th?~k?* opimaed tha appropriation Ha did lot know * hat tba Chief of Pttiloe Wl dna to warrant inch a dtatlucUon. They oovid fat hla dagger root ypn Ions 'or It, tad 4m would rather vote for ono In ba *i?ea f erery m??ih?r mt I bo Rourd U? waiild not o^jxn tn a 160 portrait, 10 ba put ap UMf with old Havea la Ui? "Wk'? mom, hut be did not *aa the D?e?aaltr of putiinf Halcoli up wlih -nob men a* Clinton, Wright, Young, Mo. A Mraaait? Aid (toward. (lAugfctor.) A Merman Trnraa?Ay*. Seward. Ha had a for tr Mataell an an offi.v*, ho hail alway* traatod him with wurleey, but ha did not know what b? bad donn to glva ktm mirh a mark of dilMnotlon. A! larman Ki tun oppneed it bar-auaa he ara* not aatla lad that Mr. Mattell waa a citizen of the f'ailad dt*tm. AlAerman Mnn?r:iii?r Mid that Mr MalMll had bea? a tood and fbnhlul public arrant, aad ha Jaaerred ib? re prat tiiii* offered him; tbara waa a preradant ia the caac f Mr Bayea, wboee portrait waa djwn ?lalin. Mr. Mat ell waa *oinf to I ho for Weat, and they mlfbt never ??e nm acaUi I Dele Pavid, too, had been faithful publlo f rvant. ul he bo|>ed to ?ee th-w three strung up together. Tauitliier ) He would *m?nd tbe raaolution by having it >tae?d in iba Clerk'* room, to meet th? wiabaa of the ildf rman of the Eighth ward. Alderman Wuat.w moved to mmo4 by having tha parrait plaoeo tn the Mayor'* offloa Alderman Mo.ifgtwti accepted the amendment Being 'it by the chair the rofolution waa leal for want of con tltutiooal vote, and It waa laid on the labia. rrmreuara ma ia*t rivkk ro h?ooki.t* A rommnnlratlon waa received from Homer florton, C. !., of Harramento Qty, propaalng to tonnet from New 'o?k to Brooklyn, under tba bed of the Ea* river, aad ubmluirg a plan which he propoara to exerut^l a ooal rt ?a than 1,000,000 Referred lo the OomiBittoa on fharrea, Pier* and Mlpa. u*iini*nmi or rrm vorrwma or rw? rrrr par tmnrwra The Alderman of the Fifteenth ward offered a reaotottoa >at a aptdal rommlttea ba appointed to ecam oa all U>? RK B 5SDAY, JUNE 2, 1857.

bookR, jmjH'r* an.l voucher* of the ?rv?rat 'l"pari>n?ni< , uid<r '.he cltv government (*x'?pt the *xwnptHill>sr,H . rWor) with power to urmt ftir jienion" and '^pejs, and r? I oi t tbe irue coo<lilion of the : *me to Utf 3oard tus nuno m | OAS) lie. AdopirJ HIWAII) W)K Till PIHCOVIHY OV PR Hl'RD?LL. Tbe rf|>ort ?f the Oommiten op Kinanna to favor of author v.iBg (he Major to ofl'tr a re'var t of $i,000 t"->r the detection an.1 conviction of tha murderer of Dontor Burdell waa adopt? J raomemon fur. tt*a?ino rm mtrhsts. The proputitiou from the Cnuncllmun, a'Hh irizing the Ctlv ln?j*ctor to cl?euj (J.a HrMto irrespective of jooLr*cta, WW called up Alderman TYckjoj, >|?bod the maOor postponed till next mc< ting. Alderman Bluv. gaul that it wan an important mitter, and lie would s*ay there till 12 o'c ock at uight U> havo It acted upon. He wan (tapped every day by his oonstltu sol*, who wanted to know why the streets were not cleaned. AluMiUan Ada mm paid that the reformers in the Board and Odsirtroller Kl*gg were responsible for the present 1 disgraceful condition of the street*. AMt'i man SncnK* said that the subject was one of great importance? more so than they seemed to Imagine. Proprkik bad h? eu made and omitra Jts bad been entered Into; rey weuld iue th- city for the breach. A-derman (VnAd said that the Cltr Inspector and the Comptrwlfcr were both la favor of confirming the contracts, ana If they were not carried out to tho loiter, Mr. Morton (the City Inspector) w<mld declare thom forfeited Then Mr Flags would i*y for the cleantag of the streets under the City bwpncuir Vtio Board aright reject the contracts, and new oenlractd eight bo adrorti*od for. Alderman Nomui said tfce Buretios wcro all men of straw, ana bad neglected (a afpear before the committee. Alter ran further remarks Uio matter wm referred and made a special srdor for WeSnesday evening. TH* Ml'W.U'AL HO LICK. Ifee reporter the CounoKmen for the establishment of a day and nilkt polioe was read. allermaz Tcuock bot:<i that it lay on the table; It was fMagranefal He bal wt been able to get a oery of the document when it ww printed by the other B>?ra, and he desired to read it btforc be voted 00 it He represented a respectable constitueecy. and he was eaili led to be heard upas thts matter, thiugn the majority of tM? Board veCed 'every measure refardlew* of the wishes of the minority; and he repudiate toe idea that they should nave no voice Id any of the proceedings of this ctty government They were voted do we on every occasion. Re deemet* it unjust, and he protected against the processings Bad they matte ssstroag *.1ort? to clean the streets they would have dwae moreservloe to thecMy. This issuer, wbieh-^ivolved eppoeeHs bf'.ofc published on-the mintKes. Aldenasn<oi;i.TKK Htrtmwnoiily *uri>orto<l tbo moaxure Me ?n (;)vJ that the Aldei'tnan ortho Bglitta wird bvl b?rn awakffied up to what he called the iojcutlco of thf majority rirting the twicortty; but did ho rut know thai ( there ?u m secret acwclave at Uo At!tor whert laws vers concocted against tbo wishes of the demo cracy of this city, who were n re?peett.ble and Intel ligent atf Che conAiltnency of the Aldormaa of the Eighth that the* pawuU through tho l?plslataro at two o'clock h the day and were st^nc! by the <2overnor'oeforo evening and beume laws; but the democracy of New York cltj would ebow these r#i>?blican9 that they would rule then own Pity. Be ber?r!*tt would t>o ImmecMalely passed, anc be would stake Mi existence thai It woald pass this might Merman Wnaowadvocated the passrxe of the report TCic ctty: was to ? Hate ef anarchy; they had no poiloe thf waa no pay tat' them, and tho CWef could not com peHbem toact (f -an eme?r?ncy arose. Give them lh< watch cow a-fced for, and r ith Mayor Wood at their hoai they would dchmt the city and preserve order, and ftgb the whole of th? tolaek re^uWican* 'In the State. He bo Mn ved tha Mayor to be thr must efficient Mayor they eve hid, and the fee*: man to be at the head of the police. Aldcrmao TTlsrtv was opposed to the Metropolitan Po <'ce bill beoause he believed tha*. every of Net 'York repwdiau*i the Idea of any Legislature stepping i nnd wreittng from the* those ngfcta of governing them selves whtafc -were tiaaded down'to them from their Kevc lutlooary fathers. He could not, however, vote fbr tbi ordinance beaause he watt oppoeed to giving soeh |n? r t anv ooe saao, no m^ttr r who he was, and ft,woald f-ov Inoperative He moved to amend by makitg the appoint log powrrtln Mayor and Unaos Council. n>e M<onl<u Bftoi le aod Itooguu al-artern astdo th?t|pr?Tlsluii nil au other ordinance would be illegal 1 lAderma* BLf-vr noved that Ihe matter be postpone till Maodtr evening and mate a speoial erder for ^Jodn?< Alderman Boved the prov1?oB qnofiVon. Alo?rtnaa Tvck*; moved v_*t tluU Taauou he oc the ti Mi. Lht. The tnriu quecUon *u tbon put and atrrted by a vote < 13 u>8. The report of the Councllmea ?u thee concui ved I11V7 the riao vote .Wat* or tni enunrni?utjfwiratiow trow itm cm 11 sc-rom. Tbef iWwInf onnuMB^MKH) w*m rocetvad:? To nn? "lo*. Br akd or *ru)CKn*>i ? > |?0?mKXK>-/t becomm my duty In call your attentli 1 to the necessity etiMlnc to MM th? Immo'Htjt*. cloaoii ) ot the streets In almost every ward in the city. Ti wardn'.n the worst fcond.tion are the -fevonleuath, Twe tl?tfc, first, FauMh, Siwth, FourtenoCi, Moth, Klfleeot Third, Second, Fifth. Ktfhth and Seventh, beue lo dltt neae about In the order given above. Too Comptrolli having consented to pa? for the I ir?t wan laborer* ??3 net In werk on Saturday morntcx last, hi a whole ward la teeming with dirt and Cth, It wt take arme to cause Its proacr cleao'a^. Aah an garbog" cart* have born employed -inoe HtViay more it 1 in all nrthe abtive ward* exoe|k the Seventh, and the a< ? 'OKiatwn of a?he? arxi garbage, the bcaptc,? of a woo and in soaie lnMaaors or weeka, arc rabidly dw>i paarlng fr-rm the ride walk*. This will prwvejt iMMll 1 to t*e f.'.thnow lyia,-: on the rtre***; hut stall BaMag . 1 , be eflteotw' In the reanval of ihvf.ib until our houoi abV> ar.rd ehall autkerlxe some aat.oo to be Uken. CMoac< will naturally ask wt.7 U tbia ^ooditloa 1 Iblcr* ftl^ved U?be and in the history of tho pr< aeot agmaicnta a?l promoted ookuacta fum*_<w the onl Ana war. OopMMt>n were of ned and Torwtrded to yavr honorab (body by the (latei UoamlMtaner of Str?*t* ind Lvnp un til* 40th day of irch la*t; the lowest biddera wei <1r?grna<? I. butnoar;lon haa been tad In ewflrinatlon < rrjeeMoa ef the pvopoaala. After this oaKmuntcatta was aeade, the Itej^r, Com|<trotler and Oaataitoonor 1 I tresis cat lAmpe, executed a lacporsjy acreotnenf, 1 rpy of v-hlch la fcoreunto aoiwm.l, market and U I vopofvl r-on tractor* an agreeaaanl, a copy of which luknl R I do -art believe tola la*t to ba M'.horlgnd < |< tral, mkI K Curnl-hr* no r?dr<*? (4c m? Juil(?: >ol) to U cl iy (or ?ey defaa.t or negkmt to p*rf<irm to) work r qi tre?l. if your tn>oorable Hoard ? ioul>l on' rm thepr opueal*, axidonttofocl/iry miretf be Sarniahed.ompllao' ?i tb Ibe t^tactOoMico could be eraolcd, and In Jefault t enl or?ed by hotdlafttba nuretioe ttab.o. If, bow3rer, jc tha 11 am Uunlc. |wo|Mcr to con Una thano pro|maie. It ka di; to l kaa [??*. irnutt, livkk charce of arUd worlt,4lial ?ir mm aanhrwil.l be (tertowxl for It* paa." irmaace. I woil urg< ' mim .mnirwl*> action on to.? (ubjeci. 1 wo, an Dear ly tbra-3 cnoaiit bare paaeed.olse thta cnnnnnlo tioti - vaaaaut to roar '.moorable Board, and toaac nan t no do ate that i.aleaa eaergrtlc aalioa be taken w,W>ut A . :?y, UWt fcafore toe***ry work etn be ooa^ l?ted , pe*ttl? mtm mmy, and-\I Deflected, wiii, moat omrtm >ly d -* 3lat? wrokj In U>a ft vaalemth ward, harla^ toe largaat d^neel V^tnhued tar.Mnry,aad create* r.wak r of mha. itani . (k.ilr lb?a?anti). and anitljr of a eJiae ?jo are *ener?ll ' hajdbaaaf olaftoliaaaa, there la very ubiu rnlil*u*? ,wlt ilw day* ?f A.wm weather; white in UK Tweatmb, tb Dei t to . 1^?latep??itotr oonUlnlm in Dun ben earl ier tok^ i!hm< aa a city In Iteelf?thrro la alao I aJnl/tr I >ck m ?<e; amd mtmy other warn* are not la much htUe OOM'tltoDL wo old rwpaalfiiUy aak that Ruck action te takes * tb oul?-L?y, aa ahaW aecuK the cleaning of the atraau ti tbeea, H on* all..too ward* mentioned f rtbwAb. The OMnptroNer refuaea t > make pay rti?nui t prmal 'o any w<rk other than for toe collection by Vie a?h aarti and Tor Uke cleatoqf of the I )rat ward, unleaa by cuotract and baaoa I do Mt feel autoorlaed to praaat 1 with It l work acdll aone pveooediDgs *hall aecare too t*y moid f * toe laUu | <ar formed. J ehall not ooaanat In payment under the oo&'ract* dM a?y wa?C to he pawl for ?bat: be la at leant as ordinary ctottly omUSion, aad heme r >foee I > oerUfy amj b.lla fm toe ward* B<MiUon-d shore Rewpectfo It, (,F ?u* W ?'nRfti?. f^tr laa^ertor Qtn InccMi'i Dsr**r?Kn, Naw Vom, J una 1. 1H67. (A] I'rw Your, W?, the a* Je."?irnel, hereby agree and kind oa ?elr#< to r.leu the *re?te of tie ? . cor tract dtrtetct, U< ? warrt 0< elty ?f New Votk, and rem ire to" a?bei and Mrhtfe therefrom, w aooorit>\noe with toe apai Ilea lloo leav-l by the ObmmlMioner #f Street* and Uvmpi therefor, for lh? ?uin of dollare per year, or a that I rat* wi kaa# aa ??may roaticue u perfom toe wire, I ?ub)ert le toe OMtlrmaUon of toe Ummon l .KLacil Hm f work to he rtoMt ander the dtrrctina and ?ti|iervleio? ot | the OomnMFKnar^if Htreeta aad I I^ned, _ ~ ?? fB) PrrmlMkM will ? in Um loweet bidders, wi*i *1rqu*l? ? <- *< I r. to clean the ?Uf et? of the wrwil taart dtetrkrta ?t the ?iv of New Vwt ?**rr1ol in (hrra, aubjert to the aaUonof theCommin Cocaa.1 Parlor wwh Ing 10 rantiKMi work under thi? regulation will racotre Uimr mon^x arvarolog 4n ?p?-clll<j?lJnn, on lh? r>'<uUr p*f iIaj of the Ooupvotlor, for I he work peiTernvwl hf Uitna. *l??Wr*Unti to be Mde m the oirVce of Um C;?iiBiaMaaer or *>HM a?d I Amps FERNANDO WOttO, Mayor. A ft. KI.AtjQ Corner lief. A'HKPH R mtN(. Oomm'r Streeta ul I Amp* It ?m referred to Uio Oaumilf* on Street*, m<I Um tVwnd MftiurtMd to Wednesday neft at 6 <r?4 ** Bawd <\f t'wauirllmen. The Jam *?w*loa of lh<? Bowd wm eomweeeed Inet evening, the rreatdeat, Jonaj N Pblltlp*, IC?q , pr?aldin|. A quoram wm not prnaent ?hen the roll wm oallat, but fler wounc foe twenty minute* Uie 7**ril wm Ofga?l*?<l unit! the load pratMtailon* of Mr Kf?r, who repeatedly interrupted Um Fr*?ldent. He beoam? eo rafracttry Ui*t the Preetdeat Mid If he Inlerr iptAd tba bwtneaa of the meeatnf anr fiirtKe* he won Id order turn to he arreted. FArnw m rirmnm or * onwxrrTM A rraolntion ?l< pr<?u-rted inking th/> Cu??droIl*r to | draw hla warrant for Um *um of |Mi ta P*X lb* n*pen?<w Iwnrred by the commute* of Uie Corporation to tho IT??Un O*i?entlon In Philadelphia. Referred to Uia OurotsiUeo of the Who la. aw?<iiaii ia fm <mrr**i f t**. Tba report of the Unmmllte* on /Wecumenta In fHror of confirming a*?r**mrtt* In Um matter of opening Orntral Park wm adopted A tnrw mrrr na wrci * tub nutmtm. f P?nam ? Wberrae, Uw> LegiaUktare of thla Mate at Ita l*te awalon [ERA] pemed & charter (*'r thin city, aud by seetion 50 of h?M charter It rends an follows:?"The city of New YorUshill be tllTtlwl into cevenleeu Aldermania district*," ai^t where**. by section 54 of naid charVr, th? following'*Uu><e I* era ted, uanielv:?"l<ut the charieis of the city of Sew ^ York kiio*11 as the Dougan au I Montgomerle cha'lem, fo far at> llie name, or either of them, i> oow la force, shall continue aud remain in full force, aud shall not be oon trued an repealed, modified, or in any manner affected therebyaud whereas, the Dongan and SluDtg<>merie g charters, as well mm all subsequent chaners prior to the charter of lHf>7,so far an the tame relate* lo the above, pays that each ward shall be entitled to one Alderman, and was m full force and existence at the time of the pa-t rage of the charter of 1857, which charter <|?Clare>t there Khali be OMy seventeen Aldcrtnauic districts, which ii in direct conflict with the meaning and rpirit of section 64, but Hill rkcoguuitig by subsequent acts twenty two wa'ds, thereby depriving live wards, If not more, each of an j Alderman; tberufor?t be it Krrolred. That the Counsel to the Corporation be re- 1 qutstru to give his opinion forthwith as to the legality of I f. ction 60 of said charter; ard if the > arne la tnwartxt'v ( I with MtKtlrr laws at tha timo of tho pa-Rage ot the sao ie to Inform thin Bnard what legal ?tep>< t re aeoeasary to re' 1 lain and protect the right* or the citing or this city w t wire in eiUienco ?nJ renognizad by section 54 c/ tho < charter of 1867. A'loptod. ontuirrm op Tin whoib. ' Aftertne transact! n of considerable routine ", ] tbe Hoard rot olvel iUelf Into Oummittoo of tiio w\> >ie on the r* goltr calendar. Among tho mea?ur?w r<v/ommended to a third reading were?a resolution directive thu Comp iroller not to draw hlN warrant for building, % new City nail; remitting the aaeewnent or $3,044 on lots belonging to the Watts and toake Orphan *sylum^ and douauug $i;JOO to the Now York Juvenile Asylum. A commonioatioa was received from the Citr Inspector relating to emptying oerthouses in sutrjnor. inferred to , the Cnmmittae <m PuMfci Health. The coiumtttre, on notion, roM ntvl reported, after which the Board adjourned <1U Thunday afternoon. Ttw PoHee (lueatlon In Brooklyn. The return* brought by tho captains of police who till ilonigoate tho "Superintendent" as "Chief were used ep yesterday morning an unceremoniously as they were co Saturday lust, and with tae samo reault. Two assistant captains of the Fourth district and one of the Third district have boen furnished with blank returns by tbe Superintendent, and now fill them up tho same as the > captains do, but direct them in accordance with tho new > law. 1 The fallowing communication in relation to tbe moneys to be razed for police purposes under tho Metro iolitan act waa-presented to tho Common Council last ovenlnp ? i Oma or tuk ItrraorouTAM Polios District, I i 88 wluts ktrekt, nsw Yokk. j L To tsk Jonrr Board or Alpekmkm and Hu'taviaoKa or ) tok City of Brooklyn and Codkty ok Kmuh:? Tbe undersigned, < ommiaaioneru or the Metropolitan Po fcce district of tbe (Mate or New York, respectfully submit ; to y.-uir honorable Board a Htatement or tbe lumi oT mono i y vthlch tbe laid Commissioners do apportion as requisite [ Lnd needful to be raised by tbe city oT Brooklyn to do r fray tbe expenses or the police within the Mid city for Uie r currtul Qacal year. Very respectfully, I 6. DRAl'KR, President; J AS. W. NYE. J. 8 T. 8TRANAHAN, ; JAUK4 BOW EN, JAOUB C. CUOLWELL. ? Apportionment of money made by tbe Commissioner* 1 of Police m pursuance of Recti in '20 of tlie Metrop >lium t Police act, to bo rained by the oily of Brooklyn, to defray i- the espewes of jpolio* within tbe said city:? r Commissioners. $8 per day, $300 $2,400 Proportion of Treasurer's salary, $8,000 750 b do do (ien. Supu. do., $3,000 760 V 1 Deputy Superintendent 2,000 n 1 Surgeon 1,600 i- lUerfc 1,000 h Proportion of chief cierk's salary 600 a Impeoters or raplalns, $1,800 7,200 o 24 errgeants, $000 21,600 e 178 patrolmen, $800 168,400 V 16 doormen, $700 10,600 i- Fuel, lights and bedding for station bouses 6,000 v for expenses of the general office:? Rest MO U ttctiooery 1,000 h Wei 46 (Jgtt* 150 Incidental 260 k- P-jkee telegraph 1,000 ?f Tetal S216.2M r- The document was (referred to tbe Jekit Board or Alder a?eu snd Hupervtsorc, withoA eliciting any iliarussion of , * 44Qsequeaoe. ThcTaK. PASSION ?OUIUS?drtu>? HUrrlKO. 50 The promioe of Cr. Hare that lb* oomlug meeting w+il Surpass all previous ones in attraoliraoesa, btda fa r to be n verified, llulweec thirty an 1 foi ty of the finest nag* in the coantry are mom on the Island, and ? la presumed it several moro will roach bore In good season. Friday <rill J, bo tbe Oc t day of tbe meeting, wt i n a orp<Ui four mil* run la expected After this raoe to o?a?, the Westchester oounty sweepstakes for ufor year old*, ?wo mile biats, will be ran. For this race thee ?-o nine wiminaUona but 4t la not expected that ?H the horaea our4 will appear. Enough, howe^r, will contend la male* K an Inmiitlng race, and well worth seeing, partioalarly as tho na/i: entered are owaed to tfcia irann luoc neighborhood. Vr. o at leant will start. The four miln raae. bowerer, will bi t tun event of the day. Charleston, U ia said, will not run The grtat lour rude run wlih .Hue Washington having t>l>l strongly against bira, it la denned prui'ent to with hold bim for the preeent, and not t&( his energies again in t vbat tnight prove a corneal of the aarae description, Thm will tuurow down Hie number la the four mWo race, an 1 tho contest will lay between .Hue Washington, Toler, NkI iouui I. and Pewcalioo?all good ouoa. Hue IV uh tngton la tha favorite at preseui at two lo one against the leld, and at Ave to fbur agi ut??t Nicholas Nicholas appears to be gr?wlng in the estiou oiuo of s|s>rling moo, ?bo oner to >4 one agauwl two that he wins lb* race. This may bo very godjudgi n. nl under tho circumstance*, a? he la known to be a very f. ist horxr If It ahould turn out that her late race had d elementally all. cited tha powtra of rtue Waahlugtnn, ih? r< i l? 4 a a rong probability that aha may lose tlx* race, m i' ,ho last mile lells beatify un a nag tiat I* In any degrne af i fc? We appeud the nam< s arid |> dlgreea of those naga ? L icti will corUunly appear on Friday:? IS THK mou MILK lU'H. Rue Washington, cb f. ay J. M. Bolts' Revenue, o? t o Sarah Warhtmrion, by Zlnganee. Deucalion, cb c by Revenue oat of the Queen by Pr k irn Nicholaa I., oh g.|by Ulencoe, ou. of Nannie Rhodei , b 'Wagner. Toler, by Child* iitrold, oat of llarchlonaaa, by li o[ -Row ton. I* THK TWO MILK RAfU T Morris' br. f, Flftpietle, by Mariner, out of Fashto n . B Mail lard's hi. e by Mariner, out of I'atoey Antba n f John How land's eh. f. Roiaaa, by trustee, data b Priam. H IJoyd'i b. e. Moeletiaii, by 1'mpire, oat of Bud. b 7 Hfnry. B. L. Morris' b. t. Margaret Morris, by Clonooe, om t < 0 the fjrsnd dam of Wild Irishman. ' Tie horses Ul be Iq readiness to start aa sooo aa l h ? ene o'clock trala arTires, and the paaaongnra have ? h ? * Luwo to reach the course , OMIoary. ??lilW k*?t?ct WW?mw r doxb lanna, drckahrp, lats prxmidbkt or n i* * K*? T?II C'WN UflRtKim. , About 12 o'clock yesterday, no the close of bnalasaa . at ? the We* York ?wa Ft change, a mestiag of merchants aa d r auh-cr!ber < to the Rxrhaage was sailed Ob aneera'dlng, it wa? called to order bvK. H. Whiei , F>q , who nominated, an I hulrmv , S?mn#l C. Pa*?oa . fc?q , and AUrrrl Harnett, i'M , u Secretary r Mr . T W flnlMo, Fa<i . oflere.1 a aerire of reaolattorw espraeelre of the renee or th? meeting Iter the loee iber ead Um mmr uBlty had n*tal?eil id the death of Mr. ' Hank*. asd otR rlnjr Ihrlr iyat;?thy and r6ado>ece to th? family as.) fYierdn of th<- Mraninl. It wee ei*o raenlred t? attend ;ile ftiiMaJ, to day, and thai Mr* Bank* be furnlebed wttfa cofUa *4 the reeolmion*. Thetr adepiine wwe aecoaded by f H Abbott, Req . who paid a btief rlbaile In tfce ahararter of Mr Rank*.** * merchant af net mWKl hoaor, ao<t an a man wha bad en deared hla?"elf by bin coiirteey In All brought within bi? Ok. clo of a>*i alata* a. to tbetrooclal or bu*lo?ee reialtoaa. ?juth -or tiii iiv. pr. i.ncr. U'mjn'hc Aw Ion Tranecrlpt] We learn Um mfoaneuon oa* b- an roceirnd of the da 1 nraa at Akabah. Ma rb 21 of l?? Her William raceme Uiwt, D P., of Vaia<7, Mm Or. L Ml homo h< Me maker to make live European tour. ao<1 wan (iqwaM hack earlr thi* noaiirer No parttcjlari in ref ?rd to b.i dratbtara a* yvktraaepired Dr. I, waetba aoa of Mr Hrnrr J Ait t| foratarU a well known and art re merchant inihleoty and mM llrtn* Re graduated at Harvard C)olle?e a IT3 He m tr?t aettlod a* ne?tnr of the oond 1'efc-irien ohnrA In Naw York, (oner IN CTniroh of the ) aad Ibeoea ranorad to Qulac.f la 1&36 t'aCT. ALUIAMM OP TIB HATt. (from the Raatno Port, June 1 ] A atoet dMreaelnc mn.Moa^irred oa hoard tb* 0 nttad I trtat-* fn?atf Cimherland. now layln? al the Nary Iv 1, Cnarleetown, yaaterday All baade bad Ixten ptiwd to attend dlrlne ?er?4.v> i hey war* nomfortaoly .ealad mi ih?pnrt Ude of the quarter dark, ike oOnara la hU eatform oa the Mar hoard ride, and tba af | l?r Mate occupied by maay pentlemea and lady I r teller* who dcotrad to hear aarrfnw oa board a I naa of war. The Rot Mr. Nawell, aftor read in* the In I lereetlaf formnlae of *a Fpteropal obarsb, delivered aa f I appropriate aeriaon, aiitcb In tha adlAaaiion of a'l awem I I bled. After the eerrloo, aa la umtal aa board af men of f i war, Um craw war* pi pad to muetar, and ahlla Ibl* wa? I ? pr<? eediag, liontenaat Albert Allmand. aaa?ln?ly In the u rl*or of baalth, wbila la pleaaant c?raraatloo with a *ome of bla brothar oflwera, aaddaaly ft>ll opna tba deck, d Mrlkia? bla bead with freat rlalanra. in a fli of apopi?iy. ft Ho waa immadiataly oarrtad haiow, ander U>* beat medical tt altandan. e, bat la km tban aa baar after, entirely an. oo II] w iimj*. III- aptiil Bail 10 altar aad liar|?< r re<rona Ijeu |c latent Allmand waa a native of Vcjiaia. realdent al Nor Li ro'k, alxait thltly ream of a*e and bad been la ?hr aer a< rlrerlnce 1st I for nearly thirteen o' bl? drtrnn yeara, In he bad been nonatantiy al aaa, and w?? eateeme.1 by bla SI meiwmataa m an offlcer of anuxial eri. n'ifl- attainment- ar aa a f?neroii? and chlralric (anileman, and of ?nrh amla ih bla aad eoe'al quallilee aa orer endeared him to bla men* tb melee He learee a widowed mother wboee hopaa are tb eaddened by a iaaa eo Irretrievable fhe nnmhar of bia an nun M kM| Bad hit meeamalaa keenly feel U>a blaak. pe LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. INTERESTKG FROM KANSAS. Falker's Introductory Address to the P?akI?. peeobes of Gov. Walker and Senator Wilson, &C., *0., to. Our Kimu Cormponilcnce. QriNnjuiv, k*n?ax, May -J6, 1867. rf Ooo. Walker xnd .Senator Wil+i* o? K'tntcu? Sjxtckr* to Ike Pttfie?Cur+>ui AuuiitUum of 1'ulUiCiaru, tic,, <tc. I.&sl evening aboet sun."Ct our cant were saluted wM?? be booming of cannon, goon followed by muhlc, calling ! > ho levee upwartta of tfo hundred citizen*. The steamir New l.ucy lauded?pant engera coiuiuenoed stopping Lahore. a friend naid, -There u Senator WiUon." Tho people path* red around kirn; but quickly pawing to Ike hotel, ho caid, Gov. Walker U on board." (Joy. Kotunsea and friend* w?Mit apou deck, and while the two <iovcroor? were talking i>leu>anOy tho twople called out for Gov. Walk<-r. ne, modestly hentutliig, Governor Robiaaca aid, "Uh yen, Governor, say something to them, they wish to fee ami tu ar you " I'jmn belug presented, Got. Walker waa cordial y received, and Katd: I am happy to meet you, and vou have my iK?nir? f. thin frlenoly greeting. 1 shall soon pubiith my inaugu> J in which you will rind my view*,but I will nay thai 1 b< loon to see this Territory one of the sovereign Mtat? the I'uion; her policy settled by a fair esprewttaa of ' h(J majority. Gentlemen, hoping to again soon meet j bid you good evening, wishing succcsn to your vff ' young town. The people on fhore gave three cheers, thow on i>?,kr(j returning three cheers for Qutndaro, the New Lue- j ?Mhw| up the river with banners dying, accompanied i ^ imh. tc. This morning a committee weloomed General wifceo to Kansas. Governor Robinson, chairman of the M,. MBOtniWf introduced bim. Senator Wilxon said:?. Gentlemen, for thin kind erecting I Hunk * ? . lauded at Qnindaro. this la the Oral opportun Z00', v~5 Id meet the [wople ol" KantM upon their nwr "X not here to give you advice or Interfere ? ' 1 ~ ~! affuiro. and I wi#h t lat those who preach with Kanrat would five it practice, la ?oo laMrrer*nc? plac* I ?hali do all In my power for wuai J"? ? the bwt interwtii of Kauaao. (Cheer*-) Governor Rebinson waa called out. . ? ?ad eaeuaM Hk*eli Trom making a speech. They rtepped tnlo ^ Mage, and amid loud cbeenng her Uwreno*. Thenco Mr. Wilson will examine ( tor the Kaat. txmiry **i leave Quiudaro was a forest In January . ,hrn? monlh* old. It ba.i three goedw - . good hotela, two eommtHHion I elIrvnore*, iwo three churches in progrea, a dal rence, a printing offlco, put)list 9 In* dowan, a population In Ihe riUag ?? urrounding country utwur|*wi * , nouo upon the MU?ouri river, i > excavating the bluff, a veto uoolT SffZmET4 bun^? ^ Walker'! In trod oc tor . . _ ,, in W-ahtngton Bcf) ^ ^ D.^ for Lccemploa, <K oom wabhuw ' COBBJ0PONBBWJB w , VuawiaM, May a, l?6T. Aeoon.p-ytofthl.yc ? wll, lad a o*py to fuB of to. introductory <>*'< of u>e Hob. Hcbert J. Walker to to. people of Kaniiaa, from whicb , Wetoftr. gtre. y? Tmriou.eitxMUt.lecT ^lcmH Thia * a*o.t to. ?.* ? of the NT?to draft" ^ ^ fJowtwV M p,, Into ahapa berare r dapartur* bene*, waitward bound. Not ona half af thla 4?cameBl ?m> arer read before UM Cabinet, but the Pr eaVdent aod the 0 (tremor folty under flood each other upon ^ leading puinU of the (ewrtl policy laid down. Tb# Governor barLn# arrived at ma official deettiiatlo ^ and iDr?rm^uoo baTlnf bean received bcre of lho pr?' juration of hie Inaugural, I m< yau Um pre-ordained d ^ of It, which 1 bare had Um liberty to copy tn fall for information of reader". Mr. Walter, alnce hla err T&J M v Uj bay reooaakdered ami remolelled It bare aod there; but 1 preeutne that, u> Um main, the * l4fHm whW, be ban throw* oat V? the peoptn or Kaneaa I , rut>auiiuaJiy the WaablaftM prepared addicts, to wl j, IKTROUUC f9(tT ADPRIt*S OF ?OT. WAUCKK TO TB? rROPLB OF KAK4AH. fw'ow Ctomot JCajnu*? at the earaeat soltctUtMi of the Pr ?Ment af the I'-oHed ftatee, aad wtito the oardtaJ concurn me ofatl bin Cabinet, I l.avw aoc?j*?d the poailioo ?* Gov< nor of the Territory of KanaM. T!?e PreaUcot M)<1 b" eonrtttoueaa! advtaen were deeply tmpreroed Willi the rot .fiottao that the dtatrectcd condition of the affair* of Kan*a ?*?ar) fraught with imminent peril to the (Jutoa, and r rflad rpan ate lo aadamke the ardoeoa and reapoartblc ??t> r: the paotdnatton of thla Territory, aad tae nettletn ?at of that aeneuivoe qoeatioa which baa UMroluoed | di*c jr\ clvfi war tUruutfbout ila boundaries. and tbr< ?*rccO 'jo tar* v* y on and our country la the "??? *?J'lf mjIi atlamity. This waa ? duly lbs |?e?forinai>ce of *1 ifu I cm Id aot decline tone jtlrnUy w.thwy vt?w of Um> * ar~l eMtf-eUoQ ? hich evrry cltliM owc> lo bia country. * tknar vlewa, therefore, wore prr#rnV><l lo me by Ibe ' < mu? tuilwil airtfcorHieii ?f my country, I aooeplod thia ? itrtKiu, r?fardl<Ma of all p?r?oual aactlfle*. regretting only Jk'.trlD / . abtlM.e* might pr ore Incompetent lo toe alinr.jtabraerit of the rrunvr.ioua ta/tk dwvotvwl upon . L w The quertlca whtcb ha* ao much dl <tracM<l I yamr pcen? and U'.rta*fiy la the au*,Ml of slavery, In I wtaaat tton with <* |>re*rat and f,.uire eiufeoaa In j" | bai* TerrMcrr. /t the period of I1M d*?araO?>n of ? Antr.-ag k I'lereer^eoce nm rrj exMted In every ooe ef to-Tiler V Ueu lit* ooacutuljon of '.be Juried !*?ie* ' ?u k med, Dila ia*utuiH? etill axlr ted .? n-arly ail ib?? ?u, alUK ?rh <?appea> in( f-om rnaey ef I eoeatlUilrd ore of tbe prl ectpal dlflevMee to < I?leg t*e*f.??rnr?.'ol of the felon. rat Uim drtfc-uky ? ?? Ilea txri 'ioM ly a omet UUnry and |?UMH i,*rtt. ' Rut at vartoe| period* of ear btetmy th e *a?? cMHroeeray U*bw t> rr*-?<t>ed, *.-.<>cacinff ajw, a* . ai fortfter oocatioaa, ' Ik" arfrty of ?-ur frfelr tltutlo ia. \ pon aJl tbtec orraatona, r ip tbe nl.imailory and j-ra?onf 4>l?> Mdraee of lb* Martfwd Co?ret,tloO, H i leg Ik-? war if Ult, Barepeao rMDoMblpa, c* ui<on i rrceal aooaaioa , have uniformly , Mtzed i pon lb .? <4 leaiioo aa t?r> only at ? Uifulwum lb* iMegrt*- of lb? ?uv?nm#o?. mm. bare a.^nly eiuifcM *? * lb- hope of aocb a oataewopr^, which wo ?M bave eMl aaJ prr-?t..eted tbe Uira*?i of d? )* ?*, white d*. airoyk^ tbo Jaal boye U aelf gov* rimes* threagboui Ibe , thai (.alloaioe reecr* to Kaa< a*, and ' auat h? rrmed Itf adjnelad, er oar freeiaxtitan ma ann a? aia be nnw J 1 t..MimMaat peet How la the eeWeineat lo be Mate? 2 Tbr mat' ef c^ialMeal la p? vaded la the tea o^n,vjorr??r TerrtMer-?MN<?T. by I he poopte ac j L innr miin mmrt Haei ca ?w*- ?? ' ? - ? mwm ipniini oj ? m*kar. V li/ of t?lw 'ftw Xt*rrm*)v?m. TBI* la a )lw1 1 Car and ?o?rU4o_ioaal a-bllraotoo: of UiJa qaoMtao \ M toheo U* frooi Congrroo, ?iioro you haro no ?oto,?od dot olroo too dooMro ofw* y?ur own IVooehotco 14rsoladoo aMka all r>rnt|rB totorfrroone^ohtober of m*. rate or of wjr <th#r ?ui*. and aubmi* tho qrwrnkm ir> four oma doo.?ion It llfto ;?a from Um dorradiee ~?t. I mo of * proth eo or ortonv of a soar or dtxuot omptr* ai *< bm**o yoa tho aobitrooo of jwr mi <feoU?y Ymi or.' w?? *b?nl to porfho-n thai L'.?hoot *rt<f aorarM?iuy i Otr normal.on of a toato oonotih'Con and tho aub^hwii k of a "'*? C-rr-i a mom. rhal htfthoot artof .ororolmty I ran o Vf kr porrac-mod by youmotroi TtM fhrmaUoo of ' ouab a r???romr.a B tho mm of urrorotfa <?alo notnlu* Into th<- ' *? ? an aqoal 'noua* In alt MM* .h*?oo arrr a It * too ort?ia*l i*a*oo, aad bavin* Um mm* ua?uali0od * *? to An Ana acrf ooaMlrh Mr aoetal ia?iituCon* Tbi ? Mwanh? otu aa4 Mtaooml doctdod for Lb oner I too b) Ulo owilnalTo vote of tkotr ova pooplo, aa4 Kaooa* now WnaMiiy U>o?o-?tual ?>r?roi|tD of both tbooa AUtro. mnot > torMo thu qo4???m fbr tton or nbmit to Iko bumlllat W? and -Wgrary of aa ,nf+*or and a raooal. By Nio ?ct orpai ** ? *oar Torrttnrr f*a#r*i? b? ditJiM*. ly roo-*n.?o.l yo ir rtfbt to 4oeldo tbu rj.iortkw Ihr ynmr orlvoo in ro'ialair ?? ' Mooo n.aaW?Onn. 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