Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1857 Page 2
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2 known to ttw (Koatttartkio, to participate trr*ty and fftirty In thai hiftHvl act of eovernlgu n**?r-^b* .4eotioo of delegate* to frame fo ihem? elves ? form of Hi ate govern incut Tar performance ?T Ihic greftt act of popular sovereign y to ual; ft rigtil but duly of the people of Kao>uu We'f government Is not ooly ft precious right but aeaored duty and If ih?> convention ft tout to be chosen t^mild not rrprexai the will of the mgorily or the people ar Kan a*, la conaequeoce of a refusal of a (lortlon of that people to perform the sacred duty or voting upon luoh an oro?*ti*>, upon thoa* delinquent* will justly dtvolve the ch,grace and opprobi lum of subverting a great fundamental principle of kII government The law hia performed its e?Ure ?nd appropriate function when It extendi to the wbole people the privilege and right of mffrage, but it Cftnoot enrol*-! 'he |iertiirauu>ce of that duly. Throughout om wMe 0**0*. however tmd wherever free government pre. txuit, Oum who obtain firm the mercite of the rwlu td tvfroir. tnUhmxtt Mom who da mie to ad for them ,? that rmtonvrmcy, ami are a* much bound under the (am and cnrutitidion, <u we t eu by an overruling moral mcrutJy, t*y thr act <ftA majority o/thutc who io mite at LKouuk all hoiyurticipaied in the election. If, then, by suoh deitu queix'y the 'ousUtuiiou should be framed by Utuftpproftch tnf Convrnuim contrary to the views and of the mAjon'y of the people or Kansas, the delinquent absea in, will incur the >aaie legal anil moral respon dbility for that act a* tbougb they had united In framing the cont>U tuaon. rhat portion of the people of any Stale who by tb,*r o?ra votes, have Lbe privilege of defeating any propored lair or oacsttiution, and who fall or rofuae to do so, are fully renpncnible flu all the acta of the voting majority, and as completely bound by auch a proceeding, t Hher*lse self government rouid be utterly Impraotcablo ?ud monarchy or despotism would remain aa the only alternatives. I doubt not, my fellow citizen*. If there are any of yon who, ia a raonunl of passion or prejudice, may have adapted cont'arv opinion* *Ub regard to your luties and aauons in this reboot?I ooubt not thai when reason bave resumed uer s -ay and you shall calmly deli berate oa this subject, you will arrive at the same ouooluatoas now mi-at earnestly but muxt respect fully presented for your solemn and serious dell bnradun. You ahnuld not ooasoiQ yourselves, my fello* dUzeus, with the reflection that you may, I7 a subsequent tw'e, defeat the ratification of the eoasutatioe. Although most anxious to secure to you the etcrdae of that *?cred right yet I have no power to dictate be proceed^ . of the convention And why incur the hazard sf the formation ol a constitution by the minority, a hen the maturity, by their own votes at this period. can now c mroi the formation of that great lastru umdI> Tbal couitUluUon will bave a momentous influence upon the future desttn> of Kansas. It may fix for you and fnr your posterity, for agus to come, the hiu<laments! law and the character of all your Institutions. Especially may It dretde, for jou and for them, thr great and dinpuied question of slavery. That question Massachusetts, Mis four! and the other HtatMH ?eoli ed ror thomsolves; and In what respect are you less sovereign? You ate emigrants from other states, citizens thereof by ttrtb or ado.jtiou; and have yuu lost the faculty of aelf government by a removal to the fertile plain- of Kan^asf Are you inferior In lntclll*enoe and capacity to the people Ui umnr fwwr (11 c J **V| HI* V" tMy loui kiwu iki'Tj hi uqad* lor yourselves your form of government U It not jiiM, M well ae cmielitulKitial, that you also should decide Use question for your*ei?t*r Are you sovereigns among overt igw, equals amixig equal*!1 ! < It Kao?iis mat U to become a slavetoolding or a no a -lavehmuii g State? and t? It the people alone that have a right to decide tbi?questiouf This U tbe great rvtal principle of self government that U involved id thia dcctsi >u, and unless Kansas aokno* ledge* her own luoapac.Hy to gove n ii-r-f.i au<l frame ti >r own constitution unlets nhe admit* her own inferiority to tbe people of her eistrr St?ten and submits to the degrada ttoaf external foreign inleiference the must decide ttu matui by her o? n right But tt if mi that the cwenton if not legally or fairly called, and that the election ?til not be freniy and fairly OOtiduciel. Tbe Ter itur ial Legisla ure U llie po?rer or datned fo> this purpo-e by the Congrtss of the United Htatea, oallcd into tx tng by the Congress of 18M, and re cognized id Uke very latent Corn re* lonal legislation It Is recognized by tb? prew ni chiet magistrate of the Union, Just chosen r>> tbe American peopl>. It m recognized *4 the proper authority f r sucb a purj*?e by tbe Supreme Court of the Untteu State*, u the Oorornor of the Torn tory 1 muit support the law of :he Coastttatioo, and I bave oo other aJieruativr bul to see that it is fully and Miiy executed I s- e in it no improper or uoco nutitioail restr eUisu- mwn the right of suffrage I see in it no test oath or other similar provision bjectod to in r< latior to previous laws, but clearly re|?<aled ax repugnant to the provisieOj at thw act, to far a regard* tbe election of this con rention. It Is said that a fair and lull vote will not be taken. Wko caiiHaf'ly pr- diet such a result f And Is It Ju*t for a majority to throw the power into the hands of a minority, from a mere apprehension (I rust entirely unfounded! that Uiey will not be permitted hi exercise the right of auf frageF If by fraud or violetce a n sjority should not be Knitted to vote, there U a remedy, it Is hoped, In the veoties Itself, arttng under tbe ibligation* of an oath and a Just respoortbidty to the tribunal uf public opinion The'e is a remedy aLo. if such facta nan bs demonstrated. In the rWuiutl of i ou?rt*? u> admit a Slate into (be Union tinder a roomitoUm inipoard by a minority upon a majority by Fraud or vtoietiro Indeed, 1 cannot doubt tkat Out Omentum, ujler Kaang framed a Stale camtilutiun, will mJmit it, hi a tdrmn natA.for rntxficntiim or rqertion by a majority rj tke penple of kantat. Such baa a'way* been 017 view. With Ui?r? view*, ?ell known to the Prwiidonl Hd all bia Cabinet, 1 acccpied the apt ointment of Oarer nor of Ku ai, and the*e Tieaa arelubeunUaUjembodied In my inotTDCttooa from the 1'reaidenl. Indeed, f have tmtr twmigk*ml my life regarded Ike framing rf a canMulim, by ? mm <rnt*m of aelegaut ckMrn by IV p*opU, at but a mere prHvm\na*y prx<x*?Ung, ejcyrettxng imply the uyiniunt cf Ike (Jmnnrtnn, but nbtigattny only 1oton ratified by On tulemn w4e >/ ike petylt Owmtelaet. I lure al vava outiteuded thai, under our form of gove-nmeat, aove relgnty t* n ?Uk! exclusively la the poop e of each Si air, thai eoveretjrnty cannot be delegated either to egtalanve or cnerfDiloual bodiee, that tt can be exerctaed only by the people tbemaelvet; that the framing of a Slate ootwUluUoo la the very highest act of aoveratgniy. and that the people alone are <?>ai|wteut to perform thii act. I<efl?laMve and eovereign power*, in my judgment, are en Mioiy thaUict Infante poorer* are powora delegated by ro?erei<ny. The Irgwlalixe l> but one of the braacQea of the government, and it la authorized to make lawt to the extent of the delegated po?er? only, beoauae thoee law* are auttmrlccd by ibe ooueUlutl ? framed and rati fled by the peop4a. it la impoee'ble for aay cuureuliou, how over wUe or patriotic, when they ahull be engagnd In tbetr (Treat wtrk. to know what provtdon* in every renpect will be ?ai?factory to a majoruy <4 the people of a State. It by no nn ao? fullowa I at becae*e all thewe p ovtatoaa may receive the amu-i.! ?f a full and fair vote of ibe oou ventton fully and fal'ly elecvd, that the) ahall hare ne cewatrlly ibe c.mmajid and a.^?-oi of a majority of the HP9P o ? nnu'r ?ut_u ?ouw ur uie iki rau-i on ui buck oe6a*ioo* h* at leaet a doubtful 4U. -uon. and upoo ? (mot m> Tilal ihrrc utmiiM ha no doubt ?b?lcver Hi? cor taint) can anl) be clnil) acrruuiMil by the tdm of the |*>f4? ibrta<i?-lte* 10 raiif) 1 n*j or reject, o( the act* of their ili legatee 'tie frumiiu iif a c?n< ituiloa U oat only U" r ilfbeel art f >uv?<miko poaer, but one of mo nieatnue HH|i ear** aid aitming influence opou toe people of tbv Sivn It I* do> merely Uie que?*i?n of darcry, directly or ludincUy, upon ?itch the tuoerutltie may be railed up >u In am, but Ihe wbutelian* wh w of lh>ir gixrernmailt, the nature and ebaiacUM <>( their logMaUve, oiecutlre an.I Judicial fuio Uonarte , the client of Ihdr i?j ?<?r?, the in ale of th -Ir olicthxi by the people or niherwlee, llnlr t -rnn of oflkje ?Od ealaflet; the ua'utnaud hvacler of thela(in( power, (hat g'Mtl anibi >ru> r?e?-iiu?l to ft-rniujiii, bit a power of bnOtetadoua loipotl, aua r I tail) alloc u u* ibe right* and pru|?ri< of erery miiea; the elacUte fraoai.ieo, and bo*, a b< n, and b) wb?m ejeialaed, th? creation of c>r Ior an b?, a power m el pwlkaai, and requiring adequate goardH and "orurit) a?ainvt fraoo aud lojiellce; the doll caw qo'-eti ? of a |*ptr currency, boa, if practicable, lo be eecarrd and aua' ni?a power arr <n aaml with so tnuoli dangvr, aad winch baa eu uO?a mroire-t our coin try Id many and Umittrmm coarutalom, your eoboob, aeademlea. onUegea aad uMter-lllee, ji.ur rallioadx, ho# mm<1 |>y whim <- i?irut n-d. the tran-fer aad um> <f> anecl of property, or the earred reiauoae of da-.baud and wife, of parent aud ohiklne, of *u wo mum and (tarda, of trcu'.ora aad aonuiiM au>? nf nl* a ma ooueeyauoea, U>? declare boa of rtfbta, and all ibuae ?re?> gee-ral prlaclp?e, uiea cumbered by rtrtaita, rmbwiMd la the ooaditiiUw? (be great Magna (ban* of the lihertlM of iba per pie. Tbeee are truly grrmt aad mlgt&e que* Ooaa, a- wed aa (hat nf eiavery. affecting, parhape, forvter, U>e pr?|ite o< Kanaae, their Ufe. liberty aad pr p- rt> , and apua which if) m in decide for taem aelve* la ihe rafcOcaiKw. or r*jr*mnm, rim toe ooe?til<iUoa ahail be enbniiued l<* Uietr decmua Tbere are other rea eeoe ab(| abaA rrmurr u*m onorae peculiarly appropriate oa Ifee proaottl una4a Ka?a- ia abotrt a-ainc from DoocrMa admtaeion aa cm Of Ute Hlelre of Ifae aiu- r i<au t iuoa, and aba can ualy tw ad rallied by ibe aaa^it (aor mi *a?M ?a repreeeaiei la ihe two boM<M nf ibe Aa^rtnaa Unagmae. And Uu < neat act naa oarer i?a aa vanplKbad a miytnij <x Omiroa aad tbe h? MaM are 'ell* aauattad thai the c >a aUiuUna uf Kem ail run*. o? U a raal ?til of tbe naj-nny Of bee people tbe lea rrgaaialaf Jnar Territory eak n pietM Ute JeoMoa of Ibe * la rat y qae?Uoe by tbe iaa>onty of your paopb , la arUac "(ma ynttr (? onoetlt itioo, aad each m ibe eoleau i-.atmrm* of Ibe Rapeeme Oourt of ibe UaMad Waiaa Tka anw la fraam Iba pnwWtntkiti nf IB* t'o"m rrtnmx wlaaty m|?ram Ui? i'|l?w?. mnMii aad jidictol iaath iik'h-mi luKiw I .lata*ata<1 authnntr Om mmI rtort ul tfcajr ptear'i toa nrxMMiuttna of IM UDKto, rattd -rlif nil ?twi t<ad, fey aa atpraaa dorJaftilM. ( ar jr act of ? ?"??? lihla Um> naiu nf tha ilMagatad ni'n, rraitanaf noil ai <1 mM al-n *11 of -"ala W-f laiaJ ua. *o| KtifMRl m ii Mn Mi? ??m? an I horny O* ?r?? IM U> toak a-icfe Uw?, an.I !* pnaaf <t lha Prmt droi bitDB* that Ibrt af faithfully nf< ad; hut in um Jud trial WbuoaJa M?| tba aoto authority in aifn net tt?<? la??, an?t lb' ih- Ml mrnft?Um iivjrrm* Oairt of Um DtlM >?<m Ttir <>*>.UMit .,n ? tha t a4m Hiflh* nyra?. Ilarimmi to all ?h?r?, aad iim war of ai pajadmf I ha' la* w b? feat rwrt ?gi| mily till Ida ^i|>r?hk IkHirt of Uir L'ottod *aiaa, lit*ra In an af>n*al frr m ih# daerar - loo* aa M ra na n* la foma la aay siata of tha Unlna, rar. (ataj to taml ittna tl la I'M ?m am tint hot.rxl in mart a ? bacania ?ha %ipr?*a? (JM1 of Ur (JihmI Italia n?ay feava > m<l^l thai nnngmai baa ioa f*?trar to do a* ll la tra* that ta? fej/rama Otqrl of tha I'MUd H?ai|? ?ay ra?a??? na??a da * ? nr wth out chaafto la lha p I fa of lla limaiiatiw, bat to pa*a aOI tii?li?<-l) tiarl'f OtofT*** ?* ?f lariatou* la *i'nanor of aa * p?p* tmn-k* af M?a H-iyraeo <>i?rtof tea rw?1 Htalra an laa? a* (bat daaraa r?main? >a fhrna, I? to Irotaar* thai ?r hara a faat an a.awtttntl<ia. nr ?ncn nnl? a f'infra ?, frm? ttaiatn nma, may dd*armin??, or tun on*i?Ot?i tna at ata iar)>a| aa<l dl'fnntoat lattrut*nm aa racti nf tha ihirit no* staww. frnts lima ta Una, n>?y rtaada atonoilnf to lhatr o t'lfwunn 1W' ?imir ha ta a brarl ail furariimaoi, to Tartb oa tha o> a litnitoa. ao<1 aa a cnaaaqnattoa dlaaola 'ha f'nlnn, abn all ha aif-ndaM arlla nf dweoM atot ?vll trlfr T l?v. 'f qwa l"?, la *1 a nf a daelr1->? of that t ai. I* ? ! ' ,i a <4 < - loa in l?a daetdad k? tba pMp'a v?h' "' 'I* " i? i Mm o ..f lhatr -ti??a (rnvaraman , ?t'i ihi-it (faa ll m<iwt b.- Wi lin.ait aU ?lmib? or enn ?i?j hy a i*a ?r.a inr r^un<~aii >n or raja Una ef lha ' naattiin|>? anbn,,,,* i ft r i*a,r Hamate. Atxl wkf afcoold : n?*r'iitf ^ if?tioa F Whi na? altb , ' ''"to <b? I*ni4a Ihalr '..l.-mn rt^hl of dart.Ioa t?y 'aaw-rlrra up.,, tl l ir ? mn t,?m ^ , omaatf Tf Zt ,^.*^12 "* * < hf ihatr rata to fbmr fc-. a 0,1",l1 "? t?>arx aava ancr iari, y.ju. * U'1"* lk* ? lUinrltf of thMr . to "" hJaWfcm rf tha rnoatltiitlna, aad tna 2k2!7 l^?Tlal.toa wrtad .1 *^*. *.1"^.,)f ftwtitaiina framad by tha - * y ?h* pw>t>la, ahKSb la lha oolf othar W f>ikl ooomll'iii i| Hat)If *%<> mfmt orarludn r*? on why thetr roten ihuald be hoard on the ub)m-t or Uierwli-* 0\rj would have b?en subjected ti a fov<wntn?Dt repugnant to tfc* ?1U or ttie peoplo, which it oely another form of deepotum or monaichv, in reality truly, if sot la gimc. An a Urn beliexer immghtut my lilt of the Kri-nt doctrine o' Hute >i?cbtt and popular poTim-ijtiity, and of the fnadameolal principles of democracy, I believe that to ImpoM a Mt&te constitution upon the people of any Htate unlets It bad be??n proviounly raufled by their vote, U a violation oI evury prim* pie of jutlioe, of every obligation of duty, of every dictate ot honor and of cuonclouce, and of the coo atltuuon or ib* Union itaalf, aa expounded by the auprema judicial tnb .nal of the Union. Hit true that the crmpitutitm of a State, at hat hem thr cat* with many, may be rilent on the ruhjoat qf d-very, in uihich cate m the alarm* of any prohibitum of the l^giliaUm power of a Skate, (framed in one general com/rreheitnne olauie, the Legislature <</tke .hate elected by the people, might act on the qiurtxm of jLrrv-y u tkey have dune in other Statei, and especially by prok%bitit>g the introduction <f ileu m. If the Cvnventum m framing the constitution of Kansas thoald think proper to purtue rhit count, their Lyal and conttUu t tonal pinner U> do to, with the sanction of the ratijlcation if the pemle of their art, uxruld be tx-yond all oontrovany. I mutt nut bf. regarded as advitina for or again*! this antra, but in Lnui to trrat the p opU of Katuat \aith ptrftd candor in all my artj Ii I- due alike to them and to myself to doclare Id advance what, In my judgment, would be the effect of uch a proceeding. There are o'hur special reaaona of great magnitude why the people In lb In cane xhould be called upon to ratify or reject the acta of their delegate*. Kan* as is to beoome a sew Stale; created out of the public domain, and la to flx even her boundaries In the fundamental law. To the most of the lands within her limits the Indian title la not yet extinguished, and area exempt from settlement, to the grevtous injury of the people of the State. Hiving pasted many years of my life in a new State, and reprc sented U for a long period In the Senate of the United States, I know the serious inonmbranoe and Injury of large boaiet of lands within the State to which the Indian title is not yet extinguished. Upon this delicate and important subject the convention la their wisdom may act by anoh Just and coMtttationa] provisions aa will accelerate the extinguishment of the Inolan title. Then there Is the great question of homesteads and preemption* for actual settlers, always deemed by me mo* Just and beneficial to the people or the whole Unto*. Then there is the lire per cent fund for the new Sums, and the half a m Uion of acres reserved for a University or other purposes. Then there is the question of railroad grants by Ooogress, made by them to all the new States but one, aod within a few months past made by Congress to the Territory of Minnesota, even in advance of her be coming a Statu, and which in my Judgment will promote In a most wonderful manner the rising prosperity of thai great and enlightened community, now about assuming the attitude of a sovereign State, and detained. I believe, to oo operate with Kansas in all great questions upon the floor of Congress. Kansas Is undoubtedly entitled to grants similar to those jiisi bestowed upoa, Minnesota, and upon this question the Convention in her ordinance constituting a part of the constitution may take Important action. These, recollect, are Kraals by Con xr ess. not to oomoanles but to 8t*iec, and U K a nun by a constitutional provi?ion should, like jbe State of Illinois, In granting hereafter these lands to companies if they think proper to build these roads, preserve the reven per cent of the gross proceeds, U li quite certain that so soon ai these roads may be oon stiucted, such will be the large pay menu Into the treasu. ry of the Su e that there would be no necessity to Impose In pauses any Suae tax whatever for the support of the sute government I come now to the great and paramount question of education. I have heretofore referred to your lands for the purpose of a University where all the Sciences may be taught, especially a grett agricultural department. I come now to the question of year school lands, embracing the question of education?that great question upon which di iM-mis the peijietuity of our institution*. In my report a* Secretary of the Treasury, (blank ^date) will be found the following recommendationAotlng upon this recommendation, but not carrying It out to Its full extent, Ongrees, on the , passed an act granting two school sections Instead or one, as heretofore, in every township Thin wss a great advance upon the former syilem; but in my judgment the great benefits Intendod will never be realized until rour school soctlons lnitead of two are granted in everyftownxblp, locating tho school section^in the ceLtreof every quarter township, which, by only doubling the cciool sections, would cause every section of the puMic domain In the new States to join a school section, which would add immensely to the value of the public landf ahilst at the same time affording an adequate fund nut only for the exUbllshment of common schools In evory township, but of high schools and free academies, which, together with the un|vors!ty grant before referred to, would place Kansas in a few yenrs, in point of science and education, in the front ranks of the States of the American Union and of the world. This is a subject which I regard with Intense Interest, inasmuch as my hlgheet hope of Jie perpetuity of the American Union la based upon the progressive education and enlightenment of the people, enabling them felly to comprehend their own true lnlereste, the incalculable advantages of the continuance of our Union, the eiemption from the power of demagogues, the progreea of the arta and acitnoM, the accumulation of knowledge, which la more and more ovary dar becoming real power, and which will advance ao much the grmi Interests of ur whole country. I' pun looking at the location of KanaaaJ And that within reasonable boundaries ahe would bo the central State of ! the American l'uion?equl distant from north to south, and from the Atlantic to uie Pacific. She will bo In truth, I the great central State of the Amerloan Union, bounding upon the north and the aoath. the eaat and the went. Wl b a vast extant of fertile lauds, a geographical position Dwt commanding, national, it la to be noped, In all her views, free from B'xttotial prejudice*, worthy of her poetUna In the centre nf the Union; devoted, I trust, ta all oot titutiooal guarantiee, uninfluenced by bigotry or fanaUrt-m, regarding wilt) JnHt con?>idcraUoa the iivculiar Institution*, so widely different, of her co terminous Dtatea, | ready to do Justice to inem all, and above all rofaaln^ to be made a fource of dlacord and Injury to any of her xUter Htate?, devoted to the nonstitution and the I'nlon, strength rnlng ana perpetuating our free institutions. On the north Ilea th? Nebraska Territory, soon to becoiM a State, on the soutA the grmi and fertile Indian Prritwy, mow / K"t* In betvme m Male, aided and encouraged by the malt, of Aiwimu To the border* of Kansas run all the great lion of railroad Krom St I/wis and Ulsaouii, the Southwestern Railroad, the Ml*iouri and ftKifie Railroad, and the Hannibal and ft Joeepn road, ami through her berdert proceed Ike great route connecting Kantai with the SuUams Panfc Railroad through the Indian Territory and TV*u, with the grtat rentral route and the great mwthem mute to the /'art/,. W.-stward and northward these route# connect her directly with Paget .Sound, the mouth of the Oregon river and Aui FYaaciaeo, from the aoutbern bouidary Of Kaivu, U'l the Pacitic In a atraight line, with but four hundrt-d mil ufty mllej t > the Call of Mixtou, in' Uie rarne railroad Mgk the Indian Territory would connect b.T with New Orleans, with HaJreaUki. and through Trxaa, wilii Han Kraocnoo aod other point* 0|?>d tbe Pact tic Kanaaa oocuptea a poMU ?, thr refoie. of immense power, and, with wlae routine la and a proper deTciopemrnt of ber reaonrcea, aa tbe great central >%ate of tbe Amrrtcin Union, wtlb tbe mo* fertile aoil an t aalubrioua . ! n. if-- part-r 1 patl ng In the inlemxime of thn Atlantic and Pacidc, tbe la*.-a of the North, an<l|U)e Uulf of Mm ion, tbe Ra-il dm of tbe North and of tbe .South, the Arkaneaa, Mlwonn and Mlaalaalppt, aha muiit, with wlae coummU, become cue of the mint pro*|ieroui, populous and p werful of tbr Htatra of the American I'non With her m-lglibor on the rait, the great Htate of MHaoorl, extending along her whole paatern boundary, and from whom rome ao many of her people, her Interronrae by river* and ra*lr>?d* murt be mmi intimate, aod ihe can mii r y reel no dl-poattion to eatabiw* hoatile relation* with that Ht te. U> hrram* a )<r -j?i<jan>tiit rf abntilUm. an tuty turn fnr fugitivr nulfi/mng tXf cUrvnntu rj t&r Suprrm* (>?rt if (A/ t'niui Mat*, and &<ring up twfaa v trn m (V h-art if Iki * ?av fnvm 'in tkr .Wt Iv* tkt print OrtiU atanrAoUUmff Indian trrrifrf, together with Taiaa, a?ip<lyiag her with cotton for bar manufacture*, aod ?upp)>lng them la return with ber h-mp, grain and other product*. Thoa, on tbe aoutb aa4 Mat rhe will be bounded by tlaveboiding HUtea, and on the nonb ai d we.t mo?t probably by free Nt*te?, wKil* yj frnm unl, rt\maU, pmiurtvm, and ttkrv caiuri, fkf iktmJil uUtmdulf tmrmt a frm Stair, abe will at leaat re tajn ail lb ? < great noaaerratlre featurr* which wnill enable h? r t > atrrcgtben and perpetuate tbe American Colon It I- q lite probable that in regard ta many of thaae maa euree, *?perlai|y a* regard* tbe Introduction of bar .Southern u rr1?ortaJ neighbor aa a A ate, the or nnituUooaJ oonreouna of Ranea# may ba called upoe in as a moat important part, ritallj interesting to tbe whole people of Kanaaa, and upuo which tbey should be permitted to rierctae tbe right ot an(f>age Iraeri neither at ibe city of Waabiogioa, aor ebrwhere, have I eter koowa a meeting fraigbt with tore Important ooaar^ jeooea to a *ate or Territory or to tbe fataie than the convention whtcb la a boot to be elected ant axeembied in h an?aa tbera tb< great queation ufaeif P? <M thai Tarmory?oaa Kimm govarn baranl/'f Caa ?hn fraair, tod r%Uf jr. u<1 *drolQl?4ar a *? '? nrn'Ot, or mut aba loo* to florgrfM, or to hu*atta, of to ntwr ?, to do thaaa things for baif la ?ha rapah'a </ >p|f rnvammaot, anil imong othor thing* ran ?m dacida tba "larary quaa'joo fur baraalf with out forr>g* lairr?rnti?. A?v>t? all, ara her own Conrm uon< of b? r 0*0 dab-gala* willing to tmal bar daatlay to Ibr totr or bar own pt-opj#, or muaiairtl itrlfa b? raoawad to Kawv' Mm ?ha aatlia farm*, and aatabliab town* an ! Hum, -rb<?>llm?ia**, *r?ri*nii>a, oollagaa and rharrhaa, logatbar ?ih railrnM? a ad a wtaa mm oonaarraUr* policy, or m< at 'ho ba ft ran over to fkaatlfllani aa1 ctril war IM ail Ibair <!**? ? roua enoaaquancaa' I babaT* har da-tiny M lb b'f own hau l# I faH a daap aotl itnda la bar wal ara I h?ra m parin?al ??b?i or intaraat* to gralif t. onihiaf (Mil lb* fond iif tba ?b<4? proplr of Kaaaaa | hnpa thai my munna will ba no* ?f|pa4-iAnatlnn and paara 1 aotk-l ' Can raaort u> military powar, but If tha law? ?bo ild 1)1* raabtfl, y an aUrmpt tAnuld br miuV <0 fp IV autJkorxy tf Omgr*n. mting tKrrmah (V HKnatanfalifr <4 (At TVrrtfnrwiJ Ltyitlmlur*. mm 0/ *>At<-A M tpnl*4. f mu1 4n my d>*i In taring that Lkt lava mr* faithfully **> , end U**r il* rim* nifncH U< a pnorr I bahara lhat tba dfwunj or tba 1 aion la Id tha haada of tba paoirfa of K*r ?aa (f tba) ?bo>.|<1 prove l&aompatart to lha aattla OKI)' Ot thr -lavrfT qufJlko, I a?a nothing In tba future but 'ijoa. t> r ai >11 ItiI war. Laatead of that imtnaoaa MM wrlty wMcb I* now tawning upon bar, I am nothing but ''l?*t atid "fi'latloa / ?v (V tamri f ri<41 aar tm larxftng hynmt k*r Itmf intn 4U .ftmlm: IhrMii th* fnUart 'f the Mlrriff wym t*0ir fmnliHmu, in i the "?-af 0<<?wMia/iff> if of lunula torrfy ?*A?cA Vrovbinvr rurr anAa^ai to mum. inir> (lnan Ay nwd m?a 0, If tba r?l W- Kan aa wmild lift tttamaailrM to (J>a alavaliou of tlw lofty raMiny whirh, wHb pr>a? and union, la In atora tbrru aa<l for Ibr roontry- If tbff would look to tha ti*hr? futiai Mid f.itnra ntjaruton of tbla irroat ra pnoHr?If Oiay wou d babold tba parlol whan our oainlry ?lial> rontalr mor? than a hi'bdrad millloqa of fr*ain.?n ? whaa o'ir mr^f I t?.war ahall bonom* [ira amtoaat, an l o?barnaiii?nat |nn t.|?n -iy our 'lampla, ahall Intrwdnra th?"a al o otr In-tl'.n ..r><?ba will tar* with aorrow and In i/nat"-n ftoia 'lia ?-P .fl r,..w la bar a? aa In [ atf 1 marl for W ?|r?<ii ai of tba imarMWo I'bIob tf all iba *1 of tb? I'M U a ona la tba fntnr* wblrh wonM an?lain tna da^aai injury from tha ovarthmw <?t tba ?ma Iran I'tilif, amiw tm tha %ia of Kan?? ft woo Id knork bat off from tba anmna?k?i|on of tha aortb am lafcaa or tba ?iilf o? *0*100, fynm tba itlaailr or tha Piarifln <*a wnafd Mrr/Maa tha rapmarh not only of mir roun??r. but of libarty. a??l prorr?a, ? 1 mnlt??iion throughout U# world, "ba would aaroiiMar otiloquv ft?r t*?1aff awmfliwd 'ba Amartoan ITnma, a ad witb 11 ma llb?rti?a of tba world: wharawa, by pua.utnf * propar aa<t oonaor*atl?n frm'aa aha rm? mtahhab and ronaolwiala har owi prrw) atlty ahlH 0*Un?wtahlaff Iba bopaa af daap?4 bant upon oar iiauntoa. and plana 0.1 r ooantry upon a baa 11 aa Inn ir^wbta aa tba ooMHtalKw I NEW YORK HERALD, Tl Uu Vlrgtala C orrmpoiMlrnr*. Kiumoon, Va , May *0, 184T. fmptrff Dtriium bf Chvf Ju$tice Tbn/y? Ormi Sunday School Prweuumr-A Kukmomi (Ximdidale for Ika Oov wwMp tf inah?Kftd <ftke Reotrd Democratic Victory imthu Oitf upon the Kwm Nothing. Ob the 'XUt Intl. an Import tut decision waa rendered by ?blef Justice Tauey, In the Federal Supreme Court of Tlr ftila, In the caae of Waring va. the brig Alvanoo. ThU waa an action brought by the former Brtilah Consul for the port of Norfolk again* the brlf ab nr* menuoned, for haring brought over a free negru, from Antigut, and let bin in Virginia in bondage. Judgmeut wa? giren by Judge Halliburton. In June, 1862, condemning the Taaael, but an appeal waa taken and the qoMlion argued before the Chief Jnu*ir.? nn ilw 2lih injL. whan the iudement of tha couri to low was affirmed ud the vewel condemned and ordered to be sold. It appears that thb system hu been going on for severa years, and thongb many hare been detected ant p id( isbed for the ofltaoe, the practice hu nere'the le?a been pursued. Nor U tt supposed thai tbe decisiou 'n tfU iotanoe wtU stay tU profreas. Toe only mea^a adrquate to this end U the transfer of all reapia Hibtniy fiom tbe maMera to ibe owners of ve-aei* Tbe law, 1 believe, aa it standa at preaeat, makea no provUlon of ?hla eoft, but I understand Uiat effort* will be made ao to adajit It A grand procession of the children of tbe Sunday aobooia of tbe differebt denomination* took place In tnMolty to-day. U wai the grandeat altalr or ibe kiud that ever took place here. Tfac preceedon, locluc ing the adoita who engsgnd la tt, oomprisod at least lire tbo tsand pemnoa, and taking tbe spectators Into th estimate, I Bight safely lot down the whole uumbr.r aisevea thousand. About eight o'clock this morning tbe schoola am^tad at their reaprcttre schoolrooms, where they were place in charge of Marshal- ebo * fo the oocasion. Each Mar hal marched bit respective school to the place dealgaat ed, whore, having formed into one general prooassi?a tier marcoed In tbe order laid down lu tbe programme fte poena within tbe aqaare waa traly intereaung Thta magnificent retreat, oharmlng and ffeactnating in itnelf, waa roodertd much more so by the imposing combination m gaiety, (ashloo and beauty which thronged there upon thit oocoton. It was, la fact, a ooahluation, er more pro <erly a blending, of all that is fascinating and beautiful in nature and art. At It o'clock the prooeeaioa dispersed, bat for htars after many a beauiiHil form might be seen strolling through tbe square, a< though they faH reluctant to with draw tbemselres from a scene that combined so much of pleaaure and Interest We bare here a vigorous candidate for the Governor hip or Utah, In the person of Martin UeredlUi Lipscomb, retired candidate Tor thu Congressional district, who, a? you may remember, in hla address to the voter*, pledged himself. ir elected, to oowblde the Aral abolitionist who made a speech in Oooxress against (he interest* of hla oon stitsenis. As an additional incentive, he assured them he would Htrlpo Rurlinicaroe's back anyhow. All thli proved unavailing, however, for admonished, no doabt, by the bad prospects ahead, he withdrew from (ha contest before the day of election. Meanwhile, bi-aring that a difficulty existed In procuring a proper peravn to undertake the management of Brliham Young he at ouce determined to apply for the effloa, be hevlng thai ho possessed precisely the quaities suik-d to so responsible and perilous a position. He Imagines that the qualifications upon which he based his claim to election here?but which were disregarded? will be doly recognised and appreciated by the President, and thus believing, he has this morning straightway repaired to Washington to have an interview with his Excellency. The LHtpatchot thin city has spoken highly of his qualifications for inch a position, and expressed a hope for his success. The Know Nothing* of this dtT take their late reverse rather badly* but the worst of It Is. they have few to condole wltn them. I understand tney blame Ridgewav, of the Whip, for the result He, as 1 formerly stated, took exception to the candidates first put forward by the party. In deft recce to his wish, a second meeting was called, which resulted In a modification of the former ticket to the extent of striking off two and substituting two others. This satisfied Ridgeway, and he Moordlngly supported the ticket; but, as the party now say, the baa put upon the original one attached to the latter, and defeat n< the consequence. The result has caused no little surprise to all familiar with the state of party In this city for several yearn The last stronghold of Know Nothlnglsm in Vlrgi nla has given way. Tike Trip of the VandertoUt. TO TH1 KIUTOK OP Till BIXALD, Nxw Yomx, June 1,1H67. I should like to oorrwt an error that appeared In Saturday's Hbuld In regard to the steamship Vunderbill's trip. Ton mj that she baa disappointed tboae who expected bar to make quick trip, An. Taking lb* following things Into consideration, the steamship Vnaderbllt has Ada the quick sat European passage as record, and placed on the same (krorabla footing with the Parala and Baltic, when they made their abort pssssgss, aha would hare made the 1 Jrerpool trip la eight days. First. She left this port under a low bead of steam, and run to thp Hook with bar angtnea clone shut off; laid to Ultra to allow the Commodore and others to get en the steam* r that waa to bring them to the city?ahe lost two hours by that ; whereas the Persia and Baltic, tn making their quick runs, work their engines at the top of their speed from the moment the* Ore their streaaa fun; and do not stack them again until they touch the other side. tiecond. The VanderbUt made the southern passage ta avoid toe oo the banks, which neither the Persia or Baltic did In their quick trips; and any one at all conversant with the European track knows the southern Is 300 mllea longer than the northern one. Tblr<t The distance from this port to Southampton li 100 miles further than from here to Liverpool, the port the Persia and Baltic runs to, which shows the Va>d?rbllt io nave run ?uu DIM tanner inan either or U?? above mcctlofied ahlps, and did It In 9 day* |H hour*; and a) low 11 k itoo mile* for a day's run. ihowi the Vandertnli to have run the ?*rac distance the Persia and Baltic did In 1 day m boor* tana time than tba 1'ersla did, and In 1\ days Iran lime than the BalUc did. The shortest trip the Pirn la ever made waa 9 day* 0 hour* 30 mlou ves- the Baltic' van 9 dayi 16 bourn 2S mmutaa, and in botb owl It waa not until after Ibey had been running some time, and bad their engine* out down to smooth bearing*, whirl) pres aa old engine a rait superiority over a new one, ae waa abowrn by tba Pervla beraelf, whom It took 14 da>M S hour* M minutes to make her first trip. You aUo a) that hereigineer waa afraid of overheating hta boiler* atid cliaCnf hia wheels, he Any one at all aoqualntod with Mr. Win. A. Mgbthall or Mr. J >ho tier main, her ohief engineers, know that they are not the men to he afraid of anything under their charge In the shape of a steam eaglne; ae peel ally one whom all European engineers are awaiting to criticise. A f hip of bar sise, with beam engines, to a thing i he world net or saw before, and it 1? a class of en fine thai turopoan engineers bare always orlwl down for marine purposes. There Is one thing her friends bare groat eipertauon* of?iha' is, har economy of fuel Tbey do not px|?ct her consumption of fusl will be over mi tuns In twenty lour boars?whereas the I "em la burns 130 loo* in twenty four hours, and the boilers are exactly the same In botb sblp*. The Oollins nu-aroer?, wben .h?y a-e pushed for a quick trip, consume 1 300 Umih of c<al for a trip, but wben not puebed. 1,000 tun* are tbeir average, and Ibey are much hmailer snips than the Vsnrierbtlt Hoping yon will Inaart this correction In your w.dely clreulausl pa(<?r, that Its engineering renders aM th??* Io terwtm in the oucoeas of American marine engineering, may hare tba Vaadsrbtlt'a performance placed beftre them In its true and proper light, I ramam yonrt, re'iwcl roily J RANIKtU'H 8KK-". OunsuHiog Rngioeer. The KuglHte Hlatt Kn Itanaent In Ohio. BiDKAb cfUTi amainnt tub sanurr or clam oopktt. Trom the Plnrtanau Knqnlrer, May 90 ) .Judge l*avttt, of th* Untied Mate* District Jiurt.ysater day frsat?d th* petition of babeae oorpu* prated for by the I nltei) Mate* Marabal. agtlnst the Aharlg of llvt county. Outnmandlag him to produce forth wit n before bin the bodies of the ten deputy SarvhU* of the C* Md tkataa who are now dnalned prvooers at 8prtag8aM. Tb* writ wa* ' ' last evening br a deputj Marshal, and the rMarn *111 probably ba Md In nay If tb? writ i* ox oVifl the Marshal win apply tor lUtrJimMM, aad tb?y a ill be el ecu tad at eeary mt It l? hi- <t??rniioatloa l> auemit W arrant* against aJ) tbe parura. laclBclia* trw> Jade*. tUirnff, and arary ladlrlduaJ ImplK-aVrd la th* raal taooa and ?tol?-ww a?alii?* Ibe raited 8mm* Marttii Tbe Marshal ha? already tba nam-a <v aaraMy of lh*?a partiM, and be l? taking atop* to aaoanaia the aa?M> of otharm. Tbay will be inMM aad dealt witb a*w ita? to law. All oaliooal mea. wba retard ibe law* of tbe oo >a a and tba dlfolty of tba fadaral lenriarnt, will cheer ly proffer and reader tbelr aid In tba Manbal la tba perforata or* of hie detlea. Tba ManhaJ, wa mam, teleyrapbed to tb? ferretary of tba latertor lor lootrnctt-io? 1x4 tba* ba bad any beetleUofi a* to lb# coaree which ba Mgbl to ami will pir*ae la tba aflbir, but that ba tn.gbl hare tba fall aaactioa of tba K< ecatire tor all hia meaaorea Tn Cormw C?or?lie porta from "l??w Orleana n May SO My that Uia walb.-r ha? at lent bernme ?a tied aad "arm, and tbe frowloc oottoe In all pan* < .bo oooairy appear* to ba r*HH> makm? np for tb? delay ut Ita tor werrfaee* by the bark war a princ ADIFlTWFlFIfTS KKHEVKI KTKIT DAT. Tni"firkjikv. At a urarjAi. n?bTibo or Kwonvii *?. Wo b? d at ib* ea?m? bO '?? o-. Moa 'ay -??ntn* 'nee Irt (be folio wlrfl preamble aad reao4ul?>ae were oa wntioa. naaal *>ou*ly adi-p d ? Wbrreaa, tbe law <>r*air.*le* ib? hi?M known a* " Ttr* i oaiaiteatonrra of the nty o. ? ? Tor*. ' ha? neear be -a ?ab ailU-d rartr of ibr mlf flrea^n of >? n'y, t* ?h?r-a? tbe *eld buerd hern ale**' nniiml "1 P"W-? la *u*u*n tlo? -? p< lim ?"d lo other wan latrrf. rr* wl hArrm n I..11 IduV'i and *a en? panlea an-t whnrraa li I. ?. opi.t.,,, .,f hi* n en pany that n.?ny Jnf and *ali<ary am-ndm?it* mar be male m lb# oa 11 law ehrn-bf rqnal a d liapar la ImaMea n b*erar*d m 'be di?t??n of tbx <4t?, h? It Rewired, lhat ibl* nnmpanj do h?r-h? a ..p .l <t a <1eV*?'l m of thre* mrn>h?r* ?? ?( ?l ? ? ll?? anaiboefolia ? i/d? M *r ivaapanl** a? rb?ae lo er> i>p?ra'e wi h n? for <b# t-p,',a " >ir*ftin? ? law to be la ml ted t lb- arft j-ftaiatnm iif ?b?i t*te. altatia In ibe wantaaifl Inter**!* of ihn r r- l??p*/t. est . __ Hraolred "bat ibe a?*e?ary of tbl* eoiapaay ba, and ba i* h?reb<, ta'melei' ?o tran>mi' a envy of tb- rern1>iiWm*kt na-b riatpafi) In 'be rl-y rrque* Int tb ta lo *rmt t? him ? oo.,e of 'b?->r ae?loo'b? feon. an--that u?e d?l ra'mi fm-a ihi.r m aoy on rare Tin 1b- a*m?? <4 thrtr **?vla'?'* nn ?r >hl* e?P b' n ?iri>ntMl ??I rail a mMMint at ?nab co??nlrn >iiaa ?,M pla ? a* maf ?a*f?i la tbew brat for tba objne * h-r -m .-f?r* n?a 'r-rolied Tkal nald drlraail-ai m*M nf i?.*r H ??.* ?, John J BHIlt and Wal'rr Orabam k*anl*fd Tbat a eop? of 'be atora ia pubilabed la tbe Hew T fl Mnra'4, l^adnr aad rctiry " AWy?H Foreman I Henna** Aeere??ry niwni hk. . l?oit urnvrBAiM. _ I Aad eMldraa a rrlh* Of eanoaa atylea Uaa. towt anrled hair aatrwM, fw aalu bf i AUK. HWmino., M bmadway ' '

JESDAY, JCNE 2, 185T. ABFWKfTAHI.B II 4RBIMO LADT, WHO HAS LO<*T be htaband, ud baa got a little boy four moo>h* o*d, wtahra to give It oat to" vltptiua. t or partloalara laqu n- ?' '* Kmi H road war. in lite autre. t*ONB?D meclmAnm -*KT BOOT K no WHIG TBB ) wbereabouta of Ot??4 Meultuauu. or able to (It* iimm iDlnrmHllo* a* -o ibe wnljbringol ?aid Mxulmanu, who nail rnu-ti fma immtfin to Uie united Mate* in Ifit, la r? qurwUtt to ai^reaa ?uoh taf"rmaltoa lo Htimbard and Buck, 8 Koiith William iliwl I f MB. al?X. NORMaN, WHO AKRITK1) HBBI IN I Ik' Mor hnm'wrlaiid i? Frl'ay 'it?l trill Inare hit tdilm at hr HrraM offloe, addrr?i d g. M M., he trill oblige aoae frlrt d> * bo are d-alrtma of teeing Mm. Information wantbp-thb aOINT through whom Krandlla l^eaah?MoOaMuta?whoae nUttu name waa Macquire, received as annuity from abroad, to 1849, will ooofer a favor by sending hi* addreaa to J. tt. Nooea, No, IX Warrrn atreet, New ?ork INFORMATION 18 <VAMTID-OPMBB.OATHA.BIWK I Kelly, who came lo New York roia Boahmter In W47 or UH8. Any itiforuiaiioa wlU be Ihaukfully reaelved at J. Begua', 1W laurtua alrreL INFORMATION WANTKO?OF MB THOMAB O'KK'FB 1 and family, who rralded ab tut ten rear* ?go In Bangor, Maine. ?n/ ltiforma lon of hla whereabfita will be thaoklull> reoelvad by hla brother, Blckvd o'Beefe, by addre*?iiif bim in tela the care of William daaaeu, oompoaitor, Herald udloe. Bangor paper* p If ate copy. INFORMATION WANTED?OK PAT. MoOOBMAOK, MtchL Kuih, Pal Molltera and Bridget Morgan, by Mary Mollvera, I mm Fafaniy, paroli k ilr>k> oounty Dowa^AUo, i*limit Antrim, b> Nanny MoKIouduo of Inland Kuaj. A. 1*0, <>r Pat Brady from Mynahaa, parWh of Templrport, oounty Ca<an (?u of ltaitai) by t alk ?oGotbi-u. of nam* p aoe Any utfmmauoa of Ouxa will be Uaukf.ll recei ed at the offi-e nf (Vnnralvnlnorn of tmlgratlna, Si Worth atreet. MR HUOH M0UIMMB4 IB mruRWKD TH vT BUI mother Ilea dangerously IU and la reque?ied to oad at JOS Mot' atr*?t. Www tort. Hotpa papera pleaaa ooyy. T*H? BK1B8 AMD RKI.ATlVKd OP JOHN LAWRKNOK. L late of . England, are reqaeated to attend a moetiaf it1 ikr mt of tin oBoe in Broad way N. f , on the 12U da/ i< 4uar nor, at 4 o'otook P 4., for the purpose of oonsua naiiug mnuHir- a to obtain the vaat -state left by the deo?*>?**d. Ooou .rntary evidence and (anealogioal charu wlU be Ihea prodrced bT BKNRT K AYft. prnprtT *a. WANTKn?INFORMATION OP U?U RKDMONO, *bo Inn Mr. Blare, In Jrrary, on the 15th ol May. Any 'af (firing Is formation of him will reotlve the laankj of hla a'her, bn(h Redmood, 75 Brooaae at THB LBOTtlM BlAHOli DX)DR LBOTUMl" ^ ^ ' onmiCAL nisToRT*"p ornation. AiMeUted wttb the theorlea of aatroooa* and geology. Br R. Oonra Poaairva, M D. Baring beeo n^eatedly repeated v> drlrer thla ooarae of ieotorna. Brat preaeot'd la thla citr three years slnoo. Dr. UortMua takes U>? liberty of announoiog thai he will (Ire a -our<? of four led urea oa thla anbjeat, oa the ereoinra of Friday, Jane 5, Tueaday, June I, Friday, June It, and Tuna laj June It. at eigh' o oioek, P. M at the New Turk Medlsal Mlrge, Haat Thirteenth atreet. near Pom th aonui la onnsequenoe of the eareoae ati?n"ln* the tllurtradona, he price af tickets will beaa follows:?Tick* la for the ooiune, admlting !ady ana gentleman, Jft single peraona 93; sln*l?i>s vrtraltUDf Angle peraoo. II. To be obtained of Messrs John Milhaa IKS Hroadway; i#. Appliton t Co., Sad Broadway; lohn Meakim, 679 Broadway; Thoraaa T. >ireea, HM Broadwar and at Prlee'a book atore. No. S KrareU Houao. NKWSPAPKRS. NKW YORK RAOI?TR ATK. Ihe Journal of criminal tod drll ooarU, OUT TO DAT. Forty onlnmns of loUmnely Interesting matter. THR A8iA?INH Ot >Uai.I?isS, With an etching by a new Dr *-*? (J par a num. fl for ix Booth*. BOBS k TOUSaY, Uooeral Agent* National ac ad kmy or oiteujii -thV thiatr aeeond annual eihlbltlon of Ihe National Academy la now open dally, from 9 A. M. t> 10 P. 11., at 063 Broalway; opposite Itond street T. ADDISON RIOHABD8, Cor. Secretary, W. A. igo iji' "ZZZZZ B~ANOBOPT~ B0U8K, ( ORNKR OP RRQADW AT AND Twentieth strc- l*?Plea?anUy located between Union mat Kadi ton squares, and now prepared to susply summer pM with pleasant airy rooms. Terms $1 s*r day. ULUW. BORDWRuL, Proprietor lA/TUROPP HOORR. BM JRRRRWIUH 0TRRRT, R. 1. f? ?0> Ihs hnpwi ptaa; Mto ( to *?!?, and M is R to AnMskmm ?? * *, or* to Ejmmtm mm HgkL Tb. MwwtoMrahlytostfad ^Rw W sad a* THE TURK. (J1ASHION OOURRR. LONU IMLAND.?TUR R A(J 108 P over Ihs Fashion Oooras wUloommaaoa om Friday, the Rk of JoM next, at > P. R, aaftxlnwi.? Pbidat, Jowu >. inula*? far i year oids, *? subsortptton, |I00 IRML with SI SOU added, fonr mile koala ; closed the *nt day a? Ran*. with nine nomte*tlooa:-l. O P. Hare nimaa b. a Ta S7by Chllde Harold, oat of Marshinnaaa, by Imp. Rawtoo. 1T.1T.W Doaw-n name oh. f Hue Washington, by Bar*aua, out of Barak Washington. by Zl> ranae 5 James Ba?rrt names rh. e. Deucalion, by Bstsuim, out of the Qussw, by imp Priam. 4 J 8. Watson names b. s. OksrMoa. bg Imn MHmlnmlnf Millwood, bv Inn Mnnmroh. I lnka hunu-t -*t~ ( Ntoholss i.7b? Imp. Olanwe, oat of Naaale Modes, by wum. ft h b. Oafl?y dim br. a. Dallas, by Wagner, oat of runj Kin*, by Imp Ulaaooe. 1. ffm H. (flbhons names oh. e. The Oar by Tally ho, out of hadsawmi*, by Andrsw. . Darid MeDaaM names b. f. Kate Boater, by imp. Oil wane dam by ima. Hedgfard. ft Also, b. a. by Itoma Junior, dam by Imp. Trustee. Same day?Weaiohaater oouoty Mkea kr 4 year oMa, MO sobaorlptioa, 160 forfrlt, two mile heals, ninaed with aloe oomiDkttoaa. 1. B. L. Morris namea b. f. Margaret Morris, by Imp. wleaaoa, ont of the srandasi of Wild Irishman, ft r. aorrls nsaes br. f. EtlqnMW, by Nartaer, oat of Fash ton, by imp. Trustee, ft f. C. Hush namea eh. e.<*Ctncarro, by Imp. Trustee, dam by Imp. Maroer. 1 '"barLea sTlJoyd aamea oL f. Ktta, by Imp. Trustee, dam (Imp.) by Meaaoa. I. J. B Won not name* br. f. May Thora, br Imp. Trustee, oot of Kate Oole ft U. T. Bowell namea ok r. Ida by Olarioa, dam Eclipse. 7. J "ha Hi wland naaea oh. f. Botaaa, By bap. Trustee, dam by Imp. Priam, ft A. Halliard aamea Vl o. by Mariaer. out of fateey Aatboav. ft U. Lloyd nimss b. a. Dlorlrtlan. by Pmplre, out of Bud, by H?nry. Tnarnt, nuftra bat or Jvsa. moownra < first day. Tuesday iweeusiahse tor 8 yaar olds. 1800 tubasrl.tloo ftlflO forfait, with ?*0 addnd, mile heals; etneed oa (he 1st of April, wtih alcr nominations 1. John Hun tar names oh. a. Rarrnerhl. by Imp. ^lenoue. out of OasUaet, by lap. Wonarfh ft (tolrin Or^ea aaaes Jobs X. Hotla' oh f br Beraaue. oat of Andrewrtt*. by Andrew, ft Wen. U. ulbbooa ?m?e ch f. *ary ftrelyu, by Imp. Qleaooe, oot of rially Ward, by Joha B. Oryaaa. I. P. (f Bu*h naaee oh a. by IMahaiaar. dam by Imp Trustee ft Woodfoik ft Mol antel ?aa? oh n. by Imp. otenrax, out of Mnuo by Imp. Barefoot, ft l*a?ld Ms astel ssmos bl. a by Rrnsn Rtout. dam by Imp. r ?>n ri , r B. rr mm num o. a. /-*n<>ol, t>< tlnganae, oa> of Zul*lka by Wlilln. 1 TV.m?a Purraar gia? ah. f. olumhia, by lap Oleoma. out of Platir da-Ua, by imp 8o*?n4o >. O. P Hat* duui b f. by Tally to, oat of Oratrlx. kj Orator. aa* day?Para* TOO. two alia baala. * beonod day, Wedn*eday-Pu-aef7iU. thraa all* >?>, ?mr nay Pure* (flu ml> hoaia trd day, Tkuraday?Puraa t'.iTO, four rail* baala. bane day - "urae IM1,1 wo mile hraia Irtrenc* Br* par oral on the amount of tba puraa Sanaa wtirrr nurtim la added to ba adjournal In caaa of bait waatbar If tbe proprietor ihlnka p?op*r. Itadgaa In iha quar<er atr*'oh and (rand aland fo? Prlday, M H?dt*a to tba quarter atratob and (rand aland for the four daya. 9J Hadgea to the quarter alr*trh aad (rand aland for th* laat tbrae daya, M. K'itr?-oa to tba Arid and clUuma' aland. IL d P. BAJIB. Raw You, April s, unn w?ra to mi Onm I. Parry to Kreea point from Tenia atraat, Itmn bp plant 1 and alwtfl road, 1 fma WlUUmahura, frank Beoond and Bwaa I ati**to. P*nny Hrld** aad ?b?il, J. ferxa WlUiamaborf. Rortb Swim to Imiowi inrnplk* plank aa I aboil r<>ada, i, fWica Willlamahnri ata?*a at all Uraaa, I, Hurl (at* farry, Anmrta mad to Plnakln?;?. Iwn 1 aland 'Mi. Valloa aarRat Mp. to P?nablt Railroad OHfilllOH OOURMK. 1/)N(T iTL*RD.-TIIn PtIU/lWINU | pnra*a am* atakea are ort*r*?1 to com* off durtaf J una and Jiily:? bo I ?Pure* of fS. for all road bare** owned In Brook Ira; Bit* hraia. tbt*e la tr*. In wafuna bo. >- Purer MO. frr* for nil bnreen that aerer trotted In I tt. alle baala. t?*at ibr*e In Ore, to karnaaa. No 1?Ham* aa bo 1 to waffoni bo ? * r?* of fim, with an Inatde etak* of IV** for all brrrea that n*rar trouad la I <0, nil* baala. boat three la fl?*. to banteaa. No b? Pu a* lit with an Inald* atak* of (100. for all boraaa thai n*T*r trotted bailer ifean 2 M, mU* bean, beat ibiaa la Bra. to barnaaa No t?nam* aa Ro S, to waffnaa No 7?ttaa* aa No ft, two mile and r*t>*Al. to htmaa* In ti a a?-o?* re *a thr** or snr* to make a rao*. and two to atari, and tba ?tak*a balf ftwfett Rn r**a will etna* at Palk land'*, mrn*r of Kaat Mn adway and Catharine atreet, oa Prlday. /aM ? at Moeiock P. H. KIIAf * WK1TK, Proprl*tora. UH Nli.b tXil ksa. u I -TmrTTim*?OH rUKMOAT. Jun?2. a ma'cb forfJiUI at 1 o'ol.wk, -all* beata. heal Ar*alnB*?. II Wi-wtruff n .mae h m. ' lademlla, to wafm .IV PfMbr iaa?a b. a. Wraan* in karnaaa IH?W| ?riirr*. Prwortetora. N l< N UUI kMk. U L?T?t/?TINt*?MR ?K|INKM|>AT. itin* I at S A??t a pi re* and Make of MM alia ba?ta. baltbr** la to wa?nna ?. WV*la? naatai br. a. lotaTn Tail-nan nam** b a <?*lla. M Hol^acblln aaaaa b a. Oaa l>ar?y, r rwil aanw-e a a Wlll*r'? lamaat SHA# A WHITE, PrnpHMnra. ru iiiouu k/nn OF r?? riTTum R ?, ruar WATNR ?*U yf WM|| Rallri*4 ilgvpMi da Raw r?*, ??; ?.J5? - ?"?" taf. wmtM 'f?* ?kte*T ?? "o r Willtaa atnm.lMniiMrj vttlruOrodMrm* awl >h* wwaMRna ft ln?M -MtMaa. I>M ?Mw *111 k* (1tw> *T ik* otKwtaf c* ik? M?*| knnka to *killiUr? r *Ti? ! |a *? for* u< ntfcar w*e loWrntal ?M nkMi a mn>l Nil wMMI W tho w <?n l*ln apaUaaUOB 1 Ikt. M?rn >"**"?% I|m|RBTo4. vtaa IfwKinl TRXAft LaRIi Ml Kir W ARTRO.-ART r*R*oR vcktnc to rttmna* of *'?? na raaaoaabl* uwm- nuj tart parrkaarr hj . I Iran n? Tataa, Ho. Ill HarmM ?mt+ llll MMtlM. Cy ?? at it c vi ur f ? !.*?* OO mndml Si I Hard ki>U> a?4 whmti* ????naa Aalaa ikiM* TM an* 1? %i?l??i. I'm i >?*?? ar? *??*?** %?** ** miaaraliW tBillailnM 4t~rr* fc? aal* m1?i > ?lm(Uu - Mr uH witk ik* ?nr* " fcaatoal' pr*At*d tkarak) varttaa Ik* %? ? <* o?af*?1nl m iminiiww iwtnAt* npm kr trX+i mlrw A f I ?3?.? It ? UUII *?HiiKT?C?1 or TaMI.RM, WITH HI.ATB i\ anrt ???1 )>mta mAuwiI??I omktnw wnaM am I* Tin lain any patxal mrk kmaku. akn a amahw V aaanarf -aKiaa wd ??*aaik>*a ?4 Sm yrtan* t, ?w r* M aaa wra*. BIM.1ARD TARI.Rfl TW.I Hll.l.i?RI> TAHI.R.4, or i|?l qn*i|'j ha** b**a n*?rt at>oni tan r*ar* for *al* low In inlrr ill Wl HmUaaf Two iiin>n puciim H>*i nil.!.. ARI> tahi.k wM? *Trrythlnf iwnplrtr p'aj ng th? ram*, will b? inM low l?<mlr* aT 'k? lunnVinn n* O'lmMOl A OOI. T.RRHRR M ?nn air?* HOORM, HINIIRN, *?)., W*WTICI?. ('? >?? rmifKRV Cl.llf W?M-|? A I'Kil f -f*i far'nil a 4 Kir.?hi pl<' nH *?I |.r. ' -I ' tt? ili? i .i?f of at a a.o >r?u i>rW. *111 Ada ?a?k pu*i-h??*r h/ art HnaHni HwBWnmi H'r?M '#! ? WARTRD TO PORCHARR- a HROOaO HIUP T1.tR ilrr quant ornahm. Apply af CW *?r??r In lk? rrmr WART P TO PITRiHAflR O^ T-> l.RAR* ROB TIIRRf. <# four yam all to *l(hi arraa of Ian'. *nlt?il*for " f*?ah|? ?arrt?i?, rot further naa ** mil** fro* W*w fort Apply tmimnilai?lr MaUnn prW In ? and In***?. *n uarAimmr. knt U1M OaMraf rmt ohm< im* ^ooom^ 1A|| DU*- PAIMB or I BMNCH WorKI? OOBSBTB, <r 1 11/1/ r?duead prior*, 'lUwt paltartM; ?m?brold<sr?4 baoda. ] ootara, alarm*, miu*, ohtldrfn'i rohr*, wat??a, oaoa, ?atoa (iin?, gulpora, thread. Mtchlla >>lAlae irtmmlnf, l?m, A<v I FOR*AN * tv?., 7<? vnadway. < ?? ? fUifi 'MaBI# HTUaRT" Pabis Jaoomut pobhb. uw J ust landed from atnamer /Lrmgn, at Ifly par ooni leaa vhaii maouraolurera' urir?? DltoDFLL. PIli B-OW, t.AKB * <V>, CI Broadway C/Wt KBKN?H uaob TAIJIAH, Maw Id iihaiH- mid <>?-?uUf nl In quality, WUX be opeu?d thki ?nlL At eight dollar* eaoh. BULP1H. ? Broadway. 1 fl/>H PBBWl'H KMHHOIOKBRII HKIBT1 WILL BB Ll/vv (Aral on Monday, thin tit tneL Maofc bnluw Lhntr it'uo. ARNOLD, OON3TABM A OO., Canal atroet, ooroor of Mat oar. 1 900 K>,lll;Ll?,H ' **??. WABBAJTTBD L.6\jyj taj* oojora^ only Utoi pa, yard. UBbOBLL, P*J BbON LAKI A OO , <71 Broadway. L500 argjy" ?-*?"? 1 uuol/bum, muovn, uaii ft (jo,, IT! Broadway. 4C AA BKaL PaBIB KKBBOIDBBBD BANDS WUX .?)UU be opened on Wednesday, a spiworttd tine ot Parts bands. In 8wl> and jaconet muslin, o' the aeaiast and ae cist pattella and bmi beautiful styles. The* will he offnrel at rerj reduced price*. JOHN OI.AKKI, 6tS Broad way and TS Rleecaer street. ? iMi/1 PiJfoie* or muslin. D.UUU J. BBOK t OO Haw red need Ue prioeaof a largo stock of WhUe maiUnt, OkeoU Jaeoaatt Bwtaa, Uassbrte, Bdgtnja aad taaertlaj*. W Braadway. i/\ AAA WINHU* HHADICH AT HDLBiLI 'JU.UUU prtne*. laae aad ssnsltn eartalae bwns aoettoa. satin delaine eartato material, paswr hsartigs, ?Mi aMy? aad i|*i)ai? (aode, enralom bands, Ao.. 4a W.O. JKKKI. ?i? aad W Peart swat. K. T. All to bm bold orr. j. bros * oo. Have Just reduced the prices of their lam sprlaf utd mmmer stoek rail m per oni below oesw Olllr. Shawls, HaaUllaa, Barefea, Oreaadlnea, Jaooonta, Or Handles, \ Delaines, Hosiery, MB Broadway. to.. *8. A M lOJrUANT AMHOKTUkNT OP 'LOUNi.'ISn d&BNaA dine Bohaa, Proei Sit to 919 each Jnatreeeired. A. T RTKWABT A oo., Broadway, (Ibambera aad Beade streeta Black lack rabqubs. had 8 4 laces for basqnaa. fttik laae mant lias, aad rmnis iron 90 >0 9 JO. miller * or AWT, tob Broadway Black and white travelling wrappers From S3 upwards. BKIKXAN A COMPANY, <73 "roidirw, Will <vrn this morning, Jans S, A fall unr raent 1 f the &bnre. Barege and tissue flounced robes?elegant AN EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT, Prom $4 to >18 auk. LORD A TaTLOR, W 3BT, 2M and XI Grand afreet. Ann 47 and 49 Catharine strwet. CHEAP BAREGES A GRENADINES. J. bhck A oo. Art now selling off their Urge Mock of bareges and greoa dines. Batege at Vs., worth me. per yard. Grenadines at JOo., worth 7Sc. per yard. Pineapple at Sue per yard. U? Broadway CHEAP MANTILLAS POR SUMMER In erery variety of nuiim-Ul and design. lord k TATLOR. W, 267. 369 and fel Orand street. And <7 and 49 Catharine street, (1RAPE SHAWL* J Bellini off ohwp. A (arc* Mook of rerj aoe white erap* ahawU. at greatly reduced prioes, boat H to UOt. 1. BEOS A OO., am Hmadway C1HAN1ILLT LAO KM, 8HAWLH, MANTILLAS AND / Oonnoaa, of a superior make and Oniah, alas point a 1'al guilto oases, eollars, sets eoUTurea and baj-bas, unequalled in style, and jaat reoeired by MILLER k GRANT 7<M Broad way. CLOSING bales op poulard bus. Prion reduced to |A #0 p?r <*rass. At BEEKMAX k QOMPaNY'S. 4T? Broadway. nriRflETti aitti arTRto uba aavitad a^.id ?,v \J Infnitn her patrons and ladies generally, itol she has la stock a supply or tb? rao?t superior French wrseu Impur'nd. alao emeu of her own mannfactum. Amon { b r akirta will be found the French extenalno, all sises, with every ntaer ety le i* w Mo change la bar old prices . a a'emint f removing to Broadway. Mrs. uA YNtiR. 843 Broadway, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. DUBTKR8, CIRCULARS, BAhQfTKS, TALMaR, Ml? J. B. L.IWIH, manufacturer and who'eeele dealer. 16S ftrtxulwa), up Niair* All order* from the country punctually attended to aad neatly executed. T^NLAJUiUtKNT OP PREMISS*. A A T HTKWART A CO., Hare iw?nwl temporarily their upholstery, furaKare a* erin* and curtain material deoartnaeat lo another part of their More, and In order to clear Ml tkeir ,n,,B1 RICH AMI> VALUABLE RTOUR, they are offering great Inducmenta to buyera. Broadway. Chamber! and Rnade a>i??*a FROM ACCTTOW-VRRY CHKAP.-JAMIC* RONALO HOI*, 771 Broadway, haa reoeired another lair* lot ef atr?w goods, much under price; ladlea and m la ana' ha la. bloom era ahakera. genu' and bora' white and onlored haia. alao a larce assortment of ladlea' genu' aad chlldrau'a ( ,ua allh and lisle underclothing, a laree atock of dreaa trimmings, ribbons, lacea. rmbrnixeries, hosiery, gloves and all klnda nf email wares, white marsellles, hrllltanu and muslin* for la Ataa' basques. In great rartetj 1. ROWALOROW. T71 Hroadway. FRMfCH RMBBOIDKB&P OOLLAJtf OKI UtiLLlk eadh. Krenrh embroidered tlaen eambrle handkerchief* II eanA. Pine Krenoh Jaoou?t aad orfandle miu'lee la M per yard Beautifully printed lawns fast colors, one ehi'Hng per rard Rich plaid and Bayadere silks, a inches wtdM <*e dollar par Veady Monday. Jane I A T. 8TK?ART A WO.. Kr>?dwar OawbTs and ftaa/te atraess I^ARMIOMR-OaiORWrH (BRANCH dTtiRB MO Tt\ r t'aual street JUixaUU llmsal eiost eitnastre taawtaaii af pal<*rtu ft* lariiaa Hd ,'luldror t a>f p&ml. Innlmlinj Ikr ItMi url?a at baaqnaa. arUtXnnU) omhi Mm* k?>" 4 T.I $. 9 -nrd?ii pntiotualli aiiaiiHaif n C2 KKAT HM,K ll? HIKM - I.R UDUTILI.I KH H?<?TH KH JT h?*? rfdn^nd UiHr lramrn?? itnek of (Ilk* In ?unb prtoaa M U> Inmirn ui ItaMdlala aala HUB (old bo (Kl) Can*I atmM. and 47 Howard llrftHt GKNIN'8 ORIGINAL itKWKH ''AMNIM KH K? I'H * leading d'eaa faaiurn of ?h* mvin. >b?i lub'*?t. hm iind moal braiitif .1 b?l rrrr offirrd, and for aaln onlr b ? ilf.NIN, Wo 214 Hinadaray. nppnalla M. Paul's JLHT RIUK1 VKO-A I.ARMB ArtrioKlaKnT <rT rial. MM mlOa. ft r ladlaa and mi mm. DMPIIX, PRlRBON, LACK A OU., 471 Kid oLo?m t. ?>* A <*> Haw J nut rw?(H a baanaful aaanrtaaat of ibirvoMar"* > ? Part* gloraa; nan alnfanl naw abadna JM Hmad *tf LACIOURTAINS, WINDOW HHAHCM, ourtain MA Mil*la. ?Ut oori.loaa fltiurM. *?.. Maob n?k>? nmal nrlMH U?RD * TA TI<OR, ?a. aw. Wt aad Ml itraad mmm LADIBfr TRATKILI N(J O08TI RU, Of beautiful Man* and wbIM cfceofc. At fow dollar* nacb. fcaw Id abase and ia ama Vtf* bnadmd of tboa* pmtj ana im(iI gmrmt?w wtt be raaAy tor aale aa TMator. Jn*L At BtTLfum aa *aa*?ar LAUB 8BTB, RMBROIDERBJ SITS. DOl>LARA, rra Point a'aImmoo, Point Aapllqn*. > ran'-b VaimrMaane Tri? A. HoniUrti and Mall#** aa*a and mOva 2.(09 ?Mhrn?d#rad Praacb ooilar* be low anal of l?n iwalMa. (mr ruaiomar* and aliaaftn "Valiiiin ia? wtij will plaeana*0 i?4 tti Mint BrmcMAir a ?io.. tr* immw? LADTBI AND CHIUlRRN? WARTIULA*. > ?*qt'a? tahaaa. *iwb aa Una. muxltaa, mnaallaa, brlllteat* ?M i and whlto, Uana dealer* fnr iravnllag, Aa.. nf the " "I* pa* Mraa. AO Ifca abora Made u> order WRRaW A mil. Wr?^4?ay f INRN OOODR.-IRIHH IJN BRA ?*?' Li brow* labia elolbv napblna. dajHee ab~-.e|r*. najne efceha. WKi rWbe damask* aapkm*. A* DeaMr* **?plW by WM MaTIIRWH M OaiAarlan *tmn? HOMRR A KRTtmiJM or?a? Palm Im/ hat*. Paha laaf ha*. R) IN" nw or 4nm J Ml iwHn< and \irm far nuk M * (M RnMni ikmt?r of P?*r1 Atari, ft gum ml '?* of rbn??. ttraw *?vta rntk1 Md italdl H1! tm fwwt *?WfT?. It Mormm?a oooiml Ml ttrnodwmf Vti?r?rt? Mart .? MkMr^N 2 m yard* aoparf n* barogoa. *1 4 UW jar <0 T%v* mwMM.m ... .M (Mat* par yvt Km* jar?ta An* d?Taln?a Jl hm por jar* MW r?f*d ?*n In' .. 1 UNaaata ??r Mr* Warr*au?d Ful miton TO TM tammr rnhra HM IW* arr.ntwt faal union ??n ?*rr taUMl??M# ' >r??rwr *o ?1 par Warranted fa?t mlnn *. 1 mm o nan wo rnm ? jr-?i harfua. *i W. I A< KM< >B'X n? Iftmmiit ram. IW ?r^??l W??? Wprtr j and rrtow Mn?. ^bi.aoi t*rr?t? na? PaHa A?hm*l?ir?>d do do., our* rtak Rtark rMl lar# mantilla*. ' *ntpnrr do, ? nhantl'W do.. 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Mnlynetu Rell* Hlk and Left* II IB|| Moh a>-ai Hrll'a Motrn aad UN MaatiMaa. Molynnui Bell'a CbantAiy MsaTUsa Molynem Bell'a Pre nob L?oe M?Maa MiJjncni Rell'a Crape Hnlynrai Rell'a Grenadine lUiflaa lldlyn-ui Rell'a Olndl glfl?. Mnlyneai Bell'a Lines tKrealam. Molynetu Bell'a 8Uk ONrin, The beat assortment tar a lady to aelaet Me of in to kft found la this city. Ladles wfl be well satisfied wUS +mm elTea If they examine oar style* before parchasinf ulaiiabww. HOLVktwh WT,MHn<Ml?baA mm j h oomon will op?* oh thdmdai, Jane 1, with a baandtal waortment ef Parte striae if summer bonnets, selected b) her sister Is Parts f?ooi lie Mi Inc hmwra Hew styles eoHTenrea, bead Presses, dreeeenafc ITS Broadway, between Whl e aad Pranklln sta.. Vew fci vtkw coons pok ra*nujira dihmm. fM Irteh, Emrlish im Prench xwllns aad |f- iT| riMk serenJ new materials, wn desirable, at W. J ACKBOJT8 aew nsimrabg| mi THOB8AWH PRt?cn LAOM mum-l.ts yj At S, 1* and 11 dollars each. 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Ac., many of whloh art of the neweat and m1 beautiful ce?Urn? yel exMbltrd, end hartng been boagbl *. cntly at a (treat reduction will be otfured at prtoaa aadi below the ooal of Impurtatlua. Broadway, comer of Bleaakar ilnwt. SILRBI tULKJtI SILAS I Mow la the time to boy Cheap aUka. flounced robe*. (11 radooed from JB Lf do. do. .71 ? da. do. 1 ? da. do. si d?. do m ? ' Alao, *11 ka by the yard, tfa. up to 9Z at V. BBOK * Oa?B mniinw?l SILK ROBES $10. Htlk robea fit 811k robea IK At BEEKWAN A COMPANY'S <73 Braadwar STRKI. SPRI'O, PRkWOH AND RuL?ruBR UBUPBline embroidered, corded, dimity, hair eloth, *kakkMA ^cloth *klrU, An . lor ladle* and chl'dren, tor tatoav Mfl or. IMpliaaa awarded by Amariaan Ina'1'.at* Ibr talk# gtrta PORKAW A CO.. 70* ?a4w?. STRIPED INDIA FOULARDS. Six nm Superior quality, At 10 (va la. ARNOLD OONBTAMLB * OOL Canal street, corner ai MB v STKLLA AMD PRINTKD 8HAWTJ will be offered on Monday, the 1st, AT ORKATLT RtCDUCKD PRIfTKR. ARNOLD, CONST ABU ft QQ, Canal it net, corner of lUrMf SUMMKH BILKS AND BILK ROUK8, Richeat Paria styles?ftUI assortment. IIJO, Borne new lot*. nea' styl?a. Low priond mww dta, For Monday. Jan* L LORD * TATLOB. M, 2K, 28# and XI QnU tfN* Apd?7aa<1?Oattart?aSSi. Tmc ONDBR8IONKD IIA VI RBOKIVKD PER LATM arrivals a lar*e and rery desi"ahle a wort meet of 8w*a muslins, to wkicb they respectfully turtle the stteaBoa af mm trade. WfcTTRR, ScHLikPUl * IIA ARHAMS, 61 Barclay stroet op tafia. SOf^gS^SSifSSS^ M Broadway, M. T.-HsdamiiMsnnal, MrrflMM % FwimL ttrm bar apmfcj immMm ta all tM af rmm sbrotdartas aada to order. Ukk wOoptai, Mn Mr -tnlaaal* aad ratal 8PBITO MILUWHI, ? MI#R8 M. * i. KIRVULKT. P'ARIBIAM DU? makers, Mo 6 Clinton p'aoe, klfhih street, throe turn In* liriariway, receive by nrmrj ateamer, In Mr aew bouse, all (he articles of ladiea' ifmaslna adopted by the has rial auart. OAfUPKTTHG AJTD (TPHOLVnUT. AtKW kTOKR, ' Aad aa entirely new Mock of CARfKTI MO. Beat quality Knglleh tapestry. of J. Onealey A Son's MMhrturn ??Ji aouon yard* KnrlUb tnree ply carpel*, at IE U.uiQ yards American do. do Au Idumu?c assortment of Kasltah Ingrain* *. M. Hea?y, all wool American do from 3a. Kngllen oOololhe, tsenty four f?M wide at la. Arnertoan do . from two to eighteen feet wide Sa. to to. fL Blair aod hall oarpeta la ererr rarletY. HTKlMlKN I.RAHT, 98 Hist* an?. I lAKricn ' V he best fire frame Bmaaela. or the manufacture of Messrs. Hlglow A Oa., aad thk MM seleb rated At II M aad $1 J7K par TV***"* " Also. the Mwiat designs In _ Willi*. A <? Tapestry eelrst, Aad other sarpato. at ssaallv lawjriMb reoelred by r*6s(t stsamera. A T RTKvTaHT A Otf, Broadway, Chatnbara aad tateMHh tiicu. AJto PAaona. $>e A m'NiciAN, LaTRi.T ARRITKIWM thsi wO Hiy, Hirers the ahove reward to any peraon Wha au procure htm a* altuati n In a theatre orchestra or In a aM aiorr, If tn an or? be tra be wo 11 plar on the flute, nlartuast. tlMgroV or Tlolln; and In a music store he soud be rary saefill lor I'Uung well on the piano guitar, aoordeon. aad fcr tuning t>U?os (food reference oan be glvsn. Address J. OHera d offloe. " _ ? K>lC HOUSTON 8TKKKr -NKW IIAMOIMO AOAM t/^O in? el tbe Trjnor a Aaeemhly Rooma.?Mr. ARTOlilO will give a grand ball oa Wednesday ?renin*, J mm I. at hla 'asMons-de aomoL No pains wtll bs spared to aiaha the best *>all of tne aeaeon i- 1 ARRtUTlPUL kRVRN ?M TaVK ROtKWOOD PIARO. nesrlt new with eitra flaish and aupertor tone, oust Ml a III be sold f.w to cash or good note with Interest. Apply *' Ro ? a Ilea street Fir RA1.K at A BARO tin.?A RBAtrrtrtTL ARB hlgtilj AnWbsd ? octave new roseRuod assiodsoa, at sa p?rtor lone and workmsashto; M> be sold on acoount at tta owser g"lng Is the country; It Is qnlte new, being aaly lahhst one week price *), It Is w*.rlh SUA ('an ba ansa tar twa weeks at Ho M Oa*y areet, top Boor, back room. LA BKRJ AMIf 'PfRM AT HIM NKW PIANOROftTM . warmosae, "> Bowery, oee 7 net ken planifta-t*. entirely nre, for $M), one do lie |PI; nae with ntreMI aaaUM tW>: oae do. carrea lega R'Hl, nae eitra Bse (tin I lea. secntid band planus fnsn tVi to tMlft; all fnlly warranted aa4 kept la order for one car Paim>ats by Inst iliasaaa hp Iboas who pra'er It llano* 'if all prVva 11 let cheap MKU?nh.ON*-*. P. A H W. HM TH'B '7RLRRR aTRR aub base organ mrlodeoas. aad thiwm of ae?ry radar ot style at abolssaieor r>taR aarh laatrumeat guaiattaC Itelodeoas for rant?rea< alioeas oa purchase. A. M. KaRtitMR, N? R* Walher atree* ante agent. NRW MUNIO-JCMT Plini.lMHin BT U. B DtXARRRV A Oe. M Breadway, near Oaaal street Kaaaaak* MS Msefce.Hy Rarbe M rests . Porfet me aot t?choalantie.b*MHa leha. kor aia ; tmroaa dear lead Tbotaaa. B ssau , TVs Hhl wsrWsta. cea*s ; Ow la the l*U. Buckler, sak The l?e eeet by mall, p<wtaae free, far H Rakeels aad tsakh ?f,fc niuu na iVa Utmmml - Oruah FOR *aLF.-a nornmon varooaitt ra??d organ, la porfra* nrdar, anHakta for rtank ?r lartnr* r.wm Prtoo WW, Mm ifeAn (hm kalf Hi nlw Ayply at Bfi Broadway. l>iAJiortjBTm-v. r HAMHUII RATIMW wwts r kta onrxM ul auilukri to *P ikMl mi, Mr tar of WnMtor ihimt aMn apl?n<t14 MtortoMI <rf pfin f and T)t oeto?M, wl? all Ik* ay?4?rn kufniMtoL ? } <n??i Mnktliiw'i ?i1m HmUM KUOTALi. Nrmrior kkikit *1.-41. hahowm NnwmTorrtcv Is Bnrad to SH Bowary, Ml Poarlll Kiwi ?>w> A* r kiialnaaa will ba anwdiMHnd m aaual la irmnaallna ?m * otkm al 14 Mith arnouA (Mrto will ba rnppUad wiilill imm? llrw mnritha fur Hf*? n?a ? j Kkmotak-thii oppicr or thi n*orrtio trlb ?r?pk Ontnpauy baa .Horn rnmornd trnm 4?. t if i rffl In No. 4) Wall Hfift nrgur of JiiiMHf marl n? ?c li ODM ulxht and day for lAa d??p?t ih .if m mil* to Ph.ladalahtA, Ralilmica Wna(Hn*v>n and ail tba prtoatojj alMaa on tka aaahnant In Np?iMi?hi Hr?noh iw" Rmadwar. and Mnrv>n'a ih?*ir? antrvww. 1? r?r/<* Wwa? Iihk firrir* or thr i/?ri i?i.*ni< DfiR<* 1 . lAlliahmaul kaa ra?or?d fnaa John atrant to ? way, iip ata ra, M?mh iand and Hm-wnn atraata- ?wm lit An arnr orfanlod ?o ftra urn. r*l aatlafacJon . a l-ufl A (*, Proprietor. ?T? ftriadway^ A C limi HAfAKA AK1> 'HHtWT'" **.''*.??- ?2? tO.UUU aala. to pay adrmnoa, ra^j*a rain* Will tod II l? ikolr lnt?r*al in aail, aa u*y ?a " JT 4. H ??RHIMilKA. rmmm a urt or SUP K* lOE POMWTin R AVi? \ ?.'K*r* Ravaaa an i aaad ,2! m n*rm HI narara. of Ta*ton? kin ** "V**' -J , " n rt, In parkMfl ana at?m nn-K-wll*. "* ? * hP WW" HIKMKRT. ft Hroad >tra??. I?R4?>RH WHT I n*"_.".Vi*^L^.mfAT mi ?^aH^^^nZn.Mnllrma*l-.? M Mrara of Haraaa <1oWf?<t< and '?%ra*n laaailaMwra I k " . "tl^rMKa fwHHnn aarara n# Wia ?*fioma (?l UiT^ " ntr.ynt ?untim * - - ? ?a rata hau< ibuw. ^ M"r rKRAOHiq W'Jxj rri Wdn^wtoy J"i?a S at hu aaadamv. M4 WroAdway Uriato ?; ladtoi frw?. Rwt SaHuMa; a ?raad MM: a4?? iilJV Kra.rn.awtu M a mod 4m? laoftw ky P*?A ORIu to a f?w Imoaa , ^