Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1857 Page 3
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MTBMWW MMIB gtUT BIT, BOiAODIQ AlfD MIIMUIU. m i ABiionoit sou a ?k, w*nr nine oornkr uik ?trae'?A wry Wge froo'. r xta, with |u, bath ra, Ac., ?lb board. A'to, iipow rooma for single geni. >rry lo*. Rafereuoe mjoir^d. JAVKRllV PI.AC?-r*R80'?8 LO0ICIR3 FOR aw! '!"?<? ni for the nwimnr, will Ind good ancnmmai, *rUh b?u-<l, one bkwk from Broad ?ay, aear Waak quurf ? laser at 6 o'clock. Also n?w single rooma nkmea. irootrm BTR1CRT.?ROOMP TO LR, DOURLB r rtnabt Ma, w?th or wfchnat boacd, oa tke Mat reaaoo n?. alfllnfelT'8 WUol. U Woaatar dud. mm WR8T TWENTY-RiOHTU RTRERT, OKR IXJOR from dvcorner of Braadway.-Deelrabla suits of fort and influ-nl' b*d room* to let, wtik board, livable for m <r nlul? aentlemen, at low prleea. Tka loaatlon la lentradefor 'be iimmnr month* WIirK STRRRT, WRBT OF RWOAD1T AT?BRAUUful ooaw, newly tarnished, with or without board.' KAtfTTWENTIETH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? Rumtnr iKiaroern 'ranslect or permanent are offered bin mummoiailonn at this first elaaa home. <J?ntlen<l 'btr wives or families visiting tbe city, are requested . Diner at UnVtvk. BR* CI STREET, ST. JOHW* PARK.-FURNI85ED r?oai?let, ? Kb or without board to single gentlemen ntUT' un.i Lhelr wivoa. Tka h*use haa all tne modern >Y?m?nt BONDiThRr?DR8IRARMCROOM4TO L.RT, ITJRnkbaor unftiriiUhf d,1?nth or wl'hout partial board. A?IT'BTRKKT.?TWO KLCOAltTI/T K0RMI8HED rarloi and bedrooms to l?t, in a large ?nd newly Atap bou?< A clean, quiet, eoaiforWMe b ime. ta u bjjk unity, in be ob'aiurd, with or wi'bont board, At an irnllj module oo?t. Refe"enc?? ? n Chang'd. r #KhiriKTiutjnrH strbw, *RaR fifth atr>h Jo let to ?e?Uemeu, In ? private bandily funhed moo, ooMunlnattni, ferine Crown, (U, , to ?e but hbcklr rmftHJbto MM apply; kfcatMralred. WK-TWKKTT THIRD STREET -TWO OR THREE f> raiser ti party of geotiem n can now be acoommo d wi'hilt or Btstln r vitas, wl h hoard. In one of tae ra nt b'ful ;?u.iu? in ibe eity. Twenw third mree'. In one of mad>' atree'a, and the bouse U delightfully located bain Hr iway ana Klith avenue. Ref-r^nree ei-banged > WKt fClcillTKKNTU RTRRKT BKTWKKN FIKTH andi b avenue*. An elegant ?u'tof raomi on ??coa<l , wtthill or ?artl*l board; adesl'able houae for partiee ' "g permanent; dinner at < n'el vik k RKWN HTKKKT, HBOOKLVK UKIUHTS ?TrfKV.C i elept room* on second door and one on third floor eaa b *ln?>n early appUoaUon at the above Ural elaaa bouse oer ?S o'clock. Referene* ei'hsnged ' RAJ ?BVKNTRJ6NTti 8TRRHT, BHTWHIUf DMIOM a^re and Irvine place ? Thia One residence, laving m a? eostly fnmrtare, la ready far the reneptioo of rtara-lentlemen and their wlvea, and single gmUemem sowenre delightful rwaia 1VW TWKiiFTU BTUKKT.-KOUIH Hl/ITAB K ^ foiro genUfOien, or a gent 1'man and hit wife. y sl!l and r? ect; toute Urst class Helerences exr eeiflhwer a' 6 oVl?r,k. , ?PfO MTRKBT, FOUR 0OOK8 PROM BROADJ wa-To lei, Mrftral handsome] y famished moms to (to gwmeji: the VmaUon la near all the first olaaa hole la. ,il.? ?>< building of Anaoa Honne. JIUKK'8 PLAOK. KIOHTH RTRRCT.-A PRRDCH 0 fay wish to let, with flr-t claae board, to a gentleman 1 wlflor a party of gvutlemen, handsomely tarnished as rat* or In snttn Dlnnrr at tii o'eloek. 7 PICK HTRKET, NKAR B&OAOWAY, TTKfiT st-Piirnlsfced moms, without board, several large mm, i closets pantries. Ac., newly furnl ihed, with eon lenwbatb, gas Ac.. ?o let, above. Also, back parlor, tptwlmnm and nflle* 9TNTY HXTH 8TRRKT, BKTWRRN SIXTH AND Retb avenues.?To let, wlihoit board, a nice furnishI front-lor on third floor, and two sleeping rooms on fourth wr hole for a family of two persons or for single gen I! PB'K. STRKKT, NKAR BROADWAY. WE8TSIDE'1 A kable room for a gentleman and his wile or two ngV jlemen; full or partial board; bath, gkj, Ac. Mo iWn-aeo. IQ ilNtl STRUCT.- HANDfOMKLY PURN18HKD w pi? to let, adjoining the Prescottldoose and opposite e 5t H-las U tel; the house has gas and bath, terms rm to table par 'e* f\n ~INTOM PLAOK KIOHTH BTRKET, NEAR U I fth aveaae.?Handsomely furnlnhed apartments id botfor a gentlemaa and wife, also a single gentleman. t?T b*~inrd on application aa above tloaee has all Um .?Jer?t>ro?ameneL R?f?n nee required Q a QHTU RTRKKT, ADJO NINO CLIVT01 HALL. ,?rw furnished mm 10 l?t to a tingle ?entii?inaa. Ay>y ti> BuRKIN Pnlnwr of 8|>*ri>.h. utjT ftopra A ?* Ki.FTH HTRKRT NEaR BR 'ONI) ANlll'K ? TU <tm? on Moood Bnor. with fill] or partial board, for ?o an grntirmrn or gentleman an<1 wif?, rouru? without iral? "?('< gemlrrarn-inl?, if demrnd; location pleasant; ianljr<" y private; board reawwiabie. i *L' HBON KTRKtCT. FRONTING ST. JOHN'S PARK, .ft f nrniebrd room* to let, ari h or ? Ithout board, to emir p nmn or geinlemeu uud Ibelr wires. Hoiiae with all v nrn lmpnT?nwM?. rjf*#* TWRNTIETH rtTRBKT - fURNlBHBD OR Jofeufurnlahed room*, with or without board, Is genm*m* thrtr alma, or to ainfle gentleman, is a small pri *w fir l>tnnrr al (. RTH HTRBirr.?TWO URNT1.EMEN CAM BE )rf <er?>mmodated wt h neatly furnUhtd rooma The natural r.laae, newly flttMt op, baring all the modern tar"?<r>t? and wHi'enfent to eare aad stages. Dtanaratau *Woe |l?ROO?ll STREET. SEOOND BLOCK EAST OF H i liro.itwar, 'a one of the beat boarding houeee in the M; tlLglr gentlrmen and gemltman and their wlrea. 'rani> or daily boarders alao accommodated. Dinner al 1 ad<M J A HOUHTOW ITIUf, WERT HI OR, NEAR BROADrx "7 - To let, handaxmely furnished rooma, fafetngls satire with break fact if required Also the front baeatealnitable for a physician's oflloa. for particular* la m ?'>" ? I A BROADWAY, 0PPU81TK APTOR FLA OR.-A [I fnw ??ry d??lrabl? mow, to mtta or atsfla, tola* 10 la* or a party of Milian, without board, or partial n?*m>ild br *IiBB u raqulrad. Traaaleni boardara tafcea. 4tai?i aiohingad. rn BROADWAY-A SCIT OF LAROR PARLORfl I ijul a aw|le room to lat; gat and bath a aanie tl. .r; it; ?*l IfalMOaDWAT -PARTI ICS WIMdINO ROOMS IR FiV "Hi* or ?n(<a, wuh full or partial hoard, furaiabed ' 'nmbra, ran obiala ehoioa roonu, oa rtanonabla Iwuu, f twnliai? am II. atloo; all modern tmT>noTi>m?mta, mciala m*d nom* ir raqntrar . nrar Twnnumh iItmiL I PRNIHHhD ROOM TO I.KT OR TUB PIRHT 1 Ir. lor two faaUaoMia. Plaaa* call at 38 North Room r?wt k I.RTI.KMA.M AM) HIR WIFK, OR TWO OR THRKR a. JfK cn'^mn. no b? aomxnmod ?i?d with board la a ?location, with modern Impmrmnta. Inquire at M2 'Ml lr'i"h "iraaC DMar Klath ??mu? | R >M IN A riiV.1l HOCBR-A PRIVATR FA L Ml wonld Ut a larga p)?aaaut room to ona or two ain prn? Partial b?artf IT dnalrad Apply at 210 Wm torMDth ti'pi Twm ?n<i'r?U!. AeoomnodaUoua not Man *>nt tant??l and mafortael*. L LJtUR FURNWIlRD ROOM PL.RUIANTLY MTU \ ad. aJao. a Miliar rooat, oao ba had, with board, at Mrvth atraal. Ixwa.loa plaaaaat, aad onofunlrnt to the rW?]f I|M and ih? ra-i I ORTI.KM AN AND HIM WIFR OR TWO OR THRKR \ a(*a taa ha a r-nntmdatad with ronma with ill otiar la' hoard, a PI P.tooa n.rtat, a faw do>ra waat of Nadtj. Rafaraoraa ?ichan*?d k ( iT OF FIVR ROOM* TO I.RT?AT IB ORRKNR V. raal orrthar or taparata, *11 on ooa flnnr furnlahao a ki 4*>lfl4; 'b-T ?r? ntca and rrrf danlraMa. bona* la aNh? modatn impmramxiM; tarrna raaa>nabl?. L RW AINOLf ORNTLRMRR OAN H A VK PI.EAS A NT L X>Bta with partial board, and #?ary ar. -mm xlatl m, la prl?t^ famll/ by PP'j'nj ^_? ' *" * Thirty tooJ aVrrn, CW?n Hroa<lw?y KW r ilia "'mini. l iV T ?<P ROOM* HANTM<>MRl.T FUKHlHHftI) L >D flrit and atone Boon, can bo obtained At idu Com ivtvoib aire* t. , .tmrmiAif ard hih wifr wii.l rmn moht L fnrn'?h"l ?"?rnii"n'?. wlih -?'>?rd ?ry m aleee ror keeping bona* If d??lr#d. wltb a rtrletli private ab of tbrwe prr??.i. ao oU?r boarder* takes. Appl/ at IkMoiunl i r??i T"9 TWHI.PTH HfRRKT, NRAR ruURTII AVtNdl I ai d Broadway, can be had a fr mt *nd bark parlor, tobe or separata, wl h nr without board, the location, home d kmtire are eisailaat. and inrma will ba no lwim in par? / r- ?p?' tAbllliy, Wm.l. KrR*IMHRt? H(>< M. IN Alt Rl.? L gant bon?f wrh All the toprm'mwi located nanient 10 the WaII *tr*et And Mouth ferrea. In Brooklyn, b te obtained wi b fu'l or parlal board, iiHAbki for two nvarg frt? nd? i ??nu?' preferred . or A |?*Ja?A? And i tl'a Apply Al W Amliy atrwl. Brooklyn. , PURRIPHIcn ROOM. WITH O AM, TO I.RT-OM ^ aeroad floor Apply ai T? Varvfc near Oanal . I.?R.IK AND TKRT Pt.R AR a Rt ROOM, RKWI.T L fnmlrhad And repainted. with |u. on third Hour m let Is for M pa? t?l, In hauaa with a prlrata fa*tly rnkfaat if deairsd Apply m 174 Plral atmua, haat Tenib PWt LORNTI.KMAN A>D LAI<T, OR TWO ?** tW?en. can b? *c. -onnoriated wltb board, In aaeleet prlI'-famlly realllnK In A ho '.?e . n * nine All llie m > l?rn -n 'mammta R< f<-reur?A en-banted. Iaqalre Al IS Weal wn?y e?-co?*d Ureal kBfi.*Ni>in huit or ritrcRMiBRKn rooma on X eecnrt fl or to let, to gentlemen And Ibxlr wlree; rr rata to If deetrahla Aleo a fnrntahed roirni on ntrd fl aw UiMe for iwa atngle f?ntlci???; hoaae baa all Ik# mod-m rotrwnva. dinner at t o clock. Applj f * iM waak At '/i and arenna k rtlVAl ft PAMII.T, (MH UPTIH.I a NSW P.R^T ft alaaa bouaa. rary plaaaanily loaaMal, la tba Kin lb ward, f '? |rnu?B?<n or jmiilMm'n And tbdr wire# band. aly furniiVwi rnooa. with pAttlAl board The bona* baa "kAlk, marbla baalra, with bot and mid watar In aa?b coa?^iaa? to the earl, and atAcaa paaa th? door. Itaalanmi to offer a home, and rme far Jlfflsivat from an TOt? P^fJKT- " ULiSfJif*4" A*n A,*n TWo /^M?ln pleaaant aad tiAndAoTiety fo* ..V ., 7J. M PATllftl I- -ard. al I'M W -a? Ru'htwo dnon froTn avtniM. l>lnn?r al ? Is,.*Kh"!V*nTi who oonrrtw 4 pir>?t ilat- wnh I.oar.1 anT5'. lonalliT. ean aer*mi f.M JS! rn^TJut?a- r;U,n"? " M?d o- In.alld lady, or nii?n?l? ilelerenrea i7' *r?* Aa reivler ?nd r ? . ;; A,,,lr- for M "MK M,:,T " B DM W'.to aanaTwTwa I al'achcd, to let to one or Mnri VV-f-T.K Wln.*<y)V r fee with *11 th# mof|#m '-nnfniiil?- "' J P iA ? Mroakfael and Wa ^ ^.1 , .?.,ir.ell a few lone, w?tof Mro.72^ Appljr M % ; 'iLV w "i Ki"' 'L' ..a 1 'ril p~m". ?>? appWlna WL'j!!?..^ ML The ko<iM baa All the Modern linpwme,,* ^ J BOAJROIKO AJID UIPOWB.. SOARD^-A OKlfTLK*AM AID WIFB, OI OWI OK two (bsfle graUemea, can 8ad baari IB * InI dMa d houaa, convenient *o South and PallMi tarry BUN Bad B^bth avenue rara Apply at 0 HiBiTtnl Bw*. between BiiAb aid faarth rrwa. Boabd.-a lady and hu8*?nd cam bb accomBodatrd wi'h hand oan newly fnrntoked room*, wili board for the ladr only, by applylnc at the ptaaaaaUy loctteti booM No. 177 OiMoe itreet, n-ar Bleecter Boakd.-to let, with board, |a sboond floor rwn and pantry. ?ttoated u one of the moat pleasant paru of Xaat Broadway, luilable for a gentleman and wife or ingle g'nikman. Qai ?nd bath. Reference* exchanged. Oafi at Ml Ba.t Broadway. Board?to let. a parlor and bedroom, 05 the aecond fioar, in a tilt elaaa houne; baa ivl! tbe modern laitimvrmi-u!*; wt!h or wilhon'. board, tn a private funlly. Apply at 37 Bleecher ?troet Poan-eal.m immwHat.-ly. Board?a prxvatb familt, living in a dellghtful location np town, would anonmmndate a gen' In man and lady with txard and pleaaant front rooma. Apply at 192 Lex ln(ton avenue, ooi ner of Twenty ninth at, Board -an unfurnished room to let, to a reDtl*aMO and hi* wife, with board; alao two or three gentlemen can be Moomtaodated, by applying at 10U Alien atreet Board.?furnished or unfurnished rooms to let, with or wttlmnt br-ard French grata to lodger* or boarders. A French eioa* ? forming for ladles and gentlemt'ii. Inquire at 48 Seventh avenue, corner of Fourteenth street. Board?a an ant) W!FE, or two sin fie gentlemen, can ie accommodated with fall or par Ual board and pleasant rooma at CO Morton street. Location ( eslrable. Board.-two or thrke single gevtlembn oav be Kc*ommodated with furnished roam4 and partial hoard by applying at UJ We?t Thirty-suih street. Reference ro <iU red. BOARD.-a GENTLEMAN and WIFt CAN BE aCeommoduted wiih a large room handsomely firoishel; alio two or three Kindle gentlest*n; room* larce aud airy; ta decidedly tie coolest location in the city. V'sitsrs will find (his a pleasant re mat during the auuimer. Call at SHU W?i T wemieth street Terms moderate. Board for ioti (jenti.emen -a very kb* sant room for one or two single gentlemen; also, the basement for an office, at No. T, ' Hntr>n plaoc. Dlnn *r at 6. Board can be obtained at tm hicks street, Brooklyn, for gentlemen and ibelr wive*; also, itngl* 1*1 es and gent'enen. Full or partial board. Rooms fur111 bed or nofi-rniihed; between Srmh and Wall street :'er lies Ro?m* neat aid dry. Call and see. Boarding.?a handsomely furnished farlor, iltable for a gentleman and lady; alao, a room tor single Ctinmen, may be had by adreaalng W. B. E., Herald office a Hun ta Twenty-ninth street, near Fifth avenue, and dl? | Mr at >K c'elook. Boarding?a gkntlewan and lady can ke< ure, on r*a*or.ahl? t? rms, a neatly fnrniahed parlor and bedroom adjoining. In a drat claws bouae. w'!h all the modern oonvenieuc: h. Aunlv at .#fl Baat Twenty fifth street. Boarding.?*n unur0a .ly plearant place for a city summer r?*idenee, In a reiirea spot In close R?oj unity to cars and several lines of * tapes, in a private untly, can be lecured bv two or three gentleman who dine down lown. or by a gentleman an t ' ut la ty. Aa interview and inspection of roiixi I* invited. Inquire at lib Weal ei" Tenth *?reet. six ioors from Sixth avenue. BOARMNO ? FURNIKHKD ROOMS TO LET, FOR Single gentlemen or genti>jm> n ana their wive*. with >o&rd, id a private family. lu'ioire %l 135 West Eleventh street, eor ner of Hixth avenue The home, has all the modern Improvements i>ath. Ac. Term* moderate. Reierenees given and Boarding -furnishid ok unfurnished room* or parlor* to let, with or without board, to sin gle gentlemen, or gentlemen their wires, in a respectable neighborhood; bath* and every convenience in the home. Addre?* SM Oreeowich, between Spring and Vandam afreets. Boarding-a orrtuvar and his wife can be accommodated w'th good hoard; also, a few tingle gen'lemen. at H 36 and S3 Si) Apply at 14 Jone* street, between Bleecker and Fourth streets, near Siith avenue. BOARPING.?A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BR MMBtnioda ed with furnished room*, with or without board In a private family, at id Troy street. Gat, bath, Ac. lx>caUon near Abingdon place. BOARDING ?OUR OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BR accommodated with board, or room* without board, in a respectable house In the Seventh ward, by addressing C. A. J., Hera'd offlce. Boarding at no. io eighth avenue.-gentlemen and their wives and a tow single gentlemen, oan be accommodated with good boa-d and tine airy rooms at the above No. Terms moderate. B1 o?ar> row* town.-a united ntmbbr or ulugle yonn men ?u be aroornnndaed with good board and airy rooms In a private family, at 66 Rome atrtei, corner of Pearl, f all and iee. Board down town.-to i.rt, a rani laroi front room, well furniahed, bath and gaa atuu-hed. to aingle gentlemen, with good board. A Inn day and dinner boardera can be accommodated. Apply at 112 Leonard atreet, east ol Broadway. BOARI> IN A FRIVAT1C FAJni.Y-THEY HAVINO A beaut Iful reaidence. frulta. freak vegetable*, light carriage. aoeeealble from either of tae'Brnokl) n ternea within 10 to it muni tea, lnoaliun healthy, Bahlug, hunting; terma aeenndary to good retereaoe. Adxraaa Raton, Broadway Poet oBlew. with real ad*reaa, Immediately. Board in ci.inton pi,ace.?vkrt dkriraw.k fnrnlahed romiu, with board, may be obtained by a family or ulugle gentlemen at 61 ('Union place, near Kll'ih avenue. Board in brookltn.-a okntlkman and wipe or two or three alngle gentlemen can be aeenmmodated ? ilh full or parual board, oq reaaonable urmi, at No. I AH Carton atreet In a genteel neighborhood near the Kill too avenue ear* Reference* exchanged. Board in brookltn.-desirable rooms, bcit able for imr'egentlemen, in a Bret claaa house, ooavem Hnnia mil Wall atreet ferriea. Dinner at 6W o'o'onk. A ppij at i? Henry utreet, Brooklyn, between Amity and Oon- I grraa street*. BOAND II* BROOK>.TN-WITHIN FTVB WNITTO I walk of Wall an l Fulton ferrlea. A rendeman and hl? wife md ba aorrroaaodated with a large and pleaaant room on tbn aeeood floor, furnlehed or unrurnlahed. Apply at 13d , Henry street, between Pierre poet and Claik streets. I ' Board in bbooilyn.-wii.l rb tacatrd m a 1 few day*, one large room on eeeond floor, wtth or without bedroom adjoining, anttalile for a gentleman and wife or a party ot single pnraona, kwauon convenient to either Fallon or wa'l atreet ferries, and one of the pleaaanteet In Brooklyn. Dinner at o'c <?k Apply aoon at 47 Confined etraat. Board in rrooktyn-qood board and pi.ia sant rooms can be obtained, with home comforts, at 61 Baaaau atreat. BHOARD in HROOKI.TN -TWO OR TURKIC BTVOLB irtitknm inn b* ae< ommndated with >>o*rd Call at VJ Clinton n/wt, between Wall street and south terrtaa. Refe renoa MqntrM. BHOARD IB BROORI.TN-Pl.RARABT ROOMS, ON second story, anlMlle for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, nan be had by applying at No. IK) < 'ongreaa street. seound door b? low ll^nry. Dinner at 6 o'el o* BINBOARD TN BROOIIjTN ? A VBRT HANDtotfF, large rrrm. with good cloaeta Ac., on the second floor, to let witb board, lo a ceuueasan and wife or two single gentlemen. In a vrry delightful luca'ion, three mIn ilea walk from the Wa'l alreet ferry; aim a lark'' front room on the Moor above. H*ferenrea exchanged. Please call at U1 Montagne street, Brooklyn BROOKLYN IIRIQHTfl?A GRNTLRM AN AND Hlfl wife or two aingle gentlem<m ran be aearHnnsodal'd with pleaaant rou.i and board, by applying at 73 Cranberry street BHOARD IN WH.LBAKRBUBO.-A FNW ORNTLRVRN. or geatemen and their wires ran obtain hoard In a ntiraui famllT, In Wllllamabnrf, a few mlnntaa walk from the ferrtea. References eirhanged. Apply to Mra. U. W. Adrtnnaa, M Booth Third atreeta, corner of Third street SoaRD wantrd.-a ladt win tin to obtain board In a reepn-table private family. or in * hoarding se, on the weal aide of the W. wfyiae employment la down town. Address B H . boi 4.MS Foal ottoa. for three da ye gating tenna and loenUon. BHOARD WANTKD?A Pl'RNIBIIBD ROOM FOR A lad) and (en'leman, wtth Hoard for the lady. In a unali family. Addre'a Raymond. Herald oSce. BHAKD WABTRD-BT A OBNTLKMAN AND WIFIC In aprlmte famllT. where there are ao MMMIM amrw i., iwiww* BI.RVF.ST1I RTRKRT. BRTWKK* FIFTH ARI> SIITII armor*. ?An i'I"(uUt f imufcwl parlor and b?4rr?*n >o the wnKiit fmot. Tn alira* r'aaa boita*. with all thn m-idTB tmprorrmrnla. ?.11 b? tot to ? (rmlrman who la wOltnc 10 ?ay fur nuperV>r *oc >mm r'atlona, family m*li and MfVi. ljr prtrato. A not* addi >w 1 K ft, MrraJd o?on. will tMnr? attoatfnn. Bi.roart rcit or forrirhrii farlobr to rrrt ?dtraatiy oppnaltr th? Raw Tort Hoial, aalMkbla tor om or two rrottomen. Apply at 71* Bmad way. Bart rroai>way.-rrtrral?irolr orrti.rrr*, willing tn room Ingolker, "an h? i?mMnn4tt?4 wltfe plnwnt i ni?a And u a*rmahl? hoaM for ft K) prr *Mk, Awn. a atoaaant front iiw for a fatnuy. kt&rm* far a wrak. Hw? Chatham Wpiitra I'rwt nOoa. Tha kwiat haa *11 tha OMT1 iBjWWMjll r'RRTRHRD BOORR?AR RI.ROAITTIIIITIOf BOoMR, with anmmodtama badrnnam ud paatrtaa iimM. to k? totlagath'r or uparla Alninltd BKMMtpwWlM thr Aral tow, Rawly aad atapiatly foitkM, At d gilMtr traot, I f?w Aoon nil of Ri ?>< >. fto hoaaa to nn toy* and Airy ; ha*. ?aa. tot |7>c*iitphrn boors to Lir-*mt fttrrishrd r tn ataxia wilwa Apply at Ml Ttrtafc i>mt Rant mtorm. ?m rnmnrn rooms to i.rr -two ri.roart par F l?ra oa Ural floor A too. atntte mom for iMfllf*. ? Ro. Mf Broadway Rratoifr?inlr?d *'f?rwMni*wi|*l ElBPiranD ROom.-HARnMORR I.AROR Room wttt bfipiriM. toh and mid wtMr. (m aad bath. htm i olaaatonaa nay ha nhtahtad ai fmm M t?(| Mr n* Partial board Ii drrtret Apply M M Waat Thirty aamm4 atr??L tha Aral Ra M froan Alt la a?ano? Fl RB1SBRT) ROORR TO LIT-A RRAL'. FARII.T nrenpyhiif iwdm bona* In a p raaant loRRM m n"w Itukrt atrmt, la th? rtrretub ward, would ran', to aerural r? mtahto Rent rtn*a well fnralihed rnmm la mv? nratnil* without bnar-l; rcfnrmrr rr^ii'md and firm. Addrraa A.R. R . Chatham atnrn Foet otlioo. FU VRNtPHKD R?>ORR TOLRT.-A PRIVaTR FAVTLT would let mt Of two ni<v> f -not ro-nna a' tl 70 *?d H & Br week utoatlon two blorka waat at Broadway, nrar ln?? atrart. Apply at l< S Or?*n? ?<r?>?t. fHCRRnitin ROt)R<t TO LRT-TO A OBRTt.RMAR. wltk partial boarl If i*Tilr?>i1. la Bronklvn. n?ir lHa (it rl?a and,ih? earn, Inra Ion <l?alrabM. R<v|nimtr partiouiara |lT?nt by oalllDK at 144 Fulton atrmt. Raw Tnrk4 rtTRRfRIITTt FRORT ROOM. OR RRCORD FT/K)R, TO | tot, with it board, to nna or two alnato ?rn'lrm*n tn tbr F.i(bth ward, n?ar Br?Hway. Tb? ho.n^ baa all modern Improrrtnmta. Addrvaa Ttoimpaon. Mrrald oflr#. rURRTTtTRR WARTBO -FARTURR HATIRO I.AROB or amall nuanUtlra of ?ood furnlUira U? <llapnaa of, will ronrtra the htokaat prK* b*M by ealltiui at tka atnro or ad 1r?*aln? THORAR I). OOMRbT, 4t Uaatro atrmt, two .taora from Foarl atrmt. FI'RRIARBn rooms TO LRT-TO A flRNTI.rm \N and bla wife, or two a'ijl? fnitomm. b? a prtrau* flam ly r. 'if and baib? In the ho jar. Apply ? MB BMtoa itrart, wo block! fr m Rruadway ffEW TORK HERALD, W boakdflvo ato mttwrfg. jhcrrifhrd booms, fablobs art? bedrooms to JP ' let, wlib or withont par Lai board In prlrat? Ameriaa family Please call at s? Orohard Mr?t, aaar Good board arb uood boom oajt bb bad in lb* Boat delightfully looa'ed house ou Brooklyn U?U>W. Apply at ?9Oulmablasksiat; splaatllil mar Tiow. DkmbrM *3t o'aloefc. , YTOBGKKR?BOABD. ?TO LET, A COMFORTABLY Q. fwuishml room, with tiro beda, lor two yrtltMK, tn 'be pl'iuiivit part oI Uobnkan, wtifa .* without partial board. Terra i?n moderate Apply at 2n Washington avast. Dorner Bevi-nlll street, Hobchen. HARDSOMRLT FDBRUHRD BOOM TO I.BT-TO A lad; and gentleman, board for tl?e lady only, In a small private French faulty. na the ootid door, two blooks frjm Broadway, aaar Amity street. Addreu A. M. Broadway Post office. VTBAT ARD KBWI.T ftbrt8hrd ROOMS to l?t. AT ll H Whit* (treei, io alible gentleman, or to gentlemen and their wire*; no farthnrebargK for two gentlemen <ceupy ing one room; strict reference required in regard to character PB1VATB BOARD?A aRRTLEMAR ARD WIP1 OAR have a second story from room, unfurnUbed, with fall or ptrUal bourd Parties wishin< a tome and Its privilege* win oleas<- apply at 11 Rutgen street Two stogie gentlemen Room*?with partial board, in a handsome newly furnlahed honae wit* the modern Improvements, parlor* on snanod toor, with bedrooms; also, bedrooms on third door at moderate rates' also, a basement tor a doctor or dentist. Apply At SB Spring street, near Maodonfal street Rooms and board for families or single f*ntleme?. At 2> Onlffn square. Rooms hanekouklt furnished to let, to iea<l'm*n, with parliAl board J required. At lii fligULh street, near Broadway. Room wantko-by a gentleman whosb timb is divided between >bia and ?f>er places; will ?1vnnc-> m ineihiag toward* fnroUhing tho h>uae, if de?lred. AdJrosa Pennsylvania, lit raid office, stating full partlsulan, wto MspOM family, Ac. Several rooms to lst-at isi blskckkr street with fu'l or partial board. T?.o house hu ail il?o modem improvements. TO BOARDk.R8.-WE HAV? UPON ODR LI8T, AT lji? Boarders' bdMH, A lnrg" uumbcr ni ttrst clans genteel boarding house* and urlvate families wiahiag boardera where we will dureJt, with full oarticulara, grauit/iusly. Tlioss wishing sen eel bojrdersHbould Apply Immediately. bMITH A BOYD Applnton's Building, 3If' Broadway TO LET-A PLBASANT FURNISHED FRONT ROOM with bed'eom at-ached, to two single gentlemen,or a g?n tie man And his wife; rent UDderate. Apply for two dajs at 4CC Canal street. WMMHR RJKWH1U. rvESIRABI.E BOARD FOR TBK Nl'MMKR MONTHS. 19 WoTdlaud Park. South of Fort Waah ngton, Hndaon river. The abo'e w?U known and magnificent property, (late the residence c f Htekson W. field, Esq..) with 3D aorea of pleasure grounds on the *>aoks of the Mndeon river, will be mtuly for the accorom idAtlon of boarder* In a few 'lava. The mansion la altnatedoa an airy and pletureaqne binn, conmauding a beautiful view of the river Hudson, and within 46 minutes ride from the Chambers atreet depot, wlthfacWliet for reac*iing It by railroad, steamboat ?r at age at nearly All hours Aopiloation (or s^iu of rooms, Ac., can be made at the city realdenee or ihe leasee. No. 1 Irving place, or on the property- Reference*?J. W. Mitchell Esq., 75 Naasau street; Winner H. Tnwnaeno, Kaq., 36 Broadway; Fran da Hopkins, Esq., $1 Baiclay atreet 1/fURRAV'H HOTEL, AT N ABBOWHHDBO, SULLIVAN iVl county, K. T., la ami ready for the reception of aumnrr bnardera. It la pleaaantly aituated on the bauka of the Delaware river, and on the line of the New York and Brie Railroad, 122 niilea (mm Naw York, where all train* atop. Thuee deairoiu of apending a few weeka In the ooun ry will find thia a delightful location. Klue treut flatting and gunning in the Immediate vicinity. For particular* apply to A. El. BURBELL. rpi PAVILION HOTKL, BOOEAWAY, LONG IAIiANI), X will open for the aaaaoa on the Md of June. Applioatioaa for rooma and cottage* to benaadeat Boakawfty or at C OUff Mreei, wkare a plan auty be aeen. JWQ. amo. bainhkipoe. THE NEW YORK BAT hotel will open Oil the f'hofJune. Tbia houae, long and favorably kuown an a moat charming summer realdene*, la now undergoing repaira, enlarg* ment and refurnishing: Ih aituated on ihi' New Jersey abore of the beautiful bay of New York, three mile* and a half from Jeraey City ferriea; omnibuaaea Danalog thla houae, leave Jersey City farry hourly, from 7 A. X. to 7}? P. M. Kara Uoenta. BOARD IH THE OOCSTH^ " BOABO IN"THIt COUNTRY WANTE[>? FOR A KAMI ly of seven grown persona and three children; five ronnia required; * Ithtn one honr* ride of the city, at a farm bouaa. Addrtaa Mr. Heury, lj Beaver aureet, up alaira, with lull particulars. Boarding in the codntry.-a dblioiitful ummer home ran be found at the Ronkonkoma Houae, at Lakeland, l<ong lalani. The houae la new, aitiiaied on elevated groond. about a mile north from Lakeland atation; the room a are large, airy and well ventilated; the eneloaure contain* from ten to twelve aeree, extending to the water; the water la mire and aweet thephore and bottom are clean hard aand. Tht re la no road through the premlxea. exoept a private road to the Ik uae; paaaengera leave the eara at lakeland atation; the care leave foot of Atlan'le *tre?t, Hrmklvn, every day at t A. M. and 3K P. M ; leave Lakeland atauou at ? A. M and 12 M. Carriage at the nation to take paaaengera to the bouae. For particular* inquire at 167 Fulton street, New York, from ?to II A. M. H. WK1.1V DOSRO IN TUB COOK TRY? A KKW UKN fi.KMKN room w ith board ? abort distance in the country, reference* required. Add re hi box 2,769 I'ost office. rtODXTBT BOARD.?A TRW PIRSOKi CAM BR AO oommodated with board far the Sumner In a prlrM fttni it is WnMahaatar county one boor's rid* from the m?y ilall. Term* reasonable. l<neatloa nnr Loaf Island Hound, (iood flab to#. Apply to WM. B JOlINSOIf, 4U If oiulra a COrWTBT BOARD AT TOWKRRR-SIX OR PKVBN room*. with board. In a pleasant cottajre, with sroands and atable attacked, naar -be railroad depot, will be let -o a family (to reasonable terms The situation la eery deau-able. tbe bona* ivmnandlnc a One view of tbe rleer and surround In* awnery. Apply M> A. LOJUR, uOoe of Ike tietljr Hjuee, looker*. COl'RTRT BOARD.?MARH1.K HOUbR. MKW BRMU urn, Statee Island ?One or (wo famlliea of crown per * na Bay obtain an per tie room with board, at this oommi dloua realdeeee. dellf hifnllr located on high groundLetwsnda a m*fn'!io# nt etew of ike Hay snd Narrows and only eight intes walk from the ferry Rilenalre grounds In lawee, ornharri and garden; large atable ami narrlafe hooe>\ eieeUent ?ea bathing Apply or address Marble Honae, New Brtgh'on (lOUNTRY BOARD MAT BR HAD AT A DK3IRABLR J residence, abont sere* miles from Brooklyn. by the Utikg I land Ral'mad Tbe b use la pleasantly tested: rmai airy, fine lawn and abade tree*. For lorther particulars (Inquire at 74 East Twenty third street. fWl'NTRT _ BOARD WAWTKP-rO?_ THRRK OR v KMr nion'na on a larm. wiww po m in in hif ciij un in the '.ma o'lh.- Hin*?on River Railroad, f ir a gentleman, wtfa and daitghtar (Ire Tram old. Addrtiaa, ataing fully location, trrtna, Ac., U. B. R , Herald nOee. COt'NTRT "BOARD.?THRBM LABOR ROOMS WITH lb* uia of (tab 11' ami carriage km we, ran ha had In Nor walk. Conii., from the IMI of June. Hotiae larifl and grounds wall shaded and aitrnaWa around II. Adults nraf. rrad Apply IoL rtl A I'M A V, Jr., M Wall sJraetTir further particulars. CIODNTRY BOARD-AT PORT RICHMOND, HTATKN ) Inland at the h<mw of?lhe Ml?se? HlHHOHWAY. ultnalad on tha park, tire minute* walk from the ferry. Address by ail or Inquire of the collectors of tbe boat* Hugueaut and H'atan Inland, at Whitehall. COUNTRT BOARD.?A (XtNNKCTICUT PARMBR, wilkln ihraa houin hy railroad ran ammamodata right to twa ra flnt elan* hoarder*, loeatlnn unsurpassed. P>au all thla day at D4 Hroadwar, room No 4, where the proprialor aan b? seen from 10 A. M uatll W M. COVNTRT BOABD.?PRRBONH WldlllRtl TO OBT AIM board la a pleasant and healthy location, of aaay areas to ika city, om ba a. ?inunodated at lk? Port Rldunund llotal, at Port Rlehaaond H I. IX)AM UKK1CEM. (1 J. B. WIU.I1 A OO. MUM. tia n Inm Street, room Ma. T. jona 0* diamonds. and all IMi at f>Km, jewelry, I Pawnbroker# I personal property MW. dry gooda. I Hafcate bought I or bay (hr saak. *1 ?AJTT AMOUNT OF MONMT ADTANOMD AT THM li. Biuadsay Loaa OMm. M Broadway. Tkta oU Mat ? & Ml responsible oBn adrnaeea ika ktgkeet mat <m Willi, wavbra Jewelry and paraonal property, or bo?if Si er aaah. Pawnbroker*' MkMaVraiki MACPtTPT A RHMAD. 1 Broadway, eomar Wakwr IT nnn TO UOAN-ON WATOHBB. DIAMONDS. Plf.UUU jewelry, eawara, Aa., and al of par Ml property, or bought and ar Id ft* naak Hiwdnsas etrVnJi MntU. Apply to R uHlBRIJN, No. I Baik? etraai nn M Park Itank balktlng 'Ml IUW TO LOAN ON WATOHBM DIAMONDS, JiU.UuiJ Jawalry. argar*. dry goods, and all kinds ? tmmmml lieeuU, or bongbt and sold rr* aaak. Notes, boada wWl'*. ebeka, As, negotiated KM Naaaaa treat, anmat * second loor, rooow No*. I and ?H rT'Aw|?vol? * <T> broker* and anmmtasVm marefcanta. aoc nnn-M lend on bond and miirihiaur ,n ona or sora >uaa to*ult applijants. m Improred raal aetata In ikls H ? Also in unu to land un Pronkl) n proparty. Apply to B. i. BROAD, 13 Wall treat, second ??rry. i/\7 mm?" wAf?l * Z ? a ifi JTnwiiJX iM UU Im BoHMM pro aft Ml MUMU I I -*< tadM* ?raaaar*?< oa Aainrdajni imooor tr;.:r Mbn kardw?ra, mt*rn rV*4? h.^t. mowataa. Aa or mm MM baaakt tor oat*: ML(M *nn for mi*, la par ?4 7. h barriruirTwu nn. a Aorrttjuar hatimo morr norrt thar hi kit wan ft* at ?- lid to Mt? ad?aaa?n r? lewflry, watrAaa, Tii ' ?l'*? pMnm, ???*rn kart -ui Ml Panlra arlahln* aanomntodauom mm aaJ) at tr HmJimif, <W?? ww. awrnd "QT MRRCHAHTR OR 01HKR? HAVIKf} RR^OMK KM berreewl hi kiWtnmM, an<{ wlrthln* In aI<m? out thri> wirk "f rilh#r f'W r ?l uli w Imio nanaoiuH oa ?h<->rt no*W? hy nWr*ming, wits p*rtl?'tiara, Hmker, bo* MA HtraM n??. All oommnaleallott u Vt.r coe?4rntkU. ljorrt loarrp tu art arourt or wnwnm V ttrmnlrj. diamond* t?. ar for naah I*MW rh tmm wMk MrMIr analldaiiUaL u4 not ka aaaa m WiUMfiBw I A W. rjJchim, m HwXwi! MORKT TO IOAR-OR RIRBT a,AH? mriioTirh rtti prnp^Mr, la utimi to *ol? aoplMaota. Apply to DC WutT A w II.BI'R, 15 WI1 lam rtrrat MORBT-BORRT ADTAIfUBO TyJ ART AROURT U? fnmMnrr, ptaaoa watnfcaa. diamond*. fh-a-anaa. n?aR??l nrfWal, and mr??jln? hu?rnm?nta, knrana, ?*r "-> aar rlatna. iwwtaf manMami fan?ral nrr<-h*adlan, and all prrwn nafpiiiaaitj (or hoafkt) hr RICH ? Rl) WAI.TEM 4 OO Una 11Hmwt and OaiMrtno air aria. IIOTRHOIR JpXrt'neTnW TIIR RRW r*?r . > "V RARIRIR y Will nrrmnpvij ih# f?rhl rar? on Tbnr?d?r W II takn HiIni in twrn'y paMM?ntara. Ttektta to ba kad ol R. P. RO?l BB. 70 Baarrr iHraat T^irVRflTORB - RXHtiRBtORB ? RXCIJRBIORS - TH1 Pi w?ll known ttrAmboat WAHHffUTOR. thr mul nom mod ton* riiMiretnn boat now rnnnlnR, haa b??o (ltt?d op Mpr"'M?lT for ill* ?if nuton wuon far lr? wUhln* to rhar?r can Irani partlrnlar* by apnlylnR to ownera, 17 and SOA Hml oa ttre?t. or M Waat ir??i EDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 186 HUM IMMIil M, TO Ul, mra wamv?*0 lit, th* gjtcojfn stokt op ? doom 33 ?<rr*t, eortirr uf Madiaun, r loilnung of as ?.? ^trtwwu. iMoiw <* <*? , ( A LA ROC HOCBB, PILIAD WITH GOOD BOABDBBfl, Ui M, ud furskyo tor aaia, bajo? ( ?rj*J ILT<U aaa veil of Broadway. Addr?"M Honaa, Mir*id omo?. Aphibtciah abobt l?avu?o tuk clrr, offrrs !>? laaae ?f hla kwiaa, Wld? Kurllik NwiwDt, <<mr wo y

b -own itoor. la the Inur'akatw Tfc-inity of Ftfln a??-nim, llnad wav and Madlaon iqoar* To a phytfota rr mti?rn wuh a Oral claao oftica, tka rent will be tew. Addrcia Phyalc*ao, M> dtann aquara Poat oflioa. A dwelling pabt or a good thiihk smitr hou?e to Itu 392 Itrooia* tlseal, onsen;.-oi to Uioadway; nine rotma wlih | cbaodWiera, now.y p^mvod ana uapeted dkrou?&oai. T?ai ly reut $tAO. B. W. RIOHARIW, XT, Broadway. * ? a r>n? pnrru UEMB v unnov xn t <nu .km A liflnun r*'W" UVWDW ?w libi?^\/n l AIR* ,/Y Inn 3) room*. a short dlt laoae w.-?i of Hi iivIkay brio* Hraomt ilreet. a good location for a boarding buuif. Poukxsiou immediately. Apply t?B. W, HIOHaKLM, 307 Broad way. BROOKLYN.?1U LET, THE STORK ANO DWEIJ..IN0 Mo. 8I? Fa'lon str-ei, one door from Uve ruruvr or firm. pont. and near the City Hall Will be rented separate or together Inq Hire on ihe p rem wee, from ? A. m. to 7 P. m. Furnixhkd nous* to let-in twentyse,-ond alt eel, to a tm&ll private family who will bourd the owner's family for the rtnt; a Ten desirable arrangement will be made with parties derlrous of golug to hou/K'keepmg. Ad drew Junw, Herald office FIJRNIHHRD HOUS1 TO LET ON MODKRATITRRM8 If to a (mall careful family.?To let, for ilx months, from the Ant of May neit, an el>?twn house of modoraw sine, with brown ttoOwfront, tarnished tn nnrfqne style, adorned with oh Jeota of art, a*d rftrtaterf ta Tweniv third street near tntU ayenne and Mad 1AM square; one of the moat deatrabla sttaa . Una* In the e*9> betbg open?n the south, rery airy, and In the tn mediate riclnlty of q?e Une of city railroad and three Ones of stages to WA11 street ami Rocth fttrrlee, to Address HffnJ UBOK A CO., Ho 130 fearl street IjlORNIfmBD OOTTAOE AT VIEWPORT TO LET.?A r handsome and comnfdtona cottage In one of the mist deairaile partaof Newport, R. t., citrplttely furn'shed; will be rented for tb"pr?sent sea?on Term* moderate. Appi / to K. C. HALL I DAT W"- 4 Wta'l street. HOR<'KKN.?TO LKT, THK THRRK STORY AROIJfaH ban* uient brick hous", beautifully situate 1 4- the a< slpe of Waehinglon street, opposite he Od 1 fellows Hall. It rnn'ains fourteen rooms Rentjffi) Apply to J. CRKVIRR, J8 Htiane a reet. New York, or ItW Waslnbglon st., lobikeo. Orrioi TO LET?-CORNER OF DUANC AND ?RST street, opposite the Erie Railroad pier, suitable Tor a Rfcll)l>tng office or tor other pnrvoees Kent reasonable HK J. TILTON. l?l West street. SRVKN rooms, PART OP HOUSR 1$7 WRST THIRTYslilh street. Dear Hevenlh avenue, to let; ju?t painted aud In good order, with water, r?h and other eonrenieuoes fl't'r able for a genteel family. Heal tit per mouth. Apply on the premises. TO LOT?HOU8R 192 8BOOND AVRXUR, IN PIRST rate order, with all modern Improvements. Apply to U. MKRR1TT, ?9 Third avenue. TO LOT?THK TURKS HTORY AND IIItiH BA8KMHMT brlek bouse 101 Kast Thirty fifth street, with all the m> drrn improvements, to a responslblrt tenant. Will be let at the km rtnl ul INW per annum. Apply at 191 Broadway frun 11 to 13 o'clock, or at 91 but Twenty seventh street, of t'B TRR A. H. jAfKPON. r LOT-PART OF HOl'SK IS) TlIOMl'SOM 8TRROT. toafjmlly of adults, it has a"aw, bath, water close'*, ranue. AcJ, wl'h a line yard. The hotiae ha< Jnst been painted and papered thruujtnout. and putln ooaplete order. Can be seen from 9 to 12 In ibe morning. rpo LOT?THE UPPKR PART OP HOUHK 118 tTHARLTOR 1 street, eonslstln* of looror Ave rooms, with m?e of erotoo aad bath room, to a small respectable family. TO LOT?A FURKIBHKD HOCBK. UNTIL THK PIRHT day of May next. The situation is uneicep limable. and tbe fnmltnre In eieelleni order. To a small private fa oily Ibe rent will be 9225 per month. Apply to K. H. LHOLOW A CO . 14 Pine street. r> I.OT-A PART OP THK HOUSR NO. 70 WILLOUUHby street. Brooklyn, with gas litnrea throughout. convenient to the Kulum and Myrtle avenue can. Will be rented to a respectable person on reanonaM" U-rmn. rpo J.KT?PART OF A HOCBI KURHI8HCI), OR rilB X whole partly furntehed. Apply at lira Kiwi Twriun m. rl.RT-PART OF A LARGK TWO BTORT HOCTSg, p Vasantly situated In North lIobok?n. on the Cort I-no turnpike, eontaltilnic fl?e rooms. mllea from lloboken Ifr17. Stages mn u> toe ferrv every half hour. Tor Uirmj apply 10 Mrs. P OA ROlNKR. on the premises. TO LRT?A VERT ORNTEKLY FURNISHED HOC??? In Twenty fourJi street, near Ma4is m square; will ue let tor three mouths 10 a imall family. K. B. R1XSHIMER. 319 Fourth avenue TO LRT?PART OF A HOUSR TN U.VIOW FLAC1 TO a fntlem.ui and bin wife without children. The oecupaot desires b? aril wIJi the 'amity. A desirable slti.A'lou far per inim wirhuiK to wit omlurt In rent. Add ret a II. U., I'ltoo square Post office, ni?l'U? referenc. TO LRT?THR TWO STORY URIi'K DWELLING HOIVK 17S Thimbers utree". rent mo'erate to a ([oo<t tenant. In<inlre of J. M A NYPK.SNY, l^S Canal at., near Hmlain at TO Lk T?A KM ALL 1IIRKK RTORY 11 AM KM KN T brirk houae. M Bond Ktreet, with water, law, Ac. App'y ht box office I .aura Kerne's theatre. TO J.KT-NO. 67 WKST KTRERT, CORNRR OF UK- TOR 1 he beat stand in the city for a tp-ocury, lluuor or c'.othin* store Rent low Apply Immediately to llk.NRY 11. MO RANUK, Wo. 1 Nasaan street mo LIT?FrRNWHtD, PART OF A TURK! flTORT 1 brlrk house, consisting of basement, kitchen, two parlira I sod three roo?a on third Moor Hood rard. Oaa and Croton I ?i. ik.. la,inlM at 01 Raat Thirtieth street mo i.rr-THK ron* ?tort hoihr no b ujtifrr x alty pUuw. cppnalte Wuhmrooauuaro. i'ommji g inm^ dlatrly. Apply 10 and 12 o'clock to 8. U LILT I MINK, 36 John ati-Mi. TO L1T-THK OLD AKT> W*!.I. KNOW* BAKRRt, rortw r of South s?*<-ond and Kifhth atr?e a, William burjr. To ft pneUntl bakrr thin la a rare opportunity tn aecnm aa r*c*llrtit biwiDMa 'ocaiW>o, wtih orory flouraabmen and Oi lnr>i on lb? pmn'aaa. To a aatlafaetory traant a l??w of ?< vera! vara wUl bo (Iran. Inquire at A66 Uraod atroot. Mow York. rLKT-TWO LABOR FART.ORS, WITH PAWTRTRrt a'tochc. lo aamall family wllkoui children. Iniuira at 129 Whim au?ft. rl.RT-nVKK ROOM IN AN RLKI1HI.Y LOOITKD nilira. ir.pili* at No. I ba??m#ni. Hank ot Oibbitm Balidlof < >dar itratrt, near the Puot offlce. TO LKT-A HAMIWIOMK OOVR1RV ??AT AT WRW Rrchfllfl. party lurol?bed, wlUitn t?a mlnuMa w*lk of drpot ?r Loc* lalaod aouod, houa* ootmlna tru noma, with klicb^n attached. ihr-f ami a half acrra ol Uad, ?ol Iritlt troea. rnarh hen*, atahlra, An. Appi* to W PIHt NBT, 41 Bichanio plnoo, or O. I\ DAVIKR, nnax the pro Mla#o. mo I.KT-TWH T,*R(?R AMD l*)W?Ontni'H HOIKS'. I n-plrl* wlih mndar* Inipnivrmnnla, otm thr?** atnry ind XnjtllA kMNMnl In *a<li*'in lirrri, and una n tr alary ind baarDK Otln Konrth itr-pt. Rent* low to good Uuaata. Apply at 143 Madlrmi atroot. rLBT? A VERT DR8IRABLE SUIT OK ROOMK, AT 241 T-nth (treat, bel?'?D First and Heram-1 a ten oaa, from tha latof Jana. Rani fMl. For particular! toquira to Ibr dngt store on the premiers. ro LBT-THK TI1RIR STORY ANI? ATTI'l HRI<'IC dwelling hnuae, '.'J Prlnca iMtL Ix'iuvt ol ABRAHAM B TAPl'K N. V\ Hroadway ?Pq l.ET OR TO 1.RANR?A FIRST OI.AS* FOOR RTORT 1 bfr.aa, No. 44 IrriDi pla?n. w'th ran en. baihs. |M Ol Itm, th- whole In complete order. Apply to tiUS. H TJIKBAlW, Ran , m Na?aa i street rRKKT-TWO NEAT, CONVENIENT 0<'TTV<JKI, rlaasantly ?'"mte1. near 'h* junction of Tenth ???nn? with (he K*t)*?nr1rt(e road, elfht rallaa fWim Fonr*"nih rr?it, a ?hort a all fmm the l.tjd Itrrat tattoo of the II I t?m Rlrrr Rallrnad. tka lltfh Hri.lje atagea pas. In* fr?iu?n Ijr Looa Una eiireaely Healthy. Will be rented f ir the nawor at Ike rate of HO per ibou I h. or for tha year at SB?I Apply to R R. ' r*T ?r*r?er <4 Tenth avenna and iWh ttraat, or to Mania A atrltli. 2* Naaaan street. over the Bank ntCommaraa. TRAVRIXCR'SOlUnC. rTUWON BfVBB RAILROAD -FROM MAT SL UM il the tralna will leara Chambers ?sal rtaMoa aa Mkwea : 5sirfr. ?sU 4 P Ihr Pu^hkaauata. 7 A. H. ud\fc Feekdllll. Ml F. IT Aa >*a?hke*pata. PaafcSMR mt tar tralna atop at Iba way alalkaa. Paaaeaaw* takes t kirtw, CaaaL Ohrlstopbar, aad TIMM areata Train# f<? Raw Tort Wra Troy at t M I. aad fo ? A. V., MM A*TF U. ; a*Ml *lba*y at 44* 8 lAjjtod in 40 A. if, ? * .40 r. a. Af. SMITH. Sapwltoaa daa I HARI.IM B AII.ROAD?BUMMER fARBAmJKMKNTf'anmenrlni W^lnaada/jJnne S IW7. Trains lea re aep?< corner <>r White ami Centre streets ? 7 !n A. - frown Falls train, ooaneouivl wtth Uaa o# auffas for Lata Mabi-raa w:?i A. M. K?pr-sa mail train for Albany, annnecUnf at Cnrtua Fall* wtia '? ? <* *'at*a for UU? M?h?par, ?t Parly'* or RtdgrdlMd at*Hr?wai*r ? for Paahury. at<1>Athajn ?o?r with Wrwara Railmad tor Albany, tnjy, Naratafa id Ikr W?H < T> p. M. MUlrrlon trata, vtnmtinr at *11 *tatl<m* I SO P. V. W illlawnbrtdga 'nun *lopplnf at all utailmMk 16 P. M. Whiu P am train, (topping at all ttaUoM. !,**? Twrtdy ?1t'? i'r?( *tat'on:? F.V A M Wl lianakrhtfo train, mopping at all VjttlnM. II A M. W|lll?ni*brldg* train, *t"|>|>lng at all tuna. II .*0 A. 11. WMi* Plain* train, topping at all itatluna. 1S> r. M Wmt*m*br1df? train. ?iof nTng a) all Mauoaa, 8 P. M. Crotoa ?'al ? train, Mopping at aJttauona. P. . WUItamabrldga train nfopnlng at all mationa. wft. J. CAHPBILU RflRwfatfadmt. IJUBJtlJtU W?AT Pi)* PRRKHKrijL, HARIRI AIX (VI Ik* tatrrmadtata landtag* -Tka atmwar tRLAMD BK I.I.E. <%pt J. J K?-rg*n. wUMotra otar fant of Jay etnwA 5ttr^ssirmT,?c?i u?jxs? kor r*tnr?. \r*W TOR* AJTO Ul| KAII.ROAB,?OR ARE PI aftar Monday May *, 1IW7, and aaW fl'ti aaRaa jwowyr Ma* wtO Inii Rtar faat ar Daaao atraat, w M UnnUrt tfiw at I A, M., Mr MMM. HnlWa aipraoa. allA. M , far 'twfete. Mall, al U A.M.. far MM aad llifalt mi HlinaHH* "V^Iiaad iMn|Hr?l IM PJL. *fe Pkmat, far RnRRrw far Rowkarg. ^ at P M. far DwikM Hi Rate MM kMM 11*tr Right *tpr*aa. at P. M., far Xtaaktrk. RI|M frrrwa*. at I P. M . far Mtln, n* afcnr* train* ran a* fly, Rnndaji mot m TVw *rpr*aa train* ooaoMl at Rltia. wKA tM Rfadra Oaaandafraa a*d Rlagar* fall* Railroad, far magaraPaO) at Bta^amtna tka Ryranwa aad IRagfcawtoa MM (or W*ra?na*. at timing "HA Hulklo. Onrataa aad * ? TOT Raflmad. far R"*li?<*v-r, at (tmal R**?d irRh TWa?*r*. 1*41 *wana and W*Mn Railroad, far fcTMIin; al HiaaalljiB" wit* >*? Hsffaln and M*rw Tnr* rjty Railroad dor Mk M Mb and Pn*k*k wttk tbo La*? Rknra Railroad far fflWa mt^s ? pw^ W A1X IIM, JltWKWT, AO.~ rviAMoRim mt TRAD* JR RRRrwTrtTi.i.T IR 1" formrd that w ara ountlroallr mannfacturtng, and ha?* on band a lar?? *?<rt of diamond jowiity, of A* iai?*l *tyla* A lair* aar'^m-nt of diam<<ivta on kaa<L ifatUaf draia fa? th? ?rad?. IHami t d* Vn A? fn ' L HUM ARK A 00.. ?U Rrooa** IM 7^ I : ITICTAL roWMM. T O. O.V-THK AN*VAL, KKKTLNU OP TUB CTOCB 1. bolder* Of the (VM Pel'ow?* T'all A*aoe!afW>o wft? >? h?Wl Mesas'* isrArAsrT^ajrcsf (nrafor tfeeenantag )*ar, ?'no for two liupnetora vt elrcttori, will beb<-ld oo th'j ??mo day. Th? poll wfl a: ft i?'oly ik t. M. By order. JOHif J. OaTIBH, iteeretary. VTOTIOB 18 HE&BHS lilVKN TO PABTIBB HAFIBU IX fuoda ou Murage at So. JQ HereuUi areata, thai aalim ailed far befor* the M It; of Juae, UMi* wUlb?Mi4a< pabtto auction, to pay expenaei, by JouW LLOYD'S S0JIB at tit-tr aalearoon, No. t I'itataa Hall, Aalor plaaa, near Broadway. Notice to iron rocmnma?a. aymkb, chibf engineer of Ihe ITuton Havana < nmpaoy, want* pr ip i eale to build up a floating dry <*oek In the dty of HaTuna, laland of Cuba. Plana and oonditlooa to be lubmitted to Dim, at ibv Aetor Uoiiae room 44. from 7 till 11 clock, until Sa'ur day, before hla departure for Iurop? itmaor m ooumnoma or fiu am Mt ralk ?f Ik* mtotU ward* at tfc* toafHaw taftCv bwidtlhtNdto tfc* OoMMoMn iltaa hIIm ** *, and that tbe same wHl hr open for revtewHd ?Mt* on, at Ike o?m of the (VaaMaM r*. (%tafe*r HrMt(N*w Howl Hooae) from tke Uk day ct Jw lolktWi lay of lone baeltarfra, Mum um tour* <* | rplndk 4 ? uj 4 o'clock P H AppltatUno for IM avreeuon of ?twwwm MNMM snathe Made at Ike "tier of Iks ?Y?nmrmkn?r? 0i Tfcasa *? iMMnli during Ike p?ri<?t abinm nuiallnnBd AO MM mm negleet to make suob *ppli?aik>?, iamr, tiji ? datura* or abaeoee trrm the elty. dnrtag thn ?m n awtod t wklak Ike books are open ) will not he -am led to r*K* fn 'M **rd ft Huperrtoor* at an* aohoeqierx neruw J. W. ALUM, t? _ . A. J. WILLI A**H* tnraayM^omr,,^ taw i. W. BROW ?" %?? 1 Omit or THB UOVKHNORH O. mi ALV8UUUM (Rotunda. Park,/Hew York Ma; V, IBW J-To *>aanlki tirrrs <ta*lrua* i>f ''mploy 1 1 >he labor of llackwell'a *u" with (bop room -Application* will he rooeWnd ftar Ike ?u plot ment of the labor of o?n*l?ta at the penitentiary, and mal ana female inmate* nf the ururkhoiwe, Hlaekwelr* Island ? any b>u<lne*a aatkorlxed by Jie Uvr? ?rg*nlxlaj| tkla 4miv meat. Xrery information wtP he *1y?o no topueatfon a) Ik' >?!? Roman catholic orphan asylum.-thk annual eihibltion of lie Runun t.'?ho||,i flrpkgn illlHilto It y>, will lake p'aee at tr? A??ium, In Fifih,avenua, between Kilty OrBt aoil Klf.y ffcund aireeta, to moreur (Thur>diiy), at 3o'cilo3k P. M. Tb? frl-n^a of lb* Institution renerally are rordlatlv invited to be pr sea*, N. H ? It 1? nicifeated to Unxie ho >ake the ihiK* nvenii" rare to gn out at Forty um'ii atreet hi the repu o ting of Fiftieth an 1 Fifty tlr?t street* rend< rs them tnipawiible NEW PI BLICAI'lOIIM. Dr. bakth's tkavki.k in afi i^a. At a reduced price. Juat Imported bv i>. APPIjFTON a rn., s4.1 and s4? Broa.lw.iy. travels and IMM OVKHIKH IN NORTH and C'icn TRaL afKI."a, In 'st? to nit>. By Eiirt H.<k r, Tb. 1'., D.i' L , Ac. I' three lar*e toll 8vj. Hun<l?ome!y printed, ard ll'ustra'/'d with II eutlreiy new m?p?. Sti ttsely lin'.rd < nyrHTluga and III) very neat wood rut*. T1irek nkw book". HARPKR k KROTHKRH, 3J7 to 335 Pearl street, (Franklin square,) pub'.iab this day ? BOAT LTFK IN P.UVPT AND NUBIA. By Wm. C. I'rlme, amhor of the "Olil Hoiuh by tt><5 Rlror," and letter Yearn ' 1 llu-'rationa. IJmo , muaiin. fl 'JA Mr. Prime went to Enypt for pwrpo*e* of study, butbn book resorda on'y the advent .rea of travel. HU knowledge of hgypnan hmi irv hum :iii-i hi hm 'ntMM him lo gi?e a *ior? complete IJe.-i of ilit* old C"iniry <han any form-" traveller, and he furnish''* il>> key to hierofl} pair writings In a > imiil-*, iutellig'ble and inter>s'<nil ?ppendii. The h Kit n ?n? of lite From ilay lo day, nod from hour 10 hour. the reid^r follow* the traveller thrmgh the varying sr?'ne* of Oriental lift Now smoking cal uly mid dl*cu?in* Kaialtam with a mer.bant prince In tiie iUlrene hiuuar*; now riding lur.omly on an Arab *t-*d ncroa* tlie plains nf Upper Kgypt, exploring the tombs i?r early "hriMiau* at Vl?xandria, and pioraJizlng over the Utile death lamp* a hi<-h he tind* bj the head* of skeletons; pene rating ttooiie ubtt*ily abode* nf horror? he crocodile p.ta at M.iabden: receiving <?i h the liidy companion* of h!s travel) gue*t* of all nation* in hi* tent on th-i ?horo at Theb-'S, or ui Hjlemn radios* bu?ylng In the old dual of Luxora young Kng li*h artiat * ho died In Ihn roina <> ' the temple there?In each and all of thuc. and a hundred other <r.en'"<, the reader cann<>t fall to tind subject* of interest whatever hi* ta*te* or fancies. Mr. Prim" ia favorably known Ui the reading public aa the author of The Old llotiae by the River," "l.nter Ye*rs," Ac. Ilia clear, pleasant and perspicnou* aiyle. hi* ke.'n power* of nhacrvatlon and genitl eye tor the humorous and kindly aide of Immunity. make him eminently interesting aa a recorder of incidents of travel. II THK STPDRNT'8 OIRBOW The History of the Decline and fall nf iheRim-.n Empire. I Ky'Kdward UibbVi. Abridged. InoO'Toratiog the Ko rearthee of recent <'nnim<-nlainrs Hy Wl'liam Smith I.I. l\. editor of the 'Classical Dictionary.'' and "A Dictionary ot Urerk and R< man ntl<iui'ies." lllu* rated by liU en grav.ngsoa wool Uniform With ' L'ddle's Ron e.'" 70S pace*. IJmo Mnain (I. I nr. Vn Smith ha* drawn 110 SB admirable ahr'dvem^nt of UiMio' ? K.>11.110 kmpire, lining, as tar aa poenole, the language of ihe oiigina). ai d adopting tho plan of imitPng or treatiDtf >>rnHy ir< unntancea of Im Mr imporanne soth?t the grand e'rnta wbica ba\e intiu"n -d the hiauir, ot -be world may be uarr.iUd at length.?Cambridge Chronicle ill. NOTillNiJ IfKW. I .... - > >T .mA IP rllM minll rvm?I.M ? ika ..lhn? nt ".loho Halifax. 0?o'" Th" OgUviet," "Tb? nwl of lb* Family," ' Ag .tlm'a li jibai.J, Ac. er paper, 60 tenia. Harper A Br ilher* bar* jqat publt?h?"<l WKi !>' l?>Nl>UKAS. Exploration* and a<l fittum* la Hou'lu'aa>o<>mpnat?g.fcetch?a ol travel In lh?* *"1(1 ixauinn of (I an<-h?, anil a r?? n? of thi bwt. r) and ><en?>ri\l r? 'Hiwi of iVri ?*l America, Wi'b original ma i and nnmcroiia llloatrauon*. By WilliMk V. WeVa. B?o Mu?'ln,t2. F.nWAKIt'M I KIVFUS IN EUROPE Random ?k?i -he* urd nolo <rf Kuroppan travel 11 KM. By Rqv. J jhn K F/warda, A. M I ?o . mivlia, II. VAUXH AR. IIITK.CTI KK. V.llM and Cotiagea; A wrl?-< af dral^oa prepared for eiaonti * in th? I nl'ed Ry Calve I Vaux. arcUle -t, (una Dow nine and VatuJ, Aewburg o? U>? lht<la?n. i II u?i ruled by J00 eaffratlrK*. UltUl Million. Pro., m'llln, $2 nsTOwnoii ?? - IJTOLJI WRITING LEMONS ? CEWT8, OR 91 ?Fl. for tka miutm. Puplla, old and young, may oonamnno* at aay boar during ibe Jay and ttrmlng. Prirata laaanoa daringlb*wfk MH.nwwiTrt Mi Broadway. Ar -WRITfKO. BOOKKEBPIKO, *R!TM*TIC AC.$0. KR PMLBEAH. ?? Broadway. pi?p?rea paplta pra?lie lly fir biialnraa fb-y aoquim man;, babi'a, bwin* <intnk in wpir^i r*pld hn?lB'*? wlwn and nrafitnal boo* 1kerpe*a. one %f> *?ai for ?nln? vwaat tila day a14U BROADWAY. ? ROOKKKEPIN<i. At!.-OKVTI.K OIO man Mtkf m*rrantil? rmplortB-oi, mar tutlg tl >'< IHTKR H MUk' li?hm?-ot a auparlor and niamarly kn >? i~dr? of bookkaaplnjr wrlitrc, Ac , In ? f-w >r>? Pir *a> aa ahora roMT*! lkrobla Entry UuckUUxl HUih edition Krloa $1. AU K ENOLISH I.ADY, JUST ARRIVKI) PR'iM KI'ROI'K wlabaa III |N l???" 111 nr?t rlaaa flualttaa la pao'll an'l tmrfn druwinr, *ndih'< Preach l:uuti*<fa, tniiilrnl in Parta A widow, with two oMM*aa 4?M<nt no h -r fiml^na, ?h.? Would aaaant a->linai'OB a* daily *ot>tth-?? ?"ba in etpaM* of teaching Kngiub tb"?nvighlv mutlr ant aoma iiimun, lift liui aao Fpauiah. an4 ! "> da?lr?w r npinvreien1 at h< m?? <a ii?"?i?u.r <ir nuytat A.Mrex Mra. Saj mour, oara of Mr. Bairhalor M Itroad aay. Ah n amkkican i,ai?t. who im an kxpkkikncwd laaubtr. and wlvm* rartlfleataa Of ability nrn fpim ih? flrat iraa'ara In U a Uoltad 4utaa, wlabaa U aaa'ima tha aniira rh?r?a of too or tbraa IMtla girl* of ranp?< able par?nLaca 4a lb- "itapanlonahlp of rbildran ta lb* o*jaat n* orapmaa'lon will ba asked f r ibe inrt'nriioa and care which will be glrai lb?a for par*i<-nlara aadreaa Kr? Ha'rVa, o? apply 'or une arrrk at Iftl Kaat Jitb at . I.iurih hr*ch bo'ian frow 3d are. A^m FRENCH K.N ITEM AN a UfX>l> I.!?..CIKT A N.? I mnatrlaa. lately arr.'rd fr?m ''aria, ?tab a a ittaMMl aairarherla a faailly or aehnol, good r- fan-aea gireu VIdra?a Mr. Uaiba, eara of Madame fatlloi, draaamaaer, No. 4 >ik n A I YOl'Nfl I,AOV OP VRRT II Mill iirxprt AMI.ITT. frnwi tba country, la vary daalronn of taontnlng tba ooai pea Ion n> an old lady aad I" itli aao of ? or aba would lim run noe or two youaa children a pleaaaut bona la aii Lbai ladrelrad. Addraea m m, Herald -?oa Aromo i-adt. cap a rlr or teaching the Kagilah brancbee. Prancb, aa<l rudlm?at? 01 mta. .la rlraa a ?l'nation a? g-r ernea* nr ??? ?: wa-her < an mra th? b?i of raf'-rannn>. n willing logo South or to Hie coun try. Apply at til tVirtlandi.M. COL'NTlNtl ROOMR roa ra>cnca it BOOKKKKTIN'I ANI> MKtti'ANTn.l APPAJRR, I'. P. makhM tmi inUnt Applaton'i Hnlldia* Ml H road way. I Vanlara daarmpUtaof UMwairaaaf laatruaOoa ? a?ipBaattoa. K PIT AVION.-Mil. JCI.PH HR MALARTIO, PROM H I'nrta, wwbaa l i tiimaHf aa tou>r In Oil ' of tba flrH faailia* In Iba Cnl'i d Kataa. IIla ln*trao?toa wtll rn> r? ? ry?T\ raqnlatta for a flnlahad adnrailon? Or?ak. I?ilii iba Frrnrli and hp?ntoh l?nina?-a. atataaaatkv. hi?'>ry, iliar aluro. mu?la, Ar. Ila >flrr? tha baai rrf*iaa< fr ? Miaou* < ? Ki(b ?i inH'ng In iJila city. Addraaa Mr. Joiaa da Malartia. No ; Prankltn wr^at, Naw York I^RBNUH U?UUAUA-r>urM?UI f. LAUROLI f r*4 ftroarfway, aoattenaaln fl?a tknroafb la?> miMia h ?a Praoeb laanan. taiparting ?n Mi pnpUa tha abUIn w SiA iSr tauaM' wMA ?>ianay and I ApvBai I raralTarf halwaaa <Aa Wrani rd t aad I w t aad 7 P. M. ClOVRRRKMfl ?A W* .1. KntVATRn LADY WIAHPCN * f il iia'h'n a' r?i????Taaa in a (i-n l?wi%o'a family U .a?ni-t ynnaf i>blMr?n or vn traaal ! anmptotnn wt k a 1*4*. H'rrertr?? * mi aa'lafaruirT Addraaa II. t. 1, 17 Union plaw, loot> Brooklyn. I. I. Timt*rrT10l?-IW THt PRR1CH LAIfQOA'IR, MA I thaaAtlra r?ncraphr. nawrr. tltratfla, or hi ona of iImm brABfifeaa. will b? flraa hi M. 1!I.Rh IW'HUbK, Praaaotl l|ina?. Rr?l>v. ?ttk?r prtrAa or At hta ova rmmi Morriko <h.a aw* tn i^maH.-rior. eovm, mdn*M of Uia l'Bl?aralty of Hiiui u4 wko apaaka tmlM iwnil;, |tw? Imwma fr<m * to* 4 It, teliy or oik#rwiaa M Ik# rin ? of 0 O. M.rak MR IrnWtir PrpKO R. KR1.VRR WILL CIIVK PHIVATR LWWnmi In On fpaalah l*n*n?*?- At hi* bona*. Br will go to Um pupll'a If d?alr?<l Kni of rrfaraaoaa ?i??n Appltoa Inna r*. cairad fWioi t to 12 and S to I P. At Tim Ram jftallk MTMA. WRIT KH LKMM>H?-I>?T AHII ?VRI*|Ri|, POR IB mm tn?lo ImanM or II ft* ika anona. inalndln* iu Uwmrti Ua?w *la M, ?<Ai.Ja?? I. OLIVER * <?>LI>?nTH Ml Brawny W' aktip-BT A* maLimiAR, <L*TR A I aia?w In Mr Mteenl" A)*ety'i wrrtoe.) AiieigA** or i m lanrkar of rW hit or bmakar In of hortoa. I* aIbo ?v pAM* of f'Tlni HMlnottea in tword rtamlae Addraat W. T , brj I,HI Port aCm. UPRRMRI). irVAUFO*RtA 1IPRPRS OF WW.fJI, FAROO k CO., \ ) n Rroa.1?ay. par l'nito<1 Rutuw mall ILLIffOlH laartnR OB PrVlAj, inn# 5 Freight m-fitxl on TVirndar mtwi b? i.arkrd vary mng!? aad onntanto An<1 taIo# aIwhj-* atetod. Cotjar'lma In All pArta of (lallf wnlA and Ornfnn. Dntfto M atgkt. Mi anina to anil, on All puna M aaaia rRRKMAH A OOH R1PRRM FOR OAUFORNIA. Orafon, Rand wi*? talandk and want onaM of RnntA A?*ri < . par mall ataamar II LIVOIR, ob Jnna 1 AD IMffct for thta ?*praaa mnat ba tallrarad to oa on or haIHra tfinradaf. Jnaa 1 At I "'rtoaR P H. Rnall parrala And lattora ABly ra aataad oa dar of aatlln* FkRCMAN A '*> HanadwAr AND trnim ktrw patrnt ap1tact1.1- por prbrrrttr? ?to.zr^?T^^iTAirr^ Ota Raw Tor* %a n:?piU|. No I PhI row. W. B. -Pr Fnuikatotond* HbWm ti fkiM nillr^a prtoKMl mm * ifcA ItowlRRk 3 nscELuraovB. X ioTAAC! i IKKTR BBS \a? 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Goods (or the ooun'ry -arefnily psaksd aad ihipped. iniiH sruU vrnbl, M Broadway, near Twentieth all-eel /"I AS, OAS, OAS.?MO CAKPURNK MAN ROR NO \JT botching ? I'lnmblog and I a* fining rim-'Led >n the aewnt and ?afrat principle by W. 11. CaBBY, of Kami market. Or and street. Gas fob thb oountbt. Qaa aparatua, after the patent of the MARYLAND FORTABiJS OAB COMPANY. C. B. W()(lDWoRTH k OO. Are now ottering for aale A mot complete, cheap. ahwpM And efletent (at witlal, Adapted in all reepeeta to the waste of Private dwelttnira, pnilte and private aotmota, Cburcbea, eollciea. far<*rlee. foundries, Hotels, watering plaoea, k*., to, Aa well an town* and rlllaree. Detail* ?III be ftirnlaae4 By applying In person or by letter To the office of the company, Wb'-re a machine <mn be aeea In operation And descriptive r?n,p,eia obtained C. B. WtiODWORTH k OO.. 74 Wall a treat, N. T. ICR PRKAM, ICRORE*R-MAPK KROa PUKKORRAM. t 8a, M per quart; aent to any part of the otty In brmt, at 149 Fourth aven te, one door from Fourteenth *ir?*i T paBDKH. JU1.IRN "ACTON, ta N A *8 * U 8TRRBT, HAS JUST received by uie late atesmer Frenoh bouts, ahoea and gai u rf, cull saiu, *'iio pabeui iwtiacr suucra ?uu ww ^uvm, . , r, r -h.- >. kb ii K?R<?KN? OIlA nistojld rmrm ooa.l. HIXTURND bt umn rtfMn> ^ kutin i.niuiTi>g on. No. 1. (ikutui LOUNIIIM Oil, No. t asaoeaaa illobihatui* oil Inutui HmiiOLi On. liuwiaa I ra. te Keroerac olli ?u M OfctotaM mm Ma UlltoMN H Mtten. ably ehnudlera. <tr iiMMa and grown, la tkta eH/, ami M* regularly appointed wrote of ike ""nipany, In aaaay of UM i>rtnetpaJ lowna and tlilaoa oI tka UmOmi Walaa IkadaaaBm uid thr Island at n?b4 Th* onmputy rmcouMad to Ifeatr i|?m >M ?MlH IK nanufactoreni of ike beat Kwvmm Laaapa tka fcoowtM ?niM ?Nam. K. T. Haaf bwout 0 Oft Hi ua da ay, aoMti for onwIlea A baker, o/ PblladalpMa. tka BrooUya ?D )laaa Ciapui, 7S Broad atreat, Re* fork, Wnaan Dtoto A V>William atreet; L. Neretor. M7 Blaa etreet, H. Bdwai*. M Prune Blrt*.L, aud to Dyou, of rkOadeiskla. ?*?r1? of too 'lOerfai aiTtoa tf laaapa oar be aaea at (*? toa? nr tka aoatMM Local areata afpotr.M la nalortolj irtta ike mlaa aatoA?**' ht tka Board of Tiutoma. om apottaatton to ADtrrNNB, Oeoaral Areata Baraana OU Ool, 60 Bearer atruel, New Tart. 4 >. B.??.%?eai?ia wttt roB parttenlara ^ttwatala. pitoW, ?e oan be had oa appUoattoe aa ahoy ~ " " MfU> BLU OTTO BQKUMATIO UBBOUaTION?fox rheumatism, ekUblsina, Itunbaro, old ifrtka, dlatoaoJons, brulaee. Ac., Be. for sale at tie aawa and partodtoA iepol, M w*tok? atrae*. Now tort aad *>? ?n siarai, Bronklya Notion.- au. pbbhonh surrBNiNu rbun hwollns legs or rarteoae reins oan be nattered by weartoff one ni Or. TaUeUe's aptral elastic atoeklnfa, aaada to draw an, aaf out be wa*b?d. To baoktainad oaly at US Wtatk alraa> oap? lite tke Bible Roane PRIVAT* HOSPITAL IN BROOKLTN FOR TRB tnaunent of all forms of nkronic (Uaeaaaa.?Or. O. B. h i u h Is h&vftn* heen for the last twentr rr&n m tho treatment o' i-hrfnlc diva tee, and baring proved by ooeapai-1 ? a ilir kupn ! rliy of the oonatant pcraona1 aitendanee of tha pby?i<laD over 'H4 plan of out door vlaltiag, aa?tng at least three fourtha of the time reauialle fir tBe ourn of moat caaes. l>eml?? inmirtnK the reenlt, ha* finally decided to reoelre an LKiienta all'kcuxi with .-hrrmi.- illw tan. at h? on bon?? fur treatment. For Ihta object fee baa taken and appropriated the ho'n.' No. (01 Lafavetle a?enue. To tboaa who nil wish to .onttill l)r huiati bn would atale that I* don* not charge. when conanltrd at bta own bou?e or addnMd by letter, for hid rianilna Ion or opmton He takna the liberty of oterrina teore unacquainted with him to tha fhllowtaff gentle men.-Walier Nlehola. W. B Twhlll, Rwia , Hiain Fir? In-tiranoe 4'omiiany, B rooklrn: (.'bii'lxa Wlngale No. * HI. feark'a place; l)r ti. A. Kretchm ir, No. M rtecood arenoe, Nrw York, and to tin* various pa'trnta whom be baa treated I In th>-?e ci tea and throughout tha United Htatea within tha last twenty yearn. PARMK.KAN CHVKHB.?OENU1NI ITALIAN, OF rim qna'ttT. for aale In lota to ?uH purebaaera, Depot at KABKNHTttN * 8KU.M MUN H. I? 6oans street. Scunafp* mat hi cam wmiii tmi OBLBb rated ecgnae bitters eanaot ha proenre*. bat ?baim te daltekma and affective eordlai bitten Ban U obtalnad, as nhar medicinal aplrtla are la ll??n1. it la dlfteah to innly ha Inerraalng order* for Ihta rental and gentle -'Ti'lrf. a blah acta Ilka a oh arm la Ike sradicatloa of all dtoordan at ike smanob baring their ortgta to bUa. M. lami, the asataaat franah chemist, baring made K bla atady for aaany year*. at laet broaght to psrfssuoa. by a ssrtos tf lain llag sigsrt eats. a prrparauos whioh la perfectly Infallible to tha oar* # cholera. ilarrh?. Ifce Mat itoagaroua Mttow i^lii to. ha. Tfcto eordtoi anaianaad to praaei nd to fts parael anas 3SC "aeKiraUoa In lis enteral una M KTKINriltU) has beea MlNM M II* l/altoO WW IfW tor IM W Of IN ManiM ulonrfv Ht? dapot la ? + analhaaat ww af Jotm aad *MMku nmi, Now York, whara ordaw wtn ba MM arttfe lUMl nim?u?l>? I ri in ro*t oyrjnu ari> printing mtAMHotoiMl. Bui? lilad, itin a Jate mm, awl | iiuOAOVlT. Han** wtabUahad a bitMk oOca at 7S) Rroadway, ? Its I aocTanianoo m raaidaato t? tha appar part of tha ?fty, an prepared to axacuia all onion kr Ink* ud olooodag hi Mr mml oaoartor aaaar rOARDKRKRR AMD (UUWIU OP PRCIT ?JOHB W BAB<< it'K la bow pirpvoi to rvoai'o at Mo tnti tatahlithmrnt. 4X6 Broadway, oppo I la *lbo'a,any aaaaMj of flu* hoi houaa rrapn or outer eholoa frtota, for which ha will pay the huhaat nark at urtoaa cm drllrao * H- tlrapaa amis* a Ion* Aiatonoc aboak ba oarafuily packed ta ordar to r? lata lha bluoaa. VKRMRKR' RI.KTTIIO CHKMIOAL RATH*. T10 HROAIV way. Raw Yoth "cUr. Or. a Prtoco taadtoal For the rura of rhrumatUm, dabllllT, laturmtaat aaa of mmr oury, *0.. Ao. I'ortabla apparatua for aala TORrnro. ARNl.AL YAOHT RA(7?.-'TIC RTKAMRR TT10HAR HUNT, rapt K. II. HalL will maka an ataitratoa down lha h?y on Thuraday, Jtuia 4, k^Tin* pWB* R batwaan Robtnann aod Barrlay atraata at 10)5 A. M . tnn4lnf at loat oI Hptln* utraat. ratnrnlnf at lt( P. M. Tha Maaaar will ae naipui tha yarhto. aad fl?a bar pa*aan??ra a taa ?irar hf lha raaa aad tha lowar bay Para M aaoia. FOR KAI.R-A VF.RY l.ARflR AND iUPP.RIOR RPA ntahjarh for aala taaportad from Hraln. wUi ba *gM M ft low prtoa App'y to J. N M1LLKR, U VaMan Ian*. RROATTA OR THR RRW YORK TAfTTT rfl.UR Tb'iraday. Jnaa 4, IHB7 ?Tha utaamhaal JOHN RTTl.WL rhanarad by tha R**aiia <VwnmJ lar far toa aanmnmodaann af aoa-airaibrra nf tha l atol cluh. will anooapanr toa raahto to lha r-taito, aad will kara tha font of Up lrn au-aat at 10 A M. pr?rl?aiy. A ?ary lia.ited anm^ar of UafetU will ba NM. PrVa R2M. Iiolndin* dlaoar Apply to Oil AR. H. Hik?tlJ. Ho. ? Bow lb * l*nm. CLOoif T A' 'MT JIT1.I A FOR ?A1JC.-U ?3FKKrLON(7 O ah<?ii n lona. bnllt by Rohan rtah All lha Irna *ak la ffalaanlaad l?elo'lm? lha foar aachnra, wlixllaaa aod pataw* M't'ka. la wall furnnbad, baa tmall boat ar.d rary nowiy pM. J'." ??^?laiad boat. Apaly to WIL0.1A* SfoRrmo.-rinROii ?ii<>ot.b<? Attn* BBnrjnrH*. Ilarka. on Wwlawiay, Jna* 1 Ptmt ibt'i awlu if . th# Br?1 Hibw Pljjron I Infc. Untn<1 rata 1?? AII(mrWn??? and kutrnri ar? larlMd. H*r?r*i prtiaa will M abot tor. HWplimani hand. SrtmriHo -tub habi>s<Tm**t hi.a~k a no tab trrri? r >lof over import*^, about four poumta ?Mkl, rjrbirrn montb? nld, and ?r?rrantr I h? r*n"lM J '* 17 ?h>* tort, for Mi?. Applj at t? Lawla atrw, roaa Bo. X la Um rear. vjau. h?iat fok kai.k twkktt two rk*t 0 alar Cm hnaa. V larbaa <v>nn rr at?r? fl(a?Mtr%d, kr . fluH up to the brat manner. Applj vo HATHaWaT Jt bbotiikb. i.t Oor*ilr? a*?. rr?n? atium of tmT h? ru*t t auht olub 1 will anaM of <m rharada*. ? Mb af Jmm. TUmmmm fi*. far tBawtiwdw a*a?jke a lib. will taara tka SUka><SSLr?r>ikw'lirrlanrw*b"b'rtawTlLn iTwall JtSZ 4 iMal nfc| ?* Um aaWMtna a# K?>iVa wtU tehaMl ? Aaiarday, tba W* faai. at It n'alak. at Ha ? Ptea m i? t?S75"m'cw "rs vaiht rt?b ral.b?IMXIf ta.tmt fabbt. thibtt X tMlny. b? a Ify ?abki wWfc Ihwr limMn, iMiiw. Ac.; ?*l) fcnUM to rrwy rwp?at. baa b?m pot la mampt#u> or**, and rw\j tor MM aaa. Apply >Mll ! r UM> 1 P H. to B H. WHITE, 71 PmtI ?rv* ~ <yMPA|W^B||||||> wn?ii. ~ S2 0. p?-1??rAhlp >n 'irti-rtrn( il Ul?b!nf\??? ??* yVl"l?? tl i?? * ynar, mm of >b? ftra rHIrta* Thl. it a rary ram rtNMK-r Ap|><y p?rar?ally b?i?wa * * and 11 ? eM < S? BmaAway. nna M -PA"T?*R WANTKP WITH Til* AMOUNT, or mnr*. In A m?nifv*or1n* hnaln**. d"?* y* ly at b ih? Jobber*. W?ll oatabltahod. l?rir- pr^ mr?i|y I ,r null. food ronnmtkm, of ?fi?nL <?ll " S*? 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