Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1857 Page 5
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? TV MlgtmMffr tan|rrtaatf FctttTal. <?SAin> aw Tfni RAWnraVITKM AT TOW* TihLM rm-6.000 oamNi ok tsi oaotmo? MOTIO, UUKI BJKH AND MAEINU. The German popnUUni of New York in1 adjoining clcould CiM) ao wild u?e weather y?MorU*y. A nor* dohghtful d*> fur their Saagerboad {baUvai could -tMt be Mked for. Being cheated of their anticipated gals on the (i?y pre vIoim only had the pfleot to ?h*rpea their ?Mrtpattoni u4 Increase their There waa a Si|? frw out of Qui maa cttJxnw, larger, probably, thaa her* Mid tew kM on the preceding day had it been 'Calf. They all eajoyini Ihcuvmvea the mm Ibm moderately and orderly, an thu claaa ot oar cltiaeM iwaya do. la the m ore In*, at 8 o'clock, the dtflersat Hangerbund Oabn awembled at Iftlroyuliiaa Hall, In Heaier atrcet, to arrange lb* tin* of march and pert** other arrangemeata hoc tuna 17 before embarking for the ground*, where the m ??n?' m lake place. There was la atteadMoe ail the <hnferbuna Cluha or the ctty?eighteen in all ?tltfUHM rrotuNew York, and one each from Brooklyn, UrUUawburg and Hobiiki 11. Several invited comp&ntcA wre alio pnMl At 10 o'clook the oluba were arranged to Uae, and entered upon in Mr march la the touoirtng eruor<? MTCIIMT CICnK?UBB 0? HAiUM. Colon i*. Ucrmaoia. Frcicr Maamcior. Euphoftla. Htnnwut, (New York..) H*rvu?ri Haunachor. Ltaderltranz, (Brookyn.) ' Harmouiu, (Hy&okea.) Mozart Veroin. LorUa uinaacbar. Rhetuf-ieher. Btofnrbnvd O'ph^ia iJangerbojjd, (WU^aaiaburg.) UCiCtaU Reform Ucmux Vereiu. . Solilllt-rbaad. I' hlard*HUtd. Teutons* Mannachor. Ai tha head of lh>: compaUja was borno the new flag of tfia aaaotiaie club*, a description of which wu given la Moodar ' Uksul:>. 'I'm superior richMM of IU texture ud the beauty aad appropnataneaa o! ita design and ornamentation, made It an object of apodal attraction, riach of the club* had a separate banner. The Srtw'Wb'ind and Germanla Claba appeared with sew banners. tne present occasion beiaf tbetr firet pro&ontauon In public. The Schiller sund banner vai or rtchcrlmnm silk, fringed with gold. On Ita obTer?? fide waa the following !a?oriptlon $ lUK 8dii' UKllCXD. X Der SchlUerbnnd wird seine l'aone)<rahren, 2 go l&ng der Bund a an elueu man beaicht. J Hi wtrd mlt lust 8ich am aein banna achaarin, $ t? alt ea roth tn freton Luiten weht. j On the trana*?<rw aide *w an eagle with spread wing?, holding In hla clutches a lj-ra. The banner of the Germm-la Club was or the same material aad texture aa that o' the (scliillerbund Club. The following was the Inscription on one aide:? iGntmu, du 6im > JUxkz, 1862. f Nrw Yom. | Oa the opposite waa represented an eagle with spread ?? >M HW ?? '? " ? f The banner* or the remaining 'jluba have al] appeared oo frequent oocaslone ud have bwo frsqueutly described. M^Mml feature, H will bA in richness of material and marked Simplicity and appropriateness in their designs. The order of march Ukcn ?ai up Baiter street to the Bowery, down the Bowery to Chatham street, and through Chathun ttreat to the east gate of the Park, when they pawed through the Park aal were reviewed by his Honor th? Mayor and various ?ieml>er* of tlie Common Council. Going tArough the went gate of the Park, they passed up Broadway to Broome ptn-ct, an t thence direct tn the foot of Broomr street, Ka*t river. Along this whale lino of march Immense crowds wuved their hats and handkerchiefs in token of their regard and esteem, and cheered tastily the stuaic giwn by the different bands. At Broome Street the olubs embarked oti board the steamboats Wa?htagtao, Splendid and Union, which were specially chartered for the occasion, and ?sre convoyed to Yorkvlllo par* grounds, at the root of Ughty sixth street. They SKttved at the park shortly after 1 P. M. waniffnoh or m saoexm. Torkvilte park haw for yeti 4 bven one of the most favurtte uticee on Manhattan Inland lor idcnlc excursions ad other gala day festivities. The groatds arc suffleteafty evteoded to answer the requirements of VJ.OOO people. It ie just uneven enough to l>e delightful; there ere trees enough to j?rmil all to re-line In thi; shade or sanshlue. as they choose In addition to this there is a pleasant view of tho Etst river, with constantly a cheerful ' voof brerve Mewing from over iU surfk'e. For the present occasion, through the grounds there had beer constructed for the acc ^nuiodatioa of the expected visiters, a counties numbor or b<?rt tablet) and seats, apecial platforms and staudiug Uoors for the clubs to do Ihrir singing from, worn envied oo one side. When Che clubs arrived, over 3,000 people were seen <m the grounds walling anxiously their arrival, The cinbs were with deafening cheers Pi* half an hour there was r. lively time in drinkiug lager bier. Pa> ing respect* to tim natural beverage e.ould not be otherwise tban the first thing la the erder of business tn catering upon each new hange la the programme. After >11 had fairly Imbibed, and, as was supposed got nuffloieeUj' cooled and retted from thalr morning's weary march, the clubs were murrli.illed to the place set apart tor staging. ttOHKua aissrims?eaa?it>T.nio? or ths ksw klao. The arrangements for stt.?in? and the accommodation ol the etagere were very super'.ir. A sort of amphlthoatr* wm erected, with rows of seals rising one above an other, which were occapled by the different club;. In tin- interior were two platform.- facing one another, for tUi .Kfferont bands and the dim-tore to occupy. M. Kalim linger directed the atnging The ol lowing pie Me werl etreated and sung in tho orter given below ? L Overture of Kastener, music played by Hinchmta'i band. V~ low 'HW"| ?J a. The k/oaungurcb, by An. t Bea<iufaetlied, by r*atl>. At the coorhi Moo of tho forrth plere the Praaldent of thi Ajwooiaird Sailer bund. N. Kraacte ?Ufl>na male i brief ipw?h Id the German language relative to then new flag. Ho esproaacd ?h> bop* that tho urn* of U>? Sangerbund clube effected In 181> would con Unue u toag aa there were ' hthui who loved aong a* remembered their fatherland. He arfed that none weu* lorgal they Were now la a new lalherland, ud that the] here eojored 'IberUoa ttioj had lonf atrirtn for la the Ol< World lie adrlaod all to ?liow by their aoiloat that the] were native American.), an I lorod liberty, and kno? how to appreciate It lie called upw them to unitunder tholr new banimr, not inly In their Ion for one another an I th? dlrlno art of >%* bu latbotr tore for liberty, and tho land of their adoption. Mr. Ann it* ponded >u few word*, utloruig aauti MHi corrt^ooiling witli Iho^e of Mr. Htallen'*. Both rpee*bea were loudly cbeared, aft?r which thrw Lara three abaeni were g:fn lor the ifeagerband cluh and the aew burner. Sdcv^liag the above pleading epl oode aoato additional pteoea were nn(, continuing til abortly after 4 1*. M. Kach piece wa? cheered with heart; tad feaeral approoialuHi. When t*e Klagtag had euJoi the chib? keparated, and lipnceforth oaaued ire* ramble throafh the grooada aa each rUuae. nra i.Aum xian hmnwiho. Everybody revelled la Uui laI ual beverage The -"ellen (aoreaaed IMr atore of ailver. and the drinker- ?howe< do eod to then capacit.v f?r holding tho fluid Mod, wg ineti and < tiUdren, all alike. <;rauk lager, talked lager, am walked la? or. Vet, r>? toithMandiag the larfft i|iianut] Mome aau-i lino .Irani, n l a tingle individual on thi (jrooad ? bowed any tjmtoin- of tntonratton Eve*y thing wrat off merrily and peaceably *>M* *)'fM-H*>IU.VU. At a quiet, out of,tho way place the rreeident ant offl cm of the Hantat bund i.lub* iiad a tpeciai table fur Uietn pelve* and imrlted gheatn. Pome thine aboro (he coinmjc bottday Uormaa fare wa* on ihia table, inch at cbotc< turkey*, chicken aalad, and rhampagae and parkl.nji hock-- Among the inriied gt ?m netted at the table ?< oeorta * luteal I, Chief of i*nuce, and Jim lice Urownoi Md C sanity. J natter CowaoUy waa flailed <>a fbr a tpeech, hat deferrt.l po the gran a 1 at III health to Jnstioj Rrownoll The laliT made a few rrmarka whisli were wrll re. natvad. Be Mated that he *a* almoat a (leruivn kimvelf UaaeWled la Wathiagton ?treet twenty Uve i r+r* and opened a (rooery Mote, before there wat a tingle emi K Hoarding boaoe or lager Mor taloon in ibe city, led te befriend the tierniane, aad he had neror be>i worry tor ?. tie rooam 10 oeirtena inein mm. He nat attended er#ry tttajrerbund festival . tliua for In Nc? York, and Iw moaot I) attoii.l M many other* U hi* lift ww pared te attend. Mr. Jon* C llt-Tt, the former I'rccldmi of the Sanger bind dub, tpoke of tha feeling* entertained by tha Uer rnM population for Mr. M*U< U, aa Chief <?f rolu.e. They ail rrwp^cvxi him for hit nnum, an1 re-car'li?.l him a? the l< wwiw and only Chief of Police of New Tork ll?in( three rtowa, they wished to L. ?r a word from him IV Cfciof im UrodlT atUM tor. to rt*pots*o to the call t he briefly Mated thtthe tbonM alwtyt remembw wl'h Mndty feelings hi* old friend, Mr Hunt. He thotild take lhi> rtmraibnujce with him to t'e far Weet, whither he \nterihe<l eliortlr to remove. He etpreaaed hit deUght at MlM m nujr uppjr tail tmiiiag ftce< *l>oul him He aalr hoped they *!?*>? ?e*r tin unn hAam'.ng mllee, v they wrro atnUe? t!iat only ca?e from a t" ?l oowtewr, aaa which til the pokl ?f California ootM not Jjr. M*rwu ?tl 'low* .iml'l deafening cbeor*. Mr. BtAfTun, the PretWem, announce .1 tha? he ht1 reeved t deapaKh Matin* that hi* Honor M?yor <Coo.| would tbortly attend at th< festival. llMTe 'heart ware gitren 'tpoa tbit aonouneemeat, Hardly ha<l tfceybeeu | ren when hit Honor the Mayor ww aniKmnnrt per ontlly three cfcoeri were flTew, to which the Mayor rr*p<>nd<M t? follow* ? Mr. I'reeidiBt and fellow beg leave to return thank* fbr the Tory complimentary mtnner in whie.h yon harebe?a ptea*ed torecelvo me upon thl* fcatiral ooc? 'oo I nerd not aaturn y?i thai I reoogai** among my <1 email fellow citizens tho?a who i>ot only aro the n?ot? u-oe m the interest* of U>i? country, but who are in reepeot mo?t worthy, m<>? la# abiding, ^belieat w well diopoaed ottUatu. (LnidtUeers ) Since I hare had the honor of holding tho Mrli ami honored |*niilt>n of Mayor of Hew York 1 hate fiviml no <la** of ?tti/en> who l>od7 hre? more faithful in their obe Hence to . ' and who have coctiitmh: 1 iitK" to the |we, ?T-? i? ' Ihri* of the city than the Mermin citi *T* fo,,M then, at alt tinea, otvl^r all ? UJ>OB oorOnly Mlefltia*xl with the itSiHi <>r?helr a-lnpt, 1 eotintry. ?>rn nrth ur i,0 m<ln' 'in the honor *nd f'?<* !"f gir.' ty*<"*????> -ipon which 1 eouM rely fWr 7l?<1 LESS? ,h* . <nL"i T1222 > < ?? ?my -?r <*?> > ' rij. r|r, It,.Tli n l"* "ion 10 wn.-h I have oTer^ r^*? J, i? <" Uly r ilow r,M,?n* nrd-^t S:i"h#" .n,,K <la,1y ? "! 'alxtr t.> mtintaiu m^L.t^^l ^i^*^"' "* ''** I "hall alwayi ui*<*l w*v.ty ud Mrlr* to protect the peace and be?t (Jt U.e Cii/ (ChMf? > I oau oaif '-JI >o. wW wn*T *** r? ha** ?a/i* fo.,f > **?* land of ?b? (raw a?4 the tow af * ?>? Bre to a owinVy ?(.?? ,;| ZLlT!iLi V-??V- ?w. ?wuurf wkoM ooawutioa enjoy equal pottttcM N ,0j b? be bora were h? may "* *' *"* "ftU 01 Uo<,rt/ <* mni nw |ii iiua^ui w?i ^ ? lo umb dieIaUsb ot tui ova ceaaCKMe and M act feerAV *11 u> appml*U< the!?nd ludiimt ot. Let me oali upou yts. ai*~ .{"'V* , lI,t '4a<J of your adoption; M me call npot > ? *? * ?P?? your children rvtir to stand up f?w *> d^e^ the hwi ^ thecountry. sad pror? themeetraa grot W?d worthy MM, a. I kui>w they wUL (UuJ tUiiu^.) , I can only truy to you, in coocta*toa, U girtt ? <t -eat plruurr in be wtt* you B day. Thtu ta a Wont *ho only i?nod of reiaiaiioii J have gitreu myself far moaUK #oin Uwj cotjliiAii# an<l laborioua delimit of my oiljoe. U alloKU me great pleasure to aee ao thacy umlltn* hON. haonf face*, indicative ot happy hearts I ahall alway* be (tad to meet yon and greet yon at adopted citizens, an* ehorwh you m near to my heart The Mayor ?at down amid (Wooing cheer*. A horn of lager hler and a all vat tankard of the <ame heeeraj?* were Immediately handed to him, f om both of irh.oh ho drank. Thin terminate the apocchmafcla#. Hie whole mi ruber of vimteraoii (he ground during the day were aonte ?t,ono, from which, it i* soppoaed, a funo of over $12,000 will be realtiM. ft iraa B o'clock wtwi the club* and \ utters loft the grOuaU. City inttlllgMwr. Tm Nation i: Or inn and tit* KlMiuron D?ast?r?V?*. mcr Of fl^SOO ra: Miu. Cactls Two yaajrs ago 'his gam mer (he Seventh Regiment National Goard went on an en c?mptt<ai at Kingston ror a week. During oae of the regimental drllta a country woman, Mrs Castle, who was looking on, wan wouadod accidentally in the breast and arm, aid her intent killed by a bullet, which, through some carplewnoss, had been left in one of th* musket* used on the ground*. The greatest commiweratiou waa felt Cor the poor womjui, and she waa brought to tho city ! by C'tloael Duryea, and puV utulwr the care of the b?*t phy?W*ns until she fhlljr recovered from her woiid U. In addition a purse was made up for her In the regiment, to which all the Guard contributed haodaouaely, A-m after the return home of Mrs. Castle, Colonel Duryea was sar priced to find she bad entered a suK for damage* In one of the courts, which he waa called upon to defend. 8inea that time the caae baa been going on, and a fow days sinoe a verdict of $1,600 waa rendered in favor of Vfrt. Cattle by a country Jury. The suit was brought against the Colo nel of the regiment , and the Court denied a motion or defeodant'a counsel fbr a non suit, baaod on the fact that the Colonel took; no part In tha firing. Judge Wright held that the Colonel was respon3tblo tor the act, even though really committed by an unknown private In the ranks. The 8eveath regiment will of oourro pay the damages themaoirea, aa Culooei Duryea has been to enough of an nuyancc and expense by the matter. Tin FsjotcB Ernuprno.t Circ.?No decision has as yet arrived from Washington in the caae of Parot and David; It may hp that now that the Secretary of Stale and Count de Sart*ges,tbe French minister, hare left on an excursion, we shall have to wait some time more. In the meanwhile David has been liberated on thc| responsibility at Mr. Morrogh, who transferred yesterday l*arot from the custody of the Marshal to that of the Sheriff. May Parot, who U now again In the obnoxious Jail of Eldridgo street, where he haa been confined since eight months, not sharn the (fete of Riimii Orellet. Misumc.?Tbe Grand Lodge of Free mad Accepted ttaaons of tbe Stale of New York held their seventy-third Communication last eveuing in Old Fallows' Rail? Moat Worahlpful Grand Matter, John 11. Lewis, Jr., presiding. The Grand Matter delivered a very able address. In which he alluded to the unhappy divisions among the Order In thti State, and expressed a hope that tltey would soon be adjuated. His addreal wai voluminous and com prebeuslve, and embraced everything worthy of note which occurred during the put year?particularly alluding to the death of Dr. Kane, and announcing that a eulotfum to hit memory would be dell rered an Friday evening next at Dr. Chapin's chnrCb. The r?(?ort of the Crand Rer?*t*ry bowed that during the Maaootc year there were 3,178 new members Initiated, 397 were affiliated. 900 demttted, #61 stricken from the rolls, and that 263 had died. Tbe Treasurer's report showed an expenditure of $14 :>H? tL, while the receipts exceeded them in the sum of ?1,8S6 03. The eipenlitures had among tbem a large item tor ehartty. There were about 4,000 M.<son? present, and every Lodge was represented. The Communication, after the transaction of some Internal business, then a<Uo?rued to 10 o'clock tills morning Rxrornm Amu km on th* Fjui Road?There was a report In the city last night that the expreaa train eanl on tbe Erie road run off tbe track three artlen east of Addi son station, killing Dr. William feck, of CmclanaU, and severely injuring three other persons whose names are not given. The remains, it was Mated, were taken back to Cincinnati by a friend of the deceased. The accident, it was raid, was canrrd by the breaking of a flange wheel. Our refiorter endeavored to obtain uome further information at the otilco of the company, but no accident had beer i heard of th?re, nor could several passengers, who had Just arrived, whom be Haw, give any assurance that any > accident bad occurred. Tbe report may bo a hoax. idl *1KW Il'IUV U<mi uv?>w t? ui tioi? n?i|>vii vx M? ' 21st of June next, accompanied by Dodworth'n full band, 1 rooms bare been engaged at the Atlantic lloiwe, and the "Tiger*" ?ill probably remain at Newport for a week, trilling, parading, era bathing, and flirting with the belle*, i The baiia will gire a sacred concert on the evening of tlw Sat. ' I-uu.e Bjiiw f?The rivalry among the Irmwportatioa companies baa led to the building of large bargee for the transportation of floor, grain, ho. The Samuel L Holler, , built at Athens, on the Iludsou, arrtred at this port on Wtdne?day, from Troy, and in admitted to be the mnet ' splendid barge on the rlrer. Nhe In IS* (bet keel, and "M brum. Total cast of it* cnnxtrurtinn was $15,000. Thil 1 : fine barge la capable of carrying 7.900 bbta. of flour. J Nnr Yoeic a.vd Nww IUtkn BtaaoaD.?The new depot ? ! for the Now IUren Railroad, at the corner of Vourtli arenoe and Twenty seventh (treet, will be completed by Um 1 1 30th of thl* month, and the superintendent of the road has tn;ucd a notice informing the panscngere that they muM take tlie care at that [xxnt after the 1st of July. : Great dksatinfartlon In f?li that no prorUloa U made foi 1 nrtnveylng pnseeugerw to the depot The w? arrange meat will Inure to the a 1 vantage of the steamboat* <iuria| tin" nummer months. Sonwrt lawuKT.?'Tlie announcement of an olecuen r<x librarian of thl* institution, to come off on Mon?L?y lent wan, it Hcem-i, i hoai, gotten up for the beoeflt of certa.t parUe*. \v e truit that when an election doe* take place, th< qualification of all the candidate* will be Impartially con Mdered. The following named gentlemen hare been pu forward by their friend* for this otliwe ?Mr. A. R White AMIMant librarian, Mernantil* library; Ker. Mr. Wins low. Rptacotial clergyman, Ntalep Inland; W H. HotW, Act log librarian, Society Llbrery. KJtrnww to I'miAorrniu ? Zephyr Ho-e Company No ' 4, of Brooklyn, V.. D , make an eicuMion to Philadelphia 1 starting at 11 o'clock this A. M. They number thirty tmi men, and wrar their Vphfr" awl unnpie fttigTte Jre% on this occasion, rir ?white hnt and reel, black ftoik ooa and pants. They are accompanied by Robertson's baud o twenty lire pW?r-:, and during their ?tay la l"hlladelphii ?ill have their he.?ji|iiartrrs aJ the tttrard Houwv Thti (ompuiiy difler from mo?t others In Brooklyn, Ina'mocb a/ their beantlf'il apparatus, which they take with them, li owned entirely by tham rtrtm. Tbev are under the om mand of T. Henr y Browning, an foremen, and John D. Urern, a* a -?t*tan We understand it Is th.Mr intention tc return on Thursday. Fian If Forirom Sturn ?About half pa<t 11 o'clock on Saturday night a fire wa? dl/rovered in the rarprntei I ah. ,n nt .limm Tf wive in W.-jt l.>frl?enlh .lr?. # haiau* (Ik Ninth ?/i>! Tanlh avenue*. Tbo ilr* *u 'li?c??T*r??d tlr*t M the a?at rn?I of O.o -hop, but before the fUnrwi ?ar< m bdued the ?hola hulMlof waa nearly iMMfli Mr. ) Hodge OKtimalfe; bU Iota at about i.(.Ogg. II? hvi an man : ! rani o of $404 no the building Mid >.'00 on the Mock, la th? 1 ?l. N? halaa InanraiKe Company. The Br? wm nuppoeed I i U> bo the work of an ioceodwrjr. I Kim m Tiui-ntavm ,%urr.?-h>rtly ti ter two o'clock o* P^pday morning Ire broke owl oo the poof of the poUe-y of Mwr Cart, fmith Ic Co., m *?? ThlrveBlh nirct, Bf?r the Tenth ?r?nu#. It originated in the TtciBlty of, nn?] - i"-en '*?-M by, the kiln The ' lire fM iooo o>l>ngtiu>h<-,l |i?in?g? about HtippaB>-<l l j liumred Fiitk i* ?nii Avrvr* ?About I o' U?!k l4#t night, a Hr? nrrurM in the wludow of the ilrjr gnoda atore of Hall M BrnU>?r. No. IS* Silh a?enue It ?a? boob rgtlngoiUu'd r*m?K? about ??C0 In*?re<1 for ?:,000 Im the Vorlh Hirer ?nd Rulfrra Inanraac OocnpBale*. I Nr* Toik Ron-tiai. ?The f?iv*? tag ti the weekly report of the ilotit ln-tltutio? to May 'IS, Int/t)?Hematnlng on May 23, ?#7; admiUe.1 to May W, M, diarharged^ttred or relieved, 19' rtIM, 4, remaining at date, Male 4, ?:?; lenmlra, tt ' CoiUU-.Tir>v?Tbe report of tbe irreat and commitment of t b?rle? KjcIIv. a few day* noce, upon a rharg? of tak lag letter* oat ot tbe l*oel office *nd abstracting mooey t>i?r<>rr. oi, pro?e* to be IncorrecA, anJ all minpicioo re?t,ag upon him ta remove^ by bin hooorable dwhrrgr from any connexion whatever with the matter. m tw* wroit or rn* *mtt.n. I regret In IwJ roBp?l|?d to ?-nrroartfe upon rmir vaJntbU ana.-r, and will do no aa hrlrjy a* poatlblo. la juaUra to aar??!f, I mml ?!* ? In uu*'r in a < mmnniration aifaed A. D. Iii.t, -bit: ib>- enur* aiatemrnt i? m lagrntoni. awl u> mo, in . ft>tnpr?,hi'n?t?>;i' Iprrntiun. VkM "rtplanaii mi" ronld a ann T ' a?<< r ?" ii rr.|"lr' a'm) h?n<t? And what BioUVM Mb' r ibaa to baai and r?>b a p?ar??bl? r4iir>n <??ild InOora iba If-mtrraio aii'-fBpl ma<lr >ipon my ltl> I hava h??it know InfiT Rlv^n ot-im* to any man aad. tkai?l%|?, ran aatign no '?h?r rraaon haB ibr alxtT'1, for lb'-?h*m> ful lr"aim"nt I ra ral*Td :bf> nifhi In qneaihin. from o?a 1 bad noaaribly kix>?\-dgr rif. Thf leilor t aiu miawariag may b* talo aa i?i?ti'i*r>on <b?> thm drmmd for i'tplnnaiion arw from aotnr iobb mlamndiirt on onrv T)ii? I ma' *r?"nu nv?jy tlrnr. t fbr dranin* a pimol I run pniitltflr ?a> I h*T? no? had >n<* In my band fhr iha la?' it*a yr*r? up l? 'k? pr?ral Umr Tlirm R ITTMAK Court Calrnrfacwffcla Day. rWTKKT i brrrtnfhrf ra aervBil Cor r? Brgumaat CV??Oii rit?^ ?Nna. 7*1 4M. *?, M'2, *51 *t.1. *13. ?H0, M4. MK, ?'?, POO, Ml, tot, *?, MM, 007, U>1, 7M?, m>l WW rornt ? Una. 2#?, 10H, 410, .102, Ml, UTt, Ml, 044, ?? M?. 0f?1, 016, ?7?, M7. ??l. ?W, ?H, 6T, 708, 700, 700, 710, M, ?7? *4, 140, 464, **, 002, 4?1. Tbr I ndrrtlfnfd ba*? nawln Mar* m Ul|? ard romplrta aaaonmrnt of alraw goote. among whlab ara OtIib. HlKiratba. WabBtrr, Oanriaaa and . nrti, ba^daa all lha uaual iartMW? \?> ba r??Bd alaawharr, and V? ?t>lak will ha addrrt anytblBg naw that may maka tta appaaranoa dnrtag tba ?*?..n, all of Whtrh ara nffarad tor aala at tha I >waM markat ' "aiSJ4 W.TjSm? thtLH A D. lot UhamMn NJT TOM HE&ALD, W Owln'l (Mxmn Hal. 4 IM* MJHMT hflr (ut jm?4| UM? ORWIK liw pLemAure of CftlLuu iho ftUnoUoa qT young Mo to u MUrr ut fabric. ta'wulaS ^cv^Oy fur Uuxir im, f' <*V?A ivatiiM ibr fl-iftlWtr vl th- rot baC with ad the Ughtoea* Ml vrwtiladng pnywtira or Uut Int. The " O er w" bat U a u>l|i?t>i which tl? dftal.lng Klog < ' Falrr I*?4 aMt iatmnt4? tibial hW UMK 'H?y m? to*, of Ike tianat uvku-a, th? oetor a lUrk hn or mmoMh the iiowu muslMtMttijr low. -en4 ibe Ofd. which i* ?ule in ttt? Mfw, witvwit twin* Iw wfcle lo b? jam. ha* a I rot liix Itim m ?-<ih?r atdr, whVh to p?*iti?rtT grt+lvi au>\ u.? ttmi ft/Uoi? wtth ft h ?* -- orown. I||<M et> tpaotft'i/ ftir UnU?wa of inrn aMrtim. TU fabric lu LitjU'r U>*a ft ftlrftw Ua, ft^J l^o.^fa tt fi'./aa to lie touch & rmdltj lit the hoP bai. U *o rtftittr Ciftl It wring! tai?h to it* tr .< nhapc ? aoon u liie praaaurB is ran rrcd. A shAwr-r trim wnn|* *o?il th? *tr?w h*t lw< n" (*k ftftK? to We OWi.m. *oJ ia point of dur*l>(U'y, It wui oouipar* UvornMf Trill ?rr ?uirmcr fjlr ertr Introduced In thl? country, Tte 6t.?roa nt; br wrmed tbe ooone ?iax link Mwmt the no eotf rilk b?t combining th? *c*tti or bjth. without tbetr dcfccta being ftiiikotMi J> elegant for druaa nurpoaaa. and (or ktlr oniy by J NO. 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Special auantion 1a new paid t) tic mwiifact'irn ol *hirt? of the neweat s'.Tlen, cither ready uumIo o: luaut to or?l? r. and at moderate pro**. D. DIVI.IK A CO.. Corner ar Broadway and Warrra street. ('itetoin Made Mhirla, ail Nlcra, Wholesale and retail; al*o undercarmejta of erery deemptloa. at Vet.ArWJHT.tK'S e??ner of Wnrraf ?ad ftreeawteh Olreela. Hhlrt* made to mesxnre Naperlor Hhlits, madi to Order, of tike Boat materia;* tvmutifolly made, in tikajKeTai^aii style, warranted to U aaU buMoaa not w come nA at economical ii'ioen. M? O0* k UlUiiabti, i IIS Broudwny, adjoining the Hospital. Ptalloeoptilt al Appsrattu.-Forty Article* atprivate aale. <'\a Ue reeti at 13 Hurt row opposite the Aa or Ffoi.** A1 cth I t nr^nuiirealff sn>! jhWIa. at l?r. < BUUW'B IM1 T ? Iliu, Mil- t m tM r Meat wt v< <>?un<?;. RtiMTti.?K. D*r?y A OWfy, MNkui Ikllora of rut p'aoe. hare removed to the newtr orranxwl tomiiiwt Hntwttng. W Walker rtwt, wentwl MrMI btWf OlMl em*, and a tew door* went of Bratdw*r i Mure yon H#tn to vurkt'i, 1)6 William tiret, for ronton" le?; bo?itfh! a bl?rk fn?e*. $U:, 8p*n'jA | ngl**.tttfc Vimbm Co.'a Kiprm tor CaUlbrnU, dr. p? r atranrr njJNOIR, J une 4, at t o'clock P M. Hot) I edrertlamrnl. PJt?KMAJ( * CO.. ( Broadw?y. i I'orUWf DrroalnK Curl In Onat V?rifty.J. A H. bAUNPKH'8 atora only, at No. 7 Aator houe. To (lie Retail Sir*w Hatter*.?We an flow I irrruol to o(T?r, of our own manufaatare, the rartanted or bhu'k and n tuir Swlaa KrnwU wboie Lrmw hat, leeUaf couldrut that rtmy will be th* trading atriavt hat for thla auauaer. No other ,HfH? bat prrttraUnc > ad*mnia*ae to the 1 ?firrr Thf y arc not only lUftit, (IrtbV and nnonatmoatr dnraMr, hut being of a mnUJedapfwar?uo?> prncludae the poai atbtUty of tbetrabowtng the du?t ordlft, whK-h obrlatee the objection a? often mads by the nearer* ofatraw hata. 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Tbln panuionna I to 4 Majreaillaa eeata I to Md At KVAJOI' riirnaifr clothing warnhoua^, db aad US TnHom I atreet, batweca < Jold aad CUtf alreeta. f 1 , "To Be or Not to Be" llttabunrd. -that la . the <|u<*foa Tboae who hare a natural aSottr for laipoature will bar <ke bort In* Dutda maaufarioreo hera and label ad "I^ndoa Cordial Ula;" bat Um wlae and jndlctou* i will pnrduae "*ly the authenticated article Imported br KDMOwn O CHARUB. ?| Broadway rxjr aai? by ah dniMtata aad pocera. Inrlaf ?hlnaa. baftaa tatk . !* 'ke trim am*ay la to while Ikoae 4ho Vny any cf the ekeaper aad tiTtotoraia^d ; s??~?i-fg-syranka^3 WUder'a Patent Ralaaunder ftafra?KrnMTklnl Wi.M^r Pftli>nL Th? ntihlWl kr? rnnamfniia fonaedtlai, aa*wiibatan<l:u|r ton great rflorta made byolkar I aafr aakrra io drf?ai at all haMr<l* lb? renowal <>f <hia palml for mAjtto* 'be great fir* proof aaf* of the world, th? aubarri kera ?f? bappy "> mr that tb? m-rmmrj dornmrnla *rn ih ia mornlnj r?l?M Tro? Hon. fh*? 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KAt"Kr>RIU?'ai?>ra only ai No. 7 Aalor

llallawRjr'i IRnlment.?Tbr Vahla (llat erofula r* kinr'a erll roiild b'- mrr.1 by * mooar-b't M?irb ' haa long b?rn atplrxled Rut tlie (real tnlb thnl not only aroint a and ailirheiiai. but all mMladlr? deT'-loped I* fbr akin and Beak, raa be rraiorrd by 0i*? preparallia, la bayond null. Pllea, Pllea?ff yon are Tranbted t?!1h In- ' tenia I or entrnal pllea nae Dr. WlTNKR'i 111* Raf^aaHory. | Tata artle'e la a rrnahi m?e I>*t m 1:A Row. ry. Pyapepala?Ttoe urea I eat <nra I Ha wnrld baa rirr ar?-n K>r <kta rmwtnr malarfr. la Rr*n<IMl'a IMtla. One |<tll eeenr Pl*M for a month, o?teo mr-a ib? w-rat ra?*a, ] but Irami^llale beneili la etperieariM mn?tpal ofll<*, 41 araartreib llniWin* so d ai M alrW a< < Siabma t'a. Rroadway, ennii-r rwaat> a?<-n?4 ?'ree? b,-oi>klra It'mrf. Iff VaMoa adret. EDHBSDAF,, WffB \ 1857 IHi?r? iMuuato Mm^WM runt powdtr proof datum lock* and cmibara. DWMMrM AaLaM^MfMlawlUtaliH. _ lOHtT V ' FINANCIAL AND COMMfcHCIAL. -oT.T-? . | TvmiMr, Jojm 2- fl ?. U Dm flock. ourtM opened and oloeed rery he?ry t?u ?nrtg Ob ths fowfeng railroad a wr heary | (lectin* wia realued. Ttu sumpci? ?u is i.f.c aad moNf Southern, oM deferred ltae former fell off *X per cent, ?al the utter BX p?r wot. Erie opened at 36\ ! aadcteaed at M par oeat. Ulcklfia Nouthern opened at I MJfi Mi otoaed at IS per cent The** went my Urf? j trauaoOoM in each stock. Every ooa wa* anstoa* to set j oat flrat, and the rush to sell run down prices rapidly The Immediate eause of tha panio u> Mkhigas South mu noclc to-day w the M'iUi the new members tad the old msaaber* of the board of director* are at loggerbuad*, wad rtftN to meet for the transaction ot b-iaiaeis. Tto Urtj pert)' end the Utohflekd purtjr ere at imu?, and are are a little ourtoua to see which party will be kicked oat It Is oar impremion that the Litchfield grip on the concorn U too utroug to be loosened. The new party U completely dia gusted with the condition of the company'i affairs, end meet of then have noil oul their entire line ot took. Now the only thing loft is for them to gtr* as all the (V~U of the case, nr resign. If they remain, without expoaing the whole tuueera; without giving to the public all the lacU, ail the figure*? . without showing where all the money gone, and far whet purposes?they will be equally culpable with the old set, and be judged accordingly. There U ou!y oco coarao tbr them to punue, and that u to make a daar aai com prebenaive cijxjee oi ail the.corrupuons, au the tUuncier tng which have been practised irom the beginning to the end. the removal of the office from one locality in another amounts to nothing. The public will nst bo satisfied with rach a miserable subterfuge. The new directors oi thlsoo apaay were put in for the purpose of giving the public all the (acts, and they have no right now to remain silent. We understand that in the progress of their investigations they have discovered that our statements in regard to the various aeoret issues of stock and the frightfully exorbitant rates paid for money are strictly true. Having satU&ed themselves on that point, we would call their atteutiei to a few more facta, for the purpose of aiding them in preparing the report wluch the public expect they will make. We are a little anxious to know if the new directors have discovered from tho company's boolu? 1. That the cxpouses of 1*64 w.vo sixtyone per coal, of 1B66, sixty flvo per cent, and of ISfltS, seventy per cent. wnue tn? puUMp were 1M to borers 01 the ?hll<i (Mat mey were only fifty per cent. 3. That ore.- >500,000 tuu be-ou dirtdod :a dirt 140*14 that < were not earned. 3 That the company, by dome extraordinary arrange[ meat, has becvine tli? owner of over 1100,000 or the eecurttlea of Uu> Terra Haute aad Alton Railroad Company?a rival Una. 4. That the targre amount of Plymouth bonds guaranteed by the SotUiern Michigan company was, at the time liiey were guaranteed, secretly owned by two of the directors, and had been purchased by them at fifty cents on the dollar, aad were roar an teed by the board at the special in stance and request of satd two directors. ft. That the fee charged by the Company's Treasurer tot his rscoot pleasure trip to Kuropo, over and above expeuaea aad salary, was the moderate UUle ititn of $26^00? somewhat better than the pay of the PreiMeat of the Unit' edBtafe'fc ft. That the rent paid to the " Railroad family" for the New York office Is M,(00 per asaua?at least double the amount that the same premises cov.ld be rented for to aay other patty. T. Hut the entire losses oT said " family," In their speculations in the stock of the concern, hare be*n eharged to the company utdsr the head of " sustaining'' 8. That for an old boat, worth perhaps $14,000, purchased by one of the " family" two years age for *23,000, pa)able In traps, the rumpaay are charged $20,000 for two years nse, and S'JO.OOO more for her lo-t last a-imrter. 8. That for the individual benefit of certain partlei, large amounts ol moony havo be?o leCl who certain banks, without tntariwt, whiln tbocomiwn/ wrrr paying from two to ihree per ocoi a month for moooy. 10. That the build in* ?T br?nrhee, l**tv str*ic;'?\ 1 i?it, Ac., involving an increaw of capital from the original actual coat of the road prupi-r of ovur (11,000,000, an rusuited to no good to the company, *hu?. w it ra*y have done lor Individual*. 11. That tbe interest an I diviloo<ta on the bond* and Mock issued for those useless braacbes, straight lines, 1 Ac.. bar* always bees charged to coastmrtioa, ander tbe plea thai they are undnlihed, and bare been k*pt un finished that the money might be ao charged. 12. That besides the Michigan Southern the financiering for the monstrous sums of money required by tbe Terra Haute and Alton Company, the Desmotnea Navigation Company, the Mad Rlrer Railroad Company, the Detroit and Mllwaukie Company, the Chicago and Mississippi Company, and the Cleveland and Toledo, all reat upon tbe aame boulders, and w all done up in the Michigan Southern offlca. Lastly?I* it to tha discovery of these things that ws may attribute tha Tact that tha new director* have recently one and all pitched their stock ororboaritf Wo (rfeat tha new directors will not retire. They should at Mice reform such abuse* aa can be raformod, and not yield lamely to tha Impositions that hare been practised upon the unsuspecting stockholders, but with a proper aenaa of Justice to them and consideration for their own reputation, they should repudiate all unfair claims upon tha company for speculative operations, and refu.-te to be saddled with charges and aaourtUen which do not belong to It If they do not?if they yield their ground?the publie will ultimately consider thorn as privy to all thane mi | proprtetlsa. Tha ruling quotations tbia morning, compared with those current ftt tha close yesterday, show in Now York Can tral a decline of 1 per oeot; Harlem, ?<; Erie, 4,^; Read* (Dg, 1; Chicago and llock Uland, Michigan Hwtbarn, old dalarrvd, b\, do. guaranteed, preferred, ten per cent scrip,S; do. a?., fhU, S; Panama, Cleveland ?ft<t Toledo, X I"*ci0c Mail Steamship Company advanced a. Altar the board Ibore ware salas of liarUwn at?*j p?r cant, seller U0 daya. Cleveland and Toledo opened at 85 and closed at 04 par cent, Urge sales. Tha operators ia UiU stock work hard to kaop it up, bnt it has no aupport out of the street. Ho long aa money continues easy, it may | be pretty w?U sustained, but the first plncb in money m*t , tors will maxa holders dirgorg# with s ruxh \n all othor J rtocka It will be the MM. It la expected thai the nrxt dip In will take it below the loweet poiatactt touched. At tho aecood board there (U a ullf bt roartion la the two (r?U railroad fane lea. Krte opened and r tot ad at M ! per cent, being an advance of two per cant on the lowest point ef tbe dajr. Michigan .Southern, old deferred, opened I at 63 and rlaaad at 64 per cewt Tbla Improvement t* b<fl i natural, after ?och a great and roddoa dacllae. It can, however, be bat of a very temporary character. Lower prtcea moat rata for all theae unproduotlre railroad Mock*, and the pub'Jo naiad will K?>a ret more accuatomtd to ! smaller figure*. New York Central Ml o(T thl* afternoon : ( % per oent. Reading cloaed without change. The teaiurhlp Niagara, from Boaton Tor Liverpool. to. I morrow, will Uka oal about 91,000,000 In apacia. Tbe AaaiMaat Trcaaurer reports to .lay m follow*,? Total reoeipta 94.1,210 T* l-aymenu 309,714 M Balance .U,77'1,M6 74 The ateaaubip America, at Haltfhx from Liverpool, bring* three daya later aawa rrom Europe. Quotations for cocao la thow a decline, aad tha lAndan money market ia reported more itrtngeat la cotton there bad been no change The market waa steady RreadMaffli were a hade better. Pro-rtatrxM were tbe tame a* formerly raported. Tbe annevad MMemeat exhibit* the value of export* from thia part (hiring the wnek and xtnce Jan'iary 1, ia each of the paat Ubrea year* ? OomkMK < ma Toar o* Nrw Yoaa? V?n* o? F.xrowm. 1*66 1*6* 1*67 Total lor tha weak.... 91,411AM 9l.fl0K.iXW 91.1 *,714 I'revtoualy reported,. W.trat.TOv ,?,3*1.1 OS .;l,4il,H7l? Since .lanaary 1 9'i7 ,4JW,'i46 9-".^l,?H* The nateav-nt of tha offloen of the l/nited .Slates miat. Philadelphia, lor the month of May, oho wit deposits of 916l,AK'*of I old, an.I 919?,A*9 of Mirer, ot which mm 946,0.10 waa rrcetred In exchange for the aew cent. Of copper, 96,11.1 of old ceata were received in exchange foe tbe new. The aggregate of gold, ailrer aud copper received daring the month ia 9.HW,4*a, Tbe cotaage for the Fame time waa 91*1 ,M>0 la gold, and all ia dollar piece*; In allvcr 9S0;t.0n0, la quarter dollar and dime ptecna. The number of new oent* coined la three million eight hnnlred tbonaand ami the total coinage of the month la 940ijflo. The whole number of ptecea cotnH of all daacriptloo* la 4,'*T7,6flO. We hare aee? a handeome specimen of about treaty Ave ounce* of gold d<Mt, broogbt per American e- hooner t rank, Jual arrived rrom Ctudad Bolivar, Veaenela, aad It ia a tair ample ot the produce of a recently duoovered placer, called New Providence, or by the aneteat hum Anaciipeyn, sttaaled a.*r tbe .1 jitrtct ot Upata, and aot (V firm tbe afaraaald cliy of CluJM Botlrar We hare t < tt? hw Ha< t??? lufut n.^1 fcf tt* oxuijaee wlw Dm iMNfM *)? ft,M <*? ?>?t k u MM ta Oudtim, ?<t ?f a fmmlttf, ? *?wpti*i? ? TW po? i? ri*WM fro** fronad wftk M little quartz, tti QUs m* tttt hu4 I* ffrtad: ooMeqowUlr. M cm .'aril; be cccciivod that arorkod with Kioqaato raitrhinory ' in <2 c<impi-u<ul aCaora, ewu aUfc a ?m*U 4 Urg* fortuity UMfiUi l? iwwl IB .JkMllina. n 1**1 tor*- < thai, although tfae artval digg?r? loa* ow> th?rd part of the ytolil for wacl of h^ortod^a or the prop** process, M>UiC of tlicUl I rap u aiMi/ as 1'AU uuUOtm a dnjr, ?">" U?? Iraat aot Wnm thin tea doilara. W?rh HictarRc. tCTMDAT, JnMi 2, IK*. fK-V) VtiwtnU ? ?.... Mli fM -In Hcw!?.i. R3 JO** IMNTObKR^ ? do ? , 1000 N Y Ceu liK 7'a. 102 ** du ?3 10 1C00 Erie RR bda *75. 87 * 790 Raadia* RR- *3 81 VOOO Hud K RR 24 m MS 100 do 8f %' )<W llttd RRRiitm M> fu?> do **v: 1500 do &8\ 100 do W0 61V ! 1000 IU Ou RK t?U n\ 200 Co bOO HI S, HMO do Nh 9M> 00 bt?0 <H | 1000 T H h Alt 2d m Or V UKj >)o bAO I?r.i . 4000 Like K4WIft m W ~ d?. at IW | ' 9000 do 2d ra brU t& _*oo do. k? BO I 6 aha Bk Sum K V. 1M luu do hS 80S 10 Corn b 10HVa 20u <Ui mt 0 BO 20 Cemmotiw'h Wc.. 19S 9?>Ch' fc?U NRR bt>0 9-ts' 20 Park Hank 1<? II W*s ULSTrurtUo 107 100 do MS 3uii Ni/i Traoait On.... h.s l'*U>* Iju* w W io; i.o TOO Wh !>fcNfnd KR 6&ftOOnowhO al<*>... r>0 do l?o VI itctUr Maligna 7*?t "?? 4? M* ,. lu) do aoo 7as 3? ,J0 <>* MO do.... 73 100 do...:..blO f3 ; lMNTCfn lUt c MK 200 do ...b30 V lu) da alO (U> * luO do........ 61S tw ?w>.... ft; "iw r. 4a do 90S 80 do. .TV b1! 52 S 100 do '00 W W (Jo MO W\ port do.... ..*60 86 V 50 do.... hflO totf 600 Erie KR o MS? 100 do rZ9 51; . W ?<o :*s yOO do buo MS to ?u. "7 30', 6 Mk*hK%VT8il errlp W 200 do W>s 40 MS 10 do. 87 JrO Psramn RS 96S 100 do, c 30 S 100 do 810 9# 1?0 do b30 3?S 60 do ..b*> J00 do 38 S 600 III Om 80 138 S 16 do M\ 100 do. >.M 13* 400 do S6r. li CttTt i>. Wlte 101. ?S' POO do ?;* 36 SO do 48 S 100 do.... ..MO 8* 100 do WO 40 tuo do c 34 S 10 Ciore.Col&Cln UR 103'^ lu? do brti i>bS W Ualeca 4 Oh4. KR. V*'-, 100 do mO My. 100 do. b?0 96,S 200 do 36S * <*<> 100 do 'id 10 Cu>re \ Toi lUt.. 200 do r30 o4 200 do b*0 fr?;. lUU do alO 36 8j0 do. 64 S 100 do C ?6S Jo- 04 WO do e :<b --0 do 64 1? dc 3d 35 300 do.. ,.b?0 MS 50 do blO 36 COO do bOO 04^ 1U> do bOO 36 100 do..... blO 94 , 1<M do alo 34 LuCrc?se\.Mjl Kit 7o 86 Mxii 3 & K la prel 86 bo do. Uj) 76 dSOOKD KlUU/. ?2000LakeEAWUtmb 62 HW ihs NVCenRR b8 MS' 3000 do 61* 100 do 25 sba Nic Transit Co 6 s 100 do i.d 8.. s loo do r>s 6" do .'> K6S 100 I*acifle Mall 8 Co.. 73 800 Readinc RK...??0 80 COo llarUw RR 10 200 do RGV ! 1.w\ tr-j- DO ha IffiM. ir V T.PB L.A 200 Jo 1000 ilo a?. &4 ico do M 36 * 100 do alo r?4<-i 100 da a3 100 do *3 64 . loo do."".... 'M Wu do ai W>4 Ural Rm?U Mm In Jfracf Cll/i 1 lot coruer of Proapeot and Steuben atreetH 9l,47v 1 kit oo Htoubee at, between Warren and Proapoct.. 410 1 lot ad joining, on earn* rtrwt 4 MV 1 lot adjoining, but ooo, oo Name Mreet 460 1 do. do. do 500 i 1 lot ou Steuben at , 1S6 (V went of Warren, &~<ilOO. m<o i 1 lot arijuiolOK, on aame atreet, 'JOclOO ft TuO 1 lot ou Railroad ave.. near l'rofpecl at , 30ilo0 ft.. 700 1 do. do. Warren al., 20*100 ft... 750 House *ad lot on Railroad are , do., S?t100 ft ... 1,920 CITY OORHBRCII4L RKPORT,, Juno 2?<1 P. V. Anton.?Salt* of 30 a 40bbUt wete reported at 7 J-.c. for pota and 1 ?^c. a 7\'c. for paarla. Bmaiwiwl?Floor?The market ww hoary, and cloaM at a doeflno of about (Ire to ten cent < per barrel. The aalea embraced ahont 6,000 bUe , at about th*> tWowIng qvotabooa}? Common to good Stato 90 r? a|?W Common to good Michigan 8 a 8 so Kxtia state 6 P0 a 7 10 Rrtra Ohio 7 20 a 7 P0 Common to good Ohio 7 00 a 7 80 flonthem mixed to good branda 7 SO a 7 SO Rnnthnrn thncr and extra 7 CO a 0 00 rwn?/H.? superfine and extra 8 U6 a R 70 Canadian branda partici|ial<>d In l!ir- goncral heartneaa. closed with aalu* of about 400 a 100 bbla., at tho decline Indicated by the abovo Bjure* HouUiern aour was ?U brjvy, and partook of the general doclino, with salon of ; a Wit 1.100 a 1,000 bblx., (taxing (it tbe a'JOT'! j reduced lUgurcit. Kyo flour continued firm, with sales of a Hoot 100 bbls. at 94 50 a $>> l'Ji;. I Corn meal ?u steady, with sales of about 200 bbln, j Brandy wine at $4 60. Psneheon* wore held at *20 Wheat ?Prune to choice lots were scarce and firm, while inferior I qualities were dull aad neglected. The Males embrare.i ! about 20,000 a 25,000 bushel* Mllwankle club, at $1 80. Hour white Canadian at 91 60, aad prime toofcoloe We-itern j red at 91 W a|91 66 a 91 10. I "rime Mouthem w w scarce and I firmly held. Corn wan dull and lower the '.ales com prised about 10,000 a 1ft,0ft> bushels, chiefly Wostorn mix- | ed at 99c., which was two cent*, with woe .Southern on private term*. The highest offer at the clute was Me., while $1 03 wan asked. Rye was steady at $1 27 to 91 .">0 ] asked, without sale*. <?aU were heavy and easier with 1 moderate pales at flic. a 93c. for -State, and Mc. a Ma > for Rood Wetlero. Cor?*x?inlet of 200 ba*s Rio were made at 10\a. a j 11 \c. 860 do. Coata Rica at 10,'ic. and 160 b v? Maracaibo at 12*0. CoTTOJt ?The (ales were outtned to about| ?00 bal based oo about tbe foUowinn quotations Hnfwn fUWHtoua. Viw Yoax, June 2, 1*69I'flandj t'lvrvia Jtobilr. W O <tT. [ Inferior now. nom noni. uom. ordinary 12 12\{ 1* Middling .14 14 14 U 14*J Middling fair ll't 14>* 1* fair 14J|f noiu. nom. notn. Hood fair ix>m nom mm nom. | Floe uom. nom. nom. nom. Fwiorrrs Thrro dm rather more oflwirw pool, and about 7,M#baahcls of wheat *ero euaced tu 'jalK U 2 .M , 100 halo* of .Son Ixland cotton at v and 100 hides at 7s. ftl. a !??. 01., cl-jelng at the Latter tiiare | To wH gm; fH?# wVe UBCJ?"KS4, Iv Bettor !am 15,U00sUv?-. were eugoguu at ?j7 per M To Sydney rates were at 36c., ?ud to Molbourtio at 27 l,c. p r foot m>-a.surrmett. To California ratua wcro a) a'.uut %o. per foot. H.iv was in fkir drmaad at 90r.. a Of>r , and mme uoldrr.i demanded 91 for prime shipping qualities Horn were steady, w!U? sales within* vreck past of 300 a 400 bale*, cJifcity prtme qualttie?, *t for,. .1 flu.; ordinary were Inactive at 7o. a ft^c. Iron .?Sales of M ? 100 (nm tfeotcb pic wer made at about 932 a 932 40, ux moatU?. ijmk was dull a??l sales l.outed. at s7';e j?r com mm and at 91 20 Tor lurtp. Mot umk wax <|uW **d ( i^uUoob onjwui. Natai Pivrnr*?ftpirtu (f luWntine wis -rU' tnaj a nominal Thct? waa a fkir domaod Tor cmioon rex;# u aVvut " 9?, a lille Mies were i.'miled. Ti'akMo' *M <1*1 iet at 7?c. a die. Crn-lo whafc* T and ?perw were wftfiiWt rnutfA of moment n qi-ifliiiM SO baskets of sweet ot) wrre sold in quarts at 93 G2j^. Cotton ?eod and lard oil were unrlianged. I'iiovimubm ?Pork?TUe market wm lrrefnlar The saiee nomtm>ed about 200 bbls., check to day. at IJ3 7j a 923 90. aad .'<00 do., buyer s option 30 days, at 9it. B^ef wax Arm, wlth?ale? of about 200 bbls., In-ludin^ 1 ountry wm at >14 ? 919 Country prime wok b> Id at 912 00, and railroa<l beet was sold in a small way. Out meats , were firm, with sales of about 200 hh Is., lucludimt shoul ders at a lta , aad liamr at IO'ir. a lie. I.ard was n?ehaitge<l, sales of ?0 a ;?0 bbls were ma le at 14 we. a 14,Sc. Butter waa heavy anl 'hit? at 17c. ? 2 V. Ibr Ohio ' sod lie a 34o. for good tu prtme State Che*?e ranged j from 7c a 11c. Rictr was Arm and active, with sale* nfWIifHM r?-<lw, Including portions for etport at 4}^c. a 6^0 Hcharr.--Holders aad buyers were too ?1de apart to I lead to sales of nvmest, heno>< transa> Uoaa were oonflaed j to small jobbing Ms, at prices which aflordnd no '-orrect ! IndioniMM of lb? market' R. L. k A. Atiart, on ' iii? :.i mn .?i* -"Imxi tfcn Miowtn* prtuen for their re- | lined ?uk*t4 -r?TM(W, 14S? ;<r>'*b*d npr, 14 '? .; . (round 13 \e , rtrcie A ei taahe>l 44*0. Totuom ? Comiaou New Kartncfcjr to % *bid<' lower; | ntbor aorta Ann, bnl little tranaantnf. TTia *al?? ??b braoed KS hh<l? Kifimll* aad neatum?, 14c. Sic. t liale* Havana, Tflr a S#i\; t-toM -~?l leaf, 13c. lie. ; "advfrtisfmftw rfjf.wkd ktkry day. ' I . I MIHCRU<A RBUVH. /initial OR TTtR rot ' With powder aad pill; T>? (mm! hog* la 7 tow The rata aad mtaw n:i; Deal* la the inache*. mnaqutiM uu 1taa Von <*aa pnmhua* at LVOIf'R?"a wurd to tfee artee." I.roa'n po?.lrr and pllla Ibr latart* and rnrmta. 4?? Hrrwrfway r.T'.W / lOLORRl* JRIT1AL WTAMPIRQ?OWLT DtTOT AT V (ilitRRKfli'N, MriropnMtaa llotrL / <LA RlfT WIKVM.-an CAHIW Ml PRRIOR. A*l? Za) \ nw-dlnm, and qnaila, fn? < ?> at t?e wlnr va?Ula. R?r IN Wall atrer'. it R. /trHTtlN* V I.** and nin^lta, Km? anrrioB. At iirt.wa fpmn in IJn K.RL1Y A rKRdUMtN. _ Rn. Ri Rr ?ut??7. J DR *B< WdVTHlt. HfR JKO* .nnorrotHT i late pipit tn the nrlrhraird <*r?r? h* arrrVwa tn theae amtr(*d with mm and whwh Hr riaran?ee? , m rtmir* etlN-tnalljr aad without any uam 1V?innd? .rf teatimrailala ran b? ae?a at hta nttae. Hn ? tan, atr.?. aaar Hniadwaj Tana* nirVtlj mmlarai 1 tpRHT. WtX* AND RKn 4R(4?THTRI> HVKRl'R AWP I Wite??th?fra?' Win*. .d the tin.' ?r ?!"*.' Kiiffllahaatinra ptetlm rod prMWt'v W 1 "5L. i f HATR V00 nwv.v pH* ailHEM tKP ' A1TWRR, A1 IR Ml, at JOffRR', W Ana .ire^l. ?J?caif and i?i 1 buota, at |41 TOUT ?AH RXRMPT UKUtM H ?[>* _ WO WI . fladrr aUi he rewarded t?r ? ?*?? *? ? ? 5 Issr^a^l^i IMMn (Vot Bro*4w*y. OaUeuiim. Bum. IS WmMdiIuu iln?, tWoa. Mr*. Hay?. fcw*ly. ? QOOPXLAOU IT Htw an mMMIW A HAQJID'ICKKT FAIHTUIO BY 7. Hlll?lll?. Tn wtk* ik? jrubtV fcrt> IniiMt ttae Art U*Uanr. 38* Crofc*w^'. ?- t OIMBRIDK. CARD KMORAVYS A*? irmwa U 8t8 Brmulw?y, ? card cue IncltidM with ?*afa IfciwX. ?opp?r uxl krw foodr _Itm, woo* mi *? I^BMtKIAwfSw^roMwy. 9. r. LOOK OCT fOR THK OP.*AT PAI?1WOF THK AXMK Look, out tor uw jp-r?i paper M it? in l.<> * out fnr thn anm uutr <>r U>? ure. rRANK LXSLlJt'MVliJLA'MTKATKD MkWHFAf"MI. l it ANL l.KHI.nf8 ILJ.rHTK ATKO Wk'WHf'A t?*R. PRANK I.WSLIP8 nXDHTRAtKR Kirw**At**? Mo. 79. tor thtl t> tilauni nnl?*?ktlWI MMr*ff<nn rrf iW? KAILROAK t'KLKfc RATION BAII.BOAB OK1.KHRATTON RAILROaiJ <Jfr-ld?Be.AT?Mr A D.1 Ptftoi Fir.' Department Awl Meant Fire Department And fire ii-partiaem or cl.?aih5ati. For a*le m *U bows depots. #Ttoe fr o at*. t igooa plavobimus-vo eomoMova otu-amm 1j Cognac brandy* Holland and London gta. Jsmsira aodX Om* Am; R<m*bon. KorongaVl*, flootr* u< W* ?jdM Hfl", |M)Mb nul fVi rj brandies, at trifling ei|>?oa^ ft* sqk1 Dr 1, PRvnHTWANOllB/Itt MaMea lMM. lT B.?AS ilaviM-iogmoae gftUw u? *f?y gaMnas apirta. ' VJTIR i son's sparkling KDINRCRGH ALK TOB JVI O B. MFNnUM. win* vmUu. IS Walt alrwA Hntnp'.rn <in rfrnugfct. OCT TO lUHEOW?OUT TO MOR&OW. THIS MaTIoNau 1'oi.lvK ti a/BFTS. No. tt. vol U, win c*>uw?i. A portrait of Worsay, the coadtnmed u<jcr?. Mu??lerof RMer PnU, the Mormon Murder ui Iiluioie. Murder tu Ooid 8p -In*. N. T. Knrrier and Mutiny on Uie Hi?h Hea*. 7 be Newburg Tragedy, strange seijurfL T> ne Bunt for * Thief The Secret Police of Parts. Murder bv Boy. Vttial .stabbing Violent Assaults. , Nuturfoua Ffckpoufcata. A?tro'oKir*l ack* Cirvnwsianllsi kvldeoce. Murder tn Mwdonri OUdiatorUI Kihlbillooa. SniArl thiiplu'ierv. ' t>rJp;?r'Mn the Fifth Wart Singular IMaonrerr nl mm* WW Wuuuiu vtlu dolor Imii B< *-_ Hotel Tiifl in " Limbo." Dettbor Vliloco Onr fVrco?pni>denr.e?New Orleans. KL Fjon_*. BaiU*v ftliuteiph's. Ac , A* , Ac. Wholesale spent* A TOUHBT, Naaaan street. Aanual subscription tZ. 'w iu.^tli. ?1. Address R. N. MlMOITR. nBce of the Police Qazette, Near York city. PKKAKNKT, PLAIN AND DKCOBATIVB booh . painter, rrepectf'illy take* leave to inform bla Menda. customer* of U?e U?e tirtnwf NowUs A Koarner, andltut puMM generally, that ainne the dissolution of Um wm unmm firm he har taken the store Mo. L09) Broadway, wbera ha to> leiyia to continue the bualneaa of painting In all its linrtii Including Treaoo and ft* ire pain tin*, house painting MB glaring, gliding, graining, Ac., Ac.; ana will also keep tor Mkt And conatan'ly on hand, an assortment of paints, alts, varnish. P. K or- i ild ftlM !m< io five in eatigoates tor tha mMIng, graining and decorating of public or prtvmi* balMh^p from arvhUecia, bullderi or owner*, ud will giro the beat aesnrity and reiereaoe to ail thoee who nigr favor htm with Mr pstroeese. Naw Tout, .Tune 1, WSTPKRAONR AI'FI.H'TKD WITH OONHUMPTIOl* AMB phytsuans would do well to call and eumln? aainveatfa* tor electrizing the blood, *v*wm and Inula, poaltlvely or lively. aa nut; be required. To beal iiloerailoa the tlMMi roudtUou of UK* part miul be chanced. Thia oaa be ettboted hi the iiuin only bv bringing Ike positive or negative fUectrtmer In eoetact wlut the air oella and part effected. ThU method er rlenr*/ation render* the eifrte and dead matters of Ike antaaa Milnhl* by otldatl'in. and i*uu?v?t theui from the rirciJa*kePateoted April 1. mi. Hold by A. J. FROflT, dn||M, m Sixth avenue. SrWMKR OU>THIM4*A' Oak Hal). M and H Kulton aire**, Great Rnaili madu OMklM Kaui.Mabmnnt. STKT11RM8 CKIJEBRATKD WEITTMO FT-DfDH AM* copyUik iaka?Aa the Inventor ?f the wriUn* tliuda la * ( brmirtt and haa dedicated upwards of 30 years to imjiiw meuta in (and who sutmla alone aa the only improver oft tnk% their articiea will be found Hupertor >o all other kinds. 1?> don oad ZfB l'earl street, New Tork. Sola by the principal HNMH. TUK UOWrOM HAJtD-MTITOH B* wtng machine. Can be area at 411 Broadway, Ovrr Look wood's book atmi Thoh* wtth krokkk dowh oorarmmom, oqb. s.itniloaal weahneaa, aervouaaeaa, luaa of appetite, aMaflk aleeo an/1 animation, are ravereed to atrcmg, rob mat beahh>* l>r. JACOB WkBBKR'8 aangnlAar. As aleolrla thrill of kW ani strength la felt by the moat debilitated after ualag it: ^ M>nai& (udiUmUjih. he. leave, and all tha fiuutlou i * Wa, Sir Price 13 BO. two >i Depot Wo. ?B Bowery. WARNOCK A CO. oKNTtnrmrR HATTKRR, ?) U road way, tit. Ntciiotaa IlixW. < MIer tor the cooa'deraUuu af |w:!raen u ulaHlf?lM?> Bebt of HfSfMrR HATS DBKN8 AND NKIUUK LVmdatlur In cart of Tm lock; Mountain White Bearer. Tlie plain castor, Of collfca, lea, end cbochoiala coior* French and American anft felt haia. Of the Hncm qnallty, and very dfalrabte atylr% uJ iteiH aa4 an rrtcaaiT* ?a/lefy of HTRAW HAT*, Among which ther m. nttnn the new aad alUacOea CONORCM HAT. A perfect Mph>r and ncat-Ulnf]/ beaeilfnl window snion. TT Impr>?r?irnu and eatrrpnen. KELTT A PKHOL'HON, No. ZH Kroadwajr and Ka M Im* ?iwi, lia?e, at (real eipekm. completed and patented" tMr ui(enk>ua appuraiua far mannHu-iurtn* window aatf are bow prepared 'o aupuly the whole trade with aa out, vailed anaorimrui. fully Uiirty per cent Inaa than erer b>fcwa old. Aa none are allowed to m an h fart urn under our palatal none ran compete with na either la ?>yle or price. Alan, eta comic**, brooatel, dt lamea. ilamaalia, lace aad aualla earatna. kn MAE&IAQES AND DEATHS. . . MmnUd. B*!rtA- ? At !!ltt?i&ha?W, N. J., oo Tharaday, Ma/ 'A, by Rcr C. T. WauTelt, Ajwaiiam A Uama to HiaK1KT, daughter of Jaiuei K Boit?rt, ivaq. jdl of Hankenmek. thf Ktflh iT?w Obunih, ojr tbo Rer. Hidaoy A. Corf jr. Hcn:i T. Pajimjktu lo Mixo K atra ArooffA, ollMt ilacahter of Thornan J. Hay dor, Koq., ?U of U>\ city Itoni Ajrt?Oatwbu..? Iu tbo Churui of the Adruai. m Tuesday, Jonr 'X, by th? Rat. Abra'm IIWmmaxt Hurt, H?? r?L U. LKiioa.nd, formerly of l>utrh.-?o < ouuty, W IImt, daughter of .Tooepb Oatwrll, ?T this city. Iuitut?Rako* ?In Brook lju. on Tumday, Juno X, by For. Henry Ward Beerher, ? Twaoo<ma Ixtrorr, of iMa city, lo Mmh i* 8. Hjlki k, of Rrooclya a.iiMUtox?4-AJiMrrr ? At A Joka'i Church, iMa JplanJ, on Tkniwlmy, Mnf U?, by tbo ilor. Dr. Koriaaifl*. Mr. Ahrahab K n.iFtaMW, of CJldon. & I., lo Mloo AM M Oxiif^n, Of Ucnern, V. V BA3??-SraKT ?In U.ii city, on Turwday, Jaoo t, bf the Rev. C. C. Kletriier, Mr. T. K. I!***>? V. Mloa Haa Si'kkiit, .lanjjhier of H. C. ^pcrrr, of thu city. IjuTfTurr?PArroaux.?<>o Mimdur, Jane 1, by tha A F. (."Olnpseil, JoKI J. lAATCKA/T to MiM Koto Ram n ?On Mic<l?y, June 1, at OriM KpU ftntmi. Ma*.. by the Ke? Mr Mamm, Mr copal fhnrfe, \ttnyn. of Waairow, Hi .*ian<l, to Mlaa ItVtf ? 6| Uu> lie JtDIM Balc.h, of thkKatu Iitjwas, ftti%? ??. Mo"? Mmnfclvn, on Monday, Jam VtancwaTiK? iiatmri.?4* -r \ of Now 1. by 0??? Rev. < barieo H'eJaey, U. -hi* of Htrphoa a York, tn Cu;oti?i A., ymofxi BkMJ. K?'| , of Hemprtnad, f tax [Wand. ?day imV** Ki< *a?- Ha?>ab/< ?la H?bufcea, m tw - York, !n?, M?rW. by the Ktrr. J p Hacwy, of Hk M* Jaw w Vas Koran to MJ? Mact I. Hma. ? of Bobokeu. * Klna?t?o (Vow York) pai??m pleaae ropy. DM. ?Ol Monday, Juao 1, of tnQtnMUM M A mm af<?i 23 Ji-ar* and I mooltu Tb* friend* of tbo Tamil/ are reaperXAiUy tmUM |a g tend her Inner*], tblo morniBf, al tea o'clock prwMr frr?? tbo nwdew* of hor broUierln law, Oar id U?|) NV M Cbarltoa otreet. ' ?Ua Moaday oveniag, Jan* 1. CAMuaa, total "aujrhtor of -abmh A aad ll arietta Heekmaa an< 1 yrar, 4 m^ntba a?d 16 dar? ' Tbo rrlaurcR and rtioada of tbo raatlly an rupn if^ity ? iB* HHnnm, u ioar - 'clock, frovi No 2 Kotul w'thon! fWthar ibtIIb IM*. At Hobukea on Tuamlay, Juaa 3, tot* l!?oWMjr?, im tha 61. I frmr of bM ag*. Kioeral at f<wr o clock thin afirroooa, $t Mm. 7S Wa.-b.DKUm IrM. lW>hok<<n. K .1 Th? me*b?re of rakattne an 1 .Toton Wllk* I/vigor, A. T. M , and ?i-? iOTlUvl to attend, Cnorw?At ttonalve? on Krntar, May 14, < r?-Y?r, Ami* O ?.?nut, of Knfktaadi MttM, l|M Jima?At (ronaitu, o? SanfV. W y?Oaw IHror, TUmm I'am*, r?ajnan. "f Bu-U'n, ifod * J"*"ITWX*.?On lW?y * of dr"^ ok**? K Tt?f" iL'iv'V'aS' ?* f?nU!jr ara InrtloJ to im. <?? Uie r#i<ifoc* t?f bif *** # ^ ^ ^ | ^r^tiaf narcla/ WreM, Hi* riljr, no Monday, Maf *7 K<mr.r ? a naiira of -<uii. i rUnd, kngiaixL, nrod 32 rmfy *"* ? jjo*;n? ?<* M<*?Liy. Ju?o I. C*T*iB*? ?8?L of Patrtok anJ Aon Mc<;,iire, nci-d t rfr? u4 * Ihc f>!?d* ami arquaintahr. < of th* family art larltot In attend the fUn- ral, thta alVrtiooe, ml two o'clock, frot* !b? rartdenon <* her jwr?eia, N?. 41* Kaa? r?olh Mro* muth.?At Rira'^Ui. N. J., ??o Iln.raday, May 8?, MM Ui t Smith, in har fM year Tokaii* ?<?? Tu*a<lay. J-iaa 1, Mr*. Hmn Towauw. ir<"I fc" )"? ' 1 iooo?l> .1 t t? lay* The r^lailTc: ?nd fHaeda rtt tv< family ar? raayctfn'ly iritcd Ui ait?nd her Amoral, fh>m Ui? r?*id?no* at Mr *>n la law, \'l Vmirth ?tn-H. at half paat ntM o'olock IW oreoooo (toxica (Oran** oiinty) paper* p'caa* nut? rhon art gone lo tbo grara- -but tw?r* wrong to d'Hor* Um*, When <Jod ?a? thy ranaoaa, thy guardbtn, thf ipitda J U ra> Mm*, aad took ib?o, and aon? wtii r?aUr? than, Whrr* daalh hath no aUBg.atac* UM Sartor Ml ?MA>