Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1857 Page 6
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I UOTttfBZMJra IniWKi ITU! DAI. aHUWMW tr 4IITHP-KM1 tw. T~mwArmi mAHVWD-m A Hturnrrrxwit A mm ii hi M ' r??l I lid M aaalat lo wiifc?| taqoire at 16 Carrol ? , movrmmm, or mawt t?am rarit*i?woi to moc c' the *r?t elm hotels Id 11m o*t. balox <flaea, m mihinii proprietor raqnlrlng Um Mrvtomnf wind tor the ally, will pleaae eall at ttaakaloak'a Bear ?4th at and M ar.. where aha aaa be aeen aaill mm**-. k a IJtTKLJ I0RJTT 8THDT OIKL W . NTH A SITU A A Ifen a* -bambarsaM and waiter or m do ah MP mi ad *aa w*?hint[ and I ronton Aop'y at bar pnaenl plaoe, tt W+ri Mth al, ???? -fce hu llred t?<i re&ra. a EO-'PRCT ? BI.N TOCltO WVRRTKO WOMAN t% waita a attuatinn aa wat nnraa. Kffe wnald hare no obMJaa 10 p to ik eoaatry. 0*11 at 13 latlty plaee, aeeond Mr for two daya A a BORBST AND INTBl.LIOKNT TOO WO (7IRL wookl like to make an arnfcn^ntnmt artth a fa ally going to Barr pe to watt upon them for brr paa<ui?e She baa hrod to bw present place f?r 5 ar 6 y?tn?. and win etre the beat of wftumwa Addreaa If. 1... or call atMWi A A BIBRI.T TRUST WORTHY ANO MCHPBOT AB1.R A y an* 'ady, who baa bad la Rnxtoai Ibnr yeara expe M to the dry imoda and embroidery boaliMaa, and haa been faced to tbe aame while m thu eonntr-, la deatroaa of ob MNkf a either hi *lty or ooonlry. Fleaae addreaa T at ltl Fnlkw nt., Brookfyn. * lOl'NG LADY. AUK1? HEVIfNTKBIf, UlfBXl?iet?TKnA. ly ibmwn upon h?r own it'Obixm, la deatroia of a aimMM to a respectable family, wiere she nu; benmlf aaarptaMe and twfnl, eltb?r M A fnmiiao'on or m ao oldv h?r among children. Addrrae W B. D., box 1,300 Port A8ITT7ATI01* WAirnn>-BT A TOUItO WOMAN, AH ehamber ?aid nH to aarial with tbo waahlnf or wafting. Cba be i?n at v ?r pre??nt iVnation Onnd referenoea. CAa a mi from 9 'i 11 for two oay?, a*. 10 WaaMngton p'.aoe. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RB4PBOTtBLB GIRL; A tan (rood pta'n coo*, waaher and troofr. Ho objeettoaa to a Aim dia an<-? In the country Gond city reference. Pieuae aril at >9' nleeeker ? for two daya A MTUaTIOH wantbd? rt a yocno woman, A8 A e) lid'a norre or seanatreaa; no ob;e?tma to do light vaaaberwork. Meet of enr referenoea. No objection to the try ?kMf nail at M Went ISth ?t, between 6th and 9th a , ???win floor hark room, for two daya ABBflrR PKB80N, AOKO 2ft, WHHHH TO tod rmploymrni aa dree* eaker or to do plain nmdhv wart; ao ohj?-ott<in to go oat by the day or week. Addieaa D. K.. M Toaiphlna place. A SITUATION WaNTIII?BY A MI DIM.It AOBU WO A aaan ?? ook, waaber and Ironer; one that nndertttada phk|. Good el'y reference. Pleaae call at 48 Prtnoc at, aa* rvoaa, o?f r the core. 4'an be *e??n for two daya. AB*HKK?T?H B PROTK8TAHT 01* L WANTJ A attnaitnn lo lake care of ohl droa and do plain ??w1n*. or BbreMertBR, would aaelat in thamberwork, I' re<|'ilred. Has ai aMy relerenee from her taut dIum. Annl* ?l mi Ak ? A SITUATION WAMTKD-RT A RKH 'WTABU? y?nm? woman, lately a-rlprd from Ireland, aeanh'.rn*; mm a?i and fl; Noire' dreaaea, do embroidery, Ac. Apply at M Mb at , IP lh? rw. A BKuPMTA HLB INTRI.LMKNT YOUNG WOMAN. J\. mvnnrra-4 <o travelto* ar1 ihr ear** of cbiMren from feafr kfaney, wtrbeaa rttoatloo eliher a* lady it maid or ehtltia'i, wlib a family f ln? m> Europe or to travel; (in do a'l IMi of -hlri making. and can rat ?nd nt rhlMrnn'a Bmeara, ?i;m not an mwh aa nhjert an a good family to lire wMb Call a the faney klore OS (Ermine at, two door* trom Badfcrii, for tbia waeh. BITU ?T10< W ANTRI>?BT A TOUIfO WO*AN, AH abamt>?imaid and to do One waabtng and Ironing. Beat ItHrj reference Inquire at Ho. 81 Alltt at, ap atalrs. Can ka mii for two daya. BjTTJ A1 ION WaHTKI)?HV AN RXt'KKIKNOKD < oang Ovian, in a private family, Aa obam wrrnaid ao<i wattar. <r u> aealm In tbe laundry; andfrntandK the rare of ?hlWmi ami line wnebing and Irnnmff. Can be bUtbiy rroom Matkii with cny?r-frrrnae. where ahe baa I red for upwards of ? r*r y>a a. Cail fir two daya at l?l Baal 2*1 at, near M MMii-. A bITUATION WANTBD-BY A RBHPROTA BLB WOJk. bud. an rhambermaid and waiter or to Uke rare of ohi:Aw. Ho otijfi-tton u> (u a abort dlatauea In Ibe rounlrv. M attv reltrcnre baa lived ten yean and four m<mtba In ha* aat plaee Call at JU3 7tb av., near Mtb at., third story, hmlrrna _____ 4 HlxHI.V RKSrB<!T A BLB YOUNG WOMAN WINHKH asliuaitunaa chambermaid and iaundmae or ebamberiho waller, or wwer, U of obliging habita. Oood oity Saraaee. 1W ? W 1" 0?? ?Hw from UU> IL, la U* i 1 K ?"?* !. ? B^rKiTAHI.K TOL'NCJ WOMAN WANTS A HITffA; J J jh. a ii in uo *1111 rai ?m?c?nri in a amnii private ikmtly to a rand annk. waabrr and miner. Beet city reference *i??ir ' Ftaaae aall at *2M Weat 17 h al, between 0th aad 9ih an, third ' bar. tonm room. A SITUATION WANTKO-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS J ahaBbermaki la a pnriw family, will make hertmlr ga- , ully ? rnl. Wacea do object, but a ouulortabln burnt* " goad reference. Appiy at 110 liudaon at. ATUlKU WOMAN WIHHKH A SITUATION AS CHAM- 1 beraald and to do tewing or wai:ln( la a private family; J aad ?tli rrlereure. Can be Men f?ir two day* at UW 7tb are. A BUrKCTABLB M1DDLB A OKI) WOMAN WISHES I A aaimaium aa Aral rate oook, abe_l? aa excellent baker M > d? ratanda all klada of paauy. Haa the beatorraoom MalaHnnn from the beat nl private famlllea la New York. IMln op town. No objaauua v? go hi the oouniry with a mJI Ikmllj for the lumfflar Can M aeaa Mil lulled at 214 | t at., between iat and 7d area. , A MRKnCCTABLK U1KL WANTS A SITUATION AS A aba ill ie.rmaid and uUIn www, nr at general houaewnrk, i to tfw aouniry. tfaat o( eity reference. Can be area at 310 ( ???- i ABAPPRtTABl K UIML WANTS k SITUATION AS ' general houaewo ker la a ?ill family. Oood oitjr rate. NHB. Oaa he se?n at a/7 mth > V. I SITUATION WANTBl>-BY A BKHrK WO- ! Ban. aa nook, wa. ber an I tenner Oaa be aaaa tor two , aya at 372 Id aveaue, between 23d *nd Mth ata AM IHTKLLMRNT OIkL WANT* A SITUATION TO | A da plain r??>king. to a K<?d baker and vary good laua teaaa. ao objection to houaework In a all family, highly re aammeoArd. and ueat an<l clean. fall at 9U3 Sth avenue, near A SIT". aTlON WaMTRO?BY A M tSPMCTABLM A. yaaag wuau. aa iihemiin aielil aad corae. haa no ob jMtoat te go a eburt dtotaaae la the aaaatry; haa the beat of Mfcreaee Apply at the eoraar of Columbia aad PaoAo aw , 4 UM?MOOOK AND INGUSH CHAM 9MMM AID A. aad waller wtah aiiaaUnaa together la a small prlrat* iMfe; both aad?ra aad their baatoaaa perlaeily. hare tha haat ?hy raferencea. hare no ohjocltna to go tha ooonj-y for tewaaa H'ieaaa aall at 74 Chryaile at, aaar Heater, aaooad ACTUATION WAMTRD BY A TC UNO WOMAN, AS *aaifcenaai<l and to aaatot la tha waahlag and Ironing, ?ada plala sewing, or to do hooaawork la a imall family, rtea yean refereaee fr-m ber toat place riaaae aall at SUt 4th A. totwits aventiea a and R BTTXJ*T!OR WARTRD-BT A QF.RIIAB WOMAl*. aa i rinun and frmch ooofc. 0<jod rofrraocaa. lniuira MWIItetHik at A RRRYART tJIRL, ABOUT RRTURRIRU TO IBB jCL Iawl la anitima lo (o out aa<1w lk? prnwwilno of a la ant? paini to k nr"pa. hka wiu maka kartell na#f tl oa Um apaaaf* Tor tk* pr nirgf, wttkotjt ohaj-fa for kar aar rtoni. Z<*> koi 1 M7 K?? T JTft oai o?m ABTTTATlOfr WAirmn BT A RIWPBtTAHl.hl.ilBI.. la do tka ganaral konaawort of a amah faaiilj nr aa aktabfmui'i ud waiw. an objrruoo m go a tkort dla IBM id tka ouoniry. Brat of ettr rrtrrnrm from bar laat jkaaa. Caa beam at ? Ha?*au at., Bou>k araoklju, tor one 4 BKKPBt'TABI.B MARRIRO WOllAB WABT4 A A. bub? ta we? nitrae a krmaa, 1M lul .7b at Sm hat raa^acaabta par#*la aaad apply. Caa be aaao for twa 4\j* AOOarVTBKT TOC*'? wohar wabtm a mtca_Jtaa aa food ptaia nook mad flrat ra'a wax her aod kroner; *mM bare an nhjaahna lo do the wort of a amall pHrata Mb Would r>b> Rronk fa o> the aonatrr i:?n ?'>? >k? jpMjfcr rafinan. Oka ha aaaa aalll aaotad at 76 ITaat Atl AMRRICAR LAPT Of BBTKr \Bn.ITT WD.IIRH 1 ?a ai?wt with a frentlemaa Ikat woii'd b<- wilUai to ad aaaaa bar tino. fnr whuhrhe woo Id aroept fc? px il m v> BiaaIkiil r Addraaa, Bw three da)*, FaKkfnl, hoi BD I'moa BMN r<*< n?aa. Kafarener giraa. b Torwo womab wart* a BlTnATioB jb a obi* wwl fatall/ that ara tearing the d>j far he ?m raster, aa mmtrmmor akamHeraiald and to do Ha* waaktag. oaa who gar?gkly noderatand* kar bnalaaaa. wttk ftwvi nttj rrferrajea. rwrnamm mmu ai mi jo ?Tr?ur, niiara wi ami Aim nut. Ahmiii.t saoommrDlo. *rat, wiluro aim,, ! ?rteb*a * tftna'lon m pond nook and bak*r ud ataial to i WMk and In*. or akam'ieraald and Unndmaa, b ui in* bnat of ; 1*111 *. won Id go lo Ik* nmairj, Is aaitona to rMn UkU m m Warartay pfcea. WPBTTAnLR YOCR9 WOMAR wawti A arro alina to *>ok. waak ud lrn? for prlva e family or vaftld do lb* k.n.a?w.rk nf a avail NMMkll famil* TW> kM ?f rl\, rr'.-r**rr Pl*aa* rail ailu Waal 1M at., Mar Ml ar*?nr u>p, for i?p <Uj?. a riwprrtart.r tocro or*l wtrhrs a btttjJJL Mtoa takarlaw family, aa a?a?etr*aa, noobioatl? lo , P? ?7'* "?? w?w? ? <lay (lood rlty rtfaronr* Iroa k*r P* *"** lwo lU W?t iiat at., be 9m?mm T'k and atk >'i?m A _mnt wti? h4" fXLLUD thr rituatiow Jkjt fww?lt. aad thorongfclj nndaraUfttfe knr h.dn.? Sail tfca hranrit** ol tb* Ultn.-ry < la d*?trmia of ** '.*?** ?Jaaa aMal>Habai*ni. bo o?ij*?ttaa Kik' bnaalf naafal In IX* ihow rnnm. wagaa m ao aft an ohj**t M k ?ood ol ttt, nfitMM. fka k* a**k (lor ikro* d?M ?' U Uraad at ARKXPRcTARIJI WOHAIf WART* A ?TTTJATTO>l a* *iprrt*nfwd aonk. kaa no oblnrtinn u, aada- In tta VMhtac knd Irnnlef (fea k* awn t<w two dam at ?7 WaM MUi?t n*tw**n Mb and ?k >w Rat of f*r*B*a A BVRtftOTABI.R (ITBI. WAWTR A RITVATlnR At /I rfcaafrrmald and In aaaM In tb* Bna waahi.a an". iron 1 h( ar waiting (Vr ha, a*?n at <7 W*?t IAUi at, h*?w**n vh aau) Mb ara.. frr two day* Itoat ?f ot?r rafferamaa Wo ok )at>? to gn a abort dtatanf* lit tba omwf/. ARrrtjATiow WAirtm bt a if amrwar otrt^ aa nkaar>?nnatd and wa?**r, nr ?n takn mm of ?btl tr?n ad do a lata ?*wlng. Oaa fnrntah fw?1 r*eoa?Ta*a'1aUona Baa ?. okjiaM in to$o to tb* oonntry. Oan be aa*n ttr ttirra Aafa, If iat *m?acad, at ? If aMoncal at, la the baawtwil a ritcatioh WllfTBD- WT a RRRP*tTTABI.R A trf rt.h Pr inetaa* jonag am?aa aa aaam?tr??a, no oV t?aMnm to taka rkarf* of one (Juld or wait na a lad/ Oaa b* a**" *> Mra. Baldwia'a, M Ctfe a?ra>t?. b*tw**n Vd and Mtfe A mtTAflOR waktkd rt a PROTRflT art A I rl to do |[*n*r*l h" ia?work In k r*ap<v~(ali> ramllri r** rf r<*7 r*f?raooa. (Ml at II lltMlfllt) at JUiird Boor, r*w RP?PFITABI,R oiri, WIHIIKR A RITUATIOIf AR n-"*> ai>?t a?am? r#?. .? rto lt?ht rh*mbnrw k ?? r' ' aad lit khtMran'i dmana aad do all kind Kg'.SBttriffl'1" A A TOUWO WOMAW, TO ""''VT*1* ?" waaklwand Imnln*, or wallhtf; ewlllme In make h*r**if na*fnlla wnat**ar la r*qn?r*d In a tartly >*n prndn**?r**1i*n? *tty r*far*n** tpr'r ai ik? Jj"*'1"" K"*' Wtk at^k*tw**a lAttnrvn and Jd kreonaa. fro? , o otokk A * Hi, J a ttoi* P. ?. I nrtTion WAm?.fliM4LU. . * TIT AT i o* A BBTMUTABLB 5 mil worn I, mm duiWatM and waltnr l? a mmII tail; ar wanld lake eare af ehUdrea Hw aa jaa*> in m to *k? eoaatry tor *e >nw? l)u *e k?r ?f abf rafn wil her laa' ?krrt aba Ind twa raara flMW Ww>?> at . aaarlha* k SITUATION A* fTPIOVJ -WuUU) Till A cban r nf one fn?n Ha birth, heat af reft-renee aa to a? CblM r Gall at UT SaalJfUt at, between M aitd 3d aeenata, irtb Boor, (hut moaa V SITUATION W ANTtll)?UT A YOUN9 Q11L, U ' laandrra* and to ?-?t*t hi an,) irormg or a? waiter and to do flu* wn?hhiK Ileal of eky rrf-rnwe Oal) at 444 4th at, near M arcana, in the rear, awwd flour, fr? t raona \ SITUATION WANf*D-8Y A YjUNO WvU 1*. A8 plain oook. wulur and lron?ri *000*17 preferred. iJood etty wwmwi. Plraae eal1 at b8 Wy.koff at., Brooklyn, for onr day. ilea, a attuaUon wanted for a yen* iromao. ? hkaibernakl and waiter. Good <rtt? r*f?re?oe?. Call at SB Whitehall at, Brook.)}a. CHDlry preferred. Oao be **ea for two day* ATOWKO WOMAN WANTS A SITU ATTON AS OO )K\ la a flrat rata waaher and troner Ilaa no objeodot tt go a abort diatanoe in the country. tktod re erenee 60m iwr teat plaeo. Call at 2K> KlUaueik at, In the fancy ntwre, for^wo A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKKTIUTABMB tO mui, aa a A rut rale enok; would awtut In the waabiog and ironlDff or would do unnktllf wuhlnv uul Imninff L11 * Minull private family IIM gooocttv refejtnc*. Oao be Men for '"O days at 188 w?at litth 7 th ?<?d 8th ???. ARTFPBCTABLK PR >TK?TaNT OIBL DBHIBB3 A aituattoo to v<nk, wash Iron, or to do tv chamber wrrk and watting In pome private family. 11m the heat of refertnoe and no objection to go a short distance in the sonntry. Please call at 275 Howery. k french woman wants * situation to takb A. caj-e of ahUdran and as chambermaid, "tias the be <1 refrenee frwu her leat pla"e. Apply At St 6th avenue, ap "lairs. A young wok a n wants a situation ar laundreaa. Can cme well recommended. Pleaae call at N? | BHUte at., second floor, frnnt r*om. A COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AB niirae sod fteamstree*, underhand* ciil'liu? aud Suing children's dreeaes; will nuke hereelf general y useful. no objection to Ihe country. Uoed r* ferenoea. Apply at 110 East >9th at, between Id and Sd avenues A SITUATION WANTBD?BY A UBSPBOTAHLB young girl, aa plain cook, washer and Ironer or to do general hntiaework, in a (mill private fkoiily dan the beat of clly teferrnor; no obJ> ciion to go a ahort distance in Ihe country Pb ase call lor two day* at 181 avenue A, between 12th and 18th at. A situation wantbd-by a respect ab r wo -an, as rot k; nodcm'andu all klnda of baking, pastries and Je'liea, la willing to axaiat in washing and irouiug; beat ef at<y rvfrrenoe. Call at SB West 19th sl. 1?r two daya. ARB8PECTA0I.B BNOL18H WOMAN WOULO LI KB a situation aa lady's maid or nurse with a tami'y tolog to England; la accustomed to the sea. Inquire at Lafayotte place. APROfBSTANT tilBL WANTS A SITUATION AS plain eook, wa?h*r and Loner, can make good bread and biscuit. Apply at 92 Lexington avenue, f r two d%i a. A S LADY'S MAID. SBAMRTBBSS OB NURSE; CAN A dress hair, cut and fit ladlea' and children'* <lresse-, d > up muUna and fiuusg tjlook like new, would like to engage with a family going to kurope, baa travelled Uie>-e; apuaka Frerchrnd la not seasict. The beat of eiiy refrirenoe f >r either of the above capacities Aildreea fira low days at tkl 17th wL, coiner Cth a v., third 11 or A YOU* O W^man WANTS a SITUATION AH WAITER, or to take care of children; would have no objection to asaiat with the washing anc ironing. Can eni? well recom mended from her las! plaoft. Pleaae oall at 4UJ 3d ave., between 30th and 31st sts , for two daya. Abbhpbctable youno woman w ikts a bituatkin to do K'uei nl hoaaework la a mall family. fla? good eity reference. Pleaar Mil At Na. 1*0 6th are., in the rear, for 'wo days. AYOUNU AMERICAN OIBL WI8UK8 A SITUATION a? rhauib*rm?l<l aari aeami tre ?, or child'* nurw tnd Hun'irni IIm good city refertnea. call at XdU Elizabeth 1 at , aeroad dwir from BW eeker. 1 A young iikl watsa situation, in a PBIVATB family, to do gen* ral boixrwo'k, or ai chambermaid, or In do pla.n aewlng, undrrst&nda ber bubineoa. i'loaae uail for I two days at 346 (Jreenwlah at, ramn 14. ' C1AUKOKNIA.-AN AMKRIOAN LADY. TWKNir. ) .eight years of afe, would like a situation aa boiaeke*per, wiUi a respectable fan.Uy going o Califureia. Ad'lmas l. B. 1 C., Broacwar Post ollloe, lor lhreo days -'-""i -h-m an >n ' krrlew nan b? bad. LIOOK'8 SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNG WO- 1 J maa. who understands her b >isiu*as perfeo> i y, eau lira . he boat of city rnfrrt nr.?s. a'id would h*?e bo ohleuUoe 'o go i slort distance In the country. Apply at ft Went ibth at. ' Jai be seen for two da} a \ nOVIBNKS8.-A YOUNG LAPY DB8IBB8 A 8ITUA- *' JT lion as forerreaa or u?cb?r of the Knj(li b hranebrs. baa , . thorough knowledge af matheoaUcs would not oijento go 1 a to the coun'ry. or islt dally In th? city. Would Uk? empljyarnt at home aa eopylst; r?fnr?inc?? give*. P kjTIPPLB AOBD WIDOW LAPY WOULD LI KB A " J? situation as bouaeknapt-r (for a oeehwitc preferred), or ' d lake ear* of a houae for the summer, or to aaalal with the loiiaework of a food family or to travel wv.h a lady, >aa no ' ibjrctwn to the eoun'ry Good referenoe. Inquire at 3V 2Mb J it, between let a*. and avenue A. * \n.'BRB ?SITUATION WANTED. BY A PHOT BUT A NT L* girl. aa nur?i- ami seans rraa, or ?u iM d'> shamberwork tod utrtai; la food of e*tldr*a; eau take the charge ?f a ba?y 'rva Ita birth, haa do objection to go In the oountry for be , lunarr. Ha* tVe beat of refereu t?. Plea?e call at U0 7t? . trrnue, second Boor. Can be a (en for two daya. SlUPIRIATBNOBKT OB H0U8BBBBPBB.-A TOUNG I and latrMWrat Jansricaa ladr wUhrs a sMua ioo to take arc* of a grntl?mrt '* household aflaira. No objection to g ? , W>uth or to < allfonr*. Addreaa Mr*. J. B , I'ntoa aqoara : ro.t offloe. References gi ran. SmJATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AB , oook. In a small family; ai> objection to aaalat with the , *M<blnf and Ironing. do objection to Utooonntrr; fond rrfe reaoe. Apply at IX Waal lltfa ?L, botwaan Mb mad ?U tit. SINUATION WAWTKD-BY A TOUNO QTRL, AH OOOK and U1 mind nhiMrvn. or Ml III Apply M 447 HA aL. 3d Bone, la tho ww SITUATION WAKT1D-BT A TOUNO WOMAN All fc?Imm ?im gnnl lafkniaao OaU MM laat M A SITUATION WANTBP?BY A TOUNO WOMAN. AH A good plula ooofc. and la a ftra* rata vwbrr and tr*?n?r good reft im?. Call at 147 WeatSifc aL, betwaea 7tk aad 8Ui are , tfclrd ?onr ba* mo?? SITUATION WANT1D-BT A TOUN'i WOMAN. AS Dim and aeaiaatreaa. la an errerlrn*ed M also, H a goad rtuunbennald r?f?i?w? flrao, bo obJaelAn to ihr oeonlry Apply at M Woat >71)1 it SITUATION* WANTBD-BT TWO TOUNO OIRIA IN a aoiall | rl?%t? f*mjv on* aa plain rook, w??har and Irnner: ihe "other aa eh??hermatd and waiter, Apply at 40 Wrat I ,H> h it . betwrrn ?i li and Mi ara. SITUATION W ANTED- All ('"AM Hit KM AID OR NUBflK A middle ?g*d Fr itealaat Birlee wobm irltbna a (<?>d plan*-, *h?r? nomt-body In the famllr 'Wman. Hty iefermee ran be (ivta. Apply at Mt Bnier at , Suuih lyu, la Ike rear SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RKRPECTAHLK TOUNO ?inu aa or* k, waaker aad InmT, kaa ike beat if city refererca. Oaa b<- im for two dayi at lu Hum at, Mouta Brooklyn, near Columbia. SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNO WON AN. AH rook wonM aaalat la tbe wa^htr* and Irrmln*. ao otyer Una to do boner n ork In a aniall family. grind mloreaoe. Apply al 212 In1 ?>tb al, balneaa Hih and 9th ara SITUATION WANTED?BY A RBIPKCTABIJ TOUNO oaan, to do ohamberwork aad watung, or aa chamber tald aad oorae. ao oh.'oltoa fi go a abort dta'ane* la the mnrtry: cod city n frrrnw Oaa be ana for two day* al S72 M m at., mar kalldlar. Brat Sonr SITUATION WANTKD--BT A RnPMOTABLI WOMAN, aa gon.1 onak waeker aad Ironer. or aa laiiailriai la a iron* bakrr an objection to fo a abort dla-aaec In tb? onmilrr, (nod Hbr refaraaoa. Oaa be aeea lor two day* al 272 Mou aL, roar bnlldlng SITUATION WaNTBD-BT A TOUNO OIBI.. TO DO ahamberwork aad aaltlnf or Is aaalat In tfce <raablr\g and tmatr *, or to take 'ara of children. ao objeeUrm to go la th? eo'in'ry, baa tM be? of Hiy rafercaoe fh her la* plana. Oall at 40 tth St., bawwi fch aad fth nauuaa. aaenad floor, froat room VJITUATION WANTED BT A TOUNO WOMAN. TO DO Q ehamberworft aad waiting, or rtiaaberwnrft aad vmMm aad irraing Oood rffamm Apply at UJ Houaloa at, be twam ? ill?t and ab?nff ata SriVATION WANTRI>-BT A TOUNO WOMAN, Al eoofc. wa>brr and tr mer or to do konaatrnrk la a aim*] family ttxK rafaranca Apply M lit Hadaon a* , Bronklya. SrrOATION WAHTIcn KT A YOUNft "' M, M> oli?i*walil ?d to ao tar aaahlnjr and i main* and plain a? winf, at otyacttoa to do (antral bouaaarort to a iiUii pr1?ato family. riaat of rtty rafaraow < ?a ba m an /I iba ooroar of l^ilacw ?t. and tad at, Inl l ?r ^ wii room. SITUATION WAICTRO-?T A TOPWO Wo|AR, An plait! moll, nndar.i?nda har baalaroa la a rood bakar. la Willi a( to aaalat la lb* waahlnr aad ln?m* (nod raft ra?nr. a>< '4ije?tkni to Nt* amialrj ft* Ik# aaanar Apply at 71 Waal ITtb at. SITUATlOK WAJ*TKI>-?T'A RMPHCTABLK WOMAN, aa a ft rat daaa mok. oBdrniaoda hakin* la all iV> braara aa, (t??l waabar aad l-?nar, BO nblaeUna to tlx- Bouatry. food raferaaaa Apply at 30t Waal Mi al . aaar W k ar?in* SITVATTOHB WtNTIIV-HT TWO YOUNG WONKY; noa aa trat rata for*. aadaraUada ?toa. maato and paa try of alt klnda; an ohj'Wtton to aaatat la waahta* an 4 iroataf; llta othar to do faot-ral bouaawark or ahar.1 bar wort taka narf of <hll<1ran aad aaaM In to* waaktn( an-l Imoln*. Haal of rlty rafaranaaa Tlaaaa rail at I0B Mam lltb at, to tAa r ?ar room. No. A SITUATION WANTF.D?BT A TOUN1 WOMAN A I'rotaattat, to do ehtabnrwork or plain aa?rni< a>> .?blaotlon to lb* country, la willing and obllctaf Apply at 1?; lSih at, batwaan lat aad V intna. ____ SITTTATIOK WABTND?AB CHAMHUR* ifO OR WAIT ar, by a raapariahla firl, wttk raonmaiand ulona (Wm bar Kraaanl pUi* Apply for two day* al III Waat I ah at. ba ' an 1Mb aid Ikb ara SITUATION WANYNO-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AH rook waabar and ir-.nwr to a arnaJl private family. Uood rafaT-anca. Apply at ?t Waat S*1 at K,T?ATI?" WARTBP BT A YOUNO WOMAN. A? M rba?b-rm*Ki and w altar or to do botiaaimr* In a amall faml v rafaraaaa Apply at *1 Waat IM at. SITUATION WABTVO BT A BUSr*~T A HI,* OIBU *" * rTrT T* *aahar and Irfm^r and ran bak? awry w> II. flood Wty rtfrfem. Oall at M* Tlfc aranna lor two fhlf* STTtTATIOB WA*T*I>-BT ? tOCB<? WON Alt, AH W*l ml: nadaratanda m*%-, paatry and bailnit, no objartloa to rlty w ronn ry, althar (n aann>mar liotaa or ahb prltalf ftunily. Oood rafarraa* Call at ? trankfort at. la tha !> Iipw, fcf two day. STTtTATtOJf WABIBD -BT A VOVBfl WOMAB. AB A oorl rook, wa.har and Irrma* la a ?r>od bakar. fiord rl'T raf^raoraa. Apply at JO Waat Ah al., batwaaa ath ant) ill a??inaa. SITIJATIOJI WABTtn BT A *B*r?fT?AB!.P: OtBI^ aa rba?t>bar?ald and wiMraaa nr to ?wlat to waaMat and lanatnf Haa no ohjaMtoa to fo ?nh a family to tka nonniry ft?r tba narn-r Haa ?ood M? rafW-??ra fSa ^ aana tor two tay> at IM la?t tli it, thin few, IfjM iva ntW YORK HERALl), TB ^ BlTl ATlOStt W AJrTOfiJ> ~WIIMLik.Lt &S. ^ rpwo RBtU'RlTABLK HOIK. JO?T AKKJVKI) KRilH 1 Kngbutd w\' h far ailnalliiii* In a iw hanl'i nfl ? ar or* aa alrrha AiMroaa a. B ? Mmni Kl-b*rl?on * Hayitr, K1 (abMhan Ate l.arah rnaa, I'M fj?r at, o?ar Wall ?L _ WANTED?A B TUATION BT A NBAT TIDT UIRL. 10 a*?lat to doing Uh up Ha r* work and late catb of a Child W )?ild prrfrr la r.n<ag<* lrlih a l-tdj g>4ne into Ihc oaontrjr for Ik* lumutr. Cau V? a-eu at bar laat y>l*a* No 64 Writ l*b *L WAKTKD-A8ITCATION, MY A rUUTMT \NT VOUNQ ??w, aa nbambaruiaid or to laka nam of ahildrvn; la ? rood |>Mi> ??? ?r; ha* uoobjMdkm" o g In lb ?>uu'r';haa ?11?t dtT r*f?rrro-i. Plraao mil at No 14) 7th a* 3d Boor, ?> < k rrrm, w?r 20th I WAf1fcI>?BT A ml- DUI AOKD AtfRfcirUN ua.iT. a iUoalloa a* hoqaakaoprr: baa no objec loo to go a abort d<?t*Dc? In <b? oountrr In^ulri Is Larimer ?t, on* door north o* Pnwfr. WUHamabnrg. WANT* rt-A SITUATION, B A YOONO WOMAN. TO dn M*hi ehamltrrwork and to taka Bare * ahlVlrra; no ob> et'mi tii aiwial lu thn washing ami iru- lug. ("all <ir addraaa at 4# T/rte at *xmnd fln ir, front nmm, fo twndava WJ NTRI?-A RITUATII N, BT A BB3PKOTABLC young womai aa w?l butm. no ohjao'Joo to ?o In 'bo aanntry. or Aouth would br. prafarotd. (fond rafaraooa jt>an. Andrea* H It , Herald ofDoe W^NTltn-BY A HInni.T KMI'K 'T \HLiC YOCW0 woman, a nl'uatloo aa uunt* or uar*4 had the best of elty refer*DO?. Apply nnttl o U?d 'or ?t '* 1 *th it. WANTED?BY A youwu rauriffir?.MT wu*AN, * Huailou aa chambe-raai I or nuro; I* capable, f-Ut ?ful and willing, no ohj-euaa to go aabort ''tatano* >n lb? country; good ely referenoe Apply for two days at bar present employ* r'a, 49 Blocker it WANTFD?BY TWO REPPEOT V.PLK QIRLB, atTUktiona; one aa chambermaid and w titer an the other a* rur'e and aeamatrcaa Bern "f citv r-fer?noe Cm -e seen un'll ngagnd Oall at or addroaa 12ft 'Jreen ?tch wane WANTKD-A SITDAT UN, BY 4 REBPEGTABLB 1IHL. o do general bouA-work, le a good cO"k waaher and; good el y reference given ('all at 198 &(h at., third flror. WaNTRJ'?A 81TU ?TI? >N AS WET VUOttR, III i mpeetabe young woman, with a fr*ah brea?t of ml'k Plr aae f*n for t*o day* at S7 18th at, between 5tk and 3th av>*> nura, lu tbe rear. HTAH^Ifid WaNTED?BY A RB8P?> T A BLE WOM N, " for Mtnllrmen and ladle*, ba- i o obje Hlou to f?mi'y warblnc, and can oo the beat of Pre?<ih flat tig fb< be<it of refrr'noe kivea. Please call at 307 Weat*#th at., thud Boor, front room WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RB?P*OTABbE wo ran, aa Oral rate nook, who uod-rat?nd? all kind* Af l?lliea and tweelmeata. The best n ty reference nan be gl en rleaae call at No Jay at, llr.v.kljn, for two d\y* WET NOHSE ? a rfpbct a BLE foun) ? *krtwd w man wan la a babv to none at bar own renidnooe having loot her o?i, abe U heal'by and young, and c?' give tbe b? at <>f r. fer?-nce. Plea?e apply at 237 Adam* at. Brooklyn. for lbr?e daya. WaNTED?A SITUATION, BY A IXIWPUTKNT aWl) ouui. aa e >ok; ahe thorou*hlf nndera'uda her business, flood relerencea. a pply at 181 Weal 81a; at, bet treen 7lb and 8th >va.. for two daya Wanted-by a protectant oiru a bituvTIOn uk chvmbermaid and wa ter, or to do Ihe work of a ftnall private family No objection to go a abort dtn> anoe n the country. Beat city referen e < all at99 Weat 24th at , be twetn 6'h ?nd 7<h ava , for two day*. WANTED?PITUaTIiiNS, BY TWu VKRY RICSPRTkble girt*; one to do ehambe'-wnrk and aaslt In waabinf am'Ironing, ihe other to do ehumberwork and tak-? oar*- oc eb ldier; nave the beat of olty >*f-r?ooe frof ibelr la?i ulaca. fleaae call for two daya at 133 Clinton place, Ktb at, aeoond oor, hark room. Wantid-a situation, by a steady youkq rlrl aa cbambensala or waiter In a flrat clai* bo'tae; cnn pr.-dooe Brooklyn or Nf? York city referenoea'or tie 1*4 ? v#* \ car* tl*n be mien hi KJ 4th aTemiH, for ihn e daya WAN1RP?HY A RESPKCTAHI.K ?0U*0 W )*AN, A ItuHilor uxntiulrnii, undrraianda all kind* of family pewlrg, can cut and fl' children clolkea and Udiea' morning C?n be en for one werk at <&96th av?nne WaNTK1>-A SITUATION, BY A RkSPKCTABJt young woman a? good cook waaher and Ironer In a rrlrate family. Feat of city relerenoea. Can be aoan tor t#o lava at Hit Kant Broadway. VkT ANTKI)?BT A h ESP ROTABLE PRi-TRSTaNT iIRL, TT a eliaailon aa nurte. can take theentWchir*- . f a hK>>y uid nn-aery. ard la a rer? od aram*tr*aa B?at cit / r ife?tc? for rapablht) and character. (Ui at lM Weal *lh at, lear 7 b ??cona, Brat II <or. [ITk NTkD?A SITUATION. BT A Rk^PaOTAHl.K "t fir' to do bouarwork or walling In a a mall Qua ly. Can e *e>n for two day* at 21H Kaat 13 b at ANTED?BT A RCBPJtTTABI.R COCK, A SITUATION FT In a private fumll> . can o<me well re'oram>-nd?d; can fr?e i p all klnCa of dinner*. fan be areii a' 9i W?at 1 o-n at [17 ANTRD?A SITUATION, BT A RF.-PBCf ABuK PRO FY teaUnt woman, aaro<-k, waabnran I Ironer In a email 'tnl'T Pefrretue can bt given If required. Him oaU for pro clay* at J8 Sand* at, Itraoklrn iXJ ANTED?A 81TV. ATION. BT A BRSPROTABL.B TT young wiibid.uoiinbrruld anil I'liodrMi, or aa 1 bamberaiald ami pla'n aewer. Dan ba imii Tor two dan "at I he ri-?Meno<) or ber prratml employ?r, IU0 Carroll ?l, rtoulh liooklyn. I WAH1KD?A RITOATION, BT A H E4PKCTA BLR young wwnaa. aa chambermaid and waiter or nhamher na'd and aeamatreaa or to aaaiat In waebitu: and ironl \g; best if r'ly reference. Tan be n>-en for two daya at U6 rimitk at, Umoklyn, betwi-en Kergen ?nd Wyckoff at* WANIKi -Bf A TOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS chambermaid and aeamatreaa, or nurae and ienmaireet; a well tuort leuerd, and willing In go In the wnn'ry for the maimer, doo I city refnrenor gl?en P.eaee apply at 80 Raat Cili c. , ber p ret-iil eauloyer'a. for I wo dajra. WANTKO -MY AN RNHI.IBH I. A U N 1> R E8R WART! lag, Ironing, French fluilag and doing up aeirta; new iouara. oOlitea, As , elraaal By Mra. Loom, 101 HI at., Mwen M and M avenue* back baaement. Wartet>-BT a rjotoh womof. a Ith a f. eah braa?l of milk, a all jatlna aa Wat a urea. Apply at 37* Madlerwi at WANTED- BT A REHPROTABLE GIRL A SITUATION TT lo do the general kouaa work of a mall famll*, would ba willing U> go In the klicfcaa, la a good awbar and inner M?at of rtiy rcfareaar given. Uaa ba aaaa for two daja at m Waal ?U ai WANTED- BT A TOUNO OIKL, A RITTTATION TO do general houae* ork or afcamberwork and to aa*at wl b the waafeiag and Imal-if. Pleaae nali at (I Pearl at., oor a* r of Tork, Hnmklya Uoml p-ference WANTKD?BT A RKKPRCTABI.R OIRl, A RITUAinhi aa plain oork and good waaker a-d knai. Bent of city rrlen n e Call at M 9th ?t, between tth aad 10th art., flrat Boor, back mo*, for two day* If aol engaged WANTED?A RITI7ATION AS OOOI, warmer IND tinner, no objefiioa i/i go In the eounlry. (Mod etty reference. Can be a?ea at Rib Kaat 17th at. for two day* U aot eng-iged. WANTED-A SITUATION BT A TOUNO O'RI* AO ED It, to aaalal In houaewnr* and In make heraelf aaefnl in R BfirR f> fumllv. Khr h tM Wf>r*A H(t nfnn-nr# l^nhsimn Utr inn dara at Ho. til Waat'lmb it , If aot 'nrm|r<<d WARTKIV-BT A TOIIMU WIOOW a fctinattnn aa mirar a/v! or to do llaht rhamhrraork and a** Int Th? brat of ritjr r?frr?n~? rit. n If rrqmrad PIMM eaU at 1U Ooart ?L, Itrunklrn, mi iuiv on Dwn ? WARIRP-NY A KKHHWTAHl.l WOM\K. A HtTU A Onn In do fanara I honaawork or In do th- fjhamharwnrk ?f mat* r<-?prrr?Me family Ho objaetloa* to Ik* eoaatrf. K??t of rlij r*Ur*tx-r fr. m h?r lui plaea 1'laaaa sail at No. 4* Karat at, la iba rrw, for two day* fltahtrp - A situation, bt a Mm?** abie H yotint wririit, aa Brat ran ebamhanaal 1 aad lannliaaa nr M m r? ariln* v. m*k> bar??lf r-n-rall r aa-ful and im Ui iba nonnlrf or trarH. Ilaa tw trrj bl?b??i Hiv rrtnrrm ira. I ail ba Ufa at IM Wararlaj plaor. oiraar of Baak aL Waotrp-a ritcatiom. bt a yoimo mam. to auk In a >u*. or ?*? la a (nod writer Mo objar'iMa u. laava tba eltj Uao gKe |.?d rajarauoa. AddrOM M. 11*11, HeraM ogaa. W^Hartip- a mrnatiom ab wattcr. bt a btrapt au>(lc man tbat parfaaUr nndarataada ala boalaaaa and cm flaa tba beat of afcj rafaraaan. AMrmm W. R.. MO Broadway. Whamtrp-a htutttor, bt a tocmo wom a m. to ounfe, vaab aad Irua la a r-od prtrata faaatlr aba la a gir*l n?ok and a flrat rata lanixlraaa. an<1 a good braad and paetrr bakar would do iba abaabtrwork aaa waiua*. aad a?>?i with iha Waablnf and ironlnf wl.l b? found wiliaraad o' M*<n* Tba haai of city r*far?aoa fliaa. Oail al XM waat }&ib at . uaar M arm", toy floor WH|AMTtr>-BT A Rtcrmum,! TOUM'I (IIRU A lina>n aa rh.jn>>ara>a.d uid aaJirfM, and la wlilluc lu a?? la tba kurban work, baa the i.aat of iltj rrfrrrnm. or e?r. aaa iha family. can be *aan at IDS 16tb aL, betwaaa lat and m n'awi awnnrt WAMTH?a biu'atiom. rt a MOMT RXl'MtJJkMT ft.Hf.iiMil man. waab aa<l ln?a, ta a Ibo r ?b m* ai and pa? 'v ???k riparl^naod waaber and Ironor tinatw<T*y and fbi Mat 10 bar amplnyar. aad ralaaa a |o >d l"a? Fvratabaa flrat rata fa'iat ^tala. Ota ba aaan at lUi Tib artaaa. batwaan Bd aad tub ata. la lha Mnra. WabTKlV BT A RMART TTDT ?IIRU A RITITATIOM ! ''I., p.-naral hon??<r<>rk. to a *'.nd waabar aad tmaar and plaia rnofc. ?'a? ba aaan f<* two da fa at JM 7ik aaaaoa. btlaaan SI and SSd ata. W^HANTRD-A BTTUATIOM, RT A RMRrRfTT ABLB yo"n(r woman la do bouaawmk la a amatl family la rood plain toi?. waabar and lroa<v 0aa baaaaaailU faa WaV 11,_-I WAWTKD-BT TWO OlftlJI or TIDT HABITS, MTU .ton* m >ba rtty or firm by tor tka oa>'aa atiraa and rbamt-armaid. >um tar tfca ktb;, la qniafe U ifeaaiharwnra; wa*<<a f* In $f ; tha o?h?r M laondraaa and <(if? na Hnna ud mntlin la l)^*, TS? ooan rj ?r?f?rr?d 0*11 at 114 Naat IM at OH7 wwwn |ir*HTWn RTT1 *Tlt<wn. BT TWO II ESP WOT A B1.R V T atria. In a prlrata family iM aaronk. ?aaki? and Imaar, ha 01 hi r w rtiMDlM-rMkl and waltraaa. If raqnlrad. bmh par a?1ly nnd.ratand Ifcalr l>saiM?a On ftm unaTOnptfcaaabtn 11T rrfarar ?wa Can ba aata for two rlaya at .114 lat ??, wiwr of I9*h at ur AHTin-A RITtJATtOR, BT A OOMMTTKKT PUR TV ton. aa nm? haa ar ad la that oafiaeltr for tka laal tan raara, bam of rll> rrtfrnwf ?M bi |ifmi < an ba <?? tof *0 data at ?3 ?I arat.ay. hnt*aan Mch aad :?Ji au OLTAHTW>?BY A ftMPMTARI.B WOWAW, WtO r* ?T a lord mn?, antiunion. would ba willing m aaalal ta nahiac an<* lr?ein#. Paa br i?i for two day*. U an? mi '*? H at in Baat nth at naar l? a vanna. 11/ AlfTIIIV-BT A Torwo OIRf., A HmTATIO* TO 11 do r*iaai?? ri*nrh and mind rhlldraa. or ta aaalat wttk ha waaktnc and troniaf or do plain aam nf. la wtlltnf to maka larylf tanaral'y iraafnl. no objwt.on In fn a ahor- .lT??anor la ha ronntrf Good Wtj raftrraoaa If raqnirwl. (Mi at XVI

M'h at oy\jrrirr>- ht a rksprctarmc Ton*ri womaiv, a a'twatlon M mo* In a p -Irata family, or In do ?anan?l mnarwrrk hi aamall family Raat of oily rafrranoa (ir?a. 'aa ba aaaji for two day* at 17# Foray th at, la tfca r??r. lATAfTI"*-* BITUATTOR. BT A LlTTl.i Of?l.. TO yy aOt> rara of ebtldraa and In do plata atwinv or watt ns t labia. riaaa<- rail al M (Iraad at., for two i*ay*. lir *?TRr-A ftTUATJOl* RT A 001,0*110 OTRt.. AB y y arw>k nr rham><*ra<iM Won Id Ilka lo *0 to Rawport for h? mnaxt wioniha < *11 for mo day*, at bar prwaat (mi itoytr , 11} |ik it, balWMB It A. M. aad IS & [URSDAY, JUKE 4, 188*. srruATiom WAiTBO.pnuuia. WANTND-A MITUATIIIN AH HRAIMTBM, 4?D TO ' a*at M Ike fare of oblMrnn ky a totof w ?? who J andrraiand* all kind* of fcoaky H*h|; moM Pka la -~urg~ all vftk a feaiitT going la lamp* flood Vr rafaroaoa pCn -| Mil at >tt Ak at hfoalora- 7; XATAHT'D-x RrRPITTABLR YOUI?U WOMAN, TO < *T Laka rfarg* of children Apply iixranaalr f>oa Ml* 1 It n rlork, lhl? da?, at (A3 Waakto ton ?t, Rronklyn I WAWTin-\ SITUATION, BT A R18PIIOTABUI 4 frotoalant ronp# woman, aa nana and auMMlraa, ar i waltrtaa or chambermaid, do objeetton to travel with a lady, \ or go to Karopc: Ku tho.bmit of city rcfcmnoM: hoe B?nd four a r**r? In tmr last plaoo. Apply at 131 Waat lfdh at., between y TUi mwtBUi avennea. WaHT?I>?A SITUATION, Bt A PftOT*fTAJ?T ( young worn ?\ aa chare arm aid or aondreaa; the n? I try lor k?> amm*r pr-f?rred ilnod r*fer*?e?. Okao* n lor two day* at '49 " <* iRh at WANTKli?BY a RKBPfcOl ABLE YOUNG #OVAN, A atiuaitna to do chairbcrwork and pla'n R?aln> or w?*Ud I mind chtWron flood n-frrence given if (squired. Ofcll At IS Weal 2 Ih at i , WANtrP-toY A PROTRfifANT UIRU A SimATI.lN I aa wamatrvm in a prtvat* family, p? rfact in making ?hudr?n'(i dreaaca. family ewlng and uuder faruiKula I in lit Drjiicjit ?tyie uny rtrerenoo. uwi ror iwoa?ji?no R.vlntlon ft, rear ho*i??- 1 ? i WAhTKn-BT A NRAT aNI) TT'?Y YOUNO WOMAN, a altnatlon ax cbanWrmaid and to M*let is the washing; wi n biu> Mt?hI to tbr. rapacity of taking care of ihildren from their li funny. Can giv? the beet of illy reference from her i last piece, whfrf nh*- lm? lived ?tx yean <lan be seen for i t?o *ny< at 37 We?t ISth at.. etween Mh and nth ava., aeoond < floo- buck r om. I WA>TB1>-BY A RRPPCUTeULK ORRMAN OIRU A ?1tn ttor aa chambermaid Id a reapee able fkmlly. OaH at or ado mi 164 oth at hxen-e it i WaKTYD-BY A YOUNG WuM\W, A BITiJATIOW TO do ohavborwnrk and fine washing and ironing. or to take o r* o' a rbttd and work at embroidery. Uooi Al reft , rem* ?'eT a*74 'Oh at. i _? 1 i YI7ANTRJ? BY A RRSPBCT'BI.R T'>f7M? BRALTHT TT w onsen. a aitaatlon aa wet nnrae, wlh a foil breast of ml'k. Brxt of ol'y reffreoie given. No b|eoIons Is the eouDtrr. *>all ai 249 tilth av., t/>p flour mil No 14. , WANTKP?A BITOaTION. BY A NRSPRCTAHbi i *iu in. aa nurse a?d laundress Oao gir? the I beet of rcfurrnocs, beaidee four year* ref-rence trnm. her altuatloop Can be se- n to- hree day a if not engaged at 1J0 I llntor plaoe, near 6th at, In the grocery ?l>re TtTANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RCRPHCTaBLB ! YY >< ung womau, to cook, waai aad iron. apply At M Bait 84 b it WANTkO?HTFaTIONH, BY T*0 YOIJN t WOtfBN: ] one a* ro"k th< other aa waitreaa Have the beat of < dtT refrrajr>- fmra tbetr last place, wh- re they ltred three t years. Voi Id like to g?t in one house together Cut >e seen n IW 'a't 1Mb sc. n??r av A. aeeond floor, *ark ro en. WANTRD-BY A PROTlflT ANT YuCNil <YO?l?N, A I sltnati?n aa ebildre ' nmr?? aad to do pUin s-wtng, or 1 aa cbamhrrma'1 and waiter B??t if e'ty reference gives. t all at 1 h) Sid at, bet rt-n 7th and hth avenuea WAMEi ?BT A PROT18TANT WOIHN, A SITUA- I lion aa wet nnrse. Good r> ferenoe given. Call at 130 * est 3'd at. b tween 7tb and 8th a'mti WANTRD?A SITUATION, BY A YOU fO OIBU TO i work at plain sewi??, by the day. Apfly at J07 Vth i at, between Mr and 9th area. YITANTRO- BY A RSPK TABL* PROTIWTANT GIRL, TT a altualloD lo do general LuuHWjrk In a amal prlva'e i family. Uonl reierrncr cau be (Wen. Plaaae e?U far three day* at 114 Pearl at. Brooklyn WANTKI>?BY A KK<<PK<TARMC GIRL, A SITUATION t aa chambermaid and to a*flirt In the waiting and Iron- | Ins or aa child'* niirae and lo aew. Apply for a weak at All Sou la' paranna??, Oortier of 3u<h a< and 4th avenue. WANTlCD-A PITUAlION, BY A PKOTR8T ? NT (IIHU t who la a good ondemanda making broad, nlea and c cake; w?.uld aaalat with the waahln* and I'm ng. i>aU?faoior? j reference can be given. Oall at 453 6ih avenue, between J7ih ai>d JHta eta WANTKI>?A SITUATION AS COOK, WAR'IER AWI) < lixnrr, or to do general h>ua?work In a nm .11 prlvUe f family. Heat of city referenje. Can be aeen for two (laya at f 110 Atlantic at. Brooklyn. WANTKD-A BflUATION, BY A YOUNG MAKRICD woman, aa wet nurw. No obj-ction to t'o a ahort <11*- t ta?ee In ihe ronntry. Apply for two daya at No. Pearl at, i aeeond floor, front room. WANT?1>-BY A R**PK<)TABL? VUUNG GIRL. A j altnatlon .t? cbamt>?rn>a'd a'd plain ae wer, or to aaalat t In the eare rf children and make hemelf generally ua-ful; t good cltj ref. renw ri. ?* call atlSUFaetfi) au, Brooklyn, a b# twrrn Fml'h and Hoy t. c WANIKb?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG GIRL, TO 4 do rhamberwoi k and wnahing, or the honwwork of a J amall fair 11 j ; or wmld take eare of children and do p'ali tj tewing. Good reference ("all for two da,a, if not engaged, a at l> o S Mott atreet. near Chatham d WANTED?A HJTUATION AS COOK IN A PR1VAT1 family. Beat c|(y referenoe. ('an-be aee> for two daya. If not engaged, at71 k Inge street, front room. WANTRD-A HITUATION BT A YOUNG WOMAN AS ' eook.gnod eity reference Apply at 71 WeatlWiBt, betaeen fltn and 71h ava, front taaement, f >r two daya. ' WANTKD?A SITUATION BT A TODNG GIRL, A? nornr and fine wwer, or leather of yonng ehlklran . hna no ohjenion lo go a abort dlaianse In the ooantry. Plaaee caJl at No 372 6th a?.; one door f>om 2Sd at i WJ ANTRD?BT A RKHPlC IT A Rl.K WOMAN, A MTU V TV UoauinafiivM; nndera'anda rolling aid fitting ladle* dreaaea and boy a' rloth*-?, 10 work by the daj In genteel , fhtulllea. rail al 137 Won lUt it , between 7th and HU am . Can be mo for no# day. Wanted?a situation bt a RKSPRCrr able , yonng woman, In e->oh or aa laundreaa; baa aoobjeo- ; Hon to go la 1*0 euoalry. Ooud e"y rmf?r?Dora. P Inane call . lor two data at 77 Weal ZMth at.. between i> fc and 71k arenuee, , Ann Boor, front rooai. ' WAI1ID-A SITUATION, HT AW AMKRIOAN TOD MO ' lady. 10 take charge of aad teach one or two ehUdrea , from two to aU yean of age. Addreaa It. f ., box 3U Herald ! ! WAX-KD?A ' SITUaTION. HT A RESPECTABLE , l'roteetaat woman aa good plain eonk and to aaelm In waablng aod ironing. 0< od an> refeiaai . OaU at 1?0 7lh , areaoe. bet vara Uu aad ><at Ma., for two da ye. ^ Wanted?rt a rehpkot a hi.e touno woran, a eltuauna aa chambermaid or none, la eapab'e of taking , the enlTe charge of children. la an b ne?t and falihfnl glrf Haa the heat 01 rtty reference* fr >n her laet plane. whore aka ha* U?ed foor t eara. OaU at MM Orange at., Brook Ira, tret Boor, back row. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RK8PRTT A Hl.R J ) on tig woman, aa chambermaid and to aaalat la the waahicK and Ironing or nnraing clood cat raferenne Apply at M TUIary at. between Peart and Adanta ata.. Brook lya. 1 Wanted- by a wnni.i aoio amerioan wo- ' mar, a altitallon aa aook In a amai' family, good refa renoe gl?*n aa to character aad capability. OaJI a> No. It Ukh ai between Kb aad 0th aveaaee. Ota be aeen for Ike week. j WANTED A SITUATIOR, BT A STEADT WOMAN, aa Drat rate r??>k. ?ki ii'ideratanda bar biialneaa In all 11a braaclkra, ta wllllr to aaalat la waablag aad Iroolntr; good sliy reference. Tan be aeen lor t wo da) at No. 99 Kaat 1Mb at.. In Ike ature, near Sd an?M. WANTED-RT A RRNPBJTARMI PROTMTANT eoman. a at' talma to lake care of a baby from lt? birth and to do aewlag, aod make beraeif generally otefaL Uaa be aaen at IM |ta areaue. aaaood floor, front n-om, WANTRD-A SITUATION. BT A TOt'NU WONAN AR co. k; la a lira' rate bead and paatrr maker; haa no ok leetlnn to go In the iciaBlry. can gl?e Ike beat city re'eretice. Pteaa* call at No. ?S8 3d areaae, betweea ttd aad SW ata., la the akire. Wanted-a situation, asoook or laundrr^, h? a reaper table girl who anderntamta bar boat neaa well. Out glra ih? rary beet of reference from her laet place. I'leaae call al Teetry at, in the Mora Wanteo-a situation bt a rkrprjt ARI.e yeoag woaaa, to do gee< ral boaeework. la a good plain cook good aaaber and Irnncr, aad baa good rafareaoa Haaaa eall at 117 WaetMU at. lor two day a. RITI'ATIOIVN WAITEIVJlALlik A SITUATION WANTED-RT A RERPECTABTI A. young maa. to laara the ahlp joteera or aarpwtera trade. MM refrreaeeglra*. Addreaa J. A., boa 101 Herald uSae. fcrtwo daya. A ORaCT WANTKD IN IT. LOU IB, MISSOURI. OR A e.eewhere - The riialhw.a>? poaaaaa? the <aalti Uoh of a goad baatneaa maa, aad baa at hla lawaal lha oat of VImIIk la lidtm of ohtatalag aa ageoay wkMA, with aan aad aaaua. ha eoatd wahe reaaeaarmMrekeboMt pa aca Pa aan fire the boel rtferanoea of hie bonaaly aad u?r w*a ntM or m. lhh, waera m mim < Uirw BnJaaM, to 1? Fori tta, K. Uxtla. IU. ATPUMO VAX ?IRBM A IT), WHO APR A ICR A WD wrttaa RaglMi nil, wlahan a rttnalion MI itart or KlMMi IB A b?lMH Addraaa A. H-. Harald I ???????????- > * irtpatiom WAirncn rt a tocmo man, tit a Ol wbolaaal* alor*. a? porW. or to drlra a borar ud w*- a mm. la a*la and willing lo work. Addrnae Rlnhard Herbert. 1 fcflTf4t>t I 4 tocrq maw, op iRonrrRioun habttr. waictp 1 A. A eUaattiai M weMei hi a prtrata faaiily nr lit private kaardtng bona*. Am llrad aeraraJ year* n a prtrata (AaiUy to 4 ton my. u>4 three rrara In a private bnoHIn* honaa, no oblerUona m the maaWT. haa Mod ntmiiMaafollnaa Call At 1 WfcaHJttat _ ARRBPBOTABI.B TOtTWtt 1RRMAM WTARBP A MTTT- ! aUna m light par nr la mmr "hnt. ?a> atora. la witlin* In mill klmiflf |mrr?l't nMfal and pan mm wall rawna 1 tended. Ralary ant ar> awb aa nhteK aa permanet t employmeat A ao*a addreaaad to H. MQepagraU, .VI Mh amane, will awl with prompt a't/ailon. AAITT7ATIOH fimiHT A TOITNO MAM, AR 1 nanhmm nrln nrm* nrnpnelaMe altnattna, where ba raui Make MmaeM generally an?lnl. haa ll?*1 for lire r*an ' wHA a arirata taaally I" tlila a*y. Dan rnm* wall ramai ' mended hi Ma tart employer. Dan ha aaaa for aaa waafe at 1 h? laat plaee, >0. 10 weal Hat at ' AORRMAR DROO CLRBE OPOBBAT KXPRBIPKCTR. ' apeaklng (Inaniij Ika Rnglteh and Praah laaguage. J want* a attnaUon la a whoieaale nr retail htMliwaa. Beat ally ' rf(iwnw? Addraaa P., ho? 110 HwtM film. " A amiATIOR WARTRTV BY A lMRrMOTARMt A- y'? ? x>aa. aerarteen jreara at u>, to learn the gtldiag * b??1ae*? ApplT ai l? Oannna at.. R. T. i AOKBMAB WHO HAH RBBR RMP1<OTRD POB THR r, laat four nr (Ire yearn In A whoieaale fancy alaaa and B China atnra. aa porter, and who indaratanda hie work thoroughIt. wlabea In obtain a tmlUr aMnaUan. Reel rrferenena aa to ability and rharacAer can be glrtta. Plaaae aall At <3 John at., ground Boor. AaRMTI.RMAR OP OOOD AHnRRM AMD UMTTRIMO ^ Mnatrr la op^a ?o an >?cavaaM-ai la A (rM a la a Art ' moda Jobbing honar (Taakaa nn'mna ntA objaal^d k?>. aMAar 5 a aalaaman In Ma bn>iaa or aa trawltln g aganA, or Notk. Ha ? kaa an aalanalra hnalnaao aonnaninn la arar; aaatlon tH lha * Dolon. aad will prrrrt blm*?lf a ralnabla aaqnWUnn lo a gnod i hdaaa Addraaa X. I, Harald ng|c? | APITTTATTOR WARTWn-RT A TOT7RO MAR, IN A S wholaaa'a or ratall at..ra no ohlartl.* in aar kind of ba- j alnr?a, apaak* Prroob, Wi-rman and Knillab. saa glv good 1 rafrraaoa fmai hit laat awiployar Addraa* J. B? Harald n><a j APT* APT TOTTMM M? R WART* A RTITATIOM AT o fArawo-k or m ananhman; a <lhrtanaa In tba eon try U pr?f>rrad; nnderatanda b'a m'lnaaa prrfaeilr wall, and ean d aire tba *eat ratarrnra fr?>w h'a laat plana. Apply at 109 Raat IBM gt., Utird Soor. back r<v*a, lor two daya, MB i.uuru >?N^u-ir "? " f ' aa j aar* of am. I'iid*r?laj>dal?? km t?4> Nil irrou ua aattra Una luhbH ' ?/ r't ^ rcfarcBM fr?n farmar ?a>p k>> ?n. 1 lfc |imH aaaptayar'a. ?* #aB 1 I ?OAChXa'|I -* NT<D. A rtlTUATIllN 48 <>OA"U 1 by ? Kiiifln UU) who full* aaderaUu. ta hla >>?ai!*"* . . !?? Uw br-?i ,f atlv raforouue luqu'ra fur or ad Iraaa J. O. 1 R ilmpball A V> laddWrn, r?OA?H*AII,? aUTUATION W*l?TIl?-Hf A PBO U la-wat man, who au ia? twal of atty r?faraoee. a loU a- dreaaod lu ('. B., or apuUe?U u ?at M> Broad ray, auracr of 13hai, w bo ti^ndf lo. ["KJACHMaN.?811 UA1 ION WANffcD, BV A BB*MOT L/ abl" rnnj i dm, H eiavbau ?ad ivd'k'r, aad M Will ug to main LMMelf |<mi-nt]') u-nful lo aki raulnitr, undar <auda htsaaraaac Wnrt.ii^ kuraa, and U a aiWul rW Km J.k.'H^Sdl"-^ " * ~ ??wro Kl HIr>K8H MkN-A TOUMO MaN OP BXPBarBfrUB la bookkoeolua la dnatoua of ubwialof a ar.oaJoo lu mrue op a tei of ei'i'r iiu?le or oouVa hut nook* Ba U ?'? r* it-reuora aa to abltt y <nu ba ?i?->wa. Fur fertile oar laaiar* adtlrra? J. W. B.. *01 Huukltiu at HOW HOLEH AL* DBALEKR IN flrLKfl Alan iiidaiic 1 Hlua tor wanted. by a youaa mum, to ike above btiainaaa. Haa been two ream la the bualn**aa. Ual -v addreaa. for two toyt, Jehn H Vandwhof U TUlary at BmnklyV^ WANTBD?bV AN INTRLLIOBNT TO0NO *7* A aitoaiiun aa cl' rk or porter to a a'ora; wrbee a nod Mud; otmw and amart at oguree; not afraid o wort, but aon.'d bti wUUag U nuke hlmoelf ge.nem'ly uarful to hla am )loy era. The very beat of nrfereneea froaa iu toat amp lot era. rieaatt addreaa W. H , boi 16(1 Herald o(Eoe. WaNTBD?BY aN amrrioan todko mam, a ltuation to drive for one or two aVirea. He haa a fcnrar and out of bla own. Inquire a' in (.'bar b it WA*TKI?? RS A M1UDLB AUBI> M4?, A SITUATION aa private watei maa to a hotel or ?tore, for boneaty ltd aobneiv he retfra to bla late nmnloyer. wh?re ha haa been Hri^Uiyed lie Wat atoe year*. Inyulre at 179 Frtnoe at., of D. WaATKI? BY A YOUNO MABBIBO MAN. A 8ITUA it a aa porter id a alore dowa nam, haa onea in the ibippbig bualnoea (or all y?ar<; eao ?rt'e aq-ildh plain baud. Beat o! nil} reference, would be wHUn*fo drive a horaeand mrt or make blmaeli generally naefoL rtoaaa iilrtr?I J. J. r., M Madlaop at WAMTK1>?BY AM AMRRIOAN YUUNU MAN, A 8IT17aiiou aa olerk to a wb ileaale or retail atom; wagra n' t ao och an object aa a penr>*D>-nl situation. Heat uf oily refe renoee Aailreaa J. K? boi 17V Herald nfllee. ? WANTEI)?A SITUATION AS BGTL.SB, TALKT OR lrai?llls| aarvani, by a you g man, a native of Id| And; baa a It-ten yrare e*perUrnoe Ui lha o-pacl y Oood sbaracter. Apply at the Bt Ueorjie'e KocMy ofllie (7 Broad ray. Baa b-eu th ee aearona on the Continent of Biirooe WANTRO? * SITUATION, IN a MIB<'aNI ILK HOUSE or an offloe, by a \ouog maa who npeaka and wrltea the 3?nnao Piei.rh and Kn?liah language* Addreaa T. P, >o? 16 Herald ffio-. WANTfD-BV AN AMMBIOAN YOtJNli MAN, A BIT nation to Jrlva for one or two autrea He haa a hotae inu cmti iu B" own. inqnini u id* ? uu'on ?k WA nTBl ?BY A YOUNG MAN. A 8IT JATION A8 walbr, or aaalaiani waluir and f>>otinan, or w >uld drlv? uwl tak care of odd bora* and make nlauelf other wlae u?efu). food relerenc- fan be iin?n fur two day* at W<*#t 2b'h ki" WANTKD?A IUTUATION, AS OOAOKAN, BY A temporal* and oumpeteot p-raou. The ooaa rj prefer *d. AddrrM ''oaohm?n, 874 Bruadway, for two d\y* WANTKD?BY A TOD HQ MAN )? YRAR8 OLD, A 8TTuali"n to go nndrr loat- noil on* a* a plumber, at whloh rade he baa workel mora ikan torefl year* A note adoreaaad o box 1,114 Po t ?fftoa, will h?- attended <o Immediately. WANTBD-BY A RK8PNCTABLR YOUNG MAN, A Prott etant, a (filiation a* writer In a prlratn family; he a a first rlasx waiter, and can be highly rerotnmended. Ad Ire** lor two day* A. U. U., care of Mr. Malloy, No. 11 Bible dome. a?tor pl-co. ? Wanted?* situation, for an orphan boy, 11 yea?? old; be la a nice hoy and b-innat; know* no evil. Vr'd t??* ear* of a d etor'* bone, oi woal< go for hln nlohe* ' ?r or * year to a nice family to pen the door <lan be aeac or two (ay* at lul l Itb ?t, b?tw.-en l*t and Id a*enu>*. WAITKR.?WANTRD, A SITUATION. BT A PROTRSTkot youug man, aa waiter la a private f?miy; noobjeolon to *<> in u.p ooun ry. ha* the b?at of olty ntfmoot. call it 844 Hmartway. In the flah market, for one day. &finn -WANTED. BY A YOUNG MAN OP INDUS ,UUv, tnna* hablta and b'i?in?*a capacity aaltut a* clerk or aa*l?lart honk keeper In some r>-*p*?clahle inns-fa. < an loan bla employer S1.H00, tor wblsh nndoubted nennty will be leqnlred. Good city refr.reno* glren. Ad lre?*, ?utlD* bnalne**. Confidence, Herald office. b -n FOR A GOOD SITUATION AS CLERK OR 8ALR8P >U man, by a young man baring"ereral ye va experience a the wholesale grocery and stationery buatue** Good reommewdattona for ablll y, Integrity ana Isduatry glren. Adre.. J. jT, Herald offlee. ?u* wjjrimw^w ium?. A QKHT8 WAMTKU?TO HILL BROTHER JOK ATHAMf A tnn>)tn>? polish ?wnnwd the beat now m iu? Agenta tnd furnlure dealers supplied ei> reasonable terma OOee MM Pi.arth amut, Ikrm dours aou h of 'wenl' mth KnM lrpot, ?. T. A. H DHU A RD. manufacturer. AUK NTH WANTED-TO HELL STATE AMD OOGMTT right* and solicit out era, on th? anal liberal terms, for in arirle re^ntred tn every family, la d'y and eoantry. In(nl'fnl FUw> buret, Mott AOo. manufacturer* M Knl'on at. Aqkntx wantrd-to hill a mbw artcglr wanted by every traveller. Apply at MM Broadway, 00m 17. from y to II and I to S o'clock. riAMVAHHRRR WANTRI>?A FEW URN ACOUHTOMMD U to eanvaaalag. to work la Ike city and onnutrr. A salary rill be paid or they may woi k oa oommlmtoa If preferred tpply at )U Rr*adway. room 9k rRIVMIMOM A AUDI AM WAMTRD.-A FIMMT ULAMB Importing bouse In tkla ehf. havtag alao a buylag bona* la r?rl?. U tn laam- dlate want o/afaod nlini Mo oae need kpply unlraa ha U wail kaowa lo Ike e ma try jobbl'g trade, M to sneh a one, who aaa flra good latkiaauw as to sobrtej, steadiness aad Industry, aberJ liilMMU win ba a*4a Up!) ky latter to t. 9 , Herald o?ea. ro ROTH WAM1BD?AM WAITERS IM A DIMIMt saloon. tpply r?rlr tkla ma nlnt at tka flaallfcl UoMl tad Dining Bak oo. 17 Futon at . Brooklyn. WANTBD-THRIB OOOD HOffTLMRfl. AUK) A HAH waiter. Thaaa bringing tka beat at reeoauMdalloaa aa hzsl, r^b^tire *pp"to *"an4 jamm'ou'WAMTMD?A MAM WITH A fAMILT, TO TAKI aharge oi a stock plulatine m aharaa; tkara are from IU to IPO brad of horned cattle, with ready aaie tor milk: alao k Ingle or married man, to take charge < f a vineyard ana garlea. both In the Island of HL Tbnu. W<W i ad lea. la a temperate and salubrious climate, land high and wall watered. Appl^after tka ath last. to R mioholm, LM I? at., WAMTBD-A OOAOHKAM, TO DRITB AMD TAKI care of a pair of horses, a short disuuin* In the country A tingle man wanted, and oae who Is well reoommeaded. Inquire at l?7 and l? Mercer st H F. JOMRH. WANTED-A WAITER, AT FBRRIM A LMOOMTT'H dinning saloon, 61 Chatham si. WAMTRD-A SMART, ACTIVE, IMTILUOMMT LAD, of respectable parent* to ran of errands aad make "Biself Morally uaafel ball at Mo, 4 William St., between 10aad llo'eloek, P. U. WAITER WAMTMD- At) JURTOMED TO BALOOM work. Apply after I A. M- to W. Henry Waller, 7U It roadway. %\r ANTED--IM A LiVTIl a oyrtok A un AH MTT TT IStwiori, wkoaan writ# a good tend. oaa wko rand ?a ?nh ha ptram pmfnrrod AiliM, iuun(i((ul ffrnup A R R B . Hnrald nana. U7AMTED-TEM VRRT ACTIVE, IMDCBTEIOUB AND IT boiMt bo?*. wko tu MM wall ?MM Applf U ? Pino ik, mo? M WAMTKD-A TOfjm MAM WAO CAM LOAMMMOM good menrlij aa rlart la a farattar* Hona la a plnaaaal i a ahoft riWIAane froon Iba ciif. A anJarf of l?W rltfa K?rd and walking, wvll ba (tna. Oall f Un r'r oa J<tu??Uia A Co . Ma. I BaaAaaa ?L |1T AKTED-A PORTER AMD OUCRE POR A WHOLE TV aala ?Uk aad rib baa natal) liahmnat. good waffaa aad onaKaat rmplojawat rtraa to partiae lk*i aa*. Apply wttA rayTwiM?aT?j?oaa. at M illaa? at. aoraar at Quart, Rrootlya. UTAMTMD-A OOOD PUttM PAEMRE WHO CAM T? mn anil r*n?mnd?l, lop abort diaianna in lAa ountrj. A|>ply batwaaa A. M-. aad 4 P. M. to J. Oarpaa. er ilwau* at fXTAHTEn IMMEOIATELT?A TOD HI MAM TO OO A TT akorl dlaianm la lha aoualry. who undarataada farMa* nf aad la tWouchly ao?uaiatad trufc Imt Iaqulra at IS Jmnpatoh atraat. (1TANTKD-A OOACHMAH, POE A PRIVATE PA TT ailly. aian. a au aa traoaa, aad to nukr himaalf oaafal mmad ikn pmtulaaa Apply lAU day at tut Allaalhi aL, aormr nf Doartat, Brooklyn. la tka baaarnt KXTAMTED-A TOUMO MAM TO EMOAOB IM AM TT acraaabla bnataaaa, to oaa wko haa Mo to MDR aa aa limit ohaaaa la ofltrad to taara and uk? aa aettrn laliaat. sv; wsg.'sgt, asrss? nr AMTED?A MOT ABOtTT HJXTKRM TRARR OP AOM. A""nrAKTMn-iM a obooeet, a rmabt hot wto TT <ioda???aada Ihr buanaan; ha moat ha wall njjiwa nnndad. oamWaaad apply. OaU atWW a?., tkta (Tknrala> > mornlnt UTAKTED-A DET OOOOB N At.RDM AM WITH (ITT TT rafkraaaa. Apply at M Oraaawtak aL PRRNCH ADVlWTHKIIMU'll. UMN1 nRM?IM?I.I.R PR ARC * IRR BAOHAMT PAEPaTimanat noitnr at Mra laa fotaa. at portaiX an (lata at a?naiODd dnalra troavar aan ptaaa paar royacar. I'adraaaar > M Wnat l?U at [TM jRt'RC HOMME PEAM0A1R DBSIHRE A IT TBOUU W una plana da T*lntto? garrnn da ohamhra daaa ana nalaon prh tr U r?nl fouralr laa mWlanr* rrrmrwttaialImta l-ailrfaanr t 1.V M aranna. naar Ifilk at. fTMK rriflHIKRK PRAM('A(R| AfAMO REEVTR U U ??* k Paria ritrfra aa planar danx nnn hnmna mai?Hx. Vrrwr rhrr Maw Knapp, .11 Rnaa at . paadant trula Joiira. QAMR rR AM< AIRE OOMHATRMAMT I.'AROI.14H.DKIRR trmirar ana plana pn?r aotOT nnn daata on brmnn d'aa?nl. alia pant ikmnnr dn bona ranaat^aomnnt fl'adraaaar nndaat dam joora, 11m M. Rok. Union aqoata Poat nOna RIPRKHDER. 'lAUroEWIA IXPEPRR OP WE1.TJI, PAEOO VOOT, J Ht Broadway, par l/nltad Rtataa mail ataamnr TI.LtMOIR. ?ar?nf on rrm*f. /nnn A rmtirM raxalfod to T>infwl?r m iat a parked rary trtmnalr aad nonlanla and ralnn alwayaatatad. WWitona taadn in all paria nf <"*lir>t-nl? and Otagoa. Itra/la t aicht. la aaata to tall, oa all parta of auaa rU I REM A R M OOW XPRNRR POE OAJ.IPORM1 A! Ornfnn, RaadwtaA I aland* and weat anaat of Rontfe A?ar1 a. par mall ttnamnr ILI.IWtltE ? R All fr^Rbt ftw lla aaaraaa ainat ba dallrarad to aa on or baf"'" Tknraday, [H.ARn OP OCBA RXPEMR OP P. O. ?OM?tl;|?* * L tie., Havana, will flgrward IVatebt aad ^ f Oaka, by Unttad ptatna atil ?t?aiaar <J0AK*R OTTT. on m IMh .1 nnn lr.' Prn'.M .bonld ba dnllrnrad to n. on tbn ay bafnra wi b a parwjnlar lafdoa alwar* aaaompaaylnR *"* f?r "'wsIImI ITAJWO A 00., KM. ? ?r?)a#war, t ULP ? Wll ? A OOxVkTUIT WOMAN W**flli-4 r-EOTMAJW. A. M now ud HUmMm u< to do ""I iimt A*pij, wnb at tbt tJUw. 1 Ph?u al. mtm1 <Md. A OOOD OObOftED OOOE W \JCTmD.-OWl WHO A. andaratanda W balm pwf?nuy u4 aw mm wt? r?mamrrd*d at) bt ar of a uem.*oent aad daatratea afta?ttoa by applytag at 1M Wararl*y pla-?e. A X TMTUiUUBMT WO* .* U W VMTKD -TO liU A *rt bom? la fent)?M?an'? family. ?1hmH| l?K Mar iha ewy wboaa wva to as inralfct * panaa ar tie and obliging dlapoaiiloo, ?bo uuderataiyte Mrii at bourefeulo dallea. and la willing to darotn bar tiaaa to tfca aara and tntrraata oTtfea bally til >? recalTal, mated aaaa aa(ariato and ntnbfr of tba lamil>. and bar petoitoa Mia pb-aaact and raapratabto. Addraaa box 961 Mt tM M uOea, alalia/ rtiuniw Bad partoniara, and what* aa Mar Tiew can b* bad. ' A GIRL WART CD-TO DO OKNKRAL HOOTWORR for a small family, mast ba a good waahar aad toaaart iImi n actum ry that ahn can riuA and write. Lfcwal WB0M glrtn. Apply at 148 Wayne at, Jaraay Olty. CUAMBKRMAU) AMD l.AHNDKID-8 WAMTBD?OMB who undrrsUyida bnr boaincMa aad c tn gi ' Read alto ? fere nee; uo a lady's ma'd and aeamata-eae. om who aw> s ands dressmaking and family ae Ids; a Freoeh MMa prw-' fc-red. Apply at 21 Kaat ad St.. Madiaon sqnare. ClOOK WABTED?*B EXCELLENT OOOB FOB A ) Urge private family. Tae ben rwomiiiifaiM wBI be required. Apply at 57 Baal 18th at.. from IHofoUMk,a tburaoay and Friday of tals ww.k. and at ao other ttaaa. r?OOK WANTED-TO GO TO 1 UK OOC1TTBY FOB " J the fnmmrr one who tk< roughly und> i slaada her baelnras ard rsn biln* good eliy w mmendaiiooe Applr tm ?to 12 o'clock atNo 1 Ka?t Oth st. r|BB86MAKBB8 WANTED.-APPuY AY t? VIM U street. GIKL WANTED?TO OO OBNBBAL HOUBBWOBEt aanat alto be a food weaker and irooer. Apply at M Htatc ?t. Brooklyn. VJTTR?>K WANTKD.?A RKSPKOTABLB WOMAN. either white or oolored. to take eve of aa la valid, M ibat baa had the varioloid or small poi preferred. Iaqotoe at 136 KH?*beth at. SHI*T MAKBB.-A PKRBON CAPABLE OF II tEI*? a floe linen ahlrt Id the beat manner, mav hear ct oomMI ampley ment at home by addreaslng box 1,1190 Pot oAce. WANTKD?FOCB OB FIVB FllUiT mr?? IMH taken; wacea from M to M per week. Apply* Iba. Schmander's. (B8 broad way WANTED?BOMB TOCNO PKB80B8 WHO LIBIIBM lai d wing oa dressmaker's work. Qood cawess mm apply at 196 #th avenue. WANTED?A PBOTK8TANT (11BL, AS WOKK1WQ boa ekeeper ob?mhfrm?.ld and waiter, h the *? of a widower, eke mu?t bring with her undoubted rataraaaa aa to general capact y and Mellty, and be fitted by Matoaai, lc., In ber household duiee to be the Inmate oi m geatleasMi'i family; note other need answer Lb la advartiaeaaaaL Apply a ISO Macdougal street, next to Amity. WANTKD?IB THB COUNT KY, A FEW MILBB FBOH the city, an excellent cook; moat be a nlonl penMh Arfdrees M., Union iquare Poat otHoe. WANTKD?A FEBFON AS LACNDBBBB AND OKABtbermaid; none need apply except a dm rata ItMkM and rurniahed with the kejt of aity reference- >?pM at i Weat Md at. WANTKD?A WOMAN TO HELP IN THM BITOUOI and laundry. Call from 8 to 10 o'eloek at 1M Mt avaua, T\i ANTKD? A PROTESTANT. AS OOOK, WASHBB TV and ironer for a ?m*il family, W go a abort Ibtaaw ta Ike eountry. Apply at 46 Unlveralty place, firm > A. M. ta 1 P. M.. for two daya. WANTKD?TWO OR THBBB QIBL8 TO LMABM TBB1 waking; taken for a abort time, and paid while Imralaf App y at 80 Nary at, Brooklyn. WANTKD?A OIBL TO TABB OABB OF A OHILD and wt> la a good weaker and Irooer; none need a pal; but thoee wbo can firs the beat refer enoue. Inquire at MBai Broadway, setweea t and ItA.tL WANTED?IN A SMALL PBIVATB FAMILY BBBIDINfl a short disianoe from New York, a steady, ktumal Pre tea tan l woman, to do general hou. ework; the maat be a goat waaher and ironer, and understand plain cooking. Uo ?i mtj reference required. Apply personally at 47 Weat SMh at, near bih av. WANTED?THBBB GOOD VK8T HANDS OM CUSTOM er work; good hands will reeaive the beat aagus eai eonatant employment at M. W. KndUng's, U Exehaape plan near William at WANTED?A YOCNO OIBL, TO DO TBB OBMBBAJ housework of a snatt.ll private family; must be a goo plain cook, first rate washer aud Ironer. with good tkj rafai euce Apply at 076 8th avenue, enrner of 47<het. UTAH TED?A OIBL TO DO OBHEBkL HOU8BWOB1 FT must understand rookln*, washin* ud Irunln*, also girl to do sewtnij and tttmd childrrn. ttaoh M aan eomt wn rwMi dfd from lUelr Us- employer aaay applr at No. Albion place, 4th at, near the Bowery, from 8 to U a'ala A. M.. al basement door. WANTED?TWO UK KM AN WOMEN, OWB AB FIB1 rata cook; moat ba a good baker wd will In* to east wfh ike wimhlrg and Ironing, (be other aa ehambermaid a waiter and to aasltl with the w*abtng and Ironing, both mi perfectly understood their bualnaaa. Gall at M Waat Mr i after 10 o'clock. WAN) XI) IMMEDIATELY?BOMB BKSPBOTABI joiinis lad tea for crape collar work, at MJaaes H. A Fsulknrr's, northeast oonur of Ulooallell ant (Kb Ml. H bokrn. New .Jersey. None but beat hauds need apply?aa slant employment. WANTID?A FOBKWOMAN FOB A TBDH8 MAJT factory, none bat thoae who thoroughly aaltiieMad I bualneaa need apply. Addreaa U Wade, M Ftitoo at WANTID?A TIIOBOmiH PLAIN OOOK AND OCX washer and lruner, of eery neat and orderly haMta. to (he wcrk of a very small family: ?ne who hai the a bora llbeattons May hear of a good home aad permanent sttaati by applying for ihrea dan at 1*1 tHaass St., Mrookiyu, ft trstant lirrmas or (teoves preferred. WANTED-A COMPETENT WOMAN TO MIND OBI *r*n. d > plain sewing and saaM In the Iroalag tf a aslly of four persons Apply l?med-a>ely at IT7 w3 Md 1 WBT N1TBHB WABTBD?A TOOHa WOMAN, WT a freak breast of milk, with good riktwrn Agpiy M Pejraw at, eooth Itrooklym. WANTED- IN A FN ALL PAM1LT, A OOOK, WABHI and ironer, one who uadrreianda bar boalneaa aad wall reeommeLded aa to eharae*?r and iniiiatansj Am ?i h Wtst8?di. from 10 to llo'aloafc AM" WANTID?TO OO IN THB COCNTBT, AH NUB snd seamstress, a a eady, trust wort y girl, aapable ml, lag family sewing well, aad of taking skar?a of aa tote VUM M Also, for abkm d!bm> to mmnalaal anrvk ? aoJ Ironar, wagaa f7 Aagiiaf or (taraawaa prafetraiply Ki 14U rulioa M., MM Boor. Thnndftf. >HWIl? Sm antrp-a oirl for ornrral houhrworh for a family of two p?r?o?i, biium bo a flrM rata waal^H iroiirr. plain onok, and haee good city rMiina. Wa*^H nr monlk. Apply at Wk l?h 1. W^HANTRI>-A TOUNO ORRVAN WON AH WHO~t^| deratamla washing and RrouraJ bouaearork. Applj^H M CllaUin place. ANTRD?IHMRDIATRLT, A OIRL TO^BO_OIUnMLjH honaawork In a aaall faauly. To aa aola, bonnet, alei^l ly aad taduatnooa |trl a good boae lad good wagaa MU gtriw Apply at 187 Raat MAb at. baaaaaaat door. WMANTBD-A RRRrRCTABLR IRMB WONANTOjM waablng and plain aewlng for a Man and into; iW|H preferred Aypiytor t?o daya at Bra. chapman'a Rat Wantrd?two oood dbmiauu am.t i MWaMWtbaL WANTRD?IN A Nil ALL F A MII.T, A OIRL THAT tiH daralAnda rooking. aad ?ko la alao a trat rant wu H ?d trow; ooue otbera trad apply. U*U alR& M RtH Brooklyn. WANTRD-A ORRNAN OR UOU)RRD OIRL, TO general bnuarwork la a amall family. Apply tau <1i?i>ly at ;< Adania at. Urowfclya WiHTTO?HHIRT HAND*. flTITCHRRH. ? H aakrra and One aevara, M No. 1 Aator plaaa, H Rawer *a uaton. WANTRD-A UnTRIM, C1IAJIBRRMAID, (X> I wa tcr girl, niiraa, bltabaa maid aad laundraaa. I eery beet wagaa ?UJ be glrea <o alitor colored or wbMa. ply a> Na 7 11 ih at, arreraJ doora ami af Hruadway WANTRI>-A OIRL TO OO TO AATOR I A, TO I chamber*nek aad waiting. m??t here the baat ft i references Applr tfUa day only, bet ween I U* aad 1 a'atj at No. <0 Waal lata at. J ^ WACTB1V-A TOCKU WOMAJI TOOOOC, WARH H ff iron for a pri?ai? tkmUf, miiat b* tuitlt ud * lag (it? nlmaa nt?nl c?llu?l Ww U* at, t?aan 10?d llo'tkufc. WANTun-A N??T otRi.. TO OOOK. wash j i Iroo; oo? wko ta willing aad obltglaa. ml ?*o fai good ritj rnfaraneaa, may apply at tit unim M. uH WANTED-A EIMPICTARI.B 91RL, WHO IKAIXll na waahar ud ImMr, uxl do Ifca ? >! atnui ' prtTaM fntnllv of Ikrrm paracma. Hka rn>iat taaJI dob* othrr newt ?pplj- (kind rafrrwarwa raqntrad. Api4| 14 laal M it. aaar krnMwt*, fWatltlW.j. | WANTED * Ml MHRK OF (ITHl^, A I.RO k TwJ I I Worthy h?y. f<>r patting <ip pWtMM* ParaM 7oaat*<1 V> ?. cn?pi>m III* opplMUIM. (Ml *1 m* la<Arwd aurana atraat. txwwaan IB Mvl U o'cloak Ui4?r J { WAMTEIV-A SMART IITTEf.M(lfl?T OIRI-. AJmA| II jaara of a*a. to do tight work and aaaiat k> ma a/ rMUlW. Apply alto ur??awtirhal WAHTID-AT THE TiVUUT HO0?* ?W MBit H war, a enapalant woman, <*?rmaa pr.-rarraa, ta H Cfcarg* of a ymin* Infant Inqaira M W^HANTIK A TOLMU i.ADT TO n>AT J"" ''" tiwjiitra at ! ) Wrmt Broadway. alWr 1> o ?*"?* A. WAMTXH-1W0 OR TIIK?e?; J ^ draaamaklng Qood aawara wtU * * " **" Apply - *> * nr wast'-ras. tvus. ?c Eaal ?t* at. ^ ofnnon* ^._ ^arJrSdaeWd aa nana) la aoaa?atto? wf , _g?Tl Htu* aT#ase_Q?rle will ba aoppMad wUhaftn. Una* a?a?fca *> " ' ** " ?r i ?TrH-TH**,t CT.EEE* POE RHlPPTlffl u Ml .TA,, n4Kr<? two Wk kaaoara twonondiMtora. fonr air-Tflgw rt.t&'iyacajg 1 ' fiTTum.-* <ii.*ii? roii a t?.TL W iiKiorafbr aennntrr mad, a rlark ftw a railroad nMrii. fenr portara for atrwaa, ooa harkafpar. ?nd roaii I .ar< for a hotel. Apply lo OII.IJI* * 00 . Mo ( Briadway. | DWWI'IWWT. I