Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1857 Page 7
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I iffHTBEMEMTS RKHEWBDJETBIT DAT. " " mjuu at apotioh. KIOOLAT AUOTIOJffKR, WTIX SILL kdtr.JoM* at I2X o'clock, at the Merchants lis fur aooount of whoa it may oomera erre liaute and al'oo IB. M u> 14 t per ami bonds. aimxuU rtiy k> pur <vnl (Wu?r Kuui) booda. Uwaukle and RR. l? at(. g par sau toads cftlwu Otom R . let '( 8 par oenl TOO*!, u Kruaiaoo ?*'? 6 par cmt booda, doa IfCt. real Wastaru (111.) MR lat f 7 per oaoi booda. urt Wayee * hk??o UK. let mi* 7 >>ar coat oaoda. SH Ureai W cetera Marina ia*. aorlp of 1807. M abmrra bio t Mlrsleelppl RR Co. (B. D.) HO PaotAe Mall 8t?wro?b!p < o UW MMeehaataa Haaktng AnaociaUon n t> Korth Mirer Bank ao ?aa ffc.,1.? Bank 34 NAotHdUtltaBtDk 100 4 FifWH1 and latixnua' Bank of L. 1 36 98 (Wh^i Fire Inauniuoe I Jo K nt Hamilton Fire Imuranon (Jo IS B Iknil Fire Ioaurmimn''o 60 trnmm at eel? 10 per oenl ihia day and the balance before I |NIm> to-Morrow. The accrue* late rent on all the bond* will fee AirH *0 tfc* purchaear. Suit regular ?ala on Monday, hH& 4LHKRT U. NICOLAT, Stock auotiouwr and banker. No. 4 Broad *L A LUST H. NK:OLU. AutrrioMBKB. ? io? ovnArairi UIAIE WltomU at "h> Uerohaata' Mimm, at U o'clock. U Hm 4* of Maw Tork, y ok winmwDAT, jura m Vka ?Mn park and jrronndi u liordentowa, R. J-. ft*MaarQr realdenoe of Joseph ^oaip&n& Ika W|itto kyaHae and mat aatural kwi'r of 1Mb ?? MWtN feoerally known For anluhrlty ofoltiaata and ootm B*Mk| poatUoo H la no Am enrpiaetid. tW tMRMMk wrrr orlflna.lj mad a oa the aotf Hberal Mia, wninl retard to ooat, *ud have alnoe b*a mraatly ea ill lid by Ike en lira n*ui'dlnt off the ortae4p?I wfciek la nil i ted la the <m.?t aa> aluUal auaaer, euppUed irtth water, gaa, furoaooa, in. ta enapMa iftor kaUdlnga ara ample ud oommodloaa. The place la aoreaethle i ail Wfifi atrnnVrr* railroad from Mew Tork and fllteldahta aivi uaniua all Ika requl*ltea of a tuperlor yKT' a lance public Ihai at Ike arooern, dioirni Ita estaal aad loeatiaa, wttk tajnswilliliib iiMmiii ii Bar be had ob ap ? "ii?T H. MTOOLAT. Aacttoaear. Mow Tork. A i* blbkcbb, SUMfA co., WILL SKLL on FRIDAY, Jaaa I, at 11 o'clock, at the fercbanta' Kiotuu#e, 38 baUdln* kite on r. Ird aud Fourth avraum aad I liiiinii% thtril anTfli?rn*]- fourth streeta, comprtnlnf s-reet and anaMthat, V* clo e eertain internal. HUty pfr oent ean re Hta. aim ika rateable property known aa No*. 169 Hou'h MdW Freed Btreet, between I >o*er atrwt and Peok ?llp, toe lot eataaita fthrough from street to atreet. Maps and further pa 11 tea lata at Mo. 7 Broad atreet. . 0 4 venom motiob-houskhold fukmituem, carA pa*. ae_?8amitki, osgood a co., Auction mm will all at M Maaaaa ?tr<* t to morrow (Thuradmy), at 10K o'oloek. M otfcsr wipXi, removed for ramveulance of sale. Also, se IMll 4apnU; ou-ved rosewood parlor suits, oorer?<l la fNMk MUb brooatel rreen and otber velvet plash; aalu of bumIM rhibfr furniture, Ac. Alio, a qoanlltv of housennUkf goods, Brtannla metal, silver plated and japaaned A uonoa boticb -houhkhold pubnitubb, oar A pels, Ac?HAM CEL. OSGOOD A CO., auolioueera, will ?V(flliwai street. tula day, at lOfco'eock, a quantl'y tt fce?holt feral wre; mtrrora, Brussels taoeatry and olh *r mfe, naorrd for coav-nl*- no* of aale. Also, several ele MlT MWi rosewood parlo? sulta, covered In French ea'ln InnMms aad other colored velvet plush; salts enam-lled I afeaaabarraraltare. Ac. Alio, a quantity of heuae furnishing frildfr 1 Ma a ills metal, silver plated and japanued goods. Alio ? pihsl aanfa. AVUTIOR BOTICB.- THoB. BKLL ACcTIONBRK?B* ILL A BUSH ?This day, at 10X o clock, It the sales kmi IS Berth William street, an aaax-tmen. of counting poem aad hoaaeholrl fumiinre, bureau?, aofas, oounters, oh airs, dry goads, beats and ahors, 7 tine watches, guns, cutlery. aewlag laaiAhina *e ; alst I barrel Hour, 2 kegs indigo. V boxes Bugsri eaaary birds. An Prlda*. general sale of merchandise, BwBta. Ae. Satar-iav, at lOX o'clock a' ?3 Broome, ear Bs?ea Slit, the ha>,(lanme fnrnllure of a genteel family fMs| V lamtisr ' * -od worth; aUentkm. Particulars fcaswsw. A Dcnon < h. jonzh, auotionbkr. A w? wrO m Uav. th Inst., at the corner of Thir i?'h HflH sad Been tveuue, at !0 a. M , by virtun of * chattel ?i 'gaga. the n iw a a wholesale and retail liquor at-v, MSMf of hi hea, gin, rum. different kinds of wlaee, taadtsg tarts, *ge. <1- antera tumh'era. Ax, Ac. V. H. MUIA. M>n for mortgagee, ?fllce Marine Court and Mo. Ckwkmikwt A UOTIOB MOTTtTt? M. DOtrOHTT. AUOT ONKRB, A w? sell liui day, *< 10^ o'clock, at tb?* aucbnu rooms, ll Oab*street, a largi araorun-nt of huuarhod furaitMre, I lain id fcr nwvenicnoeof aa'c, vli.: aofat, mahogany chairs, WBI d>.. r<Hre?a. 1'nw ?w lonr***. warnroOes, bookcases, trail walnut and oak <-('.en?loa tables, dluing. cnnt*e and ?ard da., btraw. unn, m itiorany and walnut Bedsteads, hair maUreaeae, feather Ws blankets, quilts; Brussels, three ply at lapiIn earp~<? Him cooking aud parlor sioves: oilcloths, ia1*tag Ac, with a lari(ii variety of cMna, crock t ry, glass vara, ntfcn Ac . ? or thy the attention of hooaekeepers and A* trade. 8?V peremptory. AWCTIOB HOTICK?1. BOilART, ATTOTIOBRBB-BT 8. 1M1AIT ?Friday, J ine S. at 10W o'clock, at the MMtka motna, onrocr of Frankfort and William streets. houseAotd rats Bare, large are ir'iveat of carueta, oilcloth. As ; alan, bv ihtati at an er? ration, a let of bedheads, beds and bedding, tab lea chair*, buiwana; alio all the right, title and ln arealef Hathln Baby of and Into the billiard tablna, chairs, Isblaa,barkaiarea, Ao. oontained lathe houae tt Walker wa?. n<;itAU uuuui.uxitiuie. ?Oroorrlea teae. Hquora. mirt. to. Ammo* woTTrit.?sifKRirrs sali tomorrow. -TUOMaH V K1T"H, 'tmstiiamr, will a?U to-morrow, at H afttfoak, ml the limy ataloe M (old number) Canal ea let, betwnea Kroadwuy and Centre mrwi, tire cart horaea. MM heraae sow In good working order and ootulltioa; also ?nl >?< am. oan wheeie. 4c. ? BVURMK B. FR?NRL<N ACO.M N UUD STRUCT -KUOHB B KK%NKi.IN, Auotlooevr ? Aaatgnee'a aale ?WW be aotd without fitrtf, at aalearoufB. M If ??eau HWl|W W?fc 'iday, J-me 18. at IS o'clock. by order of AaalCBM, m of UWi large ?Ued oopper mechiaee for muu Mmi aoda water or Rbamaacaa It met MOO, la la ooaa- lata eraer. waeraa'cd. and if the pttrchaaer deairee it, he will 'la Mr?M how to ??nnlamnre aodar water or chaaapagaa. fit H. H. LftElW A OO.?.N haTNROAY. J0NK6. AT II D Mock, la front of a'nrn No. B Ituna street, a bar fcoraa, UK *a*4a b<(k. tor 10 T?ar?od, warranted aoand and tklad hi aDkanmn and tiarfer die aaddle; la a ln? driver, and mm *at ki IK atnutaa, .nil can go from ten to tvelva allae aa hoar wtth (treat rtM kino, a couple of mukawaya, for larMMk with pole and ikafta. built by Breweter. and in aaaBaaft am*, having oner ?rrv little need Alao, a Oral alaaa heavy tingle harteee. ?ul'able for the above oarriaga. The ah ore are ar pn>j>erty <4 a gnnUemaa who la leaving fcma, mmd wID ha eol<l in the hi {beat bidder wllhoit recurve. M""" * a..n.ii. .. i .TunkKk orrma: JL/ Raw.?Tta w*orr>.?, Krtlajr, Jane S, at 10X 4. It *?U the Mkak at the rle?a> tlv fun tubed prtva'e riwinaoon .No. Mi Waal Taaatj 'Wrd etrtet between Kightb and Nloih >? aaaa. aaar Uidna t? rr_ce embracing a large enantliy and kaaanrtwat of rtc> ?nd owetlr roeewovl and tnlMganv partar, ahaa ?r and dirt..g room furnl ore, of ev.-ry oonrtiltla tiaalj'1na Hai? e aitnnacee prnmotty In ibe bun MM, at the hajr d.-?lir?t. d. * fb ? .ltd mahogany eitenaloa ( Mat U (ael; rtrli'j ra'ved mah?g%ny bnlfrt and ebalr" to aatBL laaiih w- wltk an efi'l??? variety of ohlaa dinner and l^dbia* iahb)W?re. aleo ?ll??r tea eeta, nalvem c*ainra, Rahaaad e>kr ' ?.k-i? An.. Ivory cu;lery, rtc> rtobe WNIOBfOU Iiwxr', IT in <n- panora ?m riuu ir | yakl ifTi* a?i rnv n><? wood aiefarci, rcolra ?*4? Mi pW MM* (wo ?.H I rw^wtx'd aulia la rrfc br<r*da i MMMor MMMl. "t^r ano oral tilt gla* aa. IVnadan cbtoa 1 MM Mi |I>|?III mani-l d*. .ration ? Krrn -k clock*, Han oil Mklkfi aad angrat na< ?vy and r?-e-pUon chair*. in IraMarai vMa? draa* rj im Mirii-d <v chatnlallrra, la-'lea' MnM^ ivaawiKVl bookcaaca and Av AUo a rarr Ma aarr??l rafwinn raacd aarcn octar* plant. cli? aafta. 'a IM ?hamhcr arc the mn\l quantity and corraa posita* (lyi* "f wtihI o *?w.??I an" -B-ahnflany Kranch bad awaMMreeaa. aoia* chak> <*o'icliaa an- chair*. Ao ; llna mrM hair auttrra*>-? >i?i noldln* and a hoal of '<th?r aril iaalMMir 'M "> m?i ll"u. arlilob Ut in apprwcialnd mnal ba aaaa Ha> poal ??, rain or dune. Cauiofuaa M iha Wmaa m Hoaiay IVAkli W'HKMi'H /?UriluKKK?-l?r K. * P. a OURN< K. S3, v ?..?.i uracw rbl* rajr, J una 1 at 1*K " *>?*, a??o?d aala of aLiaa, braudt**, ?fa. M Ar Ac , 'rim the aiiiek of aa lautrUnf Maaa, la ?* ' orvaCnamb'v. ?l? * Robin A Oa^MaqMfe, ?rl?*>ehc * Ui , Ma.-r-U A ?V>, rhoa B>a? * nfaaa hraadMa Hvunj ahcrrj, Ollrara Ma< cira, Pnru, kin pa4i Alan**, mm. am. whlohey, Ac *<v Ala?v (a d-ml Mb,ali Magna <%ari?hrandr. Coi'wi vIimt ari proprietor*; Vmr*. A? fc?d*aui rbrirma aad >M Bourbna aad iorwm Mkrla ?Ma4c) ?r?r cliMlac 'W" aWe Mock ar* aball of tar aaaaaT a Utf* atork n a lo Called Rtalaa hordnd arac*. k i?a?a *c pcoy>ri3 t* aamr irra. Tama ?k, Bala noi ra, rate or akin* BUW > kl< ?4.,h..M;a. <U IIOWahK-HT K A r. H OHKW'Tl. Ikla da*. Kk loau al I oat-ieh. at Mr aakMM Na*aan am* a roaa knw. * J Pari od. 131* kaa* Mgk. aaraa c?i ^r'xnI) a<><ind. kind aad Vcalls (a ?' ! **J. a ir?? rat* >ra??IW, baa br?a u-?d aa a lady'a aadWie barer aJan, a phw<-n In pcrlcci ninalaf or^cr, ?rith anlaaM akaiW na*- by Mil. a (an a art o'alnrl" and don h la Mraaaa, *l?ar awiw*. IvM , srldla. xiankcta. Ac . being IM Mi aalahllaba aiji of a i>nU-iaau lca?in? tha aMT. alao. e??wel awe mnkawafa. rnul and i >p ra^ai Alao, ab?? M iflM* M?k. frara old, ra'nuilM p?r(lrilj -nnnd, ktei aaa fm'lr ID ??>n mj. I*o ????r*l Uro cd *a4 aa, iaakawk|, mad aad >oo vacoaa. all rn, and bultl h* Mi bat awl?r? Alan, a bar b.ira*, 7 jcara old, M lianda Mgh, kraha for alar > and d >ii?l hantaaa. naSa, ?l(lk>< a alltl MKKK? HI I At, H. WWk"* Oa 'H*a; and nalnrdar Jnna S aad *, al HA. aaM da; al ibdr aalwiw Ao Ml Naaan Haat, A anMattaa af a??r tarn hu?<<r?d laa ml pain'lajo. mlMtai k| ma af tb>- n,?t I |.L???, darlaa Ike laat la* im ftimM aiiiI r If Mhara imnlnlniikc klvk hIam ' mwtpT?< a?i jf?a ht Alaa, KfM ?wnin-aa * Wd-rn 1 Morf. 'raooh fU d *T?5l* w tleher eehnole n>.r? ara k)ao?-T?T?i m** MMl parte ptaaar^aly Anmu irMi Tba nuaiotrna *U mmmtm NP iaanip'tooa IM palnuu?a, wub tba rtlMa' vmm a mw 90 wbtcb w m> otna fcara, na itaooit. 1MU. MM, MefclWrg I')1 hfiuM). Paiar R anlha, Hi?|irt, Unflttaa Da Hmi* <"anl'r.|, mapubank riirptm nn. mlaa. %dMil?a T l'""n -iharp Vanoaman. Ba'iln. n lltmlWL IMMU I a-.fa tlaaawork fewaaa. and au; Wtm W? ba1'a ao?xH-?".if? wl auialatira hi uuu?> tb M> tea rtrOim I Htf Irtonila a I w tn>?rt >r ara ln>lMd InaMaad tea ??? aa |i will tt rtelnlj pat Iba trunblaofa ?VI* TW tit I* ?litnl ?nj narmlln vtalnnr, tba aawi 4apa*tM( abnrtH ' >|f i* V t? ** *?!. i wtkjrit, al'o0 Wnawwa, ndll wit at an<- i <n, Frtdar, 'nna ft at t>W o'fdnak ?. , at th* rttrf lllr.# H4 I?n? airval b.iwaan Ura-n ?m aa4 Raiaa mmru r?n-ral h nwboM fnrnltnra rlifc rMWX park* *n1> In brutal* I. maawu-H (Km* 0 **. m\h iK,'li? > da'o'i h-lra ablaa Nirvana mirro-a, rnr y Hi aaai I an<1 \n*r -U rafpa'a. otpl.xba rbln*. erirkrrr. l^aaaa in "nU?ry and kl"-k> n 'ttanal a, kt. *J "'dar of lllAHil IKKIIN'M. fttiit r of Juki Jianyhi. lit ;taa>< ?AhH, All TIW<K'? -?Al.K or MCi.KMIMU f rarlwe t wnlmr?, a> tb' r-?td?nva, a' r<nr a-n k sww*. t Waab will a II ttrta .-a , Jnaa 4. at I' H o'rtoa.k, at Iba Ibi" hnnaa. l>? a?<a' *ailf and latcirfl'vai r riitttra f nw) daaialaibxi rtbvr ?' .nn.nn 'hia a??aon tba aala v wbtab wflba ?h?>l?l? tat la* bltbaat bkw? an a d*p<?alt ra qafrad aarab??ara m-anr* lb* all?a*j of t*a < .>!?, btrk aaai ba rvwo'n l.aia-dUt-1? tnni >ba ura>nl*aa tkf fa?ba?a 0m Wr- ?n j,?r n4 -apt?oil< r????rok| pi?.<o tela, *onl afxi an*~T laaar and ? ???m pi** and ia*nt?l ai>iai,n?* Aiabntif and \iih.ia??n narpfta.f >iif InllaniK nf maannad aarkv himk" b? m-?t ?i-k?hi d?wripi*ia two la asbrrtirw br *x<a 7 "aeb. one la erlm-na and oaataba* afci'b. ' h-?aal winnl m *>-r a, r?nr 1 air mr tn nui and (>?<-k?, alb m li>p?; brnr* a and la? 0itr**lra ; I'k.bI niaranod centra and pl^r *aM-? wte faraaw- and ?.a''i?f ' p? pnaaw .id ? tefel to iaa>? iddapao t?p*a r ; l iirkuk nd l?ml'd 'In. fllaik a?f k?r a and m na'ila-ia wit bia'oto in?*. aibli abirha mouirrd <p * ih 1: -i'-fini Eirn?"*r aid tVaadi a Tar ?. wtib a ?>a lf?l <w?l'artbtti of nil in mm Ma; rar? ?ad al'ia la ?nbj-wa w.inby "f a i~Ma> a*>aMMa; til mi 'h n >al rrm and ? flitnxw; bnin->, at4 tewy. avl anla'tr pnruw (.rtt .nn-n-a nf m'f; daarnptmn Pteaf FMtM aiHt rbavrt^rt f.11 mi l ?J?np?r??l? e*rr>* rm* *ty> 1 m4 ? bra aw-.d. mar< l? <n< waahalanda ?ou 22*atea >0 mwb, ntt'<inl dr a?ln* tirma. 'In-tl whb *??d, #tnni a?'an Inn ta 'a; it wj a d <mt*t *aMnI; ac. dlrtna -?; i a dl t ; rryw pn' ? a? t. "* . a# rp.wy (fwrr n vwt rlab nll??f w?.a, ma'bla ?t ? _.^*fa*- ''b^ary and m-rry ar bo k raaoa ; la (? and albp. "" tete IN 0 a. bnj, , d hf ldluj, ek'm aid f?r^d-n T; aval and f hkb ?*%'ra, wl k a lara rart*. ^rtt" aan?mf ftirn'-nr- <f a.-ary draorip'fon, ?* *"??' ardar. fcarhta b?a iw?d "!' ? ?b wt l-?? aa aa b?| >/li? baai darflrlpixw ataf ?ar <mi? af 4a bona* *n p <a>poo?faaat <te iLM M ?BOTI?L^ EX PR WW WA(.U? AUinioK-*" ?' A* 11 o'clock, at S! D?y *rnM ??" " r SUdJ??,' buin riprnM i)n, nearly o-*" ?' ? . ? bkhiw bidder a)?i bnirffv ?uou *n?i hmit <*>*? . u, c. OMO?r A , x i*ick /I iLbkKT 8 8?V?U*, aUUTIi??M1* ? UIBH .dd. (jr HAUI.IY A H*T*UR will *? M1"* ?*, Si Ce^ar r rl^??, June & ** W< * " 1 "Pr Jf"1*!*. f*?n* H<>o< s, rw>r?ra?onnaw? mao'lUaa a?d*kawU, h*-flwar-, Sbpf fiWdpo.krt.ndta'ln C"U?r; a an ok nt b?u?*?e->era' au4 bonte turn tablnf loud* to oii-a aooocwa. alr?? C'NvU, riv bona, H ?-laht><p(p?* 'Hani -randf ?" ??*? ..f '.randy HU4KT H LKKiJHt AUOTIOKWII^-U U LKK.W A CO. wiH ??M bt tMNJB- ?? *>>u-??af. Juo* 4. at 11 o'clo* at tbw t?ll?-rW 'J**-"J aUvM, elegant ail patn lag*, briii# ib? u if a e n II- ottoa of a rtntlaaao oanoj ik* ouv kttirri <5 aa ? *?* and Krruel arttala Aoaoag ihrm will br found tk? worka of Carter, WllU*aa<ia. Bel owa, ??ua. n- Bahar. Va/aune, ftnH*. ilar?4?r. Owper. MorHa, Mn'Ur. Wlllrra. Miiallo noun Pa/alt, Rof| n itl <'orreck> Baiwbar, ?i. ''otnaln and ntber .iK*nr?? n7 r <r* oieHt and w"rtk| tb? nf knjnra Al*o in ik#i irada aid olk>ra. a1 out SaO pioturaa It gilt Iramra, betn< aa au'tre ln?i4rw Ju?l rt-orl??d from Pari*. to t?? aoid positWely wl-hoat rw*?rv?, by or*?r of ubip irrr onraprWlng imif plot urn* In nil on caavaa, (laaa oacrl aad |Ui> p uite'a, tad oihrra of tga-na, lancaca ra, marine*, li tnrlora fruit, a ranrty of o'kir *uo jaol* of all aiara <4**1 Mo* aad d^wwlpiloua, by llbwabaaax. PuaUvlr prr ordnur 14 J< l? aad 'Hilar* Alao, a uumber of tea Fraatb and knali*b picture* by flrtl olaaa artiata Tboy will be ready Ihr t-ulbl ioa oa Tueeday June! <ritk o*U iHin ffENKT H. LKK1W, AU<-TloNII*& ?11 H MtkIM A (TO will Mil b* aufftioa oa Prtdat, J una &, at 'I o clooa, at bo i Lr Roy place, KUvckrr atmnt, p?|- mi.lmary. fu?tl Lure, in -UfLM<ir- atnek af Miiim fTrll. n nMJiliiur ul thread and roti-l Lao**, bonnet* of ? %, hip. w?w and Ijfg bora; Krvneb Bo'Wi, stand*, b 'M and all ihs natiaJ atyle* of spring aad summer millinery aIvi carpels aait of parlor fnrn'tnre maewo <d oo?ered * bine hmoatel, made to ardor; mirror* Lablaa. oUIrl abow oiml ooonta a. Ao.. wtthomt re Y H. L.KKW), AUOTIORRKR.?H. H. L.KRO* * CO. will tell by mdni on Tharaday, Jnae 4 at lfl)4 oVks-k. at Ho. ?6 Rest ffhm eenth afreet, war (r?inf olane elegant boo* ebold furniture, all made tn order e MUW ? a richly earrt-d park* auk of roaewoo-t oorered wt'h or man* at k brooatel; faocj chair*. anrtroiderad Ilk broeatel; ma* rood etrgr re do.: *a vat 17, bankc?e. rnrai oalrnira, Hob frame*, ebony pedestal* WMBfd la ormolu: btbl ?enr?t barging etegara gaa <*ad*?l?ere and braokeia. marbie bnat and pod ratal orlmaoo atlk bmaatal window curtain*. la* do , tapaatry carpet*. Diane room? RitemUon table of oak ehaira do., corered wHh r>wa; reoliotag chair*, ailk o?*en>; oak bullet, 3 damask window nitrtaiaa, Hruaa <U carpeta, c'ucka and manirl onMMito. Hedrnoma?Mahogany Pr-ntb bed au-ade, wardrobe*, drra<inf bureau*. black walnut 0-0Ire ta blea, Voltaire cbaira. mirror* "aoe a*at chair* lane ooralna mahogany ami tar7. boo room aalt* In black wsinut, bed* mattrmara, Iron bedstead bedding, nak ehatr* blaok walnul arcrelary, china, (Unaware, Aa., oJuiotha, ball aland, aad other desirable fure'inre. WlJmnt r?a??re. HKNBYH LRR1M, AUUTIONHKR.?H U LRK'WAOO. will sell b* auction 00 Ha urdey, .'une (. at o'c'ock, at the a ore ho 23 Naaaan atrtw t elrgint household lurn'ture removed for oonvrn enne of sa'a, consisting ot elegant bit k walnnt carrrd ami, In greaa reos: rosewood, la brooatel. plush, Ac.; mahogmy arm cbaira. In halre'oth; marble too oentre and fide ta 'Irs; ?>k t-enfet mirror* plnr sad uiA-itel glaaae*. f ruaaela tn grain and t el ret o*rp-t? da a'-alr c vpeu. oilcloth* *tatr rod* and a gene al a?aorim?nl of boiuehold ftirnlture all of shiah will be sold ?ith?u' re*er?e. HRhRT B HKKTR, JK . A t'HI'lOM KKK ? M HcKTH 4 MOS8- Sheriff" sale or al-rge stock ot Jew-lrj and fancy gooda, on Thurtdai. June 4. a' lfl? o'clock, at the **! room*. No. Pine airert, coiMbllng of usatbsr ponmonnala*. egar casea, re?loule\ tra?tlHn? b?*?; * ? > *hawl plna. b?'t*. broacbea, chain*; alio white good*, collar*. sleeve* cbetnl u-tta* Ac.; also a fin- lot of gold jewelry watchea, rings, pia?, earring*, rata of broaehea. chains studs, aieera button*. Ac. Terms oaab. Uataloguaa at aalc. Bjr order of JAM 0 WJULRT, Sheriff. r??i>. L. VcLraa, Pepnty HRNRV T. I KKltH, AUOTIi,NfcRR -Rll.R OP MlJPrt rior, rtcbly carved roewwoo 1 pari ir rurnl tire, raluahle roaewood pianoforte inlaid wltb pearl. *ulu of roaewood In rl ib *atln brocatel largt and costly P?rW and Pre ich china rases, r cb'y d' <-oraicd royal relret rarpeia. ol painting*, ata tnrs. Ac . at 10.^ o'clock, at the eatd"nee of T. A. koIii tmltb. 116 Went Kiln-rath alr??t, on Friday Jim 9. HKNKY T. L.&VUM "ill sell ma above all he furnttore, moatiy madew order vlr.Koung corner carved Wooa plaaotorte, richl y earvrd leg*, anp-rior Instrument In se btr. a abort lime; t*o roaeaottfl t<TUT ?>aiida, two roaA?ood -Ugertw, with nilrror doors and b&ckf, m&rMe tnp?; ?bom tw< hundred va da m royal velvet ca?p? t: a!?o. three oly and Ingrain throughout the hoiue, pier Kinase*, bear; lace and brmtini curtain*, a<>t>n of very richly earvrd parlo- furniture. eovered In *r?*nnh satin brocaul, made to orn?r; Tu-kl?h armchair* rrrnpiinn dn., r- Pfwnod marble top eeotre. side and ?of% 'ah lea; eecre tary hooki-aar costly frameanil palirln/s Haria'i and biaquet vaaea aLd nan'el ornameuta. chtmher furniture oo ati'tn* of ro?e? < ud marble tup drear ing bureaus and waahstaud* soft ebalri, rur-k> ra in Kalr cloth and bmcatel, ?ch jalnl <1 ahvlna rosewood and mah>g*u> bed* ead-. pure curled hair and apt-Ice mattresses. fl.owg and bolster*, bedding toilet sew, Ac; dining nmm net a Inn table, a large a- d choice naaort ment of o?|i>a and g a-a a'l-erplale; alio, aqnantity ot orncg erv and kitchen furniture, Inunrx clock . gas ttitures Kale peremptory, without regard to weather. Catal gaes at the botiM) A dc|>-?lt^rtll be >eq?lr< d from all purnhawr'a secure the prompt pavmrat of the bl'U. artful carm-nln attendance lo pack and ahlu If ueeded. To uerstos lu want of a tplend'd piano they will do well to attend. Habdwabb aocrioif boticb.-jko. b. va* ANTM r kP will sell oa Thuraday, .'una 4. at 21# Pearl street, by cvalogae, aa assortment or seasonable hardware; also, to pay advances positively for cash. K Porter'I patent rifles. 40 caaka wrought naila. 2 000 lbs air steel, 90 aheeta east steej, 43 ream* ssnd paper-, also, for aneount of underwriters; 1 ossk Kp?ar A JadKsoa's saws, aesorted, sUghUy damaged oo the voyage JOHK LLOTD. AUCTlOPIBB.-JOt'ff LLOTIW SONS will aell u- day. June 4. at 10K o olock. a' their aalss room, Mo I lletoa rtall. astor pl*oe. near Broa^way. an assortment <jt aeoood baud Furniture, rem >v- from 282 Seventh avenue, * bleb baa lei uo noraae for the last two year*, aod will be sold for th- beneflt of wh m It mav oonoern, no tsi*ting | In part of mahogany drtnalng bureau, sideb-artL hair eluta sofa, writing d-sk, rosewood Dtano s ools. toUM tables, Ac Bale positive, and no poaitxmetBeot TOHB IJiOTII. aUOTIOuKKR -JOHN LLOTU'8 ?l eoM8 will s-U this t y, Thursday, June 4. at lu Eighth stree , near > mirth avenue. at k>K o'ol nk, household furniture, oonal ting la part of roiewojd, ma hogany mod black walo it f.ireliure, embracing parlor utts. oovered to plurb and lin*jtW, nam nwiwin 7 wiukk piano; ta?eatr>, Hrnwli an>i In/raln narpe'a< ? ! *, trie a to ?a rockera H7 ?nd remp<lou chairs. with mirror backa marble lop pier. a"fa and orow labiea, boikcaaes, mirrors, epgrarings palntinra, Ac.; belateada, biiraui, traahstanda wardrobes, paiai Ira/ mattreaaoa, Ac., lugitiW trlLh a 1 wge 01 of kltafcrtn utrnalla and will poaiUral be sold without ra nw MR RITI.RR, ACt7TltiNKBR.-PUIU.I0 AltMlMIM tra'or'a Mthof a(n?*) or* n? Thnrslai. June i at 10H o'clock, on lh? premiers, oomer at Tw?n ? ninth (treat and Iruth airnw, Ike rffrots of Mlnha*l W. Mnjtinn'gal <le erased, coortatln* o< a aepanki assignment of gr-x-enes. teaa. ooO-e, spices, stirar, omlaaiaa, raisins, candles. ml rttrch. (I nr, farina raddle- lealea, weights. ? ; also, leaae of premlser, aooa'er*, shel-tag, gaeB'tures awulng to Term* caafc. I'llAKUKM A. MAT. Public AdiaiuMraor. Moetoauk mai.ic op hoap (rro^r?tirtukop a chattel I will leU at "Uitionoa rbursdar, .'? ? 4, at las a M . at No. Ml Weal 1 hirtteoih rlr-et, N. T.. M too* aoap atooa M SlIi'LKY Jn, Arorvey for mort gas er, odaa aarlne ' 'ourl MUkllMI.I tftl.K OP ? LAKliK Ml' UP ?<0'Utl) baud boua< ho d funtltnre, itar ?a labe, raairs, 4t lurra, Ac *Ae., and n? w and second land Hra*<?la th-er ly and tntnun carpet ng ?A W HiaTAi,** .ue'lonerr, ft Bow?ry. * 111 sell thia dar ?ih mat ai II ?'cl<?k. tie con aula ol a farnhnr? aiore. ooBalailog of, table*, ao'a* b ir an, bc?alea-ia, ma ireaaea all m *rble lop taM?a. oil palnliugt, iron safe mirrors aud looking glaeeea dr?gg?ta *0 MORTOAf'IC NaI.R OP MQITORR, 4IOORRIMI A*0 a-gara ? My ?trnteof ae chattel mnnga* * I trill aril at pu lie aneM >a on Prlday Inn<5, l#A7 at in\o'rl?ik A M at t Itiarerv a larte stock of gr.rwl?s, 0 ntiaUug of 17 half und i|it*r er ckr.ts of gr>-?n ami blank teat, bag" of o> (fee, 10 barrel* rf whl r a d brown mgar* M boiet ahi-<?. 9 bar'|l? aw laaaea. 21) boiee prone*, noire ana", c*nll-t s'srrk sal*ra'-i*. cream ar<ar, b-rrr a of d'>ur. rice a-td btr ley boxes spiers, mu>ta*d. pteklsa, strdin an-' ?weei Ml; ore Ax'tires tgh's Ae.. Ac. My order of II P. O'ltneo, attornei for aKirifaaee. AUo at II n'ekaik, roeateble'a aale of a large and eiten?lre lot cf iiuportrU an* <*o?aatto Uaua ra, c-maia tag of 21 r.< th and nnarUr caakauf raipiiar and Utard brwlln. II aaakaof Matielia. port kiwi ahrrry mea. 3(1 naata hi julm nuait liao nlar*. and p-*1 arlee; W caaea c<.gn?r brag I, llrw* bay 11 1, alan, BdrBa^l bn? of ra-Ion- llguora. 11 'aak-ta >f lmport>-<] MMI ??, uf cllfl-rrnt braada. 4 oaaka lamataa mm, gin ad alr?4nl. and arl "ia other article* m the line, a'ao If (III imported and enmertir ae^ara?the wbtde 4 vbrall 111 be Mdn In |n-? m ?ult who eaa<e and retail dealers By ord?r oC J. Prlrdmaa n*?n. e^natable a If BlaraI.ak, Sartloaeer ta bond, K eighth eases brandy RK<?rLAft aUtTIoH SaLIW Bf All HtiaW. CTRRT eteming thla tae-h. at; H a'plock. at MIS Broadway c-mi tnalag a i-o.?l stoek -4 geutlemea'a firulaluaf sooda. alto t ..f straw bats, napa, tad lea' paraaols, enllars, ho-W,. Ae . la lota h> sul CUIliiJi Ulafas bt.liwAssA MI ailkk *11 ilia O var.oAoe *t P1u?, ouraer of WllUam atrwat. -Friday.Jiinr k. at 1SK o'Clonk at Ikr >11 1 * ? ' brfarsa, Ml.finp alt aer wm bonds of the nity at Ah<?. rndeamabl* "st o' Harnh. 1471 Aiamt pataki* nrialb J|ank 1 a l*a Hatrovo Haa ttaak Hew T'irk? ' 0U> eaeh TW a <y txasds are aaw bald ss aat M?l aamr.rilt rni'TKHA * OUiiHUil apwial *n<*?na ami**. It* wlD ??ll om rrl"?? Jn ? A. At nv auou"? 9t Hrm4 <rmr. >h* *?i|p* baia?e* <4 ?n*e at H?a4* IB*I? ?ta|, H* <w4*r nt OoaMaOaA of ? W ?ara?tii* <4 (In- mail- *?>? * l? *?o4k A Ion hj of tb- f?nk r* m rina* a* MAai*, rmty Uf? imra**! f c'n'binA nl p?<i|p** ri-lnj, and wt aall tic rptirnia/ m-.iium .4 tb- iradp an. nf Mtn to ihla a*i* Ida itf UUM nfip?r<?Niiy kl> MM? Ttia uJr ui s# ???rr kat wM far tut vltteki ?v ftitrikit A ?W|., wmt ?*?ir?, W MnHW|. T*I1< H U IfO M APftDOV I nitrt bbrrHTa **ln i4 f* H pv"T pa n?hnar ?, in , IM? rtai ith.ip-.u A. M , Ak 'A* m m Nt. |A . prIH? Sill < l>g u* * lafC? quarni t nt bw ?ikI r?#? p*r?r aut lo?* Am) p?<? In-M hp- ins ? /*. Aa aIm> inw? m ->r?w*iB* nt* ?M?. IP A. P I'Riittll, I p?n'? xh?n(T r|H<? P. Tfcil H At i 11<i/? AH ?AT 'K* ItU. IA A HUv 1 r?' ?pb?p " ??V V .*, |i k< A6 , OB tTAf. J 'nA A, w W*> rb t , * , aiib* r irtinr ?f nr>*?mth nr??t and ft? fini*?>pv?? mt<4 a I * .4Ki?i -lltk kt .ti -'A*Mi -A Wii.i,p.T, Hbnrtff U'M H A A *. AUITIONK* H -rt.LKMfti <m ;? " Na??aii nt-xi i - Will i-il na hp lay inn* A . *t ln% o'co?b. ' t>7 t.a ' l>l?ti>? ni ml 1 hnr??* Ittft* I ?< pm>, ii',A? ?'?<.inrn.i t pimd I * . m ran abnm iwn i'?f?. ! - b- pp! wl'l r.f b* ?>p*l jranl. ua ohlna apn a ' OH.r .l?-l III* ?lh|.< HUrllnl -*|. ,.n*i |p?. -aa? bp III Iff ?p . ? ' ?. h- ~UU? iHM.a Ihr in -Ptiliui nl Wk \i/ r. - ow k< ri"fl?K* -h?. tr. a ok.i/.h a ft , i. _ ,.m.- A, Alii H ? WIWA. ! MMMPnit.aa IS k>< l? H?r? n.? IVMKH'P A- i?fc>r % -UIH" wla .f mi'li'I'ii ni hi p .mi'ipim rarpim, mr pup* V. nnin* ih? pi l'p- h in m l?.r'> .if |p?iilnnitn lH?-lnf tfta nity ?n.i o n k'> n *i-p. ?p?y Hup Hi im> l> ami ingpuln ntrMi %n>l h?lr ? ?l t>?P' r . iii'i-r trill* nf pipitinl pa-'.ir fiirul ui?. flr? ..ii It., r-ipb pit, pi?r ?B'1 m?ii'i? ni'rnip*. r?b j . l !? .?, n.iKm in kn flu' (U-? fvr ir iri ai.rt biitri hm < ? Ip" , I r?-t>cb nbln tn? vun, .at ! I.* N*i? "> t p( o.pp ?! . ? bmkfwn r?-*jirl ?t-gip?w vLiri* t~? ii Ji ?Bii nm mon' h-?l<!>?ii4, bii-atn?,i a ?b ! ? n pb < Ip i a-??r-l phrhif < ? pih?? n?k'ln .hn . ?..n? iii?in ?! * m tin m-?r I- ,>V". <?top ?itfirM i ' a'p^a miiur mi. iivl plain mlprupa tM*m r?'i ij'.a ? ' pi.-nuip* fpuhrp b?w1?, Ac Tba ?bol? 4 hi* b a 1*1 p ?-i it.'i H*. mil apiiAfim r ?-r.a, b, <vi|? mfipiMi * '^p * mA* a p pmhuU I laviiwl ilan m*rm ftB-b.i i ?? p'pp1 a 'Mvvla nan b-i bfitpd Av aM|i Ba "HI' \A M w I I < 1|ilk tr.t a-?rn I, p? L'lt ?Hi " ih t I i '"hi k al ?A4 '*?? d B f? n , ikn hUpi* baa i an it hum. 'nptiiliil*. Al, i< a familT In* tin* IA? rt % r tuipili * "> pp'ior f. aiB'i'#P'???i an.1tlinh-iif.ipn' liirp Ap rn?*i iai'? '-? lb--* pit B"? utk-r o?pp-v nllrlo.b. ? w* mipr** Itp fwiim aifm nba.p . lanlaa, vttpil r-.i -? ?p ?..iit. lb- AUxnilcB nf r?aiii?* pad iHbtipi ohm rami* bt -vlua NBW YORK HKltALD, TH IALKH AT AUCIWI. WM. WITTRIW. aUTIO. NKK-WII.L aKia, Of PRIda) J?iir ft, al <>u? u rli<cfc at 4*4 <'autl ? r*?l, lh? n?a U III o? ? lr?isr wurr. OOllxl Ull ??U !?' ?<B? and ( *>oa. atuaa duiB"U I Hu#? pm?. if" J ??l iIm. o"*iiu *o., a alao t a aaanca hand boa aaina ? ? i ? in- w?<.>n?. Uj I urd.rot JaX. PlCKHr, wirn?M. j uH)k uvurovi. iu? cmtai nitiu iui *?* P ainanuiblp OOLPMHI* Hrvr) wnantaadttr vtO teyw vitk (to- r bum) nw* null* rot ftur<n? uoamvato oa <to*w ! ta?. J nor ?, at II (Veiiw* M rraa tow Wmb at toa toot of , ?J atnwt >Of (might <r pawgr hart Of aaaqnaltnd M?a noda/toa* fnr ?ilr**uor and oitnfori. auyli Ki 1 H?waK1? K UOtUltS, to Watt anai raaain^an <Ui plwuw ha oa board at11 Vainaft A. M ' Ail totuca atua* paw tkmaifc to* *nai ?toa* ? >* naaa* , ?tll to- rntanwd Noliiw ?1IV nwi ot tfcta Ma* ?a*a *Ma*toto? anaawaa* | The Ataaito, uaiiuOo Oitrar lUrnp, wilt aau ua tat Mk 1 /Jim. aud tir HalUo. Oaatala J J ftotrtoat oa ton 1Mb at iMtw No ?iu?oa* haatHma aparod to ?*k* toaat to a) -a*|Mie<a aa ?uud aa avw- The Ikwrart oaamtoaMnr at?? >k?a vmn* iMt axMl* of ?rw?iir> knuwIM 'PMK ..IIKHnNii. ANII NKM Vl?H? AMl? PltlUAOlli' I phto Bt?abtp Onmnaay'a 'Ird* hnlH una avow auaa mrfr Or KALiTlllultt. tjH tout. ua#t a. LMtioa I ' OITV or WAHH1NUTUN. 1,MI una Oapi W. WjUa OITY OF MAK<HKttTRB. 11<* Uiaa ....OapL P. <1 Patito UJUAmw. i.o/? una <wpi jonroj ? ?BMranMdL or other mwlt, are telaariail in Mil mi Am Inwwvnuf uvumok OHjoc wimmm. ruiiiip Msr a OKy Ha Umur* (ur Kaujaroo) " Jaw 1 tuiwno ? " If Ohy of Waahlagtoa. " Jul* t i imd ?wr aliernalr Wudm-wlay. I nam awm tou. I ijt) uf *uuiM. namlaf, Jim U Ofty of Baltimore M * ft , limarau " Jul} ? i ttj of Wuktaka " ? | ind Mnrjr tl'inufai Thtirwdav. Kitbi or (Uaui Pihim.- Piw It* (a> ?t flUMi i>hla. V7I Frun Ur^rpoo) fl kuIdim, IT (uinflM iui<1 If ata>**i. arcermm 10 Uiv acoomiandattoo In the auwerooma all aarnjr >hr av priTllifn ia the aalona?Including ateward'r Tmm Uidi Puaaauana.?A limited uumber of third oiam ^iaan|ntii will be LxJkrn, and found In aa miieb pruriaimui as raquir- d Kroaa Philadelphia and *<i? Tort WD llr?rp?rt M (WtiAratrw of fwwn will bo laaued horn, ta parties whi are iladnHi* of hrtuguig out their friooda. at oorrmpondlo# raiea Tbear Miiun are oooatruated artta improrod <rater-uxa> oapartmeoui Kacti reaael oarrtea an eiperlenoed inriana and nrw7 attention paid In the nraalhrt ana aneommndatloe of MMM Draft* am Urmyoat from CI oamutta. All gnoda aeat In the aoraia will be forwarded with ?ao? il?*spiuoh For freight ur paaaaae apply at the offloe of the oumpanj JOHN DALK, Is Hroadway, New lor* amni, if WW fWMAN Nna I and lit Tnwer RnlMlatm Urarpoot Ijtoh I IVfcRPuOL?DRRA^NuOUHT LINK ?THft r eelebrated ollpp rahlp HHOOKT ?>avla# be?n unarnl la bit de?a'r?l, ?III aatl no Ttinredaj. 4th trat For ptqjo ap pi., on board, pier 8 North rim , or to F. If PICi ARWT, 40 Huuib alf^e . curaer ? ! ?Up. H?1 W>T Y AOK Kl ruh LI V*R1?U? >L^-?Allvt mihtlAl 1 be B'acfc Ball Uue paekei ahlp H < kt Va8T (JU'iiN. ilapt Ynnnf 'or iiaaufe In flails, anomd nahln and rneer ' - L ii t.. AD AIIOitH l.a dnnlk ^ t|P, m UI1 IIDMViorr u 1. ifit ? i OTKAB Pt* ANII MKK?1.~TM? * VlNIPl O <v-rt iteamahip i n Hi an /i. i ttaker. "Ill "**11 from aier37 North n?er tor Sonthaaiptoa, l<ondoa ud rtremen, at Wedareday, June 10. Pare la oral cabin, M: aecond o%htn, MO. HMrwt. >' vppWtnWn.DHOT * InllIN Nn Ph1w?> mrr+t If. R.?The Argo ?1U anooead the Indiana and will tail Jnpy X j i kAjt Mi uVtftriMi. -THk .itUhnUll' utTT Of O WAflHINuTOH will aal! tram Now Tort am thalUhbf Ion*, nil V. prectaeto. hi* la oabtn, W?: Uilrd olaaa, IB. for phmi* fro* or * w'w poo* w>'? to *ARVL A '* * np 177 Bieadaay \OTlflK.?TaPWOOIT'8 LINK OF UVKRP<M>1, PaiIIC el* ? P>rki 16tb of Iuna. ?Th? wlflirurt pankrt "hip mi?r-l.>Sli X. Cunt Partnaiee. will p'mlilvrjy mil aa abore for pMup .111 r?bi?, ?^y?nd oabin nli* Manor, aopl> <> imtMl, pier 47 Ual rlfiT. or m T a PM *>TT A i"v tft Ro'ifh at <I?IM tfftUiK* via HUUTttAarrtM -THI UNITS* P Max* mail eteeaMhlp WAMW1NUTOB ik>??l) nauilw. will ?tl) ft* III?? u?iirbtn? at dnathampto* o land the malla Bad uawnKuni for Kagland and Pranoe, m Wnnlar, Jnae U. at 11 o'clock M., rno pier tt North Hfir r?K'? or rtatM saoa *wm rou to inmitarn* oa mil a am oaitla mala aalona 41* a Bnloabla, lower aetata Ill a eecond eabln 4a erparteoead iw|m la attantoed to eaah rteaiaer. 8pe aa delivered la Uarre or Umdoa. 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DIYll?K*H.-AltAWTiO Bank, l?*w Tn?I, JlTl*? 1 UW.-Th? tx>?'d of P4r?c nr? haw ?hli day declared a dlrtdrad o> ihr^? uul rati k?|f (SJO |>-r ewrt, ptjiabWi as iM Iter ihr '2t lu?t Tfc# Irannfrr & *>fc wlU b? aluw?4 frots IM* in (tw- tyih <nrhi?trr ORO n AiiTHfTR 'Taahtar Flfi^NPR l>H? Rr*KNT-<X?*PTKi>I.I.KIl*8 OKPr .)< fo fi H?'l of H?"ot"*a ? Now fork. Jum S WW.? HaUnt ? th?.men ?-im)'oj??J in cl**auinv at"??,??Hw UcBPToller wl'l ? t'l* ? b 'r* "? -fprri ao* car IH"? who bare l?td li?*u? i|tl|iM W Koaa R?yn->l >?, contractor (tar th? following vanla on Frltla . Jnuftt, at 12 o'clock at doom aa -o|to??:? Tijr wd in h*- r, nre-*r>th and tW'ait^flniii W?ria. at K???? nx-rawi. "Ih? mnti employed I o thr T vnnuwb Mara at th? rooiptro|lpr'? nfRcw 1hoa-? ? bo hav* Unkt<A nut yM rniumed 10 ihr <!<>trnu-.'.ur will pnnrat U?> u? ?i it?? U?? of n#> u> n-fM Nmw of tko raj?iwit ?f uu oibnr wards wil be pri??"fi bt-rmilrr A V. "liVJ *. l>v* plr1!1 r. IRVJNU IHVld 'H INNri'lL'TlUM. NO M WAKHKK lr*-et niwr ilr**?*nwtrh ?? pnn dully, fhmi 10 A M to I *. M . 'nil from 4 U> 7 On Mon la a, TlinrwUy< and rtetiir4aya tn creat at tba rai? ?t *> pnr on sum* from tl to $4A W tl.TKR W. ?V>N 'KUN. Praridaat. f. U Huiiofl. S?HTf*r* f|f|Ma or rtm fitHWIjA rum Wafrnt a?u ? f Ohtoaga Railroad rVMnpaay Mo tf VlUtaa ainwl, Kn? 'wt. Mar tl, IKQ -Hotm.-Thla ooaipaiij hAran?AbUKhiWI A MM ? Ittlarr at ho. M iVuhaoi urrmi, (wwond rtour,: ir Um muaixr iM idKir >uioa aad Um traaaaauno of Bnanwal Mln? I'u* iwt>* *tu ?? kkhij tit ib? opaolax or ihr "anafw bnnka ^tonkbolnrni maMmt In Nnw Turk, and othar ?rtl?? |ni?r?iw1 oau <>ntatn a rtwwi.t fnll nMnit o? tka ivaa wf'a alW-? ? appUiwlloo at tbia .Voa ?infk?*M K If. I II<ICKT<U< v?* rpweidaoi OM'UJC or 1'HR ILUKmIb CHnTRaL RAlUOil) ' mupiuiy, New Vork. April 2, 1HS7.?No km la hereby ?i?.d thai the l)li*c.nn? "f lht> IIHuola Otmlml Railroad (lorn uai-y have reunited to liirreai-e the onpllal atook of the ootn pauy frt m one hundred and arvrn'y thouaand tarna to tiro hundred aad hfty nv?- thousand aLarua. whk\h new ahartia ?U1 b> almiti-d to Ui<- hi.Mrr* of the preaaut atuck at theuloalng uf ike ttoka on lb. jrb of Juuenen. aad to moll peraona ai ay be<*me atockhold-*ra by the conversion of optional ri*ita *bich rplrt on the tint dm of January, I8M, in the propor ion of i ne aharn or new 'lock to two aherea of old atook. Tne 'ranafnr hook* will br el and on the J ah 'ay of J una next, and re-op>-u??l ou the lat 4a? of July next. Th?* Iv'<?r<- "f iht |ir.-?rnl aua-k ?ra f ^ulrod ItNMMOM ihirc ol iw vimbrr of iharea to which they ma) be entitled on .he ial oaj jl July, 1?#7. and 10 pay an tnat-Iment of >tn pel tbarr ih. ' tpiiuual rltthta for the remaining two Uiirda will be laaued?one half convertible Into the atoek of the oomi pany. on or before the lat day of Ke ruary. 136s. and the re auuiMler on or before the lit of July, 1868?euoh Initalmenu u may then hare been called In on the preaeat (took to oe paid to t he company a'- the time of conreralon. Tbnat- MNMOM wK) rhall become atsickholders by the o>u rervou of the prweai optimal rUhla Into amok, oa or before the M day or January, IflBn, and aftar the U' -lay of July aext wtD oe rruiitrtsi io rec?lre and pay for oae iilrd of the uew aUr k hj elilch'bet uiay be euli'lM at the the utae of ?o? b roin?r-iou. Op f rial .*tghta for the remalnox two third* ot the new stork to wh'ch they may be entitled will be Im ?d o thi-ni. of i he name tenor aa tboae laaued to parti e? who a hall appear ae aluukbeldera al Um nlnatnt of Lha book* OB thai Mh of June neit faHea riiovhtUiii wptUifial right* will h* rnuitlrfMl to p*y Ui A- oouipany all accrued latereat on the Iniuun-ntt from th< Ume that tn erest ahall ha?? been paid on the Inatalmenu. u theboWit-riot the preaent ?bar> a AU aUn'k wl ich la uol appll-d 'or before tbe 10th day of Jill] oeit and the Inatalaent paid thereon, will he forfnlmd to Um Mniuauy. tuKeihrr *iih all r lift La which attach thereto. Th? dbeclora have reaolved to extend 'ha Ume for the oo? rrraioo of the nilatioa optlona' right*. whloh, ?y their tnriaa expire on the lat of January. 1868. ao aa to toeittd* tha N da] if Jaotwry 1MB. Iuforuatton u?nalnlo? to the dMVU ol thu laaur rna be oh Mined b? Lnquirl><( at 'he office of the campany, Intereat wOl be paid, aa uaual, upou the itouk of the com pauy on the lat of Jul) uext Uy order of the Board of Olreetorm. J. 0. PRKK1N8. Treaanrer. STtK'KH ?KII HON I'M ? Mill WHxKKM wP THK WKH tern, Virrlal* aad Kentucky Railroad and V al tympany, fni aale. or aloan warned until the dlTidnod la paid, renn ivlTaoia bonda for aaie. O. R. rriTTKM, 6J Kunn atnwt. U>AH OKKICKN. ir'-Vit UOOW OF NuMfff AfiVa.N<TRD A.T TH1 %JL Broadway I'M U?oa, M Broadway Tkto old Mtb mm axu) rmprauMhla 'ffloa tdnm tka (ilfhrnt run iaaf*t. ?afclW. J?w?|r? Mi uarwA) iwimu. or booffe wt Pawnbroker*' nefcaw Vmvbt VACfcrr* t tt "W? n ^i?tTO ir?f Walton J M ?n.i.m ? IX). *80.000 vL fl Pwm mrm< dim Ho. j OS (IIIMUffldB 40d 4L t'fil (| wetM, Jawrlry | FiwnsniMrt i priwul propnrtT * ?a 4rr P?I? I MMl bought I or hny tnr mwk >1 TOS7UOOOTO LOAM ON WATtHIM. 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Hrrald i>?r* I JaP mkr Wi? arv?<?rr WHO U^niCR^f aR[>? tP Ihr ttofirr.i?to'y. to anrto A nn? ?r?4r rapKn mrtii ar 4 r * *1 mn will s? fi .?ra ilnrf r?frfaoa raiuina. * ppM ?' P? WlV*nm LIIH'HJK APHIO ?h.?*AV*H WAHTIP?APPI.T ai IS* Nwmii at. Mil.> rnt AMTffn - arr% ? *?ic"r?r [?? ? i amI> * r. . in Adam* A Miwkln*kam? Ik Initial 11. ri.i ****. wa* 1 Kli, a ?l?vl ktTi JoUKI nr man pinmbar to (to 'o A ??l#k>Hirln4 fltty <>-iOl ??? ? A .?t n>n> An' ?-frpln\to A <r>?|?-tant mm. r<m? ohm ??wd App'y in Hmn k "iWfA, plnaitv**, M PI pi i r ' '!?. rniK.' f??THO, A ftirUAI itnn ? hraaa mmiM?; h?? had A thnrmuffc In th* biiflnMA Ad rmui ? S T AI ?r < YflMi'i. iihnawiil at. N T. r<1 HI <?I V A K ?.Rj? ? I URKR *k? Wldull I ? H<?<# imI new M[ m< rir<? ra'a ?ork??e will Had r-mautat ritiii < \ m-? a' *n I *V|t- all at J. II 'OLf \A> ftTMal ' liMCkl alt ftlltKHAB, To T IKI " i^Araa of Ik* larlur taMIMt iif ah ?it*n?lra ro^? uilllnif] ki IWIIIIAII. Iikan Bona nnxd applt fnr th? ti' atlrn ii111#-" thr h- < rri?.mm*ndaifcma nan ha f1**a aa to Mllty. kr Mnat he a pr*rilr-al kand Ami nn'Vratiui'' Ma <* ? and am afraid t? t?k* kn'd nf It. ?'Wik a maa ?n find <? ?! a'tiiaikm <vMt*t?a< >buK rnaai M 4 rv?d iim na tppllrallim o i >ar'na IVi?a k ' ? . tl at W tl*iri?-Af TM,PKT!fvTri^r"^ATiF. mi.trrn. * * a tnnt wWlwri*nt nf frwwl at**'1* hahtta wtk inula. r THd M *r I.SIHV ? * |A^a Mkli-A <4 on Cult Mm OB It AOOn**- 'MHO TO ? cm hn a' pWWh nay a/ldn ?a villi i nf i 'I ma. J. n f , **>atl?n Pn? .ffino it .N mi--* K*c*itlK?irmi ii?iti>itt**a mi<> ?? nnd#r ?*i?d? tka nnhnr* nf ill* (tap*, m f? v> rfcawM. iiirh A man. nf at*??1? ami liMtnairVtw* haMta. r*n koar or a >7* T; ^ if - *? * '* AMVBMtl?r?V fcrTM-O-B t)AKiiKM~nO"|M urn 4* Tl TO ow Lrl mrmoe at 8 <v?io<*. TtakM tU I "hUrtma. JUJT prier Tbuk?oht tfvaamu Jtaa 1 UW JKHkMK'H .>K? fm'K A UKKAT HT?. ill AMi O <>H THK II ?<*!?' HWoRil, mduof*! with rr? Ae . *e THI VUt UUKDL KA VKI> AN TH* KM riBM DOUBL.I COMPANY In th?* rriudyai ehvMWt. Ih-eoedxt bj tb? ballet o( i.'tl. *KN No. ?. i atr, Maneui M. Kami BrtBaa*. BlAlM utvu> navel "??r? at** No Ixwfrrtnumw no naturdaj iftinim BIANJO la Ik* TMltllf. WAU.ADK'H THKATKK. juww 4. Lut night but 1 WO of M K WALLACE. n? will appear for Uin aeoond And laal time, M ftWM Bookworm, to Huofcafne'a onaxvtv ot TIIK BOtfOL.**. The capital petite of THK BlvJlITH AMI) WBOKOd Of WOMAN. Mr. Walcet aa Hw<?; Mr l.natrr u Hlr Krtaa de UaaaaO OUT r?>R * HO" I l>AT. To-morrow? THK WONDMN, ado, lax tune, THH UTTL1 TRKASUKK. Saturday?,BeueU ard uum appearan w mt MR W?iXiUK, who win appear to two char-etura. Ibe 1-raai > haa m ich plnanure in aniuraiWaX the appearance, Maoe ber return Tom lampe. of the oeiebrated arfao, MKH J W. WAlXitlC, JR, who will (mnnviwu* a llmi-mt aartea ul pirfbmaBoaa om In day evening. J une It noi oooa open ia> ee nay* I* Mnim. If* win oktrp tnr rr**rv*i mw Laura ibrhvs thbatrr Tbe NuaiMwl reapectfnMy mm una? M Ifce pabMe thai tbla eaiabUabawinl. alter bartaguiMlergaae a TbOBOUUH AND COarufr* VtUTlUATlOK, nailarlag H at ourn tha moat elegant and ooour puei or utiium ui tu m?, wfl re-opeo tor a rummkr hka80n Tu Thumi Ituin, Jiii 4. W. M whiah oooaatoa _ MUM LAURA KBBNB wfQ site tar Pioon Arnuiixn lKrfe,lTOi^TH^>ir6S^fAiiifrm OOKPABT, la ooa of Hum Highly Parvus Plat* tha pmdantkM of wblnb bare fir no tbla eatabllafaaeat aoah a dlntlrfniafand repatatfno among Iks amnawamnte of Wew Tart. Thi* ertnlux, will b* prraen-ed tha admired drama, raobabu THI rbaPBB. Ranhael ml?a Been* Corporal Patrick Mr. G. VkaalM|k Caaruuwnr Mr. T. B. Jnhmlaa 1 he Otohealra ander the dtrectioa of MB. THOMaU BAK.BR. Tooonclnde wRh V ARI ATT; OB. TBB PTfTTURB OiLI.BXT, with DAW lab'etux, and IU great cast. Aoadbmt op Muair. Uiand gala night, and farewell BKhBPlT uf MaX MABITXBK. Laat appearance of Hi <BORINA GAZ7.ANK1 A ANI> or IHg TALIaN nPaRA 1R0UPB, aa tbay perform In itoaton on Monday, Mb. On iMh oecaaloa ueir splendid renrearnta'lon of one of the flueet oompoelttona ol Vtrdl will be given wi b bpuiash oomkdy and PRRNt'H TAun?rnxB. combining ob tbe same right, a programme of the greateat ut-ugib auo brl llancy. MaX ttAKkTZKK with tbe greatMt eoattdeooe, appeal* to hr puultr of New \ ork hla loog tried aud valued Irteoda, far their nip pott and patronage. leader Mr. John Cook* kridat btkkibq. juhk 6. 1866, to berln at 7 o'clock precwely (In oonaenuenoe of the great It natn of Ibe entenaiamem wt'h tbe etoellent oomrdy at mmphon A CO.. In wkieh Mr. RIake will appear aa Mr. Btmpaoa Mr A H. Darrnport aa Mr. Bromley feadame Hontal aa Mr*. hlrapwm Mrs IJtzl' Wta'on Daveoporiaa Bra. Bru aley V m barren aa Mri. Fitxallaa Mia l'laoe aa Madame La Traooa ITAJJAK UI'KK v. MAX aa&KTZKK. aa Director and UondoMOT Mine. QAZZANIOA, 8l?nura UBIUNOLI, AMODIO uU OOLKTTI In Uu? principal rolea. Fo'luwrd by Verdl'a grand upora in ihre? acta, of LA TBaVl ATA. VMet'a. Madame aarrant*A At r-d oikoor Bnuuoll Blfnor Ainodie 1'uphol Mgnor OoMU tome cr actiot?Parla In 17<W. To conclude with tKe FBRMOH OOMPAHY from New Or lean*, under the mtnurmnil of Mima aUBTATV nmvtfl, V rlr ?crfmd app?aranoe tn It' w York) in the new Vaudorllle Melee d? Chju>i, by Mevn < luirvlHr and Lambert Thirbotut, LA tX'KUK bKMtJIULR. Tamerlan Mo?u? Ona?an) Dedaa rHiiloim turn Mftm Kdgard "rannola Mirnl Madame "ouihiar Dadoa Zitiue M'Ur Aleundrtaa D'alre moe* of admlaalon <>oe Mm. Boirw 81i to twenty dollar. ilnarad m>u hr Iti evening Fifty oanta e*?In pb'then'ra Fifty each Ticket ufflcea are open from SAM. until 4 F. M.. at ifcaAcademy of M?eki; and at Hall A Son'a mualc itore. TWMcan a]?i r obtained % the Broadway theatre, and at ail the principal lwtelr and music ainraa. BABMDM'8 AMRROTAN MUHKCM.-BROORD KUOORBSfnl week r.f th# entire y aew brilliantly effective aad mrnlarly amua!"* draaaa entitled KRAUf> AlfO IM VIO Tills afternoon at 3 o'clock, TH1 DAT AFTRR THR 'BU'UMU and TUR lKlbU LloK; thla areataa at 7K. Totn Tmmper O W Clarke, Qaoriet Pumnpot, Mr lladaway; Kdward Hi-abnon?e Mr #rii*; Martaa Mtaa Meataye*. 1 he Lmnf ? rpent, Happy Family A?v. m?j t>a aaaa Adff'r"* a oenta. children under lo, UK cenla OUC'KLf Ytt *rw UaLL, m bboadwa*. oppowtr I U IM Mr'mnnlKu uoial I Thoksdat ??n fMiDif, .Taira i A*o 5, k th* Tfiry uorraafnl piew of ALADDUI; um. TH? fomiiim I.AMV. with nnr ri-orrr, Jrmina. machinery. Ar. AlWt ?UmjU~ NKiiKO MH?8TR*L*I. I Prrfo?l?in<? rnaontCM at 8 n olo-*. Admlaaina. BokoU; nrrbrn'rm v?'m, BIlrMi'a On Matunlay, -Inn* A, Ihnra will b? i a (inuiJ AfU-mixm Prrfiiraant*, onaannrlng at 1 o'nlooA. BE ANl-fl HIIHTBElA. ImAuM1 Hall 471 Broadway ikon Oraad drwt. oru irur ii?t. ' Crowded bmaaa. Iamnuan auoona of tka 4HAl8PtBKAN BlLAUlllOH, ARABIA* MTEEDE, , LU- IIIDA AT THE BOIBKE. POLKA *Tl,rT a IRE, CKHKtfi'l O* n..b VltQlMMT. N>-? 4onn Panor*. Rarlnn, OoaWalMaa. JKRR* BRYa_ET Ml UAH BBTaKT la prcalaoni rharmetoia. luooma.ooaatTfc o'aloofc. AteMu*. S -mm. HTHiriTH OPEBA HOITRB, ?? BOWEBT-THB OBf ft dill t*rj noaut. Aaolhar mw ptaea. Mora wmkr. 1 I'oailaued iiiiwk C.OOLEHT P1.A<71 III THE OTTT. rTur'T WT>lui alwaya am hand. ibrw I? mq Bif *1 1AM w?r?? PM1 ftanm, Ully Qvtna. Tfce n?w hnrlfwq a?, amain. Mr aplainc And laiitfaHa pa* torn lire raHUnd JOC5EO. The MlMblFTtma Brmkry by NjfOT MMUMM TV- Al^MBA FMUnl PMora Uallerr, Eawdnat Hi iil>w?, inc*>har wifk WhtWa Amwaadafa ?t*tt itTialag. Doon op*? Al Ti nnamxiHwt ?i 1 Th- irrralMi bill fiic raw, Timrrr ??n okk.iiautt oEVwed tfela hw>hi. ? om? early And <wur? r>ur IMB Libiia ano m< hr-uo ani? hrr them, aivuoomi iwtf 1?li?h'?d WaIXaCE'h theatre - kith a hotic*. Benefit *nd 'bj ?ppmr' ? of MR W?I.L?<*K, On Rati ? AT KTI*i*?. Jnww 1 Mr. WaIIacH will, rn hl< nrn?tnr la tan i'ii.hai tlhh Tka Duka Ama la Iha Hanayataaw an #M MMiaal Iha PUVriaaa I a will atippnrlMl by Mr Mr ?r? ll.?y. Mart H??n ?, Mr <> Holland. Mn. *?rnoa, Mr. riuih-rt, Mr H H 'kllllpa lira. J. U. Alloa. Ac.. Aa. Hoi *i nk auw oprn AMOUR ros THI VITIRaNH- A MOIUAL A?r? lu-*U*rtuaJ ?v??rtalnm? i . at H'^orkor RtI inn i? ? rtdaj imm Jana I, at t u'e .irk, tha purpoar of r? U h ?' ni U by a lOtaa* ( 'baorlvttoa and "p?rard? kra<i?b?<at tka H'f a?d iDaln nt Hem Inrl. In prifMr a bmi" tnr lb* Ta araaa a* tka War of IRil 'U and 'limaaauf ?lm? ara la ornJr rtT iiaMlanaaa. Ituaa ara ta lb > almahmaaa. and anaw ?ra Mind Th* otiii'na ara ?p? lully la?1iad fat t'ad Afnrraaaa will ba Mnapad bjr t banaaay RaailW Kaq., ,l?a?pa A Hfu*. *aq , Willi m H Kaap Raq. p? Initlr mm rfcf u'?ia. 4#., br Mr aorta A Onob, flam iH and a Qa?rtatt? CUa. A r? llatloa bjr *laa Rllta belt A. Baikal A profraaor wlU pr??'d? at Lba piaanfnd* At v cLrraaa will ba aanrrtad by a bud of <aaaf to iwlar lba rooat Front aaata raartTaU (gr LxUaa Ait??i?a?a fraa. TriR Ot.D nOWFRT TRIUMPH NT.-OO AMD Ol Raw t ork'a fbTortta am Okau/raa Mm. A>n MM? W. J. ftS>R R RCM? THR POP 'L*R dal ora'nra >( lrtab and Yaokaa ckarao-ar. will akortly tppaar at Hnrtna'a aaw Th?*tr? Kiuota CUI Mint it nopi ri* r rRRKi.D<)?r (Iallkrt ra oprr otrr Tint ka|l nt l>r <b pla rk irrk. Ro ??? Hroad?aj. I'a ltd W? oait. il, rroot 10o'atoaft A. M uatU iOoakirk P M. Adau?ma ? a?nW NATIORAL < AMKMT Of l?RMOR -TUB PH1BT1 aamad aaaaal aiblbltloa uf lba RaMuaal taadaaf b an* nmrm dallj, fVnai A. M. la It) P. at M R? '?dna> ?M"a*? Rnad atriX T. AI' l'1 m if* niua*M? iw. rwvraaary, m. mTvn rm Mntm or unni at tttk iovmt TW*ut>. I* atoo* wniih <b* prW nt arimiaat m. IJUHVTIOll Awn 1MI iiruami art PHITaTI 'j loki<>b 7 Br?? c|a?a Uac-^lul a f?w pnnlla aan r? oriw? ihomnc* Id? rwloi la tha a>>n?? an, M ?fr?ii kmI. Ad'lroo* AruM. emm of Mr Marahall ^?nl?ir TUtir* Tort To AMATKm nn?w*Tin aw?o<-iatiov* wtw ?t?i flnha kr -To IM. a S??utlfnl j iWoratari Urm mom. ft* anr ftfT Ho?rtr>? air?*t. ?H1 apartnna a vr? an 1 na ? avi flriut cMiArr, on a*n<iar*t? i?rm? rnr i arilruUra applf to Mr. (I. J"Ki> H IAI Wil itmtnrl oumam. M, ~ , ?1 *<> na.m w?.*th or nrw and r*irr or? VI RbukUx ?*nWw1 t>* tHa HtT and WnaMra mark Ml <??a 1?m? ka*lM mnk tn dwpoaa of a ill r*e<l<*UM* M?W?l artaa T wal'ly a< ft* mew*. 9 addrwa^ag J. K. Ml: KM AT. <% ?6.(WTa^"!^"i%?syyys Oaft OFT n/m?Two W*rnr? mi.nroyv bm OaatWwa or kmllWa ka?M L^2* 7 BOWBBT TUlTIl MtlMiM mt * a a ?? UUMH Mr M JntMMa Draw ilro?? Mad Hn? ..... . ft >nhrmm < %atra ? '?? Ml and OaUnry < ??<? PHvsIr Kna?a . . *1 Don apaa at T ? ?* *' >w >11 nu?w ' ? * at TW TiiuKjpir v a i a Jo a ? A klhrt III THk I ?HK UVIt, TUB la'JAK !.*!gga ? n I %?***.. M fVri AWftM BUKTOHf NKWTIIH'TR . TU i HKItlUUS ^AMli.T aiar* a an ??4rf > at ?k ih?- u* orviTiumaMjiG iut M.ini:ao< ? m.uum luitau Tbur?U/-TIIK HKKI 0 r*?|i.t fllaek, Mr Bur on a* pUj- <1 him ?* Atar ta dred m?h ?. Oaptatr Ma# il*?. M' f? Maka*Widow l>daal'r kr a Parker. L*dj <)< ?* air. Mr? Baafcaa Vtlt Ik* ot|ili I f? rt? of A OOROM<R H !KQiriBiTI"H, la which Mr. M Hill lb Br. Moore, Mr Ho rn m %?.,? a? paar. Tn Mm* THK TO()|M.?!fi a?l Uoa<- tit* arwna fcaturday? tfa>o<?l ot Mm IIU'llUI <uwl U?t alga, af *a a BO. OHRlifTT t WijoU* MIN-.TR Cl? Mt Kruadway hnti>? llruo mm*. Bmrr Wood MuMo*** ^ I* tfcitaqr.n w*3? Ktbbt RfthiM IMmmo rut Win arrtl aetaetml pwrui at- <4 K ui ^iiiu *>n*? ? ? ? * latitat acta* a'l lb?*T?m? fawiu otmva a-uh P*e?Ha'rt?e V 'in- rtrtM'twri, i tarWa AM OhrWjJn hi* if?i <1ai>??n? "H* llrraviw ?n<1 WmIiw m? " U. ft. Wamtx.M la fernrM" "HI -<i? OOL. kUKt-tflKOKIi-K KKT'<KI> 8T<iMp CIHATOKV WHTSTUWO QDARTlrtn. *LaB vM A PWTIVftf. Ofiii iniiifin UmMu wMk popg ir >*a?fca>>l* i?r* ? 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CosnihuijTi in Cuanm U? be perform ml by the fxlioaring vol un'ear and atandard ? lent?a rombtnauoo never be ore an ii*?W Mr* t'odd'e Mm W II mrntm Mr. Cuddle Mr. M iMt Mra. Y(mni^hui> and a? Ijzzla liarnaM Mr YnocghuAb&ikd Mr J?"4aa Mrs. L>ni M? A I'MtfT Mr. btl Mr. Itiurln rfcfc r Mra Henry Dove Mn lUlaf ?4 Mr Henry lv>T? Mr. IMM Xri IMPtnal Mrs. Hoftoa Wr I"imi*l Mr M??>? M'llt Kttirtr*, from Hew <>rl?an4, will make b?r Ural tppnm ucf to the "Pw rar?ntHle " Aw* U>? firre nf TilK OORONKR 8 INijBIfITIOK, Cna the jeii of A. Oakey Hall. Praia may he iwenml at the box nflR*# TUK UU) KAVOKITR, CHANKKAl', AM MiMN. I* LIN I>A, Hie greateel bit r>l Ihe day. NOTICX-TBR CNORRRinNKl ARK IftiW PRHF AM Ml u> negotiate Willi nil nr*t elaan ?*n f-r th> Itiin theatre* of ihf prlncloal cities n( ibe Wml ami KmllifM, ha iJudlii* Use Rational Theatre (luiiimati; l^xilMTtlln fbMMB*, Ht Louis Tb?-atrt>. hU t'bar'ea Thea rr, Kn? 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Mlaa Myera the fXw**drg dlMMM tdgnar Martoettl, the modem William Tail, who wtH ?M m apple In half whilst on a LIV1NQ MAD'8 HMAt>, at a distance of twenty Ire feet, with real uipn; H DOB, the I nab onmedlan, together with a vast aonail of MIm'KLLaNROUH IKKrtlKM 4 Nt.'Kat, unequalled for originality and talent In the II ailed RUktaa. R h.?Ro boi admitted The beat of wines, lt^aora, la#?r M* oo draught and the raimaar an aoa* ATntacnra rotno lamm lo WW upon Twtnrn. < nown nmnmmwa h n, ntnae a* in MB8 r F BOVMI, With MllBnla f profooad itmillode lor tka away mm of kludnr? ahr bu eiperinnend from the pnhilr and the a*am beet leave <o uimuiict thai her Farewell HeaeOt ? ak* plane on Friday rn nln* Jane 8, l?7, u Wheatler** 1<4 MTMt Theau-e Phlladelphla^whj'a the will appear a* la a new play, In foo- pa-la en tilled faith aivii faTalitt, translated and adapted to the nine* eiprewtr for bar. KBDIOAL' , _ ?t t\IU\ roarajiraii and no ithak.ii oiut IM.UUU eared.-Ur Hl'NTKE earn >kra lk? bra* n?nl *r Other ph/oMan* and all other remediea fall fe? trap I* your only reHtnoe lor a thorough aunt to MM dlaea?? fo S Dtrtaioa atreet. the ubIt place now aa wa* known lor the rerr man) aitraordlna'i eurea It ha* (irfM ad, wllhoat diet or hindrance fiua buetneaa. when d atha reaMollta only drfre the dleeaae la the buna. fl aato. Vtft cure* the patient from teooalnry atlaeka. bik' H la iHHt rem ed* im earth that doea It. Try all other* and **a. B***a of a handlilll aUbg Or Hauler ha* reaa??d. II I* 1da :ioti? dwptt* Tbi aun thai rrtunierfeiia a rod aadMae b wnree than a thlrf Vedtea' mnft aitd edelee rralia / Aphthioiaw. aporti.t 1.11 aviru for kuaor* will (It* hi* ai'entWw fnr a few wreta to lar te* U<l? tk-arn ?ho?* oa>ea require tBBedla'r <uireml<'in? vaiU iial (rea-'trrnt Krf. r iwea to American taaulle* of p?Mm Addrre* Fbytlcian. Herald office. 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