Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 6, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 6, 1857 Page 2
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2 Harvey, mmI oonfunxv -be iltJ < *. (he r^iotor w*? eamly riciiuu oa luauv I Hay.' uo< bocu |>wit by lirr Cuniitngtiam my ?? *? lor U?e ut?i (?ur aud * hull ?n*ith? *be XI<11 ow x thorn to mt . on the Wdlf ni|?ht of Ike rom'rier, mui the !*rur?i?y ?u?tit prftTi'MMlr, the IH>ctor tftW me If* utH ic mi M)le<l to k rep him there, tliat ho wanted to?ee tmu, ?ut 11 the loll uwu eould n,>t itop tiiat night, to i.?k him u? b cm bat* tt.e next day. Ke I'lrrct?? tier clone! In the bath room, ! during the tliae Ml? II' hear I *a- boarding in the hou-e, la May and June, the lkoctor took hi* rneaU In the houae, | uiJ mini two or thiee weeiotaf-ar UU retarn from thj country ; he did not take hi* ni"<?la in tlio house afur that; Hr?. Cuuntngbam ?ent for me retieidav a-wl offered u> pay nie^ome of tbo duo mt, but i would not Uko any i. nil I 1 got all, xhe ?? kt Willis' hojie in the ttecoad avenue, No. ;3, Urn. Cunning tutu and mo had aome pretty eUarp words tog?iner, she -nJ *he had paid my ? (< to John Uilmnrtm. I told her the had no right. Q Who waH John I'ii'marlin* A 1 belter* ha *a? a friend of the ptrtioc; ho U the inymerio-u John;" I may AH well HAy It wt. Fuither Ones eraminatton?I hare n.)t been a! lb? hou3<> taecoMr*. Cunningham a'*>ut n?y ?i(iw ainc-e the Dolor's death; 1 went to tho hotse to tw? Mi? llelen; there nana dispute tn-iweea ua yiwterilay; 1 think thore ?ro faur and a half month* wage- due me; aho olaime I that there wax ouly a few dollar* due uit ; ?tnce the murder trial I have been utayiof rtf my sister in laari; nono of the other aide were to see me; a policeman brought tho aubtKuua. Mr*. Cunningham novor soul lor mo to tuo To*ib*. Well gentlemen, (nai.l the witness retiring) are you satt* fled f 1 hope you're ilooe with m>- now KVIDBMCKOP ML KOBVHTi Krlward L. Robert* being r?orn, te.Mfled that h? U a deullxl by profession; now mauufaclurluji deotal maletl*l4 at No. bt Bond street; I krew Harvey BurdeU ?lo.x IHJH; some two or three vearv; bare knowu Mr* K.tama A. CuniiIngham; I wax a partner with ftootor Bur 1*11 In tb? practice of dentistry, both mechanical and surgical; In the All of 18S6 1 oommenced; we m vie a do Quite agreement m the flrst of January, 1IM, and I remained wMfc him until about ihe first of June following. Q. Dtd you evtr receive a message to couie to the bouse No. SI Bead street T A.I hare ? number; I al warn went. I msmHbm saw Or. Burdell when I went; there wan one Hue when 1 rec*> .1 a meMage pnr]>orttng to ooine from blm, when en going luere I faw Urn. Cunnlngbtm, mi l bad a conrersati m with her; she aaid thai sh > had seat for me in the name ol Dr. Burdell; this wait, I think, about six weeks or two month* after I heard or the breach of promise suit; it was pretty cold weather, If I recollect right: she said she wished to see me to have a talk with ma; I think this wae the last of November or the 1*1 Jf December ; wtea 1 was going up the stair* Mrs. Cunning ham tsssn to the door and sail the Doctor was uot la, tint be had sent for me; she made some rwuark as to a c*>n venation the Doctor bad had with me, art ) that aome one of the ramily bad overheard It; that con venation was some lime previous; I understood h <r that she had over beard two or three oonversa Mom; those conversation* were la relation to the breach or promise care; alter Ibis I bail two lulerviewa with Mrs. Cunningham; ote m >rotag white a suit was pending oT Warner against GnUen, I went inn the d-Mtor's oflioe, and be asked me hot* the patent sail came ou; I aid a bad patent suit was worse than a good breach of promite case- the Doctor always said to me, an I so did Mrs. (Xinningbani, that it was not a breaoh of promise case, but a breach or contract as to renting the house be tween blm and Mrs. Cunningham; shortly after Mrs. Cunningham soot for me. and toll me tKt to say an) thing more to the Doctor about it, that it Irritated htm; she madi do diiparaglng allusitns to the Doc or at this ti ne; I think the last interview I bad with her was last of November or flret of Deoember, when she ?ent round for me; she said he understood I had said a good deal ab?at the breach of promise c?w; I said I had not raentlwod It; she spoke of the lioctor; I said I con<ilor> 1 bhe thought a good deal of the lK>ctor, and wanted to marry mm; cite taiu sue wouia not marry mm; ane sail phe did not want to marry him, thai she bail more money tbuj be bad, thai her family was well educated, weut Into good society, and "he would not marry a man thit loath-1 bar; previous to this ahe had gem tor me, and atid *h? did not want me to H|?ak to BurdeU about the breanh of promise ca-e, that it made him m.vl, and Irritaltxi him; (bat ha had got a gun. and ebe waa afraid ha would ihoot bar or aome of the family; I bad been Infomed It wa* a breach of promise ca?e, and I a^ked her why sho did n"t renew the breacb of promise auit agtln; st>e ra>d ?ha ha J been to her tounwl to do ao, and he would not have anrthing to do with it lmimu-<> ahe bawl dropped fin ftrat one; the Doctor bad often ?|*>ke or the breach of promiec anil, from the time it aai Inrtltnfwl up o I he lat or Imoember. Q. to any of ihe*e couverantiona was any thing said about an attempt to poisonf A f had a conversation with Mrs. Cunningham on the uhjeot, about a paper parcel found in the house, showed nse the paper containing arsenic, and told me about her fluaily beiivr sick, and Demit Hubbard not being tick; aha aid she found the parer under the matting 'n Demls 8..b hard's mom; she said siedid not know what It meant, aad anked me what I thought of Itf I said, *' lira Can Ding ban, yon are a curtoiw woman;" she said she told the Doct >r of It, and the Doctor Maid " it la all bumbag," and she felt worried because the Doctor would not take otice of It, I mentioned it to the Doctor; he said, 41 It is all staff," and then seemed to meditate over it; the Doo Ur told me the suits had been dtsnontinue 1; Mrs Oun Bingham also told me; she said, in speaking of his bualneaa matters, that she knew if she went oa with the suit* II would ruin htai; that the Doctor felt very bad, she was afraid he would go craxy, that be crted, and she out of ply discontinued the suit*; I never understood from the Doctor that M was anything but a breach of contract for the boure; he said be had shut np the parlort and ahe took prooeedlUM against him; that he pledged himself to be the fi lend and pr-aeutor of har and her fomlly, and be waa going to do ao. Oo? eiamtned Up to a month be'ore the Doctor's death called often at 81 Hond street ; never had any personal feeling against Mrs Cunolugham , the Doctor had Mated some little matters tint caused me to have some fseMngs against her and her frtnlly , sinoo the dealt) of Dr. Bard ell 1 may have been prejudiced a gn-wt deal wiloil her ; I generally expressed my opinion that she murdered blm ; I told thaw thought* to the District Attorney be lore the murder trial; I wan not a witness on the murder trial; never saw any Improper ocnduct on the part of Mrs. Cun nirghani ><] bar aaugwon to varus it. inmon ; on mo contrary, I reapectod (ham very highly while I wm ihere ; In hla praaeoce their conduct wm kui<1 and attentive ; i hitp see* the Doctor aad Mr* Cunningham walking out tofpikar ; I haw them In Bond etraet: onetime I went with thrra to call on a friend m Kortyae<-.on<latre*t,areafxy Ub1e hou4?> , have b?-ard them speak of b?1ng to N'iolo'a, and other ptacea of public amusement, together : did not ?ee attraction*. hie more geacral way of referring to Mr*. Cua nVaghatn waa a? "hi* woman," which 1 thought dure apaatful Q When wan the una be ?p?ke of her an a ?o maa ?f ?eme pro|?ettv ? A. la the cour*a of the tnter view* held within lh? last fortnight tiefore UU death. 1 bad known nothing of Ura. Canmogham previous to that 'iac at all. Q Aa you led the re?>ra, the la*t Um? you wore there, did you ohaerve any thug? A. Tea, ?lr; having obtained from the remark* that the lk> -tor ma.le that h* waa watched, 1 vary naturally looked n I *u leaving the houre. aad observed Mr* iniuogh'tm leaning ovnr the haniatera; It In but Jn*t I rhoiild ??y h?'r?l that, wit'i lite eioe|itlon of hta ap itklog ol having rotna irouMe with bar, he nev*r ?ald anything derogatory of her to me (J Md he rav anything about getting hor out of thihrM"? A Yea; be *a>d be meant to g?t her out cf the house, and n east to substitute Mr* *ftD?bury ; he give iui to under aland that the arrangement wan no unplea-aot that It became neoeaaary to bm comfort tbai he Khonld got her out. Croaa eiammed?y. You aay that toe fljotor *polce about Mr* Htan?1xirv ; did be inquire into her reapectahlllty or aiiyAileg of that ktadf A No, atr; the aimplc remvk waa, "IV you know Uetn?" referring to her btuban I aud baraelf. y. utd be apeak a? tf he waoted to know their landing* A. No, atr. Dot particularly; I think ba men booed the fact thai be bao ken wo her for name time, b it do particular time waa ?|wct!l?d y When he *aid that Mra Ctmc Ingham waa a woman of tome property did ho Maatioa anything a* to lh? amount he aup,a*eJ her to poraaeaf A. Thr impreaeton that I got wa? that ahe bad property, hut not to a vary great eitent, that -he b*l a trm thousand dollar*. I do not recollect hi* word*, he dl I ol aame aay particular entrant. Q Rut taii that *be waa a widow of eo?e property? A Ta*, t) in I he *pc*k mm mora than one occaalon of hU having dHJIojI'je* Willi barf A. No, atr. Q. When waa that?on the Kriaa) ha waa killed? A. No, aararal lay a before that, tt aai have i>?-?n a* roach aa a week before; I aaw Mra HMaabury thare the day of the murder, hut he made bo rmmmi k to toe tbea reeperUng her hualneaa y When he laM }M ha bad adtfllnuKy with Mra. Onnnirgiam did he Mala what? A. No, atr. Q. Dtd he tell you ha waa watch m4 m wore than one oocaatait A. Yes; ba several Mm* alluded ta that y. tad he toil you why ?the object? A. No. y Nor what right tbta lady bad to watch mm A. No y Yoa did a?l tuqnlre that? A No. y Did be to* vaa what reiatf iw eiieted hetwnan him and Utit lady? A. No, air. anihtrg than that ha rented the bo<t*a In b*r aad dtd art beam with her. y When wa* It that be aa>< the eiprnatoa that he had do oonddence In the ae? ?haw leag belbra hl> 'ieaihf A. The drat tim? he a ted Mm* m a ?r?h bafhra bta daaiii, and In nob r?aar# ih# aaa>* r?marb war mad* lAa day ofbla dealh Q. (M h? my that bo latonrfad to llr? a haoh<?lor? A H* MM ba arrrr mm? morrlM, u<l m?*ri nerar to b?; be of Ikr rgtMtif <4 Uw> ro*, aivl hot deefereee M VM> for *"! In Irirl him *lf lb tMr ?;, IM (bay ??*r? <-?rUin la rrmnir ml him 0. 1*4 fov m*m< lit. WaMvli Ui?r?> < the Krt'Ur of Dr. BarArii*a Aaaitrf A. T?, Mr, atomi ? had mm war* <^er?r?a'laa *Hb h m than mxroljr to *i ctmmf ?ai<?la*l'?? g Did jron m Dr K ??d-!1 Ibara MTf lk>??r?iM < )? A So, ttr H W*'b> lb tb? fmaar* n?to*? A N?, I ?*iiiii? far lha t>?*or Jown aaatra ! tb? pmry*. Ml l*r Mandril amjiy i?>n ib? bwk pnrtor awl a*rf*rd oa< tma^i<?tol ', Uia .tortor to>inf ao ffrd VNb Mri *aaabnry arwl ladjr 1 took I? bo h?r >^rr Q WteHbar Blai-i. II *rm into lb* *tr<w?t or lb a Ma flMtor'a rao* tea da w* aaort a No, ?.r, I did M ( ap aftor Owl tha !? ?*?* rtnr iMr tb? parlor and laUad t? aw Q Wto?r I ?r Hlataitoll *aa wlitl. |h? Doe n* ? la*lag la ?-w *" md hanat a I ibo-i?ta f hMN MB fa 'Mil lata) Uw ?l>rl luunad Mrlf I'ur !< *? m| U>o parlor g Thai ?? IM oMjr T.wioa row aa<r J Jr. ria -1-t' lhara thai day' A. fc? for w I kfcoa u>? oalT no ?wto? An I P?. IteMadaJI thora * a?V y Vital WW dva aahiM-i ?# onararoMma I ha' hrwif t>l oal fro-a Dr Karn?'W lb* rwarl ihmi ha bad oaooaSd^ix ih? ?t? *. T?r *aa?rraJ awh>rct * ?o?ank?d, <?atiif??; a? d ?to> like g IM fee oaf aarttoi f la tbM wa?rtMn <* r . fbreoor to harina iiroa>ir*d a d>eamr far a t-arta a? ha, DeaH* U.bhard ' A I An vol think b? did lb ">al Miiifil <f>. M the iMof a a* a>r?n iaa< tarn ar twai. b? raid tea bad -"l"ir- dirarer fur l*m?4 < (r >m .irr tewkeed. ba ayakr <4 boa a.?Hi h<4Mr it Ml lb?? f-i. <i Man ?1waU>i ?? M> retrrrana 'bal b* had fot bd an <1101 ri?K? ? > Mala?i<? a olrorea *>r a re wla ?d hM. wlw ara? MarirA to a a ?i> c M? r-m dof, ?bo ?raa b rarjr bad tnaa !<? II ? WTI .1 ? r? ??..! |h?i Ui liaa?*rd bad to ?a ?aar fr< m MAlf,k I I ad itoto ft tartod, aad ha-' ? t- ?? ?, a? I a . l<-i?l.r?1. g IM br gfrr fo?. t w IJ ? ftaii Iter aa ? ?a Am In Ibr f%' A. Tito da lb .1 b' |V a f. a 'a- UM to- war aal T to* <*y, had maa bara aid f < ? a??" ha did to* fir a aar aa> M-tot ite- i|-a to-a Ua an* Kfl, rt M *?l *? nw|Ki.| |.ii'n ana Kb- <li?W araa eMafaed g lid ?i??,i pa i tlh' t I""" * '? ? d|r?*r?? A. ?? dM mm aal* ttea* tr UA i-maaraA ?, ar ' to .-d V ll Ito |M of rrlArara to i*wf.w?d ato-h >* too "* t af to m*' * ? pa'tomtar ?>t ,rt to . i . ?wr b* irraoad toai with *** vtor.aoo i?.%. to. < ? arr- r ,f h* .qi(b| ha?o OnaM'irrad M a |-?' ora. >* ?'l- Ooh toMr?M rrrr IWltoM, I hare aarr 'l.'a ia |to -iropa aalkt^ ar* bal arm g h?>?? ? < I ?-"i (ln .? totarrrlht* an daw fair A I da am r* rdlart a?n? bat biawawa I iMaa I aaM bad baftor toar^ br-," im DaoMr ai f ways raid Lf wo'ilrf lint nurry any ?om*n, he has said tioiut'diiuy u> the oltcct thai be wo lid r?Uu-r hike th? old wcmuii ttuo ibo yexiug ladim of tbe family; 1 heard of the iiilu witbin a we>K atter they wire c unmoored; during the trial ?>f Warner versus Gri!Un ( spoke of It belt.g as bad m a breach ot promise -suit; when tbe Doctor told UK' of the ^oiUf bet tig bottled, he said Ibey were settled wl-bo'tt paving any mouey; xhc MfrtaMted u> me that the had discontinued them ojt of pity; the Doctor Lat< menuoned to me a number of times abort going to Europe; a year ago last fall be spoke of going to Europe in tho ppring; be may have said last fall that he intended to go this spring, but 1 do not recol iect, be his told me tbat Mrs. Cjnniugham was worth $ .uO.OOO; beforo lust fall be spoke to ber always In r&spcctiul terms, more so then 1 ever knew bim to apeak of a lady; never beard bim speak against ber until after tbe law suits, and never said anything very badltbeu; he waa quick In temper, quick In speech and quick la Button, btinieliuios when you thought bo was over a tuupor be wa? not; Mrt>. Cunuingham told me in relation to the araeuic, that oae nigbt' while Demi* Hubbard was there, sbe ami her daughter hid taken supper aid were sick, and Henna Ilnbbard had not eaten supper and was not sick; r<he de>cri'>rd the symptoms of arHeulc; when speaking to n.? In rtlntioi.'la tbe gun, xbe told me it irrltatod the Dm tor to fpeak of the sdife; she told me sbe haloverhetrd a conversation between me and tbe Doctor, and tbe Doctor told b<>r whit It was. Q From the day tfr. Krazer rus.gned as Tiw 1'reoiJcut of the ArtUana' Bank, did you not ^ee tho Doctor every day for threo days after t A. I cannot sny; he ipoke witb me about Mr. Kramer's resignation. Q Do you know of bto being ab sort a day In me rnonui 01 ucicoerr A. no, i c*urioi nay; did not take particular notice of the Doctor's whiskers during lbs Tall; hi* wiii'kcni wero very thick and short; be alwaya kept them cut quite short. Q. Have you no iico?l thai a few day* after he dyed bin whiskers the roots would be gray, no that when a little distaoce from bitn it would Rcem at though tight wu coming through them? A. 1 have not; I do not recoiled noticing him stooping when tlanding still; I think he had whisker* all hut sum er; be had either moustache* or whiskers, or both; I Devvr saw bim entirely shaved; I don't think he had wLinkers on the side of his race last summer; it waa novel thick ou the aide of bl* face; lu the fall of 1866, wtitn l.ciirat colored hW hair and whlakera, several people lid i? t know blrn Q f-ookat that (handing daguerreotype) aud lay whether It U like Dr. Burdall? A. I (Link it U; tuy impression U that hi* whiskers were tr inmed m xe than represented here when I knew him; when the Doctor said Mm Cunningham was worth $200,000 lie raid she told bim so, and he bad been the deeds of the property; I think be said she showed them; hen he spoke of the suits being settled, he said it looked w?U ou Mr*. Cunningham's part that the did not want any money. TMTIMONT Or RJT. DR. COX. Rev. Ric.liard Cos was cilled and oxatniuad by Mr. Til den?-1 rt?id? at No 92 Kant Thirty eighth stro t ; am notur of/luo church. Q. Did you know the late Dr. Buriii'ltr A. 1 dni, betwern 10 itinl 11 years, up to the time or his d< ath. Q. I luring how long a p<*Mod havo you seeu bim freqaeutl t A I did not sea him for montha until >> i. alxMiia fortnight at Ms ileal It Q How long was Dm IniTval turn g wlilch yon did not see him? A. A long lime; 1 had so acquuuUtnce with him except professional; be was la the habit or talking with me frooly when I was ?ul, t iro y 1>i?i h" have any conversation with you as to bis *Ua.r* to the house, or with Mrs. Cunningham, pre vioos lo tit-., two or three weeks bi fore his death? A. No, Mr. ij About what time dtd y hi tirrt sou hltn thli period? A. Aboot tb'" micdle of January; I tlx the time positively by the la* tl it there had bevu a party in the louse the e?euing prencm, a* be said, apo'ogiaiog about the ooufasinn of the homo, bo said, -'the** folks liave hod a oartr at the house lai t uiubt; I did not attend It;" Q How w?? Him manner' A- Ills rummer was at usualit lotol, rajsd lose, and accouipitiiod with a nervous twi'cbii.R. y. W ben tiesv did >ou see him aftor thitf A. 1 taw Uun bearly every day. ujain tbo average, for the enimrg two woeks, my tooth waa very tender; h* put wax to it. and told me to c?>mc from time to Ume, with a winttr sif ii*iiirmlntn? vKnn 1 ia ahmtlil Mil It Q IV I Ka make any atatcmout to you in re?|>cct to hid routing the I.duiip * hirh ho lirodr A Ho i'M; be apoko to tns freely of bu aTain ; be bad leu ne I that previous to my H"'D< 1m rnii-K'' I ti? . hau * bit-mom training, and be ?-> uhh1 I.nd of talking to me a'rout buaiutssa; he apoko of bit having reuted ttuu Lome to a Mr*. CuniuuKliam, aud Dial be lut't trouble with bar; th*t be wanted to gst rid of her, and ?m nuking arrangement* witb Mrs Sums bury and ber btuband, who wa? id the oitlce of the Etpreu; be Icjuired if 1 kne* Uien>; 1 aaid I had kniwu Mr. Salisbury for come urne, aud thought very highly of him, at wbicb bo teemed gr<<tl(l'-d ; I told him I thought it wa? an arntngi-meut which would be pleasant. Q. ltd be mention hla own lot;Tension of Mra. Stanburyy A I do cot think he did Q, Can you narrate anything that occurred Id any of Uiore oaavonuMoau bearing on bia relation* to other persona In LDo bo jae?Mrs. Cunningham or the rbrnliy f A. TU? remarks that were made In respect to them were vary brier aad incidental, be aaid be considered himself watebnd, and on one occasion be arrested a MMMln m whicJi we ?en< nny aged, and aaid, Id bis nervous manoor, ' Aipa inomeni," be stepped out Into the ball, and after haviug been gone a abort time returned and said, "there, that woman was la the bathroom, listen log to wdM we were asylng, she baa gone up stairs now;" and he added, "It l? strange htweartms and tnqataitlve wnnea are:'' In Una connection I will add that I observed liii to Im particularly nervous during these lait visits, more particularly ao Uian I had ever known him before ; when the door ball would ring ba would leave ma abruptly and go into the ball, 1 supposed to bear wbu was transpiring. Q. When was the taat time yon saw htaa? A. The Friday, I suppose, he was killed - the taat Friday In January, I left htm about 3 o'clcck In the afWroon. Q. What nappanad on tbat day? A. On that day the conversation raa again in reference to bis a*Ura generally, sad bis property, of which tic aecmid alwa>j to be particularly proud and vain, and with refcreuoe to nuOriuioay; let torn here state that on a previous day, dortnj that fortnight, he bad said to me, Willi a great deal of emphaats, th*t be had never been married and masut never to be msrrl?.i; am* h? m. aigoed aa a reason tW b? bad ao ooaldeaee intbasas; before to any one, lhn l? tbe reeaon why I here nerer been marrte-l;" on Ute UM day, 'luring tbe uom that he wm operating on my tooth, which took ooaatderable time, be rep-ated In labrtauce the mom remark. but i here add, thut in anther of tb*?e oonarctinna did Mm. Omningtivna name ou ur. he noce referre I to her at a la'ljr of ?ome inopcrty, aud one of ber da ightera tt eepe cially aax>ni|>bttir?i Is muj.c and <J run* pereoaal g I>td be ray he procured the dlrorcef A That he pro duoMl the oTldcnco. end that he hat bal certain chemical ? . m*.i? g. Waa he P|*%king about bo e ea?y it *a*. to *rt eviletx e lor a dirnrco f A No.air. g lad be u ll you he v?t the wttuoeen* to t??ttfy t > the rn iteel mat Vr <>n which the divorce waa grade 11 A I think he did tell m<- ho procured the terttm my of eomn pbyjtoiaa In tbe cane, g lied you and iileiedell ai.d the Doctor any buat new ct,(j.i(ffri?!tt* no that day T A No, Mr. Q Were you acquainted with I* BlaWdell beVre you n? hita 'bat day t A Y??. Q Bad you any buei&ee* other than la d<Mi?try with P? Burdell at thai timet A. There waaaa Incidental bujlneae that name up between IT BUndelian t trytelf, gro^iitp out of rav *HI g In I you rr>t call thv day on humucae w ilb It. Ihirdill ?ud HI*i?l<!l other Uun deutl try f A I ill"! rt'H expect to *** |tr dial 4- II there a' all, I caJloil Cor the porj>oeo of baring my t?>tb lil'e.l, kiiiI any other biialiioea .inuo up in Menially q bad you not fiber botinfM with f'r li irdeli that oa>f A Only the tw idet ial butter that I *\> ike of g ?'u? i' fo- denial bu/lripi-a that yju called tto u aTertvot about t 'elaekl A. N'o, ?ir, tt * an an/ appuinteMat; Or 1; rdell did not exj>ect me; tt w?? a more paei'nf thmgbt that tnarfo too call. q. Yon did rot e*e Dr H irdil the la<: uteef A. No.cir. 1 ta * Mre. (<: ,nuiat(liam. y Were n<4 l)r. Bnrdell aa<l HJaiedell ailing rot in tbe ant ?n? h you ha I at that timer Wee no<that th?> Inmlenul t'i<itn"?? towbtrh yo"t alluded f A. If the Ja l(o wtab* I will fo rery fully into thH. ^urri^ja e?You can a?V whether the mmark ?f Dr Baruell wax drawn out in reference to diAta'il.lei the wtt neea ba<l. g How it tbatr A. If I bad had no dlKlcilt ea f wo lid hare expected tbe tame rem ark to be ni'ule. g Were yoMr prrtmal dlUceltlee lh? a-ihj.*t of eonveraati nf A. Tf.ey were frequently the ?ul>)ed of coin arraUon during that furtolfbt g Waa ft on one ofthew oroaeio>;i tbat IV. Bnrdell male the rrma' k be bad no con Aden.* m the eeif A. tt wai in oo' of theee c-nirereatlct?, undo'ilite'lly. g Hnl ymi erer ma'e any appointment to ta^et l?r Hlai'lellat Dr. Burdrll'e, to yo> r ki.owleJgnf A. It la Impoaelble for me to recollect, but my lmpreaaloa It that I nerer bad any 'tfb apj<iintmeut g. At the time of tbeee lalervlewt for two weeke before Itr. Hurdeii'i death, waa be aad H'aUdi II concerned in your dl ;ntve oaee in any way? (Objected to and ruleo ooi ) g i?you ka->w Kredertok I. Iiurkee an I Mr. MeorrT A. No, not by tbeM name*. I fwiibly m\y know wm' r?oe nnrnod Imrker: g Had you euriac there two week*, at any ef tbeee interne#* at wbicb you railed to I?r Bu/doll'a or at aor tine, paid Burdell any ntzi of money for aay bujine<, other I baa denttttryf Wittrean, In an wnlMd manner?I am rerj t>i?nkrul In deed u> the co'iitwl Tor bavin# a ked m- that i|U-retina, aad I now, ta the fear of Ood, eotomnly aeeeTerate that I nerer (rare bin aay money other'baa what I paid him for the vork be dlil and other * nut a runt: lam nnder rreal oWtpuMon# to the cooo!" I r.?r burin; brought thu que mm oi:t ?J Ne thee To.' hlmn'ir to boH, tor to ba paid U> Mf olhor |<rw>D t A. in no way It whieb II caa ba p-operly coc trued Q. .And you Wir paid or agreed to pay him ar v monrr In irfc'rh IU?l?<i. 11 waa to bar* an iatereetl A lll)??ri ItillllMMII'm Q An.lyott n-eer %it*+4 tr) *iee Kl?i" dell any rami"? fhr anjthing whlca he or Df. Horded ?m In 1o f A I o?TPf did; and T mu?t beg laara t< My ;o ihi, connection Ibal l>r. ?{>:r lo.i aai I ha wo ill not am m or rrrM\? any remuneration >0 thia connection. an<i that the prln< t|?l aid be proposed to (at ma ran Mm. CMt>ih*l>vn, -who. he arerred, ?n<>w m it|?ra important lo my c*-r q IM yon rta?o b"f?ra tho Co-ooer'a Jury tha' Dr. Kurdeli u.i.i yon thai ha bad aeked Mra. Cunningham la relation to ibm muter, and h??at I ab > would har* nothing to do with It? 4 lla mid ma aba dcetlnod talking with roa on tha aohfect; b it ha aided, "wbat tb.a woman kruwa la more Important to yon than anything ?IM." beaaidibr ?u not willing to talk with ma on the ? ilijoet~-thjit *b) would not betray a worn ui. Q fUd you ??r hare any oo nervation w'tto h?r on the aub Jeci? A. No, air; be wa> ted to brlnp her .n Imme llate'y, at 1H, (owe ma, bat I do-jllDad, in deforeuoa to her *e*j ha tb??i arnrfed for itm-ther inlerrlew, hat rO?o I taw li'wha remained what ate *at4, and l<a ad lc<t ibal my >rv<?r>? m tbta ni' wm toocunrinf for me?thai I would frrr mrrm-<|. y In tbr.t conrerrntion did be not naa iar? i *?. tb,? ?fiat rfr?. I jnningfam wo 'Id not ba ! tray a vet'if A. No, a Ir; that eha <r-mld tiol betray a w .titan, w^i ib* pT'*clae lafiir<i:iga U. Al that tima waa ??t H IVtrde'' la ' i>| himself m tint matter (wll ?< f< ai l f>|a net lilx wile) for yauf A lie waa. MIW. rtfUAMIT*'# ITlDimaii A'm ?m u oelftr aworn, i*.?te I?I realde at So. 7C* (irworr am w f? of Aiejanlor fler.Jttun; hie bmlaeae ?t pr.<??.< va ar *f> and fro |o anoth America; tradaa in all Ibtnc II ? ari M w tn tha Vudneaa of ?ak'"f datu*rrr' p*? M So. ?m .lowry, I knew Dr. It.ifdi be a*ua ?*d ? ,ooth ."row ma la 1*51; HT hhn a la 1M? heiaV . u hare wnedag ?arreolrpr<a iaken * IN ?W) ?t Jiaua^y. the .--eaent year; he ha I fr ir Ufcii, '*e ??ro n Vnoa.' ?m ->na of th?m; h?? aad I .r ? are trey Bo? '1 ibe h,?t b? ~rar had; b?> a> "i IMf w. iaK? ? - e??no b* me ?e. b it ha thonaht il ry wm>M i' tar? ?r-i??em t?o? it better fram ha 'a ' Ik f??d l ed wbl?ke-i ly?>d lo bara tha plntnraa i*|, n; | ,<.M b*r In na pl.-tnra ?o ild be mien <t?at if ar4 d'^. ?ie iiilll irflt 1 ??earoir, and ha woill tr-fr b-< t I IB !) ! biHK'H. he fttiii that If he wa? a ??. t???4 fr*' ba wmild nK b la'd wl* a ?| ? ?w ai fpntlewiao-tlal II wae t"tj wi, ti|?ar ; 1 icM I. m be oothl ?o fM married , b aid ao.)? a?rer wai and oeter would l?? married , ba NEW YORK HERALD, S1 wa< animate 1 when talking, fpoke racily bit made l?n? jrrkalis between each oenteuce ; Uk muilotu were quiok ; lie wih btoad across tiie uhouldere, but hit- breast seemed to fall in ; his b .-ad whk erect, but tUIl beat forward. (.rw exaiDined ; Did notsee much of tlie Doctor until I met tiim In 1RSI at Saratoga ; did not see him again until I uu-t him in 1856 at Kara:?ga ; be waa broad built; there wuo one of the pictureb taken ot a larger uise Uun the one shown. Adjourned to Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Ttie B1 urcte r or a Young Jew fwdlcr In Htr aehuMitU. X MILLEKHH l'HKACHKK TUM MI7KDIKBK. {Fiom tfce Hartford Times, June 4 ] Isaac Jacksoo, aged some 18 years, employed as a ped ler by bin brother, a Jew merchant at Wevflald, waa murdered ant robbed on the road leading from WestQeld to BuFtell on Monday forenoon by Charles Jones. lie was ?hot through the heart, and bis body was dragged some thirty rods to the bank of the river, where it wiv sunk in a swift current and covered with stonei and rubbish Suspicion was not excited until Tujsdty morning, wheu an old man who was driving cows to pasture taw a trail where some heavy body bad been dragged across the road, and gave the alarm. Search was (hen made by Home half dozen of the riAiah virc a tut thrt twfv wu fVinnii fnnoti aftar Mhnntmir he peddler, took the wagon and drove It towards Blanit Cord about tulle, and tbere left it in a piece of woods over ui^bt. Ue thcc went to King Hastings' house, In Lllandford, where ho stayed until two o'clock In the mornlug of Tuesday. It li ruppected that after leaving Hastings' house Tuesday merging he wont to the doad body and oomploted the work of tiarchlug it From the body he wont back to the wagon, which he drove to another place, changed his clothes entirely, and came down to Kussell to get bores to pack goods in. This was towards noon on Tuesday, an J suspicions baring been ozcited as above, the man was dotsklned. A warrant for bis arrest was promptly obtained from H. 8. Lewie, of Westfleld, and Dr. Jehlel Abbott, of the same place, came up to Russell to hold an inquest Some dozen witnesses were examined before the Coroner, and all the evidence pointed to Jones aa the murderer. Jackson was shot through the heart, and Jones was found to have a pistol which King Hustings recognized as one ?hicb he and oner, bad practised with at his / Bastings') house In Blandford, where Jones spent the Sabbath. Jackson was about 18 years of age, the youngest of four brothers, Jews, who have a store at Westlleld. Mass., and send out goods in pedler's wsgons. Jones evlaontly killed him for the purpose of robbing blm. He shot him in the baoM, the ball passing through his he*rt and oomlng out at the breast The pistol must have been held close to the body. The body of Jackton was brought to the city last evening, sol burled in accordance with the Hebrew rites, there Ixnr k to pyi agogue at Wesfleld. The funeral took placo at 21' M. to daj (Thursday). lbe corpse is carefully washed and clothed in while linen garments, expressly made by Jewish women, who fet 1 a tad pleasure In thus assisting in the last act of kind nes* toward* a co-religionist. jjWhite is used for thercMeu that the scriptures frequently mention that color to Indicate purity. A sro&I. quantity of earth Is i>ut under the head to indicate that all cometh from the earth anil returneth tklthor again. The head or the deceased parson is placed toward! ibe Orient, to represent the great reverneco of the Israelite to ward a the land or his nationality, and that also as the sun rises to revivify all creation, so will the (load finally rue to everlasting life. The minister recites certain prayers oxpre*t>ive of the Inscrutability or God's ways and of the necessity for the alllicted to resign themselves unmurmurlngly to his decrees, the coffin Is lowered Into the earth,and the words, "may the soul or the departed come to it* reeling place in peace," fervently uttered by thoee present Each or the mourners then shovel a Utile earth over the bier, and afterwards those attending, to remind themaelvcs of the Divine decree spoken to man, 'Dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return" The mourners next p-onounoe a prayer expressing their unswerving roci*ri.?tK>D to the Creator under their severe and heart-rending alllictiou, and the ceremony concludes. Jones, the murderer, Is the same follow who bai just served out a Urm or Tour years in the Connecticut State prison, for robbing John Dean's store. He was the coolest scoundrel that ever infested this city. He professed great oonrern for the souls or tinners, and was constantly readinn the Bible and exhorting at evening meetings. Whilut lo the confidence of Mr. Doun, he stolo about $2,000 worth of goods from his store, together with considerable sums of mooey. He stole the silk to make him a surplice to preach in?started a church lnj Ulastenbury? ?tofe the trimmiugK for his pulpit, and velvet for hi* chair, aiid also stole giods to pay the cabinetmaker for the chair; broke into the Ca'holic church and stole the priest's robe for a sample for ene for hlmselT, and also stole the silver chalices, &c.,fr?m the altar?called at Mr. Dean's one afternoon to have "a liule season cf prayer," remained till evening, bade the family good bye, but instead of going out of the door, he stole up stairs, and secreted himself onder the bed occupied iy Mr Dean's son?rema!ned there till past midnight, when he crept out and robbed young Dean's pockets of $ ICO?which he bad asoerialned the day previous Jiat he bad Junt procured from the Bank?then went np to 81, John's Hotel, called for lodgings, got up before daylight, stole a suit or clothes from a boarder, and cleared for a neighboring town. But this is not half or his viiianb*. He wu constantly stoaJmg, praying and ex Uoruug, till brought up by a four years' term In prison. A greater nor cooler scoundrcl probably aerer went unhung. cim|? of the Mrtrnor of Raw Hantpthlrt. Governor Halle, tn bis flret mraaag e to Um New Itamp ahlre legislature, thua dlaoouraea on the subject of the Died Scott decision and the question of alarery While cautioning the Ii?gi*laltire against any unnecessary mlngUng together local Interest* with such aa are committed to the national administration, the Uovernor aaya that New Hampshire. aa a sovereign State, having an late real tn tha all aire of the general government, haa a right to moke it* vatcm la iJtcmc affairs nt*. a uouutrjr. a* u>e peupis ahara It, ao ought they to bar* something toaay regarding their aaorai responsibility for federal law* and actions. Mates hare power, be aaya, to adult to the privilege* of cltiienabip, and to protect those whom they may ao admit, under the general oonatitutloa " ff ben the highest tribunal iu the country declare* that citiaenahip la made to depend on mere color or racc, the race or color ao proacrlbed should have their minda relieved of all doubts concerting their righta under the lawa of the Stat*. With tbia view,anil by way of pro'eet against a principle oontrary 1 to Ue spirit ot our Institutions, it maybe expedient to dtclare what I* now true, that, onder our looal law. all en. of whatever grade, color or race, If Injured or unjust ly deprlvt d of their property or freedom, may at least an* lur redreas an<l be beard In our courts." 4a earneat pro U rt againal the decision of the United -taUs Judges In the natter of Dred la suggested, aa that declalon la onn "re|>ii|reacttn the sonae of Jaatioe and to the principle* of equality wbtcb lie at the foundation In our system of go vemmeat" The responsibility of the people for the evil f slavery having Its i ommancrment where slavery ceaaoa lo be (oral, and tSe hatory of that Institution, and ita ex laastoa being fW miliar, the necessity?the a l.lreaa aaya?ik apparent, that every amatitnttonal mean-* of reals lanoe tn the iti-ady eno-oarhment of the institution ovet territory now free la juat and Incumbent. "I'ecu tlary aid la not asked for from the HIM*, aa the p'eaeni condition of the settler* (In Ksii'as) doe* not make It necoaaarv or expodl. enL No ex &eriuj may hertafUr arise; bill while w* confidently b<>|ie that, without the ahcdding of bluod, and In the prareaOl". es< rciae of tbe righta of citizens, tha cause of freedom may prevail, It Is a plain requirement of duty tn atTi ro ?ym| athy and cncouragemont. and, If necessary, pecuniary aid, lo thoe* who are contending for lb* righta of free labor lb the Vailed Bute* Territories." Using* of I He Vlgllaart Committee In lawa, (Prom tlie Chicago l*resa, tune 3.] Ti e r?tnl(e?u> of tbe Vigilance Com mlltoe of Jackson enunty, Iowa, w*a. II ae*ma deadly In e?-ne?t, and they have exu nded ttuir oprra'ioo* Into the adjoining oo'wy of Cllntoa ?? the Shtb ull some forty or Oriy of the Jack ton onnt.ty taw driere |>roreeded lo D*?1U, tbe county seat of Clinton county, armed at all points, and demanded tbe prl enster* nouAut-d tn tbe jail there, wbo ha i been remove I from Ja? ks'.n ramnty on a change of venue The 8berin reacted tbelr demand aad summoned the by slanders lo his aeHstaoce, wbo refused to aid him. After knocking tbe Sheriff over tbe bead eltb their guna, they aiiroeetfed tn getting poaeeneio* of the key*, aad entered the jail and tot* out Bargee, confined for ranrdertng his wife Tbe mnb look Bargee over a ear Ma-|ookflte, where they htmg bim about rln* o'clock on I'riday morning. Tbe mob waa mm posed of the same men ?hn la ti l y b iog (J.fTord In thai nonnty. They are thoroughly organ .aed aad aaid lo number from 400 lo 500. An trwhman, nam ?d fhrroll, wbo waa la Jail fbr tbe m<irder of a Per ma* last rail, aad baa no* yet had a legal b?*ring, was informed thai he was lo be hang at the *a?e time With Bsrger, but oa fu'Uier roast lerst on by the meb It waa deemed proper that b* skoaid bars a fbir trial. Another person wbo was arretted la thai vicinity fbr stealing a watch, and moaned In the Clinton jail, waa taken to the place of exenntioa and severely whlp,>ad, snd al monlshed tn leave tbe Mate aad never appear la that part gain, aa b* valued hi* Ufa U was lbs intention of tbe mob to take aanUser pel ?a see wbo had been Imprisoned fnr horse Meallog, bit ha ef frcted hi* *scap* lb* night before aad Sed to part* an KIH'WBkVimMMim RKHEWCT If KIT IAT. TH1p|^w Cii*rRrrn.r.ic noun**. i?ono ini.Anr> tr<>ttin<? / Oa Nowlay, Juna ft. M 3 o'clonk. paraa aad ataka MM: hro all* hraia. i? tarmmm. To earn* <m ? looaA H MclAticfclla fnvti b m \*Aj Moaaow; * Wbaoiaa ml n> W | Jake Oaklwf; II Wondmff anutr* h a H-msnt Waahlrgiaa W #. AbruH aware b I Alarm, tow I; o'lMmla. _ JOEL OONCUN. rropnMnr Th? Isrg hlaiwt Railroad f*rt will l?*ri Anal* f?irj M IK o'elo * P M., r*titr.Mag aa woa M ilM i?f? la orar far* 0 nrnlM to ?r> ml r*inra. C^KVTRkVTIXi^r?>i Ha*. u>?<? WI,ANI>. 'rial** ) W..><Uy Jaa* i. Im????itai?ly afW \hf treat troutnc Mafer * ma rh tl.fal play or pay, ill* h?ata.b ?T> la la bareiaa H WoodruflnaaiMrfoa g. Ba?l*kia, W Othmlt nunM | t Paorr iom. OONm.m iVrrMnr. I^KNIII fTM^i T pikwi^mrTi nuBi?? IMI r>mo??f th? Paahton tVmrea tbraa bo?u will ply bat a? are Truth ?ir?*< ni.d lHarwua b?m bm tbraa a?4 ? hall tnllre o??r road*. tr?i tmm all p??m> aia miWORK*. itl PIHHT PH?.Xmfc? lit Tilt i nit** rtatm *xI Li lilhiurlnl Tirtw'T**. Ma?i?IOe?tiilJ mlor*d and brilliant. Tbe ori$ 'n?l old l-ait^d huii ? laboratory. P"i*r?mm?a now ready. OfBro I V Vtaabingtnn lirwl r^horatnry *?? atreM, aeo*d *'<>< ? tru a ih# rorry. Jarery CIItj. IP a ac RI?t?r. H?n , Pjrca-haiei A| I (.1>MI'LKTK AHHORTNRNT OP M*RT~PAINICN Bnworka of Ji?b U. A t P*? ' m?n if?riar?, w%r ran:r<l Aral quality of ?ror?maaahlp and malarial omnprVriaa xrrj d'?iriir'k>n of nhlbl'lna and ?*l? w irk. at Uwdr a*"WTj, SI warhtnipoti atr-M. onraar of Rarr'ay Itaftlor* and u>w? *i?miwr?? am>pll?d at llir lowaat prtare. ONarefhoaM * #'(dr?*?odlo H ? K a R J ICR IN I * II A CO.. Ml Wa?ton?io?

MrM N??w Tort. unci* riMT pmmuvioou>?ki? and hViLliart u Irawtjrto. I ab'tral rf. Honk r*nL <X?rrt tnr tko ?S*rr? wnrka NwM br ?M?a*t in. 1 Jr .jeruty Uiy, or to fBO#. rfTNKtN, ?gnit No 10 Nat 'mi hui*. N. T. *b?rr *Kinpl?a of mhlhVton pl?Ma. aluo rarity of aala .,r.rk juiW t,i ?o,r< k'?i-r?' ?'i'b an rarNnra. 'o?a r?ari|r?> kr t?.. Aa , ma? ba Horvi# d*?ci r?d to any part of Oka ?ty or at aay of Ika rati mad or ?K?air ?t Bran at arprnaa. lTURDAT, JUN8 6, lQSf. BOAKBma AW UnKKNG. (in WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH HTBSKT, ONE HOOl jQVJ from th* corner of Broadway ?I>eetrable suits of r?r blshed tod unftiruithed roomfc te lot, with board, suitable fo 'acqIIIm or Ingle sentlemra, at low prices. The location i nry deelrable for summer month*. QQ BE*OH STREET, 8T. JOHH8 P ARE.-FURNI8?EI> *>O moms to let, with or without board, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and ihehr wlrse. Tka house baa all the modem Ibm foremen la. 1 n WEBT FIFTEENTH STREET, KMXR FIFTH AT* :2 BOB.?To let to geatlMMO, In a private family, hand swselr furnished room*, oommnntaMlng, having Oroloo, pi *lh. ka None but highly resectable psisoee Mad apply ires What If desired. ?Q WEST EIGHTEENTH 8T&EKT, BETWEEN TITTr. TO and Blith ares am. An elexaut mU of rtoma oa seooa ' XT, with full or partial board; a desirable hoaaa for partle -Hthlof to be permanent; dinner at o'clock. ?l| WHITE STBEET. A FEW DOOB8 WEST OF Uu Broadway.?Furnished room* to let. Several suits of , room a on first, (round and third Sours, for single gentlemen und small lamlllts. Also an oflloe oa the ground floor. Y VAST SEVENTEENTH BTBEBT, BETWEEN ONION 11 square aud Irving place.?This fine realdenoe, tauto* he new, ooetly furniture, Is ready far the reception of orders. Gentlemen and their wives, aad riugle gentlemen an prieoe strkbt, near broadway, west <31 sk)? ? Furnisked rooms, without board, several large noma, with olosets, pantries, mo., newly furniihed, with ooo*?it?oeeofbath, gas As., to let, m above. Also, back parlor, ten* ton room and oflse.' Q?* WI8T TWKNTY FIFTH 8trkbt.-A QRNTLEMIK 0\J and wife or single fcntlemea can obtain plossant rooms and board, a', the above address. Termi moderale. 11H FOURTH AVENUE, FEAR UNION SQUARE.?A LIU salt of rooms, handsomely furnished, on the second floor, h tillable tor a family or aingie gentleman, with private 'able If dekirfd. The bouse is first class, and the looaUou Is v?ry pleasant and desirable. m EAST twenty first street?rooks to let, with or without board, to gentlemen of families: house tirst olass, adjoining Qrameroy Park House, with privilege of park. Before apes given and retired. 1 1A WAVERLEY PLACE.?A GENTLEMAN AND L it wile and two or three single gentlemen oan obtain good rooms and board as above. I lO FORHTTH t STREET.?WITHOUT HOARD, A L ~l) nicely furnished room for a single gentleman mty be bad for 12s per week in advance. Also, wanted, a gentleman in room with a gentleman of the family in a large double room, for 13s. per week. 1 vft ninth street, two doors west of broad lt)u way.?Furnished rooms to let. to gentlesMn. in a flrst ,-lass bouse, magnificently furnished throughout, with all the modern improvements. Location unsurpassed. Rom will be let In suits or separate. Apply to T. K. CULLEN, 131 Ninth street I OA CANAL STREET.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED 1OXJ front ana back room, on first floor, together or separably, for a gentleman and lady or single gentlemen, wlih or without board. Also, a single room, (new No. 38S); pleasant location west side of Broadway; terms moderate. 1 91 hudson street, ST. john's pare ?a laroi Lul front parlor to let, unfurnished, to a gentleman and his wife, with board; gas and bath. | iil JOHNSON STREET, BROOKLYN.?A GENTLE lui man ana nts wue or tour aingie genuemen can oeao ronmodated wllh full or partial board in a very imall re?perUtMe family where there are uo other hoarders, convenient 10 Fulkin and wall street ferries. Term I for partial joard K) to >3 tO. 1 Af HUDSON 8TRKRT, FRONTINQ ST. JOHN'S F ARK.. It I Furnished rooms to let, wKh or without board, to slnC" gentleman or gentlemen and their wives. House with all modern improvement*. Of} A HKNBT STRICT, BROOK I, YN.?A FHW QRIfOjurt tlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board, within ten or fifteen minutes walk from South or Wall street ferries. A TO BROOM* 8TRECT.-FURNISHRD ROOMS, WTTTItW ou board. Gentlemen requiring clean and neatly furnished rooms will And a quiet, convenient and oomiortable home by applying as above. A PRIVATB FAMILY, OCCUPYING A LARGE GOOD 1 house in one of toe best streets in Brooklyn, very near to Fshnn and Wall street ferries, would like to let a sluing roona with bedroom adjoining, comfortably furnished, to a single gentleman. AC dress A H., Brooklyn Post nlDoe. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFB AND TWO OR THREI t\. single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rosms and board at 114 Henry street. A GKNTLKMAN WANTS A COMFORT ABU ROOM, O. with full hoard. In a private family; an English one preferred. Location to be between Fourth and Twentieth streets and Second and tilth avenues. Address, stating particulars, B. P., b?i 2.7M Post oflce. APR1YATK FAMILY?HAVING MORI ROOM THAN they require, would like to take a gentleman and wife to board, whew they would have all the oomio'ta of a home and choice of rooms. Bast of referenda required. Apply at 388Carlton av., Brooklyn. A OKNTLKMAN AND WOT, WITHOUT OIIILDRKN or a faw alngls gentlemen, can be accommodated with delightfully situated roomt and board by applying, at 77 Wll1 jw strwet, Brooklyn Heights, not five minutes walk fross Wall changed. A ORMTUBMAM AMD HIS WIFB, OR OMR OB TWO 9^ akialc gentlemen, am obtain with partial board, a large and handaomely tfurntahed bedroom, us a first olaaa house: terma fan per mecili For particulars addreaa B , bos 4951 Poatodloe. Aokntirman Attn his wirm or small family caa be accommodated with excellent room*, furnlabed or unfurnl?hed, with board or all noarenleooee for bouaet ceeplag, with a private fatal Ijr at 34 Maedougal etrwK. A m.~?um~7rmHTl.*MKN OAS br aooommoA dated with full or partial board at III6 Hick* atreet. near (longreaa, Houth Brooklyn, three mlautee walk from Sou h ferry. A LABOR AND PLBAHAMT ROOM OH THM THIRD floor, newly fnrnl ihed and repainted, with (u, to let to a gentleman for C3 per week, or ti for two. In a houae with iii-Wate family Breakfast rtrea If deaired. Pleaie apply at 174 first aTenne. near Tenth street. A8MAI.1. PRIVATR FAMILY OOCCPTIMe thkfr own beuae, situated In Weet Twenty third street, wlah I* let aa distantly furnished front parlor, wt'h bedrjom. eon ta'nlng hot and cold waver, gaa an 1 wardrobe, eloeatewnmu nica'lng. with the exrlualre uae of a brMllant toned piano In ihe room If deaired, to a gentleman aad wife, or two atngle gentlemen, with partial board for the gentlemen, alao, a furniahed r 'in mliable for a ilagie gentleman. cantalnlng gaa. cloeet, Ac. A rare chanee for thoae deetrtng the comforu or twwnt', tn a houae heauUlul la all ita appointments. Addreaa box 2,676 Poat oOlce Aubxtl.imam amo his wifm amd two or three atngle gentlemen ean aeanre good board 3a reasonable term* In a Brat claw houae and amall family; oeaUon Twrnt) sixth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth arenuet, half a Mock from Madlaon sqnara. Addreaa 0. W., Madlana aqnare Poat offlon. ROABII.-WANTri), A KRATt.T KlTHNtS 1KD ROOM, f.,r ? 1..U o,,nlli>n,.,i .,,,1 nl.ll.l >1,1, I.... r. I I.., Ika l*.l> unljr. Weal of Um, oily Dreferred. Aildrwai Waruor, Broadway l'<?t oflire. , Board-a uenti.kmar ani> his wirr. or a ft? ulntle fi'iitlemm can be accommodated with dually lurnl*hrd roona ni l board. The houae hu ail the m^l-rn Improvrmrnta. Dluner at 6 P. M. Apply at No. 1 AJbioa pitur, *0 Fourth ?trust. Boaro.-to let. with board. two risulr room* for ntlrmfn, on* or the nccood and the other oa he thir l flo<*, 11 U f Ml Washing) m place, near Hlxth nt# liar. ooovruleat b> lha oara aoJ MaiM. Apply on the pren.iaea Board.-two room* pimtabi.k por birolr orr th-men, with or without parjal boai-d, ran be ha I la a prlTata family, at Ro 30 Ooitaffe place, between Houatoa and Rleecher atreeu. Board.-a privatr fahilt, liriro vr tow* i* a delightful location, would arcoiaBaortat* a fra'.lnrn tu and wife with hoard and pleaaant fr<.mi ro-inia, alao, one or two aiBBle g'-nllemea. Apply at 131 Leiujjtou avenue, ooroer of Tw?nly nlnih atree*. Board.-two or thrrii orrtlkwr* oa* br ac <v?amodated wl h full ir partial board Id a private I ami It. TV?r wlahtnf the ennaforta of a home ahould apply at Raw aK'a Raat Since nth atreet. Bath aad (U. Tarmm moderate. Boaro.-to lit. with pttll or partial board. Id a private home, a large parlor, with bedroom attach d, na the Oral floor, alao three room* oa the third. The houae <v*iUle? ha h and gaa and haa a large yard and garden. Ap ply at MS W? ret ley plane. Board, good tablr, pijcarart rooms wkli, fnrrilahed, meriern Improvement*, few heard era. - A lady or (anti-mar. or both aaa Sad the mmfnrU ef a home na moderate term* Pleaaa nail at TV TarMfe Itreet. M. Jafca'a part, aear lh? afcamh. __ Hoard at mi uotrrro* btbrrt, wrar broad way Pleaaaat front room, neatly furalahed, Bamlly nrl we HealltT healthy and reapeetahle, terrna moderate, enlta Me for a lady aad genueoaaa or two alngle gentlemen. ratareneee |tvnn and required. Board ir rr?k> ?#ni?Tbm*n *i*r? wim or twa or ikrw rtiitlt b?U?? m kt utmaodMil ? Ilk mil or partial board, on raaaonakla larma, at Wo 1*1 " awm ?m?. ta a gfmtml arlckborbood mw th* F alios or <mmm M >(fria*m( OOARO 1* BBOOKkTR -A FEW HIHUIJ ft Km,*** O mm b? MmamnteM with baadaoaaly fnmlahad i III? tad partial >m< la a plaaaaat lonaltoa wnrnuM In raflaara ?War? Uw wotoli or a bona may ba ml land. Amly m tOVurtlit (Ira*?. wirwai V RrWUa WrooklTn BOARD IB RBOOKI.TR PI KANART ROOM*. OR nroad *ory, anltabla for * rnntlamaa and wlfo or two injlo femlam?n, nan ba bad by applybtf at Ro 100 tVmfma* atraot. aaoood d?mr below Henry. Dinner at < o'olrak, BOARD 1* RROORt.TR TT1RRB MIKUTRR FROM Wall ?Taat ferry A i rlTCe family would I*', a nawly fartiiahed al<v>re bedroom and parlor to a fentlataan and wihi; ro .mi delightfully noul wllk <MW of ib? bay. family (mall and (orlal. Apply at M ./oralnflioa etmet, nnar Hick* BOAItDIR I' ROOK I.TR, - TWO ROOK* OR flROOKn floor la a plenaaat lorvlnn, for a lady aad fenUaman. or two or Ihree da?le fentlemen, () mlntitea walk from either Atlantic of Moniagna farrlea Ro. 94 Warrna atrwi, betweon film on and H?nrr almerta Board ir -two riroli obrti.rrrr or a gentleman and wlfa nan bo pleaaantlr ane>mmodtiod In t>?e pn*?ia family of ? widow laHy, reddln* la bar owa hnnw Kai'ort elejan'ly furalehed Apply at .1.10 Iflrte .reel. nrar War ran. Four alnutaa walk from th* South farry. B( Altl) IR BROOKLYN. -TWO OR THRKR (IIR'II P. rar.i'amaa nan bo anoommodated Willi partial board at I 4 Ui in<?-on aural, ear >nd kivaeaboteHralia ulreet. B'-AWP'R UROOKl.TR -TWO Oil THRRR RtffOLM tantieme* or a (eotteman and bla wlfa nan ba annommn Iia'ad wrl r"??ri - i-n? in a t" 'at.? faml'y, wh?re ih-r III hara (rood board and the comfort* of a boma Apply at iM (rhlnr?"?i 'roat, (era* mlnuiea walk from Fulton ferry. Torma r- aannabla. _ BOtRD IR RROOKI.TR A WRI.L FURRIHUFD ROOM lo la), wttli partial board, la a atrk- ly print* rranch ' .mlW r-? "ir ( lu a rery pteaaant part of ! < !'? alt -nlnnte* ??Ih from tha Wall treat farry Addren I. U. M.. HoraJd ' ?a BOAP.1 OR R*'V>KI.VW IIRIOI'T* \ FRITtTR family nan aiwanmadat* own or I WO (Inula *?ntl.-> ? v 'h Una rr.nna and partial board Apply at W ran -iry ?tr?-et, mar fvl'imbla B^ARR IR SROOil.YR -A 0?*?T1,K*AR ARB HM wlfa i* two (tafV fnDaman aan bo arnommodatod w?l l~*rd, Apt'ly at Ai'awia <arrat. wltkia a ftw talnataa walk ? FnMoa farry grfi ic?m wchangrd. lOJJUHM UNI) uwuno. DoXlirMNBBOOIt.YN.?A TBBT T> IBIB ABLE rHRD Dished room, sultablf for s ermleman and wife or two ingle gentlemen may b? had, with board, at "S Htate street, >? twftii Hennr aid ('Ilutfm streets; location pleasant, and '" " faatto Will or Atlantic street ferries Boabd wanted?bt a family oonbibtin'j or three crown persons and two children, the eldnst not "rer two raws. In a g?"Unl (lersu family; good lunation, ither up town or In Hobukeu. Address, slating terms, K. B., ok 4,10b Post ogee BIOABD WANT ID BT A B1NOLB GRNTLHKAN?A ' J?r1yat? family willing to 'et "ne room, with partial ^aia V about M, may have an agreeable au? permanent oeapanL Uxmuoa central, and above Tenth aireeC Kpisoo^allana preferred- Addreaa H.. box 11M Po?t offloe. BOAEDINO-A HAITDaOMBLY FURNISHED FABUJE. ottabta tor a gentleman and lady, also, a room for sin*k **?$7 *??*** w! B. B.. HeraM mfiMS'SS? *** ***"" ' ?"? Boabdino.?a obvtlekan and laut oan sboure, on reasonable terms, a neatly furnished narlor and bedroom adjoining, In a Brat oIm houae. w?th all the modern ?raventenc<<a. Apply at 16 tot Twenty fifth atreet. QOARDINO.?ROOMS TO LIT, WITH "OR WITHOUT D board. In a new tint claw brown atone bourn. 419 Fourth aveaue, near Twenty ninth atreet. Boat of reference* livea and required. Boarding?a gentleman and lady can rk accommodated with handiome furnlahed or unfurnished room or room*, with board for the lady only, in a tlrat claw house, nearfUnlon square, with all the modern Improvement*, gas, bath, Ac. for term* addraaa Katella, Broadway Port ottos. Boarding-south bbooeltn.-families. bintie gen liftmen and transient boarder* dealring pleasant and airy rooma in a hsalihy location can be accommodated at (7 Clinton a treat, corner of Warns atreet. Beferenoes required. Boarding.?a gentleman and his wife can he acoommodatrd with good board; alao a few alngle gentlemen, at IS 26 and >S SO. Apply at 14 Joue* atreet, between Bleecker and Fourth atreeta, near Sixth avenue. Boarding.?a gentleman and his wipe or a few alngle gentlemen can be aooommodated with good board and pleasant rooma by applying at all Mulberry atreet QROOKLTN?BOARD.?A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL O acoommodate a gentleman and wife with a pleaaant t ont room on the aeoond floor, unfurnished, two pantries, gaa or bath; a nicely fnrnlahed room tor a alngle f Bailsman. Loeation very desirable, a short dlitanoe Cram three of the ferries. No. 86 Smith atreet. Boarders' exchange, appi.eton building, 346 Broadway?A practical medium for aupplylng boarding houses and private families with dealrable boarders. AU wishing nhculd apply immediately. Full particulars of the moat dealrable place* given gratuitously to board seekers. SMITH k BOYD. DO YOU WANT SPACIOUS, CLEAN, COOL BOOMSfIf ao, call at 74/ Broadway. Southerners aa<: fkmilies topping for a few weeks will be anlted, aa the rooma are dealrable. Breakfast will be given U required. Desirable bachelors' apartments in brooklyn.?To be let to one or two gentlemen, In a tlrat claaa houae, within three minutes walk or the South ferry and close to he German Club, a ipadoua and well furniahea parlor, 21 feet by 11; a amall library, with a choice selection of hooka; a ba'h room and one or two bedrooms, all aupplled with gaa Meala turnlahed, if required. F ? oarda of address apply at Mrs- Kennedy's china store, 96H Atlantic street, near Henry. French boabd.-a gentleman and his lady or two fHenda eaa have a large furnlahed room and amall one attached If required, with closets, pantry and gas; board tf desired. Address 316 Hloks street, between Harrison and Pegraw, Brooklyn. Furnished rooms-an eleg ant suite or rooms, with sommodlons bed-rooms sod .pastries attached, to k? let together or separate. Alao a suit of magnlfloent parlors oc the ant Boor, newly ana elegantly furnished, at fl JBleoafcer street, ft few doom cast of Broadway A* house U veri larga and airy ; balk, pt, AaFUBNI8HID BOOMS TO LBT-NBWLT FURNISHED to single gentlemen. Apply at 146 Varick (treat Beat Moderate. rBKISHBD OB UNFUBNIBHBD BOOMS TO LKT-HT a mall family of three peraooa. Apply at fl Fourth aveaue. Befervaoea eiohanged. FUBNISHKD BOOMS TO LKT ? PABT1MB DKSIRINQ good accommodation for the tummer, will Had a splendid suit of apartments, an entire floor, or a tingle parlor and bedroom, at 38 Clinton place FUBNISHKD BOOMS-WITH OB WITH OB WITHOUT, board, suitable for gentlemen and their wlvea, or tingle Ktlemea, at 41 Crosby street, one door from Broome, The *e aontalna all the modern improveaaenta; family private. Beferenoaa eichanged. FUBNISHBD BOOMS TO LBT-TO 81MULB OKNTLBmen or ladtee, at No. U Mercer street, first door from Grand street. FUBNISaXD BOOMS TO LBT-TO A QKNTLKMAN and hie wife or to single gentlemen, by a pi-irate family. Gas and bath in the bouse. Apply at US Houston street, two blocfcs from Broadway. FUBNMHKD HOCSJE. CONNKCTBD WITH THK ST. Denis Hotel, to let, srlth or without board, io a private family. Inquire at the office of the St. Denis How, corner of Kleventh atreet and Broadway. 17IUBNISHBB BOOMS TO LBT-AT 188 SPBINQ r atreet, a short distance weat of Broadway. Large and airy rooms, newly and neatly furnished. will be let reasonable. E7BMISHMD BOOMS, P A BLOBS AMD BBDBOOM8 TO tot, with or wlfenit parial board la a private American Uy Please eali at ?t orchard street. near flraad TjllFTT FIFTH STBBJCT-A DILI.JHTFUL SUMMER P reeidence, near the bank* the r*??i. -* r?n urntiem?~ their wives aad t ?o or three single gentlemen can have well furnished rooms and board by applying at the large mansion, surrounded by a garden, last house nan to the river. GKNTLKMltN AMD THB1B WITKS AMD SINrtLB gentlem n will find pleasant room*, with full or partial buerd. la a bouae pleasantly located for the summer, at MS Fourth avenoe, near Twenty-first street. Oaa, bath, Ac. TTOTML LODOIMGS.?OBNTLXMBN CAN OBTAIN XI good furnished roams at the (Jlobs Hotel, eorner of Fraaifort and William streeta, at IB cents per night A few beat rooms at SB Mala per night No other ohargea except at their option. VTBAT AND NKWLT FTBNTSHKD BOOMH TO LIT. AT il M White street, to slnlle gentlemen, or to gentlemea aad their wives: no further charge for two gentlemen oocapylog one room, strict refereace required In regard to character \TO. 18 WNST KMtVBNTH RTRRKT-PURNISHIIO Li rooms, win breatraat and tea tr deatred. Uaa, bath, Ac., Id the b >tiae. Fifth ?t?dh? atage* paai the door. PI.RAKANT PURNIRHKP ROOMS, ON THK FIRST AND aecond Soon, suitable fur famlliea, can be obtained, with iKMtrrt, by applying at No. 6 Road atreet, near Hroal way. PllIVATK BOAH1?.?A OKNll.KM AN ADD wific CAN | have an nofurnlahed aeroixl wory front room with Dill or oaittal board Thoae who rrally dealr* a home In the abacnc# of lanhlon and formality will pleaaa apply at No 11 Rutfeni tn*et Reference* eirhanued. PR1VATR BOAR" IN HROOKI.YN?A NRATI.Y FTTR ntah'd front parlor and bedroom, together or separata on the second floor, lo the new drat class brown atone house, :t2H llenry street. location tiiisurpaaaad and eonvenle t to tie fkmth ferries Terms reaauuable. Apply or address aa above. ROOM8-WITH PARTIAL ROAR1I, IN A HANIMOMR newly famished house wlu the modara laprnil?i parlor* on sonond Boor, With bedroom*, alan, bedrooms oa third floor at moderate rate* aim, a baaement for a doctor or teptlet. Apply at g> <*pr1ng street, near MaAdoafal stram Koomn and roain for pamiijoi or rinolk gentleman, at U Union e^nare. Rooms can rr had, kinulr or in sum, at i? tlrcene s'reet, near Prince; hona* ha* the m dare tm proYemants, famf.y small, terms rraaenable; vocation good, reference* ittven. 11WO QRNTI.RMRN AND TWRIR WIVUI OR A PAMI ly can be accommodated w th pleasant room*, with b*rd. In a prlraie family, at V, \ We*t Twenty ftrat *trea<. The houae la new, has all the modern Improremer.ta, and la heaoufoUy sliuated opposite Chalaaa park.. Keferenoa* ei chang. d. TWO YOUNG I.AIHRfl, WHOM RHUMBS* IS PROM home during the day. n?< obtain board la a plain Ame rvan family b) applying at 119 Ninth aranna. Referaoeaa eirhanged. rl.RT?Pt'RNISHRn ROOMS, TO QBHTMIVRR. POR lod/rtnf rooma. Prlee from ft to $1 per week. Apply At 01m RrnAdWAW liAtMPwwR TvMlif h Riul TvRHtt flm WABTBD?BT A WIDOW LAPT, A HW uibix TO b<iard. Thoaa In *ul of a mm ortahle borne would do wall to nil at J?4 ?b tBTAKTRD?BT A R1NQI.B (.APT, A PI.AARANT FOB Tf olahad room, with boird, In a prlrme family. wh?r? lhara ara faw or no boarder* Terma not to aireed ffi A oentralpart of the city would be dcatrOTa. Addm Mr* B U D , Broadway I'oal n:-*. hoiflkn, rmu1nb, waktbu. dho -WAIfTKD TO BBWT. A PART or A HOCSB. mm lean than three room*, at I low rant, for a 11 ntl? man a id l?dy It mnal be In New York, and up town. No or?tr? will ba Uktn of any an?w?r no* I'auof location prlea and part ot tlia bo mm. Addraaa J. B. 0., hoi I0H Herald ?!?}/? IUU\ -WANTKN, A fXll'NTRf HBAT OK " U"V. firm from *? to Wflarrea w?rtli trnm $ln.i??i to Ml.WO. on Ike Una of Hew lla??n^ir Hilton HI -ar Rati road, for which will ha ?l?en flr?t cl*?a city property. DUNHOOBBBBAHBKR ll Plna treat, h?a*meat A LAPT IH PBRIBOUROF HIRING ONBOF WHBKLBR A A Wl'aon'* aawln* machmaa Any n?r?on ha?in*me, daalroua of hiring Ilia *ama. can do ao by a<ldraaaln( a c mmi nlcaimn. atatlnf tarn*. and *h?r? Uie aama oaa ba aeeu. to Mr. Jonea 9H Went Twenty ninth atrfei4 wmow i.apt or comb mkanianp without A. Ineumhranoa would Ilka to maat with a paitr ?bo would aaalM hrr In ohlainlrj a houra In thla rtty. Addraaa M. T., Union aquara Paat olllca. Reference* ana earnrtty ?t?ea. WANTBD?a RKBI.KTON BOAT, FRO* ? TOM FKKT In length. Addraaa, atallag farm* and whara aba aay ba eaan, O., Ilcrald naca. _ WANTBP?tTBPUBNlKHBP BOOWR IN A MOCBBH bnuaa. balwaan Rlghth and TwantU'b "atrrata, Third and MltbarrnTea for thraa peraon* or'aamall boaaa Kent of touaa b?*t?ee0 MWi and f**). Addraaa L. 0? boi I.Bin Poat o#ea, aiatlng tarme and InM loni WANTRP Tfi 1*17 BOH ARB?OB tOBfl IR ABO, BK AB a ear mula, rfnl'on avenue preferred.) a bull ting lot, Wl?b or without am all o-?tta*a, on aaay terma, P> or fill moatbly. Addrrra Htn?to, Herald ofllca. rrii\? n kk. .w . rfwtnb PBorLB or TtiBcrrt abo oocntt.-oall 1 and purrhaar yonr furniture at O W 8NBPKN 4 old otablla'i' d oo# prlaa au ra, jr?S Rowary, b'tweea Wanton and llooat. n itreeia Roaeaood and mahogany parlor u?a. k tob?n **d aula flirnltnra of all daaenp'Ton; aofa. Iroa ?n l ?tb?r badttrada. iM atand* from V7 t>. Ht. faath ? bads ?a'Ireaaaa. At. Repair lac dona Waa?U nbaap?'baa any oibcr Mora Don't for*at tb<- number. ruin AUTI" STtRBOROtirKR, RT <BB'iR'TOPWR, RTRBBOf'OPF^.? In mnaeouenra n1 tba great aneaaw tba Lou Ion Rtarwa->oplo (Vtoipany'ii a?eal haa met wlm In thla will ba "blliia.1 to auapend biwiaeaa nntl! Monday. lunaR, wbjn ba III oflVr a larga onllecUoti >f aaw tql^aca,Jo?i_ar^-'ed iMe af VaaMaatMb ' iMTRMaNR ?*? i, at w. Ball A Rom. at Br-klwrnf. rmniR mrortii Lake grorqr 'Th?* new Hud beautiful itrtner HlNNKnili, wttfe luut just bWD completed will oommi uc<t her trips froos o35T to Tlooudur.'u?, couneaung * tth Lhe steamers J* '-"-i Chamy Lulu, on the fctt day of j una. The Kort William Henry Hotel will open far the reoeptiou of guests on the Lst day ac Jmml The proprietor la determined ?o preserve the rfpntaHaa tlM house hu heretofore sustained, ol affording every comfort ?a* ltiiury that the \ Utter to this region ol Uetuu> and beauty ou desire aud respeoifully a<Xi of the travelling aomiuaaUr tueir patronage DAN 1KL (Jal.B Lakh mohkoah horb? ib how opsk for Simmer boarders, situated I'oor mktu east of Peeksktt ? lat'e; accessible by all trains ou Hudson River Railroad aaA steamboat Island Belle. Address a. w. Taimyr, PeeJcsriU*. Lakh hopa-wono hottse ir how opsn to xsreive boarder*.?To persons desirous of spending Ik* hot months in a quiet and rcmnntlc spot, and enjoy pvkerfl fishing In perfection, tlii above hotel o.'Vrn all these indaaemeuta. Hy the Munis aud Kasrx Railroad to Drakesvtlle aka tion, where stages will be la wmuut' to t.ike pass ingers to Mm house. RICHaRD CARMAH, Proprietor. Mor.Rtu CoottTT, Hew Jersey. SUM MRU RKSORTH.?TH> HIUBBRIDQR HOTBU bighbrldge. Westchester aide, is now ready for the re<t?(lon of summer boarders. The house is pleasantly situated QB high ground, commanding a beautiful vU w on the Hari?s? river. Kine Usl 1 ?g. and boating. Aocots tnest convenient bf Harlem and Hu lson River Railroad, and stares every how. JAMKB UUTtJtt, Proyrifr. Tot rai uiiua oi/ibu, wiujaihj, wb? iburw will open Alt the mm oa the 23d of June. AppHtlsHl? for nnau and oottages to be ui?4o at Boekaway or at 4 OM street, where a plan Mr b? * ??:? juo. a so. iiiwrnai ~~ boaro dtthm COUNT**. BOABDON STATU ISLAND, BETWEEN FIBET 1KB seoond landings.- a bally, or a few gentlemen, oan he aosoamodatcd wiihgood boaid and pleasant nomi. Mb?*noes tuhuni. Address mi 1,720 Eerald oiet. Fnratt boarding by Mrs, Kruger, Yan Dnzrr ilww, near OMntan. BOABDING IM THB OOONTBY.-A DELIGHTFUL sammer bonier can be found at thn Bonkonkotna BmMw at lAkeland, Long latent. The house Is new, situated m Tated ground, about a mile north from ' >?'??* ititlni; Ike f?Pm**re'**8?, "IT?Qd wall ventilated; theenolesareseatarns from ten to twelve acres, extending to the water: the wat?r tapureand sweet, thi*|shore and oottom are clean Mvi latere la no road through the premises. exoept a private road to the house; passengers leave the cart atT -V'-r* tfr> Uon; the ears lsave foot of Atlantis street. Brooklyn, mrmr 5 fi w Jtlf4 Lakelaai station at a/X and 13 M. Oarrlatre at the atatton to take paasengan te Mm ^uss Forpartteuter. Inquire at UJ r niton street, Mmw fork, from 9 to 11 A. m. |j. wild. BOABD IN 1HB OOUKTBT? IN A COTTAGE LATELY hulit surrounded by spacious greunds and pleaseaSr situated In a delightful village on the seaside of long Islaal connecting or railroad with New Tork, from whloh it la thirty tiles distant Privilege of stabling on the treatises. VW par'.loulars inquire at 167 Broadway, room No.8. BOARD AT A FAR* IN POUGnKEEPSIB?CAN m obtained for a few persona. Stabling on the preakMk Addr*?s O. B., Herald office. Board at a park house at tonkebs ob tbb vicinity wanted, for a family of five grown persons, twe sfrvants and three small children. Five room* wO be required. Address, with name and full particulars, ttraa Ac., to Mr. Marsh, boi 466 Post office, N. Y. Board at stamfobd. conn.?arrangements for the summer can now be made with a private fastilv fir a few select boarders. Tb? house is delightfully sltaaiel. Is near the depot, and uoi far from the steamboat laa ling Am early aoplicatlon In necessary. Address C. A. L, StsmftH'i l'ost office, or P. C. Bulkey. Rag., 27 Wall street, N. T. COUNTRY BOABD?AT CLIFTON, BTATRN ISLAJfD, in a delightful location. with the use of bath house, stable and oarrlage house, ten minutes walk from JVanderbUt landing. For particulars lnqa rs at 90 Irvine plaos, asar ttateenth street, CIOUNTRY BOABD -A PABTT OF TWO OB POUB ) gentlemen could be accommodated with fnrnishad ronmm wltli breaklast and tea, In a private family on Bergen Hill, M. J., within 1>. miles of Jersey (ity ferry, with which there te communication by lines of stages every ten minutes; the house Is new. In an elevated location. comm\nding a Hue vtow cf the harbor. Narrows and the surrounding oouulry. Addre?s B., boi 126 Post ofliee. COl'NTBT BOABD MAT BB HAD AT A DEglBABLB rtrfldenne, about seven miles from Brooklyn, by the Loag Island Railroad The h use is pleasantly located; rooms ihyj toe lawn and shade trees. For iarther particulars |lnqaire 71 Bast Twenty third street. COUNTRY BOABD MAY BX HAD IN A HHAtJTlFWL situation, near Fort Lee, In a large private hoime, iltsi there are Hue shade trees and evejnr Inducement to lumMtm seeking a respectable retired residence for summer, ti stag convenient to steamboat landing. Fare, U>?c. Address B^ Herald office. COUNTRY BOABD NEAB HIGH BRIDGE AND MAcomb's Dam.?Gentlemen and their wives can be aijuosa modatcd with pleasant rooms and good board at reasonable prioes. For parlculars apply to James W. Devoe, oa Ike premises. For location application may be made to B. D. La Fcvre, 66 Exchange plaee. COCNTRT BOABD ON 8TATEN ISLAND, NEAB BOMvtlle.?Booms larse and airy; locStion beautlfal: good bathing and fishing. For particulars apply to j. N. L., If Weat street. COUNTBY BOABD AT PORT RICHMOND. STATBN Islam', at the house of the Misses DIBSOtFAT, deltgkAfally situated on the Hark, five minutes walk from the fan. Address by mall, or Inquire or the oolleotors of the boats mguenot and Staten Islander, at Whitehall. /"lOCNTBY BOABD WANTED FOB A GKNTLBMAW, \ 1 Wife twn flhlldrn Ud UntnL fnrtkA anlnmat* i i Ifci M a farm he-ise preferred, about oae hour's rid* from the aiqr, u<t where the comforts of a borne MB ba enjoyed. AMrmm U. B.. bo? 10* Herald office. i VNliiUhTFUI> RKTKKAT AND Hl'MMKR BOARD TOM U a small part/, la the suburbs of 8tamtord. Cona., honrs from New York. I.arg* airy house, ?i h food water, vae, flowers. garden, *hrtlbl>ary,, Ac Addreaa Mra. 0, Sharp, Stamford, or apply at Ho. ?? Caat Thirty flrat ikML Hew York. HOBOKRN?TWO 8INUI.R ORNTL1DCFN OAK BR AOnommodatrd wkh a large room and breakfaal, lea, aa4 dinner on Hnndaya, In a private family, near the ferrr; bMk hi the bouae. Addreaa J. if. l>yer, box WH Herald odon. JJOKOKKN -WANTKD BOA RD A WD TWO OR THRU II good room*. by agenUeaau and hia wife. Addreaa Ms 3.1SS Poet oOce, New York. HOBOKRN.?ri'RNIMHRD BOOMH TO LIT. ON THB third floor a parlor an I two b>-<lr"oms, for two or three g?> tlenun. by a (Jetman family. No (-.her boarder*. Call atM Garden street HOBOKEN.-riRNIBURD ROOM, WfTH PARTIAL board for two or three gentlemen la one of the moat da arable locations. and within tire mlnaiea walk of ihe terry Apt ly at SI Garden etreet. between Haoonil and Third atraaMSTATKN ISLAND-BOARD WANTKD, FOR A LADY, gentleman and little Ctrl. Oocd board, ooaafort aad art> art ltiitiapet?able. Addreaa, slating terms, looaUoa, as, B. B. R , Herald office. TT1R APVRRTl^RR HATING l.K\SRD A OOMMOIHOUI home at Ne ? Brlgbtiw, Stal>'B Uland, tbe farmer rwi dener of Pr t'ampbfll Htowart, Is prepare.! t :u'.Mm.a?lsls a f?w famIIUs with tviard for tho runnier month*. It la ta urery wnv ?l?** r*ble for a summer residence, front* on the wnter, and wl bin (We trin'i'e* w?lk of the landing; refere.naaa eiclnngrd. Apply on tbe premises. MlSltAlTA?B UAWCUti. 4)1 HOWARD STBKKT.?GRAND SOTRKR IIANHVNT*. Jj I M'lle Caroline Vezleua will give a grand soiree Innaanta ?n Kai'trclar evening, .tone #, at her dancing aoadetar, tnea I Ull lio'cleek Tltki-s 10 ornt*. roc BOCaVON HTRKRT -RTW DANOIITO ACADEMY. ?Mr. AS riiMO win give {rand balls aver? Katarc?j and Wednesday Ull 12o'cioak. AJim??i -a CMrente, hn l> idy In sis tensor* will benaae good daaot ra. A grand bast ta n gaged f?r the one. tk/ti fili*? BROADWAT-NMR ftAUVAORAU'R DANCING ui/w academy, open every <lay end evening Grand suk aa every Matitrdav. All the ta*bk>nat>ke danoe* ta tgkl with the atone' attention by ) oung la>ll?a. le-t i anotera" auy 1>? learaa* !! __ r . w A "'"11 .Q?>TAYK Ro^twoon piawo, Mxni rr out. rt ot Ho.toe; cut f.'WO; ??.d ^ will ba mid tor *??> <*?h. Apply for one wnek at i r TTi n IT11U way A| MMGMBU tnT 7 OOTAVB ROSKWOOD PIAJIO lorla, o?l and oorrr, for aa!a, ,j BM% bmattfat taate. graad ciirnlar round corner*. Is of ibr axnm lucent (SotiMa NC loaari work all mini ritili fnU Mill ala'd, froat Inlaid with real mother of pairl-tullp* IfUtaa. hnrna of plen'r, Ac.; rteb. brilliant tone, ou be iMurf aaa! MO, orir? Mi. the <b-uip??t niaaa in the my, oeabntfa* make, two T?*ra wrruiM, will b? piolM for thlpola*. m rrmvfft whbnn! eitra char/a. Apply uj Ume af rr TAM. at tlMi furniture paehlnf *ev>Mli>hm*ni In With irnw, tM door* from Fortieth nril dnor U> Tr#mont Hotel, ? fMdaj knd Saturday. Will be mvt? aa objaiH for naah. I , BAIfJO TACtJHT, BT KOTK OR BY RAR, WIT* AU the rndltnrnta iu>d 'an popular tauaa. La tan aaay laM? [ Mo charKc af or for Instruction*. l !(ll, Hit K, 1? Cannon n?ar Hn'ntoa itraal. GRRAT SACRIFICE -ORARI> DIAOOW AL. *KYR? (XV tare rosewood piano, elegant nana. mala by una af flW b??t makrra, noat and warranted; boos caad a flaw won .ha; will be auld for IM Can ba era* at HI Ninth at MRM>n*nRH. d. A n. w. rmtth'h cwi.*biat*? "rfan nelodenoa. and thoee of erery rar ety << at)la, at wholaaaa or retail. k'lowii torrent. R-at aJlowad mm ti'ir?b??e. A. M K AJ*OU*R, W Wa'ker atreat acta afMfc R. C?l'Un?a and atdodenaa tuaad and repaired. II PKRM'IIIO WII.I. HIT* A URANt ftOIRM {TBSY ItI . Patiirdar and We?treeday nnttl II o'clock, al hta aaaIt?m?, to* I!roadway. Krery oaa c%a laam all dint*** tai^fci by Prrachto ia ait lnaaoa*. Hta quadrille danc^aara the mm* fashionable _____ PiAJ?*roRTW -t. r. IIUOOI ha vim umtm I i mrm<rmw and nuns fluitnr r to m Oatal a -vat, earner of Woaatar *r~*. offer* a *plen*;d aavortnam of |HM : nod 7H uoiaTaa, wtai all tfea bkjiImb hipiiiiMwn lowaai Mfjmfaciarar'a prlaaa P'anaa la tat SVPKRIOR KILL.KR PIAROFORTRR, AT RRnUOW prloaa?rarjlnr from flMloldu trw ai I warraalad; at thr ptann and auialr atora off) <t I iHAHRHT A<X>, ?? Rioadway, naar Oanal a'raat Tbi? h taa on! r pjnaa ta paa urn in* ftnti'-iu* ptan"'n?t?? UktX'IW It A Nil Ash If KW riA* )? Af l/>W?* 0 prtc m thnai n?nr b*f<r? <?IT?r??d Id U>l? mark"'. * WaTKHM pi%i>i> < nd on *lo room*. " <S Ilnmlm) paf nctai e (iilberl x>llu nlann prk-a wh?n nnw %**, WOT wril for Mil < n? do. tli orlar* n?>lian.i>ri<n Kit. wl'l '?* flfti oth' Mt r*vn*? mRhc>K?rj Kmlihplatiof ir$kl,and W ISO, fwi? Mi l<:r wrnn octar* Llano. In.aM namn how*, nnw. prio-t tm. Kill >)? rold f ?r ?); oof do ? >* prlf* ?.-? will W nold fortlTO: onn lliro, now, 1114. for IJRO; me do. n?w, for "W tlarnnn Wauri nnvrn rein**, rtofcJr ?*rTrJ STT^i'i ??i5 . *< pric? Mw, will if noM low, anil i** " * M Ckukarln* plant for twn TIUB M1UTAHV, TAROKT POMP MI***. *ttkwtiom.?w.n itrn? h^^a rWSUr * *< JEMS r&'-,2iws:xp"" ??? ssr )'a?rti# m*?|?.d ?'irror lint from h? pun a ? hot>? l'ta ??*' ' v> morn ?n* thai' p? m****, and pr-m'na m Ilia rg i.nlMnt undim* *** plan* nil pai?la? Military rkS? < " r. itaian^e n *- pro M ?.* .? rl?i>; room for rinllln* or n.if*vf ring of nil ?mdn. a? ?IN? Wniafcwl wtih I'ttw* or <tlnne? ?n any liMi or numbar. dHM*f ijMtnn out* r*<iulr?d Tb? taTHW\Q t* ?"* ?# IfnnM t r* ??rr mn??r !?>? . *llb*r wlib btnm W or raWrana. 1 b llari-m m*?mbini flrW nn ?hom mnk i<i( from firs to Mi bark and Ihrt* n day TV* S-?ond a ?nur nam paan MfMI PvrrT Mm *tnn ?a, ni>d ar* alwara rt?ndy ?o ieeo**e??* ? "?ISU... t. UOX.M