Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1857 Page 4
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4 HEW YORK HERALD. JAMES ?onno\ISKKETT, edito* asv> rsoraiKTOR. OPf'CI K. W. CPUN** of HAVHAU iXB fTLTOK ITS. TF.RXx ?u? < > 2*^5 ? , _ inr t'dir r nrrt \ i? ?<- -> fcr" <v;>y, jv-?>i?. ?v. TW M/A'A'/l' UXKAtD, rt >, bvl ,l'i it/OSj >- ./< mg.j.' tv f iw ww?; <*? f"' fr << trip par' e ' C ><* Britttr., or K fo tiny fait ol'tfir Cvi*Hn<nl, boifi " IV/' ^r'TrrOKRCSFOTPrvri? mnf^inimffhtjpitrlriU jut*., < is,1 frnm nnv quarter oi tl..-i.ic ! ' </ u. I -ill I til rttl-'t fyti-' ?,r' <u h f'oi <? (V-i:' i'i'M>rNT^ ?i:i H*it riti i <n v IX' M <L A' Lvrriii.s ifn I' 8l?!1 AH NOTICE fcil.'n Wuiv .1 (O -f.J-1' M' ? * riAim Wo.' JOB FEUCTLh'G n mU' t.-it' . (i? lilu *!/? rrs rrsstrrym it 7 ??-v. VllHM XUI No. IN AiUSF.MKMS 10 MORUOW kiVKMNU. WTRT O'S n ARn?K nn'SKlir?v --('.o.-. : i ?r. i*:-m Hi.i.\C0. or tu* Mask: swohk. B#WFHV THK4TRK IW *r -M,m w;r;i Til Mi ?ira falfc?li?I'a. *mi tin;;? (kl?n CilUti. BCKTOK-p NKW TITF ATKK H.x.kl <wi|rfwn? H->nd Rt. ?i?l- I KmIGUAKT. ok 1 . ?l'tATlO.>?T?t limu IImuje Ktrr*i-A l.t^son ron lies*mm WA.I.LACK'8 THKA7RK, IUoaiIv. 37 Taa 0??nuiiJC'Bi LK>SM. I.ATBA KF.KKK'B Til.'. AT It K, BntaJn-H/? I.i; t:'? Biro trnti-Vabiktt. BAP.NVirS AKKFICAN MrrtKCV B <1 ? ? jr- iP*rn(y* Took Piuic-M'dt-XlUT Hlvs. tru IV* i. Kvouiue?r*acd xf w n? vhiim. ? OHO rHRIPTT AND WOOD'* MINSTl'.K!^, 411 ** ?/-Et'iutiab Pxuiukv iNrrs?Wbmo. Bn<~KITT'f SFRKX AT>i?RK. MS Broidnf -OuiiiUl Brr.-tii.ul or aiojui'm?h'n.ito komjs, 4c. *:wthawips' hah*, 4t2 Rr<?ftd??y -Nkt.bO v?'lani'-?, 3v Bkyajit'i Yi;.st*kus. KfW %-nrk, S>uti?lwy, .i?nr 7, |N.'i7 The N(? s. "Elsewhere we pnb'isb (ion. Walker'.* apeerh, ex- ' I>Uiator>' of liitt course in Nicaragua, delivered to a j toy? wwemblage of citi/ona of Kc? Orleans, on thp evening of tlie 30Mi ult. Wo learu from W?stur?<on that General Walker is expected to vihit the capital ami defend his conduct in .Nioaragua. He wants to know, al-to, if Mr. D tctuinan approver the course cf CapUin DavU in iw?u)Uni< the Costa H\cu<is to give liiiu bin coup tU fT'-ce- It is ?niJ t?ip President approver of fVntain Davia olivine his inrttni"ti<inM li it rl.n?? not approve the instruction* by tie tale Secretary or j ttie Navy. By tiie steamship Columbia, whijh left yesterday \ for Liverpool. Don Manuel Akarado, late lnteudait ] of the Treasury of Costa Rica, was a passenger. He was accompanied bjr several other !?eiit:emen from t that repobuc. and is supposed to have gone upjn a t financial mission. We pabli?hthia movninp the proclamation of the Preaideot of the Mormon chnrob in the IU?t. Mauy I believe that the doetrincs of Jo Smith and Biigh itn Young hare no followers outaide o f Utah Territory; 1 Ixit by (hia proclaTHtion it will be seen that even bete in New York there ia a regularly orgwi&cd nociety of the faith of the Latter I?ay Saint*. with president. elders, preach*.is and exhortern, using all the form.-*, and acknowledging the authority, of the church and it* bead^ in Salt T.ake City. We bare lilea from f'araccaa, Yenfzneli, to the Iftth 01 May. Many membra of Congress repuJintbd the iegialativc ba?te with which the new eon>tl tction was approved. Genera! .Ins-- Oregorlo Moubad renounced hia title of Geneial in-Chief, an J 1 rented oot to recognise the new form of /jovernmen1 * ; >H cxcitement prevised. l>r. i'rwiso Arwuld, Vini.-U-r of State, and late Plenipotentiary Minuet r of Venezuela in the lulled Slates, had re~ K.gnr?i bis portfolio, and Senoi Hafae'. Arrelo, i sain'tui poet, wan ap(joint*?l to the Depart me ut o ( State. Aiuona^.t the uppoiutmcnt* in the provinces , we uotice that of C.enerai i:*raon Solo, ex aid-crimp of Santa Anna, as a (iwtrnor. An the Uou*e of i!epreseut;?tivea Sr. Berniudez made a motion of 'gioei.l emne*ty," but it w?> di-mis*ed without a tiAatin* From the West Indies wo have a rrport of the final juujtraeot rccdertd at Kingston, .Tarn it lea. in ibe ca.-e of tbo dim raptured on the I'.'th of April t?y Lie it. Rubbs, of H. B. M. ship Ara)>, off the * i.tii side of Cuba. Dne notice of claim for the ohooaar luring U*n pulili-Uf 1, and none hiring I wu ? -uted, the vessel ami laves wore condemned un the l*th of May lhe blares were then ap noticed aader trioi*. of the British act of Parliament. The following a:c the >tatiaUea witn rt-j>Cvt lo the ttopoaitka i<f tlir hnsiu* freight ?>j tbc i>Jartr Number staged t.? have Urn received or board, &00; Mated to Lure died on the pavwge, MO; tumU r captured, .' TO; died after detention and he fere arriricg at Kiagt/in, >; n-im'-cr die! betweei mi v?i ?ii<J Cm tide.. nvdiou, 11; a ire on loth oi l? \y, 061. ? Ihe PoVoe roiwtteiMonfr* at White street yer'er j day a.aoe final decisionJ on a large nnmber of station houses, in the residue wards, with the view of tarrying on their mirvxeiit of acoomra"'Utlng mcU pcr?ma a* may drMie to tike ?ip th'.ir qunrtru ?? an iadcper.dt ut poiic" lor e there. Oovern >r i King atkauod a spee>al mectiog of the B urJ at , their office, hi WH*e *trer\ about 10 o'clock. The U?jvr appointed emne forty pilicAw^n to fi I tiie ratm-ks in the revolted wards. The City Ilnl " '|iin crowtkd aild y. The defections .it the MtetKia b<M<?ea ar- rnei^e-tii Jlr ur?cd on by the j iBo uiti <?f the Wh'tc nUect tnUtcaV, bn. It In; |?rcon.e^v from the scanty nnmU.s Roin^ over, that tiie Kccewoa ?1U tad sboit hy rer/ cu?inrrahle of the B Jinhei heretofoir <ntinwu?! f?r it? extent. There w:U Le a c!cam hor./on whea tic* | ?rho ha^e a'rea'Jy resolrtd to rerdt finally hiin^ , ll<iwrirr* to the ecra'ch aol junp oIT. Titcir | < yrtaoes wtv.'d rem to he aii^kioaly waited for, to ?i07' ri; iiiws wi ?wiwonn ivn-> < 1 iu. > . ii(j u. Lit) HftI) p.ta?afa* je*toidaj. C baric* Ilobio ou. charged with iVfid'n^ SSfiOO in bank biiU from the carpet of one of the Rufot? at the I.*far|r? H-?uae in April, nai )< * I kviUv ftCffiultrU in Utc (ieurraJ KeMifla*. The Cltv Inapeclor report* 372 deat'j* daring the j | pa*l ?cek-a docwe of i3 a* ooapaied iiith the 1 mnttftlil/ of the week pirvioaa. Tue following ( oU'cirrnt exhibit* U?o num'ier of dealli' duiior th< oaM \w* weoka amonf ndidta and chitJren. dia- , ijiff.lahuift the aevra J/<-i VCmntn Be-,' Virl T !. W?* nlmiMiT 'M VI ? K-? Ui 11* j | W?* Ju?w? ?* *1 l? 111 ."Ti Amort the priacip%i can?? of d^ttb writ the Mi<n???g- ( 1 ? T- <; I | _ Mj-J J(| J Mi 9. &K?nir;a?n ' n\ 3? j tJHTi^aa Oidwiiif) 1* i lnO*a?rr.?i "o c>-th? i*a? " g| i.1 MnarlM f*rw . . > (?Imuw>> ' j? 19 i , Drop? tau>? b*i ,, n, 10 Mrtllpftt...... 7 )} i .... fl 0 There were alao 4 dcatln of apopkaxy, 11 ol c jB grationof the brain, 6 of Mngmlion of <U?- 1 4 of <JiMThn a 3 of d/ac^cry, C of mflvnitr iltoo of 1 U?c train, C of typhu* fever, 12 ptttnuarv lirtUs, a-i I ntttihorn, Mid II from violent comm. i Tlie f>lk>*injr ia a clarification of the dl ?nd the number of <k?th? in each cla#? A diac.1** ' florin* the reek:? *,?? "A. Jun? 1. H*D?\ % 1 On i iwl nurita J.'I IW. ?? i*?M! T I j Hf?l ud bt??. l thw ! 10 '4 I/infB, Uuual, Kt i:? *1 * uw ?t? ? -1 1 f%?n,V . ao<l emjHir* fcrer* tl *?t 1 HU('bo?ti XI,a MTMM 4> f W?u ami ot4i f iii^tivt wtfis'. Tl d" t;M?naiD Ml tad paaiftl tartra f? Qtmn i',','I,".".' i i 7*i VI Thr n iahrr of dtathi*. co~np?re<] with tb? eorira- 1 rwmdirx w??k? in la,*?S and wd ?? (ollata: ? [ <* * Jam- P, Ik* ?a* coding Juno 7, IMi xfl Wk?a inaitii J>u>f , U'i7 1 1Ve oa ;rit/ tat ie fir?. >, n#?|r,, ?f tbc v'n^c?l \ Bute*. 46 of IreUcd. 27 at Getmuiy, 4 of bagful, ud the balance cf various Karopr&a countries. He ?*-cs of cotton yeatwdfty embraced a* out .*00 ft Sou bn.o*, ?:tbout qo;tat>te cbaag? in price*. wbM?ar*tb?r ?ln>r j?w f.el'ng ?M ?n?oK>?ttf*' 00 tb? ?art of *e!l?rt? I krcr ? m La !?t: dduiaa.l, tad m ?ome cax>i of ?ut?- and Western bra* J? an advance oi about 6c *?er barrel wa* c^unveJ W beat wu laacUve, aad >al?* tonlutd lb aaxaU porrc.g of Homberti rh:K ftt 91 S?, red <lc at 71 OS and Western do common ai *l 'j- Cora \? as ufiner, w.ih bawi of Wettern m.sed at '*0j. a ?2c., and touibero j-eliov at v4c a ww". i'ofk ?tk bt- tuiy, wilb light sale* ol nu\* at $2T. SO ft f'."3 85. St'gars w:rj, and prices unt aaiijffJ. isaiert o! ct>. tv woco confined io lota of llioatfuii prk-ee Freights conUnacd heavy for BrtH<h pert', &2<1 cagag meats I u.ted. TUfy ? en> L?*cUv? and Tut iiio tVUiS-vlil. JrSrimn Daih' Sptt (h on tht Ar<intiltlon ot Cuba. The progressive idea-> that some of the menl>ere of poor Pierce's Cabinet have develop since lli; ir retirement fromofllce :ire truly wondcrfoL l'irrt we badCushing's speech ut Newbutyport, now comes Davis' at Vicksburg, and we may scon expect to bear of Murey's ut Albany. These gentlemen claim to be the r?ry apo3t'.? of progress. While we are waiting iorlla'Cj's ppecch that of Col. T>*vis claims a pas-ing attention. We fear that the late .Secretory of War has l*com> strangely oblivious lo c-.rtain f.?cts that occurred while he was a member of the Cabinet, and his upeocli, a* reported in the uew?papeiv-. calls for several corrections. Perhaps, after all, th.: mistakes aro those of the rppartcrs, ! I and we aje happy j a beiii# able to report the re- i mAilwS nf the Into Secretary :i.-. tli^v thrtnlil !)?. > I >*vn given. The report Fayathat the In Us aduiuiwtration uid all in its power to accomplish tho v?ry desirable object of acquiring Cuba aid bringing it Into 1 the Union. It should bare Paid that the late j administration countenanced the Cubans and liti- | ba-tcra in their eftbrt* to revolntionize that I inland, up to tbe moment that the revolutionary 1 club*? iii Cuba refused to recall the chief com mand which they had conferred upon Gen Quitman, and confer it upon Mr. Secretary of War Jeffrifon l?avU. It states that Mr. Sould's failure in his attempts to negotiate the purchase ol Cuba wan owing to the non-actioa of Congra* on the Black Warrior message, and th> want of cooperation of public sentiment with the Pierce policy. It should have said that this failure was owing to several causcs, among which ure. thai the Tierce policy in relation to Cubu never had one grain of honesty or common sense in it from the moment Davis wa* refused j the command of the Cuban expedition; that a Congress eminently favorable to the question j was indignant at the cowardly tone of the Black I Warrior message, the administration hinting u wirii to obtain what it dat ed not ask for?m" ney and nuthoiity; and many democrat iu Hint Congress declared that tht-y " would see Jeff. Th\\ is and Frank Ficree somowhore beforr they Would be cat's paw* to pull their che.'tnnts out of the lire.'' The *t&t<:ncnl uls> of the relatlro position* of i lb& lite and t^c pi < -cut almiulnration*, us : l rdtdyitl by Ihcir pint/' rm?, to the a; rjuinitioii of i L'uba, ].- '.vjloudj m-neons. Tb Baltimore plat- ' ronn had in it u distinct ftrd Ft ion ply expr??5ied < ivowal of tic. Cabu annexation policy. Ouricg t lc cttuvow of lfc"?2 Pierce bagged ih? tunmsler* to Liu boK-m. co?luttttd openly with the Lone i Star V .lg??, and vowed topcakdly et?< ;ial fidcli- i i y to vbuv principles And lu k< pt bis 1 i pltdgf* witb average bon< *ty uutd it wat, lound ibat bl- Secre tary of War could not attuiu the poft of cliic-f fililm?tcr,^bcn the wbol* policy o! the adinutNLation va- Middenly chunked uad its unli-iilibfeU-r proclamation appeared. Ou the otbt-r baud, (be poliliciaii- Unit met ut Cincinnati a year a^o. dated not m- ntlon the name of Cuba ou'H* in their platform. The Cuba plank of the JJaltlmore wolntiow w:h thrown overboard, and the ( !? lion ii - }f i- only binUd at iu the C'ncin- < r ati platform, la torn va^ue uammon a'?out our i tiprcmiicy in tb- Gulf of Mevloo. Tlie pledges 1 i?f th' pi. :it admini.t ration in r. lation t? C i>?* i ire of the mo*t indefinite cbaracVr. Tue Cincin- < noli pUtforiii gHcn not one: the (Mend :n^nif??! l:?pa--i'>nv.'ly \am:n?tl, v ill be found to baug i it? comiuittalirm n;>on the in"1-! mroiiaMe of il*; and the only thins In the >b?pe of a pledge br lite proH-nt adaiiru?truion In regard t, Cuba, I? a 1 -Iter from Siialur l)ro*n, of Mu?i#ippi, ' Matin;: Mr. Buchanan told liim, ju*l prt-rion? to tJic Into 1Y< ."idc&Uol clcctlon. -oiocthliig about ' hU anient with to ttcjairo thut Iclnni. It way ' )>c llitit a the lute adtuioiftration promised much 1 on thi? f'in* and did nothiog, the present one < Laving promised nothing imj do much. \\\- advi*.* the njcmbci of tV lit : Cabinet iki* to 1?c too ta'-l in their rffortu to claim 1 -:.dortJiip. Mr. Cu-hiug will haidly con v<it Ma.-arbur tit t<> h'j facil? Wi>J of thinking. Mr. P^ri ^ had better define tnoro ileatly Li.* p>ilion before be n^pirtt to lie the exponent of U o South. If he iigardf l!iC ftOqni.Mtion of the island ol Cuba a* important to ibe whole country, a:wl indi^-p able to tlie Sooth, h<> committed treason to the South ?r?l a bctmytl of duty to the whole country in laWing to prevent tlt.<t acquisition when it -.ould Lai c be?n done without a war. arid probably wiihont n pnee. At a time wht n otthrs, 1 who Lad crcaUd the rtwurccf, and by their tac- 1 riflocs carried th<* iuot ment a?.arlj to a siu ccmlul i*-u?\ t\(nild not co i*cnt to plaoc hi n in the lln>t po-ltion, ;?ni yield to him th>< cbicf honor of ' Ihcii labor- In a eau-e to which he hid contribute c?1 neither money. nor effort, nor ooaneel, he nude u.-c ot the i.fltcial jwwer lie *kUkdtoop pnee the ray can"- he now aa?ua?<? to .idr<>cite. W( hopfl our old friend Marry will not b too 1 U-t La following tli' t rample of Mmr>. Cu.-iiinj and iMrl*. Wc dvi/iehJin t-j wait ami *eo which 1 fido i*> liK'ly tj ct'iu iut>> fever .'?r>t b fore ho pronounce* Goviknim Wiun'i Evnms I>ai ociui. - f( Wc b**r rco.ived a copy of Governor Walker'i j Inaugural, aad'Tnered to the penpli- of that Territory: but R/- It i? substantially the MM j that we publLdt'd aome da/* a,to, though vctj much len;rlhemd out. we hardly think it ri'-c.-^wj iu tl ie extend'd rtiape to reproduce it for the pretvni. Mr Walker iidhcrt'* to the local law?.exhort* a sren'ral participation in the Juue plection, und hold* that the .State ('orircotion it*tllio^ from raid election will lie jrood and talid. lie thinks, however. thai mile-* the cooMihiUi.p which the Contention nitty a'iopt ?hill | lirm b ratified b?m j>d> by the people of KftOft**, it uhouM l*?, :md will lie, rrjecU-d by Conflow. i Thifliatlie cream of th" ad?lr? w. Hi* pplendid "xh.b-t 1 tL- r.\;',r?-ut faci'itiet romnniidod by Kan-w, hi? armament on the Drol Scott c^w, h'?? ffiurnl tiewj on the niHract question of tkxery in th" Am lean Union, ar< but the filling up of fbe 1-eck ground of the picture. I'. ace l? itig p , i?i <r tinlly T' ~'or"d t > Kao.i* through (be conciliatory policy of Mr Buchanan, and the pr< -ure of emigration and ape. ulation. Lie m?re ul -titrt vitW*of Oorrnor Walker or Oorr rnor f<\.biriHoa oee?c to be of cs-ch |>r^cticml in pc^ljwce. NW YORK HERALD, S Aaurirui LitcnMitaCk ? . We ?ra kmtj to ht-ur that the Mimr.xots will uvi mil iH-foro the middle of Jul/. The delay b prolwMy oocarioned by bungling direction* girea by i<vp!u|tV? of tho Navy Department, in cola qiu-Lce of which the coal ou which abe Ls to rely while in tbe Chinese waters, ha* not jot been shipped. Thia postponement of Mr. Rood's departure is ia every kmo to be regret led. Wo pabUflh elsewhere a correspondence between Uiiii'.d Etulca Commintioutr Parker and 80IHC America? inerobnuis or ('anion, which ilIuhIriIos plainly enough the uoemtily for ;\n iufufion of iu w energy into our repreaentativim in that (juaitcr of the globe. Tie American raerebaa'B, who had been driven from Cautou to Hong Kong, hoiicited from Commodore Armhlrong protection for I he American Hi earners plying bctwrou Il'wg Kong and Mucao. Two ve?kj Is n:i thia rnnJc Ihn ThistJo niifl tlm Mn.u.n lio/l L:-?u attacked, aad tbeir crown uiurda?l by Cbi:ip*o pirates f-oaw time before; most of our ie tders will remember the utory. Commodore Armstrong, in reply, intimates, first, that the people ol the steamer* had lxst takft e*rc of tlicUiielTcs, and, secondly, that, if more proteclion be uecdod, it hud bent bo sought frotn the Br itieh and Portuguese authorities wbt> control the two teimiui of th^ line. We Lnow that for man/ years the Americans at Canton hare been so dependent on the British jnilitaiy nod naval authorities for protection that a sbrcwd old Mandarin lately inquired gravely of a mi.^ionai y whether ' the Americans were not second class Englieltfnen?*' Bat we think thin Ls tlie fitst time that a high naml officer in the United States service has openly indicated t.h? English as the natural and proper protectors of his countrymen. Purely Commodoie Armstrong ba* tome very etroog grounds, which are unknown to the public, for pursuing a course ?o little calculated to raise the character of his countr7 abroad, or to facilitate future negotia- | tions with the Chinese. Mr. Ilccd cannot betake himself toa soon to j the scene of his laboi& Whatever private mo- j tivee Commodore Armstrong ma/ have had in this instance, it is not the first, as our renders will rvmeuiber, in which he has found himself at ( ic.-ue with lr ading American merchants al Can- ' too; atd though, no doubt, merchants arc not ahui^ very eafc guidefl, especially in matters where? their interest is concerned, stiil, as our | concern wiith China, at be^t, is of a purely mcr- ! eaiitile character, it is but right that our merchants should have a voice In the settlement of our relations with the Chinese, aud eliould be on -lif b terms with the oflicer comiiutiKling tha n*iraj qsiudron on the btalion as will secure haruiouy j uod effective cooperation between them. We ' fear that Commodore Aim-lroug's usefulness mutt be materially impaired. He strius, however, to Lave but followed an ! example set him in higher quarters. Tfte American merchant#, in their representation to United States Commi-<-ioner Parker, mv that they r? 1 the lets hurt ?t the neglect shown to former ren rn-tjance? of theirs t<> the government at IVafhinfton, when the} reniemW that unt gov- , inriont lukc* -o little intvr -t in China that cveu , he Minister's despatches remain for months un- ( i.iswertd. Thin will apply ol course to the Tierce ] idmiiilfeUatioo; Mr. Marcy perhaps w as not | iware that there was anything of importance go ; iDg on in China. lie bad forgotten no doubt that cur tn a'y v. as expiring by limitation. Tbe prognatt part ol ull thi* Chinese juarrel is .??Itriply this:?Our commerce with China is * | cc'inl to that of Kngland, and fur larger lb an that of till the rest of the wuild COiabtuod. Fnrthermorc, Li u few yearn, that ooiuijicrcc will evidently )?e fur larger than England's; if Chins be c jM.'?cd, ours will be the lion's ahure of the spoils. Under thc*c circan^tcnce* we are bound to ronsiibr deleft r?nd trifling a* of vcrj grent moment, ;u.d lik'.ly to l?c highly prejudicial to our [Mertrt* whether they me due to tbe obsolete impracticability of an aged Commodore, or to tbe (urcletctcta of clerks in the State Department. Mr. llfcid -liould be off as poon as possible, aud Lhc lirtol India s4|Usdron thoroughly overhauled. Tiiv Fih iit to Tiik F^jiiosapvk ft'oaij* Amrvo Its kit ox tiik Atmntkv?We \ , >b-erve tbut tbe prediction* long ago made by the IImui.n, re?pcetln? the movement"' of our pitthlonuble world this aanun r, are now verified by the occurrences of every day. That tide of I ravel which always agitate* tbe act of ourro- i rlcty ab"nt tbe first of every June, is. thin year -.tting strongly toward- the shores of Europe. ? rhose periodical seeker.? of pleasure who, for the ake of fashion, have Ixxa annually sirred and twrd in tbe hot bongos of Saratoga and New- i f>oit, or ha*e shivered willi rheumatic chill* oil the : , White Mountains, have taken the advice of the < M'1:aih. and nn. now turnip- Uiclr I \cf - *-t?vnrd. to-*" 1. Ihrir -uTm. p :?tnu*' nt< <>n tin- further ' hide of tbf Atlantic. Tb.-m to already a ,> neral flight of our citizens to the Old World. If we nuy believe what everybody .v?, we conclude that < Drcrj'-ody who i* going 'anywhere" tbii sura mor, i* ''going over," a* Ui f'ock:r-y call it; and , t very EuroiK'an aUani' nil-ng from Vw \ ork , srems to verify tbii a*--rUon Th? and I [jacket -hips which 1??>e left tli'i* |>^rt ia tin- 1;?t two weeks for I.iTcri???ol. liouduu. - '.iiiimpton ?nd ll?\rec?niid??>ny wcrfttliMu tli'uj ;?od ir? 1 ?, who will ?p nd the mmm r on the Coullnmt. Wcfiarc fifteen pnddle nhccl and ?:rcw | teamer* ?lrea?1y adverti^l to 1< avr thi- port for ( l)urop<; timing the present month, ljcwdct the | l< nn? r* *pj?oint<-d lo nil now and then during ib< month from Portland, Boston, Pbiladalphia, and otb<.r provincial Th<y will UI d-parl I , rw?d<'d with pan? ngfia. and *< nl-.all probably b(fct of more America cioasins IU Allelic thi< i year thandiulng any previous yur luce tlie commonccnirnt of our ntcam?htp enterprises i IItoi vbody who cm will ffo orer tie hp .v. i W> are glad of it. Kiwbion nwr fell a better 1 lmpuL?p tbaxi when ?he wa< ? :?.?& with that B?n?l- ' bl" nfolutinn to h^l our airier anl air h?rfclf \ on the Atlantic. It \r time for !i > to abandon i that ? nuclew and exhausting Ufo which :i!ie has i be u leading nt our Newport* a i l ?.u.ttoga". ? where Mie ha1* trained up a band of landloida and , ' hvckk.s and formed a summ-i r.ic tjr ?h? .r viro* j ( ord corruption.- haw poaalbly made lu?r ashamed ?0 kfep It company my Inn -? r. But why mrybody lmld to Eiropo 1m?CotiH' Fashion ii g*o1ng, m*y uol be ho readily on ier*tood by th? few sensible people whn prop ?x? i lo Mtay at home Ixicau'e lli^y can't gi.-t away. The fact i?s that if one travel, It Is cheaper 1 now to kayt-l abroad Ibnn to travel at home, nlrttber the traveller U after pleasure or hoalib. Our fil l clnts European fteam< < furnish pwl umI comfortable accommodation* to pawners ror a? Fmall a ??m an thirty dollar*; nnd from , hat one may pay any price up to one hundred , led thirty dollar*, according to (Arry. ()?? on ihe rontlnent Ikf expewet of racing the "grand ;our" can I#* easily aoc>mm>l?t<d to th?' contmts of tlK pimo. Dolher'-, at Ipm thiiiy? | UN DAY", JUNK 7, 1857. ate managed very difltetntiy for tho traveller TIib hotel keopero are eager to iucretae their tans upon him if he tarries under their roof, bed the landlord* at the watering placet are readj to give anotlur screw to their extortion. Then the city of New York, which is the radiating centre of all A.ineri:an travellers, is now fearfully filthy, and with open arms seems to be inviting a return of tbut desolating peatiletce which brooded ovrr its oui-kirta labt mmmtr. Indeed, Uitro is every tua^on why those wlo fftu travel this suimuer thoulil ctoas tlie At labile, tutu iuc example tureuuy fcci uy our farhior.aMe poople will soon b;? followed by such of our common err.Fc people oh can got aw.ty. We wi.Ii iLcm all a Ixm tw/jy?. Tnr, Conx Hscba.noe and iru, Piir.38.?The following document bad been uddrcaeod I? the Hoard of Trustees of the Cora Exchange by ebout i-ighty individuals and firms:? Tho i-.nJmiftiKl, ?iib*crib^"-g to the Corn P*ch?njj?( would re?i'tcUu!Iy tu^e&l to the Uuard u!' Trunk'?* tho propriety and utititv ?I postiug on t&e tclletln daily talegr&pb.c ifL-oiu ct breadatuU* abd provision* la CMwrgo, But! aid. Caicag>, St 1/ouU, aud NW O !t>?u? ?r.<t otter p^nte; bcltevinj that arncireai^nts could be made with the Anxociatcd I'm..-, ho aw to render tM oxj*nse Laoonsidorable, aod Uat such a s^tem * ouM elo vato the churactrr Of tiie Corn Exchange, conduce to the welt arc ot the business commute.?, aid greatly enlarge tie list ol tubstilbtrs to the Kacluiii^u. 1 gentlemen siguing the above must have a curiouaidoa of the plan and objects of the press tu&ocialion, in pre-suppoaing the possibility of making any eucli arrangement as that which they suggest The journals composing it have combined for tho benefit of the public, and not for that of iiidmduiiio. The parties Buggeat ing it cannot be aware of the enormous expense at which the operation-, of the association uro C4itiiul on, or tfcey would not huvs fallen into tnch a mistake. No eum that they could offer tLo v>rct?a would tempt it to forfeit the independence of action which constitutes its uiost valuable feature, and whieh it undoubtedly would do were it to transact the business of iudividual-i. If the Com Bxchaoge requisitionLsts deem it nectwary to have daily market reports from tiif liading cities in tbc Union, they must do as the piena does when it news?get it telegraphed to them at their own cost. Vhen a few leading journals are enabled to present the public with telegraphic reports of everything important occurring throughout the country, it seems to u? that a combination of eighty wealthy firms might artcrd to provide iu members with the speciul news iu which they have t>v zreut aa intexcet, without liarlng recuurse to the uid or machinery of other?. Tni; lais Coair:.ime.\t to Sc.wron Slmnkk is Paris?A Db^bnttknt Voick.?We cony from Galigmin* Nuvw/tr a 1 otter from Mr. Francis r. Corbin, of Virginia, in which 'hat gentleman ptotctti agaiLai his being included amongrt the pcrtons styling themselves "Amuicau miilmir in I'jirll " irtin p.wnnJI* innit-iil . V Senator Sumuer to a public dinner in llu<t city. We hardly think tbnt Mr. Cor Ma would Ik. vo ran any ri.dc of Viu.a: eonfoumlod in i?ii category,

lie is khowu rather as an amateur dlplomati t, a literary trill?>r or virtuoso, \.vper of a 'plradid flutl of Koreas and I lie ovrncr of a Due IiuUhii. (Luii a* a member of that practical ami tiard v irlJngcoufrvinrnity. Mr.t'orbin at one tim V a great bhow of bis diplomatic pre teu^ by a letter wbicb be wrote to Lord ll.>? len. aril one or tiro other ai tales-* political i tl'orts, but the starch wai soon tain n out of him. m itwai takrn out of George I'eubody bt'tu hehad been a fhort time ia this country. Men lik? Mr. Corbin ar.d Mr. reabody do very well as rb'M.n.h u l fiaanciurf. but the/ harcuol stamina enough for the political arena THE LATEST NEWS. Aflalr* In Wiulili'Ktim, 0BMCX4L MTAUiaa'a O B ' 1JT IN VlsJT'NO TO* CAHMb Vt, .lane 6, tv,;. Atlr'c** rtCfrrt1 frcm tra???ri>f?>:jr ?otirri In New 'Jute u?ai WaU^er'?reaaon? for com iut; uvr? nrr IU a*r mv i rru u ui *. ? no m^murr w uiO Cabinet Hp whr* todeteedhu mot re. far Um coirac la Kiraragua. nod to learn If Ifae a 'aiaialrttiM u-.talu Captain l<avta la 'ula conduct to a-*?i?Li5 tlao IVmU> KIcmu. the course of Cap!. Pari un ier the la .rucllotvi by mai.un n #?'? >> trw a*nnj| li,m Ilo will bo hird, built l-tknnan that Mr. Pncb*o>a he h*<l from the lair Sot retary of tie Navy, but <1oes not approvo the looor of thoie litftructlan*. Walker It nut o*I?? Ud here for Bump day* yet, >u ha will ato^on bit way at Na. Uv'.5k, where UU father tut ct vvjlaj mwsta.'Ih r>' -t 11*11. Tunorn ton itah?orFtcrtu* or.nrnitn to m* (KIIUTII IIIMiMOTA-tn CALIIOUMA MAIL COXmAere. KTC. w June 4,1*'T. Otlnwl DiirlM Tbosia*, Afi-Unt tfiartermMter rcewrat, will, by dim on of the f-rrrtary of War, proceed to Kort Leavenworth to wif Tnt n ! tho mitral of iho I'lMt-Nl 8UIM tr<*>pe |r> lb* government rewvve, wilh In forty hi.Ira of flab, where there Is |""i |?vt'irape. Itoe C|iartcrma'lrr'< I>e|*/tfiicni h,.? 1*. u avi Itvitlj ta ea^.-d on the. nb <>u for a week j-a t TheoTCcr* o dtred t? mo the ?? ?m fr*?t? Ml?i?atppt, flr-tmeu I t the 1 a.?i luUica, arc rv-| ired t* r< jiort b> the 1 t of July. ><e h K (1Mb, wf o j>r?<i)?^l th? buckhani rbalr to the l*r idrrt, ba? receipt an apjwrtntti -nt fr?r iL*4' to re tovecorlala Iod.aas on the i acidc crat. li s Mlary will b? abort >1 ,MW t?r atnvm. Tbf l*"?tmartrr <?>ner*i Ihta m^vnioj opcm\l IhebMi ror cnrr}i?x U.a overbad OaUforala tOHila. There wUI probably he to dr<i*lon la the trittlrr Hr two week*. Mnmncnta of (tenrral ( rm, mmtorr June ft, 1*AT. General arrived h->r? to day, la b?o4 boalih. It U f*l*ctod that he will remain here for some tlmo. Navimenti of Qtnrriil Walker. C?ino, I? 7 vine 6,1S57. The ?tea?T W ^xlwar 1 r?-?e\l here to "lay with General Walter 00 bearl, m m u> for WaahlnjrMt. Tlx Un?l UnllroiH diet* rut Ion. Br Lon?. June #, Hi7. o*lnc to ? mnn Iwitin lln* iliM ti?a ra.lrn?<i <*)rbra to* brr* would vrt ocrur nnlil noon; ./ ibo mh !n-t , lr? hnndri l of the eimrtlooleu rr.r.ame-l at Cieciruuti. ind only rra UH hrre lliif morning. The rltjr author! i?*, not awaro of Uila, had m?>i? ?< profwrfttlon fhr Um< ?ot*r1a.umenl of ti>#? Iditionkl n-tnr>*r, but hare^lnc* luari"ro<I tb<! straiyra on t><wr'i or aUamViat , wl>?r? ih?y will hare to remain until to morrow (Malay) nwr soon. Ant'jtig tlif tr?nf>m are Attorno; t.<??pra> HUrk, ?* (iOTornor Itlfler, of rennfytranta, nator r>01141.1*, ind also oiinjr nitH New Ynrkrra andl Baltimoroon*. nsVn rrlnrnlnj to Iheif home* Tl? CalJ.IJP), ted <ilhc? oT rtU?a?!ing Uie Mp t'> Knoku* (Hot at n??Una, Wli. Cmr?fvi, .Mbo fl, l*i7. A friou# riot orrir?*! at Molina, Wln?eb*?? county, tv 1 00 the ?Ui lout., between the rooiracloft and Aborcr? 00 Ut? Rarln* an<t UlaaHalpv* Railroad. The ciU tpih were require* to arm themaelve* afalaat the rioter*, iwo or whom were killed, and a number ?rrlousty jijnred. The Sherlf of Wianebafo coontj had li<*an ?ent foe, and ibo excitement wan iatotiM. fir* In Mailliar, Wla. M ?rwo*, ITUr, Ji'fM r>, la'.T. The *tdire hVyk of bulldlngt known aa the two* County Bk* k ?m destroyed by Ore tfcia morn.o^. The lo-ie I* FtUHh ii at ?;i,roo?moMly l?mr*J 11w Wramrr i lly of rte*? V?rk. Vajr 6, MAT. Th<* etcawer U R TW^e* Iv>f1 Bv*.? >'.'.i ? mon?it?4 Ibr PWK?P, w'Ui Mk? tt:ao-w Ctt/ of Ntw V?fk J W*. Tkf taAMOta 0oo?4Uuilmi?l ConTmtlon. CtuoMio, J _au 6. Uf. Tlio Uot dates from Mtn&MOU r*ceirt<1 her". 8U*?d thirty nTti ,iftr.<vr<u? and p'.ktpc rtpabfeaaa w?re eierted to tb? Uu?iM*hiUo<i*l CoavvuUM Jt'lortU Knlr lutd Hail ftt Km ton, J*u< Kurtoai, Pa., Juao 6,1&5T. Kiljuat1, e arraagv menial a/e bciu( utile for Uie |tr a-id tl'-i'il Mr and bail lo be gives V>j' the Mi^li^aicx' and Farmers' lniUtut? at itu* pUco next week. Kiturslou Lalce wtil be tun OB all roodj leadlL^r to Ibj pare, and ovorytbiD?? pro-mifps (o be oa Ibt grstvi -^i ei'sl^ Ttif- f?l. 0(Vtta" oc Tu'jfcdi) aad cloaca on Ttui-rnUi/ with a j;r*ad bail. '1??? Incut lU>w?im. N?w I avnoy, Jano 6,13">T. The jactit P. 'wsca, the waner o! Lie second prize in the rare iu New \ oric, on Iburftday, arrived liera tbio uoon. Ttie news of tier sucreaa firNM (treat exclt xmeit here, as K*u< wa? bo il t'uJlt and owned ta th'.i eUv, Blarfat*. paiLAMLraia stock BOARIV I Ult.AJM.UiA, Juae a. Nocws ueary. jvoflayivaola lirei, W; Readlag K>iltroad, Ixwg Island Railroad, tu leansTlraala ila;.rcad, 46.V*; Mo.ris Quia!, 64. n' ' Alfl.urr, June 0?12:30 X* H Oralis?Tber? ru a sale ol b.i&bci? of white Wretorn a-. #t W, on 'Cuatge 10,(wo bu*;ieu Milwaukee club v.m Ik Id at $1 60, tor which *1 50 wa3 oSTerod, Oats arv w i Xout change In price. Bales?l.OfM) btr<hc!s street at t/.o., mid 0 (KO bushel* KUto at 96< ., both by atMfture. IV I out' lot ol c?ni was oilored to-day, 600 bushels, which to d at PTC. lhete viut Mid erf' 2/rMJ bueliela oi' mall oa private tcraas. Bov??, dune 6?1 P M Flour U more aaliuaU-J. Bala, tu day, 1,000 bids. at $6 " > a tor coii.ii.ou to good super Iilo Wis xmsua, and f' '.'5 it *7 ij'i tor esirtt do. Wheat Is liruie.?ealcm to day, 0,000 UuHU<l?at$t SO for CUloago apriug. Coru U iuauluiato and i? held at SOc. Oato<|iiiet. Wh.akey dull at 3Jc. a U3c. Fn-lgbte?Wheat to New York, 16: I a|>oiU ycslc-day, 7,Gi<) buidu-i.4 wlunt nud 8,0(h) bushels t ut*. Ex parts by col*), 8,100 bushels wroat aM &.CHX' bushels cora. TU.i canal continues in puod order and boats aru passing Ihiou^U it w.lh luervfor Now York. Bt: aio, Juui 6-1F. 1L Four a ?ha?e lower. Saks 1,400 b!>li. at *<> To a H $7 for inwlll Wi: c.onsin; J?7 for choice do ; *7 SI a >7 W i'ur extra do , mustlv at the lasldo tigurcn. Whrat nctire and steady, Ht!-* 60 000 bushels at ?! i,0 for Chip*(ro spring, ar.d 3Ja$l 35lor Milwvikie club. Corn lower, ."aloa 8,000 buohels at 78o , bought tor freight. Whl'kcy dull at'ii'o. Freights, 10c. a 10>,'c. for corii to Albany, and 17tt. t> It >?c. for wheat to New York. Receipt* up to noon todiv, 400 bbl> rlonr; 1,000 bushels wheat. Canal exports?7 ,C00 bushels wheat. (> -ITICO, J:;ne 6 -C P. M. Flo?r? JVmand good and market Kteidy. Fains 1,400 b'jio. at $0 i*j a $: 50, tor QsirtfO briMt, Wheat ia moderate request. Sales 11!,COO bu?htls M'lwaukie club, on private term?. Coru quiet. Lake imporU to.dav, 31,6v0 bifciii'ls wheat. No shipments of grain by canal. Crjcaco, June 8?6 P. If. Hour firm and clow or *al? at unchanged priie'. Wheat dim w:lh au imj>roved demiuil. Corn closed a ;th a declining tendency. Vork steady. Hhipmont3 to Buffalo, s;;,000 bu-hols atficat; 57,000 bushels roro; no Uour. Shipments to Oswego, M),0G4 bushcb wheal; 13,000 bushels corn; uo uour. noceipia 10 unf, i^i^uu oiioueui cor a. CoRRjrn>x.?llie telegraphic dtspa'.ih giving an account ?t the r*Hrrva<1 celebraton, published in yesterday mornln('? edition, was wrongly dated CmcUmati. U should bare been St. l.ouia. "Bunco,*' at N'ibio's Garden, couilauM to draw crow J i. It luu btta a groat tuccow. i'olit t? al Intelligence* TmNrw fltvu IXunoa.?The democrat* of H*rUV?rd a salute of thlrty-ono iraa3 on Tuesday ui honor of the democratic victory la .Neir Haven. j*n mitvg in* Ttovmm:?Tbe Gubernatorial candidate? In Tcnr.e?~ce have t.ikcn the "Mump," aud bare designated over Urty placea where they purpose making aj?e?c!ie? bctwet ?r<l tbe Cd or August They will ua-iucsUixably have a warm limo of it. Tki\.i Poiocraiic rixrrORii.?The following Is the'platfum adopted al the TexAi Democratic SrlUo Cou\ cnlioa recently held at Waco:? KefcUed, r.iit ill9 democratic party or the stale or i T-iag heartily concur la and unauimou ly rnailmn the pnaciplM of tto democratic party or the I'aioe itud the constitution as ?>uibo<l!e<t In tiio flatrorin of tho National Democratic Convention held in t ncincaL in Juu?, lS.Hi, as a true expr< s?.on of thc.r political fnUi and opinion, bo| licvu.g tuctn lo embrace tl<? otly doct. :m* *hich ran pre *crv? ;ho integrty of tho l luon u J tno equal nghu of I the State*. ' 1m pittance whereof the loclruatl platlbrm, ih? Yir! gln'a unit Kmti.cky ten!,il.oiii, mi'l put.on? of Mr. Midii hou'i* rrimrt, *u-bento appt-uded wid made a p<\it of this ' platform. 3. Thai tbe cltisens of tbe Southern St.ites bare the indefi-*. .Me riyht t? carry t'?Hr ':<?< j into any territory bei' ucing lo (tie i i iled .-u!i j?, and thoro to exerei?? and en j?y ail the rights of mrarrgmp and nrnport^, as freely and j n.T fully a; in the b'tvle fr?:n ulthli they em. grate: an J that any in orfeieoe-- w ilh or ?birooUon i.? tbo e>M<iynw U and |cxerci*c <>f tt clr rijthu, aa NKilherti dt./en*. by the goVfimuM of lb* I uiu u w?te*, cr by tbe InUibitanM of any Twrluwv, would bo a vloUliou of (bo r1,;Ut* of the ."authem Slat mi, which they jw s*Ch* al ?ovrretail Sates at <1 CO equal in ember* f.l the Am?i . ?.i i oaAsiot a> y. mr r\ n.vriiA>iUii,.? ?? V a . ? > a rtiTiMA: r L?*> on rr> ?Tlio Stcramsnto C'niv/t y*y? u number of the ' lea tm? memV. r* of IV latf Know Nothing party of C ill; fufoi.i reecutiy iuM by j>revto?u arraufe?>(;rt, with ciojcl doors, in Faersmaflto, for Ibe p*trpoM uT adtrl :ug t)|ion ! |h? beat cour*? to he purged a* to sh?lr !.:?ire polite-*] , pocltvn. With entire 'iiwintn ity they eame to lite coocln| *inu thai It wtwilJ bo u*eie?ji to ! u(fer rcnlm-e a "'pkrile t orpnntru,?r. TUi-y tin u rowilvcd to *u*tain tb<< itliuinU! uv.oo of ITt 'ideol Nuchaaan, and lo fland up n hit ptatI f"iia bo lc;ig M 1bone principle ihmll l?o ataiutaln' L. | Tbo aMimbU^e .-mbiaccu mai.y ?t the loaderj >4 the Utc I i*??yTl?f Tnt f. F ab una (V>rt?li ?On tu'.I.iij the Irvk yesterdiy af!?r? t noon, we Could not ItoM king llio Inciting and l>u*li>o*dke ppeitraiioe prer-Uln;; la the Tlciolty of the I rrcfara'ionii for the cmn.l opening on Tn?d?y wrrom-ik.hg,and tin- table bo/i aud tiuincriaetinc t alive to the Iropiirbmre oftli< Ir vocn'ione. Duftu,*; tfc afternoon eoveral trtala of rp*ed wi re iitd by hor-in entered for TttC%(lHjr'a rai iug. Hnvtehi mide an if -llenl trial roa of a tr. I o In 1 min. 4*>rcs , ami rmo "Lbin laildc oi I n<in, K> iKt. Tbta W it* well for a bepawing, aid n*'iir? a " good time rinuM ' fix n?c< out >>f ttt<-nine 1 nrin.i.*'.fn- will pro'-ab y etirt in the Qrat raco, which U a *wrrp-take for three year (Ida. i Of Jtm?lMrrac ? \ enpital Ire! ii looked j fbr lo morrow on IbW line li?rk, 'wH ?<*eti Indy Mvriiw, j JakeOakty,no?cof Wa?h.8gtcn ant Alarm.Iiro miio brtta in bain".'*, for apur*ea^d ^Mkeof 400. The \t?U kaojrn rpr*^ of tb' <e'? wan-atiti tbe belief tbit animrwa ailfii 'irce will boon band, and Uial o?<* <>f Uio rer/ be.I trot* >1 ttc tea on v. Ill lake plat*. After U>: Uut a paring maul. for tl,CA0 will mine i?S I am'ij* ami riowtt?Wp learn that Mr. Ha!l!>a< matched [ lita t'nr TT.ark lUitiaw trollInK Uor?t 1 wirrn a^? n-i Price, inlTorrf* n r * ? Ido, in each rar? Both nrMt<-b<"? will fi'ittr oO la S?Ltember. The Urnl will b,> two ralict, $1,U04 fcrfoit, and toe aecon I three o> 1 "t, |<ay or play. TMOVIPTTfCir, v.. 7. | V"*rAT. tun -1 ?M?*. b ?M0, m l. beat*. b? 1.1 In S ? A. te^rnt* r nan -a a. $ T* tenia* it- t lo ?addk*.. .1 1 U 1 II Billing* i.amea b in. laly Kier -i 2 ill Tinv, 3 -1?? C 1 -T?? 'I li Viwrn^l Inteltlijem e. *1UtlTU.a. Al ?b.C,*r>.'v^i>n--f'*?'' h *-nando? d?*l t'.mt* an4 'i^'t. | llavai..i, K M<> \ n- ua, I Ml It t). >*r?i . .?a, Mlaa ?1 tUaeut, it >. Mt mi<1 Vr? McCalatm'. Ixmd^n. Kr*?<ii* tViiMm Jr., . Albany, tfr* ('ortil.*<c, d" Ai?n.r Hri?oolt. N Mr nlid Vra | I?r- r. l-n'mii-l Kr- I r H ? R' T . *. ?. NT, Mi ?<J Wilt. n. rlul.l ?rd ?. ri*nl Mm Cornel.* n"np?uvi 1 .hi l^ivn, Vi? ird MIM fuller, I'bi . I< l,.ft!? Mr ?' ! ?i, .In; p V >ur. I.rui.u*, J U K-u Fr ??ilir<o. T T 1S--iuJn?. BMwk wpartmiw. P-T TJr?rf"?>). !n lf?* .' <vm.ii p< oJ-tmbh - R A Pot'"", M?w f>r'??n?. Mm IVvlion, U"?rjr f l'\'itm *, Mr 'li<* W'M, MiM OiW i*B?, m l Mm M ? W*IV?r. M..VW; 111>... ffrw Orl'ana, ll??m#-i>?rtdo Trrnr' P|-?ln, Mr II* benthwr, I. V Hl.vkhrrn, .Inhn H R ?-->i#>r, Mr ?n4 ' Mi*.T??n F<b?ml*t, Vlr.-tW A*nH..n. Alrimflo. W"! Mvnin Al< *rn Id, Co*? Ri<?*; Robert IVr'ir ' Mr* l.lfb(?nbufir. I* M K^or-w, Mr ?n \ Mm Pr II 9 ' Rrnwn. Wii .hin?;'"n; AiviIf-':? A ) ??', M*.l Murun. P I'.-pr -?n. B ts uli'l, Kn> kwo||. V n ? -?. Mr m l Mr? II Rruc Cin?r. i"illli? pork?r. Mid 1/iujim? run Mid ''irlp, wn Hnir*. P P Fli/r*-*i.]. M <',<inin. .f.Ti-him Vdx ' M'dvllU'.'lhcnm nop<-tl. W H Polk'i?jum, Churl* PtaJ. Thomas Wftb*, .?.>bn 0'ianla. H F?l?i! r 'til, W Kr1<"IUi d?-r, ' U?r;> B?rk, C f^roprn, H Frmir.s. L Ujr W?tL For ntatfow, la lh? NfPaasfclpOlMyim-Mff .''hmr, V ! M?i tin. Mr* II R Bw?H, Mr Vo- a*. M * lni .nl andtri a*U R TR?* A'ViU'-ol aadlidv.P Jhomi.r.n, Cln. Rnbrr) I*. "h,? in: Al/-* >Vlir*r1?. R T. Mm Rrtfrard*. MWM RlMIIW, R J: .I?-1* W ui* L ..?r Wm M Kmv I mr.r?' >, K V: Mr M;icit"<?, Klipr-U"?: Vr? IV* HUt-iIv- I camrta. Ml lilUk I.' I*. W*.Uli'l ,,0 Jiibn M-Kuiah' IV-.-r sm?h .fr. fbomM Mo<r#adr, Rim Pm .on. M'?? Muk u.#V, Wm K?ln? wid l.roth. r, giibll#; Win niy. Brooklyn; C jl j Mll<*. Anrtrrw Anrfrnon. Wurr' rf \ It.ihrri ?li:h?if, Mr "?? ! rfcH. ftmm John 9 R? 11. rkiU; Wm <1 f. R.jbl Rmi b. A M.tnnl' jr. Mr M'-Kivnn .( n Dnrif|?m. Mr Ho*le. Mr Lji-i, W?? Cn?wturi. Wm Fh?w, <ui I lji la tfeo t For Rlctimml, A", In lb# ?>*w?lilp '?mM'nin?-Ow?n J1.-i -i.rll, S n s rll-R, n-.rj^ V?n Wj.-b, Rob rtKnill, A Mndd, il f .'ohn M T'rtf*. O I'Prltrhwl, ?tnl:h t ' M? .b M M W l??n. T W F A Vaoth ?. Mr l).n ran, Ml-t Fllra W IVm ins, 1 i?n* .1 tlnm %n. U r' R II R W tnnnii, Mr i or. nrrtii, llnbrr* Armi^ron- l? it. W M P<-? Ion. Mr? T'. MII>ol, Mr |' Nn'o mi *n1 U^r Wm rboiiiji*.-n ait'l l*ily, F. R*w?ail, Ii-hn Wlmll*. Ml* M ft R.lnm >n, .'II Rila noil. Vm? H'nb- h M'l'h^rlund, Mi? f'tuiity Hinilh, <1 T Rr?1 l?r, ihil-i ?n<l k?rrRi.i; tw?.?e ?? niii'n (ur ihlp LnJ/R*t(l?a. ad 21 In tlMi kU riDin. r. r CtarlMton. In (tntanMt Miui.-m-Ifr* P?m?-l R#nr. Mr? Thou R**.'l? ?n<l wrnm' l?r (1 Mn<f?nr'iiln, I?%rt1 M I rni.i . r a R L* * ni.y?. jr. r w ur"*#. n n M'llimrrn, Mr d uok of ?ikI l?-lr. MIm W.?t, PI'CUrklM . i M-m Jrrlt'nd, .Inn W n?:.lw.-|i, Mm (Ur tnl .1 tMriitn. | | C <'i?rli, Jnn i urn . Wm t.?|r?. In-tf *nd two phlUlp-n, M'*? 1 r |i :p?-t, f rmfl*. ?l?n Ranlim, m ?? < o'ri-ll ' R??tli?r.|, : ! Wb I. MM A IhMRmlng*, u< 94 In IM IWlW. | n*? Wiri-linni' lliw TO Tim rmrOR np tr* nw?i?. Orrii u.rc.i Union Mcr-?i. I*?ti ?*(*? rn*r?i??. > R??- .Innn# IV? ( TV.* *'#ii-?n?n! In rn'ir jinpor ?>l riln tnomln* ih*t thii i*.m iiniiy hid fM?m on ih- 9r. *' H??' r'? - r* l???'rmr. PVn.f. , j-fv.r nott imu Ui?l ?? low n-Hliir* bJ ?.d l "* ""i-ai..MSB IUW *mtm. r ft rum the Aew Ortcana 0*1* Hay 3'. I { Canal ?/r?< t?tb? atclent nexitiai #rwtiod. ha* ^Ito xrtitued bA'11'*'1! U* ?HgiU ?f m ixKrtotic a crowd ' l??t cvrrinfr toc,t r<*,,?r'r "pen he hearty boaom >4% b; lorn Clio lioh.- meettef, the perpl*?wxl w0^ v^H the people, w? >h? re*; rtHwe-trtuuilve* 4 U?m (A_ leacj) aymwtfhjr?a t> alembic around tfen pUtiorU^B which bad be<*i er*~tM tor the haio to make ?? tinn from. The moefc."* waa called to order ?y J'jiiu I.. Irn la, wb.i, after tao pre [.miliary organ iratta%^^| lUioduCvd tktfcrui VV'Ul.aai Walker, i're.iiiieat of Nivar^^H r1* Ho vm received with & shOttt (hat walee-t uie hf^H olTecboee ao.i h < tip rari iii- pyrw oyer tae ?, ? of heat^^H in fn*ji aud rear, U.? irmni Ukvh thwight >h?t he Mvor M u.iiiij inec. evta iu the rauku of tho ( onla KiCntt aroji^l We lay 1L0 following report of tho spreeh bsfaro u2:^H readers:? 1 vio-w OrrOT^s?I ftanJ before you, not to vtndfcxtfe c^H riu.bc.fcr ti needs pom. w hat is just neoda qo bou. 1'bld C0iiCuur?e of ctU to- and the ?ym(>atby ht?J mat iieatcd attr?t the interest 5 ou ic-el. Bui ( ?Uu 1 to ?i2H flioalo AdK-rii'Miis hi"' lite HCti by wli oh an Amerloai eavse ius been u{ holi by Amcncan cilf.-aiw. lo raaala t:>g tlit. Ukriin-e of tb; ay a.U, I a^W you to di .card all pr?t judices, aud to Ha?id hero ae if >011 wore posterity, t?< judge of history?1<> judge without fear or tavor Ma*ri"^B atid ur.pcrupuiou* b.ive heea tho mcutia roeored to K p'areme i> a fat-e ughl bffiire ray ro'.mtrjrmeu. 1'hwe III-1. ccccgearT lo remove , acd I challenge a7 e&eauM to pol^L^B li> a riogio act of iuxo wtuch has been In vioUUmi citil, tatioialor luU-rualiuiiat rlghta. (Cbeern) fohal'^H k-cgf aaj' od? ]>re>ent to name any act ol mine In Nto? ragna which biu net been stomped with the aral of tUe. Tiu-re aro thmse who bavo charffod npm md such moUvm u-J, lo attempt to vindicate them, v.ould bo a bticcr mr<cUerf. TLere aro thoog who have charged (.jto me DK>tivc? of atrariw and mere personal ga.a. t' auch I acora lo viudmal# royeclf. The uicti who were w'.th me m Nicaragua?mj fellow couutrj aim in am'*?w*.U vindicate me from ttM chargeof having entertained anch motive.-; B t there ar? other moii vpr cot fto degiadbig at Hot blush that I vriw a more soldier cf fortune, attempting to carry out 017 amM-^ tion, to mr.?e for myself a name and fame. This iiri|vjtV\ tion I rejcct as eii'.'.ally unfounded; tvul I hope" to Cunvtaoa you that I wh i.ot ? mcro soldier of fortuae, risking U-? lives and fortunes of my countrymen for tho sake of asabt tion. The actions of my hand prore a nobler moil*?. I bnve exerted myself for ;.ny purpo:,o, it t.&a been to we-1 tend American influence and Americanize Nicaragua. Vmr thirty-Bye ye.'irt^ a Ptrugglo fnr libcrly h id been ^fang om smosg t're Central American rey>ib!lca. The civilian showed that the people were incapable ef self goverumeafc Klcaiagua la ? state of anarchy is hen I accepted tho (Sor if Castlllon. I refused to act in opew \ lolat.ou of tbc laws of the felted .State; 1M I tint there * as uo \ .olatiuu of tL? Li .?* of out e/v.msry ia their asking me to Orht In bohaif at tho democratic pnrty. I heat an agent to Caitilloa, to tett him that the coilract between us m\.et be made accordingly , thai I had an inriUttou from (Jen. Candaras to a?sti? the HuudLiians, and wojd go there if Gtaiiljoo apprehend, ed any (larger from tho pre-enco of American* fa ff'oarti*:-a. On bended knees, and with suppliant t^nes, tiia J'rovl'iotal President tf Nicaragua in?nted that I shoytd remain, and wished the Americans to b? on his owa xut^. lorlhe knew them to be loyal %na true. After my dU'-eusr en the transit route, I ma le a treaty by winch the preaencc of Americans aa3 am roved by Corral and bis party. I did this to ecc'Jtc the good will of all. There was not * SiOuMgiian whoiouM ?ay, in the f>ee of tula trw.ty, that > ha had not approved the pretence of the Amcrtraov. Seven days after. In the presence cf thj priea:*, befjra whcin Central Corral and myself wore sworn to ttw trrnty, read before the ink w?s scarcely dry on ttw paper, he perntd eoc.'Uraglsg Icitc-a V) the Hoaduraijj agalust tho Americans. These fell lata niy hands, and 1 felt that I ml^ht hare bi -vu.jh* him to the block; aal by the pro.teiona of On trealy he could no; have evaded hisesacuUim. ThW. trailer, prorcd to be gv.tlty, ploai nothing lo till c^U-njatlon. Ind begged for ma; ry. I fe.'t then, ui now. that a court or jus tea was an net of wisdom, and mcrcy the part (f folly. (Applaud.) I fell that iuiUce and mercy wouidatlUha rca<y? out and that iu tli monUu after Corral'n deam hu parly wo'iW be vanquished. AfUrthoP-.ocutlenof Corral 1 the Riras party went over to tho drmtcratic aio? aad (<ea. 1 CiibLnaj aaltti d iLc HouduriaLH. I went, bi- tnv'^ninm lo the owi-tvico of tbe Nlcarag-iao*. (Kq llora?j tbe aprltculfJi which wi? made to in? F'ory e<*r't?* aa* inade lo Inluencf me to UV.. IL.- Americans lo Hua , dom. I replied tbat Americmcs were there as fr'rcln Is ail jmrtSci. ft/ vtr an?geatlons co?ar.UBloiii wore seat ta IJoncurrn and all the fcutca, stating that wedalrad peaoc. that our potior vm pare <5. tt?d that order the cttjaaaaUiucce, to tale ;iJej was illiberal. Her as acknowledge* Ibe tri.tb or n y si Rge?t;on?. Be waa no! a demo jrat, u< we not In fa-, or of acting faoaia*. Deputes wtn tent by my ad\ic?, Malii^j that we di-si ed ;wMne.. Wo thill see how fir thi* was granted. In the, an importart evri.t tran.y i-ed. At the xugfMttaa of ]?>n I'atrC:ohtvae, ar American v ,<t fc.nt to repfeee** the gororcmont at Wasbtn^oa. 1 opposed lb * *? i?a4. policy; bull was but .a authority and ar.y ?pnoaitloo im una, ul'iBij. liiey wauU*t aa Amor, an t spc.\i the Awe ; ricau language. You all know, fellow t l.zeu.-, tsw ka | was received None ewi i*.at tho t-nrpf! o of tbe Moarv fiititf, t'ccaiiKO, on tbe pl< ? ornerco and Marcy, li* waa rejected on account of Lu tx-Ug bora lo tlio I'nttod Mate*. : I well knew the rrrul', and told them of tho relahoiu Jua existed between the lml*d Ha.cs and N..~aragua bail I assured them thnt my countrymen hnrw a power bigkar lh'?n lhat of pn'H.l'-at* a?*<1 cabinet*?that I ha'l imall* , conildtiu o in bitter power whltji the people hell ia , tl>' r own bain1-?the trua Ameiican fovereiguty. (Ap, platite) Tin. alliance wbub roll/wed b" area tb four Contra! Aiuiii-un Statin?tho coinb.nation a."umM , AQiCraan t l./i-L- la Mcai to l*-erca and Msrry, under their rejection of lu Kin liter, lii'j brought the natt'r to maturity. Immediately the Co U I'iian1;, ihe mtppn?*4 weaker t ]m<m i r i T thi; tmul oal.i ii, comnv uv?l I; ' Hill una by :?u open dc-. .a. aliuu of war. Tin n folio a nd the aliaa* anomalous decree by which tbe Co-ta Plc.irn made war, not .i?lln?l the Matr, lt',1 ?;%..?( tbn Am rl ?'ii in f.'liaT rugua. Tli<i< comnn o<'< d tbe war of th race*?t'ie (re*i | battle of tbe mot%r(i? and tbo while maa. Thi* war. tbeu, waa not bcf in by the Anit-rlcAba !n Nlcai *' .a; im I rl>alleii/;e Ilia pt<Kti.? k.< n ii lucle n'-t in which liiey d.d anytblnj but tiphoM Ihc |iiodgua roa<lo by tbe :>eo]iiM efNieare - a. Aftor tb'ui It ap>> iri '.hat IV n 1 atnota Klvaa i.U'tl.d w!tb tbe Viwl'iera Hati-e for rfT*r"ng tS? deacrtioc-. ol rucb An."r(i?u* a* f^mld not bo ?*pelloJ by , force. American rijibu were igariroJ in Nicarafaa; bribev of moce;, and crt n la ids, wrr? freely oe?r?4 ta Uie la;^ of o.r hat ? bra.'J mar n iti re t !<>r?i, and rufrr.-d tbe loci of life by tbe rage of lauiiM and pt#Menee. Tiny, bowcM*. pn-unded to be ro?1 vxred of tny an'.r.uiea of Uo moriu of mjr poaiuaa, and wtre o.llla* t^at an eVTtl^n of President ?honId ga .hei^ople. This 1 .">-lre-l, for I well tkat ' the mi's of them dcteeted ? lh aa nnplai able batced Ik* l<-i. m. ' erv't > nf 11.a C?<U K uni. Tbn el?cMoa ' v ?> d'ereed. ' nt only thlnl. tba reauU waj aot Uedaratft before rjra<! waa plnt'in,; a rovolati'Wi. nnder the preteao* ' li al t'..? p^ple ?t'? orer^we I '>y my prerraoe hul "tha ?Ickcd Tee when no moa pur ucib"?I waa nnt tbera; i Umv were runnl..,t fri.ti tb<lr own ctwuelencea. NotwiUa( f .ir.ili.iff thl? eoii lurt of IUt*.*, the elect ,n r?*ulie l ia my clcri'. i n to th> : r?- . ncy. r. tMj I tood forth ibe oaly protcctnr kivI l.i^r?l r> pri Mutative of the Nloaragnaua. lUvaa w u pre*! lata '-ut tbe provlilooal I'raaldeul. I waa Contmandci !n Cblrf of one p.rhon of tho army, au<l It waj tbr<"igh me be wm nnmod fur tba iL- ;tk>0. I wa: Jon.t ap^Mor. an 1 aft. r the il.-aih of i <<>rrai, v>Hi*- ' ' lui e'.eration. I wwa | bo-nd by <<atb to pal Kiv.u out wbcn t wa< awnrm la, but I w?h ia-ttlCcI before the worJd br the unmteU\r?V.I?< Vf.i " I>r tV" |.< /; V. who' * the r-i't I MttlflT I rhtrhlhad hot n elect-I. I w?d uot rrcoint tiM mmm wfcicS rollow&l. I bat' 'alto* nd.ea'.' tl>? a U of *?e | Mean* In N <A/?fra. You all ktn??? b >w Ion- anl Uow 1 ' ' ?. ill ' ?v>i? 1 fi-c.-.l ! ?( k Um cnctny; brurM thM wwl of lf*f, tb* lnrtciaf pe*lilear?, thru raging wllb vlolcnre .n <,rm.,<la. Hit for a new laCn. nee, wblrh I r< i ret UjMxtloniM bjt UU" le t? fro* my own tlmn h fori ?j;n ri>;ntrjr, ?v mlg'it Mill hare hem in am-.* in Nif.irarcn. Ti I' pruim'ile wo NI i>o right I* ! expert rrinpaiby tram lbe iVitiali, e?m >f determined aa tl.o ?.. :n? ii !. r ir ?n-l r: ht? ot lir luj r-tl ;?-n 1 nerd i.ot tell yoi ibat offkvr* In U?e tie-tl ill aer?<oo ?< c?>n raged dewrtk1 fre*n orr army. They but obeyed Um . "I i ?uparlor auhorltr ? iltaa of tlirto ottVi-rt, 1 r<? M not but tb'.u* thai on tm povernMI by ar me ?t.*ng. < ollaMen, the? ? o i.l no; tlin* btve inter r<:rf'l ? lb Ati.,-*V*n r|t'??-ni It ia tm,*w..>>te to eipla?? M etf| t by ?i>pp<wlns Mat Americana wem on ibe uim fl<le %?ItV tn? IW-IUab Our WW?I enamiet waro Am?T'caa*. tb, that th?>y b-vt b^u horn ia hum ottirr fwinlry. It I* h-t abame tbat tliar ahonM fit their MtUi barn breathed the nnii air a* Ma.el Ad-.-i ,.a:tf. M *a net rnu Li. l.v I r \->r > -fiat of rev.T-.a Mi danger? an American, Marin* Uio name and arm* of Mi Am. rkan oil e*r, cwftnmaWxl what tlrtbah inierlerfM* ha'. begun. It t. a duty to uiyraU tact plan w!iy wears no If * r n -n.\*M I'm', b -r - \ut n>'<r%* be tl?e repi ^seuiailv of otir gorernmeni, I nlioald re?p?<ol Uie Anifricaa lUe aa mwh m him aa in the bigbeal tnArrr; tod that, in tar miv'lrg, 1 rtmerved the ri?bt of a^pe?!?n"t to the y>vTimrnt "> it to Uie g iw*r:,^rt? to tA? pr?'j> them-<\TC?. Optaln Ilarl< nad* reproaentatK** WUcIiIcoqM ha "v I . were trua; and Ameriraj M he wm. he eommltwt an aM wblrh m really o:ia of w?r ii|'in Mcaraf u*. Hot consider, fellow rltlarn?. toat tbaft MUe revel, tbe ( ranada, wax r?r. red wltli glory bw Ani' rl'an band* Sli? w.i? manned by Americana, had ?e4 -iurr-a v, rr Ul? HI IITIl"" Hil T1 MIT *"< erjajp-ment rr,c-.'ailed m the anna'a of w tl warfare atn<-? the <t%ye <4 Paul Jone?. Von, fellowfit!/era, that eronVIn ?ti'< h tbnl ?il? Xir*r#C'i*?' ?r.hoawer *aa meor**mi will bo rrr'-rr^t t* vtli pride by >M b.s?oi an, au l the 11th .1 A]'rll will |.>n* be rom.-m'i>'?oe< It/ the Amer'rjui people. U ho of yo 1 rtnix.t feet | rwd 1 the ?vtrU of manhood man!f>-t<vt by aa Amonoa-i twt in jocr Bildi?t? Yea. you ran hot fe?l that that LlU? raaMl tu a fact In t!ie (,1'liry of American Mtoriirfcio, anr1 a,.' a w ih eVi a ii'?in?r>ni wI. ? h finum l)?w??t TM, lb# cW>r lea ah* baa atbwhod to oar fame, lb?ro *m net wanting ?n AmcrV^a 10 commit aa art ?f whiofc errty hrrtr nf bh oo?n?ry ihouM be tMa?<l Hwa? r?*errod for Cart. I?a*1j< u make bioia-ir a parly ta a? alliance wlih Mm R/tli b and the manfrol* of rv???r*l Amtilea to drlre hi* own rno* Irom tho Uthmiia. Ha *Upreawd bU <trU rmlnall n to ?eUo tho Oraaa la, ao4 wo wore hound to yi M to lilm. Yea, follow* clti/ain, we rrero furled to maka teca*, and t? nmfnaor |a an wrtcor of the Am* w ua?y. flroat ??a 0 ><t lauupallaa wlirn we fVit the Amr'rjin* ha-1 thin Interfered w'b the Amorlr^w catn la Nicaragua. tt'hy tola action of liartaf ft*ca.ia? be ba>t reoeivtd :Mtro?>Uupa ftfrn Waahlnftoa. wete the?e Inatrnction* aItouT It waa boraa* bore waa - l the t?al ?ro b-'aoon the Mar^v ir -\\j aa It was and the Amor'oeBe la Nkaira*"*. Hare waa the Starting >onrce. Toe America* Minlater to KnglMMt, aa<t 1 he abolttionlal* at the North, determined Uiai ilarery should be e*rl<i?io<t flrom a piaca ovot which Amer'rtn? had ao control. I care not what mar be the Ideas of tboao preeent, or what they may my In Jiatlfle^uon, it wu bnt a combination lo eactudo the action of a aoToreiiynty of Ho?dnraH fVom tho Ray T?landa. net*ee? tbe fftatca of New ftr?na<t? ?n t rofta Kir* tbero a\; <1<nI ? ?vk u<w< of tmmiidarjr, criminated malnljr tbro-jRh mea at N?w Yo>k, th? ajrat* of tho steanwblp cowipanr. T>ere wai iV t o-eation of territory botw> on New Hr*n<\.la and t>wta Rim, and bftwrcn loata !Uca and NIcimj^i*, t0 rs.uo* toRnenaf>*U and tl;o Mi?(,iltio mnntrr Tha b*eaar tbU qnrnUon wa> for Now < raaada to enter lato aa aaree it "nt with N'.rnri a, that - ;? >?y -h.-M Hi> ?i-t !- ?. Hero crimen' ed Rr H?b intrl)fne 'n tho desire to rmfT^M the rotation* of theie soTernmopte witb oar 4om^aUc lartlli.Uona. ller*IMm > aay that T do v* ws^h t<- p?<ttt? l otiUral frollnjt on thia aab<oet. ft I*, perhatw, for 1. *lo t int *?. J>rr.| n > !, h ?aaK bo tiafort nato ti at I ctnjM rin?i,ter alarory a or wrjr-?. My to?.? ow? sot t?**a